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The Weekly News Sep 1, 1896

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Array l~~
NO.   199.   UNION   COMOX   DISTRICT,   B.   C,   TUESDAY   SEPT.   ist,    1896.   $2.00   PER   ANNUM.
Choice fresh and salt meats, headcheese, bolonga, sausages
and vegetables, fruitand eggs
surpipiisra- supplied
We Don't
Blame Credit Grocers
For charging big prices-they
have to. But if you're a cash buyer you don't have to pay it. Do
Save Money  By Buying
Should be taken to
The Ideal Cash Grocery
Next Ooor to Post Office.
It's an easy thing to quote prices, but we
can do much more than that. All who favor
us with their custom are treated alike.
Onk price only, of the most reliable brands
of goods at rock bottom prices.
To meet thet imes we are giving splendid
value in teas at 30, 40 and 50 cents per pound.
It's a fact that we have to place orders for
Salada Tea, a month ahead to keep pace with
the ever increasing demand.
WE CAN  ALWAYS supply you  with the  Choicest   Fresh
Butter in one pound squares or two pound rolls.
FRESH EGGS arrive daily.
Look out tor our next shipment of FRESH FRUIT,
PAMBM % ~~
Union and Coiox Bay.	
A. Lindsay,
Insurance and Financial Agent
Represents the  Pha*nix of
London and the Scottish
Union and National of
Edinburgh  Fire  Insurance Co's. Mon-
ney to loan' on
Cumberland, B. C.
At tho greut quoit match on the Wavorlj
ground! lut Saturday, the lirat prize wai
won by J. Callendar and the aecond hy Mr.
Billy Kilpatrick haa been arreated on a
���harse of obstructing Special Constable
Woodlius in the performance of bis duty, or
in other words, of wounding him with a
knife. It occurred laat night, and is the result of over stimulation.
Island Plums for preserving at Mel'hee &
Wanted.- To rent a good sewing machine. For particulars apply at this office
A well written account of lhe unique
Chinese procession and funeral, which
took place Sunday, is laid over until
next week.
latest by Wire
The long overdue vessel, Drumcrag,
was towed into port Thursday.
Max Ames, un American, has contrac-
led to take all the sturgeon coujjlu in thc
Fraser River.
The Dominion government are being;
asked for $50,000 bonus for New Westminster bridge.
Through the efforts of Dr. Milne, permission has been received from Ottaua,
to complete the Pile bridge at Point El-
lice, as a temporary structure.
A street car, on the Esquimalt route
jumped the track inio a deep ditch Friday. There were no passengers on board
but the conductor and motorman were
both cut.
The str. Tees returned Friday from
her trial trip from Alberni, wilh a party
of Victorians. The fog was very thick
and the Tees ran right over the wreck of
San Pedro before the captain knew where
he was.   No damage was done.
The Willapa arrived at 9. 30 Friday
with a  load of disgusted   miners   from
Two quartz claims have been located
at Departure Bay by Wm Shepherd and
Thos. Hunter. The claims are said to
cover a well defined ledge of quartz eight
feet wide.
Nanaimo will join Vancouver on Labor Day. The case against Hodgson was
continued Friday, in the Police Court.
Minister Patierson has been elected by
a majority of 420.
Minister Blair's majority is now placed
al 694.
A revolutionary conspiracy has been dis
covered and frustated at Cerona, capital
ofthe Province ofthe same name, about
50 miles northeast of Barcelona.
The Palace of the Sultan, at Zanzibar
was bombarded; Friday noon it was a
mass of blazing ruins. Tbe Sultan
died a few days ago and the usurping
chieftain, Sad Khalid, claimed to be h is
successor and raised his flag. Rear Ad-
miral Rawson in command of the British
at Gape of Good Hope and the British
Consul-General held a conference Friday
and cabled the Government; and as a result lhe usurper was given until 9 o'clock
to haul down his flag, which he declined
to do. The British fleet bombarded the
palace and custom house which were
burned down. A Zanzibar war vessel
was sunk almost at the first fire. The
usurper took relugj at thu German Consulate.
Premier Ito of Japan has resigned.
Berlin.���A despatch from Constantinople says there has a general crusade
and massacre at the concluding of the
riots, and many hundreds of dead bodies
are lying at the held of lhe Stamboul
bridge. The Turks with knives and
sticks invaded the quarters ofthe Anne
nians, and attacked their houses and loss-
ed lhe butchered victims out of the win-
dows. The police and military stood by
where waggon loads of human bodies
were lying scattered in all directions.
McPhee & Moore
milt moons ii meat wm
Flour, Feed, Field and Garden Seeds, Etc, Etc.
I's well stocked with choice fresh and salt
meats, vegetables,  butter, eggs,   poultry and
all kinds of fruits ...
������' E*3*-"Goods Delivered Promptly
small burning hand clasps their own'
lhey realize then a little lime given to
the care of food, water drank, clothing, and
*.vai mih of the child, would have saved
much suffering, perhaps a life.
* *
The Liberty cloths are so popular in all
house decorations I Denim retains its
popularity, makes a pr*niy, as well as serviceable portiere, or covering floor. A
small room with a square of dark warm
red denim, portieres of the same, with deep
scroll pattern, embroidered in green rope
silk, a rattan easy chair, with dark green
silk cushions, bamboo table with teatrav
and service, grate fire, a white silk screen
with great tall storks embroidered in gold,
pots of ferns about the room, a bowl of yellow and white Chrysanthemums, on atable,
sash curtains of green and white silk,
would make a bright, comfortable, little
room to receive one's intimates in.
* *
And now it's the Agricultural Exhibition which interests every one. It will, I
am assured, prove a great success; should
* *
The dull times are less dull, and the
prospects for the near future are quite
encouraging; for the mines will be running just as hard and fast as ever in a
few weeks.���We women are as much interested in this mine news as the men.
I understand the miners have the option
of working in pairs, thereby excluding
much ofthe Chinese labor, to which they
express, such opposition. So it rests
with themselves and not with the Company���if my information is correct���if
the Chinamen are retained underground
* *
Except for the excursion to Vancouver there is nothing on tapis this week ;
but soon the Dramatic Society, the
church concerts, and dancing parties
may be expected to announce them
seives, I say, let them begin soon.
'""The well water should be boiled,
certainly" said Dr, Jeffs; and I
have been told both Dr. Lawrence and
Dr. Westwood declare the same. It is
so liltle trouble to boil .in extra kettle of
water, pour it in a stone jar, and set in a
cool place, and the doing so may save
much fever among the children.
That many mothers���loving mothers
too���do not take the precautionary steps
to prevent sickness, is a fact, because they
feel no fear of it, yet when a little one lies
tossing with fever bright  eyes, and a
The date of the Coino\- Exhibition o
the Agricultural and  Industrial Association at Courtenay has been set Ier Oct. i
In the matter of Rubert Brechin,  deceased
In the matter of Official Aainistrators' Act
TAKE NOTICE, that, by virtue of ao ordor of Uiu Honor Eli Harriaou, I have been
appointed administrator of all and bingular
the goads, obactola, ami credits ot Robert
Broohii>i dueoaned*
AU debt* due tlio estate must hu paid to
me forthwith, anil all olaltna (duly verified)
must ho filed with me nut later thun 'lie iM
day of Outoher Isilii.
Naiiuiino,   ti. 0., 22nd, August, 1800,
P. MoB. Voung,
Oifioitl Admiuiatrator,
Special Prizes.
Thu Flookmastera' Association of DaDoas,
offer a special prize of $10.00 far tlm bent
Pedigreed Ham at tho Exhibition of the
Comox Agricultural and Industrial Anaocia.
tinu this fall. This enterprising Association
are also offering Prizes of ��10.00 at tho Victoria, Sainich and Naniamo Shows, to encourage the breeding of high grade sheep,
Mr. Geo Heatherbell of Hornby Island, offers a special prize of $5 00 for the beat pair
of owe lambs bred from his rams, at the
next  Comox   Agricultural   Show.   There
muit be more than one entry.
Vancouver Excursion.
The steamer leaves Comox at 11 p.m.
Wednesday, Sept., 2nd,. Pare for round
trip $2.50. Trains leuvo Union Depot at 11
p. m. same night, fate for round trip $3.00.
Upturning steamer will leave Vancouver
Thursday, Sept. 3rd, at 10:50 p. m. Tickets fnr sale by Sam. Cliff Comox, A. McCal-
lum Courtenay, aud J. 11. MiLsan, Union
Mr. Editor: Kindly allow me a small
space in your valuabla paper I notice the
following in your issue of the 4th August: "My son is in Ottawa." "The
Advance Agent,���where, O where is he! ���
With pleasure I deem it my ducy to respond for the benefit of those who are so
deeply interested in the " Advance Agent*
Would say he is at present tn tbe enterprising town ot Roland, ti. C. I meet a
great number of loyal Canadians who are
delighted at the grand victory ofthe Laurier government; more particularly at
the glorious victory of our own Liberal
members, W. Wt 1>. Mclnnes, and Hewitt Ilostock. The feeling here is that
should Bostock be unseated he would a-
gain be elected by double majority.
Aug. 14.       Very Sincerely Yours,
I.). C. McKenze
Advance Agent.
The concert given by the choir of the
Presbyter in church on the evening ofthe
25th ult., .it the Presbyterian church, Union, was a decided success. The seating
capacity is sufficient for a larger audience
but the loser-) are they who failed to attend.
Thc chair was occupied by Mr. Russell
who proved himself a model chairman.
The program, as advertised, was carried nut with but slight variations.
The rendering of the various glees by
thc choir spoke well for tbe talent, appreciation and training of that body, under
the able leadership of Mr. Howell.
Tbe quartettes by male voices were
well rendered and highly appreciated.
The "Bachelor" song was rather suggestive of real life to many of  the audience.
In thc elocutionary line, Misses Tarbell and Webster excelled themselves.
These rising elocutionists recite in well
modulated voices, throwing perfect expression anrl feeling into their selections.
The rendering ofthe duels���"Albion's
Boast" and "The Minute (uiu at Sea,"
by Messrs AINop and Kvans were an entertainment in themselves.
Miss Bertram'5 " Little Boy in Blue
created quite a storm as did her ins tro*
mental selection which weie greatly enjoyed by her appl.Hiding friends.
Solos. Thc "The Shoe upon the
Shore" by Mr Howell, and "Our Kail
Yard'1 by Mr. Kesley, were cmhusiastic *
ally received, while Kev. Mr. Logan
fairly captivated thc audience with "The
Laird O'corkpen."
The crowning event of the evening
was the admirable nnd dramatic rendering ofthe Duel: "HameCam'nor Gttid
Mon'' by Kev. J. A. Logan and Mrs. A.
D. Williams, ln response to a voicifer*
OUS encore they sing 10 the delight ofthe
audience, "Come Under mv   Plaidie.11
Mrs. |. A. Logan and Mrs. O. Killpa-
trick played the various accotupanments.
The entertainment was concluded by
the singing of the Nationhl Anthem by
the entire audience.
McPhee ft Monro supplied the H. M. 8. Im
perieuse with meat and vegetables it Comox \W*HVr^^
Only m Modern Christian Lands ia it a
It hi only unions poople of modern
civilization that tho supremacy oi
"woman la regarded os.a novelty. Iu
Home, under the empire, there was a
Bingular institution or women where
a tribunal of womun was established
to decide questions regarding luxury
and etiquette. The Kmperor iluuuga- I
baliLs consulted the assembly ire-1
quently. They decided queatlons oi
precedence, thu number and state of |
females at court, upon tiu; style of
carriage the Emperor Bhould ride in,
whether sedan chairs should be ornamented with silver or ivory, and contested the rights oi man with au intelligence worthy ol the present time.
Xt whs a veritable Senate of Fa-salon* was approved by wiser men than
Heliogubalns, aud waa re-estaUllshed
and maintained by bid successors.
There occurred ��u the reign ui Henry
V*m, a curious cade ol a woman who
acted as a Judge. She was a Lady
Ann..- Berkeley, of Uloucestershlroi
who appealed to the King tu punish
a party of rioters who had entered
bur park, killed her dear and burned
her hayricks. His Majesty granted
bur a speuiul conunLjsloh to try the
offenders, and, being armed with this
authority, she appeared iu court,
heard thu charge, aud ou a verdict
oi guilty, pronounced the sentence.
This question oi woman's supremacy
doea uut, always Bignlty an advanced
State oi society, as uhi bu Been from
the following account oi a small
State oi Java, between the towu oi
fcjamarang and i-aUivia, known as tho
kingdom oi Bantam, lu regard tu Its
form oi government, and the manners and customs ui its inhabitants,
it iur exceeds tlie wildest dreams oi
feminine miud-j. From timo immemorial, Lantam, though tributary to
Hollandj haa been governed by women. The sovereign id a man ; but that
ia a small matter, as hu himself is
(subject to a council pf three women.
High dignitaries, officers- Boldiers, and
all tho court attendants are, without exception, women whu sue that
the men aru emoloyed in agriculture
aud Commerce. Thu King's body guard
is composed oi a turps ui soldiers, whu
ride astride their horses like men,
aud handle a short, sharp luneu with
dexterity. They carry a rifle, too,
witb case, aud aim and fire with accuracy at full gallop. Tho uldust son
oi tho King succeeds to the crown ;
but, if tho King dies without male
heirs, a hundred womun, specially appointed, meet and select uno ui thoir
own sons by vote, and proclaim him
the legitimate sovereign.
In several villages oi Finland the
-woman lias authority, for a religious
sect exists thuro whose disciples are
forced wheu abuut tu marry to take
.a vow to submit to the wife iu all
things. The womun choose onu woman
tor their governing head, whose duty
it is to sue that the men behave themselves, and to punish thum ii tbey
transgress. Similar are the " Purlfl-
eantfl of Liberia, who also recognize thu supremacy of women.
Fresh Triumphs Of the Great South
American Kemedies - John i-i-ae Made
u .���.���Jew Man by South American
Nervine twelve Years a Sufferer
From Rheumatism-Mrs. F. Brawle/
ls Oured by South American Rhju
matte Care A Quebec Lady Tell*, of
Relief in Six Hours by tiie Use o.
South American Kidney Cure.
In a practical, everyday 6ense it
might be said that this hi still the
age ol miracles. At least iu mauy
Cases whero peoplo havu looked upon
death as Imminent tho disease has
been removed aud they have been
made whole.
Kecorda like the following lead to
this belief: Johu Lee, uf Pembroke,
Out., says: " I was run dowu in flesh,
bad la*>t appetite, suffered intensely
from in digest lun, and feared fatal results would follow. The skill ui several physicians and thu use of mauy
patent medicines resulted in no beneficial results. I was induced to try
a bottle of South American Nervine
Tonic, and continuing its use I am
a nuw man to-day."
Tor twelve years continuously Mrs.
F. Urawley, of Tottenham, Out., suffered from rheumatism. Au remedies
did any gooil until she used South
American Rheumatic Cure. She says;
" Thu first few doses entirely freed me
from pain." She had spent almost a
fortune iu doctoring, when fivo bottles of tins  remedy cured  her.
South American Kidney Curo is
unique in its methods, it is nut like
pills ami powders, a remedy that only
gives temporary relief. As a liquid It
dissolves the hard stone-like particles
gathered in the system that constitute kidney disease. Not tho leant
tlmt can be snid of It is the quiok-
nosa with whleh it cures. Mra. A.
E. Young, ol Barnston* Quebec, snys:
" I found relief In the use of this medicine within six hours nfter tho first
dose had been tnken."
Stings of Insects.
During the hot days in tho summer months people living ia the country oiteu sudor a martyrdom through
the stings oi insects. They should at
once put on im application to draw
out the inflammation. Flour, for instance, is very good, aud soon allays
tho paiu and reduces redness ant'
(swelling. Another remedy Is to cover
the skin with a little soap and water,
letting the latter dry on the skin. A
small quantity of menthol mixed with
alcohol is excellent as a lotion for the
st.ngs of wasps, gnats, and nettles.
Many people use little sticks of butter of cocoa, a vury soothing cosmetic. The leaves o7 tho scented verbena
plant are said to keep off unpleasant
Insects, and washing with vinegar and
water or eyrlnga-flower water preserves the skin against their onslaughts. Honey and water, too,
allays the irritation produced by
them. Pse a teaspoonful of honey in
a quart of boiling water, applying it
to the spot while the liquid Ls tepid.
Remember   When    Away    That    She
Thinks oi You.
Aa the hig lake steamer slowly made
Its way to thu dock in Sarnia we Could
feel the vein of sadness widen In our
anatomy, and uur heart proceeded to
climb the air shaft. Years had slid
over the dump of oblivion since we had
camped around there witb .iim Lough-
ead, and other clerical gentlemen. We
knew tor a dead certainty that many
of the boya who once went to Sunday
school with us had crossed the summit
by the cemeBbry trail into a territory
frum which no prospector baa ever returned. We also knew that most ol
the girls we once luved, aud ate lee
cream with, had become addicted to
matrimony or#fallen victims to the
bicycle fever. For these and sundry
reasons we felt sad and lonesome. We
were like the famous prodigal in Biblical history in some respects but not
in others, lie, after the corn husk diet
gave him gastrunoudcal trouble, came
home on his pedal extremities, pant-
less, bruke, and, nu doubt, lousy. His
iu.ks filled bim up on iat veal, breaded,
probably, lio belonged to the ancient
urder oi prods. Must uf the prods, uuw-
ftdays, gu east on the blind baggage
only tu find that their folks ' have
shipped the calves tu Europe, ami
moved west to the Slocan couutry. We
did not gu hume tu eat veal, aa we
knew uur folks did uot raise cattle,
and. besides, we havu plenty uf chicken
iu New Denver, and wouldn't eat calf
ur cow under auy consideration.
