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The Daily Telegram Nov 9, 1893

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Array fails ��dmtm.
VOL. 6, NO. 1.
Ogfilvie's . . .  .
"TTJ^'l Milled   Under  New and
JF JLOXIP        Unparalleled Methods
PRONOUNCED by all leading baktrs the STRONGEST and
BEST in the market.
Produces 30 POUNDS MORE BREAD per barrel of 196 lbs.
than any other Manitoba Flour-
From actual tests exce's ia quality for Pastry, Cakee, etc.
Ask your grocer for OGILVIE'S NEW FLOUR.
Bags sewn ���with Red, White and Blue Twine.
David Speneer
Dry Goods Merchant
Nanaimo, B. C.
8 11 6m
We have just received our Becond shipment
of Ladies' Sealette Jackets and
Children's  Cloaks,  which  will  be
sold at an immense reduction, Our stock of
Millinery is complete, and cannot be
surpassed by any store in the Province.
Prices ure Right, and onr St) Irs Perfection.
Not How Cheap, but How Good   ::
The BEST goods aro never slaughtered nor given away���they are
always wortn their price and are satisfactory to buyer And seller.
\Ve endeavor to handle only tho best, goons, und our stock is
lurgo and well assorted.     Have you tried the best Tea���
Da not allow it to draw over ten minutes.
W. T. HEDDLE  & CO.    *
Tolophono  110 8-11-Om COR.   MILTtN   AND   ALBERT   STREETS
We Have the Stock
All Xmas Goods will be
In by the 15th Inst.
M. R. COUNTER     ^
s 1112m
The only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder.���No Ammonia; No Alum.
Used in Millions of Homes���40 Years the Standard
By tho Explosion���A Chicago Railroad
Accident Claims More Victims Imperial Parliament Morlcy Says Government. Will Resist Peers Veto Mat-
abolcs Still Fighting-The Steamer City
of New York Abandoned���Vancouver
Aldermen Refuse More Police Protection Ill-Faicd Steamer Fraeer--Newfoundland Government Sustained.
BaboklosA, Nov. 8. ���Two bombs loaded
with dynamite were thrown from the gallery of the Lyoi uni Opera House last night,
while a performance was going on. One of
them exploded on striking the lloor, with a
terrific report. The audience iprarg in
terror and dismay. Wild shrieks and cries
of agony rove from the lower part of the
house. The wildest kind of confusion prevailed. Many men wii.h their faces pale with
fright abandoned the ladies they had escorted
and made desperate rush"* for the <\\- t,
knocking down and tramp ing those in the
way without regard to age or sex. The
floor Peats in the vicinity of tin; place where
the bomb exploded were wrecked. It is
reported that fifteen were killed and the
number injured is large. Two Known
anarchists weie arrested iu the gallery
When the news became known populace
surrounded thu opera house and dooouuood
anarchists and police. Among the killed
is an American gentleman, and a wealthy
German and his wife. The American
accompanied him to the performance. His
wife is injured hui not aware of her husband's death.
During the morning several of the persons
wounded dud from the effects of their injuries. At the time this despatch is sent
(12 noon) the dead number 232 It is
thought likely that others of wound(d will
die. All the men arrestul on suspicion of
being the authors of the tragedy have
proved to the satisfaction of the police that
they Hud nothing to do with it. It is feared
that the miscreants wiio committed the
dastardly ct im* made their escape before the
officials at the opera hotiac reached the
Another Railroad Horror.
ChiOAQO, III , Nov. 8. ��� By a n ar collision
on the Chicugo Ruck I ������land and Pactic
Railway this evening at 71*1 street which
three persons were killed and eleven injured.
Passenger train No. II, known as the
"Linil>ed Veetibuled express" crashed into
the rear end of a Blue Island accomodation,
badly wrecking two couches and the engine.
The following is a ist of the injured:
D. M. Suow, I.ongwood, internal injuries, will die; dames W. (!>ady, South
ISofflawood, left hand cut oil, and badly
scalded about the f..c ��� and head; VV. F.
Stoll, lilue Island, Internally injured; lames
Kaiser, Washington Heights, badly
scalded; W. K, SsmiHon, South Kngb'Wood,
body and laee burned! N. HI HZ, Waldnn,
Ills, both leva out oil Lottie Biigliam 5728
Wright (treat, Chicago, head and body
scalded; Nieh .las Wosehets, left leg broken
and badly tedded; Louis Soharp, M org in
Park, both arms cutoff) J. M. Tomp'etou,
Morgan Park, both arms cut oil', body
burned. The truins left on time this evening. The accommodation stopped ut 71st
street to receive and let oil passengers,
(���lose behird it was the limited express,
bearing down on it at the rale of twenty
miles an hour. A heavy fog settled over
tho city early iu the evening, and it was
almost impossible, trainmen said, to discern
signal lights. The engine of the express
train ploughed its way into the rear coich
of the accommodation, being forced
between the two sides like a wedge.
The car was 'picked up and carritd
forward, so great was the momentum and
was driven with terriflo foice Into the end
of the second coach from the rear. The explosion of a lamp ignited the woodwork in
the debris anil the lire soon began to spread
at a lively rate.
CHIOAQO, Nov. 8���As soon aa the llames
burst forih they were seen by a dozen people who hasti ned to give an alarm. The
tire was preceded by a very little smoke and
before the first engine arrived it had gained
a lively headway, Buvoral engines responded
to the alarm and the bla/.e was soon ex-
tingu shed. The removal of the dead anil
woui ded hail been commenced beforo the
detail of police arrived. Encouragement
07M lent the rescuers by the grosnsofthe
dying and a loud cry for help from the
inuiined. Two nun were found lying ouc on
top of the other. Across them was u heavy
pitce of timber, and one of the under stip-
poitsof the real pa.-scnger coach. They
were the first to bo Ukcu out and as they
were carried to one side other willing hands
pushed forward to renew the sonic1'. Added
to the horrors of tho scene, with its pile of
debris and crackling timbers, as the sound
of escaping steam. The engine attached to
the limited BXpTtM had been partly demolished, and pouring from one ot its escupe
pipes was a constant stream of scalding
vapor. This inude the woik of rescue si
most an impossih:lity at times.
I.'st of dead: W. C. Carpenter, Washington Heights; Mrs. Aubrey, Blue Island;
Minnie Seaefer, Beverloy Hills; Cirrie
Barnes, Washington Heights; William Boar-
man, Auburn l'ark.
The pasuiigci.-. in the rear coach of the
suburban train hrd little warning of their
danger. Several peoplo had alighted when
the accommodeation stopped at the Kggl-
stone depot, abou*. 300 feet south of 71ft
street and the train had been started again.
It is now thought that it was moving at a
grrater rate of speed than from 2 to .'! miles
and hour. Suddenly those sitting in the rear
of t be last coach saw a flash and this was
the first intimation which they had of the
approaching express.    The headlight of the
Has removed from the old place to the
new stand, near the Nanaimo Opera House.
Beet Photos in the City.
Cloudy days preferred for sittings.
Kngine of the latter shone but dimly through
t he fog laden atmospoere, but s -xerul people
saw it a few seconds before the crash came.
