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The British Columbian Dec 22, 1883

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Array isgt tx   <£olumbiitii.
*•    li
%. it«. from "Viotoria. Dec.
Era Kc-t»tua, 3tfra Rm.it. Alius
c-etr*. Cord, Parkwr, neatly,
*f»«l son. McPbrtdde'ii, Nowtuii,
owl*>, O 1"*.wl-**». Armatrung,
cI*Hugblan,     Ladnur,   Bo tat hor-
is     «Rit-y, oi»    tela* 20'-h inst.,
vlng, eldest  son of  Adam
*le  ftidrse,  aged 23 years.
11   t-s4.lt*?    placjc^at IO o'clock
tinues  mild and open.
Orr nticl W. J. Arra-
r***- , came up yesterday.
Leo* are l>eirij5 laid down
so    destroyed at the late
■     take    three
and   three for
»<3.     V>y   Mr.  Dunsmuir in
*:la.-fc3     island  railway will
commonly supposed to
ihortoat day- in the year.
SSroifcH, O. K., has gone
!"•**» expects to be absent
-xm.    the C X*.  R. are now
mM-stm  Stave river, 22 milea
[nnes    n.ticl    Mr.  J. A. R.
intend to leave for Ot-
been nothing of public
sfore      the     police     court
t»*a slayer of Carey, waa
ected on the scaffold,
t:he establishment of a
*a-r*-*B     invited,   up   to   the
See    adv.
asear     will     bescin on Mun-
all      hia     gocds   damaged
See adv.
leniite arrived.from Vie-
^esterday afternoon, and
rived front. Vale at &:25.
»fc the Band of Hope en-
l Tuesday ni«fht, and the
concert   on.  Wednesday
nted     in     going   concern,
and   aniHil  capital  would
c-     return.        Apply at this
municipal     council    ask
quantity  of    timber,  par-
>ich   will    be    seen in sn-
nant-governor     gave   hia
settlement  bill on Wed-
he    legislature adjourned
*lG_-^s.\.t»:fjrl\t&M\ is showing
ul sastirtment of silver
LC*»r> (articles suitable for
ts. See adv.
■vi.-ill     sell    by auvtien to-
rook's     b^.nk    building, a
«o*f    -furniture, dry-goods,
10.30     a.   tn.       See circu-
*a meeting of the city
dnesday afternoon, when
bylaw passed its third
business of public inter-
debate on the settlement
nsmuir challenged Mr.
icfra. his seat for Victoria
Duusmutr)  would contest
Mr. Beaven declined.
Etibbon entertainment on
light was fairly attended,
gramma good. We shall
ing to say next -week
:»«* w- read ing room j ust
»  'W.   O.   T.   U.
ia preparing to erect a
ilding on the ruins of the
ch he will occupy as a
et *can. make arrangements
ii**K a new hotel. The
ion   built,   -will    be brick.
I*. Irving, who died in
Thursday, was one of the
eived injuries at the fall-
ay*   bridge above Yale last
hia death is believed to
of  these injuries.
preparations are being
t Moody for-the social on
Lt will he the first social
:h.e -citizens of that place,
anxious that it sh<«uld be
he names of about 30 perse*) axaanag-tsig committee-
rm <f£ England schools en-
ast Thursday night drew
house, notwithstanding
cy     of     the    weather,   and
the programme were ex
ered. We are sorry that
r-oeui  for an extended no-
a called to the announce-
R*»val Oity Amateur Min
rhich appears in another
,<=e> the announcement of
i«»"u otf this club some time
»s been considerable euri-
t what the members could
l.» riosity w ill probably be
lie 31at inst.
Kan who represents the
-.£>•* ash d W i mi i peg Free
xoe-esra in this oity for some
iterest of these journals,
x is commissioned to ex-
lly into the condition and
British Columbia, and the
inveatigiitions -will appear
shes to the papers he re-
'.-*%* will remain in the pro-
aral  months.
——According to eur usual
hall issue only one paper
1 week. There will be no
next Wednesday, and
obably be a supplement to
next Saturday. We tako
snity of -wishing all our
■rry   Christmas.
—*^tc- We have secured the
lUr*.      It..     XT.    Sweeney,  of
. as reporter for The Col-
the terminus. Our Port
ribers C°f wbom there are
>er) may rely upon finding
dy   items of importance in
st. "WHile   discus-
lalatsons for registration of
ie houso last Wednesday,
rslce proposed that women
1 to the franchise. The
rom the president of the
luced a little sensation,
» out lam debate that there
ivl feeling among members
should he allowed to vote.
likely this question -will
ain, and we should siot be
woman suffrage .should
a adopted in thus province.
Blub Ribbon and W. C. T. U, Free
Bkapino Room—Entrance South aide of
Methodist Church, Mary street; open
from 7 to 9.30 p. tn. Refreshments provided by the ladies. Tempera 11 ue musical and literary programme Wednesdays
from 8 to Op. m. All ere oordi&lly invited and made welcome. |te +
Methodist Church.—Rev. E. Rub-
son, paator. Subject at 11 a.m. tomorrow, "Murtin Luther and tho Grant
Reformation." Subject at 1 p. vo.,
"David and Goliath, or Kdw to ti-.;ht
our foes." Sunday School mul Bible
Clasa at 2:30. Service .011 Christ inns
Day at 11 a.m. Seats fret*; atrun^-.rs
cordially invited. *
—     - •**-» —
School Examinations.— Tho public
school examinations in thia city were
held on Thursday and yesterdity. On
Thursday the departments presided over
by Misa S. J. White, M.E.L., nnd Mr.
H. M. Stramberg, B. A., were oxamitied. We are sorry to say 1 hat tho attendance of spectators was very small.
Yesterday the departments of Miss
Williams and Miss Howay wore examined. Miss Williams always combines with her examination a very en-
tcrtiiiuing exhibition which does great
credit to herself and pupils, and is
much appreciated by thoso who attend,
The schools nre now closed for ths
holidays, whioh we hope will he fully
enjoyed by both pupils and teachers.
 1           ■**•■
Our Fisheries.—From Capt. Pittendrigh we have the 'following figures
showing the result of fishing operations
on Fraser River and Burrard Inlat
during the current year:
Salmon, e:ilr. In barrels..         073
I>o. fresh  102,*200
J)o. in cuat'S (48 lbs. to case)  105,701
Sturgeon,   lbs    <13,W0
Various   fish,  lbs    25,500
Trout,   lbs    2!i,300
Oolahans, lbs....,    14,000
Smoked HerrinEs        fiOO
Dog Kisti Oil, gallon*-    lOVWft
Herring OU,        4o      7,'"-00
Guano (tons, at $20 per ton)  12
The total value of these products is
placed at $557,180. The value of vessels, boats, nets, etc., employed in the
fisheries is $138,405. Last year there
were 199,000 cases of salmon put up,
from which it will be seen thut this
has been*a poor salmon year.
A. X>. Noycs, * Newark, Michigan,
writes: "I have enquired at the drug
store for 1 homas* Ecleetric Oil, hut have
failed to find it. We brought a bottlo
with ua from Quebec, but it is nearly
gone and we do not want to he without
it, as my wife is troubled with a pain
in the shoulder, and nothing else gives
relief.     Can you scud us some?''
From   Moodyville.
{Correspondence o'f tlie Columbian.)
The event of the week hns been 11
bazaar held on Tuesday evening by the
Ladies' Henovolont Society of Moodyville. The aiticl. 3 offered fur sale
were principal?y fancy work, [he manufacture of the ladies, themsulve*-. In
addition to the ordinary sale tabl--t
there were candy, lemonade and cig-ir
starida, a suppi-i* t»l>le and u tish pou-i,
all of which v.-\t\ i to the iir ert-.it aiul
profit of the occasion, which mu- really
11 very pleasant one. The v-.ceipt*
amounted to $160, from which the
ladies have voted $10 as a Xntns box
to a widow in the vicinity and $50 to
the Protestant Orphan's flume, Victoria. The **lVttiel Helpers" have
sent over another package uf useful
articles to the ltoyal Columbian Hon
pitul, New Westminster. The contents are a chair cushion, 2 f- ot -mill'--,
linen and tiunuol bandage?, 2 flannel
shirts, 1 white shirt, a few pairs of
socks and 2 pairs of pants. May the
Buffering patients have as much com
fort in the use of them as the "Little
Helpers'* had in preparing them! The
Hlue Ribbon entertainments continue
to draw large audiences and the institution is accomplishing great good.
Ou Thursday of thia week Miss Kirkland held the Xmua examination iu
connection with the public sohool and
goes home to-day for her well-earned
holiday. We hear that MUa Irvine
has resigned her position as teacher of
the Haatings school, not intending to
continue longer in the profession We
believe that ahe, like Miss Kirkland,
haa proved a very acceptable and ellicient teacher.
aud deceiving ita readers hy leading
them to believe that thins the act
the settler* have to comply with. He
■»id that it had dono a grant deal of
harm, aud had caused several io aban-,
don their claims.
Mr. Allen Noun wan next culled on.
He-agreed with Mr. Scott mid ihon.--.ht
as the aettlemmit hill covered tlieir
demand*, it would bu bettor to wait
for the result bofore taking further
Mr. Mbntroe i.groed with Mr. Noon;
but thought that a standing .committee
should be appointed to take action in
the matter should the settlement bill
not pass.
It waa then moved by Mr, Scott
and seconded by Mr. McLean that the
chair . should appoint a committee of
seven to take action should the settlement hill not pass.—Carried. The
chair appointed the following gentlemen as a committee: Scott, Orr, Bu-
chard, Meek, Hamilton, Heslop and
McLean. After a voto of thanks to
the chairman and secretary, and to.
Messrs. Kelly & Scott for the uso of
the dining room of the Caledonian
Hotel, the meeting adjourned.
