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The Weekly News May 12, 1896

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Array $rv*��**l i
Choice fresh and silt meats, headcheese, bolonga, sausages
and vegetables, fruit and eggs
Spring Goodsmim^
prices vBHrsr low
���"-asr. -.. ��� _r Xt -,. * j- ttr~-
Take a Look at the Window and See   PRICES
0 : 0
Suits cheaper than in thc East.      My stock comprises the
rery latest novelties in Scotch and English Suitings.
I will sell fine black worsted suits
 at $30 per suit	
Coal lines Bspiatien let
Examination tor Colliery Manager*
Car. tfica t��a ot competency
Natice ia hereby given that an examination fur Man:igeim Certificates of C'ijiiv-
peteacy under lhe .hove named Act will
be held it Ntnaiint, on or about tbe and
Tkuroday al April, itai. Candidates
moling to piesent tUeiustlvos at sack
examination must, en or btfoit tht Ist
���day of April. 1I96, noiify stch intention
to the Chairman of the Hoard Iroua whom
all iateriatiita as to particulars eta he
Applicants for elimination most not
be lees than jj yens of age and must
���have hid at least twa years experience
undirgrotnd ia i coal mint (or mines).
Along with the application they art to
and 1 certificate of service bom thtir
prists* nr previous employer.
TAKE NOTICE thai then will also
bt in elimination held it Union ia
August month, 189A. This extminatitn
is fnr Ihi same object aa tht eae above
relhrred to which is to be held io Ntati-
sat,   For ptrticulirs apply le
Chairman of tht Board, Nanaimo,
Nitiamo, January yth, iffi.
Union, B. C, April 28th, 'rat.
Ttht notice that at the neat sitting of
Ihe Licensing Court held at Comoi, B.
C, I ahall apply for a transfer of license
from myself 10 John Willams to sell by
retail, wieet, beer, ale and other spirito*
���us or fermented liquors al the Spring
Inn, Comoi district.
Dated April 34th, 1896.
BiMMLTjTxoir or PA*Tire*sHip
The undersigned heretofore carrying
on the horse shoeing business and general blacksmithing at Union, under the
firm maw ind style of R iy & Murdoch,
hts been dissolved by mutual consent.
Mr. Gordon Murdock will continue the
business it the old stand ind all oat-
standing claims against the late frm ire
lo be presented to him, tnd all bills due
taid fra must bt forthwith paid te him.
Union, April llth, 1796.
I btvt moved into my new shop on
Dursmuic Avenue, where I tm prepared
ta aunuftcture and repair ill Linda of
men's, women's, ud children's shoes.
l��irt ve a call.
Notice to Taxpayes.
Atitttmeat Aet and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
accordance with the Statutes, that Provincial Revenue Tat and all Taxes levied
under the Assessment Act are now due
for the year 1896 All of tbe above
named Taxes collectible within the Comox, Nelson, Newcastle and Denman
and Hornby Islands, Divisions of the
District ef Comox, are payable at my
Assessed Taxes ait collectible at tht
following rites, vis--���
30th, 1896��� Provincial Revenue, $3 per
One-half of one per cent, en Real
Two per cent on Wild Land.
One-third of one per cent on Personal
One-half of one per cent on Income.
���Two-thirds of one per cent on Real
Two ind one-half ptr cent en Wild
One-half of eae per cent oa Personal
Three-fourthsnfene percent on In.
Assessor and Collector.
Jaauary :nd, 1896.
Oat mile and a half from Uaioa: contains ite acres ind will be disposed of at
a low figure.   Enquire of
Jtmtt A brims.
Tenders will bt received by tbt nnder*
sigaed an or before May 33rd for the vinous works'in with tht trtctioa of a brick
block in the town of Cumberland. Plana
and specifications can be aeen between
thc hours of 3 tnd { p. in. every day on application ta
 Wm. Odell
This Inn, located ubout three miles out
from Uaioa en the Courtenay Read will
be open for business this week.   A good
bar will be kept, tnd tht comfort of the
guests carefally attended to.   Give us a
The Union Brass Band has taken the
initiative and will provide spun, and mus
ic for lhe 14 of May, or rather for Monday the 15 this year. They have collected a few hundred dollars ind will doubtless bt able to celebrate in fine style.
The Executive Committee is composed
ts follows: John Thompson, chairman,
R. S. Robertson, treasurer, tnd Janies
Addison, secretary; Programme Committee��� Jinies Addison, jr, John Rowan
tnd A. McKnight; Committee on
Grounds���A- McKnight, J. B. McLean
and John Thomson.
Look out for the Programme; $300
voted for the snorts.
Tbe Tepic left on the (th wiih 40010ns
of coal and 36 tons of coke for the C. P.
R. and Sugar Re inery, Vancouver.
Tug Wandered left on the 5th with JJ
tons lor vessel's use.
The Ship J. B. Drown mentioned last
week as sailing on the 41I1 took 1460
Ions of coal for the N. A. Commercial
Co., at Dutch Harbor, Alaska.
The Daisy called in on the 5th for 154
tons cf coal for C. Peabody, Victoria.
The Danube left on Ihe 6th with 313
tons of coal for the English fleet, Alaska.
Kichard III left nn the 6th with 1010
tons of coal for the N. A. Commercial
Company, Dutch Harbor, Alaskt
Tbe Maude left on the 8th with 166
tons of coal for the C.P.N., Victoria.
The City of Puebla left 011 the 9th with
450 ions nf coal for the Oregon Improvement Co. San Fianeisco.
Tug Fraser was in on the 9th and took
66 tons of coal for New Westminster.
Str. Jeannie was due yesterday and. the
San Matee is due 10 day (Tuesday.)
.   WjiTABB IliJviTSD
��� Wt have received :i note from lhe
Mayor of Nanaimo dasrint; to extend
'���Khfough Ihu columns of Tju: *S_ws a
' cordial invitation 10 the people ol Union
and Comox to visit lhe Black Diamond
City oa thc Queen s Birthday, and witness the sports and festivities of the occasion.
At the regular annual vestry meeting
of the members und congregation of
Trinity church on Easter Monday a vote
of thanks was tendered to Mr. Samuel
C. Davis for his donation of a valuable
and much appreciated bell; a vote of
thanks was also txtended to Mrs. John
Robinson for furnishing the church with
t handsome communion table.
At sime meeting tbt following church
wardens were elected- Dr. Lawrence for
the clergy man and Mr. H. P. Collis fnr
the congregation. Messrs J. Moore and
F. B. Smith were appointed sidesmen.
The finances were shown to be in a satis
factory condition.
~~~~   CHAT
Tke tdmirtrs of Ian Maclarcn in Can-
ada and the United States���and they
are many���will be delighted to welcome
him te ear shores next fill. He comes,
of course is Rev. John Watson, and will
deliver lectures before the students of a
Theological school, but he will hardly be
tliowed to return without delivering lectures of a more popular character, und
will naturally desire to visit the important centers in America and Cinada as
well as view the majestic scenery with
which this continent abounds, before his
return. This will give many an opportunity to meet with one of thc most
interesting personages nf the age. But
with persons is, with places distance
lends enchantment etc Doubtless many
of far Itsi pronounced literary genius are
better conversationalists and will more
favorably impress thost they meet. I
will recollect Mr. E. P. Powell, tn essay
isi of exceptional ability, speak of the sad
disillusion of meeting Charles Kingslcy
whom as 1 writer he greatly admired.
Meeting him face to face, he shewed so
much vanity and defects of manner and
character that therctfter he did not
tajoy reading bis works. He had placed
him, in hii imagination, upon an eminence above the ordinary, but in his real
character he was found lo be of the earth
The same thing was true of Dickens.
He seemed sa smpathetic, so foad of
describing the poor and wretched, and
praising their sterling virtues, as well as
pricking with his sharp pen the vain and
superficial, Ibit when one came to meet
him, and witness his toplofty airs, he
naturally felt a shock from which it wis
nnt easy to recover. It is lo be Imped
thit with Mr. Watson, or rather Ian
Maclarcn, as wc prefer to call him, a personal acquaintance will only eonfirtn the
Eleasant impression produced by reading
ia books. Real gteatness shines bright-
tsl when clothed with simplicity.
McPhee & Moore
Flour, Feed, Field and Garden Seeds, Etc. Etc.
Is well stocked with choice fresh and salt
meats, vegetables, butter, eggs,  poultry and
all kinds of fruits ...
<������**��� ^"Goods Delivered Promptly
In this district the political waters appear to be somewhat muddv. On the
Liberal.Conservative sides Mr. Jamesv
Haggart is oul, with sleeves rolled up
and is now canvassing  in  this  section.
He was formerly a mine boss, but has
now no connection with thai nr any
special'interest. He claims to He in the
field to stay, md says there is not suffic*
cient time to call 1 convention which is
not altogether usual here. From the
Free Press it is learned that Mr. A.
Haslam, the present incumbent, although
averse to running, vill neverless consent
to be the standard bearer provided a
convention is called and he be. found to
be llie choice ofthe majority. It is supposed from'Mr' Haggan's view that he
am** bis-.frictids will pay no attention to
any contention calied'at thi* late day, so
that if one beheld, there will be a split in
Ihe conservative ranks. This may have
the effect of throwing the district into the
hands ofthe Liberal 01 Grit party, whose
candid ite is W. B. Mclnnis, a young
lnwyer,nf N'anaimn son nf Senator Mclnnis
who is expected up Sere shortly to make
the acquaintance of our people That is
the situation just new but perhaps the
heavens may clear and the struggle settle down into a straight figh* between
the rival parties. The Manitoba school
question is bound to cut some figure, as
well as the tariff. On hath of these Mr
Haslam has made his record upon which
he will stand, and Mr. Mclnim's response to the reque-itiou published in
this paper, -ets firth his position. What
has Mr. Haggart to say upon these subjects?
FIVE  Linen  Collars for 15 cents at
Arybody about town will note the gen.
eral advance in appearance��� not an un*
painted building on Dunsmuir ave, if
we accept the Photo gallery, and that
will have splendid quarters in the new
Willard brick block when it is   finished.
One notes with surprise how strangely
rumors start and haw quick some people
are to credit them. Lasl week the
Mexico went down in the northern waters
with all on board, and a couple of days
after the vessel had the temerity to call
in at the wharf for coal and thus spoil 1
capital sensation.
One of ihe things one hears about
town is the talk of a class of voung fellows about the general depravity of man
kind and womankind in particular. It
would serve the precious rascals right if
they were treated 10 1 coal of ur tnd
feathers. Thev think such talk sounds
smart, and haven t tht sense to under-
sttnd how contemptible thtii conduct
really is I
A committee have been about to collect funds fnr the celebration ef the
Queen's Birlkdty. They are understood
to have met with very good success. It
is surely better to keep our money it
home Ihan spend it abroad. The cities
10 the south nf us think it good policy
to make a grant to help along the sports
on such occasions, as it helps the  town.
At least we ought to celebrate cither
the 14th of May or first of July at home,
and if both days the better.
The movement on foot to have 1
branch of one ofthe regular banks est ib
lished here is meeting with much favor.
Such an enterprise nughi 10 pa" from the
start and would certainly be af great con
venience to the public.
Another thing we netd ia the establishment of an express  office  here    nri
this matter is also  being  investigated.
AMDREWS.-At Sandwick on Sunday,
Mav 3rd to the wife of J. fi. Andrews, 1 daughter.
Latest by Wire
Engliah and American Sailors En*
gage iu a Olam and Bottle Combat lh Which Muny are Laid
Low���Bolraei at Laat gett hia
Deserts��� la*nn And Impotent
Conclusion! of the Plaata Oaae
���Boxing Match Badl Diana-
troutljr- Minor Eventa.
San Francisco, May 8th ��� A serious
fight begun with bottles and ended with
knives look place at Shanghai betweea
the ciew of the U. S. Gunboat Petrol and
that of the British Cruiser Spartan shortly before the Petrol sailed for this pon
where she is now anchored. Tbe row
was caused by the Spartan throwing ���
search light on the Petrol tn such a meaner lhat it was taken as an insult Capt.
Emory sent a note to the commander ef
the Spartan upon the matter and ia return received a letter cf apology
The next day eight ir ten of the
I'erel's seamen were seated in the upper
room ol .1 saloon when twenty of the
Spartan's crew entered the barroom.
The Yankees were drinking and singing
patriotic songs when a big bluffy English
maa suggested Ihey should throw the
Yankees nut ol the windows. No sooner
said than the British tars started upstairs;
but before ihev reached the upper door
Ihey were met with a shower of glasses,
bottles, and cases of champagne which
had been stored !n the little room. When
everv object had been fired in the .fail-
lade the American sailors came flying
down the stairs and charged upon thtir
assailants. Knives were i��w fiercely
used and ihe English routed wiih half a
doren of their number wounded and bleed
ing on thc door. An official enquiry wu
instituted by the British Consul and the
blame declared to resi with the Spartan *
Kew Britain, Conn. May 7th.���In the
boxing match between John Houltn and
Pat Nolan, Houltn was knocked out in
eleven rounds. He was rendered unconscious but finally resuscitated towards
midnight. Tke surgeons believe hit injuries will prove fatal.
London, May 6.-Tht Pill Mill Ga-
sette is informed the South African
Chartered Compay have decided to accept Ihe resignations ef Cecil Taylor and
Allied Belt
Phila, Vlay 7.���H, H. Holmes was
hanged this morning at 11.12.
Yokohama, May 7.��� The ss. Empress
Japan arrived at 4.30 this moruing.
Wellington, May S ���The schooner Norma, Glory of lhe Seas and I'rogressil
have arrivtd; the Oriental is due.
May 8th, Barque Oregon, steamer
Royal and sailing ship Eleven arrivtd.
The tssiies opened Wednesday, Justice Drake presiding. In tbe Planta case
the jury returned true bills on charge of
misappropriating tbt funds of tht Blakt-
way estate and disobedience to requirements nf the statute, tet, but threw out
Ihe Hardy estate matter. The accused
who was represented by counsel from
Victoria pleaded guilty tu last named offence (supposed to be d'sobeilience to
statute���Ed.) whereupon the crown entered a nolle pros as to the other counts,
and the court after hearing evidence of
previous ��0or) character, impose! a fine
Kutoosh convicted of wounding, etc,
���unit st-nienred 10 mx months hard labor,
and Anna baitow ior unlawfully ui.pos
ing of dead body of child was discharged
after 34 hours of imprisonment I V*W��Wvn^
The Murderer of twenty Men, Women and Ohildren.
Mm,    I i,know,,     Vletlm-l-Tlklug     Hiliimn
I-llu Was His Mttle Hobby���The Purpose and PlKD or the "CasUo"���A Human Monster wuh Inverted BloralSense
���Probably Highly liiiaKluatlvu,
.Now Vork report: A Bpeolul Irom
Philadelphia aaya; II. II. Holmes, the
greatest murderer of modern times,
hns innUo a confession. In it lie tells
how and why lie put to death no leaa
than twenty men, women and children. He gives nil the loots. Ho writes
ns calmly nnd coolly ond remorselessly us iu* murdered, lie neglects uo
details, llu even gives un account of
murders which lio planned, Imt w.is
prevented Irom carrying out.
It won well known that ho imt
eleven persons out oi tlie world, 80
when hi.s confession is printed there
will he accounts of the violent dcuth
ot nino people, whose absence Irom
tholr homes und tlielr iriends has
hitherto heen unexplained. Ilo describes in detail tlio murder of the
Williams sisters; oi Qululan, the janitor of the castle, who "knew- too
much"; <>f Benjamin Pitezel���tho murder tor which he is to hang���nnd of
the I'itezel children, lu fact, Holmes
sitting in tho shadow of the gallows,
with the lost hopo gone, with tho
timo nud place of his death fixed beyond a change, hus given wuy to
Iii.s vanity us a craftsman, and hns
written his liio. Uo, of course, cannot tell the truth, hut ho has told it
us nearly us possible lor a mun of his
stripe to tell. lie will add something
to tho knowledge of his lifo; taut ho
will add nothing to tlie knowledge of
his character. Uo is to ho hanged in
lluy, nud his confession is to he the
lost work of his extraordinary career
of crime. His little book will huve o
shelf ull to itself in tho library of
criminology. He announces himself as
a professional murderer. Each of his
murders wus deliberately, carefully
planned nnd executed with calmness
and precision, lie hus written ahout
them us a greut scientist would write
of a series of valuable experiments,
lie was a professional murderer. Ho
hud studied murder us a fine art. lie
pursued it to earn u living, but also
for his own sake. Ile used the whole
of his very considerable brain power
in planning nnd carrying forward
very subtle murder plots, in devising
new means of killing human beinss.
i PROUD OF uis work.
Ho points with prldo to his work.
Uo thinks he has fairly earned immortality, and lio eould not dio without lotting the world kuow what a
great man It has produced. He deliberately chose a career of crime
when he was a farm hoy up In Vermont. He attended a medical college
to equip himself for tlio taking of
llie. Ho wus not insane ln the ordinary sense of tlio word. He was simply
a monstrous pervert, a criminal degenerate, with a moral sense exactly Inverted. Ho tried every sort of
murder���poisoning, suffocating by
gases, straagulation with the bare
fingers, beating to death with a
club���every sort except the crude,
noisy murders. Uo liked to have
plenty of tlmo to think it nil out,
to select tho place and the moment.
He took a front pleasure in his
work. Ho was too much of an artist
not to realise that basic always les-
Kons pleasure, aud deliberation always prolongs it. It ls as Impossible
to explain such, a monster mind as his
on any theory of heredity as it is
to explain genius hy studying genealogical tables. Ho was born and
bred on a farm, In surroundings that
would compare very lavorably with
thoso that have produced the soberest, and most virtuous citizens wo
have. Thero is a faint trace of Insanity ln his family, but, as he himself says, it ls too slight to usel as a
bnsls for alleging that ho is insane.
He was a good-natured, Jovial
youth, fond of his fellow-beings, and
especially fond of women, and that
was his genoral character to tlie end.
Ho wus always woll liked by those he
met. Ue was always generous with
his money, made love to every woman
who came his way, uml was so sympathetic nnd ardent that they often
returned ills love. Next to murder,
his greatest successes were iu love-
making. He loaves several wjves In
different parts of the country, lie was
polite, courteous, gentle, ovon to tho
very lust. The hint view his victims
had of him wus us reassuring und
agreeable ns any. He murdered with
a smllo on his luce, nud, if it wns a
woman or a child who was engaging
his attention, with a.term oi endearment upon his lips.
