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The Weekly News Mar 7, 1894

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Array ^��^fi^^^^^*^^^^^^^^^*
G. A McBain Co
Heal Estate Brokers
Nanaimo,   B. C.
G. A. McBain & 06.   *
Real  Estate Brokers
<**% Nanaimo, B. C.
NO. 69.
$2.00 PER YEAR
has a fine assortment of
Oils, Boots,
Paints, Shoes,
Crockery, ��� Tobacco,
Hardware, Clothing,
Glassware, Groceries,
Gentlemen's Furnishings
 And so on	
We also take orders for custom made suits.
Give us a call and we will try and please you.
Financial and General Oommissioii Broker,
Canada Permanent Loan aud Savings Company, Toronto.
Citizens' Building Society of Nanaimo,
Scottish Union and National Insurance Company.
Hartford Firo Insurance Company.
Union Firo Insurance Company of London, England.
Easturn Fire Assurance Company, of Halifax.
Great West Life Assurance Co., of Winnipeg, Man.
Money to Loan on Improved Farm Property.
The Ipitable Life Assurance Society,
120 Broadway, New York.
The largest  and strongest Company in the
it 163,060,052.00
���P    31,189,315.00
Surplus over all Liabilities
ti event nf death untlcj any clrcumstnnces, the heirs receive full face value nl pnlicy.
At the end of io, 15 or 20 years, the money paid is returned with large interest.
A. W. Taylor. Victoria, B. C. Special Executive.
Charles St. Morris, Victoria, B C. Provincial Manager
One of the Largest and Strongest Companies
in Canada
Gives the Most Liberal Contract and Pays the  Largest Dividens
Assets $3,403,700.20
Reserve lor the Security of Policy Holders     $2,988,320.08'
Surplus over all Liabilities $307,428.77.
J E. Oru.no, Ooii'l Agent, Victoria, B. 0.     L. W. Fauquier.Bp.'cinl Agont
We Carry the Largest Stock
���   of   ���
in British Columbia.
Simon Leiser, Proprietor,
Miss M. Roy has charge of our dress Department. All work clone in this Department guaranteed to give satisfaction.
Flour ft Feed Dry Goods
Farm Produce Boots ft Shoei
Fancy Groceries Hardware
Crockery ft Glassware Paint & Oils
Gents Furnishings
Patent Mudiciues
Sportsmens Supplies a Speciality
j. ab:r,a:m:s
Union Clothing Store
Union,  B. C.
Have Just received a fine Assortment of English Worsteds for
timings.    Also Keep Ready Made Clothing, Hats, Shoes and
U**"*s. The Tailoring Department is in charge of D. McLeod,
which is a guarantee of perfectly fitting garments and the best
of workmanship.
Baynes' Sound Harbour-!   ts
best north of Nanaimo,
K^"Opposite  Garvms Ranch
it l.ifgcst vessels can float.
The Marriage of Iron and Coal will here result in
The great Kings highway between Nanaimo and  Courtenay
will pass through here aud also the extension ofthe  Es(|uimalt
and Nanaimo Railway.
Lots will NOW be sold on Easy Terms    . $3T Title perfect.
G-  F. Drabble, sole agent,
, Comox, B. C.
Wm. K. Leighton.
Fire and Life Insurance Agent
Royal London and Canadian
Phcnix of Hartford
London ancl Lancashire
Confederation Life.
Green Block,  Nanaimo.
Dr W J Curry
Green's Block���near Post Office-Nanai
ino, Any number of teeth removed
without pain and without the use of
Ether or Chloroform.
Rams tor Sale.
Fok SAD. two fine young Rams ( South
Apply to
Geo. Howe,
Comox, B. C.
Tlio Princo of WnlcH 1ms 17 broth era-ln-
Imv, 10 uncle--, 57 roiirtilia ami 63 nutfUewN
raid ulecux.
Prince Ferdinand of BhIki-xI-V-i Intent
projeut ii Mitt etttab..-...merit of a medical
nullity in flnilii. lie hi--invited Pn.u--s.-ui-
Xeuwwr of Vluuaa to uudoitiike Llm ur*;*.ii-
Tlio ctmprOHfi of Austria muy ho mild to
imv.* lit'iiuii tin' record mnoLi* roytiltl-m in
regard to liuliig n juvenile firtiuUiitntliur.
for "In* wnn lit) whin hor Hint, graildQbilu
wiih prow itod to her,
Queen Victoria, proposes to ereotncoltD
III memory of thu mnrringu of iiu* Uul--- uf
York. Il will Ik- in Huutliiiitl, nenr Mm otn*
hIiu i-rt-eis-il in roini'iuhmiioouf iim .vtnldiiig
Uf Uiu PlfllOO of Wall*
'i'lit- Ptilldt'lM nf WuIm Iiiih |*--rliiip-* in
vtint ������! lilinoHtiwiiinuy novelilm iw nny nnu
In tint kniukkiittok irndn, sin* draw win-
hor own ham!   tin- plan   for   thn   puukut
Hnfoktiyj ciii-f whleh the prlnca e-u-ne* ov*
erywburo with liim.
Prinut'-'H Muy, iltiaheM) of York, Is u Bon-
kIMo young wuinaii un wull ni n pretty one,
Shu utterly rufutwii to plinth In ber wab-t,,
itii'l it mtttsuiTit tlio mora or {dm ruiutoitHljIu
number of ���; i Iiu-Ikm, uml hur tl^m-o iu oaw
of tin- lovt-lit-ht ill l"n-;|,i!iiL
Thnflrent B'itly-��nilitl*o mifflt wonderful
illfjOuVety "ft!'" '������*������*. Jiu-.Io.hvct by M-fon title nion
i f��aic|��-n.a AHMiiTa,  Ilndyi-th.-piirtlyvcgc*
taUe. stopa    t&>-,>^
Pi*anjatt r n m ff$$%&!&A
orthed'selia kq f    ^j#8
iu20d4)H,curei- j-*�� Q ��501
Lost       (-Jit- y
s/K-rfi Manhood t\?ZAi)?t
���;c;^^^S<'o]i-siJ|mili-ii,(^ v^'^v'
if'.-* '������/A 'v<o* 1 !)tB!fn.j��i, E'.ill-f;-:. * * {"'"&' '���'
*^wj��tfi<��-,-i*SS4 ��Angth*mw.tii--tSi*^*����-^*^^
vI-to-hI**-** and
DBVOitJ tiiu-uuiii entlresyetcin, afteh
Hlidyui cure* Debility, Nerv-tUMic t-,Eiiii*a!ons,
it-nldovi-lnn-iinii'ire-itr.resvwilt prgou**i l'niui
ni tbo biiolt. lo--*!'*. by tiny 01 iilnhtfireft***..ped
���*u uk!y, Over 2,W private cndt'i'tienicnt'j.
Prom-itu ro I'l-Hinci.as Impoteticy in the (lift
fU"0, It cun be ���lopped in i!0 dayil hy tlie ueo of
TiiMirwrttRcovorywf-amnde by the Sppctil.
ht'oftliool-J fnnii.iiH llui.Mi.n HedlcMl lin-tl-
utlo. Iti-t thoitroiigeit viltUlzer made. It ia
VTy-nowi-if.il, Ii ,t liftnuli***-.   Hold fnr 81.00 a
nnnltnueor fl pitukagea f��r t8.(*0 (plain Mtha
boxer-), Wrtlte iRiiarantie^ivt'iifiiraenre. If
ymi lniy��!x l-ox-'MRnd nro not enilrclv cured,
sis m'-ra will be wnt to you freo of all cbnrgt**
Bond fur dn-iiin*.-! and t-t-nmiiiilali. Addreai
1032 Markat St. tan Franclaco, Oti
Painful   Accident
As Mr. Tom Woods wns driving down
the liny load, a little this side of Uun-
��� Liins, lasl I hursday lie met with a pain*
I ful accident, lit had in the wtijjon, be*.
i sides himself Mr. and Mrs. Westwood
I nud child, nnd a vn'uable piano belong*
inj* to tiu in. 'lhe horses suddenly he*
came frightened at something In side
the road, and -hied to one side with such
violence as lo overturn ihe wngon, throw
ing out overyb("d>y hnd hut ling the piano
ngn'mst Mr. Woods striking him in ihc
stomach an I rendering him helpless.
Mr, Westwood sustained a slight injur;.
to on"! of his legs, but strange as it may
nppcnr Mrs Westwood and the butly
were unhurt. Mr. Woods was brought
down to lhe Courtenay House and Dr.
Scharschmidt summoned. Ile will be
it is thought ail right in a few dityy, An
other loam was procured and lhe West*
woods proceeded on their way to the
Hay where ihoy look the steamer Juan,
ihe next morning fur Nanaimo.
Hornby Island News.
Feb. 21,��� Mr. Cummci, wife and
three childred came near meeting a wai*
cry grave while crossing iho Gulf latch*.
They left Tcxndn Island oarly in the
morning bound for Union. All went
well until halfway acrcss, when the wind
blow violently. It wai 100 Into to return.
The boat'-, prow wns pointed towards
Hornby, nnd so they went ilhQild- mid .ll
ter narrowly escaping being swamped,
they landed ni ihe north end nn thc
rocks. Tiu* breaker*- soon made ihem
ax wet ns rats, and tin- lio.it looks much
the worso-for wear. They, dont want another voynge of lhat sort
We have had reinaikaljly fine Weather
of InU*, bui Jack frost still come-i around
a night.
Chopping down, cleat inj; land, fencing
house* bud ding, am] plowing are now the
order of the day here.
Mr. Thomas Foul is creeling a dwelling house on his ranch, and Mr. Scott,s
house is Hearing completion.
Now is your time to get a first class
suit made to order and a perfect lit guaranteed.
Just received at thc Union Clothing
Store a large and well selected stock of
English Cloths for suitings. Why send
east for your clothing when you can do
belter at home?
As the Tailoring Department is under
the ab'e management of D. McLeod wc
will guarantee every suit we turn out a
perfect tit, or no sale.
We also have in stock a fine line of
Gent's furnishings, Hoots and Shoes,
Hats, lilankets in fact everything thnt is
required in a first class furnishing store.
Givo us a call and be convinced you can
dons well with us as wilh any other
James Abrams.
Union   Flashes.
The Mineola arrived Saturday n:ghl at
8 o'clock.
The ship Occidental left via Fanny
liny for Honolulu, .villi 2500 tons.
Tug Tep.c io"k 350 tons for C.  P. R,
Sir. Robert Dunsmuir will be up for
wash   coal.
Ship Oriental may be ir, ai.y lime for
coa( for Frisco.
Three other --hips have been chartered
lo come here for cargo-, s ol coal.
The San Mateo will be due again on
the 14th.
The specimens of fire brick .ind build*
ing brick produced from clay here leaves
uuthing lobe desired in tlie quality. Tne
article is as much superior to ihe ordinary m,uiufacture as the coal here is over
the Washington product.    '
On Thursday evening last, lodge No. 5
ofthe Independent Order of Good Templars had a sociable at their lodge room
which was much enjoyed. There was a
line programme, Including speeches,
songs and recitations. The lodge is
quite prosperous and new additions to
its membeiMhip are made at each meeting.
The course of lectures at the Reading
Room on Temperance will be continued
The pastor of the Methodist church will
speak on the last Saturday of ibis month.
Mr. Harry H. Hambergerof the Union Store went below on ihc Joan last
Friday, lo be present al the wedding of
his brother Moses Hamberger who was
mariied March 6th to Miss Leiser
daughter of ihe well-known merchant,
Simon Leiser,
A^ neat cottage is going up on Second
street, and two more, it is said will be
built in the immediate neighborhood.
There were registered at the Cumberland Hotel last week T. Cumnurlord,
Mr. Hay, Mr. living, Mr. Young and
Mr. Strass, all \d Nanaimo, nud Mrs
Nixon ol Denman Island.
Tl-e masquerade ball on Wednesday
evening Inst was well attended although
il wus a dirty night and many were deterred thereby from attending, There
There were hov.ever as many ns could
comf-.rlably dance in the Rending Room
Hall where it wns held. Tha music was
superior. Many oi the same persons
were nOtLed here lhnt attended the Co-
mux b,ul the week befoie bui iu moat cases wore a different costume. Miss S.
l'iket was appropriately the "queen of
Iieaus" and Miss Nellie Piket "Jennie
Deans", and Mrs l'iket appeared radient
us "stary night". Mrs A. Lindsay was a
Sp.ni.ih lady. Miss Ma.ygie Macdonald
and Mi-s Mellado represented [Jo Peep,
Miss Ella Mncdonnltl was a "Irish las*
mc". In "Greichni" was discovered
Miss .\Udij(* Louis, and a lady of a foreign mem unmasked and disclosed the
fair features ol Miss Lou Louis. A hotise
maid was Mrs Mtjhtx. Mta Mabel
bmiili appeait d .is a huh of 14th Century
Mrs Nixon attracted attention as "Konge
et Nun-'. J. l'iket of Dentnan ir.lai.d
was the pale student, jack McKim assumed (he to him unnatural role of dude
J no Hand of Comox concealed his mod-
esi f.c,l in thc garb of n clown, H. Smith
was an nrlillcrv officer. Mr. Green-
shields, chelf engineer of ihe Joan shone
as an tirlillery ufuccr, Russia was represented and also the French Court. There
were a number of lendiijg citizens present
as well aa visitors Irom Nanaimo, as spectators.
The Bandits Captured.
'Frisco 20th Chris Kvans, ihe noted
bandit, and his companion Ed. Monet,
weie captured ;n Evan'b own house in
the oul-ikiris ot Visalitt yesterday at 10.30
,1, m��� The house was surrounded by -;o
aimed men including Sheriffs Scot I and
Kay and U. S. Mar lull "Gnrd". All thc
men valued their lives very highly and
did not -.how themselves but sent a message Io Kvans nsking him to surrender
and nnswer,(Evans' little boy being the
messeiijer). Evans and Monel walked
out and held up their hands. Thc officers went up and Kvans shook hands all
round; then thej were placed in .1 butcher's wngon and driven to the county jail.
There was a vigilance c< mnihtce consisting oi iwo hundred of lhe most prominent citizens who intended 10 lynch them
at t< n p. ni. but the officers got wind of
wind ol it .nnd hurried tin 111 nffioTravcrs
Tliey weie pursued but the pur.ueise.ave
up the chase half way. Kvans was
brought to Fresno t" day and received
his sentence. He will be taken lo the
l'ol-oni Prison tomorrow where he will
stay for tlie real of his days. Monel rc-
ynrds himself ns quite a hero. Evans
took lhe whole thing very coolly just as
thoti.'ii he had no Interest in himself. So
now- il.efamoii*-. California bandit, Chris
Evans Is a thing of the past.
American I'rnveler,
Midwinter Fair.
Front nur own Corrtipontionti
'Frrco Monday, lath Feb.- This was
the special day lor the Independent nr
der of Good TompliM, Including the
Hand-of Hope of ihe tiiy- -wa*. well re-
pre. son ted on the grounds. Things hnvo
been verv dull at lho Fair of late and
there is a got d deal of talk nbottl rediii -
iu*; the entrance ft e one half. The paid
admission yesterday were $10,961, The
Examiner is very liberal) and i*-. going to
give all thc school children a treat iu lho
shape ofa visit to the Fair, caic fare included, also a beautiful gold cup to the
County having the nest display at the
Fair. So far King's County, the youngest in the state is 386 votes ahead; Solano is second in Hie race. Great preparations are being made for the children's
or Examiner's day as it is generally
cnl'cd. Thev are to tnke in every *-idc-
show in Sunset City fiee; They can
even go down to lunch and back again
free. King's County sent a water mel
ion over three feet long for them, but
as there are about 25.000 children they
will have to be content with looking at it.
