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The Weekly News Nov 17, 1892

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Array NO
has opened up a
Dry Goods
Boots and Shoe Store
Grocery &
A  full  stock of goods will always  be  car-led.
A share of your trade is solicited.
W cairn to keep a well reguCated stock of
MEKCMANDI.se and at prices as low if not beneath our
General Merchandise
COMOX, it. c.
A large consignment of Cooking and Heating
stoves received this day, per Steamer Coniox.
W. J, Young. P. F. Si-lianuhiuidt.
Also Fancy Toilet Articles
Notes From Abroad
Clevcl mil hits l*ceii elected President
oftlie Unitcil States by A large majority
Shipping News
The Jmn arrived .it 3 p. m. yesterday
Parties receiving freight will have to
pay f>>r transportation on receipt of goods
the ebmyaay having leaned the huridihg
on the wharf helanging 10 the Hentleyes
tatc for warehousing. Among the pas-
svilgers on the Joan, was iho Rev. J.White
Mr. Alex Grant and Mr. Wcsungiim, the
accountant for the K. & N. railway.
Esquimalt and Nanaimo Ry.
Steamer Joan
On and after Aug. 33rd, 189s
The Steamer JOAN will sail aa follow*
Ie.ve Victoria, Tuesday, 9 a. ���.
���*  Nanalme for Comox, \Ved��er4&y, T a. ra.
"   euinox for Valdw lulanil, Thuml.,. T i.ui,
{ K.Mirnlnz s.in��.il.y. 1
l,cii vo Comot for N��u��lmo.      Krldtiy., T ft.ni.
Naliuiiuo for Victoria,   SftlunUy, Tft.m
For freight or state rooms apply on
board, or at the Company's ticket office,
Victoria Station, Store street.
Dr. W, J. Young
Physician Sf Surgeon
Courtenay Pharmacy
All persons driving over the wharf
or bridges in Comox district hater
than n walk, will be prosecuted according to law.
8. Crrcoh
Gov. Agi'itt.
Two good shinglo makers are wanted  o whom good wages will  be paid,
Jsteady mnployment given.
I'mjuire at the
News  Office
The Courtenay  Hotel
Leading notel of Oomox Diatrict
Everything first claaa.
Mmlorato Ilatoa.
Bar supplied with choicest liquors
Riverside   Hotel
Courtenay B C
J. J. Grant, Propritor
The Hotal is one of the best equipped
on the Pacific Coast, and is situated at
tne mouth of the Courtenay Kiver, between Union and the large farming settlement of Coniox.
Trout are plentiful in the river, and
large game abounds in the neighborhood
The liar connected with the hotel is
kept well supplied  with the best wines
and liquors.   Stage connects   with ail
Steamers.   Terms moderate
Esquimalt & Nanaimo R'y.
Time  Table   No.   17,
To take effect at 8.00 a.m. on Friday
September 30th. 1898. Traina run
on Pacific Standard Time.
McCann & Cessford
Carpenters   *
And Builders
General Job Work
Courtenay B, G,
This section is the Paradise for   the
Hunters and Fishermen, and a favoritc
rosort for visitors from the cities.
R. Graham, Propr.
And Restaurant
Courtenay B.  C.
llcst  of everything   in  his   line
Always   on   hand.
Frazer &, Thomas
Stage and Livery Business
Stage connects with all jteimen at
the Hay.
Also do �� generrl
Teaming Business
Orden but/ ie left at tb* Cowtenay
gotei or this.office.
J. W. McKenzie
Courtenay, B. C.
General Blacksmithing
and Horse Shoeing.
Loggers' Work a Specialty.
Reality | Investment
A Good shoemaker is needed at Courtenay. He should be able to mend
harnesses;   A married man   prefered.
This is a snap for the right mm.
ValdezWar   Ended
Yftnman Soldiers Returned A
Bloodies* Victory - A number of
Prisoners takoa ���- But Arao tad his
lOa OCCApu.
Thr> "tronpH" undor the command of
Indian Agent I'iduock. *nd Provincial
Olliu'-'I AtnI'THii:) took the nt��'nn����r Jn >d
on I ant Wednesday blrouaciug that
night itji.-n th�� upper dwik Tua n**xl
lnorft{t)g i<(>twfr<n 5 and 6 the atnam<*r
nailed. In Ruing Up it pawd well to
the left m> Hb not td M'-raot thtf ��tti*n-
tion or draw tint fir* of ih-MNK-u.y ��nd
naffly In nf let I nt iJiinThNsk* Cow, in
rllrtii Agent Pidcoek wn�� fipt to Und foi
Inwr-d bj CntiiuiUidcr Andt'non and
tin' hoys in hotm-spun in niugle fib-.
H'r<' h onuueUof mr wnn held dur
ing which it wan trarni'd that thn Iudi-
mtri ��in) had not oil returned iVom th��'tr
prolinetod iiotlu'b numb-ml at.out
luoo, As tin- Govt-rni'Tit forces only
ntimliet>il i8'">f *ll otiih Is wiiidet'iiu'd
hazardous to make a slum offnru.', and
hotiiu biild-r exp'-di'mt wasadojHrid to
Htayk tirniB, liiayc a, ��olilii*r i-n gaurd
and t'l-ut'iid uolr��ly on tin* weapons with
which imtpri' had j-ndowrd them, and
trusi to tin* honor of thu uauv-�� not lo
u��e toiMith:>wks againRt fut��. In a
liattle of that charauti'r the "hovB ,' although oniy n httinlful Mt that they
could irmin.iijn U��eniiM'lvni4{TBiiist the
wb.ife horde of anwijjea. Tht*otlioora
[.riicii-d'-d withtinuona!ciution. TfiCy
fjt'tf.nritii'd bof'T' fxhihiting thHrfull
Ktrpiltfth to Fend torwarda S'liali forott
to" feci tin' ���'iiemy '��� H they nuccei'd
rd idNould tie well, hut if not'ihrir
country wouid a' ',K,��t lion -t 'heir inpin-
ory tu.tl provide for ihi'ir fainilitin. It.
wan a.j'CrilnnH m"YM hut fruught with.
yloty. Ooinm'Hid-r And^rsbu doter-
iniiu'd to lend the 'forlorn hope',, and
as all pancd for dUtinction, it invam ���
ii��ccc8snrv to s*'l"fct. Thn choice HI
upon, W Chi'cuy Sjrgt-on Sch^r'^ch^lidt
mid J3.iird. These Btarted ak^ng a *#���!!
marked trull for the Indian encamp
merit, and it wan aT'inyt'd th*tthn re
(H-rvcH should follow in half an hour.
Tne "forlorn hop*?" were lookitd upon
when thoy i*rrivd without arms, hut
utotln'd wllh thflinaj'Hty of tht�� lu'w, an
MtirenHi.fing th��* tpijjht o' the KitgtUh
nun hoiun for which th" ludiaua have
ihi! In'gliest rehp'��t, They pat.g"d
hatmleitsily through the rilJage, p.-erioy
into w.^iiiiiri. a* ih��y ncearch*��d for
th- |Varticuldr liravw who had dr-v��n
offtheolBctrs th'-we-kbft'tm-. While
thifl *ork wa* going "Q the numthers
nf thi!ieri��T��ehad,comc forward. There
prenenoe was ftotnewhat dnta)*fd by
their following a false guide up the
ridgti to the 1-ft hot they aoou dis-
eoven-d their error, and harried on.
Tile terrible silence indic��t��d pi*acu,
or h-d the forlorn hopeben-ftof tlialf
anna sihnty periah"di Th-y nwolvcd
to know and soon were among thuir
friends, bin pasting around in Htnall
nquadb ui' iwos or fourn, as thunrfh they
had nott.ing to fear* hut w��re thorough
iy d.termini-d to take those they wan*-
They noon spotted the du��(ky warrior*
'.hey were after with  the exceptibii oi
"Uin"eral Arso, the eheif offender and
his s-u    The iitoai vigilant search fail-
ed to- reveal their �� hereabouts and it
was com- u l--d that tln-y had fl-d. The
main body of ludatis wnre in  a Urge
loiilding holding a pirtlach and litfe tt>u
���'soldiers in umlrt">8''diBcovrred *'Skok-
urn'Charley a pdwenul Indian and
with a rpntatioii that ha�� nude   his
name a terror tor a hundred milt a a-
round.   The "gaunt  up and at   era'
Tlii-y seized "Skokiim", au I he writh-
���d andjuni|ied, andkickiHlandhumprd
requiring the utmost exertion* of sever
alio hold bin-.    The Indians crowded
alwut and looked  glowerlngly   at the
men.   It was a critical time.    The naf*
.\^n 5U to 1, and yet thn boys did not
inai'    TIihsavages were all on   their
feet �� thering close*   with kult hrowi
and eyes that flashed hatred,   but the
guard returned their  looks with   the
calm, st' udy gaze of authority and uti-
diUn'od eourage and the crowd quailed
and slunk Iwck, while '.Bkokum Oh*.,
l��>y hancuffed, wus dragged out into tho
op-n camp.   The others were quickly
secured~uix in all, and thpn a court
composed of Indian Acent Fidcock aud
John W, McKenzio justice of the pe��c��
wa�� organized on tho grounds and the
prisoners arraigned on the   charge of
resisting officers of tire law. One pleaded gui:ty, ��nd the other to've wfero soon
convicted on sworn testimouy of their
Indian comradi.   The sentence was a
tine of $rO and costs, amounting in all
to $15, or six months imprisonment at
hard labor.   Three at once paid their
fines and   were discharged   tho othor
three, with two Indians arrested on the
charge  of drunken ties were taken on
board the Joan which had come down
from the cove,   and anchorsd  out in
front of the rancherie.    It was about
2 p. in. when the return trip commenced'
and all rejucied at the happy termination of what might have proved a very
disastrous campaign. That the law waa
enforced   after having   been   opeuly
defied is greatly to the creditof the men.
who volunteered to assist the   officers.
The management of the affair also reflects great credit on Indian Agent P��d-
cock and Provincial officer Anderson.
Among the names of those who will
bo remembered as having served in the
Valdez war, bat not mentioned above,
are Edward McKim, W. ��. Gilchrist,
and Jim Graham.
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Our Victoria Letter
OIois of t'aeoal Gimovgn The ill
fated San Fbdro���A lively entertain-
Victorh chemicij works will b- in full
blast before Christmas. The value of
buildings erected in Victoria thi* year is
The unemployed of the city are clamor*
lug fur the expenditure of the $25,000 voted for strtct improvements. The city
council is in a fix.
The rate cutting war 'among the coal
dealers is at an end. All and sundry
must stump up $7 per ton now. Some of
the dealers .stand in the scales to scctliat
customers get full weight;' Some of the
customers think that this is fool weight
The JJoniininii Covcnr.ent is nearly
finished extracting the ruck out of the
middle of Victoria harbor. They have
been live years on the jo b.
The sahmm.fur and icalskin shipments
this year have been below the average.
The hurricane last Sunday did considerable havoc in the Straits, The wrecked
collier San Pedro had a lot of her upper
works smashed.
The San Pedro will have been on Brnt-
chic t.edyc exactly a year at 7,45 oclock
on the cvehtng of the 22 nd in'st. Over
$ 160,000 his been spent trying to raise
her, and nobody would believe it who
looks m her now.
List S.inday two Tocommi in a small
naptba launch were blown atcross the
straits from Dungencss and dashed on
the rocks at Beacon Mill, both being near
ty drowned. The launch was seriously
injurei I.
Kavorable comments Acre heard on all
sides upon die first issue of the Weekly
News when it reached Victoria. All
auree that it is the best thing that has
happened in Comox in years.
A Japanese gentleman with a jaw-dislocating and a small hand satchel took a
step int'} space offthe gang plank between
the outer wharf and the steamer Maude
last Sunday night going out to the Empress of Japan. After floating through
the air cushion lit: struck the water and
was nearly drowned. A rope and willing
hands prevented him going to? instead
of where his ticket called for, Yokohama.
Kcdemptionist Fathers ofTncoinn ;ire
holding a 10 day's mission here in the
Roman Catholic Churh.
The entur.ain.mcnt given by Dead beat
the Hon Marmaduke Wood assisted by
several oilier fellows of his own type, last
Mondy night was a howling success. Out
of forty dozen rotten eggs, four dozen hit
Marmaduke and the others swamped the
orchestra and scene shifters, The entertainment was for the benifit of Wood's
creditor-. He it one of the Knickerbocker
Rear Admiral Moiliain's successor in
command of the Pacific Squadron i; Rear
Admiral H. K. Stephenson C. B., late
naval aide to the Prince of Wales. H.M.
S. Warspitc will be Succeeded on the
station by a much mote powerful vessel,
probably of the Unit class, The Warsphe
gees home on the 2gthrher hud has been
well patched up.
The officers of the Japcnese war ve
are being well treated by pnttninate p
pie hcte.   They are an enteliigcnt lot
men and seem to appreciate fully the'kind-
rtcss extended them
Denman Notes.
Our on^ant.
On last Thai da-, the 10th, the Rev.
Mr. Nixon and P. M. Butler, late engineer of the steam r Isabel, went out duck
shooting with the steamer Vachic to
Deep Bay. M. Biit'er had gone but a
short distance until he got killed in a
bear trap. Denlli mat h ive deen instnn
taneous as he was caught across the
On the same day the youngest child
of Mr. J.H. Piket came near getting poi-
soned with a buttle of carbolic acid; the
mouth ami lips arc badly burned;
Sunday last the wife of Mr. J H. "iket
, ���.-. lert'ted him with a daughter: both are
doi ig well.
This morning it is begining to look like
winter. The farmers have nearly got cv
cry thing secured. There is a great deal
of rot ill the potatoes.) they are apt to be
s,cnrce; The farmers arc talking about
putting down side walks.
The Indgo of I. 0, G. T. here is in a
prosper-his condition. It has started ft
paper which'bidsfiir of being a success.
Road work is completed for the season,
but tTdre is talk of the whatf being rebuilt.    .
Nov. 14.
Mr. jAtnci IJimsmuit reached Union
the first of the week,and the order tn resume operations was given. A number
of additional men have been set to work.
It is said 150 men are expected up
soon. No. 1 slope Is being cleared of
water, and the hum of preparation is everywhere heard.
Comox Literary Association
The Comox Literary Association will
meet the next Thursday evening at 7 30
at the residence of E. A. Halliday on the
upper prairie road. A more extended
notice of this society will appear next
Great Concert
There wtfl be given on the evening o
December 1 st, at the Knights of Pythias
Hall, Comox, a grand concert and enter-
tainmcutunderr the auspricesofthe Good
Templars. This in aid of a building society. M is to be hoped that considering
both the object, and thecnterainmeut that
th(f j.will be a crowdedhouse. f
Fire Alarm At The Bay
On Saturday night about half put ir
o' clock, tha stove in the jail where the
captive Indians are boarding, became
red hot, and alarmed the inmates who
raised such a cry of fire as is not put
down in the lexicon of the whites. The
people aroused themselves and in their
haste rushed out, some in thei night
clothes, and one, it is said, without those
useful appendages. When the jail was
reached it wa�� found that the stove was
- pufiing and blowing only a little less
than the afTrightened visitants. Things
were soon put to rights and quiet reigned ��p before.
Killed   In A   Bear Trap
Sad Ending of Mr. P. Butler, late
Engineer of the Isabel.
Mr. Butler came up on last week's
teamer from below, and became the
guest of the Rev.Mr. Nixon of Denman
Island. On Thursday the two went out
hunting at Deep Bay, and became separated. When night came on and But'er
had not returned, to the place appointed
where Nixon's steam launch was anchored, the latter blew it's whistle, and all
means possible were adopted to attract
his attention. Bui as nothing resulted
from this Mr. Nixon sought the aid of
the Indians of the neighborhood, and the
latter started out the next day to examine their bear traps which are constructed
in the form of a d-a 1-lall, placed ;io the
paths and covered with leaves aad other
devices so as not to appear unusuab A-
bout noon on Friday the Indians found
the Ill-fated Butler in one of their traps.
When lie slept Upon the irap it sprung
the upper log falling across his breast
and crushing out his life.
He resided at Departure Bay, and was
the late engineer of the steamer  Isabel
He leaves a wife and two children,
Since the above was in type we have
received the following additional patricu-
l��rs from Comox:
On Sunday, aboutil a. in. Nov.13 Mr.
Nixon of Dc'nman Island, with. Bis steam-
launch anived at the wharf bringing the
remains of Mr. Butler. He reports that
Mr. Butler came up on the Joa" l**=*t
Wednesday to fix up the engine of his
launch, and to have a hunt. After his
body was found, he tried to take him
down to Nanaimo, but the severe storm
drove him back from the Ballinac Islands. On reluming he met the loan
and tried to signal hct but failed t<�� obtain recognition; hence he turned back
and came to Comox. The body is now
in the charge of Mr S. Creech, the undertaker, and lies in the Knights of Pythias Hall, from whence it is expected to
be taken to Nanaimo for burial.
Mr. Nixon's launch was disabled. The
condenser being broken, or he would have
been able to carry out his intention of taking Mr. Butler's remains home.
When Mr. NixoU reached here he was
thoroughly exhausted, having been up.
two whole nights. He remained at Com
ox until Monday, when he returned to his
Nov. 14,
The first issue of this paper   appear.
ed last Thursday evening at about ri p-
m.     There are always more or less   delays about first things.   Unexpected obstacles interpose.   The first train over a
railroad is an experiment' and if it isn't
ditched, those who   have beeo honored
with free invitations, are always to be con-
gratuled.    In one case, a felon upon the
thumb of our compositor was not the only
binderance. A curiosity seeking lad in en
devoring to ascertain the true inwardness
of some type after they had been  placed
in composition, turned   them into   pie.
However we got there about  the hour
named.   The operations of the press had
been watched with some interest by bovs
whose faces pressed the window pains for
three mostal hours, so that it  ceased to
throb, the news that the paper was ready
for circulation was taken to those who had
felt enough interest in the  matter to a-
wait its   appearance.   When a party appeared at the Riverside hotel with a bundle of the first papers ever published in
Comox district, a shout veal up both loujf
and loud.   Soon quite a crowd bad gathered when three cheers were formally pro
posed the news paper and its publisher?
which were given with a will closing with
a tiger,    Upon a ingestion the company
form and march in twos to the Courtenay
Honse to enable those at the other end of
the village tn join in   celebrating the e-
vent.   Arrived at the Courtenay   House
they were invited in, and after indulging
in a few appropriating toasts which were
of course all accompanied with the best
Canadian wine " the company reformed,
with increased numbers and marched to
the residence of Mr. Joseph Uc Phee who
was recogniied as having beeu   largely
instrumental In establishing a paper in
their midst by   contributing   a generous
bonus.   A rap on the door brought that
gentleman to the front, when he was presented with the first copy of the paper
struck off. by Mr. John W. McCann  who
acted as leader for the parly.   Mr. Mc
Phee thanked them for their appreciation
of his actions in the matter, and invited
them to walk inside, but as some of the
party seemed doubtful by their hesitancy
lo enter, of the property of intruding upon a   private hout��e   the whole party adjourned on invitation to the Riverside hotel where more speech making was indulg
ed   in,   interspereed    with  songs.    Dr.
Young made a capital congratulatory address, which proved that if bis art of heal
injf Is equal to his artof speech, he must in
deed be skilful.   Mr. Robert Grant represented Union, in the impromptu celebrat
ion, and the newenterpme had no more
enthusiastic supporter It is to be hoped
that the Weekly News may prove worthy
the support of its friends, and meet all of
their reasonable expectrons,
The Indian  Prisonkrs
Skokum Charley was sent down to Nanaimo on the last trip of the steamer Joan
to work out his six months of hard labor.
The two other Indians convicted of
the same offence, are still in the Comox jail, to give their friends a chance to
pay their fines, failing which they will be
sent to Nanaimo. The two drunken Indians brought down from Valdez Island
on the late expedition were fined $5. 00
and costs, and are still in jail.
Yesterday afternoon about 2 o'clock,
at the English Church, west of Courtenay, Mr- Arthur Radford was married
to Miss Florence Cliffc, daughter of Mr.
S. J. Cliffe. proprietor of the Lome Hotel- The ceremony was performed by
the Rev, J. X. Willcmar, according to the
beautiful ritual of tha English Church
service, in the presence of quite a number of friends. Mr. Radford had recently built a residence at the Bay, which it
is presumed the newly married couple
will occupy. The News extends it's congratulations.
According to the custom of most conn
try paper: we have made arrangements
for a  regular  weekly  supply of pip.'r-
This week, owing to an accident' th.e
supply did not reach us. We are therefore compelled logo to press with such
paper as we had on hand, oimVing the
usual inside. We hope to avoid this in
Work will soon commence on the new
hotel at Dnluth-
Oyster River would be a good location
for a half-way house.
Urqnhart's mil) is furnishing the lu'm
ber/or Cheney's building on Union aven
Among the Gixcetcd appointment* wo
notice with pleasure that of Dr, W, J.
Young of this place to be resident physician.
The land grant to the Canada Western is J20, 900, 000 acres.
Mr. Joseph McPhee whorccentlv purchased 24 Courtcnav lots ofMc5srs.Sebar
schmidt & Roe has since sold 12 of them
to John Wilson of the ss. Jean.
A 16 foot addition is being mad" to
Cheney's real estate office at the bridge.
Mr. N. Lambert has some fine half-
breed Belgian bares and a few young
ones for sale.
A citixen of this place has discovered
ili4t a drawing-knife is just the thing
With which to scrape a pig..
S. J. Cliffe, R. Swan and Joe Fitzgerald passed here Tuesday morning
going up the valley on, it is repotted,
an exploring expedition.
Mrs. Scharschmidt of the Bay visited
this place on Tuesday and took tea with
Mrs. McKim.
Mis Piercy and another lady were a-
ronnd Monday, making a collection for
rhe Presbyterian Sunday school fund
for Christmas.
It is whispcrrd around that the lot  op.
posite the Cliffe house, at the Bay, which
cost $900, is to have a $5000 building 0   .
it befoie long. n
Th�� Courtenay pharmacy is proving u
great convenience. People wonder how
they managed to get along before.
