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The Daily British Columbian Jan 21, 1890

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British Columiiian.
Nkw Westminster, B. C, Tuesday Evening, January 21, 1890,
Number 172
Whatbvbh Canada may think on tho subject, her
rivals in the emigration field uro evidently determined
to Bpnre no effort to secure desirable European colonists, remarks a cotemporary. The determined steps
which the Argentine Republic is taking in this direction has been often noticed, and now news enmos from
Queensland of the adoption by tho assembly, by
thirty-four votes to nineteen, nf an immigration vote
of £2.50,000 sterling, Some of tho memberii expressed
themselves opposed to immigration altogether, bllt the
minister of works, while admitting that an objection
might be taken to the introduction of artisans, contended that this could not apply to agricultural laborers. Without immigration, ho added, the colony
would havo been but little bettor than Western Australia, for the immigrants introduced now formed,
with their children, three-fourths of the population of
the colony. If tins need for greater activity in immigration bo allowed in Queensland, what shall be said
of tiio present immigration policy of Canada. Tho
statistical abstract shows thut last year Canada spent
$182,051 on immigration. Queensland is this year
upending *],2.*i0,(MI0. I" °-*lm words, Queensland,
with its (108,407 square milos of territory and ,'{.10,0(10
people, is spending seven tunes as much as Canada
with 3.J million square miles of territory and 5 millions
of people. Immigration of the right sort is needed
perhaps more than anything else at this time for the
development of Canada's vast dominions and splendid
resources. The same remark will apply particularly
to the Pacific province, and federal, provincial nn I
municipal authorities will do woll to make a note of it
und act accordingly.
Great Britain is in a pusitiou of peculiar difficulty,
observes an exchange, in regard to the Portuguese-
African dispute. If she uses force she plucoa herself
in tho position of a great power using its giant strength
upou u pigmy. And arbitration, after the manifestly
unjust decisions, such, for example, as tho Sau Juan
affair, has, reasonably enough, no attractions for her.
Bismarck has offered his good offices, but tbey will, in
view of bis known opinions, scarcely bo accepted.
Portugal suggests the Pope. But oneof tho predecessors of Leo XIII. gavo the very possessions in dispute
to Portugal some centuries ngo. As Bismarck's views
are no secret, neither of these arbitrators would lie
very satisfactory. But there is a possible contingency
not yet noticed hi the public roports, It does not
seem likely that Portugal would assume her present
attitude unless secretly backed by some stronger 'tower. It may be that the sealed orders and tho gathering of grent fleets are more for the instruction of thia
stronger power than for poor littlo Portugal.
I'koi'lk in Europe who regard Cnnnda as an Arctic
country will have a different opinion after they leurn
thnt while the Pacific railways iu the United ,Steles
were Btiow-hlocknded on the great .Americnn desert
nud in the Roekioaaiid trains delayed thirty-six hours,
the Canadian route wus opon nil along the line, with
trains arriving and departing on time ut all points;
This may be a gootl advertisement for the railway,
but it is a better oue for Canada, As a matter of fuel
the isotheruiul conditions iu tins country us the traveller proceeds westward are fur more propitious than
in the United .States. The snowfall is not so heavy
nor tho frosts so severe us on the elevated sterile
plateau south of tho boundary, while the lower altitude
of the mountains admits the warm winds of the Pacifio
to the plains and valleys of Alberto. These climatic
facts are welt known in America, and should lie widely published in Europe that travelers to India ami
Australia may he induced to try the route via Montreal, Winnipeg and Vancouver, ami thus see whnt
this Dominion really is.
A meeting of workingmen will be bold in the Foresters Hall on Thursday evening, which is of considerable importance to mechanics genornlly throughout tho city. A number of important subjects will
ooino before the meeting, which are of much interest
to the workingmen, uml a largo nml representative
gathering should bo the result. Oneof the principal
matters to bc laid before the meeting will lie the
length of a dnys labor, the genoral opinion among
mechanics being that nine hours Ib n fair dnys work.
