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The Weekly News Sep 6, 1893

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Array ffi//i//Y
G. A. McBain Co.
Real Mate Brokers
Nanaimo,  B. C. -
Q. A. McBain & Co.
Real  Estate Broke.!
^�� Nanaimo, B. C.
$2.00 PER YEAR
carries a fine assortment of
General Merchandise
Boots,Shoes,Clothing and Gents Furnishings
Eureka   Bottling Works,
         MANUFACTURKR OV        	
Sarsaparalla and Champagne Cider, Iron Phosphates, Syrups.
Bottler of Different Brands of Lager Beer Steam Beer a nd 1'omr
Agent for Union llrewery Company.
Nanaimo and Courtenay B.  C.
W. J. Young. P. F. Scharschmidt.
Also Fancy Toilet Articles
Importers �� Dealers in
Flour ell Feed
Farm Produce
Fancy Groceries
Crockery db Olassware
Dry Oooda
Boots * Shoes
Paint ft OUs
Gents Furnishings
Patient ttedislnea
Sportsmens Supplies a Speciality
Permanent Loan and Savings Company
(Incorporated A. D. 1855)
 0 o	
HEAD OFFICE���Company's Buildings,
Toronto S'reet, Toronto, Canada.
E. Pimbury & Co.
Wholesalk and Retail
Druggists   and Stationers
Commercial St. Nanaimo, 11. C
J. HERBERT MASON, ��� President and Managing Director.
Subscribed Capital, $9,000,000;
Total Assets, $13,091,773.
The Company Lends Money from ��3oo to ?3oo,ooo,
On City or Farm Property, at Current Rates of Interest, and on favorable terms of
re-payment.    Mortgages and Debentures purchased.   No Commisson.   No Delay.
Expenses moderate.   "E3*" For particulars apply to
MARCUS WOLFE, Real Estate, Insurance
and Financial Broker, Appraiser.   P. O. Box io, Nanaimo, B. C.
Can be made by buying now in the
fronting on the Bay. The road Through this Property is being improved, and will lead direct to UNION WHARF and
the new townsite where stores and hotels will soon be under
Owing to its beautiful location and proximity to Courtenay
when the Harrigan and Wharf roads are ' completed, it will
Now is your opportunity
Office at Courtenay. Wm. Cheney, Agent.
to buy
Agriculural Implements, Farm and Mill Machinery, Min-
ng and mill supplies, Hardware, Belting, Paints and Oils,
Plaster.Cordage and Cement
Victoria, B C
P O Box 86 8 E Corner Yates and Broad
Correspondence solicited.
We Carry the Largest Stock
���   of   ���
General Merchandise
in British Columbia.
Simon Leiser, Proprietor,
Miss M. Roy has charge of our dress Department. All work done in this Department guaranteed to give satisfaction.
Dr. W J. Young
Physician $ Surgeon
Courtenay Pharmacy
LADIES! We have received a
new consignment of your favorite slippers.
Come and fit yourselves.
Duncan Bros.
Society     Cards
1.0. O, F., No .ii'
Union Lodge, I. O. 0. F., meets every
Friday night at 8 o'clock. Visiting brethren cordially invited to attend.
Alex. IV. Fraser, R. S
Leiser Lodge No. 13, A. O. U. VV.
holds regular meetings on alternate Saturday evenings .117.30 p. m. in the old
North Comox School House. Visiting
Brethren are cordially invited to attend.
Ernest A. Holliday
Hiram Looge No 14 A.F .& A.M..B.C.R.
Courtenny B. C.
Lodge meets on evciy Saturday on or
before the full of the moon
Visiting Brothers   cordially requested
to attend.
W.J. Young
K. of P.
Comox Lodge No 5, K. of P., meets
every Saturday, after the new and full
moon, at 8 p. in. at Castle Hid), Comox.
Visiting Knights cordially invited to at.
Jt'hn lliird
K. R.S.
For Sale.
Five lots in Courtenay .Townsite being
ots 68,67, 65, 73, and 74 on Mill street
between Union and Alice streets, near
Courtenay bridge. ,
For particulars apply to Bruno Mellado, House 29, Union, B. C.
Durham Townsite Lots.
This Magnificent Townsite
Overlooking Bayne Sound
has been surveyed into lots which
are now for the first time put on the
market. The most important development may be expected here. Here
it located the
Famous Spring,
which hu been analyzed and pronounced of the highest value.
Parties wishing to purchase can do
���0 now  at reasonable figures  and
on eaay terms.
Application! should be made to
A. Oarvin,
Union nines.
UNION Bakery.
Best of Bread, Cakes aud
Pies always on hand.
The Bread Cart will be at
Courtenay and Comox Tuesdays and Fridays,    *
Wm. Viles, Prop
H A Simpson
Barrister and Solicitor.   Office in 2nd
flat, Green's Block, Nanaimo, B. C
Will be in Union every Wednesday and
Courtenay on Thursday.
Here ia a Snap lor brainy People���The
Latest Thing: Out.
In orderto introduce Th��Cani*.diftn Atrricul-
tu*lnt into Now homoi, tlie iiubMi.ioTS biive tit*-
uidetl to ���jroiont au ununmllr ttintoLivu ro-
ward Hit for thtlr Groat Kighih Half Yearly
Liter;-ry Aitraction for tho lunimwr of lWB-
whichclOMsOot. 1. Thoy h*iv�� ���jnlcrred into i��
written OKM-oinentto pay ihruu-fh tho Judifot
all tho rewards oirorcdoolow.
How toSbcl-rk A ftievvAKu-Thoso who become aubturiboi-H can compel- free of churno.
All that In hocobmii-v it U> take ���jfewt-licouof
paper and make all thu word*, you oan nut. of tlio
lot ten. Initio three word-*. "World'-* Columbian
Exposition,'.' and send them to us. inv'ogiutf II
for six months ���ub-ii-ripttoii to o'thor Tho Canadian A-t-ricuhuristor The Ladles Homo Maga-
Bine.twoofthoehoiceat lllustrutod periodicals
of the* day.
Dn sender of the lawst list will roreive f:t
��r wetk for Uffl;*tnd f 1,000 In geld; 3rd. $5tJ0;*(li
:,*)Q,5th,'tl00*flth, Tluket to World's Fair and
tun d iys ux*Hnses; I'linou. organs, ladles' and
gents' gold aad silver wakliua. silver lea services, ditniiontl rings, and over 10.000 olher re-
words,, making altogether the most valuable
priz-i list over utTurcd by any i'li-bllaher. Bead
lor list of former pria---winners.
they appear in words "VVorld'sCnlumhiaii V.x-
position"��� that is..the word ' riitiilo" for instance, could not buused.bocaui-o there Ib but
ouo **d' in the throe words, sto. 3. Names of per-
sonsand places barred. L So charge for uitek-
ing or shipping, but ai] *.r r.t v- Innei h will boex*
pouted to help ui toextond our circulation. 6.
.ill li.*-UcfintaU.,!igovoi 100 con not words will
rtcoive an-H-cIal reward.     \
Jinnjiirt.���Tho following -troll known gentle*
mon have consent.' d to act as judges ami will
nee that thu priz-.*aru fairly awarded���Como-
di-ru'Calcuit, (Proprietor Calculi's Lino of
Utoumursl Peterborough, uud Mr. W, Hubert-
son. PresidentTimoa PrinUngCulDpauy, Peter
AtiKNTs Wastkij���Wc iny f 1 to |5 por day
salary I no ciiiiiiiiloiion | tn UFon, women, buys
ami Kirlrt. Write lor particulars, lEegisier all
mouey (utters, .vddrusx, AHBK'i*i,TL*m*-T Pus.
i;o.,(L'ui),Pelei-t)oiou--li. Canaua.
Too Much.
Yes, Mr.  Fisherman,   you would be
asking too much.   The law requires every onc to cut the thistles on his own
land and on thc public road adjoining.
' S, Creech.
Store for Rent.
For rent from Aug. I iny store in the
This is a first class chance, as a good
paying'"bu*>iness has already been built
up!   Apply to
Win. Lewis, Counenay, Ii. C.
Dissolution of Partnership.
The partnership heretofore existing be
tween the undersigned, in carrying on
the business ofthe Union Bakery, at Union, B.C. has this day been dissolved, All
accounts against the late firm are requested to be presented promptly fur settlement.
Dated Aug. 26th 1893. E. F. Clay
M. Whitney Wm. Viles
Exhibition Day Sports.
(Sept. 88th)
The following is thc programme of
sports made out by the committee of the
Athletic Club.
1. Bicycle Race��� long, short and slow
I. Cr'c'kei Match���Denman and Hornby vs Coniox.
3. One Hundred Yard Dash.
4. Pole Vaulting.
5. Sack Race.
6. Three Legged Race.
7. Obstacle Race.
8. Greased Pole��� over the river.
9. Fifty Yards Swim���with the current
10. Tug of War��� Comox District vs
II. Girls Race,
Other features to be added later.
There must be 3 entries in any sport to
ensure a race.
In the evening the Club will give a
Farm Products for Sale.
(Delivered nt Thoa Cairn's farm.)
Potatoes per Ib, 1 cent
Carrots   "   "
(I      II
Heels      "   "
tl      II
Turnips  "   "
II      II
Cibbaue "   "
lli cents
Onions    "   "
2   "
llutler    "   "
30   "
Partnership Notice.
The undersigned gives notice- that he
has this day taken into partnership his
sons Edward William McKim and John
J, McKim, and that the business of general merchandising will be hereafter conducted under the style and firm name of
James McKim & Sons at Union," B. ���;
The new firm assume all" liabilities df
Tames McKim, in connection wjtj-j the
business, and will collect all outstanding
James McKim.
UnionJ B. C. August 1893. ������*'
1 Current Notes.
" Doesn't it beat all how that woman,
married fonr times, still attracts meuT"
"O.np. The -widow's might, yon know!"
Detroit Tribune.
"That lawyer wouldn't charge me
anything'for hia -services. I suppose he
has tn eye to business in the future.
"Yet, It's as much a case of paving the
way h tt li of wa-fing the pej."���Washington Stsv.
Comox  Lightning.
Aug. 29.��� Rev. Mr. Nixon and family
of Denman Inland were at the Bay today
on their steam yacht Vashie.
Aug. 30��� The revenue steamer, Quadra arrived last evening and left again
this morning, or. a lour of inspection and
to adjust the buoys along the Coast.   ���
The Joan, Capt. Butler, arrived at the
usual hour with mail. Passengers: G. F.
Drabble, F. Dorman, H. Simpson, Mrs.
E.Duncan, A.Lurch, Mr, Huskarn, Howe,
etc. Consignees-��� McPhee St Moore,
Duncan Urns, J. B. Holmes, Chas Bridges, Anley St Heckensell.
Sept. 1.���The Joan 1-ft at 5 a. m. for
Nanaimo. Passengers���Rev. A. Fraser,
W. Harvey,Waterman, I.Bruce, Carscad-
en, Burns, Lurch, Geo. Howe, Wm, Glen
non and Andy Piercy. She went light
through today lo Victoria, and will take
a large excursion party to Seattle,
Sept. 2.���Well, the grouse season open
���cd -.cry favorably. Most of our Bay
sport-.men went out and came back with
well filled bags. * Messrs E. Rollings and
McDonald were thc champions of the
day according to their count. Unfortunately one of them got stuck in a windfall or the slaughter would have been
Our poetical friend, Billy Davidson is
staying at thc Flk hotel just now. He is
about convalescent.
W. Sharp nf Nob Hill sustained a very
severe accident tonight (Saturday) being
thrown out of his cart. He was unconscious when picked up. He got a bad
scalp wound and bruises on his arm and
hand. With care he will be out again in
a day or two.
Sunday.���Devine service was held in
the Knights of Phylhias hall thin morning, conducted by W. Duncan, in the absence of Rev. M. Fraser. In the evening, at Si. Peters, Rev, J. X. Willemar
Parties out hunting ought to rcmem'
ber that pheasants aud quail arc protected this year by law. Aside from that
they ought not tn be shut as they were
only brought up here last year at g-eat
expense.   If left alone they will be plen-
It is respectfully suggested to Mr. Fisherman that the Chronic Growler must
have lots of time on his hands, as he
seems to have heen inspecting all thc
work on the roads this summer. His
time might have been belter employed
cutting thistles than raking up roiten veg
elation. If he wants to catch a sucker
he should fish nearer home.
A couple of local loggers are about to
start a camp across the bay on Mr. Roy's
Mr. Waterman, the geologist, is back
from seal hunting, where he has been try*
ing his luck this summer. He started
out with a partner, but they dissolved soon after, and Waterman went on
alone. He met, however, with but ill
success, He sighted a fine looking animal a long way off, and as he pulled
toward it, it moved away. He kept up
the chase which la*ted several days, and
discovered the object of his pursuit was a
dog fish just as he approached the 60
mile limit. He could only shake his fist
at it and send after it a very strong
epithet. On hi*-- way back he thought to
make a little stake by hand logging. So
he got quite a boom together, but his
stars fought him. The night before the
steamer came to take lhe boom away, it
got loose and the logs wctt carried away
with the tide, following the dog fish.
Speaking of dog fish calls to remembrance that a dng fish lead two of our
Bay fishermen a lively dance all one sum
mur. The writer however, disclaims the
honor of being onc of the party.
Union   Flashes.
Sect, 6th.��� The Mincola will be due
to night.
Shins McLean and Enock Talbot ate
nnw due. They will take coal fcr the
American Navy.
The Falcon on Satin day took 200 tons
of coal for the Pacific Steamship Co.
The bark Palmyra left on Tuesday.
The coal exhibited by the Union Colliery Co, at the World's Fair took the
first priie. A test shewed it to contain
13 per cent more carbon than any other
coal on the Pacific Coast.
John Campbell and wile of Ahbotsford
B. C., parents of Mrs. J. B. McLean are
on a visit to their daughter, who, as her
friends will be glad to know.is improving,
Monday was one of the four annual
feast days with thc Chinamen, and their
flag was flying jubilantly.
