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The Daily British Columbian Jan 16, 1890

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Volume 7.
New Westminster, B. C, Thursday Evening, January 16, 1890,
Numder 168
The year IS"*"!), snys the Selmmc dinette, marked 0
new era for Bollingham Boy and the entire comity ns
wull. The population of the county tins been nearly
doubled, as shown by the vote polled lust October,
whieh wus 2300. Loss thon a year previous, i. e., on
thra (Ith of November. 1S88, tho total voto of the county wos only 1230. The natural resources of Whatcom
county aro practically inexhaustible, She has billions
of foet of the finest timber iu the world, hundreds of
squaro miles of tho most productive agricultural landi
ami mineral wealth, whicli though os yet not accurate"
ly estimated, ia certainly very great. Her geographical situation alone is almost sufficient to guarantee
tlie up-liuiding of an important coininorcinl city. Another year will find on Bellinghain Bay a city of much
greater impnrtance thon to-day.
common carriers must grant eipial rights and equal
facilities to shippers; that their charges muat be reasonable, and that evory kind of business affected with
a public interest is subjoct to publio control, A flight
pressure from the English syndicates will load to tho
adoption of methods for lho prompt application of
these principles.
Boston seems to have fallen a Victim to Henry
George's single tax ideas, says un exchange. The executive bualness nssneiation, composed in large pnrt of
Boston'.? heaviest business men, und snid to be endorsed
by mnny of the largest property -holders, have recommended thot taxation for municipal purpurea be limited
tt) o aingle tnx^on real estate, holding that such a coitrto
would greatly stimulate manufacturing and commercial interests. If necessary, tbey suggest, this might
be supplemented by taxation of inheritances, legacies
ond incomes, nnd they confidently claim that undor
Lhls system thoro'could bo no delhiqudiipies, there
would be material reduction in tho cost of collection,
and the rote por thousand conld be reduced, If Boston can afford to try tho experiment (he i alance of the
world can afford to look on arid see how it woritB,
Tt will bo droll if the exemption of o largo proportion
of the property from taxation ahull liavo tha effect of
reducing the tax rote. But to Boston ingenuity
nothing is impossible'
Tub following editorial paragraph from tho Tacoma
Ledger explains itsolf, ond does not cast any particularly refulgent halo about Wnshieet-M's peg Btate
legislature: "Wo regret that -members of tbo icgisln-
ture are still disposed to trifle wllh tho question of
appointing chaplains. If tbey do net \vnut the Bar-
view of such oflicers they ought., nl; lenst, to sny so in
a dignified mannor. The Vicar of WakofieKl, when
In prison for dobt, attempted to have prayers with
his fellow-inmates. At first many of thom scoffed,
others jeered and nearly oil made light i f i ho exercise. But he persevered and finally tho coarse and j
trilling men, upon bis efforts, were made, one by one,
to yield somowhat to tho vicar, who Imd told them
that the serious thinga of life are of ihe mo 1 pormmi-
out interest. So we may again remind these Olympiu
gentlemen thot thoir coarse jokes ami horso play over
the cliiiplain ijucsi ion ore not only unworthy of the
position they occupy, but that tiiey belong to the class .
of trifling things which ore significant uliiofly of tho !
mental development bf the authors. Tbe Bcrions !
things of life-in- the tilings of lasting interest."
Ax American dbtumporary foresees trouble in ennae-
quorico of the monopoly whieh BiigHsli syndicates nro
so rapidly securing in various businesa enterprises in
tiio United States, nud discourses on   the  subject as
follows:      English syndicates hove now secured control  of  about one-fourth   of the largwt breweries in
tho United States, most of tiio groin elevators in Chicago and mnny of tho largest Hour mills in the Northwest.   Tho material advance in tha storage prices nt
Chicago elevators Ib a sign of what wo muy expect
from the operation of foreign ayudloatcs in this country.    But if the British jmt the screws   upon   thoir
American customers too tightly, the popular hostility
■ to monopolies will certainly be nggravutad.   Tbo at-
turueyo and statesmen who are always ready   to   defend domestic monopolies will he less successful when  i
it is found that tlio profits of monopolies nre going |
into foreign pockets.   A foreign monopoly j uml par- |
ticnlnrly a British monopoly, will be n very unpopn- t
lar uml hazardous thing for onr statesmen to suppoit.  [
When wu consider the high conl of   their   purchases,   i
the consequent necessity to do mi extraordinarily profitable businoBO, and tho practical certainty of pro- [
vbkhig great popular indignation, these new   English
syndicates are not entering on a polk of roses,   But !
