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The Cumberland Islander Oct 31, 1930

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 mm\ Cumberland Islander
At the Ilo-Ilo
this week end
FORTY-NI.NTH    YEAR—No.    44
Local Eagles At
Head Of Upper
j     The tag dny held on Saturday last
j by the ladies' auxiliary of the Cum-
*  a %    * | berland  General Hospital was very
Island    LeagUe Hucc.s-inl, the sum of $141 being rc-
  I alizcd.    The auxiliary wns assisted
Courtenay Defeated by Three Goals j by many volunteer helpers and the
to One j executive take this opportunity of
  ! thanking all  those who assisted so
Spark Arrester       Three year Contract
Being Tried Again   For Local Miners
Tss.t.   Under  Working  Condition.
Being   Hold   Todmy
Afreenseist Signed et Meeting Wills
Lieut-Col. Villier.
Union Bay Head
Cribbage League
Shipping Point Boy* Win Third
Straight '
j graciously,  also  all  thoso  who gave
su generously to make the tag day
j the success it was.
i Nanaimo To Bring
With a re-organized team, the
Cumberland Ragles triumphed over
the Courtenny eleven by a score of
three goals to one, all goals being
scored in the first half. On the run
of the play the locals deserved their
win, the visitors tiring fast in the
second half but managed to keep out
the fast Eagles. H	
Referee  Thoburn   got   the  teams! Henry Wation Will Be
lined   up   shortly   aftet    U   o'clock.! of  Viaiton
Courtenay won the toss and elected} 	
to piny with the sun at their backs, j Wo received word from Nat, Bevis
From the kick off the ball wns forced; on Thursday stating thnt theNanai-
towards the Cumberland goal whero moites would bring to Cumberland
the defence soon transferred piny to jon Sunday, the strongest possible
mid-field. Cumberland's outside right]team, mindful of the .great game put
was placed in a good position for a j up by thc local Eagles at Nanaimo
perfect cross and without hesitation,;, few weeks ago when the Hub city
put thc ball In front of goal, Bradley | players   only   managed   to   win   the
In connection with the spark ar-; On Monday, Lieut.-CoI. C. W. Vil-
rester tried out recently on a spe-'liers met the members of the agree-
daily converted engine it is stated'ment committee of the Comox Mines
from Victoria offices of the E, and of the Canadian Collieries (Duns-
N. Railway that further tests under muir), Limited and after a very
j working conditions will be made to* J frank discussion of the many prob-
I day, October 31st, over tho Island' lems confronting both employer and
I railroad. | employees nn agreement was arrived
j     In an effort to relieve unemploy- nt, und duly signed which will run
f t\nA Tpam ^Sim*fJ»V'ment ~00 "'Iit cnrs arc being nssem-;fov a period of three years a.s from
VJUOU 1 CaUl sOUIlUay < ,)tcd ftt the victoria shops of the E.: October the 31st, 1930.    The agree.
and N. Railway.   The work will start: ment  committee  elected  somo  time
this week end and will continue un-.ago have been in session on two or
til the  whole of the  200  cars
ready for the road.
having no difficulty in turning the
ball past Grier. This was four minutes nfter the stnrt and put lots of
pep into the home forwards. The
Courtenny defence steadied up with
the result thnt givo nnd take play
was the order for a time with exchanges nbout even. The local backs,
Brown and •Bickle were playing a fair
game, with thc latter placing one
or two nice pnsses to his half or forward. Only once during the early
period did the home left back let in
the visiting forwards, but it almost
■spelt disaster, Auchlnvole being far
too anxious, his final effort going
harmlessly past tho post. Gradually
thc home team took the upper hand,
the halfs playing vory finely with
Weir, easily the pick, Time after
time the Eagles' forward line moved
'up in good style but poor finishing
spoilt several good chances, drier,
the Courtenay goalie was tried on
several occasions but cleared in fine
style, one of his saves under the
cross bar being real good, During
a raid on the visiting goal, the ball
was handled within the dreaded area.
The resulting spot kick was entrusted to Howay who put the hall past
the post, From the goal kick, play
was transferred to the opposite end
where Brown cleared well. Courtenny tried to break through on the left
immediately after, hut Bickle lying
well up broke up what looked like
a promising raid. Quickly the ball
travelled up the field, the right wing
giving Gibson in centre a good chance
which he promptly took scoring with
a hard drive after thirty-live minutes of play. One minute after Courtenay scored through Auchinvole
after two attempts. One minute
from half-time Howay from thirty
yards out sent in a high cross shot
which Grier just managed to get his
hands on but had tho misfortune to
put the ball through his own goal,
It was tagged for a counter anyway.
Score nt half time: Cumberland, 3,
Courtenay 1.
Second  Half  a   Blank
The second half started off with
Courtenay pressing, four corners being forced in quick sueeesfWfc These
were easily cleared and play transferred to the opposite ond where
Grier wos tested on numerous occasions. The visiting goalie, however,
was safe .one of his saves nt the side
of the post being real good. Grier
without doubt the best goalie
amongst the juniors developed in the,
district. It was good to sec "Chuna"
in the Cumberland goal applauding
the work of his rival goalie. The
home team in this half were far
and away tho better team but tailed
to find the net, the final whistle
sounding with the scores as at half
For the home team, Weir at left
half was about the best man on the:
field, with tho other two halves giving
good support. Tho backs wero good.
Bickle, who has been absent from!
football for two years gave a creditable display and will, no doubt improve. Tho forwards were good in
midfleld, but weak in front of gonl.'
The visitors wero best served by
Grier in goal, many of his saves being brilliant. Thomson at right
back was good and tho Courtcnuy-
ites undoubtedly passess a real good
half back lino. Larson worked hard
all through and ho aud Howay had
many a good tussle. Young Searle
the other wing half played a very
useful game as also did Strachan at
centre half. The forwards were very
weak. Robinson nt centre forward
being prone to hang onto the ball
too long, a style of play that will
never be successful against the fast
stepping Eagles. Auchinvole at inside right was about the pick, but
apart from scoring a good goal did
not accomplish very much.
J. Thoburn refereed to the satisfaction of all.
This week end the Nanaimo Southend Seniors will provide the opposition when a good game should result. The kick off is timed for two
game in tho last fifteen minutes.
Nat says Henry Watson, a Cumlierland player with the Nanaimo
team will line up with his new tenm
thus giving local fans an opportunity of seeing how Henry blends with
his new team. Watson is considered the best find in the Pacific Coast
League this season. The champion
Royals team on Saturday last concentrated on that point and Watson
was absolutely shadowed nil through
the gamo by two of the Westminister
plnyers. It will be interesting to
see how the Cumberland boy stacks
up against his former team mates.
Mr. Bevis says 'given favorable
weather we are looking forward to
a good game and many of the Nanaimo soccer fans have expressed their
intention of journeying up to Cumberland for Sunday's game." It will
look like old times again. It has
also beon reported that Sandy Strang
will be seen on the Nanaimo team
from now on.
The executive of the Eaglos aro
doing tho very utmost to make the
game a success. It has been advertised as far north as Campbell River
and i\^ far south as Parksville. The
team to play for Cumberland will
Goal, J, Walker; backs, J. Brown
and C. Tobacco; half backs, Howay,
Cdnfod and Weir; forwards, McFarlane. Gibson. Campbell, Bradley and
The lino up of tho Nanaimo team
will be: goal, Aitken; backs, Boyd
and Krall; half backs, McGregor,
Knight and Waugh; forwards, Watson, Tassin, Edmunds, Grey and
The Nomads crib club was entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs,
Westfield last Friday evening when
Mrs. Westfield and Mrs. Brown were
winners of tho ladies' prizes with
Tom Brown and R. T. Brown winning the gent's prizes. Consolation
prizes wont to Mi-s. J. D. Davis and
Fred Dawson. Delicious refreshments
were served following the games,
the hostess being assisted by her sister, Mrs. R. Rawliiison.
Nanaimo Feather
Pushers Lose To
Courtenay Team
Interesting   Inter-Club   Games   at
Courtenay Tuesday
i three occasions and worked hard to
■ bring about the best conditions pos-
, sible. Many knotty problems wero
discussed at the recent meeting and
I it was a source of gratification *o
i both parties that an amicable agreement was arrived at. Both employer
and employee can now got down to
! the business of bolstering up a tot-
| tering business without boing hamp
. erod by thoughts of new agreements.
Some very interesting and close
games of badminton were played on
Tuesday night at the Native Sons'
Hall on the occasion of the visit of
Nanaimo feather pushers. The visitors lost by one point only, which
indicates the closeness of the games.
Thore was a good gallery of spectators and applause greeted many of
the games following spirited rallies.
After the games, supper was served
by a special entertainment committee. Following are the scores with
the Courtenay players mentioned
first in ench instance:
Ladies' Doubles
Miss McKinnon and Miss Carey vs.