The truslle work on No 2 slope is completed, and the work of taking out coal
will commence in about a month.
The new steam yalch of F. D. L:ttle
was taken over to ihc lake Monday, and
will be launched some time this week.
G. W. Clinton and wife returned or.
tho Joan last Wednesday from a pleasant
trip to Victoria,
Mrs. J. Picket returned Friday to her
island home.
R. Grant & Co. have prospective mill
orders enough to keep them busy until
Mr. W. Lewis of Nanaimo is in charge
of James Abrams' new store. Mr. A-
brains is improving.
All accounts against the E. & N. Railway Co. re fielding survey will be paid at
the office ofthe Union Colliery Co., Union, B. C.,by G.W. Clinton, from the 25th
to the 30th of September.
Sealed Tenders for the erection of
the new Methodist Church at Union, B,
C, will be received by the undersigned
until noon Sept. 20th. Plans may be
seen at my residence until Sept, 8th.
Rev. John Robson
Union, B. C.
A Card.
Having sold our livery business to
Wood & Miller of this place, we desire
to thank the public for the liberal patronage which we have received, and trust
that the new firm may receive a continuance of the same.
R. Grant St Co.
Home Rule Bill Passed.
London, Sept, 3rd��� [Special to the
Courienay News] The Home Rule Bill
passed the third reading in the House of
Commons, and the first reading in (he
House of Lords.
Coates Answered.
Mr. Editor: Mr. Coates'letter in your
last issue of Aug. 30th is a fabrication,
and intended tu mislead the public, where
he says I told him I authorized the contractor to use certain material, and then
asked by what authority I could alter a
contract. He tries to make it appear
that 1 altered the contract alter it was
made, which I had a peifeet right to do,
if I found it tu be for the best interests of
Ihe district or work; but in this case, it
was not necessary, as thc only recem*
nicnciiiiion Mr. Conies has for his fair
material is that it is within 200 yards,���
he dont say it is any better nr even as
good as what was used. Now Mr. Coates
asked me if I authorized the contractor
to vise the loam of the red fir ridge. I
told him yes. He said if Frank Cunlifle
had gotten the contract, he was going to
haul this material from about 200 yards
away. 1 told him Frank would be a fool
to do so, for the speci cations called fcr
just what was put 011, and Frank knew as
I told him particularly where he was to
get the gravel. Since I came to Comox
Mr. Drabble and others have searched
for gravel in tha* locality without success
Now, Mr. Coales being a residant there
and more interested in having good roads
than in vending personal spite, should
have drawn my attention to this good
material before the work was completed;
and if 1 found upon investigation that it
would be better lo use it, I would have
done so; and if the contractor had read
his agreement, he would not dispute the
authoritv. Now, Mr. Editor, there is no
gravel there, and if there was, the red
loam that was used on the corduroy was
better as course gravel would shift and
have the logs bare, while the sandy loam
will pack and form a good road bed.
Mr.Coates also says it was given out thnt
all contracts had 10 be done right this
year. Well, judging from the cnmplimen
tary remarks off the general public, I
should think they are. He further says
that parties tendering had to find gravel
where they could, which is not so, as I
specified in every case except section No.
1 of the Union Mineroad,where the gravel had to come from, as 1 had trouble
wiih the contractor on that road about
the gravel, and to avoid any further
trouble, I specified where it was to be
gotten. I have been over the road two
or three limes myself, and can see nothing to complain of, and others have been
over it, and say it a good job. I won't
say Mr. Coates has a good road to his
door, but very near, with the exception
of two shon places that are soft in wet
weather; otherwise he has as good a road
to the wharf as any road on ihc Island,
and that is saying a good deal.
S. Creech, Gov. Agent
Hornby Whisperings.
Aug. 30.��� Haying is over. Thc farm
ers are now giving attention to lheir
golden grain which is now ready for the
The road contracts were sold last Mon
day upon scaled tenders.
Two of the settlers had an exciting
time while out sailng nn the gulf. The
water was calm and the air soft and
balmy. All at once the quiet was disturbed by a mammoth whale which
raised his huge frame nut of the depths
within a man's length of the boat. The
sight of the two sailors so frightened it
that it struck out like a bolt of greased
lightening, leaving in its wake a path of
foam as though a steamer had passed.
It is rumored that that the Denman
Island lodge is on its last legs,
Texas Jack
Minerva Ledge.
Editor News; Your articles on Texada,
B. C. have been read wiih pleasure a-
rnund here. Did you not make a lypho-
graphical error in printing "Mineral" for
Minerva Ledge? Thn copper assays, T.
G. S. M, Co, arc 22%, 18%. and 37% with
16 oz of silver from their shalfts. The island wants roads��� machinery will come
It is expected that more solid work will
shortely commence-- present prospects
look well.
Sec. Minerva Mining Co.
Nanaimo, Aug. 26th.
Good News*
S.  Creech,   Government   Agent,   received Monday the following telegram:
To Sam. Creech-
Got $1000 for long bridge.   Gore
wilt write.
Jos. Hunter.
Money Wanted.
There are quite a number of those who
signed as members of the Comox Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition, last
spring who have not yet paid their membership fee. Will they not kindly do so
now, without waiting to be called on?
Those residing on Hornby Island can
hand the amount to Mr. George Heath-
erbell, Director, and those living on Denman Island will please pay to Mr. Alex.
McMillan, Director. All others will
probably find it as convenient to hand
the monev directly lo the Secretary. Our
friends will please not delay, as il is essential that the Directors should know
precisely how much they can depend upon.
The names of new members are being
added to flic roll daily by the Secretary,
It is trusted that this movement will be
continued until there is not a farmer or
business man in the district whose name
is not on the membership roll. We need
the money and we need the help of alt,
and we want a membership so large (ensuring a pronounced success) that wc
shall be glad to exhibit it as a Roll of
Local Brevities
Bchring sea is a part of thc ocean.
Rev. Mr. Higgins of Union will preach
next Sunday at Mr. Fraser's church.
It isn't a good thing to advertise your
A man having crooked legs should nev
er wear striped pants,
The roadside thistles have been cut-
Now eliminate the pest from the fields.
No man is more to be compassionated
than he who is satisfied with himself.
The thistles have gone��� for the stas-
on.    Good riddance to them.
Thc yellow wasps are a terrible nuisance this season.    Onc can't eat in peace
A full attendance is desired at thc next
meeting of lodge No. 5   K.   P.  at  Castle
If Anybody has anvt'iin*,' tn sell he
should advertise. Successful men advertise.
Look on the third pafje .of this paper
for thc Prize List of lhe Comox Agricultural and Industrial Association.
Rev. A. Fraser vent below Friday to
attend ihc Presbytery. He is expected
back next week
Its awful bad to owe what you can't
pay, but isn't it a great deal worse to
have money owing lo you whicli you can't
James McKim & Sons hnve received
a consignment of line ready-made clothing.    Clothing to order is a specialty.
The Comox Agricultural and Industrial Association will'hold its first annual
Exhibit on thc 28th of September.
Failuies serve as ft beacon light to
arm others against���drifting in the same
direction. That is the only use some-
lives appear to have.
Last spring may have given occasion
for grumbling, but surely this glorious
summer gives abundant reason for rejoicing.
A fire on a bush farm, while it may
appear as an angel of distraction, is nevertheless ihc precursor of golden har-
"csts and the reign of plenty.
Rev. Mr. Willemar went up to Campbell River Monday to christen a number,
of chrildren, Aiming them was a child
of John Peaty, J. P. and one of J. Stuart
Mrs. Tom I'iercy of Denman Island
has been ill for some time. Her friends
will be glad to learn she is rapidly recovering.
Another communication in answer to-
J. A. Coates was in advertantly knocked
info "pie" just before going to' press. It
Will appear next week.
The people of thc islands of the gulf
should get up an excursion and visit the
Comox Agricultural Show on the 3#th
of next month.
The family circle of Mr. and Mrs John
Berkeley was enlarged last Thuisday by
thc arrival of their youngest daughter.
Mr Berkeley wears his nrw honors with
becoming dignity.
Our editorial table has been rendered
attractive during the past few days by an
elegant colleciion of china asters, dahlias,
etc, from the garden uf John J. R. Miller
of Little River.
Last Friday was the first day of the
season for grouse shooting and the nim-
ruds were out in full force. The grouse,
however, were not taken in large numbers. There was fair sport but no
Mrs, Wm. Lewis has our thanks for
some fine curd cheese. If we could always have whnt we wanted in our dietary, we should never be without curd
Among the expected exhibits to our
district Fair may be mentioned kale, six
feel high, corn grown for ensillage ten
feet hgh, a collection of rare coins, and
samples of gold, silver, copper and lead
Thc Courtenay Athletic Club contemplate giving a steamboat excursion to
Nanaimo, the receipts to be expended in
books for lhe library. Look out for particulars a little latter in our advertising
Mr. Michel Donahue of Point Holmes,
upon going to his well last Saturday discovered a panther in it. it had taken
loo much water and was in a collapsed
condition. How it got in there is a mystery. Such a thing was never heard of
Mr. A. O. Hcllan's residence, on the
Miller road caught fire on thc roof Irom
a spark from lhe chimney,.is is supposed,
on Thursday week. Mrs' HcJInn was unable to reach it, and sent her little daughter aged six lo John J. R. Miller's, and
her little buy aged 5 to 1). William*-' for
help. Tommy Williams being at home
quickly responded and reached Hcllan's
in time to save thc premises from destruction. Ed Small, who was at Miller's
came up soon after. Thc little rhrildrcn
were fleet messengers, otherwise help
would have been too late.
It is reported that Adam McKelvey intends soon to clear up his five lots in the
centre of Courtenay. They arc probably
the best lots there, but air dis':--ured by
stumps, brush and old logs which have
been for some time an eyesore lo those
living in thc Immediate neighborhood.
The removal of these unsightly objects
will add much to the fine appearance of
this charmingly picturesque village. Mr.
McKelvey's enterprise and public sririt
are much to he commended, and it is
hoped that others will follow his lead in
this much needed line of improvement
until green lawns, tha large leaved -maple
fruit trees and flowers shall everywhere
greet the eye within the village  limits.
' New Firm.
Mr. E. Wo-a&attd John'Miller of Union havcentered into partnership in the
livery business: ��� -Fhey have bought out
R. Grant & Co's entire livery outfit, and
have nowyhe best equipped stable north
of Nanaimo. They are rustlers and
have hosts of friends and will do a good
business. Good service, fair dealing and
reasonable rates is their motta. They
will erect as speedily as practicable a
commodious stable building in the neighborhood of the new hotel. ���jS.I-1-.      !,������>���
Agricultural and Industrial Association
E'XlHII'BITIOlsr OF 1803
or distribute the samo
under the* lilreotlon nf thn hoard, llu Hhall
receive all monies duo or payahto to tho as*
HociHtion, nay tho samo ovor to tho Treasurer, inking his roealpt fm* tlm same, -Hhj-.il
hold all bonds Died by lho ollloora for tho
faithful porformanco ol their duties and till
vouchors f��r ovory olass of expenditure, (To
shall countersign all drafts ordered by tho
Roan! or riiianoo Committee and record tlm
names of Life or Annual members In "��� bonk,
iu'-ii fur that purpose-In alphabotloal order,
dint hIie.11 nt thn annual members' meeting
of each year prepare iv tabulae statement
of ill'* iiTi'ipi'i ami expenditureof thons*
loelatlon, ami plaao ihu same in Iho hands
of the committee on printing for publication*
ami whon required prosont the samo to iho
boards lie shall proparoall reports to bo
made l>y tho hoard to tin.* association am)
perform suoh othor duties ah ihu association or the hnurd may require, and for his
services hn Hindi receive suoh compensation
11*4 tlm bonr I ahull dooldo to pay
Sec. 4.���Duties of Uu Treusmer. lho
Treasure! shall receipt fm- nil monies
rocalved from the hands of the Secretary or any othor person, shall disburse
the same, when audited and allowed hy tha
Finance Committee, on any ordor from tho
Secretary, hut thin provision ahull nut apply
to the premiums on the fair grounds. But
he may then pay demands against lho an*
sedation when satisfied nf thoir justice,
lie shall also Imld in trust all 1-oihIb, notes,
deeds or ovldenoo of debt or possesion belonging totheaKaociationanil nhall transfer,
invoHt 'or dispose of the samo only
hy direction of the association or
by written order of the hoard. Tie
shall nominate his assistant treasurer,
such nominee to ho sanctioned hy the
board. Un shall, before ontertng upon tho
duties of his office, file with tlie Secretary a
bond for tlio faithful performance of his
duties, said bond to be approved by tho
board and to he in a sum equal to the combined amount of fundi1 on hand in thc estimated revenue of the year. He shall at
each annual meeting make tho hoard a detailed report of nil his doings during the
year, for which service ho nhall receive such
oomponaatton as the hoard Hhall from time
to time decide lo pay.
Reg. 5.��� Duties of tin Honed of Directors,
jhe   Board of   Directors shall   have   tho
Jobkfh McPhkk, Courtenay, ��� President, i
A. Ukquuabt, Oomox-����rsf Vice-President, *
RobbktGrant, Union, jt?ml Vice-President, i
Wm. Doscax, Sandwick) * - Treasurer. I
M. Wiutkky, Courtenay ��� ��� Secretary.
JotlN MrsDr.i.i,, Sandwick.
Jas. Mi-Kim, four ten ay.
Ai.k\ McMillan, Denmanlaland.
S.J. PlBBOV, Sandwick.
Gboiior Hkatuehuk.i.l, Hornhy Island,
Wm. Roim, Comox.
Akch. Mii.ikian, Sandwick.
AllTlCt-H i .���Name.
Thia Society hhall he called   The Comox
AgrlouHral aiuUndusttlal Association.
AiiTiri.i'. II.��� Object,
Soc. 1.���It ihall bo the object of this association to oncourogo the cultivation of lho
t-nil   ������ul tho   BO'loral development   of  all
the agricultural resources of the district.
