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The Weekly News Aug 18, 1896

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Array far**'
NO.    197.   UNION   COMOX   DISTRICT,   B.   C,   TUESDAY   AUGUST   18th,    1896.   $2.00   PER   ANNUM.
Choice fresh and salt meats, headcheese, bolonga, sausages
and vegetables, fruitand eggs
3~---?->T2-Qr   SUPPLIED
We Don't
Blame Credit Grocers
For charging big prices���they
have to. But if you're a cash buyer you don't have to pay it. Do
Save Money  By  Buying
The Ideal Cash Grocery
Ja.~TJD mm
It's an easy thing to quote prices, but we
can do much more than that. All who favor
us with their custom are treated alike.
One price only, of the most reliable brands
of goods at rock bottom prices.
To meet the timeS we are giving splendid
value in teas at 30, 40 and 50 cents per pound.
It's a fact that we have to place orders for
Salada Tea, a month ahead to keep pace with
the ever increasing demand.
WE CAN   ALWAYS! supply you   with the Choicest   Fresh
Butter in one pound squares or two pound rolls.
FRESH tGG6 arrive daily.
Look out tor our next shipment of Fi-tESH FRUIT.
Union and Gamox Bay.
Your Job Printing.
Good Work
Reasonable Prices.
Latest by Wire.
The body of an  unknown man was
found   near   chilliwack   Sunday  night.
He is thought to have been a tramp killed in the recent accident on the C. P. R
The steamer for the C. P, N. Co. arriv
ed at Victoria from England. She is a
steel vessel of 350 tons register, fitted up
with all the latest appliances. The Fees
is to take thc place of the Maude on the
west coast.
The Pacific Mail s, s. St Paul ran on
the racks sear Monteray in a dense fog.
She will prove a total loss.; passengers
and crew saved.
The Chief of Police of Nanaimo has
received a purse which was found by a
young lady. It contained three one cent
stamps and   the   following note:   The
d fool that owned this pocket  book
hvl two years ago $70,000 and last night
had not even enough to buy his supper
or hire a bed. This may be a warning
tn some poor devil that likes the ladies
too well '.
A comparatively large portion of the
northern end of Westminstr City narrowly escaped being burnt by bush fires yes
terday. The efforts of the firemen alone
saved the city.
The salmon run. is still very large and
is surprising everv one, and the business
men on the Mainland ar�� delighted as it
wil result in circulating a larger amount
of money than was anticipated. The can
neries have more fish than they can
Nanaimo, August 15.���Ephraim Ucdg*
son was arrested last night on informa
tion of Macfarlane for the murder of Lou
is Stark, on the 27th of February 1895
Many will remember the finding of Stark's
body by Hodgson at the foot of the high
bluff near Stark's house in Cranberry district. On the 28th of February, Hodgson came into town with the news that
he h id that morning found Stark lying
dead at the foot of the bluff. The police
were notified and accompanied by Hodgson went to thc spot where the body was
lying, where it was found that deceaaed
had a nasty cut over one eye from which
there had been a considerable flow of
blood: also that a leg was broken. On
the night before, it was found that he h.id
called at Hodgson's house and left for his
his own with a lighted lamp after dark.
The road between the two houses runs
close to the bluff where the body was
found. Last night Constable McLean,
having procured a warrant drove out to
the E. and Extension mine where Hodgson was working. There McLean arrest
ed him. He seemed quite to expect it
and expressed no surprise whatever He
said he knew what Detective McFarlane
who had been working up the case for
a time had been around the mine for and
hed been quite exp'C.ing his arrest. The
preliminary hearing look place yesterday
afternoon but was adjourned for eight
The very latest local of social importance
is that a young married lady, who has a
lovely bathing suit, has expressed her determination to have a salt bath, strictly
on the beach; and will order a large bach
tub from Tarbell's, have it filled with salt
water and placed on the beach, so she
can sport the fetching suit, whether the
tide is in or out. It certainly is an original idea, and may be a hint to other fair
The beach is certainly a spot which at
tracts us these warm days. At Royal
Beach and Comox, near Mr. Macdonald's
and Mr. Robb's beautilul place, it must
be delightlul now; but I have heard of no
bath tubs being used at either beach yet-
McPhee & Moore
Flour, Feed, Field and Garden Seeds, Etc., Etc.
Is well stocked with choice fresh and salt
meats, vegetables,  butter, eggs,   poultry and
all kinds of fruits . . .
r��� t^"Goods Delivered Promptly
Of course, a day often develops many
changes; and next week we may find a
row of them, ready lor use when the tide
is out.
The danseuse on my Parisian barnm
eter has changed her dainty pink skirls
lor those of lilac, giving the assurance
that blight weather may be expected ihis
week. As we cannot expect very many
more sunshiny weeks, every bright day
should be appreciated.
* *
Solne people "must pay ten cents a
line,'' in this paper. But, Mr. Merchant,
think of the people who can't, should
they be left in oblivion?
* *
The Union band which is a good one
favored the citizens with a pleasant open
air concert on Saturday evening. Those
concerts are enjoyable, and if the band
would select the Recreation Grounds as a
place for concerts, I am sure the people
would turn nut in large numbers and enjoy the good music. How would this do
f ,r once a week anyway Mr, U?.
�� *
We are su between the seasons now
that there really are no styles we can
safely decide on, if having a new gown
made, and if the mines don't open up
soon, there will be few new gowns to be
designed I fear. Ah, well! we will look
forward to the early lifting of the shadow
that is passing over the sun of our prosperity When the work commences, as it
surely will and the gold which is believed
to be hidden all around about, underneath
our feet, is proved to be ihere, we will
forget in the bright future of Union and
ourselves tliese dull times.
* ��
And now, Nanaimo Mail, it was very
nice to read your flattering notice, but
when you affirm editors are not hard
worked, I think I read between the lines.
No, no; I shall nnt Iry to prove to the
contrary and strive lo excite public admiration for the versatility and patience of
the average editor. I have known a few
and am just a little acquainted with their
tactics, and have found them usually
holding the winning hand, after the
trials I alluded to previously. And have
known of some being called "a devil of
an editor," but never an editor who had
to be his own ''devil.'1
There are some parents in Union who,
to get rid of thc noise and trouble of
their children, let them run the streets
and annoy other people. In fact, on the
the corners of some of the principal
streets here are sometimes ten and fifteen
yelling and fighting. It is not only an
annoyance to olher people, but a bad
habit for the children 10 form, living on
the streets. How mothers can sit at
home contentedly, knowing their little
oner, are all over town, is a puzzle; and
that a few dozen have not been run over
by teams, is a greater puzzle. And tbe
poor little things do get so dirtv in the
dusty roads! A Free Kindergarten is
badly needed, I ask the ladies of Union
to join in establishing one, and assure
them of the earnest help of
In Courtenay Valley.
The population of Courtenay Valley   atill
incrpafes.    During the.Week last pa*>t   '!j-'!*
h.vo located ir. the vallo*     . 11a ol	
experienced, yel not uniltipnrtau    01 izeu-
who have come to atay.   Tbo design is that
thoy grow up with the oountry. In tho
meantime the homos of .Messrs G. Grieves,
S. Pieroy, \V. Duucau aud J. Cowie aro Im-
iog cheered by their respective presence.
A party of intending settlors Irom the
Prairie Province visited Blaok Creek last
week. Thoy are delighted with tho valley
and will probably locate. ���
An assurance has at last heen given that
the U.iper Prairie road it to be improved in the near future.
Ou tho evening of the 13th inst., t very
enjoyable party waa givon at the reaidenee
of Mr. Tnos. Woods of Nigger Bottom, in
honor of Mr. Woods brother and family
who hava just arrived fronm England. A-
bont twentv coaple assembled aad in Terpsi*
chorean aod Epicurean exercise*, wiled away
the pleasant houra of the uight.
Harvest in the Valley is in full blast.
Farmers report a fairly aatisfaotory crop, although, owing to tho severe drought, not
so luxuriant aa might be deaired. Pasture
lands aro suffering from want af rain.
Here we should call attontion to a danger
besotting tho agricultural interosta of thia
locality. We notice small patchea of Canada thistles on several farm*. These weeds
are boing permitted to flourish and scatter
their seeds unreatrained. The experience
of farmera ln other parts ia���tbat thii plant
is the most annoying, moat stubborn and par*
tioaceoua peat wilh which they have to deal.
By prompt and united action, thia aconrge
may ha staid, but should it once obtain a
foot-hold, it ineana to our farmera a heritage of annoyance and toil that agea oannot
A panther of a somowhat predatory dia- .
position and tuving a well developed taate
for mutton chops, haa of late become a frequenter of the valley. Ilia latest viait waa
to the 'arm of Mr. Charles Bridgea, on the
afternoon of Thursday last, whon he carried
off in his embrace a fine ewr. There ia talk
of orkaiiziug aparty < f Nimrodi with a view
to persuading this felino to adopt a more
law abiding style of existence.
Union Shipping.
Aug. 12th,���City of Tnpica left for bit-
ka with 206 tons of coal for the American navy.
Aug. 13th,���The Rapid Transit left for
Port Angelos with 254 tons of coal for
the American navy.
Aug. 14th,���The Rainbow left for Victoria wiih 253 tons of coal.
Tne Quadra left with 214 tons of coal
for the Canadian government.
Aug. 17.���The Danube look 132 tons
for vessel's use.
Aug. 17.���Str. Rapid Transit left for
Port Angeles with 228 tons of coal for
the American navy.
Mortgage Sale.
By virtue of the power of sale in a
certain mortgage! ,'lcrc wl" l>e offered
for sale by public auction, at office of
Yirwood & Voung, at Union, at the
hour of 12 o'clock noon Thursday, Aug
ust 37th 1896 All that parcel of land in
Cumberland, B. C. known as Lot (3)
Three, Block XIV with all building
and erections thereon.
The property to be sold subject to reserve bid.
Further particulars and conditions
will be made known at the time of,
sale, or nn apllinlion to
Agent for the D. B. & L. A
/ 'tMrxvj^
Bram Flays tlie Role of Devout
His Story tou Boston Globe Roijorter-
Denies Hearing of the Divorce Obtained by His Wile   Is Cool aiidGury
ful   Leaves it All to God. He Says.
The followlus   is   extracted   from
the -Bo/stun    Globe's Interview    witli
Bram- tlio supposed murderer of the
three victims  brought tu Halifax ou
tlie Herbert Fuller:
tJp to the time of ids marriage Bram
WOS a teetotaller, buth via tu drlnk-
iay and -smoking. A short time after
taking a wifo he introdiienl a olgail
stand to his restaurant and thia was
viewed by some of Ida frienda us a
blight fall from grace aud au Indication that Ms religion WOS gradually
leaving hini. Wlieu tlie New York despatch) stating bow tlio man had
always heon noted for his lovo of
money, his ambition to become the
owner and commander of Ids shlpi ids
despondency at his failure to save
enough niouey for tills purpose�� and
finally Ins abandonment of his wife
and family for several years, and the
tmbsegucnt divorce proceedings of
Mrs- Bram���were touched upon, bis
dark oyes took on a, new light of interest and Ids tongue was unloosened
iu an Instant.
"It la not so; I never heard of it
before," lie exclaimed, when til's divorce matter was reached.
Then lie calmed down a little ami
admitted that ho had written the
letter to Ills wifo in the exact language as published, imt dented that
he had deserted his wiTe for two or
three years.
" It was only about n year ami a
half," be sml I, and the statement that
I promised her un elegant residence
Is untrue.     I
that I expected to get into trouble
some day, and that I wanted lier iu
that event t,> notify my Masonic
Lodge, and thoy would get mo out of
Just a brief roforoueo to Brnm's
early life was made by tho writer,
and he was nsked tu< explain why he
had called hiniseir a Nova Scotian. Ho
replied that it was because, his mother's people, whose family name was
fiihbs, ami who wero born iu Uppor
Canada, at one timo resided in BrJdgC-
wuter. Nova Scotia. Then followed
the most interesting part of tbe mnn s
reportorial Inquisition* and It must
lie confessed tbat he stood It pretty
The man's demeanor during the recital of his "lite" hail beon one of respectful attention* He had glided forth
from his solitary coll witli the lithe
and active tread of a young panther,
possibly as ho had done on that fatal
night in the dim and peaceful cabin.
There wns no look of defiance, of
dread, of remorse, of anything, In fact
which would connect the patient man
in the cell with that bloody happening in the cabin. His appearance, indeed, was ono of extreme docility, and
oven liis rough and unkempt appearance failed to conceal tlio fact that
the mnn was ono of at loast ordinary
intelligence. That he would commit
murder, and sueh murder as that,
seemed beyond human belief. It was
only when tbe inner spirit was amused
as some topic on which he has a
mania was broached, that tho lurking
devil In tlie mau came out of itd hiding place.
The first exhibition of this came
wheu tho subject of the man's religious convictions was touched upon, iu
the        *
''You have been a religious mun," 1
said, "do you still havo spiritual sentiments ?"   "
"Indeed I do," lie replied eagerly. "I
do not understand why humanity Is
all against mo in tliis unfortunate
mutter. I do not know why tliis mnn
(Brown) sliould try to throw the
blame for this thing upon mo. it looks
black for mo now, I know, but 1 know
thero is nn Almighty God who is looking down upou me, and Ho knows all
aud will take care of mo."
"Then you have carried your trouble to tlie Lord?" I said, and Bram
meekly bowed assent, quoting tlie J!ib-
licnl text which expresses tho enduring qualities of the tabcrnnclos of the
"1 understand then that you still
maintain that it was tho wheelman
Brown, and not yourself, that committed   the   murders V"
"I do, and I cannot understand why
the other man wants to make me
suffer for it."
This w.'us said in a tune devoid of
bitterness or 'resentment, and the
ub ence of Id tense personal feeling
on Pram's part throughout the In-
t3rvt*3W v,a> as ma.ric&j as It bad
been v\ In n be was first placed Under
restraint by the crew.
"But how could Brown get a chnnco
to kill these people without his absence from the wheel boing noticed""
uve easily fixed that
wheel hi position,
boon done often on
Wo hm I boekets all
lu place for that purpose. Id? could
have loft his post for ten minutes
without any danger."
"Assuming tliat you yourself are
tlie guilty man, don't you think it
possible tbat you might havo become
perhaps    from  liquor,    perhaps from
some    other    cause V      -Such     things
sometimes happen, you know?"
"0, no, no. 1 was never crazy in
my  life.     Tlie thing Is impossible."
"Then assuming that it was Brown,
what do you supposo was Ids motive ?"
"I don't know. Perhaps he was
"Ah,  then   you  don't  bollevo    Hint
what might apply in his case might
also apply in yours ?"
"No, sir."
Going back to his own personal his-
"Oh, be could i
by lashing th
Why,  that  b;
that very ship.
tory, Bram said that it was true
I that he was ambitious to succeed iu
life, but that he was not fanatical
on the question. He had at one time
owned ns much as $2,000 and some
property in Brooklyn. Now he was
penniless. He admitted tbat he drank
and was fond ot female society.
Ho had never ho said been of a quarrelsome nature, and had never been
under arrest boforo for any misdemeanor.
" I see you have a scar on your
head," I remarked. " How did you
get that ?"
"I," he replied rather sheepishly.
"I got that about 13 years ago. I
was lM?ating a drum, nnd it annoyed
another, young man and he threw a
brick at me."
Coming down to tbe voyage of the
Fuller once more, Bram waa asked if
it was a fact, as stated, that he
had advised youug Monks not to sail
iu the vessel. Ho udmitted that he
had, but said that lie bad counselled
liim to go by steamer, as it would
save timo.
"Now as to tho trip itself and the
relations of the crew and captain,
wore tliey harmonious?"
" Entirely so; there was no trouble
of any kind. "We all liked the captain
and ids wife. Mrs. Nasii was a pleasant-mannered, but sickly woman. I
don't believe I exchanged a dozen
words with her all the time."
" You admit that you drank
whiskey on the night of tbo murders?"
" Yes, but I only took two glasses.
As I said, most ot us had been drinking some that night."
"Could any oue bnt Brown have
killed the people in the cabin?"
" No, sir I" This with great posltlve-
"Whnt do you think of this man
Brown, personally ?"
The mate shifted his gaze a little,
and nfter some hesitation said: "Well,
I tell you, he is a very peculiar man
���very peculiar."
Not fi muscle moved ; not an eyelash quivered! as the towering West
Indian uttered these deeply insinuating remarks. The man's control of his
emotions, save when the fires of over-
cultivated religious fooling course
through his mind and body, is simply
The Alleged Murderer Was a Member
ofa New York Church.