A speoial meeting Ib hereby called for Wednesday
evening, January 22d, at 8 o'clock,
ja2lt2 J. H. Siiirlky, Secretory.
Council met last night in the eity hall for the transact ion of business. Present, Aid, Sinclair, Mcl'huden,
Johnson, Batcholor and Smither! his worship Mayor
Brown in the chair.   The following
Woro rend: From W. N. Draper stating that his lot,
claimed by the C.P.R. for railway purposes, is not
Bottled for. Received. Tlie arbitration awarded him
$1,200, but this was declared illegal; the council had
oTerctl him nbout $1000 which, was refilled, and the
matter has Iain in abeyance for years. Mr, Draper
claims the amount of the arbitration with interest
sinco that time. His worship enquired if there were
any more of those pleaaant little legacies thin council
was to fall heir to. The clerk stated that three or
four others were pending. Referred to the finance
From W. McKee, C.M.C. of Delta, enclosing cheque
for tJ50 in payment of their share of advertising by
folders, and requesting that some copies of same lie
forwarded. Roceived and the olerk inatrueted to forward the folders.
From I. M. McLean, M. IX, withdrawing Iub application for position of medical health officer. Received and filed.
From Rev. J. H. White asking for sidewalk grade
for lot 20, block 22, it being the intention of the
Methodist church to erect a mission church thereon.
Also, as tho lot is at present inacccs-iblo, asking that
a sidowalk ba built from Ellice streets to the west
comer of the lot in question. Referred to the board
of works to report ut next meeting.
From T, Kennedy asking permission to open the
street opposite the Powell block to lay pipe thereto.
Permission granted.
From W, F. MoLaue asking that hia application he
filed for the right to cut wood 011 Moody aqiiure. The
clerk staled that Mr. McLune wished to obtain the
right to cut this timber to give employment to a number of unemployed men.   Received.
Hia worship stated that it wna tho intention of the
park committee to preserve the hfgo trees oil Moody
square for the purpose of its adornment; iu a few
years those large trees will bo quite a curiosity neur
the city. Referred to tho pnrk committeo with power
to act.
From If. Hoy stating that Mr. Kennedy hnd hia
permission to open the street opposite the Powell
block to lay pipo, subject to usual supervision.
From Jas. Connor making application for appointment as oity messenger ur other similar situation.
Received and filed.
From H. G. Robs calling attention to an enclosed
circular re chemical tire extinguishers and recom
mending same. Received and referred to the fire
From Jas, Wise stating that he would like to know
as soon as possible what to ilo in regard to his wharf,
He had received a communication from a steamship
company on the sound, making enquiry ub to what
accommodation there was fora weekly line of steamers to run betwoen the sound to Woatminster. His
worship aaid this council was endeavoring to bring
nbout a settlement of this vexed question as speedily
ns possiblo ami they wore trying to do the very best
und fairest thing by Mr. Wiso, The only way out of
the difficulty at preaent waa to refer the matter to the
apucial committee which is investigating the water lot
question nnd await their decision in the matter. Thia
wns dono,
From If. M. Hirsuhberg in regard to a circular ia-
aned by the Muiulumt association.
His'worship spoke -briefly on the mutter and said
that everybody in the city was anxioua to see Westminster take her projW place when the time for the
redistribution of seats took place, He wus not sure
whether tho Vuncouver association was going about it
the right way, but iu any caso it was very important
that Westminster people should lie early alive to this
question.    Laid over for a full council.
The clerk presented tho conveyance of part of lot 3,
block 8, for the widening of Fortescue street. The
deed was recoived and the clerk Instructed to havo
smite registered.
The finance committee recommended that the no-
count of Corbould, McColl ft Jenns for?l,500bo
paid.   Adopted,
The finance,, firo nml light nnd police committees
and the board of works recommended tire payment of
the following ticcomtts": Dr. Smith, Sl(); W. A. Cumyow, tJ5,2§; Gaa Co. to January 2, IS00
¥107.00; Wintemute Bros,, Slll.oO; Rand Bros., §2.10;
Colonist, $2<M!/i; Dickinson ft Binnie, $12.50; E. S.
