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The Daily British Columbian Jan 14, 1890

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Volume 7.
New Westminster, B. C, Tuesday Evening, January 14, 1890,
S0MI5 timo ugo we copied nu item from n Victoria
cotemporary giving a gratifying nccount of the necessary improvements that hnve been mode during the
rccesa in the legislative headquarters at James Boy.
Thoae improvements will doubtless be much appro-
uiated by the assembled legislators of the province
this winter, especially by such of thein ua hnve
"beou there" before, anil are, therefore, in tt position
to draw favorable comparisons, Tho representatives
of tho press, we understand, as well na the genernl
public, have boon better provided for than in the post
in their respective accommodations within tho houae.
This is satisfactory as for tm it gous,-nnd commendable
0:1 the part of the authorities. If the government
would win the undying gratitude of the press, however, ond nt the same time confer on important bene-
"tit on tiic public by enabling thein to got better, fuller
uiul prompter service through tho papers, they hnvo
something further to do in the wny of increased accommodations to facilitate the important work of the
newspaper representative ut the legislative hulls, ami
tlmt is the furnishing of direct telegraphic eonimuni-
cation with the house of assembly at Janus Bay,
during the period of the legislative sessions ut Io.wt.
This would imply, of course, thot un ante-room should
bn set up irt m a temporary telegraph office within
tho sucred legislative precincts, connection made
therewith by wire with the telegraphic system in the
capital, and one or more operators, as might bo necessary, detailed to attend to tho legislative branch office. All thia would cost very little, as the telegraph
cninpauiea could afford to meet tho government half
way in tlie matter for tho revenue that would accrue,
and the convenience would be grent, not only to the
press representatives, who would bc relieved of tho
present awkward necessity of taking a round trip of
i-var a mile every timo tbey arc forced to visit the
bole-graph oflice, thereby often, perhaps, losing!important debates or proceedings, but it would lm found
that the accommodation thus afforded would materially facilitate tho business of tin- house on some occasions and be greatly appreciated by the members iu
their private capacity as well. Wo have said nothing
nbout telephonic facilities in the house, because wu
lnke it for granted that these ore already provided.
With reference to our suggestion above, tu the mutter
of direct telegraphic connection with logislativo head-
(piai'tora, we trust that it may be favorably reoeived
ami acted uppn, if such is not the preaent intention
of the authorities in the premises,
As- election wut held in Jackson, Misa., recently,
'imi the despatches con tai ued such sentences as the
following; ."Thus fnr no negroes have made application to vote, und aa long ns such ia the oase no trouble
i-i likely to occur," "Fifteen or twenty negroes pro-,
Routed themselves at the polls, but on being told this
was a pcncenblo election nud ilmb their voting might
causu troublo they quietly withdrew. Phai'e tire a
grent many strangers in town, ond it is believed their
presence had tho dosired ellect  of preventing  tron-
followlng very appropriate eoumip^ts: ,"It lfl dillicult
to he persuaded that such an election as that was actually hold in freo America. When a portion'of the
electors of n community arm themselves and roily ot
polls for the purpose of driving nway thoao t.lio
would vote in opposition to thom, and are aided in
thus soon ring a poaoeablo election by armed strangers
who havo come from a distance for thnt purpose, the
election celiacs to be a mere farce and heonmes-a crime,
for which retribution will surety como. The poopio of
Mhuiisslppi are creating a condition of affairs that will
cost thom dear before mnny years, and tlio result
Would be the same if every negro were transported beyond the borders."'