it may bo well for the country that they arc thus likely to provoke a mora open revolt against  monopolies,
fir it -will be almost certain to hasten  tiio day when
they will be placed in fact, where in theory   thoy already are, under the control of the lnw.    Tlm principle is already established by our highest  courts (hut
The chief of police brought sorrow to the hearts of
most of Chinatown yesterday afternoon, He went
down and ordered every mother's son of them out to
shovel tho enow off the roofs of the shacks. And of
all tho borrow and contempt ami deep loathing disgust that ever wero seen since the rise in the price of
cool, the pick of them wero to bo noted oil tho dirty
faces of tho Celestial crow. They jabbered and swore
in tho choicest Pekinese, ami in the nine hundred nnti
forty-seven dialects of the Flowery Loud. The chief
wos inexorable, "Up with you, and get that snow oil'
double quick," said he. "A nice tiling if 1 bud to
write home uml tell your parents you gothoap smusbeo
up in yonr own building- here, you skulking son of n
chap-stick, coma out from behind that fence and go
Bhovel 'in anow oil" the roof." On'CG they got down to
work they didn't do badly, although with a prodigious
amount, of flngor-blowing and chattering of teeth.
The chief waited lo ace that no shirking wos done, uml
lhat every roof got a good scraping. But for this
prudent action of the chief, it is beyond doubt thai
some of she wretched Chinese hovels 'would hnvo collapsed hot night; und probably with loss of lifo or the
starting of a serious lire. As bus been described in
these columns Boveral times, the Chinese, when sleeping, huddle closely togothor, and it ia no uiiuomninn
tiling to fall over lialf'adozeiiof the hygienic criminals
packotl together in some passage or sonic room sea-. i -
ly big enough to Btablo a hull-dog iu. It, tlioreforo,
is not very hard to imagine what would bo the of,co1
of a ton or -o .,f wet snow, ornamented with jogged
beams aa full of hails as on old maid's piu-ctiBliion ia
of pins, perhaps a desultory-brick chimney or so, juat
tumbled in to be sociable, rafters, broken lumbar nml
other architectural hnberdashuryj coming dowu on the
tdumboriiig oplnm-Binokore. Another thing ja that at
this season of the year the Celestial stoves nre kept
"nomming" (often with soiuol|Qtly else's wppd ond
coal, "liorrowcd" mi a foriy-riceonti mortgage), niy'ht
aud tiny. So it would bo n toss-upas to whether tnoj
slid into the happy hunting grounds on the anow, with
rafters for coasters, or received thoir preliminary
toasting from tho very planks lhat an hour before had
sheltered their shivering tonus from thu severely pure
breath of mile Bureus,
Mr. A, B. Cowan, member and representative of '
I the well-known firm of Cowan & Co., Gait, Out, is
now on his annual business tour to the Pnciiic const.
