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The Weekly News Sep 29, 1896

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Array NO.    203.   UNION   COMOX   DISTRICT,    B.   C.   TUESDAY   SEPT. 29th,    1896.   $2.00   PER   ANNUM.
Choice fresh and salt meats, headcheese, bolonga, sausages
and vegetables, fruitand eggs
��how Us
A successful merchant and we will show you    ML
a   man who keeps thoroughly posted and   ''"'
watches the cost of every single article he
Fame Rule Applies to Economical Housekeepers, f
That's the reason the women of Union use gi
our prices as a standard for what they should ���
pay for goods elsewhere.
Should be taken to '
The Ideal Cash Grocery
ITonr Attention
Is respectfully cnlled to the fact that we are now located
at Stevenson's old stand, opposite Lively Stable, in the
Vendome Building. The rapid growth of our trade has
rendered this move into larger premises a very necessary step
We ShaRI Now
Be ablri to carry a more complete stock of staple and fancy Groceries, Flour and Feed, etc., etc By this boat a
large consignment of the oelebratod G. XL Chocolates, Caramels, Prize Packages, Bon Bona and Mixed Candy.
Choice dairy and creamery Buttor Mt 25 and 30 cents per
pound.   Fresh Fruit, etc, etc
Partridge and Rennison.
cu'mberland&union water-works
The STOOK BOOKS of this Company will
be open for subscription until the 31st, day of
October, prox. inclusive.
For particulars apply to���
FRANK B. SMITH, Secretary.
TJnton, 78. 0. 84th, September 1896;  	
Th* Swamp Bridge.
The bridge across the swamp on the
Comox road, should be put in repair
forthwith.. Manv complaints are heard
as to the long continued neglect of this
matter. Perhaps, when some man's
beast has breken a limb, or suffered other
injury, the case will receive attention.
We know that there are so many repairs
to be attended to that in the multitude or
his duties tbe road official may have
overlooked this'one.
Buy yout sugar at Leiser's $5.25 per cw
A. Litubay jr. nnw at Steveston was. shot
st by a drunken Jap last week. It appears
the Jap waa noisy ami was ordered out of the
store, when lie went off and returned with a
gun which ho discharged at our young friend
fortunately misting him. Before the conata
ble appeared oo tho toene, tho Jap was
aiuufigled off to the otho Bide Iiy liia friends.
Mrs. Reid begs tn acknowledge the re-
ceipt ofa large box ol vegetables from
Mr. Hugh Grant, Comox, and magazines
and papers from Mr. Bollock.
latest by Wire
Fall Assizk.���The Nanaimo Fall
Assizes will open on Nov. 24th.
Nanaimo Smiting.���'Iheships Cam-
busdon and Elwcll are loading.
Wellington Shipping.���Str. Progressist is loading, ship Oriental is due,
and str. Wellington has left San Francis*
co for Departure Bay.
Chinese Tax.���A petition is being
circulated in Nanaimo and being largely
signed, to raise at once the tax on
Chinese immigrants, and to extend the
naturalization period for the Japs.'
Cakrving The Mail.���The City of
Nanaimo is carrying the mail between
Nanaimo and Vancouver unlil the S. S
Co. can make arrangements for a suitable
Burglars.���Devlin and Scott's dry
goods store, Vancouver, was entered by
burglars Friday night.
The New Judgeship���It is reported
that Joseph Martin, the defeated*Liberal
for Winnipeg, in the recent election, is to
be appoinied to the vacant British
Columbia judgeship.
TAX SALE.���The Provincial Government is going to have a tax sale. There
is a long list of arrearages.
Road Work.���There are 16 men
working on the new road between Alberni and the new townsite.
Work At Point Atkinson.���The
Government str. Qudra has been engaged
for the past few days overhauling and
renewing buoys at this place.
Chittagong.���The Chittagong which
went ashore in the fog, floated off on
Thursday, leaking somewhat in one of
her forward water tight compartments.
New Mining Discovery.���Phillip
Nile of Nanaimo has discovered a valuable vien of silver ancl galena ore at
Departure Bay.
Trade Returns.���The Dominion
tr.ide returns for the past month are very
satisfactory. The exports show a gratifying increase for last two months tolal
amount $1.139765; imports same period
show ar. increase of $1,770,993; and lhe"
duty collected an increase of $71,000.
Dominion Government Estimate.
Over $1 000.000 goes to Militia for
new arms and equipments. For Vancouver Island. Improvement ol Nanaimo
harbor, south channel, $10,000; alternate
line connecting Cape llcale and Car-
mahah with' Victoria by, extending
the French Creek-Alberht southwardly
to the southwest coast of Vancouver
Island, $5.1100; Williams quarantine re
pairs to 'wharf and improvements to
water service, $2,000; Duncan's (river improvements} .$3,000.
Political Suit ���The TarteGreenier
case will come up in October and is
bound to produce a sensation. It will be
fought to the bitter end.
Wiped Out Bv Fire.���The city of
Kobe, Japan, was wiped out by lire,
floods and earthquakes, causing ihe loss
of 2,000 lives and distruction of millions
of dollars worth of property,
On, Fire.���On Thursday night the
tanks of the Water Pierce Oil Co. al
St Louis were destroyed by 1.re; loss
$41 ono.
Fishing LICENCES.���A despatch from
New Westminister says ihe farmers Are
taking out licences (which only costs
$1.00) 10 catch salmon for their own use.
Turkish Situation.���On 241I1 insi
Gladstone made a magnificent speech at
Liverpool. He bl.uned the Sultan for
tha terrible massacres that have taken
place. He was accorded an cnthuaiastic
Extradition,���Thc demand of ihe
British Government to lhe French for lhe
extradition of J. Tynan has boen presented.
