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The Daily British Columbian Jan 22, 1890

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Array THE  Dj^-ILY
British Columbian.
Volume 7.
New Westminster, H. C, Wednesday Evening, January 22,
Number 173
To-MmtKOW will open at James Bay, Victoria, the
fourth nnd last session of the fifth provincial parliament. Tlie session Ib likely to be a considerably
lengthy one, and everyone "feels it In his hones," so
tit apeak, that it will be a more than usually.important
one. The redistribution question itsolf, which is already creating quite a preliminary ferment, gives
promise of enlisting general interest and giving rise
to earnest and warm discussion, both inside ami out
of tho house. The question is one involving very important interests, not merely local, but provincial, and
its equitable and amicable adjustment will call for a
wise exercise on the part of our legislators of the highest virtues of statesmanship—firmness combined with
moderation, guided by common sense and controlled
by patriotism. Without dipping deoply into the
question at this time, which our limited apace in our
present form forbids, we would just remark that common sense dictates, in the first placo, that the province—if it is to continue to be one, which all expect
and hope—should no longer be considered or spoken
of aa two sections, cither in relation to the redistribution question or any other. Viewed from thiB, the
correct, standpoint, the question of a redistribution of
representation becomes quite simple, and its mode of
adjustment at least, obvious. The province being one.
every district will naturally receive the representation
to which it is fairly entitled according to tlie uniform
' basis agreed upon. On this foundation, due allowance
being made for modifying circumstances, it is difficult
to see why every portion of the provlnoe ahould not
receive Its simple rights in the matter and euch district be satisfied. Other questions of at least local
interest and importance are certain to come before
this session of the provincial legislature, and not 11 few
in which the electors of Now Westminster city uud
district aro particularly interested. By means of its
spcciiil representative, who is already nt the oapital,
Tub Comimiiian will keep its readers duly informed
of the doings of tho legislature throughout the session,
nud will not bo backward in expressing itself when
questions of public importance demand such expression.
words nearly doubled itsolf. Debt has accumulated
evon moro rapidly, increasing from £200,000,000 to
,1:440,(100,000. But we must not be alarmed at thla
erection of bunions, The colonics are not disbursing
their substance in wars. They ure not pursuing
foreign policies, or maintaining great armaments or
military castes. They borrow mainly for reproductive
works, Biich os railways and harbors, and may be supposed to have substantial equivalents for their expenditure.
There is said to be n feeling among congressmen
in favor of postponing the world's fair until LSO,").
The reason alleged is that a presidential campaign
will be in progress in 1802. The southern members
object to the expenditure of ten or fifteen million of
money by a Republican administration during the
campaign, and tbe Republicans feur that the workmen engaged on the buildings and othor employees of
the exhibition might become a powerful factor in the
, election. Thus do political considerations interfere
with the whole current of events amongst our neighbors, "and enterprises of great pith and moment" are
threatened with ruinous postponement. But an
American cotemporary says on the subject: These
reasons will hardly bear analysis. The administration is not likely to have the expenditure of several
millions. The management of tho affair will presumably be intrusted to a hoard composed of men of various political creeds, selected for business ability, and
whatever appropriation eongreas muy make would ho
intrusted to their discretion Thu workmon employed
about the exhibition will vote neither more nor less
for being employed there, and tlio non-partisan character of tho management should guarantee them against
political influence. The underlying fact which will
account for the objections of both Democrats and Republicans probably is that they fear the exhibition
will, in a measure, divert the attention of the people
from political Ibsuub, draw money from tlielr pockets
und make campaign contributions dull. There may
be some force in these considerations. On tho other
hand, the popular complaint is that too much rather
-than too little money is spent in political campaigns.
It is likoly that many persons from abroad would consider the opportunity to study American principles
and methods under the stress of a presidential campaign a distinct inducement to visit the country.
Celebrating un event on the wrung dnte will nover ilo.
The oelohrution will have to come oir in 1802 or not
at nil.
Tin: immensity of tho British empire is increasingly
evident every year the figures ure udded up, In this
yoar of grace there are over .'100,000,000 subjects of
the queen in possession of 8,000,000 square miles of
territory. Commenting upon these impressive facts
the Liverpool Mercury says: During a period
of fifteen years the gross revenue—apart from Great
Britain and Ireland—rose to £124,000,000, or fn othor
Four thousand of the leading merchants of Lisbon
paraded the principal streets yesterday shouting for
war with England.
