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 Volume 7,
New Westminster, B. C, Friday Evening, December 27, 18
Number 152
We mnko our bow to our readors thia evening with
just what wo stand up in, ao to cpcak. Thu teacher-
ous flumes have licked up our homestead, knot-holes
nnd ill, aifd wo will he compelled to turn over an absolutely new l<*af on thu Nuw Year—if wn cun lind
tho leaf. It does not become uc, however, to .dwell
upon our losses; wliich have been heavy enough.
Other hiiaiuesB lirms in the destroyed bloek have alao
Buffered severely, hut in the complete destruction of a
long e-jUWished newspaper oilice much valuable mutter in the shape of die*, records, lints, etc , i- wiped
out that no money cun replace.
Notwithstanding the heavy reverse that happened
this morning, we will be enabled, through the kind-
msn ci our cotemporaries, tn'iasuc 'Tub Coli'MMA***,
inagreatly reduced form, every evening aa usual,
without missing an issue, we t-ust, until a lompk-tu
new pi mt, including steam engino, presse*, uud other
machinery, atrives. Stops are being taken to provide a
now and first-class outfit with as little delay an possible,
and in the meantime we trust that our daily, as well
as our weekly readers (whom we shall endeavor to
supply with.some makeshift for Tuk Weekly Columbian'), will vouchsafe us that indulgence which our
present rather unfortunate predicament demands. By
the time the Now Year is a montli or six weeks old
We hope to be able to present Tin; Coh'.miiias to our
numerous readers, daily and weekly, as a brand new
journal throughout, save as to principle, and as soon
as possiblo to have a bettor jobbing establish.nent
than ever in operation. To our readers one and nil
we wish a "Happy New Year."
Immediately after The Columbian's loss was
known, kind offers of assistance were received in
all directions. The Truth Printing Co. placed
their -whole establishment at our disposal, and this
ictus ie tho result of their kind <i&oq$fafafp Sillitoe offered the Churchman's Gazette; Reid & Currie placed steam power nnd office room, in their
factory, at our disposal; Mr. McLagan, of the
Vancouver World, offered type, press and any
other assistance required; the News-Advertiser
telephoned tendering us the use of any material,
and besides all these, numerous other offers nf assistance were received. To all the kind friends
who volunteered to assist us in our troubles, The
Columbian is deepful thankful;
All the safes on the premises where the fire occurred were found in good condition, among the
ruins.   The contents were unharmed.
Chief Ackerman gave his .enters from the top of
the Cunningham block; an advantageous position
from which he could see all tliat was going on.
Sacks of flour which had been in the hottest nf
the fierce blaze were found almost unharmed, owing to the outside forming a cake when the water
touched it.
Johnny Wise ran bare-footed and/ bi&liea-M^
through the snow to givo the alarm jft Ap statiijj,
Many think the snow saved Front ariefihat part
of Columbia slreet west of the conflagration.
The mate of the steamer Irving deserves the
greatest praise for his prompt and gallant 111a-
lueuovcring of that steamer's hose.
Co.'s was  found
The Columbian, Lyal's, Wolfen-
den's antl Cunningham's Stores.
The tank opposite Ellard &
empty when tapped this morninj.
says this is bad.
The want ol force in the strca ns issuing from
l'nblic opinion
the different hoses giu'O food for
citizens.   Even at the best, the
barely attained the height of the
of Montreal.
bought to ninny
itrongest stream
top of the Hank
Mr. Geo. Scoullar is a credit |o the fire department; his sensible orders and sk I in handling the
hose elicited admiration.
Lieutenant Mowat loses a vi uable Highland
costume, which had been left i i Messrs. Lyal's
store. Miss Drummond also loser a valuable valise
and other articles from the sain cause. Mr. F,
R. (ilover loses a portion of a t ilitary outfit ex
reeding a hundred dollars in vali >.
■ AND $70,000 GOES UP
The Loss in Only Partially Covered to/ Insurance,
nml alltho.te Htveftt by thtt Five wilt
lone   Heavily.
Somewhere about half-past six this morning Mr.
\V. N. Draper, wharfinger at Mathers & Miltignn's
dock, noticed smoke and flame coining from under
the eaves in tbe rear portion of The Columbian
establishment, and Messrs, W. & G. Wolfenden'-*
store. This alarming spectacle was simultaneously witnessed by Captain Cavan of tjic steamer
Rainbow and an1 officer bn the steamer Irving.