Sec. ��.���To fostor ovory branch of mechanical and household arts calculated to tnoroasa
the happiness of home
Sec. 3,���To extend and facilitate tho
various branches ol milling, mining, flshinq,
and all Industries, wholhor commercial or
other wlso.
AttTICtsK HI.��� iVuttlC.
Sec. I.���Tho names ol all members Hhall
he registered in n hook hoot hy tho Secretary for the purpoao and thc annual fee of
memhership shall he $2,50 which shall also
entitle members to con-pote for prizes of
the association wit limit any charges or entrance fees.
Si"!. 2,���Any pereon may heconie a member
for lifo hy the payment of $25, (twenty-five
Sec. 3.���Any person being a mombor of
this assoeiation hIu.11 ho eligible to ollico,
entitled to vote, receive a printed copy of
the constitution and auch other matter as.
tho assoeiation may publish, and havo frco
adiniaaaion to all the exhibitions of tho as'
Ahtici,** IV.���Officers,
Soc, 1.���Tho ollieers of the association
shall consist of a president, two vice-presidents, a secretary and a treasurer, who
with S others shall constitute a hoard of l't
directors. At any meeting of the board
five shall constitute a quorum,
Seo. 2.���At tin-meeting of organization
Under this constitution there shall he elect*
od hy ballot oight directors ami tho officers
mentioned in Sec. 1 of Article IV who shall
constitute thc first board. The association
at its annual meeting thereafter shall elect
the full hoard of 13 directors,who iip-m lheir
first meeting, shall elect from their own
number tho other officers of tho association.
The officers and directors Hhall hold ollico
until the first of November following their
election, The hoard may fill any vacancy
occurring in tho board of officers,
Soc. 3.���-Tho board of directors shall meet
on the first Tuesday of April and October
each year, and oftener, if necessary.
AbTIOI.K V*���Ditties of Officers,
Sec. 1,���Didits ofthe. President. Tho
president shall preside at nil moot-
in-"I nt tho association and hoard and
shall at the written request of fivo members
of the board call special meetings, shall appoint alt oommltteos not otherwise ordered,
shall vote only at election of ollieers and in
case of a tic, and sign all financial and official documents or papers emanating from
tho secretary and not other-vise provided
for, ami shall have a general supervision of
all matters pertaining to the into'oatsnf
the association and its adairs, In the absence of the president and vice-presidents
tho association may choose a chairman viva
voce, unless voting by ballot ho required hy
two or more members.
See. 2.���Dnt'us of tla Secretary, The
secrotary shall conduct the corrcpond-
encn of the association, keeping in) a
separate hook copies of all letters addressed
to tlie association, holding the same freo lo
the inspection of any mombor of the association at any regular meeting of tho
Sec, .'I.���Ho shall nominate his assistant
secretary, such nominee to he sanctioned
hy the hoard. Ho shall receive ami file all
letters addressed to thc board. Ilo shall
attend all meetings of tha association and
tho hoard, keeping a full record of each in
a separate hook and ahall, if required, furnish a copy of Hiich proceedings for publication, Ho shall prepare and publish all
notices of inoetings, prepare and sign all
gratuitous or complimentary cards, or tickets
of admission, shall ciuiilcrsigu all diplomas,
Certificates of merit, etc., awarded by tho
association and forward the same to their
respective claimants, Hu shall keep the
aoalund all plates, dies, engraving, etc,,belonging to tho association, and shall cause
to bo struck therofrom such moilalH antl
impressions as may from lime to time bo
required. Ho Hhall have charge of nil specimens, moulds, plates and books, s��ala, -���*-
arrange, prepare
general financial management of the affair
ot the association in the interim of annua
meetings, They Bhall fill vacancies occurring between thc elections and make the
necessary arrangements and preparations
for all meetings, fairs, exhibitions, etc.
The hoard sliall also have power to make its
own bylaws (not inconsistent wilh thia
constitution) and arrange the place of holding its own mootlnos.
AUTIOLB VI,���Standing Committee,
Soc. I,���Committal on Finance shall consist of three members of the board to ho
���looted at the first meeting of the hoard
aftor the general election- whoso duty it
hhall bo to audit the Treasurer's and Sec-
letary'i accounts, to examine end approve
��tl   hills hefore  they arc  paid, to  have a
gunoral supervision of lho finances of the as<
Boaiatlon and report their doings iu lull to
the hoard when called upon to do so.
See. I*-*All other aommtttoei necessary
for tho general management of the LUSOola-
tion shall hu nominated by the president
ami approved by the board of directors.
Aktu'i.kVII.���Donationsand Bequests,
All donatioua, bequests and legacies to
thia association designed by their donors
lor anj" particular purpose embraced within
the objectH of this association -shall be with
strict fidelity ao applied, the name of each
donor, together with tlie description and
amount of auch donation aud the object for
which it is designated, shall be registered in
a book kept for that purpose.
Article V1II.���Meetings and Exhibiti
Sec. 1.���The association shall hold an annual exhibition at or near the village of
Courtenay or oftener if tho board deem it
Sec. 2.��� Tho election of directors and of'
ficers shall be hold on the day next previous
tothe annual exhibition ; notice of the time
and place shall he given by the hoard and
published two weeks ina newspaper circulating in said district.
Soc. 3.���All officer* and directors of tho
association shall ho elected hy ballot, and
the duties of tho new board shall com*
monco on the firat of November of each
Sec. 4.���Special {Meeting's, No special
meeting Hhall bo called hut upon two weeks'
notice givon and published in some newspaper circulating in the distnet of Cormix,
nor without a request signed hy at least
ten members.
Sec. f>.-��� It shall not he admissible fnr any
t at iu boar.! of tiirea-
Al auy meeting of this
bcis shall constitute a
of this association
Sao. fl;���Ouont.n
association ten mei
AiiTLt't.E IX.���. I Hie-id**--! Hfn,
Sue. I.���Amendments must be presented
in writing at an annual meeting when if
agreed to by three-fourths of thu members
present shall be adopted.
A.HT1CI.B X,���Voting,
Members only whose dues are fully paid
shall be allowed to vote at any meeting of
thc association after the first meeting.
Article XI.
This constitution 'shall take effect frcm
and after its adoption.
EhtriRS,���The fair grounds will he open
for tho reception of all exhibits one day beforo tho commencement of the fair and any
exhibit may ho forwarded to tlie Secretary
or his assistant, but in no case will nuch exhibits ho brought on the grounds and
placed on exhibition except by and at tho
expense of the owner or his authorized
Pkkii ran IStock.���All food  for Htock
will have to lie provided by tho   exhibitor,
Thero will bo hay and    feed on the ground
for sale, should auy exhibitor desire to buy
Tlltt Class, section and :nomhorn ot every
inonilier to vote by proxy in any mcctum*   exhibit, together with tin* name of llie ex*
hlUtor, shall be catered tnajbool*. kept for
that purpose, and a card, the exact duplicate
af the oue in tho Society's book, shall be
attached to each exhibit, with tho uaino'of
tho exhibitor omitted and left blank until the Judges havo given thoir decision,
when the Secretary or his assistant shall
write tho name of tho successful exhibitor
All Exhibits must be in the show-yard
and buildings, not later than 9.30 a. in., of
the exhibition, after which time the gates
will he closed and nothing admitted.
No Exhibits will be allowed to be re
moved from the grounds until the close of
the show.
Exhibitors will at all times give tho necessary personal attention to wnawver they
may have on exhibition and at the close of
the show take entire charge of the same.
Though the directors will take every reasonable precaution to ensure the safety of
exhibits, they wish it to be distinctly understood that thc ownorB themselves muat
take the risk of exhibiting them. Should any
exhibit ho accidentally injured, lost or
stolen thu directors will give all the assistance la their powor towards the recovery
of the same but will not make any payment
for the value thereof.
Jvnnm ano Tukih LHJTIB8,���The judges
will ho appointed by the board nf directors
and will receive a notice informing them
of the fact and inviting them U�� act.
The judges shall report to the Secretary
on the grounds,
The judges may distinguish nuch animals
or exhibits as they may consider deserving
of notice, but which have not received a
prize,by ticket with the words Highly Com
In tho absence of competition in any
suction, or, if tho stock or articles exhibited
bo of inferior quality, the judges are instructed to award only auch premiums ob
they think thu exhibit deserving of. They
will exercise their own discretion as to
whether they will award First, Second,
Third or any premium. Eaoh award must
be written in a plain, careful maimer on
the blank page opposite the number of the
Protests ahd Aiteaia���AU protests or
appeals must be in writing and must state
plainly the cause of complaint and shall be
dolivcred to the IVcaidei-t or Secretary
within two hours after the judgeB have
givcu their decision upon the animal or exhibit in question. Any difficulty or protest iu respect to the awarding of prizes in
any nf tho departments shall bo referred to
tho propei committee of the Board over that
department, who shall have full power to
adjudicate upon the samo and report their
decision to the Board for approval anil such
approved decision shall be final.
The stun of two dollars shall be deposited with Mccretary in eaoh case of protest
or appeal, tho samo to he forfeited if lho
appeal be not sustained.
It shall ba obligatory on exhibitors to
liaplay the prize tickets affixed by tho
i. Anyone refiiHing 'o do no shall in-
No person Hhall act as judge in any class ������,. ru,. forfeiture uf bis premium.
iu which he shall be an exhibitor.
AnsitsainN t��> tiu* ������.���.iii oitousns.���Tho
entry ticket), upon anima-li or articles will
admit the person bringing them to thu
show grounds for exhibition along with
auch animals or articles without the use of
any other ticket. Afterwards such parlies
must be provided with a proper admission
The treasurer will ho prepared to commence paying the premiums at 4.30 p. m,
and patties who shall have prizes awarded
to them are particularly requested to
apply for them before leaving the show
Should there not be funds enough on
hand to pay prizes in full, they will be paid
The following charges for entrance will
be made to residents of the district who
aro not members:
Por cattle, sheep, horses and pigs SI
All other entries fifty cents cacti.
Non-resident**,   who are not members,
will be admitted to exhibit by paying the
full membership fee.
Any person handling or taking any exhibit that does not Mong to them will bo
prosecuted according to law.
All applications for entries muat ho in
hands of the seareUry threo clour days
previous to tho show
All articles of Held, garden or dairy produce must ha bona Jilt the productions
of the exhibitor and must ho grown or
made that year and exhibitions of stock or
articles of manufacture of every kind aro
eligible for entry for prizes only by the
owner or authorized agents, and owned by
thom one inonlh previous lo the show
ntm: list.
Unit, tinea years nlrl ami upward..
"   two       ilo ilo
"   one        <lo ilo
"   Calf 	
Broil l low, ill calf of milk	
Heifer, two yours nlil	
"     ono        do 	
"     Calf 	
Hull, tliroo years old ami upward.	
"    two do do 	
"   ono do do 	
"   Oalf 	
Host, hrtd Cow, in oalf or milk	
IlolfiM', Iwo yoarB old   4 Oil
"      ono       ilo         ,1 00
"      Calf   2 SO
i. 1st.
Hull, llireo youra old and upward. 87 50
"   two do do   4 00
"   one do do  It 00
" Oalf         a 00
lircd Cow, in oalf nr milk  5 00
t'olfor, two years old  4 00
"       ono        do   HOD
Host Milcli Cow	
"   Heifer, two year, old..
" Heifer, ono       "
"   Call	
"   Hoof Animal	
"   Yoke Work Oxoli	
.84 0)
. II 00
. a so
. a oo
. 4 oo
5 00
stallion, Thoroughbred.
Mare, with foal at foot
Colt, two years old	
"   ono do
"  Sucking	
Draught Team.
.87 SO
. 4 Bn
. '_' 00
. S 00
. 1 50
, 4 00
1.   Stallion, Thoroughbred 87 SO
'J.    lirood Mure, with foal at foot  4 SO
.'I.   Colt, two years old  2 00
4. "   ono do   S 00
5. "   Sucking  1 50
0. General l'nrposo Team   . 4 00
ir.'ss. 1st.
1. Stallion, Thoroughbred 87 50
Mare, with foal at. foot  4 00
Colt, two years old.
"   ono          do
"   Suokiug	
Spun Carriage Horses.
Iluggy Horso	
Saddle Horso	
Ladies' Saddle Horso..
Walking Horso	
lml-un i'.
> oo
a oo
1 so
11 oo
2 00
a ihi
a oo
a oo
Ram, one yoar old and upwards, pedigreed 13 00
u.   Two Ewes, two Bhears aud ovor  II (KI
II.   Two Ewos, Bliearlinga  2 50
���I.    Ram Lamb  2 00
s.   Ewo Lamb   a 00
1. Rain, one yoar old and upwards, padigreed 8.1 00
2. Two Ewes, two shears and over  II 00
.'I. Two Ewes, shearlings   2 SO
I. Ram Lamb  2 00
5. Ewo Lamb  2 00
1.   Ham, ono year old and upwards, pedigreed 8:1 (HI
Two Ewes, two shears and ovor .
Two Ewos, shearlings	
Ram Lamb 	
Ewe Lamb	
a ihi
a sn
a oo
a oo
I.    Ram, ono year old and upwards, podigreed 8.'l 00
a.   Two Ewoa, two shears and ovor a 00
.'I.   Two Ewes, shearlings          2 50
4.    Ham Lamb   2 00
li.    Ewo Lamb 2 00
.ASS, IsT.
1. Two Ewes, two shears and over   82 50
2. Two Ewes, shearlings       2 (HI
:l. Ham Uml)     2 00
I. Ewo Lamb     2 00
imisinv ii.
Hoar, one year old and upwards	
Hoar, under olio your old.... 	
Sow, ovor one year old                 	
Sow, under one year old  	
.84 00
. a on
. i oo
. a oo
81 Ofl
Hoar, one year old and upwards	
2.    Honr, under one year old  aoo
;l.    Sow, over one year old      4 00
4.    Sow, under onc year old  a 00
class. 1st.
