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The Weekly News May 5, 1896

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Array I
Choice fresh and salt meats, headcheese, bolouga, sausages
and vegetables, fruit and eggs
Spring Goods mM!^
Take a Look at the Window and 8ee  PRICES
Suii.s cheaper ihan in the East,       My stock comprises the
very tuest novelties in Scotch and English Suitings,
_^* Ue oar_	
I will sell fine black worsted suits
 at $3P per suit	
Cml Mints itfcibtitn lot
���itMlnation tor Coiuspy Managers
Oarlfloat** ot oompMooey
Notice is hereby given tbat aa examination lor M tn ijers Certificates at Coin-
Citetcy under the above named Act will
e held at Njuainm, oa or about the ind
Thursday ��( April, il*)6. Candidates
Mending to pittcnt theinselves at such
ciaiaiuatiua mutt, on or before the Itt
day of April. tS}4, notify such intention
10 the Chairman ofthe Hoard frnm whom
all inlirmation ai to particulars can be
Applicants for anamination must not
be less than 13 yean of age and mutt
hate had al least two yean experience
unle: ground in a cnal mine (or mines).
Aion* wuh the applir.iii.in they are to
send a certiiic.tte iif service from their
preseal or previous employer.
TAKE NONCE that there wiil also
be an examination held at Union in
AoYiist month, 1896. Thit examination
ie for fhe same object at the one above
referred to which is to be held in Nanai-
me.   For particulars apply to
Chairman ofthe Board, Nanaimo.
ManaiiRo, January 9tli, 1896.
.ia.j.jiiLL'J..jmi.njia,.i.J.,..j.J,u i.uiij_a
Owner of Station and Cttaaaaraial
Street. Mtatiuw, B. C.
Dumb Otnoa, Third Strati tnd Daaimoir
Avian, D. C.
Will bt in Uaiim the tki Wadnttdiy ot
task month aad remain ten dayt.
Henry Cunliffe
Home Made Bread and  First
Class Pies, Cakes, Etc
t-rShep MXtWtatof Kelly's Photograph
wtrt him:
Nanaimo Cigar Factory
Phillip Gable and Co., Prop's
Initios Street    ���    Vanaimo B. 0
MaauttctwM thc finest cigars and
���-employes none but white labor.
Why purchase inferior foreign cigars
when vou can obtain a si'i'twio* ahti
iat Uu the same metre.
Ajt'il 39th���-Rushing in crops is now
the order ol the day. Early potatoes are
up and fruit trees are in full bio* som.
A fine collection of jumper plants were
aent up tn. Union by Mr. Win. Kurd this
week. They were for Mr. Little and will
be planted as ornamental trees in the
lawn about his new house.
The steamer Kiegal is daily expected
with a aecond load ef lumber from Vancouver.
Mr. (ieo. Ford returned last week from
a trip to the capital.
Mrs. John Howe paid a visit to Union
and returned Friday, and on same day
Mr. P. Burry ofthe Yellow Rock Light
House went over 10 Denman Island.
Mr. Geo. Heatherbell's new residence
is nearly completed, and the iinithing
touches are being put oh.
Kev. Mr. Hall of Union, will hold
divine service at the school house on
Messrs. Duwell uml Edwards are enterprising farmers and have purchased thn
latest and most improved farming implements.
A party composed of J. Ktimmert, C.
McDowell, and Qualicum Tom, lately on
a prospecting tour in the vicinity of
Home lake, discovered what is supposed
to be a rich deposit of gold quarts and
silver in gnnd quantity. Should these
discoveries turn out to be what is expected there >vill be a big boom at Qu,tiicu,ii.
The S.3 Joan will leave Thursday,
Muy 7th from Comox fnr Nanaimo and
Victoria at 4 am. Trains will leave
Union aame day at 3:30 a.m. to connect
with Joan, which alter reaching Victoria
will go into dry d��k.
A train will leave Union Wednesday,
May 6ih, at 7 p.m. tn accommodate
passengers wishing to take the Joan,
which leaves the wharf at 4:30 the next
Ibe Help Sooial al Iht Presbyterian
ohoroh (baaement) Thursday evening wu a
vory plaaeaat affair and realised about $40.
It sums Mime material had been left over
from a former tale or banar, and perhaps
aoma new thing, were added. A number
of then were put np in a wrapper and
labeled witk a prioe. Iht puroba.tr would
net know what he waa getting. When the
wrapper waa torn off befort everybody,
wonld tome the fen, as vory peculiar thing.
would be yurohiaad atmttimat by tbt boya.
tht icB-oreaos aad rtlrtshmanta wtrt
nice, and after tbt sale and etntataptita of
the goodie, thtrt wtrt tongs, tto.
Take  E.  Pimbury & Co's
Balsamic Elixir for coughs
.ind colds.
Jatper Hillgast hae been giving the
police trouble for eome time. About
three weekt ago Officer Hutchison received a telegram from Alberni to look oot
for him, he having escaped from the jail
there from which he would have been taken to Nanaimo the next morning to
terve out a na month's tentence for sup*
J living liquor to Indians. On thit and
iir'.her information received, Mr. Hutchison chartered Mr. Nixon't steamboat
and began March along the coait and a-
mong the islands. On the 19th ult he
went ashore at Deep Bey where evidences of tome one having recently camped
there were ditcoverd. Next morning
farther search wu made and then he
Cseeded to Denman filled where t
t wat seen wkich had the appearance
of a craft which had been stolen a few
dayt before from Big Qualicum belong,
ing to Joseph Fletcher. Taking a cir-
cutiout route, the officer approached from
an opposite direction and coming upon
him unawares seised and handcuffed bim
before be was fairly awake. The boat
wat lade 1 with etnien property from the
premises of Ur. Ecclts of Qualicum, and
upon hia person wu found a tilier watch
belonging to David Cawie of Mud Bay.
Faced with these facte, he admitted to
the officer that he wat the man he wu
after, having fled from Alberni. Preliminary hearing before Magistrate Abrams
was bad at Union oa Friday and the
prisoner held for trial at tha next Court
of Assizes at Ninaimo.
Hillgass hid boldly broken into the
unprotected house of Fletcher, ttolen and
exchanged boat!, and was prepares to
resist arre.t.
Offn er Hutchison is entitled to much
���credit for capturing a criminal so danger*
��� ut, to society and who b.ts hitherto
etcaped punishment for hit numerous
Ma. Editor���Oae hews a gnat deal tf
gctalp aliout town. Ia 'hit titty, the new
inatui.il community! Of otuna it troina
confined to thou who do nil hava tueh
tint to do���youug girla dt a gnat dial of ii.
Why art thty aot kept at home, and ant to
mom employment t Satan the world onr
dada work lar tht idle. *
Thtrt is alao notire.bly a taagk clement
ainnut the young boyi. Parnate /don't
appear to have muck toatrtl ovtr than.
Thty ara rowdyith, noiiy aad at timo.
tanoy, aad aomt of thata mm tt think It ia
freat fun tn ring door bell* aad* than run.
hey should U tumid ovtr ta tbt police.
Perhaps ta hurtful a claaa ol people to
tht plaee ia tht croaker. Tkty mak. etery-
thing hint; art .ttiaHtd witk notkiag. lie
too wat, or Ita dull���er cemethuig. Wall,
it would bt a great deal b��Ur if thty terr
tat of Iht plain*; but Ood hvlp the tiiaoa
thty go to I That, who tit iteadv, ui-
du.tnous, willing to work, taking tht bait
tkty tu gut, art employed ud tvnttnttd,
It it y ter aowy, du-nnunttd fallow who ia
waiting for a aoft map, who gtta lift. Ht
ounce hia luck tnd don't kuow enough to
nee that all tka troulilo it in hiuiaalf.
Your chronic bomwer is a great uuii.no.
whether It i.m..aay he wautt or a bit of
tobttct. Ht 11 u-iually a ahittltw f.lltw
ont of work. If ha had aay independence
ki ���rnuld wait until he earned the mot.oy.
Thine tn noma of Iht ikugi ona li.,ar*i by
being abott town.
It rtftina a geeddaal ef ooejagt tt rt-
fraia frtn aebliahiag |��t whatntoplt want
to mil. Tastei art covenant that wi can't
tattrtoall. Unqueatioaably tkt Itrgatt
tlaa. will rtad the netfe et .port., nicely
di ,hod np scandals, impowiblt advtatartt
tad ��neke .toriM. AittIM to thit catalognt
ara the pterient details ef the evert., ��>���
peoijHy rotting tt ur,miitl aud divorce
mature. Aud a paper which will eater to
thi. oluw will make the moit money. Bat
midway Intweeu >ooh a paper and u Sunday
athonl journal ii tht family paptr-ouo tnat
publiihos all lho local new. raaaonttily ll
'or pnbliotcio'i, di-mu.M. iu itt editorial
column, public avoati aud politiat wl.b
fairn'Krt aa 1 judgimont, eueoaragct local
uuttrprUt. aud improvement., givt. a Itu
amount of good wholowuia g.n.ra' leading,
is cleanly to all tt. upeuu, halplol ia itt
eounuli aad pnre in tone. Push a papor,
(ltitdmcrihel) ii a friand in tbe family and
a help lo tht community. It', a good
paptr to advtrlm in btoautt It Hndt itt
wty tato all tnt good firatiita, and it raid
and fully appreciated thi.ro. And yit thtrt
art alwayi a ftw ia .vary etmmuuicy wbo
think themsatvc ropeccable, aad would re-
���ent tkt impatation thai tbty art not Ity al
to tht community In wbioh they live, whn
���ty they caunet afford to take the total
.piper. Bat it will bo fonnd in nino leant
nnt of ten that thty subwribt for tome Mutational paper with it. ghoat atorias,tite vile
ohreiiion, ita big duh heading, about tbe
miniater goat wrong, They belong to the
elan who weald rather nad two dollar.
away than spend on. dollar at home ������ ���
the white Chinese is our midit, not half aa
decent ta tht utive Mongolian..
to oelbbbaie"
Nanaimo will celebrate the sjih of
May this year, the 34th coming on Sunday. The council lias appropriated $500
and .1 strung committee appointed, including the members of the council to
arrange for tke event. Arrangements
will be made for an excursion frnm
Union    It promises io be a grand affair.
McPhee & Moore
Flour, Feed, Field and Garden Seeds, Etc,'. Etc.
Is well stocked with choice fresh and salt
meats, vegetables, butter, eggs, poultry and
all kinds of fruits . . .
���^ ^"Qoods Delivered Promptly
The Lottie and scow left on the i6lh
April with 110 tont of coal for the Union
Colliery Co. it Victoria,
The Tepic left on the 27th April with
OS Inns of coal for the C.I'.R. at Vancouver.
The Thistle left on lhe 37th April with
j6o tons of coal for the C.P.N. Co.,
The Rainbow left on the llth April
wiih 44 tons til coal for the C P.N. Co.,
1 he Wellington left oa the 19th April
for San Francisco with J,6oo tons of coal
for thr Union Colliery Co.
The Mexico left on the ,30th April with
203 tons of coal fnr the Pacific Coast
Steamship Co. at Sitka, Alaska.
May 1st���The Danube left with lu
ton, of coal for the C.P.N. Co. Victoita.
The Oiplinno left May 3 with 13 tons
of coal i,ir Crnwder St Penter, Vancouver.
May Jnd���The Richard Ul arrived
today and is loading for the American
patrol fleet, Alaska.
The Danube left May 4th for Sitka,
Alaska, with jM tost ol coal for the
English Behring Sea fleet.
Ship J. B. Brown left May 4th for
Dutch Harbor. Alaska, with cnal for the
American Behring Sea fleet.
The Progressist and the San Mateo are
both due.
0., Mi'od.y night 0' laat weak tht Dra
uuuo d��Mj,��ty ptayad .. a crowded hoah. in
Uniutwrlaiid hall Thi. w.a thrir ti.r
tutirtaununt in Onion, aad tht poople
turned out "tt uiieit" it petronice their
A tiri'iqu. of tl't concert aad tht play af
" Tho Ruugb Diamond," apptared ln tha
column, el., lata lain* of this i-apere.'d to
will ouly adit that tiu play waa pitstnteu
trtn mora .monthly tkat at durteuiy.
A khort farut givaa befort "Tht Rmgh
Diamond," in whioh tht li.it. taken by Dr.
WtkiwoiHl ami Miu Ollisoii, wai very
amaaing. lha tiocto* a, u.ual aniing hu
part naturally aad tltvtrly. Ht atvtr
ov.rdtti tht part but ihowa hit ability te
letthimHlf complttaly in tht thamltr
ripi wanted. Tht auili.no. forg.t for iht
timt-ht it not tht actual Capt. Jont., Lord
Xvirgmn tr thtrauter on the progiaoimt
taktn by kirn.
Mist Oib.cn'. part wu well acted, and
tulttd to bar; htr voioa it vary plotting and
bar word, distinctly uttered.
Ai uuai dr. Weatwoo<k-M<d Mr. Smith
oapturee th. ayuipaihiaa oi tr,. andienca,
Mr. Cock haa noovureil from hi. recent
iadirpoaititv tad aang very crtdittbly.
K<,. Mr. Logtu gava a ttio. a addrm
during which ht quoted ��om. duoiti.h
vcr... with a ute 1 .aelio accent, te thc
appreciation of tl a Scot, ia tl. audi.net
Tht txprtidou. el approval of tbt inter
tainini.ni ware untniuiou..
Wa inipc with many other, that thc
Society will favor u. very aoon wih another
ol their really utritonou tutcnai��mtata
Latest by Wire
The band benefii concert (10 aid the
bund in procuring uniforms) at Cumberland hall, Saturday night was largely
attended and in every wav a success,
Mr. A McKnight presided and the pUy-
ing nf the band was thoroughly appreci*
.uu.. lis members are surprisingly improved and detent still more encouragement than they have yet received. Our
space lorbids a detailed comment which
we would be glad to give.
This Inn, located about three miles out
from Union on the Courtenay Road will
be open for business this week    A good
bar will be kept, and the comfort of the
guests carefully al.ended 10.    Give us a
Nanaimo, May ind���Then wn fait*
a heavy fall of taow in Harmed diitrict
Miners' matt -netting will be held ker*
today when important buiiaett trill he
Wm. Jackson, a miner working tt
Wellington, had hit leg broken while U
work in hit Hall.
A contract hat ben let by Dunnaeirt
to construct coal bunkert at Oyster Bay
which will be connected witk Aloaadria
Vancouver, May  tit-Earl Spencer
arrived by H.M.S. Reyel Arthur yeetar-
day and proceeded can.
j. W. Bowser��in the (eld ai Liberal*
Conservative and it acting independently of Contervalive nomiaatioa.
There it a movement oa foal is Vaa*
couver to construct a new marine railway
there. The promoten are forming a
company with a capital of half a laiilioa
Victoria, B. C, Mav lit���The Britiah
ship Italia arrived today from Liverpool
While off Cape Flattery the second mat*
named Graham, wu wuhed overbear*,
and drowned
volcanic sssvraoH
Advices by the Miowera ttaie tl tha
crater at the lummit of Mauna, lava it
again active. The laat trrupiioa wu ia
1(86 and nearly destroyed the city ef
Hilo, Hawaii Island.
Simla, India, May 1���Distress aviac
to the drought in north win provinces M
unexampled.    Estimated  that
persons are employed oa relief wark.'
wi?ed onr sy riss
Cripple Creek, Ctl., April J*th���Fica
wiped oat nearly all of this city lut sight.
Several livet were loat; damage  eter a
million aad half.
Key Wen, May 1. Advieet receives*
here state that a notable victory hu
been won by Gen. Calixta Garcia ia tka
Province of Santiago de Cuba. Gee.
Garcias'forces fell on Ibe Spaniik column and almost annihilated it.
A special from New York, Mayl, seyt
Gen. Gomez is in Motanei Province with
a strong force advancing tewarde Hava*
nd preparing for a pitched battle.
A dispatch from London 30th ult.,
speak.*, of au explosion in Yorkshire
colliery in which une hundred miners
Ion their lives.
A dbpatch dated Apr.l 30th, froat
London shows that a large body af
1 loticntots have been defeated by the
Germans and that 00 Thursday a collision occurred between two Cbineee
steamers 111 which one was sunk deitroy-
ing over 300 lives.
Mr. 81 moa Leiser haa bnaeht tat Mr.
Jam.. M.Kim, merokeat. Mr. Edward
M. Kim will manage Ike Union attrt, which
htwtvar will bt under tkt general auptrla-
umlouey tt Mr. H. F. Ctllia. Mr. Jack
MtKim will bt tmpleytd en tkt oataUe
taking ordan, alt.
Mr. McKim haa probably conaulttd kit
own inttr.it, at ht had a right to do, kat
there will bt gcorral regret tt nil rtlirta.nl
from bu.intH. We ara glad to know how-
.vre teat thc MvKima an- to rtauia
amongst as.
For the preient 11 is understood (after
this week) that itu Joan mil leave Union
wharf each Thursday lor Texada I.land. \\*\V*\v^V,
The Blackest Pao'e Ever Written io tlio BlacK
The rionster's Calmly Written Tale of Blood and
t*hls Demon In Human form Killed Pcopie anil Snlil Their ltoille. for the Purpose, of
!��,-., , m,,m t* ,*,.il iVam,n ami Innocent Children Were ills Chief Objects for
Bfnrder*-How Thle DevlllHh Man Homed Warner Alive ln a Kiln .o That Not a
Bontot the Vlellni Was Left-Poor Foolish Pltexcl He Also Jtnrned Alive���Clot
Hint linml,, Tied Hit, Hand* nnd Feeti and, After Saturating HI. Clothing, Ignited
Un* l*,iliil Mutch���How This Fiend BaffooatcdHlaTlotlm'aTwo Children In a Honse
on St. Ttncetit-.treet, Toronto, nnd Then' Calmly Hurled Their Itlavkened Uodlea
In the Cellar���HI. Victims Brerrwhere���This Mnn Mado Murder u llnstne.., and
the Unly Penalty In Thia World 1. an Easy Heath by Hanging.
New York despatch ol last Sun- ' man -should    hnve eo   loug boon al-
day   night     says:     "I     positively
aad emphatically deny the assertions
that any confession Iuib beea made by
me except  one, and which    Is    tiie
only one that will be mads. The original confession is tlie ono given to
tlie Ncw  Vork Journal.   It   alone Is
genuine.  All  the others are untrue,"
so writes II. 11. Holmes, the sell con- i
fessed  murderer,  under date of   yes- J
terday   to   the New   York    Journal,
which   to-duy   prints   tlie  confession
in full.
