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The Daily British Columbian Jan 17, 1890

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Array THE   J3AJ3LTT
British Columbian
Volume 7,
Mr. Alex. Beoo, of Crofter immigration fame, is
indefatigable in his efforts to bring desirable classes of
immigrants to tins province. He is now formulating
a scheme which, receiving the necessary co-operation
of would-be employers, should go for toward solving
the servant girl problem so far as British Columbia's
requirements iu that direction are concerned. Mr.
Begg's plan for securing desirable, "carefully selected,
female servants from Scotland," according to the outline with which wo havo been favored, is about us follows: Lists of would-be employers will first be obtained in the various cities in the province, upon
blank forms stating name, address and profession of
employer, nature of service required, age of servant
preferred, and amount of wages und term of service
guaranteed. This list of employers must lie certified
to as containing only respectable persons, either by
the mayor or resident clergymen, as a guarantee to
the servant girl that she will not lie brought into any
disreputable place. For the protection of employers
every servant is, of course, fournished with unexceptionable.recommendations. The last, but not least
important, condition is that employers are required
to advance ubout $80 to defray the. fare and travelling
expenses of their prospective female sorvant, the servant herself agreeing, and giving a promlaory note
for the greater security therefor, to refund the
sum advanced, from her wages, in six or seven monthly instalments.
Mr. Begg boa receivod a good deal of encouragement iu hia undertaking in Victoria, a number of parties in that city having already arranged witli hiin to
secure domestio help by the plan outlined above. Mr.
•Ino, Sprott, Immigration agent, etc, will be ablo to
furnish more particular information to purticB in this
city ami vicinity who may be desirous to avail themselves of Mr, Begg's sehemo.to obtain femalo servants
from Scotland. In two or three weeks Mr. Begg «x-
peets to start fur the euat, und on Ilia way will stop nt
the various cities of the province, including Westminster, and thus mako up the full liat of servant girla required for tho province at thia time, so that they may
all come out together in charge, of a matron, and each
girl on arrival go direct to the house of hor employer
from tho railway station,
Thoso who are in need of good domestic help—and
we believe the need ia increasing in thia city ami elsewhere throughout the province—ami hnvo grown
tired of the "ways thot nre dork nud the tricks that
ure vain for wliich the heathon Chinee is' peculiar,"
oould not do bettor, we should imagine, than avail
themselves of the opportunity wliich Mr. Begg's limited immigration schomo oilers to supply a "long folt
want." There eon be very littlo doubt that
iu caaea where servant girls ore preferred to tlie facile
and pig-toiled Mongolian, the class of domestics which
Mr. Begg will be enabled to furnish will juat about fill
the bill. Sueh, nicotine, is the perversity of human
nature, ond tho altering power of circumstances upon
ooseS in the "wild und woolly west" especially, that
soma will prefer, and reasonably too, perforce, wc
might soy, to retain Yip Sing oa boss of the kitchen
or "maid of oil work" in preference,to tiio moat extra
Biiperfino female domestic help obtainable on the footstool. In spite of this foet, however, there must bo a
considerable number iu thia ua well its iu the other
cities of tho province whose cireumatoncca render it
not only proper but desirable that thoy should exchange their, for many reasons, unsatisfactory Chinese
domestic help for the more skilled, cleanly and faithful services of fotniile servants of the Caucasian persuasion; If being a real benefactor to one's raco, and
noting tho patriot in a small but substantial way towards one's adopted or nativo country, counts for
any thing, too, here ore additional good uud cogent
reasons for assisting, at no nltinute personal loss, n
worthy and valuable class, of immigrants, for thoir
own and this country's good, to reach our shores.
Every individual thus brought into the province would
moat likely prove u lasting acquisition to the country,
which can hardly bo truthfully affirmed of the questionable Mongolian immigrant, whoso $.10 poll tax ou
getting through the bars represents tho bulk of tho
Contribution to the country's wealth that ench of the
yellow horde would make in n live year's sojourn.