1, Hoar, one year old and upwards. 84 00
2. Hoar, under one yoar old  .'1 00
II.    Sow, over one year old  4 00
I.   Sow, under ono year  .1 00
1, Hoar, one year old and tipwnnlH 81 00
2, Hoar, Under one year old   .'I 110
3, Sow, over one year old  4 00
I.    Sow, miller ouo year..   ',  3 Ofl
1. Hoar, ono year old and upwards 81 00
2, Hour, under ono yoar old       a (H)
II.   Sow, ovor ono yoar old  4 00
���I,    Sow, under one year  3 00
1. Sow, with litter 53 00
2. Sow, ono year old and upwards  .'1 00
II.    Two I'igs, miller nine mouths  2 00
$7 50
. 4 00
. 3 00
2 60
. ft (HI
. 4 Ofl
. a oo
. a so
87 50
4 00
.1 oo
2 50
85 (HI
a oo
a oo
a oo
4 00
a oo
3 oo
2 00
a ihi
a oo
2 00
85 00
3 00
2 00
2 00
4 00
3 00
2 00
2 00
8a 60
a so
85 (HI
3 00
1 50
1 50
1 00
3 00
85 0C
a oo
1 50
1 50
I 00
a (hi
85 00
a oo
1 50
1 50
1 00
1    'I
1 50
I 50
1 50
SI 00
2 00
1 50
$2 00
a oo
1 511
l oo
I oo
82 00
a oo
1 50
1 00
1 00
8a oo
a oo
l so
1 CO
1 00
as ii.
82 (HI
1 so
I  IK)
1 ou
83 IHI
2 (HI
3 00
a (hi
S3 IH)
3 00
a ou
83 00
2 00
S3 0(1
2 00
3 00
83 (HI
a oo
3 110
82 00
a no
l oo
mvisiu- it.
81 60
1 60
1 (HI
I 00
1 (HI
1 OC
I 00
I 60
1 00
Turkeys, trio	
Hioozo Turkeys, trio	
Ducks, trio     ...
Spunish, trio	
llrahmas, trio, (White)	
Plymouth Rocks	
Whilo Leghorns	
Brown Leghorns....'. 	
Geese, trio 	
Houdaus   1 On
lllaek Minoross  1 00
Game  100
Hamulus  1 00
Hull'Cochins    ' OO
Partridge Cochins  1 "0
Pair ol Pigeons  I 00
nni-ii>> i.
Hotter, fivo 21b. rolls 81 00
"      Firkin not Iobs than OOlbs, in roll  4 00
"       packed, not less than 201bs... .... 4 00
Factory cheeBO made in the Province, to be exhibited by the manufacturer.. 4 00
Dairy Cheese mado in tho Province, to ho exhib.
Led by lho manufacturer.. 4 Ofl
Liaf of bread 1 00
Plate print butter, not lerB than 311ib ... .. 4 00
111! I-CIIV ��.
82 60
2 50
2 50
2 00
2 00
Brace Cabbage....
Turnips, six.... ..
Carrots, six..
Parsnips, six..
Onions, six.
Coi-n, (table) six..
Hoots, six.,
Celery, two.,
Lettuce, two..
Srpiash, brace of'Hubbard.
Pumpkins, brace of tablo..
Vegetable Marrow, six..
Tomatoes, six..
Cucumbers, six,..
Caulitlowor, brace of	
Rliubarli, six	
Kohl Rabbi 	
llnl too Onions, quart	
..80 75
Illusion II.
 82 SO
81 50
 2 50
1 60
.... 2 00
1 (HI
 2 00
1 00
 2 10
1 00
.... 2 00
1 00
 a 00
1 00
 1 00
    1 00
Onc Bushel Fall  Wheat	
" Spring Wheat���
"   ���      Barley....
" (lata, White	
" Oata, Black....
" Peas, White	
" Peas, 111 ay..
Half HllBhel Early Robo Potatoes .
" Beauty of Hebron....
" Burbank Seedling	
" (Mills	
" Lato Rose....         ....
" Any othor variety  ....
Tliroo varieties of any other kind, onc peck each.
One bushel now variety (not. before exhibited in the Province)..  1 00
TuriiipB (Swedes), six  ...     75
Mangold Wurtnl (Gloho), six	
" " (Long Red), six.. ..
Sugar Hccts. six	
Carrots (White), six.	
"      (Hod or Orange), six	
Corn, Bix        	
Halo nf Hay    	
Timothy Seed, lilty pounds	
Chevalier Hal ley	
Collection of Soed and drain, not less than six kinds, and
. 1 00
1 00
1 00
I 00
1 0U
1 60
2 00
! 00
Half Bushel Rural Now Yorker Potato,
" Stray Beauty     *'
Blue Hell
" Kidney "
i lbs. of each kind.
31.    Collection of Vegetables,
3 (IJ
I 00
I Oil
1 IH)
1 IH)
! of oaeb kind, and not
leis than II) kinds . 3 00 2 00
clas). Isr.
1. flravonstoln Apples, fivo       81 oo
2. Dncliess ol Oldcnhiirgh, five I 110
3. Yellow Transparent, livo    ...    .  I (10
4. Hethol, livo .... ....  1 IH)
5. Plate of any other kbid, live .     I 00
(I.    Golden   llnssels, five            ....  1 00
7.   Roxborry Russets, livo     .. 1 (HI
H.   Baldwins, fivo  1 (HI
(I.    Northern Spy, fivo  1 IH)
10. King of Tompkins, five        IIH)
11. Seek uo Further, livo .... .. .. ....  100
12. Spilzonriirgh, fivo   .. ..   I 00
13. Greenings, live        ....   1 (HI
14. Blue Pearniain, live  100
15. Four Largest  1 (Hi
III. Alexander, five  I (HI
17. Malilcn'ii lllusli, five           100
IS. Hyde's King of tho West, livo  I OO
10. Il.iles S odllng, Ovn      100
20. Wealthy, livo                  ..  1 (HI
21. Plato of any othor kind   1 00
22. Bartloti Pours, livo ....   ....  I (H)
23. Heurro D'Anjon Pears, livo        1 Ofl
21. Any other variety Penis, fivo    I IHI
25. Souvenir du Congress Pears   I 00
20, Winter Nollis Pears, live   1 0(1
2-. Flemish Beaut v, fivo  I 00
2H. Idaho Pears, livo  1 (H)
2(1. Any other kind, five    I 01)
30. Dessert Plums, six  1 00
31, Preserving Plums, six   1 00
82.   Imperial Gage, six   100
33.   Kj-g Plnmt, six  1 oo
31.   Coo'a Golden Drop Pluma, six  1 00
35.   .Magnum Bon'im Plums, six  1 00
.'III.   Collection of Pluinfl, six of oaoh kind     1 IHI
37.   Grapes (Light), throe hunches.  1 (HI
.'IS.   Gnipes (Dark), throo hunches  1 00
.'III.    Peaches,  Alexander, six..   .     100
40. I 'caches, Early Crawford, six   1 Ofl
41. Poaches, any other kind, Bix  1 00
mvismv u.'
81 (HI
81 IHI
1 00
1 00
80 50
1 00
1 00
1 00
I 00
80 60
1.   Assortment, of Harness and Saddlery, made in tho l'i'ovinco.84 Oo
-'.   Collodion nf Horsoshooa   I SO
3. " Soap  3 00
I.   Cooking Stovo, mado in Province  3 00
���"'.    Parlor Stovo,        " "        .....2(H)
Marble Work,     " "        3 IH)
Doors and Windows" "        3 00
Furniture, "      "       3 00
I'Tonr, "      "       a 60
Assortment of Boots nntl shoofl, made iu Province  3 00
Oatmeal, mado in Province .    .  2 50
Graham Hour, made in  Province  2 50
Best Incubator and Brooder in operation -  4 00
��2 511
=      \
Collection of Plants in Flower, grown in poll* or hoxei S"i 00
Four I'uuliBiaa, in pota or l-oxea     1 f��0
Bouquet* for Table  I IH)
Uoiiquete for Hand.  1 00
Dahlias, six varieties, cut llowors  1 00
Floral Design  1 00
Collection of Paiisiui, 1'J varieties, distinct  1 00
" Bobcb, cut llowers    ... 1 00
" lil'ulioluH, cut flowers   1 00
" picotteo or Carnation ���. 1 oo
'* Stocks, cut flowcrB      60
" ABters,       *���        50
" I'.inniiiB,     **       f>0
Hanging Haskets, with plant or plants  1 00
Four fieraniuins  1 00
Specimen (iorauiutiiB      60
Collection of Hweot Peas   1 00
Specimens of Fuchsias       CO
Cillcnion of Annuals, cut (lowers      50
3. 1ST.
Kxhil-it of Honey, in comlj .. .. .. .��1 00
Collection of Bottled  Fruit, home made, not less than six
.'I.    Collection Jellies, home made, not Icbb limn aix j-trs.
1. As-nrtment Crochet (cotton), six specimens..
2. Cnichot tidy, eo* ion 	
.'I. "    Bed quilt       	
���f. "   Tidy, worsted      	
5. "    Skirt	
(i. Child's Buggy Bug, wnrBte-l   	
7. Mats, Crocheted, wool
S. Woolen Comforter..
0. <>lnvcs, Crocheted, wool.
10. Milieus,        do       do..
11. Wool Cap .... ....
12. Toilet Set ... .... ..."      ,..-,
nm-Hii* p.
Stockings, Darned,...
Fancy Aprona, mado hy girl unilcr 14 years.
Pillow Slips
Six Button Holes
Stockinf-s Durneil
Entries Po
itirclu Close S Clear Days Before the. Slum:
imie-ilON K.
I.    Set Underclothing $| (m
'-'.    Lady'.** Wrapper    ] -*-)
"1.   Chilli's Dross   ) oo
4.   Pillow Shams   j qq
Entries Positively Close ,i Char Cays Before the Show,
Itl tli ION H.
1. White ��'J (H)
2. Silk Patch-work   "' ��� 2Q0
H. Patch-work Quilt, cotton    . 2 00
���1. Quilt, WorBtud  1 Oil
" Comforter, Quilted or Tied    '_' ��� uit
Quilted Bed quilt..,
Homo made Coverlet..
2 00
2 00
,   I 00
.  ICO
I Oil
1 (10
I Oil
1. Stockings, Wool	
2. " Knitted, Cotton	
II.    Toilet Set	
4. Six Sample*- Knitting	
5. tionts'Socks, Cotton or Woolen...   ,
It.    Cloven ,.,'.',,',...
7.    Mittens '.',...'.'''   i i'o
EntrU i Positively Close..,' Clear Day* lit fort the Show.
made Hug..      $| <H,
Hair Work (Wreaths)  | 00
Moan Work (Wreaths)'
Flowers, Feat hen*	
��     Wax	
"   wool ;
Fruit, Wax Collection	
Sued Work 7'
Entries Positively Clow. 3 Clear Days Before the Sh
Dmwing, Pencil 	
"      Pen and Ink	
"     Crayon  	
"      Water Color  	
"      Any other kind *_
*���     Tlie Production of Children under 12 years
^ftgo 150
"     Penmanship, ornamental, hy boys and girls under
15 years _
Sheila, Marino, Collection	
Inaectfl, Collection, nativo	
Minorals ami Fosaila, Collection, native
Animala and Birds, Collodion of Stuffed, native....
Collection of Photographs ""
Birds, Canary   	
1 00
:t oo
. 2 00
$1 Oil
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
Skirt ... ... ...
2. Chilil'a dress        ..,.   .... ,,
.1. Tahiti cover....   ,. 	
4. ThIiIo scarf .... ., 	
5. Piano cover        .... ....                 ......
(i. Arasono Chenille cushion ... 	
7. Wool raised and plain work cushion	
8. Slippers.... .... 	
9. Toilet .Set
UIVIMO!-. ��|.
L'LAflS 1ST.
1. Sot Underclothing ' g| 00
2. Lady'B Night Dresa   1 00
.'I.    Pillow Slips   1 iH)
4.    Pillow Shams   | 00
Six Button Holer  100
  1 00
do" do  *.. 1 00
do do   1 00
do do   1 00
1 10
1 00
1 00
1 IM)
1 00
1 OO
1 110
1 00
1 00
80 50
SO 5(1
81 (III
I 00
1 OO
t-'ll 60
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 no
1 (Ml
��� .
$1 00
SO 50
1 110
1 Ofl
. 1 on
1 00
I no
1 OO
2 00
2 50
5 Ofl
2 011
" Wo hear a great deal aliout the seven
ngefl of man, hut no ono over alludes to the
��nv��n agca of woman ���what ia tho reason 1"
Gallantry, my hoy, gallantry."
'* ,lohn, what a lovoly placo ! If we could
only manage to raimi the rent." Mr. Hun-
ter Howes���" Oh, I have no doubt the landlord would aee to that in u couple of
Among the vain men whom we meet
The vainest of them all
la he who boasta of Im tittle feet,
When hla head is just asiimall.
"How is the  tahlo at   tho   beach   thia
summer, HickaV" "Same as it wna last year
Fact is, judgingfrom the bread, I   tmafftne
some of   it waa left over from   last   year "
All the world outside ia white with anow.
Thc branches hang low because of it; the
berries of thc brilliant hollies are so far covered that only a little touch of scarlet here
and there can lie seen.
The winds arc sighing plteoualy. Ever
and auon tbey dash themselves againat the
auslies, as though they would fain enter the
cozy, hrelighted room with its delicate satin
trappings of rose and ohocdate, and its subtle perfume that auggosts a raid having lieen
made ****** some one upon tho winter-hnuBes.
' 'Feeling a tittle tired and spiritless, Lady
Branksmere had refused to go to the library
to-day, but had, instead, ensconced herself
in her boudoir, and siirrouuileil hy periodicals, had elected to sloe.) and read away the
afleriinou. It is pretty far spent now, ami,
tired of bur reading, Muriel bas sunk buck
on her COUOll, and closed hcreyea with, lier-
hapH, a faint hopu thnt sleep may visit her.