Dctectivo Oyer writes a foot note J
as follows: "1 liavo read the conies- i
slon and find that it is fully corrob- [
orated by the evidence obtained by [
me in the Investigation conducted
by tne through which Holmes was I
detected and convicted."
Holmes' storv is lengthy, occupying
more thun three pages of tlie .Journal.
In tlie introductory Holmes writes:
"During the past lew mouths tlie desire has heen repeatedly expressed
that I make u detailed confession ol
all the graver crimes that have with
euch marvellous skill beeu traced out
and brought home to me. 1 have been
tried lor murder, convicted, sentenced
and the step to my execution ou the
7th ol Muy, namely, the reading of
my death warrant, has been carried
out, and it now seems a fitting time,
if ever, to make known the details of
the 27 murders of wliich It would
be useless to longer sny I am not
guilty. In the face of the overwhelming amount of proof that hits been
brought together, not only in one,
but in each and every case, and because in this confession I speak only
of cases that have been thus investigated, and of no other, 1 trust It
will not give rise to a supposition
that I am still guilty of other murders which I nm withholding.
"A word as to tlie motives or
causes that have led to the commission of theso many crimes, and 1 will
proceed to the most difficult und
distasteful task of my life, tlie setting forth iu all its horrid nakedness
the recital of the premeditated killing of muny beings, and the unsuccessful attempt to take the lives of
others, thus branding myself as tlio
most detestable criminal of modern
times, a task so hard and distasteful
tliat beside it the certainty tliat In
a few days I am to bo hanged by
the neck until I uiu dead seems but
a pastime.
"No causo save the occasional opportunity for pecuniary gala occasioned my crimes, and in advancing it
nt this tlmo I do not do so with the
expectation of a mitigation of public
condemnation, or that It will la any
way read ln my favor. Had this been
my Intention, 1 sliould have considered It nt tlio time of my trial und
had it used as my defence.
''All criminnlogists who have examined mo hero seem to ho unanimous
In the opinion tliey hiive formed that
while committing tlie crime these abnormal symptoms wero not present,
but commenced to develop after my
arrest. Tiro years ago I was thoroughly examined hy four men of
marked ability, and by them pronounced as lining both mentally aniil
physically a normal aad healthy man.
To-day I have evory attribute of u degenerate; a moral Idiot. Is it possible
that tlie crimes, instead of being the
result ot these abnormal conditions,
aro In themselves the occnslon-of the
���degeneracy V
"The first taking nf human life was
a torturing thought, Tills, it will lio
understood, was before my constant
wrongdoing. I had become wholly denf
to the prompting ol conscience; for
prior to this, I beg to be believed lu
stating that I had never sinned so
heavily cither t)y thought or deed.
Later, like tlio man-catlug tiger of
the tropical Jungles, whose appetite
lor blood has once been aroused, I
roamed about tho world socking
whom I could destroy.
"Think of the list that follows���
men nnd women, young girls and Innocent children, blotted out by one
monster's hand, and you, my reader,
of a tender and delicate nature, will
do well to read no lurther, for I shall
ln no way spare myself, and
who reads to the end, If he be charitable, will say In the words of the district attorney wbo when the evidence
ol all those many crimes had been collected and placed beforo him by bis
trusty assistants, exclaimed: "God
help such a man I"
" If uncharitable or only Just, t,ill
ho not rather says 'May he be utterly damned, and that it ls almost
sulficlent to causo ono to doubt tho
wisdom   of Providence that such a
   _-   long
lowed to live'/' If so, I earnestly
pruy that his condemnation and
(���ensure may not extead to those
whoso only crime haH been that they
know and trusted ; ayo, hi some Instances loved me, and who to-day
are more deserving of the world's
compassion than censure."
Holmes uses a to cover  the
Individuality of those who were his
associates in crime.
Dr. Russel's murder wus committed
In Holmes' Chicago " Castle," in
which I.ussel waa a tenant. During
a controversy concerning unpaid rent.
Holmes struck Russel to the floor
with a heavy chair, whon with one
cry for help ending in a groan of
anguish Ilussel ceased to breathe.
Holmes continues: " I locked the
doors of the office, and my first intention was to dispose of the body
to a Chicago medical college, from
ono of whoso officers I had previously obtained dissecting material, as
they believed, but In reality to be used
in insurance work. I found it difficult,
If not impossible, to thus dispose of It,
and was directed to call upon a person to whom I sold bodies, uud whose
name I withhold, but which I have
confided to parties in whom I have
confidence. To ltlm I Bold this man's
body, as well ns others at later dates',
In Bhort, in each instance, when the
manner of tho disposal of tlieir remains Is not otherwise specified, it
will lie understood that they are
turned over to him, ho paying me
from $25 to $45 for each body.
" The killing of Mrs. Julia Connor
was to a certain    extent due to a
criminal operatioa, performed by 	
who wero cognizant of ami partly
responsible for both the operation
and the death.
"Tho death,   of    Pearl,   her  little
daughter, was caused by poison, and
tliat were ejjually   responsible
lor its admiuistratiou, although It
was at my Instigation that it was
dono. I believe the child was old
enough lo remember her mother's
sickness and death. Tho other parties
wished at first to place the child
ln the care of their agod parents,
who lived south of the city, but
were overruled by my opposition.
The next case iB tliat of Charles
Cole, a southern speculator. After
considerable correspondence, this man
came to Chicago, and 1 enticed hini
to tlie Castle, where, while I was engaging liim  in conversation	
struck liim a most vicious blow on
tiie head with a piece of gas pipe.
So heavy was the blow that it not
only caused his deatli without a
groun and hardly a movement, but
It crushed his skull to such an extent that his body was almost useless to .    This was tlie first
instance in wliich I know of this
confederate having committed murder, though ln several other instances
lie was fully fla guilty as myself, und,
If possible, more heartless and bloodthirsty, aud I have no doubt Is still
engaged In the sumo nefarious work.
"A domestic named Liz/io was tlie
next victim. She for a time worked
In tlio t'ustle restaurant, and I soon
learned that was paying lier
too close attention, and, fearing lest
it sliould progress bo far that it
would necessitate liis leaving m.v
employ, 1 thought It wise to end the
lifo of tiio girl. Tills 1 diil by calling lier to lay office und suffocating
lier In tlio vault, of which so inucli
lias since bean printed, she being tin:
first victim tliat died therein. Be*
fore her death I compelled her to
writo letters to her relatives and
to II , stating    that   shu had
me. There I detained her, telling her
that if she would write her husband
that at tho last moment she had
known that It would bo impossible co
live happily with liim, and consequently hah left Chicago iu sueh, a
way thnt search for her would lie
useless, 1 would take her to' a distant city and live openly with her us
my wife. She was very willing to
do this, and prepared to leave the
vault on completing the letter, only
to find that the door would never
again open until sho had ceased to
suffer tlio tortures of a slow nnd lingering death.*
Here follows au unsuccessful attempt to commit a triple murder "ior
tlio $9U tliat would have given
mo lor the bodies of the Intended
victims, who were three young women
working lu my restaurant upon Milwaukee avenue, Chicago.
"To this attempt to kill could very
Justly bo udded my attempt to take
the lives of Mrs. Pltezel and two of
her children at a later date, thus Increasing the total of my victims, as
It was uo fault of mine tliat they
".My next attempt was curried out
with more caution. The victim was a
very In autiiul young woiuan named
Anna Van Tassand, Whom 1 induced
to come into my fruit aad confectionery store, aud once witli mo 1 compelled her to live there for a time,
threatening her with death if she appeared before my customers. A little
later I 'killed her by administering fer-
roc.vaii.ide of potassium.
"This woman's body could not be
disposed of, nnd it wub burled in the
basement of tlie store,
" Robert Latimer, a mun who had
for souio years been iu my employ as
a Janitor, wus ray next victim. Several
years previous, before I had ever
takea human life, he had known of
certain insurance work i had engaged
in, und when in after years he sought
to extort money from me, his own
���leatli aud the sale of his body was tlie
recompense meted out to him. 1 con-
iiued him within the secret room aud
slowly starved him to death. Of this
room and its secret gas supply and
mufiled windows and doors, Buficient
has already been printed. Finally,
needing its use for another purpose
und because his pleading had become
almost unbearable, I ended his life."
Tho next case, that of Miss Anna
Betts, like the case of Miss Gertrude
Connor, was flue to poison Inserted in
medicines put up at Holmes' drug
store, aud no motive lor cither crime
Is given.
"The next death was that of a man
named Warner, and here ngain a
very largo sum of money was realized, which, prior to liis death, had
beeu deposited in two Chicago banks,
nearly all of which I secured by
means of two cheques made out and
properly signed by him for a small
sum ench. To these I later added the
word 'thousand' and the necessary
ciphers, and by passing theiu through
the bank where I had a
regular open account, I promptly realized tbe money. It
will be remembered that the remains of a large kiln made of tire
brick  were found In a basement. It
hud been built under Mr. Warner's
supervision for the purpose of exhibiting his patents. It wus so arranged
that in less than a uiiuuto after turning on a Jet of crude oil, atomized with
stenm, tlio entiro kiln would be filled
with a colorless flame, so intensely
hot that iron would be melted therein. It was into this kiln that 1 Induced
Mr. Wuruor to go with me, under the
pretense of wishing certain minute
explanations of the process, and then,
stepping outside, as ho believed, to
get somo tools, I closed the door and
turned on both the oil and stenm
to tlieir full extent. In a short time
not even the bones ol my victim remained."
in 1891 Holmes stated that he associated With a young Engllshuinu to
manipulate certain securities unit interest English capital. They were on
the point of success when an unforeseen occurrence destroyed their rating, and it becamo necessary to at
once raise a large sum. To this end
luft Chicago for a western State ,iu*i j they enticed a wealthy banker named
would  not return. ^^^^^^^
"Soon after this Miss Enieline Ci-
graado was sent to me by a Chicago
firm to fill tho vacancy of stenographer. Siie had formerly beeu employed
at Dwiglit, III., whero sho had become acquainted with a man and was
finally engaged to him and the day
set for tlielr wedding. This attachment was particularly obnoxious to
mo, both because Miss Clgrande had
become almost Indispensable to me In
my offlco work and because she had
become my mistress, ns well as stenographer. 1 endeavored upon several
occasions to take tho life of the young
man, and, fulling la this, I finally resolved that 1 would kill her Instead,
and upon the day of their wedding,
even after cards bad been sent, out
announcing that It had occurred, she
come to my office to bid me goodbye. While there I asked lier to step
inside tli#fli&lt for some papers for
��� Rogers, from a Wlsconson town, to
the Chicago castle. Rogers stubbornly refused to turn his fortune over to
the pair, but finally by alternately
starving him and nauseating him
witb gas, ho was made to sign the
securities, all of which, amounting to
$70,000, wero converted into cash by
thc clever forgery of tho Englishman,
nnd tbe latter then chloroformed
Rogers and left the body for Holmes
to dispose of."
Tlie next caso Is that of a woman
whose namo Holmes does not remember. She camo to the Castle Restaurant to board, and tho man wbo was
conducting the restaurant became infatuated with her, and finally tbey
lived togetlier in tbe Castle. She was
a wealthy widow, of whom tho restaurant keeper finally tired, and
with Holmes' aid she was chloro-
fprmed. It was tlio body of this woman, within    tbe long, coffin-shaped
box, that was taken from tho Castle
late in 1893.
" I first met Miss Williams in Now
York in 1868, where she knew mo as
Edward Hatch, and later uuder the
same name lu Denver, as has been
testified to by certain young women
who recognized my photograph. Early
ln 1898 I wus ngain introduced to her
as II. II. Holmes. She had applied
for a position ae a stenographer.
Soon after enterlug my employ I Induced her to give me $2,500 in money,
and to trausfer to mo by deed much
southern real estate, and a little
later to live with me as my wile ;
all this being easily accomplished
owing to her lnnocout and childlike
nature, slio hardly knowing right
front wrong iu such mutters.
" Tliereufter 1 succeeded ln securing two cheques from her for $2,500
each, and 1 also learned that she
had a sister, Nannie, in Texas, who
was an heiress to soaio property. I
Induced Miss Williams to have her
como to Chicago ou a visit. Upon her
arrival 1 met lier at the depot and
took her to the Castlo, telling her
Miss Williams was there. It was an
easy matter to forco her to assign
nie all site possessed. After that she
was Immediately killed, lu order that
no ono lu or about the Castle should
know of her having boen there save
 , who burned her    clothing.     It
was also easy to give to Jliss
Williams n delayed letter stating that lier sister's proposed
visit had beeu given up, and
also Intercepting later letters and
substituting others to keep her from
learning that her sister had left the
Having secured all the money and
property of Miss Williams, It was
time that she was killed. Owing to
a fire at the Castlo It was impossible to commit the deed there, and
the pair went to Momeucn, HI., ahout
November loth, 181)2, registering at
an hotel under nn assumed name, it
was Intended to kill Miss Williams
there, but a railway employee met
and rocogulzed Holmes, and lio abaa-
doned It, but later took her eight
miles east of Motuenco on a freight
line little used, and ended her life
with poison, aud buried her body In
tlio basement of tlte house spoken
of at nbout the time of the Irving-
ton discoveries, 1895.
The next victim was a man, name
forgotten, a visitor ' to the Columbian Exposition, whom Holmes determined to uso in his vurious business donllngs, but finding that he ditl
not possess sufficient ability decided
to kill him and did so.
Tho murder of Miss Williams' brother, Baldwin Williams, of Leadville,
Col., to obtain insurance, brings the
story to the murder of Benjamin F.
Pitezel, of which Holmes sayB:
" From the first hour of our acquaintance, even before I knew lie
had a family who would later afford
me additional victims for tlio gratification of my bloodthirstlness, I Intended to kill hlra, und nil iny subsequent care of him, us well as my
apparent trust in hini by placing in
his name large amounts of property,
was simply to gain the confidence of
him and liis family, so when the time
was ripe they would tho more readily fall Into my hands.
" Pltezel left his home for the last
time lato ln July, 1894. We Journeyed
together to Now York, and later to
Philadelphia, whero the fatal bouse
on Callow UUI street, lu which he met
Ills deatli, September, 1894, was
hired. Then came my writing to him
the discouraging letters, purporting
to be from his wife, causing him to
resort to drink; then tho waiting
from day to day until 1 should be
sure to iind him in a drunken stupor
at midday. Tills was an easy matter,
as I was well- acquainted witli his
hubits, uml 60 sure was I of finding
liim thus incapacitated tliat when
the day came on which it was convenient for me to kill him, 1 packed
my trunk nnd made other arrangements to leavo Philadelphia iu a
hurried flight immediately after Ills
"After thus preparing, I went to the
house, quietly unlocked tho door, nnil
stole noiselessly within, and in thc
second story room I found 1dm insensibly drunk, as I expected. Only one
dilliculty presented itself. It wns necessary for me to kill liim in sucli a
manner that no .struggle or movement
ol ids body should occur.otherwlse bis
clothing, being ln nny wny displaced,
It would have been impossible to
again put them in a normal condition.
I overcame this difficulty by first
binding him hand and foot, aud having done tills, I proceeded to burn him
alive, saturating his clothing aad his
face with beuziuo and igniting It with
a match. t
'So horrible was this torture thit
In writing tt I have been tempted tn
attribute liis death to somo more humane means; tlio least I can do Is to
spare my readers the victim's cries
for mercy, his prayers, aad finally his
plea fur a mote speedy termination ol
his sufferings, all of whicli upon mo
had no effect. Finally, when he was
dead, I removed the straps and ropes
that buuiid him nud extinguished thc
flames, and a little after poured Into
ills stimiacU one and a half ounces of
chloroform. After his death I gathered together various assignments of
patents and deeds of property be had
held for mo that I bad been careful
to hafe him sign over days before, so
I should not suffer pccuulury loss. I
also wrote the cipher messago found
by the insuranco company among my
papers after my arrest, imitating his
handwriting, and after placing tho
body In such a position that by a cunning arrangement ol a window shutter upon the Bouth side of tbe building the sun would be reflected on his
face the entire day, I left the house
without the slightest ieellng of remorse for my terrible acts.
"For one month and six days there-
alter I took no human life.
" To the question, did Pltezel during
his eight years' acquaintance and almost constant association with me
know that I was a multi-murderer,
and if he did know, was he a party to
such crimes 1 I answer that he neither
���knew of nor was a party to the tak
ing of any human life, and I earnestly
beg that the statement may be believed, both ln justice to his memory
and on account of the surviving members of his family. The worst acts he
ever participated ln ,were dishonesties
regarding properties and unlawful
acts of trade, in Wliich he aided me
" Upon the 1st day of October, IS94,
I took the threo Pitezel children to
tho Circle* House, Indianapolis, where
I engaged permanent board for them
until such timo as I could kill one or
more of tliein. Thu house at Irvlngton
was next rented, and on Oct. 7th and
8tli poison was bought at tho Irvlngton drug store to kill tlio boy with.
Tho house was purtpy furnished, and
then, on Oct. 9th, the boy's trunk and
a stove were brought to the house, at
about tl p.m., at which time Mr. More-
mau wub the last person who saw the
boy ntive, for almost Immediately I
called him into the houso and insisted
tliat ho go to bed at once, first giving him the fatal dose of medicine. As
soon as ho had ceased to breathe I
cut his body Into pleet'B that would
pass through tho door of the stovo,
and by tho combined use of gas and
corncobs proceeded to burn It, with
as Ilttlo feeling as though it had been
somo Inanimate article.
"1 now, with much reluctance, mine
to the discussion oi tlie murders "i
Alice nnd Nellie Pltezel, whoso deaths
will seem to many to be the saddest
ot all. both on account of the terribly
heartless manner in which they were
accomplished and becauso lu one Instance, that ot Alice, the oldest of
those childron, her death was the last
ot the wrongs suffered ntmy hands.
Here, again, I am tempted to either
pass the matter by without speaking
ol it, or to altogether deny it, but
to  what purpose V
"Tliese children, after boarding In
Detroit for aliout tine week, reached
Toronto, and were taken to the Albion
Hotel, where they boarded until they
were killed. Upon Oct. 20. I hired the
St. Vincent street house, having the
lease made In tiie name of II. M. Howard. In order to avert suspicion ns
much as possible In caso an Investigation lollowed. Between 5 und (J p. m.
the samo dny 1 took a large empty
truuk to the house, and then passed
tiie following day at Niagara Falls.
