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The Weekly News Mar 28, 1894

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 G. A McBain Co
Seal Estate Brokers
Nanaimo,   B. C.
i:cMV Estate Brokers
<**% Nanaimo, B. C.
$2.00 PER  VEAR
has a fine assortment of
 ��� Ancl so on
We also take orders for custom made suits.
Give us a call and we will try and please you.
financial and General Oonnnission Broker,
Canada Permanent Loan and Savings Company, Toronto.
Citizens' Building Society of Nanaimo,
Scottish Union and National Insurance Company.
Hartford Fire Insurance Company.
Union Fire Insurance Company of London, England.
Eastern Fire Assurance nompany, of Halifax.
Great West Life Assurance Co., of Winnipeg, Man.
Money to Loan on Improved Farm Property.
The Equitable Life Assurance Society,
120 Broadway, New York.
The largest  and strongest Company in the
<t 153,060,052.00
*P     3l.1flSH1R.QQ
Surplus over all Liabilities
In event of death undeJ any circumstances, the heirs receive full face value of policy.
At the end of 10, 15 or 20 years, the money paid ib returned with large interest.
A. W. Taylor. Victoria, B. C. Special Executive.
Charles St. Morris, Victoria, B C. Provincial Manager.
One of tiie Largest and Strongest Companies
in Canada
Gives the Most Liberal Contract and Pays the  Largest Divldens
Assets $3,403,700.20.
Restive lor the Security of Policy Holders    $2,988,320.08
Surplus over all Liabilities $307,428.77'
J B. Cruno, Gen'l Agent, Victoria, B. 0.     L. W. FiiuquH>r,Gp;citU Agent
We Carry the Largest Stock
���   of   ���
in British Columbia.
Simon Leiser, Proprietor,
Miss M. Roy has charge of our dress Department. All work done in this Department guaranteed to give satisfaction.
Importers A Sellers in
Flour & Feed Dry Goods
Farm Produce Boots & Shoes
Fancy Groceries Hardware
Crockery ft Glassware Faint ft Oils
Gents Furnishings
Pate'it Medicines
Sportsmens Supplies a Speciality
Union Clothing Store
Union, B. C.
Have Just received a fine Assortment of English Worsteds for
cuitings.    Also Keep Ready Made Clothing, Hats, Shoes and
jjgfe. The Tailoring Department is in charge of D. McLeod.
which is a guarantee of perfectly fitting garments and the best
of workmanship.
1     T T 1 f k"* m>"k ��'   ���*S*al-n'm0*
Baynes' Sound Harbours   -^opposite damns Ranch
���^      the largest vessels can float.
The Marriage of Iron and Coal will here result in
The great Kings highway between Nanaimo and Courtenay
will pass through here and also the extension of the Esquimalt
and Nanaimo Railway.   ,
Lots  will NOW be sold on Easy Terms      jfc^ Title perfect.
G.  F. Drabble, sole agent,
Comox. B C.
Wm. K. Leighton.
Fire and Life Insurance Agent.
Royal London and Canadian
Plienix of Hartford
London and Lancashire
Confederation Life.
Green Block,  Nanaim o.
All moneys due the late firm of Anley &
Smith MUST BE PAID to F. A. Anley or
Tom Bcckensll.��� K. A. Anley
Notice  of Meeting.
The B tard nf Directors of thc Comix
Agricultural and Industrial Association
will hold their regular semiannual meet*
ing at the News ofllicc, Col'rtenay at 7:30
Tuesday evening April 3rd 1894. A full
meeting is desired as matters of importance will have to be attcrided tit.
M. Whitney,
Union Clothing Store.
Oooda At Cost.
For the next thirty days you can purchase at the Union Clothing Store Cloth
ing, Hats, Hoots, SliOSS, White and Colore! Shirts, Collars, Cuffs, Cents under
Clothing, Socks, Overalls, Cordigan Jack
els, Tlie above goods all new. Please
call and inspect goods. Suils made to
order at the lowest possible price.
To the readers ofthe "Weekly News":
Mr. A. Uptaker, the Jeweller, late of
Vancourcr, IJ. C. has opened up an establishment in McKelvey'a house at Cotir
ten.tv, II. C, with a choice stock of
"Watches, Jewellry, Musical Instruments,
Stationery, Tobaccos, Cigars, and smoker's articles as well as notion**, etc., etc*
Mr. Uptaker otherwise known by his pop
ul.tr nickname as "Barney" is well known
in this locality and the Union Mines
Watch and Jewellry repairing promptly and neatly done.
The-flreat HudynnlstttomnBt vonderftii
illf-i-jverj* of thfl p-ko. Kudoii-ul by iscletr-il tit* iood
ifKurorouudAmoilca, jHadyab.purvl.r vegetable. Stops
ofthL'll 'M'lill \K
Hon hood
Cons li|mtf[-n, bit
vlgnmips aud
bkfou-i ton-tihn entireiritem,  ........
nuilyiin cures Debility, NervoiiBnefl.EmlB-lonii,
uud -lovi-I-.)-*-*--* and rentores voiik orgHiii. Pulm
In tlio back, In. m-h by flay 01 night nro Mopped
qncklv. Over 2,000 prlviiteendnrscinenir.
Proninturenm means lint-Ate!--7 l*t tho flrit
ft-i-ie. Ii cun be etopped in 20 day-" by thi* use ot
Thnncwrtl!K*OTorvwPHmado by tlioRpoclal-
'"t'oftheuld frtmniw lliiinun Hotlfcal It-ntl-
into. It ft thuHtrorRt'Ht vllallzer iu��dc. It In
vjry po-v-Tfiii, ii 1 barmlco. Hold fnr st.eo a
ini''kii--(jor 6 jri'-lsn-'o** f"r ffl.'O {i>lnin M-niwl
biixoaji Wrftte 1 ffuumnt-*e given for u cure. It
yntiliuyrdx t-oxitatid aro i.ot etitlrel** cured,
six mere will tie sent to yon freo of all cbnrRef*
S*ud for circulnr-i and testimonial!,  Addroa
Hudson wKnicar. institute,
���Oaa MarfUt St. tan Franc-lKo, Oai
Grand Calico Ball.
March 28th 1894
At    Club  Hall,   Courtenay.
Refreshments served during the evening Tickets for admission, including
refreshments. $(.00   Ladies free.
Proceeds in aid of a new rectory.
Highest price paid for wool. For
particulars apply at thc New's office
or to the undersigned.
D. McLood,
Tailor, Union, B. 0.
Rams for Sate.
Foh Sale two Tne young Rams ( South
Apply to
(Ieo. Howe,
Comox, IJ, C.
Famous Clydesdale Stallion
Norman McLeod III
Will stand this season as usual in the Settlement.
For particulars, enquire at
the News office or of R. Grant
at Union.
For Sale.
My farm of 113 acres, with coal right,
aiso stock and farm implements.
James Chirk.
Comox, B.C.
Union   Flashes.
The Glory the Seas is loading.
The America is over due.
The barque Margaret, from Honolulu
is now due.
The str. Wellington is expected next
week for coal for San Francisco.
Tho Daisy arrived on Wednesday with
40,000 brick.
The bark Yoscmite will soon be here
for coal for the American navy.
Slope No. 1 is now free of water and
almost ready for work.
The str. Dunsmuir brought up another
load of hay from thc Fraser Rtvir on
Thursday last.
The str. Williamette will commence
on May ist. trips to ltt-hring Sea to supply our ccal to the fleet there.
Mr Gen Roc has been quite ill at the
Cumberland Hotel���result ofa bad cold.
A Jap on Friday broke his thigh in
two places, in slope No. 4, caused by a
fallen piece of coal.
Grant & Co are putting the lumber on
the ground for J. Thompson's new dwelling which is in the neighborhood of
Grant & McGregor's new cottages.
My Sang, who came up hereon Friday
died the next morning at 4 a. m., and
was buiiecl on Sunday. Just what was
the matter with him docs not appear.
Mr. Geo. Hull has been investing in a
Canadian buccphalus and may expect to see his smiling face somewhat oftener in the future.
Mrs. Malmberg was bitten by a dog
on Friday. We think Judge Lynch
should sit in this case and decree that
the dog should make an humbie apology
and then be duly electrocuted.
Mr. Ed Wood, liveryman, received a
consignment of 25 tons of hay by the
Dunsmuir on Thursday, which shows
lhat the 20C0 ions of hay raised annually
in ihe district isn't enough to supply the
Thc register of the Cumberland Hotel
showed a full page of the. autographs of
guests last week. Among than we noticed Clarence A. McLane of Minneapolis, E. C. Davis uf Toronto, Harvy John
son of Foster Bms., Nanaimo, and A. W
Taylor and wife of Victoria.
R. Grant and L. M ounce have disposed of lheir sawmill business at Wellington
and have bought in at Shawn'gan L.ike.
It is understood that their contract for
supplying lumber at Wellington continues, and that they will keep a yard there,
and that L. Mounce will superintend the
business at that point.
The Reading Room committee reported to a meeting held last night (Tuesday{
in favor of changing the name ofthe Society to Reading and Literary Association The purpose is to jive entertainments, which wiil include debates and
lectures. A mock parliament will probably be instituted. It is lo be hoped the
change will be made as it would furnish
the means of passing many a pleasant
hour and al the same time be highlv use
The growth of the place is shown in
no way mure clearly ihan by the mulipli-
cation of first class bote's. The Union
House met the demand in this respect
three or four months ago, when the state
iy Cumberland arose to claim its share
ofthe trade Now there's another Richmond in the field, and a new three st6ry
hotel and boarding house 50 by 70 will
soon be a claimant fo thc public favor.
It will be a lirst class building, having
all the modern improvements, and will
be located on 1st street facing thc railway and having a fine view. When we
add that .Mrs. J. 1'ikcl will own and man
nge the new hotel it will be understood
from her well known reputation as a enter
er that it will be kept in first class style.
Notes   on Dickens.
On Thursday evening thc Inspector
Huron delivered a vc.y Interesting and
instructive lecture on "Thc Life and
Work of Charles Dickens".
Horn and reared in ihe same locality-
knowing much of Dickens personally.ind
through parents, the lecturer was in a position lo bring his audience into sympathy, first with the man and then with his
works. It has been often said that he
ridiculed religion and lhat the great nov
cli*-t was harsh and unkind. If so, why
his love nf children and love of domestic
animals? If an enemy of religion, why
were Ins splendid grounds given, often
Without asking, for sabbath school picnics? He wrote not against religion but
against the irreligion of religion. In religion, and iu everything else, he ridicules
not inward essence but outward fornvu-d
hollow pretence even in a business man
did not escape his keen eye and ready
pen. In this regard his own life was cor
reel, and he convinced bv his liic. Ho
was what he pretended lobe. He winte
ni what he not only knew, but of what he
lived. He wrote not to 111 ike money but
to make people think. He was not a
great social, moral, or political reformer,
but he sowed the seeds of great reforms.
His was thc spark that kindled grcal
fires. He knew what poverty was, and
produced the first good bonk on the
wretchedness of the poor. One of his
novels might be defined as a picture of
society that ought to be improved. Thc
lecturer spoke of his weak points, but
stid that these were confined to his youth
and that they were the products of the
Partnership Dissolution.
The partnership heretofore existing be
tween us, under lhe firm name and style
of Anley St Smith, in lhe butcher business
at Union and Comox, B, C. has been dissolved to take eflect from and after this
date. Mr. F. A. Anley will continue the
business as heretofore, to whom all outstanding accounts must be paid and who
will assume and pay all indebtedness of
lhe late firm.
March 1. [894. F. A. Anley.
Percy Smith.
Are invited for the erection of a 3-story
hotel at Union. Plans and specifications
may be seen at R, Grant's up to next
Wednesday. Lowest or any tender not
necessarily accepted,
March, 28 1894 J Piket.
Latest by Wire
Nanaimo, March, 2i.~ Carlow Cas-
me, an Austrian miner was killed in No.
5 shaft at Wellington today.
British ship Archer has been wrecked
off Cape Flattery. It is su, p*>sed all on
board were drown-.-*',
Vancouver, March 24th, A case of
small pox has been di covered among
the Chinese in the Canadian Pacific bonded warehouse. Seventy-seven Chinamen have been quaramiened.
San Francisco March 26. Daniel Mc
Lend and McMahon, wrestlers, will meet
In three weeks for $250 a side. McLeod
will undertake to throw his opponent
four times in an hour.
Capt Blackburn of str. Monstrat, will
on his arrival in San Francisco put in a
claim for having stood by the city of
Puebla until the lug Wanderer came to
l.er assistance.
San Francisco, March 24.��� The Oregon and British Columbia football lean s
played the second game at the Rugby
tournament t.i day. The B, C boys were
the lhe victors.   Score 15 to 8.
The disabled str. City of Puebla was
towed to S.tn Francisco by the tug Fearless. It is the intention to give the Puebla a thorough overhauling. The expenses already incurred and the cost of contemplated repairs will amount to $29,000,
Capt. Haskell ofthe tug Fearless is said
to have made the best time on record for
towing from the Sound to San Francisco.
Nanaimo, March 27���The work upon
the telsgraph line between Nanaimo and
Alberni will be begun April 1.���The report af a big strike of coal at Texada has
caused great exciterrent here.���Mrs.* E-
vans of Chetnanius was on Friday robbed of $65.��� Parties from Montreal are
here to arrange for the building of an e-
lectric tramway between Nanaimo and
Wellington.--The football match between our Junior Hornets and the Cow-
ichan team resulted in favor of our boys
by 10 points to 0.
Bay   Notes.
R. B. Anderson, thc jeweler-has remov
ed from the Elk hotel into the Dingwall
slore building at the Bay. He has sent
below for a kit of tinsmith tools and will
soon be able to attend to anything in
that line.
Horace Smith and Jack McKenzie
bought out Tom Woods' livery at lhe
Bay. They understand ihe business,
and arc well thought of by the public,and
will doubtless make it pay handsomely.
Success to the new firm, "say wc all".
Thursday, Friday and Saturday the
weather was delightful at thc Bay. The
ladies were out in full force and there
was nothing to mar lhe pleasure but the
dust which was so penetrating .(hat it sifted through the heavy cases -of Commodore Clifte'5 valuable chronometer to
such an extent as to compel him to get it
cleaned twice on one day.
Postmaster Hall ot Valdes Island was
down. He said it wis reported.th.it Mc
Dougall of the ill fated Estclle had been
found, and that it was understood that
Capt, Marfson had taken the body to Na
The calico ball given on Wednesday
evening last under the auspices of the
Knights of Pythias lodge here was a very
pleasant affair��� just enough present to
make it enjoyable without it being crowu
Presbyterian Concert.
On Saturday last the town of Union
was alive and astir, probably more than
usual, bera-isc an entertainment was to
exceed more than the expectations ofthe
most critical. That this expectation was
more than fully realized, no one in the
assemblage would deny; for never in the
history of the town has there been so
large a gathering at a meeting of this
kind, and never before have ihey parted
so thoroughly satisfied, gratified and hap
That the town of Union is fast becoming a centre of no mean importance is
evidenced by thc way in which thc ability
ofthe citizens was tested on the evenim*
ot Saturday last. Thc programme which
was printed in thc last issue ofthe News
being most perfectly carried out, which
in itself demonstrated the truth of the
old maxim "'If a thing is worth doing at
all it is worth doing well".
Time does not allow us to enter much
i 110 detail upon the merits of various pieces rendered; so we mostly cult'ne out-
s-lvcs to generalities. Thc Rev. J. II.
Hlg (ins, pastor of the congregation, acted as master of ceremonies. The enter
tnlnment commenced with a glee from
the choir- "Let ihc hills and vales re
sound". Then followed dialogues, solos,
Instrumental duets and a reading I y the
Rev. Mr. Higgins, which we never heard
rendered wiih better eflect. The Lust-
spiel overture, by Mrs. E. McKim and
Mr. J.J. McKim was well received; al-o
t-te quintette, "We'll have have to mortgage the farm". Later 011 Miss May
An'cy, with childish simplicity and -ur. ce
gave a solo--*-'Daddy wouldn't buy me
a bow-wow"��� which brought down the
"Hiawatha", a recitation by Miss Powell and a solo, "Remember me", by Mr.
Howell leceived merited appausc. Then
followed ihc fmale ���"Mrs. Jarley's Wax
Mrs Jarley is, as is well known, on? of
ihc world, who has travelled all over thc
country with her curious collection of
wax works. The figures introduced
were the Chinese Giant; thc two headed
girl, Mrs. Window, the mother's hope;
Captain Kidd, the "Uehring Sea hunter11
with his beautiful victim, "Lady Royaqcl-
la"; Martha Hngcrbungs, who poisoned
fourteen families, and then wandered
from house to house observing the 'effect
of her labors; the Siamese twins, who
lived together in greatest harmony,
though there was always a bone of contention between them;'thc vocalist who
sways all hearts at her own sweet will;
the Sewing Machine agent; the Cannibal
from Denman Island captured by Capt.
Butler of the steamer Joan, who always
received missionaries gladly and gave
them a place near his heart; the two poor
thin "babes in the woods"; and Little
Red Riding Hood
The Entertainment was a huge success
in every way, and should be repeated if
p osslble,
Local Brevities
We predict an immense turn-out to
the ball this (Wednesday) evening.
Miss Beadnell of Denman Island paid
Mrs. Dr. Westwood a viut last week.
Wm. liarmstun is putting up a neat
..dditu n 10 h -.house.
