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The Weekly News Feb 28, 1894

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Array G. A IVcBain Oo
Eel Estate Brokers
Nanaimo,   B.C.
���MBLY. si
in *Co.   /
G. A. McBair
Eeal Estate Brokers
��*"��� Nanaimo, B. C.
NO. 68.
$2.00 PER YEAR
unsrioisr, b. o
has a fine assortment of
Oils, Boots,
Paints, Shoes,
Crockery, Tobacco,
Hardware, Clothing,
Glassware, Groceries,
Gentlemen's Furnishings
 And so on ���	
We also take orders for custom made suits.
Give us a call and we will try and please you.
financial and General Commission Broker,
Canada Permanent Loan and Savings Company, Toronto.
Citizens' llu tiding Society of Nanaimo,
Scottish Union and National Innuronce Company.
Hartford Fire Insurance Company.
Union Firo Insurance Company of London, England.
Eastern Fire Assurance Company, of Halifax.
Great West Life Assurance Co., of Winnipeg, Man.
Money to Loan on Improved Farm Property.
The EpitaMe Life Assurance Society,
120 Broadway, New York.
The largest  and strongest Company in the
Surplus over all Liabilities
OF       .
n cvcnt.nl deal!, tindei nny circumstances, thc licin receive full face value of policy.
At the end of to, 15 ur 20 years, the money paid is returned with larjie interest.
A, W. Taylor. Victoria, B. C Special Executive.
Charles St. Morris, Victoria, B C. Provincial Manager
One of tlie Largest and Strongest Companies
in Canada
Gives the Most Liberal Contract and Pays the  Largest Dividens
Assets $3,403,700.20
Reserve for the Security of Policy Holders    $2,988,320.08-
Surplus over all Liabilities $307,428.77'
3 ��. Orane, Gen'l Agent, Victoria, 13. 0.     *.. W. Fauquior,Bp:ehU Agont
We Carry the Largest Stock
���    of   ���
convcox, bc
Flour & Feed
Farm Produce
Fancy Groceries
Crockery & Glassware
Dry Goods
3-fjots ft Bhofts
Hard ware
Paint ft Oils
Gents Furnishings
Patent Medicines
Sportsmens Supplies a Speciality
Union Clothing Store
Union, B. C.
Have Just received a fine Assortment of English Worsteds for
guitings.    Also Keep Ready Made Clothing, Hats, Shoes and
"E*5k The Tailoring Department is in charge of D. McLeod,
which is a guarantee of perfectly fitting garments and the best
of workmanship.
Baynes' Sound Harbour-!
Royal London and Canadian
Phenix of Hartford
London and Lancashire
Confederation Life.
Green Block,  Nanaimo.
Dr W J Curry
( 0 K N T I S T . )
Green's Block-near Post Office��� Nanai
iiio. Any number of teeth removed
without pain and without the use of
Ether or. .Chloroform.
Rams for Sale.
For Sale two fine young Rams ( South
Apply to
Geo. Howe,
Comox, B. C.
K���*������*���*.*��� Whnt to f*ty.
I didn't hear it uiym-if, Lut I know i
man vrho H-iyo bo was pr-.-i-.ctit whon a
iJ.rfi.Newlyricbaaid t-lmiwheuBlit-vUlttd
;-V:i.i!,"ii -liiti "went r.^-.t t:p ami looked
tlown th*3 crnnture," ��x*pl(j,ii'ln-< that an
bhe wasn't imlinho dnin't eee yrliy hIiu
bhonld -"penk witli a brogue and aay ova*
tt-r.���jNow Vork Uworder,
Emperors nntl eutpressett, kings am1
qnuou**), write to ench other us brother
nn'd bister, Reigning grand rinkuM aUu
.enjoy this privilege whon ndil res-ting
kings, but sovereigns nut possoiwuig toy*
ul inMiii-i tire designated tu eum-iu.
Wood, like- wool- rafnirw to bo nhrnnH
before used for tuimur.tcturlng purpose,
Pitoh pine beams will itjtrink in thii'lr*
lies* from 1'ij iuchi*M to l***i, Bprneo from
8��} inches. to8j, white t'ino from u Itu-bes
to I1J. yellow pine ;. triilo lew,
It. la reported from Japan that n nyn-
dl-Juto of Americans h-w a projwil on
loot lur tlio Otiiiibl it'll limn t of a gitfiiutiu
clot-It mid watch maimlu'.-tory in Tukio,
which ts to employ over 10,000 workmen,
Itttwr 1 ��fin,^ so cheap in Japan.
Th�� Groat Httdyiu. It tl-ft inr-it wonderful
I'ls-'.A-i-ry nfilin i-j-j, EUOOtU-a hy xoler.tlliumau
ifKutoj-aaudAmurtoo. nodyihtpiirtlyyuge.
ta.Mo. 3fopa    mc*..
J'rerriftt- r n *h fvV- T^r.
nftlied-Brlm j*o i ���*���'.*
in British Columbia.
Simon Leiser, Proprietor,
Miss M. Roy has charge of our dress Department. All work done in this Department guaranteed to give satisfaction.
/������-<  il,,; Si-t*,U-i::,;-.;V^..<:U
i...- J.-trjv.ftt!i*-ii-'-hi-���,'"p! ������-���,-���".���;'��� *-t
vlaorunsj  end
nrt'Oioi uHHBino eHHro system,  afteb
(Iudy.>n enws Debility, Nerrnumo*, Mimical
tuil -Icv-'I'iks.1* uml rwtorm* v,*,,!* nry.auv. Tulni
ni Hi.) liiicV, lo-#��r, lij-ii��y oi nlirli'i*.ro--m*i-'ed
i]'* Ok'?. Over 2,0fW prlviito fiiiij.-niemems.
l'WHiiitHaMiPMii'Pftni-fiaiioU'iH'y lu the (tret
���t*,-;o. Ii van Iw ���.t-.ij.-.e-l in '.'i) diiy-iby tho use of
Tii-��i.i-w*t-**r*o*"or'**ffrR-m*irlo by t!ic fwr-liil-
t'titiftiiuO.il I'mii-iui IIin nnn 31 *������,',*'�� I i-mll-
��� iit��*. itl* the strongest vit.illzcr innde. 11, in
vrynowiful, Ij , burnik'Sfl. Sold for 11,90 0
I'lv^itKOor 0 p**u<*.ngfs fnr fS.t-0 (ptuln seali'd
b"xiM). Written Kiiurantro-flvenf r a core. If
ymilmytttxlioxMRiid ero not entirely enred,
six nv re w ill lie nem to yoa fVeo of all char-*--**
Send fur clrcui-i-*- and UiBUmnnlnl*.   Addrera
'032 M��rk��t *t, Ban Franelieo, 0*1.
Union   Flashes.
The San Mateo left on Saturday wiih
4400 tons of coal.
The Occ:deinal will leave Wednesday
for Honolulu with 2500 tons.
The Mineola will be due Friday.
Richard Third is still wailing for her
load for -Frifcco.
Two other ships arc on their way here.
Mrs. Mughey  Miller gave birth to a
fine boy last Wednesday.
S. C. Davi-i is putting in a large quantity of ice preparatory to the I161 days of
Thc masquerade ball will take place
Wednsday fvcninjj. A grand lime is ex
Alex. Finier is steadily improving, and
his friends hope soon to see him out The
story abuui liis trying to borrow a rilic
and afterwards a shotgun grew out of his
last hunting expedition irom which he re
tumid with a um* bag of game. Invention is so rife just now that his friends expect nest to hear that he is arranging
with the ,iullior 1 tics for the first use of
the camion which are to be sent on to
fortify the town.
Last Saturday as the tram was going
down from Union towards the wharfat
a point nbout four miles out from Union,
the section boss with sonic chinamen sig
nailed the engineer lo slop. W'iiiie the
train was slowing up they iitii-iupicd 10
get on board, and ail succeeded hut Ah
Cldng, who was ihe last. Not seeing Ids
head use ,tl-ove the side of the car lit) he
Ind the others, lhe foreman motioned to
have thecals stopped,which was done as
speedily as possible, when the body of
Ah Ching was found iicrally cut iu pieces
by the car wheels, under which hc.fell.
the head being thrown some distance.
Il is thought his foot caught on the fro*
ttn bank of snow outside -uu) somewhat
higher than the c.ir-r.iil, and that In: pitch
cd forward under thecal'. He was 24
years nf age. The train was not going
faster than he could walk and was onlv
slopping to pick them up as a matter of
accom modal ion, No blame appears to
attach to anybody.
On Friday there were two minor accidents in No. 4 slope. One was that of
James Sneddcn, who suffered only a
sprained ankle: the olher was a little
more serious. A car had run off the
Hack and Mr. Henderson undertook to
lift it nn. In doing so lie ruptured a
blood vessel in his left lung. He is improving tinder ihe darool Ur. Lawrence.
Greit preparations are in progress for
the entertainment in aid ofthe new Meth
odist church, ll will take place on the
evening ofthe 17th. It will not he in the
usual line, but some attractive novelties
will be introduced. One feature will be
a sort of play, which might be entitled,
The School. The actors, it is said will
be adults, dressed however as school
children. The inspection and drill will
doubtless be very iniercsling, Another
feature will be ihe Black bird Pie- a
dramatic performance in which the performers will bj dresseu in thc style of
Henry the Eighth's time.   According to
an inking which we have had of the pie,
when it is cut the btack birds will all fly
out. It will be an entertainment which
no one should miss attending.
best north of Nanaimo.
|^"Opposite   damns Ranch
the largest vessels can float.
The Marriage of Iron and Coal will here result in
The great Kings highway between Nanaimo and Courtenay
will, pass through here and also the extension of the Esquimalt
and Nanaimo Railway.
Lots will NOW be soldtm Easy Terms      (������� Title perfect.
G- F. Drabble, sole agent,
Comox, B C.
Wm. K. Leighton. ,
Fire and Life Insurance Agent.
Brilliant Success.
The masquerade ball last Wednesday
evening at the Hay was an unique and
highly successful affnir. We believe it
was the first masquerade ball that ever
took place in Comox.and therefore it had
the merit, to nur citizens, of novelty.
There were about 140 people present, a
large proportion of whom wore mask-.
The music was excellent, t*ie refreshments ample, and the programme was
happily Varied so as prevent monotany
and please all parties. The costumes
were selected with a wise regard to ihe
characters assumed, no t\yo being alike.
Perhaps thc most conspicuous was Miss
Hritannia. who out of national flag had
wrought a cost tune worthy the character
which Miss Maud Chfte well sustained.
Miss Maggie Macdonald assumed the
companion character of Miss America.
Her make-up was excellent and she was
well suited to the pan. and it was fitting
that in our own Canada Miss Britannia
should be the more stately figure. Mrs.
Sharp looked for all the world like a
school girl, and her true self was unrecog
nizable lo the sharpest eves. Mrs. l'iket
was costumed as a Japanese lady of rank
Mrs. J. W. McKenzie represented a Grecian lady in that period when Grcecewas
in her glory's prime. The two Miss l'i-
kels also wore the garb of Grecian Indies
and appropriately represented different
types. In Red Riding Hood was discovered Miss Emma Macdonald. Miss Ln-
i*e Louts was dressed according to the
recognized description of a French lady
of his-oric prominence. Miss Madge
Louis looked charming as Mo 1'ecp. The
lovers nf Ire'and should be grateful to
Miss Ella Macdonald who so happily
represented the land where "green grows
the rushes, O." In a Circassian lady was
found, when she unmasked. Mrs. \V. II.
Anderson. Miss H���-made u*. acquainted with the appearance nf an Italian lady
Mrs. J. j). Holmes assumed the modest
role of nurse.and Miss Holmes jn her nau
tical robes might be likened to a sen gnd
dess. Fair Whiter, in her bnijMer moods
was represented by Miss' IV*adnc1l. A-
l*i,ong those, who for correct character
and costume, evoked favorable remark,
was Mrs. Nix.in, who appeared in the
garb of a "fish wife". Thc other ladies
were not in character costume. The gen
tlemtn were costumed appropriately and
Ift'soine cases quile uniquely, The Miss
ing Link,was conspicuous, and the Devil
was there too, There was thc duke of
York, a page from lhe court of Louis the
^ Fourteenth, the soldier, the dcuble epaul-
leted officer, the Turk w-lh his black mask
and little red turban, Silting Bull, Lobcti-
gula.and Ti Fung.
It is understood thata handsome sum
was netted which guss to the new hall or
public building on Denman Island. The
l>;t.t was perfectly orderly and nothing
rude or- indecorous was observed, bui
there was an air of pleasantry anl a vein
or enjprtnenl Stirrounomg nnd running
through the hours, which seemed all too
It is due Mrs. Nixon who originated
ihe hall to say lhat its success was largely due to her zeal, energy and thoughtful
attentiow to detail. She was its soul, but
was ably assisted by Mrs l'iket of Penman Island. Credit is especially due
Ray people who took a deep interest in
the.ball, and were mostly all present.
The Mines was also well represented,
as was Courtenay and the Setilemen-.
We have heard the criticism made that
it was taking the money out of this community for a purpose in which we had no
interest Out upon such narrow minded*
ness! The Denman Island people have
spent their money for years at our stores,
attended our gathering*., and with a few
outrageous exceptions, there is a general des-ire to reciprocate, and hearty rejoicing at ihe financial success wlvch has
attended the effort. We trust that ihe
ball at Union tonight (^Vfcdne-nday)which
is engineered by tlie same panics and for
thc same purpose may bring in even
more dollars; it would be hnrdh' possible
to out-shine the Bay ball in am other par
Disgraceful _ Proceedings.
The proceedings in lhe House on Friday and Saturday last will be read with
mingled pain, regret nnd indignation.
Whatever injures thc dignity andchr.rac
ter ofthe legislature injures the Province
and every urn-m belonging to it. Legislators are supposed to be reprcsentaiive
men; and if they loose all sense of (ieccn
cy and self respect, what reason has anyone to (eel a pride in being .1 Uiitisli Co-
hunbi.m? Mr. Heaven, who declared so
vehemently that the proceedings w*uUI
disgrace tlie legislative assembly in the
eyes ofthe whole world, must be held
lavgclv responsible for what occurred.
If he fell that the government withheld
information which it was fairly bound to
furnish, it was his duly in calm, dignified
In.;, 'il-c in present his view-, and forcibly, it .'oil please, enter his protest; but
nm to indulge in intemperate speech, cal
culated to excite the worst passions rf
his followers, and turn the legUlrrtlvo hall
into a hear garden. Abusive language
never yet accomplished any good. He
knew ho was in a minority, and the long
tiresome session, with its unhappy incidents, must end just as it did, in his defeat. His purpose appear** to have ben,
tu bring the government into dUgrnre
aud gain some political advantage-. What
other construction can be put or, Cotton1*'
challenge for the chairman to order the
serjeant-at-arms to arrest him? The pur
pose evidently was to provoke ihe government intg some act of indiscreiiin.
The scheme tailed. Their fevolut'tonnry
action has injured their party and covered themselves with mciitcd reproach.
Hall's action -vas reprehensible but sing*
ing is better than vituperation. Martin
iu ifoing to sleep set an example which
lhe members, undtr lhe circumstances,
could only have in proved Upon by going
I^ortl r-ni.(--ith'-t I'-iiu-iim.
Lord Extnouth haa commuted Ms perpetual pension Of -82,000 a year for tht)
lump mini of ��511,800, represetitlng 2(1
years' purchase, The original recipient,
thu faiumiH admiral, won a baront toy
toward the close of thn last *,���**���,tury by
tin* rapturo of a French frigate ui.di r
Btrlltin-j driitimstnuceH, obtaining n barony later, and for tlie bombardment uf
AI.'iiTH and the (Instruction Of its piratical trndo n vtsifoniity ntul thu pc-iisiuu in
uu.-t-s.iuii.-��� Luiiou.' Loiter.
Legislative Fracas.
The House Holds a Stormy Session
Lasting for Two Eays and One
Entire Night-��� The Government
Refused to Blccloee Ita Flans and
the Opposition Spit Firo and
Gnnshf d Its Teeth in Impotent
Rago��� Kaslo Nearly XHtjtroyed
by Fire��� Dr, West Sentoncod���
Legislative Candidates in Nanaimo City and District- Kan Killed in Wellington��� Senslest Ru
mor aa to Duty on Cool.
