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The Weekly News Dec 1, 1896

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^|% ... A_l 111
NO.   213.    UNION   COMOH* DISTRICT,   B.   C,   TUESDAY   DEC. ist,    i&96.   $2.00   PER   ANNUM.
Choice fresh and tilt meats, headcheese, bolonga, sausages
andyfcgetables, fruitand eggs r
' A successful'msrchHnt aid we will show you
a), man who ksep* throughly posted and
watches the cost of every single article he
;''.������ purchases.
Sam3, Rale Applies to Economical Hjisekeopsrs.
That's the reason the women of Union u*se
our prices as a standard for what they should
|*j-ay for goods elsewhere.
Teniptirig Pri-ces  at
F, AD'Ul~^l~'~i
'Yau will iuul in ray Selection of this
faffs goods bargains never offered you*
before. ' Erne black worsted suit
J35.00, nice nobby Scotch suits $28.00
(And Overcoats From $20.00   up.
TriHE   _^>H (xftOGERY   "
We take thi$ opportunity of thanking'our
customers and public generally, for their kind
patronage during the time we have bee.n in
business here, and to intima$e that thfe stock
and fixtures of the Union branch; has been
$old t,o H, Hamburger. All accounts due Up
to and including Nov. 20th, 1896, to be {.aid
to Partridge and Rennison by Dec., i,st.
Partridge and Rennison having disolved by
mutual consent, the Comox Bay store will in,
future be -conducted alone by Mr. Rennison.
Mr, Thot. Turnbull hu completed hia
ate barn on hia newly aoquired larm on the
The Sloin ud Scott bankrupt stock gnipg
al U oenta on the dollar, at Stevenaon | awt*]!
Cue. Union.
Boya School Bpoks 7Sft at leirtf ��
Bargains in while and colored Shi-rat Leiser's.
Partona leaving by tha ateamer may ee
lape the early start by taking a berth 6b
the City ol N mximo goin-* down Wednei*
lay iijght, whioh,would Iw mjiph mat,, plena
ant,, ���
Bsquimalt and Nana'mo Hy Co.
Until further notice ste.urer Cily of
Nan itmo will leave Comox for Victciiia
at ; it, m. on Thursday of each wl'ek,
Tram will leave Union tit ( a. m. connecting with the steamer.
Victoria, B. C Nov. 16 1896
tl. K. Prior, Gen'l F't 4 Pass. Agt
latest by W^e
Ora<t Cuban Victory���*3u��rt r of e
Million Dollars Offend' for an'
Alberni Mine���Plotting Againat
tho Kinff In Ooroa���Brilliant
Wedding In Vlctorii, Etc.
Cuban Victory.���The Cuban Junta
in Nc-v York'City claim to have received
a confirmation of the report thai Maceo
had defeated .Capt. General Weyler in
the Rubin mountains at I'ina del Kio.
Gen. Weyler's forces while inarching
through tlie Rubic mountains, about 30
miles from Havana were attacked by
Maceo's army. The charge was so sudden* and played sucli havoc'with the
troops thai tne insurgents were able to
pour several volleys into the Spanish
ranki before the latter could'rally and
return the fire.' The battle was short
and desperate, and ' Gen. Weyler seeing his men were fighting at a disadvantage and being slaughtered, ordered a
retreat leaving over 1,000 dead, but taking his wounded with hun,
ing .ii a otspaicu irom the Capital 01 Co
rea, a numuer ot Corean officers have
been arrested lot* plotting in seize the
king and force him to turn back to the
palace from ihe'Kussiin legation where
he sought refuge some time ago.
Sranish Criticism.���Several of the
leading newspapers of Madrid are very
bitter in their criticism on the return of
Gen. Weyler to Rivai*^ and-declare him
morally ruined. Itis said sdbscripfioiis
from Spaniards in. Brazil and the Argentine Republics towards the fund being*
raised * to increase the strength ol the
Spanish navy amounts to. ovtf $1.000.000
Behring Se.v Seizures.���The American Uniccrs nave an rived at Victoria
i.i connection witn the hearing for
damages for illegal seizure in Uchring
A .berni Mine.���A telei;r:im was
recei.ed Saturday silting |anies Dunsmuir had refuse-' $250,000 lor the Alberni Consolidated Mine.
Not a True Bill.���In the Hoydion
case the Grand Jury found no indictment
Accident���Messrs Cowan St Bever-
idge.of Wellington while out driving Friday niglu nad a ruii-ii-way winch uroke
their cutters. Thev went to Nanaimo
for another with which to return with.
While at the IXL stal.le Mr. Cowan
slipped and leu octween the 1*10 stabje*,
to the ground, a distance ol 25 feet. He
got a good shaking up but was hoi seriously hu t.
Brilliant Wedding.���Hon. Victoria
A. S.apiey. second son 01 tiu* Karl of
Derby, and Miss A. Pooley, second
dauguler ol llon.C.E.fooley, ��ete mauled last, week at E* (uun.ih, in.he Si. foi..
It. was a very stylish affair.
^Vkestlino Match ���The wrestling
match at Chicago , between John Roonie
of Chicago, and D.McLeo.l, of Nanaimo,
was wan by the former. Uv Ihe terms al
the match, McLeod was ts throw Roonie
five times in an hour, but failed to mrow
him but thrte tunes.
Evti'Rtss or Japan.���A dispatch
reemved Saturday says the Em-ire a til
Japan Ielt Hong K mg at u:jo lor Yuka*
'SHIPPING -S.s. Jebson, Wilna, Elwcll,
Boiaza, are loadiug at Nanaimo. while
th* City of Everett is due. At Welling*
to. the Alkii,.bk Gatherer, Glory nf the
S-as. Two Brothers are loading or walling to load. The Oriental and Costa
K1C.1 have saild.
Ladies' long aad ahort coate rom $1 aod
aa at Steveeaoa aad company's
fjext week we shall review Rural
Rhymes, by F.ric Duncan, a copy af
which has just been placed upon our
table. A few* copies are for aale at T. D.
McLean's.    ��� ��
New dress goods just arrived at Leiser's
Goods going off like hot takes. Holmes'
Old Suiid.
Some enquiries have been made about Mr.
O, F. Drabble, but we understand ho ia on
Denniao Ik; -jd, and Jorge: to notify the
publio before going over to attend to a little
job ol annoying.
tajlaer telle lai-o at 11 cts, per tttati,.
McPhee & Moore,
Gcnenal Mei chants and Butchers,
B. O
JTJHANKSG1V1NG DAY passedgaily;
JL*every cutter was oui wiih merry
sleighing parlies, the roans being in per
feet condition for sleighing, so I am sure
.Mr.Kilpatrtck was one thanklut man,
In ihe evening Mr.Maxwell, M. P.
attracted a large audience at St. Georges
Presbyterian Church, who, enjoyed a
rare treat in hearing Mr. Maxwell, a
lecturer of exceeding ability;, he at once
aims for and captures the sympathies of
his hearers, by putting . them in a good
humor and successfully keeps their un*
flagging interest.
II we could have such lecturers as Mr.
Maxwell, occasionally, it might be possible ta imagine ourse>ves pro tern, out of
the wilderness���Union.
At the Hay, coasting was the all absorbing pleasure, the steep hill from The
Lome to the wharf made a toboggan
slide not to be excelled. From early
morn till late into the frosty e* e, tobog*
ganists were shooting down the icy way
like missiles fired from a hugh cannon,
then c im'oing the height dragging sleds,
reminding one of Stsyphu*; but lhey
could have stopped and wouldn't, wnile
Sisyphus would have stopped aud could
A prominent young man of Union
took two ladies down on hi. sled���that is
started with two���one he lost in, lhe snow
about half way to the bottom ofthe mil
the other he carried on over the bulk into the mud, where the water would have
been, had the tide not. b en out. After
this d'isj)l.iy*ef daring, thi ladies declined
riding.with nim. It i> said there are in...'
nv o't tlie jolly people al tlte Bay laid up
for repairs.
Notwithstanding an attempt 10 introduce a new styie oi alighting Irom a
sleigh, the old fashioned and digmiied
method remains the fpvored way���.vith
the majority..
On the lake, Thanksgiving Day, were
about 50 people skating. One of tlie
young gentlemen suddenly complained of
weak ankles and headache. His friend
Damon advised him to go in doors until
better, which he agreed to do. About an
hour after Damon wilh sympathetic interest, was reluming to enquire for hts
poor friend when he met .1 stylish culler
with a pretty blonde girl and young man
dashing along toward Courtenay. I'he
pity in his breast froze, fur the smiling
happy lace of the man holding the ribbons, was th it of I'ythias, his afflicted
"Men were gay deceivers ever. "
The Dramatic Society has reorganized
increased its numbers, and is at work
preparing for an entertainment.
'i he school concert is next on the list;
lhe little lotk should and do always draw
a large and .illuming House.
Then will come the alitistrtl Sho.v,
and I am told the songs, quibbles and
jokes are,the .latest .ind.urigntesi; also
there will be no coarse jests, which preclude many from attending a professional
minstrel troupe.
Drutda' Buuquot.
The Druid* of Uuioq, oa tiie night ot
November, it>,a, sat d iwo to a npieudiil
banquet at the Uaiuu Hubul, ���uiuvmej ny
Mre. bain Davia, whose name 1, syuunyuiuu*
with a good tabic, itut her oulm.ry an
never auown to better advaubage iiuu ou
thia occasion.
Thia wu the third auaiver-ar.v cilaiirauuu
ol the drove hurt and waa tiiurou^hiy eu-
.Tne chairman aud tosatinaater, wa. Mr. J.
B. McLean, (iraud Seere.ary ol lho O.Uur
Ae aoiio aa tne "moar mau'1 w ih aatiaded,
began tha "feaet of reason aud tne daw of
aoula." fna cbainnaa opened this part
with a neat and appropriate adaivs,. Following this���Bro. Waggott proposed aud
Bro. K-eue li.ly respuuued to ibe boast;
"Oar Queen aud Oouu.ry." Bro. Seavada
aud Bro. VVagaeit aang acceptably wheu
Bco, Koene proposed���"Oar ISu.er ducte*
ties." Tuts waa responded to tu a Iraterual
spirit by Dr. J< ffa aud Bro M^L-.au. Tuere
were here aoiiga by Braa, L. lirauca aud J.
Auunua. Next .Bro. ao*.vaila propoa-
ed���"l'tie Uraud Oruve of B. C.' to wniuh,
Grand Secretary J. B. McLeau gracufuliy
responded���Three eooga by Bros. 0. Keeue.
Stuioudi, and Hardeana here enlivened the
prooeeduga,   "Our Order and the Day  we
Celonrait*," Aaa pnuuaed by Br>* Ba u'teig
and reap'iuileo to with apirit by Bro. K tnt.
The banqueters wore theu entertained with
eonga by Broa. C. Keene anil Waggett.
Dr. Jeffs waa called up by the toast��� "Tht
Medical Fraleruit),"auil responded in an
appropriate and witty speech. Thty were
then indeb rd to Bim. Seavada and Pastor
fe.' some enjoyable ana-ia. "Oor Siatere'*
waa proposed n> Bro. Marocohi and respond
ed to hy Dr. Jeffi aud Bro. M.iLeaa. A.
aang followed b, Bro. Waggett and a dnet
by Bros. Suavala aud Bai'deaoua. "The
King aud Queeu of Italy waa propoaed by
Bro, Marouclit and worthily nsponded to by
Bro. Suava'la. A quartette here followed,
in which Broa.. Ttihanco, Soavada aud Bar*.
denims bunk part. The )a*c total wan���"Our
Host ano Hoaieoi.," proposed by Bra O.
Keeue aud happily reapuuded to by Mr*
Saul U D.vis of the Ciiiun UaiteL Bro. 0.
Keene followed with a song, and the thorough,
ly enjoyable prucuejiugs were oloatd with
tne Narto-aal Auihent, auug in a apirittd
Girls' School Button. Boots   for 90 cu.
at Le.aw
Q. X. Max woll.   M.P.
Weduesday uiglu brought ua tbe distinguish d lueniber tro*. Burrard Diacriot,. Mr.
ti. K. slaXaeh. 1'uura.laj all* ruuiu waa
b-juuI to a 1 itk* up lue neilleilieMt. Tho
aignt of tnia nuo-ruui. i.rnnug suutioo was
a iiiol&A.ia .., one vtattiug ..tacesmab. Ue
na ��� neon ul uur nines, but*awaa. up', aware
ui * u. sgrtoiitttfrai tusuiuoos. Thursday
eveujug 'ia appeared a*. Ino Prueuytairiaa
C aiou, U* na.. before a l.rge aud appraoia.
l.e audience,     tils aubjlQI, Waa��� "fbtStV-
e. Sugea ui ..i.s.it.ii i..y,"���Amen lit hand*
le 1 iu a a .j lu .uuruugiiiy euturutu .hia
uearera. Kriday evemoa be delivered tha
aauie lecture ac Courtenay. By refute! ba
lectured again Saturday evening at St. George*. Tula ciuie hla auujecl waa���"Uumae
aud liappy Houiea." Liae nie tirst lecture
it was illuatrabttd with uuuierjjua atoriea told,
���u a way 10 provoke ruare ol laughter* It
was, however aa lueiructive as amusing.
Ab Uw close ot both lectures,, a vote of
tuauka waa passed witb great enthuaiaam,
SuuJay eveuiug Mr. Maxwell tilled moat
accepiaoly Kev. Mr. Logaa't pulpit, ud we
understand he Ielt for home oa the Maude
yesterday eveuiug (donday.) Duriag hia
visit here be madt many frteuda. Tha favorable tmpreesiuu he madt will not eaaily
bu effaced aud wheuever he ahell vtait thia
lowa aud diatncb agaio, ho may be eure
ot a warm welcome. Tnt Yuung People'a
0 ' inly of Ubristiau Bnieavur ot bhe Pres*
byberiau Church uuder a huae ausptoee the
hri-i lec.urc waa aelivered, are tu bt oougta*
LUiaud Uj-un.ll* suoueaS.
Men's new stylet in. Hard and Soft.
Hals al Ltise.'s.
flaw Jaukeie aud water proote ftr
at Stevtiuauu aud eumpauy'a.
Tri.iuy  Church.
Vise 1 dio als, aud cuugragation of Tri-a**
tby Cuuruu are. Bow throw lug uiure energy.
lubu tue uiauageiueut of lheir churoh.
allaira. I. ia uuiler.toud to be tbt mtea.
tum ol the Kuv. J.  X.   Willemar ta de**
VubU luuio   bliua aud alleuilOa  tu thle   part.
ol hia ajiatrict, aod that probably in Ihe
Bear lu.ure hi may bt induced to taka ap,
bia residence auiougat, ua. Iht tervioet ol,
Mra. O'Dell.bavi been eagaged aa organ*
tat, aud with the atioog aad efteieat.
cliuir whieb Dr. Westwood haa beea able:
to get lugetbei, it it aalt to predict g|ea-
ty of good uiusie.
New milliuery at StevenaoB 4k Ca'a
Received at Willarda, alee line of haa^*
gy whips, ratgtngiir from 15 *t��2S oeata..
We learn lhat Mr. John Oaithaw, Mc*.
James Uartbtw and Mr. Wm. Mathawaees.
bave aold out tbeir interact la tbe Carluk
Pa*iki><g aud C-.uuing.lJo, , ,
Hamburger ia -atill tailing TaBplugal,
liOcla. v>
Bay year aagar at Lalew't U.tX\ttm en. M
,v,%V .
Conspiracy of thc Pprowlere to Drive
llu: Tcnchor Irom tho Township���
Captured the Moj irlty of Them with
Uanclng und Fiddling;.
Hill Sprowler "Cullc'l."
Tlie Sprowler boys were iltf leading
���spit-Its In Hickory Ridge township nud
what they decided on in local affairs
was generally tbe law. "BUI" Sprow-
lor hnd never been called "Willie" at
any stage of h!s Interesting careor, He
had always boen nn "orn'ry cuss." according to sonic or ihi' neighbors, but
thore were none of thf younger generation who ever found It convenient lo
tell him so.   Bill was nbout ii feel 10
who was no mean performer himself,
and .said: "If you'll give us the 'Ar-
kansaw Traveler,' Uncle Tom, I'll
shako my leg a little." Uncle Tom
complied, anil tho teacher cbassed out
on iln* floor and began. Such dancing!
The like had never been seen in Hickory. Side stops, back steps, pigeon-
wings, single ami double shuttles, steps
lhat they hatl never seen before. "Pas-
lei-," he called 10 Uncle Tout. Tli"
flying noics kepi busy wllli his ngllo
feet, aud as he stopped with u grand
bow to Nance old Tom laid Ilic fiddle
down and gnve a "holler" Unit "just
nigh tuk the shingles off." Nnnco
was simply charmed, and so was Hill
for that matter, but lo him there came
slowly but steadily a feeling of nntag-
oiilsin against the man who danced so
"What business had a teacher dancing thntawoy?  An' fldtllln'. too?"