Thomas M. Brnnn, first mate of the
burquentino Herbert Fuller, who was
taken to Halifax in irons, accused of
the murder of Captain Nash, his wife
and tlie second mate of the ship, lived
in this citv for several years, aud was
captain of a barge In tiie  New   York
Before shipping ou the Herbert
Fuller, Brnnn was for nearly three
years in tlte employ of tlm Manhattan
Lighterage nnd Transportation Com-
pany, in charge of quo of its barges,
the Mystic. The officers of the company sny Braun was honest and faithful while in their employment, and
given to no sort, of vlciousness.
Brnnn and his wife were members of
tin' Franklin Street Methodist Episcopal Chinch, having b"on received there
in 18S0 from the Methodist Church In
East Cambridge, Mass. They lived at
No. GO Jane street, und later at No.
20 Bowery, where all trace of thom t-
lost.���New York Herald.
Lester Hawthorne Monok,
This is tho passenger who was on
board the Herbert Puller nt the time
of the butchery, and who took charge
Of Iter after the murders.
Minute Maggots Revel in tlie Juices
of llieir Bodies.
Prof. Slingulaud, of Cornell University, eaya that the army -worm ls
doomed. The following letter from
the Professor to Albert, Wood, of Carlton, N. rl, tells nil about it:
Tbe army worm is now appearing
in vast numbers in many localities,
and fields of wheat, oats, rye, corn,
timothy and pasture lauds are being
devastated by the hordes of ravenous creatures. .Many of the worms are
now nearly full-grown, noing irom tta
inch to uu ineb and a half in length
aud aliout a quarter of au inch in
ilia meter. Tbey aro naked striped
caterpillars, rather dark iu appearance, and are called army worms because thoy frequently appear In great
numbers, and niter destroying the
vegetation in the field whero the eggs
were laid, they march like au army
to otber fields. Besides eating all the
leaves, tbe worms often cUmb tbe
seed stalk nud cut off the heads ol
timothy and of the small grains. The
Insect occurs throughout Lha United
States east of the Hooky -Mountains,
and is present every year, but it
attracts attention only when It appears iu great numbers. The adult insect is a dull-brown moth, with a
small white -spot ou the ceutro of
each ring. The female moth pushes
her minute white eggs in .���strings ol
irom two to twenty down iuto tlie
inner base of tlio terminal leaf,
sheaths ol grasses or grains. The
eggs are laid must abundantly lu the
thickest tufts of grass which customarily spring up in pastures. They
hatch Iu eight or ten days, and the
young caterpillars feed for a time in
the lold oi the leal, growing rapidly,
and finally eating entire leaves. The
"onus reach full growth ln three or
lour weeks, burrow iuto the ground
and change to brown, apparently lifeless pupae, lu this condition tbey usually remain nbout two weeks, when
thu moth comes forth, leaving pupal
shroud behind. There aro usually two
or three generations of the insect in
the more Northern States.
The winter is usually passed as a
half-grown caterpillar, and It is probably tho offspring of theso over-wintered worms that are now ravaging
our crops.
Tbu insect becomes excessively abundant usually only at Intervals oi
several years. It has been noticed
tliat tliey are more apt to mako au
injurious appearanco in a rainy season or an early summer following a
season of comparatively dry weather.
In seasons of serious outbreak of this
pest it usually appears first in limited areas In meadows or pastures,
If It is discovered.before It has spread
from these places, It can be confined
by surrounding the field with a litoh,
or It may be destroyed by spraying
the grass  with  Paris green.
Ordinarily, however, the worms are
not unserved until after tbey have
begun to march and are widespread.
In such eases It Is customary to protect fields of grain in tlieir path by
surrounding them with ditches with
vertical sides. ft is well to dig
holes like post-holes at Intervals of
a row rods in the bottom of such
ditches. The worms falling into the
ditch are unable to get out. and'crawl
along the bottom and fall into these
deeper holes. U'o have seen these
army worms collected by the bushel
In this way.
In the fields which the caterpillars
have already entered, little eau be
done for their destruction which does
not also involve tbo destruction of
the crop.
It may be practicable, especially In
cornfields, thoroughly to spray the
plants with a strong mixture of Paris
green, it might in many cases lie well
also to spray a narrow strip of the
corn towards whicli the worms ure
advancing, so that the worms which
might scale tho ditch would be
Prompt and thorough work will be
necessary to check these caterpillar
armies, for it often bikes an acre
or more of corn or other crops to
satisfy tlieir hunger for a single dny.
.Judging from the many specimens
which are being daily sent to the
insectary, nature herself moans soon
to check this pest, so that there will
be no moro of these caterpillar armies
this year. Most of tho larger worms
now have on tlieir bnck, closely adhering, small white eggs, which were
stuck there by nn active little Insect, looking very much like our common house-fly. From tliese eggs there
will soon batch minute maggots,
whleh will burrow Into theso army
worms nnil revel In the Juices und
fatty tissues of their bodies, gradually sapping the life of the caterpillars. Few, if nny, of tile army worms
bearing tlio eggs of tills little parasitic fly will ever succeed in passing
through the wonderful transformations to the moth stage. Thus from
these vast hordes of caterpillars
now ravaging our crops will develop
comparatively few moths to lay
eggs for another generation of the
worms this year.
The Crush of Business.
" Have you found a clue to the
horrible murder V" usked the cnsual
"No," replied the officer; "nothing
new. Put," and his lio.som swelled with
(ho prldo whicli comes ol duty done.
"I've arrested 17 people for riding bicycles without their tamps lit, two
for having bells so big na to look
like Jokes on the Commissioners, nnd
three Imys for playing bull In the
"Hut you'll get nrotmd to It, pretty
soon, won't you 1"
" .M'yes. f hopo so. Though, wo'll lie
kept terribly busy pretty soon looking nfter the dogs thnt haven't
tugs."���Washington Star.
" Got a very dangerous case up at
the hospital," snid young Dr. Cutter;
" enn't stop now." "What Is It?"
nsked Miss Sprlght I "your Instrument
ense ? "
Oure for Hay Fever.
A victim ot nay lever claims that
he has found a solution of olive oil
nnJ camphor'very effective. Prepare
it by gently warming some olive oil
nnd a small lump of camphor together for a long timo. until thoroughly mixed. .Apply It by oiling the
Inside of the lower part of the nostrils.
She Raises Progs.
Miss Moun Seldon, nn ox-8Chool
teacher, has supported herself for
seven yeurs by frog raising. She owns
a bog and swamp farm of twenty
ncres nt Friendship, N. J., from whoso
frog returns sho received $1,(100 the
first year of her venture, and nuw
she Is said to be one of tho most financially prosperous citizens of the ltitle
Hollow Bricks.
Hollow brick, it Is snid, are coining iuto more general use lu eastern
cities, und  quite a number of largo
buildings have been built with tliein.
ihey crush at 110,000 pounds, or
about tho pressure wliich tho best
solid brick will stand. . They nro
mado 8xSx 1", with walls ouo inch
thick, it Is claimed tliat tliey cust
oue-tblrd less than tho regular form,
making walls proof against fire,
moisture and frost, being warm In
winter anil cool iu summer. They require a. peculiar clay in their manufacture, ono that will not shrink
when dried or burned. Tho brick are
set on end. thus makiug a wall hollow from top to bottom.
A Remarkable Echo.
A KHIarney tourist, so the story
goes, was assured by a guide that
the echo on Loch (Jill wnsi worth
hearing. So off went tho tourist to
hear It, and hired two men to row
lilm out, who accomplished the transaction so swiftly that there was no
time for Ihem to arrange for the
usual echo to be In attendance. In
despair they broke nn onr, nnd onc
swam ashore to fetch another. The
echo began, "flood morrow," cried the
tourist. "Gpod morrow," said thc
echo, with a brogue. "Finn day, Ood
bless it," cried tin. tourist. "Folno
day. Cod Mess it," said the echo.
"Will you have a drink V" cried the
tourist, "llegorra, i will 1" roared
the echo.
Chocolate and Maple Patties.
To make chocolate patties, melt
some of the softer fondant in a cup
and add some finely-cut chocolate, latter or confectioners'; if too thick to
drop iuld a few drops of wator. These
can be flavored if desired and usually
will bo found harder than the peppermint or wintergreen patties. Chocolate peppermints are made iu the same
manner as peppermint patties, as describes! above ; whs*u hard each one is
dipped in confectioners' chocolate
wliich has beeu melted over steam,
Maple patties are made by cutting up
two cupfuls of maple sugar, adding
oao cupful of cohl wator, and Just n
speck of cream of tartar dissolved in
water, ami cooking like plain fondant.
Whon cold melt and drop liko the
other patties.
Jelf. Davis Cabiret.
The Confederate Government, under
its permanent constitution, was organized nt Richmond, Va., on Washington's birthday, ISO'-'. Jefferson
Davis wns President, and Alexander if.
Stephens, Vice-President. The Cabinet
consisted of Secretary of State, Secretary of tiio Treasury, Secretary of
War, Secretary of the Navy, Attorney-General and Postmaster General,
Tho Confederate states were South
Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina and
Tennessee, Kentucky alnd Missouri were
represented, though us Stntes they
never seceded. This Government lasted
four years ono month nnd fourteen
days, after whicli the seceding States
gradually returned to their allegiance,
and by May 28rd, 1S72, all were again
represented iu Congress.
Care of the Ear.
Never |mt anything into tlie ear
for   the  relief  of  toothache.
Never attempt tu apply a poultice
to tlie inside oi tho canal of the ear,
Never drop anything into tho ear
until it lias been previously wanned.
Never uso anything but a syringo
und warm water lor clearing tho
ears of pus.
Never strike nor box a child's ears;
this has heen known to rupture the
drumhead and cause incurable deafness.
Never wet the hnlr if you havo
any tendency to deafness; wear an
oiled silk cap when butbing and refrain from diving.
Never scratch tho ears with anything but the finger if tliey Itch.
Do not use the head of a piu. hairpins, pencil tips, or anything of that
The Pay of Physicians.
The incomes of professional men can
bo discussed only In uu approximate
wny. As the amount of money earned
Is considered by tho public ns a measure of appreciation of services rendered, there is a strong tendency to
stretch tho Imagination in tlm direction of what sliould be, rather than
what actually is. Physicians form no
exception to this rule. The uverage
annual income of a physician in full
practice in a large city may be stated
as $2,000, and ia tlie smaller towns
and iu strictly rural districts $1,200,
Two or three' physicians in Now York
make over $100,000 each year; five
or six range from $60,0Q0 to $(10,000;
fifty from $25,000 to $30,000; one
hundred and fifty from $10,000 to
$12,000; about threo hundred from
85,000 to $(i,ll()0; fifteen hundred from
$2,000 to $3,000, and tho remainder
frum $s00 to $1,000.���Dr.- George F.
Shrady, in tlie Forum.
Rules for a Suburban Hotel.
Bonrd fifty dollars per week. -Meals
Breakfast at 5, dinner at C, supper
at 7.
Guests are requested not to speak
to the dumb waiter.
Guests wishing to pet up without
being called can bave self-raising
flour for supper.
The hotel is surrounded by a beau
tiful cemetery. Hearses to hire, 25
cents a dny.
Guests wishing to do a Uttle driving
will find a hammer and nails in the
If your room gets too warm open
the window and see the fire escape.
If you're fond of athletics and like
good Jumping lift the mattress and see
the bed spring.
If your lump goes out take a feather
out of tbe pillow ; that's light enough
for any room.
Any ono truiibled with night-mare
will find a  linlter on  the bed post.
Don't worry nbout paying your bill;
the house Is supported by the foundation.
A French Custom Wblcb Is Fast Dying
Tbe statement hus been so frequently made oi late that "la dot"
bs dying out in France that probably
thero Is somo truth ln it. Of course
any such Idea is scouted by French
bachelors, and though eventually the
custom of giving u dowry witb each
niarriagable i,u;ighter may bo abandoned It will doubtless survive for
years yet. This custom Is so Intimately associated with all that makes up
.French life that it may bo nnuiiuently
aliirniou that it wilt continue to
flourish a long time yet. That thero
are sonic strong arguments to lie
urged ;,b,u.. . it must be readily admitted. .Not mat a dot is necessarily a bad thing. In a multitude of
instances it has proved an exceedingly useful and beneficial thing, but
what is bad ls the systematic pricing
of women in the marriage uiurket*,
for the French custom practically
amounts to this.
Tlie dot reglementalre has come to
be a coiumou phrase that everybody
accepts iu tlio most natural manner.
It moans thnt, according to the suitor's position in life, a certuin sum of
money goes with the girl, it represents nt ohco his vnluo und her value.
Generally speuklng, parents can
marry tlielr daughters as high up iu
the social scale as finances will permit. They nre not often afflicted
with more than one or two daughters
If they belong to tbo middle and
flourishing class, for quantity iu tills
sense becomes a deadly clog to social
ambition. A pigeon pair���tihat is to
say, ono child of ench sex���is considered tlie Ideal number, and, whatever tho explanation may be. there
Is no country In the world where it
is so frequently realized as in France.
It seems that tbo most recently ascertained statistics concerning population are even more depressing than
those that weat beforo, The French
race is doomed to Ito absorbed by
other nnd more prolific races, sny
the philosophers, If this dark prophecy should bo fulfilled, the mercenary marriage customs of the country
will havo been largely the cause of
it; for the man who marries a woman
with a dot ls considered a disgrace
to bis species if he does not provide n
dot for his daughter. If he should
have several daughters and the rearing of them renders it quite impossible for him to put any money ou
one side, tho poor wretch Is pitied
for his misfortune, and his girls will
certainly remain on his bands, unless
by a miracle tliey aro caught up by
young men extraordinarily endowed
with generous and romantic notions
ot Ufe. Such young men, however,
In France, aro supposed to belong to
the fairy race.
It Is Eight Feet   Long   and   Weighs
Nearly 1.E00 Pounds.
There is n hog on exhibition nt
Kaufman, Texas, according to tbo
National Provisioner, which is, per*
haps, the largest living hog in the
known world. It will be four years old
this month, and was raised in Robertson county, Texas, Iby a Mr. Briggs.
When ho sold the hog, six months ugo.
It weighed 1,480 pounds. This hog Is
eight feet three Inches long, four feet
una inch high, measures .six feet
around the neck, eight feet around the
body and twenty-three inches around
the forearm.
* liis feet are as large us those nf a
common ox, und tin* leg bone larger
than tliat of thi- largest steers. Ho
is Poland China nnd Hed Jersey. He
eats corn tiko an ox, takes the whole
ear in his mouth nt once, and eats the
cob ns well us tbo corn, eating from
forty to fifty ears of corn at a time.
Thero seems to be no surplus flesh on
bim, nnd physicians who havo examined the hog sny be cau easily be made
to reach 2,200 pounds.
The present owner paid $2.10 for the
bog, and has been offered $1,500 for
him. Ho liasi a firo policy on the nni-
mal for $5,000. No other hog, It is
snid, ever touched such tremendous
A German Doctor Conquers Evils Com
mon to High Altitudes.
Mountain climbers will bo interested to rend oi tho successful experiments of Dr. Dcrsou*. of stassfnrt,
who, by means of "bottled breath,"
lias been enabled to ascend to
great heights, both on laud and in
The doctor, when endeavoring to
get further above the level of the
sea than anyone else has ever, climbed or flown, carries along ol cylinder
of compressed oxygen, fitted with a
tube for breathing. Whenever ho
experiences discomfort on account of
the rarity of the atmosphere, a few
whiffs from the cylinder suffices to
restore him.
Dr. Derson, by means of this .device, recently ascended to an altitude of 31,300 feet, which Is 2,000
feet higher than the summit of
Mount Everest.
An Explanation.
It was Just nfter tlie honeymoon,
nnd she bad undertaken tu get a
breakfast fur hini with her own bands,
In spite of the fact that she was inexperienced.
"I think this egg Is bad, Harry,"
she said. 'How can I find out for
sure ?"
"Taste it," lie replied promptly.
That's why he went to bis office
hungry thnt morning.
.ll no
+*+v.i*++*+++*+*+*j.*H*<.*++.>*v*.t.:-v *x -.'���is^ii ���:������:���*.*���<������!������:r* *���i-.s-S'+'S-h*''**'."!*
A Heroine of the Reign of Terror. if
She thought of his traffic In human
flesh. Didn't she know all about that?
She knew him and hts history
through nnd through. She knew tho
hidden secrets of his life, for be had
secrets, although he hnd always tried
to pass for a commonplace, highly respectable man. Citizen Andrey bad
sold black men; he was now willing
to sell his niece, his brother's daughter, his own ilesh and blood I
Buscallle of course had asked whither tho Iiilr cltoyenne hud fled ? OI
course ho would not get a very decided answer. A man like Citizen Audrey does not do evil deeds when they
cuu be of uo use to himself. To whom
could Manette bave gone ln her extremity but to him sbe was to many,
the young man whom slio loved?