[Mr. Meek must Imve a, strange
notion of a journalist's duty if ho
imagines that it is to suppress tho
truth when tho truth does not suit
public convenience. Mr. Trutch's instructions expreusly state that railway
lands in this province can be takon.l
only subject to the lands act of 1883,
and it is surely important that evory
person should know what tlio regulations of thut act are. The Columbian
did not make tliese regulations, nor
did it approve of thom—it merely
published them for information.--Ed.']
and farmers would liavo been unable
to get their produce to market because
all the revenue wuuld have gone to
feed (lio 1)008, (Laughter.) Ho was
sunt d-iwn to put a stop lo the expenditure on tho tb-ydiicl;, tio niutlur
wlmt might lio tlie result. "Su>p
thut oiitraguoud duck, even if ill that
had boen spent on it should be lost,"
h« and his colleague had been told.
Well, the work was stopped by this
government, and ovory penny the
provinco hnd expended upon it would
be refunded. (Oliuera.) Tiie hon.
leader of tho opposition offered the
dock and all the province had expend
ed upon it to thu Imperial government if that government'would take
it over and complete it, Hon. gentlemen ou tho opposition side spoke of
the dock as if it wus going to bo towed
out of ttio province. It will stay at
Esquimult and bo maintained at Dominion expense, and instead of this
govornmont coming down to tho house
year after year and asking for grants
of money to keep it i»oing it would be
constructed, inanuged and maintained
at other expense. Tho existence of
the dock would givo^this government
another argument to induce tho Imperial government to make this a
naval station (hear). Not only the
mainland, but a portion of the island,
cried out against tbo dock expenditure.    Tha loader of the opposition
Tort Moody Meeting.
(Reported for the Columbian.)
There waa a meeting held at Fort
'Moody on the 17th inst. to consider
what steps should be taken towards
having the Dominion railroad lands
put into market on terms most advantageous to the squatters who have
already made valuable improvements.
The meeting was called tn order by
Mr. Orr at 2 o'clock p. m. Mr. T. S.
McGillivray- was elected chairman,
and Dr. Heoslip secretary.
Mr. J. T. Scott wns the first speaker
called on. He aaid that the cause of
the meeting being called was on account of the report that the settlers
of Uritish Columbia were obliged to
comply with the requirements of the
.Dominion laud laws of 1883, which to
his opinion did not suit this country,
and if true would destroy tho prospects of British Columbia. Since the
time of calling the meeting the settlement bill which is now before the
local 'house had bouit published in the
newspapers, and he supposed they
had all road it. He (Air. Scott) thought
the settlement bill too important to
the welfare of British Columbia to
allow political inlluencss to interfere.
He wonld support t he present govern
ment at least until that bill was passed,
and he thought that every man who
had the interests, of British Columbia
at heart would do likewise. Be explained the bill from ita conception to
the present time aud advised tho
meeting to take no action towards
petitioning the Dominion govornment
until they learned whether or not the
bill had passed the local house. Jf
the bill passed the local home it wan
sure to * be allowod by the Dominion
parliament, and it was all that waa
wanted. If it did not pass a petition
could be sent to Ottawa with Hr.
Mr. Orr advised the settlors to unite
their efforts and pull together; he
agreed- with Mr. Scott that noi lung
should interfere with the int-n-c.-ta of
the settlers of British Columbia. He'
was glad to see that there was no opposition in the meeting and he hoped
that m they would continue to liavo nut
one ' common 'interest; that-of protecting their rights.
Mr. Butchard said that Mr.- Scott
had explained everything so fully tliat
it 'was not necessary for liim to speak.
He coincided with Mr. Scott iu the
Mr. Meek road from the land Iswb
of 1883 to show that the aot was
never intended for British Columbia.
He pitched into the Columbian for
having  published the land aot of 1883
The great debate nu the settlement
bill took place on Friday of last week,
and the result war mndo known in our
last issue. Wu have uo room for evon
an outline of the various speeches,
but shall give ns a fair sample of'the
government's position on the {-uesti-m
the speech of the- senior member for
-thia district:
Hon. Mr. Robson said that the debate on this matter seemed much liko
an old sony set to a new tune. Tho
failure of the island-to obtain a railway had been a stock grievance in
this part of the province for many
years. The government, hu thought,
were right in assuming that Vancouver
Island winted a railway, 'i'ho east
coast lands had heun locked un for
many years to the injury of the ulaud
und the province. It was admitted
that Vancouver Iaknd auffered very
materially from tho locking up of
those lands. Thu railway had been
going alir-ixyiiiii during nil thest- years
and maps and ugentx were wnt abroad
to toll the world that the Island railway belt was uf. grunt valuu and that
any persons buildim* the line would
be greatly benefitU'd thereby. In spite
uf these representations no one came
forward to build the rond And take the
lands. 'Die Canadian Pacific i-yridi-
oate refused to build it wit'.i a cash
subsidy added. Iu the sesaionof 1882
a hill called the Clements bill to en-
oble a company to build tlie island
line was passed by the house. He
uow asked all unprejudiced minds to
cutnpare the Clements bill with the
preseut one and they would see that
the diucrwiice, if any, was in favor (if
the preseut bill. The Clements Co.
did nut build the line. They got the
charter* und tried to noil it in the markets of thu world. That party put up
910,000 a-* securi y, and did all in
l heir powur to start the road and save
their cash deposit. They signally
failed. No capitalist would look at it,
aud one of the promoters had told
him only tht other day that he was
nut of pi cket 85,000 hy the failure of
tho Clements scheme. We know that
thu promoters of the Dunsmuir sahome
Ae men of capital and pluck and they
have put up $250,000 as security that
they mean to do the work, Under
certain conditions a land monopoly is
a bad thing; but the sting is taken
out of monopoly by the promise that
it allows actual ttettlsra to enter and
take up 100 acres of laud at $1 an
acre. The machinery for administering that land ia as complete as if the
land had- never passed from the government at all, Would anyone tell.
him that all the land worth taking up
would not be taken, up during the
next four years? There would be suoh
a rush of settlers for lund next spring
as would astonish the people of the
inland. The construction of a railway
through the- belt, ths excellent reputation the land had obtained abroad,
snd the uncertainty as to what would
be charged at thu end of the next
four yearn would bring thousands uf
settlers. 'Is it not in Ihe iutorust of
the island that settlersjhould be got
on the land at the most rapid puce
possible? He could conceive of 110
scheme so likely to conduce tu the
prosperity . of the country as this.
(Hear.) The Clements bill gavethu
lund to foreign capitalists. The charter might havo been sold to a foreign
railway corporation tliat would so
use the coal Ntores of the island as to
operate tlivm unfavorably for the
Outi-idiuu Pacific railway, Unt iu
drafting this bill the governiiivut havu
protected tho intoiu-tts uf thu Canadian Pacific. More than that, wo give
the land tu one uf ourselves in whom
we have every confidence, and who
will manage the wholo business. Thu-iu
are points that ought to ni mine ml
themselves to the whole country uud
ought to secure the passage of this
bill without a dissenting voice.
(Cheers.) The leader uf the opposition had handled tire dry dock matter
iu a very gingerly manlier indeed. It
was never iuteudud at. first that the
dock should be a provincial work at
all; but when our delegates weutte
Ottawa the best they could do was to
secure a guarantee of interest to the
amount of $250,000 from the Dominion government. No company would
look at the dock on those term->. After
considerably difficulty tha Imperial
government were induced to give a
subsidy of $250,000, but thuy introduced in it alterations that wry
materially {not-eased the oost of the
work. Ths Walkem government
promised to spend no provinoial money
ou the dock; but in a few years $1*00,•
000 or 9U00.000. was spent 011 the
work. The late government had lut
the dock to a few local contractor-!,
but pursued suoh a course that the
contractors wen ruined and one of
thom is in his grave us the result of
the treatnit-nt he sustained. When
this government came into power they
found a mudhole where there should
have been a dock. The lender of the
opposition had said if he had remained
tlie sits uf the duck would have been
a beehive, hut where would have been
ths honey/ It would have bet-n a
hive at the exueuse of the roads,
■treats   snd  bridgw uf the country,
had said that the dock could havo
been completed for tlie subsidies,
His own eugiueor had estimated that
it would cost 9750,000. A disinterested engineer had put the cost at
$1,500,000, and he (Mr. llobaoii) believed the Beaven t-ovorinnoiit could
not have completed it for less tban
$2,000,000. There wore not ten men
in Victoria who would condemn the
dock policy of this government (cheers).
The chances of our getting rid of the
dock caused intense satisfaction ir
Viotoria aud throughout tho mainland.
The shortage arising from the alienation of lands nnd the proximity of
the railway line to thu Amorican
boundary was 1,200,000 acres, but
this government had put it at 1,000,-
000 aores and the Dominion government agreed to that estimate. Tho
late government had agreed to meet
the Dominion government with.liber-
ality with respect to the alienated
lands if they would prosecute mil ft ay
construction with vigor. The late
government were guilty of a piece of
contemptible deception. No one who
know tho leader of tha opposition
would accuse him of that! (Laughter.)
When' this government came into
power they found there were close on
14,000,000 acres uf laud in tlio mainland railway belt ot whioh about 0.000,-
000 woro worthless tor economic purposes. We offered thom 1,000,000
acres, Thoy wanted 3,000,000, and
finally when they had agreed to take
the land in one block iu tlie Peacu
river country this government offered
2,000,000 aores whioh offer was finally
accepted. Like the dock, some lion,
gentlemen aprouved to think that the
laud in the Peace river country watt
to be carried out of the country.
(Laughter.) If the laud had remained
iu the possession af British Columbia
it mbjht not have been avaihtblo to
settlement for fifty yeurs, wliite iu lhe
hands of the Dominion •> it will be
developed within tho next five or six
years aud become revenue producing
to this -proviuce. It was an extraordinary thing that whenever it was
proposed in this house to cede a tract
of land tt became of enormous value.
