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The Daily British Columbian Jan 8, 1890

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Array THB  D-A-IL^
British Columbian.
Volume 7.
New Westminster, B. C, Wednesday Evening, January 8, 1890.
Number 161
IT. is rather amusing to observe the Victoria papers
editorially assuring themselves, each other, und the
dear public, that tho influenza epidemic which has undoubtedly reached this province, though in nothing of
a malignant form, is no kin to the famous "la grippe"
whiclrduring tho last fow weeks 1ms been sweeping iu
a mighty wave over Europe, and somo time ago
reached the American Atluntio coast. They even
deny that it is "suro-onongh" influenza, and declaro it
is nothing but the common cold yon hod lust winter.
Doubt is also cast upon tho idea that the epidemic has
reaohed this continent at all, and much furioso language is wasted over a description of what the truo
"lo grippe" will do when it does arrive, which it is
hoped may be never, Any one of common sense and
observation in the various cities of the provinco will
not need a doctor lo tell him that the disagreeable
malady which iB mildly rampant just now even in this
gam of the west, with its invariably uniform symptoms, mode of attack, and plainly epidemic character,
is no common cold. Under ull the circumstance's,
reasonable people, anxious to avoid tho fame and the
fate of Annaias would candidly own up that the unwelcome "la grippe" which has swept like a hurricane
over Europe and mode its presence uncomfortably felt
in the eastern portion of this continent, has also honored ub with a mild visitation. For so gratuitously
denying suoh a reasonable, we might almost say palpable, explanation for the undoubted influenza epidemic current in the province, we expect to heart any
day thot the hardy scoffers of the quill iu the sanctums of our Victoria cotemporaries havo been "gripped"
bo hard and remorselessly that they bo glad to feelingly recant all their rubbish about a "common cold."
Thu Toronto Empire of a week ago hos a sensible and
thoughtful articlo on the influenza question which is
worth reproducing at this time:
The Russian influenza, wliich seems to have .become
epidemic along tiiu Atlantic seaboard and will pro-
b ilily spread ovor the continent, has boen in Europe
one of tlie most celebrated and virulent of influenza
epidemics known during the present century. The
disease when it once enters a community spreads with
such astonishing rapidity that usually within a fortnight a large proportion of tho population is affected
by it. Tlio mortality at this first onset of tho disease
is small, ttt least from the affection itself; the fatalities reported are usually from lung or bronchial affections generally brought on, no doubt, by careless exposure, by foolish attempts to fight out o complaint
which brooks no parleying with it, or by too hasty a
resumption of ordinary avocations beforo tho system
has recovered from the excessively depressing effects
of tho attack. Otherwise thoro seems to be, except in
the cases of peoplo debilitated from other disooses,
little to bu feared from the disease when it is at its
height. Ordinary care and resort to a fow simple
remedies generally suffices to get thu patient over the
attack without any more serious results than temporary discomfort ond inconvenience, It is apparently
whou the influenza has preyed upon nearly all the victims susceptible to it that the proportion nf deaths to
casus of sickness becomes serious, The later attacks
seem iu many cases in St. Petersburg and Paris to
have been peculiarly severe'—just tis if tho influenza,
had changed its character, medically known as benign, for an aspect known us malignant. This phase
of the epidemic, iu view of the revelations made iu regard to tho germ theory of disease, will bo suro to receivo much attention from students of baoterian uml
bieiliian life. It is scarcely probablo that tho more
virulent form of the disease is due merely to peculiar
constitutional idiosyncrasies of tho Individual attacked,
Scarlet fever and sovoral other zymotic diseases, according to popular impressions, often change in
a community from a type marked by littlo or
110 mortality to a typo iu whieh tho proportion
of deaths is large. The difference iu this
respect of different epidemics of thu same disease is a
mutter of common remark. Pasteur's experiments in
l ic cultivation ami attenuation of the virus of various
diseases suggests uu explanation pregnant with meaning. Virus, after cultivation in the bodies of certain
nuiinala, and oven artificially in different conditions,
Ins resulted in a decreaBO or an increase iu malignancy.
