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The Weekly News Aug 22, 1894

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G. A. McBain & Co.
al Estate Brok
Nanaimo,  B. C.
G. A. McBain & Co.
Real Estate Brokers
<A Nanaimo, B. C.
NO. 93-
$2.00 PER YE.4R
McKim's Store.
Gent's Furnishing
Orders Taken for Custom Made Suits.
Financial and General Commission Broker,
Canada Permanent Loan and Savings Company, Toronto.
Citizens' Building Society of Nanaimo,
Scottish Union and National Insurance Company.
Hartford Fire Insurance Company.
Union Fire Insurance Oompany of London, England.
Eastern Fire Assurance Company, of Halifax.
Phcenix Fire Assurance Co., of London, England.
Sun Life Assurance Co, of Canada.
Great Northern  Railway.
Money to Loan on Improved Farm Property.
0. W. KARN �� CO'S
Organs and Pianos stand   without a   rival; have received
the last gold medal given by the Dominion of Canada, and the
last gold medal given by the Toronto Industrial Exhibition.
For further information and catalogue apply to
Or Grant & McGregor, Nanaimo
Union, B. C. Agent for Vancouver Island.
Union Meat
*-T-*- Market.
ways on hand.
Vegetables  etc.
**="*"-     Vessels   supplied on the shortest notice,
Simon   Leiser,   Prop.
Puntiedge Bottling
Sarsaparalla and Champagne Cider, Iron Phosphates, Syrup
Bottler of Different lirands of Lager Beer Steam Beer and Porter
Agent for the Union Brewery Company.
Courtenay B.  C.
Largest Stock of General Merchandise in the
Vievv and Complete Stock of Household Furniture,    Splendid line of Carpets, Window
Shades and Japanese  Matting.
We Invite inspection of our stock of Spring
and Summer Dress Goods, Hats, Laces,
Flowers, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc. etc
Gents Furnishings a specialty.
comoik:, bo.
rs �� Dealers in
Flour ft Feed Dry Goods
Farm Produce Boots ft Shoes
Fancy Groceries Hardwaie
Crockery ft Glassware Paint ft Oils
Gents Furnishing*
Patent Medicines
Sportsmens Supplies a Speciality
Union Mines
Furniture    Store.
A  Full   L,ine of Everything.
Including Granite and
Grant & McGregor Props
Ice Cream Parlors.
Tji*q-io^r, :b, a
Soda Water, Candies, Stationery and Books,
Presided over by Miss  Knapp.
Imported and Domestic Cigars.   Briar and Meerschaum Goods.
Ihe Above Stores Adjoin, Where Everything of the beet in their Rer.pect.ive
lines will be found.
A. W. Mclntyre, Prop.
E. pipibury & Co.
Has Opened at Cumberland in the
nsOG^o Stationery SToi;
Where the Best of Everything in Their Line is Kept.
p. Duppe
-:IS  -tTO-OT-  XjOC-A-TE-D -&-T:-
UNION,   B. C.
Opposite the Waverly House, Where He h.s on Display One of tho Finest
Stocks of Woolens Ever Shown in British Columbia.
Mrs. Mary Riley, (Late  of Boston is now
in  charge of our Dressmaking Department.
Best Styles aid Satisfaction guaranteed.
,',',   Simon Leiser, Prop.
Latest Novelties.
Suitings, Coatings and
Thos. C. Morgan,
The Tailor.
Olflce 'At. Present,)
First Floor, Cumberland Hotel.
County Court of Nanaimo.
A sitting of tlie abnvc court will be
holdcn at Comox on Wednesday lhe 29th
day ol August 1894 at the hour of 3 in thc
afternoon at the Court House, Comox.
Nanaimo, H. Stanton
lotli July 1894. Deputy Register.
Dunn? my temporary absence from
thc Province, Mr. T. Newness holds my
power of attorney.
J. & Holmes.
Now is Your Chance.
J. Abrams has received a luge consignment of sailings which have been delayed
od the road. They will go ebeap. Suits
for 920 and upwards.
First Bricks.
The first bricks ever turned out in Comox District have been produced by
Mr. W. Walter. The kiln was opened
on Monday and the product is 30,000 of
as fne bricks as one would care to see.
They are firm, fine grained, and of a
bright deep red brick color. Two specimen bricks are on exhibition at the
News office. Another year, tile will
probably be manufactured at Mr. Walter's yard' He is to be congratulated on
his success, and his neighbors are half
as ->lad as he is.
The Riverside hotel was so crowded on
Mcnday night that two or three boarders
had to be "farmed out."
Union Flashes
Pay-day, probably, next Saturday.
The Mineola will be duo next Saturday,
The Glory of the Seas may be expected at
any time.
The Tr pic wu in and took a load of coal
for the C. P. R.
Ship J. D. Peters, left Saturday night for
San Francisco witb 1500 tons of coal,
Str. Maid of Orleans left Saturday, tak*
ing a load of cos) for Tacoma, Wash.
Gov. Inspector Dick weat below last
The choir of the Methodist church here
was re-organized last Thursday night.
The Catholic Chapel is partly up. It will
be neat, convenient, but unpretentious.
The school opened here last week Monday with 130 pupils.
J. Howard Mackenzie will depart for the
east in two or three weeks.
There will be a big dance at the Cumberland Hotel Thursday night.
Menrs A. W. Taylor and W. F. Sargeant
are here representing Tbe Slough Creek
Mining Co. of Cariboo,
Mr. James Smith's little son had two ol
its fingers on its left hand out olean off last
Saturday, by a blow from a sharp axe in the
hands of its little sister.
The contract for grading and preparing
the track on the railway to the new shaft
ready tor the rails hu been awarded to
John G. McDuffy of Victoria.
The little son of Mr. Walker, the railway
conductor, wu fatally burned Monday after
noon, his dress hsviug accidentally caught
fire, Everything possible wu done but
without avail.
Mr. L. W. Fonqnier hu taken over the
lease from G. A. McBain & Co; of the new
building just completed, next to Abrams.
He bu leased one of the stores to Mr.
Dnnne, the fashionable tailor from Van.
At The Waverly were registered A. Taylor, of Viotoria; W. F, Sargent, of Tacoma;
W. McNiooll, of Nsnaimn; Wm. White,
nf Nanaimo: Miss Weston of Victoria, and
the Victoria fishing party elsewhere mentioned.
Lwt week when the bain wu below to
meet the boat, on Friday morning it met
with an olulruction about a mile below
Trent River bridge. A large tree had fallen somas the track, aud it became necessary
to send to the wharf to procure a saw to
cut It na it oould be removed. The steamer
wu delayed two hours, awaiting its arrival.
The new lamps for the Methodist church
here have arrived from Harrisbnrgh, Pa,
Tbey consist of two ohsndeliers of six lights
each, sad five bracket lsmpa. They are
provided with glolms snd shades. They
have been selected with good judgement snd
add not a littio to the appearance of tho
church for which they will be, however no
less useful than ornamental.
The dwelling of Mr. C, P. Collis is usum
ing proportion*. Judging from present
outlines it is a character house, represent-
ing no particular school, but rather its owner. It will be roomy, pleasant, supplied
with sbundant verandahs, covered with a
continuation of the main roof. The divisions at present indicate but little the use of
the various rooms, bat it will unfold u the
work proceeds, we suppose,
Tbe Rev. J, H.   Higgins  preached his
farewell sermon lant Sunday. It was very
impressive and wu listened to by a large
congregation. Much regret is expressed at
his departure not only in his church circle
but among tbe general public. He hu, bow
ever never liein detached from his old society in the etut who want him back, and
whom he only left on account of -impaired
health, trusting that a change of climate
might benefit. Ho now feels strong enough
to resume his work there which is very congenial It is not likely he will be allowed
to depart without some formal expression
of the esteem in which he is held here.
Ua Friday he will leave for Nanaimo
where he will supply Rev, Mr. McRae's pul
pit next Sunday. From there he will go
direct, U is understood, tn Manitoba visiting
his brother, after which he will ptooeed to
hia home in Ontario.
For the noxt three months Rev. Alex.
Young, M. A. formerly of Wellington, will
minister to the flock here, by whioh time an
assignment will be mado by the Presbytery.
A small party consisting of Ed. Wood,
Alf Pearce, Duncan Bouncy, T. White, J.
White, J. Gilchrist, Dan Marsh and Joe
Walker loft Saturday evening for Oyster
Rivor fnr a day's outing in the woods. There
they met Joe Stewart, and Tom Backus of
Valdes Island and all passed a very pleasant
time in the umbragioua shade, until Duncan
Bonny got hold of a potato, and tried to
swallow it. This he found a difficult job
"Potatoes thor grow largo over there
Over there, over thero
After 15 minutes of heavy pounding on
the back, in which the numbers of the party took turns, the ponderous tuber wu dislodged.
Fcrnwnod Heights is destined to become
the most fashionable and popular, u it certainly is the most delightful part of Cumber
land, Mr. C. P. Colli", of tho Union store,
will move up there with hia family u soon
u their new residence fa finished, A little
eut ii where James Cathew, the architect,
with his family resides. With Mr.' 'itthew's
familv aro staying tho two accomplished lady teachers of Union School, A little
farther OMt, and wo como to the charming
cottage where Col Jos. McKim and wife
have their home, and next to him fa a vacant lot where sooner or later Mr. Ed. Mo-
Kim snd wife will reside, and after pawning
by a few lots near the Courtenay road, or
Third streets, is the fine residence of Mr.
John Denton and family. The status of the
place is fixed as every one owns tho residence
in whioh he lives. Fernwood Heights commands a magnificent view; overlooking the
town and forest bolt beyond, buck of
whioh rise the many peaked snow capped
Louis Garesehe, Ross Eokard and N. D,
Maoaulay of Viotoria oame up on the steamer
and made a j* Ily fishing party. Giresche
was registered u Old Sport, Eekhard u
Rosea and Macaulay u Chappy. The Cour
teaay River wu first visited. Tbey skin*
ned the surface of the water with a fly, and
handled their lines with a skill whioh showed thoy were truo deciples of Isaac Walton.
They kept a small boy whom tbey hired for
the occasion, busy stringing the fi-ih. Tho
trout were very gamy weighing fully three
pounds and aome exceeding this figure, by a
half a pound or so. Landing them wm
greet sport and it was in most coses necos*
.sary to let them have the line and take a
spin down the stream. They took a nice
mess along with tbem, and gave several
small boys tbey met a few fiah to take homo
They also visited the lake and met wub
fine luck, bnt u they used a boat, they did
not think it oame up to the river fishing,
certainly the sport wu not equal. They
expressed themselves u thoroughly delighted. Although they had expected to find
plenty of fish they were utonisbed at their
site and fine
1 they n
Wanderings From  Comox.
Mo. EC.
That afternoon 1 went across to the
sports, and helped tbe peanut men to a
certain extent. I next went to the wharf
which was a floating one and socn turned
out to be a sinking one owing to the
crowd While I was standing in three
inches of water a slight acquaintance of
mine tried to stand on my feet. I told
him they were plenty big enough for two
but he was a little two heavy. So, all of
a sudden tbey slipped from under him
and he gracefully touched tbe water on a
horizontal line. Then a hcavybuilt fellow
with brass buttons stepped up 10 me, but
when he reached me I wasn't there; and
as 1 went out into deeper water he reckoned that I wasn't worth while going af.
ter. I agreed witb liim. 1 finally got on
to the boat all right and wanting to get
up in the world, climbed thc mast witb a
lot of other hobos. To tell the truih
there wan't room for me and my feet on
deck. There being a fair wind we got
around on time which ended my Dominion Day celebration.
Now I had an idea of going fishing and
making a big stake, but lost all my partners but one. He kept putting me off
until I got impatient to start. About
this time the ss. Cutch ran into tbe main
water pipe, so my mill was shut down
for want of watei,'and I meandered with
J. IJ. Dennett, Esq. for a few days a-
round the depot. He had gotten rid of
the females, and appeared in better spirits, but I could get nothing nut of him
but advice, and having got all of that I
could carry I looked up my old partner.
He said we would go on the Fraser on
Friday, "Allright", says I; but no later.
Friday came, and he said he would go
on Monday. I told him to go and be
hanged. Then he got even on his land
lord, and I took French leave of my
hotel, boarded the ss. Premier and said
good by to Vancouver. We were soon
out in the Gulf. The famous Comox
trapper, Harry King, was on aboard, so
we kept each other's tongues going. He
pointed out different landmarks, including
Mt. Uaker, mouth of the Fraser, etc.
We jawed so much that a party of tourists hung around to hear us; so we talk
cd for their benefit. Harry saw some
calves on an island and said if he had
his rifle he would pop off one of those
cayotes. Then he called my attention to
a badger shelf on the bank, saying those
Indians stepped pretty near tbe water
line and would soon, etc. When we got
about halfway across one ofthe tourists,
said, says he, "I say Cholly we're in a bad
part ofthe country, you "know." When
tbe boat stopped we investigated. We
were told she had the colic. We laid at
anchor for four hours. I tried to 'get a
cushioned seat to lie down, but too late,
all reserved. Then I laid on the floor
with the poorer class and slept until the
whistle blew as we were going into. Victoria harbour. I jumped up and went
full tilt against one ofthe flunkies. He
was going to thresh me, but after looking
at me awhile changed his mind. I am
glad he did for naturally I was not in the
best of humor being cold, hungry and
sleeping, and I might have fortten myself. When I got on deck I heard an
Englishman ask a flunkey if there would
be any hacks waiting for him. The flunkey said he would get him a back.
There won't be many down as late at
this?   No.
How many will there be?
An American traveler became interested and turning toward him  shouted.���
You blamed fool! How many does it
take to carry you?
The Englishman took a journey for his
I didn't at all like the looks ofa gent
in brass bottons standing by the gang
plank. I expected him t.r walk up and
ask me for my board bill, but  be didn't.
Harry King and I went up to the Do-
minion hotel and went to roost. I got
up at about 8:30 a.m. and quickly got
nut side ofa large quantity of mush, mutton chop, pie, etc. Then I started to
paint the town a sunset color, after which
1 got a steerage ticket for San Francisco
The questions tbe ticket man asked me
would make a veteran burglar in a Police
Court sick. Did 1 have more than $30?
I told bun I had now but wouldn't after
I paid for my ticket. Was I ever in jail?
I told him it was none of bis business.
Was I going to see a relation? I said no
I was going to see tbe sights. Where
was I from originally? I said from home.
Where was that? Where it always was,
said I. Was I married? That was
enough. I (old him to give mc that
ticket as I was in a hurry. He told me
an immigrant bad to answer these questions. I told him I was a tourist, but answered the rest of the questions; laid
down an X, got a little slip of paper, left
and soon boarded tbe Umatilla and waited for the bell to ring. Will it ever do
so? I thought. Ves, tbe cables are
thrown nfT, the propellor is turning, wc
are moving, and farewell to dear old B.
C. and ring in the land of sunshine���
bright sweet flowery, grape and orange
producing California.
[My band 10 my forehead with a smart
slap.] Horrible thought) 1 forgot to
pay my board bill in Vancouver.
(ieo. Finley.
(To bo Cnntlniiml.l
Prom the Far North.
