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The Daily Telegram Nov 18, 1893

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Array Pailg gMi^fam
VOL. 6, NO. 9.
Ogilvie's . . .   .
~^M^ ^ry-M th        Milled   Under  New and
JP XOUP       Unparalleled Methods
PRONOUNCED by all leading bakers the STRONGEST and
BEST in the market.
Producee 30 POUNDS MORE BREAD per barrel of 196 lbs.
than any other Manitoba Flour.
From aotual tests excels in quality for Pastry, Cakes, etc.
Ask your grocer for OGILVIE'S NEW FLOUR.
Bags sewn -with Red, White and Blue Twine.
David Spencer
Dry Goods Merchant
Nanaimo, B. C.
8-11 6m
We have just received our second shipmefit
of Ladies' Sealette Jackets and
Children's  Cloaks, which will be
sold at an immense reduction. Our stock of
Millinery is complete, and cannot be
surpassed by any store in the Province.
Prices are Right, and our Styles Perfection.
It is No Secret to You
If you are one of our customers, that we i-.rry EVERYTHING in
Groceries, but h is to those wbo are tbinkhig WHERE to buy that
we mention the fact.     For instance, in Hew
We have tbe following assortment���
Abernethy, Ginger Snaps, Arrowroot, Honey Jumbles. Cracknels,
Lemon Squares, Fruit, Mixed, Graham Wafers, Oatmeal Wafers,
Wine, Tea.     We have also an Oatmeal Blsonit especially made to our
receipt, lor "Our hrither Boots."
Telephone 110
We Have the Stock
All Xmas Goods will be
In by the 15th Inst.
At the Old Rate of Wages Foreign
Powers Will Prevent Interference
With Commerce at Rio -Fowdcrleys
Defence - He atempts a Federation of
All Labor Organizations U. S. Action
on the Hawaiian Situation will be Purely Diplomatic Bonrku Cochrane Expresses Himself on the New Tax.
London, Nov. 17.���A conference between
the Mine-owners' Asaoniatit n and delegates
from ihe Miners'Federation was held today at the foreign office under the chairmanship of Lord Rosebery. The question
of ending the strike was discussed in all its
bearings. It iu reported that the conference
finally agreed to submit the question at
issue to Lord Resebery and accept the hit-
tor's decision.
The only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder.���No Ammonia; No Alum.
Used in Millions of Homes���40 Years the Standard
English   Minors WiU: Resume Work   at
Old Wages.
London, Nov. 17.���It is announced thia
evening that it was settled by the miners'
conference that, the miners should resume
work at the old wagesjon Monday. They
will work for theto wages until February,
when a conciliation hoard will be formed.
 , Jj	
Will Fix Rate of Miners Wages.
London, Nov. 17.���Toe board of conciliation will hold its first meeting ou Dec. 13.
It will be continued for a year. If at the
first meeting the members fail to elect a
chairman the speaker of the House of Commons will nominate one. The board will be
empowered to determine the rate of miners
Received With Joy.
London, Nov. 17.���Tile news that work
would be resumed in the mines on Monday
at the old wagts was received with demonstrations of great joy In all the mining
centres of the Midlands. The leadera of the
miners read the despatches aloud in the
streets and the waiting crowds of strikers
cheered themselves hoarse. Church bells
were rung in all the mining towns this evening and thanksgiving services will be held
to-morrow in the Dissenters chapel.
Will   Prevent Interference  With Commerce.
Washington, D. C, Nov. 16.���A oipher
telegram received by the Navy Department
this evening from Captain Picking, under
to day's date, from Rio Janiero, ia looked
upon as significant and possibly indicating a
weakening of the strength ef the insurgent
fleet under Admiral Meih�� The translation
of the despatch was as follows: Navy
representatives of eight Nations, including your Nation, have decided
not to permit munitions of war to
be landed at Rio Santos, being still in possession of the Brazilian government and
connected with Rio Janeiro by railway.
Munitions of w��r for Rio Janeiro can be
landed at Santos. Yestirday the insurgents
dressed ship. The Brazilian government
forces fired a national salute in honor of tho
anniversary of the < s'ablishment of the
Republic. The only iuterpretation to be put
npon this despatch is that the naval represent! ti vis at Rio bavedecided that there shall
be no interference with commerce, and have
formally notified the insurgent admiral they
will prevent it. The probabilities are, that
thia is the view taken by Government officials here. This transaction will weaken
Mello very much for if he cannot close the
ports ot Rio and bring that city into subjection, it cannot be conjectured how he can
make hia rebellion successful. It looks to
naval officers very much as if Mello bad
been badly crippled. This action
is in line with that indicated in previous di spatchss [from
Captain Picking to the effeot that the foreign representatives had, after conference
noti fied Mel lo, I hat he must respect the uation-
alily of any lighter engaged in unloading
vessels and flying tho flag at its bow indicating its nationality. It appears that a
strong effort has been made lo give Msllo
ne a single excuse to tire upon the city.
An agreement waa made some time ago
that there should bn no firing between the forcis of Rio and the insurgents in the bay. This waa violated in each
occasion though no damage reaultod. Today's despatches iudicato that the naval
officers on duty there in the protection of
foreign interests had determined on thia
agreement which ia the result of the concerted aotion on the part of the allied powera
to prevent any firing upon the city
or damage to commerco by either Bide.
The reatriclion thus imposed aa to the
landing of munitions of war treat*
both sides alike, but advantage is with the
existing Government by reason of its connection with Santos. This act is construed
by officials hare to indicate that Mello does
not think the present, at least, is the proper
time to espouse the cause of a Monarchy, for
had he done so, he would have run up the
imperial ensign in defiance at the
salute from the guns of the Loyal fort.
The most tenable construction placed npon
thia incident is that the insurgent admiral
believes the Republio to be the popular side.
In view of thia edict of the naval representatives, Adnvial Mello -will have to get his
supplies by water, if the vessels carrying
them can successfully pass the Government
forts down tbe bay. The occasion was a
fete day, and celebrated as the anniversary
of the establishment of the Republic, and in
decorating their vessels it would look as if
the insurgents, if they were honest, were
endeavoring to outdo the loyal forts in evidence of loyalty. It ia interesting to know
what  will   become of   the   El   Cid    and
Has removed from the old place to the
new stand, near the Nanaimo Opera House.
Best Photos in the City.
Cloudy days preferred for sittings.
8-11 Jm
her f .llowers, when they shall arrive. It is
said here that the action cannot prevent a
meeting between the insurgent, and the loyal
warships. This fighting would take placo
in the bay with the probability only of a
S'ray shot reach ng the ci'y. It is probable
theu that when El Cid and her consoita arrive a naval battle will take p'ace and the
warships now at Rio will permit the engagement to go on si long aa commerce nnd the
city arc uot molested. Should Mello be able
to organize an effective resistance aud land
hia force and attack ihe city in that way,
tbe conditions would bo materi.lly changed
but that contingency does uot at preseut ap
pear likely.
Powderley's Defence.
PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 17��� General Master
Workman Powderley made a spirited address at this morning's sestion of the
Knights of Labor General Assembly audit
is believed that it was in reply to the charge
made against himself and a John Devlin, of
the executive hoard, by Secretary-Treasurer
Hayea. The Master Workman was on the
floor when the noon adjournment waa taken
and he resumed thia afternoon. He refused
to be interviewed. The finance committee
has not yet completed i's investigation of
the charges preferred by the secretary-treasurer and it was stated to-day that the work
will probably not le finished until Monday
The initial atep in the project of Grand
Master Workman Powderly for the amalgamation of all the labor bodies was taken tonight, when a dozen representatives of
several labor organisations held a secret
conference on the subject. Who the conferees were and where the conference waa
held waB not divulged, but it waa stated
late tonight that the plan met with favor
and that it would be first brought before the
present session of the Knights of Labor
general assembly. Should the Knights adjourn without naming a time and place for
the next meeting, as is the hope of the projectors, the movement iu a measure would
be consummated, for the executive board
would then agree with the committees of
other labor orders upon a gathering place
next year. A labor congress would result,
it is believed, and amalgamation would
follow. It is said that the conferees to-night
represented 75,0o0 members of organized
labor. To-irght'a meeting was practically
taken up by Mr. Powderly, who resumed
hia address in which he denied the charges
of Grand Secrotary-Tn asurer Hayes. The
graud master workman prefaced his re-
mat ke by a denunciation of the unknown
delegate who is chargtd with making the
proceedings public.
Gladstone Suffered Defeat.
London, Nov. 1G.���The debate on the
Parish Couccils or local Government Bill
occupied all the time in the House of Com
mons this evening. Walter McLaren, Rad
ical member for the Crewe division ot
Cheshire, and a pronounced woman's suf
fragiat, moved that the Committee be in
structtd to insert in the bill a provision
enfranchising women who would be entitled
if they were men to vote in the local government and parliamentary elections. Henry
Fowler, President of the Local Government
Board opposed for the Ministry, Mr. McLaren's motion. Women already possessing
tbe right to vote on local affairs, he said
would have also the right to vote for
Pariah Councillors. The multiplication
of amendments threatened to prolong the debate indefinetly and
to suffocate the bill. The House then divided on Mr. McLaren's motion, whioh waa
uirried by a vote of 147 to 126, The announcement that the Government had been
defeated by a majority of 21 was greeted
with ironical cheers from the Unionists, and
ahouta of "resign." Among the House voting against the Government wero Sir Chas.
Dilke, advanced Radical; Jas. Stanafield,
Radical aud former president of the Local
Government Board; Justin McCarthy, leader of the anti Paruellitea; John Long, advanced Liberal; John Burns, the labor agitator: Edward Blake, the Irish Nationalist
from Canada; and Wm. O'Brien, anti-Par-
nellite.  ���
The Protest Against the Tax.
Washington, D. C, Nov. 17.���L. W.
Habercombe, Attorney for the United States
Brewers' Association to-day presented to
Chairman Wilson, of the ways and means
committee a pioUst signed by the great
breweries of the country, against an increase
of the International Revenue Tax on fermented liquors. The protest vigorously assails the -������guments of Mr. Da>id A. Wells,
in favor of the increased imposition. They
draw a distinction between the beer tax and
the whiskey tax and say "Unbiased econo-
miata especially those who take into account
the moral and social aspects 0! thia
queatiou in conjunction with the present
drinking habits of the people, will surely
disagree w'i'h Mr. Wells, in so far at leaat
aa regarda hia attempts to confound the mild
fermented beversgea whieh serve as an
article of diet and are, therefore, a quasi
neceaity of life, with a luxury pure and
simple, suoh as distilled spirits. All well
informed persons agree that the morvelloua
prcgreaB of the temperance eause is due
almost exclusively to the present revenue
system, aud the effects it produced and eon-
tinues to produce upon the drinking habits
of the people, by enhancing the price of
ardent spirits and encouraging ths consumption of malt liquors."
Heavy Gales in England.
London, Nov. 17.���A heavy gale set in
yesterday on the western southern coasts of
Great Britain and it is thought that maritime caaualities will be great. Tremendously heavy seas sprang up in the English
Channel and Irish Sea. Many vessels experienced much difficulty in reaching port.
The schooner Favorite of Ilpracombe was
aeen last night staggering along under short
canvass off Bristol, and soon after she disappeared in a black equal.
It has been learned that the belief that the
steamer Boileau was lost in the storm is
erroneous. She put back to Barrack, where
she arrived this morning. The four men
who were said to have been saved from her
left her in a small boat for the purpose of
rendering assistance to a vesael near by that
was flying a signal of distress. After they
pulled a short distanoe from the steamer a
squall came up and the steamer was lost
light of. A* she was not afterwards ae��n
by the men who had left her, they supposed
the had foundered.
Bourke Cochrane Expresses Himself.
Washington, D.O., Nov. 17���Mr. Bourke
Cochran-, of New York, spoke hia mind
with characteristic bluntness to-day to his
fellow members of the Ways and Means
Committee, regarding tho proposed income
tax, Mr. Cochrane came down from New
York this morning. He was at the Capital
bright and early, but the anticipated committee meeting waa again postponed. It
may occur tomorrow or there may be another delay until Monday. Meantime Mr.
Cochrane employed his leisure moments delivering his mind on the proposition to tax incomes. Hereferredtoastatementthatthenew
imposition of such a tax would be gratifying
to the populists and added sarcastically
that when Democrats began chasing populists some one always gets "Left" and that
ono is usually the Democratic party. Such
a tax he imformed a little cotrie of his committee was pernicious in principle. It was
class legislation of the worst character. In
this case it would array the rich against ths
pooa and in such struggles the rich always
came out ahead. It would relivelaboriogmen
of responsibility in maintaining the Government and in the end it would exclude him
from participation in it. If such a tax
should be levied it ought then, in his judgment to apply equally to everybody ao that
the man who earns two dollars a day might
pay his tax of four cents and thus preserve
hia rights and dutiea aa a self-respecting
citizen just the same as the man whoso income was forty dollara a day. Politically
he thought it would be fatal to the Democratic party. One reault would be
to make New York city now the Democratic
Gibraltar a Republican centre far an indefinite term of yeais. The extended hearing which the committee gave yesterday to
the Alabama and Virginia delegates delayed
work on the bill, which was all but completed with the exception of certain matt->rs
of detail. The internal revenue schedule is
in so advanced a state that the sub committee) recommendations may be made
to the bill in committee within
thirty minutes after they shall have been
committed. Whether there be any increase of
whiskey, tobacco, beer or similar products
will depend upon the deficit made by the
bill aud whether that deficit bo offset in
whole or in Part by an income tax. With
this knowlei ge in their possession the aub
committee cau immediately report. There
ia a disposition on the part of some of the
members of the commit -ten to increase the
tax on whiskey from 90 centa to one
dollar a gallon, rhua increasing the revenues
"���iuble:->' ipreh'n-'el on  that
'! Nearly every mari
time nation in rJttrnps was invited to join
an international agreement, to pro'ct the
seals from pilagic destruction and they declined on the ground that they were not
sufficiently intereated to warrant them in
entering into such a compact. Now, aa an
original proposition, it might be conceivable
that Germany for instance, should lioense
her vessels to search for seals but it is not
conceivable that after declaring she had no
interest in t he business and after the nations
which are interested had made an agreement
to protect the seals, that ahe should lend her
flag to vessels bent on nullifying that agreement. In the event, however, of any nation
lending its flag to such an undertaking it
would find it "elf under such a load of condemnation that it would soon withdraw
from that position."
Important Deolsions.
