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The Cumberland Islander Feb 28, 1930

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At the I!o-IIo
all next Week
Provincial Library    Mar.l!2?
Water Pressure
Still Increasing
The regular meeting of the City
Council held in the Council Cham-;
bera on Monday evening was presid-
ed over by His Worship Mayor Max-
well, aldermen present being C. J. \
Parnham, T. II. Mumford, J. Ledingham, W. Henderson and J. William;.
After the minutes of the last reg-
ular meeting had been rend and ad-]
opted, the City Clerk read a com-j
munication from A. H. Goward, vice ;
president of the B.C.E. Rly., Victoria, in answer to a letter sent the!
company by the city asking that
something be done in the matter of j
keeping a water pressure high onough j
at all times for efficient fire fighting1
purposes. Mr. Goward intimated to
the Council that thc matter had been
taken up with the engineering department and in the very near future
the engineer would visit Cumberland
and go over the whole system iu
company with the local engineer, Mr.
R. Shaw. In the report of the committees submitted to thc Council on *'
Monday night the Water committer
reported that the pressure was considerably higher and had been for
the last two weeks between 110 and
120 lbs.
The  regular monthly meeting of
the Royston Branch of the W.A. to
the M.S.C.C. was held on Thursday
afternoon last at the home of Mrs
Greig with 12 members in attend-
j ance. After the routine of business
1 Mrs. Jeffrey gave a very interesting
account of her visit as delegate to
! the annual convention of the Dioced-1 —-
i an Board at Victoria recently. Mrs. |     Vancouver Island lost another of
'Cole was tea hostess following the  its real old-timers by the death ir,
Many Attend
Pioneer's Funeral
this city on Saturday last, February I
22nd of Mr. Thomas Bannerman. De-1
ceased had attained his 72nd birth-1
day on February 2nd having been j
born at Barney's River, Plctou Coun-]
ty, Nova Scotia, February 2nd, 1868,
He migrated to the Pacific Coast j
forty years ago, taking up residence
In Nanaimo where he remained for
j fourteen years. While then; ho be-
,  came superintendent of the Need-
Well merited promotion has come i ham Street Mission of the Presbytia Mr. VV, Beavan, assistant district terian Church of which he made a
engineer for the Comox District who j great success.    Coming to Cumber-
W. P. Beavan To
Have Charge Of
Road Surfacing
has been notified that he will be in
charge of all bituminous surfacing
in thc province, by the Public Works
Department in Victoria. Towards the
end of next month Mr. Beavan will
be leaving Courtenay and will make
bis headquarters at a more central
point. The assistant engineer for
this district is well fitted for the re-
land in 1903, after the death of Mrs.
Bannerman, he had resided here continuously, following his occupation
of coal-mining until stricken by his
fatal illness. An ideal citizen, Mr.
Bannerman had served his city as alderman and school trustee and always a staunch supporter of the
church, had been a member of the
Chinaman Backs
Truck Through
Store Window
A terrible crash heard on Dunsmuir avenue on Thursday afternoon
had dozens of people rushing to find
out the cause. One glance was
enough to show tbat a truck had been
backed through Matt Brown's Grocery store window, No one appears
to know what really happene I, but
it Is surmised that the driver of the
truck, Chin Chong, a chinaman from
Sandwick, who bad bis ear parked
close to tbe store, lost his head when
he started up the car, putting it into
reverse instead of second gear. Il
was all over in thc space of a minute
and no one has appeared who can
give a clear account of what really
did happen. Kucklly no one was hurt
and thc damaged window was covered by insurance.
„   ,          icame assistant district engineer for
The City Clerk applied for leave Alberni  om,   mAa , e.
of absence for March Cth and  7th ments j„ the road system ,„ that dia.
to enable hlm to be present at the trIofc    In im he c.ln,0 t0 ,h|> Cu.
re-umon of ^ ukon  pioneers,  which m„   ihMcl   m)(|   h.,s   ,e|iM   ,n
was granted. i Courtenay ever since.    Tbat lie has
Bills and accounts were referred to >bcen „ most sul.CMsful lnecr f„
the finance committee for payment U|, district foes without saying, tbo
and reports of the various commit ■ Lrt„,i„ i,„;„„ (t ,    * ,    .1.
'      ,    „   .       ,       ,    .    ,     .     roads being the equal of any in the
tees showed all departments to bc in'Drovinco
excellent shape. The board of works I '	
chairman was instructed to make! WOLF CUBS HAVE
several necessary alterations as soon |
as the weather permitted. The chair- j
man of the board of works in his report said that the city team was busy
hauling ashes and that the alterations mentioned by His Worship
would be attended to as early as possible.
Before adjourning the Council
passed a resolution calling for a letter of condolence to be sent to Alderman Bannerman for the loss he
hnd sustained in ths death of his
iponsible position which he is assum- board of management and session
ing having bad many years' expert- of Cumberland United Church and
ence. Before going overseas he was 1 before amalgamation of the Presby-
in charge of asphalting in Winnipeg j terian Church. He had on many oc-
and Victoria.    After the war he be- i casions been honored by belnj select-
ed as delegate to important religious
conferences in other cities.
Keenly interested fn sport; of ev-,
ery kind he had extended a helping I
hand  to  teams  and   indivd al  ath-1
letes who showed promise a id there
were very few games that h ■ missed
when able    to attend.    Dut r to his i
family,  his  church  and  his  friends
were the standard of his lif! and it
cau truly be said of him thn   he had |
done his duty.   The long trai is end-
ed and his memory will be a 1 incentive to any man who came   n touch
The Parish Hall has been the ren- with him "to go and do like vise".
dezvous for many different kinds ofl    Left to mourn his        .     are one,
meetings, bu   for the first time in Alderman Daniel Bannerman ofl
its  history  it  became  the  hunting )hjs cit     throe daughters   MrB,  H, |
ground for a couple of packs of WolE  Conrod  thUj  cit     Ml.g   A   R
Cubs.     In   response  to   the  howling
Gulf Service
To Be Improved
New Steamen to Take Care of Tour*
Ut Traffic;  Automobile Ratei
According to Mr. N. R. Des Brisay,
general passenger agent for the
C.P.R., with offices in Vancouver,
the Company's service between Nanaimo and Vancouver will be better
and more complete than ever it has
been, this coining summer. Two of
the new C.P.R. steamers will make
a daily round trip running on altern
ate days and 9-10,000 will be spent in
improving the wharf to take car.?
of the increased traffic.
Mr. Des Brisay points out that
during the height of the tourist season, June 28th to September 3rd inclusive, one of their new steamers,
the "Princess Elizabeth" nnd "Princess Joan" will each day make one
round trip between Vancouver and
Nanaimo in addition to the service
provided by the "Princess Elaine"
and the Ss. "Charmer".
These new steamers have been
built for night service between Vancouver and Victoria at a cost of over
$1,000,000 each and splendid facilities for carrying automobiles have
been provided, which it is expected
will enable them to carry between
60 nnd 70 ears. We feel sure that
the addition of these steamers to the
Nanaimo service will have a further
effect, of stimulating tourist  traffic.
On January 1st, 1930 .rates for
transportation of automobiles were
reduced to the following basis. Up
to 115 inch wheclbase, $.1.60; llfi
and 125 inch wheelbnse, $4.50; ovr
125 inch whoolbaso, $6.50. A reduction of $1.00 will be allowed on the
two one way rates for thc round trip.
making tho round trip rates $f».00,
$8.00 and $10.00 respectively.
In order to provide facilities for
this increased service during the
coming summer, alterations are now
being mnde to the Nanaimo dock
which will entail nn expenditure in \
the vicinity of $-10,000.
invitation sent out by the Cumberland Pack, tbe Wolf Cubs of Courtonay assembled in force last Tuesday evening, and picking up the
trail finally reached the Parish Hall
at 7 p.m., with Mrs. F. V. Hall, tho
Akela, in command. Tbere they were
welcomed by the local Wolf Cubs,
who sitting on their haunches, let
forth their howl of greeting—"Akela
. . .Ah-Kay-La. . . . Weeeeellll Do
Our Best." And from then on they
did do their best to give their brother cubs from Courtenay a jolly good
The Hall had been transformed
into a Camp Fire ground. A red hot
fire glowed in the centre of the circle, and somo small fir trees placed
here and there gave the scene a realistic touch. Around the Council Fire
Circle sat the Cubs. The leading
sixer, Willie High, was called upon
to rend out an address of welcome,
which was responded to by a Courtonay Cub. This was followed by
a talk from the Chief Scout, (by
means of a gramophone record) nnd
then several of the local cubs displayed their talent in singing songs
or reciting. After the sing song the
centre of the floor was cleared and
mnny exciting games took place.
Then followed the bun feed. Every
cub had come along with a good appetite, and tbe supplies committee
had a busy time filling up the empty
plates. The evening ended with responsive cheers, the repeating of the
Club promise, and the national anthem. Amongst the visitors were
Mrs. Heber Cooke, Mr. and Mrs.
Hornby. Assisting in the kitchen
were Mrs. Buttress, Mrs. High, Mrs.
Strachan, Mrs. Vaughan.
Port Alberni and Miss Margaret of
thc teaching staff of Revelstt ke public schools. One son, John, predeceased him eleven years pcu.- Ten
grand-children and one greal grandchild, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
A. Gray jr. also survive. Twa sisters
and one brother reside in Eastern
The funeral took place from his
old home on Monday last to Cumberland Cemetery, numerous friends attending to pay their last tribute of
respect. Rev. J. R. Hewitt of Cumberland United Church officii ted and
pall-bearers were Messrs. J. N. McLeod, J. W. McKenzie, Geo. fi. Leighton and D. R. MncDonald of Courtenay and Messrs. W. McLellan Sr.
and F. Watson of Cumberland.
