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The Daily British Columbian Jan 23, 1890

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Volume 7.
Nbw Westminster, B. C, Thursday Evening, Januarys, 1890.
Number 174
Many of our readers, no doubt, especially thos
outside of the eity, have reason to complain of Irregularities or failures in receiving the smull sheet which
wo have been forced to issue as. an apology for The
Columbian since the "clean sweep" bf the 27th ult.
To such we need hardly speak of the difficulty, almost
impossibility, of giving anything like a satisfactory
service in any respect, under the circumstances, and
we confidently claim their kind indulgence until we
ure able to present The Columiiian in a larger,
brighter, and better form than ever—which will tie in
a very short time now. Those of our regular subscribers, either daily or weekly, who may have failed
to receive the small sheet which. we have been issuing
since the fire will confer a favor by Informing us of
the fact and sending thoir full address, and we will
remedy the matter without delay. Our subscription
book, although terribly disfigured externally, is "still
in the ring" for all practical purposes, comparatively
a fow names only having beeu destroyed, and the most
of those we have-been enabled to recall. The few who
may have been overlooked, by complying with the
request above, will receive thoir paper In proper order
na .soon at least as the new COLOMBIAN gets on deck.
TAB confusion of tonguos iu the Baltic provinces
was recently described as "a babel in a madhouse."
It seem that in their /cal for tho Russification of the
provinces the powers that be in Russia have summarily forbidden the nae of the German language in any
court of justice. Now it bo happens that the majority
of the population on the Russian Bide of the Baltic
knows little or no Russian at all, and the scenes in
the courts, where the peasants seeking justice and the
lawyers pleading their clients' coses are unable to
communicate their grievances to the learned judge
who knows no Gorman, must indeed be very entertaining for tho outsider, while for those personally
concerned the matter ia anything but agreeable. One
barrister, oh being required to sign an oath, demanded
that he might be allowed to study the document with
the aid of a dictionary before he put his name to it.
This request, however, wob denied as "unseemly and
impudent," The judges themselves nre In an awkward plight, being ordered to go to tbe Baltic provinces from their posts in otber parts of Russia, sometimes at only a moment's notice. One of them complained recently tbat his "call" had been so sudden
that ha had lieen able to take no luggage except two
shirts. The pay of the "men of law is also wretchedly bad in the districts, and altogether the chaos
seems to be about as great as it possibly could be.
The growth iu influeuce and numbers of the Solvation Army is truly marvellous, remarks un eastern
cotemporary, aB the 1880 report issued from the headquarters of the army shows. Ten yeara ago thore 125
corps with 100 officers, To-day they have 2,707 corps
and 8,700 officers, Both in England, the home of the
organization, and abroad the figure's tell of unvarying
progress. The army's property in Great Britain
amounts to £400,000, ami tho value of tho property
held in Canada and Australia is £220,000. lu tho
work of rescuing young girls from wayward lives the
army bas been particularly succesaful, more than
2,000 being annually influenced to forsake their old
careers. The government of Victoria, Australia, assists the army's efforts iu this respect by a money
grant. A work which hus not so much interest for us
here, bnt must lie of groat importance where it is carried on, is the supplying of food and shelter to tho
poor of Loudon. In oue week '1,0*00 of the poorest
men and women in London slept in their shelters and
receivod supper and breakfast on payment of 3d. or
4d. each. Since the food depots were established ovor
2,000,000 farthing, halfpenny, or penny meals wore
sold. The secret of how this was done without loss
was the fact that they had practically au unlimited
supply of luhor ut command. However groat mny be
tho differences of opinion us to tho army's methods
held by those beyond the scope of ita operations, it
seems certain, to use the hackneyed expression, that
the Salvationists have filled a long-felt want.
Billy Smith, a gentlemen ou a visit-to this city
from Vancouvor, untied on too many Chineso establishments yesterduy and got his brain so terribly muddled with Celestial wines that hu could not distinguish
Ins nearest und dearest friend from Chief Peurce into
whoso arms he fell, As William promised to remain
sober and well behaved until the present year expires,
the police magistrate allowed him to go with a caution. James Diokinson was another unfortunate,
who, however, could not give the same plausible excuses as Mr. Smith, and he was fined $2.50 for his
Opened To-day by Chief Justice Sir M. B. Bbubik.
The Speech from the Throne.