On tlie 23rd 1 bought nnd took to tho
house, the furniture, stove nnd bedding,
and on the 23rd tho children went to
the house Tor a few, hours. The 24th
was passed ln other parts ot the city,
but on the 25th, tlie fatal day of their
death, they were seen at tlie house
ut 1 p. tn., and a little later they accompanied mo to several clothing
stores, and finally, at 4 p.m.. while
they were In a restaurant near hy. I
entered a large store in which I believed I sliould meet Mrs. pltezel, holding In my hands some heavy winter
underwear, which X bad bought for
the little hoy already dead at Indianapolis. At this meeting Mrs. .
Pltezel had said, '1 believed my children were at that time in that store
with me.
" 1 Immediately took them to the
St. Vincent street houso, and compelled thera both to get within the
largo trunk, tlirough tho cover of
which I made an opening. Here I left
them until I should return and at
my leisure kill them. At 5 p.m. I
borrowed a spade of a neighbor, nt
the BOino tlmo called on Mrs. Pitezel
at Iter hotel. I then returned to my
hotel nnd ate my dinner, and nt 7
p.m. went ngalu to Mrs. Pltezel's
hotel, and aided her ln leaving Toronto for Ogdensburg. N. Y. Later
than 8 p.m. I again returned to the
house where the children were imprisoned, and ended their lives by
connecting the gas to the trunk.
" Then came tiio opening of the
trunk und the viewing of their little
blackened and distorted faceB. Then
tho digging of the two shallow graves
tn the basement of the hnuse, tlie
ruthless stripping off of their clothing, nnd their burial without a par-
ticlo of covering but the cold earth
which I   heaped upon them.
" Consider what an awful act this
was; these little innocent, helpless
children, tho oiliest boing only 15
yenrs of nge, a puny and sickly child,
who to look at one would lielieve
mucin younger; consider that for
eight years before their deatli I had
been almost ns much a father to
them as though they lind been my
own' children, thus giving them a
right to look to mo for euro and protection, and In yonr righteous Judgment lot your bitterest curses fall on
mo, but again, I pray, on me alone.
Thero is Ilttlo more to tell. The next
was passed in burning tho children's
clothing, and In resting from my terrible night's work, nnd upon tlio 27th
I called nn expressman und hnd the
trunk removed from the house, and
nfter giving the keys to a neighbor
went away nover to return.
"From Toronto I went to Ogdensburg, and from thero to Burlington,
Vt., where 1 hired it furnished room
for Mrs. Pltezel's uso, and a few days
prior to my arrest iu Boston wroto
her a letter, In whicli I directed lior
to carry a bottle of ilynninlto tliat I
had previously left ln tho basement,
so arranged that in taking it to tho
third story oi the liousc it would fall
from her hands ami not only destroy
her lire, but thnt of her two remaining children, who I knew would bo
with lier at tho time. This was my
last net, and happily did not havo a
fatal termination. The eighteen Intervening months I hnvo passed in
Bolltary confinement, and In a few
days am to be led forth to my death.
"It* would now seem a vory fitting
time for me to express regret or remorse in this which I intend to be my
last public utterance for my Irreparable shortcomings. I do so without
the expectation tbat even one person
who has read tills confession to the
end will believe that in my depraved
nature there is room ior such feelings.
I feur to expect this would be to expect more than would be granted, and
I can and do refrain from calling
iorth such a criticism by openly inviting it.
"(Signed), H. H. Holmes."
Notary J. E. Roy, ol Levis, has been
named as the Conservative candidate
for Bellechae.se for the Commons. #
Then the monster had finished his
task I He who In twenty years had
deprived the unfortunate Robert of
nil the beings he loved, ono after the
other���that man had killed hia son.
The bastido murderer, the
-Saint-Ouen murderer, was now
the Sorelle murderer; and if
Robert bad escaped hint It was because God had wlile' mat ono man
ahould remain to punish tlie author ot
oo many crimes. Robert understood nt
that hour thnt no was charged with
a sacred mission, and that ho had uot
the right tu ille su long at the cowardly murderer ot an old wua, a child
uud u woman existed.
Ho ruse, calm aud inflexible, and,
George's budy stretched ut his leet,
John's hand in bis owu, Ue swore to
uvengo thu deud. Strange fuct I from
this solemn moment bis coolness returned us well as his courage. The
terrible emotion which had taken pos-
sessluu of his whole being bud turned
mm to uiurblo, und be turned, without giving wuy. tu the sad duties
which it remained for him to ful,11.
He bad secured sufficient guld to
make certain uf revenge, and lie left
the rocks without glviug u thought
to the enormous treasure which bad
escaped tbe notice of George's murderers, and which be scorned to take
with him. Robert was anxious tu gain
the const quickly, und tu land at
���tight, in order tu be able to secretly
bury George's body. John undertook
to steer, aud on tho following night
lie ran the bout Into a little hay, six
miles to the east ul Culle. lie knew
the spot, uud he knew also thut fish*
eroeu senium visited It. After having
made certain thut the shore wus deserted, Uubart aud slough curried the
body to u pluce which tuey hud
chosen. It was a wcoueJ ravine which
opened out at a few hundred puces
from the shore. There, at the foot ot
a, gigantic locust tree, John dug a
note deep enough to preserve tbo beloved retnuins irom the voracity ol
tbe hyenas und jackals.
The tusk wus u long une. Whilst he
was performing It, id,ben had seated
himself neur the budy ut his son. He
wished to look upon bim until tbe
last moment. The seu preserves the
deed. Geurge's teutures were nut
changed. He seemed tu be asleep. The
moon cast Its pule light on tbe sceue.
und a lluu roared lu the distance. The
supreme tnunient arrived. Hubert,
witb bis owu hands, Iuld la his lust
resting place the child,whom he bad
loved su we.l, aud thea he helped John
to (111 la the grave.
When tho sud tusk wus finished the
unhappy lutber p.uuteil ou the tomb u
cross which ho hud   lushluned   with
brunches    ol    myrtle, knelt un    the
eurth    which    covered   George,  aud
pruyed.     Before   uuybreak tho  bout
entered the harbor ul Culle, und   the
eurly-rlslug custom huuse ollicer whu
was wuiking ou the Ilttlo quay   little
suspected thut the trail vessel curried
u lortune.  Hubert hua determined nut
to lose u single duy lu stnnlug ou his |
search of Murgaa uml Diegu, and   he !
settled with John   tho pluu   uf   the i
campaign. j
Ho wus about to enter on a struggle with scuuudrels whu possessed a '
lurtuno  which    utmost uspurad their
impunity,  for tbey must have takeu 1
more thua sixty thousuud pounds iruut j
the cases in the cuuiu; but he calmly :
reviewed the chances of tho cumbut '
und did not despair.     He,  too,  hud
gold, und ue pueoossed, iu    udditluu, *
uae greut auvautuge. Men do not feur !
the deud, and tbe wretcl-^s who .hud j
thrown him lato thu seu hud certainly
not taken niousur. s tu prutuct llicw-
���selves frum the veng^uuee of a wua .
whom they beloved huu beeu drowu- I
ud loug Uelure. [
Whut hud become ol them, und bow
���liuuiu he put himself on their track ?
The infuruiutiuu that Robert hud
guthered wus very vague. He hud |
guuu reusuu fur thinking thut Morguu
and Diego, euger tu eujuy their
wealth, hud taken refugo ta some .
great cupital, uud prubauly in Paris.
On the other huud, tbu remarks ul
the cuast fishermen went tu prove
thut they hud been seen recently olf
the shores uf Africa, Iiy coiuinuu con-
sont Rubert aud John determined tu
collect more lniurmutiuu uy scouring
tho cuast tuwurds thu oust. j
Their curul-fl-*hlug l,uut wus quite *
sufficient lur this preliminary iuvestl-
gatlua, and tho guld wus iu perlect
safety at the bottom of this miserable
cuuecru. fur uu uno would take it lutu
Ills heud tu look fur it there. Moreover, it wus important tu leuvo Culle
witliuiii giving riso tu suspiciuus, or
allowing auy one a cliauto tu fulluw
them. Tu sturt ou u I.shing excursion
uud not return wus tiie simplest pluu,
uud it was pretty certain thut nu uno
wuuid trouble himsell ui,uut them.
Coral fishers uro very eccentric lu
their habits, it uuidd 1,0 thought i
that the twu Englishmen had slilital I
their quarters tu Ma.t.i or Sicily, uud
they would soon be forgotten.
Tho remarks tliut Robert had heard
with regard to the Caiman had giveu
him tu uuderstaud that Morgau engaged hla men betweeu Tuuis aud Alexandria, tt wus, therefore, Iu this
direction that he would be must
likely to gather Information 1 but It
was uecessury tu bu extremely careful, so as nut to create attention iu
any port. Thero wus a danger ol
meeting���either at Tunis or Tripoli-
some of Morgun's rascally crew,
but Robert was much altered In face
and dress. Moreover, he intended tu
despatch John Slou_h by himself to
obtuln news, uud ho was au entire
stranger to them.
They obtained no information at
Robert was prepared for this, the
port of Golcttu beiug too much frequented for Morgau to cast uueiior
there. At Sousa, wliich ls a small
harbor to the east of thc gulf, chance
was more favorable, in the middlo of
the almost deserted creek, which ut
rare intervals serves as a harbor of reluge for Arab boats, a large
vessel was anchored, nod Robert,
without difficulty, recognized the
Caluiun. She was quite dismantled,
and seemed to be ln a very bad condition.
Hor worm-oaten hull rose very high
out of the water, a fact which do-*
noted that she was quits empty, and
not a soul was to be soon on board.
She looked like a deserted hulk.
Robert bustened to make inquiries.
A Jew who kept a small cafe on the
quay uppeared delighted to satisfy
his curiosity.
Tbe Caiman had cast anchor at
Sousa three months before. She was
then commanded by three Europeans,
who had paid ofl their Arab sailors
and set nf! nt once for some unknown
destination on an Egyptian chebek
which they had purchused. Nothing
had been heard ol thetu sinco, nnd
tbe commandant of the littio fort
which protects Sousa had already
written to Tunis to inform his Government of tbe abandonment of this
important vessel. He was expecting
every duy to receive orders to cake
possession of it lu the Bey's name.
From the description which the Jew
gnve ol tbe three Europeans, Robert recognized Morgan, Dlego and
George. He learnt further that thoy
had taken with tbem on the chebek
but one snllor, a European like themselves. This could bo no other than
the Irishman, Cassan, As for the Caiman's crow, the cut-throats who
composed It had dispersed after haying indulged in frightful excesses.
They wero all woll provided with
money, and made no secret of the expedition from which they had Just
returned, expressing tbeir Intention of
sailing ngnin under tho orders of Captain Boucif (the man with the sword),
as they cnlled Morgau. They expected to meet him again at Tripoli or
Deruuh tiel'oru a yeur had expired.
One thing was clear from this information, namely, that the expedition
to the Sorelle bad been undertaken
without the aid ol tho Caiman's
crew, and that alter George's murder Morgan uud Diego had remained
thc sole masters of the secret and the
gold. The Irishman was a dangerous
accomplice. There was no doubt that
tbey had got rid of him.
In which direction wero they to bo
followed 1
Robert tried to settle, according to
reason, tlie most probable course of
tbeir actions since the crime ut the
Sorelle. It was not probable that tbey
had returned direct to France, where
tbo lam "Lug of their millions wuuid
huve appeared too suspicious if thoy
bad arrived there on a wretched chebek. It was probable that they had
lirst ol all gained some land where
a less strict watch was kept, ln order to lind their (eet there and devise
gome plausible means of exlstcneo.
Tbey must have a story to tell, an.d
be able to give some account of
where they had como from,, so that
their abrupt re-appearunce lu Paris
should not be too noticeable.
The best plan, then, would boto ox-
ploro the neighboring couutrles. such
ns Spain, and ubove all, Italy. Their
wealth would, moreover, help Robert
to discover them, it is difficult to
bide one's self when oue has unlimited
gold to spend.
John snared his master's opinion,
and they decided to start for Sicily.
Robert wished to avoid Malta, whero
ho might have been recognized; for,
from very dillerent reasons,* bb wus
obliged, like Georgu's murderers, to
conceal his identity and his fortune.
It wus necessary to fiud some port
whero he could land his gold without giving riso to awkward questions, aud he knew that the
Italian custom-house officers arc
always accommodating to strangers
whu are disposed to be liberal.
He set sail, then, for Sicily; but he
visited ln succession Catania, Mission
and Palermo without iindlug the
least trace. Ho had taken tlie precaution, beforo leaving Catle, to Btow
a few ragged garments un board, so
as to be able to pass for a coral
fisherman, nnd ito did not consider it
necessary to change bis character.
Tbo cases full of gold served as ballast, and no onu wuuid thiuk of look-
lug for thera.
Without being discouraged at his
want ot success. Roliert Bteored Ior
Nnples, where ho wuuid probably
huvo a better chance. On arriving
there ho cast anchor at Custcllainure,
wliich seemed to bim tu be a favorable pluce for a secret landing, in
case somo definite Information should
cause him to take tu tao land altogether, lie knew the country, having stayed there years iieioru when
travelling In Italy with bis dear Ellen, aud lio was acquainted Willi
twenty favorable spots along the
coast, between Castellaiuare and
Roliert knew Italian well. lie determined to scour Naples, offering
coral fur sale la the Coles and hotels, whilst John guarded the boat.
Thanks tu this plausible pretext, he
became acquainted with hotel servants, footmen, and guides���all persons who were well Informed as to the
movements of foreigners, und all disposed to talk provided they wero
But Rubert could lenrn nothing of
interest to hini. Tlie news which
occupied general attention was the
tragic death of an Englishman, who
had perished iu approaching too
closely tu the crater of Vesuvius,
which was then in full eruptlou, but
tills story failed to touch liim.
A whole week passed In useless wanderings, aud Roliert was beginning to
despair of success. lie had probulily
been mistaken. He hud argued from
a wrong basis, nnd lie would be
obliged to rely on chance to put him
on the right track. He was sadly Indulging In these reflections on the
evening of the eighth day, on walking
along the road  whicli leaves Naples
at the Bridge ot . the Annunciation
and follows the sea ae far as Castell-
amare, passing through PorticL
Night was approaching, and he was
hastening his steps, when, on leaving
the little village or Torre del Greco,
a beggar asked him for alms, In bad
Italian. His foreign accent struck
Robert, who looked at him attentively. This man was not begging
ln the state of semi-nudity which Is
usually the case with lazzaronl. He
was, oa the ��� contrary, completely
clad, but bis torn and filthy clothes
resembied those of the dwellers in St.
Giles, the most miserable district in
London. A wretched hut of waxed
cloth, pressed down over this strange
beggar's eyes, half hid his face, und
ouly showed his red whiskers and
pimply chin.
This drunkard's face caused a vague
suspicion to rise lu Roliert's mind,
and he asked him In English what
country he came from. The sham lazzaronl raised Ids head, gave vent to
a guttural exclamation, and thrust
back the hat which hid his features.
Robert recognized Paddy Cassan, the
Irish sailor. <
The venerable chaplain's voice had*
not faltered. The court, the Jury,
and the public listened with increas*
lug excitement, and the hours slipped
away without anyone noticing that
night was approaching. However, It
was impassible for the case to be
finished that day, and the president
announced tliut the hearing was
postponed until the morrow.
The . crowd dispersed regretfully,
and curiosity was excited to such a
point that many passed the night on
tho Place du Palais: Accordingly,
when the doors were opened, the
court was besieged by a more numerous crowd thaa tbat of the day before.
The proceedings promised to be
more sensational than ever. The interest redoubled ln proportion as
the climax approached, and the circumstances with which Abbe Guerln's
dramatic story had ceased gave reason to hope that this gloomy mystery
would at last be cleared up.
The prisoners reappeared in the
same order. He upon whom all eyes
were turned, he whoso fateful existence wns beginning to dawn on people's minds, Lolseau, seemed to be
more collected and not so crushed by
grief. The chaplain's words had cheered hts courage and made his glance
more firm, and the conviction of liis
innocence was gradually breaking ln
upon the hearts of all.
The two Arabs preserved the resigned attitude which fatalism confers on the children of Islam ln the
preseuce ol death. Tliey felt that
they, were lost, but they remained
fierce and Indifferent. Profound silence reigned In the court when the
priest rose and continued his speech.
.        .e   .... c ��� .
Pnddy looked at Robert with
amazement, aud made the sign of tbe
cross, aB he muttered a prayer. He
took him for a ghost.
" You are not mistaken, my poor
Pnddy," said Robert, extending his
hnnd to him; " it is Indeed I."
" What, master, you are not dead?'|
stammered the Irishman. " Is it true
you're  not a ghost?'
And ho shrank back instinctively
as Robert approached. Tbe latter
knew only too-well the cause ol
Paddy's dread; but It was neither
the time nor the place for reproaches,
nnd It was important to question
hlra before he bud time to recover
himself. An inn appeared by the roadside a hundred yards further on.
" You must be hungry nud thirsty,'
old comrade V" said Robert.   .
" Yes, yes ; especially thirsty," Interrupted ��� the. Irishman.'
" Very well; to convince you that
I am flosli and bone liko yourself, We'
will go and hnve something to eat
and drink in that inn."
Ten minutes nftervvards Robert and
Paddy were seated at a table lu a
Ilttlo garden planted with citron
trees, belonging to the inn. A dish
of macaroni was smoking on the
table, and two bottles of Capri stood
beforo  them.
This was the best way to loosen
Paddy's tongue. His eyes opened
wido on finding himself in the presence of this uulooked-for feast. He
threw himself on tho macaroni with
the avidity of a shipwrecked sailor!
and swallowed, one after the other,*
several glasses of the most heady of
all the wines of Italy. Robert did not
stint him; but beforo questioning
him he wished to Inspire hlin with
confidence by feigning to Ignore tlie
" You didn't expect to see me again,
Pnddy, and, ln truth, 1 was near being it breakfast for the sharks." said
Robert, affecting to bo merry. Then,
In order tu completely reassure him,,
ho hastened to add a plausible explanation.
" Yes, I swam for two hours, and
I was picked up by a Genoese vessel.
Tliat will teach mo to go to sleep
ln tbe shrouds after having had too
much to drink, l'vo been looking for
the Caluiuti for three months. And
what have you been doing since my
mishap? Give nu* some news of tho
captain, and Diego, and George."
As Unhurt spoke tins, Paddy wan getting uneasy uud perceptibly growing pule. Ho muttered some incoherent words, and drank to give himself courage.