According to the opposition speakers
Peace river .was a perfect garden of
Eden. The Dominion govornmont
wanted to charge 95 an acre tor lands
near the railway and 82.50 an aero
fur lands further back, on the same
basis us thoy were soiling in the
Northwest. Put the amount of laud
at 5,000,000 acres, aud reckoning it
at 82.50 an aero would be 812,500,000.
Now, at 81 an'acre tuoae 5,000,000
sores would realize only $5,000,000,
87,500,000 less than the govornment
charge for similar lauds in the Northwest. That amount was saved to tho
country and it was the very best way
of encouraging settlers. The country
hns absolutely the right to thoso lauds
at 81 nn acre, thereby rotniuing in the
pockets of tht settlers 87,500,000 that
they would-otherwise have had to pay
for tho landa (cheers). Tho hitch that
occurred laxt spring with reference to
the bill had enabled the government
to get better terms—8130,000 more
on account of the drydock than they
would havo got laat year. This was
no new measure. The hill was before
the houao last session and the country at once began to show a realizing
sense of its importance. Real estate
doubled iu value utmost immediately,
and a small "boom" set in on the.
more prospect of this blessed settlement bill passing. Everything was
iu a atate of stagnation nud uncertainty
before the bill was pus-soil last session,
and as souu as the bill shall have become law there will ba such a boom
iu this constituency as was never
dreamed of. The member for Victoria city (Mr. Duck) read public
opinion bettor than tliu leader of tlio
opposition. This hill is going to lift
Victoria up us she was never lifted
before anil the whole country from
the Straits of Puctt to thu Rooky
Mountains would be instinct with ii
new life. British Columbia's claims
uu Canada had buen greatly vxagger
ated and it was but right wc'should
accept a compromise. She light was
uiiti|iml. It was like a groat man
pummeling a little boy. We sunt
missionaries to tho Titrate mid fo
Ottawa, uitu of whom handed iu a
little bill thu other day of some $12,-
000 for ono mission aloiiu, All failod
aud our chuncea wero growing beautifully small when this government
cams into ollice. They at once addressed themselves to the task of reopening negotiations wiih Ottawa.
Tho result was tho settlement bill.
Wo wore not getting all wo had a
right to expect, but we were gutting
all we could possibly get. . Tne terms
were the moat favorable thut could
have buen obtained. Sir John Mac-
douold had refused to treat furthor
with tho lato govornmont: but this
government had re-opOued negotiations with the success duty saw before
them in tho MettU-ment bill. Tho hon.
gentleman ridiculed thoso members
who would lock up the "billions of
acres of coal'' on tno east coast instead of having them developed. If
we have got so much wealth we have
enough to last till Gabriel blows hia
trumpet (laughter). The quicker wo
got at it the butter. Everyone thought
that because Robert Dunsmuir had
mndo a million of dollars at coal mining, everyone else would mako a
million at coal mining (laughter).
How; fallacious that idea was he
showed by the numerous failures at
coal mining and said that only men
of capital could control thu coal
markets of this coast. Mr. Robson
thon pictured a tunnel with a -creature
half white, half Siwaah and all Chinaman leaning ovor the entrance with
this legend painted across his back
"Holding this for posterity.'* (Roars
of laughter.) We can best serve posterity by developing ?\xt preiout op
portunities (hear), not by hoarding
our national wealth aa the miser hoards
his gold. Let us take away that
figure from the shaft mid lut us open
that mine nud not pursue the dog in
the miinger policy that is proposed by
the leader of the opposition. Tne
bill was more thnn half a loaf. It was
three-quarters of a loaf; but if it was
only a quarter of a loaf it would be
wise to take it instead of continuing
the "Fight Canada" policy. Instead
of tho bill being an unconditional
surrender the government had negotiated an honorable peaco and the
hands of our representatives at Ottawa would, be strengthened by its
passage. Once for all, he said, so far
from posterity execrating this government, posterity would say these men
wore sensible men. Their predecessors wore unreasonable, foolish and
Shylock men who went out to fight
one nguinst a thousand. They wore
sensible those who negotiated the
treaty which haa given us prosperty—
whicli 1ms given ub our beautiful mansions and our beautiful carriages to
ride iu and made us powerful und
respected in ull parts of the world.
(Prolonged cheers.)
        .»— —
Atr. Alexander Robinson, of Exeter,
in writing about ouo of tho most popular articles, and one that has' done
more good to tho alllicted than any other
medicine has during tho short time it
tins been in existence, says: "I have
used four bottles of Northrop k Lyman's Vegetable Discovery and Dyspeptic Cure, and hnv. been cured of
Dyspepsia that troubled mo for over
ton years. Part ot that time I had it
very bud, snd I was at considerable expense trying to get relief; but title excellent medicine was the first and only
relief I received."
surrey Boads.
EoiTon Columbian. —I wish to state
a few facts about the proposed roads in
Surrey, as I aud most of the people in
four wards see them. First, the Semiahmoo trail, as it is commonly called,
froin the Yale road to Woodward's comers, is about (H mites, and mns ih such
au angling direction acrosB the quarter
sections", cutting them up in such a horrible manner, and is so crooked, that it
has been considered imprudent to lay
011b money on it. It is kept open so
that people can get through and afford
means by which intending settlors may
inspect the adjacent lauds. When that
part of tho municipality is settled it will
be time to think of opening a road on a
section lino more to tho convenience of
all concerned that the present road
whero there is not a single settlor. It
would cost a great deal of money to make
a gootl through route, probably $2,093.
The Woodward hill is a bad hill, being
about half a milo long, and quite steep.
The hill hear the boundary line is about
a mile long, and too steep for a good
road. In crossing Mud Bay flats the
road bears westward about) half a mile,
aud has to come back in an easterly direction iu its course to tho iron post,
wliich must bo the boundary tirmiiius of
any through routo. This makes the
road about 'i of a milo longer than it
would bo if it went straight through.
There will have to ■ bo 3 bridges, 2 of
whioh will be very expensive both on
account of construction aud repairs, as
they will bo liable to injury by booms of
logs, as has been experienced with tlie
.Nicomekl bridgo. Although tho road is
open'thero is not a single settler living
on the route between the Yale road and
the boundary lino, except those at Mud
Bay, ao I am puzzled to know where a)'
the names came from whioh were said to
have been attached to a certain petition.
1 have never seen tho petition, and very
few people in this region have, although
many of us have a curiosity to sbo the
names. As far as I can learn there is
not a resident of any of the othor wards
who signed it. I am told that they got
some of their signatures from New Westminster, and even from Whatcom, logging camp men, etc., who, of course, do
not know that there is another better and
shorter road, with cosier grades snd fur
less expensive to construct, namely, the
Coast Meridian. This may seem strange
to some who think they know, but it is
nevertheless true. We go up tho Yalo
trunk road nearly 8 miles to the Coast
Meridian lino, aud thence on that Hue
straight to tho irou post, without any of
tho crooks and turns whioh make tho
Semiahmoo longer. Tho distance is 10
miles, 2& of which are already fimxhed,
and there ia only one hill about 400 yds.
long, and of an easier grade, 1 think,
than thoso on tho Semiahmoo road.
Thence to the boundary line is about 71
niik'H. Some of this road ia very easy of
construction, and it is nearly all taken
up by settlers waiting ou a promise from
tho govornmont to open up the road so
that they cun get in supplies. About 20
of them aro located south of the Nicomekl liver, on the Kensington prairie,
and they havo neither road nor bridge.
The only way they can reach their claims
U by borrowing a neighbor's boat about
2 milea up the rivor, and, of course, thoy
can't alwaya get it. Mr. Parr tried to
got to his claim yesterday, but could not.
Tluu'e uio some in there now who muat
be laboring under very ureal disadvantages and enduring many hardships. Tbey
nro depending upon the hope that tho
Coast Meridian line will be opened up
early next summor. It it were not for
thi-j expectation their couruge would fail,
und they would abandon Until- claims.
Only two bridges would be required on
this road, and they would uot cost much,
as the streams aro narrow aud only one
span would be necessary. There are
some flats, however, which peoplo may
say are almost impassable, lu their
prom-iit state they arc certainly impae*-
alilo-for a loaded wagon, but nut otherwise; nnd thoy urn not na bad for road-
making as flats covered with heavy
timber. All that is neeesBary is to havo
tliem ditched, corduroyed and graveled.
Thoro ia no timber to he cut, ami there
arc no stumps to be grubbed, such ua arc
to be found on must roads. This road
could be constructed for about half the
cost of tho Semiahmoo road, lt would
furnish us with a good through rond, and
open up a vory valuable part of the tlir •
trict for halt thu money that would bu
nearly thrown away 011 the Semiahmoo.
Tho Coast Meridian road in thu shortest
booaiiBO it has no crooks or turns after
leaving tho Yale trunk road. There arc
only 7 A milea uf new road to be built,
while on tho Semiahmoo there are H-\
miles through a very heavily timbered
country at the commencement, and between the Nicomekl and the iron post
about ."-J more, making iu aU 12 milos of,
now road, if it is mado straight, as it
Bhould be. If made on the old Semiahmoo trail it would cost more then new
road, as the old logs would have to be
taken out and the stuniDS grubbed. If
the government cannot decide between
tho two roads, let thom call for tendors,
or send out au engineer lo examine, and
I have no doubt na to.tho result. On behalf of many settlers, and myself, please
give this a place in your very valuable
paper.—Yours truly,        Fair Plav,
Clover Valley, Dec. 14,1883.
FxorLK Who Read-asd Reflect,
after reading, upon the many published
testimonials regarding Nortlmip and
Lyman's Vegetable Discovery- and Dyspeptic Curo, can. scarcely fail to perceive that ovidence so positive1 and concurrent could net bo adduced in behalf
of a remedy of doubtful efficacy. Tlie
facta proven by such evidence are that
It roots out Impurities of the blood, restores digestion, enriches the circulation,
and regulates the bowels aad liver,
Hohukoxo, Dec. 20.—The French
have captured the principal mi!posts of
Sontay embracing five strongly fortified
villages. The enemy made a stubborn
resistance. Tho French loss is 200 men
and 15 officers killed and wounded.