Mr. Lindsay, lessee of The Waverly
has received a letter from a sister on
board the ss. Jesse H. Freeman at Port
Clarance, Arctic Ocean. It seems strange
to hear from a section so far north, but a
few adventurous ones seem determined
lhat the polar regions shall yield up lheir
secrets, and the husband of this lady
means that they shall also yield up a fortune in whale's nil. We quote some interesting items 1
"We got into the drift ice on tbe [3th
of April and on the 15th the ship was
frozen in solid, and there wc had to stay
for six weeks, ll was off tbe coast of Siberia, on the way lo East Eakic Siberia
where we arrived on thh 5th of June that
we found eight other vessels trading with
thc natives. Will bought hundreds of
firs for winter clothing and nlso boots
nude by tlie natives. Their women sew
tbem very merely. In a few clays we expect the Tender from San Francisco with
mail and supplies. Then we go north
and will winter nt Herschel Island near
the mouth of McKenzie Kiver where we
expeel to have plenty of venison. There
arc four ladies beside myself who will
winter with us, and two of them have
children. We will not get any more
mail until August of next year, We
have the sun day and night and it is not
dark at all, snd in the winter there will be
42 days of darkness to make up for it."
Local Brevities.
Last week there was a pleasant surprise party dance at Wm.   Harmston's.
The appeal for aid for the Fraser Kiver sufferers still continues,
H M: S. Koyal Author will arrive, it is
expected at Comox Hay (Wednesday.)
Monday afternoon the San Mateo left
fort Los Angelos for Union Wharf.
The Agricultural Exhibition at Courtenay will be held on Oct it.
Great Uritain officially announces tier
neutrality in the Japan���China war.
The republic of Hawaii has been form
ally recognized by the United States,
Lady bugs from Australia go free
through tbe U. S. mails,
K. J. Wenbom of Nanaimo has sold
an English Scorcher (bicycle) to Mi-.s
Mr. Cotton, leader of tbe Opposition-
having served his term of three months)
is now free.
For Sale.���A Jersey bull, full pedigree. Apply to John Piket, Cumberland
Hotel, Union
Monday, Mrs Sam Dnvis passed a bad
day but Tuesday appeared to be slightly
On Thursday the 23rd inst there will
be a picnic of the Sunday school on
Judge Crease's farm Denman Island.
Wm. Morton, of Nanaimo, arrived nn
ibe Joan Wednesday to visit his ranch
on Payne Sound.
The amount contributed by Mr. J. A.
Pritchard toward the Fraser River Fund
was $2.50 instead of the smaller amount
previously published.
Monday afternoon the unusual sight of
9 teams were seen at one time on  and ,,
near the Courtenay bridge.   The street
was   chocked up like Broadway,   New
Mr. J. C. Morrison who was stationed
at Denman Island as assistant to Rev.
John Robson, has given up his work
there and returned to college to complete
his studies.
Peter. Jackson declares he will not
fight south under any circumstances.
Now let him go a step further and announce that he will not fight north, east
or west.
Mrs. Horace Smith of Black Creek
and Mrs. Horace Smith ofthe Ray, nnd
Miss Mable Smith returned on Wednesday from a visit to Fanny Bay where
they had a pleasant outing.
Mr. L.   H.   Nnrthey of Victoria bas
purcbashed what is knownas theGrnh.im
swamp.    He is well pleased   with  ibe   ^
countrt*, and will be up again Wednesday, 22nd.
The Courtenay House was crowded
last week with out of town visitors. Th**-rc
were registered, L. A. Northey, Ross Kc-
kard, Louis Garesehe, W. Atkins and
wife and N. D. Maciu'ey of Victoria, and
A. H. Home and family of Nanaimo.
While there are two precincts to hem
frnm yet the returns from the other portions of Cassiar are sufficient to show
that Caot. lrviny is elected. If Hume
acts with the Government tbe parties
will stand Government 22; Opposition
N. D. Mncauly of the Victoria Lumber and Mnnnfactoring Co, while here
spoke hopefully of the lumber trade.
Prices had risen $1.50 per thousand oil
logs be said, and the company would
open logging camps in the timber limits
up the settlement in tbe spring, arid
float tbe lo/s down the Tsolum River.
Wc desire to acknowledge the receipt
ofa basket ot magnificent blackberries
from the garden of Mrs. Wm. Smith,
Tbey were large, lu-*nnus and as excellent to the taste as they were fine in appearance. A couple of branches from
thc vines covered with the beauties were
fit to be photographed, but the temptation to cat them was so gicat that, alas!
when W. C. Pierce came around, tbey
had dissappcared.
Thc Courtenay post office received a
pleasant call, last Thursday from Mr. A.
H. Home, thc Nanaimo posimaster. It
had been many years since he was up
here last and Courtenay was then a howling wilderness. He is said to have
bought tbe first fowls iutothisdistrict.and
many of lhe middle aged men and women
here were old schoolmates of his, while it
is said lie recognized in some of tbe state
Iv matrons an erstwhile sweetheart. His
father was for a considerable time man*
Hgcr of ibe Hudson Hay Co's store at tbe
Indian ranchcrie.
Mr. |. Wi McKenzie, the judicial black
smith, was out fishing m the Courtenay
last Frid.iy. He threw out his line bailed with a flv into the stream, Soon a fine
trout weighing some ihree or four pounds
took In the fly and with it an ugly book,
and then gave a turn around a root
which ran under lhe protruding bank.
Not being able to see the situation from
where he stond or to draw in the fish-
the blacksmith, like Zacchcus, climbed ,\
iree, lo get a better view. While there,
lhe fish made out into tbe stream wiib
the line and fishing rod. Nol only thai,
but ibe jacket which hnd been thrown nff
preparatory to do:ng the tree act, and
had fallen upon ibe fishing rod. bad been
pulled Into the water and was swlftlv
final ing down towards ihfn^ulf. The
property along wilh the fish *wa>. finally
secured; but a picture of tbe urchins what
lined lhe bridge, delighted witness ofthe
fun, is reserved for the next issue.
No More Road Work.
Owing to tbe appropriaiion for Como*
District being nearly exhausted, the Gov.
eminent will l)e unable it Is expected lo
do any more road work this sea*-on. It
will be necessary to have a liltle for e-
���Ya/ and December
"I would rather be an old man's dar-
Hgg than a young man's slave," thought
Miss Caroline Sutton of Hornby Island,
and so in spite of remonstrances of relatives and the great disparity in years she
boldly went from her home, and on the
ifiili instant was united in marriage to
Mr. Chas McFarlanc at his residence on
Denman Island, the Rev. Jno. Robson
officiating. The blushing bride bas seen
it is reported but 16 summers, the white
haired spouse is verging lmori 70. Mr.
McFarland is a wellto do fanner, wbo is
popularly assumed to be snme to yean
younger than bit twin brother. PRACTICAL FARMING.
Feed the Sod.
"With ordinary farm or stable manure,
it will generally pay to uae some potash
for corn ; l'i*) to   ISO pounda ot muriate uf
potash lias given profitable results."���Prof-
Brooks, Massaohusetta agricultural college.
Very true, farmyard manure fa rather
one-sided having uu excess of nitrogen, and
a vast amount of organic matter, which
will keep tip nitrification in the noil, but
r* deficient iu potash. But I hnve long
been of the opinion that the cumulative
process of indirect fertilization for all of
ul lhe ordinary grain and aide crops ��i the
farm is decidedly better than to apply
iln'su manures and fertilizers directly
tlm aale crop. Ami then tlie effort to help
uul the deficiency in the stable manure by
adding potash to it, while good in itself
is rather an uncertain and indefinite prfic
lice und makes tho proper distribution of
llie potash difficult,
The corn crop is alwaya better if planted
upon a buried sod, nnd the sod is always
belter tl manured the yearboforo il ia )>uri<
ml. The place for all ilicmaniiriaUcsuimi*
I.it inn ot the farm is on a sod that ia to bu
plowed for corn ttio following year, Tho
sod ia helped, and gives tatter results dur
mg that year and the manure ih gotten into
better condition to feed the ensuing corn
crop than if applied firstly to it. The sod
needs tii- potash too antl nhuulit get it ull
So after putting all the manure you can
make on thu nod give it iu addition all the
potaali aud phosphoric acid you can allord.
They will not get away from you. The
wonderful absorptive power of the soil will
hold them for the future crop, and the well
fed sod wil) give you a bigger crop of corn
for it. With that increased mass of organic
matter, the process of nitrification will go
on rapidly through all the hot weather
during which com makea itu growth, and
whatever nitrogeu may have escaped in top
ui.'Miug th*) Hod will he made up many
times over.
I would a.lvi.il! the uae of not less than
201) pounds of muriate of potash per acre on
tlm sot], and that the home-made manure
be made to stretch as far as posdlble. The
manure can lie hauled out on the sod all
mi miner as fast as made and thus save the
enormous waste of leaving it in the yard,
mid Die hurry skurry to get it on land to
he planted in the spring. Use your manure
and your fertilizers to feed a sod ami trust
the sod tc feed your crops aud you will
never he diaappointed.
Cows at Pasture,
We have never settled to our satisfai
lion whether or not it paid to feed cows
grain at pasture. The experiments
this line do not set ths the question for tliey
do not take into consideration the fact that
all tho gain there may bo from feeding
grain does not show itself immediately,
A horse in training for a big race goes
through montha of steady preparation; a
week'n training doea hut little good. It
is the constant repetition of his work that
hardens hia muscles und pieparea him for
the final cITort.
May it. noi be so wilh cons which receive a little grain while at pasture? Does
not thia grain keep them in better condition
uud prepare them for a greater effort at
giving a large How oi milk during the winter months or a summer drouth? We are
of the opinion that it does uml behove that
l his is why the experiments, in whicli ono
lot of cowa have hail grain for ten days and
another none, and then the two lota changed
aliout have not shown any material gain for
the grain fed.
bike the week of training for tbo racehorse, the abort trial of grain does not prepare the cowa for a Inrger flow of milk. It
takes preparation for all great efforts and
cowa that are wanted to give a large and
steady flow nf milk for 10 or 11 months of
each j ear must he prepared for it, Hup*
iioao that our experimenters had taken two
lota of cow*-) which had received only au
ordinary grain ration during tho winter,
ami which had been giving about an equal
quantity of milk, and upon turning to
paature the grain was stopped entirely to
one lot but fed all slimmer to the uext
would not tho cows which received grain
givo enough more milk during the summer
fall aud winter to pay a profit on the grain
Dairy Granules.
Half the farmers would he better off if
they would destroy half the cowa they own,
test every cow and keep none that will not
make .'100 pounda of butter per year.
A cheap priced machino or cow, like u
ahuddy coat, may ho the deareBt in the
end. 'teat you cows. Compare quantity
with quality, Study individuality, Don't
expect the firat doctrine to apply in dairy
ini* uny more than in money. Vour return
wiil he nearly in proportion to tho capital
employed, for I believe that but few iluiry*
men yot feed to the point of securing the
best pecuniary returns
Every fanner who makes thu keoping und
care of utock any part of his businesa should
bave at least some knowledge of the disease
ot the animals ho keeps and of suilab'o re'
medies. A veterinary knowledge is a*
closely connected with the propor cure of
domestic animals that it has come to he
almost a necessity that the progressive
farmer should bave acquired mil]i-*ii*iii.
knowledge to discover and  treat common
A cool climate, pun* nir, clear water, a
grasfl-pruiluciug soil, are all-import ant
elements in thu produotion of nice milk,
'.ream and hotter. Cows should he kindly
treated, made comfortable and kept clean,
Nice butter cannot Iw made from polluted
milk. Clean milk ia obtained only from
tho carefully oleaned cow. No dung, dust
or dirt should ho allowed to fall into the
milk. Ample time must be given and due
pains muat )>o laken to properly prepare
the cowa for milking. A card and brush
sod a oloth wiper are neces-mry to have ami
to use.
Wo feed our cows two foddering! of good
hay, and a quart each of cotton -seed, corn
meal and shorts in the morning aud the
same at night, watoring twico a -Iny in
tho winter. Jn June and July we do not
feet! them at all in the barn. We have tried
feeding other kinds of grain, hut do not
get as good results. Calling two and ono
half pounds of cheese equal to ono pound
of butter, OUr OOffl havo averaged a little
hetter ihan *t00 pounds of butter the last
A goorl farmer feeda hia ensilage and
grain rations together, mixed. He aaya
he " gets good reaults," giving tho credit
to the alio. Another runs his hay through
u hay cutter ami mixes the grain ration
with it. He says, "it pays," giving tho
credit chiefly to the fine cut hav. Tho
advantage gained in either case's is in
mixing the coarse and line feed together.
Hy so doing it is all chewed over again
that being theseoret of the improvement.
Drain is worth more f��d after the hay
than hefore, as it ia more likely to get into
the cud, thus becoming better ground and
digest '
One of the most perfect pieces of tnechau-
ism in the human body is the haiul.
South Carolina ia the only state iu whicli
no ollicial record ot marriages ia kept.
ibilciu, a new sweetening subalance, iB
said to l-i-'J'J.'i times sweeter than sugar.
There are ti'>0 ht-.i-.i9, 1,891 birds mi 1
Md reptilea in the London zoological-
Statistics ahow that the growth of great
foreign ciliea haa been even more rapid than
our own.
Aluminum ia now used ai a substitute
for leather in hiiildiug up the heels of bnota
and ohoe-i.
A Spanish musician haa devised a Byatem
of musical notation hy which sharps and
llats aru doue away with.
At Had Cliff, Col., a woman candidate
for mayor was defeated at a recent election
largely hy the votes of women.
A wood-.-none is now made of aawdust,
cement and magnoBia, which can be sawed,
planed or bored like natural wood.
It was said of both Athens and Rome that
so numerous wero the temples antl statues
of go-it it was easier to find a god than a
Lettuce was eaten by the an clouts at the
close of meals, aa, from ita cooling quality,
it was considered au antidote to the heating
effects of wine.
Electrical weaviug machines are in use in
(iormany. Seamless stockings with double
heels are rattled out of each machine at the
rate of eleven pairs an hour.
In the coal region of Kansas they have
begun to mine coal hy electricity. Two
coal cutter-*, operated by electrical current
are uow iu use, and the results are very
The ramie fibre ia tough and weara well.
It ia said that in China, where it is used for
making clothing, it lasts ao well that children frequently wear the clothes which
thoir graudparents wore wheu children.
Of tho largest citiea iu the world Paria ia
the deopeat in debt, in proportion to her
population, the indebtedness ner head bein^
8151.22. Antwerp is a close second, witli
*-*l.)U.."iS per head. New York's rate is
845.7S, and Chicago .��u.0ti.
Mrs. liowdoin, of Newark, N.J., noticed a
man trying to gain an entranco to her house
on Sunday evening, and ran into the street
and screamed "fire I" Some one sent out
an alarm, and several engines immediately
responded. When the fireman learned what
had happened they hunted for the burglar
and found him.
There was picked up on the shore at
Hoboken a few daya ago a pair of shoes iu
one of which was a parchment certificate of
probate of a will dated in 185',?, describing
a valuable estate in Ireland, together wi'h
numerous certificates of stock in several
Iriah banks, The name of tbo testator
was John Johnson, of the Diocese of
They Disagree,
May���I don't think muoh of a man who
propoicH to a girl by letter.
Carrie-My dear, you should feel grateful
to a men who proposes to you in auy way.
A iii-iir nnil h *rri��*nf tattle a Quarrel   In
gplrlleil Style.