As exchange puts it not inaptly in tlie following
remarks: In tho single tux theory there is ono solid
germ of truth nml that germ is made to carry all the
cliuli' that fills the rest of tho measure. Justice requires that unoccupied ami idle lnml bc taxed nt OX*
notiy the samo rnte ns property similarity situated
vith Improvements upon it. In this the single tax
lilts tho nail mi the hold, bnt when the theory goes
beyond thia and seeks to place upon land the entire
burden of tax to the exclusion of other forms of wealth,
it establishes the very inequality of taxation il claims
to remedy. Thoro ia no reason why the owners of
land ahould bo taxetl and tho men who earn a hotter
living in some other way go scot free, and ony theory
which purposes to adjust taxation upon that basis will
depend for its advocates upon thoao who would bo
exempt under ita provisions, The assessment of renl
estato ut its full inurket valuo, exclusive of improvements, of improvements at one half their value, of personal property ot on average valuation nml the imposition of an income tax, so that those who do not own
property may poy their juat shore of the expenses of
the government, will come osneor doing equity in taxation as cnu bo reached by law.
Council met lost night in the city hnll, Present—
Aldermen Hoy, Sinclair, MePhuden, Smither, Johnson ami Bntchelor,
His Worship, Mayor Brown, in the choir,
From i. M. McLean, M. D., applying for reappointment os health officer.   Recoived ami filed.
From the returning ollicor, stating that T. Ackerman and W, W. Diokinson hod been elected chief and
assistant engineers respectively of the liro department,
by acclamation.   Received ond adopted,
From T. Ackerman, enclosing animal report und account of receipts uml expenditures for the year I USO;
stating that there had been seven lire alarms during
past year, ami that with the exception of the seventh
(corner of Mary and Columbia streets) they bad all
boon dealt ■with satisfactorily* also that iu bin judgment present facilities for extinguishing tiros could be
grently improved, uud recommending either u now
stoamor or olicmical engine for Columbia street; also
that 1,000 foot inoro of new hoae and two new hose
earls be bought; thot tlio preaent eity team, for various reasons, is of very little use to lite department;
thot the company receive o fair day's pay for service
at tires; they aro mostly workingmen, and their clot lies
aro ofteii dnmtigod nt fires more than six mouths' ordinary wear would tlamngo them. The totnl amount
of fife department expenses for laat year wos §1140.87,
tiic amount received by tiie department being $1,075,
Tho balanco has boon deposited in the Bonk of li. C,
Recoived ond referred to the lire coniinitteo to report.
From W, A. DeWolf Smith, M. I)., applying for
the position of city health officer for the year. Received nml filed.
Prom the chief of polico, staling that the time for
Collecting tho dog lax lind -arrived, nud that the city
is without a potllldl also thnt the tax should be collected ot tbe taking of the general assessment* that
the old way of snaring dogs is unsatisfactory, a numbor of the animals betraying supernatural sagacity iu
keeping out of tiie snare of tho hunter, so that they
go free, tnglesB and untaxod. The latter .section of
the communication caused much amusement. Received
and referred to tiie police committee.
From the ohief of polico, stating that he bad been
requested by a number of Chinese merchants to nsk
that they be allowed to let off firecrackers [luring the
i Chineso now year. Granted, subject to the supervision of tho chief of poliOo,
From the chief of police, asking that u telephone he
placed in the lockup for police use. Received und
referred to the police committee with powor to net,
The fire nnd light committee reported recommending that tenders for the erection of the new fire hull at
the foot nf Bogblo streot be called for immediately,
uud that us soon os the building Is completed a stoain
fire ongino be plnead therein, Thot tho sum of ff2,*i
por month bo grunted tho chief of the lim department
for timo ond attention expended on tho depnrtmant's
business; and that a furthor sum bo grouted him to
defray tho cost ol testing the engine at regulnr intervals, the payment of the latter sum to ceaso os soon as
lhe new firo hall is finished; also stating thot the near
prospect of o good water supply seems to make it unnecessary to spend tmicii more money for lire engines;
bnt if required tho committeo will givo the matter full
attention.   Roport received und adopted,
After considerable discussion the question of fixing
tlio amount to bc alkwotl tho chief for testing the lire
engitie was li.-.'i blank,
Moved by Aid. Johnson, seconded by Aid. Hoy,
thut tenders bo asked until tl p. in, next Monthly, for
the new firo hall according to pinna aud specifications
submitted by Messrs. Clow k Maclure. First tender
to be for wood finish throughout) seoond, for iron roof,
uud, third, for iron roof ami outside walls.     Carried,
Aid. Johnson said there had been a good deal of
tittle-tuttlc going on behind the hacks of tno liro company} he thought this wrong. The Wostminstor lire
company compares favorably with any he ever snw,
If anything was wrong with the compnny, tho chief
Would pot it right. Tlioro wero aomo porta of thia
town totally uuprotooted from firc.inthe upper partof
tlm eity especially, and there woro men in theae parts
to whom it would not, ho a circumstance to put their
hands in tholr pockets und buy a tire engine for those
unprotected parts. This would oave the trouble und
expense of on election. To men worth their hundreds
of thousands of dollars, this would be a small matter.