To tell thu truth we crossed the continent to see our mother. We knew
she wanted to sue us. We thought to
surprise her, aud approached the
house in a quiet und subdued manner. Years ago we had often approached the house in the same way,
but for a dillerent reason. Looking
through the window wesaw our ma.
Shu was sitting iu tlie new rockiug
chair doing dead work on a basket of
cherries. As we watched her wo noticed a pensive smile light up lier
countenance, as though she was
thinking oi lier wandering boy, who
many moons ago had left tho parental root to prospect for a grulwtako
iu the wild aud silvery west. Opening the door we walked in. Our
mother immediately recognized tie in
spite of the fact that we had our
face dressed In the latest stylo of
whiskers. The march of time has
dimmed her eyes and tinged her hair
with silver, but she knew us on sight,
ami as she gathered us into her arms
we felt like a man who had bought
Le Hoi stock at three cents, and
still had It. It was worth travelling
0,000 miles to spend a few hours with
her "whose love shines supreme above
all the emotions that torment the
human stiul.
Trail blazers, n nd other boys of the
west, don't forget your mothers. If
you cannot go to them In a Pullman
cur, walk lioine occasionally. If you
cannot write to them as often as you
can rustle postage stamps. If tlie
boys follow this advice many an old
lady In the east will thank God that
wo wrote theso few linos.���Editor It.
T. Lowery in the New Denver (R. C.)
Lodge. 4
By local applications, as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There is only one way to euro Deafness, and thnt is by constitutional
remedies. Deafness is caused by an
inflamed condition of the mucous lining of tlio Eustachian Tube. When
this tube guts inflamed you havo a
rumbling sound or imperfect hearing,
and when it is entirely closed Deafness
Is the result, nnd unless the inflammation can be taken out and this tube
restored to Its normal condition,
hearing wllL be destroyed forever;
nine casus out of ten are caused by
catarrh, which Is nothing but an inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces.
Wo will give One Hundred Dollars
for any caso of Deafness (caused by
catarrh) that cannot be cured by
Hall's Catarrh! Cure. Send for circulars, frco.
F. J. CHENEY. Toledo, O.
Sold by  Druggists. 75c.
Eugene Field Monument.
Tho original drawing made by
American artists iu aid of the Eugene Field monument fund are on exhibition in Washington and are in
charge Of Mrs. Clara liell Brown, who,
besides the pictures has on sale a
collection of Field's poems. The receipts have been very largo considering how deserted tho capital Ls at
present, and have amounted to alxmt
$10 a day.
One Minute Cure For Toothache.
Magical in potency and power, penetrating at once to tlie diseased nerve.
Nerviline���nerve pain cure���cures
toothache In a moment. Nerviline,
the most marvellous pain remedy
known to science, mny bo used for all
nerve pains. Test at once Its efficacy.
Not a Teotota er.
Lady Henry Somerset's only sun,
says tho London Mali, has been appointed to Ihi Assistant Secretnryof
tlie Royal Commission on Licensing
Laws. In view of bis mother's weii-
known and oft'Oxpressod temperance
views to ue ti us ton is 11 ment wns expressed by the trade at the appointment; but It was soon allayed when
it was explained that Mr. Somerset,
notwithstanding Ids mother's example, is not a teetotaler.
Constipation causes more than half
the Ills or women. Karl's Clover Root
Tea Is a pleasant corn for Constipation.
Geographical Karnes.
Washington Irving went su far as
to wish not only that Nuw York city
Bhould be Manhattan again, but that
New York Stnte should be Ontario,
the Hudson River the Mohrgan, nnd
United States Itself Appalachia. Edgar Allan Foe also approved of Appalachia as the namo of the whole
Mako all you can, save all you can,
give all you can.���Wesley.
The noxt Peninsular Saengerfest
witl  be held  at  Berlin In  1398.
Tk Story of a Well-Known Delhi
Tortured With Rheumatism for Nearly
Twenty Years���Spent Large Sums in
a Vain Search for Renewed Health-
How He at Last P'ound it.
(From the Delhi Reporter.)
There are very few. troubles more
widespread and none more difficult
to eradicate from tho system than
rhoiuaatism. The sufferer is racked
with pains that seem unbearable,
and frequently [eels that eveu death
Itself would be a relief. Among those
who have found much of tlielr lives
mado miserable by this dread trouble is Mr. Michael bchott, of Delhi,
aad having fouud a means of release from its agonies he is anxious
that  other sufferers bhould  profit by
his experience. Mr. sehutt is in
tho employ^ of Messrs, tiuunce liros.,
mlders, uud has a reputation fur
sterling integrity��� among all who
know him. When one of tho staff
of the reporter Interviewed bim,
Mr. bchott gave lhe Tacts ol his
iilaoss aud recovery as follows: Uo
had beeu a special sufferer from
rheumatism since about eighteen
years of age. At times he was confined to bed bui obtained uo rest
day nur night from the excruciating pains ho was undergoing* Again
he was able to go about and follow
his employment, but even then frequently walked about in au almost
doubled up condition. Then again
he would have another relapse, and
would be forced tu take to bis bed.
During all these years he was almost continually doctoring, but never
Obtained anything more than temporary relief for the large sums he
expended la this way. Having failed
to obtain relief at homo he went to
Simcoe for treatment but received no
permanent benefit aud soon after
coming home was as bad as ever.
It will bo readily understood that
he was seriously discouraged, and
had como to look upon his euse as
hopeless. Finally lie was urged to
try Dr. Williams' i'ink Tills, and after
hesitating at spending any moro
money, in what he now considered a
vain pursuit of health, he at hist
consented to give them a trial. By
the time he had used a half dozen
boxes there was no longer any doubt
iu his mind tbat he was steadily Improving, and the treatment was
then gladly continued. Wben he
had taken a dozen boxes he found
himself entirely recovered, entirely
free from pain and from all stiffness
of Joints, and lie is now able to do
as bard a day's work as any man
In tho village. Uo has now been
free from his old enemy for so long
a period that ho feels his curo Is
permanent, and is consequently au
enthusiastic admirer of Dr. "Williams' wonderful I'iuk I'ills, and
urges all who are similarly suffering
to givo tbem a trial, feeling confident
that they will provo quite as efficacious as they did in his case.
Dr. Williams' I'ink I'ills strike at
the root of the disease, driving it
from the system ami restoring the
patient to health and strength. In
cases of paralysis, spinal troubles,
locomotor ataxia, sciatica, rheumatism, erysipelas, scrofulous troubles,
etc., tliese pills are superior to all
other treatment. Tliey are also a
specific for the troubles which make
tho lives of so many women a bur-
don, and speedily restore tho rich
glow of health to pale and sallow
cheeks. Men broken down by overwork, worry or excesses, will find In
Fink Pills a certain cure. Sold by
all dealers or sent by mall postpaid,
at 50c a box, or six boxes for $2.50,
by addressing the Dr. Williams'
Medicine Company, Brockville, Out.,
or Schenectady, N. Y. Beware of
Imitations ana substitutes alleged
to be " Just as good."
Real Mean.
" I thought you were never going to
speak to Harold again as lung as you
lived," said ouo girl.
" I know I said so," replied the
other. "It wasn't my fault that I
broke the resolution."
" How did it happen ! "
" Ho called me up over the t"le-
Karl's Clover Uoot Tea is a sure
curo fur Headache and nervous diseases.   "Nothing refleves ho quickly.
Human Sacrifice,
Kazan's human sacrifice trial has
ended after four years In a verdict of
acquittal. Tho seven persons on trial
wero accused of beheading a peasant
named Konon Mntlvuniuo as a sacrifice to their idols. Pagan idol worship mixed with somo Christian forms
are found In mauy parts of Russia.
The accused were all dwellers In the
Village uf Stnruln-Moultuna, a suspected district.
Bo sure and uso that old und well
tried remedy, Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup fur children teething. It
BOotllGfl the child, softens the gums,
allays all pain, cures wind culle and is
tlio best remedy fur diarrhoea.
Twenty-five  cents a bottle.
Lavender Water.
Tako une pint ur rectified spirit, half
an mince of the oil of lavender, and
four Ounces of rose water. Mix aud
filter through filtering paper. This hi
very refreshing to uso in warm
Ask your physician, your druggist
and yuur friends about Shlloh's Cure
for Consumption. They will recommend  it.
" You're a great girl, you arc," said
Tompkins to Miss Sally Jabbers. " I
tuld yuu about my engagement ln confidence and you immediately went and
told two other girls." " I know I did,"
explained Miss Jabbers. " You told me
to keep your secret,; but I was afraid
I wouldn't be strong (.-nough to keep
It all myself, so I got Maud and Jennie
to help."
LONDON, SEPT. 10 TO 19, I896.
will   rotifer
Space allotted as entries are received. -Jflrst come, first served.    Exhibitor*
u f.tvor by Hi iktlllc nil ci,'**. i*-uiy.
Farmers' Trot  and  Open   Trot Opened  to Pacers Also.
Pawnee Bill's WildjWest^the^best^everjengagel
Hassan Ben Ali's Moorish Acrobats.
Nelson,;Glenserette]|and Manville,}A3iial,0omiques.
itt peoplo. 60 ftnlmaU and n village of tento. The graateit porfocmanoe of the year,   Want tha
at nuw Knmil sumhIh p ickt'il ever; il iy a 11 four evenings, rot lMzu List, Progratnmee, utc,
CAPT. A. W. PORTE, Pres.
This Mouth's Eclipse.
A partial eollpfte of tho moon will
occur on Aug. 22nd and 28rd, visible
throughout North and South America.
The first contact with the penumbra will occur at eight minutes past
11 o'clock ou tho evening of the 22nd
(eastern time), and tho middlo of the
eclipse will bo reached at a o'clock
on the morning of the 23rd. The Inst
contact with the penumbra will occur
at 47 minutes past 4 o'clock.
Easy'! Yew, if you go about it
the right way. tlet tho bost
ways. Putnam'B Painless Corn Ex-
tructor never falls to curo. Acts In
twenty-four hours nnd causes neither
always. Putnam'B Painless Corn Ex-
Extractor extracts corns; it is
tho best.
His Limit.
Reporter���Now, I am the only man
who can convict you, and I am instructed by the editor of my paper
to tell you that I will keep silent
if you will Join our staff nnd edit
our murderers   page.
The Guilty Ono-Never ! I may commit murder, but I haven't sunk so
low ub that.
Consumption. La Grippe, Pneumonia, and all Throat and Lung diseases aro cured by Shlloh's  Cure.
Johnny��� Tommy Brown's mother
makes him go to Sunday School every
Sunday. Momma��� Why do you say
sho maker, hlin go ? Johnny���Because he  goes.
Tho London Law Guarantee und
Trust Society now Insures against
twins; for a premium ol $20 it will
pny $1,000 ir It Is twins. The first
policy UsuedVwas useful. It was twins,
Por nmkhii' a delicious lealth drink nt, email
cost. Retina��� Adams' Ginger Baer Extract,
ono bottlr; Flelsohmo no's yeast, one-halt to one
cako; sugar, two pounds; oream of tartar,
one-half ounce; lukewarm water, two gallons.
Dissolve tho sugar, oream of tartar and yeast
In the water, arid tne extract, and bottlo; place
in a warm plaoe for twenty-four hours until it
ferments, then place on ice, when it will open
BparkUng, cool and delirious,
The Ginger Beer can be obtained in all drug
and grocery stores in lU-ceut battles to make
two gallons.
ISSUE NO   34  1896
Best Tru-BBoa   made by
B&Quaon Bt.W. 'Toronto
llu*. no equal for remomiK u ncaltny growth of
bonutirnl Imlr on bulil.lmul*,. Ciini�� ilnndnitt
Broventt tho hair fulliiiK ��'��. n."*k<;s" rvtlnni
inky, koep* iho hair from turninggror.Bopthoa
tholiciui ���ami ��cul|i and.provoiit-our y baliliMB.
Km* Milo by all ivholl'aiilo anil rotallitriiKlfMl*
Mall orders promiuly attended to. freo ol
exnnwi ohatgo, on rooelyt ol Wo uno ��i por
bottlo orBlx large hot ties for *>. 	
Bpecial Induoemontt to the trado    Iohu
���noiital** fruo oil application..
3115 Unoon Btreob ��'o*U 1 omnia,
,Bolo manufacturer,
Stratford Ontario
A larKO. llnoly-equipjieu, olii.i!sliib"lI**hci1 Institution!  Ooly ono kind of business otlui-atlon
givon ami that "tho bosk"    limduutort alway.
Bucoeuful Thi* Hohool on.ioyn a continental
reputation for DrsUoloss work. None buttor in
Oallilda. Attend this college if yon want the
boat at llie IowohI co.it.    Klottant t'nU10(*uo*i
frto. VV, J, klj.iott, Principal,
In replying to any of those advertisements, iileiiBO mention tlila
( *tBJ. C. Pills i"�� Siu.ir.Hiti'ud to (pf IDE'
til.,    trouble    ur    money    rutunuca.    \af*J \~ met
n&B O-SniplGS- N-S.,4 127 State il, Bocton. tfau.
aweek, to supply customers, freight Qh&nrea
prepaid, outtlt, (too or returnable, do capital
required, exclusive territory,   t��. Marshall ft
Co., Tea Importers, London, Ont.
taught by mall,   Trial lessons free.    Address Goo. J.Kelley, l'roscott, On
Corner Vonge and College streets, Toronto.
Ont., leads all others iu successful tcaoliing
and high results. Write now for full information about our courses of study. Terms, etc..
Tho Ontario Agricultural College
will reopen Oct. lst. Full course, ot
lectures with practical Instruction, At
very Bmall cost, for young men who
Intend to be farmers. Send tor circular
giving Information as to course of
study, terms of admission, cost, etc.
JAMES MILLS, M.A., President.
Guelph, August, 1800.
.Founded   1829.
M. A., LU D.
Tlie College will re-open on SKPTKMBBR
!>iii. Full particulars about admission will
bo furnished on application to the principal.
lis large grounds, healthy situ, splendid
���school buildings, thoroughly equipped and
< ilU'.icnt stalls combine to make tho College a
must, desiruble school for residential pupils.
Deer Pork, Toronto, July, 1S91S.
Send and got a dog, Any breed you want
nnd at vory low prices to clear, some of uur
stock. Also send Ma for a box of Geo. Lucas
Mange Cure for Dogs.
Veterinary Dentist,
King street went,
Toronto, Oit
AND ALL 0THEQ FORMS OF r_\f_\ ____��� ft A IA
JKttdir n f* DYSPEPSIA
The 37th year will open Sept. 8th, 1806. The
oldest and best equipped Indies' college iu
Canada. Full courses in Literature, Music,
Art, Elocution, Book-keeping, eto. Over 150
iui.Ni:**. I'ipu organ in building. Hcnd for cata:
logue.   Term-; very moderate.   Address
A. BURNS, D. D��� LL, D��� Principal.
And Cuimit ttlnry uf Miittle.
Tiio Literary Course conforms to that of
Toronto University. The curriculum in Music
corresponds Lo that of the large conservatories
with tees decidedly moderate. Art, Elocution,
Stenography, Typewriting, etc., taught by
experienced instructors. Under tlio careful
supervision of tho Lady Principal the sociul
aud religious life of the colli -.:<��� is alike happy
and ciiiinhliiij.:-.
WM. COCHRANE, D. D., Governor.
MRS. MARY ROLLS, Lady Principal
May be enjoyed by thoso who through exeosHo-
or other causes have brought on weakening
dl'orderi of the sexual systom. Loading pny*
etolana of the U. 8, aw discarding disappointing
remedied of Iho pail   and highly recommend
tlio ncw remedy, ''Ortontal Pill," as giving
very satisfactory results in every rase. To
plaro this valuable remedy within OOW reach
ot all wo aro importing tho genuine pills and
will ni&ll them securely Boxed to any address
for ouo dollar
77 Victoria street. Tot onto.
Agents for Canada,
$150 For an Old Canadian Stamp,
Every Canadian stamp used "be! ween 1831 and
18115 is valuable nnd worth from 10c to $150 each
I buy any quantity, on the original covers pre
forred. Also all olher kinds of stamps, partlcu'
larly thoso collected 2o years ago. Send fcr
price list lo 0. A.N EEDHAM, lw( Main stree
east Hamilton, Ont)
Tuition Fees Reduced to $25.
ahould learn to operate ou horses' teetli. School
now iu session.   Apply to
Principal of thc Toronto Veterinary  Dental
'iii King street west,
Toronto Out. rV
i \
Hard Times.
said the    nillllon-
-but where?
steain    yacht,
'Times nre hard,
'Time to economize*
I must have a new
In which to make next summer's tour.
Let's see���well, there's my head clerk.
I'll have to cut tho wages down.*
'Times nro hard,' echoed Brown, the
'Economy Is hateful work I
I can't give up cigars, or do
���Without my little pleasures lew;
Bo wife must get along with less,
Both ln tho house unci lor her droBS.'*
'Times nro hard.'   so  his  gooil  wlio
'With all this family to b�� (ed,
I must economize these dnys
In a great many little ways.