New Castle Strike.���The Vill.uta
brings news fiom New Castle that trade
is at a stand still there owing to the
miners' strike and that fully 100 sailing
vessels are awaiting cargoes, but were
unable to secure them.
McPhee & Moore
Flour, Feed. Field and Garden Seeds, Etc, Etc.
Is well stocked with choice fresh and salt
meats, vegetables,  butter,  eggs,   poultry and
all kinds of fruits . . .
Goods Delivered Promptly
Heavy Damages.���Twenty one sui
against the city of Vicioria and the Con"
solidated Railway Co., aggregating from
$400,000 to $500,000 h ive been begun on
account of ihe Elllis Bridge disaster.
Burglarised.���The Carter House,
Vancouver, was entered Monday mom
ing, Sept., iiSlh, and large quantities of
liquors and cigars stolen. Every night
such things happen in lhat city and tlie
police have no clue. .
The Canneries.���Salmon boxes are
being delivered at the rale of 5000 boxes
a day.
Several Qcntleuiea of Union have return*
ed from a tuhiug excursion with���-. Fi*ah
are good !
* *
A new cottage being erected on Mary port
Ave., by a popular joui-g buohelur iu ihe
cau��e uf aerioud contention betweuu two
charming young ladiea; a-; both are friends
of mine, I feel quite perplexed with divided
'*. -������        #, #
The Rebrkah Lodge of Odd-Fellows gave
a'pleasant'social on Thursday evening, in
houcr of Miss Garrison who ut ;,eou to leave
for California. Mr. W. Mitchell, chairman.
tilled thu utliee a* he did ihe programme,
ciediiably. Rovn. Hicks, L >ga��, Mr.Mc*
Uouagh. and Mr. MuU>>uit<(i ina -e nhol . �����. il
appropriate address, Mr. Mitchell in bt**
half of lhe Lodge piedtnted Miss liarriaou
wilh a well filial pur. e; Iiu spoke of her faith
ful performance of ..er duties ol ollice and
the Lodge.' appreciation ol her becvicts,
Jij.li Air. Mitchell's and Mr. McDonald's
remark) were highly uouiplimeutaiy to the
young lady's merit.t Misa Garrison has :,e.v
edua secretary since lhe organization of the
Mrs. Stevens recited a piece which must
have alarmed every bachelor present; excepting, ol Course, those who have sent to England���lor bhe aflirmed the young ladies havu
declared there shall uot be a bachelor left iu
Duiou at the end of 18%. ['presume '"marry
ur move on " will be the motto which thv
determined young women will inscribe on
tlie.r hhei 1 da,
Messrs. Roy and������ played,   "Twin
khug Scars"��� a.very pretty uuet.
Mi.-. En urn, presidium eVlictfis Mm. Mo
���L'hhj, Mrs. Dee, aud Miss McDonald were
atten livo .-'ftnd courieuus enter lainers, as
were other* v, iio-e names I did not learn
aod cannot t>vu li re.
Mr. McKeuziu sang ve-y agreeably,
"Ualhejjiitg up the n-miin ir m the sea bhure"
Little Miss Daniels also i tvoreft lho com?,
pany with a piety BOOg. .lis. L g.iu pro-
sided *t tbo organ,
A iur iho pr< giatninu, fiuita 'wero banned
aruunu and merry games luauiged iu.
Mr. L .^h. aeeiareu bia impn-aaiou* ol
Kibciuh oi Bible History to tmw beau a
soiieiiibi) aud 1 Bud ihu dteiiuuarj glvea .t
Kebekaii, eusuarerj nui 1 prefer io beilev'a
thu ladles of KuUeiitiii Loilyt. simply under-
"tand "rubbing lhe luA lhe right,way, "
which exoolls all schenimg. but some one
nays in my ear, " L'iiai'n BCboulimg." If so
it'a a epeoie-j of sohemiug all men tmccuiub
to, .niu 1 ban butiur let tbe subject drop bere
Messrs. Logan und Hitika, advised tbo
young until to join thu or a Rtbekaii, and
when I lei: each one seemed to be acting ��n
tbe go'dudvicu if appearauoea can be credited.
Mr. Hicl-.s Is trying to organiz a eufficiiiut
number of peiaile to give the cantata, " Un
der the Palms." i
In tho South fiir girls are wearing flower
belts aud girdles with ball costumes, Violet*, marguerites, aud geranium leaves maka
lovely chains tr) encircle slender waists, of
daintily gowned maidens. Beautiful poplins
aro used for evening waists and gowot.
Brocade silks were never handsomer or
more popular.
Following is list of sports at Courtenay
Oct. i:
i.   Bicycle Race���i mile���ist prize $10;
2d piize $5.    Entrance feeji.
2. Bicycle Race���1 mile, time limit���
a 1st. prize of $15.   Entrance fee,$i,5a
3. . Horse Race���1 mile, handicap (open
to horses which have been in the district
30 days previous to the race ) a 1st prize
of $15.   Entrance fee, $2.
4. 100 Yard Race���time limit���a 1st
prize Si 5.   Entrance tee of $1,50
5. 1 Mile Race���prize $10; entrance $1.
6. Standing Broad Jump- prize $5.
Entrance fee, fifty cents.
7. Standing High Jump���prize $5. Entrance fee fifty cents.
8. Fat Man's Race���prize, 5 gallon keg
of beer given by A. MrCallum. No en-
Urnce fee. Minimum weight limit 200 lbs
1, 2, 4, 6, and 7 only open to residents
of Comox Electoral district There must
be 3 entries nnd 2 competitors in each e-
vent   Commencement at 2 p. m.
