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The Weekly News Dec 8, 1896

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Array ���**"   *'  rt^MMjiVABA   t ���*'
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NO.   213.   UNION   COMOX   DISTRICT,    B.   C,   TUESDAY   DEC. 8th,    1896.   $2.00   PER   ANNUM.
Choice fresh and gait meats, headcheese, bolonga, sausages
andvegetables, fruitand eggs
Show Us-
A successful merchant and we will show you
a man who keeps thoroughly posted and
watches the cost of every single article he
Sama Rule Applies to Economical Housekeepers.
That's the reason the women of Union use
our prices as a standard for what they should
pay for goods elsewhere.
Toting  Prices   at
You will find in my selection of this
fall's goods bargains never offered you
before. Fine black worsted suit
135.00, nice nobby Scotch suits $25.00
And Overcoats From $20.00   up.
feat On $1.55 par tin at Leiser's,
Laiaar sells lard at 11 eta. per pound.
Boyi' clothing for Ji at Leiser's.
New dress goods just arrived at Leiser's
"Toe Coming Maa; or Uaiaa Boy" will
be a rioh treat.
Tka gloaa aad Soott bsakrapt stook going
���IM otats ea tha dollar, at Sleventoo and
Oot. Uaioa.
Doa't forgot the lliaatrel Troupe, Monde/ oroaiog the Slat.
The mall will arrive at the regalar
tins thia week-   Sae notlee.
lee Id. McKim for nioa boya' suite, at
HeioMo' Old Stand, Union.
There will be a school oonoart at &. of P.
Rail Comax, Wednesday evening, Deo. 16 th
Hoatbargor ie atill selling T * B ping at
T. D. McLean the Jeweler, haa been oa a
riiit ta Desman leland.
���verytkiag being said at way down prioes
ky Leiser al Holmes' Old Stand.
The grass reoeipts ol the sehool entertain.
watt ware #61.24. The teaohers desire to
thank the publio (or their generous aupport.
' Cell at MoPhee and Mooree' and buy your
Xaws candies, as they are having a ve-y
chaise aasef tment direct from the uannfaot-
Btquinult and Nanaimo By. O*.
Steamer City of Naaaimo   will sail as
Leave Victoria for Nanaimo at 7 a. in.
Tutsd.iv. Leave Nanaimo for Comox at
7 a. tn Wednesday. Leave Comox for
Victoria at 5 a. in. Thursday. Leave Vic.
toria for Nanaimo at 7 a. m. Friday.
Leave Nanaimo for Victoria at 7 a. 111.
By Order, H. K. Prior
See the ad. nf the Kussberland Kcon
Klub, The proceedings Monday night the
21st will be mighty interesting,
Leiser'e bankrupt sale���Holmes' Old Stand
The "C.imiog man; or Union Boy," will
be here Tuesday night tho 22ml, O* aad
see him.
MoPhee aud Moore have just received
from tbe F. F. Dalby Co. of Hamilton, a
1 arge oonaignment of their celebrated spices
eaeenoee, aod extracts for tbe Xmas trade.
SHO KIN I *U TUU-for Turkeys and
Geese (au Dsy at Riveruido Ho5el, Cour*
teasy, starting at 10 a, m. Dim ia the
Choicest lot of men's hats and saps, at
Holmes' Old Stand, Union.
FOR RENT.��� Two cottages and a cab-
ia on Wiudiinire Avenae belonging to Mrs.
Mathewson, near the as* dure House.
Enquire of Win. Riley, two doors west of
Mr. Collis.
Last Sunday svening Rev. Mr, Ligau
prstohed a very able eerm 111 on tbe Crime
ol Saioide. He had gathered aome iaterest.
ing statistics, Irom which it appeared
British Columbians were more addicted to
self taking off than other Canadians.
The clearance sale at Leisers it aow on.
Look at thtir bargajn counter.
Holmes' Old Stand, Union, is the bargain
Sale of bankrupt atock commencing Sat*
urday --coutinuee at Holmes' Old Stand until the gooda are disposed of.
latest by Wive
The   Great   Fight Between   Fitzaimmona    and Sharkey   End9
in a Bow. Courte Appealed to���
San   McLeod     Iujured���The
Transval Baidere   Released���
Minor Eventa.
Bombay, Dec. 4.���The plague is
spreading and several Europeans have
been attacked.   Two died yesterday.
Dr. Jameson Released.
Dr. Jameson was released Wednesday
night, in compliance with the order of
Home Secretary. He was sentenced
for 15 months imprisonment on July 18th
on the charge of violating the nutraluy
laws, in invading the Territory of the
South African Republic.
Van HoOTBN Married.
Nanaimo,  DEC.5tl1.-E. McG.   Van
Houten   of E.    Pimbury  &   Co.,   was
married this morning to Miss Essie Ked-
dy, eldest daughter of Wm, Keddy.
Fraser River Frozen.
Vancouver, Dec 4th.���Fraser River
is still frozen af Mission suspending navigation.
New Warden Appointed.
Vancouver, Dec. 41I1.���J .C. While,
late Chairman of the Liber il Committee
has been appotnted warden ol the
Westminister I'enitenary. in place of
the late Wm. Moresby.
Minino Accident.
Nanaimo, DEC,4th.���Robert  a miner,
working in  Protection  Island shaft, was
injured by ,1 fail uf coal.    His injuries are
thought to be ofa serious nature.
Another Gone Wrong.
Vancouver. DEC.jih.���P. N. Smith,
late manager of the Electric Tramway
at Vancouver appeared before the Police
Court Dec.4th, charged With misappropriation of the company's funds.
Point Ellice Bridge.
Victoria, Dec. 4 h.���The Trim cars
can now pass over the Point Ellice
bridge, that structure having been tested
Westminister Burglary
Burglars entered Mr. Briggs' bouse at
New Westminster and stole aver $80
worth of clothing.
At Vancouver the number of vessels in
port is so large that tliey are obliged to
load in the stream.
At Nanaimo the City of Everett sailed
on the 5th; and the bk. Wilna and thc
Flwell are loading.
At Wellington the Glory of the Seas
has sailed. Loading: Twin Brothers
and ship America.
Chicago, Dec 4���Dan McLeod of Nanaimo was seriously injured in attempt
ing to throw Jack  Rooney  five times in
an hour.   In trying to secure the 5th and
final fall, McLeod's side was fearfully lac'
eraied, and he was injured   internally, to
such an extent that it was feared he will
never be able to wrestle again.
Langton's store b��rglaized
Wm. Langton's establishment in  Nanaimo was broken into by burglars ind:
a large quantity of goods stolen.   The
theives entered by the back door, which
was fastened by a common lock, and the
door was forced opened Irom the edge,
and the lock broken.   They enjpled four
McPhee & Moore
Genenal Merchants ancl Butchers,
UNION and COURTENAY,       -      -      -        B. CJ
show cases and till containing $15. The
goods taken faom the cases consisted of
gole watches, scissors, razors and olher
numerous articles, in all amounting to
over $400. The theives are nut captured.
Fitzsim.mons���SharkeY Fight
San Francisco, Dec. 4th.���The light
between Fiusimmons and Sharkey came
offlast night. Fitzsmiinons knocked his
man out in the eight round; but the light
was given to Miarkey on account ofa
foul which it is alleged Fitzsimmons
gave Sharkey. When the decision of
the fight was announced, lhe crowd did
not at first grasp the situation, hut when
it dawned upon them that the decission
had gone against Fitzsimmons, such a
howl of indignation went uo as seldom
has beer heard in this section. Hisses,
curses, groans and hoots, fiilled the air.
On the platform and in lhe ring both
Fitzsimmons and Marlin |ulian, were
jumping aboul trying to nuke themselves
heard. Fitzsimmons indignantly denies
thai he fou'ed Sharkey. He said he had
fought fairly and ihere was no temptation to hini to commit a foul as he knew
he had his man gone. Sharkey could
not be seen as he was carried into lhe
room by his seconds, and found there
by Ihe doctor, who examined lhe sailor.
Fitzsimmons' fighting all through was in
marked contrast with that of Sharkeys'.
Bob broke away promptly from clinches
and made no attempt to strike. The
New Zealander showed himself master of
his craft and ccnningly kept away from
the sailors man rushes, poking his long
left inio Sharkey's face whenever he got
too near, Sharkey could not get inside
the long thin arm, which when straightened out, ��as like a bar of steel. It was
a lively fight from the start. Bob was e-
ven more aggressive than Sha'key and
kept his man nn the move all lhe time
Later���Bob Fi'z immons through his
attorney has commenced a suit in the Supreme Court to restrain the Anglo California Bank paying Sharkey $10,100, ihe
purse awarded Sharkey by lhe releiee.
Eilzsiinmons charges conspiracy between
Sharkey and the National Athletic .Club.
Judge Sanderson granied the injunction.
Bay yoar sugar at Leiser's 65.25 per ew .
Bonnet amd Week tie Soc al
The Bonnet aid Nuktie Sioisl given
by the Endeavors at the Presbyterian
Ohurch last Friday night was not of the
usual order. The lailiei produced tho
material for their bonnets and the gent*
for their neckties, Tbe plan provided
(he ladiea ahould make up on the spo. the
necktiea and the gentlemen make the bon*
nets. Au hour wae devoted to this pas*
time, at the end of whioh some wonderful
creatioue were proluoad. Oue bonnet was
aeen whioh wonld have made Clenpatria's
eyas danoe with dolightl Partners were
ch'nen for gane-i, and whit wijh refreshments and the excitement occasioned by ao
many new bounote and ties, the evening
paased most joyously.
New millinery at Stevenaon & Co'a
Rev. J. A. Logan will deliver tho sea
ond leoture of the oourse at the I'rosliy
turi.ui Cnureh on Tuee-*ay evening, Dec,
22 on the "Cumiug Mau; or the Uaion
Boy. " It is a topio whieh affords a free
lance; and we oau assure our readers will
be ably treated, lull of profitable suggestion, and enlivened with wit and burner-
ous illustrations,
Notide is hereby giyen that tbe sitting
ol the County Court and the Court of Re
vision ia postponed for one month kfrom
10th inst.
By Order. W. B. Anderson.
Coniox, B. C. Djp. Reg. C. C.
Dec. 4th 1896.
Monday Evening Dec.
-21st, 1896.-
Do.irs ttpe.n aL 7:3ii.    Tronblo commences
a  8 share,
Popular [irises of a-liuifsion.
'P he school entertainment and concert
was a success in presenting  a most
attractive  posgram;  and   in  real zing .1
large sale of tickets.
The entertainment was opened wiih a
song by the school, sung in goud time
and voice.
A dialogue taken by Misses Laura.
Abrams, Sadie Grant, Masters Charlie
Grant and Harry Logan, was entertain
ing and bright, with some happy local
hits. Miss Laura Abr.tins gave her lines
in a clear distinct voice and with proper
expression and ease. Master Charlie
Grant took his.pari creditably, as did
Master Harry Logan aad Miss Sadie
Master Bert Watson recited a "Thanks
giving visit by grandmother'' in a pleas*
ing style, speaking every word distinctly
in a loud voice; it was a very amusing
The song by Mi*,s'**, Ruth Denton and
Toi Williams was sweetlv sung and gave
much pleasure.
Miss Nellie Tarbell and Master Archie
McLean provoked amusement and laughter in a dialogue entitled, "Geo Washing
ton;" il could not have been better done
by more experienced and mature talent.
The drill and dumbbell exercise Ijy the
boys, was very good; and they were a
fine looking set with lheir gay caps and
military bearing.
In the broom drill the girls made a
pretty picture wearing red turbans and
skirls, with white blouses.
The Bugle Song was well sung and afforded much pleasure; it was given by
Misses Nellie M;ller, Mary Bennie,
Rachel Daniel, and Masters Leonard Piket and Willie Logan.
Some pretty tableaux were shown
First, "Tenting on the old Camp ground.''
Second.���"Give the Workingman a
chance." was represented by Master
Webster, wearing a pair of overalls, large
straw hat, in his shirt sleeves, and carry.
ing a dinner pail. *
The third and last tableau showed little May Anderson, who made a picture
ol childish loveliness and innocence, with
golden curls, roguish eyes, in her white
night dress, and holding a big black cat
in her arms.
Mr. Abrams made a most agreeable
chairman and the teachers have reason
to feel satisfied wilh the result of their
painstaking in preparing their pupils for
the concert.
Mrs. E. McKim presided at the piano
during the drills, and accompanied the
singing; the management are to be congratulated on the fact.
1 There was an instrumental duet, but
the names of the performers were not
learned 11' Wl we regret, as they deserved ir    tion.
Mr. Bennett, Misses Powell, Nickerson and Webster are the teachers to
whom we aie indebted for a meritorious entertainment and pleasant evening
w fey
G. A. McBain & Go.,   Rati Estate   Brokers, Nanaimo, B.C.
by the Company or hereafter acquirc^by
it may he held ahd enjiv ed as appurtenant tn the \\ hole or any part ol lhe Com-
p;my's property aS the Company may
deshe and to exttnd the rights .-and
privilegs of .the said Company., lhe
water is to be obt*iintd fi,om
Hamilton Creek and its tributaries' and
from Hamilton Lake near the Townsite
of Cumberland and from otber lakes and
streams within a radius of tiye miles
from the* centrp ol the'said T*u>\nsiie of
Daied.this 22nd day of October 1896.
207 213 L. P. EcftSTEItt,
Solicitor for tlie applicants
I'epiplt & nanaimo By,
Time Table No.  27,
To take i-ffert at 8 a.m. on Miiiiia,\  Nov
2ud. 1696.   Ttain. run on Pacific
Stauiiaid time.
l.v. VIcLorln for NhiihIuioand | a. m. | p. m.
u rllingion 'I   8.10 |   a.��
ir. Niinnlnio ,     I  11.10 i   ti ��
Ar. uuiiiuKioii I l>Mio:|   B.JS"   '
1   1I|   Fl
I Dull)'. I 8nt'dJ*.
l.v. Wei ington for Vl.tur In |   l.ag   I   $.30
Lv. Nanaimo for Victoria. .   |  810        3.46
Ar.VioU.rIa  I   IM I    ) IM
For mil's and Information apply  at Com*
pony's offices,
President. Oen'l S-ipl
���Iter.. Pri'litht nnd Paaaenner Aet
Wool pillows   \ per pain   doubly
bed spring mattr $4.00 earh, snd
small   heaters   w        ipe, each $1.00 ��(
Mrs. Lindsays.
Splendid sleighing '
Out On. $1.55 per tip at Leiser's,
Vie are glad to leurn that Mr. John J. B.
Miller is convalescing.
See Ed. McKim for nioe boys' suits, at
Jiolmee' Old Stand, Union.
Everything being srld at way down prices
by Leiaer at Holmes' Old flttiiid.
Messrs Gideon and James Hicks will re*
tarn Thursday to their homes.
Thecle irante saieat I.eisert it now os.
Look at their b.n*;.ini coulter.
John I* *t*w i-hnt a I'iutlier up at tbe head
of Puntiedge lain*, lust week.
flolinoa' Old Slaud, Uuion, Is the bargain
Ladiea, huo ynu aecu those floe ahoaa in
V. Parks' window 1
Tbe song service at the Methodist Church
was well s'.teuded Suuday eveuiug, aud
much enjoyed.
Sale of bankrupt stook oomineiniing Sat*
���rday ���coatiunes at H,dints' Old Staud an*
UI the goods are disposed of.
Mr. Harry ^amliurger has bought out
Messra Partridge and Keuuisou!s gruoery
ssore at Uniou.
With every dollar tt purchase, you get a
guess at the pumpkin, tbe lucky one gets
125 00 v. J.tli of goods at StevousoQ aod Coa.
Way dowu prioes at Holmea' Old Stand.
A party . of ahout twenty, of Metho.list
Chu-ch, went a-aleighing Monday night
down through the valley.
Choicest   lot of men's  hats and cups,   at
Ho|uie*i' 014 Staod, Uuion.
Pinr lot of blaukua at Holmes' O.d Stand
The San Booita tyhieh was wrecked last
week on the California Coast, lousing six or
eighfc men, formerly came to this port.
McPhee aud Moore have just received
from the F. F. Dalby Co. of Hsmilton, a
targe 00 isigntnent of their celebrated spices
essences, and extracts for the Xmas trade.
Many who had been looking forward
to the Cantata "Under the Palms,'' expressed themselves much' pleased with
its rendition. Cortn\nly Mr. Hicks
proved himself a capable and successful
directdr, in having piep.'ired so large a
number in so short a time fur practice.
On the stageweie .tents, ana skillful
imitations of plum trees. The Cantata
as previously announced in ihe columns
���f 1'HF. News, represented the Jews
Returning frnm captivity in Bab*. Ion, and
is in three parts. Part I : The Deliver*
ince. Pari 11: Rejoicing. Part ill:
Application. To many tliere was much
ofthe music quitu new.
The soloists were Mr Gideon Hicks,
yrhoie rich bass voice is most effective.
Rev. J.'Hicks, tenor; Mrs. Evan Parker,,
soprano; ind Mrs. T. Hanks, alto There
were several pleasing quartettes, and du
' Mrs. Parker possesses a pure soprano,
sweet and bird.like, and whether in solos
duets or chorus, delighted everyone.
Mrs. Banks'alto and Mr. Hicks'tenor
save each several'pretty solos. Mr.
pideon Hicks' interpretation of his part
and the ease of his style warrants praise.
That there ate many who fail to appreciate'"' cantata and oratorio music is
Very true, but most everyone unites in
fleclaring the Cantata "Under lhe Palms"
to have been the best musical performance ever given in Union, and that it
reflects great credit mi Rev. Mr. Hicks.
The (bonis numbered forty voices, all
post carefully trained.
'��� The church was well filled with a
delighted audience, and we are pleased
to hear ths Cantata proved a success
., R.
Uniou   Shipping.
The Mystery took away on the 24'.h, Nov
22 tons of coal for vessel's use.   Same day
the Astoria took 44 tons for veasol's ase..
1 On tho 20th, nit. the Kmlonao left wiih
\6l tona of ooal for New Westmiuster.
Ou the 37th, the Quadra took for Domln
ion Government 90 fins of ooal aod a dav
���r two betore that the Tnistle left wiih 36
tous ef ciul for tlie Fish Co,
The Maude, on the 30.h. ult took 40
tons ot ooke and 160 tona of eoal for the C
t. N , Viotoria, and the Mischief took 160
eoa of coal fur G irporatiou of Viotoria.