Miss Rogers and Miss Hawthornwaito
15-3, 9-15, 14-17; Mrs. Cliffe and
Miss Duncan vs. Miss Fox and Miss
Jossup, 12-15, 8-15; Miss Fairbairn
and Miss Maxwell vs. Miss Gray and
Miss Harwood, 15-5,  15-7.
Men's  Doubles
Capt. Ash and D. Lockart vs. Max
Blunt and Le Pas, 1-15, 12-15; A.
Walker and W. Brown vs. B. Conway and J. McCansh, 15-0, 14-17,
15-12; A. Rossiter and W. Dobson
vs. .1. Partington and W. Huddle-
stone, 15-9, 15-12,
Mixed Doubles
Miss McKinnon and Capt. Ash vs.
Miss Rogers and M. Blunt, 16-13,
12-15, 13-18; Miss Carey and D.
Lockhart vs. Miss Hawthomwaite and
Le Pas, 15-7, 9-15, 14-16; Miss Fairbairn and A. Walker vs. Miss Gray
and B. Conway, 15-1, 14-16, 15-5;
Mrs, Cliffe and W. Dobson vs. Miss
Fox and and J. McCansh, 16-10, 8-15
18-14; Miss Maxwell and W. Brown
vs, Miss Harwood and J. Partington,
5-15, 18-14, 15-7; Miss Duncan and
A. Rossiter vs. Miss Jessup and W.
Huddlestone, 11-16, 15-3, 15-5 .
Relief Work In
Outside Districts
Starts next Week
The Cumberland Conservative Association will meet in the Memorial
Hall on Sunday at 8 p.m. when business of the utmost importance will
be discussed. A full attendance of
members is most earnestly desired.
Government Asked to Cede
Title to Federal Authorities
Cumberland   and  Courtenay   Boards  Naughton said it was hoped that Mr.
of Trade Wait on Premier | Wardle would extend his visit and
include a first-hand study of the Forbidden Plateau and Strathcona Park
Thc delegation was composed of
J. N. McLeod, E. L. MacDonald,
Wallace McPhee, C. S. Wood, C.
Simms, C. Pearce, P. L. Anderton,
T. H. Carey, Thomas Graham, C.
Parnham, members of the Cumberland and Courtenay Boards of Trade.
See "RIO RITA", Ilo-Ilo this week
end—Radio's picture of Ihe century I
Development of Strathcona Park,
now provincially owned, and the adjoining territory of the Foridden
Plateau as a national playground,
under control of tho Dominion Parks
Branch, was urged on Premier Tolmie Wednesday hya delegation representing business and hoard of trade
circles in Courtenay and Cumberland. The delegation was introduced
by Dr. G. K. MacNaughton, member
for Comox in the Provincial Legislature.
This territory, the delegation
stressed, contained fine stretches of
coastline and alpine heights, and
could be developed in conjunction
with Long Bench, the famous beach
of white sand north of the Alberni
Canal. The province, it wns represented, has expended a considerable
sum in tho acquisition and development of Strathcona Park, but hod
not been nblo to proceed with throwing open this area to the public by i
means of mote adequate road communications.
Tho delegation asked that the Government cede title to the area in
question to the Federal Government,
and work for its immediate development ns a national park. Premier
Tolmie assured tho party its representations would receive careful consideration.
At the present time, J. M. Wardle,
an official of the Dominion Parks
branch is on the Island, and is being
conducted over tho West Const scenic
places by officials for the Provincial
Department   of   Lands.     Dr.   Mac-
For the purpose of presenting the
"Gavel of Friendship"to local Harmony Rebekah lodge no. 22, a number of Miriam Rebekah lodge No. 3
of Nanaimo paid a visit here on Wednesday evening. Eighteen visitors in
j all, arrived by motor during the day
leaving on their return trip the same RAID CAUSED STIR
evening. Symbolizing good fellow-1 IN COURTENAY CITY,
hip and fraternity, the gavel wasj    The Courtenuy Elks' club wa:
Authority   Received   on   Tuesday   by
District   Engineer
We have been deluged with enquiries during the past week as to
when and where thc relief work in
the outside districts will commence,
.lust what road work will bo undertaken we have not been able to find
out but were informed by the assistant district engineer that a start
would be tnade early next week.
Cupt. G. R. Bates, of Courtenay,
got in touch with Dr. Tolmie ond
finally went down to Victoria to urge
the starting at onco of road work in
tbo district as tho unemployed situation was getting serious. Word was
received from the Minister of Public-
Works stating that a sum of money
had been allocated for work in the
unorganized districts of the Comox
Electoral District.
Three more games were played
this week in the district cribbage
league with the result thut Union
Bay now move to the head of the
table with six points to their credit.
On Wednesday Courtenay visited the
shipping point and lost by n score of
li) points to 17. The Oddfellows'
visited the Eagles on Thursday when)
the latter registered thoir first game I
in the league coining out on the long
end of 1D-17 score. The othor game
played was between Comox and the
Cumberland Conservatives. Tbo latter wero a few .short of their regular
players owing to many boing on the
afternoon shift but managed to take
ovor tho required number of players. The Conservatives lost this game i
by 20 points to 16. this being their)
fir=t reverse in the league games. A
social time followed the playing of
the games which was thoroughly enjoyed. Union Bay entertained Courtenay and the Eagles also held a social hour for tho Oddfellows. Next
week the Veterans and Athletic
Crib  League  Standing
, will
Union Buy ..
Conservatives . .
...... a
Courtenay  .
. a
Oddfellows .
A Reply to the
Cumlierland Welsh Society
The Cumberland Cronies' Burns"
Club tuke this opportunity of replying to the "Explanation" appearing
in lust week's Islander re the benefit
for a member of the Welsh Society.
The facts of tho caso, so far as the
Bums' Club is concerned, are few
and simple. A member of this community was in need of assistance. It
was decided to hold a benefit whist
drive and dance under auspices of
the Burns' Club. The tirst announcement from the club appeared on October 18th and stated that the affair
would be held on Saturday. October
25th. The Welsh Society had already
advertised a benefit to take place on
Friday, October 24th. For some
reason or other no benefit was held
on the 24th and the Welsh Society in
their "Explanation" state that "this j
member's caso had been under dis-!
cussion since May and they were J
only awaiting the completion of their;
hall before holding a benefit." The!
Burns' Society would point out thatj
Sewer Work To
Start Immediately
Board   of   Trade   Still    Hope    Road
Work Will Be Started
At a special meeting of the city
council on Friday night last, a report
was received from the committee appointed to look ovor the district in
which the proposed sewer work is
to be undertaken ami also othor work
A very favorahle report was received
and without very much discussion,
city clerk Cope was instructed to fill
in the necessary forms to bc presented to tho government for tho unemployed relief plan, The council propose to spend about ?C0n and it is
hoped to got a like amount under the
government relief plan. As pointed
out by tho council ail that the city
fathers can do is to look after, as
far as possible, the unemployed within the corporate limits of the city.}
It is hoped to be able to stnrt the
work as soon as possible.
As far as work on roads in the
vicinity go, the board of trade is still
hopeful that the Cumberland Lake-
Alberni road will he undertaken.
This it is pointed out would solve the
unemployed problem for the whole
of tho districtc.
Tonight, Hallowe'en, the Cumberland Welsh Society will hold their
annual Hayseed Bull in tbe newly
renovated Cumberland Hall whon a
large number is expected to be present. A first-class orchestra has been
engaged and with their usual gener-
oslty, the Society will serve refreshments.
Quoiting Club Held
Big Tournament
Many   Prizes   Donated by   Merchants
Drew   Big   Eentry
Thore was a big entry received at
the courts of tho Cumberland United
Quolting club on Saturday afternoon
when a number of prizes donated by
prominent citizens and merchants
were competed for. A real good
afternoon's sport was enjoyed and
the executive of the club is very
grateful for the many prizes donated. Winners of the ten prizes wore:
1st, $5.00 donated by Mr. Tom Scott,
won by .lames Brown; 2nd. box of
apples, donated by Campbell Bros.,
won Ity Sandy Gray: 3rd, .$2.DO roast
of beef, donated by Wilcock A Co-
won by Bobby Brown; 4th, sack of
Hour donated by Matt Brown, won
by W. Simpson; 5th, sack of Potatoes) donated by Frelone's Grocery,
won by H. Ellis, Sr.; (ith, suck of sugar, donated by Mumford's Grocery,
won by J. Griffiths; 7th, $2.00 worth
of bread tickets, donated by J. Marocchi, won by W. Warren; Mb, cigar
and cigarette holders, donated by
Tomy Nakanishi, won by B. Gibson;
10th, cignrettes, donated by Lang's
Drug Store, won by T. Brown,
Norman Etborington is confined to
tho Cumberland hospital having sustained a broken log whilo following
his occupation al No. 5 mine on Monday last.
The Veterans
And "Aunt Lucia"
Succeiaful   Play   It   Staged
See "RIO RITA", llo-llo thu week
end—Radio'i picture of the century!
