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British Columbian.
New Westminster, B. C„ Tuesday Evening, December 31, 1
Number 155.
Birr a few hours more, and the Old Year's rapidly
ret renting form will have shambled oil' the stage of
Timo, ami wo shall bo welcoming his young successor,
I SIM). The closing year has not boen by any means uu
uneventful one; but, owing to one of the back-handed
favors it has conferred upon us, we aro not in u position to go into particulars to any extent. In Europo,
that great theatre of modorn civilization, somi-civili-
■ation and oriental barbarism to which the oyes of the
rest of tho civilized world instinctively turn, tho political pot, while it has bubbled portentously in nearly every piirt of the soothing caldron, lias not yot
boiled over in the alarming manner that hns been
threatened at almost any time during the year, Uow
long sueh a catastrophe can bo prevented, however,
it would tie unsafe to predict from all the indications.
The "tight little isle" has been agitated as usual by
the Irish question, which is apparently not much
nearer solution than ovor, although surely nearing
bucIi a desirable consummation, lhe Parnell Commission has dragged its slow, and, with the exception
of tho Piggot exposure, restiltless, length to tho close
of the year. The Whitechapel atrocities have leut a
gruesome variety to the incidents and events of a political nature. In Asia there hns been considerable
loss oi life and projierty both by flood umt famine.
The year has been a remarkable oue in the history of
the Dark Continent, in the exploits and achievements
of the famous Stanley, and the groat explorer's safo
return, with his fellow hero, Emin Pasha, to the
I ounds of civilization after a perplexing absence of
years. Coming to our own continent, Central and
South America and the West Indies hnvo had thoir
customary diversion of intestinal disturbances with
thoir usual doubtful results, and Brazil, which a fow
weeks ago deposed its enqwror and established a republic, apparently peaceably, has found that its
troubles nave just begun. Pausing over political
events in tho United States, whieh hnve not been of a
particularly striking or interesting nature to outsiders,
the terrible Johnstown (Pa.) disaster, whore thousands
of our fellow creatures ami millions of dollars' worth
of property perished by overwhelming floods, in a few
short hours, was tho most widely thrilling event of
any of the yoar. Eastern Canada has been agitated
by the Jesuits' Estates quostion, and thin part of the
Dominion by the Behring's Sea fisheries disputes, In
whioh the American authorities havo played, what wo
are bound to consider, an unwarrantable and even
contemptible part. It can be Ha id with perfect truth,
however, that all parts of tlio Dominion hnvo experienced a satisfactory' meiMuro of prosiicrity nnd pro-
§res.s during tiio year that is past, and this can be af-
rmed more particularly of our own province, British
Columbia. It is almost unnecessary to remind our
readers that 1881) has witnessed a most gratifying
growth and gencrnl prosperity and progress in alt
branches of Industry In this oity and its vicinage, unjl
the immediate futuro is bright with promiso, Tho
moilt conspicuous event of tho year, ami ono whioh has
rebounded immensely to our credit and advantage,
was undoubtedly tho grand oxhibition and celebration
hold in tho eity lost full, and the splendid preparations made for that occasion in the way af buildings,
grounds, oto., hy our enterprising couucil and citizens,
contributed very materially to tno gratifying success
of the wholo affair. There is ovory guarantee thnt
tho poople of the Royal City, having more confidence
in their splendid situation, opportunities and possibilities than over More, will achieve still greater
things In tho coming year than in 1881), and not only
continue to advance, nut do so at a mora rapid rato.