The floral tributes were numerous
and beautiful and are hereby grate-
full acknowledged by the family:
Pillow: the family.
Wreaths: Mr. and Mrs. T. A.
Grant, Vancouver; Mr. nnd Mrs.
Hewitt, Vancouver; Mr. G. G. Rennison, Revelstoke; Hayman Sisters,
(nieces); Harmony Rebecca Lodge;
Mayor and Aldermen of City of Cumberland ; Mr. and Mrs. A. Beaton;
Board of Management of the United
Church; Jack, Lil and Roy Genge;
Sprays: Mr. and Mrs, J, S. Williams; Mr. and Mrs. V. Frelone; Robert and Mrs. M. M. Lang; Mr. and
Mrs. William Herd; Mr. and Mrs. D.
Hunden nnd family; Miss Phyllis
Read, Vancouver; Mr. nnd Mrs. Fred
Payne, Duncnn; Mr. nnd Mrs. S.
Davis and family; Mr. and Mrs. T.
Stewart, Nanaimo; Mrs. J. Gillespie
nnd family Nanaimo,
District Badminton
Tournament To Be
Played next Month
The meeting of the representatives
of the various badminton clubs was
held at the Royston Pavilion on Monday, when it was decided to lu M the
district tournaments at Royston on
March 10, 20, 21 and 22 if necessary.
Mr. George Wilson of the Imperial
club was elected secretary for the
In the matter of method of playoffs, Mr. Hughes of Courtenay made
the suggestion that each club stage
an elimination series. The winners
to meet at Royston to decide the
district champions. This, however,
was not looked upon favorably by
the meeting and it was devilled to
operate the tournament along the
same lines as last year.
The entree fee is thc same as last
year( namely, j$0# foi1 ""i1: .*■ . nt -r
$1.00 for the three events. A charge
will be made for spectators which
was set al 25c for the preliminaries
and 50c for the finals; players who
had entered the tournament and
been "knocked out" to be admitted
free of charge.
Some years ago, there was a special tournament for first year players. This year, owing to the fact
thnt there nre many first-year players, it was decided to have un even:
under this heading with two small
cups, put up by'thc tournament
committee, as the prizes. This event
should arouse considerable interest
as it gives first-year players a fair
Bay Boys Still
At League Head
The City team journeyed to Union
j Bay on Tuesday night and engaged
I Ihe shipping boys in a scheduled crib-
| bage league game. The contest was
j a close one all the way through and
! on the last round Union Bay had to
I win four out of the six games to
beat out the City. By good luck it
; was managed, the scores reading 11*-
17 In favor of the shippers, The
City team claim that had the Islander
scribe not accompanied tbem the re-
1 suit wouhl bave been different, us yo
I wielder of the pen did not win :i
single game. The games, however,
j were thoroughly enjoyed and Andy
Kay got so excited when thing.-: look-
1 ed bad for his team that he had to,
1 take a walk along the bench—at
\ least that's where he said he bad
! bcen.
On the conclusion of the games
the Bay boys served refreshments, a
social hour following.
The only other league game played was between tbe Nondescripts and
the Athletics, the former winning by
20-10, There was very little interest in this game as both teams were
out of the running for league honors. After cards, refreshment:- were
served and a social time held. .
Following is the leaguo standing
up to date:
102nd Battalion
Re-Union Dinner
Smoker - Social
At the conclusion of the business! ¥J        l        1 j      fr,
meeting of Cumberland  Review No.   I\OCl      sAllQ      VlUIl
17, W.B.A.. on Tuesday evening a
"500" drive was held when mnny | (
followers of this popular pastime attended there being 13 tables in progress. Mr. Morrison and Mrs. W.
Davis were winners of lirst prizes
with Mr. S. Hunt sr,, and Mrs. Patterson (Nanaimo) securing second
prizes. Mrs. R, D. Brown was convener of a committee serving delightful refreshments after the games
Over two hundred members were
In attendance at the annual general
meeting of the Cumberland Rod and
Gun Club held in the Cumberland
Hall on Saturday night. The president, Mayor Alex, Maxwell was in
the   chair   us   the   secretary,   J.   L,
  Hrown read  the  minutes of the lust
Date Set for Big Celebration Satur* meeting,   and   after   their   adoption
day, March  15
The big re-unlon dinner of the
102nd Battalion will be held on Saturday, March the 15th in Chamber
of Commerce, Victoria, at K p.m.
The dinner is being held this year,
complimentary to Col, Fred Lister.
M.L.A., and is sure to be attended
hy a large number of the forme 1
members of this famous unit. As
there are many ex-102nd men residing in this district we have been asked to publish the date in the hope
thut as many as possible from tbe
Comox district will attend the reunion.
I)   Pts
Union Bay ....
0    10
...  8
1     l.'l
...  8
1       7
. . 9
1       7
... 9
0      0
. .10
'■',      5
The Cumberland's Men's bridge
chili met at thc home of Mr. Man-
sell, Courtenay. on Wednesday nigh:
when four tables of bridge were in
play. During tlie evening a short
meeting of the club was hold when
it was decided to hold a bridge i'i
the Anglican Hall on Monday night.
chance of even competition.
On bringing up the question of
I refn hments, it was thought prefer-
U£le i" put the. catering in the cap-
able hands of Mann's bakery, hi
previous yenrs it has been taken tare
of by individual efl'ort but at great
Present cup holders are: Indies'
doubles, Mrs. T. R. S. Graham and
Mrs. Fairbairn; ladies' singles, Mrs.
T. R. S. Graham; mixed doubles, Mr.
and Mrs. T. R. S. Graham; men's
doubles, B. Wright and J. Idiens;
men's singles, T.  R, S. Graham.
Entries may be made to the sec-
retaries of the  respective clubs  or
direct to the tournament committee
; secretary, Mr.  George  Wilson,  Roy-
i ston.   The committee urges that they
be made as soon as possible.
One ut' the best attended whist
drives of the season took place on
Friday night last when upwards of
twenty-live tables were in pluy at
the Anglican Mall at the social held
under auspices of this year's class tn'
the First Aid As.^ocinti.m. Several
patrons found it impossible to get
tables and were forced to amuse
themselves whilst the cards were in
progress. Mrs. Minto and Mrs.
Quinn tied for ladies' first. Mrs. Minto winning on tbe cut. Mr. Jack
Taylor won the gentlemen's first and
Mr. Fred Dawson the second. Refreshments were served after which
dancing was indulged in to music
supplied by an orchestra composed
of Mrs. W. Hudson, piano; J. Lockner, violin; W. Jackson, coronet and
banjo and li. T. Brown, drums.
The Past Week At The Capital
(From Our Own Correspondent)
t/fiSiL& .ui£ft 'jUi'liS. 'i:\.... .:"■■ ■■ '. .i:i -U.::'.. JZ I'.'. .-■-*.•:. 33 A., i&j iitXiu,^ iu'i..
The bright weather of tho last few
H m |^    |^      ~   ■ j [days has induced some of the mem-
MrS.  I*, r af triage       jbors of the Cumberland Cricket Club
_      _,. - to take a walk down to the ground
Is Bereaved nt tn° "Y"nm' s'vo things o e "once
I over". It has been suggested that a
number of tbe members get OgOthor
either this week ond or next   ind give
the ground a good rolling, ''he secretary reports having good prospects
of games with Cowichan Crh ;et club
Chemainus, Nanaimo and Co irtenay.
Mr. J. Webster, of LSI Bast Tenth
Avenue, Vancouver, died early Sun-i
duy morning at his home as a result Vancouver teams will be aprroached
| of drinking a disinfectant. The police: during the next few days ii an ef.
of Vancouver believe he took thc | tort to arrange one or two games
poison by mistake while ill. with   mainland   teams.     IU .S.   Re-
Mrs. M, Foley, his sister, told the solute is expected in Comox harbor
police he had come home at 11 p.m. in Ju™ when u ,K fllmMt certain n
ton Saturday. He was found lyta* ««»» will he arranged with the sail-
unconscious on the kitchen floor atior boys.
D:80 Sunday morning by his brother
Mr. Cecil Webster.
Medical  aid   wns   summoned   and
the unfortunate man removed to the
The "Elite" Indies' crib club met General Hospital where he died a
at the home of Mrs. A. Maxwell sr., few minutes after being admitted,
on Wednesday night in a very enjoy- j Coroner W. D. Brydon-Jack was no-
able evening of crib. Mrs. Covert'tided and the body ordered removed
was the winner of the first prize with to tbe city morgue.
Mrs. J. Murray gaining the second!    Mrs. Frank Partridge, of Cumbcr-
and Mrs. Matt Stewart the consola- Innd is n sister of the deceased nndjtive of the club con be mad
tion. Mrs. Maxwell served refresh- in company with her brother, Mr. .by members can obtain bowls by payments and announced thnt next week Charles Webster, also of this city, ing a sum of $2.00 down and $2.00
on Wednesday the ladies'club would,journeyed over to the mainland to per month. Anyone desirous of pur-
entertain their male friends at the attend the funeral. The dead man chasing bowls under these conditions
Eagles' Hall in a series of crib was well konwn in this district hav-lis asked to get in touch with the soc-
gtmti , ling resided here for some time. [retary this week end at the latest.
