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The Cumberland Islander Jun 14, 1929

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Cumberland Islander
rd'y    ,. Witli which is consolidated the Cumberland News.
FRIDAY, JUNE 14th. 1929
Wife Of Former
Local Druggist
Dies in Victoria
Mrs.   Peacey,   a   well   Known
Figure in Cumberland
Mourned by a Host
of Friends
Another well known lady, in the
person of Mrs. Anne Marie Peacey,
and at one time a resident of Cumberland, succumbed last week end after
a long Illness, The deceased lady
was well known and highly respected
iu Cumberland, residing here for a
number of years with her husband,
Mr. A. H. Peacey, who conducted the
drug store now operated by Mr. It. 0.
In addition to her sorrowing husband she leaves to mourn her loss,
une son and one (laughter
The funeral took plaee on Tuesday
afternoon at 3.30 from Hayward's funeral chapel. Interment taking place
la Ross Bay Cemetery with the Rev.
A. O. Munson officiating in the presence of large number of friends and
sympathizers, many former Cumberland residents being In attendance.
The well known hymn "Lead Kindly
liight" was sung at the service ami
numerous beautiful floral tributes
were received and placed on the casket and hearse. The pall-bearers were
Messrs, C. J. Moore, J. Stewart, M. B.
Wallburn. A G. Moir. C. J. Quinuu
and R. V. Jenkln.
A ratepayer of the town who has a
girl of school age asks us to bring to
the attention  ofthe  powers  that   be.
the deplorable way in which the ce-
i ment tennis courts are being conducted. Personally we do not knmv whether   the   courts   are   being   conducted
rightly   nr   wrongly   ami   We   would
much rather the person write a letter
: to  the  paper,  stating  just   what   is
I wrong and offering suggestions. Prom
| what  could  he  learned  .some  of tho
tschool girls went up to the courts the
; other evening and found it Impossible
to get ii game, the courts being occupied by girls, other than school girls.
Native Daughter
Passes Away In
Terminal City
Sympathy Extended to Whyte
Family; Third Death
in Few Weeks
Much sympathy is being extended
to Mrs. Robertson, Mrs. Bennfe and
Mrs. Stevenson, of Cumberland on ac-
cout of the third death in the family
during the past few weeks. These
Cumberland ladles lost two brothers
recently and on Monday of this week
at the Vancouver General Hospital.
the daughter of Mrs. Robert Whyte
died afler a serious illness. The deceased lady. MrB. McNicoll, was better known In Cumberland as Edith
Whyte, being born here twenty-seven
years ago . She leaves to mourn her
loss besides two young daughters,
ber mother and one sister, a Mrs,
Johnson, of Vancouver.
The funeral took place on Friday
afternoon in tlie Mountain View Cemetery.
Fishing Contest At
Lake Cumberland
Drew Big Entry
Competition Waa Keen and Some
Good Catches Reported
The Cumberland Rod and Gun Club
staged a big flsh.ng competition on
Lake Cumberland last Sunday which
drew the biggest entry of any competition held by this popular club.
Many people journeyed up the lake
who were not Interested In the competition but went up for a day's outing
and it is safe to say that Lake Cumberland saw the biggest crowd. en-
Joying its many and varied beauties,
than ever before. The head of the
lake presented a busy scene as boat
after boat arrived, each loaded with
fishermen and picnickers. The Rod
and Gun Club had very thoughtfully
provided "welners" for those filtering
the competition, the cooking of these
delicacies being entrusted to John II.
Cameron, who performed bis task in
a most praiseworthy manner,
The competition was divided Into
three classes: two prizes, Ilrst and second for th*' biggest llsh caught on
the troll; tlrst and second prizes for
the biggest llsh caught with the fly
and first and second prizes ior the
biggest catch of the day.
All boats were examined before
sinning to tish and on the tiring of ,i
pistol, the contest was declared started. For two hours the (rollers held
their contest, llie prizes going to G.
Marshall and B„ Williams. Ilrst aud
second respectively. The tly llshing
next occupied the disciples of l/.aak
Walton, Hen Horbury being successful In gaining the tlrst prl/,e lu this
Beetion with George Kaga gaining second place,
Tbe prizes for the biggest catch ot
the day went to Jack Horbury, first.
(reel), J. Lockner, second (tobacco
pouch)  presented by Capt. Beadnell.
Bowling Green
Decided Upon
At Meeting
Offer of Canadian Collieries Is
i At a special meeting of the mem-
j hers ofthe Cumlierland Literary and
Athletic Association held on Sunday it
was unanimously resolved to proceed
with the erection of a bowling green
] and the oiler of the Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir), Limited, of a sum of
j|500 be accepted.
! Owing to the warm weather it was
; some time before,he necessary ijuor-
I um could be formed, but after walt-
, ing around for almost three-quarters
j of au hour, the required number turu-
| ed up.
I Mr, A, J. Taylor president of the
Athletic club was in the chair and outlined the proposition to the meeting.
The site of the proposed bowling
green is the old saw mill ground, close
to no. ti mine and which is admirably
spited for the erection ofa green . !i
Is dose to the club premises and
would become a part and parcel of
i the activities of Ihe Athletic club. The
president estimated that the sum in
the neighborhood of $1500 would he
required to pul the green in operating
condition and staled that sum could
[easily he raised. A member present
wanted to know if it was intended to
limit membership to the howling
green to members of the Athletic club.
Mr, Taylor said It was fl matter which
would have to be taken up by. the ex-
j ecutive committee. One of the members present suggested that the club
take in anybody and charge a fee accordingly . He Instanced the Xanainio
dub in whic]] anyone can join bu:
anyone not employees had to pay a
sum of ?fl or $10 for the season. It
was felt by tho meeting thai outsider.;
should hi> allowed to Join as the game
has become very popular on the Island during the last few years. Those
responsible for the forming ofa bowling green locally are very enthusiastic and predict a bright future for
howling in Cumberland,
At a meeting of thu liberal party
England on Thursday Lloyd George in
the course of a few remarks outlining
the .policy or his party said, "we must
not use the power given tis by the
electors In a paltry, fractious or pernickety spirit. This government was
not called into being by the verdict of
the nation but by Mr. Baldwin's midwifery,"
Good Boxing And
Wrestling Program
At Bowser Hall
McLaughlin, Canadian Champion
Wrestler Gives Wonderful
A number of Cumberlanders journeyed to Anderson's hall, Bowser on
Saturday night last to witness the
boxing and wrestling, matches promoted by .Mr. Anderson and were well
repaid for tlieir trouble. The wrestling match between Jack McLaughlin
and Jack Strong was a magaillcent
affair. Both men are undoubtedly
clever, and whilst Strong was a few
pounds heavier thnn McLaughlin, the
latter was very fast and must be related to a "wild-cat". The first fall
) went to McLaughlin the Canadian
Champion after Is minutes of really
good wressllng. dean and last. After
ten minutes interval the wrestler.-,
again got ins,o action, McLaughlin
gaining the second fall after 26 minutes. The match was one of the best
seen locally for many a year.
The boxing bouts were also good
the Ilrst being a good boI to between
Ned llryile of Albertll and Jock Mc-
Lean  Of Bowser, the litter gelling a
| lucky call over his clever opponent.
J    The second bout snw Wing liny ami
| Young Corbel pilled against on,, another,   Tills wns a real good bout for
! two  rounds.    The Clilnamau  is fast
| and the way tie waded Into Corbett
gave bim a good lead.   Ile floored bla
' man In the second round fur nu eight
count, but Corbetl was as strung as
ever a* he came up for the third. Ho
met disaster lu this round, accidental-
| ly fowling the Chinaman and losing
j the decision,
j Roy Cliffy, refereed the boxing and
Harry Jackson, the wrestling, both
giving great satisfaction,
Cumberland Man Killed
In Logging Accident At
Dollar Company Camp
that the city police bad arrested the  V'&nCCI  UriCKCt
man   said   to   be  terrorizing   women
ami children  in  Cumberland, during
the past week or two.   On enquiries
at the office ot the chief of police we I
were informed  thai  a  man  had been
picked up on Thursday night, bul as
he was able to give an account of i
himself he was allowed to go on Fri- "
day morning after spending Ihe night |
iu jail.
Game Scheduled
For Sunday
Cowichan C. C. Unable to Send
Team Up—Suggest Game
June 30
cretary  of  the  Cumberland
Two Others Seriously Injured;
Funeral of Unfortunate Robert Thomson Took Place on
Thursday Afternoon.
Robert Thomson, son of Mr. nnd
Mrs. Harry Thomson, of Cuiliberland
who was within a lew days of liis
tweniy-sevcnih birthday met death on
Monday afternoon whilst following bis
occupation as n rigglng-s linger nt th"
Deep Hay camp ofthe Canadian Robert licit lar Company. From reports
received from the oamp, the three men
were .standing in front of the "cold
deck" of logs hich were being hauled
across a gully by a donkey operated
from the railroad track some J6011
feet away. Whether there wasa misunderstanding in the signals or not
could not be ascertained but It is reported that Instead of the log going
straight ahead it swung round and
caught Thomson and the other two
men who were working in the gang.
Thomson received terrible Injuries
and died whilst being taken oul to tiie
road. The other injured men are
Frank Kruly. Hiokerman and Fred
Hrown, both of Nanaimo. Knaly wn3
very badly injured, his pelvis being
broken Into pieces and he is -also suffering   from   other   internal   injuries.
On Sunday evening, June Kith, at
7.;tu p.m. In Holy Trinity Church there
will he dedicated a picture given by
the parents in memory of tbelr son,
j Xorlo Hiro.-e, in addition to the picture new lights havt. also been installed iu the porch. The picture is
a copy of ihe painting by Krnest G.
Carlos entitled "The Pathfinder", The
original hangs in Hoy Scout headquarters in London It depicts a
Scout standing at a table, upon which
a map Is placed. The boy is evidently
working for the Pathfinders Hftdgq
one of four badges which has to bc
gained before he can become a King's
Scout. From the look In the lad's
face he is evidently puzzling ovor
something, for the Pathfinder's Badge
Is not an easy one to gain. Behind the
Scout, with hand resting on his shoulder, is the figure of the Christ. The
picture makes a most suitable memorial, as Norlo was one of the Ilrst
boys to join the Holy Trinity Troop
and Sunday School.
Underneath the picture will hang
the worded memorial designed by Mr.
W. A. Owen which reads: "To the
Glory of God and in loving memory
of Norlo Hlrose, Scout of the First
Cumberland (Holy Trinity) TrooP and
one of ihe first Japanese boys to join
the Church Sunday School. He passed on Into thc presence of "The Pathfinder" on the third day of April. 1920,
aged 16," "I am the Way. the Truth,
and tin; Life". On the top corners is
tbe Scout buttonhole badge and on
the lower corners ,the Pathfinder's
Badge, On either side Is a sword
symbolical of 'The Sord of the Spirit
which Is thp Word of God."
