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The Weekly News Nov 24, 1896

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Array NO.    211,    UNION    COMOX   DISTRICT,    B.   C,   TUESDW   NOV 24th,    1896.   $2.00   PER   ANNUM.
Choice fresh and s:i1t meats, headcheese, bolonga, sausages
audvegetables, fruitand eggs
*egs?SE5l?'?g??33!y3S5?? ?<^&��&?g?tt>&^^
A successful merchant and w�� will show you
d   man who k:ep> tho**oughly posted and   W
watches the cost of eve-y single article he   jjg^
ama Rule knim to SpMical L.r.37m.
That's the reason the women of Union use
our prices as a stand ird for what they should
pay for goo is elsewhere.
BE .AMIBTT R-Q-E ~.'3.
Tempting   Prices   at
You will find in my selection of this
fall's goods bargains never offered you
before. Fine black worsted suit
$35.00, nice nobby Scotch suits $25*00
And Overcoats From $20.00   up.
The (^ash Grocery
We take this opportunity of thanking our
customers and public generally, for their kin 1
patronage during the time we have been in
business here, and to intimate that the stock
and fixtures of the Union branch, has been
sold to H. Hamburger. All accounts due up
to and including Nov. 20th, 1896, to be pai 1
to Partridge and Rennison by Dec, ist.
Partridge and Rennison having disolved by
mutual consent, the Comox Bay store will in
future be conducted alone by Mr. Rennison.
Tho. Kirby ibot a boar Thursday.
Geo. Maodouald has roaorded a mineral
���'aim ua Texarda Inland.���Tnero was a hop
kt tha Kile Saturday aight.
There wilt be a dance to night at Mrs. H.
Griere'*j place, Grantuam.
Nt-.w fall goods At midsummer prices at
The Burdett case laid over uo il nt-x' at*
sites.���Mrs. Piero aitempted to uso her
suiipoena as a riuket oo the Oity of N .nai*
mo last Thursday I. ���a- . o yo and she
was put ofi ou Denman Island. Judge A-
"���rams had instruct***.! h>*r il she had no money to apiily 10 tho 1 ffi :ers (onn��t��ble��) here.
La-lie��, hive ynu seen those line shoes ia
N. Parks' wiudow!
Esquimau and Vanaimo By. Oo.
Until further notice steairer City of
Natwimu will leave Comix inr Victoria
.. 5 i. in. on Thursday of ench week.
Irani will leave Union at t, a. m. connecting with the steamer.
Victoria, B. C Nov 16 1896
tl. K. Prior, Gvn'l Ft St Pass. Agt
palest by Wire
Prominent Citizen Suicides.-N i-
naimo was startled atone o'clock Fri
day afternoon with the news th.tt Marcus
Wolf had committed suicide by shotting
hi in self through the head, while sitting
in his chair, in the Nanaimo Wuter works
Cos office, .there he held the position <it
secretary. He also held many other im
port a in offices, including agencies f'>r
sever.il large insurance companies. He
was high up in ihe Mason ic order ana
was an highlv trusted citizen. The cause
of suicide is owning to complication of
his affairs; and until an investigation
is made, it will not be throughly known
how things stand. Mr. Wolf was born in
California about 51 years ago; he hail
been in liritish Columbia over 35 years
having been connected .it Yah' and in
Cariboo Districts with the firm of Oppen-
hei ner tiros, ol Vancouver 10 .-.lumi he
is related. An inquest was held over his
Ladv Saturday, when the follow my
verdict was rendered: "Th.it deceased,
MarcUa Wolf, cone io Ins death ot a pis
tol shot wo md, inflicted by himself, while
laboring under a fit of temporary aberration'' No iUT.nineitients nave vet hutn
m tde for the burial, but 11 is expected
the remains will be taken to Portland,
Ore. for interment leaving here on Tuesday morning.
Fire.���A dis istrous fire occured in
the M.irket at Ant wen ku >��n a-* L.id<s
A number ol scores and houses weie
destroyed. Danube estimated at $301
Murder T.ual Held Over. Chatham, Ont.���I'ne chlG^e ol murder
against Anme Hu nesmn, who ii sui 110
hive killed illegi.ivue infaui. li dashing
its head ag diisrthe floor, is held over
till next Assizes.
Loan to C I'1. R.���There is a rumor
emir.ating from well informed circl s,
thata; the nest session o( Par'i tinent,
the Dominion Government will m;ike a
lame loan to the C.PR.Cd., in order 10
enable it to ra.��id ) complete thc Oow
Nest Pass Hallway,
Big Railway Consolidation.-The
Great Northern Railway Co. h.is purchased the Northern Pan tic .\ niuay.
Another Hold Up occurred ai Van*
couver Friday night  when a young man
was releived of $25.00 by a higl wa. ui .11.
Perhaps Lost.���Mr. Ar hur Lane
and Mr* Jas. H inter leu V c.ori 1 s ver.il
days ago for Sidney, in an open boat*
and they have not been heard of ���>ince.
HAVANNA News.��� \ railroad train
was blown up Frid iy betwi en P 1 la
Hiant and Can del aria in Pinar District.
Hold up Arrested ���Wm Cuu e
formerly longshoreman, has been anv*..*
ed on suspicion ol holding up nlizens
during the last three nights. One man
claims he can indentify the highwayman,
but as the knight of the road wore a
long mask this will be d-ffkult.
Looters to ie Attended Too ���
Friday night, R. W. Clarke was elected
chairman of the Vancouver Municipal
League organized (or the ?vowed purpose
sf clearing ihe town ol looters.
Tarte Nanaimo���Hon. Mr. Tarte
and pany will am e in Nanaimo this
afternoon (Saturday) by special train
from Victoria. A public meeiing will be
held this evening which will he address
ed by Hon. Mr. Tarte and Mr. Hour
rassa M. P. for Ottawa.
Found intoxicated���Two young men
from Nurthiieid .veru found near the cem
etery Friday night intoxicated, lloih
were as stiff .u il Ir 2 11. tt*c boys lifted
into a cutier and quickly driven home.
It appears they got a bome of whiskey
which they drank up and only -got as far
as the cemetery on their way home.
Another gone wrong���H. J. Edwards, accountant of the Hank of British
Columbia, Vancouver, was arrested at
Victoria, Friday on a capias for $160
Sworn in���Hon. Clifford Sifton has
been sworn in as Minister ol the Interior and member of ihu Privy Council.
Serious ACCiit��Nr���T. R. McManus,
postmaster ai N rtniield, met with a serious accident while driving from North-
tieldioEat Wellington When going
down a steep hill his horse kicked thro'
the dash board and broke away from the
sleigh, throwing McManus out. He was
picked up unconscious and taken to the
Hospital. He sustained a compound
fracture of the right leg, scAlp wound,
and some bruses.
McPhee & Moore
Genenal Md chants and Butchers,
UNION and COURTENAY.       ���      -      *        B.
