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The Daily British Columbian Jan 6, 1890

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British Columbian.
Volume 7.
New Westminster, B. C, Monday Evening, January ti, 1890.
Following the disastrous firo which nearly swept
The Coi.umrian from the journalistic field, has come
the influenza which in its turn is making a determined
effort to prevent the publication of this journal. No
less than seven of our editorial and composing stuff
are suffering from the effects of tho disease, aeveral of
them being so badly affected by it as to render them
incapable of performing their duties. We aro compelled, therefore, to-day to present our readers with
only half tho usual amount of reading matter, which,
much as we regrot it, is the best we can do under the
circumstances. Tomorrow, however, if tho "grip"
has loosened its hold, The" Columbian will appear
in its usual form, that Ib, tlie form that has been
adopted since the firo, We have roceived a dispatch
from Portland announcing that our new plant, complete in every detail, would probably be shipped
to-day, and in about a week we hope to present our
subscribers with a larger and better paper than ever.
Tlio oouncil of '80 mot for tho lost time in the city
hall at 2 o'olock on Saturday afternoon. Present-
Aldermen Curtis, Cunningham, Calbick, Reid, Jaques
and McPhaden, His Worship, Mayor Townsend, in
the chair.
There was a communication from J. McB. Smith,
provincial auditor, enclosing an account showing the
amount expended by the provincial government on
teachers' salaries in this oity for the half-year ending
December 31st, 1880; $3,030.37, one-third of which
($1,213.22) will have to be paid into tho provincial
treasury within 30 days from dato; also stating that
this corporation owes .$0(10 for similar service for the
half-year ended Juno 30th, 1880, and requesting payment of the same at an early date. The last half-year
is us follows: High school, principal's salary for six
months, SHOO; boys' scliool, do, $540; boys' school, 1st
assistant, do, §300; 2nd assistant, do,' $300; 3rd assistant, -1 months 0 days, $2011.(17; girls' school, principal's do for 0 mouths, $420; 1st mwlstnnt, do, §330;
2nd assistant, do, $300) Sapperton school teachers'
salary, §800; Westsido, do ft mouths, $250. Total,
Laid on the table.
Aid. Curtis read a detailed statement of the city's
finances for the past year. Ilo said that considering
the amount of work dune, tho condition of the city
treasury was highly creditable. There is a surplus of
over $8,000.
The gonorai fund is as follows: Liabilities—Overdraft, Bank of Montreal until w. w. debentures are
arranged, $22,854.80; overdraft, Bank of 11. C. general account, $0,(ID0.liO; dobenture account, Bankof
B. C, $8,085.(12; law expenses (estimated), $l,6o0j
half-year's school div,, §11110; street, and park working
account, $25.70. Total, §40,722.78. Assets—Arrcars
of taxes, §1,003.22; furry, §4,000; water front arrears,
$1,050.10; water works account, §22,877.30; laud sales
account, $00.25; park dobontures, $8,228.28; school
lot, §1,(107.08; cash balance, §450.23; liabilities over
assets, $ 11.72,    Total, §4t,722.78.
['resuming that the Southern railway agreement is
carried out, there will be §3,41)4.30 refunded tothe
general fund out of the railway debenture proceeds,
leaving a balance lo the credit of (hu general fund at
the olose of the year of §3,002,58.
The following accounts were passed and ordered to
bo paid: ii. M. Cunningham, §0.75; T. Ovens, $50.3(1;
W. Turnbull, $54; Sulley A Bryson, §8.75; D. Mc
Broom, $1; C. P. R. Telegraph, $5.15; Gilley Bros.,
§8.50; W. Vianen, §2; 13. A. Wilmot, $103.70.
It was moved by Aid. Cunningham, seconded by
Aid. Calbick that whereas by reason of tho adoption of
the New Westminster oity charter of 1880; the enacting of many necessary by-laws growing out of the
same: the adoption uf thu Coquitlam water works
scheme; the dual settlement of the Southern railroad
scheme and other important matters of nu
unusual character have entailed on Mr.
D. Robson, city clerk, a vast amount of labor, much
of it of a legal character; Be it therefore resolved that
the thanks of this council bo and aro hereby tendered
Mr. Robson for his unceasing industry, uniform courtesy, care and attention to his duties during the year;
and the counoil take this opportunity of expressing
their confidonco hi the ability and integrity of both
Mr. Robson and his assistant, Mr. Cooksley, in conducting tho clerical luiBtuess of the corporation. Carried unanimously.
A resolution of thanks was also passed to Chief
Ackerman and the members of the tire company.
Aid. Curtis said tho thnuks of thu city and couucil
were duo the mayor and put the snme into u resolution. Tho aldermen roso to their foet on unanimously
passing this resolution, His worship replied in a few
graceful sentences.