Washington, Nov. 17.���The inter State
Commerce Commission today in an opinion
by Commissioner Clements, announced its
decision in the casrs of Blanton Duncan,
nirainst tho Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe
System, and against the Southern Pacific
Company, and tbe Louisville aad Nashville Co. The decision cou'ii*is important
rulings on rates on household "cods and
immigrants moveables. Uuder tne western
classification there are two west bound
car load rates from Missisaipi river
points to Pacific coast termiaala on
good termed "immigrants moveables,'' one
general class rate and the other designated
a "commodity rate," and less than general
rate. Tbe latter rate is published as being
open to "intending settlers only," but in
practice it ia given to eh'ppers indiscriminately. The commission holds that there ia
no necessity for retaining the two rates and
that the weat uound rate on "immigrants'
movables" from Louisville to Loa Angeles
should not be iu excesB of the amount of the
commodity rate thereou.
Now York's Great Horse Show.
Nkw Vokk, Nov. 17.���The horae show at
the Mad :a on Square Harden continues to be
the crazj with New York's society people,
and even the spacious garden has b-en unable to hold the vast throngs that have attended ihe ahow daily. The assemblage to.
day waa aa large as usual ami an interesting
programme waa witnessed. Tha grtat four.
year-old Directum arrived this morning from
Boaton and will be exhibited at the show tomorrow. The black cult waa accompanied
by quite a court of distinguished horses.
Nine hoiaea iu all arrived, but the champion
sou of Directum and Stem winder, with his
trotting record of '2:05:), is king.
Retires Thia Time for Good.
New Yokk, Nov. 17 ���Jack McAuIiffe,
the pugilist, has made up his mind to retire,
and ne says this time it is for good. "I have
been light-weight champion long enough,"
said he, "and it is time to let someone else
have a chance. I will never even box again,
because 1 don't think I'll need to. I am
going to San Francisco to-morrow afternoon
and expect to remain there until next May.
I will engage in business there."
Will Send Horses Too.
Ottawa, Oat. Nov. 17.���The ladies committee having in charge the presentation to
the Princeaa May'find that after providing
for the aleigh, robea and harness which were
originally designed to constitute a wedding
gift, from the women of Canada] there still
remains a considerable surplus. This sum
is to he devoted to the purchase of a pair of
Canadian carriage horaes to acompany ths
Former Prince of Bulgaria Dead.
Vienna, Nov.   17.���Prinoe Alexander of
Battenbsrg, formerly Prince   of   Bulgaria,.
died at noon to-day at Gratz.
Robbery of Treasurer Dake.
CHICAGO Nov. 17.���Detective are wo kng
on the $'21,000 robbery of treasurer John A.
Drake, arrested in a gambling house, but
after being examined by Inspector Shea, he
was let go. The police say ho has a penchant for getting hold of other peoples
money, when they go wrong and on this
theoiy be was taken in. "We are all at sea
in thia case said Inspector Shea, but we are
giving it all the attention possible. The
case bears all the ear marks of a robbery,
and I never said Drake was not robbed."
WiU be Purely Diplomatic.
New Yokk, Nov. 17.���A Washington
special to the Pn ss says: Senator Morgan,
of Foreign Relations Committee in the Senate, waa closeted all yeaterday afternoon
with Secretary Gresham, and that the Secretary said there was no intention oi any
resort lo arma in Hawaii; that Miniater
Willis would not under any circumstances call upon the United States
marines and bue jackets to assist the
Queen. The attitude of the United
States would be purely diplomatic and
would content itsolf with a disavowal of
former steps taken by the United S'.ates
Minister Stevens and United States naval
forces in assisting in the establishment of
the present Provisional Government. He
permitted Senator Morgan to infer that if
the Queen was not strong enough to establish her rights under these auspicious circumstances, Wiilia would not otder troops
or sailors from the men-of-war to assist her.
Northern Pacific Bondholders Meet.
New Yokk, Nov. 17.���Holders of about
$lo,000,000 of the $28,000,000 bonds of the
Chicago k Northern Pacific Railroad met at
the office of the United States Trust Co.
and appointed a committee with President
J. Edward Simmona, of the Fourth National Bank as chairman to look after their
interest. The Philadelphia commit-
ee, consisting of George M. Trout-
man, Henry W. Brown and Evans
R. Dick, announced that they will
support any plan that contemplates maintaining the integrity of the bonds as used
and avoiding the process of re-organization.
They gave notice that a second meeting of
the holders will be called shortly and aa
soon aa the names of all those desirous of
participating are received, they will consider the expediency of adding to the number of their committee and of removing its
headquarters to this city.
Protecting American Interests.
WASHINGTON', Nov. 17.���The Cruiser San
Franciaco reached port from Lemon, Costa
Rica yesterday and a despatch reporting her
arrival there was received at the Navy
Department this morning. When the Corvette Kearsage has completed her duty in
connection with the trial of tho cruiser
Columbia, she will aail southward to cooperate with t he San Francisco in looking
after American interests in Cuba and Hayti.
This new assignment of naval vessels U in
accordance with the present policy of the
Navy Department to keep warships near
places were American interests are sufficiently large to warrcut a show of force for their
Sretention in the event of a revolutionary
isturbanoe and with the two vesaela
named in tbe Atlantic and the
Alliance on the west coast of South
America there ia less likelihood than
recently existed of a disregard for the
rights of citizens of the United States. The
San Francisco will cruise up and down the
east coast of Central America, while the
Kearsage will look after affairs in Hayti and
Western India waters. At this time the
duty of the Kearsage is particularly important in view of the endeavors to be made by
the United States of securing Saint Nicholas
Mole for a coaling station but care will be
taken not to make the serious error of Admiral Gherardi in appearing in the harbor
of Port Au Prince and causing an end to the
negotiations then nearing conclusion, for
the cession of the Mole to thia Government
by the presence of his fleet. The Haytian
Government was induced to believe that
Admiral Gherardi intended to force it into
an agreement transferring the use of the
Mole to the United Spates and on this
ground refused to treat farther.
Another Crank.
Indianapolis, lad., Nov. 16.���Tho machinations of a crank, which might have resulted in a tragedy, were foiled by Governor
Mathews to-day, when Hiram Collins, a
elemented citizen of White county, was
landed in the Ligansport insane asylum.
On November 3rd the Governor received the first of a number of threatening letters from Collins, in which he
blamed the executive for the hard times,
demanded immediate relief and said
there would be "Hell" in ths near future if
a prompt answer was not made. An investigation which was kept secret until to-day
was begun and it developed that Collins
was a desperate crank. The govenors anxiety was finally worked to a serious pitch
by the receipt of a telegram demanding to
know if the petitions were being oonaidsred.
The Loagansport authorities arrested Collins
Wednesday and placed him in ths asylum
It now comes to light that he had puicnased
a revolver and was about to leave for the
Capitol to execute his threat. He has also
been sending threatening letters to Preii-
dent Cleveland.
A Swindler on Trial.
Nashville, Tenn., Nov. 16.���Iu tbe case
of Rev. Frederick Howard, on trial io the
Federal court at Jacksonville, Tenn., some
very interesting evidence was brought out
this moruiug. The defendeut is charged
with using tbe maila for fraudulent purposes.
His scheme, v as to lead people in various
parts of the United Statea. to believe that
they had inherited fortunes in England and
to pay him fees to secure the alleged inheritance. The evidence adduced by the
���Government goes to show that Wm. Lord-
moore. of London, Joseph Ledger, and the
Rev. Frederick Howard are one and the
same person aud furthermore that considerable sums have actually been collected under
these for disbursement amongst heirs. There
have been witnesses in abundance on the
case from London and various parts of the
country, including people who have been
duped by Howard, and olerks from the New
York Post Office. Howard forme ly had
charge of a Baptist ohurch in Jacksonville
but was deposed after a long and sensational
trial, in which he was proved to bo an impostor, it having been established that he
was a young Englishman of bad repute,
living in Georgia and calling himself Howell.
He waa arreated in Chicago a short time ago,
but escaped from custody. He afterwards
turned up at Jacksonville where he surrendered himself lo the authorities. The
case will probably consume a weeks more
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None but White Labor employed
8-11 Om
QEALED TENDERS, endorsed "New
Parliament Buildings, Victoria, Contract
No. 2," will be received by the Honorable
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works up
to one o'clock p.m. of Thursday, 30th
November, 1893, for the several trades required in the erection of new Parliament
Buildings at James Bay, Victoria, B.C.,
1. The excavator, mason and bricklayer's
2. The carpenter and joiner's work.
3. The alater's and plasterer's work.
4. The coppersmith's work.
5. The smith and ironfounder's work.
6. The plumber's work.
7. The painter s work.
Tenders will be received for any one trade
or for the whole work.
The plans, details, etc., as prepared by F.
M. Ruttenbury, Architect, can be seen at
the office of the undersigned on or after
Monday, October 16th, 1893, and complete
quantities clearly describing the whole of
the work can be obtained on payment of $20
for each trade. This sum will be returned
to the contractors on receipt of a bona tide
Eaoh tender muat be accompanied by an
accepted bank cheque equal to two per cent,
on the amount of each trade tendered for,
which will bs retained as part security for
the due performance of the work. The
cheque will be returned to unsuccessful competitors, but will be forfeited by any bidder
who may decline to execute a contraot if
called upon to do so.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily
Deputy Commissioner of Lands & Works.
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., September 28th, 1893.
8-11 td
Hotel Wilson
imo, B.G.
Well lighted
Sample Rooms
-  FOR    THE  - -
Delivered to any part of the City for
-   OE  -
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Return Tickets will be issued! between all point*
(or a fare and a quarter, g-iod (or return not later
than Monday.
Return TMcets (or one and a haK ordinary (are
may be purohased daily to all points, good (or seven
days, including day of issue.
No Return Tiokets Issued (or % fare and a quarter
where the single fara is twenty-five cents.
Through rates between Victoria and Comox.
Mileage and Cominutatbn Ti.-ke-�� oin  tie obtained
on application to the Ticket Agent, Victoria Station.
President. Gen. Supt
S-ll tf General Freight and Passenger Agent.
Union Steamship Comp'y
Of B. C, Limited
Head Office and Wharf, Vancouver, B.C.
Daily Service between Vancouver
and Nanalmo-SS. CUTCH.
On and after July 6th, leave* Nonilmo daily
except Monday at 7 a m. Leaves Vancouver dally
except Sunday ut 1:16 p.m., on arrival of Eastern
maila. Car^ro on Company's wharf, Vanoouver, until
12 noon.
Vancouver tc Northern Logging Camp*
and Settlements.���SS. COMOX leaves Com-
pany'a Wharf every Monday at 12 noon, for Gibson's
Landing, Seobelfc,Welcome 1'oas, Nelrion Islard, Lund,
Hernando, Cortex, Reid Island, Stewart Island, and
way porta to Port Nevele, returning same route.
Steamers and Scowa alwaj s available lor Excursions,
Towing and Freighting Business. Ample Storage
Accommodation on Company 'a Wharl. Particular?
on application to office.
W. F. TOPPING, Manager.
W, B. D.ENNISON, Agent, Nanaimo, B. C.
Telephone 18. 8-11 tf
(W. ROGERS. Mabtbr.)
To take effeot on Monday, Feb, lit, 1892.
Westminster Vancouver, Mondays, (J a.m.
Vancouver Nanaimo, Mondays, l:.'f(l p in.
Nanaimo Vancouver, Tuesdays, 7 a.m.
Vancouver Westmtns*r, Tuesdays, noon
Westminster.a Nanaimo, Wednesdays, 7 a.m.
Nanainn Vancouver, Thu red yt>, 7 am.
Vancouver Nanaimo, Thursdays, 1:80 p.m.
Nanaimo Vancouver, Fridays, 7 a.m.
Vanoouver Nanaimo, Fridays, 1:30 p.m.
Naraimo Vancouver, Saturdays, 7 a.m.
Vancouver Westminster, SatimUye, 11 a.m.
FARE,   -   $1.00.
8-11 12m
L. ROGKBS, Purser.
Fraser Street, near Bastion St. Bridge.
Safely Pneumatic Tire Blcyclee. Sample Ma-
ohlnes mill be on view for a tew diva. A full Hue of
repairing material on hand, and repairs promptly
R. J. WENBORN, Proprietor
8-11 Sill
Showing th. Dates aad Plaoss ef Courts
of Assise, Nisi Prlus, and Oyer and
Terminer for the Year 1883.
Richfield Monday ~llth September
Clinton Wednesday 27th September
Kamtoops Monday 2nd October
Lytton i Monday Oth October
New Westminster Wednesd��l 8th November
Vancouver Wedm aday lfiih November
Victoria Monday 27th November
Nanaimo Tuo ily Mu December
8-U tf
The Telegram Job Department turn.
I ont One printing second to none. NANAIMO, B. C, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER, 18, 1893.
r It WiU Finally Be Settled for the Bess
Interests of Miamated Couples.
! Magazines, periodicals, and even daily
newspapers have of late been discussing
a subject of great importance, says Rabbi
Solomon Sohindler in the May Arena.
Efforts are being made, to bring about
the issue of a national, uniform law
which shall regulate divorces, aud in an
tici pat ion of this coming event the mattel
has been taken up and discussed by the
ablest writers of this and other countries.
How did tho stir come about?
Some thoughtful people had observed
that the dockets in the divorce courts
have for years been kept full to overflowing, and that no matter how many
cases wero disposed of still new cases kept
on coming. These people formed, therefore, a league or a society with the in ten
tion of stopping what they considered art
evil, and being of a rational turn of mind
made it their first business to obtaia
statistics. " Figures don't lie," they
thought, and they set at once to work
with earnestness and diligence tocolleot
figures. When they bad them together,
neatly rubricated and carefully added up,
they found what? That within twenty
years, from 1867 to 1887, the number ol
cases in which it was found necessary to
entirely sever marital unions had trebled,
not alone in the United States of America, but all over the world. These were
bad signs���as they believed���symptoms ol
a   widespread   corruption   of ' morals.
The proposed legislation, whatever tin
wording will be, can be either afflrmativj
or negative. Either divorces are to bs
entirely prohibited, divorced persons art
to he prohibited to remarry, the consummation of marriages is to be submitted
to a great deal of red-tape, or the right
of divorce is to be grunted as heretofore
with perhaps only a few restrictions
which then, of course, ire to be the sami
all over the United Stales. There is nf
third way. The question necessarilj
turns around the pivotal points���is div-
orce the right and just thing, or is i<
wrong aud productive of .vil?
This very question has courted discussion of late from all possible points ol
view, from the religious standpoint,
from the standpoint of the statesman,
from the standpoint of the national economist, and Anally from the standpoint
of the moralist, and yet no conclusion!
whatsoever seem to have been reached.
It seems to me, however, that profound
conscientious, and well-meaning as tin
writers of the different articles hav��
been, they have all started from wrong
premises, and if I take courage to add
my opinions to the list of those expressed
by the ablest writers in the land 1 do si
because I shall start from an entireb
different point of view.
