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Daily British Columbian May 21, 1887

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Array SOP ABB Davio
■_~__r    21,   1887.
ix-i*i_s h  <E_o Itxmbinn
Far and Near.
r     -..ealnij,   tmsmr   HI.
_{2f to statistics collected
s;tori, we u.r_. spending an-
this country tor malt attd-
llquors tbe snug aunt of
•OO. The worst of it all
B O.S-R told that the wholo-
tf this Uood.«>*" wtiiuulutits.
■ -»* $300,000,000. So we
s*» . -_^i's_-iic3-*i_Lr of the profits
*^y tli-. saloon - keepers,
nothing Kke dealing with
pl aa.   lo*ty, offhand -way -
a.* colliery accident at Na-
<0,, is -rvidently another
sming of the result of the
«?*» lights tit coal raining.
^»r_ the custom i«i the past
the miners for criminal
ss and callousness, because
ist in using a naked light,
ig to the length of using
s to unlock their Davy
fc tite miner has some good
ir his desire for an open
t«- Davy lamp at the Hest
ct. feeble light.. In many
miner's life depends direct-
_ po-wer to see whether or
icks in the coal upon which
rking aro widening, and it
it for. him to do tbis with
I lump. What ia needed
tngpraus coal mines is a
rrable, incandescent elec-
which would be absolutely
nt the same time would
ity       O'f      light.   3fottXfenl
The News of tbe 9a)- Direct
from tbe Wires.
Destruction or a Town hy Flre.-
Insnne Maniar.
igth the Jesuits have got
c__<cl mastery itt the province
s_ Cardinal Tascherau and
bops asked a postponement
.11     to    incorporate the Jesu-
JVX. Casgrain followed up
test by moving that the bill
tlizvt dav six months, the
ido o__ getting rid of .ojjho^-,
_su.x-e.s_; but .'the champions
ssuits, led  by the provincial
opposed the motion and
a defeat. The hill gives the
he right to hold property to
nous extent, of which no
ay vs.-ill make good use. One
objects is to set up u rival
I University, an enterprise
Is      they    have hitherto been
at    Rome. It   would lie a
thing to see tho Jesuits
their   rights under the stat-
of    Canada   against the de
Rome. Mi.   Mereier   put
ition ota one of civil rights,
_t«__I that the hill merely put
lits on the same footing as
sts, the Sulpicians, the Do-
i„ the Xtedetnptorists and
forgetting that the Jesuit
s. standing conspiracy against
rnments, and that no weap-
tver foul comes amiss to its
TSTothing    but    the   interfer-
Rome oan check the abso-
:endancy    of   the   Jesuits  in
and the authority of Rome,
it may be exerted against
r a. while, will be very likely
»x_____ to give -ray to their per-
. Jfonetoiry Time*.
C7M.rt_t.dian olub in New York
using a literary centre to
men of intellect go to say
set enlightenment to the peo-
the    republic as regards Oan-
resources, the character of
-le. its probable destiny, and
matters concerning -which
aas up to the present been
ible ignorance on tbe part of
ublican neighbors. The fact
9     care    ao many people in the
States and they have so
K> take up their attention in
aste to get rich, that they
.tie heed to other countries
asetin.es are asdly indifferent
kt-cl to their own. Tt was at
tadian club that Mr. Ooldwin
■poke approvingly of rommer-
ion, and it is of the Canadian
hast Mr. Erattus Wiman is
r»t. Principal Orant has also
Icing to the Canadian Club
afliBcting Canada, so that
mil   these opinions as to -what
for     thia country some good
come. There are nmong us
vho     tare   in favor of  imperial
ion,   by    -which   Canada would
asp   more closely to tbe tnotli-
othera think that indepen-
a our manifest destiny, while
arc ready for annexation to
lited States. These conflict
anions may safely be left to
each other, with the result
» change affecting our political
as twill ensue, the oountry con-
t to drift on in the old-fash-
arssy. Toronto Teltffratt*.
x«-_r n.a. ■tatica»u_aiaaa_ri l*«imi.mr
Bv j_.__oelut__ F-CBH.
hospoN, May 20. —A violent shock
of earthquake waa felt at Monte Carlo
at 8 o'lock tliia uiominfr.
Paris, May 20.- -It is thought likely
that M. Rouvier and M. Devet wiU
enter the -ministiy under M. Deficient
The members of the chamber of depu-
tieH are deluged with telegrams from
provinces demanding that 'General
Boulanger be'retained.
Sam Fbanoisco, May 20.—The tchr.
Undaunted and her cargo of polet, cut
in Alaska, haa been released. U. S.
Attorney Cory at firat decided to institute proceedings for her condemnation, but as neither , Collector Btgtr
nor - any of his deputies will tile an
affidavit that the poles were cut on the
government land he finally concluded
that he could not detain the vessel.    -
Rome, May 20.—The correspondent
of associated press, answering inqairiet
regarding the memoirs of' the Iriih
question said to have been prepared
by the Irish college, tells the result of
his investigation. He haa authority
to say that no memoirs whatever on
the condition of Ireland have been issued from the Irish College, nor hat
any of the members of the college denounced thc Parnellites. A statement
to that ett'ect is an absolute falsehood.
Sjin Franoisco, May 20.—News of
important changes in the duties of
merchandise entering New South
Wales, Sept. 30th, ad valorem, and all
duties of a protective nature are to be
abolished and the present advalorem
and specific duties on twenty-three
classes of articles and an inoraute in
excise on tobacco aud an imposition of
excise duty of four gallons on all kinds
of ale, beer, and porter manufactured
in the colony. The articles wliich will
haye £o, pay duties are spirits, liquors,
•bittei'a; wines, ale, beer, tobacco,
cigars, tea, sugar, molasses, coffee,
chickory, cocoa, chocolate, opium, rice,
dried fruits, cement, confectionery,
fish, galvanized iron, iron, ateel wire,
jnms, jellies, nails, oils, powder, thot,
timber, salt, starch, candles,, ttesrine,
preserves, including tapioca, semolina,
nnd sago.
Huron, Cal., May 20.—Newt reached this place last night that the bodies
of three men were found two days ago
by Miller Bros, in Antelope Valley, 40
miles south of here and 70 miles north
of Bukersfield. Miller Bros, found
them while going from their theep
camp to their ranch haute. They
searched their' clothes and fonnd four
dollars and seventy-five cents in cash.
After searching they posted notice!
near the bodies, reading at follow!:
"We found these bodies. Have their
money. (Signed) Miller Brothen."
From appearances the bodies have
been lying thero 3 or 4 dayi. The
supposition is thnt one of them ia Pete
Olson, as he was seen two weekt ago
in the foot hills thia side of Antelope.
Bodies are still on tho spot. The coroner of Kenrn county has been notified. The cause of their death it not
a town DtTRNBD.'
Marquette, Mich., May 20.—The
fire at Lake Linden is now under control. The flames were tint noticed
issuing from the second story of Neu-
man Trelez, general merchandise. The
store and everything was as dry as
tinder, and despite the heroic efforts
of the firemen aud citizens the flames
spread with frightful rapidity. In leu
than two hours after the first alarm
the entire business portion of the town
from Skirting Point to the publio
school house was reduced to ashes.
Every saloon hut one and every -tore
structure except that occupied ny W.
Weber and a meet market wat dettroy-
ed. Tho loss is a terrible one to Lake
Linden. Judges plsce the pecuniary
damage at one and a half million dollars. The insurance is probably not
lea than than three-quarters of a million. A panic seized everyone. The
fire department was fifteen minutes in
reaching the fire after it broke out and
their efforts were then futile Tlio
flames hsd made such headway thnt no
mcy of man could be of any avail.
boarded the out-going New York tnin
laying hit daughter wu on board mil
running iwijr with a nun. Hi found
tht daughter in company with in
elderly woman.' She refused to m
with him tnd ht threw hlmulf benntk
tht wheels whilt the tnin wai going
about 60 mil* in hour ind wm in-
atantly killed. Bit identity it, un-*
knowu. The mutter wm invutigitecl
by jenorton to-dty. Th. girl tnd htr
friendi ity the luloider it known io
Button u i music teacher, under the
name of August De Benipt, tat that
he wit in reality Count Dt Ia Ton*
nut. member of an old tnd noble
family, that hewn notary and ittoraey
in France, wss ruined by a puiioii fur
gambling aud fled thii country, being
a defaulter for a very luge turn; that
he lived here with t womtn, not hii
wife, who died yeut laPvluving two
children, lhat he sent to limp for
hit daughter Marie, one of his fauiily
left by him there, tnd who when on
arriving and learning of her father's
wrong-doing decided to leave him tnd
return to France. It wai in extortion
of thii design that the left for Ntw
York yetterdty.
Harry fillmore Knocked Out,,
- Moimnii,, May 20.—Giluore tnd
Hawkins met it 'tht Back river st
Wooclook thit morning in tht p_etonce
of a few spectators, and after a hard
fight, whioh lotted nearly two, houn,
Oilinoro was completely knocked out.
B_ehjB_t In Me World.
««w-»_»*___i at mt mm.
Wihmpzo, May 20.—Gentlemen ar
riving from Port Arthur are chuck full
of glowing account! jbout the tremendous find of silver ihore recently.
The Beaver mine bids fair to eelipte
the famous Comitock lead in Colorado,
or Bonania Htokiy'i great mine.
After an expenditure of $175,000 jnn
the Beaver mine, near Port Arthur,
one of the richest veini ever found in
the world hai been itmek. Aoouiding
to recent urinli hen, it tntyt from
»5,000 to »7,00P to thl.toi, and there
are four and a half million dollan in
tight. The mine belong! tp s Mr.
Peten, of Mtniitee, Mich., who wm
in old miner Oat wett. Thtn It tre-
mendoui excitement ift'the vicinity of
Port Arthur Over the big find, tnd old
minen ire crowding into tht place.md
at pntent everybody ii pntptoting. 11
TV. W. MkUlltn, Ljm N. 8*. wrlttti
"I wu tffioted with rheumatism, nd
had given ap ill kopu of a con. St
chtnee I uw Dr. T___IU\__-t-M_- Oil
recommended.. I immediately lent (fifty
mllei) tnd purcbiied four bottles, ltd
with on'y too mlietthwi I wis able to
get around, uid although I have sot
uud one bottle, I un netrly well. The
other three bottlu I gtvt wound to my
neighbors, uid I have hid so unny calls
for mon, thtt I ful bound to ntit<hv the
afflctedby writing to you for a supply."
>  ia nothing equal to Mother Ora-
>rm  Kxterinisator   for   destroying
No et-fcicl*  ol ita kind hats given
tiuf action.
agency ot   man coma  lie os any nvi*cc.
Had the fire broken out at night hundreds of lives would have been lost.
Words fail to picture tile awful speed
with which the flames swept throngli
the   doomed   town.     Families   wire
rushing   from  their liomus 'Into ll,o
streets, saving only tliu ulv-thes ou their
backs. Hundrods of t'luiiiltc-a aro roof-
leas    to-night,   without     lioclding    or
clothing,   except   what   thoy have on.
No stores are loft td furnish supplies.
Hancock & Houghton, uiorchanta, are ! worhnade,' a high ycmmm*> ***w.
"_.«-,„   nrih___s   imd   Ixxldiu-  to   whichotcU tlie lurlici, but dounolisd-
hen to ii. A thin llm ol otidt which
fomii on thit bmnnji indit-ittlUi by
the tltmtntti it cauot kt dk-olnd by
water, tad tlr ctaMt puitiate .Iti tl*
thonfk tht film It to Alt utttaim*
meaiurthle. No oomMion, It It ifflmtd,
tks uke jdtot.-«Mlta V-trsal */0m-
mme. Chu. J. Btbua, Mtw Wut-
minster, is igent for tkt WhlH Ssmsm
The ConlMenilon Ul..
Thi annul report ol this solidlj prosperous C_nd_ui iustitutloo will bt fttad
In mother column. The lutt nruled
in the lecounti tnd the Dineton' rtpert
thoroughly iuitlfy tht Monlum whitb
tht ihueholden pruut butowtd ami
the mMtgomeot. ThukttothiMolatt
manner in which thi Comptny hu declined to embark upon eitrtcnguit
methods oi procuring bulnut, tht working expeniu of thi ocnpiav bur tt the
total Itcomt tht very mull rtUO of between 17 end !8 per out. A point tt-
tatting thi t-UdMHef tkttatsouef
the Comnuiyli thi fiot thtt the isttrut
income is inffielint to (ty tht-ttlh
clalnu—whieh inacompuyol theigtof
the OonfMention Life Is louiithlng to bt
proud of. The isnti ud litbUlHu tn
iet forth In mlnnti detail, tsd tkt taUu
•how that, tftwmakltgiUowtsu for all
potrible contmgenoiu ud providing lor
every debt, there Is . surplus ol $383,100
over nihilities tnd capital combined.
The Inerttie In the una In thelutyur
wu t_-0,3-.. So much for whit tube
done by rigid tdheruei to. whit the
Preiideut defined M the true policy of
the Comptny, vhn-'To keep Ul hskmu
thnt right tnd avoid tatniuiry, sa*
wiie, or extnvtgint upendltnn for the
lake merely ot iucreuing new builaeas."