Shipping Nov.21���Ai Nanaimo, none
At Wellingio s. s. Willi tmeue, ship Gath
erer, Glory, of the Seas, Two Bros are
here to load. The City of Everett has
sailed, and ship Oriental has been chartered to lo.al at the Bay.
Most interesting and fascinating
is iVIr. Maxwell's lecture on the
"Seven Stages in Vlatrimo y."
A Local Thanksgiving Story.
Mrs. Ilingen satin her little home in
Cumberland. Her husband hid
been killed two years before by an acci
dent in the New Vancouver mines, leaving two stalwart boys���James and John���
who were her support.
About three months previous co this
lime, James���who had arrived at hts majority, being of a roving disposition had
departed for Australia, wuh youthful
dreams of imding a fortune.'
"John/' said Mrs. Bingen, "it will he
Thanksgiving next Thursday and I can't
help tliinkng of Jamie, 1 fear 11 wiil be a
lonely time lor him among strangers."
"Yes, and this town is ��uli ol young
fellows io just his position.' responded
I oh IV
"Well, we have plenty of vegetates,
and a friend at Courtenay has pnmit-ii d
us a turkey"; I'll make same carrm pies
trom Mrs. Tho.*.. B.uk-. receipt, aud yo .
can get a sparenb irom O Linen, .i.>U
invite in some nice young (fiend of
yours���one that baches���a.id m.i> be
Provideor.e will provide for 'mv wander
ing boy"*5*
"There is rip at the door John."
In another moment Master George
Watson, who deliver*) ihe papers, comes
in and holds out a letter.
"Wiiv, where did )Ouget that?'.' enquir
ed Mrs. Buigeh.
"On! me postmaster said it had fallen
ow of ihe box, so you didn 1 get it with
your regular mail. He asked me, knowing I wa** coming -to.vn ihi-> wa>, with
the NEWS to hand it lo you."
The letter read as follows:
S.dney. N. S. W. Oct. 21, 1896.
Dear iluiher:
I write this hurriedly so
as to catch ihe ste liner.���I hi\e a Iriend
here���Jack Springer. His father's lo ks
are a nice I unity, and h 1 e asked nu- lu
dine wi ii ineiii Thanksgiving iJay.
Jack ha*, a hrother K tben who has been
living ai ihe Union 'Inns aboul six
months and is baching. Won't vou line
J ohn lo ik him up? If lu- is like his
brother, /ou all will like him.
Yuur*. rtffectip utelv,
"I'll go now and look up R �� ��ert, and
arrange with him 10 dine with ns Thursday.'' said John, antic piling hjs
mother's request,
A spirit'if thankfulness crept Into the
mother's hem and her eye**, tided with
tears of joy, while she reverently repeat-
"Behind a frowning   providence
God hides a smiling f-tce.
"Seven Stages of Matrimony."
A good opportunity for our
Bicndlors to get sjiru pointers.
Tenders will be reC-ivo.l for the purchase
of t*>�� (lathering tou far it, hjing las 107 uu
thu -tiii jial nip of Ci unx, eoutdnlug ationc
4U0 aore% more Of leaa. A'mub UO uure-i
aru und ir juhtvatlo i mel --veil fenced, with
buddings mid orotiard, ona) righu are muiua
Tiie land oau hn divul-jd iutu fourpm* uf
uli ut. lUO tCi-.'K hi cion pirt.
A itketoli ur [tUn of thu twtntH, showiiig
the proposed divUloai, oxo be stiuu at the
officio of Crnaae and ('nu*.B, ham-atom Tuiu-
plu Building, Victoria, tn whuin all appli*
aau nis inu*it hu inulud up to thi 31-jt. of
Ddoember 1S9U-
Partio* tan hiring, will state whether  for
thu wnolc 4 JO aeem or one qi 1 tyr of  land.
By order of thu ���> xuoutor<i,
Joum  McsbF.LL. Oalleotor for estate.
Union   Shipping.
The Tepic left on the 17th, with 300 tou
of 0 .al fur theC. V, U.' '
Oa tht.* 19 h, tho Miun-'ola took 260 tone
f-.r fcrinS P   R  R, at Los Au��el��.
01 the 2U%, tlio I-:aii<UT Gullud od it'a
-ay uurth and t��ok 105 tons of eoal for the
O. P. N.
On did 22 id. Riinh ��� v aud scow left with
227 tons for the 0. P. N. Oo.
Strainer Miud left on the 22ud, with 108
toiwtf e->al k\m\ 21 niianfooki for he O.
P N (.', , ,i���i Aibiou [roe VV .nn   Victo-
Oi'.lii 'i.l'l, Richard tha III left with
UOO t .11. uf eo��l,i aud 200 tnu�� ot ooke for
niu Uui.iu Ooluery C.>. Ban Fr&uuUoo,
���Steamer VS'ajhtouaw i.-; due.
We learo from three young fallow* who
ha* i' juat reiohed here a'ter au oi*jht diy��'
ro-v from Kiugo nne Inlet that thuy bwo
had the aame so-"t nf wea hor thore an here.
FiHeon q nre milei| ot good laud have hem
hurvt-yeii tnero.
It will pay you to eot.suit, Um -Naws ad>
rertiaing eolumua.
Public School entertainment Dec. 5th
a: Cumberland Half. Features; drills
mmion longs. Proceeds to provide a
Covered Way for children (" exercise in
dunng bid weather.
l  e poh e descended  upon   Paion'es*
abj       en .. h    tad captured 1$
arid conrii t.i he ., in the ' wrong box,*'
on mc lull. I ne, .'.-nl be bmughi bt*
line ihe ci i-t n ihe new coun house this
afternoon.   Charge, ^ inbling.
It luiea' Oi 1 .-j -tuu, U 1 >u, u thu baigam
A. Hill ba aaeu in oor adv*rtia<ng eol-
ui.ua. theft m of Partridge aod Renoiaoo
haa disolved. Mt. Partridge retiriug from
the bunnies* aud Mr. Reuuiaon will continue uie store at the bay. Mr. 11. Hamburger Ukea over tho s.toiii here.
Way dowu prices at lluliuca' Old Stand.
Ma. II. M.  Williama and Mre.   H.   8.
M-jK-s z-A"will leavi- for Nelam oa Thar*
d*)'a oo.il. Both Udies were the reoipi-
eu*i ol  iia.'ione prtiteutt from   Iriends.
Vlra Wniia.u-i��jufiv-;d a adrer butter diah,
aid nr.. .t .tail ..ilVi-T Bpuousj Mra, .M.'Kcfj.
aie, a silver cud' roooivet.
With uVery dollar's purobiM, ynu get a
���jue-is'at tfie-puuij-kin,* the luuky uae gete
*>-'o 00 x. rerj 'ui gooda at Sttiveoeou aud Oot.
We uliMirve hy the Free Preas that the
famil) of MrMtthuw Marshall, a^r-riuteo'
ii .it .d thuuorte works, wis delayed in Sao
b " ib ui 1 WeOh, ".i.il thit youug Mr.