A crook at tbo Kansas state fair pickod a
woman's pocket and found in her puiso thiol
samples of dress goods, a recipe tor makiua
angel food, a h lirpin, two bread tiekets, s
package of court plaster anil a nickel with a
hole in it.
Dr. Charcot, the einiuv-nt scientist at the
head of the S iltpatriet'f) Hojpital, Paris, has
finished a lous; series of experlrheuts in hypnotism, and gives it as hi-t opinion that not
more than one person iu 1I)IJ,U0U is subject tc
tho influence.
Forests occupy 81* per cent of tho total
area of Sweden, 88 per cent of ltu>siu, 33 ol
Austria, 28 of Hungary, 25 of Germany, $
of Norway, 19 of Belgium, 17 of France, IS
of Switzerland, 17 of i-jpaiu, 12 of Italy, 4 ol
Great Britain aud Ireland and 19 of tin
United Stnt >s.
The most expensive thermometer in tlih
country is in use at tho Johns Hopkins University; it is known a* Prof. Rowland's thermometer, and is valued at $10,000; it is an
absolutely perfect Instrument, and tho graduations on the glass are s i lino th.it it is neoes-
sary to use a microscope to i end them.
Not many years ago the abandoned timbei
lands iu Aroostook County, Maine, away tif
near tho British province, were almost worthless for agricultural purposes. Later on
Swedes anil other industrious foreigners moved in, and now Aroostook County is tin
greatest potato growing county in Now Eng-
Kansas crops having failed, it becomes
necessary to stimulate emigration thither by
some new device, and the following has beeu
hit upon: "A Kansas man sunk a shaft on
his farm tho other day. and iug. ing down 100
feet, it is said, s'ruck two tive-fcot veins ol
mineral paint, a ten-foot stratum of brick
clay, a twenty-inch vein of coal and a live
foot stratum of marble."
A largo plum tree growing in a garden ii*
Santa Barbara, Cat, sent a root into an old
disused sewer and followed it for some distance. Finally it came to where the sewer
was cut off by a stone wall. The root hero
paused for some time, then went tip the wall
a foot from the ground, passed through a
hole down the other side, where itra-outureJ
tho sewer aud continued its cours \
When people say "calculate" they use e
word which goos bnck to the very lufuncv til
our race and the very beginning ol Ihe
science of arithmetic. It comes from thu
Latin Calculus, a pebnle. When men first b.i-
gnn io reckon and to compare numbers tli-y
coird think of no better way than to lay
pebbles ulong side of one another on the
ground, and hence the word for counting.
The Barley Crop.
Barley has 'oecn grown heretofore solely foi
malting for the brewers; aud its feeJiu*
qualities have been wholly ignored. Yet
some years ago this grain was t hs common
food for horses, and when ground into meal
waa used with waste milk and boiled potatoes for feeding pigs, and made the very beat
pork. The prejudice against tho culture of
barley, common among farmers, is, no doubt,
due to the necessity for the thorough cultivation, which takes the head aud hands mors
than ia agreeable to them. But tbe times
demand a great shaking upot dry bones, aud
one must put his hand to the plow in earnest
if be will succeed in making the farm pay
just now, aud barley is a good crop to grow
for feeding, if not for sale. Good barley
brings sixty to seventy oents per bushel in
Mew York, which is fifty per oent more than
corn. Fifty bushels' per acre may be grown
with the right cultivation. The tillage of
the land is the main point. Weeds and clods
will not do. Clean land, thoroughly mellowed, and in good heart, will produce a full
crop, and this is best for the land, as well aa
for the crop. We need bettor tillage, aad,
as there must be an inoentive for every good
act, ao we should choose those crops whioh
force us to till ths soil perfectly.
��������� ���������
��� ������        ���������
The New Vaneouver Coal Mining and Land Company
Nanaimo Coal       Southfield Coal
(Used Principally for Gas and Domestic Purposes) (Steam Fuel)
New : Wellington : Coal
(House and Steam  Fuel)
���S^ These Coals are Mined by this Company only and by Union Labor ^
THE   NANAIMO   COAL gives a [large percentage of  gas,  a high  illuminating [power,   unequalledjby any  other  Bituminous  Gas Coals in the world, and a superior
quality of Coke
THE  80UTHFIELD  COAL is now used by all the leading steamship lines on the Paoific.
THE   NEW  WELLINGTON  COAL, which was recently introduced, has already become the favorite fuel for all kinds of domestic purposes.     It is a clean, hard coal,
makes a bright and cheerfnl fire, and its lasting qualities make it the most economical fuel in the market.
The  several mines of the Company are connected with their wharves at Nanaimo and Departure Bay,[where ships of the largest tonnage are loaded at all stages of the tide.
Special despatch is given to Mail and Ocean Steamers.
SAMUEL M. ROBINS, Superintendent
A   Machine    Free     from   C'ltiiipliciitiona
Which Seems to Kill  the Bill���What
It Looks Like in Giving Hie Detail*
of the Game.
A simple method for tbe i toniutic buV
letining of electrically transmitted intelligence is a problem long sought for by inventors, instruments have been proposed, aud
efforts made to apply thotn commercially,
which, in practice, have been found too
eomplicated for practical purposes, too etc-
psnsive for general adoption, or, from their
Kb* adjn ttnonts aed other deflcioncias, 11
rials to dei unge Hem and error in working
Yielded I ul It-tin or indicator system must
ss reduced to the simplest electrical and me-
Slmnical oi'guiizstioo. The electrical for
inula, so to speak, must bo reduced to the
lowest tonus, approaching, as far as possible,
the Morse telegraph. It should be free from
complications aud delicate adjustments, cap
able of being relayed and repeated over any
length of line within a single circuit. Wi
illustrate a system having these qunlities to
a marked degree. It is the invention of Mr
S. D. Mott, of Passaic, N. J., who has reduced it to practice in an interesting anil
popular way by tbe construction of instruments for the indication of races and national games.
The annexed illustration shows a bulletin
(or the popular game of baseball.   On tho
Instrument, or in proximity thereto, is a programme of the day's game; tho contestants���
in this case Chicago and New York���are
printed in columns, say red and blue, here
indicated in hatched lines, with corresponding colors indicated  upon  the   dial   and
through the openings in the dial face.
Tee aif at Kind.
It was on a   Madison avenue car, Sew
XTork.     Three women wero standing   up,
while the six men who had seats wero reading their papers or looking into vacancy and
pretending not to see the si at e  of affairs.
Suddenly the man next to the door looked
into the face of one of the females and half
rose and said:
"Permit mo, madam.''
"By no means, sir."
"But I insist."
"But I had rather stand. Indeed, I am
stronger thai? you are. I nm tho museum
girl who lifts 400 pounds with her toes."
"Indeed I But I am the sideshow man who
lifts three fat meu and a chair."
"And you insist?"
"I do."
She dropped into the seat with a bow of
acknowledgment, and he grandly waved bis
hand and felt for a strap,
Prayer Hook in Band, We Gaze at the
Bright Shop Windows, Where Flowery
Data anil Airy Glnglinma Bloom Under
Glass and Are Not Frost Bitten.
In Lent wo say our prayers and buy our
cotton gowns. Sometimes, reversing the
proceeding, we buy our gowns aud pray���
the drossuiaker to be good to us uud them.
If you were with us ou our quiet little shopping expeditious you would see that we are
laying iu a store of:
Rough wools very hairy of surface;
Very light-colored peach and apricot
cloths, smooth, nnpatterned, supple und
White or mi, lonette wools, sheer enough
to pull through linger rings, strewn with
tulips or crocuses;
Pine twilled wools plaided in grey and
White India silks, gay with buttercups and
Lavender India silks, dainty with pink
Polka dotted India silks: thousands and
I: null-oils of thousands of them;
Black India silks with small brilliant Pompadour garlands;
Pale blue India pongees, patterned with
straggling stems of clover;
White pongees with jonquils starting up
from the hem ns if ono walked in a garden
of spring posies:
Cream-colored iKingees all adroop with
hanging sprays of yellow acacia bloom;
Crinkled crepes vividly alive with the
'lowers, birds, bees or butterflies of Japan;
Silvery or white challies over which creep
vinos of purplo-blrwsotuijtl wistwin;
Scotch ginghams with mist-like, dusky
grounds, out of which peer dust-colored
dowel's in low .tones as if seen at twilight;
Tartan ginghams and big fancy plaiilsin
pale heliotrope and pink, or pale bine and
Quaint and pretty silh-etriped ginghams,
at tdl sill; prices,
Jncoai'd prfngfcnxn iu old rose or China
-tine with Mini" Antoinette flnworpatterns;
Shoei'wliiln 1.���![;:'���-; willie'eep border8:of
briar youoa, haiid-worked above hemstitched
Pale gold batistps with borders of valley
lilies iu white nnd  limit d greens:
Blaok batistes powdered with scarlet maple keys shading into pinkish groans;
Black batistes with broad Inserted stripes
." open work pnibmldwy in wheols and
dower designs io block and purple.
Wonre going to catch our summer blonds
of drapery with lengths of broad velvet
Wo are going to wear a vast deal of the
brilliant dome blue out of doors.
Wo tire going to wear our street skirts
long enough to cover up nil but tho merest
suggestion of toein front, and as much longer than that as our common sense or luck of
it, will allow on the fan breadths behind.
We nre going, those of us who dare, to
wear jackets of glowing, glorious yellow to
greet the spring sun in kind.
We are going to wear other jackets of
white velvet and jiolish coats of Roman red
and "Moorish tailor coats" and French and
Spanish jackets of grey Indies' cloth with
many coquotries of silver buttons and red or
blue silk linings.
We aro going to wear cavalier capes, fuE
suid straight with immense collars aud high
shoulders, those in heliotrope cashmere lined
with silk, and with gold and silver cords
hanging from the tops of the armholes down
over the seams.
We aro going to put npon our heads toy
toques that are nothing hut handfuls of
bright flowers.
We are going to plait rushes of lace about
the flat hats for brims, and sometimes when
we take throe crimson roses for a crown, w*
are going to hide them as we did two yeara
ago under a puff of gauze.
Largest Stock
A Full Assortment Constantly on Hand
Prices Right    :    Terms Cash
Issues Policies on all the Latest
Plans at Greatly Reduced
. . Rates . .
The Results under our   :    :   :
Life Rate
Endowment Policies
Have never been equalled by
any other Company
Policies Nonforfeitable, Unconditional and
Loans Advanckd on Policies
For full particulars write
Manager for B. C.
Office-Bastings St, VANCOUVER
Wholesale and Eetail Butchers
Commercial Street, Nanaimo.
Heats delivered in oity and district free
of charge.
P.O. Box 227. 7-ll-12m Telephone 78.
Cor. Bastion and Commercial Sts.
Keepe ccnaUntly In Stook the Finest
Assortnit nt of
Provisions, Guns, Rifles, eta
KB The Highest Price paid for Fnra of all kinda. tEJi
A. HASLAM, Prop.
: Hill Strcet, Nanaimo, B. C.
P. O. Box 35.   Telephone Call 19.
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Always on hand.   Alao
Shingles, Laths,
Pickets, Doors,
Windows, Blinds.
Moulding, Scroll Sawing and Turning
All kinds of Wood Finishing furnished.
Harbor and outside Towing done at
reasonable ratea. S-ll-tf
Nanaimo'* Live Dally
Delivered to any part of the city
for 25 cents per week, in
advance,   or   $1.00
per month NANAIMO, B. C. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 18,1893
Ste gailg fekgnw.
One Year, bv Mail, or at Office of Publication,
in ' (Iv.in e. S3 CO
Six M-iittis, in advnn s, 4 ^
Three Months,      '��� 2 00
One Month, "  76
Delivered  y Newsboys, per Month, in ai'vano",   100
"              "            per week, In advance,
Single Copies, ���
Nonpareil Measironient, 12 tines to one inch.
lit e?nts per line for first
r line for each subsequent
ine.   Contracts by the
occupying three liaes
Ordinary Advertisements,
insertion, and a cents r
Beading Notices, 20 ce* ts p r
inn lines at Reduced Kates.
Hirths. Marr'ngesand Dclths.
or 1> ss, 25 OS '.ts earh,
Notice uf Death, with funeral announcement, $1,50.
Condensed Ailwrtisemen's, snch as cit.uations Vacant,
Msobantos ' r Domestics Wanted, 1 cent per word,
each insertion.
Other Ad^erlisemeots, occupying 2f> wonts or under,
50 cents for first. insertion, and 25 ceins for each
Biir,set|uetit insertion.
Bptol d Kates on Contracts fnr definite periods.
All Contracts for advertising for definite periofa made
at Itetlu ed Rates.
OFFICE���Corner Commercial and Church Sts.
(ftddn ��s),
Tub TSLSasAlC, Nanaimo, B. C.
Kdilor and Manager. P. O. Box 284.
The great English strike li\a reached an
end and the oien have returned to work at
the old rate of wages. Our despatches announce great rejoicing on ihe pirt of the
miners in consequence of the new phase of
the ereat struggle which haa been kept up
so long. While the preaent arrangement ia
announced as only temporary there is every
reason for the hope that it will be permanent,
the board of conciliation just organized will
begin its duties almost at once and will continue for a year. It is ompowered, vtben
necessary to fix the rate of miners wages.
This means that in future instead of a resort
to strife between tho miners and their
employrrs the matters in dispute will be
submitted to the board of conciliation when
an investigation iuto the merits of
the case will follow. The board
will determire what is fair aud
just for both parties and their
decision will have to be accepted. This is
what we wuut, in this Province and it is to
be hoped that at the next session of the
Legislature tlie ijovernment will introduce
a bill which will be capable of being put to
practical use.
Mr. Edison is ex >rrimeiting with a viow
to reducing the friction between the sides
of ships and water. "A ship drags a lot of
water with her," ho says; for instance, with
a vessel going 23 miles an hour, "two feet
from her Bide the water is going 10 miles an
hour; four foot away five miles an hour,
eight feet away two miles an hour, nine
feet away one mile an hour, and so on in
diminishing ratio. All this water the vessel
is dragging with her. That is what the
engine has got to do���not force the ship
through the water, but carry the water
alGng." This comes, he tells us, from the
fact that the water sticks to the sides
of the ship, and Mr. Elison wants
to do away with this "sticking.''
By experiment ho has sought "to
produco hydrogen by electricity along the
sides of the ship, eliminating the salt in the
water." He succeeded in a tank and "using
acurrent thrcugh the sides of the thip, reduced the friction of the water to a minimum." This promised to be "one of the
biggest things of the century," but whan he
tried genuine sea-water instead of salt in
fresh water, the invention would not work,
"because the ocean contains other things
than salt." He claims that if he were able
to apply his invention successfully to the
Campania, "she could cross easily in four
days." In the meantime, he suggests "forcing some cheap oil through the pores of the
sides of the ship under the water-line. Sho
would then s ip across the ocean on a bed of
oil like greased lightning."
iFi^-A-zeroi-A-:!! ^-^-d gkezn-ezr^l oon^cnynxssioir beoker
Room 11, Johnston Block, Commercial Street, Nanaimo,  B.C.
