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The Weekly News Nov 22, 1893

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 G. A. f'cBa:.. Co.
Seal Estate Brokers
Nanaimo,  B. C.
G. A. McBain * Co.
Eeal Estate Broken
<**��� Nanaimo, B. C.
$2.00 PER YEAR
uisrioisr, b. o
carries a fine assortment of
General Merchandise
Boots,Shoes,Clothing and Gents Furnishings
Orders taken for custom made suits.
W. .1. Young.
P. P, Seliarsehmidl.
Also Fancy Toilet Articles
Having bought out the Stage, Team and Livery  Outfit of
John \V. Fraser will continue the business at the old stand.
SSh.    We have also purchased a carload of Lake coal and will
deliver it at a reasonable figure.
Orders may be left at the news' Office.
Citizens' BuMkg Society,
 0 ��� 0 ��� 0
Capital   ��5 000.000 00
Shares ���?1oo Each, payable 60 cents per month
 0 0	
A Local Co-Operative Building, Loan and Savings Association.
Organized and operated by business men of Nanaimo, elected by the Shareholders.
Andrew Haslam, Esq., Mayoi of Nanaimo, President j
C. 11.   Stickles,   Manager  K.   L. Works,  Vice-President
A. R.'Johnston, Esq., Treasurer; Marcus Wolfe, Esq,, Secretary
C. H. Barker, Solictor
Alderman E, Quennelj Alderman T. Dobeson; Win. Patterson, Esq.
J. Foreman, Esq.; J. \X, Stirtan, Esq.
BANKERS��� The Bank of British Columbia, Nanaimo.
BSPSubscHpticn Hooks are now open ami any information can be had by applying
to the Secretary, who will furnish copies of Prospectus and Bv- Laws.
MARCUS WOLFE,  Secretary.
Agent at Union, Alex W. Fraset,**��^-f (CSTAgcnt at Courtenay, P, XV. Patterson
One of the Largest and Strongest; Companies
in Canada
Gives the Most Liberal Contract and Pays the  Largest Dividens
Assets $3,403,700.00.
Reserve lor the Security of Policy Holders     $2,oS!,,320.28.
Surplus over all Liabilities $307,428.77.
J E. Crane, Gen'l, Agent, Victoria, B. 0.     L. W. Fauquier, Special Agent
Eureka   Bottling Works,
���       MANUFACTUBBB OF       ���
Sarsaparalla and Champagne Cider, Iron Phosphates, Syrups
Battler of D'n-jmt ll.-n li of Lijer M:;r Stein l);jr,i:id 1'ortjr
Agent for Uniun llrcwciy Cumpiluy.
Nanaimo and Courtenay  B.   C
We Carry thc Largest Stock
���    of   ���
in British Columbia.
Simon Leiser, Proprietor,
Miss M. Roy has charge of our dress De'
partment. All work done in this Department guaranteed to give satisfaction.
I'l ..Ms.    MM
*wMWk tm NlftflflN
life If ��$'- Ml i" ill
re 1 Riftfaft
Flour & Feed
Farm Produce
Fancy Grocorios
Dry Goods
Boote & Shoes
Crockery & OlaBsware      Faint & Oils
Gents Furnishings
Patient Medicines
Sportsmcns Supplies a Speciality
E. Pimbury & Co.
Wholesale and Retail
Druggists  and Stationers
Commercial St. Nanaimo, B. C
Dr. W J. Young
thijskian �� Surgeon
Courtenay Pharmacy
Store for Rent.
For rent from Aug. I my store in thc
This is a first class chance, as a good
paying business has already been built
up.   Apply to
Wm. Lewis, Courtenay, IJ. C.
Rams tor Sale.
FOR Sai.ic two f ne voung Rams ( South
Apply to
Geo. Howe,
Comox, 11. C.
Notice.       ���*���
All accounts which have been clue mc
for over one year ��ill unless paid within
the next 30 clays from date, be placed in
the hands of my solicitor for immediate
Joseph   McPhee,
Courtenay, Oct. II, 1893.
Dr WJ Gurry
( D 13 N T IST.)
Green's Block���near Post Office��� Nanaimo. Any number of teeth removed
without pain and without the use of
Ether or Chloroform.
Farm Products for Sale.
(Dolivnretl at Tboa Cairo's farm.)
Carrots per lb. I cei
Turnips  "   " "   "
Cabbage "   " \% cen
Onions    "   " 2   "
Eggs limed per don 30 "
Fresh eggs at market  price
Butter per lb 30   "'
Society     Cards
I. 0. 0. F., No .n
Union Lodge, I. 0, O. F., meets every
Friday night at 8 o'clock. Visiting brethren cordially invited to attend.
Alex. VV. Fraser, R. S
Leiser Lodge No. I3, A. 0. U. XV.
holds regular meetings on alternate Saturday evenings M7.30 p. m. in the old
North Comox School liousc. Visiting
Brethren are cordially invited to attend.
Ernest A. Holliday
Hiram Looge No 14A.F ,& A.M.,B.C.R.
Courtenay li. C.
Lodge meets on every Saturday on or
before the full ofthe moon
Visiting Brothers   cordially requested
to attend.
W.J. Young
K. of P,
Comox Lodge No 5, K. of P., meets
every Saturday, after tlie new and full
main,at 8 p. m. at Castle Hal, Comox.
Visiting Knights cordially invited lo attend.
John Bind
K. R.S.
C. O. 0. F.
Loyal Sunbeam Lodge No. 100, C. O
0. F. meet in thc old North Comox*
school house every second Monday at 8
p. 111 Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend.
J. B. Bennett, Sec.
For Sale.
Five lots in Courtenay Townslto being
ots dS, 6;, 65, 73, and 74 on Mill street
between Union and Alice streets, near
Courtenay bridge.
For particulars apply to Bruno Mellado, House 29, Union, B. C.
All accounts due me must be paid by
the 20th of next November, or they will
be placed in the hands ofa collector.
Geo G McDonald
Comox, Oct. 2nd 1893
For Sale.
For SALE. ��� aoyoung breeding ewes,
Apply to A. Urquhart.
Substantial Rewards   for Those
Whose Answers are Correct.
A Twin nnreciiiiTfil'i i>rlHOii whoro wns eon-
lhr.il a i-oiideln���*( 1 crinihiiO, On ruak'iiK a re*
iiiiL'ti to lie con iiu uteri inu* thn iini-iu-.tT of the
-Ini-inc'l limit, tho visitor wns ininrineri that
mine but roli-the** uu-�� i-eriiillU-d lusuo tin*
lii-fmniur. 'Ihc vIh loi-sulci: "llrulher*-nnil --i ���
t-.-1-s h-ivo 1 mi]-c. Kin thut inaii'Bltho 'I'-laum r'si
father Ismyftitkor'aBO-ti-''
lh* wns-u i*i'.v��� i.-il'uii totliniirlxntii'i*. Kow,
wli iM-tlntum wi.slhi-*)ri*-oi!(*r to llio visilurf j|
Tho Agrlaujmrnl l-ubiitliinir Comrnny will
Rive ���J.-Hliiyoiu-rnr lifet"tli * I'lTjini-it-iiiliiiK lliu
Hi hi* eurri'fi ui'-twin*-, .-;''!l)iii'lii*s"i*iiiiil;:tni *Ji"iO
4lh, *1W>; Sih. SSO, nnilovit 10��K)i>! In.*r n*w;ir.l-<,
eonnlBtiijr* ot pianos, organsInthosntid guata
gold and Bih'or watcliu**, silver NervJeeB, ili-i*
uiond rings, olu,
To lho liorann Bonding tho Inst correct an-
SWi r will lie filviMl n hiitli-toiifjil pinno, tn llm
noxt tothfl InPt iilieiinMluli i|.'iiii. ntul I tie next
6,1)00 will receive valuable prizes of sllvorworo.
IU'LES.��� Il) All fljiswfcrt. timet bo sent by
mail.ami bcni'po-itniiirk not Inter than hi.*c.3I,
1SB. t'-l There will bo no i*lmi-Ko wlintevur to
en tor this (-oiii)iotitloii, but "'-��� who emn-iuti*
iit'ii I'Xjioctod to sen I one dollar for six moiiUis
Biibt-o Ipttnn to oltlinr Tim LApnts Homk.M.\o-
AZIM-: Or't'llf;t'A.VAIU.*.XAl!HICU!,TLHJf.T- two
of ibe choircHi jliuslrnlrd *>i-rl( ilii ti ���*��� of llie
day. i't| All -irizc-"iiini'i-s wJI Iv expo-Hod 10
assist im in oxi-'ikIIikj- our oircitlation. Ml The
fii-RU-nnnethiii-wi-r received laondi'i**- lKiHlinaik
laken in all n-uita as duo of rt!Colpt, ho iw to
Kivei-vtry 0110 an oqu-il ohanco.no iimtici-
wli'iro ho nr she nny roa do), will aocum tho
first prize; tho Sfeconil, tho noxt *.r ���/.���:. m,d s-i on.
TilKAdHlccL'rrnil-'Tsaiioideaiablisliod inn
corn, and '���CBSBSai'Siunploiii'-ati'* Inona-ilo ll lo
carry mi| ��I1 Its iioiiubiSh (Hitnd tor printed
1 stuf fiu;nti:r prize winners.!
.il'T'iJE***,��� Tlie followin-,* well known gcnile-
1111*11 h.ivo conaent-d tone' ua dndKCff i-ihI ������'"���
see tlrittlH* }<r':>,������.:���, irofjiu'v tiw;ii*'l->il��� Como-
duro Caleiit. ( Pi-i'i-tmiir" fiiilciin's l.iin* of
Kloaiiiers) 1 Vim Imroii-fli, Hnd llr. W. Itottui-t-
6011. 1'rus il-inJTl'iiOi i*ji'itiii��''i)iii'.i.iii^-. I'eier
Loroiitih. li-niHieiiilltiiiKiey ctl-r". Ad'lresi
AomuULTutniiT 1'cn. (U'ttl). i-otorijoruUih
H A Simpson
Barrister and Solicitor.   Office in 2nd
ll it, Green's Block,   Nanaimo,   B. C
Will be in UniiM ci-eiy Wednesday and
Courtenay on Thursday.
A Correction.
We clip ths following from Xanaimo's
new paper, The Daily Telegram, issue of
the rath inst. We are glad to give full
credit to Rev. I. I J. Good as the founder
ofthe .Mission here. Geo. F. Drabble,
J. P. remembers Mr. Pideock as having
first pre-empted the property, but he says
he afterwards abandoned it when ii was
pie-einpteci by the Rev. J. ll. Good as
states below:
Editor Teh-gram. ��� 1
Doubtless your esteemed contcm'ior- j
dry the editor of the Courtenay News
.viuie the account ofthe cstablislnneni of
our church at Pideock Landing in the 1
wdmox settlement to the best of his
knowledge, but ntrne hiib been led unintentionally no doubt into making one
statement thai does nn Injustice to myself, he Hill I tiust be j-rtlcl of the collection.
During my first residence here as Rector of St. Paul, horn 1861-6, 1 visited Comox several times each jcar, al no little
risk and discomfort in those days, preempted thc land, buiit ihe log hut and
church, obtained a certificate of improvement and then transferred the whole lo
the Bishop without anv CONSIDEUA-
TION WHATEVER. Mr. Cave was my
catechist at Nanaimo went to Comox to
act as my assistant there. He was paid
through nln and I hive still all thc items
ofexi-.ii iiurc at Comox from the first
bv mu
Mr. Jcnns, now of St. John's followed
me here and Dr. Garrett did hot conic to
Nanaimo till 1868, visiting Comox occasionally like his predecessor but no one
had anything to do with building or improvement but myself with Mr. Gave as
my agent lill the present rector, Rev. X.
Willemar was senl there.
Mr. Cave afterwards took work alNew
Westminster, under De. Hay man "here
he received Deacon's orders and subsequently went home and was curate in
charge of Axiniuisicr when he   died.
Bay Reading Room.
There will be a meeting in the Reading room at ihe Bay, on the evening of
Friday the 24th Nov. at half past seven
o'clock. All interested in the Reading
Ri.oin arc cordially invited tu attend.
A committee will be appointed to take
the management and general superintendence. Several contributions in monev
have been received. A handsome lamp
had been supplied by Mr. Moore, a piano
has been loaned by Miss Barnes, and
books by Messrs Anderton, Derbyshire
and others.
We trust lhat all will lake an interest
in the Reading Room, as ii will no doubt
be found a great convenience on steamer
days as :t confutable place for those who
ci-iii'* long distances to meet ihc steamer,
The rules and otSer items of interest vviil
$&published in this paper alter next Friday's meeting; al*>o a list of the contributors tu these good works.
R. R. Anderson,
Pntcticl Watchmaker
Worker in Light Metals and
Present office Ell: Hotel
Co*"ox. B.   C.
Laboi* Not.*-.
Ina New York hu^ltit-tw ofRco theniwafl
n yomiH man who did not do unioli except
loaf, lio lin*-*, mori-ovtT, of late acquired
tin- habit of coiiiflig Into 1 m-ulla-e veiy line.
11 Vou nre !itt(>n;..iiiu thi.s ihoniim**."
"Yes, but it oaii't mnko much uliforctice,
a*, vou Kiy 1 liuu'ttlouuythiiJg,'* I'oj'iitil Uu
"That':! true. You do absolutely nothing,
but 1 want you to Uo it in U-u ou.-^-j."���
"RrU Iii I'wuca."
Colonel Goodfello���Well, Mow hnwnrw
ymi jji-u.i*,.; nhe.-.-fi in the ptitcu 1 (jut lur
Mo��e Yr.llcrliy���Nicely, kunnel, thank
'av,   I'm de lori'iimn no.v.
Colonel QiK��lfi-llow���Koremanf
Mono Yallerby-YHHKlr, N'u one kin
come in till 1 fitvt open 1111 au dust tui*!���.���,;
A Iliid liioivlc.
Qua Snolierly���I hear Miss Daisy Dloi-
plo la liogiigul agtda.   Is it n toutl
Billy i.iildmi-;���Yi-h, I know II Uso.
Snob, rly��� WiOl, they wty prnetiuu make*-
perfect. Hhu has heen i-iigngtil atone tlmt*
or another 10 iiIiiiohC every lilmik IujI i.i
llarlum.   Who Is her hwt vlttim/
"I UUI."���'i'UXlU* i*llfthl{<H.
***   Wttstotl ViniiiiiNlii.iii.
I jwlillwoil nL-irii fora tht-
Ann tiitili I Hturluil fm tiiu ulinr-i
Y.'iin-i.-.-i*, n,..,..-*,.
KhM It'TII'iuirnlyiwthiKdrlti
WitltiliUinoii i(i.iw*ritii- tlo.
Wall tin* 111 'twill >��<��� tmeut inut Hlciit
Ah I ffnlknnlllnabr.1-
r.m viiicii 1 tsi in i.i niKJii um boacti
.1 1.1.-1 I Imil u till, ���luvtiltlio l,r.-i 1 irl thnt I -*ftw
Imil uii iilic jilM llltotL
-(.'im lilur and FuniiHhur.
OpQIiIng Ull Ily it.
It takes awhile to Ret usvd u; a woman's
wiiyi, \.li.*ii,*i.vniin-4 huHbium HiuiH ii,i
huh 1ml hi- wire wlillo she hbuiila ai Im
drethhitf uuuiuhI iiiijilenly IhihI-- rorwam
; li.i [liiils mi Ulll-X'K'eiul U. ���*��� ot) hi 1 lii.-
he Ktih.H tin- kuowledge that a wuinuii
h'.hls uliiiiii ll.; pins in hu' luouta V,ul-h
duu Id di-eaflhtg,���Tie-Bits.
Tim tntft.
Inquiring Person���What time -tlitl the
hotel catch llt'-r
Ki rei naii���Mhl nlpht
Imjuinny K*raon ��� Everybody got out
Kii-i'imiii���All except the nittht. wnteh
mi.ii. '1 buy uuiildu't wake hini up iu uuiu
���- Kxihaagu.
,.   . *Rhi! n'uTlrod.
Hp���Huw runny bridesmaids are yiai go
Iuk to have, ili-jui-.stf
lie-Why, I thouj-ht yeu hail set yottl
U'.'441-tOII it.
ahe���I had, bui from prewnt- MlrntlmiH
t im girls 1 want will all be married io -.*.. -
Whnt I'rnvi.kiil lUr.
Ho '���ami-' homo in lu-i iivl'iiIiik ilrotw,
Waul n.��rti> lit* ijfiioM mwl wMtht��-
Thu iniikiu-ui let liim in.
���Cluthiur uml FurnUho**.
Out at Last
Thcjiiuch talked of new daily at Nanaimo has made ils appearance. It is
named The Daily Telegram. W, J. Gal-
lnyher is edtioi* and manager. It is a
live column eight page paper, neatly
printed, made up with judgement, nnd
bright, sparkling and breezy. Nanaimo
bas now two good dailies and has doubtless business and enterphze to give them
both a good support" In dailies we be-
Icivc Vancouver Island now leads thc
Comox Electoral District.
A Court of Reviijon and Appeal under Ihc "Assessment Act 1 Sua" and a-
meltdihcnts, will be held ai ihc Court
House, Coniox. on Tuesday the 30th day
uf November 1893 at 11 o'clock in forenoon.
Eli Harrison,
Judge of Court of Revision and  Appeals.
Nanaimo, Oil* Novnmber, 1893.'
ThtrodnrtiH the Greek la reputed to have
lata tin' llntt Keiilptur.u*emit meiaut iu tue
A>.in ui't-utu.oy.
Kuiixcilk'K". ut Qnlesburg, 111*-., htweon-
fiiuil Uiuhinitaai'y dugreuof unuterofarui
on Ku-jwim 1-Kld.
Mine, Mitdi hue Lemalre, who In perhap*
tli*.' lo t known water colbrlvt iu Ifliu-opc, 1.-
^alll'.-) \na'r.v ft lurgur liicomu than auy other d lii.ili* at i Iki 1.1 the world.
In bin iMiilr.ii'eeiici'.s of Diekuun (l. A.