Specinl to The Columbian. )
Victoria, Jauuary 23.—The fourth session of the
fifth parliament was opened at 3 o'clock thia afternoon
by Sir. M. B. Begbie, chief justice, who was appointed
by the governor-general to perform the ceremony, his
honor Lieut.-Governor Nelson being too ill to conduct
the opening in person. The usual ceremonies were
observed, and a brilliant assemblage filled the house.
Ou ascending the dais the chief Justice delivered
the following speech from the throne:
Mr. Speaker and Gentlemen op thb Legislative
Assembly: In meeting you at this, your last session,
it is gratifying to be in a position to congratulate you
upon the general prosperity which has crowned the
past year, and the cheering outlook for the future.
Tbe visit of his excellency, the governor-general,
witli which the province has recently been honored,
will doubtless exert a beneficial influence, and tend
still further to attach nur people to the person and
throne of our gracious queen, and to the rest of this
great Dominion.
There has been a healthy improvement in almost
every source of revenue and the receipts during the
past fiscal year exceeded your estimate by nearly twenty per cent., while there is every reason to anticipate a
still greater excess at the end of the current year.
Although there bus been a slight decrease in the
yield of our gold mines the outlook is more hopeful
than at any prievoua period. The experimental
works established under your authority at Cariboo
hav*demonstrated the practicability of the succesaful
and' profitable treatment of the refractory ores in
which that region abounds. The discovery of rich
and extensive ledges iu Kootenay is attracting the attention of miners and capitalists, and there iB every
reason for anticipating the early commencement of
quartz mining on an extensive scale. It will Im for
you to consider whether that desirable result should
be accelerated by improved means of communication.
My ministers have for somo time beon urging upon
tho Dominion government the importance of facilitating mineral development in the railway belt on the
mainland by placing the sole administration in tho
The output of our ooal mines has been larger than
that of any previous period, nnd nearly twenty-five
percent, more than the year before, with every prospect of continuing to Increase,
Although on the important industry of agriculture
there is doubtless great scope far improvement, the
exhibition at New Westminster last fall indicated encouraging prospects, and I am glad to observe an organized movement, having for its object the promotion of fruit culture, for which many localities in the
province aro eminently adapted.
Our fisheries have yielded a more than usually
abundant harvest, and there is every reason tp expect
lhat this industry will, with proper encouragement,
continue to expand.
There has been less progress In the development of
our great forest wealth than was anticipated; but the
large milling establishments projected and In course
of erection leave no room to doubt thnt this important
industry is on the eve of great expansion.
The protection of our people in the exercise of their
rights in Behring's Sea, and indemnification for the past
has been kopt before the Dom. gov. and although delay
has been vory hurtful to the sealing industry, and trying to those wbo have been deprived of their property,
there is reason to hope for un early settlement.
In order to successfully utilize the volume of immigration steudily coming to our shores, it is essential
thut extensive explorations and surveys be carried out,
und you will be asked to make liberal provision for
that purpose.
Since the preaent basis of the representation of the
people in this house was fixed, increase of population
nml othor changes, have rendered additional representation und a re-adjustment of constituencies necessary.
A measure for that purpose will lie submitted to you.
The several railway bills passed by you,-although,
so far, not advanced by the actual construction of any
now roads, have uttrocted capital, and there is every
season to believo that iu the near future railway
works of magnitude will be commenced and -actively
prosecuted within the province. You will be invited
to consider the expediency of facilitating tho prosecution of thoae enterprises. The subjoct is now occupying the attention of tho executive council and I confidently anticipate boing in a position to pluce the result before you during the present session.
Legislation will be submitted to you defining the
law regulating tho liability of employers for personal
in juries to workmen; to allow coul prospecting upon
lands hold undor timber lease, and to rearrange the
limits oftho county courts of New Westminster, Vale,
Curiboo and Nailaimo.
The appointment by the Dominion government of
county court judges throughout the province renders
the small debts act no longer necessary, and a measure will lie introduced for its repeul,
A hilt will nlso be introduced to amend the legal
profossioiifl net bo as to permit of tho call and admission of practitioners from other countries, without
the requirement of lengthened residence.
The public accounts will be laid before you, and the
estimates of revenue and expenditure will be presented at an early stage of the session.
I now leave you to your deliberations, with confidence that your labors will be devoted to the best interests of the province.
(From our own Correspondent)
Ottawa, Jan. 22.--Quito a number of tbe members
are nilignant at the people of Windsor for having
tendered their annexationist mayor, Sol White, as
they call him, a banquet, A few of the particularly
rabid members want the town set on fire.