It is stated that just before tho death of the Duke
of Aosta, his Bister, Princess Cliloti.de asked him to
apeak to King Humbert on tho question of the rela*
timia of thn Italian government auit the Vatican, and
that the dying prince complied, earnestly beseeching
the king to effect a reconciliation with the church.
Cholera is ranging with frightful violence in Mesopotamia, and already there have boon 3,000 deaths from
tbe disease.
The great bridge across tho Firth of Forth, which
will be formally opened by the Prince of Wales in
March, was tested to-day by the passage over it of a
train weighing 2,000 tons. Tho test was pronounced
iu every respect to be a success.
The registrars of vital statistics roport that there
were 127 deaths from influenza in London during the
past week.
A daring robbery wna perpetrated last niglit iu thu
jewelry storo of VV. S. Walker, Montreal, wheu
the stroet was crowded. Two men stopped at the
window. One fastened the door uml the other with a
hammer broke the pluto glass window and snatched a
tray of diamonds and gold riiigB, valued at §8,000.
The men made for a sleigh, anu, being pursued, one
drove oft' without his companion, taking tho tray with
bim. The othor doubled and ran down the street,
pursued by RoMand, a shopman, who hnd hurst the
door open. Ho was overtaken and arrested. Ho refused to give bis name. The men arc strangers and
have the appearance of prosperous American crooks.
Tho funeral of Lord Napier of Mngdala took placo
in London yeBterday and wns an imposing ceremony.
The military escorted tho body from the Tower to
St. Paul's cathedral where it was buried.
Grave fears aro entertained nt Denver regarding the
Howard Atlieunlseu Company of variety artists, who
are iu a snow blockade on the Central Pacifio Railway. The advices from Utah points say that the
roud may not be opened in three weeks. The train
with the theatre troop on board is believed to be
buried under the demolished snow sheds between
Reno and Truckce. It is u question whether the entombed passengers can he rescued before they perish
of hunger and cold. The mercury is 30 to 40 below
zero out there.
The funeral of Lord Napier of Mngdala wna marked
by a military pageant, wliich, in respect of extent and
splendor, has bceu equaled but onco in vory many
yeara, und this was on lho occasion of the queen's jubilee. From an early hour in the morning overy available part of St Paul's cntiiodrul waa crowded with persona eager to secure n place from where they oould
witness the ceremonies within. Tho famous''whispering gullei'v" of the edifice wub cruiiimod almoat to suffocation, and all attempts to eject the porsons whose
right to bo there was questionable, in onlor to admit
those better entitled to the privileges, were abandoned aa hopeless beoause of the manifest impossibility of
either being able to puss through tho compact throng.
The number of exalted personages preaent was remarkably lurge ami attested the eminence nnd esteem
In which the dead field marshal wns held.
Chinese New Year is still being celebrated in due
and becoming manner by our celestial citizens. Yesterday and to-day the leading Chinese merchants received u very largo number of their whito and native
friends, some even coming so far ua from Vancouver,
and treated them right hospitably, nnd in a manner
that should put ttt blush somo of tho whito population
who cun but do not treat their fellow men, in less opulent circumstances, iu nearly so liberal n manner.
The establishments of Sum Lung ami Lee Coy were
thu principal ones visited, und to nil who called most
courteous attontion was shown. Champagne wus juat
an freely circulated ns the less oXpeilBive brands of
Mongolian Intoxicants, whilo nuts, confections ami
fruits, rare ami amazing to tho Cuueauslnn taste, were
handed round ami distributed nil libitum. Last evening a very large number of firecrackers and rockets
wore exploded on Front st., and the aceno of lhe fusi-
latle to-dny Ib marked by a vast quantity of red and
yellow paper, which enclosed tho explosives.
To-night is announced ns thu grand wind-up of the
New Year's colebration, nnd Loo Coy, one of the
leading Chineso merchants, will clone the programme
with an explosion of IM00 worth of crackers. The fn-
silatlo will laat fully an hour, nnd il will be a sight
worth seeing. One of the leading Chinese merchants
says that over 12,000 worth of firo crackers have hcon
expended by the celestials since Monday.
Look out for Gordon k Co's adv't the end of this
week.. ja2It4
Tin re waa a dismal blank at the police court this
New stook of spring overcoats In all prices and
sizes nt J. K. Phillips. 3t
The Westminster assembly dance takes plnee at the
Oddfellows Hall this evening.