General Courbet had 7000 men—4000
engaged in the action, the remainder
being in reserve, The Chinese still
hold the fortress at Soutay.
London, Dec. 20.—Britisli regiments
in Egypt have been tilled up to strength
of one thousand men each. -Several
regiments will soon bo ordered to
Paeis, Deo. 20.— Reinforcements of
6,300 troops will go to Tonquin iu the
next fortnight. The government haa
information of the occupation of Son-
Washington, Dec. 20.—The United
States consul at Odessa, Russia, haa
forwarded to the state department a
report on the petroleum developments
of Russia, lie says the residue of the
oil is much greater than that found in
the States, and besides being converted
into bonzine, gasoline and other useful
products, it is used as fuel on locomotives, and nlso in steamers. Crude oil
ts also used to sprinkle tho streets. It
is much more effective than water,
laying tbo terrible dust tliat exists
-■-■■'--■■***■  .     ■■—■■
Use the safe, pleasant, and effectual
worm killer, Mother Craves' Worm Ex-
teniiinor; nothing equals It.
It Is reported that Mr. Villard hai
given a commission td a Berlin painter
named Conrad Dielitz for a monster
painting, 20 by 15 teet, containing 00
figures. The scene is to be that of
driving the laat spiko on the Northern
Pacific. Besides Mr. Villard, his wife,
daughter, two sons, and a baby, there
will be Gen. Graut, Iron Bull, a Crow
Chieftain, Carl Sohurz, Gen. Herman
Haupt, lately the ciiief engineer of the
road, and others of note, as well aa
certain foreigners who were prosent on
the occasion. The price ii given—
London Truth has the following:—I
must congratulate the Canadian Methodists upon their good sense in having
dropped the word "obey" out of their
marriage service. The idea of the
obedience of a wife to a husband is an
Oriental-one, and is based upon a notion that wives are but little removed
from the category of domestic slaves.
Why n wife should obey a husband any
mure than a husband should obey a
wife, I have never discovered. Matrimonial bliss is founded upon the give)
and take rule.
 .»  ...      1 ,.   .
Have you tried Holloway's Corn Cure)
It has no equal for removing these troublesome excrescences.
tlio provinco Mr. Jas. N. Draper
holda my powor of attorney, and is instructed to collect outstanding accounts.
N.W West., Deo. 8th, 1383.   [del2-lm
Municipal Notice.
titled tliat tho proviuiona of the
Municipal By-Lawa will bo strictly enforced. HENBY V. EDMONDS,
New Westminster, Jnly 10,1883.   [to
AFTER 20th OCTOBER, 1883, NO
freight will bo received or delivered
after 6 p. in. on Now Westminster
Agont New Weatminator Wharf.
Man Wanted.
of and run a Huntington Shingle
Shingle Machine. Steady empbymsnt
an4 good wages to a first-close man. No
other need apply.
j>7-tc] C-hiliiwlirwk.
Port Hammond Junction!
era of the C. I*. IK. < outpjmy geteg te er
beyond this Townaite will fall ikere te*
Passengeri or Freight* Wburf acc«Mn*M
flatten will be completed before the »4
oclTlc JHO. IRVWO, Manager.
Fort Hammond Junction I
Notice to Shippers.
thcr notice, the  stoamer "Gipsy''
will mako regular semi-monthly trips di
rect to New WeMtniitistur, B. C, sailiiu
from New Tacoma on tlio lst and 1 "itl
of each month.
noUte., C. H. CLANCEY.
existing between   Julien  Taitllion
and Peter Blui, us teamsters aud freighters, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. JULIEN TAIKLLION,
Witness:    Sous McCullby.
Clinton, 20th Nov., 1883. deS-lm.
we intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lauds nnd Works for
permission to purchase 320 acres of laud
on Malaspina Strait, described as follows:
Commencing at a stake about 2 miles
east of Grief Point, running east 80
chains; then south 40 chains; then west
80 chains; then east 40 chains, to place
of commencement.
Moodyville Sawmill Co, (Limited)
R. P. RITHET, Secretary.
25th October, 1883. de!2-2m
Beautiful Gauds.— Beyond nll comparison the largest, handsomest, and
most varied assortment of Christmas
nnd New Year's cards ever shown in
British Columbia may now be seen nt
the Book-store of T. R. Pearson A Co.,
of this city. The culluction embraces
samples from the most celebrated
houses in Europe and America, including a tine variety of Prangs. 8a large
an assortment was never before held
by any house in tins province. Prices
range from $10 to 4 for a bit.— Adv.
9    9     9    9     9
For all troubles of the Throat, net
Allen's Lung Balsam. See adv. in another column.
Mr. Falding proposes holding a commercial night school for men and boys.
Particulars may be obtained from him
tt his office next the Custom House, dl.
Direct from London—a splendid assortment of Xmns Cards and Xmas
Ooods, just received at James Ellard
& Co.'a. d8t'c
Christmas Cards, Fancy Goods, Picture Books, Toys, and everything that's
beautiful at T. R. Pearson 4 Co.'s—Adv,
Pocket Cutlery.—T. R Pearson *
Co. have received on assortment of Pocket
Cutlery direct from England.
For diseases- leading to Consumption,
use Allen's Lung Balaam. See adv. in
another column.
Ladies' trimmed and un-trimmed Hats
aiul Bonnets, at cost for cash, at James
Ellard 4 Co.'s. •
Property belonging to the Ebenezer
Brown estate for sale on easy terms by
C. D. RAND. *
Cleared Lot on John Street, Port
Moody, for. sale.—Apply to Woods k
Turner. nolOte
For bargains in dry goods, millinery
and clothing, go to Jas. Ellard k Co's.
See adv. *
Dross Goods in all the latest styles,
cheap for cash, at James Ellard & Co.'a*
Xmns Cards in all the latest styles,
just received at Jimies Ellard & Co.'s.
Santa' Clans headquarters at T. R.
Pca'.-soii k Co.'s—Adv,
.Several Iioubcs in this city for sale by
we intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for
VO AICTIOX  SAM.  et Lots In thb}
Tvwnshlp will take place before Mar*
last. Daring tbe in'crln* pet-was Utilr-
oas of making pun-liases eanebtaln all
tnfurinaUou cither ot Sir. Edward U-m*
linn, at the Townsltc, or of
oci7ic AuetUnears*
Private Day School
At her Residence,
Cor. Affiles and Elliott streets,
Particulars and terms can be obtained
on application as above. oc6mS
permission to purchase 100 acres of land
on Cortez Island, described us follows:
Commencing at a stake ou tbe north
side of Cortez Island; thence south 40
chains; thence west 40 chains: thence
nortii 40 chains; thence east 40 chains to
place of commencement.
Moodyville Sawmill Co, [Limited]
• R. P. RITHET, Secretary.
24th October, 1883. del,2-2m
we intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for
permission to purchase 1C0 acres of hind,
situated at the head of Malaspina Inlet,
described us follows:
Commencing at a point.on the north
side of Malaspina Inlet, being the northwest corner; thence cast 40 chains;
thenee tontb-40 olini-M* thouea weat*. 40
chains; thence north 40 chains to place of
Moodyville Sawmill Co, [Limited]
R. P. RITHET, Secretary.
24th October, 1883. dc!2-2m
teud making application to the
Ciiief Commissioner of Lauds and Works
for pennission to purchase Twelve hundred and eighty acres (more c; loss) of
land described as follows:—
Beginning at a post marked A., on the
South bank of Eagle River, about IS
miles up tbe valley from Shtiswap Lake;
thence up stream N. 50 °, E. two miles
'mote or leas), to a post marked 11.;
thence S. 50°, E. one mile; thence S.
50°, W. two miles (more or less); thence
N. 50°, W. one mile to point of commencement.
oo24m2 G. B. WRIGHT.
In the estate of John Siiefhkrd, deceased, intestate.
abovv estate are re-mired to pay
the amount due forthwith. Ami all
persons having claims againpt the said
estate must forward tho same, duly
proved, on or beforo the 31st December,
1883, to the undersigned.
E. A. JENNS, Administrator.
New Westminster, 28th November, 1883.
In the estate of Eksley Barber, deceased, intestate.    >
above estate are required to pay
the amount due forthwith. And all
persons having claims against the said
estate must forward the same, duly
proved, ou or before the 31st December,
1883, to tho undersigned.
,     E. A. JENNS, Administrator. '
New Westminster, 28th November, 1883.
In the estate of Jacob William Balch,
deceased, Intestate.
above estate are required to pay
the amount due forthwith.     And alt
persons having claims against the said
estate must forward the same, duly
proved, on or before the 31st December,
1883, to the undersigned.
E. A. JENNS, Administrator.
New Westminster, 28th November, 1883.
_ intend to mako application to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands und Works
for permission to purchase three hundred
and sixty (300) acres of land situated as
follows, that ia to say : Commencing at a
stake driven on the cast side of the
waggon toad, adjoining the town site of
Douglas, thence running East 110) ten
chains, thence North (100} one hundred
and sixty chains, thence West (20) twenty chains crossing the waggon road,
tlioncc (160) chains running South, thence
(10) ten chains Enst to point of commencement.
Harrison River, 20th November, 18S3.
eat aaaortment of Clocks .ver h.U
ou th. Mainland of British Columbia.
Nickel Clocks, at (2.26 (warranted).
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au2 New Westminster, B.C.
