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The Cumberland Islander Feb 1, 1929

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 See East
Side West Side
at the Ilo-Ilo
this week-end
With which Is consolidated* tlie I'nmtjcrlnnd News.
Pr°V,"*«" Ubrary
Scots Honor
National Bard;
Bums'    Anniversary   Occasion
For Big Gathering and
Enjoyable Evening
Land of hens and glens, and heroes
We shall see thee ne'er again;
Never tread the purple heather
To the shieling In the glen.
Scotland's sons have home her banners
Oft through danger on to death—
Iu their heart's blood they have pledged her,
Pledged her '.vith their latest breath.
So we think of Scotland's heroes.
Of each moor and strath and river;'
And the memories that como o'er us
Make our very heart-strings quiver.
Scotland. Scotland!   dimly shining
Through the mist of gathered year?.
I had thought with joy to pledge thee—
Take the tribute of my tears.   J.D.F.
Scotchmen in all parts of the world
celebrate the 25th, the anniversary of
their beloved bard, Robert Burns.
Not only do Scots revere their national bard, but love of country is manifested in the sons of Scotia more than
any nationality under the sun. Small
wonder then is it, that on the occasion of the anniversary of their bard,
Scots from near and far gather together to do honor to the occasion.
Friday last at the Memorial Hall
proved to be no exception when the
Cumberland Cronies' Burns' club celebrated with a banquet and dance. The
catering was in the capable hands of
Mann's Bakery, this popular firm of
caterers being tendered a hearty vote
of thanks for the excellence of the
repast provided. There were upwards of two hundred present as Mr.
Robert Strachan, president of the
Burns club opened the proceedings
"Grace," from Burns being ably recited. This waa followed by the old,
old ceremony of bringing In the haggis, borne by Miss Small, in full highland dress and proceeded by Piper
Stewart, of Courtenay.
An excellent programme had been
drawn up and after tbe toast to "The
King," had bcen duly honored, the
chairman Mr. H. Strachan, rose, .to
propose the toast of the evening,
/ the humor, al Memory of Robert
In the course of his address, Mr.
Strachan pictured the Iffe of the poet
from that stormy January day ln
1759, when there was ushered Into the
world In that lonely and humble cottage at Alloway, a little child who
was destined to engrave the name of
Scotland deep across the annals of
the world, until, weary with tribulations, embittered with disappointment,
dragged down by poverty, at the age
of 37 years, tbe great heart was stillei
and the noble soul passed on.
The toast list was interspersed with
vocal selections by well known Cumberland artists, the following contributing toa very enjoyable evening:
violin selection, "Mary of Argyle,"
Mr. James Walker; song, "Star 0'
Robbie Burns," and "Hame 0' Mine",
Mr. Robert Goodali; song, "Robin
Adair." Miss J. Freeburn; song, "Blue
Bells of Scotland," Mra. C. Spooner;
song, "Ye Banks ad Braes," and
"There's Nne Luck Aboot the Hoose,"
Mrs. W. Woods; song "Afton Water",
and "Coming Through the Rye," Miss
E. Henderson. Mrs. L. H. Finch, of
Cumberland made a very efficient accompanist for the artistes.
Other toasts included "Bonny Jean"
proposed by Mr. James L. Brown;
"The Motherland,' proposed by Mr.
John Sutherland; "Canada,,' proposed
by Mayor Alex Maxwell; "Kindred
Societies," proposed by Mr. J. Inglip,
of Courtenny; "Tho Lnssies," proposed by Mr. R. C. Lang and responded
to by MrB. Derbyshire,
On tho conclusion of the programme
Mr. W. Eadie proposed a hearty vote
of thanks to the caterers nnd artists
and all who had worked hard and
faithfully to ensure success to the anniversary celebration. The singing of
"Auld Lang Syne" brought the banquet and concert programme to a
Adjournment was then made to tho
dance floor nt the Memorial Hall,
where dancing was Indulged in until
an early hour Saturday morning. Lira
of old scotch dances were Introduced
again, young and old enjoying themselves to the utmost.
"Feed the birds should be the slogan, -while hungry feathered friend;;
appeal for human kindness when the
snow blanket bides their usual
sources of supply. A lump of suet,
crumbs, grain, bird seed and similar
delicacies will save many a poor bird
from starvation at this season.