Thank goodness. I kruiv  howl1 snid
And set ahout  It cheerfully.
When times nro hard, n woman true
Pluys no "mean  part what  sho can
With little, making It seem much,
Under her skilful woman's touch,
The kitchen Is the place to see
The struggle with   economy.
She who tho household ways    must
Knows  whnt it   means  when   times
are hard.
The May Blossom Hat.
A peculiarly-shaped hat ol very
light green. The crbwn Is large, rather liigh and covered with lavender-
colored gauze. The hat Is trimmed
with blossoms nnd leaves of lily of thc
irame and Uai'k ol Ohapeau Mnguetto.
valley, a few bunched violets in front
giving moro color to the wholo. To
the rear of tho lily of the valley blossoms a,, large, but very loosely-tied
bow: of tfillo or gauze ol a delicate
mauve shade forms a pleasing elfect.
Women and Diamonds.
The women who do not love diamonds are rare indeed, but thiH has
no weight with the wise authority
who declares that few women can
wear them to advantage, aa their
brilliancy hns n tendency to deaden
the freshness of the complexion, dull
the lustre of ihe eye nnd make the
teeth look yellow. They are more becoming to the dark woman than to
the blonde, who must deck hor lair
beauty with emeralds, turquoise, nme-
thysts and pink topazes if sbo would
be artistic. For brunettes there are
rubies, yellow topazes, opals nud
sapphires, while penrlH are becoming
to almost every style of beauty.
Woman's Domestic Position is Now
Fixed by a Leant Decision.
It ls not the " uew" woman, but
the gracious lady whom, lu moments
of antique tenderness, the head of the
household ohooses to designate���
though only to Intimates���us the
"old woman" whom the Appellate
Division of Hie .Supreme Court has
crowned with* tho glory of a defensive decision. The " old woman" the
" lady of the house." as a more refined
recognition would entitle her. hns nt
last, in these unromantlo and material dnys, won a legal definition in a
court to whose Jurisdiction all good
citizens bow. The Appellate Division
declares that while the mnn may bound it doea not throw any great doubt
on the possibility���tlio actual head ol
his family In tho ubstrnct, the woman, his wife, is tho supremo authority in mntters domestic, whom It Ib
not only bad form, but bad law to
controvert, thwart, oppose, or attempt to reduce to a secondary place
beforo the servants.
The decision is sound In common
sense, ns well us in law. The home Is
the empire of tho wife nnd mother.
She hears tlio -responsibility for Its
government by vlrtuo of ber own express qualifications for governing it.
Man ls a slovenly, untidy, inexact domestio nnlmal. who needs to feel tho
strong hnnd of order nnd economy ln
his nostrils, and only woman���gentlo,
firm, generous, patient, tidy, economic, cnreful, thoughtful, considerate
womnn���can direct him nrlgnt. Intelligent man in nil ages hns confessed
tlie fnct when he surrendered control
of his button* processes nnd the tears
ln bis nrtificial integument, but intelligent mnn is not universal mnn.
tho proof whereof lies in the fact that
the Supreme Court has boen called
on to adjudicate hts place in tlio universe. Now ho knows it, at least in
Now York. At homo tho wiro ia not
only her Excellency, but her Majesty
beyond appeal.
An nppeal. If such ' were possible,
from this decision to all true men
would Insure its sustentntlon without
n dissenting voice.���New York Advertiser.
Pew Women Breathe Normally or Take
Exercise Enough.
As n mutter or fact, not ono woman
ln a hundred breathes normally. Tho
respiration of tbe average woman
varies with every chango of mental
state or physical condition, and it Is
ii; raro thing lor a womnn to' uso her
lungs to tho bost possible advantage
without a previous knowledge of physiology nnd nn appreciation of tho
merits of physical   culture.
Desirable as Is a thorough cxerclso
ln breathing' it Is not snlo to experiment ln tho matter. A vory little
Instruction on tho subject will enable nny woman to comprehend the
ireolse art of filling nnd emptying
tho lungs on scientific principles.
After this hns beon ncqulre*.!, tho chief
thing Is to breathe In ns muoh sunshine ns possible nnd to believe in the
eflicacy of oxygen ns a remedy for
nearly all the Ills that nre fushlou-
Tho following are some excellent
rules for Improving the respiration
nnd bringing It up to a normal condition :
Stand at an open window or recline
on n couch, with the waist nnd chest
unconflned. Hold tbe chest walls
high, nnd inhale in slow, long
breaths, and exhale as slowly, three
times only nt first. Gradually the
number of times may be increased nnd
tlio time lengthened for the breath-
Ing exercises. Fifteen minutes, twice
a day nt least, should be devoted to
this exercise to accomplish the desired
Mis. Fmnia Fames Story, whose full
and generous outlines aro a beautiful examplo of the result of voca.
and breathing gymnastics. Is not only
fond of outdoor life, of walking nnd
horseback riding, but the requirements of her art demand continued
dally practice or the exercises that
develop the muscles or the throat.
chest, back nnd nbdomen.
Never Used a Hair Brush.
A charming Englishwoman, whose
hair nlways looked like burnished gold,
announced one day thnt she uever
used a brush on it. However, she had
a substitute. With a large silk handkerchief, such as good housekeepers
covet for brightening their silver, ehe
stroked It firmly and briskly 100 times
night aud morning. She snid this
method possessed all the goo,I qunli-
ttles of a brushing, without ever running the danger of breaking a line hair
or tiring tho head.
The Cheerful Woman.
Try to think less of yourself and
moro ol others. If there is an opportunity ot heing kind, especially at
home, don't let it puss by. Do whatever you nre usked cheerfully. Don't
frown and pout if some task fulls to
your share that you don't quite like.
Every time a face Is paekerod up in
discontent nnd anger it deepens Borne
ugly looking wrinkle. Evory time a
loving, sweet expression is there it
leaves Its unfailing impress oa the face.
Try to bo gracious to your friends
and acquaintances, and if left alono to
entertain anyone wlio Ih perhaps not
very amusing, try ftnd nppear interested, and don't look bored and disagreeable. Alwnys, when'conversing,
try to concentrate your attention on
the person you aro talking with, ns
nothing shows such had manners ns n
wandering attontion.
"For Judgment will I lay to the
line and righteousness to the plummet."���Isaiah xxvll.   17,
Then don't step over the line, boys,
Don't stoop to anything low,
Be manly and clean,
Be Just what you seem,
Nor be led by glitter and show.
This  line is the ono   whicli we aro
Will sin nnd wrong-doing define,
So be earnest and true
In whatever you do,
And  dou't step over the line.
For Plump Throcts.
Tho    exercises    for   restoring
plumpness of throats aro as follows:
Shut tho teeth firmly nnd thrust the
head forward; thou, still keeping the
Jaws clenched, move the head back*
ward as though against some force
pressing upon it. Next turn the
head to the left and placing the right
hand, with outspread finger thos,
partly on the neck nmi partly behind
the earl turn the body slowly to the
right ngalust the steady pressure of
the hand, which must be as strong
aa possible without actually preventing tho movement of tho bead. Repeat the process alternately, six
times to tho right aud Blx times to
tho left.
Fun for and About the Sex.
He���I feel like a fool to-night. Shi���
So glnil you'vo recovered.
She���When you married nie you said
you wero well off. He���I wa.s. but
f didu't know It.
" I think lie cured Uncle Charles of
dropping In on us at dinner." " What
did you dn'."' "l made him a cherry
pie with the stones In It."
Tom Toppnot���Hullo. Jaok I how
do ynu do? .lack Plunger���I (hie'do
ns I (hie) blame please, thank .von.
Tom Toppnot���I see���when does your
wife get baok'.'
"Great luck, that find ol Stlmp*
sou's !" " I haven't heard." " Found
a S20 hill in Ids last summer's coat."
" Good heavens I" I didn't know he
was n widower I"
First Hull flayer���They say this
umpire's goin' to get married. Second Bull Player���Is he V I hope he'll
know how it is himself not to bo let
tnlk back.���Puck.
" My husband was a dyspeptic when
I murrled him." "That must have
been a great affliction on you." " On
tho contrnry, it was a blessing. He
never alludes to his mother's cooking."
George���How do you like It, Cora ?
Cora���It's perlcctly lovely. But what
do they have all those policemen nt
the gnme for ? Oh, I know j It Is to
koep the men from stealing bases."
Miss Modern���I have brought this
book back. Mamma says it ls not fit
for mo to rend. Llbrnrlan���I think
your mother must be mistaken. Miss
Modern���Oh. no, she nln't. I've rend
It nil through.
Bo true to your  manhood, truo     to
Let your thoughts    uud  actions Incline
To tho pure and  the best,
Leave ull tho rest
On tlio sin-Judged side ol tho line.
Tho line I 'Tis drawn at tho door of
every saloon,
Where 'tis rigidly fixed for all time,
'Gainst the downward way
To the Judgment day,
Be careful of this judgment line.
'Tis drawn at the glided dens of vice,
In  every class and clime,
'Tis drawn clear and straight,
You will  make no mistake
If you watch for this Judgment line.
Don't wnnder away from the precept,
Don't waste your young manhood and
But bo manly, be clean,
Bo Just what you seem,
Aud  dou't step over tho line.
Tommy was very happy when he
came homo from school with a tnme
crow perched oufchls shoulder, but, to
tell tho truth, lie was not so proud of
his pet after a closer acquaintance.
Slyboots���tbat wus Master Crow's
name���soon learned n great many
tricks besides thoso that Tommy
taught him.
Biddy Topknot was bringing up a
large family of fluffy white chickens,
and Slyboots did covet them eo 1 He
knew that Biddy wns stronger than
he, but ho sot his wits to work till
his sly littio brain contrived a plan
for getting a chicken dinner.
So he flew dowu t:i the grass where
Biddy's children wero playing " huut
the cricket," and opened his mouth ns
if ho meant to devour them nil.
Of courso Biddy drove him away,
but ho soon camo hack, taking care
to keep out of reach of her hill and
claws. Over and over again he tried
this manoeuvre till poor Biddy's
patience was quite i xhausted.
At last sho bristled up her feathers
and chased him tlear across tho
garden iuto tho meadow. When sho
bad loft her broud far behind, Slyboots took suddenly to his wings, nnd
reaching the poultry yard first carried off the fattest little chicken.
Biddy saw lier mistake too late, but
tho vory next day she lost her temper ngniu, uud mi lost another of lier
"Oh, denr," sighed Tommy, "If she
could only remember uot to g*et mad I
But I can't always remember that
myself when the boys tease me, ami
I s'pose 1 mustn't expect a hen to
know moro than I."
l'oor Biddy could nover learn to
keep ber temper, and so Slyboots had
to be banished tu his native woods.
���Golden Days.
Sny, I went n-swlmmln' ouct, when my
Pap ho said 1 mus'n',
'N I got my cloze all soppln', V illd'u'
dost g' home,
So I sneaked clear out t' Granny's, 'n'
ast her II she wouldn'
Lemme stay 'Uli her a spell, till I
got me dried off some.
'N' Granny she put on her specs 'n'
puckered up her mouth,
Jls'    like   she was tur'blo cross, 'n'
goin' t' lam nie good;
'N'en  ehe  says,  "Ye   naughty   boy I"
'n'en I cried, 'n'en
She hugged nie up tight in her arms,
Jls' like I knowed she would.
'N'   she   made nie strip clean off, 'n'
gimme some dry cloze
What    she suid uster be my Pup's
when he was big as me,
'N'en she's kep'm over sence, 'n'en she
rubbed her eyes,
'N'    kep'    n-ruhbln' 'n' a-rubin, Jist
like she couhin' see.
Blmeby she took a yelluh  bowl 'n'
went dowu t' th' cellar,
'N' filled It clean plum lull o' mill;,
Jls' liko I knowed sho would;
N 'gimme two hli; doughnuts    'n'    a
whoppln' piece o' pie,
En' I Jis' et, on' et, en' et, en' Geo I It
tnsted good!
modern form is   "Yours    faithfully,"
Commit this couplet to memory:
Yours in haste
Is not in good taste.
Hold on to virtue; it is above all
price to you iu alt times and places.
Hold on to your gootl character,
for it is and ever wiil bo your best
Hold on to your hand when you are
nbont to strike, stoul or do any improper act.
Hold on to tho truth, for It will
serve you well nnd do you gootl
throughout eternity.
Hold on to your tonguo when you
nro Just ready to swear, lie or speak
harshly or uso nn Improper word.
Hold on to your temper when you
nro angry, exulted or Imposed upon
or others angry nbout you.
Hold on to your heart when evil
persons seek your company nnd Invito .vou to Join their games, mirth
and revelry.
Hold on to your good name nt all
times, lor It is much more valuable
to you than gold, high placo or fnsh-
lonablo attire.
A mother wna explaining to u diminutive Juvenile tho meaning ot a picture
representing a number ol martyrs who
had beeu thrown to some hungry IIohb.
She tried to Impress Ids Infant mind
with the terrors of the scene, and
thought she had succeeded, when suddenly he exclaimed:
'Oil, ma, Just look nt thnt poor little
lion behind there I lie won't get any 1"
" Wero tliere many peoplo ut the
circus V" nsked Frances' inanuna,
when that little girl returned, in the
euro of her uncle. " Yos, indeed," replied Frances, " tliere was an awfully
largo congregation."
Doctor���.Now, Hobby, take your
powders like a man. Bobby���Pooh I
If I did. I'll act a great deal worse
than 1 do mow. You ought to see
papa when he   has to take medicine.
" 1 saw yer kiss him." leered naughty Willie Tenspot. nfter young Mr.
Gille.v had stolen a kiss from Willie's
sister. " Oh���er���'Willie," replied Mr.
Gllley. lu pront embarrassment,
" hero's a dime. Don't say anything
nbout it; there's a good boy. " A
dime I" retorted Willie, scornfully.
" My regular ehargo is a quarter."
A grocer who hadi a lot of linibur-
ger cheese for sale advertised it ns an
'unapproachable bargain."
1 > ��� ������i'-s ���
The Vast Structure is Mainly Due to
Pope Nicholas V.
Thc present existence oi this palace
is principally duo to Nicholas V.,
tho builuer Pope, whose gigantic
scheme would startle a niodern architect, His plan was to build the
Churoh ol St. Peter's us a starting-
point, and then to construct one vast
central "habitat" ior the papal administration, covering tho whole uf
what is called tho Borgo, from tho
castle of Sunt' Angelo to the
cathedral. In ancient times a portico or covered wuy supported on
columns, led from the bridge to the
church, und it was probably from
this real structure that Nicholas liegan hla imaginary on:?, ouly a small
part of whicli was ever completed.
That small portion aloue comprises
tin* basilica and tlio Vatican Palace,
which together form by far tho
greatest continuous mass of buildings in the world. The Colosseum is
196 yards long by 1B0 broad, Including tiie thickness of tho walls.
St. Peter's Church alone is L'u.> yards
long and 166 broad, so tliat the
whole Colosseum would easily stand
upon the ground plan of tho church,
while tho Vatican Palace Is more
than hall as large again,
Nicholas V. died in 1-155, and tlie
oldest parts of tho present Vatican
Palace aro not older than Ills reign.
They nro generally known as the
Torre Borgia, from having been In*
hnbltcd by Alexander VT... who died
of poison in thc third of the rooms
now occupied by tho library, counting from the library side. The windows of these rooms look upnn the
largo square court of tho Belvedere,
and that part of tho palace is not
visible from without.
Portions of the substructure of thfl
earlier building wero no doubt utilized by Nicholas, nnd tho secret
gallery wliich connects the Vatican
witli tlie mausoleum of Hadrian is
generally attributed to Pope .lohn
XXHL. who died in 1*117; but on
the whole it may be said that thn
Vatican Palace is originally a building ol the period of tho Renaissance.
to whicli nil successive Popes have
made nilditifins.
There is good aud bad in tho wnysido
On the highways of our lives,
Ami mun cun never be free from sins,
No mntter how hnrd he strives;
Yet  even  when    dowu    destruction's
Our thorny pathways trend,
In spite of n tbousnnd errors mude
" It is never too lute to mend."
There uro crosses heavy for   niea   to
And passions  to conquer, too;
There uro Joys and wues   that   euch
must ehnro
Beforo the journey Is through.
But men may be poor for honor's sake.
And truth and right defend,
And  hopo    will    never    this promise
" It Is never too lute to mend."
'Tis never too Into for a noble deed,
For, blessed by the angels' tears,
It plants in thu breast of men a seed
That will grow lu nfter years;
A word of kiudness, of hope, of cheer
Will always comfort lend;
Wo   must   livo   for   lovo   aud banish
" It is never too late to mend."
It is never too late to mend, my lad,
No mutter what peoplo sny,
And no man's nature is wholly bad,
Even if old aud gray;
And in our Journey toward tho grave,
Until wo reucb the end,
Thero Is time to chunge uud time   to
save��� i  |
" It is never too late to mend."
Tho prevalent vices of our time
are hastening to be rich, extravagant living, riskful uud ruinous speculations, uuihio crowding into professional life, pressing from tlio country iuto the cities, striving after
public office, general impatience aud
restlessness, willingness to put on
false show lu unsolid buildings, in
pasto Jewelry, in veneering generally.
-Tho Rev. n. w. Ballentine, Philadelphia.
