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The Cumberland Islander Mar 15, 1929

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Array "The
Street Angel"
■Cumberland Islander
^^^^HB With which is consolidated Ihe I umberlald .\ews.
at the Ilo-Ilo
this week-end
A. W. Neill In
Vigorous Talk
Motion    to    Adjourn    Debate*
Agreed to by House
The many friends in the district of
A. W. Neill, member in tho Federal
House for Comox-Alberni. will read
with pleasure the Eololwlng vigorous
speech delivered by our member on
the Rules of the House:
"Mr. Speaker, the report contains
twu recommendations, ns the mover
has said, but ln tbem both there is
evidence of a tendency to divest this
house of a certain portion of
its responsibilities and to hand ihem
over to other bodies, sometimes to the
cabinet, sometimes to boards, and
sometimes, as In this case, to committees. Uut all these bodies to which
we are invited to hand ovor our authority are not so directly responsible
to the people as wo are, and they
function In a way which prevents that
desirable publicity being shed on their
proceedings which is associated with
our deliberations and actions iii tills
"Now, there are two recommendations, and I propose to deal with them
separately. The first ono is to tho
effect that estimates may be sent to
a special or standing committee, hut
It provides that those estimates must
also go through our committee of
the whole hefore tliey have any legislative sanction. It appears to me, sir,
lhat on the face of it, if it does uot go
any further than that, it is a comparatively inocuous and, to tell the
truth, a somewhat feeble suggestion.
It reminds me of the epitaph on a
tombstone in an old English graveyard erected to the memory of a three-
year-old child. After stalling the particulars of the Infant's name and
death this doggerel follows:
"If so soon I would be done, for
"What on earth was I begun for?
"And it seems to me that if this innocuous recommendation does not
really go any fruther. and Is not Intended to. what on earth was it he
gun for.
"It will probably be said In th'.1
corse of this debate, and correctly so,
that In this method of dealing with
estimates has been a success ln the
case of the estimates for the Canadian
National Hallways. Uut the conditions ar entirely different there from
what they are In the action now proposed. The Canadian National Hail-
ways estimates represent wliat is entirely a national proposition. Broad
policies are discussed, you have Sir
Henry Thornton and his staff in attendance, and the leaders of the various groups in tlie house can readily
agree whether agree whether the policy Is a good one or not. But other
estimates are local estimates nnd so
to speak, specialized; think of thn
thousand and one items that comprise the agricultural estimates or
those of the marine and fisheries or
the Post Office Deportment—almost
any of the estimates in fact other than
the larger ones in connection with the
national railways. These Items require local knowledge to illuminate
them, as it were. As you know, the
procedure now is for the minister tc
explain the reason for the estimate
from the hook that is placed In front
of him. If further Information Is required, perhaps the over-burdened
memory of the deputy minister is
drawn on; hut in the last analysis
when it comes down to tho giving of
information for or against that particular Item, Is It not thc member for
the local district whose particular
knowledge Is relied on, and in the
special committee that local knowledge will be lacking except as it may-
he furnished by the few members
composing ihe committee, Now, if this
proposal to send estimates to a pri
vate committee Is to replace discus
slon in committee of the whole, then
lt is vicious, absolutely so. We are
told that that Is not now proposed,
hut I um very much afraid, sir, lhat It
ls the direction In which we will be
heading if we adopt this reioinmeudii-
tlon. it is unreasonable In itself unless it is Intonded logically to go further.
"However, to deal with what is absolutely before us. it is said to he
concurrent; that is to say, that the
discussion In the special committee
will he additional to the discussion
which will take place in this house.
In that case il will be useless; if It
Is useless It will bo wasteful and entirely unnecessary. Once upon a tim.?
an eastern potentate Who had captured a city proposed to burn a valuable
old library. On being remonstrated
with he said: Either these books support the Koran or they are opposed to
it. If they support it lhey aro unnecessary; if lhey oppose it they are
wicked. In either case they are superfluous. Thereupon he ordered the
library to be burned. Now, all wc obtain from this recommendation, provided It 1" not Intended to go any further, Ib that the overworked minister
—because he is busy at this season of
the year—aud his equally overworked
deputy—who Is also very busy—Bhall
(Continued on Tagc Four)
Mrs. Wllla -Mitchell of Grand Forks,
grand chief of the Pythian Sisters and
Mrs. Slaughter of Nanaimo, grand
senior, paid their official visit to the
Benevolent Temple Xo. '.•, last week.
The visiting ollicials received a warm
welcome from the local members. Mrs.
Canrey, M.B.B., on behalf of the lodge
presented Mrs. Miller with a silver
sugar and cream set.
Logging Co.
Offers Park
Site To City
Regular Meeting of Council Pass
Estimates for Year
Al this week's meeting of the City
Council a communication was read
from the Comox Logging and Railway
Company which g;ive great satisfaction to the city fathers. Mr. Fllberc,
of the Comox Logging Company wrote
the council re a piece of land at Comox Lake for a park site for the city
of Cumberland. The letter is dated
March titb and Is as follows;
Comox Logging and Hallway Co.,
Headquarters,  Vancouver  Island,
City Clerk, Cumberland, B.C.
Dear Sir:
"Kindly bring to the attention of
the proper city authorities the following:
"This Company owns tlie area on
Comox Lako through which the new
road traverses. Apparently the ne".*
road Is being constructed to permit
the establishment of a new camping
site. This cam]) site would necessarily be on thc property of this company.
"We have recently had application-
for purchase of lhat properly by Individuals, it might not be iu the best
Interest of Cumberland and vicinity
to permit this property to he privately owned.
if 'ho city of Cumberland would
be interested we might he prepared
to pre.ient to the City such an area :-.s
is deemed necessary for a park.
"Please invesiigate this matter and
advise disposition of the city.
"Comox Loglng and Hallway Co.,
"Per   H.  J.   FILBERG."
Tlie council was very much Interested in the matter and all the aldermen
expressed tlieir appreciation of the
Comox Logging and Hallway Company
for the offer, The city clerk was instructed to write to tho Company
stating that the council was deeply interested in the matter and thanking
the Logging Company for their generous offer. A committee will be appointed and In the very near future
interview Mr. Filberg when it lg hoped
a definite site cau be chosen.
Bills and accounts were referred io
the finance committee and If found
correct ordered to he paid. Tlie reports of the various committees were
also received, departmental heads all
reporting progress.
Other business included the presenting of the estimates for tho coming
year, which wero adopted as presented, and tlie receiving of the report of
Mr. Muirhead, who has heen engaged
by the city re the purchase of ;he
Electric Lighting Company's assets.
The matter of tho city grant to the
Cumberland General Hospital was also
discussed, when it was unanimously
deckled that the grant be tor the year
1029, $1000.
Estimate* t'or tlie year 1029
Exendlturos —City Clerk's Salary,
$500; Poll Clerk Salary, $25; Mayor
and Aldermen, fill'; Audit Fees, $10.);
Legal Fees. $5(111; Telephones, $00;
| Priming and Stationery, $5<I0; Street
j Lighting. $S20; Street Lighting He-
| piiirsj $inu; Postage and Rfsvtonuo
Stamps. $65; Water and Hydrant Rent
$200; Fuel, $80; Flection Expenses.
$77: Building Repairs, $:too; city clerk
Do ml, $5; Police Department, $2,iiL'0;
Health Department, $1800; Roltaf,
$880; Public Works Department, $!,■
noil; Stable, $7iio; Fire Department,
$500; Hospital Grant $1,000; Dona-
lions, $;iili); Poll Tax Commissions,
$12ii; Sundries. $25; making a total
of $14,080,
Receipts—Balance at Hank, $1003;
Taxes, general. $1S(!2; Dog Tax, $70;
Trade Licenses, $1150; Sundries, $5(1;
Piirlo-Mutuel, $520; .Motor Licenses,
$12ii0; Liquor Profits, $8,800; Poll Tax
$2300; making a totnl of $15,115.
Estimnled recipls over expenditures
Session Draws
To A Close
(Special to Cumberland Islander)
Victoria, B. C, March 13.—British
Columbia's seventeenth legislature
ends this week its first session, of
eight weeks' duration, with a slightly
better than average record of accomplishments In tlie redemption of preelection promises. Solution of the Pa-
cillc Great Eastern problem is measurably advanced by the authenticated enlistment of Canadian Pacific and
Canadian National co-operation in
shaping the future destinies of the
provincial road and the territories
it serves, as attested by their joining
with the local government and equal-;
ly sharing costs of a thorough survey
of the situation—also by the receipt of
definite offers of purchase of the road :
on better terms of the people who
own It. Futherance of agricultural industries and their extension by systematic colonization are established
through the newly.created Marketing
aud Colonization branches. Industrl-
al activity in inevitably stimulated by
the appropriation of a larger sum for j
new roads and bridges, repayable from !
motor fees and gasoline tax revenues, |
than in nny previous year In British '
Columbia's history. These works as
employment and purchasing factors
must further promote community pro«-
perlty. The innovation of ear-mark-1
ing $100,000 ot this lateBt road loan :
for mine development roads and trails |
and improvement of the mining laws
and regulations generally, will stimulate the growth of one great basic
Industry; whilo postponement of the
enforcement of higher scale timber
royalties will stabilize and foster another. Reorganization of the game
control department and extension of
new privileges to farmers In connection with raising and selling game
birds must work for more efficient and
more economical administration and
create a new and profitable by-product
i industry for dwellers ln rural areas.
The further spread of succession duty
! exemption and arrangements for a survey of all incidence of taxation pre-
decates substantial reductions in provincial levies when the recommendations attached to auch survey show
the way. The forthcoming abolition
of the Industrial and Land Settlement boards and other superfluous departments will make for lower government costs and charges. Provision
of access facilities for Strathcona Park
and for utilization ot the extensivo
waterpowers wiil go far toward expansion of tourist business and ot
large mining and other industrial enterprises on Vancouver Island; while
tbe authorization of the Canadian!
Northeastern Railway similarly will
make for immediate and permanent
good times in the vaster northland to
which the eyes of all America now ar-3
turned, by facilitating the opening of
mines and encouraging new industries
In Uie rich hinterlands. All in all it
has bcen a useful business session,
and therein worth its cost—firmly establishing the new Tolmie government
lu public confidence.
Colliery Official
Mourns Relative
Sister of Mr. Thomas Graham
Died Thursday
MrB. Jean Graham, sister of Mr.
Thomas Graham, consulting engineer
of tbe Canadian Collieries and Western Fuel Corporation of Canada, died
Thursday morning at the residence of
her brother. The deceased was for
a number of years a resident of Cumberland, moving over to the mainland
a few years ago with her son, Mr.
Charles Graham. She had bcen in poor
health for some time and In January
came to visit her brother, Mr. Thomas
Graham. During hor residence in
Cumberland ,the deceased lady became
very well liked and her many friends
In the district will sympathize with
the family in her loss. She was a
native of Waterside, Ayrshire, Scotland, aud has been a resident of B.C.
for upwards of twent-one years. The
funeral will take place on Sunday.
March 17th at 2:15 p.m. from the
undertaking parlors of Mr. T. E.
Banks for service in the Cumberland
United Church at 2:30 with the Rev.
J. R. Hewitt, pastor officiating. Interment will take place in the Cumberland Cemetery and ft Is announced j
from the undertaking parlors taht no ;
flowers he sent.
Expansion Is
(Special to Cumberland Islander)
Victoria, March 13.—Undoubtedly
the utilization of Campbell River power primarily guarantees rapid expansion   of   mining   and   paper   milling
■ large scale operations and the establishment of a Coasi Smelter by which
a fuller measure of the profit of British Columbia's mineral output will bc
kept nt home. Further it would Been)
to point* to later economical electrification of Vancouver Island railway*
and their extension to Quatslno, giving a time-saving rail connection for
trans-Pacific trade. Similarly, construction of tiie Canadian Nortbeast-
1 em to Fort Graham and its ultimate
extension  thence to a junction with
, the Edmonton, Dunvegan & British
Columbia road and through that road
: to the Canadian Pacific's direct line
[ to Chicago  may  produce  a two-day
I time saving for Oriental-American
exchange of products which means
millions of dollars gained In silk
handling alone. It also means removal
of the isolation of Alaska and an era
I of renewed activity for that Territory,
with reflected advantage to the business Interests of British Columbia, hy
linking by the most direct route the
hub of United States commerce with
the Alaskan town of Hyder.
Officers on tlio Reserve of Officers
Canadian Militia or Retired List, Canadian Militia, are notified lhat In order to have ther names retained on
these lists it Is necessary for them to
report in writing to the District Officer Commanding, Military Headquar-
; tors No. 11, Esquimau, B. C, on or
t hefore the first of April next, giving
; address for the curent year. Those
j falling to report will be struck off thr
j the list In question.
