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The Weekly News Aug 23, 1893

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Array G. A. McBain * Co-
Real Estate Brokers
Nanaimo,  B. C.
W*mp WTW^
G. A. McBain * Go.
Seal Estate Brokers
<% Nanaimo, B. C.
$2.00 PER YEAR
carries a fine assortment of
General Merchandise
Boots,Shocs,Clothing* and Gents Furnishings
Eureka   Bottling  Works,
Sarsaparalla and Champagne Cider, Iron Phosphates, Syrups.
I'.uiiier of Different Brands of La^cr Kccr Steam llcer a nd l'critr
A^cnt for Union Brewery Company.
Nanaimo and Courtenay  11.   C.
VV, J, Young. P. F. Scharschmidt.
Also Fancy Toilet Articles
Permanent Loan and Savings Company
(Incorporated A. D. 1855)
 o o	
HEAD  OFFICE���Company's Buildints,
Toronto S reet, Toronto, Canada.
J.HERBERT MASON, ��� President and Managing Director.
Subscribed Capital, $5,000,000;       ' Total Assets, $12,091,772.
The Company Lends Money from ?3oo to S3oo,ooo,
On City or Farm Property, at Current Kates of Interest, and  on   favorable terms of
repayment.    Mortgages nnd Debentures purchased.   No Commisson.   No Delay.
Expenses moderate.   BSTFor particulars apply to
MARCUS   WOLFE, Real Estate, Insurance
antl Financial Broker, Appraiser.    P. (>. Box lo, Nanaimo, B. C.
Can be made by buying now in the
fronting on the Hay. The road Through this Property is being improved, and will lead direct to UNION WHARF and
the new townsite where stores and hotels will soon be under
Owing to its beautiful location and proximity to Courtenay
when the Harrigan and Wharf roads are completed, it will
Now is your opportunity
Office at Courtenay.
Wm. Cheney, Agent.
to  buy
Agriculural Implements, Farm and Mill Machinery, Min-
ng and mill supplies, Hardware, Baiting, Paints and Oils,
Plaster.Cordage and Cement
Victoria, B C
P 0 Box 86 S E Corner Yates and Broad
Correspondence solicited.
it iiiiiijii
We Carry the Largest Stock
���    of   ���
in British Columbia.
Simon Leiser, Proprietor,
Miss M. Roy has charge of our dress Department. All work done in this Department guaranteed to give satisfaction. .
(ft)    W M
COMOS, 130.
s ii **��� ffa!
till''A   I?   ;;,"i T'''i:'-'i'���-'���'��� i?
Flour St Feed
Farm Produce
Fancy Groceries
Crockery & Glassware
Dry Roods
Bootfi it Shoes
Faint cfc Oils
Gents Fiirni.shi&g'S
Patient KCodiciiioa
Sportsmens Supplies a Speciality
E. Pimbury St Co.
Druggists  and Stationers
Commercial St. Nanaimo, 11. C
Dr. W  J. Young
Physician Sf Surgeon
Courtenay Pharmacy
00U3TENAY, B. 0
LADIES! We have received a
new consignment of your favorite il'ppers.
Come and fit yourselves.
Duncan   Bros.
T. C. Woods
Comox B.   C
Conducts a General
Teaming   and Livery Business
His Stage Runs to Union and
Returns Thursdays,Saturdays,
and Sundays.
Personal Properly Sale
Preparatory to making a business
change I am disposing of my personal effects and offer for sale Hie following; 15
������cres of hay in llie field; 1 two seated
buggy j 1 new singei sewing machine; 1
bellows and anvil.
Jos. T. Grieve, Grantham
Society     Cards
I. 0. 0. F., No .ii
Union Lodge, I. 0. O. 1"., meets every
Friday night at 8 o'clock. Visiting brethren cordially invited to attend.
Alex. VV. Fraser, R. S
Leiser Lodge No. I3, A. 0. U. \V.
holds rcgtflar meetings on alternate Sat*
urday evenings .-17.30 p. in. in the old
North Coniox School House. Visiting
Brethren are cordially invited to attend.
Ernest A. Molliday
Iliram Looge No 14A.F .& A.M.,B.C.R.
Courtenay li. C.
Lodge meets on every Saturday on or
before the full ofthe moon
Viiiiing Brothers cordially requested
to attend.
W.J. Voung
IC. of P.
Comox Lodge No 5, K. of P., meets
every Saturday, after the new nod full
moon, at 8 p. in. al Castle Mall, Comox.
Visiting Knights cordially invited to attend.
John Rurd
K. U.S.
For  Sale.
Five lots in Courtenay Townsite being
ots 68, 67, 65, 73, and 74 on Mill street
between Union and Alice streets, near
Courtenay bridge.
For particulars apply to Bruno M ella
do, House 29, Union, B. C.
Steamboat Excursion.
There   will  be   an excursion up
Seymour Narrows
Thursday, August 24th 1893
��� on tho ���
S. S. Joan.
Steamer will leave Comox Wharf at
7 a. 111. and Union Wharf at 8. a. in.
Trains from Union will connect with
steamer Good music will be provided
and every arrangement made for a first
class time.
g^ Tickets only $1.50.
Money to Loan.
I inn proparod 10 mako short loans In sums
to unit upon satisfactory soourlty.
Wai. Olionov-Agont, Oourtonay
H A Sirrrpsori      -
Barrister   and  Solicitor.    Office  in  2nd
fi it. Green's Block,  Nanaimo,  IJ. C.
Will be in Union every Wednesday  and
Courtenay on Thursday.
Store for Rent.
For rent from Aug. 1 my store in the
This is a first class chance, as a good
paying business has already been built
up.    Apply to
Wm. Lewis, Courtenay, B. C.
Parties interested will please take notice lhat all accounts due me previous to
the first of January last must be paid on
or before thc first of September next,
otherwise they will bi* placed in the hands
of a collector.
J. \V McKenzie.
All parties ;ire hereby nod ed to cut
all thistles down nn their prop* ity
and public mails adjoining.
If not done immedinlcly they will be
prosecuted according to law.
Sam. Creech,
Gov. Agent.
TENDERS for tht erection of a bouse
at Comox will be received by the undersigned until noon of  Monday, Sept.  41b
Plans to be seen  at  the  office  ofthe
"News" at Courtenay and at my office.
R. Mackay Fripp, Architect
Vancouver, B. C.P.O.Box 707
Denman and  Hornby Island.
Aug. 15th.��� The farmers here are
getting in thc second crop of hay, and
harvesting is in full blast. The oat crop
is immense, some 'ifthe cits being from
"ix to seven feet high. For a wonder
H ruby managed to get a school mas
ter at last; school opened in clue form on
Tbe ss. Joan being two hours ahead of
its usual time last Kru1 iv leek '.he farm
ers by surprise. Some of them were just
driving in their sheep,,and others packing
up their eggs when thc steamer's whistle
was heard at the wharf. It put tilings
upside down and some got left altogether.
Mr. Mitchcll.of saw mill fame, is away
but when he' returns he is expected to
make things buzz pretty lively.
Mrs. Morrison has just completed and
moved into her new house��� another
widow's cottage by the sea.
\V. Cheney, the well known auctioneer
is making a new house for himself on
Denman Island; and so is Mr. Hawkins
of Nob Hill.
The I. O. G. T. had a grand enter-
t unment and supper Tuesday night.
Durham Townsite Lots.
This Magnificent Townsite
Overlooking Bayne Sound
haa beon surveyed into lots which
aro now for the first time put on tho
market. Tho moat Iraportaut development muy bo expect ad here- lioro
is locatod the
Famous Spring,
which has boen analyzed  and pronounced of tho highest value.
Parties wishing to purchaso can do
so now   at  reasonable   ilgurcs   and
on easy turms.
Applications should be mado to
A. Garvin,
Union Mines.
flomu K'ntionitc SclniioM.
Soiwora are not. the common ordinary
steel affairs thoy nsed to In?. Now tholr
Inimlli ���* are InoasBd in gold or dolicfttoly
colored enamelling. One of these elaborate pairs of Bolssora mav be bought
wiih an individual boIwot cose, It eon-
Bi&tfi of a pyir of good nixed frisson-,
with the handle InoriMted in pink oinV
tnel. 'i'h" sc-i--ni-.ru ore tucked within a
ease of light pink kid, the edges of which
are It-omul iu silver, (hie cose recently
displayed in the window of a jewelry
stovo is of dark-red Uupsian leather, fastened with a goldolasp, Within are nil
pairs of RCiSRora of varying hup, each
pair resplendent with handles of ro*
pousse gold.
Texada Mines.
Valuable Mineral Propor ties Await-
i*cg tho Touch of Enterprise and
Capital��� Low Grade but Paying
Ore of Immense Quantities���
Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and
Iron��� General Description and
Last week we published a sketch nf
Texada, leaving the question of its mines
for treatment in another article which is
now produced. Some years ago there
was considerable excitement of gold discoveries here, and a great rush. People
overflowed the Island, pried up stones,
peered into strange places, washed out
dirt wherever tbey found any, got disgusted and disappeared. Tbe fact is there
is no placer mining here. Cut into the
ruck in many places, and traces of the
precious metal can be seen with the naked eye, indeed, the rock near the surface
where soft, may be picked and scoured
in an oar pan. and ten dollars a week
made by an old miner. But as the ore is
low ��iade and contained in quart/, machinery is a necessity. A stamp mill here
would undoubtedly be a success, but thc
present owners are unable to make the
necessary outlay, and the mines await
thc touch of enterprise and capital before
yielding Up their riches.
It is said the Almighty never created
anything without a use and Texada is
evidently good for very little unless it
contain valuable ore, so it is fair to presume thnt such ore is here to be found.
In fact the
Limestone Quarries
at the north end of the island have been
worked for some years bv Vancouver par
ties. A kiln has for sometime been established here and is now being run with
success. The bme rock is abundant and
properly treated produces the best of
lime for which there appears to be a large
The P.uoet Sound Ikon Co.
own an extensive iron mine on thc
west side of the island, which however is
not being worked. Like a good many
odier establisnnients .they are awaiting
the action of President Cleaveland and
the Democratic Congress. Thc prospect
of tariff reform prevents present activity
The ore is high grade, very extensive and
requires, it is said, li tile or no flux in
smelting. A Mr. Raper and family reside in one of the company's buildings,
and look after the properly. Thc ore
when the works are in operation is let
down the side ofa mountain by arc endless iron chain which pulls one car up
while another goes down. It is expected
that another year will seethe works in
operation again,
A Coi'i-r.R Mine
is being worked on the east side nf the
is!; nd. We understand a n timber of Chinamen are employed under a white superintendent. It belongs to a Victoria company and a shaft is now being sunk.
There is another copper mine known as
Alpha, near a small swamp.belonging to
C. R. Miller, Harry Piercy and Wm-
Giieve, The ore has been assayed show
ing 19 percent copper and $12 worth of
silver per ten. The ledge shows a cut a*
Ivmt 30ft long ending in a 10ft tunnel.
The texada Gold and Silver Mining Co.
own some good mining property somewhat east ol the celebni'.ed 4 !^ mile mining ledge which assays 20 per cent copper, and t ** ounces per ton. It is a very
promising prospect.
T*t:.[  Georgian Mining Co.
Of Nanaimo have a few claims in the
middle of tl*c island, lately taken up
which have a show of gold, silver and
lead. The comoany announce that they
will commence developemem work next
John Campbell
has two claims down by the Pnget
Sound Iron Mine. Gold,silver and copper abound. 1 le Is doing work on these,
and the prospect is said to be good indeed.
The Treasure Bark
This is a fine properly belonging to
C. K. Miller and Hob Swan, about one
and one half miles wc.il of Miller's place
and within uoo yards of ihe beach, Two
open cuts and onc tunnel disclose a large
amount of ore which assays 2-; per cent
lead, 8 per cent copper besides $18 in
gold and $2.50 in silver to tbe ton.
Grieve, Piercy and Davis
have a number of good claims of jjold,
silver, and copper. Thc Northern Star
is near thc bench, west side, and tbe ore
is opened up bv a cut about 50ft long,
and ii feet between tbe walls, whicli
shows fino gold in coarse colors There
is a cabin here. On the northwest is the
"Tip Top''. On this is a substantial
cabin, and developemem work to ibe extern of $400. Adjoining this is the Surprise, on which there \*t a large cabin,
.$500 worth of work done', entitling to a
crown grant. On Joe Davis C reek, t line
fourths ofa mile west, arc the Texada
and thc Eliza June. Besides gold and
silver the two lasl contain antimony, and
C. R. Miller i:; supposed lo lie interested
in them. Considerable assessment work
has been done here. Next to the Sur
prise is the Copper King-very promising,
thc ownership of which is in seven different parties. They all contain free milling ore and the gold in them can be seen
witli the naked eye.
The Mineral Ledge
is perhaps the most important body of
ore on the island. It is onehalf mile east
ofthe Golden Slipper where C. R Miller
resides, on the summit of ihc mountain
ridge, down which a mule, however could
go with a load. Thc ledge is four and
one half miles long and from 75 to 150
feel wide and opened up here and there
so as 10 show a continuance of the main
body of ore. It is about one and a half
miles north west of Puget Sound Iron
.Mines to which a road could he easily
built, sufficient to transport ore. There
are 9 mines in the ledge, seven of which
including the Minerva and the Twin I'ms
belong to the Minerva Mining Co. of Na-
naimn, while the Hold Hug and thc Nigger Habytbelong to C. R. Miller. The
Minerva is the first from thc southeast
end, next is the Twin Brothers, and then
comes the Nigger Baby. Right between
the two last is a cut 40 feel long by an
average depth of 8ft. and 5ft wide. The
ledge is gold, silver and copper. Tbe
o'c taken from this cut assayed from So.*
40 to .$96 per tor. This was average ore,
not specially selected. There is also a
cut on the Nigger Baby claim about 20ft
long by 4 or 5 feet wide, and further up
on the same claim there is a cut running
right angles from the creek which bound-.
it nn the north side, 75 feel long with an
average dept of 8ft and being about 5ft
wide. The ore everywhere presents the
same genera! appearance, except that the
rock is a little firmer at this point. Thc
formation on the north side is of limestone, and on the south porphyry. The
rock at ihe hist mentioned when broken
showed chloride rf silver, without the
use of glass, At a depth of Sft the ore
averages from 3 to 15 ounces in silver,
and as greater depth is reached this is
expected to increase in amount. The
quantity ol ore is beyond calcuhuiop*���im
mense. In nur presences portion ofthe
nick near the surface t'*kcn fn m the
Nigger Baby, which is easily pulverized
was washed and scoured in an ordinary
ore pan, sftowtnga residua of gold- Ore
from the Gold Bug was also washed in
the pan showing simili.ar results.