As for Tuk Comi miu an—which has striven, not altogether fruitlessly, wo trust, to advance tho iwst interests of the community during tho year now drawing
to a clone -fortune has dealt it a rather unkind rap
in the lost fow days. While, however, we must wish
our many readers and patrons a "Happy Now Year"
under conditions not the most felicitous, wo have every
confidence for tho future, and expect vory soon to be
able to greet the public in better form than before our
late disaster, and in our uew, handsomo nnd fire-
I'Roof quarters being specially erected fm- that purpose, on the oornor of Columbia street nnd Lytton
square. As tliis is tho last issue before the Now
Year, and wo ilo not issue on that day, wo have much
pleasure in taking this opportunity to wish our renders and tho publio generally "A vkjiy Haity New
The eleotrio light, an exchange remarks with good
reason, is becoming a source of roid aud terrible dnu-
ger, such as well inny bring n pause to municipal, authorities allowing tho stringing of any moro wires un-
-til propor supervision is secured in tho interests of tho
residents of our cities. , Alexander Welsh, of New
York, nn expert electrician, and one of Mr. Edison's
assistants, recently said:   "Whenever you see tho big
■■white electric light, with ita carbons, burning, you
niay know that dcat h lurks overhead. Nearly ovory
wire youj-.eq.in. the- open air Is thick onough and
strong enbugh tocarry a death-dealing current.: Aa
tilings'nre at pleweiit theie in no safety, and danger
lurks all around us. It may novor reach you, or you
may go on for years unhurt, but when the moment
emnes you are killed Instantly, provided that, hy
moisture i.r otherwise, the floor beoo nes a conductor.
T.ie wiro you touch may lie r-imnlj holding up a pic-
tire, and yet under these   condition)-, in connection
with nn iron rafter or hook touching somo hidden
plate, it may cunvey a fatal current. Theie is no
knowing when you may touch the current. The furthor maintenance of the overhead wires in thoir present condition is a menace to the lifo of everybody in
New York. It is dangerous to touch a wire of any
kind or evon a metal substance. A man ringing a
door bell or leaning up against, a lamp post mi;;ht lm
struck doad nny instant. It is uot nlono the electric
light wires that may kill you. Somewhere off in
another street, perhaps miles away, the wind has
blown au arc light wiro against some comb otor, and
tho danger begins," This picture of the dingers of
overhead wires or imporfept insulation may seem to
bo overdrawn. It is, however, the opinion of a lifelong electrician. Mr. Edison's statement-- support it,
ami ho volunteers, over his signature, the opinion tbat
tho death rate from electric currents as managed at
present will increase in fourfold ratio to the extension
of facilities for electric lighting.
The Morrywcather engine sent from Victoria was
set to work yesterday afternoon filling the tank at
tho cornor of Mary and Columbia sts, The engine is
a very powerful ono and is fitted for two streams, It
would bc a very valuable adjunct to the fire department hero as it has very little chance to get out of
gear, being strongly and servicoably constructed. The
engineer.- were well pleased with tlio performance of
the Merry weather.
Plenty of work now for the unemployed, shovelling snow, Tho man who is idle this weather does
not want to work.
The sidewalk along the railroad track, behind the
Royal City Mills, is a great improvement, although it
ends ut a fow dilapidated shacks in tho middle of tho
New goods: another lot of $3.25 ladies kid boots
at Grant & Maelure's.
Messrs. W. & G. Wolfenden are prepared to receive orders for groceries at their new store in the
Bushby block. tc
Agnes st. Ls recommended as a speeding ground for
sleigh proprietors and those who havo horses that can
Saturday afternoon the fast and woll equipped
schooner Triumph, Cnpt. Clarence Cox, owned by
Messrs. E. B. Marvin k Co., and recognized as one of
the hest craft in the Victoria scaling fleet, sailed for
the west coast in search of seals. The Triumph carries a crew, all told, of about '25 white men, among
them some of tho bost seal hunters in tho country,
and expects to return loaded down with souls,
In tho public accounts issued by the Dominion government lor tho fiscal year ending Juno '-Kith, 1H81),
the tolls accrued from tbu Esquimalt graving dock aru
givon as $14,811,80. The memorandum of expenses
of collection is 912,7211.10, being the cost of maintenance and repairs, leaving a balance of profit of $2,-
091.70. During the past fiscal yoar the dook waa
considered to have dono a fair business.
Messrs. W. & G. Wolfenden wilt re-open with a
new stock of first class groceries in a few days, and
hope for the indulgence of their friends until they
can make the necessary arrangements,        tc
A small bay pony with stnr in face, and a small
sorrel pony, white face, strayed on to my property
December 24th and arc held by me. Owner can
have same by proving property and paying expenses. If not claimed in 30 davs will be sold for
cost of keep.-—J. W. STEIN, Brownsville, Dec, 30,
1889. 6t
To-morrow, New Year's day, tlto ladies of the
W. C. T. U. will hold their annual reception, from
II a.m. to a 11.111., to whioh all youug men nro invited
to attend. In tho ovening Miss Bowes Will lecturo ou
Marriago, in the Odd Fellow's hall, besides which a
nice programmo of music and singing will bu rendered
during tno evoning,
Mr. Joseph Wintemute wns out again to-day. with
his snow plough, and did splondid service on the
streets nml sidewalks. ThousuudB of people join in
thanking Mr. Wintemute for his really great kindness,
An oflleo to let on MoKonzio street. Apply to Q,
A. Kolly. tc*
Ouo car load of cattle, 21 head in all, arrived last
night from up country. Thoy aro consigned to Van
Votkonburgh Bros.