Annual Meet
Hospital   Has   Cash   Balance;
Many Modern Improvements Made
Many Attend
Anglican Hall Scene of Very
Jolly Affair
Local Member
To Present
Doctor Concentrating Efforts on
Extension of Island
Victoria,  Feb.   1—Dr.  George   Mao-
NaugUton, having done liis bit in pari-
A very jolly congregational social
was held at the Anglican Hall on'j
Friday last when upwards of one
hundrod members of Holy Trinity
Anglican Church met ia a "get-to-
■** w-^ j gethei--' socinl.   Tho evening was de-
KeDOrt KeaQ at   l|G|lir'all>' s'>cl,t '" n™^ S»n«s and j lanienlury speech-making for the "time
IT timely  mills  nnd  following  refresh-, being, is getting down to business ln
ments the singing of old time songs j his constituents Interests, ln the sll-
ocrupied the guests until midnight. eut nad suave manner characteristic
The supper table occupied the een- [ 0f politicians who beam blandly when j
tre of thc floor and stretched tho full I the Estimates come down and fellow |
length of tho hall and in addition to j members sec thnt they have got what I
being of goodly proportion the ex- they wanted. Especially ls the Doc-
cellent refreshments placed thereon tor concentrating efforts on securing
were a revelation, to which the as-1 a sufficient vote this Session for ex-
The anuual general meeting of the sembly did ample Justice. . tension of the Island Highway from
subscribers to the Cumberland Gen-     The Rev. E. 0. Robathan, vicar, foi-1 Campbell Rivor to Menzies Day. '
eral Hospital, held In the Council lowing the refreshments said how ,„ supporl 0, m acllye c.im,)aip;n |
chambers on Saturday, attracted a pleased he was to see so many turn | ,„ u,|s maUer hc ,a ,0 preMnt l0 ,„„
large number. Tbe president, A. J. out nnd he sincerely hoped that many i Mln,BtM ot Works earlj, next woek J
Taylor was in the chair and called  more of such gatherings would take; je,egaUon   „,  promlnent  dUzons  0[
on  the  secretary C. J.  Parnham to  place during the year.    Mrs. Hudson |
read his report.   The secretary sub-  was present and during the evening
milled some very Interesting figures   played for several dances,
svhicb showed that during the year,
receipts  from all  sources  amounted
to   $24,175.22   and   disbursements   totalled $22,304.85.   A summary of the
dnaucial statement showed that receipts over disbursements amounted
to $1,870.37 and cash lu savings bank
at December 31st, $22.04, with cash In
current account $3,755.46. Outstanding cheques $009.65. leaving a true' „ , , «, , „ -
balance  at  December  31st,   1928  ot. MlSS   Josie*   Balagno   Guest   of
Shower For
Tiie president said that the balance
sheet will be published In thc columns
of the Islander in order that all subscribers and others interested could
read it.
The meeting was very favorably Impressed by the secretary's report and
following a few complimentary remarks, adopted as presented. The report of the treasurer and auditor was
also adopted as presented, when the
secretary, at the request of the president, read the annual report of the
Cumberland,  B.C.,
January, 21st, 1928
To the Subscribers,
Cumberland General Hospital,
Cumberland, B.C.
I beg to submit my annual report
for the Cumberland General Hospital
for the year ended December 31st,
It is a great pleasure for me to Inform   you   that  the  New  Wing  has' des~
proven a wonderful asset to the sick
and injured of tbe Cumberland district
during the past year.
During the last few months a lot
has bcen done to tr/ and make our
Hospital one of the most modern of
its size in the Province. We have Installed a large Frigid Air Machine,
a new electric polisher, modern ster-
Honor at Happy
Courtenay and vicinity, who are expected to emphatically endorse hia
It is not much that is asked, construction ot the seven or eight miles
of desired new road being estimated
at not more than $2,500 a mile; and
?20,000 being n mere bagatelle In
road costs, a-; witness thc prices ot'
long sections of tlie new Cariboo Road
and that of tlie long delayed thoroughfare from Hary Bay to Quatsino
The Cariboo Itoad no doubt is a
good advertisement for the Province!
with motor tourists ami of consider- j
MrB. Jean Hadfield entertained at I able assistance in the expansion of J
a miscellaneous shower on Firday seasonable tourist trade. But it is
evening in the Anglican Hail in com- less provincially constructive than j
pliment to Miss Josie Balagno, whoso the Campbell Rlver-Menzlea Bay ex-:
wedding will take place early ln Feb-' tension of thc Island Highway wouhl
ruary. The early part of the evening bc, inasmuch as t'aat now road will j
was spent in playing whist, eighteen bring a;i established community of
tables being In play, and those sue-1 industrious workers into toucli with:
cessful in obtaining the prizes were Island populailon centres, promoting
Mr3. Beveridge, Jr. first, Mrs. G. Rich-\ development and providing a new and
ardson second, consolation Mrs. S.; profitable home market for the agrl-1
Itobertson. After the whist delicious | cultural products of the Comox Val-
refreshments were served. I ley.
A great deal ot fun was derived Four large logging operators have,
from a game called snakes and lad- field headquarters at the terminus of
dera. It was during this game that! the desired and very necessary ex-,
the bride elect was blindfolded and j tension—Bloedel, Welch & Stewart
little Valda Frelone and Gloria As- Co., International Timber Co., Camp-
pesy, looking quaint as bride and j bell River Timber Co. aud Lamb
groom, entered to the strains of the | Brothers. Their employees are pick-1
Wedding March and presented Miss j ed men of high type, young men such j
Balagno with the many gifts. The little , fl3 logging demands, who soon as \
bride and groom then sang "I Love j present operations nre concluded, are
You Truly".   It would be difficult to most likely -with reasonable encour-!