There would lie no need to tell that
to Buscallle. He would guess It immediately.
And this thought in a moment
calmed the poor girl's anger. It
seemed tu freeze her very soul. Dus-
cuillo would kuow where to look for
her I Ho would know with whom sbo
had taken refuge. Sbe would deliver
up ber Claude to denth at the moment
she should throw herself into his
arms 1
Already, us sho knew, ho was under
suspicion. If Claudo wore denounced
by Luscnlllo or by Cllly (thoso tigers
sho well know would help each other)
lio could not possibly succeed in hiding himself 11 sbo were with bim. If
ho were arrested It would bo iu fact
her doing 1
She grew pale, She walked to and
fro In her chamber. What should she
do 1 Should she wait where she was'/
Should sho act a part V Should sbo
yield to tbo dreadful exigencies of the
....,       i    . ..-.,    A I.     ._-     awl. :#. K      ll,,.u      1 1 ,', I. L     llAt
frightful times in which tliey lived us
her uncle had advised her, aud endure the attentions and assiduities ol
tliat horrible suns-culotto 1 Pah I The
very thought of him had Blckened
No! she would do us sho had at
first intended. Claude would be uo
less brave ns a man than she was as
a woman. She would fliug herself into
his arms, and say to hlin 1 "Will you
tuko me, Claude? Do you want mo,
oven should 1 cost you your liberty
or your life? Will you accept happiness even though It may last ouly une
duy 1"
Out supposo this step on ber part
should be his ruin V Theu whatever
might come to puss sbe would share it
with him. It would be happiness sbe
thought, to die together, both so
young, ulmost immediately after the
moments when their hearts would
have throbbed in unison ; to die without awakening from their dream of
lovo and bliss. Sho began to comprehend stories she had heard of passionate attachments formed in prisons, ot lips that had pressed burning
kisses upon lips that would bo cold
tn death ere the next dm ; ot rapturous embraces exchanged upou the
A woman who dlodd thus, rather
than endure a lougor life having lost
tho man sho loved, could not, she
thought, love more than she loved
Claude. From babyhood the thing
that she most prized had been his
kisses. She had long loved him, at
first because she felt him to be
strong, while she wus weak; now
possibly their parts were changed
In this respect, but ior six months she
had loved him more than ever, because ho had suffered, and borne
wrong with resignation. She loved
liim because he was the victim ol
the unworthy conduct of his own
people, because he wns handsome, and
because he was young, with a tender,
ardent and affectionate nature.
All hor courage came back to her.
She put on her pelisse and nicked up
from her bed her little .bundle, containing a few underclothes. From the
drawer of her bureau she took a roll
ot osslgnuts. and a small work-case,
containing fifty louls ingold, which
bad been placed thero a month before by her uncle, M. Audreys
Fifty louls I���they wero precious ln
thoso days when gold bad become
scarce. Citizen Andrey hud lioen a
wiso and careful guardian of his
niece's fortuue,���ulns I would that b��
had beon as good a guardian to ber
in other ways.
Then, her courngo all alert, and her
eyes sparkling, slio went out of tho
house which for years had beon her
homo. Cluiulo would lio so surprised,
she knew, to' see her,���she doubted
not that he would Iw so happy I
What would It* matter 11 this happiness wero brlel, If it wero soiuotldng
almost divine?
As sho reached tlie outer door of
tlio apartment, a piteous cry tor
lielp broke tlio silence ol the dwelling,
it came from tbo bed on which tlie
servant girl had left her helpless mistress in her haste to obey hor master's orders that she should go out
. early to obtain the day's supplies.
Cltoyenne Andrey was calling for her
niece. The sound wus a prolonged
whine, like that ol some poor dog In
a deserted house.
Manette was not moved to pity as
she heard it.
She went down tho stairs rapidly,
and when sho reached the street she
was careful not to go down tlio Hue
de Bussy us far as tlio spot where
It connected with the old Bue des
Fosses-Saliit-Genuain. If she turned
tlie other way Bhe would sooner lose
sight of the house that Bhe' detested,
and which she hoped fervent)y she
was leaving forever. In a few minutes she had turned Into the Rue de
Seine which she followed until she
reached the river.
Then she intended to go along the
Quay to the Pont Neul, where she
hoped to Und a cabriolet wbioh would
take her as far as the P.ue Saint Hon-
ore. She know that at this tlmeot
liny Claude would nut be at bis lodgings In tho Rue de l'Eehlqiiler, and
that sho must find him in the Rue do
Greneile-Hoiiore at Citizen Gregolres.
Iu the part of the; Hup ilo Seine
which sbo hail reached there wero
neither butchers shops nor bakeries,
which, in streets whero they: wore
Situated, led to daily tumults. On
the left side the shops wero iicnrly all
closed; ou the right there was a
long row of what had licon formerly
handsome detached houses, over whoso
| wido porte-cocberos now bung placards, bearing the words "National
Property.'* On the front of uno of
tliese houses (onco the nbodo of tho
fortunate ot this earth), was an Inscription In black letters : " Iiib��r-
ty, Equality, Fraternity or
Death.'* Mnnetto remembered that
the week before, when she nnd her
undo had passed that house, be had
shown her this Inscription, saying:
" You see! There s no other choice/*
He hnd since chosen���fraternity
with Buscallle; nnd that was why she
was a trembling fugitive, ashamed
that at tbo right moment she bad
not shown more courage. These mute
houses, this deserted pavement, for
tho few pedestrlnns who now appeared In the streets glided close to the
waits like shadows, tilled her with
fresh fear. Not the terror that she
felt for sans-culotte and noputar demonstrations���but sbo felt danger in
tho fact that she was there niono.
As sho-walked swiftly, her head bent,
nnd her eyes upon tbe ground, siie
ran up against a man, so unexpectedly
that slio could not refrain from a
slight cry.
The man, fortunately, proved polite.
Politeness was a rare thing in those
days. Ho smiled, and begged her
pardon. Ho was a tall fellow, about
2S or BO, In a. bluo coat, yellowish
pantaloons tucked Into high, well-
black boots, and a red waistcoat. He
lifted his round, black beavoi* hat,
slightly cocked in front, whereon wus
fastened  a handsome silk cockade.
Manette responded by a slight bow,
and passed on. But when she reached the corner ot the street und was
opposite to tlie College des Quatro-
Natlons, Bho thought she* hoard the
steps of the polite pedestrlaa coming
up behind her. He must be following
It so, ho did not do It offensively,
though sho felt quite sure, he did. It
by design. Perhaps ho would have
lieen bolder could he have known
what was passing through Manettes
mind. In those days, when there was
danger everywhere and , In everything, a young, handsome, and. respectable woman never ventured Into
the street unless she had some male
menilier ot her family to protect her.
Manette knew this, and smiled as she
thought for what the man must take
ber. She had not seen, him, clearly
enough to recognize his face, but sue
felt sure bo could not be a sansculotte. Ills bold determination to
lienr her company was rather rens-
surlng than alarming. She Ielt her-
no longer in the street alone.
.Should bo presume to addross her,
she could enslly, sho thought, make
m sensible to whom he was speaking, and 11 she met witli' any other
danger he might bo her protection.
Still, It seemed just ns well to put
nn immediate check to his misconception. So sho walked along the quay
ln front of the pompous fucade of the
once aristocratic college. Mademoiselle Andrey de la Fregeolllere drew
up her tall figure to Its full height,
nnd did tier best to summon nil her
Ho could see now what she was���
but he saw also how graceful was her
walk, how beautiful her figure. Of
courso, she displayed tbese advantages, of which sho was* fully conscious, trom a good motive, but an
Instinct, inherited, possibly, from
Mother Eve may have had something
to do with It.
All nt once loud cries rose on the
air, followed by a rush of feet. A
crowd was running up behind them.
The roar was the same that Manette
bad heard the day before in tbo Rue
de Bussy, when tlie mob. ahout to
sack the grocer's shops, passed under
her window. She knew what It meant.
A popular tumult was sweeping
through the Rue de Seine, whicli tive
minutes before had been so quiet and
deserted. The crowd was already running under the wall of the College des
Quatre-Natlons where Mnnetto bad
Just encounterod the man in a blue
cont. ��� i
Alarmed nt the prospect ol finding
herself the next moment borne along
by the hideous throng, tlie girl began
to run, and the east wing of the edifice forming a deep angle ns It abut-
teil on the Quay, she rushed Into it
for* shelter; ���   ���
The'human whirlwind swept pnst.
Manette snw a man who was ruuning
a few yards In ndvanco of the pnek
of wild beasts who were pursuing
him. He was an old man with white
hair. His black clothes were fluttering ln tatters, for ho hnd been seized
already, and had escaped out of their
linnds. Jt...was' women who followed
most elbse'ly at ills heels. They were
foremost among his pursuers. The
whole pack yelled and howled.
"A la lanternel" they cried. "Ho
is a priest I ' Down with all priests 1
A la lanternel"
A crowd of men followed the
women, as eager as they were to be
in at the death of a hunted human
being. One ol the foremost furies
turning round,'suddenly' snatched' a
pike that a man near her was waving ln his hand; and the'ifo'ssession
of tliis weapon seemed to give her
fresh strengtu. At one bound she was
In advance ol all the crowd, aad the
length of the pike did the rest. The
victim fell. i
Maaet.te had shut her eyes. She did
not  see   tlie  murderers spring upon
their bleeding quarry. Her trembling
hands let fall her little bundle; her
limbs sank under ber ; she grew faint.
She would have fallen, but that a
man's arm supported her. A man's
voico whispered: " Never fear them 1
I um here to help you. Let me take
charge of you. I will place you in
Manette half opened her eyes. The
arm which hindered her from fulling
was that of the young man in a blue
coat. He also had had the goodness
to pick up her bundle.
"I swenr that I will take you home
to my wife," he Bald. "We live near
here, You can see the house. Come,
or you may witness soiuotldng still
more horrible. I give you my word.
I swear it; do you understand me ?
Poor thing I I am an honest man.
Do I look like a Bans culotte ?"
This thought that ho did not look
like a snns-culotto bud already passed
through Manctte's mind. Her strength
wus fulling her. Those dreadful women
were tearing to pieces tlie body of the
priest with howls liko wild animals.
What would Bho boo next ? The
white-haired head of their victim un
a pike?
"Oh, God!" Bho murmured.
The young man drew her away, telling her that tbey had but a lew Btops
tu go. And in truth he stopped before the door of the third houso tbey
came to. Thoy were hardly thirty
yards from the flnvages who were
rending their victim on the edge of
tiie Quay.
"Bear up a Uttle longer, my child.
Lenn ngalnst the wall and shut your
eyes. Tnke your bundle, while 1 put
my key In the lock. Those wretches
fortunately are taking no notice of us I
tliey bave Bometblng else to do."
The door opened. Mnnetto entering
followed the good advice of her preserver, and leaned back against "the
wall.   He wiped his forehead.
"Out I" he Bald, " that wa's a ' War-*
row escape; but wo are safe. I'liuy,
own to you now that I was almost
as much frightened as you were."
On the Quay the yells redoubled.
The mob was taking up its line of
march, singing the eternal Carmagnole, the usual accompaniment of
deeds of bloodshed.
Manette funded Bhe could see their
ghastly bleeding trophy borne on a
pike before them.
"The head I" she cried, " the head I
Aro tbey not carrying the head ?"
The young man gave a little careless  laugh.
"Most probably," he said. " But
come; I presume you do not wish
to go out and see the spectacle. You
have no such unwholesome curiosity.
Come I���you must need rest after
such painful emotion."
Again he tried to urge her to go
before him. She wns incapable of resistance, and obeyed bim. He dropped
her bundle.
"Curse that thing," he grumbled,
" women can never travel without
luggage. They would take it if they
could iuto another world���to which,
by the way, that poor devil, whether
he would or not, has Just gone.
Peste I they were very near sending
us after hitn. Well now���do you feel
stronger ? Take hold of the banister.
There I I am close behind you. You
have only to go up one flight."
The banister was of Iron J the stairs
were wide, steep, and spiral. A small
burred window, opening on a little
tuner courtyard, ga\e a faint light to
the landing, and showed a door painted grey, with a handsome round transom above It. Manette stopped short,
like nn automaton whose spring had
Buddenly run down. Her mysterious
conductor had touched her arm.
"It is here," lie Bald, drawing another key from his pocket.
The door opened, and be entered.
Manette did not follow hlin. She
stood leaning ngalnst the door-post,
a uew terror lu her mind.
"Monsieur," she said, " is It quite
true that you are taking me to your
wife ?"
"Eh I" Bald he quickly, In an offended tone, " did I not give you my
word ? Y'ou are uot very grateful, I
should say."
"But this place that you are proposing I should enter Beems empty ?"
"No, Indeed, you will see In a m.o~
ment tliat It ls extremely well inhabited. We have no servants, it is
true���the poor old woman who wns
faithful to us Is dead, and we have
not cared to replace her, lor fear of
introducing nn enemy into our liouse-
limld. Now all is explained to you.
Are you satisfied ?"
Manette moved forward without
reply. She found herself in nnotber
room, large, but dark like the antechamber. The master of the house
carefully locked the door, as he had
done the first door the entered,
which opened on the Quay. Then he
quickly threw open another, nnd Man-
ete saw ln a mement tliat she had not
been deceived.
At the eud ot a room, elnborntcly
furnished, a woman sat before a
bright fire, ns closo as she could get
to the hearth. Sbe had nothing on
her head, anil lier hair was dressed
ln thnt elegant fashion that the hor-
rlblo new taste fur rusticity had not
yet proscribed. Two rows of large
curls hung down beside hor fair, fresh
cheeks, for she was young. The rest
of lier dress looked ns If she had made
ready to go out. A large green pelisse, wadded, with two cajies edged
with til-color, entirely cuvercd the
rest of her dress, only letting ono little fold appear ot a skirt, striped
pink nnd blue, and a little bit ot pink
ribbon, the end of a sash that she
wore around her waist. She was small
ln stature, plump and round. When
she heard the door opea she moved in
her chair, but did not turn round.
"Is that you, Laurent? "1 am so
cold," fjhe suid ; "the tire does not
warm mo. You have left me so long
all alone. Where do you come from ?
I heard cries lu tho streeWiut there
���on the Quay. Was It another outbreak? But you found somo means qf
getting through the crowd, tor here
you are, while the noise is still going
on. You .are so reckless."
���'My dear Emille���"
"Don't tell me you are not reckless. Some of these days you will
walk straight Into a hornets' nest;
you will be arrested. And then I shall
have to go and implore the Revolutionary Committee. I shall have to
tell tbem ; 'He belongs to me. He  Is
my husband.  Givo him buck to me.
or let  me go to prison    with him,
you wicked rascuU I' "
"It you spoke to them like that you
may be very 6ure they would take
you at your word and put you iu
prison. But. my dear Einilie. where
are your sliarp ears? Didn't* you
bear that some ouo came iu with
me ?"
"Some one with you 1" she cried,
turning round so suddenly that the
chair on which she was sitting rolled
some distance ou tho polished floor.
Then she gave n cry of astonishment, "A woman I" she exclaimed.
"But what a state she Is in. Oh,
Laurent,  she  Is going to faint 1"
And indeed Manette, aftor having
seen a man murdered before lier eye*,
and having felt her own young life
in peril, had. on finding* herseU in
safety, ceased to bear up against
her sense of weakness nnd emotion,
She lost ull strength, when she had
no moro need of It for self-defence.
Laurent nnd Einilie caught her as
she fell, and laid her on a sofa.
"Perhups," said Laurent, "you had
better let her smell your salts, my
"Go, then, and get the sinelling-lwit-
tle ln our chamber, and don't call
me your' darling. No, stay, she Is
coming to of her own accord. You
had better tell nie wlio and what
she Is; at once, If you please."
"Poor thing 1 Fancy I those wild
beasts rushed past this bouse In pursuit of a poor fellow-���you heard their
yells and shouts. Well, she would have
been swept off with them if she bad
not had the lucky thought of rushing into the place Just n"ar here,
where tliere is it corner formed by
the large building opposite. I found
hero there. She saw the priest torn
.to -pieces. He was a priest. She was
more dead than alive.1.1
"I can see that. You were good to
l\cr. You brought her hrre to me,
poor, frightened creature I But where
��� does she come from? Who is she?
We ought to know."
"Look nt her. She Is well dressed.
she Is evidently a lady. Her laco
seems honest."