I They sprung from their siats, but they had
lurdly stepped into the aisle of the car when
the crash came. The first train was moving
at the rate if 2 or 3 milea an hour, while
the veBtihuled engineer believing that
! end of the tender. Senakey was slightly
b uised and Dickerman's left arm scalded
by escaping steam. They were able, how-
] ever, to crawl out. The little waiting
room in the Btnall Egglestone depot was
��� iuickly turned into a hospital, but the
greatest difficulty existed iu getting phyai-
; cians. Finally, howeve, five doctors put in
an : ppearanco and went to work. Tho
victim , iu every Btaie of suffering, lay
aboii' the lloor so thickly that it was im-
possib'e to walk wilhou stepping over some
Buffering'One. In a corner covered with a
sheet' startling in its whi'eness when contrasted with ihe surroundings, lay K. J.
Brady of Tracey Park, badly scalded
and uniting from beneath the covering for his funily doctor. Aged and
inlirin F. H. Snow of Englewood,
internally hurt, lay across the body ef a
middle nged woman, who died after she had
been deposited on the lloor. Mr*. Keyruser,
of Washington Heiglns, scalded almost to
ib at h, bore heroically her tortures, occasionally aallinn for her husband and family.
Ai rapidly as possible the victims had their
wounds dressed. Ambulances and patrol
wagons had been siimmnucd by Captain
Altiich from the suriounding stations, and
the unfortuuats were removed to the hospitals.
List of Injured: Alexander Aulerson,
Englewood Heights, A. Snori, Auburn l'ark,
Hoy Darley, Walden, face and hands scalded; A. W. Harder, Blue Island, scalded and
cut about the head; Wisleu Hendricks,
Kgglston, hands and arms scalded; John
Kiugman, Lmgwood, leg broken and scalded; M. Lark, Mrs. John Lipham, Auburn
l'ark, scalded; M. O'Connell, M. Purer, Hue
Island, scilded; Mrs. Short, Morgan l'ark,
badly scalded; C I>. Thompson, South
Englewood, face and hands scalded.
Employers' Liability Bill-Possibility of
tho Government Being Deserted.
London,  Nov.  8.���Few members   were
lbsent  from the House of   Commons   this
afternoon.     The   motion   to   consider   the
Employers' Liability Bill, which was amended  in  the  standing committee,   was  to be
debated, and it was thought possible  that
the   Government   might   be  deserted on a
motion  to   recommit  the  hill   to the committee of the whole   House.    The   proceedings, however, were exceptionally uneventful     The   bill   in   question is intended  to
l increase     and     make     sure     the   claims
. of     workingme i      upon      employers      in
whose   service   they  are   injured.    Walter
McLiren, Radical for the C''etve  division of
Chcohire moved   the   amendment   in which
j the Minister's peril   it   there be any is sup-
I posed to lie.    His proposal  was  that workmen under certain conditions  should be enabled to exempt themselves hy contra it from
i the provisions of the law,   notably wherever
| their interests   were   assured   by   fund* to
I which   the   employers   contributed.      The
��� Government   opposed   this   amendment  as
mainly Conservatives supported it, The debate was adjourned.
John Morley Saya the Government Will
Resist tho Poors' Veto.
LONDON, Nov. 8.���John Morley Chief
Secretary for Ireland apoke at the Free
Trade hall in Manchester, this evening
beforo a large and sympathetic audience. He
made a general defense of the Government's
p ilicy. The mini-.Urn lies.id did not intend
to 80^ out a caBt iron plan for dealing with
Matabelc until thi y should receive proper
information i n which to buss their policy.
They had tr^ed fioni the outset to preserve
peace because ''Unholy was the voioe of
thanksgiving over the slaughtered men". Sir
Henry Lock Governor of Cape Colony would
s'nd for the Governments approval or disap
pi oval any proposal which should be made
for a settlement of the South Afiican trouble,
The Government would not whittle from the
Home Kulc Bill or any other bill oue iota
but would stand shoulder to shoulder to
relist to the uttermost the irresponsible veto
ot the non-representative chamber. Undoubtedly a great Blraiu would be placed
now upon the Irish members by the pressure
of British legislation but thu IiUo might
rest assured that it was tho persevering intention of the Liberal party to meet their
demands. If there should he any paying
fust and loose with the Home Rule question
the Liberal parly would stiller a split greater
than that of 1880,
Tho Matabolc War.
London, Nov. 8.���A special despatch to
the Pall Mall (inzelle from Johaunesbiitg
says: "Captain Kirby telegraphing the news
of the light between the Tuli column aud
Matabeles says that Major Adams aud Commander Raafare are surrounded and that reinforcements are required quickly. Capt.
Kirby also reports that disagreements have
sprung up among the commanders. The
despatch adds that this latti r report is not
The enemy consisted of^lwo large regi
monts, who attacked Major Adams' column,
which was strung out in a long line. The
Matabele swooped down on the rear wagons,
hoping to take the British by Btirpi ise and
overcome them before they would have
time to rally. Tho British, however, weic
prepared lor jubt BUch a move, .kahaiiis'
scouts having warned Major A lams of the
approach ol the enemy. The rear guard
dashed to the defense of the wagons almost
at the moment the attack was male, wh 1--
at the same tune the advance giwrd turnid
back to aid their comrades. Mr. Selous was
in the thickest of the tig) I, and ho fell
wounded while aiding in lbs deft use
of Ihe wagons. Aftor his wound
was dressed, he remounted ins horse
ami oontinued lighting. The fire of the
Matabelei was wild. The British tire told severely on the Matabeles. Kahatinscoutssnll'i'i
edmost,but were leinforced by the troopers,
ai d they drove the M it tin le oil'. The latter
loBt moic than sixty. The number of their
wounded wits large. Four of Kalinins men
were killed. Gamn, a son in law ol King
Lobengula commanded the Matabeles.
Mttj"r Adams says that I.obenguela iB now
between the port charter column commanded
by M jor Fi rues and the Port Tuli column.
The Port Charter column consists of 250
mounted men, with two maxim guns, which
are supplied with galloping carriages and
one seven pounder Armstrong mountain
gun. Commander Rafer shares in the command of the Port Tuli column.
Midwinter Fair.
San Francisco, Nov. 8.���Congressman
Loud, who has just returned from Washington, says that he thinks it will be possible
to arrange for a government pistolli 10 exhibit at the Midwinter Fair, notwithstanding the fact that there is no appropriation
available just at present. Congressman
Loud says there is a contingent fund in the
poBtollice department, pirt of which may
be diverted towards transferring a portion
at least of the government postolliee exhibit
from Chicago to San Francisco. Postinas'er
Backus of Sin Francisco is particularly
anxious ttat this exhibit should be made,
and ho is using every effort to secure it,
Cnl. Albert, who has a concession for the
German village and Heideberg Castle, wants
a good-sized slice of the exposition grounds
for the pe'fociion of the projeot be has on
hand. Tho loca ion is to be just
soutji of the Bouth drive. The castle
will stand on ati elevated knoll
iu centre of that space which was recently
edded to tie original exposition grounds
'���nd all around the castle will he a tipioal
German Village like thai which beoann bo
famous at the Columbia Exposition. Col.
Albertaomtshere fully prep.red to push
matters to a speedy completion. Hi' brings
with him ffeidinaod Haassters ai general
malinger and reoretsry and John Knoth as
archi'eot. There is a great deal of work to
he done in oonneotion with this concession.
The company will >pt nd (80,000 in currying
out their plans. Heidelberg Castle will by
no means be the only Important structure in
he gTi rinds, The houaes < I' the German Village will be more than tawdry affairs, Tney
Wl 1 be coiistruced just us a house in such a
village on the banks of the Rhine would be.
