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Daily British Columbian Jan 22, 1887

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«500 Reward.,.... .Wm. McKce, O.M.C.
Timber License; ..A. M. Burgess
gailj) -fevitish Columbian
Saturday I>filing. January Si, I88J.
Our eastern exchanges come to us
with elaborate and somewhat sensational announcements respecting an
action said to have been entered by
the late Sprbule's brother to recover
$100,000 for false hanging, it wus
hoped that the last of the Sproule
caseMmd been heard, but if this
brother really proposes to go on
with his, suit, no one oan tell when
the end will lie. Sproule was convicted on circumstantial evidence,
but those who heard the whole case
declare that the evidence wus too
strong and complete to leave room
for any reasonable doubt. Moreover, Sproule, according to the
American; papers, had a wry bad
reputation apart from this case, and
if his brother proposes to rescue the
dead man's memory from infamy he
has undertaken a large task.
T. J. Trapp, who is standing for
the commons in New Westminster
distriefys » Grit in disguise. He
say8,V^I am and always slinll be
thoroughly independent." That is
what they all say. Mr. Trapp will
. stay at home for the next live years.
At the god of that time ho will
probably pluck up enough cotiragc
to -te|l tlie. electors to which party
he belongs. At present he is afraid
to ,*»?•—Vic. Colonist. By what
process of mental gymnastics does
our very much Tory friend reach
the conclusion that Mr. Trapp is a
Grit in disguise because he declares
himself to be "thoroughly independent!" We ure afraid our cotemporary who, by the way, was on the
Grit side himself during the administration of Mr. Mackenzie, knows
very little of independence.
A New Rival.
Arrangements are now said to be
completed for the establishment of
a new through railway line between
the Atlantic and Paoific. It is
well' known to our readers that the
Grand Trunk Railway of Canada is
really the only competitor of the
Canadian Pacific in the Dominion.
Almost without exception the other
Canadian railways, have beenswal-
low.il"up by one", rut-other of these
great roads. It lias several times
been rumored that an amalgamation
.was about to take place between
the G. T. H. and 0. P. B., but these
rumors, fortunately, have not been
correct*'!* wduld' be a great misfortune if all Canadian roads should
come under one management. The
new transcontinental road is to be
madf Mflbfe^fj} Jorthern r\scilic
IUil1vafo4nd*llf.Gtnrf'Irtink.5 At
present the Northern Pacific is in
operation from Tacoma and Portland (Or.) to Duluth, at the head of
Lake Superior, und along tho south
shore of the lake as far as Ashland.
Front t Ashland to Sault Ste. Marie
the Duluth, South Shore is Atlantic, an independent line, is being
built, and is to bo ready for operation about next Jutie. The Grand
Trunk hais a line of its own finished
and in operation froni Portland,
Maine, via Montreal to Toronto,
and it likewise controls the Midland
. Railway from Port Hope (Lake
Ontario) to Midland (Georgian Bay).
It is proposed to build a branch bf
the Midland from a point near Orillia to Sault Ste. Marie, crossing
French River near its entrance into
the Georgian Bay, and keeping
near the shore of the bay tothe
straits. The straits of Ste. Marie
will be bridged, and there connection will he mado with the Duluth,
South Shore ils Atlantic. This will
give a) i very straight lino of railway
from Portland on the Pacific to
Portland on the Atlantic, which is
the eastern terminus of the Grand
Trunk Railway. The Grand Trunk
now holds a charter for the extension, te Sault Ste. Marie, and the
charter for a bridge across
the strait lis, nlso held by the
two railways' interested in the
proposed system. If this project is carried out (and there seems
to be no considerable obstacle standing in the way of its accomplishment) it wil). make the Grand Trunk
and Northern Pacific important
competitors with the 0. P. R. for
the transcontinental trade. Of
course the C. P. R. has many ad-
vaaAagea., ;in the shortness of its
roaoVM -comparative smallness of
its debt, and its independent connections, no road can approach it.
But the new rival route will be not
much longer between the two oceans,
and for many years it will have the
neat advantage a very much larger
focal traffic than itt Canadian competitor. At soon as the mountain
section of the Northern Pacific has
been finished to Taooma, the road
will be Blade considerably shorter.
Thoist cities situated on the coast
of British Columbia, and on Fraser
Rirer, will derive a great ad van-
tageinaimuohat they are near enough
the weetern terminus of the Northern PiatiaWt* hiring them within the
influence of itt competition. They
will be able to secure better terms
than ever on' Importations from eastern Canada, because the facilities
for bringing tuch importations over
the Northerh Paoific will be greatly
increased. It may be remarked,
also, that the C. P. R. Co. contemplates the erection of a railway
bridge at Sault Ste. Marie, and the
extension of its line from .Algoma
Mills westward to St. Paul and Minneapolis, for the trade of which it is
how competing. 11 is likewise very
probable that ono or more of the
American or American-Canadian
lines will endeavor this year to extend northward from St. Paul and
Chicago so us to take some of the
Manitoba trade. If the Dominion
government continues to insist upon
vetoing all i nilway bills by whioh it
is proposed to disturb the 0. P. R.
monopoly in tho Northwest, of
course this cannot be dono. But
the spirit of the people of Manitoba
and the Northwest is such that we
are inclined to believe the voto
in this direction will be exercised
with much greater caution than has
been observed heretofore.
Pleasant as syrup; nothing equals it as
a worm medicine; tho name is Mother
Graves' Worm Exterminator. The greatest worm destroyer of thc ae,e.
$300 Reward.
nddltlon to tho govornment reward of
$500, will be given by the Delta Municipal
Counell to,uny person giving auoh Information ns wiU lead to tho apprehension
aiid conviction nf tho neraon or persons
who murdered tho Into James S. Harris ot
Crescent Croek, nenr Ladner's Landing,
on or about Friday ovening the Uth January.
WM.  McKEE, C. M. C.
Landers Landing, Jan. 21st 1887,dwja22ml
Tenders for a license lo cut timber on
Dominion Lands, In lhe Province
of Brllish ('olnmliln.
SEALED TENDERS addressed to the
undersigned, and murked "Tenders
for a Timber Berth," will be recoived nt
this oilice until noon, on Monday, the
Fourteenth day of February next, for
Timber Berth of twenty-flvo squnro miles,
moro or less, No. 10, situated on the Bouth-
Westsldoof the Columbia River, near
Donnid.on tlie llneof the Canadinn Pacific
Railway, In tho Provinco of British
Sketches allowing tho position approximately of this berth, together with the
conditions on which it with be licensed,
may bo obtained n( this Department, or at
thb Crown Timber Offices at Winnipeg,
Calgary, North*West Territories, and New
Westminster, British Columbia.
Deputy of the Minster of tlie Interior,
Department of tho Interior,
dja22M        Ottawa, 7th January, 1887.
Second-Hand Organ.
. „.  May be seen at
the Store of
Uwja21tc     Boohs, Stationery A Music.
New Westminster District.
Convention, I have consented to oflor
myself as a candidate to All tho vacancy
In the House of Commons caused by tho
dentil nf Mi*. Homer.
dnoOtlowto-wto      D. MCGILLIVRAY.
Rural Canadian!
82 for Both Papers for 1887.
This Remarkable Offer is good to or.i> as
well us kew Subscribers.
Thr Canada Presbwi-RIAn is pronounced to bo the "leading denominational papor In Canada." fs now in lis
sixteenth yenr of publication, and In all
Its departments will be hetter than ever
during tho coining year.
The Rural Canadian, about to enter
on its tenth yeah, Ih styled tho "Agricultural authority of tho Dominion," is a
large 32 pp. paper, with departments to
suit the varied tastes and Interests to bo
found in every homo.
Subscribe for both Papers uow ami
save $1.
d*de7odllb 5 Jordan Stroot, Toronto,
The West Shore
For the balanco of 1880, Including the
mammoth holiday number, to all who
Rubfloriba "now for 1887.
With tho January issno THE WEST
SHORE will begin Itstwnlflh year. Evory
numbor contains original illustration* of
scenery, towns and industries ln tho Pacific Northwest,equaling In excellence the
best productions of Eastern magazines.
Tho contributed articles, general literature and stories arc cnterlninlngund carefully edited, making tho magazine a
chaste family visitor. Tho comments on
events of Interest, to this region and tho
large amount of Information concerning
our various resource* and the progress of
development given in every numbor render Itoxtromely valuable. Nofamllj can
afford to do without It, nnd overy one financially Interested la (ho Paoifio Northwest or desirous of learning its resources
will find It Invaluable.
if tliosnbscrlptiofi price (S3 per year) Is
sont In now you will- ho entered for 18H7,
and the romnihdct.of 1SS0 will he lent us
n premium. ■ "     n     ''',
• .  *   .    I* SAMUEL,
.'(KffJW     122 Front Street, Portland Or.
"I take only ono English weekly paper,
The Spectator, ond ono Canadian. The
Week, and as a rule I should be nuzzled to
say which I should miss most."—From a
letter by Thomas Hughes, author Of "Tom
Brown's School Days."
The Week:
A I'anaillan Journal or Politics, Saelely
and literature.
Published evehy Tiiursday, at $8.00
per akkum.
Independent. In polities, THE WEEK
appeals by a comprehensive Table of Contents to the different tastes whioh exist
within the circle of a cultured homo.
An average of fifteen short, erlsp Editorials Is slvon In eaoh number upon CANADIAN, AHGRIOAN.and ENGLISH POLITICS and LITERATURE.      .
Amongst the regularcontrlbutois is Professor OoldwlnSmlthi and adlstlngulshed
Kuhllc man in London has kindly under-
ikon to supply wsularly an English
- ^"ashlnnton Letters
Letter.   Pari
will appear
at regular Ini
regular Interval
ln aSaillon thenars apeclal contributions from tamt at the ablesti writers In
the Dominion and the United States.
haa no* entered opon lt« third T.arwjt|i
most encouraging prospects, And with
many new features,
fijordan St., Toronto,out.
Samplo copies free oh application.
THE WEEK Is one of the most Influential journals ln Canadn,-Truth, London,
England. Ml
Hew lap!
$1.25 ^>"he- $1,25
Price. $1.25.
This Map has been produced at
great cost, and gives a vast amount
of information never before available respecting the most important
district in the Province.
Tho new Map shows the latest
surveys, the latest roads, the line of
the O. P. R. and extensions.
Beat Estate, Insurance ana
financial Agents,
T. R. Pearson & Co's
existing betwoen Alfred Bunning and
Jiimcs Kelsoe ns contractors nnd builders
nt tho oity ot Vancouver, B. C, hus this
dny been dissolved by mutual consent.