The wide range in this respect admits not only of dis-
iusu gains, under peculiar environments, changing
from an extremely fatal typo to one entirely innocuous, and vice versa) but of epidemics which have decimated whole continents becoming trifling iu character,
or thu filing diseases of an ago becoming thu dreaded
epidemics of another, without uny marked difference,
p rli.tps, hi the number of peoplo attacked.     Some of
the terrible plagues of the middle ages may thus not
have disappeared from the earth, but may really yet
visit ub in forms bo harmless that they excite little
public attention, The impression is abroad, whether
well founded or not there is little to show, that some
dreaded epidemic diseases of the present century arc
uew. It moy lio that they have simply, through favorable environments having surrounded their growth
at some time or other, developed into peculiar virulence. Our smallpox and diphtheria, for instance,
may at ono time have had little more terror for poople
than chicken-pox or influenza, and the latter diseases
may in remote ages have beeu virulent in type. Historical evidence on such points is necessarily scanty,
but the study of disease germs, which has attained so
much prominence within the post decade, and wliich
will be further stimulated by the influenza epidemic,
will do much to form definite opinions on the subject,
as well us suggest lines of action that may do much
to prolong the overage length of human Ufa. In fact,
the theory with which Pasteur's namo is most prominently associated opens as vast and perhaps a moro
important sphere of enquiry than did, in another direction, the great discovery of Copernicus.
It is remarkable how the Chineso and Siwashes keep
themselves warm in thoir wretched shacks during the
present inclement weather. A Columbian reporter
took a poop into one of theso flimsy habitations yesterday, and, after recovering from the shock caused
by tho gush of vitiated air up his nostrils,'peered
around in the semi-darkness and noted a little stove,
red and glowing in the corner. A siwash lay in thu
low truckle bod half smothered in blankets', quilts,
coats, vests, underclothing and enough other miscellaneous dry goods to start a second-hand clothing establishment. Of course<he was smoking, and he did
not appear to resent the strongcr's intrusion a bit. A
hide in the window wim plugged np with a section of
an old red flannel petticoat, uo doubt a touching
souvenir of his madame. Each hole in tlie floor and
walls was stopped up with a wad of paper or the. corks
of former pickle bottlos. The seams iu the lloor hud
strips of tin tacked over them, and not a chink for the
admission of fresh air, save perliaps the door, could bo
noticed. The Siwash appeared perfectly comfortable
and easy in his mind, and it is to be doubted whether
oven the finest lectures on hygiene would liavo awaked
him to a sense of tho dangers of impure air. Tho
hear was simply suffocating and the place was more
like a sweat box than u human dwelling.
Tho reporter was glad to bow his acknowledgment to
the Siwash, who, by the wny had not spoken a syllable,
and merely nodded bis head at parting, and came out
into the snow and ice for fresh nir.
Rev. Thos, Baldwin, pastor of Olivet Baptist church
has accepted the call to tho Nortii Seattlo Baptist
church in whicli pastorate he will begin his duties tho
31st of the present month. Mr. Baldwin's departure
is deeply regretted by the congregation and numerous
friends, and llie city sustains a loss in parting with n
man of such ability, energy aud generosity, Since
tailing charge of Olivet Baptist church ho has brought
the membership up from a mere nothing to sueh a degree thot the present edifice is scarcely adequate to
accomodate all who attend. His work for the ohurch
iu this city has been crowned with tho highest success;
and the indomitable zeal which ho has always exhibited
has inspired his congregation, so that the good work
inaugurated by Mr, Baldwin will not be suffered to
decline when he is no longer present to lead them on
and animate them by his grand example. The Nortii
Seattle church is to bc congratulated on getting
it man whose experience, ability and untiring energy
are sure to redound to the honor and benelit of tiio
church. Mr. Baldwin carries with him the slticercst
wishes of his congregation, and tlio citizens of Westminster, that his new Imm" may prove a field worthy
of his high talents, and lhat th» same measure of
of bright success may ever attend his noble efforts
wherever they may be directed.