A standing offer has been made of $10
000 each for 7 of the 9 claims on the
ledge, but the owners though poor,steadily refuse to sacrifice their property. Mr.
Miller says he has staid by it six years
doing more or less development work,
until the value of bis mines are apparent,
and as hmgas he can make at least $10
per week washing the ore in his pan he
will not dispose of his holdings for a song
He is qu'te right a d so are tie ohers
N'evcrless as none of them hnve the
means to put the in necessary machinery
anc1 turn the ore into bullion, it is to be
hoped that some capitalist will be attracted bv the golden wealth that here
lies awaiting development. There can
be no question from an examination of
the ore and the assays made that here is
a field that will amply pay for investment. The means nf communication
arc by water and therefore cheap. Tbe
grade of ore while low is rich enough for
treatment, and experience shows that the
best paying mines arc low grade ones.
They lasl. When capital once becomes
interested in the Texada mines, as sooner or later it will, the results if not as brilliant as some of the forecasts of East
Kootenay mines, will in thc end prove
more satisfactory.
[Thc above, it is understood does not
include all the mineral claims on the island, but is sufficient to fairly indicate
the importance and extent of the deposits
of gold, silver, lead and copper to be
found there.f
Union   Flashes.
Payday last Saturday.
Take you girl on thc 241b.
Thc Barracouta is due to day.
There has been a bread famine here
lately, but the rainbow of promise spans
the horizon, and it is not thought our
cake will be forever dough; therefore we
breathe   easier.
Young & Scharschmidt have their lot
cleared for their new pharmacy, which
will be located a little west ofthe new hotel.   J. W. McCann is the contractor.
Messrs.Grunt & McGregor are at work
on BruceivMcDnnald's new hotel.
Thc Mineola left Sunday with 3500
tons of coal.
The Sailing ships.McXcal and Palmy-
ra,are on their way here for coal for. the
American navy.
The Royal Arthur, one of ihe finest ofthe
new British battle ships is expected here
about the first of the month for target
practice. The Denman Island Spit has
been selected as bull's eye, nnd paper
weights will be plenty for some time.
Miss L. M. Powell, the new monitor
for the infant department of our school
arrived on the last steamer from  below.
Quite a parly from Comox rode over
through the gathering shades of evening
last Sunday to attend the Presbyterian
service here. Among lhe number were
W. R. Robb, Mrs Mcintosh, Mis Butler
her sisier and Miss McDonald. There
was no morning service, owing to the -ill
ness ofthe minister.
Lasl Thursday an explosion occurred
on the new Recreation Grounds which
are being cleared, resulting in sending a
dry chunk into the bar room of the Union hotel. Mr. S. C. Davis was dozing
near the north-cant window where it entered, knocking out ihc glas** of the upper sash, .ind coming within a linger
length of his nose, lie jumped up, tjx-
clamiing, ''Joys! I third; its   my treat."
Bob Grant and family are rusticating
on their Denman Island farm. When
Bob comes back he will be a full fledged
One of Grant & Co's teams was engaged in hauling mine timber at the Like
lasi week, and for some reason engaged
In a diveiting runaway, when one of ihc
horses got shagged so badly that U became necessary to put it out of its misery
which wa*. done by administering .1 lead*
en pill.
Ned, the new livcrv man, has bad bad
lurk wiih his learns.' Our jolly Knlstaff-
ian baker had one of bis horn*-, to go
down to Como*-. What there was in
that peaceful town to frighten 1 do not
know, but it became so Wild that it could
only he quieted bv smashing ihc buggy.
Mm that was a small affair to the runaway w'uh one of his tennis, when Steve
Sargent and Jay Mathews rode in the capacity of Jehus. This team became unmanageable, notwithstanding iis very
skillful and self-possessed drivers, just as
ii was going down thc steep hill,coming
this way before reaching the craiiiherry
patch. They whiffed over the buggy and
planted thc boys in line style The top
was torn in shreds nnd the harness into
taller*:. When ihe aforesaid Saigant
ami Mnthewa reached here, covered with
mud and. blood, beautifully mixed ,they
looked like two dilapidated St Jacob'fcOil
cuts which had been run through thc
press until they had but few distinguishable features. If Ned keeps on ibis way
he will make enough money to do some
advertising in a regular way, but nothing
will make his learns belter known than
eccentricities lik: these.
Our genial friend and poet, Wm.
Davison,is having a cottage hulll for him
by thc lake, and llie cottage by the lake
is to have a mistress, it is said. Good for
you, Billy! Our cong-alulntions in advance.
Mr. Geo. T. Parks, the weigher, bas at
last joined the noble army of the   Bene
dicts. He met hi- fate in Vancouver.
The fortunate lady ��� we underhand,
was a Miss McFadden of Manitoba.
They were married on Friday. Mr Parks
enjoys the respect of all who know bim.
and liis many friends will unite in wishing
him every happiness.
Aud Thomas B. Ariss has gone over
to the majority, ile bad shown symptoms of matrimony for some time and on
Thursday last they blossomed out into
fruitrn. He was married to Miss Jessie
Turnbull, at the residence of the bride'*,
parents by the Rev. Mr. Higgins. The
bridesmaids were Miss Lin/ie Turnbull
nnd Miss May Anley, and the good
looking bachelor physician of Courtenay,
Dr. W. J. Young, performed the auduous
duties of "best man" to a nicity, which
indicates that when his time comes he
will require no rehcarsak After the ceremony the -happy pair and their
friends tool* carriages to Comox where
ihe superb steamer wtSs In waiting, They
will spend afew days in lhe   Sound Cities.
The News extends its congratulations.
Several of our young men engaged
Saturday night in the game of Black Jack
keepi ng it up until 8 o'clock Sunday
morning. The place appropriately selected fur the high toned game was the
cellar of an antiquated building.
Local Brevities
Go on the excursion the 24th.   See ad.
There will he a special meeting of ihe
Athletic Club at their rooms tonight.
British Columbia has an area of nearly 400,000 square miles.
Bill Nye says that politicians and low
necked clams arc natives of New Jersey.
Panthers appear unusually numerous
this season in this region.
The profits of prune raising are some
times as high as .T200 per acre.
There were 275,000 marriages in tlie
United Kingdom last year,
Thc queen of England recently knighted a negro in the order of St. Michel
and St. George.
There nre running at large between
Courtenay and Grantham five bulls ���
and this in violation of thc law.
The Victoria Fair, so far as sports,
flowers, and all exhibits excepting those
strictly agricultural, was a success.
Wm. Halliday and Ernest K'uby left
on Friday for a cruise up Kingcomc Inlet.
It is expected that thc Government
majority on ihc Home Rule Bill will be
The panther which has been making-
havoc with Mat Piercy's sheep has been
caught wilh .1 poison bait.
Mr. Robert Graham, proprietor of the
Cnuricnay House went bHow on thc
lasl steamer.
There is a different tariff in each ofthe
seven colonics of Australia. That'is protection run m;id.
Waterproof watermellons are recommended in connection with South Carolina's liquor law.
The Comox Agricultural and Industrial Association will bold its lirst annual
Exhibit on the 21S1I1 of September.
Till'; Ni;\vs acknowledges the receipt
of ;i jar of delicious raspberry jam from
Mrs. N. Lambert.
J. J. Grant has lost a double endcr ]?.'.[
boat, painted white��� probably floated
out into the Gulf.
G. G. McDonald and R. Swan left
Sunday for the headwaters of Gartley
Cruel;, gold prospecting.
James McKim & Sons have received
a consignment of fine ready-made clothing,   Clothing to order is a specialty.
Let us all take an outing and visit
Seymour Narrows. Remember the date
-An**. 24.
Edith, the little daughter of Mr. and
Mrs T. Beckeiibell was christened last
Sunday in accordance wiih the Engli-h
church ceremony.
Thc people of the islands of ihc gull"
should gel up an excursion and visit tbe
Comox Agricultural Show on the 28th
of next month.
Mrs. Waller II. Piercy, .lighthouse
keeper at Yellow Rock Lighthouse, has
been a \isitor for a few days at Sam
Piercy's ttfld John Berkeley's.
Henry McQuillan shot a bear last
week on his ranch���a monster whose
fora paws he sold to a Chinaman to he
made into medicine for $3,
As we uo to press word comes that
Billy Davidson while assisting tn raise
the frame of bis new cottage at Union
Lake this Tuesday afternoon was badly
crushed, the timbers falling upon him.
He is reported to be insensible. How
serious his injuries are is not known.
Bctiring Sea Case
Thc Bchring Sea Arbitration Tribunal have decided that the United States
have nn exclusive jt'slsdiction outside of
the 3 mile limit; that Within tie watets
for 60 miles around the Pribvloff islands
the United States and Great Britain shall
prohibit their citizens nnd subjects from
killing seals; and cstabli-h a closed si a-
son from tst of May tothe 31st rf July
in that Part of the Pacific Ocean inclusive of Bchring Sea situaicd north nf 35th
degree of north latitude or eastward of
liioth degree of longitude.
Partnership Notice,
Tlie undersianed gives notice lhat he
lias this day taken into partnership his
; sons Edward William McKim and folm
j. McKim, and that the business "t general merchandising will be hereattci con-
1 ducted under the style and firm name nf
!  James McKim & Sons al Union, B. C.
Thc new firm assume all liabilities of
James McKim. in connection wilh the
business, and will collect all outstanding
James McKim.
Union, B. C. August 1S93.
your Ideal 1    Ach���tlie brave fellow I"  Shu
I break?) into a loud, derisive laugh,
i    ���*��� Go home, you she-devil, before I raur-
I nor you," breathes Staluea, fiercely.
I she    meela    Mine,     von     Thirsk,      The
HuuRnri&u is leaning eagerly   out   of   the
������You   knew  this   gentleman   abroad V I open -window, M though 10   ex pee tut ion   o!
oaks Lord Braakstnore- who hai noted the something.   The sound of Muriel's advano* 1       	
Suppressed indignation thnt is nuking the   \u^ footsteps reaching her at last, she turns j j RU-*re you the news has made me feel just
" Well I" exclaims Mra. Billy, in a heart-
telt lone. She sinks into a chair and looks
round   her-���the   very picture   of misery.
What acruel shock to him, poor fellow
sniftll Irawe tremhh
"Sou haveguuaed it, Brankimere. This
gentleman and 1 arc well acquainted."
she stops suddenly, as though it is Irapos*
siblt for her t > go on. How is she to tell
it. Yet she 1ms promised Margery to save
this wilful woman. She QlngS from her all
thought of self, and, stepping more clearly
into the moonlight, throws out her bands
towards Staines,
" This man,'' she says, in a clear, thrill-
Ing tone, "onco did me tho Iiouor to aeek
to dishonor me."
Her faeo falls forward inio hot liamls.
* Ureal Heaven !    This is more than one
Bhould  dare   expect   of   you,"  cries Lord
Branksmere, In deep agitation,
Mrs. Billy litra her head and looks nl
Staines for the Um time,
" My husband knows all," shesays, tha
words coming reluotantly from botweou
ber teeth, "It" you would ro tain your mis*
��� eralde bfu, escape from this without delay !"
'��� Is this thing true!" asks Lady Planks-
mme, going straight up to Staines.
[Ic is silent.
" Speak, man ! Answer''" Orles sho, imperiously, with u Btamp of her foot.
" N���oj" lies ilm miserable wrotoh, with
falsehood wrltton In the vory swaying und
bending of hli cowardly frame.    Whal she
uim*b oonvlnees her.
" Liar!" she gasps bonoath her breath.
Lord Branksmoro Is now close to Staines,
wlio malum a m(*voi(|fl*Jtiw tlimigh to do-
part, but lie lays Ills hand quickly upon his
arm, givqfl him a midden jerk that brli���
him to Ihc from in a second.
" My g<">d follow, don't go until vi como
to an understanding,"
Thc gallant captain, whose knees seem
here Lo flBOBG lu  bo a  portion of  himself,
muttorH aomothing In a weak whisper that
as yet in unknown.
"We am waiting for the lover-like state
monts tint will declare your doahe to taki
charge of her you love."
''oiled hy this into speech, Staines
makes answer:
"if you understand anything," Jig says,
" it is, thai 1 desire nothing bettor than to
upend my day-; insuring the happiness of���"
"Quito so!" inierruptfi Lord Itranks-
more, curtly. "Vou are then prepared to
support her1; She is without fortune, you
know. There waa a ccilain sum Buttled
upon ber hy me, hut that aho deal not tiko
wilh her."
" You oan not deprive hirrf it," cries
Staines, hoarsely.
"True. Until appears iihe rejects ber
husband's gift, with her husband. Speak
for yourself here, madamo,   Is this ho" '
" Il is so," returns she, lolly.
Any bllle blood that atill vfimains iu
Staines' face now Hies from it.
" Well, sir?"questions Rranlrrmore, "We
await yonr word."
Itul, still tho terrible silenao eontlnuos,
Staines, na though coin pel led to it, once
more answers him. His speech is rambling'
" grows into a puerile mumbling at last,
jl He had not deemed it nfftsiblo that sho
would have heen ho foolUh as to���" II
breaks down iGtnnminlousIy.
"W'hai, swindler I Von have not i
penny in the world, oilV
"Not many, eert.iinly,"cn*,f**'*Hc.1* Staines
"A mendicant, 1 know your sort t think.
Your priee toulear outof this'.1    Name it."
" lleally,"  begins Stabler*, Btammarifig.
"it is all so new lo mc, you see," In*
mutters. "I had not imagined yon���or-
would have taken It lit this way. 1 should
not, of course, like to drag Lady Pranks-
mere into a life of pov������"
" If you mention Luly Branksmere'!
name ugaiu," .'-ays liraul'smcrc, in an un*
pleasantly slow soil of way, " I shall kill
ymi I"
" llh, Hanoi aoottsy to kill a fellow,''nays
Staines, beginning to bluster a hit.
" Vour price';" saya Branksmoro in an
ominous tone.
" But psrhapn," witliasnoar, "you look'
ed upon mo in ihe light of a deliverer���"
" Vour price '!" says   liraiiksmere  again,
breathing heavily."
" Vim oiler mo ii llioiisand ; but. ymi
should lake certain things into consideration when miking an arrangemont of this
kind. Si'i'iice ou the subject, of yonr wife's
character, foroxamplo, and���"
Almost as ihe word loavoa Lord Pranks-
mere's lips he has Staines within his grasp,
and forcing him upon bin knees, and hold*
lug hhn by tho collar of his coat, ho dragi
hi in along tho. ground until he has him at
l.'uly Branksmoro'sL-ct,
" Look at him, regard him woll," ho
cries, iu a low, terrihle lone. '* How now,
my gay Lothario, where arc your winning
smiles 'I Take lionrt, man, nil is iiotyettoat,
Thc equivalent for your disappointment
shall ho yours In-nu'trow morning, nud now,
an earnest for vour money you shnll havo���-
this !"