All debts duo the Into firm aro to be imld
to Alfred Bunning, by whom nll liabilities will bo settled. .\,,... ,:.._ .' ■••:
Dated this 10th day of January, 1887.
THE ANNIVERSARY   of   Scotland's
Bard will be celebrated on the evening of
January the 25th, 1887.
x>xcxx.x.     ta-ac-B-a
Held undor tho Auspices of tho
Caledonian Is Bt. Andrews' Society.
TICKETS (admitting Lady and r].-i.lli-
mnn to Ball and Supper), «3. Tickets ran
bo obtained from cither of tho following
committee:—T. Mowat, Uko. Uiniv.u-mi-s,
O. R. T. (lAiinmi'll. d-dffitlld
«"■ GRIP!
THE AIM OF "GRIP" Ih to net forth, In
ln an Jinpnrl Ial aiul 1 iitlcpi'mlcnt nutn-
ner. the noMmfevonte of Canadian political and kooIiu lifo. Its Curtoons Np**ak
more definitely und mure pi euu In niy thnn
whole columns of editorial, In thin pungent, easily appreciable, and artistic style
of pre«entlii« n subject, the whole situa*
tion Ih revealed nt a altinee. The success
of Grip shows how well this fact Is appreciated—Hs Cartoons on the piiKHln*- political events of the country being ovon
more ounerly sought «fl«r thnn tlio chaste
and humorous letter-press of the paper,—
though tho latter Ih equal to I Imt of any
simitar publication on lhe continent.
The publishers of Grin are making ex
tensive improvements for 1880. The old
cover lato ho discarded,ami tho Journal
will hereafter comprise li! pngeH.and be
printed on heavy ionod and calendered
paper,—every number lie! ng no artist Iiml iy
executed as to compare favorably with
the best papers on tho continent. The
advts..will be compressed and more ayate-
roatlcally arranged; while similar Improvements will bo mnde as to tbo letterpress. A new and handsome design will
adorn the title page; whilo tho Cartoons
will certnlnly not BUfler from extensive
Improvements ln the artistic department,
Tlio price of Grip will hereafter bc|2a
year, which Is lotver than that of nny
fiaper of Its kind In America,—most of
hem soiling for #. Hinglo numbers of
Grip Will be 10 cents.
Twice a yenr.at Midsummer aud Christmas, a beautiful special number will be
'* -*---* of pages being In-
j features introduced,
Issued, tho number of pages being Increased, and pleasing features introduced,
particulars of which will bo given In preceding Issues. Thete numbers will be
presented to subscribers without extra
Humor without Vulgarity!
Patriotism without Partlaanshlp;
Truth without Temper.
Only #» n Yenr, Poslage Free.
Address the Grip Printing and Publish*
ing Compnny,30ahd 98 Frontstreet, Wesl,
Toronto; or leave your order with yonr
bookseller of other local agent,        fell
Fruit Trees,
ornamental Trees,
Small Fruits,
And GAIIDEN STOCK on hand In great
Everything flrst-class nnd furnished In
good shape.
Port Hammonds II. C.
Yorick Club
.   ed lhat the mcotlnn; to Ue hold on tho
8th Day uf February, 1887,
Shall be attended by tho Members in
All Lady Members nre requested to tnke
note of snme.
d*de2l-inl Secretary.
Wholesale and Retail
Kew Westminster, B, C.
Columliia fit., New Westminster.
Fall and Winter Stonk, we invito In
spectlon of the finest selection of       ' '■
Engmii, Scotch, Uerman* French,
and American
Evor shown In Kew Westminster,   For
a GOOD FIT and nrtlstle style wo defy
competition.       „
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C U11 JOR,
In nil shades and material of DltKSS
OOODS, including Cashmeres, Merinos,
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eta, kc. Alao, Cotton, Merino, Cashmere, Lambs Wool aud Knit SOCKS, in
great variety,
Also, HATS nnd CAP8, Ladles' nnd
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Carpets, Rugs, Window Poles with
Ring, and Mounting., Window Holland
(Buff, Green nnd Striped), Damask and
Cretonnes, Sheetings; Towels, White
Counterpanes, Bleached and Unbleached
Table Linens, Napkina, Tickings, Blankets and Arctic-down Quits, Table Cloths
and Covero.
Everything found in a first-class Estab-
Bailment, and nono but tho best. Canned
Goods, Fruits, Meats and Venetablea.
I dun't offer 4'licnp (load.. I .lom'tuuiy
llicm or keep llieni, hat I offer y.« Ik.
brat aad al Ike lowest prlre ther ran be
sehl al, nnd yen sel what we re.jrt.rnt
■  • ■  ilnosmo
Bargains!   Bargains!
QoUl & Silver Watches, Diamond Rings.
Also a large  assortment  of, SILVER   PLATED   WARE,
83£" All Goods, guaranteed to be as represented.
C. M. McNaughten,
dw-jaiotc Colonial Block, New Westminster, B. C.
wo lmvo mndo application to tho
Utiiof Coimiitwilonpr of winds and Works
for a licenso to cut nnd ourry away timber
on nnd from the following described lnnds
ln Now Westminster District:
Commencing at the Houth East corner
of tho land grantod by tha Provincial Government to iho Canadian Paoifio Railway
Company, on tho peninsula betwoen the
North Arm of the Fraser River and English nny nnd False Creok: thonco North
120 chains, East 120 chains, South oo
chains, West to tho west sido of tho North
Arm rond, South to tho North boundnry
of Lot 1120, Group X, thonee West to the
point of commencement —containing
about 1000 ncres,
Now Westminster, II. C. Jan. 17,IW.
To tho Electors or tbo District of
Slew Westminster.
GENTI.EMI5N.~In offiiilng myself to
tho District of Westminster to represent
you In the Commons (his coming opening of the House, I do so In nll sincerity,
believing thut I enn do more for your interests thnn nuy of tho gentlemen that
havo come forward so fur. I nm n thorough
Conservative nnd In cntlro sympathy
with tho presont govornmont, who hnve
firovod themselves the friend in need nnd
n deed to Uritish Coiumbin,
Gentlomen, I hnvo my private footings
and opinions on most of tbo questions of
tho dny, but If I go to tho House hy your
sanction to represent you. I shall submit
to your commands und directions whioh
you enn send me as tho different questions
of tho day present themselves and nsclr-
on tho spot, to be represented; for I hold
that in going to parliament by your vote
nnd pleasure, I go as your trusted agent
and not as your lord nnd master, as somo
hnve thought ami acted accordingly when
out of your reach.
Temperance, gentlomen, ts ono of tbe
questions thnt troublo the distriot at tho
present time. Now, gentlemen, when tbe
right timo arrives for us lo receive prohibition none will bo found to work for that
measure with more sincerity or energy
thnn I, nnd no government on earth wni
be moro hnppy to grant thnt measure than
they; but tno time hns not nrrived yot, I
am sorry to say, und I sny further, that
the timo for prohibition entirely rests
with the temperance people themselves,
for as soon ns they provo thoir sincerity In
tbe cause by petitioning narliamontto put
a tax on ten, coffee and other articles, and
on Income if noccssnry, thereby providing
revenue to carry on the governmont, then
and then only oan they succeed In their
causo, thon ami1 thon only oan the government ctin.pl>'wllh tholH wishes. Money
Is the root of nil evil, so parsons tell us,
and money is the mighty lover that is go*
lug to lift you Into that haven of temperance you atl so desire and dream of,
Gentlemen, I fully realize tho Importance of your selecting a good and proper
mnn to represent you ut Ottawa, antl I also
fully realize tho fuel that I nt so grent distance nm working to a grent disadvant
age; but, gentlemen, I trust to your Intelligence nnd to tho friendship of my old
friends, and feel satisfied you will do Jus
tice to yourselves who are to bo benefitted
or Injured by your selection.
In conclusion, gentlemen, I undertake
to servo you sincerely and faithfully In
all things If sent, to the.Commons tore-
present you there, und If you do not I oan
stop ut homo, help you when I oan, and
sincerely wish you muy be us well served
ns 1 would liko to servo you myself.
Gentlemen, yon enn give me my answer
nt th* pol M, nnd whether I go oi stay I
shnll always remain
Yours truly nnd sincerely,
dca-dlew-wlc       JAMES CODVILLE.
Abstract Statement ot Receipts
ana Expenditure
Corporation ofthe Bfntrlct of Hiirwylor
Ibe Year IRKS.
Cash ou Hand, Jan. 18,1880 9
Delinquent Taxes collected for IBM
87 05
38 05
39 27
80 48
—,    3868
« " » im    88 88
" " " 1888  408 88
Rent Estate Taxes •• 1880 1181 61
Speoial Assussm't Hate "        1888   97 78
Rond Tux '• 1880  884 00
Licenso Fees «        1888  H'.M
Fire Insurance premium refund.....   2188
Withdrawn from Ilank B. C    10 00
Government Grants 1500 00
Totnl Hecolpls , 81088 71
Ronds and Bridges |28VI 05
Printing and Advertising  W 98
Postage nud Stationery .,  84 83
Bounty for destruction of wild animals   2ft 00
Election Expenses ,  80 00
Salaries aud Commission  03 10
Indemnity lo Councillors  US 00
Contingent Expenses  SO 25
Auditing Accounts  8 00
Insurance ,  45 00
Refund "
d lfnnd T
Total Expenditure 88190 45
Balance  803 38
(Signed) J. W. STEIN. Auditor.
Assistant Auditor.
CoriHtrallon oniift District »r Surrey far
Ik. Year eaitlns Dm, Sl.t, turn.
Delinquent Taxes on tho Rolls lor
1BSMI-S2-SS-81-K,-, 1915 09
Delinquent Taxes, IK*)   421(0
"        Speclel Ilnto     &! 64
Dal. to credit of (Ior. In Bank 11. C... 00S IB
" . "     Dom.H.Dank   WOO
Cash on haml. ,.) ,<,..MM SS
Total available Assets 11074 42
Reel Estate   COO 00
Properly other than Heal Kstate...    53 25
Brunette Saw Mill Oo. (M.) ore requested to settle botoro the end of January. All neconnts remaining unpaid nt
that time will lie placed In tha hand, of a
collector. .,      H. L. DeBECK,
dwjaioid      )'   .  ' Manager.
Graduate of the New Brunswick
mnl School, will open a Private School
In MR8.MU Kit AY'S HOUSE, ltoyal Avenue, on Monday, Jaaaary lain, last.
d-de2Sml       ,,
Qnind Total...
road.- ....$
Wllllnm Jackson's 1st contract,
Johnston rond, balanco...'	
Wllllnm Jackson's 2nd contraot,
Johnston rond.	
Ed. J. Watle, contraot, Johnston r'd
JoROiihW. McCalluni, contract, Latimer road „..	