If vou know of any item of news dont
bottle it up but bring it direct to the news
If those who kindly gave their names
as subcribers before publication of the pa
per willnowaskindlv forward us the rath
wo shall be under still further obligation
Mr. G. F. Clark, the baker of this
place has received the contract for furnishing the Jap miners at Union *'.th
bread. It is estimated that they will require about 50 loaves per day.
Dave Young of Union, one day last
week, shot a bear and deer. Pretty good
for one day's hunt.
Mr. Hugh Stewart, a mile out from
the Bay, is building a house iS by 26.
The lumber is being furnished by Griiil
of Union whose teams seem pretty busy
or this season.
There is some excitement here over
Texarda mining matters and some of
our citizens liAVe gone over to be in il you
know if there proves to be any richness
It is said thai a few hunderod dollars
would dredge out the channel of the
Courtenay River, so as to enable small
steamers to land at the bridge.
Tliefisrt issue of our paper was soon
exhausted although the number of copies
considerably exceeded the subscription
Old timers, Indians and everybody who
claims to know anything nt all about it
are busily engage in prophesying the
hardest kind of of a winter.
A party of prospectors, composed of
Isaac J. Davis, Win Grieve, Harry Piercy, Matthew Little, and R. Swan left on
Tuesday of last week for Texarda, and
were detained two days at the bead of
Denman Island by heavy weather.
The body of Mr. Butler was taken
down to Nanaimo on the steamer Mas*
cotte, Monday evening.
The meeting called for Monday to c-
eet trustee? To fill the vacancy Occasion
ed by the resignation of two of the old
board, elected S. Creech and Wm An-
derton. The other truste* is Tlios.
The boys have been having a fine time
pileb-forking the salmon crowding up the
small streams; and occasionally a trout
following up the salmon would run a-
gainst the fork, and gel transformed to
the shore.
"Snow upon the mountains,'7 exclaimed McKim, senior, as he walked to his
store last Saturday morning, Yes, snow
upon the mountains and there is just
where we like to see it. It looks splendidly��� at a distance.
Tom. Bell of Valdez Island will have
occaslou to remember the late expedition. A drunken Indian accused him
of furnishing him whisky, and he was in-
uited to go along with the returning tfti-
cers to Comox. When the Indian got
sober the next day, be admitted he had
lied about Bell, who was accordingly giv
en a free ride on the Evangeline home
again by Indian Agent, Pidcock.
The manirge of Mr. Radford to Mis.
Florence Cliffe of the Bay was duly celebrated on the evening following the ceremony. The people from far ind near
came to the Lmnc hotel-where the couple were stuping, and found an open house
The contingent from Courtenay came
a trifle late but made up in enthusiasm,
When Geo. Macdonald and Percy
Smith appeared "music arose with it's
voluptuous swell, and all went merry as
a marriage bell." 'The hour were chased
by (lying feet until midnight. The refreshment were both elegant and abunds
nt. It was a gathering long to be remembered. THE  WEEKLY   NEWS,  NOV. 17, 1892,
Published  By  M. Whitney &
Son.   Every Thursday.
Courtenay B. C.
Sis Months     185
u����S\v (,'ui'J-     01-6
katKs ok ADVERTISING:"*"
One Inch l>rr tohi $12 00
..    ..   month      1 60
.. oluhtllCOl   parjimr   85 Oil
..  fourth   *o nO
week, per lino          0 10
l.M.ai Dotfen, I'ttr liuu  ,   on
Niinces of Births, Marriages and
Deaths.   50 cents each insertion.
No Advcrtisment inserted for less than
50 cents.
Mrs Wot, 17,1892
An Agricultural
&  Industrial Society
One of the needs of this community
is an agricuhur*l society.  whcrrl>y th*
fai inn��� especially shall become associat
td tigethi-r, t��nd learu of each  oth*T,
instfad of each   mans  experimenting
for himself.     In noway enn ibis be so
effectually done as by  an Hsuociation
tlmt   shall   iring for exhibition what
(���null    produces.    In that way comparison*,   will be odious   tothoeo   having
a | oor exhibit.    Each will strtva to ex-
cell the other, and ft generous  rivalry
\*ill be^et a Utter huhhnndry.     There
chn be bet little progress where e>ich
one woika  by   himnelf.    He   Requires
the habit of plodding hlong  in the old
way.    It is time  for   a new order  of
hinpi.   AVe  have   a most important
ni-r:cultural section, with ���* good home
market furnished by the losing camps
and the mines, a fertile noil, in factev
cry advantage, and yet no- agricultural
association,    We conirilute by way of
taxation towards the amount which la
annually appropriated for  the encouragement of such institutions, and  wc
should orgauizo and  qualify  ourselves
to rereeve u fair proportion of this money for ihe 1-euitit ofjthis section.   To do
this it ia necessary thst an assocUtion lie
fir mud wi hotit delay that the papers
le  filed with the provincial  secretary
during next month.    Vernon,  Chilli-
wack, Surry, Delta, Richmond, Saan-
uh, and Cowiehan, have all similar or-
g nizatlons,   and    they    havo   done
iiiu. h to produce a b#'tfr farming culture
to increase values, and mam' known she
re ourcna of th* places.    It istrue these
associations lire not confined to thn farmers, neither should ours be.    It is important that it be an Industrul exhibition us well, ai d that the gardener, the
merchant, the mills, and   the mines all
contribute of theii wares or products to
swed the attraction.   Th*t the association may be prosperous, it's   grounds
bhuuld be well chos* n, in some   central
I ortton, convenient to be reached by
t hose who are expected to attend   as
visitors so tliHt the g��te receipts may
be !ar��e.    Sports should  be  provided
and attractions to bring all the  people
together.    It should le made the great
i w nt of the y��ar, in which  weeau all
lake a just pride, aud to which   ��e al[
should in some way contribue.    The
merchant, manufacturer and maehauie
ihould   be   active   in this mater  ui.d
take a badiug part in   its  formation.
Let fonie gentleman sign a call foi a
n eetlng for the purpose of   organization.    As the auctioneer says," Who'll
Hart 'erf'
will preduce n marked change in this
valley1 and with the commencement of
construction) wn may expect li�� ely
timet. We have plenty of room for
���ever*! thousand people here and laud
i notion to j:i wall if them an opportunity to fmni it, who desire to follow
hat occupation. New industries will
spring up. and "the oldest inhabitants
who have workad a Httte  and slept a
good denl, and grown wealthy with all,
will wake up and tub their eyes with
astonishment at the wonderful ..ansfur
u.ation taking place.
The proposed rou;e of this road is
ficm 'be termination of the Esquimau;
AiNanaimO railway at Wellington up (he
coisl, ciossing the Courtenay river a
li tic east of Courtenay, but sum'cicnt-
ly near to accomodate that village, with
a spur running ea*t to the Jiay,. From
Ooti tetwy it will run to fhe mou'h of
the Oamphell river and up to l.Julmh
Where tin' divisuntil shops will be lo
cated. From there, the line will be ex
tended -west and north to the upper end
of the is and. This is thn inland pari of
the tod and will be built first. The
mi In lint? will be connected with a powerful steam ferry running between I>u-
lu h and Waddfngton Harbour, at the
bead of Bute Inlet, From the latter
place th- road will extend through the
Chiicotin, Oariboo and the Peace river
countries up to Yellow head pass. The
cost is estimated at 38,685000 including
tilu ferry at the Narrows, but it is ex-
peoted that the amount realized from
salesof land will amount to $43,122,000
to which may be added a cush subsidy
from the Dominion Govern.)ent of $3,-
200 per mile, or $3,344,000 in all.mak-
in-.; total assets of $46,4 GG, 000. Be-
sides, the Provincial Govern enc has
guaranteed S6'000.000 to $Io 000,000
interest on th-land grant bonds; thecit
y of Viotoria guarantees dividends on
treasure stock of $2 000,000 and term Ill-
its worth 81,000,000, while other benefited towns are anxious to aid the enterprise. Borne of Chicago's best kown
capitalist are said to be interested in
the alfair.
The exact lines have not been definitely agreed upoi. but the general plan
above outlined will probably be adhered
10, and there is little doubt that the first
of March will probably seethe dirt flying between here and Wellington. Tula
The fall w**ather is upon ns, and
with it the Inevitable rain. Living in
��� ViJI-ge would W* much more pleasant
if the crn'ial part ( which istnuuhtrav-
ii��tf ] were provided with sidewulks
Surh a work flows public spirit,tnd
is brtides a great convenience, A n��r
row f��ide-*alk of; three or fonr feat
woolddo very w*ll for abej^nniug.
We hear some talk on thin subj ct
for Courtenay, but what is needed
in action, We know of some parties
who sre willing to contribute and
(fas tit less othm will do��o Some will
(.ive work, some money and some material. We will publish from time to time
nanus of pawns ��bo wili c n tibute for
this* purpose. If enough i.i promised
in chit way to justify a start, tho par
ties will be called together when they
can put the work in the hands of some
praetiblf man to take charge of, and
th-- thing will soon be done. Just
when- the sidewalk should be placed,
will of courxe be determined by those
who contribute. Now gentlemen,
please call and let us knew what you
will give towards this enterprise.
Nanaimo Bulsness Mouses.
In this issue are the advertisements of
some of the more prominent of the business men of Nanaimo. That city is our
nearest trading point for what surplus
our farmers have to send abroad and is
also our best market, In speaking of
the men there we naturally think first of
John  Hilbert,
who has built up in that city a splendid
furniture business which he started over
a dor.cn years ago. He carries a very extensive stock, including beds and mattresses, bureaus wardrobes, parlor furniture and carpets, baby wagons, rocking
chairs, china and crockery, glass-ware
ornaments, and in fact everything required to furnish or beautify a home.
Mr. Hilbert has served two terms as
mayor and at other times has generally
been connected with the city council as
aldeman. He is connected with many
of the more prominent enterprises of the
place, and is thoroughly reliable.
Sloan and Scott
are the leading dry goods firm there.
Both members of the firm are young
men and have built up an enviable trade
by fair dealing and business enterprise
and push. They carry a laiye stock.
Louis   Lawrence
is the proprietor of the Eureka Bottle
Work* and is an extensive manufacturer of soda water, ginger ale, etc. His establishment is a very large on?:. He
has also a branch manufactory at Courtenay B. C. His goods are first class.
M.   R.   Counter.
is the leading jeweler in the city. He
does a large business, and has established a reputation that is worth thousands
of dollars to him. He handles silver
ware of the best brand, and sells at hard
times prices.
Philip Gable
manufactures cigars equal to the best im
ported brands, and employs only white
labor. There is, therefore no necessity for sending money out of the country
when a superior article can be obtained
here at much less cost. Try them and
be satisfied. His place is known as the
Nanaimo Cigar Factory.
Rapcr,   Raper and Co.
arc the principal stationers, and thorough
ly reliable. They keep everything in
their line, and are already doin�� considerable business up the gulf. They have
a faculty of holding their customers.
W.  E.   Mc Cartney
is the manager of the Nanaimo Pharmacy. He is a chemist, and if not a practicing physician, is fully competent to be
one. Any order by miil will be sure to
receive prompt attention and to be as
faithfully filled as any other.
The Nanaimo Really Investment
And Trust Agency
has been characterised from the first for
groat enterprise and energy. They handle a good deal of proerty, and arc able
to dispose of it where others fail. They
are just the parties to go to if you are
looking for a snap.
", Ralph  Craig
is the proprietor of the Nanaimo Carriage Works. He does considerable work for
Ihose living in the Comox district.and ev
ery order he fills gets him several more.
There is nothing like a reputation for
good work. Mr. Craig in learning that
has discovered the secret of success.
George  Bevilockway
is a hard name to pronounce until you
get acquainted with it, but like the man
to whom it belongs it improves on acquain
tance. He is an old merchant and those
who have dealt with him for a doien
yean or so will trade no where else. He
keeps everything in the line of genera
merchandise and buys country produce
and trappers furs.
The Nanaimo Machine Works.
Of Robt. J. Wenborn is perhaps the
best place in the ProvUv* to procure
machinery made or repaired. When wc
have said that we have covered the
whole ground. We may add however
that he does business with dispatch*
Has   ���
Made arrangements whereby it is en
abled to take contracts
for all kinds of
and gaurantee satisfactory work at fair
Those   wanting
Wedding Stationery
Poster Work
Office Stationery
Business Cards
Invitation Cards
Will   please  give us   a   call
So soon as
The Demand
Shall Justify,
Will add to the present
outfit the necessary
Press   and Material
and   do   this class of
At Home.
Staple &
Commercial Street
Nanaimo B. G.
I Make It a Point I Know
For the lasl thirty years having handled Silver Wan, manufnotured by the
Celebrated firms of Ried and Barton���Hodgers 1847���and Meridfn itritanuin,
I know them to be A I.    fgfc. In Jewelry, Clocks, Watches, and  Spectacles
1 Show th" Largest Stock in the city, AT HARD TIMES   PRICES.
Sppcal attention given to rcparing in ALL Branches of the Trade.
B^ Orders by mail will have prompt attention. jpj
M. E. Counter.
Gressent Jewelry Store.
Nanaimo B. C.
Vancouver Furniture farehouseT
K��Ubl!sh<��! IS73-
         Atno Dsalcr Id        ���
Telephone* NANAIMO   B.  C. ���.*�������
Nanaimo Cigar Factory.
Philip Gable, Proprietor.
Saatos Gtraat      ���    Nanaimo B. O.
Manufactures   the   finest   cigares,
employing none but white labor.
Why purchase inferior foreign cigars,
when you can obtain a superior article for the same money?
Eaper Raper & Oo.
Booksellers,     BUtiouera,
Oonsral   New*   Agents.
Nanaimo. B. C.
Nanaimo Machine Works
Robert Ji Wenborn'
Fraser Street
Near Bastion Street Bridge
Nanaimo' B. C.
All Kinds of Machinery made to order
and repaired.
Fruit Trees
Mainland Nursery *
���      Ladners Landing B. C.
A large supply of three and four year old
Also Pears Plumes, Prunes, and Peaches
Ornamental trees for lawns  and grass
plots.   Small fruits,   shrubs   and evergreens of every variety.
f A Gilchrist,
Agent for Comox District.
The Nanaimo Pharmacy
V&naimo B. 0.
W. E. Mc Caruioy Chemist,
Pure Drngn Chemical;) and Patent
P-hrdcMiB   Precipitin, uil nil order. Hll.il
with car. And il.Hp.tuh. 1*. o. ttoi 12
Geo. Bevilockway,
-*-    Red House    -*-
Oommorcial St     a   Nanaimo. B. 0.
Dealer in General Merchandise.
Highest cash Price Paid for Kurs.Hidcs,
and Country Produce.
Ralph Craig's
Nanaimo Steam
Baston St Bridge, Nanaimo, B. C.
General Blaclcsmithing, Horseshoeing
Carrage Building, etc.
Wagons and Farming Implements
made aud repaired. Miners' Auger Drilling Machines made to order on short
J. G. Melvin
Experienced Watchmaker
Manufacturing Jeweler
And Diamond Setter,
Work done for the trade.
Repairing a specially
A trial solicited
Orders by mail
Box 598, No 308 Abbot St. Vancouver.
Eureka   Bottling Works,
���        BAKUK.4CTUKEH Vt        	
lrsipirilla,   and Champagne Cider, Iron Phosphates, Syrups.
Bottler of Different Brands of Lager Beer Steam Beer and Porter.
Agent for Union Brewery Company.
Courtenay B.  C.
The place contains 160 acres, and is located a few
miles from Courtenay, has about
25 acres cl:e3.a.:r,:eid
and. 15 acres are suitable for the plough
|y   This farm must be sold
Apply to
J. McPhee.
I have nome spler.ded lots
for sale, both business and residential
Now is the time to buy to
adruntage before the Canada
Westain Railway reaches here.
With the advent of the railway, in addition to the other
conceded advantages of the
IJ ace, prices must rule very
This town is located in the
midst of the largest agricultural
setdement on Vancouver Island. It is within six miles of
Union Mines affording the farmers <A the valley the very
best home market, and is situated on die only highway
leading from the settlement to
the mines. The lumber interests of this section are most ex
tensive, and are aji important
factor in our progress.
The per cent of improvements of this town during the
present year is greater than
any other place the Coast
can boast of, and the march of
improvement is still onward.
The prosperity of the town
has for its foundations, therefore large mineral, agricultural,
and timber recources. It may
also be added that no section
furnishes a better field for the
sportsman. Fish and game
are always abundant and our
hotels 0/ the besL
For particulars  address.
Joseph McPhcc
Courtenay B.C.
W. C. Cheney
[   Office at the bridge ]
Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer.
Lots sold on easy terms.
Money to loan on chattle mortgage.
Comox Saw Mills.
Rough and Dressed Lumber
White Pine always in stock.
All orders executed promptly.
Comoi B.G,
.1 has opened up a
Dry Goods
Boots and Shoe Store
Grocery &
A full stock of goods will always be carted.
A share of your trade is solicited.
Weaim to keep a well regulated stock or
MERCHANDISE and at prices as low if not beneath our
General Merchandise
0OM0X, U. C
A large consignment of Cooking and Heating
stoves received this day, par Steamer Comox.
\V. J. Young.
P. F. Suharschmidt.
Also Fancy Toilet Articles
TOBA030  JLJ&T)  OIC3--A.S,S.
1 have for sale some Splended  Lots and  Blocks a   little
A.s is now understood, the Canada Western will run Its track
Directly Through The Property
in passing from Courtenay to Union Wharf. Figures low and
terms reasonable now, but prices will be advanced before long
and may be doubled any day . Opportunity is our guest at
..resent, and once neglected  NEVER    RETURNS.
Office .it Courtenay. Wm Cheney, Real Estate Agt
Tha Courtenay  Hotel
Laadintf hotel of Comox Diatriot
Everything tint clOM.
Bataa from $1.00 to $8.00
Bar supplied with cuoiceet liquor*
Thi* section is the   Paradise   for
Hunter* aud Fishermen, and a favorite
resort for visitors from the cities.
R. Graham, Propr.
Esquimalt and Nanaimo Ry.
StmiHter Jonn
On and afier Aug. 33rd, 1S92
The Stearai-r JOAN will tail as follow.
l.ejvo VlOtArta, Tuowl.T, ft ft. M.
"  Nanaimo for Comox, W��anw4ftr. Tarn
"   Comox for ValdalUlattd. TlmrS'lay T a.u>,
1 Returning Mia.tUr 1
U*r�� Comox for Nanaimo,       Fridays, T tt.ni.
Nanaimo for Viotorla,  8alutd��r, t��m
Tor freight or state rooms apply on
board, or at the Company's ticket office,
Victoria Station, Store street.
Dr. W. J. Young
Physician tf Surgeon
Courtenay Pharmacy
All persons driving ovpy tho wharf
or brldgee in Comox di.tnct faster
than a walk, will be prosecuted accord
iitu, to law.
K. Oivrch
(Jov. AljOllt.
Two c""d Ktiin^lo iniltenare wan
ted 10 whom good wngwiwlll Im paid,
'stciitly employment given.
Enqtlira ai. the
Now* Olfioe
Riverside   Hotel
Courtenay B C
J. J, Grant, Propritor
The liotal is one of the best equipped
011 the Pacific Coast, ami is situated at
tne mouth of the Courtenay Kiver, between Union and the large farming settlement of Comox.
Trout are plentiful, in tho river, and
large game abounds in the neighborhood
The liar connected with the hotel is
kept well supplied  with tho best wines
and liquors.   Stage  connects   with all
Steamers.   Terms moderate
Esquimalt & Nanaimo R'y.
Time  Table   No.   17,
To tuka elfect at 8.00 ��. m. on Friday
Sentomtwr UOth 18BH. i'raina run
ou Paeiflo Otaudard Tiui*^____.
And Restaurant
Courtenay B.  C
Best   of   everything,   in   his    line
Always   on   hand.
Frazer & Thomas ���
Stage and Livery Business
Stage connects with all steamer* at
���Ihe Day.    *    ' '*H  ���       ��     '*
Also do a gcnerrl
Teaming Business
Orders may be left at toe Cowtenaj
Uitel. or this office.
McCann & Cession!
Carpenters   *
And Builders
General Job Work
Courtenay B. C,
Reality' �� Investment
A Good shoemaker is needed at Courtenay. He should be able to meud
Wtfueases;   A married maa   prefared
This is a snap for ta* right uwu.
ft!   .
C/l   ���
McArdle's   Ana    tttire   will   Uavt
CouamiAT for Oohox
a) 1 p. tn on WxDSiaDATa, returning
altar mail hour.
OngATUIDAT the ��U|ie will laava
f"ocRTB��Atr tor Cokoj at 8 a. 111. Kr-
taraing leave
at lO a. in., returning 10 Comox aaraa
Mail for Friday mornlng't boat
closes at I p. m.  on Thnrdiays.
W" keep a carefully itleoted stnok
Fan* Uootb and ShoU a Sfitoiai.t��.
v      Duncan  Bros.
A Ooaeignment   ot Holiday Toys
J. W. McKenzie
Courtenay,, 0.*%^'
General Illaclamithing
and Home Shoeing;.
Lougers' Work a Socially.
80 Acres of timber land.mootly
Mr Botloth
About   4 miles   from    Comox
Landing     Terms resonable
Apply at the
I hive hid my premises in much   con-
fu>icn lately, owins  to repairs  which  I
uuvi been tntdting  io lb* premises, that
I have nr-t beeu able tn jive attention  to
my baking department which Li required
(Or the'be'si results. 1 hurt now no far
completed my arrangements, that I can
promise in future that there will be no
just complaint, nod'that the beat bread
cakes, etc, *iil always he on hand. Par-
ties hotels, and families supplied with th*
best and special orders promptly ait* nd-
ed to. Thanking tt:c public forthcli liber*! patronage in the past, I solicit a continuance uf the some in lite folure.
Re ipectfhlly,
E. Y. CUt.
Comox   Mutual    Improvement
At a meeting held at the house of
Messrs Robbin* and Bennett nu the 7'"
ult. it was decided to or^aui'.e theConiox
Mutual IropniVrjinent AssucUlim. Mr.