If \on want a good suit for $28 or upwards call at  Abrams,   Union.
J. P, Davis and family have moved on
to ihe Harvc) ranch.
The Cnujtcnav River is thc favorite
"fishing ground" for the Union sportsman
The farmer is now busily engaged in
ploughing his ticlds in the Comux valley.
Mrs. Henry McQuillan gave biith the
olher day to a line boy.
Work began on the new Roe mansion
in Courtenay, Tuesday morning. J. W.
McCann is the contractor.
Gents furnishing goods are going off
like hot ekes at .Warns. Cause why?
Selling at cost.
It never rains but it pours is a familiar
saying and is verified by the (act that v>e
now have three doctors in this valley.
For SALE.���-One new milch's cow with
calf mo weeks old. Enquire of E Phillips, Grantham.
Louis Lawrence, Soda Waler Manufacturer of Nanaimo, came up on the
Joun on last Wednesday.
The roturd form of the head ofthe famous house of Mahrer & Co, of Nanaimo, appeared on our streets Wednesday
last. '
The mail at Courtenay closes on Thu("8
day promptly at 6 p. m. and lhe money
order department at 5 p. m. on same day
Adolph Newman,, cigar manufacturer
uf the Diamond City, visited this place
during the past week.
The ladies would do well to inspect the
spring stock of hats, bunncts and millin-
er\ guods at Sloan �� Scott's. See their
ad. /
McQuillan & Gilmore have nearly com
pleted lheir driving shed. It will add
much to the convenience of their livery.
There was a plcisant social dance at
the residence ofthe Curtis brothers Mon
day night.
For Sale.��� R. Grant & Co of Union has twenty tons of first class seed potatoes which they are disposing of at reas
onablc rates.
Notice the advertisement of sale of
lots of Garvin's ranch, Baynes' Sound.
Terms easy, title perfect.
G. F. Drabble, sole agent
The News is :n receipt of complimentary tickets to the Calico Ball for this
evening for which it bows in gratified acknowledgement
There will be a Rag Ball at K. of P.
Hall, CcmoX, on the evening ol the 2nd
day of May, 1894, in aid of the Building
Fund of St. Peter's church of that place.
More particulars next week.
Mr. Robert Graham, proprietor of the
Courtenwy house, has just finished .1 I ne
drive*way to his open sheds. It's mighty
pleasant on a wet day to be able to drive
right under cover.
The News acknowledges with thanks
the courtesy ofthe managers ofthe Presbyterian entertainment at Union in sending it the customary complimentary tickets.
Rev. J. X. Wil'cmar started for the
Bay last Friday but became so ill that
he was compelled to return. It is hoped
he will be able to be present to night for
a short time, at least, at the entertainment in aid ofa new rectory,
Mr. Alex Grant and Mr. Robert Wat-
kins drove over from Union on Sunday
to gel a change of air aud scenery. From
the snow clad heights of Union to the
smiling valley at Col rtenav is a wonderful transition, li is a verily at this season from land of snow to land of sun.
J. W. McKenzie, his friends will he
glad to know, will soon be around a,ain
provided he does not meet with any re-
lapse. He was out Saturday for the fir* t
time, bui was a little too ambitious. Hold
in vour horse**, John and you'll get there
all the quicker.
Dr. H. P, Millard has become a resident of Courienay, and is at present a
guest at ihc Courtenay House. We understand he will visit the Bay on two
days of the week and will devote two
days to Union. He is a young man, and
single (both of which defects he may be
expected to overcome). He is also a
graduate of Toronto University, and a
member of ihe College of Physicians and
Surgenns of Ontario, an-fl also duly regit*
tercd, we understand, in this Province as
a o ember of the Med cal Council.
Wm. Mathewson, who supplies pmc
miik fiom his ranch on Bay road 10 the
people of Union, has now a team and
������agon of which anyone might be proud.
The horset have gond mnti-*o, and :nc
veil formed and matched, and with lhe r
bran new harness naturally give lo the
young, good looking and acci mmodating
Jehu who handled the reins a pardonable
.iir of conscious dignity and satisfaction,
But thai isn't all. The old wagon has
give 1 place to a new one, light strong,
easy riding and fine looking. The whole
outfit speaks of enterprise, and prosperity
Hurrah for Mathewson! Ihc poet who
made Mathewson's milk famous should
now awake the echoes with a new sorig
entitled,    Ihc Milk Team.
Dr. John Westwot d, who with his family, has settled in Courienay, is staving at
piesent al thc Riverside Hold. He will
make arrangements for house-keeping as
soon as practicable. He is about 35
years of age and is from the old country,
and is a licentiate cf King and Queen's
College of Physicians' of Ireland; Ii-.cn-
tialc of thc Royal College of Physicians,
Ediugburgj licentiate of Royal College of
Surgeon**, Edingburg; licentiate of F-tCUl
ty of Physicians and Surgconsof Glasgow
licentiate in Midwifery, Edingburg, Glasgow, and Dublin; member ofthe Brl isll
Medical Association: and late Medical
Officer and Public Vaccinator, Meriden
Division of Warwickshire, Kngland. As
all who were licentiates in England prior
to June 30th, 1887 are entitled to be registered in this Province without further
formality, except lhe payment of the us
tial fee, and as Dr. Westwond's papers
bear a proir date, he will in a few days
vl��lt Victoria for the purpose of becoming
duly enrolled. V
About Sheep���Things to Do-
Tho prcsone winter haa been so far .*. most
favorable one for tlio Hooks, Tlie danger
aooompanytugsuohptoasftntweathar i-i that
the flocttmastar will take advantage of it,
thinking tii-j ihaapnaod Uttte feea-Mid no
oure, and allow them lo become thiu beforo
lie is aware of it. ThB winters of 1*479
and 18S9 were muoh warmer than this, hut
thore was auoh a heavy rainfall, eapeolally
rlurlna Daoembar ami January nf the foraner
that sheep could not thrive.
Tun will indeed bo an exceptional winter if wo do uot yet havo a period of mud, It
will be wiao to prepare for it. No amount
of feed will make sheep do welt when thoy
u-mst wade through the mud to get it.
Make the food-Iota ao small that they may
bo covered with stalks or straw.
A feel-lot. should nol be planned with
the Idea of furnUllins room for exercise,
but to furtiUh an outing for fresh air and
sunlight, Nothing, unlesa It is a lion, on*
joya i\. dry. Bunny yard so muoh as altoep.
it gives a man tho " blues" to wade about
muddy yards na 1 it gives aheep the
In warm, rainy wj-ilicr, when sheep are
eonlinctl in tho sliods, he mire that the -ilioda
nro well veulilaU'd. At auoh times tlio air
olroulates very alt-ga-iahly and tbo air of
tho Bheds la apt to become very Impure
from ihe exhalations of tho aheep. Keep
windows or doors open. Great damage
may be done a thick in a single night by
too closo oonfinement,
Another e.iuae of Impure air in tbo shoda
tn hu guarded againat Is heating manure
Sultry wcalher hastens thi-i, hut, In the stables oi iilghly fed sheep where muoh waste
hay Is allowed to ttootunulale around the
raoka fermentation will take place. ThiB
not only pollutes the air hut '.ho boat en-
genderi-d will an "aodti" ihe shoep when
thoy lie down as to loosen the wool. The
remedy is to ohmi the atvbles, or at least
remove all tho loose aooutnulatioa cloao to
tho raj'ta. Manure will not heat when
trampo 1 solidly.
Tne next limo you visit the aheep quar-
tars observe when you firat enter whether
thero ia not an o c'-nivu o lor, then lift the
h iy near the racks to aee whether it be
warm. Koep a bottle nl bluo vitriol cither
pulverized finely or dissolved in vinegir
iu tho shed and apply it to every aoro foot
aisooti tt3 discovered. A littio neghgenoe
in this regard, eapeolally in wet weather,
will result in considerable loss. What may
ho only mud acald.it neglected, will often
develop into serious lameness.
Keeping the foet closely I rimmed ia a
good preventive ol ihe common lameneia.
It you have not yet thia winter given your
sheep a thorough trimming, bettor do so.
Tho hoofs of thoao thai have been confined
in sheds will bo protty hard. Immediately
utter the first ruin let them out upon a
clean field for a fow hours' run aud the
woikof culling the hoofs will bo les.ciied
onu half.
A pair of sheep shears ahould also be kept
convenient. Many 0WC8, especially ewo
lambs, need tagging hy this lime and it iaa
good plan to tag all ewes that aro io raiae
tamos, bafore yeaning timo.   C'lip the wool
The Sector (1769).
Winner ot ilr-i
i In nttnd ram clam at
���nur.-. una land. Urod hy C.ipt. II.
���<������.:. Calutcoto H .... Nuneaton.
out well between llie Jogs und about the
udder, lu Merino (locks there aro frequently shoop that have the wool ao grown
over their eyes os-te be a great hindrance
to them. To sueh tho aheara can he applied to good advantage.
.Separate lho pregnant ewoa from all others
at least a month before yeaning time and
give gam j botis-mikinff foul andplentv
ofcxeioise. Corn and oonfinement will
mak-! largo lambs but with very little
strength or vitality. Oats, wheat bran and
clover hay mako tho ideal ration. The
larger proportion of these that oan be gotten into the iced iho bitter.
If your.ahoep have ticks upon them get
woinn inseot powder nnd a amall bollowa
mode for tho purpose and aift a littio
through tho wool. It can be done in less
tune inun you could shear thfl aheep and
without injury to cither the aheep or wool,
and it is quite effective in destroying
For indigestion, made manifest by the
symptoms commonly called "stretches,"
givo a tablespoonful of opsom adta in a
pint of warm water. If the opsom salt ia
not at hand substitute common salt. Very
warm wateralono will often give relief.
BWry Notes.
Dreed from mature animals.
Buying ou credit ia a costly way.
Energies misdirected are wn'ol.
Proven lion in all cases is batter than euro.
Honesty is the boat policy to live nud die
Ciot tho best bmol on earth that you
know of.
Hast and rot destroy more farm IooIb
than ubp,
In trying to do evorything  nothing is
Well don.'.
Every ur.ncr need* a few hog* and a few
Grow what you wint, then you aro sure
to hive it.
<}i icks grow fat on tho credulity of their
Prepare to grow a good crop of corn next
The domain! f'*r good butter id no\er
Fuod linperFoot food to nothing if it can
ho avoided.
Set hard maples along your lanes and
the roadsides.
A straw bed is butter than nothing for a
cow to sleep on.
All kinds of nnimats do bettor if not
huddled together.
The older the animal tho moro costly a
pound of gain.
When you improve your atock on your
farm, you Injure no ono,
Lay woll your plans dining the winter
for next season's work.
A oill fed on nothing but nkim-milk
would ho a alii in-milk calf,
Every farm oan (.row a goo 1 m-jar hush
along its roadsides and lanes.
it does not nocesiarlly follow that a pool-
man Bhould have a poor cow.
If is poor policy to grow feed stufla for
other pooplos cattle���unless they eat it on
jonr farm.
Salt will ourdlo now milk; in preparing
porridge, gravies, etc., t-alt should not bo
added until Uicdi-ih is prepared.
If the ieo didn't keep well last summer
look to ths drainage ami ventilation of the
ice house before packing this year'a supply
Poultry iiotfi3-
Tho Egyptians of earlier ages, nn well as
those ot the present time, were always
expert poultry raisers, solving tho long
mystery of hatching egga by artificial moans.
Thero is apmotlilng attractive yet ungainly
in the Indian game fowl. It U a long, Unfcy
bird, liko all gatnea, making ihem appear
, wkwi-.H and grotesque,    These character
istics do l ot deprive them of a beautiful
coat of feathers, and at times a very dignified specimen of the bipad tribe.
If you are looking for a little snort put a
real, saucy, young cockerel in a pen where
a act of looking glass mirrors surrounds him.
He will nmazo and please you with his
antics in trying to fight and peck at tho
Image of himself in tlie mirror, aiul work
to got at bia antagonist with fruitless
To secure strong chicks use n cockerel of
medium si/.*, at least one year ohl, and mate
him with six large, healthy two-year old
bona. This course you will find advantage
ous in many waya and save you much
trouble. Vigorous breeding stook means
healthy, rapid maturing young chicks
wheu they arrive.
K 'i*.i from pullets aeldom batch as well
as those from adult fowls.aay, of IS months
two jeurs. For laying, the pullets anawer ; but for incubation, ace that the eggs
selected for hatching come from matured
hens of good   breeding.
The aafcat and ouo of tlio lie*.', remedies
for roup aud catarrh ia to put a gill of
liquid coal tar in a quart bottle ; till the
bottle with water.    Use it aa a wash, give
teaspoonful to alt birds having roup,
cholera, or any other violent disease.
Dump quarters brings on roup, as docs too
much  aoft tooda.
Alwaya mako tho nests for thc laying
hens wiie o tliey may walk in upon them,
never in a barrel or deep box, whero thoy
will havo to jump down upon tho cg^a.
This ia to mo a question easily solved, and
ahould bo observed hy alt whu keep chicle-
1 f you wish to purchase a number o f old
hciiN in the Fall, gco ifthe plumage ia new.
If so, thoy havo molted and will
lay very soon. If tho plumage is
dirt colored or smoky, with straggling
feathers that pull out easily, thry have
not molted. See that the combs and wattles
are red and logs clean. The nostrils should
be examined, and if by presainga discharge
is ncticed, do not take them. Your senso
of smell will alao toll you of tho prevalence
of roup.
Dunes contain phosphate of limo or
p'sioiphoric acid and lime. They therefore
provide lime for tho shell and phoaphate
for thc ayatem. Grind or crack them to a
proper ai/e and feed thum daily to your
lloclt. Fresh bullock's blood put in U
woolen bag and boiled, then mixed with the
soft food and fed to fowls, i& tho host egg
producing food known, being exceedingly
rich in albumen.
In building a poultry houso always eu-
deaver to get as much room on lho lloor as
possible. A 1-oulherly exposure,a dry floor
it-i-ed a lew inches trom tho ground. The
windows ahould extend low down to permit aunshine on thu floor whero it ia most
needed In cold weather, and not go to waste
on the aides of the building. A box of lump
lime and ground oyster shells find room in
one corner of the building and kept constantly aupplied.
Liko milk, an egg ia complete food. If
fed on eggs lone young animali aro furnish'
ed all necessary olomouts for growing hone,
muscle and all that goes to mako a perfect
animal of ita kind. A hen may lay 2 itl egga
per year, but ought to prod tie a 12*) Eight
eggs will weigh a pound and 1'JO will weigh
about 1.1 pounds,at tho cost, of about one
bushel of corn, worth, any,on an average of
5(1 cants. At thia rate the egga cost ao far
aa food ia concerned, about three and one-
third centB per pound, or  4.10   cents per
General Matters-
Upon most farms where stock ia k?[:t*
it ia thought necessary to have the land cut
up into nuny fields. Thia makes fencing
and tho repairs for same a largo item of ex
poiiBo. Look into the matter and a**e if
you cannot do anything wilh some of thu
fences this year.
You can havo no animal upon a farm that
is more wholly worthless than a poor aheep,
It is ot no value as a breeder, and moro
than likely will not repay yon tor the food
required to fatten it. Hia true that the
pelt n.ay he of a little value, but it muat
be remembered lho batter the sheep the
better the pelt also.
The point of value in a beef breed ia not
wholly in the ai/.u and weight which they
attain, but in the fact that they place tbo
flesh where it ia most desirable tn have it.
A good beef an inul ia one that will produce
magnificent sirloins and juicy joints. A
rough animal, no matter how heavy, is
never a choice beef.
The hog growor has been about tho last
man to experiment with varied rationa for
feeding bia stock. Hut now tbo hog, when
in good hands, is not compelled to livo on
com alouo, hut haa barley moal, oil oak**,
and just now even wheat, in addition to
roota and ailage. It is in thia direction
that better pork and better profits lie.
Thero is profit in the diary, oven if you
do not obtain Btrictly gilt edgo prices for
your product. Mutter at twenty-live ooutB
per pound throughout thfl yoar is not * Ind
business if you have good cowa. This price
is not at all dilli Hilt lo obtain. Ibit iim
profit will not bo foil ad if you hoop <> iws
that require twenty-eight pounds of milk
to produce one pound of butter.
If you want to build up a private trade
for tbo butter at a fancy price, mako a
special effort to secure for your first customer some pert-nil of good standing. He
sure that it is a family who know good
things, and whose judgment as to quality
would be accepted by others, Then after
you find lhat thoy aro thoroughly satisfied
with your butter, got permission to use
thoir name as a icferetico in soliciting
other custom. Very often one good family
will bring you another, without any ctiort
on your part, and in this way n good clientage is quickly established, The effort lhat
is mado lo secure private trado ii always
compensated by the better pneus obtained,
and by the fact th it you aro paid in cash
instead of trade. Many families now make
a point nf contracting for thoir butter tho
year around at a given pries which, when
the price is fair, U a Bltfsfaolo y itrrang *���
m ent for both parlies.
A Eurg'ar Alarm-
There wero burglars in the house beyond
a doubt, and when Mra. Snipkins routed
her husband it was no fatso alarm. Ha
listened a moment and then arosi and
quietly slipped out into llm ball. In u
minute or two  ho relumed  lo get h's gun,
"Ob, Ooorgo," trembled his wife, "do ho
careful. Listen, they're iu mither's room
Mr. -S. listened and laid down bis deadly
"That's ro, Mary, aud I guess I'll go
back to bod." ho aaid, with astonishing
"And leave them to murder us?'' alio
almost Boroamod,
"That will be all right, dual*,'' bn said,
soothingly. "Wait a minute until they
wake her and sho begins lo givo them a
piece of her mind, and I guess we won't be
bothered with them very long."