Where is the true dignity that separates man from tho brute creation 1
Mau may be satisfied with the theory
of evolution iu regard to tho body
and mind, but tlio nature Of man
Is distinct from that of any other
created lining. God* mado man lu Hia
own image, uud this diviue clement
In man is tho true difference. Mnn Is
capable of rising to a conception of
the infinite creature. Tho truest and
klngliest power of man Is that ho
Is capable of the conception of a
personal God.���Tho ltev. R. G. Davey,
��� I'llll.DItl'.N's RIGHTS.
Tho first right is to bo well born.
1'ooplo lake great pains to perfect
flowers, jet tliey will have children
who are burn barbarians, und so
tho world goea ou with children coming into ii, handicapped from the
start. Children have a right to
good hollies���not too much pampering,
but that training iu virtue that comes
only frum an honest father and
mother.     Children havo a right, to a
A typewriter operator the other
dny was culled tu task for subscribing her copies of business letters,
"Yours very sincerely." she ought to
huve known bettor. 1'ethups if sho
bad understood tho value of words or
known a little ol their derivation she
would never have made such n grave
error. Sincerely means without wax,
and tho word Is said to havo boen
originally applied to honey, it Is a
long transition, hut to those who follow out Emerson's idea of language
beiug fossil poetry, tho derivation is
certainly Interesting. Onco Impressed
with the meaning, uo ono would use
the word wrongly or to othor than
nn inttmntc friend. A safo rulo for
signatures is, when in doubt, to subscribe yourself "Yours truly." To one
who is much older than yourself, or
one who is entitled to special dofer-
enco, "Yours respectfully" is preferable. Tho word "very" Is not necessary, nnd ls avoided on all occasions
by careful writers. Where certain re*
lutions exist between correspondents,
as, for instance, between employer
and employee, or tn circumstances
where old-fashioned letter-writers
would have signed themselvea "Your
obedient servant," the Ainerlcnn nnd
A Bi
Aa art nf hravi ry on the pint ol
.Miss Bessie F.'Sex, a domestic nt the
residence of Mr. G. N. Weekes, bur*
rister, Maitland street north, London, prevented u conflagration,
though resulting in serious Injury to
herseir. While lighting a gasoline
stove au explosion occurred, and the
Mann's enveloped the upper portion of
lur body. Despite the exeruciating
pain, she seized the stove, carried It
to the door and threw It out. One
side of the girl's face was frightfully
burned, and the hair on tlie side of
her head was singed off. Her littio
finger w'oa almost burned to a crisp,
and her arm painfully bllstcrd. She
was romoved to her home on Central
evenue, where Dr. Wm. J. Weekes is
iu nttendance upon her.
A Kitchen Telephone.
las been Intrpduc-
i*o by the Pacific
legraph Company.
'lied to provo to
ii, telephone is Just
good    educatlon.-
I'erln,   Boston.
That man Is  wis
���st   ll
ho i
Yet mends it w
ie c
1 if
there grows
Some lowly flow
���r  le
s  lonely
Een while he plants
Alpine rose.
Some good comes
to Us
No pov-
But,  has some
at  its  iloor
Wc scorn It;   ci
II   it
fools nre we,
To spurn  the
less  1
not more!
A novel service .
cl iu .San Fnuici-
Teleplione nmi T<
Tin? Horvlce is dosl
lioufiOliclders tliat
as neccswiry to successful domestic
economy as electric light or water.
Tho service Ih known OS fl kitchen
rervice;" thnt Ih the toloifliono in
]j.lnc(xl In tho kitchen, and may Ih-
us(h! only for outward service, suc.li
as c.'Uiing tho butcher, grocer, physician, druggist, nr cord don lor. No
nrraJnponionts nro mnde for these
telephones to l>o cnllod up. honve
service nt nn nlmnst nominnl price.
Thfro aro some thirsty souls, ail sick
and faint
With longing lor  the cup  thut   Is
denied ;
Would  they hut  stoop    ami     drink
���without complaint,
From the near  stream  and   so  Ik:
There are some  hungry  heart-*}  that
well-nigh  hroak
With  the dull   soreness of      mure
To fill the void mid soothe ihe weary
Let them hut  strive  somo    other
he;irts   to bless
There   are   sonic      idle   hands
reach afar
For    wider mission,     some
work of fame;
Would they but grapple In life's
Reward   awail-   them   nobler
a   name.
ii, thirsty sonisl   0,  hungry
und hands,
Weary with    Idlencs!   tnke
ivlia t
you may
Of proffered guud ;  accept  life
as   it
And   make  the   mott   of Its
fleeting day.
This world is as you seo it���that is,
vuu may seo what you will. Wear
green glasses, and It Is a green
world to you. Wear bluo glasses,
and tho world about you gets tho
tint. Look with a vision distorted
by discontent, and ynu will find
enough to harass your life out ol
you. Look through nn Impure eye,
and you will vote virtue a myth.
Look through a pure, loving eyo,
and yon will find enough to admire
and much to inspire.���The Rev. A.
Z.  Conrad,  Worcester, Mass.
The largest river la Time.
Tho deepest ocean Is Death.
Sharp sayings are not nlways   refined. ~najxui   11JSIJ0
���issued Svery Tuesday
At Union, B. C.
M Whitney, Publisher
One Y����r   $200
Six Mouths    IB
Hingis Cop,    ,   00f
One hn-h inrjoat $18.00
..    ..   msnth       1.W
olzheicol   oerjoitr         00
fourth     soon
aeek, .. Hns         0010
(.owl notiMi.iwr line        20
Notices pf llinhs, Marriages and
Deaths, 50 cents each insertion.
No Adi-ertisment inserted for less than
50 cents.
Tuesday, Sept. 1, lift
Nothing has yet been shown iinpli*
eating Hodgson. Perhaps moie un
portant testimony mav be forthcoming.
Not much interest is centered in
(he present Dominion parliament as it
is not expected to do anything beyond passing the estimates.
Dr. Natfsen lias been nearer the
north pale than .my other arctic explorer and deserves the fame which
will surely follow his success. But
until thc mystery surrounding it is solved the efforts to reach it wiJI con-
I tinue.
Nanaimo   is   considering    a   proposition to subsidize ihc  Union   Steam-
���ship Co. to the   extent of  $30,000.00
|for a single steamer to ply between that
City and Vancouver.     It  would seem
lhat there is   likely   to   be   sufficient
competition to secure reasonable trans*
lortation rates without taxing the people
pay a   subsidy.    However,   if the
pnion  Steamship   Co. is   to get   the
mount named   or   any other   sum it
tlld seem  only   fair   and   equitable
Iat Vancouver,   as   the   city   to   be
liefly benefited should contribute thc
lain portion.
The Exhibition of the Comox Agricul*
pi and   Industrial   Association,   the
ot which we expect lo be able to
Jounce   in   this    issue,   should   be
Be the chief event   in   the   Settle*
It.    Ii is the one day in the year
In up 10 the farmer.    It ought to
���rented by all classes as a genera'
lay.     Every one should   turn out
pd to the   eclat of the   occasion.
I prize list is  ample and   the dis*
��� sure 10 be   worthy of  the great
1st upon which we  all sn largely
ll.    We think  it regretable that
were not offered for a ploughing
canoe race   in the   Courtenay
I and for a   log  chopping   bout.
I features, we feel sure would add
to the attractiveness to many,
���would   swell  the  gate receipts.
|r the directors   probably have
W in view, if not these, others
|tain their visitors, ind we may
they  will   do  all  that   the
lit  their  command will   allow.
lave   had no sports day in   the
lnt this year, and it is under-
���Jey  are   determined  to make
j el this.    To   the people of
will be gr?nd to have a day
1 Country  and   be    able   to
Icousins,   uncles aunts.    This
our  home   and it is   large
give us the  necessary   valet   us   spend    our   money
lide our   own   holidays, and
���her for  the   general   pros*
lur people.
I foand tresspassing on my pre.
ke month of the Trent River,
lley's Point, will he prosecuted
���Tow ftmwooD.
Tho Mm of Inlelle***. le llnfl (i.ull**-
���a-mlr. But th* Cud U Always ���**��� UM
of tho lttiporl��r'a Ll rt- A Ke-jaMl for oo
lnterrlew li a Wolffhty CompUuool.
"When yon want anything* go atraight
to the fountain head. Don't ever make
a reomw uu a matter of importance to
au underling."
'f hone w orila were addressed to me
several years ago by a city editor
who kuew ids business. I have inter
viewed a goodly number of men since
and have eome to the conclusion that
liis advice wiih sound.
I have found that in most instances
where nu interview ia requested from
11 man who haa but recently sprang
into prominence, or where he holds a
subordinate position, or where he ie
Ignorant, it is extremely diflictilt to
iiceumpllsh yonr object. In the firat
instance the individual la ao full of hia
own importance that he usually con
Hitlers thut it would be beneath hia dignity to grant an interview. In the
scieiiil c.-t-e lie may be quite in lyin
pathv with you, but afraid of laying
anything which might not accord with
the views of his chief, aud in the lust
ini.t.'111'c you are likely to find the sub
ji'it yo miaplcious that you are attempt
ing to (nice adv.tnt.ige of him that your
real object-, ruimely, to secure hia opiu
ion, will lie frustrated.
The thorouglv well educated gentleman iu any walk of li/e is the ideal sub
jurt for an interview. He i�� enay of ac-
cess, hi fuse you have good grounds for
meeting him; he believes you lioue.it until snch time ns you have given liim
cause to think otherwise,' he listens to
yon. nnd immediately grants you the iu
lerviea*. or refuses, stating his reasons,
lind he alwaya treats you with the utmost cniirleoy. There are men who,
when asked by a reporter to grant an interview, uppeiir to think that the p-rant-
ing of tiie rei-oiest places both the re
porter nud tho journal he represents tin
tier ii grout obligation to him. forgetting
nil the while that he has been paid a
griiiit cofuplinient, inaainuch aa the
newspaper otters to publish bia views to
the world at tbe sacrifice of other important items of newa
Courteous Wilfrid Laurier.
Perhaps the most pleasing duty to
which I waa ever assigned, in the interviewing line, was that whicli secured um au introduction to Hon,
Wilfrid Laurier. I was detailed to imk
Mm a series of questions bearing
upon the policy of the Kefunn purty.
I found him at the house of a friend
iu Toronto and mude known my mission. I was ut once admitted to the
presence* of the great leader of the
deform party. He wae sitting nlone
ill thu library writing. Iniiiniiiiitily 1
entered the room he arose and extended
his hnnd iu friendly greeting.
"Aro you visiting me ns Koko, my
yo'ing friend, or as an Empire reporter?" he raid, at he graciously motioned
me t) a chair.
I replied that I approached him in
a dual capacity. He laughed and
thoroughly appreciated the situation
tieeeeer-r. lo b, AroliUd.
Bnt divisions aro taken to no purpose,
votes nre thrown away, rules of procedure are valueless, if peoples and Parliament* ore not governed bv discretion
justice and patriotism. Our system of
government���its executive, administrative and legislative methods-has all tho
essential elements of strength when
worked in this spirit of discretion. Under no other system wonld it bo possible
to harmonize the antagonistic elements
of race, religion aud language which
exist in ('anada. One great danger
must he always avoided, and that is,
the sectarianism which represent* the
bigotry of past ages of religions fcu.ls,
and luornis uot simply divisions in political parlies, but national disintegration.
In studying the form do not let us forget the substance. No constitutional
rules, no mere forma of procedure, can
of themselves make a people happy and
great, unless their rulers recognize in
the fullest sense their obligations to the
State, and exercise tbeir power with
discretion, and endeavor to elevate public opinion. The machinery of tho most
admirable constitution that men cau
frame from the experience of the world's
history may be relatively worthless,
whilo the large powers and responsibilities that are entrusted to the governing
bodies���powers and responsibilities
never emliodied ln acta of Parliament���
are forgotten in view of partv triumph,
personal ambition or pecuniary gain,
footprint., of ratter Adam.
Mount Samanala, or Adam's Peak,
use ofthe highest mountains on the
Island of Ceylon, is the scene of a re
markahle geological formation nnd the
���pot around which many curious legenda
and superstitions cluster. According to
thc Mohammedan story, Adam, after
the fall and expulsion from the Garden
of Eden, waa taken by au angel to the
top of the mountain, which now bean
his name. Prom this summit the mind's
aye of the first man aaw all the ills
which in after yean should afflict humanity. These harrowing sights were
such a weight upon the mas. who, not
withstanding his sin in the garden, wet
yet a (rood mnn, tbat his foot left ita
imprint upon the solid rock, his tears
forming a lake, the footprint and lake
being both still visible. The footprint
Itself is iij feet long by a, feet wide and
dhows six perfect toes, the smaller one
being as large as a good sized man's
fist. For centuries devout Buddhists
bave mude annual pilgrimages to the
spot, and tradition says that the chain
bridge across the canyon near the sac
red footprint was put there by direction
nf Alexander toe Cbeat -I'hiladtiphii.
Established 1677. .   CAPITAL, $800,000.     incerponM taw 16,1893.
Jas. McMillan & Co.
Mammae or ths o-ui�� am tiHarias
Minneapolis p      r     a 1 C. 8. Hides,
Sheepskin   \ ~__-t\_'    ''.   Dry Hides,
Tannery. 'f"A_W^^j%_\      Pelts,
Wool, Purs.
kxpo.tcm or
Shipments Solloitod and
P'impt Return. Mads.
Writ* toe Latest Prloo
RcrcRiNcc* av krmimion:
Stcnritr luk tf IIumU,
I'lr.t liliiul But, . .
r-0,1,'1 ti.uk.    *    .    .
Ilssupelli, Has.
iitetrtiyellt, lioi.
fliaaeaaaU., Ilea,
������rrk.lt-' IttlHll lest, ��� ��� (titts, (utiu.
lulus Iititnil (ask, . ��� Itlm, Iwlua.
Se-nritf lukaf Cm! hill,   .  (ml Falls, lut.
MINNKAl'OlilS,        ....        MMlNESOTA.
branches:       v ���"'"'
Cooke ft Bosnian 8t| I 1S8 Wharf St. |   S3* King St. j      Jasper Ave.
liyerside lotel^
Courtenay, B.C.
Grant & Munighan, Props
Best of Liquors
Finest of Cigars
Good Table
Courteous Attention
The Famous
Supplies the valley with first class bread, pies, cakes, etc.
Bread delivered by Cart through Courtenay and District every
Tuesday, Thursday and Satukday.
Wedding Cakes made and Parties catered for.
Ors. Lawrence & Westwood.
Physicians and Surgeons.
���crs-ricor b.c.
We hare appointed Mr. -Tames Abrams our collector until turtner notice, to whom all overdue accounts
may be paid.
7 Vox. 1806.
Society    Cards
I.   U*   O.   F.
Union Ledge, No. n, meets e ery
Friday night at 8 o'clock. Visiting brethren cordially invited te attend.
A. Lindsay, K. S,
Cumberland Lodge,
A. F. & A. M, B. C. R.
Union, 11. C.
Lodge meets first  Saturday   in  each
month.   Visiting brethren are cordially
invited to attend.
Jambs McKim. Sec.
Hiram Lot.ge No 14A.F.& A.M.,H.C.R
Courtenay B. C.
Lodge meets on every .Saturday on or
before the full of the moon
Visiting Brothers   cordially requested
to attend.
K. S. McConnell,
Cumberland Encampment,
No. 5, I. O. O. F.,  Union.
Meets lirst and third Wednesdays ol
each month at 8 o'clock p. in. Visiting
Brethren cordially invited to attend.
J. COMB, Scribe.
Any person or persons destroying or
withholding the kegs and barrels of the
Union Brewery Company Lid of Nanaimo, will be prosecuted. A liberal reward
will be paid for information leading to
W. E. Norris, Sec'y
a. or t.
Unien Division No. y, Sons of Temperance, meets in Free Mason's Hall,
Union, every Monday evening at "".'Jo.
Visiting friends cordially invited to
St. Gboboe's Pbesbvteiuan Chukch���
Rev. 3. A. I/ogan, pastor. Services at 11 a.
m. and 7 p.m. Sunday School at 2:30.
y.P.S.C.E. at olose of evening service.
Methodist Church��� Services at the
usual hours morning and evening. Rev. W.
Hiofcs. pastor.
TRi.wrv Church���Services in the evening.   Rev. J. X. Willemar, rector.
Esquimalt and Nanaimo Ry.
Steamer Joan
On ancl after Mar. 22nd, 1S93
The Steamer JOAN will sail as follows
CALLING AT WAY PORTS ae passengers
and freight may oflfcr
Leave Viotoria. Tuesday, 7 ft. m.
" Nanuimo for t'omox, Wednesday, 7 a. ni
i.onve Comox ior Nannfmo,      Fridays, 7it.in.
"     Nunuiiiio for Victoria   Saturdcy, 7a.ni
For freight or stale rooms ripply on
board, or at the Company's ticket office,
Victoria Station, Store street.
Wm. O'Dell
Architect and .Builder
Plans and Specifications prepared,
and buildings erected on the
Shortest Notice.
Houses built and for sale on easy
terms of payment.
For sale on Dunsmuir ave;
consisting oflots 4 and 5 in
block 15,, lots 7 and 8 in block
16, lots 3, 4 and 5 in block io,
and other lots in Cumberland
Townsite. Bargains,
James Abrams.