Jacob Jackson, eontrnet, Const Mo-'
rtdlan rood	
J. Johnston, contract, Hcinliilimoo
John George, contract, Clover Volley road.....	
Unexpended balance of Appropriation, Ward 2 .!.„..!.	
Unoxpended balance of Appropriation, Ward 5 .!,„,...!,.„.
Salaries and Commission • '
Indemnity to Councillors	
Total Liabilities .1580 09
Excess of available Assets ovor Lla-
bllltloa ;  1085 37
[Signed] .       J. w. STEIH. Auditor.
Jn20-illl-w2l Assistant Auditor,
25 00
28 50
12 00
55 00
25 00
00 00
00 00
Tenders Tor 100,006 Dross Ties
J.   of Saturday Ike Wad Jaaaary last;,
for the furnishing of 100,000 Cross Ties, delivered on the llneof the Railway between
Cisco anil Vancouver, or New Weatmlnater, In lota to suit contractors,
General Sup't.
Port Moody, llith Jan., 1887.      dwjalttd
Will remove all Ink or Fruit
Stains, Iron Rust, Grease or
Mould, and leave the paper or
fabric perfectly uninjured.
TRY IT.   PRICE, 50c.
Now Weatmlnater, Vancouvor k Victoria
next IS days,
Hii WW,   !■
turora (pr cash, I am ia a position
to sell at bottom prioes My Goods sn
marked in plain figures and the prices
have not been put up to meet the discount taken off, Call and aee prloas beforo purchasing elsewhere
Sir Fine Wateh Repairing a Specialty.
Jewelry made to order.
Oi'i'osiTK ins Bank. itw-del8to
Harper's   Magazine.
HARPRit'd MaOaxinr ilurlnir 1887 Will
contain n novel of Interne polltloal.ioolal
uml romantic Intercut, entitled "Nttrka"
■a itory ot' RftMlaii life—by Kathleen
o'Mcarn; u now novel,, ontlili
HopeN," by W. D. Howelli;
entitled "April
-"-- ••southern
8ketoh'eil*> by Charles Dudley Warner and
Rebecca Harding,DavU, lfluilmt«d by
William Hamilton Qliwon; "Great American Industrie.." continued; "Social
Htudlei," *-  ^   **  m ***-•—"- •«
Itudlei." by Dr. R. T. Ely; further artl-
In on the Railway Problem by combe-
.ent wrltere; new serin of Illustrations uy
R. A. Abbey and Alfred Parsons; articles
by K. P. Roe; und other attraotlons,
;PU   TUB l
BAKPtll'B wiSF.LT   100
UAltraR'S BAIA11 100
Oo.T.ar(UNuob«.).. 10 00
Year (S3 Numben) .........16 00
Poalse. Pre. to all .nttterlbm in th. Unit*!
State, or Cnsd..
Ths volume, of tli. H.C..IR. basin with Ih.
Number, for June and DMember of eaeh .ear.
When no Hum I. .peelfled. subscriptions
Will bejln with tho number current at
time of receipt of order
Bound volumes of Harper's ataaaalne,
tor three year, hack, In neat eloth bind-
Ins, will be aent by mnll, poatpald,on re-
celptoftaoopor volume. Cloth Oases,for
binding, 50 cents each-by mall, postpaid.
IndH to llAtm'a Meeuisa, Alpkabatkal,
Analytical, and Qluajfled. for Volumes 1 to 70,
Incluaive, troa lio., Ilie, to JuH,llW,oa.
vol., Svo, Cloth, It.
Remlttancee alienld be mud. by Poet.Oflk.
Honey Ordar or Draft, tu .void ch.ee. of Iom, .
Naneaeen «r» aot toMmilu.rif.riiaia.nl
without the arprtt. order of Harper t Vrothara.
Addreee I1ARPKR* BROS., N.W Yort.
ones lo sail the Dally Columbian,
Apyly at Thi. Office. daiiltto
British Colmnbian
titi i.i'.X'
■■;,: liiiohi' -mo
Columbia St.
New Westminstor, It. (I
JOB, anil
i .-S-OTJs—■■'-., V
Every Description
-IN-""1 "    '
Bill Heads,
Letter Heads,
Powers,       M
Legal Blanks,
Show Cards,
And all Sorts of Plain
or Colored Work.
An (ar beyond those of anv other estab-
ll.hm.nt on the Mainland, utl oar prioes
will compare favorably with those of
Done on the Premises,
W. hava a flret-clsaa ROUND MA.
CHINE, aid ar* prepared to rata all
slid, of forms to order. „..' !„.. „
aWPIaln Binding neatly done.
ROBSON, ^^j^j^^^^^^jm^m^^j^^l^
;i'l-3l frppjffWi'-i
*,+,s»r„tm*.ti.i>t mum,.
• by inn
At the Company's Steam Printing Es-
tahllanmont,r "    	
:, Colnmbia St,
Delivered ln the City dally.. .S5o. P™"?*
Mailed dally, one year .$10.00
Tran.lenl Advr rt lB™e«l».-Flr»t Inaertlon, 10 ota. per line solid nonpareil; eaoh
aubaequentoonaeoutlve Inaertlon,acta, per
line. Advertisements not Inaerted every
day, 10 ets. per line each Inaertlon.
•4*4^1 ••Ml*l#»"** Jl* si Regular
Budneu or rmsmotm Advertlaeaionls
wfil he received at following rate.: llnoh,
u per month: a Ina, W; w pol. HM; K eol.
tS.1t; 1 ool. lit. If Inserted for leas {Ban S
mos. 10 per eent, will be added.
Special Metleea among reading matter,
H) cU. per line eaeh Inaertlon. Specials
calling attention to advertisements, 10ct».
tier line.
with deaths, so eta. eaeh Inaertlon.
tarll.n galea, whendlaplayed.eharged
15 per cent, less than transient advta, If
• olid, oharged at regular translonttatcs.
lulled every Wednesday Meralig.
Iiellvered In the City, per year. .....$3.00
Mailed, per year 2.00
Mailed, J months.. 1.115
WIHIV MVIItlllHO latil.
i loriW?"V*r,"n.l!ofld"no"np»rol I; "subsequent lnaerttona, 0 ole. per line.
' Slaadlag MverUse.uats.-For 1 inch,
11.60 per month; a Ina. li per.m.; 8 ln>. UK)
perm,; 1 col. 112.75 perm. If Inserted for
leas than 8 mos. 10 percent, will be added
to theae ratea. ...
Speoial notices among reading matter,
ets. per line eaoh Insertion...
Cats mnatbeall metal.and forlorgocuts
an extra rate Wilt he charged. No advt.
Inaerted ln either Issue for less than SI.
Ja'tt8<f riHalt Columbian
Saturday Evening, January SI, last.,
Plush in all colors kt J.1 Ellard &
Go's. dja20wl
There was no police court ihis
morning.   '■--'■■■       .''
To-day is the beginning of the Chinamen's New Year.;
Snow at Revelitnko is reported firo
feet deep,  and  business dull.
The pay-oar of the O. P. B. oame
ovsr from Pert Moody this' morning.
Ber. Thos. Scouler will preach his
first sermon at St. Andrew's to-morrow.
A new lot of C. P. Corsets arid
Bustles just received at James Ellard
A Co's. dja22wl
Kamloops now cornea to the front
with a scheme for supplying itielf with
Boys' Rubber Coats and Men's Mackintosh Coats just reoieved at D. Drysdale * Co'a. jalldlw
On Monday nest the fint sessien of
the fifth parliament of British Columbia will open, with the usual ceremonies.
Don't forget that Jas. Ellard & Co.
are agents for McColl's New York
Baser Paper Patterns. A full line
always on hand.;     ,;.:,;' d-jsSto
The chief detective of the Canadian
Pacifio railway, U'Keefe, has resigned
his position, but the cause for the
slap is unknown.
Our Ohuroh-st, cotemporary main-
tains that hia "special" on the dissolution was all right: Wall, there's
nothing more to be ssid.
Ogle, Campbell ct Co. liavo just roSI
ceived ex "Hermine," from London, a
large assortment of Linoleums and
Oiloloths in all width*, .-'■ djeJSwl
Halifax exports for December
showed an inorosse of 1125,000 over
the previous Deoeraber.' Halifax's
fish exports    last   year aggregated
The Good Templars held their
weekly meeting lut night in the skating rink. Aa yet the competition between the blue and the red is continued with seal.
The Yoriok club held its aseetrag in
Hyaok hall last evening. The attendance Hit not aa large aa on some previous occasion., yet the affair whs
pleasant and sociable.    .
A newspaper in the inside eoat
pooket of a Kew Yorker saved hia fife
from an assassin's bullet. The time is
not far distant when it will be suicidal
for a man hot to take a nswspspsr.—
John MoDougall, ths Vancouver
contractor who got into trouble with
his Chinamen, has published an all
davit denying tke oorrectaeu of the'
CWonW. report of an interview with
Has anyone observed a hlack pig,
spotted with white, meandering abuut
the oity, bearing the brand " H G.'
on his north earl If ao, return hltn
to tbe O. P. IT, wharf, and don't forget to ask for a reward I
This is the 32nd of January. It
Isn't safe to begin crowing before one
fully.. escapes from tha bush, but as
there are yet no indications of winter
une may presume tbat there will be
ho winter to speak uf this winter.
It is understood that J. A. Mara,
ex-M. P. P., will be a candidate for
the federal representation of Yale at
the approaching election, and there is
very little doubt of his election.. Mr-
Barnard will not run again, and Mr.
Mara would make a must oftiolent
The str. R. P. Rithet srrived last
evening about 6 o'clook. Bough weather on the gulf prevented her from
leaving Victoria till about 10 r. m.
yesterday. She brought a few passengers and about 30 or 40 tons nf
freight. Bhe left early this morning
for Victoria,
the'ilftVupVti ItVo./n'XwC, either
formerly advocated principles in
whiohIthsd no fallb, or else 'it" nuw
abandon'a.prinoipl.. in whioh it has
faith. The heed of the Spec, is undoubtedly level; but if the Mail has
changed its opinions it haa done no
more than a lot of othera. ,, ., , -,
. A deputation uf thirty engineers on
the' Canadian Paoifio railway between
Port Arthur and Quebec waited on
W. O. Van Heme, vie* president of
ths oompany, for an advance of wages.
