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The Daily British Columbian Jan 18, 1890

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British Columbian.
Volume 7.
New Westminster, B. C, Saturday Evening, January i8, 1890.
Number 170
Tub proud boast that "Britannia rules the waves"
continues to be made good in the triumphs which alio
achieves in times of peuce by the construction of tho
most splendid and formidable specimens of naval
architecture that thu world con afford. Indeod, she
leads the world by long adds in this respect as well as
in soma othera. The new British wnr ship Blake,
which bus lately been launched in England, it is calculated, will bo the fastest war vessel afloat, and, for
her class, the strongest fighting ship. The displacement of the Blake is 0,000 tons; length, 375 feet; beam,
65 feet; draught. 25 feet 0 inches; twin screws, 20,000
power; maximum speed, 22 knots por hour, or over 25
milea. Acting as a ram, at this high velocity, and
with her great weight of 9,000 tons, it is doubtful if
any vessel could withstand tha shook. The Blake is
constructed of ateel throughout, has six-Inch armored
turtle-back steel deck, covering the magazines, torpedo niouis, engines, aud boilers. Fuel space, 1,500
tons. She is to carry two 9 inch 22 ton breech-loaders and ten 45 pounder quick-firing guns, each capable
of firing twelve times per minute, worked by two men,
and will pierce 12 to 15 inohes of armor plate. Her
cost is given at $1,840,000. Such in brief is the
Blake. She is far faster and stronger for fighting
purposes than any of the new American vessels so far
ordered, and coats much loss.
Dr. Charcot's article on magnetism und hypnotism,
in tho January Forum, observes an exchange, is simply
a study of tho facts relating to these remarkable
states, with no inquiry into their causes. The effects
which Mesmer produced were mostly but hysteria
convulsions; it remained for one of his diaciples to
discover the method of midwifery, magnetic sleep In
which the subject, it wns claimed, was under the absolute power of the mngnetiser's will. . Indignant at
the degradation of human nature involved in this
mind slavery, Dr. Braid, of Manchester, act about experiments which resulted in the discovery that any
''sensitive" could easily produce in himsolf the magnetic sleep by fixing his eyes upon a single shining
objeot, placed a little above the plane of vision, and
at the distance of a few centimeters. This state, to
which Braid gives the name of hypnotism, hns three
phases. In oue of them the subject is totally unconscious, but "if sufficient pressure bo made upon a
nerve or a muscle, tbe corresponding segment of a
member asaumos a fixed and uniform position," in
another, the patient has exactly the appearance of
being awake, but accepts aa true, with unquestioning
credulity, any suggestion of tho operator, whilo in
still another phase of hypnotism the "eyes nre wide
open and staring; the muscles and nerves nre no longer
capable of being excited directly by pressure, and contractions cannot bc produced; but, 011 the other hand
the muscles acquire tho property of retaining whatever attitude mny be given to the members. * * *
In this state is to be seen the vory interesting phenomenon of the unison of attitudes nnd fuciol ox-
pressious; the pationt will clinch hia fiat if the face
muscles that express anger bo made to contract by
electricity; conversely, his face will assume the expression of violent linger if hiB lists bo clenched
uud mado to assume an attitude of threatening,"
This Inat foot, comments an exchange, appears deeply
interesting, as pointing to a method by which the control of the passions may be assisted. May it not be
assumed that if the elootrio clenching of the fiats will
produce facial expressions of violent angor, through
the power of physical association nml suggestion, this
same association and suggestion might produce, to a
certain degree, all the painful physical effects of anger
iu u person who, for long, indulged iu its outwnrtl
manifestations. And conversely, that if u person
wero really angry and suffering its physical effects in
heightened pulso nnd Irritated nerves, he might greatly abate the latter und culm the mind itsolf by persisting iu the outward muuifestatious of amiability.
