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The Weekly News Aug 30, 1893

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Array G. A. McBa:-i      fc-
Real Mate Brokers
Manaimo,  B. C.
G. A. McBain * Co.
Real Estate Brokers
^*p Nanaimo, B. C.
NO. 43-
$2.00 PER YEAR
TJlTIO*]Sr, 33. c.
carries a fine assortment of
General Merchandise
Boots,Shoes,Clothing and Gents Furnishings
Eureka  Bottling Works,
         MANUKACTUBF.lt OF        	
Sarsaparalla and Champagne Cider, Iron Phosphates, Syrups.
Dottier of Different Brands of Lager Beer Steam Beer a id Porter
Agent for Union Brewery Company.
Nanaimo and Courtenay B.  C.
W. J, Young. P. F. Scharschmidt.
Also Fancy Toilet Articles
Permanent Loan and Savings Company
(Incorporated A. D. 1855)
 0 o	
HEAD OFFICE���Company's Buildings,
Toronto S'reet, Toronto, Canada.
J.HERBERT MASON, ��� President and Managing Director.
Subscribed Capital, $8,000,000; Total Assets, (18,091,773.
The Company Lends Money from #3oo to ?3oo,ooo,
On City or Farm Property, at Current Rates of Interest, and on favorable terms of
re-payment.    Mortgages and Debentures purchased.   No Commisson,   No Delay.
Expenses moderate.   "*3T For particulars apply to
MARCUS WOLFE, Real Estate, Insurance
and Financial Broker, Appraiser.   P. O. Box io, Nanaimo, B'X.
Can be made by buying now in the
fronting on the Bay. The road Through this Property is being improved, and will lead direct to UNION WHARF and
the new townsite where stores and hotels will soon be under
Owing to its beautiful location and proximity to Courtenay
when the Harrigan and Wharf roads are completed, it will
Now is your opportunity
Office at Courtenay. Wm. Cheney, Agent.
to buy
Agriculural Implements, Farm and Mill Machinery, Min-
ng and mill supplies, Hardware, Belting, Paints and Oils,
Plaster.Cordage and Cement
Victoria, B C
P O Box 88 S E Corner Yates and Broad
Correspondence solicited.
We Carry the Largest Stock
���   of   ���
isseral Merchandis
in British Columbia.
���     Simon Leiser, Proprietor,
Miss M. Roy has charge of our dress Department.    All work  done in this   Department guaranteed to give satisfaction.
Flour ft Feed
Farm Produce
Fancy Groceries
Crockery ft Glassware
Dry Goods
Boots ft Bhoes
Faint ft Oils
Gents Furnishings
Patient Medicines
Sportsmens Supplies a Speciality
E. Pimbury & Co.
Wholesale and Retail
Druggists  and .Stationers
Commercial St. Nanaimo, 11. C
Dr. W J. Young
Physician # Surgeon
Courtenay Pharmacy
LADIES! We have received a
new consignment of your favorite slippers.
Come^and fit yourselves.
Duncan   Bros.
Personal Property Sale
Preparatory to making a business
change I am disposing of my personal effects and offer for sale the following: 15
acres of hay in thc field; 1 two seated
buggy; 1 new singei sewing machine; 1
bellows and anvil.
.Jos. T. Grieve, Grantham
Society     Cards
I. O. O. F., No .11
Union Lodge, I. O. 0. F., meets every
Friday night at 8 o'clock. Visiting brethren cordially invited to attend.
Alex. W. Fraser, R. S
Leiser Lodge No. I3, A. O. U. W.
holds regular meetings on alternate Saturday evenings -1(7.30 p. m. in the old
North Comox School House. Visiting
Brethren are cordially invited to attend.
Ernest A. HoNiday
Hiram Loogc No 14 A.F .& A.M..B.C.R.
Courtenay B. C.
Lodge meets on every Saturday on or
before thc dill of thc moon
Visiting Brothers   cordially requested
to attend.
VV. J. Young
K. of P.
Comox Lodge No 5, K. of P., meets
every Saturday, after the new "and full
mnon, at 8 p. m. at Castle Hall, Comox.
Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend,
John B.urd
K. R.S.
For Sale.
Five lots in Courtenay Townsite being
ots 68, 67, 65, 73, and 74 on Mill street
between Union and Alice streets, near
Courtenay bridge.
For particulars apply to Bruno M ella
do, House 29, Union, B. C.
Durham Townsite Lots.
This Magnificent Townsite
Overlooking Biyne Sound
has been surveyed into lots which
are now for the first time put on the
market. The most importaut. development may be expected hers. Here
is located the
Famous Spring.
which has baen analysed  and pro-
noancod of the highest value.
Parties wishing to purchase can do
so now   at reasonable figures   and
on easy terms.
Applications should be made to
A. Garvin,
Union Mines.
Tenders for the erection of a house
at Comox will be received by thc undersigned until noon of Monday, Sept. 4th
Plans to be seen at the office of the
"News" at Courtenay and at my office-
K. Mackay Fripp, Architect
Vancouver, B. C, \O.Box707
H A Simpson
Barrister and Solicitor.   Office in 2nd
flat, Green's Block, Nanaimo,  B. C.
Store for Rent.
For rent from Aug. 1 my store in the
This is a first class dunce, as a good
paying business has already been built
up.   Apply to
Wm. Lewis, Courtenay, B. C.
Parties interested will please take notice that all accounts due roe previous to
the first of January last tntist btTpaid on
or before the*first of September next,
otherwise they will be placed in the hands
of a collector.
J. W McKenzie.
Will be in Union every Wednesday and
Courtenay on Thursday.
All parties are hereby noti 'ed to cut
all thistles down on their property
and public roads adjoining.
If not done immediately they will be
prosecuted accordiug to law.
Sam. Creech,
:"    . Gov. Agent.
Dissolution of Partnership.
The part'#ershi*o heretofore existing be
tween thc undersigned, in carrying on
the b.isine.is ofthe Union Bakery, at Union, B.C. has this day been dissolved. AU
accounts against the late firm arc requested to be presented promptly fur settlement. ��� *i'-t -��� - -
Dated Aug. 26th 1893. E. F. Clay
M. Whitney Wm. Viles
Exhibition Day Sports.
(S,pt. 28th)
The following is the programme of
sport* made out by thc committee of the
Athletic Club.
1. Bicvcle RacC���- long, short and slow
I. Cr'cket Match���Denman and Hornby vs Comox.
3. One Hundred Yard Dash.
4. Pole Vaulting.
5. Sack Race.
6. Three Legged Race.
7. Obstacle Race.
8. Greased Pole��� over the river..
9. Fifty Yard* Swim���with thc current
10. Tug of War��� Comox District vs
II, Girls Race.
Other features to be added later.
There must be 3 entries in any sport to
ensure a race.
In the evening the Club will give a
Suuccsrtful Experiments in England���Met-
saues H--n.nl Three MUi-h Away--Tht
J'-rMHll'IIU** uf Iularpl-uiuturj Communication.
W. H. Preeoo, chief engineer and
electrician to tho British postoftlce, has
put uu a wiro a milu long ou the coast
nimr Litvernock, aud a shorter wire on
Flatholm, a little inland threo miles off
iu tho Bristol chimin?]. Ho fitted tho
lattor wire with a "sounder " to receive
lui-KHngt-H, and (tent a uiot-sage through
thu farmor from a powerful telophonic
generator. That mui-HUKo on tho mainland was very distinctly heard un the
irthiiid, though nothing connected the
two, nrin other words, the possibility of
a tmonlione between places unconnected
by wire was conclusively tHtabliahod.
Thoro is a possibility hore of interplanetary coiummiicatiou, which the Loudon
Spectator regards as a good deal more
worthy attention than anv scl.-ino for
making gigantic electric flashes. Wo do
not know if we can communicate by
telephone through them either to New
York or Melbourne, with or without
cablet*-, but we do know that, if wo cannot, thc fault is in our generators and
sounders, aud not in any prohibitory
natural law. Thu thought 111 a man's
bruin whioh causes liim to advance his
foot must movu something hi doing it,
or how could it be transmitted down
that live or six feet of distance? If it
movua a physical Something, interual to
thc body, why aliohld it not move also
something external, a wave, as we all
agree to call it, which on another mind
prepared to receive it���fitted with a
souudor, in fact--will make au impact
having (ill the offeot in tho conveyance of
suggeution.or even of facta, of tho audibility of words? Why, in fact, if one
wive can talk to another- without connection, savo through ether, should not
mind talk to mind without any " wiro "
at ali? None of ua understand accurately, or even os yet approximately, that
the conditions aro. but many of ns know
for certain that they havo occasionally,
and by what wo call accident, been
present to particular individuals, and,
that, when present, the communication
is completed without cables, aud mind
speaks to mitid independently of auy
iuaoliiii*-rv not. nxUt-tntr within ftamXt
Comox  Lightning.
Aug. 23,��� ss. loan, J. E. Butler, captain, arrived with freight for McPhee &
Moore, J. B. Holims, R. Graham, S. J.
Cliff, G. G. McDonald and others. A-
mong the passengers were Mrs. McMillan, Thus Piercy, Mr. Smith, D. Cowie,
J. B. McLean, Mr. Picket, M. Cowie, H.
Gordon and Miss Gordon.
Thc ss. Stella, capt. Manson, came
down from Read Island with the body of
James Burns, who was drowned while at
work on a boom of logs at Taylor's camp.
It is supposed that he was under the in-
flence of liquor. Burns was one of the
principal witnesses in the case in which
Kennedy is charged with the murder of
O'Conner. Burns will be burried in the
Catholic Cemetery.
Aug. 24,��� The excursion on the ss.
Joan to Seymour Narrows took place today. A number got on at Union wharf
and about 50 at this point. The Union
Mine String Band was in attendance
and furnished excellent music. The
young folks spent a considerable portion
of time ip dancing, thc weather being unfavorable, and the wind too strong to ren
der it agreeable to remain out. The
lunch and dinner aboard was, as usual
first class, The steamer called in at
Quatlnaska Cove, and at Grant's camp
and went up so as to give a fine view of
the Narrows.
Aug. 26.��� The Joan left for Nanaimo
at the usual hour with the following pas-
sengeis: Miss M. Cowie, D. Cowie, H.
Gordon, Miss Gordon, Mrs Butler, Mrs
Mcintosh, Mrs Boyd, Mrs McMillan, T.
H Piercy, Jack Howe, Geo. Howe. H.
Stewart, Smith & Hall, Mrs D. Beadncll
and daughtei, J. Hawkins and wife, Mrs
Graham and George Ford.
There was a pleasant evening spent
Tuesday at the residence of Mr. W. Robb
by his neighbors. What with good music, peaches and cream, the hours flew
quickly and were much enjoyed.
Geo! McDonald and R. Swan have returned fr**m their Gartley Creek trip.
They brought some fine specimens of gold
Later in the fall they will develope their
claims. Considering the mineral wealth
which abounds in this region it is more
than likely that we shall have some mil-
lionarics in our midst in the near future.
Another old land mark is going. The
old barn of Mr. Robb is being pulled
down. It is no longer needed ��15 Mr,
Robb has a little farther down the hill a
very large barn, of modern design, and
admirable arrangement.
Mr. Wm. Brown, who has held a very
responsible position in Mr. J. B. Holmes
store for a considerable time has severed
hi*- connection with that establishment,
and will leave for Baynes Sound where
he will enter the employ of Geo. Howe
Esq. We will miss him very much as he
was always to the front in social matters.
Out best wishes go with him. Mr. H J.
Rickard nf Vancouver has taken the position with Mr. Holmes vacated by Mr.
Brown. He comes well recommended.
Blue Mud.
A Lively Passage.
As everybody knows, M. R. Gilchrist
and M. McArdle are men of muscle, being leading lights in the Athletic Club.
Their muscles have been compared to
whipcords, and the electrical arrangements between the brain and the muscular system are so perfect that the latter
maybe said to operate with scientific
Well this is all preliminary.
In returning from their late voyage
they passed through Seymour Narrows.
The waters here are a natural gymnasium in themselves, and thev are always
in practice, When our athletes turned
into the passage between the small island in the channel ofthe Narrows and
Valdes Island the waters laughed at
them. The canoe was turned around
like a top, at first slowlv, and then with
increased velocity, until diizv, the boatmen lay down, and clung with desperation to the bottom; and then as if to vary
the sport, a strong current seized the
frail boat and shot it back clear out of
tlie passage and forced it around the
north end of the island into the main
Here they had a chance to breathe.
McArdle was the first to speak. "By
giminenti!" he exclaimed, "this is worse
than being knocked clear around the
ring, and then thrown over the ropes by
Its the first "turf of wai*" in which I've
been vanquished," rejoind Gilchrist.
Then they moved down the main chan
ncl. They went faster than they cared
about going, too. Finally the boat came
rushing near a huge boulder on the Vancouver Island side, when Gilchrist gave
one of those jumps which invariably take
first prize in the sporting field and landed on the rock. He had kept the rope
in his hand and McArdle was soon At
hi** side, and the canoe sucured.
McArdle was the first to speak again.
"I wouldn't try that another time." said
he," for thc best lot in Kaslo."
Union   Flashes.
The Barricouta left Friday for Panama
with 1528 tons of coal.
Three sailing ships are on their way
The Palmyra is in from San Francisco.
Tlie San Mateo is in the drydock 'icing repaired. She had an inner lining
of metal sheeting which upon being taken off was found to conceal 50 tons of
The new teachers at the school here
arc giving great satisfaction. They seem
lo understand the importance of discipline and have the tact and judgment to
understand it without a resort lo extreme
A ladies gold pin was lost last Friday
between thc lake and the main camp.
The finder will be suitably rewarded by
returning it to Mrs. F. D. Little.
There is some sickness here though
the general health is good. Three
cases are reported at the hospital. James
Abrams is on the mend, and so is Billy
Davidson. The many friends of Mrs J.B.
