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The Weekly News Nov 3, 1896

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Array NO.   208.   UNION   COMOX   DISTRICT,   B.   C,   TUESDAY   NOV 3rd,    1896.   $2.00   PER   ANNUM.
Choice fresh and salt meats, headcheese, bolonga, sausages
andvegetables, fruitand eggs
~-~xi?iPXi-a- stjkfijIbd
Show U��
A successful merchant and we will show you
a man who keeps thoroughly posted and
watches the cost of every single article he
Same Mb Applies to Economical HiiMerpers.
That's the reason the women of Union use
our prices as a standard for what they should
pay for goods elsewhere,
fr\\�� sujts.
Tempting   Prices  at
F. 2DTJ2~1--1S
You will find in my selection of this
fall goods bargains never offered you
before. Fine black worsted suit
$35.00, nice nobby Scotch suits $25.00
And Overcoats From $20.00   up.
Union   Shipping.
Oot. 17th Str- Danube left with 66 tens
of ooal far Ttttel't un.
Oct. 28th,��� Casta Riot left for San Fran,
tltto with 3450 tont of ooal, and tho Thii.
tit with 36 tone.
Oot. 29th.���Ihe Norwegian Tyr (eft with
320 tout of ooal at fuel for Tacoma and the
Tapio took MO toot of Comox eoal ftr tht
Australian boats at Vancouver.
Oot. Slab���Ihe Minneola left with 3360
twit of otal for tbe Southern Pacific at Fort
Angeles, and tht Quadra took 71 tona for
tb' Dominion Government.
The Gotta Rica and tht Washtenaw
wilt be in port before the next issue of
tha "News."	
Bay year mgtr at Luisor's $5.26 par ow.
Beys' clothing for Si at Leiser's.
Miss Bertram, teacher of music and
singing has vacancies for a few more pupils. Miss Bertram has opened a Drawing ancl Fainting class at the Public
School for every Wednesday afternoon
at 4 o'clock.   Address Post Ollice.
Men's new styles in Hard and Soft
Hits at Leise's.
A grand ooncert will Iih eives in tht K. of
P. ball, Comox, Bay. on Tuesday, Novsui-
10th, at 8 o'clock precisely. The prngram
will consist af aoogs, reoitationi, tnd musical drill and exercises by the pupils of Mrs.
O'Dell's class. Tho oonotrt will bt repeat*
td at Courtenay, on Thursday tvtning in
the hatl, commencing at 8 o'olook. Admission eaoh evening, 60 osuts. Part of tht
proceeds to bt given to tha English and
Presbyterian ohurchos.
Mrs. O'Dell is prepared to undertake
engagements during the Winter Season
for concerts, dances, etc. Mrs. O'Dell
contemplates opening a class at Courtenay for adults consisting of singing .ind
thorough 'musical training, also a dais
for children comprising musicil training,
drill, and exercises. For further particulars see bills at Courtenay. Address
Mrs. O'Dell, Comox Bay.
Bargains for cash at Holmta atare, Uaiaa,
Latest by Wire
Dual Between Dr. Duncan snd Dr.
Milne���Weapons Chosen by the
Challenged���Death Expected on
Third Day���Editor of Province
up for Contempt���Politics and
Happenings Btiefed
Th* DUEL.���The dispatch from Victoria states Dr. Duncan hnn challenged
Dr. Milne to a duel with pistols; no doubt
the liquid pocket brand preferred. In
accepting, the challenger has the choice
of weapons, and chose the following;
First day���short range pea-shooters at
19,000 yards, Marquis of Queensbury
rules. Second day���svringes charged
with Florida water, at fifty paces���no
smelling salts allowed for laints or funks.
Third day���a toss up, loser to take winner's prescription���patent medicines
barred. At the latest advices the medicos
were alive ar.d able and willing to operate
on less fortunate subjeets than themselves
Flooding Wellington Mine.���The
work of flooding No. 3 Wellington Mine
has been progressing rapidly, and the
work will be finished quickly.
Mineral Locations.���There were
four records of mineral locations made at
the government office Saturday last.
Lorndale Mining Co.���The incor *
poration has been gazetted. Messrs. J.
Mohrer, F. W. Glaholm and F. McBain
Young are the first board of trustees.
Contempt of Coort'.���The Consolidated Railway Co., of Victoria has given
notice they will apply to the Supreme
Court for an order to commit A H.
Scarfe, editor of the Province, to jail for
Contempt of Court for vri'.ing and publishing on Oct 24th certain comments
and statements in regard to the Point
Ellice bridge disaster in respect of the
negligence of the company, which comments are calculated to prejudice or interfere with a fair trial ofthe pending
suit against the company."
Departure or Tupper.���Sir Charles
Tupper will leave very shortly now for
the old country, leaving the organization
work in other hands, and transacting his
business in England, as soon as possible
Disruption of the Cabinet.���
Ther* is reported to be in Winnipeg A
strong impression that there is disruption in the Government Cabinet over the
the school question
Buying .Silverites.���(London Oct.
30th.) Following the Times editorial the
Chronicle's New York correspondent
cables that anti silverites are openly
buying votes in the States at $10.00 a
Trinity Church Social.
TThe social at Cumberland Hall on the
29th given by the ladies of Trinity
Church, was seeminglv enjoyed by all
attending. The rain, ar.d it being Thursday night when many are so busy making up their mail, prevented as large an
attendance as the entertainment deserved
and had been anticipated.
Archdeacon Scriven made a most
capable chairman, and was responsible
for 1 he program.
Miss Bertram's instrumental solo, was
the opening number, followed by a song
from Miss Chambers, viho surprised
those not having heard her.sing previously; she was a hit nervous at first, but
soon gained confidence, and sang "Queen
ofthe Night,''in a strong clear soprano
which is capable of a high degree of
The announcement that Rev. Mr.
Hicks was next to sing called forth
applause. His selaction "True 'till death,"
received an encore, to which he responded.
The chairman next announced there
would be a recitation by Mr. Boyd, bui
it should be called a piece of fine acting.
In a short prologue, Mr. Boy] explained,
he was personating a man who made mo
requent visits to the tavern, and suffered
in consequence, frnm optical illusions;
having his sight multiplied by two or
three.   Seeing three cars   approaching
McPhee & Moore,
Genenal Merchants and Butchers,
UNION and COURTENAY,       ...       B. O
one night, he decided to take No. 2, but
found it a phantom car, and fell breaking
one arm. An enterprising travelling man
sold hun a wooden arm, warranted to
equal any arm of bone, muscle and
sinew, ever possessed.
The wooden armed gentleman reciting
"Hohenlinden" wilh appropriate gestures, was the picture Mr. Boyd so cleverly portrayed. The creaking of his wooden joints, frantic efforts to keep his wooden limb up to time with i.s natural member, and the tense expression of his face,
were all ludicrous. As an encore he
gave a paiody on Tennyson's "Charge
���f the Light Brigade," which brought
down the house.
The audience was indebted to Mr.
Boyd for a treat, his first recitation being
novel, and both amusing.
A song by Mrs. Chas. Lowe, accompanied by Mrs. E. McKim and Dr.
Westwood, on piano and violin was a
little gem and sweetly sung, the violin
refrain being charming.
A violin obligate by Dr. Westwood
accompanied by Mrs. McKim ort piano
was a beautiful selection from Faust,
played with artistic touch and feeling.
Refreshments, substantials and dain
ties, with coffee were passed; Mrs.
Beckman and a corps of assistant
ladies and gentlemen serving the guests*,
Rev. Mr. Logan sang in his best voice
and style, "The Laird o' Cockpen,"
and received merited applause.
Mr. Hicks, brother of the pastor of
the Methodist Church, gave a pretty
song in a pleasing tenor.
Miss Bertram favored the audience
with two vocal selections.
Miss Chambers in a short address
presented to Mr. and Mrs. Willemar the
Autograph quilt. Rev. Mr. Willemar
replied in a few appreciative remarks,
which closed a very pleasant entertainment. In faci there was not one number
on the program but was well given and
A number of the younger people remained after the close, and dancing was
in order until a late hour.
The seison may be said to have opened; church socials, and concerts,
dances, and lodge banquets, al! have
started This month will be given the
Cantata: later we hope for an Operetta
and something from the Dramatic Society which mnde last winter brighter with
its clever entertainments.
To succeed in any pursuit, some one
said, and everyone knows, or should
know, we must possess the facuhty
of continuity; and this reminds me
that one of our officers who guards
the safety of our homes and selves���Mr.
Hutchinson���proved he possesses this
gift in a remarkable degree. Last
summer, he staid for hours in the water,
the tide rising higher every moment, and
the water growing colder as night
approached. At last he discovered the
object of his search���a lady's gold ring,
covered with tiny fish.
# *
1 wonder after the close of Thursday
night's entertainment, was it in truth the
end, or thc beginning ofthe end to one
or two "affaires du coeurl" Only patience
with Time's devolopments can answer.
Mr Gleasna hm put in doable window u
in tht! W'.'nt side ol hi* boats, md a t^tohen
Ht ttie roar bhiI mach improving hid plaoe,
Tho doxapour uf rain Us: woek, f irinei.
a ouneut nf waier acr.jsn tr.c atrc�� inter
section at Tninl and Duuamuir Avenue,
strong enough to run a saw mill, washing
away the gravel reoently put opea tbe road.
Quite a novel eutertaiament wu given by
the Ladies Aid, at the   Presbyterian
Churoh ou Ootober 37th.   The invitations
wero accompanied by a little saok and worded thus:
"This birthday party is giv*n for you,
'Tis '*">me Ming < oval, h* methiug new.
Wn givo jou etch a lu:it. *aok,
Plea--�� eitt.nr mc ud ur bring it back,
With aa may oenta as you are years old
We pi omite the number will never be,
If shyness forbids yon yoar age to tell,
A Silver Half Dnllar willdojuitas well,
Ice cream aud oaken yoa can have for a
While the programme supplied will be
simply sublime,
St. George's Aid, with greetings hearty.
Keels ��ur�� you'll attend yoar own birth*
duy party.
P. 8. Thoae who find it inconvenient te
attend the party will please send their sacks
t-o Mm. Rustiull, Treasurer, on or before
Ootober 27th *
Ri'v Mr. Logan, chairman, opened the en-
terUinmeut, by explaining tbe Birthday
Party, and declaring it was oonsidered
everybody's birthday
The recitations by the little people, Willie Walker, Mamie Auly, Eva Dee, and the
dialogue by six little girls, were all worthy
of complimentary notioe.
The selection, "We'll have to mortgage
the farm," was a particularly oatoby nir.
the chorus being exceedingly pretty.
Miss Webster's recitation waa np to the
young lady's usual and popular style of elocution,
Mrs. Dee's song was well received.
Rev. Mr. Login sang a Scotch ballad and
its reception, proved the majority of tbe
audience were Scots, not by load applause,
for that's not a Scotchman's manner ofjshow*
ing his appreciation; bat one oould see heads
nodding aud an expression of nuch solid ap*
proval it cannot be expressed, bat oae feall
it is genuine aad unalterable, and the song
was sung as only a Scotonmau can, with
proper acoent and expression.
Mr. Htoke sang as we have learned te expect of his fins voice.
Mr. Howells ia a general favorite ne n vo��
oalist, and aang in his usnal happy manner.
Both Messrs Allsop and Brans' scleetieas
were appreciated.
Mr. Mitobell made a most interesting ad*
dress, as did Mr. Gbas Evans,
Mr. Whitney nude a few oloiiog remarke
aud tne audience saug ''Should Auld Ae*
quaiutauce be forgot."
Tne refreshment*, wmuii wert pawed by
tne ladies, were of tne best, aad the best of
all, was the ioe oream; at any rate, et
thought this reporter.
Mies Ida Halliday, nurse, ia with her ail*
ter, the wife of Mr. G. A, Smith, O. E. nt
Alberni. The occasion was the arrival ol n
feminine stranger. Tbe faoe of Grandfather Halliday is wreathed in smiles. A tonoh
of nature.
The clearance sale at Leisert ia now oa.
Look at their bargain counter.
Mining Shoes at Leiser's for Si a pair
The Water-works Go. hu let a contract
to W. Lambert for making a bridle path eix
(eet wide to the site where the reeervoir if
to be constructed.
Leiser sells lard at 11 oti. par pound,
Floor very cheap at Leiser's.
NOTICE is hereby given that a Court
of Assessment and Appeal under the
"Assessment Act,1' and a sitting of the
County Court of Nanaimo will be held ia
thc Court House, Comuv, nn the loth
'lay ol December,' 1896, at the hour of
eleven a. rn.
(By order.)        \V. B. ANDERSON,
Comox, B. C. I Gov't Agent.
Oct. 3,., 1S96. J
lUiiiimrutir is still selhug T B pluJtg a
Coal Oil $1.55 per tin at Leiaer'e, The Weekly News
He that doea a base thing in zeal tc
serve hia friend burns the golden thread
that des their hearts together.
Perhaps Weyler has been misrepresented after all. He hasn't butchered
anything yet except a few press dispatches.
Helen Gould gave $100,000 to lhe St.
Louts sufferers. Jay Could never did
a better tiling than to die ami turn his
money over to his heirs.
A man who covers himself with cosily apparel and neglects his mind Is like
one who Illuminates the outside of his
house aud Hits within In the dark.
Thin remarkable year of 1890 has
wltnsQsed the very uncommon spectacle
of at least two men in America BUlng
women for breach of promise. Is Mini
goiug to be one of the prerogatives of
the new woman too?
A man named Hoffman lias been ;ir-
reated for bigamy in New York, ami
seven wives have thus far appeared to
prosecute him. Such a fellow deserves
the severest punishment that can be inflicted. Why not surrender him to the
Kate Field Is dead. In her death we
have lost one of the brightest minds
and kindest hearts In America. She
was pre-eminently gifted us a Journal-
tat. Kate Field's Washing-ton was one
of the ablest weekly papers ever published, unequalled ln Its versatility and
sparkling combination of wit and sense.
Such a paper ought to have been sustained.   Miss Field died at Honolulu.
