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The Weekly News Aug 15, 1894

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 G. A. McBain & Co.
il Estate Brol
Nanaimo,  B. C.
G. A. McBain & Co.
Eeal Estate
���**��� Nanaimo, B. C.
NO. 92.
$2.00 PER YEAR
McKim's Store.
unsrioiisr, b. o-
Oent'l Furniibing
Orders Taken for Custom Made Suits.
financial and General Commission Broker,
Canada Permanent Loan and Saving* Company, -Toronto.
Citizens' Building Society of Nanaimo,
Scottish Union and National Insurance Company.
Hartford Fire Insurance Company.
Union Fire Insurance Company of London, England.
Eastern Fire Assurance Company, of Halifax.
PKcenix Fire Assurance Co., of London, England
Sun Life Assurance Co., of Canada.
Great Northern  Railway.
Money to Loan on Improved Farm Property.
D. W. KARN �� CO'S
Organs and Pianos stand   without a  rival; have  received
the last gold medal given by the Dominion of Canada, and the
last gold medal given by the Toronto Industrial Exhibition.
For further information and catalogue apply to
Or Grant & McGregor, Nanaimo
Union, B. C. Agent for Vancouver Island.
���Union Meat
meats always on hand.
Vegetables  etc.
Vessels   supplied  on the shortest notice.
Simon  Leiser,  Prop.
Puntiedge Bottling
         MANUFACTURER OF        	
Sarsaparalla and Champagne Cider, Iron Phosphates, Syrup
Bottler of Different Brands of Lager Beer Steam Beer and Porter.
Agent for the Union Brewery Company.
Courtenay B. C.
Largest Stock of General Merchandise in tbe
View and Complete Stock of Household Furniture,    Splendid line of Carpets, Window
Shades and Japanese  Matting.
We Invite inspection of our stock of Spring
and Summer Dress Goods, Hats, Laces,
Flowers, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc. etc
Gents Furnishings a specialty.
Mrs. Mary Riley, (Late of Boston is now
in charge of our Dressmaking Department.
Best Styles and Satisfaction guaranteed.
Simon Leiser, Prop.
Importers �� Dealers in
Flour ft Feed Dry Oooda
Farm Produce Boot, ft Shoe.
Fancy Groceries Hardware
Crockery ft Olanwara Paint ft Oils
Qemti Furnishing!
Patent Medicines
Sportsmens Supplies a Speciality
Union Mines
Furniture    Store.
A  Full   Line of Everything.
Including Granite and
:    AND
���   sttiXj---)-i=*-i=*s.
Grant & McGregor Props
Ice Cream Parlors.
Tjirioisr, B* o
Soda Water, Candies, Stationery and Books,
Presided over by Miss  Knapp.
Imported and Domestic Cigars.   Briar and Meerschaum Goods.
The Above Stores Adjoin, Where Everything of the but in their Respective
lines will be .found.
A.  IF. Mclntyre, Prop.
E. fipibuyy & Go.
Has Opened at Cumberland in the
Rbug ^0 Stationery Store.
Where the BeBt of Everything in Their Lino is Kept.
Latest Novelties.
Suitings, Coatings and
Thos. C. Morgan,
The Tailor.
Ofltce 'At Present,!
Tint Floor, Cumberland Hotel.
uasrio-ET b. o.
J. A. Cathew
-trorxoa-r, s. o.
Union Clothing Store.
Goods At Cost.
For the next thirty days you can purchase nt the Union Clothing Store Cloth
in},', Hats, Hoots, Shoes, White and Colore! Shirts, Collars, Cuffs, Cents under
Clothing, Socks, Overalls, Cardigan Jack
ets at cost. The above goods �������� *���*���**���
Please call and inspect goods. Suits
made to order at the lowest possible price
County Court of Nanaimo.
A sitting of thc above court will be
holden at Comox on Wednesday the 29th
day ol August 1894 at the hour 0(3 in the
afternoon at the Court House, Comox.
Nanaimo, H. Stanton
10th July 1894. Deputy Register.
During my temporary absence from
the Province,' Mr. T. Bowness holds my
power of attorney.
J. I). Holme*.
"BLUE BLOOD YET." 29886 A.S.R.
The Sweepstakes Yearling Shropshire
Ram of 1891. Winner of First Prize at
Shropshire and West Midland Show in
England, '891. Also First Prize in his
class everywhere exhibited in America.
Alsn Sweepsiakes Winner over all Down
Breeds at Minnesota and Dakota Slate
Fairs, 1891, and Winner of Silver Medal
at Dakota State Fair, Sioux Falls, 1891,
for best Ram any age or breed with
four Ewes.
Selected in England by A. O. Fox and
now standing at the head of Woodside
Having imported a eon (Top Pick)
ofthe above celebrated Ram In 1898,
and bred him to some fine Half Breed
-���Shropshire" Ewes. I have now for
sale some Extra Fine Yearling Bams
and Bam Lambs, at $20.00 e>ch, I
also have some good land improved
or unimproved, in lots from 40 acres
too SOO at from $10 an acre up and
on terms to suit purchasers.
Apply to Oeo. Heatherbell,
Hornby Island.
Robert Sanderson.
Joiner Sf Carlwriyht
Courtenay. B. C.
Your Attention.
I beg to inform thc Residents of Union
Comox and Courienay that I have re*,
moved my place of business, formerly in
the Cumberland Hotel to the fine large
store in the Williams Hlock. I will offer
great inducements for the next month,
from my large and well assorted stock of
Scotch, English and Irish tweeds and
serges, and also from endless variety of
panting. Satisfaction guaranteed or no
Thos. C. Motgan,
Importer of Fine Woolens.
Union Flashes
The San Mateo left last Wednesday
neon with 4.500 tons of coal for Los An
geloa, Cal.
The tug Tepic left Wednesday for Van
couver with coke and coal.
The steamer Lottie left Friday for Victoria taking coal to thc Northwestern
Steamship Co.
The steamer Mineola left Monday for
San Francisco with 3300 tons of coat.
The Waverly House has a ncw sign
painted by Tom Erwin of Victoria.
The order for the lumber for the new
Catholic church is in the mill.
Mrs. Sam Davis has been quite ill for
a few days.
Mrs. J. Piket left on thc Joan for Victoria on Wednesday.
In July there were six days slightly
showery. The total rain fall for the
month was 40,100th of an inch
J. Piket received last week a heavy con
signment of ice from the Union Brewery
Co, of Nanaimo.
The Cumberland Hall is being plastered. Look out ior a big time when it
is finished.
The boiler and hoisting machine for
sinking the new shaft have been taken to
the place by Grant & Mounce.
Peter Muer, a miner, got a severe scalp
wound on the side of the head, requiring
five or six stiches. It was caused by falling coal.
McPhee & Moore's store and market
building is being rapidly pushed towards
completion by Gram & Mounce,, the contractors.
Messrs Ennis & Garrison were a-
warded the contract fur building the ad-
dhicn to the school house. The ell wilt
be 19 by 32ft.
No. 3 locomotive is being repainted
and a set of new wheels supplied. The
latter are from the Baldwin Locomotive
Works, Philadelphia, and weigh 13,*
900 lbs.
Miss Nash, thc fashionable milliner
has removed into her new buiidmg, corner of Dunsmuir ave, and Third street.
She is doing a fine business and is desirous of securing the services ofa young
Grant & Mounce have secured this
vears crop ofthe Mathewson farm. Mr.
J. P. Davis, the gardener will look after
the vegetables. Mr. Mathewson and
family will pay a visit to California.
The Nixous of Denman Island have
bought five lots in block VIII on Der-
went ave. between Second and Third
streets and will erect 10 houses. Two
of these houses are to be built immediately by Grant fit McGregor.
There is great rivalry between th*e ice
cream saloons. They are on opposite
sides ofthe streets, and give vou heaped
up plates of wonderfully fine cream. The
plan is to patronize one and walk across
the street and try the other. Usually
this is so satisfactory that the operation
is repeated. Thi*. is carried to such extent that the hotel tables are neglected.
Living steadily on ice cream gives a certain interesting pile expression which it
is popular for the young people to affect.
The Social Event.
Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay gave a social
party at The Waverly on Frid.iy night.
About 100 were present, representing the
elite of the town; Courtenay and thc outside towns were also represented. The
large dining hall and silting room adjoin
ing were thrown into one constituting a
magnificent dancing hall, the floor of
which was in splendid condition. The
music, under the charge of Mr, D. McAllister, ably assisted by Messrs Roy,
 and Jones was first class. An excellent supper was sat down to, to which
ample justice was done.
The guests left at 4 a. m. after first con
gratulating thc Lindsays on the unqualified success of what they were pleased
to denominate as the most delightful party
of the season.
A Public Greviance,
Editor New*;
Mr. 8. Creech, the Gov. agent, enn.
tinues to progress steadily for the worst,
and if the Onvt-runv-nt bad been thoroughly
acquainted with hia unfair wav of doing
thinga they aurely would never have allowed him to sot the tyrant at long aa be haa
done. A abort time ago he put ont public
���otice inviting tenders for work to be done
on Tn-Mum River and Black Creek roads.
Tho firxt half mile on Tsolum River mad
waa not freihly blazed nor marked in any
way ao that a stranger could find it or follow it,���very probably for the purpose of
preventing anybody from tendering wbo
was not is hia circle. But finding himself
defeated io hia unfair purpose, he resorted
to another device. On the evening of tbe
Oth instant 1 went to bia bouse in company
with another gentleman, to aee him and as
the time for the tenders waa already op I
ventured to ask him whether be intended to
open the tenders that evening aa I felt anxious to Mara my luck, but he said he con Id
not open them tbat eight aa he had a lot of
writing to do He further told me tbat
word would be sent to the tenderers aome
time next week concerning the result. But
that snme night after I left his house he
opened the tenders and some of hia favorites
were telling it early the next m-irninir that
he made known to certain onea that he
only opened the tenders to know the figures
or the tenderers' prioe, and had seat these
prices to Headquarters, He did not send
tha sealed tenders below which would have
been an honorable way. No doubt there
was something rotten in thia matter by the
way he acted from the beginning, Now
why wai he not frauk and truthful witb me
that night when I asked him about the t**n*
dere! You see he opened the tenders that
night after I went away and did uot let me
know anything about the tenders needing to
go below to Headquarters for further consideration. Why should Mr. Creech open
the tenders at all, seeing that the figures
hail to tro below before the work would he
decided upon? Every man in that caae
ahmdd have sent his tenders direct to Victoria where there would be nothing to fear.
Mr. Creech has acted very unf-tirly ever
since be has been in nffioe and hia pecular
ways are provoking to the publio. 1 am
ono of the many in this district who have
no confidence in Mr. Creech. It would require more than a newspaper to find room
enough to mention the full details of the
many instances of Mr.Crteob'a pecular ways
of doing things.
Johh Johoteon,
Now is Your Chance.
J. Abrams has received a large consign*
ment of snitiags which hare besa delayed
on ths road, Tbey will go ohsap. Satis
for |20 aad upwards.
Wanderings From Comox.
No. vxn.
I kept on the look out for a job. At
last I struck onc; it was short and sweet
like the girl I know of up in Union.���
One day 1 got a dollar just the same.
By this time I-noticed the girl that slung
letters ut the post office address me as
"Georgie" which I didn't like. The gal
that slung papers was nearly as forward
so I came to the conclusion that 1 had
better send some one else for my mail.
I could, I saw, get cither, but was afraid
of one disfiguring the other, but whether
that happened I'm not prepared to say,
but rather guess they did not go so far.
One day ut the letter window, I had
trouble in changing a $20 bill. 1 was
lazy for a good while, in fact didn't feel
like working at all. It was the only time
I ever remember to have felt lazy.
One day I was rambling along chewing a tooth pick and sporting a tiny cane
when the boss of the B. C. Cooperage
and jute Works asked me if I wanted a
job. My first impulse was'to feel insulted, and ask him what he took me for,
but after a little consideration I thought
I had better take it. I only worked five
hours that month being as it was the
last end oi it. I drew my pay. The
statement read thus:
B. C. Cooperage and Jute Works.
To George Finley Dr.
For 5 hours labor at 7 cents per
hour  $0.35.
I rushed in on him and unloaded myself of thestorm of oaths 1 had pent up
in the proceeding 2 minutes, then finish
ed up with, -'What do you take me foi���
A Chinaman?" He said, "There is a
slight resemblance." 1 disappeared mut
tcring something about suing for libel.
Well, I soon made a raise and got a-
long all right fot a few clays. When as
I wns walking along with a big block in
my arms 1 tripped and fell on my face
giving one of my eyes an African color.
Tbe boss made great sport of it, and the
boys followed suit while the eye kept its
color, which was for 21 days 21 hours 21
minutes and 21 seconds, and something
like 21 more. Soon the boss got a better opinion of me and so promoted me;
that is he put two gentlemen ofthe land
of vice and rice in my care. You can im
agine my feelings.
Pretty soon after the boys started a
fire brigade and for some reason or other
choose me as Fire Chief. We were pro*!
vided with hose, buckets, etc. About a
week after this we were upstairs e-iling,
an alarm of fire was raised and like the
true chief 1 was, I mustered my men and
took the lead. We got the buckets and
started for the fire. Of course, 1 got
there first nndJbund the hose of another
brigade playing on it from below. I proceeded to empty my bucket of water.
Some of it in falling, happened to light
on the hose man, and he seeing he had
the fire under control turned his attention to me, also bis host The result
was that I had a collision with thc water,
and with the floor soon after, such was
the force ofthe water. The upshot of it
was I lost my position. As to my Chinamen they were willing to work, but there
was too much, ''No sarve" to suit me,
and onc fellow in particular was absolutely cultus; so 1 did my best to get rid
of him, He couldn't stand the heat in
tbe drying kiln, and he wasn't near as
strong as I was, and that's saying plaguy
little, besides tbe boss was always complimenting me for keeping the machines
busy. So if I didn't get a better Chinaman I wouldn't keep up; therefore one
day my gang was sent outside to file
bolts, I told them there was no two
men's sticks there, though I must confess
I rather doubted my word. The cultus
Chinaman did anything and mighty sudden too; so he departed, but soon returned with thc boss. I explained. The
boss picked up (he biggest bolt in sight
and trotted off with it. 1 took the smallest I could see and triumphantly followed
him. The result was the Mongolian got
his walking papers and 1 got another
Chinaman with all the latest improvements. I put him to severe test which
he withstood wonderfully.
About this time I came to pay my bill
at tbe hotel. The boss tried lo cheat
me out of $2.50 and got mc so rattled
that he got the best of me. Never mind
said I, "I'll do the same at the end of thc
month." So he reckoned it up and as
I slill owed him something, it came to
$25; so he made mc give him an otder
on tbe company I was working for. I
told him to come along on pay-day and
collect it. Well, pay-day arrived in due
time, so did Washburn's circus. Mv
landlord being an absent minded kind of
a fellow forgot to draw my pay, so I did
it myself. It amounted to $,'7.50 I
blowcd the $7.*jo in on thc circus and
Dominion Diy. Then it bothered me a
good deal as what I would do with thc
remaining $30,
While watching the soldiers drilling on
Cordova street I came in contact with ).
1), Bennett cscoriing a brace of females.
He gave mc a good deal of friendly advice, but 1 won't argue as to thc quality
of it. In my humble opinion the two
feminincs kept him pretty busy.
Geo. Finley.
(To be Continued.I
What Does It Mean?
A surrey party of aeven under surveyor
Going oame np on last week's steamer, Joan
and were taken op Oyster River way by
Msaara Smith ft McKenzie, Their headquarters will lie at Joe Stewart's. Youug
Miller and Williama baok of tbe Bay were
added to the party. Going with oue or two
of the party oame baok in a day or two and
were engaged in some work with their instrument* not far from the mouth of the
Courtenay Biver. Going and the members
of the party are vory reticent about the
purpose of their work, and hence all aorta
of inferences are drawn.