A eniuini'tce from B Hun g:.t:��.n Benevolent
S.cie'y of San Fraucisen sailed at Fair
headquarters (hit morning with a proposition to eject Hungarian Charda in which a
llunguriuii restaurant ami oonoert hall shall
be couducted during the fair where a Hungarian bind shall give ooi certs two or three
times a day and wbeio Hungarian dances
shall be seen. Word comes freni Chicago
that 18,000 feel ��� l he apace in the buiidhg
for manufactures mid :ite r 1 arts had bet u
oontraoted lor by the exlubiiois making up
the Russian ieotiou in the Columbian Exposition,
Aldormcn Refuse to Increase the Polico
Forco ��� Distress Warrants for Poll
Vanihhtvkr, Nov. S.���The police committee passed a resolution to-day refusing
to increase the police force. A large number of citizens have requested the committee
to put on extra men in view of the number
of footpads on the waipath just now, but
the committee say no extra officers are
needed and that the cili/nna can protect
A distress warrant was issued against
Robert Barker, real estate scent, to day for
non-payment of poll tax. This is the first
writ ever taken ont in the city for any kind
of taxes. It is said that many more will
Favorable to tho Whitcway Government.
St, -i"N\, Mid., Nov. 8.���The Newfoundland legislative election resulted most favorably to tho Whit-way Government, The
returns now iu show��� (I vernnient members, IB; Opposition, 4. The Province of
St. John's returns six members and where it
was an'ic'ptted by tho Opp sition that it
would sive them three it mjIv returned one
Opposition member. Hon. P. Morris, the
Government leader of the western division
in ibis cdy was elected by a tieineudous
majority as was also his two colleagues ia
the same division. In the eastern division
of (he city two Gwvernment members and
one Opposition were elected. The Government vote is much la'ger than that of four
years ago. Bay Doveide gives two Government members, Atlbtiren two others. There
are 17 seals yet to be heard from. Of the
set the Opposition is likely to win a few.
The lux I,   legislature   will   probably   stand
Government, 44; Opposition, 12,
Tho Ill-fated Steamor Frasor.
NoRTH Bay, Ont'., Nov. 8,���The steamer
John Eraser, which burned on Lake Nipie-
sing yosterday was owned by Davidsons &
Hay, wholesale grocers, Toronto, and at the
time the tiro occurred was on her way from
Oallcndar to Davidson A Hay's lumber
camp at the nothern end of Like Nipissing.
Besides the crew, which consisted of Cupt.
Douglass and four or live men, ilurewere
on board some twenty lumbermen, and out
of the whole number on hoard the steamer
only seven men escaped; two were members
of the crew, fireman and aook. A scow
loaded with supplies for the lumber camp
was iu tow of the steamer, but was cut
loose and drifted to the shore. The cause
of the accident has not yet been learned.
A lifeboat belonging to the s'eamer has
beeu fouud  drifting with a hole in one Bide.
Indians Dosirc Confederation.
MONTREAL, Nov. S.���The chiefs of the
Quinte Indians, Grand River Indians and St.
Regis Indians met to-day to decide upon a
platform for the confederation of the North
American Iudians independent of the
United States and Canadian governments.
No definite plan wa<. decided upon.
Newfoundland Elections.
St. Johns, N. B., Nov. 8.���The defeat of
the Opposition in Newfouudland elections
is becoming a rout. The Assembly now
stands, Government, 13; Opposition, 4.
Woods, surveyor general, has been reelected. St. Johns city elected three Government members and one Opposition.
Monroe one of the Opposition leaders was
badly beaten.
Stock Market.
New York, Nov. 8.���The stock exchange
daring the g cater part of the day was
strong. At the opening theniarket aciu Hy
boomed and the first transactions were
generally at �� to 1J, per. cent, higher than
on Monday. There was a sprinkling of
orders for out of town account and the
bears we a also more disposed to cover up.
A number of 'hese operators were frightened
by the strength of the market and the pur-
���chases for out of town and London accounts.
The demand was not confined to any special
group and the Railways and Industrials
alike moved up. Late in the days London
sold part of the stock purchased
during the morning and this with other
realizations brought about a general reaction. In the early advance which ranged
fromito2ipereeut., R I., N.W., St. P.,
Band Q , St. Paul and Omaha, D. L. N. J.
C, N.E. and L.N. were most prominent.
After this rise the market receded somewhat
but in the last hour American Sugar and
Western Union loomed into prominence, the
former rising 5| to 10$, and Western Union
23 to 898. The geueral list moved up in
sympathy but just at the close Susar rose 2g
to 99'i, and distillers lj to 30��� and the other
prominent stocks 14 to 11J per cent., with
closing rather weak. Net gains for the day
in the leading houses were \ to .'1; per cent.
In the special ties, National Starch second
preferred 30 to 25, Morris and Essex
-2 to 150 and Nashv He Chattanooga
and St. Louis 111 J to 05. Total s.les were
306,145 shares. Closing bids���Atchison,
19i; Burlington and Quincy, 82g; Chicago
Southern, 51i; Canadian Pacific, 72f; Central Pacific, 19}; C.C.C., 46i; D.L., 172;
Erie, 14$; Wells, Fargo & Co., 120; Great
Northern Pennsylvania, 108; L.S., 128A;
L N , 48g; Mi s .uri Pacific, 27$; Now York
Central, 103; N.E., 32g; N.A.,51; Northern
Pacific, 17J, preferred 22, second 104; Ore-
eon Navigation, 25; Or.-gon Improvement,
lli; P.M., 18��; R.G., 20J; R I., (18; Southern Pacific, 184; St. Paul, G5jj; Texas Pacific, 77i; We-ttern Union, 88J.
Oaklahama Outlaws Again.
New York, Nov. 8.���The World's North
Oneida, Oaklahama, special says: A gang of
border outlaws are in the county jail and
there are sevetal threats of lynching them.
They are Mike Bailing, Jim lies, Sam
Woods, Tom Fisher and George Gallagher,
with a few lesser lights. They rode into
the city on Tursday aud jumped the Cherokee Allotment Town, They commenced
tearing down buildiugs, terrorizing women
and slim'ing through the stretts. The citizens armel themselves and stood the desperadoes off, until the sheriff and posse could
reaeh the place and the whole gang was
rounded up aud placed under arrest.
Cleveland and the Brazilian Situation.
Washington, D.C., Nov. 8.-The President is displaying unusual interest in the
Brazilian situation, and within the past few
days had several conferences with leading
naval officers as to the course pursued by
Admiral Stanton upon the hypothesis that
he was instructed to communicate with
Mello. If he was directed to open communication with the admiral, question is
raited whether it would not carry with it in
Admiral Stanton's mind the directions to
accord him the courtesy of exchanging
Railway Collision.
Lansi.no, Mich., Nov. 8.���At an early
hour this morning a freight train No. 40,
bound east and a work train going west on
the Detroit Lansing an 1 Northern Railway
came together at Delta, four miles west of
this city. A number of employes were
severely but not fatally injured. Carman
of Lansing and two others of Williamson
were the most seriously injured. The engineer lost his beai ings in a heavy fog and
passed Delta where he had orders to stop
without knowing it.
Ohio Elections.