"Ah I her face pleases you ? She
Is fair like me, and you like tnlr women. Nuw you may go away, Liuir*-
ent, from tlds sofa; you nre not n doctor. It Is true you have had large experience In the cure of women. It ls
the only thing you ever took pains to
learn. Now go and sent yourself, Just
where I was sitting by the fire, and
turn your back to us. I'll put. vour
dove once more upon her teet, and
then I will suggest that she had better go away."
Mnnette's eyes were closed. She
wns too weak as yet to move, but she
had not lost her senses, and all Emille said, half ln Jest and half In earnest, waa quite audible to her. Lying
there ou a edit couch, ln a warm
room, Bhe felt rather amused by It as
she slowly regained her senses.
Emllle,she had reason to think,was
quite right in not placing too much
confidence in her young husband, for
while 6he herself was deeply grateful
to hlra tor what he had done for her,
she did not forget that betore the
horde of women and sans-culottes had
overtaken thera, he had been following her.
Manette would have been more or
less than woman if she had not done
her best to take a furtive look at
Emille. She raised her eyelids a little
way under the protection of her eyelashes. She know already that Emille
was fair. Not only did her pretty
blonde hair hang ln curls about her
face, but some little ringlets clustered
on her smooth, white forehead, Her
eyes were blue, her mouth was small
and charming. Emllie was apparently
the same age as herself���somewhere
about twenty.
She had belonged, evidently, to the
upper ranks of Society ln days when
there was any class in France but
that which wore the carmagnole. She
was still surrounded by ease and luxury. The sofa on which husband and
wife had placed their guest was covered .with white silk, embroidered
with pink and green flowers. The
chairs were all covered liko tlie sofa,
and were of a date before the generation that preceded tho Revolution.
On the wull hung, draped with amethyst silk, two magnificent Venetian
minors, and several pictures, probably family portraits, One was that
of au old man in a scarlet robe; two
were oi women In full dress. The face
of the oue nearest to Manette wore
such an expression of charming
sauclness that her anxiety to look at
it made her forgot herself. Her eyes
opened more than she intended, nnd
lier raised eyelashes betrayed that
she was herself again.
Emille, too, wns a woman, aud discovering the deception, she gavo a little cry.
"She can see now!'
''Yes,'' said Manette, trying to rise,
"and i caa hear, too. You wbsli to
know who I am, ami I should like to
tell you. But tirst let me say that this
gentleman, whom i canuot name, be-
euuse I never heard what he Is colled,
saved my life, and for that, inailumo,
I return thanks to you."
She stretched out her hand. Emille
put hers iuto it, and began to laugh.
Mnnette's speech bad a Ilttlo sploo of
irony lu It, which chnrmed ber.
"That is well,".Hhe said, "but I hud
rnther you would klss/tue, mademoiselle���for I am ���mice you are mademoiselle. Monsloiir do Luverduc will
watch such an expression of your
thanks to him with envy. ICiss me. 1
fancy wc are suffering from tlio sumo
causes. You probably are escaping
from your home. Who knows whether
Lnurent and 1 may not soon huve to
escape from ours ?"
���*Ali 1 but you would go together.
You love each other," cried Manette.
"1 am on my way to seek refuge with
the man I love. We may indeed embrace each other, madame, for the
sume feeling is uppermost In our
hearts, and our fates seem likely to
resemble each, other.'.
ito 'lie' Continued.)
Karl's Clover Hoot Tea purifies the
blood und gives a clear and beautiful
Wondrous Laws ol* Nature.
"Tlio great curse of modern social
life ls the overcrowding uf the cities,"
said the parrot philosopher.
''Too true," admittod the othor man.
"but I think the trolley cars and ambulances will eradicate the evil In
You'd Give All You Have of Both to be
Restored to Health   Dr. Agnew's
Great Cures Are Specific Cures
for Specific Ailments.
HEART DISEASE���Reller iu thirty
minuted iu moat a]tinning liases of
lieart trouble, a Btrong statement
tu make for Dr. Agnew's Cure for tlie
Heart* but it in borne out by the testimony of thousands who to-day pro-
olaim themselves imatehed from tlie
grave hy Its wonderful curative powers, if thr. ueart fiuu.'rs. palpitates,
tirea easily, it Indicates heart diabase. De warned in time. Use thia
surest uud quickest eure; it never
fails, James AUeni oi St. Stephen,
X. B.i writes: "1 was troubled with
very severo pains in tlie heart, pain
In tho side, und shortness of broutli.
i became completely exhausted with
the least exertion. Doctors suid my
case was a hopeless ono. I procured
a bottle of Dr. Agnew's Cure for tho
Heart. A fow doses gave me permanent rellef���slx bottles entirely cured
me. nnd to-day I am well, and Btrong
.���is i ever was. I think it tlio best
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CATARRH.���1$ goes right to tiie
Beat of the troublo, attacks the disease- removes thn cause, cleanses out
and heals tlie parts, quickly and ner-
manently. Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal
l'owder due* all tlds. and It's no
hearsay. Tho slaves who aro freed
from this loathsome malady, by this
positive cure, are siuginur its praises
day in and day out. " 1 am 80 years
old. I have had catarrh for 50
years. Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder cured ine. nnd I look upon my
cure as almost a miracle," says Geo.
Lewis, of Shamokiu, Pa. A simple
cold in tho head may be the lirst stop
to -chronic catarrh. Stop tho cold
and prevent the catarrh. Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder Is harmless
and easily applied.
NIGHTS.���Dr, Agnew's ointment will
cure all cases of Itching piles in from
3 to 0 nights. One application brings
comfort. For blind ami bleed)ng piles
It is peerless. Also euros Tetter. Salt
Rheum* Eczema, Barber's Ttch, and all
eruptions of the skin.    35 cents,
TEN CENTS CUKES CONSTIPATION AND* LIVER ILLH.-Dr. Agnew's Liver Pills are the most perfect
made, and cure like matric Sick Headache. Constipation, Biliousness, Indigestion and ail liver Ills. 10 cents
a via I���40 dosei.
U. S. Senate's Power3.
A vote of two-thirds of tiie United
States Senators voting is necessary
to ratify a treaty; the vote of a
majority may confirm a nomination.
To be eligible to membership lu the
National Houso of Representatives
ono must be at least 25 years of age
and havo beeu a citizen of tlie United
States at least seven years. The
term of office of each member of the
House la two years. All bills Ior
raising revenue for public purposes
must originate in tlio House. Tho
Houso has no power to act on Executive appointments, aud none In the
ratification or rejection of treaties
with foreign nations; but it may. by
withholding appropriations for treaty
purposes,   hinder  action  thereon.
Canada's Pride.
A little over a month hence the fall
fairs will be commencing, and first nnd
foremost will be the Industrial at Toronto, which Ls to be held this year
from tho 31st of August to tho 12th
of September.
Every Canadian is very properly interested in aud Justly proud of tiie
success of this greut exhibition, be*
causo it brings prominently before
fchem, as well as tho outside world,
the vast resources und products of our
country, and tlio progress which is
being made from year to year In Its
agricultural and industrial pursuits,
consequently the approaching Industrial Fair is being looked forward to
witli increased interest and pleasurable anticipation, and many] are already making arrangements to visit
it. By thousands It) is mude tho occasion of their annual holiday outing,
and it Is usually a very enjoyable one.
There Is every indication that it will
tliis year fully etpial, if not excel, its
predecessors. To meet the desires of
those who usually look for tins kind
of tiling, a large number ol special
attractions are being provided, of a
new and interesting character. The
live stock aud all other exhibits, except cut flowers ami fruit, wili bo on
the grounds from Sept. 3rd, so that
tlie first week of the fair will lie
equally as good as tho second. Ail
entries have to Ik; made before August
8th. The Toronto Exhibition has now
become ono of the best and most popular educational and entertainment enterprises on this continent, and those
who havo never visited it would be
surprised at its magnitude and attractiveness, being ulmost like a small
World's Fair. Prlzi; lists and entry
forms can be procured by anyone desiring fchem by dropping a post card
to Mr. II. J. Hill, Manager* Toronto.
By local applications! as thoy cannot
reach the diseased portion of tin; ear.
There Is only ouo way to euro Deaf-
ness, und that is by constitutional
remedies, Deafness is caused by an
Inflamed condition of tlie mucous lining of tho Eustachian Tube. When
tills tube gets inflamed you have a
rumbling sound or Imperfect hearing,
and when It Is entirely closed Deafness
ts the result, and unless the Inflamma-
.tlon ean be taken out and this? tube
restored to Its normal condition,
hearing will bo destroyed forever;
nine cases out of ten are caused by
catarrh, which is nothing but an Inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars
for any curo of Deafness (caused by
catarrh) that cannot l>o cured hy
Hull's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free.
F. J. CHENEY. Toledo, O.
Sold by  Druggist*. 75c.
Consumption can be cured by the use
of Shiloh's Cure. This great cough
caro ls tiie ouly known remedy for
that terrible disease. THE   WEEKLY   NEWS   AUGUST   18th,    i860.
thi nmi im
Issued  Every Tuesday
At Union, B. C.
M Whitney, Publisher
Une r.ar    t200
���i> Month.        125
___ Copy    00��
0a*t laefc par year  .$12.00
..    ..   south        1.V,
cfchchcul   peryear        oe
tWNh        50IK'
��� eek, .. Una           0010
tacal cotieos.per line         20
Motices   of  llirths,   Marriages   and
Deaths, ;o cents each insertion.
Ho Advertisment inserted for less than
jo cents.
Tuesday, Aug. 18,1896,
I'ingree] of Detroit, who by the ,-ilot*
ment of patches of land to those out of
enptoyment,"has given great relief to
hundreds ol families, and made his name
known far and wide, will be the next
governor of Michigan; after that we
bupejto see him president.
Angelo V. Fawcett, Mayor of Tacom.i
mutt now tiep down and out. The theft
of the ballots the other day did nnt help
bis case,) Edward S. Orr will.be the new
mayor nr the people will know the reason
why. The committee of too ire going to
clean out the official stables.
By ths end of the month we may expect to greet the Citv of Nanaimo as onr
regular boat in place of the [nan. The
City of Nanaimo is .being put in first
el'isc condition, and will have all the
Utert improvements. It our new mem
her carries out his pledge, enou'h induce
ment will be secured to enable her tn
make us two visits a week in place of one.
Sir. Chatles Tupper declares that
awing to the policy persued by Laurier,
it will be necessary for the Conservatives
to conduct Provincial campaigns on
party lines. That means that in British
Columbia the two parlies will organize,
and that the Conservatives and Liberals
will each put into the the field a straight
ticket. That is much better than to be
divided by geographical lines.
This is to be a government by Commission. Il is said a commission will
adjust the tariff. Very good; its a wise
plan. The latest is that a Dominion
commission will be sent to this Province
to look int i its mining capabilities and
report. That also is a good move. The
commission however, will make a great
mistake if it does not visit Texada and
Alberni. It is to be hoped that Qualicum and Brown River will be able to develop enough to justify the inspection
of the commission.
The total eclipse of the moon was best
observed at Vadzoe. It's a great pity
that a similiar exhibition cannot be ob
tained for this part of the country.
What a blessing it would be if the moon
would kindly throw her shadow over the
earth these hot days I Down at the Bay
nothing of the sort is needed, but up here
on the foot hills, it would be very nice,
and save our loose change, which now
goes largely for ice cream and lemonade.
As long as the oranges held out, we got
along very well. Their delicious nectar
cooled our blood, and eclipses were at a
discount. But now we have to fal 1 back
on plebian lemonade and ice cream.
And when the ice gives out we will simmer with a feeling that we are very near
the boiling point. And when the wished
fnr night comes with its cooling atmos*
phere we insult the moon with our forget-
fulness, and the next day she with-holds
her protecting shadow.
Tha Bagpipes.
Tht bagpipes ua onoe again in town.
Mr, K. Beaton wears a radiant smilr, and
eehoei of the pibroch resound through the
evening air of Union. Every Scottish eye
it brighter and every drop of Highland
blood pntaatei more freely aince the wild boi
familiar aounde again are floating on the
Thia reoallt an apitode tf a year ago. In
the city of Milwaukee a home, driven by a
German, took fright at the sound of the
Highland pipes, and ran away, injuring
both oonveyanoe and driver. Aotion for
damages wu brought. The piper pleaded
in defence that muaio la publio placet war
quite within tht law, and hence ho wat not
MipfBliblr,   It wu   however    oonttndtd
hat the pibroch was uot music, and the servioes of a jury were required to determine
the question. The jury found that the
'dudel aack* is not music; and further that
oho horae waa justihed in taking fright at
the horrid noise made by the man with the
'dudel sack.' It is needless to say that the
jury was not composed of Highlanders. It
ia alao tvident that the jurors either posteaa-
ed an extraordinary degree of moral courage
or they were hut little acquainted with
Scottish character. The strangest thing
nbout itis that although twelve months have
elapsed there bave not been reoorded any
eases of audden and violent deatbt atnon**
'.he members of that jury.
Fosaibilitiet of Aerial Navigation.
Tell John to put the kettle on,
I wish to take a drive;
I only want to go to Rome,
And shall be back at five.
Tell cook to dress those humming-birds
I shot in Mexico,
They've   now  been    killed   at   least
two days,
They'll soon be up PEU HAUT.
And Tom, take vou the electric wings,
And start for Spain, at three,
I want some Seville oranges
'Twixt dinnertime and tea.
Fly round to France and bring a new
Perpetual motion gun;
To-morrow, with some friends, I go
A-hunting to the sun.
The trip I took the other day
To breakfast in the moon,
Quite paralyzed my appetite,
And spoiled my new balloon.
For, steering in the Milky Way,
I tilted with a star,
And with the rebound energy,
Came jolt against my car.
But Tom, gel you the car repaired,
And then let Dan or Dick
Inflate wilh ten square miles of gas���
I mean to tr.ivl quick.
My motor's surely primed by now,
Put the high-pressure on,
Give me the breath bag for the way,
All right! Hey I! Whizz III���I'm gone-
���Massey's Magazine.
About Union.
The following extraot from a letter pol��
lished in the C'lchester Sun, Truro, N. 8,
from the facile p"U of our t*v>u*ni��n, Rrv,
J. A. Logao, will be read w-'.h ioL.ie.-h
Mr Dear Sum,���It it tink* I tut mum
log my pen to write a few line, for the Sun. ia
old and valued friend, that comes ,1 <ng witl
elockwnrk regularity, and receive* always ><
warm welcome. Your correspondent without. u-i*ig any figure of speech i* new in th*
"Fir West" in a fir off outpnet on ih��
Pacific Coast, the farthest away Preehyter-
ian minister 'n th** Dominion, that is to aay
the farthest West. Th*) town of Union is a
ooal mining to.vu of aho'i* 2,500 peopl*
situated on Vancouver I-lai d, anme 60 or 70
miles West of Nanaimo, whioh is itt neare-t
ueiiihlior, about 12 miles inland, and con*
nected by railway with the oout, and has
regular communication with the outaidi
world once a week. The population is
severely cosmopolitan, andnumbere abou
2,500 made np of Scotch, Engliah, Irish,
Canadians, Amerioans, Chinese, Japt, Ita!
iait, etc., with a predominance of Chinese
and Scotoh, and a good sprinkling of Nova
Scotiaos, The mines give employment to
over 800 men. earning from 12.60 to |4 50
per day, and the output lut year waa
264 500 tons, There are in operation two
slopes and one shaft, with a good plan*
valued at $125,000. The ooal is said to be
of excellent quality, especially for coke and
steaming purposes, and finds a good market.
chiefly in San Francisco, One hundred coke
ovens are being built and in a few dayt will
be at work, the produot of whioh will be
used by the smelters on the Coast. Iron
ore in large quantities, and of good quality
is quite near, and aome day will aee blast
furnaoet in operation in thia vioinity. As
yet, the market in iron it too limited here
te warrant the bidding of furnaoos juat
yet. The olimate here ia quite different
from other parte of the Provinoe. Being
600 feet above tea level it it comparatively
dry and very warm in summer, while iu
winter there is a pretty heavy anow fall,
Dr. Wattt, Seoretary of the Provincial
Board of Health, paid Union a visit last
week. He urgea u a prime necessity, a system of water works, declaring that our wells
are nutate. A town of this size, he think ,
will amply justify au investment in water
works u a business enterprise, He say*
further that the Board of Health have power to dote the wellt when an ontslde supply
is furnished in the interest of the publio
health, and they would protect any oom
pany who would in roduce into the town a
supply of good healthy wat'.'r.
Subscribe for Thi News $2.00 per
Ettahlithad 1877.
CAPITAL, $600,000.     incorporated June 16,1898.
Jas. McMillan & Co.
morairroae or thk
Fine Northern Furs
Shipments Solicited and
P��ompt Returns Made.
