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The Weekly News Dec 15, 1896

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Array *���*���*��������
NO.   2|4    UNION   COMOX   DISTRICT,   B.   C,   TUESDAY   DEC'isih,   1896:   $2,00   PER   ANNUM. ..,
-saassBW &=se(e3��sesseg��s��esse�� >*. ���ssRegesa sessesseseegssssa!
Choicest    Fresh    Meats,    etc.,   etc.,   Turkeys  and   Geese   For  Xmas.
Show Us
A successful merchant and we will show you
a   man who keeps thocoughly posted and
watches the cost of every single article he   go
purchases, @j|
Mo Ma Applies to Economical Housekeepers.
That's the reason the women of Union use
our prices as a standard for what they should
pay for goods elsewhere.
FALL suits.
Tempting  Prices   at
You will find in my selection of this
fall's goods bargains never offered you
before.      Fine  black worsted    suit
(35.00, nice nobby Scotch suits $25.00
And Overcoats From $20.00   up.
The full Court has reserved judgement
ill the coal mines re^ulatisn act case re
constitutionality Chinese wnrkim; under
ground in cnal mill's.
While proceeding to the mainland
thii morning one of the boilers of the str.
Dunsmuir sprung a leek which necessitated putting nut the fires. The the
Sunberry happened to come ulong shout
Chat lime and towed the disabled steamer
buck to port.
Tee plague is spreading every where
says a Bombay dispatch. On Tuesday
Ihere were 55 pest cases and 37 deaths.
There have been 1.126 cases with 804
Saa Francisco, Dec. 1 ith.���All parties
lo the Kitisimmnns���Sharkey contest for
a purse of $10,000 was tn Supreme Court
today. A continuance was granted
, until this afternoon, as Sharkey's people
claimed a techinical delect in tha service
of the papers.
Washington, D. C. Dec. nth���The
Spanish Minister received a table des*
path from Havana to the effect that
Antonio Maceo and young Gomez are
dead.   The report was later confirmed.
Bargains in white and colored Shirts
���t Leiser's.
Fitzsimmons ���sharkey cask
San Francisco, Dec, 11.���In lhe Fitz-
simmons���Sharkey suit yesterday Wm
Abbott, a saloan keeper, who helped to
carry Sharkey out of the ring, said Shar
key gave 110 evidence that he had baen
fouled. Recess was taken until Monday.
In the I'olire Court to day Referee Earp
was fined $50 for hivin ' c fried a pistol
into the ring on the nijjht of the fight.
By a curinas caincdence Mi'.J.Crimson purser on the Joan, and Mr. J. M'
Creenshield, chief engineer on the same
boat, were both married in Victoria
Thursday evening, neither knowing that
the other intended joining the benedicts
and both being united to young ladies of
the same name. Mr. Crimson was
married to Miss Josephine McDonald,
danghter of Mrs. A. E. McDonald of
Victoria West. Mr. Creenshield was
married to Ella McDonald, second
daughter of Mr.Geo.McDanaid of Comox
Cobsurg, Ont.Dec'12-Charlen E.Ewing,
who has been Collector of Customs fcr
thirty years, died here to-day.
Lord and Lady Sholto Douglas are to
live in Vancouver.   Aid.  Barnfii-ld is out
for mayor.
Esquimalt and Nanaimo By. Oe.
���Steamer City of   Nanaimo   will sail as
Leave Victoria for Nanaimo at 7 a. in.
Tuts lav. Leave Nanaimo for Comox a:
7 a. in Wednesday. Leave Comox for
Victoria at 5 a. m. Thursday. Leave Victoria for Nanaimo at 7 a. in. Friday.
Leave Nanaimo for Victoria at 7 a. m.
By Order, H. K. Prior
latest by Wire
A Steamer Wrecked at Sia and
300 Perished -Burglaries Continue in Vancouver and Elae-
vhera ���Fitzaimmona���Sharkey
Caaa in Court���Minor Events.
Kew Jackets and water proofs for ladies
at SttvsnsM aud aonpuy's.
New Westminster, Dec. 12th���J. C.
Whyte, the newly appointed .warden of
the 11. C. Penitentiary, was sworn in on
Wednesday. He will enter upon his duties without delay.
The   police   arrested four suspicious
looking characters   on Wednesday.    If
they cannot prove auything against them
they will be ordered out of town.
Burolarv at burnaby
Mr. Eli Ladcer of liumuby reports
that during his absence, his house was
entered and a large amount of clothing
stolen. The b ir���'lan aoparently occu
pled the nouse fnr one or two nights.
Vancouver, Dec. 11.���The Anti-Mun-
golian-League met last night. Numerous petitions were sent to ontside places
for signatures, and have been returned
filled��� some with the corporation seal u.
pon them.
Banqueting .
The Liberals will join the Vancnuver
Board of Trade, and the Canneries in
banqueting Huns. Davies and Blair.
The burglars are slill operating in Van
couver.   A. N. Smith's was the last house
broken into.   Mr. Smith chased them a*
way at the point of the revolver.
Texada claims
Nanaimo, B. C. Dec. 11,���The steamer Espcranza has been chartered by  an
Eastern syndicate to go to Texada   Island to examine-various claims there.
Mine shut down
The Jordon Coal   Mine is practically
shut down for the present,  and all  the
hands laid off.
The police have located the stolen
goods taken from the residence of Elijah
Priest, having found them in a house on
lhe Indian Reserve. They have ascetain-
ed that the man who committed the burglary is now serving a term in the Provincial I ail for supplying liquor to Indians
He will be detained for this offence as
soon as his term expires.
Closed salmon season
J Turbull was lined $5  Dec.   11  for
catching salmon during thc close season.
Fearful loss of life
Virg, Dec. II,���The German Lloyd
sir. S ilior was wrecked to-day off the
North Coast ol Spain. Tliere were 210
passengers on board and her crew consisted of 9a men.    All on board perjshed
Petition dismissed
Montreal; Dec.  II.���The  petition  a*
gainst Mr.   Boisvert M. P. for Nicolei
was dismissed.
Elephant executed
Ceicago, Dec.   II.���"Gipsy.'1 the   elephant wilh a record of killing  four keepers will be publicly executed in a tew
Knocked out
Cripple Creek, Col.���Mike Queen, the
stockyard    giant,    knocked    out   Billy
Woods, champion of Colorado Thursday
night on the 12th round.
McPhee & Moore,
Genenal Merchants and Butchers,
UNION and COURTENAY,       ...        B. O
New York, Dec. 12th.���Present Cleveland has been called to account by the
Sultan of Turkey, antl an emphatic protest has bean made by the Turkish
Goverment against the languge used in
the president's message to congress
respecting the massacre of Armenions
and the general conduct of the Govern,
ment towards the Christians in that
Washington, D.C.Dec.I2ih.- Mr.Milte
of Texas, introduced the following resolution: "Resolved that the President nf
the United States is hereby directed to
take possession of the Island of Cuba
with the mititary and naval force of the
United States and to hold lhe same
until the people nf Cuba can organize
their government lo arrange its powers
from the consent of the people and arm
and equip such military and naval
forces as may become necessary to
sesure Ihem against foriegn invasion."
Naeaimo.���Bark Carrolton sailed for
San Francisco for here on the 6th, The
ship America has sailed and the s. s.
Wellington and ship's Oriental ana
Columbia are loading^ at Wellington.
The Wallapa arrived at Nanaimo Dec.
13th. She had a rough passage down.
She brought down 25 passengers, mostly
miners, She brings no news of interest.
Mining is now practically dormant for'
the winter. ��� *.-.. -
Men's new styles in  Hard and Soft
Hats at Leiser's.
Grand display of Xmas goods
at the Union Store.
Every way we turn we meet remind-.���
that CurUtmas ia uear. 1 mads a visit
uu Saturday to the different busiueas .houses
and with surprise noted the Urge stocks ei
Christmas goods the merchants nave laid io.
The lirst place visited was T. I), McLean'*
jewelry and statiouery store. In ttie window, in tm sleigh, drawn by tivo fat donkeys���on one of the donkeys a postilion gaily dressed was seated, 'vith trumpet pluCed
to his lips, S tnta Claus sat, not looking au
hour older than I first remember him to
have appeared. He carried hii usual load
of toys for tho nice little girls aad good little boys, but the pretty afTiir folds up, stor
iug Santa L'Uui between two lids of a handsome Cnrisloiiiu card with appropriate Hues
Mr, McLean also has some new fingor
rinytt, napkin rings, brooches, souvenir
spoons, bracelets, skates aud books.
At Stevenson'4, besides the pumpkin iu
the window are eome pretty new thing*.
The polite manager, Mr. Doyle, took pains
to show his novelties, among which weru
ohiua plates, jugs, oream pitcher.--., tiny su.
gar bowls, aud vases; each piece with a
view of Dunsmuir Ave. Uuion, burued in the
china. The view was taken by Mr. Kelly,
but transferring, we are assured by Mr.
Doyle, was do.iu iu Germany, tie also has
doll babies, tiu toys, Christmas cards, stain.
ped goodtt iu linenaud silk for doylies, sofa
pillows, tray olotni, etc. chopping bigs,
school bags, new lilk handkerchiefs with
drawn work in the uoroers or embroidered
fancy Japanese lauterua, new glove* in all
styles, suitable, Mt. Doyle affirmed, for a
weddiug or a wake. Mr. Doyle is a most
courteous salesman aud decuia nothing a
trooble that se.-vea his patrons
At I'iinbury's Drug storo are baud-mirrors, gentlemen's shaving sets, eardB, perfumes and everything kept in drug stores at
holiday times. Have a look at their win*
dow, aud I believe you will go in.
At Leiser's big etore, a large space inside
ftnd tho windows are given to the toy display. I heard one little boy assure hia com*
panion, the beautiful hoat iu the window
wan the "Joan," whlah the other boy atont-
ly denied, Inside are dolls iu dishabille,
dolls in mother Hubbard's, dolls iu modest
print dresses, aud swell dolls iu silken
gowns; ia fact these silent aad numerous
TO BE -given; by the
Kumberl a nd
Monday Evening Dec.
-21st, 1896.-
Doors open at 7:30.    Trouble oommeaoes
at 8 sharp.
Popular prices of admiusion.
you>ig ladies represent ever/ utatiou in life,
and every type of beauty, Then there are
horduH, tin, wooden, aud big rooking horses;
bicycles fur boya from &ix to sixty; officers'
full dress uniform!*, stationary engines, railroad cars, trmnpnts, drums, dolls' bath tubs
aud furniture, picture books; iu celluloid,
are woik, glove, neck-tie and handkerchief
boxes; as one little girl insured her mother,
"you could'ut mention auything that is'ut
About the windows outside, and the coun
ters inside were groups of little oues with
wide "eyes filled with admiration; groups too
o' older people, who n?v��r loee interest ih
Santa Claus and Chi-istifias, that is���those
whoso hearts ure ia the rig t place and luve
the weo ones
At Hamburger's, are to h�� found, the
good things enjoyed alike by old and young
everything to unke fruit and other cakes,
uots,, fruits, nU'j tuys, ulou w :m fur trimmed ,-lipper-j, the celebrued "Ike-Hive,"
wool fm- crouhyB or kinc'ttUg.
Otteii a useful present is more appropriate
than one <miy iiri.ameuul. At Tarbell'a
will be foui.il u*-try thing the housewife
needs in her kitchen and those marvelous
air t.ghc heaters. ���*
McPhue aud Moore have the finest lot of
candies ever shipped into Uniou; spices
fruits, jollies, also fancy lamps, dishes,
glassware, dolls, aud other toys.
Mr. O'Brien presides in the butcher shop,
and no one can excel him in dressing turkey, chickens, or a li'--- roast,
Mr. iVrilard huB a lot of now boggy whips
and sleigh belie which would make acceptable presents.
Miss Nash has hats of all styles, veiling
and ribbons,
That each boy aud girl of Union are wish-
ing for some particular present, I doubt not,
aud tbose who do uot forgot to say their
pr-tyers every night, believing Ood hears
and loves them, will surely be blest. Let
them try to mike some one happy this
Christmas. Hy deoyiog themselvea something, tbey 04a bestow ta pre tent aud find it
a greater pleasure thau to receive oue.
I wish thein all a Cnristmas whioh will
live a happy memory when they are men
aud women, and Union the leading coal market of tho world.
Union   Shipping.
S. P. AUnion. lett Yokohama on the 10th
with 410 tona of c iat for fuel  Dee. 10
the Rainbow left with   42   tons   of coal for
the O, P.  K.  Victoria On  the llth
the tug Vancouver took  no tons of coal
for the  Chemical   Work-;, Victoria	
The Tepic on the 14th left with 400
tons of coal for the   C.   P. R. and Gas
Works, Vancouver The  Maude on
thc   14th took   j 54    tons of  coal   for
theC P.   N.  Vancouver  The Mm
ncola arrived on Monday���will load for
Port Angeles ��� S. P. Mackinaw will be
due Wednesday.
Fanoy ohinawarc, with a photo' of tho
town of Uaion, are telling very fast at Bto-
veoson and Co's, N$^VV\     >V^\\N\   V
MR. JAMBS INCH is ono of the
inosi staid and dignified citizens cf Parlor City. He never
drinks, he never smokes, and it is his
firm conviction that Hades Is yawning
for every man, womun, and child thai
plays cards. Hi- is a pillar of the local
Methodist Ohurch, has publicly denounced dancing as an Invention of the
devil, progressive euchre and pedro
parties as greased poles to the realm of
Satan, ami trolley parties us an even
more sinful diversion than any of the
other forms of amusement to whieh he
is opposed, one might Imagine from
this that Mr. .lames Lnch was tin unpopular man lu Parlor City. Sueh,
however. Is not tlie ease. The inhabitants point him out to strangers as
their model citlaen, and can't say
enough in praise of htm. That is because Mr. Inch is a sterling business
mnn, and so generous and charitable
that liis fellow townsmen are willing
to overlook his radical views on things
lu the amusement line,
Mr. Inch had an experience some
weeks ago that enme pretty near
knocking down with one blow the
splendid reputation lio has built, up for
himself in Parlor Olty. It wa.s a most
unfortunate experience for Mr, Inch,
but it provided amusement for his follow citizens for days afterwards, and
���some of thein are not through laughing
Ono bright sunny morning oarly in
August Mr. Inch boarded a train bound
for Parlor City at a small
way station some twenty miles
from liis home. He Iuul gone
out there the night bofore on business, had missed tho last train back.
nnd a nigh! on a corn busk mattress in
the local tavern had ruffled liim about
as much as he had over been ruffled tn
bis life. Mr. Inch bad not beeu in the
train five minutes when he hoard a
frightful racket in tho onr behind him,
and on Inquiring of the conductor what
It meant was told that both of the rear
cars wero full of lunatics who wore being transferred from New York to tlio
State asylum on the hill back of Parlor City.
"They're in charge of keepers, all
right." said the conductor, "but lhey
got excited every now and thon, and I
toll you the keepers havo their hands
full.   Lor! but thoy do cm so!"
"Do you suppose I could go look at
them?" askod Mr. Inch, who Immediately made up his mind that it was his
���duty as a Christian man to go and
speak a few words of admonition to
those men.
