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The Daily British Columbian Jan 13, 1890

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British Columbian.
Volume 7.
New Westminster, B. C, Monday Evening, January 13, 1890,
Number 165
Every mail ia bringing us bnck subscriptions and
renewals from all parts of the province, some sub-
icribcTB who have not paid in several years sending
the full amount due, and a year's subscription in ad-
viuce, Every letter contains sincere regrets at our
heavy 1 iss by the lute fire, and most hearty wishes
that the year we have now enter jd on may be so
bright antl prosperous that our losses will bu only a
memory at its close. To these of onr subscribers who
hue como forward so freely and generously at this
particular time, the proprietors of The Columbian
are very grateful, and we assure thom that the
amounts, small though they he, are of grent assistance
to us in our present troubles. Tho new plant which
we have purchased is costing a large sum of money,
and it will require a very economical handling of our
resources to meet the payments as thoy fall due.
Therefore those of our subscribers who are coming so
fi eely to our relief and assistance at present are doing
more tu help us out of our difficulties, and to place The
CoLf MMAN once more on its old footing than treble
the amounts would have dune at another time.
There wns a banquet at Batocbe the other dey in
honor of Mr. MeDowall, tho member for Saskatchewan.
Among those present were Chas. Nolin, Xavier Bat-
oche, Father Fourmond, and a number of other celebrities whose names suggest at once 1885 and tbe warlike events of that year. The speeches following the
"spread," which Is said to have been "splendid," dealt
naturally with half-breed questions. Mr. Nolin, who
acted as chairman, mentioned the existing requirements. These are as follows: The payment of the
rebellion losses, i. e., the losses by the half-breeds who
rebelled; the erection of police barracks at Batocho; a
yoke of oxen for each poor half-breed family; and an
assurance that the separate schools and lhe official use
of French shall not be abolished. Mr. MeDowall was
unable to make any promises, except as to the separate schools ami the Frenoh language. He declared
that so long as Sir Hector Lniigevin, Mr. Chapleau,
nod -Hie Adolphe Carou were in tho cabinet tbe hui-
gungc and the schools were safe.
While Col Mallory, of the Smithsonian institution,
is knocking on the head the generally accepted theory
that the aborigines of Amerioa had, before their contact with civilization, a formulated and established religious faith, Mujor Powell, director of the United
States geological survey, is administering like treatment to the mound-builder theory. There ia, he says,
no fragment of evidence to support the idea that there
was an ancient race of mound-builders superior in culture to the North American Indian. He also attacks
the more recent theory that man existed on this1 continent during the geological period prior to the glacial
era. The Indian races, he holds, were the earliest inhabitants of America, and thoy had developed from
the lowest to the highest stage of savagery ami were
relapsing into their original condition whon Columbus
mnde his great discovery. Whether other scientists
will finally accept these views remains to bo seon, but
it may be taken for granted thut the belief In prehis-
. toric man, which wus not hastily arrived at, will not
be quickly given up.
Lord Loiine was written a short story with a Canadian plot. The hero is a Toronto Q. C—whether of
federal or provincial creation is not stated—who goes
to tho Northwest in his younger days accompanied by
a friend. The friend tires of life on the plains anil returns to civilization, never to be hoard of again by tho
rentier. The hero, on the other hand, pushes on,
makes himself at homo with an Indian tribo, falls in
love with the chief's daughter, incurs tho flerco jealousy of n dusky rival, nnd witnesses tho death of his
red sweet heart lit the hands of the less favored suitor.
During the rebellion of 1885 tbe Q. C. makes a second
visit to the Northwest, this time as a soldier. He
takes port in tiio noti-pti ot Cut Knife, und thore sees
his old enemy, tho Indian wbo courted and killed the
chieftain's daughter, slain by a loyal bullet. The plot,
it is stated, is not very thick; but' the descriptive
writing ia gootl, for the Marquis js well acquainted
with Northwest peculiarities, and hns a ready pen
with whieh to sketch them. His excellency makes
the participants at Cut Knife reach thut point by wny
of Rntoelip, which is historically an error, and bo offers
some observation:* ns to the rendiucssof the militia for
service, which, measured by thu theory of concealment
advanced by the ministerial party, ure decidedly disloyal. Thoro is n good moral to tho story. It is to
tho effect that the Toronto Q. 0. did well in escaping
matrimony with the Indian girl.