-Ia h,, edgli *d everyone u theMi-.bod*
1    ���������  1   t   tik-ku bj   it   .t'g .iii ."it [ilaytng
��u    ,.   -.,,    (�����   ;    .   aSrvieea h{|   b*>   BODght
���   1 - '*)���������   .     ���  vii    ur  lnu*I   cnlortaia
Fun lo ol blaukets at Qolmes' O d Bund
A publiusoh ol en ertiiumful will ba gir*
���<n at CuiuheiUu.-i 11*11 iu th> 'tourse of
onuplu uf weeka. I'uere will b.i two drilla���
ilUUi!ibdll drill by the buya, aud a broom
drill b, the girls -an I o.her iuteresting_fea*
Ure , sueh as dialogue', uio.iou auugn, els.
Onu co.-t lot of meu's ha'.a aud an*, at
i.n.e.'Od S...d, U.iuu
Miss Ber;ram, teacher of music and
singing ha- vacancies 'or .1 few mnn- pop
pils. Miss Bertram has opened a Drawing .ui . r'aioiiu,*! 1 nl th PUDitC
School fur every Wednesday afternoon
at 4 o'clock.   Address Posl Office.
i'lui Slu.ui aud Scott bankrupt atnek going
at 50 ccnt-j uu tbe dollar, at Stevenaon aud
Coa. Union.
Mra. Piero will be takeu down to Nanai.
nut ou Taursday.
Everything being acid at way down prions
by Li laer at. dolmea' Old .Staud.
Mr. Dave Rjy came over from Texada la*
aud CiuraiUy.
See K I. MeKtm for nice boya' suita, at
Hi.lniffi' Oil Qtand, Union.
Tha cuuofcrt aud dauoe at Cu��l>erUud
H ill .f'rniay uight givuu hy and 'ur Miss
Bertram w<ih welt Attended.
S\'.ti .if bankrupt atoo!t confmenoing Bat*
iii'.ij --uoutmuui ai Holuiea' Old Stand H<
til the gnoria art dffpeetd $U ^*> V*�� ^ \^v^.*
THE    WEEKLY    NEWS   NOV.   24th.    1896.
���fry Uiihi un
Issued  Every  Tuesday
At Uni >ii, B. C.
���a   Viitnay, Publisher
U    "iJVANCE.
... ftoo
.... 18
....  O.i
��� ..�� V *.< 	
till   fer.ni.lH       	
...jl�� ',.,y .���      	
One lech per year   $l*'00
..    ..   month       ISO
���Uhlh col   purr "ir     *5tM
teunh        MOO
���flock, .. Hus         10
Local  eoll.es.-jur  lino     SO
Nonces   of   Mirths,   Marriages    and
Deaths,  50 cents each insertion.
No Ailvertisment inserted for less than
50 cents.
Persons failing lo net The News re*
guUrly sh.nilj notify the OFFICR,
Tuesday, Ml 24,1896.
Our dispatches indicste thc milk aloug
the line if the iJ.&N. Railway was pretly well watered.
Next Thursday, Nov. 36th will ke
Thanksgiving Day. In this number wa
five a portion of our spice to matter
appropriate to the day.
The News, like every oiher interest is
affected by [he troub'e in uan-p.illation
Oar mail brought us ihe shipping bill fat
news paper whicli should be here now,
Bui as tt is in Victoria or Nanaimo
are compelled io go to press on such
paper as we have. We give, however all
the loci! and telegraph news we can
TUB NUa3BHYBl73.tJr.89*..
We have cautioned people against
dealing with traveling agents, bol it
s-.-eins io do no x!,*"i- ���''* pie Mte in in*
humbugged, and in noih.ng more than
in nursery tree*, and plan*... When
agents can around iln \ behitle* ihi.se of
good standing by saying they carry n
stock and bu t .nr ir*.***, ind plants a*
they getord.rs. N<iw everyone shout-.!
know there are none in the 1-usines* .iho
do no not at times, purchase some vane-
ties of stock and carry ihem on their
own grounds in anticinanon of aiders.
We wrue this without pay or request
even, in justice to Mr. M. J. Henry of
Mount Pleas tnt, Vancouver, who we
know was cheated out of a large order
lately by the false statement that he had
no nursery, and when he gol an order, sent
away to get it tilled. Nuw we have per.
sonally visited Mr. Henry's nursery and
give the flat contradiction to the statement. His nursery does not contain a
large arm of land, bui there are over
five acres of it covered wilh fruit trees
and small plants, shrubs, etc. When it
is understood that from 10,0.10 to 13,0-00
trees can lye grawn on an acre, and at
lea*i fnui times as mmy ,ina:' fruits, nne
can form some idet ofthe m igtutude of
th;: business done by l.im. And so far
as we have learned trees and plants
obtained from linn in this section hav.
all turned oul well ind those who have
dealt 'vnh him h.ve been satisfied. We
intend to iuiiit down the disreputable
train,is who v.si this section in gull the
ii- 'vi**.. \V i:-1 in Vancouver, call on
I. I !������-*, md if convenient visit the
t\     ��� in 1   N irsery, but d m't pin vour
ih *. .ii every travelling man says.
I'l ��� ������( va is 10 led d rec ly wuh the
h ii .- iH <-. ..nd slear c ear nf agents
*"*i���< ill in a commission, as most of
'i 11 do Responsible establishments
��� I * ii-c safest m uo business with.    Mr.
.   y en ploys no ..gents.
..i ct/r.L'i i.Ncl at' 8 u'eioek
Our National tf agazine.
No citusn who desires to be well*
' informed can afford to neglect The Canadian Magasine. In the November
number Col. George T. Deuisnn writes
of Sir John Schuits and the "Canada
First'' Party in a most Interesting way,
giving "inside history" about the Kad
Kiver Expcdiii in as it was never given
before. Principal Grim icplie. 10 Gold-
win Smith in an article entitle*1. "Canada
and the Empire," and deals very effectively with our pissible political future.
This is a merry war wgich tliese two
gieat scholars aie waging. A character
sketch, "Tho Nnnh-West Mounted
Police," wiih several drawings and phi*
tographs, is a mosl readable and pleasing
contribution. Ian Maclaren continues
his analytic character studies of the
Drumtoehty ministers. S. J. Robertson
contributes a Thanksgiving Sketch, and
Colonel Duvar, of Prince Edwards Island
is responsible for a neat short story.
Altogether, the number is a verv valuable
one, and one which should give great
���atisfaction to its readers.
Thankaging Sinner.
Cream of Tomato sonp
Turkey Cranberry sanee
Potato scallop Celery
Corn Lobster salad
Pumpkin pie Wafers
Cheese Craokere
ThankagiTlng Hymn.
ByC. Kvans.
From famine, plague and sere distress
Thy levee' enfolding arm releeves,
And Thy parental tenderneaa
Shines  through   the  yellow  harvest
The sower reap, a fall reward,
Far aatnre ia abundanu. yield.;
Aaa veil we know tt is onr Lord
Who fills the plenteena harveat fields.