These gentlemen immediately gave the alarni, aptf
in a very short space of time the powerful hose of
the Irving was brought to bear on the incipient
blaze, which every moment was gathering headway. The hose - was hauled up on top of an
adjoining roof and the nozzle very skilfully handled
by one of the living's men. The fire alarm sounded a few moments later and the engines were
promptly'ori the scene, the steamef rtihing down
lower Mary street nt break-neck speed Probably
owing to the excited state which the nwn were in,
the suction pipe was shoved too far down and became choked with sand and yravelJicndering the
engine totally worthless for over p hour. The
old reliable hand engine was got wwork by many
willing hands opposite the America, hotel, and did
capital service. The fire by this t/mc had gained
complete control of tbe "Buildings, and its fierce
roar and crackling could be (pard blocks away.
When the flames got full possesion of the printing room of The Columiiian' dike ihe heat was
intense and drove the great tWrVds iybo had assembled, back to a rcspccinlc distance. The
giant tongues of flame roarcci upwards furiously
licking up every combustible it'ap within reach;
and with the fall of floors, rafted beams and heavy
articles, showers of sparks me sent skyward.
When the blaze wns at its height ajieavy
snowstorm set in, uu-o(iipl}f*!d by. a strong
easterly gale that added; fur/ijfr fury to lhe fire
und drove it against the britf'|iallrof the Batik of
Montreal. Grave; fea|»C-^r entertained thai it
wtjilM penetrate the wnll lirjfcwecp "n down Columbia street, but furUtnat$Vhose fears were allayed by the wind dying aw)', and also owing to
the brick walls of tho baifrbuilding. O^le, Campbell & Co.'s store was emptied of i's ■stock in'n few
minutes by scores of -/-en who took the goods over
the way. . From W'olinden's store a few sacks of
flour and barrels of itfious goods were saved from
the lower floor! fro/iyal & Co.'s scarcely anything. The inflamttftblc nature of the material in
tbe printing shonjwhile it made the lire there the
hottest, toftdc it/qfihort duration and it soon subsided, leaving Alssr-S. Wolfenden's store blazing
on one side -uul-'r. Cunningham's tin shop on the
other. The icar/ans of the buildings on Front st.
caught fire a mutinied alarmfngly until put out by
a prompt use i/the hose. After the fire engine
got into woMff onlcr the exertions nf the fire
brigade \mreiorthy of heroes; they worked with
the greij^rtncrgy and displayed a bravery in
fighting theil<'5troying element thnt merits the
highest prai*.  They put themselves in positions
that made the crowd shudder to look at, and
wherever Vie chief directed their efforts they
worked like Trojans. The axe and lhc crowbar
were frceiy used in tearing down verandahs and
encumbering- lumber, and one brave fellow actually
got upon the very parapet of the frum of the bank
and wliich was burning beneath his fee: and with
stalwart strokes of his axe cut the heart out of that
part of the fire. His cool daring was heartily applauded by the crowd. Wcliave been unable to
learn his name, but he is a born fire-fighter. A
man named' Bradley, while carrying a load of
goods put of one of the stores, had his face shock*
ly lacerated by lhe 'blowing in of a window; Dr.
Hall, li'lin was ou the spot, put thirteen stitches in
the ghastly wound. Mr, T. J. Trapp had his head
Vtfy severely cut by a flying sheet of glass* which
cut its way through Mr. Trapp's hard felt hat and
gashed his scalp in a horrible manner. Several
other casualities of a minor nature happened, but •
fortunately, no very serious accidents. The snow
undoubtedly helped the firemen in their efforts, as,
when it melted with the heat, it streamed off the
roofs into the fiery chasm in sheets.
James Stephenson, night watchman, states that
he' passed the building a few minutes before the
ftp was discovered, and there was not the slightest
sign of such a thing.
Mr. William Murray, clerk in Dickinson &
Co.'s butcher shop, and one of tbe most prominent
members of the Hyack fire company, staled to a
Columbian reporter this morning that he was
coiping along Columbia street about half-past six,
and his attention was attracted to the presence of
fire in the rear premises of Jas. Cunningham's lin-
ware store. On looking closely he noted flames
rising upward in the back shop, and dense volumes
of smoke rolling out into the front store. He has
not the slightest hesitation in saying that in this
place the fire originated. He immediately gave
.tlifi. alarm. .  ■ '-
Chief Pearce states that a short time before the
alarm, was given, two of the officers on duty passed
up Mary street, and did not notice any sign of the fire,
although it broke out less than half an linnr later.