Tlio following candidates have passod the civil service preliminary examination at Victoria: Francis
Bowser, George Brown, John H. Friend, William
Graham, Victor Howard, Alfred J. Joule ami Wm,
Alexander Lorimer, The following passed the qualifying examinations: Francis Berry, Theodore Bryant, W. B. Cliarlcs, Frederick W. Davey, James Gul-
loway, Douglas B, McConnaii, Charles J. McNifl", Jas.
A, McMartin, Jas. Murray, Murtnaduke C, Reynard
and John A, Smith; W. Davey and Theodore Bryant
passi d in precise writing on optional sobjecct.
Tlie Dominion wirplut revenue over expenditure for
tbe paat six mon-ha U •5,700,000.
It is stated positively here that there-are serious
dissensions in the Manitoba Cabinet, and that Premier
Greenway and Attorney-General Martin actually came
to blows at a recent meeting of the Cabinet,
Members ore beginning to arrive at Ottawa for the
Tlie lostfissucof United Canada of which Rev. Father
Coffey is editor, appeared without the usual announcement that the paper was under the patronage ami approval of the Archbishop of Ottawa. The manager
being asked to explain, says tho Archbishop had been
held responsible by politicians and others fo - editorials
which bad appeared in the paper, and had reoeived at
various times letters on the same eubjeot; therefore tlie
formal advertisement that the paper was under hia
grace's patronage was withdrawn.
The Canadian Paoific Railway Company's earnings
for the week ending Janunry 7th Here $^'1,000, and
for the same week last year £215,000.
Sir John Macdonald celebrated his 75th birthday
on Saturday. Early in the day he commenced receiving congratulatory telegrams mut let tern. His
well-wishers Included the governor-general, Lord
Knutsford, the colonial secretary, scores of senators
and members of parliament.
The minister of justice proposes to go to law with
the government of Quelwc province to settle tho question of jurisdiction over the fisheries in the rivers,
streams and lakes of that province, some of which
have lately been leased by tite Quebec authorities,
The first shipment of cotton to China from tho
Montmorency mills, near Quebec, will bc made in a
couple of days and will be shipped via Vanoouver,
Agents are endeavoring to secure control of tbo
wholesale grocery trade of Canada for an English
syndicate. All the wholesale grocers here have been
approached and most of them hnve agreed to sell out
and given options. London, Hamilton, Montreal,
Ottawa and Kingston firms have also given options.
If the scheme is successful one boani of directors will
control the business of the country nnd for the present
each house will continue ns It is. With a gigantic
syndicate, such as the one proposed, the promoters
say that they cnu make muoh greater profits, as money
could be got for two per cent., which now costs six
per cent, nnd buying in large lots they could get
mnch lower prices. There arc a dozen strictly wholesale grocery houses which do a business annually of
Mr, Quinn, member of parliament for Kilkonnoy,
states in an interview that the Irish party now has
direct proof that Capt, O'Shea's divorce caso wns gotten up by the London Times for the purpose of embarrassing ami discrediting Mr. Parnell. Ho also
added that a regular plan for attacking the government hail been matured, ami would bo put iu operation at the meeting of parliament in February, and
tbat ample funds would be forthcoming from America
whenever wunted.
Sheriff Harris of London hns beon sued for n breach
of promise and damages to the amount of £10,000 by
Miss Grace Smith, a yonng woman of gootl family.
Mr. Harris is ambitious to become Lord Mayor of
London, ami it la believed that the suit will injure his
Two passengers on the steamship Servia, named respectively Michael and Margaret Joyce, were arrested
on its arrival at Queenstown Saturday from Now York
for having in their possession a revolver and a quantity of cartridges.   They were remanded.
The court hna refused the nppeul of tho Times
against answering an iutorrogrtory regarding the circulation oftho Times during lho publication of the articles entitled Pnniellism und Crime, but allows mi appeal against disclosing the nnmo of tho parties from
whom the pnper got the information ou which tho articles wore based.
It is reported that tlio liquidators of the Panama
Canal Compnny have received encouraging reports from
tho Commission sent to Panama.