The reporters aud tho press wore also tendered a
vote of thanks for their part in last year's work.
Messrs, Fox, Bourne and Graham replied respectively
for the Truth, News-Advertiser and Columiiian.
Counoil thou bade itself au affecting adieu and dispersed forever, as a couucil, Scvoral nf the council
heaved huge sighs of relief and said, suite voce, "glad
I'm done with it,"
The now city council moot this evening at the
jity hall for the transaction of business.
For men's and hoys' mitts and gloves go to J. E.
Phillips, ja2t3
An otlice to let on McKenzie street, Apply tn G.
A. Kelly. Lo*
The Mainland Teachers' Institute, which has been
in session at Vancouver, closed a vory interesting
series of meeting* nil Friday. Tlio next meeting of
the institute will I e held at Westminster.
A meeting of Trinity church club will be hold In
their olub rooms this evening at 0 o'clock. A full
attendance is requested.
Sleighing is good all over tho district, and lumbering operations aru now being carried on in some parts
in true eastern stylo,
Last night the sky clouded over after sunset nnd
about 8.30 o'clock the snow commenced to fall, and
the weather grow much milder. The snow fall lasted
until tho "stock on hand" of the beautiful had bceu
augmented by about an inch, when the sky cloarod
and a sharp frost set in.
The police court slate is still innocent of culprits'
names, and tho present week bus dawned auspiciously
on the virtuous city.of Westminster.
A number of skaters forgot that yesterday was Sunday ami renewed the pleasures of tlie preceding day
ill a graceless maimer.
His many friends are pleased to see Mr. R. F.
Driimmond, C. P. R. mail clerk out again nfter his
severe indisposition.
Men who have resided iu this province over thirty
years Bay tho present spell of white weather iB tho
heaviest they have any recollection of in the province.
Room I, Bank Building, is tho temporary offico of
Tim: Columpian. '     *te
New goods: anothor lot of $3.25 ladies kid boots
nt Grant & Maelure's.
Tho number of John Tumson's bairns, i.e. Scotchmen, who helped swell the list of guosts at the city
lodging bouse during the past year, wus 15, u number
so Bmall that they were counted hi among the Kngiish
prisoners. Fifteen Chinamen, 2 AliBtrtttllB, '.i Swedes
and 2 Italians made up the unnamed nationalities.
Since laat night's snow foil ull persons who are fond
of Bkatingan tlie river should confine tlieir movements
to only a short distance from shore. The presence of
snow on the Ice cove rs un the dangerous spots, ued a
fatal^acoidont is suro to occur if the exercise is indulged in as generally and recklessly as it wus oil
A small bay pony with star iu face, strayed on to
my proporty December 24th and is held by me.
Owner can have same by proving property and paving expenses. If not claimed In HQ days will be sold
for cost of keep.—,!. W. Stein, Brownsville, Dec.
30, 1880. Ot
Mr. Norton Strople, who holds a flrst-olass license
and normal school diploma, and who had soveral
year's experience as a teacher in thu cast, has boon appointed to tuku chnrgo of thu Sapperton school. Mr.
Strople was unable lo attend the last teachers' examination owing to a severe accident. The Sapperton school is rapidly gaining iu Importance, and the
trustees huvo deemed it best to employ a male teacher,
which action hus beeu approved by tho superinton-
dant of education.
Rev. D. il. Mncdounell, of St. Andrews church, Toronto, will be in tho city next Thursday, aud will
give an address in St. Andrews church iu the evening.
The Rev., Mr. Maodounell is ono of the most noted
and most popular speakers iu Toronto, and bis addresses, particularly to young men, hare borne exceedingly rich fruits.
The opening of tho new Presbyterian church nt
Langley Prairie has beon postponed for a few weeks
owing to the frozen condition of tho river,
Messrs. W. A G. Wolfenden take pleasure in announcing to their numerous customers tlmt thoy are
now upon for business in tho Bushby block, with a
fresh and complete lino of groceries, and will be glad
to have their old friends call and inspect the promises.
'fhe tantalising Influenza, with its thousand and ouo
miseries, has taken a lirm "grip" on (his community,
and the stranger promenading the principal streets is
immediately carried away with the idea that nine-
tenths of tho population of the Royal City are still
endeavoring to usher in tho now year in a suitable
manner becoming to the wild dissipations of a century
ago. And this idea is only strengthened should ho
happen to aecost one of thu afflicted.