Having sold out The Riverside to Mr, W.
Sharp, I desire to close up all matters connected with my business here as speedily aa
Persons indebted to me are requested to
make payment without delay and those bav.
ing accounts against tne to present the same
J. J. Grant
Federal Voters.
Instructions have been sent oat from Ot-
tows to tbe revising officers eo that the Fed
era) voters lists shall ba made complete.
The revising offioer for Vaoooavsr district
Is Judge Crease.
Local Brevities.
Harry Martin's cottage by the river is
Mr. Gen. Howe, proprietor of the Nelson House was up this" way on Monday.
The civil war in Samoa still drags a-
Caesario Santo, who murdered President Carnnt, will be guillotined.
Princess Charlotte, ex-empress of Mexico, i^ slowly dying.
F. W. Robbins bas taken the school at
Denman Island.
On Saturday, Aug. 4th the Empress of
China ran aground on the bar at Shang
Two vessels have left England to be
transferred to Japan on the high seas.
They were flying the Spanish flag.
Gladstone declines the invitation to
visit America owing to the infirmities
of age.
The great railroald strike ��n the United
States inflicted a loss estimated at $100,
C. Wesley Price, representing D, M.
Ferry & Co, Windsor and Detroit, ivas
up on last steamer ami left on Friday.
A party of six left the settlement for
Texada Island to prospect and do work
on claims belonging to them.
J. J. Grant has sold the hotel, Courtenay, to W. Sharp, who formerly was lessee of The Elk, at the Bay
Mr. Kenneth Grant stepped upon a
nail from which he is quite lame, He is
on the mend.
Fok SALE.���A Jersey bull, full pedigree. Apply to John Piket, Cumberland
Hotel, Union
Mr. J. S. Wilson has so'd his stage
wagon to A. C. Fulton of Union, and dis
continued the stage business.
Messrs Proctor and Hawkes of ike
sloop Restless have contracted with Mr.
Isaac Davis to clear up ten acres of his
Lake trail ranch.
On "Friday thc little son of Wm. Parkin, ud the Settlement, fell into a pail of
boiling milk and was badly scalded.
Mr..John Masson has sold off of Ida
homestead in Courtenay a quarter of an
acre of land. Mr. Perry will build at
A Mr. Robinson, of Stcveston, was
.fined $30 a��d costs in the District court,
''Westminster, yesterday, for unlawfully
pr ifAielng medicine.
Thc Urquhart Bros, have secured the
milling timber of a large area of tho
neighboring forest, and have given C. It.
Rabson a large contract for getting out
The Stone walls of the basement ol I.
McPhee's new store at Courtenay will
soon be completed and upon them with
out any unnecessary delay will rise the
superstructure ofthe new trade building-
Rumor has it that a handsome young
bachelor has bought a couple of lots on
ihe Piercy road beyond ihe school house
in Courtenay, and that he will build at
once. Is it to be a bachelor's hull or the
mansion ofa Benedict?
Tbe party, consisting of P. Scharschmidt, W. C. Pierce and A. Lindsay, ir.
wbo went in a sail boat to Oyster Kiver,
on a fishing excursion, returned last Wed
ncsday. They caught i8olbs of fine
tish, but had a rough time in getting them
The Miowera owned by the Canadian
and Australian Line struck un an unknown rock off the coast of Norway and
has been greatly damaged. She was intending soon to resume her monthly trips
between Vancouver and Sidney.
Squamish Charlie has been arrested for
the murder of James McKory un Sea Is
land, The murder wua committed on
the 6th inst at Sea Island for money,
Squamish Charlie is a bad Indian and
when found there were blood stains on
his clothes.
Next to the giant young town of Cumberland, Courtenay is growing, on account, probably, of its beaittv. fine fishing;
magnificent scenery, and of its being the
gateway between the Mines which irrigates with showers of gold the surrounding country, and thc most generous val-
lay lands ofthe island.
W. Sharp, formerly of The The Ell:
took possession of the Riverside Hntel
on Monday. The cuisine will be under
the charge of Mrs Sharp which is ft guarantee tbat it will he tirst class. Jack
O'Brien, thc popular bar tender will be
missed, but he will be beard from further
on at Union. Uy his unvarying courtesy and attention to customers he has
made a host of friends in a compartively
short time.
ROE.���At Courtenay, August, the io-.li
Mis, Geo. Henry Roe, of a son,
Highest price paid for fresh Ranch
Butter and Eggs. Apply to box :?,
Wellington, B. C.
Diseased Animals.
Tuberculosis is quite prevalent in tl-e*
cattle on tbe Lower Fraser and the Provincial Inspector of Live Stock is pretly
busy. The dairy business is of course
suffering heavily in that section.
Fir legs bars sdvaaosd f 1 per tboaaeod.
Resident Physician.
Dr. John Westwood has received the
appointment of Resident I'livsician far
Coniox District, dating from the 6tll inst.
With thc appointment is a grant of $300
per annum. The appointment has been
expected for some time, and is quite pop-
Clean Health Bill.
F. S, Roper, V. 8��� Victoria, wu up this
way lut week. His business wu to-enqnire
into any contagious diseases of animate
whioh might exist. He wm well received
by the farmers he visited but he found no
stock having any contagiosa decease. He
spoke nf the contagions dieewea prevailing
on the Lower Fraser valley and advised that
oars should be exercised in procuring atock
from that section at presont. So far as
known tbe trouble sonth of Vancouver nay
be very eiteoeiv-*, Imt aome oattls have
been ooodemed sod milk from some dairies
prohibited. If snv esse should occur in
this district it should be reported at once to
Ur. Roper, Vietorla. *-*, < v\
Preparing Plums  fof Market.
In most cases experience has proven thai
plums, if shipped lo market-in ten-pouim
grape baskets, provided with handle!, and
put up in neat, presentable shape, will bring
the producer a greater pt>r cent, of profit
than if shipped in half-bushfel, or bushel
crates, or packages. A careful picker can
till the basket direct from lhe tree ; but
the usual plan ia to pick into large receptacle*-, then, carefully sorting tbe'plums, to
place them in packages ready for market.
This frequent handling removes a great deal
of tlie bloom from the fruit, which removal
should be avoided as much as possible.   By
the use of a tingle table, similar to the one
shown in the engraving, plums and other
similar fruits art* easily sorted. The top ol
tne table should not be over three feet
locgand iwo and one-half feet wide. The
sides and back, ������,���',*���, may   be eight inches
wide at the back, tapering to three iuches
in front ; thc front guards, e e, should be
leSB than three inches   high, leaving a ai;
Inch space between thn Inner ends ; the
slanting board,;/, is six inches wide. T
opera!-.- it, place ihe  fruit carefully   Upo
rhe table, the sorter occupying a chair in
fcODtof the table, with a banket ou his lap.
Both bands can then he used In removing
the leaves, limbs, damaged or imperfect
ttilit, in-owing the refuse Into baskets, in,
-*)], located upon the floor, at a convenient
point upon each Hide. The perfect fruit,
nr that Intended for shipping, iH rolled in
front and pasHea over the Incline, <-, into
the basket. This table need cost but little,
and may be made iu as crude or elaborate a
loimas wished, In working, tho elbows
can rest upon the guards, <��� c, which will
make the operation much easier. An
ordinary table can bo fitted with these
simple appliances, and ipiickly removed
After the snipping season ia passed.
Relation of Butter Flavor And Color.
The Rural New Yorker recently asked
several experts whether butler flavor is
dependent ou the color, 'lhe following ii
an abstract, of some of the replies i
H. H. Dean, Ontario agricultural col-
li>ge: (leiierally speaking while butler
lacks flavor, although it is possible to have
nuiurally white butter of good llavor by
ripening cream properly. ,
l��� L. Van Slyite, New York experiment
station t��� When cows are turned out to
grass, the butter becomes higher in color
anil flavor, but who can show lhat this is
not a mere coincidence, or lhat Lhe increase
of nolor has anything to do with increase
of flavor !
S. M. Baboook, WlBoonaln experiment
station : itis a well established fact that
the butter from the fiuernsoys and Jerseys
has a higher color than that from the
Holsteina, Ayrshires and Shorthorns,   If
lhe above ijneslion be Hue, 1 would expect
mat the Jersey and Guernsey butter would
have a higher flavor than thai from the
other breeds mentioned, Thii, however,
does not appeal* to he tbe case.
C. I>. Smith, Michigan agricultural college : There is absolutely no connection
whatever between high color and high
flavor. Between color and flavor there il
no relation of cause and effect,
A. L. Wales; I do uot think color has
any Influence on flavor which Id determined
by feed and management in manufacturing
the product.
,l, i��� Hills, Vermont experiment at
As butter is usually made, color and flavor
go, to some extent, hand in hand,
' John Gould. As color in butter is large
ly an individual peculiarity of COWS, and
what, thc market calls flavor is a creation
of the butter maker secured through tho
agency of torments working on the sugar
and casein of the milk and not ibe hits, il
is bard to see li-iw, conditions being eiml
lar, tlie natural color of milk has very
much to du with the flavor of  Ihe butter,
Prof. II. W. (,'onn, Middletown, Conn. !
Butter flavor and color are entirely dis
tinot- dint it is possible to produce high
flavor without color.
Sheep Ticks.
Some farmers seem satisfied to raise f.tf
per cent, of lambs. Others appear content if
they winter their sheep without losing any,
uo mailer how poor and weak lhey may
have become by spring, owing lo insufficient
I'ourlshmeitl.uxp-isutc to storms, or the fact
that parasite* have exhuod  in  large ami
increasing numbers,
No good caretaker fail;, lo see the
of famishing an abundance of nourishing
tood or to provide suitable shelter from
storms. By dipping <a Reasonable times all
trouble and loss from parasitic peats Is done
away with,
Dipping our  sheep  for   parasites   has
become as regulur a feature of earing foi
our flood as shearing,   It not only destroys
the pests if present hi-i it insures the flock,
peak, from future outbreaks ol scab,
or above, but such are exceptional cases.
\Vhat is a i:ow worth when beyond ten or
t welve years of age and in fact at any time,
will of course depend on a sreat many conditions ; constitution, feeding, length and
number of her past periods of lactation,
treatment received, etc. The cow. Lady
Bright, Hi1, years old, gave over a pound of
fat a day during the ninety-day breed
test, and was stilt a good and profitable
cow, but she had doubtless long ago passed
her, highest mark. The lietter a cow is
Oared tor and the better the ayatem of feeding and the general conditions surrounding
her, the longer will she be apt to give a good
flow of milk ; it furthermore seems reasonable to suppose that prolonged lactation
periods, especially if the cow is milked up
io calving time year after year, will tend
to shorten her period of profitableness.
A Mother's Duty.
There is no part of a woman's duty to
her child thata young mother ahould ao
soon make it her business to study as the
oi.'.* of her infant, and the language conveyed in ita cry. The study ia neither hard
nor difficult, close attention to its tone and
the expression of the baby's features are the
two most Important points demanding attention. The key to both the mother will find
in her owu heart.
It is of the greatest importance that
young children ahould he carefully protected from the practices of unprincipled
nurses who, while calming the mother's
mind with false statements as to the character of tho baby's cries, rather than lose
their rust, or devote that time which would
remove the cause of suffering, administer
behind the uui tains those deadly narcotics
which, while atupifying nature into sleep,
insure for herself a nightof many unbroken
hours. Many nurses have not the hardi*
hood to dose their infant charges, but they
do not hesitate to employ other moans to
still the mint an t and reproachful cry. The
most frequent means employed for this
purpose is giving the babe something to
suck��� something easily concealed from tho
mother, or, when lhat ia imposaible, under
the plea of keeping it warm, the nurse covers it in ber lap with a shawl, antl under
this blind inserts a linger between the
noan fordi
A   t'aliiiloii*. Amount or I'ol.l I urrh-.t   t
Barope Blum- Hie it��*Ki��ntott or Hie Veur.
The quantity of treaHuro carried across
the Atlantic whon Spain was robbing
Mexico, Central America, and South
America, though supposed to be fabulous,
is small compared with that which passes
between this continent and Kurope now
a days. The rich freight of a returning
Spanish galleon would seldom run into th<
millions as do the void shipments on hoard
some of lhe fast Atlantic Hteauiers oil their
outward trip from New York. Since the
beginning ot the year these steamers have
eanied from the United States lo Europe
more than forty million dollars' worth of
gold. Last year nearly seventy million
dollars'worth was shipped abroad during
the gold-exporting season. On a single
veSBoI there will often ho as .iiuch as
of lhe yellow metal. The buccaneers had
rarely such a prize as that to lie in wait for
in the gilded,gorgeous dayn of the sixteenth
century. Also itt those times there were
fewer treasureships crossing. A few galleons sufficed to carry the yearly spoil to
Cadi/. Of course, the gold shipments,
groat as ihey are, ure but a small fraction
of the total wealth coming and going on the
Atlantic. But the very magnitude of this
commerce has done away with piracy.
Navies have grown up to protect shipping.
Other modem circumstances have assisted ^ otherffjge W0,jId b ffrappirj((
In the decay of piracy on the highiMU. a -L %]Um c]ot|l moiBtened with
Steam and the development of a high rale ,   . . rf vinegar and water,
of speed made the merchantmen hard to ThaBao'Ia v'r' keep9 olf flies, and the
catch ; steam also led to the changingo the , - ^^ cold ��� evaporation. Fresh
trade route, and the gradual .juittmg of he[              , fa        d J-J wi��� ^
nam of  the trade winds, near  which the 1 ^ ^   . ^     Jw   BQme   JJ^
buccaneers had their lurking places in tlie   ���__t  _u *,_-.,i*. *..t��1*j  mau i�� f��.k.
farched lips which possibly moan for drink
liider this delusion  the infant is pi
and drop* inio a troubled sleep.
We u'*:u!i urge mothers to put themselves
sympathetically ia communication with
their children so that they will be able to
recognize lhe \arious shades of expression
iu the infantile voice.
Best Modes of Preserving Food.
A enrre-jpoudent writes: -I live in the
country and find it impossible to secure a
daily aupply of ice. List year I made up
my mind to dispense with ice altogether.
1 will state for the benefit of other housekeepers, what I consider the best modes of
preserving food.
Moat should he carefully examined avery
day in summer, wiped dry, and suoh parts
as are beginning or seem liable to taint,
particularly kernels, removed. In hot
weather it   may be kept for several days
"Too Good a Gun."
When Mr. Charles Montague was huntiug
n Africa a young native woe importunate
to be allowed to shoot "for him, and
Mr. Montague at last let him have an old
single-barrel led gun. The fellow was
delighted. As the Englishman aays, "He
put in a small handful af powder and about
a quarter of a newspaper on top of it and
theu a ball, and then rammed the whole
charge tightly down." Then he departed.
He returned in the evening in a woeful
plight Hia nuse and mouth were split, and
bia face was swollen like a balloon.
He approached me and equalling on the
ground announced that he had no talent
tor hunting, and would return- home the
following morning.
"tSood gracious ?" I aaid, ''what have
you done to your face ?" Aud he answered
aa follows :
"A little after noon I found the track of
elands. I followed it till 1 found them
feeding. I crept up to one of them. He
waa about twenty yards oil. 1 rested the
barrel of the gun on a stone, placed the
butt against my nose, directed the muz/Ii*
towards the eland, anil pulled the trigger.
"1 do not. know what happened for I
seemed to lie deaf and blind for some short
time, hut when 1 came to, 1 found myself
lying at the bottom of ihe gully, and the
gun was be'iiud me. My face was as you
now see it, and i was bleeding. The elands
bad gone away.