Tho str. Delaware is tied up at tho foot of Douglas
Icicles over two foet In length worn noted hanging
from thu caves of houses hi various parts of the city
this morning.
Tho str. Louise had nn extra largo consignment of
passengers yesterday for Victorin.
E. S. Seoullar k Co. and II. M. Cunningham k Co.
have a large quantity of patent radiators on the C. P.
N. dock.
Thoro woro fifteen degi-ces of frost lost night iu the
lower pnrt of tho city and seventeen in tiio upper
A vast floe of lee, stretching from the bay at Sapperton over to Brownsville and down to the woollen
mills covered tho surface of tho river to-day, A few
moro frosts like that of last night nnd it would bo
oapablo of sustaining a crowd of skater-*.
Aid, Reid Baid in tho oouncil Inst night thnt the
boiler of the city stenm firo engine was tho most complicated he ovor saw. To be repaired it would be
necessary to lift it nff the carriage and lay it on its
fijile: there a bed would have to bo built for the artificer to lie on, nnd when he had finished one spot, the
boiler, with him insido, would havo to be rolled
around like a barrel.
Mr. R. F. DriinimoUd sn well and popularly known
in opulieotton with the railway mail service, is, we regret to loam, confined to his lied with congestion-of
the lungs. Mr. Drummond's. condition, though serious, docs not cause his friends idarm, aud it is expected that the robust constitution with wliich he is
blessed; together with tender and careful nursing, and
skilled medical assistance, will bring hiin round
again, us jovial aud hearty as over, in a Tew weeks.
The Delaware will remain at her present berth during the cold spell.
lee half an inch thick camo up with the tide from
the North Arm to-day.
Two Chinamen who attempted to cross the river
this forennon had some of tha hardest work they ever
encountered, They stooped to admire tlie proportions
of the man o' war and allowed a tine clear place to
pass, then tbey wore carried up stream by floating ice
and a long .way beyond their destination.
A heavy consignment of game reached the market
this moruing. Duck as usual predominated. Grouse
are scarce..
The Columbia** staff will not oat roast goose and
apple sauce to-morrow. By a grievous inadvertence
our goose was cooked a little too early in the week,
nnd spoiled. Sturgeon nt one cent per pound will bo
rich eating for The Columbian staff's New Year dinner, 18IK), and this luxury will be as heartily appreciated undor tho circumstances as the 20-course dinner we had intended to revel in. ,
.     Room I, Bank Building, is the .temporary oflice of
1 The Colombian. "to
The Acorn looked chilly out in midstream- this
Tlohntt Browning, the poet, was buried in
Westminster Abbey to-day.
Tho thermometer registered 28 degress below zero
tliis morning in Nevada, and there is much suffering
among range stock.
Frank Bruok, a New York barber, shot and killed
his dving mothor, aged 02 years, yesterday, and then
shot himself, inflicting a mortal wound. No cause is
It is stated in Washington that the Sioux lands in
south Dakota, about eleven million acres, will be
thrown open to settlement early in tho new year.
At San Mateo, Cal;, on Sunday night James Tljart
suicided in tho Catholic church by cutting hia throat
with a penknife. He Was evidently a religious monomaniac,
A monster petition, directed against the anarchists
in the United States, will bo introduced shortly into
It is now stated Lord Salisbury lias agreed to Portugal's request forn delay of action hi regard to
Africa, until tho receipt of Serpa Pinto's account,
Tho presents and congratulations recoived by Mr.
Oladstono nu his eightieth birthday come from alt
quarters of thu globe. Among tho gifts is an Illuminated address from tho memlicrs of the legislative assembly of New South Wales. A number of continental newspapers print congratulatory articles.