Mr. VV. T. Stead describes what he saw
from the car windows ou hia way to Chicago
as follows:���"We passed through a flat,
ro ling country, whose houses were of frame,
whose roads were of ruts, with the wagons
now on one aide then on the other. No
good roadways, save when frozen in winter,
and the cattle were scrawny like those in
Russia. There were not the houses of stone
and the smooth well kept roads of Hugh-id
and continental Europe."
A French physician who has studied the
habit of nail-biting carefully and scientifically for some years, announces that tbe
practice, which he dignities with the name
of onychophagy, prevails to a deplorable extent among the school children of Paris.
More than one-forth of the boy pupils in the
public schools aro confirmed nail biters,
among the girls the percentage is larger.
The habit, Ihe doctor said, is due to nervousness, and he proposed to cure it by
means of hypnotic "suggestions."
Montreal Witness:���In a world whore all
beneficent forces are at work, there is no
room for an idle man. The tendency of the
best thought of the time points to a day
when Carlyle's daring prophecy will be fulfilled that there will be no place for an idle
man on God's earth, and that the human
race will agree that the man who does not
live by industry lives by stealing. That
time is steadily drawing Bear. The more
incessant the emphasis on the nobility of all
true work, whether of brain or of hand, the
more quickly will dawn the day when toil
will come to the universal crown which is
its right.
The Rev. Sir John Warren Hayap, of
Bearwood, Berkshire, is supposed to be the
oldest Freemason in England. The reverend
baronet was initiated in 1819, the year the
Queen and the Duke of Cambridge were
born, and consequently he has been 74 years
a member of the Masonic Order. He was
made a Grand Chaplain by the late Earl of
Zetland in 1814. There are only two brethren living of senior standing as Grand Officers, namely, the Moolvie Mahomed Is-
mael Khan, who was Senior Grand Warden
in 1836, aud the Chovalier Bsrna d Hebeler,
who filled the same office in 1839.
The Hyogo (Japan) News of a recent date
saye: The Tajima life buoy was   tested near
the American Hatoba on Tuesday afternoon,
commencing at 1:30 p.m.   The operations of
three persons who went   iuto   the waler in
three different ways   resulted   very success
fully.    One had a coat  and   the   two other
experimenters wore belt-buoyi and cushion
buoys, carrying an umbrella and a long pole
to show the buoyancy of the new apparatus.
They all remained in  the   water   for a lone
while without any effort to II iat. One of the
men carried an umbrella, unfolded it in tie
water to shade himself from the eun and enjoyed   smoking a cigarette;   while   anoth r
one   partook of   refreshments, lying   tranquilly on the water.    Afterwards,  a scene
supposed to represent a shipwreck, was  exhibited with succ ss   amid the  applause of
the many foreigners and Japanese who were
looking on.    We believe that tho new buoy
invented by Mr. Tajima will be appreciated.
It is very portable and the cost moderate.
Railway Accident.
A cow broke down one of the gates which
open Irom some contiguous property onto
the track of the E. & N. R. R. and got out
upon the road. A passing train struck the
unfortunate animal and threw her into the
ditch breaking one of her hind legs, nn the
matter being reported to the E. & N. R. R.
Co, instructions were at once issued to make
every effort to ascertain the owner of the
animal so as to have it removed. In the
meantime tho officials are seeing that the
suffering animal is supplied with necessary
food and water and otherwise made comfortable which action is very creditable to
the Company. People who have animals
pasturing in fields whoso gates open on the
right of way of the road should see that all
the fastenings are secure for not only is
there danger ot killing the animal or animals
which might stray upon the track but there
is also the more serious chance of wrecking
a passenger train and causing the loaa of
many valuable lives. Very trifling obstacKs
even small pieces of stones have wrocked
trains beforo this and the exercise of a little
caution will do good not harm.
The Poultry Show.
Matters iu connectiou with the show have
assumed a definite slnpi; and arrangements
have been made to hold it on the 20th, 21st
aud 22ud December. There haa been a general wish on the part of the public, expressed in many ways, to cooperate and make the show a success
and credit to the city. One fact
may be mentioned and that iB the most
influential poultry fauciera of Washington
and Oregon assured the Nanaimo exhibitors
last year that they were anxious that a
change of locality should he made and should
Nanaimo bo chosen they would be only too
happy to come iu full force and well
armed with poultry to meet in friendly
rivalry and if possible   carry off the   honors
The public must understand the Victoria
Poultry Club which has been throwing in
objections to the annual show being held in
Nanaimo is an embryo society of limited
members. The B. C. P. D. k P. S. Association is a different club altogether. Those
who have thorough-bred fowl in this neighborhood even if they think them faulty
would do well to enter them and get them
scored and by that means obtain valuable
information in selecting stock.
If not, let m; write you a l'oliry in one of the following-
Companies, which arc anion;} the weilthiest ahd itromrest
in the world���
The Scottish Union and National, of Edinburgh, Scotland���eatabliahed 1824
The Hartford Fire Insurance Co., of Hartford, Conn.���establiahed 1810
The Union Assuracce Co., of  London, Eog. ���established 1714
The Eastern Fire Assurance Co. of Canada
Join   the   CITIZENS'
Money   at Home.
BUILDING   SOCIETY,  and   koep  the*
Agent for A. R. Johnston k Co.'s New Block, containing desirable Store3, Offices and Rooms, at very moderate rentals
MISS llLACKMUltN is a flrat-olasi Teacher In all
brandies of Art and Kanciv Decorative Painting.
Hours���0 to 12 m., 1 to 5 anil 7 to III p.m., Tues-
tlavs and Wednesdays. Only 25 cenls p-r hour
Studio in the Y.M.C.A. Block. 17-11 tf
NKITIIb.lt the owner", or
the undersigned wiil be
n sponsible for any tl��bts contracted by the crew of ihe all >ve
0. C. MOKSF*,
Master Ship Occidental.
NBITIIKK the owner*, or
the u-dersgned, will bo
responsible fir any debts contracted by the crew of the above
14-U<lt Ship J. A. BrlggS.
paying cost, of this Advetisenient.
Tklkouam Office.
Owner oan have Baine  by
Apply a*,
12-11 tf
AN E'.DKRLY MAN wants a situation aa .lanitor
or Porter, or any Ilka position.
11-11 tf
Apply at-, this office.
roomed house, city water.   Apply to
8-11 tf P.O. Box 1(13.
Furniture, Carpets, Bedding and General Housefurnishiog Goods
Graduate of Clark's Oriental, Eureka and United Statea
Colleges of Embalming
Stock Complete. Telephones   Ofilce, 30;  Residence, 101.
P. O. Box IB
K 1112m
��� ���
To A. A. EIOHARDSON'S Old Store,
opposite PIMBURY & Co. 's Drug Store.
Un'il Nov. 20th, we will give a liberal
DISCOUNT ON ALL CASH PURCHASES, to a-zoid tha trouble and
expense of moving goods.       :     :      :
Negotiations Suspended.
Berlin, Nov. 17. ���In consequence of the
disputes between France aud Belgium as regards African alfaire, the negotiations as to
the frontier limits between the French and
Congo States, have been suspended.
Tuesday Eve'ngr, Nov. 21
The Nightingale of Song and tjueen of Protean
Stars, Ch��rmi:g
And her Ezeelent Company in her
Latest Success
Northern Pacific Railway
Office: E. & N. Railway Depot
NANAIMO. 10-11 lm
Importer and Dealer* iathe
T. L. Browne & Co.
8 113m
To  punish
Shoes that
your Fe��t by
do not Fit    :
Our Shoes are Famous
Our Styles are Captivating:
Our Qualities are Enduring:
Our Fit Is Perfection
Our Prices are Reasonable
l tf
i! Maverick
17-11 4t   Reserved Seats on Sale at Pimbiiry & Co's.
In her
In i iu i tat ilc*
Alwava on hand, a full aaaortraent of
Canadian and  Cal fornia   Fruits
Also, a lull line of Domestic and Imports!
u im-raor-iaia or
Lemonade, Ginger Ale, Sarsa-
parilla,   Champagne and
Orange Cider, Iron
&c, &c.
Bottler nf ilirTr-rent Iranrla ol l.\jer Beer,
S vain Beer and Porter.
P.O. BOX 79.
Louis Lawrence, Prop.
A. E. Planta & Co.
Real  Estate  Brokers
Insurance and Commission Agents
46  Commercial  Street, Nanaimo,  B. C.
P. O. Box 167
Telephone 21
Don't Think About It
Before yon purchase your
A Timely Bargain is within your reach if yon
will immediately visit our Store. Everything
goes at the lowest possible prioe       :
Victoria Crescent, Nanaimo, B.C.
HULL BROS, ft CO , Proprietors
Wholesale and Retail Butchers
Dealers in all kinds ol
Hotels and Shipping supplied at short notice,
delivered free of charge to any part Of
the city or district.
(-'tne in and see how fair we will treat you
How well we will please you, and
How much we will save for you.
Leading Tailors
47 Com mere al Street
A. R. Johnston & Co.
Commission Merchants
Hull Bros, ft Co., Viotoria Crescent.
8-U lSm
To get the combination
we are now able to
We oould at any time irtt
��� fine Shoea at lilirh ooat,
tionjf -shoe* at incOiiiji ooa', poor Shoes at low oost.
We not hare
Fine Quality, StylUb. Designs, Durability
and CbeapneM Cjmblnod.
With a General Una ol
:     : 8-U-12 NANAIMO, B. C, SATIJBDAY, NOTEMBEB, 18, 1898.
Nanaimo Markets.
Business generally throughout the past
week haa been steady. While some merchants complain that money is tie;ht aod collections difficult others say that their experience ia that money Is beginning to
circulate ugiiu and that the commercial
aapact is of the most hopeful kind. The
prospect of steady mork in the V. C. Com-
panys Works for at least six months namely
the winter ones (tbe most tryiDg in every
way of the year) has had no doubt some
weight in influencing opinion. With the
resuinption of work busiueiB ia expected to
pick up strength and set money circulating.
During the past week seven vessels have
been entered inwards for cargoes of Wellington and Vancouver Coal Co.'s coal.
During tho name time five outgoing vessel))
cleared for San Francisco with 8130 tons of
coal consigned as follows:���
Nov. 15th, Hawaiian ss. Mon'aerrat, 849,
Rkckburn, 1300 tons coal, to J. Kosenfeld
k Sons.
Am. tbip America, 1,952, Harding, .>',100
tons of coal to Duosinuir ft Suns,
I5r. as. Wellington, 1,287, Salmoncl, 2,600
tons of coal to Dunsmuir k Sons.
Am. as. Empire, 520, Jcaeen, 030 tons of
coal to R. D. Chandler.
Am. bk. Coluaa, 1,129, Backus, 1,800 tons
of coal on account of N.V.C. Co.
Besides these shipments ths tugs entered
with the vessels took away 270 tons for consumption in their towage operations. The
following vessels have left San Francisco for
Departure Bay, B. F. Cheney, D. F. Sargent, J. E. Potter and Oriole and the Margaret for Uuiou, Comox.
All of the vessels at present under the
shutes at the wharves of either company we
being despatched as rapidly aa the coal can
brought on the wharven and dumped
into their holds. While, this den-pitch
vrould to the Btranger unacquainted w i b the
trade suggest a good market, auch is re illy
not the case. We ennot report any improvement in prices���the recaipta of coal in
San Francisco being, if anything, greater
than the demand. Merchants in that city
are looking for wet aud cold weather to
make a turn in the demand and re-establish
fuel to its old market value.
While we have no failures to chronicle nor
fresh business enterprises to report of tiny
moment, it is with the most profound regret
that we have heard of the petmancut st.nt-
tiog down of the Ea9t Wellington colliery,
the property of R. D. Chandler and associates, of San Francisco. From enquiries
made wo have learned that on account of
U'jBatisfactoiy returns from the Colliery for
two or thr yeara past the manuring owner
was equally indifferent as to whether the
mine was further worked or shut down.
When therefore differences arose between
the company and the men the owners im-
immediately telegrafted-'instructions to close
it down. Merchauts have nothing but kiud
words to i_��y of this company. Iu collection and payment of their debt? they were
prompt and business like and nothing waa
so irritatiog to them than to call for any
statement of account and then not have it
Aa an indication of winter trado we may
mention that Mr. W. H, S. Perkius who
-successfully built up a largo business in thia
city under the partnership of Sneacor k
Perkins has bought out Mr. A. A. Richardson's interest in the dry goods business and
is opening out a well selected siock on the
west side of Commeicial street iu oue of
Johnston k Co.'s new Btores. Tbe knowledge which Mr. Perkins has gained in
Namiimo business circle] must be very great
and his launching out in the en' rprising
way in which he ia doing must herald better
Mrs. M. R. Counter, also achrewd, clever
and level-headed merchant, displays hia
faith in what is to come by importing and
opening out some 15 to 20 cases of fancy
goods and plated ware for the Xmas holidays. "Yes," said Mr. Counter yeaterday,
"1 f el confident that business will have so
far improved in a short time as to enable
me to dispose of the largest importation of
plated and other fanoy goods that has ever
entered Nanaimo.
Mr. T. L. Browne, of the Box, contemplates removing his salerooms lo the premises lately occupied by A. A. Richardson.
This removal is caused by want of room.
Mr. Browne is another who, although confessing that there was considerable stringency in the money market, hoped for better
Bmi i.
Quite a few buildings are being hastened
in tho finishing in anticipation of winter.
Among which may be mentioned Mr. Has-
lan's new residence on the oorner of Wallace
street and Comax road, the Presbyterian
Church which is much advanced and private
residenpes for Messrs, Pleace, Young, Stanton and Holdenell. Two neat dwellings
one for Mr. Irvine on Comox road and
another for Mrs. Robinson on Kennedy
street are well forward while the building
for Wm Bray is finished. Ths Provincial
Jail is about three quarters finished and has
just been roofed with slates, while the walls
of the Salvation Army Bartaoks a ttaadaoine
brick struolure almost reached ths level of
the ceiling of the main hall.
Tho demand for lumber is dropping off
that for sashes, doors, etc, is setter, due to
the finishing of many buildings.
In this line business has considerably improved. The quotations of tbe Nanaimo
markets are as follows: Butter, Creamery,
:15c.; Dairy, 25o, per lb. Eggs, Case, *25o.;
Fresh, 50c. per doz. Meals, Ham, LtUc,
Bicon Roll, 183., Breakfast, 22o. per lb.