It was hoped that- tho trial of Arthur Newton and
others in connection with the West End club scandal
would bo brought to a clone Saturday, but tho court
adjourned without finishing it, although the proceedings hnvo lusted through thn week. Tlm revolting
testimony, the most of which cunnot be published, is
not nil in, und further surprises uro expected. The
evidence token to-doy wus mainly confirmatory of the
worst tlmt has so far boon elicited, Mr, Miberlin
gave testimony and rood lotters showing that Newton
had boon warned against removing witnesses from the
Yesterday afternoon, u littlo nfter 3 o'clock, engine
No. 374 with snow-plough attached and a freight car
and caboose iu tow, reached the city. From tire
Brunette mills inwards sho hud n> very rough time of
it, and made slow progress. At the I. P. N. dock the
snow became too much for the outfit, uud it was
brought slowly to a dead stop. At this place the crew
ftnd foremen got out to survey tbu prospect, which, tn
Say the leaat of ic, was discouraging for the engiiif.
The head foreman then ordered lav engineer to IwicIk
down, but this movement was not cosily accomplished.
The ongine was kept running backwards: and forwards
a few foet at a time, for somo minutes. Finally (be
train bicked dowu uril i early opposite the woollen
mills, and then full pressure was put on, The speed
whicli the engine developed in the short run from the
woollen milla to the C. P. N. dock was terrific. She
crashed into the deep snow nt that point, and from
where the writer stood, near the depot, literally disappeared under a huge cloud of flyiug biiow and dirt,
whicb was thrown as far aa the sidewalk. The snow-
plough hail been sot rather low, and the edges of ft
ripped off great pieces of the planking alongside tlie
fails and threw thein with dangerous violence among
the large crowd which had assembled opposite the (,
P. N. dock. One of these pieces measured about four
feet long and weighed over twelve pounds. Immediately ufter striking the timber, it lookod as if the en
giue had left the rails; she pitched uml tossed about in
an alarming manner, ami fears were entertained tin1.*.
she was going over the embankment, . She cnmealouv,
however, ut a slower rate of speed, und was brought
to standstill once more juat west of the depot. '1 he
track near the C. P. N. dock presented au interesting
scene of havoc, a big pioee of the crosswalk had been
torn off, and the plonks running pnrallel to the mil?
looked as if a rough planer had been run .over them.
Several bolts wore started in (lie plough, b\it'no other
damage waa done. It wus amusing to Boo the crowd
scatter aa lhe biiow began to fly; they did not know
which way to tly, so flew every way; the majority
seemed to think the engine had something personal
against them, ami wus going to tuke it out then am!
there. The trains hnti trouble nil day coming inl"
and leaving the city, ami mournful whistles could If
heard at various times of tho duy, sounding like minute guns at son calling for" assistance; This state of
affairs ia almost unprecedented on the Pacific division
of the C. P.R.
Among the new ordors-in-couueil gazetted in Ottawa
on Saturday, January 4, are several relating to the
province of British Columbia. With a view to increasing, the demand for Dominion lauds in British
Columbia, the government has created a new district
to comprise all the Dominion lauds within that portion of what is known ns the railway belt in British
Columbia which lies north of the line between town
ships 15 aud 16 and oust of the 7th meridian of tlr
Dominion lauds system of survey. A new regulation
cornea into force respecting the leuees of grazing lands
with the form of lease, permits to cut hay, leases te
cut hay, cutting hoy withent authority, the disposal
of coal lands and of lands patented or entered on
wliich the mining rights bave been reserved. A
lengthy regulation is issued dealing with the .timbe-
nud homestead Dominion landa in Manitoba, the
Northwest aud British Columbia, The Gazette also
contains a new regulation to form the bus's of classification for freight rates on the railways of Canada,
Mr. H. Davis, the Pence river trader, who ia ai
present in Victoria, whs u speculator in Whatcom
town lots in '58, when it was thought that that point
would become a grent city. He then paid f 1,000
apiece fnr some lota, for whicb he still holds the detd.
Ovor thirty yeara huvc come nud gone, and to-day it
looks as though Whut cum wns going to realize the
expectations of more thun a quarter of a century ago.
Mr. Davis hos bethought himself of his town lots and
haa made enquiries. Hu has learned that u threo-
Btory brick block now occupies one of Ihem. Of
courso tho taxes hnvo remained unpaid during the
long period thut has elapsed since their purchase,
hut Mr. Davis Intends to proceed to Whatcom and
find out whether he cunnot secure to himiiolf the lota
for which he pnid n fancy figuro nenrly '12 years ago,.