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It excites expectoration aud causes ths
lungs to throw off the phlegm or mucous;
changes the. secretions and purifies the
blood; heals the irritated parts; gives
strength to the digestive organs; brings
the liver to its proper action, and imparts
strength to the whole system.    Such is
THE IMMEDIATE AND SATISFACTORY EFFECT that t( w warranted to break up the
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time, if not of too long Btauding. It is
warranted to arvi kntiiie satisfaction,
evem ik THK most cot{firmed cases qfCon-
tumption! It is warranted not to produce
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Columbia St., New Westminster, B. a
WHO IS WEBB! ©nr gtorfi.
And truly it was a regal collection,
nnd one that a duchess might havo
anted her eyes upon, but Mrs. Htwel-
deau went further in lior coudcscoii-
nion; for alio took out tlio costly brilliants one by one, and clasped them
round iinuio's white throat and arms,
linking somo across her ruddy hair,
saying carelessly to mo as she did so,
that these would form the marriage
gift of you Mrs. Hazeldean.
And Louio hoard her, and turned
round with such a flush on hor face,
aud the precious atones aa they flashed
and sparkled lent such a glittering
effect to her imperial beauty, that oven
Hose looked up with more than
wonted animation in her oyos, and regarded her long and earnestly.
And Captain Hazeldean entering at
thut moment, first stood transfixed on
the threshold, and then camo up with
a strange smile on his faco.
"Fair as Queen Coplietua," said he.
Louie unclasped tho ornaments and
began laying them aside.
"I cannot fancy myself in that
character, or indeed in any other than
■ my own; this is your aunt's vanity tonight, not mine, so find a botU'.r immo
for me, Sir Philip;" and so saying,
shu swept the glittering toys from lier
iu a moment, and turned hastily away.
At d inner, Captain Hazeldean showed
himself in excellent spirits, and rattled awny more than his wont, vaunting the merits of his new purchase,
Wildfire, to the skies, and finally begging Louie to pay a visit to her stall
after dinner and pronounce on her
beauties by gaslight.
"I will," she answered, readily, "if
you in turn will consent to forego
your dessert."
"Captain Hazeldean hit his lip.
"Why thnt stipulation, Miss Mortimer?"
"A whim, Sir Knight, a whim—
nevertheless, I ask it; and if you are
wishful for my company you will just
ring for Fanchette to bring down my
furs at once, and not," she added in a
low tone, "fill for yourself more than
this solitary bumper of claret to pledge
me in."
Daring words these; but though
Captain Hazeldean frowned and reddened, he did not dispute her will,
only helped her silently with her
cloak and followed her out of tho
Rose was going too, but Mrs. Hazeldean angrily called her back.        >
"Why do you intrude yourself,
Rose, whero you ara not wanted?
have I not told you a hundred times
to let those young peoplo bo alone ns
much ns possible?" So saying, she
swept haughtily from the room, and
Hose wont and sut by thu window and
looked over the park and dills to the
sullen water beyond, across which lay
one long white path of light, and n
little boat rocking in its midst; nnd
standing near her a moment and looking seaward too, I heard her whisper
to herself, "He that enduretb to tbo
end, the same shall be saved;" and
knowing that one of her sad moods
was on her, I loft herself aud. took up
my bonk.
I read for about an hour, forced
myself to rond, and then, unable to
disguise my uneasiness any longer,
laid it down and went out.
I wns going to seek them, to explore, if need bo, park nnd garden
and moonlighted cliff; to do anything,
iu fnct, if only I might find thein and
bring them back; but passing through
the hall, I was made awaro of voicen
proceeding from tho library, and standing in the shwlow, I ventured to look
through the hiilf-ch.sod door; and then
what I saw made me clasp my hands
in uncontrollable sorrow nud steal
silently away. For Lon, our Loo, our
own dear, bright, beautiful Loo, was
sitting thero, and. l'l.ilip Hazeldean
was kneeling beside hur with his faco
hidden from sight, and the lamp-light
was falling on their bent heads and
closely-locked hands.
And I wont away into tho darkness,
and looked across tho (-litis to the
sullen sea htyrmd, and the boat still
rooked in the silver path, and a great
star camo out and trembled near thn
moon, and the wind liUBtlcd and
whispered in the ivy, nnd the baro
trees cracked and strained with their
withered arms; and Nellie looked up
to heaven with f onah's impious cry
npou her lips: '*It is bettor tor me to
die than to live—for I do well to be
angry even unto death."
Fur at this sight, ao long expected
and so dreaded, I hud reached the
culminating point of my misery, not
km)win-/, poor fool, that thero should
ba triiala appointed to mo hereafter,
that should shrink thin one into insignificance, and rehuko me for thut
hasty wish that night.
And the fair moon smiling down
on the sullen water so recalled Lmiia's
face smiling down nn Philip Hazeldean, that I could look no longer, but
went back to the drawing-room; to
the tire-light and the lamp-light, und
my godmother's drowsy chat.
And presently tbey came lu with
flushed, quiet faces, speaking to uo
one, and rather shrinking from observation; and when tea was over Loo
went and played soft music at tho
far end of the room, and Philip went
too, and sat near ber, and soon light
whisperings mingled with the melody;
and raising my eyes at tbe sound, I
met Hose's, looking wild, fixed, and
a little fierce, nnd I knew not why,
but their expression terrified me.
I was thankful indeed that night,
when the time camu for our retiring
to rut, that I might have my sister
to myself, for, wilful as she was, I
could make her listen to me—I felt
■ure that ahe would listen to me for
But, to my surprise, at my first
word she stopped me.
"Not to-night, Nellie,! want tonight for quiet, silent consideration—
to-morrow--yes, to-morrow, we will
talk about this;" and, looking at her
moro closely, I saw that her face waB
, pale and her eyes heavy with unfnllon
What could I say?
I knew hor too well to venture to
Jueition her more at present, so when
had silently completed my preparation! for bed, I lay and watohed, as
lhe drew the low chair to the hearth,
mid Bitting down by it, laid her faco
on her folded hands; watched her till
I grew drowsy, and dozed and watched
■gain, then sank into nn uneasy slum-
ber, and wakened with a start, nnd
•-till the sat with her falling hair, nnd
her face laid on her clasped hands.
And when I awoke it was morning,
and nothing but the ashes in* the
grata and the empty chair beside it
remained of lut night's vigil, and
Louie, flushed and slumbrous, wu
leaning on her pillow commenting on
the dreary prwpeot outside,
"A bleak, cold morning," aaid
yawning)   "ikjr   gray   and
opaque, and  not a glimmer of sun- j
shine, and a nice searching dry east
wind just scattering tho heavy mist.
No riding for mo, Mr. Philip; you
must try Wildfire nlone."
This speech sho reiterated at breakfast-time once and again, ns Captain
Hazeldean strove to gainsay her resolution; but at last, finding hiB arguments in vain, ho rose to equip himself for a solitary ride.
"We will como into the hall nnd Bee
you mount your new favorite," she
said; "and do be cautioua, Philip, aa I
warned you last night, for I don't half
liko tho look of her, thoroughbred as
she is; it striken me she ,has more vice
than spirit. If I were you, I would
take Maplos, for fear of accident."
"Maples, indeed!" repeated Philip,
scornfully; "you don't supposo a man
who .has ridden Demon mul Vampire
needs such a muff to tako caro of him.
Comu, now, Louie, what-will you bet
mo that I ilo not bring you a bit of
gorse from tho top of Auckland's Hollow, and do it in au hour nnd a half,
"I Bhall tako no bet, Philip," she
replied, "and pray that you will not
attempt anything so hazardous and so
foolhardy. Auckland's Hollow is an
awkward place at all times, but to try
it with a flush hone would bo sheer
"Nevertheless, you shall have your
gorse," ho answered, laughing, "and
shall wear ib as a murk of the prowess
of your own true knight, Look, there
sho comes down the gravel walk; is
she not a beauty i"
A beauty, indeed, with ber small
head and smooth shapely limbs, black
as jet, with just a white mark or star
upon her forehead; and yet when I
lookod at hur I felt I would not have
trusted any ono I loved to mount her.
To Bee her strain and grapple at tho
curb, aud wince at the lightest touch,
laying back her delicate ears, expanding her nostrils, nud showing in an
instant the red of her wicked eye, till
she looked like a Demon, a Wildfire,
or anything unsafe or uncanny.
Philip did not seem to think so, as
he came out aud eyed her proudly,
then vaulting into his saddle, hold
her in with bis sinewy strong hands,
whilo she pranced aud reared under
his weight.
"Don't touch her with the whip,
Philip," cried Loo, anxiously, aa she
stood in the wind and watched him.
"You nro very reckless; I wish you
would not go to-day."
Still holding in tho vixen with ono
hand, Captain Hazehk-uti lifted hiB
hat with tho other, with a smilo for
answer. As ho did so, some one,
gray-cloaked aud gray-hooded, glided
from among tbo wind-blown trees,
aud laid her hand on thebridlo.
"Good heavens! ltose," he exclaimed impatiently, "are you mud? Drop
tho rein, or you will be the death of
us both."
"Steady her, then, Philip, for I
must speak to you. Philip, Philip,
do you bear me?'
She might ns woll lmvo spoken to
the air, for half in defiance, half in
sheer recklessness, be touched tho
fretted mare smartly with his whip,
and in a moment sho was plunging
and rearing and curveting madly about
the gravel walks, till ahe broke into n
wild gallop, and disappeared from our
"Heaven help the boy!" cried Mra.
Hazeldean, while Louie uttored a
half-su ppr«3.-si*d exclamation. Rose
said nothing; but I shall never forget the look of her haggard fnce aa
she passed me and re entered the
"Well, girls," said Mra. Hazeldeau,
as she beckoned us shivering!/ to
como in, "it is uo uso straining your
eyes aud watching, for lio won't come
back yet. He haa «iven us a turn,
certainly, but I am pretty bure in my
own mind that ho i:i equal to ths management of the animal, spitfire as she
is. lilesH you, you have no idea of
Phil's pluck; lm is never to bo beaten
by anything. Hut coma ill now, you
look froztm; and if you havo nothing
particular to do, NellieJ I should Ilk-?
to hear you read the.paper-— then*- i?
an excellent leader to-day, and really
a very clovor article on universal Buf
Mra. Ilaztldcaii's behest waa peremptory, bo I took up the paper nnd
rend continuously from leader to
article, nnd then on to tbe foreign
intelligence, without the slightest notion of what it was about, being distracted every moment by Louie's
movements from window to window,
and having a visible consciousness of
Hose's white faco behind me.