Columbus, Ohio, Nov. 8.���Returns up to
noon show Governor McKinloy 80,000
plurality over Neal, 30,000 majority over
all three opponents. Legislature stands:
Senate, Rep. 82; Dam. 25 out of 88
countries. In Ohio McKinley carried 69
and in many others was a few hundred
behind Neal. It is the largest plurality
majority ever given any man elected for
Governor of the Sate save 101,822 to
Brjugh over Vallandiugham in IHtii.
Jerry Rusk's Condition.
Viroijua, Wis., Nov. 8. - The condition
of ex-Secretary Jerry Rusk, who has been
ill for some days at his home in this city,
has grown alarming and his friends are
filled with the greatest fears. Mr. Rusk
spent a bad night and suffered two chills
which left him in a greatly enfeebled condition. Dr. Hamilton, of Ohio, has been summoned to his bedside and is now iu consultation with the local physicians.
Chamberlain Sails.
New York, Nov. 8 ���Joseph Chamberlain, Liberal Unionist leader of the British
House of Parliament, sailed for England
to-day on the Majestic. He is accompanied
by Mrs. Chamberlain, daughter of the
former secretary Kndicott, and his son
Austin. The Chamberlains have been in
this oountry for the past month.
Disastrous Result of a Quarrel.
WlUmroTON, Del., Nov. 8.���James Bernard, said to be a New York reporter,
working on an oyster dredger at Nantioke
Point, M J., to get facts for an article, last
night quarrelled with the captain. The
latter knocked him overboard with an iron
bar and he was drowned. The body has
not been recovered.
Chicago, III., Nov. 8.���Rook Island passenger train leaving Union Depot at 5:50
p. m. struck a suburban train at 71st street,
the rear oar of the suburban train was
wrecked and it is reported that three persons were killed and twelve to fifteen injured. 	
Kmbeuler Week*.
Nxw Yonk, Nov. 8.���Embezzler Weeks
pleaded guilty to-day in the court to the
ludictment charging him with stealing $85,-
O00 from the estate of Nicholas Fish. Ha
was sentenced to ten years state prison.
A Florist Wanted.
The partnership between Messrs. Davis
and England who recently made considerable preparation to conduct a first-class
greenhouse on the Comox road has been dissolved and the business will not proceed.
Blowers are always in demand, particularly
at this season and during the continuance of
the Solstice, and some enterprising florist
would assuredly find a good field in the
greenhouse business for profitable investment and labor.
- - FOR   ts:e ���
Delivered to any part of the City for
- on -
HANAlBf O, B. C.
Beg to recommend their Large and Assorted
Stock of
"Mary Low" & "Americana"
A coneiirnncent of the fluent
Gloalivet Old Scotch Whiskey
Romcrford Ale - European Sherry - Port i)   s
8-11 Cm MAHRER & Co.
Livery - Teaming - Express
Most Popular Place in Nanaimo to Secure���
A Comfortable Double Carriage.
A Handsome Single Buggy.
A Fine Saddle Home.
Prompt and Careful Teaming.
Kx press Van available at any time.
Telephone Call, 66.       s 11 tf       Proprietor.
Why Purchase Interior Foreign Cigars
when yon oan obtain a Superior Artl
clo for the same money from
Nanaimo Cigar Factory
None but White Labor employed
8-11 6m
QEALED TENDERS, endorsed "New
Parliament Buildings, Victoria, Contract
No. 2," will be received by the Honorable
Chief Commissioner of Land* and Works up
to one o'clock p.m. of Thursday, 30ih
November, 1893, for the several trades required in the erection of new Parliament
Buildings at James Bay, Victoria, B.C.,
1. The excavator, mason and bricklayer's
2. The carpenter and joiner's work.
3. The slater's and plasterer's work.
4. The coppersmith's work.
5. The smith and ironfounder's work.
6. The plumber's work.
7. The painter's work.
Tenders will be received for any one trade
or for the whole work.
The plans, dstails, etc., as prepared by F.
M. H.ittenbury, Architect, can be seen at
the office of the umlorfigned on or after
Monday, October 10.Ii, 1893, and complete
quantities clearly describing the whole of
the work can be obtained on payment of f 20
for eaoh trade. This sum will bs returned
to the contractors on reoeipt of a bona Sde
Each tender must be accompanied by an
accepted bank cheque equal to two per cent.
on the amount of each trade tendered for,
which will be retained as part security for
the due performance of the work. The
cheque will be returned to unsuccessful competitors, but will be forfeited by any bidder
who may decline to execute a contract if
called upon to do so.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily
Deputy Commissioner of Lands 4 Works.
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., September 28th, 1803.
8-11 td
To take cftimt at 8:00 a m. on Thur-day, October
12th, 1898.    Trains run on Pacifio
Standard Time.
c mm in rn fi IS �� o c c i" 3." c: 00 00 06 <
. u# .5
;-�� ��� ."   ���   ���   * k *C
.������-.2^x -t ��:��*   e
irc.o:.CEca>       ��
i 5 <euaa . . :w��.   .
�����IA mjtsms
8 I
���s*   ��-
.  r *->
O  L.  9
n w ii n n h ** V V 3$ *jl
*?11 s��
CD ..
_     b
S " ' l
��� ���   *��� ���*��� a; -�� ��� ���#��� i~ r- n it aj obftw _,
Return Tickets will be issued bftween all points
for u fare anda quaitcr, good for r.turn l.ot later
than Monday.
Return Ti ke's for one and a half ordinary fare
may tie purchased daily to all polnte, good for seven
days, including day of issue.
No Return Tiofce.'s iemied for a'are and a quarter
where the single fare is twenty-Ave cent!
Through rates between Victoria and Comox.
Mileage and Commutation Tickets oan In* obtained
on application to the Ticket Agent, Victoria Station.
President. Qen. Supt
8-11 tf General Freight and Passenger Agent,
Union Steamship Comfy
Of B. C., Limited
Head Office and Wharf, Vancouver, B.C.
Daily Service between Vancouver
and Nanaimo���S3. CUTuH.
On and after July 6th. leave* Nanaimo dai>
except Monday at 7 a m. Leaves Vanrouver dally
except Sunday at 1:16 p.m., on arrival of Eastern
mails. Carg j on Com,a\y'�� wharf, Vancouver, until
12 noon.
Vancouver & Northern L^Rtclna: Camp*
and Settlements.���S3. COMOX leaves Company's \\'h��r( every Monday at 12 noon, for Gibson's.
Landing, Sechelt,Welcome Pass, Nel.-on Island, Lund,
Hernando', Cortez, Reid Island, Stewart Island, and
way ports to Pott Nevele, returning sime route.
Steamers and Scow* alwa'savailable fur recursions.
Towing and Freighting Business. Ample Storage
Accommodation on Company's Wharf. Particular
on application to office.
W. F. TOPPING, Manager.
W. B. DENNISON, Agent, Nanaimo, B. C.
Telephone 13. ��-11 tf
(W. kOUKRS, Makikr.)
To take effect on Monday, Feb, 1st, 1892.
Westminster Vancouver, MnndajH, (I a.m.
Vancouver Nanaimo, M ndays, 1:80 p m.
Naniiiino Vancouver, Tuesdays, 7 a.m.
Va*n oiiver WeHtininttur, Tuesday*, noon
WeHtiniustcr. Nanaimo, VVednesila r, 7 a.m.
Nanaimo  Vancouver, Thu n* I y>, 7 a in.
Wrouver Narmimo, ThurndayM,'l::t(> p in.
Nanaimo Vancouver, Fridays, 7 a.m.
Vancouver Nanaimo, Friday*,'1:3(1 p.m.