I G. 8. Hides,
Dry Hides,
Wool, Furs.
Writ* ror Latett Prlot
Steurfty luk sf Ilnsuota, * llaaeapolli, Ulan.
First letluttt Ink, ��� ��� ��� llauaKlli, Ilea.
feoplt'i Bask,    ���    *    *    ��� linuuplli, Una.
Iinbuti' Ittkail luk, ��� ��� Maa, Iitttu.
���utut htlml luk, ��� ��� Maa, lalaaa.
Se-irlt)luk ��f Brut Mit,   ���  ��rnt Ftlb, Itat.
MINNEAPOLIS,        ....        MINNBBOTA.
helena, mont. i chicago, ill |vict0ria,b.c.|winnipeg,man.|edm0nt0n,n.w.t.
Cooke * Boieman Stl
I SB Wharf St. |   23* King St.
Jasper Ave.
ide Hotels
Courtenay, B.C.
Grant & Munighan, Pi opt,
Best of Liquors
iFnest of Cigars
Good Table
Courteous Attention
The Famous
Supplies the valley with first class bread, pies, cakes, etc.
Bread delivered by Cart through Courtenay and District every
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
Wedding Cakes made and Parties catered for.
Drs. Lawrence & Westwood.
Physicians and Surgeons.
We have appointed Mr. James Abrams out collector until turtner notice, to whom all overdue accounts
���nay be paid.
7 Nox. 1806.
Society    Cards
I.   O.   O.   F.
Union Lodge, No. it, meets eery
Friday night at 8 o'clock. Visiting brethren cordially invited ts attend.
A. Lindsay, R. S.
Cumberland Lodge,
A. F. & A. M, B. C. R.
Union, II. C.
Lodge meets first   Saturday   in   each
month.    Visiting brethren are cordially
invited to attend.
James McKim. Sec.
Hiram Loose No 14 A.F .& A.M..B.C.R
Courtenay B. C.
Lodge meets on every Saturday on or
before the full of the moon
Visiting Brothers   cordially requested
to attend.
R. S. McConnell,
Cumberland Encampment.
No. 6,  I. O. O. F.,   Union.
Meets first and third Wednesdays ot
each month at 8 o'clock p. m. Visiting
Brethren cordially invited to attend.
J. COMB, Scribe.
Any person or persons destroying or
withholding the kegs and barrels of the
Union Breivery Company Ltd of Nanaimo, will be prosecuted. A liberal reward
will be paid for information leading to
W. E. Norris, Ste'y
S. 07 T.
Union Division No. 7, Sons of Temperance, meets in Free Mason's Hall,
Union, every Monday evening at 7:30.
Visiting friends cordially invited to
St. George's Pbesbytehiah Chukch���
Rev. J. A Logan, pastor. Services at 11 a.
tn. and 7 p. ni. Sunday School at 2:30.
Y.P.S.C E. at close of evening service.
Methodist Ouorch��� Services at the
usual hours morning and evening. Rev. W.
Hieks. pastor.
Trinity Cuuitcii���Services in the evening.   Rev. J. X. Willemar, rector.
For sale on Dunsmuir ave;
consisting of lots 4 and 5 in
block 15, lots 7 and 8 in block
16, lots 3, 4 and 5 in block 10,
and other lots in Cumberland
Townsite. Bargains,
James Abrams.
Subscribe for  THE    NEW8
$2.00 per annum.
Esquimalt and Nanaimo Ry.
Steamer Joan
On and after Mar. 22nd, 1893
The Steamer JOAN will sail as follows
CALLING AT WAY PORTS at passengers
and freight may offer
Lea,e Victoria, Tuesday, 7 a. m,
" Nanaimo fer Comox, Wednesday, 7 a. m
Leave Comox for Nanaimo,      Fridays, 7 a.m.
"     Nanaimo fer Viotoria   Saturdey, 7 a.m
For freight or state rooms apply on
board, or at the Company's ticket office,
Victoria Station, Store street
Wm. O'Dell
Architect and .Builder
Plans and specifications prepared
and buildings erected on the
Shortest Notice.
Houses built and for sale on easy
terms ot payment.
The following Lines are
Watches, clocks and jewellery
Tin, sheetiron, and copper work
Bicycles Repaired
Guns and rifles, repaired
Plumbing in all its branches,
Pumps, sinks and piping,
Electric bells placed,
Speaking tubes placed
Hot air furnaces,
Folding bath and improved
Air-tight stoves, specialties
Office and Works  J^8^:""
Surgeon and Physician
(Graduate ofthe University of Toronto,
|L. C, P. St S., Ont.)
Office and residence, Maryport
Ave., next door to Mr. A Grant's.
Hours for consultatlon-0 to lo a m,
2 to 4 andl7 to 10 p m.
Dave Anthony's
Cigar  and   Fruit  Store
' Snd and Dunsmuir Avt.
SM ft 3M St. Jamet St.
ATSead for Samples. Prompt dolivtiy.  per
teet fit guaraatctd.
Nanaimo Saw Mill
Sash and Boor
(P. O. Drawer 38.  Tolephone Call. Ml
t3>" A complete stock of Rough and
Dressed Lumber always on hand.   Alsc
Shingles, laths, Pickets, Doors, Windows and Blinds.   Moulding, Scroll
Sawing, Turning, and all  kinds
of wood finishing furnished.
Cedar. White Pine   Redwood.
esfl/tttltr in
Stoves and Tinware
Plumbing and general
Sheetiron work
OAgent for tbe
Celebrated Gurney
Souvenir Stoves and
Manufacturer of tlio
New Air-tight heaters
H. J. Theobald,
House and Sign Fainter,
Paper-Hanging, Kalsomining
and Decorating.
All orders Promptly Attended to
Uaioa, 1. 0.
I lam prepared to
furnish Stylish Rica
and do Teaming
At reasonable raw*.
0. Kilpatrick,
Union, B. c
.���"���.I7ST    18th,    1S06.
KyThere is Nothing
If it is Well Put To,
So hers it is : :
Single Harness at $Io, $12, $1; per set
and up.���Sweat Pads at 50 cents.
Whips al 10, 25, 50 and a good   Raw-
bide for 75 rents, and a Whale Bone
at $1 and up to $2.
I have the largest Stock of WHIPS in
town and also the
Bast Axle Grease at ^> BOacSS
For Twenty-Five Cents ������
Trunks at Prices to Suit
the Times.
Wesley Willard
The week of earnivil begin* it Van!
���couver, Agg. 31.
Hamburg r soils for oath only soul wll*,
Mr. and Mrs. H. Dirby have gone to
the Northwest.
W. J. Smith, miner, took pastige for
Nanaimo on Friday.
Mrs. Westwood made a visit to Den-
mm Island las: w��ek.
Miss Ajtdley oi the Waverly House
>has (one to Vancouver.
Pay only for what yon buy. Yoa can do
thit by buying of Hamburger.
Mr. Rerwison 0/ Partridge & Rennison
has gone te Vancouver and Victoria on a
business trip.
Mr. Hall, Chineae missionary, left lasi
week to attend a Union Missionary Con
ference, at 'Victoria.
Mr. A. Q-*nsmuir and Mr. John Bry
den, who chad been in town lor somt
days, left oo Friday.
Mrs. L. H. Northey, who has bee
.housekeeper at the Riverside Hotel, let*
'-on Friday ier Victoria
Mr. Heny Blakey and wife were pas
sengert on lhe outward bound steamer
on Friday of last week.
The Misses Orchard have removed to
tht new dwelling house, southeast corner
of Second street and Maryport avenue,
John MatjQuillan, Provincial Manager
of the Dominion Building and Loan As*
sociation *as up last week to look after
the interests of his company.
The conirunioa will be dispensed in
the Presbyterian church at the close of
���the morning service next Sunday. Preparatory service on Fiiday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Kendall, with Mrs. Dick
inson of Victoria, who is their guest,
spent a week on tke shore of Puntiedge
Lake just before the return of the present hot spelL
The Board of Directors of the Comox
Agricultural-.Association met last night.
There will ke no alteration from last
year, as we aadersiaml, in the prixe list,
although there may be some changes in
the rules and regulations.
We regret to announce the death of
Mr. Dive Wlliami, formerly respected
resident of Oomox district. Mr. Williams
died in California where he had removed
some two years ago. His wife was expecting to join him very soon, when the
telegram was received announcing his
sudden death. His son, T. E. Williams
of Point Flotaes, left on Friday for California. We extend our sympathies to
the bereaved family.
The ente^ rising and lively Nanaimo
Mail says the "Chatter column by Reine      SOLICITORS, NOTARIES. 4c.
is one of theii nest features of the Union  Qffloe Room!, McPhe.t Moore B'Id'g aad at
Not One Man in
One Hu.idred
So inrettt hit money that it yields, in
twenty years, anything like the protit
afforded by a policy of Life insurance.
HIBTOBT) The percentage of individuals
PROVES fltit aii-nruuiil  in  linn!���*...,...
who aucoeed ia business
Notary Public.
Agent for the Alliance Fire
Insurance Company oILon
don and the Phoenix ot
Agent (or the Provincial
Building and Loan Association ot Toronto	
cau v no   - wno succeed in ui
THIS ') is small '
Nu old-line mutual life insurance company
has ever failed.
"  IS *
���Ten Cents a Day-53
Will buy for a man 35 yeara of age *a
$1,000 SO-Payment Life Policy, one
of the beat forma of insurance written
in tbe
Union Mutual Life
Insurance Company
Of Portland, Maine
l___ nJ..*-��
A Ml Line of furniture
Grarft & McGregor
Contractors, Builders and Undertakers
A Sound, Safa, Ably Managed, 1
 fit ���"
lanaged, (
ititutiou I
ds (
Kelitble Substantial Institution
J. B. EVANS, Provineitl Manager,
P.O. box 693 Vancouver, B. C.
For further information call oa
7. 3. DALBY,
With Jamet Abramt.
Union, B. C.
5acr�� Riocks
F. Ourran
A few hundred yards from the
Switch where the company's
new buildings are to be built.
! Choice 5 acre lots can be pur-
!        chased on easy terms.
Several good houses for sale
cheap���costing but a few
dollars more than ordinary
rent to purchase.
Barber Shop
;   Bathing
O. H. Fechner,
Quoiting Match.
A quoiting match will take place on
grounds of the Waverly House, to cnm_
mence on August, the 24th. Prizes of
Jt2, $8, and-$5 will be given. Entrance
fee, 50 cents. Those desiring to enter
should send er hand in their names to
Mr. Unswortb, landlord ofthe Waverly
P. 0. DRAWER   18.
We the undersigned hereby authorise
John Bruce to collect all accounts due the
estate of Robert Graham.
R. Grant)
H. Hamburger J- Trustees.
Real Estate and
Financial Broker
Cumberland Hotel.
Union, B.C.
The finest hotel building
Fixtures and Bar
North of Victoria,
And the best kept house.
Spacious Billiard Room
and new
Billiard and Pool Tables
Best of Wines and Liquors.
Puntiedge Bottling Works,
DAVID JONES, Proprietor,
���        MANUFACTURER OP        ���
Sartaparalla, Champagne Oidar, Iron Phosphates and Byrupi.
Bottler of Different Brando of   Lager Beer,  Steam Beer and Porter.
Agent for tho Union Brewery Company.
I presume we have nsed over
��� one hundred bottles of Piso's
Cure for Consumption in my
family, and I am continually advising others
to get it.   Undoubtedly it is the
I ever used.���~. C. Miltenbbbgeb, Clarion, Pa.,
Dec. 29,1894. 1 sell Piso's Cure for Consumption, and never have any com-,
plaints.���E. Shore*, Postmaster, ���*^T,io��rc3Sirs^**:|
Shorey, Kansas, Dec 21st, 189i ______f
PUnters & Paper Hahsers
[Wall   Paper and  Paint Store . .
jj Tinting and Kalsomining a specialty
Williams' Block, Third St.      Union,  B. C.
School and office stationery
at E. Pimbury & Co' drugs
H. A. Simpson
Barrister k solicitor. No's 2 & 4
Commercial Street.
2XJLSriAT2>CO,    23.   C.
J. A. Carthew
Prqperttfl' for sale in all parts oi the town.   Some very desirable residence properties cheap on small monthly payments.
Farm lands improved and unimproved in Comox District $10 to $50 per acre.
Some splendid lots on Dunsmuir Avenue.    Business and
dwelling houses tor rent.
Remits collected
Loans Negotiated
>��a   BM AGltlCUI/rUHE.
The buiU of products should bo condensed) and more Bold on tho hoof and
ln tin- fleece, and Ifiea In Llu.' buBhelj
thero should be moro system at.out;
our (arming, nnd a morn intelligent
calculation about tho probabilities;
more than all, tliere Bhould be lefca of
that credit sytem which leads to prodigality.
Go over and over tlie ploughed field
with the harrow as often ae you will,
and thoro will yot bo plaoos where
another turn of that Implement will
benefit. No other tool will bo tlno
ami make firm the soil ior bhe wheat
and neither fertiliser nor anything
else wiil make amends for its absence.
It i** a mueh more expensive process to restore worn-out lands than
to retain tlieir original fertility by
Judicious handling. Men who are
farming virgin lauds would best learn
this lesson in due senaon, or they will
learn it later to their cost, and their
That usually brings the better price
which Is known to have been grown
In a locality already famed tor it.
Do nut be afraid of producing too
much or a given crop in ouo region,
if there are good shipping facilities.
It is ln ]ust this -way that a region
builds up a reputation fur special
Orchard grass nia'kes n better mixture with clover, for some reasons,
than timothy, as thoy both bloom and
ripen about the same time, and hay
made of these grasses l-i of the vrry
best quality, having a high feeding
value for all purposes and for all
kinds of Stock. The comparative
value of nur grasses will bear a, littio
more study.
The tiller of tlio soil must give attention and personal supervision to
every part of Ids work, and never
leave the details of the management
to others. "There Is no manure like
the foot of the owner," Is a true proverb. During the season of planting) cultivating and harvesting the
crops, the farmer can nnt stay tiu
closely at home.
Local farmers*Should take an active
part in the yearly institutes, in the
discussions, giving their experience
with method* and results, not having
everything to tne speakers from
abroad. A free discussion of a given
practice is worth more than any ser-
mou which can be preached upon It,
"because it brings out tho weak points
,a.s well as the good ones.
Barbed wire is now so low in price
���tliat a man who builds a wire fence
can easily afford to build n good one,
Using wire enough to mako it proof
against any nnlmal, large or small;
but the newer fences without barbs
nre better In every respect, and will
turn the stock ns surely.
Are you looking for the key to hiic-
cess that you may securely lock up
your profits? then mature your stock
enrly; feed balanced rations, for they
are most economical; uso the by products, the straw and the fodder! look
after your machinery, that the sun
and the rain do not ruin it; do not
sell off fertility wlthnut restoring it
���there are several doors that need
If green erops for manuring are
ploughed under in Imt weather, in a
light soil, they have a tendency to
sour the land ; it is better to let them
grow until a little later. If they must
be ploughed under in midsummer, it
Is well to follow with ti coating nf
lime tn counteract the souring tendency.
High grain fuelling cau often be carried su far as to result in Injury to
the health of the animal; maintain always a due proportion of hearty and
bulky food in the ration. Liberal feed'
ing does not imply waste; pork is
not often made profitable when more
corn Is thrown out than the hugs can
eat up clean.
What is it costing you to grow your
stock up to tho marketable point ?
Estimate the pasturage by the rental
value of the land. It is not hard to
kuow the amount of hay or feed consumed each day or each week. If you
have taken any caro of tho manure,
it should pay fur housing and labor.
Do yuu find any need of inform In any
particular V
However large tin* acreage, a scant
pasture will nut enable cattle to make
as rapid growth as will one whicli is
flush. Oa tho latter they get all they
want without effort, and then He
down to digest their food, but on a
scant pasture they have to keep
going continually, and are slow to
take on fat.
No reason why a field should not
be brought and kept in a good state
of fertility just because It Is a pasture lot. H you make It afford better grazing it Is of as mueh benefit
to tlie farm aa II it were mado a
better meadow nr wheat field, (.'lean
out the rough and weedy places and
sow giass seed ; aim to make it. carry
more stuck  aud  earn  more  money.
Do uot permit the refuse cabbage
leaves and tho soft ami unsalable
heads to waste In the field, as thev
aro nutritious fund for all kinds of
stock. Feed them In the stall, If
possible, that they be not wasted,
or the stock can be turned into tin;
field as soon as the good heads have
been removed, ami before the rest
begin to  decay. ���
The poorest use that can In; made
of good feeding stuff after you have
. been to the trouble anil expense of
raising it, is to waste it on poor
stock. If you have such, sell it off,
even at a sacrifice, and buy half as
much wliich is really good with the
money.* The income will soon set
you far? ahead of where you wero
under the old order of things.