To a mun whose passion was the
killing of hit fellow-ereaturCH by plot
and stealth, tho natural occupation
was tliut ol Insuranco Bwlntllor. Tho
profits of that businesa are large. The
opportunities for clever plotting are
unrivalled. And II that Industry Is
Joined with the Industry ol murder
tho combination Is most attractive.
Tho swindler kills his accomplice,
thereby saving tho expense und the
dunger of a substitute corpse, avoiding a division of tho profits, and also
having tlio pleasure of Indulging a
penchant for murder. Theso ninny enticements appealed powerfully to
Holmes, whoso real name, by tho
way, is Herman Webster Mudgett. Ho
became an insuranco swindler while
ho was still ln the medical college nt
the University of Michigan. It would
bo of no especial Interest in a study
of this sort to rehearse tho facts of
his early career. Ho made a good
deal of money and spent It freely. Ho
committed several murders, but' they
wero not out of tho usual. Ho was simply serving his apprenticeship. It was
not until he established himself ln Chicago that he became a real monster.
He had been looking about for some
time for a definite habitation where
ho could pursue his threo occupations
���swindling, murdering, and loveinak-
ing���at his ease. Ho was a domestic man, with quiet tnstes nud no
great fondness for roving.
He felt thut if lio could build killl-
| soli a suitable home he could pursue
his passion ln a most leisurely and
agreeable fashion. tin he did build
himsell u homo���tho famous "castle,'*
at No. Till Sixty-third street, Chicago.
He selected a site near the Worlds
Fair grounds. The World s Fair wus
about to open, and with so many
strangers wandering ahout ho could
find many witli whom to amuse himself. He must have thought out the
plans ol the house carefully. It was
built with an eye to future uses, yot
In such a way that tho workmen
WOUld suspect nothing. Alter they had
done, he and an accomplice, who wns
an expert luasou, easily made the no*
cessury changes. The finished house
wuh un ideal place for doing murder
with secrecy and despatch. It hud
secret chambers end smothering
rooms, a retort fur burning bodies, a
quicklime jilt, benches und blocks lor
Chopping corpses up and no sounds
rould possibly reach the street. Here
men und women and children were
murdered and annihilated for the
money they had with them, for thu
Insurance on their lives, because tlie.v
knew too much, because Holmes wns
weary of them, or for no other reason
than that he wus fond of murder.
Ho killed his friends, he killed his accomplices, he killed ids mistresses, he
killed  children,
After over a year of quiet pleasure
ho was compelled to givo up tin: "ens-
He.'* lie was pressed for money, aud
as monoy would not come, to him, he
hail to go forth to souk it. Tlhen
came the groat I'itezel conspiracy. He
married a young and pretty woman
and spent the intervals of honeymooning in uuiing I'itezel, ln choking three
Pltezel children to death and burning tholr bodies, ia plotting to kill
Mrs. I'itezel and her oldest daughter.
He would kiss his wile and leave her
for a few hours, strangle a Ohild, cut
it up, burn its body, hide the Charred
bones, return to liis wife, embrace her
nud lie down beside lier to sleep sounds
ly and sweetly.
"I duct believe in thc supernatural,"
he suid to a reporter ol the Sunday
World a few months ago. ''If I hud
done these murders they accuse me
of I niu quito certain that I should
not be troubled by dreams or anything of that sort. 1 am a Bound
sleeper. I have uever known what it
was nut to get a good night's rest."
When they arrested hlui they found
in his pockets letters tlie Pitezel children had written to their mother-
wonderful, innocent, loving letters,
with pathetic misspellings and slips
in grammar. Ue had killed the children, hut ho could not burn these letters. He liked to read them. They
wero really very curious and Interesting. Iu prison lie made a pet of a
chicken aud devuted himsell to it with
a solicitude that was most touching.
And ho was always thinking uf ins
boy up In New Hampshire with his
grandparents. He took a great deal
of pride iu that boy anil showed in
many ways a genuine affection for
him. Aud also, by the way, lie did
many extraordinary things for one of
tho young womeu he killed; and it
lias been shown that all the time he
was doing these thiags, which were
in themselves proofs of generosity,
kindliness and affection, he was plotting to kill her. There never wus a
more extraordinary criminal than
this man, who, ii ho lives, will hung
as surely as tho sun rises the morning of May 7th. He could uot resist
the temptation to tell about his
crimes. \ unity is the strongest point
with all these degenerates. Witness
the conspicuous cases of the Marquis
of Saul, of Rousseau and of Paul Yer-
laine. They must tell ubout their depravity. They revel ia the horror
they produco.
The most important fact ubout
monsters is that tliey are boru, not
mado. There is no danger of auy mun
being perverted into such an abnormality as Holmes. The Jack-tbe-ltlp-
pers, the stranglers, tho Holmeses are
as rare In nature as two-legged calves
or seven-leaved clovers. Aud thoy do
uot propagate tlieir kind.
llu iiu* Hold it for ii Large Sum���A Motor's
Queer Inslrouieiil.
Philadelphia despatch says: Hundreds of applications have been made
to Sherlfl clement for permission to
witness the execution of H. 11.
Holmes, who Is to hung on May 7th
lor tho killing of Benjamin 1". Pitezel
Among thoso requests was that of
III*. Arthur Macdonald, tho head uf
tho psychoneurological department ta
the .National Bureau of IMiiontimi lit,
Ur. Miicdonalil's principal study
has been amum; criminals. Science
and Ingenuity havo contrived uu Inatrument wliich is known as tho ky-
iiiogiaphlon. This Is an instrument
for recording Invisible lines of human emotion. With this iiinclduo tho
scientist    wished   to    ascertain     the
���amotions ol  tho convicted  m leror
Just beiore going to tho gallows.
Dr. Macdonald wrote to Sherlfl Clement and tho Inspectors of the
county prison asking for permission
to nttend tho execution and experiment upon tho murderer. Ho explained that It was iu tho interest of
���science, and that ho was acting In
his official capacity. Tho authorities havo refused to grant the doctor's request. Holmes was consulted in tho matter and ho declined to
submit to such an experiment. The
���sheriff said tho prisoner was entitled to a "quiet, peaceful hanging."
Tho timo of tho condemned mun
nowadays is taken up chiefly with
efforts to dlsposo of a statement
which he has written, purporting to
lie a truo autobiography, or " confession," as it is cnlled. There was
somo lively bidding for this document
by New Vork newspapers; ono of
them, it is reported, has secured It
for a largo sum, aad Its publication
is lookod for noon. In fact tliere
aro several alleged " confessions" in
existence, and newspaper readers
may look for fac-simlle ln tho prisoner's handwriting, and all sorts of
nllcged interviews with him', from
now until tho dny  of his execution
Tlie S100 Prize Letter or tlie New
York Herald-
The Sunday New Vork Herald of
December 29, 18U5, offered a. prize
of $100 to the woman writing the
best lettor lu answer to tlie question, "How far may a woman go to
encourage a mun to propose marriage '.'" Tho contest was closed on
February. 28th.
The question Is always of vital interest to many women���and to many
men. Jt is always of profound Interest to most thoughtful persons. Itut
Just uow tho question looms large
ou the horlzou, made prominent by
tlie clamors Concerning woman's
rights. .Moreover, tho fact thnt this
is leap year, und that by ancient custom the privilege oi wooing Is accorded to Woman in leap year gives
a peculiar timeliness to current discussion, while zost is added by the
calendar's decree that there shall
be uo other leap year until 11)01, a
variation irom the ordinary of only
centeuanan  frequency.
Tliere have boon nearly -1,000 letters received. All of thoso liavo been
carelully read, and several hundreds
havo already beon published, From
out this vust bulk one letter hud
been chosen by the committee arf
winning tlie prize ior its author, since
It is distinctly the best which has
been received. That lettor was signed
Becky Sharp, No. 235 Macon street,
Brooklyn, After the decision the
writer was visited aad hor name was
found to "lio Mrs. James Giliiiuur.
Here is the wiuaing letter:
How far may a woman go to encourage a man to propose'.'
Just us far as theso linos state; by
one wlio really knows.
.Solomon, the wisest man that ever
lived, says of a good woman : "Her
priee is iur A'dovo rubies." Certainly,
irom his extraordinary and extensive experience with tho sex, I should
consider liim competent to pass judgment.
Wo will presume that you aro a
" good, womanly '��� womuy, sueh us lie
describes, and that you uro desirous
of approaching a man on the subject
of matrimony ; tliat you are anxious
to induce liim to propose.
First���Select tlio man on whom you
intend to bestow the privilege of
your attention, note his behavior
and general conduct, and then, if you
deem him worth the winning, hold
fust to him. We nro strictly enjoined to "Hold fast to that which
is good.'
���Secondly���Iu your after companionship witu him bear In mind tho fact
thut you are a woman of great
priee, "fur above rubles,'* and you
will never compromise yourself by
nny indecorousness of speech or muu-
Seek liis society in such a manner
that he is not cognizant of being
sought alter; be bright and cheerful in his presence, sympathize witli
him in ids troubles, stimulate him
to best efforts In his business affairs,
cheer him when he is despondent, aud
encourage hlin to confide iu you.
Dress becomingly for liim, but never
gaudily. Whon ho is nbsout from
you, write him a few interesting,
chatty letters, wherein, if yon are an
adopt In the art, you can weave a
few Insinuating expressions, wliich
may work wonders. "The pon is
mightier than the sword.'"
Above al) else, prove yourself a good
listener. If ho monopolizes throe-
thirds of the conversation, you will
hnve the morn chfl-nco to study his
character, for "out of the abundance
of tlie lionrt the mouth sponketh." I
guarantee that you will get in your
thirds in tlio sweet by nnd by.
I should scarcely advise your treating him to specimens of your cookery.
His mother might excel In the culinary art. Moreover, It was an uncooked apple with which Mother Eve
beguiled Adam. Of the righteousness
of that transaction, I shall say
nothing; ol the success everything, In
thnt she moulded Adam to her will.
Time enough to " feed tho brute "
when you have to do so ; then feed
Mm to yonr hearts content, and
feed hitn well.
If you nre making nny progress
with him accord him trifling familiarities, which mny bo Increased in proportion to his nffnbillty and his Interest ln ymr. Your womanly intuition should by this timo enable you
to Judge whether or not you hnve
found favor In his sight and to net ac-
CMrdlngly. "Be yo WVB as serpents,
but hnrinlcss ns doves."
Should there spring up liotwonn yon
n .mutual regard, treat hlin tu some
of thoso ilnlnty feminine touches
which ore Indescribable, not becauso
they nie womanly or wrong, but Ihv
oinisO their language 1' mute and sacred to tho two persons most eon-
Do not always ngrco with hlin ; it
Is sometimes wiser to ngrco to dls-
If yuu lmve a spark of wit ln your
nature you ought by this timo to
have mado yourself so necessary to
his cxlstenco that ho will miss you
sadly when absent', and win liegln to
realize that "It Iti not good ior man
to be alone."
Though all progresses well, draw
the line nt promiscuous osculation.
Never permit him to kiss you; that Is
tlie privilege of tho engaged. But
since tlio Apostle says, "Greet ye one
anothor with an holy kiss," you
might vouchsafe him'Just one���some
night nt parting, perhaps. But If he
attempts to return it do not permit
it. Tell him "It is moro blessed to
give than to receive."  .
Finally, you might Inform him that
you can put him in the way of finding a "good thing," and refor him to
the eighteenth chapter of Proverbs,
the twenty-second verse. If he be* a
manly sort ot fellow, and cares anything for you, he will doubtless follow the exhortation of the prophet,
and thus find favor with you and the
Should your Innate modesty rebel
���somewhat at this suggestion you
may console yourself by remembering
that it is indeed your leap year privilege.
If you are tho dear, womanly,
nestling creature you ought to be, he
must have proposed long ago. If he
has not, discard him, for either he ls
not worthy oi you or you are not "en
rapport" with him.
In that case try again.
Becky Sharp.
Why Does a Modern Amuxon Select �� i-lll-
|l|ltlltll  f,,r r, *,llil'. .'
A well-known Chicago pastor says I'
"I have always made some investigation Into the histories, characters and
prospects ol the couples that caino to
mo. Sometimes 1 havo oven gone so
far as to advlso them not to marry,
But those were extreme cases where
thoro was evident Incompatibility and
Of course 1 didn't do that until alter 1
had had a dozen yenrs' experience.
" The queerest case i ever had was
my last. Three days ngo a small,
dapper youug mnn camo Into my
study accompanied by a girl who was
evidently not ovor eighteen yeara old.
1 should perhaps have said that she
camo la accompanied by him, for it
looked that wuy. She was full six feet
toll and with a form like a goddess.
I never saw a more splendid specimen
of tho American girl. She was as full
of health as au Englishwoman and as
clever as a littio French milliner. The
young man camo about uj> to hor
shoulder when he had Ids Derby on
and he had to take two mincing steps
to her single stride, Now. why people
should select partners so different in
proportions ns to muko tho pair an
object of remark has been a puzzle to
me nil through my life, hut that is the
way it goes. Of course there ls some
reuson in a tall man with a littio
vanity picking out a little woman
that ho can put ills arm around twice.
It gives him a fooling of manliness to
hold hor to his breast with hia big
frame shielding and protecting her
Aud on her part, she is likely to bo of
tho cuddling kind that likes to eomo
to shelter liko young chickens run-
PS, umIcr the wing of a mother lion."
"To sum It up, I never could find
out from the short fellows who married big women why It was, and I
never Could get any of the women to
give the reasons for their choice. I
supposo It Is natural perversity and
can't bo helped."
The parson wiped his glasses and
took another breath.
"As I was saying, they hnd eloped
���no, I hadn't gotten that for. Oh
yes, he was about 25 and Bhe was 18.
Now, those are the best ages for
mnrrlage. That has been my experience and I have noted that many
wise men who have written books ou
the subject agree with me completely.
There nre no ages like 25 for tho
mnn nnd 18 tor the woman. Why
mercy me I I had not noticed It wae
10 o'clock. I have to catch tho train
at 10.15." And tho preacher wont off
in such a hurry that lie neither wiped
his glasses nor put them In his pocket.
Vun Pay for Yi>or Own Drink*,  Now   In   llu,
Stated Ohio.
I'olumliin despatch says: Ily a vote
of 38 to 8 the House has passed the
nnti-treating bill, introduced by Representative Omar P. Norris, of Wood
County. As will bo seen by the vote,
it met with little or no opposition,
and Mr. Norris says he lias been assured that it will pass the Senate
und then become a law. Tho law
reads that whoever treats or offers
to treat another person to an intoxicating drink, or whoever gives
or offers to give to another person
an intoxicating drink in any placo
whore intoxicating drink Is sold, is
guilty of a misdemeanor, nnd on conviction shall be fined not less than
$1, nor moro than ���*$:!, and tlie cost
of the prosecution for the first offence, und for the second offence he
shall lie fined not loss than $3, nor
moro than $5 and the cost3 of the
prosecution, and .'-for the third offence
lio shall bo fined not less than $10,
nor moro than $200 anil the costs
of the prosecution. Onc half of the
fine goes to the Informer.
Ultei oit tis VJngera���Clips pieces oot.'.of
lis Tongue, |
.Sandusky despatch snys: Physicians * here are * greatly puzzled over
a peculiar physical trait possessed by
tho 10-months-old daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. .Too Bennett. Tlio child,
wliich enjoys good health, and is ae
onto and cooing as any babe, seems
to huvo absolutely no feeling in Its
body. Attontion wns first attracted
to this physical wonder somo tlmo
ago, whon It was noticed that the
baby would hitn the onds of its fingers until they bled without showing
any sign of pnln. finally destroying
several of tho members, The bauds
being bandaged, tho tot began on its
tonguo, and In a few days had bitten
off tho end of It. The parents put a
stop to this, having tho child's teeth
pulled. No pain was suffered in their
oxtructlou. Physicians have examined the child, bnt cannot account
for tho peculiar absence of feollng.
Tlio Bible tells tho sluggard to go
to tho ant'.' hut in tliese days most of
thom go to the fathor-in-law
Tlio mulo Is a mighty good critter,
but when lie has to carry a, man and
a mortgage he doesn't  last long.
Grass looks mighty green and handsome, but it nover did go good with
sweet peas and watermelons.
Some folks in this country, never
know tho time of the day till the
sun's in the middle of tho road.
Hijack���I don't know what to do
with that dog: I've tried a dozen
times to give him away, but no one
will have him.
Totndlk���Tried to give him away.
did yon T That's no way to got rid
til a dog. Ask JIR or $50 for him.
A'novel prosecution tot/k place Ir.
Adelaide, Australia, lately, when a
bootmaker was fined a guinea and
costs for encouraging a constable in
idleness. The bootmaker was found In
his shop, playing draughts with tho
constable, who ought to have been oe,
active duty at the time.
A well known Judgo has invented
rather a neat reply to the letters of
busy-bodies soliciting subscriptions
for useless soiiotics. Ho fills the first
page of tlio note-paper with theso
words, written lu a bold hand : "Dear
Sir ���in reply to your letter. I  nave
much    jilonsuro In   subscribing "���
hero tho secretary Joyfully turns thf
page to find tlui conclusion of the
sentence on the following leaf���" myself, your oliodlent servant, John
So-nnd-So."-Kt. James Budget.
Tho bride nnd bridegroom trying to
Impress the public us nn old couple.
Women with sealskins loudly maintaining that they aru cold oa bnltny
The admiration whicli the woman
who despises men bestows upon their
The suspicious wofunti trying to look
slyly for the sterling mark on her
hostess' silver.
Women   ploughing    through  snowdrifts to stand before windows full of
diaphanous summer draperies.
Here is a joko which is at loast one
hundred years old. it is printed tu
show our ancestors woro not unlike
tlieir descendants, and could on compulsion grind oat a pun with duo
elaboration : In a disputed land-
boundary case, wliich was tried iu an
Essex county town the other day,
the counsel lor the plaiutil'l, in pointing out tlie boundaries, suid : ' We
lie ou this side.' The opposing counsel said: ���And wo lie ou this side.'
A Juryman cried out unconsciously, 'If
you lio on both sides, how nre we
to toll which Is the best liar?"
'Tis harder to unlearn   than learn.
Wanton kittens may make sober
We ure apt to believe what we wish,
Zeal without knowledge is fire without light.
Who eows his corn in the field.
trusts, in God.
Y"ou need not get a golden pen to-
write upon dirt.
Unbidden guests are welcomest
when they nre gone.
What we cannot help Is our misfortune,  uot our fault.
Pay what you owe, uud what you're
worth you'll know.
To lather an ass head Is only wasting soap.���Spanish.