Among the curiosities is an old drum,
made in 1776, the vear of the Declaration of Independance. It has been in
several batiks. The shell w.is hewn nut
ofa sycamore tree. Tl ere are also a
great number of Indian relics, nnd hundreds of other things that arouse ihe interest of children; but the little folks all
seem anxious to pay a visit 10 the Examiners village. In the evening there will be
fireworks, but ihe frequency of lhe displays is dulling the enjoyment ol them
All the buildings are finished, so the
Fair may be said to be in full swing at
American Traveler,
Latest by Wire
Nsinaimo, March 41I1���The hotel Wilson has been opened under the management of Ceo. Raymond, formerly propiie
tor of the Colonial, New Westminster
���The Opposition pany will hold a meeting at Wellington, Friday evening at
which their principal speakers will attend
Nanaimo, March.���The Chinese clause
in the British Columbia Mining Act was
defeated in the legislature by 15 to  13.
Ottowa, March.��� Connelly and Mc-
Grctvy have been relieved fnm imprisonment Lord Aberdeen approved nf
the order for lheir release which was
based on thc medical u-port of Dr.
Church, and the further medical opinions
which at his Excellency's suggestion lhe
ministry decided to obtain.
A Big Coal Contract.
San Francisco, March 4*.h. ��� Information has been received that the United
Stales navy has made a contract for supplying coai to thc Bering Sea fleet to the
Comnx Coal Co. Bids were made for
Franklin, Black Qiamond am' Gilmore
coal. The award is supposed to be made
on the experience of lhe warships with
the different coals m thc past The a-
ward involves .in expenditure sf $100,000
The U. S. Bering Sea fleet, consisting
of thc Cruiser Charleston, which will act
as flagship nnd the gun boats Detroit,
Concord, Yorktown, and four wooden
shins arc expected at Seattle about April
15th. on their way north. The fleet will
provision on ihe Sound but will secure
their coal supply at Union.
Gladstone  ReM^ns.
London, March 4th.��� It is learned
from official sources this evening that
the Queen had accepted Mr. Gladstone's
resignation, nnd had offered the premier
ship to Lord Rosfibury who h.id consented to take office. The Queen also af-
fered Gladstone a peerage which he declined.
London, March 2nd.��� -Britinn's premier will resign on Saturday The radical party strongly opposes Lord Rose*
bery succeeding him in the premiership.
Mr. Labnuchere lends a forlorn hope.
It became finallv known this afternoon
that Mr. Gladstone had made up his
mind tu give up the premiership and resign on Saturday. Up to that time thc
Radicals had believed that the representa
lions they had made would prevent Mr.
Gladstone from taking any de nite action
They secured some 70 members who
promised to attend a meeting 10 protest
against his retirement and against Lord
Rosebery's, becoming his successor.
When the news of Mr. Claustonc's decision came lo them tbey could only line 21
members willing to make a public ptO-
test against Lord Uobcbcry*** appointment A lot of Radicals headed by La
bouclnjyi-.are going through a list of the
House of Commons with a view to sending telegrams broadcast, hoping to frighten Lord Rosebery from taking office,
and retiring in favor of Harcourt.
Lord Rosebcrv is a great favorite with
the Queen. There are also rumors that
he is going to marry one of tlie daughters of ihc Prince of Wales.
The Radicals are savagely declaring
that the whole thing is to hurry the Old
Man off the stage and to place Lord
Rosebery at the head of thc party. They
further declare lhat active steps will be
taken at once tn secure a pledge lhnt the
party shall be consulted as to choice ol
lender, instead of leaving it lo Gladstone
and the Queen, according to English
custom. Some of the more moderate
Radicals express lhe fear that Gladstone's
withdrawal means ihe disrupting of the
Deeming this an opportue time for the
purpose, we unite in calling a public
meeting for Saturday March 101I1 at 8 p
m. nt the school house iu Courtenay, to
consider the proposed extension of the
Esquimalt & N tnatino Railway to the
Comox valley, and make such auilmrii.-
tive expression of our views: as shall ci a*
blc the gcvcmmtit to understand our
wishes and induce favorable action.
Wc urge a geneai attend.nice.
Joseph Mel'hee Wm Duncan
A.lx, Urquhart Rob Graham
G F Drabble K Duncan
Wm Lewis John Mundell
John j (hunt TllOS Cairns
W A Mathewson M. Whitney
J. B. Holmes.
Railroad  Meeting.
Every one Interested In ijila valley
(and who living here is noi?) should attend the railroad   meeting, a call lur
which,mihicnlially signed,appears in this.
The ihpoi lance of a railrnnd in this -i c
th 11 cannot be overestimated It w'\\
bin g ii*. a large increase of populntion
nnd a wonderful revival of business. It
will give us a daily mail and hiriiish express accommodations, It will bring us
wiil-111 easy reai li ui the great marts ol
tr.ide. and pincc Us in tone!) with ali 1h.1t
is best in our western civilization. The
Vancouver World dcct.irus the project
both fe-��aib!e and probable and thai it
i*. en tilled to government recognition,
The time is upe lor union and wc
would be dull indeed to our own interest
did we we not now demand for our section what other pans of the Province
have asked for, with less reason, ami obtained. No subject of so much import-
nne is likely 10 ever came before us ngaih
Let us therefore put aside all minor mailers, and come together io such numbers
as demonstrate our earnestness and give
potency to any resolutions we may pass.
Entertainment Directory.
March 24th .at Union��� Grand Musical and Literary entertainment in aid of
thc I'rebytcri.in church.
March. ]?, at Union-Grand Dramatic performance in aid of lhe Methodist
March, al, at Comox���Grand Calico
ball under auspices of Comox lodte No 5
K ol 1\
March 28th���-Grand Calico ball in aid
of Episcopal manse, Sandwick.
Local Brevities
A charming new story begins with this
H. l\ Collis of Union store was down
this was onc day last week.
Mr. Young of Varwood v*v Young Barns
teis, Nanaimo, was upon last Wednesday
Rev, A. Tail went below hist Friday to
attend a session ol Presbytery.
Mr. J. Abrams, drove over here from
Union, lasl Sundny.
Mrs. Win. Duncan left last Friday on
a visit to Nanuimo and Vancouver.
The Glory of the Sens left Frisco Mon
day for Union fora supply ofuoal,
The Mireola left yesterday with about
3000 tons of coal.
A. \V. Taylor of the Equitable Life of
New York will be up on thc 14th.
Mr. John Mundel conducted the services at ihe Presbyterian church on the
41I1 inst.
The government h.-.s granted $180 to
the trustees of Puutledgc school to extend lhe schoolroom.
Mr. Commerford, of Nanaimo was in
town on Thursday looking after Dr.
Young's estate.
The Calico bnll in aid of the Episcn-
peel Manse is to come off on lhe 2iith. instant.
The mail at Courtenay closes on Thurs
day promptly at 6 p. m. and the money
order department at 5 p. m. on same day
Mrs. CJeo. Roe is expected upon the
steamer today (Wednesday). She will
be the guest of Mrs Willemar.
Lost.��� A buggy rug by Tom Woods
at the Bay. The finder will please return it to the owner.
Mr. John King of Point Holmes is f-
reclirig a dwelling house for himself. R,
Cram  Sc Co are furnishing the lumber.
R. B. Anderson of ihc Bay has rented
thc property of VV. Dingwall for the purpose of a jeweler nnd metal working shop
On Thursday, March 1, at the Bay
Mrs S. J. Cliffe gave the world a beautiful liltic image of herself.
To off,et the *;irl bom hist week at the
Bay, Mrs. N. Lambert of Courtenay gave
birth on Saturday to a boy,
Mrs. K. M, Wilson of'Frisco, sister of
Geo. (i. McDonald, he of the Cumberland Hotel, arrived on Inst week's trip
of ihe Join.
There will be a raffle at the Riverside
Hotel on tlie 19th of March for n new
singer   sewing   machine.   Tickets   $1.
Notice, the advertisement of sale of
lots J Garvin's ranch, Baynes'Sound.
Terms easy, title perfect.
G. F. Drabble, sole agent
Messrs Anley & Smith, butchers, announce that after this date they will sup-
pi;, customers in Comox valley only on 1
strictly cash basis.
Thc government granted $200 to the
S chool Trustees of Courtenay to make
some much needed improvements to the
school grounds,
<--'��� H. Miller of Texada Island paid
Courtenay a llvin*; visit, io<.vi.,i: on Monday for the Bay, from w hence lie returned to his island home.
The rite of baptism was performed at
St Andrew's ttyiscopal Church on Sunday the 41I1 Inst, when the child of Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Bridges was received
into the church.
Let everybody nun out to tin* Railroad
Meeting. In an affair of this kind numbers count. No matter of such importance has ever been presented to the
people of this district, and perhaps never will again.
The I'ul.'ic Library of Courtenay has
about sixty members now. A large mini
ber of new books has been ordered. If
yt u are not a member you ought tn he.
Books can be changed every Tuesday
A new broom sweeps clear, The customs officer seized a box of oranges on
Monday lor nnn-p.iyment of duty and on
Tuesday auctioned them off to the high*
e-.t bidder. Our young friend was probably not aware that confiscated oranges
should, by the cu.10111 ofthe realm, be
turned over to the editor.
For Sa e.
My farm of 113 acres, with coat right,
also slock and farm implements.
James Clark.
Comox, B.C.
Grand Calico Ball
under the auspices of Knights of Pythias
of Comox LodgQ No. 5
at K of P. Hall
on Wednesday evening March .'1st 1804,
Tickets     7** cents fur each, including
To the readers of the '"Weekly News":
Mr. A. Uptaker, the Jeweller, late of
V.incomer, B. C, has opened up an establishment in McKclvcy's house at Cour
tcn.iv, B. C, with a choice stock of
"Watches, Jewellry, Musical Instruments,
Stationery, Tobaccos, Clgnrs, nnd smoker's articles as well as notions, etc., etc,
Mr. Uptaker otherwise known by his pop
tilar nickname as ''Barnev" is well known
in this locality and the Union Mines
Watch and Jewellry repairing promptly and neatly done.
Puntledge School Report, Feb.
Number of pupils enrolled, jX: total at
tendance, 706; average attendance, 35.
The following pupils stand .11 thc head
ol their respective classes: Fifth class of
seven members Oiive Dingw.dl; fourth
c'ass of 12 pupils, Lucile Halliday: third
class of 11 pupils, Robina Dingwall; second class of 5 pupils, Lillian Bridges;
and pnmerjclass of 3 pupils, Madge Car-
wit hen,
J, B. Bennett, Teacher. AGRICULTURAL.
Poultry Breeding.
Mate your chicken-) not later than the
firat of February���ten or Twelve good,
--tron-*; lu* a a ur puileta to -v good mate.
Givo them a good house, w.rh a. good root
aad a dry dir: tioor, with tt yard of not le3i
than 30 by .50 toot, and more would be
bettor. Perches should be 3x4 scantling
ut sides and about ten feet from the floor,
aud level. Nest tiuxt -, ahould be movable
���a Qominon boot or shoe box is good : put
a partition m middlo aad cut holes in Bides
near the end*?, making two nests to a hox ;
this gives iv dirk plaoe for hens, and ntsts
oan bn taken out and cleaned twice or more
each season ; uso straw for nests * never use
Fur selling lions uso a Separate house and
make nests all alike and set them on the
ground, till hi a row, and keep grain, two
or moro klndi, by them; alto water and
gravel at all timed ami occasionally a grass
sod or olover hay by them. Never lot them
out at any time, Wo havo 1-oupiit setters
and moved them at uiuht and set them
sucCBilfnlly this way. If tlie hens happen
to come oil several at a timo and go on the
wroua ncit the next lien will take what ia
Take yonr chickens away from tiie hen as
quick as hatched ami do not feud t1ieu< for
fifteen or twenty hours after tliey are all
hatched ; then put them with the hen in a
guinl hi*- coop or box with a glas-4 sash in
iroiilainli'.-i! l ilium regularly,and feed thom
whole wheat or grain as soon as they will eat.
Spade up fresh earth for thom near tho coop
and allow chicks to run outoa nine day s,but
koep iicn oonfined until thoy nro Urge onouah
to stand the ahangoable wt-atiiur iu the
spring, We usually have mull patches of
wheut, data or rye to let chicks and all run
IVy to caro for your poultry ; try to Improve your Block of all kind*, and especially
do not forget llio poultry. The sucoosa of
poultry is to not allow your young and old
to run together, food together, or roost
together, or, in other words, scatter the
poultry ami feed a variety of feed, and
especially grain���-whole. Farmers oan make
more o*i their poultry, with leys work,than
they eau from wheat ���try it and be convinced.
Fruit Notei*
As a   rule stick to tho good old sorts.
Au apple lhat will sell on its looks is
worth cultivating,
Givo plontyof space between applo trcea
in your iit-vv orchnrds.
Don't lie ohary about keeping a few
young apple trees coming on.
Voung trees requite your special care
just at thii season to ward off the mouse
ami rabbit pest.
It is hardly worth while to waste time
and space on varieties having a reputation
as shy bearers.
The day of crowding the farm orchards
on to a single acre ought tu have gone by
for Nebraska.
t'ptothe time the orchards come into
. bearing the ground occupied will have paid
its way in oilier cropa,
Tram the young trees. Have them grow
tiie way you want them to. They will run
wild if you will let them.
Never put on t'any kind of treo for the sake
ot variety. Tlie variety should have a solid
recommendation for itself.
Tho orchard can be made onoof the surest
ventures of the ordinary farm. But it requires strict business caro.
If your neighbor is successful as n grower
of apples you should study his method and
add tlio good features to your own.
If there is ono spot on your farm better
adapted than another to the thrift ami
development of tho orchard put your trees
Don't remain away from your orchard ono
to three months at a time and then corn-
lain at the way an orchard is bound to go
to the doe.--.
Too many orchards of thc whole west
present too much the appearance ofa cocked
hat jammed io at the top antl sides and
stuck on the Bide of tlie head.
Whon you select your trees insist on
having good Individual trees. Don't depend on the nurseryman himself entirely,
but develop ���* '������> ideas of ycur own and
stick Iiy them.
It requires courage to thin out the fruit on
a certain tree when another has none on it,
and lhe wind is shaking it from another
si ill, i.ni. au ovcrbur Icned tree is permanently injured.
Combine! Poultry ancl Pig Home.
Where one desires to make a single building serve for the accommodation of both
swine and poultry, he may find some suggestions in the accompanying illustrations.
The house has two pens for fowls and two
for pigs, an ample hall between  the two, a
spavin. Apply caustic balsam to hock once
a week ami give hor thirty days' rest. Shoo
her with a high-heeled shoe when you
commence using her.
Indigestion���Worms.���My seven-yea.--
old mare in tluu iu fiesh. Her excrement
looks black. She has a nivt-iioua appetite
and eats more than I think she ought to.
E.C.P. ��� Your mare lia-i worii'b and sutlers
from indigestion. Give one dram sautonioe
twice a day for one weak, then give two
drams powdered sulphate of iron, and two
drains ground gen'ian, three times a day
for thirty days. Change her feed, Keep
bowels open.