"Son of a white nun, it was very kind of
you to lend me the gun, hut It ia loo good
a gun for me,- it is a powerful gun, ���loo
strong for me. It needs the wisdom of a
white man.    Farewell!"
mazes of the West Indies. But the powerful protection marine commerce now enjoys
is enough to render piracy on the high seas
impossible. The only risk now a days is
loss by shipwreck, and that risk shippers
transfer to the shoulders of insurance companies. But the cost of insurance, the
freight, and the loss of interest, are a check
to gold exportation, and are only overcome
when remittance by bills of exchange are
still more expensive. Above all these expenses there is always the danger of losing
the cargo.
the insurance could not prevent the gold
from being lost, though it could throw the
loss of it off the exporter. Also, the exportation of gold is frequently injuriousto the
country which partH with it.   The condition
Moat, when slighlly tainted, may be freshened by boiling it for some minutes with
several pieces of fresh charcoal.
Fiah should be kept in a very cool place
���a spring-house if possible ; hut if that ia
not available, they should bo laid upon a
stone floor or shelf, and dipped in cold Bait
water every night and morning. If it he
necessary to keep them fora few daya,
immerse them in a pickle of vinegar and
Cabbages and other vegetables should be
kept in a cool, shady and damp place, not
in water, as that injures their flavor. The
best way to refresh them is to cut off a
portion of tho stem and set the cut part in
water. They should not be laid together
in a heap,
I gather my fruit before it is quite ripe,
place straw upon my shelves and lay the
fruit on them in such a way that thers is at
of the United States last year is an example   |eMt UQ ��*�� between each  piece of
of such injur;-,   therefore, though there is frnIfc    . ooverrmy poultry Rnd game with a
no longer any danger from pirates,   the | mm]-n Mt ftn(* h       u ������ lne flrflW(
trading countries have good reasons tor pre-,
ferrlng   to pay their adverse   balances in ���
some other way than by gold shJpmwli. Hygienic Summer Dishes.
It would seem that they should be able to *'���***
make their settlements  without shipping j    The close, sultry mornings and the hot,
gold to Europe in the spring ��du��� J^J | uncomfortable nights of July make the av
SO 11
ft to.
Some men say thai It pays if tor nolllftlfe
else than the Improvement in ihe quality
and quantity of tlm fleece. This, of course,
can only be said of dips, which do not
stain l)n> Wool or injure the -juality of   tho
fibre.     Lime and sulphur   preparations
should lie BtroilUOUily avoided. Arsenical
dips, while perhaps if is necessary to use
them wilh more care, are. giving mosl
general satisfaction. We have used prepared dips, we have tiled compounding our
own dips, among older things we hnve
tried kerone te emulsion but found it Ilttlo,
it any, ohoaper than thoso already prepared,
while ibe ineonveuii'uee of making it was
not a sin >11 item.
Farmers are sometimes careless in using
dips; that. It, Instead of following tho directions of the manufacturers, they amend
them to suit tholr own fancy and conveni*
enoe. If you wish to he good to the flock
remember tbat nothing can cause much
greater misery to the sheep than the pres-
euco of ticks, lice or scab.
When Is a Cow ut Her Best?
Prof. Wall discusses this question And
comes m this conclusion i That maximum
annual production and the greatest profits
come al live to eight years, and that young
animals give richer milk than older ours.
On the queatlon, how long to keep n cow,
be says .
Keep   her  as long  as she   pays for her
board- and some more, in Individualoases
it is not seldom to lind very old eows that
are still very profitable, while mi the other
hand we also find cows that ate worth hut
little when over 10-12 years old, (A good
muny cows do not have to grow twelve
years old to bo worth little, either.) There
are examples that cows have given large
quantities of milk up to tho t twentieth year
to America iu the fall,
this method. Britain would not he import*
ing gold if there was anything else that
could possibly he done with her foreign
balances, Sho has now more than she
knows what to do with. If her capitalists
had confidence in business iu the United
States her balances would be left thore, as
all spare commercial lulls would be bought
up against drafts on Knglish investors.
lit ii-. iiiiii-i.il iiy ih*- -tirunii Jury-Says
He I*. Nol a Dlpwoiiiiininr.
At Chicago, Judge CrosBcup on Tuesday
morning charged the special grand jury us
to its duties in regard to the big strike. Tho
charge was sweeping enough to cover odenc.
cs of all kinds. Judge OroBSCUp said labor
unions were necessary, and that their pur
[lose was good, but when they interfered
with rights of others Ihey exceeded their
prerogatives. Judge (iroasoup said it ID
men met and agreed to injure the business
of a road It was conspiracy, hut if one man
controlled tire autinusof the 10 and ordered
them out, it could hardly be defined as
The jury indicted Debs, Howard, Rogers, Kelleher and several other strike
leaders for conspiracy and they were arrested.
They are indicted for conspiracy, which
is punishable by a fine of from $1,(11)0 to
*���.'*,000 or imprisonment for not more than
two years, and also fnr hindering the exe*
outton of the laws of the United Statas,
which is a much more serious offenae, pun-
lettable by a tine ol from $11,04)0 to $,50011, or
imprisonment for not more than six years.
President Debs says regarding the charges
made by Dr. Robinson that he was a dipsomaniac, lhat the doctor's talk was nol worrying him mneb.
" ] waH a drunkard once, 1 admit," said
Mr, Debs, "but 1 went to Dwightand took
the Keeley cure, I am a drunkard nn
longer, and liquor has uo more fascination for me."
Notwithstanding Mr. Debs' statement it
is claimed that whon it was reported last
Friday that he had gone to Buffalo he was
so drunk he could not talk intelligibly. On
Friday afteruuon aud evening he oould not
be found, and several people say thoy --aw
him at Kmdewnod much tho worse for
liquor, This Mr. Dobs emphatically denies.
Watches of Parisian Swells.
The laieal fad of the Parisian swells is
the aluminum timeploce. They are very
light in weight, hut a trifle more than the
works. The cases are in a dull black color
��� vory effective. Some are open-faced,
some are often in a small -.'-inch disc in the
centre, with small gilt hands on the black
face of the watch, but they arc in all sorts
of inlaid decoration in colorings, and the
hcBt ol it is they are very reasonable in
It is thc custom at the capital for the
gentry to carry this timepiece in the right-
hand trouBers pocket, along with the keys,
coin, matchbox, and other paraphernalia
of tb'* masculine pocket, It is, moreovor,
the wont of the ownera to rush the hand
down in the pocket with great show of
devil-may-care and bring forti iho watch,
of which the material is iinscrntchable, from
among lhe other articles, glance at tin
time, and carelessly replace  il with au   air
of certainty in its infallibility.
liuary hill of fare appear very unappetizing. There are peoplo (one shudders to
think what digestions and constitutions they
aro imparting to their ohildren by such a
courao) on whose tables appear an unvarying course of hot, fried or baked meats, in*
digestible pastries and fried doughuata the
year round. Tht atomach is a much abused
organ aud stands a good deal, but your children, even " to the third aud fourth generations," must pay for your misuse of yourself. There is not the slightest doubt hut
that, us a goneral thing, people [eat too
much, it is most often the child with the
small appetite who weuthers successfully
many u storm of illness. A small appetite
does not mean a dainty one. The dainty
appetite looks for means of stimulation
which too often include unhealthful dishes.
If ever the housewife and mother needs to
study hygienic cooking it is in summer. If
ever there is an excuse for vegetarianism it
is in summer, hut this I do not urge other
than that there shall be a free use of vegetables and fruit.
Spanish Ragout.���Fry in butter a minced
Spanish onion or an equal amount of white
onions; add a green pepper minced fine
without the setds, and sprinkle these over
nix large tomatoes that have been sliced and
fried. Put a poached egg for eaoh person
ou top aud pour around a cream sauce,made
by adding cream or milk thickened with
flour to the butter, in the pan in which the
tomatoes were fired. There n no more ac
lightiul hot weather appetizer than thia.
Potato Omelet. ���Take a pint of cold masher) potatoes and heat over the lire with two
tablespoonfuls of sweet cream, beating with
a fork until smooth and light. Add four
beaten eggs, pepper, salt, and a little nutmeg and press through a sieve ; heat one
tablespoonful of butter in a saucepan and
cook half of this mixtute like an omelet. It
is delightful with bacon or ham cut lu thin
rashers and fried crisp.
Chopped Omelet and Kgi*.���Have your
round steak chopped very Hue and freed
from skin and sinews; season with salt,
cayenne, and iniiicod parsley and union (a
teaspoonful of each of the two latter to a
pound of steak I, add the beaten yolk of an
egg, and make into small flat cakes, Fry
fn drippings until cooked through and
lu-owned on both sides; pour over the gravy,
and crown each with a poached ��� gg.
Lobster Cutlets. Mince a pound of
lobster small (the canned may he used),
season with salt, white pepper, two ounces
of meltol butter, two boatcn e-* ;,-j and
enotuih tine, silted breadcrumbs to make it
ding together. Shape in the form of cut*
lets ; dip in crumbs, then in egg and again
in crumbs, and fry in hot drippings. Theae
ery palatable with green poas or
tomato sauce.
No Salmon In New-Zealand.
The true salmon has never yet been sue
cessfully domiciled in New-Zealand waters.
Why not ? Because, it is said, tho New
Zealand bean do so abound in voracious
fish, harraoouta, sharks, aud the like, that
the salmon haB uo chance of returning un-
devoured from his first visit to the salt
water. But if trout can pass through such
un ordeal unaoathed, why cannot salmon':
It is possible that the trout do not venture
to sea so early as the salmon, hut only when
they have attained to yeata of discretion
and are able to take carenf themselves.
There must' be some reason, oould one
but discover it, A few yeara ago there
waa muoh talk of trying to solve this problem in New-Zealand by an experiment on
a grand scale ; to wit, by turning down a
quarter of a million salmon-fry &t once iuto
an unstocked river, and awaiting results,
Whether this plan has been put in practice
or not we are unable to say ; the experiment would be interesting, though expensive, and ahould lead to aome decisive conclusion.
But whatever the fate of the true salmon,
t seems to he possible, nay, likely, that the
Knglish trout in New-Zealand may develop,
so to speak, aalmonhood of their owu.
Not so Eauy as It Looks.
Lay a chair on the floor in the manner
Bhown by the picture. Ask some one to
kneel on the back bar and take up with his
mouth a pieoe of sugar laid on the forward
Not A Drunka d's. Paradlsp.
Renowned though ^wit/.eriat.l be for the
freedom und democracy of ita institutions,
there is no country   in the world that is so
drastic   and   severe   in   its   treat mem of
inebriate-).   The laws vary in  de   il in the
22 cantons, hut in their essentia) principles
they are vory simple, and provide for the
punishment not ouly oi   those persons who l
ndulgc in strong drink to excess,  but also ' i;-,,
for the people  who supply   the liquor   mi
question.   Drunkards are visited with pen
allies ^mounting to a maximum of a yea: '���
Imprisonment with hard labor and tl1
This is apparently aneaay thing to do,
hut if the person who tries it does not take
care to It nee) in such a way that the centre
of gravity of his body is kept behind the
seat, the chair will infallibly tip over, to
the great amusement ofthe spectators.���
The Largest Baloon.
The largest baloon in the world has recently been built in England. Its cap*
acity exceeds 100,0011 cubic feet, and it
will lift a ton.in addition to its own weight
of one and a quarter tons. It is a sphere
with a diameter at fi7.24 feet, and is inclosed by l'_*0 gores of silk, eaoh eighteen
inches wide, sewn together hy four miles of
stitching. One object in building the
baloon has been to enable continuous observations to he made over six days without
descending, and tn enable this to be done,
the hag is a double envelope of silk
with a layer of varnish between, and
uniting the two skins. The cost of construction has been $12,600. The baloon made
its maiden trip from the Crystal Palace
grounds on Wednesday, and after
remaining up for four and a half hours in a
comparative calm, descended at Hersham.
It is proposed to undertake several scientific trips, after which it will be worked as
a captive baloon,
������'      ��� ��� ���"
A Canine Crusade.
A crusade is about to be begun against
the canine race, saya a Paris letter, it has
heen discovered that whereas there are
nearly 500,000 dogs in Paris there are only
some 80,000 that are licensed. Should the
authorities carry out their intention of
making a hecatomb of all doga for whom
licenses have been procured a profitable industry will Iw overtaken by ruin. For the
500,000 dogs cost, according to otHcial
statistics, over $6,000,000 per annum for
specially prepared food. There arc twenty-
live manufacturers nf dog collars and mil/.*
zlea, who employ considerably over 1,000
hands ; there are five dog bak.-rs, six
manufacturera of dog biscuits, 16*0 dog
barbers, three pharmacies stocked with
canine medioines, two do/en canine infirmaries, and two great dog hospitals, all of
which will have to close up if the government proceeds with the cor.teinplatsd
slaur.btei of these oanine innocents.
An Awkward Mistake.
Cirinittii��� "If there is anything I hate,
it's a little bit of a village where the shop-
keepers spend half the time loafing around
outside waiting for customers,"
Friend���"What's the objection!"
��� *l took a house for the summer in a place
like that, and moved there yesterday. In
the attcruoou I went out for provisions,and
seeing a man standing in the doorway of a
small grocery, 1 told him I would like to
see his hams.''
"He wasn't the grocer. He was the
manager of v. traveling minstrel show. "
Love is u creature of circumstances
Since Denmark established dairy schools
and mado a science of butter-mak in-; Inu,.
000,000 pounds of butter havo been exported
from lhe countiy annually.
years' interdiction from oxereisi* g the
franchise and from the purchase ���>.' any
alcoholic drink, while the dealers and innkeepers who permit their cuatomorH to become intoxicated or who furnish liquor to
"intcrdictod" persons.. -e likewise sentenced
to the payment of heavy fines, imprison*
ment, and forfeiture of license. Altogether
Switzerland oan acarcely he considered as a
drunkard's paradiae.
I'ts Dangerous Ground
lit you stand on--with a cough or a cold,
I yonr blood impure, Outof just these
11lions comes ('oniumptiou.
Yoi. must *lo something. In the earlier
stages oi Ciuisuinption, and in all the conditions that leiul to it, Dr, Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery is a certain remedy
This scrofulous affection of the lungs like
every other form of Scrofula, can he cured
by it. In severe, lingering Cougha, all
Bronchial, Throat, and Lung Affections,
and ovory disease that can be reached
through the blood, it is the only medicine
so effective that it can be guaranteed. If it
doesn't benefit or aure, you have your
money baok, Nervous prostration and
debility are conquered by  it,
AHackeil br Malarial Fever. Fn-llont-tl hy
UMl|��e-Tws I'liTHlcliu.*, Failed to
Help HI ni-Thr Means ��r ��'ur��* Dl-tcov-
ere-l by Taking Ihe ailvlre era Frleail.
Prom tho Smith's Falls Record.
Mr. Frank A. Ferguson, partner of Mr.
Richard Smith in the marble huisuesa at
Men ickvide, is well known to most residents of that vicinity. He went through
on illness that* nearly brought him to
death's door, and in an interesting chat
with a reporter of she Record told of the
means by which his remarkable recovery
was brought about, ** While ongaged in
my business as marble cutter at Kingston,"
said Mr. Ferguson, "I was taken ill in
May, ls|l."l, with malarjal fever. After the
fever was broken I continued to have a
bad oough, followed hy vomiting and excruciating pains in the stomach. I was under
the treatment of two different physicians
but their medicine did me uo good, and I
continued to grow weaker and weaker,
and it seemed as if 1 had gone into a decline.
Aliout the middle of September I was
strongly urged hy a friend to give Dr.