It was a relief therefore when Mn.
Hazeldean gavo me permission to
leave off, and I was just rising to
speak to Louie, when tho trampling
of a horde's hoofs Bounded up Iho
gravel walk, and with a joyful exclamation wo all ran to the bay-window.
"Ho waved his hat to me ten minutes ago from tho cliff," cried Loo,
"I know he was coming, but would
not interrupt you,—what's that!—oh,
good hcavous, Mrs. Hazeldean, ho has
fallen—-he iB "  Her voice stopped,
stilled with a sudden terror, for Wildfire was tearing past the window trailing something behind her, something
that dragged after her with foot in
stirrup, with fair hair dabbled in
blond, with a dead face all turn and
bruised nnd disfigured with gravel;
nlns, alas! it was Philip Hazeldean.
The horse stopped, we could see
that, oven before we got to tho door.
Then, what was that terrible shriek
that rang through the house, that passionate cry of ".My husband, my husband!" from tbe stricken creature who
had caught him up, nud was Bitting
down upon tho ground with the blued
ing head pressed to her bosom?
Who was it, thitt sheltering him
with her own dress, cried ouf-that he
was not dead, thut kissed .open the
fainting eyes nud wiped tho blood
from nis face, and called out to the
servanta, hurrying round, thnt they
Bhould bear him in gently, oh, vory
gently from the piercing cold, and
lay him on his bed?—it was Itoset
It wus Hose; but it was not that
atrange, sudden discovery that chilled
the current of my life, nor yet tho
sight of the ghastly burden she held
in her lap; it wu the look on my godmother's face, tho wicked, evil look
thnt lurked within her eyes aashe
moved her dry lips u if to speak, nnd
raised her wrinkled hand.
"Toko him up, Maunders," cried
Rose; "what are you waiting for;
don't you see how the wind whistles
round liim? There, take hia foet, and
I will guard his head carefully—carefully."
"Tho first one who carries that man
across the threshold of my door," said
Mrs, Hnzuldeim, in a strange, terrible
voice, "shall leave uty service, and
forever! Take him up if you will,
nnd boar him elsewhere, but ho—my
nephew—and my would-bu heir—
truitor—liar and deceiver as he is -
and the impious woman who has betrayed him to liis ruin—shall never
sleep beneath my roof again—io help
ine, Heaven!"
(h bsOtaiiaasd.)
i nni i
Having just received 25 cases
Per "G. W. ELDER,"  we re
spectfully solicit the public
to give us a call.
J_\ the undersigned intends making application to the Ghiet Commissioner of
Lauds and Works for permission to purchase tho following described land, situate on Wcstham Island:
Commencing on the shore of the Gulf
of Georgia, at the SW corner of Lot 192 A;
tbelief! due' E to the western boundary of
Lot lOOAj thenco in a southerly direction along the western boundary of Lot
100A to the SW corner of lot IO0A;
thence due W to the Gulf of Georgia;
thence in a northerly direction, followh g
the meandcrings of the shoro lino to the
point of commencement, containing iu all
182 acres, more or less.
'      E. A. SHARPE.
By W, H. Faldisq.
New West., Dec. 15th, 1883.    [dol9-'2m
the undersigned intends making application to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands a«id Works for permission to purchase tho following described lauds in
Now Westminster District:
Commencing nt the southeast corner
of lot 2flti. group I; tlicnco due north .10
chains, more or lesa, to n post; thenco
due cast 40 chains, moro or less, to tlie
west boundary lino of lot 22(1, group 1;
thence due south, following said west
nouudnry lino 40 chains, more or less, to
tho shore lino of Port Moody; thence
west, following tho meandcrings of said
shore line to the place of commencement.
Said described piece of land containing
1(30 acres, more or less,
Now Westminster, Dec. 11, 1883.
We have just opened a fine assortment of
Jackets^ Dolmans
(Suitable for Winter Wear),
Blankets, Quilts,
&c,     &c,     &c,
fane? Hoods and Crewel
Done on the Premises.
We have on hand a splendid
line of ready-made Clothing, and
having a good supply of Diagon.
als, Broadcloths, Beavers, Tweeds,
&C., we are prepared to manu
facturc suits at the
Wholesale Grocers
——Agents for tlie—
Direct Importation
r Donimii
  wits of Now Weatminator and vicinity that ho ia constantly receiving from
Europe shipments of choice
—And the -
J. IE.
Offer* for sale
English Ales,
London and
Dublin Stout,
Which he vrill supply
In Qniuitltlcs to Salt Customers,
Also, in constant receipt, direct from
W. A. Gllbj'., London
Fine Champagnes,
Saumur's Claret,
Genuine Sherry,
Fine old Ports
and Sherries.
New Westminstor,   B, 0.
cciving I'otitioiiH for Private Bills
will expire on the 2Hh day of January,
dc8-td]        Clerk Lcgiahrtivo ABeenihly.
held itt (JeiilrovUle, Chilliwhack,
on Thursihiy, tho 13th'day,of December
next; and, during the \ear 188'i, on the
second Thursday in March, the second
Thursday in Juno, tho second Thursday
in September, and the second Thursday
in December,
. By Command.
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Oflico,
22nd November, 1883. [no24in1
J,\j the following Highway, (Id feet iu
width, is herohy estiihiishi'd, viz.s
Commencing at the S. E. corner of Section C, Township No. 17; thence due
west two miles nlong the Township Line
to the S. \V. corner of Section 1, Town-
ship 14, and bavin*-; n, width of 33 feot cm
eii-.li side of .tho Enid Hue,
Chief Com, of L. k \Y.
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria,B.C., Nov,27,1883.   [dolml
the following described trout bf
land, about 2,000. acres, moro or less, in
extent, ia hereby set apart and reserved
from sale or pre-emption, until further
notice, viz.: The tract of lund, about two
miles long and one and a half miles wide,
hounded to tlio north by the Upper Columbia Lake, and to the south by tlio
Kootenay Kiver, uud on tho east and
west by the mountains.
wm. smithe;
Chief Cum. of L. & W.
Lands k Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., Kov. 24,18S3.     [delml
empting land are hereby notified
that kmdfcWithiu the limits of the Hastings Saw Mill Company's lease is not
open for settlement., and that any one
entering thereon will ho prosecuted for
.1'll that application will be made to
the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia at its next Session for an Aet to
authorize the construction and - maintenance of a Railway from a point oii the
Pitt Rival* at or neflr its crossing by tho
Canadian Pacific Railway to n poiut on
English Bay.
Dated 22nd Nov., 1883.
no24w0] Solicitor for Applicants.
the undersigned intends making np-
plication to the Chief Commisfioiici* of
Lnnds and Works for permission to purchase the following 'described lauds in
New Westminster District:
Commencing at the northennt corner of
Lot 2!2, Group I: thence duo south 35
chnins, more or less, to a post; thence
duo cast 35 chains, more or less, to the
west boundary line nf Lot 31, Group one;
thence due north, following the said west
bomidnry line of Lot 31, 35 chains, more
or loss, to tho shore line of Port Moodyf
fcheiice tyest, following 'lie mcanderiugs
of raid shore line, to the place of commencement. Snid described piece of
land containing 122 acres, more or less.
flew Westminster, Dec. 7,1883.
dc8*2m] JOHN A. WEBSTER.
,■-,-...':.,..* at-:,*,.
no bills for goods furnished bn Recount of the corporation wjH be paid'un-
less supplied by an order from the Mayor
or some member of tbe Council. ,
By Order.
New Westminster, July 17,1883, [18-to
that we Intend to make application to tho Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for permission to purchase
three hundred and twenty (320) acres of
land situated at Bowen - Island, Howe
Sound, New Westminster' District, as
follows: Commencing from the southeast corner ot W. Eaton's pre-emption
claim, thenco duo south 40 chains, thence
due west 80 chains, thence due nortii 40
ohains, thence due east 80 chains to
point of commenccmen
Royal Citv Planing Mills Co,
.  New Westminster,
22ml November, 1883.
Agent for Paoifio Coaat Steamship Co.
Gents'Furnishing Goods,
&c, &c.
We also keep
Faints and Oils,
Wall Paper,
Lamps and
Lamp Glasses,
Doors and Windows.
©   TIIK  ni.UKST,   aitr.ATKST
H nml BK8T HKMKIlV fur lliu euro
(O uf Nci-v-iiii iiu-i I'liynlcnl Iletiillly
I ui VliiilKslmiwttan .Seminal Wiwik-
SfS ■■•■"■, l.n-1'f M-inli.iii-1,   I'l-lliii';
i-""**" Mi iv  nml  Jli-lii-ti-il nml  Kti-
fbeblod --i-ii-iiii"ii*- of Hi-.- Uonlto-
. Ui'lnnry aricnn*.
I     II  Mn-fillly OUt-dl Ttii'KilfWr-,
M'arly iJiTiiy, I.-i--Niif V l-fiT, Sow-
/Iiml Weakuen, mid nil tliu snd
f etTi-ulH uf  youthful  f.illl-iH nnd
-.timer*, (ir '•XLOi'ie* of uintnrlty.
It ptirinniiimtly   -in-vi-m- nil
FO niitniliirnl Iii-h Iron, t'.iui-yileni,
ro " " '"""'
Canadian Facie Railway
Overseers  9125 00 per month.