William Htltlday w.ihc1c<;cci PrcAident,
Mr. Robblns Vice President and J. B,
liennett Secretary and Troa^nrer, Ihi
ubject of the aasocintton in to diHCUss any
department In n4iur.1l hmorr, science
and literature thai the memberi may deride on from time to inn*., believing that
jlsru*skm alwava gives clear id���� Piir
iiitj tlili *i:it^r they have decided lo tike
jp th^ study af (jeology and are at pres-
tnt reading the "Princesa" by Unttysop
Aaodltinii Members may also prepare
itpeciul essay on subjects.
The maetingo are ii^M from house tn
boose amongst the members. Acyrdlal
invltntmn 1�� given to all .who wish tn �����
nite with the iusi.iiat.iou la hair! |n then
namts to any of ths officers 01 members.
Tha story of the robbery and shooting
on Valdei Inland a fortnight 01 more *yu,
isun-loubtedly tme. but Mr. J, W. Galloway Is'nt the name of the victim, V����
have the best of evidence of that lor he
Vi\i 16 himself, arid we think he ought
to'know- Besides that lit did not tire on
the Indian's. It wan not him With tha
poet he can exclaim
"Shake not your gory locks at me
Thou cans't not sayl did i''1
Here Is his letter;
I see from your initial issue
of' the Newt that Indians have robbed
the house of William GaJloway nod that
he fired at them wounding one of them
severely. Now' sir. beinx the only o.ie o(,
ihat name, 1 wish to state that my house
has not been robbed, and that I did not
five 00 them. My relations with the-India hs are snch as not to necesntartusing
fire arms,
Yours truly
J. G. G;vnowtvr?
���'   Missionary.
Our Victoria Letter
��� Budget of Bacw, Ooseipy   Newa
Something* About   Koet Xverytbing-
Intereating Vacte in Brief.
The past week has been marked by
unprecedeniedly rough weather.
Captain Hissett the popular sealing tliip
per was married last Monday evening
The sealing schooners honored tie occasion with displayed bunting.
Coal is steadily going up. No more
black diamond at $5.50 a ton this winter.
he lowest price now is $6,00 and
hat will not last long. Those who laid
in several tons when the dealers were
trav'iliny on bed rocs nnw wear an eighteen inch smile.
The mutiny on the River Ganges, if
mutiny it can he called, was caused by
the disgusting food the poor sailors were
compelled to eat. The biscuit served
out to 1 he in was actually rotten and the
tnanKots crawled from the staff when laid
on the table. The real of the food was
hkewisc horrible and not fit for a dog.
The case is gomg through the courts
here. There it strong evidence that tha
men were shockingly ill used.
It now appears that the formidable
new battle ship Ron/a! Arihur will succeed
(he Warspite as flag ship. The [Warspite
goes home on December 5th. A grand
ball to the officers will precede her departure.
Reverend Coverdale Watson went
after the liquor men in lively style in his
sermon last cjunday evening in Pandora
Avenue Methodist Church. Healso said
the press of Victoria was afraid of the saloon keepers and dare not speak out.
A great deal of innuiry is being made
here regarding the intention of the Canada Western Railway; A re;Ue*.tate man
prophesies that therew'llbea big boom
in Duluth before next summer, and that
it has spendid advantages as a town site.
This would mean the opening up of the
grand country adjacent to Courtenay,
which experts who have lately returned
from that region say is tha verv cream of
agricultural land,
Two ��� rsi ctass'theatrical attractions are
hooked for the Victoria theatre, the Puff
Opera Company on Monday and Tuesday
iijhts, In Muscagni's tireat opera ',Cav
aller.i Rustlcnna," and Suppe's amusing
open ** A Trip to Africa". Gilbert and
Sullivan'-, famous favorite 'Trial by Jury
Then Alexander Salvia! the younger, pro-
bftbly the greatest in America comes early
in December. Courtenay people who
want to seen realty first class entertainment should make an effort to "take in"
one or the other.
London sealskin sales reported here
this week as better than 1asrveai'-i.-x��igbt
sbtltipp* a skin more was obtained. A
good thing for Victmia of rnvr.v.
Something unprecedented in the history of British Columbia will be the presence of the whole city council at the entertainment in Victoria theater on Wed-
nesday night, given hv the Ladies Auxiliary ofiheN.M.C. A.
Lasi Saturday the sealing captains defeated the seal huntetsai a game of base
ball at -Ileacon Hill Park, 36 to 22.
The hunter* want revenge and have issued a challenge
The steamship Empress of China is
duL-here on Wednesday 23 from theorient
with 250Chinese and 50 cabin passengers
and a heavy freight.
The damage to th*! str. Joan sustained
ip bfr collison whl.thi Cuteji in Kanni-
mo.harbor io estimated by experts at
Albert S. Langlay, a 16 veer old Victor
is boy has been awarded the British Royal Humane .Society's, gold medal for distinguished bravery in plunging into a ran
al lock at Warwick, England, and gillant
ly rescuing a   drowning boy.
At 1 o'clock on Saturday morning, the
19th inst, the full rigged ship Ericsson,
1563 tons register, Captain,Henn"tt, in
ba last from San Francisc* to Nanaimo
foi coal, the largest sailing ship on the
Pacific Coast, ran upon the rocks at the
Entrance Island, Barclay Sound, and
became a total wreck. The crew were
washed upon the reef The Ericsson split
amidships, ihc after part sinking in deep
water. The helmsman could not see the
recks for thcdrisiling rain and the shin
plunged her bowsprit against the bluff.
A stroma southwest gale was blowing;'!
the t:m? and the ship was 40 m ies out (f
htr co'use.
On Friday night, the 18th inst, fifteen
miles ofTCape Flattery, (he American too
ion bnrkentine PI inter;Captatn Dow, crew
of 12 all lold. and loaded ��ith to \ 000 ft,
of lumber from PnrtGamble to Honolulu
encountered a frightful hurricane which
laid the shin on her.twtm *nd and shifted
her deck cargo The crew took to the
rigging and remained there all night.
The captain crawled to the wheel and
mtinaged to head her for Race rocks and
under small -ail she flew before the gale
The tug Lome then took hrr in tow, and
landed her in James Hay whore she li'ss
now, badly careened to starboard. Her
deck cargo is being lightered "IT.
Agricultural    and    Industrial
Society Meeting Called.
Believing that the time is opportune for
the organization of an agricultural and
industrial society In this district, and that
important advantages are likely to flow
from it, we nnitein accordance with the
suggestion made in last weeks issue of the
THE WEEKLY NEWS, in requesting-all
parties interested in the objects of such a
society, to meet at the school house at
Conrtenay, on Nov, 29th. at 7.30 p. m.
for the purpose of considering the advisability of organizing sucn a society, and
if thought best, to take such steps a*
' may he necessary for its formation.
'*,v J. McPhee
Wm. Halliday
S. Cliff
Wm. Duncan
t A. Urquhart
S. 1. Piercy
Music Teacher Wanted
Music teacher is wanted to lake charge
td the singing class n( the school at Court
enay, after school hour;, for two or three
niyhts per week, for four weeks, A lady
teacher is preferred. Cood pay will de
given. Application may be made to the
teacher, F. W. Robcins,. His address :s
The Three Explorers
Terrible Experience Traveling
the Swamp-Fearful Wind Storm
ifVyi iads of Deer - Mountain of
Iron within Sixteen Miles of
Last week, as noted before, three of the
principal men of the Bay went up the
valley, intending to reuck the mountains
about 16 miles from here, and procure
Some specimens of iron oi�� for Mr. Duns-
muir. Mr. Cliff had been there before,
a dozen years ago or so, and knew just
where to" go. They are all back now and
we hastened to interview one of the party, They got along without anything
worthy of note happening until they reach
ed a large timbered swamp boidering
uponaniron mountain. This of course^
they undertook lo cross Although raining elsewhere, it snowed here* and rendered the travel anything but pleasant-
They were in another climate. It was
dismally cold and the chilly winds cut
them to the quick, Still they trudged on
climbing over fallen trees, and at times
crawling under them. The ground *ai
soft and spongy and let them it up to
their knees, and nccasionollythey would
come to a hole with a veneer of snow for
a eover, and then ihey would g;> down to
their hips, and sometimes mil) be able to
reach up a hand which their more lucky
companions on the firm ground would
seize and lift them up. ihey were not
philosophers, and it is t ot strange then
when they stepped into une of these trap
holes, if their language became a little
picturesque, It is singular how easily
the tongue wraps around a big word of
execration which if attempted to be jet
in type would snap the forms. As they
proceeded the difficulties appeared tomttl
tiply, but iheir vocabulary rose with the
occasion and as ihey went through ihe
snow into the water, slumping and bumping across the swamp the very air became blue wiih their lurgid ejaCulatons,
Soon   tbey heard   a   roaring  sound.
Were they coming to a river? They
had not f��r to go before they reaJiied that
it wai a raging, merciless mountain river
of air that was upon them. Most cf
the trees were dcAt], and they swayed
and creaked and groaned and snapped,
falling like the ripe grain before tne reaper. Run lur your Uveas, cried one^ A
big cedar lay near with it's roots high in
air, and one made for that as  a shelter.
Standing sinldsi ihe dry trees which
were ree'ing like drunken men around
a huge green fir, with it's roots
Stretched out deep in ihe ground, the
monarch of the swamp,   was observed.
The seme of peril drove snme to this
and wishing to keep t-jgetherthe balance
followed, and an they reached it, a falling tree scrapod off it's branches on the
side where they stood, leaving them
only time to seek the other side; and the
falling branches and. trees kept them dancing about that fir for what seemed to
thent an age
When the wind abated somewli.il our
adventurers tearing another wiud storm
moved forward to the first treeless bench
of the mountain   where they encamped.
Here they found deer about as
thick as rabbits in Australia, and soon
supplied themselves with plenty of venison. They were ravenously hungry,
and become so distended with their first
meal that they looked like thecaric^tuies
of their former selves.
"Well, what of the specimens of iron
"Oh, we didn't gel within two miles 0
the place, owing to the snow Besides
we were glad to get back".
''Then further attempts to 'get specimens will be deferred until spring?-'1
"That's about the sue of it".
"How large a quantity of iron ore is
there to be found there anyway?"
"Well, sir.aU the ships in the world
couldn,t bring it away in a thousand
As we turned to go we requested the
favor of an iuvitatiou to accompany
tilt expedition in the spring.
Cour'tenay Athletic Association
This-association was organised in Jane
last, with J. D. Bennet President and T.
W. Robbins Secretary and Treasurer.
tt is now proposed to take active steps
to obtain a suitable building here, and for
purposes of obtaining the necessary rands
it is thought a few entertainments may be
given. There are quitw a number of
young men here in Crrarteaay who would
be glad lo avail themselves of the benrfits
of such an institution, and we think every
encouragement should be given. By all
mea���� m us have the entertainments.
��� Thursday Night Lecture.
vfr"k oVrVCa'-'i of Vanco uver delivered a very interesting address on temper-
anct at lite school house in Courtenay,
on Thursday evening of last week1
' Although there was no notice tivan a-
iide from passing the word round a very
good audieuce wus in attendance, who
were greatly pleased with the gentleman'*
effort. His speech wai replete with
good sense and Some practical advice.
In addition to this, he gave a few appropriate recitations, showing good elocutionary powers, lie however is not a
professional lecturer, hut a bustneii man
repnenting Major & Eldrldge. one of the
Ingest and brM commission eoutes in
Vancouver. When he come* again he
will be sure of a warm reception, especially by those who had the pleasure of
hearing him.
An Attractive   Entertainment
The entertainment to be given Thuri
day evening, Dee. 1 promises to be a
gteatsuceev It will consist of dusts a net
qtwririt- recitations and readings, In ad
ditinn there w.ll he some novelties *-
mong.whlch will be a shadow pantominc.
A gypsy scene will be worth the en-
trancefee. Then there is the Bellamy
quadrille-looking backward is���but we
are not aurtborizeU to teal Gc and see
for >oursclves, and tike lady. ,-
Remember the place is   Knights 0
Pyhias Mall at the Bay.
Doors open at 7 Commencement at 7:30
McCutcheon, who operated as a real
estate brok' r in this section ,not long ago
now in jail ai Nanaimo, chmgtd with
We are under obligations to John J,
Mr Kim for a brace of nne ducks. When
John J. takes aim al any tort of game it
gives up without a struggle, like Crocket's
coon up a tree, which seeing the well
known rifle, called out that there was no
Dsed to wast powder, as he would hasten
dowe as soon as he could arrange hi* of���
A combination potato*, coneiating of
three potatoes grown together like the
Siamese twins, and weighing five pounds
which the farm of Geo Grieve lave birth
to, may be seen at the Lome Hotel at
the Bay. As the doctors say that are ail
doing veil alec *e farm.
Coneert December 1.
Call at the office and subscribe.
There is aflutter of excitement���Dec. 1
One of the pigs which Sam, Piercy
sold retently got homesick and returned
They hav- a large consignment of
harnesses and Christmas toys at Mc
J. B. Holmes and Ceo. K. Crabble have
been paying a visit to the   Capital.
About 100 miners came uu on the 1 label ycsierdiv for the mines.
James Curtis cut his wrist yeyterday
���but not seriously.
The Duncans keep a fine cdunt-y
Mr. N. Lambert ha> moved int�� his
new house on Isabel itraat,
McArdle's fine covered stage i* now
making regular trips. See his advertisement,
Srme morebuiding sin prospect) and
in fact building ne\ er ceases in this go-
ahead place.
The fines collected from the Valdez Island prisoners it \t said more than paid
the whole expense of the expedition,
The meeting to organize an agricultural
society wiil be held on Monday night
neat at the school house.
Artificial means are some time* adapted to produce black e;.cs. They are
exp nsive and require to be occasionally
renewed in order to retain their lustre.
Ihe old Klk hotel at the Hay keeps up
it's well earned reputation aa nne "fthe
most homelike anc comfortable pU- c en
th* coast.
Fraier & Thomas have sold their dairr
cow�� to James McKlver of Ovsier Rave ,
and iheirmiik team, cans, etc.,io Wm
Meiherson-farmer, uear the ludlan rsn-
Last Monday Merle Halliday shot
and killed a buck which weighed'dtesstd
11; pounds. It was pocked home fora,
distance ol a mile and a ha.f.
It is reported that Mr. Browp who has
been for some time wUli Mr. Hot men ac
the Bay, will joiti Mr Sharp in his Duluth business venture.
Mr. Wil.is of Vancouver, Provincial a-
gent of that sterling organisation, the Can
itdi.tn Mutual Loan and investment Co,
of Toronto visited Union, Comox and
this place during the wuek'
J. It- Holmes is in receipt of a f.ne
Grand Piano manufacted by the Dominion Organ and Hatiu Co., lor winch he
is agent, He respectfu'ly solicits the
public inspection.
The str. Isabel came up yesterday In
place ot the Joan , 1 lie Intior being disabled on Tuesday by being run lutu by
the Culch just outside the w liari at Ntinat-
mo   ThK (liifuUge is etitimaicd at$3oco.
C. B, Rabson has sold a block of tea
acres between Comox Day and Courtenay
tu��nsite, to Wm Cheney, It is understood tne price is 10 the ntdghborhuud
of iioo per acte. It is a splended block
end will eta up nicely into lots.
The fiat nutili side uf, and near the
bridge is spoken ol favorably as a good
location for the station at this point on
the Canada Wcsttru.
Mr. H. C.Clark, representing Thompson. Bros, wholesale stationers; and
pnliteis 01 Vancouver, was through tha
district taking orders inCotuox, Ceurte
nay and Union, k-r hi, house.
A strong petition lor a post office at
Courtenay baa been forwarded i�� the
authorities* The petition also asks for
a service twic*j a neck between Comox
and Courtenay and Uni��n, tu correspond
��� ith the'new postal regulations to be established between Cuiuox and Nanaimo,
There was a plea>ant social gathering
at Horace Smith's residence, up ihc valley, on Friday night of last week, The
htavy rain iateiferred some what ��i'b the
Mr. Herman, surveyor, of the firm ot
Gardner, Herman \ Burweil came up on
last weeks trip of the Comox *nd went
north with his assistants 10 Duluth to
survey the site of the future city. ��
There are few places of ihe sue of Com
ox whirh can afford a private school, but
that is no reason why the new trustees
khould not bestir themselves, and make
arrangements without unnecessary delay
to reestablish the regular district school.
Some people use their teeth in a '.crap
'Ihey must in ve a strange appetite.
Their was ai..n>e foi two horses at tbe ,
Riverside hole! Saturday evening.    The     V
highest throw was 44 and Was  made by
Dave Jones  for  Captain   italic.- of the
ss. Joan.
Mr. E. F. Clay, the baker, sold the
printer's devil a loaf of bread last week
which greativ angered him. The bread
was all light no finer bread **-> ever
baked but the devil only eats ginger*
bread, and thought the baker should
have known it; so to got even he changed the type in an item, so as to make
Clay's name read Clark, thereby robbing
him of his baptismal appellation' It was
There was a social dance at the residence af Isaac J. Davison Bay avenue
Tuesday evening of this week. It was a
very pleasant affar. There,were a number from Union and the Bay was also rep
resented. The music was furnished by
Alex. Graham and Geo. McAllister. Refreshments were served at I a.
He���Will yon be mine, dearest?
She-If you take me to the entertainment of the Good Templars at Comox
next Thursday evening you shall have
my answer there.
Let  us be consistent.    We have been
praying for some months for ihe Duus-
inufrs 10 reopen the mines.    Now that
tbey have done so let us not be cursing       |
them for bloated monopolists for at least      p
some days.
Steamboat News
The str. Comox arrived at 11 p, m.
yesterday bringing n large list Of passengers for the north, Including a party of
prospectors for CampbcllKiver, and Mr.
Krron, who is about to open up his log*
sing camp, Mr. Seabeck, who had been
hurt in the woods, took passgc on the
boat last Sunday and as the steamer was
coining through Welcome Pass at 3. m.,
he died. 7
Not in hta cradle sleeping
Is mr'darllng baby fair -
Nor on the carnel Bra ulna -
Hut InhUtftbtuohnir;
Ho sleeps auchnwj tlarXbcr
For its ln-.i'i'i'iui ,Mr.'- iii'iimber
HNprottftoclw  o golden.
IfiOTBil bvthasuinnwrbraaae]
No fairer ��iita>behnl(tQn
By mothers ��4o, caan those,
RiaallvBr spoon has fallen,
Whni carta he (or It now I
Soph minor thing* do pall on
Swool baby's1 Bonus now,
Tlf'H 'cvplliiijf in thf fauciiK
Ofohiltthooa'a blMt domain,
Whoro innoooneo enhances
His Bwootohorublorelgn.
oil, toll ma nrit of pleasure i
Bui gtvo me cottage troasuree
Like thi* town to day,
A lUtlocharub dreaming -
A budjusl oponinKfMr -
A light divinely beaming
On ovory rising care.
niiflii bin i
i fnl
Maymj dovonover���lumbar
\\ heraoovort danger Ilea,
May vlrtiio'ii forco outnumber
Temptation till it tl.o-.
Baby! tin
��0<in 1
Like aofteat l>
3onn will comn
Of homo life'
Id Is bo
my life sot
thy fair br
"��� pattc
a Queer Hide-
Daisy was roasting apples before grand*
.. i'b fire���two greatspjoy " Porters " They
It mg from tho mantle by strings tied about
i'lau* stems, and they sputtered mid sung
tnl bobbed about, keeping time to the
���terry fire that danood behind the bra&s-
..ieH'ii-,1  " dogs.'"
Grandma   and  Daisy  were   " keoplng
house" to-day, while father and mother and
*he boys went to the County Fair.
Daisy could  not go.   A naughty tooth
had pulled no one cheek so that Tom Bald
she looked like a squirrel with his mouth
��tidled with corn.
A bio; teur would crowd its way out in
.pltc of Daisy's trying to wink it hack. It
i "��� 'Merrily off her fat cheek, and fell apat !
r ^r  i tmii'a Imnd.
.biiry-toity I" cried grandma, making
!"���: tive she did not ccc it. " Why, those
apples will burn, sure enough ! Give them
;�� whirl, Daisy, and bring out the little
silver toa>pot( with tho liny creanvjug and
the two little pewter plates that Joanna
Kettle gave me for being named for h��r-
llttle enough, too, for BUCh a name as that,
shouldn't yon think, Daisy'.'" laughed
grandma, pulling lier little round table forward with tho crook of her oane, and be-
ginning to arrange the tiny damask cloth,
for Daisy and grandma were going to dlno
isy the cozy chimney-corner.
M When I was a little girl," said grandma
tlroppingn lump of sugar from the silver
tongs .',i(ii her china cup, "my mother was
sent for one day late in November logo ov
and help tier mother prepare for my Aunt
Judith's wedding supper.
"It was two miles off to grandma's house.
1 cried logo, too, but mother would not
hear of such a thing. She had got to take
along PrlsBV, the baby, and I must stay at
homo and help look after little brother
" I rebelled loudly, but mother was linn,
and Bhfl loft me making a great, commotion
in the kitchen, naughty girl that I was !
'���Toward the middle of tho forenoon
grandpa came along on horseback,���almost
every one went on horseback those day*,���
and called in to our house to get warm, lie
Wentout early to the store, live miles, to
get some spice and ralBtns, and get a hug ol
wheat ground for Aunt Judith's wedding*
cake���wheat flour was only used on special
"He carried those things in two great
leathern saddle-hags hung mi either side of
tho horse. Ruch bag held a bushel, 1 should
" Well, l determined to go home with
llim in some way. 1 saiil nothing, but I
thought very fast and in a minute 1 stole
out to the barn and looked into the hags.
" The Hour and raisins must go of course,
for Aunt Judith couldn't lie married that
night without the cake, I thought. These
weio all in one bag, but in the other was a
great study bundle���grandma's wool rolls,
1 thought.