It may be objected that femnlo servants brought
into the province uncording to the sehome proposed
would probably not remain with their employers in
m my cases after the term specified in the original
agreement hud expired, but would strtightway tako
unto themselves husbands from among the people of
tlie  land.    But the employers wonld not be out in
New Westminster, B.C., Friday Evening, January 17,^890,
Number 169
such casoB, mm perhaps mnny a worthy young bachelor farmer would by this means secure a fit aud desirable helpmate, who would ussist him materially lo
grow np prosperously and successfully with the country, iiiBtcnd of, sick and discouraged, running amuck
amongst his neighbors with the deadly Winchester
and perpetrating murders and suicide, Under different social conditions in the rural districts, thu whole
community would undoubtedly not be so alarmingly
frequently shocked by such sickening tragedies as the
recent deplorable event ut Chilliwack, and the Jones-
Durant horror of about a year ago, also occurring at
an up-river settlement, the main particulars of whicli
will be tolerably fresh in the minds of many of our
readers. Ab we have intimated, we believe that tho
introduction of such immigrants as Mr. Begg proposes to bring into the province should be encouraged,
for their worth as female domestics, and the faot that
as such they would displace the uot altogether desirable
Mongolian in any reBpect, for their prospective, almost certain, value as helpmeets for a large number of
our young farmers and settlers, and, we might add,
on general principles, which may lie taken to include
overy other possible reason that might suggest itself
to tho reader.
A correspondent of The Columbian, writing under
dnte tif dun. 14th, says: "Our community has been
shocked to-day by tho announcement of a double murder and suicide, The facts, as far as developed, oro on
follows: Goorgo Rutherford a man about 38 yoars of
age, living alone 011 his pre-emption claim about six
miles aouth from the lauding, has boon sick with Influenza the pnat week. On Sunday he got a little
better, and went to his nearest neighbor's, Burrows
Irwin, uml told him he was discouraged living alone,
uml had a mind to sell ou1: uml lenvo here, blithe
finally weut homo again. The next night, Monday,
ho weut to another neighbor's, John Sogers, who lived
by himself, uud evidently culled him to the door uud
shot him. He then wont tn another neighbor's, Edward
Hull, found him in bod ami shot him uud afterwards
struck him on the heat I with the gun. He then wont
to Irwin's, where he had boon in the habit of buying
butter, and aaked bim if ho tried to poison him by
putting poison hi the butter. Ou Irwin assuring him
that he did not, he said: * All right; I'll tako your
word for it,' ami put away his gun uud sturted for
home. Buying, 'I have juat killed two men, aud intend
to kill myself.'
"This morning word was sent out of the murder,
and the neighborhood turned out to arrest Rutherford, but fouml he had shot himself iu a woodshed at
his own place, tho ball going iu at his chin and out ut
the top of his head. A letter waa found iu his house,
stating, among other thinga, thnt hia neighbors wished
to poison him, und that lie wished his property to go
to ids friend Luidluw. It aoems the poor follow wna
driven mini by the influenza. The mnn Sognra boa
been hero about three years, and ia a Swede. Eil ward
Hal! was one nf the lirst residents of Chilliwack, having como here with his ful her, William Hull, inthe
year ISllt). He hus mnny friends here to mourn his
loss. The bodies uro till loftus they wero found thia
morning, awaiting the soronor from Westminster."