Rook Foremen... .13 50 to $* 00 *S day
Earth Foremen... 2 50 to  3 50
Bridge Foremen.. 3 50 to   4 50
Bridgo Carpenters,
lat olass  3 50
Bridge Carpenters,
2nd class  3 00
Mssons 1 60 to  3 50
Stone Cutters.... 3 00 to  3 60
the following highway, 1)5 feet iu
width, is horoby eatftblialied; viz:—
Commencing at a point on the Booth
boundary line of Lot 202, Group 2, distant 7 chains tn the east of tho southwest corner of said lot; thence S 17 decv
\V ISO links; thenco S li dog. W 200
links; thence S. 2ti' dcg. E *i'00 links;
thchbe S 15 deg. W 550 links; thence S
20", deg. W 200 links; tlicnco S 01 dog.
W 200 links; tlicnco N 7IM deg. \Y 250
links; thence S 80 deg. \Y 250 links;
thonco S 3o{ dog. W 500 links; thenoo S
27' deg. W SOO links; thenco S 10 deg.
W 0,250 links, more or loss, to North
read. WJI. SMITHK,
Chief Com. of L. 8: W,
Lands nnd WorkB Department,
Victoria, B.C., Dec. Oth, 18S3.
that, in consequence of the impossibility of favorably considering
any of the bids which were opened on
the 6th inst., for the construction of a
road to be extended between New
Westminster and Granville, via False
Creek Trail.'the lion, the Chief Commissioner of Lands-ahd Works invites
fresh tenders for the same work, to be
received up to noon of Monday, the
7th January next.
Specifications can be seen, and
forms for tender and bond obtained,
as before.
Tbe lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Chief Com. L. & W.
Lands & Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., D-c. 12th. 1883,
iho undersigned intends making application to the Chief Coimiiiasioiicr of
Landa arid WorkB to purchase 10(10 acres
of lninl Bitimto on Yaltlez Island, Coaat
District, imd described nB follows; 1
(1) Commencing at a point on the
shore line of Vnld«z Island, near Whito
Rock l!»y and the head of Ploslcint Inlot,
ahoitt 1 h milcB noi thtjftst from Surge Nar-
vv-.-i, :.l ;i pc-4 fci --.liont 3 chains south-
cost from tho month of n largo creek;
thence north 80 chains; thonco west 40
chains; thence south 80 cliaiiiB, more or
less, to tho shore line of Valdoz Island;
thenco easterly, following meandcrings
of shoro line, to point of commencement,
containing '!::(! acres, more or lesa,
(2) Commencing nt tho northeast cor-
lurol section 6, Say ward's claim, -situated en Valdoz Inland, on the east side
of Hofkitts Inlot; thence due east 40
ohahia; thenco north 40 chains; thence
enst .SO chains; thence nortii 20 chimin;
thence west 30 chains; thence south 'JO
chains; tlicnco west -40 chains; thenee
north 20 chains; thence west 20 chains;
thonce north 00 chains; thence west 40
ohttins; theuco south 80 chains; thence
east 20 chnins; thence south -10 chains;
thence cast '10 chains, along Say ward'a
north houndary of section 0, to point of
commencement, containing 740 acres.
Also 5110 acres of land situate on Reid
Island,* Coast District, described as follows:
(1) Commencing at a squared tree nn
the enst s?',.«*o line of White Rock Bay
about 10 chnins northwest from the
month of a large creek; thence south 10
chains; thenco cast 10 chains; tlicnco
aoiith 70 chains; thenco cast 30 chains;
thence north 80 chains; thenco west 20
chains, more or less, to shore line of
White Rock Bay; thonco westerly, following ineanderings of ahore line of
White Rock Bay, to point of commencement, containing 250 acres, moro or less.
(2) Commencing nt a point on tha
cast shore line of Kvnns titty, on Reid
Island; thenco east 20 chains; thence
nortii 20 chains; thence east 10 chains;
thenee north 30 chains; thence west 40
chains; thence south 40 chains, more or
less to shore line of Evans Bay; thence
southeasterly, following meandcrings of
shore line of Evans Bay, to point of commencement, containing ISO acres, more
or hss.
!*() Commencing at a post set on the
northwest shoro line of Evans Bay, on
Reid Island; thence west 40 chains;
thenee north 40 chains; thence east 40
chains; thuncc south 20 chains, more or
less, to shore line of Evans Bay; thence
in a southerly direction, following ineanderings of shore lino, to point of coin-
nitsiict incut, containing 100 acres, more
or lens.
New Westminster, B.C., Dec. 4,1883.
■ receives fruit direct from Sacramento Valloy, by every Bteamer, and is
prepared to sell at the following prices:
Peaches, per box : fl 76
Apples, per box  1 00
Pears, per box  1 00'
Apricots, per box  1 79
Cherries, per box of 10 lbs  1 25   .
Oranges 25 © 50 cents per doz
Lemons 35 @ 50 cents per doi
Acapulco Limes, . .25 @ oO cents per doi
Green Coin 25 @ 50 cents per doz
Tomatoes,........124 cents per pound
je27-tc. Viotoria.
I |-(>i,-*iui'li ■■in illicit wlm Iiiitu
il tht- iti-iiidly   la  lliu -Kit-l
Wfi have just received a splendid assortment of English
GUNS, from $30 up. Gall and
set Uwn. -»e6
O I'lmrtor of n contnr* wlilcli It ku
•■j**- Iim-'* 1>->r.'re Uio put-llc.
,_    Itli Imlotrin womlurful Item-
2 ody—toning Ilie licrvvw, nlroiiK-
•***( tinning the iniie/k*-, checkl'i--
Sthfl    Wiifttf*,   irivi-r-ir-iti-i-*    tliv
wlinln lyilom uml ic-Rtoruie tlm
■flllct«ii to hualtb nml Imp'-hic-i-..
Tlm Doctur Will ii|*U'u tn fur ft-It
|1,000 fn' fi ch<-u iiihUrl-'keti not
........   Tlie rewon eo nunv crtuaot get cured of
Wt-i-kni'iH am) tliu nbovc* illnpiuufi 1* itwlng tn h
complication,   culled  l'EtOHTATOIUtllKA,   will)
ttr, Ijlplilg'ti ttinlg-irator No. 2, witli onr Peon*
liar fipei-liil Trrntmont, in tlie only cure fur I'roi-
tntorri-ft. By It HhiiIiuhI ii reMurcd nod tbe band
of timo moved lurk from ego to youth.
Price of either I.ivigi.rnt-ir, ti. Omo of ill
tint tin, (10. Sent to nuy HddrtH, en wed »•
etirely from obiortttlon.
Dr. I.lublg A Ou. twit ■Hicct-Mfnlly by Homteo.
pfithy every form of PpcclB1, I'rlvnto ur Lln-onlc
dlnoiue wiihunl mercury ur niiieotino drugi. If
vitality In drnlned frum tbe body, minioroLi din.
eiiH'i full-iw thnt bnflle md' nuy lucnllciil trciit-
ment. Ifnll'.-v'il tocunllpiiu, trie uimnturnl lot*
CADiee COMUmpUuii, dlnbotei, tlrlsht'ii -llm-nie,
iimiiully. etc. Cure* gunmnlei-d. lliieneee of
the (-eiillo-urlniry orgnni, kidney*, liver nud
btmlder "■»■<■ mlly trented, blie-wei of womeD
■liudlly cured.
Qu-tllllFd nntl neiponilblu.—Dr. Lleblg tCo.
'-' orgnulmed In compllniico with
™    I.iiw.    IHplonm procured by
regular college txluciitloti nnd aro now In tbelr
niiii'H-eiiih yenr of ipttilnl |ir«ellce.
Moat powerful i-]i-i-lrlr belt* freo to pntlente.
To provn the wonderful power ot the Iuvlgorntor a fi buttle given or lent freo. Cuiuultutluu
free nml private.
Dr. Lleblg'e wimdcrlul (luriunn Ihvlgontnr ll
Iirotoctud ly copyright from Pntetit Oflico of till-
U-'dStntcnUuveiunient,    llewim of liultHtloni.
Cull or nddreis MKI1IU Dl»PKNSAIlY,
400deary Bt., Sau Franelico, Cnl,
Private entrance, 4Ub Haxrn atreet, four block*
UpGeary itreet from Kearny.    Ualu entrance
Ureufti Dlipeuhuy Dnif More, d«10,.U
, 960
Blacksmith Helpers   1 50 to
2 00
2 25
2 00
Ch. 1-1, |ir;nit.!t to' the Ooininin]
Government, fur the jmrju-sc of aiding in
tlie coiiBtmotic-ii of the portion of thu
Canadian Pncilk* Hallway on the Mainland of Biitish Columbia, a tract of land
not exceeding 20 miles in width on each
side of the line of the Railway, wlioi-over
it may lie finally located, in lien of that
heretofore conveyed olonjr tlio line locut-
ed to Ycllowhcuil I'nsB.
And wliL-it-tif i'iiii'i-i] information has
heen received tlmt ;i th Unite route has
heen ndopted hy wny of Bow itivM* i'as-'.
and tji»tvIaYolUiwlienill,us8 abandoned,
Public notice i.- therefore hereby given,
that the following belt of land U horoby
reserved until fm titer nolijo, viz.:
Commencing at Kamloi ps, thence on a
line hy the Vnlley of the South TliMtii]-
son River nnd tlironj;h Enirlo Creek Paw
to the Columbia River, thenco by tliv
Illecillewaut River and Bcavt>r Creek
Valleys, und by Roger's Pass through
the Selkirk Rnngc to the Boundary of
British Columbia nt the Row River Pas-*,
and hnving a width of 20 miles ou eaeb
5PfSi*viMp,f>jti*&.-- -
Drlllew  2 00 to
laborers    1 75 to
Hewers, lst class   3 60
Choppers, lst olass 2 00 to   2 60
Scorers, 1st class    2 50
All outside labor 10 hours per day.
All Carpenteri to furnish tlieir own
Chest Tools.