"Out it came, and was tucked in a hole I railroad would Increase the' Immigration
in tha haymow and in I scrambled, pulling from about 10,000 a year, which il in now,
tho leathern flan well down over my brown ��� to hundreds of thousands and it will result
hood, and drawing the great saddle blanket, in the opening up of North Asia to civili/a
in which grandpa wrapped his feet, close
about the Img,
" I had hardly got settled when grandpa
came out, look a pinch of snuff and mounted.
" Somehow ho spilled a lot of snuff into
the blanket. Pretty mtlek it began to tickle
my nose, the tears name Into my eyes,���1
pinched my nose and stuffed it into the side
of inv waddoO hood. Oh dear I J must���
" K-cii-ch * out it came���a, smothered
little sneeze. Grandpa thought 'twos one of
tha hens that had got choked with a wheal
heard," ami grandma laughed as she sipped
her tea.
" Well, off we went, joltingand dangling
over the ixugli, frozen road, and before WO
got hallway there 1 wished I was at home ;
lor either the smill' or the swaying of tho
saddle-bag mada me just slak. Then grandpa's buskinod leg lay right on top ot my
head, and I didn't dare to stir.
"It seemed miles and miles through those
woods, and grandpa kepi boating Ills heels
to keep l hem warm,     lint just us il seemed
nsi( I must soreatu right out I heard Jowlor,
grandpa's dog, bark.
"In a minute mother and Aunt, Judith
ran to tho door, and grandpn was tumbling
at the hags.    Ho lifted the flap of mv   hag.
"���Shol who: I'll ho whipped [fheroatnt
Joan I Mother : i Jul,! Wolf, hop out bore
child, and take some cf tho kinks out of
yourself |"
"'But whoro's my gowni father?" cried
Aunt Judith. "Did ynu forget it, or hadn't
Miss Toiupy got it done?"
"Tnen it at onl thai it was'.ho wedding
gown that I bid stuffed Into the hole in the
"Dismayed and awfully ashamed, Iw
tuoked right bank Into the saddlo.hag, and
was bounced home again, grandpa eliucklim
all the Way,"
How ihe ii-ou Hatafl is Ritbed andCroomed In ihr l.iuil wf the n.r -KukIii
PlUllIllg Her Way lain ui*.
The English are naturally somewhat excited at tiio encroachment of the Russians
upon tha Asiatic provinces bordering upon
their Indian posws.su.il. The fact is that
Russia regards Central Asians her territory,
and she is adding to her Aslatlo possessions
ueh faster than the world realises. While
was in Pel;in a. year or so ago 1 heart! the
Chinese growling at the way in which she
wos inching upon them. Every year or so
Russia would move ihe boundary lino a little hit farther down, and she has bo enlarged
Siberia that the country contains more than
four million square miles, and i', promises
to be one of the moil valuable countries ol
the world of thfl future.    The wheat area of
Siberia is rapidly Increasing and there is a
vast emigration going on from Russia into
Siij'-ria, which promises to change the face
of that country. The Siberian trade of
Russia already amounts to millions of dollars a year, and on the Volga you uce caravans of boats loaded with iron and wheat
and salt, which have been brought from
Siberia to Perm and thence floated down the
Kama River into the Volga ami up the Volga
to Nijni-Novgorotl, from whence they go by
railovei the empire.    The increase in Aslat*
le export* and imports since the building
of the new railroad toSamarcaiid is wonder-
lul. This road hoe been In operation only
about live years, and It is already psylug
expenses ami a moderate interest on tho Investment, it runs more than a thousand
miles right into the heart of Asia
and it brings you within about
BP0 miles o| the railroads in India.
Indeed, 1 hud thought uf taking this road
to Samaicand ami thence making my way
by caravan ami by boat across Afghanistan
to Quatta or I'eshauwr, whence I would
hive taken the railroad to Oaloutta and
thence have gone back to America by way
of San Francisco, making a tour of the
world in this way. 1 find, however, that
my tltlfe hi too limited forme to carry out
this project, but, 1 propose it for one of the
globe trotters of the future. It would bo a
new ami an original route, aud I am eon
vlncod that the trip could ho made at the
expenditure of a little nerve and some
money. It ought not to take more than a
month to get through from Samarkand tn
Lahore, and at this point you would he in
the heart of the wonders of North India.
The English fear to build a road to connect
with the Russian line, but the Russians are
pushing their road right on, and if they arc
t alone ihey will open up all parlsof Asia.
The recent famine bus increased railroad
building In Russia and a number of new
roads have been commenced in order to give
the starving peasants something  to do.
There Is a new line being built along 'he
Caspian Sea, and the Tarter city of Kazan
is being connected with the railway system
of the   Volga.    The   chief of the  railway
branch of the Interior Department of St.
Petersburg, with whom I talked tho other
lay, tells iec that the work on the Trans-
Siberian Road is still going on and that
about IfiO miles of ithavoheon built from
Vladivostok, on the Pacific, to the west
that the work is advancing in
other parts of Siberia. This Siberian
road will run from Vladivostoek across
Siberia to Russia and it is estimated
that    when   it    is   completed    passengers
will be able to go from Moscow to Valdi-
vnstook in fifieen days, ami the time
around the world ought to bo then re
duced to less than fifty days. T am told
that the road will cost about 3100,000,000.
The Russian Government has made surveys
of all the possible loutcs and the one
lhat will probably be adopted will take
advantage of the navigable livers on the
way and will by this means lie able to large*
Iy reduoo tho amount of track. If an
all-rail route is made it will he nearly 6,000
miles through Siberia alone and it will cost
8170,000,000. By tho use of the rivers the
necessary track can bo cut down from three
to two thousand miles, bin in this ease the
road will bo practically useless for six
months of the year on aecount of the freezing of the rivers an 1 lakes during the winter. Oon, AnnenkolT, the builder nf the
Trans-Caspian Road, estimates that tha Siberian Road can be completed in tive years,
and that by 1807 WO may have trains running from the Baltic to the Pacific. This
road will Open lip some of the richest wheat
growing countries of the world and it will
enable machinery to be taken to the Siberian gold mines, which are now practically
unworkod for the lack of it. Siberia is
being rapidly colonized by the Russians,
lull thi' country is so vast that they can
make hut little impression upon it.    Thi:
jey ;
��ej :    The Bishop of Manchester says that i
no establishment would do no harm, but tl
higher than they are m ihe   LniU-.l Stales,   uiaendowinent would bo very serious.
Tho distance from St  Petersburg to Uos-1    i���,i,h; ,     -,*     , ,;,     D.
cow is 400 miles and the road is as straight   ,   *?' ,,   S'0p. \ ���^R" ,Rm. M��n Sloner (
.trier i. & Medical Mm Fail Keller Comes
from   f'auafln.
There arc many queer features in K
sian railway  management.   Tha Russian
oars are like no other cars in Europe*. They
are halt European ami hall American. They '    ']/he Bishop nf Manchester says  that dis- i    Thfl following letter tells the tale of cue
are ot   three  classes aud  the rates are   no   establishment would do  no harm,  but that   "leased frain buffering, aud needs no  C0I��
��� " ' meat t���
,.,,        -��"���:..'i-.-ion * nu.rm.il ami .Us.t. Moner are Michigan Soldier's Home,
string   There arc live trains every day,
id it takes about ten hours to go from one
to be the next British Cardinals.
Dr. Ca
ter, of Birmingham, delivering an
.ddross on brain work and brain workers.
point lo the  other on   an cm press train, address on br*
There is a difference in faro on the express called special  attention   to the danger   of
over the ordinary train and the  tirst-chus working too   soon after   meals.     At least   -��n, asking me what benefit l'mk Pills to;
ernrosa rates are three and one-half cents llll'f an hour should elapse before exerting I i,r1�� People, and it gives me unbounded
' . ,,, .l.-t :.. .      i >      ��� . ��� miL.i :.,,.     ...      I..
Hospital Ward A.,
Grand rUraa, March 27, ISiii       J
Dr. William.' Medicine Co.
tiSNTI.KMEV,���I  llftVO   yOlll' Icltol' of  tllO
le tfhllo tho second Olass, whioh is al- 'he brain.    An hour'scloso attention toono .satisfaction   to   reply.    Within ten   days
moat equally., good, ate only two and one- wkjaot wa�� as much as could proStably be after 1_ licgau taking Dr. Williams' l'mk
fourth cents, and the third class are less given at a sitting.    Ho strongly deprecated
traveled tn0 ,l9e ol sedative draughts by brain work-
fcho.ii two cents a mile.   1  ha,-	
quite a gooil ileal In second-class cars, and I ol" wlw c0"11' "ot sleep.
Iiiul them very comfortable.    The most of ��ov���   yc����   H" >   Scotch   woman cs-
the well-to-do Russians patronize  tho sec- tnultahed   in   London a   " Home   for the
ond-olan oars, arid as one  is cspectod to ".Vug,   ten boils boing prepared for dying
cany his own bedding, by the use of n little people,     Iho applications for admission lie-
feeing you can save money anil make your- ''"l"0 s" numerous and pressing that steps
self comfortable.    1   found it very incoii- hn\e been taken to enlarge tho institution
veuient   even   in   the   first-class   sleeper very greatly.
during    tho    lirst   p��rt   of    my   present1    Of fourteen torpedo boats ordered by tjio
tour   1  had   neither   soap   nor   towels British Government four are to be ISO" feet
with me   and   I   had   to   rely   upon the long,   of a speed   of 27 knots, or about 81
guards for    these as well as for my   pll- statute miles.    The exlreme speed obtained
lows and bedding.    In none of the sleep- by a torpedo beat is credited to the Aitler,
crs   do   they expect to   furnish   you built at Klbing, Germany, 37.4 knots. She
much more than a place tn lie donii upon. | is only l.V_' feet long.
You are expected to carry your own sheets lUndkiucliicfs. which used to be frowned
and in a lust class hotel, which 1 found al ���pon |,y t������ Brili��li military authorities.
Saraloir, I had to make a very pronounced bate now been sanctioned, and a military
kick before I, lould get any bedding. There haiidoivhiof has been patented on which
was a mattress on the iron springs, but S|,���u l,��� p,,i���i,,d all sorts nf information
there were neither sheets or pillow cases cmieerniiig the use and contraction of the
and the IllghU were cold. After a lime I rille, the Hag alphabel, buglecalls and gen-
got. lather comfortable outfit for the night ���,���] r,ile, for tl,��� soldier,
but the nexl day I found that tins wasall >    ,,,,        ...      , -.     .,,.,. .,
chared up in my bill, and 1 have had to L J1"2ftV      ?J??     i   "" ""..
pay for boSding at half a donen hotels linos     *w ,"; ����-*��'*"�� P*�� J modloine swallow-
ll.cn.   The palsougor boat, an the Volga,     '��0/",��' J|to*j    Buring the nasi  year
which, by the way, are very comfortable'in   '^JJE!! .    T \   ���  Uim"!ial
other reipeots,  do not furnish  beddiVlK/ni^n^X^n^'^^'T^^^i
towels or soap, and you always pay extfa    .L^fUSitii      i      ".        ' i  > Sf ���
for thee when von order them.   If you \^ZT  ?u?   T T^ l,8W ta
don't  nnderstantf the   [iusstail  sometimes i h''Bl����daiid 111 ... .Scotland,
you pay when you don't order them.    I re-      A rocoptaclo tor (unerary urns has boon
member a swallow-tail waiter who nude mo I jwptedjn Kensal Groon Cemetery, Loiidt
pay thirty-live i";iitH for n cake of soup at
ihc hotel at Nijni, I wanted a towel, und
in order to convey lhat idea to him rubbed
my hands over my face as though 1 was
drying it. Ho rustled off and brought me
a piece of soap. It was wrapped up in tinted paper aud ho tore off the wrapper before
1 could toll him that I didn't want soap.
He then took the soap away and I noted
that it wan ohargod in my bill, whereupon
I ordered him to bring it back and tool; it
with me, as 1 had to pay the bill, anyhow.
The Russians ato always gorging. The
average man la a glutton, audi have seen
Blender, ethereal, asthjtlodooklng Russian
girls during the past week who could yet
away with more solids and liquids than
any beefy Englishman I have over met.
The people Becm In eat at every station, and
the beauty of it is you can fin' something
i It Is a handsomo structure of Caen stone,
decorated with sienna mil rouge royal
marbles.   It is about eight feet high, and
affords place for ihe reception of fnrty-two
uriis. The coiniiailments for the urns ar
fitted with plate glass doors, and ar
arranged in tiers very much like the safes
'" ][^^^tpV"^ vault.
TkJPnmtty Scotchmen who manage tho
affairs of the town ol" Paisley recently discovered ii new means of turning an honest
bawbee to tha town's bsuofit. They have
leased the public street lamp posts to an advertising firm to bo lilted up with frames for
tho display of advertising posters. The
lease carried with it the provision that any
work required in connection with fitting
up the lamp posts should he done by n
Paisley tradesmen.
A Mr. Grnndy said at the Manchester Diocesan Conference that church service should
bo    "bright,   boautlflll, and    brief," ami
good to eat every time the train stops, I: that ohUrohgolng ought to be more social
wish I could show you a pinto of Russian tlm" il "\ Prayer should be condensed and
BOUp,    One plate ia big enough for a meal.
hiitthi! Russians take it only as an appetizer.
The favorite soup i.i called staehne, and it is
made of cabbage and other vegetables with
a piece ol meal about four inches square and
two inches thick in the middle of it. In
addition   to thin they briny you a howl of I
sermons should not exceed ten minutes at
most. He could see no reason why string
ami brass bands should not lake part in the
The new tax upon bicycles in France will
bo?2. As there arcabout 22.1,01)0 cyclists,
the revenue will he about ��4.00,000. Cyclci
thick cream,   which is sometimes sour ami   Used for business,  such ait those employed
North Russia is tha land of foinsts, ami
if you will draw a line right across Russia
sometimes fresh, to pour into it in order to
give it a body, aud this molasses-like mixture you eat, aud yon like it. It is not bad,
1 assure yon. Hut I have never found myself able to get beyond the first course, for
after you have taken the liquid part of the
soup you are expected to carve up and oat.
the meat, and the tncaf. forms quite u meal
in itself. The trains usually make lonp
.stops at the stations and from thirty to
forty minutes for a dinner is not uncommon.
At every station peddlers come around with
fruits, cakes and drinkables, and a common
Bight is the old fellow with the samovar in
which he makes tea and servos to all who
will buy. It makes no difference how hot It is
this man always wears his overcoat, and a
long-vlsored cap usually shrouds his eyes.
He is generally bearded and be has a fa'.,
jolly face like that of Simla Chins. His tea
h good and he serves it, with a hit of lemon
and a lump of the hardest sugar you have
ever put between your teeth. If ynu drink
the tea as he does yon will pot a lump of
sugar between your teeth and suck the tea
through this, ami the chances arc that
when yon get as old as ho is your teeth will   a��� ������""�� f,;x11bk;i,B-Q   *Jj ���"formation
be in the decayed Condition of his.     Xlue-     " "'"'
tenths   of the Russian peasants have had
by street messengers, pay half duty. Those
in the army ami ihe government service
will bo exempt. The cyclists, as a rule, do
do not object to^tho tax, for the reason that
they expect some special legislation in re
ihe Vicar of Mtddlowioll being consulted by a parishioner as lo whether he would
save his grain on .Sunday wrote : " I am
informed that the corn ia already sorlousl,
dumaged, and with inoro wet will soon br
come worthless, In the ordinary course of
events an emergency of this kind is not likely to occur again for a aeries of years. As n
clergyman I wish to Bay that in my opinion
funnels will be justified in .saving their corn
should the need for carrying il on .Sunday
next in their judgement appear urgent."
A Vancouver furrier was exhibiting a
abort time ago what ho claimed were the
pelts of five white foxes. Tho man is an
expert naturalist ami has been dealing in
furs in the Northwest for forty years. He
says these are the lirst white foxes be ever
hoard of, but he is absolutely sure the pelt.
teeth and there U morechunoe for good Oil
torprlslng dentists here than anywhere else
in the world, 1 don't doubt but that there
are live hundred million cavities ready at
this wrltting in this empire for fivo hundred
million gold or amalgam plugs, and the
Russian with sound teeth is the exception,
rt Is wonderful how much travel Is done
by tho poor class in Russia, The third-
olass cars are always full.   They are more
through Moscow or a little above it nearly Jik,! Ottttle cars than anything else. There
all of the territory north of this will bc are no cushions on the scats, ami the poo-
made up of dense woods. The locomotives P'e ftro crowded In in all sorts of ways,
of North Russia burn wood, ami tliev have [ ""Ay ure ����ot Blippoaod to have any rights
engines like our old camel hacks, with high that the railroad oflioiale are hound to re-
smokestacks shaped like a funnel and with "I"1*-'1- !inrl l 8ttW ��"B���'1 knocked down
great racks al the back of the engine, which , aml ���hoved 1>iU"k Into ihc hIeiCoii just as the
ate piled high with cord wood. 1'he wool cir w'lH "ho'it to start because he did not
Is loaded by men who carry it upon their have his tickot in his hand,   He told the
���'Thov say the child look
Gargoyle, displaying his f
I like mc," laid
nt   born,    "lie
does���a   good  deal,    rop
"still, 1 don't think 1 woilll
that account.
ied   0 Ian dors ;
drown htm on
Reports from the various districts in
lingland and VValos, when- the floods pro-
vailed laut week, show that there in little
abatement. Rulldlngs have bflonundarmln-
ed, and on the IWly Branch of ihc North-
Hasten) Railway tralbo was suspended. In
Yorkshire farmers have lost Touch valuable
stock. At, Durham a bridge col'apsed and
n train ol waggons was thrown into tho
river. Thousands of acres o? outstanding
corn in tha V doofClwyd, Walos, have been
washed away, The steamship Bolloof 1'sk
groundo I on the rocks noar rot thcawl, but
tne crew were saved by tho local llfeboit
A serious ai-uuk was committed1 in Llmor-
[ck luto Saturday night, arising out of u
strike amongst Iho inkers in r.hat city
agaiust the use of machinery by tha Croom
Mills Company. Two men. who were mip-
posod t" bo blacklegs, arrived in tha city
on Saturday morning, and at night they
were attacked by some men armed with
sticks. <bi�� of the so-called blacklegs,
named Geoffrey Burko, of Clonmel, was
kicked until he was renderedsonsoleBs, iiis
skull was fractured, and he was removed to
the hospital, where his depositions wero on
Sunday taken. lfivo linkers have been
arrested, and were on .Sunday remanded by
the magistrates,
backs. It keeps two firemen constantly
busy throwing this wood into the engine,
ami at nearly every station ydu will see
acres of wood piles ready for the reloading
of the engines, The engine which took mo
from the frontier to Si. Petersburg was
fired up In this way, andtheswoat smell
of the burning wood was pbas'inler far
than the sulphuric coal which was burned
by the trains   which   carried   in through
guard that the party of peasants with whom
he was traveling had the ticket and they
hod already gotten on the cars, but this did
him no good, and though he orlod und howled he was hold back while the car bore his
frlonds and family away. The peasant cannot travel in Russia without a passport, I
have not had to show my passports at the
railroad   depots  except   when 1  came  into
Russia, but tho peasant dure not go fton
Germany,    Hind Urn roads here well hub j ����" lllirt ��-  [!imia t(�� llin ot,,(>'' without
lasted, and in tllft tllOUiatlds of inllON whlflh   pormlsslou ol the local government   under
1 have now i raveled in Russia I Imve yet i whioh ho lives, ami ho is naked to show his
to find a rough mad or one that |g Imdly I paaiport at the ticket office, At TambofT I
managed,   The trains are always on tfmo aftW a whole crowd of peasants who \wni
and   the   road beds are   won-rcrinlly   well   'ihout lomnigrale loiuiother province.  Each
kept. The road between St, Petersburg
and the frontier is weeded as carefully OB
the best-kept garden, and I suw women
on their knees BCrttpfng OUt tllO weeds be
tween the lies  with  knives.    In   traveling
over the black plain I saw men smoothing up the ballast on  the road where ii
had become rOUgheilod und nowhere have
I Hecn a pioee nf bad roildbod. The lies
are wooden,   the  rails are of steel  and at
every arose road there stands a Russian
peasant girl with a Hag in her band whloll
she holds op until the train gOQB by.    This
picture is ono of the inosl lasting ones of
Russian travel. Whether the iron horse
ploughs hi* way through the blaok plains
whether he shrieks  an he  gallops   through
iho mighty forests or whistles going
through the rich agricultural lands of the
West, thin bare headed, hare footed Rtts-
sian Venus, in a bright Calico dross, is
here to meet him. She keeps guard over
the road and she is the emblem of [lie C?,a
Anotherombletnof the Czaris-tho polic
men at the station. Eaoh station lias (���
civil ofiloas in uniform, and In addition to
thoso there is n gendarme or a policeman
who is appointed Irom  St. Petersburg, and
who marches up and down tho platform all
day long wilh spurs oil his high-topped
boots and with a great sword at Ills side.
He wears a red oao with a feather in it, and
has been carefully preserved, and the bl,
brush is, of eoiirs?, attached. The fur is
snow-while, spotless, and beautifully soft.
The furrier bought them from a seal hunter
who caught the foxes al the last station to
the north of Eastern Siberia, ncveral hundred miles north of Petropaulovsky.
The report on the recruiting for tho British army during the flr.lt seven mouths of
this year, which bus just been issued by the
Inspector-General of Recruiting, is said to
afford military men very considerable satisfaction. Considering the very unsatisfactory state of affairs in this regard in late
years the satisfaction is most comparative.
During the first seven mouths of this year
23,087 recruits were raised, against 10,050
during the same period of 1801. The return
shows that whore, on, Aug. 1, 1801, there
was a deficiency in ihe establishment of tilt:
British army of 8,400 non-eommlraionod
officers and men : the deficiency on Aug. 1,
this year, was only 2, INN. Hut the gain in
the infantry of (he line whore the deficiency
is always greatest is only 837. There
is no Improvement at all, for ihc infantry of tha line is still 2,837 men
below ils establishment. Other arms of
the service arc greatly in excess of their
establish men t, This would soem to show
lhat men c.iuuot be had in tho place tbey
are most wanted. They will join ihe crack
regiments, but won't join the icfatitry.