Under the vory able directorship
of Miss .loan Holllngaworth, thc Cumberland branch of the Canadian Legion staged a very successful comedy. "Aunt Lucia" at the United
Church Hall on Tuesday and Wednesday last. There was a very large
attendance' on both nights, tlie hall
being taxed to iis capacity. Tbat
the play was thoroughly enjoyed
could bi' judged from tin- roars of
laughter.      The   play   has   a   college
setting and reminds one somewhat of
the old. old favorite. "Charley's
Aunt." Fraser Watson as "Aunt
Lucia" was great and hu was very
ably supported by the remainder of
the cast. Thc player:; were all local
people and considering thut only two
weeks were occupied in rehearsing
tbe result was most gratifying,
Cumberland Lake-Alberni
Road Again Advocated
the hnll has been completed for many
many weeks and weekly whist drives
etc., have been held. Surely something could have been done between
May and October to relieve the plight
of a fellow member. However, the
Burns' club did not. ut any time, consider that any ill-feeling would be
created by the holding of a henefit
whist drive and dance. That the benefit was a success goes without saying
and the Society tako this opportunity
of thanking all those who assisted in
making it such a success.
Thc Burns' Club do not desire to
enter into any lengthy newspaper
or other arguments and so far as tho
Club is concerned tlu- matter is nt
an end, thankful that a little help
has been accorded a member of the
continuity in need.
The  Cumberland   Cronies'
Burns' Club.
Victoria   Man   Considers   This    Road
A   Valuable   Project
received by Sister Elizabeth Shearer lw\ on .Saturduy night by the Provin-!
N.G., of Harmony lodge, the present-Jcffi| police, acting on instructions, it'
ation boing made by Sisters Doumont; ip understood, from Victoria. Eleven!
N.G., and Sanford, of Nanaimo, andj other clubs in the Province were also t
Sister Nellie Walker, of Cumberland, voided lust week end including five!
During the evening a delightful andjj,, Ruslo, four in Nunaimo and one I
well-balanced programme was much i eoch jn port Alberni and Duncan. As I
enjoyed, consisting of songs by Sis- j „ ,-esult of the raid at Courtenay the'
ters Sanford, Derbyshire, Cavalsky.. police bave laid a summons against j
Dee and Brother McMillan. Kecita- [George Oreen, steward, for keeping)
tions. Sisters Bewick, Remarks, Lang-Jij(]uor for sale, and seized a number j
ham, Woodcock and Mitchell, follow- j 0f permits, The Elks' club has been |
ed by community singing.   Delicious j running on the same lines ever since!
| refreshments were served by mom-
, hers of the local lodge and the sing-
jing of "Auld Lang Syne" concluded
a well-spent evening. Miriam lodge
members who attended were Sisters
Lnngham, Newton, Doumont, Cavalsky, Bewick, Moore, Williams, Deo,
McCourt, Handlen, Rowbottom, Bennett, Bilton, Woodcock, Sanford,
Derbyshire, Lakey, Neilson.
the club was tirst established. Thol
case came up before magistrate Bates!
on Monday in tho Courtenay Police
Court and at the request of the coun-1
sel for the defence, Mr. P. P. Harrison, it was adjourned for a week, j
The raid has been the sole topic of!
conversation for the past few days'
und hus caused considerable comment in the neighboring city. I
An executive meeting of the Associated Boards of Trade of Vancouver Island was held ut Duncan on
Wednesday afternoon when it was
expected a rather stormy debate on
tho Parks resolutions would take
place. This however, was not realized
but there was a full anil frank dis
cussion of the subject, which served
to clear the air and to move many
Resolutions were passed endorsing
the proposal that the Island Highway
bo extended to Sayward; asking fnr
immediate construction of the Cumberland Lako-Alberni Road.
Campbell   River   Fall*
('. L. Harrison, Victoria, in introducing tho report of thi- committee
on the Strathcona Park water powers
gave two reasons for iis acceptance,
The cost of developing the power at
Campbell River Falls would be high
because of the valuable timber tbat
would bave to be cut and for olhei
reasons, so that the cost of power developed would be greater than tbe
cost at which the same power could
be developed from coal in that locality, be stated. Development would
contribute toward causing unemployment among the coal miners of the
district. Ho was supported in bis
contentions by T. Carey. Cumberland, and W, \V. R, Mitchell, Nanaimo. P. B. Fowler objected to adopting tho report until tbe Victoria
board, which ho represented, had
been given time to examine and consider it. and Kenneth Duncan supported this request, bul the motion
for adoption carried.
Road   Reiolutiom
The resolution in favor of the Comox-Alberni Road was passed without opposition, as was also that in
favor of reaffirming former declarn-
tions in favor "f the Sproat Lake-
Tollno Road, Mr. Fowler pointed out
that thc original declaration had
been made on a resolution moved by
Rev. Montague Bruce. Mr Harrison
stated that he considered the Comox-
Alberni Road the most valuable projects brought before the meeting.
Park Site
Tlie   proposal   that   the   Provincial
Government should be asked to offer
I Strathcona Park and suitable adjoin-
'ing areas for administration by the
Peden Cup Is
Presented To
Royston Players
Also Medal?,  for Special  Serie* After
League   Schedule
Whoopee with a venegeance reigned supreme at the banquet held in
I the Union Hotel on Friday night last
1 marking the conclusion of the season
for    ihe    Comox    District    Twilight
Baseball League.   Upwards of eighty
baseball   fans  and  their  friends sat
; down at  a well appointed  table and
; to a meal that would have done credit   to  the  Savoy  Hotel,   London.     A
; great deal of merry jests were Hung
■ across tho room during the course of
' the meal and merriment was tho keynote.    A.  S. Jones, of Union  Bay,
; president   of the  league  was  in  the
I chair and   made  an  excellent   toast-
| master.    Tho singing of O, Canada
opened tho proceedings, aftor whicli
the toast to the Comox District Twilight  Baseball League was proposed
. and responded to by Bill Rickson, of
: Courtenay.     Mr.   Rickson   congratu-
1 lated    the    players    comprising   the
■ league for the outstanding sports-,
manship during the year just closed
! and   predicted   for  the   league   and
j baseball in general in the Comox dis-
I trict  a bright period.    The principal
event of the evening, however, was
the  presenting to  Duncan  Thomson,
captain of the Royston baseball team
with  the  Peden   Bros.' trophy.    Thc
popular   captain   made   suitable   re-
; sponse,     t\.   S.  .Jones  congratulated
the Royston  boys on their achieve*
■ ment iu winning tho league and also
of the special medal series which follower] the league schedule. It proved
■aid  A.  S..  that  the  wins  were  not
. flukes. Both had been won on merit
and the fine sportsmanship displayed
; by the winners was n source of pleasure of tdl true lovers of sport. He
then presented medals to the mem-
' Iters of the Royston team, thoso receiving them being Pat Murray, Dune
Thomson. G, Wilson, Len Roberts,
T. D-d, ,W Walker, C. Tobacco, J.
Robinson, S. Stewart, P. Murphy, .1.
Davies and 11. Kamachi.
Speakers during the evening included J. Vernon-Jones, of the Cum-
' berland Islander, W. A. W. Hames,
of tho Courtenay Free Press, Lloyd
Geldt, and the managers of all the
j teams comprising the leugue: J, Ker,
, Lfnfon Bay; Mat. Stewart. Athletics;
' D. Damonte, Courtenay: A. McLeod
Courtenny. Dan. Bannerman, an executive member also addressed thit
gathering thanking one and all for
the support given to the executive.
IV.   McLellan,  of  the   Eagles  also
briefly addressed the gathering. Add-
ing greatly to the enjoyment of the
evening were songs and instrumental selections by the following: H.
■lackson,   L.   Geldt,   R-   Bonnie   and
; Matt. Stewart (duett, J. Hill, Alex,
Mar well (who arrived rather late
owing to  a  special  council   meeting
; briefly addressed the gathering anil
; told of what tho city was doing and
intended to do to relievo tho unemployed situation);; R. Littler, instrumental selections; D. Lockart and
Teddy Morris, The latter acted as
accompanist during the evening in
a creditable manner. Four of Cumberland's budding Corusos gave a
quartette wore "Jumbo", "Chuna"
"Pete Yick" and "Toy".
Concluding remarks by A. S, Jones
and the singing of the National Anthem   about    it    p.m.   brought    to   a
1 close a vory successful evening.
nment,  also   passed
■ supporting it  indl
j Dominion (
unopposed, tl
eating that in the additions mention*
ed they included tho hoi bidden Pinion u and a strip of land extending
toward Long Beach.