Kalawiye thut iLuiiovillut had mi utmost
I'lurlikl rotidiit-w* lor tnlkliiK topollcuoiil-
un.I.i .-.nd untei'tidiiiiiij ihuin ut bin boiuo,
Mary llortwell Cathcrwood, onu ol the
brl.Hiu.t iiiuh.im eotcrluof wrlluri*, Ih tliu
iK-roii <������>! lief own "Camvi.n Days," whlUi
t.i;... i.i uiu t'lt'iuu tVHUtlvrliiuHof heruany
lii-ii:.*:! l.��-w Wnlhice-Hnew novel, "Tho
Prince oi India," l-ttivarly mtily Im pu li
tathm. The eauuttropliu of tbe burnt Utlu*
liirtuillt ami -ai'i. of UoimtiUltlfJUpIo in Moil
and tbuuntryuf MuhuiiunuU 11 lutoHuicut
.i.ii.in NYttltcotnh Ulley naytt that compo-
aitiuii t-t a Muvviv niaui-r with bim. Hj
ii!i.:,ismi many mineftUir^wrrvcttoiiHaud
ucMiit-* mat be Ibiwlmtiiwl to lut any uuv
mi- Lii- woik until it i.i riunpinl.   Hi* mud-
I i1.vmi.vh 1l1.it, uu luu'lat ail proud uf it
evtu tln-u.
Archibald t'lavcrini* Q tin tor, thc author
of *':.:i-. I ���nnil--. in' Kuw York" and kludml
v/ut-i,:..,! i.diuii, U matting buy while tbe
is.*.* tuiincH. IU* is reported HHnaylug Irauit*
Iv, "i ui.1,'1 byiluvu puuplu will read my
tnvk much longer, and 1 nm fjolug lo luad
t.aui up while they want it."
Midway phllwtlico Ih the most ewmopoH-
tan sj)(,t in lh'.* world
A gtifile at tint World'* fair ban been ills-
chargetl for ealiltiKaColumblnii guunl u
tin soldier. ' :
Tlii-fl.-:; pipe smoked by Mile* Standish
II IiIh friendly tfoatlea with the Indiauni-i
1 part of the government's exhibit at the
Tin*St. (kithard Railwaycotttpnnyof I,u-
C(-i:e, Switzerland, is ropriweuted at tbe
World** fair oya*pcclal exhibit, uliuniiitf
In a i-i-cie-i of itittp-i and \vnb-r eolots tlie
varloii* iiiiiiisttiiu features ui that iftimt
oogli'wtrlii*aj work.
Union Flashes.
Nov. 18th.��� The steamer Dunsmuir
is taking on coal for New Westminster.
The ss. Daisy is   leading lor  Victoria
I he barque Richard 'I bird is expected !
any hour from Departure Hay.
Thc barques Margaret and Matilda 1
arc due. I
The Union Store has a rush for ladies j
Mr. (Ieo. Hull goes into the employ of 1
the McKims on Monduy.   lie is sure to
be a popuhu clerk.
J. Abrams i*, improving rapid!)* appc- |
tite and hirength increa-tingtaiid he will uo [
able ti. cat Ins I'liaiiks^iviny turkey with
a "yum1.   Everybody will be glad tu see 1
him on bis pegs ag-.in.
When the Union road is bad people
growl, but now lhai it la good, Will be an .
uddhionnl cause fur ibank-i-jivlHg next J
I hursoaj.
Grant & McGregor have a large consignment of stoves which are going nflf
like hot cakes.
The hotel Cumbeiland received a consignment of crockery and turnituie by
ihe steamer Dunsmuir. (jmnt <.V McGregor also furnish a portion oi the minium*. The hotel id having a large
double-oven, French range put in, und
will have a French chef direct from Pari*.
The new Methodist chuich edifice is
being rapidly pushed ahead, the side ell
being already under tool, il will be one
of the prettiest-churches in the country,
to be ioinid iu the 1'iovince- perhaps ihc
Vour readers here should not forget the
temperance lecture at tlie Reading Room
next Friday. It win be well worth healing.
On last Wednesday evening at the residence ol Mr. Joseph Livesley, Mr, Wm,
Hill Davidson anu MUs Grace McKay
\verc united in the bol, bunds of wedlock
by the Rev. J no. Robson. They have
gone to hnuskeeping in their new cottage
by the Lake.
T D. McLean, lhe jewler has received
a consignment uf gold and silver watches
gold and silver chains, rings, fancy ornaments and articles jusl tiie things for
presents. It would be a pity to send
your money away for what vou can gel
The ladies ofthe Methodist church intend holding a bazar sometime between
the 151I1 and 201I1 of next month (H which
a choice selection of Xmas gilts in ihc
clothing line will be oltercded for sale.
Notice id' thc exact time and place wi|l be
given later.
Thc annual Thanksgiving Service will
be held by iho Methodist Church at Union on Sabbath, Nov. 26th. At 2.30 p m
a very beautiful Thanksgiving Song .Scr
vice will be given by the Sabbath selunl,
consisting of songs, recitations, responsive readings, aiul an address. A very
enjoyable time is expected,, to which ihe
public at large aro invited.
At 7 p. in., a Thanksgiving sermon will
be ['reached by the pa,tor.
As there will be work on Thursday
(Thanksgiving Day) it has been resolved
to hold the services on Sal*bath 26th inst.
For all ihc blessing granted, and the
dangers from which we have been delivered during another year, we should
as members ofa Christian nation, be will
ing and glad ofthe opportunity, to unite
nationally in giving thanks to our Heavenly Father for His protecting care.
Enter into His gates with thanksgiving",
''Thou crownest the year with thy good
ness aud thy paths drop fatness,
Weekly Mall  Required
Editor NEWS: I see by your lasl issue
thc ss. Joan has quit running to this place
as it is claimed it does nol pay, aud lhey
receive nothing for carrying tlie mail. I
don't blame them fnr quitting j nobody
likes to work for nothing And you say
the mail ought to be taken overland
through Comox valley every two weeks
Until such time as arrangements can be
made for lanying it by steamer. Now,
Mr. Editor, what have we people done
up here to be issolated from the outside
world? Ileiewnare with a population
larger than Read, Cortes, and Hernando
Islands put together, and mark! each has
a post-office and a weekly mail service.
Their mail is delivered a certain day and
from one two days elapses, giving ihem
sufficient time to answer their letters before the steamer returns and picks up
the mail bag. And slill some people
think we are only entitled lo a fortnightly
mail as heretofore we could not answer
our letters after receiving them as ihe
steamer did not si iy long enough to enable us 10 do so. and ii is not uncommon
for us to Ik- without any mail for three
orfourweck". Mr. Haslam h nol our
member, but I know the gcntlcmiin and
know he will do all in his power to help
us in the maticr. Though Mr.Corbould,
our own member night look into this
and get us a weekly service Our voles
may be of -en ii c to somebody provided
we had the n legistered before next elco
lion, We will have to hoist a flag of out
own soon if the government docs not
recognize us.
Tom Bell".
Note.- Our corrospondent should re
member thnt Comox, owing 10 its long
business relations with Valdes I (.land desires mail service with it restored and
that Mr. Haslam, our member may properly be appea ed lo, to help us which wc
are sure be will do so far as he can We
have signed and circulated a petition for
a weekly service hy steamer between
here and Valdes Maud and forwarded il
to the proper atrhorttie*-*, Ir. the mean-
lime we desire an overland service and if
II can be made weekly, su much lhe belter. Wc think with our correspondent,
lhat Valdes Island has not been proper-
!v treated in the matter ofa mail service,
and we also think ihi. district should not
I   be deprived of ail mail connections  with
(hat island.
Local Brevities
Jack Martin is chef at  thc Riverside.
Next Thursday, Nov. ^oth, will he
Thanksgiving Day wiih Uncle Sam.
It was pay-day last Saturday at the
Union Mines.
A. Urquhart and wife left Friday for
Victoria,   They will be gone a fortnight.
Harold McKenzie of Nova Scotia,who
came on with Kenneth Grant a few davs
ago will clerk fnr J. B. Holmes.
Mr. Geo. Hull, formerly with J. 11.
Il'ilmcs, has sei tired a position with   the
McKims at Union.
The Victoria and Nanaimo Hoards of
Trades are moving in iln* matter of making an exhibit at ihc Mid Winter Fair
San Francisco.
A r-iad three miles in length is being
constructed on Tex��dt Island from the
Iron Mine to the Nut Cracker mine.
The Nanaimo Free Press in its last issue makes ,1 strong p'ea for civic self-
J. XV. McKenzie and family moved on
Monday (nun Comox to Courtenay ami
will occupy Granl'-. residence on the hill.
Thc Ladles Aid Society ofthe Presbyterian church, Sandwich, will have a
sale of work on Tuesday, 12th the notl
The San Mateo is being repaired at
the Albion Iron Works, nnq is expected
to be ready for service in about a fortnight.
Remember the needy tomorrow. O-
pen your doors tomorrow to the young
man in your midst away from home and
make him thankful.
Last Friday Joe Fitzgerald and Ed.
Small stalled for Black Creek on a hunting expedition. They are both dead
shots and when a bear sees them he says
"I am yours, truly.:;
Captain Kanpiier, who fell off the C.
V, N, wharf at Vancouver and was
drowned is understood to be a brother of
L. XV. Farquier, special agent ofthe Sun
Life Assurance Co, who bas been operating 111 this section.
J. Mi Phee is clearing a portion of the
townsite of slum pa -a much needed improvement. When tliese are nil removed
Courtenay will be "a thing of beauty'
which a certain poet who was never
known to tell a lie, declared "is a joy forever,
Thc Free Press speaking, of .lb* match
which was arranged between the football
team here and the home team foi Thursday but which will not come off owing to
the te.ftii here not being able to mako
sat i duct ory transportation arrangements
says: "The boys from the north play a
goinf game and will fake .1 Jot ���-(���'beating,"
and give a lot ol beating, too, it might
have added.
On Friday, Nov. 17th at Comox th$
wife of John W. Fraser, of a daughter.
Stray Notice.
Strayed on the Caitwitheti farm, a mc
year o.d roan steer. Owner please c. I,
anil pay expense of this notice and keen,
aud remove the steer.
FOUND-��� There came to the premises
of M. li. Piercy last ���* c.-k a blacl; heiler.
Owner will please call for same and pay
expenses including this notice.
First  Fall of Snow.
"11 irefootcd the snow comes,
Flinging wreaths ofbeauty,
Treading like a penitent
Sweet paths of duty."
The Fxcurtion off.
We are informed the excursion which
was advertised last week to leave Como-t
for Nanaimo to morrow is -iff. Next time
be sure you you're right and then ''ex*
Trees, Bulbs, Plants and Roses.
Fruit and Ohnamentai. Trees
Bui-ns, sukuiis, Roses. Greenhouse,
Plants, &c,
Prices reduced'to suit ihc times.   Ge
my lisi before placing your orders.
Addrcs- M.J.  Hcncry,
Hox 28, Mt. Pleasant,
Vancouver, 11. C.
M. Whitney, has been appointed correspondent for Coniox District to the.
Department of Agriculture and is autha-
rized to collect statistics and make returns
to this office.
J. K. Anderion
Rev. A Fraser Heard From.
The mnnv friends ol the Rev. A. Fr.v
scr will be glad to learn that he and Mis,
Fraser have reached their destination
San Pedro, Ca ifomia. They bad a veiy
pie.i-.aiu tnp, and receh cd a wane, rei en-
don- The weather has been delightful
and Mrs. Fraser's health much improved.
For Sale
160 acres of land, price $2,100. Split
lengthwise, fyco: split io half, $600, :o
arres unden timothy, good house and
bain and stables.
Parties wishing to purchase a good farm
w mid do well to apply for particulars to
Joseph T. Grieve, Grantham.
The mortal remains of the late John
Roy were interred iii the Presbyterian
Cemetery, Wednesday the 151I1 inst.
The funeral pr.i. -s-ion moved from,
the Elk-Hotel, Comnx, where he died,
and was a very large onc. Rev. Mr.
Higgins of Union officiated, and Mr.
Alex Grant had charge ofthe interment,
Comox. -At K. of P. hall, Wednesday
evening, the :2nd, at 7:30, Mr. S. II. Dn
vis, the popular New York lecturer will
address t:*c people op lhe Liquet Problem.
Sandwick.-���( tu Thursday evening Mr.
Davis* will speak at the Prcsbyieiian
Union. - (In Friday evening Mr.
Davis will speak at the Reading Room
his  actual prospective customers und as-
1 certain tho particular fa-teles of each as
  ' regards quality and cater to tliom.
fall Plowins as aa iMeolioiuo-        i    ,***-*���."'J'13�� Ut""'-""���jW P��"�� ''"";
* self as to the reuuiraotenta of thu market
The method of fighting insect pasta i    he Beeka, on saoh matters as kind of pack-
each year becoming an important   factor in   liye   UN(]) a mount 0( salt required,  and
tdc art of good farming. To fight these |-Whether it will pay better to print his but*
pests is easy enough, hut to do bo in a ter than to pack it, it lathe heigbtof absurd-
practical, efficient manner, ia not bo email. ityto tiutruot him t�� attempt to make, as it
a matter. To lind an Insecticide that ia at were, au " assortment" of butter nr butter
the same time a fertilizer the coat of whioh 0f "assorted" quattiea. Nothing of the
ami that of application will be covered by | Uin.l is required, an*) nothing of the kind,
theiuorease In yield, or to so manage ordiu-jor 0Vt.u approximating it, ahould he ad-
ary farm work that it   may atleet   noxious [ vised.
insects without adding to the cost thereof, I     jj,0 plain, common, horse-sense thing to
are   matters  of   oouaiuerable   interest   to   ,10 jB -0  n\b\ke   good butter.    Such liutler
agrioulturiBta throughout the country. In ! WiU alwaya sell, and If a farmer ia unfor-
leotiona where commercial fertilizers are ��� tuuate enough to havo a customer whose
applied largely,  if the combination of a j taste has not boon educated to that kind of
fertiliser with an Inaeotlcide can be accomplished outside of the advertisements and
hatter, lie better let him or her go,   unless
an educate   his  taste ao he  will   ftp-
circulars of the manufacturers, and without,' preoiatc good butter.
adding too much to the cost, it will hi many     There is a standard hy which butter Is
oases solve the problem of destroying insects  judged at fairs and we fall to aee tho mi
ni advance 01 their ravages,    Then* ia, however, so large n portion oi tho country that
>*antage of b
of premiutna
���li judging ami   the awarding
the basis of  such  a stand-
hasuo ueedofsuoh fertilizors.far bettor ones ard unless tbe tanner will bo safe in mak
being found In the erowing of olover and in  iDg  Buch butter ns, aocordlng  to  such
barnyard manure, that even if successful,  standard, will be called good buttor.
the aid would not roach tlio larger portion I    of course if one has a good customer
of the country. that will take all of his butter ami pay a
Insects have thoir  hablls so  thoroughly ; good prion for it: it will pay to eater to bis
established by long adherence thereto, that requirements.   Hut it Is absurd to think ��f
Iden, radical change must of necessity  trying to make a certain quality of bniier
fatal to a greater or loss niiinbe
Nature is very slow-going, and most lit-
sects oan nui flourish under frequent, radios! ohanges. This is why a rotation of
oropa is of  so much  value in  holding do-
���tractive insects in check, ami explains
why ii is that oropa following after paaturo
or meadow aro more apt to sillier injury.
A grass or clover crop would Ihj im more of
a nursery fur dostruutivo inaeots than any
other, if it was grown but im a single season on tho sium' ground. This Is, howover,
not the oase, ami how to overcome tin* effect of a continuous grass crop is one ot the
iiroblems that is just now puzzling our
armors, as many of  our most  destructive
ilisecla are almost sure to get in lheir Work
immediately following the breaking up of I
sod I-uiiIh.
Due feature of tliese pests is that the majority of them winter over ill llie ground,in
either ono or the Other of three stages of
development. That is, they are either iu
the grub, pupal or adult atato,and iu either
of these more or less susceptible to the
changes of the weather,   especially   dm ing
tho winter months,   In autumn, all Insects
that remain inactive through the winter
months, mako some provision against in*
element weather and usually Lids is done
juat prior to their becoming stupefied or
dormant, in which state they arc not affected hy   eold,   no   mutter how   severe if
continuous,   it is thc sudden changes, the
freezing and thawing, tlm wetting inul drying that is unhealthy,
With the coming of fall, white grubs,
wirewnrms and cutworms, that through the
preceding months havo   heen feeding near
tbo surface of the ground, delve downward
and by working their bodies about,
struct a rude cell of earth, after which they
practically go t<j sleep and remain in that
condition until wm in wealher. Whatever
tbo farmer oau do, after this sleepy, stupid
condition cornea en, to wreck these winter
quarters, will be to throw the occupants
out of their homes to tbe mercy of tho elements, while the makers arc iu an unfit
condition to construct others.   Whatever
the farmer can do to disturb or break up
the surface of tlie ground lato in lho fall
has this effect, ami therefore, fall plov/lng
oan'uot fall of boing more or less effoctivo
in destroying any or all of the pests above
There nre many theories that look well
on paper ha', do not come out right in practice. I d.i not wish to lie understood as
saying tnat fall-plowed ground will escape
nil insect attack. I have seen fall-plowed
fields ruined tbe following year hy Insect",
but tbey wore not such as are uffected iu
the way mentioned, ami in fact, oaina into
tbe field front outside ; while on the oilier
baud, I have seen fields where a part of Um
plowing had been done iu fall and a part iu
Bpring,.tho former portion escaping injury
while the hitter was totally destroyed.
Prof. W. tl. Ragan, of Oreoncastlo, Indiana, last year related the experience of a
neighbor of bis who took advantage of some
unusual weather iu February, some yeara
atfo, to break a piece ot clover sod for com,
When about two-thirds through breaking
the field, of say ten acres, tho recurrence of
more timely i'ehruary weather caused bim
to suspend further operations until April,
when the other third of the field was broken
and all similarly prepared and planted.
The corn on that portion broken in Foh-
ruiary was a complete stand, yieldingn line
crop, while that on tbo late-plowed pari
was almost wholly destroyed by eulwiirm-
���indeed, having in bo replanted entirely
and yielding only a partial crop of late corn
uml immature fodder.