Tho room is warm, the scent of the (lowers
seductive. She has grown presently so
drowsy thai, thn opening of thn door, though
she bears it, fails to rouse her to a mnru
open declaration of wakefulness.
Whoever it is who miters stands irreso
I nt t-ly ii | nm the threshold of this, her own
-Mar lieu I in- sanctum, as though uncertain as
to whether ho shall enter or retire, and yot
evidently unwilling Logo- Probablyineliti*'
aliou compters,   because, after a moment's.')'
upon tho chair nearest her aa if to steady
"Am I bo abhorrent to you, that my very
touch oan bring auch a look into your face?"
doiiandb Brau km tie re, with a frown.
The excitement and the agitation are telling on her terribly. She ia trembling from
head to foot.
Go 1" she says faintly, pointing to the
'No, I shall nit go," returns he with a
settled determination. Aa though to
strengthen bis resolve he seats himself.
"Let us come to thn root of this matter.
Vou desire a life altogether apirt from me.
"I havo alroady explained," replies aho
With an impatient gesture Itrauksmore
goes by her toward the door. He has reached it, when suddenly, as if compelled tn it,
be comes hack tn hei, and taking h-*r in his
arms strains her to bis breaat with an almost
convulsive clasp.
" Vou don't love me���I know that," he
aays in a stilted tone, "but swear to me bofore Heaven that you lovo no other man-"
"I swear it," says Lady llranksmere,
overcome hy the agony iu hiB voice.
".Sot," gazing fixedly andsuBpiuiously ut
hor,* "that devil!"
Oh 1 no, no, no,"   Sho shudders violent-
pause he comes on tiptoe to thu lire-place, I, .*'*"-" '���������������� >��; H"w��*�� iiw j****-***-*
ami, imder tho mistaken impression that Kb ��� ������'������ ��*���*. '*������'  then, withquU-erin.
mistress ia asleep, seatsbimself eaul.oualy in   Kn��^[ *$��. -*���n���*-, -TO Rl.,,cr*
_ i ���  I...;!. '     |     "Pah t   ho saya, " \ ou have a
a hugn armchair. ^^^^^
It is u glorious armchair, soft and roomy,
ami caressing. Lord Itranknuiero has not
been in it many minutes when, overcome
Once again he presses ber pSB-lvc form to
* *     ' 'oring lipsaml
heart of
tee I    Vou aro not worth it all I'
Hu   stride*! toward   the door.    Ho   baa
gained it���opened it���is on the theahold
noon in ii. many mt mites wiien, ovenwma i ������;���      ,       -    ,      .    ,       -
hy the influonoo of Lhe tiro nn.l  tho sedue-1 w,Jf�� ft low cry hreaks from her.
tion of iho atmosphere, he falls into a sound j ,   **?** **7: ����������*���������*���� ���    "'"- ��*-"9
���*���,,��� I aloud iu a wild, impassioned toon.
sleep. ^^^^^^^^^
By lhe bye it ia as well ahe hadn't waked
to find him slumbering here within Iter own
special den. She would hardly have been
gracious to so doolded an outsider. Ho
Hiniles bitterly to himself as ho thinks this,
and, ruing to his feet, i-roeps as ho came on
tiptoe tO tho door.
Being a man (poor creature!} he ia of
course clumsy, ond his creeping this time
results iu (he fall of n little oranky-legged
chair against a spider-table crammed with
china. Some of this china most unkindly
comes wilh a cmsh to the Hour. It isn t
much of a crash, but itappirently wakes ita
" Who ia there "J" aska Muriel.
"It is Is Itrrmkamoro. I'm sorry T disturbed you, and of course I ought to apologize for my intrusion here, but finding you
asleep I thought I'd wait���and���cr���"
11 But you didn't wail 1 Whom are you
going now 1" demands Bhe, querulously, Booing he is making for the door.
"Nownero in particular. Moro for a
short stroll before dinner than anything
else. If you dislike being alone, however,
shall I Bend���"
"No one! If," fractiously, " you won't
slay, I would rather bo alono."
She tin ns away iu*r head, and burieB it
rehitllionaly in tho cushions.
I .rank<nr ere flushes crimson.
"Mo !    Ho you want mo  to stay 1" he
Branks nero, drawing a low chair lieside
her couch, seals himself deliberately upon
A low sound escapes her. She lifts her
bead and makes a slight movement in liis
direction, and then sinks hack again as if
" I feel so tired���so tired," sho breathes,
fretfully, wearily, her eves lilting with tears
na aim acknowledges tie fatigue that ia overpowering her.
" Yon haven't bad your sherry and quinine���that'll it," deolarca ho, springing io bis
feet and bringing it to her. " Now, sit up
and drink it. '
"No," tinning away distastefully. "I
hate it,"
" That isn't of the least consequence,"
coldly, " ynu must tako it. So dome. No
don't dn thai I  Vou muat, you know."
Ho holds down the impatient hand ahe
has raised,
"Must. 1'.'" repeals she, witli a littio fcchlo
exhibition of determination.   " Well, let ua
" To ph-ii-K* me, then," saya Hranksmcro,
roused to genius by Ids anxiety. Ho could
li'ive sunk into tin- ground whon the words
have passed his lips, but he has not time for
false shame, beforo the remarkable results
of his speech display iheuisulve
Muriel, when she has stared at him for a'
long minute, drops her eyes, and, taking
the moillctno from his hand, swallows it
without another word.
" It h abominable," she says then, pushing him and the glass away from her ami
sinking hac'i upon her couch.
" It will he, I hopn, only a passing dis*
ngreeability. Vou will soon be able to givo
t up."
" It is the best, thing that could happen
for both you and mo."
" What Is!" sharply.
" My death I I can't tell you," her voice
sinking to an exultant whisper, "how very,
very much weakev 1 am."
Branksmero, who bus not recovered hia
color, regards her keenly.
" Vou are wrong til ouo particular," he
says slowly. "In spit * of all that has come
and gene, 1 should not consider it the bent
thing for me."
"That show's yonr folly," with a frown.
"Probably, Vet I would not wish myself wiser in that matter, And why should
thingB he always between lis as they are today. Consider, Ufa is nliorl, shall we
waste it? IF, iu tbe future, you could como
to regard me na���" I
"No, nn?" with a burst of passionate
vehemence shrinking from him, though he
has tint attempted to touch her, "put that
out of your head at 01100 and forever.
What! I>" you imagine ymi could bo sincere in such a wish?''
She sits up -ni her couch, an I lifting one
hand prosi?S back the loosonod hair from
her Wllitu brow. Slio looks pale and haggard, and the great hollows beneath her
eyes give those lovely featurcna depth that
adds to thoir brilliancy.
" I am no hypocrite, as yon well know,"
returns Hranksmcro,��iih moaning. " But
with yon how li it'.' Dn ynu conceal nothing. Von should think twice," coldly,
"before yoii nceuso mo of hypocrisy,"
" Von    mean T"���demands   she,
Closing tho ilonr, he returns to her aide
slowly, as one amazed, and awaits ia eileno
her explanation.
"It is mulling !" she sobs vehemently.
"Oh I you ahould not stay becauso 1 ask
you, Vou should go. Why should yon
obey any request of mine? I must be mad
to call to you at all. But 1 could not let you
go bolieving me altogether heartless.
What madness possesses you to talk to
mo liko this. Do not repulse mo, I implore
you," entreats ho, laying his hand upon her
arm. " Speak���say what was on your
mind���what waa on your lips just uow *"
Impressed by the solemnity of his address,
she struggles with herself, and at lust some
words fall from her,
" If time could roll backward. If this
'iild ho again thu year whon first I aaw
you ; if you could ho once more my lover���
not my husband���' Shu stops dead abort,
as though to go further, lo cntor into explanation, to terminate her sentence, ia beyond her.
"I am your "uvor now, ai I w*s then���as
I shall be always "--says Itranksmere iu a
low but steady tono, Tho words have
hardly panned liis lips, when hu has to go
quickly to her assistance. Thc color haa
fled from her lips i sho sways helplessly, and
but that he catches her in his arms Bhe
would have fallen.
Lifting her he lays her gently on the fur-
covered lounge, and I ���ending ovor ber gazes
with a terrible anxiety upon ber face that
is now ai pale ih though death haa alicady
claimed her for h-s own.
If she hm fainted, however, itisan Insensibility of hut short duration. Sitt'ng down
by her, Branksmere gently chafes her hand
ml after a little induces her to take n glass
f champagne he line procured from Uridg-
After five minutes or an have gone Iiy in
absolute ailenot, Muriel suddenly turns her
oyes full upon him, Thero is in them tho
fretful reproach of one who is very ill or
very unhappy.
"Those pillows 1" aho saya petulantly,
������ Ob 1 how thoy make my head ache."
" Lot me settle them," softly, as 1 hough
consoling a titt'o weary child, he speaks.
He raises tbe pillnws, inul is still arranging
them, ao l'iat she must know comfort, whon
her head falls back aa if exhausted. Her
eyes close, and Branksmoro, fearing she lias
again fainted, does not tlam lo stir, hardly
indeed darns to breathe, while she lira thero
resting uuconsoioualy within his arms. It
reminds him of that first, day after her
groat illness when ho had hi such wise sup
ported her ; hut then she had been indeed
unaware o( his presence. Now��� His heart,
beats quickly. Stooping to examine moro
minutely the lovely wast.nl t'ace, ho aces
that ahe has recovered herself, and that two
tears haw* forced theinselvca from under hor
long l-ialn***-. She is sensible, yot she
has not withdrawn heraclf from hia encircling arm I
The tears slowly, very slowly, travel down
thc wan hues of her face, but her eyea go
up to his.
"How good you are to mo !" ahe breathes.
Sho lifts the hand that is round her neck,
and drawing it still more lightly round her
presses the lingers to her lips. A thrill
runs through I bank bine ro. Now, at last,
whon despair haa seemed his portion, arc
life, hope, joy coming to him ? "But ynu
must not say such things to mo. My lover!
Alas 1 alt such times aro gone for mc. I
am an outaidcr,a creature with no interenta,
and in whom no one finds interest. There
aro momenta," she Bays, with apathetic attempt at calm that atrikes him iih being
especially mournful,"when I feel tin*loneliness of it���the desire for something beyond
---something Irrecoverable,"
" Muriel, do not turn from me. Look at
mc. When I used that word I meant iu
Your lover. I am your lover now, oven
now." Hia face haa blanched, his tono is
sharp and impassioned.
" All this is folly," cries sho excitedly,
rising on her ellmw. "Vou would ho something more than human to forgive what has
happened. It is impossible, 1 toll you."
Sim draws her breath witli an uncertain
violence, as though deeply agitated. Her
oyes moot his ; suddenly Bhe covers her face
with her hands. "Oh," cries aho, with a
wild inconsistency, "if it might lie poHaihhi.
If I might dare believe������
" llelievo this, at loast, Muriel, that I
love you."
" Vou could not loVO���remembering,"
" I suppose 1 could���because I do,"
" A-hat t Nay, Hranksmcro, why should
ymi perjure yourself to please adying woman. Think, dwell nn all that has occurred,
and tell mo if you can still hold to your
His dark eyes,large und eager, seek hers,
uml meet them. What lio sees there i-eiids
a swift Hush into his check.
'* Ah, my day hni como, then/' ho crios,
with vehement exultation. " I havo waited, but 1 havo won." He lakes her face
betweon hla hands, and gazes intently into
You will lovo mo, Muriel!    li that
-.he, rising brightly if ���*. little, slowly to '
her feet ; " you have given mo fresh
life !"
"Very good," smiling, and in truth a
faiut, warm color has stolen into her checks,
aud reddened hor pale lips. ������ Come I" shu
holds out her baud io him as she walks to
tho door.
All at once ahe pauses and, lifting her
hands to her auburn head, looks at him
"Shall I do? Is my hair all right?"
she asks bim anxiously. There is something
the confidential glance and tone that
convinces him more than all that has gone
before that she is indeed hia own.
" Oh, darling ! To think it is all true 1"
he says, somewhat irrelevantly, hut out of
the veiy fulness of hia heart.
"Hero bIio is," crioB Margery gayly, as
Muriel, followed by Lord Branksmere,
enters tho room. " Sn glad I" she whispers
lightly, to Mrs. Billy, who with Lady Aune
has been entertaining everybody,
They all rise in a body tn receive the
beautiful invalid and to give her, in fact, a
gentle ovation, lint, she looks ao unlike the
orthodox thing���so brilliant so fresh, so
full of life, that surprise after awhile .seizes
hold upon them.
"Muriel, what has happened?" ask
"di-H, Hilly, leaning over. a
"All that you, my best friend, could do
aire," returns Lady Brankamore snltly.
" Lady Brnuksmeie is singularly improved," saya Lady Bolla'r. "Therein something
in the whole menage���brighter, fuller.
How is it?"
"A general rejoicing ovor her recovery no
" A trifle moro than thai, I fancy," dryly,
" One looks round and Hilda empty apaccs
surely. .Madame misaing, Stainesnhlitei-
ated. It suggests a compromise, oh?"
" Nonsense " Bays Halkett.
" Nol at all in my opinion. Very wiae,
on tho contrary, and very careful, hut vory
poor ; olleiit nowhere. I did the hetoina of
our little comedy Ilic honor to believe sho
would havo shown more pluck when ttie
crisis came, whatever Monsieur might do.
It was easy for him you Bee. Madame wus
bo decidedly paBsce,"
Pouf ; you know nothing," whispers
Mrs. Ainyot lightly, who lias grown very
respectable since her engagement.
She pauses to pull hor skirls aside, and to
smile on Tommy Paulyn, who, with Angelica, ia passing by, ui route to tlie conservatory beyond.
" There is a whisper in tho air that Paulyn ia going to settle down with that extremely youthful cousin of hia."
" What 1 that baby !"