Mr. Arthur Gatz, the well known j
barber, has returned to Cumberland,
after a residence in Vancouver cover-
ing the past five years. Mr. Gatz has
again started business for himself in
Cumberland and haa been busy during
the past two weeks meeting a large
number of his old friends and patrons.
He was in business for himself in |
Vancouver for a few years, but decid-;
ed after being under the doctor's care
for a few weeks to return here. He j
has taken over the store lately occu- j
pled by, and still known as Rickson's
store, where he will be pleased to1
welcome old friends and new.
Ou Wednesday evening the ladies
bridge club met at the home of Mra.
MacNaughton. Bach player represented a tree ,and partners did not
play more than one hand together,
each person moving lo a different
table every hand. Those present Included Mrs. Hicks, Miss Sehl, Miss
Tarbell, Mrs. Mumford, Mrs. Conway,
Mrs. Bryan, Mrs. Graham, Mrs. Dick,
Mrs. Clinton, Mrs. Cameron, Mra.
Eadie, Mrs. Shortt. Mrs. Nunns, substituting tor Mrs. Stevens, Miss Burroughs, Mrs. Murray and Mrs. Cope
were Miss Galllvan. Mrs. Jeffrey and
Mrs. Wing.
Miss Jean MacNaughton and Miss
Alice Simms, whose birthdays occur
on the fourteenth and fifteenth of
March respectively, celebrated tbe
occasion of their seventeenth birthday
on Thursday. Miss Simms and Jean
MacNaughton are room-mates at St.
Margaret's Boarding School. Twenty
two guests sat down to a table daintily
decorated with paddy green streamers
aud St. Patrick's place cards. At each
end of the table a birthday cake bearing green candles were very eft'etive
while the favours were placed In petal
shaped paddy green baskets.
The guests of honour were Mrs.
Spurgeon, principal of St. Margaret's
and Mrs. Russel, secretary.
On Friday last ,the teachers and
pupils of the High and Public schools
held a charming St. Patrick's Tea In
aid of the cement tennis court fund.
On entering the school one was greeted by home cooking and candy stalls
heaped with goodies and effectively
set off with green and white decorations. Tea was served in the domestic
science room, the tables being centred
with yellow daffodils. The large attendance showed Iho Interest taken
by tbe people in this cause, and a
very substantial sum wns realized.
There was an unusally large attendance nt tho "traps" of the Cumberland Hod and Gun Club on Sunday
morning last aud again In the afternoon. In adllion lo a large umber of
members participating In the shoot,
a large number of spectators also enjoyed the sport. The only draw-hack
as Tar ns we could see was the number of young boys crowding thn
shooters. A fenco should he built
and all those not taking part in the
shoot should not be allowed to advance beyond tlie fence, Tbe sport
Is evidently in for a prosperous time
if the enthusiasm displayed the last
two week ends is maintained.
On Saturday night the B.E.S.L, Legion held a whist drive and dance
in the G.W.V.A. hull in aid of one of
their members. Twenty-five tables of
whist were In play, the prize winners
being ladies' flrst, Mrs. Lockhart;
ladies' second, Mrs. Conti; men's first
Mr. Schmidt; men's second, Mr. A.
Gray. Refreshments were served and
one of the largest crowds yet seen In
tho Veterans' ball attended the dance.
Whippets IMeut Young
People's Club 7-6 Games.
On Monday evening the YoungPeo-
pla's Badminton club visited the Whippets club to play a series of friendly
matches. The Whippets, who lost to
their opponents In a previous match,
this time won by one match, the games
being seven to six and the points 143
to 138. Some close and Interesting
games were played, the results of
which were as follows, tho Young
People's club being mentioned  first:
Male Minimum
Wage Act In Re=
Built Form Will
Be Introduced
Industries   to   Be   Included   at
Request of Employees
Workers   May   Apply   Secretly   for
Hoard'* Intervention
(By Ilruee Hutchinson)
VICTORIA, March 14—The Male
Minimum Wage Act, inoperative for
some months will be entirely rebuilt
hy the Legislature In the next few
days, it was learned at the Parliament
Sweeping amendments to the act.
constituting virtually a new statute
and affecting thousands of workers
all over British Columbia, will he introduced by C. F, Davie. Conservative
Cowichnn-Nowcastle, who was largely Instrumental In securing the enactment of tlie legislation originally. He
will be supported by Conservatives
generally, it is understood.
The chief features of the new act,
It was learned, will be as follows:
1. The board administering tlie law
will not he compelled to fix minimum
wages for all industries, as it Is under the present act, but Instead, Is
bound to do so if any employee in any
industry asks for this Intervention.
Iu this case the board may fix a minimum wage for the class of work affected, and not for any otber class of
labor employed In the industry. Different wages may be Ilxed in different
parts of the province, according to
the cost of living and similar conditions.
2. The board of its own accord may
intervene and fix wages for any class
of employees without application from
them, where It considers this step
Employees Mil) Act Secretly
Ii, Names of employees applying for
the board's  Intervention need not he
revealed If they desire to remain unknown for fear of losing their jobs.
4. Appeals against and decision of
the board may bo made to any county
court or supreme conn Judge. At
present the hoard's rulings are final.
Basis of Time Varies
5. Wages ma., be fixed on a weekly,
monthly, daily or hourly basis. At
present they are fixed by tbe hour, an
arrangement considered unfair in the
case of some classes of employees,
who are on duly for long hours without actually working all this time.
With these amendments passed, tb-j
wage statute wilt be In operation
All orders fixing minimum wages in
the lumbering and catering Industries
were rejected as invalid by tbe courts,
and as a result the statute Is In a
state of suspended operation. The
courts objected to the hoard's orders
on the ground that they fixed wages
for whole Industries, instead of furl
individual occupations. This view
will be Implemented in the new legl-i-
latlon, under which ihe hoard will intervene only to fix wages for indlvd-
ual occu pat Ions, where it considers
such steps necessary. In other words
no blanket orders fixing wages for
largo Industries Ilk' lumbering will
be undertaken.
Mill WIN Puss
The following is a late wire r
ed Just  before going to press:
Victoria, B.C.,  March  16,
Islander, Cumberland.
Davies- Minimum wage bill providing tor fixing minimum wages In any
Industry on application by any worker will carry in House. It provides
that identity of applicant may be kept
secret but board is not deprived of
Mixed Double))
Miss C. MacKinnon and C. Horwood j
won from Miss J Graham and C, Grn- j
hnm, 16*11; Miss A. Watson and s
Mann won from Miss J, Boffey nnd ;
W. Bennie, 1S-S; Miss p. Hunden and |
0, Brown won from Miss V Aspesy
and N. Fretono, lfi-5; Miss V, Auch-.
terlollle and D. Lockhart wnn from
Miss F. Sehl and C. Parnham. 15-11;
Miss A. Mann aud W. Brown lost to I
Miss It. Dando and .1. Williams. 8-16;
Miss N, Parnham and J. Aucbterlonle
lost to Miss J. Graham and \V. Whyte,:
[fl-lfi; Miss K Hunden and G. Brown
' lost to Miss V. Awposv and C, Graham,
| 1-10.
Ladles*  Double*.
Miss V. Auchlerlonle and Miss A.1
' Mann won from Miss F. Sehl and .Miss
III. Dando. 16-10; Miss C. MacKinnon
land Miss N, Parnham won from Miss*
I J. Graham and Miss .1. Boffey, 16-1;
Miss B. Hu den and Miss P. Hunden
lost to Miss V. Aspesy and Miss B.
: Dando, 12-15.
Men's Doubles
' D. Lockhart and O. Drown lost to
N, Frelone and ('. Graham, 13-16; W.
Hrown and J. Auchterlonle lost to C
Parnham aud W, Whyte, 10-15; C.
Horwood and H. .Mann lost to W, lien-
Dlo and ,1   Williams, 6-16.
! A meeting ofthe tennis court coin-
iniltto was held in the school, Messrs,
i MacKinnon, Henderson. McLellan and
Mrs. Partridge being present. Prices
, of llie various materials were Invest!-
; gated and II was finally decided to
| buy all materials through tlie Comox
; Creamery, The courts will be laid
i by day labour.
Sudden Death
Of Mrs. Tarrj
Funeral Wednesday from United
On Saturday last ;n ber resilience
In Went Cumberland, ths> [loath or-'
c'urnd very suddenly of Mrs. Mary
Ann Tiirr. wife (if Mr, Win. Tarr. Tbo
deceased lady waa in ber sixty-third
year and on ibe day preceeding her
ilenih was walking aboul apparently
In her usual boalth nd spirit and hor
demis, como as a shock to her many
friends it) tbe district.
The r ulns of Ibe late Mrs. Mary |
Ann t.i;t were laid lo rest on Wednesday In the Cumberland Cemetery.
Tho cortege proceeded from the mil
dortakh b parlors to the United church |
where services weie conducted by the |
Rev, J. Ii  Hewitt.   Two hymns, "Jesus  Lover  of  My  Soul"  and  "Nearer
My God  to Thee" were huiik.    The
members of Review No. 17 W.B.A. at
tended  in a  body,
Tbo lull-hearers were: .Messrs. R.
Struthers, J. Ellis, T. MacMillan. E
Williams. S. Williams. Jr.
The late Mrs. 'tarr was bom In Sydney .Mines. N.S. sixty-two years ng.i
and lias beon a resident of Cumberland for the Past 10 years. Thore are
left to mourn her loss, ber husband.
Mr. Win. Tarr. hor sons, Harry of
Cumberland and Win. Forrest of Los
Angeles, two daughters. Mrs. E. Haley. Medicine lint. Alia and Mrs. H.
Vickcrs. Sydney Mines. N.S. and four
sisters. Mrs. Kinhletoii, Courtenay,
Mrs. McCullOllgh, San Jose. Cal.. Mrs.
Morrison, Sydney Mines, N.s., Mrs.
Tooney. Sydney .Mines. N.S. and one
grand-daughter, Mrs. McKay. Campbell RiVer.
The following are the llornl tributes:
Pillow- Dad, Harry and Blod.
Wreaths- Sam Williams and family.
Cumberland Review No. 17 W.B.A..
Lndies* Aid United Church, Mr, and
Mrs, Wm. Merrifield.
Cross Canadian Daughters League,
No. ii. Courtenny.
Sprays- Jack Gillespie, .Mr. and
Mrs. Ed. Williams. Mr. and Mra Robert Struthers ami Rotll, Mr and Mrs.
T. MacMillan ami family, .Mr. Jas.
Ellis ami family, Mr. and Mrs. 11. M,
Brown and Oeorge, Mrs. Wbltohouse
ami Hilly, Royston,
Maynard Cup
Is Presented
Successful   Smoker   Winds   Up
Crib League for
All the clubs 111 the Cumberland
District Cribbage League met at tho
Veterans' hall on Friday evening lasi
and celebrated the ending of the cribbage season with a very successful
smoker. The early part of tho evening was devoted lo a short name of
crib with all teams participating. Mr.
W. Henderson was In the chair and
in calling a halt during the card game
slated Hie real reason for the gathering that night: the presenting ot the
Maynard cup to the Cumberland City
team, champions of the league for
1MS-29 and the winding up of the
league until next fall. Very briefly
tho chairman went over the activities
of thc league since Its inception and
ill handing over the cup to Mr. W. P.
Symons. captain of tho city team, congratulated them on having their name
Inscribed on tlle cup amongst the
oilier champions. Mr. Symons thanked tbem all for their good wishes and
sincerely hoped that next season would
bo even more successful than the one
Just finished and said his team would
be out to defend the cup against the
best llie district could produce. Tho
cup was then taken to a secret place
and received its usual "bath" after
which It was miod and handed rouud,
tbe members present thoroughly enjoying the special blend of Creme de
Pickard with wblch the cup wns filled.
An Impromptu concert followed aud
several of the members made short
speeches; refreshments were served
solid and liiiuid, the former being In
tlie capable hands of Mann's bakery
whilst ihe latter was in charge ot.o
"select" committee. Those contributing to the programme were as follows with "Buck" Gibson 111 bis impersonations being the stnr turn of
evening; Messrs. Goodali. "Buck" Glb-
s  A.  Maxwell.  F.  J.  Dalby,  R. T.
Hrown, S. Dough, J. L. Hrown, A. Kay,
E. T. Searle. T. Robertson. It. Gibson,
J. Miller. S. Miller. P, Watson, J. Robertson, J. Cameron. W. Symons. W.
McMillan and W. Younger.
A hearty vote of thanks was tendered the chairman for tlie excellent
manner in which be had conducted
the proceedings. Tlie party broke
up at midnight with ihe singing ot
"Auld Lang.Syne.'
