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The Daily British Columbian Jan 20, 1890

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ritish Columbian.
VoLUMti   7.
Nkw Westminster, B. C, Monday Evening, January zo, 1890,
Number 171
The death of Mr. Alex. Crnig-Scllur, Unionist M,P.
for the Pnrtick divi lion of Lanark, hus caused a va-
cuicy in the imperial house of commons, tho contest
for whioh will be watched with keen anxiety by both
Hotii'! Rulers and tho frienda of Lord Salisbury's gov*
urnmont. At tho last eleotion, in 1880, the deceased
gontlomon boat his Gladstonian opponent by n majority of 80] on a total poll of (1,(180 votes, 2,053 electors
preferring to abstain from coating ballots. The wires
tell us that the Liberals think they enn reverse the
figures of four years ngo, nnd this does not seem unlikely in view of the fact that the late member was a
popular man, no menu parliamentarian, and of lurge
knowledge of public nfl'nira.
The social usages and customs of the world are no
leas numerous and varied than ure the different races
an I imtiiiialitHs, and in not a fow cases aro strangely
ludicrous, un'il one gets u3cd",to thom, at any rnte.
As un Illustration, etiquette requires, in Chinese conversation thut, each should compliment the other and
depreciate himaolf and nil his belongings. It is affirmed that, the following ii not an exaggeration;
"What is your honorable name!" "My insignificant
appellation is Chang." "Where is your magnificent
palace?" "My contemptible hut is at Luehan."
"How many are your illustrious children!" ''My
vile, worthless brats are five." "How is tho health ot
your distinguished spouse?" "My mean-good-for-
nothing old woman is well," Tho salutations of a
people to aomo extent indicate their national character. '"May God strengthen yoiir morning" brings to
the foreground the Arab's faith in destiny. The oriental "May thy shadow never grow loss," shows the
honor placed in obesity. The French "How do yon
carry -yourself?"" indicates the regard for forms. The
Gorman's habit of generalizing ib seen in "How goes
it?" and the Englishman's practical mind in "How ore
Who will succeed Prince Bismarck in the lurge place
he has tilled for so long in the German empire? is a
very natural nnd pertinent question, considering thnt
the "man of blood and iron" hiis already exceeded the
tiireo-sc-re-oiid-ten mark by about five years. There
cm be little doubt that Bismarck's own plan is that his
son, Count Herbert Bismarck who is uow at the hend
of the foreign oflice at Berlin, shall step into his shoes.
As his enemies put it, his wish is to establish a Bismarck dynasty. To this end Count Herbert has of late,
undoubtedly by his father's arrangement, lieen brought
bofore the eyes of the German people ami of Europe
*.- much as possible. But it is no secret that Bismarck
junior doei nok enjoy the confidence of the preaent
emperor, who shows no desire to allow bim to assume
the position of hit principal adviser. Iu thia commotion it is worthy of mention thai the laic Prince, ot
fe ie timo of his lamented death, Emperor Frederick en-
t rtainoda very poor opinion of .the rising Bismarck
scion which fact undoubtedly went for towards embittering the elder Hismark ngninst him. It in snid that
the young German emperor not only hna no particular
liking for Count Herbert who is held partly responsible
for late blunders in the udmiiiistrntinii of foreign affairs,
but that the same aeiitinient is extended towards the
chancellor himself, and while ho may be willing to
submit to the dictation of Bismarck the First for a
time, William II. has no intention of allowing another
Bismarck to share the throne with him.
Rut if Count Herbert is not to succeed his father,
who is? Is the second pertinent inquiry. The answer
given by many in Germany ib Count Von Waldersee,
whom the emperor appointed chief of the general stuff
of the army upon Von Moltke's resignation. This
officer is generally regarded as the representative of
tho Kreiiz/.eitutig party, and in many quarters ho Is
looked upon as the "coming mun." He has beou
nearly forty yeara iu the army, and has always ilia-
played great ability in military otloirs, but until (he
now regime began hu was invariably kept in the rear
when bis services might have proved most useful.