Two young men named respectively John Murphy
and Jamos Weston got drunk lust night and boarded
a C. P. R, passenger ear which was lying down at the
sidu track below lhe mills. A Chinaman named Yung
was cleaning the car and the two men demanded tobacco from him on pain of physical destruction if lie
refused. As ho hod no tobacoo hy was under the
painful necessity of courting death by refusing. Tho
two moil, however, were disposed to mercy and Weston in Hen of tobacco snatched up a coat belonging to
one of the train mun and mado off. Officer Carty
arrested the jiair booh afterwards and ran thein in.
His honer remanded Murphv [or sentence until tomorrow i lorning and advisou him to get out of this
town in the interim. Weston, who pleaded guilty of
taking the coat, and who produced a letter from Dr.
McGuigan, of Vancouver, testifying to his good character, was awarded one month's imprisonment.
The heaviest snow fall of the season occurred at
Halifax, N. S., yesterday.
Montreal has voted $1,000,000 for harbor improvements, to bu commenced this year.
The Dominion government created a large number
of new queen's counsel yestorday.
It is rumored in the east that W. C. VanHorne,
presidont of the C. P. R. is to be knighted.
Over 1,000 Toronto people have the influenza.
John Gibson of Halifax, is dead. He left an estate
valued at $500,000.
Ill-fated Johnstown is now in the clutches of the
influenza.   About 500 cases are roported.
The snow is from 10 to 15 feet deep in the mountains in Utah.
A great gale prevailed throughout Great Britain
yesterday, and many wrecks are reported.
Influenza is increasing in Paris.
Four hundred and sixty five members of the New
York police forco are incapactated from duty by the
Frank S. Barnard, member for Cariboo, reached
Ottawa Monday. He interviewed Hon. Mr, Bowell
relative to the abolition of duty on milling machinery,
and increased duty on lead. He says that while he
got uo definite promise, he thinks certain classes of
machinery not made in Canada will be put on the free
list. He intends to keep hammering awny on tho
flubject. Mr. Barnard also saw Hon. Mr. Dowdney
relative to Indian matters in Cariboo district.
W. J. Howell, of London, representing the Mines
Co., an English syndicate, is en route to British
Columbia. He says his company intended to invest
largely iu properties in British (.'olumbia. Hon. Mr.
Dowdney gavo him letters of introduction to thu
provincial premier.
Clarke has been ro-olected mayor of Toronto by id
majority of 1,800. Erratt has boon re-elected mayor
of Ottawa by 1,300 majority.
Tbo department of customs has decided that the
great cyolorumo picture, the crucifixion of Christ,
recently seized iu Montreal, must pay full duty, on
the gr'.uml that it is not a work of art within the
moaning of thu statute,
Tbo Quebec parliament opened yeBterday. The
speech from the throne showed u very satisfactory
statu of aHuii'S,
There iu no decrease in the number of cases of influenza in London, nor is there auy mitigation of the
virulence of tbo disease, which iu most eases has a
tendency toward pneumonia.
Thu latest note sent by Lord Salisbury to the
Portugese minister of foreign affairs, requested Portugal to immediately order hor agonts in South East
Africa to put a stop at once lo acts similar to those
attributed to Serpo Pi uto, ond intimated thut thoir
continuance would jeopardise friendly diplomatic discussions of the questions at issue, It is stated that
orders have been sent to the warships at Gihrultur with
reference to Portugal.