Sug*r, Granulated, 14 lbs. for ��1.; Yellow,
10 lbs. for SI. Green Crown, $1.00. Teas.
English Breakfast, 50c, per lb.; Young
Hyson, 50c, and Gun Powder, 6(b. Coffees,
Whole Roast, 40o. per lb.; Green, 35c;
���Ground Can, 60c; Equit.iblo 3 lbs. for SI.
Canned fruits, table fruits, 3 cans for $1.
pie fruit, '25c. a small tin; 05c. for a gallon
tin. Canned vegetables, such as p:aa, corn,
beans, tomatoes, Aylmer Canada goods, 8
tins for $1. Canned salmon, 8 tins for 81.
Pickles and sauces, C. k B. pints, 40c and
75c. Sauoes, pin*!, 25o.; quart , 50(ij 75c
Vinegar, 75c. per gallon; imported C. k B ,
25c. a bottle. Canned meat, oorned beef,
25fj35. Roast beef, do. tongue, 8S@7ffo.
Canned poultry, 25c. per can. Jam and
jellies as., 2co. per pot, 51b. pails, 85c; 71b.
pails, SI. 15. Mustard and spices, mustard,
<5c. per J b. tin; all spices, Jib. tins, 25c.
Bread, sweet bisouita, 20o. per lb.; soda
crackers, 2101b. boxes, 25(5 75c. per box.
Soapt, Electric, 25c per bar or $4 per box;
yellow, lOo. a bar, $2 75 a box; Morse's
Mikado, 25c. a bar, $3.05 per box. Toilet
artioles all prices.
Flour and Feed.
Flour is steady and prices of feed unchanged. Flour:���Hangarian $1.50 per sack.
Walter Songster Gets Twelve Years.
Vancouvkb, Nov. 17.���Walter Sangster
came here some months ago Irom the eastern stater. He was unab.e to find wo k,
and in a fit of despondency drank heavily.
He became crazed with liquor and ran
through Chinatown, firing at everyone he
met with a revolver. He wou ded several
Chinamen and killed an Iudiad named Tom,
deliberately firing a bullet through hia head.
Sangster pleaded guilty before Mr. Justice
Drake to-day, aud on acoount cf hia youth
and previous good behavior was sentenced
to 12 years in the penitentiary. The sentence is thought extremely light here.
Tne Theatre.
The Alvin Joslyn company appeared in
the Nanaimo Theatre to a large audience
last evening and were well received.
Tne Bishop in Northfleld.
Bishop Pcrriu will arrive by the noon
train to-day and in the course of the afternoon visit Noithfield where a reception will
be accorded him and an address presented to
him by Dr. Walkem on ttie part of the
members of the Church of England in North-
field and East Wellington. Recitations,
songs and an address by the Bishop will
oomprise the evenings entertainment. Tea,
coffee, oake and other refreshments will be
served aa well
Portland, $1.50 per sack. Wheat $35 per
ton, 1.75 per sack. Bran $24 50. Shorts
$26 per ton. Chopped feed $35 per ton.
Oats $30 to $35 per ton. Oatmeal 50c 10 IH.
s<ck. Rolled Oita do Cracked Wheat do
Buckwheat 65c.
Poultry and Fish*
Mr. Marsh reports venison and halibut a
plentiful, Cod is scarce aod in great demand.
A telegraphic order for 100 pounds of Halibut for Vancouver couU uot be filled. The
prices ruling were as follows:���Bear Meat,
10c. per lb, Venison, 7 to 10c per lb.
Duck", Teal, 25c Widgom, 50c and Mallard 75c per brace. Spring Chickens $150
per pair. Grouse 50 to 75c. per brace.
Halibut, 10 cts. per lb. Salmon, deep sea
very scarce, 10 cts. Cougar salmon, 4 cts.
Pickerel, salt water, 3 for 25 cts. Cod,
(grey) 3 lb. for 25 cts. Cod, rock) 2 ots.
per lb, Cod, (kelp) 5 per lb. Herrings, 3
lb for 25 cts. Suate crisped, 8 cts. per lb.
Octopus, SI per head.
Vegetables, Etc.
Potatoes   are   plentiful   at $1.25.    Vegetables are mostly sold by the sack.   Carrots,
turnips and parsnips at   ijl per sack.     Cab-,
huge are plentiful und command  5 eta per
pound aud celery 5 lo 10 cts a bunch.
Apples are mostly   imported   and are retailing at $1.50 per box as well as pears  but
there is no great demand for either.
The Financial World.
New Yobk, Nov. 17.���Closiog bids were:
Atchison, HIJj Burlington and Quincy,   78J;
Canada Southern, 49; Canadian Pacific, 731;
Central Pacific,   18i; C. C. C.  34A;   Delaware   and   Lackawanna,   165-J;   Erie,   13j;
Wells,   Fargo k Co.,   120;   Great  Northern
p-efu-red, 108; Lake  Shore,   127;   L. k N.,
47|;   Missouri Pacific, 24: New York Central, 10J; North Eastern, 77i; North American Co., 7; Northern   Pacific, 8j; Northern
Pacific preferred, 21 J; Northwestern, 102J;
Oregon   Navigation,   20;  Oregon   Improvement, Hi,'; Pacifio Mail,   16;  Reading, 20|;
Rock I land,   00;   Southern   Pacific,   18^;
S\ Paul, 63;  Uuion Pacific,   171; Western
Union, S0.[; bar silver 70   centi   per ounce.
Money on call 1 to 2; foreien exchange sterling, 4 83J for 60  days,   4 SO   on   demand;
Union  Paoiflo firsts of 1890, 102J   to   1034;
Central  Pucifie firsts of 1895, 102J.
Bradstrcets Weekly Review.
New  Yobk,   Nov.   17.���Bradstreels  to.
morrow will say:    Exports  of wheat  (flour
included) from the U. S. and Canada,   both
coasts, thia  week   equal   2,645,000 bushels
compared with 2,813,000 buBhels last  week,
3,943,000 bushels  in   the   second   week   of
November 1S92   and   6,383,000   bushels  in
that week of 1891.      General  trade  in Ontario  ia   quiet, and   without features, notwithstanding   colder   weather,   which   has
oiused a better feeling in dry i*nods.    Buckwheat ia being shipped to the United  States
freely.    In the Province of Quebec, country
toads are   reported   good   and farmers   are
busy with  fall  plowing.    The   outlook   for
retail trade points to improvement although
well   informed   merchants    expect    heavy
stocks at the close of  the  year  will bo the
rule.    The outlook   for   colder   weather in
Nova Scotia has stimulated   the demand for
dry goods, furs  and   fuel.     Collections  at
Halifax are only fair and the catch  during
the fishing season haa been moderate.   Bank
clearings at  Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal,
and  Halifax   amount  to $19,847,000   this
week 8 per  cent, less   than  last we;k   and
22 per cent,  less thau in the same weok  a
year ago.
Dun tc Co.'s Weekly Report.
New Yobk, Nov. 17.���R. G. Dun k Co.'s
weekly review of trade says: The decrease
in the volume of business through the olear-
ing hour.:* continues about the same and for
the past week was 18 per cent. The failures for the week have beeu 324 in the
United States against 205 last year and 36
in Canada against 35 laat year. Besides one
bank in Ohio and the Thurber failure, there
were four of liabilities over $100,000 and
sixty-eight other over $5,030. The volume
of indebtedness of firms failing in the previous week was $3,727,467, against $3,467,-
346, the woek before, being larger east and
A Victorian Lawyer in an Uncomfortable
Victoria, B.C., Nov. 17.���The o*tioe of
Barrister Perry Mills was this morning the
scene of excitement seldom witnessed in the
sacred precinct! of Court House square.
Robert Morrison, a Cowichaa firmer who
was recently tbe defendant in the sensational case of Morrison vs. Morrison for
separation and marriage portion under contract, was the aggressive party, Mills as the
legal reprnentrlive of Mrs. Morrison having put the sheriff in poss-ssion of Morrison's
farm lo secure payment of the judgment debt.
At the trial Morrison waaproved guilty of the
most atrocious cruelty and was well roasted
therefor by lawyer Mills. In return he
challenged Mills to fight and oame nrar being committed for comttmpt. This morning
he was in a ragoover the sheriff e appearance
and determined to take it out of Mills. For
this purpose he came armed with a whip
and chased Mills round and round his office
while the frightened clerk wreatled with
"Central" over the telephone iu an eudi nvor
to secuie police assistance. Morrison has
also threatened Mills in letters and tho
latter has concluded patience ceased to be
a virtue and will take action immediately.
Walter Jones & Co.
Wellington, B C
11      Tl    1
vtlu JjA
WTill be held in the
Happy Dunn
The Champion All-Round Wrestler
of Australia and Now Zealand
��� AND ���
Light-weight Champion
Will givo exhibitions in Catch as-Catch-Can,
Cumberland, Collar-and-Elbow, Cornish
and Side Hold.    A number of local
men will meet the champions in
the different styles, viz.:
JACK STUART ami others
A   number   of   Local   Boxers will   give
exhibitions during the evening.
Admission   -   50 Oents
Notary Public
Conveyancer, &c
Equitable Life
Assurance Society
Robert Kilpatrick
Coal, Wood and Lumber Hauling
Promptly Attended to
Doors, t ashes,
Moulding?, Shingles,
Dressed Lumber,   Turnings,
Yard and Offloo opposite Hogan'a Btere,
Near Newoaatle Toanaita.
D. L. GOW, Ag-ont.
Nanaimo, Oil. 8th, 180:1. S-ll Hm
c. c. Mckenzie,
Land Agent, Conveyancer and Accountant
OFFICE���Front Street, Nanaimo.
Town Lots and Farms for Sale.   Money to Loan on
Mnrtjriiirc* at low rates.
Agent lor ths United lire Inauranoe Co., ol Manchester, England. 8-11 14m
Wo beg to call your attention to our
Which takes place
We are about to remove Into larger premises, and shall offer fop Publta
Sale, as above, the whole of the goods now contained on the old.
premises, ENTIRELY WITHOUT  RESERVE���Everything wUl
be Knocked Down to the Highest Bidder.
The articles comprise���
Furniture, Carpets, Stoves, Groceries, Cigars, Men's
and Boys' Clothing, Hats, Boots and Shoes, Crockery,
Books, Pipes, &c. Also, 1 Second-hand Piano, 2 fine
Banjoes, 2 fine Shot Guns, and 2 Winchester Rifles
S-ll 3m HARRY FORESTER, Auctioneer ,
Winter Specialties   ������
For Sale at the  NANAIMO   PHARMACY
W.   E.   MCCARTNEY,   Manager
W. Clark's Balsam of Honey, a most ettioac!oua remedy for Omighs, Colds, &c.
For  long-standing Colds, Weak Lungs, and tha after etfec's of  La Grippe, use our
Emulsion of Cod Liver OH with Jamaica Rum.
For Bronohial Irritation and .Maladies of  the Throat, so prevalent at this season, our
Bronchial Tablets will give immediate relief.   Try them���only 2no per box.
Rose Glycerine Lotion, an exquisite toilet preparation for Chapped Face and
Hands or any Roughness of the Skin,
THE NANAIMO PHARMACY, 44 Commercial Street
Telephone 31 8-11-12111 Night Telephone 115
james McGregor,
Clothing, Gents* Furnishings, Underwear, flats, Caps, Etc.
iisr^isr-AJiiLvro, b. o.
8-11 6m
:   :   LENZ   &   LEISER   :   :
Turner, Beeton & Co.
H. C. Beeton & Co., 83 Finsbury Circus, London
Indents executed for any kind of European or Canadian Goods
Guardian Assurance Oo.
North British and Mercantile Assurance Co.
La Foncier (Marine) Insurance Co., of Paris
S-ll 6m
Importers: and: Wholesale: Groeers
100  and   102  POWELL STREET
8-M-tf 6
Epwortn League.
The Epworth League of Wallace street
church will give a social entertainment in
the Y.M.C.A. rooms on Thanksgiving hi��,ht.
Watch for further notice.
Str. Ina.
The Str. Ina cleared for the Fraaer river
yesterday where she will during the fishing
season be used for the purpose of towing
boats for the cannery owned by the purchaser Mr. Hinchclitte.
The First Slating.
The slating of the roof of the New Nanaimo jail is completed. This is the first
structure in this vicinity which has had a
roof slating. It ia said that the Hamilton
Powder Works coutemplate covering their
buildings with the ttime material.
A Go 3d Idea.
Mr. Dignen, of (labriola Island, has purchased the steam launch Cecilia from Messrs.
Campbell & Foreman. This investment will
be ol great aasistanoe to the investor as it
will enable him to carry his produce to tho
Nanaimo market, in formor times Campbell & Foreman ran a forry oveiy Friday between t labriola lalaud and this city but the
traffic was so small that the returns for
ferriage did not pay running expenses. Of
course the settlers missed the ferry steamor
very much but in the face of a direct loss it
could not be exptcted that the owners of
the ferry could carry it on,
New Government Buildings.
There are rumors in official quarters that
the Provincial Government contemplate
placing a sum of mouey in the estimates at
the next session of the Legislature to erect
Government Buildings to meet the increasing needs of this important District. These
buildings will be fined up so as to embrace
the Courts of Justice and Government
offices. Those at present in use by Mr.
Bray are far to small for the carrying on of
the business of the district and moreover it
is especially inconvenient for the Registrar
of the Court to have to pack public and legal
documents backwards and forwerds from
the Government office to the Court Boom
and back again.
Caledonian Grounds.
Nanaimo having hitherto been sadly in
want of a ground on which sports snd picnics might be held the Caledonian Club
thinking that the venture as a financial
scheme would be a success determined upon
patting their grounds situated in the Mill-
streun Valley near Haslam's mill, but above
the E. and N. B. B. bridge, in a proper
condition to allow of their being used for
that purpose. Tenders were called for according to certain specifications furnished to
the applicant but on these tenders being
opened the society considered the bids to be
"too high" to justify them in letting out
any coutract, but they are still determined
to carry out their intention;. Thinking
what was needed might be much more cheaply constructed by day labor, the socie'y at
once put a gang of men to work grading and
draining their property. It is now sometime
since the work haa started and ihe next
week will probably see the completion of
the work. The grading of a food cinder
bicycle track is being laid out and drains to
surround the northern and western portions
of the ground put in. Thess with two cross
drains, will it is believed, carry off all the
current and surface water. It is the intention of the society to put the grounds in
first class order, so that in future auy sports
in connection with any event or society may
be carried out ou a well ordered ground instead of in the public streets as  heretofore.
Posters���large or small���at The Daily
Positively Deny the Rumor.