The young emperor, however, has now brought him to
the front, nnd it would not tie surprising if before
long he became chief of political affairs in Germany as
well as ohief of the army. Should this happen tiiu
chuiioes uf trouble in Europe, it is thought, will be
greatly increased. Von Waldersee is n warrior by in-
nliiiutioii as welt as by training, and it is this, probably, that haa won him the emperor's favor. It Is oven
said that ho desires war at once. The emperor's war*
like tendencies, It is woll known, have been kept in
cheek only by Bismarck, and thore is no telling what
may happen when tho restraining hand ia withdrawn
and military ambition gains full sway at court. William IL is» hot-blooded young man, ami with General Von Waldersee an his chief advisor he might
easily be tempted to net Europe in an uproar by precipitating war. For these reasons the frequent reports
of Bismarck's ill-health cause much uneasiness, as he s
looked upon by many ns thu strongest bulwark, under
nil the circumstances, for the preservation of the
peace of Europe,
A Bcuudiil that has resulted in the disruption of a
well-known family in this city, developed yeaterday
morning. The pnrtios implicated, though not promi'
nent in social circles, nro known to a largo number of
people, nnd tho details of the affair whon make public
will cause quite a sensation. We refrain from giving
names at presont The particulars of the unfortunate
affair are as follows: Tlio wifo of a well-known builder
has been suspected of infidelity by her husband for
some time past, but as no substantial proof was at
hand the Iiusband forgot his suspicions for a time and
oven imagined that he had been mistaken, However,
a few days ago his suspicions were again aroused, and
this time he determined to prove the truth or falsity
of thom. The family in question have kept several
hoarders for some mouths past, and one of theso, a
tinsmith, working in the eity, and well-known In uth
letic circles, was the person suspected of having unlawful relations with the wife. On Saturday the husband went home and told Ids wife that he had been
called to Vnucouver, and would lie absent tilt Monday. He then pretended to leave, but instead of
doing so, secreted himself in a closet adjoining the
suspected boarder's room. During the afternoon ho
hud obtained the services of a friend, who hail been
stationed in the cellar to await developments. About
1 o'clock yestorday moruing tho woman was heard to
enter tbu boarder's room, ami tho husband quietly
slipped down stairs and informed hia friend.
The two iiHcended and suddenly broke into
the raom, catching the guilty couplo flagrante
delicto. The Iiusband was armed with a weapon, and
being in a terrible frame of mind, would have done
bodily harm to thu couple had he not been disarmed
by his friend and another member of the household.
Naturally there was a great disturbance and the woman plead for forgiveness and offered to make a complete confession if she would be taken back to her
husband's bosom again. The Imarder left the house iu
hot baste, and sought refuge in more congenial quarters. The woman made n confession of her misdeeds
in writing and signed her name to it. This, together
with the facta of the affair as seen by the witnesses,
were at onco placed , in the hands of a leading legal
firm, and proceedings will immediately lie taken liy
the husband to obtain a legal separation from his unfaithful wife.
The hoarder took thu early train for Vancouver yesterday morning mul left that city later on the dny by
the Bteamor Premier for Seattle, he thinking, no
doubt, thnt snfety in his ease lay only in flight, And
in this supposition he wns very likely correct. The
guilty wife wna quietly told thot sho must seek a home
elsewhere, which alio wna very loath to ilo; bnt tears
and pleadings were unavailing, the outraged husband
would hurbnur her no longer, ami she was finally
forced to leavo the house nnd return to her father's
The celebration of the Chinese Now Year began this
morning the moment the ultimate chime of twelve hud
mug the knell of the year tint had past. "The
heathen Chinee Is peculiar," as Bret Harte says, and
one of his peculiarities Is his predeliction for tho firecracker and the paper bomb. Innumerable quantities
of these light artillery wero exploded this morning,
and all over the oity a continuous crackle could be
hoard, aud the smell of "villainous saltpetre'' begin to
monopolize tho atmosphere of Front street and the
neighborhood of tho awiimp. Chinese lanterns were
lit ami tom-toms, cotestiul hurdy-gurdies, fiddles,
harps uml drums manipulated until there was 110 rest
for the weary, The night policemen loomed through
the haze of smoke like war correspondenth in the
thick of battle, ami ever and anon the "hi yip yeo" of
the rejoicing Mongolians swelled upon the gale. They
a wormed on tho streets and sidewalks, climbed over one
another iu'the narrow stair ways ami passages; they
exchanged presents peculiar aud salutations grotesque;
tho life of llio average cigar was briefer than the snow
flakes on tjie river, and wns almost as plentiful. The
toothsome ginger jnr was broached, and evanescent aa
tho fleeting cloud was tho existence of each saccharine
lump in tho celestial throat, Tho coy buttle of wine
was slyly extracted from its depths in the dorkneaa;
and, divested of cork and wrappings, and cobwebs
and dirt, mado merry music as It fell jn a musical cascade into the first receptacle, thu cup, and thou into
the second, throat alley of the smiling swallowor.