If ho enn pay up his healthy tax bill and thereby substantiate his claim ho will be the owner of some valuable property.—[Colonist,
To-day is nomination day in Victorio. It ia not
oxpeeted that thore will bo nny content for tho liuiyoi -
alty, SO thut Mayor Grant will probably ho elected by
acclamation. Thi* will be the lirst time in a number
ot yenrs thut the Victoria mayoralty luta been allowed
to go without ti contest. For the nlilennonic Boots
thero will he contests in eooh of the three wards, ond
polling will take place on Thursdny next.
No police court this morning.
An olfi 10 to let ou MjK'Juzic street.   Apply to ft.
A; Kelly. '     te"
Room I, IVuik Building, is the temporary oflice of
Tit:-: Columbian. "to
The Attendance at the churches last night was of ;
the ul inmost description.
At noon to-dny tint thermometer registered 33° j
above zero; barometer 2il.il"].
T. \ Uibbbl, o well li!io.v:i Victorian," tuul n pio- ;
noor of the province, died yesterday nfternoon ot 'I j
Thd heavy snow aterni blowing yesterday moruing j
lud lhe olluct of reducing thu attendance at ull the j
churches to uniuniaUy small numbers.
There Is a gSoI display of 'resh seo fish i-i the market to-doy. salmon trout also figure prominently.
G une, as might bo oxpeeted, is very scarce.
Twelve inohes of snow fell on the ruins of the Columbia street tire yesterday, ami to-day they are
-.mouldering away as livoly ond unpleasantly "os'* ever.
The effects of la grippe were again apparent in the .
ii.ttend.vnee at thn central rchool this morning, the I
number of pupils tinning up being remarkably small, j
A blacksmith was scut over fv< m Vancouver last i
night at twdvc o'cloc; to repair .the 0, P. R. anow
plough d.i'iinged in tbe .ha, go at the Front st. snow
Ma, Thos. Draper, agent for Williams' British Columbia direotoryt is in the oity revising the list of
names. The now directory will bo published in about
a mouth.
The snow shovel flourished in all its glory this
morning. All the handlers nf that poetic implement
enjoyed the fun exceedingly. It is such easy, pleasant work.
Mr, Jo-. Wintemute was out this morning bright
nud early with hia auowplougi. He did, as usual, excellent aervice nud his philanthropic aotion ia heartily
appreciated by all.
Ice iu large quantities is lieing harvested just west
«if the, woollen mills, The Salvation Army soldiers
are doing the gathering aud work like old ond experienced lnndi at th ■ hnshii sa.
A strong force of seotion bonds was set to work this
morning to repair the damage done by Inomiiotlyo !VH
yesterday afternoon, along the truck between the
woo 1 a milki imd the C. P. R, depot.
The fuueril of Aatley, infant non of Dr. Cooper, I
took place yosterday afternoon from the family rosi- '
deuce, Church stroijt, to the Sippjrton esmotery, and '
was attended by a 1 trge number of friends,
A vast stretch of ice reaching from tbe  Rosa-McLaren mills down to opposite the insane asylum, |
gradually sank under tiiu euormuns tvclghc of bhow j
nml disappeared under water boforo duak last night.  j
Query: if the fine team belonging to tlm liro deportment con go out to work in suul liter, why should
they not be Utilised to plough the Miow oil tin- sidewalks in winter in emulation of one public fcpirlted
citizen 1
The young mon arrested at Vancouver on a chargo
of obtaining money imdor falso pretenses in Westminster, suits that hu had 03 intention of making oil'
with thj c.wh, but would hove returned here in a dny
or I wo.
Tbe ini'ujimi is atill spreading over the oity and the
number ol cases, though diminishing is, still large.
Many new oases arc reported duly and several oro
quite severe, more ao thou when Ihu disease lirst put
in its appearance.
Lock-up keeper Smith was busy this morning cutting o broad carriage drive through tho snow trom thu
sonth sitle walk on Provost bt, straight to the door of
l,ia ho3pitu!nVinn.   When finished it lookod like the j
1 rood road that leadcth etc, etc.