Nanaimo Vancouver, Saturdays, 7 a.m.
Vancouver Westmii ster, Satuid t\s, 11 a in.
PARB~ $1.00.
8-1112m L. ROGERS, Parser.
Praaer Street, near Bastion St. Briil),-.'.
8��fetv I'ntumtlii' Tin Blnjdes. Sample Uu
rbinea Hill be on viow (or a lew d.iyi. A lull line ol
repairing material on band, ami repair! promptly
R. J. WENBORN, Proprietor
811 Cm
Hotel Wilson
Nauaimo, B.C.
Sample Rooms
mowing the Date* and Plaees .1 Courts
���f Assise, mat Prlns. sad Ojrar and
TermUaer, fer tke Year UN,
an ran unun,
Blohlleld Monday 11th September
Ollnlon Wednesday 27th Bepteniliw
Kamloopa. Monday tnd October
Lytton Monday ��th October
Hew WeatmliuUr Wednstday Mb Novembsr
Tanoouver Wednesday ltth Novembsr
OS vixoouvSE Uliko.
Victoria Monday 27th November
nanaimo Toe* day Cast December
8-11 U
The Telegram Job Deportment turns)
ont On. pi-latin* ssoond to noae.
A Clever English Writer Gives His Epigrammatic Views on Marriage.
A correspondence has been opened in
the pages of the Daily Telegraph on
the vexed question of marriage in general, and of English wives in particular,
says "The Linkman" in London Truth.
As a bachelor my experience of wives
���in the plural���is extensive, and it is
the more desirable, therefore, that I
should contribute my share towards
the discussion. I have tried to condense
the views which I hold upon this subject, and the more important of these
���will be found in the following distorted
proverbs of I'all Mall:
Marrying is believing.
Two's matrimony and three's divorce.
Divorce, is the mother-in-law of invention.
A little matrimony goes a long way.
Infidelity begins at home.
'  Put not all your lovers in one basket.
Everything has an end���marriage has
To marry is human, to divorce is divine.
Set a wife to catch a wife.
A "smart" lover covers a multitude
of sins.
Matrimony breeds contempt.
A lover in time saves nine.
You must go to the divorce court to
hear what news at your home.
When the lover preaches beware of
.your wife.
When a woman falls every man calls.
Wives of a feather Hock together.
Every "smart" woman has her day in
the box.
Home rule often insures peace with
Where there's a wife there's a way to
the court.
A divorcing man will catch at a straw.
It is easy to marry down hill.
Wifej life and strife rhyme together,
Lilt there is very little reason In either.
Marriage is paved with good adventures.
What matrimony conceals divorce re-
There are none so wived as those that
will not marry.
Fine friends make fast wives.
Some men marry because they are
young, some because they are old,
some because they are busy, others because they have nothing to do. There
is but one valid excuse for marrying���
.because you want to.
Gotham llelles Now Glvo  I'arilcs on the
Evo of Their Harrluge.
It is customary for young bachelors
about to marry to gather about them a
few of their most intimate male friends
and give a bachelor dinner. There is
something jolly about it all. His
friends dine and wine with him and
drink his very good health and that of
his family. He is not going out of life.
He is going into a more blissful, living
existence, and will be respectable. Hut
a New York paper is telling of a lot of
girls who bury their single blessedness,
having a funeral aud going into mourning. A short time ago a Fifth avenue
belle introduced to her friends a "fad"
that promises to become as popular as it
is peculiar. Her girl friends were surprised one day to receive from her cards
with heavy mourning borders inviting
them to her home, and asking them to
appear in mourning. As there had been
no death in the family, and the young
woman was to have been married in a
few days to what was considered a most
desirable "catch," her form of invitation
surprised most of her friends, and for
that reason many of the persons invited
went to the house. The parlor was
darkened. On the center table the
guests noticed a small casket. When
the hostess entered she went to the
table and said: "Friends, I have asked
you here to-day to witness the burial of
my old identity. You know 1 am to be
married in a few days. In this casket
I have placed my card, which I intend
to bury, with you as witnesses. Thus I
will bury my identity in that of my
future husband." Already three or four
such ceremonies have been performed
in Fifth avenue mansions. This will do
for a fad; but in the case of such a girl
there is always a chance that she will
dig up her identity and have some good
old times with her good old girl friends.
A jolly dinner, in any ease, is better
than a funeral, and it is better for people about to be married.
Itiioiiting- Umls. '
The mechanism of the leg and foot of
a chicken orother bird that roosts on a
limb is a marvel of design. It often
seems strange that a bird will sit on a
roost and sleepall night without falling
.off, but the explanation is perfectly
simple. The tendon of the leg of a bird
that roosts is so arranged that when
the leg is bent at the knee the claws
.are bound to contract, and thus hold
with a sort of death grip the limb
round which they are placed. Put a
chicken's feet on your wrist and then
make the bird sit down and you will
have a practical illustration on your
skin that you will remember for some
time. By this singular arrangement,
seen only in such birds as roost, they
will rest comfortably and never think
of holding on, for it is impossible for
them to let go till they stand up.
The Government's Exhibit at the
World's Fair.
An Interesting Feature of the Great Exposition    Which    Will    ltecome
.a   Permanent   Institution.
The life-saving bureau of the treasury department will be represented at
the World's Columbian exposition at
Chicago by a life-saving station and apparatus that will show to perfection
this humane feature of the federal government. The most essential featnre
of the exhibit, the station itself, is rapidly nearing completion on the lake
front within the space to be dedicated
to the exposition. The station vviLl be
fully equipped with all the apparatus
pertaining to a first-class lake life-saving
station, and besides the articles used in
work on the great lakes it will have on
exhibition boats of the styles used on
the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and on
the falls of the Ohio at Louisville, with
such other apparatus as is peculiar to
the work in any part of the United
States. For instance, at Louisville two
life skiffs and two reels are used, this
apparatus being in use nowhere else.
The station will be manned by one of
the regular life saving crews, who will
perform a dally drill, and it may be
that some of the visitors will have an
opportunity to observe the work as it. is
actually performed iu storms, for the
station is erected on one of the most
dangerous parts of the coast in the
vicinity of Chicago. The station apparatus and crew are there not only for
exhibition, but fur business whenever
any vessel needs assistance.
The station is to be a permanent one
when the exposition is over. The government was not able to secure a satisfactory title to the site of the present
Chicago hie saving station; and in the
last sundry civil appropriation bill, congress inserted a proviso that a new station should be erected within the
grounds set apart for the world's fair,
on condition, however, that there
must first be ceded to the United Slates
the title to the site selected.
The bureau obtained a gold medal for
its exhibit at the fish and fisheries exhibit in London, where it simply showed
its apparatus and did not attempt to
put it in operation. Superintendent Kimball is willing to put the American system into a competitive test with that
used in any other country. The medals
and awards received will be plaited on
exhibition and also some apparatus
showing the progress of life saving invention. Side by side will be shown
a modern Lyle gun for throwing a succoring line to the crew of a distressed
vessel and the old-style mortar which
was used when this method of saving
life was first adopted. The bureau has
in its possession the first mortar and
first ball ever used in America in life-
saving work. About thirty years ago it
was used to throw a line to the crew of
the British ship Ayrshire in danger of
going on Squan Beach, N. J. The ball
struck the deck and carried the line to
the passengers and crew. Hy means of
the life line 'JO I persons were saved out
of a total of 222 persons on board. The
ship sank and the ball went to the bottom. About twenty years afterward,
through the working of the waves the
ball was brought to view again ana
sent to the life-saving bureau.