The appeal to the supreme court, ro Mr. Colter,
member for Haldimand, was dismissed with costs,
Chief Justice Ritchie dissenting. Mr. Colter was
unseated on account of corrupt practices by Judge
Falkenbridge, and on appeal was made to the supreme
court with the result as above mentioned.
Tbe annual meeting of the Imperial confederation
league of Canada is called for the 30th inst. The
meeting will be held in the Tower room, house of
A Montreal deputation, headed by Mr. Curran,
M. P., waited on Sir John A. Macdonald this afternoon to aee if tho government would assist the city in
making tho harbor improvements. Sir John pro-
mised that the niatter would be carefully considered.
Tho houao met nt throe o'elook. Two bills were introduced; one by Mr. Costigan, "An act to further
the adulteration act;" the other by Mr. McCarthy,
"Au net to amend the Northwest Territories act."
Tiio usual questions by members were put and answered and several notices of motion were given.
A meeting of the privy council was held at 1 o'clock.
Mr. Dal ton McCarthy's bill to abolish French on
the official language inthe North West territories was
read the first tune, Mr. McCarthy made a two-hours'
speech strongly against Mr. Mercier anil the Nationalists. Sir John Macdonald said that the matter was
very important uud proposed to leave the* discussion
until tho second reading.
Tho report of the department of Indian affairs up tu
December 31st, was issued to-day. Mr. Dowdney
says that the Briti.-h Columbia Indians were favored
during the season with a large run of salmon, from
which source grent benefit was derived by them. No
epidemic diseases have existed among them except
mountain fever iu the Kamloops agency and smallpox
at Squamish, Bute aud Jarvis Inlets, It ia proposed
to establish u school at Alert Buy for the instruction
of the Kwawakowtths, A site has already been obtained. Parliament will be asked for an appropri-
I ation for the purpose. The feeling among the North
[ West coast agency Indians ia modified as regards thi'
land claims. The value that these Indiana realized
from the sources of fish, fish oil and furs, wat $180,
000, «f!(',250 and 50,540* respectively. The appropriations made by parliament for provincial expenses are
About 10:30 o'elo-ok last night a heavy explosion
startled the people living on Columbia street, near (be
comer of McKenzie street At first it wu* supposed
to be a, part of the programme In connection with the
Chinese new year, but a second and heavier explosion
followed a few minutes later, whieh floored this
theory. The explosion was the work of some young
hoodlums, and their fun came very nearly proving
serious. A large piece of a barrel stave was blown with
great force through Mrs. Wm. Rue's beuroom window,
scattering the glass in a dangerous manner all over
the apartment. Fortunutely Mrs. Rue was not iu the
room at the timo, aud thus escaped injury. Information of the occurrence was immediately laid luifore the
police nml Constable .Smith at once took the matter in
hand. While looking ubout, the constable saw a
young man pay a visit to a pilo of debris on the street
and then quickly withdraw. A moment later a terrible explosion occurred, and Constable Smith rushed
for his man, who darted into the Club Baloon and
finally escaped by a Bide door. The last explosion
did no harm. It is supposed blasting powder was
used. The polioe will bring those funny young men
to justice if their names can be obtained.
The Delta municipal council mot at the town hall
on Saturday the 20th January. Present. Reeve.
Kirkland and councillors, McNeely, ^Tusker, Goudy
and Oliver.
Communications from Mr. II. G. Ross and the Lieut-
Governor's private secretary woro received and filed.
Councillors MoNooly anil Gilchrist were appointed a
finance committee; Councillors McNeely, Goudy, Gilchrist, Tusker and Oliver wore appointed a rond committee. Councillor Tusker gave notice tlmt ho would
introduco at next meeting a wurd by-law. Councillor
Oliver a by-law to appoint municipal oflicers and a by
law for granting aid to agricultural uml other societies;
councillor McNeely revenue by-luw for 1800. By-law
for tho roturn of tlio Delta municipal assessment roll
lfiOO.aiid oourt of revision by-law 1800. W. MoKee
was appointed clerk, assessor, collector and treasurer
for tho ensuing yoar. The clerk was Instructed to
communicate witli the members for the district with
reference to certain amendments required to thu municipal act 1880.
Council then adjourned.