Williams' Piuk Pills a trial. 1 had not much
hope that they would help me hut from
the time 1 commenced lhe Pink Pills I
fouud myself beginning to improve, the
vomiting .'eased and finally left me altogeth
or. I grew stronger each day, until now I
Weigh ISO pounds. At the time I was taken
ill I weighed 107 pounds, and when I began
using Dr. Williams'Pink Pilla illness had
reduced ms to 12.'! pounds, so that you will
see how much the Pink Pills have done for
me, 1 never felt better in iny life than I
dn now, although I occasionally take a pill
yet, and am never without a part of a box
in my pocket. I believe that had I nut
been induced to Lake Pink Pills I would he
in my grave to-day, and I am equally'
convinced that there is no other medicine
cau equal them as a blootl builder and
rebtorer of shattered systems. Five boxes
cured mo when the skill of two of the ablest
doctors in Ontario failed, and whon I look
back to tbe middle of last September and
remember that I was not able to stand ou
my feet, I consider the change brought
about by Pink I'ills simply miraculous."
Dr. Williama1 Pink Pills strike at the
root of the disease, driving it from the
system and restoring the patient lo health
and Birt-ngth. In cases of paralysis, spinal
trouble ���, locomotor ataxia, sciatica, rheumatism, eryaipelas,serofulous tioublcs.eic,
these pills are superior to all other treatment. They are alao' a specific for the
trouble** which make the lives of so many
women a burden, ami speedily restore the
rich glow of health to pule and sallow
cheeks. Men broken down by overwork,
worry or excesses, will find in Piuk Pills a
certain cure. Sold by ull dealers or sent hy
mail postpaid, at .JOc, a hox, or six boxes
for $2..r>0, by addressing the Dr. Williams'
Medicine Company, Brookville Ont., or
Schenectady, N. Y, Beware ot imitations
and substitutes alleged to be "just as
The women of the middle ages always
parted their hair with a small dagger. When
not in use it was carried iu the girdle.
Railway employes iu Kngland are now
instructed in first aid to the injured under
the auspices of the St. John's Ambulance
Association. ,
A young Kentucky woman killed a steer
the other day with a stone. What makes
this feat the more remarkable is the fact
that the steer that was killed was the one
aimed at by tho young woman.
A secret society of Chinamen, in San
Francisco, discovered that one of the mem-
hers had been treacherous to the order. A
midnight council waB held,and the offender
was doomed to imprisonment between airtight brick walls.
The lion's roar eau be heard at a greater
distance than tho sound of any other living
creature. Next comes the hyena, then the
screech owl, the panther, and the jackal ju
succession* .Tbe donkey can lie heard fifty
times farther off than tho horse.
Miss Grace Chisholm, of Cambridge University, Fngland ; Miss Malthy, of Welles-
ley College, and Miss Mary F. Winston, of
Chicago, havo received special permission
from the German Government to enter the
University of Goettingen, with the same
privileges enjoyed by men,
There was a mock marriage at a church
entertainment in Steuben vide, Ohio. The
principles wero a maiden lady of the ad van-
ed age of eighty and a man oi sixty-five.
Now the bride claims the mau is her real
husband, and he lias become so scared that
he appears us old as ahe.
A new form of delirium tremens has
attacked a New York toper. While under
the influence nt a lively jag, he was shocked
by an electric wire, Now, when he has
taken too muih whiskey he fancies he sees
sputtering electric wires, and writhing
snakes, whiob shower him with sparks.
A race between a kangaroo and an ostrich
is to be run in Sydney, N. A. W., in July,
It will be ft handicap. The course is one
mile, and the kangaroo will' have two
hundred yards start. The ostrich is now
being fed on a light diet of broken oyster
shells and glass to get her iu condition.
The latest theory concerning the cause
of tint aurora borealis has heen deduced
from a careful analysis nf that light thrown
through a spectroscope. This unique ex*
perimeiit clearly establishes the faat that
it ia caused hy an electrical discharge
among the particles of meteoric iron dust
contained in the atmosphere.
A tonr-legged chicken came into the
family of Dave My let*, of Johnson City, Mn.
As two of the logs wore fnr forward locomotion, aud the other iwo always insisted on
walking backward, that unfortunate chicken found it dilticulito advance iu the world
and gave up the effort in despair.
Dogs are becoming scarce in Fvaiiston, 111.
Thero is a uertain iron post belonging tu
the North HhoreEleotric RailroadCetnpany
which becomes occasionally charged with
eleotricty. Several dogs within a few days
playfully fooled with this pott, aud wero ut
once shocked into lifelessness.
Rheumatic Pains
Require no description, since, with rare
exception, ail at some time have experienced their twinges. Bheumatism is not easily
dislodged, only the most powerfully peue-
iratins remedies reach to ita very foundations. The most successful treatment known,
and it is now frequently resorted to by
medical men, is the application of that now
famous remedy for pain���Poison's Nerviline.
It ia aafe to aay that nothing yet discovered
has afforded equal satisfaction to the suffering, and no matter how bad the case may
be Nerviline ia sure to cure it. Sold by
druggists und country dealers.
The potato crop in the neighborhood of
Kingston is expected to bo three times as
large aa that of last year.
Ladies' Journal for July.
With weather up iu the nineties it is
difficult to keep anything moving except
butter and tourists,but the publishers of the
La oiks' iIouknal, Toronto, believe in keeping their paper moving and are making
extra efforts to have the preaent number
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Kodak," is a seasonable article and one well
calculated toenhance tlie interest of intending tourists to our lovely Queen t 'ity. The
sketch will be profusely illustrated with
beuutiful half-tone photos.
There are many pet charities in thia philanthropic city, and some that are equally
deserving hut not quite so well-known,
Among the latter may be mentioned The
Girls' Home. The July number contains
au interesting sketch of the workings uf
that institution.
1 he Teachers' page contains au excellent
photograph and biographical sketch of Miss
Mills, of the Ottawa Model School,together
with an important paper on " Keeping the
Ohildren olf the Street." "What to do
for a Living," is the third ofthe series of
most interesting papers by Georgina Fraser
Newhall the well-known Canadian writer
now u resident of Omaha, Nebraska.
The Fashion and Fancy Work Departments aro freely illustrated with numerous
lineeugavinga. Theother departments suoh
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������ to* 	
Millinery Item.
" You aeem worn," observed the bluebird,
" No," replied the redhird.    Everything
is (lowers   this season."
The KeifTer Pear receives much abuse hut
still poople plant it for it is probably tho
beat market pear on the market. Brown
Bros. Co., Toronto, Ont., tell us that 210
Keifler trees yielded a crop that brought
'$l,3.*)H..'tl. This company wish a representative here.   Write them for terms.
| At Billingsgate, the famous London fish
market, 103 tons of fish were destroyed as
unfit for food laat month.
Recipe,���For Making: a Delicious
Health Drink at Small Cost.
A-lain**' Root Beer Kxtroct one bottle
Fletsehmaan's Yenst half a cake
Sugar  .two pounds
Lukewarm Water two gallons
Dissolve the sugiir nnd yeast in the wator
ndd Ihe extract, nntl bottle; place ina warm
place for twenty-four hours until It ferment**,
then place on Ice, whon it. will open sparkling
nnd delicious.
The root, bo r ean bo obtained in all drug
nnd grocery -i ore*. In HI and :''��� cent bottles to
make two and live gallons.
In Stuttgart there is a rosebush which
overs a space,of i'.'fli square feet,
Mr. W, M. Carman, Champion Bicyclist
of Canada writes that he considers St, Leon
the very 1-est thing to drink while in general training.
ft, WITH
* Shilohs
SafltS.,      ���
Mots, and
81.00 Bottlo.
One cent a dose.
Itis aold on a guarantee by all drug-
gistj, It cure** Incipient Consumption
uud is tli i best Cough uud Crouu Cure,
Be sure and get one for your bugK**. Take no
other kind, They won't di**a|iuoinl you.
They aro better than ever lor IBW,
Canada Permanent
Loan and Savings (loiipny.
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Subscribed Capital.
Paid up Cupltul
Koaervod Funds
Total Assets	
$ 5.0M,C
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Extractor���safe, sure, aud painletis. Sold
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A P. 720.
Scrofula in the Neck
The following h from Mrs. J. \V. Tlllhiook,
wife of the Mayor ot MoKeeaport, I'enn.:
"My little boy Willie,
now six years old, two
yenrs ago hiul a bunch
under one our whleh the
dootor stdd was Scrofula, As it continued to
grow lie finally tnuced it
nud it discharged for
sonic time. We then he-
... �����-��� ���-���J glt-l BlVlng IlllU Boon's
tVUUe Tillbrook, Barsapnrllln and he improved very rapidly until llu: sore healed up,
Last winter it broke out again, followed by
Ki-raipelnB.   We ngalll gave hhn Hood's Sin-
saparllla witli most nxoellont results mid he
has had no further trouble, ills euro Is due to
Hood's Sarsaparilla
He )ms never t) I very robust, but HOW seems
liealtliy nnd doll, ��ro.vin�� ��c.ou��. r."
HOOD'S Pll-LB  do not   weaken,   nut   aid
ilgMtloa and ton. tn. .touaflli. Trj llietu. Sec.
MANHOOD  Wrecked & Hi-si-neil
By W. J. II i'nthii, Ph.D., D.K. A aerlo. o!
Chaplin to mo n un .oolnl purity nnd right Hv
Ing. It In writton In plnin lonvuiio thnt, nl
iiuiyiimleiHlunil. LIVo Aj-cabt wuntoil. clr
poll.��� nnnlulnltif- term, seat on application
wilium Humus, l'ubllihor,Tororit o.ont.
CANAN0QUEI k;,��;* *���<���������*��� ���-��������������� ~<
DRY EARTH I Knilonod by all Doctor,
HI AGET I Solentiata.
ULUSEI ...  |       pmcf. $5i00i
Heap   of
Trouble I
K.'ll�� ".',""" ob-trootloh or llllgjlsh netlon
of the Howo|.,Kldnqra or Lit     Ilnul
aphei Hoik Uleon. I'lmplon, uml n horto!
nthor cpiiipHontlonsftposiiruti)follow. SI
Loon Mlnernl Wnlnr nets mnt:rn.v nn
I hose organs- removing nil llllhy nbslrni
I Ions-una give. Health and Vigor to Un
who le system.
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(old to Leading
They give perfect satisfaction in lit, style nntl finisli, nnd it liita become a by
word that
���'OranbyRubbers" wear like iron. THE DEAN AND HIS DAUGHTER
After the pitiful defection of my little
curate, there wan evidently nothing to be
done hut to leave Leamington, Knit to leave
it at ita heat, in the very height of the hunt-
ing seaaon.
Then arose tin* question where to go
next. 1 ha t begun a semi-nautical habit of
consulting maps, So 1 took down n.y atlaa,
ar, 1 turned over the map of Kngland.
My choice was Boinewhat narrowed, as 1
had resolved not to try the aea, except in
the very laat riMour--e, Tlio sea now only
reminded me of Oeorge Sahine, and I hated
the very sight of It aa passionately ai I had
once loved it.
Uu innately I fixed on the Cathedral town
of Sulci-em it Salchester is nf immense
antiquity, Ita laat two syllables point to
its having onoe heen an old Human garrison.
Its first, prohibly to the exiatenae of salt
works there; although upon this point
antiquarians and county historians are
1 decided to atop at the principal hotel
for a few days, aud then to take lodgings,
the best that could he got in the Cloae
itaelf, or at any rate, as near to the  Cath
"that yon find the air of Salchester unit*
what ia I fear, and have indeed heard, a
delicate constitution."
"Salchester, Uy lord, suits me in every
way. I have actually not had to call in a
medical man. I find tha air from over the
downs aa bracing and exhilarating aa that
of Brighton itself, and the scenery ia delightful. I manage to pet little drives,
and am learning to know the neighborhood."
"It is a very beautiful neighborhood,"
he remarked, "Moat of our Cathedrals
have been most happily placed, although I
fear,the credit must be given to the Monks
who chose the localities long before the Reformation.
Having delivered himself of thia astounding piece of ecclesiastical history, he continued :
"A river was'neoessaiy to them to provide fish for their fast daya, and a sense of
duty alao impelled them to aeek busy
centres. It ia the necessity oi the iron road,
and nothing else that has compelled ua lo
giveabiahoprioto���let us aay��� Manchester.
We most, of course, move with the
With this profound remark he ran  hi!
.Jr.U.po..il.ott���eng-g..  mtUd   in th. Hlldown Ilk. .-.look, and *��i-.tl h.lpl...
town, wlio would no .tout tr-l��u- .very tody , M* *����� -**"'"1 ���*"_���**���
exactly what 1 chose lo let her sen or
imagine; and to attend the Cathedral services regularly.
Alwaya think out your plana thoroughly.
Vou thus save nn immense amount ot time
and friction afterwaida, And it ciroum-
ataucea battle your plua, you have only
lost an hour or nu ol quint thought, whicli,
after all, iaiuitsolla useful mental gym*
Having thought nut my plans, I went
down tu Salchester, stopped (or the night
at the " Hull," and the next morning
secured thu very lodgings I wanted, my
landlady lining no leas a person than the
wife of ono of the lay clerks, or, aa they are
profanely   termed,   singing men.
My conduct was method aud circumspection itaelf. I breakfasted at eight. 1
attended the Cathedral service at ten, I
had my liltle dinner at two. At four, I
attended the afternoon service* Then I
had tea, and waa careful toga to I wil at
thn orthodox ami respnotabln liritish hour
of ten to the minute,
My landlady waa charmed with me, and
was too well satisfied with the way in
which things went on, to make herself at
all inquisitive, Kven the most uneducated
English wom-in has a certain amount of tact
aiidswoir fajre, if you give her as little
trouble as poaaioie, and wink al her pretty
deviations from thn strict paths of recti*
tude and honesty.
This is why, aa a rule, a man in furnished
lodgings never quarrels with hia landlady,
and a woman alwaya invariably manages to
do ao.
Well, things went on smoothly enough.
Ha tore .i fortnight was over the wile of one
uf the Minor Canons called upnn me. 1
had forgotten, by thn way, to state that I
was passing as Mrs. Allen, and had resolved, instead of riskiug troublesome falsehood*!, to evade or else entirely decline any
conversation as to my past life. As f paid
my way in current money of the realm, my
task was comparatively easy.
Before long I was iu the magic circle of
the Close, aud had actually dined at the
Deanery itself, where the Ilean, who.unlikc
my own vory reverend father, was really a
learned man, and without a grain of world*
liness in his composition, was charmed with
I was particularly careful not to irritate
the women by my dress, I wore alwaya tie
plainest frocks, of a very simple and ordinary kind 1 also, although my hair was
as luxuriant as ever,adopted a moat discreet
little cap. My rustic Abigail always came
early to fetch ine heme. When any of the
Hrandea dames par le inonde ecolesiaBlique
honored me with a <:all,I regaled them with
tea which 1 kuew they'could not match, as
1 got it from Twining'-*, and with the heat
cake and hot-house fruit that thn 'own
If the men came, I would have olaret on
the table. Parsons are, as a rule, good
judges of claret, and you are seldom amiss
In offering them a large glass of Tanqueray's
Laroae, and pressing them to take a second.
Claret, I explained, was ordered mn ; and
I had indeed been recommended a variety
called Haul Brian, which proved, however,
1 found, t<i he beyond tne range of my
somewhat limited purse. Of champagne
there waa not a truce, and 1 found life perfectly possible without it. I think what
pleased the men most was my nndoniabaly
go>-l wine, The women were charmed
when they discovered that I had among
my effects very valuable jewels which I
never worn, although, of course, there waa
no reason why I should not do so ; and they
were still more inarmed when tliey found
that I did not set my cap at their husband's
and lovers.
Within a few weeks I had established my
footing securely. The men all swore by me,
In ao far and after such fashion an swearing
is permissible to ecclesiastical dignitaries.