Subscribe for  ThE    NEWS
$2.00 per annum.
The following Lines are
Watches, clocks and jewellery
Tin, sheetiron, and copper work
Bicycles Repaired
Guns and rifles, repaired
Plumbing in all its branches,
Pumps, sinks and piping,
Electric bells placed,
Speaking tubes placed
Hot air furnaces,
Folding bath and improved
Air-tight stoves, specialties
Office and Works  Ihlrd s*�����. n��r
Nkws olflce.
Surgeon and Physician
(Graduate ofthe University of Toronto,
>L. C, P. & &, Ont.)
Office and residence. Maryport
Ave., next door to Mr. A Grant's
Hours for eonsultatlon-B to 10 a m
Dave Anthony's
Cigar and   Fruit  Store
Snd and Dunsmuir Ave.
tarSnA for Samples, Prtrapt dollverj*.  r��i
teet lit ituaranlPtii. '        '
M and kt.
���0���:o :&- a���
(P. 0. Drnwor 3d. Tolephone Call, i-ai
E3J' A complete stock of Rough and*
Dressed Lumber always on hnnd.   Al��c
���Shingles, l.iths. Pickets, Doors, Windows and Blinds.   Moulding, Scroll
Sawing, Turning, and all kinds
cl wood finishing furnished.
Cedar.  White Pine.  Redwood.
^Dealer in
Stoves and Tinware
Plumbing and general
Sheetiron work
M'Affent for the
Celebrated Gurney
Souvenir Stoves and
Manufacturer of tlie
New Air-tight heaters
11 TtabaM,
ffonse mi Sign hktir,
Paper-Hanging, Kalsomining
and Decorating.
All orders Promptly Attended to
Union, B. 0.
I fs*m prepared to
furnish Stylish Rigs
and do Teaming
At reasonable rate*.
0. Kilpatrick.
Union, B.C
"33^ ' the  vvgnav SEWS SEPT
HaaJnufwaellsfortask ��aly aad sells!
t^TThire is Nothing
Pay o**lj* for what yea bay. You ean do
tela bybayiag ef Hamburger.
For Rent.���The butcher shop at
Union fitted up ready for business, lately
occupied by A. C. Fulton. Call on him
er enquire of A. Urquhart, Comox.
For Sale or Rent���My house and
Livery stable in Comox. Possession
given September ist Apply to me at
J. C. Woods.
Althoagh I aa ia the store reoently ooon*
plsdbr3. W. Laofman, I wiah   tt to be
known, that I have aot bought a pair of
boots or shoe from his stook.  Ily footwear
la all aow aad op to date.
R. CiMrssix.
Mr. Adas MoKslroy is off oa a trip to
Irslaad.   It la (-apposed be will aot sattta a-
If it ii Well Pit Tiigttbir
So here it is :
Single Harness at JIo, $12, $1; per set
and up.��� Sweat Pads at 50 cents.
Whips al 10, 25, 50 and a good  Raw-
hide for 75 cents, and a Whale Bone
at $1 and up to $2.
I have the largest Stock of WHIPS in
town and alsn the
Best Axle Grease at o boxes
-p.-. -. <s,
 For Twenty-Five Cents	
Alex. Udlagham ersetsd a atw bam oa
' kit f noitta thia stuwer.
Thrsahiaf haa 00���oaeod ameag the tar-
A las lias of Cook Stores for wood aad
I at MoPhee * Moon's.
Mrs. J. A. Halliday aad Mitt Banes an
liltgatta ta tht Provinolal W. 0. T. U. eon*
1 atioa at New Westminster.
I .Phot * Motto tappliod tho H. M. S. Im
1 with meat aad rtfttabltt at Comox
[ Mr, tod Mrs. J. 8. Kend.ll,  Mr. LosU
-ones, wifo tad family, aad Mr. and R. P.
Uwarda ware out piooioing ia tht Comax
pity oa Saturday.
���Mr. 8.3. Pisroy's atw house tt it asart
lapltttoa, prtsents a vt.-y fiat apptaraoot,
|toataiatl4 rooms tad is provided witk
*-oom, hot aad oold water aad all mod*
girt Plant for prtttrrlag at MePhot *
Pilot it oxptettd baok thit wttkt
with Flottit.   Iht opentioa
Vossis't eye wat performed ky Or. Jones
f Joseph's Hospital.
[1 an indebted to Mr. Albert Gnat of
kaad loa for a mammoth head of oauli-
*, whioh would win tht prist it any ex.
I it measured at Itut 20 inohet ia oir.
f learned from what is deemed a re*
ourcethat youag Richard Carter
���tfdenly disappeared several months
1 at last been heard from.   He
I wrote from Australia stating he
ly ill: aad referring to the cause of
ling, declared he wai guiltless of
Ing in connection with the loss of
������led on the Joan; but that while
amo hearing he was to be arrested
I not bear the disgrace of being
j^and tried on such a   charge
I **j lied.   When away he realized
fie and that a trial would have
est means of vindication.   He
Ier his foolish flight was a fatal
I would be interpreted against
Trunks at Prices to Suit
the Times.
!_-���    1 PROMmv AMD
Wesley Willard
Notary Publio.
Agent tor the AUIanee Fire
Insurance company of Lon
don and the Phoenix of
Agent for the Provincial
Building and Loan Association of Toronto.	
Union, B. C.
:; F. Curran
Barber Shop
;   Bathing
O. H. Fechner,
Offloo Room i, McPhee at Moore B'ld'g and at
r. 0. nifn 18.
Lharitablc young Carter's con-
tot appear strange, A hardened
l^hot hava been disturbed
> cireumstances; but many a
jjasitive person has beea driv-
I! with less reason.
We Ihe undersigned hereby authorise
John llruce to collect all accounts due the
estate of Robert Graham.
R. Grant"!
H. Hamburger J- Trustees.
Not One Man in
One Hu.idred
So iavstts his money that it yields, ia
twenty yean, anything like the profit
afforded by a policy of Lite Jlosursnoe.
HMT0BT1 The peroeotage of individuals
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THIS ) u small <
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hu ever failed.
LIFE (" ����� '
insurance (UiBiyiLLED
 Ten Cents a DaytTJ
Will buy for a man 35 yean of age  a
���1,000 20-Payment Ufa Policy, one
of the beat forms ol iusunaoe written
in the
Union Intel Life
Insurance Company
Of Portland, Maine
A Sound, Safe, Ably Managed, (i.vcoRron.
Keliabls Sub��Uiiti��l Institution <    Aran
Whioh SF.VKI1 stands (      1848
ei*OK TKCH.NII'ALITIIM ���*-r*~--*��~
3. S. EVANS, Provincial Manager,
ro. box 093 Vancouver, B. C.
For further information call on
F. 3. DALBY,
With James Abrams.
5MM RiocKfi
A few hundred yards from the
Switch where the company's
new buildings are to be built.
Choice 5 acre lots can be purchased on easy terms.
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H. A. Simpson
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J. A. Oarthew
���CrjJTOJ-T, s. c.
for sale in all parts of the town.   Some very desirable residence properties cheap on small monthly payments,
*arm lands improved and unimproved in Comox District $ro to $50 per acre.
Some splendid lots on Dunsmuir Avenue.   Business ancl
I dwelling houses for rent.
its collected
Loans Negotiated
��� I *, V $50,000   FOE   MOM,
Experience of Two French Ladies
Near Constantinople.
Bofytln; Authorities and do Not Release
Their Prisoners Until the Monoy ls
Paid   In Hourly Dread of Death.
' It seems almost Incredible In these
days ol electrical marvels ami flu do
Blocks conditions ol perfection to
Which ivg Hatter oureelvee ivo liavo
attained, when tlm little wire trana-
inita our meeaogefl Irom ono end ol
tlm ylolio to tho other, uml. tho tele-
phono allows us to oommunloate with
persona thousands id miles away,
when bright ateol rniLs traverse the
country Irom every point o( tho compose ami hotli civilized ami uncivil-
zed nations are iu touch with each
other, that two French ladies could
have lieen captured hy brlganda ami
detained aa hostages for thirteen days
and a half.
We read lii'ty years back of great
uprisings bi India, of thu terrihle sufferings of tlie wives ami daughters of
Britlid officers, sufferings so horrible'
anil revolting in their nature that the
victims eagerly sought self-destruction rather than fall iuto the hands
of these hall breed miscreants. In tlie
early history of our own country, how
familiar are the Indian abduction of
our white women. Eveu thirty years
ago, hoiv common waa the raiding of
an emigrant train slowly dragging Its
weary nay across the plains to tlm
then unsettled El Dorado, And so wo
coukl go on and find illustrations ail
libitum of women being held as hostages, anil yet not feel any great astonishment at tlm fact, for the condition of thc different countries and
the customs of society were such tliat
outrages of that nature wero possible
by organized bands of brigands.
lloiv careful wc aro iu bringing up
our young people to eliminate from
the stock of books within their reach,
what ive style "dime novels." Eloquent divines havo lectured Irom their
pulpits on tho poison Instilled in
young minds by this pernicious literature ; and it Is even now not uncommon to read of a party of boys,
fired with a wild spirit ol adventure
from reading these blood curdling
tales, who have started off in quest
of the thrilling experiences of their
favorite brigand chief, only to im Ig-
nominiousjy returned to their angry,
nnxlous parents and receive tlie well
merited punishment meted out to
But It is hard to realize the fact
that in the neighborhood of Constantinople, a short distance from a fashionable watering placo tu which invalids of all nationalities flock for
treatment at the baths, and whicli
wa.s, to all intents and purposes, populated and civilized, that two ladies could have teen seized and carried off into the mountains, a ransom
demanded for their release, ami that,
notwithstanding tho power and majesty of the law, and that they wero
French subjects, tho ransom demanded had to lie paid beforo tliey were
A rumor ot this outrage, stating tho
fact ol tlio abduction, reached us by
wire some two weeks ago, but It was
not until a day or two ago that the
full particulars were learned, and
they arc so filled with the romance
nf mediaeval times tliat to the plodding money making American tliey
Been) I llco a tale culled from tlie annals of chivalry,
On the afternoon of tlie Bib tit fast
.lime three ladles who had been sojourning at the Koorl Baths started
out for a drivo to tiio adjacent village of Vaiava. They were accompanied by two mounted gendarmes,
wlio had heen sent witli them by order of the Frenoh I'oiihiiI, ns recent
rails l,y a hand of brigands from the
neighboring mountains had made the
country unsafe for ladles driving
alone. They had almost reached
tlielr destination, when suddenly from
behind ono of tlm numerous mounds,
which dot the country between the
coast and the watering place of Koorl,
a hand of brigands appeared and attacked tlie party. The brigands
fired, killing ofic and disabling tin'
Other horse, and the oonvoynnoe huh
brought to a standstill. Tlie' two
gendarmes, finding themselves' out*
numbered, n<*, 1 In tlie dlreotlou of the
The Indies were ordered to dismount
and wero marched toward tlm mount*
alas, until the party readied a smull
llllage, where linrsrs w, re obtained
uml two of tlu> prisoners mounted
thereon. The third l.idy, being too
III to ride, was rolSnaod, and after
muoh trouble a rude country wagon
was procured, aad she was told to return to Koorl. before allowing her
to depart the conditions upon which
her two companions would ho released were told to her and she Hot
out to find   their ransom,
Those stipulations demanded n ransom of ��2u,O0O, and a certain time
was set ns tlie Iln,it w.thln whicli it
could be pal,:. The consternation
caused by the arrival or this lady
alone, and the Btory sho lind to toil
was grent. The French residents of
Koorl and Constantinople wee wildly
excited, and tin; French Consul wns
nsked to act at onco. Of course, tbe
uncertainty as to tlie treatment tlie
co ,tlves would receive at the hands
of the brigands only added fuol to
ti... fin* The time given for the
payment of i be ransom wur short and
the sum demanded exorbitant. Every
one felt certain that until that time
expired th ladles were safe. imt tlie
future .... tinmetblng wliich no nne
dnred to contemplate.
Troops wero i. . once hurried to thc
scene of the r motion Irom lsmidt,
Pnndc.rmn, Kri* \lusal nud other
districts, ami tho authorities* armed
peasants and sent them iu pursuit
of tbe brigands,   judging    that,   not
heing in uniform and with their
knowledge of tlie country, they
would attract less attention than
tbe soldiers and gendarmes and more
easily reach tho brigands. Tbe latter seemed perfectly cognizant ol
the movements of the rescuing parties
and, upon tho peasants approaching,
greeted them witb a volley from
their fin do sleclo rifles.
Finally n meeting wns arranged by
members ol the Embassy and delegates s**nt by the brigands to wind
up the negotiations. Mr. Bouct, of
the Embassy, succeeded In having
thc ransom reduced from ��25,000 to
��10,000. Of course It was necessary
to cxerclso the greatest caution und
diplomacy, us the lives und fate of
these defenceless women were ut
stake. The brigands were very bold
nnd nggresslvo, and would not yield
ono Inch from tho stand tliey had
taken, though It evidently turned
out that tho abduction was a mistake, aud the Indies seized were not
the ones originally expected. This
made littio dlffereiu'o to tlmiu, however; they hnd their captives uud
held all tbe winning cunts.
It appeared later tliat tbe baud
had been lying lb wait for n parly ol
rich Armenians nnd the wife of a
(iriK'l: banker, who were reported to
carry a largo amount of money and
Jewels. This party was to have gone
to Koorl from Constantinople the day
the French women left it, but tor
somo reason or other their departure
was delayed at the last moment.
Tho knowledge possessed by the brigands proved that some confederate
in Constantinople kept them Informed as to tho movements ol important persons, nnd their conduct during
the whole affair, as told by tho ladies
afterward, indicated an organized
mode of procedure, ilttlo to be expected from such  lawless people.
Tlio end of the negotiations was
reached on June 10th, and tho two
French ladies were brought from the
mountains where they bad been in
Captivity for almost fourteen days,
and delivered to tlielr friends, none
the worso, physically, for their experience, but very much worn out with
the nnxiety and uncertainty tliey hud
undergone during their enforced sojourn in tlio brigands' hiding place.
One of tlio brigands was captured a
few days niter tlieir release in a
shepherd's hut, where he bud fallen
asleep aft.'r a carouse. He bui rendered
without a struggle. .Seven hundred
and eighty pounds were found upon
him, evidently whnt remained of his
share of the spoils. Tbo rest of the
band nre being actively pursued, but
owing to the difficult nature of the
country It is doubtful whether they
will ever be cuptured.
Tlio story of their capture and
treatment hy the band is very graphically told by one of the Indies, the
other being iu su nervous ar condition
as to  still  need tlio doctor's  care.
" After our friend lift us," she relates, "we were hurried further inland,
lutu what I shuuld say wus tho heart
of tlio mountains. Su far we had bad
little timo to realize our position, or
clsu tlie horror of it was so great
that we were numbed by it, incapable
of any feeling whatsoever. We finally
encamped iu a clearing wliich had
evidently bicn used by our captors before, aud there, as I found out afterward, awaited the result of the negotiations aud tlie arrival uf the money.
OI courso wo knew upon what terms
we were being held, and we felt certain, so fur as uur ���friends were concerned, that we would speedily be
"The baud numbered about fifteen
men, ail well armed, some with Martini rillee and others carrying repeating rilica, and all having knives and
yataghans. They were a formidable
looking lot, and after wo had settled
down to the awful monotony und the
dreadful uncertainty of tliat wait,
our hearts were very sick and our
courage very low, as we contemplated
our captors and imagined what our
lot might he did the negotiations
tall through.
**Ou our way up the mountains the
brigauus treated us very roughly, but
once iu salety their attitude changed
to one of gentlemanly and even gallant conduct. A small hut was erected
for us from branches of trees and
ferns, and leaves were collected for
our beiis. At night the men took turns
in lending us their thick coats as coverings against tho heavy dews uud
cold night air. Rain fell during several
uiglits lu periect torrents, and noi-
witlistuuding all their efiurts to protect us, the hut which sheltered us
was su Inadequate that we' were
drenched and utterly miserable.
Two ol tho oldest brigands were
statloucd outside uur hut tu mount
guard aud wait upon us, while the icst
of iho baud withdrew to a 1'espeottu]
distance. For thu first three days we
had nothing tu eat but tlm dry biscuits provided by our captors, hut us
soon as our friends could be communicated ulth and hud learned our whereabouts they sent us every necessity,
not only ol lood, but also of clothing,
Which wu needed.
"Thi: leading lueu oi the oaud un*
lirrclu iroiii lanbiia, including Ihu
eliiel, Wun wruto and spoke Oreeli
fluently and uppeared lo oe very well
oduoutcd, rite men wore all well
and uniformly dressed, an 1 thu unlet
poseoepudi among other tilings, an
excellent fl. Id glass, which enabled
him to wuicn the movements of his
intended prey us well as the troops
and gend.irinorl'. He would olten turn
to us and say :
' Mailani, those husybodlos of friends
of jours will do yuu harm some
" 1 was often Seriously worried. Our
friends seemed to lose their heads in
tbeir endeavors to release us, aud
once or twice I was fearful that our
lives would pay the forfeit of tlieir
oierzoulousucss. In luuklug buck
upon our experience, 1 wonder how
we lived through it, ami yet it was
nothing to what it might have
beon. It is something I should not
wish any other woman to undergo,
for sho might not como out of it us
safely as wo did."
it ls difficult to believe tliat such
things can take placo iu tliis nineteenth century.