It ls expected thot a number of Japanese and parents will attend this
service, and any others who knew
Xorlo will be welcome.
Miss Mllllcenl Watt who is In
charge of the Sunday School by post
is making her annual visit to the district. There are a number Of children
In this parish and iu the neighbouring parishes of Courtenay and Sand
j wick who are on the list, and Miss
Watt makes a personal visit to each
home in order to come In touch with
her pupils, She Is visiting Cumber-
laud today and tomorrow, ou Sunday
morning Bho Will speak to the scholars of Lltg Koyston Sunday School,
Another visitor expected in the near
future is .Miss io. Mcintosh who wa.
.doing missionary work lu China for
some time, ll Is hoped that Hie lime
Is not fnr distant when wc may have
her as a permanent missionary to ihe
Orientals who live in the parish,
A Congregational Basket Picnic has
been arranged ror Wednesday afternoon, June 20th, leaving the Parish
Hall at 1.30 p.m, for Millards Bench,
Transportation will bo provided, ami
those who have cars are asked to
kindly bring them along,
, Th0 Scouts win go camping early tn
August, Cones Island has been chosen as the site for ihe camp, nud Ihe
local senilis will link up with a number of hoys camping under the direction of Itev. Alan Greene of The Co-
; linnbian Coast Mission.
Hrown is Buffering from aevere head jwi&eeseieMaewsetitaetBeacses '■ PlcblSCltC   To
j injuries. Bbock and a badly bruised   J NOTICE S '
eye.    Both Injured men were rushed   n   |i        »-*» * »     II     ^«*
lo the Cumberland Genera!  Hospital fl      ,\ guneral motoing of the em- fi        D©     FlClCl     (Jll
in ibe city's new ambulance. Andrew | JJ  payees ol the Canadian Collier- fl j
rd run to Mr*
Thomson making n r
Beetle ol tlie accident.
An inquest enquiring Intothe .I*»:it !
of Robert Thomson was holt] al Cour
tenay mi Tuesduy niglil Inn  was ad-in nic ol* ihe employees and i" an
Journed until .iunc 20th, rten li ls|fl point committees.
A   full   attendance   is   most  fl
ies iDunsmuiri. Limited) will lu
In-Ill iii ilie Athletic ('lull hi
Sunday .June (lie  Iiiiii al   8.01
p.m. in iiisiuss u.e nnuual nie- fi I Special Meeting of ('it..* Council
Amends Electric l.ij;!itini;
i» ■  k'i        Co. Purchasing Bylaw
hoped Brown, ono ot the injured men U     a   full   a lame   is   most II!  .
will be able to give evidence. 12 earnestly desired. B     Ai „ BpQ0| ,ui,g „c ,[„. rjuni-
The tuneri ' the unfortunate Roh-|jJ, .... ., TAYI.nit. Chairman. H berland City Council, held on M y
C, O'BRIEN, Secretary.     H |a9t, ihe bylaw to provide (nr ihe pur-
«5^a;BaBB«aB3Klf,s,il'   '"'   l"°   Cumberland   Electric
ihting Compnny was amended nnil
onsldercd   ami   received   its   drsl,
IN PULVERIZED I s>*'* 1 nnd third readings.   As report-
; ed  in  these columns hist  week owing
COAL   BURNING ■ t„ an error in the wording of the bylaw it wouhl lie necessary to amend
left Thomson w:is held from Uie fain-1
ily residence,  Penrith Avenue, Cum-|f
berland on Thursday afternoon nt 4.30,
Interment faking place in the rum- j SEES SUCCESS
berland Cemetery, wnn the itev. B.
O. Robathan,  Vlcnr .n  Holy Trinity
| officiating.
j    Tlie deceased hnd resided in Cuni-
; berland rand district for the I'-"1*' ^i*-
teen years and was at one time etll-
■ ployed at No.   I  Sllne.    Besides  his
parents ,.Mr. nnd .Mrs. Thomson,  It"
' leaves to mourn liis loss three sisters.
1 p Experiments
Hy (*i Man   Pi
t; lift ami Wardens Thomon and nuijwlnu Ind heen accomplished in con-
brothers, Harry mid William residing I necllon wiili the use of pulverized eoal
at home. J was asked in tlie house tii commons
The deceased was laid to his rest I on Tuesday evening b)  A. w. Neill,
Independent, Cnmox-Albornl, when estimates of the department of mines
and   geological   survey   were   under
; amidst many expressions of sympathy
: ilie [tall bearers being .Messrs. Robert
Baird,   Albert  Taylor.   John   Hrown,
Arthur Williams, Sam Williams and j consideration,
David Lockhart. !    An appropriation nt ,(328,400 for tlif
i    Floral tributes placed on the casket mines   branch   was   being  dlBcussed.
weret                                                  'this item was still under consldera-
j    Wreaths: ihe family; Mr. ami Mr-,'tion when the house adjour I.
.1.   B.  Taylor;   .Mr.   T.   Marilyn;   Mrs.] Hon.   Charles   Stewart,   l.iinis-
j Cecil Blower;  Miss Edna Smith; Mrs.       ter of mines. Informed llie house
'.Ins. Baird ami family: Mr, and Mr- J    thai experiments were being car-
<:. Shearer mil tamlly; Mr. and Mrs. !    Hed out on tlie use of pulverised
j It.   Young  am!   family;   Mr.   anil   .Mrs. j     coal, ll was safe to say lhal these
It.  s.   Wood,  ami   [ ily:   Canadian I    Indicated the uso of the coal wns
Practicable If Proper Care Used ,, a||(1 mm .ip,.lhl |n ,„„ |on[| paper
Says Stewart; Will keep       mak|„6 „ lm|ll,.lMu, ,,,.„ „1(!  „,.
sclte he postponed, The date-on whicli
!!)«■ by-law will be presented lo the
ratepayers for their approval lias beeu
sel  for Tuesday, Juno 25th .mil the
. council urge upon all ratepayers to re-
! cord their vote "ti thai date,     The
! time oi' iln' poll will In1 from s n.m
, until .s p.m., iii,. place of polling be-
' Ing the City Hull with city clerk Cop i
j returning officer,   Hy request we arc
publishing  iht'   figures   read   oul   by
Mayor Maxwell al the puhlic meeting
held recently, when the proposed pur-
' chase was discussed.
i    The figures arc taken from ihe nud-
■ itur's ropori on the Cumberland Blec-
j trie Lighting Company nud covering
last year's actlvlllea.
Profit and Loss: income; sales. $2-1.
0G8.22;  rentals, $l,fiDS.30;  total, $25,-
Cricket club received word on Tuesday evening tlmt ihe Cowichan club
could nol send B team up to (.'umber-
land this Sunday, owing to the visit
to Duncan of II MS. Colombo. It wos
explained thai many members of the
j Cowichan   cricket   team   have   been
Ilirisffr     /^tn''1'"1'1' u,m" '" ,'llU'1'l!tiM tl,t' boys iii
siSUUC     .£ri«Jlll    ,,,.    ffjjjia,   |„   Dunca|]<     Mr.   craig,
iheir secretary -suggest a team come to
Cumberland on June 80th. The date,
however, does not suit Cumberland as
Nanaimo will he up for two days
cricket, .lune 30th in Cumberland and
July Ut in Courtenay. June 23rd ha*!
been offered t»> Hie Cowichan cricketers but ii is not yet known if Hie date
is suitable,
The local club are very disappointed
over ihe cancellation of 'he game for
Sunday us it was recognized thai the
southerners had an excellent team
and the locals were most eager to try
conclusions with them beforo the visit
ui' ll. M, S, Colombo.
practicable, assuming that proper
care was used.
Mr. Stewart said he was prepare!
to facilitate further experiment wiil
this coal on one of the vessels of thi
Government Merchant Marine.
Robert Dollar Company
Sprays: Winnie anil Clertio Taylor;
Mr. Albert. Taylor; Mr. and Mrs, Harold Hunks; Miss c. young ami Annie;
Mr. and Mrs. A, Marshall; Mr. and
.Mrs. A|. M, Hrown; Bill, Alary aud
tlosfna;   Mr. and  Mrs.  Williams and
Tamlly;  Mr. and  Mrs, A. Wycherley; I «Blim8 CrOfties"
Air. ami .Mrs. Thoiius Baird and fam   '
Ily;   Mr.  and   Airs.  Thomas  Carney
Air. and Mrs. Lockharl and Have; Mr. , IJ0.UI9.77,   total   $57,187.(17.    Char...
and  Airs. Arthur Williams;  Air. audi    Cumberland,   June   12.—On   Sunday .U1(]  ,.,,„,,.-„.,  igononoo   Current  and
Airs. .Morrison;  Mr. end Mrs, J. w. [last, the members of the Burns' Cron-f wo,.^|„g aBHeta $9 57s S5   Total SUB
ies' Club, and their families motored 7,;,. r,Q
Charges agaliiHt Income: cost of
sales, $22,3-16.80  (Including deprecta-
, Hon of fixed assets credited ot reserve
$2,S92.4D, tiel profit for year. $:t,3la.-
54 . Total $26,661.52.
The stati acrt* of Assets and Liabilities shows: Fixed Assets Plant and
equipment. Pole line, $6800.00, Transformers    M0OO.OO,    -Meiers    $6300.00,
JBulldlngB $300.00, New  liae$2-i.4U.2U.
jt*   m   r\       I' [Buildings $300.00, Xew llne$24.4U.20
Visit Qualicum Hoysioa „„e $U38.70i 0Jli(„ etc<
Hill and Air. aud Min. David Logan.
500-Ton Paper
Mill Projected
For the Island
t„ Qualicum to spend llie dny at the      SurpJua:   B,|. „a „,  jullUBry  ,-.,,,.
beacti.   About 00 to 70 made tlie trip I!l;,s  j:, 4 ss!, r. 1 i    Deduct dividends "i
and enjoyed a wonderful picnic.   The ,5,25000    Balance S9G39 50    Add nel
weather wa.s ideal lor such an outing i;{ ;;1- -,,,    Total $1205515    Vet total I
and it is a matter of controversy weth-  jj iq -)i(i:,.,
er the children or the "grown-ups" en-1 A1] sorla ,M l.n,M,„M.s „.,,,.,. g0|„8
Joyed themselves the most. It seems round ,he dl), ,lllrillg „,,, „.,,„„ l0 t„e
however, that such n pleasant holiday ,.„,.,., ,|ml n,,, Nal|0nn| Utlllles Had
cannot be passed without a rcactionj acquired the Electric Lighting Com-
Mr. Eadie Heads
Canadian Club
Popular District Club in Annual
The annual meeting of Hie Comox
District Canadian Club was held at
the Native Sons' Hall Cortenay un
.Monday night last when the chief
business was the receiving of the officers reports for the past yeur and the
electing of officers for the ensuing
Tlie meeting appointed Messrs. Ab-
r;inis, Glover and Hughes a committee
to arrange for the presenting to all
schools in ihe district ol a picture,
depicting the landing of Captain Vancouver.
in Uie election of officers, Mr. William Eadle, manager of the Cumber-
hind branch of the Rayol Bank of
Canada was the unnanlmous choice
for thi presidency. He will have for
his oilier officers: Vice-President, Mr.