The women had ceased to be jealous, and,
if anything, exhorted ntn to vary the monotony of my seclusion by a little harmless
dissipation- Home of them going so far
as to-; ingest croquet, Lawn tennis was
notasyit considered sufficiently serene
and sedate for un old-going Cathedral
My rise at last reached its culmination -n
an invitation to dine at the Palace, where
I tound the Bishop and his wife all smiles
and affability, and had actually the honor
of being taken down to dinner by the Arch-
deauin, a very worthy old gentleman, whose
conversation waagarruloua.and his manners,
to borrow irom Sydney Smith, "absolutely
and purely aroliidiaconil,"
The Bishop was a dull, well-meaning
pompous mau. He had been a college tutor
at one of the very Hinallest Cambridge Colleges for tho whole of his life, and had
managed to forget nearly all the mathematics, which in the days of his full youthful
vigor and intellectual force, had landed him
triumphantly as bracketed twenty.uintli
among the Wranglers.
Ho bad edited Newton's ���' 1'rincipia" and
the " Kpiatle to the Hebrews," preached a
number of indifferent University sermons,
and, after a brief visit to Palestine with a
"personally conducted tour," written a
volume called " Galilee and liennesareth,'
which reviewers had uot even condescended
to tear in piecea.
People said that if hn lived long enough
he wonld probably he Arahbiahop, as ho
was in everyway ho eminently safe. By
which tliey meant that whatever his
opinions might be, religious, political, or
social, he kept them profoundly to himself.
His wife I van deal with almost in a
sentence. Mrs. Johnson was ono of the
numerous daughters ofa poor Irish peer,
She was vivacious and agreeable, and had
evidently onoe been extremely good-look*
ing. Beyond thia one could only say of
her what the stranger told Sam Smiley of
his frog���that he could see no more points
in him than in any other frog,
The conversation waa extremely dull and
monotonous. The Women talked scandal,
or, to do them justice, that comparatively
harmless, irrelevant, and discursive kind of
scandal known at L'OBHJp. I
Thn clergy, and the few country geatte-
men who were present, deplored the alarming Spread of revolutionary principles ; hut
I could not help noticing the church militant was, as a body, much more truculent
than wero moat laymen,
ll was a Bishop, now that I remember,
who once got up at a public dinner ami de-
���dared the satisfaction it would give him to
nee Mr. Joseph Arch dragged through a
The Bishop presently did me the honor
of addressing mc
������ I hope, Mrs. Allen," he observed paternally, and with a gesture nf Ihe hands
whioh seemed to indicate an irrational desire
to commence the confirmation service at
onoe upon ths whole body of his guests,
1 This waa by no means a difficult task as
I had pretty well got his measure, I
talked to him ahout anything that came
firat���about the architecture uf ihe Oathe-
ral, about Tintern Abbey ami u slill more
wonderful Abbey, which, as a mailer uf
fact, 1 only knew from photographs.
Then I paid a tribnte to the memory of
Bishop Selwyn and aaked his lordship, gaging critically at his chest and idioiildera,
whether he in hia time had rowed iu the
University eight, or whether hia studies
had made it. impossible for him to so aid his
Alma Mater.
He replied, of course, that he had heen
warmly pressed to take a thwart in the
middle of the boat, but that moie serious
pursuits had compelled him, like Cwsar,
to thrice refuse the crown of laurel.
When you onoe get a man who is well
past fifty to chatter to you about his physical powers, you have pretty accurately
ascertained the length of his tether, and I
in my own mind finished my reokoniug up
of his lordship by putting him in my mental museum of busts as being at any rate
capable of giving my very reverend parent
what poor George used to call a atone and a
half, anda thorough beating over four miles
So far then everything was in my favor
the dayr passed very pleasantly. I procured an old sure-footed pony and a amall
basket carriage, juat suoh another as I had
at Leamington, only more ecclesiastical in
Its ensemble and with leas suspicion in its
appearance of any sinister intention to go
and see the hounds .thrown olf. This I
kept on the famous "gig-manity" principle,
and wu most careful to let it always be at
the disposal of any of thc ladies at the
Close. The pony waa not one at all likely
to run away with them. And they were
welcome to let him down for all that I
oared, as his knees were badly broken
And by these and other similar little
devices I managed to get on famously.
Alter all I waa doing uo wrong. I was
leading my own life���a simple harmless life
enough, and being asked no questions had
no occasion to tell any lies.
On the whole I think I really enjoyed my
life.    1 mounted fern cases in my windows,
procured myself a piping bull-finch and
magnificent collie, hired a good serviceable
piano, and began at last to find the spring
returning to my step .uul tne roses to my
faoe, and to think dreamily about those
pleasant and lovely places ao exquisitely
describe I to me hy poor George Sabine,
and aven to plan a visit to aome of them.
To one or two ladles, who were rather
curious about my antecedents, I replied
that my husband had been ia the consular
service  and had died abroad under   very
Eainful oircumatances. And then I would
ring out my pocket-handkerchief.
Some of them inclined to the view that he
had killed-himself with drink j others were
in favor of a fatal duel; others of suicide.
They fought the matter out among themselves
with some waste of timo and loss of temper,
but none of them came to me a second time
begging me to determine the dispute in her
I did not meddle with them in any way.
I did not try to eclipse them or to compete
with their unmarried sisters or their elder
daughters. Ho they unanimously came to
the conclusion that my life had been a very
aad ono, and that tlie manner in which I
bore up against my sorrows, together with
my unostentatious mode of life, spoke volumes for my resignation, my humility, and
my other Christian virtues.
Women are easily managed enough if
you will ouly abstain religiously from anything calculated in the slightest degree to
make them jealous.
Thus, then, I became insensibly an institution in the town���a sort of Jack
dawess of Rheims. The life waa lazy and
monotonous, but not, as my life wiih Sir
Henry had been, tedious. And I almost
began to wonder whether 1 might not
possibly "long live lhe pride of that ouun
try aide, a- d at last iu the order of sanot
ity" peacefully depart this life.
And yet, up to now, I had had ao much nf
the vie orageuse that Salchester was beginning to weary me almost as thoroughly aa
Ossulston had ever done, and, as 1 felt my*
self growing stronger and more resolute, I
began, aa do birds of passage, to feel an
definite craving for motion and freedom,
After all, I oould return to Salchester at
any lime I pleased. I had been economizing, not as a virtue, but because my income
was far heyond the few expenses incurred.
Had I lived up to my means I should probably have exulted suspicion.
Why then should 1 not give myself a
holiday, pleading that unanswerable plea,
a craving for sea air ?
We had reaohed -.hat time of the year���-
When a blanket wrap* llm day.
When the rotting woodland drips,
And tho leal Ih Hininpoil In clay.
Thfl birds of passage had long left; tlm
days were dismal ; and yet I, absolute mis*
treis of myself, had been loitering and
hesitating instead of turning straight to the
Sunny Mouth.
I had my boxes packed, left i-.f.i*. cards,
adroitly catching all my friends out, and
felt thorcughly happy when I fouud myself
alone In the train being rapidly whirled
tc wards London.
Of course I had written to Kthel to announce my determination, and 1 had paid
my maid two months' wages and given her
three or four old dresses. Nothiug could
have been better arranged ; and I felt at
last recklessly free and triumphant as I
toasted my feet before the fire of my littio
room In EUwlings' Hotel.
That evening I actually took a small
private box, and went in one of the hotel
broughams to the theater. 1 wonder if
bad habits are hereditary. When 1 got
baok to my quarters, I actually found myself ordering a pint of Perrier .lonet and a
plate of dry biscuits.
Th* Perllaas resllloa at Un- Car ut Manila���Mae* Prlrr lhe ail-eat Fear
tiara ���ave Beeu Hurdrr-r-1.
The persevering attempts ot Russian
conspirators during the last 13 yeara to
assassinate the Kmperor���several of which
conspiracies have been within an ace of
success���vividly show hi*-perilous position.
They also bode mischief to the peace of
Kurope. It ia impossible to foretell what
would occur if any such catastrophe happened. Would the policy of the future
Government be���as now���one of armed
peace, or would it imitate the French revolutionists of 1792, and by plunging llussia
into foreign war, divert people's attention
from home affairs'!
Since Peter the Great four C/ais have
been murdered, but there Is no accurate
record of battled conspiracies, it ia l,'f ynars
since Alexander II. was assassinated, and
since then
D0ZKN8 or I'l.DTH
have been unearthed, aud the Kinperor'-*
lie has been repeatedly attempted, hut
great care has always been taken
to prevent tho full truth becoming known.
Tlm recent discoveries of railways
being mined over which the Kmperor would
have to pais, and of piibli'- buildings being
also mined which it was known he intended
to visit, show the imminence of the danger;
and also that the conspirators must tie
comparatively numerous ami possess funds.
Danger threatens from different directions:
(1) the old Nihilists, who are practically
Anarohists. Although these, from their
adventurous hardihood,arc very dangerous,
they are not numerically strong;('J) the
old-time type of conspirators, men of tho
tippttrand middle olasses, who aro greatly
dissatisfied with the present cast-iron
system of rule and atandstillism, and who
are determined, at any risk, to bring about
a change; (.1) other so-called conspirators,
but who outside Russia Would not he classed
as suoh; men who abhor assassination, hut
who seek moru or less legally to bring about
reforms. Ill other countries theae latter
would form legal associations for peacefully
effecting reforms, but this cannot he doue
under that aem-Asiantic despotism. The
Russian police often purposely mix them
up with the genuine plotters, with whom
they have nothing to do.
As showing the extreme peril of thn
Emperor's position officers of the army
and navy and officials of good standing
have been discovered among those plotting against his life.   The Czar   has   linen
that he has created a special Department
ot etate���with its own Minister and police
���exempt from all control except his own.
Its special object ia to safeguard tho palace,
and also the Emperor during journiea.
But unless he oan lie aure of the fidelity
of those about him these extra precautious
will he of little use. The assussination of
the French President has vastly increased
the Czar's danger, for one specialty of the
nativo Russians���to some extent a stumbling block���is that lhey are an imitative
race, more ao than any other in Europe. One
of two thiogs is reasonably certain to hapten within a measurable period :(!) either
io will somewhat relax his iron rule of
repression and initiate sorely-needed reforms, or (2) he will share the fate of his
father. Such a crime will probably start
the avalanche over-hanging Europe.
What was to become of her and her child-
reu ! She took lhe resolution to go and aee
the governor and told him all her story.
"Sitdowu there and write," replied the
General, pointing to a writing-table. The
trembling woman took her seat and wrote
from the General's dictation a long supplication. "Now address it, and wait for
me iu the next room." .
Two or three minutes afterward the /
woman was recalled, and theGeneral gave
into her hands a sealed letter, saying to
her: "Take thia letter to the head constable,
take care not to open it, and come back to
me as soon as you have the reply. A week
passed, at the end of whioh the woman
went to the palace again, hut this time
joyfully; hor pension had been granted to
her, and ahe thanked the Governor with
joy. " It is useless to thank me : I am
nothing in tlio affair," and he immediately
gave the following order; " The head of
the police at Kieff is'dismissod from his
post and sent into exile ! The reason,
because he granted a demand after having
received a sum of money for so doing." In
the letter which the widow had written to
the head of the police, General Wahl had,
unknown lo her, slipped a bank note for
93 roubles, which accounted for her
supplication beiug granted!
The Arretl   or    lit-li*   Orttaiil-Ml   labor
tirlher*. at Inderal Aulliurliy.
Organized labor was prompt to strike
back at the latest manifestation of Federal
power and authority. Hardly had the
word been flashed aoross the half mile ot
the intervening ground bet-vecn the Gov-
ernment building and labor headquarter--;
that indictment ahould be ie turned and
warrants for Debsand hia associates placed in
the bauds of the ollieers when the committee
appointed hy the Trades and Labor Associations ot the oity to urge upon the Pull-
mau Company the desirability of submitting the dispute with its employes to
arbitration attached its signs to the order
o tiling out evory union mau in the oity
from midnight.
Almost beforo the ink was dry on thia
document* General Master Workman Sovereign of the Knights of Labor placed the
official seal of the order upon a manifesto
appealing to the order and through it to
the whole people to lay down the implements of toil. This order, request, or
whatever it might properly be designated
waB wired at once to the officers of
every district assembly throughout thn
country with instructions looking to its
immediate transmission to the executive
hnad of eaoh local assembly. The organization of the Knights and its means of
communicating with the individual member*!
ia ao perfect that it waa the opinion at head*
quarters that every Knight of Labor in
the land would be made acquainted with
the ultimatum by midnight. District Assembly No. 24, representing every local as.
sembly in Chicago and surroundiug towns,
was the first to respond to the Execetive
appeal and it has by formal resolution
declared it the duty of all members within
its jurisdiction to carry out the suggestions
of Grand Master Workman Sovereign.
Around town the news ofthe arrests, whilo
it intensified the strained feeling already
referred to, failed to produce any prolonged
manifestations either of approval or indignation,
An only daughter comprise* tbe family
of Mr. Peter Princetown, a re tired.merchant
and a widower.
He is a very important man ; and now,
aa we behold him, in his dining-room,
awaiting the arrival of hia daughter Char"
lotte, to begin dinner, his importance and
hunger have so overmastered him lhat he is
holding his evening paper upside down, and
probably thinks he is reading it.
Here, Gertrude I" he anaps ont at laat,
addressing hia servant, " take away the
aoup and keep it warm. I oannot under*
stand what haa detained Charlotte at her
musio-les8on. Bring me tny boots at once.
I am going to meet her."
"Gertrude, atill trembling, removes the
eouptureeu; and is returning with the
boots, when the door-hell peals out joyous
"That ia Charlotte, at last I" exclaims
the father, who has just taken off his slip*
"His the young lady," repeats Gertrude,
who, in her haate lo c>pen the door, drops
the bugta on her master's plate.
Charlotte enters like a miniature whirl*
wind. She is small and graceful, with
laiighi g eyes and fluffy hair ; ia eighteen
years old, bas little feet, wilh arched insteps, and pretty handa, perfeotly gloved,
beside* a thousand other charming details ;
there aru dimples iu her cheeka, ami she
has a ������lean-fin little chin, aud a softly-
rounded form. In a word, she is an adorable lit* le creature, a butterfly, all ribbons
and lace ; flowers and furbelows.
" You havu come at last," announces the
fiith-ii*, ironically, as he seats himself at thfl
table, and unfolds his napkin.
" Oh, papa, I wua just going to tell
you I"
" Sit down, ait dowu first; you oan explain while eating, and I will understand
you belter theu. Great heavens ! I have
waited long enough, already. Gertrude���
the Soup."
"But, papa, you can't think 1 I've had a
real adventure."
" An adventure?"*criea Mr. Priucelown,
starting up in alarm,
"Yes, papa, an adventure, in thn omnibus, with a young man."
" In the omnibus, with a young man 1
great heaveni*!"
At thiB juncture Gertrude discreetly retires, iu obedience tn an imperious gesture
from her master.
" Oh, papa, an adventure with a young
man who was altogether too nice, I assure
' I would have you know, my dear, that
result, grows pink and white, then crimson,
then violet, and now shades ofi into green
���a rainbow in a silk hat and overcoat.   -
"I have forgotten���my���pocket-hook !'*
" That's an uld trick,'' roars the cabman;
but you can't tell that to the police. It
won't anawer with me," and be prepares
to seize the aim of the unfortunate man,'
who, in despair, on the verge of apoplexy,
meekly submits. Rut Mason, a veritable
providence to the family, givea the cabman
tbe necessary amount and orders him away.
"Permit me," the young man says, with
loliteness, to the ex-merchant, who barely
its strength to articulate.
'���Certainly, mv dear air, with pleasure,
but give him only one dollar���not a cent
Thn father of Mias Charlotte, who but
recently could not understand that a person
haa not alwaya iu hia pocket as much as a
dime to pay in an omnibus, now admits
that he is very happy to have some one to
advance the sum of a dollar to stop thn
mouth of a pitiless cabman.
Thus, notwithstanding the diverse and
unusual emotions lie hu juat experienced,
it is with an almost gracious smile that he
saya to Mason:
"Sir, lhat makes a dollar and ten cents
that I owe you, I believe If you will do
me the pleasure of dining with me thia
evening, we will settle thia little affair.