A, ohildren e! Thy grail in. oare
Ihjr fend rememberanoe we adere,
Aad with oar feeble praise and prayer,
Thy latere tenderness implore.
0 Thee I whe didst ereation bring,
From chamber, of eternal night,
Thy father love fer every thing
Sustains the fount ef life and light.
Angela eitel Thy name above
Whe aeek tke glories of Thy face
Aad we whe know Thy constant love
Keeeive with thanhf ulnen Tny grace.
Early Thankegivinn Daye.
The first recorded Thanksgiving was
the Hwfctaw feast of the tabernacles.
I: a fc-st national English Thanks
giiiig was on September 8th 1588, for
the Uileat ofthe Spanish Armada.
Thera hava been but two English
Thai kef iviags in this century. One was
on I- bruary 17th 1873, for the recovery
uf tin Prince of Wales from illness; the
other, June tlst 1887, for the Queen's
The New England Thanksgiving
date from 1633, when tbe Massachusetts
H .>��� aleny set apart a day for thanks.
;'���* it'/ ���
I'he first national Thanksgiving pro
1 laHiiiiioas were by Congress during the
Rev. utiaaary War.
I'm first great American Thanksgiving
Day was in 1784-Air the declaration ol
peace. There was one mure national
iiiam 'giving in 1789, and na other till
186.;, when President Lincoln issued a
latiui al proclamation for a day of thanks
giving. Since that time the President
has issued an annual proclamation.
���Journal or Education
In tl e States, however, it is customary
for the Governor to issue a proclamation
,*jSmte |the colonies were formed into
ihe D. minion the Governor-General has
issued a proclamation. This year it falls
on Ni,v. 361b, tbe same day as in the
United States.
IhankegiTinf Bong.
l.'-emin1 'long Thankagivln', with its
p ensues and its joys���
An' we're all a-loolr.10' forward te the
maetia' with the boys)
An eVe will oome from csllege, an'Jimmy won't forget,
Aa' we'll ail feel mighty thankful tbat
we're all a-ltvin' yetl
Tim  turkey's been  a-spreadln*  of   his
k there-fat an' fine,
An' 11 e "gobble, gobble, gobble'
a*i ariiT aa to dine;
Bat 11 e verdiet'e been ag'in him aa' hia
ex aatioa'eeet,
An' h. makes at feel right happy that
wt're e-livin' yetl
There', folks will eome from Texas, from
IHaoie and Maine;
Ntw Yirk will send na Billy, aa' Hemp*
mnie'll give nt Jane;
Wi 11 have a great handabakin' when all
thc friends are met,
An' won't we feel right happy that we're
all a-livin' yetl
It'e eomin' 'long-Thankgivln', with all |ts
love an' light,
It', dinners ia the daytime, ita mtlodltt
at night;
Tht turkey's fat and jeioy���the   table
silver's set,
An'   we're   feelin'   mighty heppy that
we're all a-livln' yetl
���Frank L. Stanton in Times-Herald
Supplies the valley with first cl-tss bread, pk-s, cakes, etc.
Bread delivered by Cart thrnrgh Courtenay and District every
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
Wedding Cakes made and Parties catered for.
K. 0  LUCAS, Proprietor
FOR RENT.���A neat cottage with all
neoenary out buildings and live or ten
acrea ol good land. Apply to S. F. Crawford, Sandwick, B. C.
\17 ANTED���A good canvasser. Enquire
* * at "News Oitii'e.
IC OR SALE���The content, and furniture
���*��� of a amall hnusu. All new. Apply at
"Niws Onion."
POR SALE, RANCH-One mile ami a
**-  half from Union,  ountaiiis Mil   acre.
and will be disposed ot at a low ilgnie.   K**
quire uf Jamkj Aiikauh.
*** House on Penrith Avt-uuu, oiiutaluiug
fifteen rooms���Kiaiiien, l'uutr>, liathromu,
Wash-house, etc.   Apply on tlie prion***;*..
C OR SALE-Cli'ared corner lot on Pen.
**��� nth Avenue, aoil chtap, terms easy.
Enquire at "Nkws Oki'Icr."
NOTICE is hereby given that a Court
of Assessment and Appeal under lhe
"Assessment Act," and .1 sitimg of lhe
County Coun ol Nanaimo mil be beld in
the Court House, Coniox, on lhe loth
day of December, 18911, at the hour of
eleven a. in.
(By order.)       W. li. Anderson,
Comox, B. C. I Gov't AGENT,
Oct. 311,1896. J
Society     Cards
I.   O.   O.   F.
Union Ledge, No. II, meets e cry
Friday night at S o'clock. Visiiing brethren cordially invited te attend.
A. Lindsay, R. S.
Cumberland Lodge,
A. F. & A. M, B. C, R.
Union, B.C.
Lodge meets fast   Saturday   in   e.icli
month.   Visiting brethren are cordially
invited to attend.
Jambs McKIM, Sec.
Hiram Lodge No 14 A.F .St A.M..B.C.R
Courtenay B. C.
Lodge meets on evety Saturday on or
belore the full ,f the moon
Visiting Uro.hers   cordially requested
to attend.
R. S. McConnell,
Cumberland Encampment.
No. 6,  I. 0, 0. F.,   Union-/
Meets every ,-them ue   Wednesdays ol
each month at o* o'clock p. 111.    Visiting
Brethren cordially invited to nttend.
C. WHYTE, Scribe.
Any person or persons destroying nr
withholding the kegs antl barrels uf the
Union Brewery Company Lid of Nanai
mo, will be prosecuted. A libera! reward
will be paid for information leading to
W. E. Norris, Sec'y
8. OP T.
Unien Division No. 7. Sour, nf Temperance meets in Free Mason's Hall,
Union every Monday evening ai 7:30.
Visiting friends cordially invited to
Kev. G. R. Maxwell will lecture at
Piket's Hall on Thursday night Nov.
>6th, at 8 o'clock, subject of lecture: "Tne
seven stages of Matrimony."
Kake Thanksgiving a Joyous Day
Thaak-gtng, aolikt Christmas, is not
especially the ehildrtn't day. It it a timt
for tht reunion ef families, In whioh, of
tonne, Ihe children art included, but they
no not oconpy the ohief plaee, aa at their
own festival. Bnt we all desire to make
tke special holidays bright spot, in the lives
ef children. The peculiar features of each
should be emphaaiaed ao that they eome
aroaud In after yeara thay will bring with
them something of the old ohildish joyous-
net., whioh ne lapee of time ean wholly
deprive them of if they hava been surcharged with il in early life.���Ladiea Home
St. Oionoa's Puksbytkrux  Chukch���
Rev. J. A. Logan, pastor.   Service, at 11 a.
m. and 7 p.m.     Sunday  School  at2:*li>.
T.P.S.C'.E. at close  of  evening  service.
