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The Weekly News Oct 20, 1896

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Array (ffir**^
NO.   206.   UNION   COMOX   DISTRICT,   B.   C,   TUESDAY   OCT  20th,    1896.   $2.00   PER   ANNUM.
Choice fresh and salt meats, headcheese, bolonga, sausages
andvegetables, fruitand eggs
Show Us
A successful merchant ami we will show you
a mart who keeps thoroughly posted and
watches tha cosl of every aingld article he
Mb Applies to Economical Housekeepers.
That's the reason the women of Union use
our prices asa standard for what they should
pay for goods elsewhere.
ja. special trip.
Should be taken to
The Ideal Cash Grocery
We Hm itl
Good Cooking Butter at 20 cents per Ib,
Choice Dairy and Creamery Butter at 25
and 30 cents per Ib. A Fine Assortment of
the celebrated G. B. Chocola'e. Candy,
Bon Bons, Prize packages, etc. etc,
Apples from $1.00 per box, Fresh Eggs
arriving daily and expect by this week's
Boat���A large consignment of Grapes,
Apples. Pears, etc. etc.
Partridge and Rennison,
F/UiL suits.
Tempting  Prices at
You will find in my selection of this
fall goods bargains never offered you
before.     Fine black worsted    suit
936.00, nice nobby Scotch suits $25-00
And Overcoats From $2000   up.
latest by Wire
Judos Apfointes.���Wm. McCall, Q.
C-��� uf New Westminister, has been
appointed a judge of the Supreme Court
of British Columbia.
Arm Blown Ow.���J. Morrello formly
of Nanaimo, had his left arm blown off,
while blasting in Alaska,
One Anti Chinese and Japanese
petition at Naniimo has now ever seven
hundred signatures and is being practically unanimously signed.
Steam ship City of Everett arrived
at Departure Bay on the afternoon of tbe
Police Investigation.���Mayor Davidson has received a telegram from Rev.
D. A. McRea, stating that he would be
in Nanaimo in time to give his evidence
in the charges he had preferred against
Chief of Police Crasson and Police Constable Thompson.
Mining Company Incorporated.���
The Texada Mining and Land Company,
limited liability, has been duly Incorporated with a capital of $800,000 in shares ol
ten dollars each, whith head office at
Umatilla Raised��� The wrecked
steamer Umatilla was raised on Tuesday morning. The pumps were all set
working and the success in getting the
Umatilla out of the water shows that she
can be ultimately saved. She will be
taken to Port Townsend Bay and beached for temporary repairs.
Miowera Coming.���The Australian
s. s. Miowera sailed for Vancouver on
Wednesday afternoon, Oct 14th.
Crisis Imminent.-A Pretoria dispatch
says it is reported a crisis is imminent at
Cape Town involving the resignation of
the premier ol Capt* Colony.
STILL Fighting.���A band of insur*
gents, Greeks and Armenians fought all
day near Grevana. Boih sides sustained
heavy losses.
Mining Work.���Hampton and W. S.
Norris returned to Nanaimo on the 19th
from a week's visit to some of the mining
properties in Albernia. They report extensive work being done in that section.
McPhee & Moore
Flour, Feed, Field and Garden Seeds, Etc., Etc.
Is well stocked with choice fresh and salt
meats, vegetables,  butter, eggs,  poultry and
all kinds of fruits . . .
Goods Delivered Promptly
Tiiit to H. H. 8. ImperieuBe.
Promptly at 3 p. m. a large boat
manned by ten men and coxswain
with Col. Shakespear aboard drew along
side the wharf. Our gallant host���Col.
Sh ikes pcir���sprang out ��nd assisted the
ladies of our party in, and we were soon
pulling for H. M. S. Imperieuse which
lay at anchor in Comox Bay.
As out boat drew near I was strongly
impressed with the wonderful masterpiece of man's creation and genius, like
some living thing conscious ol and secure
in its powerful strength, lying at rest.
The sunshine was floodiug the decks,
and reflecting from the brass fittings and
bright funnels, and busy blue jackets
like bees were swarming about over the
Ht M. S. lmperieus is a first class
Cruiser, 328 feet long, 64 feet beam;
draws 28 feet of water; twin screws, and
carries 598 men-military, marines and
bluejackets. Her present chief office is
Admiral Palliser.
We were shown over the ship by Col.
Shakespear-who was untiring in explain*
ing, and answering questions���Lieut.
Cartwright of the marines, and Dr.
On the quarter deck some of the men
were arranging a stage for a concert to
be held that evening.
The quarter deck is the place of exercise for the officers, ard where religious
service is held in summer; it is ilso the
ball room, where the delightful dances
for which the navy is famed, are given.
It is covered overhead, and sides with
canvass, and is as clean as possible.
Here was one of the four monstrous 9.2
inch calibre gnns; a marvel in sue and
construction,^ rests on a turn table, and
fey means of' machinery is turned in any
direction the enemy maybe. However
intricate the mechanism is to operate
this gun is very simple; it take-*; three
men 10 manage one in battle. The
immense balls 9.2 in. are powerful enough to do distressing destruction.
There are carriages for ihe Nordenfeldt
guns, of which the ship carries four,
eighteen Hotchkiss 6 pounder, and
six 3 pounder, 6ve hundred magazine
guns, and 12 6 in. Q. F. or quick tiring
guns, besides hundreds of Colts revolvers.
Col. ShakesDear assured us, the magazine gun will hit the mark two miles
away���"if you can sight it." These guns
are sighted from the side, differently
from the old style and are beautiful little
The ship is lighted by electricity,
which is supplied by a daisy little engine.
On the upper deck forward are ths
officers cabins, which are tastefully
decorated, with pictures, swords, and
trophies of different countries and engagements���battles of course.
Dr. Philip courteously conducted us
through the -hospital; it is comfortably
heated and furnished; an operating table
in the best lighted part of tbe room; easy
clean beds, and two patients, and a nurse
who wore on his sleeve the badge of
the Red Cross.
The marines and blue jackets were
having tea, and evidently in a happy
mood. At the huge range or stove the
cooks were preparing dinner Down
again, where to be told I stood under
the water, gave me a sensation of delightful daring. There was a little stair,
leading to the place where "slops," are
kept, which means rum; other hatchways
led to where more costly exhilerating
fluids were stored; still further down I
was told was the powder magazine;
sailors were polishing a huge projectile
���a torpedo; the torpedo boats l.iy a
short distance from the ship. Every
where cleanliness and order prevailed.
Sentries stood rigid at their post.
Men were digging trenches for rifle
practice on the sand spits, and many
small boats were out on the bay.
With such boats and soldiers as H. \W.
S. Imperi-usc and her men, it is evident
England is in fact "Mistress of the
There is an excellent band on board.
We were invited to the officers dining
saloon, treated to refreshments, and with
great hospitality. Here we met Dr.
Williams, Sr. doctor.
I am convinced every onc of our parly
left the ship with a pleasant remembrance of thc courtesy shown us, and a
wish they belonged to the R. N.
Col. Shakespear of II. M. S. Imperieuse, has spent years in active service
in the Soudan, having distinguished himself in thirteen battles and winning four
beautiful medals, as testimony of Her
Majesty's appreciation of his bravery
and devotion as a soldier.
Dr. Williams also wears several medals.
H. M. S. Imperieuse is assuredly a
thing of wonder, if not "of beauty," and
her officers delightful entertainers.
Mr. and Mrs. McCallum, Mrs. Anderson,
Miss Kov, and ihc writer of this were
guests cf Col Shakespear.
Mrs. Willemar, Mrs. Geo. Roc, and
Miss Dingwall were visitors to Ch*ipi?iu
Planter on H. M. S. imperieuse on
Friday. In this space I cannot write of
all the attractive points, nor of all thc
marvellous advance and   improvements
made in instruments of war, and increased   powers of resistance to attack.
Guessing Contest.
Steventon and Co's., grand guessing contest. Twenty live dollars worth in goods
will he given away. (liven freo to tbe near*
eat guesg to tlm number of seeds in tha
Pumpkin in onr window. This ii how we
advertise. If you want Dry Goods, Millinery, Mantles, Dreaa Goods, Men's and Boys'
Clothing: wo have thom at Bedrock prices.
We lead, those who follow must come bo*
Stevbnson asdComp'y.
Union   Snipping1.
The Minn* ola nailed on the 16th for Port
Lea Angeles with 3300 tons of coal.
The Thistle tool: in 25 tons o! coal on tke
l.V..h, and on tho 10:h the Tees took 46 tons
of coal, and on tho same day the Tepic ud
ecow left for Vancouver wilh 402 tons.
On the 17th thc  Rainbow left with 269
tona of coal.
The Minnoola may be expected about
next Tuesday.
L. O. L.
Mount Horob L O.  I,.  1876 meets  at
Mason's Hall Un;hint Tuesday in tho month.
All  brethern aro cordially  requested to
J F. Boyle, R.S.
Tni: second draw resulted as follows;
Wednesday night Fulchor played Sam
Davis ; handiest) in favor of Fnlcher 6; Ful-
oher making 100 aud Davis 98. Thursday
eveningS, 11- Kiges played Tom Hudson.
Handicap in favor of Hudson 6. Riggs
made 98 and Hudson 100, Friday evening
Mateer played Allen���no handicap, Mateer 100; Allen 91. In the 3rd draw Monday evening Fo labor played T. Hudson; Ful
chcr makii g 74 and Hudson 100; handicap
in favor of Hudson 6. This draw will Iw
finished to-night hy Mateer playing Danger
Held. And the tiual draw is expected to ba
played Wcducs'day night,
Graduated With Honor.
From thc Colontat of Oct. 12th, inst. wa
learn that Miss Ida Halliday, daughter 0!
Mr. ami Mrs, J. A. Halliday of Comox, haa
completed her twu years training, and palled Buccesufully the required examination,
entitling hor to a diploma aa a surgical and
medical inir.-c Her per centages wero as
follows 1 Toxicology, 0-5 per cent; medical
nursing, OS pur cunt; surgical nursing, 100
por cent, The usual dipluuia aud gold tntd-
al will tiu awjfrdod.
Thc Bun Social and concert at Conrtenay Thursday evening was fairly good,
considering ihe shon time taken for prep
Archdeacon Sclven acted as chairman
and :ifier opening the entertainment,
made a little talk to thc people of Courte
nay, urging ihem to speedily build a
home fnr Rev, Mr Willemar, whose illness, he said, his physician attributes t��
the unhealthy and mouldy condition uf
his house. Surely the residents of the
valley, Ins parishioners, can find some
way to build their pastor a new house under such urgent necessity.
The program was a very pleasing one
nnd the buns and coffee the best. Mr*.
O'Dell accompanied many of the selections. A lack of space forbids a more,
extended notice. **���*-**-���'..'
Don't Fret.
It never paya to fret or growl,
When fortune seems our foe;
Tlie letter bred will   push nliaad
And strike the braver blow,
For luck Is work
Aud thoso who shirk
Should not lament their doom ;
r.ut yield  tho piny.
And clear tlie wny
That better men hnve room.
It  never  pays  to  wreck  the health
lu drudging after gain.
Aud lie is sold wlio thinks that gold
Is  ulieupfctit   bought  witli  pain.
A humble lot,
A cosy cot,
That tempted even kings
For station high,
Thnt wealth can buy,
Not oft eontenUnent brings.
It never pays I   a blunt refrain
Well worthy of a song,
For  ago aud yuuth must l,!.*i.i*n tlie
That nothing pays that's wrong.
The gooil uml pure
Alono aro sure
To bring prolonged succokh.
While what Is right,
In ilea ven's sight.
Is always sure to bless.
And evidently Charlotte Is of the
lean persuasion���she doesn't like knickerbockers- She says : "I confeas that I
am down on bloomers. 1 believe in
womanly women, and don't like the
mannish style any more than I admire
the feminine mau. Let ub have some
distinctions ns well as differences between the sexes. Your mannish woman
wants all the privileges of a man, and
she expects to be treated as a lady
besides. It isn't quite fail* to the men.
Good mothers are not made of such
shift, and I have oliserved that the
children brought Into tlie world by
women of this description are apt to
be freaks of one sort or another."
The " Road House" evil is one that
In the vlciulty of lnrge cities attracts some attention, and Charlotte
giva, it a slap eu passant: " Those
establishments, so commonly frequented by youug men aud young women
ou wheels, furnish a very large percentage of tlie recruits for much worse
Plates. Perhaps you are uot aware of
the fact that New York city gives up
20,0011 women annually to tlie mino*
taur of immorality. The average life
of these girls after they have taken
up this mode of existence is three an.'
a half years. Disease nnd drink quickly wipe them out, poor things! But
their places are constantly lilled by
fresh recruits. Think ol it, 100,000
girls thus sacrificed every five years
in New York city nlone"
-Mrs. Charlotte .Smith, of tlie Woman's Rescue League, Washington,
hns no use for tho bicycle, viewing
It as a very demon of evil. In a letter to the press she says, among
very many other strong tilings:
"Bold, Indeed," snys a critic, "would
be ho who would dare show the
wheelwoman neglect or disrespect I"
Listen to thut, now I In what a new
and charming light does it reveal the
average young man who rides a wheel
���the knigiit of tho road sans peur et
sans reproche, wlio would lie incapable of taking oven the slightest
liberty with a bicycle girl! Under
otber circumstances he would not
hesitate probably to kiss or even
to squeeze her, If he had a chance,
but her badge of freemasonry in the
"brotherhood" of tho bicycle renders
her sacred In his eyes for evermore.
It ls a beautiful Idea, I think. 1
would think it still moro beautiful
if I had not had so many such girls
and tlielr offspring on my hands, incidental to my work forf tho Wroman's
Rescue League."
The Position of Donald W. Davis, the
Man Prom Alberta.
Manitoba and that whole western
country Is cutting a large figure in
Canadian affairs at tlie present time.
Prominent among the citizens of this
new country ts Donald W. Davis, who
has represented Aibufta in tlie House
of Commons. He may bo trusted to be
heard from on the questions that are
vital to the great Northwest, and
with equal Intelligence, because it is
his plan to speak from experience, be
ls able to tell of the good effects of
Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal l'owder lu cases
of catarrh. He Is one of many wlio
have used thLs medicine nnd found
thnt It accomplished all that was
claimed for It. Some of the cures effected by this remedy nre astonishing,
ns Instnnce the enso of Captain Ron
Connor, No. Ib9 Berkeley street, Toronto, who wns deaf for twelve years
from catarrh, nnd wns cured b.v this
medicine. I
World's Production of Silver.
world's produot of silver since
hns, according to 0, .s. Govern*
reports, been us follows :
 *  120,213,000
Mrs. Hannah Jamlcson, of No. 150
Waterloo street, London, suffered
with what Bhe thought to be Inflammatory rheumatism ln her right
shoulder. Dr. Drake examined It, nnd
extracted a rusty hat pin 51-2 Inches
long. Blood poisoning ls now feared.
According to an English Journal Her
Name Is Mam'zelle Flossie.
The following unique advertisement
which recently appeared in an Euglish dramatic paper, will be read
with interest by theatre-goers:
Notice to all Concerned���That Henri
and Mam'zelle Flossie have been legally Joined together in the bonds ol
Matrimony, by Special License, and
by a regularly appointed Justice of
the Peace, In the presence ol Witnesses, ln accordance with the requirements ol the Laws of the United
States of America. Notice to Gossip-
mongers and Scandal Fertilizers. The
Potent factor was a dispute as to
Parentage nnd an Imminent severance
of nil Business Ties, etc. Mr. Caziunn,
with a view and desire to protect a
certain lady's history from the arrows of scandal, repressed the publication of tho above marriage, nnd
unfortunately so, as his good Intentions, owing to the kindly and affectionate Interest of some of his professional brothers nnd sisters, brought
calumny on himsell and wifo. Mr. Caz-
man will give ��20 reward to nny person or persons, on conviction, who
will give Information ro nny such
scandal preceding this oi* following
tills notice. .Any Information may lie
hud from either my Knglish or American attorneys. (Signed) Henri Cnz-
mnn nnd Mam'zelle Flossie, Empire
Theatre, Birmingham, July 10, 1890.
There is more catarrh in this section of tlie country than nil other
diseases put together, and until the
last few yoars was supposed to be Incurable. For a great many years doctors pronounced it a locnl disease, and
prescribed local remedies, and by
constantly failing to cure it with local
treatment pronounced It Incurable.
Science lias proven catarrh to be a
constitutional disease, and therefore
requires constitutional treatment.
Hall's Catarrh Cure, mnnufactuured
by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio,
Is the only constitutional cure on the
market. It Is tnken Internally In doses
from ten drops to a teaspoonful. It
acts directly on tlie blood nnd mucous
surfaces of the system. They offer
$100 for any case it fails to cure. Send
for circulars nnd testimonials. Address, F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, 75c.
A Trying Position.