—7broi_o Globe. T. R. Petnont Co.
an tgents for this compuyln Britisli
Columbia. mlBtt
White Bbonu Momistsm. -White
Bronte It t oompu-tively uw nbituiee,
tnd hu come into lane uu, npidly, for
■peelil pmpoHl In thu eountty. lt hu
bun found to ho to well idipttd. (nr Mt*
tuary ud monuments, thit. comjanlls
have been for wme uml utabUined at
Bridgeport; Conn., Detroit, Mich., Du
MolnM, Iowa, and St. Thomu, Ouadt,
who in miking mouuminta of all kladi
and styles., nom oxperlmenti matt by
these etmnu'ta, It hu been found thtt
the mitiritl will ittnd e-ponralortn
indefinite pwiod-lt ii pnotiullr Inde*
itruotihlc. While Hroou beitg bus*
cormivi ud uncliangubh, It is ittttd
to be. equal to gold, illver or platinum,
and superior to copper or antique bronte,
which throwi oITt rerdlgrlt. Tbetusu-
ments ire cut t.om nflntd ihic, ltd tre
given their sparkling upunnee by the
mul Uut. sand being Hows tgilnit tht
homeless people. Eveiything was at
dry aa tinder from long drought, and
oven solid brick blocks melted away
beforo the furious Humes Uke snow.
The flames swept clear to the shorn ol
tlie lake from the tchool house, a half-
mile, S or 4 blocks wido. A rough
estimate ot the losses only is pouible
at this hour, excitement making it
hard to get real facts. Louet on
stores alone foot up to about |B,000.*
New Yokk, Mny 20.— A dispatch
from Boston yetterday ssid sn unknown Frenchman in a high itate of
excitement and only partially dreued.
Monument! in British Cohabit. Math
ehuper Md mon danUti thu uy
other '    myttss
.. . ■ •_•-- -— n*..
Sudden Disaweahance,—"Uy
foet wu covend wllh. font, initpg
from bid bloo-* By the tite of toe
bottlei of Burdock Hood BllUn I wta
completelyeur__."R. E. Slncl»lr,of
Port Rurwell, Oht ,   .
1 (l'«| v Sails fttttoh Cstambiim
■ar ti. nti.
The Poller of Disallowance,
Reports from*bttawli are to tie
effect that Sir Hector langevin hat
distinctly tnd emphatically an
nounoed that the policy ot disallowing sll railway charters running
contrary to the 0,ER monopoly
clause it to be maintained. This
will be learned with exceeding regret by til true friendi of the country lying weit of Ontario, We
have held that there is no law or
agreement which oompelt the government to pursue thit polioy in to
far; o_ Britiah Colnmbia and Mini-
tphi are con'cenied, snd to this po
aitipii we still adhere. The declaration of Sir Hector Langevin now
il A flat contradiction of ..he declaration made in the house by Sir
Charles Tupper in 1884, when he
said that "when the line is constructed north of lake Superior the
government feel it will not be incumbent upon them to preserve the
position they have hitherto felt
bound to preserve, that of refuting
to consent to the construction of
lines within the province of Manitoba connecting with the American
railways to the south." It has alwaya seemed to ui inexplicable why
the managers of the C. P. R. should
object to tho construction ot the
Westminster Southern Railway,
The syndicate, as every one knows,
hat the ihortest road across the continent, and it is so remarkably free
from heavy debts and many other
enoumberancei that it can carry
freight more economically than any
competing road. At the present moment it il reaching out for the trade
of this coast, and gets a large traffic
even from San Trancisoo. It is not
reasonable to suppose that railway
connection between Washington
Territory and the 0. P. R tt this
oity would take trade away from the
Canadian road, but, on the contrary,
it. it quite certain (hat the result of
such a connection would be to bring
American trade thit way. The
ground upon which the government
W the syndicate may ask for a continuance of the polioy of disallowance elsewhere certainly does not
exist here at all
The Tyrannror Faction.
Nothing could have- been more
impolitic than the outrageous conduct of the Toronto Orangemen on
the occasion of William O'Brien's
late visit to that oity. Their purpose evidently was to protest against
thi mission of the Iriih agitator,
sad to bring him and it into public
disfavor; but their intemperate and
brutal conduct covered their own
heads with everlasting disgrace and
raited the objeot of their hate to'
the dignity of a hero and a martyr.
We have no sympathy with Mr.
O'Brien's mission to Canada. While
sympathising with those Irishmen
w_k> are honestly snd honorably
straggling to deliver their oountry
from the evils under whioh it hts
so long been suffering, vre regard the
visit of Mr. O'Brien as ill-advised
and unjustifiable. But Canada is a
fret oountry, and Mr. O'Brien has
a right to expect the fullest protec
tion of Canadian law so long as lie
ktept within legal bounds. He was
warned both by Archbishop Lynch
and Mayor Howland that he ought
not to attempt to speak in Toronto,
but although he took the risk of disregarding I tint advice, there was
nothing. in his conduot which justified the Withdrawal of official pro
taction, the men who assailed liim
won cowards, became they made a
cowardly assault upon an unprotected man; and they were murderers
at heart, because if they had dared
it it evident they would hsve taken
the life of their victim. ' Their fero-
ciooi attack, judging from the Ian
guage by wbloh it wat accompanied,
wat inspired by religious bigotry
snd hate, O'Brien it a Roman
Catholic and a Nationalist, while
hit ssuilanti were Orangemen; but
in thit instance at lout the Orange
bigots showed themselves opposed
to freedom tnd the champions of
outrage. " Wh hope Mr. O'Brien will
not leave thit country with the ini-
prettlon thtt hit autiltntt tt Tor
onto sre tt til fair exponent! of
Otntditn sentiment. There lino
ration on the face of the earth more
thoroughly leavened by the prin-
ciplet of free speech and fair pity
thtn Otnt-t, tnd we sre tun Mr.
O-rieo, if he takes the trouble to
observe tho expreuion of Canadian
'IfcpittiBent through itt representative
nowtptpen, will find that the con-
Met of hit uuilantt it almost uni-
..ntlly ooadimned.
Ito Omt rnnob Rimdy, Dr. he*
Dm _ -iHo-tal Ulh. Thut Pills an
u-ptsn-sd Iron tht purett drags, ud
fntftlnuoalywkl-h tn knows to tot
sSMtfct'giui-Wt Omms is Femilii.
_(» im anti miltmi Is is ilr-Ught
_«*__, and wr-Ut muni ___bton-
XtWi fill itnith for yun In any
- • __±-M _, private circular.
» D. S.CotnitCo.,
iT. McNulty, Ud*
 -.-mm* ***->'^»te_J'
Ptskud, Denman Itland| A. R. Jotanon
a Go. ir "i C6.(
Is pslt for mt eeadneted
et Ike tetupettu.ee Or-
lew Weiluiasier.
-very Saturday Is the IM!-.
fc la the Weekly.
 _.ias It lie addressed li
'Miter Teatlerinee Column."
I.0.O.T.-Bverr Friday, S p.m„ Orange
B. T. of T.—Second and tourlh Wednesday
of each mouth,7:30 p.iu.,Forrcster's Hall.
W. 0.1. Wj-flecond Wednesday of eaeh
• month, 8 p.m.,  basement of  Baptist
The inttotion ol the editon of thii
column ii to publish sound temperance literature; tnd their object is,
the cultivation of sound temperance
untimenl, with the -lew of ultimately bringing to bur on the liquor
trafflo tnd ita tnin of attendant
evila the irruistible force of a rightly
Informed and intelligent public opinion. Wt 'hold it to be plainly true
that were the consciences and minds
ol the people aroused and enlightened
on thit quutiun as they should bo,
ind, we trust, will be speedily, the
"better senso of most" would place
the liquor trafflo where it belongs—
among the things which tbe law of the
Imd condemn!! and it ahall be our
•ndeavor to tsiist in bringing about a
consummation ao" devoutly to be
wished." While the scissors and the
putepot will be used pretty freely in
culling the beat current uttennoeaand
illustrations on this important aubject,
wt shsll, whenever opportunity offers
or ooouion demands, discu-i the question of prtotical temperanoe reform
from t loot! itindpoint. Thit lome-
thing, howover humble, requires to
be undertaken in tht direction we
have here outlined, will be admitted
by all honest observers. It has been
uid, with too much truth, we fear,
that Britiah Oolumbia is fully fifty
yun behind advanced temperance
itntiment, in her practice at least.
The disgraceful retrogade legislation
perpetrated by our local assembly during tbe sesiion recently dosed constitute! t pretty formidable straw to
show whioh wsy the wind blows on
thii question in the province at large.
Take another notable instance aa indicating the general moral—or rather
immoral—'tone of that local body
which ia supposed to be responsible
tnd representative, md the guardian
and oonaerver of the publia interests,—
thtt of the recent expression Of our
legislature on Sabbath observance.
Tht publio ia already familiar with the
detail! of the two euu whioh we havo
cited, tnd further explanation will be
unnecessary. With tht exception ol i
very small minority, tbe house waa
unanimous in ita double infamy; and
thtt, too, in the face of the fact that
the friendi ol temperance and morality had good reason lo expect tbat
•ome substantial reforms would have
been effected during the recent legis*
lathe senion—-instead ol the inexcusable and gratuitous relapse which hu
taken place. At the late general
election for the commons we returned
tu npresenl this district at Ottawa a
well-known and prominent liquor
dealer, md by a large majority, too.
There must be something very "rotten is tht state of Denmark" when
auoh things can be. No consideration
or multiplication ol considerations
should nnder auch results possible,
tnd they would not be possible with
tn enlightened public conscience md
understanding Then, again, the restriction! imposed upon the liquor
traffic by our cities are disgracefully
inadequate. Besides plying their nefarious trade all night, if they wish,
they ire illowed to openly desecrate
the Sabbath, while morally legitimate
busineu houses are very properly
closed out ol respect to the day. What
the fato of the numerously signed petition recently presented to our oity
counoil, praying definite action on
thia matter, will be, remains to be
utn. A genenl glance over the field,
auch u wt hive endeavored to uive in
the .foregoing lines, appears to us to
disclose the hot that, while we may bo
making tome little progress in tern*
permce untiment in this province
(whioh may be safely admitted), we
an atill very far behind iu the practice of our theories, and aome have
very vague theories even. We would
respectfully and earneatly request pro*
foiled temperance people to wake up
on thii quution—to find out where
they itand—what their principles
really in—tnd why they hold these
prinoiplu. Whin they hive settled
thue questions, we would uk them to
ut on til occasions consistently with
their conclusions—to tpaak aa they
think—to Mt is they profeas—to vote
u they pny—in other words (tc burrow a forcible expresaion from Sam
Jones), to "quit their meanness."
■ 1 DIP. - l»l 8 dys: 1 paralysis,
IrlsKjMoplltenlj, . mos. 26 d;
The liquor sellers ol RiohmoRd,Va.,
recently dosed their ulooni for two
Sabbaths to show thtt they ire tnd ll-
wayi hivt been law-abiding citisens.
The remit wm ont thtt they had not
bargained for. On the Monday bofore thty closed the police arrested
thirty penoni for drunkenness. On
tht fint Mondty titer they arrested
but one, and on tht second Monday
none. The wloon-koepera thut con*
cluiively ihowed thtt when thty tre
law ibiding the peice ol tht city is
pmtrved. They proved tgtinit their
will thit their businus promotes law*
braking tnd crime.—Esc,
A publie houu nur the London
dooki wu wtlchtd for three houn on
t Saturday night; 098 men tnd women tnttred it. With in irerege ex*
penditun of tix eentt uoh, the total
would bt ,160._0; tnd thit in a locality where distut, itirntion tnd roii-
try hold perpttntl urnivtl.— Er..
Tht liquor trade is like a make.
Tht foot of tht law may be upon it,
but it ntvtr ttopi aquirming, wriggling, twisting; In every wty It itrivei
to dip from undar the law. It nmds
the eye of the Uw u well u tht foot
of tht Uw.
. •"*	
01 tht 117 ulooni open in Sioux
county it lht tint of the Haddock
murdir, two-thirds hart boen dosed
tnd the remtindir tie doomed.
Board of Directors,
a. E. CORBOULD, President. ,, ,
C. M. MCNAUGHTEN, Vice-President
W. H. KEARY, Sce.-Treaaurer.
QtSTiBMB..—In presenting our report
for fiscal year ending Slat March, 1887,
we beg to itate that it will be an utter
impossibility to run the hospital Ine ol
debt on the grant just voted by the government for tho ensuing financial year.
The surgeon has beeu attentive in hb
dutlts md report! a large increase in the
number of patient! admitted during the
year, shewing also that we have reoeived
patients from all parti ol the province.
There are a number of Incurables lu
this hospital, some of whom were brought
from Victoria hospital yean ago. The
sum of $1,000 a year hu been voted for a
convalescent home in Victoria, the lost
few years. The Board think, therefore,
that some of these Incurables should be
shipped back to Viotoria.
A great number of Improvements have
been made .during the year, walls and
floors repaired, a wash-house built, the
two cesspools thoroughly cleaned; the
building being old, requires constant repairs, which entails considerable expend*
The hospital haa been filled to Its
utmost capacity during the whole year.
The Board desire to thank subscribers
for generous substrlptions, lists of which
are annexed, md without whieh it would
have been found Impossible to have kept
the Institution free of debt; alao the con*
collections, md the following ladies and
gentlomen for old olothes. linen, books,
papers etc.:—Mesdamca C. T. Woodl, C.