" Ah, master, they're gone. I'm
alone now; poor Pnddy has no one
to keep hlin from dying of thirst ln
this Infernal country, where there's
not a drop of whiskey tu bo had. I
wanted to go to���to go back to Ireland���but I've no paper to tnko ship
with, and thon, look you, the Caiman hadn't a very good name. It
wouldn't do to tell tlie consul that,
you'vo sailed in lier." The wine began to havo an effect on liim, and
Robert knew the Irish character well
enough to feel certain that Paddy
could not long keep tho secret which
wan weighing on ids mind.
" But,' replied Robert, " I sailed In
the Caiman, ton, and you know thut
it was not our fault that we were
there. Come, I promiso to get you
through It all right, nnd it sliall
never be said that 1 left a brave comrade like ynu In distress. But I must
find my son flint, so tell me all you
know, Pnddy, and ynu will never repent it, I  can promise you."
The wretched Irishman hung his
head, and groat drops of sweat rolled dowu his lace. Suddenly he start
ed up like a man who hus taken a
resolution, and began to talk with
that emphasis and volubility which
are peculiar to his countrymen.
"Listen, master," be cried. 'I'dJust
as soon tell you all. Paddy Is very
poor, and God is punishing him because he ohcyed the cursed Saxon;
bnt Paddy ls not a scoundrel like
him, and you will soon see that he
wns forced to do as he did."
Robert saw that a confession was
approaching, and he felt himself sink
under his emotion.
" When you fell Into the sea," continued tlie drunkard, " the youug
muster cried a greut deal. He culled
for his father; he wanted tu die, but
tbey consoled him. the villains I If he
hud known���I knew���I saw that
wretch of a Morgnn spring on you
like a wildcat. But I suid nothing ; t did not wnnt to breuk poor
Mr. George's heart; bo bad enough
trouble already. And yet It was me,
master, It was me that wus the
cause of his misfortune."
" You, Puddy ?" Interrupted Robert; "It's impossible! Why should
you have Injured tho son of the man
who saved your life nt the Sorelle?"
On hearing this word Sorelle,
Paddy threw his arms in the air,
theu he began to puce up und down
tho garden, gesticulating like a
madman, and finally fell on his knees,
beseeching forgiveness. The blow had
gone home, and It was useless to dissemble any longer,
" Get up, wretched mnn," cried
Robert, " and tell me the truth. It
you want me to forgive yon. I know
all, and If you lie you shall die like
a dog."
Rage blinded George's father; he
snatched up a knife, and was tempted to kill on the spot the miserable
accomplice of his son's murderers.
' Puddy trembled ln every limb. He
tried to speak, and his voice died
away in his throat. At laat he collected himself, and Robert shudder-
Ingly listened to the dreadful tale
which he had long guessed.
During the voyuge, nfter tlielr return from Brazil, the Irishman, who
got drunk every day, had talked
before Morgan ot the Avenger's
treasure, and from that instant, Robert's death, as well as George's,
hnd beon decided on. Diego had proposed to do away with them Immediately ; but his worthy confederate
had explained to him that It would
be difficult to remove the cases of
gold without the aid of an experienced diver, and they had then coutriv-
a hellish plan.
They resolved to murder Robert
first, to attribute his disappearance
to an accident to acquire George's
confidence afterwards, ln order to
make use of his services, and to
crown the work later on by killing
the son as they had killed the father.
God had allowed this horrible scheme
to succeed.
Poor George, after having wept for
a long time, had transferred his love
to the monsters who. loaded him with
hypocritical attention. Morgan and
Dlogo, after having paid and dismissed their sailors, had sailed for the*
Sorelle with George, abandoning
their ship, and only taking with
them the money produced by the
snle of their slaves. The Irishman,
had Joined thera, because ho might
be useful to them, nnd because,
moreover, they thought that tliey
should be able easily to rid themselves of such a despicable accomplice.. _
They had procured .two complete
diving costumes at tho port of Val-.
etta, in Malta, whilst the Caiman
had waited for them at the south
of the Island, in the little harbour of
Mei'su-Scfrocco. As for the terrible
scene on the reef, Robert 'had guessed
it already. Paddy only knew of the
cases which had been stowed ln the
captain's cabin. They had been removed by Georgo and Dlego, who
dived together. At the last trip
Dlego had como up nlone. Morgan had
cut the pipe which supplied George
with air, whilst his cowardly accomplice bound the body of Ellen's unfortunate-son in ills watery grave.
Robert hnd listened to the sad
tale without saying u word, without
one nf the muscles of Ids face moving.
Paddy looked np at hlin from time
to time. This lmmovnblencss frightened nliu. As lie progressed with his
tale ho became more and more uneasy, and It was In a supplicant
voice tliat he said on concluding:
" In the name of all that Is sacred,
master, I did not know what thoy
wore going to do with bim. May
the Lord punish me If I Iln. Mny I
be damned like the villain Morgan "
Robert stopped hlra with a gesture,
and said coldly, looking fixedly at
"All that you have Just told me I
knew. Vuu took part iu a crimo
which God has commanded tne to
punish, and If you wish nie to forgive
you/ you must help mo to find the
murderers. Where nre they? What
has become of the villains that you
followed to Naples?''
"The   vlllulns,   master'.'
only one now.*'
" What do yuu mean ?"
" What I  you don't know
haven't told you tho story t
mountain ?'���
"Spenltl    spenk !'*    cried       -,
wlio could hardly control his passion,
' 'und do not hope to palm off any
lies on mo. 1 must have both tlielr
lives, and If you decelvq me I shall
band you over to Justice. You are
their accomplice. Do not     forget
"Will, master.'' began Pnddy, terrified, " listen. After tlie business at
the Sorelle was over���but you'll forgive mo. won't you, if I speak about
the young master ngain?���I asked
why lie wns not coming witli ui, for
I didn't understand much about the
nir-pi)mp, nnd I thought he would
come up every miii'ite. Morgan took
a pistol and pointed it at mo nnd
said : You'll n"ver see hlra again,
fool, nnd 11 ynu breathe a word I'll
send you nfter him.' Ho saw that I
wns trembling like a leaf, and bo
went on : " You'M get so much more,
Idiot, ns thero are onlv three nf us;
but keep quiet, or I'll blow ynnr hrnlns
out and give your Irish carcass to
the fishes.' Poor Paddy has only his
life In the world, master. I wns
frightened, and I said nothing. The
snme night we sailed f"r Nnples, nnd
two days afterwards we anchored in
tho harbor of Salnte-I.uclo.   I   stop-
There   Is
the (Ire-
perl on hoard with Morgan. Dlego
slept on land, but he came back next
day dressed like a lord. He talked
a long time with Morgun in somo language I didn't understand, nnd went
back to Naples In a boat which he
hired ln tbe harbor. When he was
gone, Morgn n told me to weigh
anchor, and we tacked about in tbe
gulf, getting nearer nnd nearer to
Pnnsllippa. When It was dark, Morgan, who held tho tiller, steered for
the shore, nnd we landed In a little
bay opposite the Island of Nnslda.
Thero I began h.v his orders to land
the snckB of gold, one after the other.
A trap was waiting for us on the road
whicli runs along the shore, nnd on
the box I saw Dlego. dressed as a
coachman. ne helped ine to stow
the gold fn the trap, and when that
was done he told mo tn throw away
my sailors cont nnd lint, put on his
livery, nnd tnke the reins from nim.
Under his roach mans clothes he had
his fine suit that he had worn the
ilay before. Morgan changed his'
sailor's clothes, too, for tho good
once that Dlego hnd brought him.
They both cot Into tho trap nnd told
me to drive to Naples. f-ucklly I
knew how to drive, because I took
care of tlio nishop of Belfast's'horses
beforo being pressed on the Avenger,
and cursed bo the public house wfiere
tne devil told mo to go that day.!"*
"Go on, In heaven's nn me!!-cried*
Robert violently, exasperated as this
" Pardon, mnster, pardon 1* I only
meant to Bay that the villains had
need of me, or else they would have
sent me to the bottom along with the**
boat, for Morgan made a great hole In-,
her with nn nxe. and she sunk. I
didn't know the way, but they culled
out to me where to turn. In lefts
than nn hour we were nt Chlala, at
the entrance to the Villa Renle, aha
they told mo to pull up In front o*f*��
place that didn't seem to be lnhnhlt- ,
cd nt nil. Morgnn nntl Dlego got.out,
opened the gate nnd went ln. I 'believe that the old Dlego had taken
the palace, passing himself off for an
English lord, and that he had paid In
advance. The next day Morgan told
me that I was to be their footman
until they could set off for England,
and that I should only get my snare
of the gold on the ship. Soon there
came some servants, coachmen, butlers. Our house was grander than
the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland's, and
all these folks respected me been use
they knew Mint I was confidential
servant to their loMshlps."
(To Be  Continued.)
Rev. John Scott, H.D., of Hamilton, Ont,, a
Well-Known Retired I'c-Mhyierinu minister, Hm. Used Dr. Agi'Sw*. Catarrhal
l'owder and TeatlDe. ot It. Bent-lit..
The cautious conversation tliat is
characteristic of Presbyterians,, and
especially of those " who have ' seen
years oi'service in the church, gives
weight and influence to any tecom- .
mendfltlon that thuy may make on j
almost any matter.* When we find 7
a clergyman oi tho yoars of the Rev.
John Scott. D. D., of Hamilton*, one
of tlio church s most esteemed ministers, speaking favorably of a proprietary medicine, we may rest assured that it possesses genuine merit,
Mr. Scott, telis. of tlie benefits tliut
have come to him from the use'of this
medicine, because lie Is aUfe to speak
from an experimental, knowledge, Jiav-'
big used the medicine himself. Of
Its benefits lie has'testified even bb,
own  signature. .     . ,
One short puff of thc breath through
the blower supplied Witli each bottle *
of Dr. Agnow s Catarrhal Powder, diffuses this powder over the surface of
the nasal passages. Painless and delightful to uso, it relieves In ten min-*
utes und permanently cures Catarrh,.
Hay Fever, Colds, Headache. Soro
Throat, Tonsilitls nnd Deafness. 80
There Is a sin prevalent ln our
households of which wo take Ilttlo
note, which, in fact, we encourage
either by an Indifference to It, or .
by an active participation In Its
folly and wickedness: tlie uso of the
Word ot God for the purpose of making riddles, conundrums, puzzling
questions, anagrams, etc., etc., out of
It. If we really lielieve In tlte divine
origin ot tlie Bible can It be right
to give it to children thut they may
construe Its words Into odd connections, and mako sport and laughter
aud mental legerdemain from its
pages? Is It likely thoy will rovcr-
ence on other occuslons what has
previously lieen food for their amusement ? It Is not, nnd we need nut tie
nstonlshed If the boys und girls who
hnve been permitted lo turn the
leaves ot their Bibles for pastime and
cntcrtnlnnient, turn them In alter
years to find pretext for their Infidelity.���Amelia E. Barr in April
Ladles' Home Journal.
DANGKROllg   11KSI ITS  tu'lli:   TO   I Ol
NeglOOt of Khlni-y 'Iroiililn-Stiuth Am���rl*
run   Kidney   Cure   Im   ii   Kenu-ily   Hint
ouirkiy Krnaicnte. Kidney Trouble lu
Any or II. Btsgel,
It Is an unfortunate blunder to allow disease <��i tin* kuiueys to obtain
a hold in the system. The disease Im
of tbat character tliat lends to many
serious Complications which ton often end fatally. The strong point
of South American Kidney (lure is
that It drives tills disease out of the
system, whether tnken 111 Its Incipient
stages or after It lias more nearly
approached a chronic condition. The
medicine is n radical one. eusy to
take, yet thoroughly effective, ana
what Is encouraging to tin' patient
the results of Its use nre ninde manifest almost Immediately.) As a matter of fact, this medicine win relievo
distressing kidney and bladder
disease fn six hours.
" Familiarity breeds contempt," Is
a proverb found In one form or nn-
other lu every European or Asiatic,
language having a literature. Its
earliest form Is believed to bo tho
Pills do not cure Constipation. Tliey
only ���aggravate. Karl's Clover Rout
Tea gives perfect regularity of tlie
bowels. i,f*
Issued Every Tuesday
At Union, B. C.
M Whitney, Publisher
or a-jvahcs.
One Teu    tit*
SU Heaths   IM
SlnalsCepf  ON
ens lack pee jets	
..   .. month	
olafcthnl  peryeer	
���ea, .. Use     	
Ueti eetlncpor lies 	
Notices   of Births,   Marriages   and
Deaths, jo tnt each insertloa.
No Advcrtisoatet inserted for Itutku
50 ccnti.
Tuesday, May 5,18
SAvanous sBivnra
Complaints art becominf gtatnl
���(���mt fast driving, especially n the
wid between Union and Courtney.
On th* evening of pay dny tnd more
particularly oa tke Sunday following, thit
aril oot only amounts to a nuisance hut
ii positively dangerous. Pedestrians are
compelled to seek tht protection of tht
bordering forest, and tbt most cartful
driver, od tht narrow read, finds it diffi
��nlt l* escape collision with a vehicle
(���inj at a rapid pace. Lit ni kt plait.
Thtrt art a food many ia Uaion wha
keow eetbleg about horsemanship. Tkty
tkauld at Itut bt taught not ta drive
immoderately fast. Ii it nol uncommon
to att ont driving at n fierce gatt,
���ka kat las', all coatrol over tht animal,
wkich ht is, ky lask and shout, urging
ie grtettr speed. Whiskey it oftta at
tht bottom of tht troabl*. Sa will
known ii thii that wktrt it it aet akst*
lately stensary lomc people will aot
���drive iat* towa on tho days mentioned.
Wltkla tkt past month two met kavt
kata arrested and fined far (est driving
aad cruelty to animals. A little more of
this kiadly guardiaaskip audi la kt
titrciitd. The pibhc will support Ike
pallet authorities in tkt suppression of
Ihil dangerous nuisance. And wt un-
demand prostcution may ka aiptcttd
kirtafttr whtatvtr tbt occasion wtrraali.
nxASA oivmxofuiiret
Tha dsvelopatat wcrk aa Texada
W.od ii a,aitt wcouragiag frtm tkt .foci
it appears to kt done ky a company af
tatorpriie ud mesas, ail upen tht re*
port af a therangkly competent txptrt.
Tht gold, copper aad ailver thtrt, It
heewn to ht titeasive but of ltw grade.
So tkat it will pay all tkt better is it will
fivt employment to mete seen tad likt
ikt ctltbriltd Treadwtll mines of Alaska
ba ptriaaatnt; ctrttialy thtrt it quantity
nough ta laat far worki of largi capacity for maty ytars. Tkt iron ort there
li aattnsivt aad rtquins less lui to|work
It Ikaa Ikt in of many places. Witk an
aattaiivt ctkt manufactory at Uaioa
Bay, smelters may bt eipicltd ia dat
time ta follow,    _______
Tk* Matabete war shirts trut valor t*
tk* part of tur troops kut peer manage-
awei oa tkt part of tbe British govern-
meat Wky art our forces permitted ta
k* caastaaily outnumbtrtd aad tkt war
ii Africa carrnd oa si thougk we wert a
wtak aatita aad kad ftw stldiers t Tk*
enemy satarally tkiak wt art daiag tka
bill w* cm, and wkea w* makt ia
beggarly i skew if force, irt grmly
aacauraged, Wt should, ia war, aot
eel* give forth the roar of the lie* ktt
eakibii something of kit stitngth.
Tht advaactment of Sir Chas, Tupper
fl th* prtmiership wu csptctcd. Sir
Mackeaiie Bewill will remain ia tka
ttlitt. Sir Donald A. Smith ii Higk
Commissioner. Chief Justict Mtrtditk
aad High Joha Macdonald art capecltd
la eater tht Cabintt. Prior will alia
female. Tkt tltctie* ii aow oa in tar.
���tit and in a ftw wttki wt will knew
what ii ta bt tkt fiscal policy af tka
government The struggle will bt sharp
and both sides kept to wit. Of tat
thing wt may bt certain aad tkat it that
British Celumhla will no linger kt a
tait for the government.
Tht disctvery of oil in California aad
itt present ckcapness, and tht fact tkat
tka Soatktrs Pacific inttads to utilise it
ae far ae practicable muit aot be con-
lidttad u any grtat meaace to the coal
trade. Th* bet is the oil production is
limited aad already it is claimed by a
distinguished expert that one-third of it
has bnn phausied, There mav be less
cnal required for a season, but the tiers
utceel are multiplying, and the den*.,nd
ceenqutntly will increase,
AS AVBVttt. IhTMll
II la a leag time tbrne, kww leaf 1 maael
remember, fee liviag swap ia tke dim Mil.
Me ef these lens*, aae loaa isaislui
Bam ef daye weeka aad msatkai eee alii
loom eight ef thc far-away world aad its
lah.bit_.ui tad Oe small dowlas wilk itt
koast, bars, aad live etuk It tkt etlHet
reaad world lo eat aaalal stake. Th*
kitchen ia Ike keen ef Leeds aad Cemraeu
felled into eae (tketpfseltriea partm vefy
elrengly prcaeuaeed sssaetlace I) Ike mad
el ike lowing af Ike Mao, Ikt twittorlag ef
Ike bird, aad tke fall tkreeted esag ef the
ban art only "retpripsli,"
wc for aay ether!  Then "'
uy alber! Then the grand cater
ulaaee ef Iks fenet aisles, te Ihi
of tke eenmiagelora, at Ike ekriek
of Iks dicmiallsd aaMa giaal tnn, aad, il
we may my lech a tkisg, tke rrtttl well twee
ef ih. .ilvory moeallgkl ac it arcepc aearar
aad nearer, aad tke* toed* eat we*td wilk
il.ctk.rial rsdianec'*���these, ek, tkcm est
eat "vet Deij" aad as aaa lave those
whose .sals kave kcea filled wilk tkcm
sifitt aad Meade, mm rcsllac kew aew
Ihoy swry a* ea Iksitsttsag pate wtage Is
tka greal Oieater ef Ike Bcaaiifal.