A merchant docs not likn old debts���besides,
abort reckonings make good friends."
A quarter of an hour later Gertrude
plaoes an extra plate at the table. It Ih
still placed there every day for the nexl
month, the engagement of Miss Charlotte
Princetown and Mr. William Mason is
announced, and thn ex-merchant atill aays
to any one who cares to listen:
"Never borrow, oh, ye fathers ot families
it costs too dear. I onoe owsd a debt of a
dollar and ten cents, and in order to pay
it, I had uot only to give away my daugh
ter, but $v��.--,itoo aa her dowry.
Poets' Corner.
The Little Room
This it. ihe Utile room where she
Walkod beautiful for love of me ;
Horn, on tbe window --ill her dn rer<-
Woo all the winds in daylight hour*;
And sweetly breathe, when brersea s I ir.
Of the dear, lovely face of hor:
This i-* the little room���so tono!
My -nil!, into the silence grown,
Hurl- at i rich leaf that taps tbo pane,
IiOw-listenln-* for her step attain I
How croaks tho stairway and t be i* if u !
Why lingereth my lovo no lute.'
Here on tbo little llreplnce mat.
Lie two blown rlhbons from her hat :
And there -a messenger of low
A tinted, tapered, scented glove!
What tender memories cluster o'er It ���
For 1 have kissed the hand that woro It.
From dawn until the shadow* full,
I dream bofore the lonely wall
Where baii|*s her picture; aud 1 yearn
To ki-.-1lu* Kolden curls that burn
Above her womanly, sweat brow ���
Would -ihe could come antl klflS me now!
AU things speak of bor   nl) the [dure
Hath a remembrance of her tace ;
The hint (lower thut she wore-tbe l.i-i
liim pathway where her footstep pa-ried.
The ���imnmi-.'-i'loni*- near lhe door
Seem whispering :   "Will she come no morel"
This Is the little room where-.lie
Walked boiuliful for In.eof me!
Hut nh! Ihe utter loiiellnesi!
The flower*thm mi--, ber sweet carets t
Only the night-wind enaka the gate-
Why lingereth my lOTOSO late I
The Daisy's Secret.
Toll inc. liltlo pilii lu -iv
With the heart of gold,
ll-i-t thou e'er to mortal
Thy sweet story told f
Why thy huart Ih --olden,
And thy face in bright,
Dost thou toll to faille--
lo iln* iiiile moonlightr
Ur when on thy bosom
RosIm a butterlly.
Uoth ho hoar thy story
When I here'** no one nigh 1
a   young  man
���a you ki
who is
nice never haa an
A Remarkable Cure' for Diphtheria
Tha Pall Mall Gazette has a note aliout a
new .diphtheria cure, about which very
little has been heard, hut which, it is said,
baa been ao firmly eatabliahnd aa a sound
and trustworthy remedy that it is about t
be introduced at onco iu one of the large
Loudon fever hospitals, Tho history of this
cure ia,roughly speaking,aH follows: ���Uipb
theriawas lirat studied as a zymotic disease,
and its characteristic bacillus was isolated
hy Loftier, in Berlin, and afterwards by Dr
Roux of thn Pasteur Institute. Koux found
that the aym ptoms of the disease were pro.
duued by a spcoitia poison, secreted by the
diphtheria bacillus. The matter was taken
up afresh hy Professor Retiring, af Berlin,
who discovered the remarkable fact that
blond trom any animal whioh had been ron-
dcred immune would actually ait re diphtheria
and extirpate the noxious bacillus. This
result iu one of the moat alartling in the
whole range of dae'eriology. Ii seems incredible, tirst, that by injecting weak cultures of a disease into living animala tbe
animala do not become infected with thn
disease, but simply become immune to it
so that ooe can inject without harm,
into a guinea pig as muoh poison at
would have otherwise sufficed to kill
whole colony of guinea pigs ; and secondly,
tint a few drops nf blood from that animal
injected into a human child suffering
from diphtheria will arreat and often
cure the disease. Usually it is a horse
that is made immune, and the process of
bleeding is ao simple and painless that it
will not even look up trom the carrot it ia
munching to see what tha operator is doing
at its jugular vein. By ana by, iu all pro* |
liability, a means will be found of obtaining
the necessary aerum without having recourse
to living animals at all, and then the cure
will have reached its highest attainment.
A -TiincerltMl Movement Against Authority
la lloslon House or <orrecllon.
The prisoners in the Houae of Correction
at South Boston, Mass.,mutinied thn other
forenoon and refused to work, The trouble
broke out in shop No. I. where thn men
threw down their tools and stopped work
uud began to make a noise and threaten the
Uvea of tlie officers. The prisoners in shop
2 ami 3 quickly followed their example, and
tu a few momenta all the ahops were in as
state nf wild tumult. The officeta in charge
of the shops endeavored to suppress the disturbance, but without effect, and the
officials drew their clubs and charged on
tbe prisoners. Thn men resisted and at.
tacked thn officers with their tools, stools
aud anything thoy could lay their handa on.
Unable to drive them into lheir cells the officers finally drew their revolvers and tired
.-ovcral allots at the convicts. Only one shot
took effect. This struck a conviot iu the
cheek, and effectually frightened the mutineers. Superintendent Wbitten states that
the wound is not a serious one. He says
that the prisoner shot had seized a tailor's
goose, and attacked the officer, who, iu self-
defence, shot at him. Tbe superintendent
refuses to give the name of the man shot or
of the officer who Bred at him, but states
that the wounded man #aa one nf the leaders in the outbreak. Tbe men have been
restless for aomo days, and threatened
trouble. After the shooting the prisoners
fell hack, and were driven into their cells.
Several of the convicts were severely clubb-
Willingr to Compromise.
Friend���" Practising on bass-horn, oh ?
Don't your neighbors object ?"
Von Teutor���" Yah, but I haf offered a
" What did you propose to tbem ?"
"I hromUed if day vould kill dero squally pabiea, 1 vould amaah mein bass-burn."
Hard to Please.
Mother���" Why do you bo object to
having your photograph taken': "
Little Son���" On, they always pinch me
up and twist me around until I get mad,
and then they tell me to look pleasant,''
Aa .tiuouiil orHagoelly Whlili l-i I'titillve
ly NarvelluiM,
One elephant, which thcottiueriMminaud-
ing ii 11 Battery of the Royal Artillery lent
lo assist in extricating some camels which
wem being engulfed in the quicksiiida,
showed au amount of sagsuity which was
positively marvellous, writes Major A. G,
Leonard. It was with the utmost difficulty
that wo could get him to go near enouifh to
attach a drag rope to one came) I wan ted
to rescue, In spite of our being about Til)
yards from tho hank of lho river, ho evinced
thn greatest anxiety, while hia movements
wero made with oxtremo caution.
De.-tpi'o .-taxing, persuasive remonstrance,
and at laat a shower of heavy blown dealt
upon his head by the exasperated mahout,
this elephant stubbornly refused to go
where he waa wauled, but, with hia trunk
shoved out in front of him, kept feeling hia
way with hia ponderons feet, placing thtm
before him slowly, deliberately, and methodically, threading all the while with the
velvety softness of a oat and taking only
one step at a time. Then suddenly ho
would break ont into a suppressed kind of'
shriek and retreat backward it> lynat bantu,
When the animal hadn"i*l. completed
a circuit of the ground ivi'li the same caution and deliberation, he advanced to within
10 yards of the poor camel, but not another
inch would ho movo, though several men
were walking botwoon him and thn camel
without  any ai-jns uf thn ground giving
A atory ThAt SbowM Hint tt u Wot r.viinei.
(Jen. Van Wahl, chief constable of the
police at St Petersburg, when he waa governor at Kieff, received a visit oimi day from
a poor woman, the widow of a police agent
who had fallen a victim to his duty. For
a loug time she had solicited tho ponsiou
which waa her due. Tho head of the
police to whom she had addressed her demand   aent  her  always  brutally   away
Nmi Ibe (lay, Vlvaelons Han He was-HI*
Arrival In >ew lurk,
Ou thn deck of the Majestic wheu she
drew in at her pier iu New Yurk harbor
stood a middle-aged nun, wearing a striped
yachting suit, a yachting cap and white
canvas shoes. He waa roalless and nervous
and from time to time apoke to a rather
dark, handaomn woman at his side. Before
the gang-plank waa run nut the couple left
the deck. They were Lord and Lady Randolph Churchill, the latter not greatly
changed from tlm lime when, as Jenny
Jerome* and the reiguim- hollo of New York
city, ahu broke tbo hearts of Manhattan
bachelors by marrying thn young Knglish
He, liowover, is vury greatly changed
from the gay, clover and vivacious young
man who gained wide popularity at New
York and at Newport some yeara ago.wben
became to visit, the Jeromes. As he came
down tho gang plank, he walked rather
feebly and with jerky step-*-, like a man who
js not certain where he is putting his feet.
adventure with a young-lady���above all,
an omnibus.    Kxplain yourself."
"Oh, it's a trifling matter, papa, and,
really, it isn't nf the least use to mako auch
big oyes at me, and talk to me in auoh a
voice. I had forgotten my pocket-book-���a
thing that ia likely to happen any day������"
" Oh, yes, yea���especially to (hose who
haven't one.   Goon."
I didn't discover it until the conductor
demanded the fare. What was I do to ? I
turned red as ,i peony, then I felt my face
pale. Happily as the conductor held out
hia hand, a young man at my side placed a
quarter in it, and said, -For two.' This
gentleman had understood the cause of my
embarrassment, and paid' for me."
"So, young lady, you accept a dime from
an unknown man! Better a thousand
times to have explained the circumstances
to the conductor���the driver���to anybody.
One dona not forget one's pocket-book when
going in an omnibus; or.betteratill.onedoes
not go in an omnibus after having forgotten
one's puoket.hook. How do you propoae to
return this dime to this young man" For
I hope you do not intend keeping it!"
"But, papa, I have his card. See here :
���Mr. Wm. Mason, No, 4 Willow street,
The father, without wilting to hear more,
anatchcH the bit of pasteboard from the girl,
and cries j
" What, not content with lending you
monoy in violation of all the proprieties,
this gentleman gives you his card besides I
He is the pettiest Intriguer, the lowest of
tbo low���your young man who is altogether
tOO nice,"
"Now, papa, ou reasonable. To returu
tho money, it was, of course, necessary to
know hia address."
The ox-merchant llnds no suitable reply
to thia ingenious reasoning ; but with a
CUHturu indicative of decided ill-humor
throws his napkin upon the table.
"I am fated not to dine to-day, Oertrude,
go engage me a cab by the hour. I wish to
return this young adventurer his monty at
once, and tell him a few plain truths
"Oh, papa, i apa, you won't do that? It
would be base ingratitude. Only think of
it. This young mau has extricated me
from a very unpleasant situation."
"Unpleasant situation ! Let me alone !
Shut up ! 1 don't care to be lectured,
especially by a rattle-brain, who loses her
The irate parent puts on his boots and
takes his cane and hat, all the while growing more and more morose, Gertrndeentera,
"The cabman ia below, but he only
promises to take you there, not to wait for
"Very well, I can get another cab to
bring um hack."
Mr. Potor departs, after slamming the
door, whilo Charlotte, blushing and tremit,
ling, recounts to her ohl frienddertrude,
how she ia much better acquainted with
Mr, Mason than ahe dares to confess to her
father. That for a mouth at least she and
he have taken the uiimbiis at the same time
each evening, and that, without seeming to
do ao, ahe, Cbarlot'e, has noticed his
evident admiration for her, nlc, etc.
"A tine affair, indeed," exclaims the
astonished servant, allin a tremor of excitement.
William Mason is iu his baohelor apartments, and, iu a sentimental mooil, is
gazing at the band that his charming
neighbor iu the omnibus has touched while
taking the caul he gave her.
Suddenly there cornea a knock at the
looi, whioh opens abruptly.    A large man,
Haslnrss ornll kln.l-. In Ihlraga In a Male
of Paralysis.
A Chicago despatch says t��� There is no
disguising the faot that the local situation
in the labor troubles is more grave now
than it haa been at any time. This is not
the view of alarmist or biased Radicals
among the atrike clement, but rather thc
opinion' entertained among all classes of the
community which are looking forward with
fear and apprehension to what the night or
another day may bring forth. There were
three times aa many people in the streets
to-day aa worn to lie aeen any day for many
months pant. Nine-tenths of them, men
and women alike, displayed aome emblem.
The majority wore the white ribbon, emblematic of sympathy with the strikers, Silk,
nu miniatures of the Stars and Stripes,
too, made their appearance this morning
and before noon, they were to he seen in
thousands. In many instances this emblem
of loyalty to the National Government was
fastened with th*; significant bronze button
of tho Grand Army of the Republic. It
was significant also that tho Stars and
-"���tripes were hoisted on scores of flag-poles
both in the busiuessand residential districts
that are generally bare, except on Fourth
of duly, Decoration Day and tdmilar na*
tlonal or local holidays.
The peoplo in the streets keep moving.
There was no congregation nf crowds except
about the military camps on the lake front
and the Governmnnt building, and in the
region of various headquarters of the labor
organizations. In commercial circles there
weie lamentations loud and deep, for retail
business of all kinds is in a state of par*
alyaia, and tho wholesale trade is faring but
little if any better.
Why so bright thy heart la,
And I hy face so pain,
llalh the faithful violet
Ever hoard the tale I
All thy protty secret.
Whon alone at night
Hast thou told the poppy
With the color bright f
No mortal e'or hath heard the tale
Nor have lho fairic* bright;
I would nor tell tht buttcrtlr.
Ho hold*! ill tmsts -jo light;
Nor have [ told thc violet.
Wftoje constancy 1 own:
The poppy tall;* -o in hia-deep-
I trust In God alone.
Before Sleeping;.
Now is tbo dead of ni-fhi, and 1 mustHleo|i;
But tirst my koiiI. if thou dont aught recill
Wherein thou hast donn ill, I bid theo weep.
Ami pray QodS lender mercy on the" tall;
Purge thyRclf clean of whtitao bitter liato
Thou bant for them that wrong then; sink
thy pride.
Nor ileum thou HlandoMt In n higher ������tale
Than thoao whom God thy happier chance
deniod,     ,
Ho  all  for heaven ;   think life draw-near
tbo clone;
Olvo  to  ropontanoe  thy lust  conscious
Kor  more and   more  this  mortal  weakness
grows ���
Tbat pledges   Ibuc to  lake tho form of
And sleep a while.    What   if In dream-,  the
Of   life should  shut,  and   thou   return no
more I
Although to some extent it has been anticipated, the arrest, of President Debs and
hia associates waa the sensation of the day.
The president of thn A.H.U. and hia cob
leagues were brought in quietly and without
any outbursts of popular indignation that
sensationalists had predicted. The Federal
prand jury occupied leaa time than had
been expected in reaching the decision that
the evidence presented for its consideration
was sufficient to justify the return of true
hills against the leaders of the union.
���ImlgeGrosscup's charge,although denounced with fury at the headquarters of the
various labor organizations to-night, iB
generally commented upon in commercial
and professional circles aa a masterly exposition of the line between the legal and
justifiable methods of trades' organizations
and defiance of the lawaor rebellion against
authority of the United States.
iidicatod a painful nervousness, from the
querulous tones ol his voice to his compressed lips, drawn over the teeth in au
apparent effort to control their trembling,
There were rings under Iub eyea, and altogether ho looked aB a man might look who
had beon for nights without sound sleep.
It was said that he had stood the voyage
poorly and that his unhealthy appearance
arose trom this. Lady Kandolph looked
very well.
CauiM".  ut   *noniri-ur��   Immranr   In rum
��orlain i.