Old Mrs. M., who was seriously ill,
found herself to be ln a trying position, which she defined to a friend in
these words: "You see, my daughter
Harriet is married to one o' these
homeypath doctors and my daughter
Kate to an allypath. If I call hi the
homeypath my allypath son-in-law on'
his wile git mad, an' If I call in my
allypath aom-!n-law my homeypath
son-in-law an' Iub wife git mad, an' If
I go ahead an' git well without either
of 'em they'll both be mad, eo I don't
eee but I'd better die outright."
Be sure and use that old und well-tried
remedy, Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing
Syrup for children teething. It
soothes the child, softens the gums,
allays all pain, cures wind colic and
is the best remedy for diarrhoea.
Twenty-five cents a bottle.
, Blistered Hands and Feet.
The speediest remedy is to light a
tallow candle, uud let the melted
tnllow drop fn cold wuter, then mix
tho tnllow with strong spirits nnd
rub It thoroughly into the palms nnd
soles. This is both a preventive aud
a cure.
llie Story of an Old Settler in
Dufferin County.
Suffered Terribly With Rheumatism
and Had to Use Mechanical Appliances to Move in Bed - Prlends
Thought He Could Not Recover.
(From the Economist, Shelburne, Ont.)
Almost everybody ln the township
of Mclancthon, DMHerln Co., knows Mr*.
Wm. August, J. P., postmaster of
Auguston. Mr. August, now In his
77th yenr, came to Canada Irom
England forty years ngo, and for
thirty-eight years has been a resident ol Melancthon. During some
thirty years ol that timo lie has been
a postmaster, ami for eleven or
twelve years was a member of the
Township Council, Ior somo years
holding tho position ol deputy reeve.
He bus also beon a Justice of the
peace since the formation of the
county. It will thus bo seen that
Mr. August stands high In the esti-
mntlon of his neighbors.
Iu the winter of 1894-95 Mr. August
was laid up with an unusually severe
attack of rheumatism, being confined to the houso and to ills bed for
aliout three months. To a reporter
Mr. August said : " I was ln fnct
a regular cripple. Suspended from
tho celling over my bed was a ropo
$780,000 SAVED
In Canada's Pill Bill When Dr. Agnew's
Liver Pills Are In Universal Use.
Better Medicine Than the 50-
Years Old Formulas at a
Quarter a Box  40
Doses for 10
Purely vegetable blood purifiers and
blood builders. Tone the nerves. Clear
the complexion. Act gently and safely.
Ask your druggists for Dr. Agnew's
Liver Pills, and see that you get what
you usk for.
We have no hesitation In recommending the Art Garland Stoves and
Ranges. Their high reputation for
durability, economy of fuel, convenience and artistic finish, stamps them
as the best made. It Is the constant
aim of the manufacturers to make
the very best Stoves that can be
produced.  They are unrivalled.
A Married Tailor.
Merchant Tailor���I am sorry to say
It, Mr. Goodheart, but as this is to
be your wedding suit I must demand
cosh on delivery.
Mr. Goodheart���Eh ? Why, I've had
an account with you for years, and
I've always paid promptly to the
hour, the very hour, elr.   .
" Yas, Mr. Goodheart, but you were
a bachelor and had the handling of
your own money."
Thousands of cases of constipntlon,
asthma, coughs, colds, and croup are
cured every day by Shlloh's Cure.
Blunt Ll.
The questions Ll Hung Chang puts
to ladles about their ages nre embarrassing enough, but his curiosity
does not ond there. In addition to
a question concerning her nge he
asked a London lady If she was married and If she had any children.
I-earning thnt she bad none, he said :
"Our women In China pray for children 11 they have not nny."
Ls Putnam's 1'uillloss Corn Extractor.
Rapid, painless, its action Is a marvel to all who huvo tried it. Fancy
getting rid of painful corns In twenty-
lour hours.     " Putnam's " does It.
Making Their Own Pasture.
In Eastern Australia a hundred million sheep and great herds of cattle
and horses now food upon pastures
covering flat ground which thirty
yenrs ngo was a desert ol soft* sand,
so " rotten '* that the feet sank deep
at every step. This once worthless
ground has been licaten Into compact
soil by the feet of the sheep .and! cattle, and It Is believed that other
great desert expenses ln Australia
may bo turned Into productive pns-
ture and In a similar manner.
Consumption can lie cured by the use
of Shlloh's Cure. This great cough
curo Is the only known remedy for
that terrible disease.
Teacher���Johnny, what are the three
graces? Johnny���Breaklast.dinner and
which I could seize with my hands.
and thus cllu'igo my position in bed
or riso to a sitting posture. I suffered us only those racked with rheumatic pains could suffer, and owing
to my advanced age, my neighbors
did not think It possible for me to
recover. I had read much concern-
lug Dr. Williams' I'ink Pills, nndi nt
last determined to give them
a trial. I commenced takiug tlie pills
ubout the lst of Feb., 1895, taking at
the outset one after each meal and
Increasing to three at a time. Within
a couple of weeks 1 could notice au
improvement, and by the first of April
I was able to be about as usual, free
from the pains, and with but very
little of the stiffness left, I continued
the treatment a short time longer
and found myself fully restored. It Is
uow nearly a year since I discontinued takiug the Pink Pills, aud I have
not had auy return ol the trouble in
that time. I have no hesitation in
saying that I owe my recovery to
Dr. Williams' Piuk Pills."
These pills are a perlect blood builder aud nerve restorer, curing such disease-) as rheumatism, neuralgia, partial paralysis, locomotor ataxia, St.
Vitus' Dance, nervous headache, all
nervous troubles, palpitation of the
heart, the after effects of la grippe,
diseases depending on humors of the
blood, such as scrofula, chronic erysipelas, etc. Pink Fills give a healthy
glow to pale aud sallow complexions
and are a specific for troubles peculiar
to the female system, and In the case
of men they effect a radical cure In
all cases arising from mental worry,
overwork, or excesses. Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills may be had of all druggists
or direct by mall from Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont., or
Schenectady, N. Y��� at 50c. a box,, or
six for $2.50. See that the company's
registered trade mark 19 ou the wrapper of every box offered you, and positively refuse all Imitations or substitutes alleged to be "Just as good." Remember no other remedy has been discovered that can successfully do the
work of Dr. Williams' Pink I'ills.
He Was Too Smart.
"I saw a porter overreach himself
the other day," said Tenspqt.
"Go on," said Whiffet.
"A mun gave him a coin, and, nfter
looking at It, the darkey said:' 'Scuso
me, sab, hut dis gol' dollah has a holo
lu it.' Tho man took It nnd replied:
'Ah 1 so It hns.' Then he put tho gold
dollnr bnck In his pocket and gavo
the porter a dime."
Has but one source of relief. Nerviline���nerve pain cure���iienotrates to
tlte Irritated nerves, soothes them
into repose, and affords relief almost
instantly. Tlie whole range of mediclno nf fords no parallel .to Nerviline
an a pnin  reliever.
Caught a Tartar.
"Mourning goods, please," she said
to the floorwalker.
"Yos, madam; this way, If you will,"
anil then adding, feelingly; "death ls
a. sad thing, madam."
"It Is, indeed," Blie responded. "I'll
not make any purnhasce this morning. I ouly wanted to see the latest
things you havo In tho mourning line;
my husband Is a vory sick man,"
Karl's Clover Root Tea purifies the
blood and gives a clear nnd beautiful
Milk and Health.
Milk disagrees with some, but only
when taken in conjunction with
other foods; taken solely Ior one
month the stomach will resume Its
pristine vigor, and give new life and
happiness to persons afflicted with
Ills which no one, save those who have
experimented on the subject, would
believe could proceed from eo simple
a cause as a disordered stomach.
Diseased blood, constipation and kidney, liver and bowel troubles are cured
by Karl's Clover Root Tea.
The astronomers calculate that 11
the diameter of the sun Bhould be
fully diminished by two feet, It
would be 3,000 years before our best
instruments could defect any difference In Its size or brilliancy.
The by-law to expend $200,000 ln
perfecting the sewerngo system was
carried in London by over 000 majority.
have: you ;tasted
It is de]iciour.|
Bold only in Lead Packets.
Corner \ongo and Cohere streets. Toronto 1
Ont, leads all others in successful teaching
nnd high results, Writo now for full information about our courses of study. Terms, eto.,
I88UENO  38  1896
in replying to any of these a*
rertlaemente, pleaie mention thia
iVcaused BY INDICESTION.   KjD.q.antf
VB*. C.  PUIS *"e uuaraoteed  to AllDp
thuatrouble   or   money   refunded.   UU __m
r���*/�� .___,   K. D. C. CO., Ltd., N��w Qliwaw.
1I8S* N.��., fc 127 Suti It, BortonTWM*.
Specialist, 87 King street east,
Toronto.  Home Sept lst to 12th.
Is the oldest business school In Canada under
thu management, of its founder.
Student*- everywhere successful.
Nettie Park, Windsor, has changed her position and is now stenographer for Stanton Sc
Moray, wholesale manufacturing tlothior.%
Detroit Mich.  910 per week.
Clifford Yeates, Gesto, just placed asasteno*
frapher with Mechanical Supt, D. L. 4 N.t
ona, Mich.
Arch. McVicar, Petroloa, temporarily as
stenographer with A. E, Shaunessy, banister,
Eva- Fisher, Kincardine, temporarily as stenographer with Sutherland Inno* Co., Chatham.
Every graduate placed in good position, *__,
It nays to attend the best
Fall term opens Sept lst
For catalogue address
Chatham, Ont!
Stratford, Ontario.
~ Best buBiness education in Canada at lowest
possible cost. Old-established school*, superior
courses of study, first-class teachers, many
studonts placed in good situations after graduation, moderate rates, board oheap, large attendance, students can enter at any time
Beautiful catalogue free. Canada'n bost commercial school,    W. J. ELLIOTT, Principal.
Who ara desirous of
Improving their
���lock should
loading Canmiiun
College (01 Young
Women. Baild-
ini**- and equipment, faculty,
school and health
record and methods of instruction unsurpassed. GO-page Mils,
catalogue.       PRES AUSTIN, A. St.,
St. Thomas, Ont,
The Ontario Agricultural Collect
will reopen Oct. let. Full conrece ol
lecturee with practical Inetraetlon, at
Tory email cost for yonng men who
Intend to be farmera. Bend for circular
glTlng Information aa to eonrea of
study, term* of admlislon, cost, ate.
JAMES MILLS. M.A., President,
Gaelph, Augnet, 1896.
Largest Sale in Canada.
Z?.Z'.',s1i n #N*UI��PERSIA
"7"7l'y   IVeU.-WelHE MIOHTY*CUflEII
Herd of
flock ol Shropshire
wn Shasp.
Price, vary moderate*.
Make  Your  Consignments   ot
Apples to"
Simons, Jacobs A Co., Glasgow, Scotland.
Simons, Hhutt leworMi & Co., Liverpool, Eng.
Garcia, Jacobs & Co., London, Kngland.
Charles Forstor, 76*78 Park Place, New York.
Walter Webllng, 2i South Market st, Boston.
A, It. Fowler. '22 St. John street, Montreal.
('. S. Nixon, Kim villo, Nova Scotia.
W. \V. Woolford, 12-! S. Charles st)��� Baltimore.
J. M. Shuttleworth, How Park, Brantfard.Onti
The above Arm has exceptional advantages
for the handling and selling of Applet, and
makes prompt cable remittances.
Bend and get a dog, - ny breed you'want)
and at very low prices to olear some of our
stock, Also send 50o for a box of Geo. ;Lucasi
Mange Cure for Dogs.
Veterinary Den tlst,
King street west*
For all weakening disorders of tbo male sexual
system. What loading physicians say about
Oriental PUls: " Tho effect is more immediate
and lasting thau any other remedy"; "Patients
foon report most satisfactory results"; "TbU
Eill Is what the medical profession has long
een looking for���a thoroughly reliable remedy."
we will send the above pills securely boxed,
with plain, practical pointers for self curo, to
any address for one dollar,
77 Victoria street Toronto.
Agents for Canada
Host Truiset
1163 Queen
Books fric
made by
���li.-l.T- Wm
New Idea
(Made in three sizes.)
The best, the cheapest, the
most improved and greatest
home-heating furnace ever
sold. If you will take the time
to examine it you will buy no
other.   Sold everywhere.
Gurney=Tilden Co., Ltd., Hamilton.
GURNEY-MASSEY CO.,      .       .       MONTREAL.
Something Neat and Serviceable for the
Little Ones.
One ol tbe very newest Mens tor
frocks lor children o! 1, 2 and 8 yearB
ot age are tbose shown ot dotted net.
the model being highly Frenchy. The
bodice is blouse style at the back nnd
front, and is shirred to the -skirt,
which ls short, extending scarce}*/ to
the bend ol tbe knee. The BMII ���**
Inches ln width, woven with tiny rlD-
bons. Following the trout and back ol
the blouse nre stripes ot ribbon, commencing at tho neck and terminal! g
at the waist with rosottes ot the ribbon. Creasing the shoulders nro pointed
caps extending over tlio putts, which
deslgnnto the sleeves, the outer cnils
((tiling to tlio lower edge ot the blouse.
The shoulder decorations of the sleeve
puffs are nlso woven Willi ribbon.
Simply fashloniMl Is n frock ot pink
with ornamentation of white lawn
Designating tho yoke, which Is ln
square effect, Ls a broad band of Insertion headed by n narrow ruche ot
lace. To the band of insertion ls
shirred the lawn which forms the
skirt, which hns by way of trimming
at the lower edge a band ot embroidered Insertion set in two inches above
the hem, which Is frilled In with lace
to suit the neck arrangement.
The frock is void of sleeves, the nrm-
alses being outlined with bell-shaped
caps, flaring nt tlie upper part of the
arm and gradually falling ns they extend around the arm.
Another frock fashioned from pink
lawn with adornment of white applique lace ls Illustrated.
Lengthwise tucklngs edged with lace
follow the front and bnck of the
frock,   the   terminating   line   of   the
to tbe teet. It can be let down ln a
moment, and su prevents the inconvenience of having to change when
one cornea ln Irom cycling. It is the invention ot a lady, I am told, and ls
not at all expensive.
This Bride Faced the Camera in Her
Wedding Frock.
The superstitions that encompass
ond harass a bride are so many and
for the most part so utterly foolish,
6nys the Washington Post, that It
Is a positive delight to find a lirlde
who absolutely ignores some of the
tflue-worn beliefs. Everybody knows
that It ls the worst of luck for a
bride to wenr her wedding gown before the day ot tho wedding, nnd to
try on the veil ls simply tempting
Providence, but ono of the most
chnrmlnig brides ot the season did
lKith. She is tho Vico-Prosident's
daughter, too, Miss Julia Stevenson,
Several days beforo her wedding day
sbo posed to Miss Frances Benjamin
Johnston for a series ot priitrnlts,
Sbe wore tbo different gowns of
her trousseau, Including tho wedding
gown, and several ot tho pictures represent her veiled ln the bridal tulle-
It was eminently sensible, of course,
nnd all that, but thero aro very
tew brides who would daro do It.
An Evening Dress With Decorations Un
tuckings being .oncenled by a broad
band of ribbon fastening with a loosely
tied bow at tlio left side, Dressing
tho frock lit tho neck and shoulders Is
a pattern of wido lace, which trims
tho frock high with square effect at
tlie front and buck, taking the form
of frilled cups as it exteuds over tho
sleeves, being given ii dainty touch at
the corners by knots ot ribbon.
Tlio sleeves aro half length, outlined
from shoulder to lower lino with tiny
frills of laco. At the Inside of tlio arm
a carelessly Mvtsted piece of ribbon
follows from theshoul Ier to the lower
edgo of the sleeves, where It is gathered Into rosettes.
A line of tiiciw heads a ruffle ol laco
whicli finishes the lower edge ot the
With tho Strong-Minded,
"How," demanded the advooato of
equal suffrage, Importunately, "are
women to be Induced to stop und reflect V"
" I'iit up mirrors,"
They scaroliod for hlra who lind
spoken but fouud liim not, nor know
thoy aught of hlin except thnt bo
must be n. supporter nf tlie ancient
roglino and an observer of human
<i "
Good  Time.
I   am tired to   death/' declared
Mrs. Matronly,  ns sho Veaehed homo
from down  town tho other evening.
"What's tlio matterV" asked her
" Euon buving baby's picture taken.
They huvo n way of taking tliein instantaneously, now, you know."
"How long were you nt tt*.'"
,   "Three hours and a half."
A Perfect Cycling Dress.
"Cousin Madge*' writes in London
Truth: Evelyn hns at last found what
she considers a perfect cycling skirt. It
can be worn as an ordinary skirt, or
raised by means of drawing a couple
of cords so that It forms a divided
dress lor wheeling ln. When only
slightly lifted It gives perfect freedom
Prominent Persons in France and
England Discuss tne Question,
���London Sketch.
Perfectly Fiendish.
Husbaud���Don't you think you are
rather unreasonable to expect ine to
take you to a ball, stay awake until
4 o'clock, ami then get up at 8
to go to my work ?