For Sale or Lease.
The Lindsay House on Penrith Avenue, containing fifteen rooms���Kitchen,
Pantry,   Bathroom,    Wash house,    etc.
Apply on the premises.
Union   Shipping*.
Sept. 22, the Capliauo took on board 94
tons of coal,
Sept. 22,The Danube took on 75 tons eoal
Sept. 2.1, str. Tees took 23 tons of eoal.
Sept. 24,  thu T.-pic left with 412 tou of
coal for tho C, P. R. and 21 tons of coke for
the Sugar Refinery.
Sept.25, tho Rainbow left with 250 tons
of coal for the C.P.N., Victoria.
Sept. 28ih, tha Monmouthshire left with
782 tons of coal for China via Victoria.
Sopt.28, Kichard III finished loading 1040
tons of coal lor U. 0. Co. Sau Francisco.
The Chittagong is due and tbe Miaueol*
will arrive Thun-d.iy.
6hould lb.** People's Wishes be
.To the Editor.-I notice that at
lasl that tenders are called for work upon
the Comnx trunk road. Thc work is to
be done below Union Wharf and where
it will dn the least good to the least number. The concensus of opinion is
against the proposed location of the work,
JJJpw the question arises whether the
people s wishes should be consulted 01
whether they should be capriciously overlooked.
Both those at headquarters and those
h iving official voice here know, or should
know that 'he present arrangement is
calculated to displease instead of to please.
Let a halt be cried rather than spend the
money where it is proposed to do so.
Very little heed has been given to our
wants and it is time we ''kicked'1 and let
someone know that ne resent ill-treatment
and the thwarting ofthe public wishes.
Subset ibe for   THE
$2.00 per annum.
NEWS ^���*
THE   VVEF.K LY   N*EWS   SEPT.   a9ih.   189&
Issued Every Tuesday
At Union, B. C.
M Whitney, Publisher
ttat Y.��r    |S00
Six Month.     12S
Singlo Copy    ON
One Itoh par year $1100
..   ..   month         in
elKhthcol   pcrjrear     3500
fourth       WOO
week. .. Un.         * x 10
Local noti.o9.per line         m
Notices of llitths, Marriages and
Deaths, ;o cents each insertion.
No Advertisment inserted for less than
50 cents.
Tuesday, Sept 29,1806,
~���* :��� i -        ������i
The news is published this *eek
without the usual inside accompaniment
of general reading owing tQ llle non'
arrival nf the rejuUr supply of paper
from lhe cast.
The discovery of t^olU aud silver not
far from the coast is attracting attention.
(torses are fed for strength, cows for
milk, but human beings eat according to
their appetite or purse.
People grumble as much about the
weather here, as in regions where the
wind is wantonly destructive of life and
''A rolling stone gathers no moss;" and
people who go hunting through the world
for something better rarely attain their
Victoria, it seems, is not to have an
agricultural exhibition this year. Why
should she? Give tbe money to the fanning districts and. let item do the exhibi
ing. Industrial Fairs are the appropriate exhibitions for the cities.
And* now con���� thetManiui'ass Beacon Irom far off Texas with a bright
excerpt from "Chatter'1. Evidently the
editor of that enterprising paper knows
a good thing when he sees it. May he
live ta see. his dream of deep water at
Aransas Pass realised.
The London papers are discussing a
combination between England Italy and
the United States to suppress the bloody
Turk, It would be a grand thing for the
English and Americans to unite in this
reform without watting for aid from any
other; natioa. Their united strength
would, command respect, suppress disorder; and maiitain peace between the
And here is the editor, of Mussey's
Magazine citing the Jameson trial as
an example of the even handed justice
of the English courts. This is arrant
nonsense. The sentiment of the great
mass of* the English is favorable to Dr.
Jamesen who is regarded as a hero.
The courts were effected by the same
sentiment and the sentence is a screaming farce. Law is no where better administered then in England and her
colonies, but there are somethings to
which attention better not be called, and
tht Jameson trial is.one of ihem.
Never in the history of the United
States has the contest for president waxed so warmly as now. If we were to
helieve the papers on the Populist or
Oomooratic side (silver' democrats) we
shauld kive no doubt about Bryan's
election,, and equally if wc were to
beliewethe*Hupublican, pagers,andihosc
ol tke Assistant Republicans, the gold
democrats, we could bave no doubt of
McKinley*s election. The slump speak
ers on teth side* arc eqtwjly.positive, ami
tots (ratably.true that the groat majority
stre honesti Wc can only watch. .,*j.;
���sitt'il- hoping that our frientfe ecra.3
Sorrier will judge and act wisely
Tne Union Brass Band will be in attendance at the Exhibition Oct. i at
Courtenay. There will be Sports, in*
eluding a Herse Knee, Bicycle Race,
nther races and besides a splendid
Home Trade.
As far as possible the cituens ofa community should patronise one another and
keep the money at home enriching the
community and giving work to the l.tbnt-
ing classes;* By ihis means all do well
and ihe community prospers. Every
dollar sent out of the community only
enriches others at us expense und makes
it poorer. That community is rich that
exports far more than it imports and this
is the lesson we should all take to heart.
In buying at home even if we pay a little
more we have a chance nf catching some
nf nur purchase money as it circulates
around but when it goes to another
community it passes forever from our
reach. Patronize home industry in spirit
���nd in truth and in that "do unto others
as you would be. done by."���Boerne
Texas Post.
Town Topics
"Elixir in the air."