Tho composition of the corn cob Is
similar to that of tho htalk, ami they
are equal ln value to potatoes and
many or our grains, ami will compare most favorably with the straw
of most of our summer crops. No question but tbat cobs 'havo a considerable feeding value, and, If ground or
crushed, all anlmnls will eat them.
Our   agricultural    fairs often    fall I
slmrt of teaching lessons of practical
value to the farmer. If be were to
take the samples of breeding stock
shown as examples, and by over feeling put his own in such high condition, he would very nearl.v destroy
them fur the purpose for which he
"With beef cattle farmers are a little slow to make up their minds to
push to ripeness at the earliest possible age. They are somewhat deterred by the bugbear of "baby beef,"
but growers must know that the
only way to obtain a profit is to tnke
advantage of the quirk gain- which
may be made in the first 24 months
of a steer's life.
When the calf la three or four weeks
old, commence to feed It a little hay,
for It will develop its first stomach;
clover hay is best. Tl>nn force the
calves rapidly ah summer by giving
good pasturage, ami they will be in
Conditinn to be kept through the
winter without loss.
Nothing tends to turn the attention
of farmers to the improvement of the
mil king qualities uf their cows so
much as the advent of tho creamery,
it sets peoplo to thinking, and
teaches a discrimination in the capabilities of cows for profit in quantity
and quality of production. It should
not be that when ono wishes a good
cow he sliould be obliged to go on a
still hunt and try a dozen before be
Is successful. lie who sets about the
business of breeding a high grade of
milch cows for the trade at tliis time
perchance builds more wisely than
he  thluks.
AM grass and no grain is not conducive to a good flavor in butter. It
gives a grassy flavor ���wliich overrides the fine aroma we wish. Rank
red clover Is certain to do this, and
too much of- any one kind of meal
is as objectionable. Avoid extremes
of all kinds, keep things clean, and
success is pret.ty sure.
In the warmer climates, in summer, the moro approved plan for pasturing is to keep the cows in a darkened stable during the day with a
reasonable amount of ground feed
and silage, ami turn them out to
the fields at night, wiien the insect
world is nsleep. Thoy can then feed
At some of the experiment stations
potato^ have been fed to enws, sheep
nnd swine to test their value. They
advocate tlie feeding of these tubers
when very cheap and plenty. For
swine they should be cooked, and
either raw or cooked to fattening cattle, with hay, meal and other substances. They are good for young
"Where all the milk lias to be sold, of
course raising of calves is out of the
question, but they can be grown and
fattened without new milk after the
first week. They will do well on skim
milk, flax seed jelly, fine bran, gluten
feed and corn meal. Increase the
quantity, week by week.
Tho average cow is the culmination
of the thought of the average farmer;
she has not been fed right, bred right,
handled or cared for as she should be,
and is a wholesale robber of food,
which Bho never fully pays for. In a
year she consumes $iI5 worth of food,
and yields $25 worth of butter.
Force your enemy to keep your cow
if she does not make you 250 pounds of
butter yearly. Ynu refuse to hoe corn,
reap wheat with a sickle, cut wood
with a. dull axe, because it does not
pay ; then do not keep on with a cow
which ftnttens your pooketbook and
your ambition.
Tho dairy cow of to-day Is a long
way transformed frum the cow that
the sons of Jacob milked. The producing modern cow is the result of
"fussing." There is no such a thing as
overmuch care. Give her a warm
stable, keep her clean, give ner proper food In abundance, and work her
for all she is worth.
The more artificial a cow is made
the better producer she is, One which
is hardy enough to stand a Western
blizzard gives only a teacup full of
milk, because she Is existing under
''natural conditions." Nature would
say to let the cow run in the woods,
let the calf suck, aud eat colic on our
The time has arrived when fruit
trees must be sprayed, souped aad
ashed at no littio expense aud troublo
in order tn destroy the insects which
the birds had hitherto preyed upon.
If from a moral and humane point
there is not a stop put to the destruction of these useful and harmless
creatures, the foregoing use for them
In regions wliich suffer from the
killing of fruit buds by the late spring
trusts, and this means nearly every
region of our country, the coming of
these buds may be retarded by mulching the ground heavily after it Is frozen. This will prevent the sun from
warming the soli ami starting the
sap in the early spring.
For strawberries select a spot
where the garden product will come
off early aad cultivate away every
weed as soon as it appears. 'Manure
heavily and spade deeply. Repeat
this aliout the lst of September and
set the plants. Mulch heavily with
coarse manure, and seo that you do
not remove this mulch so early as to
start the blossoms in time for the
frost to catch them.
An orchard should havo a dry soil,
either naturally so or by drainage
from tiling. It should be at least
rich enough to produce a good crop of
coru, nnd Bhould be reinforced with
liberal manuring about the trees.
Au elevated sito will give greater
immunity from frosts.
The best profit In apple growing
will be found in producing large,
highly colored fruit, wliich may be
kept by cold storage until April or
.May, and then be brought out and
sold for fancy prices when the market is almost bare of fruit uf any
firing tn the surface every latent pain.
Rheumatism, neuralgia, lunibugo and
cnmplaiuts of a similar character hold
revel at this sefison of tiie year
amongst human nerves and human
muscles. The best, the most powerful
and most certain pain cure Is Nerviline. Nothing equals Nervilino for penetrating power. Nerviline is beyond
enmparison tiie grandest discovery for
the relief of paiu offered to the public.
Au Illness That Almost Oarrie
Away an Only Child,
She'Sulfered Terribly Prom Pains in
Back. Heart Trouble ancl Rheumatism Per Parents Almost Dispalred
of Her Recovery How It Was
Brouyht About.
(From tlie Arnprlor Chronicle.)
Porpapa there in uo better known
mau in Aruprior anl vicinity than
.Mr. Martin Brennan, who haa resided
iu the towu ior over a quarter ol a
century, uud has taken u foremost
part iu many u political campaign ln
North Lanark. A reporter ot tlie
Chronicle called at his residence uot
long ugo aud was made at home at
ouce. During a general conversation
Mr. Ilreunuu gavo the particulars ol
a remarkable cure in his family, lio
said: "My daughter, Eleanor Elizabeth, who is nuw 14 years of age,
was takea very ill in the summer oi.
1892 with back trouble, rheumatism,
aiul heart disease. Sho also became
terribly nervous aud could uot sleep.
We sent for a doctor and ho gave
her medicine which seemed to help
hur for a time, but she continued to
lo.*e iu flesh uutil she was terribly reduced. When first takeu 111 sho
weighed oue hundred pouuds, but became reduced to sixty pouuds, luslug
forty pouuds iu the course oi a lew
months. For about two years she
continued iu tuis condition, lier health
iu a most dejicate state, aud wo had
very little hiopes oi her ever getting
better. Our hopes, what littio we had,
wero entirely shattered wheu she
was takeu with a second attack
far more serious than the first. This
second attack took place about two
years alter the first. We uow fully
made up our minds tliat she could not
live, "but while thero is life there ls
hope," ami, seeing constantly in tho
newspapers tlie wonderful cures uf-
fected by tlie uso of Dr. Williams' Fink
FilU, we decided to give tliem a trial,
liefore she had finished the first box,
we uoticed that her appetite was
slightly improving and by the time
she had used a second box, a decided
improvement had taken placo. By
the time she had used four boxes
more she had regained her former
weight of oue hundred pounds and
wius as well its ever sho had beeu iu
her Hie. Her back troublo, heart
affection, rheumatism aud sleeplessness had ail disappeared, She uow
enjoys tie best of health, but still
continues to take an occasional piU
when she feels a little out of sorts,
aud so it pusses away. Mrs. lirennon,
together with the young lady, wbo
ls un ouly child, were present durlnjj
the recital, and all wero loud in their
praises of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. Mr.
Brenuau also stated tliat he had used
the pills himself, aud believed that
there was no other medicine like them
for building up a weakened system or
driving away a wearied feeling; ln
fact he thought that as a blood tonic
they were away ahead of all other
Dr. Williams' I'ink Pills act directly
upon the blood and nerves, building
them auew ami thus driving disease
from the syBtem. There is uo troublo
due to either of thene causes which
Piuk PUls will uot cure, und in hundreds of cases they huvo restored patients to heultli after all other remedies had failed. Ask for Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills and take nothing else. The
genuine nro always Inclosed ln boxes,
tlio wrapper around which bears the
full trade mark, " Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills for Pale People." May be had
from all dealers or sent postpaid on
receipt ol 50. centa a box or six boxes
for $2.r,0 by addressing the Dr. Williama' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
LONDON, SEPT. 10 TO 19, 1S96,
The best Live Stock Market iu Canada. Buyers and sellers gather in
large numbers. Every owber of pure bred stock should be represented. The
grandest buildings in America, accommodation near perfection. Make your
entries and Ret located at once. Send for Prize List, Map of Ontario and
CAPT. A. W, PORTE, President,
THOS. A. BROWNE, Secretary.
Everything thc farmer sells Li low.    Who    ,
sells low to him ?   We havu repeatedly refused-
to join, and, then'fort., defeated windmill combinations, and have. Bit-ice '8fl, reduced the cost of 1
wind power to one-sixth what it waa. 1
We lielieve in low prices, high grades 1
and large sales.    No one knows the 1
best pump or prices until he knows I
ours.    Wc make short hand and long I
power stroke pumps, with best seam- f
less brass tube cylinder, lower than J
irou ones���a 2!$ x t(i inch at(3.13. Tell /
yonrdoaler. Buy none other, Aermotor prices and ,
goods are always best.   Through gratitude, and .
because we are price makers, and aro saTcst to A
deal y.'ith, the world lias Riven us moro than half
Its windmill business. Wo have so branch houses-
one near you.   Writo for lttnutifully Illustrated circular.^
Folding   Dress Skirts.
Dregs skirts sliould be folded on tlio
right side when thoy aro packed. This
produces fewer    wrinkles    thnn    tho
" iuslde-out " method.
Don't be n fool; know whnt you
want ami refuse to be Imposed upou
by greedy dealers when they attempt
to palm off sorei producing substitutes
for Putnam's Corn Extractor, the only
Bafei sure and painless corn cure. Putnam's Corn Extractor is the best, the
safest ami only painless corn remedy.
For Leather Chairs.
To restore shabby-luokiug leather
chairs to their pristine fresh ness**
wipe them with a slightly damp cloth
and then rub dry. Beat the whito of
an egg to a stiff froth ami rub Into
tlio leather with a soft cloth.
Diseased blood, constipation and kidney, liver and bowel trouble are cured
by KaiTw Clovor Hoot Tea.
Still in the Parquet.
"What did Mabel do when alio discovered the law didn't allow Iter to
wonr her big hat In tho theatre?"
* She bought a tortoise-shell comb a
quarter ot a yard wide."
Uo sure nnd use that old and well-tried
remedy, Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup for children teething. It soothes
the chilil, softens the gums, allays nil
pain, cures wind colic and is the best
remedy for diarrhoea. Twenty-five
cents a bottle.
Kerosene for Polishing.
Kerosene la an admirable furniture
polish.    It Imparts a fine gloss, removes some stains and preserves the
wood from tlio ravages  of insects.
Thousands of cases of consumption,
asthma, coughs, colds and croup are
cured evory day by Shlloh's Cure.
K.  D. C. Pills are Kuarltm<���>d  lo /tllDE?
tliis   trouble   or   money   refunded.   VUnEi
C.rta CmmIu It. 0. C- CO., Ltd.. New QlMsow,
rree oampiBS. n.��" *��� et,,. st., ___m, ___\
Aug. 31 to Sept. 12,
New Departments,
Superior Attractions,
Latest Inventions.
Cheap Excursions from Everywhere.
For Prize lists and Entry Forma, etc., address
J. J. WITHROW,      H. J. HILL,
President Manager, Toronto
For making a delicious \ealth drink nt, small
cost. KeoTpo��� Adams' Ginger Beer Extract,
ono bottle; Fleischninnn's.yeast, one-halt to one
cake; sugar, two pounds; cream of tartar,
one-half ounce; lukewarm water, two gallons.'
Dissolve the sugar, oream of tartar and yeast
in tlio water, add the extract, and bottle; place
in a warm place (or twenty-four hours until it
torments, then place on (oe, when it will open
sparkling, cool and delicious.
The Ginger Beer can be obtained iu all drug
and grocery stores in lu-cuno bottles to make
two gallons.
$150 For an Old Canadian Stamp.
Every Canadian stamp used between 1851 ana
1895 is valuable and worth from 10c to $150 each
1 buy auy quantity, on the original covers pre
forrod. Also all other kinds ol stamps, portion
larly those collected 25 years ago. Send for
price list to 0. A. NEEDHAM, U5J Main stree
east, Hamilton, Out
lias no equal for restoring a neaitny growth of
beautiful httlr on bald,heads, Cures dandrutf,
prevents Ihe hair falling out, makes it soft and
filky, keeps the hair from turninggruy.sooihes
the head anil se[ilp'undft>revent 9 early baldness.
For sale by all wholesale and retail druggists.
Mail orders promptly attended to, free of
express charge, on receipt of 50c and ��1 por
bottle or six largo bottles tor |5,
Special inducements  to  (Iiu  trade     Test!
monials freo ou application,
395 Quoeu atreet west, Toronto,
Sole manufacturer.
Eminent physicians are now prescribing aid
highly recommend tlie new remedy, "Oriental
ruts, for Impotency, debility, losses, etc., in
men. Remedies heretofore employed have
been most discouraging to thc patient. Oriental Pills encourage from tho first dose and give
untold satisfaction at the finish. Wo import
the genuine pill and will mall them securely
bmted to any address for one dollar. Phjsl
oiins supplied at wholesale rates.
Victoria street. Toronto.
Agents for Canad.
ISSUE NO   32  1S86.
In replying to any, ol (beat kc.
verUiesientt, pleaa. mention tha.
Sandusky, Windsor, Detroit Soo Line.
��� Windsor every Tuesday and Friday at 2.30
p.m., Sarnia 10 p, ni*. Uoderich Wednesday
and Saturday 8 a. m,. Kincardine 11 a. tu.. Port)
Elgin 6 p. m., through 10,000 ISLAND ARCHIPELAGO OF GEORGIAN HAY. Finest round
irip in America, meals and berth included,
from Toronto or Hamilton ��18.50, may return
hy Wiudsor and Detroit (ono way). For folders,
berths, etc, apply to any agent C. P. It. or G.
T. It., or writo G. W, Hrown, Mgr., Windsor1
Ont, for full information.;
Stratford, Ontario,
A large, fiaaly*equtpped, old-established in-
ht it utfou! Only one kind of business education
(Hven aud thnt "tho best." Graduates always
successful This school enjoys a continental
reputation for tirst -class work. None bettor in
Canada. Attend this college if you want the
best at tlie lowest* eosi. Elegant catalogues
free. W, J. ELLIOTT, Principal,
Founded   1829.
M. A.; LLJ D,
The College will re-open on SEPTEMBER
uiu. Full particulars about admission will
be furnished on application lo the principal.
Us largo grouud?, healthy site, splendid
fchool buildings, thoroughly equipped and
efficient staff, combine io make the College a
mosl desirable Bchool (or residential pupils.
Heer Park, Toronto, July, 18SKJ.
The :t7th year will open Sept. 8th. 1890. The
oldest and best equipped ladies' college iu
Canada. Full courses in Literature, .Music,
Art, Elocution. Book-keeping, etc. Ovor 150
moiiis. I'ljM* organ in building. Send forcata
logue.  Term- very moderate.  Address
A. BURNS, I). D., LL. !>., Principal.
Corner Yonge and college streets. Toronto,
Out., leads all ot Iters iu successful teaching
and high results. Write now for full Information about our courses of study. Terms, etc.,
~   taught by mail,   Trial lessons free.    Ad-
drcpstlou. J. Kolloy, PreflOOtt, On.,
Tuition Fees Reduced to $25.
should learn to operate on horses' teeth. School
now in session.   Apply to
Principal of tlie Toronto Veterinary Dental
ISO King street weat,
Toronto, Ont.
DOGS.    DOfiS.    DOGS.
Send und get a dog. Any breed you want
una at very low prices to clear soiueofour
stock, Also send wo for a box of Geo. Lucas
Mange Ouro for Doga.
Ve tori nary Dentist,
.'ill King street went,
Toronto, Ont.
Best Trusses   m&d. by
OOBENWEND   C !. & T.  00.,
383 Queen st.w. Toronto \*
Tlie gintit jiowiler In the blast
Ia blowing uj> the* boulders ;
The maiden with pneumutlo sleeves
Is blowing up her shoulders.