Rheumatism.-���What ails my pigs 1 f.ite*
ly l Doticed that two of them act us if the
cords or tendons are sine, or drawn Up
shorter. The pigi do uot waut to move or
get up, and in feeding will endeavor lo eut
lying down B.B.���Your hogs sutler from
rheumatism of the mu joins and tendons of
limbs. Apply spirits eumphor twice a day
not only to the muscular poriiou of quarter,
but tendons ai well, Give tive grains of
salol three time.i a day. Keop bowels
Dog has sure feit,���About three months
ago my dog's feet began m get aore. Little
black sores would come between his toes
ami lie .-an hardly walk now. They di;
charge dark-colored pus. S, II.-���Keep yot
dog's feet as clean us possible and wash oil
sores with carbolic acid one part to thirty
parts water. After washing oil sores apply
iodoform. Do not ullow him to lick the
carbolic lotion, Keep bim from it for a few
minutes, until it absorb*.
Oow Throws Out Cuds of tool.���I bave
a cow which ads rather strange for tho piiBt
week. She has been throwing out cuda,
She does not seem sick, eats well, but I do
not notice her chew h.-r cud. 1 put a piece
of salt pork down her throat ; she kept it
down all day. Tlie tiext morning I found
the meat in her manger. 1. L. lh���-Feed
yonr cow on slops and liquid food for two
weeks, (live two ounces ground charcoal in
feed three limes a day, commencing at
Cowa Abort.���I have several covvb any
heifers that dropped their calves after thed
have gono live iimnUn, right out in opon
meadows, without any disturbance, I'm
you explain tho causo '! Subscriber. ��� Yoiu
cows possibly abort, the remit of their food
acting as a cathartic ; or it may he cause!
from eating crgotized food. You should
havo separated the unhealthy oi.o trom the
herd as soon as you discovered llu: she
was about to abort. In that way yor
might have saved several fiom losing theln
Abscess-Lice-Indigestion,���Young mare
coming threeyeirs old had a Urge swelling come between forelegs; broke open and
discharged freely. Shortly afterwards I
found lice on her; used insect powder; soon
turned her out; alio did not do well and ia
still lousy; did not even shed her last year's
coat; doos not thrive, E. P. W.,���-Apply
oarbolicacid one part to thirty parts wator;
that will eoon kill all her lice. Apply
tincture iodine to any swellings that may
he on her. (live two drams fowler's solution
of arsenic three times a day, and don't forget to feed her plenty of   good food.
Cramp���Hone Spavin.���Tell me what to
do for my two mares. First called it con
traction of the muscles of nock; can not
put head down and can not turn around
either side; neck quite uneven and ha.ul:
luvs been going on for the past seven or
eight months; she seems rpetty well until
we drive her; in starting she limps badly
in one hind leg. Thia lameness lasts for
only a short distance, then lameness leaves
her. F. IJ. P.,���-Apply equal patts spirits
camphor and alcohol to neck, twice a day.
You had better blister hone spavin with
caustic balsam oucea week until ahe gets
Foreign Facto aad Fancier*
..mm Allen Ascrlbei.il to Ibe ���umutative
RflTert ��r \<*rvou*> Excite meat.
Mr. Grant Allen, in what he ia pleased to
call "A Philosophic View of lhe Marriage
Question," undertakes lo explain why marriage is less umuniun to-day than it was u
century ago,
" Thirty oi forty yoars   ago," he says,
"young men used to rush by blind instinct
into the toils of matrimony���beer use they
couldn't   help   iheimelves.   To-day   they
'shilly-shally,   they pick and choose, they
I discuss,   they criticise,   they   Bay   foolish
,  _        , . . ,, ,. I things about the club aud the flat and tlio
l.'offce palue-ns area feature ot Melbourne   u09t ���f Uviii"    They   '   "        '    " '*'���
if*, uo lesstbap-810,001,000 being invested , fmcy % y0J;g muf
ohl Woriii Brent*- or In teres! Dhraaleled
Itrli-fl.r-lnti-rn-'Uii''    Uapppiitmr'     nt
He cent llan-.
Deaths from yellow fever in Ri*> Janeiro
average aix a day.
The Antwerp .Lisait College was destroyed by fire.    Loas $200,000.
Murders,  suicide aud burglaries  occur
with shocking frequency in Australia,
iu them.
Lord Hoberts says he hai under hia command in India 14,000 IJntish soldiers
pledged to total abstinence.
believe   in Maltlma
, who believes in   Mai
ancy i
thus ! ^^^^^^^^^^
because they arc less of young men than
formerly. Wild uuimats in confinement
seldom propagate their kind.   Only a few
The Reuinrknblc Experience ol'
Mr. William Belroic.
I (trick ci) bj H.-ilnrl-tl Fever,   followed by
IMrtlal rural- -ils-Physlclnn*. laid tbey
Coald d�� VittilHii Tor lllm-Tlit* Nmu )
or-tlan DltMYcred ihron&li itemUM*-* a
From lhe Ower. Sound Time*-,-.
Tho Times has published very frequently
the particulars of remarkable curea attribute.! to the use of Dr. Williams' Pink Pilla
for   Pafo People,   These   various articles
but   thoy don't marry, and it isi were credited 'to nowapapersolgood stand*
thev arc less of   VOUna  men than I ino. antl theie was no rnunn fca dnuht their
Ker7U Paiu Cura* ���
Poison's Nerviline cures fUiulcnce.oh.il>*.,
and   spasms.    Nervilino   cures jVor.ittiiig,
diarrhu*a,cholera,anddysentery. Nerviline
curea  headache, aea sickness and summer "
com plain i,     Nerviline    cures     neuralgia, I
toothache, lumbago, and sciatica. Nervtflne '
cures apraius, bruiaes, outs, io,    I'ulsoa's
Nerviline ia tho best remedy in the world,
and only coats 10 ami 2<~. cents to try it.
Sample and large bottles at any drug store.
Try Poison's Nerviline.
Almost all kinds of labor are paid twice
as well in Paris as iu the departmenta of
Frauce ; bakers in Paris make fi? pence a
day, iu the departments .'!."> pence, cu*paliters 88 pence and3S pence rajpoctively.
Hulg.iria recently sent 20 common school! caged birds will continue their species.
aet   boiler for   cooking   food, and a  grain
room. If ihe nature ofthe location permits i>, a collar bonoilh <bo building could
Im lllillko I for thu storing of roots, w'-ioh
might he mado to sorvi* M a largo factor in
lhe food of both fowls and pigs. Tlio loft
ab nn provides loom for lotting I it; Iih, white
one end may be lUMiti as a pigeon house, II
these must Interesting pets are kept fm* tiie
delight of ihc children upon the farm.
Yards may be wrftnaed at either end, for
the comfort fif both lho feathered and Ihc
porcine inmate*. In Fig, I above i.: seen a
perspective view, and in Fig, 2 tho ground
plan of ihu very convenient combination
Replying Ui its correspondenta the Ohio
Farmer gives the following remedies for the
troiibl-K referred to: ���
Wart Near Far.���Mare 10 years old haa
8 large wart about the size ot a hulled walnut ut ihe root of right ear. It breaks
sometimes and bloody jiuh comes out. It
seems to bother her considerably, W.A.S.���
Thehest method to remove Urge wnrls is by
the knife. Thero is no danger from cutting it
out. Thev are are not deep-seated. Apply
iodoform afterward.
Callus.���Four-year old horso has lump on
inside of hoc!- joint. Thfl bunch has overy
appearance of being a hone apavin but is
nut ii-.it. to bone, It came ou him eighteen
months ag". II. II. ti. ��� It ean not bo a
bone spavin and at the same time movable.
All bono Bpavitio grow firmly to the bone.
Apply tr. Iodine, twice a day, and blister
bim twice or threo limes with caustic bales m.
B me Sp-'vin. ��� Mure, llirce ycaas old, is
lame in one hind foot, and when she walks
nhe steps on her toe; can not find any
swelling or sore place, Subscriber.���While
I can not toll from your history of case
where ahe is Umo, suspect incipient bone
Cnlg-ary Enterprise!-
I'algaiy has commenced, Since it blossomed into a city, a new era, and its citizens
have high hopes that it will he onoof Increased prosperity. At tlio inauguration
of the liiM filly Council the Mayor pointed
out some ofthe public cnterprisca from
which tie people look for material advunt.
agca. First of these is the Kooky Mountain
railway, a coal ami colonization toad, to
connect the vast beds of anthracite with
the prairie centre. Iho Southern Album
railway, which is seeking incorporation, is
to be built in a south-easterly direction
between Calgary and the international
boundary. It will tap important eoal fields
as also will the Red Deer railway, which is
to begin building iu tha spring. Besides
these railway advantages, Calgary *xpectE
to have a gicat meat canning ami curing
establishment and a Dominion experimental
farm. The citizens are also considering the
establishment of a university, In view of
all the-e contemplated improvements, as
woll as those which have already been made
it is evident that the baby city begins life
under most hopeful cirenmatancoa,
BiisinesB  Dull.
Tramp������"Bus!ness is very dull, mum."
Farmer's Wife���--Business is dull, ia it
I'd juat like to know what limitless you are
Tramp���"I'm a perfessional  scarecrow,
mum, but nobody seems to need iny icrviccs
this time of year."
When a willow says, " I never flirt,"
You mustn't believe it true,
For, as she pouts in a manner pert,
She'll try it iheu on ynu. ,
taachet-s to Switzerland to investigate edit
rational methods,
The guards at Laroquette, the prison in
which bomb-thrower V-i.ilii.nt is confined,
havo been doubled.
Labor men are organizing throughout'
Australia and nominating candidates for,
the coming election*-. j
The Duoheia of York haa set up a swing;
for the amusement of her guests in wet
The German Reichstag haa ratified Germany's adherence on the international aani-
t��ry convention oonoluilod last j ear.
The Norman German Lloyd and Hamburg-
American Steamship Companies intend to
pool their Mediterranean businesa.
The Emperor of Austria, although a devout Catholic, haa finally given his sanction
to tho Introduction of a law to require civil
Empress Gncenlo has declared her intention to spend the whole winter at her villa
of the dtp, near Mcntone, on lho Mediterranean shore.
Through thfl agency of the Missions to
Seamen Society over 6,000 sailors have been
entollod as total abstainers in Cork harbor
Temperance societies are being formed
among the mujlks of Russia, the members
undertaking to abstain from vodka for 12
Tho Young Abstainers'Union of China now
numbers iu its several branches at Shanghai,
Foo Chaw and other cities upward of 9,000
The United Stales consul at Palermo
douiea the report that French funds have
boen aeutto tlie Sicilian revolutionists.
A Pernambuco despatch pays tho crow of
the dynamite cruiser Nictheroy refuse to
serve unless their wages are paid in advance.
It Is denied that tho Pope has written to
the Sicilian bishops asking them to actus
peacemakers in the troubles, now agitating
The subscription in Homo to the fund to
relievo relatives of Italian workinginen
killed in lhe Aiguca Mortes massacre lost
summer amounted to lOU.OOO francs.
A Congregational Temperance association
for Ireland lias been organized with ltev.
W. Newman Hall, a nephew of ltev. Dr.
Newman Hall, as its secretary.
Italy gives the world outside her borders
2,fi00,000,b00 orangoaj Spain, 1,400,000,-
UO | Portugal, 80,000 j Paraguay, 00,000,
It is suid that the King of Siam has become so addicted to tiie use of stimulants
that he is practically a mental and physical
Premier Criapi has consulted with Italian
Finance Minister Sonnlno concerning the
expediency of awarding the Sicilian peasants
tho use of the uncultivated lands on the
A Frenchman, who has just been released after undergoing a long term of im
prisomneiit, in Germany, as a spy, gives i
very uninviting description of lifo in Qer
mau prisons.
Tho wholo number of horses and mules
possessed by the Britidi army ia within u
few of 27,000 of whom rather moro than
11,000 aro with the Kuropean troops in
India, and the remainder at home, in Kgypt
and Natal.
Peitro Sharharo, formerly a member of
the British parliament, died a few days
ago in the attic of a Roman tenement. Ho
waa u learned man, but eccentric to the
border nf lunacy.
Tho light on the underground trains in
London haa hitherto been instillicicut for
reading. It is now proposed to introduce
���J..--MI) penuy-in-tlie-sfotmachines topro >ule
light for those desiring it.
A despatch from Warsaw aays that tin
postal official in 1'rairka aa well as in Uud*
nik wero arrested for forwarding nihilist
circulars which emanated from the students1
revolutionary society in Waraaw.
Claims amounting to something over S20,*
000,000 have been filed by American citizens
before the Chilian Claims Commission.
The Chilian claims on the United States
amount to a very moderate sum, leaving a
heavy balance against Chili.
The Soziliast publishes a summons signed
<y tho independent socialist and anarchiat
eadera calling upon tho German unemployed workingmon to meet on January ISth
at Lipsbrewery for the purpose of formulating a ancial and political platform.
Aid. W.H. Horton, of Hythe, Fug., was
lined Cr.iJ for refusing to act as Mayor to
which ollico he was elected tho other day.
Tho ex-Mayor was strongly urged to eerve
again, and in res-ions-- said that to save the
town from the deplorable condition it was
in ho would doao.
Queen Victoria is under fivo foet in
height, and broadly built. Nor does she
make any attempt to remedy this condition
by artificial means, for many a year has
passed KJueoahe had occasion to require thi
services of hur corset ioro.
Tlio bark Trafalgar arrived at Melbourne
Australia, last week, forty-eight days out
from Itittavia, Shu was navigated to port
hy a boy eighteen years ohl, having loat
her captain, I w i ollieers and threo seamen
by fever.
Thero are some very lull soldiers in (Jiuaon
Victoria's service. Tho tallest is a bom-
badier, Wheeler by name, who belongs to
the I loyal Horse Artillery, who stands six
feet eight iucheain hisatouklnga. Another
ia a private of the Hampshire Regiment,
who ia aix foet livo inches.
Tho Cnnaiatory, whioh meets at
Rome in March, will provide for
six new Cardinals, namely;��� Mgr.
Jacobini, the Papal Nuncio at Lisbon:
Mgr. Xocella, secretary of the Conaistoria
congregation; Mgr. Satoili, the Papal
delegate to tho United States; Mgr. Fauatil
the Papal auditor; Mgr, Salvuti, secretary
of the Congregational Council, and Father
Stemhueber, the Jesuit.
Whatever upsets the balanco of the organism iu an individual or a race tends firat of
all to alfecl tho rato of reproduction. Civilize the red man and he begins to decrease
at once in number',
Is not the samo thing truo of us? Civilization ami ils works have ci no too quick
ly upon ua. Tho strain and Btrois of cor-
relating and co-ordinating the world we live
inaregettingloomuohforua. Rail ways, tel
egrapha.lhn latest edition,havo played havo
��t laat with our nervous systems. Wo aro
alwaya ou the atretch, rushing and tcariug
perpetually. We bolt our breakfast, wu
tateh '.ha train or 'bus by thu skin of our
colli, The tape clicks perpetually in our
ears the last quolatiou Frios, tho telephone
rings us up at inconvenient moments.