Scoullar ft Co., §3.   Adopted,
Moved by Aid. Johnson, aeconded by Aid. Sinclair
thut T. .Ackerman und W. Dickinson having been
elected by the people as chief uml uasiatnut engineer
of the fire department, this couucil heroby confirms
said election ami appoints the said T. Ackerman nnd
W. Dickinson respootively chief and assistant engineers nf the fire department for the currront yoar.
Movod by Aid, Smither. seconded by Aid, Batcholor, that Messrs. Corbould, McColl ft Jenns be paid a
retaining fee of fJSnO for tbe year, in consideration of
whioh  tiiey are  retained to act for the oity tn any
suits ut lnw arising during the year, und said fee shnll
cover their attendance on ull police court cases ifi
which it shall be necessary for the oity to havo logul
assistance, nml nino all verbid legal ml vice given to
the city throughout the year,   Adopted.
Aid. Smither gave notice of motion thut at the
next regular meeting lie would introduce a by-law appointing the civic officers for the year 1800 and fixing
thejr anilines.
All business relating to the tenders for the new fire
hall was laitl over on nccount of the absence of Aid.
Hoy through sickness.
Council then adjourned ut nn early hour.
{From Our Owu Correspondent.)
Ottawa, January 20.— The houso sat at three o'clock
sharp. The introduction of bills was proceeded with,
after which followed the genera! notices. Nothing bf
importance outside tho abovo took place. The house
adjourned at 3:40, until 3 o'clock to-morrow (Tuesday)
afternoon. ,
Three bills relating to reciprocity in wrecking were
introduced. Mr. Adam Brown introduced his "Cruelty to Animals'' bill. Genernl motions for papers were
Caod aud some questions discussed. Before the
iae adjourned, replying to Mr. Laurier, Sir Johu
Macilonuld said that it wub not the intention of tho
government to lay before thu houao ut present the
papers ou the Behring Uea question. The reference to
tliis question iu the speech wus naturally cautiously
worded, but, the indications therein pointed to a satisfactory settlement. Iu reply to Sir Richard Cartwright, Hon. G. E. Foster said that the estimates
would be brought doivu in the middle of tho week.
Mr. Daltoti McCarthy, M. P., the lender of the equal
rights movement, has introduced a bill in parliament
to ainoud the North Wost Territories uot. The measure provides for the abolition of French as the official
language there.
'Ihe expense of tho Skeena expedition, §5,000,"was
paid by the governor-general's warrant,
Mr. Laurier, on Wednesday next, will ask for
copies of all ordera-in-eonnoil or departmental orders
prohibiting American vossola from carrying bonded
freight from American porta to Victoria, B. C, or any
other Canadian port, and of nil ordora-iu-eueuoil or
departmental orders revoking the above. Also for
copies ot all petitions addressed to hia excellency by
the settlers in the districts of Cranberry, Cellar, Wellington, Nauoom? and Nannimo, B. C, asking for the
privilegoof obtaining tho lands on which- they had
squatted on the Islam] Railway reserve on the ordinary termB allowed to settlers, vi/,., thnt their grunt
should include tho surface and minerals under it; for
copies of the orders-in-uouncil to authorize a commission to enquire into the claims of said settlers.
Ottawa, Jan. 21.—On the house meeting to-day a
message was read from the governor-general asking
for the appointment of an internal economy committee for the houae. The oommittee was then appointed and consists of Sir John Macdonald, Sir Hector
Laugevili, Hon, Messrs. Foster nud Costiguu.
Mr. Taylor introduced his bill, an not to prohibit
tbe importation and immigration of foreigners uud
aliens under contract or agreement to perform labor in
Canada. It was well received by both sides of the
On motion of Sir John Macdonald, Mr. Wood, of
Brockville, wua appointed chairman of the committoe
of the whole, uutl tinis becomes deputy speaker.