I do not believe the above is at all an exceptional case, but that, while there are ojf-
captions, It will US a rule prove true. 1
bolievo that if fall plowing were followed,
enough insectfi would be destroyed to hai-
lanoe tho cost of tho operation, thus leaving the farmer witb no oxponso for plowing ; ami if done, as is often tbe case, when
uo other work Ib needing uttontlon, iL will
bo soon to he a very profitable  ooonpatioil.
The fact in, insecticides are all right for
tho truck farmer and fruit grower, but the
grain grower, especially west of the Allegheny mountains, must have some othor
means of fighting insect peats. The expense
of application will be greater than llie value
of tho crop, even if be could command the
help to make the application within Unnecessary time. It is t. ne that fall plow-
inu eau uot be followed advantageously in
all localities and in all soils. Where the
count ry i'i hilly and thc soil of a nature that
makes it wash readily, such a measure is
not practicable, but His not in such places
that cutworms or wlroworms are destructive, and it is only (hi; white grub that b
thereto he dealt with. This latter pest
appeals to eome Irieniiially, ami I can not
hut feel that we shall be able lo uso thia
trait of character to advantage in warding
off their attacks.
Jll regard to tht) depth of fall plowing, it
Booms quite probable that about five
or six inches would suffice, i bough probably
seven or eight might do better, Laat
spring 1 noticed that tbe grubs in the sod
ground i n the sl.ition farm were just abnut
reached at six Inches, and believe plowing
at that depth would OXpoge the most of
them to tlm freezing ami   l hawing   nud l he
wotting ami drying sufficient to destroy a
largo per cent, of thom.
Thero aro a number of other things thai.
can be dono to help in keeping these i 118801
fnos in Huh jection, requiring only time
when other work is mil pushing, or indeed
1.1 Id
)   of  several difloi
od butler���goud ill
nt standard ami ���
t go at that.
od by an
i'd  taste,
Dairy Matters-
Holier grow into dairying than go Into it.
Regularity is a first requisite In dairy
(u amal! dairies it pays to raise the heifers which nre to replenish lhe herd.
Tin: ration mUSt be one composed of ina-
toi'lals that the cow can  cutivert into milk.
Dairying ta the one Industry whioh has
held up through the hard times, Mutter is
let bulled and beared by boards of trade
liko other farm products,
Do not make fall cheese too large. Small
ones will cure out more quickly. Turn
them over and oil  them just as frequently
as In summer j it will expedite their curing,
Tho OOW that calves in tbo fall should
have Bpl'lng conditions as nearly as possible'
Feed liberally of succulent milk producing
feeds and supply green feeds as Into in the
Benson as possible.
The practical value of a dairy cow Bhould
not be judged by tbe amount of milk or
butter produced inn day or a week, or in
a series of weeks, lint by tbe product of the
yoar.   Thia is the true test.
Au Est*; Box-
Tho device for carrying egga to market
from the farm, represents a very safe and
o uivenieut   apparatus.   "Hot  pasteboard
tillers such as are used In double egg-crates,
The Falling ofthe flu tats. 11. CHASE.
Tho spreading beeches stood
A wealth of living gold,
Ami showered, wilh profuse hand.
I tare leaves upon the land.
That, overlapping, lay
A carpet, WKI and Kay,
Relieved by shades mora bold.
Along their glittering boughs
Brown burn* In pendants hung,
But Jnok l-'rn-t
���.one at night
hurra in twain,
i, waa found.
tlio chattorlng title vos
; tiite bail proved In vain.
Ami Krcd. nnil dark-eyed Null
Came trom lhe liillside  cot
Wiib i*tuning nails, ami gay,
(iiiiil shout losiiend lho day
In wol'lfii tfiiujlt--* fair:
������ Now. Bquirrots, you aiustabai
Whether you will or not I
"Ootoborgivoa her yield
Ul treasures- rare and wilil,
To I lioao whu seek lior grace ;
Oiioo upon a tllliu- itliun the World Wiih
not as old as it now is, there lived in the
land ol the vikings, no we read in aucienl
Btory, a poor   widower.    Ho   toiled   early
ami late, yet oould 01111' but a Heanty livelihood for himself and his only son. Many a
night father and child went to bed hungry
and eold, aud their clothes   wore   tattered
and torn.   The boy's name was Prik, and
bo wan so puny and stunted iu bis growth
that be was known far and wide   as   little
Before little Frlk had lived many years
he began to talk of going out into the
wnrld to seek bis own fortune. His father
thought It might hu a good plan and ao one
day he sot out himself with bis boy to look
for a place.
They went from door to ilfor, hut no one
Wanted the little lad until tbey came In the
Squire. Ho had just lost his errand boy,
and it was nn easy matter for bim to get
another as he had the name of being a miserable miser.
The Squire consented at once to take little
Frik. Nut a word was said about pay,
hut Frik's father thought it waa better tor
the boy lo earn bis board than nothing.
So be loft tbo little follow with the Squire.
Little Frik served tho obi miser faithfully for three years, aud then, as there
aoomed to bo no promise of reward, made
up Ilia mind to try his luck at some other
place. Tlio Squire aaid he was sorry to part
witb bim, but if ho must go , it was only
fair to pay him what he bad earned. So
he gave little Frik a silver penny for each
yoar he had served���throe pennies iu   all.
This made little Frik quite happy. Ho
had never had so much money for his own
in his whole life. Still be thought it wiao
to ask if Lhat was all.
"it is more than you bargained for," said
tbo Squire.
"Am I to have no new clothes I" Diked
little Frik. "I have had nonesincu I came
here, and mine uro pretty ragged,  113   you
AN Kill! BOX.
and couBtntct a neat, square box, as shown
iu the illustration, which will just accommodate a sim-le tier of the egg-fillers, with
paste beard between tbe  egga,     This  box
Bhould he made of light boards���an empty
shoo-box which can ho procured at a -shoo
Btoro will do Well. The box eau ho made
entire, and the cover part sawed off evenly
and hinges nnd catch put on. A stout barrel hoop well sni'othed ami bent into shape
will mako a good handle for a small box.
The size of boxes Lo make will vary with
tbe needs. If small lots of eggs are marketed at frequent intervals, small boxes
will be best; hut if they are lo he shipped,
larger ones with end cleats aro usually
when it is impossible to do nearly all kinds
of farm work, but a consideration of theso
Will he given to another paper.
Keep a Rscord-
We have often, when corresponding with
progressive butter m ikers, advised them to
weigh each churning and record the Weight.
In recent correspondence with Mrs. l'eter
H row ii, it was learned that such bad boen
the practice for years.   She writes: " Wo
churn every   lay except Sunday, and every
churning i    weighed and Bet down una
piece of paptr,     1 add every month and at.
the  end   of the year I add  the  whole and
put  it in   tho account book,"
That is business, and as farmers and
dairymen are not only producers but dealers
and business men and women as well, they
should adopt business methods, which Mrs.
Hrown has done.
Make Good Buttor-
It is quite often that we read an item in
Home agricultural paper like the following :
" If you expect to BUoeeod in butter making
you must keep a sharp lookout on the market aud find out thc kind of butter It di-
rounds. As requirements of the market,
varies, yjii are of course to vary your product   accordingly."    Then, again, a private
Practical Pointers.
Haul out manure as it accumulates ami
cpread on tbe fields. Uo not let it pile up
and fire fang.
In building temporary corn cribs have tbo
lloor at least a foot above the ground so rats
and mice can not harbor under it.
Patch up the cracks in the chicken house,
COW bam, sheep shed, etc. Cold winds are
detrimental to stock raising.
Clean up rubbish about lhe farm, Hits of
rails, limbs of trees, ends of boards, etc.,
will soon be covered witb snow.
(let potatoes in tbe cellar nr pit as the
time is nearly here when cold nights will
injure them. See that lho storing placo is
Well ventilated.
When the machinery used for putting in
the wheal, crop is needed no longer, carefully clean, greoso bright metal surfaces and
put away in a dry place.
A large quantity of the butter produced
in this country is spoiled by too much
..-burning and working.
lu sclectiiiL- seed coin remember that tho
varieties will cross���fortllbso at long distances. Select seed frum corn which bus
grown apart from other varieties.
Laying nut and putting in tile drains is
now lu order, where the ground is not
lie> bard. Hotter have all the main linos
surveyed and the tile levelled beforo
covering. Inipeifectly laid drains aro useless.
The best method of keeping tools where
one has no regular root cellar is lo bury on
dry ground,   Cover with two feet of oarth
and sec that all water that falls ou the pit
ean get off readily.
Now that Ihe staple crops are low, look
about and see if you can not take up some
specially as an adjunct lo your regular
work. There are many crops which may
bo grown upon a small scale with more
than ordinary profit.
Ono of tho Important points In makinn
preparation for winter is (o see that lhe
cellar is in proper condition. It is the
OUBtOiri of some to seal tint cellar up tightly
to prevent freezing, an I III doing so to shut
out completely every opportunity for light
and air   to   oil tor.    This  soon produces a
damp ami mouldy condition, winch is not
only against lho Keeping of thu fruits and
vegetables stored there, hut is as well pre-
judicial to the health of the household,
Make ibe cellar frost, proof, by all means,
but have it so that the ligbL can enter all
tho time, and arrange ho that you can air
it thoroughly on overy bright day when
the weather is warm enough lo permit, it
is also a good   plan to whitewash   it before
closing up for tho winter, as the lime helps
to keep tbo air sweet, ami prevents the
formation ot mould ami damp.
The bnis [ne and fiiBsy Impulse of those
days of false impression would rate down
all ns wotlhless because one is unworthy.
As if there were no motea III sunbeams ! Ur
cometfl among stars ! I Ir cataracts in peaceful rivers ! Hecaiise one remedy professes
to do what it never was adapted to do, are
all remedies worthless? Because one doctor lets his patient die, are all humbugs?!'
It reqtlircfl aline eye and   a fine.'   brain
discriminate��� to   ur iw   thu    differential
"Ynu have had more than we agreed
on,''aaid the Squire. " I owe you nothing."
Hut at last little Frik got leavo to have
tho cook put up some lunch for his journey.
Then he started for town to seo if he could
buy some clothes. Ho was very light of
heart, and us bo stepped merrily along he
kept putting Ida hind iu bis pocket from
time to time to make sure that his pennies
wore safe.
Aftor he had walkoda loug way be found
himself in a narrow valley that was completely shut iu hy high mountains. He fell
lo wondering what lay beyond tho lofty
heights, and how in the world he could
manage to cross them.
Thc path leading to the uplands was steep
aud rugged, and little Frik had not followed it very long before he grow weary. So
he sat down by thc wayside to rest, and in
order to white away tlm timo ho took his
pennies out of his pocket to have a good
look at thom. They wero so bright and
shining, ho thought ho had never seen anything quite so nice. All at. mice tin-re stood
before him a beggar, who was so tall and ao
gaunt and so forlorn-looking that littio Frik
screamed aloud iu fright,
" Don't ho aim id of me, my littio lid,
said the beggar. " I won't hurt you. All
I want is a penny, for sweot. charity's
������ I have nnly three pennies," said tittle
Frik, "and I'm ou my way to town to get
some clothes."
".My clothes are more ragged than yours,
said tbo beggar, "and I haven't a penny to
my name."
"Then 1 shall have to help yon," said
little Frlk, handing tho beggar one of his
Quick asa flash tho man had disappeared,
and littio Frlktrudgod on once more. His
path was now even more stoop and rugged
than before, aud pretty soon ho was forced
to Bit down for another rest. Scarcely had
he done so than a dark shadow fell upon
bim, and raising his eyes, ho beheld another
beggar, who looked taller and more
gaunt and more forlorn than flic first ono.
Littio Frik was so frightened that bo throw
back bis head ami shrieked with all his
"Dontbo afraid of me, my hoy,"said the
beggar. "I won't hurt yaW All I want in
a penny, for sweet charity's siiko." And
he told the same story the first beggar had
������ Well, then, I shall have to give you a
penny,"said liltlo Frik.
So ho put ono nf the pennies tnat were
left into the scrawny baud, and without
venturing tn look hack inovod further up
tho slope,
Ily and by be sat down for another rest,
and once moro a beggar appeared suddenly
before him. This one was so tall and so
gaunt and ao hideous Lo hohobl that if you
had ever seen bim It would send cold shiiib
den* through you Just to think of him.
Littio Fi Ik's eyes soomod almost to meet
the clouds before lhey rested on the man'
face. Throwing hack his bead and opening
wide his mouth, the poor little chap scut
forth shriek after shriek.
" Don't bo afraid of me, my little foi
low,''said the beggar. "1 wouldn't hurt
you for the world, I'm only a poor beggar,
and all I want is a penny, forsweet charity's
"Alas!"' cried little Frik. "A penny
is all I have in tho world, and I'm on my
way In town tc, buy some clothes. If I'd
met you sooner, I"���
"I'm bigger than ynu aro," said the beggar, "and there's lesa left of my clothes
than of yours."
" Woll, then thore is no help for it ; yon
will have to   have the   penny," little Frill
Frik, ������ that can hit anything I may aim at,
no matter how far sway it maybe."
������ VouBhuIl have it, said the stranger.
" And now see what is the best you can do
for the third wish."
'* I've always longed to be with people
who arc kind and obliging," said little Frlk.
'- So if I may have what I please, I'll wish
that no one ean say ' No1 to me, whatever 1
may ask for."
" Mow that is not auch a poor wish,"
said tho stranger, and no sooner had the
words escaped his lips than bo had vanished
from sight.
Little Frik fell asleep by lhe waysidu
that night, thinking of bis Btrange adventure. When be woke next morning, after
many wild dreams, Ills wishes were all
granted, aud he reached the other Bide of
tbe mountain, healing with him his fiddle
aud tiis gun and bis newly gained power of
winning the good-will of those about biro.
The last gift proved tho best of all. It is
oue that together with skill in reaching
what is aimed at, is very apt to go with
lho gift of .nusic, as you may learn some
Tbe first thing littio Fr k did when he
got to town was to find a clothing shop.
Here ho was clad iu the finest raiment.
Then ho asked one man for a horse, another for B sleigll, still another for a fur
coat and cap, and wherever be went thoro
was no one, however stingy ho might bo,
who could say " No" to hltle Frik.
Look out for bim, |f you ever climb tn
tbe uplands airy, for e will surely bewileh
you with his musk-, hilo always hits what
he aims at, and no one can say " no" to
such as lie. Neilherlie nor his magic will
hurl you, though, if your heart tic all
our2 oamat. KHABKB-
Success iiii-iuiiiia tlie lain i-inl itinc.ni-.
iii'iii., investment
" Few acts of the late Lord Heaeonsfiuld,"
says the Birmingham Daily Post, " pro.
Voiced keener criticism al lho time than Irs
Investment, in 1878- nf four millions of
liritish monoy in die purollBPC of Sue/.
Canal shares. It was au entirely new departure in administrative methods in ibis
country, and one obviously attended with
considerable risk for liritish taxpayers and
British credit. There was an element
about it whicb, whatever its outcome,
uo prudent Government could Ignore,
and, furthermore, It wai a precedent that
might prove dangerous in lho future
and   open   tho   door   to   a   good   do.il of
jobbery and corruption, Evory one schooled in the traditions of constitutional usage
felt bound, on principle, to protest against,
lliis new alliance between Ministers and
tha Stodt Exchange and lho employment
of British taxpayers' money for the purchase of shares in a foreign commercial
undertaking! and the fact that the investment was expressly justified by lite plea of
political  ends was   hardly   calculated   lo
silence objections. Success, however, sane-
tides a great many irregularities, and
there can bo no question either as to
the financial or tho political success ofthe
.Sue** purchase. The shares which wero
purchased in IS75 for four millions are
estlmatod by the Chancellor of the Exchequer to ho now worth sevenlcen and three-
quarters millions. Moreover, nearly tho
whole of tho four millions hat. already
boon paid of by the sinking fund, so that
the next year we shall be in possession of u
property worth probably not less ihan IS
���tttllions, which will havo cost ihe country
only about two and a half millions. In tl)o
meantime wo have boon getting excellent
interest for the outlay, at tho rate of fivo
per cent, por annum, which, us thc money
was raised at IS! per cent., shows a not annual profit of IJ per cent, All tho net earnings that remain aftor tho5 percent, interest has luen paid nu Lho subscribed
capital aro divided In the following
proportions���vis.; 71 percent, of the whole
cons ai dividend to tho ordinary share-
holders ; 1"' per cent, representing Egypt's
royalty i IQ per cent, is assigned to the
founders' shares, of which there are a hundred thousand, value ?100 each; 2 per cent.
is payable lo lhe directors ; and 2 percent,
by way of bonus to tho company's employees. The dividend paid during the lasS
three yoars, ranging from 17 to 21 por ccr t.
doubtless Booms nigli for so solid a security
but it must be remembered that tho nominal capital of the concern by no means
represents all the money sunk in it. The
total expenditure nf money on tho
anal down to tho time when tho liritish
Government bought the Khedive's shares,
amounted to a littio over IS millions, but
this sum did not by any means represent the total cost. The Khcdivo's original
concession granted extraordinary privileges
to thB canal company,including huge grant i
of land, water privileges, quarries, customs
;ltics, otc, Ono of thc conditions of the concession, also, was that the Khedive should
procure forced labor for the execution of
the work, and for a long period the number
of forced or unpaid laborers employed upon
the canal ranged from 25,000 to 30,000.
When Islunail Pacha succeeded to tbe Khe-
dlval throne, aud declined to ratify tho
valuable concessions granted by hiB predecessor, he had to pay the Canal Company no
less than CIO.000,000, by way of "smart
money " for the withdrawal of forced labor
and other privileges. None of this labor or
indemnity appears In the company's capital
account, and that is ono reason why the
company is able to pay such largo dividends.
There ean bo no question as to the success
of Lord Boaconsficld's financial coup.
Nevertheless, it is ono of a kind which wc
should bo sorry to see repeated by a liritish
.Minister, for wo hold it to bo contrary to
all prudent precedent, if not also to constitutional power.anda measure that is fraught
with great dangers to the public and iho
dairy IBM
id vised to look around an
ng  yo
"Thoy say" that Dr. Pierce's Ooldon
Medical Discovery and Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription have cured thousands.