A number of prospective members
of the Cumberland Lawn Bowling
club were also noticed looking over
tho property at. No. 6 mine this week
and on enquiry of the secretary, Mr,
T. D. Robertson our reporter was
informed that a number of members
hnd placed their order for bowls, A
special arrangements with the execu
Victoria, B.C., February 20.—The
fourth sessional week in the legislature gave the scribes of the Gallery
singularly little "copy"—and that
little only in the last two sittings of
the House—and yet it was a week by
no means barren In accomplishments.
Even so resourceful newspapermen
as Bruce Hutchinson himself find it
diiricult to make news of the dry-as-
dust consideration in committee of
new rules of debate, and when Opposition joins Government in accepting ministerial logislatl in without
change of criticism, the businesslike
proceedings do nol lend thcmsclvef
to filling columns entertainingly. 'Iii"
House still waits for the Budget and
the advent of evening sittings, Invariably indicative of a session's near-
ing end.
Last week's major business of
parliament crystallized In the presentation of tlie \M ■•■ highway a I
and the applauded announcenn nl -
the end of protracted negotiations
for the return to the Province of tie-
Railway Belt and Peace Rive ■ Bloc i
lands, the latter each year accumulating attention and sub tantinl value. The papers in the l large tran
suctions have been sign, d, sealed and
returned to Ottawa, and both houses
this year will pass necessary ratifications, thus finally accept bly answering Liberal content ion- before sev*
eral past elections that only a provincial government of thc same faith as
Ottawa's could hope to successfully
conclude the bargain long desired by
British Columbia. The terms of the
now concluded agreement shortly are
1. Provision for the Immediate
transfer of the Railway Belt
and Peace River Block lands
to the Province.
2. Federal parks in the Railway
Belt to remain under federal
3. Adequate hinds in the Railway Belt to he reserved for
Indian   requirements,   revert-
ing to thc Province as and
when they are no longer required for the Indians.
4. Tho Dominion pay thc province ?100,000 a year in perpetuity.
I Hon. Dr. Tolmie, tn announcing
the conclusion of negotiations to the'
House, said:
"After   many   yenrs'   activity   by j
various  Provincial   legislatures  with:
'a view to securing tho return of the'
railway belt lands, I am pleased to
lie able to announce that the documents hove now been signed by representatives of this Government and
forwarded lo Ottawa for completion
thero. The light has been a lon {
and   strenuous   one,   commenced   by,
I Premier Dunsmuir followed by Pro-
Imlcr Prior, Sir Richard McBride, tho
Inte Premier Oliver and Dr. MacLean
and supp-.vtid very strongly in the
House ui Commons in late years by
tho British Columbia members, Il
wa nol until 1026 that any marked
. m cc     was attained.    In that  year |
I a commission was granted by th.
presenl federal government to look
Into maritime rights, and upon im-,
medi il e pressure being brought to
bear by British Columblfi federal
members, the British Columbin gov
eminent and others, a simitar commission was granted to look inlo the
matter of the return of the Railway
Lands. Mr. Justice Martin of Saskatchewan was appointed Commissioner,     This   learned   judge,   after
\ careful investigation, found thn:
while the Province had no legal right
to claim the return of these lands,
there existed n very strong moral
right. After the finding of Mr. Justice Martin, negotiations were again
entered into with a view to having
the lands returned, nnd on this government taking office late in 1928,
immediate steps were tnken to plnce
before the government at Ottawa,
through the Minister of the Interior
i (Continued oa Page Two)
proceeded to read out a lengthy re
port covering the whole of the activities of the club for the past sea- .
son,    The  report   was  exceptionally
Well   received   and   tlle  secretary   was
thanked for bis painstaking work.
R, James on the conclusion of the re-
port[ addressed the meeting and cited the very creditable work of their
secretary and suggested that the
meeting go on record as favoring tho
donation of a sum of money to the
secretary for his labours. On being
pressed by tbe chairman to name a
sum, Mr. James thought $20 (a
voice at the back of the hall, "make
it ?50.'') Tlie secretary was eventually voted the sum of $20. Mr,
Brown on rising said he did not wont
any remuneration for the work he
had done. He had enjoyed doing the
work and be thanked them very much
for the many expressions of goodwill for his work as secretary.
The election of officers was then
proceeded with, Mayor Maxwell saying he did not want to stand for another term as president and in his
pinion it was a position that should
otate. He still would have a as
great an interest in tbe doings of
the club in tbe future as ho bad in
the past. He thanked the officers
and executive t'or their great help
during his term of office and reviewed very briefly the progress made by
the dub, laying special stress on the
activities of the trap shooting section of the club's undertakings. He
then declared all offices vacant nnd
called for nominations for honorary
Mr. Harry Maynard was again tiie
unanimous choice fev the honorary
I president and  Mr.  Thomas Graham
ForFast Whippets !l£a££2sr *"■•
Joe Horbury become the president
with Louis Frelone vice-president; J.
L. Brown remains as secretary and
R. Coe as treasurer. The executive
will be composed of seven members
from Cumberland, three from Courtenay and one from l'nion Bay. The
Courtenay and l'nion Bay members
will choose their own representatives
and   thc   seven   elected   to   represent
Cumberland were Mei . H, Strachan, W, Mossey, J, fl. Cameron, John
Bono,  J.   Hannay,   W.   Herd  and  F.
I Martin.
Following the business meeting a
, imoker followed with the newly el-
ected president acting as master of
ceremonies, Rofre hments, both^the
liquid   and   solid   kind   were  served
rand   many   well   known   local   artists
. In musical and instrumental selections added greatly to the enjoyment
Of the evening.     Teddy  Morris acted
as accompanist In a very efficient
Courtenay Feather
Pushers No Match
The   Courtenay   Badminton   club
visited   Cumberland  on   Wednesday
night and engaged the Whippets in
a seiies of very interesting game?.
Tbe visitors, however, proved to be
no match for tbe home players, wh •
won 10 out of the 12 games playe.l
and scored 238 points ns against 11"
scored by Courtenay. Refreshments
were served after the Infer-club
games and many friendly game:
played. Scores of individual player.,
follow with the Courtenay player"
mentioned  first   in each  instance:
Ladies'    Doubles
Misses Beasley and Cannon lost
to Misses Seal and Dallos, 4-21; Mrs.
Cliffe and Mrs. Steele lost to Misses
D, Maxwell and B. Dando, 6-21;
Misses McPherson and Duncan lost
to Mrs. Ledingham and Mrs Cope,
5-2 J.
Eagles' Sporting
Activities Boosted
Dobson and Wilson lust to Ledlngham and Whyte, 2-21; Corker ond
Duncan   lost  to   Bates  and   (J.   Mc-j LARGE  CLASS   OF  CANDIDATES
Farlnno,   10-21;   Hughes  and   Yatci
lost to Bennie and Whyte. 11-21.
Mrs. Cliffe and Corker be t  Ml
Sehl   am]   Whyte,   21-10;   Mi      M
One of tho m< icci ful meetings of the local order of Eagles wus
hi I I "-ii Th nlgl   In the Eagles'
I1 ! g W lien a large i i f candl
Photon and Dobson lost to Mr, or I dv- resei I it elf for Initiation,
Mrs .1. Ledingham, 7:'!. Ml Ben Bro, !■'. l.e Roj of Victoria waa pro-
ley and Wilson lost to Mrs. Cope and sent ond i i In tho work.
Ledingham, 1-21; Mi- Duncan and Al t! I I hlch foi-
Duncan IobI to Mil M ell and lowod, Mr. Le Ro: delivered ti short
Bennie. 12-21; Miss Can in and b il v\ ry Inspl
Yates beat Mlu Dando and Bat< ■,, .,„kilu,
y1"^! M^^Stoolfi and Hughcajosl |)0th „,,,. l|;. lu,„
; riches of t du ■* I ho 11 mlng
summer, bai«ball ar.d football and
arrangemi nl alreadj being
made to gel ilevon going
befoi e the en ■ ■ Rnl -l.* , Tin- smok*
' er which followi d the liui Ine moel ■
lug iva n ver j j< Ily affair and judging by the number of young num
r the Ilo-Ilo ■ presenting thi i slvi thi ro is no
nd the Galotj refl . „ v,i,:,* bi tl b eball and foot-
nnounce thai ball in Cumberland should take bc-
1 singers  cond place,
to   Miss   Dallos   and   G
M  I arl.ir.
The   management
Theatre, Cumberland
Theatre.   Com tenay,   ai
the  famous  Welrii  Imp
will be at the Ilo-Ilo on Mondayi Adding greatl
April the 7th and at the Gaiety 0f t(lf. evening,
Theatre on Tuesday and Wednesday,  speech  by   Mr.   Li    i1
to the
April Nth nnd 0th. This famous c
pany of singers is declared to '■
Wales' finest combination with each
member a noted soloist. After the
appearance of the choir before Royalty in London, Kngland, tbe Duke
of York said: "a wonderful party
a credit to Wales."
trumental   selections by tbo
following: Hi . 11. Williams, (J.
HcLollan, T. B    ■ ■ ,   !'. Carney,   V
Hunter, W. Mi 1 ellan, jr., J. Scavarda, w. Ja . F. Bradley, J.