The hotiBo adjourned at 3;25 until to-morrow aftornoon.
Jauiea Tearney waa oharged thia morning liy Gustuv
Coderberg with the embezzlement of §(150. Plaint ill
ami accused havo boon partners in business, und the
nccused is charged hy plaintiff with having taken nil-
vantage of the same to the aliovo amount. Defendant
was admitted to bail yesterday, ami on the application
of A, J. MoColl, defending, the case was remanded for
eight dayB, yesterday's bail to stand, uud accused released,
Jamos Tearney, ohoigod on nn information with
frequenting n house of ill-fame, pleaded guilty to the
chargo. Defendant waa vory free with tho magistrates
iu replying to the chnrgo, and wus informed that auch
language would not bo tolerated in this court, which
hud the effect of reducing him to a proper frame of
mind. The magistrates said thut the penalty for such
au offence us the prisonor stood charged witli was $10
or six months' imprisonment; as, howover, this was
prisoner's first offence, thoy would fine him $15 and
$',l costs, hi default six weeks' imprisonment.
During the session a gentleman in court actually
stood facing tho bench smoking a cigar nnd with his
hut on. No sentences for contempt of court were
imposed for these offences, as the magistrates wore
busy with their legal books and did not notico the of.
fenders, nml the oflicers of the court « ere too modest
to rudely roar "hats off" and "no smoking in court,''
us thoy are supposed to tin.
The cold weather 1 s likely to last for another mouth.
Why be uncomfortable when you can buy ovorooata
at Ogle, Campbell & Co's at '2H% discount—men's,
youths' and children's. j20wl
Room I, Bank Building, is the temporary office of-
Thb Colombian. *te LOCAL ITEMS IN BRIEF.
Look out for Gordon ft Co's udv't the end of this
week. ja21t4
Mr. D. Lyal returned yesterday from a business
trip to tbo east.
New Btook of spring overcoats in alt prices and
sizes at J. E. Phillips. 3t
Mr. T. L. Graham, of The Columiiian stuff', left
for the capital to-day.
Now goods arriving daily at Gordon ft Co's, r,uo-
cesaors to A. B. Wintemute. ja2lt4
The fortnightly ilnnco of the Westminster assembly
will be held to-morrow night.
The time for receiving loutlers for the new fire halt (
bus been extended till Monday next at 0 p.m.
Last chance, First come first served. Choice
hardwood for snle at Austin's, Front street.        2t
Tho Choral Union will meet on Monday at 8:30
p.m., and commence practices for the "May   Queen."
The city council disposed of ull the business ou band
lii-it night in only 'W minutes—business from start to
The Royal Templars of Temporanco are specially
requested to attend their meeting to-morrow night.
The businesa is important.
A specinl meeting of the Hyack firo company is
called for to-morrow evening at 8 o'olock. The presence of every member is requested.
The people of Westminster would feel indebted to
the Michigan if she would steam up the river uml
break the ice that is impeding navigation hero
Skating on the river commenced again yesterday.
The ice is a little rough but when the snow is awept
off the fun is just as groat as if the ico wore glare.
Now ia your time to get a suit of olothus cheap.
Making room for spring stock of tweeds direct from
Loudon, Eng. Bbuos ft Hkaud.
It will aoon be a mouth since sluighing commenced,
and for once iu the history of the const n spell of real
wintry weather, lasting close on thirty days, will lio
Aid. Hoy, wo regret to learn, is laid up with la
grippo in a severe form. Capt. Peele has almost recovered from the very severe attack ho experienced,
mid ia now able to be out iigniu.
Tho Methodists ure about to commence thn erection
of a mission church In llie west end. The over increasing iiUmborB of this congregation makes the erection of a second church almost a necessity.