The result of the conference was that
II was agreed to raise the wages from
----- — — •"■ >Hh
•3.30 to •».40 per day, with an In-
orsw. of 20 cents par .hour f«
tlontimsti  •.•.tjd5ir'ai|aj>i
II- '
Commons Election.—We are authorized to state, that Mr, Donald Chisholm
is in the field as a oandidate for the
seat, in the House of Commons rendered vacant' by the death of our
late lamented representative, Mr. Homer. dwoo25to •
s   f —•_——>—■
Smcial • Despatches. — Arrangements have been made to receive
every afternoon a short dispatch over
the Canadian Paoifio Telegraph wires
giving the latest political notes during
tho federal election campaign. ' The
first of tliose speoial despatches appears in another column this afternoon,
Fog the Commons.- At the solicitation of a number of my friends I have
consented to offer myself a candidate
for thu representation of the distriot
of New Westminster in the house of
commons. Early in 18871 Intend to
bring my family to the distriot and
become a permanent resident.—James
Codville. no29d&wto
..*■ .——. ■
. Baptist Church.— In the Baptist
church to-morrow the oeremony of appointing deacons will take placo in the
forenoon, when the pastor will deliver
a discourse on the office-bearers of the
ohuroh. In th* evening a temperance
sermon, will he preached. Subject!
How to exoroise the demon. Temperance, prayer-meeting, neat Thursday
evenfaft;; ':) ' ' ,t':'l '!':'.
■ ^-4—"v  . * .t—r-rt—f
EmxoNEOUs Impkession.—Itis stated
that many people have got an impression that atthe St. Andrew's & Caledonian ball next Tuesday, a gentleman
wfll be entitled to bring only one lady
on a tioket The managers of the
ball wish us to say that thu is a misapprehension. ." Any gentleman may
bring as many ladies as ha chooses (or
can get!), and the committee will be
gratified to see eaoh ticket holder with
half a dozen.
i — .
Tbe Delta Murder.—-A despatch
from Ladner's this morning says that
Supt. Royoraft and Officer Moresby
arrested Joe Lee and Charlie Freund
last night on suspioion of being implicated in the Harris murder. It will
be remembered that Lee and Freund
wero the two men who first went for
the constable, stating that
they had been at the house
of Harris and on looking through a
hole under the door saw Harris lying
bn the floor. A reward of (600 lias
been offered by the government for
the conviction of the murderers, and
to this the municipality haa added
The Political Situation in Nova
Scotia.—Late advices from NovaSco-
tia atate that the government count on
securing eleven out of the twenty-one
seats in tho coming elections. Heretofore they hare had sixteen. Among
the probable Liberal gains are Yarmouth, Richmond, Lunenburg, Kings,
and Halifax, and possibly a' seat in
Cape Breton. Should Sir Charles
Tupper run he will contest Halifax
with Hon. A. O. Jones, although an
effort is being made to effect a compromise in this constituency by'allow-
mg one of each pnrty to go in unop-
posedT T)Mtor"BbrfonlncjMr- Ros-
ooe are both fighting for tne Liberal
nomination in Kings. In Digby, Mr.
Campbell will oppose Mr. Vail, the
liberal candidate. Throughout the
province the approaching contest
promises to be exciting. I
, m ,—■—^-   '
Afraid or the O. P. R,—The senate at Washington, on the Mth inst.,
by a vote of 43 to 15, adopted th* conference report on the interstate commerce bill. The leading feature of
the bill, and the une which rendered
it particularly obnoxious tu the railways, wss a provision that the railways should haul freight fnr short distances at proportionately tha same rate
as they charged for long hauls. The
railways bitterly opposed this, particularly the oompaniea of the northern
atatea, which argued that its effeot
wonld be lo make thoir through rates
so oppressive that the Canadian Pacifio would be able to eut under their
Frices and take away all their business.
t wss also argued in the senate that
railways would abandon their through
freight rather than give up the profits
on the local bu.ineis.—Nines.
The St. Paul Ice Carnival—A St.
Paul despatch dated the 10th ssys:
The carnival promises to be a success
despite the snow blockade. The illumination takes place thia ovening.
Lieut. Schwatka, who ia expeoted to
arrive here to iuspeot the ioe-paluoo
and pronounce on its fitness, will bo
met by the mayor, council, and members of the carnival association, and
be escorted by them to the palace.
On Wednesday King Borealia will arrive. An immense toboggan, drawn by
four whito horses, and surmounted by
a mimic throne is prepared for hia
majesty. Four other toboggans for
his attendants, drawn by elk, moose,
Esquimaux dogs, and Shetland ponies
respectively will follow in line, and
twenty-four bears will net as a bodyguard to the royal train.: No color
save green will be used in the toboggan trimming, the plumes on the hones
boing white. .
—! r****—"~—"
Canadian Snow-Shoes in Ntw
York.—The Canadian SnowshoeClub
of Montreal recently visited New York,
and, while there, was given a grand
reception. The Wall st. Stock Exchange and the Produce Exchange,
both entirely suspended business during the club's visit to them. In the
afternoon they gave a grand fancy drill
in the Central Park, and were loudly
cheered by the spectators. In the
evoning they marched down Fifth
Avenue, headed by Prof. Layigne's
Montreal bond, to Metropolitan Hotel
where they were given a supper.
Later in th* evening they attended a
reception given them in Steinwoy Hall.
The members of the olub express
themselves delighted with the hospitality they received at the bauds of
the Americana, and, on their departure, extended td their entertainers a
hearty invitation to the gnat iee carnival at Montreal,
In addition, to our new stook of spring
goods we have opened an Invoice ol
Diagonals, Wast of England Broadcloth*
and French Caasimerea. — Walsh'*
TAiLonnto Emporium. dnoWt*
New Westminster District,
GENTLEMEN.—Aa a successor to your
late repreaentative In the Commons will
soon have to be elected, I hereby announce myself a candidate for the position.
I purpose publishing nn nddress In
whleb 1 will give my vlewa on the most
Important questions anectlna yonr Interests, and will visit the different settlements and address the electors hefore
election day,
In Polities, /om and will be thoroughly IHDBMNUENT.
Yours respectfully,
dwodNo T. J. TBAPP.
Olve Hollow.y's Corn Cute a trial. It
removed ten corns from ono pair of feet
without any pain. What it has done
ones It will do again.
The House.—Noxt Monday the
local legislature will he opened at
Viotoria. Not being in the confidence of the governmont we are unable to give any indication of what
will be in the speech from the throne.
It has become a custom to moke the
official speech nothing more than a
formal opening of the house, and uno
may search in vain therein for the
session's programme. In this provinoe, too, the opening speeches are
sometimes unnecessarily long—more
long than brood. If it is not too long
our readers may expect to see it in
Monday's Columbian if it is worth the
cost of telegraphing, but probably it
will not appear before Tuesday. It is
matter of much regret that severe illness is likely to prevent tlie premier,
Hon. Wm. Smithe, from taking part
in the opening ceremonies.
Very Thin.—Ever since the expulsion of the Chinese laborers from
Vancouver, the newtpapers of that
place have been endeavoring to make
it appear that there was no compulsion, and that the Ohinese went away
willingly and peaceably. If you were
to place the muzzle of a loaded shotgun at the ear of a man and advise
him to leave, it is altogether probable
hs would leave "peaceably," but tho
shotgun could hardly be looked upon
as an instrument of persuasion in tho
ordinary sense. This is pretty much
how it waa with the Chinese at Vancouver. They wero told to go, and
were notified that if they refused lo
go without violenoe they would have
to go anyway. Under theae circumstances fhey went, and were even
glad to go, for they felt that to remain in the face of a hostile crowd
and hostile demonstrations might be
putting both property and life in imminent danger. Artemus Ward tells
us thst onee ,'he found himself iveary
and hungry travelling through a lonely region with his show. Through tho
darkness he finally spied the flicker of
a tallow candle in the distance, and
the sight wonderfully revived his hope
and ambition. His jaded team, however, was not inspired liy thi glimmer
uf the distant light, and he save he
" tied a wasp neat tn the olf lines a tail
tu kinder encourage hiin." This is
very much like lhe persuasion uaed
upon the Chinsmen at Vancuover. It
was an unjustifiable outrage upon
peuple to whom was duo the fullest
protection of our laws
  <»        :	
Mr. Henry Marshall, Keeve of Dunn,
writes: "Some time ago I got a bottle of
Northrop k Lyman'a Vegetable Diacovery
from Mr. Harrison, And I conalder it the
very beat medioine extant let Dyspepsia." This medicine la making marvellous cures In Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia,
etc., in purifying the blood and restoring
manhood to fall vigor.
D, B. Wiley, O.P.R., is registered
at the Colonial.
At the Colonial:—D. XL McElmon,
Port Moody; W. F. Printen, H. Connor, J. Loanoy, Miller, D. W. Wiley,
W, J. Camp, electrician of the C.P.
R., arrived in the city yesterday frum
Montreal, acccoinpanied by J. O,
Bloke, assistant electrician.
taiiin UM Mten
Special Dispatches over the C.P.R. Wires.
Montreal, Jan. 22.—The bolters
held two political meetings to-day, the
castor wing attending one and the
federal malconlents the other. A
declaration was drawn up by the federals which declared that they intended to persist in their attitudo towards
the government's Northwest policy,
hut lhey agreed with Sir John mi
other political issue.. The cnator
wing, led by Senator Trudel, refused,
however, to join tho federal malcontents.
Toronto, Jan. 22.—The conservatives of West Bruco huvo humiliated
J. H. Scott, snd the conservatives of
Toronto Aid. John Macdonald.
Ottawa, Jan. 2?.—Hun. Mr. Chap-
loau stated ti -duy that there was a
difference between lhe government
and himself, hut it was untrue tbat
lis had resigned. He stated, also,
that he wat unaware whether Sir
Charles Tupper Wuuld enter lhe ctbinet.
Quisle, Jan. 22.—Nothing trans,
pired to-day as to what Tallinn ia doing towards the formation uf a cab.
Halifax, Jan. 22.—Hmi. A. McGillivray, ex-aptaker nf the provincial
assembly, apl oppose Hon, Mr.
Thompson Uf Anligoniah.
Kingston, Jan. 22.—A largo outi-
servstive convention was held here
lut night. Sir Join waa Humiliated
to couteat Kingston. Sir John accepted,
It is a remarkable pact that Dr.
Thomas' Eclectrie Oil is aa good for internal u external use, For disease of
the longs aad throat, and fur rheumatism, neuralgia, crick in tho baok,
wounds and sores, it is the beat known
remedy, and muoh trouble ia saved by
having it always on hand. Jacob Loock-
man, Buffalo, aays he has been using it
for rheumatism, He hsd such a lame
back that he could do nothing; but one
bottle entirely cured him.
m wan mn ton akktiiwrkr.
-Hi. (real llla.lmird nrlll.h < .lu«-
Ma Mill.*, A IMI supply now m> hand
al T. *- rears** A tVa., note agent, for
IMa*elatBa*,al Mela, cask. I.
Codville's Ucplj to Voter.