MsTuoDisr Church���   Service,  at the
usual hours morning aad evening.   Rev. W.
Hick., pastor.
Trikiti Church���Services is the evening,   Rev. J. X. Willemar, rector.
NOTICE���I her 1 ly mv ��� untliu that I in
tend to apply to Iiu It mrd o(*>Liutinoiiig
Court for Nolson District ut it. next sitting
for alioeaoe to sell 'pirituoiw and lertm-nt-,il
liquor, by retail u m 1 the promises, nn lot
Two (2) block eigh |SI on Dun.muir avea
ne in the town of Jutnlt-arlii. 1, N�� linn Di.
trict. F-rit.i.Hmi Caiiiiuios.
Union, B. C. Nor. 3rd 189*3.
Mveiside Hotels
Courtenay, E. C.
Giant & Mui Julian, Props
Esquimalt and Nanaimo Ry.
Steamer City oj
Ibe  Stoamer CITY of NANAIMO
will mil aa follows
CALI.1N0AT WAY I'OllTfl as IwamngerB
and freight may oflVr
Loa.0 Victoria, Tuesday, 7 n. in.
" Nanaimo for Comox, tVodiiutdny, 7 a. 111
Leave Cumox for Ntma'.uto,      Fridays, 7 a.m.
Nanaimo for Viotoria   Saturday. 7 ft.w
For freight or slate rooms apply on
board, or at the Company's ticket oflice,
Victoria Station, Store street
Drs  Lawrence & Westwood.
Physicians and Surgeons.
"effe havo appointed Ma*. Jturus  Abrams our collector until  mri.nnr notice, to whom all  overdue   accounts
���"ay bu paid.
7 Nox. 1895.
Surgeon and Physician
(Graduate of the University of Toronto,
L. C, P. St S., Oiit.)
Otr.es and pesklenae. Mapyport
ave , next door to Mr. A cram's
Best of Liquor;
Finest of UgHi
Good Table .
Courteous Attention
The Famous
SH tt M Si. Jiimos i-i.
0 tfttifl
Hon ps for consultation- 9 to lo a m,
2 to 4 andtv to iO p m.
��S��Mdrer8i.ni|.lcB.   1'rainpi tellvm.   t,,
leul III Ktllituuleed.
i^analmQ Saw Mil
-AN D-
Sasli and Door
A. 'HASLAM, Prop
��� (I*. 0. Drawer 30.  Telephone t't-ll, 101
E3r A complete stock of Rough and
Dressed Lumber always on  hand.   rtl*i.
Shingles, laths, Pickets, Doors, tt in
dows and Blinds.    Moulding, Scroll
Sawing, Tinning, and nil  kinds
nf wood liuisl it..: furnished.
Cedar.  Whii�� Pins.   Redwood,
*?!      S*
Watches, clocks and jeweller)
kkati.y i;i:r.'.iiu:i)"
Tin, sheeiiron, and copper work
Bicycles Repaikeo
Guns and rifles, repain d
Plumbing in all its branches,
Pumps, sinks and piping,
Electric bells placed,
Speaking tubes placed
Hot air furnaces,
Folding bath and improved
Air-tight stoves, specialties
Office and Works   ���&%��Si: """r
���ij F. Curran ��
iiiKi  ��� :*?: k
SJt,mfP<j a 11. ht\-
.. UU 100 (U. u   .*. til ft
I u^iihing aru! gent ral
Sheetiron work
promptly cer f
I UNION, B. C. ���*
^3> Sgi^tf.y^-tfy.ivyy^gtfy^i yz��i
Hcai Rev. G. R. Maxwell at St.
George Church on I hursday evening
at eight o'clock.
NOTICE ���I hereby give netice, tbat I Intend to apply to the .1 i-,rd uf Li*.iiD��iug
Court for Nelson Distr* ��� at its next setting, for a license to e-il -|.iriin��us and fer*
mented liquors by retvl - i.'.n tlio urrrniM*.,
known aa the New Ena-nl re.uurant, lor.
three, block three, Dn is .mir avenun, in tbe
town of Cumberland, Nelson diatriot
tt*U    fiiSiHOW.
Unien B. 0. Nov. 3rd. 1896.
School and office stationery
at E. Pimbury & Co' drugs
*)2.00 PER ANNUM.    '
Fok sale on Dunsmuir ave;
consisting of lots 4 and 5 in
block 15,. lots 7 and 8 in block
16, lots ,-?, 4 and 5 in block 10,
and other lots in Cumberland
Townsite. Bargains,
James Abrams.
���WAgout for tho
Celebrated Gurney
Souvenir Stovt j, ai c*.
��� Ranges	
STanutncturer of tho
New Air-tight heaters
H, J, Theobald,
sb ana Ujj Fi 1
Paper-Hanging, Kaltcnnii.. t
and Decorating.
All orders Promptly Attended lo
Union, B. C
Mrs. O'Dell is prepared to undertake
engagements during the Winter Se.isor
for concerts, dances, e'c, Mrs, O'Dell
contemplates opening n cluss at Courtenay for adults consisting of singing and
thorough musical training, a'so a class
for children comprising music-il training,
drill, antl exercises. For further particulars see bills at Courlcnav. Address
Mrs. O'Dell, Comox Bay.
I rjtrx prepared its       '
furnish Stylish Rigs
and do Teaming
At reasonable rates.
D. Kilpatrick,
Union, B. C. v
8  -vsss^asji��������� THE    WHE
34th.    rS^*
It is given out this tlie a-jhool question
hu beeu tettled, but terms are uot announced. ,R. form* bave beeu commenced ai> Goo*
���tutino^te���-Tu Aiul ail Engird paiiUn*
ai interne v a waa levluijf budiuusj uiea and
bankeri, who express a belief in aa extea-
���ive revival uf buisuesn ia tiie near future.
....Tbe B.-itwh Nortn Paoifia deet h to be
���trengtbened The Lite storm exceuded
���11 along  the one U)ii.   \lr    Tirte
���pane tares d*iy�� ius*j jjh \_\ Gbe F.-iz.t River. He Wtw tiatUii'et a biti-quas ia Vauo-iu-
ver aad Viotuiia [tin uatleretood Justice MoUreijjht .vill retire from tbe b.uioli
at ��n early date I. A. Form of Ross-
land haa been appointed a judge of tbe
County Court for tbe district of Kootenay,
 Ia au interview tbe German   E-oper-
or dejUres whilo President Kramer asked
auidtaaoe from tienuiiy  ia ehe Januoa
raid it wai   refused Tho   Venezuela
bound iry q-imttun is to lie submitted iu arbitration. The Chief Justice cf the United
S.ates is to appoint two arbitrator* aud sha
Lird Ohief Ju-jttcj of IC i_\\\\x 1 it to apy uut
two, aad the king of Norway and Sweden is
tobe umpire lion,  David Mills aad
Mr. G. A. Cox have boon  appointed Soua-
torj Wm.   Moresby,   Warden   of  tho
piaitentiary at New  Westminster, is dead.
 i..A  large and enthusiastic railway
meeting was held iu Nanaimo last week to
promote the building of a narrow gunge rail
way from Alberni to Nanaimo Mayer Beaveu and Charles K. R-uUern are candidates for the mayoralty of Viotoria	
Ab injunction was applied for on the 13rh
at Viotoria by inteated persons to restrain
John A. Carthow and Wm. Mathewson
from actiug ae trustees of the C*rlilse Packing and Canniog Co Tbe sealing arbitration siteiag at Victoria waa delayed by
the uon* arrival of the Canadian Commie*
g^Ther^is Nothing
ii it is Weil Put T;
So here it is : :
Siiio'le Harness at $lo, $12, $ir, per set
and up.���Sweat Pads at 50cents.