P. Leo Anderton, <»r Courtenay; Sec-
retary-Treasurer, Mr, T. II. Carey, of
Cumberalnd; Literary Correspondent,
All. It. Hughes ni Courtenay; Directors, Hr. VV. Bruce Gordon and Mr. J.
Conway. Cumberland, Mr. \V. Doug-
Ins, Air. ,1. M. Mitchell, Air, J. H. Kakia
Courtenay, Air. M. IL Thomas, Union
liay ami Mr. F. .1. Staghall, Comox.
Shower For
Newly Weds
fin Wednesday evening the G.W.V.A.
, Hall was llie seem- of a very delight-
and many sunburned races and aching |M„. „, :, nSUro sta li JfW.OOO.OO ! ful shower given in honor of Mr. and
New Town May Spring Up al lllmbs resulted from the exposure andj ], ia however, true thai sunn, options I Mrs
Beaver Cove '.^w strenuous Karnes which were play- nave heen lakei
(I by all.   There were races nnd foot-1 Cnmnnnv aim enmsiiiernisio «i„, i, ....... <    urs.s.  ... .., luring i
     --    s-    -«- 1   -.-   - - ' -       "   .° .,">»'■ in.- mm  .-.uiif iijiu.i.is , sirs   A.   LiuiKlaud   (nee Lottie Lewis!
"""  """'-                    " " '"'"' '">'" have heen taken In iln- Electric Light   by the members of Hie Welsh Society.
■ot- Company aim considerable stock pur-!    Whist was in play during the ilrst
Vancouver, B. I*. June ll.  -Another ibal1 samM "nd man>' olhQr rol'ras °r chased In the Cumberland a Inlon  pari  of t ivonlng, tbo prize win-
600-ton paper mill to bo built In Brit- recreation which all went to make up Wntenvorks Compnny, Inn  it   is not tiers  boing as  follows:   ladies* first,
Ish Columbia. The International Pulp |a &W wnlcn w111 lon8 be remembered true, so we ar8 led to bellove, tbat the Mra.  W. Davis; see 1, Mrs. M. M.
and Paper Co., the leading concern of ns one °r thc mosl Peasant spent by ,\ mil L'tllltloa lias,, tnkon over the  Brown,   consolation,   Mrs   II   Tarr;
Ills kind in Hie east, Is to build nt j ">e  members of the club.    Hampers Electric Lighting Company.                 gent's  first, .Mr.  D. Morgan, second,
Beaver Cove.                                    were taken down with the party and|_  Mi. .1   M0nks, consolation,  Mr.  Ed.
lunch served on the beach, after which
tlie party returned to town, tired but
j happy.
.ast lew weeks,   -\ group ul wew [ ~ '——
engineers representing Hie In- Eagles'  AuXlHarV
tional   Is   now   at   Heaver   Cove, ° J
Baseball Club
Is Organized ',;
After  Hie  cards  tbose  present  Hat
;ii  limn tables, decorated with
balls  ami   roses and  laden  with
hoice variety of rakes and sand-
I Expect  io   Arrange   Home  anil   wlchea    After refreshments the bride
Incfal Offir^»r«        Home Games^With Tnion      jwaa presented with a huge bouo.u»t
Negotiations a n <1 Inevstigationa
which have been in progress tor years
have come close t" a conclusion in
tbls past few weeks. A group of New
Vork  c
ternatli ^^^^^^^^
making preliminary surveys with re
Bpecl 10 power development and a sitnl                 *n«M»a vmi-wo liny and LOUrtenay             I „f (lowers made up from those that
lor the mill decorated tlie tables,   -Mr  Davis then
A direct 'capital outlay of between i    (,,] TuestIa>' eVenl,1R' Jui,e ltl1'' the Af,er livln8 in  l",,"" '''"' ""' |,a"1   rose and on bel,.,],- of the Welsh So-
515,000,000 nnd $20, ,  will he re-  kndios' Auxiliary to Comox Aerel. no. few  months thai  baseball  would bo c[e[y   mmle  Mr   nnd   Mra   Longlan(I
iwlrod for Hie construction of ph..!'.: l953' p-°-B- l»«R»^ "»elr offl -s for revived  again  in  Cumberland,  Mo-, -  „ lhI,...„ll;tIi(ltl Df a v,.rv usefll| ,oung<|
'ibe forthcoming term m n most  in- ardent fans wilt \»- delighted to know  covered with beautiful cretonne, Hoih
torostlng ceremony thai  nl p meeting bold on Thursday  tllP br|(lo ami Sf0Qm (hilllkl..i ,,„. B0.
The following olfb ai - were in-nil night ii »;■• deelded in reorguniiHi for j ,.j(,,v ,■,,,. t|1D |oV0ij }.ir
ed:   Junior  Past   Madame   President the balance nf the summer The meet-     fj,0 remainder ot tho evening was
A 600-ton mill at Heaver Cove moans I Mrs.   u.   Derbyshire;   Mudame   Vice- ing was very cnthusalntlr and wlillstLpent  in gnmes and  novelty dances
' ilie establishment of [mother town et  president, Mrs K Hates; Chaplin (by it  i    nm  Intended t., ro in  tor nny : Persons   i< i elvlng   prlxes   for   these
tho north ond of Vancouver Island,   A   proxy) Mrs, K. Stockand; Secretary,| league baseball Mm- Honson, the pro-1 Woro, Mrs .)  lleese, Mrs J   l»  Dnvls.
city .if -I. 1 people, with'a n thly  Mrs.   M.  James;   Treasurer,  Mrs,   S motors feel thai  there are iiifTlcionl   \\Ta  i{  Longland, .Mis Struthers, Mr
payroll of $2C, , will boa direct con-  Bradley;   Inside Ouard. Mrs   W   Mc- young  players  in   the  town  to  glve.A, Longland ind Mr  Bond.
: [uonee of establlshmenl of iiiis in    Millan; Outside Qtiant, Misa L  Hrnd , nn.  <<\ the league players onthe  t« j    f*tc HjngjnR ,,,   \.\,v ,|I|P> :ill. Jolly
development or power mid purchase of
Menus Nen Town
[loy!   Trustee .Mrs, M, Schmidt,  Mrs j laud quite an argument.
Good Fellows" brought a very enjoy-
I   Tremendous stands of privately-own-1 Ruth Richardson took office .'« con-i    An efTori Is being mole to iirrnngi |nbl0 evening to a close.   \i this point
■'  ' ' ' '■  ' '      "■    ■"*■■'  " I »" '"'I- j [«r l>°»|c ;""' lm'"" K(imM «'(l1' l'"i"'1 j Mi-s. T, McMillan, wl  birthday was
thai  day,  was  pushed  into the ring
e't timber have already been optioned, I ductress and Mis. H
and there Is gomo crown limber which   tain j Hay aud Coui tenay ami later on iu tlu
will lie available it' required,   A sum      After the Installation tiie Past Mn-. season it Is expected that ;i team trom
considerably in excess of ?&,  Is ] dame Presideiii Mis. s Covert on a ; Alhernl md a lenm rroin Nanaimo will
involved i ndlrecl purchase of Umber, j half of the Auxiliary  presented  the  be   ei n In u tiuu on the local diamond,
I    Tiie Sale of Nome cooking etc held
under the auspices of the Olrls' Talent  Club  on   Wednesday   afternoon
proved   ft  successful   one.    The   pro-
1 ceeds  go  towards   meeting  the   uole
j due on thp Furnace Fund Loan,
'This Umber Is on both the Island and
Power  lato be developed  hy dam-
lining Niriipklsh Lake at its outlet, nol
far behind  Heaver Cove, on  the cast
'■ const of the Island.   Tiie power system
'and tbe mill will cost close to -*1". ,-
: 00O Is estimated,
Work for Hundreds
To keep a :,ini-ir>ii mill operating re-
; quires an annual ent oi' 160,000,1)00 feet
retiring President. Mrs. M. Frelone.; .Mr T. H, Robertson won electod
with a love]., dinner set Mrs. Fre-1 presldoni and other office rs elected
lone made a very pleasing Utile nc-t Included Mat I, Stewart Vice-President
knowiedgemenl Df iln* girt  in a rew! Walter   Hudson,   h dary-treasurer;
well    chosen    words,      'I'll,,    business   Tucker   .lames   Manager. .
mooting or the Auxiliary  was then.    All playing members ofthe old Cum-[ll
closed mill ihe members sal dow '' ' ' " '"■" -,"1- "•'■" • ' *
ii pleasant little supper
with  the  bride and  groom  and  was
prei ented with a small token.
Miss Poarl llumleii and Mr, John
Karl Bannerman supplied the music
!'nr the evening's ontertalnmont,
millions of dollars,
Whll(1 the contracts and agreements
ot limber which means Inauguration of I for ihis great undertaking Imve tin*
a big logging operation enploylng hun-  yoi been closed it is reliably learned
ilreils ot men and a ureal deal of equip- ! that tbe International has at Olast do-
niein. I elded  doiltlltoly to go abend and  thd
Building or a city around the plain   next   fow  months  will  probably sea
will lead to the expenditure of further J the entire transaction closed.
berland llnsehall club who have unl-|jj 	
forms in their possesBlon arc asked|g     A pu|j,|t meflU
in turn in Bame lo the secretary at
the Royal Candy store or lo the man
ager. 'I'm ker Jafnes, as early as pos
WoBtbank claims the honor of th"
first shipment of cherries from 'he
okanagan Valley this year, the shipment being made by Hrown nnd Clarke
from the Knox ranch.
|      A public meeting will he held
I jj in   the   conn, ii   Chambers   on
| ll Tuesday, .Mine the IStli at ~ p.m.