Nanaimo, Feb. ai.��� (Special)��� Peter
Dryer, a Wc lingtun miner, was drowned
in Diver Lake this afternoon undermost
painful circumstances. Since frost, miners at Nn.- Shaft have been in the hub-
it of making a short cut across Diver
Lake from the new townsite,
This afternoon about 3 o'clock Einil
Natl man was walking across the lake
when the ice gave way. His cries for
help attracxd the attention uf l'eter Bry-
er, also a miner who at once ran to his
assistance, llrver secured a plank and
with it succeeded in getting Nauman out,
but almost instantly the ice gave way underneath Bryer, when he disappeared
from sight, and it was uot until a few
hours later that his bodv wns recovered.
He had only been married one week.
Nanaimo. Feb. 22���Itis rumored that
the Crown of England struck nrt a rock
on her way to this port. Although not
suffering much damage she will be docked at Esquimau.��� The haibotir was frozen over ������ esterday,
Pittsburg. Pa. Feb. 23��� In the criminal court here yesierdav the miners convicted of riot in Mansfield valley and at
Uenela mines were sentenced to terms
ranging from one month in the workhouse to two years and six months in the
New Haven. Conn. Feb. 25- The illness of ex-Minister Phelps has sssumed
a critical phase and grave fears arc entertained ot his recovery.
A startling rumor is in circulation that
Corbett, the world's champion, has been
'Frisco, Feb. 24���Dr. Eugene West,
convicted of murder of Addle Gilmore
by malpractice, was sentenced yesterday
to twenty-five years in the penitentiary
Nanaimo. Feb. 24���The Temperance
Societies contemplate running a candi
date in this city for the legislature. They
will hold a meeting March 5th to select a
suitable person.���Sir. Hat cock will run
it is understood, as an Independent in
Nanaimo district. ���Alderman Arthur
Wilson is spoken of a:*, a Libcral(?)cancii-
date for.Nanaimo in thc next Provincial
legislature.���Thos. Keith is mentally
billed for North Nanaimo, and fully
lloycc is down on lhe Opposition! slate
for South Nanaimo.
Wash* -"eb- 24���The coal miners having (as they claim)received positive assurance from the senate" sub-com'injttee
lhat the duty on coal would be fixed at
40 cents and possibly 50 rejoice.
Kaslo. Feb. 26���A very destructive fire
raged here Saturday night. Thirty huld
ings, including the principal business
part of the town.were burned down. Tin-
loss is estimated at $100,000, and only
light insurance. There was only a small
hand engine. It was very copl and the
water had to be taken from thc bay
Wellington, Feb. 24���Chas Vaddcr
while crossing the track today near the
station was struck by the engine and
knocked down and so badly injured that
he died in a lew hours.
Victoria, Feb. 24. ��� The most extraordinary scene in lhe history of the leg-.
islatureof British Columbia occurred in
the session which lasted from 2 p. m.. Fti
dav through the entire night until Satin-
daynoon.The i louse had concluded its act
ion on tlie estimates when ihe Opposition
demanded to, know the reason for the
non appointment of the fth minister.
The Government refused to answer. The
Opposition appeared determined to have
nn answer. The House wns in commit
lee ofthe whole with George Bolum Mar
im of Vale in the chair. After midnight
Hon Robert Heaven leader of ihe OppOs-
sitlon had the door and lashed the government most unmercifully, Suddenly
Robert Hangly Hall or Cassia.- com-
menced singing in a loud voice, ''He's a
jolly good fellow". This caused a great
disturbance, and members called loudl-
10 oulcr. Col. Uaker then asked the
chairman if ii was in order for a member
10 wipe his nose with his linger. The
chairman replied iX.-i, ihc matter was entirely at the members Option, Kitchen
of Cnilliwack furiously resented ihe insinuation of Col, Bukcr, and denied that
he was making such use ol his digit. He
declared -hpt Col, Uaker was evidently
from Hi,ings (late where everybody wiped their nu.-c wiih ihe sleeve. He was
called to o der. Martin left Hie chair
and was succeeded b'v Hall who atlcmp
ted to stop the meeting while Heaven
was on ilie floor. Heaven shouted that
Hull was a disgrace to the Legislature.
Dr. Mtine expressed surprise th.it mem
bets would sit and allow to he carried
out an outrage In a manner likeihat. lie
would not be sat upon any how, Hall
at unaminiuus request of the Opposition
left ihc chair, and Martin took his place,
and quickly fell asleep, but soon awoke
and attempted to put a motion when
Heaven and Kitchen were on their feet.
A tremendous row en ued when Heaven
accused Martin of being ask***p. Martin
da hed his book's and papers on the lloor
and yelled, "If nature calls me to sleep 1
am going to slcco anyhow" Half thc
house was asleep when Manin slumber*
ed, Ho was aw.tkeded at 6 o'clock in
thc in irniny, when told him he did not
know what he was about and believed
thai the Government instigated him to
do as he did. Cotton said nobody should
sit on him. Speak Higgins who was
c.died in sdd he would stand no nonsense, gave his ruling and retired. Heaven declared lhat the proceedings that
morning would disgrace the legislative
assembly in thc eyes ot the world. At
7:15 he moved lhat thc committee rise
and report progress. The Government
members voted this down. Heaven then
left thc house. Thc government members said they proposed lo slay with it.
Thc Opposition defied them and said
lhey could not be worn out by them. The
House finally adjourned at 1,30 p. m.,
thc estimates having been passed,
Another wrangle occurred this (Monday 1 forenoon about.the imperial institute in which Col. Haker said Heaven and
his colleagues wonld be hissed from the
platform of the Institute it they attempted to speak there.
Local Brevities
Look out for the Calico-ball aftei Lent.
The Provincial Constable was u��J
th-ough here Saturday.
Bismarck has received a call from Kmperor William.
I'ltc prospects for Courtenay this sear-
on in the building lint are very bright.
Mr. J. H. Holmes ofthe Hay went below on the Joan on Wednesday last.
Charlie Collins has gone to work for
Joseph Mel'hee.
Mr. G. H. Cross ofthe British Columbia Milling Co, was over from the Royal
City on thc Joan on its last trip.
The News is under obligation to J. J.
Gram, proprietor of The Riverside for
somu splendid fish.
There will be a raffle at the Riverside
Hotel on lhe 113th of March for a new
singer   sewing    machine.   Tickets   $f.
A. XV. Taylor of ihc Equitable Life
Assurance Society, left with hi-i wife for
Wellington on, Friday's steamer.
Mr. Marshall of Marshall & McCrae,
wholesale stationers of Vancouver, was
here last Thursday.
Mr. A. Lindsay, jr. was over here Irom
Union one day last week a-fishing. He
took away alot of speckled beauties.
Mr. Jack McKim, Mr. Hull, and Mr-
Collector of Customs Roc of Union were
in town Sunday.
Notice "the advertisement of sale of
lots uf Garvin's ranch, Baynes' Sound.
Terms easy, tiilc perfect.
G. F. Drabble, sole agent
Mr. Geo. H. Roc, customs officer was
over here Saturday. He is getting* bids for
cleftrtng an acre of land m the village
limits belonging lo him.
Sweeten your preserves, sauces, &etc
just after cooking. To do so when you
commence to cook evaporates the sugar,
and it takes twice as much.
Messrs McQuillan & Gilmore have
commenced thc building ofa large open
shed adjoining their stable into which
teams can be driven They also need
more space for wagons, buggies, etc.
Mr. C. C. Westwood and family will
shortly remove to Nanaimo, he having
teased for a term of years his farm to
James Provis and Charles Williams cf
North eld. Although we will exchange
one family for two, there will nevertheless
be general regret leh at the departure of
the Westwoods who were deservedly
popular. As Mr. Westwood has laige
interests 111 the district we may expect to
sec him occasionally.
For Sale.
My farm of 113 acres, with  coal right,
also slock and farm implements.
James Clark.
Comox, B.C.
Grand Calico Ball.
under the auspices of Knights of Pythias
of Comox Lodge No. 5
at K of P. Hall
on Wednesday evening March 21st 1894.
Tickets��� 75 cents for each, including
To the readers ofthe "Weekly News":
Mr. A. Upinker, the Jeweller, late of
Vancourer, B. C. has opened up an establishment in McKclvey's liousc at Cour
tenav, H. (.'., with a choice stock of
"Watches, Jewcllry, Musical Instruments,
Stationery, Tobaccos, Cigars, and smoker's articles as well as notions, etc., etc.
Mr. Uptakcr otherwise known by his pop
ular nickname .is "Barney" is well known
iii this locality and the Union Mines
Watch and Jeweliry repairing prompt*
!>��� and neatly done.
Entertainment  Directory.
Wednesday, Feb 38, ai Union���Grand
masquerade ball.
March ia(tibout)at Union Grand Mu-
sicnl and Literary entertainment m aid of
the 1-iebyteii.in church.
March. 17, at Union Grand Dramatic pqrlormaiKC in aid of the Methodist
March, 31, al C,onfox���Grand Calico
h ill under auspices "f Comox lodge Nn 5
K of P.
After Lent���Grand Calico ball in aid
of Episcopal manse, Sandwick.
Now h your time to get a first class
suit made to order and a perfect lit guaranteed.
Jusl received al the Union Clothing
Store a large and well selected stock of
English Cloths for suitings. Why send
oast for your clothing- when you can do
better at home?
As the Tailoring Department is under
the able mai.agcmeiK of D. McLeod we
will guarantee ever/ sun wc turn out a
perfect fit, nr no sale.
Wc also have in stock a fine line c*f
Gent's furnishings, Hoots and Shoes,
Hals, Blankets in fact everything lhat   is
required in a first class furnishing store.
Give us a call and be convinced you can
do as well with us as with any other
James Abrams. * �����������- .safissmfsaatm^*
A farm Idyll- " Bntohmar
' Ho��s.
nnd they're
before tho
They nro ohopptng up tlio klndUi
lllliiK' up Hi.* kettle,
Tho folks hov it thur broikfu
brc:ikof day:
Dad is at tho yriiulsloiii* n-sluirpuning up tho
And l'vo mo undent pants on���we're kllltn'
hoi<ri to-dny.
Wove tmilt i\ roynl ijtibbat,
Kieh cnrcrt-*s to exhibit,
They'll aoon be -strung upon ii-lmrk! li-iten to
their toon.
Thur nuikin' loui appoalln'
An' mos' tremenitH nquenltQ1
Fjr they've, been star veil i--|iiirpoie *-inee yeatld-
ay at n ion.
We're sho via' in tlie kind I in' toiu'ikcthc water
Tho vat ti tilted nicely in tho middle of the
An In tho handy cook hou-io tlio wlmmen Is
Ttioy'va Roonred tho copper kittle (orfryln-
out the lard.
Tlio italla in all the pasiARes
Are -stripped for hanaln' sassogos,
A'i best uv .dl tu.d In.-kj* wove BOt n hr.in new
An'the nlga ntr hungry feolln1
No wonder that they're aquealln',
rorttii-y vrbui-ti otarvoil u-punm-i* slui-e yea-
tldtly nl noon.
Neow everything Is ready, ohl dad tokos up
hi-* uso,
\\o move upon thoplgnon with sleovos roll
oil iiitiuid ropos,
i tio pio-vtm inn ,.^ comln's Ida ohops oaoh park
op smacks
OriiUkiunooK for broakfUB,oaoh onoot then.
ntS hopes.
Alaai no mora they'll till
Thotnielvoe. with choicest swill,
l m soon tipnn i lie groo'ry -.loop on high they'll
hold tholr logs,
An' they'll bo blind with crooim
I.lkuW'M-hi- il'lko-l Willi ICIUIH.
Assisted by tlie poultry they will furnish ham
antl oggs.
An' ncow tlio yells of piggy rend tho chill December air,
Wo dump hhn from tbo pig-pen and rou'O
_    him with n rnxli.
wo slum hhn on Ihe platform nnd ntrlp hi
of his hair,
An nil tin- yard is full of steam an' smoke
an hiilran'slush.
Tho girls Is All oxoltod
When tho carcass It Is " kited,
An daddy slits lis abdomen with rftrong nnd
steady arm,
An* when tlio night completes it
i -i,        '.horo u ������*J'0'* ,lmt hmU ***���
liike klltln fatDooombor hogs upon thc dear
ohl farm,
-[Tho Khan.
Give Oowb Good Eetldin;.
C. L. Goodrich in Hoard's Dairyman, in
replying to an inquiry mado through that
journal about keeping cows without
bedding gives excellent advice on that
subject as follows:
"1 would liko to give a little experience of
mino in that line, When I began keeping
cows in nights this fall I had no bedding
and they either had to Ho on the bare lloor
or stand up, and they chose the latter
good share of the time. Occasionally we
would see a oow lio down but Bho would
get up a^ain in a few minutes apparently
disgusted, WIiog wo began using bedding
wo noticed a great change. As aoon as a
cow was milked she would lio down with a
sigh of contentment that meant she waB perfectly happy. When wo got through milking
nearly every cow iu the barn was lying
"Some ono truthfully said that the man
who kept liis cows on halt rations did not
deserve tho privilege of sitting down to
good diuner. I uay that a man who
pretends to he a good dairyman and makes
his cows tic on a hard, hare floor does not
deserve a leather bed or spring mattress to
sleep on."
Dairying dovelopes the humane Bide of
those engaged in it, especially the BUoceta-
ul ones. And it is pretty certain if there
'ro those iu it that aro not humano or in
"lined lhat way they will not be successful.
A Remedy for Smnt-
The Department of Agriculture recommends tho following remedy for stinking
smut in wheat: Immerse the Heed for a few
minutes in scalding water not much above
132 degrees, and not In any case above 135;
place the grain supposed to ho infected in
Backs in <|uantitic*-i of half a bushel at a
time; immerse it first in water having a
temperature of II!) degrees, aud whon
warmed plunge it iu another vessel where
the heat shown the temperature required.
Tho volume of scalding water should bo six
to eight times as great as the seed treated
and the thermometer should be consulted
���til the time wheat is in tho scalding water.
Tho grain,after remaining Iii minutes under
treatment, is taken out and dried. It. in
Irst to treat the seed just before planting.
Ileforo placing in tho sacks again these
Bhould be thoroughly boiled IB minutes.
Thia is done to prevent any spores ot amut
whicli have escaped from the dry wheat re
maining to infect the seed after it has beoi
Sterilizing Milk.
At the request of the secretary of agriculture, the chief of the bureau of animal industry has furniahod tho fuHowiog simple   directions for tho Bterili nation of milk���
Thc sterilization of   milk   for   children,
now (piite extensively practiced in order to
destroy the injurious germs   which it may
contain, can be satisfactorily accomplished
with very simple   apparatus,    Tho   vessel
containing    the
milk, which may
be the bottle from
which itis to bo
used or any other
suitable vessel,is
placed inside of
a larger vessel of
metal, whicli con-
luiiis the water.
Ifa bottle, itis
plugged with ab>
this is ai bander
in its absence
other clean cotton will answer,
A small fruit
Jnr loosely lovered may bo used
Instead of a bottle.   Tlio   requirements
are simply thut ton interior vessel Hlmll be
raised about half mi inch abovo the bottom
Of the other, and that ttie water shall reach
nearly or (,uitu m high aH t|l0 ,������������(_ T(|0
apparatus ia then lieatml on a range or stovo
until tho water reaches a temperature of
15."i degrees Kahionbeit,when itis removed
from the heat and kept tightly covered for
half an hour. The milk bottles aro then
taken nut and kept In a cool place. The
milk muy be used any timo within twonty-
lour hours. A temperature of 150 degteos
maintained for half an hour is sufficient to
destroy any germs likely to ho present in
the milk, and it is found in practice that
raising the temperature to 155 degrees und
then allowing it to stand in tho heated water for half an hour longer insures the proper temperature for tho required timo. Tho
temperature should not ho raised above
155 degrees otherwise tlie taste and finality
of the milk will he impaired.
Tho simplest plan is t.j tako a tin pail
and Invert a perforated tin pie-plate in tho
bottom, or have made for it a removable
false bottom perforated with holes and
hiving legs half
an inch high, to
allow circulation
of the water. The
milk-bottle is sol
Hon this falao hot
torn, and milli
dent water is put
into the pail to
reach the level cf
tho surface of tho
milk in the hot-
tie. A hole may
punched in
tho cover  of the
pail, a cork Inserted, and a
chemical thenno-
meter put through the cork, so that tiie
bulb dips into the water, Tlie temperature
can thus ba watched without removing tho I
oovur. If preferred, u uului.ty dairy
thermometer may be used and tho temperature tested from time to time by removing
the lid. This is vory easily arranged, ana
ib just as satisfactory as tho patented apparatus sold for tho same purpose. The
accompanying illustrations snow tho form
of apparatus described.