Wife���I may be a Uttle unreasonable, but It'a perfectly brutal ol you
to mention it.
Little Jokes for Women,
He���Shall We be able to economize?
.She���I think so. At any rato I passed
two bnrguln stores  to-day without
"Whicli would you sny���that a
young lady has a pug nose, or that
her noso Is retrousse ?" "How much
is her father worth?"
Doctor (after spraying tho lady's
throat)���Madam, it's a pleasure to
treat you; you'vo got sucli fine control of your tongue. Tho patient's
husband���Hero, let's hare your bill.
It's evident that, you don't know
what you are talking about.
He���Maude says she can outstrip
you on the wheel every time. She-r
She may on the wheel, but- she can't
at the beach,  anyway.
He���"Whnt do you do nt thosst sewing meetings ? She���Oh, we sew gossip, dissension, strlf<\ and occasionally sew a garment for tlie poor.
"I've never seen my wife so angry
as she lias been made by that echo,"
"What's the reason?" "When she
talks It won't let hor have the last
She���Do you know anything worse
than a man taking a kiss without
asking for tt? He���I do. "Whnt, for
instance?" "Asking for it without
taking It."
Mrs. Snobbs���How many girls do
the Hnwlios keep? Mrs. Nobbs���Only
one. Mrs. Snobbs���Only ono? Gfiod
gracious, and 1 came protty near
calling thero yesterday.
Colivlgger-IHdn't you think It
rather foolish for her to ask yon il
her hat was on straight? Merritt���
No* It waH on a railway train, nnd
we had Just eomo ont of, a long tunnel.
First ancient maiden���T have often
thought, that suppose when a dentist
gives you gas ho should IcIrs you.
wouldn't It be horrible? Second ancient maiden���Horrible Is no name
fnr it. Why, you wouldn't know anything about it I
Boston Girl���Why do you applaud bo
enthusiastically v iter Escort���Didn't
you wo how cleverly tin stole tliat
base? Boston Girl (with some stiffness/)��� Do ynu approve of sucli an action aa that V
Friend���I supposo yon grieve very
much ovor tiio death of your husband ? Mrs. Snooks���Indeed��� I do.
If I had utilized before ho died tin;
tears l'vo -shed since, I'd have half-a-
dozen more dresses than I have got
"H'lii!" returned tlie justice,
thoughtfully, *���' uu�� way celebrate
each recurring an in versa ry. Mr.
Smith ? Your >v.fo ht\s been dead
for a considerable time, has she not?*'
"Mrs. Smith died   eight    years ago,
your honor.*-    " Thou, why '  " She
ls still   dead, thank you!"
Bobby (at the breakfast table)���
Maud, did Mr. Jones tako any of the
umbrellas or hats from the hall inst
night ? Maud���Why. of courso not!
Why should he? Lobby���That's just
what I'd like to know. I thought ho
did. becauso I heard htm say, when
he was going out. " I'm going to steal
Just one. and ���why, what's the
mntter, Maud ?
Statistics Seem to ShowThat ft State of
Marrlage~iiiri^eiWaDle~to" Widowhood��� Human Perfection Impossible
���Interesting Views of Authorities
Who Have Taken up thfi Discussion
of the Subject.
" Ought widows to marry ���'" asks
the New Vork Herald.
This question is exciting Q good
deal of discussion at present, both In
England and 1'runuo.
Thoso who favor perpetual widowhood dwell on the following [acts:
Queen Victoria lias remained true
to her ouo husband) ami evidently hor
daughter Beatrice is determined to
remain true to tlio memory uf the
Prinoe ol Battenburgi for otherwise
slio would hardly havo placed ou his
coffin a wreath bearing tho Inscription! "Until death us do part; until death reunites us." Now, it is
argued, suppose Queen Victoria had
takeu a second husband a short time
after the death of thu. Prince consort, is it not likely that sueh a EJtep
would have mado her BoniQwhati unpopular among lier subjects? Again,
is it likely that the mother or. Al-
phonso XIII. of Spain aud tho Queen
Regent of Holland would havo succeeded as well in preserving the
thrones for their children if they bad
married again after the expiration ol
tho time prescribed by law and the
usages of society? Among the
royal personages in Kurope to-day
there aro none, it is claimed, who are
moro esteemed and respected than
the crowned widows, among whom
Queen Victoria is said to regard with
especial dlBfavor women who marry
a second time, and the main reason
is because they have remained faithful
to their royal spouses and are moldy
and disinterestedly doing this duty
toward their children.
Lut all women, is the reply, ure not
queens, aud, if there is auy truth in
the principle ol the equality of the
sexes, widows should be as much at
liberty to marry a second time as
widowers are. Only insatiably jealous
men and sentimental old maids can,
it is claimed, bo of a different opinion.
According to Mre. Lynn Linton it is
the height of cruelty to condemn a
woman to perpetual widowhood. Let
women marry again If they please, she
says, and if tliey have courage enough
to try their fortune in a lottery in
which there are so few lucky numbers.
Her opinion seems to be that of utmost all ol those who have taken
part lu the discussion, and, unless statistics lio, it Is also the opiuou of leading economists. According to M. Mor-
selti, wlio is an authority on lho subject, out of oU5 men who committed
suicide in Italy, 100 were married,
108 were bachelors, und 157 were widowers, lu France the number of
bachelors who commit suicide is relatively larger than in Italy, but it lu
among the widowers that suicide finds
the most victims. As regards married
women, out oi every hundred wlio commit suicide in Italy and France tlie
majority are widows, lu Prance the
number of widows who commit suicide is twice as great us that of
women whose husbands are living.
Prom tliese statistics M. Morselli and
those who think with him conclude
that widows aud widowers are far
more likely to Ue driven to despair and
death than other men and women,
and that therefore it is the duty of
society to encourage them to marry
Ou the other hand M. U. Labudie-
Lagrave, a French writer, ilous not
think much of the statistics. "Tho
conclusions arrived ut," he nays,
"seo-in to me very much exaggwis
uted. If so many widows aro uuaule
to support the burden of life, it is
not chagrin at the loss of their husbands which drives them to commit
suicide, but rather anxiety us to how
they sliall support themselves and
their children, and it is very probable that tbo reason why they remain
widows is not becauso tliey desire to
remain truo to their busoauds, but
becauso they cannot find men who
urewilliugto burden themselves with
the support of them and tlieir children.'
M* Labadie-Lagrave admits that
thero may be many excellent reasons
why women sliould marry a second
time, and ho lays stress on the tact
that It is always dangerous to require of human beings a degree of
perfection wliich thoy are Incapable
of attaluing. Thus lie maintains tliat
in many cases second marriages are
desirable if only Irom a moral point
of view.
Mrs. Florence Miller is of tlie same
opinion. Take tlio case, she says, of
it childless widow who does m.t retain very pleasant memories of her
husband and who is inning away tu
solitude, while near tier lives a widower who was also not very fond
of his wife and wlio Is also living a
lonely lifo, having no oue to care for
hts liou.se or to prepare his meals or
to keep hlin company during tho
evenings. Now, would tt not lie inhuman, sho asks, to deprive these
isolated souls of tho right of marrying and of beginning together at
their own risk a new life?
Was Not Consulted.
The general   opinion  in j\X was
that Tam(I>���- was a ilttlo cnuoked.
Notwithstanding this Tain managed
to persuade a lady fair to become
tils bridei and went to tho minister
to arrange matters, Thu reverend
gentleman shared tlie common notion respecting Tarn's mental capacity, and therefore proceeded with
duo cautl6n in the matter. Among
other questions the minister asked:
:" As this ts a very important step
you are nbout to takflf you ought to
consult your parents about it. Have
you dono bo V" " .Va. na," replied
Tarn, "they never consulted me when
tbey got mairrlt!"
A List For Lovers Wlio Must Court at
Beetroot���I would bleed for you.
Capsicum��� Vou aro too hot tempered.
Carrot���You are courageous.
Celery���You are a stick.
Cucumber���Why aro yon so cold?
Egg Plant���You are no chicken.
Endive���You uro too bitter.
French Beans���I Bhall cut you.
Lettuce���Shall we?
Mushroom���You are an upstart.
Onion��� You bring tears to my eyes.
Peas���I  am  wilting to  "shell out.'
Potato���Tho best part of you Is underground.
Scarlet Itunner��� If you throw cold
water ou my suit I  slialt run away.
Spinach���Vou  an- very  green.
Spring (ircens���You   hav.; no   heart.
Summer Cabbage���You are all heart,
or my heart is thine. ,
Tomato���You aro too saucy.
Turnip���I am mashed on you.
To   Cle iXes.
Peal aud cut a potato into small dice
ami put tbem into the bottle. Shake
tlie bottle around and around a number of times; then add a very little
water ami shake ngain. Turn ont
tlio potato and rinse the bottle with
clear water, When it will be perfectly bright. if not much furred the
following method may be used. Place
some tea leaves in thc bottle with
a teaspoonful of soda aud a small
quantity of water. Allow it to stand
for a while; then shake well and
rinse with clear cold water.
To thirteen pints of tomatoes after they are boiled and sieved add
five table sp-uotis of salt, seven of vinegar, two teaspoonfuls yellow mustard seed, one of ground cloves, one
of Cayenne pepper and ono of black
pepper, boil four hours. I add a large
onion, cut fine, but it can bo omitted
without spoiling the flavor. I uso
baking powder bottles, making several dozen. Fill the bottles as full
as possible, cork and dip ia hot sealing wax. If bubbles show on the cork
after tho first dipping, dip again. I
put  In the   catsup  boiling   hot.
With the Mother.
Have ttio nursery on tlie sunny side
of tbo house.
Havo the walls restful rather than
exciting to the youthful imagination.
Have no carpets; tliey house and
nourish germs.
Have rugs which may be shaken
daily. Tliey will keep the floor comfortable and are hygienic.
Vou mny or mny not punish your
child for deceiving you, but he Is sure
to punish you for deceiving liim.
ir tho baby is even ordinarily
healthy be should have Ids daily airing, no matter what the state of the
Tablets Kill Drug Stores.
It sounds incredibly but it Is stated
as a fact, that GO per cent, of the retail drug stores of Brooklyn and New
York aro Tor sale. Tho cause for depression In drug store values ts the
growing prnctico of doctors in using
compressed tablets. Insteud of writing prescriptions to be taken to drug
stores to fill, they hand out these
tablets to patients, giving the patient
directions for tlielr use. Another reason for the depression is that department stores lmve taken the trade of
tlio druggists In combs, brushes, soaps
and perfumery, and tho candy dealers
havo corralled tlie soda-water business.
The Slstir.e Chapel.
The chapel Is a beautiful place in
itself, by its simple and noble proportions, us welt us by tho wonderful architectural decorations of the
ceiling, conceived by Michelangelo as
a series of franios for his pnintings.
Beautiful beyond description, too, is
the exquisite marble screen. No
one can say certainly who made it;
tt was perhaps designed by thu architect of tho chapel himself, Bue-
eto l'ontelli. There are a few such
marvels ot unknown hands lu tho
world, and a sort ol romance clings
to them, with an element of mystery
tbat stirs the imagination, in a
dreamy wny, far moro than tlie
glided oak tree in the nrms of Six-
tus IV., by which the namo of Ko-
vere ls symbolized. Slxtus commanded, and the chapel was built, but who
knows where BnCCio l'ontelli Ties? Or
wlio shall find tlie grave where the
hnnd that carved tlie lovely marble
screen Is laid  at rest?���Century,
What True Friendship Moans.
Between friends there must be close
sympathy, and ono must be able to
givo to tlio other What sho tacks,
lint even between tho.-c friends who
aro nearost and dearest it Is not
necessary to lay bare one's bea it.
Snch confidence Is too apt to be
getted withacurtous sntlsfaotipiit and
even from a friend thi' grut ficutinn
makes one feel oh, if one's bruises had
been touched with vitriol. A real
friend asks no questions. She takes
the best that comes, the best that is
iu you, the best that you care to offer
her, and demands nothing more. She
has long ago Lamed, being wise, that
to all of u-i there comes a time when
nothing shoult be said ; it Is true there
Is a tlmo when something should be
said, but thero Is never a time when
everything should be said. Tliere is
very often a silence between two
women friends that means rest, and
she is unwise who breaks the silence.
���Ruth Ashmore in duly Ladies' Home
To Help Arch.
Joseph Arch, tho well-kuown labor
member of Parliament, has fallen
upon evil times, and as tbe victim or
a series of misfortunes, is now in
Straitened circumstances. Sonic of
his political friends have come to the
rescue, and are about to make a
national appeal for funds, witb the
view of purchasing a modest annuity
and keeping tlie veteran agitator
from penury in hla old ago.
0 for somo other laud than this,   in
any sort Of zone,
Where females still arc females, where
now women are unknown!
Where tlio eternal fitness of all thinga
thero's naught to Jar!
Where women wear no clothes of men,
their forms divine to mar!
Whero    clinging   robes    are still  the
style, as in tlie long ago,
'Til   bicycles brought pantaloons   nnd
plunged us into woe I
May some new Moses lead us soon to
tliat thrice-blessed shore,
Whero the bloomers cease from blooming and tho panties pant no more!
A -trifle Mary
Sally Cay���Did he kiss you, dearest?
Dolly Swift���Yes, but, oh, I was so
mortified 1   1 kissed him lirst 1
Sally Gay���Goodness I What mado
you do thut ?
Dolly Swift���Why, you see, I thought
he was going to kiss me a moment
or two before he really did, and I nwl-
deutally got ahead of hini.
His Last Request.
Ho was a very sick man. Tlie doctor shook his head. Tho nurso looked
anxious. His hist convivial bout bad
pretty nearly finl-hed tlie groaning,
tossing patient. *' Maria," lio gusped,
as the partuer of bis bosom bent over
him, "Maria, 11 nso don't put any
flowers on papa's gravo. Just make
it cracked ice."
Where More Came in.
" How Tar back can ypu trace your
lineage, Mr. More?"
" To Noah."
" That's rather remarkable. How
do you do It V"
" Noah, yuu remember, had three
son*���siiem. Ham "���
" Well, that's only two."
" And one More."
Hts Disappointment.
"Madame," said tiie wayfarer, "t
nm no ordinary tramp. If the girl I
asked to marry me had not beon bo
cruel, I would not bo as you see me
now. I have l>een disappointed in
"With tender pity the lady of the
house set food before him in abundance, nnd gradually he was induced
to tell his sad and romantic story.
" Yes, madame," he said, " I wrote
a letter only a month ago, proposing
marriage to Miss Helen Oould, but the
stoiiey-hearted girl never even
deigued a reply,   flood day, madame.''
False Alarm..
A womnn, giving the name of Mrs.
Matthews, called at the Armory one
afternoon far a warrant. While the
blank was being filled out she waited
in tho operator's room
Operator William Mnhoney waa
sending hts daily report over llie police telephone to tlie "sub" stations
and was giving tlie description ot a
mouse-colored horse which bad been
stolen.   He began:
"Look out for a mouse���"
Just then there was a fortissimo
screech m high C as Mrs. Matthews
gathered her skirts about tier and
jumped on a chair.
���"colored liorse," continued Ma-
The woman turned red, climbed
clown from the chair and left the room.
Canada's Pride.
A littio over a month hence the fail
fairs will be commencing, and first and
foremost will he the Industrial at Toronto, which Ls to be held this year
from the 31st of August to tbo 12th
of September,
Kvery Canadian Is very properly interested in and Justly proud of the
success of this great exhibition, because it brings prominently bc-fcre
them, as well ns the outside world,
the vast resources and products of our
country, and the progress which ls
being made from year to yenr in Its
agricultural and Indu^triai pursuits,
consequently the approaching Industrial Pair is being rooked forward to
with Increased interest and pleasurable anticipation, and many aro already making arrangements to visit
it. By thousands li�� is mado tlie occasion of their annual holiday outing,
and it Is usually a very enjoyable one.
There Is every indication that tt will
this year fully equal, if not excel, Its
predecessors. To meet the desires of
thoso who usually look for this kind
of thing, a large number of special
attractions aro being provided, of a
new and Interesting character. The
live stock and ull other exhibits, except cut flowers and fruit, will bo on
the grounds from Sept. ,'trd, so that
the firr-t wees: of the fair wiil lie
equally as good tm tho second. Ail
entries have to be made before August
8th. The Toronto Exhibition has QOW
become on" of the best and most popular educational aiul entertainment enterprises on this continent, and those
Who have never visited it would lie
surprised nt Its magnitude and -it-
bractlveness, being almost like a small
World's Pair. Prize lists nud entry
form** enn Ik* procured by anyone desiring them by dropping a pent Card
to Mr. II. J* Hill, Manager. Toronto.
Ity local applications, as tbey cannot
roach the diseased portion >A tiu- ear.