(Special io Cumberland Islauderi    j
Victoria March lit. - One of ihe most
spectacular debates of the session may,
confidently be looked ror during Its j
final week, arising 0111 of investigation
now   tin ling   ol"   Liquor   Control i
Hoard operations, which may lie tak-
on :is foi'O-sliadowtllg wide reforms ill ;
ibis much whispered about depan-
meni. The Inquiry Irom its Initiation
has evoked frenzied protests from tho
Opposition side, representative of the
late administration. These are not'
to he wondered a' in the light ot preliminary disclosures: That a man
should have heen for years employed
as a confidential secret service worker reporting direct to ihe Attorney
General on political aa well as crime,
condition,! in Vancouver, while at the
same lime tin],lint; and exercising a
commission as ;( justice of tiie peace
could hardl.s   have been droamed of
as   possible   lis    Hie   ceneral   public
or that t.e getitlot ngaged as the
Attorney General's private secretary,
ami paid it's such hy tlie people, should
hnv'o boon nt Hie same time ii) receipt
of a second salary as "Operative H".
of the I.liiuor Control Hoard's secret
Maternity Benefits
To be Investigated
(Special to Cumberland islander)
Victoria, March 13.—During the ap-
proaching legislative recess It la arranged that a Royal Commission of
live House members will thoroughly
Investigate 'be complex question of
maternity benefits and state health
insurance on a contrlbutlve basis, by
which it is hoped ami expected a plan
may be worked out thai will largely
benefit the Industrial community and
In thy last analysis reduce general
government costs hy lessening the
burden of hospital and kindred
charges. This Innovation will, how
ever, necessitate extremes! caution In
its ap roach, since costs of each new
paternalistic service add to the taxation totals, and British Columbia already Is committed very generously
in such fields. The necessity Tor sucn
caution is emphasized by the fact that
us regards Old Age Pensions, author!
ties are lu agreement that Ibe federal
cu-nperativ,. legislation as at   present
existing is unconstitutional, ami If
means he not found for Its corrections
within safe bounds of the Uritish North
America An, the Canadian magna
chiii!.., nu additional million dollars
yearly would be Imposed on the lie.
Treasury to maintain Old Ago Pensions payments as now disbursed.
E. & N. Branch Lines
To Tap Island Timber
New Branch Lines Would Affect
This District
Ottawa, March 12. The Esqul-
miilt and Nanaimo Railway 1)111 which
will come back beforo the House for
lho third reading shortly, will bc referred   back   to   the committee  of  the
whole house for amendments, If tbe
procedure follows thc notice of motion on the order paper by A. W. Neill.
Independent.    Comox-Alberni.      The
bill is to allow extension of tbe line
to lap Vancouver Island timber lands,
Amendments suggested will permit
branches being constructed from u
point   on   thi'   main   line   near   Great
Central Lake to Comox Lake via tho
valley of the Ash Kiver and from a
point on the main line near Sproat
Lake to Long Hench on the west coast
of Vancouver Island via Sprout Lake
ami Taylor River.
Considerable interest is being taken
In the Music Festival to be held at
Nunalmo on April 2A-2G. Mr. E. W.
Bickle has presented a gold medal for
competition and silver medals have
been presented by Mr. W, Merrifield.
Mr, R U Hurford and Mr R. C. Ung. PAGE TWO
The Cumberland Islander
Railway Company deserve of the citizens of Cumberland, the best possible co-operation.
THK OFFER of the Comox Logging and Railroad Company, through Mr, Filbcrg, of a site
at Comox Lake, suitable t'or Park purposes, to the
city of Cumberland is a most generous one and
one which the city lathers apreciated very much
at the council meeting on Monday night, lt means
that for all time, a suitable camping place will
be available at Comox Lake, able to cater to the
resident and tourist. Comox Lake has more than
the much vaunted Forbidden Plateau, that is from
a scenic standpoint, as a trip up the Cruikshank
River and un up lo the Glacier will easily prove.
MEMBERS of the opiwltion al Victoria who when their I
pany were In power could not come within twenty
or thirty millions ot' the fact in statements of the provincial |
debt, are now eloquent in criticism not only ot their successors In oltico, but, also of the professional accountants
who had been endeavoring to find out from the muddled
books what is the real financial position of the province.
They complain of ihe provincial audit now in progreBa, |
and say that it is to tost forty thousand dollars whereas j
the late government audited their Conservative preileces-1
uora at a cost of only fifteen thousand.    Accepting this i
statement of relative cost, Is it something to boast about j
that the accounts left by the late government are so con-
fusing that  it takes forty thousand dollars worth of ac-1
coutanta time to check and verify them?
Ii is to be hoped there is substance in the report that!
I the ridiculous capitalization of the federal subsidy la to
I be removed from the head of the statement of alleged
provincial assets.   This subsidy is In aid of the cost ot j
I government; and if the aid Is to be multiplied by twenty'1
1 and set down as an asset so should  the annual cost of',
Not only will the camp site at the lake be an I governmoat be ti
incentive tu the tourist to linger here awhile, but I would ho abBurd,
will be of great benefit to tlu* many loggers who it j ample dismissal.
is expected will be located at Comox Lake during1 	
the next few years. '    We have little t
tatetl  In  the  liability  column,    Whlcb
aa the late .Mr. Euclid would say In
-The British Columbian.
omeption in Canada of the work being
It has been suggested that it be built at Jock's | Hone In Great Britain on scientific research in coal. Leeds
Point, adjacent to the new road, and which it is
expected will be in the area of the proposed gift,
so that the employees ot the Logging Company
can come down the lake, tie up at the wharf and
be very easily transported in to Cumberland.
Whilst complete arrangements for the site have
not been completed, we do not see any prospect
of a hitch occurring and the Comox Logging and
University is constructing a new mining building as thi [
ilrst a new set of college structures to cost $5,000,000. j
Yorkshremen the world ovor are contributing to the cost. |
W. Harrison, of tbe Inveresk Paper Co.. has contributed
$5000 and undertaken to raise another $100,000. Such arc
the sacrifices being made to keep the motherland in the
van ol progress In science and Industry.
Mining and industrial  Record.
Newest Easter
Styles in Ladies'
Spring and
Summer Coats
Easier   Novelties   in   Ladies
Ties, Lace Collars, Lace Frills
and Collar and Cuff Sols and
Crepe-de-Chene and Gerogette
Crepe  Scarfs  in  the   Newest
designs and color- (dj"|   HP
Special at...  «P1»I O
N( velty Sport Sweaters and
Sweater Coats
Only choice leaves grown at high altitudes
go into the blending of Blue Ribbon Tea.
That is why its flavour is so uniformly excellent. Insist upon getting it from your grocer—refuse substitutes of inferior quality.
"The King Of Kings"
ll) JenJiIo MiicplierKiMi
The Healer from Nazareth
On a certain Friday eve, 1,000 years
ago, Mary ,the famous Galilean queen
of beauty, sped from her banquet ball
of Magdala and in her zebra-drawn
chariot went to the abode oi a Healer
at Capernaum.
"Where   is   this   Carpenter?"   she
scornfully asked.
Mary had learned that her favorite
Judas, of Kerioth. was now the follower of an iterant wonderworker
and preacher, llie artisan Jesus cf
Nazareih, and she bad vowed tn win
him back. Peter, the giant Fisherman
at the door, would have slopped her,
Hut he was stayed by a Voice from
above. Haughtily ascending the stair,
she encountered Judas, and with an
Imperious Inquiry, "Where is this .Man
who holds thee from Mary ot Magdala?" looked beyond hlm to the Por-
bou who had wrought his Indifference
to her.
"1 that speak unto you am He!"
The words came trom a Divine Man
at the far corner of the room, who
Ilxed his eyes on her and looked deep
Into the blackness nf her hear'
Against that solemn accusative gaze
she tried vainly to contend. Thrice
she circled around the white-robed
Figure, at laat broke in abject defeat I
and put forth her hnnt#. as if to beg]
for mercy.
Seven Devils Cast Uut
Mary knew herself to be a convicted
sinner. The seven devils ot lust, avarice, pride, envy, indolence, self-indulgence, anger, left her forever. She
knelt at the feet ofthe Man of Xaza-1
reth and bogged forgiveness.
When she rose It was a new woman
I Among the patients that day was
ii boy. John Mark who was cured of
lameness. The little boy Joyful 1>
threw away his crutch. Accidentally
it struck the turban of a Pharisee, one
Simeon, who as a spy of the Might.
Priest bad been watching the rise of
the New Teacher and Healer.
Simeon and bis fellow spies, Annas;
and   Malchus.   plotted   to   catch   the;
Healer in violation of the ancient Law
or Torah.   "Let us watch him," they
said,   "whether   He   undertakenth   to
| heal on the Sabbath Day!"
*      *      •      *
j    Judas, the worldly disciple, waited;
i for Mary Magdalene down at the gate..
;    "Mary," explained Judas, "the rea- j
son I have left thy side to follow the
Carpenter Is because He ts going to j
be  King!    Consider  tbe  wealth  and
honor I can bring lo thee."
Swiftly she moved away from him
I after her sweet confession:  "I care
1 not for that Kingdom whereof thou
speakest!    For He Ib tar above all
principalities and  powers and might
and dominion and every man that Is
named and   He   hath   made   me
Mabbalh Healing
Led by John Mark, al ittle blind girl
made her way to the back window of
the House of Miracles,
The boy lifted the girl up and
through the opening. The Mother of
Jesus, who had been variedly busy
weaving and caring for her doves,
received the child in her arms. In answer io the girl's plea, "Please can
you tell me whore He Is?" the Mother
took her to her Hon, and there the
Healer restored the sight to the poor
i ported   the  Pharisees  to  the  High I
Priest, Caiaphas. "But we dare not i
; seize him" .... Later, anger changed ]
| to glee in the High  Priest's eyea as
he thought of a way to entrap Jesus,:
who  was   a   penniless  itinerant.    It i
seemed unlikely that He could pay the'
■ poll tox. A squad of Roman legion-
I aires were sent to His stopping placo :
| near tbe Sen of Galilee under the or-'
ders of Matthew, the tax collector, and
\ Simeon, the Hierarchy's agent, When
I the collector demanded the denarius
'. or penny due to Rome tbo disciple**
: were nonplussed and aghast. But Jesus quietly bade Peter:
"(io thou to the sea and cast a book
and take up the flsh which first cometh
up!" j
The fisherman disciple obeyed the j
command.   Greatly to hia own aston-
Ishcment. ho brought up at the end
of his line a fish in the mouth of which
glistened a coin.
In the Oold Fishery
The legionaires were as astonished
as was Peter.   They too baited hooks
caught llsh, dropped them; but alas,
tbere was no treasure InBlde.
The coin found by Peter was handed |
to  the collector,  Matthew, a native
Galilean, who converted by tbe mir.; their ears altogether. The only method
acle, became the follower of Jesus and ' °' signals effective today, they de-
Hlg twelfth desclple. iclare, is that of visual warnings, bo
On His Judea mission Jesus and accustomed have the motorists ot
the disciples oft found pleasant by- both Canada and the United States
ways through the olive groves. The become to driving under the control
seasonal event of olive picking was a of signals to the eye.
delightful frolle to the boys and girls      The w& of Hlmis on  locomotives
New Prints, fast colors, in t,ie newest
patterns at per yard 	
Printed Broadcloths in a large variety of
designs at 3 yards for	
Cotton Crepes (best quality) in all shades
at 3 yards for 	
Men's "Fashion-Craft" maoto-mcasurc Clothing, a
large selection of new Spring Samples to choose from.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Newest Styles in Men's Hats, Caps and Shirts.
Easter Novelties in Men's Neckwear and Belts
Newest Lasts in Men's Black and Tan Calf Oxfords.
that   tho   motorists   have   discarded
that stood forth—the repentant Mag- afflicted eyos. making one of the least
dalenoe — henceforward   the   adoring °[ ti\> children supremely happy,
servant of her helovod Master. ■    "II>' has offended the Sahhalh," re-
ALEX. MAXWELL, Proprietor
Autos for Hire.    Coal and Wood Hauling given very
prompt attention.    Furniture and Piano
Storage if desired.
Phones 4 and KI Cumberland, B. C.
of the country. All the children ran
toward Jesus when they goi to tho
"Annoy not the Master!" Judas Intervened.
"Sny no more!" smiled the Saviour,
Motorists Cut Listen
Out Of Safety
It used to he Stop! Look! and Listen! Perhaps It still should be. Perhaps there would not he so many dead
and sorry motorists IC it was, But
the claims agents of the Canadian National Kail ways, who handle claims
arising out of crossing accidents say
instead of whistles was suggested the
other day as a means of preventing
crossing accidents. The Canadian National Hallways have made consistent
experiments In an attempt to give the
drivers on the highways thc maximum
of warning of aproachlng engines. The
whistle has been moved from place
to plaee—once It "was mounted in
front of the smokestack— to see It the
sound could be made to carry farther,
and sirens have been tried. On the
new oil electric locomotives of tho
system a compressed air hooter has
heen installed.