That is what I heard a miner say as he
moved briskly on to his wnrk. I looked'
up; there was less smoke, but the sky was
by no means clear. I looked around until 1 saw the red line of flame along the
extension of Dunsmuir avenue, and ielt
brighter. I heard the rumbling of the
cars over the railway track, and suddenly
remembered several boats were in. Now
I understood, it was the feeling there was
work; that meant money and what does
not money, often so dispised, mean?���better clothes, better habitation: better
tables, and more of the world's luxuries,
and oftimes more of its necessaries. No
wonder the miner exclaimed, "Elixir in
the air"���elixir vitae.
What does it mean?
Down at the east end of the town-site
quite a number of acres are cleared
and smoothed oft' as level as a pancake.
And there are ties upon lies, great heaps
of them strung along the track the entire
length of the pancake peice of land.
Looks as though there was to be a regular
net work of tracks or switches. I seem
to see rising here, offices, station^
shops, etc. And the red line, where the
stumps and rtiots are burning, is rapidly
making its way towards the���for short
let us call it���The Pancake.
Hearing about brick works near No I
Slope I went down there Monday. It is
in charge of Mr. Eli Rowland. A kiln
was about ready for the fires and. contains 55,000 bricks. It is something of
an experiment. There are in the kiln too
fire bricks, a quanity of shale brick, and
31,000 bricks composed of sand, pulverized shale and surface clay. Mr. Rowland
has worked under many difficulties and
it is to be hoped he will meet with success, of which there seems every probability.
Sept. aist, Billy Blum.
���p-jcisl  Prises.
The following special prizes are offered
for exhibits at the Comox Exhibition at
Court *nay, October 1st.
Stevenson & Co.,.J. F. Doyle manager,
Union, offer dry goods to the value of
J3.00 (to be selected by the winner), for
the best exhibit of print butter.
Geo. Heatherbell offers $5.00. for the
best pair Ewe Lambs from Rams pur
chasedof him. There must be more
then one entry.
A "Subscriber" offlrrs h��lf a dozen
best quality silver plated spoons, for the
best home made Inaf of bread at the Comox Show, Oct. I
Mr. II. C. Lucas of Comox offers Saoo
for. Ihe best collection of Cakes, home
Ernest Hutchison of the Mainland Nur
sery offers prise of a dozen fruit treesfto
be selected by the winner) for the best
collection of plums,
The Fleckmasters Association offer
$10. for best pedigreed ram at the Show.
A gold medal will be given by Mi.
Joseph Hunter M. P. P. (or the best
Draught Horse or Mare over 3 years old
Former medal winners tn be excluded.
A silver medal will also be given by
Mr. Hunter for the besi:display of Ladies
Special prizes will he given by the
!:    rety foi lhe'best collection of Bakers
at GoartCDay, B. C.
Thursday Oct. 1st, '96.
A generous list of Prizes offered,   ancl   in
addition;      .--���->    \
ide Hotels
Courtenay, B.C.
Grant & Munighan, Props.
/Jo add to the gaiety^ of\ thc occasion,
there will be Fine SportsX Itvis the; Great
Farmers' Day and they invite,alOto GOME!
Best of Liquors
Finest of Cigars
Good Table
Courteous Attention
Supplies the valley with first class bread, pies, cakes, etc.
Bread delivered by Curt through Courtenay and District every
Tuesday, Thursday and Satukuav.
Wedding Cakes made and Parties catered for.
Ors  Lawrence & Westwood.
Physicians and Surgeons.
���OPTION- ��� C.
V* have appointed Mr. James Abrams our collector until  turtner notice, to whom all overdue  accounts
***ay be paid.
7 Hox. 1808.
Society    Cards
I.   O.   O.   F.
Union Ledge, No. 11, meets c ery
Friday night at 8 o'clock. Visiting brethren cordially invited to attend.
Cumberland Lodge,
A. F. & A. M, B. C. R.
Union, Ii. C.
Lodge meets first   Saturday   in   each
month.   Visiiing brethren are cordially
invited to attend.
Jambs McKim. Sec.
Hiram Louge No 14 A.F .& A.M..B.C.R
CoiUjtenay B. C.
Lodge meets on every Saturday on or
before the fuH of the moon
Visiting Brothers   cordially requested
to attend.
K. S. McConnell,
Cumberland Encampment.
No. 6, I. 0. O. F.,  Union.
Meets every alternate  Wednesdays 11
each month at 8 o'clock p. rn.   Visiting
Brethren cordially invited to attend.
C. WHYTE. Scribe.
Any person or persons destroying or
withholding the kegs and barrels of the
Union Brewery Company Ltd of Nanaimo, will be prosecuted. A liberal reward
will be paid for information leading to
W. E. Norris, Sec'y
B. OF T.
Unien Division No. 7, Sons of Temperance, meets in Free Mason's Hall,
Union, every Monday evening at 7:30.
Visiting friends cordially invited to
St. Gtosoc's FaisiYTERtAN Chikch���
Rst. J. A. Logan, pastor. Servioes at 11 a.
m. and 7 p. m. JK.Senday School at 2:30.
YF.S.C.E. at clots of eeeaing wrvice.
MuTHODim I'm-HCB��� Serricei at ths
usnal hours morning aad sv< alng. Bar, W,
Hicks, pastor.
Trinity Chukch���Services in ths evening.   Rev. J. X. Willemar, rector.
For sale on Dunsmuir ave;
consisting of lots 4 and 5 in
block 15, lots 7 and 8 in block
16, lots. 3, 4 and 5 in block to,
and other lots in Cumberland
Townsite. Bargains,
James Abrams.