Ths true origin of the fire will probably nover he .
ascertained, Tlm composing room of Tuk Colombian
office was vacated by the printers abnut.Sift) o'clouk
last evening, all fires having been extinguished before
their departure. Mr, ,11111168 M. Kennedy took a look
int 1 th con p sing room about 10 i.'-lrol, audfall was
then secure, the fires wore rut, and there was no sij-u
or smell of fire. Mr. Kennedy then went up stair-i
and remained with Mr, George Kennedy until after
II o'clock, when thoy wont home together. On leaving the r"(lift* the fire in tho stove was out, ami bad
thec been nny ptnell of fire in tbu building it .youl-,,
nattily have been noticed as a "copy dummy" efai-
uocted tho composing and editorial rooms, nud tlm lit-.!-
which nil thoii'itors fiom bt-lnw I on in I tut-apo.
The total !osh, hn in';irlv .'H ean Im e^imntt-d, is ns
follnwss ,\V. ft 0. W.ilfeiidvn. S'JO.OOO, mm-ly ouvomi
by insurance^ I). Lyi.lii Cn.,'los'',(?20,()f)0, insurant'-.
HMO- Kennedy Bros.. '«••*. Sif).(100 insurance, $0,
,000; .Wants Ciiiiutnghnm, los-, $],),000; m-mrcd lm-
about half the loss. Tbe buildings occupied by VV, A
('. Wulffjiden were owned by .Mr. C. G. .Major, £,va)'«
store by Mr. T, K. Pear-on, nud Cuutiiilgham's store
wns tin- proporty of tlm Methodist Clnirnli.
Aid. Keid's arguments in the council chamber
in reference to more efficient fire protection are
now receiving melancholy corroboration.
Ogle, Campbell & Co., whose store is in the
bank building, estimate their actual loss at $6,000,
This was occasioned by the removal of their goods.
Had the goods not been removed the stock would
have been utterly destroyed by water.
The-only copy of the Vancouver charter in existence, perished in lhc fire. THE Cou'Mi'iAN had
a large contract for printing new copies of the
charter, and about bnlf the work was finished, and
this, together with the M. S. copy, was de&troyed
by the flames.
Ttiiion-ii an inadvortnuey, owing to flic difficulty
of obtaining anything but tbe barest Bet-tips of in fov
ination, Mr. .lames Lawson senloi'Vi name, was met*-
tinned hi conueotiou with the im-liU'Cl'iiIy oh tan tropin-
of yesterday morning, instead of that of Ids Ul-yem-
old son, who was the victim.
__lV II I
Saturday Evening,
December 28,1889.
The Paris papers say the full extent of the ravages of the influenza has not been reported, and
one pf ihhnv asserts on what is claimed as a trustworthy authority, that there have been 580 deaths
there within the last twenty-four hours.
Dom Carlos, of Portugal, has received an autograph letter from the pope congratulating him on
his accession to the throne.
The influenza seems to have taken a firm hold
on lhe theatrical profession in New York; not a
company playing in the city has escaped its
Lennder R. Briggs, book keeper for Foster &
Bailey, jewelers of Providence, R. I., surrendered
himself to a constable at New Rochelle early this
morning, nnd said that he was a defaulter. He
was tiled of being a fugitive from justice and wanted
to be scut back.
The government of Brai-.il has established in its
own interest a monopoly of the India rubber trade.
This action has aroused emphatic protests from
many export houses, chiefly in America and Fiance,
doing a business of three hundred million francs
annually. M, Spullcr, French minister offoreign
affairs, has cabled to the French minister in Brazil
for details.
Emtn Pasha has had a relapse. There is a
secondary hemorrhage frnm the ear. Great anxiety
is felt.
The czar is making favorable progress toward
recovering from an attack of influenza. He has
not at any time been in a critical condition, and no
fears bave been felt as to the outcome of his? illness.
Major Serpa Pinto telegraphs the government
thai he has committed no act of hostility against
the English.