Many People Have Been Prepared for
Muriel In France While Tot Alive.
A Paris physician is the authority for
the statement that at least forty persons are annually prepared for burial
in France while still alive, and he adds
that he includes only cases where the
dead were fortunate enough to awaken
before interment. Assuming the number actually buried alive to be equal to
those who awoke from their somnolence
in time to avert such a fearful doom, it
will be perceived that were the American system of hasty embalming in
vogue there the undertakers would
"fix"���another name for murder���
eighty persons every year in that one
country. ��_
and especially when he's drunk as well,
he's pretty sure to breathe as nature intended him to, sir, and that's through
his nose. All you have to do then, sir,
is to pinch his nose, shut off his wind,
and up he comes with a snort. It's a
good deal more human, sir, than the
bastinado, and I always apply it, sir."
Great Commercial Possibilities Before the
American Kepubllc.
The great waterways of this country
are capable of a wonderful growth and
improvement. The recent disasters
upon the Mississippi should be guarded
against as much as circumstances will
And speaking of the Mississippi, the
day is not far distant when its northern
arm will be connected with our inland
oceans and a ship may sail from New
Orleans to Chicago. Then will come
the Nicaragua canal, by which that
same vessel may proceed directly into
the Pacific and down the western coast
of South America.
There is no doubt, says the New York
Ledger, that a ship canal will be cut
from the lakes to tho Atlantic. Congress has already been asked to provide
for surveys and make estimates, and
when Brother Jonathan gets so far, the
end is assured. Canada is enlarging
those waterways which would admit
British war vessels from the St. Lawrence river to these lakes, and at present we have no avenue of approach.
Under these conditions, in a few years
from date, the grayhounds of the ocean
will traverse lakes Erie, Huron, Michigan and Superior, anchoring in Chicago
and Duluth. A direct connection, via
the enlarged Erie canal and the Hudson
river, will open up another stream for
traffic to New York. Talk of shipbuilding and revived maritime interests!
What will one behold who lives another
fifty years? That not only railways but
naval supremacy belongs to this republic. And that supremacy will entail a
commercial importance which to-day is
only feebly shadowed.
California's Stirring  Military  Production
of the Tragedy of Borneo and* Juliet.
The first theatrical performance
given in California was in a low one-
story adobe building on the corner of
Pacific and Scott streets, Monterey,
lately owned by John A. Swan, a pioneer ol 1S43.
The play was "Romeo and Juliet,"
John Phoenix (Lieut. Derby) essaying
the character of the lover, and a woman weighing two hundred aud forty
pounds, the wife of Sergt llolcomb,
playing the part of Juliet. The date
of the play was January 1, 1S48. Mrs.
llolcomb had studied her part industriously, but Derby turned the balcony
scene into a roaring farce. J. Bank-
bead Magruder, colonel of the Third
artillery, was the Mercutio, and Capt.
Burton, U, S. A., was Friar Lawrence.
Gen., then Lieut. Armisteud, who
was killed at Gettysburg, acted as
The second performance was "Ilam-
let," ''Phoenix" playing the part of the
melancholy Dane and Magruder the
Ghost. The Ghost had been dining
with Senors Alvarado and Arguello,
and had partaken of aguardiente and
native wine so cordially that his utterances were more spirituous than sepulchral, and he nearly spoiled Ophelia's
flower scene, too, by coming in and
presenting Laertes' afflicted sister with
a bouquet of cabbage heads. Fourteen
of the auditors upon these two occasions became general officers during the
war of the rebellion, among whom were
Kearny, Magruder, Hurton, Mason,
Armistead, Stoneman, Reynolds.*
Tho ringer of a Dead Man Supposed to
llrlng Fortune.
The pearl hunters of Borneo and adjacent islands have a peculiar superstition. When engaged in opening shells
in search of pearls they take every
ninth find, whether it be large or small,
and put it into a bottle which is kept
tightly corked with a dead man's
The pearls thus kept, says American
Notes and Queries, are known as "seed
pearls" or "breeding pearls," the
natives of all the islands mentioned
firmly believing that they will reproduce their kind. For every pearl put
into the phial two grains of rice are put
in for the pearls to "feed" upon.
Some whites in Borneo believe as
firmly in the superstition as the natives
do, and almost every hut along the coast
has its "dead finger" bottle with from
nine to fifty "seed pearls," and twice
that number of rice grains carefully
and evenly stowed away among them.
Prof. Kimmerly says that nearly all
the burial places along the coast have
been desecrated by "pearl breeders" in
search of corks for their bottles.
A Wonderful Clock.
The most marvelous of clocks has
been built by a Block Forest maker and
sold for four thousand dollars. Hesides
doing everything that most clocks do in
the matter of time and calendar, it
shows the time in Uerlin, St. Petersburg, Madeira, Shanghai, Calcutta,
Montreal, San Francisco, Melbourne,
and Greenwich Every evening at eight
a young man invites the company to
vespers in the electrically illuminated
chapel where a young woman plays the
"Maiden's Prayer." On New Year's
eve two trumpeters announce the flight
of the old year and the advent of the
new. In May a cuckoo comes out; in
June a quail; in October a pheasant appears to be shot down by a typical
llritish sportsman who proceeds to bag
his game. At daybreak the sun rises
and some bells play a German air entitled: "Phcabus Awakes." On the
night of the full moon they play another German air entitled: "Sweet and
Tranquil Luna." There are other features too numerous to mention.
The Humane Method Employed by a New
York Patrolman.
A drunkard was sleeping off his potations in a Third avenue hallway, when
a patrolman espied his protruding legs.
He didn't begin to pound the rather
thin soles of the poor fellow's worn
shoes, as is the custom of the park keepers in dealing with sleeping tramps on
the benches. He reached over and
grasped the sleeper by the nose, and the
fellow was on his feet in an instant.
"You must have tweaked it pretty
hard," suggested a witness of the incident.
"Not a bit, sir," he replied. "I didn't
hurt him at all. You see, sir, barring
the lungs the nose is the principal organ
of respiration, and the lungs, sir,
wouldn't have much to do if it wasn't
for the nose.    When a man's asleep,
' Beautiful Italian Women.
"The prettiest women in the world
are those of northern Italy," said a St.
Louisian, who has just completed a trip
around the world. "Pretty is not exactly the word to be used in describing
them. A wax doll may be pretty. The
women of northern Italy are gloriously,
maddeningly beautiful. They are a
mixture of the French gentry and the
Old Italian nobility, and inherit the
vivacity of one country and the voluptuous, half oriental beauty of the
other. If you want to understand
what the poet meant by the 'dark
eyes' splendor' go not to the Vale
of Cashmere, not to Cadiz, but to
Milan. Greece in her palmiest days
could not produce such perfect figures,
nor Spain such coquettes. Add to' unrivaled beauty of face and figure the
sweet cadences of the Italian tongue,
and I defy any youngster to get away
from Milan without regret Some one
has said that Italian is the mother
tongue of the Goddess of Love; certainly there is nothing sweeter���it is mi>i��
dy itself."
Ice Made with Gas.