The Tepio left Mouday with SOO tona lo
the Australian steamers.
Tne Miuneola will bo in on Wednesday,
Will take place at Cumberland Saturday
evening, Dec. 5th. Following is the program; School song. Dialogue���Happy
family. Motion song ���Litlle breakers.
Duet���Instrumental. Recilair- >chool
song. Dumbbell drill���24 bo. Duet
���vocal. Motion song- Snow flakes.
Recitation. Qjanelte ��� Bugle song.
Broom drill���24 girls. Tableaux. Tenting to-night. Give a workingman a
chance.   Good night.
Call at MoPhee and Moores'and buy your
Xmas candies, as they are having a ve-y
��hoioe assortment direct from the manafaot*
Floyr is still advancing in
price. Ste your flour be-irs the
brand of Lake of the Woods,
Some merchants will try and
sell cheap brands as bt ing just
as good: but they are not so.
Like the pudding the eatin-g
of ihe b.ead is. the proof there:
of. To saye disappointment
and loss, see that) ou get Lake
ofthe Woods, $6.00 per bbl at
the Union Store.
Boys' clothing for $1 al Leiser's. .
Leiser's bankrupt ssle- Hulmes' Old Staud
China Wedding.
A very pleasant gathering met. at tbe residence of Mr Alex Uraut on Friday even
ing, nn the occasion of tha twentieth auni*
veraary of Mr. aod Mrs. Grant's weddiog
Ity. Most of tbeir relatives resident at
Union and Coranx woro present, A sump
tuous dinner waa prepared and the com
pany aat down at eignt o'clock. After
diuuer the time passed away with speech,
song and lively conversation. ' All were
heart y in their oongratiilatioua to Mr. and
Mrs. Grant, with wistiua for mauy happy
returns. It is just twenty years sii.ee
Mr, Grant and Miss G.'ieves wire married
hy tbe Hev. Simon McGregor at Vienna,
since which time they have lived in Nai.-
aitno and U >ion, and eoioy tho re.*p;ct nf
the whole ooinmuuity.
Mining Shoes at Leiser's for Jt a pair
Remember the great sale at Leiser's.
Oofvfp rtys
Brand Guessing* Pontes!.
Given Free to the near
est guess to the number of seeds, in the
Pumpkin in our \yin-
Tliis is how we Advertise,
If you want Dry Goods, Millinery, Mantles. Dress Goods,
Men's and Boys' Clothing, we
have them at Bedrock prices.
We lead, those who follow
must come behind.
mmm & co,
J. F. DOYLE, Manager
Take E. Pimbury & Co's
Balsamic Elixir for coughs
.and colds.
Mount PleasaJmt    Vancouver B.'C.
Send for Catalogue before placing wuir
ordeis for Fall planting, it you art- in-
teressed in saving money for yourself an;'
getting gain] slock of first hands.
Most complete stock of Fruit and
Ornamental Trees, Surubs, Roses, Etc.,
in the 1'rovince.
Thousands of small Fruit Plants and
Vines of leading varieties, suitable for
this Climate.
Thousands of Bulbs now nn the way
here from Chin.t, Japan and Holland tor
the Fall Trade,'
Fertilizers, Agricultural Implements,
Spray Tumps, Etc., best to be had.
Nn Agents. List tells you all about it.
Eastern Prices or.Less.
Greenhouse, Nursery and Apiery
604 Westminster I^oad,
NOTICE is hereby give that application will be made to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British
Columbia, at jls next session, for an Act
tn confirm lhe incorporation and powers
of the Cumberland and Union Waterworks Company, Limited Liability, con
fifiping thesaid Company in the pro-
pert/, privileges, rights and easements
already acquired and authorizing the
grant in fee lo the Company of such
lands and lands covered with water
as it may hereafter desire to acquire upon
such tenns as may seem just, declaring
that the waler privileges and all other
rights privileges and easements now held
And all the children will want presents, ancl so will their ciders.
Mow to get tliemf
nnd Where to get them?
From the issue of this circular, anyone purchasing dry goods, boots and shoes,
clothing and gen.t's furnishings, can obtain a ticket, which, when all the amounts
are punched, is worth One Dollar to tbe purchaser. Save the tickets, and
bring them to the store, not later than December 24th, when you can get the
value of your tickets in fancy goods and toys. ���
This is a grand opportunity to obtain your Christmas presents without additional cost, in fact free of all cost.
All you have to do is���to save your tickets, and bring them to the store, as
stated above. There is* no additional cost, no fr^me to pay for, and no express
charges!,;.,*, ���    ; !
Next month we shall show* a- splendid assortment of fancy goods, both useful
and ornamental; also a display of toys, that will make the children jump for joy,
and long ior the visit of Santa Claus.
Remember, that the Union Department Store, is the only store in the district, where you ean obtain'ari assortment of goods, equal to any city on the
coast, at.the lowest prices. ���.
Special Notice:
20 per cent, off all Mien's Clothing, Boys' Olothing, Boys' Overcoats, Men's Qvercoats
Men's Pants, For one Month only-
Buy Your Groceries at the UnionSbre.
Wiie,! pirits aM Beer,���Wholesale.   '  Agents for Yictaia Plpix B ewery,
SjjTiop Ueisef, QrfW ___ ^A a _*__, HI
��� ��� . . . ..-'   HI !���   I   3%-4K,
NO.   213.    UNION   COMOX   DISTRICT,    B.   C,   TUESDAY   DEC. 8th,    1896.    $2.00   PER   ANNUM.
Choice fresh and gait meats, headcheese, bolonga, sausages
andvegetables, fruitand eggs
Show Cs-
A successful merchant and we will show you
a man who keeps thoroughly posted and
watches the cost of every single article he
Sana Rul8 Applies to Economical Housekeepers.
That's the reason the women of Union use
our prices as a standard for what they should
pay for goods elsewhere.
Tempting  Prices   at
You will find in my selection of this
fall's goods bargains never offered you
before.     Fine  black worsted    suit
$35,00, nice nobby Scotch suits $25.00
And Overcoats From $20.00   up.
Abu On. $1.53 par lio at Lrimr'a,
Laiaer still lard at 11 eta, per pound.
Boys' clothing for Si at Leiser's.
New dress foods just arrived at Leiser's
"Tke Can-dag Mia; ot Uaioa Boy" will
bea ikk treat.
The Sloan aad Soott bsahrapt atook going
at M oenta oa the dollar, at Stevenaon and
Cos. Union.
Doa't forget tbe Minstrel Troupe, Monday evening the 21st.
The mall will arrive at tbe regular
time this week-   See notlee.
See Sd. MoKim for nioe boys' aoita, at
���olntee' Old Stand, Uoion.
There will be a school oonosrt at h>, of P.
���all Oomox, Wednesday evening, Doo. ISih
Haatbarger ia atill telling T * B ping at
T. D. McLean the Jeweler, hae been oa a
Tiait ta Denman Island,
���verytkiag being sold at way down prices
ky Leiaer at Holmes' Old Stand.
Tha greee reoeipte ol the eokool entertain*
tsftt were $82.25. The teachers desire to
thank the public for their generous support.
Call at MoFhee and Moores'and buy your
Xmas candies, as they are having a ve-y
okeiee assortment direct from the manufactory.
See the ad. nf the Kuntberland Keen
Klnb. Tbe proceedings Monday night the
21st will be mighty interesting,
Leiser's bsnkrnpt sale���Holmes' Old Stand
Tbe "Cosing man; or Uoion Boy," will
be here Tuesday night the 22nd, Gj and
see him.
MoPhee aud Moore have just received
from the F. F D*lby Co. of Hamilton, a
large oonsignment of their celebrated apices
aascneee, aod extracts for the X*nas trade.
SHOO rim HATCH-for Turkeys and
Goese X,tA* Oj,y at Riverside tio'el, Cour*
tenay, starting at 10 a. in. Dims iu the
Choicest  lot of men'e hate and eapa, at
Holmes' Old Stand, Union.
FOR RENT��� Two oottagos aad a cabin on Wiudim-ire Avenue belonging to Mrs.
Matliewson, near tbe no* Curt House.
Enquire of Wa. Riley, two doors west of
Mr. Collie.
Last Sunday evening Rev. Mr. I.igau
preached a very able sarin >n on ths Crime
nf Snioide. Hs had gathered some interest*
ing statistics, from which it appeared
British Columbians were more addicted to
self taking oS tban other Canadians.
The clearance sale at Leisers is now on.
Look at their bargiyn connter.
Holmes' Old Stand, Uaion, ia the bargain
Sale of bankrupt atock commencing Sat*
urday ���continues at Holmes' Old Stand until the goods are disposed of.
Bsquinult nnd Nanaimo By. O*.
Steamer City of Naaairao  will sail as
Leave Victoria for Nanaimo at 7 a. tn.
Tutsdav. Leave Nanaimo for Comox at
7 a. m Wednesday. Leave Comox for
Victoria at 5 a. m. Thursday. Leave Victoria for Nanaimo at 7 a. m. Friday-
Leave Nanaimo for Victoria at 7 a. nt,
By Order, H. K. Prior
latest by Wire
The   Great   Fight Between   Fitzaimmona    and Sharkey    End,
in a Bow. Courts Appealed to���
Dan    McLeod      Injured���The
Tranaval Baidera   Beleaaed���
Minor Eventa.
Bombay, Dec. 4���The plague is
spreading and several Europeans have
been attacked.   Two died yesterday.
Dr. Jameson Released.
Dr. Jameson was released Wednesday
night, in compliance with the order of
Home Secretary. He was sentenced
for 15 months imprisonment on July 18th
on the charge of violating the nutrality
laws, in invading the Territory of the
South African Republic.
Van Houten Married.
Nanaimo,  DEC.5tl1.-E. McG.   Van
Houten  of E.    Pimbury St  Co.,   was
married this morning to Miss Essie Ked-
dy, eldest daughter of Win. Keddy.
Fraser River Frozen.
Vancouver, Dec 4th.���Fraser River
is still frozen at Mission suspending navigation.
New Warden Appointed.
Vancouver, Dec. 4th.���J .C. Whiie,
late Chairman of the Liber il Committee
has been appntnted warden ot the
Westminister I'eniieniry. in place of
the late Wm. Moresby.
Mining Accident.
Nanaimo, DEC,4th.���Robert  a miner
working in  Protection Island shalt, was
injured by a fail uf coal.   His injuries jire
thought to be nf a serious nature.
Another Gone Wrong.
Vancouver. DKCjih.���P. N. Smith,
late manager of the Electric Tramway
at Vancouver appeared before the Police
Court Dec.4ih, charged wjth misappropriation of the company's funds.
Point Ellice  Bridge.
Victoria, Dec. ah.���The Trim cars
can   now   pass   over  the   Point   Ellice
bridge, that structure having been tested
Westminister Burglary
Burglars entered Mr. Brings' house at
New Westminster  and  stole   aver $80
worth of clothing.
At Vancouver the number of vessels in
port is so large that they are obliged to
load in t lie stream.
At Nanaimo the City of Everett sailed
on the 5th; and the bk. Wilna and thc
Flwell are loading.
At Wellington the Glory of the Seas
has sailed. Loading: Twin Brothers
and ship America.
Chicago, Dec 4���Dan McLeod of Nanaimo was seriously injured in attempt
ing to throw Jack Rooney five times in
an hour. In trying to secure the 5th and
final fall, McLeod's side was fearfully lacerated, and he was injured internally, to
such an extent that it was feared he will
never be able to wrestle again.
Langton's store b��rglaized
Wm. Langton's establishment in Nanaimo was broken into by burglars ind
a large quantity of goods stolen. The
theives entered by the back door, which
was fastened by a common lock, and the
door was forced opened from the edge,
and the lock broken.    They empted four
McPhee & Moore,
GenenaJ Merchants ancl Butchers,
UNION and COURTENAY,        ...        B. CJ
show casfts and till containing $15. The
goods taken f.iom the cases consisted nf
gole watches, scissors, razors and other
numerous articles, in all amounting to
over $400. The theives are nut captured.
Fitzsimmons���SharkeY fight
San Francisco, Dec. 4th.���The fight
between Fitzsimmons and Sharkey came
oft*last night. Fitzsimmons knocked his
man out in the eight round; but the fight
was given to Sharkey on account ofa
foul which it is alleged Fitzsimmons
gave Sharkey. When the decission of
the fight was announced, the crowd did
not at first grasp the situation, but when
it dawned upon them that the decission
had gone against Fitzsimmons, such a
howl of indignation went ui> as seldom
has beer heard in this section. Hisses,
curses, groans and hoots, Hilled the air.
On the platform and in the ring both
Fitzsimmons and Martin Julian, were
jumping about trying to nuke themselves
heard. Fitzsimmons indignantly denies
that he fou.ed Sharkey. He. said he had
fought fairly and there was no temptation to him to commit a foul as he knew
he had his man gone. Sharkey could
not be seen as he was carried into the
room by his seconds, and found there
by the doctor, who examined the sailor.
Fitzsimmons1 fighting all through was in
marked contrast wilh that of Sharkeys'.
Bob broke away promptly from clinches
and made no attempt to strike. The
New Zealander showed himself master of
his craft and cen I) ingly kept away from
the sailor's mart rushes, poking his long
left imo Sharkey's face whenever he got
too near, Sharkey could not get inside
the long thin arm, which when straightened out, was like a bar of steel. Ic was
A lively fight from the start. Bob was e-
ven more aggressive than Sha-ikey and
kept his man tin the move all the time
Later-���Bob Fitzsimmons through his
attorney has commenced a suit in the Supreme Court to restrain the Anglo California Bank paying Sharkey $10,000, the
purse awarded Sharkey by ihe referee.
Eitzsimmons charges conspiracy between
Sharkey and the National Alhletic,Ciub.
Judge Sanderson granted the injunction.
Bay yoar sugar at Laser's $5 '25 per ew .
Bonnet and Kecktie Soc al
The Bsuuet aid IT .oktie S iciat given
by the Endeavors ac the Fre-ibyterivn
Ohurch lut Friday night was out of the
uaual order. Tbe ladtei prtnii.ru i the
material for their bonnets and the genti
for their neoktiea. Tbe pUu provided
{tie ladiea should make up on tbe apo. the
neckties and tbe gentlemen make tbe bonnets. An hour was devoted to this pan-
tine* at tbe end of whieh some wonderful
craatious wore proluoed. Oue bonnet was
seen wbioh wonld bave made Cleopatria's
eyes dance with detightl Partners were
cb'Hen for garnet, and what wi)b refresh-
meats and the excitement occasioned by so
many new bonnets and ties, the evening
passed most joyously,
New millinery at Stevenson ft Co's
Kev. J. A. Logan will deliver tho seo
ond lecture of the oourse at the Proshy
turun Gnuruh on Tuesday evening, Deo.
22 on the "Coming Mau; or the Union
Boy. " It is a topic whieh affjrds a free
lance; and we ean assure our readers will
be ably treated, full of profitable augges*
tion, and enlivened with wit and humsr-
ous illustrations,
Notide is hereby given that the sitting
of tbe County Court and the Court of Re
vision is postponed for cne month vfrom
10th inst. ,
By Order. VV. B. Anderson.
Comox, B. C. Dop. Rug. C. C.
Dec. 4th ISM.
Monday Evening Dec.
-M 1B8B.-
Du.irH ripen itt 7:30.    Trouble commeuooa
a  8 ��liarp,
Popular urines ol ailiiiit-Bion.
' P he school entertainment anil concert-
was a success in  presenting  a most
attractive   posgram;  and   in   real zing a
large sale of tickets.
The entertainment was opened wiih a
song by the school, sung in good time
and voice.
A dialogue taken by Misses Laura.
Abrams, Sadie Grant, Masters Charlie
Grant and Harry Logan, was entertain *
ing and bright, with some happy local
hits. Miss Laura Abrams gave her lines
in a clear distinct voice and with proper
expression and ease. Master Charlie
Grant took his.part creditably, as did
Master Harry Logan aid Miss Sadie
Master Hert Watson recited a "Thanks
giving visit by grandmother " in a pleasing style, speaking every word distinctly
in a loud voice; it was a very amusing
The song by Misses Ruth Denton and
Tot Williams was -*w��-tlv sung and gave
much pleasure.
Miss Nellie Tarbell and Master Archie
McLean provoked amusement and laughter in a dialogue entitled, "Geo Washing
ton:" it could nm have been better done
by more experienced and mature talent.
The drill and dumbbell exercise hy the
boys, was very good; and they were a
fine looking set with their gay caps and
military bearing.
In the broom drill the girl*, made a
pretty picture wearing red turbans and
skirls, with white blouses.
The Bugle Song was well sung and afforded much pleasure; it was given by
Misses Nellie M'ller, Mary Bennie,
Rachel Daniel, and Masters Leonard Piket and Willie Logan.
Some pretty tableaux were shown
First, "Tenting on thc old Camp ground.''
Second.���"Give the Workingman a
chance." was represented by Master
Webster, wearing a pair of overalls, large
straw hat, in his shin sleeves, and carrying a dinner pail. i*
The third and last tableau showed liltle May Anderson, who made a picture
ol childish loveliness and innocence, with
golden curls, roguish eyes, in her white
night dress, and holding a big black cat
in her arms.
Mr. Abrams made a most agreeable
chairman and the teachers have reason
to feel satisfied with lhe result of their
painstaking in preparing their pupils for
the concert.
Mrs. ��. McKim presided at the piano
during the drills, and accompanied the
singing; the management are to be con-
gratulated on ihe fact. *  '
1 There was an instrumental duet, but
the names of the performers were not
learned v'<*t we regret, as they deserved ir    lion.
Mr. Bennett, Misses Powell, Nickerson aud Webster arc the teachers to
whom we aie indebted fur a meritorious entertainment and pleasant evening ���***.:v
7 v
The Weekly News.
M.   WHITNEY,   Publisher.
A mails own sood breading Is ihc bt*st
security ngalnst other people's ill-iuiitt-
Motor cart'Iages whleh cun travel
sixteen miles nn hour on nny ordinary
road, nt a cost of n linlf-penuj' ll mile,
have been exhibiting in U'cnilily park,
A Chicago boy gets three months in
ttio house of correction for steallug u
collar button. More thnn onc iniiii hns
gone to ii worse place forever through
losing one.