Tiio epidemic has, without a doubt, taken a strong
hold on the constitutions of the people of tho Royal
City, and it is estimated that betweon 200 uud 300
cases arc now under treatment. In one fainilv no less
than five persons arc down with tho disease, and thoro
aro fow houses in tho city that have not received a
visit from it. Sn far none of the cased bavo taken a
serious turn, which is a mattor for congratulation;
and the general opinion among the medical profession
is that the disease will not prove dangerous to lifo if
proper precautions against cold and exposure are
taken, Ttie doctors and drug stores are experiencing
a boom in business, but apart from this inflation the
disease has had a very miserable and depressing effeot
in all other quarters.
On Saturday night the river was literally alive with
skaters. The Indies turned out in force and seemed
to enjoy the fun to its full measure. Several "dons"
at the graceful art exhibited some pretty evolutions
on ouo of the clear spaces. One gentleman in parti- '
cular seemed to be possessed of miraculous legs, and
tho manner in which he performed the most difficult
feats was really admirable, ho would come down a
piece of glare ico at express speed, suddenly check
himself and then keeping his feet together, rotate
with the rapidity of a fly wheel, and still going on-
wurd. Then he would do tho graceful, but exceedingly dillicult, "spread eagle" movement to perfection,
immediately nfter which he would glide through the
inner and outer edge backwards aim forwards; carved
his sweetheart's initials and his own on the glassy surface and then shot like a thunderbolt away down the
river to astonish and delight othor crowds of spectators, Great numbers crossed the river just for the
novelty of it. The ice was very strong and even
where the crowd was thickest uot a crack could be
heard. The moon furnished tho illumination and exceeded even the gas oompany in giving entire satisfaction. Not an accident marred the happy occasion
and it was well on in Sunday morning when the
skaters desisted their sport and went home to bed.
Some uneasiness was caused on Saturday afternoon
and evening by the circulation of a rumor that a
young man named Cambridge, who had gone np tho
rivor skating iu tho morning, had been drowned. It
has beou learned that Mr. Cambridge, after leaving
tbo Brunette saw mills, skated up the river and was
getting along finely when he went souse into tho chilly
water a few yards from tho bank and n short distance
below tho Ross-McLaren mills. The unfortunate
skater quickly scrambled out and got upon tho north
bank and then started for home through
the woods, He had walked a considerable distance
in tiio bush and seemed to bu about the same distance
from everywhere as when ho started, when it dawned
upon him that hu bad lost his way. This unpleasant
faobmado Itself only too apparent during the next
hour and a half of fruitless rambling about the woods,
ajidlwhen atthe expiration of that time, he encountered a search parly who had come to look for him,
ho was nearly exhausted, and very glad to got homo.
Mr. Cambridge is none tlie worse for bis eventful trip,
and will step upon the ice with snme diffidence next
ft is learned to-day that tho famous silver mining
claims hold by the Hall Bros, in Kootenay have boen
jumped by parties from this city.. Tho step, it is
Understood, was taken on the information that the
law relating to the pre-emption of mining claims has
1 ot been fully complied with.
Tbo claims, three in number, aro very valuable,
their worth being variously estimated at from §300,-
OL0 to §500,000. For aught anyone knows they may
be worth doublo that amount, as the ore is said to
have milled us high us §300 to thu ton. The parties
who hold them are Americans and are probably not in
the camp nt the present timo. Whou thu news
reaches thom a law suit will no doubt be commenced
and lengthy litigation ensue.—Friday's Times.
Tho week of prayer of 1800 will be observed in this
city as follows:
Tuesday ovening.--Reformed Episcopal Church.
Address by Rov, T. Baldwin.
Wednesday ovening.-—Methodist Church. Address
by Rev. T. Haddon and Rev. T. Scouler.
Thursday evoning,—Presbytorian Church. Address
by Ruv. D. ,1. McDonnell, of Toronto.
Friday evening.—Baptist Church. AddresB by
Rev. J. H. White.
Each moeting will commence at 8 o'clock p. in.
Evory member of tho Young Men's Christian Association is expected to bo present at the regular meeting of the Association on WEDNESDAY EVENING, Jan.
Sth, at  8  o'clock.     Business of importance to lie
D. S. CURTIS, President.
Notice is hereby given that tho businoss formerly
curried on under the name and stylo of Dickinson, h
Company has been this day sold to Caroliuu Matilda
Dickinson ami William Wright Dickinson, who will
continuo thu business under tho namo and style of
Dickinson fi Company. All accounts duo the late
business must bo paid forthwith to Mr. W. W. Dickinson for account of tho executors of the late R,
Dickinson, and ull accounts due by the said business
must l>e presented to Mr. W. W. Diokinson fur payment by the said executors.
Caroline Matilda Diokinson,
Chakleh K. Woods,
Executors Estate of the late R. Dickinson.
New Westminster, B. C, Jan. 2nd, 1800,        dlw


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