There ls only one way to curo Deafness,  and   that   is     hy   constitution.*;;
remedies. Deafness is caused by .-in
inflamed condition of the mucous lining of tlie Eustachian Tube. When
this tube gets inflamed you have ;i
rumbling sound or Imperfect hearing.
and when it is entirely closed Deafness
Is tlio result, and unless the Inflammation can be taken out anil this tube
restored to Its normal condition.
hearing win be destroyed forever;
nine eases out of ten aro caused hy
catarrh- which ts nothing but an inflamed condition of tbo mucous surfaces.
We win give One Hundred Dollars
for any case of Deafness {caused by
catarrh) that cannot bo cured by
Halt's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, freo.
F, J. CH-BNEY, Toledo, 0.
Sold by  Druggists. "5c. THE   WEEKLY   NEWS   OCT.   aotfa    1896.
Issued Every Tuesday
At Union, B. C.
M Whitney, Publisher
Oat Year    1200
Sit Month.     Iii
Slafle Caiv   Ol'S
One laob par ye., J 12.00
..   .,  manth      130
���lehlheol   peryear       2500
foertk     301)0
aeek. .. Hue               10
Local **oti��o..per line         '20
Notice of Births, Marriages and
Deaths, jo cents each insertion.
No Advertisment inserted for less than
50 cents.
Persons failing to get THE NEWS re-
gularly should notify thc OFFICE,
MayWW We".
The north end of the Comox-Nanaimo
Trunk road looks like a leather gridiron
struck by chain lightning.
Everything looks bright for the waterworks. Let every one take what stock
he can and encourage the enterprise,
especially ai it would appear to be a
profitable investment. It costs but a
litlle down, the remainder being called
only when needed and upon reasonable
notice. Mr. K. 11. Smith, C. E. is the
Guess they do���even the children want
to knew what is going on in their town.
Then is but one place Irom which all
tbe local news can be obtained, and that
it the columns of the home paper.
There it no substitute.
Nothing takes the place of the local
Very promising is the outlook for Union. With good water-works, and new
twice-a-week mail service, with the added
transportation facilities, which that means
brings us several degrees nearer civilization. Owing to the "nigger in tbe wood
pill" we are not likely to soon have our
road system connected with the general
toad system of the Island. How not to
do it it the inglorious policy of the Lands
and Works office. Injustice and wrong
are hard things to hear but in the end
the wood pile will be pulled down and
tke nigger exposed.
The October number of The Canadian
Magazine, which is a splendid number
by tbe way, in its notes of books and
authors, has.the following:
"Not gold merely, but poetry must
hereafter be classed among the products
of our distant sister province of British
Columbia. Mr. Eric Duncan, of Comox,
has a volume of poems in the press of
William Briggs, to appear very shortly,
under the title of "Rural Rhymes."
The readers of The News are familar
witb aome of Mr. Duncan's fugitive
poems. They breathe the true poetic
spirit, and abound in quaint delicious
humor. They are fragrant with the
odor of the field, and bright with pictures of farm and animal life. Onc little
gem of what might be called poster
poetry, hai found its way into many a
Krap book. His hynms are elevated in
lone and language and worthy a place
among Ihe best published. In structure
his vetse is perfect and lie finds liltle
occasion to resort to poetic licence.
When thc volume is out we will give a
more extended notice.
Hotpl to Let or Lease.
Globe Hotel, Front Siren, Nanaimo,
newly renovated throughout; all modern
convenience. Fot particulars address,
P O. Box '/'������*  '*���' inaimo.   II  C , nr mi
FoK KK.NT.���A Hue 0...... ~..^o
taste,   Enquire at Nsw�� Owicx.
The telegraphers' strike along the line
of the Canadian Pacific railway is over.
The men have gone back to work with
the understanding  that their grievances
will be arbitrated The short session
of Parliament is over. The A'oerdeens
left for British Columbia, and minister
of public works, Hon. Mr. Tarte, and
Mr. Davies, minister of marine aie also
coming west. Mr. Sifton of Manitoba
is minister of Interior and joe Martin
is to be provided fur; Senator Mclnnes,
it is  reported, is to   be made a cabinet
minister   without    portfolio General
Bernal, commander of the Spanish troops
in I'inar del Kio has resigned und asked
10 be sent back to Spain. Another battle
in that quarter is reported. There was
heavy lighting and loss, the insurgent loss
being the heaviest... .Thegreatest social
event which Oitawa has seen for many a
day was iiu* golden wedding ul Sir
Charles Tupper. The Premier and
leading ministers and members of both
I*anies culled to offer congratulations.
The list of presents including those by
the Earl and Countess of Aberdeen and
Lieut Govomor Dewdney, tilled two
columns nf newspaper space....The
Coast of Great Britian and Ireland has
been swept by terrible   gules Lord
Kosberry's resignation of the leadership
nf his parly revives talk of Gladstone's
entering public life again.... It is
thought that England, Russia and
France have agreed upon some programme for settling the Armenian question The  Archbishop of Canterbury
is dead....A veritable hurrican swept
over the New Vork and New Jersey
coast. The tides rose higher than they
bave for years, sweeping along the coast
with resistless force doing hundreds of
thousands   of dollars   damage Th*
Doinion Government has fixed Thursday
Nov.   :6lh  for Thanksgiving   day,   the
same  as in  the United States The
Presidential election takes place Tuesday No. 3rd The Czar and Czarina,
after leaving Paris, where they were
received wilh the greatest honor, went
direct to Darmstadt... .Along the Florida coast the storm king swept carrying
away the entire town of Cedar Keys, destroying many lives; there and at other
points, the loss runs up to millions of
dollars. The late storm was wide spread
affecting many slates.
Raise Answered.
To The Editor ot lhe Weekly News:
In "Chatter" last week, a space is devoted 10 running down the members of the
male persuasion, whe are tardy in taking
unto themselves a woman "tender and
true." Now I think "Heine" lakes a
very one sided view of the case, as 1
feel sure there are many eligible young
bachelors, awaiting to grasp the opportunity of becoming benedicts, if only
they could Hnd the right woman. Aye!
there'a the rub! Girls nowadays are
so artificial the majority of men are not
disposed to wed a tig lit* laced sickly
luoking ballroom butterfly; but rather
prefer 10 remain selfish bachelors until
they ean meet a real womanly woman,
and then���presto! clubs,sports, and so
called freedom, are not in il!
I would therefore respectfully venture
to suggest that our worthy editor of the
U. W. N. would establish a marrriage
bureau where all tbe eligible young
ladies of Union might leave their photos,
and a list of their personal characteristics
to be submitted to the young bachelors
on payment of a small fee. Mutual
introductions follow, (arranged of course
by the editor) and I venture to say, in
course of lime the evil which "Reine" so
greatly deplores, will be a thing of the
Union, B. C.      A Lonely Bachelor.
Water*woike Notea.
A trail will soon be built up to the site tf
the proposed dam ou Hamilton Creek. Au
unalym of the water has beon made at Victoria and ie favorable. Mies Leigh R. Spencer ie eole agent for .ale of atock in Nanai*
mo and Wellington. She la expected up to
cauvaaa for tulnoriptiona to stock in Comox
and Uuion, although ehe will not be the
sole agent here    She is expeoted next boat.
Hospital Allowance & Improvements
At the regular monthly meeting of the
Board of Direotora of the Hospital, it wan
announced that, tho applications of the
Board for ftitl ti the Hospital from the Sick
Fund br..i been granted to ihe extent of
SdOO, f'.*r improving [foapital Building and
grounds, and providing teedod furniture,
* *���    Di   I-** ��� '.   .' ioKoight and '1'.
** oharito oi the
Bty yew sugar at Leistr'a $5.25 ftr twt
The STOCK BOOKS of this Company will
be open for subscription until the 31st, day of
October, prox. inclusive.
For particulars apply to���
FRANK B. SMITH, Secretary.
Union, B. O. 34th, September 1806.
Supplies the valley with first chss bread, pies, cakes, etc.
Bread delivered by Cart through Courtenay and District every
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday,
Wedding Cakes made and Parties catered for.
Ors. Lawrence & Westwood.
Physicians and Surgeons.
We have appointed Mr. Jamee Abrams our collector until turtner notice, to whom all overdue accounts
may be paid.
7 Nox. 1885.
Society    Cards
I.   U.   O    F.
Union Ledge, No. 11, meets e ery
Friday night at 8 o'clock. Visiiing brethren cordially invited to attend.
A. LlNliSAY, R. S.
Esquimalt and Nanaimo Ry.
Cumberland Lodge,
A. F. & A. M, B. C. R
Union, II. C.
Lodge meets tirst   Saturday    in   eacl
month.    Visiting brethren are cordial!
invited to aitend.
JAMBS McKim. Sec.
Steamer Joan
On ancl after Mar. 22nd, 1893
The Steamer JOAN will sail as follows
CALLING AT WAY PORTS os passengers
and freight may offer
Lea, e Victoria, Tuesday, 7 a. m.
"  Naniiiniu for Comox. Wednesday, , n.m
oave Comox for Nanaimo,      FrldayB, 7u.ni
Xanaimo for Victoria   Saturdcy, 7a.ni
For freight or state rooms   *;.*.'.    m
'���tnrd, or at tin. Com] *.. '.*���    t'i *:     *   ���
Victoria Station, Ste     street
Hiram Looge No 14 A.F .St A.M.,1).C.R
Courtenay B. C.
Lodge meets on every Saturday on or
before the hill of the moon
Visiting Brothers   cordially requested
to attend.
R. S. McConnell,
Cumberland Encampment.
No. 6, I. O. O. I".,   Union.
Meets every altern ne   Wednesdays ot
each month at 8 o'clock p. m.    Visiting
Brethren cordially invited to attend.
C.  WHYTE, Scribe.
Any person or persons destroying or
withholding the kegs and barrels of the
Union Brewery Company Ltd of Nanaimo. will be prosecuted. A liberal reward
will be paid for information leading tu
W. E. Norris, Sec'v
Wm. O'Dell
Architect and .Builder
Plans and Specifications prepared,
ond buildings erected on tlie
Shortest Notice.
Houses built and for sale on easy
terms of payment.
8. OF T.
Union Division No. 7. Sons of Temperance, meets in Free Mason's Hall,
Union, every Monday evening at 7:30.
Visiting friends cordially invited to
St, Gkoiiok's Phbshvtkrun Chukch���
Rev. J, A. Logan, pastor. Services at 11 a,
in. and 7 p. m. ^1. Sunday School at 2:30.
Y.P.S.C B. at close of evening  service.
Methodist Chukch��� Services at the
usual hours morning and evening. Rev, W.
Hieki, pastor,
Taturrv Church���Services in the evening.   Rev. J. X. Willemar, reetor,
For sale on Dunsmuir ave;
consisting of lots 4 and 5 in
block 15,. lots 7 and 8 in block
16, lots 3, 4 and 5 in block 10,
and other lots in Cumberland
Townsite. Bargains,
James Abrams.
F. Curran
UNION, B, C. \
The followirg Lines are
Watches, clocks and jewellery
Till, sheetiron, and copper work
Bicycles Repaired
Guns and rifles, repaired
Plumbing in all its branches,
Pumps, sinks and piping,
Electric bells placed,
Speaking tubes placed
Hot air furnaces,
Folding bath and improved
Air-tight stoves, specialties
Office and Works  ^-"jJJJ; ���*ear
Surgeon and Physician
(Graduate ofthe University nf Toronto,
L. C, P. & S., Ont.)
Office and residence. Mary port
Ave, next door to Mr. a Grant's
Hours for consultation O to lo a m,
2 to 4 and!7 to 10 p m.
.isaasagaasaeaagaaat *
Dave Anthony's
Cigar  and   Fruit   Store
Snd  and Dunsmuir Ave.
School and office stationery
at E. Pimbury & Co' drugs
Eiverside Hotels
Courtenay, B.C.   ^
Grant & Munighan, Props.
Best of Liquors
Finest of Cigars
Good Table
Courteous Attention
The Famous
aw fc aw st. James su
To order
tsrSnd for Samples,  l'rtmpt delivery.   Pel
leet lit guaranteed. '
Kanaimo Saw Mill
Mi mil Dooi
F A  C T O   i;   '*        '*
. HiML,  !*   C.
t��r A complete stock of Rough and     J
Dressed Lumber always on hand.   Alsc
Shingles, laths, Pickets, Doors, Windows and Blinds.   Moulding, Scroll
Sawing, Turning, and all kinds
nf wuod finishing furnished.
Cedar.  White Pine;   Redwood.
CH. Tarbell
WDaaler in
Stoves and Tinw? re
Plumbing and gen-, rai
Sheetiron work
d'Agent for tho
Celebrated Gurney J
Souvenir Stoves at,d
 Ranges    '-<
Manufacturer of the
New Air-tight heaters
I. J, Theobald,
Honse and Sign Fainter,
Paper-Hanging, Kalsomining
and Decorating.
All orders Promptly Attended to
Union, B. C. |
I am prepared to ,,
furnish Stylish Riga
and de Teaming
At reasonable ret**
D. Kilpatrick,
union, B. C.
Ig^Thera is Nothing
A. Oteat Induetiy Md the Men Who
Built it up-lome Oalcula.ions of 	
the   Figure    Kend���What   Will
iSS^SSSS^i it is Well Put Together
thn Undertake���. I
<Fiom tan "Mm Mas" os thk wiso.)
Judging bea eaaae aad efftct, the rwulu
at all thia beatle and nth, ia an Hormone
iadaatrjr aew hoilt np, bnt whieh will yet
beer ttej peat tipeaaioa.
I ean very well remember thirty yean age
the pett eaaalH ojeratiom on ttie Fruer,
aad the difloaltiat aad diwourtgeineiiti the
pioneer in the buineu had to contend with,
And it wm to the indomitable perseverance
at nob aea ae Deu, Brown. Ewoo, English,
Ladner and others oi the same kidney, that
thle bo��ine��i haa grown into suoh splendid
I think there are some thirty oanneries on
the Fraser at present, and ionr more are to
lie bail! at Stevettoa alone next season,
I doa't intend to inflict statistics on your
tendon, bat there ie a line Held right at
hand (er the Ague friend, who would, no
deaht, iay the peeked oases of salmon pot
np thia esaeea, ii placed ead to end, woald
reads ebont ISO miles; and oae lb. cans if
flaoed the aame way, wonld reaoh from
Union to lallfax; that there would he three
tint ter every man, woman and child in the
Dominion; that at leut half a million dollars
wee paid ont for Ash and wages this season,
aad eo aa aad so on, ao doubt in a very interesting way, eaoh step ia his figure* making Oe basinets appear more etupenduous.
Da uraoh thea fer busy Steveston, destined to become the greatest fishing centre in
lha world. In time, deeent buildings will
take the plaee of the shacks, pure water
will be piped io. At present it is hauled eix
miles aad sells for fire oenta a buoket. I
presume the searoity of the precious fluid,
account! for the heavy demand for "Tera-
peraaee Beer" whieh ia equally popular with
whitee, -Taps, Chinese and Siwashes,
The lain bland farmers appear to be prospering, aad there ara tome fine ranches along
tkt reed) hat there it far too much good
land lying idle and tome oi the fields are
poorly enltivattd, weeds of every description growing ia profusion, to the farmer's
(atara ttnew. Near to the road is the boring ���tablet, whieh brought up the gold a
(ew months ego, and the tight of which
���anted snob aa excitement for a while. I
heard SHO free miners' license! wire issued
to the crowd that staked off at many eltimi
ia the neighborhood. Now the claims are
deserted and the tedder, if not wiser orowd,
hat vauithsd, leaving the Government
4I2M0 richer.
llie well to remember��� "Life it short
and bnt a fleeting show" and that we may
haste to grow rioh in canneries tnd gold
miiiiw and flue ranches, but the eud is iuev*
ite'.ie. Uso tvery where, however, wilt for*
tet '.tut; everywOcreexcapc ou the Vanuou* |
ver Scuveu-Hiu mad. Tlioro about evory
u,.if mile along thu highway, the eaturpris-
lug undertaker has uadod up his ,1 *n, giving the traveller pointers about coffins, fu-
atrala and etalialmiug. Why this exuberance
��(funeral verliodity ahould break out on
thia particular road, it beyond my ken?
For the wey it good, the stage stock as
alew "as thty grow there;" there is a man
to fiek the ttonea off the road, so
tkat tke traveller won't jolt his bones, and
there it only one grog shop on the
whole road.   "Tit pasting ttrange."
Iraaiiat two fond hearts out for a drive
at jaat a convenient spot for a kiss, to ba
ataggeered by thia announcement: "Oo to
Tadlotkt for ekeap embalming; or "Don't
forget Oirele aad Harriot, undertakers and
���mbelmtrt, prloes reasonable." 'lit like
the skull brought ia at the ancient Egyptian feast, to remind tht rtvellert, at the
���aoraeatof tkeir greatest hilarity, of the
luting aatare of all earthly pleasures.
A. L.
80 here it is :
Single Harness at $Io, $12, $1 s per set
and up.���Sweat Pads at 50 cents.