The Maple Ridge municipal election resulted as
follows: Reeve, W. J. Harris. Councillors, ward 1,
Thomas Haney; wnrd 2, Joseph Stevens; ward 8,
Houtiir Ferguson: ward I, John Molvorj ward fi, John
Weare glnd to see Mr. MoTiernan, Indian Agent,
onco more attending to his duties. The inilueimi took
n strong grip on Mr. MoTiernan but careful nursing
ami a good constitution brought him out of its clutches
in good condition.
A wholesale destruction of water pipes took place in
Nanaimo on Friday, many of tho householders huviug
thoir dwellings flooded with water through the bursting of their pipes which hud bceu frozen whore thoy
havo boon exposed to the weather.
Work iu the logging camps ia almoat entirely suspended owing to tbu heavy anow in the woods. Not
being prepared for lumbering operations on the eastern
plan the loggers have been forced to suspend operations until such time ns the anow disappears.
Although arrangements have not yet been completed, saya the Colonist, il is expected that Mr. Cunningham, mombor for Westminster City, will bo asked to
move and Mr, Haslani, of Nannimo, to second, the
address upon tlio opening of tlio provincial legislature.
The Cornwall Railr.
tothe engineers to lor."
Nooknek river and the British boundnry line, a distance of 10 miles. This extension will curry the Cornwall road tothe intersection with tho Canadian Pnciiic
ut the boundary line.
Through Messra. Corboiild, MoColl ft Jenns, his
solicitors, Mr. A. 0. Lnnd has filed papers for divorce
from his wife, Rachel Helena Lnnd, Iu this province
a divorce may bo granted by the supreme court, a
privilege not enjoyed by uny other province in the
Dominion, the senate being the only channel through
which a divorce mny bo obtained.
Tho condition of Mr. D. Chisholm, M. P., is steadily improving, and he is gaining strength every day.
Had It not been for a visit of the influenza it ia probable Mr. Cliisholui would hive boon out of bed today, but bis recovery has been slightly retarded by a
aovero attack of thia disease, It is expected be will
lie able to boJ about again in a few weeks at the
Bargains may bo expeutod in all Hues of boots amt
allocs at Gordon ft Co's. ju2ltl
After a prolonged light with the ice of the ('olinnhiu,
the steamer Michigan arrlvedat Vancouver yesterduy
morning from Portland. -She had been detained two
day a at Astoria. She brought III 10*29tons of Hour
11 go to ('hiua by RS, Parthia and Llua nfternoon moved
down to transfer the enrgo. She paused the Lnckme
on the wuy also overcome by the ice uml took ou her
cargo fur Vancouver.
The inlhicii/a epidemic, ulthoiigh many in the eity
are atill afflicted, appears to be dying ont. The attendance at tho schools is approaching tho normal average, and tho sick list is decreasing everywhere.
Thanks to tlm healthy condition of the city la grippe
has donu poor business here, and although the doctors
estimate that upwards of 1,000 have boon afflicted,
very few of tbe cases have given cause for alarm.—
mmpany has given ordors
tely tht! Hue between
A most satisfactory sequel to tho f runt rated elopement referred to yesterday aptly illustrates the truth
of the old adage that "AH's well Hint end's well."
After satisfying himself that the young man moot Interested was deserving in i ve, v way and also capable
of supporting a wife comfortably, thn father ol the
young lalyin theeasohiis vo'iinteared his bleasing,
and the sky has become radiant for the young people.
The dale of tiio wedding has been fixed for two months
. from now.—Sunday's Colonist.
Not a fow devotees oi li ;iaceful urtof skabhig enjoyed a fow hours d Itgbtful cxei ; a upon a smnll
cleared spbton the riv r tip;, ■■'.■■■ ih< C. P. N, dock
Inst ni .'it Thi SI -.i ol g:'j : wus duo 1-; the
foresight nf Mr. MoDonald, wlmr'iii' rai the C. P.N.
docks; be act a number of boys to clearing off the
anow ami afterwards poured w.ii'-v on I > make a proper skating aun cu,   This  was aU done Jo givo the
was warmly appr tinted by every ono of them.