Nuts, Almonds, raisins, crackers, the succulent China
orange and the {esthetic China Illy decorated the
tables in every house and whoever wilted oould help
himself at pleasure.   The elegant roues of Chlnadom
passod o fow hours in trying with the dice at the tan>*
tou board, winning or losing as the case might be.
Even tho languid opium smoker shook of his lassitude
and got up to enjoy, dreamily, the fun of the occasion.
Visite wore mado and callers received nt evory house,
and Won Lungcordially, and without envy or jealousy
greeted his more fortunate neighbour Tow Lung in
a maimer to draw tenia from a parish pump.
That solid citizen. Sing Gee Foo, in spite oi
hia parent's dedication of him to Apollo
and Bacchus whon they christened him, cume around
as meek ns a mouse nml sobor us Socmies; while Wu
Fang Lee ovbiccd not tho -'lightest desire to bite anybody. 1 n fact, to sum tip in the words of the Milesian
gentleman who couldn't keep anothor off the tail of
his coat and got hia head broken in consequence, "a
most Illogaiifc time wna enjoyed by nil." Not n tup of
work wns done by Chinoso hands to-day, tho whole
twentj-four hours being given up completely toon-
joy ment and jollification. It may bc said, with some
truth, that tbo Chinese arc somewhat behind tlie
times—thnt is, the white tlmosr—but thoy make up for
it amply iu the way thoy throw themselves into tlie
full and honrty enjoyment of such an occasion as the
Although the Lisbon journals, alarmed at the consequences of tbe hostility manifested hy the people
against the British, advise them to moderate their
bitterness, the boycotting of British tradesmen and
other residents iu Lisbon, Oporto and otlier cities continues going on to the extent even of cancelling contracts. A vigilance committee is watching tbe customs house here to ascertain who are the receivers of
British goods uud denounce them to the publio as unworthy of their custom or confidence. There is m
abatement in the feeling, which is sustained and increased by the sympathy that Portugal receives from
other countries.
The Portuguese government anticipates a favorable
reply to its note to tho powers, asking tbelr intervention in the dispute between Portugal und Great Brit-
tain concerning the territoiy in Africa.
Four persons were killed uml n large number seriously injured by the explosion of a boiler in a mill ut
DobsobUts, Hungary, yesterdny. The fireman, who
was killed, was blown through the roof,
Tho condition of the Duke of Aosta, who is ill with
pneumonia in Rome, in slightly improved tliis morn
ing. M. Marioni, the .French . amhassuilor to this
country, died to-day from pneumonia.
The Central Miners' oommittee at Easel hns addressed a demand to the Mine Owners' association for
50 per cent, increase in wages, and 8 hour labor a day,
and for the payment of the wages in bi-weekly instalments. There is no indication that the masters will
concede these demands,
Tho St. Petersburg Official Journal expresses the
opinion that England is bound to submit ber dispute
with Portugal to arbitration.