Wo know, in fact, that this eil'ect haa been produced
by persons wbo nevor did uny reasoning in the matter,
but found it out by Inspired experiment. Thoy dis-
covered that if they would resolutely look, speak and
move calmly when they were in a fury, the fury
would the sooner pass awny, und its physical effects
be milder, Thnu a knowledge of the body and ite
laws of association, automatic action points to a way
by which tho will, acting through those laws, can produce ellects not merely upon the body, but, secondarily, upon the emotions ns well.
Capt. Pittendrigh arrivod back from Chilliwack
yesterday having held the inquest on the bodies of
John Songers, Edward Hall and George Rutherford.
Mr. Moresby accompanied Capt. Pittendrigh, to watch
tho proceedings on behalf of the government. The
crossing of the river from Harrison Station to the
landing waB vory exciting and dangerous. The inquest wns held on Thursday evening und after the
jury had been sworn in the bodies were viewed whore
they lay in the Agricultural Hall. The principal evidence in the case was given by Burrows A. Irwin, a
well-known Chilliwack farmer. He said: I always
looked on Rutherford as an intelligent person, Ho
neyer talked nonsense until very lately. The lost few
days I noticed that he repeated things that caused me
to think something wus wrong. He appeared to
think that his neighbors thought he was telling things
about them. He mentioned Edward Hall, deceased,
and Ford's people. He did not mention Seagers. Ho
asked my opinion if I thought likewise; I suid no. I
saw him last Monday evening, January 13th, a little
after he shot the mon and just after dark. He was
going past me at quite a pace and only about two roils
distant. I said; "('ood night. Is that you George?"
He said "Yes," ahortly. At noon he hail told me that
he wus not well ami 1 continued, "Are you just getting home? How are yon now, George!" Ho suid the
samo, meaning about the same ns at noon. At noon
he said, "Do you think I am going crazy?" I Baid, "0,
I don't think so, George. If you come to my houso
and stay a few daya I will do your chores for yon ami
you will soon be hotter." He said that ho folt his
mind going. I told him that ho would lm better soon.
He seemed to bo .nifforing from influenza. He said ho
thought bo would go to tho hospital at Now Westminster. "Well," I said, "Won't you come in,Georgo?" I intended to do your chores for you," At that ho wheeled
towards me sharply. He had his rifle ou his right
shoulder and dropped it ovor his arm. He advanced
*,owards me a fow stops, flaying; "What have you
against mc, Mr. Irwin?" I walked up to hiin, Bay:
ing: "O, Georgo, I hove nothing against you; as sure
as' I am living I have nothing against you, George;
can't you believo mo?" He said, "I can, Mr. Irwin;
I believe you are a good man, but do you know what
I havo done ?" I aaid, "No." He said, "I have
killed two men." I said, "O, surely you haven't,
George." He replied firmly, "Yos, I have," I asked
him who ho killed, nml he snid, "I shot John and-Ned.
Thoy have been duning long onough. Tiiey have nil
been duping me. I got it in my coffee at Ford's on
Sunday, tho thing that has made ine sick, and look
out, Mr. Irwin, thoy will tto the same to you, Chas.
Jones came dowu and put it into the water I use, ami
thoy have put it into my food. Ford came up to-day
nud wont into my house and put it into my provisions,
und I am going home to shoot myself." I said, "O,
George, don't shoot yourself." He said, "Yes, I will;
it is all over now; I will be hung anyhow," and he
started off. I pleaded with him not to shoot himself.
He said, roughly, "Don't bother mo now. You havo
been a gootl friend to me; good-bye; you will never see
me again."
After hearing tho evidence nnd tho coroner's address, tho jury brought in a verdict to tlie effect thnt
Edwurd Hull nnd John Seagers had come to their
death by gunshot wounds, from a rifle fired by George
Rutherford, who admitted the aiime to B, A. Irwin,
on the night of January 13th, 1800. The verdict in
the caae of Rutherford wna "that tho deceased cume
to hia death by a gunshot wound Inflicted hy himself
whilo in a fit of temporary insanity."
The whole Chilliwack district ia greatly excited over
these horrible events, and when the coroner loft the
poopio wore still greatly disturbed.