������ It was Mrs, Daryl who whispered it to
mo. She ia a funny little woman, who tolls
a funny Httlo story vory well. Iiaatcveniiig,
it appears, May���one of tho twins���found
Paulyn with Miss Angelica in a distant and
rather unfrequented part of.tlie shrubberies,
in an attitude thatsiruek the child as being
full of interest. He had hia arm round her.
'I think he waa kissing her,' said Miss May,
' nud though she was very red, sho wasn't
a bit angry, and that's what I couldn't
understand because Tommy ia such an ugly
little thing?'"
They alt laugh,
" Well, 1 expect Tommy could, I declare
I call it absurd 1 Everybody is going to he
married, it seems to mc. Matrimony is an
epidemic nnd all tho World down hero
has caught il. Two fresh victims hnve just
gone by, who it's apparent to every one,
arc sickoning for it. Then there are you
and"���nodding at Halkett���"yon! Lady
Anne and that insiino little Primrose, and '
last of all I hear that Margery, that pretty
little Daryl idiot, is going tn throw herself
away on that extremely ugly young man
who has come to grief with his income, and
isn't worth a sou. Sort of thing, after all,
one would expect from a girl with her
" 11 seems a sacrifice certainly," saya Mrs,
" I dare say not, I expect ho is good
enough for any woman who could so Binfully
IIing away her chances. But what is ahe
going to do with her big pauper? Of course
his si/e aggravates thu trouble. It must
tako such a lot to keep up those shoulders
of his."
" Ile hasn't a penny worth speaking
about, believe me. If sho doesn't very
wisely cry off, beforo she taken tlio fatal
plunge, thoy will know what it is Io ho beggars.    How horrid it sminds���cti 1"
" 1 bag your pardon, ma'am," says a
gttlff Voice behind them that makes Lady
liollair jump, for perhaps thu first timo iu
her imperturbable life, aud turns Mrs.
Amyot crimson. " That ' little Daryl
idiot,'in you so pnlitcly term my niece,
will never be a 'beggar' or a 'pauper'
either.'1 Sir Mutius Mumm, thrusting his
bead forward, glares at Lady Hollair, and
nods at her furiously.
Really, Sir Mutius, I���er���"
She is my niece, ma'am, mine," declares
Sir Mutius, in a tone rich in offended dig'
n ity.
" I'm sure I congratulate her," returns
Lady Bcllair, who has now quito recovered
tier Helf-possession.
"My niece, ma'am, D'ye hear that!"
He pauses, as though what he has jus1,
said is astonishing himself also, " Nnnieco
of mine, ma'am need ho a pauper, or a beggar, or a vagrant,"
Without waiting a rejoinder to thia pretty
speech he hobbles away.
" To he his hei less means a good deal,"
aaya Mra, Ainyot,
" Lady lielbur, they owe vou an immense
debt of gratitude," laughs Halkott. " In
my opinion Sir Mutius would nover have
!elt tliem a penny if you had not talked of
Margery'.) hoing, possibly, a beggar. 1 believe, in spite of yourself, you have done a
good action to-day,"
Well, really, I couldn't help it," returns
^^^ with
stormy eyes.
" i wish I could loll you oven half that
������ V<m forget yourself," says Muriel.
"That ia irue," cries ho vehemently. "1
forgol nil.   I ramomhor only you."
'h'orgct mc, thm! Oh! Branksmere,
think ! 1 hmic I Tho shaifjo of it���it Ib the
shame of it that is destroying mo. Lot me
"Ynu wollla have a formal Boparalion !. _
That  is impossible,"  replies  he, In  a low   ���"���*���
��� '   -    ���*-- -���-��, [  will not  what your oyea say?   is that what your
| blush means ?   Is that what your lip would
tono.    " Do' not hopo for that;
submit to it.
Then yon shnll talto tlm consequences," j utter ?   Oh, my beloved, for'onco lot youi
' --"' not live lip8 utter the real truth to me, of tholr own
;hc apologetiuaJly.
" 1 am so glad tholr happiness is assured," ways Mrs. Amyot, warmly. "After
all���it is a poor tlinught I own - hut money
has a goo I deal to do with it. What?
Will nobody agree with me?   Am   I"*-
with a reproachfully tunmed glance all
round���" the only mercenary person in the
room 1 I 'nine to my rescue thun, Lady
Itrauksinore, I licaench ynu,"
Thus lightly appealed to, Muriel liosi-
tales, and involuntarily glancing at Branksmero, she i-i'ch something in ihu earnest
gaze he hns fastened nn her that dyes her
face a warm, swoot crimson,
" I am alraid you have chosen a bad ad-
vocale," she answers softly. " No, I do
not think mimey has ro very much to do
witli nne'a happinoBB,"
" What then '("
" Love," aays Muriel, in a tender, tremulous tone,
-in-* she wildly
bere iluv hy di
11 swear I wll
, with   'II tho hateful, ttio
Ho leans ovot hor, nearer, nearnr still.
sIMhil p."'-'.'��*��������_^'"'i^ ^\j^i!^s!>^,^^^^��St
-un n.ipity, (nme? Oan y
it means to me? ()r are you deaf and blind
to all my misery?"
" Yoii would leave mo, then?"
"Iforover, Caul go?" with trembling
eagernoss,    ������ When muy I go ?"
" This U yonr second effort to leave me,'
j.-ys Uratiltsmcro calmly. I �����- - - ���	
    'riily lhe bare truth," rotuniB  a aonse of cvory-day life.    There ia a Biib-
Uhoir parted lips, their eyes grow to each
| other, there is one wild tremulous move-
' ment, and then thoy arc iu each others
arms, heart to heart at last, with all save
. love forgotten 1
Tho sound of footsteps echoing through
tho corridor without rouses thom at last to
non hor shoulders and
li un him, looks into
i,   huskily.
Heaven f
dncd colloquy In tlie corridor without, and
Bridgman, having taken the salver frum
tho footman, brings it in and hands aome
I cards to Muriel,
I " Lady Primroso, Mrs. Amyot, Lady Bel-
lair."   She reads this much aloud   to show
'That ii
she, icily.
He lays bis hai ul
binding her a liltlo
ber face.
"Aro ynu  human?   he asi
"Have yo��   no feeling?   Greal
|BhnW.l{ton��T!!y t r arm amfdrS thontt down and rather mumbles over
|1(fr |5fll o him, as if to read her very .mart. ��������:' ,-. ivQ , ,,nm ;,, wiU ho to0
������How deadly cruel you beautiful women m^f^^^^t��mMift
C&��LBt me go "she says, in a tono danger.'when Bridgman haswtired-   " III take
Middenlv   Bridgman she is her tlBual calm self,  and
si iitietity n          ,     .. . ������ ov,,p
Bhe stops backward feebly, laying her hand
���1   an excuse, if you will.'
Oliil.t Made Drnuk by ita Mother
Just Imagine a mother administering intoxicants to her six-yo.ir-old child in sufficient quantity to endanger its life! This
was tho i-H'i'iii-i! for which Charlotte float
(;tl)) got a month's hard labor at Worship
Street, Loudon. Prisoner was seen in
Kingsland Road drunk, and on tho pavement a short distance from her lay a girl of
six, with fixed eyea and rigid limb*-. A
man named Rainbow took tho child tip.nnd
found It was so intoxicated as to be iiiBensi-
blo, Attention was called to Dip woman,
and Police constable 4230 look her iu
charge. At lhe station the medical olliccr
was called to the child, Lo which an emetic
was given, and it was thus relieved, but tho
divisional aut'genn said its life was at ono
timo in danger, Inspector (Joliy aaid inquiries had boon made as tn the history of
the child, who had heon living witli an
aunt. Prisoner had married a second tithe,
and had fallen very low, leading a wander*
ing, lodging-house life. Her lirst husband
had been killed by an accident, for which a
sum of ��490 was awarded hy a jury, i'lon
to go to tho oh lid, The sum wns handed
over to a trustee, who was authorised t
pay it out to prisoner at tlio rato of so much
a week, and ahe had obtained the wholo of
it, whilst the child was being kept by the
aunt, who had uot been paid.
It appeared that Armour had made the
great mistake of hia life. When people
came to know, they said that to have done
it when sober had shown him possessed of a
kind of maliciousness and cynicism almost
pardonable, but to do it when tipsy proved
liim merely veak and foolish. But the fact
is, ho waa less tipsy at the time than
was imagined; ami he could have answered to moro malice and cynicism
than was credited to him. To those who
know tho world it is not singular, that of
tho two, Armour was thought to have made
the mistake am) had the mis-fort nne, or that
people wasted their pity and their scorn
upon him aloni. Appparently they did not
see that tho woman was to be pitied, He
had married her -. and she was only an Indian girl from Kort Charles of the Hudson's
Bay Company, wilh a little honest white
blood in her veins. Nobody, not even her
own people, felt that she had anything at
stake, or was in danger of liidiappincBa, or
waa other than a person who had ludicrously
come hi hoar Lho name of Mrs. Francis Armour. If any ono hud said in just ideation
that she loved the man, the anawer would
have heon that plenty ol Indian women had
loved white men, but had nut married them,
and yet tho population of half-breeds went,
on increasing.
Krank Armour had been a popular man in
London, His club might' he found in tho
vicinity of Pall Mall, Ilia father's nauin was
high and honored in tho Army List, one of
his brothers had served with Wolaelt-y in
Africa, and him-iolf, having no profession,
but with a taste for business and investment,
had gone to Canada with some such Intention as Lord Selkirk's iu thn early part of
the century. He owned ian/n sharos
in lho Hudson's Bay Company, and
when he travelled through ttie North-
West country, prospecting, ho was received
most hospitality, Of an inquiring and gregarious turn of mind, ho went as much
among the half-lireods���or metis, as thoy
aro called���-and Indiana as among the
ollieers of tho Hudson's Bay Company and
tho white settlers. He had ever been credited with having a philosophical turn ; and
this was accompanied hy a certain si rain nf
impulsiveness or daring. Ho had been accustomed all his life to make up his mind
quickly, and, becauso ho was well enough
oil' to bear the consequences of momentary
rashness in commercial investments, he was
not counted among tlie transgressors. He
had his own fortune; ho was not drawing
upon a common purse. It was a different
matter when he truth eked rashly in the
family name, eo far aa to marry tho daughter
of Mye-of-the-Moon, the Indian chief.
Ho was tolerably happy when he went to
the Hudson's Bay country ; for Miaa Julia
Sherwood was his promised wife, and aho,
if poor, was notably beautiful and nf good
family. His people had not looked quite
kindly on this engagement; they had, indeed, tried in many ways to prevent It;
partly because of Miaa Sherwood's poverty,
ami also becauso thoy know that Lady
Agnes Martling bad long cared for him and
was moat happily endowed with wealth
ami good looks also. Whon he loft for
Canada thoy were inwardly glad (they imagined that something might oojur to end
the engagement), ���all except. Richard, tbe
wiseacre of the family, the book-man, the
drone, who preferred living at Oreyhope,
their Hertfordshire home, the yoar through
to spending half the time in Cavendish
Square. Richard was very fond of Frank,
admiring liim immensely Lir his huxom
strength and cleverness, and not a little,
ton, for that very rashness which had
brought him such havoc at last. Richard
was not, aa Frank uaed to any, "perfectly
sound on Ida pins,"���that is, ho was slight-
ly lame,���but he waa right at heart.
He was an immense reader, but made
little use of what ho read. Ho had an
abundant humour, ami remembered every
anecdote ho ever beard. Ho was kind to
the poor, walked much, talkod to himself as
he walked, and was known hy tho humble
aortas "a'ecntrio." But he had awisc head,
and ho foresaw danger to Frank's happiness
when ho went away. Whilo others had
gossiped ami moiimuvred and worn luisily
idle, lie had watched tilings. He saw that
Frank waa dear Lo Julia in proportion to
tho distance between tier and young Lord
Haldwcll, who.se father had done something
remarkable in guns or torpedoes and was
rewarded with a lordship and an uncommonly large fortune. Hn also saw that,
idler Frank left, ihedisii-iiix between Lord
Haldwcll and Julia hecaiucdistitictly less -
they wero both staying at ('reyhope, Julia
Sherwood waa a remarkably clever girl.
Though ho felt It hia duty to speak to her
for hia brothor,���a ditticiilt and de'icate
matter,���he thought it would come better
from hia mother.
But when hu took action it was too late.
Miss Sherwood naively declared that she
had not known her own lionrt, and that she
did not care for Frank any moro. She wept
a little, and was soothed by motherly Mra.
Armour, who was inwardly glad, though
sho know the matter would cause Frank
pain ; and even General Artmur could
not help showing slight satisfaction,
though he was Innoootlt of any deliberate action to separate the two. Straightway Miss Sherwood despatched a letter to
tlio wilds nf Canada, aud for a weak was
an unengaged young person. But sho waa
no doubt consoled by tho fact that for somo
time past, idle had  had complete control of
Lord Haldwoll's emotions. At tho end of
tho week her perceptions woro juatified hy
Lord II aid well's proposal; which, with admirable tact and obvious duinurencss, was
Now, Frank was wandering much in the
wilds, so that his letters ami papers went
careering about after him, and some thaL
came lirst wore last to reach him. That
was how ho received a newspaper announcing thn marriage of Lord Haldwcll and
-luliii Sherwood at Uui same time that Her
letter, written in estimahln Fnglinh and
with admirable fooling, came,  begging  for
a release Irom their engagement, and towards ils close, assuming, with a charmim*
regret, that all waa over nud thaL Lho last
Word had been said between them.
Ho was sitting in the trader's room at
Fm L Charles wlitm Lhe carrier came with the
mails, He had had anim) successful days
hunting bull.do with i-'yu-nf-itho-Moon and
a little band of met is, had had a long powwow, in l.yij-of-ihu-Moon'H lodgo had chatted gayly with Lall the daughter, and was
now prepared to enjoy heiirtily the arrears
of correspondence and news before him. lie
ran his hand through tho letters and papers
���niiing to classify thom immediately, ac-
cording to such hand writing as he recognized and the dates on tho envelopes. Rut, as
ha did sn, ho saw a newspaper from which
he wrapper was partly torn. He also saw
a note in the margin directing liim to a certain page. The note was iu Richard's handwriting. He opened the paper at the piigo
Indicated, ami saw the account of tho mar-
liege! His teeth clinched on his cigar, hia
face turned white, thc paper fell from his
fingera. He gasped, Ida hands spread out
nervously, then caught the table end held
it as though to steady himaolf.