He thought chemical fire engines u good thing, and
said that pricea wero being asked from manufacturers
in thu oust.
Tho payment of the following accounts wns ordered:
Mail Printing Co.. *?2;; B. C. Gazette, $10; British
Columbian, $54.11; G. E. Corbould, 420.
Aid. Smither reported verbally that the question of
the C. P. R. right-of-way through the penitentiary
grounds hod been fully lookctl into, but the committee
could do nothing in tho mattor. Aid, Smither recommended thai the matter be left in the hands of the
mayor to see : ome member of parliament or otlier influential pi; son about it. On motion further time wns
gran Led the th moo committee.
Aid. McPhaden said it was not customary to receive
verbal reports unloss they were written.
The the committee on tho subject of water
frontages reported recommending that a monthly
teiiantcybo granted Mr. Wise terminable at tho end
of evory month without notice. As to other water
frontages, the committee asked further time, Report
adopted ond further time granted.
Mr. Wise having obtained permission to address the
council said he had spout threo or four thousand dollars on these lots, aud did not think ho was being
treated fairly. He would, if necessary, go to higher
authority to have the matter Bottled. Ho was tin old
pioneer horo and ho thought this way of treating him
not juat, He was going to fight for it. He wanted
his rights nud if he hnd fifty thousand against him he
would get them.
Movod by Aid. Sinclair, seconded by Aid. Smither
that the payment of miscellaneous accounts ugainst
tho city bu made once ench mouth only, and that the
loth of the month be pay day, except when the loth
falls on Saturday or Sunday, in which cases the following Monday will bo pay tiny. All accounts for
any montli must be presented to the city clerk by tbu
Ist of the uiontii following, and that the clerk is authorized to givo public notice to thnt olleet.    Carried.
Moved by Aid. McPhaden, aeconded by Aid. Sinclair, that the clerk be instructed to make application
to tho government to aot opart Moody square and Albert eresoeut ua public pleasure grounds for the uso of
tho oity.   Carried.
Council then adjourned.
The ahip railway deatiueil to convey ships across
the isthmus ofChlnocto, a narrow neck of lnml joining
the province; of Nova Scotia uyd New Brunswick, a
distance of seventeen miles, is now nearing completion. The steel truck is the heaviest mado, nnd
weighs 110 pounds to lho yard. The trucks upon
which tbo cradle containing the veaael under transfer
iB placed aro double. The locomotives, two of which
ore used, iu drawing the vessels across the isthmus,
are built oil the same principle lis the ordinary engines, bnt with much greater weight und power. The
vessels to bo transported arc hoisted by hydraulic
power to the basin of the truck. The rondbed is in
good condition. A ship taken from the Buy of Fmuly
is placed iu the Gulf of St. Lawrence in two uml one-
half hours, though u speed of ten milea un hour ia obtainable. During the coming year the Chignueto marino transport railway should belli active operation,
saving each trip made a distance of Trill) miles.
The United States authorities aro alwut to
take action to prevent the importation of Japanese
women for immoral purposes} Bteuiiiers at present are
bringing over quite a number tor such purposes.