In discussing Queen Victoria's long*
dlstnnco reign, do not overlook the fuel
ttial tbo l'rlnce of Willi's hns long been
eligible to honorary membership lu the
Walters' Union.
At least one kind of reform is needed
In New York. On opening iluj* 18,000
setiool children bad to be turned awny
because tliere hud been no room pro-
Tided for tbem by the authorities.
and Its nlumnao will feel nn added
sense of gratitude to thu donor whose !
assistance hns been so freely rendered
In the past.
"Oail Hamilton," being nsked some
time ago by n newspaper cot-respond*
, cut torn sketch of her life, replied: "In
declining to furnish you with material
for a sketch of my life for publication, I net not from caprice, but on
unvurying principle. Kvery person
hns a right to his own privacy. Whnt
lie himself puts before the public in
book or periodical belongs to the public, which hns lull right to read, reject, criticise. But bis personality belongs to himself. To violate this law
oi' private right Is uu outrage. I deprc-
cute uo severity of literary criticism.
1 resent, nnd so far as possible, repel
every interference wiih private right.
There nre ninny persons, perhaps, who
feel differently. If uny such choose to
be biographized during life, their taste
muy be questioned, but the biographer
Is guiltless. 1 object to It utterly."
And Miss Dodge's tnste and Judgment
In that, as in many other things, were
distinctly good.
When the world was young the days
were short, only three hours, says a
British authority. With the young of
the present time It Is the evening In
ttie front parlor that Is too much abbreviated.
That San Francisco theatrical manager who thinks the women will doff
their hats In response to an engraved
request tendered on a silver salvor
would bo wiser to brag about his
scheme nfter he hns seen It work.
The pictures that Hit through our
liraln may be pure nud innocent or they
may not, tlie.v muy elevate or they may
degrade us, but tliey are largely preparing the way for future courses of
action���not by any deliberate Inten*
tlon, but by the force of frequent repetition.    	
There Is lio other such enemy to noblo
living and heroic achievement as worrying. But If we meet the hindrances
and discouragements with undismayed
courage, which persistent resolve, and
with unconquerable energy, we shall
master thein, and, In mastering thein,
carve roynlty of character and worth
for ourselves.
lt Is u rare and valuable power to
discover any one's capabilities, niu! u
still rarer one to minister to tliein In
such a wny ns to develop them to the
utmost. To know where to bestow
and where to withhold, to know when
to give and when to cense from giving.
Is an attainment which will multiply
tenfold the good which the rich nnd
generous can accomplish through their
The value of every opportunity depends entirely upon our ability to profit
by It. This ability Is not wholly within our power to control. We are limited In time, In strength, In nutlve energy, in mental power, in talent, lu
ta-ste, and in many oilier directions.
Tliese ure our internal limitations, and
lt Is well to recogni/.e them, not for discouragement, but to prevent disappointment nt ihe Inevitable, Some of
these we ean overcome, some we must
accept, and regulate our lives accordingly.
Onu of the most novel ns well ns
aiost successful uses mude of the pho
nograph was lately shown In California, A great plant of machinery was
out of order in its pumping apparatus.
No iiiiin who perfectly understood il
was to be got nearer thun New York
elty, But the manager of the plaut
talked inio a phonograph, describing
exactly the nature of the trouble. Then
he brought the phonograph close up to
the defective pump, so that the peculiar
and abnormal noise It mnde might he
reproduced therein, Then lie sent the
cylinder containing his words nnd lhe
noise of the pump to tlie expert in New
York. The expert understood perfectly nnd sent bnck directions for remedy*,
lug Hie I'nuIt.
Dr. D. K. Pearsons, of Chicago, hns
added one more to his long lisi of educational benefactions by donating $40..
000 to Mount Holyokc Seminary in Mas-
Hiiehiisetls, the pioneer Institution for
the higher education of women, it will
In* reeulled Hint the seminary recently
suffered a severe blow 111 the loss of
one of Its principal buildings by (Ire.
The managers of the seminary had
planned another building whleh was to
have cost $.'10,000. They had raised
$1(1,000 of this sun, and, as Dr. Pear-
sous bud promised to donate the last
$10,000, there remained but ?4.000 to
raise. Appreciating their fnltb oud
courage and the nature of the calamity which so suddenly confronted thein
he has now given them $40,000 more
to be used In tbe building fund ns tbey
muy think best. With their present
resources, reinforced by the doctor's
timely contribution, undoubtedly the
building recently burned will be replaced uud Mount Ilolyolte Seminary
Discomforts of One Who Doesu't Take
a Sleeper.
Not many dnys ago I had occasion
to go from New York to Chicago. I
slipped into an ordinary conch nnd
sat down, placing my satchel and overcoat beside me.
Across the aisle two hulking fellows
snttogetheranil swapped lies in strident
tones about some bruinmiigeni festivity
they had  recently at'ended.    Behind
The study of the planets and heavens must ever be fascinating. The acquiring of riches and the construction j
of great telescopes seem to run In some
minds, lt Is commendable, no matter
what the motive. A great telescope
costs about a million dollars. The j
largest ln the world is to be constructed for the Paris Exposition of 1900. It
Is to bring the moon within n mile of
the earth. It Is a great pity some rich
man could not set aside enough to j
bring the moon down to date by build*
Ing a big enough glass to get it nt close
range. We must live nnd hope for a
telescope creosus thnt will post us on;
the moon, and then one by one, as billionaires accumulate, the other great
worlds should be brought to our close
vision by Improved great glasses. If
the gentleman who may be usslgned
to bring down Mars will hurry up his
glnss we shall feel truly grateful, ns
that planet is supposed now to have
conditions calling for the existence of
some kind of beings. What kind, wo
would all like to know.
Chicago Times-Herald: The results
of the experiments to determine the
practicability of rural free delivery of
the mail will be watched with a great
deal of interest. Under authority of
Congress the Postofflce Department
will estnblish ns rapidly as possible the
rural free delivery service In thirty
counties. The first experiment will be
tried in Jefferson County, West Vir-
giubi. the seat of which is Churlestown,
where tlie mull will be delivered by
mounted carriers to farmers residing
within a radius of three nnd n half
miles from the limits of the city. As to
the necessity for this concession of agricultural interests tliere has lieen mueh
controversy. Congressman with rural
constituencies are of course extremely
zealous in advocacy of the proposed
extension nf the free delivery, and feel
Hint their obligation to the agriculturists will not be discharged until the experiment is given a fair trial. In order to be i' test of any value the experimentation should be projected in counties representing nil grades of density
of population. A free rural delivery In
some of the populous counties of New
York would be entirely different from
a free delivery in ninny of the Western
Stntes, where farmhouses are quite
often miles apart. Tliere is no concealment nbout the foot that the experiment will he expensive. The only
question, therefore, to be considered by
people who have no political interests
ut stake Is. Do the business Interests of
the farmers Justify the ndded expense?
Our postotlice department is not yet
self-siislululng. As long ns it does not
pny expenses it enn be tltly characterized us n system of partial paternalism,
for In so far as the government must
deliver the messages of the people nt a
loss to Ils exchequer it partakes of the
same pnieiiullstic spirit tliat declares
Hie government must deliver free
seeds to lhe farmers, The post*
cilice department has not paid expenses since 1805. In that yenr thoro
was a surplus of $801,481. Tliere has
beon n dullclt every yenr since. In
1805 Hie revenue for the llsenl year
amounted in $711,088,128, While the expenses wero $811,700,172, leaving a do-
lielt of $l>,807,044. It will be conceded
Hint the business of the formers boars
uo vital relation to the oxpandltlous
delivery of tin* mulls. Ai least. It Is
not dependent upon dully receipt of
coiiiiiiiiiiiciilioiis ns Is the business of
Hie mci'chtiiil nnd manufacturer, The
chief tirgiimeut ngninst Increasing the
deficit by expensive rural delivery,
however, lies In Hie fact thut tliere does
not appear to have been any great demand among tlie farmers for this service.
me another fellow of the same class
sat alone and dewed tobacco with a
degree of Industry worthy a better
cause. In front, a quiet, modest-looking little woman sat with a restless
child of perhaps 2 years of age. Her
garments were of good material and
rather stylish pattern, but I was close
enough to sec that tliey showed long
wear, aud scrupulous care could not
hide the darns. The wearer had seen
better days, without doubt. Her fnce
looked tired already, and she glanced
about now and then In a deprecatory-
way, as if she would much prefer to
be elsewhere. She wns painfully conscious of the fact. Three or four apparently commercial travelers were
Bceattered about; half a dozen farmer-like men occupied, each of them,
a double seat, for the most part stacked full of hand baggage of tlie most
heterogeneous description, a litter
which often overflowed onto the floor
and sometimes half blockaded tho
The others���for the couch was more
than half filled���were of the type so
often seen in ordinary coaches.
The afternoon wore away, with the
usual tramping bnck nnd forth through
the aisle b.v the restless passengers,
who eau never be content to sit still.
While the twilight was yet strong tlie
brakeman lighted tlie lamps, there was
a rustling of paper In various parts of
the car, and theu the air was permeated with a most aggressive odor of
bread and cold meat, much of it In an
advanced stage of stateness. The debris of tliese feasts attracted and stimulated Into activity a swarm of flies
with a habit of lntc hours highly rep
rehensible iu flies. As darkness settled outside, some of tlie men removed
their slioes and some pulled down
their windows, witli the effect of starting a train of wondering thought���
beginning in my nose���as to how long
it would take to smother an average
man in such an atinosphereaind whether the odor would actually hasten asphyxiation.
By and by the windows were nil
closed except mine. The baby slept
quietly, and the mother dozed, the
struggling lamplight emphasizing the
lines of care in lier prematurely old
face. The mnn behind doubled himself in his sent, and now and then
emitted a snort like that of a surprised
pig. The two hulking fellows across
the way lapsed Into silence, nodded till
tliey bumped each other's head, and
then twisted aliout and resumed nodding. Overcome b.v the drowsy example, I laid my overcoat smoothly
over my satchel in tlie aisle end of
the seat, and, doubling myself us. ns
was easy In my youth. I lay down
sldewlse, and calmly went to sleep.
How long I slept I don't know. Probably about an hour. Then I dreamed
that a hideous monster was trying to
extract a rib from my side with u gigantic corkscrew, while a leering Imp
was smothering tne with an old horse
blanket dipped lu a sewer by way of
anaesthetic. I woke with a groan at
the pleuretlc pang I suffered, nnd
swore with disgust at finding the dirty
socks���Incasing dirtier feet. If smell is
any indication���of the man behind me,
hanging over the back of my seat,
within six Inches of my nose.    Tho
Heroic Womnn In New York Devote*.
Herself to a Noble  Cause.
Mrs.    Rose    Hawthorne    I-nttirop,
J daughter of Nathaniel Hawthorne, has
consecrated her life to a noble cause���
tlie care of poor people afflicted   by
cancer.    She has opened a place In
New York  where she, together with
another   trained nurse,   will care for
feet went back to their own side of
the fence suddenly, but their owner
evidently did uot understand what propelled them.
All night the noise of the train was
Insufficient to drown the chorus of curious sounds made by the sleepers, or
those trying to sleep. The man behind me, nt about every llfth breath,
jerked out the curious, surprised pig
snort. Another would begin quietly
with something like a moan, which
would grow louder and deeper with
each breath, till further continuance
without asphyxiation was Impossible,
and then It would explode In u tumultuous volley of splutter, and then da
capo ud Infinitum. If, among fairly
sober people, there Is to be found any
assemblage more limp, forlorn, bedraggled, and hopeless-looking than a
coachload of people wlio have Just
spent a night iu this wny, I do not
know where It is to be found.���Ex*
MI1S. nOSE IIAWTI101ISE   I.ATllltol'.
the poor people afflicted wilh the horrible disease, and in time she hopes to
estnblish a larger and a permanent
| home for cancer patients. Speaking
ot her work Mrs. Lathrop says: "Many
j people have cancer without recognizing
It. My first plnu will be to visit all
cases of sores that come to my knowledge. Y'ou will be surprised, perhaps,
to know that cases ot sore legs are as
common among working women as the
most familiar disease among children.
An Important part of my work will be
to seek these people out, for they are
reticent. In the mornings I shall visit
among them nnd in the afternoons
have those who arc able come to me.
The rich bave everything nt their command, but the poor cannot even afford
the remedies, they are so costly. The
hospitals cannot keep n patient more
than six months, then what Is to become of sufferers from this tedious and
terrible disease?
"When  I   have demonstrated    my
ability as a nurse," she continues, "I
, may ask aid of my friends. My great
ambition Is the establishment of a per-
I maiient home, where patients can be
kept Indefinitely. Such n homo would
require funds, but I nm confident that
once I prove myself nble they will be
forthcoming. Por the present I shnll
depend upon myself and my own siniiU
Mrs. Cook���They say u man enn live
for a long time on nothing but bread
and water.
Mr. Cook���It depends a good deal on
who makes the bread.���Yonkers Statesman.
"Here," said the clerk, "Is a novel
that would be very suitable���"
"What I'm looking for," said the New
Woman, blandly, "Is something unsuitable!"���Puck.
A Few I've Dnn'tB.
!    Don't allow a cold wind to strike the
! eyes.
}    Don't try  to do eyework  with Hie
light shining In the face.
Don't  have  colored  shades  on  the
lamps; use white or ground glnss.
I    Don't go directly from a warm room
iuto a eold. raw atmosphere.
Don't open the eyes under water in
! bathing, especially In salt water.
|*   Don't let nny strong light, like lhnt
from electricity, shlno directly Into lho
Don't strain the eyes b.v rending, sewing or nny like occupation with an imperfect light.
Don't bathe Inflnmed eyes with cold
water; that which is as warm as It eau
be borne is better.
Don't sleep oppoBlte n window In
such n manner that n strong light will
strike the eyes on awakening.
Don't above all, have the children
sleep so that the morning sun shall
shine iu their faces to arouse them.
Don't expect to get another pair of
eyes when these have been destroyed
by neglect or 111 use, but give them fnlr
treatment nnd they will serve faithfully to the end.���(lood Housekeeping.
Hla Only  Wish.
Young (lushlngtoH���Mr. Grimmer, I
love your daughter devotedly, madly!
1 cannot live without her.
Old Grimmer���Oh, nil right. All I
ask of you Is not to stay and die lu thc
house.���Ncw York World.
Different Then,
Mrs. Kidd���There, now, thank good*
ucss!   I've sung the baby to sleep.
Mr. Kldd-Poor littio chap! When
he's 25 he won't dHi'o to go to sleep
over n woman's singing!���Truth,
The city of Zanzibar, which Is the
rupltal of the territory also called by
that name, sits behind a rather pretty
l-arbor ou the coast of the Island nearest the mainland. It has a population
of about 100,000 and greatly resembles
other cities of the Orient whleh the
Arabs rule In architecture and general
appearance. In this town of Zanzibar
live some 10,000 Arabs, the masters of
thc people, 7,000 Hindus and East Indians, fifty English, fifty Germans nnd
c few Americans, Greeks, Armenians,
Frenchmen, Italians and Roumanians,
The remaining city population is made
up of negroes, most of them slaves.
The bouses are low and tent-like ln ap
pearance. The streets are narrow,
crooked. Ill-smelling and filthy. Zanzibar Is anything but European. Here,
in this capital, dwelt the Sultanas of
the land, and Jt wns here that the late
Sultan wns killed, as ls now believed,
by the usurper, Said Khalid, whose resistance to the English protectorate
wns at the bottom of the bombardment. The palace ls shown ln the accompanying Illustration. It Is the large,
square building to the right of the
tower nt the left of the picture. This
raluce was blown to atoms by the shot
and shell of the British war ships, and
almost all the people who were guarding It, soldiers, slaves and attendants,
were killed.
A Father's Authority hi Franco.
'The father bus full und complete authority over thein, nnd demands strict
I onus of respect. In Franco n good son
subordinates the important nets of his
life to his fntlier's consent, even more
thnn he sliould In some eases. On the
i.ther hand, the blind nnd tender diwlro
'lint nil parents. Without exception,
have of keeping their children nenr
them, of not lotting their sous wander
about Hie world, or risk the patrimony
ot their ancestors, hns brought about a
mania for finding employment In government oilices lii preference to embracing a liberal career. The whole nation
has the same stay-at-home aud exclusive tastes. This penults foreigners to
bring France all that ls worst among
them, while It does not send her sous
to seek the great and good things thero
may be In other countries. If a life nf
terpetual wandering finally becomes
useless and sterile, It ls equally true
that lt ls debilitating and unwliolesoiiiA
never to have a change of nir. Frenchmen do uot seem to notice this.���Century.
An Effort Required.
Irksome Ike���Say, Sammlc, how'd yer
like to be an angel V
SamT Fewcloze���Not er bit. Think
of the work lt'd take to keep yer wlugi
flappln'.���Up-to-Dote. ��    ,   ,
J ���pKov....oowtKS.,oe09..SH,.v.oooooooe,ooefe.or.e...oe,c.oos.oe.oowo&e'Q.oaov.Mao.o. ���
TIIE High street of Moxford was
interested In this June dny 111 lhe
fin oral of old Our mel Ruttersliy,
whose picturesque hobble and long gray
locks would never again enliven the
lie had kept the curiosity shop for
about llfly yours. The old spinning
wheels, spuri'ow-legged chairs, carved
oak bureaus, cliinn of nil sorts, win*
niediils, watches, coins, etc.. would uo
doubl now go to the hammer. Moxford would miss the attractive window
or No, fill almost us much ns the quaint
form of Its late owner.
Peter Itnttersliy nnd Mrs. Peter were
enrly ou the scene, lu decent black,
They nnd extremely comfortable expectations. To lie sure, for the last tell
years they hnd not interchanged tunny
words wilh tlie lute Cnrmel. who wns
Peter's only brother; but ns Mrs. Peter
remarked wheu Hie news of her broth-
er-ln-iiiw's deatli arrived, "he couldn't
ror shame leave his money to nny one
Young Walter Bnttersby, Mr. and
Mrs. Peter's only son, did not conceal
his joy in ills uncle's demise. He told
liis boon companions nt the Hen and
Chickens thut he wns In for u good
"Blood, you know, ns the saying Is, is
thicker than water," he said ns lie
drained his fourth pint on the evening
or hls'nvuiu'iilur bereavement.