A band of men seize, and hold two
helpless, refined women, mny subject
them to untold indignities, if they bo
will, and the law canuot touch tliein,
for they hold up as a shield the trail
lives of tlieir victims. The agony
these women endured can readily be
Imagined. Tbeir sufferings wero more
Intense than those of tlielr sisters In
mediaeval times, for they wero accustomed to this mode of warfare, and
for their knights to rescue thom wus
considered tlio greatest proof of love
tbey could receive. In this case there
were no knights in sight, but tlie
earnest, gallant Frenchmen, wlio
worked so faithfully for tlielr release,
and tbe true frienda who came forward to help swell the fund uf the
enormous ransom demanded. Taking
It nil In all, perhaps thero was as
mueh chivalry In this rescue us any
whleh occurred In mediaeval times.
Not Made to Order by Some Wan. But n
True Copy.
The following Is a true copy ol a latter received from across the wuter:
Tlppcrnry, Ireland, Jan, 8.
"My Dear Nephew,���I have uot beard
anything ol ye sens tlie last time 1
wroto ye 1 lmve moved from the place
where 1 now live, or 1 should have
written to yo before. I did not know
where n letter might find }'e fust,
but I now tako my pen In hand to
drop you a fow lines to inform you of
the death of your own living uncle,
Kilpatrick. Ilo died very suddenly niter a long Illness of six months. Four
man 1 be suffered a great deal. He lay
a long time in convulsions, perfectly
quiet und Bpeeohless, all thu time talking Incoherently and Inquiring for
water. I <nu very much at a lows to
tell ye what tho death was occasioned
nt, but the doctor thinks that it was
occasioned by ids last sickness, for be
wus uot well ten days during his confinement. Ills age ye know us well as
I can tell ye. He was 0B years old
last March, lacking 15 months, and il
lie had lived until this time lie would
have been dead six months Just.
"N. B.���Tako notis. 1 enclose you a
tin-pound note, whicli your lather
Bends to ye unbeknown to me. Your
mother often Bpeaks of ye, and I would
like to Bind ye the brlndlo cow, nnd i
would inclose her til ye, but for the
horns. I would beg of ye not to break
tho sale of this letter until two or
three days after you rend it, by whicli
time ye'll be prepared for the sorrow**
ful news.
���'Patrick O'Brnnlgau.
'���To Michael Glnney, Heron street,
United States of America, State of
Washington, ln Aberdeen."���Astoria
Ore., Astorian.
Mismnted Ones.
" I bud a little    husband, no bigger
than my thumb;
1 put him iu a quart pot, and there
I bid liim drum."
You ought to be ashamed of yourself! What business hud you to marry
a little man liko that V You must
have known that ho was not up to
your ideal of manly stature, yet you
deliberately married him! Don't begin
to talk to ine nbout fate! Vou could
have controlled your destiny so fnrns
to refuse to be united with a mnn of
sucli smull proportions. Therefore, 1
suy it was done deliberately.
You didn't realize how small lio
was *.' Did you take pains to find out
all you could' ubout his character nnd
disposition ? Perhapa you rushed Into
matrimony from tho foolish four of
being an old maid.
It was your owu act, at any rate,
and you ought' to abide by the consequences.
Perhaps you were dazzled by some
shining quality whicli you Imagined he
possessed. In tho clos'r acquaintance
of daily life you discover that lie falls
far short of your standard. Well, your
first duty certainly is to hide his
shortcomings from thu eyes of others,
nn fur as possible. Tlie last thing you
ought to do i.s to proclaim his faults,
lie is your husband, nnd even if you
cannot love, honor nnd obey liim as
you promised, you cun ut least appeal'
to do so. Surely you cuu refrain from
making bim u laughing stock.
If ho Is no bigger than your thumb,
you need not keep bim under your
thumb. You need not bid liim drum
for the nmusemcut of yourself and
your companions.
Ah, that association of ideas that
your mention of the quart pot brings
up! 'i'he unhappy husbaud nnd tho
quart pot. 1 presume it means the
same thing us " In bis cup." We havo
various names for tlio failing, and
whether we speak of it lightly, seriously or with contempt, it conveys
tho samo dreadful idea. You put bim
in a* quart pot, or lu other words
drove bim to seek to drown Ills woos.
1 huve your own word for it. You do
not say lie took to the quart pot,
you assert tin, fact tliat you puthlni
in it. Isn't that a terrible tblng-
drlvin to such a fate .by you ! By
your ri preaches nntl evident luck of
What of tlie quill lies that won your
heart? Were tbey entirely locking���
assumed merely V   Was tliere nut   the
least  g I  in hi in  whicli  you   might
liavo fostered? When you found thnt
you hnd to make allowances for hini
you should huve done so graciously,
nnd never, never have held bim np to
"As tin* husband is, tlie wife |R."
Remember that, nnd he assured thnt
the world is very apt to Judge of a
woman by ber estimate of her husband. The wif" who sp *aks contemptuously of her husband Is not wise. It
does not raise her iu tiie estimation
of her bearers.
That mny be a very old-fashioned
opinion. I dare say It Is, for my
grandmother once gave utterance to
it iu tile presence of my futher, who
Was ut tho time so young tliat all
he recollected of tlie conversation wns
tliat his mother was nsked if she did
not think a'certain new acquaintance
wan a very pleasant person.
" I cannot think her a very desirable acquaintance, for she spoke very
disparagingly of hor husband."
Whicli remark proves thnt my
grandmother was n very sensible womnn, who knew whnt she was tnlk-
ing about. It bo exactly expresses the
sentiments of
Mistress Mdry, ('nlte Contrary.
A new Presbyterian Church Ih to be
erected In I'ottersburg at a cost of
A crop of common field beans ia a
good thing to put iu if you have a
piece of land to spare. Tliey require
neither very rich -soil nor much cultivation, though they cannot make
headway against weeds. After harvesting tliey must not ilo upon tlie
ground if it is wet. Tliey -should pay
aa well as wheat, and tliey distribute
tho labor over tho year.
Tlio result of tbo proper cultivation
of tlio corn field in not exhausted this
year, by auy means, and this should
encourage ono lu the effort to till
well. Tho plant food now brought Into
availability hy cultivation does not
expend itseir wholly ou the present
growing crop, but is effective for yearn
to eomo.
Draining, manuring, cultivating ami
clovering aro four mean* tu the Mime
etui of almost equal worth ; they each
menu tin* growing of better crops aud
tlie surety of better profits from our
work. The funner -who neglects
either ono of these overlooks his best
Cutting and husking corn is about
tho worst drudgery or the harvest
season. Although it is not quito tlio
slow process it was ouce, we have
aot yet tho lnachino which will cut
tlio corn in bundles as the reaper
does tlio wheat; but our bettor modes
of feeding it aro a great rellif.
A single experiment in agriculture
lu not conclusive, and it is not wull
thut wo must wait until our experiment stations can rcprat u process
year after year. Better to implicate
tho trials upon different soils at different places, and, bettor yet, if farmers cau take up the experimmts upon
their.own hook. At hast should substations bo extended.
Uno of the most important duties of
the farmer Is to constitute himself a
weed killer. Neither upon nor about
his farm should a weed be allowed to
mature its seeds. Not many will persist in Jivlug long if their stocks aro
kept cut down, especially if cut now.
A day thus employed now will savo
many a day's work in tho future.
Au outlay for a lot uf cheap boxes
or crates at tho beginning of the
season in well made, in sending buttor, fruit, eggs and vegetables to
market, sales will 1m> mado more
readily If the goods aro put ui�� * fn
neat, attractive, small package,
such an tho buyer can carry home
and wliich need not be returned.
Buttor and eggs are oftener the
ready money products of the farm
thau anything olso, and yet sometimes the profit is hardly discernible. A little better caro In making and handling tiio buttor, aud in
tho care for tho poultry, would lead
to au almost doublet! profit, and
one wbioh would Iw sufficiently evident to make uno rejoice.
Tho wages of farm laborers huve
not declined much, eveu during the
seasons of the greatest agricultural
depression* Stranger still, wages are
highest where the most agricultural
machinery is used, although there was
so much opposition to its introduction tliat only a lew years ago tliey
frequently destroyed threshers, reapers ami such new tangled Implements
or  labor.
High feeding ou the forcing pluu
wid produce moro pounds oi butter
from a given amount of food than
wid tho gradual or ordinary plan,
but it is possible that it wears out
tho milk maohine moro rapidly; aud
It is equally truo that a well bred
animal, having tlio same feed and
caro, means at least 50 {ior ceut.
moro profit than a scrub. Ouly those
believe  tiits  who  havo  tried it.
Tlioro is nothing truer than that
kicking cows aro not horn, but made,
and aro made by rough treatment or
by being hurt when first milked. In
fact, vicious habits in auy animal
aro the outcome of vicious handling.
Manage thom carefully when breaking thom iu, aiul much future trouble
will bo avoided.
Tlie iluiryman who depends upon
replenishing his herd by buying has
always much with wliich to contend in the way of unsatisfactory
animals* while tlie man who raise's
his own cows can protty well know
what thi;y are In-fore Ho puts thom
In his dairy. Perpetuate the good
stock by procuring a bull descended
from a lino of good milkers, and raise
yonr own calvos.
The dairyman of the old-fashioned
kind ploughs little, pastures much,
produces Ilttlo. Tln> milkman ut the
day reduces Ids pasturage area and
grows more soiling crops; bo keeps
more enws to tho acre. Improves bis
land all the while and ls| continually
maklng more money.
Separators will tako out about a
hall' pound niore butter from tlie hundred pounds of milk than will tin*
chum, which Is about 10 per cent.
A separator sells for about $100.
Knowing the st/.o of tlio dairy, you
can figure out for yourself whether
It will pay to Invest In ono ot thoso
Successful dairying requires close
attontion to small things. There must
he clean bedding, and the COWB must
he kept clean from lice and vermin.
In fact, cleanliness Is the first essential in a well managed dairy farm,
and tho lack of It Is alone enough to
condemn tho products; and the manure must be looked after ns one ol
the valuable products.
The dairyman should never be discouraged by tho price of dairy products, provided ho procures tho best
prices going. This market has its
ups and downs, liko all tilings else.
Keep production and quality always
up to the highest standard, and the
profits nre sure to' come during the
course of tlio year.
It ls not difficult to preparo for
autumn feeding, but it demands a
little forethought. It is one of those
cases, so frequently taking place on
the farm, whore serious loss is occasioned by neglecting to plan in advance. Somo succulent  food must  be
ready when tlte grass fails, for tliere
are several months of profitable work
for the cows, to follow, at a time
when products aro highest in value.
After tlie first few weeks or their
lives ducks aro the hardiest of all
fowls; rarely, if ever, infected with
lico or vermin, ami never subject to
disease. If allowed a good range they
will neurly keep themselves, even if
they destroy your garden to do it.
Tbey aro susceptible to heat, and
while growing sliould havo plenty of
shade where they can run at pleasure.
During tlie dry, hot weather wldch
la likely to prevail from this time ou
tlie poultry needs good cure, otherwise a flock whicli bus liecomc nicely
started muy 8top making growth, become stunted, and possibly diseased,
aud the owner's hopes of profits will
vanish. Vegetation will Ik: dying, and
tbey will not get all tho green food
they should havo.
One who cau carry Ills chickens safe
through tho lato Hummer need not
doubt Ids ability to handle them at
any other season of the yoar. Above
all' things now, seo that they have
plenty ul water���puro und fresh���and
lot there bo no hull wuy ubout it;
and let thero bo uo slacking up iu mutters pertaining to cleanliness.
The goose ls a grazer, even alongside ot the sheep, will utilize ull kinds
of grass very closely, aud will enable
poor land to earn a dividend, t.eese
cau lie kept lu largo flocks profitably,
so that "specialty farming" in tliis
line muy be conducted on quite a largo
scale. They may bo grown lor less a
pound thau almost auy other meat
upon the farm,
it is a fact that if farmers would
tako the troublo to find out whether
the poultry paid them or uot, tho
poultry would pay them better than
it uow does. That is to say, this closer
attention would result in better pro-
lit; aud they would find out bo much
nbout the possible profit that they
would begin to do their best to increase it.
Tlie low price for cattle aad the
cutting up oi tho western plains Into
smaller tracts by settlors have doue
much to break up cattle ranging; but
some of the best bulls of tho couutry
have beeu bought up by those still
clinging to the ranges, which looks as
if they had made up their minds' to
Do not let tbo refuse cabbage heads
and tho unsalable stuif go to waste in
the field, for they are excellent for
stock, and nutritious. They will be
utilized best if fed in tlie stall; or,
which is nearly as good, turu tho
stock iuto the fields us soon as you
have removed tue heads, before tho
rest begins to decay.
If your stock does not scorn to be
paying quite OS welt as it should, take
more pains to save tho manure than
yot have doue hitherto, and credit
it against the ca-it of feeding. It will
certainly help to remedy tiio defect.
Whilo a silo U of advantage to almost any farmer wlio keeps sitock
through the winter, und of value to
dairymen, let it bo remembered that
green, succulent food increases the
quantity of the milk more thau it Improves the quality, and hence it la
more valuable for milk marketers
than for those who sell butter.
Wo cuu never believe a farmer
when ilie says ho cannot afford to
koep live stock, lie cannot afford not
to. Again, lie is not u consistent mun
who farms well us far as the cultivation of the soil is concerned, und then
keeps stock of an inferior ehuracter;
but such behavior is not uncommon.
Crass is the eheapest id all foods
for stock. Aim to make all the beef,
pork, mutton, wool and butter possible while the pastures are flush.
There is always profit in such production. The rest of tho year feeding
is hard, confining and expensive work,
and less remunerative.
Tliere aro special purpose feeda as
well as special purpose breeds. One
is corn for making fat; another Is
oats Tor making bone and muscle. lio
sure to be feeding the right tiling at
tho right time to tho right stock.
Feeding at random is a foolish busi-
Proilt in sheep depends largely in
keeping them always in good condition. No other animal recover*'" s'i
slowly when it iias unco become run
do>M9$ ��� -^h.'ep aud rbogs ftve the two
olass. s of animals In which a man
may make a good start with ,i small
capital���a good start if be starts
with good animals.
Idee are very common source of
annoyance to all kinds of live stock
In summer, and are a serious drawback to health and pront iu feeding.
To get rid of them, use a kerosene
emulsion ; it kills the Hae, the nits
and tlie eggs, Rub It well Into their
hides with a brush, and then sprinkle
tin' Stable mangers thoroughly.
If we examine the report** of sales
at our leading markets for the past
few years, we shall find that the
poor quality of stock offered has
had more to do with tho depression
in prices than has over produotlui).
There has never boon much depression
la priee for the very top quality.
As the oh a noes for our Western
ranges are euiitlnually narrowing,
and as our export trado is oontbi-
ii'iiiy growing, wo would seom to be
surely approaching a better era for
tlie producer. There may bo ups
and downs yet. but then*1 united conditions must certainly establish a
higher range of value for the future.
Brad litre a*'8 .on Ti^.tl'e. ��� ���������' -j . *.
General trado throughout the Canadian dominion, more particularly in
Ontario and Quebec, whilo not active
is less depressed than promised a week
or more ago, the distribution of merchandise in some staple lines being
fairly satisfactory for fall delivery.
Tliis is truo with respect to jobbers
at Toronto, Montreal and Quebec.
Halifax reports the prospects for the
codfish good, with the bay crop increased and tho policy of both city
und'country merchants one of extreme
caution. New Brunswick lumber operators report a good trade. Bank
clearings at'Winnipeg, Montreal, Hamilton, Toronto and Halifax aggregate
$19,879,000 last week, a decrease of
about 16 per cent, compared witb tbe
previous week, but only a trifling falling off contrusted with clearings
totals in the corresponding week of
last year and 189i as well. /
*+*M**.��>*i*<- 4.^.+++++^+ ���.+4.++4++<.+++<.^.++++<.4.++<.4.+++++4_1.++++,
A Heroine of the Reign of Terror.
.J. J.
4.+++^_{.4-^^+^H.^.+ ���.+^.^.+^.^^^^+4.++++^.^.++++++++++^.4.++++J4..
"The Citizen Cluude, II you please ?"
Aa old woman dressed In black
opened the door ol tlie entresol at
which the visitor had knocked, and
snid,  "Oo  up onc flight lurther."
The stair casea ln the Hue de l'Erhl-
quler havo always been dark. The
visitor Btuiiiblcd. Ilo was thinking
what everyone thought ln thoso
days on seeing a black gown: "Why
Is thLs old person in mourning ?" 'Jiie
sight oi a .black dress awakened
Ideas ol nrrcst and execution, lie
put away the thought, however, with
a little gesture, mnde, as it were, to
himsell, as he went up the dark
stuirs. it meant, "Why should 1
care? It is nothing to me."
At tills moment the door he had
kuockeil at was opened wido, and
���n ray or light falling on tlie man ascending the staircase, showed him to
lie tall, with gray hair. He had a
long, pale, beardless lace, and was
dressed in a frieze coat, with waistcoat ol tliat shade ol red whicli was
called, In the language oi fashion at
that period, Foulon's blood. His
breeches were ol black casslmer,
whicli set off the whiteness of his
stockings. He had steel buckles la his
shoes, which were ol good calfskin
morocco. Altogether his dress denoted that care for appearances,
combined with economy, whicli distinguishes the class oi tradesmen all
over the world. The cockade on his
hat was a woollen cockade, the Commune having recently forbidden silk
to be used for that purpose, and decreeing that all should be arrested
who thought the worsted of equality not good enough to bear witness
to their patriotism.