' ll t'"i-   the   purpose   ni   arranging
|| mr Water Sporta at Lake Cum- w
jj berland and to discuss ibe dis-  }|
jj position of tho balance left from
\\ llie L'llh of May Sports
FRIDAY, JUNE lltli. 1880
The Cumberland Islander
EDUCATIONAL opportunity t'or every boy and
girl in Brtiish Columbia is the ideal towards
thu attainment of winch the Provincial Ue-
partment of Education is steadily working. Such
an ideal, as is the case with every high ideal, may
bc impossible ot complete attainment, but it is
none the less worth striving tor. The main sale-
guard for permanency and efficiency in any democracy lies in the provision whch it maKes t'or
the education of its citizens, young and old, and
already our province has done much in this direction. For the pro\ ichng ol trained and competent
leadership our university Has been established;
we have ti rapidly growing system oi secondary
education in our junior and senior nigh schools
and in our supi rior schools, and our elementary
schols are tu be luund in every locality Irom the
large centres oi population to the most remote
pans ui the Province. Wherever a minimum attendance ul six pupils can be maintained there a
well-qualified teacher will be found at work. But
even this comprehensive organization ut schools | trial develop
of all grades lias nut met the situation fully. There
still remain ui tins big Province many individual
families so far isolated as to render the organization of even the assisted school impossible. These
are the pioneers from whose labour and selt'-saci'i-
fiee future generations of British Columbians will v within
benelit and nu educational system is complete that j    n h better to
•Vou must".
explored ror the bituminous industry. While caul us :i
fuel bas last some popularity, due to oil competition re-
eentlj chemists nnd otber scientists have been active In
opening the wny for it to heroine, through the by-product
coke oven, the raw material imals of a vast industrial de
Two thousand coal experts and chemists tram twenty-
two countries recently met in Pittsburgh In the Second
International Conference on Bituminous Coal. The full
report of the proceedings bus now been Issued by the Carnegie Institute ot Technology. The mere enumeration ol
sine of tho topics discussed in the convention indicates
something of tbe magic tho coal chemist holds for the
world. Some of the sujeel titles, suggestive of the lines
along which scientists arc working, are: "From Coal to
Rubber." "Hydrogenatton of Coal." "Coal and Fertilizer,"
"Manufacture of Synthetic Ammonia." "Relation Between
Electricity and Coal U till ital lon," "Distillation of Coal
Tars." "Long Distance Transmission of Coke-Oven tin.,
in Germany," Transformation of Cellulose and Llgnin Into
Coal.' "Conversion af Slack Coal and Pines Into Lump
Smokeless Fuel." "Manufacturing Bituminous Coal from
Petroleum. .Transformation   of  Fine   Bituminous  Conl
Inlo Substitutes t'or Anthracite," and "An Internal Combustion Bug Ine I'siiiK Pulverized Coal."
The Industrial development of Western Kurope in tho
nineteenth century was founded largely mi the uvenues cf
production opened by coal and steam, and thu new wealth
which resulted.   Science now has brought us to the tliresli-
hold of a new coal ago ,nnd it iH one of coal and chemistry.
al resources here, ihis Coast Province
In- strategic centres of this new Indus-
—Victoria Dully Timen
G.   Brown,   care   Canadian   Bank  of   (ANA1HAN .NATIONAL KAIL WAS 8
Commerce    All interested nre invited I Slimmer Train Service
to attend.
* • *
Under thc auspices of the Canadian
Legion. Nanaimo. Qualicum Beach and
Mount Arrow-smith brunches are holding a grand sports day at the Community Park Grounds on Dominion
Day. July 1st. A e,ood programme of
sports has been arranged with refreshments icafeteria stylo, side shows,
etc., on the grounds.
nt llir
should li.
Ity  B. C,   Forbes
ml   co-operate.     Vou   will  search  for Op-
Ill vain unless you have planted its roots
Mr. and Mrs. Jackson and daughter, of Vancouver, are visiting Mrs. F
Mr. and Mrs. L. Rees motored to
Alberni over the week-end.
Mrs. Worthlngton, of Prince Rupert,
is visiting Mrs. J. Milligan.
•    »    *
Mrs. Moss and Mrs. Ployart of Winnipeg, are visiting their sister-in-law,
Mrs. M. Halliday.
•■Confederation"   leaves   Vancouver
10.30 a.m. daily for Kamloops, Jasper, I ^
Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Bran- I M
don   Winnipeg,   and   Toronto  making j Jb
| close connections for all Ontario and i V
1 Southern points. it^
  i £s
i "Continental Limited" leaves Van- ' £>
j couver 9.60 p.m. Daily tor Kamloops, t§
I Jasper, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnl- | M
I peg, Ottawa. Montreal, making close j ^
j connection for .Maritime and United Hgj
States points. This train carries | Jjjj
through standard sleeper to Chicago i £»
'via Duluth nud also through standard i to
sleeper to Kelowna via Armstrong ami j
Vernon. ;
Sn in mer Steamship Service from    |
Alaska sailings  every  Monday  S.uii | j3jg
p.m. via Prince Rupert.
Prince Rupert, Anyox and Stewart j"
sailings every Wednesday and Saturday it 8.00 p.m.
Weekly sailings to Queen Charlotte I^B
Islands.  . \4fm
Here and There
The  blggf
muskrats oi
i th
does not offer to them some sort of educational
service. In so far as the work oi' the elementary
school goes, this has already been done, and for
the past ten years courses of instruction have been
provided by the Department and given by correspondence to several hundrd boys and girls living
beyond the reach of the public or elementary
The last step towards the realization of the ideal
of educational service to the people is the inauguration of correspondence instruction in high
school courses. These courses, which will include
the full preparation of students for Junior Matriculation and Entrance to Normal School, will also
provide for instruction in commercial subjects as
outlined in the official programme of studies for
the Province. Students entering upon the correspondence courses are permitted to choose certain subjects quite as freely as if attending one
of our city high schools. Registration will begin
o nAugust 15, L929, and the first courses will be
mailed out to students whose applications are accepted as soon as possible alter that date. Application may be made at any time after the 1st
day of August and must be made on a form which
will be sent on request. Full instructions and all
necessary information will be supplied with the
application forms.
"I must," than
■ danybody to say
The men  who attract "■
lot they weren't paid io do.
Uow you (ill your mind determines very largely how y
will your pocket.
if you are always iu time for yo
to ho In time for promotion.   Tlie late coin1
Kill time and you kill your career.
The raw material of success is thought.
usually have offered
work you are apt
oniei usually gets
carrier! hy
press  Com
Manitoba u
cently,   Tin ■■
breeding groi
rat fann an I
box holding
were shipped
Beaverforti fr
muskrats  wc
it of live
lipped from
u nber, were
'acific Ex-
Oak    Lake,
tJermany, re-
ft'oiu trapped in ihe
uds on the Manitoba
hipped in boxes, each
ivolve pairs. Thoy
on c. P. Freighter
mi Montreal and the
q In  good  condition
of Kitchen Aluminum Ware
ANY ARTICLE AT 15c, 7 for $1.00
Strainers, Saucepans, Bowls, Pudding Dishes, Pie Plates. Jelly
Cake Plates, Cookie Cutters. Measuring Cups, Children's Cups
and Mugs. Funnels, Egg Turners. Cake Turners, Apple Corei-a,
Soup Ladles, Basting Spoons, Pot Scrubs and Scrub Brushes, etc
Personally  Conducted  Triangle  Tour   J[t|
The fourth annual personally con-: $|
ducted triangle tour of British Colum- J ?M
bta will leave Vancouver 9:00 a.m. July jw
'-22nd.   All expenses included, total cost   W
$no.oo. Mn
This is an ideal holiday as entire, id
journey from Vancouver to Jasper j £§
Park and Jasper Park to Prince Ru- rM
pert will be covered in daylight. Party j $3l
will return from Prince Rupert to Van- Jffi
couver by the popular SS. "Prince «S
George." Varied entertainment at all' -a§
stopover points. t-f.'
of <
i wheu
gooda   hefore
can  hope   to
i lies
is the man who shows
work that landa one on top.
and people will make way for you.
i who can gel things done peace-
coal resources on ihis island, i
WITH the \a.-i coal resources on this island, and thus.
in the southern Interior, in the peace River mid
other northern areas, British Columbia has more
than an academic interest in ihe greater fields now being
u   musi   know   yo
deliver thp goods.
The man who shows
It's generally uphill
Make your own way
A good executive i.-; on
ably at b prollt.
'It's a long lane that has no turning. Ves, hut don'l
overlook ilie fact that you have to "make" tho turn.
A famous publisher recently issued this admonition to
Ills editors: "Give both sides, nnd if there are three sides
to any case, give the third one also." I* there a thought
In this for you.
Organize, systematise, deputise, realize.
If you had no difficulties to triumph over you would
have no triumph. Make this thought part of your niem.1
What counts Is not "Mow much havo you?" but "What
have you done?''
The only hopeless person is the person who litis ceased
to strive for success.
The whole philosophy of life can be summed up in two
little words:   Be kind.
The Hoy;,
largest lu
building iu i
he opened
following da
for guests a
to capacity.
Troiu of To:
bling thai i
building of
of -a hid
this i
On the authi
report rece ltlj
that the bicycle
pularity in Can
duciion of hi.
reached a now
selling value nf
cent higher tha
year 2~ 090 who
ed at $899,480
el, Toronto.
and highest
Ish Empire, will
Excellency the
tuI. June 11. The
will be reception day
I tbe hotel is booked
The whole water
ilo is rnpidly resem-
New York with the
iiuneiisi- structures
Is the outstanding.
lority of an official
j Usued ft appears
le is gaining in po-
nada, In 1928 pro-
Icycles In Canada
record with the
d  products 52     per
27.      Last
sold valu-
New Firm Takes
Ford Agency
The Ford Motor agency, which was
recently relinquished by the Corfleld
Motors, has been taken over by Noel
Motors, a new firm on Courtenay's
Automobile How. The head of the
new firm is Mr. L. b. Noel, formerly of
Victoria, well known in marine circles
at the south end of the Island. Mr.
Val. Dalby, who was formerly with
Corfield Motors, enters the new Arm
in charge of the sales department and
Mr. Ed. (Happy) Handlen will be in
charge of the service department.
It is understood that different sites
are being investigated with the idea
of erecting a modern sales and service
building and in the meantime temporary quarters have been taken in the
Macdonald Building formerly occupied by  the  Macdonald  Electric and
next to the Government Liquor store,]
where new Ford models are on display!
and a full line of Ford and Fordson j
parts in stock.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lowe ol Nanai
mo motored to Sprout Lake on Thursday last. Mr. Lowe having accepted
a position with the Sproat Lake Logging Co.
♦ *     »
Mr. and Mrs, Gordon McBride were
guests at the Island Hall last week.
* *    *
Mr. J, Jones of Vancouver is relieving on the staff of the Canadian Bank
ol Commerce.
• *    *
Mrs. Dochle returned home on Sunday after spending a couple of weeks
at Harrison Hot Springs.
• •    *
Mr, E. Brown returned to Nanaimo
last week having spent a few days
here relieving on the staff of the Canadian Bank of Commerce.
! Mr. G. Brown went to Nanaimo to
attend a Bank of Commerce conven-
I tion on Tuesday last.