Nor were the three daughters of Mr.
and Mrs. l'eter without discreet maidenly elation. Their uncle, while lie lived, wns such n figure that they never
eared lo look nt hlin. Besides, he hadn't
a very civil tongue; liked to be caustic
about tlielr high-heeled shoes and extensive bonnets nnd hats, nnd to be
very rude witli his inquiries why three
Mr. Rights did not press for tlie honor
of their sum 11 gloved hands.
It seemed unlikely, Indeed, thnt a
single tear would be shed for the old
curiosity man.
Of course tliere was his little servant
girl, Joan Smith. But she wns only "a
workhouse hussy," to borrow Mrs. Peter's elegant expression.
With his usual eccentricity, old Cnr-
mcl had taken a girl from the Moxford
Union after the deuth of Ills elderly
housekeeper, Mrs. Roberts. Joan wus
that servant, nnd she hnd served him
truly for the Inst s!x yeurs, being now
but 22. A quiet, shrinking, dnrk-cyod
little creature, who had revered her
dead master quite unaccountably, and
devoted herself to hini heart and hand
and soul. Save for Selh Perry, who
worked for the Moxford Tin Plate Coin-
pnny, she hnd had no one else to care
Mr. and Mrs. Peter found No. 59
nicely prepared for the funeral. There
was also a rather clumsy wreath ot
wild hyacinths nud buttercups on the
"The Idea of such a thing as that!"
exclaimed Mrs. Peter, touching the
wreath with Hie tip of her parasol.
Joan wns nenr at the fine. She burst
Into tears at these words.
"Please, ma'am," she said, "I should
so like It to go with bim. 1 picked them
all myself."
"It shall do nothing of the kind, then;
and your place Is In the kitchen, not In
thc parlor," retorted Mrs. Peter.
.loan retired, crying bitterly; nnd Mrs.
Peter flung the wreath Into a corner.
"Thc wench ought not to be allowed
to leave, this liousc, Peter," she snid severely, "without being searched. The
Idea of her being with ull tliese vully
hies���nil alone, too."
But Peter was not as cruel ns Ills
"Cameron snys she Is entirely to be
trusted,' he replied, "und It's for him
to act ns lie pleases, he snys."
Mr. Cameron was the Moxford lawyer who had charge of the old curiosity
man's affairs.
Two or three others now arrived. Including lhe lawyer, Mr. Hurst, the
Methodist New Connection minister.
und old Craven, lhe silversmith,
Then High street enjoyed its little sensation us the hearse and three
couches solemnly passed along to the
cemetery on the hill.
Joan viewed tlie start from the back
entry with tearful eye. She was periodically convulsed with sobs. She
watched the procession ns long ns ever
she could. The void lu her life was Immense.
So much so, Indeed, that even the
soothing voice of Seth Perry, who hnd
come upon her unawares, had no effect
on her at first.
"Never   mind,    lass,"    said    Seth,
"thlngs'll all come out right."
She answered him with tears.
"He's boun' to he.' left you summnt,
Joan, my lass, to remember hlin by;
and,  whether or no, you'vo only
spenk the word, and timer's oue as 'II
be proud to have you."
"Seth, I can't talk with you now,"
"What's he done with It?" cried Mrs. | in Moxford, with tlit cat purring on the
Teter, redder of fnce than ever.
"I cannot tell you, madam. Good
morning," said tlie lawyer, who then
wisely left them to fight the matter out
among themselves. But before he went
he. wiih his own hands, curried to .loan
in lier kitchen Hie unwieldy old scrap-
book, and told her that It wns her property, us well as the furniture of her
��� in.
she snid. showing him her dnmp face
and bright eyes.
"Nor eome home nnd tnke your dinner with my mother. Jonu?"
"No, uo. I mustn't go yet. They'll
tum me out soon. I know; but I must
stay till then."
"Well, hiss," snid Seth. "you know
best! but I'm fair aching for yon, nud
this night as Is ITI fetch you to home."
Ile took her 111 his arms in the passage, up which so many antique articles
hud traveled during lhe lust half century, nnd kissed her wet cheeks.
"And now I mun get buck to work.*'
he snid.
It wns a hot day even for June, and
when the funeral party re-entered the
house Mrs. Peter's fnce was extremely
Here they were met by Walter Bnttersby and the three girls.
This wns Mrs. Peter's arrangement,
"The more witnesses tliere are the
safer it'll be," she said, alluding, of
course, to the reading of her brother-in-
law's will. "Besides." she added, "they
may hear something nice for themselves,"
As far as he was concerned, however, young Walter had fully intended
to be present, even If his fnthcr aud
mother objected.
Joan had procured enke and sherry,
nt the instigation of Mr. Cnmeron. But
she had not helped herself to n glass of
"Come, cheer up. my girl," he snid uf
parting, "Your master was fond of
you. and he would rather see you bright
than downcast. And remember that I
am your friend, if you sliould ever Imp-
pen to want one.*'
Joan thanked Mr. Canieron and then,
having reverently kissed llu- ohl book,
put It on one side.
Mrs. Peter, before siie parted,
thought well to trespass In the kitchen
and say some cruel tilings to Joan. But
somehow the girl did nol iiiliul ihem
very much now.
Theu Seth looked In again, nud said
she wits to come up to his mother's that
evening. If she didn't Ile Bhould fetch
her. And tn ninkc sure of having her
he carried off Hie scrapbook.
Mrs, John Bnttersby did something
else before ihe left No. 511.
Together willi her disappointed son
nud darling Waller she climbed the
stairs to Joan's little attic and took u
hummer with her.
"It's the very kind of spiteful thing
he'd be likely to do." she snid. "but I'll
not stnnd It���robbing bin own flesh und
blood for a workhouse brat."
Mr. Peter left her to her own devices.
He, Mr. Craven and the three vexed
(indeed, Insulted) girls went away together.
Then Mrs. Peter studiously searched
Joan's nttlc from wall to wall, She
turned out the girl's one tin hox, looked
Into the drawer of the wiishstntid, ripped up the palliasse outrageously and
threw the straw all about and treated
hearth all the time.
Afterward the talk turned solidly
upon old Cnrmel and his siugiilnr b.*-
qticsts to Jonu.
"The money and the furniture'll tic
useful enough to you, child," said old
Mrs. Perry. "Imt the Idea or leaving yon
u thing like that!" pointing to the scrap-
"I used to lie so fond of It." stammered Joan. "Tlie times we've snt together, him and me. culling what he'd
She ruse and lifted the big book on
the table, untied Ils string und opened
"Why. what's this?" exclaimed Seth.
ns a bunk note for film iippeured.
Joan turned p.'lle us she look it up.
ll wns indorsed on the buck. "Pay lo
Joan Smith und no one else."
Ere they had finished looking through
the book they round twenty-one other
notes ot* exactly the same kind.
"They arc certainly yours, iny girl."
said Mr. Cameron, when Joan called
on hlin In Hie morning, "nud I shall
have great pleasure in telling Mrs.
Peter Biittersby whnt hns become or
the money io her brother-in-law's credit
nt the bunk."- Cassell's "Saturday Jour*
mil." .
Emin Pnsliu's Parrot.
Dr. E. E. Snow, of Bntavin, Is mourning the loss of the most remarkable pet
that lias been brought to tills pnrt ofl
the country for a long time,   It wns u
parrot, and hnd a past as well as a wonderful personality.    When  the doctor
wns  In  Egypt  In  the dnys of  Emin
Pnshn he made the acquaintance of
thut potentate, and on leaving for home
said he would like to take with him
onc of the small gray parrots Hint nre I
peculiar to tlie Nile country, especially I
on account of their Intelligence.    So
the viceroy sent out un attendant, who !
soon returned with one.   It wns culled
Pnshn, in honor of Emin, and was all
that has been reputed of Its species.
Pasha could talk, nnd especially
swear, in the best Arabic, nnd though
he soon learned English enough to hold
a conversation equnl to some people,
ho never learned to swear ln English.
When any ono wns to be gone over in I
the bird's best style of vituperation it
was Hie language of the Nile that wns
adopted for lhe purpose. Pnshn liked
America, nnd lived here fifteen yenrs.
The bird wus n good friend when acquaintance was once formed, but n casual  visitor was  Ills special aversion,
Tlie orator thc nir nink'*s blue,
While getting in his licks,
Ami ns the dnys grow colder��� whew!
How hot grows politics!
���-���Boston Courier.
"On the level. Is he crooked?" "Snrs.
He's wrong, ull right."���New York
Jouesy���How Is Mugler betting on
the election? Sinltty���With hiB month.
���Hoxbury Gazette.
He-*It takes three generations to
mnko u genlleinnn. Slit���And six flf*
urcB.���Iiidlunnpoils Journal.
Ile���My life without you will be e
lonely one. The Heiress���But thlnb
how busy you will have to be!���Life.
The Doctor���It's twins sir.    Young
Husband���I might hnvc known lt; It's
my wife's hobby that two can live u
cheaply as one.���Puck.
Awny with yonr bicycle "built for two,"
Though of yore it had room a plenty;
Bin now, lu this hustling dny we view
A bicycle built for twenty.
-Washington Star.
First Shade���Where Is St. Peter to-
dny? Second Shiido-Sh! He'B trying to make a wheel out of a couple of
linlos, nnd they won't stay filled with
Alice���I heard something nbout you,
today. Maud-Yes; this ncw lining
they ure using in dresses makes e
frightful noise, doesn't lt?-Yonker��
Knickerbocker-Were you knocked
speechless when you collided wtth
that stone? Itloomer-No; but my
wheel wns knocked spokeless.���Norris-
town Herald.
Jnblln���Jagglns cnlled you a monkey.
How can you stand that? Dllbey-Wbat
would you advise me to do about Itt
Jnblln���Moke him prove it, of course.���
Roxbury Gazette.
"Miss Ynm Isn't nt all musical."
"How do you know?" "I offered to
sing 'Oil, promise me,' last night, and
she said she'd promise mo anything If
I wouldn't."���Pittsburg Chronicle.
Miss Keedlck���What an awful talker
and he made use of the strongest notes ..   ,    ,
of disapproval when subjected to any ! Mr. (lllley Is, nnd how little he says
Intrusion. His vocabulary wns largo,' when he speaks. Miss Ivlttlsb-The
nnd he knew how to use It as some peo* ! poor fellow ls troubled with an Impedl-
ple, even, eould not. -maut    lu   his   thougbts.-Ncw    York
But he wns so unfortunate as to tnke * World.
Into close friendship n man of the family who lind consumption, nnd caught     ,,,,,,,k���
the disease from 1.1m. A violent be,,,* ! for several of her pictures T atcher-
orrhnge ended Pasha's llfe.-New York \ Well. 1 suppose she wns looking for��
_,!"'' j model  husband.���Philadelphia   North
  i American.
A Ilussinii Artel. |    -||ow ,i|,i you dare tell father thai
An artel Is an association of persons ;       .lim, ��� prospect of a hundred thou-
who agree to throw their lot together | S(U1(1   _0,\ar
Kltson���A foolish New York  artist
hns just married an Indian who posed
wine, even In spite of the kindly lawyer's suggestion: nor yet to a crumb of
the enke.
She continued nlone In the kitchen.
The tramp of strange feet In the room
over her did but make fresh tears well
up from the bountiful source Inside her.
And bo the funeral party and the
others sat around old Cnrmel's table
aud waited for Mr. Cameron to begin.
The lawyer did not keep tbem wniting.
He smiled riitber dryly, took a glass of
sherry and drew forth tlie paper from
Its official blue envelope.
Never was tliere, In Mr. Peter Bllt-
tersby's opinion, a more horrid and disgraceful last will and testament.
Certainly her husband wns to receive
n fourth part of tbe proceeds of the
sale of the deceased's goods, but what
was a mere fourth?
The other three-fourths were left���of
all things���to the Moxford Union, "to
help them to train np more girls like
Joun Smith." Those were lhe very
To the three girls of Mr. nnd Mrs.
Peter Hie three largest mirrors lu the
establishment of No. 80 were bequeathed, without coininciit. Walter Bnttersby wus not even mentioned, nor wus
Mrs. Piter.
Mr. Cameron received ��100 nnd so did
the deceased's old friend, Mr. Craven.
Lastly, Joan wns mentioned. She
wns to lmve a year's wages, ull the
furniture of lier own bedroom nnd the
large scrapbook for which she hud so
often idled scissors nnd paste, and
which contained curious items of newspaper intelligence during,the Inst twenty years.
"There, gentlemen and ladies, that is
all," said Mr. Cameron, "and uow you
must excuse me. I leave you with my
cotnistee, Mr. Craven."
"One moment, sir," Interposed Mr.
Peter, to whom his wife had whispered
much. "What became of nil bis money
ill the bank? lie must have had thousands."
"The balance to his credit on Mny 31,"
answered Mr. Cameron, referring to a
note, "wns ��45 Ss lOd. After the funeral expenses arc paid���"
the bolster with equal brutality.
There wus also a handsome old oak
wardrobe that would have graced even
a royal bedchamber. This wns for
.1 nun's three or four poor frocks.
It wns quite laughable to' sec how
mother nnd sou tapped und probed this
antique piece of furniture. They even
knocked off the head of the lion In relief nt the top of it, to see If tliere was
any secret cavity behind the bend.
But the wardrobe inught them no
mure than the palliasse nnd tbe bolster.
"Well. I'm off to the Hen and Chickens," said Walter Bnttersby ut length.
"I've hnd enough of this."
So. too, hud Mrs. l'eter, for there wns
not nn article In the room that she bad
not thoroughly tested.
The sun was still well nbove the cemetery hill when Seth called ut No. 5ft In
his workaday grime unci his workaday
"Art ready, lass';" he Inquired of
The girl begun to ninkc excuses.
"It's not right, Seth, to leave the
house with no one In ll. He wouldn't
havo liked It." she snid.
"It's not right, Joan, to make a promise nnd not keep It," retorted Seth.
"Oome, now. I'm not going to leave you
to mope yonr oyes mit. Ilo you menu
to make ine carry you'V"
Sho wns persuaded with dilliculty.
Then II was a l-evclntlon of character
to see how she locked one door after
nnother nnd pocketed the different
"Anybody 'ud think the things were
nil yourn," suid Seth, admiringly.
"It's the same to nie ns If they were,"
she answered, with the tone of fresh
But Seth hurried her off before she
could break down again, nnd soon hud
her in tlie little brick cottage be shared
with his mother.
Old Mrs. Perry hnd In hor younger
dnys been n servant herself. Sho had
a true woman's sympathy for Joan, and
discernment enough to know Hint her
son might do far worse than marry such
a girl.
It was as comfortable a meal as any
and stnnd by each other for better or
for worse. If the artel Is "productive.*'
the members work together nnd divide
equally whnt money they earn; If it Is
"consumptive," they share equally In
the expense incurred. The most marked characteristic of these associations
Is the perfect equality which prevails
among their members, No mntter what
mny be a man's personnl gifts or deficiencies, from the moment he enters un
artel he Is simply on a par with his
comrades. He must bear the burdens
they benr. und he receives Hie same rewards, In his turn he will be the nr-
telmnii, or chief of his nrtel.; In his turn,
too. he will be us hewer of wood und
drawer of wuter. As the former he will
be neither richer nor poorer than ns the
latter, for the only emolument attached
year?" she asked.
"Why," be answered in righteous Indignation. "I hnve If I marry you."���
Washington Star.
He���Your affection seems to havo
cooled with the weather. She-That Is
the point exactly. You know that a
summer flirtation carried over Into tho
full Is liable to become chronic���Indianapolis Journal.
'J'lie frost doth now adorn eaoh forest treo
With glorious robes of gorgeous-tinted
And a hero at the country school Is ha
Who holds out longest ere he puts oa
���Cincinnati Enquirer.
Mr. Frnnkstown (ndmlrlngly)���How
fresh you look this morning, Miss
llnmewood. Miss Homewood (who detests the young manl-IIuw fresh yon
tothe offlce"of"'artelma'n Is'shoamofaey I talk this morning, Mr. Frankstowo.-
-thnt Is. a small sum grunted as a com* I Pittsburg Chronicle,
pensatlon for the shoes worn out while
trumping nbout transacting official business. 	
The Loving Cup.
One account of the origin of the loving cup runs ns follows: King Henry
of Navarre, while hunting, became separated from his companions, and, feeling thirsty, called ata waysldo Inn for
n cup of wine. Tlie serving maid, on
handing It to him ns he snt on horseback, neglected lo present the handle.
Some wine was spilled over, and Ills
majesty's white gauntlets were soiled.
While riding homo, he bethought hlui
thnt n two-handled cup would prevent
n recurrence of this disaster, so be hnd
n iwo-liii!idleil cup iiuide ut the royal
potteries and scut It to the Inu. Ou his
next visit lie culled ngain fnr wiue.
when, lo Ids astonishment, the maid
(having received Instructions from her
mistress to be very careful of the king's
cup) presented it to him, holding It herself by each of Its handles. At once
the happy Iden struck the king of n cun
with three handles, which was promptly acted upon, ns his majesty quaintly
remarked, "Surely, out of three handles
I sliall be able to get one!" Hence tho
loving cup.
"And why," the teacher continued,
"should we hold the aged iu respect?"
" 'Cause It is mostly the old men
that bus all the money," Tommy answered, nnd the tcnclier wnsU't able
to offer any better reason. -Tit-Bits.
Ruling passion: Sympathizer (to pro*.
trnle hleycllst)-Any serious damago
from the accident? Fallen bicyclist
(feobly)���I don't know yet. 1 have���
have���haven't kinked nt my wheel
(faints away).���Life.
It Is talk wasted for an unmarried
woman to boast of her economy to an
unmarried man. A mun never appreciates economy In a woman until after
he bus married a womnn who doesn't
practice it���Atchison Globe.
"How did you get In tliere, In tho
first pluce?" usked the rescuers, who
hnd pulled Mr. Kerrigan from tho
canal. "Be wuy uv the top," snid Mr.
Korrlgan, However, It wus too hilo
to throw him In again.���Cincinnati Hn-
Winks -It must be line to be able to
write things In shorthand, sn thut no-
liodv can rend what you have written.
Blnks���Yes, Hint's so. It's my secret
Sometimes I cnn't rend It myself, when
tho notes are six months old.���Somer
Villo Journal.
* "What would yon say to a good,
steady Job of work?" asked the kind
womnn. "Whnt would I sny to a Job
of work?" repented Perry Ptttcttlc;
"missus, It would bo Impossible for
me to repent to a lady what I would
sny to It."���Cincinnati Enquirer.