The festivities of the celestial New Year's day wero
continued with undiminished vitu Inst night in evory
shack in the architectural pariilcations (apologies to
Truth) known na the Chinese quarters. John enjoys
hiniBolf in u Bolemn and business-like mannor, and yot
not gingerly, in spite of eating as much of it—-in fact
in thia ooiuiootion it might be suit! thai ho allows nothing to jar upon bis feelings, but lhe ginger jar. That
bo is un incorrigible tire-eater is proved by his ularm-
ing, oven gluttonous consumption of crackers. The
reception of callers waa one of thb principal duties of
the Chinese shack-holder last night, and to judge from
the laughter and animated conversation issuing from
euch of their palatini residences, the inmates wero
very evidently enjoying "n feast of reason ami a Uow
61 soul," John abowed bis oppositettess to,the white
population by nmnuging to get the whole business ovor
without a single light or disturbance of any kind.
This morning a fow more crackers were let off oil
Front st., ami to-night tbu grand finale in tho shape
of great pyroioehniii display will conclude the opening
ceremonies of tho celestial year.
A Victoria despatch to the Seattle Journal Bays:
Mnlhiby, the Englishman who swindled sevornl Seattle poople out of various amounts, was in the city
yestorday, lie put up at- the Drlard hotel under the
namo of Colthorpo. This is evidently bis right name,
aa the proprietor of the hotel says he knew him under
that namo two years ago when he visited the province
witli Lord Choatorflohl, Saturday morning bo left by
tbo steamer Islander fur Vaueoitvor, which place ho
would roach about 0 o'clock. He will probably go
east by tho 1 o'clock train this afternoon. He can be
easily caught by the police there, as be iseaaily recognizable by Ilia description and would register under
tho uaiiie of Colthorpo. Whilo iu Victoria "Capt
Mallaby" re-entered tho aoeiety iu whicb he moved
when here before; anil on leaving the city he requested the proprietors of the Driard to cash Ida cheek
drawn on a Vancouver bunk for tfaO. The paper
proving to be worthless, Mr. Rnrtuagel sworo out a
warrant charging him with obtaining money under
false pretences, und the Victoria police tire now waiting to catch hiin on his return to the city, as it is
understood he is coining back.
VtoroiilA," by tho Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Groat Britain aud Ireland, Queen, Defend*!
of the Faith, etc,, etc., etc.
To Our faithful tbo Members elected to servo in tbo
Legislative Assembly of Onr Province of British
1     Columbia, mid summoned and called to a meeting
!     of the Legislature or Parliament of (fur aaid Province, nt Our City of Viotoria, on Thursday, the
Sixth day of February, 1800, to have been ooin-
nieiiood antl hold, \k\\A ovory of you—GltSBTING,
TitEODOBB DAVIE,"!    WHEREAS the meeting of tho
Attorney-General. J   Legislature or Parliament of the
Province of British Colnmbla, stuiulB called for Thursday, tbo Sixth day of February, 1800, at which time
at Our City of Victorin, you wero held unit constrained
to appear,
NOW KNOW YE, that for divers taiises aud considerations, nnd taking Into consideration the ease and
convenience of Our loving subjects, We bavo thought
fit, by and with the advico of Our Executive Council
of the Province of Britisli Columbia, to hereby convoke, nnd by thoso presents enjoin you, and each of
you, that on Thursday, the Twenty-thiiid dayof
tho month of .Jaxiuiiy, 181)0, you moot Us In Our
said Legislature or Parliament of Our snid Province,
at Our City of Victoria, FOR THE DISPATCH OF
BUSINESS, to treat,   do,   act, and conclude upon
those things which in Our Legislature of the Province
of British Columbia, by the Couitnnn Council of Onr
Baid Province may, by the favor of God, bc ordained,
In Testimony Wheueop, We have caused these
Our Letters tobo mndo Patent, and the Great Seal
of the said Province to bo hereuiitoaffixed:   Witness, the Honorable Himii Nelson, Lieutenant-
Governor of Our said Province of British Colum
bin, in Onr City of Victoria, in Our said Province,
this twenty-Btxth day of December in the year of
Our Lord one thousaud eight hundred and eighty-
nine, ami III the fifty-third year of Our Reign.