It Is reported another English war veuel is to be
sont to Rio Janeiro for the purpose of watching British interests iu Brazil.
At a meeting of tho directors of the C. P. B. Co.,
yesterday at Montreal, a statement of the results of
working for the year was submitted, which, estimating for tho month of Deceinlier, should mako tha net
earnings for the year above working expenses, $0,-
020,000, which, added to the surplus from last yoar,
would make a total surplus of 82,570,000 at the close
of the present year. The question of an extra dividend was considered and it was decided to declare a
supplementarydividond nf one per cent., payable
February 17th, with the rogular one and a half per
cent, half yearly dividend from tho annuity fund in
the bands of tlio .Dominion government; making a
total for the half year, of two and a half per cont.
With the intention of continuing a similar half yearly
supplementary dividend until-tho expiry of the annuity In 181)3, the surplus earnings will bo permitted
to accumulate so as to form a dividend reserve  fund.
Along with tho resolution of thanks passed to Mr;
Josoph Wintemuto by tho city council last night, for
bis magnanimity hi clearing tbe sm w from tho sidewalks and roads, fi-eo of charge, should have been a
cheque for a handsomo little amount to pay tho cost
of the work, value of horse's biro, oto. Only tho residents of the uppor portion of tho city aro able to
thoroughly appreciate Mr. Wintemute's kindness, foi'
up town travel is light, aud when  snow is  on ' tlio,
?round tho ladiea are almost forced to remain in doors.
f nothing more, Mr. Wintemute haB earned the war-
meet gratitude of tlio residents of every street traversed byhis snow-plough. CITY COUNCIL.
Council met laat night in the city halL Present,
Aid. Cunningham, Curtis, Reid, McPhaden, Calbick
and Jaojues,
His worship Mayor Townsend in the chair. Tho
were read:
From A. G, Smith, lock-up keeper, enclosing annual
report of city police court. The report is briefly as
Number of persons charged  330
"      " convictions.  288
"     dismissed  4'2
Amount of fines imposed  . $1771 *-'■".
" "    collected     1300 73
"           "    uncollected through prisoners absconding      201 50
Amount of tines paid into municipal council 150!) 75
For keep of prisoners at city lookup. .... 171120
Balance to city to date     13(10 55
Recoived and adopted.
From A. J. Murphy applying for position on city
police force.    Referred to city police committee.
From David Birmingham stating thnt Thomas
Bradley had been seriously injured working at a fire,
in the endeavor to save goods therefrom, and that hu
is unablo to work; and asking compensation for him.
The writer thinking $50 a modest roturn for Bradley's
disfigurement.   Received.
His wonhip told iu detail tho circumstances of the
man Bradley uiul bow he had received his wounds.
The speaker thought the caso deserving of assistance,
although ho he was not suro whether Ogle. Campbell
A Co. should unt do something for him, na it was their
goods Bradley hnd been handling when injured.
Aid. Jftquc* explained bow it was that the Insurance companion had bnd enough to do lately anil ho
begged to excuse them from further calls. He thought
the caso deserving, howovor.
| |Ald. Reii! spoke in favor of the counoil paying
Bradley something.
Aid. Curtis believed Bradley ontitlod to $50, but he
did not think the council hail any right to pay it.
Ogle, Campbell k Co. he thought ought to pay some
of it.
Aid. .Tuques Bind that Ogle, Campbell k Co. won't
get a cent more than they lost, perhaps not that.
Thoy would not got a dollar for tho valuable time
they hod lost' It was the Iwst timo in the wholo yoar
for tbe sate of their goods, and it wob too bad to inflict this upon them.
Aid. Rent was firmly convinced that the council
ought to assist this man, Referred to the tin-nice
committee with power to act,
From Jamos Kennedy stating that ho had built n
sidewalk in front of the Powell block, and asking, nn
behalf of tho proprietor of that building, that thu
council connect tho said sidewalk with the others on
('olumbia st.; and asking that a crossing be laid across
Columbia Bt, from tho Powell bloek to tho fire hull;
also asking tbe erection of a lump at the corner nf
Columbia street and nnd Lytton squaro. Also
requesting the refunding of pnrt of cont of sidewalk laid down opposito tho Powell building.
Aid, Juques saiil Mr. Kennedy hod been informed
by Aid, Calbick that if ho wished to put down a more
expensive sidewalk than the city was in the habit of
furnishing, the couucil would pay him tho difference.