The trader rose. " You aro ill," ho said.
"Have you bad news?" He glanced towards
the paper.
Slowly Armour folded Lho paper up, and
then rose unsteadily, " Cordon," lie said,
" givo me a glasa nf brandy." He turned
towards thc cupboard in lho room.   The
He ran his linger-* through tbe pile, turn
ng over hastily, as if aearching for something. The trader understood. He was a
cool-headed Scotsman ; he knew that there
were some tilings best not inquired
into, and that men muat have their bad
hours alone. He glanced at tbe brandy de-
batingly, but presently turned aud
left the room in silence. In hiB own
mind, however, he wished he might
have taken the brandy without being
discourteous. Armour had discovered Miss
Slierwood'a letter. Bofore he opened it he
took a little more brandy. Then he sat
down ami read it deliberately, Tlie liquor
hail steadied him. The fingers of one hand
even drummed on the table. But the face
was drawn, the eyes were hard, and tho
look of liim was altogether pinched. After
he had finished thia, he looked for others
from the same band. He found none.
Then he picked out those from hia mother
and father. He read them grimly, Onee
he paused as ho read his mother e letter,
ami took a great gulp of plain brandy.
There was something very like a sneer on
his face when lie finished it. He read the
hollowncss ot the sympathy extended to
him; lie understood the far from adroit
references lo Lady Agnes Martling. He
was very bitter. Ho read no more letters,
hut Look up the Morning Poat again, and
read it slowly through. Tho look ot his
face waa not pleasant, Thore was a email
looking-glt.sB opposite him, He caught
sight uf himself in it. He drew his hand
hia oyrs und forehead, as though he
was   in  a   miserably dream.    Hu  looked
���.���-���.iii .-   ho <-niil<| not iv. at^iiw.e? himself.
He then bundled the letters and papers
inio Ids despatch box, Hia attention was
drawn In oue tetter. He picked it up. It
was from Richard. He started to break
the seal, but paused. The strain of tho
event was too much. He winced. He determined not to road it then ; to wait until
be had recovered himself. He laughed now
painfully. It had been better for him���it ���
had, maybe, averted what peoplo wore used
to term his tragedy���had ho read his
brother's letter at that moment. For Richard Armour was a sensible man, notwithstanding his peculiarities ; and perhaps the
moat sensible words he ever wrote were in
that letter thrust unceremoniously into
Frank Armour's pocket.
Armour had received a terriblo blow. He
read hia life backward. Ho had no futuro.
Tho liquor he had drunk had not fevered
him, it had not wildly excited him; it merely drew him up to a point where he could
put a Budden impulse into practice,without
il inching, He was bitter against his
peoplo ; ho credited them with more
interference than was actual. He felt that
happiness had gone out of his life and
loft him hopeless, Aa we said, he was a
man of quick decision?. Ho would have
made a dashing but resklesa soldier ; he waa
not without tho elements of the gamester.
It is possible that there waa in him also a
strain of cruelty, undeveloped but radical,
Life bo far bad developed the best in him ;
hO had boon cheery and candid. Now ho
travelled hack into new avenues nt his mind
and found strange aboriginal passions, fully
adapted to tho present situation. Vulgar
anger and reproaches were not after his
nature. He suddenly found sources of ri-
fined retaliation. He drew upon them. He
would do something Lo humiliate his people
and the girl who had spoiled Ids life. Some
one tiling ! It would be absolute and last'
ing, it would show how low had fallen Ida
opinion of whom .Iulia Sherwood had once
been ct liefest to liim, Iu that he would
show his scorn of her. Ha would bring
down thc pride of his family, who, he boliuv-
od, had helped, out of mere selfishness
to tumble his happiness into the shambles-
He was older by years than an hour ago.
But ha was not -without the faculty of bum-
or. That was why he did not become very
exalted; it Was also why ha determined
upon a enmody whicli ahould have all tho
elements of tragedy. I'eihups, however, In-
had not carried his purposes to immediate
conchuions, were it not thut Lho very gods
soemed to play bis game wilh him. For,
whilo ho stood there, looking out into the
yard of the fort, a Protestant missionary
passed the window. The Protestant mi.*-
sionary, as-ho is found at such places as
Fori Charles, is not a strictly superior person. A Jerillt might havo been of advantage to Frank Armour at that moment. The
Protestant missionary is not ahovecomforl-
able assurances of gold. So that when Armour summoned this one in, and told him
what was required of him, and slipped a
generous gift of the queen's coin into bis
hand, ho smiled vaguely and was willing to
do what he waa bidden. Had he been a
Jesuit, who Is sworn to poverty, and more
of ton than not a man of birth and education,
he might have lnlliiciiccd Frank  Armour
tc appreciate at their proper value the mfi*'
fortunes, as the fortunes, of lite. While
Frank Armour read he came tn feel for
tho tirst time that his brother Richard had
Buffered, maybe, from some such misery as
had io come to him through Jnliti Sherwood.
It was a dispassionate, manly teller, relieved by a gentle wit, and hinting with careful
kindness that a sudden,blow was belter for
a man than a life-long thorn in his side. 01
Julia Sherwood he had nothing particularly
bitter to say. Hcdelicutety suggested that she
acted according to her nature, and that ia
the seesaw of life Frank had had a aore
blow ; but this waa to be borne. The letter
did not aay too much ; it did not magnify the
difficulty, it did not depreciate ir. It did not
cveu directly connael; it waa wholesomely,
tenderly judicial. Indirectly it dwelt upon
the steadiness and manliness of Frank's
character; directly, Lightly, aud without
rhetoric, itenlargel upon theirowu comrade-
ahip. It ran over pleasantly the daya of their
boyhood when ihey were hardly ever separated. It made distinct, yet with no
obvious purpose, bow good were friendship
and iMiifidcnce ��� *,��� hieh might bo tho mnnt
unselfish thing in the world���between Iwo
man. With tho letter liefore him Frank
Armour saw his act iu a new light.
As we aaid, it ia possible if he had read it
on the day when his trouble camo to him,
he had not married Lali, nor sent hor to
England on thia���to her���involuntary mission of revenge. Itia possible, also, that
thore oame to him the lirst vague conception
of the wrong ho had dono this Indian girl,
who undoubtedly married him because alio
cared fur him after tier heathen fashion,
wldle he had married her for nothing that
was commendable ; not oven for passion,
which may he pardoned, nor for vanity,
which has ita virtues. He had had hiB hour
with ciroumstanco -, circumstance \\ mild
have its hour with him in duo time. Vet
there was no extraordinary revulsion. Ho
wai atill angry, cynical, and very sore. He
would seo the play out witli a consistent
firmness. He utmost managed a smile
whon a letter was handed to him aome weeks
later, bearing bis solictor's asHiirancn that
Mrs. Frank Armour and her maid had been
safely bestowed on tbe Aphrodite for England, Thia was Lhe first t\at in liis tragic
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and prevented the notable mishap and scandal. As it was, Armour took more brandy.
The he went down to Kye-of-lln* Moon's
lodge. A few hours afterwards the missionary met him thero/ The next morning Lali,
the daughter of Eyo-of-the- Moon, nnd Lhe
chieftaincss of a portion of her father's triW
whose grandfather has been a white man,
was introduced to the Hudson's Bay conn-
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From nil Stations in Ontario, iteturn Hates to
trader opened it, tonk out a bottle, and put
      '     "      llu
it on lho tablo beside Armour, together
with a glaBi and some -rater. Armour pour-
mi out a stiff draught, added a vory littio
water, and drank it. H'? drew n great High,
and slood looking at the paper,
" Is there anything lean dofo-ym, Mr.
Armour V" urged to trader.
Nothing, thank yoii.nolhlnjata-J. .Tiist j
not all. Indeed, as it stood, it was very
little. He bud only mado his comedy possible as yot; now the play itself was to
come. Ho had carried his scheme through
boldly so far. He would not II inch in carry-
ing it out to tlie lost leLter. He brought bis
wife down to the I treat Lakes immediately,
:arcely resting night or day. There he
engaged an ordinary but reliable woman,
whom he gave instructions, and sent the
pair to the coast. Ha instructed his solicitor at Montreal to procure passages lor Mis.
Francis Armour ami maid fnr Liverpool.
Then, hy letters, ho instructed his solicitor
iu London to meet Mrs, Francis Armour
and maid at Liverpool and take them to
llreyhopo in Hertfordshire,--that is, if
(leneral Armour and Mra. Armour, or some
representative of the family, did nut meet
them when they landed fro in tho stemnBhip.
Presently ho sat down and wrnLo to bis
father and mother, ami asked them to meet
Ids wife and her maid when thev arrived by
the steamer Aphrodite, Id; did ml explain
to ihem iu prcuii-e dotal! hit Icelm-** on
Mi-n .lullii Hborwood's uu.ri'ia--c, imr did he
go Into full particulars as tn tlie personality
o|  Mrs,   Frank   Armour; but he did say
that- became he know they wore anxious
that he should many "acceptably," hu had
married into the aristocracy, Ihe oldest
aristocracy, of America; and because In
also kuew they wished him in marry wealth,
ho sent them a wife rich in virtues��� unlive,
unspoiled vntuea. He hoped that they
would Lake her to their boarls and .cherish
her. Ho know their linn principles nf
honor, and that be could trust them to be
kind to his wifo until lie returned in share
the affection which he was. sum would he
given to her. It was nut Ins intention to
return to Kngland for somo time
yet. Ho had work to do in connection
With bis proposed colony ; snd a wife
even a native wife���could not welt
be n compaiiioln iu the circum-ilunce-
llrsides Lali���his wife's nntmi wa,
Lali���-would bo better occupied in learning
the peculiarities of Llie life in which tier
future would be cast. It was possinlu (key
Would find her nu apt pupil.' Of this they
oould not complain, that shu was untrav.d-
ed; for she bad ridden u horse, bareback,
half across ttie continent They could m t
cavil at her education, for she knew several
languagos���aboriginal languages���of the
North. She had merely to learn the dialect
of English society, ami how to crry with
acceptable form the costumes ol the race to
which she was going. Her own continue
was picturesqui), but it might appear unusual In London society. Still, they could uso
their own judgment about that.
Then, when she was gone beyond recall,
ho chanced ono d iy lo put on  tlie eoal ho
whon tho letters and paper dectaring
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Albert I
AUG. IS, return until OOT IB
AUO>. 22. "      " OCT. 22
SBPT.   B. "      " NOV. 6
Parties tlolrot|nnfrom other point* nIioiiIiI
hit ago li> iiriivn st Toronto in limo tn eon
i 61 with the 10:15p.m. truin  on shove'
Hli cyei
Itameil,  liis
wero Intense,
weeks lis com
... - to ��ml Eur hum
; .im [nm uo good,  11>
, Iml their
i BtvlliR. him
Hood's Sars&parilli
which hiioii cured htm.   I luu .v II -mrc-l hi��
niitht.it not his wry life."   AimiK !���". Ui.ai'k.
man, iiHSM Washington si., bust Moss, ��
HOOD'S   Pll.l8llll-ll.l-l" ���: I l.lt.'l-.llll    *'HI:<.
a-Nisi liit-unii-m, cure boadaelie tid btUousnoii,
ARont'i every where.
Your nucliinery with etc., standard and
Machine Oil
-\Vo will ((tve a substantial reward tnuny.
ono bringing us profit ol other oil being
sold as our peci'lcfts machine oil.
None genuine except trom (jaclta^es
hearing full brand- and one name, and sold
only by reliable mid regular dealers.
���Sole manufacturers,
Icavo tho brnmly here, will) ouT I foel knock* ] ]"*g'misfortune camo lo him.' He found his
ed about, I lave to ��) tlitough the rest of . ���)|.ul-lul.*B jotter : ho opened it and read it.
theso letters." I lb Was the letter of a man who knew  how
Canada's Great
Sept. 4 to 16
Excelling all others
And ninny otlier Improvement'*
Greater and Better than Ever
The People's Greatest Annual Outing
J. J. WITHROW,        H. J. HILL,
AfllT   IIVH  YHtlV Ml
rills' Iniin lly-i'H'"!
\ wifo U"i rntlrdy
iroil Inono montli uf
Im FrooiiBOot
hnnny trAnslLlpn It
.rinit- '([ranil Mil per-
luioiit. It's iirss w.
ron sohl-Myws ��-iu
I I I)
Rranoh till Vong��
Scsivcn Question Sheet.  On Receipt of Answers,
Ut Me Select Wh>7 is Required.  Will Send Vou
Phice. Coons ahe Shit BY MAIL, Registered,
Correct and Cheap.
������������ t;i,:,.| Bl HOP for lllu irjle.1 hwlt ���������
  ,      CTBLAM. OXsV'-raUl
Fresldsnt.      Managor, Toronto I luRCICAL MACHINIST, 134 KlH I STREET W.. TORONTO THE WEEKLY NEWS, SEPT. 6, 1893.
Published By M. Whitney &
Son.   Every Wednesday.
Courtenay, B. C.
i_j l,_.��    -J 1 1-1. ��� e��weew**"p"i*Bi
Out Year     ?J��
SU Month!       115
atnglo Topy     IM
One luch par r-��r $ 12 00
���    ..   month        ISO
oiifhth t*ol   porytw ...     35 00
fourth     S0O0
week, .. Uae     0010
I.im-hI DOtlcM.per Hue          30
Notices   of  Births,   Marriages   and
Deaths.  50 cents each insertion.
Nn Advertisment inserted for less than
50 cents.