The professor of mathematics in
one of our larger colleges, the father
of a bright boy of eight years, took
a nap the other afternoon on the
loungo ln his study. . The rest was
well earned, for thc professor had just
finished a three hours' exercise lu
Atollau Functions. He had not been
asleep long when his wifo heard the
most heartrending groans Issuing
from the apartment. Rushing to
where her husband was, she found
him sitting upright upon the lounge,
Holding his face in his hands.
"What Is tho niattor, dear ?" nsked
Mrs. K.
"I've had the most horrible dream,"
the professor replied.' "I dreamed
that our Charlie was a minus quantity under tlie radical sign, and I
ooulldn't get him out I"���J. S. IS., In
Harper's Magazine.
Tho uso ol glass is coming to Is.*
so extensive that this may well be
culled tlie Glass Age. It seems impossible that glass can be used iu
the inanulncttire ol so many articles,
or used alter it is so manufactured.
It probably has the greatest variety
of uses ol uny substance. Its use was:
known to tne ancients beforo the
Christian era, and It has been more
and moro brought info use during all
tho centuries.
We have always been told not to
" live in glass houses.'* Huh that
injunction has lost Its force, us we
ean now build houses of glass bricks
whicli nre non-conductors, aud so the
houso would be cool- In summer and
warm In winter. The glass bricks
enn bn of any color desired, so there
shall bo no interference from neighbors. We can not ouly " live ln
glass houses,' hut, to carry out the
idea, wo can wear glass clothing.
Glass cun be spun, ..woven and mnde
Into clothing, us easily us Bilk, wool
or cotton. The list of* articles for
the wnrdrobn I.s almost endless���shoes,
neckties, collars, culls, shawls, rib-
bom, flowers, so-called ostrich feathers���a long list. And lit *oiu glass
houses wo c:. havo glass lurnlture.
Ah for glass jewelry that is nothing
now, even to diamonds and rubles.
The best material for making glnss
Is white quartz, but the most economical material is,Quart* sand. This
sand must bn heated to a high temperature to be melted, and can he
colored any desired shade, blown Into
any shnpo and cut Into any design.
Window glass Is first blown into Immense globes and cut and flattened.
Sandpaper Is made from pulverized
glnss. Fortnnntely, the Biipply of
raw material for this manufacture,
the oarth wo walk ou and the sand
of tlie sea, will be Inexhaustible ns
long ns manufacturers will want It.
To make marking Ink, .tako one
drachm of nitrate of silver, oub of
gum arabac, one ounce of rain or distilled water, and mix until dissolved.
A tiny piece of bicarbonate of soda
mixed with tomatoes that are to be
cooked with milk or cream will, if
added first, prevent tho milk from
If an Iron holder Is attached with
a long string to the band of the apron
while you are cooking, It will save
many burnt fingers nnd scorched dish
towels.      .... (Jf
Robert was dying with Impatlencd,
���hut he could not help smiling ut this I
naive    trait of Irish simplicity,   and j
Paddy, more at his case,   continued
"' Bunkers cnrao, too, aud had pri- ]
vate Interview's, and at lust they took
away the gold; but Morgan told me
that there woro papers for me, and :
that as long as I lived I sliould never
went for whiskey, roust beef and potatoes '	
Robert's face put on a severe expression, and Paddy hastened to get
. buck to his tale.
" Morgan und Dlego," said the;
Irishman, "scorned to get on j
very well together, but I knew there I
was something in the wind, for I'd :
seeu Dlego giving his uncle a very I
queer look ouce or twice. At the eud
of about two months it seemed all our
business witli the hankers was settled, for they told me that we should
soon be leaving for Lundon, and 1 was
glad enough to leave this infernal
country, lu the meantime we went for
a. drivo round about evory day. I sat
on the box hy the coachman, aud I
looked very line lu my livery. Oue day
my masters wanted to go uud see that
mountain that throws out fire, and
which is, for certain, a blow-hole ol
hell. I was frightened to go uear It;
but they would uever leave me ut
homo ulone, and 1 had to go. We
had driven us far as the village they
call Portlci, and thoro thoy hired
horses and guides to clumber up this
cursed furnace. Thoy wuuted to go
and soo tho river of firo which comes
down from the top of tho mountain.
Look, muster, you cun seo it Irom
here." And he pointed tiau large red
spot which flamed iu the darkness on
the side ol Vesuvius.
" It was an eiftl wish of theirs,"
continued Paddy,,!' aad I told them
that the devil didn't liko people to go
und look at him too ctose- . vVe went
up on fur us tho horses would carry
us; but us we got nearer the Uro the
poor brutes begun to snort and Jib so
that we hud to get ofl. We leit them
in charge of the guides, who told us
not to go ou, aim I started ou loot
with my masters. We walked ou black
stones that wero hardly cold, aad I
would have given a guinea to stop;
but Morgan told me 1 wus a coward,
and he uever rested till he got right
to the edge ol the lava, as they cull
the river of fire. It was running along,
six leet below us, slowly, slowly, with
a sound like a furnace, aud thick
���moke that blinded us. It wub like
dough ln a baking pan, or like tho
molten ore whicli they forge In the
furnaces at Tyuemouth. There was
nothing interesting iu it; but my
masters seemed to take a delight in
���turlng at this devil's mud. They had
gone right to the edge, and Morgau
told me to go and fetch a bottle of
rum from one ol the guides' wallets.
He wanted to drink the devil's health
at the door of his kitchen. This was
his own expression, muster, and it
didn't bring him luck. I didn't wait
to be told twice,' and 1 started hack
a* fast as I could; but I hadn't gone
teu yards wheu I heard a cry���oh 1 a
cry, master, such as they must utter
ln hell, I turned round, and I saw
Dlego oa the brink all aloue. I was
very frightened; but, huWever, I ran
back to him and looked. Ah 1 muster,
if 1 lived a hundred years I should
never forget what 1 saw. Morgan was
standing up to his knees iu the lava,
which wus gradually mounting up to
his thighs. He hud fallen upright, as
if he had Jumped lu feet first. Vou
would have thought it wus a soul
from purgatory ln the flames, such as
one sees in the Images ln our huts lu
Ireland. He was uttorlng shrieks
which made my hair stand ou end,
and his face wus convulsed like that
ol a lost soul. It was not for long.
From the burning mud there came a
loug Jet ol flame, which enveloped
Morgan up to his head, and then he
fell like a tree. His feet, burnt to
the bono, could not bear him any
longer. He tell flat, then disappeared,
uad I saw him no more. Ouly u puff
of smoke rose from the place ho had
Just lett, as when one throws u handful of powder on the fire,"
Robert listened, mute with horror,
to the terrible story which Paddy related la his calmest tone. God had,
then, performed hall his vengeance,
aad the Infamous Morgan had perished by the baud of his accomplice,
for Robert did not doubt thut he had
been pushed Iuto tho abyss.
Without noticing his emotion, the
Irishman continued:
" Look yuu, master, when it was ull
ovor 1 thought my last hour wus
como, for Diego's face wus terrible.
Ue glared at mo with the eyes of u
wild boast, as if he would have thrown
ino ln the firo as well, for 1 didn't tell
you so, hut I'm certain he pushed Morgan in. I set oft to run towards the
horses, but 1 heard some one calling
mo, and when 1 turned round I saw
Dlego looking Just as usual. ' What a
misfortune.' he said quietly,' aud how
right you w��je, my poor Paddy, to
tell us not to come here. Come, let's
go baok to the guides. You saw how
the accident happened, didn't you?
ifou can help me to explain.' I
had understood only tio well, and
I was too frightened of him to contradict him. The guides suid at
onco that thoy had warned uu, and
that It was no fault ot theirs. We
made our statement at Porticl. 1
thought there would be an inqueBt,
but iu this country of savages there s
no coroner as there Is with us, and
the podesta ot the village didn't think
fit to put himself out oi the way. We
went buck to Naples, where the news
soon spread, and I didn't feol comfortable. I had too many secrets on
my conscience. Dlego treated mo
well, to prevent me from talking, but
I   believe he'd have got rid ol me la
the end. Be thought, perhaps, that
I wusu t worth while killing, und tliat
hunger would despatch mo, for one
night when 1 was asleep he left the
houso and did not return. He had
settled everything with his bankers
and hud taken ship for Constantinople. The other servants had been
paid nnd dismissed, but I hadn't a
sou. The owner of the pluce enrao
the same day to turn me out, and I
thought myself lucky to be left my
ilvery, for 1 sold It to buy something
to eat. 1 thought at lirst of inldrm-
ing against the villain Dlego, but then
1 thought that I might find myself
mixed up in it too, und that It was
best to keep quiet. For nearly a
month now poor Paddy has boon sleeping In the open nir In these rugs that
you see, and living oa melons and
spring water. If he had not met you.
master, ho would have died, and as
long as ho lives he will be as faithful to you as a dog.'-
Robert had listened with profound
emotion to this terrible story. The
Information which a providential
chance had put him ln possession of
would enu ble him to discover Dlego;
und Paddy, although he had not as
yet entire confidence In him, lhlght be
of great assistance ln the pursuit
which he wns about to engage tn.
Having made up his mind to attach
him to himaelf. Robert gave him some
money und told him to como to hlin
next day at a hotel of which he gave
him tlie address. He was certain
that he would not full to keop the appointment, nnd he did not wish hlin to
know about his boat.
The tlmo had come for giving up the
life of a fisherman, and returning to
his proper sphere, and Robert took
measures first of nil ln placing tlie
treasure in safety. John, whom he
had told of tils meeting with Paddy.
took npon himself to land tho gold,
bag by bag, and to bring It to ihim
nt the Villa Combl, where ho took up
hiB iqunrters the next day. A fortnight sufficed for old Slough to transfer this fortune to land, und Robert
Immediately converted it Into a letter of credit Issued by the firm of
Rothschild, of Naples, on all their
agents ln Europe. He was satislied
that Paddy had spoken the truth, and
that Dlego had really gone to Con-
Morgans trnglc death had created
a great sensation at Naples; but no
one suspected that It was the result
ot a crime, ond people had attributed
his friend's abrupt departure to the
grief which such a terrihle accident
had caused him. Robert took the
Irishman Into his service, for happiness and a comfortable home had
mod"1 a reformed character of hlin;
but he charged John Slough to keep
his eye on him, for he was still fearful
of his drunken propensities. Armed
thus ht every point for commencing
his pursuit after his son's murderer,
Robert embarked with Slough nnd
Pnddy on * the French steamboat
which rnn between Naples and Turkey.
On arriving nt Constantinople the
first news he heard was the departure
of Dlego. He had left Peru throe
days bofore to travel overland to
Egypt, accompanied by a Frenchman,
wfioni Jio had met at the Hotel d'
Angleterre. Tt was hardly possible
for Robert to follow him on his Journey across Asia Minor and Syria,
with nn escort, and In company with a
stranger. He thought it best to
await him at Alexandria.
But his revenge was doomed to be
once more deferred. After staying two
months In Egypt, Robert learnt that
two travellers had embarked nt Beyrouth, ln order to return direct to
France, nnd that one of them cnlled
himself Monsieur de Pancorvo.
It was the new name that Dlego
had chosen. Robert did not hesitate;
he left immediately for Marseilles. On
landing ho found that tho Beyrouth
steamer hnd come into port a week
Dlego hnd evidently mnde his way
to Paris, and It wns there nlone that
Robert was certain of discovering
He wns then about to find himself
face to face with the enemy whom
he had boon pursuing for so long;
but In proportion as tils vengeance approached ho was tho moro anxious
that It should be snro and overwhelming. He had thought at first of
fighting Dlego, after having thrown
all his crimes In his teeth : but to dio
In a duel was not a sufficient expiation for the crimes of the past. Tbe
scaffold would not bo too much for a
monster who was a four-fold assassin.
Robert determined that tho public executioner Bhould punish George's murderer. Ho determined to sclzo Dlogo
rod-hunded ln somo aet ol crime, and
drag him to Justice.
Robert was certain that tho wrotch
would not halt In the path of crime,
nnd that he would hurry to meet his
doom. Ho resolved to dog hlin until
the day when bo could surprise hlin ln
tho act. He settled upon his plans
with John, and thoy ench took a part
In the hunt alter tho murderer.
Time and grief had so altered Robert
that he was unrecognizable, and ho
possessed, moreover, a natural facility for changing his expression, and
even his features. He could watch
Dlego the moro easily that tho latter
thought ho was dead. It only remained for him to adopt a costume
and a profession which would permit
him to approach his victim without
arousing his suspicions.
Robert Intended that Paddy Cassan
should also have his part ln tho
scheme. Dingo probably thought the
Irishman too degraded to have any
mistrust of him, and If he could manage to Introduce himself Into his house
he would bo advantageously situated
for serving Robert's purpose. As lor
John, who was well known to Dlego,
It was Important that ho should keep
away from tho scene uf action, and
carefully conceal his presence In Paris.
Robert determined to utilize his  services when his vengeance was ripe.
He was still in need of a home which
would be safe from prying eyes���a sure
retreat where he could collect himsell
for the terrible task that he was
about to undertake. He thought ol
the house at Moatmartre, which luckily had not beeu sold, and on arriving
In Paris his first care was to go to
the notary whom ho had employed to
look after his interests. The latter
recognized his client with some dilliculty, hut tho details which Robert
gave htm finally satisfied hlui of his
Robert told him that ho had Just
come home Irom the Antilles, whore
his business would compel him to
make some further stay, and that as
he only proposed to stop a short time
la Fraace, he wished, for economy's
sake, to live lh his old house, lu whatever stato It might be.
The notary wurned him that ho
would find it ln a vory ruinous condition, no repairs having been undertaken since his departure; and then
handed him ovor tho keys, and on a
dreary autumn day Rubert took his
way to Montmartre.
It was not without deep emotion
that ho looked upon the spot which
had such dour and sueh painful associations.
Time and solitude had done their
work. The garden, left to Itself, had
become over-run wltii undergrowth.
Tho worm-eaten gates seemed ready
to fall to pieces, and thc house threatened to become a ruin.
Beforo crossing the threshold Robert
summoned all his courage. A superstitious dread caused hini to Btop at tho
beginning of the terrace, where Bho
whom ho had loved so well had died
la his arms. Ho fancied that the spirits of Ellen and George were flitting
about under the tnll trees. Ho called
to them iu a low voice, and In tho
murmur ol tho leaves shaken by the
autumn wind, ho believed ho heard
their voices.
He entered. Nothing was changed.
Ellen's bed-room remained as it hud
heen on the day of her deatli, and
Robert burst into tears on recognizing her marriage chest, the chest ol
which ehe had giveu him tho key
when she bade him farewell. This
was the home that he wanted; it
was here that he would live surrounded by remembrances of the past,
hopes of vengeance. He soon concluded, with John's help, tho necessary arrangements. He took up his
quarters on the second floor, and he
set apnrt Ellen's bed-room to pray
ln, and allow his grief to give force
to his resolve.
He collected there evorything which
had beeu his wife's, as well ns a
mournful relic he brought from the
Sorelle���the diver's costume, in whioh
George had died. He hung it
against a black curtain, upright as
he had soon It ln the cabin of the
Avenger, If it had ever been possible
for Robert to forget the crime and
his vengeance, tliese dismal remains
of his son would have recalled them
to his mind.
John Slough went to live at Passy,
where he took lodgings, and ln order
to explain his solitariness he gave
himself out as a foreigner. He was
to keep Padidy ns his servant until
the time when he could be profitably
employed elsewhere.
Each oue began the search for Information, and tliere was little difficulty ln obtaining some. Dlego, once
believing himself snfe, was not the
man te keep in the background, and
at the end or a week Robert knew his
name, his house, his habits and his
friends. The time had arrived to utilise Paddy's services. His conduct
had been irreproachable, and Robert
hnd no longer any doubts as to his
It was settled tliat he should present
himself, poorly clad, before Dlego. who
would be sure to receive him, if only
to question him. The story which ho
was to tell had been agreed upon ln
advance. He hud travelled from Naples
to Paris, begging on the way ; he was
dying of hunger, nnd begged Dlego to
take him Into his service again. He
was not to complain of his abandonment at the palace of Chlala, and
was, above all, to make no allusions
to a dangerous past,
Robert ielt certain that the so-
called Pancorvo would attribute this
lorgetfiilnoss to Irish heedlessness, und
that he would have no suspicion. He
even went so far aa to hope that, as
a measure of precaution, nnd ln order
not to lose sight of the man who
knew some of his Becrets, Dlogo would
tuke Paddy Into his service.
Things turned out precisely as Robert hud foreseen. Paddy underwent a
long cross-questioning. He answered
all questions with that air of simplicity that the Irish knew so well
how to assume, uud finally Dlego eu-
gaged him.
Robert had thus Intelligence from
the heart of the enemy's country, und
he had not long to wait for news.
Dlego had organized his manner of
life ln such a way as to dcly betrayal.
His household consisted of two ser-
vnnts whom he had brought from the
Levant, and who kuow not a word
of any language hut Arabic���a very
convenient method of providing
against the effects of unguarded conversation. Uo lived vory littio at
homo, passing most ot Ills tlmo at a
culb to which he had managed to gain
admittance, aud had no intimate
friends, hut ho kept up a grund up-
pearanco out of doors, and certainly
spent a great (leal or money.
This was exactly what Robert had
wished. He knew well that thu wrotch
would soon como to the end of the
money he had taken from the Avenger,
and that he would endeavor to obtain
more by means of somo fresh crime.
Robert waited, sure thut punishment
would come at its own time, but ho
was desirous of keeping a closer
watch on Dlego, aud he set to work
to look for some place which would
put him ln duily contact with him*,
without risk of being recognized. It
wns then that ho had the idea of
engaging hlmsolf as a footman at tho
club which Monsieur do Pancorvo frequented. He had ids beard shaved off,
his hair cut short, changed tho expression of his face, and Bucceodod in
making himself uiirocognlsaole. lie
had Uttle troublo ln procuring a character and recommendations. Money
will buy anything iu Paris, und Robert
had plenty, for he had hardly mnde
uso of hla letter ul crodlt. Uo gained
admission to the club without dilli
culty, and gooa had reason to feel
at his ease.       ,
Diego did not recognise him, for he
had a hundred opportunities of waiting ou Wm, und never did the noble
Monsieur de Pancorvo pay the least
attention  to the footman's face.
Six months passed thus. Robert
hud arranged to lead a double life.