The liritish Columbia Fruit Growers' Association I
will hold a meeting at Vancouver, te-mnrrow to discuss matters relating to fruit culture.   A delegate :
will buch sau at this mcetingto attend tho convention of Dominion fruit growers to be held at Ottawa
shortly,       *
Some men crossed the ice from Brownsville this
morning. Tliis crossing will bo used until someone
gets drowned or a very narrow escape awakens poople
l,o the great danger of sueh risky trips. Yesterday's
miow must have weakened the ico considerably, nnd
ibe crossing will become more dangerous every hour.
There is groat danger in leaving snow on roofs und
verandahs. Pew have nny conception of the weight
uf a few yards of snow six inches deep. Another
thing is thut in the event if n quick thaw nouses of
lho beautiful are apt to slide Oft and knock all the
dignity out of foot passengers passing along the
n veil lie.
The Viotoria papers are now admitting freely, hi !
their lucM columns at least, that the lllfillonsW, bos got !
a "grip" in the capital city.   The Colonist says that j
''Influenza holds the fort at C battery barrnoks,   Owing to the general "grip" tho iiBinl guard duty has been '
dlsponsud wltb for tho present, aud a llyiu jsentiy does
the work."
Ssrious apprehensions arc lining entertained atSoat- i
tie for the safety of the bark Blue .locket, which left '
Son liiunoiaco, Ore. 22, and was sighted nliCupu Hat* j
tory December 28. If uo accident bos hnpm ued i. is
timo for bor tojfnitinau appearance, ovon if -:,<■ put !
out to sea daring ihe reoont storm. The Blue jV*ket
carries a crew oi sixteen men.
Si. Andrew's new Presbyterian church, cot/nor of t
Douglas end Bl'OUglltoil streets, Victoria, WOB opened I
for public, worship yesterday, The edifice, which is
said to bo the moat beautiful ami Imposing church
structure In Victoria, was oroctod nto cost of about
f}82,000,.and hits a seating capacity of nearly 1,000
besides concert boll, lecture room,'otc. Rev. P, McF.
McLeod is the poster,
■lust l'i inches of snow fell during Saturday night
ami yesterday, nnd the snow on tht: level in the upper
portion of the city is now 22 inches iu depth, The
sidewalks were almost imp-isanhW tliis. morning, und
wheeling was next to impossible. The sheds along
Fivirit streot we're io heavily loaded with niiow that
men weie put to work it un eiirl.V hour u ivmovo the
h.jovy muss a-! aa to Hglituit ih'6 ttvalu on the ratters.
Tliu eon tract for the construction of a electric
street railway for Port Townsond haa been awarded
to'K H. Osgood; nf the Thompson-Houston electric
railway syctem. The projected rond will le- tliree
miles i,i length nnd will cost §100,000. It will run
from the corner ,»f Water und Adir-nu iittvot taking u
Eoiiivwhat zigatg ooursc through tiio city north, and
Will reach the Dundee addition, ft is expected the
road will hii completed by July Isi.
The unfortunate woman Mrs. Orde, of Pavkorville,
who has.become somewhat famous of  lato'through
Ville .Ps P., and wbo was ulterwinds adjudgedmucby
two Wustmiaatt',- phi ioiaiir-, te in K ,uilo'i;a soliciting
holp to enable her to proseetui a si it at.law against
theJ's P. whu'Gommiitod her. SheoUiiii3 that during li.-r'.il.*in.y (nun Bnrkcrville bur hiiiiwhold cflcota
we-ectrriedaw.iy ivwell as a num' to* it'fowl on which
she large?}' d ipBilded for her sui si tonce. Mrs. Orde
lms c I'titinly a grievance, and if the good poopio of
Kan o a i-'. h ••■ t 'g ;. n l o iug ii h y ivt 1 be
doing an mt of enarity.