" You look palo thia morning.*'
"Shouldn't wonder; bad a staving time
last night."
"Fred is in an awful fix. Ho proposed
to mi last night, you kuow, and���"
"And you a-'ceptcd him?"
" Tint changes the complexion of thinga,"
mused Wigwag, aa he gazed ou hia wife's
Chappie���" I cawn't collect my thoughts,
'oncherknow." Scrappy���"No; lhe days
ot miracles are over."
How doea Miss Soreaml'diowl pronounce her name '(" "Tho actress, do you
mean?"   " Yes."   " Oh, why, Smith."
Tiie hard limes mako very littio diilei-
once to me," remarked a limo dealer, " my
business is always slack,"
" Remedies for toothache, my boy," said
Undo Allen Sparks, " will bo found to
atford instant relief in every caso but
Willie   Wilt���" Do you know���au ��� Miaa
Parle, I havo half a mind "Mia*  Hoitj
���"Oh, aurely more than that, Mr. Wilt."
He��� "L'Uira��� Miss Liura, I ntsan���-is
thoro any hope for me 1" She--" Hope for
Vou? I have beon hoping for yon for the
last year."
Tramp ��� " You are vory kind in giviu' me
the dinner, sir !" Citizen���" Nover mind,
my poor man--I don't want any return."
Aunt Mary���"J hopo, Carrie, you never
toll your husband hli faults." Carrie���
"Mercy ! no aunt. I shouldn't know whore
to begin."
Mary���"It's bard to believe lhat our
great ancestress was made of one of Adam's
rib-*. Which rib do you think it was?"
Kleanor���"Oh, the sparer!b undoubtedly."
Flgg���"What doea this paper mean when
it speaks of the timbre oi Sulfa'*- voice?'
Fogg���" That's a polite way of Baying that
his singing is wooden."
How did Spaoer get along with his
typewriter?" " Not at all. The hell rung
ao much while hu was writing a joke that
he got mad and smashed thc machine,"
Maud���"Why don't you give young
Soweia somo encouragement if you love
him?" Nell���"Oh, bo ought to ba ablo to
press his own Biiit.   Tlo'a a tailor.''
"Wei',' aaid the operator to thfl market,
how do you feel?"    " Bully," replied thc
market.   "Alas," cried tho operator, "thia
ia more than I can bear."
Mrs. Noveau Riche���" I want to give an
entertainment.    What would be appropri-
Mrs. Worldly-Wise���"Well, 1 can
suggest nothing belter thnn a green tea."
"So you havo named the baby 'Obadiah
IV What does the 'T' stand lor?" "Oh,
that means 'Temporarily'���until ho gote
hia Undo Obadiah'a money, you know."
Sho���"Ho saya  hia   poems are widely
read." Ho- "Well, that proves ono thing."
Sho���"What?"    He���"That the  editors
read articles before rejecting them."
"Could I in my dreams but ace thee,"
Wrote lho poet in fervid fancy flight j
And bis wifo fed him on rich mince pio
Before ho wont to bad that night.
Elderly maiden���" This is bo unexpected
Mr, Wellalong, that���that you muat give
mo time."    Elderly  lover���" Time, Miss
llebecca?    Do you think them is any to
Mamma���" We arc to have company at
tea, and I want you to act like a man.'
Johnny���" And must I say, like pa, 'What
in thunder makes the pie-mist ao cc n founded tough ?"
The wife who alwaya aaya " I told you so"
When thingB unpleasant have occun-jd,
la not as bad aa hives who ait
And simply look without a word.
Mrs, Dukane���"The newspaper haa an
article which enys that in Uuasia a spinster
is a curiosity."     Mr.   Dukane���" Well,
there's a great deal of curiosity about spinsters in this country, loo."
"I am not aware that I bad joined any
temperance society," said the editor.
"What's up now?" Well, I wrote, * Let
the galled jade squeak,'and It reads 'Let
tho gallon jug leuk I"
American youth���" Well Parkins, do you
think I will look presentable at the reception " this .evening?" Imported Valet
���"Ha vory thing hia ball right now, sir,
hoxcept your ghastly Hamurican hacccnt,"
Misa Ballet���" Is this one of tbu machines
that telle your age when you drop a nickel
in the Blot?" "Ves, sometimes." Mlsi
Ballet���"Is it out of order now?" "lAo,
but it only registers up to sixty."
Ho ���"Tho conversational powers of
Miss Ohattertnn aro something wonderful."
She���"Why, I didn't know you wero
quaintod with her." "I'm not. She sat
behind mo at the opera the other night."
0' Bourke��� "Teddy, mo boy,   Oi   want
to propose to Nonih Shaughnesay, but Oi'm
that hashtul Oi don't know how lo do it!"
Gllllgan���"Mebhfl if yez woretoaend her
an anonymous letther, 't would do."
Philosopher��� "And so you belong to a
society called tbo Progress Club? Ah,
this is a grand, a glorious age! By the way,
what do you do at yonr Progress Club?"
Miss Willing (meaningly)��� "Do you
know they aro talking of putting a tax on
old bachelora?" Mr,Bonder (moro meaningly!���"They would raise moru revenue if
they'd tax alt the old married men who
wish they were single."
Customer���"What's tlio matter with the
lady you are watching? Is she Biispectod?
Olerk ��� "Sh���sh. Yob; alio ia insane."
"What did she do?" "Asked to look at
shoos that wero really large enough for her."
"I had lo come back,mamma,"said Bessie,
wbo bad made a most heroic effort to give
her doll a sleigh rido while the blizzard was
on- "The wind blowed all the air away
o I couldn't breathe!"
"Wimmin," said Mr. Orogan, "is inoighty
similar in wan way.'' "An' fwat's I hot?'
inquired Mr. Hogan. "No matter how
minny av thim you git. acquainted wid
they're all aliku in bain' different from wan
Maysie���"Haveyou become roc.-mcilcd to
FIdo's death?" lUysio���"Well, almost:
but I am constantly r.miindod of the poor
little fellow, You know, Archie has just
begun to raise whiskers, aud the resom-
btailCO is really painful."
"The nest gown I shall issue," aaid the
ladies' tailor, "will bo tbe triumph of the
century." "Indeed," said hia humble asaia-
taut. "Yfes, Indeed. It will be impossible
in tell from its shape that thero is a woman
in it at all.''
A Drug on tho Market-
Merchant���'; Our business is full of risks.
Look at these combs, for instance. No eale
for 'em at all."
" Why not ? They seem to be a nood article,"
Merchant��� "First-class; but three weeks
ago Mr. Jacquerie, who seta tho fashions
here, wont to a swell pink tea or something
or oilier, and actually forgot to comb her
hair boforo leaving home.''
" Well?"
Merchant���" For threo weeka oomba have
been a drug in tho market. No woman who
Uys tho loast claim to being a lady will
have anything to do with them."
Dei:-}; the Whol-3 Tkiaj-
Nulyiiche���Are     you      puttin'
P.P.C." on them  call in' cards Aliahy
Alicia ���Ves, mamma,
Mrs, Nulyrlche���Well thon,'piit"H.S.V,
P." on 'cm, too. B'amo 'f I'm goin' to let
anyone get ahead of me fur style."
Would Have th i Fan Afterward-
His mother���Tommy, if you fight with
litllo Willie Wallers to-day I ahall put you
to bed for two hours.
Tommy���Put mo lo lmd now, ma.
Mutual Reserve Fund
Life Association,   j
851*;*, 684,333,83
Paid to Widows and Orphans.
Assessment System. Mutual Friscu'LE.
The Thirteenth Annual Meeting ol the
Mutual Kcaervu /l-'uud Life Association,
which wna held in New York recently,
wns an occaolon of auoh world-wide inter-
eat that thc report of its proceedings la
nttractiiis attention all over thc Amori*'
ean Continent, and in mnuy parts of the
Old Country, Europe nnd tho Colonies.1
These minimi gatherings havo always
proved tc* bo event**- uf no small Import*'
anco in thc financial nnd commercial
world, but the Itu-t ineethig; surpaBBcd iu
interest nil ita predecessors. To begin
with, the record ot the stupendous sue-: |
cess uf the hiBtitiition, na revealed In a
general way by tbo roport ol President1
Harper, whs almcst -sensational lu its
eluu'iictci*. Marvellous as liaa been the
���progrcis ol (.his ntu-nciatiou iu public
favor and its uccoiupliebmcnt of results,
tho figures would siem almost iacrediblc
without the authentic ciidorBatiou of
State officials, uud thc representations of
mon holding high fiduciary relations to
the community. Throughout at leant
twelve years ol the thirteen years ot ita
existence the Mutual Reserve Fund Lite.
Ate -elation Ms had to wage a warfare ton ,
the maintenance of its own life iu ado- I
greo which at times suggested the ubao- j
lute hope lets ness of thc undertaking. It |
has travelled steadfastly, however, along
thc lino of natural premium syaiurn, and
each succeeding twelve months ita reports
ol results huve astonished, it they have
not turned grey, the heads of life Insurance experts themselves fill over the'
world. i
Canadians Present. '
The mooting was attended by represent
tative men from till over the world, und
among them the following Canadians wertV
noticed: Mofiflrs. 1). E. Cameron, Deputy,
Provincial Treasurer for Ontario; David
dilllcs, M.P.P., Carloton Place; W. B.|
Wellington, nurseryman, Toronto; P. N.j
Teimant, lumberman, Torouto; W. P. Mc-*
M ihon, ban* in ter, Belleville ; T. W. Chappie, barrister, Uxbrldgo; E. P. Johnson)
L'Orlgual; W. J. Murray, Brookliu; R.1
W. Sutherland, Toronto; William Green,'
Toronto; ��. 7,. Besette, Montreal; W. J.:
McMurtry, Toronto; Col. Domville, St.'
John, N.BT The following letters of re-j
grot at unavoidable absence were read!
from Warring Kennedy, Mayor of To-;
ronto, and Dr. Oronhyatokha, Supreme;
Chief Itanger of thc Independent Order of'
Sambo**), Kennedy & Co.,       "i   ;
WlIOLKBAI.E IMPOHTKUS,        }   ���
ToitoisTO, January aa, 1891.J   j
V.. I). Harper, Hit*.. President Mutual Ilonorve;
Fund Difu Association, Broadway, Now York.
U.S. A.j |
My hear Mr. Hnrpor.���I am profoundly anrrj:
that I cnunol do myaelf the pleasure of accotu-;
pauj'lng Ui.' bnitnren from Toronto- who leave;
today to intend iho unmiiil mectlHK of tbu
Mmn-il K-iicrvc. 1 havo ho many thlnua to itlj
lend lo this woel* tn ciuinoctlnn Willi munlcipnH
ntul other matters that I Hnd it Impossible tn gi'ii
a��ay. ;
I must confess I rim quite disappoln-cd in noli
bi'lo-* able to sin* ynu all at Du* annual inuetim*
of 18111. 1 linpu thai yon will havo a luirmnnfmi-t
and Jubilant niceiliiL'. Tho mkt.jh during 18IK1
WUB (treat indeett, at which 1 ivjnicc. Ymi can
always rely upon my loyally in tho .MiiumI
Ituflurvi*. Willi kiinl regards io all, believe nu*,-
Veil' sincerely your**,
Mayor of Toronto.
Executive Couxoit.
lNIlI'l'IiXl.i:*iT Ul'I>|-|[ oi.* FottKSTKItS.
ToKontu. Canada, Jan. i-2, lS'U,
W. J. MoMnrrfv, Esq., General MnnitRcrMutuoi
Ile.ii'ive Fund I.lfu As-inrlnisoii. Tnronto, Onl.
Dear   -air and   Itro.-l ivj-ivi.  thur. nwluif tt)
suvernl import mil maitera comlnn up In contM-ci
Hon with nur Order in Illinois ami lndinnii, ni-
quirin-- iiiuiii'iiiai" ntiemlon, I am mmln coin-
pclhd io forego the pleasur'Mif ai-eouipiiuylnij
you In New York lo attend lho animal nne liim
oi' lhe .Mutual Hoflnrvo Fund Lite Aaaneintion, I
need UiitS'iy 'lint I Mil very much disappnlnti'dj
an I hud ox*ji*cled in leurn voly much from
attendance ut smri ini-i lint*.
It in not ni'ci'ssary that I shnuli] assure j-nii
that I hnve every fullh In Iheavatcni of lho
Mutual lli'scrvt'. iHi---n.ii- when it** i-n-iiM un*
nduiiiiisti'it'd hy lhat l'.-incv of Finance aud In-
siimm-r, nur 'V--sj-|i-nt, Harper. Tlio f.ict thul. t
carry a pniii-y f *r tSO.iMKi U nulllH.-ni evidence of
mv faiih h"i ii In Lho nyalrin and in ih > uianm-rlii
which cm* n'liiifs- are a.'iinnU'rjv,*. Ynuri
BliKWoly, UUONllYA'lEtCHA.
President Ilaroer'a thirteenth nnnnnl
report wua a rnoQoi and able document.',
It was a plain, unvarnished tale of re-',
lief to widows and orphans- showing that'
during the year nearly three millions ofj
dollurs had been disbursed, nnd after do-
InK thiB iinble work President Harper's
report snld iu part:
" Our nts'ts were never so largo as today ; our surplus never so great; our new,
business larger than ever recorded in nny^
prnvioifl) year; our net increase of bust-
in i a simply phenomenal; our payments to
tho widows uud orphans exceed that ever
before disbuiH.d hi nny previous twelve
months ; our future never so bright."
With tbo work of tho year 189Saccomplished, the reault is that the Mutual Reserve has
now in force a total business ot over $262,-
000,000.00; death claims paid iu ISil.t. $2,-
051,355.23 ; assets, $5,138,516.36; lUbllltlea,
82,136,490.811 not surplus over all liabilities,
$3,002,010.55 ; total meinherahip of the us-
Boclatton. 82,716.
Considering the eoawparn-tlve youth of
the Mutual Reserve, it shows at the thirteenth year ot Ita growth u strength unequalled by nny otkw life Insurance corporation I'' t*�� World, The reports ot
its otflcors read like the tuncy cf n Victor
Hugo; tliey tell ot pluck anil |)3rsovoi-
11111*1', of opposition overcome- of potOJ-
vernneo ot buslnrsi Bagnelty and of sue-
peis.  All previous life InBiiranco records
were put in tllO shade, while the health/
thin nc In I condition of the Mioelattoti was
gimmtlteed by th- certificate trom President Olcott, of the Central Trust Coin-
pany. showing to �� cent how the assets
.if the Mutual Iteewvo nre InveaWd, gllt-
odged socurltica, comprising principally
lirst mortgages on lint-elan New Xork
ri'til estate.
Venrs ago President Harper demon*
litrutad bcjjuid qjiestion tlio soimdness of
ilis ��ystem oi li iiiEuranee, and the
Boeurlty and saving it offored to members.
Ho wns the firat lito iiisur.iii'e official
who hnd the courngo���atid it took courage at thfl period wc refer to to di'iioum'e
thc pernicious system of investment bunking with life Insurance. Ilo wub assailed
by the old Uao companies lor the position ho took up. The whole machinery
ol a subsidised press wns put In motion
a-o-al-ast him. but bpBosltlon only made
vr.i' people's atlvovinto more courngoous iu
Ida light against n great wrong, and lor
cheap Yne- insurance for the masses,
It in nut nt all Btranga that tho tirade
of tht? paid press against him aad hla
revolutionary plan assumed sharper uud
sharper tones as ho earned a foothold,
then ii fstnndinffj nnd later nilvanccd toward the front iu thia great business of
life insurance ; lor his now plan struck
nt tho vory foundation of their strength,
it threatened their most I iterative business, it was a Htnnding nightmare. No
money, no influence w.is withheld to
Btramglo it at its birth, to check it In
ita early days, to crush, it hi its youth,
to destroy "it iu its growing strength
nnd manhood. But President Harper
could not bo bought, nor would he move
un inch from tho course he hud mapped
out tor hlmsoll amd hla association. He
wou tho buttle, uud he dlvorcod iuvest-
���nit-no ij(tn��nig irom simple and pure life
irusurunco, and gave tho public what they
usked���lifo insurance at coat���or at dial!
the prlco they woro paying the old line
���Compmiies, ,   ' ���* **'
nuts. 1
il.    J
f TEttfltTng people weroiret now
the honesty of President Harper's- system. Thoy wanted insurance at cost.
They objected to (subjectLug themselves
;to a eoatrnct that forced them to bo*
como investors and placed their invest*
incuts out of their control, and put restrictions upon their rights and ownership iu these investments, and this is
just what the level premium companies
'do to their policy-holders.
Not bo the Mutual lteaerve Fund. It
offers Ita policy holders insurance at coat.
The only reserve it accumulates is incidental, yet it is large enough to meet
all necessities and cover nil risks. The
association is in every detail, ia every
conception, a mutual insurance association. Tho cost of manaigement and the
coat of denth claims is equitably distributed among ita thousands of members. Aa ita risks are most carefully
drawn, its death claims fall far below,
the figures of the mortality tables. As
they are distributed all over the world
they aro brought to tho general average,
mid are not liable to Buddcn increases
nud decreaBCB,
By rcduciug tho premium rates charged to members to harmonize with the
payments to the widows nnd orphans tor
death claims, more than thirty-five million doltara hnvo already been saved to
the members of the Mutual Reserve.