Mr. J. D. Davis
Heads Cumberland
Welsh Society
Presentations Made to Retiring
The Cumberland Welsh Society
held their annual meeting on Sunday
last, cfifef business being lo make arrangements fur the annual St. David's
day celebration which will take Ihe
form of a concert, supper ami dance.
Mrs. Covert was made convenor of
the women's committee for the supper.
In the election of officers, Mr. J.
D, Davis was tlie unanimous choice
for president for the ensuing year
and ho will hnve for treasurer, Mrs.
Reece, with Mrs. Sam Davis, secretary.
Excellent reports were received
covering the activities of the society
during the past twelve months.
Rresentatloms to retiring officers
featured tlie meeting, Mrs. Covert, on
behalf of tlie society, presenting to
the retiring president, Mrs. Sam Davis, a handsome wicker chair, and a
pyrex plate in silver holder. Mrs.
Morgan, secretary of the ladies' auxiliary wits presented with a cake plate
and silver stand. Mrs. Covert also
extended thanks, on behalf of the society to Mrs. Jackson for her very
faithful services rendered during tiie
past year.
The annual meeting of the ladies
auxiliary of the Cumberland General
Hospital will bo hold on Thursday,
February the 7th, at 3:3t> p.m., at the
hospital. A cordial invitation it. extended lo all ladies interested in the
work, to be present.
■scribe the many gifts received but [agement  to   become   permanent   and
everything was there, both useful and
Decrease In Island
Coal Production
useful residents, taking up aud de- j
veloplng logged-off lands and estab-,
llshing homos and families Already
they have two schools and a com-
munlty hall, and are the promising j
nucleus ofa valuable addition to the.
solid permanent population of the Island and the Province.
There would seem to be no nnswor
to the contention that it is Infinitely |
Victoria,  Jan.  30—Coal  production
ilizers  for the Operating Room, all  ,n BrItteh Columbia during the year
radiators have been covered, and nu- lfl28 aEereiratod  2 515 100  lonr lap* ' L ,
m»n,.. niL. i«nmvBmnnl   *,      u      \ aggregaica  -.oio.iuu  iont ""'"'■better to encourage such people who.
merous other improvements have been  oompared with 2,453,827 long tons in'
I also wish to thank the Medical t
, nre here to remain as factors of thc
1927, an increase of 01,373 tons, ac- industrial  population   than  to spend
„M  ,„,,,„, , th    „        .cording to figures just compiled by j far more ,nducIng colonists to come
Board and Mr. Harvey, of the Power  lho Department of Mines and issued!,.. from nthor .JL
House who have made it possible tolby Hon, w> A. McKenzie, Minister of
Mines.    The  East   Kootenay  District | pi n        *      D    Jl
In which are located the collieries of LlSft DCVIS Badly
the Crow's Nest pass Coal Company j
and the Corbin Coal Company Ltd.
were responsible for tbe increased
output, while Vancouver Island collieries showed a falling off of 61,997.1
Details of production on Vancouver
Island are given below:
('niiiidlnn Collieries (Dunsmuir) Ltd.,
Comox   Colliery     264.571 j
Judical District
Of Comox Not
Favored By Govt
Former Attorney General's Opposition Lukewarm
Victoria, Feb. 1—The bill ropealing
last year's legislation constituting a
judicial district of Comox whenever
the government of the day might deem
it wisdom to bring such measure In
force by preolaniation, has passed se-
cund reading and committee consideration, so that its adoption (and without a division) now is certain.
In moving adoption of tlie principle
of this bill, Attorney General Pooley
reviewed Uie circumstances incidental
to its passage. The attorney General
of the day had then admitted no Immediate necessity existing lor an ad-
diiional judicial district, aud such
non necessity wus emphasized by ths
legislation not having been proclaimed
by the late government. He held that
It was unwise to clutter up the statute lioolt by laws in advance of requirements. Under good government
such as It was promised to give the
country, lie hoped to sec such development in the north end of ihe Island
that one, or perhaps two new judicial
districts would be required, And they
would in such event quickly lie served,
Former Attorney General Manson
objected lhat while need of ihe new
district bad not yet pie tented, it would
do no barm for provi. ion therefor tn
remain ou the siatutebook.
His opposition to the cancellation
was lukewarm, nor was ho supported
in it by any of his fellow members of
the Liberal Opposition.
Trustee Is
Honored On
After Eleven Years of Service,
Eight as Chairman
A pleasing event took place oi
' Wednesday afternoon In the Domestic
I Science room of tho 1'ublle School,
1 whon the teachers and school board
met io honor .Mrs. Banks, retiring
1 trustee.
! Mrs. Hanks served on the Cumbei-
j land tioard of School Trustees for
eleven years, eight years of which she
acted as chairman, and attended sov-
| eral conferences In llie interests oi
I ihe board.
'    Tea waa poured by Mrs. MacNaughton,  present chairman  of the  board.