Farm Notes*
The best farmers to-day are those who
are the best Btudents, who are trying to
understand some of the principles which
underlie successful agriculture. In Eogland
fanning is considered a business which must
bo learned. A man without experience
would liav<j dilliculty in renting a good tarm
there, no matter how much capital he might
have : and, again, no matter how muoh
experience ho might havo, he could not lease
a farm uulesB he could show enough capital
to operate it properly.
It has been proved that soil which has
heen deeply and thoroughly plowed contaius
more water than that which bus boen settled compactly by rains. It has also been
shown by actual tests that a thin covering
of loose soil, often stirred, protects the
soil beneath from evaporation and on-
ahles it lo retain water much longor than
without this mulch. There are, however,
many farmers wbo know those facts, but do
not tukc advantage of them, and theao are
tho vory one*, who grumble loudest wheu
overtaken by a drouth.
One of tho strongest reasons why farmers
ahould work earnestly for better roads is
that they increase tho value of his lands.
Wo can seo this in any district or country
whero part of the roads aro good and part
had. The farms which border along a hard,
well made nud, one over which full loads
can be hauled in winter aud spring as well
as in midsummer, are alwaya in demand at
good prieu's.whilo farms which aro perhaps
equally productive, but situated upou roads
which can ho traveled throughout a good
portion of the year only with constant annoyance and trouble, have much greater
dilliculty in procuring a purchaser, even
though offered at a less price.
Buckwheat is one of tiie best crops to
grow to exterminate quack or couch grass ;
it will do this without other labor than the
plowing, sowing and harvesting. It should
lie sown rather thick, and have a good
dressing of fertilizer to stimulate a good
gruwth ; and, although thi grass and buck*
wheat will eomo up together, or with the
.'rass a Utile ahead, the buckwheat will
quickly outgrow the other, and by shad'
ing will kill it, and rot tho tough sods. If
���.here ure any phizes where tt is not quito
killed tho first season, sow rye after the
wheat, plow under in spring, and repeat
thc crop of wheat. Besides answering for
this purpose, a good crop of buckwheat is
fairly profitable in itself.
Tbe farmers of Wisconsin are reputed to
he the most prosperous of any in the United State?. For years farmers' institutes
have been hold regularly in every county
in the stato. There are nearly 1,000 silos
in the state���nearly four times as many as
in any other one. It has a great dairy Interest, is a great hog growing state, and a
-���reat place for improved stock of all kinds.
AU these am said to be in a great measure
the outcome of the inatitute work.
Tho relative importance of the potato as
a food crop may be judgod by the fact that
in Europe the crop for all the countries reported aggregates moro than the combined
bushels of the wheat and rye crop, and the
crop of that continent exceeds in amount
thc whole wheat crop of the world. Germany is thc greatest potato producing and
consuming country in the world, with an
average annual production of 900,000,000
bushels, Tho average crop of the United
States ia about 170,000,000 bushels. It
would s'jijiu that there ia room for an incroaae
While fair crops maybe grown in a rich
soil with indifferent preparation, tho best
growth and yield aro only possible by having the aoil in a fine tilth before planting
the seed, and, as far as possible, keeping it
in sueh condition during growth. With
all cultivated crops thc host plan of man*
agement is to plow reasonably deep, prepare the soil to a good tilth beforo planting
tho seeds, and then keep it thoroughly bu
during growth by shallow surfaco cultivation. This puts the available plant food
in a good condition to ho taken up hy the
growing plants, uud helps materially in
supplying the necessary moisture.
Small farms have certain advantages over
largo ones. On the small farm, where
everything is on a small scale, uvenues are
open to tho owners which aro practicall*
closed to the largo farmer. The small
farmer is not so crowded with work, ao
that no 1ms more opportunity to look into
the details of his business, pay more at*
tention to the marketing of his produce,
and, in fact, to farm more closely in many
ways, lie should feed all grain, hay and
straw right on thc placc;in selling he should
aim to get his products right to thc consumer, without, the intervention of a middleman.
This will largely increase the profit from
liis operations. Extra caro should be taken
in the preparation of everything which
goes to market. One can easily then engage
all tho good butter, fresh egga,etc., to
private customers at a much higher prioe
than could be obtained for the same goods
from the grocer. Itis these little matters
which count, aud tho small farmer is io
position to take advantage of them.
The difference in the grade of a few
quarts of seed becomes a difference In bush*
els in tho crop. Houco it pays to select it
with tho moat perfect care. This applies
to corn, and, though a littio late for thia
season, farmers might lay this item aside
for another year with profit to themselves,
Make tho selection of the seed oars early,
ami let it he the solo business for tho tlmo
being; pass along tho rows with a half
bushel basket, leaving tbo ears at tho ends
of thu rows to be gathered up hy the team,
(lot the well tilled, curly maturing, deep
grained cars; havo an oyu to tho stalk, alao,
giving preference to thoso neither too ilwari
nor overgrown to those having no makers
and lo thoso bearing but singlo eirs. Ono
ear is enough. Whether iu hills or drills,
tho corn should average a stalk to each foot
of row. With one oar to the ntalk this
would give a.yield of onu hundred   hushuja
to tbe acre.   Avoid sulks show Ing any sign
of ilisuase. Leave n fow husks on, so that
lho ears may he tied together in bunches ;
then hang thorn up whore they will dry
thoroughly before cold weather. When
shelling this heed corn it will pay to make
a second selection of a few dozen of the
choicest ears for pedigree seed, to bo planted Iiy itself next year, from which to make
further selection. This method will Improve one's seed bo that he need have do
fear of its running out.
Responsibility educates.
None preachea better than the ant, and
alio aays nothing.
If thou deaire to be wise, be so wise as to
hold thy tongue.
Much beading broaki the bow ; much unbending the mind.
Riches exclude only one i neon veu ie nee, an d
that ia poverty.
He who ia firm and resolute in will molds
the world to himself.
More thinga are wrought by prayer than
this world dreams of.
Speak but little and well if you would be
esteemed a man of merit.
Romance has been elegantly defined ob
the offspring of fiction and love.
The great fact is, that life is a service.
The only queation is, <��� Whom will we
Bervo t"
Tho book to read is not the one that
thinks for you, but the one whioh makes
you think.
Morn in the white-wake of the morning
star, came furrowing all the orient into
Divines and dying men may talk of hell,
but in my head her several torments dwell.
Be rather bountiful than expensive ; do
good with what thou hast, or it will do thee
no good.
If you mean to keep aa well as poasible the leas you think about your health
the better.
Our country's welfare is our firat concern,
and who promotes that boat, beat proves
his duty.
From lowest place, when virtuous thing,
proceed, the place ib dignified hy the doer s
Pride iB a vice, which pride itself inelines
every man to find iu others, and to overlook
in himself.
This gives force to the strong, that the
multitude have no habit of Belf reliance or
original action.
The charities that soothe, and heal, and
bless, lio scattered at the feet of men liko
If there ia any person to whom you feel
dislike, that ia the person of whom you
ought never to apeak,
Sunday is like a stile between tho fields
of tolla, where we oan kneel and pray or sit
and meditate.
Cruelty like every other vice, requires
no motive outside of itself; it only requires
Rich rogues always fancy that their children will inherit only the wealth and none
of the ain.
Give a boy address and accomplishments
and you give him the mastery of palaces and
fortunes where he goes.
Rogues are alwaya found out in some way.
Whoever le a wolf will act as a wolf; that ia
tho most certain of thinga.
True popularity Is not the popularity
whioh ia followed after, hut the popularity
whioh follows after.
In activity we muat find our joy aa well
as glory; and labor, like everything clae that
is good, ia its own reward.
Memory is the cabinet of imagination
tho treasury of reason, tho registry of con'
science and the council ahum ber of thought.
Houses are built to live in, more than lo
look oo; therefore* let use be preferred
before uniformity, exceptfwhero both may
be had.
We sometimes congratulate ourselves at
tho moment of waking from a troubled
droam; it may be so the moment after
T&miog a Scold-
A village fi shoo Sinister had dono somo
thing to qtsplease the parents of one of hia
pupils. Ou the following morning, the
angry mother of ihc Ind entered iho schoolroom during lesaon time, and began to
hcoIiI. Tho teacher know what was coming,
and called out, iti a tone of command,
"Children, tho multiplication tablo 1"
At once tlio whole school began to repeat
the table in chorus, The womun stormed
and raved, while iho scholars only shouted
the harder, and tho masterquictly laughed
to himself. Utterly speechless with anger
and surprise, the worn in at last went away
and the teacher was lol't master of tho Held
Objects.! to "Hima"
A maiden lady, suspecting that a fema'.e
servant waa regaling her beau upon cold
mutton in the larder, called Hetty, and in-
quired whether sho did not hear someone
speahlug wiih her downstairs.
" Oh, no. ma'ftm," replied the girl. " It
was only me singing a psalm,"
" You may amuse yoursolf,  Betty," replied the maiden, " with psalms, but lot's
have no ' hints.' Hetty, I havo a  great objection to ' hires,':l
Hetty curtsied, withdrew,  and  took tho
Le .Utiontil Han Another   Bud Attack or
The current isaue of the National contains
an artiole headed " French and English,"
recalling the exaggerated tone of the Nelson
series which had such an unfortunate outcome.   The writer begins by remarking on
recent reports of unfriendly relations  be*
tween France and England, and aaya that
France haa forgiven Russia for the humiliation of the retreat from Moscow, and will
forgive Uermany for tho defeat of 1870, but
sho will nover forgive England for Waterloo.
The reason is very simple.   France if just;
sho is frank, and sho has the defects of her
qualities; she detests perfidy.    England
has been a disloyal enemy ; aho haa fought
France like a marauder, like a prowling
camp follower after the battle.   During the
combats of half a century she has been the
motive power of all the coalitions.   She
made mischief every time thero was a chance
of peace aud the accomplishment of the
great reforms that the Emperor dreamt of in
his powerful genius for administration. After all thc nations had given the best of thoir
blood   lo undermine the giant who had
astonished the world, England stepped in,
and without ever  gaining  a victory, but
thanks  to  the perfidy  of s traitor, reaped the glory of tho final defeat of the great
Napoleon.  The battle of Waterloo remains
unpardoned, because the English had done
nothing to gain it.   Then followed the un*
orthy conduct of England  towards Napoleon, his cowardly Imprisonment and his
martyrdom tinder that true British brute,
Hudson Lowe   France never pardons tho
cowards who martyrise a beaten  enemy,
tho traitors who make a pretence of " lair
play" to Btab a  man in the back.   Thia is
ono reason uf the enmity  between France
and England ; others are conllictlng interests   and   different    characteristics.    The
Frenchman la open, frank,   joyous and frivolous. Tho Englishmen is reserved, hypocritical, grave and melancholy. The Frenchman loves art and   pleasure ;  the Englishman money   and   trade,    Tne Frenchman
is generous;   tho   Engljahman   selfish and
egotistical.   The Frenchman ia brave, the
Englishman calculating, and so on.
How the Knglish Proaoanos Namoi-
Ttio absurd aud somotimos extraordinary
difference between tho spelling aad pronunciation of English names has been often
commented upon. Several Hats havo Iwen
published, hut lhey nre by no means complete. The following, it Is believed, aro,
for tho most part, new :���-Woodnesljorough,
Winsbro ; Woodman onto, Woodmuoket;
Wymondham, W indum s Yaddlothorpc,
Yalthrup; Oainsborough, Oainaber ; (Hen-
coin, Lenknrrin ; Orossington, (Jirstuii;
HaJi'.lseoc, Hadskor; (lunthwaitc, Ottnftt}
Eskdale, Ash-dale; Brampton Brian, Bruwu;
Brighthelmstone, Brytun; Hallahon, Horn;
Meddlothorpe, Throilhrup ; Marylebone
Marrowbone ;Utrome, Ooram ; Uttcxcter,
Tuxter ;Rampisham, Ransom; Pevensoy,
Plnsey ; Cox wold, Cookwoid | Crostwlghc,
t'orsil; Holdsworth, Holder ; Skiddaw Ib
Skiddy ; Kirkcudbright, Kiwooby ; Ilklcy,
Eethla; Hawarden, Hard'n j Aldford, Art-
Strachan should bo pronounced Strawn;
Colquohoun is Koohoon, the accent being
on the last syllable; Boauchampis Beacham;
Duchesne should be pronounced Dukaan;
Bethune should he Beeton; and in Abergavenny, tho " av " is not soundoil. M eu/.ies
is pronounced Mynges, Knollys as Knowl**,
Sandys as Sands, Gowor as Oorr, and
Millies ns Milla, Dal/.iol ahould he pronounced " Doo-al," with accent on the lirst
syllable; (1 lamia is Olarms; Oeoghegau
ahould he pronounced Oaygan, and Ruth-
ven ia Riven.---[Boston Transcript.
How a Bright Little Girl's Life Vat
A Terrible Snffcrer From SI. Vitas'Dance
-Coald Nui Feed Herself mats Had lo be
ClteelT Walehed-A I'tai-He Acknowledgment by Uer Grateful Parents.
From tho Sholburne Economist.
Many of the readers of the Economist
have doubtless been impressed to a certain
extent by the reports of miraculous curea
effected in varioua parte of the country by
the intelligent use of Dr. Williams' Fink
I'ills for Pale People, and yet in the minds
of a few there may linger just the shadow
of a doubt regarding the veracity of these
reports. To be candid, the writer of thia
article, confesses to have had in the past a
desire to avoid the miracle column of the
papers, but now he admits that were the
cases anything like that which came under
hie personal observation a few days ago,the
proprietors cannot Biy too much concerning
these pills and their curative powers in tho
many diseases to which flesh ia heir.
Ono day laat week the reporter waited
upon Mr. and Mrs. John Lindsay at their
home, Lot ,11, Con. 1, K.H.S., township of
Mono, and listened to the words of grateful
acknowledgment which fell from their lips
while describing tho terrihle malady from
which one of their children had been
suffering, and of the complete restoration to
health effected by the use of Dr. Williams'
I'ink Pills, It appcara that during the
winter of 1891-2 tho child, Pernio Klla May
by name, and now aged about seven yeara,
contracted la grippe, uno night during
her illness her father heard hor scream and
ran to hei bed. The child appeared to be
in a terrible fright aod for somo time
eould not be pacified, and although ahe
apparently recovered from the usual
symptoms of la grippe, she was never the
aamo in health ana strength. Her nervous ayatem seemed to have become
deranged, and as time passed the terrible
symptoms of St, Anthony's or St Vitus'
lauoo were noticed by the parents. Doctors did all they could for her, but instead
of getting better she became worse, until
the parents had given up all hope. She
could not feed herself, nor could ahe take
hold of a cup when handed to her. She
would frequently fall down when attempting to walk across the floor, had to be closely watched for fear aho might at eome time
fall on the stove. Nor could she sit on i
chair. It seemed as though ahe had com
plotety lost control of her limbs. Prior to
her illness she had usually assisted in dressing herself���-now her parents had to hold
her limbs when putting on her clothing.