K. Woods, Major, Lennie, H. Elliot, W.
J. Armstrong, W. B. Townsend, Douglas, Edmonds, J. W. Harvey, Baker, W,
H. Keary, D. Hennessey, Cummings, A.
M. Herring, Bronsklll, Sisters St. Ann's
Convent, Fodles W. C. T. V., Bachelori'
Ball Hatchery, Messn. I.B. Fisher, Z. 8.
Hall. R. I. Bentley, J. S. McDonnell.
The surgeon's report Is appended hereto, md gives full details of the work
accomplished for the year.
The average cost per day for each resident patient in the hospital, which Includes the disbursements on out-door
patients, is 67 cents.
Hou. Secretary.
For Year Ending 81st Mabch, 1887.
To the Members 0/ the Board of Directort t
GENTLEMEN.-I havo the honor to
herewith present the report on this Hospital lor the year ending 81st March, 1887:
Nuntlier ol Indoor Patients 103
<• Outdoor    " 80
•' Remaining In Hospital. 16
" Died ',......14
Causes of death of the fourteen who died
and length of time In Hospltal:-l typhoid fever, Cldys; 1 alcoholism, 13 dys; 1
elteots of Ure at Vancouver, 4 mos. 10 dys;
1 bronchitis, 4 dys; 1 Inflamatlon of bowels, 8dys; 1 consumption, 2 mos. -Bdys;
—i'i. Is; 9 dys: 1 paralysis, 4 dys; 1 uneu-
debility, .mos.Sir dys; 1 aneurism ferula),
lys; 1 general
 ,_ .   .._  lirlsm (arota),
12 dys; 1 old age, 6 dys; 1 paralysis, 28 dys;
1 dropsy, 5 dys; tolal, 14.
Although the number of deaths Is large
the short number of days lu tbe Hospital
of a large proportion of them shows that
tbey came ln (n a hopeless condition.
Tbe places where the Indoor patients
were received from are as follows:
Victoria 5
Cariboo  1
Kamloops 8
Bonaparte ...
Yale 7.	
I'ort Moody
Port Haney.
0. P R.	
Ladner's Landing- 2
Langley 2
Clover Valley 1
Harrison River  1
Mud Bay.. 8
Chilliwhack...  1
North Arm, Fruer 1
Boston Bar 1
Cassiar t
Fraier River 2
Mission 2
Pitt Meadows. 1
.'. - ; ..: .lis
Tbe number of Incurables now in the
Hospital Is twelve [121. This large number requiring to be taken care of from
year to year random It Impossible to make
a number of desirable Improvements In
the building, Owing to the limited Supply
of funds, I bave Introduced thetableot
residences to show the people of TultlSh
Columbia that tbey all ought to take an
Interest In helping ou this Institution,
which Is Increasing In usefulness every
year, aa may be Men by comparing the
number of Indoor patients of the previous
vcar -seventy-live i7S)-wlth this year-
one hundred and three (1081.
We still require a lot of draining to be
done about and from tbe building. The
floors nnd walls have been Improved and
the new wash-room Is a great addition to
tbe comfort ol the place.
I have great pleasure In thanking a
number of friends of the Hospital for present of clothes, old.llnen, pictures, books
nnd papers. Again I hnve to thank the
steward, Hr. Charles Digby, for Ws constant attention to the cleanliness af the
building and his kindness nnd attention
to tho wants of tbe sick end his readiness
In carrying out all my directions. Before
dosing this report I must offer my sincere
thanks to the medical gentlemen who so
kindly offered their assistance to myself
whenever required during the past year.
I nm Yours Faithfully,
Surgeon R. 0. H.
In presenting the accounts for the past
Sear, tho Treasurer heps to call attention
> the fact that the outlay has been rigidly
scrutinised, In which he hM been ably
assisted by the Steward, Mr. Digby. There
seems little prospect ol my reduction of
expenditure. You will notioe tbat the
subscriptions have heen liberal md have
been a great assistance In keeping the
Institution free of debt. It Is to be regretted that the Government hove reduced
tho grunt to the Hospital from .MOO to IH,-
600. W.H. KEARY,
Tux Tbeasubbb is Acer, with run Rov-
at. Colombian Hospital. '
To Balance from 1886-8 1.08 62
Government Grant, ••SS09
' Paying Patients,
Collections nnd Subscriptions,
R. I. Bentley, Esq._K.n.,relund,
Collections, Holy Trinity,
" Baptist, ,
•' Methodist,
«' Presbyterian,    „
It. S. Hanna, proceeds of Ball
at Elgin,       ' ;     i'     „   ,
Mrs. Towle, proceeds of Ball at
892 46
516 76
87 60
67 75
10 28
Ily Audit ...,.i	
. Clothing,,
Drugs uud. Appliances,
Meat and Fish, . .
Medici! Comfort!,
New wash House.
Repairs to Buildings,
Stationery, Printing, Ac,
85_83 82
....I   10 00
am 87
__7 9_
204 28
UK 02
818 80
898 25
102 00
768 84
20 75
185 00
210 00
116 90
1.87 60
i   Tires
26 00
1   atoo
To Balance after paying accts. to
Mi—** "'-*
•8 71
:arch 81st,
Examined and/o^omj.
.-■ "■■■   Anil**,
Nnr Westminster, May Tth, 1H7,
IIM of Sitwrlbert to Hospital.
2 50
2 SO
5 00
S. M. Co., fM 00
B. Springer, • 8 00
A.N.-.King, ..00
W.T.McGrit-,5 00
P. James, 2 SO
R. H. Flood, 2 00
E. Cadwallader,
J. Little,
W. dower,
J. H.Hender-
son, 1 SO
H. B. Waller, 2
T. Tamaree,     1 SO
O. O. Htrbell, 1 B0
A. Mm, 2 60
..MoWhlnney,2 50
N. Trim, _ 00
A. Brawn,       1 SO
J. Doyle,        1
C. Armstrong, 1
A. McCollum, 1 SO
L. Swett,
J. Fisher,
O. White,
A, Andrews,
W. MoLtod.
1 60
1 60
2 60
W. A. Winger, 1:00
M. Book,
H. Pike,
W. Dineen,
A. Robert,
J. Chapman,
E. Green,
G. Williams,
8. Haslam,
W. Saunders,
A. E. Calkins,
B. Utnlah,
J. Bligren,
E. Mtrtln,
.. Lester,
D. Bailey,
2 50
10 00
1 00
2 60
1 SO
1 SO.
1 00
1 60
1 00
1 00
J.W.Twaddle.16 00
(160 50
W.D. Ferrii, ll 00
J. Preitidge       26
A. KUgour, 1 00
..T.sfrrlnrton, 75
Geo, Carscallen,  50
D. McDonald, 100
Mrs. Gerow,
H. Somerville,
B. Yoxall,
J. Shiw, ,
E. GKirklind, 1 00
F. D. Taylor, 1 00
Capt. Stewart, 1.00
T. MeNeely, $10 00
H.N. Rich, 6 00
Ju. Bote, 1 00
ChuChrasen, 1 00
W.LMcBride, 1 00
N. H. Bain, 2 SO
W.Kirklud, 100
J. B. Burr, 1 06
H. Hellion-en, 1 00
1 00
1 00
1 50
John Sir,
K. Smith,
D. Smith,
H, McDonald, 1 00
Jos. Griffiths, 2 60
Jno. Ferguson, 1 00
John Swanson, 1 00
J.W.Miller, 100
Ju. Miller,
Wm. Nicoll
Hugh Boyd,
Mrs. Thoml
1 00
3 25
2 00
G. MoKenile,
Wm. MoKee,
J.   C.   Fernl-
A. Gilchrist, 1 00
SharpetFaine,2 60
D. Woodward, 2 00
Geo. Green, 1 00
Chris. Brown, 1 00
t36 50
Walter Lee, 1100
E. J. Jonu, 1 00
Mrs. Fetereou, 1 OO
Frank Jeuon, 1 OO
Cly * Swift, 100
O. F. Bylmdsr,
Thos. Kidd, 2 50
Blair Bros., 2 00
London Bros.,
Geo. London, 60
John Doll, 1 00
Ed. Millerson, 1 00
M. Welch, 2 SO
A.E.Andenon,' IOO
M. M. English, 2 60
E, S. Bartruff, 1 50
Chu. Friend, SO
Ju. McKay, 1 00
M, Steves, 2 50
Thos. Lindsay, 1 00
F. Humphrey, 2 00
John Green, 1 00
Thos. Harris,
John Taylor,
Ely Sanders,
David Reid,
S. M.Pearson,
Chincey Leo,
Rise Reos, 1 00
H. McDomld, 2 50
2 00
2 00
1 00
1 00
D. Nloholun,$    SO L. Paciui,
E. W.King, lOOJ.Yowert,
Ju. H. Lm, 1 00 L. Fletcher,
I.R.McGregor,    SO
145 50
1 00
F. E. Wade,   to 00|R.G.McKenny,2 00
Ralph Burton, 2 OfllF. E. Wade,    1 OO
10 00
10 00
Corbould k
J.  Cunning*
Hy. Elliott,
C.McDonough.lO 00
J.Ellard*Co,10 00
S. H. Webb, 10 00
J. A. Calbick, 6 OO
I.B.Fisher,, 20 00
L. L. Dome, 10 00
Ju. Cuh, 5 00
Van Volkon*
burg fc Bro, 10 00
E. S. Scoullar
fc Co., 10 00
Ju. Punch, 2 50
H. Johnson, 2 60
A Kilgour, 26 00
Allred Adams.M 00
Geo. Mead, 2 60
W. Vianen. 2 00
J. E. Phillips, 2 00
J.S. Macdonell,l 00
D. S. Curtis, 2 50
A.M.Herring, 2 60
J.Cunnlnghain. 2 60
D. Robson,      1 00
1190 00
C. Galloway, 15 00
G. Wilkinson, 2 60
Chu. Murphy,
Roland Rider,    SO
J. W.Wirth,   2 00
Wm. Yates,    2 00
J. A. Fruer,   1 00
Hudson BoyCo,2 OO'J. H. Bears,
Ju. Ctrrigan, 2 SO Luke Gibson
JaaWardfe,    2 S0|W. L. Floodi
A. H. Coppon, 1 SO
J. Murphy, 1 00
J. G. Bristol, 10 00
D. A. McDonald, 1 00
0. Silvor, -. 1 60
T. Alvarey,      1 00
  2 00
1 SO
Misses McDouoall
NewWestminster, B.C.
•or Satisfaction guaranteed.       daplSto
. we have applied to the Minister ol
. j* Interior for a license to cut timber on
tbe following desoribed lands, situated In
the district of New Westminster and Province of Brllish Columbia;
The North-cut 40 'acrei of Section 80,
The North 181 acre* of Section 81, Township [7], uven, In Group One.
the South-east 60 acrea of tnd Island situated In section 11, Township [40], forty.
NewWestmlns'er.B. a, Aprllfflrd uir.
Wiut IMmw Itr Aiout mi
"Treitment by Absorption has for some
time been reoogntud by Medieal Men to
be the molt simple md effectual means
of conveying to Diseased Oigans, "Curatives," bnt in cues of Kidney Disease and
Complaints attendant thereon, successful
treitment wns practicably impossible until the Introduction of the Starr Kidney
Pad. It costs leu thin t single prescription md Is Immeasurably mere decisive
and effective than any quantity of Internal
Medicinal ilo-fn;. Worn Immediately over
the seltotDisuse,Its eurltlve properties
become absorbed by tbe diseased and enfeebled Organs.oontlnuously and directly,
u require- to Insure In return their healthy action and original vigour. Ills oom*
fortable to tbe pauent tna pleuent In Iti
eflfects, ind cures when nothing else em,
The Starr Kidney Fad aooompflihes poll*
ellbcts, ind cures when nothing else em,
The Starr Kidney Fad aooompflihes positive, decisive results. A more valuable
discovery as • trot remedy tor Kidney
DUtuM was never m_ae.-*«__u Gautii-
«ke tun- KMtey n_, mioufoclorcl
ln Toronto., It a permanent lure enre for
diseases, disorders md ailment! of the
Kidneys, Bladder and urinary leeretlve
system, or attendant oomplalnta. causing
pain In the small of the back, sides, otc.,
producing tirlniry disorders, sueh utoo
frequent, scanty, diffioult, painful or oopl-
owmlo-irltlon.lnablllty of retention thd
Sedimentary urine, dropsical symptoms,
etc.,denoting the presence In the system
of diseases common to the urinary score-
tlve orgies-known u grarol, ci(|rrli of
i, nervous debility.
El., Niw wwtminitin T. MpNEE-
VS., Vanoouver
CO., Jv-Rnlpopi. ■ QyfMpyi
McKenzie Nt., Is author.?.*.-, to sell a
m or 160 acros ror 83,000.. Too soil Is
the very bent In the provinoe and the farm
U cut in two to.tho Nicomekl river, In
which thoro is u never-fnlUng supply of
trout. Thoro In nn orchard, good bouse
aud burn aud __K> aurea iu timothy. Thwe-
aro a school house nnd church within o
mile, of the rami and, the
prlineoondltfoh.   -
Land -.ei-str. Ordinance, 1870.