President Hdrpor may well bo proud
of tho glorious Bucceas of thc Mutual
Reserve. His master mind, hia indomitable will, Itis uutiring energy, his mature judgment liaa overcome nil obstacles,
and placed his association a giant among
giants hi tho Insurance world. Yet ho
has bo nmnngod tho businesa nnd organized
it that it Is to-day a great imu-hiue, dependent upon no onc, two or twenty men
to perpetuate ita lifo and its activity.
Thin has been accomplished by bringing
together in the management active, energetic, honest, rei Inble business men,
whose Judgment nnd work In their especial fields is unexcelled,
President Harper made reference to tho
splendid work dono during tho yoar by
-tho thousnnda of agents of the Association
scnttered throughout tbo world. Prizea
bave been offered to tho six men who
would bring in tho greatest volume of
business in the twelve months, and throe
out of tho six were enrriod off by Crfna-
dlans, viz., the third by A. R. MoNlchol,
Winnipeg; tho fourth by J. T. Kirk, St.
John, N.B., and thu sixth by W. J. Murray, Brooklia.
Trensiircr J. \V. Vroomnn'a report
showed that among the securities of the
I'oinipuny there is ovor $100,000 worth
of Dominion bonds deposited with the
Insurance Department nt Ottawa as
security to the Canadian policyholder*-*
The reports ol the othor officers were
fully as satisfactory and conclusive.
Thc report of J. Douglas Wells, third
vice-president, showed that $5,042,600 of
uow business waa received from Cuuada
After the presentation of tho reports
Mr. D, E. Cameron, Deputy Provincial
Treasurer of Ontario, proposed, seconded
by Mr. David Gillies, M.P.P., of Carloton
Plate, the foi low iug resolution:
" That the thanks of tho Canadian mem-,
bora of the Mutual Reserve Fund Life
Association nre due, nnd arc hereby ten-
tiered to President Harper and those
associated with him, for the unexampled
success of [tn operations during the
past yonr���-the banner yonr of ita cxlat-
oncc���notwithstanding the revere financial depression that lias existed throughout it bo world, and we hereby desire to
expreaa our unroaorvod confidence iu the
Association and ils management."
In speaking to tho resolution Mr. Cameron made nn address lull of vigor nnd
���spirit. Ho wun sorry thnt Mayor Konf*
���iody. who generally was tho spokesman
for Cuindiniii, was unable to* bo present.
Cnuadlnni kue.v lho sulldlty of tho Mutual
Reserve Fund Life Association, and appreciated its management, 'lho witty
ppeocli of Col, James Domville, of St.
John, New Brunswick, dosed tho meeting, which wus thru luljourued.
Tht* ���niiiiuigcr*! for Canada nro as follows :
For the Pravin o of Ontario���Mr. ,W.
���r. MeMurtry, Mill building, Toronto.
Fur the Pn-viu'c of Quebec���Mr. D. S.
Hetotte,  12 Pltu'o d'Annei, Montreal.
For Manitoba nud the North-west Territories���Mr. A. It. McNichol, Mclntyre
Block, Winnipeg,
For the Province of New Brunswick���
Col. Jumea ll miviilc, St. John. N.B.
Ooclor-t  llnvi* on Ocermloa   lit'ltl-erntely
Plmcil llieir Own Lives In Jroptirrt)'.
There is no difference of opinion among
doctors as to the heroism displayed by Ur.
William Moor, tho specialist on therapeutics, who has discovered that permanganate
of potassium is an antidote tor morphine
poisoning, and proved it thaotherday when
he counteracted the effects of vlmt ordinarily would be a fatal done ol morphine by
swallowing his new found antidote, Some
of the doctora who wore present loft the
room. Those who remained had the opportunity ot congratulating him on his discovery aud self-confidence, Such c&sea ais
not uncommon. Almost all successful physicians havo, at some lime, placed their
hvea in jeopardy to experiment on themselves. Drugs, poisons nnd narcotica are
tho favorite aubjecta of experiments, and
physicians boast that many obscure heroes
have laid down their lives in tho interest of
soience becauso their calculations failed.
A Brooklyn phyaiciau, while travelling in
France wilh hia wife, was forced to go
through tbe cholera districts Bome years
ago. He had a new theory of Ida own for
tbe euro of cholera, and hia wife waa in a
fever of dreed over lhe chance of infection.
Thia man inoculated himaolf with the germs
of cholera, and then, with two paid atlen-
ilants, isolated himself from lho rest of the
world and puthn theory into practice, having left minute directions for his treatment
before delirium aet in In a woolt ho wis
cured. Shortly aflur his wife was atrickeu
and he confidently applied hia rumedy.
HiB wife died and ho never agaiu tried his
discovery. To thia day he doos not kuow
whether bio experiment wai a success or
not.    But it was none the leas heroic.
Ilerve Pain Cure*
Poison's Nervilino cures flatulence,chills,
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complaint. Nervilino cures neuralgia,
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Joe���-"Then fountain-pen inikers will
never be atleeted by the ineomo tax." Bob
���'��� Why not I'1 Joo���"Because they never
make enough ink oome to bo taxed."
"You think," Bind Willie Wishlngton,
"that it actually hurts a man to ho hit
with one of Cupid's arrows?'"  "No," re-
filled Belle Pepperton ; " ns a rule ho mere-
y becomes senseless tor a time, '
Cures Consumption, CouBha, Croup, Scro
Ttivoat. Sold by all Druggist* en* OiuftntM.
Fom Lam* Side, Bark orCWt 3hlloh'a Poroue
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 _   REMEDY.
i?V05TO<***R*n-li? ���" RomcdFirlllrolloro
MiSciirejrGu. PrlwWota. This Mcctortor
Its auccnsful tR'atincnt, free. Bomembat,
Bhlloh'a Komodios ore flolu oo a ffunrautec
A vest pocket telescope has been invented,
Hindoos believe tho moon is the food of
the gods.
An Engli h bishop preaches regularly in
his sleep.
There are eight edible and twelve poison-
ons varieties of mushrooms in the United
A horre for invalid eetvaptS, the gift of
Mra. C. Davis Knglish, ia to be built near
Berwyn, Pa,
A notablo increase in the practice of
carrying firearms ia reported from western
cities thia winter,
American locomotive builder** turned out
19,*)S locomotive-- hist year, a decrease over
previous year.*'.
Tho skeleton of tho Icuhery winged lat
is bone for bono snd joint for joint similar
to that of iran.
Potatoes nro most greedily devoured in
Germany, where the people oat $230,000,000
worth every year,
Tho crown princess of Denmark iaa royal
���'highness " by nature aa well ua by birth���
being (i feel.'' iuehca tall.
Oli&rlatana and Quaoka
Have long plied their vocation on tho auf-
feringpedals of the peoplo. Tim knife has
pared to ibe quick; oaustle application!
havo tormented tho victim of corns until
tho conviction shaped Itself���there's no
care, Putnam's Painless Com Extractor
proves on what a ilender basis public opiu-
i>n often rests. If you stiller from corns
get the Extractor and you will le satisfied,
Sold everywhere.
A young girl can   Btand up straight cud
atill be bent ou marriago.
During the laat year iho pnsinmt-terj of
the United Statoa liaiuiled nearly 4,000,** i
000.000 stamped pieces of piper.
The Kansas University i" excavating ���
tunnel under ils various buildings through
whleh all of them will be heated.
The au i throws vertical rnya tin the i
earth's suriace only upon an area ei-uul to |
about thirty-five equaru milea at one timo. ��� _     ,,   .
One of tho surgeons sent abroad hy the
United States to inspect intending emigrants
at Earopeau porta says that the knowledge
of Luoh inspection   by   lho   United Statea
.do the steamship coinpanios   extremely
.reful as to lhe sort of stcerago passengers
..my ao3cptcd. He inspected 15,001) pas-
eng-ua and detained but two, while on this
aide not a single onc of those who passod
his Inspection was excluded from the country- 	
'If all the gold In mini or bank,
All earthly things thai men call wealth
Were mine, with every liileilrnnk,
IM (.five them till (or preetous health."
Thus iu angush wrote a lady teacher to.a
near friend, tolling of pitiless headache, of
smarting pain, of pain iu buck and lions, of
dejection, wealiners and nervous, feverish
unrest. The friend knew both causes and
euro and Hashed luck tho answer, "Take
Dr. i'ierce'a Favorite Prescription," The
distressed teacher obeyed, was restored to
perfect health, and her dally duties once
more became a daily pleasure, For lady
teachers, salcBladiea and others kept long
standing, or broken down by exhausting
work, tho "Prescription" ia a most potent
restorative tonic, and a certain cure for all
t'emiile weakness. Guaranteed to euro iu
every caae or money returned. See printed
guarantee around each bottle.
Fibroid, ovarian and other Tumors cured
without resort to surgery, Book, with
uumerous references, sent on receipt of lo
cents in stamps. World's Dispensary Medical AssoolaiIon, BulTHto, N.Y.
A.P. 70 .
Mr. Lorenzo I\ Sleeper is very
well known to the citizens of Apple-
ton, Mc., and neighborhood, He
says: " Eight years ago I was taken
"sick, and suffered as no one but a
" dyspeptic can. I then began tak*
"ing August Flower. At that time
" T was a great sufferer. Kvery-
" thing I ate distressed me SO that I
"had to throw it up. Then in a
" few moments that horrid distress
" would come on and I would have
" to eat and .suffer
"again. 1 took it
"little of your med-
" icine, and felt much
"better, and after
"takingn little more
" August Flower my
''Dyspepsia disap-
"peared, and since thnt time I
" have never had the fir-.*** sign of it.
"lean eat anything without the
"least fear of distress. I wish all
" that are afflicted with that terrible
"disease or the troubles caused by
"it would try August Flower, as I
"am satisfied there is uo medicine
"equal lo it." tt
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plying the Fnrm-
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tin* Florists nmi lhe
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our selected nnd   reliable itock of
for tho l-.'cld.  tie Garden and ihu
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I.HIllV.     NHS     1*111111 111
i;tnil*   i-ountn   <>F
[ -lullit*.
cut  IIHUibri ,f i -nj lo  nnd frnlii Hi* liriiia
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..Ills (roln llir ��..-> it ninl.i'. Inmi  Hi rlil-T|irlse.
Tlui fwr. Ii*mii����iI im'-- ii�� iiulcii.il iiLKiPflicotil) mill "���
pMlt ��ti eiiLiiniciii. ilirrLM-n in i'i ritr yrmiiiiK liiinnm, II
���fftr* llipatruN.il *��t Iiist*h>i- In llie i|iinnlllr mul ijuullly ut
���itfrUI-anplcijnUnlh-fiHivlnifllnii ollt. Sl��l 'I'.oirrt. Tha
kccomisiiiyiiitt (liii.-i.iiii, >!'��������� 1'J flin-v. I lie mmlle-t bukIs*
thtt will In *�����<! i.y it intlMMtiiM |i.it ofTattOTtiTMirar
tlnHtt. wlierl. r.ittlio I'lfi tt(>ii-i- 'vl -lliisii.miil.af tun*
nf'��*-tf- fur Tsu-rr., *.il.|.r.illr.l i.ml Urj .lrnl|ilil mill pfrfret
nt* wm hrl-it iklltrrnl nt nur iiorLt, -nl��is ulm lu-rn
few lolls��ii'l llicri-f.ii*!  ii.it - ��ii|.|.|)..f *.'��'.' i-ii-ilr wliirh
��� 1 Ui~ |
lni [or
i�� ft .
i foi lift i
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vnv hiioi'mi list: s\ AMinoriut c   ivr cnniiliioiu ol
eom|iBtitiuii ��ri'l ii mil. -m>l i '<���<��� "f f-r./-". ".rinl [nr |-nr-
lli-illirila llin Ai-r r IV, riiiiiiiri., nt I" lis Ll m.lir., lit hill
I'wnciiwii. Kmt���� fm-, l.iii.-..ln. Nrli.. H|i ii im, I..1-.1 Mm
tlMI-oln, UiiITjI.i, nr t-'i I'Jili I'I*'-*1 Ni-i\- \, lk I iH. Artlli.-|.l��,
fum pint -mslUr��r*il ���Jim- yiu-f  Ml Sh.l. .ill llili.-uuiTsl-Aft*!.
CumplMiim, tl��iiv*r*'l ���ft**- "i. ut. ��l ItiiB'go nmi >lii|iped lu
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word that
" CiitAsnv Ruduehs wear like iron,''
'Shure MAM
it Bates ihimall"
I    __Manufaetured^onjv^by ,
"If I over baa me panr and friendless,
end should he walking along tho streots of
a olty about six o clock at night and thc
smell oi fried onions were wafted towards
me, I should become a criminal. I would
steal," aaid Doctor John, firmly, "so that I
also might have them.''
'���Rather a lowly taste,"aaid Oliver lazily.
They bad been to the top of Sisty's Peak
lorolk nil that day, bin found no Bign of
one, only a young antelope, tbo chops of
whioh, wilh the fried onions, Mike waa
conking for supper.
The doctor, radiant in hia llowered dressing-gown, h it, al is, minus hli beautifully*
embroidered cap, ptirmd thc tobacco in his
pipo and leaned comfortably back in hit
"Don't scorn onions, Craig. 1 know yon
batter. Here in this desolate region miles
away from women-kind, you positively revel
in 'em.'
" Women-kind?" Oliver asked, vaguely.
"The vegetable, fortunately. Your thirst
for tobacco, your no useless haste to roturn
t,i Denver, your restlessness, are had eiena.
Eve entered our paradise, and baok we go to
civilisation to-morrow became we expect a
letter from her. I shall prosorlbo lor yonr j ow��� ,tna,f father couldn't liavo done kinder
.������isi* a dune nf moral reflection*-, with refer- by ber. How you rid thom miles in that
onces to celebrated cnaca nf the aort 1 havo   t'-m, | L.au't see, for that Warn an' mo set
nineteen ; and here's hia Minny be Idolized
living in nowherea Und wUhaoraay Frenchman. I put up with bim tor month-* when
I visited litre, for ber sake j but ono day,���
the Pattens ts all quick, on my mother's side
I'm a Knox, and hist'ry tells what he wis,
���and I slapped Henry right iu the face
liko he'il been a young one. He set ins out
the door, uud bis man hove my trunk after
me. Back 1 bad to rido in a apringless
wagou, and, gfttlng horns, found thing*
going to rack nnd ruin with the shiftless
folks I left taking care of my houae. I did
advise Minny to Btay.thoujh, Mr. Oliver,"
she said, looking-at him with her honest,
kindly gaze, "I'm an old-fashioned woman,
so 1 'lowed it was her duty : she'd made
her lied and had to lie on it. You can't
never tell me a girl is made to get married
in this ken try, whatever it may bo in France,
an'Minny is awful frivolous. I hain't uo
liking for men that sympathizes with
young wives when they nir young an
" I Bhould have dragged her back, to bo
kill-''! next time," Craig said, coldly.
She arose and hold out her hard, wrinkled band. "I think you donenoblo hy hor
Mr. Oliver; and though by your looks you
soem to uo ono of them city tucholor* that
ain't no good moral characters, 1 know her
Australia i Hellioil or GIvliis All lu Her
I'ut'iniiliiyi-tl Last IVIn-cr.
SRl-iflT AND BRfclEZY.
Iron pavements were first mado in London in IS 17.
An odd means of helping; tlio uncmnloy-1    "j"*1 ,1.!r:tf" '"} JWf imPoct0 l **���
���        i-.-i.   i   .      *.   ���*��� *.   '���  mcatof the declared value ol   more than
heard yon discuss wilh disgust.
"How far imagination will carry a man?
���almost to idiocy 1" murmured Oliver.
" The question," continued the doctor,
plaintively, as if be had not board, "Is,what
are you going to do? Vou meant well s I
should havo no doubt assisted the Trouble-
so mn lady,���not driving ao far or so fast,
perhaps. But your honest Mexican accomplice rodo hia 'gooda beasta' to Purkville
last night, and he und tho well-nunnered
Louis were amiably intoxicated together.
Monsieur is probably well informed of all
that took place'
" Which waa little enough, 1
would havo told him ; but 1 had
no desire to quarrel with him, or
perhaps fight a ridiculous French duel over
a young woman I bad only seen twice, and
both of us duellists possibly landed in jail
for breaking the peice by some sagacious
sheriff. "
"1 would not go yonr ball, cither, my
friend," smiled Doctor John, "I would
liko to sec you shut up awhile: you've sent
enough to prison waits in yonr time. If I
dm't mistake,���paasei*3 are few this lonely
Way, and his horso was a roan,���here oomes
the Mexican and bis ' gooda beasta,' also a
nondescript creature following, who I hope
is not tbo Troublesome lady returning."
"Yourjudgment in matters pertaining
to female kind is not aeourato," said Oliver,
wno bad jumped up anxiously at the doctor's wotds, "This is an elderly, gaunt,
and tall tumalo, and (-hi* aiu that mule as
gingerly as if bo were liable to go out from
under her any moment,   1>j you know, 1
half believe that is Aunt Hannah."
"Didn't know you had relative*," aaid
' tbo doctor, following Olivor to the road.
"1 haven't, Mrs. Minny has ; and if the
old lady is seeking her, where is the young
lady, and what kind of a dilliculty havo I
got, myself into? Sno looks warlike enough."