Nance's evident admiration nettled
bim also.   The title to town nnd back
f_r* fJ.
In height, weighing .ahout 105 pounds,
and "lit lurrlbly when riled," according to local gossip. He did uot understand the art of "putting up liis props,"
but he could "rassle" like n professional, uml If ho got an adversary down
he "chewed him" usually "until the
feler hollered," The stand-up and
knock-down fight was a rare occurrence ln that district. The battles partook of a primal spirit and thc well-
established and common usage a*
against a combatant was "to pit him
down and chew him till he hollers."
Nnncy Wnn a Kelle.
"Ike" and "Link" Sprowler were uot
no aggressive as "Bill," but they were
liis faithful adherents and as a trio
they nearly ran the district Hesides,
there was Nancy Sprowler. Sbe was
the prettiest girl, tlie best horsewoman and the most graceful dancer lu
the settlement and wa.s only 17 at
that. "Nance," ns her folks called
hor, had tawny brown eyes and yellow bair and was just about to finish
her education by going tu llie summer
term of school, commencing on ihe
lirst day of June and ending Sept. 1.
There had been a good deal of troubls
in tho district regarding teachers. The
Sprowler boys had "licked" two teachers and tho new master was an uncertain quantity. "Link" Sprowler
had soon him pitching horseshoes over
to Sanders' and said "ho was a thin
follow, but wiry looking." Tho school
was to tako up in threo days and tho
Sprowler boys did not know whether
they would drive this "follow" out or
not The committee had gono clear
into Adams County to got a teacher
and some of the neighbors woro getting restive over tlio belligerency of
tho Sprowlors. Tho day before school
opened "Bill" Sprowler passed hy
Sandors* house and old man Sanders
called him in. "Nnnco" was in the
buggy and "I'nclo Tom." as everybody called tho old man. Insisted on
hor coming In. too. Tho attraction
wns the fact of a  discovery on  old
was made rather moodily, "Nance"
divining, by his silence, that he was In
no good humor. On tlieir arrival at
home Nance dilated ou tho teacher's
excellence as a dancer and tiddler to
such an extent that BUI was socrelly
in a towering passion.
A brother, as a rule, prefers that his
Bisters should consider him all that is
admirable in man, and Bill was no exception to the rule. Tho curiosity evidently aroused among lho homo folk*--
by Nance's talk ouly added to his growing dislike to the new arrival.
A Conspiracy Formed.
That night ho gathered tho boys together, and a plan was arranged to
bar tlie teacher out of the schoolhouse
at an early dato and theu "lick" him.
Meanwhile the settlement was in a
pleasant stale of anticipatory excitement as to what the Sprowler hoys
wore going to do. Tho lirst day of
school came, and tho boys bided thoir
timo and covertly watched the teacher, Ho was very calm iu his demeanor, vory pleasant, and he spoke in a
particularly clear and crisp tone when
addressing the scholars. At tho recess half hour he spoko to Nance, but
Bill got awny and joined In a game
of "shinney." All the small boys were
wondering when the trouble would
begin, for lhey bad learned from tin-
various avenues of gossip thnt the
Sprowler boys wore going to "chaw
tho now master up."
The next day tho signs of nn Impending storm thickened One big hulk
of a boy, who disobeyed some rule,
was yanked out of his seat by the
teacher and his broath taken awny by
tho suddenness with which ho was
thrown bnck again. He lookod ap-
pealIngly at Bill Sprowler. but that
worthy ouly clinched his fists undor
his desk and did nothing olso. It
wasn't time yet, but this act of the
master's decided him. Tho next morning the boys and girls who arrived at
the schoolhouse found It locked. Thoy
saw Iho Sprowler boys sitting on the
man Sanders' part that the new teacher could play n llddle better Ihan any
man in the township.
The New Tenchnr.
The Sprowlei's, brother antl sister,
were Introduced to the new teacher,
Mr. Clarke, nnil the fiddling went ou.
"Bill" Sprowler could dance a pretty
fair jiff, and he wns Induced to uu*
limber his feet for the tienclit of the
company. All went merrily, but the
teacher spoiled it all.
lie handed the llddle to Uncle Tom,
fence that extended along in front of
the schoolhouse with three or four of
lheir cronies, The entire crowd,
while laughing and talking together,
had an appearance of boys who were
In a considerable state of mental excitement.
The Test of Strength.
The teacher was a trifle late and
Nance Sprowler and two of the older
girls met him and explained that the
door was locked. The boys had gone
iusido, slipped the bolt on the door,
nailed down the windows on the Inside, all but one, crept out of this
window and nailed it down on the
outside. The plan was to jump the
teacher when he came tip to Inquire
or remonstrate at their conduct. The
teacher walked bnck to the woodshed,
picked up n stout stick lying then.',
and crawled under the schoolhouse.
Willi tills thick piece of oak he got ft.
purchase under a loose plank on ill"
platform just behind his desk ami
upended ii with a strong effort. An-;
olher plank went Ihe way of the first.
and he crept inio the schoollioiisc. Iii*-':
fnce wns streaked with perspiration
nnil dust, bill he washed It in a basin
of water before unbolting ihe school
dom*. As he threw back the door he
culled out In a commanding voice,
"School is open." Then' wns something in his voice thai brought llm.
plotters oil' the fence and lino the
schoolhouse In double-quick order, al*
though Hill and his brothers wore
the last to obey. Their calculations
had been upset, nnd they did nol lako
Iho precaution to provide for such a
A Knltler Diversion.
But In every scholar's breast there
was a sense of Impending conflict.
When tlie.v bad all seaietl themselves
the teacher proceeded with the lessons ns usual, but be kept walking
about a great deal up and down tha
aisles, anil It puzzled the conspirators
considerably to know what lhat meant.
At recess lhe scholars (lied outdoors,
some few starting n game of "shinny" and others lounging around and
whispering mysteriously. In front of
the schoolhouse, across the narrow,
dusty road, lay the virgin prairie. Bill
Sprowler and a few of the bigger boys
wandered ncross to the sunbaked
grass und began to talk together. Another boy from the schoolyard canto
over to join them, walking diagonally
across the grass to where the crowd
stood, lie had not gone more than
two steps from the road when he gave
a cry nnd sprang to one side. A dark,
whiplike shape dropped to the grass
ns be leaped. It was o rattlesnake,
mid at his cry everyone from the
schoolyard, teacher and all, eaine run-'
ning to lo.iru the cause. Now there
was just one thing Bill Sprowler wns
afraid of and lhat was a rattlesnake.
Ordinary snakes he would pick up by
the tnll and snap tlieir heads off as
a man will crack a whip. But lie hnd
seen a tragedy when he was 1" yeard
old that had never loft his memory.
A innn binding wheal bad been struck
In the forearm by n "rattler" nnd in *
spite of nil Hint could be done had
died in lhe Held. Hill Sprowler wns
carrying water to lite men in two stone
jugs strapped together and hung across
in front of the saddle. He was right
ut the man's side when lie wns bitten.
A  BrnVO Acl.
The teacher came up mid snid:
"Stand back, there, nil of you."
lie Iuul a long switch in his hand.
The scholars made wny for hlin nnd
he struck ill lhe snake. The swllcl
did not quite roach lhe reptile, but
he struck at it. throwing himself out
or his coil. Quick as a Hash thc teacher caught up Hie snake by the lail
nnd whirled hitn around like a whip-
"Snap" went something as the master's nnn jerked sharply to the right,
nnd, separated from Ihe hotly, the
snake's head fell In the dusty road.
The teacher reached In his pocket,
took out a penknife and cut the rattles
off. riming knife and rallies in his
pocket, he walked slowly bnck to the
Here wns a man who dared. At one
stroke lie hnd disarmed their entire
forces and the hoys looked on him as
a hero. When school took up after recess Bill Sprowler got tip and said:
"Mr. Clarke. I'd like to say a few
words lo you and lo the school."
The teacher said pleasantly, "What
is il. William?"
"Well, you're the first mnn In Hick'
ry Bidge In snap a rattler's head off.
Some of us was going to try to lick
you, but I reckon It's lucky for us we
didn't try il. Pap's goin' to give a
dance Saturday night, and I give yo*
uow an invite to come. 1 ean lick any
feller here thai ever tries to mill ���
trouble while you're teacher."
"Thank you, William," said the
teacher; "I'll be glad to come."
William "chawed up" two of the
hoys pretly badly for not calling him
"Bill" Ihe next  week.
He Becotl e .1 Hero.
Tiio new teacher wns llm hero of
Hickory from that day on. lie explained thai lo do the trick successfully with ii rattlesnake you must
think It Is a blue racer, or a bullsnake,
or a big gai'tei'-siiiike. and then 11 was
plain sailing. But the Ridgo folks
would grin anil sny "I reckon" ut this
The dance came off and was a success. Nance and the teacher wero
the shining lights, and the teacher's
jig steps at "balance all" were tlie admiration of everybody. At the end of
tlio terra the Sprowler farm wns all
agog one Sunday morning and a long
procession went to town nnd fetched
up tlio Presbyterian church.
Wheu the excitement was over
Nance was Mrs. Clarke, nnd Bill
Sprowler was proud of the fact. Even
now he will say: "M.v brother-in-law,
there's a fellow for ye; he's a turrlble
feller, anyway."
Scenes at Hatcher's Creek and Peters
burg Recalled.
John   II.   Scnce   Spt.uk*   t.i
of  Stirring  Siii-iii-i.    i*:.i*ii|ii.iI   With
Slight   Wou    but,   Like   Other
Vetera.ua,   lia*    Null'ere-I   Sine*.
���A st.iry That Read-* Liku
a   rag**   Frum   11 lit ..ry.
From ilic Albany, N, Y., Journal.
Wben  one encounters  lu  print the
life story of eome scarred veteran of
Everyone should bur of tt T can't
���ay too much for them," Mr. Scaoe exclaimed, enthusiastically, in conclusion.
This is but one of tbe many oases in
which Pink Pills have taken suoh a *
beneficent part in  the history of humanity.
Mr. Scace is now enjoying tbe
I ep'*rt**r | **rujtg 0- an unusually large business,
managed solely by himself, and oover*
ing almost the entire eastern portion
of tbe Btate. Mr. Scace is also an
ivory carver of marked ability, whioh
he follows solely for his own pleasure.
Many little trinkets curved by tbe ligbt
of the camp-tire, attest his skill in
this direction.
Far from being solicited to reoom-
the oivil war, a feeling of admiration ' mend th��� ounmve wllioh hll(1 ,���kea
and sympathy is the certain rosult. [ 8noh a load 0, mif���ry hom biB lif()i ������
Accustomed though we are to tales of j hia gt_aM, his pruiBe for it is nn-
heroism aud Buffering In every day life, | MmeA ������,, un0MBlD(. And from h|,
there is something peculiarly attractive I ov/a statement one may easily see that
about these old war records, serving, as when ������ doog 00a9e ,0 \._g ���-.��� virtnM
lhey do, as a sacred passport t" the | it will be to answer the las* mustering
heart of every true American.    Thou* | ������
sands fouud their rest on the field of 'Dr. -Williams' Pink PUIb oontaln, In
carnage or lu the hospital, but their I ��� oonn*ensod form, all tho elements neo*
comrades, when the Btrugglo wns over | emarJ t0 giye ���*,��� iif8 and riohness to
and tho victory won, returned to their : the blooti mrl reatoro shattered nerves)
homes and began anew tbe battle of . Tll(,y ���re alsn ��� 8peoino for troubles pe-
l"e* ! culiar to females, such ns suppressions,
John B. Scnco, the widely known irregularitios snd all forms of weak-
contractor and buildmg-mover of Al- , ues9 ln me��� tlley effeot a radioal
bany, N.Y., has an unusually interest- oure in all oases arising from mental
mg  life, and when  seen by a reporter : worryi overwork or excosseB of what*
recently st hiB bome, No. in Bradford
ever nature.    Piuk Pills are sold ln
Btreet, told of his many experiences and | boxes (LeTer in *00ae hulk) at 50 oenta
adventures while serving under the j a hox or six boxes for *2.00, and may
old flag in the lato war. Although . be bad 0- Hll druggists, or direot by
having endured all tho hardships and . mai, {rom Dr Williams' Medioine
privations of   lifo  in  the   rankB, Mr. * Company. Soheuootady, N. Y.
tfouce bearB hiB more than half a cen*	
tury of years with nu elastic step and | In New York dt ,bo peroentag6 of
a keen mind taking an active interest: dwth. from apoplexy hns quadrupled
in private and pnblic affairs. t dnring ^ paat ^ J0arfl_
Mr. Scace is a member of Berkshire j	
Lodge,   No.   62,   I. O. O. F.     He en* \    I shall recommend Piso's Cure for Con-
listed in tbe army in 18(12, In Company   sumption fnr und wide.���Mrs. Mulligan,
A, Fortv-ninth  Massachusetts   Voluu* '��� l'hmistcud, Kent, England, Nov. 8,1*05.
teer  Infantry, serving under Col. W. ' _     ~"~,   '.     TT , .   .
-nt   ij    .. ..   iii    .   r. i      .     nu    ,tii   ���     IIitNIlK���l'urutl klnilH nrwork furnished rrna'm
F. Bartlett, First Brigade, First Divi- :   short muti*.'. A.iiin-ss hiu*i<-vb r:m ymentof* ���
sion, Nineteenth Corps, with which be ,
participated in some of tbe hottest bat- j
ties of tbe war, inoluding Port Hudson, ,
Donaldsonvillo nnd Plain Store, where
he was wounded.    His time being out,
he waB discharged, but Boon re-enlisted I
as Bergeant iu Company A, Sixty-lirst j
Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteer lr- ]
fiintrv.     He   was   in   the  battle  of
Hatcher's Hun, tiie  fight about Petersburg and the battle of Sailor's Creek.
After hia honorable discharge, dune
4, 1605, Mr. Seaco returned to Albany
aud settled   down  ouce   again  to hia
business nnd suoial interests.    He has
resided   in   the oity   over  since,    lt
would seem that now, of nil times, his
peace and happineBs  would have been
uninterrupted.   Such waB uot to be tbo
oase, for tour yeara ago, while engaged
in superintending  tbe raising of the
immense smokestack  of   the   Albany j
Klectrio power house,   the  lever of a
loosened windlass struck him a heavy j
blow across the back.    Tho effect of
���leu, ut Third Street, 1'urtliuni, Oregon.
The life of William H. Seward has
been written by Thortnn K. Lotbrop
for the American Statesman Series.
Wc offer On*** Hnnd rod Dollars Upward tor nny
ansa ot Catarrh ihnt canuot be cured hy Hull'*
Catarrh Cure.
K. .1. Oil I'SKV .1 CO., Toledo, O.
We, the iniihTS'uiiel. have known tt, J.
Chenev Ior ttie lust 15 yearn, mid believe hitn
perfectly honorable In nil businesa trnhHflotlona
ami itiiaiiciaily utile to curry out auy obligations
uiiido by tli. Ir Ilrm.
WBtrr ATituix,
Wholesale liruggtit*. Toledo, o.
W't.iiiNii, kissan *��� -Marvin,
Wholesale UrngillstSi Toledo, 0.
Hall's Catarrh (urei* tnken Internally, anting
direotly iipoa tlm btooi and mucoussurlaoesof
too system.  Tcatlmoulali sent frco.   I'rlce7d��
perbottle,   Sold i.y nil drug Ists.
Halts Family litis are tlie best.
Cynthia (looking nt photograph)���HI-
ram, Just turn your head a little. III-
the blow was not at first apparent, he I ram���You have turned it already, Cyn*
being able to leave bis bed in tt few ' thia.���New York World,
days. But the worst wns to follow, i He���It's reported around thnt wears
for without warning he was seized ! engaged. She���Well, you know It's a
with sciatic rheumatism in all its j mistake. He���Yes; 1 called to sec If 1
virulence.    Dutold agony followed.       'couldn't rcclify It.���Puck.
Said Mr. Scace, "I oould not sleep
for the pain. No one will know the
tortures the rheumatism gave me. 1
don't known how I lived during those
days. I became little more than skin
and bones, and it seemed like life
didn't have anything but suffering in
It.* Cure**? I tried every so-called
rheumatic cure that was ever Invented.
1 gave all of them a good trial before I
] Btopped taking them. My friends and
neighbors recommended remedy after
remedy that tbey heard of, but my
rheumatism went on just the same.
V, ell, after I had almost had tbe life
tortured out of me, I oame across a
newspaper account of Dr. Williams'
i Pink Pills, and I thought I might as
well add another name to the list as
; not, so I ordered some of my druggist.