She could not turn herself in bed and
hor parents had lo turn her. Sho was
perfectly helpless and had almost lost
the power of speech. When Bhe did
speak it waB with difficulty she waa understood, aa her tongue was drawn to
one side and she had lost control of it,
She had a strange, demented look that
foreboded the loss of reason, The condition of the poor child was pitiable in
the extreme. One day about tlie eud of
January last the father read of the case
of little tiniest Duke, who had been cured by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and he
secured a box frum Mr. Brown, druggist,
of Sholburne. Thoy commenced tho treatment by giving the child three pills a day
one a.'ur e..ch meal���at d never varied from
that treatment to the end. Before the first
box had been used used they noticed that
the little girl's appetite was improving, and
by the timo three boxes were used she had
improved to a marvellous extent. In April
last, the child having fully recovered, no
more pills were given her. Several months
have passed sinco then and there has been
no relapse end no sign of a return of the
terrible malady. Iho cure seems to bo complete and no further medicine has been re
quired. The parents state emphatically
that Dr. Williama' Pink Pilla saved tho life
of their littio girl.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are a specific
for all diseases ariaing from an improver-
ished condition of the blood or a shattered condition of the nervous (forces,
auch aa St. Vitus' dance, locomotor
ataxia, rheumatism, paralysis, sciatica,
the after effects of ia grippe, loss of appetite, headache, dizziness, chronic ery
sipclas, scrofula, etc. They are alao a
specific for the troubles peculiar to the
female system, correcting irregularities,
suppressions and all forms of female weakness, building anew the blood and restoring
the slow of health to pale and sallow che?ka
In tho cisc of men they effect a radical cure
in all cases arising from mental worry,
overwoik or excesses of any nature. Thi
pills are not a purgative medicine. They
contain only life-giving properties, and
nothing that could injure the most delicate
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are aold only in
boxes bearing the firm's trado mark and
wrapper, (printed in red ink.) Bear in mind
that thoy are never sold in bulk, or by the
dozen or hundred, and any dealer who
offers substitutes in this form is trying to
defraud you and should bo avoided. Ask
your dealers for Dr. Williama' Pink Pills
for Palo People and refuse all imitations
and substitutes.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills may be had of
all druggists or direct by mail from Dr,
Williams' Medicine Company, Brockville,
One, or Schenectady, N. Y., at 50 cents a
box, or six boxes for $2.50. The price at
whleh these pilla are sold makes a course of
treatment comparatively inexpensive ai
compared with other remedies or medical
dsath It pained sway from tho Howes, and
became the property of hia mother's slater,
Rebecca Balaam, wife of Daniel Puffer, of
Sudbury, grand-aant of the writer. Since
that time it has been a peaceful farmhouse.
John Howe, a cousin of Col. Howe, the
"grandaire," whose aword hung peacefully
in the parlor, was engaged in newspaper
work in Boston when tlie Revolutionary
war began. Ho remained loyal to the
King of England and emigranted with hia
family to Nova Scotia. When the British
Government rewarded the U. E. Loyalista,
for their patriotism, with grants of land,
John Howe received a grant of land about
two milea from Halifax. Here his son
Joseph was born in 1804. He was the
Hon. Joseph Howe, who ia considered one
of the greatest orators the Dominion of
Canada ever produced. He died in 1873,
a few weeks after his appointment aa
lieutenant-governor of Nora Scotia.���-[Can*
adian Magaziue.
Their Own Wen Too Larga.
'���Have you any second-hand shoes!"
inquired a young lady at a Liverpool shoe
We dsn't aell second-ham) shoea, miaa,"
said tho shopman, shortly.
"No, nf course not, I didn't want to buy
them, but if you happened to have any
that had been loft hero hy persons buying
new ones, you know," she suggested mysteriously.
"Oh, certainly. Hero are a pair of but*
loned boots -kid ��� but quite worn out.
Would they do T"
'���What number aro they V*
'Two's���amall two's at that.   And here
ia ono bronze slipper, thirteen si/e."
"But thirteen is an unlucky number,"
aho said, anxiously.
"Not iu shoea, miss. And here is a No.
one, not badly worn."
"I will tako them all. Thank yon so
muoh," and she proffered the shopman pay*
ment for the refuse ehoes,
"There ia no charge," he aaid, as he
handed them to her in a neat package. "I
suppose you want them for a hanging
basket V
Mercy, no 1 My sister ia to be married
this evening, and we want them to throw
after the carriage. Our own aro all new,
and it must be an old shoe to bring  luck."
"I Bee," said the sbopmau, and he gazed
dreamily after her retreating form, muttering iu a vivid monotone : "And the family
ehoes range from sixes to eights���I see,"
electricity lo Bupni-sede Steam on Two
Stellon*- or ike l.l'K.
A Montreal despatch aays ;���In the near
future the trolley system of locomotion
will be In operation in two sections of the
Rooky Mountain division of the Pacific
Railway. Contracts havo already been let
for the construction of the motors. The
power will be developed from water falls
in the neighborhood, and tho aecaasary inn,
chinery for thia purpose has also been con
tracted for. The trolley is especially
adapted for steep grades suoh as characterize the aeetiona of the C.P. R. on which it-
is to be adapted. Steam locomotives will
be entirely abolished on these parts of the
When Ponce-de-Leon souuht to iln 1
The fountain i/ivin*- back loit youth,
It may be that he hod In mind
That draught which seems to mako a truth
Out of the fable a-fi--. ohl,
For drlnkin-f it thc old Krow yomu',
It Is, Indeed, a draught of gulil,
Sirposslng all by pout * sung,
The draught meant is Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery, of course. It is a most
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all Impurity, enriches the blood, and makes
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Dr. Pierce did, and he rightly named it
when he called ita "Ooldoii Discovery."
Dr. Pierce's Pellets cure permanently
con eti pat ion, indigestion, and headaches.
All dealers.
The acorn harvest was exceedingly abundant last year. In Richmond Park 1,,100
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Spilled Milk.
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For the milk that is spilled
There's a pump where the pail
May lie easily liiled."
" O brother, forbear,
There is nocd that I cry
For the milk that is spilled.
For tho pump has gono dry."
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MOAVTIOnr."--nirr.ra ol -mbstltatOt.
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He. anl ��l.oa
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He Oould Prove it for Himself-
Old Gent {to man showing telescope) :
" Now, my good man, if you can toll me
bow many stara there aro in the heavens
above, I will present you wilh a shilling."
Man : " 4,sti!i,573, sir."
Old Gent: " I cannot credit that State*   knowledge of French.
ment, my good man.
Man : " Werry woll, air ; count 'em
Tbe old gentleman parted with the shilling.
An Inlrrexlhifl* House Inhablled by nn In*
lerewtlitic family���One H run eh Is Kuw
in Nova tteoiln.
Longfellow's Wayiide Inn is in tho town
of Sudbury, Massaohueotts, nbmt twenty-
five miles west of Boston, on the main roid
between lioston aud Worcoater, It waa
built by .John Ifowe early In the 17th century for a country seat,and it declined witli
tlie fortunes of the family from a stately
mansion to an inn, hut never a humble one.
It was lirst llccnsod under the namo of "Tlie
Hod Horae Inn," i-'eptnmber 14th, HICil.
When Sudbury was burned by t e Indians
iu HI70 It was lho only house in town that
escaped destruction. It is a --reat plain
colonial m.in-tioii.tuiilt of solid oak,uml uiaile
picturee-pio by ita gambrel root, moonstone
chimneys, and its original tiny windows
(eighty in number,) witn ita loadun sashes.
Ami hi range enough it looks In this country
of tii-nio rows with nu yesterdays. No
wonder its plcturei-i-iie image liugored in
Lotif-fullow's mind until he used itas a connecting link in a chain of poems.
Longfellow first saw the inn when nt tho
ngo of nineteen, ho was ou hia way to New
Vork, to sail for Europe, It was thon a
coaching station. Later in life wheu the
Inn still railed tho Red Horse inn,became a
favorite resort of some of his friends, he
visited them and took observntiona for the
poems afterwards written at Cralgio house
and N it ban t.
Longfellow's description of Lyman Howo,
the landlord, is said to he true to lifo. He
was "justice of peace,proud of his name and
race, and coat of arms," an I known everywhere as "The Squiro." One old man in
Sudhur v said to me, "I'd a known ho meant
���Squire Howe if ho hadn't put Ida name
there; it sounds jest like him." He was veiy
proud of tho family silver brought from
England, all bearing tho Howe creat. And
their raro and delicate china would delight
the heart ol a connoisseur.
These Howes were descended from the
md-to family of that name iu Britain, and
showed their pure ancestry by their refined
speech and manner. Tho grand-drc, whose
sword is montioned in tho poems, was
Colonel HoWO, who was appointed a member of L'if',yotto's stall because of his
and   that accounts
for ].:ii.iy-:'i.;'n visits to tho Inti. Colonel
Howe died of smallpox, whioh he caught
from a traveller, in )7Sfl,
The inn camo to Lyman in direct descent
from tho founder, John Howe, but ut hia
JavB you Catarrh? This Iteroedy will relieve
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'Shure MAM
"Then ia the diuner at Miss Talbot's
home!" asked John, -puzzled.
" You will Bee her there."
"But I hope Z may know whose house 1
am going to?"
"To yoar cousin's. To Ur. NeviH'a.
Jessica Novill ia a great friend of mine."
"Alias Williams, I really regret very
much that I did not know thia aooner. Of
course, you wero not aware, but thero are
circumstances which make it peculiarly
awkward for me to meet Miaa Novill.''
"Oh we knuw all about that. Jessioa haa
told us. Hut don't bo clarmed. Mr.
Nevill and Jossica know you aro coming, and are delighted, I assure you.
And it's your ouly chanoo of seeing
Talbot. Besides, it's too late to
turn back now. Would you loave them
thirteen to dinner V I do assure you it is
all right," said Flora, alarmed, for John
showed serious symptoms of stopping the
carriage and escaping. There seemed to
him a horrible indelicacy in thus I'nding
Miss Talbot under the very oyes of Jessica
Nevill. However, escape thero war none.
They wero arrived ami that sharp-tongued
Flora waa saying " Only cowatda run, Captain Farquhar ; and Knglishmen never lie*
tray sirprise. Mother and I particularly
hopo you'll remember that."
At this moment- John found his hand
warmly graspod hy his cousin, the heiress's
father, who was talking away to him most
cordially, though tho young man, his heart
thumping liko a schoolboy's, suarotly heard
one single word he was saying.
"My daughter has a had cough," said Mr,
Nevill, passing his arm throughniBkinsman's
affectionately. "She does not look well tonight Como aad let mc introduce you. Jessioa, my dear " a littio impatiently, for
Jessica was covering her confusion by an
unneoossarity prolongod and offusivo greet*
log of Mrs. Williams and Flora. Aa for
John, he was in no hurry, for he was look-
inn all about the room for Talbot, and had
no eyes to spare for mero Jessica Nevill,
Until the young hostess ruised her head
at last from Floras shoulder, and advanced
with an air of desperation towards her
cousin. Aud lo! John found her tits very
darling of his search���found her in his
cousin herself, in tho hostess, the heiress,
Jessica Nevill.
The room swain round for John Farquhar,
and he did not know if ho stood on his
head or heels. Ho heard Flora langh, and
he saw Mr. Nevill standing by Biniling,
and he knew Jessica! and a(*w *���������������*' Bne waa
looking at him, and that in her eyes���large,
wan, troubled eyea���was the same wist-
fulness that he had seen there on the
night of his mother's death, when she
had asked to share hia watch, and ho
had not dared to Bpeak to her because
he loved her ao, John aaw all this as
in a dream, but he had not the faintest
idea what ho waa saying or doing him*
self, and after a minute he was swept away
in a procession to tho dining-room under
charge of an elderly woman named Snow,
who planted him at a table very far away
from tho hostess, anil talked to him diligently all through many courses till aho
gave him up as a hopeless dummy of a
John never knew how ho got through
that dinner ; and aa for Jeaaica, ahe got
whiter and whiter and whiter, till Flora
begun to thick her comedy an error, and to
feel that the sick headacho had for once
arrived in good earnest, though most inop-
Alter dinner Misa Nevill  dis*
in     the   moonlight,    till  it    was  quite
too late to reappear in tho drawing-roam.
Before the party broke up, Flot a resolved
to find out what had happened ; and Bhe
slipped off to her frieud's room, and found
ber sitting there alono
All kin' o' emlly roun' the lips,
An't o:\ry roun' tho lashes.
and quite reidy to talk. And after Flora
had gone, Jessica still knelt on by hor window, till the last carriage had driven away,
and tho hous* was very quiet, and the
lamps of festivity were all put out. But
all tho while conversation was going on in
hei father's room below ; and Jessica recognized John's voice, and knew that he was
there still. At last sho heard hia foot in
the pasaage, not going to the hall door hut
disappearing into enc of the snare rooms.
And thon Mr. Nevill, candle in hand, came
upstairs to bed, an I went into his dress*
ing room and shut the door.
Then up jumped Jessica, still In her
whito dreaa, with the string of pearls in
her hair ; and she fleeted along tho lobby,
and burst the door open, and Bung herself
into her father's arms.
Oh, papa, dear, dear papa I Haa John
told you everything 1"
Mr. Nevill unlaced lior strangling clasp,
and seated her in his armchair, and stroked
hor cheek. "My dear Joss," he mud
gently, " if yon had told mi the facta long
ago, you would have spared yoursolf a great
dual of needless distress."
' Oh uo, papa 1" criod Jessica ; " it has
all turned out most beautifully. We haven't
the least objection now to marrying each
other, papa. And I shall be so glad, please
papa, if you will ba fond of ino again, as
you were beforo I get the money ; and���
and the eough at Tangier," ended Jesaica,
blushing aud laughing, and gay as her old
Well, she married John Farquhar in the
autumn, and every one aaid they made a
very pretty couple. But do you want to
know tho sequel to tho atory!
Mr. Nevill, after hia daughter's wedding,
lived by himself for a full year, and was so
lonely and miserable that every one aaid he
waa quite certain to marry again. Humor
said also that Misa Snow was prepared to
accept him. But Mr. Nevill, whose wife had
died at twenty-live, and whose daughter had
deserted himatnineteon.kuewnothing about
elderly ladies, and was not particularly
fond of them. I fear it ran in the family,
that espousing of women thirty years too
young. Old John Farquhar had done it;
and instead of taking warning, Mr. Novill
went and followed his example.
He married that Miss Williams.���[Blackwood's Magazine.
appeared altogether. And the guests said,
������Poor child ahe is obviously ill,and no doubt
has slipped away to her bed,"
But they wero all totally mistaken. Jessica hnd no headuche whatever, and was
sitting quite comfortably on a bench in
lhe garden, with her cousin, John Farquhar.
He had invited her out thero alone
to tell hor, of course, all about his
engagement to Flora ; and Jesaica took
her courage in both handa, and stepped out
with him when no one was looking. And
thoro they sat hidden among the treea; uud
the moon shone through tho branches, so
that they could jnstsee each ottici as they
talked���he looked quite content and smif-
ing and happy, and sho with the wild eyes
and forcod cheerfulness of agitated heroism.
"Then it waa Jossica all the time 1*' said
John, with gentle reproach,
"iHdn't you know ? Didn't she tell you
Didn't Mra. Farquhar tell you? I told her.'
"My mother? Jessica, how glad I am to
think my dear mother knew I Hut no, no
one told me. I had no idea till to-night���
till I saw you.
Jessica swallowed a aob, "Oh, do for
give me I I only meant it for fun. I want
cd to sea you ao���to got to know you,'
she pleaded, in her agitation saying all tho
things she had meant not to say.
"What can I possibly havo "to forgive
said John, and paused for u fow minute**,
watching hor and smiling.
" Let me tell you a little about myself,"
he said presently; "may I* though tho story
ia not entirely flattering to either of us.
Listen, Jessioa." Then he began; "When
tbe wish was expressed that wo should marry, I knew nothing about lovo���nothing, I
was a good deal perplexed just then, Jessi-
oi, and hardly, know what 1 was doing.
But, as you remember, I did oiler myself to
you, and you accepted me out of sheer generosity."
" Oh no," criod Jesaica; " I didn't want
to marry you at all I I wasn't gonerous. It
was all papa's doing.*'
"How could you have wanted to marry
me ?" cried John indignantly. " I was a
shabby, mercenary w etch. The whole
matter was a blunder. It was worse than
a blunder���it waa a crime. I didn't liko it
at the time���that much I can aay for myself. Hut Jessica, what waked mo up, what
showed mo that the thing couldn't and
shouldn't be dono, was that 1 full in love,"
" I know that!"
" Did you know it?" Again he paused
aud looked at her, hut .lor-sioa'a oyes were
lined on a gap in the live i, and she wouldn't
see hla smile, " There came aome ono Into
my lifo quite different from all 1 had i-non
beforo. I loved her from Ihe first moment
I saw her-on the Herciilei��� ntul every
day I lot/oil her more, and always more.
Sometimes I fancied���perhaps I was wrong
���1 hoped, perhaps persuiiipluuusly���that
sho Hut, Jesaica, I wus engaged to Miss
Novill. Think 1 1 wiy. engaged to Miss
Nevill, and not a word could I say to that
othor. Then I wrote to you- -to Miss No*
vill���and told her I couldn't do her the
wrong of murryiiig her when my heart was
elsewhere. It is a very confusing story
Jessi.-n; can you follow it? I wanted to
woo my darling? and to win her 1 was
ready to give up anything. But I waa
rather too bold, wasn't I? I hive hardly
a sixpence in tlio world, and yet I havo
found her out; and, beggar aa I am, my
* prayer to her now Is to come un-1 share my
sixpence. It ia better than riches, Isn't it!