The difficulty remains that no sound
Is loud enough to warn a careless
driver In a closer car, and now the
suggestion has come that a strong
beam light pillar be erected ln the
middle  of the  highway  approaching
: $£}' rS '•}' 'iJ-'.ZE.'CVl
•i railway crossing, a lamp post with
a curb around It that will give tho
foolish driver a jolt If he Insists on
crashing Into lt.
More than 25 per cent of crossing
accidents on the Canadian National
Railways In 192S were caused by drivers of automobiles and other vehicles
running into the side of engines and
In every sorts of building materials,
windows, noons
Royston Lumber Co.
PHOMFQ I ^',p'11 ttWs'.  184X Courtonay
[ omce: 169 Cumberland
HI ■■IIHIMI ■!■!!■	
trains. In somo cases, with a perfect-
1 ■ clear vision of the trnek on botn
sides  of the  highway  and   with  the
ed and the bell ringing, automobiles
have been driven Into the Hide of the
train as far as 20 or 30 tars behind
locomotive whistle having been sound-  the locomotive.
■^$i!^£\}17?. V£V~<'. V'< ';'A;JA".'jA:->.'A':1":A '<! "'• ■: '';T Al'Vi^f V'ii;*^lA'*^^;I7'Ai!l;ii7iA^Til!T;1'^i:7.:7V-." v".; .'^"••:VK'JV!-l1--''i
Save on Quality
Your dinner will be a success when you serve Meat
of such supreme tenderness.
Wilcock & Co. Ltd
Phone 66 Cumberland
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2 Heinz Tomato Soup 	
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The Dairy
We Deliver
,* ^Egi^j^^^MKfflgi^g^^^L^^B^^^
A Thins
nf Beavly
Is a Joy
for Ever
A Neapolitan
Love Lyric
Never such soul-stirring love scenes!       Never such nerve-tingling drama!
Never such eye-feasting beauty!
Never such magnificent screen entertainment as "Street Angel"!
Thursday, Friday and Saturdy
March the 14th, 15th and 16th
IlO-Ilo  Theatre  Cumberland FRIDAY, mauch l.,. 1029
Dominion of Canada Income Tax Information Reports
Are due March 31, 1929
This advertisement is directed tot
[ far Trustee s M
fir Corporations jjj
Two   s,s Unities   Encompasses   Nnine'
lls'sinirlint Two l.li I Type
fur Activities
Do not incur the penalties which the taw imposes for delay.
What is Required of
Persons Acting as
All trustees, executors, administrators, assignees, receivers or persons
acting in a fiduciary capacity are required to make a detailed return cf the
income of the estate or trust which
they represent.
This return should be made on Form
What is Required of
Each employer in Canada must make
a return giving particulars of salaries,
wages, commissions, fees, bonuses
and other remuneration of all direc-
Locations of Income Tax
Inspectors of Dominion Income Tax
are located in convenient places
throughout Canada They will
comply promptly with written requests
for information. They will supply you
with the proper forms upon which to
make returns. Consult the Income
Tax Office nearest to you. Address
"Inspector of Dominion Income Tax."
The offices are at:
Hnlifisi Nosrss Scotlss
E-sissl John New Brunswick
Quebec City Quebec
Montreal Quebec
Ottawa Ontario
Kingston Ontario
Belleville Ontario
Toronto Ontario
Hamilton Ontario
London Ontario
Fort William Ontario
Winnipeg Manitoba
Region Saskatchewan
Prin.e Albert Sn,kntrhewan
Saskatoon Saskatchewan
Calgary Atbtna
Edmonton Alberta
Van, ouver British Columbia
Daw.on Yukon Territory
tors, officials, agents, employees, professional men or other persons who
received $1,000 or more during the
calendar year 1928, and who were
paid at a rate of wage or salary (including bonus) equal to $1,500 or
more per annum during the same
Employers should ask for Form T4.
What is Required of
Every corporation in Canada is required to file a return of its dividends
or shareholders' bonuses paid or
credited during the calendar year
This return should be made on Form
Qet Your Forms at Once I
Blank forms may be obtained by writing your nearest Inspector of Dominion Income
Tax, or Postmaster, or the Income Tax Division, Department of National Revenues
Ottawa.   The addresses of inspectors are given herewith.   Full instructions appear on
each form.
Do not delay because of the absence of officials who generally sign such reports.   Any
responsible member of a firm or corporation, or any person acting as agent for the trustee,
may sign these returns and so avoid the penalty.
March 31 is the last day for making information reports required under the Income
War Tax Act.
The Income Tax Division respectfully asks for the fullest cooperation of taxpayers required by law to make these returns.
The Department of National Revenue
Honourable W. D. EULER,
Minister of National Revenue.
Income Tax Division
ConualMioner of Income Tu.
A. W. Neill In
Vigorous Talk
its cost  wns nearly
lars.     World-wide   li
manifested  in "Um 1
us a photoplay und it
«mI tar and wiil.- as
pretentious super-bin
  i Universal.
Sir  Robert Thomas.  Liberal  mem-'	
ber from Anglesea, has culled alien-'
tion   in   the   Mouse   of   Commons   toj
the   remarkable   fact   that   a   village!
with   the   highly   polysyllabic   name1
of Uanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerych-i
.vyrndrobdrobwllllandysiliogogngueh.   i
is pronounced Llanfuir.   The plnce ia j
also known as Unnfair P.G. and is a'
favorite holiday resort on the beauil-'
ful isle of Anglesea.   It used to be i
t'avorlte pastime for  holiday  folk  t
get  the  boatmen  out   In   the   Menu
Stralis and when under the Tubule
Bridge   get   them   to   pronounce   th'
ibove weird  name, containing slxtj
nie letters.   It's a good job the Cun
berland  residents don't   have  to  pre
lounce the name.
Although it takes two lines of typ
to spell, it is to bave an English pos,
muster.     Inconvenience.   Sir   llohei
said, had arisen because some villager
could speak nu English and the post
master .it is reported, knows no Welsh
it million dol-
rest is being
Tom's Cabin",
being heraldic of ihe most
ever made hy
from Fa
e One)
be compelled to
go over
all  their 0;-
s,   on,,   hj
cue.   in
■e  ill  the
the   fullest
special   pri-
shall    i
call   it  thc
committee? — and
in  llie lu
1 light o
ihis house.
use will that  be t
anybody ii
ie work is don
■ l wiee?
Tht- answer
as a
ready bee
given h
Uie mover
ml w
ill  he give
i will short-
.)   tl
e  debate
ti   committee   of  tlu
That is
til right
sir, as re-
tlie   i.stillliites   ot"   l
ie Canadian
ISLAND POWER COMPANY LIMITED, whose address is 1016 Langley
btreet, Victoria, British Columbia,
will appl.. for a license for the storage
of 4uu,uu0 acre feet of water out of
Bu.tle Lake, tributary to Campbell
River, also known as Buttle Lake,
which Hows in a northerly direction
aud drains into Discovery Passage
d.,out one mile north of Campbell
itiver Post Office, Sayward District.
The Btorage dam will be located at
the natural outlet of Buttle Lake,
ihe capacity of the reservoir to be
cea-ed is about 400,000 acre feet,
and it will flood about 1SU0 acres
of land. The water will be diverted
iioui the stream at a point about
17,500 leet due north from the 125
mile post E. & N. Land Grant Bound-
airy and will be used for power purpose upon the laud described as lota
51 and 8!t, Sayward District, Vancouver Island, contingent upon the completion of final surveys (and among
others, those lands iu Comox District,
Esquimalt and Nanaimo Land Grant
in Strathcona Park area, lying in
Nootka and Clayouuot Districts.} The
license applied for is to supplement u
right to take and uso water as per
application of even dale. This notice
was posted on the ground on the sixteenth day of February, 1029, A copy
of this notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the "Water Act"
will be filed in tbe office of iho Water
Recorder at the City of Nanuimo. British Columbia. The petition for the
approval of the undertaking will be
heard in the office of the Board of
Investigation under the "Water Act'
at a date to he fixed. Objections to
the application may be Hied with thc
Bald Water Recorder, or with tho
Comptroller of Wator Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, British Columbia, within thirty days after the
flrst appearance of this notice in a
local newspaper. The territory within which the applicant will exorcise
its powers in respect of the undertaking will be throughout Vancouver
Island. The date of the first publication of this notice is Friday. March 1st,
By G. M. TRIPP, Director
Agent for Applicant.
J ED, whose address is 1016 Langley
Street,   Victoria.   British    Columbia,
j will apply for license for the storage
of 238,000 acre feet of water out of
j Upper Campbell Lake, Campbell River (Comox Dislrict), also known as
Upper Campbell Lake which Hows iu
a northerly direction and drains into
Discovery Passage, about one mile
north of Campbell River Post Office,
Sayward District. The Storage dam
will be located at the natural outlet
j of Upper Campbell Lako. The capacity of the reservoir to be created is
about  23S.000   acre   feet   and   ft   will
j flood about 3700 acres of land. The
water will he diverted from the stream
at a point about 1000 feet south ol
the south boundary of block 12!) and
north boundary of block 120, Comox
District, and will be usod for power
purpose upon the land described as
lots 51 and SO. Sayward District, Vancouver Island, contingent upon tho
completion of final surveys. The License applied for is to supplement n
right to tako and use water as per
application of oven date. This notice
was posted on tho ground on tho fifteenth day of February, 1329. A copy
of this notice and nn application pursuant thereto and to the "Witter Act"
will he filed in tlio office of the Water
Recorder at the City of Nanaimo, British Columbia. Tho petition for the
approval of the undertaking will he
heard in the office of the Hoard of Investigation under the "Water Act" at
a date to he Ilxed. Objections lo thu
application may bo filed with the said
Wator Recorder or wilh Iho Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, U. ('., within thirty days after tho first appearance ot
this notice in a local newspaper. ThQ
territory within which the applicant
will exorcise Its powers in rospect rf
the undertaking will be throughout
Vancouver Island. Tlio dale of the
flrst publication of this notice is Friday, March the 1st.
By G. M. TRIPP, Director
Agent for Applicant.
Automobile Side  Curtains Repaired
Also Harness Repairs
(Use nnd Storage)
ISLAND POWER COMPANY LIMITED, whose address is 1016 Langley
Street, Victoria, British Columbia,
will apply for a license to take and
use 2iiS0 c. f. s., and to store 251,000
acre feet of water out of Campbell
Lako - Campbell River, also known
as Lower Campbell Lake, which flows
In a northerly direction aud drains
into Discovery Passage, about one mllo
iorth of Campbell River Post Office,
Sayward District . The storage dam
.vill lie located at Lodore Falls, Camp-
ell River. Comox District. The capacity of the reservoir to be created
Ib about 251,000 acre feet, and it will
Hood about .1,500 acres of land. The
vater will he diverted from the stream
it a point about 4,000 feet north of
Forbes Landing Hotel at Lodore Falls
nd will be used for power purpose
upon the land described as lots 51
md S9, Sayward District, Vancouver
Island, contingent upon tho comple-
ion of final surveys. This notice was
posted on the ground on the fourteenth day of February, 1929. A copy
>f this notice and an application pur-
mant thereto and to the "Water Act*'
■ill be filed in the office of the Water
'(eeonler at thc City of Nanaimo, Brit-
'sh Columbia. The petition for the
pproval of the undertaking will be
'ioard in the office of the Board of
investigation under the "Water Act"
it a date to be fixed. Objections to
lie application may be filed with the
aid Waler Recorder or with the
■ 'omptrollor of Water Rights, Parlla-
•lent Buildings, Victoria. B. C„ within
iiirty days after the first appearance
nf tbls notice In a local newspaper.
The territory within which the applicant will exercise Its powors In
rospect of the undertaking will bo
throughout Vancouver Island. The
date of the first publication of this
notice is Friday, March the 1st.
By Q. M. TRIPP, Director
Agont for Applicant.
Dyers und Dry Cleaners
Special family laundry rate.
Orders left at the Ritz Cafe,
'phone 150, Cumberland will re-
celv,. prompt attention. A trial
order will convince you.