" I have brought ze-a lady from zo rail-
roi," said tho Mexican, obsequiously.
".She com-a Monsieur do Restaud. He sent-
a lioro for Madamo."
"So you told him 1 bad taken her to the
train ?" Oliver said, quickly, a dangerous
light iu his a-ay eyea. "You wero a fool.
I shall come hero again, and 1 can pay more
than the Frenchman. I would even have
bought that horse of jours at your most
exorbitant price."
"You hai not enough mon-nay tor to buy
my horse, acnor. He is one race-horse. He
haf win grand moil-nay for mc, I loaf ze
lady with you : my mule he tire: she yell
till ze May and bnmp wound.*'
While lie spoke, tbe old lady, with more
baste than elegance, slid to the ground, unfastened a carpet-bag tied to tbe saddle,
straightened ber blank alpaca skirt, und
delivered a livo-tlollar bill to ber guide.
���'All you'll git," alio said in a high-
pitched nasal \oToe, "if you talk lingo forever. I ain't to homo inu. kentry where
my native tongue, is butchered as you do it,
and that's all I'll pay you, if you talk
balderdash all night."
" 31 senora," gasped tho Mexican.
" Yis I do see : and I've a mind to roport
your Insolence to the authorities, for that
'see' is all l'vo got of you the whole
way, And if we ain't leagued over unprofitable menders and everlasting hills
this day, and barren wastes, to last me till
I die. When I fit bank East I'll hats to
link at tbesettin' sun, for gotting reminded of this journey an' Minny's misfortune
here. Now, he boing gone, misters," she
suid, abruptly, aa Juan rode rapidly away,
��� "that Warn, in bo calls hlimelf,���which
of you is the man l tiat made lhe mischief in
my nephew by marriage's family?"
It was rather an embarrassing question, The
doctor politely requested that bIio sit down
iti-.d rest, as sho aeemed much Hurried, and
they could talk more comfortably. After
a sharp glance at bim, sho consented, sitting carefully in n chair with a groan, She
was a tall, raw-boned woman, Hat as an
ironing board, tanned and wrinkled, with
strong features, a mass of untidy gray hair,
and handsome blue eyes with a. sly twinkle
in theni ns if she could see a joke aud make
one to*. Somehow the barren life ol Now
Kngland brings wit and pathos to the surface, ��f the lirst the dryest, quaintest sort,
as of tbo olher the saddest anil most hope-
lo.-s. Hur ungloved hands wore work-worn
and largo-knuckled, hands of that prido of
the village, a gootl housekeeper and one
who has llowors in summer of her own
tending, She pushed an unstable bonnet
shu wore lack on her head, antl looked at
Oliver severely.
As she seemed to know, bo said, abjectly,
" 1 helped Mrs. df Uestaud get to the railroad."
"1 didn't need no telling," idio answered,
promptly. " I'm clean heat out. I never
rode ou an animal before of any sort of kind,
" I'vr- got real rheumatic pains in my biok
and shoulders.    It is hard for a woman at
my ago to have lo galllvato ovor an onset*
tied country hunting a connoolion."
"Here are some .cushions. " said Hector
John, coining ont, his nrmi full. "Theao
chairs aru uncomfortable. Now, Isn't thnt
" Yli, I suppose I'll cat my meals oil'
the mantel piece for a week. Now, you
boing old and sottled-liko, why couldn't ynu
have helped Minny ? "
" Because 1 waa not here. Object to
D .wilting 1
" N��, land sakes, no; koep ths skootera
oil', if they be any that kin git a living up
"Mow, this is eosey," continued tho
doctor, lighting his pipe, Oliver Bat down
near thom, "You see, 1 wm called nil" tn
a sick woman, and she died, ~ poor soul."
"Of what?" asked the new-comer,
oagorly, all curiosity.
"I shmld say home sickness if I told tho
truth, but l cilia I it mountain fever. Woll,
sho was   dying, you   know,   and   bore, as
out afore siiu-up an' got to the Frenchman's
jest turned livo o'clock. Now, how much
monoy did you give Minny to frivol away!"
She took out an old leather wallet ami
began unwinding a strap that hold it tight,
" I have no account. Wait until you hear
from her."
" 1 am Well-to-do, and Minny's all I've
got to leave my property to : so that
needn't worry you; antl I don't liko her
being under obligations to strange mon.
How much, did you loan her?"
Oliver looked confused: " I���I don't
know ; there might havo been three hundred dollars in tho roll, -perhaps more."
" What?" almost screamed Aunt Hannah. "Heavens to Betsy I you and me
won't* ever set eyes on Minny Patten till
every cent ot that money is gone. Sho
don't know the value on t. She never had
none of her own to spend afore."
"1 think she will use itto good advantage," Btniled Oliver, " Besides, it is better she has plenty, as Bhe seems to havo
missed you.   How did that happen ?"
" l'vo been away six weeks, visiting connections by marring-* in Iowy, an' I was
coming hero to see how Bho waa treated,
for aho ain't writ to mo 'most two months,
an' he's mean enough to keep her from it.
None of the neighbors knowed where I'd
went, on account of their curiosity: I told
'em mebbe Floridy, an' boarded up the
lower winders in my house."
"Woll, thu neighbors will tako caro of
her," said tho doctor, cheerily. " Here ia
Mik** : so, Miss "
" Patten,--Hannah Patten."
" Thore is nothing for you to do but to
accept our hospitality, city bachelors live
well, you know,--and to-morrow godown
to Denver with us, Mr, Oliver probably
has a letter from Mrs. Minny ab his office
waiting for bim, ns ahe promised to let him
know if alio got homo safety."
" 1 believe 1 will, and thank you," said
Miss Patten, beginning to smooth down
her hair. "The smell of them fried onions
struck mo all iu a heap, for 1 ain't eat
since hroakf.i-st,iny niece's husband not evon
offering me a chair to sat on.let alone something io eal, and I've got a feeling of goneness that reminds ino of one of Cap'n Sam's
sou-stories,���Minny's father, you know,���
where a shipwrecked crew cat their hoots
and chewed slicks to keep c'm alive."
" You aee," smiled Doctor John, " I was
right about our humble vegetable, It appeals to every heart."
" And stomach," said Misa Patten,walking majestically up to the houao. "It
mayn't bo proper for mo to stop hero, but I
guess our age protects us,"
" Why, certainly," aaid   Doctor  .Tohn,
meekly.   " It'a in tho air out here  to  do
erratic things, but the  neighbors in   your
town shall never know, I swear it.''
(to iib COSTlNUKn.)
el  waa devised by the government or
Victoria, during tho winter just ended there,
when trade was duller and  distress more!    On  tlio average the pgUto crop of the
acute an 1 general than iu very many yeara   Wand   of Jersey   is yearly worth lo tho
past.   It consisted, says a correspondent,   growers about   th/ce and a  half millions
in actually presenting gold   mines  t-�� t'10   sterling,
unemployed workmen.   Not only this, but!    Londoners consume water  at the rate of
transportation tn the initio wai furni-hod,   33,83 gitloui per duy per head of the popu-
aud also tools to work it and provision*! to   Intlon,
last until It began to pan put.   Torn are     Thsreara 210 angling olu'�� in   London
scattered through  the colony nunierom and saburbs. with a membership of 12.000.
gullies antl streams and old dttsings that,    ���,. .   . ���
havo boen worked out so far as -adequate !   The �������t-of WW European troops
commercial returns  are concerned,  but J��ver on the road is, ai a rnle, 3,030 men
which yot may  lie made to yield a living ,l0 ll mi*B*
to anyone who will seek hard for it.    Tho      Cornelius  Yandcrbllt,   it   is   s*id,   hai
living is not gno! enough to attract gold- given ��1,000,000 for religious, purposes dur
ing the last two years.
According to tbo lato.it returns the number of schools iu lUsuloland is 113, with an
enrolment of 0,9*21scholars.
The German army tent is divisible into
two portions, eaoh of which ean bo converted into an overcoat incase of rain.
The deepest bore hole iu the world is nl
seekors iu good times, bui at a time llki
the p.ist winter, when thousand-! of unemployed man, with dependent aud destitute
familes, walked tho streets of Melbourne,
glad to get oven crusts and crumb-, such a
living as
tiu: tu.H DiaatifOJ
afford was one to be fought for.    The reason why men did not sot out to obtain this I SAMehwh' near Kethan, Germany,   i.
living was, of course because capital waa -, ,��� 73g-t ���   ,*   lh   an(- -, ,    Baoi'ogioa|
needed to reach tho diggings and to work   rflsBaroh only.
them,   "he department of mines sent ex-      ,f .   , ,-
perls to the old mining regions to ascertain ! Aft" ft�� ?xP?"f?oa1 �� C'0S9.0,\ U,ir,t-/
where there would he most likelihood ���f j i'^". ^''* John Lubbock baa arrived at tho
the unemployod workmen getting enough ! <-<"��oluiion thai to enter tho House of Cnni-
gold toailordaliving. Some regloni that nT8 Ty lw a ,iu,y' but ll corUmlV u
would havo yielded fair returns "to expert-  "��fl a P������-t'e,
enced miners wero uimiited for iho en* J Tho littio King of Spain, being now in
deavors of tho ptnmisouous workers, will. Uho oyea of tho Court u responsible pcraon-
ing but unskilled, who were subsisting on ! age-has bichelor <martors nf his own in '.he
charity in Melbourne. To some of tha palace, the apartments being those former-
better o! those regions parties of uoemploy- J iv occupied by hia father.
od wore sent in charge of one or two expert. The moit noted shot among Knglish wo*
onccd minor*-. But many pla.*ca worn I men is lady Eva Quinn, wile r,f Captain
found where unskilled men might get \ Wyndham, heir-presumptive to the Karl of
enough gold from the creeks and rivers to Dunraven, She has killed six full-grown
afford what would hs to them, under the   tigers from the frail shelter of a howdah.
.tn littrrrsllii-j- Paper Kf.nl Hi* fore Mi*
Can nil in it tnslllule hy Mr, Klvna Till
Ij, C E.
An interesting paper was read nt the
Canadian Inatitute, Toronto, on -Saturday
evening by Mr. Kivas Tulley, C. M., on
" The Fluctuations of Lake Ontario," being
a continuation of a former paper read at
tbo Canadian Institute on March 22, 1ST!)
As the survey of lhe great lakes has been
completed by tho United States, Mr. Tally
was able to givo accurate information as to
the water-shed, water surface, and levels of
Llm hikes, which could only be considered
approximate in iho former paper, though
procured from tho best authorities, Tho
great decrease of nearly three inches in the
average rain aud snowfall in tho last fifteen
years, as ennpared with the previous
twenty-five years, was ascribed to lho deduction of tlio forests, without much attempt to replace thom by planting treos.
The doorcase in the average snowfall is
corrobiratod hy the decrease of moro
thau three inchas iu the mean level ot Lake
Ontario for the last fifteen years. Theae
ilccrcasos wero substantiated by the records
of the Meteorological observatory for the
past fifty years,which show a diminution of
2 i>'i2 inches, the figures being 30,040 inches
ihe niaan of seventeen yoars iu 18,"*H, and
34.333 Iuches, mean of fifty years in 18111,
Thens facts deierve the sorlons consideration
of thu whole community, particularly the
farming portion, as a diminution of rain'
fall means a diminution in the fertilizing o:
the soi 1.
eircumstanses, a good living.
About throe thousand men were sent
out by tho government to these old diggings
during tho winter, ami most of them "were
accompanied by their families. Free railway passes woro provided to the station
nearest the place whoro they were to prospect, nnd, whero poudble, further transportation was alao furnished. On arriving
at the digging! 31 shillings was given to
each man for ths purchase of provisons nntl
supplies, nud also a tew simple tools. Experienced minors were on hand to show
them how to got to work, and remained in
tho rot-ion so loot as necessary. Twenty
to fifty and a hundred familes were Incited
in some diggings, Most of tho districts
selected for thom settlements were along
streams, and hore was generally found land
suitable for raising fruits and vegetable**.
The experiment
Almost all the people thus sent out bave
boen making a fair living. Somo havo had
to work hard with little returns and have
needed assistance from the government; hut
tho great majority havu done really well.
Some of the men have made an average of
20 to 30 shillings a week all tbo time thoy
have been at tbo diggings, which was sullicient to maintain their families iu comfort*
ablo circumstauccs. Few there arc who
have not been ablo to mako ut least a
livelihood. Some retnnisd to Melbourne
and other cities to take up their old linos of
work, but a great many are remaining nt
the diggings, satisfied with their present
condition, and doubtless in many oases
honing to strike a rich patch.
The government alsos-*tt,led ab-ii!. I,SI
men, most of thom with families, on government land, under the provisions ot an
act recently passed for the formation of
village settlements and homestead associations und oom-nullities, Thirty-five such
settlements were plotted uutantfuucmploy-
cd men with their families placed on them,
with thc means of commencing to obtain u
livelihood from tho products of the anil.
The plan of most of these settlements was
that of a co-operative company, and great
caro was exercised to apportion the unemployed among thc thirty-five settlements fi.
that their individual capabilities might be
of best ndvantago for the common good.
The plan was something similar to that of
the Hirsch settlements of exiled Russian
Jews in Argentina. All thoso communities
are reported to bo doing well, and in but
few instances have Battlers deiortod them.
Thc winter climate in Victoria is, of course,
very mild, and in -Inly, the coldest month,
it is a rare thing for the temperuture to
fall to freezing.
Employment was also found for some
l.iibO of-Melhourue'fl unemployed during
the winter by the department nf rail a ays
and the department, of public works. Altogether, though tiiiics were duller and di
tress more general and acute during lasl
winter than in many yearn, it was iu uo
way ao apparent on the surface ns in much
hotter years. Ttiero are few processions of
idlo men through lho city streets ami few
demonstrations of the unemployed, Bitch as
attracted universal attention io Australia
the previous winter,
Pratt? Girls ia BetWum-
A correspondent of the Washington Star
has been " doing"  the Holy Land, and Is
filled wilh admiration for the damsulti of
Bethlehem, In a recent letter ho writes i
** i don't wonder that Want fell iu lovo
with Hutli. The Hutblehem girls are
among the beauties nf the Faat, and ynu
will find mere pretty girls in lho hills of
Judea than in lho same amount nf territory
Anywhere else lho world ovor. A shipload
of theso llothlehem maiilena, if they could
bo transported to tbo great North-West,
would capture the bonanza farmers of the
Dak itas juat aa lluth captured tho great
landowner, lloa/, and when they came
back lo Washington aa Senators' wives
they would be the holies of the capital.
Tli't-'fi liotblehem maidens ate fair-skinned
nnd bright-eye I. They have straight, well-
rounded forms, which they clothe, In long
drosees of white linen, so beautifully embroidered in silk tnat aEinglc-gown requires
many months of work. Thia dress js much
like an American woman's nightgown,
without thu frills and laces. It fulls from
the neck to iho feet, and is open at the
front in a narrow slit us far down us a
modest decollete dress. Over this gown
they wear sleeveless cloaks of dark letl
Oraig Is sitting alone over the fire, coin s a'stripes, and the head lhey cover with a
lady'In a yellow s Ik gown (\iiko told mc,! long shaw 1 of linen embroidered with silk.
C.'a'ig; you needn't think you'vo b-jen talk- j Kach girl wears her dower on her person
Ing 111 your sleep). Ou her whilo neck aro | in tho shape of a necklace of coins and the
ugly bruises, welts from a whip aro on her forehead of ench maiden is decorated with
arms, and the little dog she brings with ' a crown of coins, some of which are silver
hor has bueu brutally kicked. She throws and others gold."
harsolf at Craig's feet, and begs him to savo ' m .
''" V���7,"dWt. nover tall ma that ovll UUI. I ����� �� Sma">" Vlll**��"-
fore gnor dared strike Minny Patten 1' Gontlemanfwho has engaged aged colored
cried the old lady. "Oh, I'd like to git my haokman to drive nim from the itation to
bands On him I   All her mother's  fault,���  the hotel)���*'   Say,   uncle,   what's  your
always taking up *-ith strangers." name!"
Any nt in would havo helped her," staid       Driver���"My nam**, sab, is George Wush
Winter Clothinr.
In writing about "Clothing as a Protection Against Cold," Doctor Hobson House,
nu Knglish authority, lays much stress nn
three points lhat aro too generally disregarded. Not clothing, but plenty of exercise antl proper food are the sources of bod.
ily warmth (clothingdoes not give warmth,
but only retains that pi the body, Therefore at least onc hour a day should be devoted to active exercise, after which a cold
hath should bo taken,if possible, and a change
of underclothing certainly,
One heavy garment of any kind js not
so olloctive iu retaining bodily heat aa two
muoh lighter gai ments of that kind. !'>**-
tween separate garments, Pel a layer of air
wanned from the jody, and as still air
is an excollcnt non-conductor of heat, it
keeps lhe body1.', from radiation, or going
away on tho moving outer air.
Anoihnr advantage of thin woolen gir<
ments is that they can be easily reduced or
multiplied iu number worn to suit olmuuei
of weather. Many athletic men value this
ndvantuge greatly, and wem- two or   three
Oliver; then ho went, on and   (old what ho
i ti t;t ii
did* and how be loft her safely at the train iientlemftn��� "Georgo Washington! Why
h*' omitted hoi*eccentric farewell,���possibly that namo seems familiar."
because ho had forgotten it. Drivor���" Well, fo' tie I,awd's sake 1   1
"The poor little bird,"  Bobbod   the old ai,uuid t'inl;  it ought to.   Here I been
woman,   "my   dead   brother's child;  and drlvln' to this  station fo''bout 20 years,
what a man he was !���maritor of a ahip at aa],,"
It ia said tha*. 80,000 ferns ulono are
uprooted and aold from the Cheviots yearly.