The firm' of which ho is n member is extensively engaged in the mnnufaoturo of wood-working machinery
ami engines. Tlie field their products occupy extends
from Hulifnx to Victoria, ond only three weeks ngo
Mr. Cowan wns in the peninsular province whoro hiB
firm hove done business for many yours. Mr. Cowuu
suid Inat night ho nevor come to the const without doing na much businesa as bo expected' and thia time it
wns uo exception. He hod been kept very busy tin-
ring his stay in the eity. Their soles were constantly
increasing among manufacturers on the coast and he
hud every confidence in tho brilliant prospect of British Columbia. In New Wostinipster the Ackennon
Brothers woro securing a complete outfit from him for
their now sash aud door factory tlicy were ubout to
build. In Vnncoiiver ho hud made ready sales, the
Vancouver Manufacturing nnd Trading Compnny
(Limited) linving placed a large order with him for
their new establishment. Mr. Cowan saya he meets
with little opposition hero from Americnn factories,
his chief competitors being from hiB own town of Gait,
the Birmingham of Canada, Ho was suro there wna
trndo enough on the coast to keep u good-sized foundry
in plenty of work manufacturing engines uml machinery, but he Imd In-anl of no Ontario men proposing to
ostitblish a factory here.—World.
CEMBER, 18b!).
s. 11
Menu  Tomporaturo     ....
\bovo December Moon.   -      -      -
Max. Temperature       ....
Min.        " ....
Mean of Mux.	
Mean of Min.	
Below December Moan     -
Hoys Rainfall	
Greatest Days Rainfall     •
Snow in Inches	
Greatest Days Full   ....
Dnys Snow Foil  |ij
Cloudy Days     -  -7
Partially Cloudy  11
Clear ,*-
Total Wind in Miles 2450
Windiest Dny  ijjn
Calmest Dny o|
Eighth, lirat snow; lllth, lightning, hail; 27th, ice iu
river, sleighing; 31st, river fast,
A. PEELE, Capt'n.
The meeting of the Britiah Columbia Fruit Growers' Association wos continued at Vancouver yesterday, A number of interesting papors wore rend.
Mr. J. W. Henry, of Port Hammond, wns ohosou
delegate to attend tho fruitgrowers convention at
Ottawa. Tho following oflicers wore elected! WJ
Harris, Maplo Ridgo, president' 0 D Sweet, Richmond, first vice-president; A O Wells, Chilliwack,
aecond vice-president; uml A H B MacgowtUl, see-
treasurer, Directors: J M Browning, Goo G Mackay, Vancouver; Peter Lntlmui, Westminster; G A
McTavish, Victorin; o 1> Sweet, Richmond) D Mc-
Glllivioy, Suinas*. A C Wells, ChilHwnekt C B Sword,
Matsqui; Jno MoAdam, Lnngley. J Punch, Surrey: H.
B Bales, Burton Piuirio; Mr. Bulwor, Mission; K
Hiifclierson, LudnorsiW J Harris, Maplo Ridge* Jno
Claporton, Nicola) W J Roper, Kamloops; Alfred
Posiill, Okniiagon'l Donald Graham, Spnllumohooiii J
Murray, Silence's Bridge; C A Semlin, M.P.P., Cache
Creok) Richard, Hoy, Lillooet; John P Booth, Salt
Spring Island) Thos Percy, Denmiui bland] J D Bry-
nlit, Saanich; W Grimmer, Mayne Island: J G Halfpenny, Nannimo; Hon O Pooley, Esquimalt) If Fry,
Cowichan; ex-Governor Cornwall, Ashcroft) W J
Brun.lreth, Nortii Ann: A W Mnnnell, Donald.
The prevailing'epidemic, lo grippe, still holds away
in about half of tho houses in this oity,     Each day
many new cases ore reported, and, strange to say, the
symptoms do not vary  materially from  those oceotn
panying the fii-Pt  outbreak   of  the  disease.    People
[ who 0 week ogo 1 uighod and scouted the idoa of being
j laid low with tlm "grip," are to-doy ut home devour-
j ing quinine nud nur ing au abnormally big bend, in
i tact, 1 ijoyiugthomi cries of tho illnesB to their fullest
j extent,     Yi-pi laugh till you catch il, and then you
1    roan 0 td moan, and don't laugh uny more until tho
; '.'grip" Ioosoub its hold and allows tiio facial nerves to
! ■■■• rk in a happy .innnner again.     The sohools aro Btill
Ut   iriy attended   luit the ujinberof I'oholors present
■  -  -daywos] th  - bettor than for some days pnst The
disease is nttuckii rtho Indi    now; at first only the
stonier ■ - wereafrceted.    It is tho ladles'turn now,
j ami from all tiint can be learned u veiy large number
of tho fair cox lire grappling haul with the "grip" in
iiil its forniB,      None oi ihe hitter cases, however, nro
I reported to be of a Eeriotis nature.