Whips alto, 2;, 50 and a good   Rawhide for 75 cents, and a Whale Bone
al $1 and up to $2.
I have the largest Stock of WHIPS
town and also the
Best Axle Grease at
.For Twenty-
Five Cents
Trunks at Pi-ires to Suit
the Times,
Repairing I _______
Wesley Willard
lig.ii of Oold Weather.
We learn that Mr. S. J. Piercy of Courtenay and Ur. L. Monaco of this town are
having the famous MoLsry warm air furna-
ett placed in their residences. Our little
man "round tha corner" hat the oontract.
Grand slaughter  tale at  Holmes' store,
8ub��cribeJfor   THE    NEW8
���2.00 per annum.
Notary Publte.
Agent tor the Alliance Fire
Insurance Company of Lon
don and the Phoenix of
Agent tor the Provincial
Building and Loan Association ot Toronto	
Union, B. C.
LATKST        Novelties
A Fashionable Trimmer
(Late cf -Sloan & Scott's)
ls turning out some Dainty Creations in
A choice '. election of Flowers,
Jet Ornaments and Ribbons
Just Received.
One mile and a half fiom Union: contains [60 acres and will be disposed of at
ii low figure.   Enquire of
James Abrams.
A watch this morning on Comox road.
For Sale.
Cleared corner lot on Penrith Avenue,
sell cheap, terms easy, enquire at News
For Sale or Leaae.
The Lindsay House on Penrith Aven
ue, containing fifteen rooms���Kitchen,
Pantry,  Bathroom,   Wash house,    etc,
Apply on the premises.
This Inn, located about three miles out
from Union on the Courtenay Road
is now open for business A good
bar will be kept, and the comfort of the
guests carefully attended to. Give us a
Subscribe for The News $j.oc per
Take E. Pimbury* Co's
Balsamic Elixir for coughs
and colds*.
Not One Man in
One Hu.idred
So invests his money that it yields,  in
twenty years, anything like the profit
afforded by a policy of Life Insurance.
HISTORY) The percentage of individuals
PROVES   .- wbo succeed in business
THIS *) ia small '
No old-Hue mutual life insurance company
haa ever failed.
(  IS *
 Ten Cents a Day~**��3
Will buy for a man 35 years of age  a
$1,000 SO-Payment Life Policy, one
uf the bust formt of insurance written
in thc
Union Mutual Life
Insurance Company
Of Portland, Maine
A Sound, Safe, Ably Managed, I isconron
Reliable Substantial Institution <    atkd
whioh nevkk stands (     1848
CPOX TECHNICALITIKS *���*���*���-*"~****"���*
J. E. EVANS, Provincial Manager,
P.O. BOX 603 Vancouver, B. C.
Por further information call on
F. 3. DALBY,
With James Abrams.
Puntiedge Buttling Works.
DAVID JONES, Proprietor,
Saraaparalla, Champagne Cider, Iron Phosphatet nnd Syrupa.
Ier of Different Brandt of   Lager Beer, Steam Beer ant Pc
Agent for tho Union Brewery C mpany.
I presume we have used orer
.one hundred bottles of Piso's
Cure for Consumption in my
family, and I am continually advising others
to get it   Undoubtedly it is the
gu Medicine
Cumberland Hotel,
Union, B. C.
The finest hotel building
Fixtures and Bar
North of Victoria,
And the best kept house.
Spacious Billiard Room
and new
Billiard and Pool Tables
Best of Wines and Liquors.
I ever used.���"W. C. Miltenbergbr, Clarion, Pa.,
Dec. 29,1894. 1 sell Piso's Cure for Consumption, and never have any com-  ""
plaints.���E. Shore?, Postmaster,
Shorey, Kansas, Deo. 21st, 1894.
H. A. Simpson
Barrister k Solicitor. No's 2 & 4
Commercial Street.
2STJA2HJA2UZO,    B.   O.
J. A. Carthew
���u-itiot, s. c.
Your Job Printing.
-Goo J Work
The modern standard Family Medicine : Cures the
common every-day
ills of humanity.
Reasonable Prices.
Contracts and Day Work
ilw.S. DALBY. D.DS.&LD.sf
Dentistry In all Its Branches
Plate work, filling and extracting
Office opposite Waverly Hotel, Union
,,.    Hours���9 a.m. to 5 p.m, and Irom
J! 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
1 have moved into my new shop on
Dunsmuir Avenue, wherel am prepared
to manufacture and repair all kinds of
men's, women's, and children's shoes.
Give me a call.
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public
Office:���Firat    Street, Union, B. 0.
We do all kinds of
Job Printing, anything
from a Dodger to the
neatest Business Card
or Circular.
Address���Matsukawa, Japanese
(S  Boarding, House, next Brick yard, j?
We Ihe undersigned hereby authorize
John Bruce to collect all accounts due the
estate of Robert Graham.
R. Grant 1
H. Hamburger y Trustees.
Barber Shop
-  AND
;   Bathing
O. H. Fechner,
SUBSCRIBE TO  The News $2.00
Offlco Room], Mrl'lieo & Moore U'ld'g nnd at
r. 0. aaawaa it.
A FINE STOUKOF������ -���.
Clocks, watches, books
and stationery.
T. D. McLean
���C7NION, ���. C.
Ower ol Button aud Coamtroial
Street!, Naniimo, B. 0.
Bhancu Otfice, Third Street tnd Dunimair
Aveose, B. C.
Will bt in Union the 3rd Wednesday ot
eaeh month and remain ten daye.
Nanaimo Cigar Factory
Phillip Gable ancl Co., Prop's
Baation Street    ���    Nanaimo B. 0.
Manufactures the finest cigars and
employes none but white labor.
Why purchase inferior foreign regaia
when you can obtain a SUPERIOR ARM
CLE foi toe aame money FLIRTATIONS OP ROYALTY,
Gossip Aliout Albert Edward aud
Pretty Lady Warwick,
They Dont Hitch unci Society is Kent by
Conjectures and Dolllt", Tlie Convenient Family PhyBician Wules
Must be as Cute as Gay If Hall* tho
Yarns Told Are True.
Everywhere one goes during tliis
torpid weather In London, writes Mux
L'liot in tin* Boston Herald, one seems
to feel tlio unusual heat, particularly
indoors, which is chiefly owing tu tho
lack of ventilation tlioro is ln the
average English house, and also In all
tho theatres, the oix.'ra house or places
of ainusonieut uf uny description.
English lKioplu lovo living out of
doors in fino weather. Tliey crowd
the Thumes, puck tho various suburban paries, and throng in enormous
numbers every other out-duur pluce of
amusement or attraction, especially
within ea*y distance of London.
uno charming woman, whose graceful figure unci lovely face is greatly
uiisseu iu tlio club enclosure tins summer Ls tlio beautiful Countess of
"Warwick, whom rumor ngain credits
with being iu ill-health, aud unable
to endure tiio fatigue entailed upou
a hostess during sucli a gay London
seasuu us tho present. Lady Warwick
iy said tu Uo living quietly at her
charming Essex home, endeavoring to
recuperate her impaired health. Warwick Castle does uot know her presence tliis summer, us even railway
travelling Ls forbidden tlie
for somo time tu eumo; at least, su
carefully worded newspaper paragraphs affirm iu all the Luudou
dailies. Now carefully worded newspaper paragraphs oiight tu bo accepted without demur, else what are
newspapers guod for, if uot to tell tlie
truth ? In the ca.se of the Countess
of Warwick thero aro some devoted
friends ol thu lady who uro unkind
enough to declare that the paragraphs In question uro absolutely lacking iu veracity, and tliat Lady Warwick's health is us admirable and free
from any causo* of anxiety as is that
of her beautiful sister, the Duchess of
���Sutherland,, whom onu sees iu her box
at Covent Garden fivo nights out of
tho week, aud in the pari; every day,
in tho most perfect health and spirits.
There are also a guod mauy people
unkind enough tu credit a fresh bit
of gossip floating about as to Lady
Warwick's suddeu withdrawal from all
social guyety ia Lo.idou this season,
and hero Ls the reason tliey assigu
for it. b
As you know, the open differences
that have lung existed between the
Princess oi Wales and the Countess of
Warwick havo caused tlie most widespread discussion aud argument in tlie
most important London social circles.
Tho fact that tiio approaching wedding festivities oi Princess Maud and
Prince Charles oi Denmark means a
goud deal oi entertaining at .Marlborough House and Buckingham Pul-
uce, over which, of course, the Princess oi Wales will preside, involves the
question oi Lady Warwick's being
(uiked to any uf these festivities. One
clusely attached tu tiie cuurt is my
authority fur saying thut the lovely
Countess oi Warwick will not lie invited cither to tlio wedding of Princess Alaud or tlio garden parties at
Buckingham Palace that are to be
given during the week oi tlie wedding.
Uf course, the mother of a bride usually has
us to who should be invited tu lier
daughter's wedding, and in tlie present instance 1 am told that the Princess oi Wales 1ms availed heraelf oi all
her prerogatives. The Queen dislikes
ull court scandals and social difficulties, uud has endeavored to persuade
the Princess of Wales to cast aside all
differences ou this particular occasion,
but ull tu uu avail, it ia said. The usually amiable Princess Alexandra is
very firm where tlie Countess oi Warwick ls in question. Indeed, the Princess oi Wales Ls in nmiiy other respeots
vory "difficile" nowadays, and there is
a story now ufluat, based upon pretty
accurate authority, lis tu tlio anxiety
a certain cuminunder on ono oi tlie
royal yachts recently endured during
a cruise the Princess oi Wales made
in company with lier dau;;liters, in
the Mediterranean, in English naval
circles tho story Is quite openly discussed, aad ulsu tiie fact that the
commander ul tlio yacht in question
is known Lu huvo stau.*d that under
nu c.icunistauces could he cm r again
accept the responsibility uf commanding uno ol tho royal yachts that had
lur a passenger tin' Princess oi Wales
unless aocouipauled by Home .male
members oi tin* royal family, 'ihe
mental   condition oi tlie Princess ot
Wales lias long been one that It'Was
loured would sumo day cause u. i* [am*
i;y surloud anxiety, us it was thought
��� uut ut all unlikely that sho might tol*
low in tlio footsteps ol her younger
sister, tlie Princess Thyra oi Denmark,
who married the Duke oi Cumberland.
01 courso, lor some  Lime after the
deuth   of   tlio Duke ol Clarence, mo
'   friends ol  the Princess    were afraid
that she would   really  lose her reason, but fur the last your ur two, und
particularly since the   announcement
uf tho Prinoess Maud's  betrothal tu
tlio Princess of Wales' nephew,     the
famous iur iur gradousness and uiniu-
to bo more like her old gracious, self,
and   lias  appeared    at     mure  public
functions than   sho has    frequented
since the deatli of her   favorite sun.
The  Princess of Wales lias lung been
ever popular Alexandra has    seemed'
liility, but, liku su muny amiable peo-
ple, slio is inure . tenacious in     lier
dislikes than many other hotly tempered persons    would be.     It    Is uo
secret thut even the Queen has over
and  over again urged  tlie Princo of
"Walts' lovely consort to sink all fcef- I
Ing of annoyance or differences where I
tlie Countess of "Warwick was concerned. It was also tlio Queen's desire that her daughter-in-law should
not allow Marlborough Huuso douiea-
tie matters to become a theme of vulgar discussion anioug tiie lesser per-
sonages In London society. But jealousy knows no distinction of persons,
and a. royal'princess is Just as apt
tn carry in her bosum outraged feel-
lags of Jealous affection as the poorest and plainest littio kitchen maid.
It   ls
perhaps, but there are a good ninny
truths that are frequently unpleasant.
Tho Prinoess of Wales is frankly and
positively opposed    to her  husband a
friendship with Lord and Lady Warwick, aad 1   fancy tlio Prince is not
the most comfortable royal husband
lu England nt times on this account.
To bu   sure, ho   accepts Lady Warwick's Invitations tu Warwick Castle,
and also tu her  Essex Inline, Euston
Hall, fur  brief visits,    during which
there Is always a plausible excuse for
his presence hi   tho   way   of cornerstone laying, opening of alius-huuses,
or tho reviewing of    volunteer regiments, ir not some of the many other
charitable     organizations  In     which
Lady Warwick takes sueh a lively Interest.     Eor that matter,  both her
sister, the Duchess of Sutherland, uud
her still   youthful-looking nnd  loving
mother, tlio   Dowager    Countess of
Rosslyn. are as mueh given tu benefiting tlieir less exalted fellow-creatures
as Lady Warwick, which has caused
some people In tlieir own condition in
life tu think they are, as a family,
extremely eccentric,   Lady Warwick's
brother, the young Earl  uf RoSBtyn,
ls looked upon aa   being   something
more than eccentric���especially  when
he announced Ids intention some time
ago uf adopting the theatrical   profession seriously as a  future career.
It was the Duke of Sutherland who
took it upon himself not long ago to
nip in the bud another laiuily scandel
affecting   those near to his hearthstone, idle gossips declared that the
Earl of Warwick intended to bring a
suit against the Prince of Wales for
heavy damages for alienating   Lady
Warwick's affections from their   due
lord and master, but that the Duke
of Sutherland    determined that     uo
such suit ahouhl he mado public, had
tlio whole affair  quietly settled and
hushed up. Tliis may or may uot be
true.  For my  owu  part  I  doubt if
there is one word of truth in tho matter, in  spite of  tho fact that It   is
tlie tit bit of court gossip in  smart
London society  to-day.
That the Prince oi Wales has long
been un admirer oi Lady Warwick is
true without doubt, but it is equally
truo that ho has been as warm an
admirer of a number of other prominent ladies in the best English society. Lady Warwick is beautiful, vivacious and exceptionally intelligent
and accomplished, and she is credited with entertaining successfully
the mast brilliant house parties In
England. Since lier reign as chatelaine ut Warwick Castle there have
been improvement-:, repairs and alterations in the famous historical castlo that have boon completed solely
by Lady Warwick, whose owu private Income, inheritance from her
grandfather, equals that of a many-
times millionaire. Tlie knowledge of
her wealth and her lavish expenditures undoubtedly gave rise to a
story the society gossips were fond
of telling a few seasons ago. Ouo day
Lord Brooke (he had not then inherited tlie Warwick earldom), In a fit
of temper, declared to his charming
Wile hLs Intention to seek a separa-
ouo's consort, although the daughter of a Iviug and the wife of a prospective one, chooses to descend to
anything so commonplace and vulgar
as petty Jealousy, It is hardly in the
naturo of ordinary circumstances that
the object of such a Jealousy should
also stoop to retaliate ln any more
forcible manner than that which
Lady Warwick lias chosen to pursue
Naturally, she insisted upon going to
one of the recent drawing rooms, as
a right duo to an English peeress of
her rank and position, and naturally
site withdrew her name Trom tho list
of presentations that were to lie
made ln tho Queen's name and placo,
tu tile PrlnoSBS of Wales. Possibly
Lady Warwick's friends advised lier
to take such a course, but whatever
tlio causo may have been, upon ono
point Lady Warwick's frlomls nil
agree, and that ts that she ls in*
capablo of being unjust, unkind ur
uncivil tn any living creature.
Supposed to Have Been Heard Firat In
Exultation Over Pain.
.Titst as the hoof nf the horse is tlio
remnant of an original five toes; Just
as tho pineal    gland In man is now
said to bo tho survival of  a prehistoric eye on tho top of tlie head, so.
perhaps, this levity in regard to particular aliments (in   others) may  bo
tho descendant of an aboriginal ferocity la    man.     It is a    well-known
theory    that   what we   call humor
arose from the same source; that the
first human laugh    that ever awoke
the   astonished     echoes     nf gloomy
primeval  forests was not au expression of mirth, but exultation over tho
misery of a tortured enemy.   Tliere is
to    this   day   something   terrible   in
laughter.  The laugh of madness or of
cruelty is a snuu.l more   awful   than
that of the   bitterest    lamentations.
By means of that strange phonograph
that we call literature we can listen
even now tn tlie laughter nf the dead ;
to the hearty guffaws and cynical titterings of generation after generation
of bygone men and women, and if we
are curious in   such matters wo  can
prolie into the nature nf the changes
that have passed over the  fashion nf
men's huuiur.    For it lias beea said,
not without tlie  support nf   weighty
cumulative evidence, that, as we penetrate further into tlie past, we find
tile sense of humor depending always
more obviously an.l   solely upon  tho
enjoyment    of    the pain,  misfortune,
mortification and  embarrassment of
others.  Tiie sense of superiority   was
tlie sense of humor in our ancestors,
or in other words, vanity lay ut  the
root of this, as of most other attributes of oar bumptious species I
Putting ear to our phonograph, we
catch the echoes of a strange and
merry tumult; boisterous, cruel, often
brutal, yet with here and thore a tender cadence from solitary voice, and
presently this lonely unto grows
stronger and sweeter, as we travel
slowly toward our own time, until at
length, through all the merriment, we
can hear the snft uuderinurmur nf
pity. Does tho picture nnt seine tlte
imagination���the long laughter nf the
ages whicli begins in cruelty and ends
in love ?