Henry M. Stanley has accepted the offer of a bnn-
quct iu his honor, to bc given by the Americans iu
London, but says that he cannot definitely fix the
date. He cables that ho will probably arrive in London about the middle of February. The banquet will
be presided over by Minister Lincoln, who will prosent
to Stanley on bohatf of his entertainers an American
Hog and a massive silver shield wrought with African
Thu dowager Empress Augusta of Prussia, who has
been suffering from an nttaoK of influenza died yesterday afternoon.
The Royal City Planing Mills ore practically shut
down for llie present on account of the weather, the
booms being all frozen up and tho logs unfit to handle.
'I Ik company, however, are taking advantage of the
clo?o-np to make what repairs are necessary to the
building and machinery. Extensive additions are
ulso being mode, and a largo quantity ot now machinery coming from the cast will bo put in position
ready to begin with the season. Everything is being
made ready for a big summer cut, and thu company
expect thot tho coming season will bo the busiest thoy
ever experienced. Quite a number of mou have been
retained to make the alterations ami repairs, and the
work is going ahead rapidly, Everything looks unusually quiet around the mills, in striking contrast to
ihu bustle and activity which characterize thoir summer uppearaco.
Notice is heroby given that application will bc made
to tbe Legislative Assembly of tho Province of British
Columbia at its next session for on act to incorporate
a company to construct, opernto and maintain a street
railway in the City of New Westminster, and to acquire lauds nnd do ull things necessary for the purposes aforesaid,
Dated this 25th day of September, 1889.
For selves and others.
For men's and boys' mitts and gloves go to J. E.
Phillips, ja2t3
An oflice to let on McKenzie street. Apply to 0.
A. Kelly. tc*
There is the very best of sleighing In Surrey at
present, and it will tuke more than a three days' thaw
to spoil it. Nearly two feot of snow lies on tlie level,
aud in some places where the wind had a good swoop
tbe roods aro drifted to a considerable depth. Tho
present thaw will greatly improve sleighing throughout thu district, if it does not lust too long.
The fortnightly dance of the Westminster Assembly
token pluce at tiie Odd Fellows' hall to-night at 8:30
Mr. A. M. Nelson, of this city, Is going to open a
branch produce warehouse in Vancouver,
Room 1, Bank Building, is tlto temporary oflico of
The Columuiak. "to
New goods: another lot of $3.25 ladies kid boots
at Grant'& Maelure's.
An accident to the electric light works at Vancouver last night, left that city iu darkness, much to the
inconvenience and discomfort of a groat number of
From Surrey comes the nows that Mr. Jos. Punch
has all but consented to stand for the reeveship. The
resolution passod at the last meeting of thu Surrey
council, asking him to allow his name to be put in
nomination, has hud some influence in causing Mr.
Punch to reconsider Mb first determination not to
souk further municipal honors. If Mr. Punch is put
iu nomination, it is almost certain he will be unopposed.
Scarcely a foot-passenger could be seen on the street
lost uight after 7 o'clock. The weather and la grippe.
The new council should earn the gratitude of this
suffering community by passing a by-law making it a
capital offense to publish verse of the description that
was hurled at the unfortunate lieges this morning,
Funeral silence reigns along the docks, and the
jocund light Iris died from out the eyes of the erstwhile sprightly wharfinger.
Anything more bleak or more miserable looking than
the prospect in all directions, viewed from Westminster this morning, it would bo bard to conceive.
Messra. W. ft 0. Wolfenden take pleasure in announcing to their numorous customers that they aro
now open for business in tiie Bushby block, with a
fivsll and complete line of groceries, and will be glad
tu have their old friends call ami inspect the premises.
Most of the merchants are now doop in tlio mysteries
of stocktaking.
B isinesa bits slackened tip greatly since tho uew
year, which is largely attributed to tbu suspension of
Skating has beon spoiled by the mild weather and
coasting will be the next to sutler. Snowballing was
th 1 liveliest amusement of tho youngsters to-day.