»    •    *
I    Mr. Guerney of Mayne Island and
his sons Tim and Tom spent the week
end guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. McDer-
•   *   •
Mrs. Dick Timms of Vancouver spent
a few days receiving old friends being Llie guests of Miss Taylor, Errlngton.  and  Miss McDermid,  Parksvllle.
The ratepayers' association is holding a meeting in the Parish Hall on
Friday (to-morrow) night. It is particularly requested that suggestions
for improving the district be sent In
writing to the secretary-treasurer, Mr.
Ma gives
the children
Comox Jersey Ice Cream
"Because it is ao rich in pure ('ream." But the children
are more interested in the cold, smooth, tastiness oi
Jersey lee Cream and so will you be once you sit down
to enjoy this wonderful treat.
Comox Creamery Association
Courtenay, B. C.
Within the next lev, weeks ihe
largest re-fores to tion venture so
far made by the Ontario Government will be under way in the
planting of 1.200,000 trees In the
Thessalon district near the Soo.
This is to be largely experimental
and as a guide to schemes under
contemplation for the future In
different parts of Ontario.
\V. K. Wllford will assume the
title of purchasing agent. Canadian
Pacific Railway, Towmto, according to an announcement recently
given out by B NV Roberts, general purchasing agent of the railway.
Mr. Wllford will have most of tlio
work in connection with ihe Royal
York Hotel purchase* He joined
the company as a clerk in ihe purchasing department  In  1!Ki8.
Fourteen cases of orchids were
carried from England to Japan recently uniler the auspices of ihe
Canadian Pacific Express Company
to tlio order of the Emperor of
Japan, the Empress ami membora
of the Imperial Court. They are
sent onl from England about three
times n year and arc highly
prized by ihe Japanese Royal
Family and Court.
A new wheat, known as R-49.
may be the long awaited rust-
reslstanl wheat. Canadian Government plant breeders have long been
experimenting in an effort to develop a variety of wheat thai will
resist nisi and nt the same time he
of hijih grade milling quality. Ein-
mer, which is a rough, large, rather
poor-yielding grain nf the wheal
family, which has seemed to be
rust-resistant, has heen crossed
with Marquis wheal  and the pro-
The above named Commission win i v
hold a preliminary Publie Meeting at ' It?
the   G.W.V.A.   Hall.   Cumberland,   at   &&
U0 p.nu Monday .lime lTtli, 1920.      W
This preliminary meeting will be
confined to investigation of the social
welfare systems now in operation hy I
industrial corporations ,and all Inter- I
ested or who can give any information *
thereon to the Commission are invited ! ;
to attend. \
Public meetings of Ihe Commission ' ;
will he held at later dales to which ; ;
citizens and representatives of public i J
bodies will bc asked to express their \ ;
views generally npon Slate Health ■ ;
Insurance and Maternity Benefits. No- i •
tice nf such meetings will lie publish- j ;
ed lu due course. I ;
C.   II.  GIBBONS,       I !
Victoria. B.C, Secretary.
Mny 21, 1920. 23-24
P. P. Harrison j
Barrister, Solicitor, *
Notary Public :
Main Office «
Courtenay           Phone 253 !
Local Office :
Cumberland Hotel in Evenings ;
Telephone 116R or 24 ; ■ I
Canned Pears. 2s, 16c per tin, 7 tor   $.100
Canned Ripe Pens, 2s, 15c per tin, 7 Inr   $1.00
Shredded Wheat, IBe per packet. 7 tor   $1,00
Post Toasties. lr.e per packet, 7 tor $1.00
Sardines In Olive Oil, 15c per tin, 7 Tor   $1.00
Paclllc Milk, 15c per tin, 7 for  *.  $1.00
Sliced Pineapple, tlats, 15c per tin, 7 tor   $1.00
Malkin's Best Tomatoes. 2s. 15c per tin, 7 tor   $1.00
Clark's Soups, Celery Vegetable, Oxtail aud Tomato—
15c per tin. 7 tor   $i 00
Nabob Sliced Peaches, buffet size, 15c per tin. 1 for   $1.00
Assorted Jams and Marmalade, classes, 15c, 7 tor   $1.00
Christie Graham Waters, 1-lb, packet ,35c, :t for $1.00
Crisp Lemon Snaps, SOc. per It).. 2 lbs. for 55
Strawberries and Fresh Pineapple
Local Rhubarb, 0 tbs. for .'. 25
For Service
For Quality
geny n*g
tin crossed
with Marquis,
iu a grain
vhich is three-
Martin:- st<
ck,   The plant
have carrli
i in their ex-
peri in en
■ nt Hi,. Mil
iltn'sia A'-'nil-
turn! Co
lego an I fr<
ni ii-- many aa
Si; slrali
- dcveJrvwrt
H--KI Beoni3 ao
f:ir lo hi
Uie mi !>■ n
Charlie Dalton
Meets Boat at Union Bay Every
Sunday  Morning
The Delicousness of
Golden brown waffles—tasty, crisp and wholesome. . .
so simple to make with a Waffle iron such as this
beautiful heavily nickeled, full guaranteed Manning-
Price $14.50
sold by
Cumberland Electric
Lighting Co., Ltd.
Dyers and Dry Cleaners
Special    family    laundry   rate.
Orders   left   at  tho  Kltz  Cafe,
'phone 150, Cumberland will receive prompt attention.   A trial
order will convince you.
Telephones:  Courtenay, 226
Cumberland 150
Red Top Relief Valves, $7 each
To Keep "Closed" Plumbing "Open"
This is a H-ln. valve for use on domestic hot water supply
systems for relief of damaging pressures caused by ranges
and tank beaters.
Both Red Top Relief Valves nre approved by Underwriters'
Laboratories, Inc., and by Stale and Municipal Bureaus of
Water and Boiler Inspection.
U. W. CLINTON, .Managing Director.
ALEX MAXWELL, Proprietor,
Autos for Hire.   Coal and Wood Hauling given very
prompt attention.   Furniture and Piano
Storage if desired.
Phones 4 and 61
Cumberland, B.C.
Aulomobile Side  Curtains Repaired
Also Harness Repairs
Orders left at Henderson's Candy Store will receive
David Hunden, Jr.
Of a|| descriptions
WOOD FRIDAY, JUNE lltll, 1020
By-Law No. —
A By-Law (o Provide Tor the Purchase
of Cuiliberland Electric Lighting
Company, Limited.
WHEREAS by tin agreement bearing date the 19th day of December
A.D. 1901, nie.de between the Municipal Corporation of the City of Cumberland and George Wilt Clinton, as
trustee for a corporation to be formed
(which agreement was entered into by
authority of n by-law of this Corporation which received the assent of the
electors on the 9th day of January
A.D. 1902 and was reconsidered, adopted and Anally passed by the Municipal Council on the 20th day of January 1902), it is provided by clause 7
thereof as follows:
"The Corporation shall be at
liberty nt any time to purchase
the said undertaking, property
rights and privileges" (meaning
thereby the undertaking, property
rights and privileges of the Cumberland Electric Lighting Company Limited) "at such price as
mny be agreed upon by them and
thc Compnny, and in case of difference at such a price ns shall
be determined by two arbitrators,
one to be appointed by each party
in dinerence, or their umpire,
subject to the provisions of the
Arbitration Act or any then subsisting statutory modification or
re-cnaetment thereof."
AND WHEREAS it is desirable at
the present time lo purchase the said
undertaking, property rights and pri
AND WHEREAS the Municipal
Council has been advised that a sum
not exceeding Forty thousand Dollars
($40,000.00) will be necessary to be
raised by way of debentures for the
payment of tlie said undertaking, property rights and privileges,
AND WHEREAS it ts intended to
charge the repayment of the said Debentures upon the earnings of the said
undertaking, property rights and privileges when acquired, and the estimated amount of the rentals or rates
and charges of the said undertaking
chargeable for tlie year 1929 is Twenty-five thousand Six hundred and
Sixty-one and 52-100 Dollars ($25,-
AND WHEREAS no amount of money has already been charged upon thei
said rentals or rates and charges. |
AND WHEREAS it is proposed to,
give in additiion the guarantee of the
municipality for the repayment of the;
Courtenay   Ball   Tossers   Lose
After String of Victories
Courtenay ball tossers were handed
a defeat at Xanainio on Sunday last,
putting a stop to the very much Improved rancher's team. The latter
have won three hi a row and some of
their most ardent faus thought it was
Impossible for .Nanaimo to stop them.
However, the box score shows that errors were responsible for the defeat
of the ranchers, The team did not give
Rill McKee (lie support they are capable of. .Millard, an old time Courtenay player now with Nanaimo was
the hero of the coal miners' team,
heading the hatting list with a homer,
a two-bagger, a single and a sacrifice
out of flvettmes up.
A large number of Courtenay fans
Journeyed to Nanaimo to see the gamo
and thoroughly enjoyed the day's outing.
The teams were asfollows:
Courtenay—AB RHSB8HPOA
Cummins ss.   .
Toyo  cf
Harris,  3b
Dixon,   lb
Larson,   If    ...
Hunden. 2b
McKee,   p
Lennon,  c
Stant,  rf  ...
Millard  If  	
Rice, ss	
Courtney, 2b ...
McNaughou  cf.
Neave. rf 	
Marshall, 3b ...
Edmunds, c ....
Wilson,  p	
0   2
0    I
0 0
1 11
0   2
Score by innings:
Courtenay     00 2 0 00 0 03—5
Nanaimo     103 0 I 003 x—6
Summary: Struck out by McKee 4;
jy Wilson 7; hits off McKee 9; off
Wilson 8. Two-baggers: McKee, Millard, Rice. Home run, Millard. Base
on balls, off McKee, 0; off Wilson 3.
Double  plays:   Harris  to  Hunden  to
principal sum so to be borrowed to .
gether with the interest thereon, and Dixon; Marshall to Kulai; Marshall to
lt la estimated that no amount will be J Courtney to Kulai. Hit by pitched
required to be set aside out of current I ball, by McKee 1; by Wilson 0.   Passed
revenue  of  the  municipality  for  the'., ,,    T. .   _,„,,    .    .     _   _ .
pavment of principal and interest of,balls" Lenmm 1; Edmunds 1.   Earned
the uald debt. runs:  Courtenay 4, Nanaimo 3.   Left
NOW  THEREFORE  the  Municipal; on  bases,  Courtenay  5,   Nanaimo  6.
Council of the Corporation of the City j Umpire, Piper,
of Cumberland enacts as follows: ]
(1)'   Por the purpose of purchasing,!
operating and maintaining works for;
the supply of electric light and elec-! ^^^^^^^^^^^^
trie power to the Municipality, and to! ———
localities  adjacent   thereto,   the  pur~I    Miss Delia Baird left on Wednesday
chase   of   the   undertaking,   property' morning for Powell River where she
rights and privileges, both within and'will visit her 8ister  Mrs   Mortimer,
without  the  corporate  limits  of  the!