The funerals took place yesterday, and as wns to bc
expected they wore very largely attended, tho wholo
country turning nut to observe the ceremonies,
Should thu small but noblo band of artist brethren
hi tho province not have noticed the marvellous cloud-
effects to be witnessed almost overy evening and often
during the dny, their attention is humbly drawn to
those tiuo studies. Theso phenomena arc apparently
peculiar to this provinco, us the writer, who hos been
11 student of such things in bis rumbles, doos not recollect having seen ht any lnnd iHiytiiiiig to surpass
their richness of coloring uml superb variety of form.
The scenery of British Columbia is well worthy to inspire the Bublimcst oiibrts of the genius of painting;
within herself she hna in perfection all the multifarious
subjects tbo artist fancy loves to depict. No oountry
in tbo world con excel the glories of her mountain
wildernesses, In thoao awful solitudes one muy seo
tho sterile grandeur of the Himalayas, the fantastic
tracery of the Bcrticse Obdrland und the southern
Alps; the barren, rugged steeps of the Pyrenees
blended with tho picturesque savagonosa of the western highlands of Scotland. But not alone iu whnt is
lofty nud nwc-inapiring in the Pnciiic province rich; in
every form of lowland loveliness mid puatorul beauty
she ts incomparable. No gem of midland English
scenery ever plnced on onn vas with consummate skill
by Foster or Tumor, Whistler or Sam Bough, or
othors of tho "home" school, can exceed those vistas
of indescribable beauty ono may note nil along the
Fraser valley, in the Delta and on Vancouver Ialand.
These are pastorals Iteycnd compare, and our native
artists, yot unborn, may delight the critical habitues
of tho Royal academy or the Paris salon by hanging
up those lovely bits from the golden west, some fine
future day. In marine studies also, and water views,
British Columbia must rank high; whoever has looked
upon ihot goin of the mountains. Pitt Lake, with the
sheen of the summer sun transmuting its ripples into
burnished gold; its calm, pellucid depths limning forth
with the faithfulness of a mirror the mountain gionte
around, with thoir pine clad slopes and glens; or when
tho broad autumn moon has cast her wide path of
silvery radiance across the shimmering bosom of the
lake, softened the wild rnggcdnesB of the mountain's
brow with touches of infinite soft light and shade,
glimmered in the pale foam of tho cascade and
quivered in silver arrows through the giant branches
of the pines—whoever has seen Pitt Lake under those
circumstances would scarcely hesitate fn giving the
palm for excellence, as a land of treasures for artists,
to our province.
This morning an able bodied young man tied a
small pony not much larger than himself, to a post,
close by the head, so that It could not move much.
Then he began to curry it with a comb. He relieved
the monotony of the currying by kicking the wretched
little animal in the tally, sidca and hams with his
heavy hob-nailed shoes, nnd exercising his murele  by
Eniiching it nbout the body with his fists. As soon us
e tired of this he dapped a half hitch with a rope
round the lower jaw of the little pony and proceeded
to exercise it by jerking the rope savagely, no doubt
producing exquishe pain, ns the poor little brute
writhed again under tho torture. And all thia took
pluce on 11 well known street right in front of the
police station nud the city hall, tho Uw courts and ul)
the machinery of justice. Several gentlemen evinced
ii burning desiro to interfere and heartily punch the
cruel fellow's head, Thoao sickening exhibitions of
cruelty to dumb animals ore nil too common in this
city. If niffians, such ns the above, are permitted to
own dumb brutes, the city should sternly see to it
that the letter receivo some protection from their
owner's brutality.