Doctor Dollingor, of Munich, true to his principles,
to the tost, refused to receive the Inat sacrament from
the Roman Catholic priests, who visited him, ami died
us lic had lived, denying the Infallibility of the Roman pontiff. 11 i-i fuhcrul will be conducted iu accordance with the ritual of tho "Oiti Catholics."
Tho Portugeso cabinet baa resigned.
The British Commons will be dissolved ns soon hb
possible after the budget hos been passed, should any
serious opposition to it arise, to toko the souse of thu
country upon that and the general policy of the administration without further delay.
A special from Atltigohlsll soys Dohald Chiaholm of
.luinca rlvor, while driving home on Thursday night
lost bin way in a storm ami perished, The thermometer was IM degrees below zero ut Antlgonisll lust
Very cold wenther prevailed in Quebec distriot yesterday. The thermometer waa ,i() degrees below Kurd;
40 at Spenecrwood, ami 5U at Lake Edward,
The khedivo aent u special train to meet Stanley nt
Suez yesterday. Kmin Paslmhas wired his relatives
that bis health is satisfactory.
Lord Salisbury yesterday sent Great Britain's ultimatum to the Portuguese government. The terms
woro thnt the Portuguese forces, officials and expeditious should retire from the banks of the Shire, beyond the i'no and aouth of the Zambesi in Mualionu-
laiid. A reply was demanded within twenty-four
hours, or Great Britain's diplomatic representatives
would hove Lisbon. Tho King uml national council
at once met, concluded to yield to the demands made
by Lord Salisbury, but undor protest, a-tl that although agreeing to a withdrawal of her forces, Portugal reserved nlI.tlio rights of tho Crown. Lust evening na a result riotous disturbances ocourred iu tho
streets of Lisbon. The British Consulate was attack-
oil, ami the royal arms torn down, Tho police ultimately secured protection to tho Consulate, bub after
wards tho Portugeso national council building woo
Tho World says the influenza is still spreading in
Room I, Bonk Building, is the temporary office of
Tiik Cunt'miu an. "to
The British Columbia Fruit Growers' Aaaociation is
iu session at Vancouver.
The Board of Trnde meets to-morrow night to discuss special business.
Peace roatud within the gates of the city police court
again this morning. And this iu spite of the extra
vigilance of the police ollicers.
Mr. T. S. Higginson, Cnn.n timber agent, of tliis
city, presented Sir ,101111 A. MacDonald on bis birthday with a fine specimen of British Columbia ore,
The city council meeting lost night was a repetition
of the previous sitting—businoss like from beginning
t;i end, and a total absenseof vain ond useless arguments.
The dote of lie sailing of H.M.S. Swiftsure for
England is set down for the '.oth inst., two weeks
from to-day. The vessel will proceed home leisurely,
reaching her destination about next August.
it was decided ot, the council meeting last night
that iu future all city account* will be paid on tho 16th
of eaoh month, except when that dote falls an Saturday or Sunday, when the following Monday will bo
pay day.
The season for collecting the dog tax haa arrived,
but the city bas no pound in which to house, unlicensed animals when tbey ore caught, Tbe average
citizen who owns a dog will not agitato loudly for the
establishment of a pound.
We are happy tn announce that Mr. Geo. A. Kelly
is  rapidly  recovering  from  tbu attack of influenza
whioh  has  confined   him  to St. Mary's hospital for
about  a  weok.   Mr.   Kelly  will be among his old
,   friends again iu a few days.
Mr. H. Hoy, chairman of the board of works, is
calling for tenders for the erection of a new fire hull
nt the foot of Begbie street. Tenders must be In by
Monthly, 20th inst. ut 0 o'clock p.m. Plans ami
specifications may be seen at the city clerk's oflico.
Tbo snow still continues te full at short intervals,
ami it looks as if British''olumbia hail come out in
strong opposition to Ontario in tho matter of climate.
Fortunately the wenther remains mild, and the
sleighing is bo good that everyone enjoys the snow ami
hopes it will stay a week or two longer.