Difficult if.  Seen
Dr. MacNaughton, M.P.P., men
th -I Lhal thore might bc difficulties in connection with tlo- immediate transfer of Strathcona Park, ns
the Federal authorities would require
a clear title, but thought that as Ihe
selection of a Kite was before tbe
Dominion authorities, who now had
a representative lure studying the
various sites, tbey should express
preference for thr- site north of the
As finally amended and passed tho
rosolutlon railed on the Provincial
Government to urge upon ihe Federal authorities "that tho national
park to bo selected on tidewater on
the West Coast of Vancouver Island
should be located at some point north
of tho Alberni Canal." Mr. Fowler
representing the Victoria board, took
tho position that the resolution wns
premature. A number of other delegates took part in the somewhat prolonged discussion, including President P. Cowman of the Nanaimo
board; L. A. Hanna, II S. Reid, K.
Holmwood, A. Leighton. Theed
Pearse, W. P. .McPhee and Rev. Montague Bruce.
Natialmo Southend Senior Football
team will in future be known as Nanaimo City.
The change which has been sanctioned by the B, C I-'. A. has bcen
made to avoid the confusion of having two teams of the same name, as
tin- Southend Juniors are playing in
the  Mid-Island Junior  League
Mrs. Harold Banks entertained at
the bome of Mrs. T. Bonks on Saturday lasl In honor of Beverley
Banks' fourth birthday Delightful
Hallowe'en game-- wore played by
the mnny young guests present which
Included    "Mobbing    for    Apples".
Gathering Nuts in May". "Hide the
Button," "Ring Around the Rosie",
and "Farmer's in the Dell."
Mrs, J, Bonnie and Miss Lillian
Hanks assisted in serving refreshments to the young guests, who seated around the beautifully decorated
supper table presented a gay appear*
unci-. Hallowe'en decorations woro
used exclusively and a very large
pumpkin adorned the centre of the
well laden table. A magnificent
birthday cake was also in evidence,
the children casting many longing
eyes, evidently thinking it a shame
to cut into it. June Banks and Bobby Bonnie were the lucky winners
of the favors. Those present included Katherine Woods, Betty Cope,
Malcolm Stewart. Margaret and
Georgdnn Brown, Mildred Henderson
June Banks, Bobby Bennie, Shirley
Banks  and   Beverley   Banks. PAGE TWO
FRIDAY,  OCTOBER  Slut,   1030.
The Cumberland Islander
rHEKE is nc» statement more fallacious than
"you ean buy cheaper out ul' town." Yet
surely ii is nm uncommon in Cumberland.
Every town uiul city has its population of out-of-
town buyers, but fortunately, in most cases, for
the home-town merchants, the home-town itself
and the residents in that town, that proportion of
out-of-town buyers is not very large.
It is different in Cumberland, and frankly
speaking, we don't like to say it. Every Monday
morning, or nearly every Monday morning, many
a good dollar is son out of this but*); to the mail
order houses and mostly for goods that could
easily have been bought right here. There may
be Instances where then' have been apparent
economies through buying away from home but
how tlo the books balance at the final reckoning?
If the purchases have been made by mail what
saving is lefl after the time, postage and carrying
charges are deducted'.' Is the railroad fare, or
gasoline bill added to the shopping expenses on
those bargain hunting excursions to the nearby
city or larger town'.' Is there not also value in
dollars and cents for worry, delay aud disappoint-
ettts that is inevitable in mail order buying. We
SEEMS that u printer somewhere down in Texas!
ot slightly peeved at a letter from a doctor who   !
**    wanted bids on several thousand letterheads und \
statements, different sizes, different grades of paper andj
printed in various colors, with the request that the forms!     The  proclamation   issued  by  Her
be kepi standing tor possible reprint orders," ran a story i Majesty,   Queen   Victoria,   revoking
in Forbes Magazine, I the grant to the Hudson Bay Com
"S..   Mr.   Printer   diagnosed   the   rase   carefully   and \ l)an.v o1' exclusive trading rights with
answered something in this manner: 'Am in the market I the Indians is one of the interesting
for bids on ono operation for appendicitis—one, two and ■ documents which is on view at the
five inch incision, with and without nurse,    If appendix
1 found to be sound, want quotations to include putting
aine back and cancelling order.    If removed, successful
ihlder is expected tn hold Incision open for about sixty
lays, as I expect to be in the market for an operation
or gallstones at thot time and want to save the cost of
utiini**.' " —Linotype News.
The  document
who sent away  for
goods.    In one case
know of one party rece
samples uf certain kinds of „.
tho mail ordor house sunt word back that no
samples could be scut out un that class of goods.
The othor 2 or ''. linns wore hoard from with
samples enclosed nnd not one of lho samplos submitted pleased the out-of-town buyer. It begins!
to look as though a local merchant is going to get!
an ordor thai mail ordor houses could not fill.
There is au unselfish community side of this
buying-at-home question whirh cannot be ignored
by tho good citizens. People who believe in Cumberland must believe in its merchants, who are an
integral pari of thoir town. Buying at home
serves a double purpose; when people buy at
home, through their buying the homo-town merchant prospers because of tho prosperity of its
merchants, public improvements follow municipal
prosperity, and lho public benefits from the public
improvements. Can anybody afford to trade away
from home when there is always a means of getting what they want at homo and at as good or
better prices than the same goods cost away from
home ?
Keep on buying at home and the merchants will
not stop buying for you.
SWIFT and forceful action taken by Mr. K. It.
Bennett, as sunn  as the  Conservatives came  into
,.., tt Ottawa, to stop future shipments of coal
from Soviet Kussia, is the subject of commendation by
Tin- New York Sun in an editorial which we republish
today. It recites the events which have led up to such
in embargo a'td indicates that the course taken is the
correct om. Soviet Kussia has embarked on something
in the nature or au economic war against the rest of the
ivorld. That country can only be met w.ith measures that
■ lie will understand, and Mr. Ken nett has no doubts
il.'nii the mentality of the junta which rules at Moscow.
He had the choice, ns The New York Sun points out.
either to impose a duty on Hussion coal or an embargo,
nnd he chose the latter course.
Under tlo- Liberals Russian coal was admitted to the
country duty free. The imports of Russian anthracite
increased from 0,204 tons in 1928 to 117,405 tons last
year. Thi.- hade affected the Canadian industry adversely
and Mr. Bennett promised redress during the course of
elei lion campaign. lie has effected this purpose in
nritfht fasliiun, Mr. Bennett has created a precedent
which shows him to be a man of action and possessed nf
Itleal acumen. As The New York Sun says: "Canada
has told Soviet Kussia tbat drastic action will be taken
ainst a nation that sells its products to establish credits
her than primarily to build up profitable trade."
—Daily Colonist.
Dominion  Archives
reads :-
"British Colonies, (Coat of Arms)
Proclamation! Ky His Kxcellency
•lames Douglas, Governor and Com
mender in chief of Her Majesty'*
Colony of Vancouver Island and it
"Whereas ller Majesty hus been
pleased  by an  instrument  made  un
ii' Her Sign Manual to revoke the
Crown Grant dated tbe :i0th day of
Our Lord, 1880, to the Hudson Kay
Company, for exclusive trading
rights with the Indians, insofar
the said Grant embraces or extends
to the territories comprised within
the colony of the British Empire.
"I, James Douglas, governor of th
colony, now proclaim ami publish this
instrument revoking the said grant
for the information and guidance of
all   personos  interested  therein."
"Given  under  my hand
at  Victoria,  Vancouver's Island, this
third   day   of   November.   1850,   thc
twenty-second year of Her Majesty's
"God Save the Queen."
'Sound at Iti Best"
7   and   9   p.m.
Two Show.—7 »ssd
CHILDREN    . . . 25c
Don't Miss It!
Bebe Daniels   "
John Boles
By verdict of millions ....
Never before has screen or stage
seen such a wonderful wealth of
beauty . .  . splendor . . .    music
. . . or drama
Rio Rita"
THE SONGS—Rio Rita; Sweetheart, We Need
Each Other; You're Always  in My  Arms;  If
You're in Love You'll Waltz; The Rangers' Song;
The Klnkajou; Following the Sun Around;
Sung by John Boles and Bebe Daniels
Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 3rd and 4th
A Los Angeles man has been granted a divorce,
because his wife called him names when playing
bridge.   Perhaps ho trumped her ace.
The pumpkin is about the only vegetable the j
small boys are interested in this week. Scooped;
out and illuminated wth a candle, it makes an,
effective Hallowe'en lantern.
15,000 Demand
New Sargon Daily
Vast Growing Army of Sargon
Csers. Marching Single Pile
Would Encircle Globe in
Onlv lew Years
(By   Richard   L.   Simms)
ATLANTA, GA.:—Mon; like
a tale from the Arabian Nights
of old than a record of modern
business achievement roads the
story of the marvelous growth
and development of Sargon the
New Scientific Compound which
has become the .sensation of the
drug trade throughout Canada,
the United Slates and other
The old illustration of the pebble
dropped into the pool best describes
the phenomenal and unprecedented
demand and its fame is rapidly
apreading over the entire Continent.