It wea a lately meralag hat AMam
wkea we left Ike Ocmea irkarf aad art ea'
far a t< er ef advcalare aad fleeaar* ap Ik*
eoeat. Ad.ealare, indeed, l*t aaaasl att of
tke party ewear thai we caw abt great em
oenooi lloelf. calmly eeilbsg aloes t* Oyetst
Bay! Bat Ikis is masters, is Ikis u
tn.d.yoflks 'leewweieee" eeraogleta
ef MM jraeofally rselgaod ia lever of
Captain lama, law el tke ������Wcnplte,'
8* wtlk btaaiy at Ike kela aad ysaik at
Ik* care, wa prsseiled ea ear way. Ws
wonJuM^a sharming liltle party. Tka
daar little profneer wu there ef teens
R. it esc of Ikcee people who regard Iks
warld meditatively tkroagh reaad wcader-
kg Mas eyea, lake aat* sf everything aad
.ten tt all ap safely let falare rtfenase,
aad say Uttle. "lyocsk I* clivers, kat
siliace ia gsldea" lastsaatcd Ik* pretcecor;
kal pcrsooally, I opis-a, tkat if Ike reckless.
happy, go-lucky tklnkinaad opooken did
air their enact kall-fermsd, epielaaim
idias sad iuwgiaiags Ike pretsnori wsald
Iocs kalf Iho faaefatgalag, entndlotli_
aad propeaadiag tkeir ewa trite, leans*,
olicatUtaad well tkeegkVeat scaslaalsas.
WelikewiMhsdalittlsprian with as,
Ik* dmml little tcllowl hataetatall "lee
good and sweot lor k*mmi aatan'i dally
food" aaiemobedy aayei ke wm mad
patrc alaiag, Ho did aei liko kealiag al all,
proformd hoatlag sa dry lead. " A skip u
hat a akeky kiagdem," aatke eaptala sf
���ko Nympk oase reaaiked, rest to ou Utile
t ���'��� ��� e hngkl-lkeeak ke did act lay 11
A picuaat row ae tar aa air. Miller's ef
Uul* Biver, aad ikea, u we wen all
kvagrj and reedy fat capper, ���* leaded,
made a tn os Ike bsaak aaa boiled tk*. ia*
evitakla Iaa kettle, eel ap a epleadld roomy
toal and IkM treat to Mr. Miller's Is tee
himodt aad kla family, kla lovely lower.
aad Mi tardea. Dear eld Mn. Miller I II
eae naid kaow ea sae leaked oa Ike dear
familiar Ices, Ikal this la tk* lam lime kc
ckailkc able to grisp tkeir heads, leeklati
M<dr eyea aeo snoir kiadly smile, kect tiu
obecry voles,���bow Ikea ������aid skclr light
mt tpo'tsa word kc law Is ut ke* we
ekeeitvie wiAeaok eikor la leader deli
caw attcalisas aad geall* loviag wordel
Ok, ay listen end krelkero I we walk ia
Ike twilight duaasn aew, ead the kaad ef
Ike ralklcm defrayer aay already k*
atnteked eat Iswarda sa* asanas aad dearest, and wa eea dieten il aat I I* ia Ik*
wads *f Ik* pool let me say:
-"Oh, hinds. I prep teal* kt,
K*p set jsuthucss fer my   dead **!d
Tk* way Is lonely, Wl me feel teem aew,
Tiiak g lolly of shi Isoa tnt-l-ejen
otylalwiiig feet an pierced wilk auy  a
Forgive, eh,  heatte wMe god, fecglvc t
If ken dneuloce net ic aiat I ek.ll art
tae ulaiw tet wkiak I lcag tsalgk*.
We were ta hav* called ia after sapper
te in tha old lady agaia; kat we liager-
td bv tht firt sa tkt keack, ud wk*a ws
weat ia, tkey uid tk* wat lind *f wait
ing and bad goae loi tat If tfler tws
er tkree meatki we kad wisked ta a**
htr agaia wt should havt received lha
same answer��� ika wm lirtd af wiititg
ud kad g*n* t* r**t.
Mr. B. McDeaeld 1*14 at* yesterday
tkat many people brok* tk* Math ttm<
mandmmt. I plead guilty I* Ik* ladicl*
mint, for this is just tka* ipei whore I
would like lo pitch ay teat���a Unly
vi*w of sea aaa diitut meuateist, pretty
griuy paick-likt gladtt beyond tk*
mdy keack, tht dark f*r**t ia tkt keck*
grcud, aad ptatt aad prtiptnty ia all
tka larreuadiagi,
Ualoa,B."cr April ilikp'l*.
To tat Beaao op Ucsaia
Comuimiomii, Comoi, B. C,
T*k* aetice thit at tbe a*at lituag al
the Llonuag Ceun held at Caaet, B.
C, 1 shell apply for * truifor af lienn
from myself to Jake Wlllaaito ull ky
retail, wmti, bur, al* aad other spirits*
aas or fermeatad liquors et th* Spriag
lu, Cornea diitrict.
Oattd April Mlk, tBf6.
bmsox-vtiov er rAatiaBaBr
Tht undtnigacd ktrdofor* ctrryiag
oa the hone ihoeiag bunaeii aad general bleckstrithiag at Uaiaa, **d��r th*
firm name aad style of R-ty k Murdock,
has been dissolve* by mutual consent.
Mr, Gordon Murdoch will contnaa tke
business at the old Hand ud all outstanding claims against the late firm ara
to he presented te aim, ud ail bills du*
uid firm muit be forthwith paid t* kirn.
T. L. RAY.
Union, April i8th, 1796.
vabh vbaiAuT
Farm ef 160 acres 4 milti from Comox
wharf for sale. For particulars enquire
nfF.ttber Durand at the Bay erst the
News off.ee
IITl. CAPITAL, B600.000.     userptnted Juat It, IMS.
Jas. McMillan & Co.
a**nicre��* s* tne
Frames B*mrM��*e*.
O. t. Hides,
Dry Hides,
Weel, Purs.
Wrtn P*r Latest Mae
atrtaiNtie ev etnaneeioa:
taa#krtsfghasra*s. ��� ���ausssdls, Ba. I ImksatC htkatl ltd.. . |__
IktlgMtMlisaA ��� ��� ��� 1aam|iMi.��laa. I ktalua IsUohI hit, . ��� Hm
rm-krelHt,   >   *   *   * faniilli, Wa I tsartf keek ef tnet Ms. . *wc> t*__, Imt.
ati_rat.BA-pox.is HiMiiaaoTA.
H��*M>fat.| aaaKisgat. |    jurstn.
Supplies th* valley with first class bread, pies, cakes, Mc.
Bread delivered by Cart through Caurttaay and Diitrict ivtry
Wedding Cakes mad* and Partiea catered for.
Courttnay, I. C.
Grant It Muni|han, Praps.
Best of Liquors
iFnest of Cigars
Good Tabic
Courteous Attention
Tha Famous
IN at* St. Jamee St
Drs. Lawrence ft Westwood.
Pkyatalaaa aad aupgeona.
xrxno" B.c.
Wa kave apniatad Vr. JsaH AV
neee eee **U**l*r aatU lurtau mouse, t* wheal all *vorduo aeeeuata
leaf b* paid.
t ��o��. iat*.
Society    Cards
1. 0. 0 r.
Uaiaa Ledge, No. H, meeti every
Friday aigkt at I o'clock. Visiting breth
rea cordially invited te ettead.
A. Lwmay, B. S.
Cumkf.rland Lodge,
'  A. F. ft A. M, B.C. R
��� Vaioa, B.C.
t*dg* mods first  Saturday   ia each
nieath.   Visiting krethren ara cordially
invited M atttad.
Jamu McKim. Sec.
Hiram L**g* Na 14 AF .* A.M.,B.C.P.
Ledg* antl *a every Saturday on or
kafort tk* Ml af tke moon
Viihiag Bntkin   eerdially re^ueated
le allied.
B, I. McCoiaill,
Loyal laaaaaa L*dg* No. tea, C. 0.
0. T., a**t ie thait ledg* room over
McPkcc'e nark, Courtenay, evtrv atctad
Satarday at I s. m. Viiitiag brttkrta
eerdially iaviied la attend.
J. M. r��ltea, S*c.
Caaabcrtaad Bacaaspemat
Me. 4, 1.0.0. f., Uaioa.
Maeti (itt aad third Wcdatidtyi *f
**ck month at I e'rlock p. a.   Vieitiag
iimkn* cordially iavitcd to attend.
]. COMB, Scrib*
motaiin aaoi axoi>.
i kav* aeved let* ay a*w shop on
FiiH St. ant talk* Cuitomi oir.ee, where
I tm prepared I* manufacture aad repair
all kind* ef swat, women's, ud ikildraa's
ab***.   Civ* bm a tail.
Neleea farka.
Aayatrtaa ar pcrteai d*iinyiag ar
witkkoldiag lba kegs aad barrels ef tht
Uai*�� Brawtry Campaay Ltd of Nanaimo, will kc prosecuted. A liberal reward
will be paid me iaforsutica Inding la
W. B. Nsrria, SH"y
toot arm��� ��b��tj__itiom
Tk* money order department closes tt
1 p.m. Thursdays. Letters may be regis
tared aa te;.]o p.a. at Tkarsdayi. Apply for Wan la arrive a��at moatk b*fon
tkey an all taws.	
a. er t.
Uaiae Dirieioa Ne. y, Seat af Tem-
Mvinct, m**ti in Fra* Maioa'i Hall,
Uniea, every Monday evening at y.jo.
Vieitiag frieode cordially invited t*
attend '
Esquimalt and Nanaimo Ry.
Steamer Joan
On and after Mar. a ind, 189**
The Steamer JOAN will tail at followi
aad troltkt sny et*er
lM.eTlcteria, Taootay, Ua,
*' Naaslmo(orC��moa, Weteecdsy, t a. a
Leave Comet for Msaslnw,     I'rti.j., J a.m.
"    NaaalmslerTlataria   Ssiarl.y, T cm
For freight or state rooms apply pn.
board, or at tke Company's ticket office,
Victoria Station, Store street.
Wm, O'Dell
Architect and .Builder
Plana and Speeltteatlone prepared,
end buildings erected on tbe
Bhoruet NoUce.
Houaaa built and for eale on eaay
urate of payment.
��� . ���*���*���*.
The following Lines aro
Watches, clocks and jewellery
Tin, sheetiron, and copper work
Bicycles Repaired
Guns and rifles, repaired
Plumbing in all its branches,
Pumps, sinks and piping,
Electric bells placed,
Speaking tubes placed
Hot air furnaces,
Folding bath and improved
Air-tight stoves, specialties
Office and Works  ftSft'Sft ���*���*���
Surgeon and Physician
(Gradiatt ef tke University *f Toronto,
Office and residence. Hnr���on
Ave .next door to Mr. A Grant's.
Hours for eonaultatlon-0 to lo a m.
All persons driving ovtr the wharf o
ridges in Comox district tastsr Ihan i
eridges in Comox district tastsr than a
walk, will be prosecuted according to
W. B Avdf.rson,
    Guv. Agent.
rilR SALB-Parc Whits Flyacakk Keck
IgSialT. 0, UaUaa's.
Dave Anthony's
Cigar  and   Fruit   Store
Sud and Dunsmuir Ave.
'  '���'  >_t?ltf
artcst fer aeaslco. Fsempi ��eMvory. Ns
(nl St manatee*.
Maims Saw ill
M ut Im
���>.0. Bnwer a. Telophase Coll, IM
19* k complete ateek ef Beugk aad
Dressed Laanbtr alwaya oa kaad.   Ala*
Shiagfol, talks, fkksts, Doan, Wia*
dawa aad BHad*.,  Moaldieg. ScraH
Sawiag, Ttraasg, aad *U*liade
of wood aaiahmg larnieked.
Cedar. White Wn*  Redwood.
Burlier Shop   : :
:   Bathing
Bavtag parekaaed lhe aken o) Mr. C. Bv
Bian, Iskallktplaaaadano aU   .
ay eld Mnde, ead n any
atw can n aay ekoen
O. H. Fechner,
1,1 Theobatd,
Hobii ui SlgB Piiitei,
Paper-Manging, Kalaamining
and Decorating*
AB W*m Freaapuy AMeaded ta
Its* prepared to
hnwi turn* Riga
and da Teaaitag
At reaaeaawe rea
���^saase*% v I/P
Mr. Jamas Otasauir visited Uaie*
lail WedMiday.
Remember the Uaioa Brass Baad
Btatfit Concert ia for May and.
ladianAgcat Lara** from Duncans
*ad ladiaa Agtnt V��w��ll of Victoria,
bath came ap oa tha Jeaa Wedaesdey,
If you want tke neweit and best styles
ia men's felt hats and at half regular
prices by all means buy kt Langman's.
Wan. Gleason ie erectiag another
cottage ea  bii  let ant ttie  Liadsay
For atw flannelettes aad fancy spriag
4m goods, Stevenson St Co n the place
te get the correct iking it tht right prict,
Mr. Jal)a Piket returned on Friday,
He kas bougkt tke Spring Ian oa the
Courtenay road wkick u btiag fitted up
for bim, tnd will probably be ready to
accommodate tbe public by tbe lime thii
nackes car readers.
��F Thera it Nothing
Aatkany'i will
receive prompt attention
F. Curran
Mra. W. H. Davidsoa ud littl* i
Warned by the lasf steaaier from a leag
visit east, durieg wkick Mn Davidsoa
has visited relatives at Niagara Falls aad
was fer him tiae e guest af ber bos-
bead's panels ia Ontaria.
C. H. Tarbell has juat received a full
line of tkesc celebrated Souvenir Stovci
and Baages thoroughly up te date. Call
aad havt a look at tktm.
Btv. C.H.M. Satkprlaid will leave next
Friday te atteed tke diitrict meeting at
K.asimo, after wkick ka will atiead tke
Metkediit Coafereace at N��w Wistmie*
star He will ba abieet thn* or foer
Aay oae dnirieg * g**d servieabl*
atwing mackiaa ia capital order cia a*
accemmedat*d at B. B. Andtrser.'i It
will go cheap, too.
Mr. Al. Davis aad ma ef f kilip Gael* |
a Co., cigar maaufacturers, wtrt ia town
lut aatk. Mr. Al. Dtvii will leek after
Ihe ialrrette af tk* Arm ia tk* Kooteaay j
eectiee for tk* a*it fow montki al le.st,
whil* kii ira will look ifttr matters here.
Foa tint-Th* butcher shop at
Uno* fitted up readv for business, lately
occapied bv A. C. Fultnn. Call on him
ar eoqeiie of A. I'rqehart, Comnic.
We ask yeur careful inspection of our
aew spring samples���the largest stock of
uainples ia the province over one thousand to select from.
We confidently date tkat wt havt atvir
shown neb haadsome. pattern! aid iaa
vales, ia imported Scateb Tweeds.
Call aad Inspect oaasplafe aad tm e��a
wactd. --Crest Salter* Tailoring De
p/na*at, D. C. McKensi*. ag't for B. C
If it is Well M Tosether
80 here it Is :
Single Haraeis at $Io, Six, $1; per let
and up.���Sweat Pads at 50 cents.
Whips al lot 3$, 5�� end a good  Raw
bide for 7$ reals, aad a Whal* Boa*
at Si aad up to Si.
1 hav* tkt largest Stock of WHIPS ir
town aad all* tk*
BeatAiteOreeeeet g BO:
For Twenty-Five Oenta. ���
Trunks at Prices to Suit
the Times.
Paoarn-T aaa
Wesley Willard
Betary Puttlle.
Agent tor the Auienee nre
inauranee Company ot Lea
don and tfea Phoenix ot
Agent for tbe Provincial
Building and Loan Aase*
elationef Tomato	
Uaioa. ��� c
Not One Man in
One Hu.idred
Soiavntskbaeaeytkatil yields, ta
twnty ysere, wythtaa like Ike prod*
"   ' " by s policy of life Unranee.
af tadividula
���Tan Cents a Day**t5i
Will bay for e mea H yean of age a
#1,000 SO-Payaeal lifo Valley, oao
of ike beta ferae of tanraan wrinso
Union Mutual Life
Insurance Company
Of Portland, Maine
A Sound, Salt, AUy       .  .
wklek ����va* ataxic
���'��� 'iW*,
I. M. 1TAMB, PrevlMtal Moaetor,
r.e. eet Ht        Tneeaver, B. C.
Fer tinker MfotaaMea call ea
V. f. BALBT,
Lot 7-Block   X
Cleared Ready for Building
M. j. Henry
P.O. addnes:���Meant Pltisaat, Vaa-
caaver, B.C Creeakosse and Nursery,
e*t Wsiimi aeter Bnad. Mast complete
CeMlega* it B. C-Fim I* year addrns
He agents.
A mall engia* boiler aad ���machinery,
aae Feur Hone Power Elgin aad Boil*
ar, oa* baad uw, ea* lit grinder. Will
����ll together or smgty. Elgin* laittbl*
for diiry wart ar eta bt placed ia 1 boat.
Baquir* al Aadereaa'e Maul Worki,
.    venos
We tk* **d*rsig**d ksreby tetkorin
J*ka Brae* t* -rolled *B accauati da* lb*
WM* *f B*b*rt Graham.
B. Creat*
M. Hambsrg*rV Tirtlll.
Plumbing and general
Sheetiron work
ar Agent far tka
Celebrated Gurney
8ouvenir Stoves and
Maaafaelwar ef the
New Air-tight heaters
BoucrroRB, notaries, ae.
Mm anal, MsPkn attain Bid* eadn
f. a. Suva Ul
A few hundred yards from the
Switch where; the con\paoy's
new buildings are to be built.
Choice 5 acre lots can be purchased oh easy termi.
Prices irom $150 to
$300���$2 5 cash and
$10 per month.
Several good houses for sale
cheap���costing but a few
dollars more than ordinary
reat to purchase.
Real Estate and
Financial Broker
Parea** eeng tke main aed kerns el
th* Uaiaa Colliery Ce. without parmia*
at will be pmneted accardiag to lew.
F.D. Litlta, Sept
Union Mines
A fnll Line of Fnmitnre
Grarft & McGregor
Contractors, Builders and Undertakers
Puntiedge Bottling Works.
DAVID JONE8, Proprietor,
���     KAHurAcruni* or    ���
Sereeparalle, Champagne Cider, boa Phoaphotos ud Syrups.
af Different Brand* of  Later Bear, Steam Bur and Port*!,
Af*at fer the Union"Brewer-r 0, mpaoy.
x���Or sober BOX.P roa cajkex cxtx/xt
I premme wa haYe vied over
��� one hundred bottles of Piso's
^'Cure fcr Consumption in my
family, and I am continually advising others
to get iti,  Undoubtedly it it the
I ewer wed.*���Tf.
Deo. 29,1894.���
tion, andjneytr hav^any com-
0. Muibbbbmbb, Clarion, Pa.,
-I tell Piso's Cure for Consump-
plain's.���E. Bbobbt, Postmaster,'
fihorey, Kaaiat, Deo. Hit, 1894.
Paintebs a ParEB Mansebs
[Wall  Paper and Paint Store . .
[Tinting and Kalsomining a specialty
Williams' Block, Third St.      Union, B. C.