Campbell a^f W Marshall in n popular duet, (;. Richardson, L. Scavarda, S. I.   Robi rtson and the Eagles'
Further particulars of the appear-   quartet,
ance of this famous choir in this district will be announced shortly. Make
a  note of  the dates,  April  7th,  8th
and 9th
Jack Gillespie, who Is now residing
ni Extension, was a visitor here, nr-
rlving .Friday nnd returning Sunday. PAGE TWO
The Cumberland Islander
TjrllEX a plumber makes a mistake, he
hy charges double for it. When a lawyer
" makes a mistake, il is just what he want-
eel, becaeise he has a chance to try the case all
over again. When the doctor makes a mistake
he buries it. When a .iuclpre makes a mistake, it
becomes the law of the land. An when a preacher makes a mistake, nobody knows the difference.
But when a printer makes a mistake good
/N A RECENT issue of the Scientilic American
:   a most interesting article on Electric
:   iduced by steam, by Mr. R. M. Boy-
kin, pres     nt oi the Northwestern Electric Light
and  1'<*       Association and .Manager of Puget
r and Light Company, who are install-
000 steam plant on Lake Washing-
toi . .
the decade irom 11120 to 1980 it is es-
i increase in waterpower will total onl,
...  whereas  power  generated  by
ivill     o\v an increase of 13,225,000 horsi
I isis of this rapid growth is founded
fact   summed up by no less an au-
: ias Edison, who recently said;
i can now be generated cheaper by
than by water power."
news for Vancouver Island with
hn- al .   '   ioui dless coal resources.    With th
pri gi    i mad   and economic perfection lately at-
y high pressure steam turbines and the
rized coal under boilers built on the
'■ e increased consumption of coal
i to be assured.   Last year thc Un-
- used in this way 15,000,000 terns oi
I.   To those who are interested, Mr,
|   i icle contains many facta and items
ol importance.
r'YPOGRAPHICAL errors sometimes have a
more pertinent bearing on subjects than in
the case where accurate typesetting is practised. An Irish newspaper in reporting the opening oi the London Naval Conference spoke of the
king as calling for "an early reduction of arguments throughout the world." If arguments
could be abolished there would ba no need for
armament discussions, lt is ineradicable contrariness of the human race that makes armaments
-iS2,00 was advanced on mortgages
for building within the avea. Two
units only have been developed for
sale, with an estimated value ot*
?fJ80,965.00 of which lands have
been sold to the value of $160,075,-
00 and on which there is still $50,
1205.15 owing.
I Thc prediction of Mr, Pattullo that
the university endowment lamU
would provide for all the necessities
of higher education within five years
I which prediction was made during
ihis last session as Lands Minister,
! seems little likely to be realized.
| Hon. llr. 11. IC. McKechnie, Chan-
Icellor of tho univerlsty, wisely re-
. training from commenting upon tho
(disclosures iu the Oommisisoner's re-
I port. It is for thc government to
provide for the financial necessities
of the university, he observes, and
not for him to suggest how such provision shall be made.
rill-: ANONYMOUS gift of $210,000 to the Cancer
Research Fund or thc Graduate School of Modi-
cine of University of Pennsylvania is, of course,
of Importance in tbe advance against this disease. It has
ils best promise, however, as a part of a co-operative
movement rather than as a separate development. The
sum is without limiting restrictions. It will enable the
mind to act in unison with tbe American Oncological
Hospital, which is planning a cancer-control centre along
ambitious lines, and the Bnrtol Research Foundation of
ibe Franklin Institute, a notable institution in physical
research With these facilities, expectation that
real advance against cancer may be registered is permis-
sable —The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
At the Capital
Inued Irom Page One)
tlu- desirability i»f having this com-
A conference was held lust
year \ it!   thi   Minister of tbe Interior :       ie Minister of Public Works
.. and another conference
;ed  for  during  the  past
:;    iht;    rclM't'HcntatiVL'^
ister of tbe Interior con-
I for se "eral weeks witli then
of  the  Provincial  Government, Mr, 0. ('■ Bass, deputy attorn-
leral, and Mr. Harry Cathcart,
thc present deputy Minister of Lands,
ruble progress was made
ence   look  place   a
a o at Ottawa, this Gov-
■ ■  i- pn sented   by thc
iblic Works and Messrs
I. ■  i   ■ with  tbe result
0 - ere Dnly a few change:
{,. in; :i   thai  linn1 in the pro
. ,   and   finally   tlu
hi     been   concluded.     1
i is a matter for congr
the people of British Coin that this hlghtly important
.: the return of tbe Ka
• I  Peace River Bloek to
this bus   been   concluded.   1
may '   just   as  long as  tbe
[| n *'I ;it Ottawa im-
will be taken to bring
tion,   at   which   time   a
if the agreement  will  be laid
on   the   table.     The   fact  tbat   this
railway lands question was a point of
n   between   British   Columbia
inion of Canada almost
Columbia   went   into
Coi .1 thing it is worthy of
: vi ■■■■ pleasing, too,
t the very   friendly spirit
in whic      ie Dominion Government
■ latter. In this connec-
Ul parti ulnrly mention the
■■  tl i   Interior,  the   Hon.
While it was con-
in this agreement 1o
deal matter    extraneous
I trai   tor of the Railway
Bell P< ace River Block, this
vill glad v consider any
Federal   Government
mny regard  to secur-
areas   in   this
.*!   the   House
were   ■        ■   ; ■   Mr,   Pattullo,   Mr.
■ in,   Mr.   Pooley and  llr.
.  ' iii-n   Hinchliffe  and
c !   r    pi   I ,   V.C.,  '-n  broad  and
excluding   partizan-
from thc hospital but will take a few ly in thc footsteps of his predecessor
more days to be back tu his usual in office, Mr. A. M. Manson, who now
active life. |is his iiterrogator. Mr. Manson while
(Attorney  Ceneral  took the  ground
Lhat sacb investigations are a part
of the functions of the Secret Service branch and that secrecy in connection   therewith   must   in   honour
Mr.   Manson   as  their   legal
under the new conditions the
ion   enn  scarcely  objoct   to
ation of the policy he himself
Union Bay
Mrs. E, Anderson returned home on
Friday after spending a few days visiting iriends in Nanaimo.
Aftor spending a few days in town,
the guest of her mother, Mrs. E. McKay, Mrs. A. Stasek returned to Campbell River on Saturday.
E. J. Cronk, of Port Alberni, was a
visitor in town on Friday.
Sid Muir, of Victoria, is spending a
short vacation in town, the guest of
his mother, Mrs. I. Muir.
Mrs. C. W. Kirkwood. ot Powell
River, is visiting in town, tho guest of
her parents, Mr. aud Mrs. D. Walker,
Bill Willis, of Victoria, was a visitor
in town during thc week.
Tho Ladle;;' Literary Society held a
very successful meeting in the United
church on Thursday evening. A good
attendance was present.
Mrs. M. II. Thomas entertained at
six tables ot bridge on Wednesday afternoon last. Prizes were won by Mrs.
A. P.. Home, Mrs. McMonnles and
Miss M. Abrams. Dainty refreshments
were served. Those present were:
Mr.1;, J. Dick. Mrs. G. K. MacNaugll-
ton, Mrs. W. Eadie, Mrs. J. Dollar, Mrs,
E, T. Searle, Mrs. A. Auchlnvole, Mrs.
S. Abrams, Mrs. A. Kay, Mrs. A.
Home, Mrs. L. Little, Miss M. Abrams,
Victoria, B.C., Feb, 27.—Every-
thing the then Conservative Opposition said in the Legislature in
criticism of tbe late Liberal government's University Endowment Lands
scheme is far more than justified by
the special inve tigator, A. N. Day-
kin, who '.vent thoroughly into the
situation at Point Grey and eonclud-
..i that it was unnecessary to lay
down a definite policy otherwise than
with regard to Units 1 and 2. Tlio
report indicates that tbe situation is
very serious ami that Uie university
snjoys very small chance in deriving
iny maintaining income through th-?
policy inaugurated by the late government.
"There will have to be a great
change somewhere", Mr. Daykin say-
Canadian Club
Members Hear
Dr. Plsakett
The Comox Canadian Club on Friday evening at Cumberland was addressed by Dr. J. S. Plaskett of Victoria, on "Canada's placo in tlie astro-
| nomic world." There was a good at-
: tendance,
j Dr. Plaskett said Canada had two
I national observatories, a condition existing in no other country of equal
population and wealth. He told of
. popular misconceptions of the work of
, an astronomer in contrast to the real
: work of the Observatory.
In moving a vote of thanks, Rev. J.
II. Hewitt congratulated Dr. Plaskett
1 on being awarded thc gold medal of
the P,.D.val Astronomical society and
i i xpressed appreciation of the honor
, io Canada.
Island Resorts
Experience Fine
Tourist Season
Mrs. Capes, Mrs. Grelgson, Mrs. Wil-1 in his report, "or the area will not
lemar, Mrs. Briggs, Mrs. Nelson, Mrs.
Bowie, Mrs. Blowic, Mrs. Eakin, Mrs.
P. Mclntyre and Mrs. J. Maclntyre.
Miss Mary Little returned to Normal school in Vancouver on Sunday.
after teaching at the Royston school
ior the past week.
Rev. and Mr:;, J. H, Hobbins are
spending a few days in Victoria.
E. Mugford returned to his home in
Vancouver ou Snday, after spending
Shower For
Minto Bride
The homo of Mr. and Mrs. Alex.
Wain, Minto, was the scene of a jolly
party and shower given by the residents of the district und friends in
honor of Mr. Bert Wain, a native
son, and liis bride (nee Misfl Alice
Mottishaw) on .Saturday even in;.;,
ivu/.an- Early in the evening whist was played. Mrs. W. Davis secured la die-
first prize and Miss Winnie Calnan
Mi/llO illie  consolation.     Mr,   Kred   Bryant|»     ,
won tho men's first prize and Milton
spent] Piercy      the      consolation.        ('lever j, '
■s. A. WalnlgamcB and contestts were held. M».        ^
Turner  and   Mrs.   Stalker  bci uring
A   ■   .