Found.— A traveller's rug, on Columbia street. The
owner can have same by proving property and payinir
expenses.   Apply to Woodward k Wearer.     J22t3
Look out for Gordon A Co's adv't the end of thia
week. ja21t4
Mr. John Hendry and Mr. C. M. Beeeher paid Vancouver a visit to-day. ■
New Btook of spring overcoats in all prices and
sizes at J. E. Phillips. 3t
The Hyack fire company met lost night and transacted considerable business.
Bargains may be expected in all lines of boote and
shoes at Gordon k Con. jn2!U
New goods arriving daily at Gordon k Co's, successors to A. B. Wintemute. ja2It4
S. Manahan has 100 hides lying on the C. P. N. (Vb
wharf awaiting shipment to Victoria.
Mr. Chisholm, M. P., passed a very good night and
tbows excellent signs of improvement to-day.
Last chance. First come first served. Choice
hardwood for salo nt Austin's, Front street. 2t
Capt. John Irving, manager of the Canadian Pacific iSuvigation Company, is lying very ill at Victoria.
None af tlm saw mills are running at present, and
they will not begin operations  again until the ice
breaks up.
A workingmen's meeting will be held in , the For*
e tors' hall to-night at S o'clock to consider the 0-hour
Now is your time to get a suit of clothes cheap.
Making room for spring stock of tweeds direct from
Loudon, Eng. Beuus k Heard.
Sixty brace of wild duck were shipped, to Vancouver to-day by W. H. Vianen. The market continues
to be fairly well supplied with these birds.
A gentleman who is leaving for Toronto in a few
days, would lie glad to undertake commissions for
merchants here.    Address p. o. box 207, *2t
The cold weather is likely to lost for another month.
Why lie tinc'imfnrtable when you can buy overcoats
at Ogle, Campbell k Co's at 25% discount—men's,
youths' and children's. j20wl
A brother of Mr. Cluw. Hillyor, contractor, was
killed recently in South America by a band of robbers
who entered aud raided a train. Tho victim of the
raid wna on n tour round tiio world, and contemplated
vis"ting Vancouvor.
Chinese New Year oolebration was maintained with
undiminished vigor lust night and to-day. To-night
-the celebration will be conoludod, and Chinatown will
be in a blaze of Bplondur and exploding firecrackers
till close on midnight.
Messrs. Dickinson k Binnie, coal and wood merchants and draymen, have dissolved partnership, Mr.
Binnie retiring. Mr. W. E. Dickinson will continue
tho business, and will givo nil orders the same careful
attention as in tiio past.
A telegram was received from Ottawa on Tuesday
stating that the Governor-General-in-Council hud been
SLeased to appoint His Lordship Sir M. It. Begbie, C.
,,   to   onen   tho   provincial  house   to-day,   III the
pi ice of His Ho ior, the Lieut-Gov irnor.
The two cars of pedigree stock imported from
Paisley, Out., by Mr. l\ E. Ladner, and wliich have
been confined iu the C. P. N. Co'b corral for a few
days, were driven over to Vancouver this morning
and shipped to Ladner's Landing on the Bteamer'
The steps leading from Front Btreet to W. H.
Vianen's floating slip, which have stood the storms
ami wear and tear of many years, were smashed into
smithereens last night by the ice and tide combined.
The steps will be replaced as soon as tlio ice leaves
the river. •
The new Presbyterian ohurch ut Langloy Prairie
w ll lie formally opened by Rev. T. Scolder, assisted
by a number of other clergymen, on Sunday, February
2nd. On Thursday evening, February Oth, the ladies
of the congre-ntioii will hold a teu meeting, to which
all are invited.
Mr. Daniel Patterson, the well-known an 1 popular
chief officer of the steamer Irving, has successfully
pissed the examination for master mariner. Mr.
Patterson Is n good sailor, has had a long oxperionco
on ocean vessels, which, together with his knowledge
of river navigation, Ipaltoa liim eminently fitted for
tho post to wliich bo has hmt passod. Tub Columbian
wish is him quick promotion and ; ood luck.
An Indian, enjoying the poetic and somewhat
Milesian mime of frank O'Huiiiluer, hud a claim iu
court thia morning against Capt. lnaley, of the sir,
Delaware, It was made quite evident that O'Ham-
incr is dishonest. He first claimed two months wages
ut S10 per month, then four mouths wagos. and finally
wound up by swearing twelve months pay waa duo
him, lt was proven by the defence that the man had
h ion paid more than he was entitled to, and consequently the ease was dismissed.