"Dunno," was tho conductor's laconic
response. "You'll lmve to ask the
Mr. Inch rose from bis seat and .Mailed back. He decided that he would not
ask permission to do what was his
plain duty. Ho folt that tlie keepers
would refuse him admission to the ear,
eo he made up his mind to slide in unobserved, take a seat, and watch his
chance to distribute advice to the unfortunate. It wos not a difficult pioco
of work, ns the keepers wore pretly
busy whon Mr. Inch opened the door
and walked in, and thoy didu't notice
him at all. He gradually worked his
way to the middle of the car unnoticed
In the howling crowd of wild-eyed mon,
and ensconced himself in a seat beside
a red-beaded individual who was
swinging his arms round in most rock-
less fashion and singing in a shrill
"This is my story, this Is my song,
Praising the Savior all the day tong."
Over and over again the man sang
the couplet, sandwiching it with strings
of oaths, which sent chills chasing each
othor up and dowu Mr. Inch's spinal
column. He attempted to talk with
tho man, but he might as well bave
tried to converse with a log of wood.
Others with whom be started conversations looked at him so blankly that he
Boon realized it was a hopeless task,
and settling down In bis seat, he resolved to say no more.
"When we get. to Parlor City," he
figured to himself, "I'll just wait until
thoy get this crew out of tho car, and
thon I'll go out myself and go homo."
Mr. Inch's resolution was the result
of a little speculation as to what would
happen to him tf tbo keepers discovered that he had entered the car nnd
mingled with this crew of violent and
irresponsible men.
At tho station in Farlor City on the
same morning that Mr. Inch boarded
the train twenty miles away stood fifteen keepers from the State asylum
,-waiting for the consignment of lunatics from Kew York. Witli them was
young Dr. Blank, on whose shoulders
rested the responsibility for the safe
transportation of the lunatics from
the station to the asylum. Dr. Blank
(was worried. It was the first expedition of this klud he had commanded.
ami lie was mightily afraid that something would go wrong, Only a month
before ho had received his appointment
to the asylum, and escape or re vol I due
to lack of proper precautions would, he
knew, mean tho loss of Ids place, lie
was relieved when tho train rolled iu
and u keeper jumped from the steps ot
a car, touched his hat, and announced
that all was well.
"A hundred altogether, 1 believe."
the doctor remarked,
"Yes, sir; fifty In each car," said the
"Well, march Ihem out ns soon as
vou can," said Dr. Blank, and he
hauled out a notebook anil prepared to
check off the men as they were handed ovor to his keepers.
They look tho last, car first, and Dr.
Blank drew a deep breath of relief
when the fiftieth man stopped to the
"Now for the other car." ho said,
cheerily, and lho keepers commenced
to hustle the unfortunates out.
Mr. Inch crouched low in his seat and
was passed by. Mr, Blank, notebook in
band, sang out, "Forty-nine," just as
tin- keeper escorted a man to the platform and called:   "That's all."
"Thero must be another," snid tho
doctor, nervously.
"You counted wrong," said tho keeper.
"No, I'm sure I'm right, but I'll count
them again," sold Dr. Blank, and he
did so, with lho result that his first figuring was correct.
j One man was missing. Tliere could
bo no doubt about that. Tlio ear had
only yielded forty-nine mon.
"Search tlie car." called out the doctor, nnd tho keeper proceeded to do so.
Tho first man he encountered was Mr.
Inch, who, having mado up his mind
that sufficient timo had elapsed to render It safe for him to loavo the oar, had
risen and was making for the door.
"Hello," exclaimed the keeper, "how
did you yet here?"
"I just walked in from tho other
car," replied Mr. Inch, witb dignity.
"Didn't see a man hide himself
around this car anywhere, did you?"
Xow it happened tliat some minutes
before the train readied Parlor City
tho red-headed man who sat next to
Mr. Inch had slid to tho floor, and cuddled himself up undor the seat. Mr.
Inch had seen him do It, and had marveled at the man's ability to stay in one
position so long. To tell of this incident, however, was tondmit that he had
beon in the onr for some time, which
would scarcely do, so he simply said in
a tone of mild ostonsthment:
"See a man hide himself? How ridiculous," and the keeper, impressed by
his tono, passed by turd started searching at. the upper ond of the car.
Mr. Inch continued toward the door,
reached the platform, and stepped
slowly down. Mr. Inch's personal appearance was not what it usually was.
A night in a country hotel, with neither
hair brush nor comb in the morning,
showed on him. Contact with the
elbow of a lunatic behind liim had put
a most disreputable looking dont in his
derby. His appearance was altogether
bad enough to justify Dr. Blank's exclamation of:
"Ah. here he Is. Tliis way, my
friond," which he made whon he saw
Mr. Inch descending to the platform.
Mr. Inch hoard the remark, but paid
no attention to it. Instead of obeying,
ho quickened his pace toward the othor
end of tho platform, but before ho had
gono a dozen yards Dr. Blank wis
"This way, my friend," said Dr.
Blank, swinging Mr. Inch around by
tho arm,
"What do you mean, sir':" said Mr.
"Koop quiet, now, keep very quiet,"
said the doctor, soothingly. "It'll be
all right If you keep quiet."
"Why should I koop (pilot when a
loafer grabs me by the arm and swings
me around as tliough I were n log of
wood?" cried Mr. Inch. Indignantly.
"Cot back into lino," said Dr. Blank.
"Get back into lino, and lot's end this
nonsense," and ho grnltfied Mr. Inch
by the collar and proceeded to drag
him down the platform.
Mr. Inch lost his temper then, and
swung his right around toward his
captor's jaw with vicious violence.
The blow landed, and so did a second
nnd third, sent in with equal precision.
Dr. Blank hung on, though slightly
dazed. He couldn't hit the man back.
There Is a State rule forbidding keep-
era or doctors to strike an Insane person, no matter what the provocation.
The doctors have but one mode of defense. It is the hypodermic Injection,
and each doctor carries a syringe loaded with a special preparation which
will take all the life out of a man in
five minutes, cause him to sleep *<m*
several hours, ana bring mut around
after his slumber in a decidedly weak
mental condition.
While Dr. Inch was banging Dr.
Blank ou the nose and jaw, the doctor was maneuvering with his free
hand for his syringe. While the struggle went on the keepers kept thoir oyos
on the other insane men. They couldn't
leave thein to go to the doctor's assistance. The struggle was apt to excite
them, nnd a genoral outbreak was to be
prevented abovo all things.
Dr. Blank was was yetting played out
when he managed to roach his syringe,
haul it out, and jab it into Mr. Inch's
nock. The effect of the injection was
"I'm stabbed!" yelled Mr. Inch, slap-
: ping both hands to his neck ami drop-
"I'm d���n glad of it," remarked Dr.
Blank. "You're tho toughest one I. ever
tackled," and ho motioned to a keeper,
who wns coming toward him on a run
to come faster.
"We've found the other man," sold
the keeper, when be came up.
"Of course wo have," said the doctor, wiih sarcastic emphasis ou the
"Hi* was undor a seat In the car."
went on the keeper. "You've made a
bad break hore," ho went on in a low
time. "Come up here, nnd let's get
"(ireat Scott!" roared tho doctor,
"isn't this one of our men'.'"
"No." said tho keeper. "He's a citizen wlio wandered into tho oar."
"Bet's cut this quick." said the doctor. "Tell tho boys to march around te
the north of the depot and I'll join you
thore." and away went the doctor in
one direction, while tho keeper went
down tho platform.
So much interest had been manifested in the crowd of insane mon that few
people on the platform had noticed the
struggle between Dr. Blank and Mr.
Inch. The few who had seen it wont
away when tho Insane men wore
marched off, aud so a littio later, when
a station hnnd came across the respectable Mr. Inch asleep in n pile of
freight, his clothes torn and dirty, bis
hat ripped through tho middle, and
minus his collar and necktie, tie throw
up his hands in astonishment. He
called othor station hands, and the
men in the baggage room came, too,
and their eyes nearly popped out of
their heads nt the sight of .lames Inch,
Parlor City's respectable citizen, in so
deplorable a condition. They were a
heartless crowd, thoso station men, for
they called a policeman, and the police-
mnn hauled Mr. Inch out of the freight
and started dragging him toward the
station, Mr. Inch tho meanwhile sleeping innocently on. Half way to the station the policeman gave out and JIr.
Inch wns allowed to take a short doze
on the sidewalk pending the arrival of
It happened to be on the main street
of Parlor City that the policeman left
his prisoner, and as the afternoon was
as bright and sunny as the morning hnd
been, the inhabitants were out tn great
numbers. Any attempt to record here
the comments of the people on Mr.
Inch nnd his condition would be futile.
Suffice it to say that the downfall of
.lames Inch, the model citizen of Parlor City, the pillar of the church, and
the greatest philanthropist In the couutry, was known for miles that night.
And the noxt day there was more to
talk about. Mr. Inch slept for five
hours at the station houso, and theu
wont home, and, refusing to recognize
his wife, proceeded to destroy the family china. He hurled plates around until he was tired, then smashed windows and mirrors with a poker for a
time. He went to bed after hacking at
somo furniture with a carving knife,
and the next morning woke up without the slightest recollection of what
had happened. He recalled the strugglo at the station, but that was all. Ills
wife protended to believe the story of
his having boon stabbed in the neck,
but she didn't nt all.
Por several days the cold glances of
former friends and acquaintances annoyed hlin. Thoy all said, "Yos, yes,"
when ho told of his remarkable temporary aberration, but he could see that
they did not. believe him. Nevertheless
the truth came out In time nnd Mr.
Inch of Parlor City is as respected and
honored as ho ever was. Dr. Blank
made a statement in the local papor of
the matter over his signature, and that
moro than anything else exonerated
Mr. Inch. As for the doctor, he was
suspended, but at Mr. Inch's earnest
solicitation tho superintendent restored
him to duty, and ho and his victim are
now the best of friends. The doctor
doesn't carry tils hypodermic syringe
except in the asylum wards now, and
be has declared that he'll never take
it out of the building again.���New
York Sun.
Friends Failed to Recognize Her
Hrs. Hadlx  so  Changed la Appearance
lhat She Hardly Knew Herself.
She    Say.   the    Secret    of    the    Great
Change    ami    Her     Tre.ent     Guud
Uenlth I. Due to  the   U*e   of Dr.
William,.'     I'luk    I'lllM-Other
1'romlneut Citizen*  Testify
to   the   Merit,    uf   This
Itemed r*
From tlie (nil, Snn Francisco, Cal.
"You dou't kuow mel Well, I am
uot surprised at that. 1 hardly kuow
myself, aud yet here I am full of life
aud vigor. Look at my arms, round,
strong and healthy. The color ot my
cheeks show life and animation."
So spoke Mrs. Hadix, wife of Hev.
K. Hadix, of IMaoerville, California,
aud "what has produced thia wonderful change from ulotnst death to healthful, active Ule?"
"Well, I will tell you it wns Piuk
Pills for Pale People. You will reinem-
���cr that for yearB I walked the streets
. living skeletou���emnoiated���weak,
and a complete wreck. M.v flesh colorless, my nerves unstrung. I had uo
blood. If my flesh was punctured, a
thin piuk stain was nil that could be
produced. My physicians snid there
was uo hope for mo. My friends despaired of my recovery. I was sent to
Sacramento, where three of the most
eminent physiciaus diagnosed my case,
but they shook their heads and snid
tbey could uot help me, nnd they refused to tnke my money us they could
do me no good.
"My husband was sent for to say the
last good-bye. When I lay on my
couch to rest I felt aa though 1 was
sinking, dowu, down, down. I oould
not Bleep, neither could I rest. When
all hope from physicians was gone, I
determined to try what virtue theie
was in Pink Pills for Pale People. I
commenced taking them and soon began to improve. I continued their use
with the result that to-day I am fully
reoovered to health and happiness, and
this in less thnn six months from the
time I commenced their use. All hail
to Pink Pills for Pule People."
.7. C. Stephens, another resident of
Placerville, said: "I wns afflicted
with rheumntistu for more than twenty
years, and only with the greatest difficulty was I able to walk to my place
of busiuess, my hands were so stilt' and
Bwolleu that I could scarcely hold anything in them. When driving my
team, oould not hold my whip. I
saw in the San Francisco Call thnt a
friend of mine had been cured of rheumatism by usiug Pink I'ills. I commenced using them with the result
that I am completely cured."      ���
Mrs. J. (J. Bailey was afflicted for a
long time with kidney trouble and
could not rest nights. She said: "I
had heard so much about the wonders
that Pink Pilla performed that r concluded to try tbem. I commenced
taking them, and found immediate relief, sleep nioely, and in eveiy way
am greatly improved."
W. F. Fairchild is a drugigst doing
business in Placerville. Ho says he
has been selling Pink Pills for Pale
People for several years, and that his
customers speak very highly of them,
and Bales have been more than doubled
within tbe last six months, especially
since the wonderful recovery of Mrs.
Hadix,whose oase waB considered hopeless, and whose rooovery by the use of
Fink Pills was considered almost a
miracle. The reputation of theae pilla
is fully established for doing what they
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills contain, in
a condensed form, all the elements
necessary to give new life and riohuess
to the blood and restore shattered
nerveB. They are an unfailing specific
for such diseases as locomotor ataxia,
partial paralysis, St. Vitus' danoe. noi-
atioa, neuralgia, rheumatism, nervous
headache, the after effect of la grippe,
palpitation of the heart, pale and sallow complexions, all forms of weakness either in male or female. Pink
Pills are sold by all dealers, or will be
sent poat paid on receipt of price, 50
cents a hox, or six boxes for 12.50, by
addressing Dr. Williama' Medioine
Company, Schenectady, N. Y.
Senator Daniel \V. Yoorheea May Retire from  Public Life.
It is expected in Indiana that Senator Daniel W. Yooiiiees, who for nearly twenty years has represented the
Hooslers in the upper house of the National Legislature, will soon retire
from public life. lie is afflicted with
heart trouble and his physicians advise
Mr. Yoorhees is oue of the picturesque figures of the capital. Tall,
broad-shouldered, with a handsome
face, luxuriant auburn hnir nud a
voice possessing u peculiar charm, he
would attract intention anywhere. His
appellation, the Tnll Sycamore of the
* Wabash, is familiar in all parts of the
country. He Is nearing his 70th year.
From early life ho hns been n power
in Indiana politics. He was not yet
MO when he lirst ran for Congress ns a
Democrat  nnd   wns  defeated.    Four
; years later, in 1800, he was successful
and served two terms. Then he waa
i1 rented twice for re-election uml ap*
plled himself diligently to the practice
1 of law. Had lie kept out of politics and
devoted  himself to  bis profession he
! would have been tiie foremost lawyer
of tiie West. But iu lsiis lie returned
to the political Held nmi was sent back
to Congress. In 1S77 lie succeeded
Oliver 1'. Morion ns United Suites Sou-
nlor and still holds thnt seal.
Senator Voorhees' ability as nn or-
* ntor, no less ihan his political sagacity, has made him a power In State
I nuil national affairs of the Democratic party, lie has a strong voice. "Let
a mob come rushing down llie street."
says n local historian, "Yoorhees could
put them at. bay with a single plea,
for nil  would stop to listen."    Yoor-
I   -
DANIEL   W. VnOlSltl'-KS.
bees is one of llie giunts of Indiana
polities who have made that Slate famous���such men ns Morton, Hendricks,
Harrison ami Gresham:
A Cheerful Prospect.