He had takea lodgings ln Paris, in
the neighborhood of the club; but
every night he went to the deserted
house and shut himself up with the
memorials of the beloved departed,
Paddy often contrived to get out
and bring him news, aud John Slough,
too, sometimes paid a visit to Moatmartre. Tho loneliness of the place
ls well adapted for mystery, uud uo
one ever discovered these nocturnal
interviews. ,
Towards thc end ol the summer tho
Irishman brought Robert somo luior-
matloti which seemed fuvorablo to
his phi us. Diego appeured to bo
iu want ot monoy. i'liddy had hoeu
ordered by his master to follow certain members ot the club und observe
tlieir habits. Ile had special instructions to find out by what way
they  readied home ut uight.
A few daya afterwords a member
wus stojiped und robbed uftor playing
cards at tho club. Ho was one of
those whom Paddy had lieen toiil to
watch, and Robert did not doubt for
a moment tiiat he had been attacked
and plundered by Diego. It was cer*
'tain that he must be very much embarrassed, to have recourse to such
a proceeding, nnd It was pretty safe
to prophesy that he would uot draw
the lino there. Robert determined to
watch him more closely and catch him
iu the very net.
He had Boon mnde himself acquainted with this system of night attacks.
Monsieur de Pancorvo took notice
every evening of the players who won,
and as he had boen Informed by Paddy
as to their bublts, It was easy for
him to go and lay wait fur them nt
the corner of some deserted street.
There the mode of nttack which he
had learnt from Morgau served at
once to throw down and throttle the
unfortunate victim, who found that
ho had been robbed without seeing
his   assailants  face.
About this time an event happened
which had a great ileal of Influence
on the result of this story.
Among the members of the club was
the generous man who had given
Robert five hundred francs after his
conviction In Provence, long beforo. He
had not recognized, In a footman's livery, the mysterious prisoner of Cape
Onmnrnt, but tlie latter had not forgotten his benefactor, and was eagerly desirous of paying his debt of gratitude. An opportunity presented Itself only too soon, nnd In quite a different manner from what ho had
One night Robert had a suspicion
that Dlego was intending to attack
his benefactor, whom chance had favored at piny. He wished to save him
and could not, and this powcrlessness
to protect him gavo riae to serious
reflection. He nsked hlmsolf whether
he had the right to allow a villain
to neap crime upon crime, when It
only depended on him to havo him arrested. Did his vow of vengeance require thnt he Bhould ho silent ? Robert
began to doubt It, and he looked about
for eome means to mako nn end of
In order to hand him* over to the
law It wub necessary to have proofs,
for the scoundrels position protected
him ngalnat nny accusation which
could not be fullv Justified. Tho time
had long passed for proceedings to
be taken against him for the murder
of Thomns Disney, nnd on this count
the UBSiiBsln waB certain of Impunity.
Georges denth nnd that of Morgan
were, for the lack of proof to the
contrary, neefdents, and Robert was
unable to furnish that proof.
But there was one death which wat
recent enough for the law to call
Dlogo to account.
" If ever,' Helen hnd said beforo dying, tdf ever tlio monster who killed
my futher nnd my sister were . to
threaten the life of my son. lot him
nntfer the punishment of his crimes,
The proofs nro tliere, In my marriage
George was dead, alas I and often
had his father asked God'B pardon for
the culpable weakness which had prevented him from making uso of this
flnnl weapon. But tho time for regrets find passed, and that for Justice
had come. At InBt Robert opened
this chest, which recalled to him the
happy days of his youth. Trembling, he touched those relics of a
pnst, which hail vanished without
hope of return.
Tho chest contained Ellen's wedding
wreath, her mother's Bible, n lock of
Georges hair, nnd finally somo papers
grown yellow with ago, the singular
nppenrnnco of which cnusod Robert
considerable snrprlso. It was a
long muntiscrlpt book, similar to those
used ln schools. On certain pages
wero traced, In a firm nnd regular
handwriting, some disjointed sentences and sepnrute words. An Inexperienced hand had endeavored to copy
thom  on tho opposite page.
It waa what they call In school a
copy-book, nnd It scented as If the
pupil who had used It was not very
practised, for the sumo phrases were
laboriously copied out in Severn! different places.
On the third loaf four lines, writ-
ton In largo characters, attracted
Robert's attention, nnd cnusod
his        heart        to lump       Into
hla month. Tie hnd recognized
Diego's writing, nnd had read theso
words which, aftor six yenrs, still re-
mnlnod graven on his memory.
"I aBk God's forgiveness for taking
my own life.
''My body will bo found In tho Seine.
"I wish to bo burled In the  whito
dross  which I  woro on my woddlng
They were tho exact terms of the
fatal lettor In which Mary had told
of hor suicide. On the following pagca
tho sentences wero copied out. ninny
times, ln unformed letters nt lirst,
then moro correct, then finally* legible i nnd theso characters hod been
traced by Mary. The last pago was
missing, It had been cat put; with a
pn.lr of scissors.
The veil was lifted nt last, and aftor
fix years had elapsed light was let
la upon the myster! as drama ol
Salnt-Ouen.   The  vile  *vretch,   Dlego,
had planned his Infernal scheme with
the savage patience of a spider spinning Its web. The lessons which he
used to give his wife formed the trap
which she was destined to set Ior herself, and he had contrived to make his
victim draw up her own death sentence.
Poor, simple Mary, after having
traced for months sentences wliich she
did not understand, had at last written legibly the letter which made her
murderer secure. Robert understood
The dny on which Dlego had possession of these fatal Hues he had
lain lu wait for Marv on the banks of
tlie Selue, the banks where sho had
loved to wander nt night. There, profiting by Morgan's lessons, he hnd
hidden himself���crouching like a wild
boost���undor tho willows, nnd with
ono bound, the bound of a tlgor, he
had dashed his victim Into the water.
This pour copy-book, lull ol childish
scrawls, made the murderer's deed
plain; those forgotten pages in Ellen's
possession cried fur vengeance, and,
beneath these Infantile seutenceB,
Robert saw blood In evory Hue. Elleu
wus right: the proof was complete.
After this discovery Robert passed
tho night thinking of the dond ; he Invoked tholr beloved spirits, beseeching
them to Inspire and sustain hlui in the
coming struggle. When duy broke
he hud formed a resolution.
It wns necessary to act without the
loss of a Blnglo day, and whon Robert
onco more found himself In the terrible position oi Inning to send to
the galleys or the scaffold this mnn
whom he had called his brother, once
more he hesitated. In this room, peopled by the spirits of the dond, und
full of memorials of those whom he
was nbout to uvetige, a voice called
upou him to bo the executioner as he
had beea the Judgo, and Robert determined to challenge Dlego, in order to
kill him or perish by his hnnd.
John was surprised at hie master's
scruples ; hut he was devoted heart
and soul to him and did not argue the
(To be Continued.)
To Those LWho Use South
American Nervine.
A Lady of 80 Years  Permanently Cured.
Wordsworth speaks of "An old age
serene and bright, and lovely aa a
Lapland night," and elsewhere thin
same WTlter tnlks of "An old age,
beautiful and free." These are conditions that come to the man or the
womnn, though their years may
border close on to a century, when
in tho enjoyment of good health. In
fact It is difficult to think of some
ot tho old men and women on thte
stage of to-day as old people, there
seems to be such a perennial youth-
fulness about their every movement
and act.
Mrs. John Dlnwoody hns been a resident of Flesherton, Out-i for over
40 years, and there ls no person In
the town and country side around
better known than this lady, and
none more highly esteemed. Three
years ago It was her snd lot to lose
aj daughter wlio had boen all tht>
world to her. Tho shock sustained by
this event completely broke up the
system of Mra. Dlnwoody. She supposed her end hud come. She doctored for. ono year with threo doctors, and they gave her case up, saying that It was ono of old age, and
no ono, nor any medicine, could do
her good. Made of tlie kind of stuff
that gives beauty to old age at
any time, sho did not despair. Sho
was influenced to try Nervine. She
took three bottles, and tills was sufficient to show that her end was not
yet. From theso she obtained relief.
She persevered, and in all took twelve
bottles of tho medicine, with the result that she Is to-day completely
cured of that breaking up of tho system that threatened her three years
Tliere is nothing wonderful In tho
fact that Mrs. Dlnwoody would proclaim to the thousands of old people
throughout this broad land tliat with
old ago doos not necessarily come decline, decrepitude and disease. Why
should wo not live into tho eighties
and nineties and cross the border of
the century ?
South American Nervine, whether
the person bo young or old, gets at
tho nerve centres, and when they nn*
kept in proper condition tho system
i.-i as well able to withstand disease
at 80 tu. at 30. With tlds prospect In
vlow, who would not livo to an old
ago and enjoy tho pleusuros of family,
friends and nocloty, and tako part in
watching tho marvellouH progre-sn
and developments of these closing
days of a wonderful century, which
marks na not tlio least of its wonderful discoveries the discovery of
���South   Americau Nervine?
They looked upon tho gems of night,
So clear, so bright, so far.
" My love," said he, " will constant bo
As yonder steady star."
Ilut even as ho spoke thero ennui
To both a sudden Jar-
That spook of light had dropped from
It was a shooting star!
Tho Gold Stock Trading Company
of Ho ami 87 Broadway, Now YorU,
whoso advertisement appears In
this Issue, is highly recommended by
the Financial Record, ono of the leading monetary organs ol tho United
States. It says, "The conservative
management and high character of
tho directorate invito the cordial
support of all investors desiring safe
and largo returns for small cnpltn.1."
Thoy announce a 15 por cent, bonus
for 'last month!.
A heavy fall campaign Ui tin' Soudan Is contemplated. %'fC
NEWS, MAV i2, 1896.
Tuesaay, Kay 12, It
Tht city of Hilo which is threatened
bt vdcanic activity is a flourishing place
on Hawaii Island, about 350 miles from
Honolulu, as the reamer Koe.. It con
tains ai present -1,000 inhabitants and hai
& newspaper lately established by a syndicate of business men i> advocate the
idvantt-ces nf (he ���la/?. Mauna Loa, is
the Uracil Active volcano m thc world,
and i- n<-ncr-��llv visited by laun&u to the
Hawaii.to Republic.
ibe latent advices im.i-vate the progress *fui f.ndi trtbmptl nf the Cuban
rctnllioit. lu this uvnttf/le oar sympathies ftaUttiHy k\�� with the Oppressed*
'th* Spanwirda ��ili yield thoir last foot.
foUl oft (he ne a cuntitfttlf \-riCh Cuban
lft a mettnpuhtan p-are ! ke this it
were better to lgnme the nativity ot the
lndiviclu.il und judge each one as wc find
bim. One seems te ukt pride in facing
a Sceubmau, another iu being an Englishman, 4 third boasts of bis WeUh dc*
Kent, and still a fourth vaunts himself
upon being an American. To a certain
extent this is all right. We like to sec
une sptitk admiringly of his native land.
But after all for one living here there is a
title which he should not ignore. If
loyal to tbe land whose laws protect him
(here is a dearer name for him still,' and
il should be his proudest thought that he
Is a Canadian. English for England,
Scots for Scotland, but Canadians for
Canada. Here we should be all Canadians in our love pad respect for thc
Dominion, in our loyalty to the land, if
rot of our birth, at least of our adoption.
hi the pride of heritage wj should 110:
think meanly ��f	
"Oor great Dominion, glorieat land,
Bread *-> the uo riutitit ind wrmul.
Aad m her dig flu* in tbe breeze,
At home, or oa thu distant >��**.,
May erery istion, HVtry laml.
Ker off, or near, oa evory strand,
ICqow it among tie tnMgu* ft*.w,
Au emblem uf tbe good and trie*
And nuy ita graceful told* ne'er lick,
Tbe Uaplt -Lomf and Union Jack."
J Ceetlnued from last week ]
The neat morning we were off in good
time and nur next camping place was ai
Mr. Stuart's, Oyster Bay. There we
were receivediw��f old by Mr. and Mrs.
Stuart, with 4 warm welcome. Mrs.
Stuart is kindness itself, and they have a
cosy Uttle bouse where the prim c wis
established; bu; mn*t of us preferred ihc
tent, and great fun we had over our
sleeping arrangements; for mother aarth
provided a most inelastic mattress, all
lumps and bumps, which elicited sundry
grunt* and groans end many midnigtr
searching! to find out "what on earth"
caused that Small hill pressing so uncomfortably Into our tender 11U, until at
last we all sank into healthy and refresh*
ing deep. Awakened*In the morning
-cruelly earl) by a lonv black tigure craw*
ting under the flap of the tent with a cup
Otended in its right hand. All heads
immediately dodged under the bed
���ttfthei, while a voice of serious and m-
���dignaul remonstrance exclaimed ���'What's
l*ie matterf It's only the doctor! Come
Ciptain Kmma, take your medicine ;.i
ouce.'' The ciptain insisted she did not
require medicine, but "need* must" etc.,
as the proverb says; so after many wry
faces and protests that it was horrid,
part ofthe medicine was swallowed. And
such is the force of imagination that when
after breakfast the doctor confessed it
whs a fraud and only cold tea, the patient
persisted she knew better, it was salts
<.nd all her feelings confirmed it '
Here appeared Mr. Smut with a very
long face; as Mr, Holmes says "three
miles and a quarter bng." A prowlei iu
the night bad taken some of his turkeys.
It was strange too as tbey were roosting
close to the tent, and we had heard nothing. But just after supper as all tbe
ladies were interviewing the prince after
his bath, in entered Mr. Stuart exclaiming; "All of you s'.ay in the house;
there's a panther at die back door,'
Needless to say, wc did not stav in the
house; and two or three yards' off, hiding
behind a log, we could just descry the
panther. Very carefully it popped one
eye and ene car round the corner, and
Mr. Stuart said he winked at hitn; which
(nust have been the reason why Mi.
Stutrt's shot fell wide of the mark ; and
the-. 1 believe the great impudent cat did
wink before be sprang from his hiding
place and loped s'.owly nnd gracefully up
the clearing and was lost in the ferest
The m-xt day was frightfully stonnv
weather witb increasing roar on the
beach, but the captain ordered that we
should proceed to Valdei Island., With
many misgivings and inward tremors I
���greed to go. The embarking would
have been a u;ond scene for the photo
graph fiend���the tallest ofthe crew with
pants rolled up bad to take instant ad
vantage ol the receding wave 10 enrrs
the passengers one by one, and .oil then
belter skelter iuto the bounding, pitch
sag boat.
ffavanl tMneakkf aooid.mti happened, and
���I kttl mere ee lew drenched we took to thn
������re ��od left the friendly l%r>d. IVre wa
��� WtllOa? As I 'eeall i', 1 auew to f��.��
tie-Hue ef tbe billows, and the peculiar!;
ft|M airy timimjt yjfoh origin* a some
W*e la ��* bW��M arrangement*, whu
��ftdt*�� i^���a tie wpooth hollow tr*��u<h
tlftOfimr again like a nutshell,  balancing
uu ;< e tot* of a great ,.*i'��.i wAWi, I tuu no
voice or % luigbi li..v-. t-bb-- i la -ilf. VV.
3m.ih, "J'ti iiisvbr -l.- tbefrj auyinore."
("ho dear little cautau Hpoka not; one ol
b�� oar into 1�� ked grave, but behave"! tik<
> hiroj ksir.ebody mists ��iili head restiui
graoefutly on her hand looked IfrUe tli
ptuluro of auiin foud relative mourning hr.
duar deyurttd.    Bac ttuough uf this.
After htXt an boar ot tori ure, u fog art*
.uiri enveloped tti iu itu tbiek maii'tle, ar
i-i lhe w.iv��a tiu>hvd ood we glided hroagti
i'.Im 4'H-" **ii'* r
Wc bi-a������.*(( iuV SM'.z I-U����l a-i.l  rowei
bir au buur, vtifii bvgnu .!���<    UiMa   tor   t,li<t
f a'itf oil the be&olt, u- *.vf. cuutd   not   ice   *
.urn lnti'ii; uj     Au| iiitr-.-!���'  �����.,    and   tk"
gray roeka and da��'K pmn�� In ntiwj np \v >.���������
a*    Ant wii.it laud *i��   tit     N >���   '-*-,;,���.._,
Utaud, witdiitiy,    Wn* rt* have we tvaudor-
I cd to.    Ki h'-r thii .���**) i*pi m u Unt hrfVri   l...".-
I at fftiilt or   t'iW-   c.|tij,i,   .-a hi   -.r.vj   I-,.,-*
< maaoaveriug * tin w 11* li��r   ��� \r.-   au uu. I;
J 'ur wc lia'l nnt*. i;< ,*��� u  qu�� inr  ���'   '   ��� '
. -nrt'-iT w^n. W  P.ftrcey't hu      u iwr#d
bwioia ua)    \Vu ul bn I thi ������,  .,-* ���<'u....*i
| th* nelooAiu latidtiiark,
We bnw uobi-ltiUud in go ou !.��� Cjmpball
���  rivir.    1 hv fv$ i;i'.i\ in uu f.\o v,   \a     a*.
i t.og dark, uud iho tide w.w ��� u tne iu>u jus
h,i wis reaoned ihe unmili ����� 'tm  rtvur,   *i*.
aln*��yetu��r u wat 11<�� y *��jny (jull   to  our
iaiit-iiotf tiliLcn.   We uould livw ne Lueusan
ll I*,   lh [j  nt thf llul< a   ai-ouii I in; And th
Ail , tuna ou a-ich Mile Hi t u   rtH-rd   O-nx,
,ii uiirnuri'uitiKlii.gu, uno in- roaers btu
i' -im Miu iii iV rc-j ittrnggie Wit���'��� tUw Jul.
,ttnt\i g'Oi*';.;, ��at��(', whttfll *l<*- :lo ������<n% uu
i'��t*uiiw*ly to u�� I'ceau nil. dowaver a
laat wq gut   iieie tunl   0}   ������ha   ligtic   oi    i
aatvrn, ouli-t, tired and *'Uitgrj we cliutbto
th��htbtp ha-.k Iw W. Kmiu'a tu<u��a ami
under itaanauow uiq/Ah a lhe,  nad  a   guud
a-t. and ru.l d iu car blaaUuin   auua   tiW.ui
��� kv mi*.-tet} (*t the juat,
"thiu is a luvetj pliuit*:���pidturerque hciune
-u thn b'-nIt:- nt a tit>iniifiii river, a, e^uuioti
uleurmg with furesta aud iiU'iiiiiaiH.* in tin
riltrauue. Hut there art* nu:liuu-h.*.ly ^had'j
fie iv, t*ho WHiidermi di-^uoniiuktu ar��uu<<
..i.eir uid dwedhig place, and whi^ei-itd ul
(liiiup Out liad lit-.iu DQ'i unght bar* bi-auj
-���I ' IU frteiidn who Itvi d liat'l-> aluioat KU-at
ii>en hen*, but who ao-: umv nuativrttd and
ti_.ii nint,'. uttver all uitet agaiu uudur the uiu
it-*if iieu,
1'iir luvely morning it was when ue
th��&ted down ���i-i**** rtvar and mane tur Qm*
, ���ii.a.-kaCive. Mr. Ruliei't Had wa�� ut koatu
uud most kuidly afikod our tiu gey y%Hy to
dhtter, Tnen some ot us went to caii on
Mrs, Fidoook, and iho olhtua united for
silmou in ths bay. Tliwy h**d gdo'l t-po t,
at 4. tOJU we ulteuibaraad agaiu -aud uat, ua-
j tor W. Stuiri'a.