Recently compiled figures reveal
that approximately 15,000 men and
women are marching Into drug stores
daily for Sargon and Sargon Soft
Muss I'ills, the marvelous new treatment that is restoring health to
countless thousands by new and remarkable methods undreamed of only
Employment S e r v i c e Council's
plans to solve unemployment difficulties by stimulating public works eon-
i struction may bring temporary re-
I lief, but permanent relief can come
i only through concerted action of organized industry to regularize production.
' -,'his is the opinion of Stanley I.
Shafer, Superintendent of the Hamilton, Ontario, plant of the Procter
and (lamble Company, Ile is administrator of the Procter and Gamble
plan of guaranteed employment
which has kept its force steadily at
:nk  despite  so-called economic  de-
ileal ers.
An employee becomes eligible for
the guarantee plan at the end of six
months. Under this system, the
labor turnover at the Hamilton plant
was less than seven per cent. Of'
this, the greater part represented,
workers who had been there less j
than six months.
From the points of view of man- ..
nge ment and employees this regular- j
Izatlon of production and employ-. ;
j ment has succeeded, according to \ '*
Mr. Shafer, who points out also that) ;
| the   Procter  and  Gamble   industrial; J
■lotions program is perhaps the most  ;
Tf you cannot nurse
baby,use Eagle Brand
— the world's leading in*
font food.
The Borden Co., Limited
Homer Arcade, Vancouver
Please send me Free Baby Books
9 foolish Girl
of the powerful all-talking picture • from Charles Bennett's
great London stage success of
which Vmiety's London Reviewer wrote "not just a talker but a motion picture that
talks .... it will have much
the same effect upon American
technique that some of the German dims had a half-dozen
years aj:)."
Regina Crewe .in the New-
York American says, "'fully
justifies the high opinions expressed by London's Press and
Already more than 5,000,000 suffering men ond women have put it
to the test and hnve told other million what  it has doin- for tbem.
Marching regulation army fashion
—single tile- this vast army of Sargon user.- would reach from New-
York to San Francisco and at the
present rule of sale—would, in a few
years time, encircle thc entire globe.
The only explanation of Sorgon'a
triumph Jn the Medical World is Sar-
gon's true worth. Park of its triumph in the drug stores is its triumph in the homes and it is the
grateful endorsements of ils millions
of users that bas made it the mosl
widely talked of medicine in thc
world today.
Sargon is extensively advertised, it
is true, but no preparation, no mat-
tor how extensively advertised, could
possibly meet with such phenomenal
success unless it possessed absolute
merit and extraordinary powers as
a medicine.
There ran  be but
planatlon foi  Sargon
ee - and ii ean be told in on
Sargon may he obtained
berland from Lang's Drug
The soap co. has scheduled its
roductlon to maintain a steady, year
11tind force of workers in its Can-
dian and American plants. This
•ives employees a guarantee of at
east forty-eight full-pay weeks a
car in Hamilton and the other
lants. without fear of lay-off due to
The plan has had seven years test-
ng  since   Colonel   William   Cooper
iresident  of the Company
<d in August, 1923, that f
complete in the world because in ad
dit ion to guaranteed employment,
thore is a Profit Sharing, Insurance i
and Sick Benefit Plan, und employee.
representation on the Company's'
Hoard of Directors,
Colonel Procter, originator of the j
plan, has said: "Greater efficiency, I
elimination of waste, lower unit!
costs, and increased effectiveness and I
loyalty of workers have resulted.
While the advantage cannot be es-j
timated in dollars and cents, a flnan-j
ciat gain has beeu effected. I think'
there is nothing peculiar in the soap
business that makes such a plan more
adaptable to it than many more in- j
dustries. I believe that in the very!
nnnoune- j groat majority of industries the av-1
i' the first) erago annual consumption is approx
P. P. Harrison
Main  Officss
Qourtenny    — —    Phone.  2li!
Local  Officss
Cumlierland Hotel in Evening*
Telephone   11 SK  or  21
ne   in   industrial   history  u  larRB jimntoly the some, without much flue-1
rporntlon   wouhl  assure  Its  thou-1 tuation from year tu year, and that
mis of employe
i.ich  in
steady work re-1 the problem of providing for dlsti'i-
oasonal fluctuations button ond .warehousing is not a tlif-
unv  instances cause! flcult one to work out if study  is
centered upon the special industry.*'
periodical  shut-down
The   basis  of  the   plan   is  simple:
probable production for the coming
year is estimated on the basis of the
past year's demand* together with a|    Walter Gordon, from Hornby Island.]
•tudy of factors which are likely to spent  Monday and Tuesday with hlsj
affect   consumption.     Production   is old
then regulated to meet the estimated Pea*1
consumption.      Errors   of   estimate!
have so far, with the Procter & Gamble Company, buen negllble,    Vurta-
friends.   Mr.   .md   Mrs.   Thomas
Opposite llo-llo Theatre
Cumberland, B.C.
Practical Barber it Hairdresser   C |
'■   Child'n's hair cut any style 115c
;   Ladies hair cut any style 50c
Dental Surgeon
Oll'iess ("or. of Dunsmuir Ave.
Opposite llo-llo Theatre
Wednesday and Thursday, Nov. 5th and 6th
The Real "Low Down" on
Small-Town Social Circles
If you like to laugh, here's a thi—see "The Sap". The
funniest picture of the year with the screen's funniest
—• 8 •—
You'll Know Every Small-Town
Character in the Picture
Aioitl   "The,   Sup"   If
You Havr a Spill Up
The school inspector spent
Mlnlo «lwol lost week.
ny in i
ions 1
housing ond
itween domnnd and supply arc     ,„. .MUl Mvs 0li[mn „nd M,s
Jequate war,'- r|BHn motored to Nanaimo :jn ;
deliveries to day. returning Sundoy evening.
uted fot
by i
possiblc ex
.mazing stir
.Hit- word
iti   Colo
.<■■   Booh
will hold Lho
ll   (^iii)berlciiMl j
:• urcmi    JJ t\fr>\       Ruin •
Accomodation Thc H-.I ;
Rnnmn Steam Heated '.
On Wednesdaj the Indies ol the Comox Community club held ;. bridge tea.
A hnr numbei  attended.
Miss R. Kerr was the gUesi til hrumr ! Ij||
i.i a surprise party held al ihe honu'jSJj
of Mrs. L. fi ClilTc lasl Wednesday <-v-j[|jj|
ening,    Thc   evening   was   plea mntly I
spent at cards and dancing
Mrs.   Anderson  nnd  daughters   left;
la.st week to make their home In Victoria.
Miss a. M. Wood, n lormer membe
nf the Comox school staff, Is a guest JU;1
at the chalet alter spending thc past fe
iwo venrs In New York
Hayseed Ball
in the
Cumberland Hall
24   -TELEPHONE- -100
Charlie Dalton
Friday and Saturday, Nov. 7th and 8th
Boat nt Union Bay
,- Sunday morning
FRIDAY, October 31st
Mrs. c. M. Plneo :md daunhtei
the Biiests nf the former's parents
nnd Mrs. c  C   Piercy
Miss A. McCulloch
spent the pasl week a
of   Vanct
a guesl a
I loon
Open I)
dents., $1.00
Dancing io to 'i
Sunnyside Orchestra
Ladies, BOc.
Dyers and Dry CW-anert
Special family laundry rate.
Orders left at the Ritz Cafe,
phone 150, Cutftborland will receive prompt attention. A trial
order  will  convinve  you
Telephones:    Courtenay 226
Cumberland  1 .r>0
UtlSTCrt KtisTONi
, trixj): |Wg<w«j
The greatest comedy carnival of a lifetime!
The laughs, life and loves
oi' Ihe Hollywood studios
in the novelty sensation
of years!
A        A        *
What a treat you have in
store for you! A score
of Hollywood stars in
one picture! And what
a picture! You'll thrill
at this story of the studios, packed with dan-
f/i-f^a cing and song, comedy
and heart interest! FRIDAY.  OCTOBER  31st,   1980.
Another Drop of Lumber Prices
No. 1 Common Fir oi* Cedar, rough  $16.00
No. I Common Fir or Cedar, dressed or sized .... 18.00
No. 1 Common Fir Shiplap sS" and 10"  16.00
No. 1 Common Fir Shiplap (i"  15.00
No. 2 Common Fir Shiplap  12.00
Select Common Rustic 6" and 8"  ,  21.00
All higher grade finishings, mouldings and every
building materials reduced the prices frnm
15',' to 20'I on previous list.
Prompt delivery with reasonable charges.
Royston Lumber Co., Ltd.
| Ollice, Cumberland 1.59
I Night Call, Courtenay 134X
♦ ♦
■ .*
4 Jr. Electric Vacuum Cleaner for Chester- A
| fields, closed cars, or hard-to-get-at places, |
, fo, onl, »
| 50c. a day jj
or floor model cleaner for
t   $1.00 a day   I
\ ♦
Cumberland Electric Lighting
Company Limited
• of the
Canadian Medical Association
Questions concerning Health, addressed to the Canadian Medical
Association, 184, College St., Toronto, will be answered personally
by correspondence.