Botanists assert, that unless something is
done the rarer flora of Northumberland
and the Honler will soon become extinct.
Flowers and vegetables, boing "perish,
able," may he hawked without a license'
seeds may not. This is the rosult of a case
at a London police court.
The Queen is very font! of spinning. Hsi*
wheel wns presented to hur some twenty
years ago, and she waa taught tha art by
un old Highland woman.
In China they tie a rod cord around a
baby's wrist, so that it may grow up quiet
and obedient. Should a child turn out had,
they say, "his parents forgot to hind hia
Artificial rabbits" are the latest devico
of Parisian street vendors. Tho skin of a
real bunny is filled out with potato-ttour ao
ingeniously as to deoeiva even the moat
WAry housewife.
The shipbuilding trade of the Mersey
was, during 189,1, marked with unparalleled depression, the tonnage turned out only
amounting to 8,COO, as compared with 30,-
000 In tbe previous year.
About forty tons of letters daily pass
through the hands of the oltlciala at tha
Loudon Post Olllco. It is a rare thing for
one of theso letters to go astray.
During last year 12,3-12 persons were re-
coivud in Peutonville Prison, und there
wore only live deaths. The prison is therefore described us tho healthiest spot in London.
Tlm Ikitish Museum contains many rare
ind beautiful snufF-boxes of tho laat cent*
ury, plain and enamelled, uiado of horn,
Hilver antl gold, simple anil complicated,
largo antl small.
In Ki-Vi tho consumption of alcohol in
Franco was 535,000 hectolitres of alcohol,
or 1, It] litres per head of tho population.
It hns now risen to 1,0(10,ISI hectolitres, or
4.40 litres per head.
Statistics ahow that tlicro are in the
United States more than six million farms,
upou which dwell over ;iu million people,
���alio furnish more than 74 per cent, ot the
value of the exports of that country.
IVi-liup- the lowest death-rate in any
Etigli'ih pariah lust year was that at Bitlon,
Bristol, whoro, with u population of 1,200,
there have been but three deaths '.two of
which were childron) in tho p ist fourteen
The Queen usually sign- tilr-nt. ,-,0,000
documents a year. For her age tho Queen
lives a very busy life. She rises at half
past seven, lias prayers at eight, after which
Bhe walks for an hour, uul then works
with her secretary until two o'clock.
In California it has boon found that peach
stoics burn as well as the best coal,aud give
out moro heat In proportion to weight. Tho
stones laken outof the fruit that ia tinned or
dried arecollected.and sold at tbe rate Of $16
pen ton, Apricol atones also burn, but not
to well as peach, antl do nut command so
good a price.
Tho most marked peculiarity of the lute
Karl of Lovelace was hi* groat love for trees.
He was nl ways planting on his estates near
Leathcrhead, nntl would hardly permit a
tree to be cut down, ao that the tenants
used lo grumble, declaring that, the excessive Limber kept the ��un from their crops
and retarded their growth.
Tho Empress of China has established her
own private silk looms in the palace at
Pekln. Ono of the motives which induced
her to lake thifl atep was the desire to provide work for somo of the many women and
girls of ('liiiia anxious but unable to earn
their living. The looms antl several experienced weavers havu boen sent to I'ukin
from the imperial silk factory at Hang-
When Mr, Andrew Carnegie, the well-
known millionaire, is in Scotland, ho ia followed about by begging letters from all
quarters, Wero he to grant all the up,
plloitlons for money, ho would not bo able
to buy his own dinner. Letters from charity
aBROctalloui, urgunt appeals from ministers
for doiiatinns inwards ihu schemes of their
Oongregsttoiis,letten from impecunious persons of ull detorlptlous, uwuit him at his
Pater and tho Baby-
When trail iho garments of the niglit.
When iuby'8 tucked in snug and tight.
When n!lisliif*li.**l and-.til! within,
When onemitiht hear a falltnn pin,
When weary Mater Ctopi tOBleop,
When siii-iircn*i','i*s, ^ive iu-eai!iiuL-- deep.
Then Pater likes the baby.
Whon in the garish light of duy,
When nurse-mai'l- llirtnl'm** Um way.
When jrrass is green and skies uro bright.
When llowors binoin for mortal sight.
When Utile ones must tako the air.
Wheu Pat meeds must (rive them care,
Then Pater loves the baby.
When cramps nnd tollo rulo ihe hour,
When baby holds of tear.-�� shower,
Whon anxious parents wall forsooih.
When baby tries to out a tooti).
When to prevent a precious row,
When nurso and matron don't know how,
Then Pater Shakos the baby.
When bahy will not shut its eyo-*.
When baby erics and lies and cries,
When p:i'ti;tn*i* drops clean out of si-*ht.
When veils teri'llh-fill lite night,
Whon love, (-rowse*-!.l uud p:t I'utsinnd,
When baby will not mind its dad.
Then I'aler spunks lhe baby.
Saw;iifj Fur-
It seemed -juito improbablo that a novice
could over succeed in altering afur garment
satisfactorily. Tho fur was heavy and
slipped through my fingers iu such n pro
vokir-g manner that 1 It'll tempted lo wear
it just us it was. Hut, it. was Booltl-faahioned,
and 1 felt aure that very little ulteritig
would make tho coat almost as gootl as
new,B9 1 gathered my witstogcthcrandsoon
found a way out uf thu dilemma. I succeeded so well that I mado up my mind to
instruct others in the ail.
Wherever tho fur is to be cut it must bo
marked on ihe skin sidu wiih chalk, not
letting it cut quite through at first, and
then pull tho pieces apart, linii-bit-g the
cut very delicately en aa not to spoil tho
fur. On no accountmust scissors boused,
ns they will out tho fur on tbo nutsido iu
spite of the greatest precaution. When it
ia all cut,the edges to be sewed aro brought
together and moistened and sewed overhand with waxed cotton thread. Silk cuts
the skin. Whon thc seam is sewed it
should bo laid fur side down on a board
uud tho ao.im again moistoned, and pressed
llat by rubbing it with a shell or some
other smooth-surface artie'e. If done t hia
way no aeam is visible on the outside und
lho garment looks as well as If done by professional sewers. All kinds of lur are
sewed in the samo   way.
When E-jfji Are Dear.
Pumpkin pies can bo made vory palatable
without eggs. Uao more pumpkiu, aud a
largo tablespoonful of Hour for threo small
or two largo pies, with sugar and other ingredients as usual.
Rico Pudding.���-Ono quart milk, half a
teacupful of rice, Bait, one teacupful of
sugar, a small piece of butter. Put cold
into the oven, stirring occasionally for the
lirst hour; bake slowly for two and one-half
houra. A cupful of raising, or vanilla
flavoring, make a nice addition.
Eggless Plum Pudding.���One large cupful of broad crumbs.onc cupful each of suet,
chopped fine, or butter, molaiBOS, lai-uns
and sweet milk, one tablespoonful of soda,
ono teaspoonful each of salt, clovoa nnd
cinnamon, nnd two cupfuls of Hour. Steam
two and one-half honrs,
(linger Cookies.���Put oiib even teaspoon-
lu! of soda into a half-pint cup, pour on
three tablespoon fuls of lukewarm water,
four tablespoon fuls of shortening, and fill
up the cup with molaasoc To every four
cupfuls of this inixturo add a tablespoonful
of ginger, and a tcaspooninl of salt. Mix,
roll,  cut out antl bake.
Fruit Cake,���One cupful each of sugar,
raisins, und mola-se-i; one-half cupful of
bird, or of lard and butter, half and half ;
ono toaapoinful of soda; one-half tea-
spoonful of cinnamon and threo level cupfuls of sifted Hour.
Molasses (linger Cuke.���One cupful of
sugar, one-half cupful each of molasses,
shortening, (butter, lard, or pork frying*)
nne cupful of hot water, one teaspoontul
each of ginger, cinnamon, and Hour to
make a stiif batter.
Coffee Cake.���One heaping cupful eaoh
of sugar, and, strong coll'ee, one scant half-
cupful of shortening, three scant cupfuls
of Hour, three teaspoonfuls of baking pow
der sifted with the Hour, cinnamon and
Sugar Cookies.���Rut) together one-half
cupful of butter and two cupfuls ol sugar ;
add one cupful of Bour cream, seasoning, n
little salt anil onu teuspooulul of soda
dissolved in warm watoa; pour this into
enough Hour to make a Reft dough; roll
thiu, cut out, and bake.
Onc Egg Sponge Cuke.���Ono cupful of
granulated sugar, one egg, one-half cup of
cold water with vanilla or lemon added,
one and one-half cupfuls of Hour. Ib al egg
and sugar, add water and Hour alternately.
Bake Immediately iu a hot oven.
Doughnuts, ��� Ono cupful each of Biigar
and sweet milk, one scant tablespoonful of
butter, one egg, two teaspoonfuls of baking powdtr, Hour enough to mako a soft
lough.   Fry In hot lard.
Bread Cako. Two cupfuls of light bread
dough, one and one-half cupfuls of sugar,
half a cupful of butter, three tablespoon fuls
of sour milk In which haa heen dissolved
half a teusponufii! of soda, one cupful of
raisins chopped and llourad, nutmeg and
cinnamon. Stir wall, adding fruit lastly,
let rise and hike in a moderate oven.
roilit, Soason with salt nnd popper. To
this sauce add onc pint cold chicken or veal
cut into dice, tbe yolks nf iwo hard-boiled
egga, chopped fill'*, and tho whites cut in
larger dice. Iloil two minutes. Somotimc-s
a quarter of a oup of wine is added before
Lobster a la Xewburg.���Have ready two
medium-sized lobsters cut into dice. Cook
slowly fcr Ave minute*?. Seasou with oue-
half teaspoonful salt, one Baltspoonful pepper and a slight coating of nutmeg. Remove
the lobster to a platter. Heat the yolks of
lour eggs with u cup of cream, turn iuto
tho saucepan and stir until it begins
to thicken. Remove before it curdles.
Pour it over the lobster and serve tit once.
Lobster Cream. ���Make a cream sauce
with one-half cup of milk, one-half
tablespoonful of butt.-r, one hoaptne
tablespoonful Hour, one salt-spoonful
ot salt, a speck of cayenne. When it
thickens add to it one cup of lobster meat,
cut in dice, and a tablespoonful of sherry-
Chicken, meat, clams or oysters may be
served in this way. |
Veal Kidney Saute.���Melt a lump of
butter in the chafing dish, have a quarter
of an onion choppod Hue, aud brown it in
the butter. Have tbu kidney ready cut iu
thin slices and put with the onion. Season
with selt and rod popper. Cover the dish
tightly and let thc kidneys cook lill tender.
Servo with bils of lemon.
Deviled Crackers.���Split tho crackers
antl butter both halves generously; sprinkle
ovor a rich layer of grated cheese, sot in tho
chafing dish, dust with a little cayenne,
cover, placing thu dish ovor the tamp until
the cheese melts. They must be eaten
whilo hot.
Chicken with Tomato.���Fry tho chicken
light brown. Then put it in a hot dish.
Pour into tho pan in which the chicken was
frietl one pint of boiling water, half un
onion chopped fine, with a sprig of parsley,
two tomatoes, half a tablespoonful of butter anil half a tablespoonful of flour. Let
it stew for fifteen minutes. Turn it upon
the chicken and servo.
Tenderloin Steak with Oysters,���Moisten tha bottom of tho chaung diah with
butter. When vory hot lay iu the tenderloin, which should be an inch thick and
nearly free from fat. Sear one side and
turn, Turn often. In five minutes remove
to a hot plate aud season with salt. Put
one pint of oysters in the pan without any
ofthe liquor. Stir until the edges curl.
Add ono tablespoonful of butter creamed
with an equal amount of flour, salt, pepper,
und one tablespoonful of lemon juice. Let
it thicken. Pour over the hot steak and
Borvo at once.
Chicken with Mushrooms.���Have ready
one pound of cold chicken chopped fine and
one-half pint of mushrooms cut in small
piocci. Cover these with water and boil
five minutes. Skim out the mushrooms
into a hot dish. There Bhould be loft a
coll'ee cupful of liquid. If not enough, add
milk to the hot liquid. Thicken thia with
a tablespoonful cf Hour, same amount of
butler, ami season. Three minutes boiling
will thicken it, Add the chicken and mushrooms and conk two minutes, atirrin-j constantly.    Serve on hot platter.
Deviled Almonds,���Have ready three
quarters of a collee-cupful of almonds,
blanched and shrodded. Fry a light hrown
in a tablespoon fill oi butt-*r. Mix ono
ublespnont'ul of chutney, two tablespoon-
fuls of Worcostershfro sauce, one-fourth
tcaspooiiful uf salt and a sprinkling of cay-
uiiiie together. I'n'ir over the almonds
antl serve as Boon aa hoatud through. Stir
with a fork. The more one eats of thine,
thc more he wants. This is tho only fault
lo be found with deviled almonds.
light overcoats, instead of onu heavy ono in   |,r0akfasl
severely cohl weather.    Whr-nath-tw eoines      ���,,    ���, ,        ( ,.    ,     , ,.
tbey lay ono or monolT,nnil loosonna tlm , ''"'.1>'"l'��l'"' *'>��"�����''���> '*��� ��"*, '" "
overrating .ml .wwtliIg from which   U,��� | "v"���Nto a,���r u,aU,lv�����r.     lio is )�����..,��
i pells,
Thfl Japanese anil Ohiuoso both understand this priuotple well, antl go clad in
thin garments, each layer formed liko its
fellow. They reduce or add to tho number
of layers according tu the degree of outer
Moderately looso garments retain ihu
body's warmth much better than tight onos,
simply because the loose includes more air
that tho body has warmed.
Again, a loosely wcveu fabric is butter
than ono woven closely. This is not commonly appreciated enough hy civilized
people, who are apt to choose cloae-wovc.t,
thick   garments   for winter   wear.     The
11 ardent horseman, nnd uaed, when Dean
' | of W iiidsiii'.io take hia morning rides in the
Royal Park.
Ihc Sultan of Turkey has purchased two
manuscripts containing two epist'oBJaseribod
to Mohammed the prophet. M. liarbiman,
u Frenchman, the owner of thn manuicripts,
received four thousand pounds for his property. Thocontciita of tlio epistles, it is
mbi, may have great influence on tho
Mohainmodan world,
Mra. (Hailstone at Christmas unfailingly
sends the t^uecii some of her mlnce-pius, of
which the Queen once expressed hor strong
approval.     Mra. Cladstone takes an ohl
A   I'SElfJ, HIST   liHt Vtirsi:   KI.EiTr.ICtANS.
One of tho bugbears of the young dee.
trtcian is the difficulty of remembering
whiuh way t. msenetic needle turns when
a current oi electricity is b-hii along a wire
in ils vicinity, Ampere gave a rule wiich
many fiud it troublesome to rcmeuter, and
others have since tried to improve o 1 it.
Prof. Daniel; points out that if a penho.der
be held in tbe right band iu the usual way
of willing it may be taken to represent the
wire, and the How of ink the current. If
now, the thumb ba stretched a little across
the penholder, it will represent tho position
of the magnet, the thumb-nail being the
north-seeking pole. Prof. Holten, of Den*
mark, now oilers a rule which ho aays his
students have always taken to very readily.
The outstretched right hand is placed
with the lingers pointing jn the direction ot
the current, and the palm turned towards
the magnet. The north-seek ing pole of the
magnet will then move in the direction of
the outstretched thumb.
K lihu Thompson says that whilewe may
reasonably look forward to being ablo to
telephone through an ocoar- cable tinder
the Atlantic, it ia hardly likely that we
shall travel over it in ships propelled by
electricity. It would actually be possible
to ���''instruct eleciric motors ablo to turn
sereA*s and propel our largest, ships, but
the supply of current energy to them for
tro days continuously would require the
carrying of a atorage battery of enormous
cost, and so heavy that   it could  not   be
f'laced on board without ainking the ship,
(ut here the indlacretion of prophesying comes in ; and if there is anything in
the world that it ia unsafe to prophesy
aliout it is the limitations of electrical possibilities. Prof. Thomson, whilo framing
hia opinion according to modern lights,
is not blind to this fact, for ho adds : " It
should, however, be home constantly in
mind, in dealing with the subject of electrical applications, that a new discovery
might at any time change tho aspect of
every prophecy baaed on present knowledge and conditions."
Electricity Is becoming an absorbing factor in the luxury uf modern life. 1 he description of the part it is to play iu a new
Now York residential building sounds like
a fairy tale. The elevators will be run and
lighted by electricity. They will resemble
huge gilt bird cages iu appearance. Tbo
shaft for them will be of plate glass, set in
bronze columns and protected by elaborate
bronze grilles. The elevator doors will
open and shut automatically by means of
an electric device, and there will lie no
ropes or appliances visible except the cables
which pull the cars. Tho pressing of a
button will start or atop them, light the
electric lamps or extinguish them. There
will be no direct artificial light In the halls
or salon?. The source of light will bu invisible. The illumination will be dependent
on artfully concealed electric lampa, whoso
light will' be simply reflected, or blended
with single or combined tlnta, according to
the situation and tho hangings of the
apartment. Thus to a room furnished ,ti
white, a predominant tone of any given
color can be imparted by the changing of
the lamp ahades, and tho tints of colored
rooms can be modified iu the same way
when desired. Attached to tho building
there will be a kitchen department. The
cooking and most of the work of the department will be done by electricity and
the samo agency will keep the house warm
in winter and cool in summer.