King Leopold has donnted a sufficient sum of money
to establish the Sanitarium of Moiinda in the Congo
country for the benefit of African explorers and others,
While travelling in tho express from Vienna to Berlin to day.a lady passenger was suddenly taken ill and
a physician on the train pronounced tier uilment to be
smnll-pox. She was brought to Dresden and conveyed to a hospital, In answering questions she asserted
that she is a daughter of Mr, Thomas A. EdiBon, tli*
Am rieon electrician,
Slavin cobles from London to the Police Gazette
ehallengiug JolmL. Sullivan to fight for $12,500*
sido, London prize 1 ing rules, in America or Europe,
or to a fight with small gloves, Polioe Gazette niles,
for $5,001) a side, at. the California Atiiletie Club provided tlm Club will add a $16,000, purso to the stake.
Slnvin haB posted a ,*?2,i"i(10 forfeit,
Tbo consul-general iu New Vork of tho Argentln*
rcpublie, states Hal on December 'Inl the government
formally recognized the republic of Brazil and fixed
December 8th as the day of national celebration of the
event. On Ihe latter day flags wore displayed and
all public places illuminated in Buenos Ayres and
salutes were fired by the Argentine men-of-war at
home and abroad. g
Pi ■'»'*• Am ulcus, the Duke ♦f Aosta, brother oT
King Jlumbrrt and of the ex-King of Spain, died nt
Turin at 7 o'clock Saturday evening of pneumonia, ro
stilting from influenza. He retained consajopsiitiss to
the lust. Cardinal Atimondn, the Archhhh >p of Turin, conveyed to tho dying man tho blessing of the
pope. In consequence of his death nil the theatres in
the kingdom have boon ordered to bo closed. Prince
Amadous was in his 45th year,
It has just transpired that a *flpng couple who
had made evory arrangement to elope to the other
side of tho line on Thursday, were1 frustrated In
their design hy un angry fathor. Tho young lady
is the ilau diter of a Johnson street merchant, the
young man being a well-known manipulator of Tfa-
viuia leaf which is disposed of under the title of
"Kurt// Own," The young couple had secretly completed thoir arrangements even to (he engaging of
rooms on the steamer, but the father hearing of it effectually prevented tho. event taking place. It Is
suid the angry papa swore in several languages including German! tnat if the young man evor whistled
another tuno around his house he would make matters
lively for bim.—Colonist. LOCAL ITEMS IN BRIEF,
No police court ibis moruing,
Room I, Bank Building, is the temporary offico of
New stock of spring overcoats in nil prices and
bi/cs at ,1. 13, Phillips. :tt
'flic line woathor yosterday hail tiioefVjetof filling
all the ohurches morning and evening,
Mr. Fred, Turner won the appropriation of $1000
at the Building Society drawing on Saturday bight,
Ouo lonely vagrant figured in the police court this
moruing; he waa invited to go and ho wont, like a
sensible vagrant.
Chief Justice BegWimw riven his decision on the
school'tax question. He declares thai the act imposing the spooml school tax on tho cilia-, is constitutional,
Now ia your time to get a auit of clothes cheap.
Making room for spring stock of tweeds direct from
London, Eng. Beiicis k tii:.utu.
The ice on the river was considerably strengthened
by last night's frost. The thermometer dipped a fow
degrees lower during the night than for a couplo of
weoks past.
An enthusiastic young snowsboor wus to be seen
treading the "beautiful Oil the cricket ground this
morning. Seldom, if ever, hove anowshnes been used
in Westminster,
The cold woathor is likely to last for another month.
Why be uncomfortable; whon you eon buy overcoats
at Ogle, Campbell ft Co'a ot 25% discount—mon'q,
youthV and children's. j20wl
Mr. R. VV. Armstrong, who haa beon confined to his
home for moro than a week with a bovcio attack of la
grippe, is now much butter nud will be able to return
to businoss in a f iw days.
The steamer Diiiisniuir is making regular trips to
Ladners! To that point and in faot to within a ahort
distanco of this city tlie river is clear of ice, uml there
is nothing to impede navigation.