Jessica? Love and a Bixpiuce 1 Love,
Love I"
" Yes," Baid Jossica bravely, "You aro
right. But ahe ia not poor.' You will be
quite rich enough, John. "
" Never mind the riches; all I want is
her dear self. Will sho come to ine ?
Will she forgive all and come to me? "
"Oh, how oan   I  tell?"  said  Jessica,
pinching her finger*.    " Yea, I Imagine so.
Let me go, and I will send her to you now.':
" Who?" exclaimed John, bewildered.
" Flora! Oh, don't say it is not my dear
Flora 1"
���** Flora?" rop-mted John. And then he
put his arm round tho trembling girl and
drow her to liim gently. "No, it la not
Florn. It never was Flora. Oh, Jessica,
don't you know? Don't you understand ?
Jessica I"
" Oh ! " tuid Jesaica.
Aftor that they somehow arrived at
a very good understanding Indeed, And
they forgot all about the dinner-party,
and  sat   there    for    an   immenss    timo
The Distress in Chicago-
Towards the close of thc World'a Fair
daily meetings of tho unemployed wero held
around the Cnlumbua Monument on tbo
Lake Front, One day a riot at the very
portal of tho City Hall waa quelled by the
police. Then work was given to all of the
unemployed who would accept it, or could
accept it, ou the big drainage canal. After
the lair closed thousands of idlo men emerged from somewhere ���-sprang up from
under tho granite streets, it seemed ; poured into thu city from neighboring towna on
the aouth, north, weal, and cast. Theae men
had no place to sleep, nothing to out. In
sheer humanity the City Hall waa given up
lo them, and night after night, since the
middlo of November, thc great corridors ol
tho building ami its stairways of iron and
stone were turned into dormitories���hard
bods, but warm ones, at least. The homeless, the hungry, oried aloud, and the peace
of the city was disturbed. The churches
discussed the advisability of throwing open
their edifices to those who had not whereon
*o lay their heads, but this movement was
abandoned. Why, uo ono seemed to know.
Then a crank in a suburban town issued a
printod circular calling for twelve thousand
armed unemployed men to meet at a certain
hour at the Columbus Monument, go up
into the city and take what they thought
they wanted.
This odd and highly impracticable suggestion crystallized the movement for the
relief of the poor, aud a general committee
of thetieh men, called the Central Relief
Association, was formed. The churches and
their representatives in tho ministry got
together, and set to work at onco in organizing societies and committees for investigation and relief. At that time tho City Hall
was the public dormitory, and a visit there
at night was like a walk through a potter's
Held of unburled dead. The air nf tho main
corridors became curruptand has not yet
been purified, although the lodgers were
forbidden to enter a fortnight ago. The
Central lteliof Association worked hard,and
aoon had a great aoup-kitcken on the Lake
Front at the foot of Randolph Street. Here
are fed daily about four thousand persons.
The establishment doos not undertake to
lodge the pool, but it feeda them. No restrictions nre placed on the applicant. He
may fill himself there onco, twice, or thrice
a day as he wishes. And its Urea aro burning incessantly. In olher parts of the city
are seven establishments in which the needy
are fed and lodgod. All the outlying feeding stations have dormitories attached and
the work is growing.
mssmw>���w us **������- ���������"***����� i. ���������<������*��������   i '
The Controllers at Ottawa, together with
the Solicitor-General,can now be designated
" Hon." Hitherto they havo not boou entitled to that distinction ; but the Colonial
Office haa ruled that they shall be honourable in future.
King Humbert of Italy is a much worried
man juat now. His hair waa grey long ago
from worry, now it is white. Ho is, probably, the only monarch in Europe who is
almost daily obliged to take targe sunn
from hli own allowance as sovereign and
apply them to the n*eda oi failing individuals and Institutions,
Queen Victoria is said to be very particular about people being called by their
corteot names. She smartly snubbed a
certain lady who spoke to her of the late
Duke of Clarence a3 "Princo Eddie." " I
cannot understand," said her irate Majesty, "why the Princo and Priucess of
Wales give their children nicknames. In
my presence I prefer not to havu them
usod. The Duke's name was Priuoe Albert
Princess Maud of Wales is the prettiest
of the unmarried English princesses. She is
also ono ot tho kindest and most thoughtful
of girls to be found anywhere. Sho is much
loved by the people about S.uidriugham,
whoro her unselfish goodness U best known,
She and her sister have very gontlo and
simple manners���manners muoh gentler and
simpler than those of many young American
Thero is a rumour that ths handsome
young Duchess of Albany, the widow of
I'rince Leopold, is engagod to marry tho
tiarl of Rosehery. Queen Victoria does not
liko second marriages, but in this oase, it is
said, she is prepared to forgot hor prejudice.
The Duchess of Albany has two little children, tha present Duke and Princess Alice
of Albany, while Lord Rosebery has several
children by his first wifo, who waa Misa
Hannah do Rothschild, und who lett him u
great deal of money.
General Montgomery Moore, commander
of the forces at Halifax, appeared the othor
day at the opening of tho Nova .Scotia Legislature in morning dress. Tho occurrence
is adversely commented upon, as it is said
that the General should have worn his
feathers and buttons ns do the foreign
diplomats at the opening of tho Ontario
Sir John Thompson's earliest appearance
at the bar wai at Halifax in a libel suit.
A grocer had boon selling liquor without a
license, and a temperance paper, known as
the Abstainer, had attacked him bitterly in
consequence. Mr. VV. A. Henry, afterwards
one of the judges of the Supreme Court,
appeared with another celebrated counsel
for the grocer, who was suing for damages,
and Mr. Thompson represented the Ab-
stainer. The jury was out four hours and
gave a verdict for the defence on a vote of
seven to two.
At Lord Aberdeen's first State dinner
thore werefortyguests. The functions wore
hold in tho Uidoau hall ballroom, which
made a handsome dining room. Before
dinner was announced Lady Ma'jorie, a
pretty girl of thirteen, presented each of
the gentlemen with a boutonniere of sweot
English violets. The two boys, the Hon.
Archie and the Hon. Dudley Gordon, acted
as train-bearers to Lady Aberdeen and
atood behind hor chair far the groater part
of the dinner. Everything is dono in excellent style by the leaders of society at
Ottawa. Wheu for Instance, his Excellency
drives out he is driven by po3ttiions,a species
of servants never before seen at tho capital.
Au E-rtute Involving Millions.
A Toronto Han Inlere-iteil - in Entrancing Starr or an Old Easllik tea Cap-
talu's floury,
A Jnp&iesa Tailor-
A gentleman now in Japan writing home
says: "Tho first gontleman who called
upon me at tbe Grand Hotel, Yokohama,
was Ah S.'iin-*, importer and tailor. He
made an early call���U.2:>. Hi remarked
outside tho door: 'Mister, me came
measure yo*i suit clothes. Alleo sameohot.'
'Call round again, pleaso I'm not up yet.'
He did. Called again at (l.ll'J. Desiring
to encourago enterprise in a foreign country, I let him in. 'Go it,'I replied, because it was red hot aud the Japanese sun
was shining clear through tho panes, shades
and shutter*. 'Make suit $2. "pi).' tie had
samples with him in a value. 'Suit ready
to-morrow morning.' And true enough,
he did.   Ab Shing is a Chiuoie  muruhant
ho has doue h-.iiiuojs in Japan for sovoral
yeurs. lit employs forty-three tailors,and
can givo ao-n-i of our mirohauts miuy
pointers on piicn and promptness,"
The Princ-i of Walai in Canada.
The Piince of VTalua has only beon io
this country once���In 18(10. Ho reached
Newfound land unduly 'J I, ISfll, accompanied by the Duko of Newcaitlo as his "governor" ; on July .')(' ho visit-ad Halifax; on
August IS he reached Quebec and on tho
'is'-th Montreal. On Septembor 1 he
arrived at Ottawa, the new capital of tha
unito.l provinces of Upper and Lower
Canada, and on the 21 he laid the corner-
atone of the beautiful Parliament house
thero. On September'JO the Prince crossed
tlio border to Detroit* on October 3 he was
in Washington and wua presented to President Buchanan; on October 0 he reached
Philadelphia; on tho 11th ho reached New
York and on tho 17th Boston; and an the
29th ho Balled for England from Portland,
Mc., the winter port of the Canadian
A Capital Bportiman*
" The  ruiiuiiie.it  inarater I   over 'ad,
said the old gamekeeper, as lie filled his
pipe in the parlour of tho Red Lion Inn,
" wur t'ould Parson Sharpo.    He wur as
blind as a bat, ho wur."
'- An* did he go shootin 1" exclaimed (he
interested audience.
" Shootin'? Yes, ho shot rcg'lar over tho
globe. But he couldn't see, ho couldn't,
Whon anythin' rone I used to cry I ' Birds,
sir 1' and thou I'd run behind parson, and
the dogs 'ad run behind mc, anil we'd ull
go danolu' round behind t'onld gentleman
while ho blazed away with both uarl's,"
And tlid he ever hit anything ?"
" Oh, yes. Sometimes it wur a cow, and
Boinetimea a man, but he general hit some-
. thing."���[Spare Moments,
What a handy reservoir of electric current the storage battery is when no other
source of otectriciiy can be tapped, wasshown
recently at a wedding reception. It was
desired for the one evening, to produce a
special effect of light in a largo library.
Storage cells were set up ina barn about i)0
feet in the rear of the residence, and temporary wires run into tho houso. By
this means the library was filled with a
glow of Boft even light, and the beauties of
tho paintings that adorned ils walls were
fully brought out. Impromptu plants of
this kind are so quickly installed that thev
aro being very much resorted to for special
occasions. The entire plan's in question
waa erectod and ready for operation within
twelve houra from tho time the order was
The introduction of electric power iu the
improvement of drilling and quarrying Machinery within the lost few years isevidently
desLined to work a revolution in the rccom-
plishmont of tunnel engineering projects.
Excavations that formerly occupied years
can now be mad-* in a few month-., and a
striking reduction in the estimates ofthe
time required for tbe carrying out of engineering plans is apparent. Hit stated
that the proposed Slmplon tunnel is to be
constructed at a cost mid rato which will
place its predecessors iu tho abade. Motive
power Is now easily obtained from water in
the Swiss mountainous districts, and the
facility with which electric power can bo
transmitted renders tho site of a generating
station a secondary consideration. This
new tunnel through the heart of the Alpi
is to be completed ir. live aud one-half
A London paper exprosso* tho --pinion
that theeffector tho advent of elojtric cm-king apparatus will be to evolve a highly
scientific species uf cook, with, unquestionably, highly up-to-date notions about the
living wage," It quotes from a description
of tho electric process in thc latest culinary
manual: "Cookery Is raisod from tho rulo
of-lhunib lovel to that of an exact science
by the use of a graduated thermometer,
For broad or pull pastry a tcmporatiiro of
870 �� l'ahr. ia required; for pork, veal or
ordinary pastry, 1160 �� | for hoof, .'ill)**
and infers that formula- are forthcoming for
jam tarts, mince pies und Olirlstinaa puddings, Tho completion of the list uf mate-
riala available for the purposes ofthe ehW
and tho determination of thu proper temperature fnr cooking thuin "to a turn" is
a matter that involves not. only the knowledge of modern kitchen lore, hut uIs ������ a
familiarity with the specific heats, latent
heats and density oi thu heterogeneous
muBB to bo cooked. Some ot tho recent
cooking appliances are fitted with a whole
battery ol switches, various combinations
of which, like the stops of an organ, aro
necessary to produce various effects, Tho
instructions which go with tho apparatus
are elaborate. For instance, aftor the treatment of a joint op to a certain point has
been specified, we are told that " four of
these switches aro now turned olf, and the
heat is applied from one Bide only." If
this accuracy and flexibility in tho concentration and disunion of haat rays in tho
development of tho subtle flavors of animal
juices and tissues is to go much further
the electrical cook will attain to tlie rank
of the virtuoso, the dinner menu will be
constructed after the manner of a concert
programme, and such Items as " A symphony in venison*" "Nocturne In fricasseed
pheasant" or " Rhapsody in frogs' legs, "
will bo both coL'sistout and justifiable.
Van Overboard-
" Only those who havo been roused from
midnight slumber on shipb-iard by the
torrtblo cry ' Man overboard !' " said a traveller* "can comprehend to the full its
terrible meaning, the fuar an l horror in its
sudden alarm."
Oh, yes, they can,"replied a little lame
shoemaker, who was not much of a traveller, " 1 hoard It ouo * when I wasn't neur
the ship, and I realised tho horror of it
more than anyone olso."
" You couldn't," Biiid tho traveller, scorn
" Ye**, I could," peiststed tho littio tamo
shoe-maker j " I was tho man who_was overboard,"
share of tho estate.    HU unoU-, tie says', is
as sanguine over the matter  to-day   as   ho
��� n-i-Mf.*-.     ,��,,..��� in MAm     was 29 years a^o.    Ho is   well   acquainted
AFTER    AMERICAN  GOLD.   *���*���*----<���   technicalities  of   the   case   and
has spent a dcil of money   in  establishing
������ his claim.    Mr. HiltsayB his  own   father
never bothered himself about  the   matter.
At the mcetiugof heirs  at  London   on
November SI last a copy   of   the   expired
lease was shown.    It was sent over  by tho
Now York lawyer, whose nime   Mr.    Hill
could not call to mind,   but who  possesses
the originaldocument. Should the affair ter-
John H. Hill, of 70 Woolsley street, Tor-   ininate --ucsessfully, as Mr. Hill seems con-
outo, a poor man, is in a fair way to become  fi,]ent -t wu\t  ijnoie sam'9 already dcplet-
a multi-millionaire. The story ia an entranc-  ed exchequer will suffer considirable,for \tl
���ng one. | years of uncolleated taxes will have   to   bo
"Money alouo  sets  all   tbe world in  paid to the heirs and their successors,
motion,"  wrote   a philosopher.     Monoy, |
oceans of it, haa at least eet the small world -._..--.��� _��_ ���.���.. ���,.,,,���-.
composed of between 200 aud  300 heirs to KENEDY FOE HARD TIMES-
the Robert Edwards oatate in New York in ���  r
motion, and they aro "moving heaven aud , r*>e M"* ��*'�� ���������� ���**����� Who uo" not
earth" to corral it.   As the matter stands ��� ��"�������������� ����� "**��� ��������������.
at present, the expectant h-jiu, or at loast j The hard times in the United States have
those of them who have proved their claims sut people moralizing on how to meet the
to bo bona fide, stand a fair show to havo emergency. Here is what ouo philoan-
their wildest expectations realized, ('ana-' pher says:���Never keop money which is
da will be some millions of dollars richer if duo to another. Simple in is this rule,
tlm Canadian heirs to this almost fabulous there is none so generally disregarded. Wo
wealth succeed in establishing their claims, have a large class in this community who.��e
and there is every reason to believe they . hank accounts would allow them to owe no
will. . | mau anything save charity aud good will,
The story of this Immense inheritance,tho yet who make it a matter of pride tu pay
plotting and counter-plotting to get pes- no small dobts save by lordly courtesy, or
session of it, and thc many years of working at such times as it may please tliein to mail
and writing of the expectant he*rs, reada u check to tho market mini or the mechanic.
liko the veriest Arabian Night's tale. j To them it  uppcarB  as  though tho good
In Toronto there resides one of the heirs name they havo always borne put them
to this estate in tho person of Mr. John H. ] abovo suspicion. They would pay instant-
Mill, ol 7li Woolsley street. Foranu-nbor ly upon being dunned hy thu humble
of yeara he has boon working quietly and creditor, aud latter would uwait their
patiently to get hi* lawful portion of tho ' pleasure months and borrow money rather
estate, and, aa ho haa given indubitable than ask for his due, sinco to demand his
proof of his close relationship lo the own would be tolo30 their custom in future,
wealthy Now Yorker, he looks forward If you canuot pay what y an owe, nrowe
with conlideueo to an oarly realisation of' nothing, you havo no duty in this respect ;
his dream of riches. j but if thero ia the least   sum duo lor  work
MR ii ill's story. ���*���" purchases see to it that the sun does not
,,     ,,���,      ' .   ..  ," i set to-night   until  that  sum is  put into
Mr.   Hill was  soen at  his houso  by an J (.j."^^,*.-
Umpire  reporter  yesterday, and without]    -j J. caQ 1M     fttTord   to
exhibiting any of hat exuberance of spirits di8lfttrM( j * {n thia Sdvloo boldly, saya
which might be looked for in aa heir ex-, lte jn Ul�� Bo3t(m Trau80ript( although
peo ant to immense wealth, gave the facts   .       . ^   oant        t0 {htiX, W]lMy
of the case Mr. HI iaa carter in the off ^ B t ono fl 'uot h ��� t0 lw ft
employ o Jolllffe &Oo., the Queen atreet * uM econom*3t t0 Bee bhat the relief
west furniture dealers. ITejs 88 years old ^orxU be iMtai-taneous. Debt is alwaya
and ha-s a family of hvo children, aovcralof t0 be ^-j^, but tho Ufjt ovaUable dollar
whom are grown up Ab-jutfouryearsago , w , { to t| oommuuity. What
he came to this city from  Oolflngwood. |      m     ��l doea  m do  which  is
hor nearly three years ho has spent his fi0ftrJed J t d o( feeing put into circula-
spare time and cash in, trying to establish  u    , fl man -��� thfl%osae83-on o( aD
his claim as an heir to the Robert Edwards iucomfl 0^iQm a yeftr wek to enter into
estate, and is confident that ho has not onoofoiir81lburblll villages and daily spend
wasted either in so doing. He has mado Bmong hi. neighbors that proportion which
several tr.ps to New York for this purpose, |)0 -^ ^^ oaoh d % fa not mean
and by enthusing  other Canadian heirs iu    . .     jfc   .]lt ftnd 1fift (QV ihg t o[
the matter has got the affair tn good shape the poor or shiftle-as, but buying the labor
for a successful termination. or products of hia poorer brethren.   Doea
nB was a sea captain". it requiroany instruction in political science
Robert Edwards, whose estate ia being to see that he would ac onco turn that
ao carefully lookod after now, was, ao Mr, ; town into a vory paradise of prosperity ?