Kditor Columbian.—Will yon kindly
permit mc to answer a letter tbat came
out in your issue of 5th January from
some person wlio feels braver behind tile
signature of "Voter" than lie wonld feel
before his own. Now in reply I intend
to bo brief, as I am not acquainted with
the gentleman and never will be if he
does not use his own name and come out
like a man and aay whut he has to aay
like a man. Now, as to bis thinking the
whole thing a joke, I cannot help what
he thinks, All I can any on tbat head
ia, that to ine, the joke coines iu where I
am acouaed of uot appreciating parsons
aud their good work. Now, Mr. Ed.tor,
allow me to assur. you thut there are
few who respect or realize more than I
do, the persona and their good work,
ofteu performed under great difficulties,
aud with the aid of stumbling-blocks
who are ever in the road and full of advice, going around picking out motes
where beams are sticking all around
them. For parsons are educated mea as
a rale, and gentlemen command reapect
wherever they go, and when you find
one tbat is not "a rarity indeed," I am
content to leave hiin to the tender mercies of his congregation. As to mybeing
a credit or discredit, that's for the voters
to decide, and not Voter from Galway
who seems to bo going around asking
some one to tread oil the tail of hia coat.
No, Mr. Voter, I am on the. peaco ticket
and would rather take you by tbe hand
any day and be a friond if you will let
me, than to fight ubout a chance to do
you a aervice.
ln conclusion, I muat remind dear
Voter or voters that I am a long way off
and cannot reply to anyone or everyone
in leas than two or threo weeks'time,
but 1 am willing to answer all I oan if
they will como to mo in daylight. But
no sticking in the dark gentlemen, that
will not be allowed. And in conclusion
I will juat Buy to Voter, use your vote
honestly and to your own entire satisfaction, and wheu I return to B.C. I will lie
juat as happy to shake hands with you
or any of you whether you vote for me
or not. And now, for the benefit of all
friends, indifferent friends, or enemies,
if I have any, for who has not, I will,
with all due reapect, refer you to the lost
two paragraphs in iny address to the
Olve me an open, manly, foe,
That I may meot liim and perhaps avert
the blow.
Bnt of all the ctiri.es an angry Heaven cun
Save, O save me from a lukewarm friend.
I remain, yours sincerely,
Jahss Codville.
Woodstock, Ont. Jan. 13:1887.
Mr. W. Maguire, merchant, at Franklin, writes: 'Twos afflicted with pain in
my shonlder for eight .years—almost
helpless at tunes—have tried many remedies, but with no relief, until I used Dr.
Thomas' Eclectrie Oil.   After afewap-
flicattoua the pain left me entirely, aud
bave had no pulna ainoo. Do not take
Electric or Electron Oils, but aee that
you get Dr. Thomas' Eclectrie Oil."
SMITH.—At Langley. on the 18th Inst.,
the wife of John Smith, of a Bon.
A Trinity op Evils, Biliousness,
Constipation and Dyspepsia usually exist
together. By disciplining the liver uud
toning the stomach simultaneously, they
can be eradicated. The promptitude and
thoroughness with which Northrop k
Lyman s Vegetable Discovery and great
blood purifier removes this trinity of physical'evils Is a faot widely appreciated
throughout Canada.
J. 8. M'Laehlan'8 Insurauee.
Tke Ha life 1'oa.p.ny ks. raid It. Poll-
eld, kit Olker Cea.pa.ln Waal
freer ar Deal*.
From the Montreal Star.
Tliere is every likelihood of litigation concerning the payment of the
policies of assurance held on the life
of the late Mr. J, S. McLachlan. One
company, the Sun Life, has paid its
policies, but it is stated tlio others resist payment. It may be that the
matter will be amicably settled, but
such is not the presont appearance.
There was, aa hoa been stated, a total
of (42,130.70 insurance on his life,
placod aa follows: In the Sun Life, on
his life (7000, with a bonus of 9130.-
70, and an accident policy in the same,
company for (10,000, making a total
of (17,130.70. Of the accident policy
for (10,000, (6000 of it was reinsured
with tho Citizens' insurance Company.
The Sun Life lias paid the (17,130.70
to the hoirs. Tho Citizens refuse to
pay the Sun Lifo, and the latter company will enter suit The Sun Life
on paying tho claim to tho McLachlan
hoirs, tuok from the three executors a
personal bond to refund the amount of
insurance with 0 per cent, interest
compounded yearly shuuld Mr. J. 8.
MnLachliiu ever turn up alive. The
other insurances were (11,000 in London and Luncashiro Lifo Co., (2000 in
the Aitm, Lifo, (2000 in the Dominion
Safety Fund and a partnership polioy
for (10,000 in tho Accident Company
of Nortii America. Thero was a personal accident policy in the latter com-
Kuny, nnd when J. S. MoLachlan left
[outreal some time ago, the unearned
portion of the premium was returned
and the polioy cancelled. The partnership policy for (10,000 is contested by
the North America Company on the
ground that Mr. J. S. McLachlan was
not a registered partner at the time of
his death. The partnership policy
was on the lives of the Messrs, Mc-
Lachlans, Mr. Radford and Mr. Bro-
phy—four in all. In case of death by
accident of any of them the policy was
payablo to tlio survivors. When Mr.
Bivjihn retired /ram the btishuss hit
name,cas removed from the policy and
another pnt in his place bytheeompany,
who never wu and is not now n partner.
Whilo the Sun Lifo has paid its policies, the others havo expressed the desire to receive more satisfactory proofs
of death than have been furnished
tliem, The Citizens' Insurance Company claims, first, that they were not
notified nf a desire fur renewal, and
second, thnt the premium for the second year, which began in August last,
has not yet been paid. The policy of
the Mtnn calls for tho production of
the body. Mr. W. McLachlan has
written a letter to Mr. Mocaulay, of
tho Sun Lifo, certifying to the honorable and liberal manner in which that
company has acted with regard to the
claim. (J. O. MoLcod, is agent for
the Sun Life ir. this city.]  djnUw2
Wholesale uity Market.
Beef,     per 100 lbs. J7 0O««0l»
Pork »         looS too
Mutton     "        s soa io oo
Illdos(gr'n)"  850a 000
Potatoes     "  , ...0 75 @0 00
Turnips     "         0 373075
Carrots       "  0 403075
Parsnip.    "  0 75 a 1 oo
Beets " ...0 753 100
C'nllboKe     " 0B03  100
Onions      "         2 003225
Apples       "  2 008:100
Penrs " 2 004)2 50
Wheat        "  1503175
Oute "  1 503 150
Peiw "  160(4 0 00
Huy,   ,   per lon   16 003WOO
Botter (rolls) per II, 0 27 3 0 80
Cheese, "   0 15 @ 0 20
Eggs,      perdoa , 0 50 C. 0 IiO
Qoose,       eneli       1 50 3 1 75
Ducks "         0 251 0 80
Chickens, per pair. 0 503 0 76
Turkeys, per lb  0 203 0 25
Cortlwooinretull) per curd........ 8 603 4 00
The Conrederailon Ult.
1 he annual report of this solidly prosperous Canadian inatitutlon will be found
In another column. The facts revealed
in the accounts and the Directors' report
thoroughly justify the ecomiums whieh
tho shareholders present bestowed upon
the management. Thanka to the resolute
manner in which the Company hae declined to embark upon oxtravagant
methods of procuring business, tbo working expenses of the company bear to the
total income tbe very small ratio of between 17 aud 18 per cent. A point attesting the sonndnesa of the finances of
the Company is the fact that the interest
income is sufficient to pay tho death
claims--which in a company of the age of
tho Confederation Life la something to be
proud of. The ass ts and liabilities are
Bet forth In minute detail, and the tables
show that, after making allowance for all
posaible contingenclea aud providing for
every debt, there ia a surplus of (282,109
over liabilities and capital, combined.
The increase in the assets in the last year
was §200,300. So much for what can be
done liy rigid adherence to rrhat the
President defined aa the true policy of
the Company, viz:—"To keep Ita balance
sheet right and avoid unnecessary, unwise, or extravagant expenditure for the
sake merely of increasing new btiameaa."
—Toronto Globe. T. B. Pearson*Co.
are agents for this company in British
Columbia. inlOto
 • -•- •	
White Bronze Monuments.—White
Bronze fa a comparatively new substance,
and has come into large use, rapidly, for
apeeiol purposes in thia country. It has
heen. found to bo so well adapted for statuary and monuments, that companies
have been for aome time established at
Bridgeport, Conn., Detroit, Mich., Des
Moines, Iowa, and St. Thomas, Canada,
who are making monuments of all kinda
and styles. From experiments made by
these companies, it has been found that
the material will stand exposure for an
indefinite period—it is practically indestructible. White Bronzo being non-
corrosive and unchangeable, It is stated
to be equal to gold, silver or platinum,
and superior to copper or antique bronze,
which throws off a verdigris. The monuments are cast from refined zinc, and are
given their sparkling appearance by the
sand blast, aund being blown against the
work under a high pressure of steam,
which cuts tbe surface, but does not adhere to it. A thin film of oxide which
forma on thia bronze is indistructible by
the elements; it cannot be dissolved by
water, and air cr.nnot penetrate iti although the film is so tnin aa to be immeasurable. No corrosion, It is affirmed,
can take place,—Boston Journai of Commerce. Chas. J. Robson, New Weatmlnater, Is sgent for the White Bronse
Monuments in Britiah Columbia. Much
cheaper and mor. durable than any
A now map of Britiah Columbia juat
Issued by the government, for. sale at
T. E. Peurson * Co's. The best map
ever Issued! $2,23.—Adv.
Job printing of all kinds neatly done
at the Colombian office. Prioes will be
fonnd lower than at any other offloe in
the proviooe.—Adv.
Canadian Psalter and Hymnal, with
tunes (for Presbyterian Church), at T.
E. Pearson as Co.'a, New Westminster
and Oranvllle,
QT. PAUL'S CHURCH. Service, ev
O ery Sundny at 11 A. m. and 7 p. m. in
the Ohuroh, St. John atreet, below Royal
avenue. Seals free, all are cordially Invited. Sunday Sehool at 2,80 p. tt.
lln. 1
_ Bev. C. Watson, Pastor. Services at
_ _ a. m. and 7 p. ta.   Sunday Sohool and
Bible Olass 2:80 p. m.    Prayer Meeting on
Thursdays at S p. m. Seats free; strangem
cordially Invited.
DAPTIST CHURCH, Agnes street.
D East of Mary Htrcet. Bev. Robert
Lennie, Pasttir, Lord's Day Services at 11
a, m. and 7 p. m. Sabbath Sohool and
Bible Glass at 2:80 p. m. All seats free;
strangers cordially welcomed,   d-dc24to
ft      lUtlOH LOPGB Vm, 9, A. F.