���                                       ��
H. A. Simpson
���arrtster Ir solicitor. No's S ft 4
Commercial street
KAMAatS,   �����. Ok
J. A. CaMhew
AAtHrrocr aaa builobr.
vanes*, j*. a
Property for sale in all parts ol the town.   Some very desirable residence properties cheap on small monthly payments.
Farm lands improved and unimproved in Comox District $10 to $50 per acre.
A splendid farm, 30 acres under culivation, 5 miles from Union; $10 per acre.
20 acre track within 3 miles���first class land; $10 to $15 per acre.
Rents collected
Comparative Tests of Over
Varieties of Farm Crops.
One of the Most Romantic Spots in
a prominent feature in tbo work
Oa the Experimental Department at
tbe Ontario Agricultural College,
Guelph,  ts  the testing of   dillerent
varieties of farm crops. Within tlie
pu��t ten yeara upwards of 2,000
kinds bave been grown on pluts similar In aizo uud shape and situated
side hy Bide, Fully 000 of this number have been grown from four to
seven yeara iu succession. i\oi only
have mu tne available varieties in Ontario be^u tested, but similar tests
have been made with varieties Irom
-l foreign countries, a few Imported
varieties ia nearly all classes ul farm
crops bave given bettor results than
tbe best Ontario kinds iu the average
seven  [years'  experiment;*..
After the varieties have been very
carelully tested al the college for
about live (years the best are selected for tutting iu a. co-operative
way throughout Ontario. The.se cooperative expurmu-nts are carried on
chiefly through the medium of thc
ex-Students' .experimental Union;
but any farmer iu Ontario may join
\n tbo work, provided be applies lor
tbe sued early and agrees to make
a careful test and to report the re-\
suits uccordiug to specified instructions. Within the past live yearn
we hnvo distributed to experimenters
upwards oi UJ.000 packages of choice
seeds, with vury gratifying results.
For a detailed account of the vurious tests conducted iu 181)5, thu render la referred to the report of tlie Kx-
perimentnl L'nion, which is published
as un appendix to tlie Agricultural
College report for tiie same year.
This report is now being distributed
by the .Department of Agriculture,
Toronto, to those wbo reported tbe
results of tbeir co-operative experiments tn lb'JG, and to the membi-rs
ol tbo Farmers' Institutes iu Ontario.
Our Agricultural College has Imported Into Ontario some foreign varieties ol farm crops, which have
mude high records both in the Col-
lego and throughout the Province,
and which uro becoming quite popular
for general cultivation. Those which
wo will mention iu tliis brief article
aro us follows: Siberian outs, Kus-
elu; Joanetto outs, Trance; Poland
white outs, France; Mandscheurl
barley, Kussia; Herison bearded
spring wheat. France; Mammoth
Cuban corn, U. S.; Wisconsin earliest
white dent turnip, U. S.; SuUer'a
North Dakota corn, U. 8.; Salzer'a
North Dakota corn, U. B.; Jersey Na-
vet turnip. U. S.; Salzer's Dakota
Millet, U. S.; etc.
Among tne leading varieties of
farm cropa, tiie seed of which we obtained In Ontario, the following
huvo made high records: Dawson's
golden chaff winter wheat,
Bavarian oats, red fern spring wheat,
Prussian blue peuB, Canadian beauty
peas, Egyptian mummy peas, Hurt-
loy'u bronze top Swede turnip, improved short white currot, improved
mammotli saw log mangel, Kmplro
State potato, etc.
Tliere ure other varieties both
foreign and Canudiun which huve
given excellent results, some of
which have not been used In co-operative experiments.
itut it is uu More Free ifrom thu iiih to
CU VVhh-h Flesh In Heir Thjiu Leas Favored
���    l.iM-nliiicM-Aii   Account   Of   ��    Sin-MRs*
31.ilti.ly   From    Which    a   Gaspereaox
I- urnii'i Suffered.
(From the Acadian, WollviUe, N. S.)
Perhaps there Ls no more beautiful
or picturesque spot tn Nova    Scotia
Any person wishing to Join In the
work should select one tit tute* experl*
ments for 1800, and inform the director of his choice. As applications
for several thousand packages' have
already been received, aad us Uie supply Is limited, those wlio apply first
will bo the surest of obtaining the
desired outfit. It might be well., for
each applicant to make a second'
choice for fear the first could uot be
granted. A sheet containing instructions Tor conducting thO"��xperHHc��A<b��
delected, und the blank form on which
to report tbe result of the work
will bo sent to each experimenter, at
tho time the fertilizers or tho seeds
aro forwarded. Material Ior No. 1
experiment will be sent by oxpress,
and for each of tlie others by mall.
Particular varieties need not be
mentioned, as all the kinds to be distributed are those which huvo done
exceptionally well on the trial plots
at tlie college. The area of lnnd required for the different experiments
varies from 4 to 10 rods.
I. Testing nitrate' of Boda, super*
phosphate, muriate of potash, mixture, and no manure with oats.
li. Comparing the advantage of nitrate of soda over no fertilizer with
a. Ascertaining the relative vuluo
of four varieties of millet.
4. Growing three fodder crops.
B. Growing lucerne us a crop for
green fodder.
0. Orowing crimson clover as a
orop for hay,
7. Testing hix leading varieties of
fodder corn.
8, Testing five leading varieties of
0. Testing five leading varieties of
10. Testing five leading varieties of
II. Testing five leading varieties of
spring wheat.
3 li. Testing five loading varieties of
18. Testing five leading varieties of
14. Testing four leading varieties or
All material will bo furnished entirely free of charge to each applicant, ami the produce of the plots
will be the property of the person
who conducts tho experiment, In
return* we ask that each experimenter be very careful nnd accurate ln
his work and that ho forward to tbe
Director n complete report of the re-
Hults obtained from the test, as noun
as possible after the plots are harvested.
C. A. EavlU,
Ontario Agricultural College, Guelph,
than the valley of Guspcreuux, in the
"Land ol Evangeline."    Winding   its
way tl.ruugh the centre of the valley
Is u beautiful little river, while nestled at the fuot of    the    mountains
which   rise   on ei'her  side   to     the
height of hundreds of feet, is the romantic looking little, village of Uas-
pereaux. Abuut two and a half miles
Irom the village resides Mr. Fred. J.
Fielding, one of the most thrifty far-
mere Id tliis sectiun of the Couutry.
Your correspondent called upon    hitn
und    fuund a very genial,  intelligent
uud apparently a very healthy look-
lag man.      ln reply to our question,
Mr. Fielding said, 'Ves, I was uear to
death's duor ut one time, but thatlk
Uud I am a new man to-day.     You
t��ee," ho went on, ''that pump lu the
kitchen.   Beneath Ls a well abuut ii(>'
feet deep,  wliich was the    cause,    1
think, uf all my illness. I went down
lust fall (1804) in It to clean it out
and was unly a short time at   the
bottom when I took .with a    severe
pain at the bad; of my head and a
burning sensation in my  throat  and
lungs,,'buch as caused by  the lnhalu-
tiuu of brimstone.   A sort of   stupor
also  was gradually Coming, over me
when by a huge effort 1 t-ucccuded ru
regaining the kitchen urice more.     A
lighted lamp let duwu became'-extln-'
gulshed, thus bhuwlng that the    accumulation of gas hud    caused    the
trouble, ' The pain at the back of my*
head    continued   to trouble me, and
one day while working iu a back field
1 suddenlyllust the Uce of my left eye-
right arm and left leg.     At times 1
could uot speak, but towards evening
I began slowiy to grow better.     Tin*
next duy ut about tlio same time I
was seized again m the same maimer.
I now called lu our family phys.clan-i
who told me thut'u blood vessel hau
burst In the buck of my bead.     Ue
left me ineuiciue.      The pain in  the
back ol my head never left me and I
continued to.iecl mise.able. About two
montus   after   this    second     uttacu
whiie sltt.ng In the pust oflice of the
village  1   was  suddenly seized again
and getting out my horsea aud wagon
started for  home:    1  had not gono
far wheu  the  lines dropp'ed oat    of
my right hand and I again    fiound
myself blind In my left eyo aud   the
right arm    and    left   log paralyzed.
The horses now carried me home but
passed the  house  lu thq direction o<
the barn.    My wife thinking 1    had
gone on* to tlie barn'paid uo attention for perhaps 15 minuter,    when
she sent  one of the chlldreu to see
what was keeping mc.   At this time
1 wus unable to speak and bad to be
assisted into tlie house.    Before bed
time I   began   to recover somewhat
and felt fairly well the next    morning, but was .hgain seized during thu
day in the same manner and   the report reached the village that I was
dead.    Neighbors came flocking  out
expecting    Shut    it   was   true.     As
the medicine  I  had tried seemed to
do me uo good, I   now thought    I
would try  Ur,  Williams' Pink    Pills,
and by the time 1 had used six boxes
the pnln had left my head and 1 felt
as good as new.    1 now ceased using
them   for    about   a  mouth when I
thought  I   felt   a  recurrence  of  the
pain at the back of my head. I sent*
again and got three more boxes aud
used  them.   <  It   Is  now about ���five*
months since 1 used tlie last   pill,
and 1   have  never had a recurrencei
of the attack,  besides I feel myself
a new man.    I am uow 30 years of!
Ogfti jgjid have always worked on   a
farm, aud'never enjoyed work better
thaa lust summer  and autumn nnd
am positive Dr.  Williams' Pink Pills
cured mc.    I now always keep them
in my house and when my wifo   or
chlldreu have any sickness our ! resort is to  this mcdiclue and always
with the very best effect,"
Dr. Williams' Piuk Pills Ure offered
with a confidence that th*y are tho
ouly perfect and unfailing blood builder and nerve* restorer aud when given
a fair trial disease and suffering must
yrtnlsn. Hold by all denies* or sent
by mull on receipt of 50 cents a box
or $12.30 for-six boxes, by addressing
the Dr.-^VlHlams Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont., or Schenectady, N. Y. Beware of Imitations and refuse trashy
substitutes alleged to bo "just us
Singular F,uV Noted Only l>y Expert A��-
trojtunier* aud lUtUlieniMtlcUuis.
It was Easter last Sunday .on the
Pacific sIoi>e, although few people
kuew It. Those who did know it are
ambitious astronomers and mathematicians. They find that the first
full moon after tho spring equinox put in un appearance on that
coast shortly after 10 o'clock Saturday night, and it is a fact that the
first Sunday after tlie first full moon
after tiie spring equinox ls Easter
Sunday tlie world over. Hut in this
particular case, said to be tlio first
instance of the kind sinco the beginning of tlio Christian era, only this
part of tho Pacific slope had Its
Boater Sunday a week In advance of
the rest, of the world. When the moon
filled ou Saturday night, reckoning by
Pacific coast time, it was already
Sunday In New York and London.
Consequently for the east and the remainder of tbe world, excepting tho
Pacific coast, the first Sunday after
the first full moon after t,l(' spring
equinox will not arrive until next
Has its owu special medicine iu Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription. And
every woman wlio is "run dowu" or
overworked, every woman who suffers
from any "female complaint" or
weakness, needs just that remedy.
With it every disturbance, irregu-i
larity and derangement can be permanently  cured.
It's an Invigorating, restorative
tonic, a soothing and strengthening
nervine, aud the only medicine for women, which���once used, is always in
favor. In periodical pains, displacements, wea ft back, bearing-down sen*?
nations nnd every kindred ailment It
is* specific,
��� Dr. Pierce's Points cure constipa-
tUm, liver-Ills-, Indigestion, ' dyspepsia, piles'and headaches.
A Lewiston man borrowed a neighbor's battery for treatment of his
rheumatism. After he bad been cured
by application of tbe battery he discovered thut he had never turned on
the current ouce. He had simply taken
hold of the handles, nnd faith did
the rest.���Augusta (Me.)  Journal.
$100 REWARD $100.
The readers of this paper will be
pleased to leurn tliat there Is nt
least one dreaded disease that science
has been able to cure In all Its stages,
and that Is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
���Cure ls the only positive cure known
to the medical fraternity. Catarrh
being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment.
Hall's pitarrh Cure Is taken internally, acting directly upon tlie blood
and mucous surfaces of the system,
thereby destroying the foundation ot
the disease, aud giving the patient
strength by building up the constitution and assisting nature in doing Its
work. The proprietors have so much
faith ln its curative powers, that
they offer One Hundred Dollars for
any case that it falls to cure. Bond
for list of testimonials.
Address, F. J. Cheney A Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by druggists, 75c.
Wife���When you proposed to -me,
John, did you think I would accept
yon V   -
Husband���Not tho first time.
Wife���The second?
Husband���I y/usn't going to proposo
but once.
""What's this?" nsked Marl:-, looking at the blank piece of cardboard
which Wj bur hul handsd ber. "That's
Chollie Dndekin's i loture by the Roentgen process." "But I don't sec nny-
thing." "That's Just It. This Roentgen light method takes Interiors,
Barring bis exteiior, there Isn't anything* of,Chollie to take."
"My baby hud croup and was saved
Ity   Shlloh's   Cure,"  write  Mrs.  -I.   B.
Martin,   of   Iluutsville,   Ala.
Tliough    death may  love   a shining
As we have beard full oft,
Young Cupid  much  prefers   tho  kind
We designate as soft.
Be sure und use that old and well-
tried remedy, Mrs. W'lnHlow's Soothing Syrup, for children teething. It
soothes thc child, softens .the gums,
allays all pain, cures wind colic and
is the best remedy for diarrhoea.
Twenty-five cents a bottle.
Be to every man Inst���and tn woman
Be gentle and tender and true;
For thine own do thy best, but for no
Do less than a brother should do.
Where Nerviline���nerve pain cure���ls
used. Composed of the most powerful
.pain subduing remedies known, Nerviline never falls to give prompt relief
In rheumatism, neuralgia, cramps,
pain In the hack and side, and the host
of painful affections, internal or ex
tenia!, arising from Inflammatory
action. Unequal for nil nerve pains.
Our Idea of heaven ls a placo where
you can hnve all the time you want
to do nothing in.���Atchison Globe.
I was nervous, tired. Irritable and
cross. Karl's Clover Boot Tea has
iiiu.de  me   well and  happy*
Mite. K B. Worden.
The Future Kmpress of A ustrla In a Marvel
of I'hynlcftl Power.
Archduchess Maria Therese of Austria, consort of that brother of the
Emperor who Ib the next heir to tho
throne,, hn.s recently won fame by
feats of muscular strength thnt savor
somewhat of the variety show.
Two yeara ago she was losing the
elegance and elasticity ol her tine
figure, and began a course of calisthenics. She soon acquired a remarkable proficiency with the IndJnp
clubs, dumb-bells, etc This led to
other methods of developing 'the muscles, such as punching the bag,
wrestling nnd puttlug the hummer
and the shot. Austrian Journals, officials and semi-officials, say that site
lias now developed such an astonishing amount of strength.thut she Is
ablo to raise a fiiil-grown man from
the grouud by one hand, nnd to hold
hini jili.lt ou her extended arm for
several seconds.
Tho Archduchess once rode horseback from Uelchonau to Guns and
buck, n distance of con.-ldernbly more
thnn 100 miles, without stopping. A
court dignity ventured to remonstrate
with the Emperor ubout the matter,
urging that the Archduchess was by
such Imprudences endangering not
only her health but also the succession to the crown. "Ah, It Is easy to
soe that.you are not a married man,"
was the reply of His Majesty.
The Archduchess ls a bold mountaineer, and unaided by professional
guides she has made some exceedingly
difficult ascents in Austria und Switzerland. Site paints beautifully, too,
sculptures well, writes cleverly and Is
singularly well fitted mentally and
physically to become the Empress of
a sport-loving, people.
KKUOniVlKNU       UK.       AliNlAVS
Mr. (ieo. Crltes.aGoveriimoot OllWlal. I'wort
the Ite me tly uml ih Cured.
George Critcs, Esq.. customs officer,
Cornwall, Out.:
" I huvo been troubled with severe
heart complaint for several years.
The slightest excitement proved very
fatiguing aud necessitated takiug
rest, so that I was entirely Incapacitated for business, 1 was under a
doctor's care for over six months, and
not receiving the benefit I had hopied
for, aud hearing much of Dr. Agnew's
Cure for the Heart, I asked my physician about taking it, which he advised nie to do. The use of the remedy
brought results I had scarcely dared
to hope for, and I am now able to
attend to business, nnd do most heartily recommend tlds remedy to ull who
suffer from heart complaint." Dr.
Agnew's Cure for the Heart relieves in
thirty minutes, and thus has been the
means ot saving thousands of lives.
With tho modified skirt and the
modified sleeves, gowning for the
spring season will be about as near
perfection as it can be made, or
ever has been made since gowns began. 	
Tlie best cough cure is Shlloh's
Cure. A neglected cough is danger-1
ous. Stop it at once with Shllohtsl
Cure. ���*	
Princo Ferdinand of Bulgaria is visiting In Constantinople.
ISSUE NO 16   1896
In replying to any of theae a,
vertiaemente, plenee mention this
The diseases of thinnesa
are scrofula in children,
consumption in grown
people, poverty of bjood in
either. They thrive on
leanness. Fat is the best
means of overcoming them.
Everybody knows cod-.liver
oil makes the healthiest fat.
In Scott's Emulsion of
cod-liver oil the taSte ia
hidden, the oil is digested,
it is ready to make fat
When jeta a.k for Scott'��� Emulsion mat
nur drufcl.l cl ve. you . pick.,. In ���
��� ���HlnoiKoloK'T wrapper with tho plet*.
ure of th. man and fiah on It���you cam
tru.t that man I
10 cant, .irt 11.00
Scon fi a-m, <__��__, hUndhtOMk
A healthy condition of'
the kidneys is the best
safe-guard against all
the ills incidental to the
season. Tone the system by using     ���____
Kidney Pills
The best blood purifier
on earth, and the only
Absolute Cure for all
diseases of the kidneys
iiiuill.y   I\.L/nV.THE M10HTY CURER
disinfecting  night, commode.     Mr. Kly,
���������'jscl.i BV INDIGESTION.   K. D. C. iiml
K.   U. C.  Pills I
this   uouulu   ui    i
Free Samples, n:
D. C. CO, Ltd.. Het
Cannot) be expected, bun tlie blRgoHb mono}
made by agent* to-dny la mado by thono wn*
handle our Silverwaro, Tableware, Tea ant1
Golt'oo Strainers, Stereo-scopes and Views
Violin On Ml to, Photograph Frames, Leatherebt*
Table Mate, (tlo. Ua-Hh paid for raw furs,
Montroal* Que
-��IjawyBr���Are   you a> single   man?