McLean will regret to learn that she is
suffering from a serious illness.
The Union bakery is again in full blast
with C. A. Martin at the oven. This
means the best of bread, for what Martin
don't know about baking isn't worth
knowing. Mr. Wm. Viles, lhe proprietor will attend to the delivery. Mis cart
will be al Courtenay and Comox Tuesdays and Fridays.
The wire between here and Courtenay
has been cut twice lately, thc parlies carrying ofl" in each case a few yards.   It
should be known that interfering with
the line is a very serious offense punishable with imprisonment.
Grant & McGregor have cased in
their furniture saleroom and it now presents a very neat appearance. This enterprising firm will have a fine display at
the Exhibition nt Courtenay next month.
The new pharmacy ot Young & Scharschmidt is enclosed and under roof, und
will be ready for occupancy in about a
week. Dr. Scharschmidt, it is understood, will have his office here in the future.
The plana of the new hotel have been
enlarged, and the building will now be
58 by 48, two stories, with a roof thrown
up and lighted so as to form a handsome
cap, giving the building the height and
appearance of a three storey building.
The frame is up and partly enclosed. It
will have a gable front, the upper part
being ornamented with fancy designs,
with a base of ornamental shingles and
a balconv extending across the front, the
rffect being very pleasing. The first or
principle floor wilt contain a billiard
room, bar, parlor, dining room, kitchen,
card room, store mom, half and pantry.
The second storey besides hall will have
fifteen bedrooms. The proprietors are
Bruce & McDonald.
The Fields Aflame.
It has been quite dry of late, and the
numerous fires about have been a source
of no little anxiety. Monday, Mr. Mason
of Courtenay was kept fighting fire nearly alt day which encompassed his premises on the east, south and west.
Last Thursday the northwest part of
Courtenay townsite was in flames. The
fires approached dangerously near the
dwellings of Chas. Hooper and Mr. Lambert. If they had gone, McKelve\'s
the bakery, and probably the Riverside
would have been lapped up in the flames
But the fire would not have stopped
there, nor until a large portion ofthe village had been laid in a-mes. It was a
narrow escape. The wind blew furiously
and the crackling ofthe flames sounded
like"ahugh monster snapping his teeth.
The News building caught fire from
some flying sparks, which, however, was
soon extinguished.
The buildings of Mr. Salmond had a
narrow escape. Mr. Salmond had gone
over to a part of his ranch beyond sight
of his home, when two boys, just for the
sport, set fire in a slashing a little west of
the house. The wind drove the fire toward the buildings. Mrs. Salmond'saw
and realized the danger and bravely
fought the flames for three hours when
she had an opportunity to send word by
a boy to her husband. Had she become
frightened and left, the buildings would
have soon fallen a prey to the fiery demon. With a pail of water and dipper
she extinguished the fires as thev were
kindled where the sparks rained The
heap of straw and ''midden" near the
barn was on fire at one time, but was put
out by the bucket.
The flames as they spread roared with
sullen anger and leaped up into the tall
trees whose dry limbs swayed ttt the
breeze and snapped and creaked in fiendish glee.
It was a scene to impress fine. Here
were a few acres cleared, on which was .1
dwelling, barn etc. and all around, the
forest. The opening had been enlarged
by slashing the rim ofthe woodland to
the west ofthe clearing, and this slashed
space was a band of fire blown toward
the buildings. Standing in front of these
a woman with a buchet of water quenching the consuming sparks as they fell.
It is pleasant to know that heroism tli-
umplied ovei the elements.
Defence and Counterblast.
Mr. Editor:��� I was surprised at the
remarks made by your Comox correspondent with regard to work done by me
near McPhee & Moore's store. If hs
was a resident of the place at that lime
he would know that it was not contract
work, but under the immediate supervision of Mr. Bentley Gov. Agent; so
that whether the way the bent is placed
or thc reducing of the 14m stringers to
10 inch on the ends be approved or not,
I merely acted under instructions in thc
matter; even to the burying of old timber, so that the worms should not ha**e a
chance of attack upon thc srund timbers
in tlie new bridge. I will merely add
the "bridge" seems pretty solid yet after
some years of use, for the simple reason
it was solidly framed; and nn Dutchman
used to patch it! I have only had two
contracts yet in Comox, one, the bridge
over the Tsolum al Mr. Reese's, the other a bridge over Raymors Creek, both
of which I think would bear inspection.
Now Mr. Editor I think the reference
to me had better bem held back by your
Comox correspondent, as some' of the
work done on the lower prarie road calls
for a greater protest than was made. I
will merely add, I have no personal rea
sons for following anv ofthe parties concerned, nor had I any wish to have a
hand In thc contracts'; but when there
arc places in the road which aw simply
impassible in the wet season, and waler
standing from six inches to a foot on one
side, and rail fences to walk upon on the
olher side, it makes us alt wish heartily
for some means to get along without plod
ding through a foot of slime! Now the
g-avel was called to be six inches deep,
and 9 feet wide upon thi-,but upon measurement it iv-is found to be three and a
half to four inches deep and from seven
to seven and a half feet wide over the
worst part. Another portion farther west
which 1 am unformed calls for the best
gravel to be obtained within reach, was
nearly all covered with red loam, when
there was a fair quality of material within
200 yards ofthe work. The Gov. Agent
afterwards told me, he authorized the
contractors to take this loam. I certainly would like to know by what authorily,
he could change an agreement after it
hnd been tendered upon, when the material was within reach to fill the written
agreement. A party residing here and
a practical road maker, states lie is willing lo.shovel just as good material from
the side of the corduroy for thc sum of
$40 as was hauled from the nearest red
loam beds for $75; and to make the matter still worse, il was given out that all
contracts had to be done right this year
regardless of how the contractors might
fare, and also that all parties tendering
had to find gravel where they could, lhe
department not being responsible for
quality of gravel in vicinity of work to be
done, but thc road had to be covered
with what the specifications called for.
John A' Coates.
Local Brevities
Mr. Ford, postmaster at Hornby madt
us a pleasant call last Thursday.
There were two bears seen on the Union road one day last week.
James McKim & Sons have received
a consignment of tne ready-made clothing.   Clothing to order is a specialty.
J. J. Grant has lost a double ender 12H
boat, painted white��� probably floated
out into the Gulf.
The Comox Agricultural and Industrial Association Kill hold its first annual
Exhibit on the 28th of September.
Mr. nnr Mrs. James McKim left Friday morning fnr their old home in Wiar-
ton, Ont. They may be gone two or
three months.
Look on the third page of this paper
for the Prize List of the Comox Agricultural and Industrial Association.
Miss, Blake, formerally teacher al
Steveston, B. C. is the "schoolmaster" at
Hornby Island.
Mr. James Bruce has leased J' W. Me**
Kenzies, farm near Stewart's. It is whispered that he will take a partner.
Parties leaving here for Victoria, are
enabled to take a train at Nanaimo on
Friday afternoon and proceed directly to
their destination.
The people of the islands of the gulf
should get up an excursion and visit the
Cnmox Agricultural Show on the 281 h
of next month.
In the Report of the Department o<*
Agriculture just issued Comnx is mentioned as a good noint to start a cream
ery and cheese factory.
The Courtenay Athletic Club contemplate giving a steamboat excursion to
Nanaimo, the receipts to be expended in
books for the library. Look out for particulars a little latter in our advertising
P. W. Patterson, barrister, associated
in the practice of 1'iw with H. A. Simpson, Esq. of Nanaimo has opened an office in Courtenay. He will arrange to be
in Union one day each week.
There was an exodus to Oyster River
from Courtenay and Union last Saturday. An outing was wanted and (sh
were the attraction. J. J. Grant nnd E.
F, Clay constituted one party. Thc o-
ther was made up of Dr. Voung of Cnur-
renay and Alf Walker, Joe Walker, ami*'
Jim Coburn of Union.
They must have strong oxen over on
Denman Island. The other day while
Mr. T. H. Piercy, with a team of oxen
was trying to pull over some big stumps
the word whoa was not pronounced quite
loud enough, and the stump came over
on the oxen themselves with the result
that one of them was badly injured. Exhibit the oxen at the Show on the 28th
prox, Mr. Piercy, and issue a challange
for a tug of war.
Farm Products for Sale.
(Dullvcriitl  nt Titos Cairn's farm.)
Potatoes per lb. 1 cent
Carrots   "   " "   "
Beets      "   " "   "
Turnips  "   " "   "
Cabbage "   " 1)4 cents
Onions    "   " 2   "
Butter     "   " 30   "
Partnership Notice.
The undersigned gives notice that he
has thU day taken into partnership his
sons Edward William McKim and John
J. McKim, and that the business of general merchandising will be hereafter conducted under the style and firm name of
James McKim & Sons at Union, B. C.
The new firm assume all liabilities rtf ' ""V
James McKim, in connection with the
business, and will collect all   outstanding
James McKim.
Union, B. C. August 1893.
Road Contracts and Thistles.
Editor News: If the individual, termed lhc"Chronic Growler," only had a day
or two to spare to walk through the settlement and examine the various contracts that have been passed byour"com-
petent Road Boss," he would find cause
not only to find fault himself, but would
wonder that others knowing that vegetable matter was being placed on the
road for gravel did not complain too.
The "Chronic Growler" would be justified
in speaking out.
Cannot something be done to cut the
thistles growing on the roadside? They
area disgrace to the whole community)
Would it be asking too much for the
Government A(*cnt to give a man a day's
work to cut them down?
Money Wanted.
There are quite a number of those who
signed as members of the Comox Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition, lasl
spring who have not **et paid their membership fee. Will they not kindly do so
now, without wailing to be called nn?
Those residirg on Hornby Island can
hand the amount lo Mr. George Heath-
erbell, Director, and those living on Denman Island will please pay to Mr. Alex-
McMillan, Director. All others will
probably find it as convenient to hand
thc moncv direct')' to the Secretary. Our
friends will please not delay, as it is essential that the Directors should know
precisely how much they can depend upon.
The names of new members arc being
added to the roll daily by the Secretory.
It is trusted that this movement will He
continued until there is not a farmer or
business man in llie district whose name
is not on the membership roll. We need
the money and we need the help of all,
nnd wc want a membership so large (ensuring a pronounced success) that we
shall be glad to exhibit it as a Roll of
Honor. /
Lady Hranksmere, utterly unnerved
maltca a movement towards iho door. Un*
happily her flight conveys the Idea that she
i.i afraid. The girl springs after her,
dutches at her gown, ami cling-* to it. A
moat horrible glare haa come into her eyes),
Muriel shrinks fro n her, and, ns she docs
ho, ������ large bunch ol crimson ribbons, lying
hidden amongst the folds of the tea-green
gown dim i�� wearing, is brought conspicuously into view, and strikes upon *���������-1 i-ft-natientlv
Bight of the atranger, and then���it ia all,    ������ I Rm acouaton
In aaeoond-with one spring she is up,... H B^K-ere looks
Muriel,   her lingers round her throat, hor
eyea ablaze, the demon Madness wideawake'
Tiie fair, soft, childish face of a momont
since is now transfigured���distorted beyond
reoogllitloO) and thi- Hps, purple and  widely parted, are  .piivoring with  n rage that
knows no reason'
Shriek upon shri'-k rcitds the air '
Again and again  that awful  yell  rises,
" Vou are ill'.'" he says abruptly, when
sho has given him her hand with evident
" A little. Vos. But it is merely
because sleep has failed me for a night or
" Has Margery heen staying with yon';"
""No I would havo nobody, though she
wished to remain wiih me when here this
'* Vou should not have  been   alone after
all ymi went through-" aays Branksmere
I to be alone." return
though ho would
havo answered this, Inn. cheeks himself,
Thero is a long silence, and then, as though
following out a train of thought, he says,
" 1 waiteil to see her buried. It was
tho last thing 1 oould do for her, whose
fortunes were no unfortunately mixed uti
with our family. Madame Von Thlrsti
gave ymi an outline of hor atory : 1 am hero
growing flora.- uitlmo goes on I Not"! |& llfl tl���, w.Mk, i ���w." that 1 luwo
tlio padding on the doom wn it tlo >- ��� wniilnd you In kooplng aoorot from yon
Olomr and olorar tlio mad woman i arm-1,,,,,. ���;������������.��� ,, ,,*��� _rom)M ���, tll0
clup Uii-M in 'hat rtoadly, ombraoo, until ,,������,, ,������������,      ���, ,���     '���
al last, with a faint .groan, her victim cease:
in struggle, and with a sigh her head falls
hack want.
The touch of cold water upon hor   hrow.
a struggle with memory, and Muriel once
more opening her eyes lucks languidly
around. Kverylhing has comu book to her,
She remembers that last horrible scene and
wonders v-iinicly how it is she is now alive
���md  In   der own  ' room,   with   llrhlgmaii
bonding over her, Has Brankamore hoard
of it? And if so, why���
Her eyes meot those r.f her maid, who is
gazing Solicitously at her, and fiiuking hack
again amongst her pillows, she looks at her
Inquiringly. Wus it Bridgman who had
eome to tho roseue'! la tlio secrot at last
betrayed to the household'' What doea
this woman know'!
"I fainted, Bridgman?"
" Yea, my lady, but you arc hotter now.
Vou must not try to think yet awhile, but
just lie quiet and lot tho bathe your head."
" DM-���you find mo?"
"Vou aro' fooling ill, my lady," said
Bi'iilgoman anxiously, who is very fond of
hor. " -My lord said you wore lo tako this
brandy, i' possible, and Haul, too, he'd lie
back aa soon aa he oould. Do now try io
tako it, my lady."