"I tell yuu, I was glad in tbose dayB
to hear of unything that oould give me
i any hope at all. Yes, 1 got them, and
! before I had taken two boxes tbat pain
: began to leave me. Why, I couldn't
i understand it. I couldn't imagine my*
! self being oured. Bnt before I had
taken a half-dozen of those boxes I was
I cured. The suffering whioh had mude
my life almost unbearable for so loug
bad disappeared.    I wub a new man.
"I began to get strong. 1 picked
up in flesh, and I went baok tu my
business with all the vigor and vim of
a young mun. I think everyone wbo
knowa me will tell you what it did for
me. Pink Pills iB the grandest medioine ever discovered, and if my recommendation will do it uny goud 1 want
you to use it. 1 hope others will hear
of it and be benefited aB  I  have been.
You know coffee is used
fresh - roasted.    Tea ought
j to be���for the same reason
���the taste.
Ours are the only tea-
| firing works in the United
States;  Schillings Best is
always fresh-fired when it
leaves our hands.  ,
A Schilling & Company
San braucuco
Arthur���Are you sure she loves yon?
Jack���Yes. When I told her I bud no
money to mnrry on she asked me If I
couldn't borrow some.���Puck.
"Sometimes," snid Uncle Ebon, "cr
mnn puts on er long face an' says he's
discouraged when he's simply too lazy
ter try again."���Washington Star.
She���Everybody   says  you   married
me only for my money.      He���But I
didn't, dear.   I know you look It. dear, *V
but I didn't.���Indianapolis Journal.
Her Father���Has my daughter given
you any encouragement, sir? Suitor-
Well, she said you were always a very
gencrotiB parent.���Philadelphia American.
Mume���I hope you didn't let that
Mr. Hugglns put his arm about jouf
Mabel���Why? Is there anything tho
matter with his arm?���Washington
Mrs. Elmore���I wonder how many
stops that new organ of De Smyth's
has got? Elmore���Only three, I should
judge. One for each meal.���Buffalo
"I sec tlie.v nre applying ball bearings
to n great many things now." "Yes;
they have a ball bearing sign down
where I keep my watch."���Washington
Stern Parent���You sny he Is n genius.
CienlUBes seldom amount to much.
Daughter���Bui, pa, he promises that he
will not work at It liner we lire married.���Boston Transcript.
Hoax���Poor Bjoues litis to run nil the
errands and cook bis own meals. Joax
���What's the trouble? Hoax���He was
foolish enough to buy ills wife a bW
cycle.���Philadelphia Becord.
When in the brassy skies above
No hope nor help I see,
I gladly seek the girl I love��� 4
She's always cool to me.
-Cleveland Tlnin Dealer.
Spirit (nt Lily Dale seance)���Don't
you know me?   I'm the spirit of your I
mother-in-law.   Investigator���You can't *
fool  me.    My  mother-in-law  nlways
brought her truuk with her.���Buffalo
"I supposo you know all about tho
financial question?" snid the Intimate
friend. "I don't sny lhat I know all
nbout it," replied the candidate, "but
I know enough not to talk about It."- J'
Or illycr dollars invested ln Hooi's Rniw
���aparillu at thia season wiil yield hopo
returns lu the gretter strength end b l er
health ot' mind uud body wliich wi 1 fallow the use of tbis medioine. A run
down gysti'iu at the approach of cdder
weather will hardly ba able to withstand
the chilling hi sta of winter. Hood's -H.ir-
Biijmriiiii ruakca rioh, red bluoii, und
strengthens tlie entire **y.-ieiu. Get
ft., best ��� in tuot tho onu True Blood Purifier.
turn*, i*!iiy In i'l*i*iHto.   i's'..
lillo or ft Ti 'cotnotlve.
Rome canful experiiueuts which have
lieen made In England prove lhat tbo
Mfe of a locomotive Is about 500,000
"train miles." In other words, thai a
locomotive of the latest approved pattern will run 600,000 miles before wear-
lug out so at, to he useless. In making
this run of 500,000 miles tho lire box
will bave to be renewed three times,
the wheel tires live or six times and
the crank axles frum three to five times.
In a Hurry.
Mrs. Howson l.ott���The tax collector
left a bill this morning. Tbey have
changed the name of the road In front
from a street to an avenue uud doubled
the tax rate.
Howson Lott���By Jove! I'll pay that
bill at ouce, before they make another
change aud call it a boulevnrd.���Judge.
An Honest ConfcKstou,  Ktc.
"Mr. ntcher," said the gentleman's
wife. In a horrified tone, "you ate
"Otiesh I mush be." assented Pitcher,
"or else I wouldn't (hie) let you sbee
me In this e'ditioti."���I'luk 'Uu.
At Lent
"Mary," said tbe slek man to his wife,
wheu the doctor pronounced it a caso
of small-pox, "if auy of my creditors
call, tell them that I um ut last In a
condition to give them something."���
Port Jervls Gazette.
Maxeppn Rosidence in Decny.
The estnte of Vaturltio, the old histor.
leal residence of Mnzeppn, the Iiettimti
of the Ukraine Cossacks, In the Government of Kieff, once famous for Its
beauty and splendor, bas now fallen
Into ruin and decny.
Aliout Block Diamond-*.
As ls well known, some diamonds
possess black specks, or Inclusions, of
vurious forms, within n transparent
shell, and sueh gems nre called "black
diamonds." Recently Monsieur Mols-
siin, of Purls, who, ns previously mentioned in this column, bus succeeded In
artificially producing very small diamonds, discovered that tlie Inclusions
lu black diamonds are nlso composed
of carbon, but of a variety different
from thut which forms the transparent
Tlilraty l.nnilH,
Tlie enormous basin drained b.v the
Missouri River absorbs, as Mr. Green*
leaf has lately shown In tlie American
Journal of Science, no less than eighty-
eight per cent, of all the rain that
falls upon It. whereas the basin of tlie
Ohio Kiver absorbs only seventy per
cent. The amount of rainfall in the
course of a yenr ls proportionately
greater in the Ohio than In the Missouri
basin, and ho tlie former river, although
much the smaller of the two. contributes more water to the Mississippi thnn
does Its gigantic rival flowing from the
Whnt In Sleep*
Professor Dulmla, of Lyons, hns re-
centlj given uu Interesting answer to
this question. According to liim, sleep
may be defined us it kind of intoxication caused by carbonic acid. Experimenting with animals whicli hibernate
in winter, such as tlie marmot for Instance, he finds thnt during lhe progress of hibernation there Is nn accumulation of carbonic acid In the blood
of the unconscious animal. Further
study has convinced him that tlte "winter sleep" of hibernating animals does
uot differ, as far ns its causes are concerned, from the ordinary sleep whicli.
for shorter poiioc's, lulls tlie senses
and restores the strength of all animals, Including mnn.
The wedding ring is worn on the left
hand because, symbolically, the right j
hand denotes authority and the left
hand obedience.
Since 1881, according to Mulhall, .
Great Britain's Btock of gold and silver
has remained nearly stationary.
I'KAVK   UN    KAltTH.
This In once more enjoyod hv the rheumatic
wine enough to ooutttoraot tlielr nrogreaslve
miiliuly with UtiflU'ttur's stoinuoli  Hitters.   Nil
L-hthmuiy in stronger tlnm thut whioh ludf.
���niieH it us n aourooof relief in tlds complaint,
It is also eminently otfoottve as a troatmont for
kidney trouble, dyspepsia, debility, ltvor complaint and constipation, Uso it with pcrsist-
estteu lor ihc above.
An Kiirthqunhe Center.
Russian savants have discovered that
the bottom of the Ken of Marmora, lying between the Bosphorua nnd the
Dardanelles, contains threo profound
and nearly parallel furrows, the deepest of wliich. that ou the east, attains
a depth of one mile. This particular
furrow lies In the center of lhe region
est of which, that on the east, attains
that seriously shook Constantinople,
and wns felt nt grout distances two
years ago. ami soundings show that tbo
bottom there has sunk below the level
It occupied before the earthquake.
There ls no evidence, however, of volcanic action occurring In llie bed of the
Sea of Marmora, so Hint the earthquake
was probably dim to the slipping or
caving In of lhe underlying rocks.
Gladness Comes
With a betU-u- understanding of tlm
transient nature ol' thu many phys- i
icttl ills, which vaulsh beiore proper ei- j
rightly directed.   There is comfort in |
the knowledge, that so muny forms of '
hieKuei+s uro not due tu uny uetuul dis- j
ease, hut simply to a constipatedeondi- '
tion of tlie system, wliich tlie pleasant
family laxative, Syrup of Pigs, prompt- '
ly removes.   Thnt is why it is the only i
remedy with millions of mniilios, und is
everywhere esteemed so highly hy nil
who value good health,   Its benenoial
effects are due lu tlie fact, thut itis thu
one remedy wliich  promotes internal
cleanliness  without debilitating the
organs on which it acts, Itis therefore
all important) in order to get its bene- ���
tiuial effects, tu note when yon pur- '���
chu.se, that you huve thu genuine arti-
ole, which is manufactured by tlie Culi- j
fornia Fig Syrup Co. only and sold by
all reputable druggists.
If in the enjoyment of good heulth,
aud the systom is regular, luxutivesor
other remedies nre then not. needed. If
afflicted with any actual disease, one
may be commended to the most skillful
physicians, but if in need of a laxative,
one should havo the best, and with the
well-informed everywhere, Syrup of
Figs stands highest uud is most largely
,*ed and gives most general satisfaction.
"Just Don't Feel Well,"
����� tho One Thing to Ilia.
Only One for a Dose.
Sold by DruBKiBta at 26o. ��� box
SamploB milled free.    Addroa*
Of, Bosanko MM, Co. P1UU. i'n.
Viul'sliC'l   Mountain!*.
It has heen observed thai In lhe n tlgh*
borhood of great ranges of mountains
tlie force of gravity is slighter than
elsewhere, nnd the explanation suggested is that lhe crust of the earth is
less dense beneath the places where
lt lias thus been heaved up. Assuming this to lie a general law, Monsieur
Collet, of the University of Grenoble,
points out thill It Is possible to discover where ancient mountains, now
worn away ami leveled by the action
of tlie elements, ouce existed, because
the density of the underlying rocks hns
not changed. France, Monsieur Collet
thinks, possessed one of these vanished runges, running along ihe parallel
of Bordeaux, for on that line there is
a lessening of the force of gravity, A
similar phenomenon occurs on the
plains of southern Itusshu
'I in- tipper Air.
Scientific curiosity knows no bounds.
Due of Ils latest manifestations Is the
.Uleinpl of Menalcurs Busnncon uud
llcrnille al Purls lo ascertain the composition of lhe nil* ul great heights
nbove lhe eitrllt. Km* this purpose
lhey send up balloons containing nu
iiisli-tiiiieut Invented by .Monsieur Hot'.
mile, which consists of u tube exhausted by Monsieur eluolii elnoln etuolti
ed of air und lilted with a valve whicli
automatically opens at n time llxed lit
advance. As soon us nir has rushed
into the tube the valve closes. Tho
height at whicli the tube wns filled Is
known by means of a self-recording
barometer. No Important discovery
has yet lieen achieved with this Instrument, but Interesting results are expected from it. lt is llie converse of
the Instruments which are used to
bring up specimens of water from great
depths iu tlie sea.
More recently, however. It  hns been, I
discovered  that eveu  when  bitten  in I
the unprotected nose, and In the region I
of tlie eyes, by a vetiomous serpent the
hedgehog suffers nu ill consequences.
This observation has led lo experiments
by Messieurs l'hysnlix nnd Bertram! in j
France detnonstrntlng, as they believe
thai there is an Immunizing subsinuci*
in  tlie  blood of lhe hedgehog  which
serves as ail antidote to  the poison
Tliey sny nil minimis possess this sub
stance In varying degrees, imt in many
It is nol sufficiently active to counter* i
act the effects of venom.    They llopt
to obtaiu a serum wliich can be used ;
as nu nnitdote not only in cases ol
sunke-blte, but for ninny oilier poison, i
us well.
many Names lor  Money.
The Immense number of names for
thut. the love of which Paul assures
Timothy l.s the ruot of all evil, is not,
therefore, strange when the universal
desirability anil usefiiliiessof lite article
in question ure considered, ll ls. however, remarkable how. In nearly every
0U.se. the name bestowed on the medium of trade Is, or at that lime was.
a slang or caul expression. Kven the
word gold was once undoubtedly siting,
for, whether It be derived from the old
tiermun or old Celtic, iu tlie one case
It means "the yellow," in the other "the
bright," and only by a tigure of speech
could it have been used ns a noun to
designate the precious metal.
The name dollar was once siting, being applied to the ounce pieces coined
by a certain German Count Joachim,
who, in a thai, or valley, in his rather
limited dominions, hnd a silver mine.
Tlie pieces became well known throughout Germany, and, In allusion to the
place where the sliver wa3 mined, they
were called "thalers" or "valleyers."
Tlie name proved popular, was generally adopted aud llually emigrated to
Kngland, where they became "dollars,"
and wus In common use as early as
the time of Shakspenrc, In whose plays
It is ouce or twice found. The Knglish
pound wns originally what Its name
Implies, a pound of silver, which was
divided by weight Into twenty portions,
each of wliich was called it shilling,
from nn old Saxon or German word
signifying to weigh. A slang name for
the German traders in tlie Saxon and
early English days was eslerling, nud,
as their money was the best In western
Europe, (-sterling silver represented the
purest kind, and b.v nnd by. shortened
to sterling, was applied to English coin
of the required standard of weight and
quality. The franc wns originally the
coin of tlie Franks or French, a name
that seems to have been bestowed upon
It in some other country thnn France,
nnd adopted tliere after ii had become
familiarized by use abroad.���St. Louis
Globe-Democrat. ���
\ Singitlui- Duel.
An extrordinary duel, wliich at tlie
time created an Immense sensation,
wns one in which the decision was nr*
rived nt. not by swords or pistols, but
b.v menus of a deadly poison. Tlie
men���who, it is hardly necessary to
sny, hail fallen out over a lady���hail
left the arrangement of details to
their seconds, and until they faced
ench other Ihey did not know by what
method they were to settle tholr differences. One of tlie seconds was a doctor, and lie hail made up for tlie occasion four black pellets, nil Identical
In size und shape, "ln one of these."
he said, "1 have placed a sullicient
quantity of prussic nchl to cause ihu
almost Instantaneous death of any
one wlio swallows It. We will decide by the toss of a coin which of
you is to have tirst choice, and you
will alternately draw nud swallow a
pill until the poison shows Its effects."
Two of the pellets were then taken ns
the toss had decided, but without effect In either ease. "This time," said
the doctor, speaking of lhe two pellets remaining, "you must bath swallow the pill at tlie same Instant." The
choice was made, and In a few seconds
one of tlie nien lay dead on the grass.
Ileiltri* Hoiih mid Vipers.
Thc (act that the hedgehog fearlessly attacks and kills llie viper has been
ascribed by some naturalists to the
protection afforded by Its spiny cover.
Oilers a Million Hollar Prize.
Tit-Bits publishes an account of ihe
greatest literary prize competition
ever ni'i'ituged. The reward for the
fortunate competitor Is $1,600,000. The
money, which Is um to be awarded until 1025, was lodged in 1888 in the
Imperial Bank at St. Petersburg by
M. AranJeycIT, the founder of lhe military colony of Novgorod. lie deposited iiO.iniii rubles, which is to accumulate until 10115, ami thon lie pttlii
ns a prize In Un* writer nl* ihc best
history or ihe reign of Alexander i.
of Russia, llie judges being a committee of the St. Petersburg Academy
of Sciences, It Is ostltnntod that the
money so deposited will, by the time
the prize has to lie awarded, have Increased lo 2,000,000 rubles, three*
fourths to go to the winner of the prize
and the other fourth to be devoted
to the cost of publishing the work.
very best
Blackwell's Genuine
Yon will And onn coupon Inutile ���Ol, 2 ounco bag aaa two coupons Inside each 4 ounoe b
hay a but:, read tbe coupon uud aw bow to -<.< your atiar* of |tW,ow la present*.
It's Pure
Walter Baker.& Co.'s
Cocoa is Pure���it's all
Cocoa ���no filling���no
WALTER BAKER & CO., Ltd., Dorchester, Miu.
"Big as a Barn Door."
��� For 10 cents you get almost twice
as much "Battle Ax" as you do of
other high grade goods. Before the
days of "Battle Ax" consumers paid
10 cents for a small plug of the same
quality. Now, "Battle Ax'f���Highest Grade, twice the quantity. That's
true economy.
Mnko mono; bv ���uoo*m(h1 tpooulatlon in
Chicago.    Wo buy uml M'M Whflftt Hiiro nn triir-
jrini.   Portui m hnva beon mndo nn n bid all ha
Kinntut; by tr.ndUiRlii fuluruH. Write Inr full
)mrliciilHr*H. Host uf rcfiTi-m�� given. Nt-vum!
vdHT-H   exi i.Menrp  on   tbt?  Chicago   Board   nl
Trado, ana a thorough knowledge o( ttu-i>uf.l*
now!. Downing, lln.ikiiiK A Co., Chlmfo lliuid
of Tradn Itmk.rs. Offices In Portland Orison
and -i'/Ij.hh' WhbIi.