:.   last  whon a large
- friend   from the valley and
i wish their
. Herbi rt, and his bride
|]    ■*. and pro p roua
: n a very tai  Ible manner,
proci "in, .
i ■ ■     ... re   ervod
:. [oi   - long time.
I i ut   Uvei -subscribed
and a beautiful
, : . •   :.,."■■■ v.. -    i    artl li
,: He  conveyed  the
: all lo the youm-: people.
.   *. iunded mu a very
-     :
Mr. and R   .■■■■::■■"   and Mr.
and Mrs. Ne! on, from Nanaimo. were
Mi . Wain over th"
up   to   personally
convey tl wl hes at the cele-
I,:  .'.     .
Mr. P. L. Stewart and family have
,, ■:   ,;■ fine new residence.
The bal   ice       el ol the Minto El-
i i has b en distributed to
nd :;iiows a success-
.,.   Tiie annual mcet-
on Thur day evening of this
wet k,
produce any money for endowment
purposes even if it be relieved of the
incubus of university loans." That
tbe endowment land scheme was impolitic when launched aud bad the.i
been pronounced against by thc
Comptroller-General, Mr. A. N. Nout
was an assertion of the Opposition,
now become the governing factor.
And this charge is borne out by
Mr, Daykin's report, which shows
that in 1920 when the proposal was
advanced tor tlie development of
the BOO acres of the endowment area
in ordi r to provide funds for university purposes, the then Comptroller-
Generi 1 filled a special memorandum
with Premier MacLean in whicli he
pointed out tbat it would be poor business indeed to lay out. an area as
proposed on tho long chance that it
would all be disposed of within five
years Lime, lie even ventured the
, I don, in opposition to tlie govern-
ment's pi'oposal that it would be im
possible tii dispose of a sufficient
number of lots to provide for tin
cost oi the improvements alone. Mr.
in that memorandum also
the government, which failed
hi.-, warning tin! the province
[ly would be obliged to find
for interesl and sinking fund
■cats out. -if current revenue
Holiday resorts, from Saanich to
Campbell Paver, on Vancouver Island, experienced an ex. eptlonally
good year in 1020, according to tbe
annual report of the Victoria and Island Publicity Bureau presented al
a luncheon this week.
"There  were   more   than   enough
holiday-makers on Vancouver Island
to   bring   excellent   businoss   to   the
Wilson    Inn.    llamsterley    Lakeside
and Brenta Lodge in Saanich; the
Belvedere Hotel and Sooke Harbor
Camp at Sooke; Hamsterley Malahat
Kilmalu and Forest Inn in the Shawnigan  Lake  district;  Cowichan   Bay
Inn,  Riverside  Inn,  Lakeside  Hotel
and Maple Inn in tiie Cowichan Valley; the Island  Hall at  Parksville;
the Qualicum Beach Hotel and Sunset Inn at Qualicum Beach; tbe Mal-
aspina Hotel at Xanainio; the Chalet
ut Cameron Lake; KHtsa Lodge at
Sproat Lake; the Somass and Beaufort at Port Alberni; thc  Riverside
at Courtenay; tbe Elk at Comox; tbe
Willows at Campbell Rivor, and the
Forbes   Hotel   at   Lower   Campbell
Lake," tlie report snys.
j     "That is really a rather wonderful
i list of resorts, containing as it docs
1 places   at   which   praeth ally   every
! kind of outdoor summer amusement
I ean bc found, bathing, sea and fresh
! water; lishin;*, trout, steelhead and
i salmon;    motoi'ing,    mountaineering
i and rock climbing, hiking along for-
! est trails aud country byways where
| no motors go; -tennis golf, boating,
! horseback riding and yachting. And
i because it is one of thc newest com-
! ers, so to speak, we would like to
especially  mention  that  fascinating
mountain upland, the Forbidden Plateau at Courtenay, an Alpine meadow where one can, in July, bath in
warm water lakes and within  half
an hour be up in the snowfields."
Next year we hope to have the
Island  Publicity Bureau  publish tbe
Last week end a basketball team
' composed of local boys journeyed to
! Port Alberni  and  engaged  a team
of that city In a game which resulted in a 41-0 win for the Alberni boys.
I The  locals   say   they   never  got  a
'•break", the ball doing all sorts of
j balancing stunts on the ring of tbe
! basket but always decided to fall on
i the wrong side.    We understand Alberni will make a trip to Cumberland shortly.
School Sports May
28th at Courtenay
i The annual school sports of Northern Vancouver Island will bc hold in
Courtenay this year on May 28, if permission is secured from the school
boards concerned. This was decided
at a meeting of the teachers in the
Courtenay school on Saturday. A representative of the Port Alberni staff
j was present and asked permission to
send a team of competitors and it is
hoped that Powell River wiil be induced to do likewise so that thc sporty
will be more representative than ever
before, This year the sports of the
high and public schools have bcen separated so that time will permit of a
larger number of events .and the
classes of entries have been increased
to three, namely: Under 11 years of
jage, under 13 years and seniors whicli
. will include any pupil iu a public
' school,
1 Tho following officers were chosen:
Honorary president, Mr. Gower, inspector; president, o. William Stubbs.
' courtonay; vice-president, H. Pergu-
; son, Comox; secretary, J. Bowbrlck,
i Tsolum; treasurer, Miss Lillian Ander-
ison, Tsolum; chairman grounds committee J. O. Kirk, Courtenay.
' The report of ihe snorts last year
; showed a balance of eighty dollars
i with one or two oustanding small bills
I so that the committee has a good bai-
! ance to start with this year.
New Fordson Farm Tractor Appears
tHSAmtt\*ftm» .ss^fr—.sss^frHsYsMs^friH .ii^fnett e*f*^mimmj\*^e>tmmi\*f.tfn
on Edison Mazda Lamps
15 watt type "B" lamps inside frosted
16 '
25 '
40 '
50 '
CO '
15 '
00 »
75 '
75 '
100 '
100 '
100 '
150  '
150 '
200 '
300 '
$ .25 each
..    .35     "
inside frosted
clear  .....
inside frosted
■ SO
fact that Lake Cumberland, the latest tourist find accommodated a
larger number of tourists than any
of the older established resorts.
Automobile Side  Curtains Repaired
Also Harness Repairs
prizes.     Evidence  of  the  esteem   in
wbieb the yoiintf couple are hi Id wa;, . .
, , .        i. .    i      i rather than contemplated profits of
shown  in  tin   many  beauiitul  Erut», ,     ,     ,
,...,,.        . .    .,        .   : the l;u( I sale venture.
whlcb  included  a cheat  of silver  in      .... .  ..      _
.      , , Ibe  roporl   ot   the  (.emmissione.*
hnrul.-'onie walnut case as a commun-  , ,, ,      •   , i* .,
.,    .. n   , i .,      ul'.' ■   stnii    the   udaomont of tb,*
ny   it111   from   well-wishers   in   the*
Valley,   During tlie evening a dainty
slipper was served by  Mrs.  A-   Wai.i
■ ■     tl od by the ladies of Minto.
late l mpl roller-G* neral and comments tdvefgely upon the fact thai
tlie government in placing the first
unit upon tlie mnrket, selected that
Cartheal from the centre of Vancouver population. .It had poor transpor-
' tation facilities and for residential
(purposes was forced to compete at
BK  BUOADCASTJn disadvontage with the new Shau-L-dv
  i nessy Heights sub-division enjoying
Victoria, B.C., Feb. 21.—Hopes of excellent transportation facilities. As
the Liberal Opposition to extract in- to the resultant financial impasse,
formation by questions and by mo- the Commissioner finds that the lands
tions for returns us to the method j department is not even yet aware of
and results of Investigation into Liquor Hoard affairs have been crushed disappointingly by a peremptory
i declaration    by    Attorney    General
what interest charges are.
"N'o interest bad been debited the
account", says the report, "and in
fact the department of lands docs
not  up to  the  present  know  what
Pooley  tbat  no   disclosures:  will   be
made as to such invostitfaUons in pro-^the money is costing. In support of
gross since he took office eiKhteen'this I refer to both the nuditor's re-
months ago, I port and the evidence of Mr. Chas.
"Investigation   of  tbe   operations I A. Pope, assistant deputy minister,
under  the   Government  Liquor   Act !under nalb.   Tbere is set out as hav-
have   been   in   progress   for   Bome|lng been advanced by the Treasury |
residents  on  the  Grant  road Umc„ H()n   Mv> Pooley a(lvi;:ctI the|to June 30, 1020, 51,774,037.34. Tn j
wen  r ni  cted cu to the new exten- House."   "It is not deemed advisable'addition to this, interest is cstimat
ii, the Minto Electric in tj,e  public  interest to  give   anyled by the auditor from when the ac-1
further information on this subject." count was taken over by tbe Lands'
In thia refusal to disclose details |l)cpartment  to June lost as $220,-
of Liquor Board affairs tho present 704.38, making a total i. icbtness of
Attorney General but follows direct- S2.001.iU 1.72.    Of this only S32R,-
Company   ..' Tuesday and are enjoy>
in/ I . ■ b n fits of electric lights.
John Morrison, who met with an accident two weeks ago, is homo again
ALEX MAXWELL, Proprietor.