Referred to to tho board of works with powor to act;
tho request for a lamp was granted.
From David Burnett asking payment of money duo
him for work douo for tho corporation on Park lano.
Aid. Jaquea believed nothing had boon done towards straightening up tha Park lane work.
Aid. McPhaden believed the council ought to
straighten it up.
His worship said that when Eyles k Furnoss got
tbo contract it was on tho understanding that the
man working on tha contract Bhould be paid. Referred to tho board of works with powor to act.
From Drake, Jackson A Co., Vancouver, solicitors
for C. P. R., requesting council to forward a bond
given by Messrs, Van Horne, Angus and Flendng,
dated January 7th, 1887, as tho term of same (threo
yoars) had expired, and that the conditions of same
bad boen performed. Received and referred to tho
finance committee with power to act.
Aid. Jaques said Messrs.  Drake, Jackson k Co.
'  hold a bond belonging to this city which thoy ought
to have returned long ago,
Aid. Cunningham said he thought It an opportune
time to gat that bond baok; If they (Drake, Jackson k
Co.) had any right to demand their bond luck, tho
oity had a right to demand its own back.
From T, J. Trapp enclosing account of eity lots sold
by auction.    Referred baok to Mr. Trapp to recover.
A largo number of accounts were ordered paid.
Aid. Curtis took exception to tho item of hack Idro
and said he could not approve of that.
Aid, Jaques in concluding the explanation us to
why he had hired hacks mid, "I tell yo 1 got tired
hoofin' it through the mud and bo I hired thom hooks.
You kin pay tlio charges if you liko, I wont,"
Aid, Jaques rose, on a question of privilege, and
asked that the clork read a clipping from .Saturday's
Colonist in reference to tho late firo.
Aid. Jaques after the reading said it was too bad
that such roports should be spread, and recommended
that a fire inquest lie hold.
Aid. Curtis explained that it was wrong to place
suoh a construction bn the matter as Aid. Jaques evidently had, Tho writer of the articlo, ho was sure,
had no Intention of imputing incendiarism to the occupants of tho burned building; anyone else could
have done it.
Aid. Reid wanted to know what this council had
to do with newspaper reports. It wns decided to
take no notice of tho erroneous report,
-Aid. Jaques read the annual aggregate report of
the board of works, detailing the work done, sidewalks
laid down, streets slashed and opened and other labor
performed,   Adopted,
The park commission by-law was, on motion, read a
first time. Before the reading Aid. McPhaden objected to the present counoil dealing with this matter
at alt. It was in his opinion a reflection on the hon*
esty and brains of the next council,
. Aid. Cunningham refuted those oharges. The
rules of order having been suspended, the by-law was
read a second time. Counoil went into committee of
the whole on the by-law, Aid. McPhaden in the chair.
Tho by-law was read a third time by title, passed and
ordered to be signed, sealed and published.
It was movod by Aid. Curtis, seconded by Aid. Calbick, that the thanks oftho citizons of this city,
through tho couucil, be extended to the Victoria fire
department for tha tangible and prompt manner in
which Ihey had res|mnuod to tho call for the request
for a firo engino.   Carried.
Votes of thanks wero also passed to tho C. P. R.
and the chief of the Vancouver fire dapartmeiit for
HSBistnnco kindly rendered in forwarding the engine
so expeditiously.
A vote of i hanks was also passed to Mr, Joseph
Wintoiiiuto for services rendered by him iu clearing
the sidewalks of snow.
Moved by Aid. Cunningham, seconded by Aid.
Bold; that the finance committeo be instructed to obtain from Messrs. Drake, Jackson k Hebnekon. solicitors pf the C. P. R , the citizens' bond given to the
C. P. R. fop the construction of the branch lino to
New Westminster.   Carried.
Aid. Roid reported verbally at considerable   length
on tho damage done to the fire engine. The engine
will he out of order for several weeks.
Hin worship stated that Aid. Coughlan, of Victoria,
had snld the Westminster corporation could not do
bottor, than buy tho ongino at present here, us tho
Viotoria fire department Intended to sell it cheap.