Corporation of the City of Cumber-1    Mrs.   Thomas   Graham   and   Miss
land, for and on behalf of the Cor- j Janet  Graham  left  on  Tuesday   for
poration, from the Cumberland Elec^ \ Vancouver,
trie  Lighting  Company  Limited  .and
H.M.S. Colombo Visit
I Editor Cumberland Islander:
Tho following news Item in the Nanaimo Free Press of Monday, interest
ed me very much,
"After a four-day stay in Nanaimo,
H.M.S. Colombo left at i).30 this morn- j
ing for Ladysmith where the cruiser!
will remain until Thursday. Citizens;
of Ladysmith have arranged a most!
elaborate program for the eitertain-
ment ot the warship during its stay
In that port."
As the Colombo will be in the har-l
bor at Comox for the month of July.'
I am led to ask "what arrangements j
are being made for the entertainment
of the navy boys when thoy visit
Cumberland." Citizens of Ladysmith
have arranged a most elaborate programme for the entertainment of the
warship during its stay hi thai port
Surely what Ladysmith can tlo, Cumberland can do. Personally i would
not like to see the same treatment
meted out to the navy hoys of the Colombo as was ihe ease last year on
the occasion ofthe visit of H.M.S. Durban. Cumberland was 'hf only city
on the Island falling to entertain the
navy last year, If memory serves me
correctly I think a few members of
the Cumlierland Cricket Club
vassed some ofthe townspeople for
funds lo enable the cricketers to give
the boys in blue some sort of enter
tainment . Surely li is not up to any
club in have to take such responsibility, lam tnlii the cricketers went in
debt over it all and have only just
managed to pay the debt oft". Would
it not be possible for a committee to
he formed, headed by the Mayor and
council to make arrangements for
some sort, of entertainment during the
stay of the Colombo at Comox Harbor?
The bout will arrive on July the otii
and will stay for one month, leaving
about the 30th o rSlst, and 1 think l:
might be a good plan to sel aside a
certain portion of the lime, for the entertainment of the navy, and let that
time be slogaiied "Cumberland for tho
of the
Canadian Medical Association
is a native daughter oi Cumpbel! «
! River and has lived here ail her life.
; Her candidal ure has been received
j wiiii enthusiasm and her pleasing per-
! j sonality, coupled with her popularity
: will surely make her a candidate hard
. to beat,
Good Service
Keasonable Charges
Questions concerning Health, addressed to the Canadian Medical
Association, 181 College St., Toronto, will be answered personally
by correspondence.
"Where There Is Dirt There Is
The title of this article is the slogan
which  Is  used  by  an   English  health
agency called the Health and Cleanliness Council.   The difficulty with such
slogans is that while tbey catchy and
jure easily Ilxed In the mind, tliey very
I often  contain  a   half-truth   which   is
: misleading.   No oue is going to say n
I word againsl the teaching of cleaull-
liess,   A clean body, a Clean house and
a clean town are all very desirable,
Most people like clean things ami are
repulsed by dirt,   When w
that dirt Is dangerous -it is worth our
while considering what is meant, and
how true tl is
Our renders will remember ilmt disease germs leave the sick person In
the secretions from his body and tlmt
as long as Ihe secretions continue to
be moist and to he protected from tin-
our bands,..
i we touch  i
mouth, we h
.1 If with our dirty hands
d which goes into Uie
re taken into our bodies
the germs of disease.
All dirl is nol contaminated, bm
because we cannol tell by looking al
it whether it has or not, we should,
to be on tin* safe side, consider all din
dangerous. We oan proteel ourselves
from the dangers of dirt by !;■ eplng
it out of food and drink and, abov i
all. by keeping our hands away [rom
our faces by thoroughly washing the
hands before eating.
Cora Cliffe is
Comox Candidate \
Miss Corn Cliffe, daughter of Mr.
nd Mrs. E. T. Chile, of Comox. has
heen chosen as the Comox candidate!
for the Dominion Queen contest to be
held In connection with the July 1st
celebration   in   Courtenay.
Dental Surgeon
Office Cor. of Dunsmuir Ave.
Opposite  llo-llo Theatre
Campbell River
Nominates Queen
it i3 up-
sun'B   rays,
We refer to this fact becai
on our understanding of it that we are
brought to realize the dinger of dirt.
Dirt whicb is soiled by human or animal secretions is dangerous because
of the likelihood thnt it contains disease germs.
Disease germs, in order to cause I
disease, must gain entrance to our
holies. Tliey cannot get iu through
lho unbroken skin. The truth is that
most germs enter our bodies because
we either eat them or drink Ihem.
If dirt sidled by secretions gets on j
our food, in tbe milk we use, or on i
Campbell River, Juno 12.—Camp-
arc [bell River has entered a candidate in
told fthe contest for the honor of being
Dominion Queen in connection with
the July 1st celebration to be held
at Courtenay. Miss Mabel Smith,
daughter of the late John Smith and
Mrs. Smith, has allowed her name to
be submitted under the auspices of
the Campbelllon Community Club.
Mabel is one of the popular young
ladies of the Campbell River district,'
Personal Mention
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Parfitt, of Victoria, visited Mr. and Mrs. S. Horwood
the  re-conditioning  of   the  same,   if
necessary, is hereby authorized.
(2)    The Municipal Council of the'during the week-end.
Corporation of the City of Cumberland I	
Is hereby authorized to settle with the.
Cumberland Electric Lighting Com-!
pany Limited ou such sum as the said!
Municipal Council shall determine not
Thanking you for your space.
Kx-Service  Man.
To the Rditor.
Everyone   concerned   in   the   indu
trial   development   of  Vancouver   I
land—and consequent  Increased pm
perlty and stimulated growth
land population -awaits with peculla;
Interest tlie decision of Hon. Mr. Burden and Provincial Government action
on his advice, as to which' opphcanl
company will be invited to exploit the
power potentialities of Campbell  River.
More Important, however.to the pre
i sent and future Interests ofthe Island
J than even this large scale power de-
m    .- _, *~.      7 ..       «   .a.,      J vclopmenl  Is the asoclated  industrial
To Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Smith, of,       ...      . .,
exceeding in the aggregate the sum of; comox,  at St.  Joseph's   Hospital  on enIt'rl>Hse that Is to use the  power
Forty thousand Dollars ($40,000.00) as i june gth, a son. when provided, It having been postive-
the  full  purchase  price of  the  said j   | jy stipulated from tlrst consideration
.jmdertaWng, .^^^S^JSi Eh     To Mr. and Mrs. Alfred White, of'of this Issue by the present govern-
SK.±*j£flJ& Creek, at St. Joseph's Hospital
I Manual Training
Instructor Resigns
Cumberland, June 11.—Thc regular
monthly meeting of the Board of |
School Trustees was held in the school
on Thursday evening last with all the!
members present with the exception!
of Mrs. MacNaugliton.
s* The attendance report tor May was |
received from Principal Apps. In itj
he stated that tiie low attendance was!
due to the large number of cases of j
mumps In town. He also made some
favorable remarks regarding the tennis courts and said that the school
was very grateful to t he Royston
Lumber Company for donating lumber and to Mr. Hutton for donating!
posts for the courts.
The  resignation  of Mr,  Blackmore,
the Manual Training teacher, was received.
There being no turther business the
that such sum shall not be accepted , „.h
by the Company the said Muncipal*
Council shall proceed to nominate an
arbitrator and proceed to arbitration
under the provisions of the said agreement, and under the provisions of the
Arbitration Act.
(3) For the purposes aforesaid it! To Mr- and Mrs- Jonathan Ward, of
shall be lawful for the Mayor of thei Dove Creek, at St. Joseph's Hospital
City of Cumberland to raise, and he ion June 9th, a daughter.
To Mr. and Mrs. George Lawlor, of
Comox, at St. Joseph's Hospital on
June 8th. a son.
ment that no application for Ihe power would be entertained unless [hereto was a guarantee of establishment
hi connection of new major Industrial
Competition   for  the  power   would
seem to have narrowed down io two
outstanding    rivals—the    Vancouver
'island Power Co. Ltd., which is the
[ B.C.E.R. Co.. and the Canadian  Uttl-
j ities Limited.   The latter, as the Cnna-
dlan organization of the International
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall paid a abort Utilities Corporation, is well  known
the  sum  of   Forty  thousand  Dollars, visit to Errington from Nanaimo on to have through Its affiliation
($40,000.00., and to cause the proceedsi 8und      tagt dlng  the  aft 1to have *™«*h "* a™iat,ou
of the said Debentures to be paid into '
the hands of the Treasurer of the City iat the Falls'
for the purposes aforesaid  and  with! • * *
the object hereinbefore recited- !   Mr. E. W. Goodwin, of Vancouver, is
(4)   It shall he lawful for the Mayor |ln the QuaUcum district taking photos
Is hereby authorized to raise by way
of loan from any person, perrons or
corporations who may be willing to
advance tlie same on the credit of the
Debentures    hereinbefore    mentioned,
meeting  was adjourned.
j pulpwood holdings hi the northern
areas of the Island that It is ready to
develop, s uthat It can guarantee ptilp
and paper making In a largo way, be-
to cause any number of Debentures" to j"' "*V"" TZ7 ZT° iTTHl811108 Wh'°h U Ia typlng UP other new
be made out. each for such sum of for a Vancouver.picture firm.   He has| industrial customers,
money   not   less   than  One  hundred taken   many   beautiful   ones   around
Dollars ($100.00), or an equivalent ex-j Qualicum.
pressed in pounds sterling of the Un-
lied Kingdom  of  Great  Britain  and ].=--.-
Ireland, at tho value of $4.86 2-3 to1 „ .     _       ,, _.
the pound sterling, as mav be requir-: turning omcer at the Co]^cil OMJJ-
ed. and all Debentures shall be sealed bcr in tne cit>" Hal1 in tl}e *£* C}ty
with the seal of the City of Cumber-'of Cumberland, B.C., on the 25th day
land, and signed by the Mayor and of June* 1929* between the hours of
countersigned bv tlie Treasurer of the 8 o'clock in the forenoon ond 8 o clock
said City. in  the afternoon both inclusive, and
(5) fhe said Debentures shall be'the sald William Horsey Cope is here-
payable within Twenty (20) years from 'by authorized and required to give
the date hereinafter mentioned for proper notices and to do and perform
the by-law to take effect, at such Bank a11 things necessary and requisite for
in the City of Cumberland, or at such such purposes.