All Employees to find themselves Bed,
Board ana Lodging.    ,
Boarding Houses will be convenient
along the Line.   Board—-$4 por week.
It will not be compulsory for Employees to board in the Company's Houses,
Wages will be paid monthly, ou the
10th of each month.
Office of rm Contractors,
Canadian Pacific Railway,
Ynlo, March 1, 1883.
aula of said lino.       	
Chief Com, of L. k VV.
Lmnla k Works Bcpartmont,
Victoria, B.C., Nov. -Jil, 1883.
Information, Employment
The Government ot   British Columbia
liars established an
Except on their own Printed Forms of
Shipping Receipt*, to be had at T. R,
Piabion * Co.'s, New Westminster.
JOHN UfcVIN-3, Managtr.
And a!) persons wishing to obtain authentic information about tbe country
are advised to apply/either personally or
by latter, to tlio Anent.
Pamphlets and Handbooks descriptive
of the country and its resources will be
supplied freo of charge ou application.
Persons wishing to engage laborers,
skilled or miskilU'U, In any part of the
Province, aro invited to place themselves
In communication with tlie Agent. Particulars should ho furubilied as to the
kind of employment nnd wages offered.
The Agent will endeavor, as far as pes
siblo, to fill applications.
Or*JCE--Court House Building, Market Square, Now Westminster, if. C.
Je20 te.]
the undersigned intends lnaki: kg
application to tbo Chief Commissioner of
Lauds nnd Works for permission to purchase, the following described lands in
New Westminster District! Commencing from the northwest corner of Lot 102
Group 1; thonco due south 40 chains;
thence due west 140 chains; thence due
north 50 chains, moro or less, to shore
line of English Bay; thenco in an easterly direction, following mcanderiugs of
shore line of English Bay, to tbe northwest comer of Lot 4-lf), Uroup 1; thonco
duo south to southwest corner of Lot 440,
Group 1; thence duo east to southeast
corner of Lot 440, Group 1; thonco du«
north to northeast corner of Lot 440,
Group 1, on shore line of English Bay;
thence in an easterly .direction following
meaiiderings of shore lino to point of
commencement. Snid described landB to
contain six hundred acres, be the same
moro or less.
New Westminster, B. C, Nov. 13th,
I Old Broad St. and 18 Pall Mall,
' Buildings, Goods, Wares, Merchandise, Manufacturing nnd Farming Stock,
Ships in Port, Harbor or Dock, and tha
Cargoes of such Vessels; also, Ships building nnd repairing, Barges and other Vessels on navigable rivers and canals, and
Goods on board such Vessels, throughout
Great Britain and Ireland and in Foreign
Subscribed and Invested Capital,
-61,000.000 BTG.
Rates of Premium and every Information ean be obtained ou application, to
Wi 1. ARJI8TK0N0,
Agent for New Westminster.
Ik 'clinowlcutfodbyeirilnbnl tmrgcons lo
In ti iim-i'si ami tin-si known, nud In-
v-ilui'1-]-' lo Invnllil-'.
nniniHlN WHISKY tins boen well
kn'iwn for niiiny yours,l'HnKUnNUrimHHrrt
fn- lificxcflli-nt finality and delicate flu-
vof. Kvcrylwiily whet lum tried It sny It la
Hi   lii<-t« In Iho wiili).
]'tinii)l"H stij-pll'-il by tbo uiilbin, ■■use or
l,i<-l(irl("-"«. rilmiimml-i."
WSold by A. II. UltAYACO.. Whole-
Mil.- I'i |mi, Vlel.iiln, and by nil ti-mlliij;
|l«,nor diuli-ir. oi-JOli-
Dr. Allen's
He%lUmvny Si.. 8»" Finncltteo, C«l.
KsTUlM lull FOI! THI. gClENTirlO AKP Sfekut Ousi
ur Cu-iuKie, Xehv.'Vi- and £pixial DlHiAEtl.
»R. HPINNRVi well known'u th* fein*
<ler uf the Mouti-tid, fC. V.) Medical Initi-
tut*, mul liitd Froprlutor of thu BPINNKVVILL1
I.WIHMAKY, iy-hiIiI -limit rripfolfully Infum
bl" I'fitienti nnd tha nftllrtw) pener*,!.**, that ht
■till iMHitiiiut*"- to trrnit chronic autl nervous dlt,
mum* with u*i[-»rullcti>il iuccom,
l-ttn-umbur tlmt procraitlnatluN la tha thief ef
time io
It mnt lev* not whist your tr-uihtf a muy bf, coma
uml let thi* Doctor cxiinilne your nun. It Will
cunt ymi notlilim for cun ml tut lon, lopleaa* call
ami Hfltirfy your-H-WiN-wliiitlinr tin Ihiotor under•
atiinili your nine. It lie can cure you he will toll
you ■'■■ It not, li« will tell y»n that, for he will
not iiti'l'-rluke a case uuleii he la coull'leut of ef-
fi-rtlni: a cure.
I'arltos at a -Hntunre wishing treatment, hy
■u-nill'iK |2t> anil a silnuta (Iftcrlption of their
troulilt-a will receive in return a full eouree ut
treut iin-nt atcurely pneked ao aa not to t-iclle eu-
DK. SPINNKYwIll r-uarautat to wmt Viva
Hundred lii-llare for evenr caie of any kind or
character which he undartaiee and fhlla to cure.
P. H.—For diMMUM uf ehort Hamlin*-, a (Ull
cnurne of medicinen, infllctent for a cure, with
all fiiitructioni, will be tent to any addreai oi
receipt or lie.
Call or Addri'M
Or. 8PINNRT * CO.,
0'Jfl-ly     Ns.UKenrney-it.,flanl'auc[aeo,0a1.
Immigration Agait,
r-|*n1iir   -fniduuti'il  Pliynleliiii, educated at
ni>-.vil..iri n-Hi--'.-' nnd University of Mlcliluiin.
Im-idiir-iiMl it llti-tInm to the 4lmly of llm treatment nml i-iin- of dlNinsi-a within hiaHpeclalty,
And SIlDDLKAdKDMKN, wlmaruiiiffnrln)-from
tlivefTi-etri of Ynuthfnl Iiidlscretliina or Kxccmci
In iiiiittiiuryeiini,Xi:nvotiBand PuiiiiCAtbtiilLlTT,
lUI'i-T  *.L'h,    I.HNT   SlAWlIlHill,   fnllfll"illl|  Of Illwi-I,
iliill eywi iiverMuu loai-duty, dci|mndiji)cy, plm.
pl<-.- uu thn fnce, li» nf enurtty uud im-nmry, Are-
i|Uimcy of iirlnntlnK, «tc. HuiiiemlH-r, thut hy a
conihluntlnn «r ronivdtea nf uront curutlvo power.
Ilie Doctor hiii bo artiing-Nl lill trnstun-nt tlmt It
will iiiii unly uil'ird imiin-diiitu relief hut iiurma-
iimiI curt.
(Hnvln-j biioti Mif-'otiu In clinrw nf two tan-linn
ini-i.ll.ilM) eirnhk-x me tu heat all nrlvale Iruilblei
wiih i--(i'i-lli-ut ruanlt*. 1 wiili it dii-tinetly under*
i-liiwltlmt I do nut cluini tu piirfurni Iui]ii)i-i11illl-
tlwi, nr iu have miriii'iiluiH nr wip-jriinturnl ituwer.
I iliUn .ml*- to he a -klllthl and iiicccuful Vhyil-
clini und Burgeon, thoroughly iiifunned In my
'I,W""y~blBMASRH  OF   MAN.
All nptdvim* io nio will i-i-ci-im my hourit
ii'imhii nl llii'ir coin iihil nl«— No es perl ment I OK- I
wil puurniitM- ii pnMltlv.1 i-nri* lu uvery owo 1 nn-
ilBitulte, ui-fiHl'-lt fl.iiun. Coniullntlun In offlce
or liy h'tter nu a ami sti icily private. C1iuiki'»
r.'ii-'.n -li u. Tliorniinh eiotnlmtlun, incbidliig
i-h'-mli il unit ni|croK:i>pleitl aintlyali of urine, and
adv(c«, lfi.00.   tlnll or addrei*
DU.   ALl.Eft,
SfiUKemiiey "Ireet, Sun Prnnclsco, Cal.   Offlce
tain, «to U dally. 7 to« evening.
Cure for -Ner»-
hnuated Vitality
of e oj It I n a,
Wenkaria, Ptr-
a lysis, Prostn-
torrlioea,Hiid kll
the terrible *f-
—-^^———. - frcle ofyouthful
follies, aud excesses Id mnlurer yenrs,
DR. MINTIE will RRree to forfeit
Five Hundred Dollars for ■ case of
(his kind the Vital ltcstoriUve (under
his special advice end treatment) will oot
cure, nr (or nnytlilry Impure orlojnrloui
found Id It. DR. MINTIE tr»ts all Dti-
euea inccessfully wlihont mercury.
CoilfiSltAtlon free. Thorough examination ond advice, $5-00. Pike of.Yltll
Restorative, $3*00 a bottle, or four
times the quantity llO'OO; sent to any
uddri'is upon receiptor prico, orU 0. D.,
secure from observntlon, and in private
name If desired, by A. E. MINTIE.
Tho&e who cannot visit DB. MINTIE
in Han Francisco should tend a full and
minute statement of tbelr tronblea wllh
$3500, and In return a full course of
Medicine will be forwarded, securely
packed, io as not to excite curiosity.
All orders for medicine 0, O. D.tnuit
bo nvcomiviiii-d with $1.00 (ai a Rnar-
atiiee r>f ftnod fnith), which will ba de-
dticted whe i tbe package Is shipped,
application by letter luting symptom,
sex and age. Communications strictly
confidential, J-V'Hr
II ILmmwmot mvms. omi vmvM9M| wbm


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