A Canadian living at International
Bridge, Ontario, makes a remarkable
announcement; he has discovered a
method of making artificial ice by the
use of common illuminating gas. After
use the gas may be returned to the
mains, uninjured as far as its illuminating qualities are concerned, not being
deteriorated in the least. Experiments
made at the gas plant at International
Hridge gave a temperature of eighty degrees below zero���this with the use of
gas and water alone���no chemicals of
any kind having been added to the solution.
i JOB f
The season is now approaching when every Merchant and Business Man will require a new stock of Office Stationery
and other printed matter
H-A.S   THE	
Best Equipped
Job Printing Office
In the Province, and carries a large 6tock of all kinds of Paper
and Cardboards.    We can suit our customers with any
class of work they may desire, and we are in
a position to quote prices as low as
can be obtained in any other part
of the  Province.     Our plant is all new,
and the type includes all the newett designs of faces.
OFFICE We   can  supply
STATIONERY Bill Heads, Letter
Heads, Statements, Receipt Forms, Bank
Drafts,Cheques, tc, bound, numbered, perforated, if desired, st the lowest prices.
DAILY TELEGRAM, corner Commercial
and Church streets.
INVITATION We have just re-
OARJJS ceived  one  of  the
best selections of imported Cards, with Envelopes to match, ever brought into this
country. We have soma lines admirably
saited for private parties, with Mean Card*
to match.
BUSINESS Neatly     printed,
OAhDS either    colored    or
plain, in the latest styles known to the
trade. We have a large stock of all grades
of cardboards to select from, and can give
you any quality of stock. Prices for this
class of work have been put down as low as
good workmanship will permit. DAILY
TELEGRAM, corner Commercial and
Church streets.
VISITING In    ladies'    and
CARDS genU'   sizes.     We
have a beautiful assortment of stock for this
class of work, and have also added a large
variety of script type specially for card
work. DAILY TELEGRAM, corner Commercial and Church streets.
WEDDING As soon as a young
STATIONERY lady has decided on
the day when that moat interesting event
shall take place, she should have her mamma call at once and order the invitation
cards. We have just received direot from
one of the best manufacturers in London a
beautiful selection of Wedding Cabinets,
and with our excellent facilities for neat
printing we oan guarantee to give entire
gutisfaction iu this branch. DAILY TELEGRAM, corner Commercial and Church
CUSTOMS AND We are prepared
OTHER FORMS to fill orders for all
kinds of Blink Forms, wholesale and retail,
at prices lower than can be obtained elsewhere. DAILY TELEGRAM, corner frun-
mcrcial and Church streets.
SHI P PING An immense stock
TAGS of  Shipping  Tags,
direct from the manufacturers, at eactern
prices. DAILY TELEURAM, corner Commercial and Church streets.
8HIP A nd others would
BROKSRS consult their inter
est by calling at the DAILY TELEGRAM
Job Printing Ofiioe for prices, Ac, before
ordering elsewhere. Corner Commercial
and Church streets.
POSTER We   have,  with-
WORK out exception,   the
best selection of Poster type west of Toronto. We have letters from J of an inch up
to 20 inches. We can print a hill 4x6 inches
up to 4x8 feet, or as much larger as may be
required. Colored work a specialty. Prices
satisfactory. Call and see sizes of sheets and
type. DAILY TKLKIiRAM, comer Commercial and Church streets.
PROGRAMME) For  Dance   Pro-
CARDS grammes and other
cards of this description we excel all others.
We can supply Invitation Cards, Pre.
gramme Cards and Menu Cards to match.
See our selection before placing your order.
DAILY TELEGRAM, corner Commercia
nd Church streets.
BOOK We do not pre-
PRIN TING tend to do work for
the bare wholesale price of the stock. Although we buy stock direct from the mills,
we expect to get fair prices for all work
turned out, and as we employ only the best
workmen we guarantee our customers entire
satisfaction in all oases. We are at all times
prepared to give estimates for all kinds of
Book Printing and other work. DAILY
TELEGRAM, corner of Commercial and
Church streets.
Telegram Printing Co.
W.   J.   QALLAGHIR,   MuM(��r
Commencing Wednesday, November 1st, 1893, we shall, for THIRTY
DAYS,, allow a Discount of Twenty Per Cent, on all purchases, except our
LaciDg Kid Gloves and Silk Threads.
We have this season a Forty Thousand Dollar Stock to choose from,
comprising everything that is to be found in a First-Class Dry Goods
Just consider for a moment what this offer means. For every dollar's
worth bought, you have twenty (20) cents refunded, which makes a saving
of $5 on a $25 purchase.
��� ���+ o
This offer is for the month of November only, and all purchases
must be cash to secure the discount.
Ilw gailg ��dwjwm-
The Windsor.
Water Works Survey.
The Water Works Co. have instructed
Messrs. Heyland and Lynn to make a sur-
-vey of the dam and works. This is done
with a view of obtaining the title deeds
from the New Vancouver Coal Mining Co.
The Windsor House.
Job Printing.
"In a few dnyB Tnr. Tk.lkoram job plant
will be placed iu position, when we will be
prepared to do all kinds of job printing on
the shortest notice. We have a large stock
of all kinds of papers on hand and will
guarantee to suit our customers in Btock
and workmanship.
The Windsor House cuisine.
The City Survey.
Mr. Heyland's report to the Council on
MoDilay night was to the effect that he bad
all the instruments and all the monumsnts
to take the angles with and that the greatest v aria til n so far from the survey of Mr.
Mohun was 2i inches. Mr. Heyland hopes
to complete the survey iu about another
The Windsor House cuisine is excellent.
Albcrni Gold Minos.
The steamer Maude left Victoria Tuesday
���with a gang of fifteen men under the superintendence of Mr. McGillvray to work the
mine bonded to the Duke of Montrose
through his agent the Hon. Lieut. Colonel
Baker. These men will be divideel into
three shifts of five men and work pushed
forward without delay.
The Windsor House cuisine is  excellent,
and so are its other appointments.
Annexation Condomnod.
A very interesting debate took place in
the Wallace street Methodist church on
TuesdBy evening at the regular weekly
meeting of the Epworth League. The sub
ject was "Annexation with the United
States" the desirability ot which wasuf-
iirmed by Messrs. Ailken, Freure and
Anderson, representing the Y.M.C.A., and
denied by Messrs. Maitland, (Ralph) Smith,
and Tanuer, flying the colors of tho League.
Mr. Hunter, principal of the High School
occupied the chair and at the conclusion of
a somewhat spunky discussion summed up
the arguments and submitted the question
to the audier.ee, who det ermined that the
cape for Annexation had not been made out.
After a vote of thanks to the chair and
singing of the National Anthem the meeting
When you visit Vancouver do not forget
to -rceister at the Delmonico. Emerson
leads all others as a caterer. 8-11-tf
Ecclesiastical Movements.
As mentioned in our isEue of yesterday
Dr. Perrin, Lord Bishop of Columbia, left
on the steamer Joan yesterday morning to
visit Comox district. A reception on a
more than ordinary scale will 08 tendered
him by the good people of Comox, where at
the Episcopal church he will preach next
Sunday. Leaving there on Monday he will,
in company with the Rev. C. E. Cooper of
Northficld, visit the thriving settlement of
Trench Creek, where the Church has many
earnest adherents. On Wednesday night
he will deliver his (what everybody terms it
that h��s heard il) very able lecture on temperance in St. Alban's Hall in this city.
.During the short time Dr. Perrin has been
in charge of the Bishopric of Columbia he
has earned a well-deserved reputation for
energy and interest iu the church.
;Tcxada Island.