(to lifts tha hunting-whip, and brings it
down with aavngo force upon the Bhouluers
of the kneeling wrelch. Like hail the blows
There comes n moment when Branksmero
ceases to hold hini, and Staines, crawling
nearer lo Muriel, seizes hor skirt, and in a
Mini! wdd with tenor implores her protection.
Lady Branksmere sinkeiiMi little at this
Sight, ami lilts both her hands to her head.
" KlliiUgll, enough 1" she cries, faintly.
" Lei him go ' Would you take his life V'
She drags Branksmoro hack with all her
might. " Lot him go *. for my aak'
" Ab for your sake ! Vou love him stilt
then, swindler, seducer thai li
" No, no, believe mc. I was thinking of
you thon-"
" L'or tin; first time, ch ���'��� lb! pushes her
from him, and looks baok thirstily to where
Ida adversary had fallen, but that worthy
hail taken auvantagoof ihc interruption io
crawl away Into Ih" darkness like (he reptile
thai he 11,
" Como," says Branksmere, onco more
approaching bh wifo.
"Whore?"   asks she,  shrinking  from
" B.u-k to the house."
" No I Ob I nol" with a strong shudder.
" Bui 1 ��ay yes," sternly.   " Whal I"
with a stamp of liis fool. " Would you have
this indecent  farce go further'; 1  still can
raly upon your word I lint you have told no
Olio hni mo of your  intended flight"
" Why should you doubt il ?' a'd;s she,
"Thore is no emotion in her tono, no
indig latlon, only a settled indillorejice.
" ido not," says Branksmoro. lie struggles
with himself for a moment, and then goes
on. " bet lhat real, the present hns to be
considered.    I can hear it if you can. "
"True you have shown yourself frrbear-
inir." she savs, and shivers a litileas if with
Nol another word is uttered between
thom until they once more reach the library,
whore she haa mechanically followed him.
'��� Vou nro cold," ho says, abruptly, marking tin* trembling of her frame* "come
closer to ihe fire.'' He would have unfasten-
i'd the lace wrappings round liorthroat, but
l-he repels him.
"Hoo'L touch mc," she exclaims, in a
Qerno, miserable lone.
'��� Voil never would hnvc gone with hint,
*.t all even!'. If he had refused my terms,
if he had addressed another word to you, I
Would havo killed him  ns I wo ihi a do/a
" Perhaps you have killed liim," Bays she,
"Such vermin die hiird. I.el no fears for
him mar ynurrcBt to-night.   The romom
bnilice   of lhat   Chock   he is   lo receive   In
morrow moilllng will keep him alive."
Her senses are loo Ijoiinmbed to permit of
her feeling uny very great  surprise when
abruptly toward her. j anyhow.' Such a thing to go and happen to
Il would he impossible to avoid  noticing   bh"0,M
expression of blank dismay that overspreads her features as her eyes fall ou
Muriel. To l.ady Branksmere it occurs
vaguely, that intense and torrilde disappointment im what is most plaiuly written
upon Iter mobile face.
*'I have disturbed   you, madamo," alio
���h, coldly.
'Not at all. I was hut looking on tho
night," she answers in a somewhat quaver*
ing voice thaL ij hardly so carefully knglfsh
as usual.
* A gloomy picture,"   On the instant it
iMses Muriel's mind that I his woman knew
something of her in tended Hight,
Uvenasshe ponders hurriedly on tbean
.uiaj'iniiigs.ii slight repetition of I he. cry that
liid come to her twice bofore, Btartles her
tore active thought.   Looking round
instinctively to madame she finds sho hflS
disappeared, and thai she is standing (done
in theanleroom. ('iodising liiuriedly to tho
lowagor's door sin* knocks.
It is opened hy   Brooks; lhe pale,   still
���vomit11   who  hail struck Muriel so many
hues bofore as boing almost bloodless.
" ner ladyship Is not well to-night, my
lady,    I tlllllk it will ho wiser not tooxolte
her with your piuseuce,"
"Has Lord lira ni. sm ere given you orders
tu forbid my cnlranee here':''
"No, my lady. Biltbollovo mo it will
he wiser not to enter���to-night. It will he
heller fur yon lu leave (his."
"Sol" shall when I havo aecu Lady
" Ymi can not see hor ladyship to-night,"
says the woman in a lone of ill-suppressed
aiif-er that is curiously mixed with fear.
" Let ine pass," returns Muriel, curtly.
(For the instant it, ocenra to her that tho
woman means lo resist her, but a thill, high,
terribly piercing old voice coming to them,
checks any further argument. It is the
"Who is there mumhliug al that door,
Brooks '! Loi 'em in ; let 'em in, I aay. Am
I to ho kept imprisoned here hy you, with
no one to give me over a good-day ? Lot
'em iu, I tell you."
"It. is I, Lady Branksmero."
" And who aro you, eh ? eh ?" demands
the ohl creature, lifting her weird face to
stiire at Muriel, whom she has ueen in the
morning. " Vou are nut thc other one, uro
"The other';"
" Ves, yes. The little ono in her while
gown, So pretty; ao protty," mumbles tho
old lady, her head nodding us if gone beyond her control in hor oxoltomoilL " Such
a little thing."
" Hush, madamo! Vou don't know what
yon are saying,'" interposes Brooks, sharply. " Sometimes aim raves, my lady, ami
you know 1 warned yon sho was uot well
" Vou aro wrong, Brooks; wrong. It was
a whito gown ; and there was blood upon it.
���bright snooks of blood, Eh? Kir.' I recollect it all. Ell 1 Oh ! my bonny hoy���my
handsome laddie!"   Muriel now,   having
hidden her good-night, she moves toward
the iloor. As Brooks with her eyes on the
ground holds il open for her, another cry,
very low and suhducii, accnis lo creep to
her through the sombdarkiiosn of the apartment.
Muriel lifts her head sharply.
" There it is again. Thai was not. Lady
Brankamore," she aaya, scrutinizing iho
woman's face keenly.    But, it never moves.
" Whal is it, my lady?"
"Thai terrihle cry. Il sounded like the
wail of a hurt, animal," answors Muriel,
with asliiltltlar.
"I hoard no cry, my lady," says the
woman, sullenly. " But they do say this
corridor is haunted."
With a last glance al hor impassive eoun-
Innance, Muriel slops from llie room nnd
hurries swiftly outof sight, her haail throbbing, her lionrt heating wildly.
She sinks upon a low stool, nnd lots hor I 0yfla"foil at BollowT   "I shall do well in-
proiid head fall until it rcsla upun her knees   (1eed if I marry Cur/on.    Will you   have
round which her hands are clasped.   A for*  ,,.,./' sh,, M]��� i,-,,, sofuy.
lorn figure, void ol hope. ,< N(,_m, ��   crios follow, pressing her
Ami now what is left her 1   Howcan sin, I Wli. fmm ,,������,_   .. ��� understand tho sacri-
endnre the l ally intercourse with   Pranks- j fio0i   m���        |)oi]*t ,mk(. h. B0 |mi, ��� fnr ���l0
iiiero-the chance meetings witli.madams.  Margery; ynu nro all so kind, so tender,
Hobo last may mdeed be avoided, as ma- ft���d now, tills from you l-myhost  friend,
ilanie. for the [aat week or t wo has elected to ' I10>��
dine in her own moms, stating as ber pre I ii A|, i mHrmura Hi���, pjicously, in a very
text that the dowager is failing foBt ; to at-"ftg))nv ,,t* distress. " Why-dnn't ymi
lend whom is ovhlontly an ar-liious task, as know?" sho covers hor face with her hands,
".id.n,.* hi-i crown _ singularly wan and; "Tnko mo away from this-," ahe whispers,
er���believe overy word sh
Mrs.   Billy, pushing  them both t*
It is a beastly shame," says Dick Indignantly.
"Wha' ���**��� What's the matter:" asks
Mr. Paulyn, sauntering into the room at
Angelica's liools, with whom it is quite evident he is not now on speaking terms,
",Why, baven'l you hcar.l?" asks Mrs.
Billy, wilh tears in her eyes, "ahoul poor
Curzon': The failure of that Cornish mine
has ruined him."
" Bless my soul! cries Tommy. " What
a horrid thought! Whero is he? Who
told ynu''    It's n lie mosl likely."
" No sueh bick/'ielurus Billy dejectedly.
" It's only ton true. Poor old chap ! 1
hail a line from him ahoul au hour ago, and
Peter has inn down lo bim to bring him up
here. He can't he left hy himself, you
"So thai young man has comn to grief,
hoy?" calls out a grull old v.loo from the
hall outside. "Never thought much of
him myself," Sir Mutius by this lime has
entered the room, " fools and iheirmnncy
soon part."
Mrs, Billy casts a glance at her husband,
' after which thoy both break into untlmoly
"Ah! you can laugh, oan yon," growls
Sir Mutius, "when your chief friend is BO
sore smlttou 1 l*oor comfort he'll get. from
you, i'faith, in spite nt nil your protosta-
lions. Well, I'm glad I never inofeiscd affection for lho young man, I've the less
I rouble now. How about you, Margery ''.
He was a hcau of yours.    Lh?"
"A fortunate thing now, Margery, aa
things have turned ont���hoy? If you had
engaged yourself to hini you mi\*ht. have
had some dilliculty in getting out of it, and
marriage with a beggar would hardly suit
you���eh ?���ha I��� Oh 1 (lood-morrow, Bellow ; good-morrow I"
"Vou aro right, Sir Mutius, marriage
with a beggar ireans only misery," says
Ourzon calmly, who had entered tho loom
during the ohl man's speech.
"It 13 ipiiio true, then, Curzon? Is there
no chance for yon':" asks Angelica, who has
run to him, and thrown her arms round his
neck to givo him a loving kiss,
" None whatever," bravely, " in the way
you mean, I went up to my lawyer ahoul
it this morning, and It appears when all is
over and done I shall he left with about C100
a year. Nothing can he done," saya Curzon,
turning round again. " I've thought it nil
ntlt^and in time I shall be reconciled Ic  it
i shall forget lb all*���-that ia"���looking down
���" nearly all! And one ean work, you
know; and there's many a fellow hasn't
even C-100 a year."
" No, hy Jove," acquiesces Diek heartily,
who hasn't a penny beyond what his brains
will bring him.
"I dare say to some, therefore, that
amount might mean riches," goes on (lurzoil.
pleading his own cause hravely, " though I
ngree with ynu, Sir Mutius"���looking at
bim with a kind smile���" that il really does
mean beggary. But that is tlie result of
one's training,"
" No, no, don't mistake me," says the ohl
baronet,��� " There is great scope for a young
man's intellect wheu hack id up with n littio
capital. Vou mlghtgo to New Zealand, for
example-���a hue opening there���or to Australia, or to Canada."
"Or tothe deuce !" supplements Billy
cheerfully, " But after all, perhaps, none
of us, however lucrative tho post, would
hardly care to see him l hero,"
" Von arc flippant, William," growls Sir
Mutius, frowning.
" What Sir Mui.iua means," says Curzon
boldly, though his lips turn very while,
"is, lhat he would ho glad to Boe me well out
of this country becauso of Margery,
" I am very glad to hear it from your lips
ton, although I knew it before. -My niece,
sir, is a young woman of sense. She wll,
marry well, if she marries at all.''
" That is quite truo I" The voice is Margery's, and a sudden silence fails upon the
room ua she speaks. She has risen from li
sent, and is looking with her beautiful o.igcr
toted du
i fortnight.
!' this
Nosleop cornea lo Jim- tliis night.    Ihoad j     .. y^    0>    Ii|(l) U|0 ��ardcn-anywh'
awako, ulio lies, hour after  hour, with her  bollevo lior���bol' '   '
eyes   wide in the  darkness, ami   her tired
brain rushing through the arid plah f
past grid's iuu\ joys.
The dawning of the morn finds her fltill
With her eyes open, staring eagerly loi* lhe
lirsl faint lleeks of liol.t.
The chill soft, breej*Q thai heralds the
opening day has hardly yot arisen, however
mid darkness slill covers lhe laud. A figure, cloaked uud hooded, emerging from
tho ipiaint old oakon door on the  western
wards tlio door
"Let me apeak," cries she distracted ly,
"Oh ! Ciirznn, there is something���a small
thing���just one thing'.hit I llllial fell you."
"That you never really eared forme!
Why I knew that, my love,'' replies he
rather wearily.
"No. Oh Ino." She alands hack from
him, and glaneosnl him nil her shaiiielacd-
ly. Then cornea a step nearer. "It. ia
only���that   I   do lovo  you uo I"  she  eric
room in her im*:*! elow, lif-dcss fashion, so
lightly a-i to foil ���..: <:'������*.���'''to heavy a sleeper, draws near lo her through a sort ot fas*
<'inatian, and si Hiding over her, stares down
upon, nud studies thc face, so inipcnc'iahle
as a rule, hni now laid hare anil Unprotected
in ils unconsciousness.
Fora long time sho gazes upon the woman, wheu Something catches her eye, rivets
her attention immovably and puts au end to
her idle examination.
Aftor all it is only a key. A well-sized
key of a very ordinary type.
Lady Bran k sine re's lips pale, and her
eyo3 grow bright. Not lor ono moment
doos alio hesitate. Taking up a pair of
scissors lying on the table near, sho cuts
deliheratoly the silken cord, und possessing
hersolf of the key leaves the room.
Not once does her hear! fail her, And
when she stands before inadanie's door and
tils the key into the lock, and throws it
open, and al last crosses the threshold ef the
forbidden chambers, no sense of fear, no
desire to draw book whilst yet there i3 time,
oppresses her, only a longing to solve lhe
problem that for so many days has been an
iu-nill io her.
.Sh-; throws op her head, and it is wilh a
sense of positive triumph thit she aleps
into lhe first r.oom and looks around her.
Muriel takes it in nl a glance, aud hastens
toward the door opposite lo the one she has
entered.    It  teals to  a room,   small,   and
evidently meant as a mere nussaue from the
room left, beyond, tlie door of which is par*
thilly open. Muriol has half orossed tills
nule-ehamher, when a soft, musical sound,
ng apparently from some plaou near at
hand, causes hor to stand still. The voice
i one singing. Vol hardly singing, cither.
The sound is sweet, and pathetic, and
Muriel's hof.rt begins to heal tumultuous*
ly, A voico hero, a woman's voice, and
Mine, voh Thirsk asleep down-stairs I What
eau ihii ij-ennV She pushes open lho half-
0108011 door, and steps tij-laly iuto'.lie room,
At ihe far end of it, seated on .iprle-ilien
with her lap full of flowers, sils a (jirl-a
pale, slender girl���dressed all in white. Her
oyea arc lowered, and she ia playing iu
n curiously nh'-eiil. way with the hlossoms
amongst which hor fingers are straying
aimlessly, and js singing to them iu thai
strange monotone thai had startled Muriel.