Roan la the Flesh-
Hamilton, Uct. lo. ��� Our readers will no
doubt have read the article which   lias recently appeared in tho leading  papers describing tliooaseofSAW Mitrhav, ol Gravon-
burst, who was so utterly prostrated,   that
not only physicians gave him up, but tlior
otigli medical cviininatiou instigated by
bonoflolary insurance companies passed all
claims forme disability. This week Mr. Murray was in town and called al our olliou mid
had bis passport, in his hand ami they Stood
in Mingle Ido wailing for their turns to buy
Iholr tickets, Itwuiat this same station
that I saw my lirst prison ear, These
Russian roads have <-\nt  especially devoted
lo the carrying of prisoners, nnd the
prisoiiurs which are taken from here to
Siberia go  by  rail   to   Nljn I-Novgorod, &onaliv fully substantiated overy sta
Whence they are put on  prison   boats and   llllt|([ (|1,ir!(, in ,.,^,,,.,1 |o ))iu  ���uprising  rc-
iiie carried down tho Volga ami up tho 'suits produced In hlsowoby Dodd'sKfTlney
Kama to  Perm and   tlionoc  start  oil   their   |��j|]H,     prom a Subject  Of 'frequent   falling
march h.tlie wilds of Siberia.    These cars Lfckness, blood poison lllg, rheumatic pains,
bad iron ban and windows, and1 thoy  aro Uxtroino weakness,   primarily  caused by
guarded by soldiers who arc ready to shoot   ki)i|ll,v ,1 ;H,,r,lor^, he is now It strong, hearty
"���ywbotrytoosoapo,   lie cars themselves  Ml\  actiV(!  mn    wit],    every   appear-
third-class ones nnd tho prisoners sit on  ltnco ,,f perfect health.   Tbli ohuiigt, he
PUle, these terribly exiritciating pains I
had experienced in my limbs, heart, stomach, back and head, began to leave ma, becoming less severe aud less frequent and
before I had taken all of the second box
they were gone. At times since 1 have experienced acties, hut they are nothing compared to ttie pains I had formerly
suffered. For months I could get no
sleep or rest, only from the use of morphine, two, three and five times daily.
Soon after 1 began taking the Pink Pills I
discontinued the morphiue and have taken
it hut once since, and 1 urn now only taking
my fourth box of the pills. Before 1 began
taking Pink Pills I hail no pannage from my
bowels except from the use of cathartics,
Very soon after taking ihe pills my bowels
moved regularly and naturally,���constipation was entiroly gone. Previous tn commencing the use of Pink Pills my urine was
milky in color and after Standing resembled
a jelly substance. Now it is clear and perfectly natural, shows no nedlmout whatevor,
I hud lust the Use of my legs and could not
bear the weight uf my body Oil them.  By the
use ofDr.WilUams'PinkPillsand cold baths
ami rubbing wiih a crash towel prescribed
with them, my limbs have steadily gained in
health and strength until I can now boar my
full weight upon them. I have been gaining
slowly, but surely, ever since I boffftn the
use of the Pink Pills and am perfectly confident thai 1 will hu tiblo to walk again and
be comfortable, and this after doctoring for
years with the best physicians aud specialists who said my disease could not be cured
but only relieved temporarily by ihe use of
hypodermic Injections of morphine. 1
would not do without Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills under any circumstance, even though
they cost ton times what they do, ami I
strongly recommend them to persons alllict-
ed with locomotor ataxia, paralysis, kidney
troubles, nervous diseases ami impurities
of the blood. 1 have recommended the
Pink Pills to a number of old comrades, and
in every instance they have proved beneficial, can I therefore do less than warmly
'ocommend them to all who read this letter ?
Yours very gratefully,
E. P, Hawi.kv.
Pink   Pills are a perfect blood   builder
and nerve restorer, curing such diseases as
rheumatism,   neuralgia,  partial  paralysis,
locomotor ataxia, St. Vitus' dance, nervous
headache, nervous prostration and the tired
feeling therefrom, tho after effects of la
grippe, diseases depending on humors of the
blood, such as scrofula, chronic erysipelas,
Pink Pills give a healthy glow to pale
and sallow complexions, and aro a specific
for tho troubles peculiar to iho female
lystein, and in the case of men Ihey effect a
radical our in all cases arising from mental
worry, overwork or excesses of any nature.
These Pills are manufactured by tho Dr.
Williams' Medicine Company, Brookville,
Gut., and Schenectady, X, Y., and are sold
only in boxes bearing the firm 8 trade mark
and wrapper, at 60 eta, a box, or *ix boxes
for$2.~)0. Boar in mind that Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills are never sold in bulk, or by the
dozen or hundred, and any dealer whoofferB
substitutes in this form is trying to defraud
you, and should be avoided. Dr. Williams'
rink Pills may be hail of all druggists or
direct by mail Irom Dr. Williams Medicine Company from either address. The
price at which those pills ure cold make a
course of treatment comparatively inexpensive as compared wilh other remedies or
medical treatment.
Have Ion Asthma?
Dk. R. SoujmtAHN, St. Paul, Minn.,
will mail a trial package of Schiffmatin's
Asthma Cure free to any sufferer. Gives
instant relief in worst cases, and cures
where others fail. Name this paper and
send address.
Tho recent excitement in com circles has
not brought any increased business to the
Dr. Harvey's Southern ueu Pine for
coughs and colds is the most reliable and
perfect cough medicine in tha market. Tor
sale everywhere.
Charity begins at home, and with sonio
people it never gets further Ihau the beginning.
temporary Qlllng,and stops toothache instantly. Sold by druggist*
The pirate considers himsolf a sea king ;
the detective is generally a seeking also.
Marquis lace is a tine whito variety, and
is rich enough to adorn handsome light
brocades and other evening silks for ceremonious wear.
"How are you?"
"Nicely. Thank You."
;;Thank Who?"
"Why the inventor of
Which cured ma of CONSUMPTION."
Give thanks for its discovery. That it
does not make you dick when you
take it.
Give thanks. That it Is three times as
efficacious as the old-feshloncil
cod liver oil.
thanks, That ii Isnich a wonder*
ful flesh producer.
thankst That it is the best remedy
for ComumptioniScrq/ida,
bronchitis, Wasting 0i$->
eases, Coughs and Gotds, \
sure yougettiiegcmilncin Salmon
wrapper} sold by all I Iruggisls, ;.t
ind fl.oo, \
COTT& BOWNE, llellcvllle.
J   make tho nest BOotM,   Try thorn and ��o
VOBNTS-6ur spoclaitios are wantot. th
every some. $.���:. n   week nrofit.    Write
tor particulars. Christy Kniio Co.. Toronto.
tlDCCC " '"m*<- p��-"(i for Ulu-tnitml
UitLJJ Circular of our "Jfew nillorSj**
Inn". Tiie l.'ii.liiij,* tjvti'in.   Now .-loovol'iiart
justont, .1. a A. (tun;it, Toiouto, I'rnc-
Heal  .tcc-iis'iiicr-.
(Both the method anil results when
Syrup of Fipcs is taken; it is pleasant
and refreshing to the taste, and acta
' gently yet promptly on tho Kidneys,
Liver and l!owcls,"cleauses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches aud fevers and cures habitual
I constipation. Syrup of Figs is tho
1 only remedy of ils hind ever produced, pleasing to tho taste and ac-
' coptahle to the stomach, prompt in
ils action and truly henclicial in its
effects, prepared only from tho most
healthy and agreeableBubstancos, its
man vexcrl lent i iiiulities commend it
to all and have mode it the most
' popular remedy known.
i Syrup of Figs is for sale in 7!ic
bottles by all leading druggists.
Any reliable druggist who may not
���have  it on band will procure it)
' promptly for any one who wishes
to trv it. Manufactured only by the
Of Uoinploto Stoam Lrinnotiwitrain Mxlto31rJ
"Aemo coal-oil Boilers and Rnxlnen" (rem
itoriiu*.   Larj-'OMzus.    Coal or wood fuel.
"TOO MflMli Hloam  I'umii" llio bant lioilur
feoderln the market. Returns nxhnust into
feed water hoattng it from 10 to lOdourees.
I'or   catalogue   nimd   3c,   stamp.    j��ii\
..n.lll.H ,\ I'll,    ( HflelOll   ''line,  Olll.
     of liio-tt Eng��
ii ii.coiHtiiTitiyon iiami, ai--) prime \morican
llott'�� C.i,lni;<. Full lines XoW Hums, Long
Clonr Bacon, Roils, Choose, Unl, etc, Panic,
Mi ACKtt ki.i. & Co, l/in., Buccevors to ,! \x.
1'ahic ^ Bos, Toronto.
���onto, hai oxooimiiI roursos i:i ��i����rr
IiiiiiiI. I.onkhi'rpliitt, li-llliiiii'ile, IVm	
tltln. Tvpe��rHlii3, .le.. in- im.il. Write iv
mi re for iUrctilars.
Invested Capital, $12,000,000
Mend GfHcQ, Toronto St., Toronto.
Tliotiinnloand Increasing resources of this
 ny cnnblos it* Directors tn make ml
on 1: i; a I. ESTATE -ocuritlci to any
t, without delay, nl tho towosl current
Hgtnntcd "ii Improved farms nmi on
Agents orerywhorc,
The Hiuiaint ��ii   i'j.. Mil,, Montreal.
lelii'iitnre-! mii'cluiH'il.
. lie made through the local
Appraisers ol IhoC'ompnnj or to
J. Herbert Mason.
Managing Director, Toronto
Bthomosl nutritious food yotdlsoovoroi
One pound of i 'J lbs, Itrcail.
a lbs, UanMoat,
Kico equals 11 lbs. 1'otntucs.
Hair tho people
ntlroly on ftlco.
in tlm world subsist noarly
The tailor-mido girl hcorna ail watch
chains, unless, indeed, she should wear a
fob, though usually bIio carries her watch
loose in her coat pookot.
A.P, (i:t'-��.
Mount Royal Milling & MTgOo,
Wonfci* o      r 7
That people would hnvo boon regularly using
our Toilet. Soujn sinco l.-i.i (fortv.-even  Inni;
yeatslif tliey Inol not, lieeu liUOD I  The public
aro not fools and do uol continue to buy goods
unless tnoyaro natlsfnoto y,
��� from poor dlgcs-
etc.      Kidneys fail
trucl tin- uric n,-i.i
fiuiii the blood,   lie.
M&  W   rtHonwand other mala-
sV  E| ��      HP    l|il"   wlw   "itli   Mich
V^ n* V       iSS* .     riiimum force that, break
V'r'u. 'V-*'i*B'-l     '1 o w ii  our   HtnuiKewl
-...^V-     . r  lf        youilis in it few weeks
a^|F Ho sayB Popular Hyglone
nnd mills :   "Bt. Xeoii
Water has tho power to
fiiriii   nmi destroy iho
C\ VM %,   \    ,l"l,t'' '8tho """', power-
^Oitf^ \   ful antidote knonTi, and
VCim^-^   ]    -liptilil   be   taken  fr.'elv
^"^ ^y   to absorb Hie doadlv pot
Mm- tiiiii undormlno Mm
���sol 111."
'Try il.    It  wll
the truth ofabovt
I |irova
Si Leon Mineral Water Co (Limited)
HcadOfHeo   loi   KinpStroot West,
BranchOfilco -Crystal II.ill, UOYongo street,
Opposite CollogoAvonuo
Fapiiiers and Stockmen
Jlfr. 060, W, Turner
Worst Case of Scrofula the
Doctors Ever Saw
Completely    Cured    by   ROOD'S
" When I was i or."�� yonni old l had a acrot
ulcus sore on tho middle linger ol tny toll liand
allien gal  so had Hi
doctors cut the
off nine tli'iiilmlf tny
iroko out on mv nrnf,
be acts as though he owned the road. I
took a photograph ol one of these men and
came ne ir being arrested for it. The man
objected violently, but ho did not know
that tho picture was taken until the train
was about to leave, aud I lailgllflll al him
as I utofid on the rear car with my kodak
n my band while tho train was carrying us
away. It takes about live inlntitos 10 start
a train in Russia. There is a hell at every
Station, anil this h rung three times beforo
tho train leaven. You can toll hy the taps
just how much more Lime you have. First
there is ore lap, then after nn Interval of a
couple of minutes two' taps are sounded on
the hell ami two minutes after tills three
taps uro rung, when, after a shrill whistle
from the station master, tlio train gets
ready to start
hard boards rather than cushions,
It don't nay to curry much baggage in
Russia. 1 nave a trunk with me that
weighs about 200 pounds, and It costs me
85 every time 1 move Only forty pounds
of baggage Is allowed with a ticket liars and
the excess is always charged for, Thero is
nooharge, however, for paokagos carried
inside the cars and the result is that every
passenger has a half dozen bundles ami
the tars arc filled with packages ami baskets and trunks with bandies mi them. The
pooror classes carry all their baggage into
the car with them, and as tho most of thorn
an; too poor tr> own a trunk they wrap
their goods up In clothes and carry them in
bundles on their hacks. If they have to
wait over night at the station tbey throw
those bundlos down for a pillow and sleep
on the stones, ami a common sioht at almost any of thosn stations i"a Russian peas*
ant family, the father of which Is generally slcoplngand the mother etthor chatting
with her neighbor* or engaged in her never-
onding soiroli for tho animals which infest
her children'." heads.
states, was brought about solely by a three
months' use of Dodd's Kidney Rills. It is a
remarkable case, hut in thin age of remark-
abto progress and discoveries we must expect medical bcIoiicc to keep pace with the
times,��� [Hamilton Herald.
A contemplative Ii o Inn moru tho appearance of a Ihe of piety than any other ; hut
it is the Divine plan to Wing faith into
activity an;! exorcise.
Tho national debts of Europe amount to a
total which Is equivalent to eleven pounds
for each inhabitant ui the Continent, near at hand
Our evil genius, like tho junior member of
a deliberative body , always gives its view
Queer world 1 Queer peopla ! Here are
men and womoit by thousands suffering from
all sorts of diseases, bearing all manners of
pain, spending their all on physicians an "
"getting no better, hut rather worse,
when right at hand there's u remedy which
Bays it can help them because it's bolped
thousands like them. " Another patent-
medicine advertisement," you say. Yos���
hut not uf the ordinary ����rt. The medicine
is l)r. Pierce's Golden .Medical Discovery,
and it's different from tho ordinary nostrums
in this :���
It docs what it claims to do, or it costs
you nothing !
The waylsthlBi You pay your druggist 51,00 for a bottle. You read the directions, ami you follow them. Von got hotter, or you  don't.   If you do, you buy
nearly uVitrovn'iK Hi" flight of on
on my right arm,    UocforJ said It \\;\; Ihe
Worst Case of Scrofula
Ihey over saw, it wtu simply awful! Five
years ago l began t.> take Hood's Sarsnnjirllla.
Gradually I found Hint the sores wore beginning to henl. I kenl on tilt l had taken ten
bottles, leu itoiior-: ,i-,-; think ot Wllftl a
return I imi for Unit Investment!   A iii��i��
���Mini iin-reiitf    Yes, m mv thom;nnl.    Fur
Hie niuW yonrs lliava had no sores.  1
Work all tho Time.
Before, I could >lo no work.    I I;now no,
what io say strong onougli to oxpro is my gratitude lo il I's Bnrijjparllln for my perfect
a-ay, Baratogacomii
Sekdfor QttEtnaH Sheet. Oh BEeEiPTOMHSWEM,
otlior battlo. and norliap, anotlmr. If yon J-et M�� Seleot Wk��i is Rcquiijeo. Will Send You
don't got bettor you gm your money liaok,  r"ICE- Oooosaje semi BY MAIL, Becistebeu,
And ilio qaoor thing i�� that sorn^y peopla sjSZt'mSi**	
are willing to be sick when the romodj a so       oUAs' OX.WXXXl
Sliiciott Mmhinist, IM Kiw Sheet W��� TOHONTO
r dealer known he
sl paint hou  -in I-
A positive aara for Sprains, Drulsos, Qrooaor
old wounds, Inflttonita. Weak Knuoa, Galled
Hliouldor*. Horn Backs, Capped Hooks, Swollen
[Wo gnarantoo anabsoluto euro in from ono
1 lollireuapiillnUioti'..
I uue Trial will Convince.
I   Pronounced by medical men tiiu groateat
; ilisrovervof the Ninoieeutii Century,
GanaThitff j Vttltl ;,,,,,��� |,,1K WttfI.H
C110S3, Proprietor,    ���    OWEN SOUND
Formic by DrumUH.
Confederation Life
l��;i.        )
X        nnoa��iiii; Director
Insurance at Risk,
Cash Assets.
Pnid Policy-holders,
- $4,000,000
- -   $2,250,000
Practicnily, (FROM ALL CONDITIONS   ns to
Residence, Travel and Occupation,
Wf%��t ^
Then do it economically!
(!lioj> your Grain with a
II elevates and screens the grain, grinds
20 to 40 bushels per hour and bags the
Buhr Stones, unequalled for durability,
I WATEROUS, ��� Brantford, Canada the stomach, lungs, and rftw in upon it and
thus impede its aetiou.    It is really true
that liearts do break sometimes, but not
ofter. in the manner set forth  in novels;
.   . they break in a very unromantic manner
Cleanliness is of such great importnuoo in | [rom ovcrwork in a tight, crowded place I
jromoting   the healthy growth   0! jMBg I -       ���
Children that 1 feel, in beginning this pro-
The Bath-
posed series of talks to tho workers of
household," that the   bath should  receive
first attention. ... a
If an infant bo iu good health and sound
condition, a bath should lie Riven it twice a
day���morning and evening. If, howesei,
the baby be delicate, too much bathing
weakens instead of strengthens the little one,
and I should recommend a bath of retiticil
olive oil, rubbed on with the warn; palm,
instead of water. The olive oil, used m this
way, affords nourishment to the weakling ;
but the sound, healthy child may benefit by
two bathB each day.
Be Bitre before disrobing the child mat
there are no drafts and that the mora is not
too eold. Have ready a bathtub, and into
this gently introduce the little one. I nave
found that one cannot be too careful in
handling a baby in the bath,  and that -
Only four homes of British writers havi
been preserved on  account nf the nssouia
tions conneated with them. They arc the
homes of SkakoBpeare, Milton, Burns and
Wordsworth, and it is suggested that
Soraersby Rectory. Tennyson's birthplace,
should bu added to the number.
The German Emperor is a very particular
monarch about hid meals, though not even
a Frenchman could charge him with expensive tastes. His "fad" in food is to naveos
many different kinds of bread as possible.
At breakfast ho eats a small whip IOM, M��
top of which is sprinkled over with salt.
This salt bun costs a penny.
Onoof the best-known woman farmors in
Great Britain,   Miss   Hope-lohnstone,   of
Karohbankwood, Dumfriesshire, Bcotlanu,
linmllmg a miuy in tne uavu,  �����<��   -����� - - , ^arotiuauKwoi'u, ������"���""��""', , ���   '
Hidden plungeof the unsuspeotinB body into ; (,jml u,e other fay She bad a largo sneep
the water-no matter what the temperature fftrm in i.-9i-dnle, which she Buperiutenaea
of tho hath may be-almost alwaya 18 a; herself, and she was an excellent nutliorii)
shock to baby, as is proven by the sudden QU rjj Ugricultuial matter
catching   of the   breath   and   cries,    I am j
-.peaking now of the quite young infant
the older one who has learned to   like bis
Whin the child lias been immersed for a
littlu lime���three to live minutes will be
sufficient��� take him out upon your lup, and,
with a Sponge lathered with pure, white
soap, go over the whole surface of the skill.
After which again immerse baby in his bath
(which must he kept up to  the right tern-
The Princess ot Wales aud her daughters
nave been fishing in the river Deo, killing
some line salmon and trout. Princess Maud
hooked a 10-pound salmon with an ordinary
trout rod, aud landed it alter a battle of
foity minutes.
The late Joseph Randall Tussaud was for
thirty years the only wox*Bguce*n,aker f��r
Madame Tiissand'u collection  lu   Londou.
During that time ho received eueourni*.
(Which must be kept up to tiie ngny wir   uurmg was huw ���� �������� ������ *   --      -
iwri.ti.re���about 7l deerees-by an addition    menL troni tho Kmperur Nicholas .    liussia,
PiV.        .  .      ...... '.?.. i.i. \L,\ will, the    Tl... I.'.,,,���flr.,r Nam leon. and other Kuropear
of hot water), supporting his bead with the
left hand and arm and rubbing the body
beneath tho water wilh the right hand,    lu
about five minutes lift htm out upon your
lap, and quickly and thoroughly dry the
akin by rubbing with u line, warm towel.
Now diii the sponge in cool water, wet the
top of the head, face, anil, after squeezing
tho sponge quite dry, go over the body "ith
it. This prevents a tendency toward ten*
demess superinduced by the use of warm
water. Some able physicians advise the constant use of cold water only, declaring that j
the warm bath should be emphatically con-1
derailed ; but 1 am bold enough to declare
in tho face of all thi*, that such a shock as
this treatment would give to a tender little
baby would ho something from which it
would not soon (if ever) recover,    Warmth
The Emperor Napoleon, and other European ���
sovereigns. His first bust was exhibited at
the Academy when be was ouly fifteen yearn
old. He was the grandson uf the original
A. F. Marker, a street-oar conductor in
Oakland; California, possesses two medals,
one" given by the Queen, aud the other by
the Khedive of Egypt, for bravery on the
but tie-Held, Mr. Parker took part in the
march with Wolsoley across the desert to
Khartoum lu relieve Gordou,
The second son nf tho Czar, the Grand-
Duke George continues his peculiar course
of treatment fur pulmonary disease. In ao*
oordauce with his physlolon's theory that a
low tempetature tends to destroy the consumption bacillus mid to prevent tho growth
Mnaders Borne hy Winds and Carrenls
far Prom Home.