"Who are you ?" asked the old woman sharply, "and what do you
want of  the Citizen Cezaron?"
"Who am I? I am a virtuous mnn
and a good citizen. I should thiuk,
my good woman, you might have
seen tliat at a glance. My name is
Maximilian Gregolre, at your service if you want me, to be useful to
one's fellow-creatures aas always
seemed to me tho first of duties. I
have come to nsk after Citizen Cezaron, wlio is my .clerk, and whom I
have not seen ior four days, la the
young citizen 111?"
"All right," said the womun, "But
you need not have used so ninny
words. Citizen Ceznron is quite well.
You will find hlui at home."
Then, passing before thc visitor,
she opened another door. Citizen Uregolre heard a littio scream. Ho had
taken Manette by surprise lu tlie
outer room, and as she caught sight
of him she ran into the bed chamber;
not so quickly, however, but that
the old gentleman had seen a pretty
picture, Manette seated at the table
beside Claude, and, ns sho had
brought no dress from the Hue de
Bussy but the gray gown she was
wearing, sho was anxious to spare
It, and, thus early In the morning,
had not put It oa. She wore a colored skirt, her pelisse was thrown
lightly over her shoulders, her soft,
round arms were hare. Citizen Gregolre fancied that as he entered he
saw them round the neck of Claude.
On the table were the remains of
a pie, nnd some oranges; food
enough for lovers, when euten before
a bright wood lire, whose logs were
crackling merrily. This littio scene
moved tho heart of the good Grogo-
Ire; peace and happiness ln those
days were so rarely to be seen. Tears
cauie Into his eyes, and to relieve
his emotion he apostrophized Manette thus:
"Young he. uty, you seek to conceal yourself like the nymph ol old
who hid beneath the willows. Fugit nil
Bailees. Your modesty is too eaBlly
alarmed ; for lovo ls the first necessity
of nature. Those who lovo have no
reason to be ashamed, they ought
rather to bo proud of loving. The Supreme Being Binlles on those who have
cast from thciu the fetters of superstition. "We live In an ago of holy liberty. Anil you, young citizen, Is ' It
because you al-e so happy that you
havo neglected your duty to me?
Well, I can pardon you. I can sympathize with you. 1 have known tho
rapture of young lovo in the spring*
tlmo ol my Ule. Enjoy lu peace the
happiness I envy you."
Mnnetto, In tlio adjoining chamber,
burst Iuto a merry laugh, and reappeared, having put her dross on ; Buying ns Slio entered ; "You apeak like a
book, Citizen (iregolre. You all speak
aa tliey do ln books ; that la what I
am always flailing fault with In my
dear Claude. All your fine phrases I
hear will not hinder you from taking
him away from mo."
Tho citizen did not deny that he had
come fur that purpose, "lie is my assistant," he wild. "After fulfilling
the duties of tlie heart It Is right to
resume sociul duties. Work la also
"Good heavens 1" ahe broke ln,
"how you all talk of duty 1 Could you
not eat an orange ?"
He took the chair she pointed out to
him. Bhe peeled the orange with her
pretty fingers. The citizen looked nt
her with admiration. Ho was moved
when ho thought of their young happiness, and how soon It might bo ended. He mado Claude sit on the other
side of him, and extended his hands
over their two young heads as 11 ln
blessing Manette continued to laugh.
Meantime the old womnn who wnlt-
od on the lovers came ln and out of
the room. The old man looked again
at her black dress, and his previous
Idea came back to hlin. He Bald suddenly to Claude:
"Why ls that woman tn mourning? Has any one belonging to her
been  "
"No,  no,"  whispered  Claude quick
ly. "It is not tliat. Her husband���
a fever,"
" Have you heard that they are going to set ui) a Criminal Tribuaal,
from which there will be no appeal ?"
" I  kaow.    .'lease hush."
Manette, however, had heard, and
her gaiety was at an end.
Citizen Gregolre, like everyone else,
was under the Influenco of fear, but
lie did not like to own It. In fine
oratorical scateacos ho told the
young couple he wus thinking of going away on a short Journey, If he
could obtain the conaent of his section, nnd a permit to pass tlie barrier from the municipal authorities.
Claude would bo obliged to take Ida
place ln his absence.
Manette roused herself from
thoughts of danger.
" Ah, Claude," Bho cried, " If we
could only get a permit  "
" Yes," ho answered, " we would go
to Vellzy. We would then he free
nad live happy over after."
Citizen Gregolre had Interrupted
their first days of happiness, but he
had come In good time to naslst them
ln another matter. Manette did not
dare to be Been ln that quarter; she
could not go nbroad to make purchases. She had come to Claude
with the scantiest provision of
clothes, having only whnt she carried
ln the mysterious bundle whicli on
her adventurous Journey across
Paris had dropped bo often from
her hands. She was unwilling to ask
lier uncle and aunt, who had treated
her bo Ul, to send her any of her
things. She was determined thnt
her uncle, whom she called Judas In
her heart, Bhould never hear ol Ids
nioco again. Citizen Gregolre undertook to buy for her linen nnd other
materials for dress, which he said he
would send her by a trusty person.
He undertook this duty readily,
but not without Indulging in some of
the fine phrases of the period. "Were
I the God of the Sun, I would clothe
Beauty in  my rnys,"  he Bald.
*But you aro not,"' replied Manette? who had Bomewhat recovered
her gaiety, "and all I want Is something to make a gown of, nnd some
linen. You will see how well dressed
I shall be then."
The purchases made by the good citizen came the next day. He had
ndded to the order a piece of Bilk, ln
stripes of the three national colors, a
note pinned upon it said that It was
Intended for fine warm days ln summer, and ns a wedding present.
Manette blushed. Claude laughed.
" The good man," he said, "thinks his
solemn benediction has married ns."
It was now the month of March, but
the weather was too cold to wear the
Bilk drees then. Manette set to work.
Claude returned to the office In the
Iiue Grenelle-Honore. He camo home
nt night and found that Manette had
been sewing steadily all day. Their
dinner wna always frugal, and they
needed many things to perfect their
housekeeping. For Instance, they had
only one glass. " Drink after me,"
said Manette, three days later, " and
you will know what I most wish for."
He did not guess right. She took
his hand and placed It on her heart.
" Look for It here," snid she; " you
will see how I lore you, but I should
be much happier, Claude, if we were
married by a priest. Cannot we be
really married, dearest Claude 1 Even
though such a marriage, it we could
accomplish It, might Involve our
deaths aad that of the priest, too ?"
Accordingly, tho next evening when
Claude came home he was not alone
ae usual. A man Was with him. Be
seemed still young, but his hnlr was
white. Goodness and gentleness
seemed beaming from his face. He
stopped short on tlie threshold and
stretched out his right hand. Manette
fell upon her knees. She knew now
for what purpose he had come. Old
Brigette, to whom Claude had spoken
on their way upstairs, lighted two
caadles ln place of the church tapers.
Claude looked to see If tho curtains
were drawn close, aud if the doors
were fnstcned. Then he came and
knelt beside her who was about to
become his wife in .tlio sight of God,
ns it had been her dearest wish she
should be.
The priest, raising his eyes to
heaven, Implored the blessing of his
divine Master oa these two young
people, who, ut the risk ot their lives,
were complying with his law. Ah for
his own lite, hu had long offered It a
sacrifice to God whenever that sacri-
tlco   Bhouhl   be   clnlmed.     Then     he
Manette put her linu,I lu that of
"Father," she a.-ihl softly, "It has
been my dearest wiah that what yuu
are now doing fur us ahould lie done.
But It Is ho whu hns fulfilled my wish,
uml hruiight you hero. Give hlin a
double blessing, father, tor the Joy
that he lies given ino."
Thenceforward they were husband
and wife. Tho priest went away.
Claude accompanied hlin into tho noxt
street. The moment they were gone a
dreadful vlslun rose before the eyes of
the young wife. Again she saw that
tearful sceae upon the quay, that poor,
pale face, that bloody head. He, too,
had been a priest, and those ferocious
beasts had killed him. If others sliould.
recognize the prleat who hud Just mar*'
rled them, they would run him down,
and send him���him and his guldo	
Just married���and a widow!
But Claude camo back. She threw
heraelf lato hla arms. There was pence
uow lnher heart. They had the blessing of heaven.
The next day Claude was much excited by news brought him by Brigette
as she poured out hla morning coffee.
She told him that by a new decree the
Commune had ordered that to the
front door of every house a painted
board should he affixed, oo which the
names of   the   Inhabitants   should be
written. Manette, wlio they thought
was Btlll asleep, suddenly made her
appearance. "Now you can write
Citizen Cezaron and his wife," Bhe said.
" What should we have said yesterday before we had beea married?"
Manette spoke triumphantly. Claude
shook hla head. He had not, as
Manette hnd, the enthusiasm of a renewed faith; he did not feel, as his
wife did, tho happiness of recovering
her eelf-respect after a tall.  He said:
"But, Manette, we dare not avow
our marriage to the municipality. We
have uot appeared beiore the municipal officer.
" But we are married, Claude, and
God is with us."
He looked at her with surprise, for
ho had uever suspected her of deep
religious feeling. Thoae under the roof
ot Citizen Audrey did net trouble
themselves much ubout God and Hla
coiutiiundments; no prayers were
thero oltered for 'Jod's guidance, or
Hla aid.
" Why, Manette," Claude said, "you
havu more piety thau 1 have ever suspected."
"Listen," aho said, placing hur hand
upon his shoulder, " It aeeius to me
that never belore did I look Into mv
soul. The v.slt ot the priest revealed
new things to me. lie is outlawed ;
his life la forlclt, and the moment ot
liia discovery would bo the moment of
hla death.. I kuow it. Kvery time he
conies forth from hia hhling pluce ho
rlska Ida life; and yet tho moment
you said come, he came. Ills hoart
must ho full ot love to God and men.
He believes, he hopes ; for himself he
has no fears. And now he has made
me so happy. 1 was suffering from
the thought that I hnd no right to
cnl! myself your wile. I felt ashamed
when you hissed mo to kiss you
back ugnin. Now that Is all over.
Real happiness has been brought to
us by that good priest; aad are you
trying to trouble It already ? Are
you going to give way to lears like
those ln that house of Judas ln the
Kue de Bussy? Do as I do. I put
my trust in Him Whose minister yesterday gave me Dis blessing. In
Heaven's name two honest hearts are
oue. God will not tear ua asunder,
ao long ns we are fulthtul to cacti
other. I believe It firmly. Claude,
the priest has changed everything
for me."
���Claude rose to his feet. He took Ids
youug wife ln his arms and smiled at
her confidence and enthusiasm. They
warmed  hia  heart.
" You are right," ho said ; " let us
be happy without fears. I will write
upon the hoard Citizen Cezaron and
hia wlte. Who will be likely to enquire whether we have been betore the
municipal officer ? The agents of the
Commune cannot make sure of anything. If they ask me about you, I
shall tell them we aru married according to  the law ot nature."
"Then I shall contradict you,
Claude. I shall say 1 am his wife, according to the law of Cod."
Claude sincerely hoped thut it
might not be Manette who would
have to answer the questions ot official Bans-calottes, but he hardly understood her since her marriage. Up
to that time he had looked on her as
oue who, according to the set phrase
"had broken loose from the trammels
ot superstition." Now he seemed to
see ln her a vein ot piety.
"Y'ou are surprised at me," she
But the effect ot her fervor was to
give hlui strength, for Claude hud a
certain softness uf disposition, of
whleh Manette was aware. He went
out, and descended rapidly Into the
street. But he paused as he set foot
upon the pavement, and looked, as
every other man did in those days,
up and down the street, to see If there
were any chauco of being Involved In
a street row.
The Btreet was quiet, almost deserted. In trout of tlie house opposite
his own Claude saw a tall man
standing, and looked at him Juat long
enough to make sure that ho was
not an observateur, that Is, a police
spy; and alter this he took uo further notice. He looked back at his
own front door, however, where in a
few short days the placard might be
placed which might ensure his own
arrest, for to facilitate arrests had
been the object of this decree of the
Commune. Every Inhabitant was to
put down not only his surname but
hla given mime, his ago and Ills profession. Claude would have to write
"Citizen Claude Cezaron, cle>*k to Citizen Gregolre, recevetir de rentes, age
28,   and  hla wife Manette, nge 22"
He walked on. The man ho hud remarked on tho left hand side of the
street crossed over nud wnlked behind
him. Clnude paid him more attention.
Wns this man following him ?
A few moments after he had no
doubt ot it, and walked oa faster.
This, had ho known it. was his heat
defence, nnd he begun to smile when
ho fuund out thnt It was so. The tall
fellow, who seemed bo strangely desirous to bear hlui company, wns
dressed In the latest fashion, lie wore
n brown overcoat (ot the kind then
cnlled a lcvlte) with u fur collar, and
blue puntuloous, drawn very high up
at the wnlst, ami so tight that it
waa Impossible to imagine how he
could step out In them, Cluude made
lung strides, uml hoped thus to get
rid ef him, but the pursuer contrived
tu quicken his pace und kept up with
him. Wlio cuuld It he Inside thut overcoat ? Claude grew angry. Ile turned
round, Intending to remark, "I shuuld
think you would split thusc pantaloons 1" But the Impertinence was
forestalled by the man's politeness.
Clnude found himself addressed, hat
In hand, aa If tiio man had been n
cldevant; happily, there waa no uae
In the street to see.
"Monsieur,"   he   bi'gun.
This, ln addition to the lilted hat,
would have Insured ills nrrcst hud any
of tlie sticklers for tho Republican
thee and thou been within henrlng.
"Monsieur," Bald the unknown, "is
not your name Claude Cezaron?"
"It  is,"  replied Claude ; "but "
"You do not know ine, but I nm
sure you have heard of me. I had
the happiness not long ago to save
Mademoiselle de la Frogeolliere from
a great danger."
"Mademoiselle de la Fregoolllere's
husband thanks you most sincerely,"
said Claude eagerly. "You must bo
the Citizen  Laverdac."
A shade passed over the face of Laverdac when he heard Claude spenk
of himself os Mademoiselle de la Fre-
geolliere's husband; but then he
smiled. Ho did not believe that thoy
were really married.
Claude partly guessed his thoughts.
Manette was not there In person, but
he felt her presence. Sho seined to
whisper In his enr: "Tell hlui who I
nm. Let him know I nm your wife.
Tell him we are married by a priest,
ua you know that I would do, were
it at the peril of my life."
"Citizen Laverdac," aaid Claude,
lowering his voice, "I know to whom
I speak, and I can trust you. I nm
happy to tell you that my dear Manette nnd I hnve received our nuptial
benediction from ouo of the Church's
"I must say ynu showed great courage���and tlie priest, too."
"Y'ou know my house, It seems,
though you did not know my person."
'"I guessed It was ynu, however, tor
Mademoiselle ue la FregeolUere hnd
described ynu fully tu Madame de Laverdac."
"Ah!" said Claude, "then tho portrait must have flattered me."
"Madamo do Laverdac has been
most anxious to get news of you for
tlie past week. It ls ln her name, I
nssure you, thnt you find me here to
enquire nfter the���the Cltoyenne cezaron."
"Why did you not come straight to
our apartment and knock at our
"It is so early," said Laverdac, biting his lip*, "and besides I wna nfruld
"Afraid ot whnt? There ls no need
of ceremony. Manette is fully conscious how much she owes to you. She
will be charmed to see you. In nil
probability you eaved her life. I am
Indebted to you fnr ull that Is most
precious to me. Why sliould uot we
be friends ?"
Cluude held out his kind hand. Laverdac pressed it ia botli his. 1'ur-
bleul Ho hnd a kindly heart himsell;
unfortunately, he had taken n violent
fancy for oue who waa now another
man's wife, and he had not sell-control enougli to mnster it. It waa uot
for his wife's sake, but hia own, thut
he wanted newa of Manette, and ot
her meeting with her lover. For eome
days, whenever iu the morning he
could leave Emille asleep, he had
haunted tho Rue de I'Echlquier, hoping
he might eee Mauette, and Ilnd out
If her Cluude Cezaron had proved all
alio had hoped to find him. They
might have quarreled by that time.
Who could tell ? Such things hud happened. But Laverdac had not found
mattera as he hoped. Far otherwise.
Claude and Manette wero married.
" Of course I Bhall be glad to come
to see you," he said, " if the Cltoyenne Cozaron will allow nie."
" I caa anBiver for her belag very
glad to eee you," aaid Claude warmly. " She will be charmed when I tell
her I have met you."
Laverdac was well pleased with
this assurance ; but a moment after Claude threw cold water on 1iIb
own last words. " I truat," he said,
" that the Cltoyenne Laverdac will
accompany you.
The expreBSion on Laverdac's lace
changed. He felt sure hla wjtle would
avail herself of the suggeatfoa. YVhea
lie wauted to go anywhere without
her, aho would, if ahe were awake,
inslat upou accompanying him. It
might lie better to allay hor Jealousy by bringing her with him; at
least, on his first visit to the Cez-
" Women are very enthusiastic
nbout their friendships at first," he
He niennt to Imply thnt bucIi friendships wero nut likely to last, and was
preparing C.aude not to be surprised
II Madame de Laverdac did not pay
many vlaita to the Ruo de I'Echlquier.