Bank elsewhere, as the Council may (10» This by-law shall take effect
by resolution direct. I when it shall have received the assent
id Tiie snid Debentures shall have of the Lieutenant-Governor In Ooun-
coupons attached for the payment of oil,
the Intend at six (6> per cent per Ol) This by-law may be cited as
annum on the amount of the Deben- the "Cumberland Electric Lighting
tures. and shall bc payable half-yearly Company Limited Purchase By-Law,
on the First day of December and the 1923."
First day of June in each and every
(7) There shall be set aside annually during the currency of the said Debentures a sum sufficient when calculated with Interest at the rate of Four
(4) 'per cent per annum to meet the
whole principal sum of the said Debentures at the maturity thereof. And
there shall he set aside half-yearly,
and paid, a sum suflicient to meet the
Interest due upon the said debt, and
any money so required to be set aside!      	
shall not be deemed or taken to be a | day of June,
part of the  revenue  for the genernl
purposes of the Municipality and shall
not  be  intermingled  with  any other
funds of thc Municipality,
(8) The Municipal Council shall ln
each year ascertain the extent (if any)
to which such rentals or the proceeds
of such rates or charges are insufficient for the purpose of meeting the
payments ns hereinbefore mentioned,
and any deficiency shall be paid out
of the general revenue of the Municipality.
(9) This by-low shall before the
passing thereof receive the assent of
the electors of the Corporation of the
City of Cumberland, and for this purpose the vote of the electors shall be
taken by William Horsey Cope as Re-
The B.C.E.U. Co. which if it secures
this franchise will succeed in establishing for itself a virtually complete
monopoly of hydro-ctectrlc power on
the Island as well as on the lower
mainland, has not yet publicly disclosed what new industrial operation
it is hi a position to present as a guaranteed user of Its power Thu hnpren-
sloa prevailed a short time ago that
it was to be Consolidated Smelters'
new Coast smelter and reduction
works, and this impression was fostered by proponents of the ll.CE.lt.
case; but. any agreement to this effect
has been denied by President Warren
of the Consolidated, and his denial Is
reinforced by the Con sol Ida ted's application for the alternative water-
power of Lois River and tlie lakes
from which H flows.
The Canadian Cvown-Willianieile. It
Is true, in announcing abandonment of
its application for Campbell River,
stated tbat it did so with nssuranee
from the B.C.E.R. Co. that, In the
event of that company's success, it
would sell adequate power to the
Crown-WUllamette for all Its pulp
and paper making necessities. But
thai hi no way binds the crown-Wtl-
Itametto to go ahead with ils promised indiistlres that have been dragging
now Tor a number of years; nor does
T,™ ..-„.„_ a*.   .  .,       . lit enable the B.C.E.R. Co. to meet the
AKE NOTICE thnt the above is a I
true copy of the proposed by-law) *am* condition prescribing an associ-
which will be taken into consideration ated industry as obligatory on any en-
by the Council In the event of the as- tertained  application   for  the  Camp-
sent of  the electors being obtained, bell River power,
and that votes of the electors of the:     .   , ,     ,        . ivhniRver
~.,. j    r-,   ...... - it.    ,        i   , ,. t       /Mill    in       Mil     ,UI *     leiiMMi    \\M,iie\er
said Corporation will be taken there- .,     *
on on Tuesday. June 25th. 1929, bet-l whv  Crown-Wllllnmette   iii   u   noes
ween the hours of Eight o'clock In the'ahead   With   its   nrojetus)   ould   nol
[forenoon and Eight o'clock In the af-) quite as  willingly  buy  power  lioi
ternoon at the City Hall.
Read a Ilrst time, this 10th day of
June.  1929.
Read a second time this 10th day of
June. 1929.
Read a third time, this loth day of
June. 1929.-
RECEIVED the assent of the electors this day of June, 1929.
adopted this day of June,
RECEIVED the assent of  the Lieutenant-Governor ln Council thia
To Scotland
by ihe Anchor-Donaldson
S. S. Athenia
July 26ih
Visit again the 'Land o' he
Leal' ■ meet your 'freens frae
hame' on board thia Scottish
vessel, conducted by thai well
known Scotsman and travel expert, Mr. Alf. Hoyle -
Full   information   from   Local
Agents, or from
Hustings St. \\\. Vancouver
Opposite  Ilo-Ilo Theatre
Cumberland, 15. C.
Practical Barber ,t Hairdresser.
Children's hair cut any style 3ac
Ladies'  hair eut any  stylo  uOc
Life is Better at Lake
What a delightful spot to spend your week-end holiday. The holiday will be complete if you let us hake
for you.
Mann's Bakery
Custard Pies Baked lo Order
o-iiiohiiifj Jomh or smoking chimneys'
Over one-half of all Canada's industries depend on wood
as a raw material. When thc forests are destroyed mills
must close down, railway earnings mustsuffer, trade must
stagnate and prosperity must vanish.
J-wiitd hv authority of
IfiiionmMr.' Clui-les Stewart,
Minuter of the Interior.
! Linn.in.-m.il
J Hruilsiuarlu
") Scrihblers
1 can Squirrel Brand Peanut Butter
1 packet Biscuits
1 packet Soda Biscuits,
a packets of Nu-Jell
y.. Dozen Lemons
■Motel   """
Itimms Stcnm  Healed
IV. MEIiltlKIDl.I), Prop.
■  1
The Central
barber Shop
i Shorty's Pool Room
For Ladies and Gents,
A, GATZ, Prop.
Cumberland, B.C.
City Hall, Cumberland, B.C.
June 14th, 1929
Canadian   (Kittles?
Government   decision   aa   to   thu
much discussed power applioation is
j expected about  the month-end.    lis
The Dairy
Phone 98
We Deliver Cumberland
1/ better
milk was produced you would
St. Charles cans
Nowhere is heller milk
obtained than in our
own fertile Fraser
Volley. Pure, rich and
creamy, St. Charles
Milk is a
"Made in BRITISH
product of which w, all
may hu proud.
Writi' to The
Borden Co.      f    TH
Limited, <8W
Vartcouvo,       ■ „
a plea
UM'   III'   III
0 nsoclntoil  Inilusli'i;,!
,111    Whir'
i ill,' B.C.E.R, Co, rte-
iii conne
etlon  with  Kh power
i ma)  ii,. reserved as
nm Btirpi
■lae when tlle govern-
ls made public,
B.  Vs*.  I.I.OYKIt.
a, Juno 7
, 11123
In every sorts of liliililini,' materials.
Royston Lumber Co.
PHONES )Ni,;l"
I Office:
alls: 184X Courtenay
]:»y Cumberland. PAGE FOUR
FRIDAY. JUNE Hill. 19211
Cumberland Personals
Outing Shirts
with collars attached or
with soft collars to match
are now featured for
summer and vacation
wear. They provide real
summer-time comfort for
work or play.
Attractive new stripes,
checks and popular plain
The Forsyth Insurance
Policy assures you of com*
plete shirt satisfaction.
33, 34 and 35in. sleeve lengths
Sutherland's Dry Goods Store
The many friends of R, (Soatter-
gun) Coe, will be pleased to hear thm
he is progressing very favourably
nfter his recent accident, whilst following his occupation at No. 4 Mine.
The sale ot work and afternoon ten
held on Wednesday afternoon by the
Talent Club was a great success, re-
I allzing the sum of $60.00. Those assisting in the work  were  Mesdames
\ Robathan, Murray anil ('. Dando Jr.
and the Misses 0. Richardson, M. Mlt-
i chell. D, Cameron. G. Emily,
|    The Ladles' Aid ot tlie Cumberland
I United Church will liold a strawberry
j Social on Wednesday afternoon, June
26th, from :i to 6 p.m,   Afternoon tea
will be served and a feature Of tlle social will bo special handkerchief stall.
•    •    •
Mr, .1 ,C Hrown and Mr P McNIven
left on Sunday for Kamloops to attend
the Grand Lodge of the I.O.O.K.   Mr,
Hrown is at present grand warden of
the  grand   lodge.    On   bis  return   he
will bf Deputy Grnnd Master.
Mr.s. c Wlljle also left on Sunday
for Kamloops io attend the meeting
of the Rebecca Lodge.
Mrs. Thomas Graham and Miss Jan-
el Graham left for Vancouver on
The Rev. W. A. Alexander and the
Rev. J. R. Hewitt will exchange pulpits on Sunday. June 16th The Rev.
Hewitt preaches al Courtenay United
Church at 7 in ihe evening and the
Rev. Alexander at th,. same lime it
Cumberland United Church.
A woodpecker
was the
cause of the
A Vancouver man complained that there was something the matter with his
telephone. The bell would
ring from time to time, he
reported, and when he answered it he was told that
there was no one on the line.
The mystery only deepened when a telephone maintenance man conducted an
Investigation and found that
the equipment was in good
Finally the man who had
made the complaint cleared
up the problem. He discovered that the ringing
noise was coming from the
direction of the roof rather
than his telephone, and a
further investigation revealed that a woodpecker was
pecking away at a metal
piece on the chimney and
producing a noise like the
ringing of a  telephone  bell.
A Tribute to Our I.oenl Imlry
Two weeks ago the writer of theso
few linos derided to ro on a llshing
trip. As always on these occasions,
"ihe milk question,"—Friday to Sunday. Too much to expect any milk to
keep sweet that long iu hoi weather.
It did and on ihe Sunday the last drop
was a Baweet as when delivered by
Mr. It. H. Hassell on the Friday evening.
i d and
n c
ll m b e
the  Mi
rim of whee
for Dodge (
please   return
o    Harold
FOR QUICK SALE One pair Chinchilla Rabbits, $5.0", live young ones
8 weeks old, $1.00 eacch; one Uol-
gian giant buck, 2 years old, $1.50;
one pair of black Siberians, 2 years
old, $4,50. Apply Man Brown's
Grocery, Cumberland, tf
Girl Guides Meet
Royston, June 10.—At the home of
Mr.s, Meredith, the regular monthly
meeting of the Royston- Courtenay
Girl Guides' executive convened, and
ways and means of Summer camping
were discussed. This year the Guides
of Duncan. Alberni. Salt Spring, Courtenay and Royston are combining for
a joint camp at Rathtrevor Beach,
near Parksville, when about eighty
Guides will be assembled.
The local branch has taken over
the Courtenay Scouts' Hall, vacating
the one used heretofore, which was
lent by Mrs. Hargood Ash at Royston,
the increase of membership making
this change imperative. Badge judging officers were elected as follows;
For the flrst class badge judge, Mr.
McMonnies ;interpreter's badge, judge,
Mr. G. B. Capes; laundress' badge,
judges, Mrs. J. Idiens and Mrs. S. Wat
It was announced that all the
Guides had passed needlework and
cooks' examinations. Amongst those
present were Mrs. Capes, president;
Mrs. G Meredith, secretary; Mrs.