Autos I'm* Hire.   Coal and Wood Hauling given very
prompt attention.   Furniture and Piano
Storage if desired.
Phones -1 and (il
Cumberland, B.C.
s/Kili'jia.i'ii:!.-, :■-.■'. ;.'-.'.2J* =.■*...■, ..-■•;£    I'l.'.::: .........j'.'-H ,A.'.:LC: X;
Orders loft al  Henderson's Candy Store will receive
I v      PROMPT ATTENTION     -\.;
sold by
Cumberland Electric Lighting
Company Limited
S'ii-' iJlfttttJIft "ssWs^«^t>"MW!/'~;^V**^l!i~«A'l™,»» {
Cumberland and Union
Waterworks  Co.,  Ltd.
Phone 75
A. B. CLINTON, Manager.
Layritz Nurseries Ltd.
Eat. 1890
We have everything you want for Orchard or Garden,
Fruit Trees, Small Fruits, Roses, Ornamental Trees
and Shrubs in great variety.
Now is the time to plant
—Catalogue Free—
Local Agent: Mr. Preston Hruce, Ilox 127, Cumlierland
David Hunden, Jr.
of all descriptions
P.D.Q. Daiiy Freight Line
Courtenay to Nanaimo
Leave Courenay 9 a.m., returning from Nanaimo the
same day.   Connections made at Nanaimo with
Victoria and Port Alberni Stages,
—Furniture Moving a Specialty—
Courtenny   17S;   Cumherlrr A  77;   Qualicum   64R;   Nanaimo  3
In every sorts of building materials.
windows ooons,
Royston Lumber Co.
PHONES J "J*' ca1l!s„; r13« c,n-""":'"*!'
1 Office:   lot) Cuml)orla:id. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 28th, 1M0
n-ir—v~~*—**100 7< TALKING PICTUREStA^^~^M^iH3
jl     i-t ILO-ILO THEATRE
\       UECHARMS
J , tty^ttmmmiy^mt -tl\*ftm*Ammt\f*tlmm»l\*ftmtA~*l1f^^
Thursday - Friday - Saturday, March 6-7-8
* *
TWO SHOWS: 7 «ssd 9 P.M.
Vsw ..mi/^,~my**>A~u4/^~cyi^M.-ir,*, J^"^ v>^*^WV«»^W^»->WV'»'»»«s/tr»«»■*
Saturday Only, March 1st.
100% Talking - Singing - Dancing
An entertaining, human story ot stage people at home—of
their likes and loves and songs—ot a Doman and Pythian
friendship that withstood war and women alike, until a girl
came along who was "different,"     A story that  sparkles
that's natural, that's appealing.
Hear Mae Clark Sing "Two Pals" and "Say the Word"
by Gilbert & Baer
Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday, March 3-4-5
SEE and HE Al-**;        c D      ,,
WARNER BROS. ^^  ^ the
million dollarkid/  Wonder Child
of the "Singing Fool"
in his first big starring
you've heard Davey Lee
sing "Sonny Boy" like
his Uncle Al does it.
The greatest child actor
the  screen  has  ever
known in a comedy
dram that evokes
laughter and
:-: The Show Within The Show :-:
A Rainbow
Medley Of
Mirth And
7 W^m
Natural Color
The first 100% natural
color, talking, tinging,
dancing picture lhat
is revolutionizing the
making of i;:     .
Another. Warner Bros,
With Betty Compson, Arthw
Luke,   Sally   O'Neil,   Joe   E.
Broivn, Lour.c Fazenda, the
Fairbanks Twins, Sam Hardy—
and 100 dazzling girls 1
of t'ie
Canadian Medical Association
Questions concerning Health, addressed to the Canadian Medical
Association, 184, College St., Toronto, will be answered personally
by correspondence.
We used to hear that the blood gut
; thick or thin in thc spring, and we
! were told that the tired-out feeling
which is not uncommon at that season was due to the change in the
' blood.
j Because of this belief, it was customary every spring to indulge in
an orgy of so-called spring tonics,
with the idea of purifying the blood.
: Sulphur-and-molasso's was the remedy of choice in the time of our
grand-parents for the run-down feel-
j The condition does occur, but the
treason is not due to any change in
the blood. Why docs it occur? If
we consider for a moment the waj
■many people live during the wintei
months, we will not be surprised thai
there is a physical iet-down toward
■spring, How many of your friend
secure a reasonable amount of ex
ercise and fresh air in winter? 1)(
they regulate their eating to thei;
lessened activities?
For the children, winter is thi
time for parties nnd late hours, for
the strain of school anil examination,
Instead of spending most of the da;
in play out of doors, they are in
doors; instead of being active, the:
sit  at  desks,
The reason for the tired-out sprin
feeling is the manner of life wc lead
during the winter months. Those
who do take reasonable care to hi v
fresh air nnd exercise, who consider their diet, who go to bed ia
time to have sufficient sleep, and who
are not always on the rush at me il
and to school or work—these in i
viduals do not suffer. They are a
fit during the wintei months as at
any other time. They do not exper
ience any special fatigue with thi
coming of spring.
The  blood  is as  clean  and   pu ■■
in the spring as it li   at  any i'l!'"
time of the year.    Tl e comp i itii
of the blood as to thi knesa or thin
ness does not vary. The purtiy of
;the blood is controlled by certaii
organs of the body. Thc blood i;
! altered in certain diseases, but it is
! not altered by the incidence of a
| particular season of the year.
From this, it can be seen how fu-
'tile it is to drug ourselves with the
idea of correcting a blood condition
which does not exist, or of toning up
the body, when what is needed is to
alter the mode of life sufficiently to
allow the body to come back to normal.
Better to prevent, but if this has
not been done, remember that Nature's year-round tonic is rest, fresh
air, exercise, and proper food in the
right amounts. It has been truly
said that Health is to be found in a
way of life, not in a bottle of medi
: I
There was a large attendance at tht
whist drive and diirice given by th
Royston Community club on Pridaj
evening at the school builtiin . el
tables being in play. Fortunate winners of handsome prizes were Miss
Carter and Mrs. Moore, l.uli .;' fh I
and second, respectively; Mr. Loraine
and Mr. Morrison, men's first and second. Ladies' travelling prize went to
Mrs. Pack and Miss Anderson (substituting) secured the men's. Ladies
of the club served enjoyable refreshments Immediately after which dancing commenced to latest dance hits
played by Mrs. Carter, piano, and Bill
Whitehouse, banjo.
Mrs. Ash entertained delightfully at
her home on Wednesday evening ai
three tables of bridge when Mrs, Jeffrey was winner of the prize. During
the evening thc hostess served it*: . h-
ments. Guests were Mesdames Watson, Idiens, Grelg, Jeffrey, Anderson,
Wing, Dalby, Park, Christie. White-
house and Morrison.
Victoria, B.C., Feb. 27.—Although
thc Attorney General has taken hie
■uc from the former Attorney Gcn-
oral Mr. A. M. Manson in do-
lining to disclose details of liquol
'■■.y.-.M administration investigations,
lie has nevertheless intimated in a
manner that does not wholly commend itself to tho layol Opposition
that he is by no means averse to go-
ing into details of liquor purchase
hat seemingly have a distinct polil
'■a! aroma.
il is even possible that echoes of
lie Gauthier and Carlow charges
may yet reverberate in the halls of
As an advance intimation. Hon.
Mr. Pooley has stated that he proposes to ascertain why it was, under
he iate government, that certain Old
Country distillers were suddenly Impelled to change their British Co-
i agents, in fear of alternatively losing their British Columbia business.
This intimation was made in conse-
ue e of the appearance on the Or-
lers of a resolution in the name of
i  Ian  Mackenzie  for corrcii*
mdence between the law minister
of the Crown and British Distillers.
rhi mover did not :-penk to his reso-
lut lon; Hon. Mr. Pooley Intimattd
hi I ho had no objection to its allowance.
One judged by his subsequent remarks that disclosure will be prejudicial to the former rather than the
present government, if he la rightly
As an example he cited a letter to
Mr. II. C. Janion from the Portal
Dingwell Co. cancelling the agency
thai had been held by the Janion
family for upwards of sixty years.
which agency was transferred to
Glen C. Hyatt, ns representative of
i Vancouver syndicate to interview
distillers and others concerned.
In 1924, Mr. Pooley asserts, hardware men, second hand dealers and
men never theretofore associated
with tho liquor interests but prominent in the ranks of Liberalism suddenly blossomed out full-fledged ns
liquor agents, old-established houses
as suddenly losing thoir built up con-
ns, Correspondence with Mr,
Janion, illustratively showed that the
n •■' ncy had to change, or no orders
would be forthcoming from the B.C.
Liquor Board.
"I propose to go to the bottom of
this liquor buying business", Mr.
Pooley declared to the House. "The
people of British Columbia want the
truth of it, and they also want to
know just why they should be paying too much for their liquors in
quite a number of cases."
Fanny Bay
Miss Blanche Swan, of Vancouver,
is visiting her sister and sister-in-law,
Miss and Mrs. Swan.
Herb Larson spent the week-end on
Denman island.
On Tuesday night the Fanny Bay
girls' basketball team played on Denman island, the score being 13-11 in
favor of Fanny Bay, On Wednesday
the same teams will play here,
Victoria, B.C., Feb. 27.—Progress
with business rather than any notable debates or surprising disclosures]
in government affairs has marked
the fifth week of the session, as to j
the duration of which the prophets
have begun to speculate. The Bud-;
get now is "expected" this week-end,
but this expectation is more than
likely to be disappointed, since it \.*-
whispered that Mr. Shelly's deliver-
ance still is under cabinet consideration.