WiinetfH-TNo, Bip;yDl wn a twin.  ���
._..    .���j.osn iulun6s said
Next to a clenr conncieneo for solid
comfort give ma on old shoe. Putnam's
PalnlQBS t.m-u Extractor, removes tho
worst rorfiH In'twonty.-four hours. Put-*
nam's Ih tjie only m,irit, Ami & and pnin-
corn extractor.     ^      '  ,
Thc M:m tut tho ruatnnrantJ���Whnt
nort�� of chicken do you call tliis, waiter V
Thn Walter-That, Bir, I hti.ieve.lg
n Plymouth Rock.
Thc .Mtm-Ali, I'm glad it's.. Rot
some hlHtorlc Interest. T thought it
wuh Just an ordinary cobblestone.
To handle on very liberal terms ono of tbe beat
I onuehold artinles ever invented. Sells on
i-ight.   Nofuki'.
If you moan"bhslnoss send stamped envelope
for roply.  Address
Hamilton, Out,
Largest Sale in Canada.
A pamphlet tolliiur how to handle Stoeka
drain. et<... on margins, wll) *>�� mnunrt nn an
illcatlon by ItouUfot tc Co.
Dlioatlon by RoulUft fie Co., Brokers, No. im
Ladles' entrance No. 127) South 3rd Btreot,
l-l.il.idi-'piii.i. \h\
910.00 Margin* 10 Bh area of Htock, 1,000 bnsheli
of Grain, 9'MUU, Twenty, eto.
$150 For an Old Canadian Stamp
Kvery Canadian Stamp mod bntwoen island L880 Is valuable and wnrl.li from lOn to sjji;.
each. I buy any quantity,Oil theorl|<inalcovcri
prof erred, AIho ull other kinds of BtSUnpi
pftrtii.iilui'iy those oolleoted 20 rears ago, Hen*
foi .price line tn> 0. A. NEEDHAJtf, 6M Mali
.lUoci, iu- , Ihwiilnnn, Ont.
ituI mid local agents for r'dluhle, energetic
men, verv liberal contracts, People's Life, In
suraucoCo., Oltawa.
cott, Ont.    Shorthand nnd bookkeeping
taught by mail.   Trial lesson frco.
written by im Armenian Missionary) endorsed by Qladstono, Pro noes Willard and
Lady Henry Hoinen-ot.; over f��on pages j only
fl.SOf canvassing outfit 8601 on lor before you
sloop.   M'DKHMIUft LOGAN, London.
\T UitodUrnmii HkoBUekslnTnecolibrated
lionton-Colorado Oo��� loo ttod In Cripple Creek's
gold ch hill-. Buv now oul right noforo tho
sdvat.od, nt Hnr prewont low prioe, This Htoek
Is (ull paid and non-a* enable. The boom for
HlO'-lc*- U coming.    Write for information.   K.
I). 0. Oris wold, Marquette Bldg,, Chicago,
KI I.I I.VI 11
Somh American Kheummle'Cari. Gives Re-
UctasSnon hs ilia First IUobc i�� Taken
Hiul (nrrs Ordinary Cases of Itlii'iuna-
tWm mid Nt>tinUi;lH In From One tn
Threo l-Mya*-What :\ Grateful Citizen
of at, Lambert, Que.i Uaii to .Say.
For many months I hnvc suffered
the mo nt Dxcrnd&tlng pnln from rheumatism, and had deapnlred of setting
permnnent relief'Until South American
Rheumatic Cure was brought to my
notice. I procured n Lottie of the
remedy, ntul to my surprise received
gren-t benefit from the first few do��es,
In (act, within sis hours nfter taking
tlie first dose I wns free from pnln,
and tiie its:; of u few bottles wrought
a permanent cure. It Is surely the
best remedy of thc kind In existences
J. FrodoauT, St. Lambert, 1'. (..
1  the
Of owning and riding th�� fluyflD and twwt Bicycle  In  tho Dominion-every part InBpoetftd by
twenty experii mooti.inicu.   The
rtaudflfttt-hplopof ths lot, and for LIGHTNESS, STRENGTH and every j-r.tnt eaterinE Um *
high-grade wheel
Vail paraonlaw and a handsome catalogue can be had of JOHN W. NELSON, HanHltta, Osiu.
or of the
eimlrs, N. Y.
���*t: '.*;������-��� ���-��-*'*���# V'rrx our. WwklBititt-. I1.1U'��� ����oW��. Itsmu. PhllulMvhU. ButUm. Oh*. a
Uy Sweetheart Still.
Thorn  comes at times on thfi
As idle crowds go hurrying l>y,
A  ffUlhpsa of    a    aoft and    rounded
Or a Kllit fn some hazel eye.
And   to!     I ni again a farmer l)oy
In the old ficlioolliou.se on the Iiitl,
. And across tho aisle are tlte golden
01 my little sweetheart still.
There comes at time oa a far
As my homeward path r trend.
Tho ringing sound of    a. schoolboys
As lie dashes Iiy on his sled.
And  ngiifii  fm treading the
Through tlie woods and by tlie mill;
Anil the form on my ilttlo red sled lie-
Is my littio sweetheart still.
Thero comes at time lu tho IIrelig,ht'H
On tho group about the hearth,
Tho  trick of a sinilo or   a graceful
'Mid  tlie evenings cheery mirth.
And   tlio tliouglits or tho past    nre
doubly linked
With tlio tliouglits that the present
For tho smile that meets mine In answer comes '
From my old-time sweetheart still.
Ils   Renewed Fopalftrlty is Already Well
The sailor hat of last season will
find a, strong rival lu ths English
walking hat, which lias mado a most
sticcess��ul debut this spring. These
are quite ns satisfactory, nnd, in
many cases, r.ir more becoming thnn
the severe style ot the sailor and aro
seen fn    the   samo kinds of straws.
This Yoars Sailor Hats.
Bands of ribbon, a quill or a buckled
strap  furnish tho trimming of these
popular shapes.
���Sailor lints of Panama straw, with
high crown nnd stiff brim, nre trimmed profusely with violets, wings
nnd bunches of ribbon for afternoons
or when tho occasion calls for more
elaborate toilet. Tho shape of the
old reliable sailor hat has not changed to any great extent, and may be
seen with wide or narrow brims, high
crowns or those slightly lnrger at tho
top; in short, stylos which apparently have not changed at all.���Even-
' ing Telegram.
NKW OUINl.t, pkklbk.
An   Ingenious  Little ptensll That Works
Vory Woll.
An ingenious Ilttlo Instrument of
much practical value has lieen patented in France nnd is freely sold by
cutlers and silversmiths thero. It is
an orange-peeler, of novel form. Thero
are practically three Instruments
comblued In ono, un ordinary knife
blndo along the back of the instrument, n short hook, sharpened to an
than a month, It already promises to
bo very successful. About 75 members are n6w interested. It is expected that this movement will extend to other cities. Inquiries have
been received relative to the pledge
which the members take.
Bow They Toast Va.
Woman���The sweetest creature the
Lord ever made.
Woman���The source df help, happiness and heaven.
Woman���Sho needs no eulogy; she
speaks for herself.
Woman���A creature "nobly planned,
to warn, to comfort nnd command."
Woman���Once tliere waa a woman,
sir, and here sho is!
Woman���Tlie fairest work of the
great Author; the edition is large,
and no man should be without a
Womnn���The tyrant we love, the
Iriend we trust.
Woman���Uod bless her, the queen of
all creation.
A Htyllih TIU.
���v- *S
New Spring Sleeve.
That sleeves are to be worn smaller
seems certain. This Is one of tlie new
style, and the make may be varied.
It can be cut in ono material, slightly ruckled down the seam, or, if used
in thin material, the fulness gathered
in may be greater. Another style is
to make the fitting part ln brocade
or embroidered silk, and the puff in
plain silk. The same style In chiffon
is worn with evening dress.
Velvet Corsage.
The costume here sketched was provided with a skirt of rich, wide fancy
material, dark blue and copper-colored shot, but the copper glowed In
little spots that seemed under the surface of tho cloth. The corsage was
plain blue velvet, and the sleeves shot
silk, copper, with a light tint of blue
French Orango Peeler,
edge, on tho Inside, and a little round
edgo In tho point of the hook. The
orunge Is taken in the left hand, ami
the short hook Is then Inserted In the
rind and drawn down straight, care
being taken to follow tho Hues of tlie
sections ol the fruit down to niinost
Its buso. Tlio Inner edge of tho book
cuts tlio rind, which Is loosened by
tlio hook, and II tho points of tho sections of skin thus cut aro taken between the thumb of the right hand
and tlio flat odgo the skin is enslly
detached. Several oranges peeled In
this way and arranged on n pinto
mnke a. very nrtlstic effect on the
dlnnor tnblo.
a Washington Organlsatlon Whioh Mny or
Muy Nol Sfironil.
A group of young women In Washington have organized what they call
the Equal Standard Purity Club,
whose purpose ls to discourage Impurity ln every way and to "give the
penitent of both sexes an equal
chance to reform." What the members consider an effective method of
ascertaining the private lives of
young men has beeu devised and will
be put Into operation at once. Every
young man whose private life Is found
to bo Impure or whose langnage ls
vulgar or unchnste will be blacklisted.
This blacklist will be la the hands ol
the executive committee, the mem-
ben will be lnlormod, and they nre
pledged then to refuse to receive the
attention of persons on the blacklist.
Although the Equal Standard Purity
Olub has been an organization for less  eral,
ruulnng through it. They were covered with circular pieces of tho dark
blue velvet about as big as pennies,
nppliqucd on to tho silk nnd connected
with copper threads. Ttio Bmnll vest
nnd collar matched, and Just round
the opening, allowing the vest was
nn  outline of narrow copper  lace.
Smart I'liiuugli.
This soft white felt has a slightly
turned-up brim and Indented crown,
while at the left side three black
quills, which rise from .a cluster of
white violets, are made notable by
an applique of white velvet, painted
and shaped In the likeness of butter-
Seeding operations have been started ln Manitoba, but tliey lire not gen-
+ H"'****M**fr+***H*4"K****+*fr*5***+
Although applications of animal
manure may not be needed by the
clover, tlie best possible wuy to
manure the corn crop is to apply it
to tlie sod the year before; and wheu
planting the corn give a good top
dressing of freshly slackened lime.
ThLs. increases the activity of the nitrifying lermeut plants in tlie soil
during the long hot season in which
coru  makes  its growtli.
There is uo crop grown in whicli
tbe Importance of good seed is so
manliest as it is In tlie corn crop.
It is n 1ni.9ta.ko to merely select the
best ears lroift tiie bin, for these ears
may not have come from prolific
stalks. Select from tlie tield, and
from the lower of two upon thc same
stock associations are guarded, the j
more valuable will these registriesbe= |
come. Thore are many registered ;
animals which are undesirable breed-
S&^V^-&32-�� STffi ' Provender ProviM for Five ffillion
stalk,   _____________________
Corn for seed should alwaya 1)3
grown in the same latitude and climate where the corn is to be raised.
.Seed from the north must be acclimated iu the south, aud southern
seed will not ripen iu the north. The
famous Cheater County corn of Pennsylvania will bo a failure both in
New England and in the more Southern -States.
It was formerly the idea that corn
would stand up better if tho earth
was ploughed up around it, but the
fact is that it stands better when
not so treated. When cultivated Bhallow and flat upon a deeply burled sod
it throws out stout brace roots in
the air, which take a firm hold upon the Boll, and these should be uninjured  by  the plough.
it is folly to plant seed that we
do not know ia good. Test the corn
by taking one or two kernels from
a number of ears. Count the number
of these kernels whleh fail and the
number which show sprouts, and it
is easy to tell about the per cent.
of your aeed which will grow. This
will govern you iu planting thick or
The corn crop takes tbe plaee
among vegetables that the hog does
among animals; it will take all
refuse, coarse manure, grass sod, etc.,
und make good use of them, when
many other plants would starve. Still,
we lind that it pay a to feed it well
For corn or potatoes, a fine surface,
with lumps and cloda at the bottom,
will not do; it doos not give a proper bed for the reception and germination of tho seed, and it will not
lie sufficiently retentive of moisture;
nad deep planting of potatoes, that
thoy may have a level cultivation, is
tho rational and proper method.
A good supply of available plant
food, placed right in the reach of tbe
seed aa it begins to start into growth,
Is tlie beat possible thing to hasten
tlie crop or potatoes. Manuring in the
hill or drill ia a good deal of trouble,
but it pays when well done; but first
manure the land aa heavily as possible
before it ia ploughed.
Farmers sliould call themselves to a
halt in selling ao much unfinished
produce from the farm, for it means a
total loas of what aro termed tbe "by
products." Converting one's grain into high priced food enhances Its value many times, and from Btock thus
raised tliere are other by products to
go right into other productive channels. Sell as little raw material as
Good stock and low prices will give
Just as much profit as poor stock and
good prices. Good breeding stock eaoi
now be bought at very reasonable
prices, and the opportunity to improve the flocks and herds should be
utilized in view of the better timea
which aro sure to come.
A few acres of ensilage corn, cut at
the right time and put in a good silo*,
will help ua solve the problem aa to
how stock may l>e kept profitably.
Land aad stock can bo combined to no
better advantage than by using the
first to grow ensilage, and then feed
the product to the second.
Get rid of the ticks on sheep by dipping them in a kerosene emulsion or
a tobacco decoction; or, make a decoction of tobacco stoma, turn tlie
sheep upon ita buck, open the wool on
its belly from head to tail, and pour
Into tho opening tlie wajin liquid. If
poured upon the back it will follow
tho wool strands and run off.
Lambs will begin to eat before tliey
are two weeks old. From that time
they sliould be pushed until they go to
the butcher. Let them have a feeding
place where they will ho alone, and
whither they may go and eat when
they wij.1 and all they will. If turned
to pasture, the grain should bo continued ; they will be saleable at any
tlmo for as much as lambs fed-on
grain would be next fall.
Somo horaea have an annoying habit,
especially when weary, of lolling (tut
the tongue when wearing tho bridle.
Devices to remedy this seem to have
failed, fop H la a common thing yet.
Buckle a strap in the bit ring, ami
draw over the nose to hold tbo bit
closo to thc roof of the "mouth, an tbat
ho cannot get the tongue over it.
Skim milk la of value in stock feeding, but uever at its best when fed
alono. It is better to uae It in combination with bran, meal or even
wholo corn, for thua will wo get the
beat return lor it. Thero ls no class
of stock upon the farm to whicli milk
may not be given with profit.
If you see better stock in your
neighbor's fields than In your own,
you may be pretty sure that he is
either a better breeder or a better
feeder. Results arc always tho products of causes. Your failure should
not bo a wonder to you, but an Incentive to do better.
At present prices It is to be doubted
If anything can bo used to better advantage to supplement the pastures
and make rapid growth than wheat
bran. It is an ailment of. the most
needed elements, and should not fall
to be appreciated.
There is ever a tendency to breed
too much for "show points." Breed
for use. No matter Whether it is a
cow or a liorse or a hog, see that the
"points" are such as will be of practical value, and will help serve tho
purpose for whicli the animal Is
The more jealously the records   of
out from tlie books.
Do not get it into your riead that
the only dairy worth having is the
summer dairv, because it Is the time
of green pastures and cheaper feeding. Fresh milch cows In the r.'ill
of the year are about as profitable
as any atock with whicli one may
go into winter quarters.
if tiie pasture lands can ly divided
Into three Melds, and the cattle turned into them in suceessron.i and tlio
sheep turned Into tho one lust vucat-
ed, the third one cau have a chance
to recuperate. Tiie stock wiil keep
in better condition, there wiil he less
waste, and a greater number of stock
kept than would otherwise be possible.
A more comfortable bed can be toads
for ;m animal with cut straw than
with that which Is long, aa an owner
distribution can be nuule upon the
floors Vor the same reason it makes
a better absorbent, and the manure
and urine become more thqapughly Incorporated witb It. Let tl^re be n
liberal supply, nnd do not) lot stock
lie upon wet floors.
Everything Which can be used to advantage shuuld be fed upnn the farm,
for thereby Is the. manure pile increased and the fields made Iat. It
does not follow that breeding should
be done at haphazard, especially in
cool weather, when grain and foliage
are both fuel aud food.
The quantity of salt that Cattle
may need must be left to1 them, for
the amount varies in different roods
and in foods grown from different
soils; but it must be artificially Supplied, becauso It 1st an essential constituent nf tlie blond, and because It
ia lacking in many 0! the common
To accomplish feeding at the lowest
cost, pastures must be good. Stock
should not be compelled to tramp over
fi large acreage la order to satisfy
their appetites, fur this means both
scant supply and over exertion. The
pasture should yield a good laconie,
or it is a poor investment; just as
mcuh as is a cornfield with a short I
When it comes to merit of the highest order, the first of all birds beyonil
comparison ia the hen. She adds to
the wealth of the States every year
ln eggs alone about 185 million dollars���about equal to the output of
iron and wool, yet Bhe comes far short
of meeting our demands.
Hens wiil not sot in cold weather,
neither would it be safe for her to undertake the business ; but the Incubator will run then as well as at any
time. With the same careful attention given to this machine that is now
given to the old hen, many a farmer's
wife would make a success of it, and
the results would surprise her.
The farmer, like every one else,
works for money, and nothing which
produces it should be overlooked.
Poultry raising seems a small business to many, but the pay is not
small. The care of the flock in winter
entails extra work, but there is most
ample remuneration in a well-filled
egg basket; and eggs always sell for
We all want early chickens, of
oourse, but it is not profitable to try
too early hatching In the spring,
wliile the weather is so changeable.
Such attempts are discouraging, unless one has a brooder, or special ac-
cpmmodntions for the little chicks.
Keep the floor of the hen house
covered with an Inch of dry en-nd.
This will delight the fowls In winter,
and It saves labor in cleaning up, as
one will quickly find by trying It, and
puts the manure iu better shape for
handling. One will soon feel repaid
for his trouble iu procuring it.
However slightingly some may
think of incubators, it would be pretty
nearly impossible to meet the present
market demand for youug ducks and
chickens without their aid. If you aro
iu the poultry business for money, be
persuaded to experiment with a good
incubator, and uo it before you want
to put it to practical use another
The hen ia a great Institution in
England, and yet that country imports over twenty million dollars'
worth of eggs every year. There was
never such a thing as an over production of eggs, and they are a cash
article always. The world might
staad tho loss of political economists,
but what a stir tbo threatened loss
of the common hea would make.