Mr. H N. Rich, of Ladners, who hnd the misfortune to break his ankle a few weeka ngo. is now
able to movo about with little difficulty aud ina woek
or two more will bo ua well us ever.
Satri Greer is to tho front again, this limo with an
appeal to the members of the legislative assembly for
justice in bis land case. Ho promises to appeal in his
caae to the electors nt the approaching ■ general
Kggs are at a premium in the oity. Several of tho
hotels ore Buffering from this cause, or rather their
boarders nro. In fact "hum and oggs" is only u memory of tho past, instead of u reality of ihe present,
and the mysteries of custard arc guileless of eggs just
Mr. W. H. Ladnor, M.P.P., was in the city today,
en route fur tho capital to attend tho coming session
of parliament, lie called at Tiik Coliimihas oilice to
renew bis subscription and express his regrets ot tho
misfortune this establishment lias lately met with.
Mr, Ladner ia oticuf TukCoi.umiuan bofi friends, and
never losca an opportunity of saying a kind word for
the paper.
The Mary Reynolds mineral claim ut Stump Lako,
Nicola, iu which Mr. J. Hepburn held a considerable
intereat, hus been Hold to Messrs. Wilson k Turner,
Victorin, representing the Nicola Milling ami Mining
Co. which is controlled by English capitalists. Tho
now owners hove a good claim tn the Mary Reynolds,
ami if operations ure pushed we have no doubt a large
output will bo the result the coining season.
Moassr. E, 0. Rogers and Charles Dunbar, two St.
Paul, Minn,, capitalists, hove, during the lust few
•lays, closed real estate transactions in Vancouver aggregating $200,000, The property ia situated principally ou Pender and Hastings streets and the Brig-
house estate. Both gentlemen are wry highly pleased
with thu prospects of ibe city, and are satisfied that
their Investments will bo exceedingly profitable.
A good many people took advantage of tho splendid
weather yeBterday to enjoy o sleigh ride into the
country. The roods wore in excellent condition for
this means of travel, The strength of tho sun's rays
was enough to make quite n visible impression on the
ice. Above Brownsville and opposite tne penitentiary
a large open spoco of water wos to be noticed in the
afternoon} this spot froze over again during lust night.
Voting for mayor and aldermen took place at Nannimo Thursday. Kor mayor, John Hilbert polled 243
votes against hia opponent, Geo Cnmphell's, 117, giving the former the unprecedented majority of 12(1.
In the north ward Messrs. Craig k Nightingale were
elected; in the Hiiuth ward Messra. Baker and Gilbert
woro elected; and in the middle ward Messrs. J. Ah-
rains, W. H. Morton and E. Quennell were elected by
Tho report of the minister of the crown lands recently Issued, statea that there ure 'J.") sow mills in the
province, with a doily capacity inthe aggregate of
170,000 or about 275,000,000 pur annum. Tho acreage of timber looses held from tho provincial govornmont uuinunta to l;'.."i,ini"' ncres, uml ou crown lnnds,
10, Olio,'00- timber lcaeuhold, 11,423, 505, private property :',:«, 352; total 81,878,384; royalty collected,
-*$I2,575,5J'; rebate on timber exported S'1,031,48,
At ViMnria on Thursday, iu chambers, the nrgu-
menl oli the application to quash the Victoria Sitaineh
and Westminster Railway bonus by-law was hoard.
The objections taken to the by-luw wore aome fifteen
iu numW, tbo principal being that the by-law exceeds
the powera of the municipal net, since it grants money
nnd exempts from taxation, that the mayor having an
interest In the company was disqualified from acting
with the council in the conferring of benefits on the
company,   Decision reserved.
'Hie Dominion Illustrated for January I lib contains
the portraits of some of our noted men-Sir Joseph
ttiofcson having the place of honor, while tho Hon. P.