Something is alwayB happening aomeAhere
to diatiirbour equanimity. Life is one turmoil of excitement ami hustle. Financially,
a soriesof dissolving views ; personally,
... a rush ; socially, 'tis a mosaic of deftly
fitted engagements. Drop outonepieno,and
you can never replace it. You are full
next week from Monday to Saturday���
business all day, what calls itself pleasure
(savo tho mark!) all evening. Poor old
Leisure is dead. Wo hurry and scurry and
flurry eternally. One whirl of work from
morning till night; then dress and dine ;
one whirl of excitementfromnighttill morning. A snap of troubled sleep, and again da
capo. Not an hour, not a minuto we can
il our own,
"The first generation after Stephenson
and the Rocket pulled through with it
somehow. They inherited the sound constitutions of the men who sat on rustic soats
in the gardens of thc twentiea. The second
generation���that's you and mo���felt the
strain of it more severely. New machines
had como in to mako lifo still moro complicated; telegrams, Bell aud Kdiaon, submarine cables, evening papers, perturbation pouring in from all sides incessantly,
suburbs growing, the hubbub increasing,
metropolitan railways, trams, bicycles
innumerable; but we still endured, and
presented the world all the same with a
third generation. That third generation
���ah me! there comes thc pity of it all! One
fancies the impulse lo marry ami rear a family has wholly died out of it! It seems
to have died out most in the class where
the strain and stress are greater. I
don't think young men of that olass to-day
have the sanu feeling towards women of
t heir sort as formerly. With certain
claaacs lui-liti certain places a primitive instinct of nur race bus weakened. The present crisis in iho marriage market is due, not
to clubs or thfl comfort nf bachelor quarters,
hut to the cumulative effect of nervous over
Twould Look Perfectly Awful.
It would never do for women to be a
the head of the government," aaid Mr.
Why not, pray?'' asked his wife.
Supposo uu unmarried woman were
secretary of the treasury at tho present
time, when bonds are iaaued."
Well,   suppose   that   were   the   c;
What of itl"
"How would it look for her to issue a
���ircular headed ' Proposals invited ?' "
No Need of Oards.
Mrs. Do Style���" Wo havo forgotten
about the baby's cards,"
"Mr. DeS.-"Cards';"
"Certainly. To bo in the fashion, we
must have cards with the baby's namo ami
dato of his birth, and send them to our
friends, so that tbey will know that wc
have a baby."
"Oh, they will know it faat enough if
they pass this house anylimo between midnight ami morning,"
ToCroas tho Atlantic in Four Days*
What Thomas Alva Kdiaon says may bo
accepted as pretty sound, und ho says that
it will not be many years before we can cross
the Atlantic within four days. Tho great
inventor and scientist declures that rapid
transit through the water is only u question
of reducing the friction between the sides of
tho ship and tho water. What makes the
resist mice thatthe ship's crew must overcome
Ib tho fact that the ship drags u lotof wator
aloug wilh her. To illustrate this: Say thc
vessel is going twonty miles an hour; twi
feet from her sides the water ia going ten
milea au hour; four feet away five miles an
hour; eight foot away, two miles an hour:
nine feet off, ono mile an hour, and ao on in
diminishing ratio. All thiB water the vessel
ia dragging along with her. That is what
tho engine has got to do���not force the ship
through the wator, but carry tho water
alone. This all cornea from the fact that tho
water sticks, as it were, to the sides of the
ship, I'Mison behoves that some means will
bo discovered of less-cuing the Irtction between the sides of the vessel and the ocean.
The result might por-aihly be achieved, he
thinks, by forcing aome cheap oil through
tho aides of the pores of tho ship under the
wator lino. She would then slip across the
Atlantic on a bod of oil, like greased light*
ing, us it were,���[The Million.
" Hut evil Is wroiit-lii by want of thought,
As well as want of heart."
By want ol thought mothers allow daughters to become frail aud puny. Over-study
in girls induces uterine disorders and weaknesses, and blights their future happiness
aa wives aud mothers. Joined to proper
hygienic care, Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription ia a priceless remedy in such ailment*-, its value becoming even more apparent
overy year. Using it, the wan, debilitated
school girl gains color, llesh, and spirits,
loaing those deathly headaches, tormenting
backaches, languor, dejection, and other
aymploms of functional irregularities, and
nervous debility. It never harms the most
delicate girl,
HohiriitUtle, Huntingdon*Co., Pa.
WoMiD's   Dis!*f*r*aAKV   MttPtOAr. Assort
Gknti.bmkn���I cannot snlliciently express
to you my gratitude for tho benefit your
medicine has conferred upon my daughter.
Of lato she haa suffered no pain whatever.
It ia Simply marvelous. You havo just
reason to call It your " Favorite I'reacrip
tion," and to stake your reputation as a
physician on jt, A favorite prescription it
Is, indeed, to you and tn thousands in this
land, and I believe will he to suffering
women the world over.
Yours gratefully,
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it; but I cannot understand how a girl as
intelligent as alio ia can coiia-mt to marry a
man stupid enough to want _to marry hor."
nil*, aud theie was no reason to doubt their
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Btory as briefly told as possible is this : Iu
1890, after returning from tho Pacific coast,
Mr. Belrose went to Chicago where he secured employment in the erection of one of
the big Phil Armour grain elevators. After
being in that city for a short time he was
taken wiih a malarial fever. After a week
of Buffering the people with whom ho was
staying spoko of taking him to the hospital, but Mr. Belrose objected, A con*
saltation was hold and it waa decided that
instead going to the hospital���u place io
dreaded���he would take the first tram
home. His ticket was bought aud he whs
plucetl on the train. Ho was so aick that
the ouly incident ho could remember in the
wholo fit/0 miles' trip was tho changing of
cars at some junction. Ilo reached home
on August 7th, und at once a well-known
physician waa culled in. Recovery was
alow and it was not until November that;
he waa ablo to get out of the house. Then
in his weakened condition he took a re-
lapse. Winter woreon ; the best physicians
were called in but with no avail, There
was no improvement. The complications
battled all iioatmcnt. From the hipa down
a sort of paralysis seized the sufferer, and
it was impossible to keep the lower extremities warm. The bed covers were incmia:d
but proved of no consequence aa far as
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As a laat leaort u pair of heavy Herman felt
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cold feet. But the artificial warmth fuiled
to do what nature could not for aomo reason
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pain. Friends brought the electric buttery
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discontinued. It happened during this
treatment, however.that one of the visitors
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'the steady rain of tlio full afternoon had
oblitnratoit tho innuutains and sunk thc
trail, at heat narrow and dangeroiui, into
tli-.* bud of an erratic brook. Down thit*
Craig Oliver's lino mare slipped hopelessly,
whilo hia shepherd dog, a mass of disconsolate wetness, trotted sullenly bnliind, his
tn������*���-.��� closo tothe Iwri-e'shoels. Oliver's corduroys wero soaking, from his sombrero a
stream of water dripped down bia back,
and the damp carcass of a dofunt nntcloiw
swung to his s id die boeatno painfully
odoriferous. Tint very autolope had lured
him to tho top of Slity i Peak and had tak-
on roveiige for tho first shot which had
brought its demise.
Craig, naturally hot-tompnred and
impatient, aworo audibly. lie wondered why a man should want to
gj hunting in tho KockieB; why
if bo diil, lio could nob tell when it was
going to rain,���or did anybody ovor know
Colorado weather? wiiy, ic a man knew
enough lo go to thc top of* a poak, ho could
not find his way down. Ho had no idea
whore be wa), aud night was near at hand:
under thuaspens that slappodhim merrily
wiih wet branches as ho paused, it was already dark.
Ho wondered where Doctor John was.
That ass would mike a joit of the matter :
he was offensively personal in his jokes.
Ho would not think of going to look for a
comrade,---not ho, tho la/.iost man In the
world. V\ hy, then, should Craig Oliver
take moat to Doctor John, autolope steak
he so favored, brought from tha summit of
a cloud-reaching poak I Yet that invidious
doubt of Doctor -John's I there must be
evidence, or he would tell the story of an
imaginary antelopo and imaginary shot.
It grew darker,--if possible, wettor. The
Bodden antelope tluuncod about, and the
do-* whined dolefully.
"Confound you, Alio," cried Oliver, "if
you arc bored, what must I bo? Do you
think I'm doing thia for pleasure? Hesides,
you can shako the rain off your coal, and it
soaks into mine. If I stay outside to-night
it means rheumatism- sure I'll bet tho
doctor is huddling over the fire now with
that infernal pipo nf his, nnd Mike is cleaning his hoots,������li-* doctor's boots. 1 pay
Mike, but he cleans the doctor's boots first,
last, and ull the time. Some men havo a
faculty of imposition."
Tho morn uncomfortable Oliver became,
the more ho thought uf hia guest snugly
ensconce I in his hunting-cabin mites away
on tlio Troublesoms,���an untrustworthy
tittle stream itut miandered through the
mountain park, irrigating thc crops bountifully in the spring, tint often annihilating thom iu midsummer,
" He's toasting his thm shanks at my
hearth, smoking my tobacco, ordering iny
servant aliout, aud ho would lea/e me out
here to perish, He know it was going to
rain : that is why ho s .id lie had ths tooth
ache. I swear no hasn't ono of his own
loft. 1 behove itis gout nil.- him. And
Mike hasn't souse enough to go out with a
light.    Ha I there's one I"
The trees more widely seiltered showed
him a sudden glimmer of light across tho
murk below, like a fallen star. Ho urged
the mure forward down a sleep hill, and
found from horquickened pace he wan on
a travelled road. Thou sho shied and ston-
ped, and ho was close lo a shut gale. He
dismouuteil, opened it, and, mindful of cattle, closed it aiter him. Afierashort walk
ho saw the dark outlines of buildings, a
house with corrals and bams ; from the
last camu lho savago barking of dogs and
tho clank of lheir strotching chains as thoy
leaned trom their kennels. Mac, in duty
bound, set up u challenging uproar, silenced
only by his master's whip. From the
lighted windows Craig saw the house proper
was built of logs and raised considerably
from the ground, with a wido veranda approached, by a long flight of steps. A door
in the I. that was on a level with tho ground
suddenly opened, ami a man camo out with
a lantern,���an under-si-fed man, witli
white face, deep-sunken black oyos, aud a
scrubby beard around his ohin of suoh a
bluo-black color his fac-i lookod deadly
" What a State's prison mug !" Craig
thought; but he said, polltoly. "I have
lost my way."
"Well, this is not it," said the man,
holding his lantern rudely near Oliver's
" I do 11.it imol your assurance of that,
my civil  friond ;   but  if I insulted you
with a bribe could you put up my horae
ami givo ma shelter fnr thu night f"
" No."
"Western hospitality is evidently out of
your Hue. 1 fancy Now York or the ad
jacont islands are more to your taste than a
ranch in tho mountains. Perhaps ynu could
direct mo to Lord Morris's shooting box i
it'** on llu* Troublesome, about Hvo miles
from Parkvlllo, I am a stranger here, as I
only bought tho lodge this spring."
" 1 don't know whero it is,"
"All! A-tlr.vigcr loo. Ynu owu this
" I don't bob that that isyouv alTair."
"1 might make jt mine, if the odds woro
not bo against mo," Oliver inutterod,
turning, and lightening his saddle-girth*'.
A door in the homo suddenly opened, nnd
in the Hood of light streaming out Oliver
Haw a nl! 'lit girlish liguro peering into the
"What is it, Louis T Not Monsieur do
Itt-Rtaud?    Is���is ho hurt!"
"Only a tramp, do bock into thn
bouse," called the man rudely.
A fat liltlo woman in a cap ran nut,
Bei/.ed tho girl'a arm, uul tried to draff hor
In tbo door: but tho young woman defend-
od her rights vigorously, and, freeing her
self, ran down tne -Hops.
"1 have entered a romance,1'thought
Craig, advancing lo the steps. "After
travelling in extremely beaten paths for
forty years, 1 have suddonly achieved au
adventure." " I havo lost my way," he
Baid; lifting hie hat. " I am uot a tramp at
all, but a neighbor,���-evon a landed proprietor.   I did hopo for shelter, but I will
only ask a direction "
" But I don't know any directions, sir,
and I wouldn't trust Louis's, he'd like to
get any one into trouble. lam thanktully
ignorant of this horrid country : I want to
be : I bate ii. Hut you must coma in and
get dry and have your horso rubbed down.
What a lovoly dog lM
The fat woman, who had descended tho
nteps unobsoncd, hero Interposed an objection, clutching tho girl's arm tightly, and
talking hastily iu whispered Fron-ili that
sounded like a prolonged hiss, ao groat was
her agitation.
" Hush up, hag!" Baid the singular young
woman, again freeing herself, " And now
do come in for a littio while."
She was bareheaded, uml wore aomo kind
of a sleazy gown. Aa tho rain was speedily wetting Tier shoulders, Oliver waa forced
to go up under tho roof of the veranda.
" You needn't be Bhocked," aho went on
merrily," at what I said to hor: sho does
not know a word of Knglish, and she's
gone and won't come any moro. Half tho
fun I have is calling her names and
flaying things \to her Bhe would so like
know,���Louit, take lhe f-entlemau's
horso and give her good care. Nona of your
tricks, for Monsieur might this once liko to
be friendly: you never can tell: he and
Lord Morris were. Monsieur can be agreeable, quite lovely to strangers, if he wants
lo b\"
T ie u.an, grumbliug to himself, led the
man to tho barn.
lon't fancy leaving her to his mercies,"
said Oliver, uneasily, as he watched man
and horae from the porch. "Somehow I
hav.i not overmuch confidence in your
Isn't he evil looking? Anne'.to, though,
thiika he is beautiful. Hut Louis will be
goo I to your horse ��� he is fond of them, and
a thoroughbred, too, liko that one, will
del ght bim. His liking for horses is the
only human trait ho ha.-*. Do oome in, just
a little while i we're not robbers or Bend*
era, though things are funny. Bring your
lovjly doe. Will ho fight a littio mite of
one ?"
"If he did I'd disown him," smiled
Sho Btooped and picked up a fluffy Skyo
terrier, and, holding it in hor arms, led the
way into a luxuriously-furnished room with
piano and tine pictures, a bright open tire,
and evidences of travel and culture in bric-
a-brac, It was strangely at variance with
tho wild and louely country outside, but
oddly natural in Colorado, In the Kockios
the unexpected iaalways happening : a day-
laborer is often a iml logo graduate wailing
for a stake, or a cowboy may be tire sou of
an earl acquiring experience,
"If wo triod to snare travellers," said
tbo young lady, coolly, " Louis would
rather hurt our business, his manners aro
so bad. This is tho den of Monsieur de
Hestand, who came hore to avoid tho war
with Prussia: he was only u young lad
then, but a born coward ; und his brother
is a colonel in tho French army, hia father
a genoral. He daren't go back t�� Franco.
Sit down. Here's a chair for your coat;
you will fool hotter dry. I'll excuse your
Talking all tho whito, she set a chair tor
his coat, nuo for himself near the hearth,
and then, kneeling down by thc big dog,
alio put the little one on the lloor and proceeded to make them acquainted. Skye
instantly became t llutf of growl and fight;
but Mao, with an enniiyoed sigh, stretched
himself nnd lay down to reat. He realised
he was intruding, but meant to make the
host of it in peace. She jumped up, the
dog under her arm, and flung a logon the
".There, are you comfortable?" she askod, standing and smiling on him, a lovely
flush on her face,
" Delightfully so."
Oliver looked at her iu wonder. Was
alio ohild or woman 'I A slight, girlish
figure, hut beautifully formed, tiny hands
and feet, a mass of short reddish curls
around her neck, parted smoothly iu the
middle, hazel eyes with dark lashes, a nose
retrousse, piquautly so, and a rose-bud
mouth that allowed small white teeth of
daz/.iing brilliancy. Her skin waa almost
unnaturally pale, nnd a dimplo in the left
cheek drew attention to Its soft roundness.