Kape und hemp seed are rich in
lime; they aro very useful to the
laying hens, und Iucrease the number
of eggs. For this reason the Beed of
the esparcet Ih a common crop oa the
small French farms; the fowls cat the
whole plant, which, liko all the family uf the clovers, baa a great quantity of lime In It. This Is the only
way In which lime eau be given to
fowla beneficially.
Large numbers of Pekin ducks have
been raised which never had a swim
j ia tlielr Uvea, and it I.s a mistake to
' thiuk ducks cannot be raised without
a pond; but drink muat be supplied
abundantly and often, for they drink
much aud often, and waste more.
They cun be more easily raised than
other fowls, and return a greater
profit for tho time given.
Instead of perches, for ducks, a
gooil bedding of straw or dry leaves
should bo provided under a shed and
this should bo renewed every few days
for tho sake of cleanliness. A good
winter diet is corn and clover hay,
and other sucli scraps as all fowls
like. Onions and cayenne pepper aro
good additions, occasionally. Milk is
always acceptable.
(Boston Sunday Herald.)
! It Is estimated that thousands of
! tons nf food ol various kinds are
' poured Into London every duy. ilow
j tho markets of that metropolis arc
I kept supplied Is little short of mnrvel-
I ions when we consider that B.OOO.QQQ
; people must be fed, even when taking
1 iuto account the unfortunates who
j dally starve there. The Idea of sup-
��� plying such a world strikes even
. Aiuencans, who aro accustomed to
! plenty In their own land, as beyond
j tho bounds of Imagination, 1 ut tho
j wonder grows when the coat of this
! vast producth n Is calculated. A
writer, whu has been vi itlngtho varl-
! 0US depots whero household require*
1 ments are chiefly catered for, says ho
1 is quite as astonished, when he sees
I tlie enormous quantities of comestibles that are provided, to think of the
number of mouths that can be found
to consume them. This sumo impros-
sioa is conveyed by au inspection of
the great Fans Halle, and also by the
lino markets In Montreal, which
aro conducted ou aliout the same
lines as the famous one In thc French
capital But London food seems tobe
ou a yet more gigantic scale, although
it is divided on arrival betweea Billingsgate and Covent Garden. The
London trudesmeu. Lke the Boston
marketmen, rise betimes to see that
their fellow-citizens do not lack for
the neces"ttles aad luxuries of life.
While the gay world ia just going
home to bed, thc tradesman hies him
forth to select the choicest delicacies
which havo arrived from the four
quarters of the globe, or at the wholesale markets, while It ia still dark,
purchases thoae huge beasts, and tons
of vegetables, as tliough they were
merely chickens and a salad. It Is
interesting to note that an enormous
proportion of the egga consumed in
London como from continental
sources, that the finest butter Is made
in Cork, and the highest quality of
this Irish butter doesn't reach the
metropolis until the eud of March or
April, also that Norwegian and llus-
sian game are fairly cheap���and fish,
with the exception of salmon,
aro plentiful. Yet these good
livers who wnnt salmon can get
it, in spite of the fishing not
being as productive as in the milder
weather. But the most delicious fish
which London epicures are now eating are brown trout from the Irish
lakes, whilo new potatoes from the
Canary Islands are fine and cheap,
costing but a fraction of two cents
a pound. Malta despatches packages
of choice vegetables, and apples are
received from Nova Scotia and the
States. Oranges, strange to say, are
plentiful, and pears and peaches
grown In the Capo of Good .nope figure among tho tempting "green
things." Tonerlffe ami Madeira supply
delicious tomatoes, beans, cauliflowers and asparagus, for whicli the
market peoplo expect gilt-edged
prices, and no matter what the money
market may be doing, they experience no difficulty in disposing of their
perishable wares. Most curiously,
too, for profusion of supply, no market surpasses that devoted to the
sale of flowers. The season in London,
as in Boston and other large cities
in the United States, has beea simply
a marvel, so far as flowers are concerned. A week ngo, thirty and a
half tons of flowers, principally narcissi, were landed at Penzance from
the Stilly. Islands. There were over
three and a half million blooms in this
vast mass of fragrance, and they
were packed in 4.&19 boxes J As American florists cultivate their own flowers, It seems to purchasers here that
this enormous transportation borders
on the miraculous. But Londoners are
pasisionnteiy fond of flowers, and the
"consumption" of this fragile luxury
is almost equal to that of edibles.
Even the poorest little window is
rarely without a bit of a flower to
brighten tho murky outlook. But
flowers are cheaper In London than
even In Paris, where tliey are a fashion, or even here, where they are
grown in such profusion. Perhaps
these enormous Imports account for
it, although the greenhouses of England turn out vast quantities which
nre sold ln Covent Garden every day.
16 will be observed that a love of the
beautiful enters into the domestic
economy of tho great metropolis, and
that flowers and bullocks, aa it were,
go hand lu handl
There la only one way to be happy,
and that is by making somebody else
Word has reached Brockville from
Bockport n[ tiie finding of the body
of an infant. Yesterday when Samuel
Seaman went to tho bush to< chop
wood he discovered lying closo to a.
bush pile tho body of the child wrapped In brown paper. It had evidently
been there for two or three months.
Tho United States House Committee
on Territories to-day, by a vote ol
5 to 2, ordered favorably reported the
bill admitting Arizona to tho Union
as a State.
Though plunged in Ills and exercised in care, yet never let tlie nobie
mind despair.���Phillips.
Some men say that they are the
boss In their homes. 1 shouldn't think
a man could lie satisfied to hnvo a
slave the mother of his children.
It took millions of ages for woman
to come from the condition of abject
slavery to the Institution of marriage.
Thc grandest ambition a man can
have Is to be worthy the luve of some
splendid woman.
Tho nobility of to-day ti so small
that to read the Uvea of Its members
ia like studying entomology.
Our fathers worshipped the golden
calf. Tho worst you cau suy of an
American now la that ho worships
tho gold of the calf. Even the calf Is
beginning to see the distinction.
I would rather havo been a French
peasant with wooden shoes, and my
loving wife by my side, and gone down
to thc tonguelesa silence of the dreamless dust, than to have been Napoleon,
an Imperial impersonation of force
and murder.
Out on the intellectual sea there is
room for every sail. The man who
doos not do his own thinking Is a
slave, and a traitor to himself and
bis fellow-men.
Sir Julian Gohlsmld, who lert about
$1,000,000 to Ids daughters, has done
so on tho footing that If any of them
marries a Gentilo tho share ls to bo
reduced to half.
Len Grimshaw, London, was severely hurt by a trolly car. vf
Rs-iiJ \i>i;\tu   BroWs, Nanaimo, B.C.
Bee. Mr. Tau cf Saaiiwick, it in Vis*
���Nnt mending tkt Synod.
Mr. lostph McPhee l.ft tet Yicter*
M tttdty.
Mr. D. Snail Itt Ml yen Html tm
th* Yakea ceeatry.
Crtnt 4 McCit|er tt, emtitf ueth*
ee cat ttgt ee Allan areata.
FIVE Uata Call**** fer I'tmit
Lan (man's.
Wkta Daa Kil|wtrlek raaktt tha nan
trip ta Ntatliae, Ta* will laak afttr tka
A Urge Md varied stack of men's aid
hays' ��P'itg tad tayuntr ftlt hats jast
���pined na at Laa.iaat's Barf tin Wt.
Bav. I. A. Logan left lut Friday la
Mtendihe Presbyterian Synod il Vaa*
Don't go ansbod wkta ran can hny
bows tnd shots tt J. B. Holmes' |raas
Hit tt ij ptr cut btlaw cast.
H, Kells, tkt thotmtker, lift oa Fri.
Bay ta go at kit react la tka Filter
Bsfsurt aad gtt ia a largt tapply af
groceries whin yen eta |ti thin at tail
prict at J. B. Holmts.
Mrs. Atkins lis vp fraa tkt Terminal
city aa t visit ta btr daugbttr Mrs. J. A.
Lag ta. Skt will praktbly tptad several
���ttkt ktrt.
Tkccoatrtct for making tka tteae
foandatioa ol WilUrd's Wrick Mick ktt
kata twtrdtd u Mr. Hay.
Miss Bertram btt rtiurntd ta Union,
aad it aa* prepared ta ttkt pupilt ia
������lie, tiagmg, painting tnd drteiif,
alta ia Itnguagti.   Address:
Lindsay1, Butrdiag House.
Now Is-four time tnd det't ftrgtt it.
All ciassts ol dry goods, clatkitg, kail
aad capt tt twtnty-iivt per cent kalaw
ctstai J. B. Holmts.
Tht Board ef Trattttt af tha hospital
will mi ttJ. Abrams' nftce oa Tvittdty
tuning tht nib of May.
J. B. McLBAN, SKrtttty.
A list af thait killed at tkt callitry �����
plosioa at Baaatrtoa, Naw Ztiltid a
lew weeks tgo hu kata wind at. ll
ctnttint tbt taints af ia naglt ata tad
te asarritd ata. Tbt latttr Ittvt it lha
aggrtgttt lit children.
Prat Spear will not ba up this wtak.
Hit class will sttrt Thtradty, May 14th,
at 7,:)t p.m in tha school roam ef Ike
Mtthodist church. Quilt I aiimbtr will
tutid.   Tht terms irt mtdtrttt.
AvtP, yotrstlf of t spttndid chttct te
hny yeur stoves, tinware 'tnd ptiatt
kalaw coat.   Cb tati sta J. V- Holmts'
'Mr. A. Pttrwy,�� grtdattatf Muiiobt
C elltgt is ia charge ef tht drag note
hire ltd will rtmtia uatil the rtiurn af
Mr. C Vaatlnuiea from a trip tf abeit
Vtwain, daring which he will visit the
nad eititt aad possibly Altskt.
Wt understand lhat the diss fer tight
tinging lhat it to commence under I'rof.
Spur, it for malt tad Ittaalt; tpd any
wrabtr can join it and rtctivt gnat
benefit All mformtuan from Mcttod,
the tailor.
Mr. ]. P. Davis, florist, brought ta ua
Ihia wetk a beautiful boquet in which
wen frig 1 tnt orchids, primroses, daffodils hyacinthi, polyiaibit, atrciuua aad
matt.   Thaaks, Mr. Davis.
Miu Bertram returned frum tke Black
Diameed City en tke lut trip ef tke S.S.
Iain. The Free Freit speak, vtryhigk*
ry of hut singing at a concert at .Monh-
ield. We ire gbd to loam that tbe hat
rtctived such encourtgtment hen ind
at Comox as hts justified her in return*
We Mike ike Camei Biker? haa
commenced htniaess. Mrs. Winer is
IntaaMo ia ttcaiing Ike urvicet of a
Brit class brake, ia Mr. Lscu, wae, wa
ie*1*t*Ueey'rs Ike belde, ef l��e silver
Model* awl diplomat twtrdtd (nr bread
aad cakes, at ihe recent exhibition held
la Victoria.   Wt wish tht new enterprise '
Mr. Q.itiltp v._s tried belore JAiiiti,
Msraaa, S.M., on Tburrity for supplying liquor te Anna tbe kiootchman who
was so bidly injured it the Trent River,
that tht died ia tbt hospital. He was
foaad guilty aad senteactd te pty a fine
of ttue or ia defaalt of pnvmeat to im-
pritonaut at bt*d labor ior six months.
Aad tew we hare the -Thought Mt*
chiae." "It will lav a bainta aoul undtr
tht alcrotcope,* tht most stent thought
.aid emotitat will bt laid ban. It sounds
almost irttafdible, but we tn assured on
reliable authority tbu Mr. Kramer, a
Ueraaa ecieatist al Washington, D. C,
has iavtnted a wonderful machine, listed
tad proved it ��� tucctss. Retlly it stems
lilt will soot bt madt too euy, then
will be ae more interesting studies of
people, their peculiarities, iateatiens, etc.
Our onlv mount will be to turn our
nttentien to tht inhabitants ef Mars aad
ether plants.
Notice to Taxpayes.
Aet and rrovlaaial
Brvenne Tas.
accordance with the Statutes, that Provincial Revenue Tu tnd ill Taxes levied
ander the Assessment Act ara now due
forthevtar 1I96 All of the above
named taxis collectible within the Comet, Nelson, Ne.vctstle tnd Uenmau
aad Hornby Islands, Divisions ef the
District ol Comox, me payable at my
Assessed Ttxes tie collectible at tbt
folltwiag rales, vis*���
joth, 1S9*���Provincial Revenue, 1} per
Oni-halfof one per cint on Real
Two ptr cent en Wild Und.
Ont-third ef one ptr cent on Ptrsonal
One-half of one ptr cent on Income.
tr* PAID AFTER JUNE 30th, 1I96
���Two thirds ef one per ctat on Rtal
Two nd ont*half per cent en Wild
One half of one per cent ea Ptrsonal
Three-founhi of eae per cent en Income.
Ailtater and Collector.
Jaaury and, ligt,
All parsons having govt��mtnt lenls
in their possession are raquisitd to deliver the same to Mr.   Esrktlsy,  Rutd
Superintendent, without deity
Government Agent
��� * *.     ��� i
Steps art being taken lookin; lo the
tsttblishment of a branch of one af tke
leading hanka hen in Union.
ovannx-AXB wot sho*.
I have aavtd into my ntw shop on
Dunsmuir Avenue, wherel am prepared
tt minuficturt aad repair all kinds of
mtn's, women's, end children's shoes.
Givt ae a call.
M. J.  Henry
Nurseryman and Florist
P.O. aiWress:��� Mount Pleasant, Vancouver, B.C. Greenhouse and Nursen,
tot Westminster Road. Most complete
Catalogoe ia & C���Free te your address
Na agents.
School and office stationery
at E. Pimbury & Go's drug
Dry goods, mantles,
millinery, clothing and
mens furnishings
The Sloan & Scotb
Bankrupt '
STiVin & GO'S
Opposite Livery Stables
J. F. DOYLE, Manager	
St. OtoKut't PMuntKiMt Chuhoh-
Rev. J. A Lugw, paator. Swviota at 11 a.
m. and 7 p.m. Suaday School at 2:30.
Y P.S C B  at eloM of evening service.
UiTHODiivrOniii***��� Service! at the
kraal hour, raoraiug and evaaiag. Rev. C.
H M Suthrrlud, putor.
Tr.rairr 1'nuica- Servlots in the ��ve-
ning.   Rav. J X. Willemar, rector.
MerM Hotel.
Union, B. C.
The finest hotel building
Fixtures and Bar
North of Victoria,
And the best kept house.
Spacious Billiard Room
and new
Billiard and Pool Tables
Belt of Wines and Liquors.
]. Piket, Prop.
The modern standard Family Medicine : Cures the
common every-day
ills of humanity.
WANTED���First class cake and pastry
baker able to bail candv.   Wages $12
per week.   Address      SCOTT'S
Lunch Rooms,
Vancouver, B.C.
Clocks, watches, books
and stationery.
T. D. McLean
���: jm~r~\x~j~t :-
���untost, s. c.
Time Table  No.  28,
To taka effect atS a.m. oa Setnrday, Mink
Slat, 1890.   Traits ran oa Ptoite
Standard time.
~ t'.OING NORTlT^"
~~���       ' Ttiaiir. 1 stt'dr.
Lv. Vlctarla for Nanaimo aui I .. X. I '���*���
W.UIngten  I KM I  }M
_r. *.��o��lmo  I 1J.M1   T J��
Ar. Wellington ft. I UM I   tM
GO?NC sovth~     __
' T a*'| r ��
I Dell,. I aat'dr-
Lv. Wellington for Vietorla 1  I * I f U
Lv. Kantimofer Vicioria...-     ��.��   I  *-��
Ai-. Vicioria..-     UM I  ����
For rates and Information apply at Com*
pnny's ottces,
Pratldevt. Oea'l K����
am. trelikt aet raeaetaer Art.
Evening of Kay 1st
Cumbtrtand Hal'
Tickets admitting Lady and Gentleman,
including refreshment*, $1.50.
Good Oil for Light CHEAP
PRB8H fISB^e-rJL^LerD'y
All persons irt hereby warned eet ta
negotiate a cenan note givtn by mt ta
E, B. Hill two yetrs ago, for $100 payi-
ble on Mav 2d 1896; as the consideration
on whicli said Note was given hat aet
been fulfilM by him,
Samlwick, B, C. S F. Crawford.
April, 10th 1(96.
ii, 11   11    ��� iL.uiiaia.ni 111 n
One mile and a hnlf from Union: con*
tains 160 acres and will be disposed af at
n low figure.   Enquire of
Jamet A brains.
x-GO TO-x
tor the    SPBINQ
, .AT,ES1-    Novelties
A Fashionable Trimmer
ll tiralag eat eeat Dainty Ctetlitai la
A choice Selection of Flowera,
Jet Ornament* and Ribbons
Jutt Received.
- - Vendome
The largest Hotel in the City
with the best accommodation
for Travellers . . .
The bar is stocked with the
beat of . .
Wines, Liquors and Oigar*
Barber & Williams,
j$*.8. DALBY. DPS.o-.LD.EJ
Dtntlatry ln ell Ita BrsnOie*
Pitta work, nlling an ,i .x'.i aoiioi:
j Offl" ovv'si'" Wavwlj* H itl. U01011 1
���ears��� ft ����� nt"; '-'* 5 p.m. anrl tvom    nf
S !���.m to �� ,*.,". 5,'
I have an unlimited supply
of money for loans on the security of farming property at
low rates of interest Loans
put through expeditiously.
Mortgages purchased. Insurance effected.
Nanaimo, B. C
P. 0. Drawer 17
contracts aad Day work
Addrfis���Mtttuhiwt, Japanese
3J Boarding, Honse, next Brick yard.
Hungarian flour $1.35 per sack, pastry flour $1.30
per sack, B.C. granulated sugar $5.50 for 100 lbs.,
American coal oil $3.25 P����" case$1.65 per tin, Rex
hams, 16cts per lb., breakfast bacon 1 sets per lb.;
rolled oats, 7 lb. sacks 3��cts. 10 lb. sack 45cts.; oat
meal 40cts. lolb. sacks.
Drikd FRuiTS.T--apples, prunes and peaches 2 lbs.
 .for 25 cents	
No. i.m.m. tea $1.50 for 5 lb.
Canned Vegetables���10 cans corn and beans $1,9
cans tomatoes .$ 1, 8 cans peas $1
Lard���5 lb pails 70 cents, 10 lb tins fi.40
Best salmon 10 tins for $1
siiyiof-i  LEJSEF
":��� ..*AW*<H*VM. ,*,*ai! V.UUAM. ���m's��.,~-idt


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