Gov. Fifcr, of Illinois, has taken up the petition
for the pardon of the anarchist Oscar Nccbe, and
it is confidently asserted by the attorney with whom
the governor consulted that Neebe will be pardoned before July 1st.
Cha Foug, the young si-hool teacher nnd Interpreter
of New York uity who gathered 850,000 from Chinese
merchants, nnd eloped with a white girl, has boon
A great sensation is rifa in L mdon among ooliti-
fliana and the Irish party tpiUSfil by tbo report tbat.
Capt. O'Sliea line tiled a petition fnr absolute divorce
from bis wife, ou the ground nf Mr. Parnell's Improper
intimacy with her.   No ditiimges ait- claimed,
Fivo of the 13 overdue steamers arrived at New
York this morning. Aiming them wat tbe State nf
Alabama, more than a week overdue from Glasgow,
A Brazilian correspondent, a prominent Republican,
of Norcb, Ohio, says the Brazilians ure very much
pleased with the support slid sympathy of the U. H,
press, whieh is iu marked contrast with mnny articles
in tbe European press,
A train on the Chesapeake k Ohio mad has been
wrecked nt Whito Sulphur Spring', Ohio, and it is re-
ported 10 persou-i have been Killed nnd 20  wounded.
A Lively tt una way.
Mr. Charles McDonough's horse is an animal
possessed of a superabundance of spirits—animal
spirits—correctly speaking, and his escapades at
various inopportune seasons have provided a good
deal of healthy, if rather dangerous diversion to all
who have witnessed the same. This morning this
vivacious ecpiine was at Webster's wliarf getting
his wagon loaded. To relieve the tedium of the
operation he suddenly took it into his head to bolt,
and burning with a wild desire to see his name in
print again dashed off up Columbia street as if determined to make as first-class a smash up as an
animal of his abilities was capable off. On raech-
ing Douglas st. he attempted to turn down toward
the wharf, but as a team was coming up from there
his native politeness induced him to give place, so
he took the sidewalk and tore up past the Beers
barrel factory at a Derby gait until he reached ll.
Mi Cunningham's &. Co.'s store, where a cast iron
pump, a sheet iron stove and an iron rack full of
brooms were promptly knocked into smithereens;
and then the wagon followed the same course
against a stout verandab post. The versatile
quadruped then rolled over in the snow and was
afterwards taken home. No one was injured and
the horse is all right.
Tub captain ot H. M. S, Aeorn was enquiring today of parties in this oity as tn when full tide would
tnn to-morrow. He was notified that 12, nnnn, was
the hour.   The Acorn may be expected any day.
Tni'*. Columbian was burned out some 25 years
ago, when under the control of the present premier, Hon. John Robson.
List night might have been called the forma
opening of the coasting season. Mary st. was
alive with coasters, and one gentleman turned out
with a real toboggan, which, as it shot like a lightning flash down hill, vividly recalled memories of
"The Mountain" at Montreal. The speed developed by some of ihe coasting sleds was .imply
Mr. E. M. Boville, the newly appointed crown
lands agent, for Kamloops district, returned from
Ottawa on Thursday, and left for Victoria this
morning. Mr. Boville has already set about preparing to enter open his new duties at the inland
capital, and will leave for tbat place immediately
after his return from Victoria. Mr. Boville was
the recipient of many hearty congratulations yes-
ferday on his appointment, whicli is very popular
on all sides.
Mr. Pclly, a law student in the office of Corbould
■McColl t*i Jenns, while assisting yesterday morning in removing articles from Wolfendon's store
during the fire had his back injured by a piece of
glass. Mis clothing was cut through and an ugly
scar remains to mark the place.
The steamer Dunsmuir arrived from Nanaimo
ths afternoon with coal.
Game of every description, while not exactly
scarce, is by no means plentiful. The cold weather
will no doubt soon improve this state of things.
Messrs. W. & G. Wolfenden are prepared to receive orders for groceries at their new store in the
Hamley block. tc
Mr, Peter Grant, we are glad to learn, will bc
able to appear on the streets again in a few days.
He is improving rapidly and is gaining daily in
strength and spirits.
Cold weather and good sleighing prevails at
Chilliwack and other up-river ports.
The sir. Michigan arrived from Portland, Or.
this afternoon with about 35 tons of freight, chief-'
I-/fruit, caned goods and mill produce, for consignees in this city. She cleared with a small consignment of freight this evening.