Her gown of yellow china silk clung to her
beautiful aurves, and thewide mill e of the
yellow around her throat was like* tho
petila of a flower. He looked at her left
hand: thero was no ring: in fact, all the
jewelry ahe wore was a bunch of silver
bangles on her right arm.
" Do you live here ?" ho asked, lamely,
as she knell again on the rug to pat his dog,
Skyo in her arms.
Instead of replying, she mado ber dog
sit up on ita hind legs and beg,��� an accomplishment Skye disliked showing, as he
desired to get acquainted with Ihc new
dog, and this circus business seemed derogatory lo his dignity.
'���See!" said the young woman, breathlessly; "isn't he cunning? But ho does
it much better when there is not company:
he never will show o!T. Cau your dog givo
his paw ?"
" I don't think T ever askod him," stammered Oliver, who was thinking what a
pretty picture the girl made.
"Well, bo is too tired to tease now. Oh,"
jumping up and standing by the fire, "you
asked who I was."
No: if you lived hero."
Do you think," half sadly, "a person
cotild live hero?"
I���I don't know."
I do," said the young woman, emphatically. "I havo tried it two years and
winters, all the long shut-in months, I
eat, Bleep, breathe, but I don't live. I am
called Minny,���christened Minerva, after
my father's ship,���a funny name, that does
not auit me. Children ought to be allowed
to  name  themselves:   don't   you  think
1 have a flask," smiled Oliver, *��� but
this tea is much bouter."
I think bo. And are things nice, truly?"
The very host, and how good you can
Imagine to a mau who has fasted since seven
this morning. You see, I was bound to
have lhat antelope i I was on hia trail tho
whole day,"
It seems cruel to kill the poor littie
things," she said, wistfully, " tbey hare
such a hard timo in the winter, and the elk
are bo starved then they como down to the
corral to eat hay with the cattle. I would
tike to put hay out for them, but I am not
i.llowed ; and just think, my money has
bought this rancli : it was mortgaged
for alt jt was worth,���Monsieur spent
everything, you know ; but you don't
k uow, and think I am dreadful."
She ran to the window and looked out.
You would not mind," Bhe said, anxiously, " hurrying a little? Monsieur ought to
be back any moment. If he and his friends
have been drinking very much, they are
ugly, especially Monsieur. Oh, I did not
mean you should stop."
" I am through," said Oliver, uneasily .
It was very nice indeed ; but I am afraid
I have made you trouble, will do you harm
by   boing here.     You mint know  where
Morris's placo is."
Down the road hero somewhere, but I
don't know just whero. I never was there:
it was not a fit place. Don't you think,"
sho went ou, feeding his dog scraps from
the waiter while she spoke, " that it is
funny of me to talk of my husband to
" I don't war.t t> bn a stranger," said
Oliver, gently, "und you know ono could
not live here without hearing something of
of "
"The crazy Frenchman."
Oliver put on his coat in silence. Tho
big shepherd dog leaned his beautiful head
against the girl'a knee while she fed him,
and littio Skye, quite content with a stray
bite now aud then, looked on In approval.
Oliver thought he would liko to take her in
his arms, as if she were tho child she looked.
That protty little yellow gown, the bright
girl'a face, with its saddened look, touched
him sorely. He was not wont to be interested much in women ; those he met wero
of two classes, ami this child was of neither
class,���a different being,���-a pathetic,
haunting one ; a child in years, and yet two
yeara a wife, aud of such a man. She
glanced up and saw his grave face. Her
lips quivered,
"Don't think mo dreadful," she aaid,
piteously. "I am so lonely, so forsaken,
and you brought back the old days. You
look so kind, the words j ust came : I could
not help it. Suppose you were ine shut up
here, my father lost at sea, my mother dead
two years ago, and my only friend, my only
relation, saying it was my duty" (a sob)
"to live hore for ever and ever. 1 wish
that, ynu would try to like me, and that I
could teel there was somewhere in the world
a good man who would be a friend to me
and pity me."
He took her little hand in hia big one
and looked down on her sunny head.
" You are a little child," he said, softly,
' I know your life must, lie hard ; I oannot
Craig looked into thc tire. Ho thought
of tho little girl in tho yellow gown. How
plainly ho remembered even the bangles,
the Skye terrier, tbe dimple in lur cheek ?
I'erhapr- lie had lost his heart.
Au .English Army Officers Thrilling Ad
vaataro in South Africa-
"It might be hotter, but Minny is a
protty name, and," with a smiling glanco
of admiration, for Oliver liked a pretty
woman, " suits delightfully. I was named
Peter,���think of that!���hut luckily had a
middle name. Allow mo to introduce myself : Craig Oliver, of Denver, and your
neighbor in the valloy of tho Trouble*
"I am "���sho hesitated a moment and
looked at him defiantly���" Mrs.de Restaud.
I knew you'd havo to know. I put it off
on purpose. Now please don't look at me
out of the corner of your eye and wonder I
am uot more dignified aud stop boing pleas.
ant to mo because I am married."
" I don't see," said Oliver, unconsciously
becoming moro distant, "that your being
married makes any diderenoe."
" I am glad ; for up hero they daren't
talk politely to mo because of Monsieur : in
fact, for weeks I only have Skye to talk
' know I run on foolishly * hut 1 am
like an exile meeting a neighbour from
tho home country. No gentlemen come
here: Lord Morris was not; he might havo
been onoe, but liquor changes everybody.
Since Aunt Hannah was sent away, six
months ago, thero has not lioou a living
Boul here 1 evon endured. By tho way,
smiling again, "aro you hungry?"
1 breakfasted this morning," answered
" Woll, I'll got you something to eat.
Pleaso lot mo: it's such fun to have a visitor. And don't you mind if you hear
growls from tho kitchen."
Sho ran out before Oliver could object:
ao ho sat and watohod his steaming coat,
wondering If the proprietor would shoot ou
sight. Ilo remembered now seeing the
"crazy Free oh man," as ho was called in
the valley, a small, wizonod orouturo, looking as if ho look morphine, from hisstrange
color and the unnatural brightness of his
eyea. Tho pity of it I tho girl���a child,
almost���wan his wifo. "This is odd," he
thought, "an adventure, and Doctor .lohn
will never believe a word of it." Unfortunately, Mra. de Restaud had left the door
ajar, and Oliver became painfully aware of
h=r conversation:
" Annette dear,-���how I wish the Utes
would carry you off I how tired they'd be,
though, of tholr bargain !���lot mo get that
Don't you touch me. Witch I they'd
hung you In Salem days, I am getting
this for the stranger who looks like a hero
out of a book,���a big, broad-shouldered
man ; not a littio, evil thing, like your doar
Monsieur or your own pet Louis with his
Sing Sing mannets. Such a charming
stranger, with the kindest amile, and oyes
that smile too, and a gentleman liko I used
to know before I was shut up here. Cat,
lot the waiter alone I I hate your Monsieur I his own father called him a coward.
Oh, wait, my lovo, until I practise shooting : somo day I will put a little round
bullet-hole in your lovely cap-frill."
A crash of crockery, tho alam of a door,
and Mrs. do llestaud came back; Hushed
ami triumphant, with a loaded waiter and
a conquering air,
" Cold ham, fresh bread, and tea," Bhe
said, sotting it on the tablo. *��� it is bettor
than nothing. I havo been on a foraging
expedition and  outgeneralled   the enemy.
Now do oat. Perhaps you ought to have
1 whiskey; but Monsieur has tho keys,"
happy to be your friend :  I haven't many,
When one has lived long in the world he
has sorted the wheat from the chaff; and '
can count my friends on my fingers,��� c
one hand, indeed."
" Then let me be the little linger," sho
said, shyly.
The sound of horses' hoofs outside made
her withdraw her hand suddenly, aud a
frightened look came over her face. Oliver
picked up his riding-whip, bit hiB lower lip,
and waited, Mac, with a growl, slunk up to
hiB master's heels. Tho doorwas flung rudely
open, and a man stepped into the room, to
overcome with anger he could at first form
no word,���a little man with a dark evil
face, sunken eyes, and long black beard.
His corduroy suit was dripping, and tho
hat ho flung on the table soaking wet. He
had the air of one who has ridden fast in an
evil mood.
Ate you keeping a hotel, .Madame de
Restaud?" he hissed. "Truly this is a very
pleasant surprise for a man."
"The gentleman asked shelter, Henri,"
the girl said, trembling. "He lost his way,
and Louis would not tell him how to find
Lord Morris's place,"
You can of course give me tho direction," Oliver said, courteously, though his
hand clinched the whip-handle tighter,
"Lord Morris told mu of your hunting-
exploits. I thought wo should have met
before this ; but Dootor John and I are
unsociable sort of men and don't go about
"The road you oame, straight down two
miles, turn to the left," said De Restaud,
coldly,   "My man has your mare ready."
"Thanks.���Mra. dj Restaud, you have
shown truo Western hospitality. I shall
always remember it.   Good-night."
He could not look at that shrinking figure, with its frightened eyes,
"flood-by," Bhe said, sadly. "I hope
you will tiud your road,"
As he closed the door he heard hor give a
cry of pain, as if she had been rudely
seized, and he almost stopped, then went
hastily down the steps. He wished ono of
the rulHans dismounting before the porch
would speak to bim : he would havo liked
to silence him. No ono spoko, however.
Kven Louia led the mare up in silence,
Oliver looked her over as he mounted, tossed the man a dollar, aud Baid, as he cantered
" I trust you and I will meet again, my
civil friend.'
The gate was open, so he went easily past
all pitfalls, and, the mare boing rested, in
a short timo he saw the light from his own
cabin, and with un odd sense of comfort,
too. A lost, homeless man is a pitiful object the world over. Miks rushed out lo
tako thu mure ; he was just going to look
for him: the doctor had worried. But
Oliver, without a word, went into the house.
He went to his cigar box, lit a cigar, then
stood before his own hearth with a queer
air of possession. It was just as he thought.
There sat Dootor .lohn in that ridiculous
flowered dressing-gown and embroidered
cap, with his eternal pipe, as unconcerned
as possible.
"Back at last, ohl man?"said Doctor
John, cheerily. "Wo woro getting worried about you,"
" Thanks," growled Oliver.
"Wo waited supper," continued tho
other, a little, elderly man, with bright
blue oyea, close-cut groy hair, and long
gray beard. " Miko was bound to go for
"And you to prevent him," sneered
" Well, I did think It nonsense.    Whero
could he look? Lot's eat,"
" I am not hungry;   I had supper.
"At a house," Oliver answered, briefly,
as Mike entered with the supper-things.
However, he sat down, and found himself
eating heartily,
Neither man spoke, Doctor John being
uaed to Oliver's moods. The meal over,
they sat before the fire. Oliver took a
cigar, while Doctor John lit his pipe.
" I was at the summit of Sisty's Peak
to-day," aaid Oliver, after a long silence.
"Ah!" interrogatively from Doctor
"I followed an antelope,���a splendid
shot, the best I've had ; a big buck."
Too bad you did not bring it.   We're
out of meat."
" But  I  did.   I  know  you."    Oliver
smiled,   " The evidence is on my saddle."
"There's a butcher-shop at Parkville,"
aaid Doctor John, meditatively,
"Is there?" said Oliver, indifferently.
" I was not that way. I had supper at
Do RostandV
"The crazy Frenchman's? Honestly,
Craig ? "
"I givo yon iny word. His wife ia a
sweet littio woman."
" Thoy aro all to you,  my boy.   Your
weakness.   You  don't  say I���at  De Re
staud's I" Doctor John smoked a while over
it; "actually cot In   his house I   Why,
he is thi '   **    "
I'i-riirr** Ki-giiriUti-*. L->uil-i:i.
The population of London���that Is, the
London of the Registrar-General, or practically, the administrative county of London
���was found to be 4,211,713, showing an
iucrease of 3%,19'J, or 10.4 per cent, upon
1SS1, as compared wilh au iucrease of 11.7
per cent, for the whole of Rugland and
Wales. Thia difference is referred to by
the report as a notable fact, inasmuch as it
is the first time that such a phenomenon
has presented itself. London having been
found in every preceding intercensal period
to have gained more or less in its proportions as compared with tho country at
largo.   The report continues i������
"Suggestion has been made that the
explanation of this apparent relaxation in
the growth of London,ascompared with the
country at large, may lie in the fact that
the census of 1391 was tiken only a week
after Faster day, when a number of per*
sons who had gone away for an Easter
holiday had nit oome back from the country. It is possible that thia may have had
some slight effout upon the enumerated
population iu those quarters that are
mainly inhabited by the class that is
wealthy enough to take prolonged holidays;
but it ia difficult to suppose that
it could have had any sensible effect upon
tho agggregato population of tho whole
town.ojpooiully when it is recollected that,
if many Londoners migrate at Mister into
tho country, many countrymen on the
other hand p.y a visit at that season to
I1UW TIIK   I'KOI'l.K   I.1VK.
From the section ot the report dealing
with habitations wc find that according to
tho returns there wero altogether in Fug-
laud and Walea 5,451,497 inhabited
houses, hesides '.T-.'.lSt uninhabited and
,'IS,'{S7 in course of building. The average
number of occupants to each inhabited
house was 5.32, against 5..18 in 1881 and
5.33 in 1871. No material change, therefore, has occurred in the last 20 years in
the proportion borne by population to
housei. The proportion varies, of course,
greatly in different areas, being highest) gJJ*{��I"1"'
naturally, in great towns, where space is i " lanties.
valuable and the houses are of targe size,
But for each individual town tho proportion'
haa remained fairly constant. A table
which gives the proportion for London
and all municipal towns with more than
100,000 inhabitants shows that such
change as has occurred in the proportions
is In a direction that suggests diminished
crowding, ths proportion of persons per
house being, with two oxceptions, lower in
all these towns in 1 SI) 1 than it was in 1831.
With regard to tenements���by which was
understood " any house or part of a house
separately occupied either by the owner or
by a tenant "���the total number in Kngland
and Wales was (1,1.11,301, whioh gives, with
a population of 29,002,525, an average of
4.7 persons to each tenement, and of 1.12
tenements, or distinct occupancies, to each
inhabited house. No fewer than 481,653
of the tenements are brought under the
definition of "overcrowded," and in them
dwelt .1,258,014 persons, or 11.23 per cent,
of the total population, the average number ot persons por room being 2.8. The
coal-bearing counties an stated to be those
where the crowding ot dwellings is most
ISoiirrntl lit u Tm* In n Man Kale* *. Haanl-
A Miv;i**r Iiln-2-t blnbalic.il Mcilir.il ot
<it|>Hnl l-nui--luiii in.
A writer in the St. Louis Globe-Dd-no-
crat aaya t���tt was during the alum; days
of tho World's Fair that I tirst met Capt.
Henry Forbes. Wo became fast, friends,
and I found him to ho an esceedingly interesting man, a man with a history in fact,
Ho was a retired Knglish army officer,
well along iu year-, but remarkably well
preserved, and iu his prime muat have possessed great streugth.agility and endurance.
He had a brilliant military record and had
served under his country's lli: in all parts
of thn globo. In bis younger days he served
many yeara in South Africa, and boing
ardently fond of the chase his many experiences in ibis field of adventure formed an
inexhaustillo fund of thrilling anecdotes.
At first, however, I found him indisposed
to talk much concerning them, and only by
the moat persistent pumping could I induce
him to freely unloosen his tongue. They
were all of absorbing interest, hut thero
was one iu particular which I recall as being
thrilling in the extreme.