The eye, which ih the moat precious organ of the special senses, may
.suffer from disease or injury in spite
of tho natural protection afforded
it. The mechanism of sight also may
become disordered. Abnormal conditions of the eye usually occur during certain age periods; for example
cataract ordinarily develops in middle life or later.
The lens of the eye is a crystallike structure. The rays of light
are focused by the lens on the retina
If the nutrition of the lens is interfered with, there is a change in the
tissues which make up the lens,
which change results in the loss of
some of the crystalline or transparent character of the lens.
The loss of transparency means
the beginning of opacities, and this
change usually begins at the margin
of the lens. As long as the opacity
is limited to the margin, it has littlo
or no effect on the sight. As soon as
it spreads into the line of direct
sight, vision becomes less clear,
As this process continues, the lens
Cumberland and Union
Waterworks  Co., Ltd.
Phone 75
A. fr CLINTON. Manner.
** 00***** 0**1
* *** **** 000* 00*******00****0 00*0.
Orders left at Henderson's Candy Store will receive
David Hunden, Jr.
COAL     —     GENERAL HAULING     —     WOOD
nf all descriptions
Automobile Side  Curtains Repaired
Also Harness Repairs
Remember that
with a call
by telephone
He was int* distant city
on business, too far away
to reach home for his wedding anniversary. He couldn't get home but his voice
could. There was a telephone handy, so he surprised his wife with a longdistance telephone call.
Whatever the anniversary-wedding, birthday or
Christmas — the long-distance telephone is ready to
add to the joys of the occasion by reuniting far-away
friends or dear ones.
may swell, harden and thicken, and
there is, as a result, a great change
in the mechanism of sight in the person affected. Elderly persons mny
read without the aid of magnifying
glasses which they have been using,
and experience, for a time, what is
popularly known as 'second sight".
Later, an the condition progresses,
the lens becomes completely opaque,
and there is but little sig'ht left. In
order to restore sight, it is necessury
by surgical means, to remove the
lens. The operation properly performed is safe, painless and successful tn a very high percentage of
Cataract   may   follow  any   injury
or may develop because of interference with the nutrition of the lens.
Any one part of the body is affected
by the conditions of other parts.    It
may be that the absorption of poisons
or toxins from diseased teeth, tonsils
gall-bladder,  or other focus of  infection is the true clause of the eye
| condition in many cases.
I     Beginning cataract should suggest
I a most careful examination of the
whole body in order to detect and
correct    any    abnormal    condition.
I Proper glasses should, of course, be
j used  in  order to avoid  any strain
which results from the wrong type
j of glasses.
! The cataract itself is a degenerative change; it means that the eye is
growing old, whether prematurely or
otherwise. Once the condition is
| started, it will likely progress, but
| the rate of development may be
checked by removing the underlying
causes. Many persons with begin
ning cataract go on for many years
without having their sight sufficiently interfered with to the extent of
making an operation necessary.
Prevention of cataract means the
keeping of the body in good health,
j the prompt removal or treatment of
[ focal infections, and the use of proper glasses.
i f**********************-
1 HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that, on Monday, tlie 3rd day of November, 1930, at the hour of
10 a.m.. at the Court-house, Cumberland, B.C., 1 will sell at publie auction the Crown-granted
mineral claims in the list hereinafter set out, of Ihe persons in said list hereinafter set out, for
delinquent taxes unpaid by said persons on the :,0th clay of June, 103(1, and for interest, costs, and
expenses, including the cost of advertising said sale, if iln- total amount due is not sooner paid.
Name ul' Owner
Name  of  Claim
Lot No. Taxes Interest Costs     Total
Town Topics
i Sidney Buttress, of Nanaimo, was a
[ recent visitor at the home ot his par-
I outs, Mr. and Mrs. C. Buttress, Sr.
| Miss Verna Murray returned home
Ion Monday from a six weeks' stay In
! Nanaimo and Vancouver,
i Mrs. M. Littler, of Michel, arrived
! in ttxis city on Friday to join her hus-
jband who is employed here.   They will
reside on Windermere Ave.
I   John Miller returned on  Thursday
from several days' visit to Vancouver.
Friends of Chas. McDonald, of the
! staff of Campbell Bros., will regret to
.hear that he is very ill at liis home
j    Jack Stewart  wns a  visitor to the
'capital last week.
,    Mrs. W. Hudson left on Sunday for
; Campbell  River  where she  will  visit
!her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and
• Mis. Alex. Davidson, to whom a daugh-
N'imrod Mining &
N'imrod Mining &
Nimrod Mining &
Nimrod Mining &
Nimrod Minim: &
Nimrod Mining &
Nimrod Mining &
Development Co.,
Development Co.,
Development Co..
Development Co.,
Development Co.,
Development Co.,
Development  Co..
Mason, George Saunders
Mason, George Saunders
Cobb. Thomas 	
Jorgenson,  George
Jorgensnn,   George
Vox, P and Prichard, Edna
Fox,  Polly   	
Black Prince; 42.OS acres
Blucher; 49.22 acres 	
Nero;   21,56   acres   	
Nero Fraction; 2 acres
Ohio; 40.05 acres
Waterloo Fraction; 87.00 acres .
Wellington: 4S.78 acres
GROUP l, N. W. I).
Blue Jacket; 80.36 acres
Copper Chief; 45,55 acres
Copper King; 45.14 acres 	
Silver King; 44.21 acres   	
Theodosda; 44.02 acres
F.rb, Dr. Carl M,
Magnet;  51.65 acres
Trilby; 50.71 acres .   .
Big Chief; 42.54 acres 	
in. jr.
13 75
2 81)
1 838
Dated at Cumberland, B.C., this 13th dav of October. 1930,
.1. ,1. .McCREAUIE.
Provincial Collector.
ALEX MAXWEM,. Proprietor.
Autos for Hire.   Coal and Wood Hauling given very
prompt attention.   Furniture and Piano
Storage if desired.
Phones 4 and 61
Cumberland, B.C.
.JPfft    How do I
A^t\mhM.\\MM these prices I
c   Ivj^BIX/FV     suit you: |
▼ ¥
1 Jar Kraft Salad Dressing ... 25c w
l/o-pound Package Kraft Velveeta **$?
Cheese   26c. P
Regular 50c., Special fnr 35e sjf
20-lb. Sacks of Quick Oats, each      $1.35 M
lO-tb. s.*.cks of B.C. Fine Sugar, each  60 W
6-lb. Sacks of Wheattets, each  50 W
6-lb. Sacks of Quick Oats, each    .50 ffi
Pears, Peaches, Apricots, Fruit Salad         d»*|   AA |^
Pineapple, pe rtin, 15c.. 7 for        «J7.1.1/U ife
Whole Wheat or Plain Fig Bars, per tb. 25 &
Crisp Lemon Snaps, 2 lbs. for    .55 «|
Fancy Package Biscuits, !4tb. size, each               .10 ?f
%     Clark's Pork and Beans, flats, each    .10 P
Clark's Soups, pea, vegetable, ox-tail and        QK/» If
tomato, 15c, 2 for £tO\* %
Clark's Catsup, per bottle 25 m
Matt Brown s Grocery 1
Phone 38                                                  Cumberland «j|
ter was born recently,
Harold Hayes, ol Blakeburn, formerly of Cumberland, returned to the Interior on Sunday after spending a few
days here.
Mr.s. R. Ralllnson and children leave
this week for Blakeburn to join Mr.
Rallinson who is now employed there.
Members of the Lady Foresters nnd
their friends held a very jolly social
tn the Memorial hall on Wednesday
evening last, honoring the anniversary
of the local court. Whist and many
intereit ing games were played, winners of he former being, first, Mrs.
Kate Bobba; second, Mrs. James, and
of the latter Mr.s. Whyte and Mrs. J.
Potter. Contributing to an interesting
program were songs. Mr.s. F'reeburn
and Mrs. W. E. Brown; recitation, Mrs,
F. Watson, Refreshments and the
singing of Auld Lang Syne rounded
out the evening
Gertie Davis was guest of honor on
Saturday evening at the home of her
parents at a merry party for the
younger set on thc occasion of her
15th birthday. Games, contests and
Hallowe'en stunts were much enjoyed.
Margaret Westfield. May Beveridp.e,
Allison Geikie, Wardena Thompson.
Nellie Jackson und Chri.ssie Robertson
were prize winners. Early in the evening at cards Bessie Brown and Doreen Bickerton secured first and second
prizes. Alice Brown winning consolation. A delicious supper featuring several mysterious Hallowe'en dishes and
the birthday cake with its flickering
orange-colored candles was served
during the evening. The dining room
was prettily decorated with appropriate Hallowe'en colors and motifs.
Myrtle McMillan drew the lucky prize
at table. A jolly sing-song and dancing then was enjoyed by the young
folks. Miss Annie McLeod supplied
the music. Many lovely gifts and good
wishes were presented to the honor
guest by her many friends. Guests
were: Annie Mcl-eod. Chri.ssie Robertson, May Beveridge, Alice Brown, Jean
Quinn. Lily Picketti, Barbara Martin,
Margaret Weslfield. Allison Geikie.