A nervous young minister was tilling
(lie pulpit for a country charge Hint wns
without a regular pastor, A part of his
experience is touchlngly related by the
: local paper.   The very pious old lady at
whose house lie stayed, In showing him
his room, said:
|     "It ain't everybody I'd put In this
room.   This here room ls full of sacred
i associations to me," she went on.   "My
tirst husband died In tliat bed with his
hend 'on three pillows, nnd poor Mr.
.Tenks died sitting in that corner. Some-
i times when I eome into tlie room in the
I dark I think I see hlin sitting there
still. M.v own father died lyln' right on
that    lounge right under the window
tliere.   Poor pa he was a spiritualist,
and he alius said he'd appear lu this
room after he died, and sometimes I am
foolish enough to look for him.   If you
i should see anything of him to-night
i you'd better not tell nie.   It'd be n sign
to me that there wns something in spiritualism, and I'd hate to think that.
My son by my lirst man fell dead of
heart disease right where yuu stand.
! He was a doctor, and there's two whole
! skeletons ill that closet there belonging
to him,and half n dozen skulls In that
lower drawer.  If you nre up enrly and
want something to amuse yourself lie-
fore breakfast just open that cupboard
| there and you will find n lot of dead
: men's bones.   M.v poor hoy thought a
lot    of them.    Well, good-ulght, and
j pleasant dreams."���Pittsburg Chronicle-Telegraph.
Special   oil'.,*   tu   Genoral   More*.    Dry
Goodl Store*, Dealer* ln Notion*.
We wish to establish lu everv town on
the I'nast an exclusive agency for tbe A.
M. W YVaTEII-I'I.OOK DnRBB Faginq and
Binding. Hest seller on market. For
terms, samples ami particulars, address al
mice PACIFIC Coast Aiikncv Wf.iikii Manii"-
KAcniuNu Co., Kill Market street, rooms 23
and 24, Wan Francisco, Cul.
I never used so quick a cure as Piso's
Cure for Consumption.���.1. II. Palmer, Hox
1171, Seattle, Wash., Nov. 25, 1803.
II A MIS-For nil kinds or work furnished free on
short notice. Address Hli*lr-,**s Employment Olflce. 1*12 Third Street, Portland. Oregon.
A Remarkable Echo.
One of the most remarkable echoes
In the world Is that produced by the
suspension bridge ncross the Menal
straits In Wales. The sound of a blow
with a hammer on one of the main
piers ls returned In succession from
each of the cross beams which sup* *
port the roadway, ln addition to which
the sound ls many times repented be*
tween the water and the roadway, al
the rate of twenty-eight times ln five
We are spending more
than our profits on Schilling's Best tea to get you to
try it���just to try it.
Your money back if you
don't like it.
At grocers' in packages.
A Schilling & Cflmpu-f
Saa Fraildn-9
Ono Good Turn  liesci-ves  Another.
The coachman of the King of Hanover lost his wife. The King's eluipluln
performed Hie funeral ceremony, Soon
afterward Hie chaplain received a visit
from tbe coachman, whose deep
mourning testified lo appreciation of
his great bereavement.
Evidently in much embarrassment he
stood turning his banded liat round aud
round, but at Inst managed the following:
"I've called, sir���I've called, sir���as
1 wish to ask���aud dou't like to put It
off���what I've got to pay you for that
'ere job?"
"Oh," said the chaplain, "nothing, of
course. I have no fees; but I remember
now I am ln your debt, and I must ask
you what I am to pay you for the two
pots of ointment you made for my
horse's cracked feet?"
"Bless you, sir, don't mention lt!"
said the coachman. "Nothing, sir, nothing; one good turn deserves another alt
the world over!"
A good many paint the town who
should put lt on their houses. '{ v
By those troubled with constipation In seeking relief from Hostctter.B Stoniacb Bitten.
The disease is easily relieved in Its earlier
���stage, and aa it Is utterly subversive of the gen-
era! health, postponement oi the remedy is unwise. The Bame holds good of delay in eases of
fever and ague, kidney complaints, nervousness, debility and rheumatism, ailments to
wliich ihu Bitters is particularly adapted.
Thc ohicory crop is getting to bo valuable In
Nebraska.    *	
By local applications, as they cannot reach the
diseased portion of the ear. There is only ono
way to cure deafness, and that is by constitutional remedlos. Deafness4s caused by an In-
Hauiod condition ot the mucous lining of tlio
Eustachian Tube. When this tube Is inflamed
von have a rumbling sound or imperfect hearing, iiikI when it is entirely closed, deafness is
the result, and unless the Inflammation eau be
taken out and Ibis lube restored to its normal
condition, hearlllff will be destroyed forever;
nine cases out of ten are caused by catarrh,
which Is nothing but un inflamed condition ot
the mucous sur,aces.
Wo will give One Hundred Dollars for any
case of deafness (caused by catarrh) that can-
not he cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for
circulars i free.
K. J, CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0.
Sold bv druggist*. 75c,
Hall's family I'ills are the best.
Very  Pretty  Ucttipna   that  Are Not
Difficult to Make.
Small round  and square doilios to
match thia design In center,  pattern
and edge cau be made six or eight Inches iu diameter, or square, If desired.
A very nice set would be one square
centerpiece about twelve Inches each
way, one round centerpiece about twenty Iuches in diameter and half a dozen
each of square and round doilies, all 1
worked in the maiden-hair fern pat- I
tern,  and having pale preen  applied :
centers.  The design for a -square doily,
shown In the illustration, is somewhat
I similar in pattern to the centerpiece,
' but bearing a buttonholed scroll edge, j
|    This  is a very   effective edging if ���
I nicely worked, and tilled tn the solid
|parts,   and   centerpiece   treated   In   al
similar manner would be very pleas-
Ing,    In combination with green fern i
leaves a  bright  pink  edging   would !
be In harmony, but if a white or cream
edging Is preferred it Is always a satis- I
factory  finish  at  the  edge  of   fancy
pieces.    For cotton table covers, sofa
pillow-slips and  pillow    shams    this
treatment of applied centers will he !
found very attractive, as, for instance
I a white cloth with a pink, blue or green I
I patch and a design carried out In the ;
! same shade of linen  as  the  applied
I patch.
| What could be more pleasing than |
a centerpiece of white linen with a !
pale pink applied center and a design
of sweet peas worked in several deli-1
cate tones of pink and blue and the I
stems and leaves in light green?  The I
Gladness Comes
Witha better understanding of tlie
transient nature of the muny physical ills, which vanish before proper efforts���gentle efforts���pleasant efforts-���
rightly directed. Tliere is comfort in
the knowledge, that so many forms of
sickness are not due to any actual disease, but simply to a constipated condition of the system, which the pleasant
family laxative, Syrup of Figs, promptly removes. That is why it is the only
remedy with millionsof families, and is
everywhere esteemed so highly by all
who value good health. Its beneficial
effects are due to the fact, that itis the
one remedy which promotes internal
cleanliness without debilitating the
organs ou which it acts. It is therefore
all important, in order to get its beneficial effects, to note when you purchase, that you have the genuine nrti-
cle, which is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only and sold by
all reputable druggists.
If in the enjoyment of good health,
and the system is regular, laxatives or
other remedies are then not needed. If
afflicted with nny actual disease, one
may be commended to the most skillful
physicians, hut if in need of a laxative,
one should have the best, aud with the
well-informed everywhere, Syrup of
Tigs stands highest and is most largely
Ited and gives most general satisfaction.
��� possibilities of this scheme are wlth-
; out limit, and while these suggestions
i are for the centerpieces and dollies
! only it will be possible to adapt this
idea to almost any piece of embroidery
! work.
One of the
of oity life is the bargains of tlio
big Olty stores.
Our Mall Order Department
EXTENDS these opportunities for
economy to out-of-town people. For
example, wc offer
Children's Natural Grey
Wool  Underwear	
As hero pictured, line grade goods, In
right Oregon weight,
FOB 100 a garment in 1 to 4 yoar slues
FOR 290 a garment fn f> to 8 year sizes
FOR 39e a garment in 9 to 16 year slzua
A bargain never matched in Portland's history, On these wo will pay the postage or express, and with each order will send our new
Fall Shopping Guide Free.
302 Walhlnglon St.
HOW TO   BE  beautiful;
Invention Whicli 1�� Canning Con.id.
crnlili* Talk In the Cycling World.
Ono ot* the largest bicycle making
Arms In the country 1ms been experimenting till slimmer with n chiilnli'ss
bicycle, und results
/ire more than satisfactory.   It Is announced   that   the
gear will be largely lined   on    their
1807 wheels.
A glaneo at the
cut will give a fair
idea of the thing.
The usual crunk
shaft carries, instead of the ordinary large sprocket,
a beveled gear of
suitable size, mesh*
ing with which Is a
smaller gear, I he
shaft of wliich
passes c I t li e r
through or over tho
right rear fork; tlio
rear end of this
shaft curries nil*
ciiAi.vi.KS8 wheel, other small gear
] on the rear hub, Instead of the usual
rear sprocket. At eucli end this shaft
ls carried on ball bearings, which are
arranged In such a way that wear can
be taken up without affecting (lie meshing of the gears. The bearings for the
hub and cranks are of thc usual form.
Once adjusted there is seldom a
change, and when necessary It cun bo
done as readily ns a simple bearing.
Portland, Or,
MME. A. ItUPPERT >ay��: "I appreciate the
(act thnt there ire tliomaiuls uml thouaaiidH of
the ladieu ol the United Statea that would like
to try my World Renowned FACE BLEACH:
but have been kept from doing; no on account of
tlie price, which fs 1*2 per bottle, or 8 bottles
taken together to. in order that all of theBe
may have an opportunity, I will mall free a
���ample bottle, safely packed, plain wrapper, on
receipt of 'lit cents. FRECK LhS, plmplea, moth,
���allownees, black head*, acne, eczema, olllness
er roughness, or any discoloration or disease of
the skin, and wrinkles (not caused by facial
expresfilon.) FACE BLEACH removes absolutely. It does not cover up, as cosmetics do, but
It is a cure.
Send for my book "How to be Beautiful," free
on application. Address all communications
or call on
Room 6, Golden Rule Building, Portland, Or
The   One   with   Which    AnrOn   Burr
Killed Alexander   llnntiltnn.
The famous pistol witli which Aaron
Burr killed Alexander Hamilton Is now
in possession of Mr. Louis Marshall of
Versailles, Ky. The weapon him changed bauds often, nud whilo in lhe possession of Mr. Thomas I''. Marshall lie
hail the dueling pistol altered trom a
Keeps the Fplrltn Buoyant, the Heart
and Face Young:.
"I presume If we laughed more we
should till be happier and healthier,"
writes Edward W. Bok In the Ladles'
Home Journal.   "True, we are a busy
and   a   very   practical   people.     And
most of us probably lind inure In this
life to bring the frown than the smile.
But, nevertheless, it is n pity that we
do not laugh more;  that we do  not
bring ourselves to the laugh, if need
be.    For  we all agree that a good
laugh  is  the best medicine    in  the
world.   Physicians have said tliat no I
other feeling works so much good lo
the entire human body as that of nicr-1
rinient.    As a  digestive,  it  Is unexcelled; as a means of expanding the i
lungs, tliere is nothing better.   It keeps J
the heart and fuce young.    It is the!
best of nil tonics to the spirits.   It is.
too, thc most enjoyable of all sousa-1
tions.   A good hutgii makes us better
friends with ourselves aud everybody
around   us,  and   puts  us  Into  closer [
touch with what Is best and brightest
iu our lot In life,   lt is to lie regretted, j
then,  that such a potent agency  for |
our personal good is not more often
used.   It costs nothing,   All oilier med- j
lelnes  are   more  or less    expensive, j
'Why,' saitl nn old doctor not long ago,
'If people fully realized what it meant
to themselves to laugh, and laughed
ns they should, ninety per cent, of tlie J
doctors woiini liavo to go out of busi-1
ness.'   Probably when we get a little
less busy we shall laugh more.    For, *
after all, tlie difference betweeu gloom *
und  laughter ls but n step.    And If ]
more of us simply took a step aside
oftener than we do, ami rested more,
we would laugh mure.   By laughing I
do not mean tlie silly giggle Indulged
in by some women and so many girls.
There Is uo outward mark which demonstrates tho woman of shallow mind
60 unmistakably us that of giggling.
There ls no sense iu tlie giggle; no ben* I
cfit to be derived from it.   It makes
a fool of the person herself, and renders every one about her uncouifort- i
able.    But just as th" giggle is  the ;
outcome of a small mind, the hearty
laugh Is the reflection of a healthful
nature.   What we want is more good
laughers iu the world���uot more glg-
Story , f a Dog.
In the flush days of steam-boating, j
before the war. the captain of a Mississippi river boat had a dog that i
could distinguish between the passengers if once he had heard tlieir names.
The matter was mentioned oue night
In the saloon, and a passenger sneered at the Idea.
"Bet you live hundred dollars the
dog can't do it once In three times,"
he snid.
"Done." rejoined tiie captain. "Write
a note to your wife and I will write
one to mine. Both are in tlie ladies' *
cabin. We will give tlie notes to Snip
at the same time, and If he fails to
deliver them properly the money Is
The passenger  wrote    merely    his ���
wife's potnunie inside a slip of paper,
wliich he folded and addressed.   The
captain's missive ran:
"Dear Wife���Send me word at once
what Snip does wheu he comes Into
the cabin."
He delivered both slips to the dog,
saying as he handed over the passenger's note:
"Snip, this is for Mrs. M , who snt
beside me at supper. Give it to her,
then take tills other note to your Miss
Snip ran nway. The men sat smoking aud chatting. Very soon a waiter
brought a scrap of paper to tlie passenger.    His wife had written:
"What does it mean, your sending
me a note by this Utile dog':"'
Shortly after came Ihis note from
the captain's wife:
"Snip came In and ran about sniffing
nt all of    us,  then jumped  in  Mrs.'
M 's  lap,  dropped a bit of paper !
there, aud came to mc with thc oilier
The passenger offered one thousand
dollars for Snip, saying luck would
not go against him if ho owned so wise
a beiest. But the captain would not
part with Snip, who lived nud died a
river dog.
���    FOR CHILDREN TEtfHINQ     - 1
F��**..leb-*��HIir*****rl��L.  03Cat.aWttla. *
flint to a percussion lock. It still shoots
very accurately, and carries a two-
ounce ball. Its barrel, which Is 12
Inches long, looks more like a section
of a shotgun than anything else, while
the handle Is marked twice witli the
"X" sign, which meant In the ptiltny
days of dueling that the weapoo had
done fatal work.
John P. Hale's Pleasantries.
In speaking of llie Mexican war,
Hale referred lo the Western mun
who said he "got caught by opposing
the last war, anil he didn't mean lo
get caught again; ho Intended now to
go for war, pestilence, and famine."
Not less amusing was his reference
to President Polk's backdown ou llie
Oregon treaty, in which he said: "The
President exhibited a Ohrlsllan meekness lu tho full scriptural degree; but
he didn't Inherit the blessing of lhe
meek-he didn't get the land." The
Congressional records abound In such
exnmples of Mr. Hale's pleasantries.