Messrs. Port ft Co. and W. II. Vianen are cutting
ice at the west ond of the ll. C. P. Mills yards. The
ice which is being harvested averages about five inches
in thickness, and is of fair quality and good enough
for all rough'put-poses. It is being stored in a largo
building situated noar the railroad track, and which
is capable of holding many tons. The ice after being
cut i-< placed in a kind of trough made for the purpose
and is pushed along to the ice liouse by means of
spiked poles. This work gives employment to about
30 men.
A small bay pmiy with star in face, strayed on to
my property December 21th and is held by inc.
1 iwner con have some by proving proporty and paying expanses. If.not churned in 30 days will bo sold
*'<r cost of keep.—J. W. Stein, Brownsville, Dec.
3', 1880, lit
The rain this nfternoon washed a great deal of snow
oft" tiie streets and roofs. From the latter, howover,
there is a vast quantity to come, and it behooves all
pedestrians to look out for avalanches.
Oue carload of machinery arrived this afternoon
from thu oast, consigned to the Ross-McLaren mills.
Tne "Weak of Prayer" will be continued at tiie
M ithodist Church to-night, and the subject will be
"Families and Churches;'
CitlKona who had temporarily shuffled off the stage
of WeBlmi lister's active lite to stay at home and nurse i
this new disease, the name of which occupies, iu one
way or another, tt largo portion of the space of a fa- !
in uis contemporary, every morning, were noticed out
a jam this m n-iiing looking, to use an aiigUoisin, rather
saedy. Each man's sufferings wore tlie most excruciating on reCLinl, and nobody hns any right to try and
firm the slightest idea of what they passed through.
The condition of Mr. Donald Chisliolm, M. P., has
not improved of late, and wo regret to learn that
(here is no immediate prospect of his recovery. He is
receiving all the attention and relief that gentle nursing and medical science con give, but hi;* condition is
serious and bis many friends have very grave doubts
iw to his recovery. Mr. Chisholm bad never fully recovered from the illness by wliich ho was so long-
laid up at Ottawa last year. It is now a settled fact
that ho will not bu nolo, even if he should mend
rapidly, to attend to bin parliamentary duties this
year. '
Mr. and Mrs. Post ill left for their homo, Vernon,
Okanagan, this afternoon by the Atlantic express.
The thermometer registered Uo"' below zero in some
parts of the interior yesterday.
The 'finies says there arc several Victorians down
with ou imaginary disease of the Influenza nature* lt
is not la grippe or anything of that nature, so wo suppose it must be too much drink, 11 great failing with
tno many of our capital eity friends. Why doesn't the
Times inaugurate o temperance revolution, mid commence by heading the Is ,
Rtv. 1). J, McDonnell, the noted Presbyterian
di me, and one of Canada's most powerful orators,
. 11 dolive • an address iu St. Andrews church tonior-
10,/evening. As the address Is sure to prove very
iiiteroating tho church should be well tilled to
bear iu
During tho whole of-last night a drizzling rain fell
which increased in volume shortly afcor daylight aud
continued foiling throughout the day. It took some
time to inaugurate the thaw, but it is well under way
now and'the snow is slowly melting. The thermometer does not riso rapidly, however, its highest registration to-day being 35°
Mount Stephen', in tbe Rooky Mountains, celebrated
Now Year's by sending down a suowslide that picked
out threo ears from a freight train going up the Big
Hill and deposited thum snugly a couplo of bundred
feet below the track. A brakeman started with the
ears, but jumped into a tree before getting vory far
ond escaped without injury.
still- Jatiiiesonv—At New Westminster, on Wednesday, January Sth, by tho Rov. R. Jaitiiceon,
lather of tlio bride, Alfred   Postill, of Vernon,
Okanagan, to Eleanor Armour Jamieson,
A boy 1(5 yours old as an articled clerk in a low office.   Apply to box 240, Nuw Westminster.    j8d«t.