Hill aaya, hia great.grandmother's father. ! Aud if all those in comfortable circitm-
He was a aea captain of a speculative turn stance would scrupulously do this, the dis-
of mind, and at tho closo of tho eighteenth scmiuatton of comforts would increaae in
century, whon New York was, if not a proportion to the money spent. The
howling wilderness, at least a plaoe where philosophy of Ucnjamin Franklin haa cursed
town lots could bo purchased at a low thia country with a mania for hoarding,
figure, bought 02 acrea of land, where now We fail to realize that the identical ccon
02 feet would be worth a fortune. The omy which may be commendable in the
estate in question lies in Broadway between young mechanic, maybe a positive wrong
Trinity church and the buttery. In 1778 in the retired merchant,
thia ealate was leased by tho ownor to the Did you ever calculate tho amount of
Trinity church corporation of New York good done by (lot us call it the Franklin
for 01) years. The lease expired 10 yeara phraseology) tho useless oxtravagunce^ of
ago, and up to the present time the heir.* inviting a lady to tho theatre? In tho firat
have not Bucceeded in catablishing their place, iu accepting, she will probably dis-
claim*?. Sixteen years ago Mr. Hill's burs-3 for gloves, millinery or seumstreas
father would have been a wealthy man work quite a pretty sum, each payment
by reason of his share in the inheritance being a blessing to the one who rccctvoa it,
but for ono littio but very important somctimos representing to the employe tho
hitch in establishing hia claim. The very means of life. Then your own dia-
leiwo mysteriously disappeared. Two bursement will help support tho hack
yeara ago this lease was found, and with driver, the florist, tho hotel where you dine
its discovery hope revived iu tho bosoms together, while it would be impossible for
of aome 300 heirs Bproad all over the oon* the worthy corp3 ofthe employes ofthe
tinent, I theatre to got their daily bread were it not
a TEBA8UHB HUNTist. assogiatios. *or ill9t fmcl,* ��-��n��Yaganoe as that of which
. you are guilty.
One of tho Canadian heira, Mr. A. Ed- 'j*0 rigidly economize at each times as tho
wards, of Milton, Out., haa been untiring present, ao that you may have the means
in hia efforts siuce then to get the matter to givo for benevolent purposes is aimply to
settled. Ho has travelled over tho States withhold with the one hand that you may
and Canada hunting up heirs, and when disburse with the other. If the two rules
tho matter took tangible shape in Ontario heroin recommended were observed by every
waa onoof the foremost inovera for an person in tlio community., only tho Inebriate
organized effort to establish claims and get and tho culpably shiftless would be a charge
at the wealth. _      0n their follows.    As intimated hero, I do
There wai a grand rally of the Canaiian ,l0-, [u the lonst ahare tho general commend-
heirs nt London, Oct., on November '21 ation of Benjamin Franklin. His maxims
last. A circular had previously been scut aro worldly, sensual, selfish, entirely ig-
out to all supposed heirs living in Canada, riorlng ohlvalrlo, spiritual m* lofty ideals.
It proposed that all having bona fide claims The effect of his parsimonious ideal of hu-
on tho Robert Edwards estato, of New miln conduct is to bo seen in justsucb strin-
York, meet iu Loudon "for tho purpose of genoy as that which is now felt by the
establiahihg a permanent aasociatlon, with  American people,
a proper constitution und by-laws, to elect. 	
ollieers thereof, to appoint committees with m
power, uud lo do all other neccasary acts to ^,     fc g   fe   an(1 pap3ra,
put matters In shape to carry out the un* a" u     v ���*
dei-tuking corn-noticed." The circular was , The most expensive illustrated book yet
pinned, "Capt, Henry Edwards, soctetary, made is said to bu a Hlblo now owned by
Komoi-a; W. 1>. Edwards, absistaut sec- Theodore Irwin, of Oiwego, N.Y. Itis
rotary,   Loudon;   P.  McPhillips, solicitor . valued at $10,1)00.
for claimants, Loudon."   The mooting last- j    Xho News, published at Cochran, Ga., is
edtwo days.   Many spurious claims wore  butlitUe larger than an ordinary envelope,
A' ���       ,( ,,,:"'        - -
Anybojy can seo through people who
make spectacles of themselves.
The cook-hook **ecipo is too often like the
diHippoiuting novel. It does uot como out
Workman���" I* the boss at homo!"
New-father-���"No ; the nurse has her out
for an airing."
The dentist who devotes himself to pulling aching molars is necessarily a paina-
taxing fellow.
He���"Give me a kias, won't you !" She
(hesitatingly)���" Well���1 will, if you won't
give it away."
A local dealer advertises "a new stock
of walking-sticks for gentlemen with carved
wooden heads."
Customer���" That's a queer shaped piece
of pie. Looks something like a turnover."
Waiter���"No, sir; it'so left-over."
Jackaon tells mo tho last thing he wrote
wu accepted.   Do ycu know what it was?"
Yes, hia resignation."
Jagson says it'a one thing for a servant
girl to know hor placo, but quite a different
thing for hor to keep it.
Lady���"Col. Illowton, how many battles
wore you in!" Col. Illowton������"Madam,
the true soldier never boasts of his deeds."
Ya'ns, ('holly gave her a piece of his
mind when he met tier." "It must have
biion a very small piece thou, if ho has any
Mrs. HnitBor������" What'd that furniture
dealer say whon you told him lhat mirror
he sent up was crackod I" Housor���-"Said
he'd look into it."
Sho���" This is bo sudden." He���" How
firm you women aro in your convictions.
That's just what you said when I proposed
two years ago,"
Poet���" I have called to learu what has
berome ut my pjem I sent you, entitled,
'Tho Brave Fireman V " Editor��� " It went
to tho fire."
Sympathetic widow���"Have you been
fortunate in your lovo affairs!" Interesting
subject���" Yes, very. 1 never yet fell in
love with a girl who would marry me.
He���" What about those new neighbors you called on today?" She���" Well.
they said they had come to the village to
avoid society and begged me to call often."
Tramp���"Say governor, you wanterget
a medal from tho humane society?" Gen*
Human���"Through you?" Trump���" Yes.
Give me a dollar an 1 you'll savo both our
II vos."
When weather prophets prophesy
A winter cold und drear,
Bo Bure a winter soft an Jt warm
Is swiftly drawning near.
Traveler In Missouri���"I want to find
the   conductor.    Who has charge of thia
train?" Trainman���"Can't tell till after we
pasa the next strip o' woods."
From December unto December
This thing may be truthfully Baid :
Tho joke we can nover remember
Ia the ono that wo think of in bed.
"Glorious! Old fellow, bo her father said
yes when you asked him ?" "Yes." "How
did you put the question ?" "Asked him if
he had any objection to me,"
Ho culled her up over the telephone,
Nor noticed his boss' frown
'Till when he'd talked an hour or two
And found himaolf called down.
"Is there no way in which  you can  uso
this poem ?'���   asked the  dcspairin?  poet.
"There iB," said tlio editor,    "Wo  haven't
had a load of wood in a week."
This balmy winter weather
Brings trials to us every day,
We can't tell whether the summer clothes
Or our winter to give away.
St. Petor���" From whence do you come ?"
Chicago man���" I must decline to answer
that." " On what grounds ?" " That the
answor would tend to criminate myself."
Byors���" What waa your idea in getting
vaccinated on your rheumatic arm ?" Seller
���"Economy of pain.    It couldn't  make
the arm hurt wurje than it did already."
The old inhabitant cannot
Recall a year remote,
When ono could till bo late a data
Still soak his overcoat.
Little EIHe (who has stroked the kitten
until she has begun to purr)���" Maudio, do
you   hear   that ?''   Sister   Maud���" Hear
what, Eilie?" Etth���" Why, I do believe
kitty's boiling.''
That young widow Flisou is quite a
dashing creature, don't you think ?" " I
guess you are right Sho dashed my hopes
most effectually when I asked her to marry
The Might Air Injurious-
An extraordinary fallacy is the dread of
night air. What air cau we breath e st
night but night air? The choice is between
pure night air from without and foul air
from within. Most people prefer the latter
���an noaocountablo choice. What will
they say if it is proved to bo true that fully
one-half of all the diseases wc Buffer from
ate occasioned by people sleeping with their
windows shut? A pat tly open window,
most nights In tho year, oan never hurt ouy
one. In great cities night air is often thu
best and purest to be had in tv.ci*iy-four
hours. The absence of smoke, tho quiet,
all tend to make night the best time for
airing the patient. Oue of our highest
medical authorities on consumption and
climate told me that the nir of inrgc cities
is never to good as after ten o'clock at night.
Always air your room then from tho outside, if possible. Windows are made to
open, doors are made lo shut���a truth
which seems extremely dillicutt of comprehension. Evory room must be aired from
without, every passage from within.
Position for Healthy Slop.
Many people sloop on thc lott side, and
this is the most common cause of the unpleasant title in the mouth in thu morning,
which Is generally attributed to dyspepsia.
Ifa meal ban been taken within two or
three hours of going to bed, to sleep ou tho
left side is to give the stum-tch a tusk which
is difficult in the extreme tn perform. Tho
student of anatumy knowu that all food
leaves the stomaah on the right side, and
hence sleeping ou tho left side soon after
eating involves a sort of pumping operation
which ia anything hut coiiducivo to sound
repose. The action of the heart is also
interfered with considerably and the lungs
aro unduly compressed. It is probable that
lying on the back is the most natural
position, hut few persons can rest -wily so,
and hence it is best to cultivate tho habit
of sleeping ou the right sido.
struck oil' the list and lawyer McPhilllps and claiim to tie the smallest weekly paper
ami Mr. W. D. Edwards were appointed to published in Georgia,
go to New York to investigate tho matter. ���    ]t jfl rathor surprising to learn   that tho
twii okfeiis by  sew yorkeiw i little Republic of Uruguay has more news-
in regard to the disposition of the estate 'papers in proportion to its population than
were considered. The first ��as from a n��y other country m the world,
lawyer who claims to have possession of Tho first almanac printod in ICuropo is
the expired leaao. He wanted $25,030 from believed to havo heon tho Kalcndariitm
tho heirs and one-third of the eatate { all Novum, by Reg im on tan us, calculated for
expenses until llie matter was settled to bo the throe yeara, 117.'), 1494, and 1;>13. It
paid by him. Thia wua not favorably con- was published at Buda, in Hungary.
���mli-red. There  aru in  existence,   it is  claimed,
The second oiler waa madu by Mr, Frank Bpaeimons of piper made from rugs as early
Dubois, of the hanking firm of Dubois & as the fourteenth century, thcoldea*,cxtant
Ballou/of New York. He guaranteed to boing, it is reported, a letter from Joinville
got possession of the lease, establish the tu Louis X., of France, dated A.D. 1315,
claims of all tho lawtul heirs, fight tho Tho Scriptures wero first written on
matter out until the estato was rightfully tl ��� [jnen cioth or papyrus, and rolled up
disposed of, and bear all oxpensos in doing   M Wfl llo onKravfnae4    The Old Testament
For this ho wanted one-half of the
o-itate. The assembled heirs at London
decided to taku his oiler. Several trips to
New Vork havo recently been made hy
Lawyer M-d'hiHip.i, and the matter is now
us we do engravings,
was written in lho old Hebrew character���
an offsllOtof Iho I'luenlcian. It Was a symbol laiiglingo as written, and tho vowel
Bounds supplied hy tho voico. Tbo words
ran together III a oontintltAs lino.    After
���j    , ,*   ,- |       | , I Ull   HiaiHIU-tU' SWBBSSms, *��� ...��-.
iii a fair way to being settled : at least su  lnQ ]tt,\ttQW bocame a dead language, vow.
says Mr. Hill.
els were supplied to prosiirvu   usa*;*!, which
tiu; xjmb limit. I was passing away.   After thc Babylonish
captivity, tho written Hebrew was modified
���,n -.ir  Win**!!   by thu Aramaic, mid tlio schools of reading
H.u.tMi. mu to ti**uKht t))0 MQWt ft||, omphu|,( rphen
name the separation of words from each
other, then division into verses,
" We have only a liltlo over three years
uow to light this nut tor," said Mr. Hill to
thn reporter, " as 1 undurslaud from our
solicitor that after'Jl years from tlie expiration uf the luaso our clnims are not
valid, The louse,ynu boo, expired about II)
years ago I mn uonlident, however, that
tho matter will bo no! tied before that."
" What is tbe estato valued at. "
Ai) Im-jrovnd Fro3zin�� Machine-
An Improved froor.lng inaohlne ii now
manufactured, whleh Is excellently adapted
I would nut dare to mako an estimate, {or general   woik, besides   electing  grent
It must bo worth many millions of dollars, economy.    One engineer,   nuo stoker   and
however, aa it is situated in the centre of ono laborer are all   that the staff required
New York, whero a few feot of land means for turning nut live tons of ice per day, and
a small fortune." tlie addition of two laborers will enabio the
" How did you establish your claim ?"
" There's no love like tho old love,
Sung sad and hen-pecked Harry;
" There's no love liko the old love,
The one I didn't marry."
Nell���" How do you know she is in lovo
with Jack l" Belle���" Because sho told me
he was perfectly horrid, and if she wero in
my place aho wouldn't have anything to do
with him."
Mr. Pinks���" My wifo has no sympathy
with this femalo onmnoipation movement.
She tays women's sphere is the homo."
Mrs. Strongmind���" Whon wero you married ?"   Mr. Pinks���" Last week.
Staggs���" I surely would hate to bo the
moon." Takes it two weoks to got full,"
.luggers���"And that isn't tho worst of it,
cither. After it is full it needs two more
weeks to get ovor it."
Ho bought a new alarm clock
When he mado his Nnw Year's vow,
'Tia very painful to record,
But both aro broken now,
It Is the Mind that Sees-
How do wo Bee ? Did you ever chance to
think ? I have asked i-'iito a number ui people lately, and they reply i "With our oyos,
of course, how else?'or words lu that effect. Did you ever rcalizo how much uf our
vision is muiital? We see noihiiu properly
runt definitely until the mind leu U its perception. We may he gating steadfastly at
a picture,yet bu unable to see anything but
a confined mass of color���Itocause the mind
is soeiiig faces or scenes a thousand milea
away, perhaps. Call the mental vision back
uml tho fignrcH on lhe canvas take their
proper places, at 0050 we seo the picture.