"Very well," sweetly replied Lady
Brooke. " 1 am quite agreeable, but
how will ynu live, iny dear Brooke,
without me? Uow in thu world will
yoa be ubie to manage your debts*/"
Nu doubt Lord Brooke thought over
ins wife's reply, fur as far as tho
world knows tliere Is no talk of any
legal separation up to thn present,
und as Lord and Lady Warwick are
apparently now enjoying tlio most
mild aad peaceful domestic existence
at tlieir Essex seat with their chil-
-d,ri.".���,.'�� 'ooks as though tiio above
story was not bused upon a very firm
foundation. As tn the cause uf Lady
Warwick's present BOOlUsion, it I.s
certainly not ill-health, but probably a conviction that the Princess uf
Wales muy offer her sumo affront,
that has induced Lady Warwick to
withdraw from all London gnyetles
un tho pica uf Indisposition und fa-
.tigued nerves. People ii, smart society iu England managed things sn
much better than elsewhere la the
world, sometimes. A society woman's
doctor, like a leading lady's ni"dic.*il
adviser, I** such an excellent man tn
have como to one's rescue in certain
awkward situations, 1111*1 if Ladv
Warwick's doctor declares she Is in',,
III to undergo the physical fatlguul
and the mental strain ol an unusually g.i.v Loudon Benson, who is to
dispute his grave authority? And*,
after all, su long as the fashionable
wnrld  ls    discussing    the   prettiest
peeress in nil England, what does it
matter whether the tales ure true
or not'.' In discussing her thoy :u*"
leaving others ulune. It does nnt
hurt the pretty countess. She Is
too wed cuiinectiil, and too well
bred, tn take matters unduly seriously ; and. us some great 'London
social authorities affirm, I mu not
Mire but that Lady Warwick has
the best of hor royal rival when
It comes to a .question of good tasto,
if not good brooding.. 1'p to the present the Countess of Warwick lias
111 ier intentionally been tlie cause of
any awkward moments in her own
family circle, and as* much certainly
cannot be said of the ovcr-populur-
ln-splte-of-lt-all Princess of Wales.
Whether the Princess ia really Jealous of any one upon whom tho Prinoe
elects to bestow his attention is, after all, a question! London society has
been discussing for more years than
I can remember. It seem** to nie that
tho Prince must be a pretty wily fellow if lio jnanages to carry nn a
quarter uf the intrigues uf which lie
ls accuse*!.   For a man; who lias every
Experiences Reduced to Words.
II you desire to be popular, pretend
to see others as tliey would wisli you
to see them. See thoni us tliey  are
and  they will detest you.
Wo are all prisoners and are all
sentenced  to deatli.
Lifo Is like a, little picture surrounded by an intolerable deal of
Men generally love gold fur tlie evil
they can do with it; seldom Ior tlie
Much heart und little brains Is almost as pernicious as much brains and
littio lieart.
Thinkers are the pioneers; they go
boforo to prepare the way for those
that  aro to come nfter.
Talk If you wisli to mnko enemies;
if you wish to make friends, listen.
Knowledge is always dissatisfied;
contentment is tlie privilege ul ig-
Guud manners frequently cuuceai the
absence of guud nature, and ill manners frequently conceal the pres. ace nf
good nature.
There is much good In the world, aad
there Is much that is evil ; we lro-
quently find evil whero we expect to'
find good, and good where we expect
to find evil.
It is tint what others think ofi ynu
whicli signifies, but that which ynu
think nf yourself. It matters little
whether the wnrld regards yuu
through rOBe-coIorod glass, but muoh
whether ynu look through I'UBe-P'jl*
ored glass at tlie world.
Tlioro aro three classes of literary
people  In 1 Ids oountry; the flrsl   i
obtrusive,   the second   Is obscene, uud
tlie third ls obscure.
In youth  It Is passion more
vanity   which makes a man \
H hi  n'omnn ; In middle-age it Is
ity more than passlou.
Each on** ni us is hemmed In by a
horizon of Ids own times; Imaglnnti
nl  e *ii penetrate beyond it
mail In London Truth.
sh to
1 Ink
hour cut out for him, It seems
to mo It must bo very difficult to
pay any fair lady, however entrancing
and attractive, any very great
amount of attention  or devotion. If
Tho Demands ol* Society,
Society demands that ynu should
Innk well. Not that you should he a
beauty, bat that yon should, on occasion, put on yuur best bill and tucker
and help make up tlie picture that,
all In all, constitutes society. You
speak oi the social world as selfish ;
so it is,for it demands from ull Its Votaries absolute unselfishness. You must
learn to have no ill-feeling toward
anybody. II a chatterbox tells you
that Madame Malice lias made you the
subject of her ridicule you must make
yourself smile ; go forward and meet
Madame Malico with a pleasant word,
a. Courteous bow, and ynu mast entirely forget that she has ever said
anything hut that which was pleasant. Society ceases tn bo guod when
malicious sayings are recognized.���
Ruth Ashmore in August Ladles' Homo
It is now stated in London that the
Queen will not abdicate in favor of
the Prince of Wales, who, without
being formally appointed Regent,
will perform the duties ot that office.
!^ss^ *w<*
A farmer who has basement bariiB,
or othorwiso comfortahlo winter quarters, neglects his opportunities If he
does uot supply succulent foud and
havo ids cows calvo in the full, so us
Co make tho largest flow of milk ln
tho winter months. Tlds is especially
true of the butter maker, nnd only iu
less degree where the milk Is Bold.
Tho wholesale price of milk is very
near thu lowest possible cost of production, if tho milkman is uot exceedingly careful, the cost will exceed the
price. Cow beef Is uever in brisk de-
maud. Unless tlie owner cau thus turn
off his cows for what they cost him,
he Is pretty sure to lose inoney.
Where the general farmer takes ap
dairy work us an additional branch ho
must study the matter of economical
production. Ills facilities and methods
must bo such that ho can manufacture goods of tjio very highest class.
There is nu profit in pour butter,
however cheaply it may be produced.
High prices for butter will uot bo
of aay benefit unless tlie dairy mau-
ugeui nt is such that thu product costs
considerably less thun it sells fur.
There is ruum for a vast number, of
Ilttlo leaks iu tlio dairy, all the way
from the quality of tho cows to tho
quantity ol tho salt used, fur su many
things influence the price.
A ciuso record of the milk product
of ench cow would show muny dairymen tliat one-hull of thi Ir herd is paying fur tho support uf tho other half,
it would certainly bu economy to dispose of thut " other hull." Whilo ut
it, discourage the use of scrub bulls by
imposing a specific tax upon all animals kept for service. Tlie scrubs
would uot stay long.
Celery and asparagus are the two
vcgetaules most rarely seen iu either
the farmer's or the village garden,
yet there arc nunc which will better
repay tie; troubiB of cultivation. Theu,
one is tho first vegetable to como in
tiio spring, while too other Is tlie last
in thu fall. They help tu lengthen lho
Some farmers, whu seem sensible in
most tiling.,, bandla their urcliards as
if they did nut kyow tliat uny trees
were growing there, Thoy plough,
grow crops w hich Impoverish, tho soil,
ur uso tho orchard for pasture, us if
the trees were uu moro to be considered than fence posts, No wonder
tlieir trees become discouraged.
Flowers aad shrubbery add much
to the value of a homo, but it is
true that uot every farmer call spare
the time needed for 'tlieir proper cultivation, aad it is better uut to
plant at all than to neglect them
afterward; bat there yet remain
trees and grass, the commonest
things which cun lie used fur ornamentation,  and  the must  effective.
It has been demonstrated by tlie
must careful experiments that bees do
ant puncture grapes to get at
their Juices, but attack tliein only
after tlie birds have done the puncturing. Plant tlio vineyard and the
apiary together; havo tho stands
sheltered by the vines, without any
Injury tu either.
Fruit spurs upnn the limbs and
branches of trees produco a large
number of leaves inr tho protection
of the branches, The sun is hurtful
upon tho unprotected surface.
Thoughtless pruning not only hinders
tlio production of fruit, but proves a
serious and direct injury to tlio tree.
Tlio best methods of preventing the
evils which aro Inseparable from excessive or fnjudicious pruning ls to
commence when tlio trees arc young,
and by rubbing off buds and cutting
buck small twjgs constantly keep the
form and grow'tli under cuntrul. There
will thus bo check to neither tlio
vigor nor tlio fruitfulness of the tree.
Celery culture is a much easier
matter than peoplo used tn think.
Tlioro is no noed of setting the plants
In a trench. Huvo the soil rich, start
them on a level, and bank up ns
needed, only dn not put much sol]
about them whilo the weather Is
warm, as it will cause rust. Get the
plants nut In time.
Fifteen hundred currant bushes may
be planted un nn acre. With guud
cultivation each plant should produce four quarts uf fruit, whicli will
sell iu must markets at 10 cents or
mnro a qunr... Under proper conditions very feiv fruits arc mnro profitable.      The,-  1 1    a    deep,    well
cultivated sol,,  with  plenty nf innls*
If ynu cnntemplate selling your farm
within the next tea years, by all
means plant fruit. First, a good
apple orchard, and thea pears,
peaches, plums, cherrloe, nad quinces.
Divide an acre up among the different berries, including u few hundred currants. People will sunn begin
tn ask yuur price. Very likely yuur
reply will be, " I do nnt care tn
The U*st use tu which commercial
lertlllzora cun he imt is to promote
tlo* growth of a renovating ernp,
that the Influence may be Ielt for
two or three yeurs to come. If used
upon 11 market crop the laud receives
nn permanent benefit,
To make good gravel road the
earth bod must be well drained; and
when It Is once graveled the draft
puwer required to move n given! load
Is only one-third as much as Is required upon a dirt road lu the same
average condition.
If you cannot givo your land both
thc manure nntl the thorough tillage,
givo it tlio tillage. There is much
latent fertility in tlie sell which may
he brought into use by cultivation.
Wc du nnt estimate the value of culture; there arc vast stores In tho
soil which only culture will develop.
It is folly tn grnw and sell a crop
without considering its cost; to
winter nny stock which cannot pay
for Its feed; to ifood so sparingly
that you merely sustain life, instead
of making a gain; to throw* manure
under tho eavos, whero It will leach
nut all winter; to keop account of
tlio income and pay no attontion to
tlie expenses.
Before giving up the farm fur an
other business which promises better
returns, study closely the chances for
success or failure. The farmer has
his houso rent and his table, supplies
without deducting them from the
profits of his business. The business
mau is no better off who Is making
twice as much.
Tlio chnnci��s ol failure in almost
every other line of business are
greater than in agriculture, as tho
farmer usually can, ovon in the worst
soason, make enough for his support
without cutting iuto his capital;
but with tho merchant a bad season moans nn Inroad upon his capital .
Ior tlio moans   of subsistence.
Pall ploughing wherever nature will
permit It Is ono of the most effective
methods of combating insect pests.
By depriving them of shelter and
exposing them tu the notion offrosta
great numbers will bu killed off which
otherwise would come out in tlio
spring vigorous and ready to attack
the youag crops.
Clean up the fallen leaves and ruls*
blsli in orchards and fields which may
collect, a" early as possible, It Is not
only unsightly, but furnishes a shelter
und a brooding place for innumerable
vermin and Insects which will annoy
yoa another year. Burn all such
waste, or put it tu guod use lu the
compost heap.
Tho farmer needs his vacation na
much ns the merchant ur tlio
preacher. Besido tlio gain la tlie way
of rest,'he will see many tilings which
will be of prufit if lio keeps ids eyes
open. He will get suggestions abuut
���props and cultivation, ubout dillerent
breeds of stock, that lie can never get
by staying right 011 Ids own farm.
Clover sliould bo the principal reliance for tlio hog pasturage, but, if
there is not sufficient of this, a field
Bhould be sown with oats, rye or barley to supplement it. Sorghum and
pumpkins should also lie grown to help
uut tlio feeding later iu tlio season,
sn that the hogs may he ready for
market without so much corn as we
have lieen in tlie habit of using in tlie
A few horses, like poople, are bad
tempered and vicious by nature, but
they ure more rare than human beings
of tliat class. The majority oi bad
horses are made so by unkind or unwise treatment, and most of tlie evil
is done wliilo they ure yet colts or lu
the process of breaking. A horseman
cannot lie too gentle.'
Tlio time to soil a horse, after you
have raised him aad made him ready
lor market, is whenever you are offered a guud price for bun. fly huhliug
fur it fancy figure yuu are very apt to
let tlie best customers slip by, and the
expeuae of keeping will begin to rapidly diminish the possible profit,
it is desirable to have tho colt
foaled in the fall rather than In the
spring, lie ls then weaned iu the spring,
when fresh grass is ready for him to
feed upon. Kept In tlio stable through
the winter, lie can lio trained and
handled as Uo should be frum the very
first. If ho comes iu tlio busy season
he ia more apt to be neglected.
Fust horsemen coudoinucd the
draft horse as too large for the farm
and tou slow for tho city streets,
while fur firo engines and the express wagons tho American trotter
was tlie only suitable liorse *, tho
clumsy draft horso could never 1�� ol
any practical uso. How much they
were mistaken.
The only way ta feed grain to a
liorse economically, so that ho will
get tlio most good frum the amount
consumed, Is to feed it after the stu-
mach hns beon partly filled with
coarser fund; then digestion and assimilation will bo more complete;
but these minor tilings nre those of
which the average farmer liever
thinks. . ���
A pig should make a pound for
every day of its life, li it doea this,
it is ready for market at aay time
alter It is six months old. For the
summer markets heavy weights are
not wanted. Six ur eight months
should be sufficient to make all the
growtli desired.
To got tho Iiest growtli frnm the
use of skim milk, it must lie fed to
the pigs while sweet, und preferably with cither corn meal or mid-
lings. The two feeds combined will
produce a much greater aud better
growth than   will either singly.
When the pasture is gotting short in
tho autumn it will pay well to buy
mill feed to koop llm hugs growing.
Never let them go back or even bome
to a standstill In growth. No animal
can ever make up to-morrow what it
loses to-day.
If the pigs have hoetni la any way
skimp, d In their rations during tlie
summer, ynu can nnt put the corn
crib Into them In the rali with much
profit. Better sell them for feeders
-If ynu can find aay ono tu buy. A
pig which lias not beon always pushed will   not profit much In the end.
Beets are an excellent aad economical runt crop to use la nil stuck feeding, hut may bo especially reeummend-
I for brood sows, and as ,1 niiians
nf cheap feeding when hogs are in be
curried over winter. Sowa ted upon
them will lose very fow plgBi and
will suckle heller thm when fed
upon such heating food as oorn.
Beets are more valuable a tew
months after harvesting than thoy nro
earlier In the fall, as thoy undergo n
ripening process which makes them
sweeter and better. Experiments nt
the stations have shown that beets
are fully equal to the best corn en-
Bilago as food.
A Queer Trick for a Prener
Hev. Dr. Tupper, of Baltimore, lias
Just returned from a circuit of tlie
globe, and has brought with him nn
interesting relic. While in Egypt lie
secured the mummy of n babe wliich
must have lived fully 4,200 years ago.
As tho removal uf mummies from
Egypt is strictly prohibited, the
mummy was smuggled eat of the
country in the doctor's valise, and In
this manner It was carried by him
during the remainder nf the voyage
and brought safi ly to Baltimore.
Eugenie has returned to England
from a trip to the scenes of lior childhood in Spain. She has uot been In
Granada for sonic years, but recognized many of lier old friends, and wns
delighted by her visit to her birthplace. Tlie ex-empress is In excellent
health. ivi
A Heroine of the Reign of Terror.
One day she laid : " Why did not
you take the winning side aud support
Hanriot, my poor Claude?'*
Claude was displeased, with this
speech. " Why do you always call
me now, -poor Claude T* ho said,
"and what kind of advice are you
giving me V���*���*������
" One must howl with the wolves
when oue cannot exterminate them."
." Why, that Ib exactly what Cilly
says.     You are quoting him unconsciously."*
"Theu,"* she cried, "that bad man
must tbink Just as 1 do, that it is
right to kill those who are preparing to kill us I"
" But 1 don't think bo. Vou are
raving. Ah, Manette, how changed
you are 1"
She did not answer. Claude continued sadly. " You never talk to me
now. Has your heart nothing to aay
to me 1" .   7*.   .,
She stretched out her hand to him.
" We must learn to love each other
without talking," she said, " lor we
do not seem to think alike, dear
Claude."        - .   ���
Night came on after a long twilight ; a warm, bright night. Claude
went to bed. "Manette eat by the
window. Above the dark luunel,
formed by the narrow, street with
its tall bouses, Bhe looked up at a
morsel oi blue sky studded with stara.
Her thoughts bod little in common
with those oi her husband, they could
never think alike, Bhe leared, about
anything. She was bo absorbed that
daylight drew near without her
bsving noticed it, and the chill oi
<iiwu warned her how many long
hours had passed Blnce she sat down
there, The stare grew dim, little
patches of black cloud, the remains
el a storm ln the lar distance, passed
slowly across the reddening sky.