Iu the earliest days of navigation across
the Pacific Ocean the myriad of islands, big
and little, scattered over the board expanse
were found to be inhabited. Questions as to
the origin of these peoples aud how they
reached   their   island    homes,   separated
as they often are by hundred* oE miles of
ocean have loug interested authropologists.
It was certain that these oceanic peoples
could not have originated whore they  were
found, for their relationship, not only with
one another, but also with the inhabitants
of the Malay Archipelago, was easily apparent.    An hypothesis that had considerable vogue was that these  islanders were
merely remnants of tho people of a continent that years ago sank beneath the waves
with only its mountain lopB peering above
them. This hypothesis was  proved  to be
worthless. Iu the course of the Investigations
it has becomes perfectly evident that these
islands   were  peopled by (migrations aud
that very many ut these migrations were
involuntary.    It   has been observed   that
the greatest and most eastern of these Pool*
tic races, the Polynesians, in their traditions,
loile of life,   religious practices, resemble
..i many respects the Papuans. Maylayans,
and even tho Japanese,    Some  careful observers also have found   analogies between
the Polynesians uud the   natives of North
and South America, and may   l>e that our
Indian races hud some part in peopling tho
Pacific islands, a  supposition  that derive?
the more probability from the foot that the
prevailing winds aud currents   smith of the
equator niovo from oast to west.
Since tho Pacific beoamO well known,
numerous instances of migrations from continental lauds to the islands and Iroiu archi.
After a while they made a vain attempt to
sail back to Samoa. The adverse wind and
current were more than they could overcome, and so they settled down for life in
the New Hebrides.   Other castaways to
day's work was made upon the 28th of the
same month, when, with the wind abaft the
beam ani three topgallant sails and the
spanker set, she ran 209 nautical miles ill 24
hours. On the 0th of.luly thcSandheads were
:_.... i    ���J  .i_- IIU...����.il .|i(.HoOi?h v
,i,    sumption uaeimisuiHi n,.��*,......-..-��.
wowu "oi, BUU.. (.. ������., ���-��� �����     ��� ��� ���jU'   o( trfborelos, the room uf the royal patient is
is what a baby needs, aud us long as 1 nui sc eit W1(i bW0) the mattiess on his bed
Children they shall not be   subjected   Lo        I   *'       ^ firea mojorttU> itl the coldest
what n strong,  healthy man  would hud it *	
extremely difficult to endure.
The plunging of her offspring into tho
chili waters of a running stream, may do
for  the  Indian mother,   and  even   Indian
babies, often die of this senseless exposure,
but for mothers who have lived artificial
lives, us wo may be excused for calling them,
housed in warm quarters and subject to
little, if any, exposure, to endeavor to follow
tho savage's example with her pappoose���
well, it wouldn't do at all, to my notion. A
simple ooollog-off process, such as i have
described���a guide lowering of the temper
L...  .-..J���   i:,,|���   i.���J ill   nlTnh.
weather. The progress of the disease is said
to have been checked, but his attendants
suffer extremely from the cold.
General Booth, the commander of the
Salvation Army, has established a farm
colony, some forty miles from London, for
the reclamation of drunkards aud the idle
and vicious who have been captured, as it
were, by llie soldiers of his army. Tho farm
embraces 1600 acres uf excellent land,
and the experiment of practical soul-saving
gives promise of being successful. There
now nearly -100 reclaimed men at work
die temper- are now nearly wu reoiaimou ���������"�� �������� ��-*������
ulure of the tondor little body, will afford in the colony, and many ol thorn have be
it sufficient protection against excessive sen. J come physically if not morally regenoratu
Bibllity to atmospheric changes. by their experienced honest labor towolcn
The* warm bath is of great value in inauy they were previously unaccustomed,
affections of children, especially iu febrile Al Cavendish Falls, on Black River, Vt.,
diseases ; in spasmodic affections of the : a vertical cliff i-�� known as Lover's Leap,
bowels or bladder j in prurigo, tetanus and ]t-a a poor toW��� that has not one such foa-
OonvtllsioilB, In the last named (liseaso It turc [q this country. A man actually went
draws the blond from the overloaded brain   ovev .|,ja Vermont leap along  iu the 40s.
  *   *        *-   -���' - companion erupt
^ b   er,  expecting to
uu. ��� - -      boo Mmoaihel'to pieces below.   'JJoman
excitement, and is almost always conducive |WU9 crawHng out of the river.       Hello
'      ' '���'-'  F shouted his friend. "Are you hurt much?
"1 ain't hurt much," was the answer, but
I'll l.u darned if 1 haven't lost my jack
Dr Mary E, Bradford, the American
Presbyterian missionary at Tabriz, Persia,
who has done sitoh noble medical work
among the Persians in the late cholera
epidemic, ii a native of Lexington, Illinois,
and is only about thirty years old. She received her diploma in 1887 fro"' the Worn-
Modical College of Chicago, and was
draws the blood from the overloaded brain 0y th* Vermont leap aim
to the general surface of the body, and, by H d,d fc tliean t ftmi a 00
equalizing the circulation, relieves the local fe Ul(J od aml lookc(t ������
oonditiou,     In fevers it calms tho nervous    B���u , -     l|Mncd u,   ieceB boj
excitement, and is almost ar    " - ���>    ->--
to sound and peaceful sleep.
Electricity Cures Nour.iigia,
Among all the methods, more or less o.ld
in appearance, applied to the treatment of
nervous diseases, there are tew more original than tho one that has been employed for
Some time at the Sulpetricre by Prof. Char*
cot j it is tho treatment by mechanical vibrations.
There is a serious disease of the nervous
system, characterized by an incessant tretn
bllng uf the hands, t  : i'".i�� �����(
by an incessant tretn-    an'* aiouieai ^uhuijii w. v ...v-^., 	
Hooping attitude, and   afterwards a surgeon in the New England
���-���'��� iinonimi in HoBtou.   She was sent to Persia
atierwarns a aurgeuu i�� ^..^
Hospital in Boston.   She was sent to Persia
in ISS8.
Archbishop Vaughan.of Westminster, on
whom the pallium was recently conferred
with imposing ceremonies in London, was
a Captain in the Crimean war, in which he
gained ihe reputation of being a good sol-
"" a brave ofliecr, and a man of extraor-
He was the son
iromiwiigi.uv����u ��.- ���..    U(  ���������   m   __ crftok   officers
The mors the vibrations caused in the com-��� Lioutenant-Colonol Vaughan, of Hereford
parUnents by the train running at full speed, Bn(r0i nmi it was not until be had returned
and the more tho carnage was jolted over from |ija ���erviee in the Crimea that ho deter-
an uneven pavement, the more the relief ex-1 mi���0d to abandon the army for the church.
perienoed, At the end of a day's journey There were several instances in our own
they felt bettor and experienced an lliex* civll war of stall-otlicers becoming bishops
prcssible comfort. One of them conceived 0f the church, hut Dr. Vnughan is probably
the idea of having himself wheeled about tho only English prelate of modern time who
for hours m one of those heavy carts used has men from the soldier's tout lo an arch-
for carrying paving stones, Contrary to | bishopric
the experience of nil travellers, those afflict-'
1'illllg ill lilt) lllUIlin,   a aiuuifiu^ mvu����u., .���������
an odd gait, that makes it Room ns If the in
valid was going to precipitate himself head
foremost. It is the trembling palsy, also
called Parkinson's disease, a sort nf painful
nervous disorder that deprives the unfortunate who is afflicted with it of real and sleep.
Mr. Charcot a long time ago learned from
some invalids who wore troubled With this   lllUl   ,  	
Infirmity that they derived decided relief   diuary coolness under tire.
from long rides on n railroad or iu a carriage. , 0j ���Il0   0f   her   Majesty's
pelogO lo archipelago have been recorded.
Pvcclus tells of a Japanese junk which in
1832, was carried by a typoon far east of
tiie island homo of the nine Ii slier men who
were on board. The Kuro Slvo current bore
the castaways still further east. They lost
all thelf bearings, knew not whither they
were drifting, nnd for ten months they were
buffeted hero and there on unknown Bene
until finally their hapless vessel brought up
on the coast of Oahu iu the Hawaiian Is!*
amis. Thanks to their loads of fish and the
rain water they caught, four of the nine unfortunates live to tell the story of their
torrible suffering. " It id plain now that wc
Came from Asia," eatd the Hawaiians as
they recognized tho resotnblauce between
these foreigners and themselves. Pine trees
brought from tho coasts of Oregon or Vancouver Island are often stranded on the
chores of this archipelago, and tho traditions
of Hawaii have handed down reports of rod
men from the far East whom some chance
has cant upon the islands.
One of tne greatest guogrnphers has said
that nations push forward to possess now
lands in a direction opposite to that of tho
general movement of tho air aud waters.
This is the case in  the Pacific.    To be sure
the general movement of air and currents
flowing weat produce relics currents moving
east, which have undoubtedly been of great
importance in scattering people among the
Eastern Archipelagoes.    But these counter
currents are almost wholly north of ihe
equator, where oceanic lands are rare. Most
of the Polynesian Islands are south  of tho
equator, where strong currents move acros
tho ocean from Iho western world toward
Australia and New Guinea; and to reach
these eastern islands the boats of the unfortunate castaways or voluntary trnvclleis
must have been driven by wind and wave
over a tortuous course until ut last, when
far toward America, they struck the westward currents and wind zones and were
carried to the new homes of which they had
never  heard.   Often, if they could have
travelled In a straight line, a journey of five
or six houndred miles would have taken
them to their new places of abode.   But, as
Eoclua has said, tne authentic records of
these iuvoluulary voyages, made during the
past three centuries, show that many tunes
tlio actual journey was two or three times
| as long us the shortest route.    It is curtain
thit comparatively few of these castaways
were spared to be the seed from  which
future peoples were to spring.    How many
of them, with their frail caft, wera swallowed up in the deep 'i   How many succumbed to the pangs of hunger and thirst, or
tiie Wew nenriaea.    uttiw ����� .- , ��u twawwuiiu ������������     	
Stimabuml Tonga have been  found more j sighted, and the Simla entered the Hooghly
than a thousand miles from their old homes j uer a passage of 88 days from Liverpool,
in the New Hebrides uud Loyally islands, j    There is a great deal said from time to
On one of the little Banks islands the mis-' time about the decline of the sailing ship,
siouary Codringtoua while ago met a man, land the near prospect of her total disap-
wife, and son who were castaways from east* Ipearanoe on the seas.   But in point of fact
cm Polynesia, having lived through a drift there never were such a large number of
of over a thousand miles iu a small bout, fine sailing vessels, both afloat and building
Ellis told of people from eastern islands of! as tlio British merchant service  boats   to-
whom the Inhabitants of the Society group 'day.    As the colonies thrive and increase
had never heard who were blown ashore on i���for with them our chief ocean intercourse
the coasts of tho Tahiti.                                  lies���so must the demand for shipping ncc-
Many instances aro known nil over iho essarlly   became greater,   and there will
Pacific of involuntary voyages of from 300 always   exist many branches of commerce
to 7C0 miles in length.    The  longest jour-1 in which sailing ships   may bo far more
noys on record have been north of the oqua. profitably employed than Steamers.    New
tor,   where little hind is   found, and    the .Zealand annually gives work to a very large
drills have extended from   Asiatic waters  fleet of clippers, outside the regular liners
to Hawaii or North America.   These acci- j in carrying the frozen carcases of sheep to
dents of navigation sometimes have curious tho European markets ; tiie wheat trade of
linguistic results,    Dlaleote   elosely  allied California   employs   every   season    many
to the Tongail, for instance, are found bun- thousand tonsof shipping : the wool exports
dreds of 111116!*  away, with  other dialects i from Australia,  the  jute   traffic of  India,
intervening.   There are no records of invol- and the slowly expanding Industries of ihe
untary voyages to New Zealand or to tho .South American seaboards, are all trades
South American coast.   Mr, Sittig is of whioh still give more work to sad than to
tiie opinion that the mental  superiority of sie.no.    The sailing ship will never again;
the inhabitants of the Hawaiian and Car- [carry passengers, but so loug OS coal at an
oliiu islands may be accounted for hy theii average of .l'l per ton remains a condition
absorption, at an early day, of the Chinese 'of the employment of the steamer, so long
and  Japanese elements that   accidentally'is tho clipper Ship likely to go on llourish*
reached   them.    In   Polynesia    the   most! ug.
eastorn islands that e��a show any positive'  ���*	
proof nf involuntary immigration are the'       F&ANCE'S GIGANTIC ARMY.
many little oceanii specks known  as Ihe!, 	
Pnumotu group oast of the Society Islands, WwiUmi Figures UopresenUui Icii nnd
and the people of tho Piaunmtus show tin- Mourv-
mietakably that they received their iuhabi-1    Tho othcial report on tho war budget for
tants from the Malayan Archipelago. igng nu just been placed in tho hands of
Last year a solitary white man, tho solo the French Deputies, The figures are be-
survivor of a shipwrecked erew, was rescued , wilder I tig. Since 1871 the military expens-
from nn uninhabited island m Ihe North ,es, without counting tho navy, amount lo
Pacific. There is no doubt thit white cost- eighteen milliards of francs. Subtracting
nways aro to-day living on out-of-the-way from this sum the pensions and strategic
islands seldom visited by ships, and are scon* railway expensc5,nhere remain for Blriotly
1     : "; '" "" ' h" " h,,f f'h��fc i-..iiiiBr�� ATminditiireB fifteen milliards three
What makes life dreary is want of motive , _
-[Geogo Bitot. " Oaptam Durkee s Tarn of flta Bark a voy
To see wrong done, and keep silence,  is &g9 from Hollo*
tacitly to be implicated.
A man's own good breeding is  the best
BCuurity against other [loople's ill itmnacra
Our evil geniue, like the junior member ol
a deliberative body , always gives iu viow
islands seldom visited by ships, and arcs.���- railway ex|icmcs,��tlicr�� rental n lor siriouv
nmi! the horir.on auliously for the relief that, military expenditure" fifteen milliard; three
s ona in comma. In 1SS7 thirteen sailors hundred and sixty-eight millions of franc-,
of the French ship Tamaris took refngc.jof this sum two milliards eight hundred
after the sinking of their vessel, upon line' und iiiiioty-ono millions have heen expend-
of tho Cro��cl island, south ofMadagaeoarand ed iu the reconstruction of war material,
farToward tho Antarctic eirelo. f hero they ; and eleven milliards seven hundred and
I ved for nine months, subsisting on biscuit, seventy!our millions for the support aud
they had saved from the wreck, penguin; preparation of the armies. Horo are eonic
egg's and fish. The) would doubtless have of the figures in detail i
been'rescued if their patioliec had hold out.
But, a. the record they left behind them Armament	
shows, they sought to reach in small boate Mortifications	
another Island eighty miles away which Ihey jjubeletenoe.
'     ���'--' �����*������>-'��� |Clothing.
, 781,r,ao,5S0
anptnoriBianu uglily iii.,t^......, 	
believed was nearer the track of whalers, [ Clothlntf
and they perished in tho attempt, for they 1 SanUnry Vervioe	
were nover heard of again. Remounting....'.'.'.','
Such misfortunes as still bclall the sailors nftjirott(j8
of tho white races have been the means oi 1 ������ , '"'','"'."\Y".',.'.' ' '.
spreading mankind over the greatest of Ihe largest item in the bill was the cost
oceans. The breadth of the Pacific would ��' ��� "��nange�� In the French infantry rifle.
seem lo interpose an nnsurinoiintablo olista-1 lho_Chae��epot was discarded m 18,4 for
do to the imminration of savages in their f" Qt" "lle. a'"1 *�� whole army with the
tiny craft. But'thi.obstaclehas been more reserve, were iirnished with this weapon
than counterbalanced by the myriads of'wl'en m 18811 the Lebel rlfll appeared. In
islands that have served as stepping stones; *�� Se��s tl>'�� now rlfie was suppliod to all
for the human race on ils way across t|,e, tho infantry and cavalry. Its extraordinary
tne mianiry unu r��Min>. ,vn un,t��v _
accuracy and power have ulready been de
| In fortifications the work has been press
ed on with feverish activity. Vast intrench'
ed camps have been established at Lille,
Maubeugc Besaucon, Uelfort, Verdun and
(other points. The forts around these
| places completely shelter them from bombardment. .Moreover the railroads and all
Important routes aro also supplied with forts.
The discovery of new explosives has necessitated tiotne troublesome altcratlous iu the
tne expeneuug <n ���*�� .....v..��� -,	
ed with trembling palsy felt fresher and
more active on alighting from the curs.
The longer the trip lasted, nnd the worse
tho line, the more durable was their improvement.
Such testimony coming from various
sources, was not lust, It wan for Mr, Charcot the starting point   of a   most   curious
How to Deal With Cholera.
In the November number of Tho Nine*
teenth Century appears an article on the
present Europsan oholora from the pen of
lJr. Ernest Hart, chairman of the National
Health Society. It is an extremely interesting paper lo read, butitwoutd have been
11      '   *' .I'll.-   mint,  nf
oi the vihratlna armchair.   Dr. Vigotirous ; ,       ,    ��� , j,     ,"���  m ��� d|        ,.
concoiyed the idea ,.1 .ubuntting hysterical , ,      ���              .        cli        ,        ���   T
patients to the vibrations oi a luge, tuning tvmJ���t .Um.tcholera, would prove till,
fork.    In this way liecureilauaisthesias and | , ,)r  H���Ul���.           l0 t',lc trolllllo
inuscil ar   miff   folnU.    Uthcr   ,,hy.iolans, i .         ,          .olentlfically.    All   choleras
Houdet of Pari, and Mortimer oi I Iranvllle. , f    ,    .    |d    ,  dMtr���0uVe���e�� f,������,
applied vibrating rods to iho treatmen o    ,.,., , ;,������,. fn,m ,MretoiUMironU.
neuralgias (tacial neuralgia in   parliculiil
and hoadnonosi   Granville devised a small
electric hammer, analogous to thohammet1
of electric hells, nnd that wan applied to the
painful point, Under the influence of the
shock, repeated hundreds of times within a
shun period, tlm pain ceased.
The method was ��'>mo lime ng�� singularly improved bv Dr. liillin do hi Tmirettc, n
pupil of Mr, Charcot. He had an apparatus
constructed for the treatment of megrims
and nervous hsadaohoi: it wan iho vlbrat
derive llieir cpuii!iiiiu uudhuw,.,,..��� ..
lilth ami especially from Bxcretaluncloanll
uess. The sanitury safety of Knglnml is
now bo well assured that tlm nation
can afford to dispense with the Turkish imrbiiiity of quarantine. " The in-
troduotion of a perHon Infected with ehulura
into u town," says Dr. Hurt, "h like bringing a match into a powder magazine.
There will be mi explosion unless powder is
there on the ground ready to oxplodo,"
Tho moral Is "don't bring In tlio match, or
don't leave tho powder strown around.
inti nervous ueiLiiiuiiuo , .��� ,...-<, ..���     . ,!,V" l   "iV! v".   i""."""'     ','.,,','"'    ..
irg helmet. Imagine �� hell.iel of Iho model   > lu\ ^.ytmZ ' &ES*!
Ot that of old tunes, and very �����al���g��������, as I ��<"lt���ionUld milk, and so o,,. Intelligent
to structure, to llie eonfurmator of hatters, it is, in find, formed ot stool plates,
that permits nf its lining the head perfectly. I'pon this helmer, in lieu of crest, 11 ion)
is a small alternating onrront motor of peculiar construction that makes about tint)
revolutions per minute. Ai every revolution a uniform vibration n propagated to
the metallic plates, ami is transmitted to
the cranium that, they embrace The cranial walls thus vihrAte iu their ensemble, and
the vibrations are naturally transmitted to
tiie viurauuua mv iiw-,uaHaaj   -	
, the entire cerebral apparlits. The sensation
is not disagreeable. The number and Intensity uf llie vibrations, moreover, may be
varied according to the tolerance of the subject. In u few minutes a sort of general
lassitudes is experienced, with a tendency
to sleep.
The vibrating bulmnt has already been
applied to a largo number of neurasthenic
invalids, the majority of whom have experienced good results from i:. Tiie proooBS
succeeds also against hemic rani a, und ns
this ia,quite a common auYetiim for which
no surely ellicacimis remedy is known, the
helmet will, iu a short time, be seen to come
urokou Heurts,
mo wonderful meelunisin of the .body is
as a sealed book to the ordinary woman of
fashion. .She knows, however, that she bus
a heart, for she is familiar with the term
through reading romances where bleeding
and broken hearts aro wont to ligure. IJnt
of the heart as a great muscular pump
which forces the blond through all tho
arteries, veins, and capillaries of the body,
she knows nothing. If she did, she might
bo a little more careful to give it room, and
erumonts like our own, am), Indeed
all mtelllgont people, understand ihc:
things. Tito lesson which Dr. Hartwlsh
to teach is not tn. easy, He advises ihe
British Government to follow tho retreat-
Ing disease back to its bod In India. They
may pursue it with a Royal Commission,
but auoqualo action would monn iho ptirifi
cation oi the Indian Empire, and lhat is not
a small contract. It certainly is not to bo
undertaken in ibis century, which, with
all its progress, must be content with observing the periodical raids of Indian pol-
liiti-m into tho filthy communities of Europe
Africa, and even America.
Ourious Aocideut at a Japanese Temple.
News from Japan makes mention of an
extraordinary accident which occurred at
one of the moat popular temples in the vicinity of Kobe, in which live people lost their
lives nnd many Others were seriously injured. The scene of the accident was Muijusati,
Or the Moon Temple, situated -it tho top of
a high hill. The temple Itself is approached by a magnificent flight of '2">0 stono
step?, and is much frequented at certain
portions of the year, the celebrations, us tiie
title implies, taking place at night, At a
recent ceremonial, when the crowd of pilgrims was more than ordinarily large, n
devotee under lite influence of rieo wine lost
bis fnotiug At the lop of the flight, and fell
headlong to the bottom. Owing to tho uneven and worn condition uf the atones,others
lost their footing, and u compact muss of
thirty people rolled doWn in the train of Ihe
drunken man. Of thoso, live wore found to
bo dead. Two had fallen over the precipice
at the side of tlio rfeps, and the remainder
bud broken arms and legs. Among the
hills and far from all asaist&ueo.thtir suffer-
be a little more careful to give it room, ami I bil 1. ana u ,   ^
not gird tier corsot so lightly os to pressing, wrong
Oil 10 toe p*"K�� ����   """B"'   -"-
perished of exposure and anxiety:
few, here and there, were carried
the sport of wind and wavo, to find new
abiding places for the race, just as seeds
and plants drift to the barren heaps
that submarine volcanoes rear above the
sea, and, ill time, cover them with verdure.