Mrs. Spooner-Charles, do you think
you would ever mnrry ngiiln? Mr.
Spooner���What, after having lived with
you for ten years! Never! Mrs. Spooner snys she would give something handsome to know Just whnt ho meant bj)
that���Boston Transcript f'
THE   VVKEKLY   NEWS   DEC.   8th,    1896.
m urn nn
Issued Every Tuesday
At Union, B. C.
M Whitney, Publisher
nr   AoJVAWCK.
Ou Vaar   .
���In Montha  .
Stasia Copy .
.   125
0 0.1
Ouo laob par ytts $ 12.00
..    ..   month        130,
���llhthrol   pernor    !5<W !
*aak, .. Una      	
Leeal r.otiooa,per Una    	
)        VOX HCAVH OB HSU,.
We do not by any means agree with
i tl.* proposition Uid down by Mr. Geo .R.
' Maxwell, the lecturer, that marriage i��
i either heaven nr hell, and that ihere is
i no purgatory, or middle ground between
| the?"   extremes.   To our mind this is
shcei nonsense.   Heaven is suppised to
be a place where there are no tears: but
no life on earth* in any of its relations, is
perfect.   It is made up of sunshine and
shadows.   A married life may be much
Nonces   of Births
eaths, 50 cents each insertion.
No Advertismenl inserted for less than
jo cents.
Persons failing to get Thk News regularly should notify the Office,
,1000 ! happier than a single life and yet be far
       '" '. removed   frnm heaven.    The   married
li ive their trials as well as others.    Na-
Marriages   and '
Supplies the valley with first cUss bread, pies, cakes, etc.
Bread delivered by Can through Courtenay and District every
Wedding C&kes made and Parties catered for
H. 0  LUCAS, Proprietor
t.ircs are n it changed by entering into
thi* relation. Eve y one has to carry
hereditary burdens, and is pressed upou
by environments which mar th - brightness of life These regulate our happiness which is subject, like everything
imperfect, to degrees. At times some
may be very near hell, and at other
I times approach near to heaven.   In the
��� ���       ureal   middle   ground,   probiblv most
When times are dull, the live merchant I ,     .   ,      .,.
i lives are passed.   And we like to believe
I there are many whose start is far down
tho hill and yet arc enabled bv eflort and
j growth to pass lh rough mnn;.- degress
intil at last i.k.'. Moses they are permit!, ii j
j t'i   see the promised land, even  1! tliey
Tuesday, DEC, 8,1896,;
pushes his business with greater vigor
to gel his share of the paying trade that
is going. The working min, is at his
task whenever there is work. It is no
time foreise. One must hustle to live.
And after all, it is this necesuty for hustling that mikes a live community ind j
brings out the best in people.
|70R RENT.���A neat cottage with all
- ttecenety out building* and live or tta
acrea ol good land. Apply to S. F. Crew*
fori, Sandwick, B. C.
\I7 ANTED���A good c-.nra.aer.   Eaqoiia
* * at "Haws Omen
pOR SALE���The contento oeil foruiture
* ol > email hnuaa. All Beer. Apply at
"Nswa Ones "
|70R SALS, RANCH-Oae mils snd
* half from Uaion, unaUine 160 wn
and will be diaponed ul ot a low ligii r. El
quire ol Jmu Amimvh.
pOR SALB OR LKASK-Th- '     aey
* H'ju**e ou Penrith Avenue, i    alaiag
fifteen roeiut���Kuoboa, Pautry, b    tao
Wwh-benae, eto.   Apply on the p^u...��a.
pOIl SALE���Cleared corner lot ea Pen*
���*-* nth Avenue, wll cheap, terna may.
Euquiieet "Haws Omen
Courtenay, B.C,
Grant & Mur ighatt, Props.
Esquimalt and Nanaimo Ky.
i uu quite reach it.
NOTICE is hereby given that a Court
of Assessment aud Appeal under tht
"As .essnleni Act," and a sitting of thc
Cou it\ Court ol Nanaimo will be beld in
tlie Court House, Comox, on lhe loth
i day of December,  1896, at the hour ol
The habit of nagging is a vice whicli
cannot be too strongly cosdemed. Noth
ing should be indulged in tn injure the
feelings of others. It is sometimes
thought that a cure may be best effected
nf same undesirable h ibit by constantly
mentioning it. There never was a greaicr
mistake.   One nuisance does not abaft I
at Leis
fed  Shin
elcen u. m.
i iy order.)
Co aox, It. C.
Oct. >, 1896.
W. n. Anderson,
aovr Agent.
ti'jri lil-J-e
Society    Cards
introspection of our own.
Why dan't tha pottal authorities do
saatsthing to give us ,1 in iii teina ir iriiv '-���
We get , mtil ib cat mid night Ws In ���.*���
day and the out gainj intil clows hjfire
VWainesdw o ;'ut   il over.    T.'lil   metal
thit we cwoot answer Icltfrs received
one week until the next week. Tr,*.*
blame for this attaches to tho govern,
mint, which psrsistantly ignores tlie
country. The E St N. railway is u-*: ���
no obligations so far as thc mii! strv .
is concerned. Bat thuro is onc !.���;���.
should do, and that is to start (hs trains
here on advertised time, si th it p 1 isen*
gars be not compelled to iv
rain for train after it is due to !
Me?nrs. Di ic-* and rt'air vote in Van
mvoi lasl   week   ind probably, be in
'icoria and Nanaimo this   week	
'lie snow storm in  Montana last week
is the  wont   in    vears.... Extensive
another, any more than two wrongs make j 5l!(,s ���t K..\ eiWe |uve fe,*,.,,,^ ,���!<,.���
aright.    We  should be  blind   to   thc j place in Rissland, ll.C...... Suggestions
faults of others that we may hive abetter i are;; ai ked by   Minister   of Agiicuhure
! upon tariff revision It is said Li
J lluntf Chang will reorginije the whole
I Chinese navy and build within tlie next
I fi*.*'.1 years, sis battleships,   twelve first
Mil cruisers The new treaty be
tweet! China and Japan of a commercial
.Yir.rtcr wil! be ofgreit advantage to
'.ip-in, is China will not ha able to mike
ipcciul arrangements with other powers
j as to tariff, to which J tp in n no: a con
seining pirty... .The iieivcoiiveiitiou be- i
*v..*i; Chin land Russia gives the right !
:.* carry the Siberian railway to Kirluu I
;:...*ri two points and connect it with lhe
;*.i:ii***c railway system \ universal I
I :���'���< strike i, expected.... Hon. Ci.lford j
���jtoii   wis  re-elected by   acclamation
y.r- Bi audon..., Chas. Mcikcl, M. :'  i
���*������ Uttlle is  Manitoba.* new secretary, .
��� 'Jon J O. Cameron is Mnnitnbi's new
attorney general 'lh-  Pnciic Con
, 5..-r,-ri��.:i. iu* adjourned until DecMa'.V ,. . j
On and aftci Jan.tstpcrsonsentcrin ' Pie  l
��� dent Ktug'ci'j country will have io sho'v
My hive money nr cm  obtain n'otk
i-.*";:; .n: not   iv.'intod.���...Th��   bsr.k
���f B.C..has opened .1 branch in Kaso...   .
-'...��;f Iii;:ie Strong his been anpui    I 1
i -inI'Ium.i rcptcscniive oa the judical I
-::r.mitie*5   of  thc  Privy   Co invil..,. I
The Imperial Parliament meets Jau :*j  .
Dr,  (micson, the   Transval   raider, 1. j
seriously ill,
I.   U.   O.   F.
Cmor, Ledge, No. 11, meets e er\
Friday night at 8 o'clock. Visiting brethren cordialiy invited to attend.
Cumberland Lodge,
A. F. * A. M, B. C. R
Union, II. C.
Lodge meets first   Saturday   in  each
m uilb.   Visiiing brethren are cordi.il!)
in/iied to attend.
James McKim. Sec.
Hiram Longs No 14 A.F .4 A.M.,li.C.R
Courienay 1). C.
Lodge meets on ov*ty Saturday 110 or
belore tbe foil of the moon
Visiting Brothers cordially requested
to attend.
K. S. McConnell,
Steamer City of
,   h. j.irtKK,wsnu.
The Steamer CITT of N AMAIMO
will aail as follows
Md frebtht may offer
Lea.e Victoria, Tneedt-iy. 7 a. na.
"  Nanuimo for Comox, Weduetday, T a. na
.oave Coniox for Nenaiino,      Kridaye, 7 a.ui.
"     Nanaimo fer Viotoria   Saturday, 7 ��.m
For freight or state rooms apply on
board, or at the Company's ticket office,
Victoria Station, Store street.
Ors Lawrence & Westwood.
Physicians and Surgeons.
We kave appointed Mr. James  Ab-
raina out collector until  luriaer no
tice, to whom all overdue  accouata
***ay be paid.
7 Hox. 1890.
Surgeon and Physiciar
(tiraduale ofthe Universiiv of Toronto,
..I. C, P &S���Oiit.)
otflo*and residence. Mary-port
Ave, next door to Mr. a brain'-.
Best of Liquors
Finest of Cigars
Good Table
Courteous Attention
The Famous
M ft M 81. Jenee bu
To Order
').    18
SriTSi>d forg,.��(,!-<*.   lu*,,!��� -.ell,,|.     ,,..
itl Ol Kiuruuinil. '
Cu'niberland Encampment.
No. 6, I. O. O. F.,  Union.
MeSts every alternate   Wednesdays ol
e ich iiionlh at 8 o'clock p. in,   Visiting
brethren cordially invited to attend.
C. WHYTE. Scribe.
We observe that the ,-idvoriisomont i*;
out in tha Liberal papers for lenders for
mail service twice-'aweek between Nanai.
mo and this district, including Duncan
and Hornby Islands, service to corn*
mince April 1st. Such an advertisement
was Inserted sonv* years ago but because
ofthe expense nothing was done. We
hope t will not turn out that way this
time. We believe our member is in
earnest, and the Liberal government
appears disposed to do something for
British Columbia. It is certainly for its
interest to recognize the Western Coast
province, which has been sadly neglected. It is nol by the erection of costly
buildings in the leading cities thit the
country is benefited; but by ihe develop
ment ofthe resources ofthe couniry and
Any person or persons destroying nt
wi hholding the kegs and barrels of the
u'.iio'.i Brewery Company Ltd of Nanai
in ', .vill be prosecuted. A liberal reward
will be paid for information leading l��
C 'miction.
VV. E. Norris, Sec'y
Hours lor consultation otolu .<
& to 4 and 710 10 p in.
Mcn'i hew styles in Hard and Soft
H its at Leiser's,
Sural nhyass.
Mr. Eric Duacan of Sindwick, this
district, is the author ofa small volume
ofpnems, entitled "Rural Ryhmes and
The Sheep Thief." The volume has tbs
imprint of William Briggt, the well known
,    .... 1 publisher of Toronto, and is of excellent
by furnishing the   necessary mail and j ,ypi,g���phicl| ��pp,��ra���c..    The sangs
attendant transportation facilities.
show much originality, being entirely
unlike anything to be found elsewhere.
They have tha true lavar of. the rasch
��� or t.
L'ai��n Division No. 7, Sons  of Ten,*
ince ineeu in   Free   Mason's  Hall,
.' ..ui every Miifday evening at }-.jo.
Visiting frieaib Coidisily   invited   to
.vr ilEeitac'a I'assuyrsHtAN Cucitcu������
Ituv. J. A Logsn, psetor,   Serviess at 11 a.
'II. snd 7 p. ui.     Sunday  School  at 2:30.
1 f. S C E  tl dose of evening service,
UrmouMTilavacH���   Svivicee  it  the
nana] hour, moruiog aad evaaiag.   Rev, W.
tlloka. paster.
Taisrrv I'acauu -Servioea ia tho evaaiag.   Rev. J X. Wiiltsiar, reotor.
The late advices from Cuba indicate , nnil are entirely free from sentimental
tbe triumph of the Cuban patriots. Doubt
, rhapsodies. While some allowable
license is taken with ryhming, the measure is very perfect, They abound in
cju iim humor, which bublss to the surface in a natural way. Tbe eonecptioas
are happy and clothed is true poetical
garb. There is nothing weak about
them, either in thoaght or construction.
Perhaps the most ambitious flight is in
I "The Sheep Thief," a legend of the
her pride would suffer less fron a flogging I Shetland Islauds. Perhaps the best
by a great power then defeat at the hands [ lines related to the giant struggle be*
ol the insurectory Cubans. Well if she tween Ola and the the dwarf,
must be whipped by Uncle Sam it were      Sn far as we knnv this is lhe fir�� vol-
less wben President McKinley assumes
the reins ol power, the belligerency, if
not the independence ol Cuba will be
recognised. The talk ofa war with the
United States on the part of Spain is
madness. She has more on her hands
than she can attend to now.   It is said
better it were done quickly and soundly,
so that she may * remain quiet for some
time. We would be glad to see tlie la*,*'
vestige of Spanish rule abolished on thc
American Continent
ume of poetry from a British Columbian
author, and whom Canadians will be
glad to hear from again
NOriCB-I hereby givo aotlie that I in
land to apply ta tho B itrd ef Liueniung
1 Jourt for Ntlaoo Diatriot at ito next sitting
lor * lie-luce ts toll apiritsoui and fermented
I'm (91 blook oiakt (8) on
M ia tae towa of CumberU ��� d, Nel
'iinomuir oven
ijaor, by retail apoi tho premie**,, oa lut
riot. Ferdinand Oaaoaiea.
Vvioe, B. C. Mar. Ird 1896.
XOtlCB -1 hereby giro notice, that I io-
teud to suply to tho Board of Licensing
1 Wl lor Naliou Diatriot at ita next set*
iag, for a lioeuoe to aell apiritueaa and fermented liquor* by retail upon tho promiaof,
mown 00 the Now Eugltnd roattnronti lot
hrao, blook throe, Dur.amuir ovonee, ia ths
owe of Ceiakorlaud, Naiion diatriot
Wm. Citisos.
Unioa B. C, Nov. Ird. 1896
The follcwi' _ Lines are
Watches, clocks und jewellery
Tin, sheetiron, and copper work
Bicycles Repairbd
Guns and rifles, repaired
Plumbing in all its branches,
Tumps, sinks and piping,
Flee trie bells placed,
Speaking tubes placed
Hot air furnaces,
Folding bath anil improved
Air-tight stoves, specialties
Office and Works  ]!�����;*���*����.: "���
.</ ;'K- - iiy'^^alri^SSi^SSr&ieSe.'
i; F. Curran
j   'oris' School  Button  Boots for 90cts
��� a  Leiser
School and office stationery
at E. Pimbury * Co' drugs
���uaaoBim worn ��n�� niws.'
#a.oo mt imra.
For sale on Dunsmuir ave;
consisting of lots 4 and 5 in
block 15,, lots -j and 8 in block
16, lots ,3, 4 and 5 in block 10,
and other lots in Cumberland
Townsite. Bargains,
James Abrams.
Mrs. O'Dell is prepared to undertake
engagements during the Winter Sensor
for concerts, duaces, e:c. .Mrs. O'Dell
contemplates opening a cla'si at Courtenay for adults consisting of singing and
thorough musical training, a so a class
for children comprising musicil training,
drill, and exercises. For further partial
lars see bills at Courtenav. Address
Mrs. O'Dell, Comox Bay.    '
kii aid Door
A. li>lSLAM, Prop
..   .', i 1*
I '��� 1
.0. in
,��tl    s
A .,
mj'lcic  .
imbci* ain
*fl.   Ol
**'i:ii;.'**, laths, Pickets, I)wu'��, Window   ���i*. Ulinds.    Mi,.���:,:-.,��� ;���   -������ mil
Sawing, Tiiiniui.., md all kind's
Cedar.  While pine.   F!(;i':wi-.ori.
il.il. TMiLL
srDeaUr ia
Stores and Tinware
Plumbing and general
Sheetiron work
eWA*,"��ut. for tho
Celebrated Gurney
Souvenir Stoves and
Maaiitacfuri.r ol tlio
New Air-tight heaters
11 Theobald""
flonu wi Sign Painter,
Paper-Hanging, Kalsomining
���nd Decorating.
Ail orders Prom��Ujr Attcadsd to
VaUa, ��. ��.
1 aot prepared w '
furnish Styltob Riga
and da Teaming
At reasonable nim.
0. Kilpatrick.
Onion. B.C.
*��� I t
___,    1896,
I A Healthy View of L t ,
One ofthe first conditions of health is
a healthy view of things. If it ba true
that the sick body makes the sick mind,
it is equally true that the sick mind
makes the sick body, A sickly view of
the world will go far to make the world
sickly. If we could expel the idea that
the planet is a dungeon, we should do
something to mike it a pleasant home...
Suffering is not so deep and vital an
element in existence as it has been
imagined to be. Happiness is the rule
of experience. The perpetual ministries
are those nf joy. The command is not
to be gloomy but to be cheerful, to be
hop*ful, glad, believing, to have faith in
air and sunlight, in duty, and beauty,
aad recreation. All creation conspires
with health; and we meet the purposes
of creation when we run away from darkness and discouragement, cultivate a
cheerful mind, and make sure that we
serve heaven by getting as much of it as
we can into our bodies and lives.
Hs Struck tbe Oauoe of tt.
An invalid seiu for a physician, ao**!
after detaining him for sonic time with
a description of his pains, s.iicl' "Nov,
doctor, you have humbugged tm- , n,g
enough with your good-for-nothing tn'.'-t
and worthless syrups; ihay doa't touch
the .difficulty. I wish vou w-itild strike
the cause of my ailment, if it is in your
power to reach il.'"
'It shall be done.',' said the doctor, at
th; sian tints lifttn*' his cane, nnil de*
A i!i*ihin0' a dec inter of spirits th it stood
upon the sideboard.
Alcohol as Food.
Two young phy.iicims, practiiing In a
hafpit.il, ��**re ina.ii tnken with Dr.
Ainstie's theory of tlie foul value of
alcohol. In goo 1 faith' they set about a
personal demonstration, taking thc .doctor's "safe due" instead ol tlieir usual
rations nf eatables three times a day
By the end of three days they were hardly
able to crawl up and dawn stairs; thev
had each lost six pounds of flesh, and
they were glad to return to their usual
diet, and discard alcohol.
Fnrowell to AU Good Things.