The local Government have with commendable energy got nearly 7500 feet of the
new road on Texada bland cleared of obstructions. Thi< road will when completed
give access to fifteen to twenty mineral
claims in which a large quantity of capital
has bfen invested in development work
during the past few years. This road bo
sides beiuer of great benefit to prospectors
will ��1bo allow of some two or three settler
who have gone in lately ge' ting theirproduoe
to the beach. Mr. J awes a mining expert
and mineralogist from Philadelphia iB making a thorough grglopical survey of tie
island in the interest of some New York
capitalists and so far is favorably* impressed
with the rich mineral appearand) of the
locility. One of the claims has been leased
to an "old hand" with an option who will
rommerce work thereon next month. On
this claim the benefits of the road will first
fall as by it machinery can bo landed at tho
very mouth of'Jthe mines. A quantity of
ore will shortly be shipped to the mill for a
working teat and the results if satisfactory
will be followed by the arrival of more machinery, and immediately.
t    t
Tub Crescent Pharmacy's
:   :   :   LIST OF   :   :   :
Lilac Blossom,
White Heliotrope,
Swoet Pea,
Italian Clover,
White Rose, (Special)
Whtto Bayclnt.be.
Corime Bouquet,
Easter Lily,
Jocky Club.
Lily ol tho Valley.
Ylang Ylang,eto.
Call and ��et Scruples Free
26 Victoria Crescent.
8-1112m NANAIMO, B. C.
(Successors to S. P. Scott)
Land and Fire Insurance Agents
Coin wciii
:  Harvey's Old Stand
���w^/Toia:   it
L   i
Mr, T. 1). Conway, C. P- Telegraph Co.
Chemoinus is in town.
J. S. Clute, '.Inspector of Customs went
up to Comox this morning on official
Messrs. Mcliain, Hanly, and Gable were
passengers by the Cutch last evening from
Lawyer ISowser, of Vancouver, is in town
in connection with prosecution under the
Pharmacy Act. Mr. llowser is staying at
the Wilson.
Rev. 0. E. Cooper went down to Victoria
yesterday where he delivers his entertaining lecture on a "D.iy in Loudon" in St.
James' Hall.
J. Quinn the captain of the "invincible
Hornets'' left yesterday morning for Vancouver to take a good position ou the P. N.
S.S. Kmpress of Japan. Mr. Qtiinn's place
upon the Hornets will ho hard to fill.
Capt. Wceden is once more in Nanaimo
after an absence of two years. He still
commands the staunch little bark Seminole
which arrived yesterday from St Santa
Rosalia, Now Mexico. The bark will load
at   Messrs.   Dunimiuro's  shutcs   Depiii ture
 �� .
The local public we are favorites with at
the Windsor. The travelling public arc our
staunch patrons.
A large list of Local Properties always
o.i hand.
Outside Acreage on easy terms.
Coal and Timber Lands at low figures.
Auction Sales of Furniture and Stock
conducted either at tho Auction Rooms, or
at owner's residence, in any part of the
Cash advanced on goods consigned for
absolute sale.
Sales held every Saturday evening at the
Auction Rooms at 7:80 o'clock,
Nanaimo .   .   .
In connection
Open Day and Night
Wnlto Labor Only Employed
Native  and  Olympian
:   :   : OYSTERS
In Any Style
The only Restaurant in town that puis up
And upwards at all hours of the day and night
rooined house, city water.   Apply to
8-n ti p.o. nox ie:i.
Meetings This Evening.
Ashlar Lxlge, A.I*'. & A. VI. No.-.'l, have
an emergency meeting tonight for woik.
Myrtle Lodge, K. of P, meet to-nighc for
the first time in their commodious and new
hall /><?( Press Uloek. ThiB lodge inteuels
giving an invitation dance on Thanksgiving
evening, Nov. i'ird iu their lodge room to
coinmctrorate their advent into their new
aud elegant quarters. It, will, without
doubt, be one of the events of the seasou as
their members aro amongst the elite of the
city. An enjoyable evening may be looked
forward to by those who may be favored.
On His Return.
Yesterday Messrs. Simpson and Simpson,
llarriBters, received a telegram from Mr.
Thos. Kitchen, now in London, announcing
his intention of at once returning to Nanaimo with plenty of funds at his disposal to
meet any claims which may be legitimately
owing by tiiin. When the announcement
was mudu some time ago that Mr. Kitchen
had left tho city mora abruptly than bust-
nesa men usually do there wers tho Utna]
number of .scandalmongers aud tongue Waggon whose hardest work iB to speak kindly
of any man and more especially about one
whose fortunes had met with slight reverses.
On the other hand there wore many in
Nanaimo who thought differently of Mr.
Kitchen and who spoke well and kindly of
him as one who was only gone for a time and
who would assuredly return and do the
"right thing" so to speak. Mr. Kitchen
had many believers, more than the average,
in his honesty and uprightedness of character and it must be a great source of satisfaction to them to hear that Mr. Kitchen will
be amongst them Bgain and fearlessly meet
Mb traducers face to face. The best thing
this Utter class can do is to make the amende
honorable not in a half hearted unmanly way
but in a manner commensurate with Mr.
Kitchen's conduct to those to whom he is
AppUoants must state experience and salary required, ami appil>sttons muso be sent In not later
than bOOh on the lMh lust.
Further particulars i f the situation can be obtained
from I lie undstslgntd
By order,
9-11-td GEO. HOLDNAI.b, Secretary
Notice to Users of Electric Lights
i�� 11 bills must be paid on or before the 20 h of ench month to
the undersigned, cr to W K.
i eighton, who is authorized to
collect the same.
Life Assurance Co'y
Government Auction Sale
New Insurance, 1892
Surplus over Liabilities
Gives  the Bet Contract  and
Loans Money on Policy
after two years
Call and eee tho Special Agent���
Hotel  Wilson, NANAIMO, B.C.
THE crescent hotel
JAS. BENNETT, - Proprietor
inents are unsurpassed hy any In the L'lty, aud
will accommodate a large number ol ttuests. 3he
Har U supplied with the Finest Brands of Wines,
Liquors ai id Cigars in the market.
Only White Help Employed.
811 l'ini
Ilea Ck tapster <t Co,
A'o instructed by the Superintendent of Police,
Victoria, P.O., lor the Provincial Government tc
oiler for Bale by public auotdon on
Thursday Afternoon, Nov. 16
Built only this year by Mr. Jam's S. Doherty rf
Vancouver, B.U ' Untf'h -to ft.. Width 8 ft. Depth
:U ft. Coiupousd Steeple Engines, 4x(t alid 0x6,
made by Messrs John J->oty & Co., Toronto, Ont.
Registered Tonnage <> t ins.
Thin iioiit will he t-old us she now lies at Messrs*
.lohiirftcn & Oo.'s wharf (ful v equipped and ready for
in-mediate use) to the hlgiuit bidder WITHOUT
For an, further particulars apply to
We have them now, Yes,
A full etock of the
Air and Water Pad,
Elastic and Spring.
:   :   AND FOR SPONG1S   i   i
Wo have the Largest I-ine  in the City.
Use our Balsamic Elixir
For Coughs and Golds.
s-U 12m E. PIMBURY & Co.
:   DEALER IN   :
ETC.,      ETC.,      ETC.
No. 26 Commercial Street
NANAIMO, B. C. 8 11 Gm
G. A. MeBain & Co.
Real Estate Brokers
Notaries Public, etc.


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