���ill' .���J4***'JlJ' 'I ���
sfjfi.;- ���
Esquimalt and Nanaimo Ry.
Steamer Joan
On ancl after Mar. 22 nd, 1893
The Steany-r JOAN will sail as follows
and freight may oHVr
Lo&.o Victoria, Tuesday, 7 it. m.
"   Nanaimo for Comox. Wednesday, 7 a. m
Leave Comox for Nanaimo,      Fridays, 7 a.m.
"     Nanaimo for Victoria    Salurdcy, 7 a.m
For freight or state rooms apply on
board, or at the Company's ticket office,
Victoria Station, Store street.
Wm. O'Dell
Architect and .Builder
(3 -
Plans and Specifications prepared,
and buildings erected on the
Shortest Notice.
Houses built and tor sale on easy
terms ot payment.
The following Lines are
Watches, clocks and jewellery
Tin, sheetiron, and copper work
Bicycles Repaired
Guns and rifles, repaired
Plumbing in all its branches,
Pumps, sinks and piping,
Electric bells placed,
peaking tubes placed
Hot air furnaces,
Folding bath and improved
Air-tight stoves, specialties
Office and Works  gM ftg�� n��r
Surgeon and Physician
(Graduate ofthe University of Toronto,
[L. C, P. & S., Ont.)
Office and residence. Maryport
Ave., next door to Mr. A Grant's
Hours for consultatlon-8to lo a m,
2 to 4 andi7 to 10 p m.
Dave Anthony's
Cigar  and   Fruit   Store
And aad Dunenuir Aee.
m, Sc 'M st. Jamu St.
To of det
ttrSrndforSi.mi.le>.  I'rtmpt dollverr.   I'ei
Kiel lit Kunrunli'id.
Nanaimo Saw Mill
M and Doer
IH. 0. Drawer 36.   Telephone Coll, LSI
KF* A complete stock of Routh
Dressed Lumber ji!��ays i.n  hand,
Shingles, laths, Picket!., I'i   r , V
dows and Blinds.   Moiilduij   .*.
Sawing, Turning, siiiil
of wood tii i. hu .    .
Cedar. While Hii a
(���Dealer in
Stoves and Tinware
Plumbing and general
Sheetiron work
"Agent for the
Celebrated Gurney
Souvenir Stoves and
Manufacturer of the
New Air-tight heaters
I. J. Theobald,
House aod Sip Fainter,
Papsr-Hanging, Kalsomining
and Decorating.
All orders Promptly Attended us
Union, I. 0.
i J*Xtejs>g__ \
I tun prepared to
furnish Stylish Rigs
and do Teaming
At: reasonable rates,
0. Kilpatrick,
Union. B. c.
/.   1
The fishing.
(From tbe Newa' Man on lha Wing.]
If as they say, "lish is brain food," the
dwellers in this town of canneries house
boats and temporary shacks, ought to be
mentally, head and shoulders above their
fellow citizens ot liritish Columbia; for,
while some places depend on mining,
others on lumbering and others, on
ranching, fish end lish alone is
Steveston's one and only article of commerce.
Twelve large canneries stretch along
the. river front, between three and four
thousand boats unload the salmon into
them in the season, and several thousand
fishermen of a down or more different
nationalities do tlieir trading here, which
trade while it lasts, is at fever heat, the
Sheencys on the jump, and bringing out
the pecul.ir characteristics nf the race,
and quite knocking the wind oui of thit
Caucasian trader who attempts to sell
his goods at a market price,
"How much ynu sell this suit for
Moses?" says a customer
"Veil, 1 sell him you shcap; twelve
dollar.   Vat site you dake?"
"No, no; you don't; that too dear, I
give you five dolkirs."
"Five dollars! so hellup me, mine
friend I You dink I sthole dose close,
but don't tell Marks or he dink I goni-
promise mit mine creditors. I let )ou
have dose number von, all wool suit for
ten dollars;" and so on. fie finally sells
the suit for six dollars and a half.
While groceries have u standard price,
the customer can generally get other
things at pretty much his own prices.
The store signs are refreshing lo one
accustomed to the bald commercial
boards of Union.   Here are a few.
"New Yowt cheap store. Working MEN MJI'PLlEU AT THEIR OWN
Most of these stores will close until
the fishing season opens next year.
WEARY attracts the eye as you drive tip
.the principal street. "Where's thc
Garden?" I asked after a search for this
" Why up there ' said my friend, point
ing to a fifteen by twenty-five platform,
built upon Ihe top ofa hnuse, and fenced
in with fine boughs, and which was jammed with revelers of both sexes, dancing
to some wheezy music. This was their
idea of enjoyment and rest.
The salvation army had drawn the
crowd around them douri the street last
night, and the suluons uerc deserted.
The proprietor of the Flytrap, however,
had an eye to business; he subsidized two
loafers to go outside and start a scrap.
Immediately there was the cry-"a fight.'
and the crowd rushed saloon ward, leav.
ing the Salvationists and the gospel mes*
sige in the lurch. Such are the ways of
the unregenerale in Steveston.
The town being convenient tothe Amei*
ican side, the offscourings of our own and
Sound cities flock here in hundreds, keep
ing officers Calbert and McNeill busy
day and night. Sandbagging and other
playful tricks ol the toughs are frequent,
A man going along the dyke after dark,
is liable to be tapped on the cocoanut,
robbed, and dumped into the mire or ditch,
This reminds me there's a former Union
mule driver nuw in Westminster prison
waiting his trial for conplicity in sandbagging and robbing a fisherman.