"I want nothing������nothing," returns
Muriel, impatiently: ''only to ho alone,
tio,  Rrlilgman, go.   I can not rest with
.11 ring for you if I frtol
iricl, gontly. " Now go,
n.   Ah-"
lakes an effort to rise to
-ainere outers tho room,
eaves it,
was beforo, she is now
fronts hor liushanil.    He
lis brows contracted, am!
i ���* arm turns her to tho
i,   unhurt," ho mutters,
' .'0 killed you," ho says
i ��� tooks whilo and haggard
overy  limb,      " 'Vhat
'hat room''."
���it l here," ho goes on,
-. Br'-oks was i|iiito un-
T  ynu���1   thought,   I
i -dered violently.
o longer distress your-
i    Muriel, curtly ; "I am
v 11 I   now require," ro-
uy, "is an explanation."
about to reply, when���
o ii," exclaims a voice
. where Mine, von Thirsk
ild.her arms folded upon
low me !" she nays ; and
juy Her romm-mri Muriel
Ily forward, and with
as her way once mon; to
that  had heen so full of
inside    ii,   Branksmoro
" ho asks anxiously, ad-
who had preceded them
tor in hor eold hand.
��� rogarda him mournfully,
-ho barely understands.
io?" questions Branks-
allied voice. "Thore
further   shock   for���"
u    is   evidently   full    of
Mme. von Thirsk, with
lings  Iter arms suddenly
n hor knees and covers
es Brankamoro.  " Ureal
loftier iiist Hie change
came.^JShew^tTnTausteilaud -pilot then.
���-bfttnTa the door closed on you sho cried
aloud to me to bring a light. The loom
wiih Hooded with light, so I know what that
meant, In a littlu whilo sho dropped back
dead! Dead!"
" You want an explanation," she sayy in
a hard voice, addressing Lady Brunksinore,
"aliout her? Well, you shall havo it."
"Sho was���" ventures Muriel, with
trembling lips.
" My sister���tlio ono thing left inn that I
might lovo I" She cheeks hersolf. "She,"
pointing to the dnad girl, "was the mla
tress of your husband's In other 1"
A sinothorod ejaculation breaks from
Lord Branksmero, He makos a gesture as
though he would speak, but madamo sup*
presses him.
"The truth, tbo truth, Hranksmcro���let
h have tho truth at list," she cries wildly,
The anguish of her face la miserable. " Lis
ton to mo," she goes on hurriedly, spunking
lo Muriel, "fide loved I he lato Lord Branks
mere, and he loved her, hut marriagi
between thom was Impossible beoausoof hli
prcv mis marriage with Lady Anne."
Muriel unclasps hir hunch* from hoforo
her face, and looks up startled,
" You know lhat he was killed itl aduol,"
goes on madamo, jn a dull lone, " You
do not know who lulled him. It was my
brother, lu*r brother, l'or our honor's sake
he slew her lover���too late 1 The iiowh of
liis death oame to hor abruptly, Sho���"
fur the Hist time madamo falters���" was
not vory strong at tho time, ami the shock
destroyed her brain !"
" Spare yourself!" imploroH Branksmoro
in a whisper. " Let* mo explain the
"I havo promised Lady lirnuksmerc the
reciinl of this merry tide, returns madame,
rigidly, "ami I shall keep my promise,
Hear Ihe end," addressing Muriel. Alas !
no," sharply, " the end you sec, hut what
there remains for me to toll, To please his
dying brothor- and to conceal my unhappy
sister from the vangeanco of our family,
your husband con Bon led to bring her hero
secretly ; uo one knew of hor coming, save
Brooks, Lord Branksmero, and Madame
the Dowager, to whom the murdered man
was Inexpressibly dear. Hero she has lived
���unknown ; hero died.    It ia nil I"
" I leave this place to-morrow morning,
" So noon ?" iiuostiona Bran I; sine re, with
an expressive glance at tho curtail, behind
whieh that 'pilot body rests surrounded by
" Ay, at onco,   relurna she, with an
patient gesture.     " Oh, to he   gone I"   she
i*oni|iiers liersell presently.    " Thero   must
ho no scandal, Branksmero," she murmurs
feverishly.   All must ba done in Boerofc
To tho dead
"To my brothor," gravely,   "It is a
long story and a sad one.    Il is mon.," exclaims   Branksmere, wiih a sudden vehemence, " It is a ahamoful one I    Not io far
as aho is concerned.   1 would have yon
understand that.
"Ho made mo swear 1 would befriend
hor for liis sake, and Mint I would liovor
botrav her secret. I gavo my oath OS he
desired.    I swore it to the dying.
Clo on," she saya, wi'h lowered brow
and lips compressed.
*' Hcdiod in tny arms ! At the endhn bade
me hasten to her and prepare her for the
awful news that awaited her. But hia voice
had grown thick and indistinct, nnd I suppose 1 misunderstood what ho said, because
I went firat to the wrong house, and when
at last I gained tho right address, I found
the body had heen brought home bofore me,
and that hy some unlucky chaneo the poor
girl had met the hoarors face to face and,
thul, in fact, tho dead man���hot lover, her
husband, aa sho believed���had been laid
almost at hor foet."
"I shall never forget that moment!
Adcla in her white gown ; the dead man
covered with blood, Tho girl aaid nothing,
llllt she went slowly up to him, and bonding
down, laid her cold lingers on his cold brow.
'Why, how is this, sweetheart?1 she said.
I can hoar her always. It thrilled through
tho room, Sh.! seemed to comprehend so
poorly, and yet hor eomprohonslon was ao
commote���so fearful in ils consctpioneoB I
Aa sho loaned ovor him some drops of his
life-blood, warm and red, foil upon nor whito
gown. She burst out laughing then, and
culled to Its to SCO how protty they were.
It was an awful scene."
Thero is more ?" sho questions feverish.
" That night her child was born 1"
Muriel, with a sharp oxclama'jon, lela
hor fan slip from her **o tlio ground.
That night, tio, it died���happily I Tho
mother's mind died with it, but, her body
"Was thero no return? No vague remembrance?"
"None! After awhile strnngo fancies
grow within her. I bore a strong renem-
bianco t-i my brother, and soon sho grew to
micot mo with hini iu some dull way, and
later on believed mo to bo indeed the
Branksmero she had known an I loved. I
alone could console hor in her bursts of unmeaning grief. I alone could control her
by a word-a look���when sho fell a prey
to the violence that at times overcame her.
It was the fact of my being a stranger
Nevertheless, as ho ro-otitora the ('astle
to-night���Saturday���hla  first   thought is
for her. He mounts the staircase (pilokly,
and kllOoklllg at her door responds eagerly
to her |h*i mission to enter, She is lying
back in hor chair, and there is enough
weakness in her attitude to appeal to his
sense of nit*'   ory keenly.
No. rt was the red ribbons on yonr
gown.   Bvorsinoo that fatal morning when
the blood of her lover dyed her dress, it has
been impossible to lot her soo anything
even approaching lhat color.
"Was Mrs. lirooks the only one thero V
have a confused idea that���'' Laly
IrankBmore hesitates and frown:-, slightly,
is ono might to whom remembrance is
"A correct one, Yes, Madame von
birsk was there."
He brushes his band aoroBB his fnrohoad,
and drawn his brcaih hcivily, but Mlirtol is
too lost in a now though I to heed him. Rol
madamo had heen there, slid had been too
frightened to call for assistance ! T--**-hor-
rified to try to save her from **,- cruel tli
Death 1
A wild ory break's from her. She starts
to li0f-fiwt7**Knd throws out her arms aa if
t-fl-Ward oil'sumo fearful thing,
"What is it?" exclaims llninksmore
Nothing ! Nothing !" She has subsided Into hor chair again, and has covered
her face with hor bands, " Only somo hor
rihlo thought !"
" You have listened too lout* to auch an
unhappy story," declares Brankfimoro,
" Some other time 1 ean finish���"
"No i lot It ho ended now, forever, There
is one thing I want lo know. Sho spokoof
(lowers���a festival���"
"It was lho anniversary of Arthur'**
birthday. She always remembered that,
whatever else might be forgotten. Poor
thing! It was her delight to keep llieir rooms
bright with them in tho ohl days in Hungary, She was very gontio in her calm
days, but when oxcltou it was very dlf-
licnli to manage ber. She was indeed a
groat responsibility,"
"You had  not to  undertake  it alono,
however.    You had  in idame to help you."
Ho waits expectantly fora word trom
hor, but none cornea. Hit buck is turned
to him, or ho might perhaps hove noticed
tho growing paler on her taoe,
" 1 would nave HpoltOll"���llO goes on in
a low voice ��� " I should   hive betrayed all
thon���but you gavo nm no opportunity���
yon would not hear mo."
" It was loo late I" Her voice is so faint
aa to bu almost indistinct ; with difficulty
she conquers the sensation that threatens
to sink her into Insensibility, " Was it
for your oath's aaku you kept allonOO all
thai time':"
" For that���and for one other powerful
roaann. Tluve wan Anno 1 Ills wife | She
knew nothing ; she never so much as
dreamed of hor husband's troaohory.
" I have wronged you," she erics fovor*
iahly ���" beyond forgiveness ! That 1 know
now! While you���you���! Think, reinem-
hor well, what it is I should be now but.
lor yen ! A   king loat, degraded."   Sho ia
fTowing terribly excited, und her oyos are
ike largo coals of firo in her white face.
" I would have you renumber well," sho
repeats again. " And that it is of your
wifo such words may bo used. Yonr wife,
Brankamere. Think of it ! That should
make you harder."
She has broken into dry Bobs, and haa
turned aside to hide her faeo upon lhe arm
that ib leaning atfainst tiro ir-nntol-sliol"*.
Bub even llfl lie speaks she. throws ont
her arms convulsively, sways heavily to
and fro, and falls BtmaoloBs tothe ground.
Tho world is threo weeks older to*day,
and the even Is of lhat past night seem in
have happened quite a long while ago.
They had lifted ber from where she foil nl
Brankamoro'fl foot, and carried her to her
hod, and Margery and Mrs. Hilly hail
watched over hor all through that hi
night of insensibility until1 thfl dawn came,
and with it a glimmer of ennseinusnes*. (hat
die,] almost as it was born.
In twenty-four hours she was ina raging fever.     Hor brain was  auV'tod, and jl
Boomed to those oloaoly Investigating the
case���the great men from the town and Ihc
little men from the country round���that
small, indeed, was tlio hopo that could be
All bor lovely h,\ir wai ni.-jin itwi-v. Eel
dry, parched Upa made feverUh the beholder. Hor huge cy--.-. aflame with tho
lire that was inwardly consuming her,
turned to uaell onc a vacant glance, and
from night to morn, and morn to night,
.she rolled hor tired haul unceasingly from
aide to side culling alwavs, always upon���
Mis. Hilly !
He would steal in and out uf hor room all
lay lorn,', and very often during the night,
and stand lookingdownuponher.in ailence,
and apparently without emotion.
The loss of hopo is cruel ! For two
wholo days il slipped from them, and even
now, to-day, when a little change fnr the
bolter has been notice! and made much of,
till thoy start and pale, and feel their
hearts stop beating whenever a door is
opened suddenly, believing it lo he a message from one of the doctors desiring them
to prepare for the last sad change uf all.
Muriel, widci-yed but silent, ia lying in
a weak pro-lration upon her bod- one hand,
ilamp and nerveless, toying feebly with the
sheet. Upon lho hearthrug Marg-ry aud
Mrs. Hilly aro conversing in low tones. The
lire is burning brightly, sending forth little
cheerful noises with a vivneily hardly to he
"Yes, she |a bettor,   quite  belter,'' says
Mrs. Billy, suddenly addressing a tall Pnura
standing in tho door-way.    "1 gueps she's
mending at long last."
Brankamore with a slow Btop oroBsos the
room, and, bonding down, looks at the pale
occupant of tho bed. They me so accustom*
od to his oe-uttleas comings and goings thai
iho two on ihe hearth-rug continue thatr
conversation ua though he had never outer-
Looking, be can aee for himaolf there is
moro of a Btoady light ill,tlio grey eyes
than had heon there for many a day. She
half looks at hini, I hen lets her lids fall
heavily over the orbs beneath. Branks-
more is fast, losing hiinsolf in some gloomy
roverio, when tho sound of her weak voice
coming to him aeross his droainlngB, rouse;
him at. once inio sudden nervous lite, Ho
stoops over ber.
"What is it I hoar? Birds?" sho aska
"Who feeds them now ?" sho asks in that
Btraugo slow way that a sickness nigh unto
death has taught her. Her eyes grown
frightfully large, aro fixed upon Branksmoro expectantly. Then all at onco her
glanco grows troubled, and hor breath comes
and goea with a cruel haste and labor.
" Oil ! how it all comes bAO.lt I" she cries
faintly. Tears ri.*o and full over her cheeks.
With a feeble effort sho covera her faeo.
Tho warm slinging drops wrung from hor
soul trickle down through hor oinaolaiod lingers, and lose themselves among the laecs of
hor night-dress.
" There is one thing I cannot remember,
breathes she feebly. "Du you know
Where is she? tbo woman that wanted l
murder mo?"      ,
Branksmero, troubled, take' her hind,
and holds it fast.
Try lo forgot ber,"
I can not!" Th? words fail from her
in a slow whlspor one by nm*. "Sho cami
Into tho room while that pom* L>irl was (lying to injure ine, aud she urged her with a
laugh to kill ine. 1 can sec hoi* now. 1
:*co her always."
"Sho? Who?" Ho is somewhat si rue!-:
hy the extreme lucidity of her manner.
'Madame von Thirsk. 1 saw her,"
whispers Muriol, looking beyond bim, aa
though addressing herself rather Ihan hini.
Sho atood just Micro, as It woro. 1
know the very spot; ami she laughed nntl
told that poor mad creature to haste ami
finish her work, calling out that I was an
onony of Arthur's 1 Wore thoy both mad.'