They always embodied some truth
which could thus be more imperssive*
ly told thnn In the form of a serious
*���  SEE?
Yoa will find ob* coujMin
Inild* each two onuci bag,
���nd two couponi lnitd�� each
four on nee bag of Black*
well'a Durban.. Buy a bag
of tUU celebrated tobacco
and read tbe coupon���which
gives a Hat of valuable presents and how to get them.
She Knew.
"Do you know," said tlio Sunday
school visitor to the little children,
"what hell Is like?"
"Papa su.vs," replied little Susie
Brownbread. "mamma's hill for new
tires is something like it."���Buffalo Express.
A. D. 1780.
Try Walter Baker & Co.'s Cocoa and
Chocolate and you will understand why
their business established in 1780 has flourished ever since.   Look out for imitations.
Walter Baker & Co., Ltd., Dorchester, Mass.
1 X
"A very smooth article."
| Don't compare " Battle Ax" |
| with low grade tobaccos���compare =
| "Battle Ax" with the best on |
| the market, and you will find you |
I get for 10 cents almost twice as |
| much "Battle Ax" as you do of j
1 other high grade brands. |
B01T0M PRICES. Send for Cataloijue.
739  Market Street,  Mttu   * ranclico, Ciil.
Make money by suo
rcssful speculation in
Chicago. Wo buy iuul
eell wheat there on
maryhiH. Kortunen havo been made on a smull
beginning bv trudliiK in futures. Write fur
fun particulars.  Hestof reference given. Bov��
oral venrs' experience on lhe Chicago Board of
Trade, and & thorough knowledge of tne tmnl-
ness, Downing, Hopkins A Co.,L'hlcago Board
of Itade HrokiT-s.  Offices iu Portland, Oregon.
ami Hjiokiine, Wash.
HcIiim "-nd Bllbd, Hlcfliiiir or PntrndlD(Pl{l(fltlar *
USB.   ItttAU
r jlrl.i it <
V. r-"v
MAILED FnEt. ��,.t>i>euiai Wio�� u�� ���\
Tliiw rlrculiir in Issued for thr benefit of our
couniry customers who cannot avail tbomselvei
of onr Daily Special snies. Bend ua vmir -ad*
dress. You will tlml both goads and prices
right. WILL & KINCK CO.,
MM'20 Market Hireet, San l-'rtim-lwrn, Cal,
"juat Don't Feel Well,"
-vt the Oop Thing to me.
Only One for a Dose.
Fnld t*y Uro*gluts Bt SBO* a bos
SamplH tnKiled free,     Addreii
Dr. Bosanko Men, fo. Phila. I'm,
RUI'TI.UKiiml PiXVS cured; no pay until
��� cured; send for book.   Dim. Mansiikld <h
l'ui(TKlu'li:i.ti. B38 Market St., San Kranefi-co.
I B��t Lougn bj-n-p. Tastes Good. Use 1
SSiK'tiTTOMSK'S! HuC Pi.   , S. P. N. U. No. 67-1.-8, F. N. U. So. 751 THE   WEEKLY   NEWS   DEC.   15th.    __
m rimi NEWS.
Issued Every Tuesday
At Union, B. C.
M Whitney, Publisher
���   ADVANCE.
One Vear   .
Six Moulin   .
Sinicl. Copy
.   1 i*.
0 I.,
Otie Uinb par yoar J1-D0
..    ..   numtli    ....     1 "ill
eighth col   per year    2oOII
fourth       .Mint)
���/..���ok. .. line        in
toe*) eotiaos.pur lino          20
N'otices   of  Births,   Marriages   and
eaths, 50 ecus each insertion.
Xo Advertisment inserted for less than
jo cents.
Persons failing to get THE NEWS regularly should notify the OFFICE.
Tuesday, DIG, 15,1896,
The frequency of burglaries in N;tn.ti*
mo, Vancouver, and New Westminster
lately, would justify us in claiming Chinatown as quile respectable in comparison.
There may not be a great deal in a
name, but we doubt ifa bonnet and necktie social would be as attractive to the
young people by any oilier name���before
it comes off.
Western Explorers"is valuable, and appropriately followed by "The Cabot Celebration."     This in view of thc approaching fourhundrcth anniversary ofthe land
iny of John Cabot  upon the shores  ot
America, or as some term it, ofthe discovery of Canada, is timely and important.
To .-ny one who loves Canada this number will be highly prized, not that we approve of all  there is in it.    The author of
"Canadian Poetry "is unable io see much
of merit where yeniu*. inspires;   and on
the other bund the writer ofthe article���
"Canada and the Venezuelan Settlement"
jfoes loo far in bis attack upon Lord Salisbury, who bravely and  wisely retreated
from his first position and agreed to arbitration.   The Monroe doctrine in its en
fotcement canot injure Canada, as it has
no application to   it.    The   writer is evi*
ideally an Americo-phobe. as he declares
" it cannot be too often  repeated, lihe
upon line, precept  upon precept, until it
passes inio the currency ofa maxim that
England has no such deadly, jealous and
persistent foe as the United states." This
language shows the densest ignorance.
Lord Salisbury ts  intelligent enough to
understand that "twisting the lion's tail
in America is a harmless pastime, indulged in just before election, and not worthy
of notice.    Every jear socially and cam
mercially we are drawing nearer to each
other.   And while Canada will never be
come politically  a   part   of the United
States the fact Uncle Sim,has proposed
to Miss Canada should be considered a
very great compliment.
Supplies the valley with first class bread, pies, cakes, etc.
Dread delivered by Curt through Courienay and District every
Tuesday, Thuksuak and Saturday.
Wedding Cakes made and Parties catered f c
H. C  LUCAS, Proprietor
The release of Dr. Jameson, the Transvaal raider, after about four months imprisonment, ends the judicial farce. It
wis 1 bold aitempl to overthrow a power
with which Great Britain was at peace,
and should have been severely punished.
The appointrrent of J. C. Whyte, late
chairman of the Liberal Committee, to
the fat oflice of warden ofthe penitentiary
at New Westminster, indicates that the
doctrine ' to the victors belong lhe spoils'
is a cardinal principle of the party in
The Houslon Post (U. S.) says:
' There is now, since McKinley's election
a well denned and officially approved
movement in the Dominion to secure a
reciprosity treaty with us. It appears to
have thc necessary support on both sides
the international boundary to give it success, and in the event of the ratification
of such an agreement the business life of
the Americans and Canadians will soon
develop such relations between them
that for all practical purposes, not purely
political, the two peoples wil] become one
The second lecture of the Course which
is being given under the auspices of the
Y. P. S. C. E. at the Presbyterian Church
will be delivered on Tuesday evening,
Dec. 32d by the Rev. J. A. Logan, lt is
said, that a prophet is not without honor
except in his own contry. We trust Rev
Mr. Logan, who is a good speaker, will
receive such an ovation as will demon*
atrate that the people of Union appreciate Inline talent quite as much as the imported article. The subject���The Coming Man; or the Union Boy���is an interesting one and will furnish ample scope
for the lecturer's best effort.
Priie fighting has been gradually more
unpopular and the better element have
set their faces sternly against it In many places the laws prevent such brutal
exhibitions. In Canada we are happily
exempt from sucli degrading spectacles.
Perhaps the decision in the Sharkey-
Fitisimmons fight will disgust the sporting fraternity. It appears to be a clear
case of collusion between the National
Athletic Club and the referee. Whether
there is honor among theives or not there
appears to be little among prize fighters
and their supporters.. Happily physical
culture does not require lhe patronage of
the " ring" lot ils encouragement.
The December Canadian Magazine
comes to us early and as a most welcome
guest. It is bright and vigorous, and
impressed, as it should be, by its Canadian environments.
The article entitled "Cabot and Othe.
VOU RENT.��� Two oottag a ud a cal-
iu ou VViu.i'-m-r.; Avem.** bulongiug to Mr..
Mat'irWriim. uear llie ue*v Cuurr, Houae.
Kucjuire uf Wu:. Riley, two doors went o,
Mr. OollM,
*P0U RENT.���A neat cottage with all
**-   necessary out "building, and live or teu
acres ot good laud.    Apply to S,   V.  Craw-
ford, Sandwick, U C.
\ \ J AXTKD���A gund cauvaaaer.    Enquire
* * at "News OVFicn.
17 OR SALE���The contents and furniture
I nf a small houae. All uew. Apply at
"Nkws Oviiie."
*T*OR SALE, lUNCH-One rni1-> and ���
* half frum Uuiou, coutaiua 1IK) uore,
and will bo diapuaed of at a low Hguit*.    lio.
qilire of J.IMKH   AHKAM.S.
���COR SALE OR LEASE-The Lind��y
** House ou PeuntU Aveuue, eou.t.u.i.jy
lifteeu ruuma���Kitchen, Pantry, Bathroom,
VYtuh-liouiie, etc.    Apply ou the pretniDe*..
U" OR SALE���Cleared corner lot ou Feu-
1 ritu Aveuue, atll cheap, terms eaay.
Euquiteut "Nuws Ofvicu "
Bay yoar sugar at Leiaer'a 15.26 pt-.r ow
Esquimalt and Nanaimo Ry.
Couritt i,).. 6. C .   '
Grant St Mimighan. Picps.
Hon. L. H. Davies, Minister of Marine and Fisheries, arrived in  Nanaimo
Dec 7th It is said Hon.   Mr. Blair,
now in the Koolen.iy region, will not visit the Coast this trip The conditions in India have improved... .The reports from San Francisco indicate a brigh
ter outlook for British Columbia coal....
A vote of confidence has been passed by
tbe Chambers of Depuiies, in the Italian
government President Dia*! of Mexico has just entered upon his ?th term ���
It is reported that English capital necessary for the erection of a smelter at Vancouver,  has been   secured Henry,
Conservative, who defeated Hon. Mr.
Patterson in llrantford, has been unseat*
ed.... Australia will require to import
100,000 tons of flour during the next 12
month It is  proposed to  present
Ambassador Bayard, American representee at the court of St. James, with some
suitable testimonial of the esteem in
wliich he is held, before his departure.
It may take the form of a Xm ,s gift....
Sir William Vernon Harcourt is recognized as the virtual leader of the   Liberal
partv The   report is   current   thai
Speaker Edgar will be the next lieutcu
ant-governor of Ontario,.. .The Queen
exoccts to visit Ireland next  yenr	
President Cleveland's message to Congress shiws no disposition to aid Cuba,
but congress may act.
The Statu and Seatt bankrupt stock goiag
at 00 centa on tho dollar, at Stevenaoo aad
Co'a. Uuioa.
It isn't tho thing you do, dear.,
I.'a the thing yoa latve uuiLiai,
That gives you a bit of heartache
At the setting of tbe sua.
The tender w.ird forgotten,
The letter you did not write,
Ttie fliwer you did not send, dear,
Are your haunting ghuata at night,
Tho atone ynu might hare lifted
Out nf a brother'a way;
Tne bit ot hearteotne oouuael
You were hurried too muoh to aay;
The loving touch of the hand, dear.
The geotle, winning tone,
Which you hid no time uar thought for,
With troubtea enough of your own.
For life ia all to short, dear,
Aad aorrow ii all too great,
To auffer onr alow compaaaion.
That tarries until too late;
And it ian't the thing yon do, dear,
It'a tha tha thing you leave undone
Wliich gives you a bit of heartache
At the aetting of the inn.
���Maa Saxostir.
Take E. Pimbury & Co's
Balsamic Elixir for coughs
and colds.
"The Coming Man; or Uuioa Boy" will
bo a rich treat.
NOTICE i*. licreb; given that a Court
of Assessment and Appeal under ihe
"Assessmeiii Act," and i .-111111;; cf iht
County Court ol Nunaiiiin will l�� beld ia
lhe Court House, Coniox, on llie lutli
day uf Ud.e111b1.-1, 1J96, at the hour ol
eleven a. in.
(By order.)        VI, li. AniiKRSON,
Comox, I!. C. I Gov't. AoiiNT.
Oct. 3,,, 1896. /
Steamer City oj
The Steamer CITY of NANAIMO
will aail aa followa
CALLING AT WAV PORTS as pameniccra
und freight may ofl'cr
Lea. e Victoria, Tuesday, 7 a. ni.
"   Nanuimo (ur Coniox, Wednesday. 7 a. In
Leave Comox for Nanuimo,      Fridays, 7a.m.
"     Nanaimo (or Victoria    Suiurdey, 7 a.111
For freight or stale rooms apply on
board, or at thc Company's ticket office,
Victoria Station, Store street
Society    Cards
I.   U.   0*   F.
Union Lodge, No. it, meets e ery
Friday night al 8 o'clock. Visiting brethren cordially invited to attend.
Cumberland Lodge,
A. F. & A. M, B. C. R
Union, B. C.
Lodge meets lirst   Saturday    in   each
month.   Visiting brethren are cordially
invited 10 aitenil.-
Hiram Lougc No 14 A.F .St A.M..B.C.R
Courienay B. C.
Lodge meets on even* Saturday oa or
belore the fuU ofthe moon
Visiiing Brothers   cordially requested
to attend.
R. S. McConnell,
Cumberland Encampment.
No. 1,  I. O. 0. F ,   Union.
Meets every alternate   Wednesdays-ot
each month at 8 o'clock p. in.    Visiting
Brethren cordially invited to attend.
C.  WHYTE, Scribe.
Any person or persons destroying or
withholding lhe kegs and barrels of the
Union Brewery Company Lid of Nanai*
���no, wiil be prosecuted. A liberal reward
will be paid for information leading to
W.  E. Norri6, Sec'y
8. OF T.
Union Division Nn. 7. Sons of Tcm*
perar-t* meets in Free Mason's Hall
Uriion cv **v Monday evening at 7:30.
Visit1 ��� 11 .'lids cordially invited to
Si'. ClMllllt's    PuE.SHVTEIll.lX   ClIt'KCH���
Rav. J. A. Logan, paator. Services at 11 a.
m. and 7 p.m. Sunday School at 2:30.
V.P.S C E. at oloae of evening service.
Mktuoiiist Cut'iicu��� Servicea at the
usual houra morning and evening. Rov. Vi.
Hioka. paator.
Tnmrrr Ckubch-Servicea in tha evening.   Rev. J. X. Willemar, rector.
NOTICE���I hereby give notiae that I intend to apply to the Board of Licencing
Court for Nelaon Diatriot at its neat sitting
for a lioenae to aell epirituous and fermented
liquors by retail upon the pre nisei, on lot
Two (2) bleak eight (8) on Duu-unuir avenue in the town of Cumberland. Nelson Oil*
tnot, Perdlnaad Canuniea.
Union, B. C. Nov. 3rd 1890.
NOTICE ���I hereby give notiec lhat I intend to apply to the Biard u! Licensing
Court fur Nelaon Diatriot at ita 1 ixt aet*
ting, for a lioenae tu sell apintuuua aod fer*
meuted liquor* by retail upon the premiaea,
known a* the Ne-v England restaurant, lot
tlir.i, hlnek throe, Daiiflmulr aveune, in the
towu of Cumberland, Nelaon di.tric'.
WM.   ���.il.KAHON,
Union B. C. Nov. 3rd. 1896
Best til' Liquors
Finest of (. igai
Good Table
[Courteous Attention
The Famous
M scire St. James Si.
Ors Lawrence & Westwood.