: who was assisted in serving by the
.Mr. A. MacKinnon presented Mrs.
Banks with a silver saudwicb plate
given by tho members of tbo teaching
staff and school board, iu appreciation of her many years of service.
Short addresses were given by Mr
Shenstone, Mr. Apps, Mr, Murray and
.Miss Partridge, each mentioning thc
splendid co-operation between tho
board and the teachers, and voicing
their regret at Mrs. Banks' retiremcu;
Mrs. Banks said a few words in a humorous strain, recalling the day:
when the Cumlierland School was first
established, and tracing its growth to
the present day.
J Those present were Mr. and Mrs
i Shenstone, Mr, and Mrs. Apps, Mr. and
! Mrs. Partridge, Mr. and Mrs. Mac-
t Kitinon. Mr. and .Mrs. Murray, Mr. nnd
I Mrs. Bannerman, Mr. and Mrs. Hen-
.licrson, Mr. and Mrs. Bunks, Dr. and
1 .Mrs. MacNaughton, Mrs. Baird and
! the Misses B. Horbury, Blatchford,
Partridge, Hundon, Richardson, Carey
j Robertson, V. Aspesy, G. ami I. Mc-
; Fadyen, MacKinnon, Galllvan, Cnn-
| non. Mr. Henry Watson and Mr. Mc-
, Lellan.
Short Session
Of City Council
Certain  By-Laws -io Come  Up
for Revision at Next
Install a radio in the Hospital. We
are sorry that Mr. E. D. Pickard our
treasurer has, through sickness, been
unable to carry on his duties, but
Mt. Mumford carried on the duties
very .satisfactorily during the year.
Patients in Hospital on Dec. 31st,
1927, 15; patients admitted during the
year 1928, 490; patients discharged
during year 1928. 47G; patients died
during year 192S, 14; total number
of hospital days, 8G50; average num-
(Contlnued on page three)
Injured in Nanaimo!
Bob-Sled Accident!
Ex-Cumberland Girl in Serious j
B.C. Badminton
Stars To Play
At Royston
Imperial Club Successful in Getting Premier Feather
i The executive of the Imperial Badminton club have been successful in
; getting the premier feather pushers
of the province to visit the district.
A letter received by Mr. P. R. Shen-
stine on Thursday from Mr. E. J. H.
! Cardinal Intimates that the stars will
| pay a visit to the Imperial Pavilion at
! Royston on Saturday night, February
Extension Colliery   105,546,    As thc result of a coasting accident
South Wellington No. 5 mino 62,480 in which n bob-seld steered by Edward
Wellington-Extension No. 8... 2G.47S Rummings crashed into a Chevrolet
Wellington-Extension, No. 9...   11,022  car driven  by  Douglas  Proctor, on
   Pitzwilliam  street Nanaimo,  at nino
Total  530,882  o'clock Thursday evening, four young
Western Fuel forpornUon Ltd.I ! people aro In tho local hospital, and
No. 1 Mine   320,581   t,wo others are nt their homes suffer-
Reserve   Mine    150,303  fog from bruises and shock,   The in-
Wakeslah Mino     70.879 | jurcd:
!    "Ted'   Rummings,  2.1,  sou   of  Mr.
Total  541.7G3
Oilier lslnnd Collieries:
East Wellington Coal Co      3,757
Granby Consolidated M. S. Co. 188,799
The fire chief of the Cumberland'
Volunteer Fire Department, Mr. C. J.
Parnham, asks for ail residents, who
may be leaving their water taps running on account of the cold weather,
ln the event of the fire siren sounding,
to please turn their water taps aft
Immediately. In the event of a flre
tbls will help the firemen materially,'
giving them extra pressure. |
The. G. A. Fletcher Music Co. are
moving their headquarters from Cum-
Rummings,  23,
and   Mrs.  Wm.   Rummings,  Kennedy j
street, fractured skull and compound
fracture of tbo left arm.
Elsa Bevis, 17-year-old daughter of,
Mr. and Mrs. Nat. Bovls, Milton street, |
compound fracture of tbo leg, hemorr-
hago and  cuts and  minor injuries.    ]
Donald McKinnon, son of Mr. audi
Mrs. A. N. McKinnon, Millon street, |
compound fracture of the left leg,
hemorrhage, and suffering severely j
from shock.
Novana Klvella, of Chase River, employed as waitress at the Newcastle.
Hotel;   thought   to   have   sustained
FIRE CALL SATURDAY, 1)rolten rigjjt )(,Ki wi.), severe injuries
to left leg.
Diamond Jubilee Mino
Fiddick's   Mine  	
Little Ash Mine 	
Round   Island  Mino  ..
Richardson's Mine 	
13a |
Total for Vancouver Island ...1,209,328
Local Feather
Pushers Beaten
At Duncan
Graham, Wright, Ash and Idiens
of Imperial Club  Enter
Open Tournament
Tom Graham, .Ir., Captain Ash, Joe
Idlens and B. Wright of Ihe Imperial
Had mint on Club entered tho open
tournament of tlie Duncan Badminton
club which was held lasl week on I.