Millions of these plants and seeds may perish in tho sea for every one that finds a place
to grow and Iruetify ; and myrids of Paclhe
castaways hare been engulfed while a few
havo survived to perpetuate their klud in
hitherto unpeopled islands,
Thero is proof, also, that these mlgra
tlonehavenotonly been there-ultot accident
but sometimes, ol.o, of deliberate purpose.
Traditions have been handed down from
father to son of lands not faraway, and, animated by love of conntleet, expeditions have
been sent out to lind thorn. Then tho
cods, on being consulted, have sometimes
ordered tho islanders to seek adventure,
afar, and choosing times when winds and
waits were auspicious, they liavo sat out
for Ihe unknown! Neither arc hurricanes
and other phenomena of tho sea responsible
for all the eases of involuntary wanderings.
Instances havo been known of conquered
tribes, condemned to exile, and thus compelled to find new homos or perish. .Sometimes nlso an island has become too crowded for its growing populace, and it has been
necessary for a part of the people to hud
now homos. ,
Two scltolari, the lule Prof. Quatrofages
and Mr. Otto Sitlig havo given grout attention to collecting the evidences oi
authenticated cases of iuvoluntary wanderings In the l'aeilio. A mere catalogue of
the known Instances recorded by IJnalre-
faces In his "Les Polynesians et Icur. mi-
gratlons/'and bySlltiginliisstudy "Ucher
unlrolwlllige   wanderungen   Im Grosson
Oiean " Vfould till several columns. A remarkable instance is that recorded hy mis.
Simmies in tho Philippine Islands a. occurring in 1801). Twenty-nine natirui of
Palail, which at that lime had never been
seen by civilised man, were driven by a
slorin far west of their homo and then drill-
,.,l with the current to bainal, one of the
1'hilipiiino Islands. Their two boats drift-
Oil for sovcnlytwo days, and live of Ihc
men died of exhaustion during Iho 600.
mile journey. A few days later two women
In.hi the same islam! were brinifiht by tlio
mm. chance to the same place of refuge.
If all had heen cast  upon an uninhabited
Island they probably would have perpetuated their 'people and added one more lo
the centres 01 population In   tho   I'aciHc.
Some instances of astonishingly long involuntary voyages are known. KoUcbue
tells of Japanese who were blown away
from ihoir native shores aud actually lived
to reach the American coast, having travelled across the North l'aeilio in the KuroSivo
and Ihe eastward drift north of tho equator.
Now and thou junks havo boon driven from
Chinese waters lo the American coast.
Another very interesting fact is that
there arc many records of involuntary voy-
lines made from eastern to western Islands.
Many of these islands were doubtless passed
by unseen ill the ages when the PnolHo
lands were gradually booomlng peopled
from the shore nnd islands of Asia. Later,
descendants of lllOiC Immigrants were casl
away In their turn and, some of them
drifted toward the ancient homos of tile"
race until they, like endngh, tonight upe..
some uninhabited island. Alt interesting
case of this sort was llsooverod by iiirnor
|��� Vale, onoof tho Now Hebrides islands.
Ho found there the Wind chic! llllhiand his
people, the older of whom were all native
torn Samoabs. Bnla and k is company left
a Samoan harbor in 1826 In a double canoe.
There were fifty people In tho party. I hoy
were caught iu a great storm and lot days
expected to perish. When the storm subsided they found that they were far from home
and the current and wind wore taking the,,,
steadily westward. Finally the 1 all dead
men and won.��� reach. Vale, fully 1,100
miles   southwest   of   tueir    old    home.
great waste of waters.
Bntftest Passages on Bccord.
A number of interesting particulars have
been given regarding the clipper ships,
which were better known years ago than
they ate now.    It is to the China trade that i81lMBU HDiIW Kgu���,wil��� ���.���������. 	
we must look for the names of many of the 'fortifications. To protect the "casemates
most famous sallin-i; ships the world has ever a���d magazines, the safety of which was not
seen. Ihe tea clippers, psrtioularly be* auffioiently guaranteed by the earthworks,
tween the years 18C0 sad 18*0, just before , ib waB necessary to make bods of beton of
they wore supplanted by steam, were a Hoot; \timmm thickness. Armored cupolas have
of which this maritime nation Justly hod tbjo been established in some of the fortress*
reason to be proud. Seldom rising to �� L sheltering places and powder magazines
burthen of above one thousand tohs, they have also been made in rocks. The forts
were the most beautuul and symmetrical jnaveii]8a u���dergone alterations in regard
models that ever floatod-keen ��s a knife t0 the position of tho guns. They were at
below tlis water-line, yet swelling graceful- fir3t foun(i to ne too nnicli exposed, and
ly into proportions good for stability ; rig-,B11I,exinK batteries on a level with tho
gcd to a loltineBs that would stunt by com- ground, intended for oblique firing, have
parlson the four-masted lemthwis of the \VifXll 8Ct up l0 fl,,pilort thorn. At the same
present day, and offering such a platan as time( Bp00fftj mt[B have been constructed
they burst through the surges'under the | for tho infantry destined to defend the guua.
soaring heights of their flying; kites as one ^0 sanitary condition of tho barracks has
might now scour the oceans in vaiu search been the object of great care, to guard
'or>     . ,        . , . 1 against tho danger of epidemics.
The first ship to beat the rocord between j,, \m the regular army of France foot-
Foo-choo-foo and the Thames was tho Lord L{\ up 24,005 omccm, 885,872 men, and 89,-
otthcIsles.anAherdeeuclippor.eommand-Vo^ horses. Al, present it counts 28,382
ed by Captain Maxton. Shu too't part ��n jofBcere, -181,015 men, 140,879 horses, in
the celebrated race home of I860, and al-; .86y the army was divided as follows : 37'2
though two of the most notorious American jhattalions of infantry, 238 squadrons of
ships or the period wore running ��galn��t cavalry, and232 batteriesof artillery. The
her, both of nsnrly double her tonnogo, she present army has 727 battalions of infantry
arrived m the 1 names sever*! days before j 445, flf,,lftl.ronB of cavalry, and 580 batteries
either of them, and discharged her cargo in of artillery. It should be remembered that
ion almost spotless condition, This was the figures for1809 given above represent
reckoned a great feat at the time, for tho !the enUl.e mjHtary forco .if Franco at that
American ships,  which were always more jtimc. whlle the iiguros of 1802 rcpiescnt
Argument in company is generally tho
worst sort of conversation, anil in books the
worst reading.
No man is born inlo tiie world whose work
is not boru witii him ; there i-i always work
and tools to work withul for those who will.
A contemplative life lias more tbc appearance of a liiu 0! piety than any other ; but
it is the Divine plan lo bring faith into
activity and exercise.
Write it nn your heart that every day is
the best day in the year, No man has learned anything rightly until lie knows that
every day is doomsday.���[Emerson.
Conversation is the daughter of reasoning,
the mother of knowledge, the breath of the
soul, the commerce of hearts, the bond of
friendship and the nourishment of content.
Nothing ie to be compared for value with
fjoodness; riches, honor, power, pleasure,
uaruing, the whole world and all in it, are
not worth having iu comparison with boing
When the hour of death comes���that
comes tu high and low atiko���then it's na
what wc hue dune for our*elveg, but what
we hao dune for others, that wo think on
inaist pleasantly.���I Sir Walter Scott.
A man who can give up dreaming and go
to his daily realities, who can smother
down his heart, its love or woe, aud take to
the work of hi.- band and defy fate and, if
be must die, dies fighting to the last���that
man is life's bent here,
Wc aught to have room for enthusiasts,
even if they violate every rule of grammar.
A grand, blundering, hammering, thundering, whole-hearted Boanerges is worth a
roglmant of very print, reverend gentlemen,
meek as milk-and-water, aud ao-ft as boiled
Our boys and girls should bo educated in
the history of our country, political science,
doctrines of good government, and the doc-
trine and spirit of tho Constitution of the
United States. Then when tbey reach manhood aud womanhood they may meet those
principles in exalted citizenship.���[Rev. Dr-
Constant laughter is not cheerfulness : it
is more likely to be the expression of folly.
Send us heuce a thousand miles from a face
always parading itself in smiles and giggling.
Anybody can faugh; but lo look bright,
with all tho muscles at rest, betokenB a glad
acceptauce of life and all its duties���a habit
of taking things at their best aud making
the beat of them.
None can have thought much without
noticiug how soon we reach the limit of our
knowledge of each other ; tho true history
of no human being isdeciphoiable to his
neighbor ; even love, which is intuition, can
uot penetrate the strange reserve in which
wc each walk wrapped. Is there knot here
an argument for greater calmness, le.-'a
haste, less certainty in condemning one another ?
Sorrow is not an accident, occurring now
and then, says Robertson, It is the woof
which is woven into tho warp of life, and
be who has not discerned the divine sacrcd-
ne&B of sorrow, and the profound meaning
which is concealed in pain, has yBt to learn
what life i?. The croBS, manifested as the
necessity of the highest life, alone interprets it.
American snips,  wuwu *��������������"��������/- -.- time I wi.ih.wh. ��gu.�� ��.  *���,;,.���
liuhtW built than our own,  and of soft only the active army on a peace looting,
wood for the most part, frequently leaked Tho offoctiv ' -�� *M" �����"���"'   ha,'a,;ie
. _   .1  . I.:.... ..I ,!,,.;,��� frump* iMIIRfld ' .I..,,'
wood fur tho moat, parr, imwuu, .��������.. inu ouecuve forces of this army become
owing to the working of their framesoausod :douMcd in a ,ew AayB ftt UlB tiine oi moWU
by heavy "cracking on, and often came in : ireation, by calling out tho trained reserves;
with tons upon tons of tea ruined by salt ttnd between them and the regulars there is
water. Iqo prooeptiblo difference in their value as
In 1803 thero was launched from tho yard; aol-Iii��rs. Moreover, these reserves aro also
of Messrs. Steele, ot Greenock, a little vcbso! | doubled by another reserve force. And yet
of 88C tons reglstor, which proved to be the thi, u not all.   In fact it is only the first
r    '    ���   IL    ���'������*  '  '������ 'Km timA had over! it-a -...*-,
The Host Delightful City in the World.
Willi iu great boulevards, ita urban parks,
squares, and gardens, its avenues lined
with stupendous architecture, its vast hotels
and gorgeous caf?s, its trees and flowers nnd
great promenades, its shops uud its restaurants, t'aris, the Paris of Huron Haussmanu,
has become the headquarters of tho luxury
of Europe and of the whole civilized world.
For luxury invites luxury, and if Paris had
remained the picturesque, miserable, and
prodigious city which Victor Hugo has described in his novel, Notre Dame de Paris���
the city whose narrow streets and mysterious gables were impressed with tho tragedies and struggles of ten centuries of history
and with the souvonirs of twenty revolutions
--it would never havo attracted thoso countless visitors from the Old World and tho
New, who are, as a rule, neither poets nor
thinkers nor artists, but who, nevertheless,
contribute to the wealth and splendor which
make Paris what it is, the modern Athens
or tho modern Byzantium.
More completely than any other city
Paris reali7.es the conception ot the Athenian republic, full of light aud joyous hum,
suug by the poets, sculptured by the stat
uaiies, idealized by the painter^, employ
She Was Leaking, Ills .nen Were nylug.
Hat He Was Bravo of Heart���All Wcr*
Kick bm it in,.,,-ir, a Dag, und a Man.
The yarn of the Nova Suotian bark H. B.
Oann, which arrived at Norfolk, Va., on
Sunday from Hollo with 2,100 tone of raw
sugar, was cheerfully spun yesterday by
her nervy little Yarmouth skipper, Lapt.
Durkee, loan audience of reporters.
" I can't give you the exact latitude nnd
longltr.de the first man was taken down,"
tela the optimistic old salt," unless 1 look
!it my log book, and that's aboard ship, out
In stream.    Anyhow, we were 130 days out
from lloilo, and wc were leaking.    The man
complained of a numb sort of feeling In his
legs and wanted to lie   down all the  time.
After a few day.i other men were attacked
by the disease, which made their legs swell
as ii they had  dropsy.    I suspected that
they had beriberi, which the doctors say is
caused by tiie alcatii from   ihe sugar.    On
Sops. 28 one of the men, Thomas Russell,
died nnd l  mustered all the crow���wo had
fourteen men iu all now���that could stand
to the waist of the ship and we shoved the
body, sewed in canvas' into the ana,  while
I read the burial service.    This had a depressing effect on tho crow, every man of
which, except one, was sick.    Rut some   of
'em were able to stub along, and, as   the
Lord blessed us with wood wentber, wo fared
pretty well till our biscuits began to get
low.    Wo iiad nothing left but Halt home
and water, and mighty little of that, when
wc uenred tho Carolina coast.    Seven men
were down then, and tho rest could work
only   once in u   while.    Wo bad a brink
northerly wind, which was. dead ahead, of
course, and we beat slowly up tho const.
"On   Saturday, Oct. 8,   the carpenter,
John Nugent, died.   I mustered tho men
again nnd untied Nugent. Tney were almost
hopelofs then, each one thinking bo might
I be the next to slide off the plank into the
Bea.    Our biscuits hnd given out, nnd the
prospect of sick men living on a diet of corned pork wasn't altogether bright.    I bad to
do something to keep their spirits up, so I
culled nil of 'em that could hobble aft and
made'cm a little speech.    I said we wore
not far from land,  and that l would make
the nearcsOsport north of Unttcraa as quickly as I could if they would try to shake off
their sickness for a time.   They responded,
'Aye, aye, we'll try, Bir;' and went for'ad.
Just then a steamer hove in sight and I set
two pennants,   signifying   that   we   were
starving.   Tho steamer kept on her course
and I hauled down the flags, and, betiding
our ensign union down on the halliards,r-cut
tho signals aloft again.   The steamer didn't
notice us,   and the men came aft aud demanded thatl should do something else. One
, of 'em, a uea lawyer, as we call 'cm, gave me
some balloon talk.    I told 'cm 1 had- sig*
ualized the steamer with the strongest code,
and if ahe   didn't mind that she wouldn't
mind any thing.    I also told 'em, 1 was the
Captain  of the  ship and wasgoing to run
her to suit my interests,which,under the circumstances 1 calculated, were the same as
We boat to the no'th'ard, pretty slow
you may believe, with only one man, my
little dog, and myself entirely well. Wo
were a time getting about, as the ship's bottom was heavy with barnacles aud slime.
Atlnst.wesawthe Currituck lighthouse,and
the men brightened up a bit. But the wind
went down thou, and we just lay there and
whistled for a hreeze. The men, with the
Ben lawyer for spokesman, came aft again
and said something must be done for them.
I kept the signals up, and told 'cm that was
all 1 could do. Then the sea lawyer said a
boat might be sent ashoro to Currituck. I
knew no man of 'em could get thore in a
boat, as it was a longer way off than it
''''-- ���*��� '������"awl ni-nmbUmr.
 ....   tins is QOG ail.     Ill .nun  m  ia im.j    -s.v  	
fastest ship that down to this time had over j ij,10 0f the fighting men of the French army.
���'   * "     soas.    Sho was named the Sir Xhe second line is composed of the men ol
and   so   remarkable wore her tho territorial army.    This army, added to
iled the seas.    She was named tho 8irThe second line is composedof the men of
Lancelot,   and   so   re mark able wore her1......���i,nsini ���rillv.    Tlm arm v. added to
achievements that a description of somo
little fulness may prove interesting. Her
length was a trifle above 107ft, her breadth
.'13ft Tin, and tha depth of bar hold 27ft.
Sho was what in called a composite-built
ship; that is to say, her framework was of
iron, and her sheathing of wood.    Tho one
the first line, gives a lighting force re-
sen ted by tho following figures :
Infantry, 1,0130 battalions.
I   Cavalry, (500 squadrons.
Artillery, 7.">0 batteries.
I    Including tho forces at the  depots, tin?
reprosents a total of more than two million
ron, ana ner aiiwiiiMji��. �����,.��.   _    .... ^^j,^^,^,, ,,��� ,	
idea in the construction of tins vessel was of mc!x    A(l(- t0 thfj c.oloBS[ll flflutlng force
spoed-everything likely to result in the mu��t8tUl be added the 860,000 men enroll
attainment of this was aimed at.    Before ua i(1 ttl(. rwei,vfl ()[ thc t6rritorUl army,
the copper was put on to her bottom, her jdso trained troops
planks from the water-line downwards wercl    The strategic railroads and thn lines of
pinned off and the   hard teak rendered as telegraph form a gigantic network, whioh
smooth as a ball-room flucr.    In order to is kept in constant running order.
give the stability, and enable her to carry ,    ]u viliW llf Uleso tlglltMi whioh at��� waU
her immensely long masts, nearly 100 tons |;,10WI1 -n Germany   it is no wonder that
of iron pigs or "kentledge   was fitted Into Emperor William is crying for more sol-
tho open spaoes along tho keelson between dlors,
hor frames,   That she needed some such] ��� ,���
deadweight as this to keep her steady may , 0DDI3 AKD ENDS-
well bo supposed when it Is stated that, in 1 ���
racing trim and under all siil, the Sir Lance* I    Russia uses iron telegraph poles.
lot spread upwards of .8,000 squaro feet of Kntunate Iceland ha. only tw
aonvas-perbapi the greatest area which; mho mil ol: |BI|li ,��� KoA   ���
was ever shown by any full-rigged ship    o       WilB ll!)olll 0M H|lilljI   un
iitr belongs tha honor of having accomplish* ,   ..    ,        ...
ed thc swiftest passage on record ol any] XJ Swii^.\ ftnd(Norway, t ii a crime to
. 1 be alsnsneea at 001
> lawyers,
I :.uu years
 _ /omoI betwee'iiThitTa and Knglami. I m��" n I1���".1''�� "" 3aU' ��'f li,lU01' ���lL mu��'
There aro no finor clipper ships afloat at * *���**���"���* ftt ��"t.
the present dav than those nintiiiig in tho     TllO only city in tlm world on tin- him nf
wool trade between Australia and Groat the equator U QaltO, and  there iho sun
Britain. Hero, as in the China itallic, whore "SOB and loll at the santO hour all the year
they first won their fame, the Aberdeen round-0o'clock.
clippers still maintain their reputation us1    Natives of .lava pay onoof their prophetH
tho swiftest nailing vessels on this passage. 9400 a year for refraining from predicting a
The waters of Sydney Buy or Melbourne tid.il wave which will sweep them Into the
Harbour have nover, indeed, reflected forms great deep.
of more perfect grace and symmetry than Japanese doctors must bo patient men.
those of tlio grouu-huHeil crall, with theirThcy never present bills lQ their patients.
archi ngcut-waters, moulded elliptical sterns, They awiut the patient's inclination to pay,
and white painted masts, yards, and bow- and thou than let idly accept whatever sum is
sprits, which ply under the familiar house offered,
Ihg of the original" White Star" line. The] A Vrench artist recently evaded very
Patriarch Itl I860 accomplished the quick* cleverly the law requiring dogs to be muz-
est passage that has over been made betweenUl0u by painting a mii/./.lc on hit Kido. So
Sydney and London, namely, 03 days from realistic was it that the doooption might
the Heads to the West India Docks. !never baiv Imon known if  thc dog hud not
One of the swiftest, though not by any foolishly bitten a pollooinatl one day and id
means one of thc largest) of the modotn betrayed his ftjud mdstor.
school of iron   clippers   isl.be   four-masted      v    1        .1 ; 1..   ��� 11.
l,,rM���r l.<,cliTorri.lo���. bnlltar, tho Clyde In ���S�� ����� v f   'i'      C"',""  ' nT
1880. Fonr-nmsiodshipsOTrotlioaoompara. J1"?""0?   '? \I1L l,e,'-un",' | j   "" -v
lively fow and fat botwosn, and i..iy'lii..B''" y"!"!i,    ,'''    il   "IW"""1 sl"" ho
nlieva Ml Ions register was loeticd dpoau r"0001"1" ",' Sf!,i?* ��� ' h:'',r0,"r''' '"'"���
quite oNuoptionsl far a sailing vessel. This ��t0���'���" """ f i *T ,' "f ', """",
, exactly the totin.R0 of the Lol, lorrlden. ���'"' ""l" ' ""1  "j"'��'.ll l.r.ilml.ly lie sinvral
She is perhaps one ol the most graceful and Vw���n "       cu"81stnr>'   nl
ologant models ever launched from the ,��,
Glasgow yards. The stnnrlest passage of | . ''"
the year 1800, from Liverpool to Calcutta, ������'"I?}'
was accomplished by the Simla, on thatl080"]1
ship's maiden Voyage, She was towed out ll'"''!
of tho Mersey on the 11th of April. Imtjlj
, seemed to be. They wont for'ad grumbling
and left mo pacing the deck with my dog.