.      -���'    v   ,.       .11      i.   , .1   ,,.��� i faaliionml pride iii liur ininocmoat, tlio mak
American Nolliwost Indian know, bol er. I ,        h   personally superintends,
SkSThll   from���.I ���hS .   ,   Z�� ��*���**��� loured friends look forward  to
weaves bun, irom small peltries,  u  coarse n.        . ,   .        ,   . .,   ���,-
robe that is wonderfully effective. ����� ""-# ', tmZ!n\iL
TherabbitorstiuirrclorHometimesgophor duint.es at Christmas time ,
skina are cut into strips with the hair or It is not every one who knows that iheru
fur on, and these Blrlps aro woven crlssoroM w an American Peerage published. " litled
so loosely that a finger cau easily ho poked j Americans ' gives a list of American lathes
through. Ytt in such a robe one can sleep who have married titled Knglisbmen, and a
lh a tent Without fire on a far-bslow wwo'certain number of those who marry title:!
night and foel positively hot, So if "By foreigners { but the moat remarkable tea-
oh, Baby Hunting's" mother got that sort, tore in thc book ia the list appended of the
of a rabbit-skiu to wrap Baby Bunting In,' unmarried scions of our nobility, with their
tho infant waa well nrotccted I estimated incomes-a sort of vade mocum
��������� ��� ���- for American millionaires,
Young Man-" What did your pa say | The Sultan of Turkey has- issued au im-
when he learned I bud kissed your sister ?" , rilli decree to the elTcot that threo copies
Little Girl���" He said that was encourng- 0f 0V8ry book and pamplllot on any subject
iug." whatsoever tliAt has boen printed or pub-
"They sav that matrimony is a lot-' liahed in any language in any part of his
tury," remarked Simpkins, "and 1 amfiini* dominions, from ihu tunc he tirst ascended
ly convinced that it's nn inveslment lhat to the thronu to the present day, arc to be
never paya any dividends." ".Mine did," Bent to the Imperial PaUw,,ahd one copy
-���������ponded Snlttiker. "In what way?" to the new library at the Sublimo Porte,
���   "       which ia now being built by hit Majesty 'a
" Triplets,"ancworsfldSnifliki-r, in ahollow  which ll
* whisper, ordota,
General Ruoipoa-
All lli-' dishes hero described are go.id
foods or relishes that aid digestion, however "frivolous" tho recipes may read, Bear
iu mind that thoro is no Bound economical
reason why meals in the ordinary housoi
hold should be plain and monotonous.        -
Beef Ban to.���-Heat some thick slices u
tender boiled boot in melted butler, Keep
tho dish euvered. When piping hot pour
over a tablespoonful of each of mushroom
catsup nnd Worceitershire sauce. Serve
on hotplates, A tinman will furnish you
a fiat strip of iron to place over the (lame-
to bo Bei. olF whonhoatod for tho purpose of
healing pistol and plrittcr*.
Knglish Monkey. ���Have ready ono cup-
fill of stale bread crumb* whicli have been
staked in one cupful of milk fur fifteen
minules. Pul u heaping tal'lcsroonfiil of
butter in the '���hating dish and wheu molted
add half a oup of mild ullOOBQ cut fine. Stir
until I v checBu is melted. Turn alowly
into the melted uhoeio tho crumbs to whioh
have been added one h'uteu egg, salt nnd
cayenne. Cook three inlnutOB and serve
on toast,
D'viled Tomatoes.��� Cream two table-
spoonfuls buttor, add ono level teaspoonful
dry miiatard, saltspoonftll silt and bit of
cayenne, Add lhe mashed yolk of a hard-
boiled egg antl also one raw egg slightly
bea��,cn. Add Utile by little onu and a
half tablespoon fills hot vinegar ami cook
until it thickens. This sauce ia to Ir- pour-
od over threo tomatoes whicli have Iteon
skinned, cut in vory thick slices, seasoned
with salt and pepper, dredged with flour
antl fried in butter.
Anchovy Toast With Kgrgs. ��� Heat live
oggs slightly, add half a teaspoonful salt, a
littio pepper, hall a cup of milk or cream.
Put a heaping tablespoouful of butler in
lho chafing dish. When it molts turn in
the egg mixture and stir until the egg is
creamy. Have ready slice-of toast upreud
thinly with euohovy paste, and pour over
thom tho egg mixture.    A hearty'lish.
Curried Kggs.���Make a Bauoe with two
lablcspooiifuis each of blttter ami Hour,
half a teaspoonful of salt, one teaspoonful
curry powuor and a pint of milk. Instead
of all milk half as much may be meat stock.
Inio this sauce lay seven hard-holled eggs,
which have been cut lenglbwiso into
Mock Terrapin.���Make r. cream nance of
nim    lublespo'iiful   each   of   butter   and
Bear aad Serjeat-
Some elenchcrs woro setting thoir nets
for game in an Indian jungle when their
attention was attracted by hideous noises���
roars of pain and rugc, and a prolonged
hissing, like the escape of stoain from an
engine. They hastened to the spot���or
toward it,as seems more likely���and behold
what the MadraB Mail describes as a
-* Homeric conflict," A jungle hear was
fighting tor its life with a colossal serpent.
Probably the serpent, had been sunning
knelt' iu the game track when the hear came
along, and as neither animal would yield
thc path to the other, a contest became Inevitable. What the elenchera saw is thus
The serpent wound its enormous folda
around the bear ; tho bear dashed from aide
to side and rolled on tho ground in Ha
frenzied atempts to got free, roaring angrily all the while and snapping ita jaws liko
castanets at the serpent's fold*. It coul 1
not reach them, however, on account of the
way jn which tbey wore tightened around
the bear's quivering body.
Thus engaged, tbo combatants swayed to
tho brow ofa hill, down which the bear east
himself with n velocity that plainly dis-.on-
certed the serpent, for it unwound two or
three of its folds aud threw its tail around
a tree, hoping ao to anchor tho bear. The
mancDUvre resulted in its own undoing, in
more ways than one.
Thc rigid, ontsitctched line of tail gave
the hear a chance lo seize its uRBuilaut, a
chance which up to this time had not been
afforded, Tho bear was 'juick to seize its
opportunity, and fastened its jaws in the
Minko's quivering flesh The hissing
waa now frigbful, as the snake rapidly unwound itaelf and struck savagely ut the
bear's jaws
Ily way of reBpouso, tho hear roared
furiously, dashing from side to Bide, and
worrying the mouthful of serpent in its
jawa in paroxysms of rage and pain. Once
more the serpent wound itself about the
hoar, tho bear bowled and gapped, and
both, still struggling,rulitd nut of view into
tho high grass of tho forest.
Their track was marked with pools of
blood ; and when thuy were again seen lhey
had purled. Tho snake was coiled in an
ni tituile of dot'encc, with its head erect,and
hissed apprehensively. It hud had enough,
and wlslied only to be left aloue.
Not so the beat*. Though almost crushed
to death., it would not retire from the combat. After a momont's pause It rushed upon
iho serpent, Bellied it by the bead and
dragged It about with roars of triumph.
The undergrowth w.ib bunlen fl��t by ihi
convulsive strokes of the great xerpnul's tail
as the bear crushed its buid to piece-*, and
finally It lay dead beneath theasisultB of
its vindictive enemy.
Bevfl-tUd by Heat!:-
" Life ia perfectod by death," and it is
also revealed- A story told in the " Life
of Sir Kichard Burton'' illustrutesthB clearness with which dealh reveals a man to hia
A lieutenant in a British regiment was
honest, steady, quiet and full of stcrlirg
qualities j but be was dull, reserved and
religiously inc-ined. Hia brother oflicera
laughed at him, and associated but little
with him. Though well-born, ho was poor,
and had no powerful friends. Ho therefore
remained without promotiun or so doty ;
but he never complained and did  liis beat.
A battery waa to be taken in the Crimea,
and the licutunant's regiment was Bclected
ss tbo Btorming party. It as-janllcil and
was driven back. Tho lieutenant rallied
his own company, antl with a laugh Hung
hia shako before bim, and rushed through
the broach into tho battery, followed by a
handful of men. They never came out
That night at tbo regimental mess there
was not a man but regretted that he hat!
not better understood the officer whore
gallant death had lovealcd his superiority.
All remembered a thousand good qualities
and Incidents which ought to havo endeared
hini to Ihem. Tbey were ashamed of the
���ontcinpt with which lhey bad treated him,
and of lho fact that lhey hud never shown
him lhe least kindness.
Johnny���" I'm sorry 1 fought with Jimmy f.reon yesterday." Mamma���" Why
aro ynu sorry?"    "'Cause I knocked one
A prize has been recently offered by a
Netherland society for the beat paper on
obtaining energy by means of windmills,
accumulating this energy electrically, and
transmitting it or making it portable. This
question has already assumed a very practical form In this country. Tbe throo elements on which thia utilization nf wind
power depends are: the windmill, the
dynamo and the storage battery, and all
those havo now, in thia connection, arrived
at the commercial stage. The windmill haa
hitherto beon mainly for pumping, drainage
and irrigation, and ita new employment for
generating electricity will bo a source of
great convenience to country communities
who, without it, would Le debarred the
advantages of electric light and power.
Tbe estimated average speed of the wind
throughout thia country ia seven and three-
quarters miles an hour, and any onc with a
windmill can have electric lighting by
hitching on a small dynamo and a few
storage batteries. That this can be dono is
shown by the working of a small and
simple plant at Jersey City. The windmill
lias a diameter of IS feet, and at a speed of
twenty miles an hour can deliver three
horse-power. The dynamo ia driven by a
belt connected with the mill gearing, and
has a maximum capacity of thirty five amperes nt thirty-five volts. It occupies a
floor space of ouly .'10 inches square, and is
but 15 inches high. Tho Murage cells
furnish current for twenty-four incandescent lamps.
Artillerists arp recognizing that electric-
ity will prove a most, useful adjunct to their
otlensive and defensive tactics. It has already been used with groat success iu
range-finding, aiming and firing, and it is
now being introduced lor the working of
big guns, which, whether on board ship or
in a fort, have hitherto baen manipulated by steam or by hydraulic power. To
obtain the maximum olfeotivenosa tho gun
imiMt bo arranged to load, aim and fire
while in motion ; and theso objects nny be
attained hy the uso of eleciric motors with
tho greatest facility. Again, the angular
movements of a ship in motion with reepect
to tho gun can be produced and maintained
in battle, and at tho lame i'ine ihe guns
may Iw kept pointed always on tho enemy.
The same may bo said of the elevation and
other movements, and an electrically controlled gun has a knack u( shooting straight
even in tho choppiest sea. But oue of the
main uses of eclectriuity iu thu game of war
of tbe futuro will be the operation of projectors for Bcacnust work. The two principal
functions of projeotorsincinnectionwithar-
tillerypractice on shorei>re:(l)Tho recouni*
tion of distant points or objeoti. (2)Tlio illic
mi nation of extensive zoneaatshr-rtdisUnc-
es. The first requires great conccntration-
and the second diaLersion of light. Pro-
jeotora for distant illumination ahould be
established on elevated positions ; thoao
which uro intended to illuminate extensive
.inn's at abort distances Bhould bo ub closn
ua possible to the sea level. The most
rei-nt proposition as to tho use of the
llootrlo projector for const defense is to
mount the light upon an electric car which
runa upon a linenf rails. On tho car sils
the operator, who controls thelight at will,
In this way a long line of Bcacoast can be
rapidly and olTcclivelyinspected, antl when
this ayatem Is used in conjunction with a
mcana of communicating the result ot the
inspection instantly to any given point it
wil! be seen that a valuable dement in
defensive warfaru haa been provided.
Gordons Soudan Throne-
Gordon's -'Soudan Throne" is a folding
armchair he always sat in at Khartoum,
antl carried with him on hia camel journeys,
It waa a littio alrAight-backod chair, having a skeleton frame of round iron,a carpet
back and BmUajjilt knobs for ornament- und
small pads on (he arms for comfort.
The carpet had grown dim in the African
sun, which deprived ii of all royal proten-
siona, so that, whon (lordon returned from
his CovernnrBhip ofthe Soudan nnd Mid-
denly naked, "Where ismy throne ? Has
it been brought iu ?" ihey were all surprised,
Hia throne?   Nobody bad seen   a throne.
and   one   cup   of cream    or   good | through his tooth au' I tan't
of his front teeth our, an' now he can spit   Hut at length    his camp stool was found
where it had been stowed s way. THE WEEKLY NEWS, MAR. 28, -894.
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At  Courtenay,  B.  C.
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Build Up the Country.
The true policy of thc government is
tH build up the country, and by this
we mean il e country in contradistinction
from the city, for ifthe country is prosperous ih * cities cannot f.ul 10 l:e so. To
accomplish this the public money must
he more largely spmt In the country.
The extension of railroads, the building
of highways, including bridges, and the
giving of substantial aid and encouragement to ihe settlers, upon our timbered
lands, are among the things needful. In
the presenl undeveloped condition ofthe
Province thc vanity of the large towns
should not be tickled by thc erection of
expensive and showv buildings. -Such
I.ixeries should await the more necessary
ami i nportant enterprises upon which
the prosperty, contentment and h.ipui-
ni'Softhe people depend. Thc over-
1 rowding of the cities, is n crying evil.
Tne lide should he tin ncd into the country, where the people would heroine producers. There is plenty ol land, and
good at that, hut it is forest laden, and
men without some capital cannot seltle
ti ion It. For" the frst two or three years
ihey can raise nothing. This period ti-
('e.l over, they would be independent.
Forty acres of land should be given to
evrv bona tide settler, and a small loan,
under some well arranged system, given
him, to enable him to get a start. A
scheme, something like this is being tried
in the Colony of Victoria, and why should
it not be here? In this way much of our
wilderness could be redeemed, and the
recources of the country be developed,
and the cities be heed from their congested condition.
Road    Work.
It is rumored that lhe road work is noi
this year to be done hy contract. We
trust lheir is no truth iu the report. Wc
gtii much more for the money last year
out of the contract system ihan we ever
have done by the day-work plan; and
there should be no change this year
and we presume there will he none. ()t
course ihc e is a certain amount of work
whit h has to he done hy lhe day, but
the main work should always be done hy
The main roads are the lirst consideration, and these should always he kept in
repair because they accommodate the
principal traffic and lhe great majority of
ibe population. Tbe most Important of
these is the Union road. About the
worst place in it is the hill just before the
Riverside hotel is reached in Courtenay.
This should be cut down to some extent,
and the part from there to thc next hill
near McKenzie1*!, straightened out. This
dodging stumps may do for a temporary
thing, but it is not road making. Also
that part of Union road which runs
through Union itself needs gravelling,
As soon as ihc snow is olT it will be all
mud and utterly unfit for travel. Aside
from this Union road should be freed
from the constant danger of falling trees.
It will he found much cheaper to cut
all-such trees along the roadside, which
if blown down, would fall across it, than
this sending out men after each storm to
clear the roadway, to say nothing of the
danger to human life that would be avoid
ed. Another main road which requires
to he kept always iu good condition from
its importance is thc road from the May
up through the settlement. That part of
it between the Long Bridge and thc hill
beyond Mathewson'*-, especially needs
rounding up and put in as good cundit-
on as the part between the bridge and
Cot rtenay.
Aside from keeping ths roads in fair
repair, the principle of opening up the
district is to he kept in view. Of course
trunk lines arc of the duel importance,
The people expect the bridge Over.Ovstcr
River to be built ibis year, and nothing
more Important demands attention. We
wani to ste as **oon as practicable a good
wagon road out as fu as Campbell Kiver
Then there is the trunk line between here
and Nanaimo, the south end of which is
built up this way as far as French Creek.
The Piercy and Carter road should be
extended down to meet it. Of course
this cannot be done this year, but as
much as practicable at this end should
be accomplished. It is desirable to connect all settlements in the district with
its road system; and there are quite a
number of settlers at Union wharf and
below who are entitled to road facilities. Doubtless, Mr. Hunter, would have
obtained a special grant for this, but for
the Long Bridge. Ever*' thing can't he
done in one year. The part of the I'iercy
road between the school house and Union road is in a shameful condition, twisting around among the stumps, and for
waul of n dUch covered much ofthe time
with water. It is so much traveled, the
wonder is lhat the people ere this have
not complained.
Tliuy Ctifc n IT to In tho loo. Uutld a Uui
O-ft-r ft-io Ilolo nnd Lot I) a mi * Deviiy
TTi ���*i[*-h t*>a (<�������� ITuf-llnj Iiiiiuueul Crou-
ttirua nf iho Iloo-i Lako*.
"You luivu heard of shootin**; name by
means of decoy birda oftou tuough no
clotiht,** Raid aa oli t"*H*rtu...n tbo o:'.icr
day, "bu: I duubt if /uu orer heard of
fishing by tu-jain* of a decoy full, where
Lhe daeoy waa cot used fi,r bait. 1 uuvcr
daw it dono myself ull 1 viuiUd Georgian hay, ti part ot Lake Ilurua, iu Can-
min, onu winter. There I found tL^*. the
half brt-Mt Indians i-ructeJ huts on the
trosen bay .:.A fished through [tolcs cat
ia the .a* by means of a queer decoy.