New go tils arriving daily at Gordon k Co's, successor* to A. B. Wintemute. ju2It4
Mr. Chisholm, M. P., passed ft rather unfavorable
night, but was somewhat better to-day.
Last chance. First come first served. Choice
hardwood for sale ut Austin's, Front Btreet.        2t
If the cold weather lasts much longer coal will be
almost as valuable as silver. Cordwood, also, is moving upwards in price, and thus heat is every day becoming more of a luxury and un expense.
Mr. Thos. Cunningham, M.P.P., is on duty at Victoria, having gone down a few days ahead of the opening of tho house, to attend to some matters of importance to the city.
The ice is frozen thick and solid a considerable distance out from Webster's wharf, ami the entrance to
the North Arm is completely blocked.
A gentleman who is leaving for Toronto in a few
days, would be glad to undertake commissions for
merchants hero.   Address p. o. box 207. *2t
Found.—A traveller's rug, on Columbia Btreet. The
owner can have same by proving property and paying
expenses.   Apply to Woodward k Weaver.     j22t3
The sidewalk iu front of the ruins of the Columbia
street firo te being relaid in a substantial manner. The
walk should be continued, new throughout, down
Mary to Front street. This sidewalk is at present in
a disreputable condition.
Two carloads of prime cattle arrived from the inter!
or yesterday, consigned to different butchering establishments. Notwithstanding lhe cold weather beef is
still plentiful and of good quality. Mutton ia scarce,
poor aud doar, while pork ia fat, plentiful and cheap.
Ico is being shipped from the Fraaer river to Victoria for use in connection with the C. P. N. Co.'s
steamers. A large quantity of lee will be shipped to
tbe capital if the frost lasts long enough,
A large number of the miners engaged at tiio Wellington coal mines, having Iieeii sliffering during the
post week from la grippe. It is stated tliat ns many
as 100 men have been absent from work at one time
from its result, and about 300 more have been attacked with the epidemic.
The market was full of fish and game to-day. These
articles at this season are rather scarco aud the influx
of tho present consignment wna freely taken advantage of so thnt tho market wus emptied in a very
short time.
The public library question is not dead, but slumbers. Public opinion is very contemptuous on the
matter and expresses itaelf in vigoroua language
against those who are responsible for this grave-stone
of buried usefulness. It ia a pity to see the building
mouldering in decay white all around fine modern
buildings are springing up to grace the oity.
Mr. H. V. Edmonds und Mr. James Cunningham
are down with la grippe. Both, wo arc pleased to
to learn, are progressing favorable   towards recovery.
Mr. Chns. McDonough, tho well known merchant
prince of Front street is laid up at .St. Mary's hospi-
tal with a severe attack of lagrippc. He was somewhat better to-day, and tlie doctors expect ho will be
ablo to ho out again next week.
The Indians roport that Pitt lake is Mil! open, and
only a small quantity of ico is to lie aeon along the
shores, Tho nigh winds probably account for the
opon water.
Brant geese are very numerous on Mud Bay nt present, and a great muuy hnve been shot and brought to
this market. This branch of the wild goose family is
the finest eating of the whole lot, and many prefer
them to the domestic bird.
Port ft Co. are Btill hard at work laying in a supply
of iee for next season's tish-packing. More ice furs
been laid hi up to date than in any previous year.
Mr. W. If. Vianen is lnid up with influenza and is
enjoying the uttuck iu ita most severe form. He
caught cold while superintending llm ice harvest last
week, nml pnying no attention to it nnd neglecting nil
precautions, it developed into la grippe. Ho is recovering slowly, nnd will'bo out again next week.
There will be a meeting of the Rillo Association in
Mr. Thos. Mowat's oflTco on Friday ovening at S
o'clock. Business of great importance will be laid before the meeting, nml a full attendance of members is
particularly requested.
Victoria ia still enjoying the visit of la grippe, and
tho cases, though leas numerous than a week ngo, are
still keeping all the doctors busy. In tlie royal city
the disease ia abating rapidly, but many poisons are
still suffering from it.
A former resident of Westminster, writing from
Seattle to a friend in this oity, snys tiint a considerable proportion of the population of tlmt city are living in tents, and tunny of tho'stores are also under
canvas. An immense number of buildings are under
construction, and business is flourishing.   The brick- layers have gone out on strike. They have been get-
from $5.50 to (7 per day for 0 hou-a work, and are
now striking foi- the same wagOB for 8 hours work per
day.   The strikers have every probability of winning.