Grip begins its thirty-fourth volume with the New
Year, which means that this brave little journal has
celebrated its soventcoth birthday. When we say—
as we can without hesitation—that its ability both
literary and artistic has been kept up to a uniformly
high standard throughout this long period, and that
to-day it is us bright as ever, we mention a fact exceedingly creditable, not only to the conductors of
Grip, but also to tbo Canadian people, without whose
appreciation antl support this phenomenon advisedly,
for so fur as we nre Aware" there is not another country of Canada's age—certainly no other colony—that
can boast of a sixteen-year-old cotnio journal. Grip
has well deserved its success. It is not merely a
clever nnd amusing paper, it is also a recognized power
in Canadian public life, nnd a power which, we are
glad to any, is always on the right aide where questions of mora! principle nre concerned. It ought to
be a pleasure to. every Canadian to contribute to the
success of sueh a journal—unit tho most practical way
of doing this is by subscribing, The prioe is only §2
nnr vcur. Subscriptions muy bo sent diroct to Grip,
{■a grippe has captured C Battory. At parade yesterday only one full private responded to th*3 roll call,
ami but throo non-coininisaioned officers assisted at
the parodc. It is reported that tho step kept by the
soldiery was perfect, no such precision having ever
before boon witnessed since the battery was formed.
The amis were also poised in perfect line, while all
the evolutions wero performed with u unity of action
unexcelled by the best drilled troopa of the great war
powers of Europo. The sight of one soldier forming
squares by twelves, antl other complex military movements must have boon a unique one, to say the least,
and when the order to charge with fixed bnyonuts was
given, the.movement was brilliant and ,effective, as
one Bolitarv Tommy Atkins dashed bravely upon the
imaginary foe—[Times.
(From our Special Correspondent.)
Ottawa, Jan. 17.— The address from tho throne
was moved tins afternoon by Mr. Rufus Pope, member for Compton, and son of the late Hon. J. II. Pope,
seconded by Col. Prior, of Victoria, B. C. Both made
good addresses and woro applauded by their friends.
Iu reply, Hon. Mr. Laurier stated that both the previous speakers were enchanted. He made un able address and was timo and again applauded. Sir Johu
then arose, uud in one of his jocular and characteristic
speeches retaliated and caused tho members much
merriment, All the speeches were of short duration.
Sir John became very enthusiastic ut the close of his
address. At 5 o'clock the house adjourned uutiE
No polico court this morning.
Room I, Bank Building, is the temporary office of
Tiik Comimhian. 'tc
Now stock of spring overooata in all prices nnd
sizes at J. E. Phillips. Ht
Mr, E, W. Beckett, of Port Honey, was hi tho city
today and gave us a coll.
There is no ice to hinder navigation between Webster's whnrf Westminister and James Buy, Victorio,
The formation of another lodge of the Odd Fellows
in this city is contemplated, and will probably be consummated nt an early dnte.
Tlio chain gang cleared the anow ell'the west side
of Mnry at. yes-onlay afternoon. They nlso executed work of a similnr nature on other streets.
Now ia your time to get n suit of clothes cheap.
Mnkiog room for Bpring stook of tweeds dir ct from
London, Eng. Bkiius ,*fc Heard,
The combine of seven large mills on Pugot Sound
tins rotlucod their time to twelve days per mouth.
Scarcity of tonnage fur foreign markets was the   rea-
Mrfi. E. J. Millor hns been vory ill ut Victoria with
In grippe nnd ia atill unable to resume her classes, lt
will bo some dnys before she will be able to viait Weat-
Kev. Mr. Baldwin, of Olivet Bnptiat church will
conduct tho service nt the Y. M. C. A. to-morrow nfternoon. Thia will be one of liis lust nets before
leaving for Seattle
The immense quantity of snow that had found
lodgement on the expansive roof of Mathers k Milligan's wharf wna yesterday removed; no doubt to the
grent relief of the supporting timbers.
Ayotiig mun rcs'doiit in this city Bays ho will, undertake to tricar tht! Fraser of the ico whicli encumbers
it between Sapperton and Begbie Btreet, in six hours,
aided by a grant nf one hundred dollars from the
council, nml without jeopardising tbe lives of the public.