The tournament was very sin. > ssful,
high class play ami keen competition
making this the best tournament In
llie history of tlio Duncan club. Tom
Graham in tbe singles bad tlie misfortune lo bump Up against E, Lonoy
of Vancouver who triumphed over
tho Cumberln id man in two Btraighl
gamos, 15-8, 15*5. Leney ran through
to tlie final being beaten by his companion from Vancouver, K. Froeland
by K.-D, 15-8. T. II. Aitkin won frni:i
B. Wright after a hard set to 16-10,
In the men's doubles Capt. Ash and
Joe Idclns were defeated by the finalists, Frcetand and Rhodes, 15-10,
lfi-8, whilst Tom Graham and B,
Wright suffered defeat at the hands
of Aitken and Lcncy, 15-10, lfi-S.
A short meeting of tlio city council
Was held on  Monday night, with tin:
Mayor occupying the chair and Alder-
1 men   Parnham,   Mumford,   William,
1 and Bannerman present,
Very little business was transacted
but communications received from the
j Cumberland Electric Lighting Co.,
a.id the Cumberland and l'nion Wator
' Works Co., were read, staling lhat the
' annual meeting of the .shareholders
I of these companies would be bold on
I February the 15tb and the request of
! the council re purchase prico of util-
! [tied controlled by these companies
i would be placed boforo the sharc-
1 holders and n reply sent to the conn-
. cil as soon as possible after the meetings.
!    The reports ot tho various commlt-
| tees  were  received,  it   boing shown
1 that all departments were In excellent
Under tho heading of new business
. ccrtnln by-laws came up for dlscus-
< slon when ii was decided in lay the
■ mal er on tho table, The by-laws will
; probably come up tor discussion .it
the uoxl meeting of tho council when
a commlltoe will be formed to ki> Inl i
1 the matter and bring in the noi nr)
On behalf of tbo (lro wardens, Aide: man Ledlngham reported one fire
alarm mi ire lho last meeting, the
brigade answering a call on Saturday,
■mi Idc the city limits.
The   Cumlierland    Volunteer   Fire
berland to Courtenay where they will  firemen answered a hurry-up call on I
Howard Harding, son of Mr. ami
have on show all the latest models In Saturday night, whon they responded | Mrs- Stanley Harding, suffering Trom
Radios, etc. Mr. R. A. Robertson will to an appeal from the residence of|b™lse8 nn(1 s,K)r'k: "moved to home
however, continue to live ln Cumber-1 Mr. and Mrs. Marshall, outside of tho!,rom J:('f'"p nf Mdfont.
land and will be prepared to give the' city limits. The flre proved to be a Howard Humphrey, son of Mr. and
same service as formerly. HIb phono small chimney blaze, caused by an |Mra- John Humphrey. Milton street,
number at Cumberland is the same I overheated stove pipe. No damage jbrulse(1 hlP nlld sprained ankle; re-
47M. I was don*. J (Continued on Page Two)
Mrs. J. H. Cameron won the first
prise at the meeting ot tho Wednesday night bridge club and Miss Josie
Balagno won the second. The meting was held this week nt Ihe home
of Mrs. J. Robertson andthoso present
Included Mesdames R. A. Robertson,
W. Bruce Gordon, W. Hutchinson, M
Slowart, A. Somtnarvlllo, Cameron
nnd the Misses Josie Balagno, and Nettle Robertson.
Trustees io Mett
Early In Month
A short meeting of tho Cumlierland
Hoard of School Trustees was held
I on Wednesday, Immediately after tho
presentation to Mrs. Banks, ihe retiring chairman, to decide on the regular
nlgl I of meeting. All tho tnembi r i
of the new board were present and
after a littlo discussion It was unnni-
mously resolved to meel tbe first Friday in each month.
Don't forget homo cooking tomorrow given by Indies' auxiliary of tbe
F.O.E. in Rlckson's Store at 10:30.
Ed. Williams
Passed Away
At Coalmont
Well Known Old Time Resident
of   Cumberland   Leaves
Relatives Here and
Word was received early this week
of the death In Coalmont of Edward
Williams nn old time resident of
Cumberland. The deceased loaves a
brother and ulster In Cumberland,
Mr. S, WllllnmB and Mrs. S. Williams,
who motored down io Nanaimo on
Wednesday to meet the body and to
attend the funeral. Mr. Kdward Williams had resided on Vancouver Island for the past thirty-nine years
and was well known In Nanaimo and
Ladysmith, having work.ed in both
placos for a number of years.
A native of North Wales he ls survived by his wife wbo resides on Wallace street, Nanaimo, one brother and
sister In North Wales and a brother
nnd  (later ri ildent in Cumberland.
lie wan a prominent mason, being
a member of St. John Lodge, Ladysmith and a companion of Keystone
Chapter,  Nanaimo.