How the denizens of Haat Indian jungles
settle their differences was told in a letter
in this city recently from Madras. The
writer, who asw the fight bud accompanied
some Clieuctis who were on a hunt for
game, and had aet a number of traps and
nets, They were making the rounds of
the nets when their attention was attracted
hy a succnasiou of hideous noises, roars of
rage and pain,antl a prolonged hissing, like
the rush of escaping steam. They hurried
to the spot.and saw a huge jungle bear fight,
igfor hia lifewithanenormousserpeut, Th��
serpent bad wound its giant foldsaround the
hear, whicli dashed itself from side to aide,
and rolled over and over on the ground in
frenzied endeavor to get free, roaring and
anappiug its jaws like castanets at the
lerpent'a folds, It was unable to reach
them, however, owing to the way in which
they were constricted about its body.
In thia way they sttuggletl until tbey
roachod the edge of the incline down which
tho bear threw himself with a speed which
evidently disconcerted the aerpeut, tor it
unwound a couple of folds and threw its
tail around a tree, evidently with the
intention of anchoring itaelf and preventing tho nnpleaaant consequences of a rapid
tumble down hill. This appeared liko ad-
able strategy, but it resulted in thc
Herpent'a undoing. The rigid line of tail
straightened out from the tree to the bear's
hotly* gavo tho infuriated beast a chance to
seize hold of ita aasailant. Ho promptly
accepted the chance, aud with a tremendous effort turned and fastened hia powerful
jaws iu the snake's quivering flesh. The
hiaaing was then appalling, aa the writhing
serpent rapidly unfolded its huge body and
atruck savagely at the clinched jaws of its
enemy to make it loosen iu hold on the
mangled mass of flesh, In response tho
hear, with a mufiled roar, kept worrying
thc mouthful of snake iu its jaws in paroxysms of anguished rage, Onco more the
aorpoiit constricted its folds, the bear howled and gasped and both rolled, still struggling out of view into the high grass of the
Their track was marked with pools of
blood,and when next seen tliey had parted.
The snako, evidently badlyhurt.was coiled
in an attitude of ilefense, with its head erect,
and was hiaaing angrily. It had plainly
had enough, ami was more anxious to lie
left alone than to renew the conflict. Not
eo thc bear. Though nearly crushed to
death, with its tongue lolling out from its
blood- fieckled, foaming jaws, the arouaed
brute was full of fight. After a moment's
pause it rushed upon the serpent. The
latter was weak from Iobs of blood, and tho
bear got it by the head and drigged it
about with roars of triumph. The uuiler*
growth around was beaten down flat by the
convulsive Strokes of the great serpent's
tuil us the hear crushed its head to pieceB
and at last it lay au inert and lifeless iiiubb
beneath the assault* of the vindictive
Who Invented the Piano?
The honor of inventing the piano i��
claimed by the Knglish, French and Germans, Father Wood, an Knglish monk at
Home, is said to have been the real inventor
in 1711. and to have manufactured onu
which ho sold to Samuel Criapi, the author
of " Virginia," from whom it was purchased
hy Fulke (ircvillo, though Count Gafli
claims the credit for Hartholomco Christo-
fori, of Padua, during his stay jn Florence,
some three years later (1714). The French
attributo the invention to a Parisian named
Marius, who, they allege, produced in 1710
a harpsichord in which hammeis had been
substituted for thc ohl plectrums or quids.
Thc Hermans are tho last in the field, with
J, (,', Schroder, of Dresden, who claimed
(1717) when IS years of ago to have constructed, after much consideration, the
model of a new clavier, witb hammers,
upon which he could play loudly or aoftly.
Cakes Fop Everybody.
A proficient cook has an eye to variety
and suitability. Kvon in the matter of
oakeatie is careful toauibull tastes.    Thus:
For farmers���hoe-cake, fruit-take and
seed* cake.
For pugilists and carpentera���pound cake.
For reporters���Bpice-caki and   jumbles.
For   measengor-hoyH���ginger-snaps,
For politicians���election-cake und plum*
For Idlers ami ne'er-do-wells���loaf-cake
und fritters,
For tramps���sponge-cake.
Forgraedy ohiidren-stomach ache,
Little Trot's Burglar,
Years ago, among those who trod the
busy streets of the metropolis, waa a man
oue could acaroely have 'paaaed without
some notice ; a man with beetling eyebrows
and black eyes, and a hard redness of cheek
and six feet at least in his boots ; a man of
might and during. It was a pity that, at
thirty years of age, this man could have not
remembered, had he desired to do so, one
worthy deed, one honest piece of labor lion
estly paid for,even one kindly deed, suoh ub
ordinury men do out of mere good nature
every day of their livos
Somehow he had come by the name of
Iahmuel���certainly not by christening. It
was the tint*-]-, name for him that could
huve heen ohoaen.
Witb a bank robbery on his conscience
(if he hud one), and the knowledge that al]
the powera of the police were at work to
prove him engaged in it, few men would
have walked abroad that day.glitteiingand
flaahy, with a long cigar in a long amber
mouthpiece, and a stolen watch in his fob,
hut lie did it. Ile met an acquaintance ami
Haiti���with an oath���" How are you ? and "
���followed it with another oath, ids ordinary way of salutation. He knocked an innocent liltle Frenchman down for boing in
hia way,and kicked a boot black for saying*
"Shine 'em up V And juat then, dowu at
hia feet, a little voice said ; " Papa, pupa,"
and two littio anna encircled his leg, and
looking down ho saw a toddling thing in
white and hlue, with sunny curls and a rose
bud mouth, clinging there. "Papa," it said
aghin, and then a tidy nursemaid, alt outof
brualh, came up and caught it, and hugged
ib, and laughed over it.
The gentleman isn't your papa," said
Bhe. " It's the way -with her always ; any
fine-lookin' gentleman ahe will tako for her
And the girl smiled on Iahmnel, and, for
a wonder he did nol insult her either by
word or look.
Something nipped at his heart. A great
ball seemed to be iu hia throat. He dubbed
ohildren "kids" and hated them; but this
was uot like tbe children of the dens he
frequented. A litllo bou! pure a** when it
came from (iod, and with all outward purity
about it, too--fragrant, freah, and white of
garb aa a lily ia of leaf. Such a thing hud
never touched him beforo. He wanted to
he kind to it, and he hardly knew how. He
bent hia hend a littio.
"(Jive ua u kins," he said, in a gruff
rumble of a voice ; and the nurae held tho
baby up to him,
������ ("Jive the gentleman a kiss," ahe Baid.
And Innocence personified did not even
know sin in the fieah when it looked at and
touched it. The cherub hands caught soft*
ly at the man's whiskers, the angel month
kissed his two cheeky, one after tlie other,
then hia mouth.
"Say, 'Day day,'" cried the girl; and
baby suid it, and the two were gone.
The man hail never had a pure kiss before
���had never felt a tender emotion, had
nover loved auy oue. Ou the instant he
loved this baby. He walked away very
quickly. His heart was troubled, a** the
waters of the pool when the angel descended into it. He passed tbe people going
home, and aaked himself if they had babies
ut home like that one,
" I'll be reBpeotalde. I'll go' to foreign
parts, nud start fair, I won't have jail and
gallows ahead of me, and I'll have a liltle
bid like that to call me daddy,"
And then two big tears squeezed themselves out of hia eyes and rolled down his
cheeks uucoDBcJoualy,
" I'll go in the steamer," he suid. " 1'J
change my name. If I'm not nabbed for
thia bank affair, I'll make my fortune as
theso fellows do. I'm their match, 1 reckon.
I'll not huve the gullows ahead of me, as
it's like I -111111 if 1 stay here. And I'll
havo little  kids und an   old   woman.    I
will "
There waa moro of ib. He Could not help
swearing ; hut I think, had he known how,
lie would have prayed this timo instead.
Rut just then there came upon his car u
sudden tumult. Men were flying past him ;
a bell was ringing; women were shrieking.
He caught a hoy uu I asked liim what the
row was.
"Houso afire, and a young one burning
in it," aaid the hoy.
And at that iahmuel followed the crowd.
He had never beforo cared for any one's (
danger. He had never felt pity for any
one. Now he thought of that aoft mouth
that had touched his heart and made him
quiver wilh the thought that a little soul
like that was in such awful danger; made
him promise himself to save it, if lie had
the power; mado him cull them all cowards
for standing there, staring and shouting and
doing nothing. The engines had not yet
coin'!, and the house, all in flames inside,
belched forth fire from its many windows,
as though they had been thn mouths of the
fabled dragon. And in the midst of the
oronda girl, restrained by kindly hands,
struggled and screamed *
'* Let me go ! Lot mo go 1 Thoy loft her
in my ouro. She's burning to death up
there. I'd rather dio than face them. Let
me go!"
And Iaiimael heard the voice and saw the
face of the nurse-maid who had held the
baby up to kiss him,
" la ii the little kid you had along of
you?" he aaked, clutching the girl'a
shoulder with his big hand.
" Yes, yea," cried ihe girl ; " make
them let me go. She's atop of the house,
baok in lhe nursery. Oh, make thom let
me go !"
You stay here," Haiti Ishmael. " I'll
go myself, uml I'll bring her out or never
come ul nil. '
And with ilu'Ht* words, Ishmael dashed
into tho Inul.ling, already a very furnace
of red flame A shout arose as he did so���a
ry between a acream of horror and a roar
of applause No ouo expected to aee tho
an come out of that blazing pit alive,
Tho engine camo rattling up, Tho firemen fixed their ladders to the windows
and ran up them, and were driven back
again scorched and faint. Nothing alive
could ho within, they said. Hut suddenly,
on the hla/.iug parapet, appears a figure
holding u burden in his arma, lie looks
downward ut lho ladders, which could not
reach him, then backward at the flames.
Then ho dropped, clinging by one hand to
tho hot lodge, swung there a moment, and
dropped upon the ladder. The crowd hud
thought to see him dashed to pieces on the
street, and had stretched up their handa
involuntarily, as though to catch him ;
hut somo wero on the ladder, and they did
their heat for him. Kvon they were in
great dutiger, but good angels watched
over  them.   The bundle that he held so
Like one dead he lay for a while, but at
inst hia eyes opened. He looked at the
faces about him, all kindly, pitiful, full
of sympathy, and felt that for once he waa
a friend among friends. He heard men call
him brave, and heard women sob. A new
life hail dawned upon him���he, Ishmael,
was a iiero. He had ofteu been stared at
by a crowd before, as he stood at bhe prisoner's bar, but a host of kindly eyes had
never thus turned upon him. He Hid not
feel much pain, but he knew that the end
was at hand. He was dying���dying jusL
a*, he had begun to Bee what life might be
yet, aftor all, he was happy.
" It's of no use," ho said faintly to those
busy about him.   " I've   swallowed   fire
I'm a dead mau !    Where's the little kid
I want her."
They brought her to him. The innocent
thing had neither fear uor droad, but she
came solemnly, aud ber great eyea dilated
as ahe looked at him.
"l)it up," ahe aaid, aoftly, and patted
liim���"dil up."
"Kiss him, Trot,"said the girl, sobbing.
"Ho took you out of the fire. Oh t poor
poor tellow !   Kisa him, Trot."
And Trot knelt down ami took the sing,
ed black whiskers once more in her hands,
and holding thom apart gave the dying
Ishmael her pretty "kisses," one for each
cheek und one fcr the mouth. He drew
her to him,
"I want her arms around my neck," he
Baid sot tly.
" Hug him, Trot,'' said the girl.
And Trot sui down uud wound her tiny
arms round the great throat and put her
cheek close to his aud Im whispered so
softly that no one but this innocent bahv
heard him :
"Good bye, little kid. I might have
had something rougher round iny neck
when I died. If the prison chaplains aro
right, maybe we'll meet again. I wish I'd
had a little kid like you. I might have
beeu another mau."
Hie hands dropped away from Trot's
waist with thtse words.
".Man's asleep, "said Trot.
And Is) mael was asleep, indeed. The
sleep (hat knows no waking hail eome upon
him in Trot's innocenl arms. He lay there
IVciilInMlIrs ��r Home or llu* FnvorlK* Kt'ul.
liienla of llie   Oar.
The Russian army is full of funny things.
Thus, the biggest follows are detailed for
duty in the bodyguard regiment, " Preobra*
lienaki," founded by Peter the Hi cat, and
originally composed of that monarch's personal friends, all giants in their way, Tho
Czar's family takes great pride in this regiment, ind on the named day of its patron
saint attends the festivities in a body,usually ro-enforced by foreign ambassadors and
ministers, Then thero is the Iamailowsk
regiment, whore only blondes are tolerated,
and tho well-known Pawlow guards all of
whom must have retrousse noses. The
regulations of the Guard Chasseurs, on the
other hand, admit only dark-haired men.
The guard officers, being privileged by birth
as well as rank in their ohoaen professions,
treat their colleagues in bhe line almost as
badly aa the latter treat their subalterns.
Up to a few years ago the distinction
between them was suuh that a guard
lieutenant had precedence over the captain
of the line. The preaent Czar has changed
this state of things some what, but not much.
A major of the guards would even to-day
rank higher than a lino colonel, if there
was such a person. But the advancement
of the regular army oflicer seldom stir*
passes the rank of battalion chief. Men having attained that distinction are generally
made "commanders" of u amall precinct,
while disgraced guard officers or general
staff ollieers obtain the colouelship or
lieutenant-colonelship of the regiment to
which they devoted their Uvea, Only very
rarely doea a lino officer succeed in obtain*
ing a commission in the war academy, and
eventually iu the general staff. It should
be mentioned, however, that the majority
are unfitted for such advancement. The
requirements of the officer's examination
in the line are considerably less stringent
than those upon which the admission to the
guards' ollieers' corps are based, the aspirant's social standing is not at all considered
and to complete the wretchedness of bhe
Uno officer hia pay is ridiculously small and
inadequate, especially that of thc infantry
i Hicer, the lieutenant receiving not more
t han $200 per year all told. The captain
has a little over $300, the major $450, Tho
most abject poverty prevails among them,
and ouly a few of the younger officers own
moro than one uniform, which must do service in ordinary and on parade alike. The
infantry private of the line receives in
money $.1,75 per year, including the Czar's
and others' presents.
It's a Secret
that many women owe their beauty to Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription. The reason
���beauty of form and face,as well as grace,
radiate from the common centre���health.
The beU bodily condition resultafrom good
food, fresh air ami exeroise.coupled with tho
judicious use of the "Prescription." Iu maidenhood, womanhood, and motherhood, it'a
a supporting tonio that's peculiarly adapted
to her needs, regulating, strengthen-
eug, and curing, the derangements of the
If there he headache, pain in the back,
bearing down aonsations, or general debility, or if there be nervous disturbances,
nervous prostration, and sleeplessness, tho
"Prescription" reaches the origin of the
trouble and corrects it, lb dispels aches
and pains, corrects displacements and cures
catarrhal inflammation of the lining mem-
hrauea. It'a guaranteed to benefit or cure,
or the money paid for it is refunded.
Dr, Pierce's Pollrts cure constipation,
indigestion, biliousness, headaches and
kindred ailments,
Il<-r   Lire  Wav  Unpaired  ol--4iH.Ji*i'i    to
I'ululliiit Spell* nod   Heart Trouble -
llociora Aaid  Recovery Was liupoi-ilblr
-A Wendsrftil Story.
From lhe Glasgow Echo.
The caae of " Little Nell," whose miraculous cure wua reported in tho newspapers,
with a subsequent letter from the Rev.