The R'eVtnml municipal elections were held in tho
town hnll on Thursday, Jon. lllth. The following
were elected: Reeve, J. W. Sexaniilh. Councillors
ward A, J. T. Erringtoiu word B, B. W, Garratt,
and Goo, E, Mugeo*. ward C, Jamos Whiteside and
John Blair.
Mr. C. A. Carnoross, of Elgin, was in the city today and paid his subscription for Tiik Columiiian several yours in advance. Mr. CnruoroBS snys The Col-
UMHIAN is the fairest and best paper published in (he
province, ami no journal circulating in Surroy district
gives the same general antisfuction to its rondel's.
Theso ure kind words, nmi show an appreciation well
worthy of recognition.
When No. 1 B. 0. G. A, resumes drill thore will ba
more brood new recruits desirous to enter tlieir names
than there will be uniforms to accommodate. This is
highly encouraging to the new stall' of officers, and no
doubt the battery will bo favorably heard from during
the year. It is quite likely that a course of military-
athletic entertainments will be given next winter
under the auspices of the buttery.
And another journalistic venture has been called in,
uml now rests in the common boneyard. The WEEKLY Victorian, nfter a short anil very uninteresting
existence, during which time it swallowed^ a large
amount of capital and consumed much editorial labor,
has retired frotn the field and passed over to join the
great majority. Thoro was supposed to be a grand
Held for this enterprise, but the after results did not
bear uut this happy illusion.
The Surrey elections', which camo oiT Than liy, rc.
suited os follows: For reevo—Joa. Punch, 121; Jno.
II, Morton, 41. For ominuljloi's—Ward 1, J. McCallum, 40; Geo. W. Cuiin, 18. Wurd 2, John
Douglas, HO; Jus. Johnston, 0. Ward 4, Eihnotid
Parr, 23; Thot. Shannon, 21. Aa stated before, Jno.
Armstrong and Wm, llrown were elected by acclamation for wards 8 nnd 5. Mr. Punch's unmistakable
majority for reeve allows ihot his services for the last
two yoars lu that capacity uro not unappreciated by
the ratepayers of Surrey.
Au unfortunate Celestial succumbed yosterday to
tho deadly grip of the prevailing malady. Poor John
hid bti.ii too anxious to return to his urocatlon of
WOOtl-sawbig this wintry wenther, before bo hod sufficiently recovered, and this brought on a relapse
which speedily whisked him off this sublunary stage
to where "the wicked cease from troubling and tne
weary nro ut roat." However gentle nnd guileless
"la grippe" may-appear, it will admit, of no trilling,
and those who have fallen under its spell will do well
to make haste slowly tn thoir convalescence,
The transfer deed conveying the Puget Sound shore
rond andnsaparata Llll of sale covering the rolling
stook and personal property, including supplies' etc
to the Northern Pacific Railroad Company, were
Wednesday signed by President T. II. Tyndnie nnd
Secretary I, A. Narioau, and handed to 'domes Mc-
Naught, counsel of the Northern Paoific Railroad ttt
Seattle, The consideration given in ths deed ami bill
ot sale was $1,000,0/0. Bauds amounting to s|l,li-
000,000 were recently issued by the Northern Paoifio,
covering oil of th i property of the corporation whore-
ever situated, and the bonds given hi payment for the
Pugot Sound Shore road nro pnrt of these bonds,
A contract bus been signed by the managers of the
Albion Iron Works nnd the lloyal City Planing Mills
Co., by which It Ib agreed thai tho tug Active; belonging to the latter company Ib to ho reconstructed uud
rebuilt % tin-Albion, The Active's boiler which ia
virtually n new one wns built by John Abel of Toronto, but it luta proved to be faulty in ita riveting, mid
consequently muat como out for repairs.   The work
will tuke about two monthi to complete, nml will involve the expenditure of several thousand dollars.
The whole of tbe work will bo done under the super'
vision of Mr. W. A. Russell, steamboat inspector nt
this port, nnd it is understood thot he must lie satisfied with its workmanship, before it is accepted by the
Hoyal (-Ity Planing Mills Co.    Times.