Law and order, however, on the whole
���re well maintained, the officers being
prompt and fearless, and the magistrate
unsparing and severe when the case is
proved. The canneries for the accommodation of their hands, have long rows
of sheds, roomed off into spaces about
I x to. The one main thing is for the
fisherman to hump hiin-.i'if and get fish
and plenty of them; fot it's a case ofthe
tu: viral of the rustler���thc man who gets
bis nets out early before the odd tht we
thousand boats have theirs out and taken
THE   '
board tbeir craft the whole season, only
coming on shote during the close time
from Saturday to Sunday nigntertore
new the stock of grub.
*FI>T    291'h,
Sept. 14th,
A. L.
Court Episode.
Oa Thursday last at Comox before
Geo. T. Drabble, J. P., Robert Grant and
O. H. Fechner were arraigned for having
on the Sunday previous obstructed
Maurice McArdle, a special Constable,
in the performance of his duty Mr.
Grant and the tensorial artist were defended by Mr. Eckstein. It appeared
that the special hailed the accused, who
were driving, stopped them without any
explanation when he commenced overhauling the contents of the buggy for
the purpose of finding out if ihey had
auv willow grouse. This summary mode
of procedure was objected to; whereupon
informutlon was conveyed that McArdle
was ,1.Special. He was informed that
lie would be allowed to inspect the buggy
and its contents if he showed his
authority. Thia not forthcoming, Giant
and Fechner drove on. It is needless to
say that thc case was promptly dismiss
ed. Immediately after the occurence a
badge was furnished the Special. It is
understood that Mr. Fechner does not so
much object to appear in court as he
does to the challenge of his unsullied
character as a sportsman. Never has he
killed fish or bird except in the orthodox
fashion and then only in season. We
are sure the little court episode will
not injure Mr. Fechner's reputation as a
sportsman. He has his certificate of
^There is Nothing
If it is Veil Put
So here it is : :
Single Harness at $lo, $12, $1; per set
and up.���Sweat Pads at Jo cents.
Whips al 10, 2;, jo and a good   Rawhide for 75 cents, and a Whale Bone
at $1 and up to $2.
I have the largest Stock of WHIPS in
town and alsn the
Best Axle Grease at o BOxES
 ���- ���**���*�����	
���For Twenty-Five Cents-
Trunks at Prices to Suit
the Times.
Wesley Willard
Notary Public.
Agent for the Alliance Fire
Insurance Company oILon
don and the Phoenix ol
Agent for the provincial
Building and Loan Association of Toronto.	
Union, B.C
Barber Shop
Not One Man in
One Hu.idred
So invest* hii money that it yields, in
twentyjun, any thine like tbe profit
afforded hy a policy of LifeTnnmuee.
HISTORY j The percentage of individuals
PBOVJS8    ��� who succeed in burineaa
THIS ) i. amall������~���
No old-line mutual life inanraao* company
has ever failed.
 Ten Cents a Day^
Will buy fur a mau 35 yearn ul age   ���
$1,000 30-Payment Life Policy, one
of the bent form* uf imunuice writteu
in the
Union Mutual Life
Insurance Company
Of Portland, Maine
A Sound, Safe, Ably Managed, [ i.vconroit*
(tellable Substantial Institution I    ateo
Wlllcil NIVBK STANDS (       I84P
Ot'Oy TECI1NICAUTIK3 *~-y~."*-��*-
J. E. E7ANS, Provincial Manager,
F.o. nux U93 Vancouver, B. C.
For further information call on
With Seme, Alinm.
Cumberland Hotel.
Union, B. C.
The finest hotel building
Fixtures and Bar
North of Victoria,
And the best kept house.
��j ���i-i    ���mil'  a
Spacious Billiard Room
and new
Billiard and Pool Tables
Best of Wines and Liquors.
-1 The modern stand-
Blflard   Family Medi'
*  cine:   Cures   the
common every-day
ills of humanity.
School and office stationery
at E. Pimbury & Co' drugs
F. Ourran
Puntiedge Bottling Works.    (1��
DAVID JONES, Proprietor,
Saraaparalla, Champagne Cider, Iron Phosphates end Syrupa.
Bottler of Different Brand* of   Lager Beer,  Steam Beer and Porter
Agent for tho Union Brewery C. mpany.
I presume we hare nsed over
.one hundred bottles of Piso's
Cure for Consumption in my
family, and I am continually advising others
to get it.   Undoubtedly it is the
I ever used.���TV. C. Mimbmbroir, Clarion, Po.,
Dec. 29,1894. 1 sell Piso's Cure for Consumption, and never have any com-.-
Slaiuts.���E. SnoRtv, Postmaster,'
horey, Kansas, Dec. 21st, 1894.
[Wall   Paper and Paint Store . .
���jj Tinting ancl Kalsomining a specialty
Williams' Block, Third St.       Union,  B. C.
H. A. Simpson
Barrister & Solicitor. No's 2 & 4
Commercial Street.
mt^TAIMO,    B.   C.
J. A. Carthew
wszcryr, b. e.
;   Bathing
Your Job Printing,
Good Work
Reasonable Prices.
O. H. Fechner,
We the undersigned hereby authorise
up all the available space in the river; I John Uruce to collect all accounts due the
for it'i not every boatman who cares to estate ol Robert Grakam.
go out in Ihe gull wilh his skiff and run
tbe chance of a gale and roujh water
Some of these men eat, sleep, cooks*
R. Grant)
H. Hamburgerj
Clocks, watches, books
and stationery.
T. D. McLean
T������02rT, s. a.
I have an unlimited supply
of money for loans on the security of farming property at
low rates of interest. Loans
put through expeditiously.
Mortgages purchased. Insurance effected.