Telephones: Courtenay, 226
Cumberland  150
(Diversion and Use)
ISLAND POWER COMPANY LIMITED, whose address is 1016 Langley
Street, Victoria, British Columbia,
will apply for a license to take and
use 2,580, c. f. s. of water out of
Campbell River (Sayward District),
also known as Campbell River, which
flows In a northerly direction and
drains into Discovery Passage about
one mile north of Campbell River Post
Office, Sayward District. The water
will be diverted from the stream at
a point known as Bulldog Canyon immediately north of Irene Pool on said
river, and will be used for power purpose upon the land described as Lots
51 and 89, Sayward District, Vancouver Island, contingent upon the completion of final surveys. This notice
was posted on the ground on the fourteenth day of February, 1929. A cony
of this notice and an application pursuant thereto and to the "Water Act"
will be filed in the office of tho Water-
Recorder at tho City of Nanaimo. British Columbia. The petition for the approval of the undertaking will be heard
in the office of tbe Board of Investigation under the "Water Act" nt a date
to be fixed. Objections to the application may be filed with tho snid Water Recorder of Comptroller of Water
Rights.. Parliament Buildings. Victoria
B.C. within thirty days after the flrst
appearance of this notice in a local
newspapor. The territory within
which tbe applicant will exercise its
powers in respect of tho undertaking
will he throughout W niver lslnnd.
Tho date of tho Ilrst publication of
this notice Is Friday, March tho 1st.
By G. M. TRIPP, Director
Agent for Applicant
inert inl
!, Hotel
hie '
I Idioms Slrnm lleuteil
W. HEItltlliF.M), Prop.
IM   —TELEPHONE 10(1       •
Charlie Dalton I
Meets Boat at Union Bay Every   •
Sunday  Morning I
Although of Italian ancestry am
familiar with his fatherland by trave
there, Frank Borzage made a spocla
trip to Italy to study his locale fo.
''Street Angel' in preparation for tin
actual shouting in Hollywood of thii
Fox Special which comes to the Ilo
Ilo. Thursday. Friday and Saturday
March 14, 15 ami io. Usually a director sends technical men to a region to tako notes about it, just n-
they have location finders for each
story. Or the producer may rely on
experts close at hand for local color,
so that no one concerned steps on: of
California tor production data.
However, as soon as it was decided
by Winileld Sheehan, vice president
nml general manager of Fox. in film
this story based on a play hy Monck
ton Hollo. Borzage went in lialy. lie
might easily have utilized his own intimate knowledge of things Italian.
Instead, be went with his brut hor.
Lew. who was to assist him in the
direction, and armed with still and
movie cameras thoy snapped siicln
scenes in Italy as seemed likely to be
For weeks ihey steeped themselves
in the atmosphere of Naples, where
the story centers, ami even made (dose
observation of a little travelling one-
ringed circus, similar lo the one which
plays an important part In "Street
Angel." Tho result wus that when
Borzage returned to the West Coast
lot ho was able to supervise fhe construction of a Neapolitan wharf in the
studio which was meant to benr an
unmistakable stamp of the city near
Vesuvius, instend of being just any
wharf anywhere.
Next to the Bible tlio most widely
translated book In the history of literature is "L'elnc Tom's Cabin", say
erat uro is "Uncle Tom's Cabin", say
rlet Beeclter Stnwe hns boon printed
in twenty-seven languages iii addition to nine dialects of the Has! Indian and Polynesian natives.
It appeared in drama form on tli*
stages of practically every civilized
nation and it is regarded by the res!
of tbe world as a page of the epic hls-
tory of tho United tSates.
To Americans, it would seem
strange to hear the nonsensleaiitles of
Topsy. the brutal outbursts of Simon
Legree and the devout pieties < ! .' icla
Tom spoken In Swedish nr Czecho-Slo-
vakia or Siamese but tho play is taken
most seriously withoul a thought "f
tbo incongruities attendant thereon.
As a mutter ni hu". according tn
Harry Pollard, who directed I'nlver-
sal's piciuri/.ation of the celebrated
story, which comes to the llo-llo on
Monday, Tuesday ami Wednesday,
March is. 19 ami 20, thore is no one,
who is able to rend, wbo bas nol delved into the novel and suffered with
Little Eva, laughed at Topsy. sympathized with Eliza, haled Simon Legree and pitied poor Uncle Tom
The  picture  has   been   mad    a
scnlo, On its completion i'
■n in production Lwo yonrs ami
(inversion und Ise)
ED whose address is Victoria, H C ,
will appl) for d license to take and
uso twent second (eel of waler oui
of-Tsable River, nlso known as Baynes
River which flows easterly and drains
into Paynes Smnul about five miles
south of Union Bnv. Tlu- water will
be diverted from Ho* river at a point
about one point .six miles approximate bearing S 72   12' w from the north
west corner of Lot l!", Nelson Dlstrlcf
and will he used for domestic and Industrial purposes upon the land described as Block :.:: oi 34 or Imi 2A
or E. & N. Ry. land adjacent lo Block
3.1, Nelson Dislrict and Lot 2S, Nelson
District. Union Hay. This notice was
posted on the ground on thc 26th day
of February, 1929. A copy of thl*s
notice and an application pursuant
thereto and to the •"Water Act" will ho
Hied in the ollice of the Water Recorder at Xanainio. Objections to the application may he filed with the sa,d
Water Recorder or with the Comptroller of water rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria. It. C, within thirty days
after the appearance of this notice
In a local newspaper, Tho date ol
tho first publication or tbls notice lb
Friday, March the 1st. 1929.
by W  A  Owen, Agei'
rational Railways Wheu tho three i
mders of ihis house and ibe out- ■
tainting members of their parties toll '
s in committee of the whole. "We
ave looked at theso estimates of the!
!a n ad Ian National Railways and are
.nished with ihem." I for one ami
nite prepared to accept  their view.
is I l.av
*   11
llnll III
re I
ther members
ll.   IIS   1
. iho ci
iiiliiiiuis are total*
>• differ
Willi IV..
tn whal 1 call
111/  loci
1 1
Wheu lt comes
lowri  ii
ml   inn
affecting thi
•"111       III
g.   la in
logging  and
11'SlS    11
hlcli 1
io: 1 w
ml sun
r my I'inht tn
winter i
i' matte
nnv 1.
will not sur-
■ from Winnl-
leg. nil.
u Toronto, or
iny Ims
s   III.11)   1
IllllifilX.   llOW-
sver  wj
,• tliey
be;   Iiowever
iilh-li ni)
hey nn
i 1 um in their
In. pan
ill'   locn
do nol know
iltllotlR in* the
know lhal the
illl,'   Imi
il   is   ||
.'.1 wn;
V   lll'llll,'
1 in
lm trotted out
its liypocrtsy:
Ull. Inn
1 can v-
i In
inl-,. Hn' I'utn-
ynu   will
1-  allowed   tn
 iik '1
*    How
ui have 1 uu;
leant tl
1:  1
'mi can go to
hi' commit
i'l, nl Hi
ynu  mi'  not
l nii'inlii
r o
il nml
vill hi- nri'iiril-
'il n I'lmrti'i
us li,'i>r
lii'c; Inn when
1    t'dtlH'S
Wil    tO
ni;   in    in use
l crniini
ill ovory item
1 is bam lie A*c/-
   oi Canadian
Km in ■(.!/ thi 1
JULY 5th
UN Till. S Y
1':: ::;';:■ A;;.
: ardlo ilnl  .'...'.
11 '  i  cxfin mon
A   1-    1   'fll'.ll.Htl
Outdoor Dayi ul
";"/  ■.        .   •     '
hat CALL  vot;.
i itiolt ii
ITI I s. .Ill I I Mil l.(,l IDEE
had hoi
C<l» al
(Jllll'llsliilMI A   l,lllT|liuil
sjilonln April  IS
llltlil   Mlt   Mlllls
in I'l; l Ili'lliiir.-I lull
"uruiiii March 'S.l,   Ascatlin March .In
In I'uii'iisluiiii A l.lii'riiiiul
* i i.i Mar. 23,   Andonlo. Mar. .1"
'I'll i.iiltitnlllli'M't  \ (llnsffoM
lalodonla Mar 23, California, .Mur 30
Tin I licrliiiurg a Sinililiuii|ilon
An. ll It nil In March 22, April 17. Mny 8.
Ili'ii'iii; um March Id. April 24, May l*i
Munn ■ min Ap'i H). May I. --. Juno l-
mini Huston
To Ifni'i'iistussn A UviTpniil
Unciistrln March 24, Athenla April 7
Mono.1 Orders, limits and Travellers'
Cheques ai low.-si rates. Full Information from Local Agents or Company's
Offices, 622 lliitiiii;. si W . Vancouver   B.C
ami arKuiiiK the merits am! taking an
acttve pan generally in debate yuu
will goon find that you are not wanted.
Any member butting In—I cannot use
any other word to express the idea-
will find 'bat be has as much weight
there as the Hansard reporter has in
the debates that take plaee in this
"We are told tbat this would shorten tin; debate and save the precious
time of the house. Well, that was the
very belt tbat was held out to us two
years ago when we sold our birthright of free speech, or a portion nf
it at any rate, for a mess of pnttapt.
And a sorry looking mess tbe pottage
was wben we got it; to me it seemed
more like tbe funeral baked meats nf
tbe ancient Egyptians. Certainly It
was very much inferior tn the life
giving pottage ot tbe days nf Isaac
and Baau, and Indeed even inferlur to
What is supposed to be its lineal descendant, tbe brose of the modern
"I would submit to tbe bouse In all
BeriOUBness Uiat there are greater advantages tn be gained by our considering every item in committee of the
Whole than by getting through tiuick-
ly and guing borne, whicli is the main
bait held out in this case. There are
u good many members nf this bouse
myself amongst them- and I um not
ashamed to admit- -who exhibited
great anxiety to enme here and occupy
the honourable position we hold, and
whn by hard fought campaigns and
many prnmlses secured this much
sought boon. We told the people that
we would do our duty to the last ditch
and sn forth. Now are we getting
tired and lazy? Do we want to shirk
tlie obligations which we undertook
when we came here? A few duys, a
week nr two Innger would not make
any great difference. 1 would point
out also, to put It bluntly tbat we are
being paid for being here. 1 admit
that the salary is quite incommensurate with the work we do, but at the
same time we knew what the renum-
eration was when we sought tbe position and if we are not satisfied to do
tbe work for which we were sent hero
we should resign. I know tbere are
scores of men in the district I represent fully as able and quite as willing to represent my constituency.
"Another time-honoured gag will be
trotted nut for our delectation. When
tbe report comes from tbe select private committee wdiat shall be told:
"Now, tbls matter has been seriosly
and carefully -almost prayerfully- ■
considered in the select committee
and the bouse would be well advised
to accept their just and wise verdict."
I can recall tbat gag also; many a
time have 1 heard It lu this house. Let
me give an illustration of whnt actually happened on one occasion. I
was endeavouring in this bouse to
bave the report of a select, committee
cbanged. The committee bad repnrted
something and 1 wished to have their
report, amended. The chairman of the
committee got up ami in sonorous
tones he got off the gag I have mentioned; the matter had been so carefully considered by the select committee that the house would be wise to
follow thut committee's 'mature judgment'. Uut this is what actually happened on tbat occasion. It was a
small committee and tbe recommendation I wished was defeated hy a vote
of Tour to three. One of my friends
nn whom I had relied to support nie
was absent, however, and on my reproaching him afterwards with his
absence he said he was very sorry hut
he bad gone to bave his hair cut; ami
because tbat bon. gentleman bad gone
to have his hair cut something of material importance to certain Interests
In the country had to stand over for
a yeur or. perhaps, be abandoned altogether. That is effect of accepting always the report of a small BOlect
Btandlng committee.
"The other night the bon. members
for Winnipeg North Centre (Mr.
Woodswoth) and my desk mate thc
' hon. member for Labelle (Mr. Hour-
assa) told us, and It was not denied,
that we were railroading divorce bills
through the house at a scandalous
rate I say, it cannot be denied. And
why does that condition exist? It is
just a logical and direct consequence
of ibe very system now proposed.
These divorce cases used to be considered iu this house In committee uf
of tbe whole, but we drifted Into the
dolce fnr nleiite method Of leaving the
whale question to :\ select committee,
with ibe result that divorces are now
rushed through with ihe slightest attention bring paid Ihem That Is tne
natural and inevitable consequence of
ihe same aorl ot system proposed In
this connection; only in this case wr
arc beginning in a small wa> and comparatively geniiy.
"I maj point "in thai thi-- vory
practice lias beon tried elsewhere before   l(  was tried in  lliiiisli Columbia
when I ua* ;, member of tho local
house, ami ii was never tried again.