The funeral of tho Into Lndy Douglas took plnee
from her Intu residenco, James Buy, Victorin, on
Wednesday afternoon. Services were held in tho Reformed Episcopal church, conducted by Rev, Biahop
Cridge and Dr. Roid and the choir. Iho whole services throughout were very impressive, nnd tho sacred
edifice was filled td'tiie doors by n representative, assemblage, gathered to pay the Inst tribute of respect
to Olio of the best known of the pioneer women of
Britiah Columbin. After tho services ut the church,
tho cortege proceeded to Ross Uny cemetery, where
Rev. Dr. Reid officiated,. Tho iiull-bearera were: Sir
Mi R. Begbie, Senator Macdonald, Hon. P. O'Roilly,
Ft. Finlaysoii, Esq., ''apt. H. G. Lewis, W. Tolmie,
Esq,, J  D. Feiiiborton, Esq., ami J. A. Graham, Esq.
The annual meeting of tbo Delta Agricultural Society wos held iu tlio town ball, Ladners, 011 Monday
I afternoon. A fair atteudunce of members wna presont. The different reports wore receivod uud adopted.
The secretary's report was highly Batisfuctory. It
Bhowed tliat 8*18 entries hud been made nt the 1889
oxhibition, ugainst 41."» in 1888; ami ull prizes hnti boon
pnid with one exception, The election of ollicers for
the present yonr resulted us follows: President, H.
Bonson; vice-president, JO, Hutcherson; secretary, A.
Gilchrist; treasurer, H. N. Rich. Directors, W. H.
Ladner, M.P.1\, John Kirklaud, W. Arthur, J. Patterson, Win. McKee, and Thos. McNeeley. It was
decided that the next annual meeting be held the second Saturday hi January, 1891.
Tbo speech from tho throne delivered by His Excellency, the Governor-General, at the opening of parliament yesterdny, was os follows:
Honorable Gentlemen of the Senato, Gentlemen of
the Houao of Commons:
In culling you together again for the consideration
of public affairs, I may fairly congratulate you on a
continuance of the progress and prosperity of the
During tho recess I visited Manitoba and the Northwest territories and British Columbia, and everywhere
I found myself received with the loyalty and gootl will
which 2 have learned to be characteristic of Canada.
A comparison of my own observations with those of
my predecessors snows clearly the great progress
whicli has marked this part of the Dominion, in the
settlement of the country ami in the developement of
its great agricultural capabilities, of its mineral wealth
nnd of its other natural resources.
In consequence of tho repeated seizures.by the'
cruisers of the United States navy of Canadian vessels,
while employed iu the capture of seals in that part of
the northern Paoific ocean, known as Behring Sea, my
government has strongly represented to her majesty s
ministers tho necessity of protecting our shipping,
whilo engaged in their lawful calling, as well as of
guarding against the assumption by any nation of exclusive proprietary rights in those waters. I feel confident that those representations have hud duo weight,
and I hope to be enabled during tho present session to
assure you that all diil'erenccs ou thia question are in
the course of satisfactory adjustment.
Having observed the close attention which has recently boon given by the Imperial authorities, and on
the continent of Europe, to the improvements in the
methods of catching, curing and packing tish, I deemed it expedient to cause 11 commission to be sent to
Scotland ami Holland to examine und roport upon thin
subject during the fishing season. The report of tho
delegates will be laid before you. It will, I am sure,
give our fishermen moat valuable in formation mul instruction na to the best means of improving and developing this important industry.
My ministers' hnvo carefully considered the difficulties nlte-li surround'the administration of the rights
of the Dominion iu its foreshores, harbors, lakes and
rivers, ami a measure will be submitted to you tor
removing any uncertainty ns to the respective rights
of the Domiiuon und of the provinces, and for preventing confusion in the titles thereto,
Tiie report of the royal commission on labor, which
was laid before yon during the Inst session, has been
distributed throughout the country. I have reason to
believe that the iu formation which it contains will be
found eminently useful in suggesting improvement*- in
the administration of the laws which affect the working classes. Measures for the- amendment of thesr-
lawa, so fnr ns thoy como within the jurisdiction of
the parliament of Canada, will be submitted for your
The early termination of the acts of incorporation
of the principal bunking institutions of the Dominion
necessitates n review of our present system of banking
and uu adjustment of the terms under which the
charters of those companies should bo renewed. Your
attontion will bo drown to this important subject.