It happened up in tho Bamaugwato enm-
try some twenty-live or thirty yearBago, I
should fancy, although the Jantaiu ouly indicated in a general way tbo time of Reoccurrence. Together with three other white
men and a number ol native attendants, he
had gono up to that country ou a hunting
expedition, game of all kinds abounding
For a weok or ten days they reveled in
the veriest prodigality of big game shooting, without anything happening to mar
the pleasure of their sport. Ono day Capt,
Forties became separated from tho others
in the pursuit of a small band of the beautiful Bablu aniolope. They aro exceedingly
wary and difficult of approach, and the
Captain had a long and wearisome stalk bo
fore ho succeeded in getting a shot. He
bagged his game, however, as was usually
the case with him.and a fow moments after
he stood banding ovor his outstretched
quarry. It was a beautiful animal, and as
it was the first ho had ever killed he was
greatly interested in studying ita  striking
He was thus engaged wheu attracted by
a alight sound at his rear; he turne I his
head in that direction, and was startled beyond measure to discover a dozen or more
natives just in the act of closing in upon him.
He had no time for a shot, and it would havo
availed him littio against ihe odds which
beset him, but with tbe ready instinct of tho
soldier he clubbed his rille, and the noxtin-
stant it fell with crushing force upon the
head of a burly savage who seemed to be
the leader of the others. He dropped like
a log. Once, twice, threo times more the
heavy steel barrel found the heads ol assaulting savages, with the same result as in tho
case of the first victim.
'loon daylight gradually began to fada
away, and in a short time llie forost was
wrapped in the somber gloom of night.
Strange sounds here and l here came from
out the darknesa, and several limes tho
Captain saw dark bodies gliding stealthily
by. Once a prying jackal approached him,
and, -inililing afon-* hi) le^s and leet for a
moment, raised his head ami emitted a howl
Weird and dolorous thai to the Ciptain'a
rerfeb imagination it r-ecme-l l he heralding
ol death's avant-couiier. A short time after
this a large animal approached him, and
halting a few feet distant stood watching
him intently for a few moments. Owing
to the darkness he waa unable to distinguish
just what it wan, but the intensely offensive
odor which soon came to his nostril-, clearly
proclaimed il to be .*. hyena. A colony of!
monkeyi in a tree above chatted away at
times in a lively manner as though excitedly discussing the strange sit nation down
below ; while three or four times a great
night bird swept by in closo proximity, as
thoughendeavoring to make out themystery
surrounding this strange, immovable intruder. An.I thus minute succeeded minute,
but to the mau endeavoring to summon to
hia aid a fortitude that should unable him
to face death without fear each one seemed
like an hour���yea, a day.
Suddenly thoro camo into his ear the
distant sound of a low, mutlled roar. Thero
was no need to tell his trained ear what it
meant: he had heard it many, many times
before, but never had it brought to his
heart auoh a feeling of -"inking, sickening
nnrror as now. In a short time it was repeated, and this time it was unmistakably
nearer than beforo. Then there followed a
long poiiod of silence, so long, in fact, that
tho Captain really began to Hunk that a
kind fate had directed the lio-i's steps iu
another direction.
In the mcantimo the moon had arisen,
but owing to tbo density of the foliage its
raya lighted up iho surrounding forest only
very meagerly.    The tree to which tho Cap-
i was fastened was in the center of a
small open space, ono side of which
was quite brightly lighted hy the moon's
rays.     Suddenly    the   Captain     noticed
agitation among the bushes on this aide,
and iu another moment thero glided stealthily into view the crouching figure of a great
A Whole Troop Smothered bya Suowslide
ic the Mountains-
bhtifsoln Kli-.iyUcrr.Star! llie Destructive
MmitoHsilon-Yerrlbla VanlrestaUon
������rVu lure h iit-ii'iiHi-x. I in oca OH a Tri |il ������
We had gone out from Fort Owen to open
the pass iu thc Big Hole mountains to enable the wcod choppers to get a aupply of
fuel for the poar. It had "mowed for seventy
hours without   a   break,   and   nt   several
fioints iu the pass there wero drifts twenty
eet high. There wero twenty-five of us,
under command of a lieutenant, and about
uoon we had dug our w*y half through the
pas-t. The mountain slopes on each side
were rough and rocky, but tho snow
Uy so daep lhat each slope looked as
level as a lloor, thr*gh the slant was much
sharper than'he ordinary houso roof. It
wai a good 1,000 feet to lhe cedars growing ou the ridge, aiul it made oue dizzy to
look up and loali/o the distance,
Wc are liable to meet with a disaster
lioro," the oliicor had said aa we began work
with our snow shovels in the morning.
There must bo no shooting with your revolvers, no horse piay, no shouting. If thu
snow gets started up thore not a man of us
will ever bu found before next June."
The pass ran east ami west for a distanco
of'JiJOteet ati'l-thcii mule a sharp turn to
tho north. At thc luru we had what might
be called a third mountain iu front of tn.
Tho slope WaB as high as ullieij and pitched to the west, or down ihc pass. Wo
thus hai three slopes, two pitching a*ross
lhe piss and thu other IcuglhwiBo of it. For
tbo first hour every man r/as nervous and
afraid. Then the feeling began lo wear oil,
and some of the men expressed llieir contempt of tlm peril. At the end of two
hours the oHberlud to r.-p-i.tt his word* of
.union. Alabout II o'clock a fall of snov
from the loft-band slope revealed the
mouth of a oavo about thirty foet above our
heads.    It was believed by all to be  the
lair of a bear or panther, ami at   noon,
when tho men sat down in the pass to eat
their pnrk and hard tack, the officer started to go up and investigate,    Without a
wo.-d ou his part I followed him. Tho full
of snow had left the rocks bare and revealed three or four small trees, but it Was  a
ha*d climb to reach tha cave. I", wasn't, a
cavj at all, but ouly an indentation   in  a
cli f, with a shelf of rock overhanging it,
This overhung extended out for perhaps
four feet,
The man were not all in a bunch, but
so ne of them wero even out ot sight around
th i bend. After discovering that we had
be m duped about the cave we stood locking
do vn aud across, and were just moving to
ge.down   when ono of  the men   below us
A Jealous ll hi l.aiiil Serves a lll-th of Rom hi
to nil Wife's rrlcuilH, nnil Kills Them
Tho London Dally Telegraph records a
shocking tragedy of a moat remarkable
character as reported from Vilna. Ivan
Klakwitz, a customs officer of highly respectable connection, became convinced that
his wifb was in league with a neighbor to
aid the latter in a law suit which was pending against him. There was apparently no
justification for the charge. The law suit
was tried iu the local courts last week, and
Klakwitz lost his cage. He addressed the
Judge in an excited manner.aud,after mak*
ing a rambling statement implicating his
wife iu an intrigue against him, ho left tho
court room.
Later in the day,however,he professed re-
grot to hia wife for his baseless insinuations
and hasty temper,and asked his neighbor
and wife to dine with him' en famille.
Thinking it better that a conciliation should
take place the neighbor accepted and a social
evening was arranged for. At dinner there
were present Klakwitz, his wife, hiB two
daughters aged 10 and 17 years respectively,
a young son,aged 11, his wife's mother,and
hisneighboraiidhis wife. The dinner passed
���off very pleasantly until the third course,
whenKlakivitzrose,and,ordering some more
champagne to be opened,said that he wished all present to drink a toast to a special
dish he had prepared os a surprise for this
agreeable occasion. He then 'eft the room,
and within two minutes returned, hearing
in his arms a large dish covered with a dinner oover.and placing it quickly on the table
he lifted his glass on  high  and  shouted,
To our next meeting."
He had scarcely spoken these words when
a dynamite bomb, which had been hidden
under the cover, exploded and instantly
killed everyone in the room, with the exception of the servant girl and the youngest
daughter���-tbe latter living, however, only
long enough to tell exactly what had
happened. The servant died within two
Tho unfortunate people who were the vie*
thus ot this insane frolic were simply blown
to pieces and the walls of tho room in
which lhey were sitting were partly blown
out. The explosion was heard for half a
On Lase Erie-
tJ|ion thefurlhi*!-, iiihIv hills
Kalnt gleam a few whilu sheep that."fray
AiiH-int theiln-ky, distant hills,
That molt lutiK inilc- and miles away,
ThoswalUwH Irom tho high olIlTfl WftllB,
Willi coat-eio-w win-"-* cleave overhead;
And o'er the dark'nlliK waves tholr cull <
(li'ow more reunite, and now aro (load,
And volno-t. unknown voices, rise
From out tho drouinluR waves, hut wo
Cm only humanly -urinhe
Tholr old, unwonted mystery.
Amid tin- dark, memorial ({loom
Tlioslar-ttlcain ant ihe moonbeam stout;
And haply iln-oiuli mn- human doom
The faint, small, star liko hope wo feci.
Tonight the waves are long and lo #,
And wo who Moat upon tholr breast
Aro maddened that we nover know
Tho secret of the wator'B rest.
���(Arthur J. Hi ringer.
Wisht I Gould.
Wishtl could go back a Ilttlo while   n bo a
boy attain.
A-jorkln'o'thomlnners wlthft Ilttlo crooked
"N hear the frogs u-gruntln' an I git 'cm on tho
Nmeskoorcd wusser'n they was, when thoy
hit tlie water plump.
Wish  I could go loafln', croat tho meddcr
sinellin' sweot.
'K feel tbe eauy dot *le*a*tlokln*o' my feet.
All the while u-noddln' '*. u-HiulllnK up nt me���
Wlsbt 1 could go back 'n bu liko I uster be.
Whilst I could go t'morrcr'n find'om all tho
A** thoy was tbo day I lot' V mako a bigger
at the
ine whenever I was
The odds were two great, however, in a
hand-to-hand conflict, and in a few moments
the captain lay prostrate upon the ground
securely bound. It had evidently heon the
purpose of the natives to capture him alive
if possible, for no attempt was made at any
time to use weapons against him. Without
waiting toattempt to resuscitate the victims
of the Captain's powerful blows,the savages
placed their captive in a litter and started
away through the forest at a sharp trot. It
was not yet noon, and ull the balance of
thc day and well into the night they held
on their way, (.topping only occasionally to
make a change in the litter-carricra. They
camped at night at an old, deserted krall,
and before daylight tho next morning were
again on their way. AU day long lhey
travoled at the samo fast pace ns the day
before, and just at the approach nf night
they entered tlio krall whore the King
dwelt. As they enteied the place and it
became known that tbey had with them
the iredicine man of the noted white men
the peoplo gavo vent to tho most extravagant expressions of joy. lhey danced
and shouted about the litter, taunting the
Captain about hia bad medicine, and intimating quite plainly that anything but
a pleasant fate awaited him In the near future. He was taken to tha hut adjoining
the King's, and a moment after the King,
accompai.ied by his doctor,entered. Their
joy at having the white man In their power
was unbounded. They shouted with laugh*
ter.thcy poked him with th-vr greasy,dirty
fingers, heaped the most opprobrious epithets upon him. Well into the night they
continued their petty persecutions, as
though umblo to deny,themselvos the pleas,
ure which their crafty cunning had brought
Tho captive was well supplied with food,
but ho sult'ered considerable from the compression of thu thongs which hound him.
From the lirst moment of his capture he had
little doubt as to the fate which awaited
him, and with tho fortitude of a true soldier
he had calmly resigned himself to tho inevitable.
The next morning he was taken out into
the open space before the King's hut. He
was led before the King, who immediately began abusing him in the most violent
manner for having dared to remain ar.d hunt
in his country after he had been ordered tn
go away at onco, He said his defiance of
the King's commands, was cer lain to work
the greatest evil to tho latter'a people, which
could only bo averted hy ottering him as a
sacrifice to the evil spirits, and that it was
with this purpose in view that he had sent
his warriors out to capture him. Tho King
and tho doctor thou consulted as to the
method of execution.
A TKimilil-R SKNTENOt-
lie very devil.   Vou were
they say
lucky you didn't lose your life instead of
your way."
For some little time they talked together,
when Biiddtii'y the doctor's face lighted up
under an evidently new suggestion. In a
moment he laid it before the King, who.
judging from his manner, fell heartily lu
with it.
Then the doctor, addressing the Captain
with a smile of liundish cruelty and hatred
upon his ugly face, said : "Out* usual way
or dealing with auch people as you is to
chop oil' their heads ; but, inasmuch as you
ure a great hunter, and havo travoled many
miles to hunt, we havo decided to make an
exception iu your case. In the forest cf
the Moiiowo. hut a few miles distant, there
roams a very fierce lion, who hungers only
for the flesh of man. Ho has dovoured very
many of our peoplo, and, although many
efforts havo been made to kill bim, they
have failed in every instance. The judgment of the King in that toward night you
be taken into that forest, and thero left
securely bound. lining such a brave
hunter, you will probably not fear the
lion, as our people do. And should he pay
yi.u a visit, why, forsooth, you can use your
great modicino to drive him away,"
This last was aaid in a very taunting,
derisive maimer, and was received with
shouts of laughter and approval by thc
Truly a most horrible fate was this, and J per annum,
worthy the fiendish cunning of the witch  ���'*"" "f '
doctor.   Prepared as he had been for death,
the Captain telt his heart sicken with horror
at thc contemplation of this frightful fate,
but he would not afford the savage the satis
li< n. He had evidently had the scent of
his intended victim tor some time past, and
as he entered the open space and suddenly
confronted bin he crouched like a cat
about to spring upor Its prey. His great
eyes glowed and blazed with the fever of
anticipation ; his huge jaws, from which
saliva thickly depended, slowly worked to
and fro as though in imagination closiug
upon the human morsel now within his
reach; his tail, that oloqueut feature nf a
cat's anatomy slo-vly swayed from sido to
side, and, altogether, he presented the
spectacle of a huge famished cat juat about
to spring upon a particularly choice bit of
Slowly ho began to draw closer to hia
helpless victim, but after advancing a few
feet he stopped, and, as though fearing a
trick of some kind, he arose to his feet and
slowly and carefully Walked around the
man. Threo or four times he did this, as
though anxious to assure himself that he
was not bt-ing led into a trap, for the continued immovable posture aud silence of thc
man ha I nude him very suspicious. Then
seeming to havo satisfied himself that the
way was clear, ho advance I toward the
man again. This time he approached to
within a very few feet of him ; but whether
it was the subtle influence of the undaunted
spirit that shone out through the determined
white faoo that confronted him I know not,
but the great beast stopped, and uttering a
low growl, half of anger and half of fear,
slowly backed away from hiB victim. Several times was this repeated, the linn on
each succeeding occ sion approaching his
victim a little nearer.
At last, seeming to realize the utter
helplessness of tho man, he boldly approached him, the great head was thrust out to
ward one of the man's thighs, and the huge
mouth began opening for the fatal hold.
But for soma strange reason the man-eater
suddenly changed his mind, and raising on
his hind legs he placed his huge fore paws
on the man's breast and started tn seize
him by the shoulder.
Min.V(*i'i,ousr,Y saved.
Oh, how sickening anl overpowering
were tho fumes of that hot, fetid breath !
Inspired by the terror and despair of the
moment, tho Captain gave utterance to a
moat piercing cry. Delivered right in the
car of the lion, it startled him greatly and
he sprang back. One of ita huge feet had,
however, become fastened in tho throng
which bound the Captain, and in the mighty
effort which ho put forth to froe himself he
broke it.