Ut Km* sn. -Jromp 1. Xew IT* .UaUster
,.    Title or James (.hnrlos PreVbstto
the above lot butt been lost or destroyed
andapplieatlon litm beten.madefotudu-
plloatSthcrcor; nolle. fttttoHMwliSeby
given that a fresh .CorUllcate.of Title will
lw IsM-ofl in lieu of thnt so .lost .of destroy-*
ed, ln ono month from the date hereof.
.',  '       R. W. ARMSTltoNd;': ■.   '
Deputy Registrar.
Land Registry Offlco,        '   ' "
Now W.ostmlnHtcr, 5th May, 1887.
■-, :      dmyiiml
between r. Peebles ftntr J. w.-Heckl_„,
doing business ns furniture manurnctur-
ers In Now WeRtmllister under tho firm
name of Peebles A Hockley, hns beon dis-
•olvod this dny by mutual oonient. P.
Peebles, wbo continues the business, will
pay all dobts owing by the late Jlrm and
collect all accounts due said Arm.
Dated tho 17th Mny,
- o/Cnrlboc* -pltl Iir. held- ■ ., .: •
AtOHnton, Friday, llllll Mns-.-'l-tj.••' • _.
At Ijlllooet, WMiipsilny. 18tli May; 18_f.
At 150-MHe House, Tni'Mliiy, _8th June,
At Soda Creek, Tluirsday,- 30th June,
1187.    '      '        ■ ■     : '   - ■      •'• ;
At. Quesnelletnouth, Monday, 4th July,
1887.      , , , „ ",
At RlehOold, Matunlny, Sth July, 1887. I
By Cotnm'i'in'd;
Provincial Reeretnry's Oftice,-' -;-
20111 April, 1887. dap28td
Fowls Minn it dons to keep poor Fowls,
My Breeding Pens are"equal to nny In
the United htutes or Cuntida.
I propose to furnish Eggs from premium
and flrsi-nlnss Fowls, my design being to
establish a reputation that will last. "
Cash mnst accompniVj*' nil orders,     >   .
Address, with stomp,
dwfe7to New Westminster.
TUESDAY, l^\',?4.fPI.
Under tho Auspices of the Y.M.C.A.
Is some of the most, magnificent scenery along tho wiioh; lino of tailWRV, including the fiii'-fiinu.il canyons of'tho
Frasor-Kiver. ,, „,.
Train will leave Westitiiasler at6o'olpok
In the morning, returning iit f.:30 in tho
evening. -	
Ticketn far thn lionnil Trip ouly »«,M,
and the samo prico will beolmrgedfrotn
intermodlnte stations. Uhlldren betwoen
fi and IU years of age at half price.
Tickets for Sale ut tlio Stores of It. Lyal,
Oglo, Campbell a Co., /. 8. Hnll, 11. H,
Curtis A Co., A. M. Herring, Geo. Grant A
Co.,ftnd.V. R. Austin.
N. B.—Train stops at __S_rt Haney, The
Mission, HarrUon and Yale only.
■'■.■■•.    *' clffapWM' f '•  '
,-  , >-; Pljlij!|IjV-_lIlJi POI^j, )'.'
Marine t Statloimrj Engines, Boilen, Pumps, Inspirators, In-
'. leeti-rs, et..,    p
Bteam Kilters', Gns't- liters' and pTuniberec
Brass anil Iron Goods, all kinds of Miu.
lag Nlfhlurry, Air Compressors. Ing.
Hhovels, Iron A Btcol Wire Hope, Rubber Hose, etc,,
Bal-war * t'QBtraclan.' ..enrrti Rap*
Biles. Horauers, Car., Anglo and
ar Iron anuHtoe], Crow-lmrs,Portland
Cement. Roofing Papor, Building
Paper, Fire-proof Roofing Cement, etc.
Irtrn A W..oil.vT«rkliig namntmfy,
Hhafllng, PuUcys, O huejig. Utiles, Plin-
ore, I.entbervBoning, Thi iPlrtto Tod
Corrugated Iron Elbowe, Axe, Pick,
Fork    and   Hammer    Handles, Best
New York Vurnlslies, chapman Sons A
Co.'s Flsh Bait IHO kinds), One new
Hall's Safe, One new I .ml Table.—Apply
BT"-P, Welcome mookaw,   /
Meehautciil Hriniglitti|nan A Contractor.
tar Plan" nnci Rpe'ctilcintfohs for Boats,
Buildings, Machinery, ct*., careltilly pro-
pared. McKnNziR St.
New Vteslmliislori B. C, Jan. 25, 'S7.
8_owln» the Dates nnd Plice, or
' Courts of Assise, Nisi Prius, ud
Oyer »nd Terminer, for (he
Tear 188..
[OH Vaiitionvee IslanA]
Vletorla ...j.
Nanaimo _..
-.llth Hay,
•Tth June,
[ On Mainland ]
NewWestmlnslcr-Wediiosdny-.ttli May,
      -         llhJWe.
...18th June.
. It ALL. ASSIZES.     . .
.fO» Mainland]     -i..
Rlehlleld -'■ ._MQ_d_y,,.,.._-8l!i Sent.
Clinton Wednesdey...astli Sept.
Kamloops Monday.,...,...]!.- Oct,
Lytton Monday, 10th Ocl,
' T On Taneanrer tilanA ]'! ';'-
Victoria. MoniIny:........asih Novomber.
Nann!i_o,.'....Taesday.. otli- December,
dnpatd   "*•*" ■'
UO dayi after dato I latend to ap]"
.„ ihe Chief CommlMloneri" "
Worki to purcha»e4fl0r--^
on Texada Island, Ne'
trict, and desoribed as
Commonclng at the
8.E.Hot Sec.8; then.^ 	
thenoe West 80 chalni.; thence nwni ov
chains: thence East 40 ohalns: thence
North 40 chains; thence East 40chains, to
point of commencement.
Viotoria, B. C, April 22,1887.    dapWmt
.    ,. _... -..nin)
... lhe Ohler Commissioner il.	
Works to purchuse 180 acres of land [mon
or less] situate on Texada I.lind, Niw
Westmlniter Distriot, and deserlM as
follows!      V
Commenoln. at the N.W. comer of N.K.
StstifmJ, Ilienee South Mehilni! theuce
Basts chains to shore line; thenee following meandering of shore line ton north,
westerly direction, 18. chains [man or
less]: thenceEest_.ohains[monorless]
to'Mlnt of commencement. - .:__,-/
Vlelorhi, 8.0., April _8,18n, "   "
.. days after date I Intend to apply to
ie Chief Commissioner of Lands and
WorkB lo purchase 480 acres of lnnd on
Taxtda Island. New Westminster Bu)triet,
d&H$ettABrtl_ow« '     „
Commencing at the 8. E. eprner of B.W.
Hot Bee. 3; thence Eut 40 chains; thenee
South 80 ehulns: thonco West to shore
line;' thenoo following meandering of
shore Una In a north-westerly direction to
H. E. corner of. See, 4, thenee North 10
chalni. [more or lens]; thenee East 40
oh (.Ins lo point ofoo.nmeiioement.
Victoria, B. C, April 22,1887.     dap2Sm2
Administrator's .Sale!
Be_»«_«SNAT 8BANTON, Deceased
QKALID .litBDEBS for the PUnbMe
_5 ofljot 1«, Blook Seven, suburban lands
of the City of New Westminster, will be
received by the undersigned up to the
Mh doy ol May, 1887. The highest or any
tender not necessarily accepted.
Dated-2nd Apill, 1887.
. ■    : 8. A.--BNN8,-
dlp_2ml Admlnlslntor.
(J   leave wise's Wharf; for ^  	
Ohllilwhftck and W»y Places
At7A,M„ .
Returning the following diys.
For freight, 4o.,apply on bnard or to
dmhSlto On the Whirl.
D. S. CBBTIS & C0.
Wholesall »nd Retail
Kew W.stmlHit.r, *,. 0,
N8wf8_|_-iii8ter, B.0-.
: {
Tarm Wagons,
Express Wagons,
Delivery Wagons,
P -fi      ••■ Carriages,
Top Buggies,
Open Buggies,
^0^me,f'.t- ■
Butcher Carts,
Dog Carts,
Dump Carts,
Drays,        Stages,
BeMlrlng, fulnllnj A TrlMNl-f
done tt reasonable prices,
h w« ^k_h^w^__^jTe____y_i
tmle, Iron, Sleel, Chilm, Cumberland
Coal, Hone ud Ox Show, Harrowa,
hnsf^mtm^tmt-mJltmk, Carrli*,
BnilBiivUi Aihi, »n_ a compute stock
of Carrlae. Hardware. ....    *. -
A lot ol flnt-elM. floifkl ll Un.
nrWe have «ot the^beit workmen to be
  .   .._.. ..— tb.<KV_.
pnapttrMMMto.   >     • i
dwapiite      nnpaeuMiiR
that a fresh Certlncato of Title l	
Issued In Ilea of that so lost or destroyed,
unless eauso be ebown to the contrary
within one month from tbe date hereof.
Deputy Registrar.
Uud Registry Offlce,      * *_ -t r_vt_
New Wesfralnsteir^h April, SKI.
Dry Goods, Men's Furn:
■ Orooerien ft Proviiiant.
.if", voir. .„■!■
■    ■'-. .- ■'■>-.: ■:::: l-ltllT-v;--!! -.- .,-*i'_*..
IjUMDBOM'S BIjOQK, Oolumbia St
 'c.-.Hw-wnte"."',..,...,,  .,
mmm ry
Frail Trees, .     ..,.,...,...;..
"■■<■■      Small Fruit-,
And OARDEN STOCK ou hind -In jr.«l
T*fl«iijr.'."- i.-.m'.    .
Everything Onit-cl-ii and turqldicd In
good shape. s.tr ,-..■■  '. ■-
dw-diiete Port Hamiwina, B. ('.
75 Head of Cattle,
8 Work Bones, 4 Hsrei In fo»l, 1
Colt, nnd MiH_.tNM.tar Ag-
rltilltnl Huhlsert. In-
elrilit % Beir-Blnder.,
_ W»|om, *•.-. sad
Set of nmm. ' *> •' >
fill Bales
ruotlons to Include the ubove In
at the Delta Stock Yard on. «•_.
«T Further entries ud tollolteil,
 dwniylllc   .
Tn a friend or relative, go down to KTl K-
BKY'S nud look al sonic ot those extra,
es-lury bargains In , ,     ,
Udlet' and e«itili.wcn'a told snd
Mm-.mim.JJMS,j j
.■urai, «T.„ tit.
'***"■- **"—**- -ith cathedral gonr-
Walehes, from $5 upward)*, nit warranted
tr Remember the   pluce-tlio ••Blue
mmrsm 'A_A_______t_.issi._a
dwiUyl       OoluBibla«.,Ni.wWwl.
i*. ii,i.,1 u-jiWi'.
-ill..in,nil -ft,.Ts-i  lexij
TIU'M.■ 111,000.000
Risks Taken at Rates
as Low aa any other
dne7te       (8.0. S. A P. Co.) AOENT.
■'■"   -.AND'-'-
ascay sAd.. _r_M*K_.
. WBOLHALE AND RWill, '..'
mm* iWniilii i^lrtlMlli low mm, Apo.
life has been dlsoovered at Xlef, In South-
• ru Russia, and is being engraved by ths
Itussian acalemlolan, Demery Kow-
lioalri ■,,.,.,.,,,,.    :...,-
It will eurprlse nearly everyone who
hears that Masepps was * real, living
um i wli_»toiiltt' sit for bis portralt-ho
eoeuis so like a' purely mythloal being,
liko Bellerophon or lllit one ot tha Ami-',
.ous. Vet he was a real man and out
quite'a Ugun ta his part of ths world 2D0
years ago,
John Stephanovltoh Mateppa was a
Cossaek, who made a successful war
ti'ion the savage Tartars who deeolatod
touthern Russia, driving them baok to
'.no Caspian,      ft.  ■ '      ,
Tuts bo reoommended him to Peter the
an l gifts.  But when Pi
n^'-HSU'* ______
and went over with his followers to the
enemy. _<f. H~
taring to fall Into tlieJiaiida-l his tor-
nier relentless msstefi Jtlutepna Idlled
IillU-Stt. I J .      ?. <*,  .
He had before this hidden all the
tr-aauree whieh he had ttaueod In
l>le wars and through gifts froin iho.s
he had' Mr. Od, - in caverns ln Ule kill*
time. ...     ...   .;, .
The Incident by whioh we know him
aetuaUyalaiic.t-.." •'i:'      bbjjjumj
Ha waa by birth a Cossack, but when
■"'.hero _U_2__-]> •_n_»_v«/»__,bll_'
gro_t Uvor, especially wltb the la-
uies. ...
With one ot them, thc wife ot a
certain noble, be wss suspected ot too
great on Intfmaey and the Jealous hue*
diiid In revenge ordered him to be bound
i.ik-.-M'-uESck'ola wild tiorSe,'.hat
I ail nevir'besh ridden, -the hone: in*
a I'nrtir horse, trom'the Kiei-pee, and
\i ,eii loosed he rushed madly back tu
1.. native conniry with the unwilling
i.i.ur bound to his baok.
luo CosBauks rooolved the unhappy
youth when nearly* dead- from exbaiu-
t.-.i, and he grew up amoug thom, re-
1,-i'i'kutile Ior streii.-Lii and bravery -
...ron got bis story out of Voltaire's
"...le oi Churls. XII," and worked It
i,' liit'O hts dashing and.! aUiuutlva
1 ■ m. i     ,-,    .    .