At last a bicycle dog has been -well,
developed. It Is a well-known fact that
any dog of the ordinary breeds will
either be left behind by the confirmed
bicyeliBt or killed by exhaustion. But
an Elglish breeder has discovered that
by interbreeding specimens of two particular sorts of dog he can obtain a
creature of strong constitution, able to
travel fast, and to stay almost any distance. For nearly three years he haa
been experimenting, and during thnt
time some of his creations have been
very strange beasts.
The execution of Mrs. Annie Dyer in
Newgate Prison at London removes
one of the most remarkable criminals
of the age. Ohildren were her victims.
and it Is believed that the list of her
murders will easily reach Blxty, and
perhaps 100. She traded on the Indiscretions of society, and an awful fact
���brought out In her trial was that many
of the mothers knew in advance what
would be the fate of their children.
She cloaked her nefarious life In a
show of piety, and it was only after repeated charges had been made against
her that conviction could be obtained.
In her wholesale disposal of human life
and in the revelation of her black heart
not a spark of humanity appears that
could .justify a word of .sympathy for
her grim fate.
The timely Interposition of a few
ghelfts and perhaps a malmtmn or two,
aided by the testimony of a more material personage, has revealed lo the
Theosopliical Society of America,
through Its president, the existence of
a plot to prevent the departure of the
society's crusaders to Europe. The revelation will block the conspiracy, tho
details of which arc not given, and Europe can be assured thai the aggregation of cranks will keep its dates. A
choice assortment of occult manifestations will go wllli the party, and Europeans cau view the entire exhibition, including the concert of effort to obtain subscriptions nfter the main performance, anrt all for tbe uniform price
of whatever i��V- dupes can be persuaded to _d~* np. Americans will rejoice
over tids grand opportunity given to
the mother and other countries, and
only regret thm all these Theosophlsls
are not going ami to Btay.
advertisement, called on the magnetic
healer, rolled up his sleeves suggestively anil said a few things in deep diapason long primer. The $22,50 was forthcoming In Just fourteen seconds. Oh,
advertising pays, beyond any question.
The tailor is willing to swear to that
The Xew Woman movement received
a setback in Pittsburg that cost Mrs.
McKenmi $10 and limited hor future
acts of violence to causes outside the
culinary department of the household.
She had found fault witl) the supper
prepared by her husband, presumably
comparing It unfavorably with those
her father used to make, and had emphasized hor strictures by felling the
theoretical head of the establishment
witli a plate. The magistrate who presided over the subsequent proceedings
oracularly declared the New Woman
business was being overworked, including the husband of tbe particular
New Woman before him. and decided
tbat hereafter within Ids Jurisdiction
the privilege of finding fault with supper should belong exclusively to man.
This ofllcial endorsement of a traditional prerogative of husbands may revive ihe practice that has fallen Into
disuse because of the dangers attending it. It was certainly too much even
In Pittsburg to expect men to submit
meekly lo both criticism ami assault
and battery.
The sensation at the banquet given by
the German colony at Moscow during
the coronation is likely to stir Germany
to Ita center, Europe to its circumference. An Inept chairman proposed the
health of flic representative of the Emperor, oud, in doing so, used as a sequence 'and the princes in his suite."
This was an inaccuracy as well as an
offense against good taste. Prince
Henry could represent his brother, but
he could not have a suite composed
of representatives of the kingdoms that
are oo-ordinnte members of the empire.
Prince Henry, In other words, being
only a member of the royal house of
Prussia, could not Include aa members
of his suite representatives of the kingdom of Bavaria, Saxony or Wurtem-
berg. Prince Louis of Bavaria arose
and said: "We nre not vassals, we arc
the allies of the Emperor, We stood
side by side with the King of Prussia
In the war against France, and the old
Emperor acknowledged It always. We
will do the same whenever Germany
Is threatened witli war. But the German nation must remember not only the
great fatherland but also the old German dynasties." Prince L-ouls spoke
for a house as royal as that of Prussia. The kings of Bavaria are descendants uf soldiers whose renown goes
back to the twelfth century, one of
whom was elector of the holy Roman
Empire. Tlie representative of the
King of .Saxony conies from stock tbat
gave an emperor to Germany in the
tenth century. In consequence of the
speech of Prince Louis tiie other princes
and* the German ambassador immediately left the table. Tbe rest of the
banquet must, have been like the church
lu Ireland In which Dean Swift officiated. Tiie congregation usually o-on-
sisied of the preacher and the sexton.
Prince Louis was right. Bavaria, Saxony and Wurlemberg are allies of Prussia In the empire���not vassals of thc
Emperor, Vassals are not as numerous
iu tlie world as (hev used to )h\
| Mrs. Jeannette Robinson Mn. phjr and
Her Favorite   Fad.
I    A   drawing-room   entertainment   Is
! hardly considered complete nowadays
unless it includes something by a guitar
; or banjo performer.   Among these few
are more popular than Mrs. Jeaunette
Robinson Murphy of New York, herself
: r composer of not a few pleasing littio
songs.   Her unusual success is the natural result of giving the subject of negro songs a great deal of attention.
i Born and raised iu the South, she early
Imbibed a great love for the peculiarly
plaintive airs  with   which  the  negro
[men and women lighten their    work.
I Like all other Southern children of well-
to-do parents she had a "mammy," and
it happened that  this colored woman
[ was renowned for her ability as a singer.    Mrs. Murphy recently aaid:
"As a child 1 used to follow this old
colored woman about when she was
busy just to iiear lier sing, caring more
for ihe sound of ber voice than for the
sweetest Northern music. As 1 grew
, up I began br wonder as to the reason
[of the strange fascination of the negro
songs for all classes of people. I found
It was not merely in the mu 'o or words,
for the quaintest of darky melodies rendered by one unfamiliar with the negroes instantly lost its charm. I llnnl-
y grew so curious about the matter that
a few years ago, In Tallahassee, I set
about to solve the problem for my owu
satisfaction. 1 fouud to my delight
that, the weird effect of the plantation
I songs is from the observance amonj* the
i darkies, probably unconsciously, of certain rules iu regard to the accent aud
breathing. They never take breath,
as wc do, at the eud of a line or phrase,
connecting their sentences with that
peculiar wavering tone so full of pathos
and melancholy. Another singular
thing Is tbe heavy accent on the latter
Temporary Chairman  of   the Democratic National Convention.
One of the most striking and in one
reuse most commanilug figures at the
Democratic convention at Chicago wa.i
Senator John W. Daniel, of Virglnln,
whom the free silver men in the convention made temporary chairman,
thus refusing to accept the choice of
the national committee, Senator David
B. Hill.
Senator Daniel wns born In Lynchburg, Va., In 1842. He served In tbe
Confederate army of Northern Virginia
during the war and received a wound j
that lias since been to him the source of
cousLant pain. He was riding his horse
when a cannon ball took away a portion of his thigh. He fell and lay for
fome time iu the midst of the battle
uutil one of his owu soldiers, who waa
also wouuded, dragged him behind a
log. There the two Uy together for
more than half an hour with thc bullets dying, the shells bursting aud the
battle golug on all about them. When
the tight wns finished Daniel was curried to the hospital. The surgeon said
be would die, Imt a section of the thigh
bone was cut away and his youthful
vitality was sucli that he recovered.
He has to-day six Inches of bone oul of
one of bin legs, and still he manages to
do good work, though he Is lu constant
After leaving the service he studied
law aud has practiced It since 1866.
From I860 to 1872 he served in the Virginia House of Delegates nnd from 1875
pari oi every monosyllabic word, thus
giving two musical tones for each word
of one syllable, with the same, long-
drawn, walling sound between the
tones.   There are many other pecullar-
! ities In the exact rendering of the plau-
j tatton songs, but these nre the most essential and the most strongly marked
thnt have come to my notice,*'
Mrs. Murphy does not confine herself
to parlor recitals, but gives her ser-
��� vices gratuitously to prisons, hospitals
; and missions.
to 1881 In the State Senate, lu 1870 lie
was a Democratic elector-at-large and
was a member of the Democratic conventions of 1880 and 1888. He was a
member of the Forty-ninth Congress
and was elected to the United States
Senate to succeed William Mahone. He
was re-elected and his present term of
office will expire In 1800.
Senator Daniel Is one of tho ablest
speakers In the South and Is called the
silver-tongued orator. He has a remarkably striking and cultured faee.
Advertising pays. There can be no
doubt on lhat score. Though the returns may not be as satisfactory hi
some cases as ihey are In others, slill.
;is a general proposition money Invested in printer's ink is profitably expended. Por Instance: A few days ago Lord
Clarence Zeigler. a Chicago young llliin
with a pale. Interesting face and long
hair, decided lhat Ids business as ll
magnetic healer would boom if he
could secure a matrimonial partner.
So he inserted an advertisement in a
morning paper, setting forth at length
his qualifications and enumerating the
conjugal requisites required He wanted
a womnn who had money and modesty,
a-nd added a list of accomplishments
which she must possess that would bar
out of the competition all women who
are not now wearlug wings and halos.
And so up to date Lord Clarence has
not succeeded In obtaining the wife he
advertised for. But the advertisement
proved to be a mighty good thing, nevertheless. It revealed thc whereabouts
of Lord Clarence to a tailor who had
long been mourning his sudden departure without liquidating a bill of
$22.50.  The tailor saw the matrimonial
oil tor Furniture.
There Is no one of the housekeeper's
duties that requires more careful attention lhat lhe care of furniture surfaces. Dust will settle, dampness and
steam moisten it. and though a room
I may be carefully put to rights every
| day some dual is bound to adhere, especially in corners and the crevices and
ornate work, that if neglected presents
anything but a lovely appearance. If
there are children, the imprints of tiny
lingers, so hard to keep from soil, are
sure to adorn the edges of tables and
form traceries on chairs and other
household goods. Tiie aid of :i cabinetmaker every mouth or so io clean
iIn' furniture would prove too costly.
and the repented varnishing of such nr-
tteles ns require h too much trouble;
therefore n cleaner that will keep the
furniture looking nice, remove ihe
stains ami soil, ami that does not cost
:i great d "il in time and money, is n
great boot! lo housewives. To reach
this end there Is nothing better than
a mixture of linseed oil and kerosene.
Some furniture dealers use linseed oil
and turpentine, bill II Is nol satisfactory, as after repented uslngs ihe turpentine roughens ihe polished surface.
Pittsburg ' Mspntch,
New Style Ulejcle I'mme for  Which
Much Is Claimed,
A wheel made in New London, Conn.,
is one of the season's decided noveltieB.
When the inventor first made the drawing of this now famous wheel he was a
bit dubious regarding its practicability. The weight of tlo- machine, with
road lires and saddle, is twenty pounds.
It Is claimed that the triangular form
of construction Is tlie stiffest nud lightest. It also is maintained by the makers thai in this form of construction
tliere can exist no cross vibrations.
one feature which would not be ap-
purent to the average person is that
the outside front tube of this machine
is ihe uptight or steering tube of the
Samuel Plimsoll Would Unite Vjmkt* ���
und Briton in Brotherly Love.
Samuel Plimsoll, who wants to unite
the people of the United States and
t-Jrent Britain In brotherly love and
mutual admiration, is a wonderful
man. He recently arrived in New
York for tlm sole purpose of patching
up all differences between the Yankee
and the Briton, and Is nol al all dismayed by the slue of the undertaking,
Mr. Plimsoll is getting nn toward 75,
and most of his life has been spent lu
smoothing the path of the British sailor. His present mission fs, therefore,
new to him. He began life as a lawyer's clerk and changed that occupation   for  a   high  stool   In   a   brewery.
"As Thick Skinned Ah'.'"
A certain useful animal has hitherto
specially enjoyed the reputation of being the most pachydermatous of creatures. We use the phrase "as thick-skinned as a donkey," but the donkey Is nowhere In this respect. The skin of the
whale Is from two inches to two feet
thick, that of a large specimen weighing thirty tons. The rhinoceros is the
thickest-skinned quadruped, with n
hide so tough as to resist the claws of
the Hon or tiger, the sword, or the balls
of the old-fas'iloned musket.
from fork. This allows any adjustment
of llie handle bar from the frout fork
crown to the seat post; also the handle
bar Is made rocking lu the piece, so
lhat any   leslred position cau be se-
: cured.
The front frame tube Is within the
j steering tube of the front fork, entering
I through an opening In the fork crown.
The back stays are detachable, admlt-
l-ng of this method of assembling.   A
| large diameter of tubing is used
throughout, making the frame appear
attractive. The wheels used are twenty-eight inches In diameter.
"Are you afraid, Lily, when you go
driving with Mr. Phillips, that the
horse will run away?"
"No, indeed. Mr. Phillips has trained his horse to drive without lines."���
To Magnetize Hairpins.
A Ncw Vork man has received a patent for a magnetizing box for hairpins. He does not clearly state the
object of his Invention In magnetizing
the pins, but it Is presumed that the
charged pins are less liable to come out
of the hair and be lost, as they are all
ittraeted toward each other when In position. To remove one on them it must
be done against the magnetic force
which tends to keep it In place by at-
trnctlng it to lhe remaining pins.
Then he went down to London and
opened a plaee of business for himself.
Iu 18*18 he was elected tu parliament
and was Instrumental iu securing tiu1
passage of several acts amending ihe
shipping laws. These measures were
of great comfort to the Knglish -sailor.
In 1880 he went back to the House of
Commons, but gave up his sent to Sir
William Vernon Harcourt, wbo promised to use his Influence as cablnent
minister to further all parliamentary
matters affecting the well being of
sailors. Mr. Plimsoll has written and
published two books, "Our Seamen"
ln 18*7, and "Cattle Ships" in 1890.
Both works have done much to make
the lot of Jack Tar happier. Six years
ago he was made President of the
Amalgamated Sailors' Union, but afterward retired.
Never ttnutit a man's rival in his face,
girls: it is more amusing to play with
Her Temper.
"That Mrs. Naglet has the worst all-
round bad temper I ever knew."
"Yes, even her hair snarls!"���Cleveland Plalndealer
If I could gratify a wish,
My wealth* would he untold,
The hugs tny trousers nil possess
I'd have filled up with gold.
First Clerk���She's a married lady.