Rlngrose, captain; Mrs. Grelg, lieutenant; Mr.s, J. Idiens, Brown Owl; and
Mesdames Bourdillon. P. Mclntyre, S.
Watson. Taylor and Harvey.
EADIE— to Mr. and Mrs. Wm, Eadie
o nSaturday, June Stlit at tbe Cumber*
land General Hospital, a son.
*     *     *
WOODS—To    Mr,    and    Mrs.    W,
Woods,  at  the  Cumberland   General
Hospital   on   Saturday.  June   8th.   a
At the
lllo-llo TheatreS
Mr .and Mrs. Dave Richards are the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. T Richards
for a few days .before going to Seattle where tbey intend to reside in
*    *    *
Mr. and .Mrs I. It. Stevens, have,
as their Kuest. Mrs. Allyn, of Edmonton
The many friends of Mr W. Sock- ■
and will be pleased to hear thut be I
Is progressing very favorably after ■
his recent operation at tho Cumber I
land General Hospital.
Phe many friends of Mr. Dave Walk- ' f
j er, of the Camp, will be sorry to bear if
lie is ou the sick list . On Tuesday £
of tills week accompanied by Mr. J L
Derbyshire, he went over to Vancouv-  L
Or to consult a specialist, ' V
*     •     • \b
Miss J. Mitchell is visiting at  the  f
home of Mrs. A. Marshall, Merville.      f
i w
June Mth and loth
Monte Blue in 1
Toilet Preparations
With the Incomparable Odor.
Duska Toilet Preparations are of the highest quality, and are
guaranteed If you do not find tbem entirely satisfactory, your
money will be cheerfully refunded.
Duska Pace Powder, a triumph of modern chemistry and the
perfumer's art! (especially prepared so that it permits the evaporation of moisture and thus prevents shine).
Duska Cleansing Cream   (cold)     * .75
Duska Foundation Cream  7;*)
Duska   Rouge        .Ua
Perfume (Purse vials)  SO
Astringent    1.60
Talcum    35
Rath   Powder       1.50
Hath Salts     1.25
We know they're Rood.   That's why we guarantee tbem.
Lavender (mentholated) Shaving Cream  % .fit)
Lavender Talcum  35
Roth for (for one week only)     .50
Shadows j   Lang's Drug Store
Miss   Dena   Baird  left   for  Powell!    Mr. J. L.  Hrown. secretary of tho
River on Wednesday where she will  Cumberland Rodand Cun Club reports
spend a short huliday with ber siste;1; having   received   a   magnificent   cup
Mrs. Mortimer. from  the Gibbs  Stamping and  Tool
•     *     * Works,    Vancouver    for    competition
The last whist drive nnd dance of amongst the members of the Rodand |
the season under the auspices of thejtiun Club. The secretary reports that |
Cumberland Welsh Society was held l t|,e cup \m magnificent specimen of
in the G.W.V.A. Hall on Saturday eve-! (]le silversmith's art. j
ning    Eighteen  tables of whist were j *    *     * j
in play. Mrs. Buchanan winning la- j Prizes for tlie fishing competition
dies 'first prize and Mrs Watt second, held on Lake Cumberland lust Sun-
Thu gent's first prize was won by Mr. day were donated as follows: Reel.
Guy andtho second by Mr. W. J. Lew- donated hy the Piket Electric; $5.00
is. After the whist refreshments were order donated by Rod and Gun Club;
served followed by dancing. The Mc- Tobacco Pouch, donated by
Leod orchestra  was in attendance.
weekly Ladle!
tables met nil
■ home of Mrs,
Bridge Club of
Tuesday evening
Gear. After the
were   served   by
tbi' hostess and the prize winners
were announced. Mrs. Prior receiving
firsl prize .Mrs, Monks second, and
Mrs. Quinn consolation. Those present Included Mesdames Quinn. Devlin. Gear, .1. Watson, R. K. Walker.
Prior. K Brown, Monks, J. Davis,
Hudson, J. J. Potter. Davidson, A.
Clark nnd Parkinson
Beadnell; Tobacco Jar of Knglish
mixture donated by Capt. Beadnell
and a tin of tobacco donated by the
snme gentleman.
• •   •
Miss Knowleton, of Victoria, is the
guest of her sister. Mrs. G. Henderson.
• «     *
Several parties of interested soccer
fans are going down to Nanaimo tomorrow afternoon to witness the exhibition football game between an
I'pper Island team and llie touring
Welsh team.
• •   *
Mr. and Mrs. Anion Parfitt of Victoria spent the week-end lu town.
At tbe beginning of the week the
members of the Welsh Society held a[
surprise party on Mrs. Harry Jackson and .Mrs, J. D. Davis at the hom'*
of ihe latter. Whist and music took Mr. Cameron, from Alberni, and Mr.
up the greater part of the evening. Ernston, from Victoria, were visitors
Keen interest was taken lit a guessing I m the Valley on Monday calling on
competition which was won by Mrs. j the Seventh Day Adventists who re-
Covert.   Refreshments were served by  side here.
Vancouver's chief of police. W J.
Bingham, has been given an increase
in salary and placed on a three-year
contract. The chiefs salary for the
balance of this year will be at the
rale of $fi000 annually and for the
balance of the contract period, commencing Jui ry next, will he $6000
It is an extraordinary fact that
people who are rigidly careful
with Fire in their own homes
are utterly reckless with it
when out of doors. EIGHTY
PER CENT, of our Fire Losses
last year would have been
prevented had people tried to
remember that Fire is an
element with which it is
NEVER safe to be careless.
! the ladies and dainty birthday gifts
were presented to Mrs. Davis and Mrs.
• » *
On Monday evening the United
Church ball wasthe scene of a very
jolly social given by the Young People's Society. The evening was tiaken
up by games and music, tbe McLeod
orchestra providing entertainment for
those present. Refreshments wero
served by the members. This gathering marked ihe lasl ni the Young
People's meetings for the season.
*    *    •
On Friday afternoon of last week,
teh girls of the Cumberland High
Scliool surprised Miss P, Partridge at
her home on Pendrith avenue, when
they asked her to accent un electric
boudoir lam]) as a token of appreciation for the interest she bas taken in
their work and sports. Miss Partridge I
thanked the girls, after which Mrs |
Partridge, assisted by Miss M. Hutton and Miss K. Emily, served tea. I
Keen interest was shown in Ihe guess-
in contest, which was won by Miss
K. Prior. Those taking part in the
presentation were the Misses K. Prior.
I. Brown, D, Cordon. K. Emily, K.
Hrown. K. Stevenson, N. Jackson, A.
Taylor, M Small. K. Watson, M. Herd.
D Williams. N Shields, V. Auditor
Ionic, II. Horbury. I.. T.nnussi, C.
S. Iwasa. II, Mhhitna. 11. Na
Miss Ivy Piercy left for Renton,
Washington, on Sunday afternoon to
finish up her duties there preparatory
to her wedding.
Miss Calnan has had a very severe
attack of tonsilltis and has been unable to attend school for a few days,
Miss Myrtle Calnan taking her place.
Harold Pearse came down from the
I. T. Camp on Tuesday suffering from
a badly wrenched leg.
Mrs. Matt Piercy was called to Renton, Washington, on Tuesday, her
father having taken sick.
Walter Pearse whilst playing ball on
Monday night, injured his leg, stepping into a hole, and has .been oft
work for a few days,
A pleasant time was held at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. M. Piercy when
the residents of the Valley gathered
to show their good wishes by a miscellaneous shower to their daughter,
Ivy, who is being married on the 29th
instant to Henry Wain .another Valley
product. Cards, games, music and recitations were engaged in; a lull in
the games and a wagon drawn by
Gloria Piercy and Ivy Gough, loaded
with gifts of every description, entered
the parlor and handed over to the
bride. Whist and refreshments terminated a very pleasant evening.
Next Wednesday evening in the Gaiety Theatre will mark the third an-:
nual revue presented by thc pupils of I
     the Gwen Noel Dancing School.   Mrs.
II   Mntattne   \l   Carter   M   Hut-1 Dalby, teacher of this popular danc-
E   Conrod    V   Picketti   II   Cavel   i ln« *ch°o1' M»UTW us lhut this yeal"'S
\,  (omoo. i.   ihh.it.. a  taM"    concwt wil, Uve up tu the hlBh stan.
lorn, li i.rani, M. Partridge. | dard tluit [he lwo pveviouB revues have
~ -■--= ] set and the children have been making every preparation lor the event.
The whole cast will be comprised of
local children and will number over
fifty. There will be many benutiful
cosStumes. snappy dancing nnd peppy
music. The revue will be staged in
Cumberland on Tuesday night and in
Courtenay on Wednesday. Tickets may
Lake Cumberland
(formerly Comox Lake)
Oue and a half miles from the city
Boats for Hire
now noiits. $1.00 por dny
Outboard Motors $1.00 pnr d«y
Good Fishing
Mountain Climbing
A paradise for the camera man
Store at the Lake
JOE REES, Proprietor
be had from any or the pupils.
Lawn Mowers
We have installed a special
machine to sharpen lawn
mowers and are now equipped to fix ui) that old lawn
mower and make it as good
as new.
Bring your lawn mower in
and get it sharpened up for
Summer use.
Leighton's Blacksmith
Phone 32 Courtenay Rd.
in the
Southern skies — passionate women — tragedy —
antl the comnig of the
white man to a strange
Juno 17th
In Love
with Olive Borden and
Huntley Gordon
Silken sin, winding its sinuous coils around the midnight victims of the Great
God "Whoopee"!
Jtine 19th
with Tom Moore and
Seena Owen
The story of a crook with
the daring of Robin Hood
and the heart of a child.
June 20, 21 and 22
John Barrymore jj jf
Disgrace, hatred and prison
were his reward for a stolen kiss—then war and revolution brought him revenge.
See! The most gripping
thrilling romance
America's Most
Distinguished Actor
ever made!
"It Pays to Deal at Lang's"
Ice from Wilcock
"The Family Butchers"
A big oblong chunk of crystalline ICE, shining and
cold, is your summer safeguard of health.   It kesps
your victuals at a wholesome, low temperature 21
hours a day.
Safeguard your health with Ice from
Wilcock & Co. Ltd
Phone 66
We Deliver
Headquarters for the Choicest and Tastiest Meats.
Third Annual
Presented by the
Tuesday next, June 18th
at 8:15 p.m.
Ilo-Ilo Theatre
All Local Talent — Fifty Pupils in Cast
Beautiful Costumes—Snappy Dancing—Peppy Music
Adults 50c.
Children 35c,
There's no place
like Mumford's
talking to a friend on Dunsmuir the    S3
other day was heard to remark—"You know we have
not been here very long, but we have tried every place
in town for our Groceries—and believe me, there's no
place like Mumford's."
Mumford's Grocery J
"If you get it at Mumford's—It's good."


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