.-. -tury ao dramatic was at ones seUed
v. u for adaptation to the stage and lt
. ,i - iiroseutea here as early as 18-5 by
an uigllshman named Hunter. He also
_..* a ven-haadsone pan audumnde a
i Kin, etirln ths town. This s__s at the
n cue which li now the Walnut Street
'i lu-atrc.
'.'Uu picture ot Mazeppa bound tothe
li Iso's baok, wbloh everybody knows so
well, was painted by Horace Vcrnet, ono
olt-.o-jreateatoIFroncuarUst-. Vcmst,
ul cuur-e, got his luepliatton from Byron,
iu whom we all owo whatever knowledge
wu muy have ot tho brilliant Cossaek
i.dei'and s-hUor.". .--.,':■
Muzeppa'i "wai inottvtoioj
Peter are not cSnainly khown. _.
li'les, who look upon him as a hero,
always have niulirtuinod that he had In
view the welfare of the Polish nation,
and they point to (be fact that he stipulated with the Swedish King tor tb*
liulo.iendeuoe of Poland.        ■• ,r
Ii this Le tlio truth, it gives a certain
(1 unity to the act, but tbe Busslan story
r his more tn accord with what otjier-
iviBo is known ol liim. Thsy e»y thit he
wui Isd to go over to the enemy by the
I laudlshnientB of a certain Follah princes. This would better oorisspond with
tlio i est ol his adventurous career.
Few men, however,, who are slmi
ndventursn get their actions
ly a historian like Voltaire,'!	
bratod by a poet like Byron, and painted
by a master like Varoat, andjst to be
knowab. all aebool tan whesfetktka
K-gUeh Unguage, Mtall «ia«Pt from
The Iaagwage aadWeadns el Japan.
•• Before leaving Japan ln 18731 could
apeak the language like a native," says
u writer In a Philadelphia paper, "and
van yet make myself undentood ln the
v macular.
>■ It Is an sasy language to acquire colloquially, full ot pntty conceits, aharm-
i.ig mstaphon and Idiomatic turnings.
The written language la borrowed from
If wc Imagine an observer contemplating the earth from a convenient distance ln space, and scrutinising Its features ae lt rolls before him,, se may
' suppose him lo bo Btruok with the faot
that, lJ-lGths of Its surface ere covered
j with; -ater, and. that ths land Is bo unequally distributed that from one point
of view, ho would see a hemisphere
almost exclusively oceanic, while nearly
the whole of the dry land Is gathered ln
the opposite heml-pnero.,.,.,..
, 0, might ob-crvVTbat the mat Oce-
anlo area of the Paciaa- and Antartto
oceans -Is dotted iwith Islands-like a
shallow pool With stones rising above Its
surface—as . If ite gsnenl depth wero
■ small ln comparison  with its area.
He might also notioe that a mass or.
belt of lend surrounds each pole, and'
that the northorn ring sends off to the
'Southward three vast tongues ot land'
-and of mountain chains, terminating re*
. sportively In Boutb Amerioa. .South;
AfrMan4 Australia, towards whieh feebler and Insular processes are given
on by the Antertlc continental mass.
- This, as some geographen have ob-:
served, give, a rudely three-ribbed aspect to the earth, though two of the
three ribs are crowded together and torm
I -the BuroprAsian mass or doubl* continent, while the third I* Isolated ln the
. elogle continent of Amerioa.
He might also observe that tha north-,
•era'girdle Ih cut across, ao that th*
Atlantic opens by a wide space into the
Arotio sea, while the Pnolfto is contracted towards the north, but confluent
with the Antartlooosan. The Atlantic
ls also relatively deeper and lsss endum-
bered" wiU, islands than the Paolflo,
which' has the higher ridges near Its
shores, constituting what some visitors
to the Paoifio coast ot America have not
Inaptly called tho "baok ot the World,"
while the wider slopes taoe thanarrower
ocean, Into whioh, tor this reason, the
greater part of the drainage ot the land
Bppttrcd.ts h',!;\_- ■:■.•■•:■:■:'•:,,
, The Paolflo and the Atlantlo. though
both depressions or Dattealag* at the
earth, aro different In age, character and
conditions; and tha Atlantic though the
smaller, Is the oldor, and trom tho geological point of vlejr, in some respects
the more Important of the two.
It our Imaginary observer had the
means of knowing anything ot the rook
formations of the continents, he would
notice that those bounding the North
>V>gl_t.m&ry!^-Ma1f* **•
somo belonging to the Laurantlan system. On the other hand, he would
see. that many otthe mountain ranges
along the Pacllla ark oomparatlrdyhew,
and that modem igneous action oocurs
In conneotlon with them. , ..-
■■i Thus he might be led to believe that
the Atlantic, though companUvely narrow, Is an older Feature ot the earth's
surface, while the Paolflo belong* to
more modern times.
.' But he would not* In connection with
this that the oldest rocks otthe great
continental masses are mostly toward
their northern ends, ahd that the borders ot the northern ring of land and
certain ridges „.«_____» southwards
from It coniUt_ie,th* Moat ancient and
Sormtment el-VMlons of the earth's crust
lough now greatly surpassed by mountains ot mon recent age nearer the
An observer looking at the earth tnin
without would notioe that tlw margins
ot tho Atlantlo snd the main lines of
direction ot Its mountain ohslns at*
north-east ahd south-west, and northwest snd south-east, as if some early
c-fuisoa had deteri-lned the oceurrenoeof
elevatloM_-iilOi_g!,.gi_kt ci(ClM ot the
earth's surface tangent to th* polar
circles.—(8lr W. Dawson.
"»  f
At the Chlldr.nl Hospital. I
" I happened to be In one ot tha wards
ot th* Children's Hospital some time
ago," said a lady to the historian the
othsr day, "sj the hour wheu.at tab
the chUdrai had hemprepiMfor
"It was a beautiful sight to see the
little convalescents kneeling In their
littlo cots and lisping' Our Father,'and
• Mow I lay me down to sleep, and
even more touching and beautiful to asp
those who were too weak to rise lifting
thel_.tltix.-nak hands In prayer.
" Suddenly one poor weak little baby
ln a distant corner aet np a pitiful
wailing cry:
•■ • f want to go bom**, I want to go
homel' .
"The words
I noa In Dal Nippon, not aa artlfldallty
lie* with Western nations, the Fnnch
for Instance, who will cheat and rob you
w.tn a bow, a touch of the hat, a 'ell
vuus iilalt,' or a' morel, monsieur.'
'■ My rooollectlons ot the Empire an
beo mlng dreamy now attar a [apse ot
yean, but Its physical soman will al-
»»-» remote a-rtvMfMan. the beauties of tbeSuwonada, or inland __L rival
tne Mediterranean, and I hav* Maid
oven Neapolitan vlslton to Japan aay,
• Vldl Nippon a pol moti.'
•The two greatest natural light* In
iur away a hundred miles In thedlstance,
uud tlia view in winter—th* climate is
ii.*. ut Lo. AngelM-oomlng up the bay
iu Kuna-gawa, wtthTuJI-no-yama'a peer-
Ies. u-ncated conetonerlag In allvcry
iruuilo.-r on the landscape full seventy
iin,.* Inland.
"No wonuer the Jape have for yean
lei. Fuji sauted and blasonsd It every-
v.liei-o ln their art, Ulumlnitlng pottery,
emijelllnhlng sol*to* toblnots.laij-.uer
wain eaaTfans. B _Mjt_|e
Llnnc, th* monarch ol moi
the empress, and sltt In Imp 	
nLovo this iiualnr people and queer land
u- lo rising sun, a presiding and tutelar
gonllW. '   y' ^*--,
"It Is aa extinct volcano over 13,000
lot high, for I m_-Mt*d It miMlf aad
•tood ou Ita suaunlton August 6.1871,
i.ii-i without« AeU-fUti could see the
■ nip.-lug li Tokio Bey and tbs harbor of
Vokuhaus, fifty odd miles away."     ,
— Theodora Martin holds that "no
m_n should attempt anything which he
outlo jerl
of oc
o doubt.   But If It ls to be oarried
jmJm'-emM tmism _e-
ooino of congregational psalmody, and
what would happen to thi great insjort-
but revolutionary. It wool
Olobe.        ■  ' '_,'_''''"' J
comes. Books and toys woll* away th*
tlm* for such is ire able to alt up, and
tha other poor little things Ue Tory
patiently all day, bnt whsn the evening
oomei, and the pnyen, then seems to
come a great longing tor their home*
and lor their mothers. Then Is little
we can do to prevent lt; It generally
cods when eoo by one they dropoftto
"while I waa walking through one
ofthe corridors of the city hospital I
happened to pass the ward when the
fever patients lay, and I heard these
deStrKft m_ torn the llpe ot'sttong
" It the children's cry had been woefully pitiful, this, .waa atill mon so,
Costly N«jl»-i-f a iraralag,
NotsomauyyesssaKoa mother ns-
idlng ln sT **-l   aisooverM   that
her youthtul son was about to rob a
.Bhe at once, though lt was lat*
at night, sent a messenger to th*
bank Cashier's homo to Inform hint oi.
the faot. v. ...,- j
. It was raining hard and the night via*
dismal, and the Oeskler, routed from a
worm bed, dec lined to bellev* the slat*.
ment and turned ln again:    *S
When he entered tho bank on Monday
morning, he wu 16,000 short in cash ana
the bank had been' «obbed.-l6t. IMI
PJpnserPnss.    ,
« WleUln-thildMthnisJV ten houn'
dally mental fret and worry will la an
hour of pleasant road riding In thifmh
 *     ^ .stj all Iti
tor an-
A Chio-go man'who had grown rich
in heme, built a country lew aai'
. ..... , ——mmgf*\t, name for
-Thejr*f*^(i(ijnn n«Jgfo**
will coatlnu* to
The following Business Directory relates
only to penons whose advertisement, appear fn the D-.H.Y CouwauM. It hoi
been found true, is a rule, that'persons
wbo advertise liberally are liberal In their
dealings, and, many.persons niake it a
rulo to give preference In their dealings to
those establishments., whioh advertise
freely. The following list Is arranged alphabetically;
T. C. Atkinson - ColumblaSt
W. Norman Bole Columbia Bt
Corbould A McColl ..MoKensle 8t
£       Branch Offlce at Vancouver,
Dr.H. M. Cooper. - Church St
Dr. J. 0. Henderson Cbllllwhick, B. C.
Dr. L M. McLean ....McKensle 8t
Dr. DeWolfe smith  Clarkson St
W. 3. Armstrong [lire]-.- .......Oourt House
H. V. Edmondi".:...,....,. McKensle St
W. D. Hen-Is (life* accident] ..Iferrlsst
T. R. l*eanon {Ore A life] .......Colnmbia St
Rknd Bros, [flre, life *ao'dt],IICKensloSt
»   Bradeh Oflices at Vancouver A Vie.
Turmr, Beeton _ Co. Illre];. ...Victoria
Woods, Tnrncr 4 Gamble t
[flre, life A ucoldent] ColumblaSt
W. N. Bole ColumblaSt
Oorbonld A McColl McKensle St
H. V. Edmonds., McKensle St
W.D. Ferris Ferris St
Capt, Plttendrlgb McKensle St
Rand Bros : , MoKenile St
Wm. Shannon - .Vanconver
Woods, Turner A Gamble Columbia Bt
C n. Olow~..__._ Clinton St
Q. W. Grant „..,.', McKensle St
Ackerman Bros,. New Westminster
H. N. Rioh - Ladner's
T. J. Trapp., „,„ Columbia St
Fraser* Leonard...... Vancouver
P, Welcome McCrudy ..McKensle Bt
John Adams ....,,.. .Vancouver
T. R. Fearson ..,;.„'.',„« Columbia St
The Columbian steam Printing Establishment: coiumbin st
R. M. Cunningham A Co ...Columbia St
H. M. Cunningham A Co- Columbia St
C. J. Robson.............. .ColumblaSt
W. R. Austin - u Front St
0.0. Major ....Columbia St
Wm. MoColl ColumblaSt
C. HeDonough Front St
Don Marche.... ColumblaSt
D. Drysdale * Co. ........Columbia St
Jai, Ellard * Co ColumblaSt
Ogle, Campbell * Co Columbia St
Wm. Rae falobe Housel Coluinliln st
Bon MareheiU,,.,,..!,; Columbia st
Jn. Ellard ACo Columblast
Misses McDousall Columblast
W. Prothero „. ColumblaSt
Wintemute, Calbick * Co Columbia st
Olf.. WOOD*. COAL.
Henry Elliott [Orders left nt W. McColl's]
DRUGS, *e.
D. ft Curtis* Go .ColumblaSt
A. Peele...,, ...Columbia St
Robt. Dickinson,-.. .............Columbia St
F. crake. .............Oolumbln si
F. Stinky Columbia 81
C. M. MeNaughten .Columbia St
,.-,,,, WORK*.
Thos. Ovens..........!...... .....ColumblaSt
Hild A Currie .Columbia St
HW"i>    ••noTmstk,':':
Farmers Home I Holden] Church St
The Clarence IRlchaMs] ..........Victoria
Mrs. Jennie McNeil Front it
Cha.. Murray. _ ...OlirkionBt
■OOT1 * SHOES.      .