Certain amendments to tho acta relating to the
Northwest territories, calculated to facilitate the administration of affairs in that region, ua also a bill
further to promote the efficiency of the Northwest
mounted police, will bo submitted for your consideration;
Measures will bo laid before you relating to bills of
exchange tint] promissory notes; to improvo the law
respecting 'patents of invention and discovery; to
amend the food adulteration not and lhc lnw respecting the inland revenue; to uineud also the aet respecting the gcologicnl and natural histories and survey of
Cnnnda. ami to provide for better organization of the
national printing establishments.
Gentlemen of the Houao of Commons :
The accounts for tho past year will bo laid bofore
you. It will lie found that the estimates of revenue
have boon realized und that after having fully provided for the various public services of the country, a
substantial surplus will remain.
The cstimutes for next year have boon framed with
a tiuo regard to the requirements of the public service.
Hon. Gentlemen of the Senate ; Gentlemen of the
Houso of Commons:
1 commit theso weighty matters and nil others
which mny eome before you to your earnest consideration' and 1 rely upou your wisdom ami prudence to
deal with them in the manner which, under divine
providence, mny provo most conducive to the happiness and prosperity of Canada.
His excellency then handed tiio parchment roll to
his secretary, Hon. Capt, Colville, who in turn hand
ed it to tho speaker. His excellency ami his distinguished suite then withdrew from the chamber. Tim
members returned through tho library and other passages to the commons chamber.
Tho speakor announced that writs had been issued
during recess to fill the vacancies whioh had been
created by death and resignation and named tho gentlemen who had beon elected in their stead. They
were then introduoed in tha usual formal manner.
Neit followed routine business. It is understood
that Mr. Rufus Pope will move the nddress, to bo
seconded by Mr. Thos. Rarlo, of Viotoria. LOCAL ITEMS IN BRIEF.
No police court this morning.
Room I, Bonk Building, is the temporary office of
TheCoh'mhian. 'tc
New stock of spring overcoats in all prices und
sizes at J. E. Phillips. 3t
The fish market keeps well filled with all kindB of
fish.   There are scarcely any game receipts.
The influenza is still running epidemic at Victoria,
and very mnny new cases are reported daily,
The ico on tile river was na solid as ever to-dny, and
many persons crossed to and from Brownsville in
It ia roported thr.t tiiu stoamor 'Dunsmuir wns at
Ladners yesterday. For ull that was in hor wny she
might have come on here na usual.
Messrs. Reid & Currie received a carload of machinery yesterday from Toronto, via C. P. R. The
goods were just iti days in transit, whioh is very fast
Mr. Wintemute ia still doing splendid work on the
streets and sidewalks with his snow plough, and his
kindness is appreciated more and more as the wintry
season holds out.
A carload nf fine horses arrived at Vancouver yesterday from Paisley, Ont., for Mr. Thos.- E, Ladner.
The animals were shipped to Victoria and from there
will be reshipped to Ladners Landing.    ;
The Chilliwack election, held yesterdny, resulted
as follows: Reevo, W. Kitchen. Councillors:, ward 1,
F, Lickman; ward 2, J. Reece; wnrd 8, P. McGee;
wnrd 4, C. S. Rider; ward 5, Jas. Armstrong.
Snow began falling IiiBt night about 8 o'clock and
come down in large, wet, fcathcry**"f1akos. The storm
had overy appearance of being a lasting one, but it
ceased shortly after midnight. About an inch of snow
A moeting of tho New Westminster Riflo Association will bo hold this ovening in Mr. Thoa. Mowat's
oilice at 8 o'clock. A full attendance of members is
requested os important matters will come before the
The steamers Lakme and Michigan ore stuck in
the ice on the Columbia rivor on tlieir way from Port-
loud to Vancouver, with freight for tho Parthia on
lier return trip. From latest despatches thoy expected
to extricate thomsolvos within 48 hours.