I     Net baing a  nautical  man   mvat-lf tht
', tile* oi.d lucmu* in   liiunu   wa^jis   uiu   t
yal'IbCt i.iv*Siny co   uie.   aud   eeitaiuly   in
uio��r�� t tuiagme; (ur :iiciu>ugh our  oaptai
rvauud tu make e-al-nrace   cu.lcuUtiv>iia   foi
CatolliuQ pinulimu*. Mcit'-J, WU wuie UiVftn
a^il) (>a uur uanutiHii t;vtineu) "buoiting th<
ttdeSi Ihotu aatbi'd, iudeod sea-u u Uav<
in impi-h aelight iu following their o^vl-
iiwatt will, aud frdickug   cttiuiit   wci-r ver
��� ii* mui'd tci.OK ilit-.m, u��t tht- moot, I aver
Wn had ue snnuer tioiigratnUted tmu.lv>;'
iii<*t we hud i-aurfin in ac Uit, when���'-voir. 1
an eddy would awex'p uruuud umi Ueture w
sould aay "Jauk Kohtuaon" had carried du.
uoluu-i vuteiiH, toiV(,rd�� hum* jaaur. wla-ru wt
fUd ant lilt* bllghtiat lIiteHlluo or ilenlte   10
g-*; a id then tlie next uiintiid bad laoduu
tu, juiwiLkiica, in tlm "tula rip-." 'ihe.'
ara tiaimltrw enougici in quiut weather, bn'
iiMtirt oaugerottain a i-ioiui. Fur aU tlie
world, tl;e water looks ju��t  a^  though   i<
.vtrti dtuoiug and buhhbug tu a i,at llultit^
chuidroii, uid Kepcuua haviug a ailbiuaitui
Uru anme whero in tae neighliurhoud. Uow
ete.r our atituach uarxui��n, t'vared uothtu^
and ,-liiiKed uiiihin^ Out uai^ily mid   Itrudj
"Luckiug tue titiu" Uud.d li-j at Use a: the
old *Miii|-i!ig gruuud.
Now Mrb Stmrt liaa groat faith, al a
la^tt-a il Iki y;unt*it lii.it in uro aru mote
iLiu^a iu the (ji ti: una than ti-ave   ever  >ot
0 au tiaat up out id it, and wheu we it-*
ch��t yrt>Ei'* lung waving ihiug with a head a-
->ig kb a uink bucket ouoly gliding aiul**,
atn.ai hull u iniU: i.-ff. towards a choal id
pMipniHec, ditfpoiung tlieut-ulvoH iu tbt-
Waitr, aim ucai'ceiy dmgi.ed bu (m.at ouu look
��t cur.nti'y ou It, bu- q>.ii*t.]y uthnnci.,
'O.i, yen, that is tho tea, uvrpunt, d.du'
wm Hee it raiae ltit-lt up io thu nir and
tniihii*'( doAU ou thoae -^ig Hphn�� ? uud no*-*
1 ou Itl Iiu'a Lun.eii round aud itt gt'<ug thi
Y'.c, ilru. Stnarti " said another cxuitcil
lia**Stfngef" it has turuml round. Oh, uhji
mii.I da ro* * little nearer and lut ua ae*
what it ia." Ttieu our ox-v4ii am gravely
.-it.n-.ii; bia htnd and aaid: "Iciiu'i at all
mla co %#;. ion near thoio orearuiei-*." H i
<et oevur '-on', to avo, nad au>ooe who
wanti iniiru taiormatjoti uiuqk g(> to Oyatoi
\tk\y loi- it.
tint tlmo fails co tell aU uur wanduringn
and all our ex(ilott��, We Hpeut one uay a
Oyaiar U ver tt.ttiuig fur tr.m, aud (mn en
unr n,\r,j wun uruooAiil uooideutali) incv '.ho
tiuli water and hai to Kit wra^pod up iti *.-
abawl whtlu thu gariiiuut-H were l.m. g driod
in the auu l*io* Mi-. Molvoi ^avi u- ii
royal Waloumo, Rod uuoki <i ( a uuly n
bacheh-r oau couli) .t -IAD dnhemutl 'rout
now grown putatom, atewod uppw, fim<
red baubolnr tt��, whioti **��� iiurnughlj
onjoyed. Weait agiuad lhat tdertu buune
lor* up the e.'ut, have henutdul hoinm aod
oiiiy u.nd ii noat tndiutrtoua hon^-wife to
mu'.i: lii-ji;: the happiuit m-n itt axiutoaoc
leuvy Diogenna in uu tub, d hu only aai in
ou the bat !�����hore
Oy-oar ii^y ih a uurvelloua place. 0 j ���
i veumg f ��r off m a aheltered uuvu we attM
he uiarlinai >eita -p'uihh y ami frolioitin.-
ifjii.i'dji't ti �� gruett i'* Atiud and onu
i.mke' UBvontiii uy ** though aha Wero
habited hi a whttooption blouse! Mis
Httiurt It-il-i tu'�� nhfl aaw Vh.uh Aptif.di-<
rising piuk and lieauaful from tbe white aea
foam; but it was oo far off to dixtiogniah
clearly, aud xhe vaoiahod almost ao quickly
at, nho iipuetared.
The Um day ot our trip came, and ao
quii-tily; tbo) watched un utilly from the
It. a-ai in we nailed a *a*., an i without atop
���j- louidetit, tho frietdly   Hind   crru-d   n-
,i. f#l.    iot'J    C iftli'X    f"illiMi   on   ;i     l*iv*-r��
.\i!iti*:li�� iiningf aad the amiid rf RaoVud
hyniDK >il Mdfl aod weet up n our' atm, it-
Uttbo di'Ji twilight wo Stiullud h.'Uit varil.
Ia tt Byron? wbo aay*:
There is a pleasure in the pathlesi wooda
"Tnere i-* <J'��" puni.m-ibip upon the lonely
Pn'-re ia nOOiety whero none intrudes,
fty the oe- p soa, and sr.nn-e m it ��� roar*
E&t^lisliad 1877.
CAPITAL, $500,000.     tncorporttiod June 16,1893.
Jas. McMillan & Co,
pHo.nirront op the
Minneapolis f
Pine Kortlfern Furs m��.
���    f
.* to-.nti It^.ittm .��*oa.  ������>���*'*������ ���liii.&tam-'MSlUfia.B
D��im md ��ipe��Tipi
G. 8. Hides,
Dry Hides,
Wool, Furs.
V/rita Por tnt��st Prlco
Blniwfblli, 5mn. I Kinhniiti'I'a1I��mI Huk. * * luittu,  lontua.
Iln_,3l'i,Slti. ,  lltntAno K.llm.i'i lii.ah,    - ��� iittnia,  R.nViini.
Ilmi/ijtlli, Mil. I bnnltf Hul rtStwlhllii, ��� Orut MU, 2��t.
���ifi.rilT l;tt\ ,.*f niEBUoU,
I'l,: i ^li*:i!ll iiMji,    -
rw,',.', li.os,
Mm HOUSE, 200 io 212 ?i?>ST AVENUE WORTH,
MI'NNKAI'OX.IS,       ....       M1.NN13SOTA.
oukeMUowniliiiiltl I 06 Wlltif Bt. |   334 King DC.  I      Jtuptr Ate.
Riverside Hotel
Courtenay, B.O.
Grant & Munighan, Props.
Best of Liquors
iI*nest of Uigais
Good Table
Courteous Attention
Supplies the valley with first ehss bread, pies, cakes, etc.
Brt-ad delivered by Cult through Courtenay and District every
Tuksuav, Thoiwdav and Saturday,
Wedding Cakes made and Parties catered for.
Tti�� Famous
Drs Lawrence & Wjstwood.
Physilolans and Surgeons,
XriTIOIT 33 C.
Wn litiva apyointed Mr. Jamaa Abrams our colleei.oi* until  turtnnr no-
tioo, to whom all overdue,  accounts
"*ay ba paid.
7 Nox. 1603.
Society    Cards
teBKesasKKest g��gr__t___
I    O.   O    F,
Union l.'dgr, No. it, meets every
Fridny nitjht at 8 o'clock. Visiting brethren cordially invited io nttend,
A. Lindsay, R. S.
Cumberland Lodge,
A. F. & A. M, B. C. R.
union, n. c.
Lodge meets fir>t Saturday in earli
month. Visiting brethren are cordially
invited to attend.
James McKim, Sec.
Hiram Loi^e No (4A.F .St A.M.,li.C.K
Courtenay li. C.
Lodf,re meets on every Saturday on or
be!,,re ihc* full tif the moon
Visiting Llrothers   cordially requested
to attend.
R. ,'i. McConnell,
iuiJiI v.mii iilf liinuLjj :  '      .*���"'
Esquimalt and Nanaimo Ry.
Steamer Joan
On and after Mar. iand, 1893
The StcatniT JOAN will sail ar, follows
CALLING AT WAV PORTS a�� (nawingort
ar.it Trdiabt may oli'iir
Leu..0 Victoria, TliiiBilny, 7 a, in.
"  KiiDuitiio for Comox, WoilaeMluy, 7 a. ni
l.ciivo i.'iimuM for Nana.mu,      Friilnyu, Ta.ni.
"      :,'ai"iiiuo Cur Viiaur.u    H-aluruiy, 7 a.ii,
F��r freight or Hate rooms apply on
board, or at thc Company's ticket office,
Vicioria .Station, Suae street
Loyal Sunbeam. Lodge No. too, C. O.
0. I**., meet in theii lodge room over
McPheil's itore, Conrtenay, every second
-Saturday at 3 p, tn. Visiting brethren
cordially invited to attend.
J. M. Fulton, Sec.
, O'Dell
Architect and   Bnildpt
Plane Bret Specifications prepored,
tir.il tuiic'n f*r, men dm the
���ihortc-st Notice.
Houses built and ter cuie on eai-y
terms cf payment.
Cumberland Encampment.
Nu. 6, 1. 0. 0. F-,   Union.
Ments f rst and third Wednesdays ol
each month at li o'clock p. m. Visiiing
lirethren cordially invited to attend.
J. COMB, Scribe.
M. J.  Henry
Nurseryman and Florist
P.O. address:���Mount Pleasant, Van
rnuver, B.C.   Greenhouse and Nurser;,
604 Westminster Road.   Most complete
Catalogue in B. C.���Frcc to your address
N.i agents.
Anv person or persons destroying or
iviihholding (fie Itnga and barrels t;f the
Union Urcvery Company Lid of Nana!
mo, will i'i- prosecuted. A liberal reward
will be paid for information leading In
W.  E. Norris, Sec'y
The money order department closes at
7 p.m. Thursdays. Letters may be registered up tn 7.30 pan. on Thursdays. Apply for boxes to arrive next month before
thev are all taken.
S. OF T.
Union Division No. 7, Sons of Temperance, meets in Free Mason's Hall,
Union, every Monday evening at 7:30.
Visiting friends cordially invited to
All persons driving over the wharf or
oridges in Comox district laster than a
walk, will be prosecuted according to
W, B. Andf.rson,
 C.ov. Agent.
POR SALB���Pare White Plymouth Rook
Ejus at T. t->. McLean's.
The followirg Lines are
Watches, clocks ancl jewellery
Tin, sheetiron, ancl copper work
Bicycles Repaired
Guns and rifles, repaired
Plumbing in all its branches,
Pumps, sinks and piping,
Electric bells placed,
Speaking tubes placed
Hot air furnaces,
Folding bath and improved
Air-tight stoves, specialties
Office, ancl Works  -J^8^"""'
Surgeon and Physician
(Graduate ofthe University of Toronto,
:L. C, P.&S.,Ont.)
Otf lee and residence. Maryport
Ave., next door to Mr. A Grant's.
Hours tor consultation-9 to lo a m,
2 to 4 and.7 to 10 p m.
Dave Anthony's
Cigar   and   Fruit   Store
Snd uid Dusemuir Ava.
Mt let am St. Juiiies be.
|^      SUITS
*v.-a\' ��
To order
r-p'SfKi'. f(;r s> n Tien.  l'��mi i riiUverjr-   It.
Kanaimo Saw Mill
M aid Eocp
-o���:o:o- *i���
It'. O. lii'iivo/i ;*.   Tcileplioiiu OU. I��l
C5?" A complete stock of RouKh antl
I'-resstd l.uinU'i' aluays on hand.    AlstC
Shinules, laths, 1'kl.cts, Doors, Windows aid Winds.    .Moulding, Sf roll
Sawing, TurninK, and all kinds
i*l v.ood lu.isliii)** Hnnislied.'
Cedar.  While Pine.   Redwood.
Barter Shop   : :
-  AND   .i
; :    Lathing
Having torcrianrcl ihuabuvt uf Mr. C. Ot
KiDiiu, 1 uikllbo t-it-BUii Utitt oil
o.y old liMiidi-, nd u Biai y
iit*M o'hoh an Uil> OilUOtft
tu giv�� ot�� their
O. M. Fechner,
E, J, Theobald,
House nnd Sip Fainter,
Paper-Hanging, Kalsomining
and Decorating,
All ��<iera Promptly Attended to
Union, B. 0.
i 'M��*iJ>*Scj_!
1 lefli prepared to
furnish Stylish Riga
and do Teeming
At reasonable rataa.
D. KHpetrlek,
Union, B. C.
Till-: WEEKLY N!:.\VS. MAV
Hstny Mamburitr ��nt in ����n Wed*
nesdaj and left tke next day. He otli,
l*wever, be up on Wednesday next
Tbe Cumberland Hall is receiving a
ccal of pa��H wfckk jreatlf improves itt
If yau wait the newest aad best stylet
in men's felt hats and at half regular
prices by all means buy at Langman's.
Mrs. Jehu Robinson left on Thursday
with tier family to join hei husband at
Colored* Springs uhere liey will tn
(futare reside.
Orders ior powder left for ne at Dave
Attthtrav's will reoehre prompt Attention
F. Curran
Thf. Nmi acVnowledges with thanks
nn wnri'ntion from the committee in
dM-rga te attend tlte Queen's Birthday
reiteration at Nanaimo.
C. II. Taiiieli his just received a lull
line flf ttwse celebrated Souvenir Stoves
and Reacts thoroughly up to date. Call
and ksrrt a look at ihem.
The grand jury returned "aot a true
Ml" against Geo. f. Drafcble, ). P. in
the natter of charge prelemd against
hia by Billy Davidson aad another.
��� Any one desiring a yxoad servicablc
sewing machine in capital order can be
accommodated at R. li. Anderson's II
will (a cheap, too.
A tennis club hat been organised with
Mr. F. B. Smith as president and Mr. T.
J. Dalby as secretary and treasurer.
There is a large membership, including
a number of expert players.
FOR RENT.���The butcher shop nt
Union fitted up ready for business, lately
occupied by A. C. Fulton. Cull on him
or enquire of A. Urquhart, Comox.
Mr. Orrin Barber at the adjourned
hearing Tuesday night, May Jlh, on the
charge of having committed an indictable
offence, was held in the sunt of $1,000 to
appear to answer before the next court of
competent jurisdiction.
Avail yourself of a splendid chance to
buv your stoves, tinware and paims
below cost. Go and see j. B. Holmes1
Tuesday afternoon a Chinaman nn the
train coming into town from No. 4 slope,
put his face out ofthe car window, when
Bis head struck snme obstacle, and he
ana badly injured and died shortly after.
The Rev. I. K. Wright who preached
in the Presbyterian church here, one
Sunday, not tong ago as a candidate for
the pastorate, k is become the pastor of
Cook's Presbyterian church, Chilliwack.
Jasptr Hiilitast, an account of whose
t. ipture' ky officer Hutchison appeared in
last week's issue of this paper has .ll
leady heen tried before the Xanatmo
Assises found guilty and sentenced to I
three years imprisonment.
D- K. Vo.;��ir.who ia well-known in this
city front his abortive attempt to " float "
au electric tramway scheme, and subse-'
<)uently by bis formation of a company to
Cottle and sell the would-be famous "Comox Mineral Waters, "met wilh a severe
acctdem three weeks ago at Ainsworth,
which necessitated the amputation of one
of Ins lees, Ae operation talcing place at
Kelson last neek. -Free Press.
i_&* flier   is fwtli 114
It it is Well Pit liim,-
So here it is :
Single Harness at $lo, $12, $1; per .sol
and up.���Sweat Pads at Jo cents.
Whips al 10, 2;, 50 and a good   Raw.
bide for 75 rents, und a Whale Bone
at $1 and up to $2.
i~ioX One Man in
One Hu.idreo
So invests* his money that it yields,
twenty yean, anything like the profit,
aifurdud by a poliuy of Lite Insurance
HISTORY) The percentage of individual]
l'ROVKS   .* who aoeeeed in buuuiess
THIS ' ) is small '
I have the largest Stock of WHIPS in
town and also thc
Best Axle Crease at Q BOzES
-ForTwenty-Five Cents
Trunks at Prices to Suit
the Times.
Wesley Willard
Notary Public.
Agent tor the Alliance Fire
Insurance Company of Lon
don  and  the Phoenix ot
Agent for the Provincial
Building and Loan Association of Toronto	
Union. B. C.
No old-line mu'iul life insurance couipai1}
hu ever failed.
 Ten Cents a Day*^_
Will Imv for a man 35 years of *,gt,   a
$1,000 20-Payment Life Policy, one
of tiie bust forms of insurance wriueu
in the
Union Mutual life
Insurance Company
Of Portland, Maine
A Sound, Safe, Ably Managed,
lleliable Suh-tauiiui Institution
J. E. EVANS, Provincial Manager.
r 0. iiok B1I3 Vancouver, B. C.
For farther iufurtnation call on
With Jan,os Abrams.