Enjoy Games
At Alberni
Locals Win One and Lose Two
Hard (lames
Tlie three Cumberland H!gb Scliool
basketball teams motored to Alberni
on Saturday lost, to return Alberni's
compliment tor playing the local
teams In the Koyston Pavilion several weeks pie-,ion.ly, Messrs. Biaek-
more, McLellan, M. Drown and A.
Grey being kind enough to accomodate the pupils. 0:i account oi lho
recant snow and frost the boys and
girls witnessed several accidents, Mr.
llroy giving the girls an exciting tivo
minutes when bo accidentally collided wi.t: another car, and tiie thrill ol
a lifetime was (ell by those who had
nevor before g ver the summit.
After having satisfied tlieir appetites,
the "basketers" were ready for action
wion the games commenced at 7 p.m.
In tho Alberni Commuitj Hall, The
Cumberland and Alberni Junior boys
staged the Orsl match, the home boys
losing with n score ot S.'i-ii. partly
due to the strange bail. Although tha
Cumberland girls had the Buporlor
team, the Alberni girls were sure of
tbelr buoIs and finished with a seoro
Of JJ-ll In favor of Alberni.
Last bul not least was tbe exciting
game between the Senior C.H.S. and
the Alberni Nine 0'«. Tho Cumberland ■ ;,: 11 started fast and put up
a Btllf gome -one of those scoring
hind thai keeps an audience on Its
oes and only by iheir superior com-
blnntlon did the C.H.S. come out victorious with the score 2*1-20. wben
basketball fanB see ;l game liko lho
Cumberland boys played at Alberni
on Saturday night, they'll follow tho
team anywhore to see ihe hoys stago
another,    [I wns n real game.
Afler the games the players were
I lean-1 to a ||ght supper and freo
dance, which was very much appre-
ciati I by all. Tho teams returned the
followli ■■ morning none tho worse for
their trip.
A  Mock  Marriage
After the regular meeting of Ito-
*>■' v N i it w ii \. the membors bold
a    ■       ' .!   which  took   the
foi in >sf ;, "moi k marriage", Mm.
Ibe part of the brldo
nnd Mrs li Jnck on thai of tho groom
.i led na bridesmaid
wibllsl Mi a Herd ably supported
I Covi rl acted ns tho
I dors     To  eom-
pletc ::. \ use acted
of officiating clergyman nnd Ml , Dollna Pre 1 ono pro-
sldi tl   ai   tho   p pi  ■    B   nuptial
i   i ning nf the reg-
: ■'■ r, M      ,   ; a mi    ang "I Love
Vou   Truly."  ni I   Mrs.   Sam  Davis,
"Threo Women
to Ever,  .'■■ Vfter Ihe   ■ remony *i
] : the ii'-wly-weds,
thi I and best man bringing
In gifi ■ ■   tlcnlly decorated
dish pan, the bride receiving thoso
glfl In .;:■■ m ol ber services to
thi   Revli Mi Nell, past com
mander, gave |      bi Ido a lovely cup
.'in I   tun i :• of old English,   The officers and  I '        gavi   a marmalade
Mra    Covert's   presenl   was
somethiiifi   i .■  i     pedal   which   wo
not bi   m pi Ivllcged to view.   To
om wna pre entod a pretty aot
ind i»* ppi ra from Mr.". Davis
■" tli »' ; i        ni  In honor of the oc-
cnslon,    Following thn presentations
the  wboli ,t'   down  to a
II api di ti il table bi nutt fully de-
coratod, centred with a magnificent
wedding cake. PAGE TWO
The Cumberland Islander
AT THK world luel conference ia Loudon, tbe authorities assembled were pretty well agreed that the
day is rapidly approaching wben tue earths supply
of natural oils will bu exhausted. U Ls impossible, of
course, to speak with any approach to dednltenesa on such
a matter. No one knows what the earth's natural supply
of oil is, because very large sections of aie earth's suriace
have not been prospected for oil. However, tiie areas
in which oil has been found are limited, and so are th<3
areas In which it is likely tu be found. Some uf the lield.-
are exhausted or Hearing exhaustion, uud tue demand is
increasing every year, li is clear, thon, that unless thy
discovery of new oilfields keeps pace with iho Increasing
demand for liquid fuel—and thai is unlikely over a long
period—exhaustion must overtake the supply.
The situation, lor ull this, need not give rise to any
undue alarm. Fuel engineers and research scientists have
had the problem of producing a liquid fuel from solid
fuel in baud for years. All ibe great industrial countries
are Interested, and ull have been working o.i tbe problem
Some of them have oven solved it so far as the laboratory
i3 concerned, lint no method lias been evolved of producing the liquid fuel economically.   At the London con
ference, the experts pooled the results of their research,
and when they gu back to iheir wurk again, some of tu«m
at least will push iutu uow avenues.