Now alio looks up. Sho Btaroa straight
at Muriel, and her eye.1* an; a revelation.
Thoy arc bhio, hut such an unearthly blue,
and what is tho eold dull gleam in them"
And uro thoy looking at Muriel, or at some
object boyond her? Her lingers still play
idly among the flowers, whilst thoso strange
eyes of hers are wandering vaguely.
" Come in, como in," sho murmurs eagerly, so eagerly that Muriel ponders within
herself aa to whether she and this while
smiling girl may not have met before undei
different circumstances. Tha'. she betrays
110 agitation, no awkwardness nt thim coning face to face with lhe hnatcas who has
not invited her lo her house, is s'range in-
deed. Shois looking unconcernedly nt Mur
in], wilh a smile upon hor lips,
" M.tro ; have yon brought more?" askf
ilic pale girl anxiously, loaning forward, llu
eternal smile siill upon her face, Itaeoms to
Muriel tliat she would be almost more than
beautiful hut for lhe nameless something
that mars her expression.
She waves her hand about the room
blithely, and Lady Brankamore following
her gesticulations, Boesthattheapartment is
littendly crowded wiih (lowers, of all kinds
and all hues, save one. No crimson, red,
ot scarlet blossom lies among them.
She brings hack her glance again to the
girl, nnd now regarding her more fixedly,
perceives that thc face is not so young as
she had al first imagined. She creeps clnser
to Muriel and whispers slyly.
" On you know whose hirthday it is?"
" No," in a frozen tone,.
" No ? Why ii is hi-i I That is why tho
flowers nre here, ihc flowers bo loves so
woll." Muriel stares alber. Branksmero's
passion for flowora lind not come beneath
ber notice.
" To-night, is his festival, and we shall
keep it merrily ! Listen!" Sho holds up
ono forefinger, and advances upon Muriel,
as Muriel instinctively recoils with horror
from her touch, " If you wish il, you shall
he invited loo! I'll gel him to ask you 1
don't, lot Thekia know. Thekla, little oat!
We shnll outwit her," she cries.
" Wc?"
't Ay.    Von and I and he.
""What is Branksmero to you ?" cries
Muriel sharply,
"Do you not even know lhnt? Why���
my huauaild 1" returns tlm slrangor, wiih a
peculiar littio jerky wave of her hand. A
low cry breaks fcoui Muriel. "To-night,
to-night, you shall he made known to him !"
goes on tlio girl lightly.
Sho laughs. To her dying day Lady
Branksmoro never forgeta lhat laugh.
"Vou will come, you polo thing 1" she
asks, eagerly, "aud we'll sing lo him, you
and 1.
Her voice now M slightly nihoil, her
manner excited.    "And we'll  dance,   too."
She lifts her leet ono by ono In a jorky
fashion, and aways to and fro in a very
ecstasy of delight.
"Join in���join In I" aheoalla to Muriel,
and twirls herself round and round with a
torriblo Spoed, and laughs again. A wild
laughter this lime, that ends iu a wilder
(���TO IlK  rONTlNl'l-l'.)
-Llooftho Ou-lo, look. notvoMly round T'i8''15''  U"* t"**"   '"""'"��  ''"""  '"'''
herns she steps into the blackness and tries
lopierce il. Moving nwiftly and unerringly, with light, linn footstep in the direction
f the wooded path lo her right, she enters
i ies (     (, \y01|', y0tl |,.lV0 mo *or y0U1. wjffi) f-)ir.
lll(*'"   znn?"she whispers tremulously, nud thou
in   a moment she  Is    iu his   ombrnoo,
their arms round ench olher,  their oyea
Id  sear. *
Ihc line of elms, and makes for a dense hit   f"T -"���  """�����  ��fl"  "l ""''   '
of brushwood further on.   Arrived at it sho    '    ,""!;' T        A   T   "'""
An Ottawa despatch sayai���A gentleman who has been accompanying the international Fisheries Commission on itsrounds,
nnd who has just rotumed to Ottawa, ctatofl
thai in visiting the Capo God peninsula tho
commissioners were greatly si ruck wiih t'io
docadouooof a number of the old li-hing
(owns. Somo of thoso towns formerly lilted
out largo (loots of fishing vessels, hut tho
industry im'a decayed  to such  an   extonl
paiirtCH, and a low " ooooo"   issues    from
the other's  heart, and   whon at  lust their   that very few vessels now leave Ihe.io port
fiorlip'sj   it is answered presently and lhe   ,ipa moet*  nim ,u"1  lI'"lll,le ,,,"I possible j annually.    Thu commissioners proceeded up
woman, drawing a tiny lantern from bo- Povort*', a.r.�� (*>rgotton, and a breath from | tho coast to OWn and   Prince  ISdward
neaih her cloak, turns it full upon the man
who has answered her call.
Il is Staines, though it is easier to recog.
nize him by his clothes than Ins fc.itr.n
heaven is theirs. j Island, and  obtained  evidence  that tiu
, " How muoh you have home from mo," ; Lewis II. Oilea was clearly fishing within
ahe murmurs soflly. "1 have thought the territorial waters nf the Dominion, nnd
it all out long ago, yon nee,   hut I  novor ; that anumber of oilier Ainericau vjssehihad
was certain of mysolf uutll to-day."
"Until I told you thai I had lost
thing?" _
" \ ns.'
" Then 1 am gl.id thai mine failed," saya
this foolish you u*-man, simply an 1 truly, and
trom his lionrt.
That isn't a very wise   thing to say, i
Bruised, swollen, Utterly demoralized in
appearance, it is uo wonder thai tho woman
on lirsl glancing at him gives way to an ox-
eluiiialion of horror.
" What is it; what has happened, then?"
cries she, in a low torn*. "I sent for you
that 1 might  loam  how the affair fell
through,    hut   l   hud   not  exneeted   this." ���....                        ,,    ���    .
Mtula.nonoinUoxpreaaivolyat'lilsdlsfigurod ., ST Mif n',,'iv1,   l,i;;i,']-1'1-"'>';
face.    "Well,   well, well?"  she exclaims, "And^'"!', do you know, I myaelf don t feel
Impatiently,  us  he makes her no reply. *��',                   ,  ,, ,               ,. .
" How is it with you ���'"                               ��� t-BOOUrso,   wo shall have  Bomotning,
"It   is all   up," snarls   ho,   hoanoly. ^y''c ruefully.    "But t'Ullla yen,*!    His
" Nothing now is lefl but flight." '"'"i^'        ,        >,        *..���,.,
"What, you  have failed?   hisses   she ' H i*. opulence," gayly, "with lhe  lovo
through  her tooth.    "With tho game in W'���7'7;v "'��� '      ��� .    ,      ,.
vour fiauds you have lost.!    Ach !"  she .,   How Jlovo -J"1"'   ho hroatluft, rather
glvoswaytoafrcooiiraoortw'oinher own WK��K t    m       -..   i       -  n   ���
language, and stamps her foot with irro- ,  s|�� laughs sollly.undlhodftWnofabltlBh
prwlbla passion upon the ground.              , hr^\Tn i", T,��k'                ,      ��� ,(
"(Jill to havetoilod,an.riiod, and work.' }A*!fw.ihaf'  B,u' !uyH T',ly-.     If
od for-thla l" crios aho, wildly.   "How I Jnndoni trust me, you boo I truat ymi.
have  labored to place that woman under ��ut of on*-thing I warn you, Ouwon, that
iy fcor Unit 1 mlpht trample on her, crush i T ,1"t mYtM ���'." >',", ),,!'* 'liero ,H m:i,iy
hor, and now-to bo en.irely balked of my ft Bl",��� -/0" kl,nw*
I also bee
i our waters.
To Raino Moro  Corn
ury my
him when she supposed ho would make no
fight for his honor."
" Well, you have lost your money," says
"Why Ino, It appears she bad made-
up her mind not to touch a penny ol it."
"Hah!''    Sho comes nearer to him and
xatnhioahla features {*hich look rather
lived)   in a eurioiia Way.    "So Unit was
why yon did noi make a greater stand," alio
oriofi     "When lho money failed   you, you
cried olf!    Vou have heon false to our  bar* '
Her frame   Ircmhlos  with   pnasion.
1 lun lhe
Mnst Unfairly she starts away acroas the
velvet award, straight for the desired imr-;
hor, giving him hnrlly time to understand ,' in  Canada
her challenge,   But love has wings, und be-   fainting
fore she haa reached the aged yew she is in \
his grasp, mid once  for all she owns him
To   the acre always   mo I'lilimin's   I'ainl.
(Jorn Kxtractor.   Always Hale nnd paluloj
Beware of substitutes and Imitation
I'uluim's   I'liii-'o'fl   Torn    Kxtrni'l
druggists. ^
Would Not Deny Tt-
���Hor Father���" Von wish tt
daughter, 1 understand."
Hor Adorer-" 1 do, sir."
Her Father (severely)-" My wife  tells
mo lhnt you ate a fool."
Her Adorer-" Well, I suppose 1 am."
Very Suspicious-
Friend : " Why.Klviru, what'fl llie matter ':"
Klvira : " Oh, I don't know, only I'm
worried Io death. I've hnd lhe same girl
aix weeks, and ahe doesn't talk ahoul having yet."
" She dooflh t?"
" No, noU word. She must ho in love
with my husband,"
lit, Tlioinui, Olll.,
it fliiccosi>ful School nf   Fine Art
whore nil  kinds   of   Urawing,
AvicroiiLico. jiuuaK.
II��w* Two  Suflorcrs   Resalnod
IICU-Illl ilUilMl'-'IIUlll
THr.iiit-t Mr*, .las. Lawson Tell llu* stor.v or
I'lu-lr Itrnownl llntlili aiul StrfUKlli-
Tiif.v I'lml   lleiltlli Afler Many   Heme
fltes nail miteii.
otn the Woodvtlle Independent
The    ludepandent     has    published     a
number   of   well   authenticated   cases   of
most remarkable cures by the use of T)r.
Williams' Pink Tills for l'ale People,
Many of these euros have occurred in
our own province, and all of them havo
heon vouched for hy newspapers of woll
known standing, whoso disinterestedness
leaves no room to doubt tho accuracy of
the statements made. Hut if anything
woro needed to convince the skeptical
among our readers (if any thero ho) and
bring iuto greater prominoneo the surpassing merit of thi.i wonderful life-giving remedy, il is found in tho fact that
the Independent has been ablo to give
iho parcloulars of several remarkable
cures in our own neighborhood, every
detail of which can ho easily verified l��v
any Interested in no doing. A short
timo ago wo gave the particulars of tho recovery of litilo (Joorge Veal, which haa attracted ao muoh notice and added to the
fame of Dr. Williams1 Piuk I'ills iu this locality. A few days ago this case was tilt
topic of conversation in one of our local
Btorea, when a gentleman present said he
know of a 0090 111 town oven more surprising. The Independent, alert for anything
lhat would Interest  ils  readers,   asked for
some further particulars, and was informed
that the person referred to was Mrs, JaillOS
LawBon,nn esteemed resilient of Wonilvillo,
who bad been utterly helpless for a time,
her recovery despaired of and who is now,
through the almost magical virtues of Dr,
Williams' I'ink Pills, recovered and able
lo lie about -mmi moro. A fow days
after this, meeting Mr. Lawson on the
street, The Independent inquired if it
were true, ua stated, that his wifo owed
her recovery to tho uso of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills. Ves, replied Mr. I.., and
not only my wifo but 1 was cured
hy thom also. It yon will call at the
houae you oan have tho full purtioulara if
you want thom. Mr. Lawson haa hem a
resident ut Wood villa for over twenty
years, and ia well known and highly respected by all. On nailing til hia house we found
both Mr. and Mrs. Lawaon at home, nnd
ipltto willing to give the desired Information. 'They aro an intelligent couple and
those acquainted wiih thom will havo no
hesitation iu giving implicit cnnlidenco In
their statements. Mr. Lawaon ataled that
he had been ailing for years, his appetite
failed; ho bocame weak and unahle to
work. He received niodical assistance, hni
found it of uo avail, and at Inst bo was. con
fined to the house wilh litllo prospect of
recovery as was thought. He bad read
of the wonderful cures ethVted by Dr. With
iaina' I'ink I'ills and determined to give
them a trial. Ho soon loiiud benefit from
thom and continuing their use entirely
recovered, and i�� now enjoying better health
than bo has previously dono for years and
is (mlto as able as formerly to do a day'.*
Mra. Lawson also told of her terrible
anlTerlngs. For threo years sho bad heon
unable til do housework, and for nine inoutha
was confined to bed, boing so helpless that
she had to he lifted like a child. She had
consulted iloctors in Toronto and taken their
prescriptions hut found no relief. Her
nervous system waa wholly unstrung and
she Buffered from disease of the spine. The
doctors told her it would ho necessary to
perforin an operation on hcrspine.otherwise
she could not get relief, Sho refused to
havo'.he operation pei formed, knowing that
il would make her a cripple for life, and she
considered thai condition na bad as bor then
state of -"tillering. At last alio began lho
use of Dr. Williams' I'ink Fills and had nol
heen taking them long when she found their
good ofToOta. She found herself getting
Stronger, and was ablo to leave her bed.
At first she had to use crutches, but continuing the use of Pink I'ills ahe was able
to throw away first one and then the other
of t ho crutches and is now not, only able to
walk freely, hut to all end to hor household
duties ns formerly. In fact she saya that,-he
is now atrnngor ihan she hns been for many
years. Herappetitohus returned, hor nerve
and spine troubles Have disappeared, and
she rejoices in Complete recovery which sho
attributes solely to the use of Dr. Williams'
I'ink Fills, ami which nhe recommends to
I hose troubled with nervous prostration,
diseases of the t-pine or general debility.
Both Mr. and Mrs. Lawson attribute their
recovery under Providence to tho use of
ibis marvellous medloine which has been
such a blessing in our land, and they ure
willing that all others ahould enjoy tho
knowledge of lheir wonderful virtue.
Dr. Williams' I'ink Fills arc a perfect
blood bnlhlor and nerve rcatorer, curing
such diseases as riienmat ism, neuralgia,
partial paralysis, locomotor ataxia, Nl.
Vitus1 dance, nervous headache, nervous
prostration and lho tired feeling therefrom,
the after ell'ects nf hi grippe, inilnenza and
nevcm colds, diseases depending on humors
iu tbe blood, such as scrofula, chronic erysipelas, etc. Fink Fills givo a healthy glow
lo palo aud sallow complexions, and are a
spec'fio for the troubles peculiar to tho
female system, and in tho case of men thoy
effect a radical cure, in all cases arising
from mental worry, overwork or excesses
of any natuio.