Kite I'uIIh tt Ciirt'iaKe>
The largest kite over made lu England wns onu owned by Mr. George
Pococlt. of Bristol (grandfather of \v.
G. Grace) for tin1 purpose of drawing
ji carriage nlonji tho roads. It wns
12x15 feot and proved tho feasibility
uf such a mode of conveyance.
UUI Til TDCC To ����y eddreaR, ou*	
MAILtU Hit  Bpocim Vtlat, Lilt of
This circular Ik tunned lor the benefit of our
country (������muomcni who cannot avail UieniHelvea
of our Imlly Hnpclal Bales,   Send ns your address.   You will And lioilu'ondsnnd T.rt-rt.right.
WILL & FINOK ('0.,
818-B'*>0 Market street. Ban KranHnco, Oal.
Heroines with I'air Hair.
Muny uf the most lovable heroines
of history huvo been represented with
fair hair.
Helmut ftnd Hlitnl. HlmllDn or l-roinilioi IM-t jUlii ��t uirf Ut
DR. BQ-8AN-KO-8 PILE REMEDY, jtu.pi u-'h-
la|,t1*��orMtuii.oft. a uoii'Wo cur*   r,r.-ui��ri wat frM.   Ptlem
M*  -UruuliUMhtU.    DM. UOUNkO. Vh*la*�� Pfc
IIU. -i [l.l�� FKF.K
TonltlT lyCnrftd w ilti VT^'aW* l>m��dUi
Have cured ttmunamlN of ,'ii��r*v Cunt c&mr pro*
Bounced Iioih-Iomb bv tx'otptijntclnni Irmu NnldMI
*mii lit'iim* Olattppetir; tn ton ilay�� at least t-m it.lrdl
���11 flrniftomii roniiiTed. Send fnr freo t>uuk wstlmo
nlala of miraculous rurft Ten day��' tretitmenj
free dy mall If you order trial, M>nd 10ft In ���*.*mprf
oi i>tr pofttAKfl. fm. 11 i i ami: ���*��� ** SoNB,Atinnia,Uik
Itjounrdortrlal return thia advertisement to U
"Wo will Leavo it Knttrely
jn your hands." If yon l-urchina ���
HltnCULKfl Hah nil UaSOMNK B����
koiNK, and If It doea notdo oil weiajr
It will, yoii can ri'liiin li ul our expense. Hend for CuUiloijue and Price
liim to
American Type lotinders'Co.
Second and Stark Sis., Portland, Or.
,      CURES WHERE ��ll ElSt FULS.       ,
I Bat Cough byrup. Thiw Uood. Dm I
la tima Bold by dfgMuU
N. P. N. U. No. 672.-8. T. S. U. No. 7*�� A
rH��   WEEKLY'  NEWS   DEC,    ut.    iSgti.
'fl-ilii'     UTu'li-ITl' V    N IllWQ i ">atrer��,it is uid there h.ivebeen severe
IflQ     W 2iibJ\.ljI     llJunO   strikes lately there against capital and I
Issued Every Tuesday
At Union, B. C.
M Whitney, Publisher
On. Year .
��U Monti.  .
SliiKl. Cop/
0 1*
Oue l.nh per ytior 512.00
 aunUi      150
eighth col  pery.ar     25nj
fourth       5000
Deok. ., Una               10
Local ooti.on.iinr Ho.          SO
Notices   of Births,   Marriages   -tnd
Deaths, 50 cenls each insertion.
No Advertisment inserted Cor less than
50 cents.
Persons failing to get The News regularly should notify the Ol tick.
that in every cise the employers havt
agreed to the demands. The conflict is
not likely to terminate until prices are
reached which will bear fair comparison
wi h white labor. The Chief Justice ina
late presentment to the grand jury intimated the Point Ellici bndg�� cla-ms
should be settled by conciliation instead
of law.... As a result of the failure of
the potatoes crop in Ireland a measure
has been formulated for the assistance nf
Irish   agriculture Hon.  Mr. Laurier
claims he lias settled the Manitoba
school question in a way that all reasonable people will consider fair; on the contrary, Sir Adolph Caron says it will not
satisfy the Manitoba minority, the people
of Quebec, nor the church.... A branch
of the B. C. bank has been opened in
Sandon, B. C.
Supplies the valley with first class bread, pies, cakes, etc.
Bread delivered by Cart through Courtenay and District every
Tuespav, Thursday and Saturday.
Wedding Cakes made and Parties catered for
H. O LUCAS, Proprietor
Riverside Hotel
Courtenay, B.C.
pOK RENT.���A aea, -Mltaga with all
a aeeettttf out building*, and tv. or ten
���or., of good land. Apply to 8. F. Craw*
toil, Sandwick, B. C.
WANTKD-A good oanraaeer.   Eaqnir.
���I "Niws On let
pOR SALB���Th. contents and furniture
'  ol a amall hoax.   All
"Niws Omn."
Asply at
Tke call for tenders for a twice-a-week
mail from Nanaimo to this district has
���s( appeared yet. Why the delay, Mr.
Tkt Behring sea claims are in a fair
���ay of adjusimeni al last. They will be
settled in a legal way according to evidence, and when the amount it asser*
taiued, it will be promptly piid.
We trust Mr. Tarte's attention was
forcibly drawn to nur need of increased
mail facilities. Our people will not leel
kindly towards any government existing
un.ii thit msasure of justice is granted.
Notable Xarriag*.
Mr. Adam McKelvey with hit bride
reached home last week from Ireland.
Mrs. McKilvey ii a younger sister of
her husband's son's wife, Mrs. Stafford
McKelvey nf Comox, and it a very
attractive woman. Mr. Adam McKelvey
is widely* known as one of Comox's
wealthiest farmers. Thi Nkwi wishes
thera much joy
FOR SALS, IUNOH-One ail. aad a
kail Iron Uaioa, emtalaa IW acres
>nd will be dupowd ��l al a low tatue. Va.
qmr. ol Jivu Alum.
Hutu, .a Paaritk Iran, snalaiaiag
1 I mb room.���Kinchoa, Peatry, Bathroom,
Wuh-hoBM, .to.   Apply oe Ik. pi-
Grant St Munighan, Pro0s.
F' OR SALB���Cleared ttttat 1.1 M tea-
nth Av.uu., ull como,
Bu4.11.al "Mtwt Onus.
W. cinaot help but commend tbe
Liberal gorerninenl for sending its
ministers out to the Cuast to inform
themselves of its warns, but we think it
makes a mistake in not sending the
tariff commission here also. Wc are
quite as much interested ia that as the
The partnership heretofore existing
between Frank Partridge and A. W.Ren-
nison under the irm name and style of
Par.ridge & Rennison, doing basiness at
Union and Comox B.C. as grocers, has
this day been dissolved by mutual consent, A. W.Rennison continuing the business of grocer at Comox under his own
name. Accouais due lhe late firm mav be
paid to either party, bui those having
claims against said firm ahould present
them them to A. W. Rennison for settlement.
Nov. si, 1I9& Franc Partridci,
A. W. Kknnuon
We publish in another column an
account ofthe Jerrii Inlet mines taken
from The News-Adveriiser of Vancouver. There are quite a number of people in Union interested in these mines
which are so promising as to attract a
great deal of attention. In fact lhey are
aafely beyond the condition of mere pros
pecis, and can fairly ba dealt with at
actual mining properties. Their nearness to water, and the cheapness with
which ibe nre can be transported to a
smelter is a great advantage.
Tbe ieielligence wired from Nanaimo
last week ofthe sad death of Marcus
Wo f treated a profound sensation ia
this community where he was well known
and highly respected. In business circles kis loss will be deeply felt. He wat
the aoul uf geniality and courtesy, and
lived so far as we know and believe, a
blameless life. Doubtlesss financial trouble, induced by the hard times, may hav.
driven him into a condition, from which
be sought and found relief in a friendly
grave. We will not attempt to lift the
veil or pry too closely into the cause
which ended in "menial aberration."
And now that "life's fitful fever is over,1
let us aay he lived a kindly, useful life.
At last he rests in peace.
Tht famous dramatic reader Mn.
Scott- Siddons, is dead.... The tribunal to
hear and determine the amount due for
illegal leisures of sealers by tbe Unued
Stales,  is  silting at  Victoria Aa
association has been formed under tke
auspices of tbe Marquis of Dufferin to
improve the relations   between France
and England The London Times
declares that the Pacific cable and Allan
tic steamship service are well on lhe way
toward   realisation The   drought in
India bas been in part broken by recent
rami which may extend to other parts.
The government is preparing for the
worst.... The chances of Spanish success
ia Cuba arc steadily diminishing... .The
Provincial Secretary, Hon. Col. Baker,
Ikt returned from Ottawa and reports
there ii every reason to believe the Crow's
Nmi  railway well be built With
Hfard W   Japanese rivarly   ia trade
NOTICE is hereby given that a Court
uf Assessment aad Appeal under the
"Assessment Act," and a silting of the
County Court of Nanaimo will be beld in
the Court House, Coniox, on the loth
day of December, 1896, at the hour of
eleven a. m.
(Uy order.)      W. B. Anderson,
Comox, B. C. 1 Gov't Agent.
Oct jn, 1896.)
Esquimalt and Nanaimo Ry.
Steamer City of
Tbe BUamor OOT of MAV AIM O
will sail a* followe
CALLING AT WAY PORTS as paaa.nf.re
aad froight may effer
Lea 1. Tletorla, Tuesday, t a. m.
" Nanaimo (or Coniox, Wednesday. 7 a. at
Lean Comox for Nanaimo, Fridays. Ta.m.
" Naaslmo for Victoria Saturday, t a.ai
For freight or stale rooms apply en
board, or at tke Company's ticket office,
Victoria Station, Store street.
Best of Liquors
Finest of Cigars
Good Table
Courteous Attention
Th* Famous
Mt A IN St Jama. 8k
Society    Cards
I.   O.   O.   F.
Union Ledge, No. 11, meets aery
Friday night at t o'clock. Visitiag brethren cordially iavitcd ta attend.
A. Lindsay, R. S.
Kenton Coal Klaa.
Mr. Editor:
Thinking your readers
would b* glad to hear from the Kenton
Coal Mme, in Washington, as a consider
able number of share arc held here. 1
give yoa a few facts. This co-operative mine is not doing much these
dayi. Like other places it has its draw
backs. The trustees tried to sell some
bonds, a few months since to make their
Anal payment on the property which falls
due next January, but owing to the business depression, and the disturbing
influence of politics, a market could not
be fuund lor ihem; so thev have 10 rustle
to raise the money as best they may, as
it is no small sum. However tbey are
within aa ace of having it now. They
will be able 10 make a good showing next
year. Their scheme of getting the bun
kcrs built 11 working splendidly aad ike
N.P.R.R. ii putting ihem in a branch
road and tka future oat-look ii good for
Eyi Witness.
Teadera will be neaived far Ihe purehaa.
of th. Huthwlagtoa faro, boing lot 1ST on
the oSoial nap of Oooiox, containing aboul
Use teste, more or Iw.. About 119 awe.
ar. andar ealiivatioa aad well fenced, witb
building, and orohard, wai rights are laelud
The lead can ba divided lata tear part, of
���boot 100 acne ia cash pari.
A eketeh or plaa cf Ike estate, showing
th. propoaad divisions, wa he mm al Ih.
������u. of Oreaaa and Oreaaa, barrister. Temple Building, Victoria, to whoa all appli*
Mtiona meat ht multd ap to th. Hat. of
D.wmbor 1801.
Parti., land.riag, will atat. whether fer
Ih. whol. 400 acre, er oa. Quarter ef lead.
By order ef th. .xa.at.re,
low* M0.1DIU, Collector far fatal-**.
Cumberland Lodge,
A. F. * A. M, B. C. R.
Union, R C.
Lodge meets lirst  Saturday   ia  each
mouth.   Visiiing brethren or* cordially
invited to attend.
JaHU McKm. Sec.
Drs. Lawrence & Westwood.
Physicians and Surgeons.
We have appointed Mr. Jamee Abrams out collector until turtaer ao-
tice, to whom all overdue account,
way be paid.
7 Vex. 1S9S.
Surgeon and Physician
(Graduate ofthe University ef Toronto,
|L. C, P. & S., Ont.)
Office and residents*. Mary port
Ave .next door to Mr. A Grant's
To orie
��� PANT]
0     13
arSrnil for Dumpies.   Prompt dollv.rx
tact St xuaraalrcd. ..u.,r,.
Hiram Lodge No 14 AF .* A.M..B.C.R
Courtenay B. C.
Lodge meets oa every Saturday ea or
belore lhe felt of thc u-.ooa
.   Visiiing Urotheis   cordially requested
to attend.
K. S. McConnell,
Cumberland Encampment.
No. 4, I. O. O. F.,  Uaiea.
Meets every alternate  Wednesdayi el
each month at t o'clock f. m.   Visitiag
brethren cordially invited to altead.
C. WHYTE. Scribe,
Aay perns 01 persons deitreyiag or
withholding the kegs and barrels ef the
Union Brewery Company Ltd ef Nanai
mo, will be prosecuted A liberal reward
will be paid for information leading te
W. E. Noreia, Sec'y
s. or *.
Uaiea Divisioa No. 7, Soai  of Tern*
Eerance meets in   Free  Masoa's  Hall,
Inion every Moaday evening at 7:3a.
Visiting friends cordially  invited  to
St. Omnia Pusirraau* Careen���
Rev. 3. A. Logan, pastor. Services at 11 a.
m. and 7 p. ���. Suaday School etSiSS.
Y.P.S.CK. at class ef .vaaiag service.
Uaraewst Oaoaca��� Servieee si she
aanal keen atoning aad avealag. Bev. W.
Ufeki. pester.
Tbmrt Csvaca���Services la tke avealag.   Bev. 3. X. Willeaur, reeter.
AIJMvet. Sal..
Th. fallowing ia for aalt. Parana latar-
etted aaa inane.! ud Hrehaee ky celling al
tkt-Liudsay Hosae.
Oae iNdrooa sal, blankets, Miuf.rt.ra
eiogl. abratii g, sis doobl. box apring a.t-
treiH., thn. keatars, oaainker acts, chain,
wiodow blind*, .artaia pole aad fixtures,
o.rp.U, .il .l.tk, atair carpet, rubber door
oata, Iw. arm chain,, kat recks, amkrel-
la stauds, maiti.g, child's cot wish aaitreaa
prwarv. hustle., lamp., ate,
Btou Polly.
Th. eanaou roared, th. aavil boomed :
Wilh smok. lha akiaa grew blacker.
Tha parrot hanging in her cage
Cried,    "Polly waut. a oraokor."
Public School entertainment Dec. -jlh
at Cumberland Hill. Features: drills
motion songs. Proceeds to provide a
Covered Way for children 10 exercise in
during bad weather.
NOriUK-IhcMbyiivs oetlee thai 1 ia*
Und to .1 ply te the Board et Uosaiiag
Conrt tee N.ltoa Dialriat al ill assl aiuiaa
for a licence t. ecU apiritaoaa and ftrmislso
looors by retell epos the praanlaas, ea let
Two (II blMk .if kl (II ea Daaisaauir eves*
u. la Ue Iowa .1 Oamherlaad, Ifeleoa District.     . Ferdinand
Union, B. C. Nov. Ird IIM.
Hours for consultation-* to lo a m,
S to 4 andi7 te 10 p m.
The following Lines are
Watches, clocks and jewellery
Tin, sheetiron, ancl copper work
Bicycles Repaired
Guns and rifles, repaired
Plumbing in all its branches,
Pumps, sinks and piping,
Electric bells placed,
Speaking tubes placed
Hot air furnaces,
Folding bath and improved
Air-tight stoves, specialties
Office and Works  &%**�����.
Minis Saw Mill
and Id
IP. O. Drawer M.   T...��ku.�� l'��H, If j
Cf' A complete stock of Rough
Dressrd Lumbrr aUavs on band.   ���
Shingles, hithj, Pixels, Doom, V,*i
dows and Kliais.    Moulding, Srtt_
Sawisg, Tiuaing, aad ,-,|| kinds 1
of wood nuishmg furnished.     I
Cedar.  White Pine.   RetiwoJ
F. Curran -
CH. TMbil
���TB.al.ria !
Stoves and Tinware!