Second Clerk���How do you know? "Sho
ordered two hammocks."��� Life.
Mrs. Quiverful fsternly)���Whal was
goiugon lu the parlor last night'.' Ethel
(blushing)���Only my engagement ring,
Cynthia (looking nt photograph)���IB-
ram, just turn your head a little. Hiram���You have turned It already, Cynthia.-New York World.
He���It's reported around that we are
engaged. She���Well, you know It's a
mistake. He���Yes; I called to see If 1
couldn't rectify It.���Puck.
Arthur���Are you sure she loves you?
Jack���Yes. When I told her I had no
money to marry on she asked me If I
couldn't borrow some.���Puck.
"Sometimes," said Uncle Ebon, "er
man puts on er long face an' says he's
discouraged when he's simply too lazy
ter try again."���Washington Star.
She���Everybody says you married
me only foi- my money. He���But I
didn't, dear. I know you look It, dear,
but 1 didn't.���Indianapolis Journal.
Her Father���Has my daughter given
you auy encouragement, sir? Suitor-
Well, she said you were always a very
generous parent.���Philadelphia American.
Maine-1 hope you didu't let that
Mr. Hoggins put his arm aliout you?
Mabel���Why? Is there anything the
matter with his arm? -Washington
Mrs, Elmore���I wonder how many
stops that new organ of De Smyth's
has got? Elmore���Only three, I should
judge. One for each meal.���Buffalo
"I sec they nre applying ball bearings
to a great many things now." "Yes;
they hnve a ball bearing sign down
where I keep my watch."- Washington
Stern Parent- You say he is a genius.
Geniuses seldom amount to much.
Daughter���But, pa. he promises that ho
will not work at it arter we are married.���Boston Transcript.
Hoax���Poor Bjoues has to run nil the
errands and cook his own meals. Joax
���What's the trouble? Hoax���He waa
foolish enough to buy his wife a bicycle.���Philadelphia Record.
When iu the brassy sides abovt
No hope nor help I see.
I gladly seek the girl I love-
She's always eool to me.
-Cleveland Plain Dealer,
Spirit (at Lily Dale seance)���Don't
you know me? I'm the spirit of your
mother-iu-hiw. Investigator���You can't
fool mc. My mother-iti-lnw always
brought her trunk wllli her.���Buffalo
"I suppose ynu know all about tho
financial question?" said lhe Intimate
friend. "I don't say that I know all
about it," replied the candidate, "but
I know enough not to talk about It."���
Washington Star.
Peasant���I spoke to our herb doctor
and he advised me that I should���
Doctor (Interrupting)���Oh, he gave you
some idiotic advice, I don't doubt.
Peasant -lie advised me to see you.���
llmnoristlseho Blaelter.
"Has your wife learned to ride a
wheel?" "Nup; but she lias been taking cooking lessons, and About every
morning she goes inio the kitchen and
has a scorching competition with the
cook."���Indianapolis Journal.
"Isn't It too bad about Charlie
Newed? I understand lhat since his
marriage he and his wife have been
living from hand to mouth." "Oh, I
guess they're all right. It's her father's hand, you know."*���New York
Nell���Miss Bjoues uses French
phrases In the most peculiar manner.
Belle���Does she? Nell���Yes, Indeed!
Why, nt breakfast yesterday I asked
her how she liked her eggs, and she
said tbey were very chick.���Phllndeb
phla Record.
"Have you got lt on you yet?" nskefl
little Petey of his sister's bestcst best.
"W���w���what?" inquired the threo
night a week beau, "Why, n move.
Sister said the other night she wished
you'd hurry up and get n move on you."
���Philadelphia North American.
"I say, captain," said a youug Englishman on board an American clipper,
"that tlag of yours has not tloated In
every breeze and over every sea for a.
thousand years, has it?" "No, It ain't,"
replied the captain, "but It has licked
one that has."���Youth's Companion.  ., TJflDEE THE BIG TENTbSSST^KS'-riSl
at bigger shows.
is a difference
The Traveling Show in City and
Conn try���Scene* When the Akkvc*
ttutiou Htopa for a One-Day Btttnd���
Showmen us Benefactors.
The  Circus.
Tradition keeps the memory of the
old one-ring circus green. It !s like
"the pie that mother used to make."
aud many a patriarch who vishs the,
shows that come along occasionally
and camp on a corner lot or the village
green recalls a resemblance to the elr-
cubcs that were rare, but delightful.
When be was a boy. The clown, the]
ringmaster, the bespangled lady rider,
the Intelligent donkey, the tumblers.
the trick elephant, the ferocious lion.
the marvellous freak side tent all
come and go with the season, practically unchanged, yet new to tbe yuung
generation, aud fascinating as ever to
the old fellow who so unselfishly attends every  show   that  comes along,
"for the children's sake," and for the
memory of past days.
If you cultivate the proper spirit you
between taking care of L'CMMK) sales at
50 cents aud selling a thousand tickets *
at a dime.
The children gaze in amazement at
the dazzling cavalcade of line gentlemen and beauteous ladles, and do not
recognize In the men of bright feathers
tbe hustlers of "props" In the ring
work. Then cornea the arena work.
The principal acts lead. The riders do
ihe common things wiih the grace of
long practice, and as Champion So-and-
so leaves tlie ring he stops to talk a moment with the tripping beauty who is
about to essay the trapeze. The trapezius move to slow music by the
baud, which consists of a half dozen
uniformed musicians stationed b.v the
entry. The children, who make up
two-thirds of the audience, cheer as
the daring people tn fleshings "skin
the cat" and perform other wonderful feats thirty feet above ground.
Sometimes two sisters or brothers, rarely three of a family, poise themselves
ou the bars. Tho horizontal bar acts,
tlie tumbling over the backs of stooping men, the jockey riding and the
trained pigs, dogs and horses muke
up the rest of the program.
spring. The more Important animals, j
such as lions and tlfiers, must of necea.
sity be genuine, and, of course, if thej
survive the winter are ready for the
spring trade. There must also be a real
giraffe, lor even ihe ingenuity of a
showman has not yet succeeded in contriving an imitation of a giraffe 'lia1
will pass muster with even the most
guiltless small boy. and a bogus elephant would be quite as difficult to
palm off as a manufactured glraff-j or
Then the business of handling a great
aggregation of men. animals and curiosities is of itself a specialty. In which
very few become adept. Nor is il
any small task to keep in proper subjection the conflict)UK Interests ami inclinations of the swarm of specialties,
freaks, performers, and the like, who
form an iutegral part of every show.
They are always quarreling about
nothing, ami require constant manipulation to prevent them from causing
disturbances that would injure the success of the organization, It was an
old showman who said: "As much
brains are required to keep a set of
freaks in order as to govern an empire." He was not far wrong, for the
jealousies and bickerings of these people go on forever.
The amount of money required to put
a first-class show on the road is enormous, in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars arc laid out in animals,
In wagons, teuts, in advertising and
other expenses before u cent Is realized.
THK   SHOW   IN   Fill*!-.   OPKRATION.
can have an excellent time at the circus, even ihe little one-ringed one, and
that spirit Is the broad one prepared to
applaud and  enjoy;   the  Intention  of
having a good laugh, the resolve not
to pick flaws.    You  will find the rid- j
Ing lively, the dresses smart and daz- j
Kllng.    hooking at lt  with wondering!
little Johnny's eyes, you will get your j
full money's worth.    Tliese small cir- :
The advent of the big tent of the big
show, with Its marvelous accompaniments, is, of course, an event that
comes to the rural districts somewhat
infrequently, but it Is appreciated there
as nowhere else. The city, with its
free shows. Its constant excitement,
cannot And the novelty in one of these
exhibitions that appeals to the village
lad. who ordinarily leads a quiet life.
cuses set themselves up in a night,
wherever there is room for a two-pole
tent and two long tents for performers and animals. Narrow blue seats
are forced   into  duty  as  steps.    The
single, glided wagon of the outfit furnishes a stuffy cubbyhole for the ticket
seller, and the small crowd pushes
againBt the closed end In the good old
(way until the window opens.  But then
Vet the latter Is critical. He knows 11
genuinely good show when he sees it.
The procession must be up-to-date, the
menagerie must contain real wild
beasts, the ring specialties must be
new, or at least artistic and Ingenious.
A peep behind the scenes, in which he
discerns the lady rider practicing fora
Mazeppa ride; thy leading horseman
teaching his boy to accompany him in
a daring flight; the trainer educating
the monkey to turn somersaults; the
ringmaster painting spots in his favorite charger, all these give zest to the
real finished entertainment, and the
youthful spectator enjoys evory act,
from the hoop performance of the bespangled girl rider to the antics of tbo
educated pig.
Few people, however, who see the
grand aggregation of curiosities and
varied talent displayed by n first-class
circus have any Idea of the trouble and
labor of bringing such a display Into
working order and starting It out in the
This of ttself is a matter of no small
consequence, for a bad season means
financial ruin to all concerned, and a
succession of rainy days so seriously
reduces the reeelpls that evep a strong
show may be crippled. At any moment the manager may be summoned
to suppress a first-class riot In the freak
Add to the business nud financial
cares the dissensions that constantly
arise within the organization, and between Its various members and outsiders, the posslblliiy of something going wrong at auy moment during the
performance, the chunce of a snake
getting loose or a lion escaping from ids
cage, or the gorilla striking for higher
pay during lhe hottest part of the sea-
sou because his clothing of hide and
fur is too warm for comfort, and the
manager's lot is far from being a happy
one.   Rut he gives lhe world a deal of
^r JiSiS>
Mrs.   Tinc'cy   of  New   York   to  Take
M ���id it in t-Huviitaky'H Place.
Mrs. Katherine A. Tingley, the Theosopliical mahatma, seems to be as remarkable a woman in many ways as
was the great Blavatsky herself. Her
Identity was revealed through the talk
ativeuess of a woman who knew tho
secret aud who could uot keep It. Mrs.
Tingley. so the esoterlclsts all says, is
a great clairvoyant, who can roll back
the centuries aud see herself In all
the various incarnations through which
her soul has passed from the beginning. For instance, she knows that
she aud Mme. Blavatsky were bosom
friends in Egypt 1,200 years before
Christ, when they, together, mapped
out the plaus of the Theosopliical Society. They knew each other In this
life, too, although Blavatsky never
mentioned Mrs. Tlngley's name to anyone. This was due to the fact that
they conversed ln '"the astral" ouly.
The new female mahatma resembles
the Blavatsky, but is not an orator.
She is. in this life, just plain Mrs. Tingley. of Brooklyn. Mr. Tingley, the ma-
hatma's husband. Is a clerk In the
White Star Steamship Company's of-
lice In New York. He says he doesn't
believe in theosophy himself, and for
that reason will not talk about it to
outsiders. Mrs. Tingley will lead an
expedition of Theosopblsts around the
world. The party will be goue one
Pleased  Africans.
Capt. Becker, a Belgian explorer in
Africa, and an official of the Congo
Free State, understands the negro character very well, and has hit upon a
pleasant and effective means of influencing the natives. Ile caused to be
imported from Kurope a good and loud
hand-organ, and played it before the
blacks. lie eveu allowed some of the
most trusty of the blacks themselves
to turn the crank.
The natives were wild with delight.
They gathered from far and near to
bear the new machine. They regarded
It as something supernatural, but not
to be dreaded or feared���as something
to tie venerated instead.
To change barbarous habits, Capt.
Becker has encouraged the celebration
of Christian marriages among the natives; and as they were somewhat
averse to this civilized procedure, he
announced that the hand-organ should
be played at every Christian marriage,
as a compliment to the bride and groom.
As soon as this announcement was
made, the bridal couples began to arrive at the atation in considerable
numbers. Scarcely a day passed without a wedding. Before long all the
native men of marriageable age were
lawfully married, nnd by this means
were brought to some extent within the
range of civilizing influences.
Indeed, the marriages Increased to
such an extent that Capt. Becker began
to suspect that some of his couples
were being married the second time.
This was the case; and precautions had
to be tnken to prevent this sort of trifling with a sacred ceremony.
The hand-organ Is used for certain
other Important ceremonies; but the
Captain takes care that It Is not brought
out so often as to permit of the negroes
growing too familiar with It. If this
were permitted it would lose its charm
and extraordinary influence.
There ls one air In particular with
whicli the blacks are especially delighted, lt is an air from the opera of "I*a
Travlata," by Verdi. They listen to
this as if their senses were enthralled
and their souls uplifted. They seem
to show in this a genuine musical
sense, for the music of "La Travlata"
is of the purest and most beautiful sort.
On all ordinary occasions, this cherished tune Is "skipped" by thc astute
operator of the hand-organ, and reserved for the special gratification ot
the people at the most solemn wire-
It la nnt Improbable that this Instrument, of a kind deemed tedious and
objectionable In civilized countries,
may exert a most beneficent Influence
ln barbarous Africa.
pleasure, such as it is; If the season Is
good he makes money; for months he
and his are the admiration of all that
portion of mankind that patronizes the
circus, and these facts go far to recommend bim to tho hardships of his lot.
No woman loves her honey boy when
she has a headache.
To Glean Utensil*.
All sorts of vessels and utensils may
be purified from long-retained smells
of every kind In the easiest and most
perfect manner, by rinsing tbem out
well with charcoal powder after the
grosser impurities have been scoured
off with sand and water.
Wben the Lord made mankind, the
devil added the tongue.
There Is something pleasant ln being innocently accused.
When the sea-ton opens we claim the flag.
In June we've Kot nothing to Ray.
la August of second place honor* wt
At the end  we take what comet our
���'Philadelphia  North   American.
"How did young Downey come by tbe
title of major?" "Why, easily enough.
Don't you remember that hla father
was a colonel?"���.Judge.
"They say the bicycle ls Injuring art."