Washington, D.C., Nov. 18.���A London
stock exchange rumor that the United
States had sent over an agent to negotiate
a gold loan is regarded as simply an echo of
the inaccurate statements recently published
in New York that Sub-Treasurer Jordan has
gone abroad for that purpose. Treasury
officials assert positively that no agent haa
been sent abroad by the United States to
enter upon a negotiation for a gold loan.
No such arrangement, even if contemplated,
could be carried to completion before a
meeting of Congress which will be in regular session on December 4th.
The Behring Sea Case.
Washington,   D.C.,   Nov.   17.���Senator
Morgan, who was one of the arbitrators on
the part of the United States in the Behring
Sea matters, is utilizing   the   congressional
recess to put the findings which were promulgated last summer, together with   the decisions of the several arbitrators, and which
will  be   printed   in   Paris and distributed
thence by ag�� tits of tbe Governments  of the
United S'utes and Great Britain on  the 1st
of January next.    In   connection   with this
matter, naturally Senator Morgan   has been
in conference with Sacretary  Greaham, and
yesterday was with him at the State I 'apartment from 4 o'clock till."i.   It was this inter view
which gave rise to the reports printed today, that while the Department of State in
Washington   is   arranging   to   secure   the
formal   acceptance by   the governments of
Russia,   C'liipa,   Japan and   Korea of the
terms of the findings of the tribunal so far
as the   position of   these   countries   is concerned, with a view to  making the regulations as effective as possible, the regulations
may be enforced either by executive order
or legislation.   The latter method will probably be adopted.     In the meantime, however,   a   proclamation   by   the    President
and of the British oonsul may be made to
any out the proposals of the tribnnal.   The
modus vivendi last agreed upon between the
U. S. and Great) Britain,   remains  in force
until the Secretary has requested the senator
to oall and consult about the Ha waiin matter.
As a matter of fact Hawaii was not referred
to except in the most casual and incidental
way.    No questions of the President's policy or of the instructions given in Hawaiian
matters was raised Negotiations are progressing between the two governments with a view
to pntting into effect the regulations governing the protection and killing   of seals,  recommended by the tribunal of arbitration
Mr. Bayard's labors with  Lord Roseberry,
on this point in London, terminated by a
joint aotion of parties, but ^applies only to
the Behring Sea, and while waiting for oon-
ourrent legislative iotions, its provisions it
is thought might properly be extended to
the surfaoe over whioh a closed period ia to
be maintained by executive order, part of
the year, by the terms of the decision of the
Customer (in cheap restaurant)���1 boy*
yoai don11 rail this a square nifiii.
Walter���Well, we'll call it square when you
isttio tor It
Saw a Train Coming.
The train was passing over a high trostto
work, on au Ohio railroad, when a man who
Lad been smoking bis cigar in silonco suddenly observed:
"Ah! g ntlviiien, but I havo cause to r��
member this spot all my life."
"Anything happen to you here!" asked out
of tho quartet.
"Indeed, something happened. It was two
years ago this month. I was visiting my
aunt in that hamlet at the other end. Out
day I wanted to come ovor to the big stunt
quarry, u quarter of a mile further on. If
was a near cut to take tbe track, and so 1
took It."
"Ami met a train I" exclaimed a voice.
'"Yes, I had reached the centre of thl
trestle, which is ninety-five feet above tht
cruel rocks, when I heard tho whistle of n locomotive, and a moment litter caught t-iguf
of a freight train rounding the curve. Then
was only one possible way of escape."
"And you���you������"
"I s iz'si it. Though considerably rattled
I did not lose my presence of mind. Dropping down between the orosspleces I swunj)
clear with my feet and hung on with mj
hands. You ctin judge of a man's feeling!
with almost a hundred feet of space betweer,
his feet and a groat mass of jagged rock."
"Great Scotsl How long did you hanj
"About ten minutes."
"But did it take the train that long to pasi
over you?"
"Oh, no."
"Then how was it?"
"Why the train side-tracked at the other
end, you see, and 1 hung on until ouo of tht
brakesmen walked out to me and said if 1
wasn't in the circus business to stay I'd better
get out of that."
"But I dou't exactly see."
"Oh, there is nothing to see. I got oft* tbi
bridge all right, with three hours to spar
before another t: ain came along. I was verj
much obliged to the brakesman���very much
I might have hung there all day, you know.*
A frriotioal Astronomy Lesson.
One chilly evening ti, ��� sitting-room in
which my pupils and I sat was Murmed
by a grate fire. Shaking out some small
live coals, I bade the boy, observe which of
them turned black soonest. They were quick
to see that the smallest, did, but they wero
unable to tell why. They were reminded of
the rule tlu-y had committed to paper, butt
to no purpose, until I broke a large glowing
coal into a score of fragments which b'cirau
black almost at once. Thou one of them
cried, "Why, smashing that coal gave it
more surface." This young fellow was stu lying the elements af astronomy at school, so
1 had him give us some account of how the
pluuets differ from one another in size; how
the moon compares with the earth in mass,
and how vastly larger than any of its worlds
in the sun. Explaining to bim tho theory
ot tho solar system's fiery origiu. I shall
not soou forgut his teen delight���in which
the others presently shared���when it burst
upon him that because thu moon is much
smaller than tho earth it must be much
colder; that, imbed, it is like a small cinder compared with a large one. It is easy
to advance from this to understanding why
Jupiter, with eleven times the diameter of
the earth, still gl)��s faintly in the sky;
und then to note that the sun pours out itt
wealth of heat and light because tho immensity of its bulk hus, comparatively
speaking, so little surface to radiate frogs.
���George lies, in Popular Science Monthly.
An Electrical Street Sign.
A most useful electrical street sign, says
tbe Sun, has come into use in England. A
Bght brass framowjrk Is fitted with opaque
glass bearing the signs desired, the namoof
a linn, a railway station, or a theatre, aa
the case may be. These tablets are visible
by day as well as by night, and as the obstruction to light is inappreciable, they are
becoming as popular as effective.
Klu- Hun Awtj In a l>rugoon's l>n*t��,
A young woman created a sensation in ths
I blade la Qalete, Paris, the other night by
appearing in tuo uniform of an olllcer or
dragoons. She wens into a restaurant and
ordered a dish of oruyfUn, but a wary policeman, who watched her movements, followed her ns she wm leaving the refreshment establishment and arretted her. la
tho meantime, the officer whose uniform the
gay girl hail donned dressed himself in muftl
and w ent out to look for his missing female
friend Wilo ha I lieun helping him to keep his
birthday, lie found her in tho police station,
whence sho wiu only released this morning
after having relinquished previously hor
military habiliments and resumed her own
���ostiiin >.
Only a deeming Extravagance: Wife���
I've just found a receipted hatter's bill in
your pocket, I thought you said you didn'l
feel able to buy yourself a new silk hat this
fall? Husband���Xo indeed ; that was out
I bought to pay a bet with.���Time,
On Seventh Avenue.���Pomp���'Pears U
me ilar's suinlin' queer 'bout de set ob dost
pants of yours, Mose. Amdey ready-made)
Alosc���No sah ; I don' wear no hand-me-
downs. Dose trousahs was made U
measure ! Pomp���Sho���yo' don't say
Who for *.���Punk.
Nanaimo .   .   .
In connection
Open Day aad Night
Wnlte Labor Only Employed
Native and Olympian
:   :   : OYSTERS
In Any Style
The only Restaurant In town that puts up
And upward! at all hours of the day and night
In order to sustain the reputation
of the
Cheapest  House in the
We are offering Special
Low Prices
15 yds Canton Flannel for $1
Worth 10 cents a yard
6 yds of the Best Grey Flannel in B. C. for $1
Ladies' Macintoshes at $1.60,
$2 and $3
These were double this
price, but they must go
Freich Flannels, 3 yds for$l
Worth 50 cents a yard
Beautiful Assorted Plaids at
60 cents
Worth 85 cents
Black  Cashmere, full width,
at 30 cents
Worth 45 cents���see it
Silk Tartan Plaid at 50 cents
Worth 75 cents
500 yards Bleached Sheeting at
25 cents
This is a Special cut
See our Ladies' and Children's
We Lead
Hair Curlers at 10 and 15 cents
Others Charge  Double
the Price
Ladies' Cashmere Hose at 25,
35, 40 and 50 cents
These   line   cannot   be
beaten in the Province
Call and examine our prices,
also secure Butterick's December Metropolitan Fashion
Plate, sent free. We are
Agents for Butterick's Ladies'
and Children's Patterns.
Stanley House
Blacksmith and Carriage Builder.
All Work Guaranteed.
First-olaes  Dining   Parlors  have
been flitted upstairs.
Oysters Raw Pan Roast
Fancy Roast
Plain Roast      Milk Stew
Dry Stew
New York Box Stew
Cyster Loaves Fried
�� teaks      Chops        Fish
Game in Season
FROM $20.
Pants, $6
your Eye
on it
The Scotch Bakery's good
Bread. It is the best in
town���will bar none.
Commercial Street, Nanaimo.
Good Rooms, Wholesome Food, Courteous Attention
And Pricea Reasonable.
at thia hotel are always ol superior quahty.
Give the Central a call.
J. B. MCDONALD, Proprietor.
Manager. 8-H-ltm
Next door to the Central Hotel, Nana'mo, B.C.
.rl cons'ant ly on hand an assort ment ol Meats
and Vegetables, and hopes to receive a continuance
if the pationnire eo liberally bestowed in the post
Meutu, etc., delneied to a 1 parts of the city free of
charge. 8-lM'2m
811 tl
Runs Palatial Sleeping and Tourist Cars;
Through to Montreal and
St. Paul Daily.
Conncctions'in ade with all Atlantic Steamship Lines.
$5 to $10
Less thin Ai.y Other Route.
Steamship Lines
The following are sailings from
Vancouver, eujbect to change
and ic dividual postpone-
Emprees'of Japan ��� - - Nov. 13
Empress cf China - - - Dec. 11
Impress of India    -   -   Jan. 8,'94
Wairimco  ------   Nov. 16
Arawa Deo. 16
For further information apply to
GEO. McL. BROWN, Agent..
Dist. Pass. Agent,
Vancouver, B.C.
J. E. BUTLER, Master.
On and after March 22nd, 1893,
' Tn~e Steamer JOAN will sail as follows,''
calling at Way I'ojts as Freijsht
and Passenger* may offer:
Leave Vio+orta, Tuesday, 5 a.m.;
n    Nanaimo for Comox, Wcdnetday, 7 a.m.       "*
m    Oonrnx   for Valdez   Island,   every   alternate ���
Thursday, 7 a m., (returning Ban e day).
ii    Comox for ttanaimn, Friday, 7 a.m.
M    Nanaimo for Victoria, Saturday, 7 a.m.'  EWI
For freight rr state rooms apply on board, or at the
Company's ticket office, Victoria Station, Store street.
k. c. Mcdonald
Manufacturer and Dealer in all kin'a ot
Carriages, Express Wagons, Buggies, Sleighs, Etc:
Horse-shoeing k General Blacktmithing,.
Carriage, Sign and Ornamental Painting..
OH^-FEXj   ST.,,
NANAIMO. B. C. 8-ll-lSm
Steam Carriage Works
RALPH CRAIG, Proprietor
:  :  GENERAL  :  :
Blacksmithing & Carriage Building
Hade to Order and Repaired,
Made to Order on Short Notlee.
Nil em
Bastion street, Nanaimo.  8-ll-iSm
Green's Block, near Port Offloe,
NANAIMO, B. a 8-11 lta
Spectacle Wearers
If you want mutable Glasses send for our
Scientific Eye Test, sent postpaid
to any address
F. W. NOLTE  & Co.
37 Fort St 8 ll-3m       VICTORIA, B.C.
VICTORIA ROAD, opp. Prldeauz St.
First-class Material snd Workman hip Guaranteed.
Alio, Boots snd Shots Neatly Repaired.
8-11 Sin
The Whereabouts of Chas. McCiitcheon
Will find him at No. 55 Comox
Road, at corner of Pub'io Park.
He keeps a line of the best
In town, which he sella cheap for
cash.   If you want a fair deal give
him a call.
When   you  go to Westminster
Stop at the
BILL and JACK win always be on
hand to give yon a cordial
welcome. 8-11
pain with " Laughing Gas."
OFFICE���Conunerolal Street,
Odd Fallows' New Block (up itairal.
O be frightened to
death not instantly,
but by long hours of
terrible suspense���
tbe blood freezing,
tbe braiu maddening, tbe heart stop
ping���can man or
demon devise a
death more horrible!
Lou nnd Nora Mix,
aged 16 and 18, respectively, in their
home on Michigan
avenue, at 11 o'clock Friday evening, hastily undies'ed without a light and went to
bed. For live minutes they talked merrily.
But suddenly conversation wns hushed.
They lay shuddering Iu each other's arms,
'. beir heads buried in the blankets, their
hearts fluttering, their Jteeth chatter-in";.
Protruding from under the bed had appeared a man's boot.
By and by the jould whisper faintly.
"See if the window isopeii," panted Nora.
"I K"'t!"gasped Lou.
Nora peered out just enough to see that
the window was partly raised. This only
confirmed their feurs. The man under th
bed wus u burglar, waiting for them to sleep.
They dared not scream, lest, ho murder
them. Their parents, sleoping down stairs,
if oroused might be killed. Tho girls'only
hope was to let the burglar know they were
awake, yet uot inform him they suspected
his presence.
"Revolver under your pillow*" asked
"Yes."        ma *
"So is mine."
This, said aloud, wall for tne burglar.
They had no firearms. At f-ight of a pistol
the girls would have fainted.
"Chloroform!" whispered Lou. Both
thought they detected the odor of that drug.
Was he thus to mako them insensible, murder themi They had read of such deaths.
The fatal influence was comiug over them,
a trembling, a numbness, with noises like
drum beats in the air.
The clock struck 1S2. The man under tbe
bed moved.
Then Lou in a husky whisper said:
"Quick I Let him know we are awoke."
(     Uncovering her head, Norn in trembling
tftnes hummed a song lenrned in childhood.
The burglar   became  silent.    The odor   of
chloroform seemed abating.
The girls again whispered, but tho more
they talked the more frightened they be-
cume. They recalled the story of the kissing
burglar, who, findii g a young woman alone
in bed, had deliberately kissed her. They
remembered Mrs. Maloue, who was so
frightened by a burglar thatiu tho one hour
of terror her hair turned white. Madly now
rushed such thoughts as come to tho dying.
Worthless, odious seemed their gay lifo. All
of a sudden Nora stealthily reached to the
dresser at the head of the bed, put a book
under her pillow, and tore a card into fragments. The book wns the bible; the card au
invitation to a fashionable ball. Then came
half an hour of silence dreadful,   appalling.
The clock struck 1, Tho man under the
tied moved.