I goi my climates through, it is true,
Inn by a method which 1 have not
the time now tn describe lo the house
Hut ii was not desirable; it led to log
rolling, most of us know what that
means Now, if the system here proposed were in be adopted 1 might be
tempted hi approach some hon. members opposite perhaps i might solec;
my worthy nml genial friend from New
Westminster (Mr. McQarrte), because
at limes he has evinced a certain amount of the milk of human kindness,
and we arc brother Uritish Columbians
and I would sny to him; 'If you
vote for the wise and just estimate,
for my district. I will vote for the rot-
ton unjust estimates for yours,' It is
to be hoped, of course, that neither
(Continued on   1'aL'e  Four)
Friday, march is, iea»
A. W. Neill In
Vigorous Talk
(continued from Page Three)
the hon. member for New Westminster
nor myself would yield to that temptation.   SHU, Mr. Speaker, you, yourself deem it advisable every day at'
three o'clock to pray that ive be de-,
llvered from temptation,  and somo-1
times I wonder whether it would not
be wise if you renewed the supplication   at  eight   o'clock   for   fear   tlie
strength prayed for earlier In the day
might have waned.
"1 will be nothing but frank; I ad-j
mlt that this recommendation as It j
stands, word for word, and not going
beyond that in the slightest, is com-1
paratively innocuous. Nevertheless i
it Ls a wedge; it is that fatal thing'
known to us in the house as a pre-1
cedent. Why did we spend three days |
last week debating tbe question of
grants for roads? We did so largely]
because we hud this great thing bo-1
hind   u.i,  precedent.    Once  enter  the
fata! path of precedent and It will soon
lead us to all the evils I have suggested. Moreover it is not merely a question of pusBiiig estimates for this post
office or that wharf or something else
of the kind; what is valuable Is the
discussion that arises out of the estimates. Statements which the leaders, the cabinet ministers, hear in
tlieir offices, statements made in caucus, are almost entirely ex parte; arc
the., not? Ifut it is In the light of the
publicity obtained in this house that
the members of the cabinet get the
cross current of public -sentiment. Il
ts of ihe greatest benefit to them, to
us all and. to the country at large to
hear he discussions that take place
even on some comparatively trivial
Item—arguments which would be nil
losi sight of in thia private committee.
"Let me now stato my final objection to this particular recommendation. 1 am utterly opposed to what I
call star chamber methods. Thero
would be no Hansard in this prlva'e
committee; no votes would be record-
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ed but merely totals; uo names would
apyeitr. lt would be possible for the
government or a member to speak ono
way on tbe hustings and vote another
in the committee. I referred a moment ago to a friend who was absent
from a meting becau.se ho had to have
his hnir out. Now, 1 do nox wish to
be cynical for a moment but it might
be said by those who are cynical that
the government whip had suggested to
bim that his hair was a little long;
Also it would he open to unscrupulous opponents to accuse a member of
having cast a wrong vote In committee and he would not be able to provo
its untruth; lor a He can always get
ahead of the truth. I am very mucu
afraid, not so much of this particular
recommendation as of what it would
be pulling our power of voting estimates Into the hands of a private
j committee, a hole tu the corner com-
I mittee. one upon whose actions they
I cannot, will not and perhaps dare not
let the God-given light of publicity
"So much for that pan of tho report; 1 want now to deal with the second recommendation which la of
much greater immediate importance.
I refer to the recommendation with
regard tn the manner of dealing with
private bills. We will do well to remember that this deals with both private and public bills; It may he a bill
or a thousand pages, dealing with the
Companies Act. or with the Criminal
Code, imposing some drastic restriction on, the right of assembly or free
speech. This is the course such a bill
will pursue: After going to thia private committee, where no vote is recorded and where there is no Hansard, It will ho brought back to th'.s
house on two separate occasions. We
kuow that public and private bills
come before this house for only one
hour nn two evenings a week. It may
he said that the bill may be brought
up on Monday and discussed all day,
i but if there were any suspicion that
■ a bill would he opposed very strenu-
i ously it would be brought up at ten
minutes to nine or it might be brought
! up at ten minutes after eight; strike
un average and say it would be up for
one hour altogether. Two advocates
of the bill may speak on it; each is
entitled to speak for forty minuteB, ao
1 there will not be much left of the hour
Some hon. members may have aome
Important amendments to offer, ot
which they may have given notice;
the advocates of the bill, knowing that,
could make it their bimlness to talk
out the bill and at the end of the hour
reading. That would be bad enough,
it would come to tbe house for third
but it becomes much worse. The next
time the bill comes up it stands for
third reading, and it is proposed that
there can he no amendment and no debate ou the third reading; you cannot
put anyone on record from the second reading until the bill has gone
through. Many members vote for tbe
second reading of a bill with thc Idea
of offering amendments In committee,
but under this system we will never
get the opinions of di fie rent members
because bills will be talked out of
committee on to third reading with no
debate and no amendments allowed.
"I am anticipating the argument
which may be brought forward ln fa
vour of thi8 method. It will be said,
'Oh. he la depicting an extreme case;
these things are not done now, because the good sense of the house will
not allow them.' Will it not? Let me
remind hon. members that two years
ago I was opposing the establishment
of the forty minute rule; I pointed out
that If two or three obstructive questions were asked the member's time
would he cut into seriously, and the
answer given was that this would not
be done, that tlme would be allowed
for interruptions. Upon that understanding    perhaps    many    members
Dental Surgeon
Office Cor. of luin^muir Avt.
Opposite Ilo-Ilo Theatr*-
P. P. Harrison
I agreed to the forty minute rule, but
; has lhat been the case? It haa not;
: the rules arc strictly enforced, and
I quite properly so once we adopted
| them, ao do not let us be beguiled by
the suggestion that the rule reads one
; wny but that We will be allowed to
do something else.
"There i-s one other feature of the
matter to which I would like to direct the attention of tbe house.   Thin
rule will be introduced immediately,
: and there are two important private
bills coming up this session, the Sun
Life bill and the Bell Telephone hill.
I think I voted for one of them last
year, so I am not particularly antagonistic to them, but I can see what
may happen to these hills and I am
opposed   to   it.     When   they   were
I brought in the other day on second
reading there was practically no de-
j bate, in the expectation that the de-
. bate would take place In commutes
! of the whole.   Now, unannounced, we
j will be deprived of that right; we can-
! not go back and debate the bills on
second reading, ho all we nave before
, us is two short periods of perhaps ten
' minutes each, after which the bills
. stand for thiv rending without debate.
< li this Iniquitous rule it to be adopted
{let us at least send lt back to the com-
J mittee with instructions that it shail
I not take effect until next session.
!    "I frankly admit that the rules wero
abused last session; these and other
bills   were   deliberately   obstructed.
I Tbere is hardly a privilege we enjoy
j which is not subject to abuse at times,
'but because In per cent of the mem-
I bers abuse a privilege are we to de-
] prlve the other 90 per cent of their
'' rights?   Social conventions do not al-
: low us to steal up behind a man and
j knock him down because we do not
I like tn* colour of his hnir or the tie
{ ho wears; It ia held that is too drastic
a remedy, and I submit that this rule
is also too drastic for the difficulty it
assumes to correct.
"It may be said that I am merely
offering destructive criticism, but that
Is not Uie cnose; I can easily suggest
un appropriate remedy for the obstruction which undoubtedly occurred
last year. I suggest simply the use of
the rule we have had for many years,
that ls, thg closure; that is the correct
thing to do in such a case, simply put
on closure. Almost every government tn the world has the closure
rule in some form or othor, but some
hon. members will say that closure
is objectionable. Why, this ig simply
Ossa piled upon Pelion, with respect
to closure; this is a hundred times
worse than closure heaped up, pressed down and running over. Under
closure you must give notice, and the
debate can continue until two o'clock
the following morning; each member
is limited to twenty minutes, so that
thirty or forty men may speak, bul
here we will be limited to perhaps
two speakers. And as an aside, may
I draw attention to the incoherent
condition of our rules at present owing to the way we tinkered with Them
two years ago. Now we have one rulo
which says we can take a vote under
closure at two o'clock in the morning and another which says we must
stop the debate at eleven o'clock. Our
mess of pottage is all spattered up
with red tape like the seals on a
Christmas parcel.
"I hope the house will reject this
motion altogether. The first part ls
only weakly evil, but it has potentialities of harm which make it undesirable; the second part Is wholly poi-
sonous and destructive, sulaerslve of
the right of speech, both p:opositlons
are unsound in principle, and will be
unworkable in practice. I fully believe that not one-lialf the members
of this house knew this question was
coming up today, and not half of them
have been made acquainted with the
effect theso recommendations will
have if adopted, so in order to give
the government and hon. members on
both sides of the house an opportunity to see what they are voting on, I
um going to move that this debate be
adjourned. I have not solicited anyone to second my motion, but if anyone cares to do so in order that the
matter may be discussed better lu
tbelr caucuses or Iu somo other way,
they may do so. I move the adjournment of the debate."
Motion  (Mr. Neill) agreed to.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public
Main Office
Courtonay I'htue  261
Local Office
Cumberland Hotel iu Bvenlap,
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Cumberland, B. C.
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[Centrally Located:
Union Bay
Att*r spending a few days In town
renewing old acquaintances, Mr. Jack
and Walter Cook, of Sacramento, Cal.,
left on Tuesday for Victoria.
Miss Mabel Abrams returned home
on Tuesday after spending the past
two months ln Vancouver.
Miss Nettle Marshall Is visiting with
relatives ln Nanaimo.
Miss Beth Magnone spent the weekend with friends at Campbell River.
Rev. and Mrs. J. H. Hobbins left on .
Monday for Victoria, where they will! i
spend the next few days.
On Tuesday evening last, the home
of Mrs. A. McKay was a very enjoy-]
able scene when a number of young
folks held a surprise party In honor of
Miss Annie McKay. Court whist was
played and prizes won by: Ladies' first,!
Mrs. E. Hirst; consolation, Miss E.
Baldwin; Gentlemen's flrst, Mr. B. McKay; consolation, Mr. D. Leighton. A
contest was also played and prizes'
were won by Mr. J. Campbell, first, j
and Mr. D. Walker, consolation.]
Dainty refreshments were then served
and dancing was enjoyed until an ear-'
ly hour. Those present were Misses;
F. Jones, M. Mclntyre, O. Kay, L.!
Brown, K. Formby, W. and L. Bowden,]
C. McKay, E. and B. Magnone, Mrs. i
E. Hicks, Mr. and Mrs. A. stasek and
Messrs. 8. Cook, N. Frelone, B. McLellan, E. Hughes, S. Walker, R. Hudson, D. Marshall, N. Hastings, I. Lewis,
T, Formby, A. Becker, H. Qlover, H.
Davis and others.
Mr. Jas. Kerr Is spending a few days
ln Victoria.
Program for the week
At the Ilo-Ilo Theatre
rowwtwi -■- ■■«•*■- .*»
Monday,   Tuesday and Wednesday
March 18th, 19th and 20th
To all true lovers of great drama—this
marvelous, inspired work, presented for
the first time on stage or screen as its
Billed  author  gave  It  to tlle world-
will come aHthe realization nr a
wonderful dream—(ho familiar well
loved characters   or TOPSY and  LITTLE
oynlcal   ST.   CLAIRE,   Poor  CASSIE—
anil the hated LEOREE brought lo real
life—Lavish expenditure alone made
possible the rebirth for the screen or the
glorious days or thc Old South-
old Plantation  Days—Old Sicnmboatln'
Days—the  glamor  andtho  romance  aud
the thrills of passionate human conflict
—that gave birth to a new freedom,
Mkzsmezstr'.    •♦•   ♦   ♦   awn
One Show Each 'Evening at 8 p.m.
Adults r,0c Children 26e
Matinee Tuesday at 3 p.m.
Adults 3f,c Children, 15h
In  addition  to "Uncle  Tom's Cabin",  thc
new serial "THE MYSTERY RIDER" will
he shown on Monday and Tuesday.
You've never seen anything lii\e it!
i:--'..v:-.:. -. i ",.'..,*....,■ ■.■*..■>«.
Friday and   aturday, March 22nd and 23rd
LEAP YEAR—and Marion Davies makes up her mind
to get her man.
He escapes in a high-speed boat—but don't think for a
minute our Marion is stopped.
The gayest picture of modern youth and modern love
you've ever roared at! And Marion Davies is even
L ettcr than in "The Fair Co-ed."
Thursday, March 21st
Children 15c        Change Of Program        Adults 35c;
'-Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
April 15th, 16th & 17th
Dramatic!   Thrilling!   Amazing!
The immortal emotional drama of the Christ—
the crowning achievement of the motion picture
Dramatic, magnificent, splendid, spectacular —
clamoring mobs, supreme joy, tigerish rage, terrifying tempests, appalling earthquakes—a picture
that will thrill generations yet unborn—
The most widely admired and discussed ot all motion  pictures—tho out-
standnlg triumph of the screen.
ssssxgtm—i FRIDAY, MARCH   li. 11)211
Tasty Hot
Cross Buns
Be sure to leave your order for our famous Hot X Buns
before they ara all sold out.