" But now," ho went on, " the Clto-
yeno Laverdac will bo delighted to
resume her acquaintance with your
charming Cltoyenne Cezaron,"
The two young men walked side by
sido until they reached the l'alaia
Royal���now the Palais Egallte. Laverdac paused at the Cute Corazza,
where he wished to look at the morning papers, while Claude had to hurry
to the Rue Gronelle-Uonorc, for he
wns late that day. i
Tho Rtrseta that morning wero
quiet. The weather was beautiful,
Tliere was a flush of green upon tho
trees and gardena behind tho mutilated fronts of aristocratic houses,
nnd dwellings of lesa pretcnaiou on
the Boulevards.
Men were crying newspapers. The
news of the duy was that a proposition had been made to tho Convention by a Glrumlin nnd a Montugnard
to establish a Committee ut l'ubllc
Safety. Claude, aa ho heard  It, wild:
"We could look alter nur own safety
without help from a committee. All
we want Is that men shuuld lu good
"How Uu you define u good Republican?" nsked Laverdac, laughing.
"Are yuu  yourself ni'counted  u good
Republican? You might he arrested
tliis very day on a charge uf superstition ii tiie authorities knew thut
a prlo**t had been to see you."
"True; and when I think lion we
might have been discovered und denounced, my dear Manette nnd 1 ",
"Oil, well I 'i'huse whose business it
Is tn denounce have plenty uf other
work tn attend tu. We ,iiu*-t trust to
luck nowadays. Evorything is going
ut a gallop tu the bad, but there Is
some uiuilseini'iit even yet tu lie hud
in this world."
"Have you tho heart fur amusement ?"  usked   Claude.
"Indeed    1 have.    And 1 would
venture to bet that yuu uud yuur
bride would accept an invitation tu
mnko up a party to the theatre."
"No indeed. You nre right ln
thinking that wo ought to be happy
while wo can.���but amusement Is different."
"Pleasure, however, Is the better
part of happiness. But 1 have a piece
of news which I think may relieve
you of a great anxiety. I should be
surprised tu hear tliat yuu had for-
gotten the'"name of Buscnille."
"Ot Buscallle?" repeated Claude,
with a sudden stnrt. "How comes It
that you know abuut Bu-callle? Oh !
I remember; Manette told everything
to the Cltoyenne Laverdac Of course
we remember him only too well. But
my wlte aad I aever speak of him
to each other."
"You do not wish even tho remembrance ot  hateful things  to intrude
upon your happiness. But Buscallle is
the enemy you have all tlie tlmo beeu
looking ior. You have even been surprised that ho has not yet denounced
you. Weill���you won't hear Irom
hlui for a goud loug while. As he was
heading a party who were making a
domiciliary visit, oue of his own men,
getting enraged with him, struck him
over the bend with a club."
" l'erhnps the mau was not a good
Republican.   Did lie kill Buscaille?"
" He only wounded him. It wua the
other oue, the man with the club,
whom thuy killed. Not lor striking
Buscaille, however���that they did not
dare ; but lhey took hlui to St. Lazare,
and tliere they found out that lie was
a fellow who had property, a selfish,
rich man..who had been guilty of forwarding money to his brother, who
was au emigre. Su on tlie l'luce do la
" Poor mun!" cried Claude.
"What?.���do you pity everybody?
Why ahould you bi* sorry that tliey
guillotined him ? You never knew
him ? Buac.'lllle Is lu a lamentable condition, lie *r>*ou't be out of his house
fur a mouth. A month lu tlu-so days
means a century."
As he spoke tliey reached the I'nlnls
Royal which they entered through tha
Paasage du Perron. Though It wna
barely idne o'clock there wore plenty
of people in tiie gardens, moat ol them
loitering around the dnora of tho cafea.
Flower girla were offering for sale
bunches of wild primroses aud sweet
(To bo continued.)
Hia   Escape   Prom  Capture When  Ho
Was a Papal Zouave.
Whether Surratt wus in the city ou
that day will probably never be positively known. During his trial he attempted to prove that he was in El-
mira, New York, doing special servlco
for the Confederacy; mid the proof
which he furnished was sufficient to
convince eight out of the twelve
jurors that he was nut present und
took no part lu tlie plot. Surratt
claims to have first learned of tho
murder, on the morning following the
assassination, from tlie newspapers
wliiie in Elmira, and ou the next
morning, while eu routo to New York
city, of his suspected complicity hi tlie
plot. He fled immediately to Canada,
where ho remained concealed by Catholic priests for nearly fivo months.
Leaving Canada, he went to England,
thonce to Paris, aud tlienco tu Rome,
where, under tlio name ul Watson, he
enlisted In the Zouaves of the Pope.
While in tlie l'upnl Zouaves lie was
recognized by a Canadian acquaintance, who betrayed liim. Ou the day
following his arrest, while under the
gnurd ot six men, he leaped blindly
from a rocky precipice over one hundred teet ln depth, ahd alighting by
chance on a projecting rock thirty
teet below, clambered quickly down
the abyss, cs'uped, reached Naples In
tho course ot a week, and sailed tu
Alexandria on tho buuio vessel wliich
curried tlie instructions tu the consul
there that led to his capture, He was
finally brought buck to the Unltod
Stntes aad tried nt Washington by a
civil court. Tlio trial extended over a
period of two months, and more than
two lnnuf'^ed witnesses appeared on
the stand. Tlie Jury disagreed, as
alKivc stated, and the Government did
uot prosecute the case farther.���"Four
Lincoln Conspiracies," by Victor Louis
Mason, In the April Century.
Wait Whitman's Line a Good Motto at
This Season.
Walt Whitman's famous saying, "I
loate and lavlto my soul," Ls, ou the
whole, thinks tho Baston Globe! a
very safe thought to consider ut this
time of the year.
Industry, as a virtue, has been over-
preached. Industry is a noble virtue;
but some oue has said that tbo l>e*t of
virtues when carried to extremes de-
gencruto Into vices.
Exce.-wivo industry ls responsible
for muny physical and mental wrecks,
for many men aud women old beforo
their time, uud for many premature
deaths. So everybody should take
some part of thu twelve months and
make a virtuo ol loafing.
Aud a man sometimes doea his best
work when he is loafing. Wait Whitman practiced his own creed, aad bis
best thoughts Were conceived whilo he
"loafed" nnd Invited his soul. Tho
l*-ow bonds liest to the hunter's hnnd
nfter remaining unlient between the
bunds. You canuot depend upun the
muscle that is never relaxed, or the
brain that never Lies fallow.
The laborer gathers hla best
���strength during his recreation, the
thinker his best thoughts, nnd tho
artist his licst material. And so wo
sometimes really du mast when wo
Beem to do loast, us Cicero so gracefully naid. 'Walt Whitman really did
a wine thing when  hu loafed nnd lu-
vited his soul.
An exchange says tliat a mortgage
is tlio lust tldag tu make a maa
hustle und keep liim poor. It is a
strong incentive iu notion, und u
wholesome reminder uf tlie floating
iiionf s and years. It Is fully as
symbolical lu it* meaning us the hour*
glass and icytho tliut mean deatli. A
mortgage represonti Industry, because
it i.i never Idle, night or dny. It is
like n bosom friend, the greater the
ndverslt.v the closer it sticks to a
fellow. It la like a soldier, fnr It never
hesitates at the charges, nur fears to
tins*, in. It Is like a Bundling���silent in
application, hut deadly in etfeot, It Is
like tlio hand uf Providence ��� it
spreads nil over creation, nmi its Influence Is everywhere visible. It Is like
the grnsp of a devil fish���tho longer
it holds tlie greater Its strength. It
will exercise feeble energies und re-
store activity to a sluggish brain;
but, nn matter how debtors work, the
mortgage works still harder, A mortgage is a good thing tn have in a family���Provided, always, it is In somebody else'a family.
Geoffrey Mlllals, the sueoud aon of
Sir John Mlllals, Is a keen sportsman,
and la writing a book on the deer ot
India. Hla recent work on tlie big
game of Africa waa well received. G. A. McBain & Co.,   Real Estate  Brokers, Nan'aimo, B.C.
(Com, Oil $1.55 per tin nt Leiser'?,.
iieiter sella lard at It cts. per pound.
A large number of Chinamen left Friday.
Bay yonr sugar at Leiser'i 65.25 per cwt.
Rev. W. Hicks returaetl^last Wednesday.
Mm. L. H Northey returned on the Joan
���Get oor prices before buying olacwbcre.
A. D. Williams returned by the Join on
itl lut trip.
Simon L> iter pjid futon hit utmal month*
l> viiit 'a t week.
Vou win gel a plug of T k Ii toh&oao for
20c at Hamburger's.
Flour very cheap at i^iaerV Quogarlau
���or pastry $1.25
H. W. BIoio'n son William left Friday
ior tiie Kootenay country.
Wm. Wright and George Hull intend
leaving Friday for Kurope,
The repreientive of Phillip Gable aud Co.
���cigars, woe in town lost week.
Uiu Menzie is a delegate to the Sunday
���School Convention at Victoria.
W. E. Norris secretary of the Union
Brewery Co.  Nwiahno, was up Wednesday
Von will save all the way iron, five to
thirty oenta on every dollar by dealing at
.Officer Hutchison left Friday for Vancouver ftnd Sound Cities. He may be iib-.cnt a
Min F. Orchard in in atteudanco upon
the W- C. T. U. convention at New Westminister.
U. F. Relley, the photographer, has gone
to Tacoma and is expected b.ick about
-Oct. let.
We notice many going to Hamburger's
attracted doubtless by his cheap cash prices.
The cash plan suema to be popular.
The forest fires bave been burning
fiercely near Bottler's on the Courtenay
road: also east ofthe new sawmill.
Mre. Spoffard succeeded in organizing a
branch of tho W. 0. T. U. here last week.
Bho returned oa Fridays steamer to Viotoria.
Rev. Mr, .Logan ami Mrs. Ligan are in
Attendance at the Sabbath School Convention at Victoria, uud are not expected back
antil next week,
The woman in a long cloak who took
pot plants from a residence on Fornwood
Heights, lato one oveuing last week, would
���do well to return them at once.
We notice from Victoria papers that tbe
Ateamer Joan was plat el at the disposal
of the orphanage committee freo of charge
by the owuors for the purpose of assisting
the Protestant O.phaus Home at Victoria.
Cost.���Ou Thursday or Friday, a surgical case, with instruments. The Under
will confer a favor by leaving it with Dr
Exhibitors to the Coniox Show will do
well to remember that all applications to
���enter exhibits, must be in the hands of
the Secretary, Mr. John Mundell, Sand,
wick, three clear days previous to the
Show, as they will not be received by the
Secretary on the morning of the Exhibi.
tion without a special order from the
Committee and tliere must be the best
reasons given for tbe delay.
Aug 19���At   Uoion, Mra. Geo.   Robertson,
of a daughter.
Aug, 24��� At Union, Mrs.  O'Bird, of a son.
Aug 29���At Uniou,  Mrs.  Maguone, of a j
A meeting of the Directors of the Union
Cemetery Association is called at the New*
Offjcb ut 8 o'clock Saturday evening
Boptembor 5th. A full board meeting is
requested,   fiy order,
M. Whitney
Acting Saa,
Cash is King.
Prices Always Right,
When the money.is in
Bargains in Dry Goods. Clothing and   Men's   Furnishings,    summer  Goods,
Straw Hats and Millinery at Cost.
Remember our new
Stand, first door east
of Piket's Hall.
Union Shipping1.
The S. P. Altmon loft Friday with 43o
���'ens of ooal.
Tha Str. Ripid Transit loft ou the 23rd,
with 244 tona of coal for the American fleet
at Port Angeles.
Ou the 24th, Maude left for Victoria with
145 tous of coal for the C. P. X.
On the 25th, tho Beechly left with 492
tons for South America.
On the 20.h, the Topic left with.450 ton*.
of coal for the C. P. R. at Voncouver.
Thu Mioneola will be in to-night.
son a co's
x-GO TO-x
for Tin*:     SIP.BLHSTGi-
latestt      Novelties
A Fashionable Trimmer
(Late nf tiloan & Scott'a)
Is turning ont soma Dainty Creations in
A choice Selection of Flowers,
Jet Ornaments and Ribbons
Just Received.
"An Act to Prevent  Certain   Animals from Sunning at Large���1896"
Stock owners are hereby notified to
keep all Swine, Stallions of one year old
anct upwards, and Bulls over nine months
old, under proper enclosure, as all animals of these descriptions, found running
at large will be dealt with under tbe pro-
v'sions ofthe Act referred to.
Comox, i>. c,     \v. B. Anderson,
June 7th, 1896. Gov't Agent.
J. F. DOYLE, Manager
Roaatod Alive.
A sad accident oocured last Wednesday
afternoon about 3 o'clock, Uttle Joseph
Tobacco, ago 'A years and 3 mouths, was
playing on an ash heap on tho aide of the
railway track near the water tank iu the
Camp. The ashos covered aomo logH or
trunks, which had boen placed over the
face of an ash pit. The logs had been slowly burning, smouldering underneath tho
ashei, so that the weight of tho little fellow
broke through burying him up to the waist
In a bed of live onals. liis sure-aim wore
hoard by Mrs. Guthrie, who quickly oame
to his rescue; but in pulling him out, ahe
fell in, loiing onc uf her slippors, and badly
burning ono of her feet. Everything possible was done for the little suffarar who
died at 9 o'clock tho next morning. The
funoral took plaoe in the afternoon, tbe
interment being in the new cemetery,
Good Appointment.
We understand Mr. L, P, Eckstein has
been appointed Solicitor for tho Cumberland
braneh of the Birbeck 1. S. and S. Co. of
Toronto, The Company expect to greatly
expedite thc completion cf its loans in saving
time whioh bas baen heretofore taken up,
whon reference of titles had to be mado to
About a week ago, Dave Roy caught
with a spoon hook, in front of Royal Beach
a silver salmon three feet nine inches
long and twenty nine inches round, estimated to weigh 85 pounds.
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public
Office:���First Stroet, Union, B. C.
|w.S. DALBY, D.D.S.&LD.S|
���   Dentistry In all Its Branches   |
Plate work, Bjling -.uul extracting    m
j Oifioe opposite Waverly Hotel, Union gj
[m    Houra���9 a.m. to "> p.m. and irom    raj
35 6 p.m to S p.m, W
Clocks, watches, books
and stationery.
T. D. McLean
���: JEWELErR,: ���
Onc mile .ind a half Aom Union: contains 160 acres and will be disposed of at
a low figure.   Enquire of
James Abrams.
This Inn, located about three miles out
from ni t i n 'i: C >'.l'teniy Hoad
is now open for business A good
bar will be kepi, and lhe comfort of tlie
guests carefully attended to. Give us a
Espiialt h Nanaimo By.
Time  Table   No.   26,
To tako efl*'Ot at 8 a.m. on Saturday, March
-Mut, 18911,   Trains run on Pacitio
Staudard time.
Good Oil for Light CHEAP
FRESH. PISH ________
Nanaimo Cigar Factory
| Dally. | Saggy.
Lv. Victoria for Nanaimo and I A. M, I P. M.
Wellington  '..   ..I s.txi I   '.no
Ar. Nanaimo  1  11.35     7.25
Ar. WollhiBton  I  1&1KI I   ��� ���V>
        T~~A~lei~\~t' M
| Dally, | Sat'lly.
Lr. WelMm-ton for Viotoria   I   S.'.'o   I   4.18
Lv. Nanaimo for Victoria....  I  KM    I   I.I)
Ar. Victoria  I  12.20 1   800
For rates ami information apply ot Company's otUcea,
President. (lun'l Supt
Gen. Freight and PassonRoi' Ant
^t y>,.^s^_-yyyyyy~yyyyyy-y.' / yy-yy-^
Contracts and Day Work
i*J    Address���Mlttsukawa, Japanese    raj
Bj  Hoarding, House, next lli'ick yard. S
Hoot and Shoe Shop
All kinds made to order
Repairing done.
H   Kki.ls
Next Killpalriek's Stable.
auctioneer and accountant
Rents and Debts Collected.
Bocks Posted ancl Audited.
Estates Wound UP.
Insurance effected,
Loin., negotiated,
A general agency business conducted. Qffice:��� Kenrith
Cumberland, B. C.
Phillip Gable and Co., Prop's
Bastion Street    ���   Nanaimo B. O.
Manufactures the finest cigars and
employes none but white labor.
Why purchase inferior foreign cigars
when you can obtain a superior arti
ci.k foi the same money
Corner of Bastion and Commercial
Streets, Nanaimo, B. C.
Bkam.ii Office, Third Street and Dummuir
Avenue, B. C.
Will be in Union tho 3rd Wednesday ol
each month and remain ten days.
I have moved inio my new shop on
Dunsmuir Avenue, whercl am prepared
to manufacture and repair all kinds of
men's, women's, and children's shoes.
Give mc a call.
I have an unlimited supply
of money for loans on the security of farming property at
low rates of interest. Loans
put through expeditiously.
Mortgages purchased     In
surance effected.
Nanaimo, li, C
P, O. Drawer 17
Take E. Pimbury & Co's
Balsamic Elixir for coughs
and colds.
Dry goods
Dry goods


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