Plumbing and gent nj
Sheetiron work
������"Ageat for tke
Celebrated Gurney
Souvenir Stoves erj
af aaaJaetarer ef tlie
New Air-tight heate.|
NOTICE -I k��raby give n.tiw, tkel I ia*
trad to apply lo tk. Board et Liaiaalng
Court for Naiion Diatriet at lie anl wt-
ling, for a liesna. lo aall ���rairilwas and f.r-
mooted liqaor. I)j retail apaa tke anasieea,
known aa lh. N.w England rwt>va*l, I.i
throe, block three, Daaamair avsaae, la Ibe
town ef Cnmbsrbnd, Nelaoe district
Wte. (lltAtee.
Union ���. C. Nov, Srd. 189*
For sale on Dunsmuir ave;
consisting of lots 4 and 5 in
block 15,, lots 7 and 8 In block
16, lots 3, 4 and 5 in block 10,
and other lots in Cumberland
Townsite. Bargains,
James Abrams.
School and office stationery
at E. Pimbury * Co' drugs
$9.00 ras ahovu.
Mrs. O'Dell is prepared to undertake
engigements during the Winter .Season
fnr concerts, dances, eic. Mrs. O'Dell
contemplates opening a class at Courtenay for adults consisting of singing nnd
thorough musical training, alio a class
for children comprising musicil mining,
drill, and exercises. For further particulars see bills at Courtenay. Address
Mrs. O'Dell, Comox Bay.
Honsi aod Sign Painti
Paper-Hanfing, Kaltominint]
and Decorating.
AU orders Prenpur AKeided
Vaiea, B. ff.
I am prepared te 1
furnish Stylish Rice
and do Teamlnc
At reasonable f*mL
D. Kilpatrick,
Union. B. a
THE   WEEKLY   N'EWS   DEC.    Ut,   1896.
Jervia Inlet.
Tka skerae et Jerri. Inlat kar. daring
tke (aal year or a., and partwnlarly during
tk. past um uar, o... neaiviag mnoti et-
tMSoa from proepeelore, who n.v. bran
aware thai large bodice of or. ara to b. wan
lu ���er.r.l entiraly aeparate iioriioae of tka
ceaatoy bordering tbe Inlet. A Nanaimo
organisation kaa located oleiaa well np tke
Inlet aad Ntw Wealiaiuater kave near tbe
slate faarrioe a line shewing cf aal id ere
wkich, although low grade at Ih. anrl-iec, ie
le ao advautagwuly placed ia regard le poai
li.a anl quantity as I. mak. il appear
well worthy of a liberal nap eaditwe lo leel
ill val ae et a depth. There are, in addition
aambers ol claims Mattered along the sa.ru
et tae lul.t, whi-n hava beea located cniaf
1/ by individual pro.pw.era, who have aot
yea, aa a rale, doue vary ouch in Ih. dine.
timet development, work. There ia, toe,
a group of claim, respccuag whioh saa who
recently viaited ttiaoi wrote ea fellewei
Th-tse claim arc situated near tka ekcee
el fervia Inlet.   Tkey ate Iva ia aaaabar
aad ara skoal lane miicc south of Vancouver Bay, ea the a��m e aid. cf Ihc Inlet as the
bay, the dieiaaoa I rea Vaucoavw by water
being akeal 7U ssilae.   The rein diaecvared
ea th��a ia a eaalopyrite, oarryiag watpar,
ailveraadgold   IlraaeiaaN. W��� aad S.
B. disseUea sleag tk. face of tke kill at a
haight et about 1,SW (eet and aa average
dialsaeeefSgOOfroia Ike salt water.   The
ere chews ia the bed ef a email crack, also
inauaseroua bouldere which have brokea
eft aad rolled dowa a ahort distance,   and in.
ether place, almoat continuously for proba
Uy kail a mile,   Ia plana th. iron capping
wkick resembles that met with in Kooteuay
has clipped down, owing to tk. ateepaaae o
Ike kill aad partial deoompoaitica and hai
expand an imaaenec body of ore.   It ia impossible le aay wkat Ike width of tke vain is
without irat   doing   ccasiderablc aarfaoa
werk, bat il appears to be about lt er SO
(eet wide.   A teaael ia baiug rea in le crow
cut tke rein.   It ie now ia 7g feet, the
whole cf Ike laat M leet being rook more or
leas aiacraliaed.   Tke tunnel will strike the
vain at about 30 feet further ia aad will
���rev. ile width Mid vala. as a d.pth ef 80
farleus assay, have been made ky different aeaayers during the laat two yeara, theae
ekewing total value, ol trom S3I to Sil.
From aurfaoe chipping., partly d-eo ap nod,
takea ky myaelf, the assay, rea to #17.60,
and trom clean aamklea Ireehly broken, from
111 te IM 7S.
The faciliiiee lor getting eat aad skipping
nre are moet anuaual. The cost of mtniug
aad chipping to a smelter aheuld a.l howkI
IS per leu, aad the exponi. ef amid ting
would alao be comparatively amall, awing to
Ih. foaalily of copper--16 1-2 per ccal.���
Ike ore eontaiiii. There ic a Sue large
crack eloac te tke property, wilh email bran
eke, running ilirougi it. The slaimi which
are 1,M0 fact by I SOU fact eaoh, are heavily wooded with apieadid limb tr. tee use
biaa coald bo eoual'Uoted oa Mc shore, ee
ee le dieeharge direotly into acowa, and a
A knowledge ol Iky cooing le Ike skere    Not  One   Man in
Of ua uked In., beetowad without Iky will
01 Whence, and Where aad Uow, aad One  Hu.ldred
yet tke more
soiavoctekiamoeeytkatil yields, ia
twenty years, anything like the protit
affurdod by a policy ulLilo Insurance.
Of Where te���lei thy waadariaf kaert ke,
"Tha luve that called thae aale tkls thy life,
Aad eaiUad upon lay uamughl wandering eyes,
So rife
With queetteas el thy Wkereleree aad
thy Whyc
In Uu good wisdom, will Ikyepiril leaeki
For aa He g.varua lil. in aerik aad sea
Ud skies
H.'ll u'er forget hia waif apeu the keaek,
0. Ivans.
���ISTOBT) The pcroeatags ol indiridaala
FBOVBB   > who auceaed in buaineaa
THIS '*) uamall '
Ne eld-liae mutual life iaauraace company
kaa ever failed.
O^Ther; is Nothing
If it is Well Put Together
So here it is : :
Single Harness at $lo, $12, $1 ��� per icl
and up.���Sweat Pads at 50 cents.
Whips nl 10, 2;, 50 and a good   Raw-
bide lor 75 cents, and a Whale Bone
at $1 and up to $2.
 Ten Cents a DayCJ
Will bey (or a man SI yean ol eg. a
���1,000 SO-fayaaeat Ufe 1-olicy, va.
.1 lh. boat term, ot iuauraaac wmwa
in Ihc
Union Mutual Life
Puntiedge Bottling Works.
DAVID JONES, Proprietor,
I          MANUFACTURER OF        	
���arsaparalla, Champagne Cider. Iron Phosphate, and Eyrajs.
Battler ef Different Brands of  Lager Beer, bteam Beer and Varies
Agent for tho Union Brewery 0 mpany.
Of Portland, Maine
I have the largest Stuck of WHIPS
town and also the
Beet Axle Grease at Q BQagjg
��� For Tvranty -Five Oenta *
tramway er wire rape oould be used te deli'
vcr into the hiue.   Taken altogether it ic
mart remarkable property.
Trunks at Prices to Suit
the Times.
A Sound, Safe, Ably Managed, ( Hoearoa*
Reliable Substantial Institution <    avao
which nkvuk stands (     IMS
oron TicHKicALmss      ���*"*- "^~
3. B. HVAIfS, Proviacial Manager,
v.o. aex 6SS Tanooaver, B. C.
Fcr further information call oa
F. 3. DALIT,
Witb Jamaa Abrams.
I presume we have used over
��� one  hundred bottles of Piso's
Cure  for Consumption  in my
family, and   I   am  continually   advising others
to get it,   Undoubtedly it is the
Best Cough Medicine
C. MiLtimaan, Clarios, fa.,
���I sell Piso's Cur* for Coneump-
I ever tued.���~
Dee. 29,1894.���
tion, and never bave any com-
plaints.���]!. Saoair, Postmaster,
Shorey, leases, Dae. 21st, 1894.
Pao��rri.r akb
Wesley Willird
Notary Public.
Agent, tan he Alliance Pipe
Oa the Beads.
.   SeggeeM while vieitiag the baach at Lit-
Me Kiver.
���lew, rippling, reetleea Mean oa tke beach
Hew atrong Iky aaighty Sooda move by,
Ikat reach
Far ie Iky kiddca depths wkere lia
Tke ekaiabcre of atereal aigkl aed eold.
Skat oat, tke apaaglcd glirm of th. .hy
tf e'er tench sac eacnl tMcaarcs ef thy
Tfcy asaltitedee bap forth ia ocnetaal
Aad lace the brine upon thy keaviag
Till lib
From direct atrugglne eeeka karc rwl
ta deatk's a.adaa, oasaiprawot ie tky
Thu. ie the ceveraa ol thy rocky aot
Life, ���calk, ai d Chaagc kave made tkeir
Strang a. tk.ee Man wen crage tkat
keldly stand
���aew-aiaailed ia tky lartkeet rcek.boand
Thy grand
Oafailiag ycnlh doth make ker boaat
Of anaala atill uuamnhor. 1, acre by Him,
Wke knowa wkere waadere kaavea'e
lartkeet keat,
Aad aolec wky planets, seas er stars grow
Tka kikes tkat wandered e'er Ikeec mossy
Have like tke levee el sataau passse1
Their bonce
Lie round Ua well'c dsa la lbs changing day,
That feeds Ike foracte' iafaat Sr aad pine.
Tkas vanished aacieal aaliea. ia decay
Bwid. tk. rcctleae daakiag ef tkia Mae.
Odccp aabouadad aarelerice of time!
Hew life end death flask through thy
TkrcHh the etcraal kills thy feotfellc
Like thia wide esesa ia her ceaalaaa moan,
Tke aarpoM end tke plaa el aaa who*.
Still myelitic Ike leasee, tke aaknown :
I dead aaea ehetker eoeaa'a beech j
I keat tke rippllagc el lie rostlsas lids,
Thai teach
Hy eeal le view ky faith Ik. farther
Where mcaalaiae clad ia white, esperaal
Uplift' beyond the place wkere vap ire
The starlight of immortal hops diviae.
I hear the whiaperinge of her voice withlni
"0 wiaflcee spirit, seskiag far tc tear
inaui'UHW: Goaspaar of l.on
clou aad the Phoenix ol
Agent tor die Provincial
rjulldlnc and Loan Aase*
elation ot Toronto	
Union. B C.
A Fashionable Trimmer
(Uw of SL.au * So.it'.)
U turning uul aomo Dainty Citations* in
Gumberland Hotel.
Union, B. C.
The finest hotel building
Fixtures and Bar
North of Victoria,
And the best kept house.
Spacious Billiard Room
and new
Billiard and. Pool Tables
Best of Wines and Liquors.
H. A. Simpson
Barrleter it BeUelter. Ne'e * A 4
Commercial Street.
K*j.NjLivto. a. e.
J. A. Ca'thew
travioK, 2e. a.
Your Job Printing,
Good Work
Dentlstrrln alllte Branches
Plat, work, tilling and eitrsetlag
j Oae. opposite Waverly Hotel, Uaion
���ears���S a m. tn S p.m. aad from
�� Spin to S u.i
^Reasonable PriceSe
I have moved into my aew shop an
Dunsmuir Avenue, wherel nm prepared
to manufacture aad repair  all kinds of
I men's, women's and children's ihoes.
A choice Selection of Hewers,
Jet Ornaments and Ribbons
Just Received.
This Inn, located about tkree miles nut
from Union on the Conrtenay Read
is now open for business. A good
bar will be kept, and the comfort of tht
guests carefully attended le. Give as a
������Aa Aet to Prevent  Certain  Animala frees Binning; at Large���IMS"
Stock owners are hereby notified te
keep all Swine, Stallioat of one year old
and upwards, and Bulls over sine months
old, under proper enclosure, as all animals of these description!, found running
at large will be dealt with under tkt provisions of the Act referred te.
Comoi, B. C.     W. B. AwDisioe,
June 7th, 1896. Gov't Acbnt.
All parties indebted to the undersigned
are requested to make settlement before
ihe ist day of December 189*, ai all
accounts unsettled after that date will
be placed in the hands of my solicitor
for collection.
Union, B. C. | James McKim.
Nov. 10 1896 j lio jm
Give me a call.
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Pabllc
09ee:-Pliet   Btreet, Valea, B. 0.
Florist, Seedsman and
Landscape Gardener
Ornamental Tree* aad
Shrubs always.
Also  bnlbe  la  variety,   lacladlag,
Hyaclnthe, JTsreieens, Paekiaa,
ffalipe ead LUliee.
Coniox,   -  - B. C.
We do all kinds of
Job Printing, anything
from a Dodger to the
neatest Business Card
or Circular.
' Subscribe fer T��s News Ss.ee
contracts and Day Werk
Addrsn���Matsukawa, Japanese
-!   Boarding. House, aeat Brick jard.
We tke uadsrsigaed hereby autkoriie
Joka llruce te collect all accounts due the
estate ef Robert Grakam.
R. Grant
H. Hamburger )��� Trustees.
Barber Shop
;   Bathing
O. H. Fechner,
Tal News Si.oo
OMe. Rene i. MePhee k Moor. D'ld'g and at
r. e. eaawsa U.
Clocks, watches, books
and stationery.
T. D. McLean
��� JBWBLB3R:���
���"io". a. c.
��������������� MkanaasSisssssMsenae
C.rn.r of Baation and (
Stmt., N.naimo, B. C.
Biukch Orricr, Third Stmt I
Avoour, B. C.
Will be in Union tbe Srd Wt-dsesdty ef
���sch month .ud rtmaia tee days.
Nanaimo Cigar Factory
Phillip Gable and Co., Fred's
Station Btreet    ���    Naaaiate Bt. a
Manufactures the finest cigars sad
employes none but white labor.
Why purchase inferior foreign eigars
when ynu can obtain a lunsioa aaei
CLE foi tbe lame money
REAL ETATE  Jt SHftUBAWCE  A.HW% The Weekly News.
M.   WHITNEY,   Publisher.
Having too gooil n credit Is some-
tiini'H the worst situation for n business mun tu bo In.
No mun ever shaped liis own destiny
or tbe destinies of others wisely nud
wull wlio ilciiltli much in "presentllus."
Tlio parndox of tlio X-rays, nt riling to tlio present knowledge of tliom,
Ik that they will penetrate almost overy part of the living but the liver.
In the Russian quarter ot Loudon tuu
police havo found 11 quantity nf high
explosives, Yet the English are wondering that the cznr BuctnN cold uml
Ufe Is divided into three terms���that
which wus, that which Is, nud Hint
which will be, Let us leurn from the
past to protit by tbe present, nnd from
tlie preaent to live better for the future.
The story that n St. Loula mini was
drowuod while bathing in the Mississippi Kiver is probably only nuother
attempt to make the couniry believe
that St. Louis' water supply does not
have to be dissolved before using.
If we are gladdened by approval, wc
must be saddened by censure; if we are
made happy by friendship, we must
suffer frnm alienation. Bishop Brooks
lias said, "It Is tho pledge of our best
Intercourse with one another, the assurance of our sacredest relationships,
tliat we have vast power to make nne
another unhappy."
now many take a wrong view of life
and waste tlieir nervous system lu endeavoring to iu't'imiiilat' wealth without thinking of the present happiness
tliey are throwing awayl lt Is not
wealth or honor that makes it man
happy���many of the most wretched beings on earth have both���but it Is a
radiant sunny spirit wliich knows how
to benr litlle trials and enjoy liltle comforts, and thus extract happiness from
every Incident In life.
A Swedish woman has found nn infallible cure for obesity, she declares,
Tlio uncomfortable and ungracefully
fat man or woman bus only to begin
and turn somersaults, turn them enrly
and often uml turn tlioni late nnd keep
al It. In time it becomes n delightful
and exhilarating exercise, it is claimed. The fat person go's lhe somersault ha I lit, as It were, anil the waist
girth is reduced to slender .mil aesthetic proportions. We publ'&b lhe cure
without ".sUlng a cent for it.
The best-informed writers on International topics are coining to agreement upon the conclusion lhat the
final responsibility for the atrocities
In Turkey rests upon the so-called
Christian powers. It has long been
evident that the cause of humanity
has nothing tn hope for from the Sultan's government. Whal has stood In
the way of effective Interference Is
the sellisli view taken by governments
that are great enough to put sucli
considerations aside In the Interest*',
of common Immunity.