G.H.Grant ACo ColumblaSt
H. Kells Columbia Bl
Wm. Ron ............Columbia St
TAILORS.      -
D. Drysdale A Co. .ColumblaSt
A. Diebel ............Front st
O. W. Henry Port Hammond
E. Hutohmon _ ...Ladnen
Jno, 8. Cox. ...Royal Avtnne
Alex. Hamilton..  Cbureh st
Rudge A Monck New Westminster
WJ Nil*
it Front SI.
.. -ur ihi Neatest ind
most eoinplete'and Best selling Needle
Package In America.-Send.SSTjcnlicfor
Sample of New No. 4, flnlshed III Fine
Plnsn. Particulars sen. when stamps are
enclosed for reply.
Don't worry If yon ire out of employment. Write to Mr. Kowor,.I Wellington Street East, Toronto. Bend slump,
lor reply. dwmyl_m«
1> days after date I Intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner ot Lands and
Works lo purchase 480 aeres of land on
Texada Island. New Westminster Dislrict,
described as follows: '   Ti
. Conunenelng nf the 8. E. corner of the
8.W !, of See. Hi thence EustlOohalns;
thenoe Norlli -0.ehalnsi thence West SO
ohalns: thence S6uih 40 chains: thence
East 40 enalnsf Ibence South 40 chalni to
point ol commencement*
'■.'■'. ;; .,;twSr.e.jacksok.
Vfttorla, fl. Cflifll, C, IIW*    dsniton
Fire, Lift. AceWenl ft Marine
Dominion Express Comp'y, Id.
.-fi -ft 1: aiiliaiisTOji ifi&nji* ■ -. - ■.-,
laiteri raia_las  nsk Notes
fit, _ J'J'c-ilrt V. - Bouglii smi (Sold.
Telephone*!.       NMS WgSTBI-STKE.
■Ifrtle....,..,„,_.., ,
Will remove all Ink or Fruit
Stains, Iron Rust, Grease or
Mould, and leave the paper or
fabric perfectly uninjured.
TRY IT.   PRICE, 50c.
New Westmlniter, Vanoouver. A Victoria
In the County Court of New
Bktwbkn   ,..,-. ~   -~
Wllltaw Tcrmplrtun ami J«iw|ih K,
_..     wlionuison Imliiilf of th«m<
mvevftnd all other crt-dlti. r.<- ut Mw l)e-
- fendant, Harry Hemlow, Pi./tl.sViKFH;
■tin Hernia w and Oil re Hrmlow,
< Defbnu,-,nts.
Akd Bbtwkum - H L
' Vkm HaallBgi. taw Mill Campaai* (Id.)
on behalf oT themFOlvvs nnd iiir«;ili-i*
Ontdlton of the Defnndnut, Harry
Hemlow— Pr_AiKTiPP»;
■urjrHMaltwnnd Ollvv Ihmlaw,
JT ereen or Orden made herein on 10th
March, 1887, tenders'trill be received by
Mr. E. A, Jenns, Registrar, nt his ofllce,
NewWestminster, on or before Monday
the 80th day of Mhv, Instant, up to 12 o'clock noon oftnat uHy.for the purohnse
ofthose parcels of iHiid situate In the City
of Vancouver, and being composed of
U* Me. _*MnBloc*l_«. Subdivision of the
West part of Lot l.Ni, Urnnp l,N. W. O,
Terms Cash. Xo leader nercssnrlly accepted. Conditions nf Mile nnd full Information may be had from . W
Vancouver, or
dmylOtlo i   New Weitminiter.
Capital, g8,<Hi0,000;   Lu_se_
raid. !.48,000,00.
CMssMldlMl MOB
Rates as Low as any other
Company doing Business
in British Columbia.
tr lUsks promptly taken, and Losses
lutlsfietorlly. adjusted.
cloe.lo.        (B.O.S.4P. Co.)AUKNT.
turen far ash, I em In t position
to sell i. bottom prices. My Goods ire
mtrked In pkln 8gurci ind tho prioei
hire not been put. up to meet the discount taken off. Cell md see prices before purohulng elsewhere,    ,
IT Fine Witeh Hepilring • Spe-iiilty.
Jewelry midi to ordor.
OrFOBirx mn Bin. d»-del8to  .
just received a large consignment of
Pianos and Organs,
Which he will sell cheap, 'these
instruments may be purchased
for cash or in monthly instalments, to suit purchaser. Call
and get my figures before purchasing elsewhere, and it will be
tq your interest
Second-hand Pianos and Organs for sale br to rent.
Instruments may be seen at
Mr. p. iLyal's Book and Stationery Store, Columbia Street.   ,
I Old BnoAii St. ihd 101'.ci.i. Mali,
' Buildings, Goods, Wires, Merchandise, Manufacturing and.Farming Stuck,
Ships In Port, Harbor or Dock, .1ml the
Orgoesof such Vessels i also, Shin* imiM-
bundrepilring, Barges and other Vessels on navigable rivers and ean.il- aid
Goods on Iward such Vessels, tliioughont
Great Britain and Ireland and in Foreign
Sul'sei-iltd nml Invested Capital,
-Sl,»300.00p BTCi
R*te»of Premium and every iufoniii
tion can be obtained on applliatinti t»
W. J." AJtlisfhttNtn
Agent for Xew W^tiiiidHb-i*.
Confederation Life
Ciaranlee lipllal s-l.Hl.Ml
Full Gov'm't Deposit
Head Office, Toronto, Canada
a home"company,
Thi:. Association merits the
confidence the Public is reposing in it from the following
The Security offered to policy holden Ih
unrturpaesed by any Company doing buii*
nene In Canada, '
It hat no schemer, ol Inmrance, bat the
.weU-entablUhed lines, hence the polioy
holders cannot he misled as to their contracts.
Its statement., to the publio ean be readily understood, Its cash statement showing every Item of tn<**ome and how expended.
Its position is ascertained annually from
a detailed valuation In whioh every item
of liability U Included.
Its progress has been unexampled In
the history of Inmrance In Canada.
Its policies are Indisputable after three
yeara, and nonforfeitable after two years-
Ita profits are distributed upon an equitable oasis. . The proflta to one elass of
policy holders are not lessened to give
inner proflta to nny other class, whioh
method affords superior advantages over
ttie uniform bonus plan of distribution.
UWrt.1 Tea _mUas ai |<
Managing Dlreotor.
Aunt, New Westmlnslei   '
Pry Qoods
In all shades and material of DRESS
GOODS, Including Cashmeres, Merlnoi,
Sllki, Sitini, Black and Colored Velveteen! and Flushes. COTTONS (bleached
aud unbleached). LININGS, BUTTONS, HOLLANDS, *o. Ony, White,
Scarlet ind Checked FLANNELS. LADIES GLOVES, in Cotton, Wool, Silk
and Kid, Lidlei Mirino ind Lamb
W«ol Veiti. JERSEYS, all prices'.'
Hoslerj', Muslins, Diaper Irish Linen,
Brilliant!, ke., ke.
Men's Clothing!
Far Quality, Stylo, Fit and Price,
can't be touched.
In every Line. Cotton, Merino ind
Wool Underwear, White Shirts, Cuffs,
Collars, Gloves, Braces, Circtigin Jack-
eU, kc. Also, Cotton, Merino, Cash*
mere, Lambs Wool and Knit SOCKS, in
gnat variety.
Also, HATS and OAFS, Ladles' and
In House Furnishing Goods
Carpets, Rugi, Window Poles with
Rings ind Mountings, Window Holland
(Buff, Greon and 8trlped), Dimisk and
Cretonnes, Sheetings, Towels, White
Counterpane!, Bleached and Unbleiohod
Table Linens, Napkins, Tickings, Blank*
etiind Antlo-down (Jilti, Table Clothi
Everything found in a flrlt-clin Eitab-
llsliment, and none but the best. Canned
Goods, Frulti, Meati andVegetablM,   I
l«inimr_lMi»_-Mli. I inlkw
Ikensw keetlkcns, Mil I _f_r yi» Ik.
knl ail it Ike Uwetl yriee Ikey ew ke
s^4ai,ia_7m<lw_at wetepns.ni
dnoSlte  '.'{''.
Bon Marche!
ttM *B ,sa!aq£i<0 ■ -o'lll 	
'!      -   'I    -'-■■.   ' * :   ii:'.]!  j •[''"'':! j.'./j'11,' l">'i.''*"'      ' ; ■■'-:'-':
Prints, Ginghams, Piques,
Jerseys and Parasols.
Men's, Boys' & Children's Straw Hats,
:'..;   .   i&-..j!:; &C. ...■:-.
KTFor tbe next four weeks we will nllow S per cent, discount on all
Parcels purchased exceeding the sum of Two Dollnn.
Xew Westminster, Mar Ulfe, MH.
' dwmjrlMe
Just Received from the East per 0. P. 6.
This Consignment is First-class in
every respeot and .vi]] be sold
o h E^-p - a A. SH
'..;'-*— __L_tl».__l-r—..   ."•'.      ..,;'.;,'.[
Several 8bmh_jI-_uu_A ■ (SufiiSH, Bngiries anil Stages
Also, 1 Car-load Iron, Steol & Chain, tm Hntml
C?"* Having purchased nt specially favorable ntes in' the out, wr
are now prepared to do all sorts of Blacksmith Work »t ftiot* con-
siderolily lower than those that have hitherto prevailed.    Give u» a trial.
dwmyl7ml PacllTc €arriaf_ W_rki, C •IubM* St.
Notice of Sale by Sheriff.
MILLS *HUTCHKSON,PuiK-ii*si ■''..--,, .1,,
■;"    ■ P. L. AND___80!f, Dotkmht.
JOHN MoPHERSON _ CO., P__i_Tl._.i
.. P. L. ANDERSON, Di.«!*?__-.
1 Conrt of British Colnmbii, at Victorin, on the Fifteenth dty of April, 1887,
ind on the Nineteenth day of April, 1887, retpeetlvely, lad to me directed In the
•hove-nemed suits, for tlio sums of t3__,?_, deht and taxed com, together with
interest upon the seme st the nte of 4 per centum per tnnum from the 16th diy
of December, 1885, ind -300.-0, debt and taxed cwta, together with intemt upon
the stme nt the rat* of 4 per centum per annum from tfie 18th diy of ■ December,
1881), besides Sheriff's Fees end Poundige, Ac, I have Miied mil will tell by Auc
tion, al tlie Court House, New Westminster, in Ttrllfi. IN* lilt DlJ 0 Ha),
1881, it 2 o'clock p. m., ill the right, title snd interest of the nid P. L. Anderson
in tbe lands ai described in thii idvcrtisement, or sufficient thereof to satisfy th*
judgment debt! and expenses in these i-ticni, inhjiet to a nmtgige I* IIMO 00
•nd intereit on the slid mortgage at 10 per centum per annum from tl» Mth diy
of Novemlior, 1883., '      'I    .    -        - -::i-,:.-
New Westminster.
so. or LOT.
Lots 05, DM and SHO,
Group II.
- _.*iitirH«iv.
Agricultaril Land.      Intemt.
The Judgments were registered iii the Land Registry Ollice, New Westminster,
•gainst said wndl, on the 90th day of December, 1886.
dmyOtd "WT. T. _S__rl_____rc_R©_T__. S_______.
C3-_S_E3^_.T -B_f_.3_3G-_S_335TS X__*T
& SllTsr Watches, Diamc
Also a large assor)tro*?i.t bCM^V-ER   PLACED, WARK
KNIVES, FORKS, SPOONS; ic',,: '   ,  '"
§y All Good^, guaranteed lo lx* as represented.'
C JH. McNauehten,
dw-jai9tc        -      <,OI.(n'l|\j.Nli_^-_b'_-__wWt_-iMter, B
.       I.     -TIKI        ■:.,■■..
Mew Arrivals!
. . .l-itooOvifi}   'W(*-l    "'-j    nl)     j___untoU;
Dry Gooda,      Mininefy,
1      Ladies' wid OhiJdren'i Underw e__rt
Children's WhrMM_.v_H.rjDd Dresses, for _n age., at w prices.
Also, a variety of Bed ttBlUl Hd U«C OUtliM, VIlACS,
6HIIII-, Yel»ete _ndJelraieef), i^^St^^^i^t^
Dry'Ooods Shop.    ,' )|j^W*.Jeb^'jfe*ii»'w -',"" 5™ n _4_'_tl__
. .'WSr^i**'' w^^^^m^s— .-•..■..   '-.-'■,
_,* -mmstuittiStWisf- :»fWS',U» %
■N_> >. r-r-tflb-I- "iiiW--IW_ -
..•ww.-'. -"»*_■'.■..*•*■■:"";*.
-'___.'*--_*_______-*    1
Hrer-r Anil-Hi exert I aaadar,
Iiiiim UuiMiua hunm Cmwuv Umiiu.)
At the Oompanye gteam Printing Es-
tablkfment, Columbia Bt.
•  ^t^mjkiiimtjvSS^.
wnnuin inn n, m wut.
— —35*882
Business or r-jiM.li'Tl'Adftrtilemenu
-111 be mil ved at -Jllowjaf roue: 1 laeb.