1 had forgotten it all, but now it cornea
back to tne,"
"She ahall never onler thoso dunn���
never, never," nays Branksmoro hurriedly,
who is looking ghastly,
"What arc you doing lioro ?" alio oaks,
"I eaine lo see how you wi-Nrj'HUiit* on.'"
" You are alwaya coming. I liavelolt It
through all, But why do yon come now?
Thoro is nothing morn io expect, I am
getting well.  Othor people can die; I can't."
Tin- cruel Innuendo he passes <,vcr in
Sho loan.'i back exhausted ; anil presently
begins to move her bead restlessly from aide
to aide.
"1 am so hot���so hoi," she murmurs.
Loaning over her ho lifts tho pi Uow on which
she is lying with tho hope ot rendering nor
more comt'orlablo. Todo tills ho has jo-posa
his arm beneath herneek^and before ho
can remove it shy Jy,rvfiitloii back in tlio
exhausted sudden slumber of ono ro*
covering from a wasting Illness. Seeing she
docs,tint stir, be, ton, remains motionless,
Mid presently ho sec-.' Bhe la indeed ivileep.
Afraid to move lost, he shall wake her, he
kneels bosido  the bed, ami tries to   heltcve
thoro is no gladness for him In the knowledge
that her head is resting so near his heart.
Margery and Mrs, Hilly at an early stage
of tho proceedings had deliberately turned
their hacks upon tbo bed, so tint for ritdlo
an hour Rrank-imoro kneels there watching
his wife's slumbers undisturbod, Ilia bead
is resting on the pillow. Upon his dark
lashes lie the traces of tears,
The ereat telescope constructed for iln
observatory near Nice haa an object glaas
threo feet in diameter and with a focal
length of 63 feet.
I'elroleum, whicli ia popularly supposed
to he derived from eoal, ia, accortliug to
advanced science, more probably the result
uf the action of water on metal.
'J he idea that this earth ia slowly drying
up has quite u net-back by a recent announcement of the hydrographie engineers
lhat the Gulf of Mexico is one foot higher
now limn it was iu 1850,
A well is being sunk at Wheeling W.
Va., which has already reached a depth of
throe-quarters ofa mile, but what iscaiia*
ing wonder to geologists is that ��o watoi
is yet struck although the boring is
ibrmigli hori'-outit parts.
From inoaauroiuent made by Dr. C.
S.ovel, of Tone Haute, it ia now known
that Dr. Meiuleuhili was mistaken wll on
ho pronounced Ml. Si. Kliaa the hii*hest
mountain iu Nqrth America. The In nor
belongs to .Mi. iVizabi in Mexico.
A recent experiment station bulletin gives
startling statistics concerning the seeds ot
weeds. Aocor'ing t.:> the document referred to the purslane may havo as many as
:i*iS,llllilHcedsiothesinglo plant; tbothisllo
D.1,,1UC| and the phiintain closo to 60,000.
A IIus-sinn physician has boon making
some curious experiments to find out how
lar animala can oount, \{u declares that
the orow ean count np to ton and is hereby
superior in arithmetic to certain Polynesian
tribes of mod, who cannot got beyond, fivo
or six.
A remarkable diseo-ory has boen mud0
by Prof. Emmorioli, He limls that tlio
btoml of an anim.it n-Kieli baa recovered
from an infectious disease ean euro nnoiluu:
animal sufforing from the samo disease, and
the discovery is likely to provcof llio;-rcat-
est Importance.
An-hieologists report many valuable finds
in Kalians. In addition to the aneiont fort
excavated from lho solid rock, thoro has
heen discovered another and larger fort,
built somewhat In the manner of tho work
ascribed to the mound builders, Numerous
mounda ot supposed groat antiquity havo
also been dlacnvoroil.
A man in Waupaci, \Via.t bas found in a
sand pit a shell lhat may provo of importance to naturalisis, as it belongs to a
species found in the warm sous of South
Aini-.riea known asbusyoon perversnin. They
were used all over tho south by tho mound
builders for material to manufacture a great
variety of articles,
Prof, If. M. Ward nlalcs that there aro
probably more than .'10i( species of oaks
tQiieroits), of which th-: majority bcloii<* to
["forth Amorico, Europe, China- Japan and
other parts of Asia. There are nono lu
Africa south uf Ibe Mwditerrai-oan region,
nor in South America or Australia. Some
remarkable spcclos aro found iu the Himalayas, .-nd many in tbo Malayan archipelago.
Natitraliata are deeply intoroBtotl in live
young owls of unknown species which have
been discovered in a barn at Swedcsboro,
N.J. Tho birds havo faces like mnnkoys
are covered With a white down nearly an
in ib long, and their wings, which arc
sparsely covered wiih light brown feathers,
have a spread of nearly   threo feet.    When
disturbed tllO'ljucor birdn light vigorously
wilh thoir claws.
YonOtinVi-Gt too Much
Of a good thing, i'rii* is eminently the
case with I'olson's Nervilino, and great pain
ouro. It is an honest remedy- for it contains the most puuerful, tho purest, and
most certain pain subduing remedies known
to medical science, it is honest, for it does
all it claims to do. It is honest, because it
is tho host in the world. It only eoata 'Jo
cents lo try it, and you can buy a bottle at
any drug store. Nervilino euriH toothache,
r.onralgia, pain III the back and aide. All
nallia are promptly relieved by PoIsou'b
-V^U'.'   ��� ��� �����*���       . ��� -7*��� ' '
A Shower of Sua;ar Plums.
A correspondent writing from Lahore to
Nature, saya;���"A friend of mine writes
ine from Foshawnr about a very curious
phenomenou which, 1 think, ia worth notice
in yom* columns. The monsoon has set in
tins season earlier than tor some yeara past, j
���\. few daya ago in a village named Dadu/ai
(a tehail in the Teshawur district) rain fell,
preceded by a wind storm, and with the
rain cime a shower of hailstones, which
lasted for a few minutes. Tbe most curious
part of this occurrence ia that the hailstones
ivhen touched were not at all cold, and when
put in the mouth (as is the custom in this
hot country) tasted like sugar, I am further told that these hailatonea were extremely
fragile, and as anon as they reached tho
ground thoy broke in pieces. Theae piecra
when examined looked like broken atieks
of cryatalliacd nitre. My informant taBtod
them, and waaatruek with their purity and
sweotness. A few pieces were alsn sent to
tho Deputy Commissioner of tho district.
The phenomenou titu been duly reported in
the leading newspapers of lho province, and
tbo Akhbar-1-Am has noted it inks lend
ing columns.
I,|i*"rlan itit'mi'HIrs (live Hie fa-Hahi or n
Hrlllsll Ileal Krii-eii llhiiili-H liiure.
A London despatch says -.���Tho steamer
Shorhro, of the ltritish and African Steam
Navigation Company, with mails and pas.
songora from West Africa, roporta having
been ordered outof t'avail y by the Liborian
authorities under thecal oi being fired on.
The Shorhro had a number ofpiascngerson
hoard brought from Donny, who worn
natives of Oavally, and tho vessel celled
pccially at that port to land tho mon.
Several of them Mere lowered into canoea
and wore Instantly pulled toward the beach.
The Llbortnn gunboat Gnrronammali was in
port, and the commander asked tho captain
of the. Shorhro several questions about the
passengers afterward ordering the Shorhro
" I hope you feel better���nioruy
Dranksmore says kindly.
" That is the last, thing you should hope,"
returns she, witb an ungrjuiouancBB born of
miserable thought,
" Still," gently, " as I du hope il, give
mo, if you can, the answer 1 would have."
" What is it Branksmoro?" aska she suddenly, wilh a strange, tremulous touch of
passion. Sho lifts herself on ber elbow and
looks full at him with her great troubled
oyea, Aro yon trying lo arrange yotir account with Heaven, that. you 111 UB BOOK* lo
overburden mo with a kindness you can not
"It iaa pity you look at thinga with such
(11b tor tod sighi," returns lie " I fool for
you only kindness.    I'olicve that."
She sinks back exhausted, and covers hor
face with her bunds.
"Thn crime waa mine ; I wronged you,"
Ptiya liraukHinere, gently but hurriedly
bopping aome perfume into the hollow of
his hand, and limn pressing the hand against
her brow,    Shu docs not turn from him.
I feared tn speak," ho goes on hurriedly. " I dreaded thu thought lhat yon
might demand from me LhoiiTsinlanftlof that
poor creature, and have driven her from the
only liuiue she then knew."
"Was all lhat Madamo von TIllrak'B
teaching''" asks Muriel, cob] an I pale,
" Am I so poor a thing that 1 have not oven
cmumeii pity in ino 1 Thai I have lowered
myself in your esteem 1 know; but at least
grant tne sonic human fooling !"
"Though actually gUlltlosB, in yonr so-
rot soul do you not condemn ino I1'
"No." The assurance comes steadily
roiii bis lips.
(to ill' rJOXTLVOBD.)
A Prcti;
i-l consarnrd tire.
iop  It  up, 1  wishl   Ihey
I Oiler the sni-i-estii
nor pral-e;
Ai\d us lhe rule is
a nothing toprovoiit'om runnlngp
ir i*.   it's barely posalblo tlio stairstep
Vnys, Mini   It'fl appropriate must reoly
Shocking Tragedy in London-
Early on Sunday morning a tragedy wna
enacted in Harrison Street, (Iray'a Inn
Hnad, London. It appears that a young
married woman named Asbwcll, the wife of
a tobacconist, has been iu imlMTcrcnt health
and waaauhject to illusions. On Thiirslay
she left homo with hor.child, aged l.'l
months, ostensibly to visit ber mother, but
Instead went to her married sister's in the
neighbourhood. She there threatened (o
destroy herself and child, believing someone waa following bor with a view lo kidnapping the latter, and ou Sunday alio cut
both ita and her own throat with a carving
knit*. lUr screams attracted tho attention
of the police, and Bhe waa discovered In tho
kitchen with tbo kuifn still in hor throat,
ami tho li.ihy dead beaitlo her. She confessed the crime, ami saidt.hu put the knife
iloop down into its neck ao aa to kill it outright,
Tho Queen incurred a foo of 7s. (Jd. for
having allowed six weeks to elapse before
recialering tho birth of the present Duke of
When you're laiu-uiil and dull In tho spring of
lho year.
When stomach ami liver are all out of Roar.
U'lion you're slupid at mora uml feverish at
And nothiu*- [rive* relish and nothing ���'lies
llon't iryiiny no-lrnm. elixir, nr liilt.���
"(loklen .Medical Discovery " juat fills lho bill.
TllO surest and heat of all remedies for all
disorders of the liver, stomach and blood, is
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Diacovory
Pot dogs across tho Atlantic aro now dyed
to ImrmonlsQ with tbe prevailing tint of
lheir mistress's boudoir.
81. Thorns*, Ont.,
Imparts thorough training in Book-keeping, Arithmetic, Phonography, Type Writing and all other branclioa of {Commercial
education at very reasonable rates. Young
ladies while pursuing theao branches can
alao take up Music, Fine Art, Elocution or
Literary course, Graduato3 aro in lucrative
ritualious 111 loading cities of the Dominion and United Slates, For Announce-
Imont address Pkksiuknt Austin, R. A.
One hundred detectives aro employed in
lhe l>on Miireho,in Paris, whose only labour
is to watch for shoplifters,
"Common Sense*" Fraud.
Wo wish to draw special attention to tbo
Iv. of M, A. L. Samuel, Benjamin it Co. re
Hinder Twine. Tho twine they handle is
tho woll known "Common Sense" I'rand,
thia being now the fourth season for it. It
haa in that lime established itself as being
by far tho cheapest and most CCOnotninu
twine of any in the market. lis length
pel* lb. is equal lo tho Red Cap. It will
sertfUnty pay all farmers to give it a uial.
In all tbo wars in which Knglaud baa
taken part alio baa won $2 por cent, of tbe
Are -on litlnlthm ni'Acti'llng your young
people to selinnl ? If sn, rt-flil lhe nitr. or
I'lrki-rlii-M'-illi-goi-il-l semi for nilt-tulitr.
Dissection of human bodies by medical
students has been practiced sinco n.t*. ;!'..!���).
Tissue Building Mcho-ues
Are (he host for all clironlo diseases. Send
por. tnl ciini fm* ItW page book C oo) o*rplalutng
all pjirticulora. Address DK. w. REAR
room ID, Qorranl Ar ������dr, Toronto, Ont. Mon
tion lids paper wltonw 'tlug.
Light- ponetraloa   thn sea to a   dopth of
about 430 yards,
Dr.   Harvey's   Snniliorn  Red  Pino  tor
mgiia  and colds \j the most   reliable  and
period entigh medicine iu the market, For
ale ovorywhore.
A. P. 071-
uli|uc Hurj-lral Opi-rnll-in ul   n Toronto
A Toronto special soys :���A young lady
from Hamilton, a former pupil of the liliud
Inatitute at Pram ford, bad an unusual
operation performed upon her right eyo at
St, Michael's Hospital on Saturday last.
The cornea���the strong homy membrane
which forms the front part of the eye
otherwise known aa tho crystal of the eye,
instead of being transparent waa perfectly
cornea from long existing disease, and the
operation consisted in removing the central
part and inserting a piece from tho eurncn
of a rabbit,
A healthy rabbit was secured by the Burgeon in charge of the base, " Bunny" was
then chloroformed and lho portion of the
cornea required removed. A corresponding
portion ol tbo opaque of lho patient's right
eye having been removed the membrane
from the rabbit was inserted.
Tho wound healed with the now pieeo in
placo, a very rare result, aa although tho
experiment has boon often tried the invariable result haa heen thc sloughing oil' of the
foreign cornea.
Tho patient's object in sacking treatment
was lo improve the appearance of the eye,
Nofconiyhus this been accomplished,but the
Blirgoon in charge haa hopes that tho vision
will also be improved.
four dnys have elapsed sinco tho operation, Buiiluieut to wai rant the statement
that it waa iu every way successful.