Samuel Harding, ia but one in a series of
similar cases iu Glasgow. The latest
that of Misa Lizzto Duncau, a young woman
who has been snatched baok to life. Sh
was iu what, is tanned a "decline*'���wasting
away by inches beforo lho eyes of her
parents, aud her sail condition seems to
havo been known to a number of peoplo.
Consequently wheu she was found to have
escaped the threatened death, and to ho,
apparently, aa wt.ll aa any ouo iu Glasgow,
a tremendous impetus was given to tho
prevalent talk , uml un lv*ho reporter was
directed to make u searching investigation,
with the result thut this strange Btory was
entirely confirmed.
Arriving at -'OS Stirling Road, the report*
cr was conducted into the presence of Mrs.
Duucun by a. rosy ohoekea young woman,
who proved to he Mias Duncan, who looked
iu no way line an Invalid,
'���This is tl.o lassie," said the mother
"Ttiav-en knows that a miracle has been
wrought upon her, Qlghteeu months ago
J.i.-'.ie begun to pine away. Tho color left
her entirely, aud alio appBard lo bu as
Weak as water.    One .Sunday morning alio
said,   'Oh-mother-1 oanna riso to-day,'
and liefore sho had got out tho worda her
whiteness became like that ofa corpse, and
she fell away inio u faint. 1 sent for tho
doctor who said she hud heart disease.
When ho saw her again she had grown
Worst and the doctor suit), 'The poor lassie fa vory far through.' We expected that
pooi F.i/./.io would not live lung. There was
no color in bor face. She was wasting
uwny, her cheek bones sticking through as
if they would break thc skiu. Her urms
and legs were juat bones*. The dootor aaid,
'Lizzie muy atand the winter but, if she
does, thab will be all.' One day, however,
1 chanced to read of several cases in which
dying persons hud been restored to lifo by
a new scientific method���some pills, not
like other medicine, but altogether of extraordinary virtue, called Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills for Pale People. I said to iny
husband, ' In the name of God let's try
Dr. WillianiB' Piuk Pills.' Well, before
the firat box waa empty there waa an improvement. She persevered and when ahe
ba<l finished her fifth box Bhe was perfectly
well, and there is uot now a stronger young
woman in the townhcad of Glasgow, though
at ono time she was a living skeleton. You
can aak any of bhe neighbors," said Mrs.
Duncan iu conclusion, "or auy person in
the street and they will confirm my story,"
"1 am stronger than ever I was in my
life," added the daughter, " yet I can
hardly describe bow ill I was, I was
certainly dying. I could neither go up
nor down stairs: I was afraid to walk on
account of the fluttering sensation at my
heart. I took Dr. Williams' Pink Pills as
my mother has described, and feet thut
tl.ey saved my life."
Miss Wood, the lady who drew the
reporter's attention to tho case, said that
the parents had their daughter's photograph
taken, for they thought that .die would soon
be sleeping in her grave, Lizzie once
visited her, and waa so weak thut alio had
to carry her back to her house. " The
change," said Miss Wood in conclusion.
" has boon wonderful. She is now a Honsie
lasa, and Dr, Williams' Pink Pills havu
been an instrument in God's  own ham!
The Lightning's Touch
t�� scarcely more rapid than the lightning
tike action of Nerviline [n all kinds of pain.
Ia i'. neurali-ia? relief is certain and rapid.
Toothache is cured as if by magic. Rheumatism finds a master in a few applications
of the powerful and penetrating Nerviline.
Iu a wortl, paiu, whether internal or external, finds a prompt antidote in Nerviline.
Give Nerviliue a trial Druggists and
dealers everywhere sell it, and it costs only
2T> centa u bottle.
The gas���" You ami I don't aband muoh
of a show when there are a pair of spoony
lovers around, do wo ? " The lamp���"Nop ;
get turned down every time,"
Pawson���" Why doea UeSmythehesitate
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A Natural  Inference.
They had just become engaged,
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Luring Him On.
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fast, wrapped in a wet blanket waB weized
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No. 1 Ri
umforil Plaoe,
Next morning brought -me, with my
chocolate, a brief and very welcome letter
from Kthel. " Oome over a) soon as yon
oan," she wrote, " In faot, oome at once.
I am tired of baing hore alone, and, need I
aay, thc Bight of you would do me good t
We can spend a few days here, just long
enough toenabloyou to**ot what you want,
and cau then be off at once to the Biviera.
I am dying for a gamble and a little sun
The weather here ia vile. We need not
plunge at all, but 1 mean to pay somo of my
bills, and we can enjoy ourselves delight*
fully in our own way. 1 should like to stay
at Monte Carlo, unleas'you prater Nice or
Then, after u littio general gossip, and a
few rapier thtUBts at lhe expense of my
whilom husband, and, tbe very reverend
author of my being, thc epistle concluded :
"Do not let tha grass grow Under your
feet (not thnt anything is likely to grow in
London in the auow slush with which I hear
you are at present blessed). Hurry over i*,
like Atlanta over the ears of corn. Think
of the swallows of Henri Murger and (ly
South. 1 have given you lots of advice,
and very little news. Of news,indeed, j
am barron. I -jau toll you, however, should
it in any way intercut you to, as lawyers
say, 'lie informed ami verily believe, ' that
1 have seen several times lately that most
excellent Prince 1'alnnikolV, I need scarce
" / tell you that ho has always inquired after yon with an anxiety that has
been far from feigned, and la, I fear, letting ooucoalment liko a worm iu the bud
feed on the well-whiskered cheek with
which Nature has so liberally favored him,
I euppose you are still relentless. It ii not
for me to advise ; but male patience, as I
found ont early in my career,!!-*.*- its limits,
and, sooner or later,we shall have him sing-
iug, 'If ahe be not fair for me, what care I
'how fair she haV Besides, what says
Tennyson, the favorite of all good poople 1
'Oome into the garden, Maud.' So aay I.
Paok up your traps, Maud and come with
me into the garden of Kurope,"
Was there over such a woman ?
It was out of the question to aay no.
Even if it had been in the question, I ahould
iuallhuman prohabilityhavceaid --yes." My
things wero already packed. I had scarcely
disturbed them. That evening I was nn
my way to Paris, aud I think uo guard's
whistle was ever more grateful to my ears
than that which atarted us off from Victoria.
The next few days were devoted to tbe
inevitable toilette, into the details of which
I hive uo intention of entering. Kurtpidci,
so I once heard it observed by a moat eminent church dianitary at Salchester, has put
upon record his conviction that women are
Wretched creatures.
Tho two Arts, in whioh they ought to excel, are cookery and millinery, and in ench
tbey are hopelessly beaten out of the field by
I employed the recognized Prince of
Parisian men milliners, who bowed to me,
begged me to walk across the room to Hit
down and repose on a sofa. He then summoned two assistants to measure me, and
bowed us out wiih the polite assurance
lhat the Knglish formality of trying on
would be wholly unneceai-arj.
That evening we held a council of war.
Oar position was exactly tbe converse of
that of Milton's Adam when turned outof
Paradise Ths world, itis truo, was all before us , but we had no intention whatever
uf choosing a reating'place, aud were about
to aet ofl with the lightest of hearts and
with no regrets.
It did not take us long to decide ; for a
while, a abort while, we hovered round aud
round in ciretoa aa doea a carrier pigeon
wheu it is tossed ofl'. We could not decide
between the rival claims of Nice, Mentone,
Cannes, ami Monte Carlo itself. Ultimately, in desultnry fashion, wu decided on
'Monte  Carlo.
"Nice, my child," aaid Kthel, -* is full of
hoarding Rchoola, pensions, and valetudinarians ; itis a sort of Ftenuh Brighton ���
sunny, windy, glaring, and disreputable.
Mentone is about as lively as Vontnor ; it
Is a city of the dying. Cannes is too far
from Monaco. Let ua make no bones about
the matter and go boldly to Monte Carlo,"
"You know beBt," I answered " we will
go," Aud thus it came to pais that within
four or livo daya we found ourselves comfortably seated at the table d'hote at the
"Hotel de Paris."
���'Tlio habitues, my dear," said Kthel,
-Mint'at Ibe restaurant, whioh coats very
little more, is ten times moro amusing, and
certainly gives you a tar better dinner. Kut
you and I aro young and inuocent, dividing
our innocence and our guilt between ua in
' any proportion that you please ; bo to-night
we (fine at the table d'hote, and then adjourn to the rooms and have a little Hut
"Tomorrow we will dine in the restaurant. By the time we havo finished, tbe
high players, who, like tbe great Lewis
Samuel**, always goes tbo maximum, arc
beginning to show themselves, and you will
aee play in earnest. No mere tourists
there, but playera who mean businesa, and
have como on business, and ti whom their
pergonal expenses are a mere incident of
the day���little more than an extra bottle of
champagne, or a morning drive over to
Acting on hor advice we looked In at the
room after dinner, and, for thB lirst time
iu my life, I saw public gambling. As con
dueted at Monte Carlo It seams to me to be
decorous, dull, and strictly honest. The
disreputable element, whioh haa made it
almost Impossible for nn English gentleman
to run his horses in hia own name, ia entirely wanting, or, at any rate, is not visible
upou the surface.
You oau distinguish, of course, between
the punters who are terribly in earnest and
those of the same category who are only
amusing themselves. If you are familiar
With faces, the rooms are a study. You
will Bee a most respectable peer, perfectly
well-known at Exeter Hall and other auoh
places, and a subscriber to every philan-
i hropio movement. To your great surprise
he plunges rather heavily ; you forget that
iu Kngland he dare not be seen on a racecourse or to touch a puck of cards even in
his own olub. Ho ho comas over to Monte
Carlo for a fortnight, und, as the saying is,
leta olf steam.
Why should he not ? Was it uot one of
the Church's most eminent dignitaries,
who reported for the Thunderer of Printing House Square, the amicable little
meetine* between Sayera ami Heeuau at
Farnborouj-h Heath T
Standing near hia lordship ia a leading
(J. C, certain, before long, to be a judge,
and who, ou the principle of lightly gotton
lightly gone, is throwing away guineas ho
lias received for oases in which ho may or
may uot have ooudeseendod to nppaar.
A little farther olf, is a favorite jockey,
who knows far too much oi liis business
to risk hla money on the English tut i, In
animated conversation with hhn, and
covering hia money with their own, partly
from superstitious faith in hia aattacity,
and partly becauso lhey ore too indolent
to watch the game ou their own account,
and prefer to back their companion's luck,
is ��� riling young Cabinet Minister, aud
and who, having commenced life by peddling jewelry, and lending ten-pound notea
to impecunious subalterns in inarching
reyim-uts, is now the Rothschild of his
profession, dealing only with Princes and
heirs to entailed estates, and laugh.
ing at the idea of any transaction under a
oouple of thousand pounds.
Other types are infinite. Among these
mutatis mutandis tho old aaying of Lord
George Bcntinck, that it is ouly on the turf
and under it that all men are equal, cornea
out in ita fullest and most repulsive
force.    For " women," as Browning/ has it,
models of their aex, society's ohief ornament," are to be seen, seated side by bide,
with tbe hardiest cocottuB of every capital,
race, and tongue, actually rubbing ritioul-
ders with them, and discussing (he unprecedented run upou red, or the appalling
frequency with which zero has turned up
since the lost croupier has been spinning
the ball.
You must not allow anything to surprise
yoii at Monte Carlo, Women with lovely
faces and sweet expressions, who look like
angels, are simply demons in disgui-c. Men,
who stake five thousand francs on a simple
turn of the roulette-ball, arc often risking
more than their annual income. .Men, who
look like Princes of the Blooil Royal,
aro sometimes couriers out of placo,
and Princes themselves occasionally look
like chlffonniers, There is no law
of probability in the place where Queen
Fortune reigns supreme, Yuu must at
onoe get rid of all preconceived ideas of
social distinction. Here thero is nothing
of the kind. Luck ia King at Monte Carlo,
and to bim only is paid homage, Aa for
birth, position, titles, and beauty, they go
for nothing. The man who breaks the
bank, be he Jew, Turk, Infidel, or Heretic,
ia ob worthy of respect aa the greatest
sovereign in the world.
*** Vive la Veine," is the national cry of
the naughty little principality, and those
who have none are altogether out ot it.
Big sums change hands at Monte Carlo ;
aud, while I waa there, I saw a young English uDicer loae three thousand pounds at
Trente et quarante iu about twenty minutes. And this made but little stir in a
Slace where a Russian Princess or a Lon-
on usurer will lose or win twice as much
every day of the week, or where " a person" will M dispose of" a pair of diamond
ear-rings in the morning for ten thousand
francs, and in the evening be compelled to
borrow a louis from " a lady friend" to
pay for her dinner.
I did not play on this occasion, I
contented myself with looking over Ethel's
shoulder. When my companion rose
lo leave, she stood, so she told me, five
hundred francs to the bad,and added lai***h-
ingly, that, if she did not pull it off with a
full revenge on the morrow, she should give
up gambling for ever, and take, in terrible
sober earnest, to Dorcas meetings, which
she had somewhere heard or read wero useful for reproof, for example, for warning,
and for instruction In righteousness.
"Those may not perhaps be the exact
words, my dear Miriam," aho aaid ; " but,
anyhow, they convey the spirit of the thing,
and more than that Is what nobody has any
right whatever to ask."
ed, "Is.strangely mixed.   Not a few  of
your baronets and couutry gentlemen can
show an older and far   less  questionable   ���
lineage thsn the bulk of your peers.    The I Th    w    j Kitchen.
. . l     ���     i    .   i present     representative     of    the    great]
the   gentleman   who   ia   best   known   in   �� f   c�� y. ,        �� ^       Mrs. S. C.   Bourne gives some ex.-ell.
Europe as the Prince of the money-lenders,. t0    ^.^    .���' the   p]ebe-ai? name   of | poinU In the arrangement of the workshop
The next evening we went into the rooms
again. 1 had made up my mind to risk a
trifle for that one occasion, and for that one
occasion only. I knew that this iB what
gamblers always tell you ; but I am certain
that on my part the intention was sincere,
and would havo lieen carried out, whatever
might have been the results of the night's
The results were certainly such as tn
astonish even myself. My little capital
aeemed to grow in a manner simply marvellous .
At first 1 had played on what 1 suppose
I imagined to be a method ; but 1 became
bewildered with my success and very soon
found myself playing as recklessly as ony
young shopman out fora bank-holiday, and
throwing at cocoa nut*.
And yet the more reckless my play, tho
moro fortune favored me. I became excited.
Any human being would have been as much
under the circumstances. I iucreased my
stakes and kept on winning. 1 became
dimly aware that other persons were watching my lead and following it.
At last, out nf mere weariness, I stopped
and rose, Thoro wua an immediate tight
for my chair, and I csoiped with my
pockets crammed. I found afterwards at
the hotel that I had won, as a matter of
fact, nearly twenty thousand francs, ao
that the ditlerence is not worth detail.
I left this littio treasure with the proprietor of the hotel, where the news of my goad
fortune had spread before me. He was most
gracious; insisted on counting tbe plunder
before me, that there might be no mistake,
and then looked it securely in his safe, Thia
formalityconcluder-, Ethel and I ordered up
to nur sitting-room, at her suggestion,prawn
sandwiches aud a bottle of champagne.
" I like to enjoy the good things of thia
life, along with you," ahe said very frankly.