���Vuiu-, al 10, 2;, 50 and a goud   Raw
nide tor 75 rents, and a Whale Hone
ai M and .i;i 10 $2.
i n.ue the largest .Stock ol  WHIPS in
town and also ihe
3est Axle Grease at o BOsES
 For rwjiity-i*''lve Cent3	
ri-jnks at P.ires to Suit
the Times.
Hear the well known  preacher and  politician Thursday night at St. George.
The Cantala ''Under the Palms,' by
Mr. Geo. F. Root, will be rendered in the
Methodist Church, on the 271I1 inst, by a
choir of ahout fort> vuices. Tne work is
intended to represent lhe return of the
lews from captivity in Babylon, during
the reign of Cyrus; ihe repose of the pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem by
Ahava River; and tlie triumphant cele
bralion uf ihe Feast of the Tabernacle
after their return.
The music is by no means difficult, but
is of a very pleasing character, and the
chief characters are Mcriam, Zillih,
Jeshun, Ezra. These will be represented
by Mrs. Evan Parker���soprano; Mrs.
T. Banks���alto; Rev. Jas. Hicks���tenor;
Mr. Gideon Hicks-���bass. In order, as
far as possible to carry out the design of
the author the platform will ba decorated
with tenis, tlo .vers, evergreens and
palm trees, and the performers will
appear in uniform dress���the ladies 111
white and the gentlemen in black.
Admission 50 cents. Commencing at
8 o'clock.
���inn I min    i      fMsvrtit and
itoJJ liiliJlj }     Mi.uiA' LW.NB
Wesley Willird
Notary Public.
Agent for the Alliance Fire
Insurance Company of Lon
don and the Phoenix of
Agent for the Provincial
auitdtngand Loan Association of Toronto	
Union, B C.
Not One Man in
One Hu.idred
So invest, his money that it yields, iu
twenty years, anytnitiu like tbe prutit
aff >rded by a policy of Lit*- lusurance.
HISTORY I Tne j-ercentage of individuals
PfiOVJ**.S   ,* who .ueceed in businesa
THIS ') is small ���
No old-line mutual life insurance oump.ny
haa ever failed.
__-''r        Novelties
A Fashionable Trimmer
(1.. e >il si 1 ofc S.--U'*-)
1.. nun Uft   *.t.. s* ,   i'.u** Ueuaiiniiu in
 Ten Cents a Dayd
Will liny f���r a uiau 35 yearn ut age  a
$1,000 20-Payment Life Policy, oue
ot the best furuis of insurance written
in the
Union Mutual Life
Insurance Company
Of Portland, Maine
A Suund, 8��f��, AM) Managed, I imcorfor
Ituliable Substantial tniititttMoii -j     atbd
WhlOfl MBVKU STANDS (      1848
J. E. EVANS, Provincial Manager.
r.o. uox 693 Vancouver, B. C.
Por farther information call on
With James Abrams.
Puntiedge Bottling Works.
DAVID JONES, Proprietor,
         MANUFACTURER OF        	
Baraaparalla, Champagne Cider, Iron Phosphates aad Syrups.
Bottler ol Different Brands of   Lager Beer,  bteam Beer and toner
Agent for tho Union Brewery C mpany.
m The Oval Uotigb Kyrup.
3Tastee Good. Isu Id limo.
as-old by Dmtgtotg.
I pmnme we bave nsed over
one hundred bottles of Piso's
__ Cure for Consumption in my
family, and I ara continually advising othen
to get it.   Undoubtedly it is the
A choice    election  of Flowers,
Jet Ornaments a .cl Ribbons
Just Received.
The young people uf.it. George who
have tlieir Lecture Course ni liaml .ire to
be congratulated on their successful
effort in securing tlie Kev. (',. K. Maxwell M. I', lo deliver ihc opening lecture.
There is no more pooul.ir man to-day
in Vancouver than he, whether it be as
preacher, lecturer or politician, and wc
are sure that every person in Union who
hears his lecture will be delighted. Wc
trusl that a full house will meei him on
his first appearance in Union. Thc lecture will take place at the Church Thursday evening Nov. 261I1. Single tickets
25c; Single course tickets $1.00
Provincial Secretary's Office.
October 31th, 1896.
His HONOUR the Lieuienunt Governor
has been pL-.i-eu to appoint Waller Bir
me Anderson, Esquire, Government
Agent at Comox, to be a Deputy of the
Registrar of the County Court of Nanaimo.
The time for subscription to the stock
of the Cumberland and Union Waler*
works Co. Ltd., has been extended until November 30th, 1896.
For particulars apply to
Frank li. Smith, Sec'v.
Oct. 31st, 1896.
All parties indebted to the undersigned
are requested to make settlement before
the 1st day of December 1896, as all
accounts unsettled afier thai date will
be placed in the hands of my solicitor
for collection.
Union, B. C.  I James McKim.
Nov. 1018961 Jioan
The best thing this season���-"Home
and Happy Homes, -by G. R. Maxwell
This Inn, located about ihree miles out
IVoin Union on the Cou'teuay Road
s no v open for business A gour1
1 u* -vill hs k ;pt, and lhe c nnfori ol '.he
��� ic-its -..ir-fully att'iiie.l ia. Give lis a
Cumberland Hotel
Union, B. C.
The finest hotel building
Fixtures and Bar
North of Victoria,
And the best kept house.
Spacious Billiard Room
and new
Billiard arid Pool Tables
Best of Wines and Liquors.
I ever used.���"W. C. Miltbnbbbqer, Clarion, Pa.,
Dec. 29,1894. 1 sell Piso's Cure for Consump-
tion, and never have any com-.
Skints.���E. Bhorey, Postmaster,'
horey, Kansas, Dec. 21st, 1894.
H. A. Simpson
Barrister ic solicitor. No's 2*4
Commercial Street.
2/JA.2XJA.IX&0,    3.   C.
J. A. Ca-thew
���D'lTIOJ'T, s. o.
G     TO
Your Job Printing.
Good Work
gW.S  DALBY. DP S & L P.Sjj
ijj   Dent l3try In all Its Branahe3
,V     P'**-.* work, tilli.-ii ami I'x-lraotina
���S OSfi.- ouii.'.i-.. Wa��.fly H..t.*l, Uuim
'Jl     H'.uri*���9 i in  r< 5 i*.in  and from
LGu.m tr 8 n.ill.