A Inrgo gathering of stockmen nnd others met at
the C. P. N, Co's wharf last Thursday to see two car
loads of thoroughbred stock, consigned to Thos, E.
Lnrincr, unloaded into the company's corrals. One
car contained 0 horses of thoroughbred Clydesdale
stock, nlso ono span of beautiful dappled grays; they
will prove u valuable additon to the next annual show
hold at Ladnors, The cattle consisted of two bulls
nnd six heifers, all thoroughbred short horns from 0
months to 18 months old. What one would huvo suppose to be well grown 2 year olds were only calves
ll and ii mouths old. All those animals havo a registered pedigree. The care alao contained a number of
fanning implements straight from tlm manufactory,
also IiaruOFS, etc. The atock will be forwarded lo
Ladners as soon op the river opoiiB, Mr. Jos. Brico,
who wna in charge of the cor iuid who makes a speciality of raising stock for foreign markets, says that it
was extremely cold along the road, the thermometer
registering •lo" below ttt Winnipog, but as the cars
were models of comfort and built specially for the
business, the stock were comfortable during tho 15
tliiyi-c nning from l'u'aey, Ont. For one oar the O.
P. It. charge wns -i'lSll.til) for tho trip.
MaoLbak.—In this city, on the 18th inst, the wife
Dr. I. M. MaoLean, of u mm,
Leahk.— At Now Westminster, I!,  C,   on Janunry
17th, 1800, Grace, beloved wife of George Leask,
a native of Kirkwcll, Scotland, aged 'io years,
[Tho funeral will toko plocc from the residence of
Mr. Clarence DeBeck to-morrow (Sunday} afternoon
at 2 o'clock to the Odd fellows' cemetery.
Is hereby given that 1 have this day disposed of my
boot and shoe business to (lordpn k Co,   All amounts
owing will bo collected by myself, and all accounts, to
this dnte, due by ine will be sottlod by myself,
New Westminster, Jon. loth, IS00.
N. B.— While thanking the public for the liberal
patronage bestowed on me in the past, I trust Ihoy
will continue to extend the same favor to my anc-
eesaors. '   jul8wl
sh   $7* ,Vi
^r<'■'■:■ jipi
loth January, 1800.
His Honor the Lieutenant-Governor hns boon
pleased to appoint Goorgo Pittendrigh, of the eity
of New Westminster, Esquire, J. P., to bo u coronet'
within aud for tho county of Westminster, vice W. D.
Ferris, Esquire, J. P., resigned.
His Honor the Lieutenant-Governor has been pleased
to make the following appointments:
8th January, 1800.
Joseph F. Bott, of Fronch ('reek, Esquire, to be a
Justice of tho Peace in and for tho County of Nanaimo,
'Province of liritish ('olumbia.
■ Frank S. Scions, of the Town of Nelson, Esquire,
to lie u Justice of the Pence in und for the County of
Kootenay, Province of liritish Columbin.
la hereby given thai sixty days after dato we intend
to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lamia
ami Works for permission'to purchase 0,071 acres,
more or Ickk, being laud covered by onr Timber Loose
it, situate on a bike emptying into Village Day
Valdoz Island, Suywuril District
January 17th, 1800.
John Henhuv, Munnger.
All monies due tbo estate of the late Robert Dickinson must be paid forthwith to W. W. Diokinson.
All accounts outstanding on the .'Ist, day of January,
1800, will be placed in the lunula of our solicitors for
collection. C. M, DICKINSON,
jK'-td Executors.
Deluded statement of the election oxponsos of Thos,
Cunningham, al tho ejection hold at New WestminBter November 83th, 1880:
Printing (Columbian)  $147 58
Printing (Truth)  37 50
Shorthand report  5 00
Gusbill  2 05
Total -5102 7a
New Westminater, B. C, Jim. Pith, 1890.     jlfiwl
Victouia, by tho Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Queen, Defeudei
of the Faith, etc., etc., etc.