Delicious Cakes and Pastries for your Easter dinner,
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'The Home of High-Class Cakes and Pastries"
The King Of Kings
(Continued from Page Two)
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City Meat Market
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I&°     PROMPT ATTENTION     =®1
David Hunden, Jr.
bidding Judas cease. He extended
open arras to tbe children, tbey came
(locking to Him, and as He' sat they
climbed to His knees and nestled In
His arms; all chattered to Him excitedly ot the events of tbe day, and
one mite ofa girl—tn a supreme hurst
of confidence—gave Him her broken
dolly to mend!
"Suffer little children to come unto
Me,' said the Divine Man to the assembled disciples, ''and forbid them
Eor such ls tho Kingdom of Heaven!'
Far off he descried the sombre and
mournful figures of Martha and Mary,
bringing the tragic word of the demise
of ihe bead of their household.
"Lord," begged Martha piteously,
"if Thou hadst been here my brother
Lazarus had not died, but I know
Thou wilt ask of Ood, He will give it
The sisters led the way to the rock-
hewn tomb. Jesus bade Matthew and
Simon roll back the stone from the
place where the dead was laid. On
ihe face of Jesus shone a strange radiance as He said, "Father I thank
Thee that Thou hast heard me, and I
thank Thee that Thou hearest me always!"
--"Lazarus, come forth!"
At the fatefull words an arm was
slowly lifting within the cerements!
Mary shrieked and covered her eyes.
Even  the  believing  Martha hid ber
face The figure of Lazarus,
completely swathed, hound and helpless, sat up in its scarophagus.
"Loose him and let him go!"
There was a look of terror in the
faces of the disciples. The bystanders
shuddered. Martha, at the Lord's
command, unwound the scathing from
around the neck and head of the figure.
Lazarus sat staring-eyed. It was
the sisters who brought him to recollection of his new-found world—Mar-
that, who looked iuto bis eyes, overjoyed, and Mary, who came and nestled within the fold of bis arm. The
freed Lazarus rose. . • . Jesus and
His beloved friend of Bethany clasped
Next Weekt Son of David In Uie
of all descriptions
—     WOOD
The Central
'Barber Shop
Next to Shorty's Pool Room A. GATZ, Prop.
For Ladies and Gents.
Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher, daughter and
son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Cross, with
their two girls, arrived in the Valley to
make their home, last week. They
have rented Mr. A. Gray's place for the
present. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hadden, from!
Arden, spent two days in the Valley,
the guests of Mrs. E. Carter.
Mr. Smith was able to resume his
duties as principal of the school on
Friday last.' Mrs. Smith returned to
Vancouver by Monday's stage.
Gordon Horwood met with a painful, although happily not serious accident at Deep Bay Camp last Friday,
when he had his foot cut with an axe.
Mrs. B. Wolf arrived home at her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. Pearse, on
Saturday and is keeping well after her
sojourn in Vancouver hospital.
A well attended meeting of the Minto Electric Company was held on Monday night when busnless affecting the
future of the company was up for discussion.
Heavy Traffic on
Courtenay River
Mr. A. B. Ball, local agent for the,
Vancouver-Courtenay Transportation
Company, reports that last week broke
the record for his company ln the way
of the number of scows to dock at
Courtenay, the number making a total
of three in one week. One scow came
up the river on Monday, one on Friday and another on Saturday. The
extra freight handled was made up of
fertilizer, gyprock, and a large shipment of store fixtures for Messrs.
Riekson's Courtenay store, together
with thc regular weekly shipment of
general  merchandise.
Vim, Vigor and
—forget the rest
Ask your grocer for Comox Whole Wheat Flour.
Manufactured at our plant from the best grade, hard
wheat imported by us for this purpose.
Ask for and see that you get
Comox Creamery Butter 551 Per !&•
Comox Creamery Association
Campbell River
Mr. Conrad Reid was down from!
Buttles Lake on Monday.
The Imperial Oil Company's tanker
"Imperial" called at Campbell River
on Monday with a supply of gasoline
and oil for their supply station.
After undergoing a thorough overhaul at Vancouver the "Blue Heron,"
Frank Gagne's speedboat, arrived back
at Campbell River on Saturday night,
ready for tlie 1929 season.
Fortune Salvail has purchased a
speedboat, the "Doe", and has installed a new engine and is having an observation cabin built on. He will enter
the jitney business.
Mr. William L. clarion, of Vancouver, was a business visitor to Campp
bell River this week.
The steamer "Venture" of the Union
Steamship Company, inaugurating a
new schedule, called at Campbell River last Sunday morning, going from
here direct to Vancouver. She left at
nine o'clock.
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Cooke, of Courtenay, spent Monday at Campbell
Miss Feeney, for a number of years
on the teaching staff' of Campbell
River school, came up from Comox ofl
Saturday night to attend the Hospital
On Wednesday morning while playing with companions at the Campbell
River public school, Bert, ten year old
son of Mr. and Mrs. Reg. Masters, had
the misfortune to fall and break both
bones at the elbow of his left arm.
Much Activity at Elk Bay
Much activity is being shown at Elk
Bay, north of Seymour Narrows,
where the Stella Lake Logging Company is making preparations to log or*
a large scale. About seventy-five men
are employed building a line of railway that will, when completed, be four
miles in length. Three miles have
been completed and lt ls expected that
in another month logs will be put in
the water. Mr. Frank Gagne has jusb
completed a contract at that place;
having built eleven hundred feet of,
trestle in twelve days. Besides this
work he has done all the pile-driving
at the booming grounds. Mr. Gagne
and his crew came down from the logging camp on Monday night and will!
do some work at Quathiaski Cove for'
the Island Marine Ways Company,
Hospital Dance Well Attended
Last Saturday night Lilelana Pavilion was the scene of an animated
party when a ball was given under the
auspices of the Ladles' Auxiliary of
Lourdes Hospital. Expressing their
appreciation of the work the hospital
Is doing here, particularly among the
men who work in the woods, parties
were present from nearly every log-;
glng camp within reach of Campbell
River. Lamb Lumber Company, Bloedel, Stewart & Welsh, International
Timber Company, Campbell River
Timber Company, Comox Logging and
Railway Company were all represented ln the gay throng, and some came
from as far away as the Thomsen &
Clarke Company at Deep Bay. Music
was provided by the Maple Leaf Orchestra and refreshments were provided by a committee of Campbell
River ladles. The Auxiliary is grateful to the people of Headquarters for
the splendid spirit of co-operatton
shown on Saturday night, having cancelled their regular community dance
to give those who usually patronize
their socials an opportunity of assisting the Campbell River institution.
The pavilion was kindly loaned for
the dance by the management of the
Willows Hotel.
Cecil Lang Joins Union OU Co,
Friends of Cecil Lang, pilot in the
service of the Union Steamship Company for several years, will regret to
learn that he has severed his connection with that company and joined the
fleet of the Union Oil Company. Captain Lang is known in every harbor
and cove on the coast and his obliging
manner and pleasant personality has
won him a high place in the esteem
ot companies and individuals wtlh
whom the Union Steamship have been'
doing business. The best wishes of a
host of friends go with him to his new
Incoming Immigrants
Take tp Homesteads.
Of the 2,582 families directed to
new farm locations In Western Canada
through the efforts of the Canadian
National Railways Land Settlement
Association during 1928, a total' of
1,614 took up homesteads. Nearly
two-thirds of these were immigrants
(rom other countries, the balance being Canadians.
Income Tax Returns
Must Be In By
March 31st
Canadian Medical Association
Once again, Hon. W, D, Enler, Minister of National Revenue, is using
newspaper advertising to assist taxpayers lu camplylng with the requirements of the Dominion Income Tax
In this issue an advertisement appears reralndlngthe public of the 'nw
whicli stipulates Unit certain Information must be in the offices of the
Income Tax Inspectors by March 31
next. This inform;.Hon is required
from employers, corporations, and
trustees or persons acting in a fiduciary capacity. It applies to year
ending  December 81, 1928.
For instance, employers have to Bio
a return giving the amounts paid each
person in salaries, bonuses, commissions, and (ees where the amount was
$1,000 or more, or where the salary
or wages was at a rate of $1,500 or
more. Corporations have to tlle tho
names Of those who were paid dividends, whether In cash or stock, and
Questions concerning health, addressed to tlie Canadian Medical
Association, ISI College Stroet,
Toronto, will be answered by letter. Questions as to diagnosis
and treal ment will not be answered.
A Scottish Investigation
I    Pur tho past fow years, tho Hoard
■ of Health of Scotland lias been car-
j rying on an Investigation in regard
I to the ultrition of school children, In
! tlio .schools of seven centres selected
I for the study, the children were di-
I vlded Into groups. The objective was
j to ascertain whether or nol the chll-
i dren who received a daily ration of
■ milk would show an Improvement
I in health greater than iIioSq who did
j not receive the milk, or those who re-
I COlVOll  a   blsCUfl   only.
The result was that the children receiving milk were, after a time, found
|to be twenty per cent, heavier an.)
! taller than those not receiving milk.
] There was. In other words, a decided
Improvement in growth. Tlie general
, health of many of ihe milk ration
I group   was   noticeably   better.    This
improvement was not temporary, for
they have continued to improve while
the milk ration was maintained during
a Becond period of investigation.
This is not the only Investigation
of the kind that hae been made.   Other
| studios of similar nature, in nianv
countries,   have   shown   that,   during
' the growing years, milk, as an article of diet, is essential, Tlie need and
value of milk cannot be too strotiglv
emphasized, because Wo have nu substitute fur It.
The practical lesson for parents
and those in charge of children is
to see that their children arc not being handicapped through the lack of
milk In the diet. Milk ls uot u complete diet for school children, hut no
diet Is complete without milk.
Milk may be used iu many ways,
li  Is necessary that It be drunk.   It
1 may he taken on cereals and other
foods; It may be used In cocoa, In
milk puddings or In any other similar manner. It need hardly tie said
that safe, pure milk only should be
used, and that means milk from
healthy cows, produced In a cleanly
manner and then  pasteurized
Minister ef National Revenue
the amount of each. Persons acting
in a fiduciary capacity, such aa assignees, executors, administrators, receivers, trustees are required to file
details of the trust they represent, together with the names of and amounts
paid to beneficiaries.
Those mentioned in the act as having to produce this information are
asked to secure the proper forms from
the nearest Income Tax Office, fill in
their forms according to instructions
and mail them to the Income Tax Inspectors at these offices before March
31. These forms are known as T3 for
persons acting in a fiduciary capacity;
T4 for employers and TR for corporations. Each form contains complete
instruct ions about what the law re-
quiries. These are Information forms
only, and no cheques are sent with
Officials of the Department fully appreciate the trouble required in making out these forms, but are doing everything in their power to facilitate
matters by reminding the public in
plenty of time respecting the demands
of the law.
The total collections nder the Income Tax Act last year are some millions of dollars ahead of the year before, In spite of a ten per cent reduction in the tax. Mr. Euler attributed
this Increased collection to three
1. More efficient methods of collection.
2. The  increased   prosperity   of   tho
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That car of yours no doubt went
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developed some rattles, perhaps
some motor imperfections—and
needs and over-hauling. Let's
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] mvELVi: rood >u;n ami tri'k
11} Itelono Mullins
in Lho March Scrlbnor's
Lord, Oml in Heavon, attend;
We aie hore to judge a man,
Do Thou in this tragic hour liis friend,
Mono un ;i jury can.
Thou in il"- light, we in dark.
. When the Bcalea of Justice till.
I Ilow shnll wc find (lie outward mark
1 Of Innocence of guilt?
1 Lord. Ond. wo arc gathered hore
I To analyse a crime,
j Whal If wo blunder through rage or
Or lack of sufTlcienl limo?
How ran we tell whal labors besl
To ]>ut to n prisoner's name?
How may  we know  In  tho BOtfflatne
; t Wc wouldn't have done the same?
Thou who nn- merciful and JUBt,
We  who  art.   passion-swayed,
I How Bhall wc judgO a man   (since we
> Like to our image made?
Itrh Nil ihinttstorM
, Anxious txi IMuni.
w. c. Osmondi official observer of
tbo Hriiifch harvester movement, tor
tin- British government, who had been
in oaiiiuiu for some months, has returned to the old land    At n luncheon
given in his honor at Winnipeg, Mr,
' Osmond   announced   that   Information
: ho had  received  from  i bo  imperial
Government was that sonic i,5i)u of
i the Uritish Harvesters who hnd returned from Canada, worn anxious to
. make arrangements to come out again
I to this country to become Bottled.   A
, plan is now announcod In Britain for
. assisting these men to return hy having ihem qualify for a law fare by
! undergoing   four   weeks'   course   in
: (Inuring   land  and   hand lim;   horses,
1 Only those harvesters who stayed  iu
1 Canada   for   a   reasonable   length   of
■ time will be accepted.