Bargains may bo expected in alt lines of boats and
shoes at Gordon k Co's. jo2lt4
Two enterprising young men have taken in hand
the ice in front of the C. P. N. Co.'s wharf, and have
converted it into a very fair skating rink. They
charge nn admission fee nnd are making good wages
for their labor. The business, however, is risky, as
a sudden thaw will spoil the chnnco of further
Tho Fa'rhnvon ft Southern Rnilvoid surveyors will
return to Blaine next weok. The chief engineer snys
thoy have only lost ouo tiny during the recent bnd
woather, which is somewhat remarkable to say the
leaat. Burthen the IJnirhavon & Southern poople are
pushers anyway.
Now is your time to get a Btlit of clothes ehenp.
Making room for spring slock of tweeds direct froni
London, Eng. Bkiuis k Heard.
The Fairhavon ft Southern railroad company and
the BoIIiiigham Bay ft Britisli Columbia railroad company have settled thoir iliH'orenooo relative to the former rond crossing the property of the latter. Tbe location of the depot hus been determined upon at tbo
head of "C" stroet whore the two roads -will oross.
Two blocks owned by the Cornwall Co., havo beon
dedicated for union depot purposes. —Whatcom Rev-
His Honor Lieut-Governor Nelson ia still suffering
severely from his attack of la grippe. It will be impossible for him to open flic provincial parliament on
rhnraday, and the Governor-General has boon nsked
by wire to appoint some cue elan to perform this service. His Lordship Sir M. B. Bogbie; C. J., will in
all probability be selected to deliver the speech from
the throne.—Colonist.
The Nanaimo Free Proas ia informed that a fine
scam of coal hus been struck iu No. 3 level of No. 1
shaft, of the now Vnucouver Coal Company, and it is
believed to be the same famous seam as that of No, I
level. If this is ao tho oompany will havo very good
rensons to congratulate thomselves upon the prospect
of this mine, as they will then be able to considerably
increase their output fcr shipments abroad. We
learn the mines in the new Vanoouver Coal Company
nre in excellent condition at preaent and even better
prospects are anticipated for the future.
The Coquitlam Indians arc making good wages at
present spearing Balmon trout in the Coquitlnm river.
The fish are very plentiful, und large numbers are
being obtained daily, Over 1000 pounds of theae fiali
have been shipped east by W, H. Vianen this week.
Coquitlnm Indiana must tic getting hungry or they
would never think of work at this season of the yonr.
The question of when a thaw will come along ii
now agitating the eold blooded portion of the community, and nlso a few of that class which object to
pitying fancy prices for coal ani wood,
Capt. Mallaby, the great jiool player, is snid to lie
in Vancouver, but a police officer from Victoria failed
to find him there yesterday, Whore the gallant captain has gone to seems to be a regular mystery.
A company to lie known as the Union Iron Works
has been formed iu thia city, and will be in operation
early next summer.
There will lie a special meeting of the Hyack fire
oompany to night at their hall at 8 o'clock. Important matters will be discussed.
We are prepared to otfer oxtra inducements, just at
this time of tho year, for poetical effusions on "'Beautiful Spring." Write only on one side of the paper;
we need tho other side to write editorials on.
By a notice elsewhere it will be seen that, on the
request of n number of ratepayers, hia worship the
mayor has called a public meeting to be held in the
city hall, on Friday evoning noxt, the 24th inst., to
discuss tho Mainland association question, This
meeting should call forth n lurge attendance of the
Tbo Now Westminster Choral Union resumed practice lost evoning uftor the Christmas recess. The programme of another concert wna decided upon, to bc
givon in about three weeks. Extra practices will be
necessary, the first of which will be hold on Friday'
evening noxt, at 8:1)0 o'clock.
Room I, Bank Building, is tbe temporary oflice nf
The Columbian. *te
It is said that threo horaea hnve been allowed to
wuntler alwut tho city, without fond, ever since tho
cold anoll «ot in. The owner of theae poor animals
should be ascertained and the authorities force him to
euro for them in a proper maimer. If there waa a
oity pound, the manner to deal with such enses could
easily be settled.