Thoso Fills aro manufactured by the Dr.
Williams' Medicine Company, BroekvUlo,
Ont., and Schenectady, N. V., and am sold
only In boxes hearing tho firm's trade mark
and wrapper, at Mic a box, or six boxes for
S2 f>0. Boar in mind that Dr, Williams'
Fink Fills are never sold in bulk, or by lhe
dozen or hundred, and any dealer who offers
substitutes iu lids form is trying to dofraud
yon and should Is* avoided. Thc public are
also cautioned against nil other so-called
blood builders and nerve tonics no matter
what namo he given them. They aro all
Imitations whose makers hope to reap a
pecuniary advantage from ihe wonderful
reputation achieved hy Dr. Williama'Fink
Fills, Aak your denier for Dr. Williams'
I'ink Fills for Falo Peoplo nnd refuse all
Imitations and substitutes.
Dr. Williama'I'ink Pilla may he bad of
nil druggists or direct hy mail from the Dr.
Williams' Medicine Oompany from either
address. The prlco at which theso pills
are sold makes a cnurse of treatment comparatively Inexpensive ns compared with
other remedies or medical treatment.
We'll write it down UU everybody sees it
Till everybody is sick of neetau It
till everybody knows ii Without seolngit���
that Dr. Sage'a Catarrh Remedy oiuca   the
worst cases of chronic catarrh in the head,
Catarrhal headache, and "eold in the head."
In   perfect faith, its makers, tic   World's
Dispensary Medical Association of Buffalo,
N. V., offer to pay S500 to any ouo suffering from chronic catarrh in tlio head whom
thoy cannot cure.
Now if the conditions were reversed���if
they asked you to piy $oO-)fora positive
euro you might hesitate. Here are reputable men, with years of honorable dealing ;
thousands of dollar.* and a great name hack
of them and thoy a.iy���" Wc can euro you
because we've curod thousands of others
liko you���if wo can't wo will pay you
8900 for the knowledge thnt there's ono
whom We can't cure."
Thoy believe in themselves. Isn't it
worth a trial? Isn't any trial preferable to
catarrh f
How He Uot Hia Start-
"I got my atari in a ipieer way," remarked a man of evident wealth, ns thii drummer finished his story.
"How was that!" onqulrod the drummer.
Twnnty-fivo years ago," continued lhe
successful citizen, "1 was travelling wilh a
side-show, and the business went to pieces,
leaving ine ita creditor for wages to lhe
amount of $100. Mv share of ihe Block-In-
trade was nn anaconda about IS feet long,
and as big around as my body. It wa-u'l
fat though, 1 think, for air was ahoul the
only thing it had to live on for several
weeks before the failure. I took the snake
and started for St. Louis, where I proposed
to exhibit it.
"I had him in a box iu the baggao>car,
and Bomehow be got out and started
through the train on ail-exploring expedition. .liiKt as he was crossing the platforms
of the aecond and third coaches lhe couplings came loose, and there's no telling
what wonld havo Itappoued, for we were
goiug up a heavy mountain grade, if lho
snake hadn't twisted himaolf around lhe
brake-rods and railing, and bung nu. It
was a big strain on him, hut he stuck (o it,
and Finn lawyer if ha didn't hold that
train together for two miles, and no doubt
saved the lives of all tho passengers in lhe
roar coaches. They thought so, anyhow,
nnd made me up the purse of J500."
The drummer coughed.
"What, became of the anaconda t ho enquired casually.
"Ho gave me my start,' replied lho narrator. "Vou see, tho $800 wasn't a drop
in the bucket; but when wo got tho snake
loose the strain on him had stretched him
out UO feet longer, and I went into St.
Louis wilh a snake thai no other exhibitor
could hold a candle to, and if you don't
believe me 1 can ahow you that snake stuffed and bung up in my hall at Denver,"
The drummer got up with tho air ofa
man who was uneasy.
"Vou ought to sell it fora holograph
pole," ho aaid, reproachfully, and then
went nut.
��� ".-����	
Cholera is ranipnnt among the poorer
claiscs in Moscow.
Havo Yon Meura'gii?
If you are suffering the agonies ol neuralgia, and have failed to gel a remedy that
will afford relief, we want, jon to try Pol*
soii'b Norvilino. No remedy in iho market
has given anything like lhe same degree of
satisfaction, lis action on nerve pain ia
simply marvelous, and as it in put up in 2fi
cent bottles no great expense is Involved iu
giving it a trial. Poison's Nervilino is the
mosl pleasant, powerful, nnd certain pain
remedy in the world. Sold by druggists and
all dealers in medicine, 25 cents a bottle.
Niipoleon'a faniona road across the Alps,
which excited the wonder of the world,
cost only $3,000,000.
Tisstio Buildiufi; Mcdiciuea
Are iho best tor all ohronlo dlsonBOB, Bend
postal cant for 102 pago book (free) oxnlntntnn
nil particulars Address DU. W. ItEAIt
room l!l, Gorrartl Arcade, Toronto. (Int. Moll
lion Ibis paper wbou wriling.
Hats cost ilit* American pooplo$300,000,-
000 annually.
Dr. Harvey's Southern Red Pino for
coughs and colds is the moil reliable and
perfect cough medicine in lho market. For
ale everywhere.
A. P. (170.
" I inherit some tendency to Dyspepsia from my mother. I suflcreil
two years in this way ; consultnl a
number of doctors.    They did mc
no good. I then used
ReHewed in   yonr August Mower
and it was just two
days when I felt great relief, I soon
cot so that I could sleep and eat, and
I felt that I was well, That was
three years ago, and 1 am still first-
class. T am never
Two Days,    without a bottle, and
if 1 led constipated
the least particle a dose or two of
August Flower doea the work. Tho
beauty of the medicine is, that you
effects on tne system.
Constipation Whilo I was Sick I
telt everything it
seemed lo me a man could feel I
was of all men most miserable. Tcan
say, in conclusion, that I believe
August Flower will cure anyone of
indigestion, if taken
UfoofL'lisecyv.itli judgment.   A.
M. Weed, 2agBe1ie-
ftmtnineSt* Indianooolis. Intl." ��
For Circular Addroni,
"," SiortUcoto i��v<\, Tormilti
I'RI.U'.VU.U-'., ONT
flrantq Plploni:
Milse*. Kine All
���tion ami  ColloRlato
cd far Matrlcii'ittlon
'     UlllMlM,
Tourher.V Cc
Bono tor -^J**iiAl��'J?fKi-.M.A..as.
-���������--�� CHAMPION
,_-���...-'.. ..,-�������   p|ro an(] Btirj-'ai'-rroor
���    L�� iF^S?*-1 I I A^-Sl
will derive strength and
acquire robust health
by a persevering use of the great
Food Mm
On nui no urt-niin-il hy ScnLL ,1 It .in no, /B
llullovillu.   Sr-lil Iiy nll-lruf-glMU. AWH
BOO, nnd gUjO. tWBmn
riMOAl'ilKl'Snmiohlei-HolioluM nail ina
1     inoneyeniivus-ini,' for "l''.ii'imu*-'   T'l'le
uml Aei-ounl Honk.".** I for cihiiliir-i    ��
Mill lti:U'';S, l'uhli*.lier Toronlo.
IMI'i'tOVKil eenlrnl Toronto PronorUon
oxoliango for rami Iniuln. Mono* lo loi
HeiMly, IMitehsloik, Se-t.iil .. riniiluli
���h-UVellini'lonSH I R.Toi to.
|      iin|il'eeni!en!eiirii-i
liousands of Dollars
I ipail trylns to nmi
ooro fur suit r.iH'ui
uliii'll 1 lind V.\ mil
l'liyslolnna   ..aid   Uioy
ml   Oeooratlvo  Art  work
or in liim slill, nnd in
wltll nu iliKiilrnl nir, on lllfl botrod
iRtiro, nmi tlio gBnornlly crnvon nnnnnriuica
Iml marks liim. " So In boot yon!" iho
rloa oxuttantly.   " Boat you before hor���
iHlily Iniigh', Tho Art llnom in tho
llneat in tlio provlnoo ami woll oqulppot* and
tlm record in tlm Qovornmont Ifixamlnatloifll
i;ilinl('i|iiil!iidlivniiv"tlicr Hohool.A I Iplonio
in li'ii n Art r m this Oollfgii is always nnd
evorywhorcntnmcm nm, ClnoArt graduatoe
CHAPXEU XLVI, of Alum rondlly soouro Collrgtato appoint.
Mme.vonThlr��b Im, fallen ojleen.   A C!;,,.!'".,'"" AHwunmme-'* Mt ,n\
glortonsllood ofOotolrer onnnhlno stream-     ,,,,      '''*'���"'' '*'*""
Ing Inio the library lovcals this foot. I    Mm Army summer imuiconvros will thi,
She looks anything bat hor best i to loi k N'('l,rl"' hold on tlio borders of llorkshlroand
that, one mnst bo happy, nnd grief and sho   ����������"",  most probably in  Sopton ,-.
ii|i|i.mi Iii Im on friendly* lorms. I s"'""l"i> will bo tbo contiu of Ihu inanuiuv.
Lady Branksmoro, who hu, entered the  rI"'> Srou'id.
\iT '*4p^l��l I'liydcliuis    silld   thoy
/*;V   ,'.VvN-*fj) noii-r  snw  tn s.'V.nv ;l
I \ ' i ?���&��&<$ "���'���"'��� My li-iti. 1'iii'k ml
t\,i*'''W:��i1-��l:r:,.,.,l ,,y
'"���' V��;J :ii' lli'-lniliior. I ivii'iiiiinldi'
:"^pfj^!>3��K tnlli'diiwiilnbi'd.roiilil
%~ J&W&- "*"    * i n I It     'viihnul
���'v-fM crnlt'he-4,  nnil lliul  t'
ni r. S> <). ilen-y.    luive my nrins, back fllli
cR.1 bnmlngod twice n day. I ho^m to Ink.
Howl's SnTstip  '"'
i he
IOri*tt s-imiii lis.-ili'it, [In' ne
turn aole to bIvo Up bailill
mil a happy man i wna. i ���
e henllliv, the
fell oil. 1 WHS
and ei'iitehes,
Hjut taking
Mii mouthsi aiul since
o worn no ImmlnKos -
uul  arms are ntiuml
;v, 4D nindforil St., L'n
i- and mv
il." s. (I.
.it. I.
Wood's Pills *
mo llvor llli, eoiuUmUDn,
���ul -ih-k lienil loliD, Trj thoin,
IlOflS-nSpnls,Snlipol Soalfl, Ofllco nnd Hunk
Stamps, I
io un
Selionl Sen!
h of every �����
xStrenl He
litie-. fm- nontihintr a
f Cn.lim- ill ull illlle [Mont-wall l>< it'i-
irt-nliir-'.l-.'l S'ongoSI.
nu .M.teliine. \VHi_
Thatpooplo would hnve boon roRtilarly ubIub
Olir Ti Um. rfonpi Hlm-n I8l,"i irnnj-nnen loin;
jenr^iftheyliiidnnthoendliUJ);   The pulille
nn- not fools find do not aoiitinuo to buyBooiH
linlCffl Ihey are wili-fiietnry.
Kleelrlenl Bilpptlos, Hell OntlUs, $10.   Ua-
pali-s prompt and reasonable.  School ami
Kxperlinenli't-;' Siipplte-1 .'iinl lloohi.
30 A 37 Adelaide St. W., Toronto
nuy a
Agents every where.
Rubber Stamps
Qnoon City Rubber Stamp Works, Toronto.
il B, RTMBV *���..
C77CralsSt>BIon rc.-i
BBStlntheWorldlffilfj'jf B-*^B
Bet the Genuinellfj}||>SB v\I
Uold Everywhere [w-Bfai��� -���***
��� www   tor sole bytho SlIMT PltJI.
a duluth Railroad
Company In Mlonosotn, Bonil for Mnjm nnil I'lrou.
lurn. Tboy willbosonttojiou
l.nniHViiiinii.iMi.iii.r.SI. 1'niil. Mino.
/J!^ifj&��l\       K.n.C. Is Bpoolnlly
/jKtt^3zi9tt&8ti\   ]iri.|i:u-fil fur llu-   mini
'      ������ ' H��convlncnl odUUront
Mention tliln paper,
Froa Bamplo mailed toany sitdn
 Every MuticTe-acl-criiU'a-
iirui:i stiniiiii Itnon where ihev
can eel tliotf Mll-ie cheapest.
'Writoag for CatalofiuoBi also
nainplo copy of lhe Oahadian
' MUBtntAN. ii live mon till vjoiir-
nal wHtli "ll.oo worth ot'musfo
���in each Issue.   s:iio It por day
matin by cntiTRSBcrs, Boo pram-
��� iimi IIbc,  WeeiiiTV everylhlni*
in tlmMnalolino.
153 >ONRE tT. T^BONTrt.ONT.
wpi-sr   *E3*u"3r
Il your
> form
'���llipfk.        '3'!'.'
'' a St       ,������'���    '*'  -vVJ��
A..I. fur II.ii J. I>. Itlno :; Oo., 1,1,1.. norfonl tit
liwnooila, una tm linppy.
������'*'''N AftOr  llvil V.MIN'Ml
;. I f-ilnir from Dy.ponsl
'/ my vvlf.i ,..,ii   'nitlralr
1\ mii In,.;, mii by
BV lli,.|':vi.||., ,,r
Vihi.vI       (' i  K- l�� irrnml ninl por-
^^I'.'.'V    \ I..-..���. so highly1 wo will
\\ s    '.>". \ lilioplMslirolnnnswor
f ' '	
.lllBICI'll I'llll'll.
,'iln ]im-i'iiiMiin   Itnnil,
Hni'! nn v open.
jy       SI. A. Tiiiim.iii,  Slur.
Urninili . mi Vonno S.
Wrltofor OlroUlOM. THE  COMOX
Agricultural and Industrial Association
E"Xl*E3:i*BITI01Sr OF 1893
uutrt r.
��� lurij.
JiisKi'ii Mrl'iiri:, Conrlenay,  - Pr
A. UflQUUAKT,Uomo*t,/Vrs( VicaPr
HoiiimTtinANT, Union, -'nd I'iee-Pr
Wm. Duncan, Battd-4-ftek,   ���  ���   Tn
M. Wiutnkv, Courtenay   ���   ���   -Sei
J ins Md~-.dki.t-- Sandwick,
Jau. McKim, I'onrtonay,
Al.K\ MiMu.i.an, Dennianlslaud.
S. .1. L-iK-iov, Sandwick,
tii.ouiii: IIk.itiii:iiui".i,i., Hornby Island.