A brown heifer hos strayed on to the premises of
the subscriber, on Melbourne stroet. The ownor cnu
have her by proving property aud paying expenses. If
not claimed within thirty days she will be sold to poy
expenses. (j8dlm) A. J. GORDON.
BY-LAW NO. 71.
A By-Law vor Aitointisi: Rkturnish Officer and
The Roove and Counoilof Maple Ridge Municipality
hereby enact: That the Muplo Ridge Town Hall be
the place for holding the election, aud tliat D. C.
Webber bo appointed Returning Officer.
This may be cited as By-Law appointing Returning
Officer and naming polling place for year 1.800.
Passeii tho Council tho 7th day of December, 1880.
Reconsidered and finally passed and the sool of the
Corporation appended thereto this4th day of January,
D. C. Wehiikr, C. M. C. Reeve.
The time for receiving tenders for these works has
been extended until noon of Saturday, 1.1th February,
I). ROBSON, City Clerk.
Now Westminster, 11. ('., Jan. 7th. 1800,
(Truth copy) j7t0
Sealed tenders, addressed to the Postmaster-Gen-
oral, will bu received ut t IttttWU until noon on FRIDAY,
tlie 21st Fkiiiu.'auv, for the conveyance of Her Majesty's Mails, on a proposed contract for four years, as
follows: Between the New Westminster Post Office
and the Canadian Paciiic Railway Station, from the
1st April next.
The conveyance to be made at the option of the
The Mails to be convoyed in connection with the
trains of tbe Canadian 'Pacific Railway, arriving at
and leaving New Westminster daily.
Printed notices containing furthor information as to
conditions of proposed contract may be seen and blank
forms of tender may be obtained at the Post Oflico at
New Westminster and at this ollicu.
Post Office Inspector.
Post Oilice Inspector's Oflice,
Victoria, B. C, 3rd .lamuvry, 1800. j7t3
Is hereby given to the electors of the Municipality of
Surrey that i require the presence of the said electors
at Surrey Municipal Mall on the tilth day of January,
18110, at 12 o'clock noon, for tho purposo of electing
persons to represent them in the Municipal Couucil as
Reeyo and Councillors.
'fhe mode of nomination of candidates shall be as
The candidates shall bu nominated in writing; the
writing shall bc subscribed by two voters of the municipality as proposer and seconder, and shall be delivered to the Returning Oflicer at nny time between
the dale of the notice ami 2 p.m. nf the dny of the
nomination, und iu the event of a poll being necessnry,
Hiieb poll will bo opened oh the Kith day of January,
1800, at 8 tun., and close at 4 pirn., at the Surrey
Municipal Hall, and ot Punch's Hotel, Brownsville.
Of which every person is hereby required to take
notiue and govern himself accordingly.
Given under my hnnd at Surrey the 30th day of
December, 1880,
ju2t2 Returning Officer.
Notice of dissolution.
Notice is hereby given that the partnership heretofore subsisting between the undersigned, carpenters.
has been dissolved this day by mutual consent. All
accounts owing the undersigned are to bo paid to S.
Turner, ami all claims against the said firm aro to be
paid by him. EDGAR A. KIPP.
S, Tur.NBR will continuo tho business under his own
name at the sumo shop ou Main street, Centreville,
opposite A. Kipp's harness shop. All kinds of woodwork done; satisfaction guaranteed.
Chilliwhack, Doc. 20,1880. ju3w3m
Every member of the Young Men's Christian Association is expeetcil to be present at the regular meeting of thu Association on Wednesday Evening, Jan.
Sth, at 8 o'clock. Business of importance to be
transacted. 1). S. CURTIS, Presidont.
Notice in hereby given that the business formerly
carried on under the name and style of Dickim-on ft
Company has boon this day sold to Caroline Matilda
Dickinson cud William Wright Dickinson, who will
continuo the business under tbe name and style of
Dickinson ft Company. All accounts due the late
businesa mi st bo paid forthwith to Mr. W. W. Dickinson for account of tbu executors of the late R.
bickinson, and all accounts duo by the said business
must be presented to Mr. W. W. Dickinson for payment by tbe,said executors.