Reasonable Prices.
Contracts and Day Work
I  have m ive.l in'o mv ne*. shoo on S    Adtlres-i��� Malsukaiya, J ip.mese
���Au Aet to  Prevent   Certain   Ani-
lila from Sunning at Large���1896"
St ick owners are herebv notified to
.-iciii a I Swine, Siailions nf one vear old
in I ui.vud-i. and Bulls over nine moiuhs
J, under pnip'-r enclosure, as all ant*
i il.* it Ate: .t: descriptf ins, lnunti running
ii irge will be dealt with under the pro-
: i ins nf the Act tcfeired to
umox, II. C. VV. U. Anderson,
June 7th, 1896. Gov't Aoknt.
I have an unlimited supply
if money for loans on the security of farming property at
ow rates of interest. Loans
put through expeditiously,
Mortgages purchased. Insurance effected.
Nanaimo, B. C
P. 0* Drawer 17
D mimuir Avenue, where I am  prepared m Burning. House, next Brick yard,
In nvinufaclurn nilrcp*;    ill  ki d.  o'   )-srj ys,y,s,/..r.,,ro^^:./T��y^Jzy,:yg-gyy);
men's w,"nen'-,ajuicliildi*e'i'i-hic-i.        |	
Give me a call.
Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public
Office:-First    Btreet, Union, B. 0.
Florist, Seedsman and
Landscape Gardener
Seeds, Ornamental Trees and
Shrubs always.
Alio  bulba  in  variety,   including,
Hyaciathe,  Narciaeus, Fuchiaa,
Tulips and Lllliei.
Comox,   -  - B. c.
We lhe uaderii^ned hereby authnrizr
John Bruce to collect all accounts due the
estate of Robert Graham.
R. C.rantl
H. Hamburger \ Trustees.
Barber Shop   : :
- AND 3
: ;    Bathing
We do all kinds of
Job Printing, anything
from a Dodger to the
neatest business Card
or Circular.
Subscribe fer Th* News Ji.oc per
O. H. Fechner,
SUBSCRIBE TO  The News Jj.oo
Olflce Room i. McPhoe & Moore B'ld'f and at
r. 0. DIUWBR   II.
Clocks, watches, books
and stationery.
T. D. McLean
��� JEWELER:���
���J���O", B. c.
Corner of Baation and Commerelal
Streets, Nauaimo, B. C.
Baiacu Ornce, Third Street ind Dnnmaie
Avenue, B. C.
Will he in l'nion the 3rd Wi doaadajr el
each month aad remain teu daya.
Nanaimo Cigar Factory
Phillip Gable and Co., Prop's
Baation Street    ���    Nanuimo B. t
Manufactures the finest cigars and
employes none but white labor.
Why purchase inferior foreign cigars
when you can obtain a scrKRKrR ami
CLE foi the same money
�� *. -v
A. McBnin & CV,   Real Estate
Brokers, Nanaimo, B.C.
&��U�� '���Wkfopt-If- H-lv ' OMS nd
O-n yon t��ll a C"W e k ��-"heii y *u set      t
Mr -Addartou the biker ha* gun. n>N'* ���
ReiMunbw t '��� great Bale at I, ittt'h.
Orrin B��r!wr w is a pa iseuger tu N>   i '
C V.�� Utfuifii left uu Tli uml ay inorui ,
for KasaiuiA.
Mining S'-��m:s at Leiser's for $i a p ir
Wu rv��r<*t -o Ic.ni Im: Mi. Julm J li
Milli-r in Mriutuly ill.
Boys'clothing for$i ;u Leiser's.
Thi- u'lir of ths eveumg Friday night wu
preaeuted witb a ituguiHjeiit b uquet,
J. -iJit**.' Iw ���_ and Ai ��� t coat. Irum fl au<
up ai Su-veusiiu an I cm pa y'a
Tbe Cantata���40 voice*.���on Fnday
night.    Children under 14 halt puce.
Girls' School Ballon Boots for 90 cts
at Leive ,s
Mra LV.-unnn, sister of Mra W, T.
VVenburi, oame up last boat frum N.n,.iiiin.
Ruomvfld at Willarda, aflue line uf bug*
a   ��� iiip.-., rHhgttigor from 15 to 25 ..cuts.
T-.e S. S Oity nf Nanai mu made a hpeci-
a '.np <<ti Mutida> hriugui^ a Inul of powder
Sa ��� milli ery at S'ev -������ ton & I 'u'a
The minstrel ir uipe hit* n'ttained some
very fine music .md is diligently practicing
New Jaokets and water proafs for ladies'
at Stt'VCh-suu and uoinpaiiv's,
Mr. P. Dunne to-ak the City nf Nanaimo
fur Ntiuiuvt, V-uiuouver eto., Thuruday.
Men's new style in Hiird and Soft
H.hs at Lfctse '-.
1.   Nkws    (*���     m u ei'l,
All. L 1'. K KAtelU Ifl -1 mIh- W.Mne-
dty nignt wito hts wife and o'uld frum
Hamlmrgdr ia still Helling T & R plug at
The law firm of Simpson and Simpson hati
baeo diaaolvcd, H. A, Blutpsou carried un the
Oooda going -ff liko hot cades, Holmes'
Old S'ai.ri.
T.D Mt Lean haa moved hlii jt-wtlty cs*
tftliHahmeut into bia building opposite the
NEWH    thi--.
Coal On *1 56 per tin a: h 1* i'.*,
Mi��c N<irh ia arranging to giye up hurt*
nvca ant hur ue v ��tmda jilot w-.-'V.-.i wi 1 b.>
tulti rrgaidlttb of vott
Boys School Books 75a .a Leiser's
A big uolt visited John Gri ve's place
a fe* days ago ��nd helped himself to a
choice piece of mutton.
New and stylUh millinery juat arrived at
Misa Hub's
fi. R. Maxwell M. P. of Vancouver,
will lecture Thursday evening on lhe
"Seven Stages of Matrimony,'
New dress goods just arrived at Leiser's
. John Pe.icey J. 1*. of Campbell River
has removed to the Bay where he will
follow his trade as a brick mason.
Cill at Mol'het! and Miorea'Hnd buy jour
'   Xtnw oai.die-,  aa ihey are hating a ve y
choioe auortmeut direot from the uuuufiut*
-Leiser atlU lard at 11 eta. per pound,
SamatimM a bid *.urt en U -vail, aa I of.
ten s'sigha do tip, Hut we hope the couple
of young folks enjoyed the sleigh ride after
lho af ill.
Bay yonr sugtr at Ldaer's 13.26 per ow
Wool pillows $1.01 psr oiir; d iub!e
bed spring mattresbes $4.00 each, and
small heaters wiih pipe, each $2.00 at
Mrs. Lindsays.
The clearance salt at Lei sen is now on.