Wardena Thompson. Myrtle McMillan,
Bessie Brown, Nellie Jackson. Doreen
Bickerton. Margaret Marpole and Enis
Commencing on Monday of next
week, patrons at the llo-llo will see
and hear Fox Movietone News ns
Flying bont hops 4700 miles from
Germany to U.S.—Dornier Wahl
lands in Xew York harbor after long
flight across North Atlantic.
Football fever Hits the Heft—the
champion bluejackets team aboard
the Mississippi heed the pigskin's call
on the Pacific.
Coast dancers go amphibious—
.Fanehon and Marco girls, between
shows, study up the mermaid's art
m Los Angeles pool.
Hundreds Injured as riots flame
anew in India—Police clash with
Bombay mobs defying British edict
forbidding hostile parades.
Fancy stepper.- on parade—Colored 'Elk of the World' show Detroit
some wifle and handsome marching
at national convention.
Union Bay Literary
Club Meeting
A meeting was held in the Church
October 23rd by the Ladies' Literary
Society. The following ladies gave
papers nn "Japan", tlie topic chosen
for the evening. Mrs. Thomas "Outline nf History and People, also the
Beauty and Legend* of Japan and
Surrounding District", Miss Khy
"Religion of Japan"; Mrs. McNonai,
"Flowers of Japan": Mrs. Watts,
"Festival of the Kites": Mrs. D. U.
IlngL'trt, •'\ Te:> Ceremony in Japan"; Mis. Pollock "Festival of the
Kttneral of the Uroken Dolls". A duet
wa* sung by Mrs. W. Clover and
Mrs. D. It. Haggart, entitled "Love
mi a Japanese Plan'', both ladies
wee  in Japanese costume which gave
a colorful setting to the duet. Miss
Baldwin also sang a "Japanese Love
Song" which was very entertaining.
Many curios and snap shots were
shown. Refreshments and the sing-
! ing of "God Save Our King", brought
jto a close a most enjoyable and edu-
j cntional evening.
j     Next meeting November fi will lie
' in the form of a social evening.
The Nanaimo-
Westminster Game
We have been furnished with a
few criticisms about the Nanaimo
■Southend-Westminster game by a Na-
nalmoite who was present at the
game . He thinks a few notes now
and again will be of interest to Cumberland fans on account of Henry
alson, a Cumberland youth playing
for Nanaimo. Our correspondent's
remarks are brief and certainly to
tiie point. "Aitken in goal," he says
was brilliant", "Edmunds at back was
very shaky and it was a good job his
partner Boyd played such a steady
game." "McGregor and Waugh tackl-
"(I well, but absolutely starved their
forwards whilst Jimmy Knight at
centre-half was really brilliant, being
Ihe only one of the middle line to
help his forwards." "Watson at centre forward got absolutely no support and on moving back to the outside right position was left all to
himself, has inside man, .1. Sandland,
being absolutely useless." In a side
whisper our Nanaimo friend says he
cannot see why they play him at ull.
"The other forwards were only medium nnd did not live up to their
We are also Informed that the
Southend executive Is casting long*
ing eyes on Jimmy Weir, of Cumberland and Roy Crier, of Courtenay.
Weekly Editors at the Nova Scotian
TUEMBI:RScf the Canadian Weekly
A** Newspajicrs' Association recently
concluded a most successful annual
convention at the Nova Scotian Hotel
of the Canadian National Railways at
Halifax, when editors oi wei kly publications from all parta of Canada, und
from Newfoundland to the Yukon
Territories were in attendance. Photograph 6hows the Nova Scotian Hotel
where the successful meet ings terminated with a supper-dance ami other
entertainment, and  (inset)  Malcolm
McBeath (left), of Tbe Sun, Milverton,
Out., new pre.!:! .nt, with 1 lugh .Savage
(centre), of Tbe Cowichan Leader,
Duncan, H.C, and j:. Roy Sales, of
The Renfrew Men iry, Renfrew, Ont,
General Mnnagt r i.f the C.W.N.A. PAGE FOUR
FRIDAY,  OCTOBER -list.   1930.
:-: HOSIERY:-: I
We have a great  many lines of Dry Goods that are money ^~
savers at today's prices, and your dollar will go further if you |j£
consldei the real value as well as the price. jA*.
New arrival, today we have had delivered a shipment of Ladies |&
Silk  Hose, one of the leading makers of Canada, every pair |ft
1   haul  wear,  tho  shades are tbe newest,  slightly ■&
will giv
darker colors are tl
becoming, ask to si
order of the day, and the shades are very
our new line at per pair $1.50
Ladies' Silk Hose—Tbere are many wbo do not desire to pay |3
a lot for a pair of silk hose, for these we have a line that we &£
think is tbe best on the market today. The Gold  Dollar line.     f#r
Every pi
ssortment of shades to choose    *'M~
Ladies'  Silk and  Wool  Hose—One  of  our  new  Canadian  HnCB
is b ladies' silk and wool hose made of a wonderful quality for |Fa
the money, and quite an assortment of colors.    All one price s^,
per   pah  ' -   50c. ||
Children's   Hose-    We   carry   a   wonderful   stock   of   children'" {j-jf*.
hose considering the size of our community, and we think we ssj!
can give you a real hard-wearing stocking in fawn, light or 'M
dark,  sizes  from  5  to  0 Wt.     Not  a  Joined  stocking at the Wg
ankle,   but   woven   right   down  tbe whole length,  see this line $jy
at per pair                  ..                                           ■■   •
.Mrs. James V. Hough, of Victoria,
arrived in town on Monday and will
visit with her mother for a time. Mr.
Hough and Mr. 0. Harrison left on
Monday morning for Chicago, called
i there by the serious illness of Mr. \V.
Harrison, brother of Mrs. Hough and
j .Mr. 0. Harrison.-
Thanksgiving   Music
The choir of the Cumberland United Church will render their Thanksgiving music Sunday evening, November 2ml, at 7 p.m.. Thanksgiving
message by the minister, everyone
cordially invited.
*    #    *
I UeV. P, \V. Anderson. M.A., m'm-
I ister at First I'nited Church, Nanaimo, will preach at the Cumberland
| United Church, Sunday morning,
j STov. 2 at 11 a.m.
!     Miss Ethel Jones, of Nanaimo, is
visiting ber sister, Mrs. IL Devlin.
50c     p|
Boys' ■'».*,   Length Sox     We still have a fair assortment of boys'     g&
before  the  advance  in     |fi.
and   girls'   three-ipialter   sox,   bought   bef.
imported goods., and selling at below today's price,    See oui
line ... .... 75c. §
Men's Sox—We certainly excel in the assortment of mens son §&
we have   to show you. an all wool sox from 50c per pair, right f$
up to the liner qualities of Wolsely makes, the name which i< *•$
  .. .i      ,...,._.:_    i_ C'ai
■sufficient guarantee of the best that is made.
For Hosiery—Sutherland's  Dry  Good*  Sto
That lirst Thanksgiving meal tasted mighty good to   j|
the revered  Pilgrim Fathers.    But  it didn't hold a
candle to the dinner YOU ean have with the palate
pleasing eatables from	
Mumford's Grocery _
Pumpkins. Bananas, Cranberries. Grapes. Corn S|
Plum Pudding and many other delicacies
 • * •	
For Quality Bread and Cakes
The usual variety of creamed goods, meat pies, griddle    t >
scones, doughnuts, apple raisin, lemon and custard
pies and t
milk loaves, fruit loaves and other fancy breads.
We deliver Cumberland, B.C. Phone 18
Kindergarten games by ehidven,
i pupils id' Miss K. Watson featured
j the party held at the home of Mr.
) and Mrs. Matt Hrown on Monday.
October -!7th In honor of Margaret
[Anno Brown's fifth birthday. The
kindergarten games were really wonderful and the children taking part
in them took special pains to see that
no errors were made. Mrs. Hrown
served bounteous refreshments, from
a beautifully decorated table to the
assembled guests. Those present
Included Betty Cone, Beverley Hanks
Katherine Woods, Winnie Williams,
Madge Buchanan, Jeffrey Watson,
Willis Symons, Ruby Robertson, and
Gcorginn Brown.
Mrs. V. Frelone entertained on
Thursday evening at a Hallowe'en
surprise party for hei' little daughter
Valda, when invited guests were several school chums of the honor guest.
Games, singing and dancing whiled
nwny the evening, a very happy time
being spent. Ruth Jackson and Gloria Aspesy were winners of tho games
Phyllis Newman and Gladys Saunders capturing prizes in the contests.