Grant & McGregor
Contractors, Builders and Undertakers
Lot 7--Block    X
F. Curran
jHgi3^*@S5!agsi3*s{vK/-^ AH Cltaed Ready for Bulling
CJ, TWff|5���B���
K'Doaler in
Stoves arid Tinware
A small *agiw boiler and machinery,
���na Four Horse Power Engine and Boil*
��r, on* band saw; onc saw grinder. Will
sell together or singly. Engine suitable
for dairy worV nr can be placet! in a boat
Enquire at Anderson's Metal Works,
We ihe undersigned hereby authorise
John Bruce to collect all accounts due the
estate of Robert Graham.
R. Grant 1
H. Hamburger > Trustees.
Plumbing ancl general
Sheetiron work
atrAgent for tha
Celebrated Gurney
Souvenir Stoves and
Manufacturer of tbe
New Air-tight heaters
Offlc* Room!, McPhee a Moore U'ld'g and at
P, O. DRAWER  16.
A few hundred yards from the
Switch where  the  company's
new buildings are to  be built.
Choice 5 acre lots can be pur
chased on easy terms. a
Prices from $150 to
$300���$25 cash and
$ioper month.
Several good houses for sale
cheap���costing but a few
dollars more than ordinary
rent to purchase.
Puntiedge Bottling Works.
DAVID JONES, Proprietor,
Saraaparalln, Champagne Cider, Iron Phosphates and Byrups.
Bottler of Different Bi-anda  of   Lager Beer,  Steam Beer and Porter.
Agent for tho Union Brewery C mpany.
A The Beffi Cough Hjrrup,
aTtnteaOooO. Use hi lime. I
flSold by Driiinrints.
I presume we have used over
one hundred bottles of Piso'a
Cure  for Consumption  in  my
family, and   I   am   continually   advising others
to get it.   Undoubtedly it is the
I ever used.���W. C. Milienbbroer, Clarion, Po.f
Dee. 29,1894. 1 sell Piso's Cure for Consump-
tion, and never have any com-.
Skints.���E. Shorey, Postmaster, ha .lbe*te|tc,���-a,am1p.|
horey, Kansas, Dec. 21st, 1894.  ���gffie?,^;��J,'"I-oe-*
Real Estate and
Financial Broker
Persons usint; the mules nnd horses of
the Union Colliery   Co. without Dermis
sion will be prosecuted according to tau.
F.D. Little, Supt
Painters & piper HInkbs
[Wall   Paper ancl Paint Store . .'
ii| Tinting and Kalsomining a specialty
Williams' Block, Third St.       Union,  B. C
H. A. Simpson
Barrister U Solicitor. No's 2 & 4
Commercial Street
JJJUTAIM3,    S.    C
J. A. Ca-thew
���CMSOK*, B. C.
���*����_��iiiiaii��iiiMii iimn
Property for sale in all parts of the town.   Some very desirable residence properties cheap on small monthly payments.
Farm lands improved and unimproved in Comox District $10 to $50 per acre.
A splendid farm, 30 acres under cultivation, 5 miles from Union; $10 per acre.
20 acre track within 3 miles^-first class land; $10 to $15 per acre.
Rents collected
Loans Negotiated IT LEADS them: all.
Tliere are dlotio&arloa and dictionaries, hull tho noblest Roman of tbem
all seems to be Webster, it la ntill
easily in the lead in the   great race
for popularity.
Many ol tlio now akJrtd havo tho
Beams cut to admit a narrow panel
ot contrasting color. The panel la a
mere lino at the top, and not moro
thau tliroo Inches wide at the loot
of tlie skirt.
Karl's Clover Root Tea la a sure
euro for Headache and nervous diseases.    Nothing relieves ao quickly.
A certain man was much annoyed
because his wife had gone on a visit,
which nho would nut shorten in spite
of his appeals to come home. He
finally hit upon a plan to induce her
to roturn. Every day he seat her a
copy of tho local papers with an
Item Clipped out; when sho wrote to
find out whnt It was he had clipped
from the papers, he refused to toil
her. The scheme worked like a
charm. In less than a week curiosity had done its work, and tlio wife
returned post baste to her clever
Johnny Johnson had a  circus
Where his backyard is;
Oot Bome great big dogs for liosses���
Mine, and Dick's an' nis.
Johnny���he was clown, you know;
Took six pins to boo the show.
Sewed two big wldte sheets together,
(Johnny did���not me \)
Cos you couldn't have no circus
Thout a  tent,  you   seo.
Hoys come ia for miles aroun';
Warn't no pins left In the town!
Johnny rubbed Bolf-rlsln' flour
Ou hta face an' theu
Streaked it from the  red-ink bottle.
Just like gIfoqs men.
An' Ids uncle said, said lie:
" Host clown ever he did see."
Some���they sat aroun' on boxes*
Some on old oak  loss ;
But we had two cats for monkeys.
An' they don't like dogs.
An' When things were running' right
Them two cats Balled in for fight I
Orter seen the fur a-flyln'l
Towser howled) ou' Princo
(Johnnys dog) got tore to pieces I
Ain't seen my dog since.
Then the circus tout foil down
An' just swallowed np the clown!
Ain't hud nny other circus
Since that time- 'cos why ?
Ain't no dogs 'li play   they're bosses
When them cats is hy!
Goin' to   keep  uur   horns  an'  drums
Till the true-true circus cojiioh.
" Pupa, what is an old saw���not tiie
saw you saw with, but tlie kind this
paper speaks about V
" What old saw does the paper
speak about?"'
"That's what I want to know. It
says; 'Everybody has beam the old
saw, never look a gift horse In the
mouth.' I want to know whero
the saw comes In."'
"Well, there s your old saw. An
old saw is an old proverb.''
���" "Why shouldn't you look a gift
horso In the tnouith V"
*' Beca,upQ���becJause it s bad taste.
Its ungrateful, and all that sort of
"All what sort of thing?"
" Why, to look a horse in the mouth
that has been given to you shows
thnt���it shows that you are not thinking of the giver, but at the value of
tho gift."'
fWhat would anybody want to
look a borse In the mouth for ?"
" To toll how old it ls."
(After a pause.) " Papa, can yon
tell how old a saw Is by looking at its
teeth ?"
$100 REWARD $100.
The readers of this paper will be
pleased to learn that there la at
least one dreaded disease that science
has been able to cure in all its stages,
and that Is Catarrh, Hall's Catarrh
Cure is the only positive euro known
to the medical fraternity. Catarrh
being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment.
Hall's patarrli Cure is taken Internally, acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of tbe system,
thereby destroying the foundation of
the disease, and giving tbe patient
strength, by building up the constitution and assisting nature Ln'doing its
work. The proprietors have so much
faith in Its curative powers, that
they offer One Hundred Dollars for
any case that It fails to cure. Bend
for  list of testimonials.
Address, F. J, Cheney * Co., Toledo. O.
Sold by druggists, 7Gc.
'"Trilby," snid the Laird, as ho put
on his galoshes, "why are a tight
pair of  rubbers  like Littio Uillee?"
Trilby said she didn't know.
"Because," replied the Laird, "they
draw your feet."
And Trilby lifted up her voice and
Tliat to remove corns, wnrts, bunions
im a few days, all that is required is
to apply the old and well-tested corn
cure���Putnam's Painless Corn Extractor. Safe, sure, rihlnless. Putnam's
Corn Extractor makes no soro spots
hard to heal, acts quickly and painlessly on hard and soft corns.
Are you not glad tbat sleeves are
so much smaller? The newest are
mado to closely enfold tbo arm from
tho wrist to the point where the un-
derpart meets the bodice. Over that
falls a puff, still rather largo, but
much less pronounced and emphatic
thnn It used to be.���Cousin Madge In
London Truth.
From the Awful Sufferings of Rheumatism.
1'he Cmh*- ot K. P. KollllllUi ol W��,ll��u'l���A
Sufferer fur Seventeen Vears���His fll.e
Keslwtefl llie Trent meet of the lle.t lion-
pltatsaud lie Bad n.*com�� it rhynleiil
Wreck���Bis Wonderful Release.
(From tbo WoUand Telegraph.)
The world to-day In both coiiimm-
el.Tlly and scientifically Inclined towards system, aad new**, like everything else, is gathered systematically.
Kvery newspaper has Its stuff ot reporters to observe and collect tlio
aews ol Its particular locality or district. l*'nr some timo past a reporter
of the Welland Telegraph has beea
wa tclilng the development of a treatment for a serious caso of rheumatism
on ono of tiie employees of that Institution. About eighteen yoars ago,
Mr. E. P, Bobbins, while nt work In
the Telegraph printing office, was
suddenly seized with sharp pains all
over the body, accompanied by extreme swellings. He reached home,
but a short dLstanco from the office,
with difficulty, nnd on the doctor being called he pronounced It Inflammatory  rheumatism.     For seven  weeks
ho lay ln bod under the care of the
bost physician, and at the end of that
time he was again able to resume his
duties. During the next lew years he
was subject to frequent slight attacks
and finally thought a change of location might be beneficial. With this
Idea Mr. Robblns visited the different
American cities, sometimes In good
health and again unable to get out
of bed, until ln 1888 he finally settled
ln New York. Here, for about two
years, he followed his occupation with
comparatively little sickness, when
he suffered a severe attack which left
him, until a few months ago, a martyr to that kaleidoscople disease.
Mr. Robbins recovered somewhat after
weeks of Idleness and went back to
the types, but again and again he was
laid up, working only about six days
a month. Gradually he grew worse,
and, almost discouraged, entered the
Staters' hospital. After spending
many weary months within its wnlls
he was discharged with the awful
verdict "incurable." More from n
sense of duty than with hope he tried
other hospitals in the city but with
the samo result, and resigned to his
fate he left for his old home,
where lie arrived ln February,
18U3, a crippled resemblance 'if his
lormer self, and was passed unrecognized by his former friends. Hero iu
the house ol his father, James W.
ltohbius, he was bed-ridden until the
summer, and then during the warm
days was able to walk about with
the aid of a spiked cane for a few
minutes ut a time. When the eold
weather approached, however, he was
again confined to the houso. Pink
i'ills were frequently recommended to
Mr. Robbins, and in December last
he started to take them. The first
box was unuoticeuble, but the 6eeond
produced a slight change for the better. More were then ta,kea and the
Improvement was daily hailed with
Joy by his friends. The rheumatism
slowly but surely left and has not
yet returned, in March last Mr.
Robbins was ouce more at work and
has not lost a day, since. The cano
has long since been discarded and
"lid." Is one of the happiest, Jollicst
employees in the office. Mr. Robblns
ls well known In the county and indeed throughout the whole district,
and although, us he says', he has
not got the strength of Hercules yet,
Pink Pills have given him for a trifling cost the relict ho spent hundreds of dollars ln vain trying to secure. He considers the disease coui-
pletcly out of his system and can eat
and sleep well, .two essential points
to good health. Mr. Robbins strongly
recommends this wonderful medicine
to  other  sufferers.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pilla strike at
the root of the disease, driving It
from the system and restoring the
patient to health and strength, ln
cases of paralysis, spinal troubles, locomotor ataxia, sciatica, rheumatism, erysipelas, scrofulous troubles,
etc., these are superior to all other
treatment. They are also a specific
for tlie troubles whicli make the lives
of so many women a burdea, and
speedily restore the rich glow of
health to sallow cheeks..Men broken
down by overwork, worry or excesses,
will find In Pink Pills a ccrtala cure.
Sold by all dealers, or sent by mail,
post paid, at 50 cents a box, or six
boxes for $2.50, by addressing the
Dr. Williams' Medicine Company,
Brockville, Out., or Schenectady, N.
Y. Beware of imitations and substitutes   alleged  to be "Just as good."
Tlio Oswego Times Is naturally
proud oi tho American chess victory,
hut it Is wido of the mark when It
says " Choss Is tho only game in
which tho question of supremacy can
bo settled by teams located 3,000
miles apart." The game of checkers
has long been a telegraphers' amusement.
Consumption, LnGrlppc, Pneumonia
and all Throat and Lung diseases are
cured by Shlloh's Cure.
Leap year societies are the latest
New Woman organizations, the alms
aad objects of which being briefly
stated aro to get all the members out
of the state of single loneliness before
the long spell of exclusion from the
privilege ot leap year bogiaulng with
181)7 and lasting till 1001 begins.
A correspondent of the London
Lancet gives Baron liarofalo as authority for the startling Btatcmcut
that thero were 4.000 murders In
Italy last' year���about one homicide
every two hours. That ls a very
bad showing, and says little for thc
restraining influences of morality and
religion iu Humbert's kingdom.
People who sustain lajurles on the
public streets aad expect to recover
damages from the luunlcipUUtles responsible for their maintenance in
good repair must now servo notice ol
���Intention to make such claim within
seven days, instead of thirty as
formerly. The amendment applies to
all cities, towns aud villages.
The New York Herald thinks Harrison's marriage to a pretty young
widow will boom his presidential
chances. It says, " Politicians of thc
most pronounced typo openly said
that tho most taking thing with tho
peoplo that any presidential possibility had yet accomplished was General
Harrison's marrlngc." What a reflection on tho intelligent electors ol
the great Republic!
Both the flesh and the strength ot
pale, puny, scrofulous children, get
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery.
It's the best thing known for a
wasted body and a weakened system.
It thoroughly purifies tho blood, enriches It, and makes effective every
natural menus of cleansing, repairing and nourishing the system. In
recovering from "LaGrippe," pneumonia, fevers, or other debilitating
diseases, nothing can equal it as an
appetizing, restorative tonic to bring
back health and vigor. Cures nervous
and general debility.
All diseases of lower bowel, including .rupture and pile tumors, radically
cured. Book of particulars free..
World's Dispensary Medical Association, 603 Main street, Buffalo, N. Y.
Little Miss Muffct,
She sat on a tuffet,
And finished her biscuits nnd tea,
Then picked up a spider
That sat down beside her,
Aad counted his an-tenn-ne.
By this agency Nerviline ls made to
penetrate to the most remote nerve
���every bone, muscle and ligament ls
made to feel Its beneficent power.
Nerviline Is a wonderful remedy, pleasant to even the youngest child, yet so
powerfully far reaching in Its work
that tho most agonizing Internal or
external pain yields as if by magic.
" No,'' he said, most musingly, " I
see that I can make; uo impression
ou that heart of Ice.'*
'That Is to say," replied the Eos-
ton maiden, with a smile that was
like the gliat of the Arctic sun across
the glazier, " iu this caso you cut
no Ice, as the vulgnr would put It."
Constipation causes more thau half
the Ills of wouien. Knrl's Clover Root
Ten is a pleasant cure for Constipation.
If I .were an artist I would paint her
Just aa I saw It last night;
Its perfect contour I would trace,
With its delicate pink and white.
Bat ah!���What artist could paint her
As she painted it Inst night.
Asy your physician, your druggist
and your friends about Shlloh's Cure
for Consumption. They will recommend It.
AsseBsmon Systom.
Mutual Principle
Kdw. B. Harper,
'I'he Largest
ami Strongest
Life Insurance
In the w orlil
9119,(1011,000 ot now liustnans In 1 sur,.
8308,<lm>,000 of iKislnesM In force.
84,084,075 ll��ath claims paid In 1 SOS.
***r,,lMMi,iHUl death claims paid sinco hm).
ness began.
I sil", Hhou'H an increase In gross a*Beta
net surplus, Income and bnslnoss In force.
Over 105,800 members Interested.
W. J. McMUttTRY, Managor for Ontario
Freehold Loan Building, Toronto Out.
A.K. MeNICHOL, Manager for Manitoba
British Columbia and Nortb-Weat Territories
Mclntyre Blook, Winnipeg, Man.
IJ. Z. BESSETTE, Manager (or Quebec,
PJar.o d'Armea, Montreal, Que.
Brunswick. Ht. John, N. B.
W..I. MURRAY, Manager for Nova Scotia
Halifax, N. a.
They Make Life Unbearable to Their Faithful Helpmates.
Tlte Issues flowing, or failing to
flow, trom the family pooketbook
havo made more misery than war,
jicstilence, famine aad as much hnp-
pincss as religion.
j Tho family pooketbook has made
more criminals thaa any other one
causo excepting whiskey. It has
caused more early deaths,than any
other agency. If the honest obituary
was put upon tho tombstones of oue
half tho married women who die untimely dentlis it would be, " Died for
want of an independent 25 cents."
Woman is tho great unpaid partner
In tho matrimonial union. Man may
raise the wheat, bat it ls ot Ilttlo
valae until woman's hand has made It
into bread. She Is as much an career
as ho is.
I quote a model family examplo. A
young touplo started life together
without an Inheritance, but with
education, ambition ami clean lives.
Tlio young wifo had been it teacher,
and was used to financial independence, siio had a perfeot understanding with her lover before marriugo
that all financial affairs should Im
mado a matter of kindly aad Joint
consideration between them, for she
had " boarded round," aad had scon
a groat deal oi family misery on account of tho pooketbook and Its cou-
toats being in the hands of tho man.
It was arranged that., as the husband was to be the homo maker and
slio tho homo keeper, that each six
months tho husband should take his
wifo to his place of business and show
her his books aud tell her of his financial condition. This has always
lieen religiously done. If expenditures
were too much, or too little, tho
noxt six montlis1 outlays were adjusted accordingly. Thc wife'Is as much
interested In her husband's commercial standing as ho is, aud he says
that sho has always been ills safest
business adviser. So will any wifo be
if the proper confidence Is reposed in
her. Married man! it you are in tlie
habit of handing money to your wife
in a grudging manner and growling
out: " What did you do with the
dollar I gavo you last week'!" put
yourself ln her placo nnd quit your
meanltcfti.���Farm Journal.
Be sure and uso that old and well-
tried remedy, Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup for children teething. It
soothes tho child, softens tho gums,
allays the jialn, cures wind colic and
Is the best remedy for diarrhoea.
Twenty-live cents a bottle.
���mmem esmm
ISSUE NO 17  1896
In replying to any of these
vertleements,    please   mention     1
baby growth
The baby's mission la
growth. To that little bundle of love, half trick, half
dream, every added ounce
of flesh means added happiness and comfort! Fat ia
the signal of perfect health,
comfort, good nature, babj
Scott's Emulsion, with
hypophosphite-3, is the easiest fat-food baby canhay%
in the easiest form. It supplies just what he cannot
get in his ordinary food*,
and helps him over tha
weak *, places to perfect
Scon 4 Bowm, ��.0****il_. Oat. ft*. ���__���*���__���,
cott, Dni.    Shorthand nnd bookkeeping
taught by mail. Trial lesson free.
$175 A YEAR,
Without Interest, will bny a cood 100-AORHl
FARM, with frame building*, in Township of
Euphrasia.   Apply at onco to
1 M. J. KENT,
London, Ont.
writton by an Armenian Missionary; endorsed by Gladstone, Frances Willard and
Lady Henry Somerset;; over 500 pages; only
11,601 canvassing outfit 250J order before you
sleep.   M'DKRMID & LOGAN, London.