It ia understood that lhe patient ia so
well satisfied that she desires tho loft eye
trealed in tho'samc way, but has been
advised to await further development**.
Another rabbit will havo to ho selected for
tllO second operation, UB the indent whicli
yielded its eye tu acioncc was chloroformed
to doalll.
" We nre six in fam-
A Farmer at ily. We Jive iu a
t? j ��� *-r������^ place where we are
Edom, Texas. lubject   lo  vioknt
Says: Golds  and Lung
Troubles. I have
used German Syrup for six yenrs
successfully for SoreThro.it, Cough,
Cold, Hoarseness, Pains iu the
Chest and Lungs, and spilting-up
of Blood. I have tried many difler-
ent kinds of cough Syrups in my
time, but let me sity to anyone want-
ing such a medicine��� Germcuj Syrup
is the best. That has beeu my experience. If you use it once, you
will go back to it whenever ynu
need it. It gives total relief and is
a quick cure. My advice to everyone Suffering with I.ung Troubles is
���Try it. YbU will soon be convinced. In all the families whew
vour German Syrup
This is to notify
you that your account at the bank
of health ia overdrawn; at this rate you will soon be
bankrupt, unless you take
Of Pure Norwegian Cod Liver Oil i
���     and Hypophosphltes to
build you up.
tt win stop a oovon, CrHB AI
COT.1t, anel eleevlc CONSUMPTION (mill
allfemna erf IfJSTJSll DlaBASEB.AlA
moat ate palatable* at Milk. Proporad l.y 5
8oolt A Bovmo, Bollovillo. For nnlo by 1
fill ilruK(rlf>U.  1
US��1  \V2 1::
trouble with the
Lungs at nil, It is
the medtcuie for thi:-.
country. I
G. G. GREEN, Solo Man'fr,Wooubury,Nj,
"do you imagine--
That naopln wohM havo boon regularly nalng
our 'loilcil ,-*na)H ulncf*  ISM."-. Iforiv-sovon li-iur*
���roars) If thoy bail nm hoi-n count Tlm imhiin
an* not foolmiuil iln not oonlinilit to buy sJt-'t li
utile*;-! i liny aro "fatlafaotory.
Every MusicToacherlnt'a-
nadfl nl-*mill know wlwra tlioy
can ir-'t their Muslo choapoBf,
Writo um tor Catalogues! nlso
fl-ini'ile COpyoE tllO UAHAMAN
Mi-fciciAN,�� live monthly Journal wiih ll.ooworth oruioalo
in each laflUO, IS to Wpor day
nimleliv cniiv.ifiHi-rs. St-e|iri*m-
iinii MbL Wo carry everything
lu tbo Music Hue
I'd think that ynu must
*     tlMnabtu-f
clonr nut." Thn commander nf Mm
gitnboaUiiil llQ wouhl givo tlm mail Btoatn-
or fiftoon minute-'* graoo, ami would then
lii-i on her ifthe order wut* not obeyed, A
number of marines wore then drawn up on
tlm foraaastlo bead of i lio gunboat and llrotl
nt tho Krooboyn, who had left, tlm Sherbro
and wave in tliolrboata making for tho boaoh
The mon by thiu'time had gotaooimltleralilo
dlstauco from thn Btfiamoi*, and tbo cannon
got to the shorn without being struck. Tho
Shorbro did not land any moro of the men,
but took them out to Sierra Leone, whore lie
ronorted tho matter to tlio authorities.
It appoarstliat the Liborians claim the
Cavally territory, and tho natives dispute
tho claim, declaring thoir perfeut independence, Although the Libenans hnvo for
year.) made atlampts to got possession of
tho country, thoy havo not yot suaoeedod-
A few months uro Mm linti-di warship
Tin nub was i,tai jonud at Cavally lo protect
Ih'ili-h iulorosts, but flho Was recently
withdrawn, A Herman man-of-war war-tat
Oapo fill mas when tha Shorbro paifiml,
making inquirlosinlotliooiroumstaiiooflol an
allogQ-roulraga ou a Gorman trading vessel.
The vousol In ifuosLiou'wiw a small trading
nutter nud was taking some possongora to
Papo I'almiiH. In passing II place cal loi
I-took town nho wan llrnl ou by nativesi
'I'huro worn soma twenty or thirty people
* i Mm b mt at Mm time hni. nobody wan lilt.
Tho milter reached Cape l\ilmas wifely,
ftooklown Is another nlaae claimed by tin
Latest Gordon Story.
The WoUh nowspapors report ft remarkable interview with a Soudanese youth,
ngoil is, who has arrived at Dr. Barnardo1
(,'ai-dill Probationary Home, Ho said :-
"My name in Vo/.cll Mab/,a.'orizio, and 1
was hoi u in tbo Somali country. My father
wasasoldior at Khartoum. The Mahdl's
troops killed my father, mother, uistcr, and
younger brothor, nnd I was stabbed in tbo
nock and left foot nnd loft for dead." (VoKcll
showed the soar left by tbo wound In bin
noollj. "1 remember having seen General
Gordon's head being carried about Khar
toum by tho Arab soldiers, and tho General's
body thrown out of a window. It waa four
o'clock in tho morning, and tho town wan
in groni o:;oitomenfc, tho Mahdi's soldiers
rusdihg about* killing all of ns they could
Hnd. General Gordon's bead was placed In
a not covered with some kind of spirits to
proscrvoit as a trophy. The last lime I
saw Gonoral Gordons head it was fastened
in this not to a long pole, fixed In the ground
in the centre <if Khartoum, The bead used
to be lowered dining lho day so that people
could bco the features plainly, and at night
It waa pulled up t-* the tup of Mm polo, ]
heard the Muhdi died at Khartoum ten
months after Mm fall of Khartoum."
I'ut mi
purely v
Corn 133
lay a i
Purely Voa-ctaMo.
'���������   ruin loss   Corn   Kxlractor
���einbloin composition,   Putnam's
raotor makes im yore BpotB
i up fnr a week.   Boware of acid
substitutes.   Uy druggists.
fiOdgoSeals,61 huol i-'o.il-. OlHeo and Hunk
Bcaiup.ii Stamps of ovory d< -er't- Ion,
l�� Kilt-; rUn'ct Hivsi, Tin niUo.
Write fnr Clrcu lots,
Tor r'.-iV by tlio.Sii nt Paul
A DUtUTH  Uailuoad
Souit for Mnpa and Circu-
Couva.ny lu Minn.1
kn. They will bo
Lam) ('omi-ii'Miiiiii-r, lit. IV.ul, Mine,
K.D.0. is Bpooially
prepared fnr Mm
of indlgostlon nuddya*
pepsia. Curo nuanin-
tocd. Try it,' and bo
convluocd of ita Groat
iKtubird ami
Machine Oil
We will givo a substantia] reward tijanv
ono bringing iia profit of otliP��* -"**
sold as our peer'csft -
*-MV flLASKOrt
or 137 STATE SV���;j
Mention i his paper.
Free, .sample mailed
-1 th-
Blood Poisoning
oi Plqiift, Ohio, was polsono
l whl
igO, and suim
lokrlblo iilcflr* 'roke
nut on her head, ..nns,
tnngiionhd throat iier
hiiSi- nil enmcout Uot
husband aponlhuiidroila
of dollars without any
honetit. Sho weighed
lint;*'pounds,and saw
no prospect of help
At hwt Bito began i��
F I ami walk,   	
.1 hy
She B
Hood's SarsapariHa
FOR IT, OR see, '
l-Voin all Stations in Onlajlo, Uoturn TUlos In
HOOD'O Pillg
liodlolnu flu: nt   Oik
I'll  I'll'HI  II"    -l-'ll'l.'
ihould im iii ovory rsi
,��� iviL'il,ulwuyn -nefi-i'ioil.
rilKACIIi: UHiin.l olil-rHeln.larK  eat ike
I     li-iiii(-v e tnva-'-'iiin I'm- "'Fa -mnr-i'   l-'iieml
and Ahoii.iI llnnk.'Seinl fm* i'ireiilar-1.   Wll.-
II Itl Itltll't.H, I'lihlihherTomnio,   ^
AII'ltuVKIt (-mitral Toronlo  I'ropnrl.liH io
esehnmre fm- r.inn liind-i.   Money In loan.
111. lllui'h-iliK'h, \eitillt A   III ml*.    It,
I WullliiKimi Hired K , 'I'nninU
It ei
1 nnnrccoiioiiLoil u-'i
thnrniiKli knowlcd (0 nl
nrnncnos] ni.-m at(oni i for
ng Miiohlno, Writs for ui
Agents ovory whoro.
iii .or iiC'iulrini* a
I'e   ;>ig   In   n I iH
voll Draft-
'oula��iiSJ VongoSt.
Rubber Stamps
Quo-iii Oily ItuiiharSi.vnp Works,Toronto,
tn Oommorolal  Sclonco
KlOOUtloil   llllil   r(llle-.;j;i|e
Grants Dlplomiw
Muslo, Flno Arl".
tar Oandlnalos i
nnd for every grail
Will reopen
Bend for Oatonflar. Addross
PRINfll'Ali l>YKit. SI.A��� Q.Sa
cparod for Mu(rieulal,ion
ur* Teaeher-i'  CcriniiMliN.
Best inthe World!
Get the Genuine!
Sold Everywhere
r'Htovnii    1
Delovalne |
lVToot-oinlii .
Roflton     I
Itci'iiin       I
Torkton I
OnlKM'y   I
Alliort I
aoo. IB, return until OOT.1Q
AOO. 23,        "     "        OOT. *Jli
SBP1!'.   n,        "     "        NOV, 0
Parties tickeiim-frniu other points should
ai r ii(*i. to arrive at Toronto in time to connect with tlm   10*ir-p.ni. train  on abovo
wo will
,. jii
nliy i
Iln vi
j. om
,    Uotld,
A    '
|,10MA9,    Mgr.
llr.muli . 410 Vi,ii5ci
Piduinv;: fiiL3,n<;t;
Iglifir.nt-)Hoard igScnool oris
ii---i.i-imoiM-   " unm.itorv. I'
und I*
r ..00 U><
v iii I'xiirr!*
unn Vli	
' ml
Cheap ami Easy to work. Follows Manila on all inaohinon in good order
withoutchanRo of adjustment Completely weather anil rot proof. >-o sure you
set " COMMON SlilNHE "  branded on bales, also on taff Bttaohetl to oaoh bundle*
I ain't as pretty as Manila but I
got there ,1ust the aamo
(TttADK WAUK ltKiilSTi:i!l'.o)"
*' Common Sense"
DICK'fl I'llOCBSB���l-ATBBT ,M'l*l,li:n roil)
If you oannot, purohn**** Af- n&yi'iT
vicinity, -vriu AhnKtrmaUonto
M. & L. 3AVIUEL,
TbEonrro, THE  COMOX
Agii   ral and Industrial Association
Jobki'II MoPhkk, Courtenay,   - President.
A. Um-niAKT.Comox./'ir*./ Yjei-lnsidad.
RobkrtGhant, Union, .'W Vo-r.-l i
\Vm. DlTltoAK, Sandwich,    -   ���   Tre
M. WHITNEY, Courtenay    -    ���    Sec
Jons Mi'NDKi.l,, Sandwick.
Jau. MciKim, Courtenay.
Ai.kx McMillan, Denman Island.
S. J. PlRW'V, Sandwick.
Quotum Hkatiikriiki.1., lionihy Isln
Wm. Iioiin, Coniox.
Auch. Mii.i ihan, Sandwick.
*10\STITI ll��\
AuTim.r. I.���Name,
TIiIb Society shall ho called Tlm Comox
Agrioullral niidlnditilrinl Auoclntioii,
Ahtililk II. ���Object,
See. 1.���It I hall bathe object of lliit-assnci-
ation to encournjie the cultivation of the
soil nud tho general development of all
the agricultural resources of tlm district.
Soo. 2,���To tot)ter every branch of mechanical and hnusohnldnrln calculated In increase
tho happiness of home.
See. 8.���'1*0 extend and facilitate tho
various branches nf milling, milting, fishing,
and all uulufurmn, whether commercial or
Ahtu'I.k III. ��� Name.
Sec. ),���Tho hahtts of all members al-all
bo registered in a bonk knot by the Soare*
tary for tho purpose and the annual fee of
membership shall bo $3.60 which shall also
entitlo mombers to cumpote for prizes of
the association without any chari'OH or on*
trance foes.
Sec. 2,���Any person may become a member
for lifo by tho payment of 920, (.twenty-five
See. S.���Any person boing a member of
this nssncial ion shall bu elif'ihln to olliee,
entitled to vote, rooolvo a printed copy of
the coiistitutiim and such other matter as
the association may publish, ami have free
adinissslnn to all the exhibition.; of the association.
Abtiolb IV,--Officers,
Rpn 1     ,pt- s of tho association
tent, two   viee-prcsi-
id a treasurer, who
stituta a board of 13
oetint* of tlm board
ting ol organisation
thore shall bo elect-
Mors and tho ollieers
mentioned in Sec, 1 of Article IV Who sliall
constitute the first hoard, Tlm association
at its annual meeting thereafter sliall elect
thu full board of 13 directors, who upon their
first meeting, shall elect from thoir own
number Mm othor ollieers ot the association.
Tho ollieers and directors shall hold office
until tho first of November following llieir
election. The board may till any vacancy
ocourring in tho board of ollieers.
Sec. !!. ���Tho board of directors shall meet
on the firat Tuesday of April and October
each year, and oftener, if noeousary.
Ahtihi.k V.-
���Duties t
if Officers.
See.   li���Dalits
���sid.nl.    Tho
nil    moot-
board  aad
**o members
-, shall an*
>e ordered,
ts and in
I and olli*
ing from
i nividod
hIoii of
e'jts of
he ab-
general financial management of the affair
of the association in the interim of annua
meetings. 'They shall till vacancies occurring between the elections nnd make tlio
necessary arrangements and preparations
for all meetings, fairs, exhibitions, etc.