It was Lou's turn to silence him. Throwing
Ihe blankets from her head, she with great
dilliculry emoted a verse of scripture. She
fancied her heart throbs shook the bed.
The whispering was resumed. Nora unwisely mentioned an old murder of which
she had read. The crime, or rather series of
crimes, had been committed iu the far west.
In a tavern a bed had been so constructed
that iu it one could lie comfortably only on
one's left side. Concealed under the bed
was tho murderer. The unfortunate traveler asleep, there was thrust up through the
bed and into his heart a long, sleuder needle,
A groan and all was over. The small
wound escaped notice. Not until many had
become victims was murder suspected. Tha
weird, blood-curdling story nearly made
the girls frantic. They imagined such
needles piercing their bed. Not for the
world would they lie on the left side. Their
arms tightened around each other's necks.
The clock struck ii. The man under the
bed moved.
At this instant they were startled by a
noise in a room above. It was their father
descending the stairs. He would be killed.
They recalled the bnell murder. If they
warned him they might all be killed. Fortunately tho father had no light. He approached tbe sitting-room stove, opened the
door, put in some coal, then, looking toward the girls' room, said:
"Asleep I"
The sisters had been holding their breath,
expecting every instant a bullet from under
the bed would begin the butchery by killing tbe father, Lou s hands were pressed to
her ears to deaden tho report of the pistol.
But Nora, her tongue parched, stammered
in reply one word:
He slowly returned to bed, they daring to
givo him no hint of tbe danger. Then came
again tbe oppressive silence.
All of a sudden slow, measured footstepa
a block away were heard. It was a patrol-
muu approaching. He saw the open window, came up, rapped lightly.
"Whatis it!" asked Nora.
"Window up.   Anything wrong?"
The man under the bed moved.' Even
then the girls wero afraid to betray the intruder lest ho shoot them beforo he could
be overpowered.
"No," replied Nora, "we want fresh air."
The officer walked away. All hope soemod
gone. They again whispered. Hudd-udy
Nora said:
"I can not sleep without luncheon."
"Nor 1," said Lou.
They stood on the bed. Desperate, f ren-
sied, they would risk it. Through the partly
opened wiudow came a ray of moonlight
resting for an instant ou their mother'),
portrait on the wall. Then all was darkness. Under the bed a revolver clicked,
Dreadful was the suspense, wondering
-where 'he little piece of lead would strike,
slinging, cutting, tearing through vein and
nerve, tissue and bone. Too late, bowover,
to change their plans. Holding the draperies close to their trembling forms, they
bounded from bed, out of the room, closing
the door.   Lou fainted.
There was a noise at the open window.
The clock struck S. Tbe man under ths)
bed had moved.���Chicago Times.
The Modern Version.
Crosse (wrathTully)���I wonder who could
have sent me this abominable valentine.
Blackwell���A friend; must likely.
Crosse���Why a Mend?
Blackwell���Because "a friend should bare
��� friend's infirmities."' i
A Dubious Compliment.
She���I'm so glad you have cornel
He���Are you really?
Sho���Yes; for if you had not, there would
have been thirteen at the table.
fnds. Foibles mill Peculiar Notions of the
Fair Sex���The ltelatlve Nnmbers of the
Sexes���Women aa Educators��� Fashion
Notes���Latest Things Out.
A new, delicious, a��d durable scent���a
boquet of odors-retailed at $2 an ounce. Alas
for the poor but refined puolic.
There is a plethora of governesses, special
Instructors and teachers among us whose
badges bear this melancholy inscription:
"Not Wanted."
A thirty-minute walk in the open air every
toy will do more for physical beauty and
bodily health than a score of doctors and an
army of complexion artist*.
Blue is the Chinese mourning color. When
you see a Chinaman wearing a tilue coat or
with blue braid plaited in bis queue, yon
may take for granted that some relative or
dear friend is dead.
��� Uliii'k velvet ribbon strings an inch or more
iu width are set at the back of round hats
and toque bonnets aud are crossed under tbe
chin, then tied or hooked at the hack of the
neck in a small how with short ends.
It will brighten a gloomy room and make
the bath very i-jjsiting to paiut. the inside of
the t(V> white. As a precaution against
blisteriug turn Ml the cold water before filling for a hot lath. Dark hallways and
staircases mny be brightened in the same
way. If carpjted paint the woodwork and a
margin of t!��s floor white.
Mrs. Augusta C. Rosenhaum, who keeps a
little delicatessen shop in Essex street, bat
the proud distinction of beim; the best sausage maker in the State of Now York. She
cau make n bologna chain of three hundred
links any day in the week or every day in
the week, if there is a tournament, conclave
or picnicing party Id town.
Miss Blauehe Best, of Meadville, Conn.,
who won the Harvard Universif7 prize ir
the Sargent class, as the most perfect type
of physical beauty ia tbe country, is addicted to decollete gowns, long sleeved gloves
und bangs. She wears tights instead ol
petticoats and her ideal gown is ihedemi-
traiued pc-incess. Miss Best is twenty-two
years old, weighs 130, and stands 5 feet iu
her stockings.
Mrs. Frank Leslie is going on a lecture
lour. Her course is planned, the "talks'
ore prettily typed and bound in vellum and
pink nnd silver cords, and she has a new
frock and gloves and aigrette fjr rach subject. The 17th of this month sho will opor.
the lecture course in Englewood, 111., fot
the Rev. Florence E. Kellock's Acorn Club,
with "The Queens of Society." Woman'l
Worth," "Self Help," social, ethical, und
physical culture are among her themes.
The preparations of oocoa and chocolate
made in France are more nuuie.'ous than
those usually made iu England or the United
States: they comprise vanilla chocolate,
milk chocolate, chocolate bonbons, chocolatt
pupiliotes, chocolate crackers, chocolate pastilles, chocolate with taraxacum or with sar-
suparilla, chocolate with tar���in short, thors
is no end to the list; for once admit tat
principle of mixing cocoa with vegetable infusions, or decoctions, or essences, and tbe
variety becomes interminable.
Mme. Maria Tschebrivoka, whose recent
letter to tbe Czar caused her banishment tc
Siberia, is fifty years of age. Her life hat
been more important than conspicuous.
Twenty-two years ago she published a book
on Roman history and literature, but before
the letter in question she had not published
aline which even tho Ktt-sian censors would
object to. She WM not a revolutionist, nor
is she now. With anarcnism, nihilism, "red"
politics of any sort, she neither had nor hoc
any sympathy whatever. What bus got
Maria Tschebrivoka into trouble is rot politics, but'ber candid, .^s^jiokin   warnings tn
the Czar, her   08��oi\  chat   iu  "educated
and otlicial society the adoration of the Czar
has ded out," and t at "the government
which rules over oho li'iu li'od millions it
afraid even of cbildien." This is an iilhi iorj
to iho frequent impr i.iiiitieiit of children ol
fourteen or fl. teen years of ni;e. The heroines of the French revolution read Plutarch,
the unique heroine of modern Russia derived
much oi ber inspiration from her studies ol
the characters ot the American revolu ion.
Mme. Tsch.'bi'ivoicaknows English literature
and American history ilinriin"Kly.
1'asllion Notes.
Later ou in the season wo shall meet with
more than one pretty white throat encircled
by a I'Uff of full-blown roses in every shads
known in the rose kingdom, and a good many
that are not. Wiih this coming pretty fmiey
we find the boa and collarette of pop] ies introduction. These are charming rivals. At
a little distance away they look not unlike the
ostrich feather boas, lining undo Of sift,
silken petals and olof>r��'y sewed together.
For the walking costume blue:; or a tone tu
harmonize with thagow-, w.d be used, and
for evening wear umber, blush pink, ol
cream >v hi to wi I be the cornet thing, A.-
velvet or satin petals form tuu rosu< and ine
thinnest silk tie poppies t.v etl'ect is si,;n.-ili.v
loft and becoming to 1.0 face winch they
Th�� celobrated Russian fctrk it i- beoomitu*
io every one, hence Us Itgltimnte sin-cuss
It ie particularly tapering In effect, for tin
jacket itself is of dark vo.vet, usually mousse,
und tl.e yoke, sleeves, and facing���don n in
front���are of heavy damask ton mr ton. No
trimming is required, and olt'ioi* it plume or
fur boa ii suitable. White or chamois cloth
will Le used for jackets, tight-fitting b. hind
and straight and double-breasted in front.
Either is hemmed with astrakhan, with collar of the same, aud heavy+ilock passementerie bandebourgs.
The uew sealskin jacket is in Medici slia'ie,
the flaring collar extending high enough up
at tho buck thoroughly to cover the nape ol
the neck. The sleeves aro high and puffed
ou the shoulders. It is fitted close to the
figure at tbe back aud cut quite short, while
the loose front is quite loi>, and is sloped
gradually on the edge to meet the back. Ail
fur jackets this coming season are to lie extremely plalu without trimmings or visible
buttons of any kind, but, as heretofore, buttoned under ally.
Real dreadnaught coats for rough wear
and weather are made of Harris cloth, with
it- peaty odor and plaited weove. Nothing
turns n sea mist as they do, and the only
effect the dampness has on them is to bring
OUt yet more p.ainly thoir peculiar odor, suggestive of the kind of heather and grouse.
It is plaited iu tuns and browns, or a mixture in which pale blue, excellent fawn, and
dull, rich red appears, and w��ars as only
hoiuesuuu can be made to wear.
What   is a I'ncer;
What is tbe pacer? is the question that just
now is being dicussed freely by many writers
in tbe columns of the American sporting
press. Hank Comstock, who discusses intelligently every subject he tackles, is ev.deut-
ly not very clear iu his own uuad oa the
subject- He alludes to a statement made by
Mr. L. Broadhead, of Wooduuru Farm, tc
the effect that in time the breeding of trotter
upon trotter was in danger of converting
trotting stock into pacing stock unless some
counteracting influence was used, and he suggested that crossing In thoroughbred blood
���vould be likely to check the pacing tendency.
We will now direct Mr. Cotnstock'g attention
to a sire in whose progeny the pacing instinct
seems to be ub ut as strong as the trotijig
one. The horse we allude to is Old Clear
firit. new dead, aud his breeding certainly
does u-jt bear out Mr. Broadiieud'ssu^g.'sti in
to use thoroughbred blood to check the pacing tendency. C:e >r Grit was by imp
Lapidist, thoroughbred, out of a mare said tc
be bysjDock of the Rock, that was also hall
thoi oughbred, and of the six of his representatives in the 30 list three of them ari
Milk For Fowls.
Since milk is the only article of foot
known to contain within itself all the elements necessary to the prefi-ction of growth
and vigor in an animal, it is not strange tliut
it should bo found to be one of the very best
egg producing materials that cau be .- uppli-
ed to poultry, (iiveu two flocks of fowls, uuc1
treatment, location and original stock being
equal in ull.respects save one, says The Poultry Wor.d, und it will be found tliut ihost
having skimmed milk as a portion of theii
li.vily fo,l or dr.ale will give in ire eggs
weekly aud for a longer term of weeks thau
those whose treatment is exactly the- saxai
MM) tbi., siugie exception.
Paid Oil in His Own Coin.
A remarkable case of "diamond cut diamond" occurred iu Boston recently, uot far
from tho Providence railroad station. A
druggist had fitted up a neat corner store and
had established at once a fine trade. One
day another druggist entered his store and
said: "I want to buy you out. Hon-much will
you take!" "I do not waut to sell," was the
reply. 'I expected that answer,'' said the
encroaching person, "aud 1 am prepared for
it. JSow, if you don't sell out to ms I will
open a drugstore iu opposition on the opposite comers. How much will you take?" Tho
druggist, offended at this species of browbeating, said he would sleep on it and report
the next morning. At tin appoint id hour the
aspirant was iu the store aud a large price
was named. The bargain was bound. The
druggist who had been thus ousted from a
corner which he had fitted up with a view tu
years of peace and profit, sought the owners
of the oppo-ite corner "Inch had bien held
out to him as a threat, secured from them a
long lease, worked night aud day and now
has a drug store in which any community
might take satisfaction and repose confidence.
Wnat is more, he is doing a belter business
than he did in the former locality.���[Boston
Saturday Evening Gazette.
Knew Hiaa Well.
Miss Van Dash���Ha you met Count Eua
De Blank���Ah, yes; he was my butler   for
eorue time.���M uusev's Weeklv.
TwlM VsM Tales.
A gentleman possessed of a luxuries
growth   of   bright  red  hair met   one   day
Deacon of Lynn,   Mass.,  who  had lost
nearly all the natural covering of his bead
bnt who made up in quicknesss of retort for
his pbysica 1 deficiency. It was a warm day
and as the deacon, in conversation with bis
acquaintance, removed his hat to wipe his
bald aud perspiring head, the red-headed
man asked: "Where were you, deacon,
when the hair wa-s given out?" "Oh, I wus
on hand," quickly retorted the deacon, "and
they offered me that red hair, but I wouldn't
take it."
One day an unmarried lady of Sharon,
Conn., called at the house of a friend and
was asked by tho letter's inquisitive little son
tf she had any little girls. "No," was of
sourse the answer.
"Any little boys?" the child continued.
"No, dear," the lady replied.
The boy eyed the blushing lady for a moment and exclaimed: "Well, what are yours
,*-  3ciit.lraeo.tal Whit..-.
A letter from Adelaide, Australia, u
the Pull Mall Gazette, says that July 17
while Capt, Hepwortu, R. N. R., of tht
steamship Port Adelaide, was taking hi
sights, lie noticed a large sperm wlial
alongside, so close that his spouting we
the deck. The creature had evident!}
lost his "school," and mistaken the shir,
for one of his own species. He remained
'with it for four days and nights, and
traveled 800 nautical or 1023 statue milei
without a rest, and as far as one could tell,
without food. He was never moro than
70 yards away, and for the most par
close against the ship, Under quarter,
where the draught made swimming easiel
for him. The length of tho animal wai
about 47 f et, The first day he was very
livly, diving frequently beneath th��
ship's bottom, on one occasion scratching
himself severely. After that he kepi
close alongside like a tired Newfound land
A Michigan hunter attempted to use   his
gun for a cane.    He will neither   hunt nor
walk for some time to  00 ne, although the
doctor* ovDect tn save Ida Ufa.
A Dark Outlook.
Look where yon are going.
Or take the consequences.
���Texas Sifting*.
4 JOB f
The season is now approaching when every Merchant and Business Man will require a new stock of Office Stationery
and other printed matter
H^S    THE	
Best Equipped
Job Printing Office
In the Province, and carries a large stock of all kinds of Paper
and Cardboards.    We can suit our customers with any
class of work they may desire, and we are in
a position to quote prices as low as
can be obtained in any other part
of the  Province.     Our plant  is  all  new,
and the type includes all the newest designs of faces.