Physicians and Surgeons.
���CJlvTICN* B c.
Wo huvo appointed Sir.  Jamv-i   Ab*
MitQG our collector until  mrtner notice, to whoiri all overdue   account*-,
"-ay bo paid.
7 Nox. 189S.
��� II VS
'lo or dm
Surgeon and Physician
(Graduate ofthe Universiiv of Toronto,
|L. C, P & S., Ont.)
Office and residence. Mary pore
Ave .next door to Mr. a Grant's
Hours for consuitatlor.-3 to lo a m,
2 to 4 and.7 to 10 p m.
The following Lines are
Watches, clocks and jewellery
Tin, sheetiron, and copper work
Bicycles Repaired
Guns and rifles, repaired
Plumbing in all its branches,
Pumps, sinks and piping,
Electric bells placed,
Speaking tubes placed
Hot air furnaces,
Folding bath and improved
Air-tight stoves,, specialties
Office and Works   J*!j* s*55��* "e"
$ e   rt A
u F. Curran <?
;n UNION, B. C.   '       f
fe* *^**'**sses'*^^
For sale on Dunsmuir ave;
consisting of lots 4 and 5 in
block 15,. lots 7 and 8 in block
16, lots 3, 4 and 5 in block 10,
and other lots in Cumberland
Townsite. Bargains,
James Akrams.
* .--*;\
St.'-. Send iur Stunjile
iuul iii bUftvuiiU'ttl.
I'll nijii rcilvciy.   it-
Kanaim Saw liJl
imD aid E0011
A. I AS LAM, Prop
II'. u. Dniwer 30.  Telephone Call, 1-8)
NANAIMO, 11. C. (I
iy A complete stock of Rough an*1 j
Dressed Lumber niu ays on  Land.   Al��c I
Shingles, laths, Pickets, Doors, Win*    J
down and Ulinds.    Moulding, Scroll
S-twinx, Turning, and all kinds,
of wood finishing furnished.
Cedar.  White Pine   Redwood. 1
���"'."Dealer in
Stoves and Tinw i
Plumbing and gen< ral
Sheetiron work
tWAgent for tha
Celebrated Gurney
Souvenir Stoves ard
Mnnulaeturer of the
New Air-tight heaters
. J. TtobaM,
and Sign fainter,
Papei-Hanging, Kalsomining
and Decorating.
All Orders Promptly Attended to
Union, B. 0.
We do all kinds of
Job Printing, anything
from a Dodger to the
neatest Business Card
or Circular.
$2.00 F2B AMNtTM.
School and office stationery
at E. Pimbury & Co' drugs
'���B wSSfcgg-J-; -*,
I em prepared io    ''
furnish Stylish Rigs
and do Teaming ���
At reasonable rates.
D. Kilpatrick.
Union, B. C. >
It Might Feed Twenty Thousand.
A aiugla brewery in tbe nortewoat proviu ���
en of India, when ��o miuy million Buffer
(real hunger, daily uw an amount ol grain
fiat wenld feed twenty thouaand each day.
In Tiro Chapters.
"The lite of a man wliu tampera 'ith
atrong drink," aaya Miaa Finn te Wil ard,
"ean ba written in t��-o etiaptera: Tne fir*t,
'He eold have left off if he would;' aud the.
second, 'He would have left olf if he could.' "
A Refreshing Drink.
"Wfceu heavy work ia to be done, d > not
t��ke beer, cider, or apir.ta," siya Dr.P rkei.
"By fer the baat drint ia the following;
Take one-fourth of a pound of oatmeal to
three quarts of wat��r, boil well, and theu.
add one and e-half ounee of brown augar.
Uae doable the propor uoo of water if tht
westker is hot end thirst great, Shake it
well before drinking. In summer drink it
oel'l, in wintnr hut. It qunnohea ttiir.it, arid
giv,n more strength and ondurauco thin
any other drink. I* miy li** wade with
oold water, bnt isnntso good tin* way.
V,tt tlooblu the quantity of oatmeal when
hungry. If you cannot get oatmeal, wheat-
Sou* will du, bu' uot ao well."
a well-known fact that the noon diners are
kialihier and stronger, and have bettir
shanoea for long Ufa than others.���Selected^
Rev. J. A. L*>g*tu will deliver the aeo*
ond lecture ef the courae at the Preaby
torian Churoh on Tuesday evening, Dee.
22 on the "Coming Man; or the Union
Boy." It ia a topic whieh affords a free
Unce; aad we ean assure our readers will
be ably treated, fnll of profitable suggestion, and enlivened with wit and humer-
ooa illustrations,
New millinery at Stevenaon tk Co's
The Anta Became Tipsy.
We have it on Sir J. L'tbbioka authority
liat he once led tone antt on foo 1 aaturat*
ed witk alcohol. Lik i human being! they became tipay. Tnen the other auts presumably diagitated with the conditi in of thc
topers, picked them up and dropped them
into the nserest water.
Bow Dan Oame To Hie Senses
An Irishman by the name of Dan H.,
who hud worked through the Summer
down in Ihe valley and drank uo his
wages, later in the season was at Pine
Lake, and when it began to grow cold,
one day he expressed his feelings in this
way: "The wind came up from below
nud telegrafied through me overhalls,
and it say*., 'Dan! what did you do wid
your Summer's wages?'"���Ram's Horn.
Household Hints.
Tomato aid Macasosi Soer���Break
half a dozen atieks ol macaroni into amall
pieoea, and drop into boiling water. Conk
fer au honr, or until perfectly tender. Rub
. two - quarts of atewed or canned tomatoea
through a colander, te remove all seeda snd
f-sgmanta. Whan the macaroni ia done,
drain throughly, ont eaoh piece into tiny
riogi, and add it to ths strained tomatoaa.
Saaaon witb salt, snd luil fo- a few
m.iments. If ths tomato ia quite thin, the
soao should be slightly thickened with a
little Hour b-tfore adding the m.cironi.
Va*srAiiLB Pea Sour, ��� *wk me pin*, of
split psaa U'ltil die-solve I. H'i,m nearly
dons, put t*i entkinj I'll ail on-j-lulf pint*
of sliced p iuto*., o.\a onion alic-d thi i
When ta i Ier, rub all through a colander,
add water to make of the oouaiatenoy oi
oream, aad aalt to taite.   Reheat and aerve.
Salt miiateuid with leans juice w.ll remove ataina from the hands.
TasSir.v tnni Docron���"Where the
ean doss not go, there goea tbe dootor." AU,
eirtaofdiaeasea, from cooaumotion down,
are mitigated er cured by sunlight and pnre
sir. Watch for th i auu, fur life anl hiaith
dwell in the sun beam; wheu it ia shining
open every window in the houae until it goea
down again. Not only, hu the sun the
power of making the gerine of diseases die,
but it is equally endowed with the power of
makiug men live. Lst every man aud woman make aure tbat aot ouly themselves,
and ohildren but slao their servants, shall
kave the fullest opportunities of taking in
unlimited queuitiea efthe inaipensive bnt
life giving suashins.
���     Nooa Al Nature's Dining H>ur.
Persona who keep close watch en them*
selves are of ths opinion thst the hour of
neea it the moat critical period of life. At
that time the human frame undergoes aeri-
ees changes, The atomach has diapatched
tke morning meal and sends scouting psrtiea
eat in search ef another. The eyea end
train are on the alert, aad there is a tort of
allgoaeaets pervading the anatomy thit
sharpens the faou'.ties and puts a now edet.ii
on the t teth. Ii ia nature's dining timn,
and everything about the healthy man or
woman is attuned to thu ds.-nolit.iun or ou-
joymsnt of what is called a "good aquare
���sal." Theae who on* boat to thn prompting of nature at this dsvine hour havo their
reward la good appetite, good temper aid
eioolleat digeation, whieh Is conductive to
all the good that lash is heir to. But those
wbo, following the imperious diotatss ef
fuhion, defer tke hour of dining until all
natural longings are dead, and kave to ke
resurrected by adventitious aids, lay a train
���af evils and discomforts which sooner or
later become the plague of their Uvea,   tt ia
Notioe is hereby given that the sitting
of the County Court and the Court of Re
vision ia postponed for one month from
10th inst.
B, Order. W. B. Anderson.
Coinoi, B. C. Dep. Reg. C. C.
Doo. 4th 1396.
Thc partnership heretofore existing
between Frank Partridge and A.W.Ren-
nison undei lhe lirni name and style of
Partridge & Rennison, doing business at
Union and Comox B.C. as grocers, has
this day been dissolved by mutual consent, A.W.Rennison continuing the business of grocer at Comox under his own
name. Accounts due lhe late firm may be
paid to either party, but those having
claims against said firm should present
them them to A. W. Rennison for settlement.
Nov. 21,1896. Frank Partridge,
A. W. Rennison.
Tenders will be received for the purchue
of the Hetherington farm, being lot 107 on
the official map of Comox, containing about
100 acres, more or less. About 110 acres
are under cultivation and well fenced, with
buildings and orchard, coal rights are inclnd
The land can be divided into four parts of
about 100 acres in each part.
A sketch or plan of the estate, showing
the propoaed divisiona, oan be seen at tbe
office of Crease aud Creue, barristers Mem-
pie Building, Victoria, to whom all applications muat lie mailed up to the Slat, of
December 1<S06.
Parties tendering, will state whether for
the whole 400 acrea or one quarter of land.
By order of the executora,
John Mundell, Collector for estate.
At Private Sale.
The following ia for aale. Peraons interested oan inapecc and purchase by calling at
theLiudaay Houae.
Oue bedroom aet, blankets, comforters,
single sheeting, aix doublejiox apring mattresses, three heaters, chamber sets, chairs,
window blioda, curtain polea and lixturea,
carpets, oil cloth, atair carpet, rubber door
mats, two arm chairs,, hat racks, umbrella atanda, matting, child's oot with mattress
preserve bottlea, lamps, eto.
fgpThere is Nothing
If it in Well Fit Together
So here it is : :
Single Harness at $lo, $12, $1; per set
and up.���Sweat Pads at 50 cents.
Whips at 10, 25, 50 and a good   Rawhide for 75 cents, and a Whale Hone
at $1 and up to $2.
I have the largest Stock of WHIPS  in
town and also the
Beat Axle Grease at 2 EOaSS
 for Twenty-Five Centa	
Trunks at Prires to Suit
the Times.
piring j Afr&'i
Wesley Willed
Nanaimo Cigar factory
Phillip Gable
Baation Street
and Co., Prop's
���   Nanaimo B. C
Manufactures the finest cigars and
employes none but white labor.
Why purchase inferior foreign cigars
when you can obtain a superior arti
cle foi the same money
New dress goods just arrived at Leiser's
Nol One Man in
One Hu.idred
Se invests his money that it yields, in
twenty yeara, anythiug like the protit
afforded by a policy of Life Insurance.
HISTORY i The percentage of individuals
PROVES   .- who succeed in buaineaa
THIS ') is amall '
No old-line mutual life insurance company
haa ever failed.
LIFE [ ~	
 Ten Cents a Day"$^
Will buy f��r a maa 35 yearn of age  a
$1,000 20-Payment Lifo Policy, one
ot the beat forms vt iuuurauvo wrutuu
in tho
Union Mutual Life
Insurance Company
Of Portland, Maine
>lj Manajjeil, i iseoitpon
-tl Itihtittuiuri -���     AVEXt
STANDS (        IMS
A Sound, Safe, Al>lj Manajji
tteliabttt Subntmitt
Whioh NBVSh
WOS TBl'IISItUUTIKS ������-,*���-*-.~-
J.  E. EVANS, Provincial Manager,
P.O. box 693 Vancouver, B. C.
For f urthtr information call on
With James Abrams.
Cumberland Hotel.
Union, B. C.
The finest hotel building
Fixtures and Bar
North of Victoria,
And the best kept house.
Spacious Billiard Room
and new
Billiard and Pool Tables
Best of Wines and Li<   ors.
l p. eokste; i.
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Publio
O'-aoa:���First   Street, Uu    ., B. 0.
Curner of Bastion and Commercial
Streets, Nanaimo, B. C,
Branch Office, Third Street and Dim&muu
Avenue, B. C.
Will be in Uuion the 3rd Wednesday o
each month aud remain ten daya.
Office llooiii 2. Mel'hee St Moore B'ld'i* aud at
P.O. DRAWER  18.
I have moved into my uew shop on
Dunsmuir Avenue, whcrel am prepared
to manufacture and repair all kinds of
men's, women's, and children's shoes.
Give me a call.
Iw.S  DALBY. D.D.S.&L.D.S-?
co   &
7   Dentistry in all its Branches   fjj
Ifl   S>
'0     Plate work, filling ami extraction     Y
;*K Office opposite Waverly Hotel, Union vj
ftjl    Houra���9 a tn. to Ti p.m. aud from    ft)
jj lip.m t"8 p.m. W
Provincial Secretary's Office.
October 31th, iBcfi.
His Honour the Lieutenant Governor
has been pleased io ippo'in W iiier liir-
nie Anderson, Esquire, G ivernment
Agent at Comox, tu he a Deputy ufthe
Registrar of the County Court of Nanaimo.
Subscribe for The News Sj.oc per
Puntiedge Bottling Works.
DAVID JONES, Proprietor,
���        MANUFACTURER OF        	
Sarsaparalla, Champagne Cider, Iros FhospLntir and Syrups.
Battler of Dillerent Brands  of   Lager Beer,  Steam Beer and Porter
Agent for tho Uniou iiiewery C mpany.
family, and   I
to get it.   Undoubtedly it is the
I presume we have used over
ono  hundred bott'.ea of Piso's
Cure   for Consumption   in  my
am   continually   advising   others
I ever used.���W. C. Miltendergbr, Clarion, Pa.,
Dec. 29,1894 1 sell Piso's Cure for Consumption, and never have any com-,
plaints.���E. SnoBEY, Postmaster,'
Shorey, Kansas, Deo. 21st, 1894.
J Tho Bost Uuuifli Hyrup.1
aTji��tfs(Jini<l. IV in liiuo.|
!|8old by Druggists,
H. A. Simpson
Barrister it solicitor. No's 2 & 4
Commercial street.
2/TJA2<tJL:i&0,    *�����   C.
J. A. Oarthew
-O-iTXO-J-T, E. O.
Your Job Prinfi
Good Work
Reasonable Prices.
I      MATSUKAWA      1
3    contracts and Day Work    x
s   ��� ������ Jr-pjnese
s   i; i    Hou-    ne- '���   ���*>
Barber Shop   : :
: :    Bathing
O. H. Fechner,
This Inn, located about three miles out
from Union on the Courtenay R��ad
is no* open for business A good
bar will be kept, and the comfort ol the
guests carefully attended io. Give us a
Florist, Seedsman and
Landscape Gardener
Seeds, Ornampntal Trees and
Shrubs always.
Also   bulbs   in   variety,   including,
Hyacinths,   Narcissus,  Fuchiao,
Tulips and Lillies.
Coniox.   -   - B. C.
Clocks, watches, books
and stationery.
T. D. McLean
��� -J E W"EI ,EB: ���
Notary Public. **
Agent, for ihc Alliance Kire'
Insurance Company ol Lon
don and the Phoenix ot
Agent [or the Provincial
Building and Loan Association of Toronto	
Union, B C.