The board shall also havo power to mako its
own liy*lnws (not inconsistent with this
constitution) nnd arrange the placo of holding its own mectim*-*.
Ahtioi.k VI.���Standing Committee,
Sec. 1 .-���Committee on Finance shall con*
sint uf threo members of tho hoard to bo
elected at the first moating of the board
after the general election, whose duty it
shall bo to audit lho Treasurer's and Secret nry's accounts, to examine ond approve
all bills before they aro paid, to have a
general supervision of lho finances of the ns*
social ion and report their doings in lull to
the board when called upon to do so.
Sec. 2. ��� All other committoca nccesaary
for thu goner*! management of Mm  ouooia*
tion shall bu nominated by the president
ami approved by the board of directors.
AiiTiei.E VII,���Donations ami Bequests,
All donations, bequests aud legacies to
this association designed by their donors
lor any particular purpose embraced within
the objects of this association shall bo with
strict fidelity sn applied, the name of each
donor, together with the description and
amount of such donation and the object for
which it ia designated, shall be registered in
a book kept fur that purpose.
Article VIII.��� Mutings and Exhibition*.
Sec. 1.���The association shall hold an annual exhibition at or near the village of
Courtenay or oftener if the board deem it
Seo. 2,���-The elcotion of directors and officers sliall lie held on tho day next, previous
to tho animal exhibition ; notice of the timo
and place shall ho given by thu board and
published two weeks ina newspaper circulating in said dim net,
Soo.!II.���All ollieers and directors of the
association shall bu elected by ballot, and
tho duties of tho new hoard shall commence on the firsi of November of each
Seo. 4.���Special \ Meeting*.   No   special
meet in*'shall be called but, upon two weeks' ,
nntico given and published in roiuo newspaper circulating in the district of Comox,
inn- without a request signed by at least
ten members.
Sec. fi.���It shall not bo admisslblo fnr any
member to vote by proxy in any meetings
Cf thfl association oi ai itrf board of dircc-
Sec. 6.���Quorum, At any meeting of thia
association ten members shall constitute a
AsTIOUt IX.-���Amendments.
S3C. |,���Amendments must be presented
in writing at an annual meeting when if
agreed to by three-fourths of thu members
present ahall be adopted.
Akticlk X.���Voting,
Members only whose dues are fully paid
shall be allowed to vote at any   meeting of
the association aftor the first meeting.
Articm* XI.
This constitution shall take affect from
and after its adoption,
Rntrir-*.��� The fair grounds will be open
for the reception of nil exhibits ono day before the commencement of the fair and any
exhibit may be forwarded to the Secretary
or his assistant, hut in no ease will such exhibits be brought on the grounds and
placed on exhibition oxcopt by and at tho
expense of tho owner or his authorized
Fkkii fuu [STOCK.���All feed for stock
will havo to ho provided by tho exhibitor.
There will bo liny and feed tm tho ground
for sale, should any exhibitor desire to buy
fl'HK Clash, suction and members of overy
exhibit, together with the name of tho v\?
htl-iti'i*, uliall bo entered inajbook kept for
that purpose, and a card, the exact duplicate
of the one in the Society's buok, shall be
attached to each exhibit, with the uume'of
the exhibitor omitted and left blank until the .fudges havo given their decision,
when thc Secretary or his assistant shall
write tho name of the successful exhibitor
All BxiUBITa muat be in tho show-yard
aud buildings, not later than ''.'In a. in., of
the exhibition, after which time the galea
will be closed and nothing admitted.
No Exhibits will be allowed to bo removed from the grounds until the closo of
the show.
Exhibitors wilt at all times give the necessary personal attention to whatever they
uiay have on exhibition and at lho close of
lhe show take entire charge uf the same.
Though the directors will take every reasonable procautinn to ensure the snfoty of
exhibits, they wish it to be distinctly understood that the ownors themselves must
take lho risk of exhibiting them. Should any
exhibit bo accidentally injured, lost or
atolon tho directors will give all the assistance in their powor towards the recovery
of the same but will not make any payment
for the value thereof.
Jimmies and Their Duties.���-The judges
will bo appointed by tlie board of directors
and will receive a notice informing them
of thc fact and inviting thom lo act.
The judges shall report to the Secretary
on the (-rounds.
No person shall aot as judge in any class
in which he shall be an exhibitor.
The judges may di.itnig.iidh sueh animals entry ticket1- upon
or exhibits as llicy may consider deservii* ��� admit the person
of notice, but which have  not  received a   show   -*ri��uiids   for
prixe, by ticket with the words Highly Oom
hi the absence of competition in air;
section, or, ifthe slock or articles exhibited
be of inferior quality, the judges aru
strueted lo award only such premiums as
they think the exhibit deserving of. They
will exercise their own discretion as to
whether they will award First, Second,
Third or any premium. Each award must
be written in a plain, careful manner on
the blank page opposite the number of the
Protests ash Appeals.������ All protests or
appeals must be in writing ami must stato
plainly tho cause of complaint nnd shall be
delivered to the President or Secretary
within two hours after the judges have
given their decision upon the animal or exhibit in question. Any dilliculiy or protest in respect to the awarding ol prla is in
any of the departments sliall be referred to
the propel committee of the Hoard over I hat
department, who shall have full power to
adjudicate upon the samo and report their
decision to the Hoard for approval ami such
approved decision shall bu final.
Tho sum of two dollars shall bo -iepostit-
ed with Secretary iu each caso of protest
or appeal, tho samo to be forfeited if tho
appeal ba nol sustained.
It shall bo obligatory ou exhibitors to
display the prize tickets affixed hy tho
judges. Anyone refusing to do so shall in-
unr thc forfeiture of his premium.
iiimals or articles will
iuj-ing them to the
hiiiitinn along with
b animals or articles without the use of
any Other ticket. Afterwards such parties
must be provided with a proper admissiou
Thu treasurer will he prepared to commence paying the premiums at 4.30 p. m.
and parlies who ahall have prizes awarded
to them are particularly requested to
apply for them before leaving the show
Should there not be funds enough on
hand to pay prizes in full, they will be paid
Tho following charges fnr entrance will
be made to residents of the district who
arc not members:
For cattle, Bheep, horses and pigs $1
A I other entries fifty cents each.
Non-residents,   who are  not members,
will be admitted to exhibit by paying the
full membership fee.
Any person handling or taking any exhibit that doea not belong to them will be
prosecuted according to I.*;***,
All applications for entries must be in
hands of lhe secretary three clear days
prcviotu to tho show
All articles of field, garden or dairy produce must be bona |HM thu productions
of (lie exhibitor and must be grown or
made that year and exhibitions of slock or
articles of manufacture of every kind ere
eligible for entry for prizes only by the
owner or authorized agents, and owned by
tliein ii nu month previous to the show.
.���leinher of tllO asao*
,..j   regular  mooting of the
See. .'I.���Uo shall nominate his assistant
secretary, such nominee to he sanctioned
by the hoard. He shall receive ami tile all
letters addressed to the board. Iln hlmll
attend all meetings ofthe assoeiation ami
the board, keeping a full record of each iu
a separate book and shall, if required, furnish a copy of such proceedings for publication- llu shall prepare and publish n'l
notices of meeting-i, prepare and sign al.
gratuitous nr complimentary cards.nrtickets
of admission, shall countersign all diplomas,
certificates of merit, etc., awarded by lhe
assoeiation and forward the name to lheir
respective claimant.--. Ho shall keep Mm
Heal and all plates, dies, engraving, etc,,belonging to tho association, and shall cause
to lio struck I herefrom such medals and
impression', as may from lime to lime be
required, Hu shall have charge nf all spool*
mens, moulds, plates and books, seals, etc.,
arrange, prepare or distribute the same
under tlm direction of tlm hoard, lie shall
receive all monies dun or payable in tin* association, pay the sanm over to tho Treasurer, taVing his receipt for the samo, shall
hold all binds filed by the officers, bn* llu
faithful per formal ice of lheir duties and all
vouchers for evory class of expend 11 ure, lie
shall coiiulurslgn all drafts ordered by Mm
Board or Finance Committee and record the
names of Life or Annual members in abnolc,
kept for thai purpose,in idphahaIleal order,
and shall at Mm annual member*-' meet ing
of each year prepare a tabular BtaUmoill
of the reeuipiH and expenditure of the uu-
loclatiou, and place the Hivme iu Mm bauds
of thu committee on printing for publication;
and when required present thu hiiiiu to the
board. I Iu shall prepare nil report* to bo
mado hy the board to the association ami
perform such other duties as tin* association or tho board may require, aud fnr bis
services ho shall receive such compensation
as the Iniir I shall docido to pay
Soo. 4.��� DlUiti of th'- Trcamer, Tho
Treasurer shall rocoipt for all monies
received from tho hands of the Secretary or any other person, shall disburse
the same, whon audited and allowed by tli
clash. 1st.
1.   Hull, tines year, olil and upward),  S7 00
'.'.       "Iwo        ilo iln  4 IKI
.'1.       "   one do do'  il IIU
���I.        "   (.'all        250
5, llrt'd ('ow, in oalf or milk    6 HO
l).   Holler, two year, old 4 110
7.       "      ono do     �� (M)
K.       "     Call  2 80-
I. Hull, tlirco yoars old and upwards ST 50
'J.       "   two ilo do   4 00
II. "   ono do do   8 00
I.       "   Calf   2 no
6, Host bred Cow, ill oalf or milk  6 00
li.   Holfor, two yoara old  4 (10
7, "      ono       do         :i 00
8, "      Calf   2 60
cuss. 1st.
1. Hull, tliroo yours old and upwards S7 fill
2, "   two do do  4 00
il,       "   ono do do   il 00
I. "   Call   2 80
5,   Brotl Cow, in oalf or milk  fi OO
II. Hollar, two yoars old  4 00
7. "      ono       do   il 00
8. "      Calf   200
CLASS. 1st,
1. Host Milcli Cow 84 Oi)
2, " llcifor, two years old  il 00
il, *' Hollar, ono        "         2 BO
I. " ('alt  2 00
fi. " Hoof Animal  4 00
li.       "   Vuko Work Oxen  0 00  ..
1. Stallion, Thoroughbred ��� $7 00
2, Marc, with foal at foot         4 50
.'I.    Colt, two years old *  2 (10
4. "   ono do        2 00
5. "   Mucking ,  1 50
I).   Draught Toain  4 00
class. Isr.
1. Stallion, ThbroiiRhlirod S7 Oil
2. Brood Mare, witli foal at foot   I 50
il.   Colt, two years old  2 00
4. "   ono do   2 00
fi      "   Sucking  1 00
II.    General Purpose Team   4 00
CLASS. 1st.
1. Stallion, Thoroughbred $7 00
2. Mare, witli foal at. loot  4 00
���o voar, old  2 00
.   '���       do  2 no
in; .ing  1 50
Span Car' iupo Horses  .'I 00
7.    H"IW Horse  2 00
��.   Saddle Horso     2 00
0. Ladies' saddle Horso  2 00
10,   Walking Horso  '-'(Ill
lUll'IMK I'.
1. Rami n"u year old and upwards, pedigreed S.'l 00
2. 'I'wi Ewes, two shears and over  il 0U
il.   Two 'iwes, shearlings  2 50
1. Ra,    Land)  2 (10
5. Em    ' audi     'J (III
1     Ram, ono year old and upwards, pedigreed fill 00
2. Two Ewes, two Bhears and ovor     .'I 00
.'!.    Two Ewes, shearlings  ,  2 50
4. Ram Lanili  2 00
0, Ewo Lunth  2 CO
1. Ram, one year old and upwards, pedigreed , Sit 00
;J. Two Ewes, two shears and ovor  il 00
il. Two Ewes, shearlings  2 50
I. Kam Lamb.  2 (SI
5. Ewe Lamb  2 00
'LASS. 1st.
1. Rain, ono year old and upwards, pedigreed  Sit (HI
2, Two Ewes, two shears and over                  ...  ii 00
il.    Two Ewes, shearlings           2 50
���I.    Run Lamb   2 00
IS.    Ewo l.nmli 2 01)
Two Ewes, two shears and ovor  	
Two Ewes, shearlings      	
I ism Lamb   	
Ewe Lamb    	
lll>l��IO\  |>.
Hoar, ono year old nnd upwards.
Knar, under one yoa* old	
Sow, ovor ono year old        	
Sow, under one yoar old.
Finance Committee, on any o.
dor from tbo
Secretary, but this provision shall not apply
to tbe premiums on tlio fair grounds. Hut
lie may then pay demands against tlie association when satisfied of thoir justice.
He shall also hold in trust all bonds, notes,
deeds or evidence of dobt or possession belonging to tho association nnd shall transfer,
invest or dispose ol tho same only
by direction of tho association or
bv   written   ordor  ol    tho   board.    Ho
shall nominate his assistant treasurer,
such nominee tn bo sanctioned hy (he
board. Ho shall, before entering upou the
dutiosof his ollico, lilo witli tiie Secretary a
bond for tbo faithful performance of bis
duties, said lioud to bo approved by tlio
board nn I to lio in a sum cental to tlio emu
bined amount of funds on hand in tile esli
mated revenue nf tbo year, lie sliall at
ll. "illlllal meeting make tlio board a detailed roport of all bis doings during the
Hoar, ono year old and upwards 	
Hoar, under ono year old	
Sow, over ono yoar old  	
Sow, under ono year old	
Hoar, ono year old and upwards	
Hoar, under one year old	
Sow, over ono year old	
Sow, under ono year	
which sorvico bo shall receive Hitch
ns tho board shall from time
to time decide to pay. ,���.���������������,���
See 6 ��� llulie, of"* """'''' "' I'"""""-
The  Board of  Directors shall  have  the
lioar, one year old and upwards	
Hoar, under one year old	
Sow, ovor ono yoar obi	
Sow, under ono yoar.. i	
Hoar, ono yoar old and upwards	
Hour, nndnr one year old	
Sow,  over one year old	
Sow, under one year	
1.    Sow, with litter ������
2     Sow, one year old and upwards,
ii.   Two Pigs, under nine months...