A number of blackguards have lately boon annoying
tho Salvation Army, even going so far na to disturb
fin meetings by tho use of profane and obaceue re-
marks. Toe police bavo beou quietly working up a
case againit these acoundrols, and ahould tho same
conduct bu repeated again (bo fellows will be arrested
uml prosecuted to the fullest OXtoiltof the lnw. It is
not I ng since a man got throo months impriaoumciit
for just sueh conduot, therefore It would be well for
rowdies to govern themselves accordingly,
It waa reportod to-day that the city council would
undertake to open the rivor immediately, A cull at
the mayor's oflice proved the rumor to be unfounded,
His worship aniil the city would not undertake to
break up the ice, us the steamers would not eommonee
running until the river was clear for u considerable
distance up river. The steamboat owners , would not
risk their vessels, ami consequently nothing would he
gained even if the ice opposite the eity was broken..
Hin worship concluded by saying that soft weather
was tbu best thing to open the river, and the oity's
trade was not suffering more particularly this year -
from olosed navigation (tban in the past.
France inBists that the observance nf her treaty with
England includes the right to the lobster fishing on
the Newfoundland coast, which Lord Salisbury rejects. The foreign office officials say tbat no compromise Is possible and England is morally wrong. The
dispute may lead to a seriouB difficulty between France
and England.
The Turkish minister of finance, Agop Pasha, has
been directed by the sultan to prepare tiie budget for
1890-01. The sultan has agreed to a reduction ranging from 15 to 20 per cent, in the salaries of the state
officials and also to the reduction of £1,000,000 yearly
in the expenses of the imperial household. It is believed that there will be u deficit of £-1,000,000. Tho
sultan desires uu exact Statement.
The government hna decided lo restrict the immigration of Germans into southern Russia, which at
present is very Inrgo.
The notorious English turf plunger, Benzon, better
known as "Jubilee Juggins," was arreBted. at Nice
yesterday for forging a cheque.
The minors' strike at Churleroi is at an ond, the
employers having submitted to tho demands of thoso
who still held out.
The election of M. Bischoppheim to the Chamber
of Deputies for Nice haa been quashed by that body.
Ho waa charged with having resorted to bribery to
secure the Bunlungist's support.
The funeral of the Duko of Aosta took plnco in Turin, yestorday. The ceremonies were simple and almost devoid of display. The streets were crowtlod
with people, who lined tho entire route of the procession.
Room I, Bank Building, iB the temporary office of
The Columbian, *tc
Our old friend, A. Maitland Stenhouse, formerly of
Comox, writes from Lethbridge, N.W.T.,tothcOttawa
Free Press as follows: "Ou the 1st of March it will bo
exactly six years since I loft dear old England und
made my way to the far west. I have passed tbe interval in wonderland. Although a Mormon I should
be quite contented if I saw thu marriage reformers of
the different schools acting iu concert uud uniting ou
a common platform, I confidently predict that seven
years from to-day will see polygamy—though not necessary Mormon polygamy—iutluentially represented in
the Imperial parliament of England. You are welcome to note tiie prophecy, publicly or privately, and
to confront me with it ut the end of thu appointed
It is quite probable that before the present session
of the Dominion parliament draws to a olose, Mr.
Stenhouse and his Mormon tiilicums will consider
themselves vory badly treated. The ex-Comox representative should have gone to thu city on the great
salt lake, in Utah. There is more room for his class
there than in Canada.
The item in Tuesday's edition Baying that British
Columbia was the only province in the Dominion having a divorce court was not correct, Nova Scotia,
New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island each
manage their own divorce coses. In Nova Scotia the
judge in equity haa charge of that court, in New
Brunswick any judge of the supreme court, and in
Prince Edward Island the chief justice The province of Quebec does not recognise divorce at all, as
onu of the provisions of tho Civil Code for Lower
Canada says "Marriage can only bo auuuled by the
death of one of the parties," therefore thero is no divorce court, and it is doubtful if the senate can bo applied to, Ontario settle-, her divorce cases iu the
There resides in this eity at present a married young
lady named Mrs. Manning with tliree small children.
Her husband while hero acted as agent for the Hall
safe and lock company, uud is t-poken of as a perfect
gentleman and a kind husband. Since going east somo
months ago he hns not been heard from, although Mrs.