Caroline Matilda Dickinson,
Charles E. Woods,
Executors Estato of tho late R. Dickinson.
New Westminster, B. C, Jon. 2nd, 1800. dlw
In the mattehoj? the title to a portion of Lot
No. 100a, Guoui'IL, New Westminster District.
Whereas the certificate of title of John Cochrane to
the above hereditaments bas been lost or destroyed,
and application bos been mudo to me for the issuance
of a duplicate thereof.
Notico is hereby given that I will, at the expiration
of onu month from date, issue such duplicate certificate
of title, unless in the meantime valid objection be
made to mo to tho contrary in writing.
District Registrar.
Land Registry Office, New Westminster, December
Ilth, 18811, wlm
Is hereby given to the electors of the Municipality of
Chilliwhack that I require the presence of the Baid
(•lectors at tho Council Chamber, Henderson's Hall,
Centreville, oh Monday, tbo 13th day of January, A.
D. 1800, at 12 o'clock, noon, for the purpose of electing porsons to represent them hi the Municipal Council as Reeve and Councillors for the year A. D. 1800.
The mode of nomination of candidates shall be as
The candidates shall bo nominated in writing; the
writing shall be subscribed by two voters of the hiud-
ioipnllty as proposer ond seconder, and shall be delivered to tho Returning Officer at any time between the
date of this notice and 2 o'clock p. m. of the day of
the Humiliation, and In the event of a poll boing necessary, such poll will be opened on Thursday, tho Kith
day of jfthuafy, A. D. 1800, at tho Counoil Chamber,
Henderson's Halt, Centreville, of which every person
is hereby required to.take notice and govern himself
Given undor mv hand at Chilliwhack the 28th day
of December, A. D. 1880.
ja2t2 Returning Oflicer,
Victoria, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Queen, Defender
of the Faith, etc., etc., otc.
To Our faithful the Members oleoted to serve in the
Legislative Assembly of- Our Province of British
Columbia, nnd summoned and called' to a moeting
of the Legislature or Parliament of Our said Pro-
vinoe, at Our City of Victoria, on Thursday, the
Sixth day of February,   1S00,  to have boen commenced und hold, ond ovory of you—GllKUTINii.
Theodore Davie, \   WHEREAS the meeting of the
Attorney-General. I     Legislature or Parliament of tho
Province of British Columbia, stands called for Thursday, the Sixth day of February, 1800, at which time
at Our City of Viotoria, you wero held and constrained
to appear.
NOW KNOW YE, that for divers causes and considerations, aud taking ipto consideration tbe case and
convenience of Onr loving subjects, We hove thought
fit, by and with the advice of Our Executive Council
of the Province of Britisli Columbia, to hereby convoke, aud by these prosonts enjoin you, ond each of
you, that on Thursday, the Twenty-third day of
the mouth of January, 18110, you meet Us in Our
said Legislature or Parliament of Our said Province,
at Our City of Victoria, FOR THE DISPATCH OF
BUSINESS,  to treat,   do,   act, and couoludo upon
thoso things which in Our Legislature of the Province
of British Columbia, by the Common Council of Our
said Province may, by tbo favor of God, lie ordained,
Is Testimony Whereof, Wu have caused these
Our Letters to be made Patent, and the Great Seitl
of the said Provinco to be hereunto affixed:   Witness, thu Honorable Htttiii Nelson, Lieutenant-
Governor of Our said Province of British Columbia, in Our City of Victoria, in Our said Province,
this twenty-sixth day of December in the year of
Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty-
nine, and in the fifty-third year of Our Reign.
By Command. JNO. ROBSON,
de 31-til Provincial Secretary.


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