It is "axiomatic" that there uro two sitlos to evory
question, The late unfortunate aciiudu! implicating
certain parties in this city is no exception to the rule.
We have been informed by the friends of the lady in
the affair that she denies every charge made against
her by her husband, and declares that the whole thing
is a conspiracy on the pnrt oftho latter and Ida friends
tn do horagroas injustice In on' -r to get rid of hor.
Counter charges of cruol and brutal treatment aro nlso
made by the wife againat hor husband. The confession wliich tho woman signed she declares she did
from terror of her husband, who stood o.-er her with a
sledge hammer, and to be relieved of the persecution
of the latter and the two men with hiin. It ia not our
province to say with whom is the truth. There mny
be blame on both sides, The courts will undoubtedly
decide.   Until then sufficient hns been said.
Ottawa, Jan. 21.—Colonel Prior will ask tm Thursday for copies of all correspondence between the Dominion und the Imperial governments and between the
Dominion government and the Canadian Pacific Railroad Company in regard to the granting of n subsidy
to that railroad compiny for the establishment of tbe
new steamships to run botween Vuncouver, B.C., ami
Japan and Australia,
Mr. Cook gives notice thut ho will introduce a bill
to ninend the civil Bt rvlco act to prevent tliu importation of "English dudes,'" so that all candidates'must
be residents hen: for five years before th sy can receive
a position in the .service; also a bill to amend the railroad aot.
Colonel O'Brien asks for a report giving the opinion
of the law officers of the crown respecting me Jesuits
Estates Act.
Mr. Gordon aeka for a return on Thursday, showing
thu total iimuhcr of Chine at who arrived iu Cnnnda
from March Slst, 1BS7 to December 18SUj specifying
tho porta at which thoy ontered, the. amount of foes
collected; the number of the certificates issued for residence to Chinos'! since the passage of the aet roi trict-
ing Chinese immigration, tlto number of I Hum so dbtec-
eil endeavour im.' to enter Canada with fraudulent certificates, mid the regulations prescribed for placing
them on vessels, etc.
Two wild steers escaped from a hand of cattle whieh
were being driven to the slaughter houae yeaterday,
It was feared the animals might do some harm, but
after reaching Montreal atreet ihoy joined Mr. Keith's
herd nnd remained quietly with thom. As it was impossible to take the steers quietly away from lhe hord
without danger to life or limb, it wna thought best to
shoot them. This waa successfully doiie to-day und
tho carcasses wore removed'oh sleighs to the slaughter house for treatment, It wus fortunate that the steers
did not take it iuto their beads to uot ugly,
tbero being no many cattle running at largo through
the city that uoono would think of avoiding thom.
The necessity of u by-law to prevent oattle running
the streets is becoming more apparent evory day.
The cold weather is likely to Inat for another montb.
Why be line intertable when yon cun- buy ovoro> ats
at Ogle, Campbell ft Co's ut 25% discount—men's,
youths' ami children's, j'20wl
Having received a requisition from u number of
ratepayers, requesting mc to call u public meeting ou
Friday evening next, to discuss the question of joining
the Mainland Association, I hereby call such mooting
to be held in the City Hall ou Ful day Evknino, Jan.
24th, at 8 o'clock.
J. C. BROWN, Mayor.
Mayor's Office, New Westminster, 22d Jan. 1880.
(Truth copy,)
A special meeting is hereby called for Wednesday
evening, January 22d, at 8 o'clock.
ja2H2 J. H. Shirley, Secretary.
A meeting will be held on Thursday, January 23d,
at 7:30o'clock p, ni., in the Foresters' Hall, Columbia
atreet, for the purpose of considering matters in connection with the building trado. All workingmen are
earnestly requested to lie present. ja2)t3
The time for receiving tenders for tbe new Fire Hall
has been extended to Mondny next. 27th biBt.. at 0
p. in. Tenders to be addressed to tho undersigned
and scut to the City Clerk.
H. HOY, Chairman B. of VV.
(Truth copy.) ja21td
I will not bo responsible for any debts whieh may
bo contracted by my wife, Rachel Helena Lund,
Dated New Westminster, 20th Junuary, 1800,
la hereby given that I have this day disposed of my
boot and shoe business to Gordon ft Co.   Alt amount**
owing will lie collected by myself, and all accounts, to
this date, due by mo will lie sottlod by myself.
Now Westminster, Jan. 15th, 1800.