"They fay" for a weak system there's
nothing hotter than the "Discovery," ami
that the "Favorite Prescription" is tho
hope of debilitated, feeble women who
need a restorative tonic and bracing nervine.    Ami here's the proof,���
Try one or both, U they don't help yon,
tell tho World's Dispensary Medical association,   of Buffalo,   N. V.,   and you get
toncy back agal
" What a good-hearted hoy you arc,'*
said the beggar. " Vou have shown yourself willing to give up everything ymi have
in the world lo help a poor follow-oroattiro
in disties.*,and yoii shall have your reward.
For every penny you havo given mo I'll
grant you ii wish,"
Vou blO, it was the same mysterious
being that got all throe silver pennies. Ho
had merely changed his shape that little
Frik mighj not know hini.
" May I wish for whatever 1 pleaso V
asked Ilttlo Frik.
" For whatever yon please," aaid the
" Then I'll wish for a fiddle," said littio
Frik, " that oan mako everything that lives
dance to its music,"
" Roll shall have it," said the strangor.
" What next ?"
" 1 should likj to havo a gun,"aaid little
The Terrible Effects of Typhoid Fever-
Mr. .l.isrph itotismi, n well-known Fanner, Is lti".li-rt'il,tn Iti-.iliu nntl Strength
lifter Nine Years nt ivi-ril-lr Suffering
���All Hope or Recover**   Inul been
A (minion oil uud he Luuketl iijhih Life
ns a Kurdon,
From the Leamington Post
Mr. Joseph Hohson, whose home ia on
the first concession of Morsoa township,
about a mile from Leamington, is known to
almost every resident of this section. For
years past, Mr. Uohson has heen a victim
of paralysis in Its worst form, and his ease
waa regarded as hopeless not only by himself and his friends but by tho doctors
who had attended him.
To one who knew Mr. Robson's pitiable
condition as we did, it was with no small
degree of surprise and pleasure lhat we recently saw him drive tnioiich town sitting
i|tnte eioet nn across board iu a lumber
Wagon, and controlling a lively team of
horses. I falling bim wo asked what miracle
had brniifthl about this changed condition,
ami askod If lie hul any objection io t'io
publication of thu fautS conuccleil   wilh his
case. Replying he said ho would Iniloed bo
a mean man if hu refused to let the public
know how his wonderful recovery hud been
brought about. Mr. It liison then told tlie
story of his illness and recovery about as
follows |-
''About ten yoars ago,while living in tho
stale of Ohio, 1 was taken down with au
attack of typhoid fever, ami for tliroo
inontha linn-- Utweon lilt- ami tK-aili In a
perfectly UliooilBOlous condition. Ilecover-
liin fiom ibin I vonturn-l nut to work too
Honii.the result being that I WAS takendown
With a seven-eold. During tho first stages
of my trouble I was  able  to  move  about
with somo difficulty, but tbe disease
gradually fiiatouod its bold on mo and 1
found  one sense  after   another   becoming
paralysed.   At this time my proBpoots in
life wero by no means discouraging, 1
owned a luigniliceiit farm not far Irom
Toledo, on which wo had a comfortable
bome, and I owed not a dollar to any one.
I continued todootor with specialists and
exports from all pails of the Stales, ouch of j
whom promised to cure me of the disease,
which tbey said was paralysis, but in every
ease lhey left mc as bad and sometimes
worse than lhey found me   physically, an 1 i
certainly worso financially.   After suffering !
In this manner for two years my family i
concluded that a  change of   climate might, j
do me good, and so wo removed to Canada,
Bottling where wc now reside. This hope,
however, proved a delusion, and each year
found me worse and if possible added to my
misery. Life itself became a burden to ine
and 1 knew that I waa worse than nnoloas j
to my friends. I was unable to foul my-
self as my head and hands shook so that f
have frequently left stabs in my chin when
trying input iny fork to my mouth. It
was only occasionally that 1 could move
'around at all, and thon only with the aid
��� of crutches. 1 lost almost entire control of
my power  of speech ami got  so had  that
I inunihers of my own family oould not understand wli it I was cnying. My whole nervous Bystem seemed undermined, and I
abandoned all hopo of over again being ot
��� any use lo my family.    Lust fall I was iu-
; ducod io try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and
from that dale my   condition   has steadily
: improved until tn.day I am able to take
my piano with other men ou the farm, and
while my hand shakes a trifle, I am able to
1 do a good day's wink every day in the week.
I 1 am now able to walk a considerable distance, and my nervous system seems folly
restored. Thero is not the slightest doubt
that the.-oresults aro entirely due to the use
' of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and 1 am oon-
tideut thai had I been able to procure tlr's
wonderful remedy when I  was firat taken
: with tho disease, I would never have boon
where I was.    The   absolute  truthfulness
of thataotBosI havo gl van them to you can .
ho verified hy hundreds of  my friends  and
neighbors, or by any member of my own
i As to much of the evidence contained iu
Mr. Kobson's statement the writer can
himself hear evidence. His speech, which
one year ago oould scarcely be understood,
is now perfectly distinct ; his head then
dropped on Ida chest, whereas now it is
held quite linn and orecl; then ho could J
not walk across a room without holding tn
a chair or table, while now he oan walk
without dilliculty.
We called upon Mr. W. J. Smith, druggist, and Interrogated him iu reference to i
the case. Mr. Smith said that he know of
Mr. Robinson's ailment and that he had
Buffered lor yeara us stated, and ho had no
doubt that itwas Dr. Williams' Pink Pills,
that cured bim. "Pink Pills," said Mr.
Smith, "have a remarkable sale, which
aeomsduoto their remarkable efficacy in
curing diseases arising from an impoverished condition of the blood, or an impairment nf thc nervous system, such as rheumatism, neuralgia, partial paralyaia,locomotor ataxia, St. Vitus'dance, nervous headache, nervous prostration, and the tiled
fooling arising therefrom, IhoalterofieotBof
la grippe, inlltienza and severe colds, diseases
depending on humors iu tho blood, such as
scrofula, chronic erysipelas, clc, Pink
Pills give a healthy glow to pale and suit iw
complexions, and arc a Rpeeilio fnr the
troubles peculiar to the female system, ami
in the en.se of men they effect a radical cure
in all cases arising from mental worry, over
work or excesses of any nature,"
Dr. Williams' Pun: I'ills are sold only in
boxes hearing the firm's trado mark
and wrapper, (printed  in  red ink.)   Hour
i hid that Dr. Williams' Piuk Pills are
never Bold in bulk, or by the dozen or hundred, ami any dealer who offers substitutes
in this form is trying to defraud you and
Bhould be avoidotl.    Ask your dealers for
Dr. Williams' I'ink Pilla for Vale People and
refuse all imitations and substitutes.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pilla may be had oi
all druggists or direct by mail from Dr.
Williams' Medicine Company, Broekville,
Out., or Schenectady, N. Y., at 50 centa
a box, or bix boxes for ��2.50. The price at
which these pills arc Bold makes a course of
treatment comparatively inexpensive aa
compared with other remedies or medical
Pint Offices and Railway Stations-
What a convenient thing it would be
to have a lint of all the Post Olticea in
Canada, with tlie railways on which they
arc located, or nearest railway station,
Would not every shipper and traveller up
prcciate such a list? Woll, this ia exactly
what tho editor nf the C.wadian ALMANAC
haa prepared for tho 1804 edition, which
will be out next month. The CANADIAN
Ai.m.vsai' is a standard publication and
giea everywhere. Moro than one milllcn
copies have been sold sinco it was first pub
Tlie Wayfaror's Droam-
Hungry Higgins -" Wuz lho angolslalk
In1 to you iu your sleep last night that you
was BintlhV so?"
Weary Watklns���" Naw, I was bavin'a
dream lhat a law had been passed that all
I he i iu I road tanks should be fillod witli I
instead of water."
Nuthint; lluutt out Corns
I.ih.i light honta     Nothing removes   uo
with bhoIi certainly as Putnam's Painless
Corn Bxtractov. flowareof poisonous sub
Btltutes. \-iii for ami net Putnam's Pain
loss Corn F-traelor at druggists,
Cardinals   wero  formerly entitled   urnst
reverend   and   most   iHumtrloUB,    In   1 li.***'*
Urban VIII. directed that the titleoiuhion
Bhould bo given them.
a. P. os:t.
In      TPE-MQJT
CurciiConBiirQiptlon.Coiii:!!**, Croup. Soro
Throat, ttilft by all JJi: -ui. **��� on a Gii ir-mtee.
Bor? Lame Side, Back oi Chen fchiloh's Faroua
PUlter will give great satisfaction.���a*> G*S--��-
Have vou Outarrb <��� TLis Ucme.ty will relievo
andOiw ���<������'- frloor-ik l,i. TfilB JnjL-flCorFOV
its  Hucces-r.il treat emit, five.   U.'member.
  -jboM onaa
filillob'a lU'inedie*- are Bold
*i ifuaruntoc
V MENTSWAS.*ED,ffit;'S��
<_>** " &-,"��co!*ritffiiatK^��
fnr sale by the Si l NT PAUL
A DetuTii iu 11 no a n
Cuwi'A.s'T Ui Miii!i'-.-��t-i.   Beild for .Map  un<l ('irou-
Urn.  Thuy will be sunt to you
IjUnK'oiiiiillsaioiior.St. 1'nul, Minn.
The High Speod Family Knitter
Of Pure Norwegian Cod Liver Oil
and Hypo phosphites.
Impoverished and mi->�����-.- blood Ih al-
way* effectively restored to vigorous condition by thistronderf til remedy. Wires
Ihttahn, Oolda and all Wasting IHmiwi,.
Atmoat as pntatabts -���* Milk.
. Propirtil onlj by Si nit k Bonne, Ht-tlniHc.
Dundas Knitting Ma^Mns So, Dundas, Ontario.
The very boat tiling In huve nn
your tablo la a good aupply oi'
St, - Leon - Mineral - Water!
If r'ltlllnrl}' uacdnl moala Dyspepsia
and    Flatulonco    will   novur miike
tholr appcaratioo.
Suid in* nil principal ilrii*t]ltlt, grocer*
nmi inni-it.
St. loon Minora.] Water Co'y, LH
C. E. A.  Langlois, Gc icr-il M,-.i*;i,-(-r.
Isaac Pitman
The Complete Sv-iem
tli roiublj i 'mrhi   by
Mall Tor only 1 Dollar.
iTlioehonooofallfotlmo. Kvcrj
'    ��� f-ml girl In Cnniuln ahould
m *iu i' it nl niiiv,   Tlienr-
q.1 will -unn commence.���
Siiilin your hollar Im-
i     medialo'y. iocuiiiiw nee m the lii***ii.iiinn.
Host Method in Ibe World for tm-
| Barkcr&Spcncc's Shorthand &
Business School, Toronto.
DONT Buy a Watch "V111-" 'll'woU,\i
���* DOiorosootngour
New nitiitm-ue.   ITSKHKK.   Write for
ono Io-It. 11. MOW It Y .S: Cn./1'orontn, L'.un_
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trade, liooii wngOl anil f-lendy otnpj ��.v-
nieul. Writo for narllotilnrs. Tokonto (Vr-
tinii BOIIOOL. ll'.l Vongo St. AlBO agents f.r
MoDowoll's New York Drafting .Machine.
AUEXT-f. lit:iti: lull AUK, Samanthn nt
lhe Worlds l-'.iir. hv.ln-iah Allen * Wife.
Over UK)Illustrations, "-.'early Cm pair's. No
Territory ussij;ned, .'���'������.id Sl.Oil fnr nm-pectus
and pn.-h the iMitva-i*- if ynu wiinl lo make
money, tr 11.1.1 111 l.JIK.l.*-, TjinperaueeSI.,
-     . -     -        .. _         latlfiug-
lisli.eonvtinlly on haml.ilso prime American
Hog'aOaalngs. Full lines New llama, Long
���'lo.irlli.riin. llr-ll-, {'hoiwo,  Lard, Olft    I'.viiu
HuoKWKf,i,& Co. Ltd.,Succo-Mora ii> Jambs
Pa UK &SOJ*f, Toronto,
nnLi.Kvn.i.ii, ont.. path ykaiii.
Moat widely attended  huMnoss  oollogo  in
CCU n lor * >"��� now 111 pa 1:0 ralabiKUo.
llelb-Ville, Ont,
Intgreatin.*-*; to Housekeepers-
The name of l>.ivhl Morton & Soua.lla-n*
ilton, ib now so well know throughout tho
Dominion that a abort skoteh of lheir business career will provo Interesting Thirty-
four years ago tho lonlor member of i bo firm
(���ommonco'l miBtnoflsas ft soap manufacturer
in Hamilton, with a thorough knowledge of
tho bit-uuepa, having had a practical experience of about fifteen yearn iu Scotland and
the United States. Tho beginning waa oil
a small scale, but by Imlomitahlo potsovor-
alien ilillieitllioa were iiveri-'ouio and Uwio
Htculily Increased,   Twenty yearn ago their
"Victor" brand waa placed on tha market,
being tho iirat wrapped soap In Canada, It
proved ii grand B1I0C0S8,   bringing  the firm
Into noto as manufacturers of the highost
gmile nt laundry SOapS * thia brand ia M ill
ono of thoir leaders, Seven years later their
"N. P." brand, now a household word from
ocean to ocean, wan placed on the market,
being the first threo pound bar in Canada,
and atill holding the load. Thoir latOBt
production is the " Wide Awako," a line
destined to surpass any thing over attomptod
for a general purpose soap, It contains a
combination or wnahlns Incredietita recently
discovered by b-i a.*-itm no .. her of tho firm,
whleh for ever) uso la simply marvellous,
Itexcella as a laundry for ull classes of
gninla, Vi'llllo for  the balh anil   toilet it ih
perfection, as it leaves tlio uk*ti with a
pica-mil* sonaatlon,tinliko tho largo majority
of simps. Moasrs, Morton .V. Sons are otuo-
Ing th.s hraml of siap boforo tho public,
feeling nssurfd thut i'a merits will soon win
for them the commendation of overy thrifty
houackoonDr En Canada,
Mr. Ooo, W. Turner
Heat and Cold
Aro neviT-failing causes of disoaso, At
this season of the year neuralgia, tooth-
ache, aiul a boat of similar diseases are
rampant, Thu great question, then, is io
find tlio quickest, surest, and most'economical remedy. Poison's Nervilino exactly
fills thoao requirements, It Is prompt,
efficient, and most economical, for it exceeds in power every ktiuwn remedy, and
is as cheap aa Inferior articles. A lo cent
Bample untile will give overy person n
uhaneo to tost it. Largo bottles only 2'>
Worst Caso of Scrofula tho
Doctors Ever Saw
Complete! u     Cured      try    ROOD'S
" When / was t or ;i yours old I had a serotinus sore on the mlildlu fingor of my left hand,
which got so bail thnt tha dootors cut hm
iinrer till", "lid I.'l-T tm I. oil more than half my
haiiil. Then tlie ifU'j lit* >ke out on my arm,
i am * out nu my in- * l ll nl face on both shies,
minrly daftroyliia lb* suhl of on* eye, aho
*,n my rlsht arm.    Do. Inn said it was Um
Worst Case of Scrofula
they ever saw.   It wilh tiitiiplj* n��fnl!   Fivo
years ngo I bognil to Ulko Hood's Sarsaparilla.
ijrmlually 1 round that tho soros wore beginning to heal. I kept Oil till I bad taken ten
bottles, (on dolliir-a! Just Mini!; of what a
return I  tut tor tlm! Investnienl!    A llinu-
it-ami iter until* Ves, many, thousand, l'or
tbo past ���! years I have had no Bores,   I
Work all the Time.
Boforo, I coiilii -io no work. I know not
what to sav stroiif- enough to express my grot-
mule to Unoil'S  Sirsapniillu for my pet-root
roqnoal will ho al Hugh Miller 8c Co's Drug
%loi*i\ III? Kin*,' SI. l-.ixt. Turnnki, On!., Hot. IS
ii Xov.innnly. He has Ill.llliU palnit'Spcelaclcs
villi liim.   Vou can t get bin circular frco.
Canadian .ilniniiai- A*
li'licial Directory
1-���*-.>.*���*    IGSil'i.
The Forty-Savon th A*inu i! tana of thia book
will ---..nhi-i--iut>-ai-'lvvil! inula imn Im-
mi'ii-e amount nf Information  ot groat
A prominent feature will do a Post Offlco
Qazctteor ofthe Dominion.i'ivin-' lho
name of every I'oHtOdtco with Iho Railroad on which located, or noaroal Hallway
Piili-h! Kpilonifi of ih House of
VeryiKef.il In every one in-
tere.-tcd in political niallern.
llie Ciiiiiitliuii ilafitiiiiil Flag-
All nbont tin Flag of our
country on land and aea,
Tk Hii'i'i'lnrv nl (lllii'iiils
Prlco 110 I'i'iili   ���|in*enU-,-,'> cents, arrortt-
lllg 10 liilliliil*-
The Copp Clark Co.,Ltd
Tox>outu,   Ora-Lib,
,   _   RUPTURE
Chas Clothe
Toronto, can.
���ESTABLISHED^. 1.871
Ask yimr Itiitionor lor TIIE CIIM'III! SBIlIKi  or IViiling l'nbloU.
llmiiislm      Ivory White      Irish linen      fyicGii (ily
Vi'IIiiiii I'lii'iT      White I\i|ht     limn l'ii|ior      frenin h\m
M-a,n.xi.**-3,c3-fci��-o��a.   *fc��y-
Vide Awake
-. Sarah
'���',';������ Wi'tmtNEu, Fanner, ttal-
enuuty. N. V.
HOOD'S Pills 'to 1"lt   weaken,  but  ahl
..,.,! iHi.i [..iiethL-sloiinii-li.  Try Ilium.  -""-���
Now, it happened that Yates, who hud
seen nothing of this silent struggle of the
eyes, being exceedingly hungry, was making
every preparation for the energetic beginning of the meal. He had spent most of his
life * in hotels und New York boarding-
houses, so thm it he ever knew the adage
" (irace before meals" he had forgotten it,
In tho midst of bis preparations camo the
devout Words, ami they camo upon him us
a stupefying surprise. Although naturally
a resourceful man, he wns nntquick enough
this time to cover his confusion. M ins
Burt let t\s golden bead was bowed, 'mt out
of tho corner of hcreyeshe saw Yates's look
of umuxod bewilderment and his sudden
halt of surprise. When nil heads were raised tho young girl's still rcm-uned where it
was, whilo her plump shoulders quivered.