J. O. Chuuveau, once a prominent figure in Canadian
public life, and Dr. .1. G. Bourlnot, the now C. M. O.,
form an Interesting pair.     The -other features of the
number will plonso the lover of scenery, the antiquary,
the enthusiastic for industrial progress, uud tbu Can-
iidian patriot, to whichever of tiiese classes ho may lm-
long, There is a line seriea of New Brunswick views
—Grand Falls on the St. John river, n .vnluablo ino-
montb of Old Canada—-tlio house in which Vnudrenil
signed tho capitulation of Montreal,an Indian scene nn
Rainy river, and o flno art picture. "Joan of Are,"
j by Ciiittnilloii. Altogether it is an excellent number, both iu illiifitral ond letterpress,   Prioe of
j subscription, -$4 a year. Address. Mr. C. E. Dosbar-
; ats, niaunging-dfrector'Dominion i tinted Publish-
] Ing Company, 79 St. lain         I ntroul,
THE BROKE i  '    '" IE
libera of
l   more
in the
lou tho
th. 8.]
The North Arm brltl o. wh
: -,, - ivtly
by the ice o few weels ■   . i
ita present condition,   From
i   genileii.au
atniticd tho structure a few da
■■■ tt£0 'r IIH   C'
learns that tho bridgo was nol
injured by the
ing down rivor, but by tho fla
up stream'by the flood tide
thu broken span hove beo i oa
than a iiiilo above tlie i I'i Igo,
Ice.    Unless the ico is ko it fn
,' r inin"; '
river breaks up, it is thought
that the larger portion of tho i-
oi'tain by onr 1
Tiietiire will 1
I will not be rosponsiblo for any debts which may
be contracted by iny wifo, Rachel Helena Lund.
Dated New Westminster, 20th Jauuary, 1890.
Is hereby given that I have this day disposed of my
boot ami shoe business to Gordon ft Co.   All tiinounts
owing will be collected by myself, and all accounts, to
this dato, due by mo will bo Bottled by myself.
a. b. Wintemute.
Now Westminster, Jnn. 15th, 1800.
N.B.—While thanking the public for the liberal
patronage bestowed on me in the post, I trust tbey
will continue to extend tbu sonic fuvor to ii y successors. jilM'Wl
I lis Honor the Lieutenant-Governor has been pleased
to make the following appointments!
Sth Jununry, 1800.
Joseph F, Bott, of Frenoh Creek, Esquire, to be a
Juat ice of the Peace In and for the County of Naliaimo,
Province of Britiah Columbia.
Frank S. Soloiia, of the Town of Nelson,   Esquire,
to be a Justice of tbe Peace iu nml for the Comity of
Kootenuy, Province of British Columbia.
In hereby given thnt sixty days after dato we intend
to apply to tho Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
ami Works for permission to purchuso 0,071 acres,
more or less, being land covered by our Timber Lease
L, situate ou a lake emptying into Village Boy,
Valdez Island, Saywnrd District.
John Hkvukv. Manager.
January 17th, 1800. jal8-2m
All monies due the estato of the lute Robert Dickinson must he paid forthwith to W. W. Dickinson,
All accounts outstanding on the Hist day of January,
ISiiii. will be placed in the hands of our solicitors for
collection. C. M. DICKINSON,
jlfl-td Executors.
Detailed statement of the election expenses of Thos.
Cunningham, at the election' hold at New Westminster November Bflth, 1880:
Printing (Columbian) |I47 fi8
Printing (Truth)      37 fi0
Shorthand   report        li 00
Gasbill        2 08
Total 1192 78
Now Westminster, B. C, Jan.  12th, 1800.     jlfiwl
No. Huu, Gnoni' II., Nkw WkhtminstkuDisthict.
Whereas the certificate of title of John Cochrane to
uml above hereditaments hos beon lost or destroyed,
ond application has been made to mc for the issuance
of a duplicate thereof.
Notico is hereby given that 1 will, at tho expiration
of one month from ditto, issue such duplicate certificate
of title, unleaa in the incantimo valid abjection be
made to mo to tho contrary in writing.
Distriot Registrar.
Land Registry Office, New Westminster, December
ilth, 1880. *!m
VicroniA, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Groat Britain und Ireland, Qukkn, DefeudSi
oftho Full      etc., etc.