"In ordor to facilitate Mutter*, soiuoof
them had little stoves in thoir huts to
kt-ep thi.m warm whilo they lUhtd, The
huta.had only one t.-oiiiiiif, u dt.or.nnrl
when tho ILihormaa haJ enured und
t closed tho door no light entered the hut
eruept what camo np through thc Cot r,
rcllct-u-d through lho ice outside uud thn
water underneath it. Thta made it possible fi*r tho fisherman to wo deep down
into the wator aud difficult for flub to
bee him in his dark hut. Tho (whermtm
has a chair or bench to sit upon, food
nnd drink to keop lif* in him during his
long watch and ti littio stovo to prevent
chill,   H iw ooinos tbo dwoy businesa.
"Tho hnlf lireed taken out of bin kit a
qnoor looking stick, [aimed uud shaped
roughly to look liko a fish, ho avers,
though it would hardly be breaking the
aecond cojr.maudmc.it tr* worship il, for
It iii tli" likoneas 01* nothing in thu huur-
enn above or on Um earth beneath, ouln
tbo wator under the earth* hut if the fish
think it i* tha tnalu object isauoom-
plished. Thi.** vrooden counterfeit or a
Iinh is loadinl with lead, bo that (t ninka
uud lira in tho water thu right way when
suHpauded from tho middlo ot tho back
by a string attached to n short fi hlng
���job. Tha Indian l-t.t thia doccy down
iutoth** v.*ut raudbytnouus of tho string
gives it 11 series of short, sharp jerka,
whicli make it 11 dart hither und thither
in a remarkably lifelike manuer, although, of eotirno, Its range laoxoetiding*
ly limited, nbont uynrd lu any tllAotion.
"Tho thing i** provided with tin Una
nnd tail und it weighted will) load most
heavily ut the head, The striny ia attached nearer tin* hand thnn tlio tail,
upon the back, uud the hkill with "'Inch
theso fishermen make the qnoor thing
(���hoot about i:i u triangle und-T their
feot, through a hole In tbo ice, in truly
romarka.hlo. I did not succeed iu acquiring the art myr-k-'f. ] t-hould say
froi/i trying It thnt It id rat hor moru difficult to loam than t.y costing,
"Preatntly a fow fieh, noticing this
decoy durthtg aliout au if in active pnr
suit of hit* food, swim that way to soo if
thoro is not something thore for thom
also. They may Iw fresh water herring,
salmon, trout, whitelish or leas valuable
game; but nono of them, big or littl��, is
refucod hy tho half breed. Fine fish he
sells; tho coarao onen ho or hi-* dogs or his
children or hia squaw oat readily.
"Pulling up hii decoy, the fisherman
h <�� down a baited hook antl tries hia
luck ou the newcomers, seldom In vain.
Theso mon fish with all aorta of qucoi
bait. I saw ouo man make a splendid
haul one day, using for bait only a big
white bono button without any huok,
Tho fiah swallowed it greedily, and he
would jerk thom out of tho wator before
thoy could gut it uut of their throats. By
and by a, pllio 01 dogfish, soulng the
shoal uf tu-b around tho pole, darts aftor
thom, They scatter iu a hurry, and thn
ti'jiiirmn'i lots dowu bin decoy again tt-
attract tbo pike,
"Now all tho pkill nt his command
must ba employed to mako tlio decoy
work rail, for if it lugs iu thu water
loug enough for the piko to suspect its
gi-i'iiii'.i-n-iK'j ho will turn away in dia-
i,uiit. U tho decoy deceives the wily
pike ho dashes at it. nnd thn fisherman
jerk-* it away before the piko can grahi:
In his strong jaw* The pike turns to
pursue, and at be halt" to turn tho ih-her-
muu drives at him with a long forked
spear, If his aim b< ncnurato, thu pike i.i
transfixed aud is brought blot-thug tothe
hurfaco in a jiffy.
"Theao mon are .-.killed hunters a..J
know many curious habits of tbu creature*, thoy pursue. Thuy say that musk-
1 ate, for iiifstniic-j, nro ablo to swim long
distances under the ieo iu thin manner:
Taking a long broath, tho muskrut dives
from his purmier ami wwim*- as fnr as he
can. When ho can go 110 longer without
n freeh broath. ho oomua up under the
ice, aud pressing his nose against it
breathes out all tho nir in his lung:'.
This forms a big bubble nndoi- the i. 7
and the Indians any that tbo ice has the
power of making that bubble of air fret,,
again, oxygeniees it in fact, and that the
little fellow then breathes it in again and
divee once more. This bo can do half a
dosen times, tbo Indiana say, before tha
air he took with him becomes ao *oal
that tbe ice cannot freshen tt again,
"Whether this property of the lee la
true or not I cannot aay, but the Indiana
firmly believe it, and I know that musk-
rats oan travel a loug way under the toe,
and I hnve seen then oome np under tha
tee, preaa their wees to tt awhile and
than dive again. Pwhar* aume scleutiat
mlffht eapUU IU caea.-'-iUw York
iS >
���"������*   tn ���
8  S
l*.   f ��.
y-      V) >
<- cr.   u)   g"  0
W     O    "     %     Q     EL
�� ���**
13      r-ers     O
>  \% c
5 s *���
O   &='
Esquimalt  ancl  Nanaimo Ry.
Steamer <Jotn
On and after Mar. 22nd, 1893
The Steamer -JOAN will suil as follows
OALMNU AT WAY i'OKTS nn patiaoiiBera
and frutgtit m*y olfor
Leave Victoria, Tueadsy, T a. in.
"   Kaimlniu for Coinox, Wodnusdu**, 7 a. in
Loavo Oumox for Sunniiuo,      Fridays, 7h,ui.
Ntiistilino fur Victoria    Salurd--y, 7 ft.ni
For freight or state  rooms apply on
hoard, or at the Company's ticket office,
Victoria Station, -Store street.
Esquimalt & Nanaimo R'y-
Titne  Table   No.   17,
To tako oirect ut 8.00 a. ra. on Friday
September 30th. 1892. Trains run
on Pacific Standard Timo.
*o a
1" 3
V. *
���     af~
i 11
SS39SSS8i5SS2!" I
���J"��I��M "I.I-1H i
li*��1*lj-j ���-otioooc'*'"'
���  LrsS-sssiSE-:;
'.    : loa : : ; ; : :o-
���t-TeC-i-.'f1 ' '
a :i^--y.~-'e'-S'-J>
7.x \
>'r-.r!.'Z-   ���zr,.jz.i.xe-
a Tk
��IA ��,) ����IIH
--sasHSSsras r. is
5* �� 2 c
SI :;:::.;: :   : ;
0,    :::::::   : ���   :   :
Z a
ss;bss;sib5    3 3 a
O t      p    h
0 a
0*  J!'5
v. a fa
5;::; ���: ��� ���;;   : i ���,*
0 X
8SS83*IS��li!IHS8S S3
��3sn��.9Sj.so-i!:a�����     t��
On Saturdays and Sundays
Ruturn Tlokota will ba ItMtted bolw-inn all
poUti for a faro and a quarter, K<*od for ro-
torn not lalor than Monday.
Ilatnrn Tlcktta for nne nivt a half ordlaarr
fare may tio pnrchiiaed daily to all points,
Kood for aavea daya, Inoludlng day of Ihii��,
No ketnrn Tlckota latniod for a faro and a
t-inrtor whero tho liimlij fara ia twonky-flve
Thrangh rat-ae botwoeaVlotorlaaadComin.
Prssldsat Goal Sepk
Q��a. Frtiffht aad Psasoatw Aft
Riverside Hotel
Courtenay B C
J, J, Grant, Proprietor
The Hotel is one ofthe best equipped
un the Pacific Coast, and is situated at
ihe mouth of the Courtenay River, between Union and the large farming settlement of Comox,
Trent aie plentiful in the river, antl
IWge game abounds iu the neighborhood
The Bar connected with the hotel is
kept well supplied   with the best wines
ind liquors.   Stage connects   with all
Steamers.   Terms moderate
Cumberland Hotel.
Union,. B C.
The finest hotel building
Fixtures aud Bar
North of Victoria,
And the best kept house.
Spacious Billiard Room
��� and new
Billard and Fool Tables,
Best of Wines and Liquors.
Bruce & McDonald, I'roprs.
Wood & Miller
Having Added to their Own
Splendid Livery Outfit.
ol" R. Grant and Co
Are Prepared to furnish  Sty-
isli   kigs.u   Reasonable Rates
Give them a call.
T. C. Woods
Comox B.  0.
Conducts a General
Teaming   and Livery Business
His Stage Runs to Union and
Returns Thursdays, Saturdays,
and Sundays.
Nanaimo Machine Works
Eobert J, Wenborn*
Fraser Street
Near Bastion Street Bridge
Nanaimo' B. C.
All Kinds of Machinery made to order
and repaired.
Nanaimo Cigar Factory.
Philip Gable, Proprietor.
Baston street      ���    Nanaimo B. 0.
��� Manufactures   the   finest   cigares,
cmploying none but white labor,
Why purchase inferior foreign cigars,
when you can obtain a SUPERIOR ARTICLE for thc same money?
All persons driving over the wharf
nr lirhJgr-s" in Comox dint net fault1!
thun 11 v-talk, will I*- proHi-cutfil accord
ny to luw.
8. Creech
Gov. Agi'tit.
Cumberland ffiuat Market
All Kinds of
Fresh Meat, I lams and Bacon
All Kinds of Vegetables  and
Farmers Produce,
Orders from surrounding coun
try promptly fiiled.
A. C. Fulton, Prop.
Nanaimo   Saw  Mill
��� ani*^-
Sash and Dou' Factory
A Haslnni, Prop, Mill Su, 1'0 Box S3. Tol. IB
Nanaimo ll. C.
A complete stock ofRoUL'hnnd Dressed
Lumber always on hand; also Shingles,
Laths, Pickets, Doors, Windows and
Illinds, Moulding, Scroll sawing, Turning
and all kinds of wood finishing furnished
Cedar,     White   Pine,     Kedwoad.
All orders accompanied withCASH prompt
ly and carefully attended lo.
Steamer Kstell
Harbor and ontside towing done at reaaon
able rates.
mho lending hotel in Comox district.
J-'-Nbw and handsomely furnished,
excellent hunting and fishing close
to town. Tourit-tfl cen depend on
first-class accommodation. Seasonable rates. Bar supplied with the
choicest liquors and cigars
R. Graham, Piopr.
C. H. Beevor-Potts
Solicitor* Notary l'uhlic. Conveyancing
in nil its brunches. Oflice Comer*
rial Si, Nanaimo,
Yarwood & Young.
Barristers, Solicitors, &C. Oflice Cor.
Huston and Commercial St., Nanaimo, 11. C.
Funeral Directors and Emhalmkra
Oniduutt'f of lhe OH.-nUl. KurcUn.
aud L'nilvil HUim Ctillcires ot Km-
biilniii.K ' ,
Nanaimo, ll. C.
The Nanaimo Pharmacy
Nanaimo B. 0.
W. E. Mc Cartney Chemist,
Pure l)*ujta Ch-Miiicals and  Patent
PliysloanB Proieliitlona unrt hH orders B!Kd
wilh cure and diH*Juii'h. I1. 0. box 12
Wm Mathewson,
will deliver daily at
nnd durinji warm weather twice a day
l'ure Milk from 11 is  Ranch
And also will deliver to  his custome
daily Fresh Eg      lUiticr, Vegetables.
I'oultry. etc.
Farmers having above for sale or delivery shnulo consult him.
passengers carried to aiul from Union.
���and ���
Courtenay, R. C.
General Blacksmith Ing
ami Horse Shoeing,
Loggers' Work a Specialty.
UNION Bakery
Bust of Bread, Cukes and
Pies always  on hand.
The Bread Cart will   be at
Courtenay and Comox Tuesday 5 and Fridays.
Adderton & Rowbotham, Prop
For Sale
521 Acres of Choice Land,
0 HoraoB, 100 Shsnp, and 00 Cows
togathur with
2 Mowing Machines, 1 Stool Bailer
1 He .pine Mnchine, 1 Sood Sower,
1 Drill Sower, 1 Spring wagon, and
Double Wagon.
Title deed, can be Been in my poa-
Adam McKelvey
G B Leighton
At the Bay, Oomox, B. 0.
Blacksmithing an     Repairing
of all kinds
Carriage Work and Horseshoeing a specialty
The Snnthfirner at Borne.
The eoutht-rner at home Ib prone to
neglect hia hi-uulgear for the nakv of having hla feet well shod, and he will go
about to puhlie places wearing a battered and soiled slouch hat, but scrupulously neat as to his footwenr. The peculiarity perhapa arises from family
prido, a besetting rr-outhern tiu, coupled
with the belief that aristocracy is evinced
in the shape and site of the feet. It is
worthy of note, however, that the southern fllonch hat ts often a costly article of
the finest and moat durable felt. Sueh a
hai for winteT Mid * ooetly and inde-
itruotible Panama straw for rammer are
the froper headgear for a southern ona-
try gmtimao,���Chicago Herald.
. . 1894
Thursday, Friday & Saturday, Mar. 15, 16, 17
Pattern Hats and Bonnets from Paris, Lon
on, New Ycrk, San Francisco, and  all  the
Latest Novelties in Millinery Goods	
Sloan & Scott, Nanaimo, B, C.
���*********l********i**ILJf*��       ���      .si ,-g ���JJl.al._LI. 11 ! 1.1    _l>_t !_���     J     I      . I   1.  ���.      ������������ ������ 1 - ���_��� ������     ...       I ,i
-MlCQ-uriLLA-IT tSc G-IL^_:OI*i_E]
Having bought out the Stage, Team ami Livery  Outfit of
John VV, Fraser will continue the business at thc old stand
��*&,    We have also purchased a carload of Lake coal and wil.
deliver it at a reasonable figure.
Orders may be left at thc news' Office.
Society    Cards
I. 0. o. F., No .ii
Union Lodge, I. O. 0. F., meets every
Friday night at 8 o'clock. Visitinjjjljreth-
ren cordi-illv invited i�� attend.
Wm. Wright, R. S-
Hiram Lot.ge No 14A.F .& A.M..B.C.R.
Courtenay 11. C.
Lodge meets on evety Saturday on or
before (he full ofthe moon
Visiting Brothers cordially requested
to attend.
R. S. McConnell,
Comox Lodge No 5, Iv. of P., meets
every Saturday, after the new and full
inoon,at8 p. m. at Castle Hall, Comox.
Visiting Knights cordially invitee! to attend.
John Hind
K. R.S.
C. 0. 0. F.
Loyal Sunbeam Lodge No. 100, C. O
0. F. meet in lhe nlcl North Comox-
school house every second Monday at 8
p. m Visiting brethren cordially invited
(0 attend.
J. IS, Bennett, Sec.
H A Simpson
Barrister   and Solicitor.   Office in  2nd
flat, Green's Block,  Nanaimo,   B. C
Mice to Taxpayers.
A* sestment Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax
Will be in Union every Wednesday and
Courtenay on Thursday.
R. B. Anderson,
Practical   Watchmaker
Worker in Light Metals   and
Gunsmithing and  Tin   Work
Singwall Building.
Co��� ox, B. 0.
Wedding and other rings made to order.
NOTICE IS HKRrcBY GIVEN, in accordance wiih ihe Statutes, that Provincial
Revenue Tax and al! Taxes under the
Assessment Act are now due for ihe
year 1894. Al! of ihe above named Tax
es collectible within the Comox, Nelson,
New Casile.and Denman and" Hornby
Island Divisions of the District of Comnx aie payable at my oflice.
Assescd Taxes arc collectible at the
following rales, viz.:���
It paid nn or before June 301I1, 1894.---
Provincial Rccnue. $3.00 her capita
One-hall of one per cent on Real Property.
Two ncr cent on Wild Land.
Ont third nf one per cent on Personal
One-half of one per cent on Income.
If paid after June 30th,  1894���
Two-thirds of one per cent on Real
Two and one-half per cent on Wild
One-half of one per cent on Personal
Three-fourths of one perscnt on Income
W. 11. Anderson,
Assessor and Collector.
Comox, Jan. 2nd, 1S94.
E. Pimbury & Co.
Wholesale and Retail
Druggists  and Stationers
Commercial St. Nanaimo, 13. C
'ID. McLean
Jeweler, Bookseller
and Dealer in
Organs, Pianos,Music
Stationery,   ancl  Notions of all kinds.
Union   Mines, B  C.
Eureka   Bottling  Works,
���        MANUFACTUIIKIt Of
Sarsaparalla and Champagne Cider, Iron Phosphates, Syrups
Bonier of Different Brands of La^'er Heer Sle.ira licer anil Porter
Agent for Union Hrewery Company.
Nanaimo and Courtenay B.  C.
as ihi���luiu���1,���,���saags , , aa���u a^.u . . 	
    A   Full   Line of Everything   	
Grant and McGregor Props.
F. A. Anley
Butcher,  Comox and Union Mines.
Dealer in Choice Beef, Mutton,
Lamb, Veal, Pork, Hams, Bacon, Cornet! Beef, Tongues &c.
And all kinds of vegetables always on hand and delivered.
Sausages a .Specialty.
Poultry and game in season.   Families, Hotels, and Ships
supplied at shortest notice.


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