Smithson, or something of the sort,
and is, I am told, the direct lineal descendant of a very respectable druggiBt und
apothecary of that name. We have in our
Bureaux to atudy your English peerage. I
believe 1 am ooriect in venturing on the
assertion that the Dukedom of Norfolk is
one of the few peerages in England that
cau atand anything like historical investigation. I need not go through the roll, for
any man in Kngland oan become a peer if
he will only make up his mind to the effort.
One of your peers advertises in your penny
papers that to avoid commission and to
simplify business be will supply his own
coals direot from his own collieries iu his
own carta for cash on delivery. Another,
if 1 remember aright, recently figured as
something much worae than a money-lender
���as, what is termed in the caut of the
trade, a tout and ' bonnet,' for money.
lenders. One or two have undergone very
recently travaux forcoa for disgraceful
offences against ordinary honesty an<)
morality. One" ��� here he burst Out
laughing���" lived in Spain on an annual stipend allowed him by n vender
of quack pills and ointment. He
was sufficiently a gentleman to appreciate
the irony of bis situation and to seek retirement in the orange groves of Andalusia,
I hope if he ia dead that his ancceaaor in
the title continues the pilla and ointment
with equal faith,"
How could I answer him when it waa all
" I wonder," he asked himself, meditatively " wnat Francia Joseph would say if
one ot his Princes were to sell gingerbetr
upon commission, or to turn oab proprietor
und advertise as such, or lo accept a yearly
ponsioa for a testimonial stating thut he is
convinced of the virtues of a' new soap, or
of a pat ent liver pill, orof a specific against
premature baldness. I really believe his
Imperial Majesty would banish him for
life. You are funny people, you English.
You are, the ladies of eourse excepted, the
best hated and the most heartily despised
nation in the world; and, on my honor,
you deserve it. Your only strength is
among your canaille, who make splendid
soldiers, sailors, and prize-fighters, and
yet oven their morals loae the true Spartan
simplicity of type under the influence of
thu lirst breath of fresh air that blows over
a race-course, But the English ladies are
sufficient atonement for all the sins and
grossness of their husbands, brothers, and
aoni.   They are perfection itaelf."
I murmured a few deprecatory sentences
in anawer to thia flood of Invective; but
they were fashioned feebly, and finished
lamely. It was for this very chance that
he had been waiting.
" You will not answer me seriously," he
aaid, "because you are still angry. No
doubt I deserve your anger. I spoke aa one
who is full of new wine, and I can only
claim to be forgiven on a pure appeal to
mercy. Y. on may impose on me auy condition, or bind me by any pledge. But out
of your charity you can surely find room
for pardon."
" Lee us think no more of anything that
may have happened, Prince," I replied.
"Mine is not along memory."
" So be it. So be it," ho laughed, not at
all lightly, but with all the air, at auy rate,
of genuine relief. "Life is too short that
we should waste it, and lone possible friendships over small misunderstandings which
a word can put right. Let ub," and here
he raised his voice, "usk Mrs, Forteseue
and Prince Melyanis what they think,"
"Think of what?" asked Prince Melyanis, swinging round at once upon his heel.
"Of the weather," was the imperturbable
answer. " Lady Craven thinks thore is
rain about. I, fur my part, declare that I
never yet saw in all my experience promise
iu skies so fair of fairer weather lo follow."
It is positively ludicrous with what persistency I find myself haunted with the
same idea, Hore is a man who has never
been selected even aa an attache. Aud my
late husband is at this moment making
ducks and drakes, as the little boys say,
of all England's vast irterests at tho Court
of the largest Empire in the world.
I burst out laughing and forgot everything. And in a few seconds we were retracing our steps four abreast, chatting on
every conceivable subject, and, bo fur as auy
listener could have gathered, deeply interested in our conversation.
points i
of the home.
Tho ideal kitchen can int be found in
every home, but in every kitchen there
Bhould bo a table by the side of the sink, on
which to place dishes, etc., both olean and
awaiting v ashing, and another table near
the Btovo on which articles from the oven
and frying pan may be cooled. Articles
used ia conking which heat will not spoil
ahould be in the kitchen on a shell, spice,
pepper, and salt dredges and such like.
The pantry should be arranged bo that while
working at the broad shelf we can reach
materials aa tools, without taking one
unnecessary step. Wheu luking use as
few dishes as possible ; let one cup measure
Hour, sugar, butter and milk iu the order
mentioued. On ironing day bake or boil
meat enough for several daya.
The meats nicely sliced uml garnished
will not bo tiresome if they ure served with
a change of vegetables ench meal. It is
juite a wulcome Having of steps and fuel as
well as of time Tho dining room if posBiblo
should he connected witli the kitchen by a
slide and if as in muny old houses, where
oach generation bave added an ell, there is
a step where it should uot be, arrange the
matter by nailing a few strong boards bo as
to make u gently inclined plane. J know a
woman who is a slave to a jog in the wall
which projects between the kitchen ami
pantry door and the crockery which is
broken there amounts to u good deal in the
course of a year.
I wondered once why my hostesa dreaded
so muoh tho making of u loaf of cake. I no
longer wonder fori have seen her make one.
She went into the pantry for a tin dish,
from the table drawer came a spoon ; it
was then necessary to look for the sieve on
the shelf of a second pantry and the Hour
barrel was found in a back room down a
flight of stairs and at the end of a lengthy
passage The mouldiug board waB in another room, thu baking powder searched
for in the darkest corner of a cupboard, the
sugar was on a stone in the parlor so ants
should not devour it and flour marks on each
door handle marked the way thc cook had
pursued. Butter was in the cellar, milk
in an out of door ieo house, the nutmegs
and nutmeg grater far apart, eggs hunted
for in the barn, egg beater unearthed from
a closely packed drawer ; altogether it took
two hours and at least f*li movements, before
tho cake wub made.
To all appearances she was a model
housekeeper. Everything waa already
iu perfect order, but it took all her time
and energy, so that she neither had time
for rending or recreation and was alwaya
tired out. Along with this woman may bo
classed thoso wlio for yeara place tho dishes
lobe wiped in a narrow sink and make a
separate journey to tho dining-room with
each plate, unite and fork because there iB
uo shelf or Bide table near on which the
dried crockery may be piled; and the other
woman who won't have casters on her
furniture and t-weepo around a bureau all
her life because, without a strong man
handy, it is impossible to gut under it,
On the other hand, the woman who
plans, nntl carries out her plans with energy, compelling her family to be on time
with military precision, is apt to gain the
reputation of a domestic martinet. I think
the ohl lady had the correct idea when, uu
her husband finding water at the opposite
uud of the houae from the kitchen, she
insisted that oxen be attached to the house
and lho whole thing be swung arouud eo
that the sink would be over the wetland
water brought by working a pump handle.
If things are not convenient don't cultivate
patience and put up with them; instead
set our brains to work and invent labor-
saving methods.
Useful Recipes.
At this season cooking becomes a task
and any new suggestion ia therefore welcome, Old housekeepers may find nothing
novel in the following recipes but the
beginners will find a helpful hint.
Baked Roley Poley.��� One quart of Hour
sifted with throe teaspoonfuls of baking
powder,   two  full tablespoonfuls of lard,
mnlade, or canned (and strained) berries,
well sweetened. Beat the yolk light and
stir into tho milk ; chop up the shortening
into tiie Hour until woll incorporated ; wet
the flour with the milk into a good dough:
roll out half an inch thick, spread with
the fruit aud roll up closely ; pinch the
outer edges together and lav the roll, tbu
joined aides downward, in a figured baking
pau ; bake until browned ; waah over with
They Are  Ho, 1ml Ihe Wliy of II  Nobody
ran Tell.
The greyhound runs by sight only. This
ia a fact, The carrier pigeon Hies his hundreds of miles homeward by eyeaight, noting from point to point objects that be has
marked. ThiB is only conjecture. The
dragonfly, with 12,01)0 lenses in his eyo
darts from angle to angle with the rapidity
of a Hashing sword,  and as   rapidly durtu
.    . - c     b*ck. not turning in the air, but with a
"It is so amusing to think how furious the    ,   h UVflr8*ng the at!tjon o{ ��������� fol|r wim(8
Dean would be If he could Bee us, and it ���*������*���       ,,,.,,...      ii���- ----- ,7   * ,
makes me wonder whether his credit is what att'- instantaneously calculating tbe distance ! whipped white of egg and send to table
it ought to be in tho Cathedral Close, or  of the objects, or he would dash himself to ! serve with hard sauce.
Whether they have by this time, as 1 very I JwtJ$i    But in  what conformation of the I     Hwil Sauce.-One large cup of powder-
ptThTi��:utx^it;*-- ���"�����"���" ���������� ��������*���"" *�� - - ta^^v*^^
do not, by any means, alwaya carry the  answer. \ of currant jelly beaten in well, aa much
lightest heart; and were the Dean to bet Ten thousand mosquitoes dance up aud
me his gaiters on lhat assertion, I would | down in the ami, with the minutest interval
willingly stake my best boots against them j between them, yot nn one Knocks another
and throw my bottom dollar into thc bar- headlong on the grass or breaks a leg or a
gain. And now, my excellent Miriam, it's | wing, loug and delicate us they ure. Slid-
timo to sleep on our luck, and to-morrow ' denly a peculiar, high-shouldered, vicious
morning we will have a lovely little drive ' creature, with long and pendant nose-
over to Nice." I darts out of the rising uml falling cloud
Next morning the weather was unoertaln, and settling on your cheek Inserts a piisou
or we ahould, without any doubt, have oils atlng. What possessed the little wretch
carried out Ethel's suggestion. As it was, : to do this? Did ho smell your blooil while
we were guided by the barometer, uud he was dancing'! Nu one knows,
took a stroll in the gardens of the Casino, A carriage comes suddenly upon some
the flowers of which ure perfect ; but their goese in u nrrrow road aud driven at might
only zoological curiosity, a small cage of, through the Hock, A gooao waa never yet
ring-doves, typical, I suppose, of the In-, fairly run over, nor a duck. They are
nocence, purity, and general guilelessnoss under the vory wheel;) and hoofs, ami yot
of the little principality. ! they contrive to flap anil waddle safely off.
Wo bad hardly covered a hundred yards   Habitually   stupid, heavy   and   indolent,
before we saw Prince Balauikoff approach-' they   are,   nevertheless,    equal    to   any
ing us with a younger man, who might have   emergency.
beon of auy nationality, upon bis arm.        j     Why does the lonely woodpecker,  whon
To turn back was Impossible. It would j10 decenda trom hia tree and gots to drink,
have amounted to a direot insult, bo I wait-1 ,,������ BeVeral timea on hia way and listen
ed until we met the Prince and shook hands  antl look around beforo he takes bis draught?
The Url-tliloii   Boatman   II ml   Keen   Many
Mriimsr I Nil In Ills Day,
"Have I "vet-seen n shark! Lor'bless
ym. i* heart, sir, hundreds of'em
This was in reply to one of the numerous
questions pat to an old Brighton boatman
by a London excursionist on his lira! holiday trip to that fashionable resort and who
waa indulging in a row on the briny ocean.
"Have I ever seen a shark'.' Ask mymate,
him that's rowing thu 'ere couple out ytinier. Wo were shipmates together aboard
the Itajupootah ludiwnun. His father,
who ia dead and gone this twenty year or
more, was carpenter aho-ird of hor.
Chips' we used to call bim, and if you
don't mind listening Lo an ohl salt who's
been round the world enough times to make
a landsman giddy ut the very thought* of it,
I'll just tell you uf a littio adventure we
had wilh ono ofthem muu*eating monsters.
"Well, one day we were becalmed on lho
line, when nays young Bill-he was young
Bill then, htm as I just pointed out to you
-���says he, 'I shall have a swim rouud for a
Cooler,' for, believe ine, the sun waa that
hot wo hud lo throw buckets of water on
tiie deck to keep it from catching fin-.
In faci, a pig wo killed the day afoie we
hung uloft and rousted bim in the buu,
nulling thc gruvy iu a bucket, und he was
lone beautifully.
"So in hu goes, head lirst, with his
clothoa on, und ine and his ohl man looked
over thc Bidu, just abaft tlio foreiigging, to
him eome to the lop of tho water
'But no Bill could we aee, ami instead of
him up came a tremendous shark with his
sides sticking out as if he had a cargo iu-
side over aud above his regular bill 0' lading.
It was then aa clear to us us the nose
on our faces thut poor Bill hnd dived clear
down hiB throat.
"The poor old man had a fit right uwty
aud we carried him below nud put bim in
his hammock, and then run up on deck
again in the hopes that we should be able
to catch lho fellow.
"But it was nowhere to bo aeen, ao, after
watching aome timo. to no purpoip, we went
down below to see how the old man was
getting on, uud to our astonishment and sorrow we found his body nearly cold and as
stiff as the flying jibboom.
U o sewed him up in bis hammock, putting the grindstone that hs used to grind
his toola with inaide to make it sink and
laid the body ou a hatch, witli the nnnu
jack spread over it tor a pull.
'Then the akipper read the funeral service, all of ua standing round dreadfully cut
up, me especially, for young Bill was my
messmate, and I was very fond of the old
" Aa soon as the skipper 1ms finished tho
last words���whioh I ahall never forget, they
was bo solemn ���the hatch was tipped up
and overboard the body went with a
splash, and all was aver, at least we thought
But almost immediately afterward up
comes another shark, a bigger one, it see tn -
ed, than tho lirat; certainly it was thicker.
The boatswain at once ran for tho shark
baok aud bailed it with u juuk of pork and
slung it over the atei n, and it was not many
minutes afore we bad bim hooked and hauled on deck.
Well, tbo first thing we did was to
cut his tail off, for he was flapping it about
ao that it shook tbe ship from tie stem to
stern, that wc were atraid it would shake
her to pieces.
After we had done that we thought wo
heard a very strange noise inside of him, a
sort of grating sound, like a boat being
dragged over a shingly beach.
" Ho we set to and cut off his head, and
then ripped bim up, when what d'ye tiiiuki
what should we sou, tu our great utonish-
ment and delight, but Bill antl his father
sitting upright liko two Jonahs, thc youngster turning thu grindstone and the old man
sharpening his kniie, intending to cut their
way out of tho creature's belly.
You say I aaid (he old man was dead 1
Pleaso don't interrupt mo and I'll tell you
,11 ubout it.
"There's no doubt but what he seemed
denl, but it was only his blood froze witb
horror, and the shark wanned him to life
" What made him most uncomfortable,
Bill said, was tho slipperinessand topsytur-
veyness of the place, for there was no rest
at all,for ouo minute ho was standing on his
head and the next on his feet, and then
tossed from one sido to the other,sometiine&
getting jammed  between its ribs, that he
two oups ot milk, yolk of an egg, one tea- j wondered the meal didn't disagree with the
spoonful of salt, a large cup of jam, mar-  fish itself.
with bim most graciously,
He introduced hia friend, Prince Melyan
ia, who immediately begun to talk most
No ono knows. How is it that lho species
of an ant which Ib taken iu battle by other
nnts to be made sUves should be tho black
fluently to Kthel, so that,  willing or un- ���   r n0(jro unt**   jjo one knowa.
willing, I was at the mercy of the Russian. *r*he poWflr 0f judging of actual danger
Of course he complimented me on my luck I ttn([ t-|e free.and-easy boldncsB that results
of the night bofore, ond of which he bad j from ���,. ftre ^ no meMW uncommon. Many
heard a most exwrgerated account. This j 0*r,j8 ���etim t0 |,ave ���, oorrrfot notion of a
led him to discuaa the theory of luck in ���
?;enerul, upon which ho mado several pro-;
ound remarks. He went on to observe
that Americans and Russians were the
only successful gamblers in the world,
thut America and Russia were the only two
countries in whioh large fortunes were to
be found amongst actually indigenous
natives, and that, na the histories ot the
Black Sea Treaty and of the Alabama
negotiations ought to have shown us, they
are the only two nations in the world with
thn least claim to diplomacy.