Nahaimo, B. C
P. O. Drawer 17
Offloe Room 1. McPbea St Moore B'ld'g and at
r. 0. DRAWER   18.
This Inn, located about three miles out
from Union nn the Cou'tenay Road
is now open for business A good
bar will be kept, and the comfort of the
guests carefully attended to. Give us a
Barrister. Solicitor, Notary Publio
Offloe: -Firet Street,  Union, B. 0.
annum. V
G. A. McBain & Co.,   Ileal Estate   Brokers, Nanaimo, B.C.
Remember the great ule at iLeifler'*
Mr. Reed of the saw mill returned Wcd-
1 sland Flumi for preserving at McPhee &
See the ad of M. J. Henry, nurseryman
Md florist.
The clearance sale at Leisers is now on.
J^ook at their bargain counter.
Mr. A. Lindsay returned Thursday from
Vancouver oa the Tepic.
I/.*T.-*Oii-Courtcn*y rond, ladies brown
.cloth coat, with hU k fur collar. Pleaae
leavo at thia oflice.
The Vant'om* Hotel looks much Improv*
nd by itt .�� ������ coal of pai it.
iFuh Rent.���A fine iton 20x40 wilh fix-
turtirt      En quint nl News Omt'K.
L' isiT sella Uid at 1J cts. pot pound.
Mr. M. F Kelly' thi photographer, has
returned, nfter un ahscuae of ;i month.
New fall goods at midsummer priceB at
Hamburger 4-
It is understood Mr. Gleason will soon
tioc.tip.v tfiL Nev Ktiglauil it*taurant.
A 6ne line nf Cook Staves for wood and
W\\ at MoPhee ft Mooro'u.
Mr. Sai'i Davis, of the Union Hotel came
.back Wednesday, aUo Elijah Smithera Jr.
���Han^borjjer 'is atill Bulimy T &. B plug ut
Mrs. Kinney came up on Wednesday's
steamer to join hur hunbsud, who ia eleik at
Laser's store.
ForSalk��� A good sloop for pale; prico
,$50. Enquire of Jehu \V. S^ott, Hornby
Island, B. C.
Mr. and Mrs. Woodhus lmve moved into
The Vendome and will run the dining and
���raftni department.
Tor Sale or Rent ��� Renideoce on Mary-
port Ave opposite Dr. Jeff*?, consisting of
four Bedrooms Hall, Parlor, Dining Kuom,
Kitchen,, Pantry, Bathroom and cellar, also
.good out-houses. WAH sell for smattl cash
payment, the balance in monthly payments.
J5nq wire on premises.
C. K, Gakiiison.
Messers Partridge and Rennison, grocers
have mov,ed into the Bpaeious store room in
the Vendome blook.
(Coal Oil $1.53 per tin at Luaer>,
Mr. J, L* Brown, representing the Mainland Nu,mtv. E. Hutchersou proprietor, is
in town. He will canvas tho district. We
can recomnieLd tho Mainland Nursery as
ouo of tbo very best in the Province, Mr.
Hmuherson, its proprietor, stands very
high, and sendtl out ouly true and reliable
Mr. 8am Creech returned Wednesday;
also his son Harvey, who has secured a job
at Texada Island.
Vou Rent.���Two cottages and a Cabin on
Windemere avenue, near new Court Home
Enquire, '-f Win. RHoy two doors west ol
Mr. Collis'
Mr. Fechner kindly presented us wilh
a be lUtiful speckled trout, a trophy of his
ski!' as a fisherman,   "Thanks."
Flour very oheap at Laieer's. Hungarian
or pastry ��1.25
lit-, Hull who left lioro for England,
was prevailed upon by the PoHtOflicu In-
ttpcotur tu accept a position in the Putt
Otli ������' at Kossluud B 0 , where he aow is.
It does not matter what prices you b?o
ailvcrtiscd. Vou can buy now dry goods,
oloth lug, boots shoes and grot-mop, cheaper
thau anywhere ehe in thc city at Hamburger's.
M. J. Henry, lho Vancouver nurseryman, took several first prizes at the Nan
anno Fair, for prunes, vegetables, foliage
plants and flowers. It is no surprise to
the many who know the superiority of
Mr. Henry's productions.
Sen that your Hungarian flour bears the
name of O'GHvieaj all others in this market
are eheapor, The real thing $1.25 at
The chiklrtHfs concert at the Method*
church Monday, was very interesting.
FOR RENT.���The butcher shop at
Union lilted up ready for business, lately
occupied by A. C. F'ulton. Call on him
or enquire of A. Urquhart, Comox.
There was a pleasant d.mce at Cumberland Hall on Monday evening.
Partridge and Rennison are in the new
store in Vendome block. They now
have every facility ancl a fine Stock of
���For Sack or Reno*���My house and
Livery stable in Comox. Possession
given September  ist.   Apply to me at
J. C. Wooos.
On Sept. 22 the members tho Y.P.O. E.
Society presented .the Misses Garrison with
an elegant bound   Oxford  Tcaehes1  Bible
on the eve of their departure for California.
The connecting-rod of the engine at
No. 4 slope broke and knocked in the
cylinder. The necessary parts were taken to Wellington by open boat, by Mr.
McKnight accompanied by Mr. T. D.
McLean. From there it was forwarded
to the Albion Iron Works, Victoria. It
is expected upon the Joan to morrow.
JLmt.���A waterpcoi loupe found on Third
S'heetor Courtenay road h-.xn beea left at
this ofttoQ,
We have jusl learned that Mrs J, Ma*
Phee's buggy was run iniofrombi hindlosl
evening near llouleiJs as she was return*
ing from Union by a team driven by Ed
Libs-comb nnd Mrs. Burdette* Mrs. Mc
Phee's horse and buggy were overthrown
and her hip dislocated, perhaps fractured
A watch ibis morning on Comox road.