Wm, Itouii, Comox.
AttOll, Mll-LIilAN, Sandwich.
AUTIDIiH I.���Name.
Tills Society shall bo called The Comox
A'-ricnltral and ludnolrial Association,
AliTiri.i* II. ���Object.
See. I,���It ihall ho t he ohjeet of thia assort*
nt ion tn anOQUragfl the (cultivation of the
toil and lho general development of nil
tiu* agricultural roBouroos of the district,
gd"0t Si,���-To foster every hriineh of meehani
oat aud hotiHehoid arts coioulatod to Increase
the hojiplnoss of limn
Hoe. 3.-���To oxloud and facilitate the
various bronchos of milling* mining, llsldnu*-
iind all industries, whether oommorolal or
olher wine.
AHTICLS 111.--Xnuie.
*-*eCi i.���The nun1! of all members shall
bo registered In a book koot by the Secretary for the purpose and the annual foe of
membership .shall bo $2.00 which -ihall also
entitle members to compote fm* prizes of
tbo association without any charges or en
trance fees.
Hue. ii,���Any ponton may becomo a member
for life by lho payment of $26. (twenty-iivo
Soo. 3,���Any pomon being a mombor of
this association shall be olTglblo to olllco,
ontltlcd to vote, reooivo a printed copy of
tho constitution and suoh othor matti
tlio association may publish, ami havo free
admlsssion to all tho exhibitions of ihu as*
AiiTinr.i* IV.���Officers.
���"See. 1.���Tho officers of tho association
shall consist of a president, two vice-presidents, a secretary and a treasurer, who
With S others shall oonstitulo a board of l.'l
director;-. At any meeting of the board
tive shall constitute a qiiorum.
Sec 2.���At the mooting ol organization
under UiIb constitution there shall bo elected by ballot eight dlroators and tha officers
mentioned in See. I of Arliele IV who ahall
constitute the first hoard. The association
ai its annual mealing thereafter shall elect
the full board ef l3dlroo ore-who i ponthstr
first mooting, shall eloot from ibulr own
number ihe oilier nfiloorsof tho association.
Tho officers and  direelors shall (mid ofllco
unUI the lirsl of NavomW following their
oleotlon, The hoard may fill any vacancy
occurring in tlio hoard of ollieers.
fl-jc, J},���-The hoard of directors shall moot
on tho lirst. Tuesday  of April nnd (iclnber
each year, uml oftener, if nceosBiiry,
Aimcr.K V.- Unties of Officers,
Sec, 1.��� Duties ofthe President, The
president shall preside at all meetings of the association and board and
shall nt tho written request ot live member--
of the board call spoeial mooting*, shall appoint ail amnmtttoos nol otherwise ordered,
shall vole only at. election of ollieers ami in
ease of a tic, ami sign all financial uml olli-
clal dooumeuts or-papers emanating from
the secretary and not otherwise provided
for, and shall have a general supervision of
all mailers pertaining to tho interests of
tlio association and ItsalTutrs- In the absence of tlie president and vice-presidents
tho association may choose a chairman viva
voce, unless voting by ballot bo rtfqnlrodby
two or moro members.
Roe. %���Dnties of Ihe Secretary, The
secretary shall conduct the correpond-
enno of thn association, keeping in] a
Heparan- honk copies of all lettoru addressed
to Lhe association, holding tho same free to
tho inspection ofany mombor ot tho association at any regular mooting of the
Soo. 3 -Hushill nominate his assistant
secretary, such  nominee   lo he sanctioned
hy the board, Ho shall receive und file all
letters uddrossed to tho board. Uo shall
attend all meetings ot the association and
the hoard, (tooping a full reoord of oaoh in
a separata hook and shall, If required, furnish a copy of stioh proceedings for publication, lie shall prepare and publish all
notices of meetings; prepare ami sign all
gratuitous or complimentary cardfl-ortlekots
of admission, shall oountorsign all diplomas,
certificates of morit, oW., awarded hy ibe
association and forward tho samo to their
rospoctlve claimants. He shall keep tho
seal and all platOS, dies, engraving, etc.,be.
longing to lho association, and shall cause
to ho struck therefrom such medals mid
impression* ns may from lime to tlmo he
required. Ho shall have ohargo of all spool-
mens, moulds, plates ami hooks, seals, etc.,
arrange, prepare or distribute tha mime
uuiler the direction of lhe hoard. II" shall
receive nil mottles due or payable in the association, pay the samo over tothe Treasurer, la'-iiiglils receipt for tho same, shall
bold all bonds filed by tho officots for tlio
faithful performance ol llioir duties and nil
vouchors for every class of expenditure, lie
Shall OftilHlorsIgn all drafts ordered by tho
Hoard or Finance IVminilti 0 andircnrd the
names of Life or Annual members in a hook,
kopl for thai purposc.in alpha! olljalornV,
and shall at lho animal members' mealing
of each year prepare a tabular Btatoment
nf the receipts ami expenditure ai tho as-
aoilatl aiulpluoo the same in the bunds
ofthe nmltti nprlptlng for publication)
ami when required present tho sunn to ihe
board,   lie shall prepare all reports to li
mado by the board lo tlm iwioolat
general financial management of the affair
of tho association in the interim of annua
meetings, They shall fill vacancies occurring between the elections and make the
necessary arraugomtmts and preparations
for all mcolings, fairs, exhibitions, etc.
The board slmll also have power to make its
own bylaws (not inconsistent with this
constitution) aud arrange tiie place of hold-
ui!' its own muutiuL'i.
Aiitiolk VI,���Standing Committee.
Seo. I.���Committee on Finance shall eon'
Hist of three members of the board tohejycar*
elect,-1 at tho first meeting of tho board      See. 4.
aftor the  general election,  whoso duty it
shall ha to audit tho Treasurer's and See
Sec. 2.���All other committees necessary
for the general inanag-jinonL of tbe association shall be nominated by the president
and approved by the board of directors.
Article VII.���Donations and Bequests,
All donations, bequests and legacies to
this association designed by their donors
tor any particular purpose embraced within
the objects of this association shall be with
strict'fidelity so applied, the name of each
donor, together with the description and
amount of such donation and lhe object for
whioh it is designated, shall be registered in
a book kept for that purpose.
Article VIII.���Meetings and Exhibitions.
Sec. 1.���The association shall hold an annual exhibition at or near the village of
Courtenay or oftener if the board deem it
ad vi* able.
Sec. 2.���The election of directors uml officers shall be held on the day next previous
tothe annual exhibition; notice of the time
and placo shall he given by the board and
fmblished two weeks iu a newspaper circulating in said district.
Seo. 3,���All officers and directors of the
association shall be elected by ballot, and
tbe duties of the new board shall commence on the   firs', of November of each
retiiry's accounts, to oxamino ond approve
, nil hills lioforo they are paid, to havo a
| general supervision of lho finances of the as-
I soeialion and report their doings in full to
��� the board when called upon to do so.	
Special meetings. No special
meeting shall lie called but upon two weeks'
notice given and published in some newspaper circulating in the district of Comox-
tior without a request signed by at least
ten members.
--leo, n. ���It shall not beadmisuhle fnr any
member to voto bv proxy In any meetings
of this association or at its board of directors.
Sec. 6.���Quorum. At any meeting of this
association ten meinbeta shall constitute a
Article UL���Amendmatts,
See. 1.���Amendments must be presented
in writing at an annual meeting wheu if
agreed to by three-fourths of the members
present shall be adopted.
Article X.���Vol tny.
Members only whose dues are fully paid
shall be allowed to vote at any meeting of
the asso'iation after the first meeting.
Article XI,
This constitution shall take effect from
and after its adoption.
Entries,���The fair grounds will be opea
for the reception of all exhibit-; one day he
fore the commencement of the fair and any
exhibit may be forwarded to tho Secretary
or his assistant, but in no cate will such exhibit) be brought on tho grounds and
placed on exhibition except by and at the
expense of tbo owner or bis authorized
Feed inn ,St(Ok.���All food  for stock
will have to bu ptovidud by the exhibitor.
There will be hay and food on the giound
for sale, should any exhibitor desire to buy
Tun Clash, scition and members of evory
exhibit, together with tlie name of tbo en
hibitor, shall be entered ina^hook kept for
that purpose, and a card, tlie exaol duplicate
of tho one in tho Society's book, shall be
attached to each exhibit, with the namejof
the exhibitor omitted and left blank un-
til the Judges have given their decision,
wheu the Secretary or his assistant shall
write the name of the successful exhibitor
All Exhibits must be iu the show-yard
and buildings, not later than 0.30 a. m., of
the exhibition, after which time the gates
will he closed and nothing admitted.
No Exhibits will be allowed to be removed from the grounds until tbe close of
the show.
Exhibitors will at all times give the necessary personal attention to whatever they
may have on exhibition and at the close of
the show take entire charge of the same.
Though the directors will take every reasonable precaution to ensure the safety of
exhibits, they wish it to be distinctly understood lhat the owners themselves must
take the risk of exhibiting them. Should any
exhibit, be accidentally injured, lost or
stolen the directors will givo all the assistance ia their power towards the recoveiy
of the same but will not make auy payment
for the value thereof.
juntiEs and Their Duties.���Tho judges
will lie appointed hy ttio board of directors
and will recoive a notice informing tl.em
of tlie fact and inviting thom to act.
The judges shall report to the Secretary
on the grounds.
No person shall act as judge in any class
in which be shall be an exhibitor.
The judges may distinguish such animal:'
or exhibits <-.�� they may cousidei deserving
of notice, but which have not received a
prise-by ticket with the words Highly Com
In the absence of competition in any
section, or, ifthe stock or articles exhibited
be of inferior quality, the judges are in
structcd to award only such premiums as
they think the exhibit deserving of. They
will exercise their own discretion as to
Whether they will award First, Second,
Third or any premium. Each award must
be written in a plain, careful maimer un
the blank page opposite the number of the
Protests ash Appeals.���All protests or
appeals must be in writing nnd must stato
plainly the cause of complaint and shall be
delivered to the President or Secretary
within two hours after the judges have
given their decision upon the animal or exhibit iu question. Any difficulty or protest iu respect to the awurding ot prizes in
any of the departments shall be referred to
the propci committee of the Board over < ��������
department, who shall have fall powor to
adjudicate upon the same uud report lheir
decision to the Hoard for approval and such
approved decision shall bo final.
Thn sum of Iwo dollars shall be depostit-
ed with Secretary in each cane uf protest
or appeal, the aamo tn he for foiled if ihu
appual be not sustained.
It shall bo obligatory on exhibitors to
display   the prize   tickets affixed by the
judges. Anyone refusing to do so shall In-
ur tiie forfeiture of fits premium,
Aprnggios Til TIIK r.UU grounds.--Tho
'entry ticket*-, upon animals or articles will
irdmit the person bringing them to the
how grounds for exhibition along with
1 such animals or articles without tho use of
��� any other ticket. Afterwards such parties
, most be provided with a proper admission
i lioket.
The treasurer will be prepared to com*
1 menoe paying the premiums at 4.30 p. m,
andpaities who sliall have prizes awarded
to them are particularly requested to
apply for them before leaving the show
Should there not be hinds enough on
hand to pay prizes in full, they will be paid
The following charges for eutranc" will
ne made to residents of the district who
arc not members:
Knr cattle, sheep, horses and pigs $1
All other entries fifty cents cacti.
Non-resident-),   who are  not members,
will he admitted to exhibit by paying the
full membership foe.
Any person handling or taking any exhibit that doos not belong to them will be
prosecuted according to law.
All applications for entries must be in
hands of tbe secroUry three clear days
previous to the show
All articles nf field, garden or dairy pro-
luce miiBl bo bona JMM the productions
of lhe exhibitor and must ho grown or
mado that y��ar and exhibitions of mock or
articles of manufacture of every kind are
eligible for entry for prizes only by trite
owner or authorized agents, aud owneft by
them one month previous to tbe show.
inn and
 _.i other duties as iho association or tho hoard may require, and for his
servic-i he shall tecci--.* Hindi conuicnsation
an Uu b^rls'iall decide In pay.|
g-j, .(,_ Duties ofthe. Treasurer, Tho
Tiva'uiror slutl receipt for nil monies
roceivod from tho hands of tho Secretary nr any other person, shall 'disburse
the same, when audited ami allowed by th'
Finance Committee, oil any order from the
Secretary, lull this provision shall nol -apply
to lhe premiums on lho fair grounds, lint
ho may then piy detnamhi against the as-
Boolaium when satisflod of tholr justice,
Hi shall alio hold in trust all bonds, notes,
deads or evidence of debt or possession lie-
longing lo tho association and Bhall transfer,
invest or dispose ol tho samo only
by direction of tho association or
by written order of tho hoard. Ho
hIh.II nominate his ass s ant treasurer,
unch nominee to bo satiotioiiod by tho
board. Ho shall, baforoonterlng upon tin
duties ol his allien, file with the Secretary n
bond for the faithful performance of li
duties, said hnnd to be approved by the
botrduiil to be inn sum equal to tlio combined ainohntot funds on liandln thoestl-
mated revenue of thn year. Ho Bllttll lit
each annual moetlna malto tho board a detailed report ot all hla doings during ihc
year   for which service he shall receive such
oomponsatlon us the board slmll from time
lo time decide to pay.
a00 k���Dntirsoftln Board ol Directors.
The   Board of  Directors shall  have lho
ritlZK LIST.
ItlVIHIO*- a.
Mull, tlnee years old and upwards  &7 60
"two do do  4 IM)
8.       "    one do do         3 00
4. '-   Calf   2 fiO
5. Bred Cow, in calf or milk 6 00
0. Heifer, two years old 4 00
".        '*      ono do     3 00
H.       ��      Calf 2 CO
OLAS9. 1st.
1. Hull, three years old and upwards 87 50
2. "two do do   4 00
:i.        "   ono do do   3 00
4. "   Calf   2 60
5, Host bred Cow, in calf or milk  .r> 00
0,    Heifer, t wo yoars old  4 00
7. "       one        tlo         3 00
8. "       Calf   2 50
Hull, three years old and upwards 97 50
"two do do   4 00
"   one do do  3 00
"   Calf   2 50
Ilrod Cow, in calf or milk  5 00
Heifer, two yoars old 4 00
"       ono        do   3 00
"       Calf   2 50
1. Host Milch Cow 84 01
2, "   Heifer, two years old  3 00
;i. "   Heifer, one "        2 50
���I. "   Calf     2 00
5. "   Heef Animal  4 00
Yoke Work Oxen , 6 00
Stallion, Thoroughbred $7 BO
Mave, with foal at foot         4 5^-
Colt, two years old  2 00
"   ouo do       2 00
"   Sucking  1 50
Draught Team 4 00
class. Isr.