In view of the heavy mortality nf infant;
in Montreal, Dr. Laherge thinks that i1
is tho duty of the Dominion Government
to appoint a commission of enquiry into tho
causes. Tbts mortality.be points out ,ts nearly
all amongst infants, Out of 259 fatal cases,
iD'lwere children under six  months,  ami
7fl    between    six    1UO|ltllS    lllld   OUO    year.
Moreover, '207 of thc 'J.'il were children
under live years. He lays the blame on
soothing syrups, impure milk, over-feeding
and want of fresh air, He advocates numerous small breathing places (squares) similar to those of London, where the mortality
considering the Immense population, ia very
in his list, enters unceremouiouhly,
"Sir," he exclaims, "to say tho least of
it your conduct ia unworthy of a gentloman.
A gentleman doos not. take advantage uf
tho innocence, the inexperience, tho
artlessnoss, the embarrassment of a young
girl. To profit by the absence of a father,
and a pocket book, to brutally offer to a
young person who is alone, notonlyadime,
but a visiting card, may be a good investment, but it is very bad manners. But here
is your dime, sir. My daughter ami I wiah
nothing further to do with you,"
Ami thu largo man, after perorating with
much volubility, begins to search In his
pockets; hut before Mason, who is literally
duinfounded, can utter a word, a new actor
appears on tho scone. It ia tbo cabman,
who comes in furiously, brandishing bis
I'hls is final I tell you I will bring
you here, and not wait for you, and ynu
accept tbe terms, Ynu even order me to
mako haste, and when wu arrive you shoot
off like a zebra, an slippery as an eel, with
out paying me, and calling out to mo to
wait. That won't gudown, I tell you 1 I
mean what I say. One trip means one
tiip and nothing else. Come, hurry up, if
yuu please, 1 want mydollar and hequick
about it l"
Mason does not understand; hut the large
gentleman, who has precipitately dived into
each pocket, then successively turned them
all  wroog side out, without appreciable
A Combined Sink and Slop Drain.
How to dispose of the link and slops
water in a safe and expeditious manner is
what greatly perplexes many residents in
the country. In cities where there is
lhe benefit of water works and sewers, this
ta an easy matter, A simple plan whereby
thia may he accomplished is shown in the
illustration herewith. The dotted lines
indicate the location of the sink. The common outlet pipe passes downward in
the usual manner, but immediately under*
neath the sink or under thc floor, as moat
convenient, a foul air trap is made by
simply Iwnding the lead pipe in the form
shown at a ; it ahould extend upward at
the bend a little more than the diameter of
the pipe, ho that the pipe at the lowest
point of the bend will always remain (ml
of water. This, of course, prevents the
sewer gas from escaping into the room.
Kvery time the sink is used lho water remaining in the pipe is forced out hy the
weight of thn nnw addition. Thin is mm of
the most simple lessons iu hydraulics, and
of great value whnn rightly put in practice.
It is well also to Hush thn sink pipe
occasionally wilh strong washing soda,
letting it stand in the trap all night, Thn
refuse water from the weekly waili, mopping or scrubbing, may bo emptied into thn
funnel at *���<, and be uarriedoflhy thedrain.
This funnel Is of wood one font square at
the top, tapering to thu diameter of pipe.
The drain pipe should be at leaat four
inohea in diameter and placed Mow frost,
and discharged five or six rods from the
Iwellni",   ao tbat   tbe water will spread
A Parson's Mistake.
A 1'reabyterian minister, residing iu a
Sydney suburb (says the Herald), when in
York atreet met an old acquaintance, who
appeared tn have j list emerged from u whole,
aale drapery warehouse, outside whioh
stood a horse and buggy. The acquaintance,
a draper in a country town.made known hit
desire to get a cheque cashed, and inquired
whether the clergyman could introduce him
to some one whe would oblige him, the
bunks having closed. The minister aaid,
" We will go at oucc, if you'll drive," concluding that the turnout belonged to the
visitor. The visitor, fancying that the trap
was the clergyman's, said, " All right,
seized the reins and drove to a shop in Ring
atreet where the paper was negotiated. It
v/as only natural that the sin-cess achieved
should be duly celebrated, ao the companions drove on to the Oxiord, where both
flighted Thoy were about to enter the
hotel wheu tho clergyman aake.1 his friend
whether the horse would stand. "Stand V
exclaimed the draper, "isn't it your trap ���'
*- Ko," responded thn minister wilh emphasis ; "isn't it jours?" Another anawer in
thn ncgativo knocked the proposed rejoicings on the head and brought consternation
to the speakers. They determined to drive
back to York street as speedily aa possible
and make restitution ofthe property which
they had appropriated. Unfortunately for
ihem, the owner, a carrier, had missed hia
trap, aud had already reported the matter
to the police, At the corner of Pitt street
tlie carrier espied hia vehicle, with the minister and the draper in it. He at once demanded of a constable who was on the scene
that they should be lucked up, (Explanations
were attempted, but it waa considered that
a police station, if not a police court, would
lie the best place in which to settle the
difficulty. The parties accordingly went to
thn lock-up in Clarence street, followed by
_. crowd, The affair was thnn discussed and
satisfactorily disposed of, thu minister and
his friend making thoir apologias. The
clergyman afterwards explained the facta
to the crowd, who chuereil   him  when he
took Ids departure.
A Curious Table.
The " Indepenilanoa llnlge" publishes a
curious table respecting thn accidents to
working men for which indemnity claims
were made in IHtb'b Classified according
to the days id the week on which they
occurred, theso accidents were distributed
as follows I���
Mondays ,.
Tuesdays. .
Wednesday a
Thursdays .
Saturday*.. ,
Sundays   ..
over a large area and quickly evaporate
Tho sink outlet pipe should bo one inch In
diameter, either of lead or iron. The funnel also acts as a ventilator for lhe drain,
and should nol bo located nearer than fifteen
feet  from tbe   building.    Cast imil pipe is
best for the drain, aa sower olpn or woo.I,
unless lho joints aro cemented, is liable lo
leak,   which   will  prove  dangerous to tbe
well and cellar.
Not Afraid
Firat liny- "Vou're "(raid In light, that'
Sec* ml Hoy ���"No 1 ain't ; lint if 1 light
you, my inother'll lick me."
"How will she find it out, eh V
"She'll see the  doctor goin' to your
The striking thing is tin. great number of
Monday victims, a consequence, the "independence" thinks, " nnn du repos, mats
do I'alcrml dominical." By Thursday the
effect of Sunday libations has been reduced
to a minimum, and even unlucky Friday
has a far better percentage of immunity
than blue Monday. Saturday acoideuls
arn numerous, but Ibis fact is said by the
Belgian Labor Bureau lo In due to the
unusual number of falls from stairway*
and windows and ladders incident to the
Saturday oleanlng-up, 'Caking the country
through, Hie " independanoe" estimates
thai upwards of six- hundred accidents
happened to workingmen on Mondays aud
Tuesdays, due solely to tbo Influence oi
Sunday drink.   This is an important cou-
lideialion bearing upon the question of
employer's liability lor such accidents.
Musi they indemnify the intemperate as
well aa the abstemious 1 If they are bound
to pay b.r accidents should they uot have
the right ol supervising the habits of their
workingmeu ho us to guard their safety and
their own pockets '.**
To frighten burglars, Kdward Jenkins,
of Louisville, kept a savage canine, and dis
Stayed this sign : " Look out tor the dog."
ome thieves poisoned the dog, stole fourteen chickens, and made the sign read :
" Look out for the chickens." THE WEEKLY NEWS, AUGUST 15, 1894.
Published  Every Wednesday
At   Courtenay,   B.   C.
By Whitney & Co.
One  Year      *r*200
Montha .,,    I ���*..">
Single Topy   00s
Ono inch per year $ 12 00
..    ,.   mouth  I .-W
L'iu'bthcol per year   2*">oo
fourth     .'���uixi
week. .. lino              0010
Local tnjtici-s.ptir line    -JO
Notices  of ltinhs,   Marriages   and
Deaths. 50 cents each insertion.
No Advertismenl inserted for less than
-**���'' Tertising Apent, 21 Merchants'
Exchange, San Francisco, is our authorized agunt. ThiB paper is kept
on file in his office.
Wednesday^ Auoust 15,1894.
Not His Own Way.
The Government agent is not to have
his own way about thc extension of ihc
Tsolum Kiver road up near tlie unoccupied ranches in which lie anil his brother
dre interested. The first calls for tenders were withdrawn on the order of the
Department, and the second calls which
were only advertised in a dark lantern
sort of way��� well, we arc vet to sec what
will be done abont them. Of one thin-,'
we may be sure, the Department will
never consent to any large expenditure
uf money this yc.ir on the road in question, and that the matter will be carefully
looked into, and controlled at the Victoria office. Let us have a little patience
for there may be in the final outcome
little cause of complaint In the meantime, it would be well for the government
agent to remember that persons who put
in tenders are entitled to proper information! '"-d courteous treatment even if
ihey do not belong to Irs "set".
A Betier Outlook.    -
The prospect of limes is belter in the
United Suites. The tariff bill will pass.
The Senate will have to yield somewhat
to lhe House on the question of free raw
material. The people are with the President, and there will be no adjournment
until the tariff is settled. Then business
will accommodate itself to it and industries will revive. The great strike is over
aud we are not likely to sec another of
equal proportions���perhaps never. The
war between China and Japan, however
deplorable it maj be in itself, will do
much tu bring "good times". Already is
there a demand for canned meats and
bthei food; and of course all kinds of munitions of war will be called for, including war vessels. That war materials are
contraband, is not material, as they will
be delivered in mid ocean, if need be.
The vigor which war gives to the business of commercial nations, is wonderful.
Kngland as well as the United States
will be greatly benefited, and Canada
both directly and through the sympathetic effect of thc parent country and its
southern neighbor will feel the quieten-
i ng pulsations of business revival.
Spirit of the Press
The Japanese navy consists ot 5 armour
ed -cruisers ;*g second-class, and 22 third*
class cruisers; with a flotila of one first
class and fortv second class boats' The
sister ship, Hashldatt*, Itsukusliima and
Matsushuna, are protected ciusiers of
special construction,; each displacing 4277
tons, being 205 feet in length and pleasuring 50 feet 6 inches in Ineani, witli a for
midable quick-firing armament and a gun
of \zV. inches making up lheir features
of equipment, Among the boats ofgjeat
Bpced i-> the Voshino and its companion,
recently built, having each a capacity of
22 'i knots and 15,000 horse-power,
with slightly different tonnage. As for
China, it may be said that she has a navy
of" one first class, one second class, and
three third class battleships; 9 fort*defence vessels; t) second clftSS, and 47 third
class ctui-er*. and 2 first class, 26 second
class, and 13 third class torpedo boats;
and nlso 2 ���smaller boat*. Hut COrca has
no navy whatever.
Japan's army on a peace footing con*
siits of 3,662 officerst 62,441 imii-com-
inissioned officers and men, with 314
ficldgunsi 156.mounied.gunk and 8,791
horses. She also has 6 battalions of gen
darnies of 51 officers, 1,007 lion-com in IBS
:oii-;d officers and men, 88 horses; antl
4 battalions of Yeomanry with 80 officers
.3,210 non-commissioned officers and
men. Antl the reserve has a strength of
r*'-,554 aud the Koku-mm-gun or land-
we fir, of 99,176.
Corea, it is said, has only about 12,000
men available for military duties. Hut
China according to official statistics,
claims to possess a strength of 323,000
(total Imperial guards) and 650,000,
(National Army); 1 he numbers represent
ing peace footing of which the national
army can be doubled
This praciically means that Japan
with her maximum force of say 269,000,
has 10 fight China and Corea with something like 1,635,000 war footings, or about
1 to 6.
The Providence Journal says: The
yearly salary of Ida Lewis, the famous
keeper of Lime Rock Lighthouse, nl the
south end of Newport harbor, is $750
and two tons of coal. She is past 50
now, her hair slightly streaked with grey,
and her face somewhat rugged and
wc-Uherbcatcn, but she U still alert and
strong, and can man her boat in the
roughest weather as quickly and well as
when, at 16, she began her wonderful
record of life saving with the rescue of
four small boys, whose boat capsized in
the harbor before her. She is lhe only
women lighthouse keeper in this country
and the Government does not intend to
duplicate her or appoint a successor to
her when her work is done, but freely admits that no light is cared for by .iny
oiher employe along the coast as that of
Lime Rock is looked after by its woman
keeper, Ida Lewis.
From Montreal Star.
This is not the first time that China
and Japan have come to blows. The
feud between these two Oriental nations
is hereditary. For centuries tbey have
haled each other and there have been
several greai wars between them. About
five hundred years ago, thc Chinese invaded Japan with a great fleet and an
arm)'uf one hundred thousand fighting
men. This great Chinese army was
completely annihilated by the Japanese
and the fleet was utterly destroyed, This
was the only occasion on which any organized attempt was made by China 10
invade Japan, but Uic two nations have
often fought each other in Corea. In
former wars in Corea nearly all the bailies were won by the Japanese, but the
numbers of ihe Chinese were so preponderating that ihey could nol be conquered or driven out of ihe peninsular, When
lhe victorious army annihilated onc army
of Chinamen auotbci always rose up in
its place and so ihese wars never came
lo any practical issue.
From Vlctoriu Colonist,
Sir Charles Mills, the South African
statesman who attended tbe Intercolonial Conference, expressed himself struck
with the fine appearance of Canadian
men and women. He admired particularly the manliness of the boys and the
beauty of the glrly. We aie not surprised that the South African stranger
should find m Canada splendid specimens
of the human race. There is nothing to
hinder Canadians being physically and
intelleclully as well developed as the finest people to be found on tbe surface of
the earth.
*       *        *       * #
Tbey have, in the first place, come of
a good stock,      * * *
The climate is invigorating. It is not
so cold as to stunt growth and nut to
warm as to be enervating.       *       *
They bad plenty of excercise for their
minds as well as their bodies in clearing
and cultivating their lands, in building
their bouses, in disposing of their produce and in managing their public affairs
The Canadian settler was in a good sense
everything by starts. To-day he was a
carpenter, tomorrow a shoemaker, the
next day a horse-dealer and the next a-
gain found him driving a hard bargain
with the village storekeeper for snme
of the produce of his farm. All tliese occupations brightened the man and made
liim shrewd, intelligent and resourceful.
The days of roughing it have passed
away in most parts of Canada, but de-
cenannls of the pioneers have inherited
the grand physique of their forefathers
and their strength and activity of brain.
We wonder if tbe merchants and professional men and the lovely women of
Canadian cities think of the debt they
owe the men and who made the coun
tiy what it is.
Itecounix-'-t Mi*- K���������/���*.
the prntirletot- of 11 traveling circus nn-
n 011 need thut on ti certain night a trniuvd
elephant would piny thuUtisalnii hymn on
u piano with its trunk. When thd evening cam**, thc olrctiH ***ih crowded to tin*
roof with an expectant public, After the
turna] pi'rfnrmtuicfibail bit-ugonu through
four men curried iu n cotta^u piano, which
thoy plnuutl in tha center of thu arena.
When thu intelligent animal was brought
In, he waited') slowly-tbreo times around
tbu riiiK. uml tlieuaiulil thu keenest excitement hilvaiicud to the pittno.
With n Klight niov'imt-nt of hit- trunk be
opened tho keyboard, but ncnrco had he
done no when u sudden change camo ovor
/iiiap|icaraiieu. Uiu eye diluted with nif*e
and fear, It�� lifted hi.** trunk in the nir,
and then with u wild sereani of terror ho
rushed out of the nreun, Tlm jw-j-Hi-tor
of ih-'circnsniid the elephant's keeper held
11 short, mid hurried coiiuulUitiou, and theu
thoy, too, lolt the ring.