"When drunkenness has taken fast
bald ofa mm, farewell industry, farewell
emulation, farewell atlention to things
warthy of attention,' farewell love of
virtuous society, farewell decency of
manners, and farewell ton, even an attention to person; everything is sunk bv
this predomiu mt and bruial appetite.
Hoi**"***> aid Hints.
(Dry silt s irinlc'l 1 01 pifrjr if 1 rm**.*
Iit-iroa ii rti'iil  -'.*.*t :*. will '.lut **ii ,
j   remove all imt.
PosMik feathers though rag.r.iH I I,/ tho
sa-ioratitiooj ao   unluoky,  ara uiei  vor,
���noh la deooretiog, placed ia rosaa or tied
aai looked ovor d ior wayi, probably to da*
,.  tt bad look.
FLAKEV P.V��rRY-On pint aiftod
Hour, 0 pinch of .silt, tav.>spaoaful of larl;
enough call w*tor Ba tvc. tlm lloir; plow on
bnrd. o't small lamp of butter, jil'wn o'*.*,r
thellour and roll) fold, sprosil iiare butter
and roll ngain: repeat until ynu have merf
ono half pound bl bnlter. 1' > ont allow
Ihe butter to liresk through ta* lltinrj tho
%l more it is InUlednipi rolled thn hotter aud
flakier yout pieiiruV wi.'l Ime'tihe.
on ororywh. re. Alwaya making a opooial*
tjr of mining loteie.te, a e aaoiderable pr.*
portion of opoeo io givoa to tkeae auttoro,
inoV'd'.ogeu ezeollont nunnery ef Prof.
Ojloni n'�� roport oa Oatorio Cool in Sudbury district, A ooroful gleaning of indos*
trial aowa from all ooraora af the Dominion
complete! o good naiabor of tbia creditable
journal. Iadaotriol Canada Co., publiahera,
Toronto' At tho onbioriptien prioe of only
$1.00 por yoar, it should be liberally potroo-
The partnership heretofore existing
between Frank Partridge and A.W.Ren-
msoa under the firm name and style of
Par ridge & Kcnnison, doing business at
Unimand Comox B.C. as grocers, has
this day been dissolved by mutual consent, A.VV.Rennison continuing the Irtsi*
ness of grocer at Comox under his own
name. Accounts dr.e he late linn may bo
paid to cither part/, but those having
claims against said firm should present
them them 10 A. VV. Rennison for settle
Nov. ji, 1896.     Frank Partridge,
A. W. Rennison.
Tenders will bo received for tbo pnrohuo
of tho Hothoriogton farm, boing lot 107 00
the offi'iol mop of Uomox, containing obuir.
400 teres, more or lea,. About 110 aoroa
are under eultivatioa and woll foucod, with
buildings and orchard, coal righto aro includ
The laud cu ha divided into four parti of
about 100 noroe ia eaoh part.
A sketch or plan of the estate, ahowitig
the propoood diviaioao, oon bo ooon at tho
office of Crease and C'roaae, barriaters Temple Building, Viotoria, to whom all oppli*
cations mast ho moiled up to the Slat, of
December Wt.
Parties tendering, will state whether for
tho whole 400 oeroo or ono quarter of laud.
By ordor of the oieentora,
John Mr.vnw.i., Collector for estate.
Not One Man in
One Hu.idred
So iavooto hia mosey that it yields, ia
twenty yeara, anything like tho protit
afforded by a policy of Lifo loanraaoe.
HI8TOBT) Tbo percentage of iodividaola
PEOVBB    - who auceeod la bnaineaa
THU ���) ia amall ���
No old-line mutual lifo inaoroaco oompaay
haa ovor foiled.
At Private 8aU.
The i illuwiug u for rale. Persons interested oi ��� imptioc ��nd imrefaAM by nulling at
tht��LiD(l *Y   liifUtf.
Oae -".Irooiii tot, ltlaufcet��, cuiifcrU'rs
eiogle ��� 1 Mti* n, tis ilituMv *>->x spring tiut-
treieei, >r��v tualcjn, cl'ii'iiltsr net*, ���..r.ird,
window 'ilioils curwMi (��>li.-3 and H-stttiw,
uarpeti. -hi olotli, ��tat; c^rpy, riibtmi thm
mats, tv 1 arifi cltJiip*,, lut, p��ikh, mibffl-l-
i* HtaniU iwi/.liu^, ut. ul'* -jut v,nh ituv��rc��M
preserve brittle*, ��� luipe, tau.
^Thersis Nothing
If it is Well Pat Together
' So here ::;..:
5:.igli; iii:'.'/.; it ii.*, .*:;, ;i<| per set
.;:ii *i. - .'��������� .:it fidj ���: co.-c'.-.t...
'������'.'..'.���. .   i' to.   :*;,  50 .and .1 ,; *o,l   K iw-
tii.i*.* foi ;"*" **. i", *i**.a .1 \V'l,a!e llono
.1 it and up to Sj.
LIFE f ~>	
 Ten Cents a DayXJ
Will buy for a Dion ea yoora ut ago  a
$1,000 SO-Paymant Ufa Policy, ona
ot tbo boos forma ul* insurance wrutoa
ia tho
Union Mutual Life
Insurance Company
Of Portland, Maine
A Sound, Soh, Ahly Managed, (isooiu-oit
Iloliahlo dulvtentul lustitatimi I    Attn
Which NSVF.K STASDS (       1848
pros thjumcautiks      **^~-~>~
3. E. IVANS, Provincial Manager,
r.o. box 093 Vancouver, B. C.
For further information call on
F. 3. DALBT,
With Jauioa Air ami.
Cumberland Hotel,
Union, B. C.
The finest hotel building
Fixtures and Bar
North of Victoria,
And the best kept house.
Spacious Billiard Room
and new
Billiard and Pool Tables
Best of Wines and Liquors.
,      L P. ECKSTEIN."
i Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public
Offlco.-First   Btreet, Union, B. 0.
I have the largest Stock nl WHIPS in
town snd nlso the
Best Axle Grease at O BOzBS
 ForTwenty-Klve Cents	
Trtnk* at Prices to Suit
the Times.
Oa*."idi'.'�� InJ��itr.��;   Prngross
The N'ovcmbt-.r; to," her   ot   iHUt'STnut,
Casaih ia, ns usUal,-, .-*plets with a lur^.-
budt't. of nutter tonoliiog   tlio   in��t>'t
gnmlii 'tii'l [ir.ii'.i'"*i*,v  ,C tliu P.nnitito
The iiHue opoiH with i ohSHoler tlietim
aod portrait of the Hon. W: K   -Sanfonl,
whe "Imervolly tahei o proniuent   i.i'i.���
oni'"ig the nueemaf'il and SUterprtsiiig   iihii*
afacturor.4 oud ti'i'ifin.ir.' oi Csnsds,    rti"
priivioc.-i .tie int.<lligeatly repreacnte 1
auch irlioliw *��������� "British Columt.ia'o l'i.
grou       '. ^���������'..'e i'lipulatioo," New bruo*t
sdokVPoroato," Sos*a Sootio'a Opportuiilt
ioa."   Kditoriolly tho   recent Prooideo'.al
oloation ia the I'uitei! States ia diieuowd
its poaaible offooto ou <.'duad.au trado.     1.������...
reoovt advance in tho price of <i'hoa>t ami **_
area ahowing whit thia means in Sddit'.u
at wealth to Oatorio aad Manitoba fori*, ,**.
otbar editorial*   The   onaouueemnir   its,
Wtoriff commitsion of the l.inr>j * -* - * -
ment ara about to eommence inviutigi'. >n
lesda to soms common ootue obaorrationa 'on
oa this topic.   I'he impartial  manner  in
whieh Industrial Canada disoueoes all
eammoroial topics is oomothug thit is oorn*
? saoadiag it to businesa men and manafaetar*
1PID21   nratLv'uose
Wesley Willard
Nanaimo Cigar Factory
Phillip Gable and Co., Prop's
Bastion Street    ���    Hanaimo B. 0
M.iniif.icturei the finest cigars and
employes none but whits labor.
Why purchase inferior foreign cigars
when you can obtain a suntuion ahti
ci.F.ft�� the same money
We do all kinds of
Job Printing, anything
from a Dodger to the
i neatest Business Card
! or Circular,
Take E. Pimbury & Co's
Balsamic Elixir for coughs
and colds.
Corner uf Button and t WmnrcU'
S ree'8, KtMiituO, B. C,
Reanoo Omen, Third Street rfud OuuKiriuii
Aveuufj B. C,
Will hv in Onion thu 3rd Wcdneadey o.
eaoh moulh aud 1'cmaiii ttVu days.
(ItBce Itoomt, McPhoek Moore B'ld'toadat
nakaimo. ac.
r.o. anAwia is.
I have moved into my new shop on
Dunsmuir Avenue, wherel am prepared
to manufacture and repair all kinds of
men's, women's, and children's shoes.
Give ns* a call.
Dcntlatry In all Ita Branches
f lato work, tilling aod ostraotiag
J OSes eopeeite Waverly Hotel, Uaiea [
Houra���9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and from
6p.m to 8 p.m.
Fwrineial Secretary's Offlco.
October Jith, 1896.
HIS HONOUR the Lieutenant-Governor
has beea pleasea to appoint V\ alter Bir-
hia Anderson, Esquire, Government
Agent at Comox, to he a Deputy of the
Registrar of the County Court of Nanaimo.
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Puntiedge Bottling Works,
PAVID JONES, Proprietor,
  MASiraCTL'RSR OF        	
Bareapnralla, Cbampagne Cider. Iron Fboephatoe nnd Syrups.
Bottler et* Different Brando of   Lager Bear, Steam Beer und Vot'.et
Agent for tho Union Brewery C.mpatiy.
I ptwame wt h��v�� nsed over
��� one  hundred tbtt'.ee of Piso's
Cure   for Consumption  in  my
family, snd   I   sra   continually   advising othea
to get it,   Undoubtedly it ii the
I ever used.���W. 0. Miltiwsioii, Clarion, Ps.,
Dec. 29,1894. 1 sell Piso's Cure for Censump.
tion, snd never have sny com-
slainta.���E. Snosir, Postmaster,
Shorey, Kansas, Des. 21st, 1894.
H. A. Simpson
Barrister k Solicitor, No's S ft 4
Commercial street
J. A. Carthew
vmtxopr, te. o.
Your Job Printing.
Good Work
Reasonable Prices.
Contracts snd Day Work
jj   Address���Matsultawa, Japanese
S B iirdiug. Hume, nest Brick yard.
Barber Shop   : :
; ;   Bathing
O. H. Fechner,
This Inn, located about three miles nut
from Union on the Courieusy Read
is no* open for business A good
bar will be kept, and thc comfort of the
guests carefully attended to. Give us a
Florist, Seedsman and
Landscape Gardener
A FIN! 8TOCkOI ���--*
Clocks, watches, books
and stationery.
T. D. McLean
��� J~\~T~\TL,~~l'���
���O'lTION'. ���. C
e*mmims.-^wtniT - t -���-- mi i,i^ ������ii��j'i\���^
Nour/ Publio.
Agent lor the Alilsnes Ptr*
inaurance Company of Los
don and the Phoenix of.
Hertford. -������
Agent tor the Provincial
Building snd Losn Assoeiation of Toronto	
Union. B. a
Seeds, ornamental Trees snd
Shrubs always.
Also  bulbs  in  Tariet-f,   includinjj,
Hyacinths, Varcieane, Fachiaa,
tuUpa aad Lillies.
Coniox,   -   - B. C.
SUBSCRIBE TO  The Xf-ws fa.oo
"Aa Act to Prevent   Certain  Ami-
sale fnm Sunning at Largs���UM"
Stock owners sre hereby notified to
keep all Swine, Stallions of one year old
aad upwards, aad Bulls over nine months
���Id, under proper enclosure, as all am*
reals of tbese descriptions, found running
st large-will be dealt with under the pr*.
>visioas ofthe Act referred to.
Coniox, B. C.       W. B. A.npersou,
June 7th, 1896. Gov't Agent. PATRICK
Pnitrlek .7. P. Tynan has been released from jail rt Boulogne-Stir-Mer,
Franco, wberc be was held by tbe authorities pending proceedings tor bis
extradition by tlie British Government.
Ills arrest recently nl tlie request of
tin* latter wits because of bis nlleged
connection witli a dynamite conspiracy, but It was afterwords said thnt
bis extradition would be demanded on
o cbai'ge of being one of the assassins
wbo murdered Lord Frederic Cavendish. Chief Secretary for Ireland, and
bis Tinder Secretary, Mr. Burke, iu
Phoenix  Park, Dublin,  May (1,  1SS2.
Tynan is said to have been "No. 1" of
the baud of Iuviucibles wbo committed tbe crime, and lias often boasted of
his connection with the band. Tynan
is n citizen of the Tluited .States, having been naturalized in New York in
1S.SS. His family resides there, tliough
one son nud daughter are now visiting
in England, The great dynamite sensation has dwindled down to the vanishing point in public Interest, nnd the
British.Government is said to be muoh
chagrined nt lis failure to secure the
leading suspects nnd thus work up a
sensational conspiracy trial.
Inotrncttono lur Hoi tm Newspaporand
Bonk binding nt Home..
Tn renders who may desire to try
their band at home bookbinding or
newspaper binding, us tlie ease may
be, the following directions are recommended!
Good heavy ninnilla paper, or some
kinds of building paper, mnkes neat
nntl serviceable eovers. For a flump
lake t \vo hoiti'dR according to size uf
papers you wish tu bind. Through
ilit-se near each end put a three-eighth
bolt. Provide u good long nwl and
oome heavy twine ur waxed end, with
Iturric-HS needles for sewing Vou will
want gluo, ui*. if yuu have nunc, tlnur
paste will dn.
Place Ibe papers in Ilia chimp nu 1
screw down lightly, Then make holes
with tin* awl and sew witii thread, nut
drawing tuu tight, or tlie bunk will not
open well. Nnw rniunl the back and
glue tm n piece nf muslin with head
bands ill either end. if desired, anl
leave until perfectly dry. In rounding
tlie bach ynu may hnvo lu use a heavy
hammer, pounding until yuu get tbe
desired curve. Make tlie covers Iiy cutting tlie sides, nf muillllfl paper, slightly
larger limn ihe volume, nnd thon glnu
dry. When your cover is finished, fust-
en Into the book b.v tlie flaps of muslin
Which are left nf tlie piece which
you paste on the back, when it is rounded Inio shape nfter sewing. You can
cover your boards with anything desired.
An Egyptian Wedding Party.
Tbe distant throbbing of the nag*
gni'iih tolls ynu Unit a wedding procession is making Its tour, and you curiously await the passing of the closed
carriage covered all over with
a big cashmere shawl. held
down llnnly nt the sides
by brothel's and other relations of the
imprisoned bride; then come more carriages nnd a general crowd of sympathizers. More rarely the bride is borne
In  n   ciishiiiei'e-cnvei'ed   litter   swung
etanchest of War Vessele Mny Be Bunk
by tile Holland Boat.
Think of n fierce naval battle going
on fifty feet below the surface, while
up above tlie waters dash and sparkle
iu tbe sunlight and the sails of peaceful
merchant ships and the wings of sen-
gulls skim tlie waves. It ls more won-
derful Ihan Tennyson's vlston of "Tbe
nation's airy navies grappling in tlio
central blue," yet people now alive may
see it. A submarine boat for the United States navy is almost ready for
launching nt Baltimore, nnd If it Is a
success, as all ttie naval experts believe
it will be, other limits of a like character will lie built. Other nations will follow suit and tben In ense of war submarine battle between submarine boats
darting and circling around nnd over
nnd under each other like fighting sen
monsters becomes a thing ns much a
matter uf course as tlie lighting of two
hostile fleets ull fhe surface of lhe
waves wheu tliey approach each other.
Primarily, of course, the submarine
boat Is to be used to firo torpedoes
against tbe bottoms of hostile men ot
war, and not to meet vessels of Its own
Naval officers are confronted b.v a
new nnd untried part of tlielr profession, wliich tliey must lenrn. In the
Holland submarine boat thc problem
of building a boat which will dive below the water, fire a torpedo at n ship's
bottom and rise safely to the surface
again seems to have been solved. Mr.
Holland has made more than fifty "submersions" In the course of bis experiments and is confident tliat bis boat
will navigate under water all right anl
eome to tbe surface again when required.
The trouble with submnrlnc bonts
heretofore bus been that while tbey
went down all right they refused ti
come np again. Tliere are three wny
In whicli the boat may lie made to go
below the surface of the water. One
is hy opening certain funks so that tlie.v
will fill with water the boat settles
down; another is by means of "down
haul" '.'.crews operated by electricity at
tlie bow nud stern, and the third is by
tlie aetlou of two driving rudders nt the
stern. Tliese rudders are used in tlie
same way us a duck uses her feet when
she throws them out behind her and
dives. When the boat is going along
on the surface or partially submerged
steam will be used fur her propulsiuu,
but when she is submerged electricity
from sturnge batteries will tie the motive power. Tbe coming up process Is
a reversal of the going down In the application of the bunt's appliances. It
is asserted by Mr. Holland, nud believed by tbe Government exports wlio
have examined the new lwnt, flint it
can go nt least forty miles under water
at n speed of eight knots an hour without coming to the surface.
Remaining stationary, the boat Is supposed to be able In stay under water
for several days. At such times a float
with a hose attached so that the end
will be above the waves will lie sent
to the surface and fresh air obtained
to be stored In tanks under pressure
and let out ns needed.
Provided everything works as Is expected there Is still a serious problem
to fnce���the navigation of the boat under water.   It lias been found imprnc*
IJride Commento on  the  Lonely Lot
of tho Judge.
"Bring In Nora Ueeves nnd Bill
Drake," said Judge Berry of fhe Second
division of the city court, and a loox
of solemnity settled upon the fnce of
the young judicial officer ns he prepared to perform bis first marriage ceremony.
"Your honor," said Mr. D. R. Keith,
one of the lawyers present, "1 think
this occasion should be made ns brilliant as possible, nnd I hope your honor
will appoint the attendants."
"You nre right. Mr. Keith," replied
the judge, "und I think It would be
nothing but proper for the sheriff to
act as bent man and for the clerk an 1
Mr. Walker to net as attendants."