" Thia," ho added candidly enough, " is
because they have not from thu first the
slightest intention of telling the truth.
Tbe English and the Hermans are more
straightforward ; but yet, in all the ordinary transactions of life, the average
Englishman Ilea like a Creek, ami your
English merchants and manutaoturers have
a worae name than any others in the mar-,
keta of the world."
1 replied, somewhat brusquely that the
Euglish were, 1 believed, as a rule, sincere,
Hun's range, and are scrupulously careful
Co keep beyond it. Tiie moat obvious
resource would be to fly right away out of
sight and hearing, but this 'h-y do not
choose to do.
A naturalist of Brazil gl\us an account of
an expedition that he made to onc of the
islands of the Amazon to about spoonbills,
ibises, and other magnificent birds which
are abundant there.     His design was coin-
fileteiy bullied, However, by a wretched
Ittle sandpiper, which preceded him, continually uttering hia tell-tale cry, which at
once aroused all tho birds within hearing.
Throughout the day did Ibis individual
bird continue its selMmpoted duty of sentinel to others, effectually preventing the
upproaoh ofthe hunter lo the game and yet
managing to keep out of tho range of hia
Proof to the Contrary.
Figg��� Vou don't mean to aay that Skofler
jb an atheist ?   That he does not believe
cinnamon as will lie on half a dime ; when
mixed heup ou a saucer or glass djah and
set in u cold place to harden.
Prune Pie.���Seta dish of well washed.
clean prunes covered with watei in an ovon
tairly well heated and let thom swell. Thar,
tnke thom out ami remove the pits, and
take the pits aud the water in which the
prunes have snaked, and adding a little
more, stew tlyn pits for half un hour ; thia
liquid must bo saved to pour a portion
over the prunes when they are iu the pio
ready to bake. The juico and lhe prune*
nuiBt be put in cold. Bake with a top and
bottom crust.
Broiled Ham and Baked Eggs,���A nice
wty to serve eggs with broiled bam is to
butter some putty tins, sprinkle with line
crumbs ot bread, break an egg into a saucer,
nnd then without dislurl ing the yolk, pour
it into the tin. Set tbe tins into ahot (nipping pun and lot thom stand in the oven
until the whito is cooked ; then after putting lhe thiu slices of nicely broiled ham upou a hot pluttor,take the eggs from the ovon
and turn out on the ham ; close the oven
door while thc egga are cooking.
gll!��ll  weie,  1  utliovDii, no a iuid, giiiunio,     , 1.-1-_ ��
Jj that they were .-.-t-taly chiv.lrou.:'�� ��������;**& H���
wherever women were concerned. . ro**K , "";,," * " ,   * ,    j.   ���   '���, f,.n��
At this little outbreak he smiled grimly.  ^-"*" J?tlfcSlJ��2��,2 hJlfe t"0' fu"y
" Your English sristporaoy," he rSmark* | ��� ?"��� oi th�� ���3tut���� ��* 3kotfer ���
Sleeve Making.
Many dreasmakera baste a thin piece of
wadding lo the lining from the shoulder to
the elbow whon the arm is thin and ugly,
to give a Arm and graceful look to the
sleeve. Baate the outside goods on over the
wadding ami close the seams of tho sleeves,
the aame as if the wadding were not
used, lu making sleeves close about the
wrist nlwnya leave u Beam open at the band
about two inches, to insure getting on ami
off easily. This opening may be fastened
wilh buttons or hooks and eyes. It in ul-
ways well tu line hlueves with silk if poasible,
particularly coat sleeves, as tliey slipover
ull garmentB nf whatever material su much
easier than when lined with uny other
fnbrio. Above every olherconeideration,in
making sleeves,remember to have the elbow
come in the right plaoe, |
In basting the sleeve in, hold it toward
you and be sure to get every fold and
gather laid correctly so that when il ia sewed
later by tho machine there will be no unsightly puckers.
Tho action of human breath will corrode
aluminum. This was discovered by the
experiment of using the metal as the diaphragm in lhe mouthpiece of a telephone.
But ut laat camo tho climax, and Bill
thought it wua ull ovor with bim for down
ita throat was -shot a heavy body like a sack
of coals right atop of bim, nearly smother-
tig him, so thut be hud scarcely room to
move or breathe, and ho must have been
aome time insensible, ho said, when he waa
woke up by a loud report.
" He thought for a moment the creature
had swallowed a powder barrel and it had
exploded, but it wns ouly the bu.Uing of the
canvas shroud tho old man was sewn up iu,
which had blown up lilie a paper bag.
" Tbe noise in ita inside, Bill said, must
huve astonished the shark, for he again found
himself standing on his hoad, ao he knew he
was making for the surface, and on reaching there it oponed its enormous jaws for
air, when a flood of light entered between
the rows of teeth whioh enabled Bill ou
gaining his feet to take stock of his lodgings, und the very first thing that he saw
was his old father crawling out from under
the canvas like n chick fro r ita shell,
"The old man had cuught sight ot* the
grindstone and soon put it into working
order, and ou lho fiah once more coining lo
the top again admitting light Bill at nuce
aaw what was in the wind, and they commenced business at once, when ihoy ware
s'uriled by a sudden change in thfl
shark's movements, ami aoou thoy dlatiuct-
ly heard tho sound ot human voices, ami
lhey knew they were saved.
"Wall, we all was so thankful ut their
miraculous escape from tho jaws of denth
that evory mother's son of us on board took
our solemn nllidavits that we'd nover tell a
Iiu or anything of thut kind again, and me
and my mate hnvo  kept our   words  over
Sad End of a Lover.
Inability to declare his mnorouH passion
in fluent and intelligible French has led to
the self-destruction of a young Florentine,
named Luigi Marmini. This youth came
to Paris some mouths since, and, after
having found employment, he foolishly
threw it up in order to spend hia daya
gazing at a fascinating damsel of Mon!mar t re
whoso face wus to he aeen very frequently
inside a window exactlyoppoBito Murmini's
abode. After much trouble, the Florentine
succeeded iu securing a meeting with tlie
captivating young woman. They came
together under somo trees in the mosl
romantic part of Montmartrc; but the
Italian spoke such atrocious French tbat
the girl only luugbcd in IHb face and mini*
(cited bis strange jargon. Marmini then
went off lo a tavern iu anguish, drank
several glasses of reputed brandy, und
stabbed himself to death.
The Soo Canal Is Finished.
Mr. Hugh Ryan, contrnctor lor the Sauli
Ste Marie Canal, ia in Ottawa. He nays
that work on tne Canadian canal is practically finished nud tho canal is very nearly
reidy tube opened for navigation,only some
liltle work on tho gates remaining to 'ie
done. Hon. Mr. llaggnrt will pay a visit
to the canal immediately after prorogation,
and it is expected that thn opening for
traffic will take place very shortly after Ida
Tbe r.iuntr- Overrun Wilh Tliein aa Proved li* Itu- (I'll*.ns or IH!M,
Marrying and giving in marriage is purely
a personal matter in this happy land of
independence. Perhaps more than in any
other couutry in the world it is a matter of
sen timent ; and that so may it be until the
end of time is the aspiration of all true
lovers nnd happy wedded folk. But at the
risk of brushing off some of the bloom of
fancy from this subject, aaya the Boston
Post, it ii interesting to regard it in the
cold light of figures which tells what kind
of an aggregate is made up by the-individual tendencies of the American pejple toward matrimony, Such figures are furnished
for the first time by the census of 1HUU,
former enumerators nut having been concerned with this very important feature uf
the social condition ofthe United Stales.
Tho first thing which catches the attontion in the tabulations of the census bureau
is the vast number of young bachelors. At
tlie age of-24 years only 20 outof 100 are
married, and even up to 80 years i.eurly
������ne-li-ilf tit ill remain single. The women
tlo butter. At the age of 2-1 years nearly
half of tbem havo liucome wives, und bet.ire
ihoy reach '10 years nearly throe-quuriers
of them hnvo found their mates. As a rule
women marry at an earlier ngo than men,
ami thi* accounts in part for the difference.
But the faot remains that the vast army
of young men ol America remain bachelors
nt un age ut which llieir grandfathers
wore at the heads of families and bound
to thu community by tbo strongest lies
known in our social system.
Exact comparison is, of course, impossible, owing to the absence of figures for
previous years ; but it is safe to say thnt
this habit of bachelorhood has increased
aud that tho tendencies of modern conditions of life are toward ita further
growth. As the standard of luxury���
which we have como to call comfort���
ia raised, thc cort of maintaining a family
becomes greater and the responsibility
becomes more formidable. The young man
who can support himself In eaae hesitated
to asBume greater burden?, which must
involve Bome sacrifice of hia hubits end
may bring the need of greater exertion ua
a bread-winner than he iu his bachelor
freedom, lines to contemplate, And bo the
young woman, seeing new opportunities of
agreeable occupation opening up ou nil
enda for thoso of her sex who hnvo eipu-
illy for business, for art, for industry of
muny kinds, muy hu influenced by greater
indifference to the sentiment which leads
marriage, Vet which is the better
stale? If long life is the desired thing
these censua figures have something of
interest to tell the young bachelors of
America. They show that of all the
American mon and women who have
reuched the age of 65 yeara, 0-1 out of every
100 are married. AM but six out of the 100
who have perished in their bachelorhood
have dropped out of the world.
The I nihil Htiites Mny  Increase lis Army
lo Overawe Liiltor,
An excuse for increasing the standing
army of the United Stutes may probably be
found in tho present labor disMirbancea.
Such an increase is already being advocated.
and agitated. A resolution to authori/o it
has beon introduced into the House since
tho brush betweeu the troops and the rioters at Chicago, The crisis is supposed to
have demonstrated the inadequacy of the
military force at the President's command.
It would be u singular result ot the strike
if it should be tha means of bringing into
existence un army to overawe labor.
Aiming nil the standing armies of Kurope
to-day, thero is none that is professedly
maintained for the purpose of keeping any
part of the domestic population cowed. It
has hitherto been the boast of the United
States that it needed uo standing army,and
its exemption from the expenses of ono made
its country
As its frontiers did not touch ou nnv great
military power, its foreign relations did not
equire the keeping up of a great standing
army. Thn republics that have kept it up,
suoh as those of Central America
and those of South America, have been
kept in constant hot water by it through
civil war. Their experience illustrated the
wisdom of the United Slates doing without
Biioh a luxury. Tho history of those republics has shown that the standing army cul-
tives tho ambition and the power of the
man ou horseback, France has once or
twice taught Lhe aame lepson. A standing
army fits in better with n monarchy than
it docs with u democracy. A free people,
every man of whom has a vote, kept iu
-���uhjeotion to thu laws of the country by a
military foruo would bo something of a cur-
iouaity. Any assistance that a standing
army oould render for the preservation of
onler oould be rendered by a cili/en soldiery
unless it i,-, desired to establish or uphold a
despolhtr.. The beat standing army a free
oountry can have for the protection of property und the support of the laws is u contented und
Such a peoplo will huve enough at stake to
be alwuy.1 ready to muster a larger force
for tho defence than for the destruction of
wealth aud order. Senator I 'oiler's rcsolu tion
to nationalize thu cool mines, the railways,
und certain other wealth iu the country is
not more extremely socialistic than Cenernl
Draper's resolution to fit up thu army as nn
instrument of government is extremely despotic. The strike shows the United Stales
not why it should increase ita standing
urmy, but whero it should push the Bovers
flignty of its Inwa. That is for the purposg
of pi ���������venting labor dillereuces from going
so far.
��� ^������i .
Tlie   Hiirular  Anil Hie lliirxlnrlxril   fnmr
In Tinn-.  tml-'iihl)'.
An almost unprecedented instunce in
the burglary line occurred a week or su
ngo in K'uuia district, Tokyo. In tho
small houra ofthe morning a suspicious
noise was hoard in the dwelling of n
iruggist in Koynnugi-cho, and hia eon,
who wna bedridden, awoke to find n robber, armed with a dirk, just entering tho
roam. Tho invalid gave a loud cry,
which awoko and immediately brought
tho druggist to tbe spot. The thief up*
pearcd to be uonplus.-ed, and when angrily addressed replied, his teeth chatlerin-*-
with fright, Lhat this was his first at.
tempt ul robbery. Tho druggist himself,
distrustful of tho ugly-looking knife,
told tho thief Lhat there was nothing Id
tbo house ami thai he had better go home.
"But after taking all the trouble to break
in," suid this OUriOUl burglar, ' yon might
let mo havo just u little. I'm a poor man
and cannot afford to work fur nothing."
Tho druggist "pitied" him���we quote frnm
a vernaculnr contemporary���and banded
hi>n a yen banknote nnd 50 Ben iu copper,
The latter the burglar refused, saying that
one yen was quite sufficient for  his imnted*
British and Foreign.
Kniaer Wilhelm sits for his photograph
about once n week.
The ealary and expem-e illowanc-a of
President Casimir-Perier is $240,000 per
Major Griffiths, who has long been a
contributor to the loudou News, succeeds
Kdmund Yatea aa the editor of that journal;
It ia estimated that foreign slocks amounting to 13,819,035,000 ure hold in Great
Britain, and the interest receivable upou
th-tn $145,000,000 per annum.
A tremendous school of whales came into
Kirkwall bay, Orkney, the other duy, causing a moBt spirited chase, white ever 100
were captured the same afternoon at
Westray, n little further north in the islands. The whales were of the porpoise
species, and ahout seven feot long.
London has au annual average rainfall of
but twenty-five inches, I'ati-i twenty-two
inches, Manchester thirty-six inches, and
Edinburgh thirty -eit.hi Inches, while Boston
shows forty-lit inches. New Vuih forty-five
inches, Philadelphia forty-one inches, and
Chicago thirty-six inches.
It ia aaid lhat one of Lord Culeridge's
peculiarities was his habit when on circuit
of atrolling round the court to keep himself awake. This uas u frequent pructica
of his when sitting lute in finish u oase, and
was extremely disconcerting to the counsel
who happened to bo addressing him.
An eminently practical German scientist
ia said to have applied a mild current of
electricity to a swarm uf bees, quickly causing them to fall tothe ground in a stupefied
condition. The bees could be safely handled while in this condition, and if the
electrical current were not too strong, no
injury was done to them.
Krupp's 130-ton steel gun coats ��311,000
to construct, and can be fired only between
fifty and sixty times, after which it becomes
worn out ana useless. Two shots a minute
cun be discharged, bo that if it were fired
continuously it would become valueless in
'onaiderably less than an huur. Kach projectile costs ��050, and weighs 2,600
pounds, whilo the gun has a range of fifteen
A rainmaker in India has an apparntua,
In the shape of a rocket, which is cApuble
of raising tn the height of a mile.. It contains a reservoir of other. In lis descent it
opens u parachute, which causes it to come
down slowly. Tiie ether, thrown out iu
fine spray, absorbs tbe beat and lowers the
temperature, and u limited shower is the
result of the  rapid  condensation of vapor.