"An Act to Prevent   Certain   Animals from Running at Large���1896"
Stock owners are hereby notified to
keep all Swine, Stallions of pne year old
and upwards, and Bulls over nine months
old, under proper enclosure, as all animals of these descriptions, found running
It large will be dealt with under the pro*
fisions ofthe Act referred to.
Comox, B. C.      W, B. Anderson,
June 7th, 1896. Gov't Agent. tu t?     rucr vi.r: ...atcu*<���>.    r**.m-.
The Weekly News.
M.   WHITNEY,   1'ubllsher.
The foolklller is getting the drop on
a great inan.v aeronauts this year.
Tt is said that "Corbett is nnt tin*
man ho used to be." Por the sake ot'
lli*s. Corbett we hope so.
A Florida boy is Bbedding his skiu.
Many a youngster has wished that ho
eould do that just before'lt was tanned.
Whon n man buys a bicycle his
friends first abuse lilni for uot getting
Home other make nnd then ask to burrow it.
* Lillian Russell tolls every man to
save half his salary and evory woman
to buy clioup bonnets. But Lillian
never has doue either.
It la assorted there are fifty-two
kinds of mosquito in the United States,
and probably thore are nearly as mauy
more varieties in Now Jersey.
In Sweden nnd Norway a legal marriage Is not allowed to be solemnized
till both parties produce certificates attesting that they boar genuine vaccination marks.
Ellen Terry has been forbidden by
her physician to worry about anything. Now the only difficulty is lo
find some placo whore sho can get the
proscription tilled.
If Spain doesn't take that chip off
lier shoulder the chances aru that this
time next year she will not be as handsome as she was anil kuow a groat
deal more thau she did.
A cablegram from Constantinople
says that the Sultan has been seized
by a fear of sudden death. If somebody would seize him by throat we
would have more faith iu his fear.
The Goulds object to a 3-eent fare on
their street railways because ot the inconvenience of making change. We
havo an idea that tbe same protest
would not bo made wore there n proposition to Increase the fare to 7 cents.
Thc Mayor of San Francisco finds
himself in hot water with tlie postal
authorities for sending out envelopes
marked with thc statement: "0, 1'.
Huntington Would Not Steal a Red-Hot
Stove." Mr. Huntington objects to the
statement. If it isn't true why doesn't
he deny lt?
A New Jersey grnnd jury, whoso
members had boen iu the habit of banqueting themsolvos at the close of thoir
labors, lately gave the money collected
fo an old ladies' homo, and went without the banquet. The result of the precedent thus established is awaited witli
interest by charitable Institutions generally.
The hard condition of the America!
abroad ls boing notably ameliorated
Paris courts huve recently decided tha
the concierge has no right to open th*
lodgers' loiters, and now a Berlin ma.-'
lstrate has declared that hotel pro
prlotors are responsible for valuable
stolen from their lodgers' rooms, :i
spite of the placards disowning ro
spousibility posted in the rooms.
The King of Swodon and Norway has
written to tlio newspapers a denial of
a speech attributed to him. The Idea
of a crowned and anointed monarch
appealing to tiie press to set tiliii right
before the people of liis land is one emphasizing more than any other thing
could do the real tribunal and ruler of
the ago, bofore whoso powor ovon klngia
must bow. And the powor of the press
moans yet more emphatically the power of tlie people.
A California man, despondent I
cause of bad health, anil having ei
ecientious scruples against sulci
made a harrowing confession of
murder, tilling It ln with horrible il
tails, in hopes of being lynched. II
doubtful if a braid of any but Am,
lean Ingenuity could havo coucciv<
such a plan of leaving lifo. Ilo w
Disappointed, howevor, hy tho la
abiding sentiment of lho comuiunlt
which he had hoped to stir up.
A rather remarkable Instance or honesty saved the United States Government forty-one thousand dollars a few
days ago. K. II. Lewis, of Raleigh, N.
0., was one of the beneficiaries under
��n old war claim for whicli Congress
made an appropriation nt the recent
session. When the Secretary of the
Navy sent n draft for the money to Mr.
Lewis, ho returned It with the Information that ids claim had boon paid in full
many years ago. Investigation proved
that tbo claim was paid In 1S7H.
Up to the beginning of September,
this year, tlie Spanish minister of
finance reported that S140.0U0.000 In
Cuban bonds had been expended for
the war with the rebels on that island.
As the annual deficit for the five pre
vious financial years averaged about
$0,000,000, and the country is uow trying to float a loan of $200,000,000, it will
be seen Cuba and the Philippines will
have a good-sized debt to pay should
tho respective revolutions fail. If thoy
sliould succeed Spain will be practically bankrupt.
A Clever New York   Womnn  Invents
nn Atltl-Bn.tion   Mloe.
A woman, the wife of a New York
artist���has invented an article as long
waited for and apparently as bard to
An evangelist chose Steward. Ok., as
the scene of nn attack on "women who
dance." A large audience had assembled and wheu the evangelist, warming
up to bis subject, mado a wholesale denunciation against all women who Indulged in dancing, tho audience rapidly left tbo building, with the evangelist
in front, lie started for the railroad
station and reached it after enjoying
a personal encounter with each mombor
of his lute audience. It Is believed there
will Ik* no diminution of dancing In
Steward this winter, and that anli-dano*
Ing evangelists will remove this town
from their visiting lists.
The prognostlcutors are pointing out
the ill-luck that has followed the young
Czar. It was ti necessity tliat be Bhould
lie married shortly after his father's
death. Tbe terrible accident at Moscow followed. He bad hardly begun
his present trip westward when his
ablest minister, I.olmnoff, died. As
soon as lie loft England for France a
furious storm swept down on the const
of France, ns If to intercept him. There
are all sorts of rumors that nihilists and
bomb-throwers are anxious to get an
opportunity to kill him. and scores of
guards and detectives are necessary at
every turn. Verily, in Russia it is "uneasy lies the hend that wears a crown."
nUNION and ANTi-numox SUOH.
Ono of those cheerful acrobats who
turn somersets lu the air from a balloon nnd think themselves aeronauts
repeated tbo performance at a political
rally In Ruslivllle, Ind. with the cus-:
tomary result of getting tangled up In
tlie ropes and tho unusual climax of
reaching tlio ground alive. The report
says "the horrified spectators stood
aghast," which scorns to be tlie de-
sired goal lu those Inhuman exhibitions. The bnlloon, it appears, has a
record of having killed four mou and
two women, and as this acrobat ln-|
tends to stick to it, another man doubtless will soon be added to the death
list, nnd some othor spectators will he
more favored because they will bo more
"horrified" nud stand moro "aghast."
These fantastic public suicides shuuld
bo suppressed.
A Chicago paper says:   Every day
brings its full quota of rural visitors
to Chicago who aro swindled b.v cou-
tldonco men.   These bunko games are j
so transparent and so ancient tliat it!
seems astounding that    they  sliould
prove successful.    Why  is it  that a.
countryman who Is fairly Intelligent,!
who roads the papers and ls ordinarily
shrewd  in  business matters,  should
leave  behind   liim  every   particle  of
good common sense when he conies to
the city?    Wc believe there are still f
a few rural visitors who come to Chi-���
cago and do not get swindled.    For
thoir benefit we lay down a few plain.
simple rules  which  have been  thoroughly tested and can be guaranteed
to work.   As soon as you arrive, make
a confidant of every stranger you meet, j
Toll every one all about yourself anil j
your business, state how much money
you have and show where you carry it.
If any one asks you to drink accept in- j
stantly; Chicago bunko mon are some*,
times sensitive on this point, and It is'
better not to offend them.   Don't hesitate to go into any hick alloy, or basement or dive.    Always bet all your
money on any game Unit is proposed.
It saves time.   Tho other follows will
got it. anyway, in tho Ion;* run. and It
may prevent your being sandbagged.
Cnsh any draft or chock or warehouse
receipt   whicli   may   lie  offered  you.
Hand your valise and  valuables for
safekeeping lo any one wlio will accept thom.    A receipt isn't necessary.
Hold  watches,  gold  bricks  and  diamonds aro given away here daily. The
tunnel caves in every afternoon nt .'!
o'clock.   Steamboats blow up twice a
day. and arms and legs float In to the
hike front at all hours of the day anil
night.   Shell games will bo found running  full  blast whenever you strike
town,  nud  will continue  while your
money las:s.  cm oul those few pointers; paste thom in your hat, nnd give
your pooketbook to your wifo beforo j
leaving homo,
nehieve as the bottle that cannot be
refilled. In a word, lt is a shoe for
women that Is not only beautiful lo
look nt, but is n shoe that is warranted to give tbe wearer not the least discomfort. The idea is not patented.
Sho desires neither the fame nor fortune that should be hers if bor design is
all that it is cracked up tn be. nnd she
is actuated solely by the desire to see
her fellow women shod sensibly and
artistically at tho snme time. Thoro is
no doubt about its comfort, and the
inventor claims that It will not mane
you look pigeon-toed, ns might appear
nt lirst sight, but that lt will make a
foot look as pretty as it will make it
fool comfortable.
The heel is low, but neither too broad
not Hat, while the outlines, although
following those of the foot closely, are
graceful, and actually make the pedal
extremity appear smaller and more
shapely than did the misconceived
shoe made a la Piccadilly last. Speaking of her Invention the lady said:
"Of course, it Is not to bo expected
that women's foet that have been deformed by years of wearing misshapen
shoes will become like those accorded
to Venus in it fow months���or ever, us
far as that is concerned, but if lhe
mothers of to-day will follow ou*. Ihis
idea. 1 am sure that tbe chiropodist
will lind loss onerous and painful work
to do, while the shoemaker wlio works
scientifically will be benefited." The
now shoo for the New Woman is not a
fad.   It is a reality.
A Uroolclyn Hen thnt Tired of Laying
Old Stylo Kiitm.
In Brooklyn the other day one of Dr.
O. Peterson's lions laid an egg tliat ls
quite a curiosity. The chicken bad a
nest iu the cellar, and while the ben
was on the nest a servant happened in.
ami saw a rat. run across tho lloor and
approach the hen's location, where It
stopped for a moment. According to
the servant tho hen was greatly interested In and watched the rodent
willi groat earnestness, craning her
neck to poor after the unwelcome visit
or until lt had disappeared In n hole In
the wall. Then the hen settled down
to business, and tbe servant returned
When the egg which was deposited in
the nest by the hen that day was garnered lt startled the folks. It was of
the usual size and color, but on the
shell was embossed the form of a rat
The body, oars and tall were all there,
raised distinctly, and ns plain as the
rat wliich disturbed the serenity of tlie
hen. The portion of the shell that represented the egg was slightly darker
than tlie rest of the egg's covering, but
iu other respects It was tlio same.
la Inexpensive *-.id Can Very   lCnslly
Be Mnde.
The accompanying illustration ls ot
a home-made lamp, which can be made
by any womnn. Secure a box about 12
Inches high and eight inches square,
lu which placo a lamp fount, wliich cau
They Were Horn in the Central  Pnrk
At the Central Park menagerie In
New York not long since was iwru twin
nylghaus. The mother of the infants
Is known as "Little Fannie" and Is only i
two years old. "Sport," their rather, 13
n fine-looking animal, four years old.
Both animals were raised In the park
by tlieir keeper, Phil Holmes. The
buck received the name of "Sport" because of the great pride he takes in
The young ones are very tine specimens and they nre valued at SiiOO each.
Together thoy weigh 50 pounds. They
ure marked alike, a roddisli brown,
with white spots on their heads and
nn  LAMP.
feet. Thoy are two feet high and about
two rfhd a half foot long. Their legs
are extremely long and thin.
Tho Hindoo and thc Letter.
An Indian servant was once sent b.v
his master to a friend's house some distance away. Ho had to carry with hini
four loaves of bread and a letter. Being hungry, the Indian ate one of tho
loaves. When ho reached his destination and handed in the letter, witli only
throe loaves, his theft was, of course,
instantly discovered, nnd, tbo circumstances being reported to his master,
ho was flogged.
Somo time after be was sent again
wilh loaves and a noto. Rightly guessing that the mysterious paper had told
of his misconduct the last time, tlie Indian ou this journey carefully hid tho
letter under a largo stone, so tbat it
could not soc him. Then bo once more
ate n loaf, chuckling to think how he
was cheating tho tell-tale paper. Judge
of his amazement when he was found
out again, all through the wonderful
letter. He confessed bis theft, and told
how ho had tried to cheat the paper,
but It was too clever for bim. .
be purchased at the hardware store.
A hole must necessarily he cut in the
box to admit the fount, and several
should be put near the bottom on the
side to ndmlt a draft. Tack or glue a
bagging cover around tbo hox, and
when in position administer several
coats of paint. Bind the edges then
wllli pieces of metal.
At a tinsmith's purchase a few sheets
of thin stove pipo iron nnd cut 11: In
strips an inch and a half in width. Lap
them on the corners of the box so
three-quarters of an Inch of metal will
appear on a side. With an nwl and a
small hammer make holes In the metal
strips nn Inch apart, nnd with ovnl-
honded brass upholsterer's tacks, fasten
the strips to tho box. The torch and
leaves forming the wreaths can be out
from the thin sheet iron with a stout
pair of shears and applied to the lwx
with iron carpet tacks. The stems to
the wreaths aro pieces of Iron caught
down wllli small staples. At a hardware store purchase four claw feet
and fasten one under each corner of
the box. These will elevate It from
the table and allow a draft to pass under the box and up through the holes
In the bottom; otherwise the lamp
would not burn in a satisfactory manner, A balloon shade of any material
will complete the lamp.
Simpson���Jones has more self-re*
slriiint than any other man I know.
Thompson���Has he? Simpson���Yes;
he advised me not to buy that stock,
and when lie learned, afterward, that
I had dropped live thousand on it, lie
never made the slightest allusion to
the matter.���Puck.
"I was much Interested," remarked
tbo young lady cannibal, "in what our
missionary told lis to-dny about thu
burning of tho early Christians." "All,
yes," rejoined her steady company,
"thoy must have bad pretty bum cooks
in those days."���Detroit Tribune.
Tho     Pecullnr    Crawler      Killed     In
Mnrion County   town.
Recently while Alex. Nuunclly was
driving along lho public road in Marion
County, Iowa, ho saw what he took to
be n snake. Obeying natural instinct,
lie jumped from his wagon, grabbed a
piece of "brush," and killed the crowl-
er.  Then bo discovered lhat lt was not
Not  Altogether Raw.
Hero is a story of ti raw recruit who
proved a rather dangerous ono to joke
witli. An officer approached and askod
for Ids ride.
"Let me see your rille."
The raw recruit handed ovor his ride
and a pleased smile stole over his face.
As the officer received tho weapon he
said in a tone of deep disgust:
"You're a fine soldier. You've given
up your rifle, aud now what are you
going to do?"
The young follow turned pale, and
ptitling his band in his pocket drew out
a big knife, nnd preparing for business
said In a voice that could uot be misunderstood:
"Gi' me flint rifle, or I'll bore a hole
through you In a minute."
The officer instantly decided not to
play nny further with the raw recruit,
and the rifle was promptly surrendered.
a snake, but something he bnd never
: seen or beard of bofore. It was a
monster worm, 11V*. Inches In length,
almost as thick as n broom handle, and
strangest of all, lt was equipped with
eight perfect foot, almost exactly like
human foot In shape.