To Our faithful the Members elected to nerve in the
Legislative Assembly of Our Province nf British
Columbia, und summoned and culled to a mooting
of the Legiriat nre or Parliament of Our said Province, at Our City of Victoria, on Thursday, the
Sixth day of February, 1800, to have been commenced and held, and every of you—GRKETINd.
Theoudrb Davib, » WH EREAS tho meeting of tho
Attorney-General. / Legislature or Parliament of the
Provinco of I'rif ish Columbia, .stands called for Thursday, tho Sixth day of February, 1800, at whioh time
at Our City of Victoria, you wero held and constrained
to appear.
NOW KNOW YE, that for divers causes and considerations, nud taking into consideration the ease and
convenience of Our loving subjects, Wc have thought
fit, by and with the advice nf Our Executive Council
of the Province of Britiah Columbia,-to hereby convoke, and hy theso progenia enjoin you, and each of
you, that ou Thursday, the Twenty-Tinitn dayof
the month of January,   1800, you moot Ub in Our
said Legislature or Parliament of Our said Province,
ut Our City of Viotoria, FOR THE DISPATCH OF
BUSINESS,  to trout,  do,   net, and conclude upon
those thinga which in Our Legislature of the Province
of British Columbia, by tiio Common Council of Ouv
suitl Province may, by the favor of (toil, Iwordained,
In Testimony Whbiikqv, We have caused these
Our Letters tobo made Patent, and the (trout Seal
of the faid Province to bo hereunto ullixod:   Witness, tlio Honorable  llvr.ii Nelson,  Lieutenant-
Governor nf Our ndd Province of British Columbia, in Onr City of Victoria, iu Our soid Province,
this twenty-sixth doy nf December hi the yoar of
Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty-
nine, und iu tho fifty-third year of Our Reign.
By Command, JNO. ROBSON,
tie Sl-td Provincial Secretary.
Notice is hereby given thot application will be made
to tiic Legislative Assembly of tho Province of British
Columbia at its next session for an net to incorporate
u company to construct, operate nnd maintain a slreet
railway in the City of New Westminster, and to inquire lnnds und ilo all things neceasury for the purposes aforesaid.
Dated this 25th day of September, 1880.
For selves aud others,
A boy lfl years old as on articled clerk in a taw office.   Apply to box 240, Now WestminBter.    j8dlit.
Notice is hereby given that the partnership heretofore subsisting between the undersigned, carpenters.
boa been dissolved this day by mutual consent. All
accounts owing the undersigned aru to he puid to S.
Turner, und nil claims against the said lirm nre to be
puid by hiin. I3DUAR A. KIPP.
S. Turner will continue the btiaincas under bis own
name at the same shop on Main street,'-Ci'iitrovIUe,
opposite A. Kipp's harness Bhop. All kinds of woodwork done; satisfaction guaranteed,
Chilliwhack, Dec. 20, 1880. ju'lw'tm
A brown heifer haa strayed ou to the premises of
the subscriber, on Melbourne street. The owner cnu
have her by proving proporty nml paying expenses. If
uot claimed within thirty duys -lie will be sold to pay
ex-ienses. (jfidlin) A. J, GORDON.
Lot No. 12, Block XXII, an I) Lot No, 21, B wok
XXVIII, City ov New WitSTBn.vsTKit,
A certificate of Indefensible title to tho nbove mentioned hereditaments will bo Issued to Alexander
Coutts on tho lllh day of January, 1800, unless inthe .
meantime a valid objection thereto ho made to the
undersigned in writing by somo person claiming ah
estate or interest in said hororlltamoiita or Bomopart
Deputy Registrar!
Lund KogHtiy Oilice,
New Westminster, 7th October, 1880,        jlfiwl
Tenders will be received by the uniierni^neri, ut the
('ity Hnll, up to Monday, 20th biBt., nl 0 p. in,, foi
the erection of a fire hall. Plans aud speed lootions
may he seen at tbe City Clerk's office.
Chairman li. of W.
New Westminster, Jan. 14th, 188a fit


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