It released the Captain's arms, and with
tho quick instinct of self-preservation ho
seized tho assegai imbedded in the tree
jUBt above his head. Tho lion immediately
returned to the attack, and with an angry
roar raised on his hind legs for another try
at the inan'a shoulder. His arms were stiff
and lame from their long piuioning.but the
strength ol despair nerved them, and, at,
the lion's great chest roso up from the
ground, the man met it with a eavage thrust
of thn assagai. Ho was alwayB a very
powerful man, but such strength did the
terrible stress of tho moment givo him that
he drove thc keen steel over a font into tho
great brute's breast. With a terriblo cry
the man-eater raised himself convulsively
to his full height and then pitched forward
upon lho Captain, falling dead ut his  feet,
ju nped up aud shouted:
"A deer! A deer I Hurrah, boyB. Venison
Like she uster wait fer
Wisht I could look in heaven 'n soc hor thare
*K git a tender smile o' love, like when I went
1 fool liko it ml help mo to butllo hore with
Wisht I could go hack a Ilttlo whilo 'n bo a boy
-| Atlanta Constitution.
i    The smallest tree in the world Is the dwarf
\ Willow of Great Britain--.! inches high.
faction of witnessing any display of fear on
his part, hnd he listened to his doom with
a calmness that Wus absolutely imperturbable.
Late in i
'AMier* llltlil i��V�� Haifa Million
Dalian a Veur.
To illustrate the toil whioh the farmers
BiMiaiui'd through bid roads, Mr, Andrew
I'dltullo, of Woodstock, pointed out at a
recent mooting of dairymen that thero wero
over .'i.'iii,ihi i work horses in Ontario, Ii
was quite curtain that these were kopt idle
more ihan n month in each year owing to
the impassable condition of the roads in
most parts of thu province Allowing i*
dollar por wsck for tho keop of the horsui,
this would show a direct loss of nearly 91-
500,00.) in a year ou the horses in ordinary
use in the province ; but the real loss
through such enforced idk-ncRi was enormously larger. There were about 3,000
dairy factories in Canada. The average
cost uf what might be called haulage would
not be less thau $1,000, or $-2,000,000 in all
uiniim. It was ipiite certain that a
saving of ono-i-uarter of ibis amount, or
$���"00,1)00 per year, could bo easily effected
by inch reasonable improvement ot tho
roads as could bo mado by the farmers during lho next few years.
for supper I
The deer was above us, but wo could not
Bee it on account of lhe overhang. All thu ..
men had their revolvers, and as they began
to flourish them aud prepare to lire the
officer called out a command and a warning.
If they heard him tliey did not heed him.
He was etill speaking when threo or four
shots were tired almost simultaneously and
some one criod out that the deer had been
hit. It was tlie concussiou lhat started the
snow aud it started from tho very top of tho
dope, where the warm sun had softened it
soonest. I felt a trembling of the mountain
and leaned back under tho overhang and as
the lieutenant- and I stood sido by sido the
avalanche swept over u**,. Daylight was
btolted out iu an Instant and thu grinding,
roaring, and crushing weie something terri
It seemed us if the mountain rocked and
pitched liko a steamer at sea, and the noise
was louder thau any clap of thunder you
ever heard. It couldn't havo lasted over
sixty soconds, though thc time seemed leu
times as long. Then we looked down to
lind tho piss at the soles ot our feet. In
other words, it had tilled up to a height ot
thirty fort with snow, bowlders, trees, aud
earth. Two hundred feet to the west of
us was tho lower mouth or opening���
beyond that a plain. Tuu snow had uot
only fallen from our elope, but from tho
ono opposite. We were struck dumb for
tho moment, and us wo stood gazing blankly
tho snow started ou thu third slope. Away
up near the crest a ball startod rolling, mid
ten seconds later the suow on a space '10"
feet long wits moving. Instead of piling up
in the ravine it struck and forced tlio snow
down thero to the ivestand followed after.
It Was a great river of snow sweeping
past us. I'V-i, tree*, and bowlder** whicli
weighed tens of ton) wero borne along
like straws, ami so swiftly lhat tho eye
caught no second glatre. All at one-, there
was a check, and right boforo us a sol die i-
was shot tothe surface. It was Corporal
HertB, who was probably farther up thi-
puss than any other man. Ho popped out
of tho snow hoad first and at lull length,
and for perhaps live seconds was witb In ton
foet of \\a and looking squarely into our
faces. Ho was bareheaded, his overcoat
gone, and hia face bleeding. Ho knew
what had happened, and no aoubt realized
his peril, but aa he stood there, saved fov
the instant, up went his handin'a aaluto
to the lieutenant. As his arm droppud he
disappeared from sight. It was diucipline
In the face of death -ui instanci) that will
never have its couutorpart.
Out of that narrow, rocky pisj poured
tho tide with a fury which scraped it as
bare aa a lloor and tore meat rooks from its
sides. At the wi-si mouth lhe snow Tilled a
ravino fifty feot deep and then named out
on the plain for a quarter nt u mile. It was
no uso to look for the Indies. Fivo hundred men could not have moved that mass
in a fortnight, Twontyfourmsn wero buried
then-. It was idle lo hope that any nf them
still lived. Along iu the last days of June
we found them, one after another, and even
then we hiul to dig. The snow would have
smothered them as it rushed down,butwith
the snow camo rocks whicli crushed somo of
them to pulp. The corporal who had -taint ���
ed as he looked into lhe eyes ul death was
the last onu found. He was at tho bol loin
of tho ravine, the boily without a shred of
clolhing, and the arm Im had raised hurl
been torn from ils socket as he WM whirled
al.mK    with    thnt    grinding    mass.- [M.
Somo States forbid marriage between
whites and full-blooded negroes or Indians ;
others legalize marriages between whites
and ootoroona ; in one ur two no   degree is
ihea*t"rei��nta-*-u��pM i, lorElddar,
In tho lit or, nnd .flora ion���, o   w.; or ������      *w,llM ,na��� M" OTm,��� ,���,.
three milea the party atoppod In lli '-���' '""'"���",
miilatl ',otw���	
olo dense forest.   Ho Captain wu taken "P0,**""1 <*'0"10't0 bo *��-����P����l" '�� "'"
from the litter, carried to a small tree near j ��5*""���
by, and securely fastened toil, Then, after Tho I'.j-yptian minister ol public works
a farewell salute of taunts and mocking proposes that Sir Benjamin lUker. M.
laughter, tho party disappeared In tho sur- ] ltoule, of Paris, and Signor Torricelli, ol
rounding forest and he was loft alone, Hume, iliould be invited through their re-
.Just before they left him, however, ono of ipOOttvo governments to proceed to Egypt
tho mon, either in bravado, or with a more in order to study and advise upon the qucs*
serious intent, hurled an assegai at him, tion of a reservoir for storing the water of
Its keen blade was imbedded deeply in tho the Nile and utilizing it for irrigation dur-
tree just above his head, and there it re- ing tho months when the river is at Its
mained firmly fixed. ' lowest.
"Behevvins! I'll whang the knob off
ye! Ohargiu' nm four dollars yesterday to
insure the old woman against accidents, au'
the fursttliing this Itiomtn' she falU down
the collar stairs wil a buckot 0*00*1, an'
now would yvy, look nt her '."
���...    ,_��� i 4f ���- ������
The Do-i; Owners.
The Supreme Court of Iowa has decided
that the owner ofa dog is responsible in
damages for injuries caused by thc hai king
of tho animal. A dog barked suddenly an I
viei-nisly at a horso ridden on the public
highway. Tho rider of the horao was, In
consc'|iionco, thrown and injured, and stung
for damages, recovered from lho owner of
tho dog. This Judgment the supremo
court of Iowa has affirmed.
Thc register uf a country hotel in Maine
ono day rucontly contained names of Mongolians, Bussians, I'ruiBlana, Italians, Turks,
Greeks, Canadians, French and C-lermans,
eaoh written in the owner's language. THE WEEKLY NEWS, MAR. 7, 1894.
Published   Every Wednesday
At  Courtenay,   B.  C.
By Whitney & Co.
One Yoar     I-'*"
Six Months           I -'-j
Single ropy          OM
One inch jier voai $1200
..    ..   month       1 tt
eighth col   nurjear     MHO
fourth      ��m
nook, .. line             0010
Li'.-il noi n:i-i.|n*r line-          '20
Notices   of   Births,   Marriages   and
Death J.  50 cents each insenion.
No Advertlsmeni inserted lor less than
iii vortising Af**t*i.t, 31 MerchnntV
Exchange, Snn Franciaro, is our authorized agent. Thia paper io kept
on file in his office.
f35S Mar, 7,1894
in looking over our hooks we find thnt
minv of our subscribers are in arrears,
some of them for many months. Newspapers can not be run on credit, and we
must nryc all who know themselves to
be indebted to us to at once forward the
Our subscribers on Valdes Island will
please pay amount due from them to this
paper o Mr. Robert Hall, storekeeper
and postmaster, who is authorized to rc-
fce'ive and receipt therefor.
Editoral   Notes.
The expiration of patents is likely to pro
duce a revolution ere lony in cost of telephones and telephonic communications.
The Sunset Telephone Co. w'll sell outright telephone receivers at $'2,50 each.
They can be worked without a battery,
and all that is necessar* lo work themis to
string the wire and adjust tbe instrument
which can be done by any practical lineman.
work for what be believed would advance
her prosperity. His was a controlling
spirit in many ofthe important enterprises of the yreat metropolis, and was onc
of the brainest men that have ever left Can
ml., to engage in the larger arena which
America affords It is ;i pleasure to
know, therefore, th.it his counssl, Gen*
Ilenj. F. Trace)', onc of the leading law
yers of New York, and Secretary ofthe
Navy, under President Harrison-declares
in a published letter that he is entirely
satisfed that Mr. Wyman has committed
nn crime and thai he believes the trial w'i||
show that la* has done nothing that can
seriously reflect upon his honor and iu-
tcgiity as a mnn.
The announcement th.it it was difficult
to find in New York a minister who
would officatc at the funeral of May
Hnvikyn, because she committed suicide,
sounds strange to those who have been
nccitstomcd to suppose they lived in a
Christian ngo ll is lhe general belief,
not 'inly nmong the people, but anion-,'
physicians that Filicide usually can be
traced directly to disease, and hence thc
suicide ts a creature of misfortune.   Hut
(veil if this were not so, il would be a (lis
grace tc the "cloth" to refuse to officiate
on such occasions. In eaily days in
New Kngland, the suicide was buried
by the road side, and a stake driven
through his body as a warning to others-
Hut it did not prevent disease, nor lhe
number of those who passed out of the
world by their own hand. We cannot
believe lhat any minister of llriiish Columbia would be guilty of the barbarism
which prevails among lheir brethicn in
llie Citv of New  York
The peace of Kurope is assured, in al(
probability for some years to come. The
new treaty between Germany and Russia satisfies Russia and puts thc two
countries on terms of friendship. It is
said Emperor William contemplates paying the Czar a visit. This treaty is remarkable as following so close upon tbe
heels ofthe reconciliation ofthe Emperor with Bismarck and is probably in accordance with the advice of that sage
Train* nro mukinfi the run between Bos-
tun ������.ml New York, ���J-'J-J mile---, in live hour*-.
Tin* firm mllnmd won twu miles loug, of
win><1 en mils, over which a mule pulled a
���\ atft-n 1 w iff 11 day.
A looomntlvnmnnlngnttheratoof nenrlj-
Tii lldlvKHll hour givuttOUt CO j n i IV.-. uf H Wit III
i-v.tv nueoud���-that is, 10 for ouch of ita two
The ttr-tt real rnHwny tunnel tn Finland
will 1��- iheoneoii the new He.Hlii��*fn**-AlH)
111.Lit line, which will pHRHthmilgh a uiouu-
Utlu l��'twwui I'kiitii**' nnd FLskara,
Sum* ouo kuH fi(*ni*t'(t thai there ore po
ninny railwny linen, Hti-Min, vloviited, cahlo
Hiul horwH-awi lu New Yorkuiiy ih.it a *i>*r-
-.mi inny riile fur -six huurn ut 11 tuiul east of
till CU"i**.
Under the new Mhsonrl law putting ox*
piwH oninptuilrH In chaw of tin* railroad
tuiminlKHUiueii- a rutltietlnii or SOppr coin iu
t-xpi-ww i-.ui'-* fur merciltuidlmj iu tliut Ktitto
I,as heon a^'lttil upou.
The Joraey (hnitml han mioceeded In ao-
tpilrlng tin' much dltputod projn*rty at Now
r.ruiirtivick known as Florida gmve for its
mw lino, whioh Is to run U-1-.v--4.-u liouud
brook uud forth A iu boy.
It is a general belief that nature pro-
vices a cure for every disease, and this
belief is being gradually proved to be
well founded. Onc of lhe latest discover
ies i*. thai of Gen. Anrclanu Rivera, who
has been distributing the fanners jiciina
out for the cure of tylius. It was given
to a patient afflicted with small pox, but
who ul the time was supposed to be suffering from typhus. It worked like a
ch a nil; and the man was soon cured. . ll
will next be tried in cases of yellow fever.
A ""-('wor (inn Deitro*-***-.
Somo of tho Knglish towaa and cith*.**
have introduced 11 device for ventilating
Buwora���tt Bum-sou gas tmniui op-uuith.-
to boat to u high temperature n m-triei*. of
cast iron couch ovor the ourfaeea ut
which tho setver giwea havo to |��hb on
their way out to tho fttmoBpheni. v/mui
hy unci) contact are entirely dodtruyod
In order to obviate all Uangor ol iixpli*-
aion canned by leakage, thin new ntifi'ty
furnace (lotisistfl of ft aoriea of uyhtidrti*-
nl ringH or soguietitH, each uiHohait.uul-
\y tUtfd. An in tern ied i a tu riu�� dlvidua
thecomlmHtlon ohambet from the vertical nir passages formed between iuo Iii-
iior and outer rlug of thu furnace. Tim
heatof tho furnace* 1.1 conveyed tothe
outer ring by means of thick ciif*t iron
webs that form tiers of air piiami**!**
through which the lyiriaiiig mnvw ,,11
p-isses, and the burner Is suppliuO svtt-i
air taken from tho otttsido of 1110 "--���*-
struotor eoluinu."���New YorK dun.    .
The robbery and murder ot Green at
Savary Island some months ago is recall
cd to iiiiud by the news that comes from
Rosalia, Wash, of Wessel Mumm being
robbed of his gold, Mumm was an old
bachelor and lived in the extreme cud of
the town. Mumm was rich and like
Green had no faith in the banks, soke
bid his money. It is .1 wonder these misers were not robbed before. Then* habit of of keeping n large amount of money
com<aled about their premises was a
a diicct incentive to crime and of course
the surest way to loose their money.
.Senator Edward I). White of Loutsmn-
a has been nominated by President
Cleveland for associate justice of the U-
nited States and promptly con rmed by
the senate without refering it to any com
mittee, in accordance with what is called
Scn.itorial courtesy. The appointment may be all tight but the custom is
all wrong. There should be no question
of courtesy about it. It would seem as
though it were an easy matter for the
senate to bulldoze thc President to nominate onc of their number to a life oflit* e.
All it has to do is, as in this case, reject
nominations of parties not senators, until lhe complaisant executive names onc
ctf themselves.
The cut on salaries at Vancouver and
Victoria shows that Hard Times has
come knocking fit their door. In all the
large cities in the states special measures to relieve distress have been adopted, and but little light is breaking thro'
the clouds. It will be months yet before
there will be any substantial improvement. Monev is close hcie, as thc result
of outside conditions; but there is no suffering and no want of work, except for
those looking for soft snaps. Prices for
everything we have to sell are exception*
ally good. Doubtless there is a spirit of
economy engendered by a feeling of prudence, and people spend money less freely than formerly for non-essentials.