N. B.—While thanking the public for the liberal
patronige bestowed on mc in the past, I trust they
will continuo to extend the same favor to my successors. jalSwl
No. 100a, Group II., New Westminster. Distinct.
Whereas the certificate of title of John Cochrane to
nml above hereditaments has been lost or destroyed,
and application bus been made to me for the issuance
of a duplicate thereof.
Notice is heroby given that I will, at the expiration
of one month from date, issue such duplicate certificate
of title, unless in the meantime valid objection be
made to me to the contrary in writing.
District Registrar.
Und Registry Oflice, New Westminster, December
Uth, 1889. win
[L. 8.3
Victoria, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Queen, Defender
of the Faith, etc,, etc., etc".
To Our faithful the Members elected to serve in the
Legislative Assembly of Our Province of British
Columbia, ami summoned and called to a meeting
of the Legislature or Parliament of Our said Province, at Our City of Victoria, on Thursday, the
Stxtii day of February,   1800, to have beon commenced nml hobl, and every of yon—Greeting.
Tu icoiiouh Davib, \   WHEREAS the meeting of the
Attorney-General,/   Legislature or Parliament of the
Provinco of British Columbia, stands called for 'l*liurs-
day, the Sixth day of February, 1800, at whioh time
at Onr Cily bf Victoria) you were held and constrained
to uppeur.
"MOW KNOW* YE, that for divers tauscB and considerations, ami taking into consideration the ease and
convenience of Our loving subjects, We have thought
fit, by and with the advice of Our Executive Council
of the Province of British Columbia, to hereby convoke, ami by theae presents enjoin you, and each of
you, that on Thursday, the Twentv-thikd dayof
the montb of Januaky,  1800, you meet Us in Our
snid Legislature or Parliament of Our said Province,
at Our City of Victoria, FOR THE DISPATCH OF
BUSINESS,  to treat,   do,   act, aud conclude upon
those things whicli in Our Legislature of the Province
of British Columbia, by the Common Council of Our
said Province may, by the favor of God, be ordained,
In Testimony Whisk hof, We have caused these
Our Lettors to lie made Patent, and the Great Seal
of the said Province to be hereunto affixed:  Witness, the Honorable Hiuin Nki.son,  Lieutenant-
Governor nf Our said Province of British Columbia, in Our City of Victoria, in Our said Province,
this twenty-sixth day of December in the year of
Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty -
nine, and in the fifty-third year of Our Reign.
By Command. JNO. ROBSON,
de 31 -tit Provincial Secretary.
Notice is hereby given that application will be made
to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Britiah
Columbia at its next session for an uct to incorporate
u company to construct, operate and maintain a streot
railway iu the City of New Westminster, and to inquire lands and do all things necessary for the purposes aforesaid.
Dated thiB 25th day of Septomber, 1889.
For selves and others,
Is hereby given that sixty days after date we intend
to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Worka for permission to purchase 6,071 acres,
more or less, being land covered by our Timber Lease
L, situate on a lake emptying into Village Bay,
Valder. Islnnd, Say ward District.
John Hrndrt, Manager,
January 17th, 1800. jal8-2m
All monies due the estate of the late Robert Dickinson must lm paid forthwith to W. W. Dickinson.
All accounts outstanding on the 31st tiny of January,
1800, will bo placed in the bands of our solicitors for
collection. C. M. DICKINSON,
jlti-td Executors.
A brown heifer has strayed on to tho premises of
the subscriber, on Melbourne Btreet The ownor can
have her by proving prcqierty and paying expenses. If
not claimed within thirty days she will be sold to pay
expenses. (j8dlm) A. J. GORDON.
Lot No. 12, Block XXII, and Lot No. 21, Block
XXVIII, City of Nkw Westminster.
A certificate of indefensible title to the above mentioned hereditaments will bo issued to Alexander
Coutts on the I Ith day of January, 1800, unless in the
meantime a valid objection thereto bc made tu the
undersigned in writing by some person claiming an
estato or interest in sain hereditaments or some pnrt
Deputy Registrar.
Laud Registry Office,
New WestminBter, 7th October, 1880, jlSwl
Tenders will lie received by the undersigned, at the
City Hall, up to Monday, 20th umt., at 0 p. in., for
the erection of a fire haB. Plans and specifications
may be Been at the City Clerk's office.
Chairman B. of W.
New WestminBter, Jan. 14th, 1889. 5t


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