' aneelal mtlen among reading Barter,
» eli, per line each Insertion.   Specials
ealllnt attention to odTlrtiieminti, Well.
I-lr_u,_larrla_->a_d I-Mt-s.tl (or each
Insertion! Funeral Notices In oonneetion
.wltb dntbi, SO oU. eaeh InierUon.
solid, eharged at regular transient rates.
-T   ;.   i £:—,— -
liellvered In the City, per year..~ IMg
Hulled, peryear MO
Mulled,, months........... 1.26
Transient A«vertlMmU.-Flrstln*er-
tlou.iocu. per line solid nonpareil; subsequent Insertions, 6 ots. per line.
to these rates.
Special notices among reading matter,
ew. per line eaoh Insertion.
Ills mustbeall metal.and for largeeuli
•n lltra rate -elll M ebarged. No advU
e tor less
luserted In either issue Ic
, Prov. See.
. .,C. E.G. Brown
r Apj-olntraeuU.
.'   Dalai Kotta*.
■: y_\
Sails fritwh (Eolnmbwn
Mnrlar Iitsisi, Mar tl, MR.
Tho William Irving went up to Chilliwhack this morning.
land on Lulu Island for sale at 112
per acre by Band Broi.      dmy21tc
The Gladys arrived from Chilliwhack
and way porta this aftornoon.
The proceeds of she Nnnaimo benefit concert giv.- on Tuesday evening
' lost amounted to $119.
Bar. Dr. Williams will occupy the
Methodist pulpit. in this oity to-mor-
_ row morning and evening.
Holloway's Corn Cure Is the medicine
to remove all kindi of corni and warts,
and only «__• the small mm of twenty.
Ave oata
The Y. M. C. A. will hold a meeting
in their new rooms on Front street at
8 o'clock thia evening. All aw
cordially invited.
A Chinaman was charged at the
polios conrt thia morning with stealing
a watoh fro- IB*. OHUMbe launtar-
man. The matter wsisotfled by the
prisoner agreeing to pay tha costs.
. Rev. Dr. Williams will deliver an
address in the Methodist church next
Monday night on the Outlook of
Methodise.. Then till be no si-
mission fee, and the public ara invited
to be present Proceedings begin at
8 o'clock..
Our Church-st. cotemporary this
morning flatly refuses to accept our
challenge respecting telegrams in any
shape. Ht -Vajfi' the Victoria Times
arrives hew every day about 3 p. m.
with the same telegrams as appear in
the Coldmsum, bat he forgets to add
that the telegram of the rimes arriving to-day ara those which appealed
in tha Columbian yesterday] but if
he means that the Coidmun conies
ita despatches from the rimes, then
why doean't he put np his money.
0. A. Iivlogstoni, PlatUville, uys:
"I have much pleasure In recommend-
• lag Dr. Thomas' Eclectrio Oil, from having used lt myself, ud having told It for
tomttimi. In my own oats I will say
for lt that it ls the bat prsparation I
have every tried for rheumatitm."
Bia Annals—-Oneof Mr. Visnen's
boats captured a 700 lbs. sturgeon this
morning. A large black bear was shot
by one of the men at Roland's logging
camp on the North Arm last night that
weighed 400 lbs. The monster is on
exhibition at Mr. Visnen's fish honse.
Ths Wiisa Wo»i8.—We en glad
the council last night declined to accept the new water scheme. The mora
one looks at the whole drcumitancci
the mow Incomprehensible seems the
conduct of those members of the council who seemed ready to pledge the
dty to anything oo shadowy.   The
Snation has been laid over until some
me next month when both the water
eehsmes will he presented and the people will ba in a position to choose in*
I.O.O.T.—The following are the
oldens dl Dominion Lodge No, 4, I.O.
O.T., for the quarter ending July 31st,
1887: Alex. Hamilton, O.T.; Mini Hay
Frenoh, V.T.j Miss McPhee, R.H.8.;
Miss -Ann, L.H.8.; Chas. 8. Keith,
Sec.; Mus Qirven, A.8.; Jama. Stew-
Anderson, Ouaid; Wm. Eyon, Sent:
Wm. Turpin, P.CT.j & F. Holt,
Lodge Deputy.
--■ , * , •
jhun—Wt learn from
lemon from North Bend
thai exttnalVe decorations are being
prepared for the first train, whioh will
so into Vancouver on Monday next
mteggmeeron thi -camion will be
atr >, -Wright, and the coaductor
Mr. Bernhardt. On the front
of the engine will bt an em-
blaooOtd shield.   On one side of the
and on the other, ".From Ocean to
Ooett." «_- whole train will be
draped with bunting and banners..
'.ll^ill.. mtttj _H___tll)i-Ue.t il Daan.
****• !___*___■ *# &"%**•
H. Abbot, C.B. of the C.P.R., returned from Montreal last night.
Wm. Pwiton, nf this city, leavos
thit afternoon for Elgin, where ho intends to reside.
Passengen per str. Dunsmuir, from
Nnnaimo, to-day: Mrs. Coldwell, Miss
Brown, W. Vanhoulin, N. Morsby,
Reese, Hogan, Morlie, T. McMoroy.
John Watson, Vancouver! J. E.
Firth, Halifax, England; T. L. Humphreys, Lulo Island; % Struven, Scotland; Richard Bret, Mission; P. R.
Stephenson, Sumas; E. Cook, Port
Hammond; J. Cook, Port Hammond;
R. Wataon, Delta; W. C. Bell, Vancouver; H. Rowling, North Arm; H.
Abercrombia, Million; Dr. Kent, Ladners, aw at the Farmers' Home.
j.; i      . __ »
The Conncil Meeting.
Tke rrepeul er Ike Witer-Wirks com-
mlltee UM «ver Until Ike
Ith aane,
A. speoial meeting of the counoil waa' held last ovening in
the Hyack Hall to consider the
scheme of E. S. Scoullar and associates
to supply the city with water. There
were present his worship Mayor Dickinson, in the chair, and a full board of
councillors. Tho mayor explained the
object of the meeting, when it was
proposed that the council go into committee on the report of the wator works
Coun. Shiles was called to the chair.
Coun. Curtis thought the report of
the oommittee rather meagre in details
snd asked if the committee had further
information on the subject
Ooun, Jaques thought the price of
the hydrants rather expensive.
Conn. Duncan stated that he
had considered the scheme and
thought it excellent. It was not neces-
sary that the source of supply should
be known. The company wire willing
to givo bonds that ths wator would be
pure spring water. The rates were
exceedingly low and they could buy
out the oompany ut tho end of 10 years,
providing the water-works were then a
profitable concern.
Mayor Dickinson thought the granting of tbe franchise should be by popular vote. The great drawback to the
scheme wna its unknown source.
Mr. Stamford, who waa present, ou
behalf of the company, suid they were
not at liberty to divulge the source of
tho water, as the Coquitlam Co., a
powerful rival, might throw obstacles
in their way.
Mr. Hill, O.K., on behalf of the
Coquitlam Co., said that the condition
of the committee's report waa very
vacua and indefinite.
Some oitizens expressed themselves
on the subject and it waa finally resolved that the matter be laid over until
the 7th June, when it is expected a
proposal will be tendered by the Cu-
quitlam Co. as well.
^i_^mm,'     - is
Coal and Iron.
Twenty Tk-au>d Ilea Te Be Em.
pliria—The Besilt el Ike <%iw«l
In'conclading hit budget speech, Sir
Oharlet Tupper said: "What I propose to oak the house to do to-dsy is
to take the duty off anthracite coal.
Tht moment that is done we shall
have Tut furnaces going st Cobourg,
Kingston, and Welter's Bay. (Cheers.)
You may oak what it thought of the
Ct Northwest. You hare in the
Ihwest sn unlimited supply of fuel
furnished by lignito dial. Wo have
not only 60,000 squ re miles of lignite
coal in the Northwest, but we have un
Big Island, in Lake Winnipeg, any
quantity of ore and of timber to otiiit
in tha manufacture of iron, and alio
on Texada blind, in Britiih ColumbU, whieh is thirty miles long and
five miles broad. I believe, air, that
at no distant day we will have in the
province of British Columhla an iron
industry built up that will compare
favorably with any other industry in
the country. (Oheen.) Our consumption is 250,000 tons of pig iron,
not Including Heel rails. Tu make
thit amount of pig iron would require
760,000 tont of iron ore, 120,000 tons
tont of limestone, and 760,000 tons of
oool, making a total of 026,000 tons.
The Iran industry will in fact lax the
coal industry of this country to its
fullest extent; snd I sm able to state
that although the making of intlir.-
cite coal free will take 8400.-
000 ptr year from our revenue, we
aw perfectly justified in doing so, because the development it will give to
this iron industry will be of greater
advantage than which would bo taken
away—(hear, hear.) Statistics .how
that just ss the proportion of iron has
increased, ao has the production of
coal. The adoption of this policy in
iron I estimate will give permanent
employment to an army of 20,000 men,
increasing the population by from 80,-
000 Ito 100.000 souls, and providing for
them a means of living. This is not
taking into account tho manufacture of
castings, cutlery, engines, steol rails,
etc. The government has given most
careful consideration to the charges in
the tariff, and the whole of the in-
created taxation will be tweptaway by
the resolution whioh makes anthracite
coal free. On iron we have adopted
two-thirds of the American tariff, and
shall raise the duty on pig Iron from
•2 to $4, but we do not propose tn increase the duty on sheet iron or hoop
iron. »
—. . «■ .         ■<
Nanaimo Belief.
chitiiiiutiom mw wttmmiTiR city.
Penitentiary Officers. 172 60
Hyack Fire Co......  100 00
CftyConndl  400 00
Presbyterian otar.li (collection-) 1_2 U
Ref. Episcopal church       " MOO
Roman Catholic church     " 47 00
Church cf England " 71 70
Baptiit Church "        88 00.
Mtthodiit Charch "       182 00
Pnbllo subscriptions.  724 75
BenrttOoncert....  IM 00
81943 45
There are ie viral llaU to come in yet,
which will be duly acknowledged as soon
as reported.
 ,- • • • *—
Jobprlntligof all Madt neatlydoui
at the Coumaux offloe. Pricei will be
bond lower than at any .ether ofllce b>
the prorlaoe,—Ad.,
Depntj Blake Insane.
He  Is   Found  at  Chicago and
Dared For.
Special to the Columbian.
Obicaoo, May 21.—An old gray-
haired man, dressed in black and wearing a long moustache, was brought to
tho insane, department of the county
court yeBterday, having been found at
Union depot. He had just arrived on
tho train from tho west. In hia pocket
was found a letter of introduction to
Senator Dolph, of Oregon. The man
is believed to be L. Blake, former
deputy collector of customs st Port
O'Brien at Kingston.
He Is Mobbed by ihe Oraigemci
and Severely Wounded.
Kingston, May 21.—[Speoial dispatch.]—O'Brien arrived here at 2:30
yeBterday. In the same oar with him
were Lady Macdonald, Sir Leonard
Tilley, and E. Crow Baker, H. P. for
Victoria, B. O. O'Brien drove to the
Burnett house, where a large crowd
awaited him. O'Brien in opening
his remarks won st once the Ulster
Protestants who were listening, and
who form a large section of the population, when he asserted that Orange
farmers in the north pf Ireland wore
as muoh oppressed oaCatholic farmers,
and Lord Lansdowne was championing tho cause of those detpotio landlords who wero causing this oppression. " My mission is not to stir up
strife but to blend orange and green."
This sentiment at once won over the
descendsnts of Ulster farmers. They
cheered as heartily as anybody else.
He was again cheered when he said,
" We would so humiliate Lord Lansdowne in exposing his murderous policy in Ireland as to make orangemen
as well aa nationalists at least believe
there is only one Lord, he who rules
above the cedars and the stars." Juit
then a noise was heard outside the
hall, where a crowd had congregated.
Every cheer which went up inside the
hall was answered by a loud roar and
angry response from without. Tht
crowd outside had now swollen to immense proportions. The meeting wss
brought to an end by a few remarks
from the chairman, J, J. Behan, who
told the audience to go home peaceably. Then the people started out.
O'Brien's friends hurried him to the
frdnt. He stepped on the sidewalk,
wearing his usual tall hat The moment the orangemen on the opposite
■ide ol the slreet saw him they rsiied
savage yells, and, crying " There he
is," rushed sdrnss the strset. Cobblestones and bricks began lying like
hail. Women screamed and general
confusion reigned. "Ah, they're at
it,again," said O'Brien, in a tone of
mournful regret mora thau anger.