These preliminary arrangements having been completed, the .door wns opened and Bill Drake, a simple-looking
uegro, who wore drnb-colored pants
and a faded jacket of blue mueh too
short for hlin, came snickering Into Ihe
room, followed by Nora Reeves, n great
mountain of black flesh thnt loomed
formidably above tbe Uttle negro In
front of her.
"Have you ever been married?" asked
the judge, turning to tbe man.
"Yesser, I wuz married oue time,"
replied tbe negro.
"Well, Where's your wife?"
"She wuz dnld, jedge, de las' time I
heercd turn her."
"And you haven't beard from ber
"No, eah; nnlr wurd."
"Have you ever been married, Nora?"
naked the judge, turning to the womnn.
She snickered, shook ber bend and
laughed to heraelf.
"Nora, take tbe arm of Bill," said the
"Oh, g'way, Jedge; 1 doan wnn'ter
tek de arm er dat ole ulgger," said llie
womnn. There was much lnugbter at
tills throughout tbe court room, but
Judge Berry repented his command:
"Tnke the nrm of Bill."
"Have you got a license, Bill?" nsked
the Judge, and Bill, from the Inside
pocket of bis vest, pulled out n license.
"Bill," said Judge Berry, iu his most
ministerial tone, "do you recoguize the
wise dictates of Providence that It is
not good for man to live nlone, and also
that It is thc duty of man to multiply
and replenish the earth?"
"Yasser, Jedge," snid Bill, fervently,
"Do you?" conllimed the Judge, "tnke
tills womnn to be your lawfully wedded
wife, to protect and cherish, to care for
her lu sickness and in health uutil
deatli you doth part?"
"Yasser, Jedge."
"Nora," said the judge, turning to tbe
woman, "do you agree to take this man
to be your lawfully wedded husband
for better or for "worse, to eare for hlui
In sickness aud In health, to love, honor
and obey until dentil you doth part?"
"I now pronounce you man nnd wife,"
Bald the judge, and some Irreverent by-
Btander said, In a low tone of voice:
"And mny tbo Lord have mercy ofl
your souls."
The woman puckered up her month
nnd poohed ns she went out, nnd reaching the door, snid: "I dunnn why In de
nnmer goodness dnt Jedge doan' Ink
an git married hlssef, das wat I dunuo,
en' him a tnlkln' 'bout dc wise dictates
er Providence."���Atlanta Journal.
Why Ren-Wnter In Limpid.
Another result of these experiments
Is an explanation of the limpidity of
sen-water, and of Ihc fact that the mud
brought down by great rivers Is deposited close to their mouths. The salts
contained in the sea-water cause tho
flue particles of clay to coagulate Into
larger grains, which sink to the bot*
torn.   Tims the saltncss nf the sen Is
I directly a cause nf its bltieness, since
: the latter depends upon the elenrnesa
' of the water.   Lime has a similar effect,
j nnd Inkes which contain no suit nro
1 often as limpid and blue as the sen.
How tlie Ground Breathes.
French experimenters   have    lately
brought out interesting facts nbonf tbo
circulation nf nir in tbe soil,    lt appears that considerable oxygen ls ab-
| sorlied by the roots of plants, nnd the
J supply of this oxygen  is maintained
by air penetrating through the minute
I Interstices nf   tile   soil.     When    tho
j ground Is covered with water, or when
| the molecules, or grains, of soil aro die*
��� solved in water and packed into an 1m-
* permeable mass, then air cannot cir-
' culntc below file surface, nnd vegeta-
| tion suffers.   The experiments referred
��� to show Hint lime ur salt lu tho soil
' solidify tlie earthy molecules nnd pre-
: vent their licing dissolved and pneked
; by the action of water; hence the Im-
: portance of lime in keeping the ground
, open nnd permeable for lhe circulation
of bolb air and rain-water.
Objected tn  Kulu-Miiktiiir.
]     Mnst men of science treat with scorn
the attempts to Induce showers by ar-
tilleial  means.    They  do  not  believe
that it is possible tu draw rain from
heaven b.v exploding dynamite in tho
upper air.   Tliey may lie wrong, for In
these days nothing can be declared Im*
possible; but thus far experience says
they are right,   lu Smith Africa there
is  another objection  to  rnin-mnking.
! The very strict religionists nf the South
: African republic deem nil such efforts
j Impious.   After a full discussion by a
| comiiiitlee to consider certain memorials against  rain-making experiments,
a resolution was passed Instructing tbe
government in draft n law forbidding
them.   The chairman uf the committee
: declared that It was a monstrous thing,
| n defiance of the Almighty, to shoot In-
I to the clouds, and that it should be
1 aiade a criminal offense.
together with a piece of muslin or
cloth large enough to allow for the back
width of the book, and to lap well over
tbo edges of the covers. Now cover
the back of the book with glue, put on
your cover and place In clamp until
Hlrsch's Hoodoo,
Baron lllrsch, shortly before his
death, sold his very beautiful estate
at St. Jean, beeuuse It was too damp to
be healthy. He purchased another
through an neent nud started to erect
a magnificent chnteau upon It. After
be had expended nbout ��35,000 on the
new property, which he Intended to endow as a children's hospital after hie
death, he was Informed that It wos eveu
damper than St. Jean. He went In person to see, nnd finding the report true,
and thnt the property was of no use
whatever for bis benevolent purpose,
added to tbe thought that he had been
swindled, caused bim to fly Iuto a violent rage, which was thc direct cause
of his doatb.
between two camols, fore and aft; tlie
hind camel mils! tuck his iieail under
the inter, and is probably quito uli nit*
comfortablo us Ihc bride, who runs n
fair chance uf seasickness In her rolling palanquin. In the nld days the
bride walked through Hie streets under
a canopy carried by her friends, but
Ibis Is now (|iillc out of fashion, and
Fiiropean carriages are rapidly ousting
even the camel litters. But the cashmere shawl and Hie veil will not snou
be abandoned. Tho Egyptian woman
is, nt least in public, generally modest.
She detects n stranger's glance with
magical rapidity, even avhen to all appearance looking the other way, and
forthwith the veil ls pulled closer over
ber mouth and nose. Wben she meets
you face to face she does not drop her
big eyes In tbe absurd fashion of Western modesty; she calmly turns them
nway from you; It Is much more cutting���really.
A -woman's Idea of being good at
argument Is to be able to out talk her
Ilcnlile to steer b.v compass under water, yet tiie commander of the bunt
must know at all times In Just what
direction he Is beading. He must also
learn to estimate accurately his doptl
to know when in go up and when lu go
down, and lie able io Judge accurately
nf his distance frum a hnstlle itinn-of-
wur when be lets go of Ills torpedo at
her bottom. All this will require long
study, experiment nnd experience by
men of calm, cool nerve and unflinching courage. The Holland bunt Is a
small affair, only 80 feet long nnd 11
feet In diameter. Her displacement Is
only 138 tons. She cau stand tbe pressure at a depth of seventy feet theoretically, but is not expected often to
dive deeper than forty-five feet.
"Pnt, what hns become of the potatoes I told you to plant?" "Ol got rid
of 'em, sor. The petayty-bugs was
threatened, an' OI tuk 'em up so's whin
they got here they'd pash on. Whin
they've pushed on, OI'll plant 'em agin.
Th' only waa to keep off tblm petayty-
bugs, sor, Is to fool 'em."���Bazar.
Bome ficlnslve Drinks. **"
Knglish temperance drinks have i
large proportion nf alcohol, according
to recent testimony before the llqtioi
commission. Of 088 snuiples of herli
beerexamlnedlu 1804 by the inland rev
enuo department 318 contained mon
than 2 per eeut. of proof spirit and 181
more thnn 8 per cont. Parsnip bee,
wns found to contain over 13 per cent.,
which Is much stronger than ordinal*}
beer. 'Teetotal sherry," containing in*
grape Juice, but compounded of sugui
and bisulphide or lime, Is declared "
bo a "most objectionable drink." '
startling expert declaration was thn
old whisky, though more grateful I
the taste. Is no moro wholesome thai
mux-���Baston .ilernld..
Nineteen Yenrs.
Mr. II. C. Russell, a scientific mnn
nf Ncw South Wales, announces ns n
result of a prolonged examination of
history from the earliest times thnt
seasons of drought recur with unfailing regularity at Intervals of nineteen
years. Of two hundred and eight
droughts recorded since the year 000,
all but fifteen conform to his theory,
whicli Is that there are every nineteen
years one lung period of three years
during which the rainfall Is somewhat
deficient, and a shorter period between
each of the long periods when the deficiency is excessive. lie even flndB a
confirmation of the Biblo chronology
In the fact that the dales of the Egyptian drought In Joseph's time, the
drought during King David's reign,
that foretold by Elijah, and that predicted Iiy Elislin. all fall Into the nineteen-year period.
Wanted I'
Your tea trade from now
Schilling's Best wants it
���your money back if you
don't like it
A,Sclii!lin-;& Company
Sou t rauciico
A Fleh Aido t-'clcncei.
Tliere appears to lie no limit to scientific curiosity, especially In (iermnny.
Recently Heir Ilcgnnrd at I-elpsle,
wishing to ascertain whether fish are
warmer thnn the water they livo In,
stuck a needle connected with a thermo-electric circuit Into a living llBh ln
nn aquarium. The needle formed ono
element of the circuit, while the other
element was Immersed In the sumo
water that contained the fish. The
latter was not seriously injured by the
needle, and quickly I ame Indifferent
tn il. Then, ns Ilic lish swam about,
carrying the needle, the ingenious savant closed the circuit and kept watch
of lhe galvaiiumelei'. II showed no do-
flcctlnn whatever, frum whicli be concluded lhat the lish and Ibe water wero
precisely equal in temperature, for hud
either beon warmer than tlie oilier a
current would have been generated In
the circuit.
lCnsily Explained.
"Snm, how Is It that here we have two
legs, presumably off the same chicken,
and yet one Is about 1U0 per cent
tougher than the other?"
Sam���Always the case with chicken;
onc leg has 100 per cent more work to
do dan de Oder and de lu'isclcs consequently git tougter.
"Why, I never beard of that. Which
one ls lt?"
Sam���De one de chicken sleeps on,
sah.���Harper's Magazine.
A man In polities will He as surely,
as a man wbo hunts or Ashes
__ Naturalized at .Ninety.
Ned Rlordan, tM) years of age, was
granted his first naturalization papers
by United States Comniissioiier Xn-
chols at Kansas Ulty. Rlordan has
lived lu this couutry seventy years,
having eome from Ireland when 20
years old. In the civil war he served iu
the Seventh Missouri Volunteers under
Col. John b\ Phillips, uow United
States district judge. He is over six
feet tall aud is remarkably well preserved for one of his advanced age. At
present he ls living at the' soldiers'
home In Leavenworth.
When president or the court of ap-
peal, Lord Esher, who used to keep up
a running nre of "chaff" on learned
counsel, sometimes got a Rol.iml for
his Oliver���as when a young barrister,
In tbe course of argument, stated that
no reasonable person could doubt one
particular proposition. "But I doubt
It very much," said the Judge, The
youthful advocate, not one whit abashed, replied: "1 said no reasonable person, my lord." The Master of the Rolls
could only gasp:   "Proceed, sir, pre
A BnddlnK Punatcr.
Three-year-old on Staten Island boat
���What 'at big stone house, mamma?
'That's a fort, dear."
"What 'ose black lings on top?"
"Mamma, what is they cannln' In 'at
house?"���New York Herald.
Brown���Does your wife ever threaten
to go home to her mother/ Jones���No,
that's the worst of Itl Her mother
boards with us.���Puck.     ^
To bring tli cm about, and are always more
complete mid lasting when tliey proceed witli
Heady regularity to a consummation, Few ol
the otwervant among us can have failed to
notice that permanently healthful changea In
ttie human synteni are not wrought by abrupt
and violent means, and that those are llu-
moHiMalutary medicines which are progressive,
HoKtetter's Stomach Hitters In the chief of tliese.
Dyspepsia, a disease of obstinate character, is
obi lief atod by it.	
The British admiralty is about to take
���p tlie work of training carrier pigeons foi
���utiveying messages) at seu.
BpecUl   Offer   to   Oeneral  Stores.    Dry
Uoodi Stores, Dealers tn Notlous.
We wish to establish in every towu on
ihe Coast an exclusive agency for tho A*
M. W. Watbr-Pboof Drkss Paoiku ani
Binding, Hest Heller on market. Foi
terms, samples and particular.**, address ul
onoe Pacific ('oast Agency Wbiieb Manu*
factiikino Co., 810 Market street, rooms 2!
and 21, San Francisco, Cul.
H ANIW-P'THll kinds Of Work riinjUlu'il frit' oi<
4ii��rt iintiri'. AildrenH Htgley's Kiiijtloyiiioiit Of
floe, Ht Third Btreet, Portland, Oregon.
The total population of the earth is esti-
aisted at about 1,'->U0,U00 souls, of whom
86,214,000 die annually���un average ol 98,-
848 a duy.	
I believe Piso's Cure Is the only medicine Unit will cure consumption,���Anns
W, Ross, Williumsjtort, Pa., Nov. 12, 'Oft.
HOW'ri   THIS?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Howard for any
case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by Hall's
Catsrrli Cure.
F. J. OHKNEY it CO., Toledo, 0.
We, the underslRued. have known k. J.
Chenev (or the last 15 yenrs. aud IH eve him
perfectly honorable in nil business trunsiiaMniif
tnd li n uncial ly able to carry out any obligation;
made by tlu-lr Arm.
Wkst ATau-tx,
Wholesale DrusrplsK. Toledo. O
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, (>.
Hall's Catarrh Cure U taken internally. aetlns
directly upon the blood ami mucous tmrliioen ol
the system.   TcNtimoiiiaU sent free.   Price 76e.
per bottle,   tiold Iiy all druggists.
Hall'* Family Pills are lhe best.
Is a blood disease and only a blood remedy can cure it. So many people make
the mistake of taking remedies which
at best are only tonics aud cannot possibly reach their trouble. Mr. Asa Smith,
Greene aslle, Indiana, says: "For years
I have suffered witb Sciatic Rheuma*
tism, which the best physicians were unable to relieve. I took many patent
medicines but they did not seem to
reach my trouble. I gradually grew
worse until 1 was unable to take my food
or handle myself in
any way; I was absolutely helpless. Three
bolLles of S.S.S. relieved me so that I
hwiis soon able to move
my right arm; be/ore
long I could wull;
across the room, and
when I had finished one dn/.tn bottles
was cured completely and am us well ai
ever.   I now weigh 170."
A Real Blood Remedy.
S.S.S. cures Scrofula, Cancer, Eczema,
tnd any form of blood troubles. If you
have a blood disease, take a blood medicine���S.S.S. fgutttanleedpurely vegeta-
table) is exclusively for the blood and
is recommended for nothing else. It
forces out the poison matter permanently. We will
send to anyone
our valuable
books. Address
Swift Specific
Co., Atlanta,
'"Just Don't Peel Well,"
���rs the On. Thins to UBS.
Only One for a Dote.
Sold bj Pninlau .t 25c. a box
Bamplea mailed free,    Addreaa
Dr. taunko Med, Co. mis. !�����.
One of the Kew Kcniuitiine Unchanged
from Pioneer lluya.
The old Mission Church on Macklnne
Island is one of the few Protestant
temples tlmt have come down to the
present time iinciinnirt'd from pioneer
days. It was built in 1*329 when the
Inhabitants of the Island were fishermen. It fronts ou the main street and
looks across the narrow road just as II
did when lu builders put the finishing
touches to its roof. Before the mission
are clustered several cottages with Ion
eaves. These were built In the old
days, too, and served as homes for the
hardy fellows who caught lish in the
lake. Two great elms half hide the
view of the bulldlug from the shore.
The edition was uut up under the direction of Kev. Dr. Kerry, whoso son hni
since risen to eminence as a United
States Senator. It was built Ilrm and
strong. In spite of tlie fuel tliat almost seventy iiortliern winters have
beaten upon it, llie old Umbers are ns
stanch us when they were put together,
und the tin on tlie tower shines us lustrously as the day It was smelted.
Aloug lu the '80s, when the fur company dissolved, Mackinac lost Its character as a field for mlssiilu work, and
the building aud the grounds ulxnii it
wore sold. The old church pnsBed
through a somewhat precarious exist-
eiii'e until some of the cottagers aud
islanders bought It. Now every Sua*
duy morning services are Held iu lt,
and the pews are tilled with fashlono*
biy attired women and modern men.
Thc Unique Machine That vela, on Kx*
litbltlon at u Paria Show.
A bicycle fire engine was recently
ixhlblted at a Paris cycle show. The
machine lias the appearance of two tan-;
dem wheels coupled with a single
steering post. Hanging between the!
two bicycle frames are the hose reel
and a rotary pump. The whole outtir
weighs loss than 140 pounds, and foul
experienced wheelmen can push this
along faster than any other lire engine
ever weut.
The foot power of the four men pro-
pels the machine to tlie scene of action,
and when ouce there the same powei
rilMI'INII 4,1.01 (1 AM.ONS AM   HOUII.
rumps the water. After the arrival
at the scene each mail Is assigned to
some part of tlie duty of makiug the
change. Oue raises tlie back of the machine on a leg, allowing the rear wheels
to revolve freely. He also throws the
pump Iuto working order, und tlie otli*
irs have unreeled the hose and made
lhe coupling connections. Then jump
lug Into the saddles again llie energies
ol the men ore directed to pumping.
Aliout 4,!.IK) gallons of wn I it per hour!
(an be thrown between 7.*i unit ioo feet
in llie air.
The rapidity with which this   machine can lie propound in a lire uud
ill!'.  llll'Vrl.U KI UK  K.NOINK.
also with which It can be put Into ac*
'Ion are Its two groat advantages. Iu
two or three minutes after its arrival
ull tho necessary changes can be made
and the machine ls putting a stream
over the poof.
A Picturesque   F|'j,,r<*   in  American
Public Life.
When Hale took his seat In the Senate he was the unly member of that
body who detii'd the discipline of both
the old parties, and dared assert his
absolute political Independence. Ile
stood alone until 18-tl). when lie was
joined by Chase and Seward, wlio were
re-enforced in 1S51 by Sumner. There
was something dramatic in his .solitary
appearance Iu the Senate as an avowed
anti-slavery man. That body theu contained more able and eminent men
Ihan it had hud for more than n genera*
uou, and It was completely under the
nomination of the slave Interest Tliat
interest dictated the policy of the Government at home and abroad, as It had
done from Its beginning, and made aud
unmade politicians. Hale knew thai
liis single-handed warfare against II
would Invite ridicule, sneers, Insult."
and threats, He knew Unit be niusl
face the scorn and contempt of the
South and the chilling neglect of the
North. But lie bravely stood lu tlie
lireuch. He took uo counsel of lill
fears, and would nut lie bullied Into
silence. When lie was denied a place
en Senatorial committees on the pretext that he "did not belong ton health}
political organization" he ridiculed thi
proceeding and made It tell In Ids favor.