Aid. Curtis sain the present council would have to
meet again to consider tho financial condition of the
Mnyor Townsond made a few remarks'' in viow of
thii-being the lust meeting of tho council, His ad-
dross was principally retrospective aud complimentary to the city and council, nud ho expressed great
satisfaction at the progress made by the city during
his term of oflice.    Carried,
Counoil adjourned until 2 p. in., Saturday, Jan. 4th,
A Happy New Yeah.
To-morrow boing Now Year's day there will bo no
issue of The Columiiian.
Watoh services will bo held iu Holy Trinity church
and the Methodist church to-night, the former commencing at 11:30 a'clouk und the latter at 10:30
Sleigh driving, coasting, roust goose and tipple
sauce, plum pudding and uustlelue, are the principal
items down on thu bill of fare for to-morrow's utiitiab*
snouts. Headaches, general nervous prostration,
sticking plaster and anti-bilious pills will be iu ordor
tho day following.
Don't forget tho poor and needy ut this joyous
The city lockup has boon furnished with two new
entry books, iu one of which will be entered a minute
description of nil prisoners, height, weight, color of
hair and uyi'.i aud proportion*. The other buok is a
grout improvement on tho old charge book.
Tlio narrow crosswalk from tbt' McKenzie st, sidewalk to tho gate of tbo city hull fonco slants quite
perceptibly, and last uight was in au interesting state
of slipperiness. It was us much us the observing citizen, safe mi tho sidewalk, could do to restrain a smile
to seo aldermen and citizens hurrying across this
man trap, suddenly rear up and lash out vigorously
with hoth feat, as if they wanted to kick the wen-
nant of tho mainmast of the Acorn, and thon go along
muttering cuss words alwut tho unsatisfactory state of
crosswalks in genoral and this ono in particular.
A sort of pilgrimage has Iweii instituted nmong tho
citizons to go and seo thut leviathan of the deep, the
K. de K., as she lies at her Iwrth. Small knots of
people have been noted examining what could lie soen
of hor exterior, and their remarks, whilo both uncomplimentary and jocular, have also expressed wonder that
such a craft could over daro to bravo evou the ripples
of a duck pond.
Mr. D. Lyal left for the east to-day to purchnso a
full stock of stationery and fancy goods, wliich he expects to have in Westminster in less than a month.
A Columiiian reporter paid a visit to the city lockup this morning (voluntarily) am) found Mr. A. J.
Smith, the genial ami stalwart keeper thereof, busy at
hia lxmks, On discovering thut tho scribe was.perfectly sol-er aud orderly ami had stolen nobody's
chickens, Mr. Smith expressed hin willingness to outer
into police statistics for tho year of grace, 1880, Tlto
said "figgers" are as follows: Total number nf arrests,
330; drunk and disorderly, whites, 118; Indians in
same condition and having liquor in their inn-session,
47; larceny, 24; assaults,.27; supplied with night's
lodging, 27; vagrants, 20; supplying liquor to Indians,
20; infractions of oity by-laws, 1-15; females, larceny 1;
keepers and inmates of houses of ill-famo 15, Religion;
Protestants, 107; Roman Catholics, 210} no religious
belief 13. Nationality, English, 03; Irish, 70;
American, 71; Fronch, 38; Canadians, 60; the remainder other nationalities. Number of convictions,
288; dismissed, 42; amount of fines imposed in police
court, 91771.20; amoant of linos collected, 115011.75;
uncollected on account of time given to pay, $201.50;
paid into municipal council, 11509,75* keep for prisoners at oity lock-up, 9170.20) balance 81300.55.
Thero has been u noticeable increase of drunkenno-s
among the whites since last year, ai d among the Indians a decrease. In offences suoh as petty larceny
and thieving thore has l»cii a slight increase, easily
accounted Tor, however, by the great Increase in
Last evening a large and valuable boom of logs broke
loose from its moorings at the Brunette Saw Mills,
and was carried down stream by the wind and tide.
The boom was adrift before any one knew of the accident, and got clean away before it could
be secured. When the derelict boom
floated past the city front, Mr. W. H. Vianen saw it,
and with tho assistance of a stalwart young man went
to capturo it if possible. Luckily the boom steered
dear of H.M.S. Acorn, had it struck the vessel the
Ings would have bceu tossit-g about on the gulf this
mornin,,. After a liard pull aud many unpleasant
experiences,'Mr, Vianen managed to get a line onto
the boom, and finally tied it up safely on the south
shore, a few miles below lho city.