Those who live on the housetops
awake early. The windows ln the garret-rooms along the atreet were being soltly  opened.
All ol a sudden a clang of bells rang
through tbe ellent aix; theu came another and more distant peal, and then
another. They rung out Irom the
thirty churches where thirty sections
held their sittings.
Men roused irom sleep rushed to
tbeir windows. They called across the
street to know what hud happened.
In these dangerous times people
were Irlghtened at anything unusual.
Then all became quiet. A few muttered words only were heard In the
Claude, getting up, was astonished
to find Manette still undressed: "Why
did not you come to bed J" he said.
But he told her the reason Ior the
ringing oi the bells. Many of the
section had decided to march on the
Convention, and demand the dismissal
oiite Committee ol Twelve, which the
Commune disapproved ol, and perhaps
they might go bo far us to insist on
the expulsion of the twenty-two
members who went by the name ol
Claude was making ready to go out.
Manette said to him, mechanically:
" Where are you going 1"
"Ahl" he replied,    laughing, "you
want to hold me back irom my duty
. as you once did, but you were not
the    same    Manette tben that you
are now,"
" No," Bhe replied, " I will not keep
you. Go. But first come here and
kiss me; for I still love you dearly,
my kind, good Claude."
The weather was beautiful. It was
the lirat of June,���the most glorious month ot the waple year. The
tocsin bad ceased ringing, but drums
were beating ln the streets, and
troops were passing. Tbere was
little shouting, but there were
threats, not loud but deep, aud the
clash of pikes and guns. A hoarse
noise seemed to rise la the aistaace
Irom all parts of the city.
Manette reflected that the leaders
ol this host kad grown up to manhood in the Ignorance, vice, and poverty ol the Bqualld quarters ol a
great city. Such men had been called suddenly Into positions ol importance, made rich by the plunder ol
palaces and churches, gorged with
the Bpolls ol the emigres and the
proscribed. The power ol Ule and
death was theirs, Their hand was
against every man.
She bad heard that belore tho Revolution Buscallle, living ln a lilthy
uliey oil the Rue Git-le-Coeur had
made his living by selling roasted
tipples. He had been accustomed to
go along the streets on the Ielt bank
ot tbe Seine, currying his apples Ior
sale in a greut basket on his head.
He was so small thut, as he wulked
thus, nothing could be seen ol him
but his little crooked legs, while
from beneath the basket cume a piping voice crying: " Four sous a
dozen 1"
Now the ex-vender of toast apples
was president ol the Revolutionary
Committee in his section. That day
would probably aggrandize tbe savage
dwarf. Buscallle and his followers
would have everything their own way
before night, and, it 'so, what would
happen next to ber, and Claude, whom
Buscallle probably fancied to be so
happy in each otber ?
And Claude was hoping Cllly would
protect him and his young wile I
Poor Claude I    He little knew.
Well, lor that one day at least the
bells might ring and the drums beat,
but the Citizen Buscallle would have
something more Important to think of
than the rain of Citizen and Cltoyenne
Cezaron. He and hia friends would
have something else to do. for
twenty-four hours at least she need
not fear, .      ���
Was It possible that It wub 6
oclock? Manette lay down upon
her bed at last, and slept until 11.
When she awoke the weather waa
still beautiful. All was quiet ln their
qunrter. Tbe not was around the
Convention, which a few days belore
had moved Its sittings to the Tuller-
les, nnd happily very little could be
heard of It In the Btreet whero she
Manette drcBSed herself slowly, and
discovered us sho did so that Bhe
would have no dlnuer that day, for
Brigette had let all the shops be closed before she started out to do her
marketing. Manette therefore looked round for a book which might
help her to puss the afternoon. She
could not find any book that ehe
liked In Claudes little library, aud
was still searching for one, when
Brigette, with a frightened look,
threw open the door, saying: "The
Citizen Cllly asks leave to see the cltoyenne.'"
Cllly I Manette had not once
thought of him. Why hod she said
to hersell that all tear ol battle was
over for that day? The color lor
a moment faded irom her lace, her
heart seemed to cease beating. But
she recovered horself, and mado ready
to encounter him.
As he entered he offered a tew
vague excuses tor his visit. Manette
looked at him with some surprise. He
wob not the same man. The old ct-
devant had discarded the attire ot a
sans-culotte on the very day which
promised to be that ol the Jacobins
most decisive victory. He wore no
carmagnole; he had eveu dispensed
with the bonnet rouge. His dress was
that ol an ordinary citizen. He wore
a long blue levlte, or loose overcoat,
and black small-clothes. In one hand
he held his blackthorn stick, and ln
the other his hat, with a handsome
silk cockade, as ii he wished to proclaim publicly that, it he pleased, he
waB tree to Bet at naught the decrees ol the Commune, which bad
commanded all men to abjure Bilk
A sinister smile was on his lips,
halt hidden by the shadow ot his
enormous nose.
"Cltoyenne Cezaron," he Bold, "I
think you did not expect to Bee me
here to-day."
" I do not remember ever expecting to see yon," she replied. "But
to-day I Bhould have thought that
the allairs ot the nation would have
required your presence. It, however,
you have a few minutes at your disposal ���"
And she pointed to a chair. He
gave a start ol surprise. He remembered that she had kept him standing during his tirst visit. Surely thle
beautltul woman was more favorably disposed towards him. He did
not perceive that her politeness was
mere mockery.
" Cltoyenne," he said, " I thank you
tor reminding me ot my duty."
" Oh 1" Bhe exclaimed, " I am convinced you know your duty well. You
can, as I know, teach duty to others."
" Tou mistake me.    If Citizen Cezaron haB gone to the Convention, ub
I think he haB "
"He went whore everybody else ts
"True. Twenty thousand men
have gone there. There will be forty
thousand before night. What ts the
use of bleating among so many aheep ?
It will end by their being all driven
together into one fold."
Manette gave a little laugh. "And
you would like to be the shepherd to
drive them?"
He Waited a moment before he an-
ewered; tben he said:
"Do you know yon are different
from other women?"
Manette received the compliment
quite gravely.
"I did know It partly," Bhe said.
"You nad told me bo already. I
know also why you think it."
She was indeed not an ordinary
woman, for Cllly saw he did not
Irlgbten her. He understood what
ehe had merely hinted. He made a
quick gesture, and said Bharply: "I
do not ask vou which Bide Citizen
Ceznron fs going to take down yonder."
" The BtrongeBt, you may be sure,"
she said. " He means to follow your
lend, and your Instructions."
"The thing Is, thut it Is not quite
certain which party to-day will prove
the strongest. The Section of the
Battes-dea-Monllns holds out for the
Twenty-Two, who the people are demanding shall be outlawed. The men
ol the section have entrenched themselves In the Garden ol the Palais-
Egallte. It Is rumored that they
hnve oven mounted the white cockade.
Citizen Cezaron does not* I suppose.
Incline to tha white cockade?"
" By no menus does he Incline to
It, Citizen Cllly. I cun answer tor
" Unfortunately, ho favora the Girondists."
" Do you think so ? I never bow
anything of It, and I know hiB inmost thoughts,"
"Those men have led astray many
unreflecting people. But when one
has twenty-tour hours ln which to
curse old Iriends who are deserted by
lortune "
"It Is natural to employ the time
to advantage, and to leel no shame
in doing it. Did you come here to
give me this Iresh piece of advice,
that 1 might repeat it to my husband ?'���
"Llaten to me, cltoyenne."
" I am all attention. 1 even think
I understand."
"To-morrow, or the day after, the
tocsin will again rouse you trora.your
Bleep. The sections will be reorganised."
"And this time there will he no
question ol a sheep-fold,"
" You must know that Hanriot has
been elected general-commandant."
Here the president ol the Revolutionary Committee of the Section du
Faubourg Polssoniere, colleague ol
Buscallle, president ot the Section de
i'Unlte, made a pause.
" I wish you to understand the full
Import of what I am about to say to
you. Citizen Cezaron did not vote tor
" Do you consider that a crime ? I
know what you mean now."
"The whole section knew that he
intrigued tor Rattet."
"Encouraged to act aa he did by
yourself, Citizen Cilly. You told him
that Ratfet wub the man he Bhould
support. Can you have had any object
In concealing from him that Hanriot
wns better?"
"I was not preaent. He did not
Butter himsell to be Influenced by the
events ol the last tew houra."
" I think that your advice trom the
tirst waa a lucre and a trap," cried
Manette, rising. " I have always
mistrusted It. I ought to have
warned him."
The ex-vlscount remained Bitting;
he gavo a Uttle laugh, and shook
back the loose sleeves ot hla levlte,
us It he were conscious ot Ince rut-
ties. The old court noble reappeared tor a moment.
"It was   doubtless your duty   to
huve done bo," he said,   " Oh I pardon me, If ln my turn I remind you
of your duty.    Why did you neglect
that warning?    I can    perceive    a
reason.   Shall we try to discover it?"
Manette tolded her two   beautltul
arms, and looked bim In the face. ,
"Let me hear It," Bhe said.
" It may have been because you care
less tor the Batety of Claude Cezaron
than formerly.    I saw you at   the
Theatre de la Republlque."
"HI had not the pleasure of seeing
you there, Citizen Cllly, I presume it
was because you were concealing
yourself like a spy. I have a great
wieh to tell you that that was not
the conduct of a gentleman."
" Very good," he said, without any
apparent emotion. "But why do you
call to remembrance things that
have passed away ?"
"ThingB you have renounced, you
"Enough. What you say showBtbe
Bpitefulness ot a woman. It la unworthy of you, cltoyenne. Did you
suggest that I was concealing myaelf ? I was at the back oi a baignoire, that was all. It was an
evening of surprises. You were
Irlghtened, and you started when
you heard a certain voice you hoped
never to hear again. Ah I a woman has sometimes to pay the penalty ot being beautltul. You have
awakened sentiments in others besides Buscallle,"
"Be ellent 1" she cried angrily.
"The very glances ot that wretch insulted me."
"It was not his lault, poor devil,
that he tell in love with you. But
you may have inspired in other men
the same sentiments*."
"Do you dare to call the Insolent
desires ot that man sentiments? I
understand now what you mean, Citizen Cllly. Do you dare to come here,
to my own house, and threaten me ?
You mean me to understand that the
life ol my husband Is In your hands.
That I can ransom him. You make
no secret of the price that I must
pay. No, Citizen Cilly, my husband's
head and mine will not be bought
from you at the price you ask for
them 1"
Cllly rose trom his chair. "Yes,"
said he, with brutal trankness. "I
make no concealment. You are beautiful, and I wish to make you mine. It
you accept my offer you may save
two Uves���tor there are two mea dear
to you. When I said, Just now, that
you inspired certain sentiments lu
other men besides Buscallle, I did not
speak only ot myself. I was alluding
to another. I tell you I saw you at
the Theatre de la Republlque. There
was a man beside you lu your hox,
leaning over you, whispering to you.
I saw pleasure lu yuur face.   Between
you and him there Is some secret bond.
It ls natural that now you take less
interest than you did eome weeks ago
In your husband's safety���that you
show less care to keep him out ot danger. He has no longer the tirst place
in your Interest or your alfection."
"Ahl" Bald she pruudly aud scornfully, "so then this is the secret cause
ot my not having put my husband on
his guard that yuu thiuk you have
"Parbleu I���the man wbo could replace Citizen Cezaron in your heart
would be a happy man; II these were
days ln which men had time tur hap-
"Du you know that all you have
been telling me nre lies?" she cried.
"Well���suppose that I am, lust a
little In advance ol the truth,"1 he said,
with that woltlsh laugh which
showed all bis sharp white teeth.
"Possibly you may not know yet
which you love best. But what you
do kuow ls that were your husband
to disappear, you have a lover ready
to replace him."
'CowardI How dare yuuI cried
Manette, putting her hands beiore bor
eyea.   'How dare you I" she repeated.
"What I came here to say to you
to-day was this : that both these men
nre in my power. I can do with them
what I pleuse. To-morrow I could
send Citizen Claude beyond tho barrier."
Manette had dropped Into a chair ;
hut now bIio took her hands nway
from her tace, and he saw that It was
bathed with tears. The wretch, as
he gazed at her, felt a savago joy.
"You aro weeping,"*  he   suid.
"Yea," ehe answered; "but my
toara have extinguished my anger.
Anger can do ao good. 1 might Implore your pity fur my husband, but
to what purpose."*
"And for tho other one?' he Interrupted. " 1 think you would Hk9
best to Implore me for the other man.
"You hnvo told me plainly, Citizen Clllv, what price you nsk tor saving those two lives. Now, you may
The cl-devant, oftended, drew himself up.
" You nre turning me out ot your
house,'- he said.
" But Without words ot anger, she
replied, trying to smile, though her
fnce was wet with tears. " 1 tor-
give you for having come to Insult
me In my own house. You thought
I was a woman who could ba conquered b.v fenr. Yon see your mistake, aud henceforth I trust yau will
1 respect me."*
Cllly put on his hat with Its silk
" Au revoir, cltoyenne.'*
When Manette found herself alone,
she began to walk up and down her
She wrung her hands. The horror
thnt she felt burst forth In one wild
sob: " I shall have killed them both,'*
she said. " Botfly���both will die,
through me!"*
Tho rooms In the uppartement of
tho Lnverdacs that luuked out upun
tho Quay were clesed. . The blinds
were tightly fastened, and the cur-
tutus were drawn. The Cltoyenne
Laverdac lay ou ber white silk sofa
with Its pink embroidery. Four wax
candles burned upon tbe chimney-
piece In silver sconces. Their light
fell oa the amethyst silk draperies,
and tho old gold frames ot the family
portraits. Tho face ot the
councillor seemed ulmost to
have lost Its Bteru expression; the
tolds ol his Bcarlet toga looked aB II
he stirred. The ladles suillod undor
their powdered heads.
These rellCB ol the past looked aB
charming as ever, but that past was ln
point ol time a thing ot yesterday.
It was to be regretted that ln order
to enjoy them It was necessary to
live the lifo of those ehut up ln prison. The least ray of light seen Irom
tbe Btreet, one window incautiously
opened, might have led to fatal consequences bo near tbe Quay. Citizen
Laverdac had therelore lastened up
bis windows as be did every evening, and was walking up and down
hiB salon, the atmosphere ol which
was unbearably hot and close that
summer night. Outside light breezes
rocked the boughs ol tbe trees along
the river, and Ireshness seemed to
blow along tbe Quay.
" Laurent, come here," said his
wile's voice, and Laverduc obeyed her.
Emille made him Bit down beside hor
on the edge ot the sola, and then, sitting up, she threw her arms about
his neck. The slight constraint with
which he submitted to this embrace
did not discourage her. Little Emille
let her pretty head droop on her
husband's shoulder, and began to
bemoan herself:
" What dreadlul evenings we have
now to pass, my poor dear Laurent I
We are shut up In a cage. We used
to go to tbe threatres alter dinner.
Now we do not dare  "
"Yes," Interrupted Laverdac, "all
liberty ls denied us under the present
system. Even fresh air Ib Interdicted
In the name ot liberty. All enjoyment,
even ot fine weather, is Ior the sansculottes."
"It ls all my lault, Laurent. You
were talking ot emigrating two years
ago, you remember. We might then
have gone to Switzerland. Perhaps
we should have met my lather there,
How astonished he would bave been
to Bee us I But I was bo charmed
with the pleasures of parls that you
were then showing me I did not wish
to go away. Oh, dear, I am sorry
tor It now 1 But It Is too late."
"Yes, Indeed, It is too late. You
were speaking ol plays. It seems to
me that we are spectators of a great
drama. Parbleu I it would be a blessing if we could call the actors out
and make them sensible ot our opinion. But we cnunot. The play
may last a good while longer."
"Perhaps we shall none of ub Bee
Its end,"
Here little Emille gave a deep elgh,
loosened her arms Irom ber husband's
neck, and sank buck on her sola cushions,
"Oh, dear 1 how hot It is I" she
Laverdac resumed his walk up und
down the salon.
"The lost are now lirst," he said,
" and these dregs ot society are disgusting. Every man nowadays seems
more or less a coward. II honest men
would but combine to take a stand
and sell their lives dearly I II they
would only attempt to delend tbeir
wives, tbeir mothers, sisters, and
sweethearts���all those that they
love best I But that Is whit they
will not do."
"No," Bali Emille, with o yawn,
" they don't try to, as you say. But
then. alaB I what can they do ? There
ls nothing to be done."!
"That's a mistake," he auswered,
stopping suddenly; " I, lor my part,
see something I could do. I could kill
one ol them."
Emille hall rose, and leaned upon
her elbow.
"Laurent," she said, "what a horrid thought I ABk our uncle, the
councillor up tbere, what he would
say to it."
"Ho was condemning people to
death all his lite," cried Laverdac.