The municipal elections at Victoria yesterday resulted in the election of Aldermen McKillieon, Vig-
olius and Wilson. The new members elected are
Messrs A, .1, Smith, John Robertson and Josbtio Holland,   The elections passed tiff very quietly,
The Times says la grippe hna not neglected the
navy. On Mondny 1(7'men on tho Swiftsure roported
sick uutl the other ships arc similarly affected. Not
only has every civilized and well conducted household
its patient at tha present time, but even tha dwellers
of (mlnatown ore under the weather v. Itll the rest of
The Paciiic Improvement Company, othorwiso
known aa the Southern Paoifio Railway Company, hos
purchased tho stenm collier Kimborlcy, a vessel of
fit)')!) tona, to ply in tho cool trado botwooon the Comox mines and San Francisco. She laat present under the liritish Hog, but will change to tho Hawaiian
Mrs. Wm. Johnston arrived from Ladnors last
night nfter attending her uncle, Mr. W. H. Burr,
who hos been very ill, but is much bettor. Mrs.
Johnston boil a terrible time getting across from
Brownsville last night. A great quantity of slush
covered the ice to n considerable depth, making the
crossing both disagreeable and dangerous,
The Fairhaven k Southorn hove commenced grading and cutting timber on tho property of the B. ft.
k II. C. It. ft, Co., und yosterday innrning an Injunction was served upon thom. Notwithstanding the injunction tho company did not suspend operations ond
warrants were sworn out againBt them und will be
served ot once for disregarding notice of injunction.
The 11. II. k li. C, IL ft. Co., sny that tho Euirhdvcu
,v. Southern can obtain tbo right' of wny by proceeding
111 the proper manner but unless lliey do they will bc
stopped iu their work.—Whatcom Bulletin.
Seattle juat now ia mourning the departure from her
midst of a gentleman who styled himself Capt, \. D.
Mallnby, ond said that he wus a retired oflicer of the
English nrmy on half poy ond had u gootl nccount
with the bank of British Columbin iu Victoria. The
oaptain lived in the beat of style at the Raider, spent
money freely, and brought mutters to a climax on
Monday night when lie lost $2,1(10 playing punl with
Dr. J. P. Hu.th.rio, of the Bound city. The doctor
wanted hia winnings uud was put oil' with tho remark
tliat "that would be all right. He i-oiibl have a
cheque on the bank in Victoria." Other accounts
were Bottled by the urbane captain in the some way,
and yosterday a chomio of hts, drawn iu Seattle, waa
presented ot the hunk In Victorin for payment. It
wus refused, us Capt. Mitllnby bad no account, nor
bid ho ot any time been known to lhe bunk. Ho hos
left Seattle, nnd it is belioved he cntue to Victoria on
Monday's steamer.
Purl iom'.ml will be asked te deal with tbe question
of recit) o:ity in wrecking between Canada ami the
United Statea on the great hikes. Messrs. Clmrlton,
Patterson nml Kirkpatriek give notice thnt thoy will
Introduce bills on tbe subject. Mr, Patterson's measure is the most complete as he proposes to extend
coasting privileges in Canada to United States vessels,
if reciprocal favors are granted hy Congress.
lhe funeral of Herr Wedd, the socialist editor,
which took place at Hamburg yesterday, was made
the occasion of an immense socialist demonstration,
(1(1,(100 people marching in the procession.
Tho trial of Thomas Kane, for the murder of his
wife, was concluded at the Toronto assises yesterday,
and he was found guilty of murder. The jury recommended him to mercy on the grounds tliat he was under the influence of liquor wheu he committed the
crime Mr, Justice Street sentenced the prisoner to
be hanged on February 12th.
General satisfaction is expressed at Ottawa thot the
report bf tlto dentil of Mr, Chiaholm, M, P., wna unfounded. All tho British Columbia members except
Mr. Mara huvo arrived.