For Sale.
Cleared corner lot on Penrith Avenue,
sell cheap, terms easy, enquire at News
0 trice.
Parks.-At Union Sept. 23d Mrs, Frank
Pur'.n. of a daughter.
Bkssrtt���At Ci.io-i, S��pt. 25 h, Mrs. J. T.,
Bennett, of a sou.
Rowan���At Uoion, Sept.  20, Mrs. Rowan,
of a daughter.
�� -urd goj tu'dn gj
W     uioji pn��  tn-d ij 0} ���mi tj��� R.inofi     [��
�� uojurj %\w\_ .C|J-JA>i^v o^isoddo eogjo (8
$     nmioBJixi pu-a Utiinu 'Jj-to.u 9}V\_\     h
|s'ai -s'saa 'Aaiva s'm|
Cerner nf lU-.iiou ar.d Commercial
Streets, Nmahno, B. 0.
Branch Office, Third Slr-i t ondDuutmuir
Avenue, Tl. 0.
Will bp in Union tho Srd  Wednesday of
eaoh month and remain ton days.
Subsci;ibe���lor Thk NEWS $2.oc per
Esquimalt & Maimo Ry.
time   Table   No.   26,
To take offect at.8 a.m. on Saturday, March
21st, 189(i.   Trains run on Pacilic
Standard time.
1 Sat'dy,
Lv, Viotoria foi Nanaimo and i -\. m. ; i��. m.
Welllustou    ., i  8.00 I   400
Ar. NHUttimu ���   11.3.1 I   7.28
ta.'WfUlngum... :   ta.00 |   7.45
Gl    -A',    '.*    :     .  H
i m i'p'ji
, Dally, i Sat'dy.
Lv, Wellington for Vlelorto   |   n.'in  j   i.n
l.v. Nnnaiuu) fur Vicioi'iu*.     |   84.'"    |   4.83
Ar. Viotoria.      |  18.90 I   800
For rates and Information apply at Oorn*
lj;my'n oillees.
President, Oon'l Supt
Gen, Frolftht and Passonger Act
Cash is King.
Prices Always Right,
When the Money is in
Bargains in Dry Goods. Clothing and   Men's   Furnishings,    summer   Goods,
Straw Mats and Millinery at Cost.
Remember our new
Stand, first door east
<>!' Piket's Hall.
J.F- DOYLE, Manager
Take E. Pimbury & Co's
Balsamic Elixir for coughs
and colds.
"An Act to Prevent   Certain  Animals from Running at Large���1886"
Stock owners are hereby notified to
keep all Swine, Stallions of one "year ol.l
and upwards, and Bullsoyerninejnontbs
oid, under proper enclosure, as all animals ot these descriptions, found running
at large will be dealt with under the provisions of the Act releued to.
Comax, C. C,      W. B. Anderson,
June 7th, 1896.        Gov't Acint.
Nanaimo Cigar Factory
Phillip Gable and Co., Prop's
Baeti.m Street    ���    Nanaimo B. O
Manufactures the finest cigars and
employes none but white labor.
Why purchase inferior foreign -cigars
when you can obtain a SUPERIOR ART!
ci.E foi the same money
Mount Pleasant    Vancouver B. c
Send for Catalogue before placing your
ordeis for Fall Planting, if you are interested in saving money for yourself and
getting good stock of first hands.
Mosl complete stock ol Fruit anil
Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, Roses, Etc.,
in ihe Province.
Thousands of small Fruit Plants and
Vines of leading varieties, suitable for
tins Climate.
Thousands of Bulbs now ��n the way
here from China, Japan and Holland for
the Fall Trade.
Fertilizers, Agricultural Implements,
Spray Pumps, Etc., best to be had.
No Agents. List tells yoii all about it
Kastern Prices or Less.
Grkkn.ho.usk, Njirskrv AND APIKRYj
Great Gleafapce Sale f of Gash,
13 yds. good indigo print for ... $1.00
8yds. twilled grey flannnel for ... 1.00
20 yards of flannelette for ... i ,00
Blouses at ... ... 25, 5.5 and 75 cents
^y2 yds. double width cashmere, all shades, for  $1.00
7 yards, blue melton cloth for       ... 1.00
A good corset for
Arctic Corsets
3 Pairs of ladies cotton hose for
5 Pairs of guud cashmere hose for
10 yards of factory cotton for
Ladies wool vests at
45 cents
55   "
25 cents
50 cents
25, 35 and 50 cents
Men's all wool tweed suits from $5.00 to $10.00
Men's fincy Worsted suits from $9.00 to 16.50
Men's blue serge suits at ... $5.00
Men's wool pants at - $1.75, 2.00, 2.25 and 2.50
Men's fancy worsted pants at $2.75, 3.00 and 3.60
Boys' suits, two pieces, at 1.90. 2.2s and 275.
"     3        "      " 2.75, 3.25 and 3.75
Boys' pants from ... 5o to 90 cents
Black and brown hard hat, newest shapes at      $1.10
Black and brown Fedora hat at $1.75 and 2.00
Large assortment of ties from       ... 15 cents
Men's shirts and drawers from ... 25 cents
3 Flannelette shirts, all sizes, for        ...        50 cents
8 Pairs of Heavy wool socks for ... 1.00
1 o Pairs* of heavy mining socks for ... 1.0b
CJreat  lleiiiefic&sa in B-!?@t��   and   Shoes and
undreds ��f Other Lines.


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