^/\# * A. M.— The regular Com*
Tt JT mun .cation* of this Lodge are
/▼> held on the first Monday In eaeh
month. Sojourning brethren aro cordially Invited to attend
feSS-to Secretary.
Mill Owners i Others
11 Agents In this Province for ii number of leading manufacturers in Canada,
we nre propureU to furnish prlees and full
gartlouiarsof all kinds of machinery for
aw MilkHIihiKlo Mills.Factories,Foundries and Machine Shops, Including Engines and BoIUth, stationary and port*
able, both now and second*hand; nlso:
Rubber Belting, Axes and Edge Tools
Builders' Supplies,
Kliow Cases,
tins Mnehines,
ani|iB- oiwkii Iron Tools,
Brushes and Brooms,Paints and Oils,
Booting Fell. Shenthing Paper,
Fairbanks' Scales,   Br's Goods, Ir'n Plp'g
■•Inn'. Mack,    •    CeHleva Mreel,
Imbricating oils,
Emery Wheels,
Brick Machines,
Holatlnjt Blocks,
Ships' Blocks,
Wood and Coal.
large quantity of
And an assortment of
Which he will sell at lowest rates. He
will nlso promptly attend to all kinds of
Orders left at Mr. McColl's store on Columbia street, or at my house, Douglas
street, will meet with prompt attontlon,
New Westminster & C. JlylOto
ter Dry Goods!
D. Drysdale & Co.
Largest Dry Goods, Clothing and Gents' Furnishing House on
the Mainland.
DiTe-w   "^restraixistex,  S.  O.
Millinery, Dress Goods, Cottons, Sheetings, Tweeds, Flannels.
Ladies' and Children's Ulsters, Jackets
and Cloaks.
The Millinery is tho finest and largest Stook on the Mainland. No
need to go to Viotoria.
DRESS GOODS in the new materials and shades for the season.
Wo call attention to the famous SEA 8ERCK, *nioh we
have at various prioes—37}c, 50c, C2Jc. andTBc.; cannot be spoiled tar
rain and even though soaked in sea water or boiled in soda, trill still
retain tho ORIGINAL COLOR.
Tlie GENTS' DEPARTMENT is well supplied with Ties, Br«-
068. ShlrtS, 80CkS, &C., «><I» new and fashionable stool: ot
Men's Hats, Ac.     _JmiL m  _______ ^ _
At Cost and Below!
Gam Boots, $6.50, oold for 99.00.
Equally low prlees on all other Rubber Goods,   These Qoods an all
Men's Boots, 94*50, sell for #3.50.
Ladies' French Kids. $6, sell for #440
These Goods must be disposed of .during the nail t months.  It y*a MM I
thing in my line call early and get yonr choice! and you will make by so tag.
•Ajnertmant B-u.eto.ltin CHov—■
JAS. ROU88EAU $»ilg sntwlilKlnmbwh
Pre.. Telearanu.
Nuw York, Jan. 21.—Tho boycott
by tho longshoremen's union against
freight carried by tho old Dominion
fnshipKomnany proffHa>' wi"' its
1 vigofe to-day on both jiilos. Tho.
il tho foreign .steam
0 waiting fm' tho ox-
_ iiojat. • IJSo Post saya
liearly^all "the steamship companies with ono exception are determined to resist the action of tho strikers and that the first boycotted freight
handled by any of tho steamship companies will bo a signal for a genoral
striko.^JJho Jougshoromcii'a union
has u<y>jniy bo«cg,ttefl freight oarried
by th<l^«M'S!D<>minion, company, but
also the lighter men who have lot their
load to tho old Dominion Co. ub well
as lighters whoso captains nro not
union men. It is expected that tho
actiou of Judge Shijmian, issuing an
order compelling the French company
to receive freight that hnd boon brought
into port .by tho old^ Dominion Co.
will hurry alony a genoral utrike.
S*x.;,'djKu* Cal.;, Jan. 21.-Tlio 3
iu§pectot'H appointed >,by magistrate
Munroo report that the snip Highland
Ligkt.is.seaworthy and iu good condition. The 'mutinous crew havo been
placed in the county jail to awuit the
acfiS| utfjftur^onjmander, Capt. Saw-
ycr, who- ia determined to take thom
onfWrdm irons if necessary'.
CWK/LP'W^''"''^' 2I -Th"1'-
sa»6a of' pebi>le visited tho morgue today to get a view nt Mrs. Cabalek, tho
dead murderess, nnd her 3 ohildren.
The- fathor, it is feared, will bo demented. He sobs and moans ut his
desolate homo nud refused to bo comforted. That tho mother wns insane
seoms beyond question. James, aged
13, was 'stabbed 111 tiuios, and An-
timetta, aged 8, thirteen times, yot,
strange to say, they Still live, although
the physicians say they will surely die.
DeibOW, Jan. 21.—Information of
another oi Governor It. Alger's extensive benevoloncics has just leaked out
through fuel and Hour dealers who
were connected with the enterprise.
Through his Vlrato secretary nnd a
few trusted frionds ho found livo hundred needy families during the.recent
cold snap, and to each iff thein lie sent
a barrel of flour and a ton of coal or
cord of wood. The scones at the delivery of the needed gifts were often
eitiful nnd pathetic, many families
eingentirely destitute.
BpAu. 2K*HerrVonSph'olz,
tho ftussian minister of finance, today *Me*t»d a .budget to the lower
house of nio Prussian diet. This states
that trade in Prussia has improved,
und that thoro has been a deficiency in
the revenues, 'Grants' for provincial
district authorities of the kingdom call
for 13,000,000nuirks, instcadof 19,000,-
900, as in previous year. Tho railway
receipts the fiscal yoar will exceed the
expenses by 20,000,000 marks. The
receipts from the income tax will bo
larger than heretofore, proving that
pasponw in* toe Durban population is
mlch' iacBtosed t'i" statistics and
slf8wtHf'pop«latioir,1n the rural districts much lessened. In conclusion
of tho budget he states that the Reichstag's rejection of the army bill placed
all other questions in the background.
On this, accdunti the finance-minister
abstained from referring to the development in direct taxation. In conse-
Suence -large exportation houses from
lecklenburg nud Westphalia forbid
that thaw exports should be submitted
to *he»m0*7.iath forthwith.
Br.aiJivJ»n; 21.—An inspired letter from Berlin aays: "In governmont
oircles here tho situation is regarded
as serious. Tho peaceful tone of tho
Flench ."rose* is- not assuring, as it is
evident papers nave boon ordered officially to adopt, a;peaceful uttttudo.
There can bo no question that Franco
isL>preparing military camps on the
Uerman frontier. It remains to be
seen whether n plauseblo reason can
be riven for this."
Bomb, Jan. 21.—Mon Signor Kam-
Rolla de Findaro, papal nuncio nt
lodrid, has boon designated to succeed
Cardinal .Incobini ns papal secretary of
state.,,.,, .   30$J3 \\
Londox, .limi 21.—Henry M. Stanley started to-day for Egypt. He
goes first to Ilrimlisi, thonco to Suez.
Columbia, S, 0., Jan. 21,—Tho
house ol Calvin Bnss in Kershaw
county has boon destroyed by incendiary fire, liis wifo, who was aide iu
bed, and her two small children, polished in the flames. Bu.s ia suspected oj having fired the houso,
ivtxtr CITV, Jon. 21—The Delaware, Lack&wauua and Wusturn Rail-
roiftj ooolpinmr shis afternoon with-.
drovH thi niklrtftn  mm from the
Erefiner! f%i'j#i thoy hsd been
oldmg in . tiha''ombankmcnt ln the
rsarjofjbj fpHs, near the docks.
Tlieir places have Been taken Hy Jersey City policemen. Application has
been made by Oapt. Foley, leader of
the Pinkerton men, to hove his mon
sworn in as deputies by the sheriff.
il.—A rumor is cur-
lerbrs of Russia, Aus-
triaHiA perdany will meet hore on
nVMrthdoT. •
Paris, Jan. 21.—At a council of
ministers to-day it was decided that
Premier Goblet and M. Dauphin,
minisBr of Bum*, shoqld jointly
prose* tWt*** budget bill in the
ohamdr ofdlpifMes, and that the ro
jtttlon of the measure would involve
the resignation of the cabinet.
London, Jan. 21.—Ordera have
been issued fa'Russian Poland, forbidding the exportation of horses to
Austria or Prussia.
Niw Yobjt, Jan. 21.—Archbishop
Oorrigan todtitht makes public a long
Written sfttttfc'ebt In reganl to the
MojOlinn. yfiase. It dates back to
leO«i*#r:S(iaiynli f. dtol.red
to bar. disobeyed a mandate of Rome
morn in as aeputios
obedience, but it became necessary,
he having resumed political speaking,
to remind him again in August last.
. This was before. Henry George's name
becamo mixed up in the affair.
San Franoiuco, Jan. 21.—Thomna
Harvey, who disappeared on the 10th
December, and whose wife received a
letter yestorday from him stating that
he had been shatighaied on board a
whaler, has been discovered tu be the
man who, under tho name of Thomas
Watson, was sentenced on Saturday to
aix years imprisonment for stealing a
ton-cent purse from a woman. Suspicion waa first aroused as to thu truth
of the statements in the letter from
the fact that the letter was dated only
two weeks back, and that no mention
was made na to the vessel he had been
shanghaied nhonrd. This led to an examination of the envelope, and it was
found to havo tho' San Franoisco post
mark. Detectives then took tho caso
in hand, with the above result. Harvey had written the letter to his wife
in the hope of keeping her in ignorance of his disgrace. When she was
informed of tne truo state of affairs
she wu very much, affected and shed
tears copiously.
New York, Jan. 21.- -Tho United
Labor county convention, at their
third sossion, to-night, adopted reso-
tions declaring that tho employment.
of speoial officers by private individuals and corporations was a glaring
imposture and a violation of liberty
and fundamental laws; that Pinker-
ton's men are going from state, to
state, committing murders, for which
none of tliem ure ever brought to
trial; calling upon Gov. Hill to stamp
out the blood-stained gang of murderous tramps who have dared to establish their headquarters in the metropolis of American civilization; demanding that the legislature forbid by law
the employment as speoial officers of
nien not citizens of this stato and whb
have not roaided three years in the
county where they are employed, nnd
all such special officers to be paid by
the state; forbidding, under penalty,
the fine und imprisonment of special
officers recoiving any salary or reward
from individuals or corporations, and,
finally, calling upon congress to investigate the coil pools and the employment of armed forces controlled by
private detective agencies.
Berlin, Jan. 21.—The police to*
night made a raid on a house in Chelsea iir whioh was found several thousand dollars worth of stolen property.