A little pull'of wind came, aud then another, but not strong enough to give us
steerage way. Then 1 felt more like praying than 1 ever did, and 1 tnid out loud,
'Oh, Lord, please make them puffs a little
stronger.' But they didn't gotrr.uch stronger. I wondered how long wo would have
to lay out there, and 1 began to make ready
to caBt anchor in oase the worst came to the
worst. There were only 12 fathoms under
us, and as I had 12U fathoinB of chain in the
locker I kuew I could stick it out a good
"Uuton Tuesday morning, Oct. 11, we
saw a big tug steaming out to us. I kuew
then that our signals had been seen at Cur*
rituck and that tho tug had been sent out
from Norfolk for ub. Hut I didn't want
that tuglwatmai) to catch us napping and
mulct us for salvage, so I called all the men
aft and told 'em to stay on deck, look
Bpruco as possible, say nothing when tho
tug came alongside, but lot mo do all the
talking, and they wouldn't regret it. I had
the signals hauled down, aud the windmill,
which was pumping us out, unshipped, and
tho side of the ship near thc scuppers scrubbed so the tugboatman wouldn't know we
were leaking. Ho si earned around us three
or four times, sizing us up, and getting nearer every circlo ho made. At last he lay to
aud asked if we were the bark that had signals of distress up on Sunday, 1 said we wore
aud then he asked what the trouble was. 1
said we merely wanted food and drink us wo
wore just about starving. Then he asked if
We hadn't sickness aboard. 1 said wo did
have two men slightly ill with some sort of
swelling of the feot. Then howantedtoknow
if 1 wouldn't like to bo towed in.    1 pretended not to be powerful nnxious for a tow but
asked him, careless like, bow much he would
I charge,   He said S100, and I said 1 guessed
1 would let him have tho job lor that if he
| would   throw   iu   a breakfast.    He   came
; alongside and gave us a barrel of fresh bii-
' Oltlt, lots of meat already cooked,  and gal-
lonsof hot eoffeo.    The men were ravenous,
aud so was I, and that breakfast   was juxt
about thc best 1 ever  tasted.    It made nut
fool kind o' small for playing it on the tug-
tno Louvre wnurD wia uimlui .   .. boatman,    I guess ho must have felt pretty
of all ages ami of  nil countries""havo"been I "ltul wht,'n ,tl,B 'lo-jtorsj  boarded us at gnat*
collected together for their edification. > an,i'����. ���������'our anchor went down every
Those who aro of a devout turn of mind mother ��� son aboard wentdownwithit,and
find the temples open, and thmuuh tho j "l0. \u�� watmao found wo hiid.it a thor*
fumes of inoenSO they see the walls deem- "Jlghly W8�� mn" ,",1 thfl ���"���P-, .1,,l,:" ,lfl ""
��� -I-.*���     n-   ,(,,. | vi ttd mo over   lo   the tug,  Wnloll  WOS "iu
Hescile, und asked me if 1 didn't lhitik that
Job of towtng was worth more thanSlO". f
said 1 oouldn'i tell, hut I thoughtthebreak-
it wns worth at loan SiiO.    *���*��� wn cam*
  - - "J   1""    |J��...**.af,    ���-r���,
ing for thc happhu'ss of its children all the
I resources of the sciences and the arts, of*
fertng to all feet alike its staircases of white
marble, and presenting against tlm background of n tranquil blue sky the pediments of its palaces and its templeB. Tho
illusion is nil iho more complete because
Paris seems at first sight lo be wholly given
up to pleasure, Tho number of people of
leisure In Paris Is so great that unless wc
made a very thorough and minute examii*
ation of the facts, we might bo tempted
to imagine that the emancipation of humanity had reached its apogee, that the prole-
'       l  1   ...._   t-������.,���,.   (��ft���,l     ������,*   ,l,n  \rnn
ity nan roaencu nn uiiugi-c, i,.���..   ....  F���
tarlan had been fnrever freed, and tho iron
arms of indefatigable machinery substituted
in place of the feeble arms of man. There-
lore, in ihe sunny spring days we seo the
citizens of this modern Athons exclusively
employed iu watching tho bursting of the
buds iu ihe tree-lined avenues of tiie city,
admiring tho groups of Btatuary that adorn
the public (-aniens, or examining cmiously
tho graceful movements of rare exotic birds
and beasts that aro kept for their diversion in tiie menageries ol the republic. Wn
boo citizens, accompanied by their wives nmi
children, strolling through the r/allertes of
the Louvre, where tho masterpieces ol art
ated with sumptuous paintings. On the
Seine, swift stroam-gondolas shoot tbrougii
the arches of the bridges carrying ealm
citizens to aud fro. In tho garden nf the
Tiillerlos tho fountattii dance in the sunlight, ami tlielr basins are not coveted with
hits of floating orange-peel, nor are liny
surrounded by dirty and expectorating
boys. In the Champs Blyseos the black
branches aro tipped with tender green buds,
Which give to the manses of llie trees, when
si'eii from a distance, thodelloate powjdory
.ippcaraiu e of pastel. Spring has cemo,
Paris has awakened to a new lifo, Tho
city is full of sunshine and (lowers, and llie
air is redolent with tho perfumes of nature
and of art, of violets and of OpOponS"
lasi was  wHiin uv .��...-���
promised on $160, which was dirt cheap,
When we got. to Norfolk 1 sent the mate
and seven nun (ft hospital, nnd they got
well. The doctors told inu that the way to
cure beriberi was io send tho patients to
gntss; they want the smell of the dry land,
which you can't get at sea unless yoil take
it in your cargo."
Eyeiicjlit of Birds.
When telegraph wires were first put up
numbers of birds were found lying dead be*
. ni'ftth   them, and were HUpposeuVby  those
I who did not understand electricity   to  have
of the  Mersey on the   11th of Apr.     hut hang to tl
owing to the state of tho weather she did not    "   ,       ,MJ\ t0 t
get a fair start under canvas until the 1 Ith. ���'""
On tho two following days strong quarter-
ing breezes, rising at limes to a moderati
gale, were experienced, and on the 10th tin
shipran323,��nots,   Shoorossed the Mm
ontheUhof May, 25days out.   Tt.i,w
far, was very good sailing.    The grcui.ca:
following teat for watered   milk is
lltyitselll   A well-polished knitting
is dipped Into a deep vessel of milk
imodlatoly withdrawn In an upright
II tho sample ia pure some of the
The Barons Hotribntlon. I S"st���F tod"^y"an""Vl'eow'e ^irrenl
TheBrni-iliannabob, Baron ITerean, who; which passed through their bodies while
died not long since, was as miserly In tritles they were perching on thc wires. Thc fact
us he was extravagant in other directions, | Is tnoy were killed by striking the wires
It was one ti his poculinrilies never to fee ' and not by electricity, which could not pass
icrvants, and the waiters of various hotels I through tne body of a perching bird.
.it which he sojournod were for that reason I It is worth noticing that at the present
uot partial to him. One morulntt, while day birds aro hardly over killed by similar
staying at the magnificent Manx Hotel, in ' accidents, they having learned to 'look out
Hin de .laneim, ]: eftnic down Ul breakfast forposts and wiles as well as fort roes and
and ordered acutlou After he bait eaten 'branches. In order, therefore, to permit a
it he ordered a second. bird to espy dangorone objects in time to
Baron,'' said the head waiter, muli- avoid thorn, its eyes must be " long-sighted."
piously, "it's the custom with ub never to In point .if fact, many birds which nootvto
servo the same course twice at a meal." delect small objects ut a distance have eyes
,1, h j nocdle, but if water
,.. jn added to the milk the fluid will
not adhere to the needle.
' Thore are 109,000 locomotives iu the world.
011,000of them mil iu Europe, ���lu.umi in
America, 3,300 in xVsia, *J,000 iu Australia,
'and ,U'J Ui Africa.
Is that sn'.'" said   Kcrcnn,   nnd  using
from his seat he left tho room,
In luu minutes he came back into the dining-room.
"Waiter," be said, "I have jus bought
this hotel, and nui inas'.er here now. As
you will not be able to get accustomed to my
plmi nf serving the guests according to their
wishes, you are dismissed at once,1' Thereupon be took up his napkin again and called
.to another waiter ; " HOW bring mo nil*
I othprjutiat I"
llOllTUb miiu.il uuiiiv,. ...  .- ...
which are equal to good telescopes, Such,
lor example, arc those of the vultures, who,
when searching for food, ascend to such a
bright in the air that ihey arc scarcely distinguishable. From this immense elevation
tbey can survey a vast range of country, and
if an animal should be dead, or even dying,
it is sure to be detected by a vulliire, which
instantly swoops down upon it.
1     Berlin has an   "Association of U
| Women for thc Control of Husbands.
Published  By   M. Whitney &
Son.   Every Thursday.
Courtenay B. C.
TEAMS UK srilSCitll'TlON.
'-ix Months ���
One inch |ior year $\'QI
.    ,.   month        1 .V)
.. uluhthoot  peryoor   �� >��
..   I'Hi-th    toco
..   ��eek.per line       ,  11
1.(k.i1 llbtlcee, I'er line     on
Notices of Births, Marriages and
Deaths,   50 crnts each inr-enion.
No Advcrlismeni inserted for leu than
50 cents.
Tlmrsday. Bdt. 24t 1892
Lord   Rosebery
This t-pn-lcman who holds th** For
i-ii;n port*folio K.'r>n,i tc }>oui-hi thf
confi 'enoe of the p��ople 10 a
higher aVgi^e than is *c.(ird��d
oiiy other iiiciiihcr of th* c��l>iuct-
whilw a Lihprtlli" is conecrvative, and
jealous of tin- natioiiftl dignity, He is
moulded on a grand stab-, and his jp
prt-eiatioii ofthe importance of the col-
onit^ should eml-ar him to tlm people
of the Dominion.
With him in the Foreign Office, no*
only the intnrt-sts of C��nada bai of the
ICiupire ure *afe. It is to bo hoped
that, his health which is n��l of the
heat, may not i-ivo way, and that many
y-ara of usefulness, and higher destiny
may be liis,
Bear Trap Legislation
Th" recent calamity whereby, Mr. P.
M. Butler lost his life sagneiti the enquiry whether some legislation is not
necessary for the protection of thn people against the danger of falling into a
bear trap, Thej sre often set in paths
or placfR where there is ex-reme liubil
hy of the hunter walking into' them
unawares. The life of one such man
as 'he ill-fated Butler is worth all hears
ever caught in traps Wi* ar�� informed 1 hut in some of the states to the
south of us, nnd perhaps in some of the
Provinces, there are laws requiring
t*otiie Kort of a fence to be made con
aistingof a single pole, and that along
wiih this' a sign is required, which can
lie easily read by oven* bor-v -ides
Mr. Bruin, We think tiu in attar is of
MUllirient importance to require legis,
lativfl cons-deration, which wo hope It
will receive.
Meeting  Called
Elsewhere in this Issue we publish
a call for a meeting at the school house
in Courtenay at 7:30 p. m. on Monday
next for the purpose of considering the
advisability ol'orgamziug 1 aijricoltir
al and industrial society, and if the
proportion bo decided in iheaflirruative
to t>��ki* the neccessary steps to effect*
u*te such purpose. No more important affair ia likely to engage tho at ten
tion of our citizeas than this, and ws
(.runt there will be a large and repre-
mn tali ve ui eat ing. Let every one turn
out and attest Ins  interest,
Prompt action is necessary if we ar*
to obtain our share of tha money annually appropriated for the encourage-
ment of such soc.o'ieg. Our own
views were expressed fully in oar last
Tariff may be Lowered
The result of the election in the United States which places Grovur Olev-
land in the Prtwideuul chair cannot
help but he gratifying to the great ma-
joifiy of the pnople of the   Dominion,
TlmMcKinley Bill was the tariff
run mad. The Democrats by carrying
ho many hetherto Republican states
will probably, when the various legis
Ifitures meet and select U. S. Htnutori
obtain control of the Upper House
or Senate, sh they now hava control
0    the    11 ou��e    of    Represen' atl vea.
This will give tbcm the fall
control of the administration of
public uffuirs. Th*y can then formulate and pass snub tariff reform uieu-
. ur��s ns tbey chose, and while tbey will
not adopt free trade, they will inoota**
surely greatly lowerthe present custom
du iex, collecting only euough for such
revenue as shall bi neaded for the
economical administration of the gov-
ormtmt, and nothing (or ihc purpoee of
protecting already established industries,
Il is to b* hoped that the duty on
coal and lumber, the two great industries of thiB section, will be reduced,
Mr. A. R. Going, the locating engin*
eerof the Canada Wratfrn, has comple*
tod his trip of recognizance from Duluth down the valley, through Courtenay to Comox. He speaks highly of
tho treatment accorded him  by etor��
one, and to apprattisA* tha great advantages which the new rail*ay will bring.
From the hem-he* io/th* sooth part
of th.* townsite of Oouruoay, he took
several views of thn valUy including a
portion of the t.-wn On the afternoon
of Saturday Mr Joneph .Mcl'liev took
him for a drive ahout the neighborhood
to aee, sonic of the fanners, as well as
villagers. Mr Going took- a list of the
business estnbl aliments here' aud,noted the advantages of the place,aud seam
ed much Impressed with its pro-pects
He was also Ho*u at Comox Buy,
whero he saw some of the leading citizens ���viib refwreuce to the right of way.
The importaui-e of connecting with
agutfpetat this point is apparently
not to be overlooked. The railway
will neeesnary form a lettvr S in going
tothe Hay.crcutsin;'the Courtenay River probablv near ih�� bridge at Oourte*
nay other *ise n l>r��nch ��ill hsv�� to
be built to reach the B*.y. fiui a* thc
roasl will obtain agram in proportion to
the length of its line, we suppose u
little lancer way round "ill not form
any obstacl*. HHp��cially where business
points are to l*e roaeh<*d, It is the intention, wti tin demand, to commenc
the construction just u soon as the locating of the line is completed. It Is
estimated that it will take about two
years to build from Wellington up as
far as Duluth at the Narrows, However aa the.time of coustruelion is gen"
���rally the livelivet, we c.nuol object
Gospel of Health      ,
It is generally aecepted as true tliat
"icknessisa n��-ct>SHary experience jf
man on the planet; that it is one of the
m*ar,s Pr*>idM.re iak��s to make him
contrite, to humble his pride, and
make htm obedient, lts*emsnnt to
occur to those holding this view that
tho animals, as a ruie, ai�� never ill, and
that their exemption from ill net* is
alwavsin prr ion to their removal
from   man tn*  iu-erf-rence with
their ht1 life.    The squirrels aro
never tc, tho anthropoid ape is
oi t. ( a, and tho elephant Iivps
nw�� than a huudred years without ha-
coming a chronic invalid. Is it to
be supposed ihat (Jod, or Nature, or
by whatever name we may er.ll that
On-at Foruia.ive Power, that stands
behind all visible thin g", has baun leas
kind to man, the crowning work of
creation, hy making him necessarily cub
ject to th�� ''f.��ver thai wostrth by
noonday, and the pestilence that stalk-
eihbynightr Is it not in acco-dance
with the nature of a God of love that
man, the monarch of the world, the
la��t and best of His works, '.should at
Vast in an equal Ac��rm with bis fellow
creatures, the animals, inherit health aa
w-M a* ��� birthright/ And is it not
reasonable to suppose that sicknesf,dis-
ease, and premature death are ihe ro
suit of disobedience of some plainly established physiological law, and that a
return to a state of physical health ii
possible, when one�� the science of a'na-
tural life is found and pructisedt I h��v
Move tt.at this is true, that it is possible
for man lo be well, always welt as a
permanent state; and when I say well,
I moan not only to be vigorous day by
day, tor be free from lassitude and heaviness, .to- beteady for each day's duties
without dread or wearineia in the performance, nor to stand in tW of acute
attacks of illness, of typhoid fe��er, peritonitis, pneumonia, iniluenxa, colds, or
epiaVmiee in any form.
It ia my belief that all diseases that
afliot.mankind coma primarily from tha
derangement ofthe digestive fuations
which derangement! la mainly ceased by
improper foods and over ttaliag, When
this .most important function, noon
which depends the purity of our blood
is disordered, then begins tha develop*-
meut of hereditary tendeuces, and the
acquiring of new ones, \X is the overstrain to the nervous system which ia
caused by laborious digaation of improper foods,���foods not adapted to man's
requirements,��� and over eating, that
bring the long train of nervous diseases
rheumatism, gout, and chronic dyspepsia in its various forms.
Science tenthes that the longevity; of
an animal is live to six times the period
required to reach maturity. Now
since about twenty years are required
for the maturity or growth of man, flvt
or six tiroes that five us iOO to 130
years ��*. the natural age of man, Saying .inthintr al��ut one half of all thn
children who die b.ifore reaching the
ago 01 five, and not counting the pre -
ma'ure deaths that occur throughout
childhood, youth, and middle lite wo
perceive fhat the average life today ia
not  morn than forty five to fifty years.
If it b- true that man's namtal life is
from loo lo cJiyitars, we. hi vet h�� as*
toodingfact that each m��mb>*r of the
race is prematurely cut off full sixty
years before time. Now if no account
bo made, of the difference in the power
to work between a poraou in good
health, aril one weakened by illness.
but confine our attention tothe meaning of this waste of more than half aeon
'tiry of adult life,what a world of important *ork might he done by thoso
who aro so untimely cut off. Those
of us who have reached the middle of
the descending path of life are able to
recognize tbn great advantage that comes
to thn worker who is no longer handicap
ped by the passions and frivolities of
youth; ��nd any thinking mind must pro
criva that the possibilities of diacotsver
ies in science, art and literature) are
beyond computation. Hour inspired
men and women- our poets, painters
and philosophers���instead nf being eat
off stages varying from thirty to aoven
ty years had each a full sixty additional years in which to write their poem*,
paint their picture*, perfect their ooien-
titic discoveries, how ronpb more would
their influence uplift tho race.
Has ���
Made arrangements whereby it is en
abled to take contracts
for all kinds of
Staple &.
JLNJD  uotjse
Commercial Street
Nanaimo B, G.
Make It a Point I
For thf-tu��t thirty years having handled Silver Ware,  manufactured by the
Celebrated firms of Kied ni'.d Burton��� ttodgem i8*t7���and M.-ridi-ii Britannia,
I   know them to be A 1.    I*3k> In Jewelry, Clocks, Wutcbes, and   tSpeeiacIe.,
I Show th- Largtwt Stock in the city, AT HARD TIMES   PRIOKS.
Bpecal et'enth.ri given to reps ring iu ALl, Hrsnches of the Trade,
la^L Orders by mail will liavd prompt attention. ^%
I. R. Counter,
Crescent Jewelry Store..       Nanaimo B. 0.
Yanconver Furniture Warenonse,
Ksiftblinlicil 1873-
���        alspti.nl.rfii       ���
and gaurantce satisfactory work at fair
Those   wanting
Wedding Stationery
Poster Work
Office Stationery
Business Cards
Invitation Cards
Will  plca.se give us   \   call.
So soon as
The Demand
Shall Justify,
Will add to the present
outfit the necessary
Press  and Material
and  do   this class of
Telephone M,
P. O. Box 16.
Nanaimo Cigar Factory.
Philip Gable, Proprietor.
Baatun Btraat      ���    Nanaimo B. 0.
Manufactures   the   finest   cigares,
employing none but white labor.
Why purcha��e inferior foreign cigars,
when you can obtain a sufiiRioa arti-
CLU for the same money?
fiaper fiaper h Go.
Booksellers,     Itatiouara,
Oanaral   ITawa   Agenta.
Nanaimo. D. C.
Nanaimo Machine Works
Robert J. fmbi.ni'
Fr����er Street
Near Bastion Street Bridge
Nanaimo' B. C.
Alt Kinds of Machinery made to order
and repaired.
Fruit Trees
Mainland Nursery *
���      Ladners Landing B. C.
A larfa supply of three and four year old
Alio Pears Plumes, Prunes, and Peaches
Ornamental trees for lawns and grass
plots.   Small fruits,   shrubs   and ever.
greens of every variety.'
IA Gilchrist,
Agent for Comox District.
The Nanaimo Pharmacy
Vanaimo B. 0.
W. E. Mc Canney Chemist,
Pur- Drugs Ch-micals and  Pstont
MhI ionics,
Pbridoana   l'rotclpiions aad aU orders AIM
with etr�� And 'li-pslch. p. u. but 11
Geo. Bevilockway,
���*-    Red House    -*-
Commercial Bt.     -    Nanaimo. B. 0.
Dealer in General Merchandise.
Highest cash Price Paid for Kurs.Hidei,
and Country Produce.
Ralph Craig's
X Nanaimo Steam X
llaston St. Hridge, Nanaimo, II. C.
General Blacksmithing, Horseshoeing
Carrage Building, etc.
Wagons and Farming Implement!
made stud repaired. Miners' Auger Drill,
ing Machines made to order   on short
J. G. Melvin
Experienced Watchmaker
Manufacturing Jeweler
And Diamond Setter.
Work done for Ihe trade.
Repairing a specialty
A trial solicited
Orders by mail
Boz 598, No jo8 Abbot St. Vancouver.
Eureka   Bottling Works,
sapirilla,   and Champagne Cider, Iron Phosphates, Syrups.
Dottier of Different Itrancls of Lager Beer Steam Beer and Porter.
Agent for Union Brewery Company.
Courtenay Ii.  C.
At H
The place contains 160 acres, and is located a few
miles from Courtenay, has about
and 15 acres are suitable for the plough
(7   Thii farm must be sold
Apply to
J. McPhee,
I have some splended lots
lor sale, both business and re
Now is the time to buy to
advantage before the Canada
Weslain Railway reaches here.
With the advent of die railway, in addition to the other
conceded advantages of the
place, prices must rule very
This town is located in the
midst ofthe largest agricultural
settlement on Vancouver Island. It is within six miles <sf
Union Mines affording thefar-
mers at the valiey the very
best home market, and is situated on the only highway
leading from (he settlement to
the mines. The lumber interests of this section are man ex
tensive, and are an important
factor in our {progress.
The per cent of improvements of this town during the
present year is greater than
any other place the Coast
can boast oi, and the march of
improvement is still onward.
The prosperity of the town
has for its foundations, therefore large mineral, agricultural,
and timber recources. it may
also he added that no section
furnishes a better field for the
sportsman. Fish and game
are always abundant and our
hotels of the best.
For particulars  address.
Joseph McPhee
Courtenay B.C.
. .1
Wm. Cheney
[   Office at the bridge ]
cou:R,TE:N".aV3r b. o.
Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer.
Lots sold on easy terms.
Money to loan on chattle mortgage,
Comox Saw Mills.
Rough and Dressed Lumber
White Pine always in stock.
AH orders executed promptly.
Comox B.C,


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