j __ 	
Another despatch from Chilliwack coutubiB further
particulars of Monthly's  tragedy.   George   Ruther-"
ford, tho murderer of his ni ighbors, John Sogers und
Edward Hall, hod lately developed symptoms  of  insanity,    Tho gun used was a Winchester rifle.    Both
were shot deal instantly.    Irwin's   life   wns   spared
him for Monday evening by  speciul pleading.   Ho
Bnid he would commit tiio deed next  duy.   He nien-
| tiouo'd tho nainea of other persons whoso lives ho wan
I bound to havo beforo taking his  own.   Me   wrote a
I  will cnncernbig tho dispbsalof his property.   Jealousy
j imd disappointment In love are supposed to huvo mi-
miml,   Ftiihorloho had been regarded
0 quiet, moft'ensivo person.    Nothing ia talked of in
> Bottleinem but the dn ndful affair, which bus cost,
loom over tic entire community.
'Tis not the blandishment of tho surreptitious sand
bag nor yot the caress of the stealthy stuffed club, applied to the nape of the neck, that produces tho us-
trononiiml panornma lately olwcrved by several of onr
citizens. No, it is tho overweening confidence of the
earth toslipupundbnng him behind the cerebellum in a
portly citizen, who too solidly pbuits his heel upon a
piece of slippery side walk that sturts, uml onuses tho
shockingly BturtUng wny. Hence those moons ami
"them" slurs, mul the inextricable entanglement of
tho whole planetary system for one rush cili/en'a edification nml amusement.
Mr. A. ,\l. Nelson, thevoternn produce dealer, wus
in the city yesterday nfternoon, nnti, it is understood,
piircbuaed 50 tona of potatoes nt the high price of SM
por ton. This ubout cleans tho aurplus stock of potatoes from the Westminster market, and the next
thing that may be expected te a potato famine. The
market has been very short in "murphies" for some
weeks, but now it is nearly bore. It is predicted by
those who hove information on the suliieot thut potatoes will reach §,*it) per ton before spring, the only possiblo offset to this being the importation of potatoes
from the Sound country.
No police court thiB morning.
Barometer 29.42) thermometer 35°. Indications,
mild weather.
Room I, Bank Building, is the temporary office of
Thb Columbia's. *te
Anothor inch of snow fell Inst night in the upper
tiortion of tho city. Down town Uio fall was very
The snow ia not deep at Kamloops, but the weather
is reported to lie very cold, the thermometer ranging
several points below zero.
Mr. S. IL Webb hus had a terrible siege of In
grippe. His store has beon closed for soveral daya oo
account of this unfortunate circumstance.
The Dominion parliament was opened nt Ottawa today with the usual ceremonies, The speech from the
throne had not come to hand as we went to press.
Mr. Donald Chisholm M. P., passed an excellent
night last night; he enjoyed a deep nnd refreshing
sleep, and symptoms are very favorable. His iron constitution seems to be rallying once more from tie late
illness, and this time with hopes of prolonged good
The board of trade meeting was not largely attended last night. The object of the meeting—tho holding of au annual dinner—was discussed ut length, and
a committee, consisting of Messrs, W. Wolfenden, C.
E. Woods aud Aid. Sinclair, was appointed to report
on the niatter at future meeting.
While a team of horses was drawlngaheavy load of
hay up Mary Btreet, between Frent and Columbia
streets, this afternoon, the Whipple treo bolt broke ami
the animals dashed forward like a shot from a cannon.
The driver, who was on tlie top of the toad, olnng
bravely to tho reins, and was dragged to Columbia
street where his strength and weight combined stopped
the animals before they could do any harm.