"Yes; the man who owns a goud wheel
on n't waste his life spreading paint on
canvas."���Chicago Record,
Maude���Would you marry Freddy If
he asked you to? Bella (airily)���I can
only answer that by saying that be
wouldn't be single now were I so foolish,
"Ball one!" yelled the umpire. "Good
eye!" shouted Chimmy. "Strike one!"
the umpire called. "Oat's his odddr
eye," explained Chimmy.���Indianapolis
Mabel���I understand that there were
only square dances at Mrs. Fllppit's
small and early. Maud���Yes; there
wasn't men enough to go round.���
Mrs. Wiggles���Was that a good box
cigars, EphraLm, that I bought for your
birthday? Mr. Wiggles (craftily)���I
never saw a better box.���SomervilU
Spencer���Tliey told me at your office
that you were only one of the clerks.
And you said you were a director. Ferguson���So I am. I address envelopes.���
New York Herald.
"Awful accident at .Tones' yesterday.'*
"So? I didn't hear of it." "Jones hit
his thumb with the hammer aud Immediately exploded with rage, while his
wife burst Into tears."���Indianapolis
Bill the Riffer-What's d' object of
dis organization uv yours, mister? Mission Worker���To rescue the fallen, my
man. Bill tbe Blffcr���Well, don't talk'
ter me. I'm no bicyclist.���Itoxbury
"Frederick," said she, "don't let the
baby stand alone." "Why, she's old
enough to learn to walk." "Old enough
to learn to walk! Why, she hasn't even
learned to ride a bicycle yet."���Washington Star.
"There is no use denying it," said the
young man, who uses slang Indiscriminately. "Cholly Chugglns lias wheels."
"Really?" said the girl from Boston.
"What make are they?"���Indianapolis
Miss Breltle���Mr. Ryder ts so enter-
talnlng! He seems to hnve eome in
contact with so many people. Mr.
Wheeler (viciously)���Yes, indeed. You
shuuld watch him on his bike.���New
Vork Press.
"I beg your pardon!" she exclaimed
solicitously. "I didn't mean to step on
yonr foot." "Lord bless you, miss," returned the man In the blue drilling
blouse, "I didn't know you did."���Sora-
ervllle Journal.
"I understand you stood for a whole
hour in the doorway last night talking
to the policeman, Katie?" "Shure, you
wouldn't have me sthnnd there for an
hour and say nothln', ma'am."���Yon-
kers Staiewman.
"Her husband Is a little bit wild, I
hear." "Well, I think he had a right to
be, when lie came home and found sbe
bad traded off his last summer suit for
a lot of potted flowers, don't your"���
Indianapolis Journal.
"i shall have to give up going on tho
stage." "Why so?" "My hair Ir coming out In handful*." "I don't see
what ������" "Pretty soon my trainer
will be uiiahle to drag me about tbe
floor."���Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Ile���And did you call at Monte Carlo
while you were at Nice? She--No; papa
called on him, I believe, but from Ids
disappointed appearance when he returned to the hotel, 1 think Mr. Carlo
must have been out���Public Opinion.
"How the wind howls to-night!" said
the melancholy boarder. "I shouldn't
wonder If it had the toothache," suggested Mr. Asbury Peppers, "Toothache?" "Yes. Have you never heard
of the teeth of the gale?"���Cincinnati
Slowman���There is one thing 1 feel
glad of, All the love letters I ever
wrote to the widow are destroyed,
Fllgh���Are you quite sure of that?
Slowman���Quite. You see, I never hud
the courage to send them to her.���New
York Hernld.
A mother, trying to get her little
daughter of 3 years old to sleep ono
night, Bald: "Dora, why don't you try
to go to sleep?" "I am trying," she replied. "But you haven't shut your
eyes.'* "Well, can't help It; dey conuui
unbuttoned."���A nswers. THE    WEEKLY    XI-WS   NOV.   3rd.    iSq6.
Issued  Every Tuesday
At Union, B. C.
M Whitney, Publisher
One Yf-ar     %'im
8l�� Months        I ���-'">
Single Copy .'    0 I "5
Uny l.i-Ji |ier y**ur  . $ 12.00
..    ..   iiunilli       1 .ill
ulahth rul   per year     H.'��1I0
fourth      50(10
wi'ok, .. lino               10
Local Kotiit'M.jmr lino           'Jo
Notices   of Births,   Marriages   und
Deaths,  50 ccms each insertion.
No Advertisinenl inserted for less than
50 cents.
Persons failing In get Till: MliWS regularly should notify the OFFICE.
Tuesday, JOT. 3,1896,
The mining news indicates Texada Island and the Coast are rapidly coming to
the front.    Rich strikes are daily made.
be a contest between the present government and the Outs, or between two
tickets, one Conservative and the other
Liberal, is yet to be determined. The
candidates and thc interest ofthe district
have to be considered, THE NEWS, in
any event, will not be a blind partisan.
Last week we relerred lo a rumor that
a County Court was to be held here next
month. If this be the intention we cer
t.iinly think lhat the people should receive some official notice. As it is there
probably will be litlle work for the court,
simply for ivnnt of information as to when
it will be held. Even assuming that notice comes by to-morro.v's mail, yet owing to ihe o. co-a week means of reaching
Nanaimo, where process can alone issue,
it may be difficult) if not simply impossible to have process served in time for
any court in December.
Think truly, and thy thoughts
Sliall the world's fair ine feed;
Speak truly, and each word of thine
Shall be a fruitful seed;
Live truly, and thy life shall be
A great and noble creed. ��� Bonar
The rain is now upon us and there will
probably be no more road making until
spring. How do you who arc interested
in the Nanaimo���Comox Trunk Road
like it J
Will the next Provincial election be
a contest between the Ins and Outs?
That well soon be a burning question.
The tendency is towards a straight fight
between the Liberals and Conservatives.
Today the election in the United States
takes place. All the appearances point
to the election of Major McKinley to the
presidency. Wilh the vanishing of politics will bt ushered in, we trust, an eta of
Isn't it about time, Mr. Mclnnes, the
call fur tenders for a twice a-week mail
for this district, was out? If it's ts be
done 'twere better it were quickly done.
If you get us improved mad service and
the Dominion subsidy lor a railway up
tins way, all will be forgiven.
Tha Small Debts Courts have been
sustained as constitutional by the highest
judicial tribunal in the Province. This
is a feather in the cap of Judge Harrison
whese decision is now practically affirm
ed. Judge Crease's decision never did
command any respect and now takes its
place with a long line nf his opinions
which have been overruled.
';.,_ The Provincial legislature will be in
session in about two months, and our
member should be made acquainted with
our wants. We want Si. joo for the hospital here���not a cent less will do. We
want $500.00 for ihe tire company. We
want jioo.oo additional for incidental
school expenses. The school rooms can't
be kept in a clean condition with the present allowance. We want a sufficient
suit placed in the estimates for a good
road, including bridges from Union to
the Wharf. And we want the work
dune as early in the Spring as the
weather will permit. A reasonable
amount is also wauled for a court officer
The Venezuelan question is believed to
be in a fair way to be soon settled	
Senator Justin Morrill ol Vermont was
re-elecied October 2olh, United States
Senator. He is eighty six years old.
The European powers are still depending on the Sultan's promises of reform,
the word of an imperial assassin The
Cubin war is still marked by cruel devastation. .. .A Committee of the Council to visit the eastern business centres in
connection with the tariff, has been appointed . .. (Why not visit British Columbia?). . ..The British parliament Will
meet on January 25th Senator Mclnnes is spoken of as likely to be our next
Lieut-Governor... .The Crown Prince
of Italy was wedded to the Princess of
Montenegro on the 2oth, ult... .Salisbury objected to a Chinaman being held
a prisoner at the Chinese legation in London, and he was discharged The
revenue last fiscal year was $36,617,484
and the expenditure $36,980,966.... 1 he
shipments of wheat trom the Pacific
Coast to India and the decrease in the
Russian yield, has sent up the price of
wheat Dr. Temple, Bishop of London, is likely to be the new Archbishop
of Canterbury Sir C.   H. Tupper
has arrived in Victoria and will act as
consul before Bering Sea Commissioners.
Hon. Mr, Tarte's visit to British Columbia is largely fur the purpose of informing himsell on the Fraser River improvement question.���Dr. Duncan's brother
has challenged Dr. Milne to settle their
difficulties ill mortal combat.
Water-works Notes.
Shares are being sold as people begin
to realize they arc a good thing. A
bridle path is to be built up to the reservoir���call for tenders being out. The
dam acoss the stream is to be of solid
masonry. The water has been passed
upon by the experts of the Provincial
Board of Health who declared it is ten
times as good as the water at Victoria.
To keep it up to the standard filtering
beds will be put in if needed.
The STOCK BOOKS of this Company will
be open for subscription until the 31st, day of
October, prox. inclusive.
For particulars apply to���
FRANK B. SMITH, Secretary.
Union, B. 0. 94th, September 1896.
Riverside Hotels
Courtenay, B. C
Grant & Munigli&n, Props
'.The Nanaimo Mail of October 23rd
says: "Litlle tiny straws as surely indicate the wind's course as great lugs."
Logs indicate tae wind's course! Next
we shall, perhaps, hear of the great rocks
as wind indicators.
We hare denounced the manner in
which thc public money has been expended at this end of the Nanaimo Trunk
road. But this has no political significance. The News, is an independent
journal and in fighting for this district
will hew to the line no matter which way
the chips fall. If any one is injured by
this conrse, 50 muck thc worse for him.
It is not our fault. It does not follow
that we think the Outs would be any improvement over the Ins. We are not
taking any position on the next Provincial election. The lines of battle have
sot been formed vet.   Whether it is to
No Agent.
The public should clearly understand
that Mr. M. J. Henry nurseryman and
florist, Mount Pleasant, Vancouver, B
C. has no agents. He deals directly wilh
his customers thereby saving the money
usually paiu* as commission, Some one
in Comox has lately received an order
for Mr. M. j. Henry. This was a fraud.
Kemembei Mr, Henry employs no
agents. He offers $10,00 reward for the
conviction of anyone obtaining orders as
his agent. Write to Mr. Henry tor a
copy of his catalogue and deal with him
directly. This is tiie cheapest way, and
the best, but do not deal with any one
professing to be his agent.
Supplies the valley with first class bread, pies, cakes, etc.
Bread delivered by C;irt through Courtenay nnd District every
TuiisuAV, Thursday anii Saturday.
Wedding Cakes made and Parties catered for.
Drs. Lawrence & Westwood.
Physicians and Surgeons.
We have appointed Mr. James Abrams our collector until  lurtner notice, to whom all overdue accounts
***ay be paid.
7 Nox. 1895.
Surgeon and Physician
(Graduate ofthe University of Toronto,
L. C, P. & S., Ont.)
OUloe and residence, Mary port
Ave., next door to Mr. A Grant's.
Hours tor consultation 9 to lo a m,
2 to 4 and.7 to 10 p m.
Society    Cards
I.   u.   O.   F.
Union Lodge, No. 11, meets eery
Friday night at 8 o'clock. Visiting brethren cordially invited to attend.
A. Lindsay, R. S.
Cumberland Lodge,
A. F. & A. M.
B. C. R.
Union, B. C.
Lodge meets first   Saturday   in   each
month.    Visiting brethren are cordially
invited to attend.
James McKim. Sec.
Hiram Lodge No 14 A.F .& A.M.,B.C.R
Courtenay B. C.
Lodge meets on every Saturday on 01
belore the full of the moon
Visiting Brothers   cordially requested
to attend.
R. S. McConnell,
Esquimalt and Nanaimo Ry.
Steamer City of
On and after Mar. 22nd, 1893
The Steamer JOAN will sail as follows
CALLING AT WAY PORTS as passengers
and freight may otror
Lcft.o Victoria. Tuesday, 7 a. in.
"   Nanaimo for Coniox, Wednesday, 7 a. in
Leave ('oinox lor Nanaimo,      Frldnys, 7a.in.
Nniiaimo for Victoria   Saturdey, 7 Aat
For freight or state rooms apply on
board, or at the Company's ticket office,
Victoria Station, Store street.
Wm. O'Dell
Architect and   Builder
Plans and Specifications prepared,
and buildings erected on the
Shortest Notice.
Houses built and for sale on easy
terms of payment.
Cumberland Encampment.
No. 6,  I. 0. 0. F.,   Union.
Meets every alternate   Wednesdays ol
each month at 8 o'rlock p. m.    Visiting
Brethren cordially invited to attend.
C. WHYTE, Scribe.
Any person or persons destroying or
withholding the kegs and barrels of the
Union Brewery Company Ltd of Nanai*
mo,.will be prosecuted. A liberal reward
will be paid for information leading to
W. E. Norris, Sec'y
Florist, Seedsman and
Landscape Gardener
Seeds, Ornamental Trees and
Shrubs alwaya.
Also   bulbs   ia   variety,   including,
Hyacinths, Narcissus,  Fuchias,
Tulips and Lillies.
Coniox,   -   - B. C.
8. OF T.
Union Division No. 7, Sons of Temperance meets in Free Mason's Hall,
Union every Monday evening at 7:30.
Visiting friends cordially invited to
St. GeoKoK's Prk.hiivtf.iuan Ohdkoh���
Rev. J. A. Logan, pastor. Servioes at 11 a.
m. and 7 p.m. Sunday School at 2:30.
Y.P.S.C E. tt oloae  ol  evening  service.
Mrthouiit Ohvbch��� Servioes at tho
usual hours morning and evening. Rev. VV.
Hieks. pastor.
Trinity Church���'Services in the evening.   Rev. J. X. Willemar, rector.
School and office stationery
at E. Pimbury & Co' drugs
The following Lines are
Watches, clocks and jewellery
Tin, sheetiron, and copper work
Bicycles Repaired
Guns and rifles, repaired
Plumbing in all its branches,
Pumps, sinks and piping,
Electric bells placed,
Speaking tubes placed
Hot air furnaces,
Folding bath and improved
Air-tight stoves, specialties
Office and Works   \__\&l���". near
Nkws uttlcu.
F. Curran
Best of Liquors
Finest of Cigars
Good Table
Courteous .-'��� uei  i<
The Famous
361 & 301 Hi. Jnmes St,
1I0NTRK '1,
tsrs.iid for Siini)|lcs,  Prompt tleUvery.  Ki
toot, lit guaranteed, "
Nanaimo Saw lli
Sasli aiiii Boer
(P. O. Drawer 36.   Telephone Call, !������)
t3?" A complete stock of Rough and
Dressed Lumber always on  hand.   Alsc
Shingles, laths, Pickets, Doors, Win*
dows and Blinds.   Moulding, Scroll
Sawing, Turning, and all  kinds
of wood liuishing furnished.