The baker to the kitchen raalil
Is blowing up his crumpets;
The milkman in the lower hall
Is blowing up the trumpets.
The gentle zephyr from the south
Is blowing the narcissus;
Tha cook wlio thinks sho knows It all
Is blowing up tho " missus,"
The father, clown upon his knees,
Is blowing up tho fires;
The daughter in her bloomer suit,
Is blowing up her tires.
Expensive Conceit, but of Vory Pretty
ISennlssnnce liteo of a fine quality
to often used to border dinner cloths
ol fine, heavy, plain table linen. The
borders ure of varying widths,, from
��� to 12 inches nnd an insertion of
the mme Ince borders that part of
tbe cloth that rests on the table
Hnsslnn In "e In edges nnd Insertions Is also used to enrich handsome dinner cloths. It Is somewhat
expensive but laundries beautifully,
and as such cloths are only for occasional use and carefully looked nfter
It may be said to wear lorever.
This pretty style is suitnble for
many materials, lu gruss-iawn over a
colored slip It sliouiu De edged round
the scallops with narrow lace over
nn accprdion-pltatod l'ru'jt, which may
miteli either the iinim* or the grass-
lawn. It would make a neat house
dress In blue alpaca, edged with a
pleating of satin ribbon and .a colored
front and collar.
Training Turkish Oris.
Turkish   girls  of   the  better  class
ln   the cities,   after thoy    are    too
old   to attend   the primary schools,
aro  largely educated  ut    home    by
governesses,   many of    whom    come
from England and France, but,    unfortunately,   do not    represent    the
highest  culture of these nations, so
thnt real iove of "study la not, as a
rule, developed under their Influence.
Turkish   women have  a great aptitude  for*   foreign    languages,     and
those   met  on   tho steamers of   the
Bosphortui   often  speak   French, and
It ls not unusual for thom to speak
German  nnd  English   nlso. It   is   a
well-known fact tliat many Turkish
women   are engaged  In trade, some
of   them  carrying  on an    extensive
business.  Involving frequent Journeys
to  Egypt  and   other places,   which
presupposes  tho ability  to rend and
write, as well as somo knowledge of
arithmetic.    Moreover,    conversation
witli the Mussulman womnn   In   the
capital reveals somo progress nt the
present   tlmo    ln   ' Independence     of
thought,  and,    while    social    conditions  huve unavoidably arrested* the
development of Turkish women ns a
class,  forces ore  slowly hut    surely
working among them  thnt will result  In their  final emancipation.
Jackets for Evening Wear.
I. f y\)
��** j
straltjacket ? How terribly she must
suffer 1 She���Oh, I don't know. I've
seen plenty of jackets that looked
worse than that.
New Servant Girl (a t the house telephone)���No, the master Is not in, and
be and the mistress cannot come to
your house next Sunday, because I am
going out myself.
He���Why should I seo your father?
hnsn't he told you tliat he would nl-
low you to marry any man you
wanted to ? She���Yes, dear, but he
hadn't 6een you then.
"Thero Is going to be a wonderful
eclipse of the moon next week." "Well,
'<eep quiet about '% If my wife finds
it out she will insist on linving a new
dress for the occuslon."
" Have you decided where you will
go tills Bummer V" " No. My wifo nlways waits until some neighbor with
a grudge against us recommends tlio
worst spot on tho contineut."
"Talk about a man breaking his
heart," snid nn old lady. "Well,perhaps ho does, but It's liko a lobster
breaking one of ids claws���another
sprouts out nt once and tnkes its
Ethel (Joyously)���Charlie proposed to
mo last night. .Maude���Yes, I know it.
Ethel���Why, how do you know It V
Maude���I met him this morning, and
nsked him what mnde him look so
bluo, and he sold you had accepted
him.        _
The Army Worm and Moth and Its
Deadly Ei*emy.
Iu 1S8S I'rof. Fletcher In his address to tho Entomological Society ol
Ontario referred to tne army worm
(Leucanla uuipacta) as being common in Canada, but rarely causing
serious damage. He said i
A fact wliich has frequently beon
observod with regard to tliese caterpillars, aud one whicli gives great
comfort, is that whenever tliey increase largely in numbers, they aro
Invariably checked by the appearance
of friendly parasitic Insects. It must
be remembered that all insects are
not Injurious, but on the other hand
that many tire very beneficial, preying upon and destroying Injurious
kinds. These belong to different natural ordere * * * Of the Dlptera or
two-winged flies, tliere nre several
species of Tachina flies, which closely
resemble our common house flies.
These lay their eggs on the surfaco
of tho skin of the caterpilier. to
which they ndhere firmly. When the
young maggot hatches, it eats its
way through the skin Into the body
of its host and thrives at its expense.
|; ��� �� ��� (SOS������������ JS ��� i ,j ii j. jj j.svivi
����s>l'$llllStmSS5 i 5 i . r.iSS��j|
It Is sueh n dreadful i 'ina to wait
There's so much  I want to know.!
Oh, 1 wish it did not take so long
Ior us  boys  nnd  gii*;��� to growl
Please tell me now why I can't see
Wheu He ean see me all dny;
And    what du tho unguis in heaven
Just talk and slug nnd pray?
Eminent Physicians Deny tlie Existence of Hydrophobia,
A novel Jacket fur evening wear lias
been designed hy a fashionable Vienna iinnii.ste. It iu a loose Jacket in
bell shape, with a high standing collar divided Into four sections, whicli
are turned down nt right angles.
Tliere arc eight deep pleats, wliich are
rather full and which lend the very
curious bell-shape to the Jacket. The
Hleovcs are quito full upon tho shoulder, but alnio.st tight fitting upon tbe
lower arms, ending ln scallops similar to those of tiio collar at tho
wrists. Tho Jacket Is niacin, of crepe
or other light-weight material, nnd Is
Intended for cool summer evenings.
Flings at the Sex.
Hnzcl-I wonder why he has never
said that ho loves me. Nutte���Perhaps
he lias not dared to Interrupt you.
*' Weil, -what do you think I That
old goo^e offers himself in this letter!"
"I don't blame him! lie's tired of
being refusod."
44 "What a heap of style ���Jinimlo
Watson's wifo throws on ?" " Oh,
yes; Jlmmle started iv bicycle repair
shop last week."���Cleveland , Plain
She���"We women go to tho seashore
���la order to have as Ilttlo as possible
on our minds. He���Then you nro
ready to admit that women think
only of dress ?
He���See that woman patient In the
lio, bus a float*
of which serve
it  tlie
Concentrated Extract.
Nature ls     always   stronger
Mauy people regard it as legitimate
business to rob tbeir kin.
Every mun believes that he Is the
only man who gets punished for bis
Henrys Lake, In Ida
ing Island) tho trees
ns sails.
��� The leaves of a
Guiana are so rough
used as snml paper.
When a dog finds a dog ho eau
whip, you can't keep hini off It. A
good many men aro the same way.
Tho difference between theory ami
faet Is the difference between tbo
work you actually ilo and Intend to
do. ,  ���
When an angry   woman begins   to
brush the dandruff off ber husband's
t collar, it Indicates  that she is
ready to mnko up.
In Xew Zealand there are miles upon
miles of forests of kauri trees which
average over 200 feet Iu height und
50 feot, in girth.
Near Chcstortown. Md., thero Is a
small lako called Still Pond, which
bas never been known to he ruffled,
even by thc most violent storms. It
never freezes.
Tho BovLstu glgnnteu. a species of
fungi, wili grow in ono night from
the Size of a pea to as largo ns a
watermelon. Its increase of cells per
minute has heen estimated at OfJ,-
Kansas City  Banks refuse to pay
out any more gold.
Etlqn otte���Pol I tenoss
frills and furbelows.
Why mayn't I kpow before-1 grow up
Why sister is deaf and bliud?
God mado us, you say, and   I    am
Ilo Is always good and kind.
And tben  this puzzles    mc quite as
But nu  one will  tell nie true,���
{1 know   it  is  naughty to 'tense' so
But what i-va boy to do1'.')
What makes It wrong fur  mamma to
smoke V
She's Just as good as oan be;
If papa ean drink his heer ami wino,
Uow could it hurt mamma and mo?
Please tell me now���I can understand,
Because I  can think  just so cpdck!
If you'd 'say It In plain buy-talk
It wouldn't be much uf a trick I
Somo of tbe people who live on the
edge of the Maine woods have beeu betwixt tlie "devil and tlie deep sea,"
ns tlio phrase is, says the Lowiston
Journal, with the game law on one
sido of them and the disposition of tlie
protected animals to be neighborly on
tbo oiher. Said a woman iu the Piscataquis bnckwoods:
"A deer can be tamed as easily as
nny other animal, and sometimes they
nro bound to be tamed whether you
want tbem or not. A few years ago
a young deer came out with our cattle ano grazed around with them and
came up to the barnyard at night. lie
didn't seem a bit frightened and I
gavo it some milk. It drank readily
and next day wanted some more. I
could pnt it and fondle it as well as I
could a cosset Iamb, It stayed around
with our eattlo for several wecks.when
one day a game warden came and
said I was liable to a jtenaUy
for keeping the deer and feeding it.
Theu I tried to drive it away and
tho "way he would come up ln spite
of my threats ami attempts to scare
it and coax for milk was pitiful to
see. I had tbe hardest work to make
him go away and for a long time
he'd keep coming back to our place."
A similar case occurred in Portland
last summer, where a seal came to a
fisherman's boat and followed it for
a number ol days and would'nt be
driven off.
These Instances of tamo "wild"
animals remind a .Maine gentlemunof
what bo saw in Mayfield a few years
ago. He was driving through that
town, and at a place where l\e stopped, his hostess, a handsome young
woman, asked him if lie wanted to
see a deer. Taking a dish with some
grain iu it or something of that sort,
she went down the lane to tlie edge
of the woods and stopped, calling in
a low tone some name. Presently a
fine large buck came out of tho woods
and trotted up to her as tame as any
colt could be. lie stuck bis nose in the
dish and munched the food, while sho
patted his neck nnd talked to him.
When she left him to como back to
the house he followed her to the fence
nnd seemed really anxious to go to the
hOU3e, too.���Boston Transcript.
Just a little hoy, that is ail*
Bis father's pride and  mother's Joy.
Most of all;
He has a winning littio way,   ���
Though he   is pranking all the day, |
Which gets him muny frowns
And scoldings.
Worst of all.
Me is a romping little fellow*
Never ugly or ill-willed ;
Kot at all,
Yet mischievous, honest, frank,
While Ids  merry oyea  are brimming
With the joy.
That nover palls.
When the tired little feet
Are smuggled up to rest.
Tliis thought recall;
Of th:.1 little curly bead
Nestled down, ids prayers are said
And the angels guard his bed.
Now for all.
Then do not chide their merry pranksi
Bather givo the Lord th,V thanks,
And reflect;
Thnt ir those  little feet  were still
Then respect.
Vour aching heart would fill;
Forever,  what n ehliL
The children's  little joys.
"Do you thiuk uur mother would
let you have another piece of cako,
WillieV" "Oh, yes, i la'um. Sho
tuld mo to bo sure ami gut filled up
while I  had  the chance,''
Jlmmle���I'll tell you what we'll do.
We'll play lawn fete. Bobble���An'
I'll bo tho man what says damn.
Jhnmie���I'm goin' to tell your mamma. Yuu swored. Bobble���Didn't
nutlier. That's what papa alius says
when mamma pays  lawn  fete.
A littio four-yen r-old occupied an
upper berth in the sleeping cnr.
Awaking once In the middle of the
night, bis mother oskgd him if he
knew where lie was. " Toursa I do,"
he replied, "I'm iu the top drawer."
"I should like to seo a nice, fat
goose," said a customer, entering
tho poultry shop. "Yes, sir," answered the hoy. " Father'll be down
Tommy���Pop, what's a critic?
Tommy's Pop���A critic, my buy, Is a
man who gets pail for telling other
peoplo how they might to do things
that be couldn't possibly do himself.
Arises in Dread and ls Purely fan Eflect
of Terror   Ought We to Revise Our
Ideas on the Subject Altogether ?
The following letter, accompanied by
numerous approving opinions of physicians, Is sent out by the Philadelphia
Medical Society:
We have observed witb regret numerous sensational stories OoncernlUg
alleged mad dugs, nnd tho terrihle results to human beings bitten by them,
whicli are published frum time to time
In the newspapers. Such accounts
frighten people Into various nervous
disorders and cause brutal treatment
uf animals suspected of madness', and
yet there is upou record a great mass
uf testimony from physicians assorting the extreme rarity of hydrophobia
even in the dog, while many medical
men of wido experience aro of tho
opinion that if it develops in human
beings at ull, it Is only on extremely
rare occasions that the condition of
hysterical excitement in man described
by newspapers as "hydrophobia" Is
merely a series of symptoms, due usually to a dread oi the disease, such
dread being caused by realistic newspaper and other reports acting upon
the imaginations of persons scratched
or bitteu by uuimals suspected of
Tho Into Dr. Hiram Corson, whose
praotlcu extended ovor a period of
seventy years, during which time he
searched diligently for the disease .n
man or animal, wrote under date of
Jau. isth, 1890, "I have never had
a real case of hydrophobia."
Ur. Traill Green, a physician like Pr.
Corson, accurate in observation, careful in statement, and whose practice
nlso extends over a long period, writes
uuder date of Jan. 28th* WQti, " 1 liavo
uever had a ca*-o of hydrophobia, nor
havo I ever soea a case" in the practice of other physicians.
Dr. Matthew Wuods, who bas been
in ifuest of the disease for twenty
years, and who during two summers
personally visited every caso reported
iu Philadelphia, assorts that hu never
saw hydrophobia either in ' man
or animal, and although six
years ago, at tlio conclusion of
a paper uu the subject road beiore a
large audience, he offered $100 to any
person bringing him such a patient,
yet so far no ouo has claimed the reward. Dr. Woods furthermore adds
tbat although he has questioned many
physicians on tlie subject be has nut
yet found oue who lias ever seen hydrophobia either iu man or animal.
At    the   Philadelphia   Dog Pound,
where, on au average, over six thuii-
saud <U,U00j vagrant dogs are taken
up annually, and where ibe catchers
and keep.rs are frequently bitten While
handling them, not oue case of hydrophobia iias occurred during its entire
histury of twenty-live years, iu which
time abuut 160,000 dogs were ban lied.
The    well-known speciali.-t, Dr. Kdward <J. Spltzka, Professor of Medical
Jurisprudence aud of tbe Anatomy and
Physiulogy of tbe NervoUe .system in
tlio X.6W York Post-Graduate School
of M.swiciue, aud President oi the Neurological Society, writes :' Much of the
observation of suspicious dugs is made
through optics disturbed by fear, aud
by persons incompetent to   interpret
what they   see."    ''Notwithstanding
every effort," he continues, ''made by
the    writer    tu    secure    the    observation     of     rubies     in      man      or
dog,   not   a   single   opportunity   has
offered  tself    during    the last eight
years" {the period or bis observation.)
Tho recoru of thu Londou Hospital
a few years ago showed l'.UOS persuns
bitten by angry dogs.  Nono of   them
developed hydrophubin.     St. George's
Hospital,   London,   ri cords -i,UOU patients bitteu by dugs supposed to have
been mau,   No oase uf hydrophobia.
In tiie record uf ail tho diseases
which have occurred at tho Pennsylvania Hospital in a hundred and forty ,
years only twu oases whicli wore supposed tu bu hydrophobia havo occurred. Une of these, however, tho
ouly one submitted tu bacteriological
tent, did nut co.ifirm tho diagnosis
" hydrophobia,'' and the municipal
authorities refused to accept tho
death as oue from the disease.
Elnally. Dr. Chas. \V. Dulles, lecturer
on tiie history of medicine at thu University of Pennsylvania, who has
bad tho honor ui being repeatedly appointed by the Medical Societies of
the State tu investigate rabies,
and has read various papers uu tlie
subject heluro tbe American Medical
Association, the College of Physicians
���r   Philadelphia,     tho   Philadelphia
The Deacon's Pall.
" You say that Deacon Sum iters
wiw not at church this morning ? I
wonder if it La possible that be can
have fallen from grace?"
"No; 1 understand that be fell
from bis bicycle and broke his noso."
���Cleveland Leader.
Mrs. Crcognn���Ami how ls Tommy
getting along at tbo school ?
Mrs. Sbaughnessy ���Splendid- Tho
teacher ls that fond uf him that she
kripus him wid her half au hour nfter
the other hoys go homo nearly every
day of tho wuko.
Hia Fretui-enee.