"It wob his duty to see that all men
Bhould have Justice, He would not
think It wrong ol me, I thiuk, to do us
he did."
"Oh! but," said Emille, with a little
careless laugh, "think ol the commandment: Thou shalt do no murder."
"But this would he aa execution���
real, true Justice, You know It would,
Emille. What I have Just said has
made Its way eveu Into your little,
blrd-llko brain."
" Thank you, Laurent. Little Is
the right word Iur such a compliment."'
Laurent turned, came back, sat
duwn lxiBhlo lier un tho edge of tho
sofa  and Bolzed  hor two hands.
t' Tell mo, do you really think It
would lio a crime to kill one of those
whoso trade Ib killing us?'"
" Oh, dear  mo, no I    But you are
talking nonsense, Laurent; and. as I
said Just now, It ls so hot.    I>aurent,
please give me a glnas uf lemunnde.'*
Laverdac rose.
" You have decided it,'* he said.
" Yes, decidedly. I   wish it.    I nm
so thirsty.     What a queer man you
seem this evening.'*
Ho went Into the next room, and
came back a moment nfter, carrying
a glass which wae quite full, ln a
hand that trembled.
She drank Its contents eagerly. He
looked at her with so etrange a fnce
that Bho gave an exclamation of surprise. *
" Oh, whnt a naughty, greedy boy
you are 1"' she cried. " You are quite
angry with mo for liaving drunk up
every single drop.'"
" You nre wrong,"' he said, taking
the eniptv glass from her hand and
setting It on the tabic ; " I am   not
I thirsty."i
He resumed his walk.
'* How  things nro changed !'*    eaid
F.milio, lying hack on her couch, more
languid than betore.    " If we had been   .
shut up a year ago within four walls
as we ore now Ah I if we could
only bo just as wc were a year ago.
mit I npi not sure I onght to say It. *
"Why shouldn't you say anything
to  me,   my darling ?"
"Well, then, Laurent, It   seems to
ine that this time last year you took
more pleasure ln loving me.'*
���Laverdac started.
" And you���are ynu just what you
were   then,   Emilia?'*
"No, I think I nm less trustful.
Don't tell me It Is not bo. I cannot
argue with you Mils evening. ���Laurent, It bociub to mo tliat I um very
sleepy.'' . ,      .
"Why don't ynu go tn lied, then?
I will help  ynu to undress.''
" No; I will go to Bleep Just here. It
will bo something new. Oh. heavens,
there Is bo little that Is new in our
existence I But Bt by me, Laurent.
What will you do while lam asleep?
Don't sit silent, thinking nbout Manette, who ls ao handsome. Oh, I
know you do sometimes."
" I think you must be dreaming, my
child, already."
She only answered hy an Inart'cu*
lato Bound. A moment aftor ahe waa
fast asleep. ,
Laverdac, trying to step 1'ghtly, and
to mako no noise, came and leaned
over the back ot ihe sofa. He looked
at her. Dear creature 1 Ah I very
dear Bhe had been once, bo gentle, so
tender, wben not under the Influence
ot some pang of Jealousy. Oh, It she
oaly knew what terrible cause she had
to be Jealous now I���nad what had he
done only a moment before?
Weill how could he have helped
It ? Was It not absolutely neceasary
he should be free foi* a lew hours 7
Two drops ot a harmless anodyne ln a
glass of lemon syrup and water 1
Day after day he had carried the
phial about with him; day after day
he had watched for his opportunity.
He shrugged Ills shoulders. No. Indeed ! to administer that sleeping potion was no crime. He went to a
corner near the fireplace, and took hie
sword-eane. A moment after he waa
ln the street.
At a quick pace he passed the College dee Quatrea Nations aud turned
into tbe Rue de So ne. A lamp hung
across the entrance of the Btreet,
creaking upon its cluiln, but the
clfien lamplighter had neglected to
light It.
(To be continued.!
Heart Failure Was the Trouble   and
Nearly Cost a Life.
Hundreds, nay thou muds, ot lives are
being sacrificed to lieart disease lu
theso closing days of the 19th century. Death very nearly came thia
way to the eighteen year old daughter of Mr. Geo. Witter, ot Walkervllle,
Ont. Sbe had been a great BUfferer
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the first dose good was accomplished,
and two bottles performed a complete
cure. The mortality tfora this very
prevalent disease can certainly be lessened by the me of this remedy, which
Is effective In every case.
Prom Judgo's Dictionary.
Reason���A power of the mind by
which we arrive at the deaired conclusion.
Responsibility���That niorul sense
which promptB papa to whale Johnnie
when he has bo far distorted the truth
ub to tell Mr. Dunner that "papa says
he Isn't In."
Brilliancy���An overstrained mental
condition observed in precocious children, and la mon In the first stages
of paresis.
Tolerance���A disposition to allow
other people to attend to their own
business���characteristic of persons
wtth weak minds.
Foresight���The faculty of lielug
around when something is going , to
Success���A combination of luck,
tiluek, brains, energy and perscver*
itnee, Judiciously operated with Just a
sufflcteut admixture of un8crupuloiM-
nesB to InBUre the beBt of the bargain ;
JuBt enough unction of tongue and
manner to captivate the victim Into
believing that he 1b fortunate ln being
worsted by sucli an exquisite gentle,
man; and n conscience which can be
quieted by the promise of a long perspective of churches and hospitals,
wheu the goal of wealth ts reached.���
Edward Clayton Savage, ln Judge.
Meat Eating and Baldness.
A new ldoa Is that meat eating
nnd baldness go together. A diet or
milk, eggs and trult, combined with
local treatment, has checked cases
of falling hair. Rustics who live on
it lirend-nnd-uillk diet nearly always
havo heavy hair to an advanced uge,
while people who lunch and dlno on
meat are often bald at 25. Ill the
Italian Parliament nearly all tho
members* heads aro ns bald as billiard balls, while tho poannnta of
Italy rejolco In heavy growths of
hair. Tho men peasants ol Brittany
have lialr almost as long and heavy
ns that ot the women, A man In tlie
south of France, who was abstemious
ns to food, hnd a head of hair,* made
up of closo curta four or five Inches
In length, but when stretched out
thoy wero a foot long.
Wales Resents It
It Is well known that in spite ol his
good nature thc Prince ol Wales Is
quick to resent nny lack, of the consideration duo him. Some tlmo ago
he went to see a play ln which there
wns some Incidental satire of the
British army and navy. The Prince,
before all things a good patriot, was
displeased. "I knew nothing about!
this play beforehand," he said. "I
was advised to see It. But no one
ought to have spoken a good word
ot It to me! " 	
The Winnipeg Council Is going to
Inquire Into the municipal system of
Toronto with a view of adopting cer-
tata reforms. G. A, McBain & Co.,   Real Estate  Brokers, Nanaimo, B.C.
Oul Oil $1.65 per tb *t Leiaer'i,
rofnioM, ArchiUld Diok. left
Boyi? clothing for $i at Leiser's.
JuMt Andertoo waa a passenger,  Friday,
for Nanaimo.
, ban yoa wea those fine shoes ia
K. Parks'window?
Jadga Abrams wu ia Viotoria Saturday
Md Monday.
jtsw Islt goods at midsummer prioes at
Bam burger's.
Mrs D. Kilpatrick returned from Nanai-
mo oa Wednesday.
Island Flams for pressrving at MoPhse &
Mr. P. B. Smith, 0. E. left for Victoria
oa Thursday lut on a business trip,
Simon Lei��r is offering thu stock at
Holmes store fur 30 day at pretty rtducod
Mre. O'Dell will preside at tho organ at
the English Ohurch here next Sunday.
Es member the great salo at Leiser's.
Hsmburgtr ia still selling T B plufcg a
Mrs* Piket took her little girl down to
Tlotoria last week to have her ��) e treated.
Sea that your Hungarian flour bears the
urns of Q'Uilviea; all others iu this market
are cheaper, The real thiug $1.25 at
Tha pupils of Uaioa school will give a
ooaoert in the oourse of a tow weekB.
Girls' School Button Boots for 90 cts
at Leiser,5
Mr. Sam Creech is mining ou Texada Inland
aod George Creech is mining at Jama lalec
FoaRiST.���Two cottages and a Cabin on
Windemere avenue, near new Court Homo.
Enquire of Wm. Kiley two doors west of
Mr. Collis".
Rav. Logan aud family are moving into
Postmaster Roe's fine house ou Feruwood
Eor   Rent.���The   butcher  shop  at
Uoion fitted up ready for business, lately
occupied by A. C. Fulton.   Call on him
or enquire of A. Urquhart, Comox.
New dress goods just arrived at Leiser's
Leuer sells lard at 11 cts. per pound.
A well near the new saw mill, in which
the gas bubbles up, is attracting some
Col Shakespeare of H. M. S. Imperieuse is
putting up at the Courtenay Honse for a
few days.
A little oatih will buy a lot of goods now
at Holmes store, Union,
Tbe Courtenay Houae seems to be a favorite place with the officers of H- M. S. Imperieuse.
Mining Shoes at Leiser's for $1 a pair
The clearance sale at Leisers is now on.
Look at lheir bargain counter.
A. Lindsay, Jr., waa a passenger on the
sttuirit-r City of Nanaimo Friday. He weut
to Vancouver,
The bridge over the Big Meadow has
beeu repaired, fur which the public will be
duly thankful,
It doea not matter what prices you ko
advortisud, Vou can buy new dry goods,
clothiug, boota shoes and groceries, cheaper
thau auywhere else iu the city at Hamburger's.
There is thia to ho raid in favor of tbe gov
eminent agent: there will be no money
wasted thia year.
A fiuu Hue of Cook Stovea for wood tnd
coal at Mel'hee & Moore's.
There was a very pleasant song service at
the Muthudb t Church Suuday evening. Mr.
Evans conducted the service,
Bargains in white and colored Shirls
at Leiser's.
Mrs. K. McKim sang a solo on Sunday at
Trinity. Mrs. McKim has a voice of much
sweetuesa, aud exceptionally true.
Flour very cheap at Leiser's, Hungarian
or pastry $1.25
Fifteen mining claims are being worked
on Thutlow Island aud the ore shipped to
tho smelter at Everett, Washington.
Friday night some rascall stole George
Howe's boat, which was anehored ia front
of his premises.   It waa a i_ too aloop.
Col. Shakespeare of tbe Imperiause was ia
Union ou SutimUy, and Lieut. Cartwright
of the marines and Mr. Davis, C. K. , were
up ou Sunday,
We learn that the few bricks whioh have
beeu withdrawn from Eli Rowland's kiln
near No. I slope, are very satisfactory, be-
yo.nl expectation.
Boys School Books y$ct at Leiser's
FOR SALE���One yoke of oxen, 5 yeara
old.   Apply to   George   Howe,  Union
Ws have received some mammoth onions
from Little River Gardens of Mr, John J.
R. Miller. Tbey are smooth, firm and
magnificent specimens.
Archdeacon Scriven of Victoria conducted tbe services at the English Churoh here,
Sunday evening He is the gueat of Dr. and
Mrs. Lawrence.
Leiser is offering Holmes' stook, Union,
at a rate on the dollar.
An adjoured mooting of tho members of
the Comox Agricultural and Industrial Association, will be held at Courtenay to-morrow (Wednesday) evening.
For sale���The contents and furniture
of a small house. All new. Apply al
this office.
A Harvest Homo service will lie held next
Sunday morning and evening at the Kiikli-h
Churoh here. Thoso desiring to assist io
decorating are requested to uk et at 1 p. tn.
at the ohurch Thursday,
Bargains for cash at IM ne.- tVr, Union.
Mrs. Reid, matron of the Hospital, desires to acknowledge the receipt uf papers
from Mrs, Liwreuce, flowers from Mrs. Logan, magazines from Mrs. Anlev and a large
quouti.y of vegetables from Mrs. Robot
Chewing and smoking tobacco 20c per
plug at UblmtV Old Stand.
Mr. Albert Giant's singing class ti Courtenay propose giving a concert during the
season. Mr. Grant has about eighteen in
his class, aud as we kuow he possesses a
very good voice, look forward to an entertainment of merit.
Men's new styles in Hard and Soft
Hats at Leise's.
A very interesting and successful children's per vico was held in the Presbyterian
Church on Sunday evening. The service
used was the one prepared hy the S. S Committee of the Geueral Assembly The
hymns, responses, voluntary aud offering
were all conducted by the children of tho
school. Tbe children's offering aumuuted
ts 910,00 which goes to the S. S. general
The V. P. S. C. K. room of the Presbyterian Church has beon recently supplied
with seats,
Mihh Louis uf t)ctin;an Island ia visiting
the M i.'iu-t-M Macdonald at tho Bay.
Tho ladies of the W. C. T. U. will ractt
at 3 p, in. Thursday iu the vestry of tbe
Mt-tiudisc Church.
NEW 6000$.
Just Opened up
a full line of Ladies'
Jackets, Mas' Sailor
and faffing Hats.
New Dress Goods
Flannels, Blankets, Comforters, etc. Selling at
the very lowest Prices.
The   Cash   Dry
Goods Store.
mmm k co.
J. F. DOYLE, Manager
jf. J HE NEY,
Mount Pleasant    Vancouver is. C.
Send for Catalogue before placing your
ordeis far Fall Planting, if you are Interested in saving money for yourself and
getting good stock of first hands.
Most complete stock ol Fruit and
Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, Roses, Etc.,
in the Province.
. Thousands of small Fruit Plants and
Vir.es of leading varieties, suitable for
this Climate.
Thousands of Iiulbs now wn the way
here from China, Japan and Holland for
the Fall Trade.
Fertilizers, Agricultural Implements,
Spray Pumps, Etc., best to be had.
No Agents. List tells yo��� all about it.
Eastern Prices or Less.
6a* Westminster Road.
"An Act to Prevent  Certain  Animals from Running at Large���I88S"
Stock owners are hereby notified to "\
keep all Swine, Stallions of one year old
and upwards, and Bulls over nine months
old, under proper enclosure, as all: animals of these descriptions, found running
at large will be dealt with under the provisions of the Act referred to.
Comox, B. C.       W. B. ANDERSON,
June 7th, 1896. Gov't Agent.
���Subst! ibe Foi
$2.")0 per annum.
Time  Table  No.   28,
To tako effect at 8 a.m. on Saturday, Maroh
'-'1st, 18911,   Train, run on l'auilic
Standard time.
I Dallr. I eaVSf.
Lv. Vietorla for Nunuiiiio and I A. M. I I��. M.
Wolliiigton  1 8.00     4.00
Ar. Nanuimo  |   11.35     7 ��
Ar. WulltaKton  |  lino |   7.��
 GOING SOUTH        *
I  ml m
I Dally. I Sut'dy-
Lv, Wil'iiigton for Victoria       9.SQ   |   **|5
Lv. Nanuimo for Victoria.... | 8.15       4.83
Ar. Victoria  | 12.20 j   8,00
For rates and Information apply at Com*
puny a oftlcca.
President. Uen'l Supt
Oan. Freight and Paueaaw ittt
I have an unlimited supply
of money for loans on the security of farming property at
low rates of interest. Loans
put through expeditiously.
Mortgages purchased, Insurance effected.
Nanaimo, B. C
P. O. Drawer 17
They came a little suddenly, perhaps they won't stay this time, but they will be here soon for o*0od. Now for fall
clothing. Are you still thinking you must pay big money for tailor-made suits and coats? We have suits in stock that
can't be told from measure-made suits to fit, wear or appearance. Our goods are practically measure made, only we
take a list of all possible measures and then have them made. We are sure your measure is here. Think of saving1
then come, look at the quality���then try on the suit or coat, that includes���price, appearance and fit. That's all we
ask for our work���inspection.
Serviceable and  stylish   too.    They
ready made prices, but the coats are as good
as custom made���
Here are a few prices that are matchless.
They should settle the question of where you
will get your fall suit���
Double breasted, all wool, blue and  black W                  All wool, dark and light English twill, $8.50.
cheviot suits for               ...              $8.50 I                   Fine all wool English Venetians,         '$12.00.
Double breasted blue beaver suits for,    20.00 I                   Fine black and blue melton,                $13.00
Best quality,   heavy all  wool scotch tweed m                  Black and blue beaver cloth  elegantly lined
suits in neat dark shades for, $5.50 and 6.00 lined for,             ...               ,,,           $12.so
If you are going to make yonr present suit Strong, serviceable reefers comfortable and,
do for a while longer, a new pair of trousers ^^                 stylish too, with brass buttons,  lots of good:
will help the old coat and vest out���won t cost _Wmk wcal 'n t-nem> prices away down	
much here.��� ^Sft'                 Strong tweed overcoats            ...            $i.od.
Heavy strong tweed pants       ...          $1.25 ^IW                All wool tweed-overcoats          ...            1.2*5;
All wool hair line pants,           ...            1.75 Nap reefers           ...               ...           2.50'
Best quality, all wool cheviot pants
Fine quality worsted pants
Union Departmental Store,  Sipiop Leiser.
\ i


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