Parliament will be naked to vote {$400,000 towards
the enlargement of the Eiiiuimolt dry dock 100 feet,
milking it 575 foet iu length. This step is rendered
necessary owing to tbo development of tlio Asiatic
trado, the new steamers building for the C. P. R.
being too large for the present dock. The imperial
government will lie naked to contribute.
A leading Northwest member will nsk the government to Introduce u measure making polygamy a punishable offence in order to reach the Mormons guilty
of those practices, aa no law ngninst this offence oxiBta
nt present ou the statute book,
The Boulangist deputies are going to revive the bill
advocating the establishment of a national fund fur
pensioning disabled aud ugetl workmen.
The Emporor of Germany hus telegraphed to tho
Duke of Cambridge requesting hiin to inform the English army of the sympathy of the Emperor of Germany with British soldiers in tlieir loss of Lord Napier,
of Magihila, one of their ablest generals and bravest
The North German Gazette advises Portugal to
speedily arrive ut a friendly agreement with England
as to their respective frontiers in southeast Africa.
Several English commercial houses in Lisbon and
Oporto are preparing a protest against tlie ultimatum
oftho British government, declaring that they regard
the despatch of an English man-of-war to Portuguese,
waters as injurious to their business.
Thu Gorman government is iu receipt of n telegram
from Mujor Wissman stating us the result Of liis pro-
olamution of amnesty to nil unlives willing to submit
to German authority) that thousands of Arabs tl
pardoned ore Hocking to the coast.
The E. &. N. railwny trains for the lirat time in
their history were blockaded 'with Biiow on the road
to-day. Tlm down train left Nanaimo ufc the usual
time and arrived about 4 o'clock ibis nfternoon. The
ruu from Nunaiinu to Cheninimis occupied three hours,
the snow being four feet deep. At Oyster I Jay, this
morning, it is reported the snow was 3 inches above
the lloor of the baggage ear. At the summit it ia fully
aix feet deep, ii" full of anow formally yeara boing anything like it. The nortii bound train of two ears,
pulled by two engines, wus nt Cobble Hill at '1 o'clock,
while the up going freight was two miles thia aide of
the summit, und the down freight stuck ut Wellington.
Strange us it muy seem, it hna been snowing on tho
line north of the summit almost continuously sinco
Saturday morning so thut the trains wnit out with
snow ploughs on und the enginea cnrriod plenty of
coul. —[Wednesday's Times.
All monies duo the estato of the lutu Robert Dickinson muat be poid forthwith to W. W. DICKINSON,
All accounts outstanding on the Slat day of January,
1800, wilt be placed in the hands of our solicitors for
collection. C. M. DICKINSON,
jltl-td Executors,
Detailed statement of the election espouses of Thoa,
Cunningham, at tho election hold at New Westminster November 25th, 1880:
Printing (Columbian)  $147 58
Printing (Truth)  87 50
Shorthand  report  5 00
Otis bill  2 (15
Total SIH2 78
J. ('.ARMSTRONG, Agent.
New Wostminstor, B. ('., Jnn. 12th, 18110.    jlfiwl
No.lOO.t,G]toi:i'IL, Nbw WkstminstkhDistkiot.
Whereus the certificate of title of John Cochrane to
iu id ubove hereditament a has been lost or destroyed,
am) application bus boon made to me for the issuance
of a duplicate thereof.
Notice is hereby given that I will, at the expiration
of one munth from (late, issue such dunliente certificate
of title, unless In the meantime valid objection be
made to me to tbo contrary In writing.
District Registrar.
Land Registry Oflice, New Westminster, lleoember
Uth, 1881). wlm
[L. 8.]
VlOTOHiA, by the Graco of God, of the United Kingdom tif Great Britain und Ireland, QUKKK, Defendei
of the Faithj etc., etc, etc.