Messrs. W. k G. Wolfenden take ■ leisure iu announcing to their" numerous ciistomurs that they uve
now ojjen for bii'dtiosB in thu Bushby  block,   with a j
fre*m and complete lint-of groceries, and will be glad  |
to have'their old frionds coll nnd inspect tiic promises. I
The nominations: for chief nml assistant chief ought- \
ocrs of the fire deportment took placo to-d.y and resulted just ns wits expected. The only names put in
nomination were Mr,1 T. Ackerman for chief, and Mr,
W. VY, Dickinson for assistant chief, nmllhoscgentlemen were accordingly declared elected by acclamation
by Mr. 1). Rahsoil, returning oflicer. Everyone will
admit that the right 'mon liavebeen elected; they have
done i-plendid servico'In the past,,uml their records
in lighting fire are tho host rgcommqildaticiis
for their future conduct. It would hnvo bceen u mis-
tnlie io put new men in oflico this year, and the electors probably r ignizod the faet thot no better qualified men could bu selected thon those who hive served
the city B0 ably ill the post.    Tin- efficiency of tiio lire
brigade will im brought to a high standard irofore the
yen is out if tiic city council lends the assistance Lhe
chief engineer will nsk.
On Monday nest'nit- Chineso residents will celebrate
the Celestial now yeor wilh oil tiio eclat und mcrry-
mnkiligs that usually attend nny of their festivals.
Fireejackers nud fireworks will pluv n promluont cnu-:
in ibis year's odlebratioii^auil several dinners wi" bo
given by the wealthy merchants fn the poorer members of their respective elans. Fiom all that con bo
gathered room! Chinatown, then- will lie high doings
this year, und llm event will lie celebrated with oven
more enthusiasm tbon on pint occasions, T! e tto'o
bration proper «il extend over three days, but the
merch.i'its and othen will reolvo ami entertain their
frionds duriiu the whole week. Some vory pretty
pyrotechnic displays mny bo leaked for on Monday
About 7 o'clock on Saturday evening the dwelling
of Charles Edwarda (colored,) situated inthe north
eastern part of the city, nenr the iiiHime tiBylum, wus
burned to the ground, ooiisuniiilg everything.
Edwards is o wood chopper mid wns at work near by
when the fire oi ulirnal Ho had drawn $75 out of thu
bonk oli Saturday, and this money was h«i auiong tho
other things iu lhc tit'e. The fire deparli.n'iil did not
turn out ns there wus no alarm, tiio whole affair not
occupying more than tv few minutes, The origin of
the Bra is unknown, but it ia supposed to have caught
from the stove,
A l>oy HI years old as un articled clerk in o law office,   Apply" to box 240, Now Woatminster,    jSdOt,
Viotokia, by tho Grace of Cod, of tho United Kingdom of Grout Britain and behind, (,'i'Kt.s, Defundoi
oftho Faith, etc., etc, Oto.
To Our faithful the Membera elected to serve in the
r,oginlativo Assembly nf Our Province of Britisli
Columbia and summoned and called to o meeting
tif the Legislature or Parliament of Our' said Province, ot Our City of Victoria, on Thursday, thn
Sixth day of Kobruary, 18110, to lmve been commenced and held, and ovory of you- Gukbti.no.
TiusiJODHB Davik, \ WHKRKAS the meeting of the
Attorney-General, | Legislature or Parliament of the
Provinco of British Columbia, stands culled for Thursdny, tbo Sixth tiny of February, 1800, at which time
ut Our City of Victoria, you were held and constrained
to appear.
NOW KNOW YE, that for divers < uusos and con-
widorutions, ond taking into consideration tbe case and
convenience of Our loving subjects, We have thought
tit, by and with the advice of Our Executive Commit
of tbe Province of British Columbia, io hereby convoke, and by those presents enjoin you, mid ench ot
you, (but on Thursday, tlie Twkkyy-tuihii dnyof
the mouth of Jasiahy, Is'.io, you meed Ih in Our
aaid Legislature or Parliament of Our snid Province,
at Our City of Victoria, FOB THE DISPATCH OF
BUSINESS, to treat, do, net, nml conclude upon
those things which iu Our Legislature of the Province
of British Columbin, ly tin* Common Council of Our
said Province may, by tbe favor of (ind, tie ordained.