To '' ir faithful  fl     Members elected to serve in the
Leginluti", - A        bly  of Oor Provil f Uritiah
Columbia, an I summoned and called to a meeting
of i'i-1 -:>■'■'  or Parliament of Cur said Provinco, al Our City of Victoria, on Thursday, the
Sixth day of February, 1800, to have been commenced and laid, and every of you—GitBBTINO,
TtlKODOUK Davib, \ WHEREAS the meeting of the
Attorney-General, j Legislature or Parliament of the
Province of British Columbia, stands called for Thursday, the Sixth duy of Febriinry, 1800, at which time
at Our City or Victoria, you were held and constrained
to appear,
NOW KNOW YE, that for divers muses und considerations, ami taking intoeonsiderutioii the ease and
convenience of Our loving subjects, Wu hnvo thought
tit, by and with lho advico of Our Executive Counoil
of tbo Province of British Columbia, to hereby convoke, and by these presents enjoin yon, and eaoh of
you, that on Tiu'iwday, the Twenty-third dayof
the montb of Jantauv,   1890, you meet Us in Our
said Legislature or Parliament of Our suid Province,
ot Our City of Victoria, FOR THE DISPATCH OF
BUSINESS, to trout,   do,   net, nml conclude upon
those things which iu Our Legislature of the Province ■
of British ('olumbia, by the Common Council of Our
said Provinco moy, by the fuvor of God, be ordained,
In Tkstimoxy Whkkkhi-', We have caused these
1   Our Letters to be mndo Patent, nnd tbe Groat Sent
of the snid Province to hu hereunto affixed: .Witness, the Honorable Huiiii Nki-son,  Lieutenant-
Governor nf Our snid Province of liritish Columbia, iu Our City of Viotoria, in Our snid Province,
this twenty-sixth tiny of Doooniber in lhe year of
Our Lord ouo thousand eight hundred and eighty-
nine, and in the fifty-third year of Our Reign.
By Command. JNO. ROBSON,
do ,11-til Provincial Secretary.
Notice is hereby given that application will be made
to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British
Columbia at its noxt session for en net to incorporate
u company to construct, operate nml maintain a atreet
railway in tbo City of Nov/ .Westminster, .and to acquire lands and do ull things necessary for the purposes aforesaid.
Dated this 25th day of Septomber, 1K80.
For selves and othera,
A boy 16 years old ns au articled clerk iu a law offico.  Apply to liox 2-10, New Westminster.    jBdllt.
"Notice is hereby given that the partnership heretofore subsisting betweon the undersigned, carpenters,
has lieen dissolved this day by mutual consent. All
accounts owing tho undersigned are to be paid to S.
Turner, nnd all claims againat tho aaid firm are to be
paid by him, EDGAR A. KIPP.
S. Turnkh will continue the businoss under his own
name at tint samo shop on Main street, Centreville,
opposite A. Kipp's harness shop. AU kinds of woodwork done; satisfaction guaranteed.
Chilllwhack, Dec. 20, 1880. jn3w'mi
A brown hoifer hos strayed on to the premises of
the subscriber, ou Melbourne street. The owner con
have her by proving property uud paying expenses. If
not claimed within thirty days ahe will lie sold te nny
expenses. (jSdlin) A. J. GORDON.
Lot No. 12, Blook XXII, and Lot No. 21, Block
XXV1I1, City ov Nkw Wkstminstbk.
A eertifieate of indefensible title to the above mentioned hereditaments will bo issued to Alexander
Coutts ou the 11th day of January, 1800, unless iu the
meantime u valid objection thereto bo nindo to the
undersigned in writing by some person claiming un
estate or interest in snid hereditaments or somo pnrt
Deputy Registrar.
Land Registry Oflice,
Now Westminster, 7th October, 1889.        jlfiwl
Tenders will be received by the undersigned, at the
City Hull, up to Monday, 20th lust, at 6 p. m„ for
the erection of a fire hall. Flans and specifications
may be seen at the City Clerk's office.
Chairman B. of W.
New Westminster, Jon. Uth, 1889. fit


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