A gang of counterfeiters inhabiting
tho premises were arrested. The
house was found full of jewelry, etc.,
valued at many thousnnd dollars, also
an immense lut of silver bullion and
the moat complete set of counterfeit*
ers* paraphernalia ever captured.
London, Jan. 21.—Rumors of war
are becoming more and more frequent.
The North German Gazette, the National Gazette, and the Cologne Gazette,
as well as the Timet, Standard, and
Daily News'ot London, all report that
France is making elaborate preparations to despatch to the German
frontier a strong reinforcement of
London, Jan. 21.—Mr. Tender,
addressing a meeting of tho shareholders of tho Direct Cable Co, yesterday* said that tho CoinniercialCsble
Co. had carried away £170,000 worth
of traffic, and that while this traffic
did not benefit the Commercial Co,,
the loss of it would seriously injure
the pool companies. He thought Mr.
Mackay was too good a business man
to carry on a fight so disastrous, and
as for himself, he thought it useless to
increase the sixpenny rate till tho
company had readied n point paying a
fair dividend and maintaining a reserve fond. If thu French company
withdrew from the pool it ought in
honor tu return the £250,000 it received in excess of iti earnings.
m^^mtWmhm^T correction,
hs promised to refrain from further
offending, but hftd to be called to nc-
eonDt «nl4..*4flfe £&"¥&»Pub:
iso of
"This Surrey or Onrs."
(Correspondence or tho Columbian.)
Election being now over, "this Surrey of ours," ngain reigns in peace nnd
happiness, and also "rains in large
drops nnd plenty of thom." We have
a noble set of "country fathers," who,
it is to be hoped, will use their utmost
ingenuity in spending the funds to the
best advantage. The roads nre now
in n very bad condition, especially that
piece nlong tlio front of Mr. J. Shannon's lot, which is almost impassable.
Last yeur a contract wns let tu have u
small portion of it graded aiul a little
gravel put on, but now the snmo piece
is worse than over, as it is almost bottomless. If our new councillor was to
take at team over it onco I am suro he
would spend n whilo in considering
how to fix it, whioh would be grently
appreciated by the people. Our reeve
had n close cnll this year for his position, having only six votes of a majority, and probably ho would uot
have had that if his opponent's voters
from Hall's Prairie had been over to
tho poll. Tho Postal Telegraph lino
will soon be in operation, nnd the establishment of nn offico in Clover Valley will holp to make the "fair dale" a
conspicuous part of Surrey.
The Ottawa Free Frees charges Sir
John Macdonald with n personal
knowledge of tho pro-Cntholic circular of 1883, and that lie lias been revising the proof sheets of the Mail's
anti-Catholic articles of 1880-7. It
nlso states that under oath tho premier dare not deny thnt he did not
revise the proof sheets bf tiie Mail's
editorial of Saturday, the 8th inst.,
which caused such a sensation In eastern political ciroles, ns well ns tho
dictation of an article for the Toronto
World announcing the dissolution of
tho commons,
Telephone Call Nd. 6.
P.O. Box 71
Absolutely Pure.
Tills powder never varies, A marvel of
purity, styon a th ami wholosomoness. Moro
economical than tho ordinary kinds,and
cannot be sold In coinpe liion with tho
multitude of low tent, short, weight alum
or phosphate powders. Sold only In cans,
Uoyal Baking Powdkr Co., 108 Wall St.,
Now York. afely
rpHE UNDERSIGNED has established
J- hlmfielf In tlio Citv of Now Wostmln-
sler with n FIRST-CLASS
Which Ir open for Engagements at
very moderate Charges.
Orders left at the Colonial Hotel or sent
by telephone, will ho promptly attended
to day or night. Stable next H. Elliott's
Telephone No. SO, mylte
nek Fire Company will bo held at tho
Friday, February lSlli,  ISS7.
The puhllo may expect an entertainment in evory respect Hrst-cliias.
Committee op Management* — Chief
Engineer Webb, Cnpt. McMurphy, Asst.*
Eng. Corbet, Ex-OhiOf Eng. McColl.
The British-Columbia
Furnishes all Kinds or Help
Free or charge.
Business, tako a partner, etc.
OFFICE! Fort Stroot, between Douglas
nml Ilraimlitnn, VICTORIA, II. C. P.O
box OH. mlia
Wood and Coal.
X   large quantity of
And an assortment of
Which he wfll .oil at lowost rate..  He
will alRo promptly atteml to all kinds ot
The Great French Ketnody, Dr. Lc-
Duo's Periodical Pills. These Pills are
compounded from the purest drugs, and
from those only which are known to aot
upon the Cenerative Organs in Females,
Thoy are first oncloacd in an airtight
capiulc, and by tht. moans made to re*
tain their fnll strength for years ln any
climate. Ask us for private circular,
A. M. IIemii.vo k D. 8. Curtis k Co.,
New Westminster; T. McNeeley, Lad-
Iter's Landing) H. McDowell * Co., Vancouver! Plmbury & Co,, Nanaimo; T.
Pickard, Denran Island; A, It. Johnson
k Co., Chemainus; fl. B, Richardson
Cowlchani W, K. McCartney * Dm.,
Vancouverand;Kamloop«; Hastings Sinv
Mill' Co., Vancouver; The Vancouver
Drug Co., Vancouver; J. B, Lovell, Ynlo;
W. tl. Megaw, Prioit Val'ey; H. Clark
4 Co., Kamloops; Lanolkv k Co.,
trMeaalo agents, Victoria.    dw««28yl
Orders left at Mr. McColl'. .tore on Columbia streot, or nt my houso, Douglas
stroot, will moot with prompt lUtcnUon.
New Westminster 11. C. JlylOto
tlio Reserve, ntitlefl whereof wan pub*
llMho-J in Die ••HrltlHli (.'ol inn bin Clnxolfe,"
ami dated tlie 71 h day or AiikiinI, INK!, Iiiih
been cancelled liy nn Order of III* Honour
tiie Lleuleiuinl-flovoriior In Council, nit*
firovndon tlio mil ilnynf Drnember, Pm,
it wi funis ll p-lai*". to j Ite InmlH In New
Wi'nl ml lister Dlslrlet wlilcli cmiHtltnte
the tmviiKlle of llii."il:ii,--. llurrard Inlet,
fortliepurpoNflof Hiile in IoIh or block** at
publio miction, and for no other purpose.
Chief Conimlnilouorof Unndn a WorkH.
Lands A WorkH Donnrtmont,
VMorlii, a C, J)cnoinbcr(ltlit 1830.
d-d oil mil
Capital, $3,000,000;   Misses
Paid, if 18,000,00(1
BallntMlaiUea ■•*«»*»
Rates as Low as any other
Company .doing Business
In British Columbia.
<3T Kiska promptly taken, and Losses
satisfactorily adjusted.
rtnoTIi! (II, 0. ft. A P. Co,) AOENT.
i.n.ral Uiilisi!
Dry Goods, Men's Furnishings,
Groceries & Provisions.
 , dw-nufflii	
IHIilayd after date we Intend making
application to the Chief CommlBslonerof
Lands and Works for permission to pur-
elirme (HO aores of Timber Land, described
as follows:
Commenulnff at the South East corner
ol the land applied for by us this dale on
tlie penlnnula  between   Loughborough
Inlet and Phillip's Ann. mainland  of
British Columblu; thence East 40 chains,
South 80 ehnins, West 80 chains, North 80
chains. East 40 chains, to polntof commencement.
New Westminster, a C. Dee, 23,1880.
d*dtf3n.2      John Hicswiv, Manager.
00 dnys nfter date wo Intend making
nppllcntloii to tlio Chief Commissioner or
Lands anil WorkH for permission to pur*
chnsonl,ont81x Hundred ncres of Timber
Land, described as follows:
Commencing at a stake set on the Easterly shore line of a lake on the mainland
of British Columbia, about 'PA miles enstorly from a point on thc East shore of
Loughborough Inlet, which point benrs
about due East from Beaver Crock; thence
Eust HO chains, South 40 chains, Enst40
chains, South 40 chains, Enst 40
chains, South 40 chains, West ubout 40
chnins, to shore line of lake; thenco
Northwesterly along sliore line of lnko to
point of commencement.
New Westminster. B. a. Dee. 22,1880.
d-do23m2      John Hendry, Manager.
1 Old Broad St. and 18 Pall Mall,
Buildings, Goods, Waves, Merchandise, Manufacturing and Farming Stock,
Ships in Port, Harbor or Dook, and the
Cargoes of sueh Vessels j also, Ships building and repairing, Barges and other Vessols on navigable rivers and canals, aad
Goods on board such Vessels, throughout
Great Britain and Ireland and in Foreign
Subscribed oud Invested Capital,
£1.600,000 STG.
Rates of Premium and every information can be obtained on application to
Agent for New Westminster.
New Westminster, B, G,
Farm Wagons,
Express Wagons,
Delivery Wagons,
Top Buggies,
Open Buggies,
Butcher Carts,
Dog Carts,
Dump Oarts,
Drays, Stages,
We huvo a largo stock of moat of
tlio nliovo m-tidoa on linnd, nlan a largo
atcwli of Wagon am) Carriage Material,
Wheel., Wooil and Hardware
Repairing, Palming * Trlnittlng
done nt roaaonablc prices.
In all iU llrnuehes.
Estimate:* givon on Ironwork, and
Contracts taken. Agricultural Implements tnadciind repaired, and all kinds
of Ironwork for Saw Mills, Logging
Camps and Fanners, kept in stock and
mado to order.
Ilorac-Shocinu. and General
Wo also keep in stock to supply the
trado, Iron, Steel, Chains, Cumberland
Coal, Horse and Ox Shoes, Harrows,
Iron and Steel Harrow Tooth, Carriage
Springs and Axles, and a complete stoek
of Carriage Hardware.
Parties requiring anything in our line
will And by inspecting our stock that
they don't require to go to Victoria to
got what they want, for they can got a
superior article at a reasonable price
We aru also manufacturing and selling
the celebrated
At reduced prioes,   It Is the best and
cheapest IVons in the market.
.»»■ We have got tlto best workmen to lie
had tu the country, and we Import nearly
all th» Htock we uso from the cast—consequently wo can offhr Inducement* tu pur*
chiiHurH that we could not have done some
tlninnirn. All miiierlal anil work leaving
thi; shop will he I'uiiriinteed to be Justus
represented. Orders from the country
promptly attended to,
Manufacturers und Importers of
Harness, Saddles, Bridles, Whips, etc.
m , nn application will bo made tothe
Parliament of Canada at Its next session
for nn Aot to Incorporate uCorapanvto
hulld, maintain and oporate a line of
Hallway .'rom some convenient point In
or near the City of New Westminster to
some convenient point on or noar the
ma parallel of North latitude, botween
Semiahmoo Day and Township 18, lu the
DlHtrJcr of New Westminster. Province of
British Columhla.