" Yes, yes," roared the mob, "there
he is." "Dreg him out here in the
street," "Kill him,'"Choke him,"
"Tear him asunder." They almost
burst through O'Brien's body guard.
which consisted of American specie!
correspondents snd local officers of
the national league. A man changed
hats with O'Brien, as that worn by
the latter furnished a target for the
mob*, In Wellington street another
shower of bricks greeted them. The
crowd then surged and two reporters
of the Associated Press were knocked
down. O'Brien disappeared in a house
and escaped by tbe bock way. For
about an hour the mob searched for
him, aod at last they louud him at the
house nt Peter Devlin, corner Washington and. William streets. Just
then Chief-Horsey, Mayor Corson and
six policemen appeared before the
house, and Horsey entered and offered
O'Brien an escort to his hotel. As
the door opened the mob tried to obtain admittance into the houte. A
•tone wot thrown and struck O'Brien
on the throat, and an orangeman
struck bim with a heavy olub on the
skull. The door was doted and
O'Brien wit smuggled out the back
way to his hotel. Oo the way to the
hotel Chief Horsey said: " I will Call
out the artillery to protect you if necessary." "You * will!" exclaimed
O'Brien sarcastically. "Idon't want
your protection. Now, you saw the
mob of demons outside that hall
thirsting for my blood while I wss addressing a peaceable meeting, and yon
didn't disperse them. Where wss
your artillery then! Sir Lansdowne
and Howland winked at their efforts
in Toronto, and nuw Lansdowne and
you wink at effort! to murder me
here. I am not going to give you
credit for the protenoe of hiving protected my life when yon could have If
you wished but didn't.'' At the Bur
nett Iiouse a crowd cellected around
O'Brien congratulating him oa his escape. He was scarcely able to stand
on his feet. His throst was full of
dust, his clothes bespattered. He
said, " We'll go thruugh to the end,
boys, yet." This incident will show
how the police acted: When Mr.
O'Brien staggered into nn alleyway
after being struck in the neck Willi* a
atone a policeman in the middle.of the
tlreet taid to u rioter, ", I law you,"
but ho nover attempted to arrest him,
and ho was allowed to join his friendi,
who shouted in triumph," He's a
gone dog," meaning O'Brien. O'Brien
and party start tomorrow morning
for Hamilton, where a meeting is to
lio held Monday. He will spend Bunday at Niagara Falls.
I      ___. 1_~_-_-    :
A Hint Worth Heeiiino. Life loses
half Its zest when digsstlon is permanent*;
ly impaired, Surely then a speedy
means of restoring this essential of bodily
comfort li worth trying. Every rank,
every profession, bean its quota of
evidence to the beneficent inlluenoo upon
tlii-tollmen, and also upon the liver,
bowels and kidneya, of Northrop k Lyman's Vegetable Discovery and Dyipep*
tic Cure, or celebrated Blood Purifier.
What is the win oeune suggetted to the
sick hy this testimony? We leave them
to decide.
♦ ii-. .   ''
The. Dead.
Frances Lavier Michel, the Frenoh
ireliKologiit, ia dead at 78 years of
age.--'   I io.t i
Brigadier Oeiil. Jas. L. Selfudge
shot and killed himtelf thii mOfning at
Philadelphia. Deceased wu a brilliant soldier, nnd was 02 years-of age.
Wholesale city Market.
Beef,     per 10.I-9	
Pork "
Mutton      *•
Potatoes    _•
Turnips     "   . .  .....
Carroto "
Parsnips    "
Beeti       .'*    .    	
Cabbogo "
Onions ••
Pears "
Wheat '•
Oats '•
Pen "
Hay,      ver Ion	
Butter (rollsi per Ji	
.....410 IB ma 00
 10 ooe. 12 00
Eggs,     perdos.	
8eese,       eaeh 
ucki        <• .	
Turkeys, per lb     	
Cordwood (retail) peroord,...
.. io oo a
.. 8 00.
.. ir
.. ooo.
.. ooo.
.. OTOll
..  0 751
.. a noil
... s ooe
..  2 00$
.. 1 coc
..  IM.
...  ISO.
..  0 20.
..  0 25.
... itoJ
"', o«K
.„  0 250
...   8 60.
0 76
0 78
§T. PAUL't cmlBOK. Services every Sunday at 11 a. m. unci 7 p. m. In
e Church, St, John street, below Royal
avenue. Seats tree, all are cordially Invited. Sunday School at MOr. ■.
■ {toUUs)
BTIIODI1T  CI1-BCH,   Mary St.
Rev. Q. Watson, Psstor. Servloesat
S.m. and 7 p.m. Sunday School and
ie Class 2:80 p.m. Prayer Mooting on
Thursdays ut 8 p.m. Beets tree; stringers
cordially invited. Je7-fo.
APT-IT CHVRCH. Agnes Streot.
j East of Mbit Street Rev. Robert
.__jn.ile,P-J-l-r. Lord'i DayServlcesatll
a, ta. and 7 p. m. Sabbath Hohool and
Bible CUuw at 2:80 p. m. All Beats free;
strangers oordlally welcomed.   d-de24tc
Tf-VIOM LODGB Mo, 9, A. V.
_  A. M.-Tha regular Com-
mnnloaltons b_ this Lodge are
,   —   i held on tbe firat Monday In eaoh
month. Sojourning brethren are cordiai-
lylnvltrftoattend ^i
_e_3-to ,..    ,      Secretary.
A t"n
jfk^T n-u
/V\ hel.
Dental Notice.
tarlor on the aoth Inst., to be absent
one month. AU requirlog dental work
pleau take notice and govern themselves
accordingly. C. E, C. BROWN.
18th Hay, 1887.
O.  Governor has been plensed to make
the following appointments:
John Clapperton, Esquire, J. P., to bc
Asiesior opd Collector for the Nicola Lake
Common, under the provisions and for
the purposes of "An Act to provide for the
better protection of Cattle Ranges, 187ti,"
and amending Aot,
John Gil more, Esquire, of Nicola, tobe
a Justice of the Peace for the Electoral
District of Yal«.
Harry Oswald Wellburn, Esquire, of
Quamlchan Lake, to be, as from the 20th
ultimo, Government Agent and Collector
of Revenue; Assistant Commissioner of
Lands and Works; Registrar under and
to carry out tho "Marriage Ordinance,
1807," and the "Marriage ordinance A-
raendraent Act, 1872"; and a Coroner—for
the Electoral District of Cowichan, Also,
Assessor and Collector uuder the "Assessment Act, 1876," and amending Acts; and
Collector of Provincial Revenue Tax—for
that portion of the said Electoral District
situated on the mainland of Vancouver
Island; all vice H. Fry, K_t\„ J. P., resign.
ed. dmy_lti
Cords ol No. 1 Alder Wood. Apply
Draft Found.
on an Ontario Bank, The owner is
requested to prove property nnd pay
charges.  Apply at the store of
dmyfltc _       Frontstreet.
Rifle Meeting.
X Now Westminster Rifle Association
will be held at the offlee of J. H, Clute,
Esq.. on lattrdsy Kvtalag. May Vlatt at
8 o'clock, tor election of council and other
business. All Interested In rifle shooting
are invited to attend, The annual subscription Is only f 1. droyitrta
New Weatmlnater, B. C.
tr batlstiictlor, guaranteed,     da*>18te
The West Shore
For tbe balance of me, Inoludlng tbe
mnmmotb holiday number, to all who
subscribe now for IH-I.
Wltb tbe January Issuo THB WEST
SHORE will begin Ils twelfth year. Every
number contains original Illustrations of
scenery, towns and Industries ln the Fo*
cine Northwest, equaling In excellence lh.
best productions of Eastern magaslitee,
The contributed snides, general litem-
tare nnd stories are entertaining and carefully edited, making the magaslne a
ebwte family visitor. The comments on
event! of Interest to tbis region aud the
lurge amount o>* Information concerning
onr various resources and the progress of
development given In every number render llralremely valuable. Nofnnillj oan
alT-id to do without It. and every ono financially Interested In tbo Paelllc Northwest or I'eilrous of learning Its resources
will And It Invaluable.
If Ilie subscription prlee (tt peryear) Is
■ent In now you will be entered for ls-7,
and lhe remainder ol law will be sent as
.premium. ,_ SAMUEL,
.'cut 116. .   123 Front Street, Portland Or,
Piano Tuning.
will visit New Weitminiter shortly,
for a few dnys.   Order- for tuning mny he
left at Lyul'S Bookstore,
clapfflto QOODWIN 4 JORDAN.
•'I take only ono English weekly paper,
The Spectator, and one' Canadian, The
Weill, and * s ii rule I should lie-imSsled to
sny which I should miss mnsL''--From a
letter by T.iomns Hcigllen.nnlhor nf "Tom
Brown's School Days."
The Week:
A Canadian J.araal ef PilltlM, Oeelely
an* Uleratare.
I'miMHHKii Kvaav Th-Uuiav, at U.W
ran aimw.
I_dran_.nl la palt.fi,, THE WEEK
appeal- by a comprehensive Table of Content! to tht dlfl-nnt tastes which exist
within the circle of a cultured home.
An average of Mtoen short, crisp Editorials Is given In each number upon CAN A-
Amongst tbe regnlarconti 	
lessor (.oldwlnsmlthiandadlstlngulshed
Amongst the regnlar conlrlbntois Is Pro-
public man in London hll kindly undertaken to supply regularly an TSnglish
Letter. Parisrand Washington Ijeiten
will appear it regular Intervals.
ln addition then Me ipeeltl contributions from aome of the ablest writers In
the Dominion and Ihi United States.
hu now inland npon Iti third year with
most eu-oaniflni pio-peota, and with
many new featurfl.
0. B_ApWOT'f_MlIN-pN, _
.    . 5 Jordan St, Toronto, Onl.
Sample coplei tree on application.
'■■ytBt WEEK Is one ol the moil Induen-
ilafloumals In Canadi.-Trutb, London,
Raglan-- ...'..... Mil
'—OO TO--—
'Oft Front afreet.
B. C. Monumental Works
all lcltnl-t.   cull and Inspect before
pntrot.l--.li-g Island nnpUal.' I leave my
work to-BpiH-l- f-H'ilself.  s. Ht,—Km mm*
premiers t-mplnyetl.
the Mlninturnf _U*n Inlorli.r for permission to nil lim'-cr on the following,
dosorlhod tract of land, New Westminster
Dlstrlet:   ..       ,   .,
CommcnchiK nt a post murked "M," on.
the south Hltl*. of BfiOtt croek, on the east
side and ahout 3 mlhwjfrom tlie Head of
Pitt lake; thenee oanttAionK tlu. bnnk ot
Bald oreek 40 chnins;  theuce  south  20
chains, thenco west 40 chains, tlienee
north 20 chains, hIoiik the sliore of the
lake to the point of common.-mom.
W. N. DnAPBR, Secretary.
New Westminster, mth May.lW.
--■■■*     tj     JjfflSJIgy    __
We have just Received and Opened tils
Week large shipments of New Spring
Goods, assorted as,follows:
Fancy Dress Goods,
Black Dress Goods,
Dress Trimmings & Linings,
Printed Cottons&Ginghams
Dress Muslins &Piques
Black Silks & Matins.
Lace Curtains & Counterpanes.
Table Linens. Napkins &
To wellngsi
Kid tiloves. Corsets & Hosiery.
Embroideries, Laces & Edgings.
Collars, Cuffs & Handk'ch'fs
Clothing, Had), and Hen's Furnishing Goods,
Carpets, Unolenmg, Oil Cloths and ■•_*,
0. B. Ackerman.       T. Ackermin.
Estimate* fllw* on ivwk nuywhere In
. .   (he f ll j- or Country.
Wo have como to Htny and persons contemplating building will (lo well to see ul
before giving tlieir contracts.
(1 wmhSltc New Wc-'tiiilu-.trr, Bos It.
' 2-.nl, Traliia will arrive at ami leave
est minster, us muter:    .
Local FxprcfW fr'm Van pou ver .Dally.. 12:2k
Loom Express from Vanconver, Dally , •
[except Mon dayi ■•-'•-- ....UsOO
Loeol Express for Vancouver, Dally... 7_80
Atlantlo Expiess for Montronl,Ac.—
Dally {except Mondayj....,« ia:_7
Train dun lo arrive lit .12:3!) connects
with Pacini** Kxpre_s from Montreal at
Westminster Junction.
  . •;.  -^U. ABBOTT,
.",■-■. .-eii'l Stipt,
Port Moody, May 10, 1887. dmylMS
fl tot this wlcliratcil Mnolilli., I
would be plrlsM td Mtiirl ono on trill to
very Machine guaranteed by the Company lor five yeara.
'•'<'■' ■   nAT    •     ^tlii, i.
Fruit, Oonfeotloncry k Fancy Olass*'
-,.,   . i ,wiWfA China S^tf),,
Columliia St.,     •     New Weil.
April 2,1887
73 Oolumbia St., New Westminster.
just received in our Millinery and Dress
Department, the Newest Designs from London Direct, consisting of
The Batten-berg, Lady Churchill, Queen's Jubilee, Norfolk, Chandos,
Rutland, Suffield, Pagoda, Marchioness, Ellen Terry, Purl, new
arid striking Sailor Hats and Boating, Picnic and Sun Hats in
numerous varieties;
Silks atvd Striped Satins, Aigrettes, Ornaments, Plumes and
Trimmings of all descriptions.
Great additions have been made to our usual heavy Stock, in
every Department, including Men's Clothing and Furnishing.
--'-'|G iq an'
OOI_iTJ__vg_31____. -afl'JCT.SJBT-,
HANBFA-Itn__-_. Attt> MAtlR. IM
al_ wkm or roiwrtuBK.
-alloadiia-Uaa-orstwilLaai   '
befora bo. lif. *a.«a-» ba
ttrntj Mh to vm owl -iiiiMt
_____.. PSBLB, ■
NIW WJB8-M_K8TttR, B. 0.
M   B.-Oily Otmiliit Drn|s a_a-.
Orsr twsntr Tsars' sxpsrlwaa,   niM


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