The Czar hss created a new official in hia
court, who   goes   by  the curious title of
Tho General Near Our Person." This
officer is nt the bend of a Department of
State���alao newly created���whose duty ia
to guard the safety of the palace and his
Majesty's person, especially on railway
journeys. The now department is under
the direct supervision of the Czar, uud is
exempt from any authority but hia owu.
The papers have latterly foreshadowed
the imminent letirement ofthe Duke of
Carr.bridgc from tho oflice nf Commander-
in-Chief, and some assert thai Lord
Wolseley will succeed him. The first
report has been repeated for many years,
aud there is no mote truth in it now
than there wus on previous occusione. As
to Lord Wolseley being appointed to succeed his Royal Highness, ttiis is considered
altogether improbable, ��s the post will be
in all likelihood given to the Duke of Con-
Pasteur, the French scientist, bus shown
thut all fruits ami vegetables when undergoing even partial decay contain bacteria,
which, it taken into tho stmnnch, may cause
ilisease. Fruit grown near to the ground
may contain the bacteria of typhoid fever,
let anus, diphtheria, or cholera, which may
have found their way into the material uued
for fertilizing, or may have become incorporated witb the dried dual. Hence one
should never neglect to cleanse fruit. Imperial care ahould be taken wilh imported
or shipped fruit���more particularly that
from districts where there are infectious
Itrlll-h    I nl i.la   Will   lleuini by    Ihe
Nletlt-AgHn Cannl.
British Columbia is to have another big
boom. So say those whose special hobby
is forecasting the future. Their ohiof
reason tor this nsserliuti, uuys the Mississippi Valley Manufacturer, and a very
plausible ono it seems, is that on completion
ofthe Nicarngua Canal, freight rates be*
tween the old ami new world will drop so
materially that British Columbia nnd the
eutire coast country will eventually become
the source of supply in lumber and wood
mlp, etc., for the Kuropean uinrkols.
i'his is the wuy it ts explained! Know
takes n vessel several mouths to reach Kngland from Vaucouver around tho Home.
Byway of the Nicurngiia Canal the passage
may be made in 00 days without transhipping whilo steamers oan make the canal in
eight daya, and from the cannl to Kngland in 10 days. It is said that tho
Canadian Pacific railway iu conjunction
with a line of Inst steamer.*-, could afford to
fix rates between British Columbia und
Kngland at figures corresponding with thu
present rates between Vancouver and Snu
Frauclsco. Heretofore wood pulp has been
mainly supplied lo Kuropean markcta from
Austria, and the cargo transhipped live or
six times in passage, nnd here by the aid of
the Nicaragua canal, thu coast would far
oulstrip all competitors, us thn paper pulp
of British Columbia ami Puget Sound,
made from the gumless spruce, Is said to
be superior to any pulp in the mnrkut, the
same may Iw said of our eottonwood, Died
in thc manufacture of fine quality paper, as
well as the wuud fur bleak-paving so extensively used in the large Kuropean cities.
I iisiern Slates   and   Canada   will hum-l't
from the shorter distance and lower rates
of the canal route, but not su materially as
tiie PaetAo coast,   whole   shippers will   be
brought in direct competition wiih their
hitherto Invulnerable rivals of the old
world. _      	
Buried on Foot*
Clemoul Spulman of Narbnrg, lteoord**r
i( Nottingham, Kngland, who died tu 1870,
is immured upright inclosed in n pillar iu
Narburg Church, so that thu inscription is
directly against his face, Thomas Cooke.
who was a governor of the bank of Kngland
from 1737 to 17-"l!), and whu had formerly
been a merchant residing in Constantinople
died at Stoke Newington, Aug. IB, l"63,
and by his directions his body was curried
to Morden College* Black heath, of which he
wub a trustee ; il was then taken out of
the coffin ami buried ina winding sheet
upright in the ground, according to the
Knglish custom.
Jonson wua buried at Westminster in an
upright position ; possibly this may have
been on account uf lhe Urge fee demanded
fora full-sized grave. It waa for a lung
time supposed thnt lba   story was Invented
to account for the smallness ol thegravo-
sloiiu ; but, on the grave being opened
Boni't years since, tbe dramatisti remains
wero discovered in the attitude initialled by tradition. The following quotation from Hearne's "Collection of Aliti-
qi-nrian Diauuurees," vol. I., p. 212,
Hhows thnt the upright position of burial was
adopted in the case of Captains of the army i
"For them above the grounde buryed,-1
have by tradition hoard that when anyu
notable captpinediedin battle or camps the
into wnnts, and then this remarkahlo scene 80U|dyers uaed to tako his bodyo ami to
camotoa cIobb. It would aeem that both j sottlo him ou hit feet uprighto and put his
were very timid people, this lieing tho bur-1 [al,nco or pike into his hand and every man
glsr's first appearance in public, while the I fringe so much earth and then hia fellow
drusgist, despite thu proverbially unslraln* souldyera did travel and lsye about him as
ed quality of "mercy���was evidently in lhe I should cover bim and mount up to cover
blueat of (uuks,��� [Japan Mail, I the pike " THE WEEKLY NEWS,  AUGUST 22, 1894.
Published  Every Wednesday
At  Courtenay,   B.  C.
By Whitney & Co.
Or.o Ycnr     *-��')
MonUu      ' -*
8ln|ilo fop,         ,  ���"���*���
One Inoh por year. $
eiKhth col  wryoar
fourth ..
uoflk, ., line
Local iiot!oo9,per lino
Notices   of Births,   Marriages   ancl
Deaths.   50 cents each insertion.
No Advertisment inserted for less than
ll" vert'iing Agent, HI Morehnnts'
Eiohaugt), SanFr ncinco is our au-
tnorixed agont. Thia ^aper is kept
on lilo in his oiHee.
SSJI August 22,1B94.
The News Ems made some adverse
criticism upnn certain road and bridge
matters antl out of a spirit of fairness
now gives what is said on the other side.
ist. With reference to flie Oyster
River bridge the NEWS claimed lhat
there must have been some blunder lo
have occasioned the necessity for the
amount allowud as extra. The contract
price was between $800 and $900, and
.-j 150 was paid the contractor over and a-
bove his contract, It is said il was necessary to cut down 11 ugh boring trees to
prevent their falling upnn and injuring
the structure, and tbat tbe river bank on
ibe south or south-east side proved shelvy
and necessitated thc frame work there to
be tilled in with stone, the same as the
middle pier, and that there were always
some matters unforsecn and and unprov-
videdfor which required to be done.
As thc merits or the demerits ofthe bridge
have nol been discussed in these columns
t-oihing will be said about them here.
2nd. As to the extention of thc Tsolum River road it is contended that
Mr. Dick Creeck has made considerable
improvements upon his ranch and was-
compellcd to leave because he could get
no road so as to get things to or frnm
his place. Thai he desires to live -.there
provided he can have a road. That a
road can be built to answer the purpose
foi'about one half what has been represented a*; its cost, that before the last
tenders were called for a moderate sum
had been named bv the Dep-irtment as
allowable for that work, and that as tend
ers were required lor the information of
ihe department, and as it was uncertain
whether they would be within the limit
so that they would be actually lei, and as
the money remaining for the use of road
work was small it was believed lhat the
expense of advertising the calls in thc
local piper, as others had been this year
was unnecessary; and that the ommis-
sion lo put up a notice of calls at Courtenay (nn the blacksmith shop as is us-
tr illy done) arose in this way: The government agent gave a notice tn his brother tn be put up at thai place, but that
gentlemin forgot about it until he reached Duncan's and then put it up there
thinking it would answer as well.
The prospect of thc duly nn coal being
abolished by the American Congress is
good. The news that thc Mouse of Rep-
leseniatives had passed the Senate tariff
bill with all its amendments ���swallowed
everything, after having declared that
thev would never consent to an adjournment until the Senate accepted the Wilson hill, and after lhe President had denounced it as a perfidy���was enough to
t ike ones breath. A study of lhe pro-
1 eedings of the Democratic caucus at
winch the matter was arranged explains
llie mystery. Between the lines of what
Will said you could read the fact tbat the
Senate, indignant at tbe language nf
Cleveland, ils pride wounded, would nev-
ct yield directly, but that if the house
would humnr them by passing their bill
lhey would THUN pass brief bills putting
iron, coal and sugar on Ihe free list. Thc
Senate, therefore really yields all the
House demands, all but the form. The
special bills will be put through before
the expiration often days which lhe I'res
[dent has to consider the main tariff lull,
and all being in his hands, lie will sign
them all at the same time. As in the
silver bill, he lias proven himself master
of thc situation��� a legislative power
greater thau Congress itself, and simply
becauic he was with the people. This is
the situation as we write, and it is not
likely to be changed. The edict has
passed the caucus, and congress will rcg-
ister its will. Thc effect on lhe coal
mines of Nanaimo and this district will
be felt at once, in increase activity.
Spirit of the  Press
Ki-oni A.taakn Mining rteconl.
Whilu tin* people ul Alattka notice tho <lo-
prtisMitm made by thu money paulo, yet they
rui eungratal,itu themselves that nu such
a htatu of alldira exist tier*; that tho poopio
arc t'.xpcrieiicing liulow. Tho l-uaiaosH tnay
not h�� auch that largo incomes aro dcrivud,
yet all aro doing well and are imtlergoing no
great profmure to moot the obligations, whilo
many people throughout tlio itatea���who
formerly have boon io good circumstances
���ue uow living from hand to mouth.   Tbo
depression ia aaid to be tome easier than it
waa last apring, but if wo aro to judge from
the atrikea that are continually taking place
the reports are not very credible. The
peoplo ol Alaska can congratulate themselves
that they are at the present timo living in
tho land of the midnight nun, whererailroad
striken ami hank closures are as unknown to
thom aa cyclones aud thunder storms.
Ilarocr'a Hazar.
Hut a fcoblo bent old lady,
With n faded wriiiked race,
H ho nlong 1 he cur neorod dimly
To ublniti a vacant p!fu.u;
Y-it us if with pulse eiQCtric,
Iti-.tii.ntly ii'junhis feot
Every iniut uro-i? to nivo hor
With a (.mile hia niiiptj* neat.
Kindly i*1hiipos rested on her;
Kindly humlsi were ready there
To support her Bhould who need it,
For hor-oft. nnd snowy hair
Seonicd nn an runic of glory
To iiio-iu cure encumbered men.
Ah tbe inul her lovo within them
Woke to riiii-n'M'-i-iii������!*���(������ ���������,'���1 in-
All thero's nothing hnlf so holy
In t hi;' world of win aud woo
Au tho lovo that hluns<id our childhood
In Ihu yean*of Ion-- .two;
And a pommotl chord ot fooling
Link ml luKuihurinun with man
When thu thoiiKht uf homo and mother
ThroughL tliut crowd ot hi rangers ran.
From l'ost* In toll Igonorr.
The chairman and another member nf tho
rcorgaui/aliou vutiiiiiitU*o of tlm Nicaragua
l/dii-il t'-jinp.-iiy reoently nailed for Kurope,
and it is roportud lhat they hivo gone to
negotiate for capital witli which to carry ou
the conn traction of tho canal to completion.
According to tho report a syndicate of English capitalists bas offered to furnish the
amount required, which is estimated at ���"���Ml,
000,01)0. The Now York Times warns cou-
gress that while the roport may bo perma-
ture, nevertheless it is quite likely that
Buuner ur later the company will turnover
their enterprise to foreign capitalists it it
docs not gut tho necessary financial support
from the country.
From Victoria Colonist.
Aftor a protracted and doubtless circumlocutory process it appears probable that, in
order to settle tho damages dono to Ciua-
ilian seals which wori niezeit hy U.S. vessels previous to tho Pam arbitration, a joint
board of American and British commissiou-
ers will be created. It haa taken a long
tim3 to arrive at this "probability"���for it
is no more than suoh,���and of late it bas
hardly seemed as if anything at all would bo
done, preliminary ijuibblings as to formalities and ami lack of action on tbo part of
all the authorities concerned having caused
the hopes of those who had been made to
hutfer to be almost altogether abandoned.
In all probability, it ia said, details of tho
United Stated proposition of settlement will
be adopted before tbo end of the BQssioa of
Congrcas. It may bo remarked, that it has
long boon left without action, aud it wa" tho
persiateut delays which had occurred that
served as a great hindrance in the lirat
place, to the adoption of tho principle of
arbitration as carried out at Paris.
Prof. Wiggina says:���"We havehadgreat
inventions aDd discoveries in tbo nineteenth
century, hut they are as nothing compared
with what will be discovered in tho twen-
t;cth century. There is the best scientific
evidence to provo that man is a native of
Mars, where he lived millions of years before he was transplanted to tho earth, leaving the greater part of tho human family on
their native planet, who regard ue as their
loat brethren. The forco that carried us to
the earth may lie easily seen by the astronomer. The Marsians have 'been searchiug
for us for thousands of yeara, but have beeu
moro persistent since they saw tho elootric
lights* in our cities, and we will bo able to
converse witb them by signals before another century passes away"
The Haw-dan Star publishes an interview
with Financial Minister Damon, who returned from America on July 28. Mr. Damou
expressed himself an greatly pleased with
his visit to liritish Columbia, aud the prospects for business witb Hawaii. He says
that "the prspects for opening an important
trade with British Columbia are very flattering. Thero arc men iu that quarter with
plenty of money to use in the departure,
and matters will undoubtedly come around
to a point tbat some satisfactory arrangements with regard to future commerce oan
be made,"
The Japanese Fleet Repulsed in an
Endeavor to Capture Chinese
It is estimated that nearly :10,000 Ruffian
troops are in liiStorn Siberia. They have
with them sixty-four heavy guns. Thia,
takeu iu connection witb the fact that Russia has sent eight warships under tie-dud
orders to Corea, aud that the commaudur-
:n-chicf of Kan tern Siberia is to hold in
readiness to march at any moment, is regarded as significant. Japanese diplomats
express oonuuence that the powers will not
permit China to niiiic.x Curea.
A Shanghai dispatch says tho Chinese
fleet has left thu coast for tho purpose, it is
believed, nl intercepting tmuupurt-i carrying
Japanese troopa to Oorea. Thore wero only
a few ironclads among tlm Japanese vessels
that attacked Port Arthur ami Wei Hat
Woi. Must of tbe fleet were merchantmen
which had been converted hastily into
emitters, and were carrying troops for
work ashore. Nothing hM been beard of
the Japanese fleet since the 11 th. There is
considerable apprehension along thoChlneso
coast of the Yellow Sea. Small steam vca<
sols aro shouting on tho outlook for the
hostile squadron, Ths Chinese were greatly
alarmed by tho attack ou Wei Hai Welt
Mure submarine mines havo heen laid before
Taku and Wet Hai Wei. Thc British war-
ship Mercury has left for Woi Hai Wei to
protect foreigners thoro. Many ef the buuys
along the Chinese coast have been removed.
A disputoh from Cheefoo Bays that the
.layaueso attacked Port Hamilton (Port
Arthur) Saturday evcuiug, and were repulsed. A special dispatch to Cheefoo confirms
the report that the Jayanese fleet attacked
thu Chinese fleet at Wei Hai Woi yesterday
moruing and were repulsed at ono entrance
of the harbor, and sbbseqtiently made an attack at the other entrance.