OFFICE We   can  supply
STATIONERY Bill Heads, Letter
Heads, Statements, Receipt Forms, Bank
Drafts, Cheques, kc., bound, numbered, perforated, if desired, at tbe lowest prices.
DAILY TELEGRAM, corner Commercial
and Church streets.
BUSINES3 Neatly    printed,
OABDS either    colored    or
plain, in the latest styles known to the
trade. We have a large stock of all grades
of cardboards to select from, and can give
you any quality of stock. Prices tor this
class of work have beeu put down as low as
good workmanship will permit. DAILY
TELEGRAM, corner Commercial and
Church streets.
VISITING In    ladies     and
CARDS genu'   sizes      We
have a beautiful assortment of stock for this
class of work, and have also added a large
variety of script type specially for can1
work. DAILY TELEGRAM, corner Commercial anfi Church streets.
WEDDING As soon as a young
STATIONERY lady has decided on
the day when that most interesting event
���hall take place, she should have her mamma oall at once and order the invitation
cards. We have just received dirsot from
one of the best manufacturers in London a
beautiful seleotion of Wedding Cabinets,
and with our excellent facilities for neat
printing we can guarantee to give entire
(%tisfaction in this branch. DAILY TELE ���
GRAM, oorner Commercial and Churoh
PROGRAMME For  lHnce   Pro-
CARDS grammes and other
cards of this description we excel all others.
We can supply Invitation Cards, Programme Cards aud Menu Cards to match.
See our selection before placing your order.
DAILY TELEGRAM, corner Commarcia
and Church streets.
INVITATION We have just re-
OARlS ceived  one  of  the
best selections of imported Carda, with Envelopes to match, ever brought into this
country. We have some lines admirably
suited for private parties, with Menu Carda
to match.
CUSTOMS AND We are prepared
OTHER FORMS to fill orders for all
kinds of Blank Forms, wholesale and retail,
at prices lower than can be obtained elsewhere. DAILY TELEGRAM, corner Commercial and Church streets.
SHIP PING An immense stock
TAGS of   Shipping   Tags,
direct from the manufacturers, at eastern
prices. DAILY TELEGRAM, corner Commercial and Church streets.
SHIP And others would
BROKBRS consult their inter
est by calling at the DAILY TELEGRAM
Job Printing Office for prices, kc., before
ordering elsewhere. Corner Commercial
and Church streets.
POSTER We   have,  with-
WORK out exoeption,   tbe
best selection of Poster type west of Toronto. We have letters from i of an inch up
to 30 inches. We can print a bill 4x6 inches
up to 4xS feet, or as much larger as may be
required. Colored work a specialty. Prices
satisfactory. Call and see sizes of sheets and
type. DAILY TELEGRAM, corner Commercial and Church streets.
BOOK We do not pre-
PRIN TING tend to do work fer
the bare wholesale price of the stook. Although we buy stock direct from the mills,
we expect to get fair prices for all work
turned out, and as we employ only the best
workmen we guarantee our customers entire
satisfaction in all cases. We are at all times
prepared to give estimates for all kinds of
Book Printing and other work. DAILY
TELEGRAM, corner of Commercial and
Church streets.
Telegram Printing Co.
W.   J.   GALLAGHER,   Manager
Our Twenty Per Cent. Sale is causing a furore in the whole district,,
and is proving even more successful than we anticipated   :   :   :
We have an Immense Stock of
Dress Goods, comprising all those
now effects of this season. We have a
largo number of French and Gorman
Dress Patterns���no two alike���and an
almost ondloss variety of Trimmings.
Sec our 44-inch Tweeds at 25 cents,
and our Groy Flannels at 17 cents.   They   I
arc World Boaters.
Our Jacket Department deserves
special mention. It so far excels any
past effort that we almost feel like
apologizing for other seasons' shortcomings. We have Sealetto Jackets
irom $7.50 to $45.00, and Cloth Jackets
from $2.50 to $38.00.
We make a specialty of Children's
Coats, and con suit any age.
That " duck ot a bonnet" or that
" lovely hat" are common expressions
around our Milinery Department every
hour of the day. This department requires a personal inspection to be appreciated. Wc opn only say that everything
now and startling has been secured this
fall, until it is almost bewildering to
make a selection.
in the morning, so as to avoid
We are solo agents for Ladies' Melissa Coats. They have had a big salo this
fall. We have some beauties now in
stock. Also about 150 Waterproof Mantles in other modes.
In Fancy Goods wo carry a complete
Our Linon Department is complete in
every particular.
We would advise ladies, who can do so conveniently, to make their purchases
afternoon rush ;   but you will find that at all times we eerve our customers with quick despatch
���      ���
Sfe ��*ilg Stkgtiitti*
The Windsor.
It's the talk cf   the   town   and   district,
S loan & Scott's 20 per cent, discount sale.
In Liquidation.
Messrs Quintard k l'ackard dealers in
electrical specialties and fixtures Victoria,
have assigned to Mr. C. H. Stickles of this
city for the general benefit of their
The Windsor House cuisine is excellent.
Don't overlook Sloan k Scott's big advertisement on onr laat page it will be to your
advantage to read it through very carefully. 17-11*26
Mr. Chas. A. Mee name over last night
from Vancouver and is registered at ths
Mr. Robt, Fletcher of Victoria, regie tired
at the Windsor, ia en route for Alberni to
visit his daughter.
Mr. E. P. Davis, barrister, of Vancouver,
and Mrs. Davis were passengers by the
Cutch last night. Mrs. Davis is the gucat
of Mis. D. W. Gordon.
C. L. Hutchings, tha popular superintendent of the Vancouver electric works and
strcot railway, came over laat night by the
ss. Cutch and leaves for Victoria this morning.
When you visit Vancouver do not forget
to register at the Delmonico. Emerson
���lads all othes as a caterer. 8-11 tf
Job Printing.
Tub Tkumsram job plant is now in position to do all kinds of job printing on
the shortest notice. We have a large stock
of all kinds of papers ou hand and will
guarantee to suit our customers in stock
and workmanship.
The Windsor House cuisine is excellent,
and so are its other appointments.
Make it a point to call on Sloan k Scott
to-day and get in on their big discount sale.
They have still an elegant line cf Jackets in
Sealette and Cloth which are really the
finest ever imported to Nanaimo.    16-11-30.
An Actress' Ideas.
Madeline Merli will be seen in Nanaimo
on next Friday evening in a new play entitled "The Story of a Kiss." It ia an
adaptation ftom the French of Emile Zola,
and Will afford Miss Merli an opportunity
for really good acting. It is an entirely
different play from "Frou-Frou," which
Miss Merli presented here laat season. It
is intensely interesting and a novelty, being
decidedly on the realistic order. It is a bit of
real life vividly portrayed, the aim being not
to produce sia��e effect, but to produce
life, nature ami truth. Miae Merli was
almost afraia to carry out her ideas laat
season, regarding realism, thinking that only
id the largest cities of America were they
educated to that point, but ahe claims that
ahe has met with as much intelligence in the
smaller cities among the better classes aa in
the larger ones, and that they are just as
quick to recognile truth and nature when
portrayed in public as in some of the greatest citieB. This has led Mies Merli to produce Emile Zola's play in her one night
stands instead of reserving it for her city
dates as was at first intended.
Will Lecture.
S. H. Davis will give a temperance lecture
in the Good Templars' Hall this evening at
8 o'clock. 8-1 lit
The weather far the past few days has
been cold aud the thermometer ranging
clown about ths freezing point. In the
Mountain district yesterday ice formed within the shade. Where the sun was shining
m moisture collected upon the already formed
lo*. The swamp near East Wellington is in
splendid order to take should the weather
prove oold enough, and enjoyable skating
would be the result.
Katie Putnum.
Will appear at the Opera House Tuesday
Nov. 21st supported by hor excellent company in her now play, "The Little Maverick." The play ia a western satire on the
prejudices of caste and is well calculated to
please a western audience. The hardy
freshness and border nobility of Texas are
aptly contrasted with the aristocracy of
Europe. When a titled lady, for instrnce,
suggests that an American girl is unworthy
of her son's hand, bocauae the girl is not
sufficiently cultured, and because the son is
the "produot of centuries," the Little
Maverick responds that "we grow fatter in
America." The plot is a catchy one and
tho acenes skip from New York to Ireland
and from there back to a Tcxsb ranche. The
play has plenty of comedy to offset the
pathos and the audience ia dismissed in the
beat of humor.
At the Windsor���J. Dauahe, city; Robt.
Fletcher, Viotoria; Chas, L. Davis Company,
Miss Helen Vance. Miss Ida Wallace, H.
M. Taylor, New York: Geo. MacLaohlan,
Laei'uett; ChaB. A. Mee, Vaneouver.
At the Wilson���C. R. King, Victoria; H.
Cranston, Winnipeg; John Daner, jr., Toronto; J. J. Doran, Montreal: VV, J. llowser,
Vancouver; Mr. aud Mrs. E. P. Davis, Vancouver.
The Windsor House.
From Vancouver.
The Steamer Cutch, Neweombe, master,
arrived laBt evening from Vancouvei with
the follow ing passengers���
VV. Lebber, John Lebber, R. Dixon, C. L.
Durrant, Mrs. Durrant, C. A. Mee, W. J.
Bowser, J. L. Scanlan, J. Brownlee, Mra.
Brownlee, J. J. J. Doran, Mies Stannard,
C. C. Henderson, C. N. Young, E. P.
Davis, Mrs. Davis.
Consignees���Mrs. Broadwell, Van Houten
& Randle, Geo. Cassady k Co., D. L. Gow,
C. C Henderson, C. L. Durrant, J. E. Mo-
Donald, Geo. Holmes, J. H. McMillan k
Co., W. T. Hoddle k Co., L. Manson, C. A.
Schooley, Oppenheimer Bros., Capt. Smith,
S. Army.
From Vancouver.
Steamer City of Nanaimo, Captain Rogers
arrived last evening with the following pas-
boni-era: ���
Passengers���J. Izen, E. Edwards, Miss
Croukahauks, Miss DcsBup, Mrs. Davidson,
VV. N. Shaw, E. Cameron, J. English, N.
McLean, H. McLean, J. McLeod, T. Edes,
J. McDonald, J. M. MorriB, C. F. Hutchings, Supetintentlent Vancouver Electric
Street Railway; A. McQueen, Lake of the
Woods Milling Company; H. Poster, J.
Davidson, T. Dunn, 2 Chinamen.
Consignees���J. A. McLeod, VV* Hogan,
Hull Bros., E. Cookshy, J. H. Pleace, V.
C.Co., D. O. Smithe, Van Houten & Randle,
Ramaay Bros., G. Lund, A. R. J. k Co., G.
Bevolockley, G. Taylor, VV. Jones k Co.,
Hurst Bros., N. E, P. S., Mra. N. A. Rowe,
J. Parkin, J. Young, J. K. McMillan,.
The Windsor House cuisine. '
In Port.
Bark Colusa, Captain Backus, is  loading.
The sMp Jonu A. Biiggs, Capt. Balch, is
waitii'.ir to load.
Bk. Garrolton, Capt. Lewis, ia discharging ballast,
Ship Americo, Capt. N. S. Harding,
sailed yeaterday afternoon.
Bk. Richard III. Howard is loading.
Bk. Seminole Capt. Weedon, is waiting to
Bk. Highland Light Henry is waiting to
Bk. Detroit, Capt. Darragh waiting to
Ship Occidental, Capt. Morse, is waiting
to load.
SS. Wellington, Capt. Salmond, is loading.
SS. Empire, Capt. Jensen, is loading.
Hardy's Case.
The case of the Pharmaceutical Society
ui*ainat Thou. Hardy on two summonses for
violation of the Pharmacy Act of 1891 will
be taken up before J. P. Planter, S. M. k
M. Bate J. P., at 10 a. m. to-day. Mr. C.
H. Barker will defend Mr. Hardy while a
Vancouver gentleman will assist Mr. Mee to
establish his case.
Telegram for fine printing.
(8,000 tons.)
Saturday,  November 25th, 1893,
At 2 p.m.
Thursday,   December  14th,   1893
for freight or paFS9jje apply to District Agents,
H. FORESTER & Co., Nanaimo.
Passengers booked through from Nanaimo.
18-11 11
NOTICE is hereby given that, under the
provisions of Section 2 of the "County
Courts Amendment Act, 1893," His Honor
the Lieutenant-Governor in Council has fixed
the first day of December, proximo, as the
date from and after which Sections 3 to 7,
inclusive, of the said Act shall become and
be in force.
Deputy Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
9th November, 18113 18 11 6t.
Applicants must state experience and salary re-
i|iiireil, and applications must be sent in not'later
than i.oon ou the ISth hist.
Further particulars of the situation can be obtained
Iron) the umleisigned.
By order,
9-11-td GEO. HOLDNALL, Secretary
Notice to Users of Electric Lights
A11 bills must; be paid on or before the 20,h of each month to
the undersigned, or to W. K.
Leighton, who is authorized to
collect the same.
Union Brewery Co., Ldt.
Drivers for the above Company are authorized to collect money and give
receipts lOr same. Always ask for
receipt. VV. E. NORRIS, Sec.
18-11 It
We have them now, Yes,
A full stock of the
Air and Water Pad,
Elastic and Spring.
:   AND FOB SPONGES        :
We have the Largest Line  In the City.
Use our Balsamic Elixir
For Coughs and Colds.
S-ll12m E. PIMBURY ot Co.
Life Assurance Coy
New Insurance, 1892���
Surplus over Liabilities
and ��toves
If you are thinking of leaving the Town
apply to us and we will buy or sell
the whole of your effects.
s-ll.dm Auctioneer.
Gives  the Beet Contract  and
Loans Money on Policy
af\er two years
Call and Bee the Special Agent���
Hotel Wilson, NANAIMO, B.C.
Tbe crescent hotel
JAS. BENNETT, - Proprietor
menta are unsurpassed hy any In the Oity, anil
will aoooinmodate a hum- number of quests. The
Bar In supplied with the Finest Brands of Wines,
Liquors aril CiirurB in the market.
Only White Help Employed.
8-n 18m
You've heard of the man who
only needed bristles to be pork.
If you see him, send him to us.
We've got the bristles for him.
Our biintle.il aro all made up into
the finest line of
We ever had.
There are        :       :
Hair Brushes
Tooth Brushes
Bath Brushes
Clothes Brushes
AU Kinds of Brushes
The Cpeseent Pharmacy
DRUGGIST S-ll-12ru
Victoria Crescent
ETC.,      ETC.,      ETC.
No. 26 Commercial Street
NANAIMO, B. C. 8-11 om
��� ft*
G. A. MeBain & Co.
Real Estate Brokers
Notaries Public, etc.


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