No notice of night sittings yet appears on the Orders, and those am-.
ong tlie members who fondly look j
for reunion with their families and j
homes a fortnight hence may be
classed as splendid optimists.
Committee work of all sorts has
beeu extremely active morning, afternoons and even evenings this
week, the Fisheries Committee promising to complete its strenuous consideration of the new regulations
before the week-end, reporting to
the House.
The conclusion gains ground that
acquirement of the Peace River
Block will greatly assist provincial
negotiation with the transcontinental railway interests for extension of
the Pacific Great Eastern to that
great area sooner than could other-
wise be arranged. So soon as the
report of the joint survey of re-
sources in the land grant territory is
considered, the government expects!
alternative or joint offers for the,
Pacific Great Eastern, with extension
These offers it is hinted will con-|
tain conditions looking to acquire-
ment of a portion of the Pence River j
block as supplementary inducement
for early rail extension thither.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Anderson have gone
to Campbell River to spend a few days.
H. Taylor, of Vancouver, is the guest
of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford.
Mr. and Mis. M. Saunders have returned from a short visit to Victoria.
9 ~ 1
1/ better
milk was produced you would
St. Charlies cans
Nowhere is better milk
obtained than in our
own fertile Fraser
Valley. Pure, rich and
creamy, St. Charles
Milk is a
"Made in BRITISH
product of which wc all
may bc proud.
Write to Tho
Dor don Co.
Li mi tod,
BC t
Launch To Have
New Ford Engine
Jim Forbes, of Forbes Landing, has
purchisL'd a new model Ford engine I
equipped with special shafts, unlver-i
:al joints and water pump for marine
The power plant will be installed in
the 20-ft. teokwood hull owned by Mr.
Forbes, which was built in the Orient.
It will give the craft a speed that will
make it useful in fast passenger and
express work.
Noel Motors, Courtenay. supplied
the engine and equipment.
British Columbia canned salmon arc
exported to upwards of thirty different
countrie.1;. In 1028 the marketed value
of the canned salmon put up in the
province was considerably more than
Investigations made by L. F, Smith,
of the Pacific Experimental Stntfon of
the Biological Board at Prince Rupert,
have shown that a satisfactory glue
can be made from flsh heads.   While
hie has been made from fish waste on
tho Atlantic ocast for some time it was
apparently previously believed that the
fl !: \<..::-[c available on the Pacific coast
was not so suitable for use in this way.
The International Dog Sled Derby at Quebec
> 1
•- •,
■%m^fo^+*^~*m*fo'*.*JI/'~***A/' ■ MsVir—M^iy. '»>J[i»-w.;|r<W|r ssws^i  nsV^ssji^]
St. Goddard Wins nnd Establishes New
Quebec, February 22.—Emil St. Goddard,
youthful mushcr from Thc Pas, Manitoba,
today won the eighth annua! eastern international dog derby, setting a new record to
iead a crack (iclrl over thi; 120 mile course.
His total elapsed time wag Ll hoi rs and 1
minute His time for the final forly mile lap
wa.s three and a half hours and 20 seconds.
Opnoslto  Ilo-Ilo Theatre
Cumberland, B. C.
Practical liarber & Hairdresser,
Children's hair cut any stylo 3f,c
Ladles' hair cut any style SOc
Good Service
Reasonable Charges
Charlie Dalton
Meets float at L'nion Oay Every
Sunday Morning
Dental Surgeon
Odlco Cor. of Dunsmuir Ave.
Opnosllo Ilo-Ilo Thoatro
Prizes aggregating $-1,250 were up for
competition and this dog derby is the high
light in the Quebec Winter sports. Layout
shows Chateau Frontenac; upper insert, Emil St. Goddard, four times winner of the
Derby; lower insert, Leonard Seppala, lasi
year's winner whose record time was shattered by St. Goddard on Saturday last.
Iiyors nnil Dry (learn-™
Special    family    laundry   rate.
Orders   loft   at   Ilio   Itltz  Cafe,
'phono 160, Cumberland will re-
colvL, prompt attention.   A trhl
order will convince you.
Telephones!  Courtenny, 226
Cumberland 150
I   (-<m|l>erl(in(l
•Commwlil     LJ,s|.>|        RMn
; H.iilqurtiri  fl ULC1   RtuoniH,
j Rooms Steam Healed
"       "'. Mi:ititini;i,i>, |srop.
P. P. Harrison
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public
Main Office
Courtenay             I'llnno   26S
Local Offlco
Cumberland   Hotel   lu   Evening!
Telephone 116H or 24 MS
r*a ■
f~ t j Jt **** ** ***** s-*
.    Already preparations are being made
j    tu give the house its annual Spring
Time   clean-up,   in   i.ntieipation,   wu
i    have made many pi -chases of now
HRVd&lw   goods that we think will help you.
.  Curtains.
Wc- have  received some very smart curtains from  Glasgow
made in pannel offee - J', yards long, and thf price per pair
-■'.."id per pair.
i    ■      i net with lace tdu«--» just arrived, and put <in as a
■   yard, just what you want for that extra
We have a good assortment ui nets from 86c to
Now Linoleums.
iment of new linoleums haa arrived and ait.'
ivo a good o sortinent of new designs and
hing different  Lo choose from in the 2-yard
i   n  give you  ;i very good assortment, while
we have a nice floral design suitable for
i-oon   .  our  pri   ■   for tiie two  yards wide
square yard, so that you can have that new
:' H : at really reduced (irtcoa.
......     i, .; good values as we have on view
ni  iii Crotonm  ,  from our special 35c cretonne up.
Vie width, reversible, fasl colors, per yard 40c
■ , ,   in beautiful colorings, 52 inches wide,
I ke, colors absolutely fast, prices 05c, $1.00 and
per yard.
Floor I.i
nolcum Rugs.
.. . .
■  ■
■ i *.
■ .    ■
:  .     ..ii ..-. si
$4.50 and $5.9
if you desire
US the opj
jiuo Rug for
v you,  if WO
ly to got ono
. thu mosi, beautiful colorings
Personal Mention
t- . e ******J '■• ***4 ***-'
Rev. .1. R. Hewitt left on Thursday
morning for Victoria to attend the
Presbytery of the United Church.
Mr. and Mrs. II. II. Hammond and
daughter, Diana, Hr. aird Mrs. Crewe
Martin, Miss Innes Bodwell, Miss
Joan Cudmore ami Miss Betty Slater
all of Victoria were sveeh ond guests
of Lt.-Col. C. W. Villiers at Beaufort
ilousi. The party spent Sunday at
Camp all River and left for Victoria
the e;.l!y part of rhe week.
Miss Chrissie Sutherland of Port j
Alberni, who has been spending a I
few days here with her parents nasi
returned to her duties at Port Alberni Public School.
ell    II
Harold Wynne formerly of,
rland arrived here from Pow
er on Sunday afternoon ti' {
a week's holiday renewing old
. 11. Ford left Saturday morning
'.mcouver where  hs>  will  spend
t holiday.
. !•'. and Mis. Comley, former
it- of Cumberland spent a por-
l' las' week as guests of tin
,. W. Corker and Mis. Corker
tox, Tbey visiteil Cumberland
'.day last and lefl for Victoria
turday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. 11. Poter;; and Utile son.
if Vancouver, arrived Sunday to visit
■Irs, J. Bennie, Sr., mother of Mrs.
• • •
Messrs, Duncan and Dan Stewart
md Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Stewart, ol
lanalmo, brothers-in-law and sister-
-law of tho late T. Bannerman, mo-
•ed   here   Monday   to   attend   the
■lllllllillllililllllllllllliii m I: ii-Mlllillliilillllllllll
Friday, Feb. 28th
At Cumlierland.
|    Mr. and Mrs, robt. Bennett and Mr.
■ and Mrs. W. Ncilson, of Nanaimo.
were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Alex
Wain of Minto on Saturday and Sunday.
Alex. Rowan, of Port Albernt, arrlv-
rd Monday to attend the funeral oi
his father-in-law. the late T. Banner-
*    *    •
Messrs. C. and E. Williams, of Wrexham. Wales, brothers of Jack Williams
arrived on Sunday from the Old Land
The home of Mr. and Mrs. H. McMillan, West Cumberland, was tht
?cen,T of a merry party on Friday evening when a number of school friend:
or their daughter, Myrtle, paid her r.
i surprise visit. Games and music were
much enjoyed and delightful refreshments were served by Mrs. McMillan.
Guests were: Misses Alice Brown.
Gertie Davis, Jean Quinn, Lily Picketti, r.argaret Westflelrt, Barbara Mar-
un. V/lnona Baird, Mary McMillan.
Chrlssle Robertson, May Beveridge.
Bessie Brown, Myrtle and Adele McMillan; Masters Leland Bannerman,
Willie Cloutier, Joe Wylcy, Preston
Bruce, Wllbert Auchterlonie, Cyril
Davis, Archie, Tom and Floyd McMil-1
l;;n, Willie Slaughter.
'Ih' children's annual lime in con-i
nection with the St. David's Day fes- ]
tivities will l.e held at the Cumberland Mall on Saturday, March 1st at:
'1 p.m.. Members' children only, will
be nd nitted hy ticket.
A. G, JONES, Sec'y.
Fox Movietone News at the Ilo-
Ilo on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will include thc Indian no-
ttMitate'swedding to French working
girl; U.S.S. Lexington lights up city
of Tacoma when city's plant fails;
"Peaches" Browning do you remember her? Jack Johnson wallops Jazz.