Then she covered bor faeo with hor apron,
nnd the silvery ripple of a laugh eumo tiku
ii-"uoi In-red musical chime trickling through
her lingers.
" Why, Kttty I" cried her mother, in as
tonishment, "what ever is the matter with
you V
The girl could no longer restrain hor
"You'll have tn pour nut the tea, mother,"
she cud limed, as she lied from the room,
" Fur the hind's suke1" cried Ihu astonish-
od mother, rising to tuku bur frivolous
daughter's place, " what ails the child ! I
don't see what there is lo laugh at,"
Hiram scowled down the tablo, and was
evidently also of the opinion thnt lh
iccasinu to
u drop of liquor since I vo known them,
and���please God���they never will."
"Oh, Igutss it wouldn't hurt them," said
Yates, with a lack of tact that was not
habitual, He fell several dtgreeain the
estimation of his hostess,
" Hurt'em !" cried Mrs. Bartlett, indignantly. "I guess it Won't get a chance to.'
She turned tothe professor, who was a good
listener,���respectful and deferential, with
little to say for himself. .She rocked gently
j to and fro as she talked.
' Her husband sat unbendingly silent, iu a
sphinx-like attitude that gave no outward
indication of his mental uneasiness. He
vas thinking gloomily that it would bo
just bis luck to meet Mrs. Itartlott unexpectedly on tho streets of Fort Brie
on one of thoso rare occasions when
ho was enjoying tlio pleasures of sin
for a season. Hu had thu most pcs-simistio
forebodings of what the futuro might nave
iii store for him. .Sometimes when neighbors or customers treated often in the village ami he felt he hud taken all the whiskey
that cloves would oonceul, bo took a five-
cent cigar instead ol a drink, He did not
particularly ltko the smoking nf it, hut there
was a curtain dovll-tnay care recklessness in
lining down ibe street with ,i lighted oigar
111 his teeth, which hod all tho more fascination for him becauso of its manifest danger,
Ho felt at these timeB that ho was going the
pace, and that it iu woll our womon do not
know of all tho wickedness there i*�� in this
world. He did not fear that anv tiaig-1*-
miqht toll hia wife, for there   wore  depths
o which no person could convince  Mr
mirth.* The  professor was \ *i t'ir71 J, t ^ 'h *'' w .11^ 1 Vl" womyi" But hoUioughi
equally in lho dark,
" I am afraid, Mrs, Bartlett,'*said Yates,
" that I ant the inilOCOnt cause of Miss
Kitty's mirth. You see, mad a in,���it's a
pathetic thing tnsuy, but really I have bud no
home lifo. Although 1 attend church regularly, of course," ho added, wilh jaunty
mendacity, " 1 must confess that I havon't
heard graos at meals for yours and years,
and ���well, 1 wasn't just prepared for it. 1
have nn doubt I made an exhibition of myself   which  your daughter  wus quick to
" It wasn't very polite," said Mrs. Bartlett, with somo asperity,
" 1 know that," pleaded Sates, with contrition, " Bull assure you it was uninten
tionul on tny purl."
" Ble a the man !" cried his hostess. "I
don't B mean you. 1 moan Kitty.
But that girt never oould keep hor face
straight. She always favored me moro than
her father."
This statement was not dillloult to bo-
lie-'O, for Hiram, at that moment, looked
OS If ItO had never smiled in bis life, lie
sat silent throughout the meal, but Mrs.
Bartlett talked quite enough for two,
" Woll, for my part," alio said, " I don't
know what fnrmlng's coming to. Henry
Howard and Margaret drove past hero I Ins
afternoon as proud as Punch in their now
covered buggy.   Things is very diU'ereni
from whal they was when I was a girl.
Then a farmer's daughter had to work.
Now Margaret's took her diploma at the
Indies' college, and Arthur he's begun al
tbe University, and Henry's sporting round
iu a new buggy. They have a piano there,
with the organ moved out into the back
room "
"The whole Howard lot's a stuck-up sol,"
muttered the farmer.
Hut Mrs. Bartlett wouldn't have that.
Any detraction that was neonsEary she felt
competent in Biipply, without help irom tbo
nominal head of the llOUBO.
11 No, J don't ���*,, so far us to pay that.
Neither would you, lliruni, if ynu hadn't
lost yonr law-suit about tho lino foi.co ; and
served you right, too, for it wouldn't have
been begun if I had boon at home at the
time, Not but what Margaret's a good house
keeper, for sho wouldn't be her molhcr's
daughter if slu wasn't that, but it does
Boom in me a queer way to bring up farmers'
ohildren, and 1 only hope they can koep it
up. There wero uo pianos nor 1'reueh and
tienumi in my young days."
"You ought In hear her play! My lands!"
cried young Bartlett, who spoke for the
first timo. His admiration for her ao-
complishmont evidently went beyond bis
powers of expression.
Bartlett himself did not relish tlm turn
the conversation had taken, ami he looked
somewhat uneasily al the two young strangers. '1 ho professor's countenance was open
and frank, uml he was listening with respectful interest to Mrs,   Burtioti's talk.
Yates bent over hU plate with (lushed face,
and confined himself strictly to the business in hand,
"1 am glad," said the professor innocently to Yates, "that you mado tho young
lady's acquaintance, I must ask yon for an
In troil notion."
[���'or onco in his life Yates had nothing to
-tny, hut he looked at his trieml with an expression that was not kindly, The latter,
in answer in Mrs. Bur Mutt's inquiries, tohl
how they had passed Miss Howard Oil the
road, and how Yates, with hia usual kindness of heart, had offered the young woman
the hospitalities of the hay-ruck, Two
persons at tho tablo were much relieved
when the talk turned to the tont, It WftB
young 11 n inn who brought about this boon,
tic was interested iu lhe tout, und be wanted tn know. Two things seemed tn bother
tho boy. First, he was anxious to learn
what diabolical cause bad been at work lo
induce two apparently sane men tu give up
the comforts of homo ami live iu this exposed manner, if lhey were not compelled
to do so. Second, he desired lu lind nut
why people who bad the privilege ot living
in large oities camo of thoir own accord Into
the uninteresting country anyhow. Kven
ufler explanations were oH'ored the problem
seemed still beyond him.
After tbo meal tlu-y all adjourned to tlio
veranda, where ihe air was uool ami the
viowextensive. Mrs. Hartlctt would not
hoar of the young mon pitching tlio tent
that night.
'��� Gaud ness knows, you will havo enough
of it, will the ruin and the mosquitoes. We
have plenty of room hero, ami ynu will
have onu comfortable night on the Uidgo,
at any rate.   Then iu tin.' morning you can
find ii plaee iii the w Is  to suit  you, ami
my hoy Will take au axe and cut BtalfOS for
you ami help to put up your precious tent,
Only remember that when it rains you are
to collie to the house, or you will natch yont
deal lis with cold and rheumatism. It will
bu very nice till the novelty wears off t then
yoii aro quite welcome to the front rooms
Upstair-', ami Hiram can lake tbe tent back
to lirfo the lirst time ho goes to town."
Mrs. Ilartlutt lind away of taking things
for gi an led. It nover scorned tn occur to
her ibai any of horrullngs might be questioned, Hiram sat gu/ii-gsicnilyut tho road
us it all ibis was no affair of his.
Yates hud refused a chair, ami sal on the
elgo of the voranda, with bis back against
i .iu nl I he pillars, iu Mich a position (bat
ho might, without turning his hoad, look
through the open door-way into tho room
whore iss lUrtlelt was busily hut. silently
olearlllg away the tea-things, The yoill*g
man caught Heeling glimpses ol ber as she
moved airily ahoni her work. Ho drew a
oigar from hia case, cut oil lhe end with bis
k ifo, and lit a match on tho solo of bis
lioot, doing ihiH with an easy automatic
familiarity lhat required no attention on
his pari, all of which aroused tho respectful
envy nf youm.' lliruni, who sat on a wooden
ohair loimlng forward, oajrarly watching the
man from Now Vnrk.
�� Hnvo a oigar?" said Yates, offering tho
case to young Hiram.
*' No, no ; think you," gasped the boy,
aghast at the reckless audacity of tho proposal,
���'What's that.';" cried Mrs. Bartlett,
Although she was talking volubly to tho
professor, her maternal vigilance nevoi
oven nodded, much less slept. " A oigar
Notlikely ! I'll say this formyhmband and
my boy, t hat, whatever else they may have
done, they have never sniokul nor touched
with horror of some combination of circumstances that might bring his wife to luwi
unknown to linn una day when ho indulged.
He pictured with a shudder meeting her
unexpectedly m> lhe uncertain plank sidewalk of Fort Erlo, ho smoking a algar.
When this nightmare presented itself to him
he resolved never to touch a cigar again ;
but ho well kuew that the host resolutions
flido away when a nun ia excited with two
or throe glussos of liquor.
When Mrs. Bartlett resumed conversation
with tho professor, Yates looked up at
young Hiram and winked. Tho hoy Hushed witli pleasure under the comprehensiveness of that wink. It included him iu the
attractive halo of Crime that enveloped the
fascinating personality of the man from Now
York.   It soemed to Bay,���
" That's all right, hut wo are men of tho
world.    Wo know."
Tlie tea dishi.-, having been cleared away,
Vales -tot nn morn glimpses of the girl
through the open door, lie rose from his
lowly seat and Btrolled towards the Rate
with bis hands iu bis pockets. He remembered thut be had forgotten something, and
eudgolled bis brains tn make out what it
was. Ho guzod down the road at the
bouse of the Howards, which naturally
brought to biii recollection his mooting
with tho young girl on the road.
There was a pang of discomfiture in
tills thought, when he remembered thane-
COinplishmeuts attributed lo her by Mrs.
Bartlett, He recalled bis condescending
tone tn her, ami recollected his anxiety
about the jug. The jug ! That was what
he had forgot ton. He Hashed a i lance at
old Hiram, and noted that the  farmer was
lookingutlilm with something like reproach
iu his oyos. Yales moved his head almost
imperceptibly towards the barn, ami the
farmer's eyes dtopped tn tho lloor ol the
veranda. Tho young man nonchalantly
strolled past the cud of tho house.
" I guess I'll go to look after tin. horses,"
suid the farmer, rising.
"Here's looking at you," aaid Yates,
strolling into the ha:n, taking a telescopic
metal cup from his pocket and clinking ii
into receptive shape hy a jerk uf the hand.
Ho nCered lho now elongated cup to Hirnm
who declined auy such inodoi n Improvement
" Help yourself in that thins. Iho jug's
good enough fnr mo."
" Throe lingers" of tho liquid gun/led out
into tho patented vessel, and thu fanner
look the jug, after ft furtive look ovor his
si i inih I cr.
"Well, hero's luck." And the news-
papor-muii tossed off tho potion with the
fnolllty of long experience, shutting up the
dish with liis thumb and finger as if it wore
a metallic opera-hat.
The fanner drank silently from the jug
Itsolf. Then be stimto iu tho cork with his
open palm.
*' Bolter bury it in tho wheat-bin," be
said, morosely " Tho hoy might lind it if
you put it among tbo oals,���feedlll' tho
horses, ye know,"
" Mighty good place," assented Yatea, us
tho golden grain llowed in a wave ovor tbe
submerged jar. " I say, old man, you know
the spot: you've been bore before."
Bartlett s lowering countenance indicated
resent mi: nt at the imputation, hut bo
neither affirmed nor denied. Yates strolled
out of the barn, while the farmer went
through a smalt door-way thnt led to the
stable. A moment later Ito heard Hiram
calling loudly to his sou to bring tho pails
to water the horses.
" Evidently preparing an alibi," said
Yates, smiling to himself, as he saunter* d
towards the gate.
Thoy wore all at breakfast when Yates
next morning entered the apartmont which
was at once dlningroom ana parlor.
"Waiting for yon,"said young Hiram,
humorously, that being one of a set of jokes
which suited various occasions. Yates took
his placo near Miss Kitty, who lookod ub
fresh and radiant as a spring (lower.
"1 hope I haven't kop; you waiting
long," bo suid.
"No fear," cried Mrs. Bartlett. "If
breakfast's a miiiiitu later than seven
o'clock wo soon boat nf it from the men-
folks. They get precious hungry by that
"By that tlmo!" echoed Yates. "Then
do lhey get up boforo seven 7"
"Laws ! what a fanner you would make,
Mr. Yates I" exclaimed Mrs. Bartlett,
laughing,   "Why, everything's dona about
lhe bouse and burn,horses fed, COWS milked
-everything. There never was a holler
motto made ihan lho oue you learnt when
you worn a boy and likens tint have forgotten all about it:
I'nt*ly lobed uml early In rise
.Makes a inuti 1 mult Iiy, wealthy uml wise.
I'm sorry you don't believe in it Mr.
"Oil, that's all right," said Yates, with
somo loftiness, " but I'd like tt see a man
Uel  out a   morning  piper on such a basis.
I'm healthy enough, quite as wealthy ai
the professor hero, and ovory oue will
admit that I'm wiser than be is, yet I never
go lo hud until lifter two o'clock, and rarely
wuko beforo noon,"
Kitty laughed at this, and ynting Hiram
looked admiringly at the New- Yorker wishing bo was us clover,
" For tho land's sake !" cried Mrs, Bartlett, with true feminine profanity. "What
do ymi do up so late ns ihnt ?"
"Writing, writing," said Vates, airily,���
"articles that mako dynasties tremble next
morning, ami which cull forth apologies or
libel   suits   afterwards,   as lho   case may
"Mr. Bartlett has been good enough,"
said the professor, changing tho subject,
" to say we may camp in the woods at tin*
hack of tbo farm. I have boon out there
this morning, and it certainly ia u lovely
" We're awfully obliged, Mr. Bartlett.
said Yatea.    " Of course Kciimurk went out
there merely to show tho difference between
the ant and the butterfly.    You'll  lind nut
what a humbug be   is  by   and by, M
Bartlett.    Ho looks honest; but you wait.1'
"1 know jiiBl tho spot for the tent,"
cried young Hiram,���"down in the hollow
by the crock.    Then you won't need to hnitl
"Yes, and catch their deaths of fovor
and ague," suid Mrs. Bartlett. .l.ulana
had not then been invented. "Tako iny
advice, and put your tent���if you will put
it up at all���ou the highest ground you
can Hud, Hauling water won't hurt you."
"I agree with you, Mrs, Bartlett. It
shall be so. My friend uses no w.u.er, ��� ymi
ought to huve seen his hill at tho liuiiah*
ho til: 1 have it somewhere, and am going
to pin it up on the otiaido of tbe tent as a
warning to the youth of thii neighborhood,
���uno what, water I need I can easily carry
up from tht) creek."
The prof-ssor did not defend himself, ntul
Mrs. Bartlett evidently took a large discount from all that Ytiles said. ISbe was a
shrewd woman.
After breakfast tbo men went out to tho
burn. The horses wore hitched to tho
wagon, which still contained tho tent.-ind
fittings. Young Hiram threw an uxo nud
a Hpade among tlio canvas folds, mounted to
bis place, uud drove up tho lane loading I
iho forest, followed by Yates ami Kcntnurk
on fool, leaving the farmer in bis barnyard
with a cheery good by which ho did not see
lit to return.
Y'oung Hiram know tho loculity woll, und
drove direct to au ideal placo for camping.
Yates was enchanted.
When the tent was put up lio gn/ed in
enthusiastic rapture around bim ami upbraided Iteiimurk because he look lhe sylvan situation so coolly.
" Where are your oyes, Bonny!" ho
oriod, " Ihut you don't grow wild when you
look around you!   See   thu dnpplcd BUI1-
lightfiltering through the leaves i listen to
the murmur ol the wind in thu branches;
bear the trickle of the brook down there]
not ieo tbo smooth burk of tbo beech and
the rugged covering of tho oak; smell the
wholes, nne wood land soon Is. Renmark,
yon hut-a on oonl, or you   would   not he so
unmoved,   it js like Paradise,   It is	
Say, Kenny, by Jove, I've forgotten that
jug at tho nam I"
"The jug will bo left there,"
"Will iti   Ob, well, if you say so."
"I do say so.   1 looked around tor it
ibis morning to smash it, but couldn't find
" Why didn't yon ask old Hortlott?"
" I did, but he didn't know  where it
Yates throw himself down on tho moss
ami laughed, fih<giug his arms uud legs
about with the joy of living.
"Say, Culture, havo ynu got any old disreputable clothes wiih yen i Well then,go
into thu tent and put them on, then cm no
out and Mu on your back and look up ut ihe
leaves. You're a good follow, Bonny, but
decent clothes spoil you.    Yon won't know
f'ourself when you got ancient duds on your
tack. Old clothes mean freedom, liberty,
all that our ancestors fought for. When
you come out we'll settle who's to cook uml
who to wash dishes. I've settled it already
it my own mind, but I am not so selfish :ia
to refuSB to discuss the matter wilh you."
Whon tho professor came out of the tent
Yates roared,   Renmark himself smiled:
he know the effect would appeal to Yates.
" By dove, old man, 1 oiu*ht to havo included a mirror in ihu outfit. The look of
learned respectability set off with tbo garments ofa disreputable tramp makes a combination that is simply killing, Woll, you
can't spoil that suit, anyhow. Now
"I'm very cmufortable standing up, thank
"(lot down on your bank. You hoar
me ?"
"Put me thoro."
"You  mean   it?"   asked Yates, sitting
Up'  .       ��� ,   .,
"Say, benny, beware : I don't want to
hurt ymi."
"I'll forgive you for once."
"On your head bolt."
"Ou my back, you moan."
"That's not bud, Kenny," cried Yates,
springing to his feet. "Now, it will hurt:
you have fair warning.    1 havo spoken."
Tho young men took sparring attitudes,
Yates tried to do it gently at first, but,
finding it could not touch his opponent,,
struck out more earnestly, again giving a j
friendly warning. This went on Ineffectually for some time, when the professor, with
a quick movement, swung around his *oot
witn the airy grace of n dancing-master,
and caught Yates just behind tho knee, at
tbo same timo giving him u slight tap on
the breast. Yates wus instantly on his
"Oii, I sny, Renny, that wasn't fair.
That was a kick."
"No, it wasn't. It is merely a little
French touch. 1 learned it in l'nris. They
do kick there, you know, and it is good to
know how to use your feot as well as your
lists if you are sot on by threo, as 1 was one
night in thc Lat'n Quarter,"
Y'atos t-ut up.