Eveu were there prospects of having a supply of natural
crude oil fur a ceutury Or more, there still would be good
reason for pursuing Uie enquiry into the economical utilization of coal. Une reasou Is thut, us used at present,
coal befouls the air, scattering fllth all bout ud culling
off the health-giving rays of tbe sun from the cities where
coal befouls the air, scattering filth all about aud cutting
is burned in a furnace or fireplace, only a few of its
valuable cosiiiucnts arc made use of. Tne others go ou
into tbe air to make nuisances uf themselves.
The average ton of coal, it is said, yields upon distillation, I5ui) puuuds of coke, lu.uuu cubic feet of gas, twenty-
two pounds oi sulphur of ammonia, nine gallons of tar,
and somejiig more than two gallona of benzol. Tbe gas
and coke are useful as fuels, and tho coke, iu addition,
is valuable in the nianuiacurc of carbide, caruomauuui,
graphite and acet..le.ie. The other products yield ammonia
phcuol, toluul, and a host ot dyes and medicinal products.
In a recent book, "The Handwriting on tho Wall", Dr.
Arthur D. Little, president of ibe Anglo-American Society
of Chemical Industry, suggests tbe gassiiicatioa of coal
at i~.li: mine upou a great scale, aud tho utilization there
of II the by-products. Coal worth $3 ut the mine, he say?,
could, by a pruper system uf distillation, be convened inlo
products worth $ly, and the ultimate consumer would get
his fuel at a rate tar below what he is compelled to pay
at present.
'Ihe linding of a solution of Ibis problem Is of vital Interest tu Canada which has ver.. little oil and tremendous
areas of coal lands sepnrted hy great distances from tbe
industrial centres of the country. The department of
mines at Ottawa appears to be fully In touch wilh Ihe
situation, and a well-equipped fuel laboratory to cope
wlih tho various phases of the problem is being established
at Ottawa. —Vancouver Daily Province.
1-^^t*sS^— -~ -'^m^ — ..-t^^s^^l -**^s^^s> ^^t\**.t~.. J^HKm,.,,;*^s(Pij.^-j(s!W5s>.
Elsa Bevis
Badly Injured
(Continued irom Pa^e unci
moved to homo from scene of the accident.
Uumiiiimrs still Unconscious
The accident occurred at D o'clock,
and at twelve-thirty young Uummlig-
was still unconscious. Tbe Injury lo
Miss Bevis Is serious, and It was Impossible to say late last evening
wbetber amputation of thc badly broken limb will be necessary, although
the doctors were hoping to bo able to
save It. McKlnnou's injuries are also
serious and their extent cannot be
guaged accurately for some time.
Thc Accident
Numerous sleighing parlies have
boon using Fitzwilliam street for several nights for coasting and last evening tho parly which Mr. Rummiug
was steering wore coming down at a
very fast rate when at thc end of tlie
bridge emerging onto Wallace street,
they struck head-on the car driven by
Mr. Proctor. The latter, in giving an
account of the accident said:
"I had stopped In front of the Capitol theatre to pick up my wife and a
friend and proceeded across tht
bridge. At the further end, I opened
my left hand door to indicate that I
was going to make a left turn down
Wallace street. I did not see the
Bleighing party at any time, and tho
first Indication I had of their proximity was when I heard and felt thc
crash. I presume they were unable ro
see the opened door of my car owing
to the head-lights, and did not know-
that I was making the turn."
Cuiiveynl to Hospital
Eye-witnesses of the crash summoned the police, wbo telephoned Tor thc
Jenkins ambulance. Tbo latter, however, was out on a call at tbe time
and did not arrive for somo twelve
minutes after the accident. In the
meantime four of tho injured wore
placed in a truck owned by Mr. Wm.
Morrissey, and taken to tho hospital
where Drs. Ingham, Lane and Drya-
dale were awaiting them, having beon
notified by phone immediately after
the crash. Tho other two Injured
were remove:! to tlieir homes lu private cars.
thawing pipes out. They will soon
lose that job, for the weather man
says milder weather Is not far away.
Replete with yarns and articles on
all topics of outdoor life, the February
! Issue of the national sporting magazine.    Rod   and   Gun   and   Canadian
Silver Fox News has just appeared.
Among  the   many  authoritative   contributors in this month's issue are the
well   known   names   ot   Bonnyca3tl?,
j Dale. Robert James, William MacMil-
I Ian, J. W. Winson, W. C. Motley, C.
I S.   Landls,   G.   P.  Sladen   and   M.   U.
! Rates,  whoso articles offer splendid
I pictures or hunting and  fishing and
! life  In  the open.    There  is  also  a
I splendid article on wolf trapping by
!('. K. GiUliani.
Tho  section  devoted  to the  Bilvor
: fox industry Is full of up to date and
informative   material   concerning   the
i ranching of thoso valuable fur bearers.
I Rod and Gun and Canadian Silver
i Fox News is published monthly by
l W. J. Taylor Limited, Woodstock, Ont.