Cedar.   White Pine.   Redwood.
KirSeater in
���mm and Tinware
Plumbing and general
Sheetiron work
���t-XAgent for the
Celebrated Gurney
Souvenir Stoves and
Manufacturer of the
New Air-tight he?.t(
1 J. Theobald,
i UNION, B. C.
Subscribe for  THE
$2.00 per annum.
Boys School Books 75ct at Leiser's
For sale on Dunsmuir ave;
consisting of lots 4 and 5 in
block 15,. lots 7 and 8 in block
16, lots 3, 4 and 5 in block 10,
and other lots in Cumberland
Townsite. Bargains,
James Abrams.
Housb and Sign Painter,
Paper-Hanging, Kalsomining
and Decorating.
All orders Promptly Attended to
Union, B. 0.
I Bfli prepared to
furnish Stylish Rigs
and do Teaming
At reasonable rates.
D. Kilpatrick,
Union, B. c.
___,   ____.
W"* C. T. U. IDEAS
In this couutry, where so many young
men of all classes come to seek their fortune
and hare no kindly home influence,
and through want of it drift off into places
and habits that at one time thoy would have
thought impossible, if some motherly hearts
would seek them out aud extend a kindly
welcome, inviting them to spend a friendly
eraning in their homes, uncouraging them
to atteud a place of worship, speak to them
of Jesus and his love; aud should they fall
away, following them up, thus making them
feel there was some one who oarbil for them,
,���how some oth--r motlier beyond the Bea
would btesa her iu her heart, when she heard
of her kiudness to her Tom or John I
knew of one plaoe where youug men came
and atayed for months, even years; aud
tbey said not one family in that place open*
ed their doors to them, or invited them to
spend a social evening in their fumily circles
The inns were the only places where they
were made welcome; the result was nearly
all the young men went quickly down hill.
A person spoke to one reckless young
man, who was thrown from his hoise while
intoxicated and might have been killed���
" Don't you value your life!" " No, " he
said, " I don't. " After some little talk it
wu learned he had been a churoh member
and very different, but had gradually loat
all self respect and even value for life.
Might not a kindly hand extended in time,
hare saved that young man from ruinf Oh,
you who ait at ease in your oomtortable
dwellings, and hare enough and to spare,
think of those words of Jesus���"I was a
stranger and ye took me in." Life at the
best is but a vapour. "Passing away" is
written on all we see. ,1s it too much to
K?" Ther** is Nothing
If it is Hell Fit I.istlier
So here it is : :
Single Harness at $lo, $12, $1$ per set
and up. ���Sweat Pads at 50 cents.
Whips alio,  25,  50 and a goud   Raw-
fa.de ��� 11 75 rem-, and a Whale Hone
at $1 and up to $2.
Ih. ,
Be t
1 IC liil^c.il St*
town antl
���;le areaae
at ot whits
also the
*2 BOasE
<?ov rwaaty-
-u.ik - at Pr
tiie Ti
res to Suit
fKuurav AND
Nti-U'bY UuNE
Wesley WilliPd
pdur out our money, and our time at the
Saviour'i feet who did ao muoh for us!
How mueh better than laying up treasure*
for a time that may never eome! Shall we
thiuk we have done too muoh when we hear
a voice before the Assembled multitudes
���ay���"Well done, good and faithful servant,
I enter thou into the joy of thy Lord." Will
not the answer of onr hearts ba���-"Ob, that
I had dene morel"
Notary Public.
Agent tor the Alliance Klre
Insurance Company of Lon
don and the Phoenix of
Health Notes.
The crust of the bread is the best part of
lt.   It contains the moat phosphorous, and
having been subjected to the greatest heat
the starch ia turned into dextrine and more
, easily digested in the stomach.
Good rinegar is the nearest in its action
on ths food to the gastrio juice, known to
aoienoe, and while it does not agree with
some dyspeptics, it is not only grateful but
decidedly benelicial to many. Cold, raw,
tender eabbage, ont up fine, with a tablespoon full of vinegar, ia a eabbage salad and
is a great aid to weak stomachs.
We eat as a rule far too much and especially of sweets, and starchy foods. People
should use less sugar and consume less potatoes, and the cereals used should be subjected to a far greater degree of heat. The
porridge used aa a breaklast dish
is by nu means cooked enough, and the
usual conked foods put upon the market aa
prepared foods, requiring only a minute's
heat, are simply frauds,
The frying pan ia a great source of evil.
If thoroughly heated and used to broil
meat on, rery good, but to fry meat, potatoes, or any other substances in grease, it's
simply abominable. Bake, boil, broil or
steam meat, but never fry it, and take time
ts cook it tender. A slow fire is the best,
potatoes being an exception. The French
understand the art of cooking better than
any other people, and cook alowly orer
oharcoal ovens. There is more in the proper preparation of food, than in the food it*
sslf. Many thinga are tough and indigest-
able because improperly oooked, and many
things supposed to be tough and indigest
ible can be made tender and good food by
proper cooking. Far too little attention is
paid to the preparation of foods. What is
nasded is not the skill to make many fancy
diahea, bnt te cook good plain, wholesome
food. Every housekeeper should take a
pride in being skilled in the culinary art,
and should insist on heing mistress of her
own kitohen, even though she has a servant.
The Chineae cook is too apt to resent interference, and insist on blindly having his
own way. At first show him and then orer
tee him as any other servant. If the Chinese ars to do our cooking as they please,
they will hare greater influonoe upon onr
lires thau our legislators. Tne pigtail despotism should be abolished and an intelligent orersight rigidly maintained.
Agent for the Provincial
Building and Loan Assoeiation ot Toronto	
Union, B.C.
FOR THE     ~~rx~~~'~~~
LvrEST        Novelties
A Fashionable Trimmer
(Ls.te of Kloau Sc Scott's)
la turning out aucic Dainty Creations in
A choice Selection of Flowers,
Jet Ornaments and Ribbons
Just Received.
Thi* Inn, Incited about three miles out
from Union on the Courtenay Road
is now open for business A goot1
bar will be kept, anil the comfort of the
guests carefully attended to. Give us a
"An Act to Prevent   Certain   Animals from Running at Large���1896"
Stock owners are hereby notified to
keep all Swine, Stallions of one year old
and upwards, and Dulls over nine months
old, under proper enclosure, as all animals of these descriptions, found running
at large will be dealt with under the provisions of the Act referred to.
Comox, B. C.      W. 15. Anderson,
June 7th, 1896. Gov't Agent.
Take  E.   Pimbury &  Co's
Balsamic  Elixir for coughs
and colds.
I have an unlimited supply
of money for loans on the security of farming property at
iow rates of interest. Loans
put through expeditiously.
Mortgages purchased. In-,
surance effected.
Nanaimo, B. C
P. 0. Drawer 17
Not One Man in
One Hu.idred
So invests his money that it yields,  in
twenty >earB, anything like the protit
oll'urUed by a policy of Life losurance.
HISTORY) The percentage of individuals
PROVES   .* who succeed lu buaineaa
THIS * ) is uuid.il '
No old-line mutual life insurance company
haa ever failed.
LIFE f  IS '
���ta* jjj]SS THAN
 Ten Cents a DayT��|
Will Imy for a mau 35 yearn of age  a
$1,000 20-Payment Life Policy, one
ot (hu best for uiu of iuauruuco written
iu tho
Union Mutual Life
Insurance Company
Of Portland, Maine
A Sound, Safe, Ably Managed, ( inoori'ok
Iteliable Substantial Institution <    atku
whioh SBVEK STAKD8 (      1848
UrON TKOUNICALWIES *-**-r���******
J. E. EVANS, Provincial Manager,
r.o. box G93 Vancouver, B. C.
For further information eall on
With Jainea Abrams.
Puntiedge Bottling Works.
DAVID JONES, Proprietor,
         MANUFACTURER OK        	
Sarsaparalla, Champagne Cider, Iron Phosphates and Syrups.
Bottler  of "Different  Brands of   Lager Beer,  Steam Bur and lortor
Agent for tbo Union Brewery C* mpany.
kss &��������� SOLE FOE casi-i costly,
Cumberland Hotel,
Union, B. C.
The finest hotel building
Fixtures and Bar
North of Victoria,
And the best kept house.
Spacious Billiard Room
and new
Billiard and Pool Tables
Best of Wines and Liquors.
I presume we have used orer
one hundred bottlea of Piso's
__ Cure for Consumption in my
family, and I am continually advising others
to get it.   Undoubtedly it is the
Best Cough Medicino
I ever used.���~. C. Miltesberger, Clarion, Pa.,
Dec. 29,1894. 1 sell Piso's Care for Consumption, and never have any complaints.���E. Shorey, Postmaster,
Shorey, Kansas, Dec. 21st, 1894.
H. A. Simpson
Barrister & Solicitor. No's 2 & 4
Commercial Street.
ISJSXtJAXtSO,    B.   C.
J. A. Ca-thew
Your Job Printi
Good Work
The modern standard Family Medicine : Cures the
common every-day
ills of humanity.
Sw.8  DALBY, D.D.3 &LD.Sfj
Dentistry In all Ita Branches
Plate work, tilling and extracting
j Office opposite Waverly Hotel, Union |
Houra���9 a.in. to 5 p.m. and from
$) 6 p.m to 8 p.m. ���       ,
Reasonable Prices.
Contracts and Day Work
Address���Mittsukiuva, Japanese    Q.
Boarding. House, next liiick yard. |8
We the undersigned hereby authorize
John llruce to collect all accounts due the
estate ol Robert Graham.
R. Grant 1
H. Hamburger y Trustees.
Barber Shop
I have moved into my new shop on
Dunsmuir Avenue, wherel am prepared
to manufacture und repair all kinds of
men's, women's, and children's shoes.
Give me a call.
Barrister, solicitor, Notary Public
Officei-Firnt   Btreet, Union, B. C.
We do all kinds of
Job Printing, anything
from a Dodger to the
neatest Business Card
or Circular.
;    Bathing
O. H. Fechner,
Offlco Room 2, McPhoo & Moore B'ld'g and at
A PISE 5I00K0F ���
Clocks, watches, books
arjd stationery.
T. D. McLean
���: J~~r~\JL~~Z ���
Ceruer of Baation aud Commercial
Streeth, Nanaimo, B. C.
Branch Okkk.r, Third Street and Dummnir
Avotiue, B. 0.
Will be in Union the 3rd  UVdnekdiy of
each month and remain ten days.
Nanaimo Cigar factory
Phillip Gable and Co,, Prop's
Bastion Street     ���     KTanaimO il. C
Manufactures the finest cigars and
employes none but while labor.
Why purchase inferior foreign cigars
when you can obtain a SUPERIOR AHT1
CLE foi tlie same money
The short November afternoon was
darkening, and the enow, falling steadily, melted as It fell, making the slush
���tilt deeper.
On one of the street corners of an
Bafltern city stood a girl playing a violin; the wtld, sweet notes pierced the
air nnd died awny, nnd the girl held
her chilled hands out to receive the
pennies offered her. Then she walked
on, only pausing to look through the
brilliantly lighted show windows at the
rich furs.
Foi some moments she stood, then,
drawing her old shawl closer, hurried
on. Over the bridge she passed and up
the dark street, entering one of the
houses in n long row of tenements.
The groat hare room, dimly lighted b.v
a lamp; the rusty stove, and the fumes
of oil struck the girl unpleasantly as
she threw open the door. By the window sat a man busily mending au old
violin, while near him was a bench
strewn with tools.
"Here, father," she said, corning over
and throwing some pennies on the
bench; "1 stayed out until I was chilled
through, and that ls all 1 could got."
. m_m
gel |\    IslS^
"YOU'LL   MARRY   HILL   IltlAnnEN,   OF
"You hussy! It'a because you won't
work thnt .vou cnn't pot it. You're ns
lazy nnd proud ns your mother was���
she'd rather freeze to death thnn ask
a penny."
rhe girl stood by tlie stove, with one
foot resting on the fender. It wns her
apparent indifference that roused the
anger of the man. lie spread the
money In his palm, nnd counted it.
'Twenty cents, you lazy good-for-
nothing. How are we going to pny the
rent with thnt?"
The girl neither answered nor showed
that she lind heard. Wben she had
partly dried lier feet she went to tho
cupboard and. bringing some brown
bread and cheese, sat tliein ou the table. Klie then wheeled her father's
chair to the board, ami sut down to the
cheerless supper. She broke off bits of
bread and ate ns though unconscious of
whal she was doing.
'You'd lie glad enough to see your
father turned out, wouldn't you? Kent
coming due and nothing to pny It
wi'h." He waited for a reply, but the
girl had nothing to sny.
"Three days more, then nothing to do
but freeze and starve to death," be eon-
tinned, watching closely to see llie
effect. The face opposite remained
"Say, Sal." hero the surly tone changed into a coaxing whine. "Hill Ilrndden
wad around to-dny ngain, and ue says
he'd lie willing nnd glad to marry you.
No**, Rrndtlen's got money enough to
tnke us both iu, nnd a good homo for
your poor old ���"
Tlie dark eyes slowly raised to his���
gr.'iit. glowing eyes, burning with rage
mi'l Bcorn.
"I'd stun* ��� beforo I'd marry thnt Hill
Ilrndden. I'd rather starve, nny way.
thnn live out this - th'.s- what Is called
"We'll see. my girl,' was the reply,
spoken se quietly ns to sound ominous,
"You'll mnrry 11111 Bradden, or you'll
leave home."
'"Iioiic!" and the girl laughed a miserable little laugh,
Nothing In the determined expression
of tin girl betrayed the agitation ln her
mind ae she quietly rose and cleared
nway llie dishes, piling the crusts and
bits of cheese in the bowl for their
br'iikfast. Suddenly a tigure passed
the window. In an Instant the girl
had sprung to the door and bolted it.
A loud rap sounded. She went on
putting awny thc supper thlugs. The
vigorous pounding continued.
"Sal!   Let me In."