Several nondescipte, known aa "tramps" across the
Hue, arrivod in town this morning, on foot, from Borne-
whoro. They were sturdy vagrants and had no intention of eating anybody's cold victuals, or the young
liouse-keeper'B experimental pastry without an honest
sweat produced by that eminent sudorific the buck-
s iw. Some got jobs shovelling anow, while others attended profesaionnlly to the wants of the fiery and
untamed sowbuck.
Several persons crossed the ico today from Brownsville. It is about time the authorities mode a test of
the iee and prohibited those would-be suicides from
Using it uso bridge. If this is not speedily done a
terrible drowning enso will probably hnvo to be recorded, Tho water of the mid current of the Frasor
rivor at thia season of the year isso cold that the moat
robust mou would be numbed and rendered helpless in
a few seinnds, by immersion,
Itis reported that the imiinluud association, just
formed at Vuncouver, will send over a deputation to
the royal city in a few <lays to boom the objects of
tho association, Just what the objects of tho league
are, unit how ii ia expected to attain thein, will have
to be pretty thoroughly explained to the people of
Woatminster before tbey will allow themselves to be
identified in a struggle that moy moan very much
more thou the items ao fur made public,
Mr. D. .Drysdale returned on Tuesday from a three
months trip to the cast. During hia abaenoe Mr.
Drysdale visited New York, Boston, Montreal, ami
Halifax, his old homo. He reports more snow iu the
vicinity of Westminster than at any point along the
lino except in the Selkirks. Mr. Drysdale looks very
well after hia long absence, ond declares that the trip
throughout was very enjoyable, Mrs. Dryailnlo, who
had been visiting in the east since last spring, accom
paniod hor husband homo.
Bitter complaints hove been heard about the amusement famine iu the city since the beginning of laat
month. At thot time the theatrical companies took
t he boards in rapid succession—almost shoved one another off, in fact—und then they suddenly stepped,
jind week succeeds week now, unmarked by n public
■entertainment of any kind. To be sure, the companies thnt cone  here  ployed  to almost empty benches
and i'lido, disorderly galleries, but itis to be hoped
they mny not have circulated tho report that Westminster, from a  thespion point of view, is "cultus."
Tho department of customs nt Ottawa has just is-
isuotl u pamphlet contnining in concise form tables of
the trade and navigation of Canada os preliminary to
tlie annual bulky bine book. The total exports tor
tbe year were valued at &80,18'U07; imports, Silo,-
224,(131; and the duty collected amounted toS23,781,-
723. Tho total revenue collected by the department
was #>4,om,''H7, as follows: Nova Scotia, 12,300,351';
Now Brunswick, *l,S3»,flWJj Princo Kdwnrd Island,
..*l,118,(134; Quebec, §10,4(10,302; Ontario, S7,8'U,-
2p0j Manitoba, $560,000; Northwest Territories, $L%-
Villi British Columbia, $1,027,9511. Tlie amount paid
as bounties on pig iron produced in Canada was 337,-
•j:t:t. Expenditure on nccount of customs collections
reucheil the sum of §1,004,478.
Cnpt. Pittendrigh received official notification this
morning thnt he had boon appointed coroner for tho
eity and distriot of New Wostminstor. The appointment is a good one, ami the captain 'a experience on
tlie magisterial bench will lie of great assistance te him
in sitting ou inquests. Almost the moment Captain
Pittendrigh received his appointment he was summoned to Chilliwack to hold an inquest on the bodies of
E Iwanl Hall and John Sogers who wera murdered on Monday by George Rutherford. He left
by the I o'clock train and will open the Inquest at
Centreville to-morrow morning.
(From our Special Correspondent.)
Ottawa, Jan, 16.—The fourth Bession of the sixth
parliament waB opened to-day at 3 o'elook p.m. Before that hour the Governor-General's Foot Guards
approached, with music filling the uir. Shortly after
came the Governor-General, escorted hy the Princess
Louise Dragoon Gnarda. He entered the senate and
demanded tlio presenco of the members of parliament.