(li IHI
il 00
2 00
2 IS)
4 Oil
II (10
85 00
:i oo
2 00
2 IH)
4 00
il 00
2 (H)
2 IH)
85 00
il 00
2 00
2 00
4 00
II 00
2 00
2 00
82 50
2 50
2 00
1 50
2 50
il 00
85 00
II 00
1 00
1 60
85 00
II 00
1 00
1 00
I 00
II 00
85 00
II 00
1 60
I 50
1 00
2 00
1 50
I 50
1 50
I 50
! Ill)
' (HI
! no
! 00
> 00
1 60
1 00
[   IHI
I 60
1 00
I 60
I 00
I  00
...81 Oil
.. il 'HI
...  4 IHI
... II 00
...81 1)0
... :i oo
.... I 00
... il 00
...84 00
... il 00
... 4 00
.... II 00
..,.81 oo
. -I 00
. 3 00
.84 00
. .II 00
. 4 00
. II 00
il 00
2 no
8ii nn
2 00
il on
2 nn
8il 00
a oo
n oo
a oo
sn on
a on
a oo
:i oo
2 no
llltl-HIN II.
I.   Turkej., tilo.
it    llronzo Turkeys, trio	
il.    I lucks, trio	
4, Spanish, trio	
5. HrolunaB, trio, (White)	
li,   Plymouth Rooks	
7. While Leghorns	
8, Brown Leghorns	
II.   Wyaudotls	
10. Hamburgs 	
11. lleeBo, trio   ;	
Black Minoroas	
Huir Cochins 	
Partridge Coohins	
Pair of Pigeons	
IHYIsMl* >',
Butter, five 21b. rolls $4 00
"      Firkin not loss than 501bs, in roll  4 Oil
"      packed, not loss than 20lbs... .... 4 00
Factory cheese made in the Province, to bo exhibited by the manufacturer.. 4 00
Dairy Cheese mado in tho Province, to bo exhibited by the manufacturer.. 4 00
Loaf of bread 1 00
Plate print butter, not less than illbs,,,
.SI 50
..  I 50
. I 00
.. I 00
.. I 00
.. I 00
..  I 00
.. l oo
. 1 00
.,   I 00
. 1 60
., 1 00
,.  I 00
. I 00
,. 1 00
.. 1 00
,. 1 00
, 1 00
,. 1 00
4 00
$2 50
a 50
2 60
2 00
Brace Cabbage.... ...
Turnips, six.... ..
Carrots, six.,
Parsnips, six.. ,,       ,
Onions, six..
(lorn, (tablo) six..
Beets, six..
Celery, two..
Lettuce, two.,
bquadll, brace of Hubbard..
Pumpkins, brace of table..
Vegetable Marrow, BlX..
Tomatoes, six..
Cucumbers, six...
Caulillowor, brace of	
Rhubarb, six	
Hold [tabid 	
81 (H)
I no
1 00
81 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
80 50
llltlMION II,
I. Ono Bushel Fall  Wheat	
o.        "        Spring Wheat	
;t. " Barley.... .-���- 	
-I " Hats, White.  	
6 " Oat", Black.... 	
II. " Peas, Whito	
7. " Peas.Glay	
K. Half Bushel Early Roso Potat���cs	
e)t " Beauty of Hebron	
10, " Horbatlk Seedling	
11, " I'billie..   , .... ������������
12, II Late Rose  	
lit. " Any othor variety....             ���������
II. Threo variotios of any oilier kind, one peck each
16. One bushel now variety (not before exhibited in th* Irov.
10.   Turnips (Swedes), six	
17. Mangold Wurl/.el (Globe), six.... 	
JS, " " (Long Red), six	
10.   Sugar Heels, six  	
20,    Carrots (While), Bix    	
ai.      "      (Bed or Orange), six    	
22.   Corn, six         	
'Jil.   Bale of Hay  	
ai.    Timolhy Seed, fifty pounds  	
25.   Chevalier Barley.  ... ���  ���   ,.���,���";���;,
20. Collection of Seed and Grain, not loss than six k nils, nnil
livo lbs. of each kind..
27.   Half Bushel Rural Now Yorkor Potato  	
on " Stray Beamy    "   	
211, " Bliu'lioll " .... 	
��'.        "        1'ii'ncy "        ,'���	
III. Collection of Vegetables, 2 of each kind, and not
less than 10 kinds . ,1 OO
1. Giavenstein  Apples, livo        	
2. Duchess nf Oldeiibiirgb, tive	
,'i.    Yellow Transparent,  live  	
4. llolhol, livo     	
5. Plato of any oilier k'lld, live . 	
tl. Golden   Rltssolfl, livo   	
7. Unxburry llussels, live 	
S. Baldwins, live   ������ 	
0. Northern Spy, livo ....         ��� ��� ���         ���
10. King of Tompkins, livo       	
11. Seek no Further, live 	
12. Spil/eiilniRh, fivo ..-. ������������               "    '
lit, Greenings, livo       ,.           	
II. Illne Peiiriiiain, livo   ""
15. Four Largest 	
III. Alexander, fivo   	
17. Maiden's Blush, livo       	
Is, Hyde's King of the West, fivo 	
III. I!,iIohS edllng, fivo 	
an. Wealthy, live       	
ai.   Plato of any oilier kind	
2J. Hartlell, Pears, livo   	
ail. itonrre H'Anjoii Pears, livo	
21. Any oilier variety Pears, livo	
o."i. Souvenir dn I lollgroia Poars ���	
211. Winter Nellis Pears, live	
2". Flemish Beauty, livo	
2S. liliho Pears, live	
20. Any other kind, live	
80. DeHsert Plums, six	
,'IL Preserving Plums, six	
iii. Imperial Gage, six	
3.1, Erg Pliinu, six	
ill, Cno'sGolden Drop Plums, six	
35, Maunlim Bote m Plums, six	
,'ill. Collection nf Plums, six of eaoh kind	
,'I7. Grapes (Light), threo bunches	
its. Grapes (Dark), tliroo bunches	
30. Poaches,  Alexander, six	
���111. Peaches, Early Crawford, six	
41, Poaches, any othor kind, six	
1 60
a oo
2 CO
3 00
1 00
I 00
I (II)
2 00
Assortment of Harness and Saddlory, made in tl:
Collection of IIorseBboes   	
" Soap	
Cooking Stovo, mado in Province	
Parlor Stovo,       " "       	
Marble Work,    " "      	
Horns and Windows" "
Kttrnituro, "      "     	
Flour, "     "       ;,"","���'
Assortment ol Hoots and Shoes, made in I rovnieo
Oatmeal, made ill Province	
llraliain llnur, mado in   Provinco	
Host Incubator and Brooder in operation	
,*2 50
81 50
. 2 50
1 50
. 2 00
1 no
. 2 00
1 00
. 2 (0
1 1)0
. 2 00
1 00
. 2 00
1 00
.  1 00
. 1 00
. 1 00
.   1 00
1 00
. 1 00
.  1 00
. 1 00
81 00
81) .in
.  1 00
.  1 00
,  1 00
.   1 (HI
.  1 00
.  1 00
.   1  00
. 1 III)
. 1 00
. 1 00
.   1 HI
.  1 00
.   1 00
. 1 on
.   1 IIU
. I on
.  1 00
, 1 00
.   1 00
.   1  IH)
. 1 00
.  1 00
.  1 00
. I no
. 1 00
. 1 00
. I no
.  1 0(1
.   1 IHI
. I oo
. 1 00
.  1 00
. 1 00
. 1 III)
.   1 00
. 1 00
.   1 HI
.. 1 nu
l on
. 1 00
l'rnvinec.81 Tn
    I 511
 .1 nn
  3 IHI
  2 00
  :i no
  il IS)
  ;i tin
  a 5ii
... il oo
.... a 50
... a 60
4 nn
I. Collection nf Plants in Flower, grown in pots or boxes
a.    Four Fuchsias, in pots or boxes 	
II. RouijiietH for Table	
4. i'���,ii,[ii,is fnr Hand	
5. Dahlias, six varieties, cut llowors	
0. Floral Design	
7. Collection of Pansics, P.! varieties, distinct	
S. " Roses, cot tlowers	
I). " Gladiolus, cot llowors 	
II), " Pioottee or Carnation	
11, " Stocks, cut llowers	
12. " Asters,       "	
Ill, " Zinnias,     " 	
14, Hanging Backets, with plant or plants  I 00
15, Four Geraniums  100
111,   Specimen Geraniums     60
17.    Cnlleotion of Stvect Peas    1 00
IS.   Specimens of Fuchsias       60
10,   Collection of Annuals, cut llowors      50
2 00
I 50
1 00
1 00
l oo
1 IH)
1 00
1 00
I 00
1 00
Exhibit of Honey, in comb
Collection of Bottled Fruit, homo mado, not less than six
Collection Jellies, homo made, not less than six jars.
81 00
,1 00
2 00
1.   Assortment Crochet (cotton), six specimens..
Crochet tidy, cotton
3. "     Bod quilt
4, "   Tidy, worsted
0. "    Skirt	
0. Child's Buggy Rug, worsted
7. Mats, Crocheted, wool
s. Woolen Comforter..
0. Gloves, Croohetrd, wool.
II). Mittens.       do      do..
11. Wool Cap 	
12. Toilet Set
.81 00
. 1 00
. 1 60
. 1 00
. I 00
. I 00
. 1 00
. 1 00
. 1 00
. 1 00
. 1 00
. I 00
Ohild'H dress
Tablo (-ovor....
Table scarf
I'btim i.'iiviii1
Aroseno Chenille
Word raised und
in wm
Toilet Set
1,    Set Underclnthinf,'	
U.ly's Night Dress
l'illow SlipH	
Tillow Shams 	
Six Button Holer	
St'iekint'H, Darned	
Funov Aprons, made by girl under It years	
Pillow Slips do do 	
Six Huttnii Holes      do do 	
Stockings Darned   ' dn do   ...
Entries Positively Close .1 OUar Days Before tin Sh
Sol. QiiderclotlihiR	
Lady's Wrapper	
("bild'H Uriiss	
PllloW Sliams	
Kntrtei Positively Clot
.��� /;. fori the Sho��:
��i vi si nm h,
1. Whito	
2. Silk Patchwork	
;{. Patch-work Quilt, cotton	
I. Quilt, Worsted	
n. Comforter, Quilted or Tied	
li. Quilted Uod mitlt  2 1)0
7. lloinc-inmlu Coverlet	
nn isio**- t.
I. StockiiiHS, Wool	
���j. "        Knitted, Cotton	
;i. Toilot Sut	
���I, Six Samples Knitting	
Ti. Gents' Socks, Cotton or Woolen  	
il.   Gloves	
7.    iilittens	
Sdtrits Positively Otoss .1 Olrnr Days Utjon
niviHiom r.
1. Home-made \\\\��	
2. D.-ni-'iiiii Hair Wmk (Wreaths)
;*, Mois Work (Wreaths)	
���\. Flowers, Ifaritliera	
(J, "     Wnx	
(1. "      Wool	
7. Fruit. Wax Collection	
8, Sued Work	
Kntrie* Posit]
Itj Close .1 Clear Ihiij* llifi.,
IHY|->H-\  T.
Drawing, Pencil	
'*      Pen and ink..
"     Crayon	
"      Water uolor..
"      Any oilier kin
'lhe Production of Children nndoi
of ago	
12 yenr**
.1 r*o
"     Penmanship, ornamental, hy boys and girls under
15 years            1 HO
Shells, Marine, Collection 2 00
Insects, Collection, native 2 IHI
Minerals ami Fossils, Collection, native         'J 5(1
Animate and Birds-Collection efStulted, native fioo
Col lection of Photographs          *J(H)
Birds, Canary     1 nn
1 00
2 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 110
i  (HI
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
SI 00
SO 50
1 00
. 1 00
. 1 00
. 100
. 100
. 100
.  1 (H)
,  100
.  100
ii oo
SO 50
1 00
I oo
1 IK)
���J 00
1 00
2 00
.SI 00
SO 50
.  1 00
.  1 00
.  1 110
.   1 IH)
.  1 00
.   1 (XI
SO 50
1 III)
1 OO
1 00
1 I'll
1 00
SI 00
SO 50
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
Tho Khodivo'a Lovo Attain.
Tho latest addition to lhe list of posBlhle
hrldogrooms is the Khedive. His desire to
lind a wife is, n Vienna correspondent ail.lu,
one of tin; ri'iisons for bi*i Btay tn Constantinople There are two olfgihlo Turkish
Prlncoaso-, both being 17 years old-one
N'aiine, the daughter  nt  the  Sllltatl ; lhe
other, Bmilio,   Ills niece.    Bill   it if)  moat
Improhabto thai ihe old custom whioh for*
bids Turkish Prlncossas to marry out of lho
caiintry will be departed from, audit iacmi-
Blderod moro probable that Abbas Paoha
will marry another Princess who also residm
in Constantinople, This ii a Rramlnieco of
[small Pacha; an ligyptlan I'rincesa, and
Socond COUsin of thu Khedive. Sho too ia
about 17 yenrs old. THE WEEKLY NEWS, AlJG. 3o, 1893.
Published By M. Whitney &
Son.   Every Wednesday.
Courtenay, B. C.
One Year     WW
Six Months       1'����
Single rppy     0��*
One inch per year $1200
..    ..   month         191)
eighth col   per year     23 00
fourth     MOO
week. .. lino            0010
Local iiolii*i*s.ijcr line           20
Notices of Births, Marriages and
Deaths, 50 cents each insertion.