Look at their bury ain counter.
MePie-i i'id VioiiM hive jmi reuelved
from 1 lia V F Dduy Co. of Htmilioti, a
large uoiiMi^uui'int uf their cttl'-hrated epicea
���ssenoss, and ex tram ta for thu Xma* trade,
It doos not matter what prioaa yot mm
advertised, Von can buy new dry goods,
olothing. bunts aboee and groceries, oheaftsr
than anywhiiie also in the city at Hamburger's.
f 1 Tuu.sday evening.    Fl
Hour is still advancitg in
price. S< e your fl< ur I esrs iht
nand of Lake of ihe Wet cs.
-���ome merchants w ill try ancl
ell cheap brands as being just
is good: but they are not so.
Like the pudding the eating
if the bread is the proof thereof. To save disappointment
and loss, see that you get Lake
*>f h: Woods, $6.00 per bbl at
'.he Union Store.
fHV ENb0
���y-^zyfyJScyz e&i ��efe��S��'-
FRIDAY NI3HT at 8 o'clock
GO'MP   Nr"
Brand Buessing Goatest.
Givcjn Free to the near
est guess to the number of seeds in the
Pumpkin in our Window.
This is how we Advertise,
If you want Dry Goods, Mill-
inery, Mantles. Dress Goods,
Men's and Boys' Clothing, we
have them at Bedrock prices.
We lead, those who follow
must come behind.
8T1YH80I & CO,
d. F. DOYLE, Manager
Mount Pleasant    Vancouver B. C.
When liltle Bo Peep hnd lost her sheep
She nocJn t have heen surprised
Had the sheep   come back  wilh  lheir
tails intact
If she   hud  only adver.ised"
Take F.. Pimbury & Co's
Balsamic Elixir for coughs
and colds.
Send for C.iiiil-yue before placing your
onjeis for Fall Planting, if you ore interested in saving money for yourself and
getting guud stock of lirsl hands.
Most complete stock of Fiuit and
Ornamental Trees, Si rubs, Koscs, Eic,
in ihc Province.
Thousands nf small Fruit Tlants and
Vines of leading varieties, suitable for
Ihis Climate.
Thousands of Bulbs now on the way
here from China, Japan and Holland for
lhe Fall Trade.
Fertilizers, Agricultural Implements,
Spray I'umps, Etc., best to be had.
Nn Agenis. List tells )on all nbout it.
Eastern Prices or Less.
Greenhouse, nursery and Apiery
604 Westminster Hoad.
NOTICE is hereby give that application will be made 10 lhe Legislative Assembly of the Province of liriiish
Columbia, ai ils next session, for ao Act
to confirm lhe incorporation and powers
of the Cumberland and Union Waterworks Company, Limited Liability, con
firming lhe said Company In the pro-
pert*, privileges, rights and easements
already acquired and authorizing the
grant in fee to the Company of such
lands and lands covered with water
as it may hereafter desire 10 acquire upon
suph terms tis may seem just, declaring
lhat the water privileges ami all other
rights privileges and easements now held
by the Company or hereafter ncqti rei b;.
it may be held andenjniedas   : 1 uiten
anl i" the whole or any pan Ol iln* Com
pain's property  as llii   t * tnp.in;    may
desiie and   to  extend   i|u    rights  and
priviugs  ofthe   said Company.     The
water    is    to    lie     obtained      fiom
Hamilton Creek and iis tributaries and
from Hamilton Lake near the Townsite
ot Cumberland and frum olher lakes and
streams   within a radius of five miles
from lhe centre ot the said Townsite of
Dated ihis 22nd day nf October 1896.
2117 313 L. P. Eckstein,
Solicitor lor the applicants
hpiiLait & Nanaimo By.
Time  Table  No.   27,
Ta lake .tl'iiit at 8 a.m.  on Minna*.   Kov.
Sud, ISilti     i'nons run ua PbCtlic
Stuiiiiuid time.
I Dally. ISal'dy
l.v. Viet miu foi Nunuiiiio and I a. m. 1 t* M.
\> ullinttloii  |   8.C0  I   3.20
Ar. Niiii.uiiiii     |   11.40 |   C 38
Ar. Wi'llltiKlun  I   lillll |   S.M
"  1   ml I'll
I Dally,  .sm'iijr.
I.v. Wei hinton for Victor In  I   1.21)   I   3..10
l.v Nuiiii mo fur Victoria. .      810   I   3,��
Ai*. Violurin  I  12.20 1    i 00
For rates nnd Information npp'y at o m
puny'- ufflcos,
President. (lin'l 8��|tt
Oen. Frelirlit und PuKBenscr Aat
Subscribe for   THE
$2.00 per annum.
AtPiivate Sal*.
Tho following ia for ealc. Persons inter*
evted can inspect ami purchase hy ..ailing at
th-Lin'Isai   Haunt.
On* IwdriMiin .*i-t, blankets, comforters
���iiiglft ahi-ctl te. aix iliiil'l'' hnx pprin-* m.il-
tr��nMw., three hi-atem, oliainhi-r hete. chairu,
window blinds curtain p-.ilea and Hxturea,
c-arpola. oil oloth, stair carpet, rubber dour
mata, two arm chaira,, htt racks, nmhrel-
la atanda, malting, child's cot wuh mattress
preserve bottles, lamps, ate.
i^a��aB^e^iB@8t��B^flla��a8��a^^a&a^��^#s ^:-:
fl|I If
i** S   1   Ki,"***  I  Cl
fj It i S �� *";;'���",��� ��� ?',
M> llJ-.ii.-I.Il IA
��'/ SLfJGGf / / S . t's_/* tLVJ-J-."/ j
And all the children will want presents, and so will their eldc rs.
ow io get Ihem?
re fo get them?
������. ���"���Jis-.ac f'*"^
From the issue of this circular, at
nvone purcnasins: (
!ry -goods, hoots and shoes,
clothing and gent's furnishings, can obtain a ticket, which, when all the amounts
are punched, is worth Gne Dollar to the purchaser. Save the tickets, and
hnng them to the store, hot later than December 24th, when you can get thc
value of your tickets in fancy goods and toys.
This is a grand opportunity to obtain your Christmas presents without additional cost, in lact free of all cost
All you have to do is���to save your tickets, and bring them to the store, as
stated above. There is no additional cost, no frame to pay for, and no express
Next month we shall show a splendid assortment of fancy goods, both useful
and ornamental; also a display of toys, that will make the children jump for joy,
and long tor the visit of Santa Claus. *.
Remember, that the Union Department Store, is the only store in the district, where you can obtain an assortment of goods, equal to any city on the
coast, at the lowest prices.
Special Notice;
20 per cent, off all Men's Olothing, Boys' Clothing, Boys' Overcoats, Men's Overcoats
Men's Pants, For one Month only.
Buy Your Groceries at the Union Store.
Wine, Spirits and Beer,--Mesak      Agents for Victoria Ptenix
Sijnop Leisef


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