Is TlwfiMi'JSV Wl'iniiKof, We hnve caused these
Our Lf tiers to be made Patent, uud the Grent Senl
of tiiu roid Province to be hereunto affixed!  Wit-
SIW.S. the Honorable llt*t;|| KkLHON, Lieutenant-
Qovonior of Our Mild Province of British Columbia, iu Our City of Victoria, in Our said Province,
thin tweiit.y-'.i'itli day of DeceniWr in lhc yenr of
Our Lord ime th insaiitl eight hundred and eighty*
nine, r.nd in the fifty-third year of Our Reign,
Hy Command. .INC. ROBSON,
do III-td Provincial Sccretnrv,
ndw thoi
ml WiilU
it ibe hushicsn formorly
ml stylo of nickinneii i>
Mild 'to Caroline Matilda
:;ot Dickinson, who will
onlinno tlm butiness-mlor the name ond style of
Dbkinson .; Ccaipiuiy. All aoommte dne the lafo
buaincsainiistLi |inid forJJiwlih to Mr. W. W. Dick-
Inson Tor nccotiut of the executors of the hue H.
nickiimoii, andallnocoimts due bv tbo snid business
must be presented t„ M,-. W, W. Dickinson for payment by tiio said executors,
O.utni.isr. Matilda Dintis-sov,
Chahi is E. Woods,
Executors Uutato "f the late R. Dickinson.
New WcstmiiHter, B. C, Jan. 2nd. ISIH).        dlw
Notice is hereby given that application ivill bomhdu
to tbo Legislative Assembly of the Province of British
('olumbia at ita next session for on act to Incorporate
a company to construct, operate ond maintain o stree-.
railway hi the City of New Westminster, and to acquire lands antl do all things necessary for tint pur-
poics aforesaid,
Dated thiB 2flth day of Septemtier, 1SK0.
For solves nnd others.
The time for receiving tenders for these works hus
been extended until lioou of Sulimlny, lolh February,
I), ROBSON, City Clerk.
New Westminster, B. (*., Jon, 7th, ISIW,
(Truth copy)
Notice Is horuby given that the partnership hereto- ]
foro subsidllng between the undersigned, carpenters,
has licon dissolved this day by mutual consent. All I
accounts owitiH tho ujidorsignod ore to be pnid to S. I
Turner, and all ulahnB against tho snid firm arc to ht- '
paid by hlm. EDGAR A. KIPP.
S. Tuuhek ■•■•ill continue the business tinder his own j
name at tlio panic shop on Main street, CentroVJllo, '
opposite A, Kipp's hariioss shop, All kinds of woods i
work dont; Mtiafoetiou guaranteoil.
Chilllwliack, Die. 21). IS"*"*). jnjtwSni
A brown hoifer has strayed on to the promises of
the subscriber, on Molbouruo street, The owner cun
hove her by proving property ond paying expense?. If
not claimed within thirty days she will be sold t«> nay
expvnses. (jSdlm)    ' A.J.GORDON.
Iv TUB   JIATTKt: 01-' THK T1TI.K TO   A   I'OHT'OX Of LtlT
Nu.IOOa, Guorr It., Nkw Wkstminhtkk DiaTitiiT.
Wbereus thu certificate of title cf John Cochrane to
uud ubove hcrcdituincnts hna been lost or destroyed,
and application hna Imen made to mo for the issuance
of a duplicate thereof.
Notice ia hereby given that I will, at the expiration
of one month from date, issue such duplit-nto certificate
of title, unlcsB in tbo meantime valid objection ho
made to mu to the conlrury in writing.
District Registrar.
Land Registry OHiee, New Westminster, Docembur
Ilth, iss'.i,' wlm
Scaled tenders, addressed to the PostrooKter-Geu-
oral, will be received tit Ottawa until in on on "Friday,
the -Jht I'l'.niii'.inv, for (lie oonvoyRiuie of Iter Ma-
jesty's Maiis, on u proposed contract, for four years, rs
follows] Betweon thu New Westminster Post Ollics
uml tin-Ciuiailinn Paciiic Bailway Station, from Cut
1st April next.
The conveyance In bo made nt the option of thu
Tiie Moils to be convoyed in connection with thu
trains of the Canadian Pacific Railway, arriving nt
and leaving New Westminster daily.
Printed notices, con tabling fiirtbci* information ns to
conditions of proposed contract may beacon and blank
forma of fender may be obtained at the Post Otllce at
New Westminster and at thiBoflieo.
E. 11. FhETCHER,
Post Ot'i'-e Ins-iector.
Post Office Inspoiitor's OIHoe,
Victoria. B. 0  :'rd Junuu.v. '":'-0. jTt:i


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