No Advert is 111 em inserted for less than
���jo cents.
WridJiesday, km. 30,1893
In looking over our books we find that
many of our subscribers arc in -arena,
some of them for many months. News*
papers can not be run on credit, and ivo
must ur-jc all who know themselves to
Ijc indebted to us to at once forward thc
Our   Exhibition.
The outlook for the Como**: Agricultural
ami Industrial Exhibition is steadily improving. The interest is widespread and
the] intention to exhibit, general, The
dispatch from Mr. Hunicr to the Secretary of the Association thai the "Joan will
tarry exhibits free to ami from the Exhibition, and passengers at excursion rates,
will be read with thc liveliest satisfaction.
It is a most liberal arrangement and will
ensure a large attendance from Hornby,
Denman and other places.while many peo
'   '       ' will avail themselves  of
thus afforded, to visit the
of Comox district, and be-
p reductions.
y Athletic Club will ar-
1 programme of sports for
, thus adding much tothe
occasion, and to crown
the evening, a magnifi-
t shows the right spirit,
one appears to join.
e a general holiday���a
the history of ttie dist-
not the best ot every,
ibit lhe best we have,
ibit, all attend, and en-
advancing the general
nd Progress.
i grumblers, crooked*
fossils to stand aside
for all to come forward
11 undertakings for the
���how that really there
m-me, don't-enme-on
this community.    It
apital represents un-
i means unity of ef*
ion is as nothing.   Is
t of narrowness, of
incubator of moss*
others' keepers. One
the thistles on, and a-
of his own fields, but
 ^.---i-jui neglect this duty, of what
The dawn ofa new day is upon us.
Old prejudices and antiquated methods
are to be cast aside, and henceforth let
our watchword be Union and Progress.
Noxious Weeds.
Elsewhere in this paper will be found
a notice from the Government Agent to
the owners of land to cut and destroy
the thistles growing upon their fields or
along thc roadside adjoining. This is
rather late.but better than never.For quite
a distance from the long bridge towards
Courtenay, thistles line the road on both
sides. They not only menace the fine
fields adjoining, but the seeds when they
become ripe will be blown for miles by
thc winds They should have been mow
ed down weeks ago. They are a great
jr-c*>t, easily exterminated, if properly at*
'ended, to, but if neglected they will over-
mn thc entire valley. So important is it
that they should be destroyed that thc
legislature has seen fit to enact a law re*
quiring their destruction, and imposing
heavy penalties for failure to destroy
them. Hut it seems passing strange
,lut farmers will be so disregards! of
their own interests, and of the rights of
others as to neglect this statutory duty.
We are pleased to see that some of them
have attended to this matter; but it is a
case in which every owner of land must
act, or what is done by some will he unavailing.
Enforce the law, Mr. Government
Agent, without fear or favor. Hut as the
sight of a thistle-lined road is calculated
lo injure us in the eyes of strangers, let
such places be first attended to.
A Shn-ilu Ki|i**iiiiuiil.
A iioat little experiment in electricity
in to aoak half a Blieet of stout foolscap
paper in water, drying it rapidly before
a tiro, spreading it whilo warm on a
varnished tabic nr dry woolen cloth and
then rubbing the -mrfaco sharply with a
pisce of india-rubber, Tho paper becomes so electrified that it will stick to
a aiuooth wall or looking-glass, or attract
bit4) of ti(tsue-pa|>er like a magnet, and on
being laid upon a japanned tea-tray
which is stood upon throe thoroughly
dry goblets will cause the tray to give
out Kparlu at a touch of the finger.
Esquimalt and Nanaimo Ry.
Steamer Joan
On and after Mar. 22nd, 1S93
The Steamer JOAN will sail as follows
CALLING AT WAT FORTS os ������assciiacra
antl freight muy offer
e   ve Victoria. Tuesday, 5 a, ni.
"   Nanaimo for Comox, Wednesday, 7 a. m
" Comox for Valdes Island, evi��y alternate
Thursday 7 a.m.lflotiirnlng same day. |
Leave Comox for Nanaimo,     Fridays," a.m.
Nanaimo for Victoria,   Saiurdoy, 7 n.m
For freight or state rooms apply on
board, or at the Company's ticket oflfice,
Victoria Station, Store street.
Esquimalt & Nanaimo R'y.
Time  Table   No.   17,
To take effect at 8.00 a. m, on Friday
Septembor 30th. 1893. Trains run
on Pacific Standard Time.
j: -
Sac ss �� n'2 & s Sjs 23 i 2
'**'-*'f>'---I.-r---K---*M:--M*-*     ���>-   y
bmiiiitn.-i    : a
l ��� ���-**���*. ���-**
��� -a.-*** ;:::::��� * : *. :-**l
ttii,0A\ ���.i.jNiiv ii?J:E'fl.*3-gS3S'fi3B3 "
t����0i��|o2l4'' ;SS
* ���   ������%  ���  ���  ���   ���  ���    rv
: 7.
5 a
< i.
v. J
b *;
z a
a p
2 i
5 w
I.i will" !  -"-slUIBmH
g.g sassBS-sfas-i*- i?
3 c '-'-i*in-i-*<*-*--i-*-��-i'>n
a. S **��� -8j
y   5) m   '***-'-o****-*���������-*2 j**i2 2;
a si
'   <
: a.
On Saturdays and Sundays
Return Tickets will be famied botwucn all
poInU for a faro and a quarter, good for return not lnU>r than Monday.
Return Tickets for onc and a half ordinary
faro ma)* ba purchased daily to all points,
good for Hoviin days, Including day of Issno,
No Return Tickets issued for a fare and a
(-uartcr whore the Dinglo faro is twenty-live
Through rates between Victoria and Comox.
President. Gen'l Supt.
Oen. Freight and Passenger Agt
Dr W J Curry
Green's Block���near Post Office���Nanaimo. Any number of teeth removed
without pain and without the use of
Ether or Chloroform.
All persons driving over the wharf,
or bridges in Comox district f��stei
thnn a walk, will be prosecuted accord
ing to law.
S. Creech
Gov. Agent.
For Sale
521 Acres of Choice Land,
��� and ���
9 Horses, 100 Sheep, and 90 Oows
together with
3 Mowing Machines, 1 Steel Boiler
1 Heaping Machine, 1 Seed Sower,
1 Drill Sower, 1 Spring wagon, and
Double Wagon.
���������.. j . -U-..
Title deeds can be Man in my possession.
���and ���
Courtenay, B. C.
General lllacksniithing
and Horse Shoeing.
Loggers' Work a Specialty.
T. C. Woods
Comox B.  O.
Conducts a General
Teaming  and Livery Business
His Stage Runs to Union and
Returns Thursdays,Saturdays,
and Sundays.
���   AND   ���
���{ - C--
All Kinds of Teaming   Done.
Horses and   Rigs for  Hire at
A.Z.Z.  Times
aw Mill
All kinds of Rough and
Dressed Lumber always on
hand and delivered at short
Also all kinds of oul 'ing,
Lath, Sawn and Split Shingles, and dressed Pine and Cedar always on hand.
Orders  promptly executed.
Which we possess will do
your stumping speedily, neatly, and at reasonable rates.
sour prize nam
0 o
j> Norman  McLeod ��
0 The justly celebrated <J
n Clydesdale, will travel n
0 through the District  this ��
R. Grant & L. Mouncc, *}
Props. Union, B. C. 0
G B Leighton
At the Bay, Oomox, B. O.
Blacksmithing and Repairing
of all kinds
Carriage Work and Horseshoeing a specialty
Nanaimo   Saw Mill
��� and   ���
Sash and Door Factory
A Itanium,Pron. Mill St., I'd Hox:��.Tel.Ill
Nanaimo U. C.
A complete stock of Rough and Dressed
Lumber always on hand; alsn Shingles,
Laths, Pickets, Doors, Windows uml
Blinds, Moulding, Scroll sawing, Turning
and all kinds of wond finishing furnished
Cedar,     White   I'ine,     Uedwo.J.
All orders accompanied wlthCASH oroinpt
ly and carefully attended tn.
Steamer Kstell
Harbor and ontside towing done at reason
able rates.
F. W. Hart
Manufacturer,   Importer, Wholesale
and Retail Dealer    in
*XW Largest Establishment of its kind.
I-J4 Cordova St.       Vancouver,    11. C
J. W. McCann
Carpenter   *
And Builder
General Job Work
���*-*?��� UNDERTAKER.
Courtenay B, G,
John Fraser
Stage and Livery Business
Stage connects with all steamers at
the Bay.
Also do a general
Teaming Business
Orders may bt left at the Courtonay
Hotel, or this offioe.
We have received our new Killnnery and are very buay   filling orders
for apring H&ts and Bonnet*.   Come down and aee ua at once
B,      DRESS   GOODS      ����i
We have surpassed anything* ever attempted before   in thia  line-  and
the trimmings are simply elegant.
All our  New Jackets and Capes are to hand
Commercial Street Nanaimo B. C,
I Make It a Point I Know
For iho last thirty years having handled Silver Ware, manufactured hy the
Celebrated firms of Itied and Barton���Kodgers 1847���and Moridt-n Britannia,
I know them to be A I.   j^. In Jewelry, Clocks, Watches, and Spectuck-B-
I Show th> Largest Stock in the city, AT HARD TIMES   PRICKS.
Sppcal attention given-to reparing in ALI. Branch*'** of the Trade.
C^L        Orders hy wail will havu prompt attention.        j��Zi
I. E. Counter,
Crescent Jewelry Store,       Nanaimo B, 0.
Kaslo Citv Bargains
and other splendid investments.
We offer you
Buy of your home Agents who will be pleased to secure you
Gilchrist and McArdle, Courtenay.
Vancouver furniture Warehouse,
Knliihlinheil 1873-
-���       Also Dealer In       ���
nanaimo b. c.   p.*-*-*
Nanaimo Cigar Factory.
Philip Gable, Proprietor.
Baston Street      ���    Nanaimo B. O.
* Manufactures   the   finest   clgares,
employing none but white labor.
Why purchase inferior foreign cigars,
when you can obtain a superior ARTICLE for the same money?
fiaper Raper & Go,
Bookaelleru,     Statiouera,
General   Neva   Agents.
Nanaimo. B. C.
Nanaimo Machine Works
Robert J, Wenboni'
Fraser Street
Near Bastion Street Bridge
Nanaimo' B. C
All Kinds of Machinery made to order
.ind repaired.
Fruit Trees
Mainland Nursery #
*      Ladncrs Landing B. C.
A large supply of three and four year old
Also rears Plumes, Prunes, and Peaches
Ornamental trees for lawns and grass
plots. Small fruits, shrubs and evergreens of every variety.
The Nanaimo Pharmacy
Nanaimo B. O.
W. E. Mc Cartney Chemist,
Pure Drugs Chemicals and Patent
Pliynicaim   Proscl-iUang and all ordero fill.--,
wirh caro and diH-tatt-h. p. o. box Vi
Geo. Bevilockway,
-**-    Red House    -**-
Onmn-ercial St.    =*-   Nanaimo. B. O.
Dealer in General Merchandise.
Highest cash Price Paid for Furs,Hides,
and Country Produce.
Ralph Craig's
Nanaimo Steam
Baston St. Bridge, Nanaimo, B. C.
General Blacksmithing, Horseshoeing
Carrage Building, etc.
Wagons and Farming Implements
made aud repaired. Miners' Auger Drill-
..ing Machines made to order nn short
Wm MathewSon.
will deliver daily at
and during warm weather twice a day
Pure Milk from His Ranch
And also will deliver to his customs
daily Fresh Eggs, Butter, Vegeta
Poultry, etc.
Farmers having above for sate or delivery should consult him.
Passengers carried to and from Union.
   A  Full  Line of Everything  	
Grant and McGregor Props.
Anley  & Beckensell.
Dealers in All Kinds of Meats, Vegetables, etc.
Orders Filled on Short Notice.
2. D. McLean
Jeweler, Bookseller
and Dealer in
Organs, Pianos, Music
Stationery, and Notions of all kinds.
Union   Mines,B. C.
Riverside   Hotel
Courtenay B C
J. J, Grant, Proprietor
The Hotel is one of the best equipped
on thc Pacific Coast, and is situated at
ihc mouth of the Courtenay River, between Union and the large fanning set-
tlcntent of Como**:.'
Trent ate plentiful in the river, and
large game abounds in the neighborhood
Thc Bar connected with thc hotel is
kept well supplied  with thc best wines
ind liquors.   Stage connects   with all
Steamers.   Terms moderate
COtrETElTJi.-y, B.C.
nlhe lending hotel In Oomox district.
"���New snd handsomely furnished,
xcellent hunting end Ashing close
to town. Tourists can depend on
first-class accommodation. Reasonable rates. Bar supplied with the
choicest liquors and cigars
R. Graham, Propr.
This town is located in the
midst ofthe largest agricultural
settlement on Vancouver Island. It is within six miles of
Union Mines affording the.farmers of the valley the very
best home market, and is situated on lhe only highway
leading from the settlement to
the mines. The lumber interests of this section are most ex
tensive, and are an important
factor in our progress.
The per cent of improvements of this town during the
present year is greater than
any other place rj;-* Coast
can boast or, ana the march of
improvement is still onward.
The prosperity of the town
has for its foundations, therefore large, mineral, agricultural,
and timber recources. It may
also be added that no section
furnishes a better field for the
sportsman. Fish and game
are always abundant and our
hotels of the best.
Wm. Cheney
[ Office at the bridge ]
OOTJ-RT-Hllsr-A.-Y* B.O.
Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer.
Lots sold on easy terms.
Comox Saw Mills.
Rough and Dressed Lumber
White Pine always in stock.
All orders executed promptly.
Urquhart Bros, Proprs. Comox B.O.


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