In new dresed-up role, former heavyweight ohampion swings a mean baton. All by Fox Movietone News, the
only Talking News-reel World Wide
in service.
Cumberland Burns' Cronies Club
gave its regular whist drive and dance
on Saturday evening iu Memorial hall
with seventeen tables in play. Prize
winners were: Ladies, first, Mrs. H.
Park, mon; second, Mrs. Raga. For
the men's prizes there was a tie between Mi.ss Evelyn Carey and Mr.
Spence and on the cut of cards the
latter was declared winner of first and
the former received tho .xerond. After
the serving of delightful refreshment.s
by ladies uf tlio club a Jolly dance was
■ldd to music supplied by the Merrymakers' orchestra.
Mrs. J. R. Robertson entertained the
ladies of tli.1 Thursday night bridge
club last week when Mrs. W. H. Cope
was winner of flrst prize and Mrs. A.
Semen ilie winner of consolation. Mrs.
Cope and Miss Dot Maxwell were
quests of the club. Delicious refreshments were served during the evening,
Archie Dick, of the University of
British Columbia, wsitod his parents.
Mr, and Mrs. J. Dick, over the weekend.
Cumberland ex-high basketball team
visited Port Alberni and there engaged
in a friendly game on Saturday even-!
ing and although defeated, reports a j
most enjoyable time. A large number,
of friends accompanied the players, In- j
chiding many girl basketball players.!
Following the game was a dance at j
.vhich the visitors were guests. Miss j
Sadie Brown, o:" the public school stair,
formerly of Cumberland, entertained
at tea in the afternoon in honor of the |
,'isitors from Cumberland.
Mr. and Mrs. J. 0. Brown were visitors to Vancouver during last week.
Mr, and Mrs. F. Wilcock, Mrs. C,
Qrant and Marcus motored to Nanai-!
mo on Friday. Mrs. McCarthy, who j
has been the guest of her parents, Mr. I
and Mrs. Wilcock. returned to her i
home in Nuuihno with them. Mrs. j -
Wilcock will spend the next week with ;
her daughter.
Mrs, E. O. Robathan who has been    J
on a week's visit to Powell River re-:   —
Basketball teams of Cumberland
high school journeyed to Courtenay on
Friday afternoon engaging in a series
of games al the Native Sens' hall.
Junior boys defeated Tsolum 21-4; sen-
lor girls lost to Comox. 11-2; junior
girls lost to Tsolum 22-2. In the moan-
time Cumberland high school boys |
went on to Comox where they defeated
Comox seniors 52-11.
" * * (
Mrs. Karans, who has been the guest I
of Mrs.  Schmidt,  West Cumberland.!
for several days, returned on Thurs-1
day to her homo in Vancouver.
• * *
Mrs. Rowan, of Port Alberni; Mrs.
Hewitt, of Vancouver and Miss Margaret Bannerman, of Revelstoke, arrived Sunday to attend the funeral of
the late Thos. Bannerman.
•    •    •
Mr. Fumival Wilcox, of Nanaimo,
who has been the guest of the Rev.
E. O. Robathan for a few days returned to his home on  Wednesday.
• • •
At the Winter meeting of the Victoria Presbytery of the United
(Munch which mot nt Victoria on
Tuesday and presided over by a
former Cumberland postor, the Rev.
J. Hood, appreciative reference was
made to several members of the Presbytery who have passed away Mm e
the last meeting. Biographical memorial of the members will be made
In the minutes of the Presbytery.
These wore Rev. E. G. Taylor of Nanaimo; Rev. Robert Aylward of Pen-
Ider Island; Mr. George Tatham of
Clo-ose and Mr. Oyama of Cumberland.   Rev. J. R. Hewitt, of the Cum-
I berland United Church, represented
I the local church.
Passages arranged by
any steamship
Make your reservations
early, liefore choice accommodation   is   gone.
turned l« Cumberland on Tuesday. We wi„ ^  ym,  ,„ sec|lrin.
In loving memory of my dear wifo,
Clam  Gillespie,  who   passed  away,
February 26, l'J29.
yuur passport,
E. W. Bickle, Agent
Today recalls the memory of a loved Cumberland, B.C... Telephone 36
one gone to rest,
And those wbo think of her today
are those who loved her hest.
The flowers we laid upon her grave
may wither and decay,
But the love for her who lies beneath
will uever fade away.
Ever  remembered  by  her loving
will be held by the
Cumberland and District
Welsh Society
Concei'l commencing at 7 o'clock
The Lewis
ill be responsible for Ihe Concert winch
will be held In the
llo-llo Theatre
ly after the concert, supper will be served
the i umb Hand Hall, next to the Cumberland
Hotel, after which
dry Operator, qualified to look
afti i' and operate Electric Laundry
Eq ipment. Applicants to slate
ex| rience and salary required.
Am lications lo be in the hands of
il"- ecretary, Cumberland General
HoFpltal, I*. O. Box 366, Cumber-
Inn '. B.C., not later tban March
the 14th. 8-9
The family of the late Mr. Thomas
Bannerman take this opportunity of
extending  their  heartfelt  thanks  to
Dr, Hicks for his attention and sympathy during the illness of a loving
father.   Thanks are also extended to
all tbose friends who by their many
expressions of sympathy and read;
help did so much in a most trying
time.    The  family  also  desire  toji
than!:  friends  for Uie  use  of  ears
and floral tributes on the occasion of;
the   funeral.
that each meal will be a cheerful
occasion If you allow us to sell
you the meats you serve. Your
family anil your guests will ap.
predate the flavorful, tender,
qualities of our roasts, steaks and
chops. We invite your visit, or,
'phono your order.
Phone HI Wo  Deliver
\ Monster Dance
will be held in the llo-llo Hall
Supper mul Dance 	
Tickets limited — Get Yours Enrly.
Dance: Gents, $1.00; Ladies, 50c.
We Lead - -
Others Follow
(See Our Windows This Saturday)
•A******  •**************.
Fresh Vegetables, Lettuce, Celery, Cauliflower,
* tr * * ***** **** ****** * ****** ***** * * 0 * * 0 * » * **- *****
Fruits in Season.
Mumford's Grocery
If You Gel It At Mumford's lis Good
Phone 71 Deliveries Daily
Mice were
on the bell
Mice wrre the CAUtfl of a
recent cmc of telephone
trouble in the Fnirmont
area,  Vancouver. «
A repairman was called
to a grocery store wlicre
the telephone was out of
order, Although the instrument wat in view, the hell
box was concealed by a
partition. Peering between
the desk and thc partition,
the repairman found the
bell box—and the cause of
the trouble.
A* nest containing six infants of the roden family
waa on top of the bell box,
and Old Mother Mouse had
gnawed completely through
the telephone cord.
Fear of March
Winds can be
by a liberal use of Lang's
•*** ***** 1***+*++***** i** ******
We absolutely guarantee this product to be the finest
preparation on the market today for tho preservation
of the skin,   Have and keep that Lily White Skin.
******** ** ****************
obtainable only at the place of manufacture
Lang's Drug Store
Cumberland — — — Phone 23
'fl *«s^)VsW»>|(VMi.^j)>l» , .V't(>*W}l>tsW<s'jt>«»...^}j^MsWs»')/W{^
^ Special f
• Values •
(Tomato )
,., (Vegetable )
CLARK'S SOUPS ....(Ox-Tail ).
(Celery )
(Giver, Pea )
2 for 25c
Clark's Porkand Deans, 2 for 25c, 9 for $1.00
Clark's Catsup, 25c per bottle, 4 for  05
Clark's Veal Loaf, 25c per tin, 2 for '15
Clark's Hamburger Steak and Onions 25c per tin
2 tins for  45
Clark's Jellied Veal, 35c per tin, 3 for  95
<%c   "
Glass Jugs, 1 quart size, each  $ .95
Small Fancy Jugs, each  25
English Tea Pots, at each. 65c, and       95c
21 Piece Tea Sets at per set ?2.9S and   $3.08
t-*************************** it ******* ********* ***************
Matt Brown s Grocery
Phone 38
^m.J\l" .ml)J*^.%ml\frm~tmtlftj~«**lApt. MAlfys—swss^issi. Mss/j^^j
Why havo grey hair? We dye it to suit you.    Appointments
made for dyeing hair, massagcing and shampooing,   if your
scalp is in any way affected see us.   Our methods are all Sanitary insuring our patrons against infection of any kind.
Central barber Shop
A.  Gatz, proprietor.
GENTS—We have a fine selection of Old Country Pipes, Cigarette Cases, Holders, Pouches, Novoltlcs, etc. Just arrived.
It will pay you to look these over.
:ii^iiaw,a«aaa-——-v.*-*,-;—-*,-. >-■--. •^•^•■^•u-^j^i^awar^jaHii:
M w~W^i»«i..s^V\^.sV}/s^w^\^swW?jV«»-m^«» s»<f«HsHn
15 watt, frosted  $ .30
25 watt, frosted  o0
& 40 watt, frosted  30
', 75 watt, frosted  55
| 100 'Watt, frosted  55
*. 150 watt, frosted   1.00
200 watt, clear  1.25
15 watt, llame tinted 40
25 watt, flame tinted 40
Opposite Lang's Drug Store
Have you tried Bell Tone Needles for Better Reproduction from your Phonograph?
^WV» ■ MsHj^slssssssWssV^W .msftj. 'siss^|l« mt*J*f • tttttSjtm w*t%m. m


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