" Look here, Ketimark ; when wero you
iu Paris!"
"Several times."
Yates gazed at him for a fow moments,
thon said,���
" Kenny, you improve on acquaintance,
I never aaw a liool-var iu my life. You
must teach mo thut little kick,"
"With pleasure," said Ketimark, Bitting
down, while the other sprawled at hill
length. "Teaching ia my business, and 1
shall bo glad to oxorolso any talents
I may have in that lino. In endeavoring to instruct a Now York man,
the first stop is to convince him
be doesn't know everything. That is tlie
difficult point. Afterwards everything is
" Mr. Stillson Renmark, you aropleuscil
to bo severe. Know that yon nre forgiven.
This delicious sylvan retreat docs not lend
itaoll to acrimonious dispute, or, in plain
Knglish, quarreling. Let dogs delight if
thoy want to : I refuse t*�� bu goaded by your
rjtterulous nature into giving anything but
tho soft answer. Now to business, Nothing
'* so conducive to friendship, when two
oopto are camping out, us a definition nf
ihe duties of each at the beimiuing. Do you
follow mo';"
"Perfectly,   What do yon propose?"
" I propose tliut yoii lo lhe conking ami
I wash the dishes, Wu will forage for food
alternate days."
" Very well.    I agree to lhat."
Kiebanl Yates ant suddenly upright, looking at his friend with reproach in bis eyes.
Seo bore, Kcninai'k.    Are you roBolvod to
force on an   International   complication
the very first day ''. That's no fair show lo
givo ft man."
"What isn't?"
"Why, agreeing with bim. Tlioro ure
deplliH   of   meanness   in   your   eliaraoloi',
Renny- that I never suipooted. Ynu know
thai peoplo who camp out always object to
the pari, assigned  them by   their   follow
campers,   I counted on that,   I'll do any
thing but wash dishes,"
" Then why didn't you say so V
"Because any suiio man would have  said
'no' when I suggested cooking,   merely be*
uatiso 1 suggested it.   Thoro's no diplomacy
about you, Renmark.   A man doesn't know
where to find you, when you act like that.
When you refused to do the cooking, I
would huve said, -Very well, then I'll do it,'
uml everything would have been lovoly;
but now "
Yales lay down again in disgust. Tlioro
are moments in life when language fails a
"Then it's Bottled that ymi do lho cooking and I wash the dishes?" Buhl the professor.
"Settled? Oh, yes, if yon say BO t but
all the pleasure of Retting olio's own way
hy the uso ot one's bruins is gono. 1 hale
to bo agreed wilh in that objectionably
civil manuer."
"Well that point being arranged, who
begins the foraging- you nr I?"
"Both, Herr Professor, both, I propose
to go tothe house of tho Howards, and 1
need an excuse fnr tbo first visit; therefore
I shall forage to a limited extent. I gn
ostensibly for broad. As I may not got
any, you perhaps should bring seme from
whatever farm-house you choose as the
scene of your operations, Bread Is always
handy in camp, fresh or slab*. When in
doubt, buy mote bread. You can never go
[wrong, and the broad won't."
" What olae should I g��t? Milk I suppose ?"
" Certainly, ogi��B, butter,���anything.
Mrs. Bartlett will give you hints on what
to get thut will bo more valuable than
" Have you all the cooking-utensils you
need ?"
"I think bo. Ttie villain from whom I hired tho outfit said it was complete. Doubtless he lied ; but we'll manage, I think."
"Very well. If you wuit until I change
my clothes, 111 go with you us fur as the
"Mydearfellow.be advised and  dou't
change.    You'll got everything twenty p.*r
cent, cheaper in that rig-out.    Besides, you
are so much more picturesque.   Your costume may save lis from starvation if we run
hIiiu-i   of cash.    You can get enough   for
j both of ua as a professional  tramp,    Oh,
j well, it you insist I'll wait.    Uood advice ia
thrown away on u man liko you,"
HEALTH. I fl��*Me, and glutinous, that by mastication !*
j it i-i with great difficulty separated ami le-
.. . ~��� . dueed  to entailer parts, and is less under
U0WS and Consumption- j the influence of the saliva and gastric juices.
Thero can lio no doubt that the use of It consequently tortus itself into hard balls
the tlosh of cows uml of misterilized cows' UV careless and hasty m-tsticition and do-
milk is one of iho most widely active causes (jlutiti'Mi, becomes coated over with saliva
of consumption, and ono which has been --nd slime, and in this slate outers the
very aptly designated "tho great white stomach. The gostrio juice being unable to
plague of civilization." The faot has been ��� penetrate such hard masses, and being
known to tho medical profession for many j scarcely ablo oven to act upou tho surface
yeurs, aud yet no very radical measures!0* them, they frequently remain in the
have been taken with reforeuoo to the sup- j stomach unchanged, and, like foreign
prosston of this cause of disease, which is ] bodies, irritate and incommode it, inducing
accountable annually for many times more ovwy specie** of sutt'eriug,���oppression of
deaths than oholera or any other of the epi- *?��� -stomach, pain iu the ohest, disturbed
demlc diseases. j lircuIaUon ofthe blood,congestion ami pain
Beefsteak is consumed in greater qnun- [ '������ l*ie head, irritation of the bruin, and in*
titios than ever, owing to its present cheap-   Haminatlon, apoplectic attacks, cramp, and
ness, and cows'   milk   is swallowed at all. delirium.
times and at all places without tbo slightest
This Tent's -Cuttle  Trade   Wiih  i:iii-l;iiul
Larger Thau Bver,
Where lhe huflalo rounied in millions in
tbo far Canadian west there is room for a
mighty empire.    That is   ihc  unfaltering
opinion of Mr. 1>. It. Browning, of V
MacLeod, N.W.T.   Mr, Browning believes
after years of experiences that   whore   til
buffalo thrived couiit!osa herds of domestic
cattle, Hereford*, Shorthorns and Polled
Angus, crossed, if need ho, with tbo native
Texan breeds, can alsu   thrive   and   make
millionaire'] of tholr owners, or in iho
future niaku every cowboy rich. Mr.
Browning has just arrived at .Montreal with
two hundred and forty head of cattle, bought
byUordoh fi Ironside, of  Manltnu.   il	
'J'liio linn, .Mr. Drowning says, has shipped
to Kngland this autumn upwards of seven
thousand beeves,   tho   largest   trado   ever
done in a single season by any Canadian
firm.    As to tbo   allegations   of   the large
ranch owners that theUovernmert'snooioo
of cancellation of all leases in 1800, would
ruin Canadian ranching, Mr. Browning
assorts the very contrary. Small ranching
will, ho contends, bo tho indualry of the
North Weat and will do much to
DRVKbot* Tin: riuii'iK nit.vziNn i..vs*tw ot'
The best of stocks is being introduced) first,
Shorthorns, thou Herofords and I'el led
Angus. Theae eastern breeds soon become
acclimatized and cotnu through the winters
without Borious loss, It wus true there
was somo loss of culvea, but nature usually
enacted the propor mating season, and thu
calves dropped lato in April or Muy wore
perfectly safe. Not so, however, with
boi'set, for the colts, no matter when dropped, wero liable to destruction by the
prairie   wolves.    He   understood thut   lho
Waldron Ranch Company suffered large
losses by tho depredations nf the wolves.
But though ho saw no immediate prospect
of profit in horso raising on the Canadian
prairies, ho reaffirmed that our North-
West was an almost infinite pasture-land
with which thoro was no other territory lo
compare in tho world.
As to social lifo on tlm prairie, Mr.
Browning averred that the great draw-
luck was tbo scarcity of feminine associations, "(let tho girls of the Kist, to como
ut to Fort MacLeod," Baid Mr. Browning,
'and thoy will he married quicker than
you can aay knife. Servant girls are in
great demand. Wc have hud them como
out from England, but wo could not keep
thum a month till some good-looking, steady
cowboy camo and carried them off, not by a
' *o, of course, nor a halter, but by tbo
altar. All wo want now is n ore men uud
women, particularly women, to found a
great empire iu tho North-West."
Ill lluiii*ir.v It .ipiir.-irt in Ite u Kail-:'-- or
��� 111-   I'l-llTi ".-l.ill,
On his way to one of the stations at Buda*
peat a French gentleman reooutly wont into
u batter's shop and bought and put on a
hat whicli had attracted hini by Its somo-
what unusual color and shnpo, When be
had beon walking up and down the station
somo fow minutes he was astonished to find
in one of his overcoat pockets a purse full
nf money and in the other a gold watch,
Ho went at once to the station master and
found him listening to the complaints of a
countryman wbo had just lost his purse.
The purse was tho one the frenchman
wna returning, but when it hud boon lost
it had contained only ten shillings ; now il
held nearly as many pounds. The myatciy
was soon explained, A policeman rame to
tbo fllutioii-mastet* to report the arrest of
a pickpocket. He was Immediately brought
iu and confessed the theft of the purse.iuto
which he had put the proceeds of previous
robberies, and of the watch. Ho had
"passed" them into tho Frenchman's pockets because of his hut. He explained the
hats of that peculiar pattern, which arc
made only by one firm, are tho badge ot a
turge international gang ot pickpockets,
uml so he had taken the Frenchman fora
The hatter bore out thostntc*iient,8uying
that he bad recently sent a largo consignment of huts of that kind abroad, to a place
which the pickpocket named. But bo wofl
able to prove that ho hud no complicity in
the baso uses for which bis wares were intended,
A Ship on Fire.
Tne Paoiflo mail, which arrived at Ply
mould, brings news of tho loss hy burning
of the Gorman barque Hilmuth Mentis oil
the South American coast. She sailed from
Newcastle in April with a cargo of coals for
Valparaiso, When oil'Capo Horn she got
Intorougli weather, the crew suffering a good
deal, hut tho horror of the situation was
intensified when in the last week of July it
vus found that thu cargo bud CftUght tire,
the cause probably being spontuncDua com-
buntinn. Strenuous efforts were made to
extinguish the coullagratioti, ami after a
lime tbo men woro lulled iuto a false sensc
uf security. On August I, however, when
off iho Chilian coast, thoro was a renewal
of the lire, mid the captain had no el ter native hut to  abandon tbo vessel.    This wus
not done, however, without an attempt being made to save bor by miming her ashore.
Boats woro provisioned in case of alHolute
necessity, and tWO days later tho crew discovered thai they could bold out no longer
against the raging tiro. The ship was alight
almost from stem to stern, nud the captain
and nine men entered ouo of the bouts, lhe
male and eight of tho crew taking to another. Tho matu and bis companions fought
manfully for eleven days against a terrific
gale,   and in   a slate  of great  exhaustion,
having endured torrlblosulforlngs uml great
pr.vation.i, lhey Umlod ut Attend on August
II. Tbo captain's boat wub Ins- sight of
the day following that of tha ship being
abandoned, and up to the time that advices
were despatched thorn was no news of her
unfortunate company.   A boat's gear had
been  picked   up,    but   there was nothing
about it to assist identification, It it* supposed that the bout got out of her course,
and was lost in tho storm.
iiquiry into its   antecedents, and without
the slightest inquiry into   it- antecedents,
To Prevant Takintj Cold-
One of the very boat means to prevent
and without the application of any means taking cold ia to make yourself proof
for the destruction of mlsohlBVous microbes against colds. If a person is frequently
whioh tho luotite fluid may contain. Dr.'taking cold, there Is doubtless groat bus-
ft F. Brush culls the cow " the wot nurso j coptlbillty to ulianges of temperature, Dr,
of consumption,'' and makes tbo following j Brown-Sequunl says : "If you are apt to
interesting observation concerning tlio relu. -ake cold by getting your feet wot, then
tion of cows to thia dread disease : - j get your feet, w���t every 4ay. Harden your-
"Scrofulous females iu tbo human race self to it,���sit down and put your feet tn
usually seeroio an ahuiidanc-j of milk, be- j (.n],i water, then in hot waler, then in cold
cuiiso in scrofula there   is an   unusual ten- | water, then in lint water again, ami so on.
ilcncy to glandular   enlargement   and ac-
repeatiug tho operation, leaving tho feet
tivity. Aa tiie mammary is the highest longer und longer in cnid water, until you
typo of glandular structure,!! -is stimulated lean keen them hi eold water for half'un
to Increased action. A sorofulous cow Is j hour. Ifyougotaooldby the wind blow*
usually the largest mil nor, and the closest ||Qg 0Q y,���ir ll(li;|t) g0t��omt one to blow on
kind of consanguinity has boon practiced by i your neck with a pair of hollows, uml then
eattlo breeders, with the object of producing [desist for a mi mi to or two, und blow again,
a   scrofulous   animal,   not because sho is (longer and longer, until you ean stand lbs
scrofulous, inn because the particular torin t blowing steadily for half an hour without
ahe represents are  tho largos*, yleluen of; taking cold."
mill*     Woflmi, ton, lhat   consanguineous'
breeding  has been allege t as  onooi  tin
muses oi tuberculosis ln"the human race,
where it never can bo --onditeteii with so
oloso and Intimate blood relatives aa in the
1-iiry animals.
"The absence of phthisis   in high, dry,
mountainous  regions   has been   accounted
Stylsare dtngar-sign-vls which a man's
oyo puts out, saying to him, "You ought to
go to an oculist;" they show a Strained condition of tho oyo,���-that the person should
go to un eye-doctor   nnd  have speotaclos
foi by reason of the altitude and absence uf i adjusted to his eyes.   Straining of the eyes
moist ure in lhe atmosphere bui here occurs   causes a congestion which exhibits itself in
amncwhat curious fact; namely, that tli
cow doos not thrive iu high, dry, mountainous districts, but iu tho low, swampy,moist
region, when- the succulent and bush
grasses grow, is the plaos where the cow
liourishos, and it   is in these   regions also
thai tuii ���i--*iiI'hh abiitiu 1 ������ in both the bovine nnd human subjects.
Modioal Oookerv.
this form.
Jumped lute Hie 8m ie Wive a aiilpimiif
���Milllire for rmmoiinn,
An anecdote ia related by u Paris corrc-
Hpondcutof Admiral Avclan, who is in com-
mand of the Kusaiun squadron now ul Toulon,    When, many years aun, he was crilis-
' ' ing in thc Baltic, ua a midshipman, among
The writer quite agreesi with Prof, KeoUj | (,},��� men -,��� board his ship was a former
captain of a man-of-war, "broken" for in
itio eminent Philadelphia anatomist nnd
surgeon, who usserla that every physician
should have uh perfect knowledge of the
kitchen and the proper methods of food
preparation ns of drug-stores and thu
methods of compounding medical ugonts.
Of the two, the knowledge of diototics und
cookery, would, iu the writer's opinion, bo
round much more valuable than tho knowledge oi drugs. Both kinds of information
are important, but a thorough knowledge
of food '-.Hi-Is and thoir relation to the
needs uf the body must be of inestimably
greater value to the physician, than tho Information gained ny the most thorough
study of pharmacy and materia nteilieu.
Physinions frequently proscribe iron for
amende conditions without considering ihat
blood cannot be made of irou, but must bo
made, if at all, from the food. .Strychnia
is almost universally administered as a
remedy for weak nerves, the fact that
nerves oannot bo mado of stryuhnla being
Ignored. Weak nerves can be improved by
proper nourishment only. In proper nourishment lies the only remedy obtainable
for nearly ull chronic maladies. Hence
lho importance that the physician should
bo thoroughly posted on the subject ot
materia alimontaria. If a good cooking-
school and experimental kitchen could be
connected with every medical college md
every student bo required to lake a
thorough course of instruction b*th in
practical ami theoretical cooltory, uml
dietetics, a revolution iu the methods of
treating disease would quickly follow.
Gold Hands and Feat-
Man y persons in poor heal I h are troubled,
en during the summer uud early full
mouths, by cold hands nnd foot. Thoao
limb:' should bo educated, il possible, to
keep themsolvos warm ; for certainly a cure
cannot ho effected by toasting thom over a
stove or a register, or by taking a hot bottle
or bug to bed ; all these methods make thom
colder afterward, Primarily, thc cause of
this trouble is want of exercise, so all tbo
xcrcisc possiblo must be taken. But some
ono says, The inoroexcrcisc I take, tho colder I get. This is duo to a reflex contraction
of tho blood vessels, The largo nerves in
tbe abdomen uro connected with the blood
vessels running down into thc logs,
by numbers ot sympathetic nerves and
bronohea, and when there is au irritation of tho abdominal nerves,   thore
Bulling an admiral, and reduced to a common seamen.   The young officer considered
it '*. sacred duty to trout this unfortunate
man with all the kindness consistent with
the regulations, and to try everything
to start hitnufrcsh on his career. A pardon
could he grunted only for au act of bravery.
"Next time a atorm comes on,' Avelnu
said to the ox-captain, "1 will drop into the
sea as if hy accident, You will jump in
after me, uml lliua win yonr epaulettes,"
This was agreed upon, Somo days later, in
���a squall, the cry was hoard, " A man overboard."
Avclan had disappeared. The ox-cuptuju
jumped over the ship's side, but bo wub u
bad swimmer, end Instead ��f rescuing Avclan, bo owed bin life to tbo latter. In due
course tho commander's report reached
the Cisar, and the ex-cuptaiii wus restored
to his rank.
The captain is now uu admiral. The
other day no celebratod his fiftieth anniversary of hit* entrance into the service
by giving a dinner, to which Admiral
Avelau was invited and In the course of
ail lifter-dinner speech bo publicly thanked
his junior colleague for having opened to
him the path of honor.
Promptly Done.
The "Historical Records of tho 43d
Light Infantry," ilnn famous regiment
which played u most Important part ui Knglish warfare during lho last quarter of the
eighteenth oontury ami tho curly part of
the nineteenth, uontains a stirring incident
of prompt action which averted a tragedy.
Worn out with a hard march, the Brigade
under Captain Lloyd approached the convent at Bencvoiite, where tho cavalry and
reserve slill remained, hoping for shelter.
Tbey were disappointed. The convent
was occupied by several thousand infantry,
and the lower galleries were so densely
packed with tho horses of cavalry ami artillery that it was hardly possible for a man
to make hia way among t hem.