By Hia Excellency parliament was then and there declared opened. I'lngs were Hying from all
public nml many private buildings, and thousands of
pevso.is from nther parts'of Canada wore presont to
witness the opening. Not more than one half the
elected members were present. The house adjourned
at ."1:10 until tomon-ow afternoon at 3 o'olock, Sir
John A. Macdonald wos present, bole aud hearty, and
received many congratulations, Hon. Edward Blake
was absent, lion. Mr. Laurier was present. Lady
Stanley is unwell with lagrippc and could not attend.
Walker Blaine, eldest son of James G. Blaine, of
Maine, died ut Washington of hi grippe last night.
Don Curios, the Spanish pretender, has had un interview with hia brother, Don Alfonso, for the purpose of agreeing upon a policy to be followed in case
of the death of the King of Spain.
It has just been learned from Edwin A. Abbey, who
has lately returned from Europo, that Alex, Harrison,
the American marine pointer, committed suicide near
Dover in England.
Several earthquake shocks were felt in Corinthio
Tuesday night. A performance wns being given at
the theatre iu Klagcnfurtwhen the shocks wore folt.
A false alarm of fire was raised at the same time, the
audience became panic-stricken and fled. No one was
The fact thati the new Portuguese ministry nnder
Senor Primcutal is strongly nnti-English, is widely
commented on and lends to a general belief that the
dispute between England uml Portugal wiU be reopened.
Photographs of Major Serpa Pinto nre in groat demand in Lisbon and are sold at high prices. A movement is on foot to purchase a magnificent sword as a
presont to him, uutl the necessary money ia being
rapidly subscribed.
It ia said in certain circles that tbo czar of Russia is
insane, owing to the chronic stale of fear in which he
lives. Hia bodily condition is known to be weak, Ho
exhibits tho deepest feeling of despondency and insists
that his death is drawing near. It is known thot he
is trying to alleviate his misery by the use of morphine.
Loander Richardson tho editor of tho Dramatic
News, was arrested iu New Vork, oharged with libelling Deluiicoy Nicoll, tho lawyer, by printing a statement that Mr. Nieoll bod been seen riding in a carringe on Long Ialand with Mrs. ,1. G, Blame, jr., and
with his arm around the holy's -waist. Mr. Nicoll
pronounces the story false-til every particular,
The applications to the Dominion parliament tor
legislation during the coming session number 01,
against 04 last year. Of applications for bills of divorce there aro tive; thoy aro as follows: Hartley
Ashford from his wife, H. W. Ashley, on the ground
of adultery; David Clapp from his wife, Alice, ou thu
ground of adultery; Christiana F. Glover from her husband, O. C. Glover, on tho ground of adultery and desertion; Hugh F. Keefer from his wife, Bolwcen Ann,
on the ground of adultery; Emily Walker from her
husband, A. P. Walker, on the ground of desertion.
All monies due the estutc of the lato Robert Dick-
iuaon must ho paid forthwith to W. W. Dickinson,
All accounts outstanding on the .Hat day of January,
181)0, will be placed in the hands of our solicitors for
collection. C- M. DICKINSON,
jlli-td Executors.
Detailed statement of the election espouses of Thos.
Cunningham, at the election hold ul New Westminster November 25th, 1880:
Printing (Columbian) §147 fiH
Printing (Truth)      37 50
Shorthand   report        fi 00
Gas bill       2 «fi
Total |1»2 73
New Westminster, B. (.'., Jnn. 12th, 1800.     jlfiwl
The time for receiving tenders for tho Pile Work
Extension to the Wharf at the Custom House in the
City of Viotoria, B. C, is hereby extended to tho 1st
March next.
Plans and specifications can be seen, and forms of
touder procured at this Department, Ottawa, at tho
Agency of this Department, Victoria, and at the Post
Onices, Vancouver and Nanaimo.
Deputy Minister of Marine,
Department of Marine,
Ottawa, Canada, 24th Dec., 1880. jalfi
[L. S.]