Absolutely safety In railroad switches has been a much-desired quality,
but no system has as yet been contrived which has not at some time or
other proved disappointing ln some
respects. One of the best of Its kind
Is the safety switch Invented by Adamson, which ls worked automatically
by a locomotive and reset after the
train has passed. The system Is simple and consists of two small Inclined
planes, supplied with sliding blocks,
located In tlie center between the
tracks and connected by galvanized
chains and pulleys, with the switching
lever and signal stationed at one side
of the track. The switch works as follows: A bolt under the cowcatcher
cau bo pulled up by the engineer to
clear the switchboard If he wishes to
leave the switch as he finds It. If he
leaves his bolt down It catches the
sliding block and pushes It dowu the
Inclined plane, thereby turning the
switch to the other track. The entire mechanism is simple, and being
very solidly constructed, It will stand
a greater amount of wear than any
other system, nt the same time requiring much less attention and giving
much greater safety.
A.Grandchild of Genlns.
One of thc laic Harriot Beecher
Stowo's grandchildren wns swinging on
a neighbor's gato when another neighbor, passing, paused lo warn the child
flint Mr. Smith would not like it���hud.
In fact, forbidden it expressly to his
own children.
The child, continuing his swinging
"I dou't care for Mr. Smith, or his ox,
or his ass, or anything that Is his."
"Do you know who wrote those
words?" this from the neighbor In a
shocked tone of voice.
"Nope!" nonchalantly, from the*,
grandson of genius. "Gramma Stowe, i
I a'pose."
"If I could but call this little hand
mine," he said, caressingly. "What
would you do with It, Jack?" she said,
playfully. "Stand pnt," he replied,
"and wait for a good chance to call
your father's."���Philadelphia North
American- xii
Have Been Cheap and Very Plentiful
Thia Season-Millions of Baskets
Shipped to Chicago for Pnckius "'"I
A I.llHcion*, Fruit.
Every time Chicngo sits down to
breakfast in the poach season, says
the Chronicle, the yield of half a hundred acres of Michigan peaches Is consumed, und the country west, rolling
up n proportionate average, helps to
pay oft' thut vast army of pickers, pack-
Thirty years about cover the history
of the peach Industry In Berrien County, for It wns not until I860 thnt orchards of any size wero sot out in the
vicinity of Benton Harbor nud St. Jo-
soph. The pioneers soon had fruit-
bearing land up to $l.oou nn acre. The
year 18US marked the appearance of
such diseases as "blotches'' and "yellows" among the pouches, spreading
until five years later not a poach orchard of nny size was left 111 Berrien
County. Orchards which had been
worth fortunes were set back on a genoral produce-bearing bnsis of value.
The peach industry was dead, and not
until ton years ago did a revival como.
Tho disoaso gradually lost its hold,
nnd Berrien County is now thc banner
poach district nf Michigan.
Naturally, the peach tree Is a sloven.
ers, carters, vessolnicn, teamsters,
commission merchants nnd basket
makers who, since early in July, have
been pnil and parcel of lhe millions of
the famous pouch belt of the Wolverine State. From Berrien County north,
a broad band ten miles in width nloug
the shores of Lake Michigan is tlie lu-
vorod fruit center, and all this territory, with its millions of acres, Is devoted lo supplying the Western markets
with fruits and vegetables of various
kinds, with poaches far In the lead as
nil edible, out of which many handsome fortunes have been made by Intelligent growers, 'i'he present year
bus boon u banner one for this interest. More poaches have been shipped
than in any previous season, for several
days of one week some 20,000 bushols
arriving in Chicago regularly, notwithstanding the facl that the bost varieties dropped from $5 lo $1.75 por bushel, and that thousands of 1-5 bushel
baskets brought loss than 0 cents
Michigan peaches begin coming ns
early as the first week In July, nnd
shipments continue until snow flies,
Nearly all of them are sont b.v boat,
and a morning scone iu the Chicago
peach docks is often enlivened b.v tho
arrival of a steamer carrying ns high
as 70,000 bushels of the fruit. The moment these arrive a hundred stout-
armed men march in single file down
a gangplank, and. threading the baskets in half-dozens, convey thein to ns
many waiting cars. Thoy are hurried to the great commission ninrts of
the city, nud the big steamer puffs its
way bnck to St. Joseph for another
load, to keep busy the odd 3,000 men
.who are engaged dally during the sen-
son about the various loading nnd unloading docks.
There Is n profit In raising poaches,
notwithstanding the price fluctuations
of thc season, and fruit growers In such
favored localities as Benton  Harbor,
It will grow out of shape ln one season if left to Itself. To correct this the
grower goes over his orchard every
spring, cutting off just hnlf of every
twig which grew the senson before.
In another respect lhe peach tree is
very troublesome. It undertakes more
than it can accomplish in fruit bearing.   It overloads ilself, nnd the first
given wny before this scrutiny, nnd
even if no State inspector were going
the rounds of Michigan orchards the
yellows would hnve liltle chance to
spread, for no progressive farmer
would lot a suspected tree stand for
an hour after it had boon noticed.
The foundation ofa peach orchard is
the nursory. In which pits from the
peach orchards of Tennessee are plant*
ed. At one year old those seedling
shoots are taken tqi and sot out in the
orchards in squares of twenty feot,
giving 10S trees to lho acre, lu the following spring they are ready for budding. Buds are taken from bearing
troos whi.ch have demonstrated tlio
quality of tlielr fruit. A branch Is cut
from tlie tree, and from this branch a
bit of bark Is cut in the shape of u
dagger's blade, carrying with lt just
one loaf bud, With a pointed knife n
perpendicular slit is cut in the bark of
the seedling, altnosi at tho ground. This
slit Is about an Inch long nud ut the
top of It, at right angles, another out
Is mnde through tlie bark, extending
a quarter of nn Inch on each side of
the perpendicular slit. Into this cross
cut tho point of tho dagger-like piece
of bark ls thrust and pushed downward until It Is snugly housed hy the
loosened bark, leaving ouly the bud
protruding. On ench side of this bud
the bark of the seedling is wrapped
and lu a few weeks tbo incisions have
healed, leaving the bud growing.
The year following the budding process the primer passes through tlie
young orchard and cuts away the whole
top of the seedling, just above thc \
shoot from the bud, and the hud's
growth is thinned to one straight shoot.
At one year old this shoot will produce poaches. They nre uot allowed
to grow, however, but are pulled oil'
before the pits In the fruit begin to I
harden. The next year thoy are allow-
ed to boar n few peaches, In the third
year they boar a few more, and Iu tho
fourth year the orchard is paying
profits to. the grower. After this year
nothing else is grown In tlie orchard.
but from May 1 to Aug. in. twice a
week, the ground is stirred by a
"weeder,"  which  looseus tbe soil  lo
(Scene In 11. Morrel's Peaoh Farm, the Largest lu Michigan.)
work of the grower Is to thin his
poaches. On an average it costs $17
an acre to do this work. No skill is
needed for It. nnd the Michigan tramp
hns the reputation of doing the work.
Provided with a step-ladder, he goes
over every limb, flipping off the fruit,
as nearly as possible leaving the peaches four inches apart on the twigs. This
ls done just before the pits begiu to
harden In the green fruit.
where transportation facilities nro'su-
porlor, are exceedingly prosperous and
satisfied. Hero Is located the largest
poach farm in Michigan, und that
means In the world. It Is owned by
Holland Morrill, president of the Michigan State Horticultural Society, and
he bus made a fortune out of it. It is
about five miles from Benton Harbor,
���and contains 800 acres, 100 ncres of
which are devoted exclusively to
peaches, moaning a yearly yield of
00,000 bushels. Ten acres Is devoted
to a late variety, known ns the Golden
Drop, which has yielded $10,000 clear
profit within five years, beiug, therefore, most appropriately named. Other
great farms are being yearly opened,
one of which, owned by the West
Michigan Nursery Company, will contain 800 acres, and eclipse even the
'Morrill farm as soon as the trees be-
>gin to bear.
First of Berrien County peaches
comes tbo "Lewis seedling," one of
tho most popular varieties. It is of
medium size, rod-coated and having
white meat. The Crawford peach is
another favorite, nnd ls of a golden
yellow; the "Stumps" pouch, beautifully marked, with a white meat, 13
profitable, but of them nil the "Elber-
ta" poach Is king. Just now It Is on
the market, large ns an ordinary tea
cup, blotched with brilliant red, nud on
the under side yellow ns gold. It
brings the top price of the market, the
wholesaler In Chicago paying $1 for
seventy-two picked peaches.
Poaches In Berrien County are nearer perfection than they have ever been,
and lo maintain this perfection orchards are watched for the first sign of
deterioration. No tree thnt Is unhealthy is allowed to cumber the
grouud.    The dreaded yellows  ����������
the depth of an Inch or more. A man
with one horae and this "weeder" cultivates twenty-five ncres a dny ou nn
average. Between crops bonedus: and
potash nre sowu broadcast over the
ground, the Influences of which nro
manifest directly In the fruit, show-
lug juiciness and color.
Economic Value of Birds.
The economic value of birds Is untold.
This fact might be placed beyond dispute If it were possible to prepare two
tables���one showing how many wire
worms It would tnke to destroy a mile
of turnips, how many grubs to ravage
thu wheat harvests of a dozen farms,
how many insects to strip the leafy
blades of n forest bare, how many to
spoil the fruits of wide orchards, and
lhe other recording lho fact that those
very numbers of Insects are eaten by
a few humble birds In the course of
the yenr. That the result would be conclusive evidence of the birds' value
may be safely foretold b.v a glance at
a few facts wliich have already been
brought to bear upon thc question.
lu the spring, when there arc clamorous young birds ln the nest, the house
sparrow returns every three or four
minutes, each time bearing spoils in the
shape of insect fond. Calculated at its
lowest possible value���that is, allowing
only one Insect to ench Journey���this
thankless task represents tons of thousands of captured insects ns tho work
of one pair of birds in onc month. Swift:
tilers like tho swallow Hint hawk for
food In the nir may rank higher. Thoy
slay hundreds of thousands.
Accidents   Are   Few   Compared   with
the Number of  I'uaseusert,.
About throe years ago the government ai Washington, through the
weather bureau, published a tabic of
tlio number of persons iu the United
States killed by lightning iu the previous twelvemonth. Writing from memory, I think it was 251. Now, thero
are very fow persons who give themselves much concern over the possibility that thoy may become lho victims
<*W nn electrical storm, but there are
many who do not set out on a railway
journey without the fear before tlieir I
eyes thut "something may happen." li ;
may bo reassuring lo sucli persons, as \
well as to many who are in temporary j
alarm just now hereabouts, to hear iu
mind tliat thoy aro almost ns likely to
bo struck by lightning���although the
chances that they will be are only one iu
about 80,000���as thut thoy will lose
their lives in n railway accident.
Dr. I.ai'dner some time ago, when the
safely of passengers on railroads was
not as woll provided for as It is to-day.
estimated that tlie chnnco Unit he
might be killed was one to li.-i.ooii.liuo
for every one mile traveled. The second Charles Francis Adams, when ho
first begun lo sludy railroad problems,*
gave conclusive proof that a man who
would stay the year round in n first-
class passenger car on an' express train
had loss prospect of meeting a violent
death than if he were to remain for the
same time in liis own house. Colonel
Thomas A. Scott once remarked that n
railroad car was a safer pluce than a
hotel. Franklin B. Oowen, when
taking a special flyer ou one of lhe
mornings when he wns whirled up to
Pottsvillo to prosecute Jack Kehoe and
other Molly Maguires, observed thut
he could trust his safety ou n train ut
fifty miles an hour a good deal more
thnn his father could have done fifty
years before In a stage coach at ten
miles nn hour. Chnuncey 51. Dopew
has pointed out how the Empire State
express made Its grout runs daily to
Chicago without the loss of n lifo. and
the Chicago "Limited" of the Pennsylvania, with ils tremendous rate of
speed, has been running for yours witli
Its record unmnrrcd by more thnn two
or three serious accidents und none of
them a wholesale wreck. The Interstate commerce commission's report,
issued hist year, shows that the entire
number of passengers carried ou tho
railroads of the United States was upward of 540,000,000, and yet only 825
lost: their lives in accidents.
Now. the real havoc of modern railroading is not among passengers, but
among tho employes of railroads and
among trespassers and pedestrians and
nontrnvoid's.    How  to  diminish  this
destruction of human life is one of tbo
chief problems which thoughful  rnil-
* road men are considering to-day.   The
' introduction  of   the    automatic    car
] coupler is certain to lessen it among
' the  brnkeinen,  and  the   abolition  of
grade crossings lias done something to
reduce the slaughter in lnrge cities and
��� thoir suburbs. From the day when
I George Stephenson's Ilockct,  at   the
very beginning of railroading, struck
I down and killed, in tlie presence of the
duke of Wellington, the famous Hus-
kisson, who had been a mombor of his
cabinet, the death roll on the rail has
��� been numbered by tho tens of thoti-
: sands. I fancy that fow of us pause Io
' think Hint In a single twelvemonth lho
number of lives destroyed on the railroads of this country nlone is greater
than tho entire loss of Monde's nrmy nt
the battle of Gettysburg. 'I'he whole
war of the rebellion, Indeed, hardly
presents a more ghastly record Ihnn
tho list of dond and wounded on the
railroads of the United Stales In the
period following the war. For example, ln 1804 tbere were 0,4-17 persons
who lost thoir lives and upward of ,'12,-
000 who were wounded, and within the
last eight years the death roll aggregated fully 50.000 persons who wero
not passengers, as woll as more thun
250,000 who were classified among lhe
"wounded."���Philadelphia Bulletin.
"Oh. those are wood rats. They will
carry to their nosts auy little articles
you may leave about."
The next duy we obtained traps, and
tried to calcb thom in the same manner
as Knglish ruts with toasted cheese or
n piece of bacon; but they took no no-
licc of these delicacies. We noticed
tliat several times, when 1 loft n bright
rod crochet shawl I had lying on a
chair at night, pieces wero torn off It,
and once it wus dragged up the steps
lo the loft; so we threw It ovor a trap,
and the next morning a large wood
rat. measuring sixteen inches from
head tn tip or tail was caught; and that
was the lirst of ton that woro attracted
hy tlio same shawl, whicli never failed
to catch ono whenever the trap wna
covered with It.
We very rarely seo one now. I supposo lhey have retired furthor'back Inio the forest, away from civilization.
lu one of tholr nosts here 1 saw a
pocket knife, u steel fork, n collar stud,
and pieces of n nil Annuel shirt. They
live upon berries, nuts and various
roots, and seeds of the tlr corn's, but do
noi care for maize, oats, wheat or potatoes, ami so forth, like squirrels aud
Thieves in Afrioa.
Tho sold and diamonds of South Africa have already attracted a very fair
proportion of the thieves of tlie world
to tiiat favored region. Some very
tine hauls have been made and others
all but made. Decidedly the most sensational attempt was one u few years
ago on tho diamond train. To reach
Cape Town from Kimberley used to
tako throe days, or at loast two days
and three nights. The diamonds woro
carried In a safe In the postotlice sorting cur. Some expert thieves found
out where the safe always stood lu
the car, and under that spot, beneath
the bottom of the car. rigged up a platform of rope uud plank whereon a man
could lie and work with a drill as the
train sped on Its wny.