She did not nnswer but slowly lighted the candle and, passing the window
n.t which the man stood peering ln,
went upstairs. She listened nt the pipe
lole nnd heard lier father open the
door to ndtnlt tho v.sitor.
"That girl of yours Is a rare one. The
tminute she sees me coming she runs
nnd bolts the door In my face. It
doesn't look very encouraging, eh, Gar-
rick V
"Just you have patience,  Bradden.
The girl's got to have some of the stubbornness knocked out of her, that's all.
But say, old fellow, about tbe cash.
It's agreed and written down In black
and white that you are to hand it over
the night you marry her?"
"That's tho bargain. The girl's a
prize and I'm willing to pny well for
her. Clip her wings Gurrlck, thut It
will be straight sailing.
"Let me see���this is the 12th. Three
dnys more and then��� Sny, Bradden.
what do you sny to doing the thing up
to-morrow night? She'd be Just as
willing then ns she would n year from
now.   Shall we go ahead?"
Then tliey laughed together and
shook hnnds. Sal strained her ears,
but could hear nothing more but the
click of glasses.
"Oh, how cold It Is," she half moaned. "Inside���Inside I nm freezing���my
heart ls turning to stone and iny bliMid
Is like cold water; but my brain is not
yet numb���I enn think."
She heard the door open and Bill
Bradden go out. Creeping noiselessly
down the stairs, she laid the bundle
down nnd put on lier bonnet nnd shawl,
then walked over nnd looked long at
the unconscious fnce of ber father as
he .nl ln a heavy stupor in his chair
wttn hend fallen on his breast.
"I hnve done the best 1 could by
you. father. 1 liavo tried and failed.
1 won't stny nnd be made to mnrry
thnt man. No! not even to save the
roof over your head."
The girl opened tlie window n trifle,
picked up ber bundle am! violin, uud,
blowing out the light, loft the bouse.
���       ��***������
Paul Oldfiold sat reading before the
fire in his little back parlor. Tbo blaze
lighted and shadowed the walls lined
with books���old. musty books whicli
hai lain for years waiting to be claimed; tbo littio room was oddly furnished
In quaint pieces, also waiting to be
claimed, for Paul Oldfiold was a pawnbroker, us his father had been beforo
The door opened, jingling the boll on
Its wire. Tho pawner drew nside the
chintz curtain and entered the shop.
Beforo the counter stood Sal Garrlck.
"You can sell my tilings." she said.
"I can't redeem them, aud you needn't
save them any longer.'* As she sjioke
she looked at a bracelet und a bunch of
brown curls In thc case.
"I can keep thom a while longer, Miss
GaTlck, Just to-dny a woman wanted
tlie curls, Imt I told her the time was
not up. If���If you could pny the interest."
He watched thc slri's face na she
gazed steadily at her treasures. She
slowly raised lier eyos; they were glis-
toii.ng with tears.
"It's no uso, Mr. Oldfiold. I cnn't do
it. Mother will know I tried to keep
them, but couldn't.
"Anything 1 enn do for you. Miss Gar-
'Well���yes. I don't suppose you ever
loan money on people do you?"
Tho broker was surprised and puzzled
"It is this," slio went on. "1 must
have money to keop father from being
turned into tlio street. I cnn't make
cnovgh by playing to pny up tlio buck
rent, and���I thought I could pawn myself"
"Why, yes, I could loan money on
you, though I have never done it before.   How much do you need?"
"Twelve dollars. Oh, Mr. Oldfiold, 1
will play on tlie streets night nnd dny
to pay the interest and redeem myself."
'Take your tlmo ahout It, Miss Gar-
rick I nm not In any hurry," he snid,
making out the tlckcUind banding lt to
It wns midnight when he locked the
shop and put out the lights, after first
taking a bracelet and a bunch of curls
from the case, and laying them carefully ln a box.
Sal Garrlck grasped the money In one
hand nud her violin nnd bundle In the
other, as she almost ran nlong the
streets. Going home, she slipped the
packet through the partly opened window and heard it fall on tho tloor, thou
went on.
She hud walked a long dlstnnce when
she entered a lodging houso and paid
the price of a bed. The adjoining room
wa-. well tilled with cots, nnd Snl Gnr-
rlck looked cnutiously nbont nt tbo
sleepers before taking a paper from
her pocket. It wns n pawn ticket. By
the light of the candle sho rend:
"International Loan Ollice.
"No. 206, Nov. 12. 'OH.
"Received the following goods, the
person of Sal Garrlck, who will be subject to conditions iierein contained as
security for twelve dollars ($12).
"To be paid ln one month from this
dare with 10 per cent per month nddl-
tloi for interest, nnd in default of payment thereof, the undersigned ls authorized to sell the snme nt auy public
���PAUL OLDFIBLD, (1 Penn Street."
'No. 20!*i," she murmured.   "Always
the odd number.    All m.v life I huve
been tbe odd one.    Tlie world didn't
want nie am! has no place for me."
*       *       *       ��       *       ...
It was Christmas n.ght. Paul Old-
field sat by ills fire, idly watching the
bright coals nnd thinking, thinking, always thinking. He wns thinking of the
wistful, earnest fnce of Sal Garrlck, of
the poverty nnd unhapplness crowded
into thnt young life. Ho wns thinking
of his owu life; solitary, lonely, almost
Ycanvina In Action.
A correspondent of the Companion
win visited Mount Vesuvius Inst year
nnd again this summer found thnt considerable changes had occurred in the
flow of lava which broke through the
side of the ernter In 181IB. He was Informed by Prof. Palmier!, the director
of the observatory on tbe mountain,
that the snme eruptive activity which
produced the great eruption of 1872
Is s'lli going on, and that another powerful outburst of tbe volcano may take
place at nny time.
Hoaili nf Steel.
If a recent suggestion of New Jersey's
Commissioner of Public Bonds should
be carried Into efTcet, we might boforo
long find ourselves driving on steel
roads as well as Inhabiting steel buildings. The pnqiosed plan Is to lay broad
ste.'l rails with a slight, Bloplng rib on
each side, to enrry the wheels of nil
so-ts of vehicles. Such a road, It Is
Hai.], could lie constructed more cheaply thnn n macadamized road, which, according to one estimate costs $7,000 a
mile It is said thnt a stoo! truck road
can be constructed for fti.OOO a mile.
melancholy in tlie monotony of Ils dnys.
Just then the boll tinkled, lie wont
Into the shop und found Sal Garrlck
gnz'ng intently Into the ease.
"You hnve sold them, then?" Her
voice trembled in spue of her effort to
hid! her disappointment.
"Miss Garrlck, 1 couldn't "
'Mr. Oldfiold," she Interrupted, "tlie
loan Is due���overdue. I have sent tlie
little 1 could pick up to father, and
theft, ls nono loft for interest. Tnko
tliis���tnke it!" she demunded, shoving
tho violin on tlio counter. "I won't
need it nny more."
The broker started as he saw the expression lu her eyes���wild, desperate,
determined. He took tlie girl's hand
and drow her toward bim.
Tho loan is up," he said slowly. "In
default of payment thereof, thc broker
is authorized to take Into his possession
that whicli is deposited, to protect and
love ns he hns never loved in nil his
empty, lonely life. Snl, will you mnrry
She thrust the pawn ticket In bis
"It's the odd number that's not redeemed���take it." she snid, wearily, and
Pan' Oldfiold kissed tlie beautiful upturned fnce and hold her In his arms,
sny'ng, "Mine-my own���by consent
nnd. right of law."
Napoleon After the Battle or Dresden
Prof. Sloaue's "Lite of Napoleon," In
tlie Century, takes up tlio "Collapse of
tlie Western Empire." In describing
the end of tlie Grnnd Army after the
battle of Dresden, Prof. Sloane snys;
The night of the 7th wns spent In Indecision ns to nny ono or nil of these Ideas,
but In active preparation for the retreat; any contingency might bo met or
a resolve taken when the necessity
arose. During that night tlio Emperor
look two wiirni bn tits. Tlie balilt of
drinking strong coffee to prevent drowsiness lind Induced attacks of nervousness, and these were not diminished
Iiy his load of eai-e. To allay Ihese nnd
oilier ailments, lie lind hnd recourse for
somo time in I'l'cquunl tepid baths.
Much lias been written nbout n inysle*
rlous malady whioh hud boon steadily
Increasing, but the burden of testimony
from the Emperor's closest associates
at this time indicates that In the main
he lind enjoyed excellent health
throughout tbe second Saxon campaign.
Tliere wore certainly intervals of self-
indulgence nnd of lassitude, of excessive emotion anil depressing self-examination, wblch soemed to require the offset of a physical stimulus; but on the
whole, natural causes, complex but not
lnoxpllcnblo, sufficiently account for
the subsequent disasters.
We refuse to feel flattered by the solicitude with which a man who has
something to sell Inquires about our
When a man talks to himself, when
there is a woman around, he is not saying anything complimentary of her.
Another Kurly Mnn.
Mention has been made in this column
of tht opinion of Prof. Marsh nnd other
savants that the ancient liumnn bones
discovered in Java by Doctor Dubois a
yen** or so ago must havo belonged to u
being of human characteristics, yet not
so fully developed as the mnn of today. The nunio "apo-mun" lias boon
bestowed upon the creaturo supposed
to bo represented b.v tlie bones in quostlon. Recently Prof. Nchring has discovered, near Santos In Brazil, n human skull of ii low type, which Is described ns agreeing in sonic respects
with the skull of the "npe-mnn," but as
Indicating, also, n much higher capacity. Some fragments of Implements of
nrlTieinl origin, tlie bones of fishes and
parts of the lower law "f a toothed
wii.ilo, wore found nenr the skull.
Wonderful Frnther Worl*.
Among the strange tribes of men
about whom litllo h known are tlie
t.'li.iinneoeos, living on the upper Paraguay river. An Itnlinn nrtist. Signer
Boggiuni, who visited these people not
Ion: ngo, hns given n vivid description of their appearance nnd customs.
Like nil wild tribes in warm countries,
tlie,,' wear very littio clothing, but they
excel In the art of mnklug personal
adornments from the feathers of birds.
Thait country abounds with birds of
tlie most beautiful plumage. Including
panots, toucans and trogons, whoso
feathers are dazzling In color, rbeas
with gray plumes, musk ducks of a glossy black color egrets with feathers of
pure white, nnd spoonbills of n delicate
pink hue. The Ohomacocoa combine
all tliis wea)tll of colored nnd graceful
plumage in nn artistic manner, nnd
somo of tliese savages tall nnd of per*
feor shape, walk their forest glades In
habiliments more brilliant, If less ample, than a Paris modiste could pro-
Tremendous Gun Power.
Recent discussion of the best mentis
of protecting our harbors In ease of
wai* has called renew *d attention to ox
por'inonts on the power of grout guns,
The result of one of those experiments
bus been used as an argument 111 favor
of placing guns of 10 Inches calibre at
certain points on tho const. In the case
refit red to a projectile weighing 1,800
pounds was fired from sueh n gun. The
tnigot consisted of a compound pinto
of ftool und iron 20 ln"bos thick, and a
second plate of iron s inches thick,
lurked by a mass of squared oak timber 20 foet thick, backed by n granite
wui! fi feet thick, behind which wns 11
feet of solid concrete, while tlio rear
of the target consisted of n O-fool wall
of brick. The projectile, tired al close
range, pnssed through the 28 Iuches of
Iron and steel, through the 20 foet of
onk. through tlio r> feet of granite,
thiougli tlio 11 foot, of concrete, nnd
more tlinn hair way through tbo 0 feet
of brick behind tliein nil! What, sny
tho advocates of heavy guns for eonst
defense, would be the ohnnce of any
battle ship In existence against such
a projectile as that?
Tippinir Hndaon Ray.
A curious result of the slow changes
of level going on at various points of
the earth's surface bas recently been
pointed out by Prof. Bell of the Geographical Survey of Canada. This Is n
gradual tipping up of tlie shores of
Hudson Bay, as If some gigantic power
were engaged in an attempt to empty
that great basin of water into the nd-
joining Bea. One of the earliest indications of whnt was going on came to
the attention of the officers of the Hudson Bay Company when tbey found
that tha jnltM ti sag snantha at tha* rAt-
ers where their posts arc stationed was
gradually getting shallower and navl*.
gation consequently becoming more
difficult. Exuminutior shows tliat tho
shoic Is lined witli old beaches of sand
and gravel lying ns high ub fifty feet
or more ibove tlie present level of tho
bnr When Ilendrlk Hudson, in 1610,
discovered tlie grout body of wnter that
bears his name, lie wintered with his
ships on tlio oust const of die liny In a
harbor which hns now disappeared, or
at least hns been so fnr drained off ns
no longer to be recognizable from bis
Never H��fe to Pen Mattera Which
Yon Waut to Keep Secret.
Hurrlet Murtlneau, who was very
deaf, always shifted her ear trumpet
when nny one asked her a question she
dl.1 not wish to answer. Tlio late Oy*
rus W. Field apparent ly did not hear
a question that It would be Indiscreet
to answer. He hnd another good habit
Letters thnt If seen would cause others
pa.u or might be misunderstood lio destroyed as booh as lie hud read them.
The following truo story proves the
wisdom of Mr. Field's practice:
A distinguished educator had, with
considerable dilliculty, persuaded a
millionaire to found n college. The educator wus to have been Its president,
but unfortunately be neglected Aaron
Burr's advice: "Talk ns much ns you
please, but don't write n word."
Tlio founder, an uneducated man,
was full of crotchets which, if expressed 'n tlie deed establishing tlte college,
would have greatly interfered with Its
educational work. The educator, irritated by the labor it required to climi-
nnto those whims from tlio founder's
mind, one dny wrote a complaining letter to a clerical friend In which lie nnr*
rated bis trials, nnd ended by saying of
the neb mnn, " is nn ass." V
The clergymnn, a careless, nbsent-
niltided mnn. put the letter into ills lint,
nn I cnlled nt tlio office of n Inw firm to
transact business with one of the partners.
IVhilo in thc private office ho loft his
lint outside, nnd one of tho inwyers,
seeing tho letter, and knowing the
handwriting of tlio address, road it. Of
course lie was not a gentleman, and
waa without moral principle; and bia
suosequont conduct showed liim a mischief maker.