Two of the ollieers stood looking in at
tho dubious prospect through tho single
door that gave ingress and ogress. A sudden cry of alarm hurst from tho lips of one.
"Look tlioro 1" he cried, pointing over
tho backs of the homes.
At that momont ono of the inside wooden
shutters hurst into Hume. Horrified, the
ollieers looked at the burning shutter und
contraction of tbo blood veseols, thus con- j realized the hopelessness ot the situation. It
using lho blood. When a person is nan- would be impossible to get tho aix thousand
seated, ho is always pale, Why ?���Becauso j men and horses out, and they must stand by
the irritation of the nerves of the and seo their comrades perish miserably,
stomach onuses a contraction of the blood j There was no water near, and if thoro wore,
vessels. Now when a person i* nauseated, ' how get ot the firo through thojo densely
ho is not pale in tho face only ; but he is ; crowded horses?
pale over the entire surface of the body   \    Tho flames   crept   upward   toward  the
there is not a   contraction In the   blood , rafters,
vessels only, but also in the brain j there is "Good heavens I Something must be
not free blood enough to keep the heart j done I" cried Captain Lloyd. Anil then,
going, so ua to koop the person in his with a motion to those outside to he quiet,
ordinary condition. Thero are thousands j the bravo captain leaped on tho buck of Ihc
of chronic dyspeptic** suffering from cold ! nearest horse, and stopping from back to
feet. This is canned by an irritation of j buck of the animals, ran to tho blasting
ihe lumbar ganglia of tbo sympathetic shutter, tore it from its hinges, and pitched
nerves,situated'close by the nerve trunks it from the window. Then ho made bis
running Into tho legs; it is a contraction way back to tho door iu the si
or spasm of the blood vessels in tho legs: before,
induced by chronic irritation, that keeps the j So quickly was tbo act performed that
feci cold (Otherwise they would be kept ! oven the horses were scarcely disturbed,
warm by reason of tho dependence of tbo j The building wus saved and there was no
limbs.as was Intended by nature, Now it is p panic, whioh would havo been as disastrous
not by exercise alono lhat this trouble can j aa ihe flames.    The captain's eyebrows and
Pilla and Powders Tako a Baok Seat*
Unit' uirlof Ble, Cuni**onilf mid How
she Cures Illness -Passes a Fruihtr
Over Her I'allent, mi-l l'ie-io ,1'baiict*.
���Sbe    I* a   St-vi-atli Iiim-ilner.
Great exoltemens has been caused, says
the Montreal Witness, during lhe last year
in many | aria of the United Stales by the
advent ot K<tsa de Lima llelle.-ille, of Ste.
Cuneeonde, a child who affected marvellous
:itres by the mere application of a feather
f> tho pun ut the body itfllloted, This extraordinary child has now returned to Montreal She ia a demure littio damael, 11
years of age, ami is the seventh daughter of
French -Canadian artisan.
She first exercised hor curative powers at
the age of five years. A young woman who
was visiting the family complained of severe
pain ina galln-rcd finger. Tbe child immediately and without uny prompting of-
ferul to cure her. Upon iho young woman
ossentins and
that being the seventh daughter  sbo very
likely possessed   the powi r to do  so,   the
little girl went io the adjoining bed chamber
and extracting a small feather from the pillow proceeded to put-s it over the atTsoted
finger, liming ibe operation the pain
lessoned considerably uud at its finish,
Completely ceased.
After Ibis, the "fculhor girl," ub she was
tailed, effected many siuiplu cures in the
neighborhood.    Two years  ugo ber father
look ber to Quebec,whereorowdi of people,
hoping to lu- cured of evory imaginable
disease, besieged tho bouse. The father of
the girl stales that on ths occasion of this
visltso many poisons presented themselves
to bo cured that us each person needed a
separate feathor, the ouslom of thu child
being lo burn each onc after using il once,
they were always running short of this
necessary article and several fowls wero
sacrificed  to supply tho deficiency,
From   the   statements   of the father it
would seem that the Quebec medical faculty
were inccufsod at this very juvenile poacher
upon their legitimate preserves und also at.
the notion that a mere child
chould be able to.oun* diseases which hail
previously eluded tho ollicacy of their
strongest pills and powdorB, Thoy accord-
'ngly sen!, it [a siiiil.u deputation tnCardin-
il Tusehoreuu begging htm to use his influence to oradlcate iho popular holiet in the
miraculous euros of this child who was rnn-
ningaway with lheir business. Subsequontly
Mr. Belleville brought bis daughter back to
Ste. Clinogonde, where, on somo days from
one to two hundred persons visited bis house
iu search of health. The i.i.:her alliims that
during six months of that year ho spent
SCI.'t for cab ami car hire for himself and
littio girl on their journeys to the bouses
of persons who were bedridden  or wished
lie visited at their own homos. Of courso
the returns were considerable,
Somo of the cures wrought by this littio
Inify arc very extraordinary, and her fat her
���noted many instances of persons bedridden
for months, and iu some cuRes years, being
rendered Strong and able tn walk by a few
applications of her feather, In ono it-stunce
a comedian who had boon dancing at one
of tho theatres wus thrown out ofemploy.
ment by reason of a rheumatic swelling on
his leg which made it impossible for him to
bund his  knees,    Ho was
nstantaneously, and as a means of celebrating tllO event bu danced a jig, and
all hough tbo swelling of his knee had
not disappeared, he exhibited equal eiastic-
���ty with li Ith legs.
It is curious that rheumatism seems
io bo (he specially of this child, for it ia
also ihc disease that is oft ones', cured at
most of tbo celebrated places where mir-
Holes arc said to bo worked, and also
hy faith ourers and magnetic healers.
One night, lately, Itosa operated upon
ft young lady, at a house on Notre Dame
street Montreal, who wassiill'enng severely
from neuralgia. The method of the child con-
isted simply iu passing the feather along
ihe young lady's chock for about two lilin-
After ibis she put the feather in the
stove, and very confidently asked the young
lady if It was hotter,' The lady remarked
that us the child passed tho feathor over
her check lho pain grow less and when the
I'hilit withdrew it tho pain had disappeared.
Some of thc persons who wish to be cur-
i'd must have an extraordinary amount nf
faith in the feather girl. One man who
presented himself to Rosa to be cured was
hunchbacked and had thc bones of the
chest protruding several inches from their
natural position. Other persons with an
eye missing have requested to bo made to
see, and the family think it rather extra-
ordiaury that no one-legged muti has appeared and requested to ho accommodated
with the full e implement of natural
moustache were acorched, but that was all,
" And they'll grow -iguit.," ho said with a
Bank of Kngland Noto.-.
With the Bank of IS ii gland, tbo destruction of its notes takes plueo about onco a
week, and at 7 p. in.    It  used  to bo done
in tho daytime, bui mado suoh a smell thai
thu  neighboring stook-brnkorB petitioned
the governors lodn it in the evening.    The
notes aro previously oanoolled by punching
���  I...I.. Ik. I. ������    ��t_ .1 1 --.T
Hoga foil on clean food ahould gain ui
[east one pound for every four und a hull
pounds of gruiu used.
The selling of untlero.l bucks' heads i*
just HOW one of the industries of llie Notll:
Woods.    The heads aie sold at SS each ami
i.t costs .*?lli more to prepare one for  uso
a hai rack or wall ornament.
Louisiana, according to one who has investigated the subject, is entitled to rank
as a great lumber state," having within her
bounds 00,000,000,000 foot of excellent timber, and tlie prediction ia made that before
many years paes sugar, us tho leading industry of the state, will givo way to lumber, In cyprces Louisiana ia especially rich,
This wood is durable and inuch iu demand
for interior decorations. Nine million leet
of cypress alone will bo used in New
Orleans and other businesa centers of the
state this year.
the only  way in which it
permanently cured, is  by relieving  tho
abdominal Irritation, ami by relieving the
dilated stomach, and that can be  done by
correcting the diet.
Should thn Skins of Fruits bo Baton ���
If lhe skins of fruits arc to be eaten, lhey
should bo first purged id' genus. The skins
carry germs ; I he bloom of I he peach and
the grape is made up of  germs,-��� luxuriant.
growths of microbes,���and when those skins a hole through the amount (in figures) and
are eaten, tho mtnrolies enter tho stomaoh, tearing off Hie slgnatiiru of tho chief cash-
end thoro thoy find onoof the finest lidds lor, Tho notes aro burnod in a closed fur-
for growth in the world. Tho skin protects naoo, ami the only agency employed is
the   fruit from the action of tluse germ--,   shavings and bundles of  wood.    Thuy USOtl
Until ide skin is bruised or broken or injur-   in be burned in a cago, ibe result of whioh
ed in tllO slightest degree, the microbos get was that once aweek the city was darkened
inside, and then tbe mischief begins,    fit with burned fragments of notes,  l-'orfu'lire
is oxaotly tbo same as with tbo llt'sh o    a piirposea of reference, tho notes ure left for
human being ; a Ilttlo sliver will gel under live yeara before being burned,
tho   i-ltiii,  Under tho finger nail, and s*-on Thc   tiuiubor of notes  coining   into the
we will havo nn abrasion, a aoro, and pus, Bank of Kngland every day is ubout 50,000,
and we will wondor that suoh a little thing and 350,000 aro destroyed every week, or
oould cause such asore ; tha reason is that something like 18,0 0,000 every year.
gonnsliavol'oiinil theirway throiighthatubru- 'Ihe slock nf paid notes for live years is
sionj pus-maklnggormsaronlwayatobofound about 77,745,000 hi number, and they till
just  under lhe edge  of the finger-nail, and    13,400 boxes, which, if placed side by side,
wheu  the   sliver   _s thrust   in   there,   it   would reach two ami  niio-lbird miles.    If
is     equivalent  to '    an     inoculation     of   tha notes were placed m a pile they  would
pus,   for   when    lhe   germs   ure    carried   reach    to   a   height of five and two third
in there, suppuration begins vi-ty quickly ; ��� miles ; or, if joined end to end, would form
whereas other portions ofs tho body which | a ribbon 12,485 miles long,
uro thoroughly oleonsed would not bu so
liable to the action of germs,    A rusty nail
thrust into tho foot Will produce ioak*jaw
in many OOSCS | and this IS because, on the
Boiled imil there are often present germs of
tetanus (germs   which  produce   lockjaw),
and the nail carries them through the skin
into iho flash.     Now skins of fruit, being
infested with germs,   when oaten,   carry
thoso germs down into the stomach along
with tlio fruit, and these germs then cause
tho fruit to decompose.   Many persons arc
not able lo cut raw fruit for this reason.
Dflnizeis of Eating Frosh Broad
M. B'liiasinguull has mado a fresh loaf nf
broad tho subject of minute investigation
ami tho results are interesting. New bread,
in ito smallest purls, ia so soil,  clammy,
A Loucf-Lived flame-
Tho sacred fires of India have not all been
extinguished. The most ancient, which
still exists, was consecrated twelve centuries ago in commemoration of tho voyage
made by the Parsoos when they emigrated
from Persia to India. The tire is fed five
times evory twenty-four hourr with sandal
wood and other fragrant materials, oombin-
ed with vory dry fuel. This lire, in the
village of Oedwada, near Bulsar, is visited
by thu Pareces in large numbers during tbo
months allotted to the presiding genius of
Franco   is tho only   Kuropcan   country
which   has today   fewer ublt-hudicd   men
than it had thirty yeaisago.
lie (Joes m Ktislnnd to lie r<hiraie-l.
The African steamer Bonguela, now in
Liverpool, brought from 01,1 Calabar, o young
African Prinoo, by name Eyo If. The
youth, who is not quite fourteen years old,
is u very fine specimen of liis race, being
over five feet iu height, and woiyhing about
10 stones. Although a Prince, the boy was
in a state of destitution at Old Calabar,and
wrote to Mr. Alfred .loi.es, of Liverpool,
asking to bo brought to Liverpool to bo
educated, so that he might return to Atrica
and be able to teach hi* country men. His
request was granted. When t ho boy's father
died bo was u groat slavc-ownor, but ua tbe
boy was very young, bis uncle took the
slaves,   and  cast  tho   lad   adrift.    About
thirty years ago the young Prinoo's father,
who was called Kyo Honest y, camo down to
Old Calabar from Creek Town, and with
iinolher chief acted as hostage till a debt of
C40,000 bad been paid lo somo woll known
Liverpool merchantsthon trading in tho
river. This amount of "trust" had been
given by the agent of the merchants  in
question, and (be agent died. The natives,
llOWOVOl', paid all up id about eight months
lhe chiefs being on board the Knglish bulk
during that i     Mr. Jones on Tuesday
sent young Kvo II. to lhe Congo Institute,
Uolwyn Bay, to ba trained.
Origin of the Arab Stso-1*
The erigin of the host strain of Arabian
blood bus been related   by mum romancer.
While Mohammed was fighting his way to
greatness ho was once compelled to lead hia
ps of 20,000 cavalry for three days without a drop of water, At lost, from a hilltop, lhey described the siller Streak of a
distant river. Mohammed ordered bis
trumpeter to blow lhe cull (o dismount and
looae lhe horses. The poor brutes, starving
fnr water, ut once sprang inio a tmul gallop
towards tho longed-for goal. Nn aooner
loosened thun came the alarm��� false, as it
happened���-of a sudden ambush. " To
horso I" wus blown, and repeated by a
hundred bugles. But tho demand was too
great ; tlm parched throats were not to be
refused ; the stampede grew wilder and
wilder OS 20,000 steeds pushed desperately
for the river-banks. Of all tho frantic
crowd but live maros rospondol to the call,
To these duly was higher than Buffering,
They tinned in their tracks, camo bravely
back, pleading in lheir eyes and unguiah in
their sunken flanks, and stood before the
Prophet Love lor t heir master and a sense of
obedience had conquored their distress, but
thoir bloodshot oyes told of a fearful torment
���the moro pathetic for thoir dumbness, Tho
danger was over; the faithful mares were
at once rclusul ; but .Mohammed selected
these five for his own use; uud lhey wire the
dams of one of ihe grout races of the desert.
J-'roin them have .sprung the bcatol Arabian
aleuds, It can, however, i-circcly be claimed that the average horso of the Orient
comes up to this ideal. He must have been
bred from tho' 10,01)8.���[From " Riders of
Turkey,' by Col. T. A. Dodge, U.S.A., in
Harper's Magazino fnr November, THE WEEKLY NEWS, NOV.  22, 1893.
llllj       WijiillUjI     llElWij ; onlyavery .urn., and bigoted person
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The good will of the people at large is nl-
���;;..;-;--;;."".".;.$liS ' ways desired, and their interests arc stud
���   -J'j���   | icd antl promoted, bin if unjustly attack-
lino     ..........'..'.....'     iw tu  ! ed or abused by individuals,  who think
���" ': -w-Icm-pw"*"        ��  * they can intimidate it, and control its ut-
.,������..-,   of  IJirths,   Marriages   and tcmilces jt mny be expected to possess
1) ��� ulis.  50 cents each insertion,
0 Vdvertismcnt inserted for less thnn i
3a  cuts,
J I" vertlolng Agent. 21 Merchants'
Exchange, San Francleco, is our authorized agont. This paper is kept
on tilu in his office,
~Mmhi S 22,1303
obust virtue of resistance, and very
biy iln* human instinct ol retention.
i i Hcecher Stnwe'*- twin ilntigbton
Iti-.11 Uullwuenrlj -myvHwunl.
v.. .1. wi litonurToI��liam,.Mo.,litui
win l.
It l.us Ut-i* i
riiiu iu
Mm, Mlv.i A. 1-OoKwon-l -IriiWHii (wn*lmi
il **u)n uiumhiiB the widow ol nn inumiry
., jifliiiii.    bhe iliH-s it  biy  |MUnloU  chtiltl
,. _        ��� ,h^   Wjn|(Un K,uie, a New Yurie bemity,
 ���   bus the b'ir nmi ilolloatu coloring ol her
, . .    , ,-   i .i   .      riMJilu'c, who waa u daughter of Ueuerul
In looking over our hooks wc find thnt ���   winll.-i.ISei.tt.
lany of our subscribers are in arrears, I      Mrs, o'U-iirj*, the owner of the fum-ms
. ,       .                        iv O'Ut.ryeuw wlnme kicking Ud to tho ureat
nne of them for many months.   News- {   |-ri, |.( L'bk-auu l��ntlll living.   She tt'��ldi*H
tapers can not be run on credit, and  we j   l'�� MiwunvlUu, Mich,   Bliedoesu't keep any
lUtsl urge all   who   know   themselves   to
ie indebted to us to at once forward ihe ;   m
Editorial Notes,
To morrow will he flinnksgiving Day,
having been set apart and tippninled by
His Excellency the Governor General in |   inst liviiiK child of tinlguerol tuu Uuuiur
Kitwnii Sohllllnwr, *M yearn ohl, hns been
awnnk-.l tho��ohl n.-.-.-.nl nf thoolil m-Ml-i-h
..i UhieiiKU for "tho girl working lui-Keni in
s, mo fainily." J**..c hiia been v, iih tbo -htiuu
Inliiily Hi lice l&W.
Mlwi Ceutllin Min-heiizie of Ilrnebimir is
ti ������ K- ib i-'-f lho Scottish Woini'ii'n Uiiumi
I i-feii-.u uuioii, wbhh is organized tu com-
I nt ibe pru-iowd overthrow uf tho imtiuu-i.
Li-mull nf Scotland.
Miss Kmlly IjOuIm* (Jerry of New Haven,
Will) has lieen I'ltL'teil iv��ellt nf the Sncli-ty
filie lhni..hli-1-MJl' the lli-vninii Utbl
Council lor that purpose. The harvest
has been abundant. We have been free
Irom epidemics, and have in .i large
measure escaped thc financial distress
which has prevailed to the south of us.
Canada hns abundant  cause for rejoic-
November state elections in the republic south of us have gone overwhelmingly
Republican. In Ohio and Pennsylvania a was areguUr avalanche. Will the
Democrats go ahead with their promised
measure of tariff reform, in the face of
ibis evident change of sentiment? We
think they w ill, but that their action will
be much modified and thai we shall not
have the sweeping tariff reduction, which
wc hoped for. A very radical tariff mens
ure, which did not ;it rill respect the idea
of protection, would he fatal to ihe party.