Victouia, by the Grace of God, of the United King-
dom of Great Britain and Ireland, Queen, Dofendei
of the Faith, etc., etc., etc.
To Our faithful the Members elected to serve iu the
Legislative Assembly of Onr Province of British
('olumbia, and summoned and colled to a meeting
of the Legislature or Parliament of Our said Province, at Onr City of Viotoria, on Thursday, tbe
Sixth day of February, 18IK), to have been commenced and held, ami every of you— Guektinu.
TiiKononB Davie, \ WHEREAS the meeting of the
Attorney-General. / Legislature or Parliament of the
Province of Britiah Columbia, stands callod for Thursday, the Sixth day of February, 1800, at whieh time
at Our City of Victoria, yon were held and constrained
to appear.
NOW KNOW YE, that for divers (auses and considerations, and taking into consideration the ease and
convenience of Our loving subjects, We have thought
fit, by and with the advice of Our Executive Council
of the Province of British Columbia, to hereby convoke, and by those presents enjoin you, and each of
you, that on Thuusdav, the Twenty-third day of
the month of Januauy,  1800, you meet Us in Our
said Legislature or Parliament of Our- said Province,
at Our City of Victoria, FOR THE DI8PATCH OF
BUSINESS, to treat,  do,   act, and conclude upon
those things which in Our Legislature of tbe Province
of British Columbia, by the Common Council of Our
said Province may, by the favor of God, be ordained,
In Testimony Whekkov, We have caused these
Our Letters to lie made Patent, and the Great Seal
of the said Province to lie hereunto affixed:   Witness, the Honorable Hrnii Nki.son, Lieutenant-
Governor of Our Baid Province of British Columbia, in Our City of Viotoria, in Our said Province,
this twenty-sixth day of December iu the year of
Our Lord one thousand eight hundred ami eighty-
nine, and in the fifty-third year of Our Reign.
By Command. JNO. ROBSON,
da 31-td Provincial Secretary.
Notice is hereby given that application will be made
to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Britiah
Columbia at ita next session for uu net to incorporate
a company to construct, operate ami maintain a Btreet
railway in the City of New Westminster, ami to acquire lauds uml tin all things necessary for tbe purposes aforesaid.
Dated thia 25th day of Septomber, 1880.
For selves and others.
A boy Iti years old as an articled clerk in a law office.   Apply to box 240, New WestminBter.    jSdtit.
Notice is hereby given that the partnership heretofore subsisting between the undersigned, carpenters,
has been dissolved this day by mutual consent. All
accounts owing the undersigned ore to be paid to S.
Turner, ami all claims against the said lirm ure to lupoid by hiin. EDGAR A. KIPP.
S. TutiNKii will continue the businesa under his own
name at the Btimo shop on Main atreet, Centreville,
oppoaito A, Kipp's harness sbo]). All kinds of woodwork done; satisfaction guaranteed.
Chilliwhack, Dec. 20, 1880. ja3w3m
A brown heifer has strayed on to the premises of
tho subscriber, on Melbourne street, The owner cau
have her by proving property and paying expenses. If
not claimed within thirty dayB she will be sold to pay
expenses. (jSdlin) A. J. GORDON.
Lot No, 12, Block XXII, and Lot No. 21, Block
XXVIII, City ov New Westminster.
A certificate of indefeasible title to the above mentioned hereditaments will be issued to Alexander
Coutts on tho 11th day of January, 1800, unless in the.
meantime a valid objection thereto be made to tha
undersigned in writing by some person claiming an
estate or interest in said hereditaments or some part
Deputy Registrar.
Land Registry Office,
Now WcstmbiBtor, 7th October, 1880. jlfiwl
Tenders will be received by tha undersigned, at the
City Hall, up to Monday, 20th inat, at 6 p. m., for
the erection of a fire ball. Plana and specifications
may be seen at the City Clerk's office.
' H. HOY,
Chairman B. of W.
New Westminster, Jan. 14th, 188ft' fit


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