Stallion, Thoroughbred $7 60
Ihood Mare, with foal at foot  4 50
Colt, two years old  2 00
"   one do   2 00
"   Sucking  1 60
General Purpose Toam  4 00
s. 1st.
Stallion, Thoroughbred 97 50
Mare, with foal at foot  4 00
Colt, two years ohl  2 00
"   one do  2 00
Sucking  1 50
Span Carriage Horses..
Buggy Horse	
Saddle Horso	
Ladies'Saddle Horse.
Walking Horse	
.1 00
2 00
2 00
Ram, one year old and upwards, pedigreed...
Two Ewes, two shears and over	
Two Ewe*, shearlings	
Ram Lamb	
Ewe Lamb	
 33 00
  :i oo
 2 50
 2 00
 2 00
Ram, one year old and upwards, pedigreed S3 00
Two Ewes, two shears and over  3 00
Two Ewes, shearlings   2 .IO
Run Lamb  2 00
Ewe Lamb  2 00
Ram, one year old and upwards, pedigreed $,'t 00
Two Ewes, two shears and over  3 00
Two Ewes, shearlings  2 60
Ram Lamb  2 00
Ewo Lamb  2 00
Ram, one yoar old and upwards, pedigreed $3 00
Two Rwos, two shears and over                  ....   3 00
Two Ewes,shearings         2 50
Ram Lamb   2 00
0. Ewe Lamb 2 00
Ass. 1ST.
1. Two Ewes, two shears and over  ......       . .82 50
-.    Two Ewes, shearlings       2 00
3.    Ram Lamb     2 00
I.    Kwe Lamb 2 00
umsinv n.
Knar, one yoar old and upwards	
Hoar, under ond your old.... 	
Sow, over one year old                 	
Sow, under one year old  	
.84 01
.. 3 'Ml
. 4 00
. 3 00
Hoar, ono year old and upwards S4 00
Hour, under one year old -. 3 00
How, over one year old ���  4 00
Sow, under one year old  3 00
Roar, one year old and upwards	
Hoar, under one year old	
Sow, over onc year old	
Mow, under ono yoar	
,.$4 00
.. a oo
..  4 00
.. 3 00
Roar, ono yoar old and upwards ��l IH)
'��,    Hoar, under one year old  3 00
3. Sow, over ono year old  4 00
4. Sow, under one yoar.. :  3 00
t'tiASS. IsT.
1. Hoar, ono year old ami upwards $4 00
2. Hour, under ono year old        3 00
3. Sow,  over ono yoar old  .| 00
4. Sow, under ono year     3 00
1, Sow, with litter.
2. Sow, nm
sr�� ai
;i on
���i m
A 0,1
:i (in
i 00
$5 00
.1 00
2 00
li (III
4 00
3 00
2 (10
2 00
|5 00
3 00
2 00
2 00
4 00
:i oo
2 00
$2 00
2 50
2 0(1
1 50
2 50
3 00
tli 00
.1 00
l on
l 50
i on
3 00
S5 0C
3 UO
I 50
1 50
1 00
3 00
3 no
1 50
I 50
1 00
2 (X)
1 00
1 511
1 50
1 50
81 00
2 00
1 511
1 no
1 00
J2 00
2 OO
1 50
I no
1 00
$2 00
2 on
1 60
l no
I 00
S2 00
2 00
1 50
i on
I 00
I 50
I nu
I 00
S3 00
3 nn
2 (XI
$3 ill)
2 00
3 on
2 on
S3 00
2 00
3 on
2 00
S3 00
2 00
3 CO
2 00
S3 00
2 on
3 on
2 nn
ytiar nlil anil upwards.
Twii Plgsj nailer niue months,*..
S3 00
S2 00
3 00
2 CO
2 00
1 00
iiiii-iov i:
Tnrksys, Irin *', f*
r.rini'.i Turkeys, trio  ' "J|
Ducks, trio  ' ����
Spanish, trio  j ���
Bialnnas, trio, (While)  I JJ
Plymouth Uoeks  I ���
Whito Leghorn,  J u*'
"frown Leghorns���      I *'11
Wyanilotts  I W
Hamliurgs  [���
Geese, trio..,  :  ' J"
Shanghais  } ���>
HoikUm  J JJJ
Blank Minorcas ����������� I���
1 00
Bull Coehins
Partridge Cochins-.
Pair of PigeonB	
1.    Butter, five 211). rolls
.S4 00
Firkin not less than SOlhs. in roll  4 00
"      packed, not less than 20lhs... .... 4 00
Factory cheeso made in the Province, to bo exhibited by the manufacturer.. 400
Dairy Cheese mado in the Province, to be exhibited by the manufacturer.. 4 00
Loaf of bread II10
Plate print butter, not less than 31bs... .. 4 00
Brace Cabbage	
Turnips, six....
Carrots, six..
Parsnips, six..
Onions, six
Corn, (table) six..
Beets, six..
Celery, two..
Lettuce, two..
Squash, brace of Hubbard
Pumpkins, brace of table.
Vegetable Marrow, six..
Tomatoes, six..
Cucumbers, six,.. ...
Caulillower, brace of	
Rhubarb, six	
Kohl Rabbi	
Button Onions, quart	
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
SJ2 50
2 50
2 50
2 00
2 00
..$0 75
One Bushel Fall  Wheat	
2. " Spring Wheat  ������������ -���������
3. " Barley  .... 	
4. " Oats, White  	
5. " Oats, Black.... 	
6. " Peas, Whito                  ���
7. " l'eas, (ilay....                 .... 	
S.   Half Bushel Early Rose Potatoes	
0, " Beauty of Hebron                  	
10, " Btirliauk Seedling  	
11, " Chillio..  .   ��� 	
12, " Late Rose  	
IS, '��� Any other variety.. .. 	
14. Throe varieties uf any other kind, one peck each	
15. One bushel new variety (uot. before exhibited in tbe Prov
10.   Turnips (Swedes), six	
17,   Mangold Wnrtzel {Globe}, aix,...         	
IS. " " (Long Rod), six	
III.   Sugar .Rest*, six  	
20. Cartots (Whito), six  	
21. "       (Red or Orange), six  .... 	
22. Corn, six  	
23. llalbofllay  	
21.   Timothy Seed, fifty pounds  ���
25.   Chevalier Barley  ....  ," " ",
Collection of Seed and Grain, not loss than six kinds, and
, of each kind..
$2 50
2 50
2 00
2 00
2 (0
2 00
. 2 00
I 00
. 1 00
. 1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
I 00
1 00
live llu
Half Bushel Rural Now Vorkcr Potato	
" Stray Beauty    " 	
Blue Bell "
" Kidney "          	
Collection of Vegetables, 2 nf each klllil, and not.
less than 1(1 kinds . 3 00
(Iravenstein Apples, fivo
Duchess of Oldenbiirgh, fivo ...
Yellow Transparent,  livo	
Belliul, five ....
Plato uf any other k'nd, five .
Coldeu   RllHsets, livo ,.
Roxbttrry Russete, livo
Baldwins, five ....
Northern Spy, live ���
Kiiur of Tompkins, livo ���
Seek n i Further, five ....
Spitznnliiirgli, live 	
Greening.!., live        ..
Itlue I'earmain, fivo 	
Four Largest 	
Alexander, live 	
Maiden's Blush, fivo
Hyde's King of tin West, fivu
Bales S eilliug, live 	
Wealthy, 111-	
I'laleof auy olher kind	
Bart lei I Pears, livo ....
Beurr.i ll'Anjoii Bears, five ���
Any other variety I'eais, live. .
Souvenir du CongrOIJ Pears....
Winter Nellis Bears, five	
Flemish Beauty, livo	
Main, IVurs, fivo	
Any other kind, live	
Dessert I'luius, six	
Preserving Plums, six	
Keg I'liinu, six r	
Coo's Golden Droll Plums, six	
Magnum Bonem t'lums, six	
Collection of Plums, six of each kind	
(irapes (Light), three bunches	
drapes (Dark), (hreo bunches	
Peaches,   Alexander, six	
Peaches, Early Crawford, aix	
l'oaebcs, any other kind, six.	
Assortment of Harness and Saddlery, mado in tho Province.:
Collection of Horseshoes	
" Sonp	
Cooking Stove, made in Province	
Parlor Stove,       " ��       	
Marble Work,     " "      	
Doors and Windows" ��'       	
Furniture, "       "      	
I'litur, "       "      	
Assortment of Hoots and Shoes, made in Province	
Oatmeal, made iu Provincu    .* ...
Graham Hour, made in Province	
Best Incubator and Brooder in operation	
1 50
2 00
2 tfl
3 00
1 no
i no
1 00
1 00
2 00
.SI 00
. I no
. I oo
. I on
. I uo
. l oo
. l on
. I ou
. I oo
. I oo
. I on
. I on
. 1 on
. I 111
. I 00
. I no
. I no
. I nn
. l no
. I oo
.. I nn
.. l oo
. I oo
. I on
. l oo
. I oo
.. i oo
. I oo
.. l oo
. 1(H)
. i oo
. 1 (XI
.. i on
.. I no
. l oo
.. l oo
.. l oo
.. l oo
. I Ull
.. 1 00
il 'HI
1 00
3 on
2 00
3 on
3 00
3 00
2 6(1
il on
2 50
2 50
4 00
I 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
SO 60
81 50
1 60
1 (10
1 00
1 00
l on
l nu
1 00
1 00
1 00
SO 60
82 50
Collection of Plants in Flower, grown in pots or boxes 82 00
F'our Fuchsias, in pola or boxes   1 50
Bouquet* for Tablo  1 00
Bouquets for Hand.   1 00
Dahlias, six varieties, cut. (lowers   1 00
Floral Design  1 00
Collection of Pansies, 12 varieties, distinct    I 00
" Roses, cut lluwers  1 00
" (iladiolas,  cut (lowers    I UO
" Picotteo or Carnation   1 00
" Stocks, cut (lowers      50
" Asters,       "       50
" Zinnias,     "       50
Hanging Baskets, with plant or plants  1 00
   1 0(1
   1 OO
Four (ioraiilums
Specimen (Jeraniunis	
Collection of Sweet Peas	
Specimens of Fuchsias 	
Collection of Annuals, cut [lowers
1.    Exhibit of Honey, in comb
.SI 00
Collection of Bottled   Fruit, homo made, not less than six
Collection .lellies, Inline made, not less than six jars.
3 00
2 00
Assortment Crochet (cotton), six specimens.
Crochet tidy, co'.lon 	
"     Bed quilt        	
"   Tidy, worsted      	
"    Skirt	
Child's Buggy Bog, worsted 	
Mais, Crocheted, wool
Woolen Comforter..
Gloves, Crocheted, wool.
Mittens,        do       do..
Wool Cap   ....
Toilet Set ... .... ...
Child's dress       .... 	
Table cover.... 	
Tabic scarf 	
Piano cover        .... ....        .
Araseno clicnillo cushion
Wool raised and plain work cilBliion.
Slippers.... .... ....
Toilet Set ....
. 1 00
. l no
. 1 oo
. 1 IHI
. 1 00
. 1 00
. 1 00
. 1 00
. 1 00
Set Underclothing	
2. Lady's Night Dress  	
3. Pillow Slips	
4. Pillow Shams  	
5. Six Button Holer	
II. Stockings, Darned	
7. Fancv Aprons, mado by girl under 14 years.
8. Pillow Slips
II. Six Button Holes
10. Stockings Darned
ailri'M Pi
..Si on
.. l oo
.. 100
... l on
... l on
...   1(H)
... 100
... l oo
... I oo
itivily Clmc ,1 Clear Hay* llr/orr llie Shon:
Set Underclothing.
Lady's Wrapper...
Child's Dress	
Pillow Shams	
Bntria Po
���rhj Clm :l Clear Days lie
Silk I'aleli-work	
l'ateb-wiuk Quilt, cotton.
Quilt, Worsted	
Comforter, Quilted or Tied .
Quilted Bed quilt	
Home made Covcrlot	
1. Stockings, Wool	
2. " Knitted, Cotton	
3. Toilet  Set...	
���I.    Six Samples Knitting	
5. Gen la' Socks, Col I on or Woolen	
II.    Cloves	
7.    Mittens	
. Unlriu /',.m7,Y,/.,/ (���/���<, .: Clear Day, flj/ors Hi,
1. Iloine-inaile ling	
2. Design in Man   Work (Wreaths)	
3. Moss Work (Wreaths)	
4. flowers, Feathers	
6. "      Wax	
li. "      Wool	
7. Frntt, Wax Collection	
8. Seed Work	
Eiitrla Potillmly Clan, .1 Clear Dam Before lh
. I 00
. I 00
. I 00
. I 00
. 100
. I 00
1. Drawing, Pencil	
2. "       Pen anil Ink.
3. "      Crayon	
Water Color,
  1 UO
  l on
  l oo
Any olher kind  I (HI
class Nr.        2nd.
li. "     The Production of Children under 12 years
of ago 1 50 1 IHI
7. "      Penmanship, ornamental, hy boys and nrls under
15 years                             I 00
8. Shells, Marine, Collection  2 00
0..   Insects, Collection, native  2(HI
III.   Minerals and Fossils, Collection, native                25(1
11. Animals anil Birds, Collection of Stufled, native  500
12. Colleeiii.iiof Photographs         2(H)
13. Birds, Canary               1 on
1 no
2 00
1 00
SI 00
1 00
1 50
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 ou
1 oo
1 00
1 00
1 uo
SO 511
SI oo
80 50
.  1 00
.  100
.  1 IHI
52 IH)
2 IH)
1 (H)
2 00
2 110
SI) 511
1 IH)
. I oo
SO so
SO .ri0
l oo
l oo
A Mavvolloiirj Child-
TlmmarvelloiiB ohihl  montionod  nth*
ChiuoHo ch.B?*i<!'*, wh", al four yeara old, wns
lihlo to l'OOllO tho 3'iO   ViTrtC-*    of tilt* T'tWIK
pnutry, um woll aa tho Atiolont Hook of
OiIcp, Iiiih boen eollpnoil hy an infant prodigy uf tho namo ago who lift* ttrcMHltfld
himielf at tho rooont Licontiato Kxamlni-
lions in Hong Kent; a1 a ctuulltlato for literary honours.   Thi-* P'anyu ..'huhaifn per-
H.iiniiiy examined this tiny candiiate, and
found that tha child could write a oonclie
esaayon tho subject that hnd heon given
him, although,  of ci'timo, in un  Infantile
lOrawl.  It. is (iliHi'rvi'd hy a local eo in in on lu-
tor thai It now remains only for iho Literary
Chancollor to " yunn" the prodigy cm ho
oan he styled ns " having entered tho por*
lulu nf tha Dragon's gatoa," that la, obtained the degree of Sin-ts'at, or Linenliuto.
or THE WEEKLY NEWS, AUG. 23, 1893.