He rotnilod the contents of tho letter
to n nephew of the founder, who wns
bitterly opposed to ills uncle's proposed
disposition of bis property. Ile reported it to thc unolo.
Tlie college wns founded: but the educator wns never Its president. Ho
died a broken-hearted mnn. through tlio
carelessness of his clerical friend and
the meanness of n legal l'nul Pry.
The Publio Service ln  China.
Ex-Seeretary John W. Foster, who
was the confidential adviser of the
Emperor of China in tlio pence negotiations with Japan, contributes n paper
on "The Viceroy I.I Hung Chang" to the
Century. Mr. Foster says of the
Ho does not regard the competitive
educational system of admission to tho
public service us a perfect method, nnd
more than once he bus recommended to
Ids Emperor material modifications ln
tho existing system, But it must be
confessed thnt ll hns stood the test of
centuries witli much benefit to China,
and its practical operation has demon-
stratod that it possesses two merits of
Inestimable value to nny nation; llnst,
It brings nil tlm offices of the empire
within the roach of the lowest subject;
and secondly, it diminishes the Incentives to, nnd opportunities of, corruption
nnd favoritism In securing entrance
Into official life. Hut In China the competitive cxaiiiinntion ends with the admission; beyond that stop promotion
must come through other methods. Ll
Hung Chang secured tho right of admission to office through his assiduous
application to study, nnd evory succeeding stop in bis upward career hns lieen
attained by Ills own genius nnd capacity.
A Pair of lloblns.
A pretty little incident Is that told
Iiy Miss Kdgeworlli, In her recently
published correspondence, of au nld
peasant of ber ncquain,tauco, Itoblti
Woods, wlio wns very sick, very old,
nnd fust approaching the end. She
wool to soo hlin and found him in bed.
cheery nnd uncomplaining, enjoying
the society of Ills pet bird, a robin
redbreast, which fluttered contentedly
about tlio room, entirely nt liberty ami
entirely nt home.
Tlio old mnn wns nbout to have a
moil, nnd ns bo took his bowl of milk
and potatoes the bird, which Iuul perched on tho foot of the bod, hopped eagerly along its mnster's body from his Awt
upward, sure of a share ln the feast.
She thought the sight a pretty one, and
said to the invalid, looking from one
robin to the other: ;
"You seem very happy together."
"Yes," was the quaint answer, ns the
old fellow smiled gratefully at his coin-
pni'lonnble little namesake, "we watt
that, ever since we was mnrricd."
Restoring Wilted Flowers.
Wilted roses can be restored by placing the stems ln hot water for a min- \
li fully an  important  and   beneficial as
spring medicine, for nt this season there
la great clanger to health in the varying ;
temperature, cold storms, malarial gernia
and prevalence of levers and  other dis* j
eases.   Danger may be avoided by taking j
The Admirable Wife of the New Canadian Premier.
Mme. Laurier, wifo of Wilfrid Laurier, the new Premier of Canada, is nn
admirable example of the best type of
French-Canadian gentlewoman. For
many years she has not only led In
Frenoh society at the capital during
parliamentary sessions, but has fulfill-
The best���In fact the One True Blood Purifier.
onstlpatlon, 25 ceuta.
Wife of New jni>anc*e   Minuter   Has
DidcurUfU Native Itubs.
Among the recent additions to diplomatic circles in Washington are Min
tster Hosbl of Jnpau and his wife,
Mme. Hoshi Is about 88 years of age
and of the most pleasing personal appearance. She ls short, probably 4
feet 10 Inches In height. Her dark
hair Is very abundant, her large brown
eyes are aoft, yet bright, and her complexion ls clear and rosy. In dress,
her costume is that of the American
woman, yet as she has only recently
laid aside her native gowns, her wardrobe of western robes Is limited. She
bas placed herself in the hands of a
tutor, In order to master the intricacies
of the English language, and by next
winter will no doubt be able to preside at a tea ln the most approved style,
Mrs. Uobles has
M.vitAMK i. \nurit.
as far as conversational ability Is concerned.
Mme. Hoshi has been married ten
years, but there Is only one child In the
family, a boy of (J years of age. His
name is Hoshi Kikaru, aud he Is a
bright little fellow, wandering about
!the house lu evident loneliness for his
many playmates in tho East. The wife
of tho minister Is a fine musician and
���devotes much of her time to that art.
ed with gentle dignity all those other
manifold social offices wliich fall to the
lot of the wife of him who leads his
party. Somewhat younger than hor dis-
tluguished husband, Mme. Laurier is a
handsome woman of about 45. with
that typo of good looks which is 111 portrayed by photograph.    Delicate fea-
tures, clear blue eyes, silvery hair, tt
fresh, girlish complexion lu youthful
contrast to the graying tresses, a quick i
French smile, with flashing impression ;
of white teeth and sudden dimples��� I
that is Mine. Laurier as no camera ever j
can do her Justice.   As Mile. Zoe Lafon-
taine, of Montreal, she who has become
the wife of a Premier was a  noted
beauty.  As Mme. Wilfrid Laurier she j
Is a noted chatelaine nnd sweet help- |
meet���one as able ns she Is quiet and
tasteful. The Laurier home is at Artha-
bas Ravllle, a small Quebec town, a
quaint old house set in eight acres of
land,  where tiie statesman lias quiet
for taking his rest, and Mme. Laurier
opportunity for cultivating the plants
and flowora which comprise one of her
chief joys.   Mme.   Laurier   is   broad-
minded and sympathetic to all. What-
ever burden of eare and responsibility j
conies to the lirst minister of the crown
in Canada, he Is sure of near sympathy, :
and a wife to encourage, stimulate and
strengthen   him.    Lessor  virtue,  per- :
haps, but one wliich appeals to the mind
feminine, Is that Mine. Laurier knows
how to dross becomingly and well. Hor !
costumes are ns quiet as hor manners
Mra. Maria Robles of California* and
Her Remarkable Family.   \
Up In Canada the government gives
a line farm to overy woman wlio has
i borne a twentieth child. Thnt is to encourage multiplication and help populate the Dominion.
Mrs. Maria Antonio Robles, of
Mountain V lew,
Cal, could have
won a lot of real
estate Ioutf ago if
she had happened
to live in "Canada,
been mother to twenty-nine children and is well and happy
yot. She is -SO years old and has entered the lists ns a competitor for tbe silver plate offered by the San Francisco
Examiner to the
parents having the
greatest number of
Little and chunky
and active, she
married    Secumiio vy,      'Ax
Itoblcs    at    Santa _\__^_^lf\^y
Clara when sin-
was 15 years Old.
She says ho was a
s p 1 o mild fellow, thk FATHER.
over six feet tall, brave, and generous,
anil one of the best horsemen that over
threw a leg over a brouco. At one time
tlie.v wore very wealthy. Tliey owned
so much land that you eould scarcely
ride over It ln a day. but Koeiiudio was
so generous that be lost it all. Sonic of
their twenty-nine children are dead;
some are still living. Askod If any of
her children were twins. Mrs. Robles
said: "0, yes; I've had them throe to
onco, two to twice, and one ever so
many times."
HOW'S    THIS? f
We offer On�� r --r-.i Dullari Reward for mi; '
rfiiB ot Catarrh ihnt canuot lee oured by Uall'g
CaUrrb Cure.
K. .1   t'UKNKV A CO., Tn'edO, 0.    I
We, tbe undersigned,   have   Ituotrn   .-. J.I
Cbouevtorthe lut IS yenr*, mid bflfeve him
i��* rfeotl; honorable in nil bus*nets rrntMiotlon*
H!i>i tinmieially ��t>Ie to carryoni nny oJ41g&Uuufl
madu by tin ir firm.
Wkst a* TRU��*X,
Wholesn e in-neel-M. Toledo, o.    .
W.m.him;, Kins an & Makvcn,
WltoleMle JJru(f��l��t8, Toledo, 0    \
Hall's Catarrh Curelt takeu internally, ut-tlnv
direotly upon the bloo I ami mucoHn BUflncw nf
tlie system.  Testimonial* sent free.  trloe 76c. I
per bolt'*.  Sold by n l tlrugviKts.
Hull's Family I'ills aa' ihe best.
A Roetgen ray apparatus bas been
established in a Pittsburg hospital as a
part of tbe regular equipment,
Make llioitpy lit MIOC (*t-t| >p#t*UlMf01l in
ChlCHKO We bny ���nd ><���]] ��� hem Hi re on w��r-
em-. Fortll e-lidve i.cin mint.* nn t semi I he*
glniitUR by tr 'I tij; in future-. Write f.,r full
(.artleuUix Heal "f referoiwe givoa. Movant
'H'-*- est-erieuce on ilie Chiengo Board of
T'ri.ic and a ili-r ugh kj.'Uvii-1-t..t nf tbe bunt-
ie--. Downing. Ho klu* A�� o., rii cHrn Board
���n Trude Brokfrs. Offlwa hi Portland Oregon
mid spokane Wash,
This ctrcnhtrla Issued for the benefit ol oor
country euaiomera who cannot avail tbomielv-M
uf our I'ailv Rp-ctal Salei,   .'end us your nd-
drew   You will find botnaoodsnndnri'-asiiffhi
818 s.fl Market street 8sn Prannlvoo, Cut.
*'   The highest daim for Other
tobaccos i*.i   "Just as
good  as   Durham."
Every old   smoker
knows there ia none just
as good as
His Career  nn   an   Actor Was a Moat
Successful  One.
The drama lost ono of Its most able
and distinguished exponents by the
death of Frank Mayo, ou a train en
route from Denver to Omaha. Neb., recently. Mr. Mayo was one of the best
known.and most popular of American
actors. He will be most widely and
most pleasantly remembered In the
character of Davy Crockett In the play
of that name, which had a run of many
Yoa will find one coupon inside
each two ounce bag, nntl two coupons inside each four ounce
bag of BlnckwclTs Durham.
Buy a bag of.  this celebrated tobacco and read the
coupon���which gives a list
" valuable presents and how
to get them.
There la a claw of people, rational enouuli In
other respects, who aie certainly monomaniac
lu doling themselves. They are constant!
Irytuir experiments upon their Btoniache, theii
bowels, tbeir livern and lheir kidney* with
trashy nostrums. When these organa are
really out of order, If they would onlv Uie
Hoitetler'B Stomach Bitters, thev would, if not
bopeleaaly Insane, perceive ils superiority.
The firat Roman Catholic oamp
meeting held in America opened at
Atlantic Highlands July 20, 1883.
For Lung and chest diseases, Piso's Cure
in th* best medicine we have used.���Mr,
j. li. North oott, Windsor, Ont., Canada.
, Brooklyn Women Pledf-c Themselvea
to He'"nu   Costume.
The first rainy day aftor the first
, Monday in October will be signalized
|in Brooklyn by tho appearance of the
j Brooklyn Health Culture Olub iu their
new "common sense" costumes, Tho
! club was organized only three weeks
ago, with a charier membership of six
: well-known women. Already It lias
; thirly-ltve members, and by the rainy
! day beforo mentioned It Is expected
\ that fully 150 Brooklyn society ami prn-
I feasloual women will have been enrolled.
The object of lho club Is to set an example of hygienic living and sensible
i dressing. The President is K. Christine Luuisdon, the well-known portrait
Gladness Comes
With a better understanding of tbo
transient nature of the many physical ills, which vanish before proper efforts��� gentle efforts���pleasant efforts���-
rightly directed. There is comfort in
the knowledge, that so many forms of
���sickness are not due to any actual disease, but simply to a constipated condition of the system, which the pleasant
family laxative, Syrup of Figs, promptly removes. That is why it is tlio only
remedy with millions of families, und is
everywhere esteemed so highly by all
who value good health, Its beneficial
effects are due to tho fact, that itis tbe
one remedy wliich promotes internal
cleanliness without debilitating the
organs on which It acts. It is therefore
all important, in order to get ils beneficial effects, to note when you purchase, tbat you have the genuine article, which is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only and sold by
all reputable druggists.
If iu the enjoyment of good health,
and lhe system is regular, laxatives or
other remedies are then not needed. If
afflicted with any actual disease, one
may be commended to the most skillful
i physicians, but if in need of a laxative,
Ipne should have the best, and with the
well-informed everywhere, Syrup of
Pigs stands highest and Is most largely
jSed and gives most general satisfaction.
lli'hiUK ni��1 Iiiiml. BltedlO! or Protru'liiiK Pile! -field���ionre to
S*. BO-8AN-KOS PILE REMEDY. ���'i" <">>-
, ilMgrb* tuiuoin. A iionm-nrii.*.-. I'lri'umm m-nl free. Iftlto
��� -Uruubu�� Mil.    OU. UUBJuNkU, Pbllft., Pm,
XV ~T'���*- '
j painter. Among lhe charter members
aro Mrs, Cornelia Hood, lho lawyer;
Mrs. Wilson ami Mrs. Manning, all
prominent lu    the    Brooklyn    social
, world.
The meeting at which the orguulKii*
'lion was perfected was held In Mrs.
Ltiiusdon's studio, it was madu a
rule lhat evory member shuuld pludgo
'herself to wear, on all occasions, save
! those demanding conventional    full
'dross, skirls short enough to clenr the
| ground by at loast threo Inches. Kor
rainy or wet weather they have adopted a costume, consisting of bloomers
or  knickerbockers, a short skirt aud
(leggings or boots, meeting the skirt at
the knoe. The waist Is left to the pleasure of the wearer, and over all  will
l be worn a light gossamer or mackln-
i tosh.
years. Tbo past two seasons he has
been acting tho part of l'tidd'nhead
Wilson In the dramatization of Mark
Twain's story. He was born in Boston in 1830. He began his theatrical
career as a "super" at tlie American
Theater in San Francisco, where he
had gone With his parents In 1850. He
continued to follow the stage for sov-
ernl years In parts of Increasing Importance until In lSdd hn came east. He
tlrnn went on a starring tour which
proved vory successful. Ills repertoire
Included all tbo standard Shnkspenr-
lan dramas, as well as Vlrglnlus, Illch-
elieu, The Robbers, The Three Guards*
men, The Marble Heart. Damon and
Pythias, .Tack Cade and Tho Streets
of Xew York. In 187- lie first produced Davy Crockett in Heches tor. In
187JI he look it to Xew Kngland, He
appeared In lt -altogether more than
2,000 times. Philadelphia was his
Invented   by Women.