The dispatch says tho Japanese mode a
daring attempt tn capture tho forts aud
arsenals at Wei Hai Wei. The Japanese attacked in force, four cruisers and several
smaller vessels holding iu advance. The
lirst sluitj wero exchanged at daylight, hut
the Chinese were on tho abut and their gunners returned vigorous lire from the forts.
The Japanese apparently expected to take
the Chinese by surprise while tbe hitter's
warships were away, the Chinese Bquadron,
with the exception of some small gunboats
and torpedo boats, having sailed the day before for another yort. Tho gunboats and
fort kopt up such a well-directed flro that
the Japanese wure unable to cuter thu harbor.
Tho torpedo boats wero then ordered to
advance, and whon tbey did so the Japanese
fleet retired. The same Japanese fleet attacked the harbor entrance later in the
day, but wore defeated.
Waverly I
X House,
This Magnificent  Hotel   Building
Will be Opened tor the Reception ot Guests Julyll.
Finest Appointments.
Best. Table. Splendid sample
Hooms   and   Reasonable   Rates.
A, Lindsay, Lessee,
4     . Leighton
At the Bay, Oomox, B. 0.
Blacksmithing an    Repairing
of all kinds
Carriage Work and Horseshoeing a specialty
For Sale
My farm of 113 acres, with coal right,
also stock and farm Implements.
James Clark.
Comox, B.C.
All persona driving over the. wharf
or bridges in Coniox district f.istcr
tlmn 11 walk, will be proseeuttidaocord
inj; to law.
Gov. At!**r,t.
II. B. Anderson,
Pr;ictic;tl   Watchmaker
Worker in Light Metals  and
Gunsmithing and  Tin   Work
Dingwall Building.
Co-^ox, B. C.
Wedding and other rings made to order.
Union Saw Mill.
All Kinds of Rough and
Dressed lumber always on
hand and delivered at short no
Also all kinds of sawn and
split shingles and dressed pine
and cedar.
Stumping done at reasonable
rates by our Giant Stumper.
Coal, brick and lime on
hand and delivered at short
R. Grant & L. Mounce, Proprs.
Comox, B. D.  "$&
Tlio Groat lindj*:��n Is the mr-st womlcrftil
rtts--!<jvervorth"j-i'f*. Jjudor-*t*ilhv sclent I lie mou
ifBuropeand Amotion- Hudyali- purely vegetable. EtOpH
I'rercr.t* ritcF*-
ofthc'ti-*--*lia 1:0
, Manhood
,. ...%'Jsw(.'aiiHll]>atfoill(,
r 'I--' ^-^-'-'.iinLHciisit'otll,;'
���oi-h ion Btho entireb-'F-cm.   after
*ti cure-1;,'.*;:'���, NcrvoiViiie s.Einis-.ionrj,
avelop��an Imfona wenlc organ*. Petal
��� tmi 1,. io -.��������� ia* ,1-t" ot nlghtarecloppod
iv. over 2,000 privateendorsements,
uutureupo"menusJmpotenoy i'i tin: first
jt cun bu Mu-j|-i'd lu liOdayflby tuoiuo of
ew discovery was made by theSpeoIal-
itiOl-I fdmotU I'm.*>;.r. Mcillcttl limit-
���stroi*y(-"t vilnlkor nmde.   Ufa
Fold fur fil.no a
 1 ijuarBOtco given for ft cure, if
yotitrtiyRlsliiDt-.'saml aro mil i>utln*ly cured,
six mure will he sont to you free of ull ohiirKC**.
Suiid for I'irculur*- and tcFtlnionluU.   Aildicu
nnn-MiN medical institutk,
1032 Market B|.��� San Francisco, OaL
��� 1111%       lb I.I   1 lit* -illllll)-!"H    HUlll/.tJl     UlllUC.
vo'ypo-'-'rfnI, li.it htinnk-iA Rold for fi:
na&ageor r, ,,.*ic!:iibi*i* for (r��.eo (pliiin t-
linxest.   WriUc-i j-uurantco^tvon for a cm
Riverside Hotel
Courtenay B O
J. J. Grant, Proprietor
The Hotel is one of thc best equipped
on the Pacific Coast, ancl is situated at
the mouth of the Courtenay Kiver, between Union and the large farming settlement of Comox;
Trent ate plentiful in the river, and
l-irge game abounds in the neighborhood
The liar connected with the hotel is
k'.pt well supplied with the best wines
and liquors,   Stajte connects  with all
Steamers.   Terms moderate
Cumberland Hotel.
Union, B. C.
The finest hotel building
Fixtures and Bar
North of Victoria,
And the best kept house.
Spacious billiard Room
and new
Billard and Pool Tables,
Best of Wines and Liquors.
J. l'iket, Prop.
Wood & Kilpatrick.
Having Added to their Own
Splendid Liver/ Outfit.
of R. Grant and Co
Are Prepared to furnish  Sty-
ish  Rigs at Reasonable Rates
Give them a call
Robert d. Wenborn.
Xdaehtno Works, Nanaimo
Dealer in llicyclcs. Agent for Braut-
fnrd llic)de Co., 11. P. Davis of Toronto
English Wheels, Beaston, Huniber,
Kudge, Ncw Howe and Wbitworth. Will
sell on installment plan or big discount
for cash. Parts supplied -��� Repairing a
Esquimalt  and Nanaimo Ry.
Steamer Join
On and after Mar. 22 nd, 1893
The Steamer JOAN will sail as follows
CULLING AT WAY POUTS os passengers
and freight may offer
Leavo Vlotorln, Tuesday, 7 0. m.
"  N'nnolma for Comox, Wednesday, 7 a. m
"  Union Wlmrf Thursdays at 6 11. in. for
Niuiiiimu,   returning   to   Coniox the   same
Leave Comox for Nanafuio, Fridays, tt\.m,
" Nanaimo for Vietorla Bnturdoy, 7 n.m
For freight ur state rooms apply on
board, or at the Company's ticket ollice,
Victoria Station, Store street,
Esquimalt & Nanaimo R'y.
Time  Table   No.   20,
To take effect at 8.00 a. ra. on Friday
April 27t.b, 1084.   Trains mn
on Pacific Standard Time.
Y:   ."��� i*| 8fe'tfef73ss?ffias s
p     6 S3
0     aJ-5
<**., rrfrrrTi i s*i-
���uai.i.N inj i.|!t
t.??^-ie    ���   no,      /���
wM^*^3>S?-*3D-Ott?'   <! -j
>''������'������.-'���-"���r~,-i.~\-  .J K
ofA  lii.l ��.i|ire
���"=^.^-'^^"^P:'   ''
y. >i*'ji: zrixSti'i-S-iS-zlllS  sis
"**���* Z liS '-5 ���- =,i.*-'-'-i|*""*��*��1*1"11*1*    ta ���
gl^L-ii.......... .*���
g|' 8T538S33SSasf'SSS *S=
z ���?/���
U 4* u
On Saturdays and Sundays
Huturn Tlokota will bo is-moil botwoon all
IH)i-..t8 for 11 fnro iuul u quarter,  -,'iiod forro-
Lurn nut latoc limn JIoikIiij*.
Roturn Tlokcls for ono nmi h hnlf ordinary
faro mny ho purohaaefl daily to all i��lnt8,
(-nod for Bevon days, fnaludlng duy of Isaito,
No Boturii Tlokota Issued for �� faroandn
quarterwlioro ihc single (aro Is twonty-flvo
Throii-'h rntos botwoon Viotoria and Comox,
M'ii-n-,'1* and Coniiuutlon Tfokots oan bo obtained ooupplicatlou to T16kot Agnnt, Victoria
President. Oon'l Supt.
Gen, Freight and Passer ger Agt
The leading hotel in Comox district,.
New and handsomely furnished,
excellent hunting and fishing close
to town. Tourists can depend on
first-class accommodation. Reasonable rates. Bar supplied with the
choicost liquors and cigars
R. Graham, Propr.
Yarwood & Young,
Hamsters, Solicitors, &C. Office Cor.
Huston antl Commercial Hi., Nanaimo, IJ. C
Funeral Directorso.m! Kmbat.mkrs
Oratltialcs of tho Oriental, Kin-oka,
nmi ynitefl Status Culli-go-- or Km-
b'lliuii.x ,
Nanaimo, II. C.
A   Snap.
80 acres of fine land for sale or exchange
or property at Courtenay, Union or U-
mon Wharf,
Apply at this office.
The Nanaimo Pharmacy
Nanaimo B. 0.
\V. E* Mc Cartncy Chemist,
���   Pure Drugs (Jhfiiiiculs ami  Patent
PhysicnnB Presctptions and allordors fillrd
with euro and dispatch. P. O. box 12
McKenzie & McDonald,
Courtenay, B. C.
General   Blacksmiths.
-OUT  FR,TOE33 -
Bring on lour fork
UNION Bakery
Best of Bread,  Cakes  and
Pies always  on hand.
The Bread Cart will   be at
Courtenay and Comox  Tuesdays and Fridays.
Adderton &. Rowbotham, Prop
Nanaimo   Saw  Mill
��� and   ���
Sash and Door Factory
A Haslam,Prop. Mill at., P0Box80,Tel,ID
Nanaimo B. C.
A complete stock of Rough and Dressed
Lumber always on hand; also Shingles,
Laths, Pickets, Doors, Windows and
Blinds, Moulding, Scroll sawing, Turning
and all kinds of wood finishing furnished
Ceriar,    White  Pine,    Redwoid.
All orders accompanied ivithCASH prompt
ly and carefully attended to.
Steamer Eslell
Harbor and outside lowing done at reason
able rates.
Cumberland Meat Market
All Kinds of
Fresh Mutt, Hams ;uul Bacon
All Kinds of Vegetables  and
Farmers Produce,
Orders from surrounding coun
try promptly fiiled,
A. C. Fulton, Prop.
First Dam, by Scotchman.   Second Dam
by Bay Wallace.   Third Dam,
by Waxwork, cic.
The Karl of Moray, Jr., is a Drappled
Brown in color, three white feet, with
beautiful action and the finest quality of
bone, and like his sire has a great constitution. He is rising four years old, Foal
cd July 5th, 18S7, and weighs 1400 lbs.
He was imported by John Hetherington,
from Bruce County, Ontario, and will
make the season of 1894 on his farm, Comox.
Karl of Moray; is by Karl of Moray,
(4354)) registered in the Clydesdale Stud
Book, Vol. VIII, page 422,'with his dam
Nance of Inchsleily, as it appears in his
pedigree.���D. McIntosh.
Terms��� To insure for the scason,$i2.
���       For single service, $5.
���      Groom fees, $1.50.
fpsufapce Sale.
Sloan # Scott's Nanaimo.
What is an Insurance Sale?
So many people ask the question.   We shall explain:	
After the late disasterous fire in Nanaimo the Insurance Companies cancelled a large number of policies in some blocks. We
have just S10.000.00 to place just at present in any other Company.
Now we cannot afford to carry over large stock without sufficient insurance Consequently we are compelled to unload. To do
this quickly we have put the prices lower on everything in our immense stock���than Dry Goods have ever been bought before���less
than cost in nearly every instance. See price lists which we have
sent out.
cr. _a.b:r..a.:m:s
Union Clothing Store
B. C.
Get Suited.
J. Abrams, the clothier of Union has a
fine of 1400 samples to choose from for
suitings, ranging from $22 per suit upwards.   Perfect fit guaranteed
C. H. Beevor-Potts
Solicitor, Notary Public. Conveyancing
in all its branches. Ollice Comer-
cial St, Nanatino.
Society    Cards
I. O. 0. F., No .tl
Union Lodge, I. O. 0. F., meets every
Friday night at S o'clock. Visiting brethren cordially invited to attend.
Wm    \V*i-iM
Wm. Wright, R. S.
Hiram Loogc N0J4 A.F .& A.M..B.C.R
Courtenay B. C.
Lodge meets on every Saturday on or
before the full ofthe moon
Visiting Brothers   cordially requested
to attend.
R. S. McConnell,
K. of P.
Comox Lodge No 5, K. of P., meets
every Saturday, after the ncw and full
moon, at 8 p.m. at Caslle Hall, Comox.
Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend,
John B.urd
K. R.S.
C. 0. O. F.
Loyal Sunbeam Lodge No. 100, C. 0
O. F. meet in the old North Comox
school house every second Monday at 8
p. m Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend.
J. B. Bennett, Sec.
Robert Sanderson.
Joiner Sf Cartwright
Courtenay. B. C,
Union Clothing Store.
Goods At  Cost.
For thc next thirty days yuu can purchase at thc Union Clothing Store Cloth
ing, Hals, Boots, Shoes, While and Colore] Shirts, Collars, Cutis, Gents under
Clothing, Socks, Overalls, Cordigan Jack
ets at cosl. The above goods all new.
Please call and inspect goods. Suits
made lo order at lhe lowest possible price
J. A. Cathew
I72-TI02-T, S. C.
l.D. McLean
Jeweler, Bookseller
-'    ;^^w\      and Dealer in
rf*lil�� 0r^ns' Pi���-Music
^^g| Stationery,   and   No-
'-    tions ol all kinds.
Have Just received a fine Assortment of English Worsteds for
Suitings.    Also Keep Ready Made Clothing, Hats, Shoes and
("g^The Tailoring Department is in charge of D. McLeod,
which is a guarantee of perfectly fitting garments and the best
of workmanship.
Stage and Livery,
Fine Rigs at Reasonable Rates Always on Hand,
,'.   Teaming Promptly Done,  .'.
H A Simpson
Barrister and Solicitor. Office in 2nd
flat, Green's Block,  Nanaimo,   B. C
Will be in Union every Wednesday and
Courtenay on Thursday.
Nanaimo Cigar Factory.
Philip Gable, Proprietor.
Baston Street      ���    Nanaimo B. 0.
Manufactures   the   finest   cfgares,
employing none but white labor.
Why purchase inferior foreign cigars,
when you can obtain a SUPERIOR ARTICLE for the same money?
Home Made BoysSuits.
Suits for boys from two to ten years of
age made to order, at reasonable rates.
Apply to
Mrs. Charles Hooper, Courtenay
O. H. Fechner.
Shop: Late Drug store.
Union, B. 0.
Paper Hanger and Kalsominer.
Union, B. C.
"BLUE BLOOD YET." 29688 A.S.R.
The Sweepstakes Yearling Shropshire
Ram of 1891. Winner of Tirst Prize at
Shropshire and West Midland Show in
England,'891. Also First Prize in his
class everywhere exhibited in America.
Also Sweepstakes Winner over all Down
Breeds at Minnesota and Dakota State
Fairs, 1891, and Winner of Silver Medal
at Dakota Slate Fair, Sioux Falls, ro'yi,
for best Ram any age 01 breed with
four Ewes.
Selected in Englnnd by A. O. Fox and
now standing at the head of Woodside
Having iinportod a son (Top Pick)
of tbe abovo celobi atod Bam in 1802,
and bred him to some line Half Breed
-'Shropshire" Ewob. I have now for
sale some Extra Fine Yearling Rams
and Bam Lambs, at $20.00 e;ich. I
also havo some good land improved
or unimproved, in lots from 40 acres
tooSOO at from $10 an acre up and
on terms to suit purchasers.
Apply to Goo. Heatherbell,
Hornby Island.
Union  Mines,. B C.


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