Mr  and Mrs  A. B. bundus returned
from  Victoria on Tuesday
A surprise party of old friends was
held for Mrs, Gurney, Sr.. at her home
1 on Monday on the occasion of her
j 73rd birthday when she received con-
I gratulntions and presents.
JJ   Milligan.
j Miss Kathleen Cooper entertained
> at bridge last Friday evening. Timetables wero played. PAGE SIX
New Rayon
Silk Underwear
A spring shipment of the new lines in Rayon Silk Underwear
lias jnst arrived and will lie on show in our window. Hayon
Silk Underwear can now be bought practically as cheap as
many of the old lines of cotteu underwear, unci the beautiful
colorings in whicli these lovely garments nre now made, so
that most colors wanted can lie had, to match the color of you'-
Kayon Vests in a new assortment of colors daintily made, and
smartly trimmed with lace, price $1.25, Rayon Bloomers to
match above vests and made in hobbettc style price $1.25 pair.
Ladies' Chemise trimmed with ecru lace made to match tlie
Bloomers and Vesis mentioned above, a really smart garment
price $2.25.
Lock-Knit Garments in the new colorings, every garment guaranteed to give satisfaction, many of our customers know the
real value of this line and will have none other. Vests $2,25
aud Bloomers $2,76 per garment.
Announcing the new arrival of an Express delivery today of
French Combinations, Pyjamas, and Sets, ask to see these lovely
Kayon Princess Slips wc have a good assortmenl of slips in
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quality at $L',.*Vi each.
Rayon   Kimonos—several   natty   styles   with   hand   painted
designs are on view at reasonable prices.
Cumberland Personals
/. Sutherlands
We take this opoprtunily of thanking all kind friends for their kind
words of sympathy, Tor beautiful floral tributes, and those who so kindly
loaned tlieir cars for the funeral of
a loving wife and mother.
Mr.   Wm.   Tarr   and   Son.
Apply .Mrs. L, Hutchinson, New Town-
site. *   * It
Mr. J. Gillespie and the family of!
tbe late Mrs. Clam Gillespie take thl3
means of extending heartfelt thank.-: j
to all their friends who by ready help!
and sympathetic attitude did so much j
to alleviate the pain caused by the
death of a devoted wife, daughter and
sister. Thanks are also extended for
the many floral tributes received ami ■
for the loan of cars on the occasion \
of the funeral.
Help the hoys who help yon. Attend the Cumberland Volunteer Firemen's Novelty Dance In the llo-llo
on  Monday,  March the IStli.
Apply Mrs. J, Henderson, Maryport
avenue.   New   Townsite, lt
mere ave.   Furnished or otherwise.
3 No reasonable offer refused.   Apply
t  Edward   McAdams,   Cadomin,   Altu.
District Badminton Tournament
Entries for tiie annual district badminton championships, to be played
at Royston on March 20, 21, 22 and
23rd if necessary, should be given to
the secretary of your club or Mrs.
Fatrbalrn, Comox, not later than
March 16th. Entree fee ls 50c for each
event and is payable hi advance. Open
to players from Qualicum north. Laddies' and men's singles nnd doubles,
and mixed doubles. 2t
Don't forget the Whist Drive on
Tuesday night iu the Eagles' Home.
Eight Good Prizes. it
| I      Hospital Dance April the 1st
■ The Women's Auxiliary of the Cum-
! » berland Genera) Hospital announce
I j the date of the annual bail as Friday,
• I April the 20th, to be held in the llo-
I | llo Dance hall. The general admis-
; j sion will be $100 for ladies and geu-
I ; tie men and refreshments will be
; ' served.
I S     A St, Patrick's tea and home cook-
• ' ing sale will he held on Wednesday,
I I -March 20th under auspices of the
; ; Ladles' Aid ol the Cumberland I'nited
• 'Church, in the Church halt. lt
» Kit It ATA
J Iu the list of floral tributes puhlish-
; ed last  week  on  the occasion of tho
I funeral of the late Mrs. .1. Gillespie.
I the names of Mr. and Mrs. J. Murray
■ and Verna were omitted.
; .Mr. Joe Dallos made a business trip
! to Victoria on Tuesday and is expected
;   to return today,
; Mr. W. S, Prior was a visitor to
'. Vancouver at the beginning of tho
;   week.
! .Mrs. A. Ross left last week end for
; a short visit to Vancouver nnd Vlc-
j   torla.
1 Miss Molly Tarbell after an extend-
; ed visit in Victoria has returned to
;   her home in Cumberland.
; . Mr. Cyril Newman, who is taking
> up aviation In Vancouver Is spending
:   a short holiday in the district.
*   *   •
Hector Treen left by car this morn-
;   it:g for Nanaimo.   He will cross over
' to Vancouver ou the afternoon boat.
spending a day or two in the mainland city on business.
A number of young friends of William Johnston surprised him on Saturday evening last and after explanations to the -surprised boy and hia
mother, a real jolly time was spent
in games.
Miss Burroughs of the Cumberland
Hospital nursing staff was granted
a mouth's leave of absence and left
on Sunday for her home in Vernon,
Dr. MacNaughton will return from
Victoria this week end to resume Mh
Master Bryson Parnham celebrated j
his fourteenth birthday on Tuesday,
when he had his friends in to dinner.
No hard labor at the Firemen's
Carnival Dance ou Monday, March 18,
In the llo-llo Hall.
m * *
We are all pleased to hear that Jack
Horbury is out of the hospital and
able to resume his studies at college.
Mr. DiffeiKlatTcr, official auditor for
Moose Lodges for the Pacific Coast
was In town this week auditing the
hooks of the local lodge. Mr. Dlffen-
dnffer's home is at Mooseheart, headquarters of the Moose Lodge.
Aftor "a night in Jail" with the Gedunkers, celebrate your release by
attending the Carnival Dance of the
Cumberland Volunteer Flre Department to be held on Monday, March 18,
in  the llo-llo.
On Tuesday evening the Gedunkers
met at thc home of Miss Gwen Emily.
The business part of the meeting dealt
chiefly with plans for thc dance to be
held on Firday night. It was decided
lhat from 9:Itu until midnight many
novelty dances will hold away, and
after supper a jail break will take
place introducing the carnival which
will continue until 2 a.m. Mrs. Emily
assisted by Gwen served hot dogs and
tea to the girls. Those present included the Misses Norma Parnham,
Beth Horbury, Edna Gear, Lillian
Banks, Claudia Harrison, Isabelle
li was rumoured during the past
week that Mr. Hassell of the Company
farm had .sold his milk business to
two Vancouver men. Mr. Hassell informs us that it is not correct and he
will continue to supply milk and cream
as usual. It is Mr. HasselTs intention to move down to the farm ln the
near future, giving up his residence
in  Cumberland.
The Hev. Mr. Ellis, of Comox.
preached at Holy Trinity Church on
Sunday evening last beforo u large
.Mr .and Mis. D. Bannerman and Mr.
T. Bannerman and Mrs. Conrod motored to Nanaimo on Sunday to al- \
tend the funeral of Mrs. Morrow who
wns interred In the Hub city on Mon-;
day lost. The late Mrs. Morrow was
n old time resident on Nanaimo and
had many friends throughout the:
northern portion of the Island who!
mourn her passing. J
*  •  •
Thirteen tables were in play at the
"600" drive given by the W.B.A. Cumberland   Review  No.   IT,  in   the  Fra-;
j tarnal Hall on Thursday evening. La-1
; dies 'first prize was won by Mrs. De-
voy and second by .Mrs, Wm. Davis;
men's first, Mr. C. Walker; men's so-1
, cond, Mr. A. Clarke; consolation, Mrs, j
, Conti and Mrs. Monks (sub.).   A good
lime was enjoyed by all present.
Don't forget the big masquerade
Saturday. March 16, at Campbellton.
Jimmy Walker and his Maple Leaf
orchestra supplying the latest music.
A good time assured for everybody
attending. lt:
A gay surprise party was held at
the home of Willie Johnston on Friday evening, when a host of his young
friends called. The evening was spent
playing games, until refreshments
were served. Among those present
were Dlys Williams, Lillian Picketti,
Margaret Westfield, Barbara Martin,
Margaret Drummand, Mary McMillan,
Alison Geekie, Edith Cavellero, Margaret Smith, Bryson Parnham, Bud
and Dave Hunden, Andrew Brown,
Wllbert Auchterlonie, Tom Conrod,
John Earl Banerman, Lelland Bannerman, Bill Cloutier, Freddie Martin.
Preston Bruce, Floyd McMillan, Cyril
Hob Patterson and Barney Dillon
arrived back in town ou Wednesday
and intend staying here Indefinitely.
* •   *
The many friends uf Mr. Frank Dallos will be pleased to hear that he is
improving greatly in health.
• •   •
Mr. Charles Graham arrived in
town on Thursday to attend the funeral of his mother, tho late Mrs. Jean
♦ • •
Get the children ready for the,
Fancy Dress Ball to he given by the
W.B.A., Cumberland Review No. 17,1
In the latter part of May. It
When a business man begins to ar-1 ,
gue that there Is only a certain am-
ount of business to be done, anyway,
a id that, it la no good to advertise, ii
Is time be were led to realize that the
rut has been enlarged to a grave. The
grave should be filled in and posies
placed upon the mound.
1 Tube of Klenzo Tooth Paste A A
1 Water Ball, all for 'K/C
1 Kiddie's Candy Pail, 10 ozs. of Pure nr
Candy for uO\,
Pure Castile Soap, Large Bar   25*p
Lang's Cream of Lillies
Still Supreme
for keeping the skin, white and soft.
Unexcelled for Chapped Hands.
That is one reason
for buying it—another is that its
double richness improves every dish in
which it is used.
May sse send you,
/fee, our Illustrated
recipei book? Write
13 *^_fl
For the Children
WHERE is the child who fails to get a thrill out
of hunting for colored eggs on Easter Sunday?
Or delight from chocolate bunnies and chickens?
They'll love the pure tastiness of our home-made
eggs, made with Cowan's Pure Milk Chocolate.
Royal Confectionery
Order Your EggB lu Advance   —   —   —   —   —   Telephone 23
Announcing a District Representative of
We beg to announce that we have been apppointed sole agents for the Famous Majestic Radio for Courtenay and district. We have just received a shipment of these
wonderful instruments today and they will be on exhibition in our showrooms. We
cordially invite you to call in and inspect them.  $50.00 to $100.00 saved.
There Are Reasons Why Majestic Outsells All Other Radio Lines.
The new MAJESTIC All Electric Radio is the most powerful seven-tube set ever built.
Simply plug in
The new MAJESTIC All Electric Radio is always riady to give you what you want,
on any light socket, flip the switch, and the MAJESTIC will snap into action.
The new MAJESTIC All Electric Radio has a tone never before approached by any Radio Receiving
Set.   With it you get the highest or lowest vocal, orchestral or pianistic notes free from distortion.
The new MAJESTIC All Bllectric Radio meets every condition of broadcasting with a flexibility which
is positively astonishing. When sound production varies from the thin notes of a referee's whistle
to the roar of forty or fifty thousand people within a few second's time—MAJESTIC meets the test.
Business, Politics, the World's News, are all yours with the MAJESTIC.
Over 3200 MAJESTIC RADIOS are sold every day.
Convenient Terms Arranged
MODEL 72.—$298.00, equipped for 25 cycle, complete
with tubes.
Phone 249
Courtenay, B.C.
New Heel' Hash
1 cup raw carrots, diced
1 cup raw potatoes, diced
2 cups of left over heef. chopped
l'/i   cups water
1 onion
-season to taste
Mix all Ingredients together.    Add
J water and coolt one-half hour or until vegetahles are tender,
! A Negro preacher walked Into the
o.'licc of a Southern newspaper and
said: ".Misto Edito, tliey is forty-
: three of my congregation which subscribe fo' yo' paper. Do that entitle,
! me to have a church notice iu yo*
, Salday issue?" "Sit down and write."
| said thc editor. "I thanlt you." And
! tli is is the notice the minister wrote;
I "Mount Memorial Baptist Church, the
j Rev. John Walke-r, pastor. Preaching
mouing and eveniug. In the promul-
I gat on of the gospel, three books are
' ne .'ssary: The Bible, ihe hymn hook,
am? the pocketbood. Come tomorrow
am. bring all three."
He always found
folk obliging
and helpful
**l hove always found your
employees lo In1 mosl obllg.
lug." wrote a subscriber In a
letter to the H.C. Telephone
Company's Vletorln office,
expressng thanks for telephone serves- on n eiill from
Sniiitislck, Il.C. to a Victoria
"I would like to express
mj appreciation of the manner In which this cull was
bandied for me," bc said. "I
have ulwajs found your em-
ployees to be most obliging
ond helpful, but Ms appeared
to me to be an outstanding
example and aguln I wish to
thank those who were re.


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