Appropriate Hallowe'en decorations
were used in the rooms, black cats
and witches peering out from most
unexpected places, while the supper
table, laden with delicious seasonable
dainties was lovely with decorations
in orange and black, favors for each
little guest being baskets of delicious
candy and novel paper hats which
were worn for the evening. The hostess and her daughter. Miss Delina
Frelone. saw that each Little guest
enjoyed hej.-elf to the full. Guests
wore Valda Frelone, Ruth Jackson,
Phyllis Newman, Gloria Aspesy nnd
Gladys Saunders.
0000*00*****0*00* ■**
Mrs. Stella Peacock!
Comoi j
Cases  of  All   Kind:
Phone   921,
t —
We have just received a well assorted stock of Hiker
and Veteral't Products.
Kiddy  Carls, each . .Sl.(i.">
Kiddy Cars al each S2.KI and   . VI')
Hobby Horses at .90
Toy Wagons al ............        .H5
Pedal Cars al •   3.40
Scooters al each. $2. Id and 8.60
Kindergarten Sets (table with two chairs) $*l.50, 1.90
Chairs, only each 1.25
Shuffling Sambos each 1.00
Rocking Horses, each 2.10
Brownie Steam Shovels, each $8.25 and 6.60
Blackboards, al 75c. to .....      1.50
Strollers, each $2.00 and       3.90
Dolls llinh Chairs, each  1.75
Medicine Cabinet, each 0.25
Knife Boxes, each        75
Kitchen Tnble, 24" x '30", each 4.90
Kitchen Table, E6" x 12", each   5.90
Pantry Step Ladder, each   1.25
Ceiling Racks, each  1.25
These are B.C. Products
Still Doing
Hemstiching - -
Mrs. Francescini having sold
out her business un Dunsmuir
avenue is prepared to do pic-
oting aud hemstitching at her
Corner of Winder-
mere Ave. and
Third Street
Ladies of ths' altar society ol Uu
'Catholic church conducted a sale ol
home-cooking in Mrs. Prnnceacini'ti
old store on Dunsmuir Avenue on Sat.
urday. The affair wns very successful
n neat sum being realized.
Capt. T. Rippon aud Mrs. Rippon
of Vancouver, are visiting here, the
quests of the latter's brother and sister
In-law, Mr. ond Mrs. O. Cavin. An
I other visitor to Mr. and Mrs. Oaviu is
I the former's father. G. H. Cavin. of
(Velar district
The benefit whist drive anil dance
held in tho Memorial Hull on Saturday was exceptionally well attended,
thirty-one tables of whist being in
play. Messrs. Hunt, Guy and R. T
Hrown conducted the whist In a very
capable manner and during the evening a large number of tickets were
sulil for a drawing t'or a huge basket
of chocolates which wus won by little
Peggy Roberts, Winners at whist
were announced as ladies' first, Mrs.
.1. I). Davis, second. Mrs. Cessford, of
Bevan. Gentlemen's first prize went
to It. Struthers after ii lie with Tom
Brown. On the first cut of the curds
both cut un aee and on the second
cut Mr. Struthers was declared the
winner. Refreshments were served
by a committee of ladies following
which dancing was Indulged in in
music supplied by the Merry Makers
The dance was very largely attend
ed nnd the proceeds of the whist,
drawing and dance amounted to over
$100. The hall was kindly loaned
by the Veterans and the orchestra
ulso gave their sendees free of
charge. The prizes were also donated and the executive of the Burns'
club is vrey grateful to these people
and also grateful to the public for
Lhs-ir very generous support.
Born—Tn Mr. and Mrs. A. Fran-
ceselni on Kumlay, October 26th, at
tlu- home of Mrs. I.. Francescini, a
Born—To Mr. and Mrs. L. Larson (net- Kflmi Smith, formerly of
Cumberland) October 24th, at West
Coast hospital, Port Alberni, a daughter.
Mr. nnd Mrs. .1. Watson arc receiving congratulations on the birth
of a son.
To Mr uud Mrs, Alfred White, of
Diivc Cr.-ck. ni .St. Joseph's hospital
.wi October 24th. a daughter.
w   krCoids
l   •»*  MIXTURE   **
1 its! **tr*f**t ,i*At+m.i*»tV**m**l\*f***i,m.t^t»em,nt\*f*mt,ielU*.. «ss/**|ft(s«s*fj
The Kindergarten
|s   hold   in   Ibe
Anglican Parish Hall Daily
!' a.m. lo 12 noon
Littlo Children mny be entered for
half ii'i'in, commencing November :'•.
.Ill) pei tnonib. No extra--. Hooks anil statii
?*r..*?tf*^..*f(f***.l\*^***l^f*s.. */{***, .*r\f*A**.r*S\t**A*.*A!"ft
Ladles' Smocks 	
Girls' and Boys' Sweaters from
Boys' Hosiery 	
Girls' Hosiery
for Friday,
Representing Sun Life
Assurance Company
of Canada
*   *    *
P. v). Box 125
Courtenay, B.C.
Mr. and .Mrs. Allan .Nunns and son
•'Barney" left for Victoria at noon
today and will return to Cumberland
mi Sunday accompanied by Mr.
Munns' mother, who has been spend-
a vacation with the Rev. A. Nunns.
Mr. Georgo Shead, a prominent I
merchant of Port Alberni, was a bus- j
mess visitor to Cumberland on Mon- <
1$    *    *
The usual weekly basketball games
between the Cumberland and Cour*)
tenay High School boys and girls
were held iu the Band Hall on Pl'i-I
duy evening last before a fair num-,
hev of spectators.
The local tfirls easily defeated the.
visiting sqii.ul, the score being 36-6. |
The boys, however, defeated the
Cumberland team by the doses', of
margins, the linnl score being 12-11,
Thc- girls game was played first and
from the very beginning the home
team began to score, with the result
that a very easy victory was secured.
The lioys' game, however, proved to
be a very close one, the score at
half-time being 4-1 and at the three-
quarter period the score stood   1 U-(>
favor of Courtenay. During the
last frame the home players made
.lesperate efforts to pull the game out
)f the (ire and managed to bag a few
nore counters, the final score being
Courtenay Vi, Cumlierland 11. Both
he boys' teams are showing vast
improvement aud before the season
loses some excellent displays should
be witnessed with both these two
"I sure thought of the old Sun
Life when 1 was under therel"
A MAN, a mine foreman in Ohio, took out t policy for
$2,500.00 on October 16th, 1926.
Four days afterwards, a section of the mine roof fell
and twenty-five tons of slate
pinned him down. In falling
it fortunately formed an inverted "V", else he would
have heen crushed. Two
hours and a half later a
rescue party extricated him.
As he was being carried to
the surface, his first words
"I sure thought ofthe old
Sun Life when I was under
The Sun Life of Canada will
protect you too, at moderate
,.   ., cost.
See one oj its RepresenUtires
Your next Fall's      -   8   .
The Cumberland Cronies' Burns'
ilub take this opportunity of thank-j
ng the Cumberland Branch, Cnna-
tian Lelt ton for the use of the Me-'
hum inl Hall .the Merrymakers' or-1
.•best ra for their services at thej
lance and all those friends who kindly donated prizes on the occasion of
he benefit whist drive and dance
held on Saturday, October the 25th.
Special thanks nre also tendered to
the public for their generous support
at the benefit.
The new
WANTED—For Courtenay and Cumberland, reliable party to handle
a line of up-to-date drosses and
coats. It can be done nt your
own home or your own store.
Good money making proposition
for right party. Apply iu writing
t'. Allan's Dry Goods, Powell
Kiver, B.C. 43-45
f *******************00**00******* -
Parish of Cumlierland
Service  on   Sunday,   Nov.   2nd.
Evensong at 7 o'clock, preacher   t
the Rev. H. M.  ELLIS *
All    other   services   cancelled.
screen grid—Tone Control—Selectivity—full Dynamic speaker
makes this set one of the world's
leaders in Radio today.
Call in and let us show you this
radio now, or, phone us for a
If your present Radio is not
working right let us put it right
for you. We specialize in this
work and can guarantee vou will
bo sa isiied—TRY US.
Don't forget if any of your Electrical appliances in the home
need repairing or replaced—
SEE US first, it will pay you.
Radio Electric
I'hone .i
Complete With Tubes
It Has
I Try our 	
Hot Tomales
Where Hoi  Tomales Are "Holler"
Dunsmuir Avenue Cumberland      lljj
is only possible with Majestic's new
with the
Model  131, $255
Model 130, 8225
^HE new Majestic Models not only use a Super
Screen-Grid circuit, but Screen-Grid is used for
power detection. This is a distinct step ahead by
Majestic, Pour Screen-Grid tubes of type ■24" are
used in this latest Majestic, two type "45" power
tubes and one type "80" rectifying tube.
A    NUMBER   ot    important    improvements    and
changes have been made In the Majestic Super
Colortura Dynamic Speaker.
MAJESTIC designs, always extremely beautiful and
in advance of others, have been further improved.   Not only in design but in finish has a new high
peak of beauty been set by the latest Majestic models.
Stic models on display at      LANG'S DKUG STORE—Local Representative
G. A. Fletcher Music Co. Ltd.


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