Urshut your eyes. Can you not ecu the
faces of those you love or late as olearty as
you ever saw them with thc physical means
f sight 1 I low many time- one glancoa at
his wutch, yot, whon asked the t mo as hi
replaces it In his pocket, is uuahlo to tell
ttimpty l-ccuuso ho looked only with lho
eyes and Dot with tho mind also.
"Well, when 1 first went to New York
somo two years ago I took with mo our
family Bible, which haa descended to mo
plant to ho worked up to an output of fifty
tons per day. As much aa fourteen tona of
Ice for etch ton of coal consumed is guaranteed. The process ia safe, and ita economy
extends over cost of maintenance, constimp-
,                   , ���           i, .   I,,-       -���    11  mZ t tion of fuel and cooling water, which latter
Irom f-mtnUou.   It I. 107 ��M old, .nd b       , e(r,oUvoly8��� ��� lomp(!mluro ���
contain-  th. n.moa of the family   .l��M hi nM,J0o Fahrenheit,   The iippanstnala
then.   They never di.puted my earn, at ���B��                            place. Jl di-trleu
.11, and there "-.*������� *��>������ where oxFrt maehlnWar. hard to obta-
to  laac  up  my cause. ,_,,       '   , ���������,.��� _ n ,������ . ���,.,  ,,.������ ,.���
for tho machinery is simple and easy to understands Tho parta aro few and durable,
tlio refrigerator can not bo frozen up, and
consequently skilled labor is not required,
Tho cold air in thu chambers is prrfe'.-tly
frco from snow   and frozen fog,   and a low-
York who wanted to take up my
The Bible ia now iu tho poasosBiou of Mr.
"Do you know any of tho other ("ana-
dian heirs?"
"Yes.   Thero aro several away up in
Muskokn, Joseph and  JohnjOoowiy of -- - Cftn  1|B  mrtlntftTacd  ftt ftp
raeebrl-'ge,    and    Mr.   Mart   Hill o 'imatclv 7;, por o^t. less cost than with
Graven hurst.   The  lattor  ia  an uncle of  I""*'    .   - ���������,.'
mine,  and tho  former aro cousins.   Mr.  a oold*air machine.
Joseph Cooper accompanied me on my first j
trip to New York.    Mrs. Uochol Cameron, I    Chappie���" Doctah, I'm   afwatd I   have
of Collint-wood,  ia also a bona fide heir,   tobacco heart."   Dr. 9*iullla-��� "Have, oh ?
Mr. Hill siyti that his attontion was What du you smoke!" Chappie-" Cign*
drawn to the matter of tho inheritance wettes, ibctah." Dr. Squills���"Calm your
some yearn beforo thu lease expired, or fonrs. Tobacco heart is only produced by
about 2d years ago, An unolo of his, Mr. tli-o uso of tobacco."
.1. Nazworth, oi Detroit, wns won at that; Mr Dinwiddle-"! see that Mrs. Glad-
time worklnff to establish a claim to the 8t0J1Q l]WJ wriUon ftll artj0i�� on ohildren, iu
property. He had frequent talks with _ whloh aho Bay�� thoy nooil change." Mrs.
bim and ' Ojnwiddio���"Don't I   know thit ?   Don't
HA9 NEVKR LOST ttOFI (bey oome to .ne two or three times a  day
that ho would ultimately   got  bis   lawful  aud a*ik for a uickloor a dimo V
An Urgent Cat-*}-
Lady���"Doctor, I wish you would call
around tu see my hush-unl aomo evening
when he is at home. Du not let liim know
that I naked you, because he declares he jb
not sick ; but I know he has consumption,or
something.    He's going into a do 'line."
Doctor���"! am astonished, hut I will
call.   What aro his symptoms?'
"Ho hasn't any exoept weakness. He
used to hold me on his lap by the hour, and
now ovou tho baby tires him,"
The Oongreeatioa Taking a Roit-
A Scottish congregation presented their
minister with a sum of money, and sen*, liim
olf to tho continent for a holiday. A gentleman just back from the continent met a
prominent mombor of tlio church, and said
to him: "Oh, hy-tho-by, I met your
minister in Germany, lie was. looking
very well; he didn't look as if ho needed
a rost." " No," enid tho church-member,
very calmly, "it was na him ; it waa the
congregation that was needtn' a rcBt,"
Heal estate ngent ���" Why do you pay
rent?" To upkins���" If you know my landlord you'd never ask that question,"
Words learned by rote a parrut may ru
licarse ; but talking is not always to converse,���uot moro distinct from harmony divine, ihu constant creukiug of a country
Dyspepsia means a dilliculty in preparing the food eaten so that the nutriment
can be extracted from it to supply the
wants ot the system.
If food is eaten rapidly, it ia swallowed
Gen-1 '������ birgo pieces and theae are dissolved from
without inwards by the juices of tbe atom-
nch, as a lump of ice in a glass of water is
dissolved from without inwards.
But this is a slow process, and if protracted beyond four or five hours, the food
begins to ferment, to sour, causing belch*
ing, weight or heaviness at the pit of the
stomach, sourness and a variety ut other
symptoms with which dyspeptics aro very
One of the causes then of dyspepsia is
eating too fast. If a person eats tuo much,
the food remains in thu stomach undigested, unmelteil, undissolved, because there ia
nut enough gastric juice to reilucti it to the
proper condiditinn for yielding its nutriment ; as so much ieo may bo put in
a glass of water that after awhile
it ceases to melt, and the food
thus remaining unchanged for an unnatural time, it begins to sour as before, because
the person haa been eating too much, A
man may have dyspepsia for thc want of a
sufficient amount uf gastric juice to digest
the food, although a very little fowl may
have lieen eaten ; hence the frequent complaint, "It makes nu difference whather 1
oat much or tittle ; tho smallest quantity
of anything distresses me." Such a person
hasdyflpopsia in an aggravated form, from
having had it for a long time. The limited
supply of gastric juice ia tho result of poor
or bad blood.
All tho blood of a dyapeptic in had hecauBo
tho food is imperfectly digested and tho
blood which it makes ia imperfect, hence
contains but a small amount of the element a
which compose tho gastric juice. The alwayB successful remedy is to live out of door s
tight and day, exercising until a very little
tired ; then rest, exercise again until vory
hungry, until hungry enough to feel that
plain bread and butter taste dcliciously ;
take a very amall amouiit, such us by observation causes no discomfort whatever;
thon go on as before until very hungry
again, take a little frosh meat ut tho next
meal and a bit of bread crust; make tho
next or third meal of the day of berries,
grapes, fruit or melons.
Persevering in this way, almost any dyspeptic will find himself getting better and
better overy day, because every breath of
out-dour air taken relieves the blood of
some of its impurities, and every step,
every motion of the hand or arm carries
off out of the system, through the pnreH
of tho skin or otherwise n greater or
less number of impure blood atoms; tbo
blood being thus relieved of moro of its
impurities.makes a better quality of gastric
juice; this in turn digests tho food more
thoroughly, imparting mere strength, giving a more vigorous appetite ami tha mau
is getting woll before lie knows It. Thu
gizzard or stomach of a chicken when opened
is found tu contain grains of corn or wheat
and small pebbles, Tho action of the inns*
oles of the gizzard is to keep the grains of
corn and sand in aconstantcirculnr motion,
causing attrition, tho sand boing harder
than the grains; hence the action js a kind
of grindar; so with tho human stomach, lu
dyspepsia tho muscles of the stomach aro
too weak to perform thia grinding process
and tho human mill works so slowly that
tho food licgina to decay before it is properly manipulated. All dyspeptics aro
weak; every muscle of tbebodris weak and
those of tho stomach have their corresponding share of debility; but lhey will get
stronger Inevitably by making better blood,
hy giving a better digostjou in tho way
above described, llitiuusness also causes
dyspeptic symptoms.
When a man Is bilious, it means that he
has an excess of bile or a deficiency of it,
which moans tho samo thing essentially,
although it is not known that sueh a lonvt*
ment has over beon expressed iu writing ur
iu print. When a man has yellow jaundice he is biliouain thu proper sense ol the
term, meaning that the bile has rot been
withdrawn from the blood hy the natural
and healthy action of the liver, as shown
by the yollnwiieas of the i-kiii. Tin* blood
ia then so impregnated with bile, which is
uf a yellow color, lhat It tinges (he skin
und whites of tlio eyos. hi thn caso there
is a torpitl liver, n sloepy liver ; [t dors not
act, doea not work. Hul ihu liver may withdraw the liile from the blood und accumulate It in the gall bladder, where it may bo
detained, and as u result, tho discharges
aro of a lightish color that ure attributed to
a deficiency of bile.
Henjo excess ol bile and deficiency both
mean lhat there is too much bib: in thu body
either in the blood or in the gall bladdor.
Hut tho exorciso already referred tu will
purify the blood of any of its unnatural con*
btituents, of evory kind of impurity, whiln
'-nii-ful eating imparts strength to mako
bettor blood, Thur it is seon that whatever may ho its symptoms, that is, tho
feelings, the manifestations to which it rmy
give riBe, the thing to be doue is to get rid
uf the bad blood aud supply a bo'tor in its
place. Tho way to do this is to eniraga in
out-door activities am' so sulect the food as
tu enable tho stomach to net upon it iu such
a manner that it may yield its nutriment,
to the system naturally.���[Hugh S.cvin,
M. D.
Discontent Still Spreadiu;-
.linkers���"No use talking : Ihero's soma*
thing   wrong  with   civ Li nation.    Things
havu   got   to   lie reformed.    Patience has
ceased to bo a virtue,     I'm ; oing tube  an
Blinkers���"What's happened."
Jinkers���"Here I'm asssxsed one dollar
dog tax for a miserable little  two-cut cur
that tny boy picked up somewhere ;    while
my rich neighbor, with a five hundred dollar prize modal thoroughbred, doesn't havo
to pay a penny more."
][e���" Do you   believe  iu  lovo at lirst
light V Sho���"This is so sudden." THE WEEKLY NEWS, FEB. 28, 1894.
i 1
Publi.hed   Every Wednesday
At  Courtenay,  6.  C.
By Whitney & Co.
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Death *. 50 cents each insertion,
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���Ut verti-iing Afcont, 21 Merchants'
Exchange, Ban Francisco, is our ru-
ihorizod agent. This pnpor i�� kept
oa tile iu his office.
Wtwilay. Feb. 28-1894
In looking over our books wc find that
miny of our subscribers are in arrears,
���some of them for many months. Newspapers can not be run on credit, and we
must urge -ill who know themselves to
be indebted to ns to at once forward the
Our subscribers on Valdes Island will
please pay amount due frum them to this
paper o Mr. Robert Hall, storekeeper
and postmaster, who is authorized to receive and receipt therefor.
Comox Electoral   District.
The Redistribution Bill conplctc having arrived, we arc enabled to publish
the new limits as therein contained. The
following tract of land it contained within
it-, bou nd amies :���*���
Coiumenccing at the mouih of the
Qu'tlicum River; thence following th it
river to Home Lake; thence along lhe
north shore of Home Lake to the northeastern bntim'ary of Cowichan Electoral
District) thence in a north-westerly and
westerly direction, following the easterly
and north boundary of Cowichan Electoral District, to the head of Muchalet Aim;
thense along thc northerly shore of sa'-d
Arm to Nootka Sound; thence following
the sinuosities of the west coast of Vancouver Island In a northerly direction to
Cape Scott; thence northeasterly on a
right line to the point of intersection ol
the 128th meridian with the 51st parallel
of latitude, crossing Smith Sound, to the
entrance of Fiiz Hugh Sound j thence due
cast along said parallel of latitude to the
1241b meridian; thence due south along
5,lid meridian to its intersection with Jer-
vis Inlet; thence nn a line following the
centre of the channel down Jervis Inlet
(O a point opposite Scotch Kir Point)
Malaspina St rait j thence on a line follow
jtig the centre of the channel between
Texada Island and the Mainland to the
southern end nf Harwond Island; thence
to lhe south east end of Hornby Island;
thence tothe point of commencement at
lhe Qualicum River, and including all
thc islands within and adjacent to the
said boundary lines, shall constitute one
Electoral District, to be designated ''Comox Electoral District" and return one
It will lie seen from the foregoing lhat
this diitrict is united with thc Mainland
The Queen Charlotte Islands are left out
���while Hornby, Denman, Valdes, Reid,
Cortes, and in fact all the islands in the
Gulf of Georgia between Texada, which
js excluded, up to the north end of Van
couvcr Island arc now a pan of this electoral district, ns is nlso a large slice of
llie mainland running cnsl as far as the
present limits nf ullooet District, We
appear to be the link ( electoral shall wc
call It?) that unites the two parts ofthe
r>l" Lords.
The feeling against ihe the House of
Lords appears lo be gaming in strength,
As at present constituted it represents
lho aristocracy, and only the mure con-
BQrvative portion of that. Ii is opposed
to change, no mnttor what the change
consists of. So long as it can nullify the
action of the Commons, ot what use is
the latter? This is how the people reason, and lhe Lords must yield to some
extent, or the Upper House will be modified in nccordance with more democratic
principles. It is said the (.Hieen is using
her influence to induce thc Lords to a
less conservative course in ihc hope of a*
voiding a conflict which once begun, may
even reach the throne, not indeed, to 0-
verturn it, but possibly to deprive 11 of
many things she would prefer should remain untouched.
It were better if the conflict could be
delayed, as what comes slowly is more
apt to come wisely. Hut ultimately, and
before many years, thc Lords will cease
to be an hereditary body, and become ap
pointive. Ifthe struggle comes soon it
will be a gigantic one, involving so much
heat and bitterness that a too radical
measure may be adopted. Why the
peers should be so stubborn about the
Employers' Liability bill passes compre-
heruuon. It is their action in amending
this bill, destroying to some extent, a-
least, the purpose for whic it was intend*
ed, that causes so much feeling. Of
course it must be admitted lhat they
have kept strictly ��i hin their constituti
onal rights, nevertheless if in doing so
tliey block, not merely lhe Home Rule
bill, about which Englishmen are so
much divided, but also many others
which hive passed the Commons, they
will create a siorm of opposition which is
in danger of sleeping all before t
Worse than all llie struggle would be diverted bom legislative measures to a
right ag.iinst the peers, and if the government should prove victorious ibey
-hen wou'd be able to pass such measures as they pleased without the salutary
check which the House of Lords may
properly offer to hasty or ill timed mc; ���
ures. In spite of all obstruction, in lhe
eiui the people will have their will crystalled into law. This is right, but tt
should b-t the popular will, formed after
fair discussion, and full time for consider
ation. The course of event, lot* the next
few weeks will be watched with interest.
Thc peers mav moderate their action,
and thus escape the danger, but if
not, wc may expect some very decided
action, on the part of llto government
and thut soon. At any time parliament
may be dissolved and an appeal made lo
Ihe people. Lord Salisbury m thai event
will iv-l be able to confine the issue lo
tbe Home Rule Hill. That will be pushed
aside and thc battle cry will be��� Down
wiih ihe House of Lords! In this attack the Conservatives will he put on the
defensive. Thc Hie will be all a'nng thc
line of bills rejected, or amended by the
peers, and lhe advocates of any of lhe
measures ��ill unite to swell the ranks of
lhe assaulting army. Prejudice, passion
and caste a-, well .is patriotism will he elements in such tt contest! but when the
smoke has cleared away, the nation, wc
trust and believe, will emerge trom the
snuggle, unshorn ol any e'emem of real
greatness, and that what is best will be
accomplished. J
ProfeSHOr Dottliotl of Cornell university
affirms thnt r'.vehlnf purpone of Latin ir
tin* pn-puruu-ry school-- is 1 mining iu ting
The women of the Baltimore cookln-,
kcIiooI huvo offered to train ton -jmuimii*
school tfirlit lu culinary KCiuiice live ul
.Mr. Artu Flutes, bavintrneconted thenhali
of titiifllrih lih-.i-'.tnrtj nt the Altuwaohtiiwtti
Iimtlttiie of 'i't-oluiolotfy, law resigned the
editorship of tlio llur-iull Courier.
An iiilviuiciil sch 1 ml j-irt in Morrison, III-**-.,
wa.i nskwl, "What aru the ctiruivuroueanl-
mills of the torrid -nun-?" She ru-ilii-d,
"Tlit- L(|iuiior, cow, hor-*-, wolf uml ��������.-,'."