Alter 11 few moments the eirenn proprietor cifterod ugnin ami announced with re-
t*ri*i, Unit th.- performance could nut take
plaoe, The fuel win, hu Haiti, thnt tha elephant had recognised iu the keyboard of
thi* ItiBi.niiiioiit a portion of the tusks of
bis long lost mother, whu had fallen n prey
to the ivory hunter.*: of Africu.���Loudon
Co-rffrifif Up Troth.
A certain iiinii in Detroit, wbo goes flub-
to a t'vu or three timta- a year and briti��>
bom-u more Klories than fish, wiw tidkinj- to
a friend not Ions,* niter hir-* last trip.
"Ami what did your wife*--*," inquire-*!
tho friend, "wheu you told her you bud
oauylit 47 (Iub, noun lew than a pound
"That wife or mine is a queer woman,"
wiw ihu rulhietire response. "You know
Unit -until- of truth we tiave there Lu lhe
parlor without auy clothe* inif"
"Well, do yon know, when I told her
what 1 Ind caught, she didn't soy a wont,
but went right over lo that stfitue with
tears in her eyes nnd wrapped a rug around
it. Now, what in thunder do you mippniw
she meant by that?" and bu friend BMiirul
hhn f hat it was entirely beyond hie explanation.���Detroit Free Proas,
Oo6d flayer* of the harp are Mid to bo
the scurceut-lf nil musical performers.
Out of 0,0M bodies taken to.lbe morgues
of New York--last year, but 107 remained
Jay-Kye-Sce, 2:0n^, is is years old nnd
never paced until but Heasoii. Hi.* trotting
record iuUitU,
Flying ./ib, 2:05?��, is looked upon nsa
probable champion this year. At the beginning uf iast seas*ni hi* Iuul no record.
The 5-year-old ��wly stallion Manager,
SiOWW, will undoubtedly provo oaeof the
most formidable chtpnpioiiship cuudldulea
thin year.
Henry flf, the eon of Catherine of Mt*di-
cfa, had suoh a borrsr of caw that he could
not romnlu iu the piua room with one of
these Quintals,      **
The Chevalier d'Abnntara hec/imosick
at the sound of tbu word "latui" (wool),
and ye* be did uot object to wearing woolen
clotheu.���Jiugene Favro.
1h.tiiI.j-" tlit I nui'*--������'rtiloii .Awake.
LapenitiBi chaplain to tho Danish
court (-101*2}, noticing that a largo part
of the congregation fell asleep during
thu sermon, suddenly btopped, and pull**
lag from bis pocket a shuttlecock commenced to play with it. lhii strango
device, we are ustmrud, bad tbu timet de*
aired. ��� Temple Ear.  .,
Waverly it
X House;
This  Magnificent   Hotel   Building
Will be Opened lor the Reception ot Guests July 1.
Finest Appointments.
Best Table. Splendid sample
Hooms   and   Reasonable   Rates
L Lindsay, Lessee.
G. B. Leighton
At tho Bay, Comox, B. 0.
Blacksmithing an    Repairing
of all kinds
Carriage Work and Horseshoeing a specialty
For Sale
My farm of 113 acres, with coal right,
also .stork and farm implements.
James Clark.
Conwx, II.C.
All persons driving over Ihe wharf
or hl'iilgps in Ooiitfix (listnot f.stei
than a walk, will be prosecuted accord
ing to law.
8. Creech
Gov. Agent.
R. B. Anderson,
Practic;*'   Watchmaker
Worker in Light Metals  and
Gunsmithing and  Tin   Work
Dingwall Building.
Oo-*-ox, B.  0.
Wedding and other rings made to order.
Union Saw Mill.
B ���1���*=^*paiS=i*--��ir*g
All Kinds of Rough ancl
Dressed lumber always on
hand and delivered at short no
Also all kinds of sawn and
split shingles and dressed pine
and cedar.
Stumping done at reasonable
rates by our Giant Stumper.
Coal, brick and lime on
hand and delivered at short
R. Grant & L. Mounce, Proprs,
sf     General Teaming
Oomox, B. D.
Tlio fli-eat Bad-fun is tlio Most wotiderAll
riiw-ovory of the hko. Endorsed bj- irclentlficmeu
1 fl2uroi*ou.ii*i AJnclca.  Hudyab, purelyvegfr
table, Stops
Prema*-*r.'iv ta
(if'llii'd Bt>lm*f-G
1 Manhacd
vigor-tics dud
DSFoiti  Ion* a th'* entire syKlcm.   ArruR
fliidy in (!iirenDuhilitv, K'-iv-msnc h,Einissiotis,
nud 'lisvolfiju/HUU't rt'sinrou wnr.k nrnHUP.  I'lilus
In ihu imcit, lo-sBi by day oi night are nopped
i|'i-i'klv. o,-*:r "i/HW |irlvi;tr. endureeitieuW.
lVeiiiiiH]ri*!i,'.3-*ii!CHiif*iiiii*.iTti*iii'j* In ttie first
c\ ua. ham in*siobueil ii; WdeyiJJjy tbauuot
Tii';iicwrlisc-)*-erv,v-isnijuIo hy tlif; f*r':nlnN
litiofthoolti (humus IIi.i.m-ij Mcfllcul limit*
mt*'. Itis t'*** *->ti'nii:'<*-it vilalizer nui'lo. It fa
Vjtypowrr il, tul linn 111,-.*.   S.,l.i r-ir j!l.00 a
paAftgeor t\ packugw ftir $8.00 (plain aealt'd
boxes), Writti; i ���jiiiinuii'-e���jjiven fern euro, if
you liU7Hix box*'!*und ure ii'U entirely cured,
bIx mere willlio sent tn yon free of Bllchnrf-cs
Send forclrculiirs mid teiUmonlau, Address
1032 Market 8t��� ban Francisco, QtU
Riverside Hotel
Courtenay B C
J. J, Grant, Proprietor
The Hotel is one ofthe best equipped
on the Pacific Coast, and is situated at
the mouth of the Courtenay River, between Union and the lurge farming settlement of Comox,
Trent aie plentiful in the river, and
Urge grime abounds in thc neighborhood
The liar connected with  the hotel  is
kept well supplied  with the best wines
ind  liquors.   Stage  connects   with  all
Steamers.   Terms moderate
Cumberland Hotel.
Union, B. C.
The finest hotel building
Fixtures and liar
North of Victoria,
And the best kept house.
Spacious Billiard Room
and new
Billard and Pool Tables,
Best of Wines ancl Liquors.
J. l'iket, l'rop.
food & Xilpatrick.
UNION, B. C.   .
Having Added to their Own
Splendid Livery Outfit.
of R. Grant and Co
Are Prepared to furnish  Sty-
ish Rigs at Reasonable Rates
Give them a call
Robert J. Wenborn.
Machine Works, Nanaimo
Dealer in Bicycles. Agent for Urai.t-
fnrd Bicycle Co., H. P. Davis of Toronto
English Wheels, Ueastnn, Humbcr,
Rudgc, New Howe and Wtiitworth. Will
sell on installment plan or big discount
for cash. Parts supplied ��� Repairing a
Esquimalt  and Nanaimo Ry.
Steamer Join
On and after Mar. 22nd, 1893
The Steamer JOAN will sail as follows
CALLING AT WAY TOUTS ns passongora
and frulKht in.iy nllVr
Leavo Victoria, Tuesday, 7 a. m.
" Nanaimo for Comox, WodnO'dny, 7 a. ni
"  Union Whurf Thursdays at 0 P. ni. for
Nnnaimo,   ruturntliK   lo   Oomox tho   snme
Loavo Comox for Nanuljilo,      Fridays, 7a.m.
"     Nanaimo for Victoria   Saturday, 7 a.m
For freight or state rooms apply on
board, or al thc Company's ticket office,
Victoria Station, Store street.
Esquimalt & Nanaimo R'y.
Time  Table   No.  20,
To take effect at 8.00 a. m. on Friday
April 27th, 18134.   Trains run
on Pacific Standard Timo.
-3 0,     O   jJ;
;*--��� i    a*/"*
"a s
I 6 SI
I z 2-
-ii*I|.ia\ m,niw. ,-;:',:'i.S.*t;33SAif,2J
: :e*"
rti u a
: :��M : :"-
0)       K ���~><Ti;-'FZ'.'ir.->
co   F|'!|��3����'if!*5��l
< '��
''��� H
: S
��l*L.l,"i"'IIW !   --=S?i^SS?.'"S,S P.
Z J;i*Tfx4!S5ISS3iTr;5'?3::*i's   ss
o o
a a
- a
��� 't'd   3   M*"'-''*""l""'''*.��l*     O tO
-1        'o-f ���: * : * ��� J ��� ; :    '��� <
i. I!
:-*:*..���-:���   H ��� H
'  < Q -***
On Saturdays and Sundays
Itoturn Tick-its will be iuHued hutwien nil
poivts (or a fnro nnil a quartor, k��o.I forro-
turn not. Inter than Monday.
Itiitiirn Tlokctfl for oiii.' and a halt ordinary
faro nviy ho purchased dally to all -joints,
good for suvcii days, (tibludlng day of Ibsuo.
Nu I;������turn I'lukcl*-* Issued for a fnro find a
quarter where iho single fare in twonty-flve
Through wiles botwoon Victoria ftfidComox,
ItiilaagQ nod Coininutton Tjokots onn ho oh*
UinediHiiippliciUioiiloriekct Agfiit, Viclorln
1'rosidont-. Oeo'l Supt,
Gen. freight and Passongor Agt
CO'C7BTEN*A.**r, B.C.
Tbe leading hotel in Comox district.
Kew and handsomely furnished,
excellent hunting and fishing close
to town. Touriste can depend on
first-class accommodation. Reasonable rates. Bar supplied with the
choicest liquors and cigars
R. Graham, Propr,
Yarwood & Young,
Barristers) Solicitors, &c. Office Cor.
Baston nnd Commercial St., Nanaimo, 11. C
Funeral Directors find Emjiai.mkus
llrn-Iuiili"* nf lho Orli*iitn1, Kurrkn,  .
nnd United Htntm UOllogPS of Kni-
biilmli.g ,
Nanaimo, 11. C.
A   Snap.
So acres of fine land for sale or exchange
or property at Courtenay, Union or U-
iiion VVliarf.
Apply at this office.
The Nanaimo Pharmacy
Nanaimo B. C.
W. E. Mc Carmey Chemist,
Pure Drugs Chr-micnls and  Put ont
Physlcnns Prascipllons nnd nil orders lillml
wun cure uud dmpuU'h, P. 0. box 1:
McKenzie & McDonald,
Courtenay, B. C.
General  Blacksmiths.
ring on Tour Work
UNION Bakery
Best of Bread, Cakes  and
Pies always  on hand.
The Bread Cart will   be at
Courtenay and Comox  Tuesdays and Fridays.
Adderton & Rowbotham, Prop
Nanaimo   Saw  Mill
��� and   ���
Sash and Door Factory
A Haslam, Prop. Mill St.. P0 Box35, Tol. Ill
Nanaimo B. C,
A complete stock of'Rough and Dressed
Lumber always on hand; also Shingles,
Laths, Pickets, Doors, Windows and
Blinds, Moulding, Scroll sawing, Turning
and all kinds of wood finishing furnished
Cedar,     White   Tine,     Kedwosd,
All orders accompanied withCASH prompt
ly and carefully attended to.
Steamer Eslell
Harbor and ontside towing done at reason
able rates.
Cumberland Meat Market
All Kinds of
Fresh Meat, Hams and Bacon
All Kinds of Vegetables  and
Farmers Produce,
Orders from surrounding coun
try promptly filled,
A. C. Fulton, Prop.
First Dam, by Scotchman.  Second Dam
by Bay Wallace.   Third Dam-;'
by Waxwork, etc.**
The Karl of Moray, Jr., is a Drappled
Brown in color, three white feet, with
beautiful action nnd the finest quality of
bone, and like hi*? sire has a Ejreat constitution. He is rising 'our years old, Foal
ed July 5th, 1887, and weighs 1400 lbs.
Mc was imported by John Het he ring ton,
from Bruce County, Ontario, and will
make the season of 1894 ofl his farm, Comox,
Earl of Moray; is by Karl of Moray,
(4354,) registered in the Cfroesdnle Stud
Book, Vol. VIII, page 42-ijtoUh his dam
Nance of Inchstelly, as Wppears in his
pedigree.���I). MclNTOSJM
Terms��� To insure for therfason,$i2.
,*      For single servicers.
���      Groom fees, $1.50.
Ipsufapce Sale.
Sloan 4* Scott's Nanaimo.
What is an Insurance Sale ?
So many people ask the question.   We shall explain:	
After the late disasterous tire in Nanaimo the Insurance Companies cancelled a large number of policies in some blocks. We
have just ��10,000.00 to place just at present in any other Company.
Now we cannot afford to carry over large stock without sufficient insurance. Consequently we are compelled to unload. To do
this quickly we have put the prices lower on everything in our immense stock���than Dry Goods have ever been bought before���less
than cost in nearly every instance.   See price, lists which we have
cpnl   nn. *
sent out.
Union Clothing Store
Union, B. C.
Have Just received a fine Assortment of English Worsteds for
Suitings.    Also Keep Ready Made Clothing, Hats, Shoes ancl
ig&.The Tailoring Department is in charge of D. McLeod,
which is a guarantee of perfectly fitting garments and the best
of workmanship.
Stage and Livery,
ooui^TEisr.A.-sr, b. o.
-������ o������    *������
Fine Rigs at Reasonable Rates Always on Hand,
..'.   Teaming Promptly Bone,  .'.
Job Printing.
fe are now Prepared to take Orders
All kinds of Job 1'rintinci in all its Various Branches.
Posters, Dodgers, Cards, Bill-Heads, Letter-
'    Heads, Notices, Circulars, Pamphlets,
Society By-Laws,  Badges and
Ball Programmes, etc.
Orders by mail promptly attended to.    Call and get prices.
Get Suited.
J. Abrams, the clothier of Union has a
line of 1400 samples to choose from for
suitings, ranging from $22 per suit upwards.   Perfect fit guaranteed
0. H. Beevor-Potts
Solicitor, Notary Public. Conveyancing
in all its branches. Office Comer-
rial St, Nanaimo.
Society    Cards
I. o. o. F., No .11
Union Lodge, I. O. 0. F., meets every
Friday night at 8 o'clock. Visiting brethren cordially invited te attend.
Wm. Wright, R. S.
Hiram Lo(,ge No 14 A.F .& A.M.,B.C.R
Courtenay Ii. C,
Lodge meets on every Saturday on or
before the full of thc moon
Visiting Brothers cordially requested
to attend.
R, S. McConnell,
K. of P,
Comox Lodge No 5, K. of P.- meets
every Saturday, after the new and full
moon.atB p.m. at Castle Hall, Comox.
Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.
John B.urd
K. R.S.
C. 0, 0. F.
Loyal Sunbeam Lodge No. 100, C. O
O. F. meet in the old North Comox
school house every second Monday at 8
p. in Visiting brethren cordially invited
to attend.
J. B. Bennett, Sec.
H A Simpson
Barrister  and Solicitor.   Office in 2nd
flat, Green's Block, Nanaimo, B. C
Will be in Union every Wednesday and
Courtenay on Thursday.
Nanaimo Cigar Factory.
Philip Gable, Proprietor.
Baston Street      ���    Nanaimo B. 0-
Manufactures   the   finest   cigares,
employing none but white labor.
Why purchase inferior foreign cigars*
when you can obtain a supekior article for the same money?
Home Made BoysSuits.
Suits lor boys from two to ten years of
age made to order, at reasonable rates.
Apply to
Mrs. Charles Hooper, Courtenay
O. H. Fechner.
Shop: Late Drug store.
Union, B. 0.
Gap. H. SOOTT,
Paper Hanger and Kalsominer.
Union, B. C.
1. D. McLean
Jeweler, Bookseller
and Dealer in
Organs, Pianos, Music
Stationery, and Notions of all kinds.
Uniop   Mines, B C.


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