By Command. JNO. ROBSON,
de 81.-td Provincial Secretary.
A meeting will be held on Thursday, January Slid,
at 7;">0 o'clock p. in., in thu Foresters' Hull, Columbia
street, for tliu purpose of considering matters in connection with the building trade. All workingmen nre
earnestly requested to bc preaent. jii2tt.t
The time for receiving tenders for the now Fire Hull
haa been extended to Monday next. 27th inst.. at r>
p. in. Tenders to be addressed to the undersigned
and sent to lhe City Clerk.
H. HOY, Chairman B. of W.
(Truth copy.) ja2ltd
I will not lie roaponaihlc for nny debts whicli may
lie contracted by my wife, Rucbol llolouu Lund.
Dated New Westminater, 20th January, 1800.
la horoby given that I hnvo thin duy disposed of my
boot ami shoe businesa to Gordon ft (Jo. All amounts
owing will be collected by myself, uml ull n.'eounts, to
this dnte, due by me will be settled by myself,
Now Woatminster, Jan. 10th, 1800.
N. IL- While tlimikiug the public for the liberal
patronage bestowed on  un-   in   the  past', I trust they
will continue to extend the same favor to my successors, jul8wl
Detailed atateiuelit of tile election expenses of Thoa,
Cunningham, at the election held at Now Westmin*
ster November 25th, 1880:
Printing (Columbian) $147 fis
I'rinting (Truth)      87 ft")
Shorthand report       5 00
Gaa bill       2 Ofi
Total $192 73
Now Westminster, B. C, Jan. 12th, 1890.     jlfiwl
Notice Is hereby given (hut application will bo made
to the Legislative Assembly of tho Province of British
Columbia at ita next session for nn act to Incorporate
u company to construct, operate and maintain a street
railwny in the City of  New WcUmiiialer, nnd  to uc-
quire binds nnd ilo all  things necessary for the-purposes aforesaid.
Dated this 28th day of September, 1889.
For solves ami others.
la hereby given thnt sixty days after dato wc intend
to apply to tho Hon. Chiof Commissioner of Lands
and Works for permission to purchase 0,071 acres,
more or less, being land covered by onr Timber Lease
L, Bituato on a lake emptying into Village Buy,
Valdoz Island, Snyword District.
John Hkndby, Manager.
January 17th, 1800. jat8-2m
All monies due thn estate of tho late Robert Dickinson must bu paid forthwith to W. W. Diokinson.
All accounts otitalnnduig ou tho Hist day of January,
18C0, will bo placed in tliu hands of our solicitors for
collection. C, M. DICKINSON,
jlO-td Executors.
A brown hoifer has strayed on to tho premises of
the subscriber, on Melbourne street. The owner can
have her by proving property and paying expenses. Jf
not claimed within thirty days she will be sold to pay
expenses. (j8dlin) A. J. GORDON.
Lot No.   12,Blook XXII, and Lot No, 21, Block
XXVlll, City ov Nkw Wkktminstkk.
A certificate of indefensible title to the ubove men
tinned hereditaments will bo issued to Alexander
Coutts on the Ilth day of Janunry, INK), unless in the
meuiitime a valid objection thereto bo made to the
undersigned in writing by some person claiming un
estate or interest in aaid hereditaments or aome purl
Deputy Registrar.
Land Registry Oilice,
New Westminster, 7th October, 1880-        jlfiwl
Tenders will bo received by the undersigned, at the
City Hall, up to Monday, 20th inst., at 0 p, m., for
the erection of a fire hall. Plans and spcoificatiutis
may be seen at the City Clerk's office.
Chairman B. of W.
New Westminater, Jan. Uth, 1881). fit


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