(Vila Thuxter, the poetess, had not
an exalted opinion of the capacities of
her sex. *
She (men suid: "Women novor invented knitting nor nny other art,"    Vei it
Is an undisputed fact thnt the lirst button establishment was due ton woman.
The machine for ninklnj.' satchel bot-
, tomed paper bags was the Invention of
a woman, men having tried long uud
I unsuccessfully to produce such nu nr- '���
': tide.
i    A foundry owner declares thnt the
] firat stove he ever saw was Invented
by a woman, though the patent was
tnken out by a man, and the original j
Doclurutlon of Independence wns
printed by one Kutherine Goddard.
In a Block.
A Utile girl whose parents had recent-
j ly moved to another city, and who Ir
now enjoying her first experience in
living In a block thus described It ln a
letter to another child: "This is a vory
queer place. Next door Is fastened on
our house."���Exchange.
The more a woman knows about lit- !
! erature nnd art, the less she knows j
ubout housekeeping.
Every womnn who is jealous of her ;
i husband,  develops  a   Rider Haggard.
! imagination.
Job never bad a telephone hung up
I tn one side of his tent.
I Premium No. 1 Chocolate
| Made by Walter Baker & Co., Ltd.,
������ Dorchester, Mass., has been cele-
X brated for more than a century as
St a nutritious, delicious, and flesh-
X forming beverage. Sold by gro-
$ cers everywhere.
_ m    "Knocks Out All Others."       ^
^      The  Large   Piece   and   High u
r  Grade of "Battle Ax" has injured ^
*  the sale of other brands of higher ^
C"  prices and smaller pieces.    Don't *
allow the dealer to impose on you 1
V by saying they are "just as good" v
t as "Battle Ax/' for he is anxious *
n to work off his unsalable stock. r
���<*-., 9^t)<?��^��tr>Of^*L>C^tt
"Just Don't  Feel Well,"
**��� ths Onm Thti . -OUBB.
Only <v>.e for a Done.
Bold >*V Dmi-ylUa it 26c. ft box
Simple! mailed free.     *��� idrtwa
Dr. 6��ank�� Mid. Co. i -: fc *'���>
N. P. N. V, No. 670,-fl, F. N, U. No. 747 /
G. A. McBain & Co.,   Real Estate   Brokers, Nanaimo, B.C.
Butter *��� up!
U. S. election to day.
Tha gulf water* were Tory turbulent on
L��die*' long and ahort coa*.a from $1 and
Uf at Steveaion and cuinpauy'a
Officer Hutchinson ban returned trom a
lew weeka absence in the north.
That will b ) a spl'Midi-1 entertainment at
tbe Bay next Tuetsday Nov. 10th.
New millinery at Stevenaon * Co'd
Lawyer Young of Nanaimi waa np laat
Wfek oo pro fusion a', buaineaa.
Ur. Al Diria of tha Blaok Diamond City
Wil la towu Wedueaday.
Sew fall goods nt. midsummer prioca at
Mr. Simon Luacr paid Union a visit by
the laat ateamer.
Mr. JameB Carthew left for Victoria Pride* for a hueinesa trip of a fortnight.
New Jackets and water proofs for ladies'
ak Stevenaon and company's.
Mr. Raifta, manner of the Vuion Brewery Oo. paid the t-jwa a visit last week.
Mr. R. H. Johnsou, nursery man, of Victoria, waa up laat week with fruit trce4>
Ik does not matter what prices you see
advertised. You cau buy new dry goods,
���lothing, boota shoes and groceries, cheaper
thaa anywhere else in the city at Ham-
We learn the H. M. S, Imperieuse a.tob-
���red near the wharf at Uoinox Bty a oouple
of day��� ago,
Leiser opens witb a bankrupt atook of
dry gooda at Holmes' Old Stand, Uoion,
Not. 7th.
Mra. Horace S<nlth, Jr. o! tha Bay ia
Waiting her mother, Mra. Haadnall, oa Dan*
Man Island.
The Sloan aod Scott bankrupt stool: going
at 60 ceoiii oa the dollar, at Stevenaon and
Coa. Union.
Mr. Matt, Pieroy has returned from a
somewhat extended visit among frienda
down the ooast.
Laoius Cliffe shot, on Wednesday, out oo
lhe beaoh, seven deer and reports seeing 30
deer tbat day,
It is understood Miss Spencer has levered her oonneotion with the Birbeck I. S. &
L. Co of Toronto.
New and stylish millinery juat arrived at
Mian Nash'a
Mr. D. M. Hunter, formerly of this
town, is now in Port Moody and is recovering from the effects of a broken leg.
In the billiard contest last night Ma.
leer made 62 and Hudson iooj handicap
in favor ot Hudson 30 Hudson wins
the 325 cue.
Kev. Mr, Hicks and family have moved.
into ihe new parsonage just completed
next to the Methodist Church.
Willi nvtiry dollar's purc'ia-r. you get a
gueaa at the pumpkin, tho lucky one gets
$2'o 00 worth uf goods at Stevenson and Cos.
Remember tho great sale at Luiacr's.
Mr. Johu Boyd of tho firm of Boyd A Co
of Vauoourer, inotal brokers, was iu Union
last week, for the purpose of Interviewing
tlie Water-works Co.
See that your Hungarian Hour bear* the
name of O'Gilviea; all others in this market
are cheuper. The real thing $1.26 nt
Mt. Horeb L. O. L. Lodge meets at
Mason's hull the first Tuesday in the
month. All brethren are cordially invited to attend.     J, F. Doyle, R. S.
Mrs. Reid, matron of the hospital ac
knowledges the receipt of fruit io\d vegetables from Trinity Church, used in ihe
Harvest Home decorations.
Mrs. Dr. Lvwrenoe who w:n taken suddenly ill at the social ea Thursday laat, wo
are glad to roport, is now recovered.
U. S. Consul, (Jeo. W. Clinton, who wai
ill for two or three day-! past and confined
to his houae, iti hack ��t liis desk agaiu.
Received at Wiltards, a tine Hue of buggy A-uips, ruagingor fm 15 io 25 oenta.
Bankrupt atook Saturday*.snah low priooa
Sale of bankrupt s'oolc commencing Saturday ���ooatinues at Holmes' Old Stand until the goods are disposed of.
Way do <vn prices at Holmes' Old Stand.
Leiser's bankrupt aale���Holmes' Old Stand.
Mrs. .James MuKi. ��� has been oontiued to
her home for some days with illndss: ksr
friends will be glad to leara sho is now improving.
Bargains in white and colored Shirts
;<l Leiser's.
w, c'r. u.
will meet at 3, p.m. Friday
next at the school rooia, Methodist Churol ,
A good attendance is desired.
Archdeacon Scrivea left on Friday's boat,
after three weeks visit to Uniou and Cour*
tenay, where he made mauy frieode.
L'ulies, have you ��� ee.i those tiue shoes in
N. Parks' window?
Capt. Logan was up here last week to vis-
thi�� brother,  Kev.  J,   A. Logan.     Mr.*.
Tapt. Logan is siill a guest at the parson*
�����*        V
The meeting last night re reading
room appointed a committee to ascertain
what encouragement could be obtained
from the public.
It will bo learned from Mrs. ODull'e card
in this paper that she ia prepared to undertake engagements for concerts, diuaes, etc.,
and will opea classes for both adults and
ohildren in musical training. She is a thorough competent teacher aud a musician of
uousual ability.
Mr. Robert Grant kindly donated the
vegetables nsed in deooratiug Trinity Churoh
ou the occasion of the Hardest Home aer-
vices, for which the lad.-js return thauka.
Don't forget the concert at K. of F. hall,
Oemox, November 10th, by Mra. O'Dell'a
pupils. This will bu repeated ou ThurnUy
evenlag following at the Courtenay hall.
It will be tirst class.
r? OR SALE���Cleared corner lot on Pon*
��� rith Avenue, sell cheap, terms easy.
Enquire at "Kewb Office.
rpOR SALE OR LEASE���The Lindnay
���*��� Houae on Peurith Avenue, ooutaiuing
fifteen rooms���Kitchen, Pantry, Bathroom,
Wash-house, etc.   Apply on ttie premise*,
T70R SALE, RANCH���One mile ond a
*���   lialf  from  Union,   contains   IfiO    acres
and will Im disposed of at a low tigure.    Jfiu-
quire uf James Abrams,
r?OR SALE���The couteutsaud furniture
���*��� of a small hnuse. All ntw. Apply at
"Sy.wh Office."
"t \ 7 ANTED���A good canvasser,    Enquire
'* at "Newh Office.
For   Rent.���The   butcher   shop   a
Union fitted up ready for business, lately
occupied by A. C. Fulton,    Call on  him
or enquire of: A. Urquhart, Comox.
New dress goods just arrived at Leiser's
FOR BAJjft -A good d woi ling house of  i-t
rooms, fine* looatio'a, good   well, pardon
ni.il  outhousfcB.   Apply   to   Mr?,   II.   M.
Williams, opposite Motnodlst Churoh, corner
Penrith Avenue and aecond. -117*210
Brand Guessing Contest.
Given Free to the near
est guess to the number of seeds in the
Pumpkin in our Window.
Tliis is how wb AdTertise.
If you want Dry Goods, Millinery, Mantles, Dress Goods,
Men's and Boys' Clothing, we
have them at Bedrock prices.
We lead, those who follow
must come behind.
J. F  DOYLE, Manager
Time  Table  No.   26,
To Uke effect at 8 ��.m. on Saturday, Marek
21st, 1896.   Train, run on Pacific
Standard time.
I Dally. | M__
Girls* School  Button  Boots for go cts
NOTICE is hereby give that application \'i!l be made to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British
Columbia, at its next session, for an Act
to confirm the incorporation and powers
of the Cumberland and Union Waterworks Company, Limited Liability, confirming the said Company in the property, privileges, rights and easements
already acquired and authorizing the
grant in fee to the Company of such
lands and lands covered vvith waler
as it may hereafter desire to acquire upon
such terms as may seem just, declaring
lhat the water privileges and all other
rights privileges and easements now held
by tiie Company or hereafter acquired by
it may be held and enjoyed as appurtenant to the whole or any part of the Company's property as the Company may
desiie. The water is to be obtained fiom
Hamilton Creek and its tributaries and
from Hamilton Lake near thc Townsite
of Cumberland and from other lakes and
streams within a radius of five miles
from tlie centre ol the said Townsite of
Dated this 22nd day of October 1896.
107-213 L. P. Eckstein,
Solicitor for the applicants.
Lv. Victoria (or Nanaimo and 1 a. m. I p. m.
Wellington  I   S.KI      4.00
Ar. Nanaimo     11.35     l.tb
Ar. Wellington  I   IS.*) 1   7.14
_ . |  4 S 1 p x
I Daily. I Sat'dy,
Lv. Wellington (or Viotoria  I   1.80  I   Ui
Lv. Nanaimo (or Viotoria.... I 8.45   I   4.39
Ar. Victoria  | 12.30 I   8LM
For ratal and information apply at Ompany's offices, .
President. Ues'l Supt
Oen. Freight ana Paaseanr Ait.
Mount Pleasant    Vancouver B. C.
Send for Catalogue before placing your
ordeisfor Fall Planting, if you are interested in saving money for yourself and
gelling good slock of first hands.
Most complete stock of Fruit and
Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, Roses, Etc.,
in the Province.
Thousands of small Fruit Plants and
Vines of leading varieties, suitable for
this Climate.
Thousands of Bulbs now on the way ,,
here from China, Japan and Holland for '
the Fall Trade.
Fertilizers, Agricultural Implements,
Spray Pumps, Etc., best to be had.
No Agents. List tells you all about it.
Eastern Prices or Less.
Greenhouse, Nursery ahd Ap��ery
604 Westminster Road.
NOTICE ���I hereby giro notice, that I intend to apply to th*. B'lard ot Liueaning
Court for NeUcra Diatriot at its next tet*
ting, for a lio* neb to aell spirituous ani fermented liquor, by retail upon the premises,
known as the New England rei-taoiant, lot
three, blook three, Dunsmuir avenue, in tha
town of Cumberland, Nelson di.triet
Wu. Gliabom.
Union B. C. Nov. 3rd. 1896.
Subscribe for The News $2.oc pet
iitel More,
for -   Gentlemen.
White shirts, 4 ply, linen front 75 cents, white shirts, 4 ply, linen front, heavy $1.00, white shirts, 4 ply, double froni,
heavy $1.25. Colored shirts, 3 collars, open front $1.00. colored shirts, 3 collars, open front $1.25. Turn down collars, 3 ply linen, 3 for 25 cents, turn down colllars, 4 ply, linen, 4 for 25 cents. Boys' turn down collars, 4 ply linen, 2
for 25 cents. Gent's stand up collars, 4 ply linen, 2 for 25 cents, gent's stand up collars, 4 ply, extra heavy, 20 cents
each. Bargain in four in hand ties 15 cents, bargain in four in hand ties, 20 cents, bargain in four in hand ties 25
cents, bargains in knot ties 15 and 20 cents. Gent's kid and wool gloves, gent's fine black cashmere socks, 3 pair for
a $1.00, gent's all wool heavy sock 8 pair for a $1.00, gent's underwear from 50 cents a suit up, gent's tweed  caps,
gent's corduroy caps.    New styles in spots and checks.    Hard and soft hats at a bargain.
Boots   apd   Shoes.
Men's fine dongoia laces and congress $125 cents, men's fine i-rench calf laces and congress $2.25 cents, men's fine
cork shoes 3.75 cents, men's fine cordovanl aces and congress 3.75, cents, men's fine dancing shoes 2.25 cents, men's
fine house slippers 85 cents. *
Pubbej* Goods.
Rubbers, Hip Boots, Knee  Boots, Hunting  Rubbers, etc.


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