This Is tlie rather rude manner tn
which Buskin describes modem love-
making and marriage n,s tie observes II
In London: "In u miserable confusion
of candlelight, moonlight and limelight
���and anything but daylight; In Indecently attractive and Insanely expensive dresses; in snatched inonienis. In
hidden corners, lu accidental Impulses
iuul dismal Ignorances, young people
-smirk und ogle, und whisper nnd whimper, nnd sneak uml stumble, uud flutter
ami fumble, and blunder into what tliey
cull love; exi i ti gni whatever ihey
like tlie moment they fancy II. nmi ure
continually hi danger nf losing all ihe
honor of life for n folly, nud all Ibe Joy
of It by an accident." Bui then Ruskln
was prejudiced.
Life is short.   Speech should I i
the point Circumlocution Is ihe thief
of tlmo, and often lakes away opportunity ami repels olforl An einliieiil
pastor lati'ly govo his experience iu
dealing wllli ihis mental ilefecl in n
Hlni'ere hut verbose missionary, who
bud u.ski'il permission to make a personal appeal for help in his congregation, In n I'oumlnbatu wny lhe good
man referred to his need of uu "aid to
locomotion," and lho fatigues attending "peOcstiiitnlsm," finally the pastor, knowing thnt the uintiet'-of-fnct,
direct way nl* appealing to his people
would be the mnst effective, said somewhat bluntly: "Our friend wants a buggy: give hlin 'an*." Tiio missionary
got Ids buggy, lie got also a lesson in
direct speech.
A soulless corporation in Grand Rapids, Mloh., which runs nn electric cur
line for a living, temporarily surrendered the conduct of its business early
the oilier illuming tn n mnn whu was in
u hurry to get to Reed's Lake lu the
suburbs. The last car tor the night, ns
tlie corporation supposed, hud just been
run Into the barn when the man iu a
hurry arrived and was Informed he
would be obliged to wait until dny-
brenk. The mun, evidently having been
educated to meet emergencies, jumped
on the car before the employes could
interfere and. handling Hie apparatus
with the deftness of an experienced
nioinrimin. started for his destination
alone. Another car wus niuiuied nnd
sent lu pursuit, itut run a bad second
tn the man ill a hurry. Tlie man neglected to leave bis came or liis fare, but
tlie corporation has reason to be grateful thai a pi'i'sun wilh sui'ti energy was
willing to leave the car.
while woman under the Preach law
Buffers ninny disabilities us u wife, us
a mother she enjoys privileges not accorded her iu other and in somo respects more liberal communities, Thus
lu the consull de fnuillle. that thoroughly Kreui'li Institution, she has much
weight, and if her grown sun is tun free
in scattering liis money, site may secure
a Judicial decree restricting his Income,
depriving hini of the right to contract
debts which Hhall be held good 111 law,
uud otherwise reducing liim to the legal
status of an infant. It will be remembered that Max l.eliauily's mother
brought suit for such u restraining decree ngalnst her spendthrift son, and
tliere was n terrible to-do when the
judge refused her petition on the subversive and revolutionary ground that
enormous fortunes are a menace tu the
state and that restrictions nf spendthrifts, while gootl for the Individual,
are Inimical to the Interests of the people at large. But in a more recent suit,
brought by his mother against Comte
A. de Montesquieu, who hnd been gambling away his patrimony at a ton rapid
rate, the enurt vindicated the mother's
right nnd put lt out of the young inau'v
power to impoverish himself.
There could be nn disaster more complete within the scope of Its Held of
operation than that which lias befallen
the little town of Ontonagon In the
northern peninsula of Michigan. One
of those tires which break out in the
northern forests during tlm dry weather of the fall surrounded *.lie little city
und fairly obliterated lt. destroying
several millions in property and leaving almost the entire population without shelter, lt is estimated Hint at
least 1,500 people are mud" utterly dependent, the beiidu of families having
been thrown out uf employment, with
u very poor prospect uf gelling any
during the remainder of the year. The
town, indeed, muy not be rebuilt nt all.
Thero are many other cities in the
great forest region which run the risk
every year of meeting the fate of On-
touugon. lu a hamlet remote frum
large centers and surrounded b.v forest
protection Is as Impossible as escape.
In the fall of the year when the forests have become thoroughly dry the
falling of a tree rubbing against another or a spark from a*i engine will
begin tbe havoc which Is to be felt in
villages far distant. Nur does there
seem to lie any way to stop the niarcli
of the lire or divert Its course, Like
Ihc earthquake, the cyclone and the
lightning stroke, the forest tire can-
no. be foreseen nud It canuot be guarded ngalnst. lis results an- as picturesquely tragic as those of cither of the
other phenomena. All thnt enn be
dono is tn nld sufferers and help thein
to thi'ir feet again.
After our experience 111 1801 in consequence of the wholesale lynching nf
Italians belonging lu the Society nf the
Mafia in New Orleans, it was to be
expected that the Italian Government
would give prompt uttentiou to the
outrage nf u similar character thar,
wns perpetrated nt the same place recently, This It bus dono, Instructing
Baron Favu, the Italian Ambassador,
lo forward to Bomo precise and detailed Information concerning ihc uffuh*.
One of ihc Italians lynched Saturday
had murdered nn American cltlr.cn, us
Is now pretly well established, nnd
thus there wus strong provocation of
violent I't'si'iiiliu'iii. That, nf course,
did mn warrant overriding Hi" law,
but what makes iim caso silll darker
Is Hull ll s is in be equally well established Hiul tbu murderer's iwo
counlrytuen also lynched wen' nol
guilty of ihe offense lor willcli he suffered. Tbe government of Unly is not
likely in lei such uu affan pass wiih-
uiil making dcinnnds which to sonic
extent wu shall be bound both lu honor
and hy proceilenl In roeiigulsso. In INU!
a (lumber of Italians suffered death lu
New (ll'luaiis ut the bunds of a moll
becauso of supposed complicity In the
assassination nt' Chief of Police Hennessey. 'I'he community wns terribly
exasperated nnd n Northern innn organized und led the moll whicli broke
Into the Jail uml killed the linllnii Inmates without ihc Intervention uf
judge or jury. Perhaps In thnt nffnir
Ihe Innocent suffered with the guilty.
At ull events, llm government acknowledged lis responsibility uud niiide whnt
amends It could for neglecting to protect the rights nf Italian subjects. If
iim circumstances prove similar it will
have tn do It again.
Siiilinj- Vessel* Ijltid to   Get Pauseo-
gera nt ti l.ollnr a liny.
If a mnn Is uut In bealt.i aud wants
to spend his vacation iu a manner
which will do him the inos: good at the
least expense lu* cannot do better thau
to take a trip as passenger on a sailing
vessel. A trip in a schooner plying between New Vork and some port on tlie
J coast of Maine, or If be lias time, to
��� points uf the maritime provinces of
| Canada,   will  soothe  his  nerves and
build up bis weary fmnu. and send
htm back to work agaiu tilled with
uew life.
To lake a long trip on a sailing ves*
sel is au expensive operation in money
and time, but a short trip nu a coast-
lug vessel is economical, It costs $800
In go iii-ouud (.'ape Horn as passenger
in one of those splendid, great Yankee
clippers, but for a trip on an ordinary
masting schooner the expense Is only
SI a day as n rule.
If nne is fori nnn te In selecting his
vessel he can generally occupy the cap-
Iain's  stateroom  nud  Ib  sure  to  be
comfortable.   As to feed, he will get
! the ordinary fare of the cabin- lots of
1 savory stews, sea pie, etc. 1* Is a coarse
! food, perhaps, fnr the fastidious, but
] lie  will get  nn appetite  from  ozone
! and   the  Iodine of  lhe sen    breezes
I which will make pork and  potatoes
taste like n dish from the table of Lu*
| cullus.    Tbe  passenger  Is  nlways  a
��� person In whom the olllceis and crew
! take a lively interest, tie coincs to
1 them as u rule like a creature from an*
! other world. With all that pertains
I to the dally life of sailors he Is usually
profoundly Ignorant or possesses Just
enough of knowledge to make Ids Ignorance  palpable.
lie is Interested ln the vessel nnd
the sailors, and thc sailors are Interested In him, wlille the ship snys never
n word, but bonis him dny b.v dny fur-
I ther nwny from Ids old life and every
| wave crest that slips by him drowns
| some care or vexation until he Is ready
to swear that "the earth is a desolate
place; a garden nt' rest Is Hie sen."
The money received for a passenger
Is a perquisite of the captain, so most
captains are perfectly willing to put
up with the Inconvenience of having n
landsman bothering aliout and asking
"foolish questions." If n man Is married and wnnts to take Ills wife on one
of tliese trips there is trouble lu getting permission. .Scarcely any skipper takes Ids wife on trips, only at
rare Intervals, being thoroughly imbued witli the Idea Hint a woman bus
no placo on board a Bhlp. SHU, a captain of a coasting vessel Is a thrifty
person, uml money can accomplish a
great deal.
j On the big California clippers things
are different, but even ou these n woman passenger Is hardly persona grata.
The cnptaln uf one of these big ships
frequently has bis wife and family
alniig, but he Is nut eager io have anybody else's wife and family iibnard.
These vessels have sl'iicrnoms nud
cabins lilted up in ll wny Hint would
do credit to n Irnns-Atlnnth' liner nud
the captain's table is a good one.
j Scarcely a California clipper leavcB
his pun Hint: hns not on board nt least
one, perhaps several, passi ngors���nieu
who want lo escape for a while frnm
! the temptations and caves of tho world.
One going nu a trip in n sniling vos-
; sel should remember one thing if ho
wnnts to hnvo u calm and unruffled
trip, and that Is that lhe captnlu Is an
absolute autocrat nn board  his uwn
i ship. r��o not dispute bim ei treat anything be may say with levity. He is
used tn being respected nnd obeyed,
and always try to romombei1, when on
| his own quarter duck or in liis own
cabin, lhat be Is "monarch ol' all ho
surveys.���Ncw York l'ress.
A I'liriiiiinlii' Tlreil l'*urin.
Mrs. Mary Johnson has a pneumatic
| farm near Lennox, S. D��� through Hie
surfneo of wblch a gang nl* expert drill-
era have been trying for weeks In sink
a drive well. To a depth of between
120 und 130 feet Ihe lulling outers Hi*
: soil without difficulty, but as soon us
! the air eushlmi Is reached lhe wind
'rushes oul Willi a screech like a loci-
��� motive. Sixteen-pound sledges are
| tossed into (be alms lightly as feathers
i and operations bave In be suspended.
I    When ibis occui'l'ouco innk place ihe
lirst lline the workmen llgtircd Hint
they hnd merely struck a wind pockot,
! After wulllng several dnys In lhe hopu
] It would cxliiiusl Itsolf lhey pulled out
* the tubing ami made a fresh stui-t III
a uew location.   At about the samo
depth ns before Hie old program was
repeated.   A half dozen attempts hnve
nnw been mado Willi no greater degree
of success,    from  the  last  hole  the
.Wind smellcd so strongly of gas that
! the. drillers   were   unable   to   work
I over It. 	
He Wns Tender*Benrtea.
The wife of a cortnlti vicar died, to
the vicar's great grief, and amid the
J ocep sympathies of tlm congregation.
Tho curate, who was a tender hearted
man, wns to preach on lhe following
1 Sunday morning in the vicar's pres-
j ence.   Tills was his lext:   "Lo! 1 will
smul you another comforter."   Tlie ladles of the congregation could hardly
control their emotion.
Won for Him the Chaplaincy of the
National Conirreaa.
An interesting story ls told In Mnn-
sey's Mngazlne of how ltev. William
11. Milburn became chaplain of the
Washington House of Representatives.
One Saturday night, some forty years
ago, some Western GoUgresamen had
met ou an Ohio river boat un their way
to Washington. The place anil the
time were not those of strict decorum
and the statesmen devoted themselves
tu poker, interspersed with the whisky
of the country and decorated with conversation that was not of the drawing
rnum order. One of the passengers
whom tlielr revelry disturbed was a
young Methodist circuit rider. Next
day services were held In llie cabin
and thecapialn usked ihu yuung preach*
er. whose ii.inie wns Milburn, for a set'-
num. Ills address was a fearless arraignment of the Congressmen's unworthy amusements.  When he hud do*
Itvered It. he retired lo Ills slatei m
and awaited the result; for that was a
day when lusulls were seldom long unavenged. Presently tliere came a rap
at his door. He rose and admitted the
captain, who tuld th'e astonished preach*
er that the abashed statesmen had sent
hlin a sum nf monoy, nnd Invited bim to
be a .candidate for tlie chaplaincy of
That wns the Introduction In public
life of William 11. Milburn. since famous ns the "Blind Chaplain of Congress." He has held Ihis office for
many years, first Willi the House, and
nt present with the Senate; nnd In Ilic
Intervals of Ills terms of service he has
traveled all over llm world as a lecturer
and preacher, lie bears his 70 odd
years easily aud is one of the most pic*
turesque and familiar figures of Wash*
lugton life.
Living by Their Wits.
!    Wbo says the .'.ngllsli are not original
and enterprising?   There Is u man in
: London who furnishes nniuseiiient und
' entertainment for all kinds of social
! gatherings, having men of family on
! his staff,  who In  Ihe guise of guests
| manage to insure un enjoyable evening for  the Invited gnosis, ami  thus
! set the anxiety of tho hostess,  fear-
! lag a dull time for her guests, at rest.
I A couple of guineas will engage the
'��� services nf a person nf "goud social
attainments," whu will so exercise his
art of entertaining others as lo put
everybody at once into the brightest of
spirits,    l-'ive guineas  will command
lac services of an Individual of "higher
standing In the social scale." while the
proportionately large outlay uf lii'iy dollars will secure those of a man with
a handle to his namo.
How Wn Should  Sleep.
In the matter of sleep, snys a physician, there are ns many peculiar
tilings as there are about eating-
what is one man's food Is another's
poison. This much Is generally known
and accepted by standard authorities
on Ihe subject, that tnll or bulky people require inure sleep thun others
uud that women cun get ulong on much
less sleep thun cun men. As with animals, human beings sleep much longer it ml heartier lu the winter thnn at
any other times. People nf extreme
nld age require as much sleep as infants, ���ni'' It Is bcuellcinl tn bulb classes if they can sleep nuc-lialf the time,
or even a greater proportion. There
is nne thing l would like in Impress
I upon everyone, mid Hint is. li is posi*
I lively Injurious fur any nne io sleep
lunger than Is iiclually necessary,
Rhyme nmi Benson.
I   When the University of Oxford con*
' fori-ed upon Hie Duko of Wellington
! uml bis principal officers the degree of
' "Doctor of civil l.aus" in recognition
nf their victorious campaign, llm fees
being very heavy at Hint time, nne of
the sold let's, who Iuul been more enriched In honor than In pockot through
the wnrs. declined the proffered degree
In the following verse:
"Oxford, I know you wish me well.
But, prithee, let me be.
1 cannot, alas, be I). C. I-.,
For want of �� s. d."
One of the most disgusting things,
nbout liuiiiun nature ls the ease will]
which friends become enemies.
An old man never knows how sprightly he enn be until his hat blows oil his
head, and skips oil' lu.the direction of
I u mud puddle.
Almost. Fulul.
"How did old llopley receive your
proposition for his daughter's band?"
"Well, I'm no doctor, but he hnd
something nnd hud it bad. What ever
kept him from flying Iuto n shower of
Infinitesimal pieces, or how 1 ever got
over that back fence alive, will always
be nmong the deepest mysteries of my
The girl stood nn llie burning deck.
But lier hiss we need not grieve;
Siie did nnt perisli witu the wreck-
She luol sense enough to leave.
-Chicago Record.
He���"My life without you will he ��
lonely one." The Heiress���"But think
bow busy you will have to be."���Life.
He���"Have you nny roasou fm* doubting whnt 1 say?" She���"Yes, I have."
He-"Whiit Is Itl" Sbe���"I dou't believe you."���Puck.
"It's nil over," As the woman uttered these words she dropped to tbo
lloor. The baby hnd spilled the Ink. -
West I'lilou (luzette,
"Is Miss Cahoots In?" Inquired the
culler. "That depln's on you, Aro yen
Misthcr .lones?" suli1 Bridget. "Yes."
"She gon' oul."��� Harper's Bazar.
"Let's go shopping to-day, Tens."
"I can't, Bess: I've lots of things to
buy to-dny.' I've nothing to do to-morrow; I'll go then."���New York Sun.
Sunday school teacher���"What Is tho
lending doctrine of Christianity?" Tbo
lnundryninn ��� "Kid throw Btono ���
smashoe glass���uo can eatehee���forglv-
"Whnt office ore you   nfter    tills
time?"    "None ut all. Nieu,   what
are you running for?" "Because I
don't want to be conspicuous!"���Atlanta Constitution.
Canny���"Is Miss Wilbur nt home?"
Norau���"No, sorr." Canny���"Woll-r-go
upstairs and ask her when she will lie
at home." North (going)���"Yls, sorr."
���Harper's Bazar.