Maiming has repeatedly written as per instructions
before he left hero. Whether he is alive or not no
one seoms to know, and the wife is in terrible suspense,
and being thrown on her resources is compelled to
earn an Honest livelihood as best sbe can. She surmises hor husband hna been tiio victim of a railroad
accident among strangers, Any information as to his
whereabouts would be the greatest favor in a mortal's
FOUND.—*A traveller's rug, on Columbia street. Tho
owner can have sume by proving property and paying
expenses.   Apply to Woodward k Weaver.     j22t3
Notice is hereby givon that the partnership here
foro subsisting between ub, the undersigned, as c
and wood merchants and draymen, has been this day
dissolved by mutual consent. All debts owing to the
said partnership are to bo pnid to W. K. Dickinson,
ami all claims against the said partnership are to lie
preBeiited to tho said W. E. Dickinson, by whom the
same will lie Bottled.
The biiBineas in the future will 1» carried on by tbe
said W. E. Dickinson.
Dated at New Westminster, this 22d dayofJaun-
ary, A. D. 1800. W. E. DICKINSON.
Witness-JAMEs D. Miller. JSSwl
Having received a requisition from a number of
ratepayers, requesting me to call ft pnbllc meeting on
Friday evening next, to discuss ths question of joining
the Mainland Association, I hereby call such meeting
to be held in the City Hall on Fkiday Evenino, Jan.
24th, at 8 o'clock.
J. C. BROWN, Mayor.
Mayor's Office, New Westminster, 22d Jan. 1889.
(Truth copy.)
A meeting will be held on Thursday, January 23d,
at 7:80 o'clock p. m., hi the Foresters' Hall, Columbia
Btreet, for tbe purpose of considering matters in connection with the building trade. All workingmen are
earnestly requested to be presont. ja21t3
Tenders will bo received by the undersigned, at the
City Hall, up to Monday, 20th mut, at 0 p. in., for
tho erection of a fire hall. Plans and specifications
may be seen at the City Clerk's office.
Chairman B. of W.
New WestminBter, Jan. Hth, 1889. 5t
Tlie time for receiving tenders for the uew Fire Hall
him been extended to Monday next 27th inst.. at 6
p. in. Tenders to be addressed to the undersigned
and sent to the City Clerk.
H. HOY, Chairman B. of W.
'(Truth copy.) ja2Hd
I will not be responsible for any debts which may
lie contracted by my wife, Rachel Helena Lund.
Dated New Westminster, 20th January, 1890.
Is hereby given that I have this day disposed of my
boot ami shoe business to Gordon k Co.   All amounts
owing will be collected by myself, and ull accounts, tu
this date, due by me will be settled by myself.
Now Westminster, Jan. loth, 1800.
N. B.—While thanking the publio for the liliernl-
patronago bestowed on me in the past, I trust they
will continuo to extend the same favor to my successors. jalKwl
Notice is hereby given that application will be made
to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British
Columbia at its next session for an act to incorporate
a company to construct, operate and maintain a street
railway in the City of New Westminster, and to acquire lands and do all things necessary for the purposes aforesaid.
Dated this 25th day of September, 18B9.
For selves aud others.
Notice ia hereby given that the partnership heretofore subsisting between the undersigned, carpenters.
has been dissolved this day by mutual consent AU
accounts owing the undersigned are to bo paid to S.
Turner, and ull claims against the Baid firm are to be
paid by him. EDGAR A. KIPP.
S. Turnkr will continue tho business under his own
name at the same shop on Main street, Centreville,
opposite A. Kipp's harness shop. All kinds of woodwork dnnej satisfaction guaranteed.
Chilliwhaok, Doc. 29, 1889. jaSwSm
All monies due the cat uto of the late Robert Dickinson must be paid forthwith to W. W. Diokinson.
All accounts outstanding on the 31 st day of January,
l, will be placed in the hands of our solicitors for
j 10-til Executors.
A brown heifer has strayed on to the premises of
the aiibacriber, on Melbourne street. The owner can
have her by proving property nnd paying expenses, If
not claimed within thirty days sho will bo sold to pav
expenses. '   (jSdlm) A. J. GORDON.
In tub mattkkov thb titlb to a roKTioit ov 1/rr
No. 100a, G Hour II., Nbw Wbsthinstbk District.
Whereas tho certificate of title of John Cochrane to
nnd above hereditaments has been lost or destroyed,
and application has been made to me for the issuance
of a duplicate thereof.
Notice is hereby given that I will, at the expiration
of one month from date, issue such duplicate certificate
of title, unless in the meantime valid objection tie
made to ine to the contrary in writing,
District Registrar.
Land Registry Office, New Westminster, December
Ilth, 1880. wlm


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