Now WostmlnntertSlth November, 1880.
d*dc4m2 Solicitor for Applicants.
ll application will he made to the Leg*
illative Assembly of tho Provinco of British Cohlmhlu, at Its next session, for nn
Aot to Incorporate a Company for tho construction and operation of a line of Railway In the Dislrict of Now Westminster
In tho Province (tr British Columbia, front
n point at or noar Linlncr's Landing,
thenco In n Norlh Knm-rly direction to a
point nt or nour popcum.
Dated nt Victoria the 7th day of December, A. D. 1880.
d-deSwO Hollcltoi* for Applicants.
What Physicians Say About the
"Trel.tiiieni by Absorption hns for >■■ ;ne
lime been recognized by Medical Mu. to
bu the most simple and otFnotnnl means
of convoying tn DlswiHed OiK.uiit, "Curatives, " but iti easesof Kidney Dlseasoand
Complaints mtuiiiliiiii thereon, HUueesHful
treatment wns priK-lH'.ibl.v Impossible until tlm introduction of tho Hinrr Kidney
Pad. It costs less than a single prescription and Is Immeasurably more decisive
aud effective tlittu any quantity af internal
Medicinal doslttff. Worn Immediately ovor
the seut of Disease, Its curatlvu properties
become absorbed by the diseased nnd enfeebled Organs, cent 1 nuously und directly,
as required to Insure ln return Iheir healthy notion and original vigour. It Is comfortable to the patient and pleasant In Its
effects, ami cures when nothing elso can.
The Starr Kidney Pad accomplishes positive, decisivo results. A moro valuablo
discovery as a truo remedy for Kidney
Diseases was nevor made.—Medical Gatette
The Mnn Kidney Vail, manufactured
In Toronto. Is a permanent suro aure for
diseases, disorders and ailments of the
Kidneys, Bladder and urinary secretive
system, or attendant complaints, causing
pain ln the small of tho buck, sides, etc.,
producing iirinii.y disorders,such us too
frequent, scanty, diflicult, painful or copious micturition, inability of retention and
sedimentary urine, dropsical symptoms,
etc, denoting thu presence in tho system
of diseases com mon to the urlunry secretive organs—known an gravel, catarrh of
the bladder and passages, Bright's disease,
diabetes, dropsy, piles, nervous debility,
otc. Hend for pamphlet to LANGLEY A
CO., Wholesale Agents, Victoria. Retailed by A. M. HERRING and I). S. CURTIS
A CO., Now Westminster; T. MoNEE-
LEY, Ladner's Lending: II. MoDOWELL
Vf. E. MCCARTNEY A BHO., Vancouver
nnd Kamloops; J. B. LOVELL Yale; W.
R. MEGAW, Priest Valley; H. CLARK A
CO., Kamloops, dwse23yl
Fire! Fire!
Vancouver, 8$rd June, 1886.
Representing Goldlo & McCulloch,
Gait, Ont.
Km.—We tlio undersigned having witnessed the terrible Are which wiped out of
existence the young city of Vancouver,
on the 13th Inst., have, after tho firo, examined tho safes sold by you, some of
which wero put to tho most sovorotost,
having been surrounded by large quantities of lard nml bacon, and wo are pleaued
to testify to thc remarkable mannor In
which overy Safo sold by you preserved
its contents, not only books and papers,
but also thousands of dollars In paper
money were taken out in perfect condition. We can, therefore, with the greatest confidence, recommend thom ns thoroughly Are proof:
L. A. Hamilton, for tho Canadian Pacitio
Railway Company; M. A. MacLean,
Mayor; .lohn ,i. Blake, Stipendiary Ma*
flstratej Rlch'd. Aloxandor, Justice of
ho Peace; John BouItbee. Police Magistrate, city of Vnncouver; Thomas Dunn,
Justice of the Peace; Isaac Johns, Col,;
Edward V„ Rand, Real Estate Broker;
It. Balfour, Alderman: John Rnnkln,
Real Estntu Broker; Pither A Edson,
Royal Hotel: il. F. Keefer, Contractor,
C. P. R,; J. W. McFnrladd, Port Moody,
to Vancouver and English Bay; F. C.
Innes A Co., Real Estate Brokers; A, W.
Ross, Real Estate Broker; Gravely A
Spinks, Real Estate Broken.; R. O. Per*
guson, Mgr. It. C. P. Mills. JeMto
New Westminster, Goal Harbor
and Seattle Boutc.
13. Vf. TARTE, Master.)
Thursday Moralig at 1 ••clack, for
New Westminster and Coal Harbor, via
Port Townsend and tbe Islands; arrives at
New Westminster on Friday forenoon,
loaves for Coal Harbor ubout two houn
afterwards; leaves COAL HARBOR rrt-
day Klght for Seattle.
Fare to Seattle. «4.M
Freight prrteB,..,. 4M
Special rates to merchants.       aplOtc
VICTORIA, by the Grace of God of the
United Kingdom of Great Britain and
Ireland, QvRBK, Defender of the Fnith,
ACmAcJ Ac*
To Our fnlthfut the Mouthers elected to
sorve In the legislative Assembly of Onr
Province of British Columbia, and summoned and called to a meeting nf the
legislature or Parliament of Our said
Provinco, nt mir Clly of Victorin, on
Monday ,th a Tli If tflen.li dity of December
Instant, io have hi-on commenced and
hold, and every of you—GitUKTiNo;
Attorney-General,] VV Meoting of tbe
Legislature or Pn riliiineiit ofthe Province
oi* llrllish Columbia stnmlscalled for Monday, tbe Thirteenth day of December Instant, at which time at Our City of Victoria, you wore held and constrained to
NOW KNOW YE.thatforillvorscoHBOS
and consideration, and taking'Into ron*
siderallou tho cuso and convenience of our
loving subjects, Wo Imve thought lit. by
nnd wllh thu advice of Our Executive
Counoil of the Province of British Columbia, to relieve you, and oach of you,
of your attendance at tho time aforesaid;
hereby convoking, and by these presents
enjoining, you and each of you. that on
of tho month of JANUARY next, you
meet Us lu Our said Legislature or Parliament of Oursald Province, nt Our Oity of
Victoria, FOR THE DISPATCH OF BUSINESS, to treat, do, act, and conclude upon those things which In Our Legislature
ofthe Province of British Columbia, hy
lhe Common Council of Our said Province
mny, by the favor of God ha ordmuod.
Im Tkstimony Wnnnaor, We have
caused these Our Letters to be made
Patent and the Great Real of the laid
Province to be hereunto affixed: Witness tlio Honorable Ci.rh rnt F. Con*
for tbis celebrated Machine, 11
would be pleased to send one on trial to
any person desirous of purchasing. The
Machines are Bold on their own merits.
Every Maohine guaranteed by the Company for live years.
Fruit, Confectionery k Fancy Glassware & China Store,
Columbia St.*      -      New ffesl.
wai.!., Lieutenant-Governor of Our
said Province of British Columbia. In
Our City of Victoria, In Our said Province, Oils Tenth day of December, in
the yearof Our Lord, ono thousnnd
eight hundred and eighty six, and in
t he fiftieth yonr of Our Reign. • i
By Command,
, .   .. JNO, ROBSON.
dHlPind ProviactafRwrctnry.
Confederation Life
Snnraam Capital *l,0M,tM
Full Gov'm't Deposit
Hea d Office, Toronto, Canada
a home"company,
Thii. Association merits the
confidence the Public is reposing in it from the following
The Security offered to polioy holders ts
unsurpassed by uny Com pony doing business lu Canada,
It has no schemes of insurance, but the
well-established linos, hence the policy
holders can not he misled as to their contracts.
Its statement'" to the public can be readily understood, Its eash statement show*
Ing every Item of Income and how expended.
Its position Is escort nl nod annually from
a detailed valuation In which every Horn
of liability le Included,
IU progress hus boen unexampled In
the history of Insurance In Canada.
Its policies are Indisputable after three
years, and nonforfeitable after two yean'
Ita proflts nre distributed upon an eqult-
ablo basin.   The profits to one olass of
policy holders are not lessened to give
larger proflts to any other ulnss, which
method affords superior advantages over
roflts to any other ulnss,
  affords superior ndvnntng.	
the uniform bonus plan of distribution,
liberal Conditions h im Beside*!** an*
Managing Director.
Agent., Ntw We.lmln.tei
In the East.
Specialties is Ijrocories!
1 MePhnden'i purchases In the East
has Just arrivod. This shipment hai
been hurried through specially, for the
Christmas nnd holiday trade, and consist!
of choice and well selected Goods, suit*
able for this season or the year.
Heavy Invoices nnd bills of lading are
Just to. hand direct from manufacturers
refiners and packers of Goods, now lu
transit across tho continent, and when
this lot arrives McPhaden will carry the
best assortment of
Staple nnd Fancy
in the Provinoe, and sell at prlee*
never before touched In British Columbia.
Coal Oil.     Coal Oil,
A enr loud of the famous high le.t .mw
•nn I mi all direct from Olov»l»nd,
Ohio, eipeofM duly,
A oer load direct from refiner* of 8n-
Cnr., Hyrup. hnd Molasses expected on
lie Utli,
JiiHterrlTOd dlnet from Yokohama, ex,
"Cllyof Pekin," «fine line of Japan, Erne
IMi Breakfast, Youni Hyson, Oolooi and
Gunpowder Teas,
sarCall anil essmlne our floods before
piirclinslni your Christmas supplfst,
Importer, Wholesale k Retail Grooer.
New Westminster, B. C.
—ntroKnia and diauu ik-
Fancy Goods,
Toys, etc
The Largest Stock on thc Mainland,  and second  to  nu
House in British Columbia.
TJie Henry F. Miller Piano,
Of Boston,
Tiie Dominion Organ,
Of nowmanvlUa, On'.
Antl agent, for all tbe Ming America
On the premlsM, u neatly and cheaply
a. at any othei uUbliibmeut in. the
Con'tdiratlon Ufa Atiuranot Co.
Nortii Britiih ud MirnntHk Fir*
Insurance Co.
—Ageut* for Fint-ClMt—
nu ui smsutnoof un
BHirriNG mourn.
mm, KMHiaJM. i,
Bins or UIR,
custom iiovhi num
rami, ticiira,
And aU kinds of Blank Booka and Blank
Forms on hand.
 AU tho feeding	
Regularly rwairad. .BabawipttoM tako*
for any Publication at owailratsa.
» W* Import dlnet 1Mb maatfao-
turni, and eaaaot b* uadanold la this
T. R. PEABS0K 4 00.,
Mtw WratBlnitor, 8, 0.


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