Ih no discount like stiivk* in the celebrated
Hoston-Colorado Co., located in Cripple Creok'f
goldon hills. Buy now outright) bofore the
ttdvar.ee, at tho present low price. Thin stock
is full paid and nou-aHHOHsablo. Tho boom for
Htorks is coming. Write for information. R
O. 0. Griswold, Mamuotto Bhlg., Chicago,
Cannot bo expected, bub tho biggest money
mado by agents to-day la made by thoae wht
handle our Silverwaro, Tableware, Tea and
Colfee Strainers, Stereoscopes and Vlewe,
Violin Outfits, Photograph Frames, Leathered
Table Mats. otc. Cash paid for raw furs,
Montreal, Que
To handlo on very liberal terms one of the best
household artiolea over invented. Sells on
sight.  No fake.
If you mean business send stamped envelope
for reply.   Address
Hamilton, Ont.
S150 For an Old Canadian Stamp
Every Canadian Stamp used between IHI
and 1805 is valuable and worth from lOo to Jilt
each. I buy any quantity, on thoortglnaloovei*
preferred. Also all other kinds of stamps
particularly thoao collected 25 yeara ago. Sen*
for price list to 0. A. NKEDHAM, 654 Malt
street) easti Hamilton, Onb
Largest sale in Canada.
In the Spring:
Purify the Blood by
way of the Kidneys.
This is Nature's way
of doing it, and the
Kidney Pills
Do It!
JS'See that you get DODD'5
Imitations are dangeroua 11
| The One Great Standard Authority,
Ho writes Hun. ]). ,1. ItrewtT,
Justin l'. K. Hnjirt'inp Court.
"Send a Postal for Specimen Paget, etc. C
Successor of the
Of tllO Illt'lisli l.'.v't  III (
thr. lY.stal Teli'R. |l    '
nfUifl'.S.C.v-t I
liiKMIlU'O.thC U.S. . ..   ,
lirpmo  Court.  hU   the 5
Mme Supreme t'ouru, C
nun of nearly ull the c
Sclioolbookn, ^
Coimiii'iicU-rt (
by stnte Stnieiiiitfiid-'
eulH of Schools, unit l
other Kiliu-uturs almost /
Without llUlllliiT.
It If easy to ilnd the word wanted.
It Is easy to ascertain the pronunciation.
It is easy to trace the growth of a word.
It ts easy to learn what a word means.
) Tho Toronto Globe snys:���
Tlm Inteniiitiuiial iri nnmiiv iVmiiiiiij.' rppnpit/.fil (
n tho most roliahlf* stamiaul ���lirtimiary imtihslii'.i. v
I InnililllmtilolulllUliurilM'tirlriuHytmu-llontifii'lio-
f tloiriry.tho IniiTiiatiiiual I'.uitnliisaviiHtnmoiintot'_
j> Kcneral tul'ormatloii ol y.i-.i\ value-���Jim. 11, HKW.
i O. & C. M--RTA3T CO., Publishers,
Sprtnatleht, Mass,, U.S.A.
Of owning and rhlinR lho finest and bent Blcyclo In tho Dominion���every part inspected by-
twenty oxport mochanlca.   Tho
CONQUERED ntte   _   _
rstxst'y?^:*^.. \..s��� "~  	
Btand�� nl lhe top o( lhe lot, and for LIGHTNESS, STRENGTH and ovory point entering Into >
high-grade wheel
Full pari iculara and n handsome catalogue can be had of JOHN W. NELSON, Hamilton, Can..
or of the
Elmira, N. Y.
8RANCHH3-N-,*-* York Clij*. Washington, Indianapolis, Boston, Philadelphia. Hamilton, Can.
("8 <il
\fir\Mi     +
chiffon, with a spray of pink carnations    crossing    tke . left    felioiilller,'
Los, and ' -ill,,.
When I look liuck upon the yeara   ���
Wliat can I do but sigh
*Po think upon tho pleasures flown,
The dreams that buried lie ?
Tet when I peer Into -my heart
I brush tbe tears away ;
I find no winter drifted there,
But blossoms of the May.
For Love looks up and smiles so su wt
Into the face of Time,
I would not If I could turn hack
Unto the olden rhyme,
Nay, let mo read tlio legend through
And thank the kindly powers
That ns the lesser pass nway
The greater Joys are ours.
DON'T MAK Si IT A IK 1 lull.
Sentiment is ai) Very Well ituti.ove should
be niiseii win. si.iih<>.
Slaking of love, so railed, a sort of
fetich, the worldi defies what Is, aftor all, but an Instinct, us though It
were a grainier, finer thing than
courage or probity or sell-denial, or
any other really beautiful human
trait, it applauds any Insanity committed lu thu name of love, provided,
always that the conventions are observed. Love that leuds to the degraded lile of tuu tenements, to alliances with the diseased or morally
weak, that throws away years of
training* Iii an art or science, tliat
breaks the hearts o; parents���all of
these things, aad many as monstrous,*
are excused If only " love " is offered as a reason for their doing.
In a world liko this, where, In spite
Of countless public and private charities for tho alleviation of their sufferings and tlie permanent bettering
of their conditions, thousands of helpless little ones expiate Iiy cruol suffering and aoute want their parents'
scorn of money considerations in matrimonial alliances, it cannot surely
bo wholly reprehensible to look with
favor ou moneyed! ulliauces.
Sentiment is, Indeed, to be preferred
m S0'aWness '��� bat tlie girl who decides for the decencies, as well as the
'"J���8*. oi "fe, for herself and any
children that muy, be born to her,
by choosing wealth, instead of poverty, is not necessurlly sordid; and,
beautiful tliough sentiment may be,
when to cherish It means inevitably
life In small, unwholesome quarters,
the hot, stuffy town for the children,
even In their critical second summer
(���since tlio little home cannot spare
the services of Its mlstrie��s-��or Is
theje any motley; to sparo for the
seasons needful outing), when���as ls
usually the caso���sentiment means all
this frightful Injustice to little, helpless beings, the price Is too high, and
it censes to, be a virtue.
As Worn by Fourteen Comely Out   time
London Ladle--.
A certain establishment In Great
Portland street, says tho London
Lady's Pictorial, is Just now a centre of very particular interest, for
part of it Is takeu up by an assemblage of fourteen comely ladles, whose
Fig. 4.
whilo nnothur Parisian coiffure, which
you win do well to notice, lias fair
hnlr curled into a nigh point ln
front, and slightly waved nt the sides,
whilo from the loosely-twisted back
two Ilttlo curls fall on the neck with
exceedingly pretty effect; the bodice
In tills case being of oau do Nil silk
Tlio very newest and most becoming form of thB waved bnndolotto le
shown In No. fl, where the waxen
lady boasts of a particularly smart
bodlco of vivid blue velvet, outlined
with Jeweled galon and filled in  vith
having names on calling cards put In
liomon letters. Howling swells have
their cards engraved In this style. It
is more expensive than the old-fashioned script. Certain conservatives
of tho fashionable world look askance
at these curds engraved ln Hainan
letters, for, no matter how exquisitely tliey are executed, they suggest at first glance common printing. However, if you wish to be
very tit, have a thin card embellished with your namo in email Human
Women lu Germany.
German women have sent a petition
��� to    Parliament   protesting   against
���Tsome clauses in the new    civil code.
���According   to   this   code, a   married
'woman, for Instance, has, If no spec-
Hal contract has been mado, no right
to dispose of her owu fortune without   tlie  permission of   her  husband.
Moreover, tho latter Is solely entitled
to administer nnd ho have tlio usufruct of   her    money, even   ol   that
which    siie   earns.     Kcory   financial
transaction   entered   upon by a   woman without tho knowledge and consent of her Ausband can he cancelled.
Bxcept In a few cases, women are unable to act as guardians.    They are
also   excluded   from   family   councils,
and so on.
soft chiffon, a cluster of brillaut yellow nasturtiums on tlie left shoulder
giving an effective touch of contrasting color, and tlie neck being
encircled by a soft band of chiffon arranged In front with outstanding
bow ends. The dark hair Is dressed
very low on tlie forehead, the sides
waved and the extreme centre only
curled, whilo nt the back it forms a
series of little colls reaching almoBt
to the crown.
I foresee a great future before this
coiffure, for it Is eminently becoming
and calculated to soften and beautify almost any face.
Then again if you are not a lover
WU for Women.
"Man," she bitterly exclaimed, "Is
;domlnatcd by the almighty dollar."
"And woman," ho rejoined with spirit,
"by tlie almighty 89 cents."
Medium���The spirit of your wile
wishes to speak with you. WLdower
���You're a fakir; my wl,o never would
ask permission to speak to me.
She���Of course you will have to ask
papa's consent now. He (who lias Just
proposed aad been accepted*,)*��� 0���iei*���
yes,, of courso 1 Er���bas your papa a
telephone ?
"Dearie, tliese X rays are going to
make life easier for you." " How, precious ?" " Why, you can lie In bed and
find out whether It will pay you to
get up and go through my pockets."
The heroine tore her hair. " Oh,
that I should come to this," she moaned. " Well, you didu't have to pay to
come," hissed the villain, with a
meaning glance lu the direction of the
Hkxix���My wife and some of her
friends arc going to orgunize a secret
Society. <Toa:c���Nonsense! The idea
of women ln a secret society. Hoax���
You misunderstand. They ure to
meet to tell secrets.
Citizen���Oolonel, I want to ask you
about that Patrick Henry you -were
ailudin' to lu your speech���the oine
that said: "Give me liberty or give
me death." Candidate���"What about
him V Cltisen���Did be get his divorce?
Husband���Here they have brought
me an account for a hall costume;
how is that? Wife���Oh, don't you
remember? It is for tlie green dress
I wore lust year at the ball when we
first met. Husband���So-o-o I and now
I am expected to pny lor the net with
which I was caught.
"And the name is to he ?'' asked
the suave minister as he approached
the font with the precious armful of
flounces. "Augustus Philip Ferdinand
CiMlrinton Chesterfield Livingston
Snooks." 'Dear, dear I" (turning to the
sexton) "A little more water, Mr.
Perkins, if yuu plea; e."���Tit-Bits.
Elg. 1.
laces represent all the various types
af beauty, and whose hair, ranging
in color from palest yellow to dusky
black, ls dressed ln all ths latest
styles which Dame Fashion favors,
As to the styles of these coiffures
our .ketches will give you an Idea
of somo of the most notable varieties.
FIX. &
An eminently chic and Parisian
oolffure Is shown lu Nos. 2 and 8,
the fringe dressed high in front and
the sides left almost plain, while
the back Is arranged ln colls and
twists which fall low on to the back,
rig. b i
the bodice of this smart little   lady
consisting of a foam of pale     blue
Fig. fl.
of tlio fringe proper there, is a new
pompadour coiffure for you iu Ko. 5,
where the fair hair lorms a sort of
aureole round the face by being drawn
back from the forehead in soft waved
puffs, with only one stray lovelock
na a relief, while at the back; It is
softly twisted and colled iu the narrow limits between two diamond side-
combs. If yon want to imitate tlte
bodice, you must know that it Is of
pale pink lisse with jet embroidery
for trimming.
Last, but by no means least, In
value, ls an absolutely ideal coiffure
for a lady who has said farewell to
her youth with the advent of gray
locks. Skilfully treated nothing Is
more bocomlttg than gray or silvery
hair, and certainly this arrangement
of softly waved locks parted In the
centre and drawn up high at the
sides, where it ls divided from tho
colled and twisted back by Jet side-
combs, ls altogether admirable.
Small ''I'rmuii nine liliiou.
It is generally supposed that small
hands und foot constitute a token of
bluo blood and of ancient linengo. It
is a remarkahlo fact that In the
Houso of Commons iu England quite
tiie finest and smallest feet belong
to peoplo of plebeian birth, wheroas
those whoso origin has noon both
noble nnd illustrious havo tho largest
and most graceless pedal extremities. Arthur Balfour, Lord Salisbury's
nephew and First Lord of tho Treasury, than whom it Is Impossible to
find any ono more high bred and aristocratic, enjoys tho distinction of
wearing tlio largest and longest boots
in tho House, his footgear being ln
every way absolute boetlo-crushers.
John Burns, tho labor loader, on tho
contrary, has exceedingly smnH feet.
It la also said tliat tlio Princess of
Wtlios and hor daughters hnvo largo
feet and exceedingly large and homely hands.
.Masculine Conceit.
Mr. and Mrs. Fogg wero having almost a quarrel over their youthful
son, who had not boon conducting
himself in a way to pleaso his mother,
" I don't caro," Mrs, Fogg exclaimed, "Henry is Just like you.
Evon a stranger could tell In a minute that he was your son."
" Sh, Hannah." Mr. Fogg broke ln,
" Don't say such things In his presence. You'll make the little lad as
vain as a peacock."
The New Calling Card.
An effort Is being made by those
who desire variety to Introduce the
fashion in    vogue    80 years ago of
A llltnh Kot'k Mail Ateempt. Harder, Then
Buffalo despatch: Geo. Muller, ul
years old, a Gennnn saloonkeeper,
whoso place of business ls at the corner of Parish and Deurborn streets, in
Blade Itock, made u_ desperate effort
to kill his wife and his mnrrled
daughter this afternoon, and wound up
by cutting his own throat.
Neither of the women was dangerously hurt. Muller's wound, according
to the physicians at the Fitch Hospital, will probably result fatally. Tlio
police of the Austin street station are
under thc impression that the saloonkeeper was suddenly taken insane.
A few minutes after one o'clock, without a word of wurning, he suddenly
attacked his wife and daughter with a
butcher 'knife. Tho women grappled
with him and screamed for-help. He
cut his wife In tho abdomen und her
daughter ran to her nld.
Muller turned on tlio daughter and
plunged the knife Into her abdomen.
In trying to get the knifo from the
murderous maniac, both women had
their hands severely cut.
Policeman Stnta, of tho Austin
street station, was passing while the
strugglo was In progress. He heard
the women crying for help, and rnn
to tholr assistance. When tlie policeman rushed into tho houso ho saw
Muller standing In front of 0 mirror..
The saloonkeeper had a razor in his
handr ond as the policeman opprottch-
ed.hc drew the blade of the weapon
across his thrbnt and fell In the officer's arms.
Business ln Ontario, liko tliat In
many portions of tlie United States, is
duller than expected, There, as in tlio
province ot Quebec, country roadways
continue heavy, and transactions
with interior merchants are unfavorably affected. ,Tobbcr�� at Toronto and
Montreal report business In some linos
ahout equal to that ouo year ago,
tliough collections nro difficult to
make, and there is moro demand for
renewals than usual. Trade in Nova
Scotia Is dull and collections poor. In
New Brunswick business is of fair
volume; thero is a good movement of
cured fish, and shipments of lumber to
tho United States an; increasing. Tlio
outlook for the Newfoundland sealing
fleet Is good. Bank clearings at Winnipeg, Hamilton, Montreal and Hall-
fax amounted to $17,500,000 inst
week, nearly $1,000,000 less than previous woek, and about ,$000,000 less
than la tho correS)>ondlng week ono
year ago. As compared with tho third
week of March, 1694, Canadian clearings are about $900,u00 larger this
week, but about $2,000,000 smaller
than In tho corresponding week of
1803. Business failures ln the Dominion of Camilla number 40 for tho
week, against 58 In tho preceding
week, 40 In the corresponding woek
of iSO.I,. 41 in ]80i, ,'ind '30 in 1803.
Interesting Description Fiom the
Pen of an English Divine,
'ilow to Enjoy Hunting" Is tho title of a vory interesting article in
tho "Badminton," from tho pen of
tho Hon. and Kev. W. R. Verney,
rector of Liglithorue.
First of all, to thoroughly enjoy
fox-hunting you must understand
somethirig about it. I remember a
sportsman being somewhere described as so keen that hi: loved oven tlie
splashos of mud ou his boots ns he
rode to tho meet. This is tlio sort
of spirit with whicli wo should embark upon tho seas of the glorious
chase. A man who loved the splashes
on his hoots understood, I'M in* bound
to tiny, something* aliout hunting, ir,
liko tin* second horseman who refused
to lie promoted to tlio office of second whip, wo cannot remember the
names of the " 'ounds"���and to do
so adds greatly to tho pleasure, of
course���WO can nt least know the
characteristics of tho pack we hunt
with, notice tlieir drivo and dash,
and the pationco with which they
will stoop to cold scent, etc. Their
condition and quality, and the caro
which i.s so generally now* displayed
in tholr kennel management, should
also ho objects of our remark.
There nro numberless other points
that add much to tlio enjoyment of
hunting*���points which, to tlio uninitiated, arc ovor a waled hook, ' but
which, lo those wlio have the -hunting instinct, come as simple matters
Of   Course,      It   is   well   known,    that
very few become first-class fishermen
or golfers with tho true swing, unless tlie.v liavo begun* In their early
years; and it is tin- same with hunting. A man may lenrn lo ride well,
and rido well to hounds also, if he
lind not taken it up quite as a boy;
but tiioso who would thoroughly understand, ancl so thoroughly enjoy,
limiting must bo entered early, and
readily learn the rudiments. The
way tho wind is blowing, the probable run ol the lox,* the look of the
sky, tho very dew-drops hanging on
the thorn, the lay screaming in the
covert, even the startled cry oi the
blackbird, all these and sucli like, are
Imperceptibly noted by the true lover
ot the sport. The behavior of tlie
hounds at a check, tlio difficulties
tliat tlien present themselves, tho
wny tlie huntsman extricates himself from them, his probable cast,
the Chances ho has oi hitting off Ills
fox, all these are problems which
nnturnllv at onco suggest themselves
to hlin who, having checked his liorse
at a propor distance, has his eyo keenly upon the hounds. Then there is
a delight or a good finish ; surely
that Is half the battle. Wc go out
to kill as well as hunt the fox, and
the sportsman, well mounted or otherwise, wlio has managed to strugglo
up nt tho end of a good tiling in time
for the worry, tho member of n. gallant littio hand, the only remnants of
tho hundred or two wlio started ^;lth
the hounds, has at all events enjoyed
his day's hunting. What ir the Journey Is lo.ng beforo he can. " get his
hoots off 'again'-, what If this night
Is dark and colli ? He is sustained
by tho glorious memories of the
clinso, nnd, as he and his friends sit
and chat aftor dinner, thoy will rido
thc run over again to their great
and mutual satisfaction.