To Our faithful tho Members elected to Berve in the
Legislative Assembly of Our Province of British
Columbin, nml summoned and culled to a meeting
of the Legislature or Parlionient of Our suid Province, at Our City of Victorio, on Thursday, the
Sixth day of February, 1800, to hnve been commenced und held, ond overy of yuu—Greeting.
TiiBODonti Davie, \ WHEREAS tho meeting of the
Attorney-General. / Legislature or Parliament of tho
Province of British Columbia, stands called for Thursday, the Sixth day of "February, 1800, at which time
at Our City of Victoria, you were bold and constrained
to appear.
NOW KNOW VE, that for divers tanses and considerations, and taking into consideration the ease and
convenience of Our loving subjects, We have thought
fit, by and with the advice of Our Executive Council
of tho Province of British ('olumbia, to hereby convoke, antl by these presents enjoin you, ami each of
you, that on Thursday, the Twbnty-tiiihd dayof
the month of January, 1800, you meet Us in Onr
said Legislature or Parliament of Our said Province.
at Our City of Victoria, FOR THE DISPATCH OF
BUSINESS,  to treat,   do,   net, and conclude upon
those things wliich iu Our legislature of the Province
of British Columbia, by the Common Council of Our
said Province mny, by the favor of God, bc ordained,
In Testimony Whereof, We have caused theae
Our Letters'to'ho made Patent,andtheGrcatSeal
of the aaid Province to be hereuntoattixed:   Witness, tho Honorable Himn Nelson, Lieutenant-
Governor of Our said Province of British Colnm-
biu, in Our City of Victorin, in Onr said Province,
this twenty-sixth dny of December in the your of
Our Lord one thouauntt eight hundred and eighty-
nine, ond iu the fifty-third year of Our Reign.
By Command. JNO. ROBSON,
ds .11-til Provincial Secretary.
Notice is hereby given that application will be mado
to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British
Columbin ut ita noxt session for an act to Incorporate
u company to construct, opernto nnd maintain a street
railway in tho City of New Westminater, nnd to acquire lauds aud do ull things necessary for the purposes aforesaid.
Dated this 25th duy of September, 1880.
For selves nml others.
A boy 111 yoars old ns an articled clerk in u law office.   Apply to box 240, New Westminster.    jSdlit.
Notice ia hereby given that the |mrtnership heretofore subsisting between the undersigned, carpenters,
has been dissolved this tiny by mutual consent. All
accounts owing the undersigned uro to be paid to S.
Turner, nod ull claims ngninst Ihe snid lirm are to be
paid by bim. EDGAR A. KIPP.
S. TruNim will continue the businesa under his own
name at tin- siuno shop on Main street, Centrovilb*.
opposite A. Kipp'a harness simp. All kinds of woodwork done; satisfaction guaranteed.
Chilliwhaok, Dee. 20, 1880. ja.iw'hii
A brown heifer boa strayed op to the premises of
thu subscriber, ou Melbourne atreet. The owner can
have her by proving property snd paying expenses. If
not claimed within thirty duys shu will be aold to pay
expenses. (j8dlin) A. J. GORDON.
Lot No,  12, Block XXII, and Lot No. 21, Block
XXVIII, City or New Westminster.
A certificate of indefeasible title to the above mentioned hereditaments will be issued to Alexander
Conl18 on the 1 Ith duy of January, 1800, unless in the
meantime a valid objection thereto be made to tbu
undersigned in writing by somo person claiming an
estate or interest in said hereditaments or some purl
Deputy Registrar.
Land Registry Office,
New Westminster, 7th Ootobor, 1881). jlowl
Tenders will be received by tho undersigned, nt the
City Hall, up to Monday, 20th inst,, at (1 p. m., for
the erection of u Are had. Plans and specifications
may be seen at the City Clerk's office.
Chairman B. of W.
New Westminster, Jan. Uth, 1880. St


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