1 n France there aru Hi,5Tl moru mule
schoolti-aulit-rn than then- aru fcn-ulu. The
hut uuiihiih lt-tlirtiH show thnt then* aru !*6,-
SSli mult-** ami civ hi (emi-Jut i'UjjaA---U iu the
bu-tiu-.-M- of teaching.
A mixture nf camphor aud myrrh, a few
sirup*-, in ughiMsof water, Ihh mouth riusu
for nn it-l--ii.--t-.ii 1 breath.
When a delicate [H-reon in fatigued and
1 nui uo appetite. Hpoiigitii* the Ix-dy with
buthttig whisky, -liluit-d alcohol or milk
will nourish Ihu Bj-.tem ami product) rt-ut
or refrejiliitiKMlt-ep.
A hriK In ihu our maybe drowned out
with a little warm w-Mtur. Apply with a
Hpnngu or Hyrlngo, ami after eaoh liijvuttou
incline the hi-.ul with a jerk ho as tu ilia
lodge tlm c-iiiiL-niM of the cavity,
An excellent way to enn' biwitntifa is to
bandage the eyes with it handkerchief !���**-
fore retiring   Thooomprow'Heuiuii tu drive
away the l.limd frum tlie eyes iml sn to
cure, or at least to tum-iorurily relieve thnt
fueling sn often expt-iiuueed by iiutuiiiuiaua
���f trying Lo anv ill Ihu dark.
Tlio "IV lnit -Si-ru-ii-il tlio .limit Cl.-nt..
C'-i'it.'Uii I.nrlbut uf the Uriii.sii bark
Bowuinti B. Law consider-! himself for
tmmto ia coining out of u terrible typhoon in ihu China Bettit, not without a
scratch, but without tho loss of any of
his crow or oven of a spar or salL This
la his oxnorioiiuo ns ho related it:
"Wo left Honrnbaya, Juva, bound for
the Columbia river. All went.woll lor
the lirst week. Tiie men put in their
'.fine well ubout tlio ship, uud ouo particular job Unit was ultonded to was
painting thu mizzcutopmast, This was
wood, lho other musts and topnmstfl
being iron. I noticed that thu paint on
'iin Epiir blistered moro or less under tint
tropical sun,
"One line afternoon, under n clear
sky, tho storm came on us. There was
h-nlly any .varolii!?. Thu typhoon Bhot
out of lho gulf of oiam ns though i;
fuino from ft cannon. What lu the ills*
tauet' wai 11 ripplo on the surface of the
boo, ih it approached un breamo a foftlli-
'i-y, foam dushed hiiiah of waves, and
tho nest Instant tho hnrricano struck us,
Ail ball was stoweil away, ami wo tore
ahead under baro poles at locomotive
pawl, Wln-u thu fury of the typhoon
ilfiited.wo found everything intact. The
.iH:'.*/i'iilopiiiiiht, however, was burn of
; .mil. lilt) wind hud blown the blister*
ofl!, and nothing remained but tlm uu-
uovorod wood."���Port-laud Oi-i-gouioi*,
Tr-ilniM'il It-i-alty,
Tlio Grand Duko Alexia1 right arm in
adorned with a dragon which covers it
almost ouiiroly rroui the wrist to tho
elbow, Thu new Duko of Snxo-Cobnrg*
Gotha Is tattooed mueb (lie mi inu way,
while ll*" Duko of York haa a conplu of
i-rost-t'd flags upon his forearm, King
George of Uroeco, his second soli mid his
nephew, tbu cKarowiti., urn euch of them
tnttouud. Besides tliese there nre among
the tattooed prlttcca Queen Marguerite
of Italy's brother, tbu Duke of Genoa,
Archduke Stephen of Anstria and Prince
Henry of Prussia, brother of Emperor
Princess Waldemar of Denmark, wife
of tho sailor son of King Christian, bus a
beuntifulunchor nnd u crown tattooed on
her arm, halfway between her -shoulder
uml ber elbow, and which of course is
joiispiuoous whenever rIiu wears a low
dress. .Her husband likewise lias naval
emblem! tattooed on hia nnn, and bo,
too, hurt King Oscar uf Sweden, who
served for many years in tbo navy beforo
���..seending tho   throne.    His sons hare
followed his example.���Boston Herald.
A Pointed Riot.
Dimatiafied Quest��� Waiter, yon don't
seem to know how to broil a steak at
this outing house. Let me give yun a
pointer - -
Waiter (with some alacrity) ���AH
right, ���uh, only we anally calls'em Upa,
���Chicago Tribao*
o* 1
: 1
m >
m cr. w  *-*  o
n   d t !   2   1
a 1 % = 1 ?
% ~ w    bl   5'
I-���1   a. a' 5    3     c
2 & �� 5
O- rr, ~>
P tfl
���ij j
ft *
"   0
ft-  ��
ft   3
=:   ft
re    -
Esquimalt  and Nanaimo  Ry.
Ft earner Jam
On ancl after Mar. 22nd, 1893
The Steamer JOAN will sail as follows
OALUNt. AT WAY POUTS *u puuuagora
und frcl-tht in-.y o(t"er
Leave VletorU, TitesdHy, 7 a. m.
"  Nnnitinto tor Comox, VN'odaetttay, 7 ��. m
Leave Coinox for Saiialmo,      Prhisyn, 7u.ni
Nanumo tor Vlctorls   Baturdoy, 7o.ni
For freight or state rooms apply on
board, mat the Company's ticket office,
Victoria Station, Store street.
Esquimalt & Nanaimo R'y.
Time  Table   No.   17,
To tako effect at 8.00 a. m. on Friday
September 80th. 1802. Trains run
on Pacific Btaudurd Timo.
r, a.
i il
ff-fsast-iBssaiia z*
ti.e,.',...^*-.eerie*..en*    ,i   ���
- jL
��� iXJj: j i; { i; - i: ;M
!!;iii ���ecoeeo.*"!-"''*
������*4��wIH����R��fii*i         vUg
*i *. -. i ; : J : : : i :  ".-"-3
;n"M>.�� m.j��IK . ..li.^liSSliUSHBaS
i-iHiaJgiaoXgi S e
���p '.tSp3>-���* .   , ;^>.    ;   >
��ja_>u,j Mure < --=ssaas5?3isn. i!
Z 5
o a
c a
ei    Sc ;,
6  S'S
2 a*
!t,t��nn.....,na   ea ��
��������3l-.*-|TlOCDO--i        9*
;::.*:;:    ; : *. ^Q<
On Saturdays and Sundays
KuHtni Tickets will ba lar-morl holwnan nil
polvta for atar* Md a fjiiurter, jrjood forru-
tnrnnot Inter than Wondiij*,
Itotnru TirkiMH for one anl a half ordinary
fnro nitty bo pttrchaicd dully to all points,
good for flown daya. Including day of Ihhud.
Mo Hi-turn Tlckata latiucd for a tan and a
quarter where tho alngla faro la twenty-firt
Through rate* batwoen Victoria and Cemot.
PrMldeat. Oh'I Supt
Oea. rral��l.l and Paaai���ic Aft
Riverside Hotel
Courtenay B C
J. J. Grant, Proprietor
The Hotel is one ofthe best equipped
on the 1'acific Coast, and is situated at
the mouth of the Courtenay Kiver, between Union and the Urge farming settlement of Comox,
Trent aie plentiful in the river, and
���irye game abounds in thc neighborhood
The liar connected with the hotet is
ktpt well supplied wilh the best wines
tnd  liquors.    Stafje  connects   with  all
Steamers.   Terms moderate
Cumberland Ilotel.
Union, B. C.
The finest hotel building
Fixtures and 1W
North of Victoria,
And the best kept house.
The leading hotel in Oomox district.
New and handsomely furnished,
excellent hunting and fishing close
to town. Tourists can depend on
first-class accommodation. Reosona-
ble rates. Bar supplied with the
choicest liquors and cigars
R. Graham, Propr.
���(). H. Beevor-Potts
Solicitor, Notary 1'iiWic. Cofiveyanrliijj
in all its branches. Office Comer-
rial St. Nanaimo.
Spacious Billiard Room
and new
Billard and Pool Tables,
Best of Wines and Liquors.
IJruce & McDonald, Proofs,
Wood 4 Miller
Having Added to their Own
Splendid Livery Outfit
of R. Grant and Co
Are Prepared to furnish  Sty-
ish  Rigsat   Reasonable Rates
Give them a call.
T. C. Woods
Comox B.   0.
Conducts a General
Teaming   and, Livery Business
His Stage Runs to Union ancl
Returns Thursdays,Saturdays,
and Sundays.
Nanaimo Machine forks
Robert J, f Bnbom*
Kraser Street
Near Bastion Street Bridge
Nanaimo'B. C.
All Kinds of Machinery made to order
and repaired.
Nanaimo Cigar Factory.
Philip Gable;, Proprietor.
astii      feet      ��� . Nanaimo B. 0.
* Manufactures   the   finest   ciy-trcs,
employing none hut white labor.
Why pui'cli'i-e inferior foreign cigars,
when ynu can obtain a SUPERIOR ARTI-
CUK for the same money?
All persons driving ov.cr thw wharf
or bridges in Onmx diitnet t'"nt��-i
thin a v**,lk( will bu jii-usi'isuted aeixird
w-j, tu luw.
S, Ori'foh
Gov, A��''iit,
(JunManu. Meit Markuii
All Kinds of
Fresh Meat, Hams and Bacon
All Kinds of Vegetables  and
Farmers Produce,
Orders taken from surrounding
A. C. Fulton,Prop.
Nanaimo   Saw Mill
Sash and Door Factory
A Haslam, Prop. Mill St., PO Hox JS. Tel. 1 9
Nanaimo ll. C.
A complete stock of Roujjh and Dressed
Lumber always on hand; also Shingles,
Laths, Pickets, Doors, Windows and
lllinds. Moulding, Scroll sawing, Turning
and all kinds of wood finishing furnished
Cedar,     White   I'ine,     Redwo.d.
All orders accompanied withC'SH orempt
ly and carefully attended to.
Steamer Kstell
Harbor and onuidt towing don. at reason
���bit rates.
Yarwood & Young,
Hamsters, Soltcilflrr, &c. Office Cor.
llnston and Commercial St., Nanaimo, 11. C.
Funkrai. Directors and Kmhauikrs
(ira-tiitilc- nf lho Orl-nlal. Kurt-kit.
and I'm Wil St-.li n ('ollt'jf'M ut Km-
ball-nil.,. s
Nanaimo, 11. C.
(t - $10 and $20, Genuine Confederate
*Pj ��Hills (inlv :ve cacli; $50 and $100
hills io cents each; $1 and $2 hill*. 2$cents
ench. .Sent securely sealed nn receipt of
price. Addrest, Chas. U. BARKER, 90
S. Forsyth St, Atlanta) (la., U. S. A.
The Nanaimo Pharmacy
Nanaimo B. 0.
\V. E. Mc C-iruiey Chemist,
Purr-* D'-ugs Ch'-iuieaU and  Patent
i'!ijnii*iu)-*  PrtiBClptloni* anil al1or-l#rf- fill- <l
with euro and dit*|,alcli. I*. 0. box 12
Wm Mathewson.
will deliver daily at
and during warm weather twice a day
hire Milk from His Ranch
Apd also will deliver to his etistome
daily  Fresh  Eg      Butter,  Vegetables.
Poultry, etc.
Fanners having above for sale or delivery should consult him.
Passenger-* carried to and from Union.
���and ������
Courtenay, B. C.
"Bargains that are Bargains."
We have a Bargain Counter that is the leachng topic of interest among the Ladies in Nanaimo. It is really remarkable
how cheap we have put in all the goods thereon. If you want
a cheap dress, jacket, water-proof, etc., this month, you
should take the next boat to Nanaimo and look the matter up.
��� We are honest about this and don't want one of our customers
to neglect this special sale.
Sloan & Scott, Nanaimo, B. C.
General Blacksmithing
and Horse Shoeing.
Loggers' Work a Specialty.
UNION Bakery
Best of Bread, Cakes  and
Pies always  on hand.
Tlie Bread Cart will   be at
Courtenay and Comox  Tuesdays and Fridays.
Adderton & Rowbotham, Prop
For Sale
521 Acres of Choice Land,
9 Horses, 100 Sheep, and 80 Cows
together with
2 Mowing Machines, 1 Steel Holler
1 Be.ping Machine, 1 Seed Sower,
1 Drill Sowor, 1 Spring; wagon, and
Double Wagon.
Title deeds can be teen in my possession.
Adam McKelvey
G B Leighton
At the Bay, Oomox, B. 0.
Blacksmithing an  Repairing
of all kinds
Carriage Work and Horseshoeing a specialty
F.  W. Hart
Manufacturer,   Importer,  Wholesale
and Betail Dealer   in
*-***?* Largest Estab'-shmeat ofilakind.
13-14 Cordova. St Vanwurr B. 6.
l^CQ,TJ-lLLAiT & GJL2*vrf OR,E
Hav-ng bought out ihe Stage, Team and Livery  Outfit of
John \V. Fraser will continue the business at the old stand
8*3^    We have also purchased a carload of Lake coal and will
deliver it at a reasonable figure.
Orders may be left at the NEWS1 Office.
Spciety     Cards
I. o. o. F., No .it
Unior. Lodge, I. O. O. F.. meets every
Friday night ut 8 o'clock. Visiting brethren cordially invited to dttend.
Win. Wrisht, R. S.
Hiram Lodge No 14A.F .It A.M.,1I.C.R.
Courtenay B. C.
Lodge meets nn eve'ty Saturday on or
before tlie full nf tile moon
Visiting Brothers cordially requested
to attend.
R. S. McConnell,
K. of V.
Ifotice to Taxpayers.
Assessment Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax
^otick is  hkhi'.bv (.m-.N, in accordance with the Statutes,  that  Provincial
Comox Lnd-je No  5, K. of I*., meets '  Kevenue Tax and  ai!  Taxes under  the
every Saturday, after ihc new and full
moon,at"8 p. ih. at Castle Mall, Cnmox.
Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.
John IUird
���<. R.S.
C. O. 0. F.
Loyal Sunbeam Cadge No. 100, C. O
0. F. meet in the old North Coinov
school house'every second Monday nt 8
p. m Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend.
J. IJ. Bennett, .Sec.
H A Simpson
Barrister and .Solicitor.   OfTice in 2nd
fl.it, Green's Block, Nanaimo, *B. C
Will be in Union every Wednesday and
Courtenay on Thursday.
R. B. Anderson,
Practical Watch'mak
Worker in Light Metals and
Present office Elk Hotel
Col-ox, B. 0.
Wedding and other rings made to order.
Assessment Act .ire now i\oe for the
year 1894. All of ihc above named Taxes collectible within the Coniox, Nelson,
New Cnstle,and Denman and Hornby
Island Divisions of the District of Comox are payable at my office,
Assesed Taxes are collectible at the
following rates, viz.:���-
ll paid on or before June 30th, 1894.���
Provincial Ke-etuie, $3.00 ber capita.
One-halt of one per cent on Real Property.
two ncr cent on Wild Land.
One third of one per cent on Personal
One-half of one per cent on Income.
If paid after June 30th, r8g4���
Two-thirds of one per cent on Keal
Two and one-half per cent on Wild
One-half of one per cent on 'Personal
Three-fourths of one persent on Income
W. B. Anderson,
Assessor and Collector.
Comnx, Jan. 2nd, 1894.
E. Pimbury & Co.
Whoi.ksai.k and RETAIL
Dku<j<;isTs   and Stationers
Commercial St. Nanaimo, B. C
ID. McLean
Jeweler, Bookseller
and Dealer in
Orgn ns, Pianos, Music
Stationery,   ancl  Notions of all kinds.
Union   Mines, B C,
Eureka  Bottling Works,
         MiNUKAUTIJliKll OF
Sarsaparalla and Champagne Cider, Iron Phosphates, Syrups
Bottler ol" Different Bunds of Lifer Bser.Stenn lleermid Porter
Agent for Union Brewery Company.
Nanaimo and Courtenay B.   C.	
    A   Full   Line of Everything   	
"Grant and McGregor Props.
Anley & Smith.
Dealers in All Kinds of Meats, Vegetables, etc.
Orders Filled on Short Notice.


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