It has been decided by those having in hand the arrangements for the funeral of thu late Lady Douglas,
to have it take place from the residence, JameB Bay,
at 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday next, and from tho Reformed Episcopal church half an hoiir later. It is expected that by Wednesday all the relatives will have
arrived in the city.
The Chinese merchants hove made application to the
city counoil to lie allowed te explode a large quantity
of fire crackers noxt week during the celebration of
their New "Year's festivities. Ab usual the privilege
has tioou granted, under the supervision of the chief
of police. It is estimated that fire crackers to the
value of $2,000 will be let off next week.
A Columbian reporter was the only living object,
except one policeman and a small "dorg," to Tie noted
on Columbia street last night as tho clocks were tolling eleven. The reporter's view included from the
post office to Douglas stroet west and tho Queen's
east. Snow was falling softly, and many of the store
windows still displayed bright lights, and altogether
it was a sight to be remembered. It looked as if
everybody hud left town for the night.
The transfer of tbe Washington Steamboat Corn-
pony property to the Northern Pacific was made yestorday. The purchase includes all tbe boats owned
by tho Washington Steamboat Company, The North-
em Paciiic is going to enter into the steam transportation business on the sound as on active competitor of
the Union pacific, and this transfer is only a part of
tbe sehomo, being practically the starter. A large and
elegant sidewheol steamer i-t now being constructed at
Portland for the Northern Pacific. It will ta finished
iu timo to go on the Victoria route for the summer
Capt. J. E. Higgins, of Tacoma, and his associates
are working on a dry dock project. Capt. Higgina,
who has lieen drawing the plans for the dry dock himsolf, tells the press that they are about completed.
Tho plans provide for a dock 't7.*i foet in length, .10
feet wide at the bottom and 80 feet wide at the ton,
with sloping sides. A dock of these dimensions will
be largo cuomjh to float any vessel that comes te Puget Sound. The company will be incorporated within
two weeks. It is expected that the site will be so-
cured by that time antl work on it will be begun ua
early os possible iu the spring. With the immense
shipping on Pugot Sound, thn wonder is that such an
.institution wns not in existence lieforo now.
Tho Vnncouvor World lost night contained the
startling news that onr worthy member, Mr, Donald
Chishohn, M. P., was dead. The item was incorrect.
Mr. Chishohn is alive, und though very ill is by 110
means given up for a dead man yet. Dr, Fagan, bis
physician, states that Mr. Chisholm is, if anything,
slightly improved, ami is progressing as well as might
be expected under the circumstances. The World
should be more careful spreading such startling and
ill-founded reports. Apart frum tlie poin sueh news is
sure to give the friends of the gentleman in question,
from a business standpoint it Is uot wise to rush Into
print with what at best could only hove been a street
This morning about 10:30 o'clock  the largo framo
building occupied by Messrs. Port & Co., fish packers,
and also by H, M. Cunningham  k  Oo.   for storing
agricultural machinery, and situated between Begbie
and Douglas sts., extending from  Front to Columbia
sts., collapsed under the weight of snow on the roof,
nml fell us tint as the proverbial pancake.    Mr. E. A,
Port was seated in the office ut the Front atreet   aide,
and Frank Scott wna busy with some work   nonr the
centre of the building at tho time, nnd  the building
fell ao suddenly that thoy hnd no time to run.   By almost a miracle the fulling   timber   arched   over the
spot where Mr. Port wns sitting, thus  affording him
! litiie to crawl out,   Much the sume fortunate accident
I ocourred in Scott's ansa, and he escaped   with n deep
I cur. on the cheek and it blow in the small of the bock
I from a falling boom.    But for thoae   happy accidents
I the two occupants of the building would nidoubtodly
hove  been   killed.   Tiie  fallen building presents a
j scene of chaotic wreck that   defies  description.    The
1 cities, whioh hnd bulged out dangerously for months
1 past, went first, and even the end Walls, least nll'octed
by* the collapse, are rent and torn in pieces.   The
roof was heavily Loaded with snow, and on  the  west
side it, wos dumped along with a miscellaneous assortment of shivered timbers Into the  vieunt  lot.   This
historic building begun life as   Ewen'a  old  cannery,
and is quite anuiciit} its sudden demise litis not been
totally unexpected,   A largo crowd gathered at tho
scene of the accident and Messrs, Port ami Scott were
congratulated on   their lucky escape.    This should
serve as a warning to proprietors of  extensive   roofs.