It is a lonely journey, with hours
nnd hours between stations. The thief
endured his uncomfortable position beneath the moving train long enough
to bore a circlet of holes lu the bottom
of lhe Iron snfe, having lirst cut a
pioco out of tlio bottom of the car.
Ills plan was to complete the circle In
this tedious way so as to remove a
piece of the safe-bottom, and leave a
hole large enough for Ihc insertion of
an arm, the removal of a bag and the
capture of a fortune In diamonds.
Unfortunately for hlin. he was either
disturbed, or he got tired, or ho dropped
off his planks. At any rato, he did
not cut out tlie piece of metal, consequently did not reap bis glittering reward.    Ile escaped.
Tlio postofflce poople In the car heard
nothing of tlio drill���which probably
was silent save when there was the
clatter-racket of the wheels to drown
Its noise. When the platform nud
tho pierced safe were discovered, tho
thief had gone, nnd left no clew beyond his handiwork, which never proved sullicient for tracing his whereabouts,
Liberal Marriage Laws.
Tho marriage laws of the different
States in this country are In general
so liberal that to most persons It will
be a surprise to learn that In quite a
number of States the marriage of first
cousins ls forbidden. This Is the caso
In Arizona, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Dakota,
Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington and Wyoming.
Willie���Are you the nearest relative
I've got, mamma? Mother���Yes, love,
and your pa Is the closest relative
vou've got.���Judge,
Oroi-on Wood  lints.
The Oregon wood rut has a curious
fondness for bright colors. It Is larger
than the common rat. with a long,
bushy tail; nnd It makes ils nest at lie*
top of lir trees- a mass of sticks and
moss. But as soon ns any one builds
u hut in Ihe forest, lhe wood rat comes
to Inspect it, as they are very curious,
uml nlso very fond of appropriating
any bright objects, and will carry nway
forks, spoons, and so forth. Thoy ofl en
desert the trees and begin to build a
nest uniler lhe reof of tin* hut. or in
any undisturbed plnce, 1 once found a
nest half made in an old wash tub, and
lined willi roil flannel, When we arrived lioro thirteen yours ago from
England, says thc writer, it was nearly evening; the roads had 1-ceu very
rough from Corvallis, and we were
quite tired out, nnd very glad to 600
the old hut on the claim we had bought.
No one felt inclined to do much that
night, so wo spread mattresses on the
floor and prepared to hnve n good
night's rest. But no sooner was the
light extinguished thau there came n
: hurry-scurry of little foet, and bright
; eyes shone all around us, much to our
alarm! but they nil vanished ns soon
ns the candle wns lighted, some taking
flight up tho   wide,    open    chimney,
j others up some stairs Into u loft.
I   The man who came with us said:
Knelpp Cure for Horses.
Tho Knelpp cure, or that part of It
which consist In walking through the
dewy grass In the early morning, bas
long been known to horsemen. A
horse trainer nnd tamer commends the
treatment for horses, to keep tne hoofs
In sood condition. "I do not believe
lu packing and soaking horses' feet, as
many horse-owners do." he says. "In
the summer time I would have tho
horse to be treated led early In the
morning through the dew. Think of
it yourself. If you nre out walking
in lhe early morning, even wearing
thick boots, you will remember thnt
111 a few moments the dew penetrated
through to your feot. Dew passes
through the boot when ordinary water
would not. This works lhe same with
horses, nature having provided this
simple preventive nud cure for diseases of the hoof."���Now York Times.
Italian's Lump Invention.
A now lamp which has just boon In-
velited b.v au Italian will, If all lhat is
snid of It be true, bring joy to the heart
of the housewife. The lamp, which ls
declared to bo no heavier than ono of
tlie ordinury kind, generates lis own
gas. The cost, howevor. Is only one-
tilth thnt of the ordinary gas. while Ihe
Illumination Is ns bright ns that of an
electric lump und much whiter. A single lamp floods a largo room wilh light,
and as, In addition, it is clean and
odorless, one cannot wonder thut both
ll Ieetrie light and the gns companies dread Its rivalry. But unfortunately lho promises of inventors are
not always carried out to the lettor.
Hendricks���Sny, if wo can't got this
crowd in front of us out of the way, we
are going lo miss our train. What
shnll we do? Carr���1 have it. Let's
start a discussion on tlio coinage question.��� Cincinnati Enquirer.
Ilo (playfully)���! low old are you, Miss
Browne?   She���I cannot tell a lie. 1	
"Oil, If that is the case, I will not tnke
n mean advantage of you. 1 withdraw
the question."���Cincinnati Enquirer.
One of the things that always distresses a man is thnt the irirl ho likes
bad nu existence before he discovered
The trouble with making n confidante
of a friend is that you do not dare to be
anytlilug else but a friend afterward. G. A. McBain & Co.,   Real Estate   Brokers, Nanaimo, B.C.
Oau. Ou, f 1 55 per tin at Leiser's,
Outsrio applaa at McPhee and Moore't.
DWt format tne Miuitrel Troupe, Mun-
iay truing ths 2l.it.
Mr. McQuillan of Courtenay shot two
paathtrs last week.
Huttaiar ia still telling T & B plug at
Mis* Powell nnd M,ss Nickerson expect to l-.ive Thursday for Victoria for
a holiday visit.
8m Ibe ad. nf the K'lmlierlaml K-.on
Klnb. Tbt proceeding* Monday night the
IM will be mighty interesting,
Christmas Photos. Only J2.50 per
A warship is expected to airive nt
Comox Bay iu a few days, pcili-.ps this
Th* public exni.inination of Union
School in all the rooms will commence
at nnt o'clock p.m. Wednesday.
Call at Muffle* and Moorea'anil hu> yuur
idie.., aa they ore having a vary
wrtineul direot from the tuauuiaet-
Christmas morning there "ill be service
at Trinity Church at 11 o'clock.
Nothing so nice as a Photo for a Xmas
present. Only $2.50 per dozen. Come
every body.
Frank Dalby will spend the holidays
la Victoria.
Tha "dining man; or Union Boy," will
hs hm Tneaday night thu 22nd, Go aud
tee him.
Brio Duncan's new volume of poems for
���al* M T. D. McLean'a.
itr.A.Urquhart of Como* was regis-
tared at the Driard Victoria !as*. week.
New toyin', Smvuiiauu nud Co's. lotiriug
ieota Waiue-M sale,
Rev.Mr.Lo^an and Rev.Mr.Hicks exchanged pulpits Sunday evening.
Mr.Leiser ha., closed business for tiio
present at Holmes Old Stand, Union,
cnn*entr.<ting it ai the Big Store.
SHOOTINU MATCH-for Turiiay. uid
Omm Anas Day ac Riverside Uo.ol, Cour*
lenay, ttartiog at 10 a. in. Dmcc iu thu
Mr.Ed.McKim and Mr.Jack McKim
will devote themselves to developing the
very valuable mine at Jams Inlet in
wliich lhey are inlcresed.
Miss Chambers is preparing the
children of Trinity Church Sunday
School, for theit Christmas tree festival to
be held in Cumberlond Hall during
Christinas week,
The Epworth League will here ifier
meet Thursday evenings at 7:30. Mext
Thursday evening there will be a paper
wad. followed by debate,
MaPnee aad Mooro have just reoeived
from the F. F Dalby Co. of Hamilton, a
VI** oonaigouient uf thoir celebrated spices
MWfMW, and extracts for the Xmas trade,
Chia Hia Chung was killed Saturday
while uncoupling the cars, nnd not getting
away was run over. An inquest was
held on Monday and verdict oi death by
-accident through cnrlessness returned,
Girls' School Button Boots fur 90 cts
et Leiser
Wellington rejoiced last month in the
fact   that it   exported more  coal   than
Nanaimo and  Union, it was the largest
���ut-put    it has   e<er had, being  over
38,000 tons.
Received at Willard*, a fine line ot buggy wbipa, rangingor from 15 to 25 oenta.
Tha lecture Tuesday night by Rev. Mr.
t'ltran, like that of Mr. Maxwell's will
sparkle with livelv anedoles, and glow
with elevated thought and inspiring
words. Let every body turn out to hear
Retiring from business sale starts Mon.
A��y, December 7th, at Stovoaauu and Co's.
The gentlemen interested in the Minstrel Troupe assure us tliere will be
aothing coarse in thc jokes promulgated.
Doubtless they will be bright and laughter provoking.   A fuil  house is assured.
FroMD QeCM and Turkeys at McPhee
and Hoore'a for Xmas to arrive on the 23rd,
plaoe your orders early.
Tha County Court nnd Court of
Assessment and Appeal will be held at
tfie new Court house, Union, |.inuary Otli
at 2:p.m as appears by official notice in
another column.
Fresh Eastern Oysters at the
Union Store.
The ladies Aid of the Presbyterian
Church have covered the aisles and
entrance with very nice matting, which
adds to Us appearence and comfort.
Wool pillows   $1.00 par pair;    double
bed spring mattresses $4.00  each, and
small   heaters   with pipe, each $2.00   at
Mrs. Lindsays.
Ladies, have you seen thoae fine shoes in
N. Parka'window?
Mr.S.Creech left Saturday for Texada.
The mines there are very promising. It
is expected a small smelter mil be creeled
there in the spring if developments
warrant what now ieems probable. They
have a physician there���Dr. Forbes, and
there are about 75 persons on thc islan d
Retiring from business sale, bargains in
oJ'erythiug at Stevens��� and C i's , Uniou.
Mining Shoes at Leiser's for $1 a pair
Sunday afternoon Rev. Mr. Willemar
administered die   sacrament of baptism
to the infant children of Mr. Moore and
F. B. Smith. C, K.
H.\LLlUAi-Hu'H>:osD. At Vai cou er, Dec
10 hy i�� ily Mr. McLean Mr. \Ym
H lihdaY of Kiu^i-ntM!! Inlet aud Mias Jm
aie 11 ohm mil of JUst-m C'a iada were uui
md in mart-tag - -nd iinuiedi i �� y lett lor
iheinn-rti'.arn    bome.
Will give a Chriatmas Tree entertainment in ihe Agricultural Halt on Thurs
day even-ng, Dec. 24th, beginning <il 7-
The first part of the program will consist of sony, Christmas dialogues, aiul
recitations; and the second of u short
play in two acts entitled. " Day before
Clirivtm.is " which will give the audience
a glimpse into the domains ot Santa
Claus, showing the old gentleman himself suffering from an muck of gout, also
his wile, chief workers and fairies.-- - Col"
fee and cake will be served at the inter
mission.���The children of the Sunday
School will come free. Amission .for ud
ethers 2; cents.
NOTICE is hereby given that tlie
silting of the County Court and Court
ot Revision is postponed to January 6dt
1S97 at 2:p,m. and will be held al the
Coatt House, Union.
Hy Order. W. Ii. Anderson,
Cpmox, D.C.Dec.4, 1S96.    Dcp.Reg.C.C.
Katiring fr.au buhiueas s-a'u, bar,uius in
dry good**, clothing, nmct's furuluhiagf,
millinery uud maalLis, at Stevti^ou und Cu.
Retiring   from   Business.
O.ving; to our incrsas-
ing trade, we are enlarging and extending
our business in Nanaimo so as to close out
the Union Branch.
Everything must k Sold by
January 1st. 1G97
AN 11
Mount Pleasant    Vancouver ll. C.
Tie Cash Dry
J. F. DOYLE, Manager
Lidittu' long ami uliorc  uoata froi&ll und
up it Ssevensou rt*ndc(iinpa��y'a
With nvfiry dollar's p'.irchasK, you _at a
UMtmn ai, the pnmyltin, the hioky one g��t��
%'ib 00 worth of gooiln at Scovenaon a id Co'...
Send for Catalogue before placing your
ordeis for Fall Planting, if you are interested in saving money for yourself and
getting good stock of fust hands.
Most complete stock of Fruit and
Ornamental Trees, Scrubs, Uoses, Ktc,
in the Province.
Thousands of small Fruit Plants and
Vines ol leading varieties, suitable for
this Climate.
Thousands of Bulbs now on the way
here from Chin.:, Japan and Holland for
the Fall Trade.
Fertilizers, Agricultural Implements,
Spray Pumps, Ktc, best to be had.
Xo Agents. List iclls )on all about it.
Eastern Prices or Less.
Greenhouse, Nurserv a"nd Apikrv
604 Westminster Road.
\] OTICE is hereby give lhat applica-
���--' ii.��n will be made to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British
Columbia, al its next sessiuu, for an Act
to confirm the incorporation and powers
of lhe Cumberland and Union Waterworks Company, Limited Liability, con
fuming the said Company in the pro-
pert/, privileges, rights and casements
already acquired and authorizing the
grant in fee tothe Company of such
lands ancl lands covered wiih water
as it may hereafter desire to -acquire upon
such terms ns may vecin just, declaring
lhat tlie water privileges and all other
righis privileges and easements now held
Espimalt & Nanaimo By.
Time   Table  No.   27,
Tu take (-fleet at 8 a.m. ou Monday Nov.
*_'inl. IBM.   Trains run on Pacilic
Standard time.
I imily. | Snt'dT
Lv. Vicluriit for Nmiitimo and i A. il. ls>.U.
Wellington  | 8.co |   3.20
Ar. Nuntiluio |  mo I  H 38
Ar. Wolllniiiou 1 18.00    lia
Lv, wol tngton fnr Vlrtorla 1 8,20 1 380
l.v. Niinaunofor Victoria. . 1 8'o I 316
Ar. Viotoria  | I8.J0 |   ;x-a
Tor r��tw uml Inrornnitlon unply  at Com-
pj.ny - offices,
Prwtdmt, (|t.n'| yLp,
11. Iv.l'KIOK,
Hon. Freight and Paasomter AKt
Cumberland and Union Waterworks Company  Ltd.
Union, B, C.
Tenders will be received by
the above Company, for the
construction of a rock dam in
Hamilton Creek, Nelson District. Tenders to ba closed
on 27th, January 1897. Plans
and specifications can be seen
by a 'plying to the Secretary,
Frank B. Smith,
From the issue of this circular, anyone purchasing dry goods, boots and shoes,
��, clothing" and gent's turnishings, can obtain a ticket, which, when all the amounts
are punched, is worth One Dollar to the purchaser. Save the tickets, and
bring them to the store, not later than December 24th, when you can get the
value of your tickets in fancy goods ancl toys. (
This is a grand opportunity to obtain your Christmas presents without additional cost, in fact free of all cost.
All you have to do is���to save your tickets, and bring them to the store, as
stated above. There is no additional cost, no frame to pa)' for, and no express
Next month we shall show a splendid assortment of fancy goods, both useful
and ornamental; also a display of toys, that will make the children jump for joy,
and lone tor the visit of Santa Claus.
Remember, that the Union Department Store, is the only store   in the district, where you can obtain an assortment of goods, equal to any city on the
Jf coast, at the lowest prices.
Special Notice:
20 per cent, off all Men's Clothing, Boys' Clothing, Boys' Overcoats, Men's Overcoats
Men's Pants, For one Month only.
Buy Your Groceries at the Union Store.
fie, Spirits and Beer,--��holesale.       igents for Victoria PtaMrewery.
Sipiop Leiser
v I


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