Encomiums were showered thick antl heavy on tho
little Merrywoathor lire engine yestorday by the citizens, and tn the couucil by the aldermen. It is probable the engine will remain horo. This old but faithful servant carried one hundred pounds of steam yos-
terday, although that is a trifle high for it. Aid. Roid
said the boiler wnn apparently as good to-day as
twenty years ngo antl haa years of Bet-vice before it
The cargo of the bark Doolirii, which cleared for
London from Victoria, Friday afternoon, takes the
last ottiie reason's sal mini pack. Tbe value oftho
shipment is ¥'-'21 522, the number *■' esses being 39,-
580. Dry goods to the valuo uf .Sool', and 401 bun els
uf dog tish oil, valued at $4,000 complete her onrgo.
A youth named Thnm.ts E. Jiiuics was walking
iilong Nicol stroc', Nanaimo, on Tuesday (-veiling, says
the Fro*.' press, when lm sine « i-i ven--lumber revolver tying on the ground amid the snow, and he pioked
it nn whon it went <.|V immediately and shot hiin in
the hand, Tho bull lodged between Hie first and second fingers on the uppt r part • f tho band.
The Biniiir! oppisitinu stoamor Haytien Republic,
has -.nt prices from 'Frisco to Scuttle to (14 foroabiu
and 87 for steeiage, Tne GWt (Jo. will, it is reported.
soi'ii meat this rate bv a loner one, and the war will
go on until tho fittest survives, Meanwhile the
traveling public rejoices exceedingly at the cheap
Tbo ladies of tbo Vi C. T. U. will hold their
ANNUAL RECEPTION on New Year's Day inthe
rooms of tbo Y. M. C A, All gentlemen ure cordial*
ly invited to ooma and spend an muoh time as con-
vcnlfiit vith them, especially young men away from
home uiul friend-.    From 11 n. in. tn 5 p. in.
In tho evening Miss Bc-wj*, of Vancouver, will deliver her popular lecture on M AHRIAGE in tho Odd
Follow*' Hull. There will be iustiuinental music by
tbe Y, M. C. A. Bind nml a solo by Mrs D. Roln-on.
Dn>ir& open at 7:30; lecture to begin nt 8 o'olook. Ad*
mission, nt the door, 25 cents, dc30-2t
[I* 8.]
Viotoria, by tho Grace of Cod, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Qijikn, Defender
of the Faith, otc, eto,, eto.
To Our faithful the Members elected to serve in the
Legislative Assembly of Our Provlnoe of British
Columbia, and summoned and called to a meeting
of the Legislature or Parliament of Our said Province, at Our City of Victoria, on Thursday, the
Sixth day of February, 1890, to have been commenced ami hold, antl every of ymi—Greeting.
Theodore Davie, \ WHEREAS the meeting of tho
Attorney-General.J Legislature or Parliament of tho
Provinco of British Columbiu, stands called for Thursday, tho Sixth duy of February, 1890, ut which time
at Our City of Victoria, you were held and constrained
to apjwar.
NOW KNOW YE, that for divers causes and considerations, nud taking into consideration the ease and
convenience of Our loving subjects, We havo thought
fit, by nnd with tho advico of Our Executive Counoil
of the Province of British Columbia, to heroby convoke, und by theso presents enjoin you, and each of
you, that on Thursday, tlio Twenty-third day of
tho month of January, 1890, you moot Us in Our
said Legislature or Parliament of Our Baid Province,
at Our City of Victoria, FOR THE DISPATCH OF
BUSINESS, to treat, do, act, and conclude upon
those things which in Our Legislature nf the Provinco
of British Columbia, by the Common Council of Our
said Province muy, by the favor of Coil, lie ordained,
In Testimony Whereof, We have caused these
Our Letten to be made Patent, and tho Great Seal
uf tho sold Provinco to be hereunto affixed i Witness, the Honorable Ifi'tm Nelson, Lieutenant-
Governor of Our said Province of British Columbia, ln Our City of Viotoria, In Our said Province,
this twenty-sixth day of December In tho year of
Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty-
nine, and in the fifty-third year of Our Reign,
By Command, JNO, ROBSON,
de 31-td Provincial Secretary.


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