The question is���Will Queen I.iliun-
kalani he restored to her throne? Secretary Grcsham declares that thc United
Stales have done a great wrong to a feeble independent stale, and that any
ibing short of restoring llu legitimate
government will not meet the demands
of justice. The action of Uncle Sam
will now be looked forward to with interest. One tiling is clear: thc annexation
uf ihc Hawaiian Islands to the United
Slates will not take place. But whether
force of arms will be used to overthrow
the de facto government, is doubtful.
There is too much disposition on the
part of individuals in every community
to refuse support to any enterprise or
measure which does not promise ihem a
direct return. It is not enough tli.it it
will aid in the general prosperity of thc
i nmmunity in which they reside, and that
they will necessarily share in that prosperity, lhey must see a direct individual
benefit, ami it must .'ils.) be app irent that
n > one else will he more benefitted than
themselves. The result is that nothing
is done antl all suffer. No community
( tn prosper where this spirit prevails.
Probably this spirit of selfishness i*. not
more general here* than elsewhere, hut
there is altogether too much of it. f\ little more liberality and disposition to
work in harmony is what is wanted, and
���a good deal less personal criticism and
abuse, Toleration of political and religions opinion must be had and freedom
nl individual anion.
The Post-Intelligencer in speaking of
tin defeat at the pr-lla of Maynard, in
New York, forjudge of the court of up-
i. .,! .against whom the lawyers of both
:d ;
oh on the ^
penal offeni i
Unit he was guilty n
very grave charader.pays awell deserved
ti bute to thc profession.    It says:
"Hereaftei lei no man speak derisivelj
ofthe legal prolcssion. There nre lawyers, but it is no more just to hold the
legal profession responsible for the dirty
w irk ofa shyster thnn it is to bold thc
military profession responsible foi the in-
A-a rule the respectable lawyers are
among the very best and broadest-mind
ed citizens of their communities. Seldom rich, ihey ate generally liberal-
minded and free-handed men. They believe in education; in social order, law,
and in tolerance both in religion and pol
ith s. U is a splendid feather in thc cap
ofthe profession thai ils universal insurrection defeated the election of an unjust
judge to the highest court of New  York.
It would he well for people to remember that a newspaper is private propertv.
and those not financially interested are
nut expected to did tic its policy or what
it shall or shall not publish. There will
be A Conflict of views, always upon questions Of this character, and no paper  can
ll liiib-|H*niU*nci!
As Mrs. ('IovoIhihI'h private nonrotary,
Mrs. Tuomi-y, who wiw similarly employed
l;. tlm hue -Mrs. Whitney, will nil.-nd to
Hi) llie White Mouse -iUUIt. 1 curiea-.uii-icncc,
ivui-ivititf &,UU ���-.Mury.
Mm, Lloyd S. Bryeo, daughter of ex-
Mayor Cuujier, ha** really wonderful tnloiit
Hs nn artit-t, anil hail sue not been a "society girl" she would proimbly have aeblevod
ilimliieiiuu -ts ii pufti-uit pitiutor and c.o-iea
tiabriolle flreeley, daughter of tlio found-
or of tbo New York Tribune, who Is iimr-
rial to Ui'v, I*\ M. (Jluii.ioiitii,thi* piwtur of
n rtu-bionahleehurch at Wwidiu-ier, S.X.,
is iii-iive In nil tbe charitable work lit thu
puiMiaii.1 has dono u great ileal urn-mil
building tin* bowpllul, nbieh is no* uwirly
Mm. Nyuilti Grain, for lf1 jthi-h n tenohnr
In the nn*'**' high seimnl of San I'Vmumco,
lm.1 been mlmitU'il to praotlee liefori* llie
si-pivino nmi olher eun-ts nf Uallfornla,
: bo ouinpli'tvil the three years'eoiir..- of
KI inly in nne-hnlf the usual time ami stu-jil
nr lhe lu-:nl nf thu Hi stluli-liU whu lltll-IUOtl
Among the varloty nf tailor gownn made
for the races, linen dliok unit  hulhinil mills
Ilgin-u cuiMiikiuouely,
Sh'iider, lou-j walsted women look very
dainty In ihc new crossover blouses thai
tic at tho Hide or lu thu buck, ns is fouud
most iH-coialiig.
A new summer weight hnpsnokt'lii*;, iu
mlnilml blue, cherry rwl and silvery etidet
bluv, is mado Iuto pretty day ilres-.es for
eumitry tunl suasldu wear.
Nej-rly nil the pretty zephyrs, hiwn and
Freiieb huii->tts nre lllilshud on llie skirt.
hem with tiny riiehes or small Itlppiug
trills ina.li'oft bn dress -jm ills.
|,nw uueki-il linhmH, under high wnlHted
coisagcHiif dlnphniioiiH fahrles, are Hut-u at
nil fiishiiiimli!c*-!i!iitm-rrcsiirls. Tin--.Jeeves
ns ;i rule arc uidiuod, but made L'.\o��Jisivcly
Ton prmvns for the mi miner arommleof
Ih-iiiuimiI ort'poiiH of light groiiuil ssrewa
with llowers, nlrfo or llowerwl dotted kwI.-w
nuihllii, tauibotirod orgiuidle and soft uu*
itroHi-od liidin niiills.
The new mnko of crepoii ililTers from the
e-ini,l.-il linesiiltemiittHl with pl.itn stripe*,
and looks llkehhallzeil crocodilu skin in
n;.eii to tb-Hlgii, and the dyes arc moro
beautiful lmm ever.
Plain Clmmbray and Frencti cephyr
.fiesM-s for miiriiing wear hnvo Keauii ss,
hblnod [irhiceKs backs, with iron: i puiu,ed
ami IhilshwlelihL'nisaeursyletwithgui upu
nr in Biirplloe bmii with folds ciuulugfrom
tbe ehouldeiu���New York Mvoiihig Dust.
A man In California bus Invented a de
vice that will prevent khs irom eueaping
when it islihivvn out.
There are nearly twice as many news,
pnpurs printed iu the statu ofXewYurlt
uow n- ibiri- were lu IUTO,
l-'reiinh Ingenuity has < trival an tm-
provwl -.imie eiittinL- saw of rvninrkiiblu
i*..k*Ii'!ii-y��� ii oircukir wiw having Its el��u
t, i wh i lilnckdiiuu Is in the eume way
ib> tho st might bln-h-.
A in w material, called riihlmr velvet. Is
mndebv spr n liim |mmU*ml frit or any
euliirnv -1-rilib.reloili whilo the hitler is
i t and wfi Tho n-ult |o,ikH like frit
el.iih, but i-,ehi. tie, wiiier-iiiKii iualitxeu.il'
1 ixl) lltfllU
(jiijiiulu Bui-won or tha I'n-neh oavaln l��
t ii   i ni. i-i-r  whin hucalls il "lihiiiu n-
kti-pjdlig nf the animal.
mil   it  works  by  iln
tlrowing 'late palms iu tbo Interior or
Australia Is being tried with fnlr kuoc-sh,
stiint' line juiiiiit trees having been sent over
fnnii tin* S.ihmn,
That fragile and paradoxical wonder, tho
"snow plant," whleh Ih found la the Sierra
Nevmlii mountains, Ih proumiiice.1 by liot-
nulsts as probably our most rumarkabli'
Ainoin- the prodiicts which solenco has
put to valimbbi service is tin* lii-tlle, a Wet.I
which is iiuw Isiii-,' eultlvated in some
pitrtitnf Knrnjie, iis ilber proving useful fur
a variety of textile fulir-cit,
Thutlapatiewi securi iho flno poise their
flowers  hnve  when   arrniiKuil   by  -mltiiiK
tb m iii sand Instead of water. Tbe beauty
of tbo stem iH, however, lost by this or*
ruiigeinciit nnd the flowers fndo sooner.
A puidtcnt's knr Is an umh-uliible wmlxi**
sin lor.���Spwicer.
There Is no indti ol ssmntikt+et to tun at
the Toiee.-Ti-iUOrwl.
Tbo lu-HTlor mini le slow ta his ��rat4e
tnA riM-iiust iu his condiMt, -Con/ucta*.
C-   r4    ���
u      r>      'j:
I I   8.
"���    in
a  *-**   I"  2   =-*.
PJ tn
eg   U
fl     PI n
11.   i
S " c
I           ***Q^
o  *r 3
1  %&
a    ft    -
Esquimalt and Nanaimo Ry.
Steamer Join
J. 1-:. UUTLI'n,   MASTICH.
On and after Mar. 22nd, 1893
Tlie Slearn-r JOAN will sv.il as follow.
L'Al.l.lNi: AT WAV 1'OHTS na piuumiuora
mill Irolirlll In iy viler
Lonvo Victoria, Tltoailu)-, 7 a. in.
"  Niioitliil't for li.iiidx, WeilnuMliiy, T n. til
Lonvo I'liOnix loi- Nairn mo,      Krliliiya, iti.ui.
Nntiailllo for Vlotoriti   .Satiii-iUj. 7n.ni
For freight nr Htntc rnoiiis apply on
board, or attlie Coiiipunj's ticket office,
Victoria Station, Store street.
Esquimalt & Nanaimo R'y.
Time   Table   No.   17,
To toko uffect at 8.00 a. m. on Friday
Septembor 30th. 1802. Trains run
on Pacific Standard Time.
,^y = ;-   - ' - ���'J    '      '    '
'"���il-.��    ���        ..-.:,:'i:i.'"i;3"'(ii":��i ���'
���- '��� v> LU :: :=^!r^.
O a1 d
. g.-5   8S383S?l5Saii3SSiW;
T. 0*. "*. -*> ���*���."***-. 2 5 -S S ��� ���       ���*
On Saturdays and Suiui; vs
Roturn Tlokota win bo lanucil botwoon oil
polvta for a fnro and n ijuiirtor, xo��i for roturn not Inter tlmn Miinilny.
I'uiuni Tirki-i-i fm* oni-nnil a hnlf ordinary
fm-o muy bo purchased ibtily to all points,
Kood for aov'ii iiiys, Including day of tune,
No Holurn TIokotH l-nin-il for a fnro anil n
ouartor wburo tbo sin-flo faro Ih twunt-y-llvo
TUrougb 1-Hion botwoon ViotorlfeAndCoioox.
I'roBldeBt. Qtal fliyk.
II. k'. PRIOR,
Ow. Frelfbl and 1-Mawfir A��t
cc*j"'p.xz:*v*Nji.-*ir, 33,to.
he leading hotel in Comox district.
Riverside   Hotel
Courtenay BC :   (JOURTIIAY HOUSE.
J. J. Grant, Proprietor;.
The flotul is one ofthe best equipped        New and   -baudsomely furnished,
on the P.icific Const, and is situated at ] excellent hunting- and  fishing close
the inou h of the Courtenay River, be- ! , _
,.  ��� ,  ,     , - , I ">   town.   Tourists   can   depend on
tween Union and ihc 1-trye farming sci- wjhmmi
tlemcnt of Coniox, i flr��t-cla��i accommodation.   Reasona-.
Trent  aie plentiful in the river,  and ! ble   rfttes*   Bar  supplied   with   the
���irge game abounds in the neighborhood    choicest liquors and cigars
We are going to cause
The Bar connected with the hotel is
.apt well supplied   with  the best wines
and  liquors.    Sta**c  connects   with  all
Steamers,   Terms moderate
Nanaimo Cijar Factory.
Philip Gable, Proprietor.
*��� aston Street      ���    Nanaimo B. 0.
* Manufactures   the   finest   cigttrcli,
eniplinin** none but white labor.
Why purchase inferior forcij*n cigars.
when you can obtain a sui'litttOR aimi-
Li.i*. for the same money?
Nanaimo Sachise Works
M?rt I Wanta-
I'raser Street
Near Bastion Street Bridge
Nanaimo' B. G.
All Kinds of Mticliiner)' made to order
ami repaired.
Fruit Trees
Mainland Nursery        *
*      Ladners Landing B. C.
A large supply of three and four year old
Also Penis Pinnies, Prunes, and Peaches
Ornamental trees for lawns and yrass
plots. Small fruits, shrubs and evergreens of every variety.
I, E, Gilchrist,
T. C. Woods
Oomox B.   0.
Conducts a General
Teaming   and Livery Business
His Stage Runs to Union ami
Returns Thursdays, Saturdays.
ancl Sundays,
Wood & Miller
Having Added to their Own
Splendid Livery  Outfit.
of R. Grant and Co
Are Prepared to furnish  Sty-
ish  Rigsat   Reasonable Rates
Give them a call.
All persons 'riving over lhe wharf
or bridges in Otnox district finter
dial n walk, will In- pt-oseitiittit] eocord
ti;; to luw.
S. Creech
Gov. Agent.
Nanuimo   Sine  Mill
- - and   ���
Sash and Door Factory
A lliulnm, I'roii, Mill BU. I'll lloxij. TO. in
Nanaimo ll. C.
A complete. slock of Koutfh nnd  Dressed
Lumber ftltvaya on band; also Shingles,
l.aths,  Pickets,   I s,  Windows ami
Wind-. Moulding, Scroll Biiwing, 'I'lirninH
and all kinds of wood finishing furnished
Cellar,     White   I'ine,     Rcdwo.d.
All orders accompanied withCASH orompt
ly and carefully nltcndcd lo.
Steamer i;slell
Harbor and ontside towing done at reason
able rales.
G B Leighton
At tho Bay, Comox, B. 0.
Blacksmithing and Repairing
of all kinds
Carriage Work and Horseshoeing a specialty
F.  W.  Hart
Manufacturer,   Importer,   Wholesale
and  Betail Dealer    in
**3"' largest K>tah1:.'imeni ofiiskind.
2J-J4 Cardova si,        Vonouver, B. C.
R. Graham, Pi opr.
A Big Sentatioh in Nans
this season by A 20  per -
Reuuction sale which commen
ces Nov. 1st.
We have an Enormous
Stock this fall, some $40000
worth which we  must  reduce
to  $20,000.
To Speedily effect this, we have instituted this sale.    In con-
hection with the above we shall have
The Nanaimo Pharmacy
Nanaimo B. C.
W. K. Mc Canney Chemist,
i'uiv llnigs Ch'-mieuls and  Patanl
Pliysloitn, Prasotlrtlun, inul allortlora illl.l
wall e-iru inul illapatuh, l\ ll. bos IU
Ralph Craig's
t llanaimo Steam I
Dastort St. UritlgOj Nan.iiino, ll. C.
(leneral lllaeksniitliiny, Horseshoeing
Cnrr'nge IJuikllny, etc.
Wngona and Fiii-mihg Implements
made .uul repaired. Miners1 Anger l>rill-
.���inj; Machines mane in order on  short
Wm Mathewson.
will deliver daily at
and during  warm  weather twice a day
Wire Mill* from His  Ranch
And also will deliver (n his customc
daily Fresh  Eg       Butter, Vegetables.
Poultry, eic.
Fanners having above for sale  or delivery should consult him.
Passengers carried to and from Union,
��� and ���
Courtenay, R C.
(leneral Blacksmithing
and Horse Shoeing.
Loggers1 Work a Specialty.
UNIOX Bakery
Best of Bread, Cakes  and
Pies always  on hand.
The Bread Cart will  be  at
Courtenay and Comox  Tuesdays and Fridays.
Adderton &. Rowbotham, 1'rop
Stout winter foot-wear goto
Duncan Bros.
For Sale
521 Acres of Choice Land,
0 HorBQB, 100 Bhoep, and 00 Oowg
together with
2 Mowinp Machines, 1 Stool Roller
1 Be-pine Machine, 1 Seod Sowor,
1 Drill Bower, 1 Spring wagon, and
Double Wagon.
Title deeds can be soon in my possession.
Adam McKelvey
A. C. Fulton
Sandwick and Union
Has always on hand a
choice stock.
Fresh Beef,Mutton,Veal, Pork
at Lowest Prices,
where the Ladies will be abii
to procure the most START! INi
IIAKCSAINS ever offered ill the
Sloan & Scott, Nanaimo. B. C.
jQtno. Altrama of Uuioo
it> uiy Ayonr,
in your District. Any ordars you may do pleased to give him for th ) -a
pairing of Watohes, Jowelerv tfc etc , will receive prompt attention nnil
will be done iu a workmanlike manner at the lowest possible charges.
All work guaranteed to givo satisfaction, My stock of Watches. Olocl-.a,
Jewelerv. und Silver Plate will be largor tnan over this Fall and Winter.
Givo me a call when iu Nanaimo, M. E. Counter.
idiu wS if SI]
and other splendid investments.
We offer you
.    Buy of your home Agents who will be pleased to secure you
Gilchrist and  McArdle. Courtenay.
Permanent Loan and Savings Company.
(Incorporated A. D 11555)
 o o	
HEAD OFFICE-Company's Buildings,
Toronto S reet, Toronto, Canada
J, HERUEKT MASON, ��� President unci Mnnoginu  Director.
Subscribed Capital, $6,000,000; Total Assets, $12,091,772.
The Company Lends Money trom *?3oo to "=300,000,
Ort City or Knrm Property, nt Current Kates of Interest, nntl on favorable lenns of
rc-pliynioiit,   Mortgages nnd Debentures purclinsed.   No Cnnunisson.   No Delay.
ICxpenscs innileratc.   IL^'Kin particulars apply lo
MARCUS WOLFE, Real Estate, insurance
nnd l-'inancial Broker, Appraiser.    P. 1). llnx 10, Nanainio, 11. I.
l.D. McLean
Jeweler, Bookseller
and Dealer in
V      ,-   .     '/'--i.^ Organs, Pianos,Music
[iIiif:-'0%^."-;:!>^ri��-ii* Stationery,    and   No-
��i,��-.v,: -., -,-��.-j���$,���  ��� -���  a:'i Vr
^m^^mSm tlons ot a11 hnds-
Union   Mines, Li. C.
Eureka   Bottling  Works,
MAMI-'Al'-ITlircil OK
Sarsitparalla and Champagne Cider, Iron Phosphates, Syrups
I) iltlcr of DX-nnl ll-nli uf l.i;.-r HurSiuni Buranil Porter
Agcnl for Union Brewery Company.
Nanaimo and Courtenay  II.   C.
 -.   A   Full  Line of Everything  	
Grant and McGregor Props.
Anley &  Beckensell.
Dealers in All Kinds of Meats, Vegetables, etc.
Orders Filled on Short Notice.


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