PueuthMis Judge��� Which  WOUld
"The railroad service to Chicago Is
so poor," 'said Miss Biff, who had Just
returned.   " Why, on the way out Mr.
i Biff had to'set bis watch  nn hour bo-
dressed      lu   hind time, so that we could get in on
schedule time,"
County Medical Society, tbe Medical
Society of Pennsylvania, the Medico-
Legal Society uf Sew York, and iias
corresponded on the subject with
most of tho distinguished medical men
of Europe, a physician familiar both
with the literature Of rabies, the history of Pasteur and the institutions
cadet! by ids name, and who in addition has performed the almost Incredible task of investigating, either
personally ur by correspondence with
tho physician Or others in attendance, every caso reported in the
newspapers of the Lulled States
for tho past sixteen ytutrs, shows
tliat hydrophobia iiA-xtremely rare,
so much so that he inclines to the
view thnt " thore is no such sped*
flu malady," having, "after sixteen
years of investigation failed to find a
siiiglo caso ou record that can lie
conclusively proved to have resulted
from tho bite of a dug or any other
In view, therefore, of the importance to tho community of the abovo
statements, may we -not appeal to
the press for the widest publication
and fur tho future suppression in Its
columns of such alarming; and misleading reports as we have abovo
Indicated? Their prominence and
the nir of reality they give tu what
aro but erroneous Interpretations of
phenomena having an entirely different meaning cause much suffering,
especially to nervous persons, nnd
also much cruelty to man's faithful
companion, the confidimr dog.
rather be, a horse or an ass?
Young        Lawyer���An      ass
Faoetioufl Judge ���Why not a
Young Lawyer���They never become
Ways and Means.
"How," demanded the advocate of
etpial suffrage, lmpassionedly, " are
women to be induced to stop and reflect V"
"Put up mirrors."
They searched for him who had
spoken, but found liim not, nor knew
they aught of hhn except that be must
bo a supporter of tlie nncient regime
and an observer of human nature.
Her head   nestled  trustingly  on his
shoulder, yet there was a. tremor of
apprehension In iter  voice when she
suid: "Reginald,  do you think  that
mortals    aro ever permitted to    enjoy unallowed happiness ?"
" My poor little one," he answered,
how much of life you have   ,   been
missing.     It ls very evident that you
_ uever had a clmnce to open a
jack put with three aces."
First Lady���Do you sec that man
over thero V Well, I want to tell you
about him. He's a mast insulting
creature. 1 got into the electric tho
other day and he gavo me bis seat.
After I had been seated, perhaps a
mile or so, he comes up to me, nnd,
he says: "If you are rested, marm,
I think   I'll  tako  my seat again."
Second Lady���Mercy! What did
you say?
First Lady���Say! I said nothing,
Unit I gave him such a look.
Second Lady���Ancl served him
right! Tbe presumption .of tho monster 1���Boston  Transcript.
A Few LaufthF.
Between    the  hotel proprietor and
the mosquitoes, the visitor to the sen-
shore finds  himself    greatly  troubled
with bills.
"Let mo take the blamed thing
home," said the patient, as the dentist relieved hlui of an aching molar.
"I want to tnko it home and poke
sugar iu It to seo it ache."
Brown���Confoun 1 it! There's that
mosquito again. Smith���Well, dou't
ship your face like tliat. "He'll take It
fur an encore.
Speaking of bog cholera, Miss Blunt
remarked the other day, as she hung
to the strap, " What a pity It
wouldn't break out hi our street cars."
" Now, luok tore," said the professor ,
to the infuriated hull, "you are my
superior in strength; but I am your
superior in mind. Let us arbitrate the
matter aud seo which should by right
havo the better of the controversy."
"Oh. no," replied the bull; "let's toss
up for it."  And the professor lost.,.
Wife���How are you pleased with dur
new maid ? , Husband���Very much !
Wife���I thought so ; I have discharged
Congealed Fun.
Leading Prohibitionist���And how
far is your rural homo from the nearest rum shop ?
The Indlsoret farmer���Why, It's only
a half dozen rods or so. You could
easily crawl home on your hands an'
knees on th' darkest night an' not
miss tho way.
Old Qotroks���What's   that? Marry
my daughter V Bah 1���Marriage Is an
insane desire on the part of a   young     '
man to pay a young woman's board.
Charley Hardup (rattled)���Xot with
me It Isn't, Mr. Gotroks ; nothing Is
farther from my thoughts.
" They   even   preached nl>out bicycling nt   Bridget's Church,  mamma."
" Why, how do you know?"
" I  hoard Bridget say the text was,
'Blessed are   the pacemakers."1
Father���I don't soo why ynu want
to marry Jack Singleton. Be doesn't
a mon nt to uny thing, and 1 never
heard ol a single thing lie could clo
Daughter (eagerly)���Oh. you don't
know! ilo is Just splendid to ride a
tondam bicycle with.
"Julia wdiat did that poor man Kay
when you gave him that lovely bunch
of daisies V"
"He said he would much rather
have a good 'wiled cabbage."���Chicago Record,
you going to call
Mr. Boelette���Ar<
on the ������~~~~Ma\9Mt\~U
Mrs. Socletle���I would lie perfectly willing to call on her, but I don't
wnnt to meet bor husband.
" Oh, I guess there's no danger of
meeting bim. They've boon married
six weeks.
Mrs. Slocum (to her husband's chum)
���Tom, I wish you'd break George of
playing poker.
The Chum���I did break him onlv last
Tommy���Pop, what is thfi difference
between a political.editorial and a
screed ?
Tommy's pop���Well, If It favors your
political party It's an editorial, and
if It favors the other side It's a screed.
���Philadelphia  Record. G. A. McBain & Co.,   Real Estate   Brokers, Nanaimo, B.C
0��t our prim before buying elsewhere.
Yon ma get t plug of T & B tobacco for
JOeat Hamburger'i.
The oouoert at Cumtenay Thursday will
be the event cf the week.
The cheapest and best fruit jars and
jam kettles at Grant & McGregors.
Yoa will twre all tbe way frum live to
thirty oenta on every dollar by dealiiig at
We notice many going to Hamburger's
attracted doubtlem by his cheap cash prices.
The cash plan Hems to he popular.
TheCaah Grocery Store leads fnr prices. Fresh Fruits end vegetables arriving daily.    Potatoes      cents per sick.
Frank Dalby, !)r. Scharschmidt, Stanley Riggs, Charley Van Houten and
Dan Willard left Saturday night for Oyster Kiver.
For   Rent.���The butcher shop at
Union fitted up ready for business, lately
���*    occupied by A. C. Fulton.    Call on him
or enquire of A, Urquhart, Comox.
For Sai.k or Rent���My bouse and
Livery stable in Comox. Possession
given September ist. Apply to mc at
J. C. Woods.
Although I am in the store recently ncou.
pied bv J. W. Langman, I wish it to be
known, that I bave not bought a pair of
boots or shoe from his stook. My footwear
is all now and up to date.
R. Campbell,
Mrs. Birmingham and children wile
of Win. Binning ham, Esq. a prominent
business man of Tacoma, and a director
ofthe Pacific National Bank, expected on
to-morrovvs's steamer. Mrs. Birmingham
will be the guest ot Mrs. Whitney
A party from Viotoria, Moaners, Chas.
Bnslily, Geo. Garden, W. S, B. Young.
were ap ohtenasilily for li-hing but it leaked
oat, on a proapeuting trip. The hidden
wealth known to alt around us, is attracting
the attention of Capitalists and we predict it
will be only a short while before we behold
a rash to Comox District. The gentlemen
wero guest of the Conrtenay Honse.
Won^ Vee Hup, the highest officer of
the Free Masons Society, died Saturday
Aug. 15th, at 2:30 p. m. He owned in
partenership a big garden, near Gleason's
boarding hnuse, and had peddled vegetables in Union for a long time. Now
the garden belongs by agreement to
Chonjc Wall a Chinese merchant,   x
On lut Wednesday a pirty composed of
Messrs Aacher Martin, Viotoria, Fred Mar
tin, Hamilton, T. and R. Law, Winnipeg,
visited this district. These gentlemen are
capitalists, and pui.up with that genial host
Mr. A- McO.dlum, at Courtenay, Mr.
McCallum wan driviug over the country
w th tho party on Thursday, showing them
tho fertile valley aud grand icenery of our
district. We are informed the party ex*
pressed themselves interested aud probaly
Will return, and ic is thought, will invest in
property here.
We notice by ndmtismentB now before
the publio, that the choir of the Uniou Pres.
byterian Ohnruh  proposes giving a Grand
Concert in the Hall at Courtenay, on Thursday evening, this week. Tbo bill of fare ia
one of the best that we have Been for a long
time and knowing as we do, the ability of
the performers, the public may rest assured
of a musical treat. Wc would advise everj -
one who enjoys the strains of music���and
who does not? -to come to the hall nest
Thursday evening and listen to the Glees,
Scotch Songs, Quartettes, Recitations,
Solos, Duet* and other parts of ths Program.
Adventurious Trip.
Messrs Robert limes anl Duncan McRae
have rcturud from a trip to the lalco. These
during Nimrods umlur*vont sntiie no tl ex
perieuces during their three days trip. A
recital of their adventures, as given by Mr,
Mo Rae, nhould convince any ono that no
otber auoh happy hunting ground is to he
found in all the range of earth's wilder-
On Tuesday, Duncan sighted a grouse,
and was smitten with a longing to bag the
game. He drow a bead on the lilrd'a head
and there was a sudden death. As he sto.ip
ed to piuk up th-* fluttering remains a cold
clammy stream trickled from the tree down
his neck. Looking up suddenly, he imagined he had struck an oit spring, for a copious flow of a syrupy liquid trickled freely
from the bullet wound in the tree.
The bullet had penetrated a bue tree and
had damaged the combs of an enormous
store-house of honey. While ongaged in Ba
ving a few gallons of this liquid, ho heard a
racket in the interior of tlm tree. A short
while's vigorous exerciso with an axe made
an opening, and it was discovered that the
nether hollow of the tree was the home of a
family of racoons. These animals were
greatly disturbed over the drenching with
hmioy to which they were being treated.
Eleven racoons wero promptly bagged and
thn work of hooey Hiving proceeded  with.
Jn crossiug the lake Duaoan had the misfortune to fill overb.tard, but a few vigorous strokes brought him safe to shore. On
pulling off bis gum boots to empty them of
their water supply, he found to bis surprise,
five large trout in one boot and three iu the
The racoons, the trout, and two and a
half gallons of the honey were brought to
Uniou aud viewed by thoir many friends.
These gentlemen intend returning in the
near futuro for the Imlanco of tbe honey ami
another cargo of Hah.
Sad Accident.
On Tuesday afternoon abuut fivo o'clock
Mrs. Lewis fell from her wagon, rocoiviug a
very servere shock.
Mrs. Lewis was arranging for a seat in
tho luck part of the wagon, when tho horse
started, she lost her balance and fell, striking on the baok of hor head, with such
terrible forco as to render her unconscious.
The accident occurred Third street corner
Windermere avenue, Mr, Sullivan carried
the unconscious lady iuto Mr, MoLeod's resi'
dence, whero Dr. Jelfi attsnded her until
oonsoious.iess returned. Mr.'ani Mrs. Mc
Leod were exceedingly kind in offeri-ig their
houso aod services, as wore the many who
hastened to the soene of the accident. Later
Mrs, Lewis was removed to the houie of
M. Whitney, whore she was attended by Dr.
Jell's until she was taken home, on Wednesday afternoon. Mrs, Anderton, an experienced nnrse remained with Mrs. Lewis
until she was taken to Courtenay.
Subscribe for THE NEWS $2.00 per
Cash is King,
Prices Always light,
When tie Money is in
Bargains in Dry Goods. Clothing and  Men's Furnishings,   Summer  Goods,
Straw Hats and Millinery at Cost.
Remember our new
Stand, first door east
of Piket's Hall.
J. F. DOYLE, Manager
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public
Office:���First Street, Union, B. 0.
GSS ^iy����Si��r!g&:^J2gg��Z^
%  Dentistry ln allTts Branches   |
(0     Plato work, lilliug ami extracting    8]
ffl Oflico opposite Waverly Hotel, Union Bj
\)    Hour,���9 a.m. to 5 p.m. aud from    $
~& (I p.m. to 8 p.m. Hi
����S3@32����@3 ~y&&yt'yey^'^exyz&'J$!
Clocks, watches, books
and stationery.
T. D. McLean
���:JBWELEB i���
One mile .ind a half fiom Union: contains 160 acres and will be disposed of at
a low figure,   Enquire of
James Abrams.
This Inn, located about three miles out
from ni in n ui Cu'tsuiy Rnul
is no* open for business A (jood
bar will be kept, and the comfort ol the
guests carefully attended to. (Jive us a
Mrs. |ones and daughter, Mrs. Hilbert
of Nanaimo, left for home on Friday after a pleasant visit lo old friends at Courtenay.
Admission to the concert at Courtenay
Thursday night has been reduced to 2,cts
What was the racket around tha stable
pump Sunday afternoon?
Kechner's barber shop shines like Dandy Jim ol Carol na. Thetib: Id is the a ���
Mr. Blakey and wife have not left.
x-GO TO-x
for the   suvr-itstq-
Latest       Novelties
A Fashionable Trimmer
(Late of Sloan & Soott1--)
la turning out anme Dainty Creations in
A choice Pelection of Flowers,
Jet Ornaments and Ribbons
dust Received.
Esquimalt & Nanaimo By.
Time  Table  No.   26,
To take effect at 8 a.m. on Saturday, March
illst, 18%.   Trains run uu Pacific
. Standard time.
Lv. Victoria for Nanaimo and I A. M. I 1*. M.
Wellington  I   8.0(1 |   .1.110
Ar. Naniilmt   I 11.3.11 7.23
Ar. WolliiiKlon I   lilll) I   7.45
T~A M   I   r M
I Dally, j Snt'cly.
Lv. Wol'lngton for Victoria  I   S.'4   1   1.1.',
Lv. Nanaimo for Victoria...- !  8 4.1    I   l.:i:i
Ar. Victoria  I  lia) I   800
For rates and information apply  at Company's ofllcos,
President. (len'l Supt
(Sen. Freight antl Passenger Ant
Contracts and Day Work
0    Address���MiitsiiKiiwa, Japanese
ftj   Boarding. House, next Brick yard.
Boot anh Shoe Shop
All kinds made to order
Repairing done.
H. Kij.i.s
Next Klllpntrick's Stable.
The modern standard Family Medicine : Cures the
common every-day
ills of humanity.
"An Act to Prevent   Certain   Animals ftom Sunning at Large���1896"
Stock owners are hereby notified to
keep all Swine, Stallions of one year old
and upwards, and Bulls over nine months
old, under proper enclosure, as all am-
mats of these descriptions, found running
at large will be dealt with under the pro*
r sions of the Act referred to.
Coniox, li. C.      W. li. Anderson,
June 7th, 1896. Gov't Agent.
Good Oil for Light CHEAP
PISH Everyother Day
Nanaimo Cigar Factory
Phillip Gable and Co., Prop's
Bastion Btreet    ���   Nanaimo B. 0
Manufactures the finest cigars and
employes none but white labor.
Why purchase inferior foreign cigars
when you can obtain a superior arm
CLE foi the same money
Carner of Button ud Commercial
Streets, Nanaimo, B. C.
Branch Offiuk, Third Street and Dummuir
Avenue, B. G.
Will be in Union the 3rd Wednesday of
each month and-remain ten days.
1 have moved into my new shop on
Dunsmuir Avenue, wherel am prepared
to manufacture and repair all kinds of
men's, women's, and children's shoes.
Give me a call.
I have --in nr,limited supply
of money lor loans on the security of farming property at
low rates of interest. Loans
put through expeditiously.
Mortgages purchased. Insurance effected.
Nanaimo, B. C,
P. 0. Drawer 17
Take E. Pimbury* Co's
Balsamic Elixir for coughs
and colds.
Hungarian flour $1.35 per sack, pastry flour $1.30
per sack, B.C. granulated sugar $5.50 for 100 lbs.,
American coal oil $3.25 per case $1.65 per tin, Rex
hams, 16cts per lb., breakfast bacon isctspcr lb.;
rolled oats, 7 lb. sacks 3octs. 10 lb. sack 45cts.; oat
meal 40cts. 10 lb. sacks.
Dried Fruits���-apples, prunes and peaches 2 lbs.
 for .2 5 cents	
No. 1, m.m. tea $1.50 for 5 lb.
Canned Vegetables���10 cans corn and beans $1,9
cans tomatoes $1,8 cans peas $ 1
Lard���5 lb pails 70 cents, 10 lb tins $1.40    '
Best salmon 10 tins for $1


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