One of the finest exhibitions of his
courage was given soon after he took
his seat lu the Senate, when ho cast
��� he only vote against a resolution
tl.anklng Generals Scott aud Taylor foi
their victories in Mexico. This vote
was sure to be misunderstood and nils
represented, aud all parties regarded il
as suicidal; but lt was sufficient foi
him to kuow that no other honest and
consistent course was possible for those
who bad condemned tlie Mexican aval
In all Its stages. Ho would uot belie
bis convictions to avoid any personal
consequences of his act; nnd when h(
pleaded the high authority of Chatham,
Burke and Pox, who refused to vote
thanks to the commanders of the Brit
ish army for tlielr services In America
in our revolutionary struggle���a strictly nnalagous case���no Senator successfully answered him.
Mr. Hale's humanity was equal to
his courage. While a member of the
House be moved an amendment to thf
naval appropriation bill, abolishing tlie
spirit ration and prohibiting Hoggins
'n the navy. Tbe amendment prevailed,
but failed iu the Senate. This motion
was renewed in the Senate in 184!), and
in 18iiu, ufter an Impassioned appeal
by Mr. Hale, Hogging was abolished
but the spirit ration continued until
!SIH. He wns Justly proud of those
achievements, and they are appropriately commemorated on the pedestal
ol the statue recently erected lu till
State bouse yard at Concord.
As an anti-slavery leader. Hale foi
lowed his own methods of warfare
While Seward, Sumner and Chase wen
forging their anti-slavery thunderbolts
and tiring them at the enemy at Ions
range through the press uf the North
em States. Mr. Hale was using hii
I'ghter artillery on the skirmish line
iiud in well-executed tlank movements.
In 18.au he was prompted by the presence of a pro-slavery mob in Washing-
Ion to introduce u resolution for the reimbursement of persons whose property sliould be destroyed by riotous ns-
fcouiblages. Poote of Mississippi denounced this resolution as intended to
protect "negro-stealing." Addressing
Mr. Hale, he said: "I invite III ill tn visit
tne good State of Mississippi, In which
1 have the honor to reside, and will tell
him beforehand lu all honesty that lie
could not go teu miles Into the Interior
before he would grace one of the tallest
trees of the forest avith a rope around
Ins neck, with the approbation of every
virtuous and patriotic citizen; and that,
if necessary, I should myself assist lu
the operation."
Mr. Hale answered: "The Senator Invites me to visit the State of Mississippi, and kindly Informs me lhat lie
would be one of those who would act
lhe assassin and put an end tn my
career, ��� ��� ��� Well, In return for Ids
hospitable Invitation, I can only express the desire thut lie sliould pone-
'into Into one of tlie dark cornet's of
New Hampshire; uud if lie do, I am
much mistaken If he would mil lind the
leopleln thnt 'benighted region' would
be very happy to listen to bis arguments ii ii ��� I engage Iii an Intellectual
conflict Willi liim, In which lhe truth
might lie elicited." Tin' popular Instinct
nt ouce labeled the Mississippi SouAtor
as "Hangman Poote," and the oplthot
is slill Instantly i ailed Iiy the mention of ids name.-Century.
���� I BATTLE At
H     PLUC*
ii**- *���*��� *>���>.
Off for a Six Months' Trip.
No matter how much you are
charged for a small piece of other
brands, the chew is no better than
"Battle Ax." For 10 cents you
get almost twice as much as of
other high grade goods.
In H
"I wonder," said the soubrctte,
we will be able to By?"
"We are able to fly right now," said
the pessimistic manager, "but the question Is whether we eau take our baggage along."���Cincinnati Enquirer.
Same Thine*.
"Your daughter says that if she cannot marry me she will marry uo one."
'That's Just what she would do
���hould she marry you," roared the old
gentleman.-Detroit Free Press.
Hhvukc Warfare.
"My voice," said the onc In whoso
heart tho fires of patriotism burned,
"my voice Is for war."
"Aud I suppose that In case of actual
hostilities It would be your voice you
would send," said tho desiccated cynic.
"No. In such a contingency I would
send the voice of my wife."
The other was also married to a musical woman, and his sympathy, though
not outspoken, was expressed by an eloquent glance.���Indianapolis Journal.
"My family," said Miss Antique,
"came over with the Pilgrims ou the
"Did they, really?" explained Hicks.
"How very interesting! And were you
seasick?"���Harper's Bazar.
HMD. A, lUIPI'WlT rays: "I approolitte il"'
feat linu thoro ire thousands ami il smuIsoI
III.* hi*ti- in* tlllilfil **l *- llllll   Ul.lll'l   llki<
lo try iny World Itonnwnod MACK HUtACIIi
inn hnvo boon k.ti.i trom doings iccounl ol
the nrlru, which Is I** lior i,..til,*. ..r .1 Ixutlos
tnkon togotlior 1*1. In order thnl all ut thoso
[imv inivi* mi opportunity, I will innil froo *,
sample bottlo, snToly iiackoil, plnln wrapi "��
rocolpi "fs" s. MiKi'U I*..-, 1.11111*11--, moth,
sallownass, black bonds, sono, solemn, oilinoss
or roughnoss. nr any discoloration or diseasa of
the skin, and wrinkles (not onusod by facial
expression,) MACE BLEACH removes absoluto*
ly. It does not oover up, as oosmotloi d", but
It is n oure.
Senil for my bonk "How lobe Beautiful," free
on application, Addross nil communications
or cull on
Room 6, Golden Rulo Building, Portland) Or
I lob IP I .iD'l Hlin-i, Bindingof Proa ud I Oi Piles [MMM emee to
pR.BO-SAN-KO-S PILE RfMfOf. -.���*������*���*
Un.   Dmuliu or mtll.      DH. HONANKO, Phil*.. Pfc
Muke money bv ���suctvci-fu] ��perulHUoii ta
Chicago. We buy mid uell Mlit-nt tlieru on mar
fClna. h'onm es hnvc been tnti'lu on n kma.lt ha
ginning by iruduigln futurex. Write for full
iiftrtlciiUrs. Best of reference given. rt*>veral
veil**��� experience on the Chleago Board ol
Trade, and a (borough knowledge of the bull*
nchfi. Downing. ]lo.<khi�� & Co.. chfcn.-o Board
of Trado Brokers. Offices hi Portland Oregon
and .Spokane Waah*
lllll Cfl rOtr  ,0 *"? iddrem, our	
ITlAILLU Mitt  Special I'rlta Mil ot
ThU circular li* lulled lor tho benefit 0( nu
country ciiiiomerH wjiociuiiiui avail UlOUMlTN
oi our pally Sim-HhI Halex,   Hend on yonr ad*
ilicu.    Ymi will (Ind 1'f'ili i'mi.imini 1 ,rl"t���������* right
WIIL ,\t KINCK 00.,
818-820 Market street Ban FrancliCo, Cal,
iitsi in the W0K1.U.  unEnvE
lu wi-srliiK i|iiHMtli'HHrL*iiiisiir|>as��cd,si)tusll7
oittloMhiK' two i.Mx.s ol any nllier brand. Htm
Irom Animal (Mis.   (IKT TUB (KM I NIC.
and Dealers generntly.
���   ���
��� ���
Merchants   in   Gordon   and   Peerlcst
Presses, Cylinder Presses, Paper
Cutters, Motors of all kinds,
Folders, Printing Material.
nTpTnTuTno. 673,-e. r. n. u. nc 7�� G. A. McBain & Co.,   Real Estate   Brokers, Nanaimo, B.C.
Mr. D. C. McKenzie ia in town.
���oya School Books 7 jet it Leiser's
Harry Hamberger is on a business
trip to Victoria.
Mew toys at Stevenaon nnd Cos. retiring
Irom business aale.
Brio Duncan's new volume of poems for
aale at T. D. McLjau'a.
Mr. M. McArdle of the Bay has none to
Viotoria and Vaooouvcr on a business trip.
Ontario apples at McPnec and Moore's.
Seventeen different artists will take part
la kha minstrel trotipe poifonnance.
Way down prioes at Holmes' Old Staud.
Dr. McKechnie icturncd to Nanaimo
���n the steamer Maude Friday, having
visited Union professionally.
The masons will give a banquet in a
ft* weeks at Union. It will doubtless
be i brilliant affair.
Kaoaived at Willards, a fine line of bug.
gj wnips, raagingor from 15 to 26 oenta.
Maw Jackets aud water proofs for ladies
al Stovanaon and company's.
Mrs. Jeffs has returned from Vancouver, pnd the doctor wears a smiling cour.
teauici again.
The society of Christian Endeavor,
held a social at the Presbyterian Church
an Friday evening.
Grand display of Xmas goods
at the Ukion Stork.
Mr. O'Dell, wife and family, left Comoi
on Thursday's steamer for Nauaimo, where
they witl reside.
Retiring from business sale starts Monday, Decembor*7ch, at Stevenson aud Cos.
There will be a spooial meeting of the \V.
0. T. U. on PnTlay 4(te*huoii, at three
o'olook, in tiie school room ,,i r.iie Me oimt
Praaen Qeese*juid .Turkeys ai MeVn.e-
and Moure's tor Xuius tu arrive on Llm 23ru,
plaoe yonr orders early.
Mr. 0. Kilpatrick is having a MoLtrey
toraaoa put in his resideuoe by It. H An-
Ratirin^ from basiuess sale, bargain, in
���Tarjthing at Stevenaon aud Cos., Union
Mrs. H. C. Lucas ol tho Comox bakery,
kaa bean given a beautiful present by .lie
stewards uf H. M. S. Imperieu-e fur her
kiadnais to them duriug tlio.i* etay m Comox.
Fiat lot of blankets at Helmea' Old Stand
With ovary dollar's purchase, you get a
gaaas at tha pumpkin, the lucky one gets
fSI.OO worth of goods at Stevenson aud Col.
Wt are happy to learn that the children
���I U. 3. Consul, Geo. Clinton, Kiq. who
kavt been seriously ill, aire rapidly recovering, nader the treatment of Dr. l.i-vieuce.
Fanoy (Unaware, with a photo' of the
town of Uuion, -are selling very fait at Hie*
venaon and Coa.
Messrs. , R.   Grant of    Union    and
Mr. aad Mrs. Nixon of D-jnman Island, left
to-day (Tuesday) on a shooting trip to
Campbell River, for a few days.
Retiring from business salo, bargains in
ity goods, clothing, men's furnishings,
millinery and mantles, at Stevenson and Co.
Mr. H, C. Luoas the baker at Comox, has
bdta noted for some time for ^turning out
good bread, but the doughnuts roceived
prove hia skill is not contiaed to broad mak*.
Fresh Eastern Oysters at the
Union Store.
Mn. Geo. G. Maedonald and Misa Mag.
fie Macdonald of the Elk Hotel, Comox,
kave gone to Viotoria to bo preaent at tho
marriage of Miss Rlla Macdonald, which
takes plane this week.
Wool pillows   Ji.oq per pair;    double
ktd spring mattresses $4.00  each, and
snail   heaters   with pipe, each $3.00  at
.   Mrs. Lindsays.
Lashes, have yon aten those tins shoea in
1, faras' window!
Cartney, who brought the body tn Coniox.
An inquest was held Thursday by Coronet
Abrams. The Verdict was that sh. cun e
to her death at the hantU uf some out *ui-
known. The Coroner under the circumstances ordeied Maodonald under arrest,
and Friday he had a bearing we understand
before Mr. McKenz-.e and Mundell, J. Ps.
Mrs. Mcdonald was a oripple, and a very
large woman, weighing probably 300 ibs.
Both she aud her husbsnd were natives ot
the forest.
Note���Macdonald was discharged by the
Union   Shipping.
Dk. 1st.���The Tepio took 410 tana of
ooal for the C. P. H., Vaneouver.
Due. 1st���The Ca-jilano l.ft with 93 tons
of ooal for the New Kuglaud Fish Co., Vancouver.
lira. 3rd.���Tho Minneola left with 3230
tons of ooal for the Southern Pacific at San
Dw. 4th.���Hops and soow took 190 tons
of oaal to Viotoria for the Railway Co
Dm-. 4th.���The Maude took 143 Cans of
ooal for the C.P.N  Ca, at Viotoria.
Dru. Oth.���The Topic left with 410 tons
of coal for tho C P.R, at Vancouver.
Die. 6;h.���Tlio Coquitlam loft with 120
tous of coal for tlie Ne*v Kngland Fish Co.
at Vancouver.
The Minneola will be due noxt Manday.
Death by a Rifle.
Mary Anna Maodonald, wife of John
Maedonald of Deep Bay, waa shot and instantly killed on Tuesday of last weok,
Tbey were living in an unpretentious homo
M the beaoh. Mr. Maodonaid's ride was
left standing in the co/ner, muzzle down.
Ho Want out to chop somo wood, and soon
keariag, (sa he sayu) the roport ot a rifle
within tho house, hurried insido to liad her
lying across tbe bed dead. The ride had fal
Its over aad the ball���a 44, had entered at
tke right shoulder and passed olear through
to tbt ltft shoulder, where it was, flattened
againat the oollar bone. Mr. Maodonald
reported tbe shooting at onoe to two white
���tea who oame in and found the body still
warm.   Tbe; then went for Officer   Me.
Cesstokd.���At Union, Nav.S.ath, to Mr.
anl Mrs. Robert Cesuford, a daughter.
Jonks ���At Uoion, Dec. 2nd, the wi'e
of Mr. Dan .lone-*, of a son.
MoKtsxos,���At Uaion Deo. 3rd-, the
wife of Mr. A'ex. McKinnon, of a son.
*-i��S23Seg oesS aggSeS^SS " *
Retiring   from   Business.
Owing to our increasing trade, we are enlarging and extending
our business in Nanaimo so as to close out
the Union Branch.
Everything mnst lie Sold by
January 1st. 1897
Tie Cash Dry Goods
J. F- DOYLE, Manager
Li-diet)' long and abort coats from $1 aud
np at Stevenson aad company's
Mining Shoes at Leiser's for Si a pair
Mount Pleasant    Vancouver b. C.
Goods yoiug otf liko hot uakes, HulnieB1
Old Staud.
Send for Citalfgue before placing your
ordeis for Fall Planting, if you are interested in saaing money for yourself and
getting good stock of first hands.
Most complete stock ol Fruit and
Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, Roses, Etc.,
in the Province.
Thousands of small Fruit Plants and
Vines of leading varieties, suitable for
this Climate.
Thousands of Bulbs now nn the way
here from China, Japan and Holland (ur
the Fall Trade.
Fertilizers, Agricultural Implements,
Spray 1'umps, Etc., best to be had.
No Agents. List tells you all ahom it.
Eastern Prices or Less.
Greenhouse, Nursery and Apikrv
604 Westminster Road.
NOTICE is hereby give that application will be made to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British
Columbia, at ils next session, for an Act
to confirm the incorporation and powers
of the Cumberland and Union Waterworks Companv, Limited Liability, con
finning the said Company in the property, pr.vileges, rights and easements
already acquires! and authorizing the
grant in fee to the Company of such
lands and lands covered with water
as it may hereafter desire to acquire upon
such terms as may seem just, declaring
that the water privileges ami all other
rights privileges and easements now held
by lhe Company or hereafter acquiredby
it may lie held andenjn*ed as appurten*
anl in the whole or nny part ol the Company's property as the Company may
de**iie ar.d to extend the rights and
privilege of the said Company. The
water is to be obtained fiom
Hamilton Creek and its tributaries and
from Hamilton Lake near the Townsite
of Cumberland and from other lakes and
streams within a radius of five miles
from the centre ol the said Townsite of
Dated this 22nd day of October 1896.
207 213 L. P. Eckstein,
Solicitor for the applicants
Espimalt & Nanaimo Ry.
Time  Table  No.   27,
To tako effect at 8 a.m. on Miaday Nov.
Sud. 18%.   Trains run on Pacilic
Standard timo.
I Dally. | Bat'dx
Lv. Vlctorln for Nanaimo and I a. w. { i*. m.
Wellington  |   8.00  I   3.20
ir. Nnnniino  I   11.(0 I   II 38
Ar. Wcllinuton  I   1M0 I   6.S5
7   ml  PS
I Dally. I Nnt'dj*.
l.v, Wel'lngtwi for Victor 11 |   l.2o   I   3.30
l.v. Nanaimo for Victoria. .    I  8 40    i   8.(5
Ar. Victoria  |  12.20 |    1.00
For rult'B anil information apply  at Coin*
pnny's otHccs,
President. Oen'l Supt
(ion. Kn iiihl and Passenger Aat
Subscribe for   THE    NEWS
$2.00 per annum.
Remember tha great sale at Leiser's.
; '
And all the children will want presents, and so will their elde rs.
* How to get them?
and Where to get them?
H From the issue of this circular, anyone purchasing dry goods, boots and shoes,
clothing and gent's furnishings, can obtain a ticket, which, when all the amounts
are punched, is worth One Dollar to the purchaser. Save the tickets, and
bring them to the store, not later than December 24th, when you can get the
value of your tickets in fancy goods and toys.
This is a grand opportunity to obtain your Christmas presents without ad- '|
ditional cost, in fact free of all cost.
All you have to do is���to save your tickets, and bring them to the store, as
stated above.    There is no additional cost, no frame to pay for, and no express
 . .              -          *.*���
Next month we shall show a splendid assortment of fancy goods, both useful
and ornamental; also a display of toys, that will make the children jump for joy,
and long tor the visit of Santa Claus.
Remember, that the Union Department Store, is the only store in the district, where you can obtain an assortment of goods, equal to any city on the
coast, at the lowest prices.
Special Notice;
20 per cent, off all Mens Olothing, Boys' Clothing, Boys' Overcoats, Men's Overcoats
Men's Pants, For one Month only.
Buy Your-Groceries at the Union Store.
Wine, Spirits and tar,--WMesale.       Agents for Victoria PknixBrowery.
Sijnop Leisef
���->  ���


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