".lokey Is In hard luck?" "What's
the mntter?" "He lias lost that Inst
ycur's crop of foot-bull jokes which he
Intended working off on his editor."���
Philadelphia North American.
"What in thunder are you spcaklu' lo
the school children for?" asked tho
voter, 'Must keep quiet," replied the
candidate, "they'll all be old enough
to vote before I'm elected."���Atlanta
" Wicks-"! heard a prelty compliment
tn Hamlin, the actor, to-day.    Squeo-
! sicks says he possesses the art whicli
conceals art."    Ulclts���"That's a fact.
! You'd never know he had any."���Bos*
i ton Transcript.
j "Tliere doesn't seem to be much of a
demand for scats to this performance,"
said the slur. "No." suid Ilic mulinger.
us he ran over a bundle of dead-head
applications; "nothing but requests."���
' Washington star.
Miss Kecdlek���"Ethel cnn't be aftor
money. She bus broken her engagement with that wealthy lee num." Miss
: fosdlck���"Don't be too sure.   She Jilt -
: cd hlui for a man who owns u bicycle
repairing shpp."���Life,
I    Seem': A cottage of Loch Awe-slde.-
| Lady tourist (to the cottager's wifo)���
j "And are Ihese three nice Illlle Isiys
lull your own. Mrs. McKarlnn?"    Mrs.
Mcl'iirlnnc���"Ylss, mem; but him In
Hie   middle's    a    lassie."���Household
"Hadn't you better call another phy-
"slcian?" said the wife lu lhe yuung doctor who wns treating her husband.
".lust lor consultation, yuu know." "No,
ma'am," he replied. "M.v Ideas are
confused enough already."���Buffalo
"1 am writing a play which cannot
fall .to be a great success," snid Foyer
to his friend. "Whnt i.s its chief feature?" "In the Inst net the comedian
who has perpetrated ull the chestnuts
dies n miserable denth."���Pittsburg
i    "Pupii," snid Jockey, "would you liko
I to have me give you a perfectly beautiful Christinas present?" "Yes. Indeed."
i "Then now Is .the time lo dniible my
allowance, so's I'll have tbe money to
��� buy It when Christmas oouics."���Har-
' pur's Bazar.
"Why, Tnninile, buck from school already?'' "Yes. Mike wouldn't let ino
stay."    "Av  course  mil,"  snid   Mike.
, "Vos luwhl me to Innk Tniniule down
in ih' school, ma'am, but yez didu't
1 suy nothln' about Invln' the bye thera."
! ���Harper's Bazar.
I "The trouble with so many of the
young men of this dny uml uge." remarked old Uncle Sagely, comparing
I his watch wilh the noon whistle, "Is
Unit they think there Is a patent on
work, nnd tbey are afraid or gelling
into trouble if lhey use It."���Puck.
Smurbs���Say, old man, can I talk to
you for a moment ? Crurbs (dejectedly)
���What is It? Smurbs���Can you loan
ine a liver? Crurbs (joyously)���Certainly, old boy. 1 thought you were
going to explain the political muddle
to me.���New York Herald.
"What's tills?" the sultan shouted,
"Do they propose to Interfere with niy^
killing a few people whenever 1 feel
like 11?" "That seems to be the Lien,
sire," suid his prime minister. "Humph,
I'll circumvent their Impudence." "In
what wny, sire?" "I'll nbdleatc nnd
get n job running a trolley car In
Brooklyn."���Washington Star it
SHE was a ttil 11 slip of a girl
pale sallow checks and a figure as
fragile nn the llowors she curried
in her bnskct.
II wns her eyes nnd her hands which
marked lier off frum the common herd.
Hnd these been ut* regulation pattern,
there were nothing to distinguish her
from any dozen of her coiupiininiis. Bui
her eyes, which wore brown In color,
were large ami lustrous and had a provoking habll of drooping the lashes
when she looked at one. Whether calculated coquetry nr native-born manner were chiefly concerned would have
puzzled an expert lo decide. That It
wns "fetching" few men would hnve
ventured to deny. Her hnnd, small and
well-shaped, bnasled the taper lingers
and filbert nails generally associated
with birth and breeding.
. She sold flowers' In Cbenpsldc. Her
station was lhe steps ol' the Peel statue;
and every morning, week in nud week
out, ns the clucks of lhe city were
striking Ki she would deposit her basket at the font of lhe column and prepare fur lhe business of the day.
From 10 lo It she plied her wares diligently, pushing the sale witli all the
tact which a life's experience had
taught her ami all the wiles which a
woman's wll could suggest. But ench
evening, when Hie weary city was fast
emptying nnd ihc bell nf the greut cathedral wus still cchoiug overhead, ber
eye would sweep lhe long length ot
crowded asphalt with searching
glances; and ns she scanned the teeming multitude pouring westward a spot
of crimson wuuid suddenly show ln the
wan, while cheeks nud the dark brown
orbs would Hush uml kindle wilh a curious mystic light.
He always contrived to be In Cheap*
sldc betweeu li and half-past. It was
their custom to walk together down
Queen Victoria street to Blacltfiinrs
bridge. At this point they separated���
she crossing to tlm Surrey side, he tak
lug a "turn" through Fleet street and
wllli I I'cr you. ain't he? Y'orl ter feel proud
uv 'Im. didu' yer? Plnehin' Ills gal's
money���drluklti' till he's got the 'devils'
au' talkin" tommy rot' 'bunt belli' n
gi'iielmuii nn' the son uv a genelmnu.
W'y he alu't got no more decency uu'
a pig. When he can't gorge hlsself no
longer a pig 'II lie lu lhe swill trougli,
and when your genelnian father's had
a skinful he'll snore b.v the hour 'long-
side a quart pot."
He stole u glance at lhe girl out of
the corner of his eye. The busy bustling life of London eddied round them;
the roar of the great Babylon was in
lheir enrs: bin not Strephon nnd Ohlo-
ris in Hie sweet seclusion of idyllic bines
could have lieen more oblivious to the
passing moment thnn this pair of city
livers In the hot and crowded streets.
"P'raps lie ain't as good as he might
be. But there's wuss about, an'���lie
warn't allays so. Joe."
"0! if yon likes 'o put up wlv Mm,
'Liza, so dn. "I'ain'l no concern o*
mine���is it?" he added moodily.
"I can't sen' Mm to the wurkus, Joe."
"But ye can sen' me to the devil!" he
snapped sharply: and an ugly look
leapt out of his eyes.
They passed under the railway
bridge whicli spans the lower end of
of Queen Victoria street and reached
the point where they usually parted.
The girl stopped, but the mnn went on.
"Aren't yer goin' Ier sell out. Joe?"
she queried timidly ns oe turned In the
direction nf Ihc river.
"Wut fur?"
The tone and maimer puzzled her
more than the words.
Fur a moment they stood confronting
each other, the face of the mun working convulsively and Ibe girl's features
contracted with pain.
Blackfrlnrs Bridge was crossed in
silence Turning Into Stamford street
she whispered hoarsely: "I'm sorry for
yer, Joe; but if It's bard on ydtl It's
rough on me. Anythin' as ynu ars'tl me
lo do. Joe���iiiiythin' ns I cud do o' me
ns wants ter malke a 'nppy womnn ut
yer. 1 says 'em cos I means 'em. No
'fence ter yer, 'Liza."
"Y'ain't a bad sort. Jee." said the
girl, turning her swimming eyes full on
him; "but yer a bit down on the ole
man." He gnve the barrow un unnecessarily vigorous shove.
"I'm goin' Inter tbe 'Cut.' 'Llzn. ter
finish. No. 1 ain't dun sj dusty"���answering Hie question the girl had put
lu him half un hour before. "1 started
out wlv a dozen, an' thlsyere's th' on'y *
one lell'." Ile emptied ihe contents of
Ilic basket on Hie board. "1 shall knock
'em in the 'Out' ut freppencc. 'Tnin't
orfcii they see cherries like them In
New Cut. They're city fruit, lhey ore.
Try 'em." lie tilled n bag nnd gnve In
her.   "I'll lock roun1 nrter 1 clenr oul."
As he walked away his eyes followed
her. "She thinks n bloomin' sight ton
much, she dn, o' Ihnt ilru'kcn ole senmp,
ber father," he growled, stnring nfter
the retreating figure; "but 1 ain't nil n
fuol. male.   Grit's wulh gold.
In Hie third pair back of a tenement
hnuse In Lambeth a girl wns kneeling
by the side nf ii bed. A paper bag was
lying un the covot'let, and snme cherries had fallen nn the floor. Ou the bed
Iny Hie body nf u mnn. The room reeked wllli lhe fumes of whisky. 'I'he long.
Illhe fingers of Ibe girl's right hnnd
were clasped convulsively round the
hnnd of lhe motionless figure extended
on Ihe bed.
"Joe!" she moaned; "Joe, hid. ye've
got yer wish. The ole man'li never rile
yer nny more. I love yer, mate, dearer
thau life; but It's tblui words o' youm
as I shall hear, an' uot parson's, on the
day yer lakes me luier church."���St
James' Budget.
firent Revolving Tower for the Porta
Bxposltlon in limn.
After much casting about fur an Idea.
Prance has decided tn astonish visit- j
ors to the Paris Exposition of A. D. j
2000 with nn immense revolving lower
ion fed high.   The Inventor is M. De*
vie. nnd he culls his lower the "Palace '
of Progress."
This extraordinary sort of n struc* |
mre is shown in Hie architect's per-
spectlve drawing. The outer room of |
the building will move nl the rate nl'
1.1176 meters, or nbout .'l feel S Inches,
per second, which is us nearly ns possible iwo uml one-half miles un hour,
A complete revolution will thus occupy abuut Iwo ml ii tin*;:, uml Ihc views
of Purls nud of llie hills und plains
or the Seine and Manic couniry will
change as rapidly ns the scenery
changes when one is strolling slowly
along n mud. The rotary building will
be only hnlf lhe height of the IOIlfcl
Tower, hul. ns It Is In be creeled nenr
the summit nf Montmartre, the highest point Within tlie (on i Ilea I ions, It
will command a broad view, cut only
by ihc tower of the new church on the
apex. The bearings are snid b.v the
lncehunleul engineers who huve prepared ihc specifications m be so designed us to absolutely assure the absence
of ull sense of motion. When you are
not looking out nt the view you will be
. us tranquil as In any other building,
but when you swing your chair so
thut you face the window you enjoy u
serene motion nnd contemplate a con-
Btautly changing spectacle.
The motive power which will supply
the force necessary to turn the structure will be hydraulic, and Us cost has
beon calculated to be only S7.12 francs
enslly as a trunk, jie Is the most contented, of the working fraternity one
meets abroad. His occasional smoke
under the shade of a mulberry tree, or
bis lazy sips of sherbet, arc treats thnt
renew his strength for the hard work
bv wliich lie must live.
Motor CorrioscH Used  by  the Berlin
Firo Depurtment,
The Berlin Fire Department, which
Is considered ihe model fire department of Europe nu account of Its ei-
eellenl organization. Us great attention lo Hie Improvement of apparatus
the Strand before following in llie same i self like���I'd do ut, male, without snyln'
direction. 'They hnd cnmineuccil the
practice In midwinter, lind continued it
throughout the spring, nnd now they
had reached midsummer,
From afar she could distinguish his
barrow among the throng of vehicles
which filled Hie thoroughfare. When
he had "doubled" the cornel' and got
Into the comparative "slack water" of
the churchyard she crossed over nnd
Joined hini. A nod Hint was ulmost
imperceptible, answered b.v a smile
that was bright and sunny, was all the
recognition that passed betweeu them
The girl's glance wandered involuntarily to Hie burrow. It wns the season for cherries, nnd she nolleeil the
long array of empty bnskets,
"Been 'nvln' a good dny. Joe, ain't
"Middllir like."
"Wy y'ain't on'y one 'molly' left."
"P'raps 1 been givln' 'em away." The
tone wub unmistakably surly
For the next thirty yards lhey walked on in silence. Hie girl watching thc
mnn  furtively,  the  matt pushing the
burrow languidly und stnring strcnu-j
ously nl nothing,
"Ila' yer thort on wot I tole yer?" he
suid presently, us Hie girl stepped off
the pnvcmeiit in avnid collision wilh a
parcel of boys. 'I'he light Hiul hud
lightened Ihem died out of her eyes, ihc
color which hud come into her checks
forsook I'hotll, her mouth grew hard,
and her face lost at once Its youth and
The man continued t' stare Into vacancy aud walk mechanically after his
"I cnn't do ut, Joe. I cnn't do ut. I
ain't got no rest Ihese two nights���but
I cnn't do ul."
The words enmo with difficulty nnd
the voice palpitated with emotion.
Thc mail shrugged his shoulders Impatiently.
"Wot's Ihc good uv 'hn, eh? A dod'rin
ale ltinctie. Wol's Hie use ur Mm ter
anybody? Ilo orlcr been dead years
"He's me fn'her, Joe," she murmured, reproachfully.
why or wherefore. But sen' the ole
man to lhe wurkus��� 1 cnn't do thnt, Ind.
I know yer think I orter; but 1 can't,
Joe���I can't do ut."
"A pretty fool yer made o' me now.
ain't yer? 1 giv' np lhe booze an' cut
tommies w'en 1 tuk up wlv you, 'Liza:
but you'd see me nt blazes sillier 'an
giv' up lhat dnicken ole wagabone wot
lives on yer, an per wen ts yer bavin'
a man as ud be good to yer."
"It ud break me heart, Joe, ter 'ave
Mm die In the workus."
"Yer thinks a bloomin' sight more uv
a wrong nn thnn yer does nv a right
tin." snid lhe mnn savagely.
She gave hlin a look which must
have convinced him nf his error; but
blinded by passion, lie refused to see.
"Well." he snarled, "one of uz 'ns got
ter scoot* - him ur mo. There ain't room
fcr two."
The girl made uo reply and tlie.v went
on.   But silence wns too oppressive nnd
stifling.     Nenr Waterloo Station the
mun spoke again.
"How much yer tuk. 'Liza?"
The question was abrupt, bui the tono
was friendly.    It Indicated a change
nl* feeling.
"Seeing an' three."
Mc extended his hand.   She .put Ihc
monoy Inio it without n word.
"Mod me ut the (innllng in the mom*
in', 'Llzn, nnd I'll slock the busklt for
yer," sold he. returning her nine pence.
It iias a curious transaction, but lhe
explanation was probably to be found
in the despairing utterance of the woman.
"He's 'ad 'em awful bad agen, Joe.
Lnrs night It win* that dreadful���"
She stopped, warned by the cloud Hint
was sweeping up over her companion's
The man's countenance hnd suddenly
darkened, sparks from the nether fires
danced in ills eyes, the old hard vindictive look had returned.
"I wish he may die. I wush he wur
dead!" he muttered fiercely.
"0, Joe!  Joe, If yer love ino, dun say
thlm words,"*entreated Ihe girl.
"I says 'em cos 1 loves yer; cos It's
'Father be bio wed I   He's dun a lot I on'y Mm wot's n keepin' yer frum a man
Signaling nt Sen.
Tliere Is a great diversity of opinion
lu the British navy as to the merits
and demerits of colored lights for sig*
nnllng. Most nf the young officers nre
strongly In llieir fuvor. As tliey point
out, a signal on this system can be kept
showing as long as required, while any
amount of repetition of dash-signaling
may not, under some conditions, render it Intelligible with any degree of
The British naval authorities who
have been Indefatigable in testing new
systems of signaling, both for day and
night purposes, have recently made a
trial at Portsmouth of the Sellner system, invented b.v nn ollicer In ihe Austrian navy. This system consists of
two lanterns, each capable of producing five classes of light, namely, while
and red, white occulting, red occulting. Thirty different combinations
are placed on the code. Electric lights
nre used for the lanterns, nud though,
ror the present, separate batteries are
used for the lights and for the signaling apparatus by wliich the lights are
changed nnd obscured at will, lt Is
intended that evcniiially one dynamo
shall supply all of thc current required.
A record of signals sent by the apparatus Is obtained by nn attachment
wliich prints the message sent automatically. No difficulty was experienced iu reading the signals at a distance of six miles or more. The objection raised to the system is that
the mechanism Is far too delicate and
complicated, though the results obtained with lt fur exceed those possible Willi the present Morse Hash signaling.���Philadelphia  Press.
��� progress or
by carefully watching the
science, has but recently Introduce*
ror some purposes the Giinswlndt motor carriage, whicli is propelled by
root power. The apparatus, after having been thoroughly tested, has been
round to be very efficient, and is now
being rapidly Introduced into the tire
departments or all tho German capitals. A squad known us the advance
guard, consisting of six men, Is mounted on one or these motor carriages,
which Is always ready at the door
or lhe lire station. The men are In
lheir places ready to start at the first
signal. The two lirst ones attend to
Ms girding, one to the steering nud tbe
other to ringing Ihe bell. The six
men stand In pairs upon long treadles,
and by alternately raising nud lowering their rent the movement Is transmitted by means of strong bells upon
a horizontal mechanism, the active
power being considerably increased by
spiral springs and ratchets attached
to lhe axis aud by a very clever arrangement of the leverage. The en-
lire motor carriage is built as lightly
as possible of sleel tubing and hickory wood.