"Just ono cigar! blame not If by the
The brook grows wider and the mil
is higher,
Tlie distance longer, and    tho    time
moro short.
We rode it out. my friends, 'and gain-
oil our port. '*
The riding homo niter ll real good
day, when we have lieen well carried
and boon In ut tho death, is not tiie
worst part of a day's hunting for the
truo sportsman. Bay Middleton used
to exclaim at those who abused tlie
ride homo, " Why, it passes away the
time, and you come out to rido home
again!" And this sliould bo the
spirit of him wlio would thoroughly
enjoy foxhunting.
Tho mention of Cnptnln Middleton
naturally brings mo to the part that
riding has to bear on tlie pleasures ol
foxhunting, nnd here my subject might
naturally bo divided Into thoso wlio
rido to hunt, and those who hunt to
ride. Tliere is no doubt that ono of
tho chief delights ol foxhunting, if
not the chief, comes from thc riding
part. To thoroughly enjoy hunting,
not only as a sport but ns nn exercise, you must lio young and active, a
firm horseman, nnd not much troubled
witli nerves. Thero is nothing In the
world like tho gallop of a thoroughbred horse, or any sensation wliich
can compare with fenco ulter fence
left behind In safety and peace for
others to Jump into or scrnuiblo over.
Nothing can equal tlie feeling that.vou
arc holding your own with the best
of thc best. \
This brings mc tn another point In
my moral, and this is tho manage*
niont of the iiorse, for on this depends
a great deal of the enjoyment, A great
ninny people think it right to go out
for a day's sport, wonder that tliey
are not enjoying it at nil, and scarcely know why it Is. I can tell them tho
reason. They arc not like thn Duko
of Portland. The horso Is master of
them, and they are not Master of tho
Horse. I maintain thut the average
sportsman cannot be quite happy or
comfortable when the liorse tnkos, or
tries to tnke, him w here lie likes, nnd
tho rider Is a partner in a limited
company witli very little share In thc
Jaeger underclothing, a good flannel-lined coat and waistcoat ditto,
Bedford cord breeches, a pair of woollen gloves under each horse's saddle
flap, a low hat In a wind, a couple of
cigars carried loose in a pocket mado
specially Ior them high up on tho
waistcoat, and souio port in the flask,
not carried in the pocket but on thc
saddle, nnd you need not bo nfrnld of
being cold. Finally, to enjoy hunting
wo must bo in timo for It."
The  Mayor  of Omaha  has vetoed
the Curfew law. He has uot forg *tt*.*ii
his  own  boyhood.
" Peoplo read tho newspapers."
snys Pope Leo, " who never go to
hear a sermon preached." Pope Loo
has not used his oyes ln vain.
The largest limited company in tho
world is in Great Britain. It is tho
L. & N. W. H. Co., witii a capital of
��119,000,000, und whose receipts aver-
ago n,:'Ol) au hour.
On July lst tiio United States Government will adopt the scheme of
adding to tho regular postmark on
nil loiters mailed lu tlio largo cities
tho latest Weather forecasts.
British shareholders in public companies draw dividends amounting to
$1,100,000,000 annually. The old
mother ot free trade does not seem
to be working for nothing.
Tlio Canadian Kennel Club hns decided to-abolish tho cropping of dogs'
ears. Tho world moves and Increasing kindness to tho dependent
creatures marks Its onward progress.
An Iowa woman hns Just recovered it
verdict for $1 for damages for breach,
of promise. It transpired ln the
trial that tho acquaintance was only
of 24 hours' duration and tho Jury
figured on $1 a day. Tito defendant
is  not satisfied and   has   appealed.
If David of old had tried to got Information on Anglo-American suis-
Jccts from the columns of the lingo
pross of tlio States ho might well
have beeu excused hasty, or even deliberate, characterization of the
gang   as   lacking  in  truthfulness.
It ls understood that the suits instigated by the Hag stall and bunting trusts against Chicago University will load to a test ol the flag
flying law of Illinois. The university
ls advised that the law Is practically
one of taxation and ls ultra vires.
Geo. T. AngelJ, editor bi " Our Dumb
Animals," asks; "What Is tbe cause
ol the fighting propensity which soems
to porvude so widely the American
people to-day ?" and ln replying
among othor reasons gives the following, which dome Cauadlaas might ponder on: "Military organizations widely established ln schdols and Sunday
Tho United States Senate, having
failed to make out a title to Behring
Sea, and finding thut outsiders enn
still get souls, wants Britain to
agree on terms that will secure tlie
bulk of tho catcli to tho Yankee monopoly, or, failing in tliat, ask tho
President to order tho killing of all
tho seals hording on the Prihylolf
Islands. There's nothing hoggish
about the United States Senate,
An observant contemporary whicli
1ms boon reading tho nonsenslcul statements mado by some hostile critics
of our school system says, " It is
easy to make such assertions but
tliere Is no scmlilancb of truth In
tlicra. Watch tho man who makes
these grumbling statements and you
will find In nine cases out ot ten that
there nre school boys, Just passed
through tlds mill, who will soon he,
if they aro not now, usurping his
functions nnd leaving him behind in
tlie race for prosperity. That Is the
secret of much of tho carping that
comes from certain people to-dny.
New York railways seem to hold
their own fairly well in Competition
with tho Erie Canal. It Is difficult to
account for tlio variations in different
years, ns shown in tlie statement of
grain shipments from Buffalo, prepared for tho State Senate hy tho
Buffalo Merchants' Exchange*;
SldhP'd Shipped
hy canal,       by R. R.
71,747,788      80,086,927
80,806,040      21,808,858
88 22.r,,!i7'.i
188]  .
1S8.'i ,
188 |
1888 ,
180."   48,042,716
1801   48,428,621
180.")   20,286,114
Lord Salisbury started for .Vice
this morning for tlio purpose of recreation. . ,  ,
Tho town of Andorson, Inch, ia oui--
<lolng New England severity in morals. The City Council has passed nn
(ordinance making it a misdemeanor
for any person under the ngo of IG
years to smoke a cigarette, and a
flno not to exceed ��25 Is provided.
This action is tho result of a crusade
by some of the religious organlsu-
Professor Thurston snys that ho
knows ol cases In. Sibley College
wliero young mon havo sustained life
upon 60 cents to $1.25 per week for
their food. This shows what mon can
do when thoy are determined to get
an education. fc
ikHain & Co.,  Real Estate  Brokers, Nanaimo, B.C
n 11
Mrs. Provis, on Sund.iv presented her
husband with a daughter.
Nomination day for the Dominion
flection here is June 16.
A Urge and varied stock of men's and
boys' spring and summer felt hats just
opened up at Langman's Barg.iir. Store.
' The rumor that the Joan would not be
i<> until Thursday ihis week ii without
Don't no unshod when you cun buy
lioou and shoes at J. B. Holmes' great
s de at 2 J per cent below cost.
Large flocks of wild Reese are making
their way north.���a sure sitfu of warm
Be sure and |{rt in .1 large supply of
groceries when yeu cm get ihem at cost
price at J. IS. Holmes.
A prop was in some way knocked
dowu in the mine by Tom Lewis on Saturday, c luiing a rock to fall, bruising his
leg badly.
Miss Uertram has relumed to Union,
and is now prepared in take pupils in
music, s'Rging, painting and drawing,
also in languages.   Address:
Lindsay'. Hoarding House,
There's many a laugh thai sounds
wildly hilaruus, lhat, if you but knew it,
bas a discordant ring as where some un-
seen hand strikes a cold iron railing
around a tomb.
Now is vour time and don't forget it.
All classes of dry goads, clothing, hats
and caps at twenty-rivc per cent below
cost at J. 11. Holmes.
A rumor says that at the first firitiR of
Walter's new bakery a few brick burst
out. Well, whit of it? A liltle ventilation will only make the bread lighter.
Tr> the nest batch.
The B lard of Trustees ofthe hospital
will meet at J. Abrams' office on Tuesday
evening the 121I1 of M iy.
J. B. McLEAN, Secretary.
Prof. Spear will not be up this week.
His class will stan Thursday, May 141 tt.
at 7:31 p.m in lhe school loom of the
Methodist church. Quiie a number will
attend.   The terms are moderate.
LOST.��� On the 7th inst, between Comox Hay and Union, a small leather
purse, with a certain amount of money.
The Cnder will be suitably if warded by
leaving the same with W. Ii. Anderson,
We understand that the class for sight
singing that is to commence under I'rof.
Spear, is Ier male and female; and any
number can join it and receive great
benefit All information from McLeod,
the tailor.
F. S. Roper, veirrinarv surgeon came
tip last Wednesday and is engaged in ex
���mining suspected cases among the cattle, ��ct., of the district. When he has
finished we shall probably learn the
result at his invettigation.
Tht Ntw Cemetery grounds have been
cleared and neatly fenced. Something
yet remains to be paid the contractor;
subscribers to the fund are therefore re*
quested to pay the amount; promised to
Mr. Frank J. Dalby who will call upon
thta ia behalf of the trustees.
When ynu get bilious and wale up iu
the morning feeling (wtll-eytd and hateful, a paper will come to yuu witb its
tidts bulging nut with laugh and song,
and you will grin so loud and so wide,
that you will havt to carry an umbrella
to keep thc sun from shining down your
throat and warping your ribs.
On Wednesday evening of last week
the young gentlemen of Union gave a
pltaiant danctai Piket's Hall.
Tht music wat furnished by Messrs
Ray and Harvey. Mr. D. C. McKenzie
acttd as floor manager. Thtrt were
about sixty couples present and dancing
was continued until late.
Refreshments were served and every,
btdy seemed to be having a most enjoy*
able time. In fact it was pronounced by
many to havt been the most pleasant
party of tht season now closing.
After Wednesday, May 13th the Union
Store * ill close at 8 p. m., sharp.
Simon Leisu.
The Nanaimo Free Press is in error
in saying lhat in the inquest on the body
of Anna the Indian woman, THE NEWS
suited thai llie jury atiachcd a rder
blaming no one. THE Nkws knows a
great deal more about affairs in L'nion
than the Free l'ress. The verdict of lhe
jury is their record, and what lhe NEWS
declared was thai there was nothing in
it attaching blame to any one. One who
would draw other conclusions from the
language used, don't understand Engliih
The gossip about the treatment of the
casein lhe Hospital which lhe Free
Hress has seen lit to publish is unirae.
It has been imposed upon.
The theatre hat nuisance haa been attacked hy iw la*a imp11rta.1t a person than Ur
M. 1). U iwhIIh, 111 no lee. powerful a paper
than* Harper's Weekly. Mr Howell, say.:
" Cuiieerniug the theatre hat, I am uure
that to. woman uf real refinement oau ke
hart by th* mom unsparing denunciation of
tlii. mean, of oppreaalun. Tbe woman wbo
wear- the theatre bat is ofteuetit a perxou of
raiser simple mind who thinks that to ,eb
j her ��u,p:y little bead crowned with a contention et felr, rihbiiu. aud t'eaikirs of tht
bigiitisuf hall a lia-rel will be a console*
tion to tho.e it keep. fn,m se-ing the play.
I*. is p���*allile, even prob.ht*- the oi'ly hat
the haa, Shi< e.nitot ima*i,ie iht treoiti
hog .if the i*o ,r man who has the eeat
be -iu,l the o,ie ahe is euuiiug to take, bt.
llu .tiiationa nf hope autt fear betore be
appear, or the despair he fad. into wheu
ane actually arrive* antl blots nut the Htage
witti her b.t. She mav lie youug a.d
pretty, her hat may he pie' ore* que, liat he
hot not p.i'l $2 for tne privilege ,,f luokiug
for three nours at the hack hair of a > 0me,
au I pie ty girl 111 a picturesque hit He
has b,>agh'. his .oat for tne purpoes of -*-*
log the plav aa,l tie p ,r*on who pr-veu s
hiiu Irom seeing it plnnd.ii him and
��� ippreideu hiai Toe w until is of eu ouly
arutici.llv ) tiuug aud pretty with a oolor
o< hair and **f ee *k that c.a.o-, be mi.*
titOtt. When it ao ties to t*�� lar** hats
tie cup i*e* iups run- over. N 1 agility in
dinlgiiig to the riuht aad led. will avail
wr,an, the vast baa, the piloted cheeks aud
_ili!,���j hair are tilw.l t wether "
Editor News���Union is a new town
to be ��ue, and social life seems in tbe
kindergarten stage yet, I would like In
suggest through your columns the propriety, of the cilitens, especially the ladies
"drawing the line" more taut, than at
present is done. Everyone should be
willing 10 help those desiring ie improve
whether morally or otherwise But
when women ol good repute, consent to
acknowledge and entertain olher women,
whose reputations are shady, and nf
streot renown, whit hope is there for
social life' of a pute moral atmosphere
being established ?
That any person, man or woman, who
defies society, should be   recognised   by
those who possess   the  e-u*eui   of ihe
community is a shame lo the last named,
and "as birds of a feather flock together"
in the language of  the   imtnonal   Dun*
dreary, it wili on!;1 be a  question   of a i
shon time ere they will   be , cla-sed   all \
together.    The  quesiios   is   can   such 1
association continue and those who stoop
not become smirched ?
A business man must necessarily come
in contact with all classes and characters
but our wives and daughters should be
brought to a realization of ihe danger of
recognising those who daily defiantly
offend against social restrictions and
To our women belongs tht duty of
purifyiogand establishing a society where
the moral tone will be elevating; our
daughters protected and our sons respect
for woman fostered and chesisbed.
Orders far powder left for me at Dave
Anthony's will receive prompt attention
F, Curran
Dry goods, mantles,
millinery, clothing and
mens furnishings
0���--T-..T: -^
ThB Sloan & Scott
Opposite Livery Stablts
J f. DOYLE, Manager
St Gsvaex's Mitssmsun Chvuch���
Rev. J, A Logau, paster. $*evioMa>. II a.
m and 7 p m. riuutlay Sebuul atSiDO,
V I'SCK  at etobe  of .veiling  service.
Mrraeunr ���'uvscn��� ScrvioM at the
usual hour, luoruitig and evening. Rev. G.
11  M Sutherland, p-Mtur.
TniNirr 1 huhcb - Service* ia the evening.    K-v. J  X. Willemar, rector.
Cumberland Hotel.
Union, B. C.
The finest hotel building
Fixtures and Bar
North of Victoria,
And the best kept house.
Spacious Billiard Room
and new
Billiard and Pool Tables
Best of Wines and Liquors.
J. l'iket, Prop.
Farm nf 160 acres 4 miles frnm Comox
wharf for sale. For particulars enquire
nf Father Durand at the Day or at tbe
News off.ee.
School and office stationery
at E. Pimbury * Co's drug
WANTED���First class cake and pastry
baker able 10 boil candv.   Wages Sis
per week.   Address      SCO ITS
Lunch Rooms,
Vancouver, B.C.
Nanaimo will celebrate the ajth of
May this year, the 34th coining on Sunday! Tht council haa appropriated J500
anil a strong committee appointed, including tht members of thc council to
arrange for tht tvent. Arrangements
will be madt for an eicursion from
Uaiaa.   It promises to be a grand affair.
Clocks, watches, books
and stationery.
T. D. McLean
xrinoiT, ���. c.
iispimalt & Nanaimo Ry.
Time  Table  No.   28,
To take effect at 8 a.m. oa Saturday, March
list, 1896.   Tram* ran ua fanitio
Standard time.
* I Dally, I Bat'dy.
Lv. Victarla foi Nanaimo aud I a. Jj. I r. M.
WolllllgtBIl    I   ��.�� ������
Jir.haB.lmti     jig    �����*
Ar. Weliluiilen '. . I  lt��l I   ��***i
_ T~a m i" r ��
I Dally, i Sat'ils*.
Lv. Wei ington fer Vietorla I  ��.��i I  US
Lv Nanaimo fer Viotoria...      M4       }.J
Ar. Victoria  I  1M0 I   �������
For rates and tatomiatlm apply at Company', offluos,
Preeldoiit. Gen'l Kept
Oen. Fvelaht. und Piiaaeasor Art.
Good Oil for Light CHEAP
Tp|QU Every other Day
All persons are hereby warned not tn
negotiate a ceriau note ��ivcii by ine 10
E. U. I lill two year* ago, for $100 payable ou May id 18061 as iherousiiler.tiion
on which said Noie was 1'ivori lias not
been fulfilled by hint.
Sandwick, B. C. S F. Crawford.
April, 101b 1896.
Nanaimo Cijtar Factory
Phillip Gable and Co., Prop's
kettioa Street     -     STniMiimc, B. 0
Manufactures   the finest cigars  and
employes none bui white labor.
Why purchase inferior foreign cigars
wbaa you can obtain a superior akti
CM foi the tame money
Ctrner tf Bastion aad Ceaaereial
Streets, Nauaimo, B. C.
Buna Owes, Third Street and Daaaomir
Avenue, B. C,
Will ht iu Union the ��rd Wednesday of
aatb month aad remain tao days.
x-GO TO-x
U^SI _       N OVEI.TIES
A Fashionable Trimmer
(Late ef Sloan * tlooM's)
It turning out some llaiaty Uiaatitat ia
A choice Selection of Flowers,
Jet Ornaments and Ribbons
Just Received.
The modern standard Family Medicine : Cures the
common every-day
ills of humanity.
k   Der tlatry In all Ita Branches
ub     Matt work, tilling aud extiaetmg
a Office c-nioiito Waverly Hotel, Uuioo {
$    Hoars���9 a'.m. to 5 p.m. and front
|i ��� tl p.m In 8 p.m. .,
. 1 have un unlimited supply
of money for loans on the sa!J
curity of farming property .it
low rates of interest. i.o;ins
put through expeditious!)'.
Mortgages  purchased,    Insurance effected.
Nanaimo, B. C
P. O. Drawer 17
Contracts and Day Work
���8   Address���Matsukawa, Japanese
m Boarding. House, nest Brick yard.
Hungarian flour $1.35 per sack, pastry flour $1.30
per sack, B.C. granulated sugar $5.50 for 100 lbs.,
American coal oil $3.25 per case $1.65 per tin, Rex
hams, i6cts per lb., breakfast bacon 1 sets per lb.;
rolled oats, 7 lb. sacks 30cts. 10 lb. sack 45cts.; oat
meal 40cts. 10 lb. sacks.
Dried Fruits-���apples, prunes and peaches 2 lbs.
 for 25 cents	
No. i.m.m. tea $1.50 for 5 lb.
Canned Vegetables���10 cans corn and beans $1, 9
cans tomatoes $1,8 cans peas $1
Lard���5 lb pails 70 cents, 10 lb tins $1.40
Best salmon 10 tins for $1


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