The North Paptish church, of Seattle, has extended a hearty unanimous call lo the Rev. Thos.
Baldwin, pastor of the Olivet Baptist church, of
this iity.
The rear part of the Steamboat Exchange, badly
scorched by the fire, h.is been already thoroughly
Chief of Police Pearce says that the report published about him ordering the hose to be 'disconnected across Front street lo allow the train to pass
is not correct. He ordered the train to stop and it
did so.
Licut.-Col. Prior was given a grand reception at
Victoria last night on his return from Ottawa.
Philharmonic hall, where the reception was held,
was crowded with people, and the ovation to the
popular member was one of the greatest ever given
to a Viciorian.
It is expected that the property swept by yesterday morning's fire will be covered with a handsome three story block belore next fall.
Unrlit Nain'n New Warship,
Wahiiinoiox, December 27th.—Secretary Tracy
this -iftt-ni<i»n nccepted the cruisur Biltimoro for the
United States. The vessel will be put to sua on Monday from Philadelphia, nnd will proceed to Now York
nud thero formally be turned over to the Government
by Contractors Cramp ft Sons of Philadelphia. The
aoneptaneo of tho Baltimore, prior to the receipt at
the office of the ollicial report of the trial board wna
somewhat of a surprise. Secretary Tracy, however,
bnd assurances that the vessel had proved a suueeas
and he had deoided not to postpone tho
acceptance. The horse-power developed on
tho trial trip exceeded the contract requirements iu this regard by nbout five hundred, thus
giving the contractors a premium of $50,000. Of this
amount 920,000 will be deducted by tho Government
for expenses of unsuccessful trial trips. Tho contractors will, nio, lie obliged to pay a penalty of about
$9500 for their failure to complete her within contrnct
time. Hur acceptance brings the numbers of steel
ships iu the now unvy up to eight.
Ilratll Not Out of the Wood Vet.
Nbw Yobk, December 27th.--The Brazilian Consul
Goneral Salvadore Mendonica telegraphs C. It. Flint
ft Co. from Washington that he has received cables
from Brazil, preparing him for bad news, he continues,
however, to hnvo confidence in the strength of the
Government.  _ 	
panned Amty.
Lkao Citv, South Dakota, December 27th.—Major
William H. Snider, Editor of the Lead City Tribune,
and the best-known newspaper man fn South Dakota,
died suddenly yesterday morning of apoplexy. He
wub burn iu Columbia County, Ohio, nnd leaves a
widow and three ehildron in that state.
 -   1    r  •
Dickinson k Binnie
Dealers In
Lime, Plaster, Cement, Ooal
WOOD, etc., etc.
Agents for
Evans, Coleman & Evans's
Best Wellington Coal.
Office opposite Canadian   Pacific   Navigation
Co's wharf.
Olllcc, 03.
Residence, 71
E. S. Scoullar & Co.
Stoves and Tinware.
Plumbing and Gasfitting.
Wholesale nnd Hotall
Choicostllninils of Imported Cigars, Finest. CignrottOB,
Fnnonlmportod Pines, 1'ouobna, Cigarette Cases,
Choice Smoking Tobacco,  Kto.
'I'nii 111 imiit^ old Pliotograpb duller)', Columbia Streot,
Tonders wllbo recoived up toll p. in, on Mondny, Jnnn-
nry 27t.li. IttUUtor debentures of tbe city of New Weatmin-
stur, 1). C„ (liuiinting to $3l»,tKW.   Iiubtintim-s nro for
11,000 eaoh, ptUblo iu fifty years, In this city, nnd benr
A percent, ponhnum Interest, parable on tno 1st dar of
Janunry   ancJuuly-tbo   Intereat  pnynblo   1st   JuIt,
1800, being foittvo months only, viz., from date of do-
livery of dobenfros.   Ilebciihiroa will bo rendy for de- -
livery KcbrunrTlst, 1800.   Tendon to stnto numbor of ,
flehiinturPH thutlvHI be tnken nnd nmount of premium
Mini will he piilfmnd to be endorsed: "Tender for lieht-n- j
lures,  and addnstKl to the nndorslaned. Tbo mtfnwt I
or any tender notiooflBsarlly aooopluil. ■
«,..      .!..„.,    W.UOHSON, city clerk.
Now Westmlntjr, II. C, December 17th, iwili,


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