The machine wns for more than a
month sent out with lhe regular lire
patrol, and It was found that the carriage rides very easily and safely; that'
It proceeds faster than the patrol wagon, drawn by horses, and that If the
distance Is not entirely too great the
men arrive at the fire In excellent
condition for their arduous duties.
Strange Railway Passengers.
Tiie engineer of Alabama Great
Southern passenger train No. 2 that left
Attalla, Ala., the other morning, found
thnt he had a strange passenger whicli
he had been carrying Tor twenty-two
miles. Nenr Colliiisville the engine
struck a calf, and when the train had
been slopped he found the nnlmnl
lodged In the lap of a young woman
who was riding upon the cowcatcher
and holding In her arms a young child.
When Ihe cowcatcher struck Hie calf
ll threw It upon the woman's hip.
weighting her down so that she could
not move. When found she was unconscious mid the babe asleep. She
was rescued frnm her perilous position
b.v llie engineer nnd fireman nnd put off
nt Oolllnsvllle. The womnn wns aboul
26 years of age. well dressed and good
locking. She refused to give her name,
where she came from, or where sho
was going.
vice Hogui Invitations,
An Invitation from the lord lieutenant
In Ireland s supposed In be like one
from the queen ,1'hoin he represents, a
command. Irish society, however, does
mil always treat It as such, bill, according tn convenience, either honors
ll In the breach or the observance. A
"society" person may throw over n
previous engagement in favor of a vice
regal Invitation without being considered to have committed a breach of
manners. He may also refuse the vice
regal invitation if so minded. Irish
society Is not servile on tliis point, but
exercises common sense nnd the liberty
of choice In the matter of amusing
Eight Hundred Barrels ol' Silver,
The cellar of the Bank of France resembles n largo warehouse. Silver
coin Is stored there in SOO large barrels.      	
Wben a wicked mnn puts n contribution in a church basket, the church pec
pie begin to feel thut they have him.
per hour, although each time tbat the
movement is checked the hydraulic
pressure needed to give ll n new impulse will represent an expenditure of
282.80 francs.
The upper part of the building will
be occupied by a public bull room, to
be open from 11 o'clock in the evening until 2 In the morning, and the
space Immediately below this for an
artificial skating rink, so thai the allurements of Ihe Palais (ie Glace on
the Pole Nord will Is.' added to those
of tbe Moulin llouge nnil the Casino
de Paris.
The HerctilCRn Turkish Porter Whom
Place of Knuitiesa it. on thc Street.
The Turkish porter Is one of the most
Interesting objects seen In n lour of
tbe orient. Of herculean strength and
power of en durance, be Is usually
prompt and obliging, also honest so far
ns In him lies. Ile cannot spenk Ihc
truth, nnd would nol respect himself II'
he could, for dial Is a virtue of the
Frank. Ills place of business Is on Ihc
streets of his native Iowa,  where he
Takes tlio Palm I'or Meanness.
I have a neighbor, says an Ohio man,
who cannot be excelled for meanness.
He has three children ami his wife,
who, wholly unlike bim, insists that
���scuts shall be given them each
Christmas. Four years agu he was
practically coerced into allowing the
purchase of a few toys. A few days
after Christmas the children had lost
all of Ihese leys, and the father whipped them fnr losing them. The next
Christmas he brought home some toys.
duplicates of those given the previous
year. In a few days they were losL
the children again whipped, nnd nothing more wns seen of them until the
following Christmas, when they onco
more did duty tor Siiutu Claus. Since
then the mother nets as custodian *o
prevent the rather frnm stealing bis
children's toys.
enn be found nt nil huurs of the dny,
clad lu n loose soiled jacket usually
gray, wilh gray gaiters, Turkish shoes
or sandals. Hie inevitable fez ami a
neckerchief lhat makes him luok ns If
he were strangling. Al, lhe burden of
conveying large or smull articles fulls
upon him and he will carry a plane us
He Was thn King ul' Smokers.
Klues, the merchant of Itotterdnm,
was called the king of smokers, from
his devotion lo Hie gentle weed, and be
had a right regal funeral. B.v the terms
of his will, every smoker who chose to
attend it wns presented with ten
pounds of tobacco nnd two Dutch pipes,
on which were engraved lhe name,
arms and date of Ihc decease of tho
testator. All bis guests were Invited
in be careful to keep Iholr pipes alight
during the funeral ceremonies, and 10
empty tlielr ashes Into tho grave. Ills
onk coffin wus lined with the cedar of
bis nld Havana Cigar boxes, and a
packet ot old Dutch tobacco was placeil
ul Hie tool nf his ciilllll. Ills fuvorlto
pipe wns Iuld by his side along with it
box or mulches, ns well us Hiul and
steel anil some tinder.
A Psyi'liiiliigiciil Core.
The smull buy had been requested to
do some errands, bin lnslsicil lhat he
was reeling badly. As lhe family physician happened to call he fell lhe Isiy'fl
pulse and looked at his luugue, anil
"Y'ou lind better ninke u strong mustard plaster."
The boy looked depressed nnd left
the room.
"When shall I apply the plaster?"
asked lhe mother,
"Don't apply it al all. He'll get well
before that slage of the treatment Is
Drummer���Could I show you a few
goods. Mr, Uosi'iibninu? lEnseiibnuni���
Py bcnveiis! you missed n big order py
nnd godding here n llddle snouer. |
shust dis uiinulc failed!���- uck. fu
6. A. McBain & Co., -Real Estate   Brokers, Nanaimo, B.C.
���Splendid sleighing '
Ctui On. *1.55 per tip it Leiser s,
We ue glad to hum that Mr. John J. E.
Miller is oonveleiicing.
Sae Ed. McKim for oioe boys' wits, it
lioltnea' Old Stand, Union.
fiverytkinft beipg arid at way down prices
by Laiaar ac Holmes' Old Stand.
Messrs Gideon and James Hicka will re*
tarn Ttiu.mlny to their homes.
The clearance sale it l.eistit it now oa.
Look at llieir baigain connter.
John !''�����* i*hnt a piiither up at the head
of Puntiedge laid*, lust nook.
Jlolinos' Old Staud, Union, la tha bargain
LadiM, have yim seen those fine ahoei in
N. Parke' window!
Tbe song service at the Methodist Churoh
wu well a'.teudud Suuday eveuiug, aud
much eojoysd.
Sale of bankrupt stook oominenoing Sat*
ardiy ���-continue* ac Holmes' Old Stand no-
til the gooda are disposed of.
Mr. Barry fiamliurgtr haa bought out
Messrs Partridge aud Heuuidou'n gruoery
asore at Un.ua.
With every dollar!s purchase, you get a
Pass at tho pumpkin,  the lubky one gota
ii 00 v. j.tli of goods at Stovenion aod Cos.
Way down prioes at Holmes' Old Stand.
A party of about twenty, of Metho.list
Chu-cli, weut a-sluighing Monday night
down through the valley.
Choicest   lot of men's  hats and caps,  at
Hbjme*>' Old Staud, Union.
Finr lot of blank-its at Holmes' O.d Staud
The San Bonita which was wrecked last
weak ou the California Coast, loosing six or
eight men, formerly came to tnis port.
McPhee and Moure have just received
trom the F. F. Dalby Co, of H-imiiton, a
large oo isignment of their celebrated spices
eueaoes, and extracts for the Xmas trade.
Many who had been looking forward
to the Cantata "Under Ihe Palms,'1 ex-
pressed themselves much pleased with
its rendition. Certainly Mr. Hicks
proved himself a capable and successful
directdr, in having pit-pared so large a
number in so short a time for practice.
On the stage were .lenls, and skillful
imitations of plam trees. The Cantata
as previously announced in lhe columns
���f I'HE News, represented the Jews
returning from captivity in Babylon, and {
is in three parts. Piirt I : The Deliver* |
ince. Part II; Rejoicing. Part 111:
Application. To many ihere wis nuch
ofthe music (|uiic new.
The soloists were Mr Gideon Hicks,
whoie rich bass voice is must effective.
Rev. J. Hicks, lenor; .Mrs. Evan Parker,
soprano; tnd Mrs. T. Hanks, alto There
were several pleasing quartettes, and du
' Mrs. Parker possesses a pure soprano,
iweet and bird.like, and whether in solos
duets or chorus, delighted everyone.
Mrs. Banks'alto and Mr. Hicks'tenor
gave each several' pretty solos. Mr.
pideon Hicks' interpretation of his part
nnd the ease of his style warrants praise.
That ihere ate many who fail to appreciate' cantata and oratorio music is
liery true, but most everyone uniles in
declaring the Oman "Under lhe Palms"
to have been the best musical performance ever given in Union, and lhat it
reflects great credit oil Rev. Mr. Hicks.
The thorns numbered fony voices, all
mosl carefullv trained.
1 The church was well filled with a
delighted audience, and we are pleased
to hear tha Cantaia proved t success
., R.
Union   Shipping.
The Mystery taok away on the 24th, Nov
22 tons of ooal for Teasel's ute. Same day
the Astoria toek 44 tuna for vessel's nil.
On the 26th, nit. the Ktldouau left wiih
\5i tons of uual tor Nuw Westminster.
Ou the 27th, the Quadra took for D.imln
ion Government 90 tons of eoal and a dav
ar two belore that the Tuistle left with 85
tona of coal for tlie Pish Co.
The Maude, on the 30M. ult took 40
tons ot ooke aud 160 tona of eoal for the l)
T. N , Viotoria, and tha Mischief took ISO
one ol ooal for C irporaciou of Victoria.
Tha Tepio lett Monday with SOO tona fo
the Australian steamers.
Tne Muineola will be in on Wednesday.
Will take place at Cumberland Saturday
evening, Dec. Jth. Following is lhe program: School song. Dialogue���Happy
finally. Motion song ���Little bre ikers.
Duet���Instrumental. Recitaii-*** .School
song. Dumbbell drill���24 bo. Duet
���vocal. Motion song-Snow flakes.
Recitation. Quartette ��� Bugle song.
Broom drill���24 girls. Tableaux. Tenting to-night. Give a workingman a
chance.   Good night.
Call at McPhee and Mooret'and bay yonr
Xmas candies, aa they are having a vs-y
oljoiee essoitmeut direct irom the manufactory,
Flour is still advancing in
price. Ste your flour ben*s the
brand of L,ake of the Woods.
Some merchants will try and
sell cheap brands as being just
a6 good: but they are not so.
Like the pudding the esjtfn|-
of ihe b.ead is.the proof ihere:
of. To saye disappointment
and loss, see that y ou get Lake
ofthe Woods, $6.00 per bbl at
the Union Store.
Boyi' clothing for$i al Leiser's..
Leiai-r's bankrupt ssle- Holmes' Old Stand
China Wedding:.
A very pleasant gathering met at the res*
ideuoo of Mr Alex Grant on Kinlay even
ing, on the occasion of tha twentioth anniversary of Mr. aud Mrs. Grant's wedding
d.y. Must of thoir relatives resident at
Union and Cornox woro present, A sump
tuous dinner was prepared and the com
pany aat down at eignt o'clock. After
diuuer tha time passed away with speech,
song aud lively conversation, ' All were
heart y in their congratulations to Mr. and
Mrs Grant, with wishes for mauy happy
returns. It is just twenty years sii.ee
Mr, Grant and Miss G.'ieves were mimed
!jy the Rev. Simon McGregor at Victoria,
since which time they have lived in Nai.-
aiuio and U don, and otijoy the re,*p :oc of
the whole ooinmuutty.
Mining Shoes at Leiser's for $1 a pair
Remember the great sale ac Leisar'a.
I        -S2��i*SS^<S8c?ii��2Sg@2��e
Grand Guessing* Content.
Given Free to the near
est guess to the number of seeds, in the
Pumpkin in our \yin-
Tliis is how wb Advertise,
If you want Dry Goods, Millinery, Mantles. Dress Goods,
Men's and Boys' Clothing, we
have them at Bedrock prices.
We lead, those who follow
must come behind.
SfflfSOK & CO,
J. F. DOYLE, Manager
Take E. Pimbury & Co's
Balsamic Elixir for coughs
4nd colds.
at, j henry,
Mount Pleasant    Vahjpouvek B.C.
Send for Catalogue before placjug your
ordeis for Fall planting, if you art- in-
teresied in saving money" for yourself an*.
getting Rood stock of first hands.*
Most complete stock ol Fruit and
Ornamental Trees, Scrubs, Roses, Etc.,
in the Province.
'pious.inds of small Fruit Plants :ind
Vines of leading varieties, suitable for
this Climate.
Thousands of Hulbs now etn the way
here from China, Jap.in and Holland for
the Kail Trade.
Fertilizers, Agricultural Implements,
Spray Pumps, Etc., best to be had.
No Agents. List tells you all ibotu it.
Eastern I'rires or.Less.
greknhol'sf., nursiiry and almkry
604 Westminster *$oad.
MOT1CE is hereby give lhat applica-
* ' li.m will be madetu the Legislative Assembly of the Province of liritish
Columbia, at its next session, for an Act
to confirm the incorporation .and powers
of the Cumberland and Union Waterworks Company, Limited Liability, cun
tipping the said Company in the pro-
pert.', privileges, rights and easements
already acquired and authorizing the
grant in fee tothe Company of such
lands and lands covered with water
as it may hereafter desire to acquire upon
such terns as may ^eem just, declaring
lhat the wnier privileges and all other
rights privileges and easements now held
by thc Company or hereafter ;.cci.irtriby
it may be held and enjoyed as appurtenant m the whoie or any part ot the Com-
p:my's property afc the Company may
desiie and to exttnd ihe rights .and
privilegs of .the said Company.. The
water is to be obtained ft.om
Hamilton Creek and its tributaries and
from Hamilton Lake near the Town-site
ol Cumberland add from other lakes and
streams v-i'hm a radius of five miif$
from ihjc'.ceiure of ihc's'.iiu Tgyvnsitt of
L)a<ed. this 22nd day nf October 1896.
=u7 213 L. P. Eckstein,
Solicitor for the applicants
ripitnalt & nanaimo By,
Tjrrie  Table  No.   27,
Tn take ilfrrt at 8 a.m.  on M. nils)   Nov
'.'nd. 1806    Tinin*. run on Keltic
Stauilaid tune.
"7 L I Hall}. | Sul'll;**
l.v. Victoria foi NhiihIuio and I A, St. |M.
*>*��� olllaglon I  8.t�� I   3.*)
Ar. Na nn,     I   U.40|   Me,
Ar. Wulliiigton.... I  ����������>'I   est
.   A M  I   r M *
. Dull)*. I Sni'dj.
Lv. Wi*l Ington for Vl.tnr In I   I ito   I   J.30
Lv. Nanaimo for Victoria. .      810       3.15
Ar.Vku.ria I mail   ).u>
For rates and information apply  at Company's offices,
President. Gen'l Supt
(Ion. Fri'lKht nnd Passenger A*rt
Wool pillowt $
bed spring matlr
small   heaters   iv
Mrs. Lindsays.
per pair;   doubly
$4.(10  earh, aad.
ipe, each $J.00 s\
1 <m 'ia   ����� -~n- '���' ���
��> ~r  1 Sll*ft^;     ��� IPP w^f����
And all the children will want presents, and so will their elders.
flow to get tbemt
sind Where to get them?
FPEE of cost
From the issue of this circular, anyone purchasing dry goods, boots and shoes,
clothing and gent's furnishings, can obtain a ticket, which, when all the amounts
are punched, is worth One Dollar to the purchaser. Save the tickets, and
bring them to the store, not later than December 34th, when you can get the
value of your tickets in fancy goods and toys. '
This is a grand opportunity to obtain your Christmas presents without additional cost, in lact free of all cost.
All you have to do is���to save your tickets, and bring them to the store,, as
stated above. There is* no additional cost, no frcime to pay for, and no express
charges^*,     ��� ���    j
Next month we shall show-a-splendid assortment of fancy goods, both useful
1? and ornamental; also a display of toys, that will make the children jump for joy,
and long ior the visit of Sa.nta Claus.
Remember, that the Union Department Store, is the only store  in the district, where you ean obtain'art assortment of goods, equal to any city on the
coast, at.the lowest prices. .
Special Notice:
20 per cent, off all Mien's Clothing, Boys' Olothing, Boys' Overcoats, Men's Qvercoats
Men's Pants, For one Month only*
Buy Your Groceries at the UnionStore.
�� lie,! pints and Beer,-flokale.   !  Agents ftr Victoria Plpix B ewery.
f Sipiop Leiser,


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