There will be general regret at thc mis
fortunes that have befallen Erastus Wyman���a true Canadian. Though living in
New York, he never ceased to exhibit a
ktiong interest in his native hnd, nor to
Non-mii* t'x-tlli-liUH*- Aftor nonth.
experiments mado by M. d'Araonval
with nn iiiBtrnmunt he call-) a niytmhoue
prove, contrary In tho older opinion.,
ttmt nervous excitability may ox hit for
(imiiy hnur.-i after death, Thar 11 tent of
tiiu muscle shortening l�� no doubt nn*.
tipplii.*ob'.*j long aftwdoath has doparted,
out jut the sound given i-nt by tlm iny.,-
phoua proves, the death of n nerve i.-t
much leu rapid than has h-.m hitherto
siipjiotied. ami a tsorvo may net on inn-tele in 11 state of electric cxoitabliiiy
wlthout producing more thau simple
molecular vibration.
ITft Rcr-'icnlMi'l Her.
Wife���I numb have looked liko a perfect
wrotch when I wuro thia bonnet dowu t..v
Husband-���Yes, you did. I rooo-*ul*,t-d
you thu moment I aaw you.���-Truth.
lti-iiily Fur Hush-cut,
Tramp���PIwwb, iiniiu, if ye'll kindly help
menu nit) journey I'M 0u nmuli ouiooged.
Huiwekceyur��� IIiiiiil  Un h juiirnuy, uhf
Tr-mi'i Aoo. lull 111. I'm gulll Wool to
HL.i-.tu, bank.���Now Vork Weekly.
I.ih >������- Tm-tlmiin**.
iik-a pnnii i-iikt.
(JItb mu hiiH**, liltiii.hiK rnnes. ' I
DIpiKNl III wliiin ,4 HpuriClIllcr d**l        '
Olvij nip riinwi mveitl ItiMathuii ro#m
ImL Hi.<iii whla-wr "I iDViiyuu."
Blllt- TO TIIK VWHlWt,
Oho him i-.Hiii, Huh, i-wi t,hv%
J'rici- por tout nut Id'H I linn two(
Then If hu hi- niH-rtlviTii^ truly
Un will iNi>* yuur Mil whun line,
-llruuklya Ufa.
Th* Ideal
Gh*s���Wh*;t straiigo weuthor w��are having this f-uniiuerl"
Hi*- Ves, hut If you rumeuibwr Um summer of l*--i'i wm, jiint r>uvh auothvr.
D.       f* Ga
<* �� o
a. *
EL ��
��   3 o
a   g
5?  \t
3.   B'   ~
Tl,,- Kind.
Adams���I'm in hard luck. ���"^S
Brown���What's up?
"Twins at the Iiouho.1*
"Sort u^dviieed hard luck, I ���houlduy.'*
���Texoa biftlnga,
Only Than.
"When may I Rtoop rutnln?" ha ettsA
As tho imtjj iMjiisin l<i ivinall,
Ami n. Miirj- uoi-oanswered tiaek,
"AfUr tli* bawl."
-Datroit Tribua*.
f-i-aimrod Fnr All K��n��irfan��l����,
"How old do you think I am, Mr. Par*
kerr'twkwl Mlw iliuk*.
"I don't dare go ean," Hid Parker, ''but
whatever It U you dun*t look t*."���Uar-
per'a Quar.       	
florrlbla Tl.n-.if till
If la oaa Iktg nlrnvt hai wara wo-ae
Tha tmt* nf nlnetr-itu-iw.
How ureal a hat. mjr -*ouii. r/man,
TbM <mu tlraw bat wonhl ba|
-OUoa��u TlfbWMi
-���~*sV>"^jit*,w ' -1
Esquimalt and Nanaimo Ry.
N earner Jo m
On ancl after Mar. 22nd, 1893
The Steam*-r JOAN will sail ai folloWH
CALLING AT WAY I'OBTfl on imiweusera
unit frolnht iu��j' olfer
Loavo Victoria, Tuead**)', 7 a. m.
"   Niiniilniu (or Comox, Weilmwdiiy, 7 a. in
Loavo Comox for Nairn 1110,      Frhlays, 7a.ni.
NHimiiuo for Victoria   Saturday. 7a.m
For freight or state rooms apply on
board, or at the Company's ticket office,
Victoria Station, Store street.
Esquimalt & Nanaimo K'y.
Time   Table   No.   17,
To take effoct at 3.00 a. m. on Friday
Suptembar 30th. 1893. Trains run
on Pacific Standard Time.
X    L8!?;?
st a , i
��� rt.r,.e..e,~~ t �� M �� rt �� ���
" ti  1
/. *  ,        ...
0     7.*=
u  I oi
ii.1[J.H m.l��IH,
I   . ���*,,, ....
���a.< : :
-.trgtji-Jt ��� '  *%
< y<3��a5****E-s-
s ���"���^~(ix^<y.oy.1,
��l;-k SNSTof"***
'a :��Ss-1: : :��-"
X ������ Sen '��� : : : ��� :Q.
c 2
< -
��!A '��,J "��I!W
25 8 2 S
"��� -z "
SM;!;*;;; ii i i
a.-.-,--.������,���������, ,**
0 a
e*   M ;^
d  S'S
3:;:: i;::: i;: ��� -a
!S ���*
0 ^
aa.Maaaa.ea.HH     m
On Saturday! and Sundays
Ituturn Tlokota will bo l-wued helwoen all
polvta for n faro and a quarter, jpiod for return nut later than Monday.
Rotnrn Tlnkfle for oni* anl a half ordinary
faro iuaj* bo tuirohnacd daily to all poinu,
koixI for eovan dayn, Including day of lanno.
No Itotnrn Tloketa Isnued for a fare aad a
quarter whoro the ainglo fare ts twenty-flve
ThrouKh ratea botwoon Viotorla and Comas.
Preaident. 0#n1 Hns*.
Om, rnrifht aad Paaeonffar Aft
Riverside Hotel
Courtenay B 0
J. J. Grant, Proprietor
The Hotel is one ofthe best equipped
on the Pacific Coast, and is situated at
the mouth of tbe Courienay River, between Union and the Urge farming settlement of Coniox.
Trent aie plentiful in thc river, and
Urge game abounds iu the neighborhood
The liar connected with the hotel is
kipt well supplied  with the best wines
ind liquors.    Stage connects   witb all
Stcamer-i.   Terms moderate
Cumberland Eotel.
Union, B. C.
The finest hotel building
Fixtures aud liar
North of Victoria,
And the best kept house.
Spacious Billiard Room
and new
Billard and Pool Tables,
Best of Wines and Liquors.
Ilruce & McDonald, 1'roprs.
Wood *t-Miller
Having Added to their Own
Splendid Livery Outfit.
of R. Grant ancl Co
Are Prepared to furnish  Sty-
ish  Rigsat   Reasonable Rates
Give them a call.
T. C. Woods
Comox B.  C.
Conducts a Gr-neral
Teaming   and Livery Business
His Stage Runs to Union and
Returns Thursdays,Saturdays,
and Sundays.
taimo Machine Works
Robert J, fenborn-
Fraser Street
Near Bastion Street Bridge
Nanaimo' B. C.
All Kinds of Machinery made to order
and repaired.
Nanaimo Cigar factory.
Philip Gable. Proprietor.
aitn      feot      ���    Nanaimo B. 0.
* Manufactures   the   finest   cignres,
employing none but white labor.
Why purchase inferior foreign cigars,
when you can obtain a SUPERIOR ARTICLE for thc same monev?
Alt persona drivntg ovttt* the wharf
or bndg-M in Comnx district f-istrr
thuH n walk, will Ut* prus<-cuti*il accord
ny to hiw,
S. Drench
Gov. Au'-nt.
Cimfeland Meat Market
All Kinds of
Fresh Meat, Hams and Bacon
All Kinds of Vegetables  and
Farmers Produce,
Orders from surrounding coun
try promptly filled.
A. C. Fulton, Prop.
Nanaimo   Saw Mill
��� <sn<"_ -
Sash and Door Factory
A Haslam, Prop. Mill HI.. 1- 0 Hoi SS. Tel. 19
Nanaimo IJ. C.
A complete stock of Rough and Dressed
Lumber always on hand; also Shingles,
Laths, Pickets, Doors, Windows aud
blinds, Moulding, Scroll sawi.g, Turning
and all kinds of wood finishing furnished
Cedar,     While   I'ine,     Redwo.d.
All orders accompanied withCASH utotttpt
ly and carefully attended to.
Steamer rnxell
Harbor and ont*id�� towing done at reason
able rules.
The leading; hotel in Oomox diitrict*
New and handsomely furnished,
excellent hunting and fishing close
to town. Tourists cen depend on
first-class accommodation. Reasonable rates. Bar supplied with the
choicest liquors and cigars
R. Graham, Ptopr.
C. H. Besvor-Potts
Solicitor, Notary Public. Convcyanrinj;
in all Uf*. Iirnnches, Oflice Coiner
ciul St, Nanaimo,
Yarwoocl & Young,
Hamsters, Solicitors, Ste, Oflice Cor.
Baston and Commercial St., Nanaimo, B. C.
Funeral Directors aad Kmhai.mkrs
Grmluntei i>f iho Ortt-nftl. Knrt-ks,
mill i'nilrrt BUti'S.Collt*g-**l of Km-
bttliithsx ,
Nadsiimo, li. C.
tt - $io and $2o, Genuine Cnnfederntc
*P j��Bills onlv live each; .$50 and $100
bills 10 cents eacli; $1 and $2 bills 25cents
each. Sent securely sealed on receipt of
price. Addrest, Chas. I). BARKER, 90
S- Forsyth St., Atlanta, G��., U. S. A.
The Nanaimo Pharmacy
Nanaimo B. 0.
W. E. Mc Canney Chemist,
Pur** Drugs CViniuals and  Pntont
Pliyj-icane Prcaoliitlon* unit allordnrs fllli-d
wilh ������i-i-i) uml ill/-'-ftloIi, I'. (J. box li!
Wm Mathewson.
will deliver daily at
and during warm weather twice a day
J'ure Milk from His   Ranch
And also will deliver to Ida customs
dnilv  Fresh  Eg      Butter, Vegetables.
Poultry, etc.
Farmers havin*,' above for sale or delivery should consul! him.
Passenger-, carried to and from Union.
���and ���
Courtenay, R C.
General Blacksmithing
and Horse Shoeing.
Loggers' Work a Specialty.
UNION Bakery
Best of Bread; Cttkes and
Pies always  on hand.
Tlie Bread Cart will   be  at
Courtenay and Comox  Tuesdays and Fridays.
Adderton & Rowbotham, Prop
For Sa!e
521 Acres of Choice Land,
��� and ���
9 Horaea, 100 Sheep, and BO Oowe
together with
3 Mowing- Machmos, 1 Steel Roller
1 Ro .ping Machine, 1 Seed Sower,
1 Drill Sower, 1 Spring wagon, and
Double Wagon.
Title deeda can be Been in my poa-
G B Leighton
At the Bay, Oomox, B. 0.
Blacksmithing an    Repairing
of all kinds
Carriage Work and Horseshoeing a specialty
F.  W. Hart
Manufacturer,   Importer, Whotaaala
and Retail Dealer   in
- HOUSE     FURINISHINC. -    ���
fSt Laigeat B>uk.,hmeat of in kind,
1214 Cordova. St Vaocawr B. li.
"Bargains that are Bargains."
We have a Bargain Counter that is the leading topic of interest among the Ladies in Nanaimo. It is really remarkable
how cheap we have put in all the goods thereon. If you want
a cheap dress, jacket, water-proof, etc., this month, you
should take the next boat to Nanaimo and look the matter up.
We are honest about this and don't want one of our customers
to neglect this special sale.
Sloan & Scott, Nanaimo, B. C.
Hav-ng bought out the Stage, Team and Livery  Outfit of
John \V. Fraser will continue the business at lhe old stand
83X    Wc have also purchased a carload of Lake coal and will
deliver it at a reasonable figure.
Orders may be left al the news' Office.
Society     Cards
I. O. (). F., Ko  II
Union I od^c, I, 0. 0. F., meets every
Friday ni-,. ht *it 11 o'clock. Visitingjbreth-
ren cordial.v invited in attend.
Wm. Wiitfht, R. S.
Hiram Lodge No 14A.F .& A.M.Jl.C.K.
Courtenay ti. C.
Lodge meets on even1 Saturday on or
before ihe full of the moon
Visit iny Brothers cordially requested
to attend.
R. S. McConnell,
Comox Lodge No 5, K. of p., meets
every Saturday, after the new and full
moon.atS p. 111. at Castle Hall, Comox.
Visitiin* Knights cordially invited to attend.
John third
K. R.S.
C. O. 0. F.
Loyal Sunbeam Lodge No. too, C. O
0. F. meet in the old North Comox*
school house every seco.d Monday at 8
p. m Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend.
J. I!. Bennett, Sec.
H A Simpson
Barrister  and  Solicitor.   Oflice in and
fl.-it, Green's Block,   Nanaimo,   IJ, C
Notice to Taxpayers.
Aisest-mcnt Act nnd Provincial
Revenue Tax
Will he in Union every Wednesday and
Courtenay on Thursday.
R. B. Anderson,
Practic?!  Watchmak
Worker in Light Metals and
Present office Elk Hotel
Con-ox, B.  0.
Wedding and other rings made to order.
NOTICK IS IIKKEFIY GIVEN, in accordance with the Statutes, that Provincial
Revenue Tax and all Taxes under tho
Assessment Act .ire now due for the
year 1894. All ofthe above named Tax
cs collectible within the Comnx, Nel-*it.,
New Castlo,and Denman and Hornby,
Island Divisions of the District of Comox arc payable at my office,
Assescd Taxes arc collectible at the
following rates, via,!���*
Il paid on or before June 30th, 1894.-���
Piovinc-ial Re'-emie. $3.00 ber capita.
One-halt uf onc per cent on Real Properly,
'Two per cent on Wild Land.
One third of one per cent on Personal
One-half of one per cent on Income.
If paid after June 30th,  1894���
Two thirds of one per cent on Real
Two and one-half per cent on Wild
One-half of one per cent on Personal
Three-fourths of one persont on Income
W. B. Anderson,
Assessor and Collector.
Comox*, Jan. 2nd, 1894.
E. Pimbury ���&. Co.
Wholesale and Retail
Druggists   and Stationers
Commercial St. Nanaimo, B. C
1. D. McLean
Jeweler, Bookseller
and Dealer in
Organs, Pianos, Music
Stationery,    and  Notions ol all kinds.
Union   Mines, B  C.
, Eureka   Bottling Works,
I          MANUKACTU1IKH ur
Sarsaparalla ancl Champagne Cider, Iron Phosphates, Syrups
Bottler of Different Brands of Lajcr ll.er Ste.m Beer and Porter
Ajtent for Union Brewery Company.
Nanaimo and Courtenay B.  C.
    A   Full  Line of Everything   	
"Grant and McGregor Props.
Anley & Smith.
Butchers, Comox and Union Mines.
Dealers in Choice Beef, Mutton,
Lamb, Veal, I'ork, Hams, llacon, Corned Beef, Tonyues &c.
And all Kinds of vegetables always on hand and delivered.
Sausages a Specialty.
Poultry and game in season.   Families, Hotels, and Ships
supplied at shortest notice.


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