The danger lies not alone in the fall of the building,
but as there is generally u lighted stove somewhere on
the premises there is nothing whatever to avert 11 serious lire.   The loss on Port & Co'a building  will probably bo in the neighborhood of 82,500.
Ab How, the accomplished celestial with a strong
taste for surgery, and who attempted to remove with
a blunt table knife the protuberance on top of tbe
shoulders of Ah Shin, a friend and countryman, but
botched the job owing to Shin's stupid objections te
having hiB head sawn off, even for the benefit of
scienco, was tip before Judge Bole yesterday afternoon
ut 2:110 o'clock, under the speedy trials act. Judge
Bole informed Ah How that be could send him te prison for life, but as the intent hail only been to inflict
grievous bodily harm, be would sentence hlm to five
years in thu penitentiary. The prisoner rather winced
at the sentence ami it alao seemed to create uo little
consternation among the group of Chinese onlookers
who hnti ussumhled. Ab Shin was prosent and it was
freely admitted on all bniida that ho ia the hmulieat
creature tiio Chinese empire ever aent to this country;
his head was enveloped in dirty Imndugcs, and he
looked sick enough tor a whole hospital. Sentences
like the above are apt to make the Chinoso carver,
however reckless, pause a moment before he proceeds
to avenge fancied insults.
The fire and light committee have got to work in
earnest, and it looks as if business in these deportments will he promptly attended to this year. The
recommendation of this committeo that n new fire ball
lie immediately built on thu water lot at the foot of
Begbie streot, was promptly adopted by tho council,
and orders were given for the calling of tenders for
thu work. The resomtmmdntiou of the committee
that Chief Ackerman be paid u salary ot $25 per
month for time antl trouble expended in connection
with the tire department, was alao adopted. This is
only a fuir allowance, and it will be readily conceded
tbat the ohief is not being overpaid. The lire and
light committee is to be congratulated ou its businesslike measures.
Yesterday forenoon tbe eastern section of Laidlaw's
cannery, at Sapperton, went down under the mass of
accumulated snow on the roof. Everything inside and
that came in thu way of the descending roof wus
smashed to fragments, and the building was totally
wrecked. Fortunately no one wus inside the premises
at the time, as escape would have been impossible.
As usual, in such eases, the affair happened without a
moment's warning, and the edifice was in ruins in the
twinkling of an eye. The loss wilt probably be somewhat heavy, as machinery of various kinds and canning
material were in tho building and are moat likely completely spoiled. A forco of men was set to work today removing the debris ami clearing uwuy the snow.
A gootl, substantial building will probably take the
place of the wrecked cannery.
Mayor Grant of Victoria, was re-elected yosterday
by acclamation to preside over civio affairs for another year, The following worenomliiated for aldermen 1
Wm. Wilson, A, J. Smith, E. Mollenduino for James
Ray ward, VV. D. ii cKcliieun, L. Vigelius and Dr.
Morrison for Yates street ward. Joshua Holland,
Mr. Huinber, John Robertson and Wm. Hoathorn for
Johnson street ward. The election will be hold on
Tenders will be received by tho undersigned, at tho
City Hall, up to Monday, 20th inst., at tl p. nt,, for
the erection of a nre haB. Plans and specifications
may be seen at the City Clerk's offico.
J H. HOY,    .
Chairman B. of W.
New Westminster, Jan. 14th, 1889. fit
[L. S.]
Victoria, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Qt'KKN, Defender
of the Faith, etc., etc., oto.