Published   By  M. Whitney &
Son.   Every Wednesday.
Courtenay, B. C.
Or.e Year     I'lOO
8tx Months    ISM
Single ropy           0 ft*
One inch per yen* J 120(1
..   ..  month   l.io
eighth col  per y��ar   B6 00
fourth    .viiw
week, .. lino        00 10
Local notices,per line  20
Notices of Births, Marriages and
Deaths.  50 cents each insertion.
No Advcitismenl inserted for less than
50 tents.
Wednesday, Ann. 23,1893
In looking over our books wc find that
many of our subscribers are in f-.reas,
some of them for many months. Newspapers can not be run on credit, ami we
muat urge alt who know themselves to
be indebted to us to at once forward the
The Fall Exhibition.
The first annual exhibition of the Co.
mo.v Agricultural and Industrial Association will take place on Thursday, the 28th
of September. The prize list which will
be found on nur third page is a liberal
one for .1 country district, und it is hoped
there will be found among our farmers,
their wives, and others interested, enough
home pride in the productions, and in
the grand ctipabilltes of this district to
ensure lheir enthusiastic support of an en
lerprise which is well calculated to draw
favorable attention to this region, and
largely advertise what ever we have to.
dispose of In addition this to it will enable us to see as nothing else will what
our neighbors are doing, and to compare
results, and learn from the experience of
others. It will stimulate, too, a proper
-.pint of emulation, and lead to better
methods, which of course will result in
������reiiter profits. It will bring our people
together, breaking down separation walls
which have grown up through the years
of rugged pioneer life.
Let every one help, be it ever so little.
There will be ground for criticism, iher-i
always is, but be generous enough to
overlook it and assist in making the exhibition as much of a success as possible. If you'have not become a member
call on the Secretary who will be glad to
receive your name and membership fee;
if you are a member and have not sent in
your membership fee, hand it in lo the
Secretary or any of the Directors who
will receipt for it and report. Uegin preparing for the exhibit at once. If any information is required not furnished on
our third page,write to the Secretary who
will furnish it.
Let us make our first annua! exhibition
a fair index of what we have and are capable of producing, and we shall all have
reason to be proud of it.
The Breeding Stock Act.
An examination of the Breeding Stock
���Vi shows that Part 1 of which section 6
allows bulls to run at large except between the first of April and the 20th of
June of each year, only applies to that
portion of thc mainland of the province
which is situated north and east of the
Cascade Range of Mountains. On the
other hand sec. 15 of Part 11 which docs
not applv to that portion ofthe province
east and north of the Cascade Range,
but docs apply to all the rest of the prov*
i n<e, im poses a penalty not less than five
dollars nor more than twenty-five dollars,
l��i be recovered in a summary way be-
fore any Justice ol the Peace where any
owner of any stallion, jackass, bull, boar,
or ram shall allow thc same to run at
The legislature last winter amended
the Breeding Stock Act by providing
thai it shall be lawful for anv Provincial
police officer or constable to arrest and
detain any such animal running at large,
and to exercise all the power and authority with respect to such animal set forth
in ici'iion 17 and 18 of lhe Act.
It is seldom thnt any but scrub stock
js allowed to run at large, and steps
should be taken in all cases to enforce
the law and prevent this.
Wide Tires.
The attention of farmers is called to
thc Wide Tire Act of last winter. It provides that after the first day of January,
1894, it shall be unlawful for any wagon
01 vehicle carrying a load of more than
2000 pounds weight avoirdupois to be
drawn or driven on any of thc public
highways of that portion of the Province
west of thc Cascade Range, unless thc
tires of such waggon or vehicle shall be
at least four inches in width.
As severe penalties arc imposed for
thc violation of the provisions of this
Act it would be well if farmers and teamsters would make their arrangements in
time to comply with this law so as to entail upon themselves no unnecessary ex-
pence or trouble.
There were about  l,000,000, tons of
coal mined on this island last year.
Esquimalt  and Nanaimo  Ry.
Steamer Joan
On and after Mar. 22nd, 1S93
Thc Steamer JOAN will sail as follows
OAliUNQ AT WAY PORTA ns paBsentfora
and freight may oiFor
e   vo Victoria, Tuesday, r- n. m.
"   Nanaimo for Coniox, Wedncsduy. 7 a. m
" Comox for Voldon iBlrmil, ovey alternate
Thursday Ta,m,(RoturiilnK nam-* day. J
Leavo Comox for Kitnalmo,     Fridays, 7a.ni,
Nanuimo for Vlotorla,  Saturday, 7u.m
For freight or state rooms apply on
board, or at the Company's ticket office,
Victoria Station, Store street.
Esquimalt & Nanaimo R'y.
Time  Table   No.   17,
To take effect at 8.00 a. m. on Friday
September 30th. 1892. Trains run
on Pacific Standard Time.
*/; -
���? hi
1 "St
::::::���.'������:���:    ��� E
S3?3'3?l=SS3H*2:*i   S *
i-ir)'*!*"*--***---*!"-**-     1*1 "T
Z *
*.        1   ��� -r.re S
o. Ig   sasssssfisassi-aaas
v   Sa        E-iM-F-coooao"--!-"*"-"
ii*i".\\ �����' "IK    !SI:itBiS.55"S'iS.iia2 ">
Ih :<*��H��5i3.3
: :ba :    * ; : :o*-
���������-������'���"35JJ '-��������-
**""so"s'3o����-'5'fiB >-���
:&- ��� [mm ���'���'.:: :q^*-
��IA U".J naillt
1   h ��i
H -
Z a
-=SSs����5:"*aS H" K
l^l'IgasgWlaaWs*- a s st
Y.'eZ (J* a el ;inHi5��^....��'Bn   ia eo
������:"������������>:������������ ������ ������_   --_\
a x
ft    5C
:< ���
8sss3-s-i"5sa*fsss 8a
��� ���.7t���
On Saturdays and Sundays
Iteturn Tlc'ieta will be 'mmed between nil
points for n fare and a q wirier, (food for return not Intor than Monduy.
KoturnTlcki'ta for one and a half ordinary
fnro may bo purchased daily to all points,
good for hcvcii dnys, including day of U-mo.
No KcLurn Tickets issued for a fure and a
quarter whore the single faro is tweniy-flve
Through ratus liotwoen Victoria and Coniox.
1'resldont. Gen'l Supt.
11. K. PRIOR.
Oen. Freight nud Passenger Agt
Dr WJ Curry
(DEN T 1ST.)
Green's Block���near Post Office���Nanaimo. Any number of teeth removed
without pain and without the use of
Ether or Chloroform.
All persons driving over the wharfi
or bridges in Comox district faster
th��H a walk, will be prosecuted accord
ing to law.
S. Orerch
Gov. Agent.
For Sale
521 Acres of Choice Land,
��� and ���
9 Horse., 100 Sheep, and 00 Cows
together with
2 Mowing Machine*, 1 Steel Boiler
1 Re.ping Machine, 1 Seed Sower,
1 Drill Sower, 1 Spring wagon, and
Double Wagon.
Title deeds can be teen In my possession.
���and ���
Courtenay. B. C.
General Blacksmithing
and Horse Shoeing.
Loggers' Work a Specialty.
Best of   Everything in this
Line Constantly on Hand.
Clay & Viles, Props.
Union fl ivery
it ... IL ...
-    A  N   1)    ���
^p*EE�� QlAELB
���\ - y-
All Kinds of Teaming   Done.
Horses and  Rigs for Hire at
JLll   Times
Saw Mill
All kinds of Rough and
Dressed Lumber always on
hand and delivered at short
Also all kinds of oulding,
Lath, Sawn and Split Shingles, and dressed Pine and Cedar always on hand.
Orders  promptly executed.
Which we possess will do
your stumping speedily, neatly, and at reasonable rates.
0 0
o Norman  McLeod ��
o u
0    The  justly    celebrated jj
0 Clydesdale,     will   travel n
0 through  the District  this 0
0 b 0
0 season. n
R. Grant & L. Mounce,
Props. Union, B. C. 0
G B Leighton
At the Bay, Comox, B. O.
Blacksmithing and Repairing
of all kinds
Carriage Work and Horseshoeing a specialty
Nanaimo   Saw Mill
~ and   ���
Sash and Door Factory
A Illinium, IV,v. Mill lit., I'6 Box35, Tel. 1"
N'Miaimo It. C.
A complete stuck of Koujili and Dressed
Lumber always on Imndj also Shingle,
Laths, Pickets, Hours, Windows anil
Blinds, Moulding, Scroll sawing, Turning
and all kinds of wood finishing furnislicd
Cedar,     While   Fine,     Kedwo.d.
All orders accompanied withC.su ur.impt
Iy and carefully attended lo.
Steamer Kstell
Harbor and ontsidc towing done at reason
able rates.
F.  W. Hart
Manufacturer,   Importer, Wholesale
and   Retail   Dealer    in
C3P* Largest Establishment of its kind.
1*24 Cordova St.      Vancouver,    11. c
J. W. McCann
Carpenter    *
And Builder
General Job Work
���"**������� UNDERTAKER.
Courtenay B, G,
John Fraser
Stage and Livery Business
Stage connects with all steamers at
the Bay.
Also io a general
Teaming Business
Orders ma* b�� left at the Courtenajr
Hotel, or I hit offis*.
We have received our new Millenery and are  very buey   filling: orders
for spring Hate and Bonnets,   Come down  and see us at once
ik      DRESS   GOODS      .-CS
We have surpassed anything ever attempted before   in this   line,   and
the trimmings are simply elegant.
AM our  New Jackets and Capes are to hand
Commercial Street Nanaimo B. 0.
I Make  It a Point 5 Know
For iho lilt thirty yr-ara having handled Silver Ware,  manufactured Iiy tlm
Celebrated linns of Hied mid Burton���Kodgera 1847���antl Mflridfn Britannia,
I know them to lie A l,   ��&- In J��w��lry, ('locks, Watches, nnd  Specmcles,
I Show tli- Largest Stock in the city, AT HARD TIMES   THICKS.
Speeal attention given to n paring in ALL Brunches of thu Trtuld.
K3e*l, Orders Iiy mail will havj prompt atten'ion. J��$
M. R. Counter,
Crescent Jewelry Store,
imoB. P.
Vancouver Furniture Warehouse,
K-jLAbliAhcd IST3-
 ��� AlHO Dr.'k'f i�� 	
Carpets bedding and wall pater,
general house furnishing goods,
agent whi i'e sewing .machines. undertaker.
nanaimo b. c.
P. O. box 16.
Nanaimo Cigar Factory.
Philip Gable, Proprietor.
Baston Street      ���    Nanaimo B. O.
*** Manufactures   the   finest   cigares,
em ploying none but white labor.
Why purchase inferior foreign cigars,
when you can obtain a SUPERIOR ARTICLE for the same |��'*>��*-'J^_	
Eaper Raper & Co.
Booksellers,     Statiouers,
General   News   Agents.
Nanaimo. II. C.
Nanaimo Machine Works
Robert J, Wenbom-
Fraser Street
Near Bastion Street Bridge
Nanaimo* B. C.
All Kinds of Machinery made to order
and repaired.
Fruit Trees
Mainland Nursery *
*      Ladners Landing B. C.
A large supply of three and four year old
JL^-prjE   TUBES
Also Pears Plumes, Prunes, and Peaches
Ornamental trees for lawns  and grass
plots.   Small fruits,   shrubs   and evergreens of every variety.
The Nanaimo Pharmacy
Nanaimo B. O.
W. E. Ale Cartney Chemist,
Pure Drugs Chemicals and Patent
PhyfllcanB   Fruutiiniona-uid all orders AIM
with euro uod <li��pnlcli. 1*. 0. I>ux Vi
Geo. Bevilockway,
-*-    Red House    -*-
Commercial St.     =   Nanaimo. B. 0.
Dealer in General Merchandise.
Highest cash Price Paid for Furs-Hides,
aud Country Produce.
Ralph Craig's
Nanaimo Steam
Baston St. Bridge, Nanaimo, IJ. C.
General Blacksmithing, Horseshoeing
Carragc Building, etc.
Wagons and Farming Implements
made aud repaired. Miners' Auger Drilling Machines made to order on short
Wm Mathewson.
will deliver daily at
and during warm weather twice a day
Pure Milk from His Ranch
And also will deliver to his custome
daily  Fresh Eggs,  Butter, Vegeta
Poultry, etc.
Farmers having above for sale or delivery should consult him.
Passengers carried to and from Union.
    A  Full   Line of Everything  	
Grant and McGregor Props.
Anley  & Beckcnsell.
Dealers in All Kinds of Meats, Vegetables, etc.
Orders Filled on Short Notice.
Kaslo Citv Bargains
and other splendid investments.
We offer you
Buy of your home Agents who will be pleased to secure you
Gilchrist and McArdle, Courtenay.
2. D. McLean
Jeweler, Bookseller
and Dealer in
Organs, Pianos, Music
Stationery, and Notions of all kinds.
Union   Mines,B. C.
Riverside   Hotel
Courtenay B C
J. J. Grant, Proprietor
The Hotel is one ofthe best equipped
on the Pacific Coast, and is situated at
die mouth of the Courtenay River, between Union and the huge fanning settlement of Comox,
Trout aie plentiful in thc river, and
large game abounds in thc neighborhood
The Bar connected with the hotel is
kept well supplied  with thc best wines
ind  liquors.    Stage  connects   wilh  all
Steamers.   Terms moderate
CO\rl3TE27Ji.-y, B.C.
n*hu leading hotul In Comox district.
^New nnd hnnd.omely: furnished,
xcellent hunting and fishing close
to town. Tourists can depend on
flrst-clasB accommodation. Reasonable rates. Bur suppliod with the
choicest liquors and cigars
R. Graham, Propr.
This town is located in the
midst ofthe largest agricultural
settlement on Vancouver Island. It is within six miles of
Union Mines affording the farmers of the valley the very
best home market, and is situated on the only highway-
leading from the settlement to
the mines. The lumber interests of this section are most ex
tensive, and are an important
factor in our progress.
The per cent of improvements of this town during the
present year is greater than
any other place the Coast
can boast of, and the march of
improvement is still onward.
The prosperity of the town
has for its foundations, therefore large mineral, agricultural,
and timber recources. It may
also be added that no section
furnishes a better field for the
sportsman. Fish and game
are always abundant and our
hotels of the best.
Wm. Cheney
[ Office at the bridge ]
OOTTK.TH13Sr-A.-r B. O.
Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer.
Lots sold on easy terms.
Comox Saw Mills.
Rough and Dressed Lumber
White Pine always in stock.
All orders executed promptly.
Urquhart Bros. Proprs. Comox B.C.


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