Wednesday, Sept, 6,1893
In looking over our hooks we find that
many of our subscribers are in arrears,
some of them for many months. Newspapers can not be run on credit, .ind wc
must urge all who know themselves to
be indebted to us to at once forward the
On Monday August 25th the last nf the
(lovernment amendments to the Home
Rule Hill were carried amid loud and repeated cheers nn the part ofthe Liberal
and Irish, and the silence ofthe Opposition. In each division the majority was
38. The third reading was announced
(or the following Wednesday.
Thc World's Fair is mote ofa drawing
card at the last as was to be supposed.
The crowds of visitors have greatly in
creased within the past few days, and it
is to be hoped that it will not be financial
ly so much ofa failure as to deter future
enterprises ofa like character. In every
other respect it has been successful. It
is a vast educator and is doing much
good in illustrating the unity of human
The result of the French election is
significant. The Boulangist and Royalist parties have been ground to powder.
The Republicans are natually jubilant. It
is true there will have to be a re-election
in 155 districts. This is owing to the
fact that in the first ballot no one party
had a majority over all others. It is certain that the trend is so strong in this direction that the Republicans will win the
great majority in the remaining contests.
The cable announced that the rcballoting
was to take place Sept. 3, but tbe issue is
already settled and the government have
signally triumphed.
The vote in the Lowe. House of the
American Congress by which the free
coinage of silver was snowed under indicates the popular feeling. The Senate
h:is yet to act but whether the Sherman
Act will be unconditionally* repealed remains to be seen. The fight on silver
.has undoubtedly had an injurious effect
on affairs in Kootenay. Silver is the
poor man's money and will -always be
useful as a subsidiary coin, but its value
is fluctuating, and it will never be the
equal of gold as a standard. It will do
no harm if a little less attention is given
to mining and a good deal more to agriculture.
The action of the English Board of
Agriculture in declining the invitation of
the Canadian Government to appoint two
experts to proceed, at the expense of the
Dominion, to Canada and make an exhaustive enquiry into the alleged existence of pleuro-pneunionia, is to say the
least a little remarkable. Why should
England desire to shut out our cattle
from British markets, unless it be necessary for h-:r protection? We insist that
our cattle are free from disease, and ask
an investigation at our expense. This
should in common justice be granted.
Hut John Hull' having taken his stand,
although on insufficent evidence' is not
disposed to admit his mistake. In a
year or two he may consider whether our
cattle continue to be infected, but whether they were or are so now���never. We
must bide his time.
The Canadian-Australian line has
more than met the expectations of its
friends and is developing a trade of most
important proportions. So snt-sfactory
are the results (ot the short time it has
been in operation that the Dominion
Government has concluded a contract
with its management fora term of 14
yeats service, and the Canadian Pacific
Railway has concluded an agreement to
act as its agent in Canada, the United
States and England for 10 years. A third
steamer is to be immediately added to
the line and the number to be increased
as the traffic shall warrant. This is certainly good news. It is trade in the right
direction��� between the parts of the British Empire, and must lead to an early
adjustment of the tariff which shall cheap
en many articles of food.
A 81mpl�� Ki peri ment.
A neat little experiment in electricity
li to soak half a sheet of stout foolscap
paper in water, drying it rapidly bofore
a fire, spreading it while warm on a
varnished table or dry woolen cloth and
then rubbing the surface sharply with a
piece of india-rubber. The paper becomes so electrified that it will stick to
a smooth wall or looking-glass, or attract
bits of tisane-paper like a magnet, and on
being laid upon a japanned tea-tray,
which is stood upon three thoroughly
dry goblets wt-11 canse the tray to gift
out uparka at a touch ot the finger.
Esquimalt and Nanaimo Ry.
Steamer Joan
On and after Mar. 22 nd, 1893
The Steamer JOAN will sail as follows
and fi t-iftbt may offer
e   vo Victoria, Tueadny, 5 a. m.
"   Nanuimo for Comox, Wodnesdn***, 7 a. ra
"  Comox for VaMiiz Island,  evr-r alternate
Thurtdar T .t.ni,{Returning same day. |
Lei-.ro Comox for Xannitnu,       Kritt-r-ya, 7a.m.
Nanaimo for Victoria,   Suturdt-y, 7a.m
For freight or state rooms apply on
board, or at the Company's ticket office,
Victoria Station, Store street.
Esquimalt & Nanaimo R'y.
Time  Tabic   No.   17,
To take effect at 8.00 a. m. on Friday
September 30th. 1899. Trains -run
on Pacific. Standard Time.
!*> ft
V. ��
"i |.S��
n 111
*" M��
::::::���:������:-���    : a.
i"i,*i.-i--i-i��|--l-tt-n-i    in   a
<:! ='" >���"'��   < a
h   Ms-,
d ii
1 ; :KE '.:::::'::: ;a
���M ::::::j : : t :��|
im~aM uij.uv i sKssssi-sasaams'
!*S*M,"'"J8J :   ��'��
'Swoa^ojiK- :SB
f. a
< 2
���A J
*! J
'������five '
��u m,i *��ntt i ���=sI*""s!3FWrr~s
- i i>5���!?: ������;;���������; ;; : ;
Si i"
fc "*il5*2-��[aasSSiaaBa   b =a
��<*i*    to  ts
* !*: : -. : , : ! : = > ; s     =  S
Or*"'���   S   3   B I MM Mnn -*--r-*��
O ***< ft jf r
fcr    ----������'
O ��
6  S|
2 SQ
���"���"XK-l-lC-FJlOgCa-J-.   ���M
On Saturdays and Sundays
Return Tickets will be lamed betwoen nil
poiiitn for n faro and a quarter, tcood for return nut later than Monday.
Retnrn Tickets for one and a hnlf ordinary
fare may be purchased daily to all points,
good for Devon days. Including day of lssne.
No Return Tickets issued for a fare and a
quarter where the single fore is twonty-tlvc
Through rates between Victoria and Comox.
President. Oen'l Supt,
Gen. Freight and Passenger Agt
Dr W J Curry
Green's Block���near Post Office���Nanaimo. Any number of teeth removed
without pain and without the use of
Ether or Chloroform.
All persons driving over tho wharf,
or bridges in Comox district f.stei
thsn a walk, will be prosecuted accord
ing to law.
S. Creech
Gov. Agent.
For Sale
521 Acres of Choice Land,
��� and ���
9 Horsss, 100 Sheep, and 00 Cows
together with
3 Mowing Machines, 1 Steel Roller
1 Beiping- Machine, 1 Seed Sowar,
1 Drill Sower, 1 Sprint; wagon, and
Double Wagon.
Title deed* can be wen in jnjr pot-
���and ���
Courtenay, B. C.
General Illaclismilliing
and Horse .Shoeing.
Loggers' Work a Specialty.
T. C. Woods
Comox B.  0.
Conducts a General
Teaming  and Livery Business
His Stage Runs to Union and
Returns Thursdays.Saturdays,
ahd Sundays.
-AND    ���
-H - f���
All Kinds of Teaming   Done.
Horses and  Rigs for Hire at
���A-lx,  Times
Saw Mill
All kinds of Rough and
Dressed Lumber always nn
hand and delivered at short
Also all kinds of   11 I i ;
Lath, Sawn and Split Shingles, and dressed Pine and Cedar always on hand.
Orders  promptly executed.
The Giant
Which we possess will do
your stumping speedily, neatly, and at reasonable rates.
0 o
Jj Norman  McLeod j}
0    The  justly     celebrated '
0 Clydesdale,     will   travel n
0 through the District this ��
0 5 0
o season. q
Jj R. Grant AY L. Mounce.Jj
0 Props. Union, B. C- 0
Q B Leighton
At the Bay, Coniox, B. 0.
Blacksmithing and Repairing
of all kinds
Carriage Work and Horseshoeing a specialty
Nanaimo   Saw Mill
��� and   ���
Sash and Door Factory
A Ilulatn. 1'rnii. Mill Ml.. PO lloi Ji. Tel. 1
Nanaimo B. C.
A complete slock nf Kauy h and Dressed
Lumber always on hand; also Shingles,
Laths, Pickets, Doors, Windows and
Blinds, Moulding, Scroll sawing, Turning
and all kinds of wood finishing furnished
Cedar,     While   Fine,     Redwo.d.
All orders accompanied withCASH orompt
ly and carefully attended to.
��� Steamer Kstell
Harbor and ontside towing done at reason
able rates.
F.  W. Hart
Manufacturer,   Importer, Whole-alt
and Retail Dealer    In
13* Largest Establ'shmeet of its kind.
j-*4 Cordova St       Vancouver,   11. C
J. W. McCann
Carpenter    *
And Builder
General Job Work
Courtenay B, C,
John Fraser
Stage and Livery Business
Stage connects with all steamers at
the Bay.
Also tlo a general
Teaming Business
Orders may bs left st tht Coulter**
Hotel, or Ihil offise,
On or about ijth Sept. oiu-.Nkw Goods for Fall and
Winter shall all be opened up.
This season our display shall be simply elegant, surpassing all prevous efforts.
Our Head Dressmaker and Milliner, Miss Bickerstaff
and Mis Harder are now in Chicago, and will visit all
Principal Eastern Cities before they return.
This will enable us to give you the very latest novel
ties in Dress Goods and Furnishings, Millinery
and Jackets,  etc.,  etc.,  etc., etc.,  etc.,   etc.,   etc
���LOAN * SCOTT, Nanaimo, B, O.
j��mst Al��-���eof*;n|00
it my Agent
In your Dittriet. Any orders you may he pleased to give him for the re.
pairing or watches, Jowei-.y * etc., will receive prompt attention and
will be done in a workmanlike manner a.t the lowest pottible charges.
All work guaranteed to giro satisfaction. My stock or Watches, clocks,
Jewelerv, and Silver Plate wi 1 be larger than ever this Fall and Wintor.
Give me a call when in Nanaimo, M. B. Counter.
Vancouver taiteTareiiouser
Kstabllihnd 1SJ3-
���        Also Dealer In        	
nanaimo b. c.   ��.*�����*
Nanaimo Cigar Factory.
Philip Gable, Proprietor.
Baston Street      ���    Nanaimo B. 0.
*' Manufactures   the   finest   cigares,
employing none but white labor.
Why purchase inferior foreign cigars,
when you can obtain a superior article for thc same money?
fiaper fiaper & Go,
Bookseller.,     Statiouers,
General   Newt   Agents.
Nanaimo. B. C.
Nanaimo Machine Works
Robert J, Wenborn-
Fraser Street
Near Bastion Street Bridge
Nanaimo' B. C.
All Kinds of Machinery made to order
and repaired.
Fruit Trees
Mainland Nursery *
*      Ladners Landing B. C.
A large supply of three and four year old
Also Pears Plumes, Prunes, aud Peaches
Ornamental trees for lawns and grass
plots.   Small fruits,  shrubs   and ever*
greens of every variety.
M. fi, Gilchrist,
The Nanaimo Pharmacy
Nanaimo B. 0.
W. E. Mc Cartney Chemist,
Pure Drugt Chemicals and Patent
PhyaioaBB   Prcitcl-itions nnd all ordora ftll��d
With care and dispatch. H, 0. box li
Geo. Bevilockway,
-*-    Red House    -*-
Onmn-arcial St.     -   Nanaimo. B. 0.
Dealer in General Merchandise.
Highest cash Price Paid for Furs,Hides,
and Country Produce.
Ralph Craig's
i Nanaimo Steam i
Baston St. Bridge, Nanuimo, B. C.
General Blacksmithing, Horseshoeing
Carrage Building, etc.
Wagons and Farming Implements
made aud repaired. Miners' Auger Drilling Machines made to order on short
Wm Mathewson.
will deliver daily at
and during warm weather twice a day
Pure Milk from His Ranch
And also will deliver to his custome
daily Fresh Eggs, Butter, Vcgeta
Poultry, etc.
Farmers having above for sale or delivery should consult him.
Passengers carried to and from Union.
   A  Full  Line of Everything	
Grant and McGregor Props.
Anley & Beckensell.
Dealers in All Kinds of Meats, Vegetables, etc.
Orders Filled on Short Notice.
1. D. McLean
Jeweler, Bookseller
and Dealer in
Organs, Pianos, Music
Stationery, and Notions of all kinds.
Union   Mines.B. C.
Kaslo Citv Bargains
and other splendid investments.
We offer you
Buy of your home Agents who will be pleased to secure you
Gilchrist and McArdle, Courtenay.
Riverside   Hotel
Courtenay B C
J, J. Grant, Proprietor
The (Intel is one of the best equipped
on thc 1'acitic Coast, and is situated at
ihc mouth nf thc Courtenay River, between Union and the lartje farming settlement of Comox,
Trent aie plentiful in the river, and
large (fame abounds in the neighborhood
The liar connected with the hotel is
litpt well supplied  with the best wines
and liquors.   Stage connects   with all
Steamers.   Terms moderate
Iphe leading hotel In Oomox dittriet.
-���New and handsomely furniihod,
xcellont hunting and fishing clos<,
to town. Tourlatt can dtptnd on
flrtt-elatt accommodation. Eeaaom
ble rattt. Bar supplied with th
choicest liquors and cigara
R. Graham, Propr.
This town is located in the
midst ofthe largest agricultural
settlement on Vancouver Island. It is within six miles of
Union Mines affording the farmers of the valley the very
best home market, and is situated on the only highway
leading from the settlement to
the mines. The lumber interests of this section are most ex
tensive, and are an important
factor in our progress.
The per cent of improvements of this town during the
present year is greater than
any other place the Coast
can boast of, and the march of
improvement is still onward.
The prosperity of the town
has-for its foundations, therefore large mineral, agricultural,
and timber recources. It may
also be added that no section
furnishes a better field for the
sportsman. Fish and game
are always abundant and our
hotels of the best.
Wm. Cheney
[  Office at the bridge ]
Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer.
Lots sold on easy terms.
i I
Comox Saw Mills.
Rough and Dressed Lumber
White Pine always, in stock.
All orders executed promptly.
Urquhart Bros, Proprs.     ;;


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