To Our faithful tho Membors elected to serve in the
Legislative Assembly of Our Province of British
Columbia, nnd summoned und culled to a meeting
of the Legislature or Parliament of Our suid Province, at Our City of Victorio, on Thursday, the
Sixth dny of February, 1800, to hove been com-
moiicod nnd held, ond every of yuu—Gukktino.
Thkodouk Davie,\ WHEREAS the meeting of the
Attorney-General, f Legislature or Parliament of the
Province of British Columbia, stands colled for Thursday, the Sixth dny of February, 1890, at which time
at Our City of Victoria, you were hold and constrain-. I
to appear.
NOW KNOW YE, that for divers 1 auses and considerations, and taking into consideration the caae and
convenience of Our loving subjects, Wo hove thought
fit, by and with the otlvioo of Our Executive Council
of the Provinco of Britiah Columbia, to hereby convoke, and hy these presents enjoin you, and eacb of
you, that on Thursday, tho Twbnty-thiki) dayof
the month of January, 1890, you meet Us in Our
Baid Legislature or Parliament of Our said Province,
at Our City of Victoria, FOR THE DISPATCH OF
BUSINESS, to treat,  do,  act, aud conclude upon
those things which in Our Legislature of the Province
of British Columbia, by the Common Couucil of Our
said Provincemny, by tbe favor of God, be ordained,
In Testimony Whbheov, We have caused these
Onr Letters tobo made Patent, and the Great Seal
of tho said Province to be hereunto affixed!   Wit-
nkss, the Honorable Humi Nelson,  Lieutenant-
Governor of Our said Province of British Columbia, in Our City of Victoria, in Our said Province,
thia tweuty-Bixth day of December in the year of
Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty-
nine, and in the fifty-third yenr of Our Reign,
By Command. JNO. ROBSON,
de 31-td Provincial Secretary.
Notice is heroby given that the business formerly
carried ou under the name nnd style of Dickinson ii
Company has been this day sold to Caroline Matilda
Diokinson and William Wright Dickinson, who will
continue the business r-nder tho name and style of
Dickinson k Company. All accounts due the Ute
business muBt lie paid forthwith to Mr. W, W. Dickinson for account of the executors of the late R.
Dickinson, and all accounts due by the said business
must he presented to Mr. \V, W. Dickinson for payment by the said executors.
Caroline Matilda Dickinson,
Charles E. Woods,
Executors Estate of the late R. Dickinson.
New Westminster, B. C, Jan. 2nd, 1890. dlw
Notice is hereby given tbat application will be made 1
to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British
Columbia at itB next session for an out to incorporate
a company to construct, operate and maintain a street
railway iu the City of New Westminster, and to acquire lands and do all things necessary for the purposes aforesaid.
Dated this 25th dny of September, 1889.
For solves and others.
A boy 16 years old as an articled clerk in a law office.   Apply to box 240, New Westminster.    j8d6t.
The tune for receiving tenders for these works has
been extended until noon of Saturday, 15th February,
D. ROBSON, City Clerk.
New WeBtmlnster, B. C, Jan. 7th, 1890.
(Truth copy) j7ttl
Notice is hereby given that the partnership hereto
fore subsisting between the undersigned, carpenters
has been dissolved this day by mutual consent. Al
uecounts owing tho undersigned are to be pnid to S
Turner, und ail claims against the said firm are to In
paid by hiin. EDGAR A. KIPP.
S. Turner will continue the business undor his owl
name at the same shop on Main Btreet, Centrevilh
opptmite A. Kipp's harness shop. Alt kinds of wood
work done; satisfaction guaranteed.
Chilliwhaok, Deo. 20, 1889. ju3w3m
A brown heifer has strayed on to the premises 1
the subscriber, on Melbourne street The ownor ca
have her by proving property and paying expenses. !
not claimed within thirty days she will be sold to pn
expenses. (jHdlin) A. J. GORDON.


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