Cumberland and district are experiencing a dose of real winter weather,
but in some respects nro fortunate in
not having as much snow as some of
the oilier places nt the coast. It was
reported that last week end Victoria
hnd tea inches of snow and Nanaimo
abou six. Vancouver city had eight
Inches so the residents of the district
can congratulate themselves in thai
respect—uj) to Ihe present time only
about two inches of snow bas fallen
here, but in certainly keeps cold.
Many  residents bave been  kept busy
Shower For
On Wednesday evening the usual
uedunkers meeting turned Into a
handkerchief shower In honor of Miss
Vivian Grey, who is leaving to reside
in Vancouver. Miss Isabelle Herd''
made a gracious hostess, and the over:
popular game of cooties caused much
excitement, Miss Gwen Emily win-l
ning first prize and Dona Baird so- '■
cond. Dainty refreshments were serv-;
ed, Miss Gwen Emily assisting tho
Miss Josslo Raird, retiring president.
presented thc handkerchiefs In a
daintily decorated basket. During
past month, the Gcdunkers have lo'it
three members; Miss Sadie Brown
going to Penman Island, Miss Mary
Simpson to Hazelton, and Miss Vivian
Lirey  to Vancouver.
After the sorial part of the evcnlm.;
a short business period was held,
Miss Roth Horbury being elected president and Gwen Emily, secretary-
Those present were the Misses Nor-
-na Parnham, Gwen Emily, Lily Banks
Kdna Gear, Jessie and Denn Baird,
Evelyn Carey, Vivian Grey, Isabel!?
Pre-election promises by Provincial
Conservntlves.ol legislation to further
assist and develop thc mining industry
are Implemented in a measure forecast in tho King's Speech to amend
Ihe Mineral Survey and Development
Act. Oae outstanding fea^u-e of this
legislation will improve administration facillilos in connection with the
various  mining districts  Into  which
the province Is divided, of each of
which a Mines Department Resident
Engineer now bas charge, with a
residential or official base within his
district, and in largo districts with an
associate engineer assisting him.
It is now proposed to enlarge the
governmental power so that the Minister, with Executive concurrence,
when occasion warrants may re-do-
iine. create or readjust, tho boundaries
of such mining divisions, or shift tho
resident engineers headquarters, or
otherwise improve the Department'*
administrative aud technical facilities
in the field to keep pace with new dis
coveiies, rapid expansions or other
deviations from normal growth, es-
spccially peculiar to mining country
and in mining operation?.
Another feature of this progressive
legislation defines the assistant oi
associate engineer of a distrlcsl pos
sesslng two such representatives o;
the Mines Department as the Assistant Engineer thereof, instead of a.-
"the assistant to tbe engineer", which
later designation tends to lessen public appreciation of bis professional
Amendment of the act In these
particulars will enable the Department more expeditiously and effieinet-
Iy to co-operate with the pioneers in
development of new mining areas as
such are discovered, and to move its
ollicials about without time loss and
to the general advantage of the industry whenever particular districts
experience periods of exceptionally
rapid growth owing to new discoveries and consequent stimulated appeal
to the public imagination.
Another further Improvement ot
the act is an entirely different direction, strengthening the hands of Minister aud Government to protect investors. Heretofore it has heon obligatory on promotors to file with tha
resident engineers of the districts in
which properties to be exploited ar-i
sliua.c, copies of prospectuses or similar material designed to present
share offerings In most favorable
lights. The engineer may be away
from his headquarters when such document is received or may delay it*
exiimiuation or his report to the Department upon i:. and meanwhile
wildcat promotors by extensive advertising and high-pressure sales methods may have made their cloan-ups
of the credulous.
It is now proposed thnt promotors
file one copy nf such prospectus or
like document with the resident engineer and three with tho Minos Department-one for the Minister, one
for the Deputy and one for tbe Provincial Mlnerologist, Ry this system.
Immediate check-ups of all statements
of promotors appealing to the public
for capital may be officially approve!
or contradicted with desirable promptitude.
This new legislation follows goner-
ally the lino* of Ontario's, which has
worked   exceedingly   well.
Vancouver-Courtenay Transportation
Telephone 144 (<,. Mill St., Courtenay
Agent In Courtenay: Mr. A. D. Ball
Service and promptness still our motto.
Powell River, Alert Bay and all Way Points every Tuesday.
Courtenay, Comox and Way Points every Wednesday.
Tuus and Scows for lii.o.   Boats for charter.
Warehouses and Docks at Vancouver, foot of Bidwcll Street, and
Courtenay, B.C.
ALEX. MAXWELL, Proprietor
Autos for Hire.    Coal and Wood Hauling givon very
prompt attention.    Furniture and Piano
Storage if desired.
Phones 4 and 61 Cumberland, B. G.
Mr. Harklns, of Port Hnney, Is visiting Mr, and Mrs. McCabe.
Tsolum and Sandwich schools were
closed on Monday and Tuesday owing
lo thc severe wcath'-r Thf school
busses were out Tuesday but were unable to finish thc journey, three feet
of snow being reported In the Merville
and Headquarters district.
Thc Tsolum Junior football team ls
keeping up Us reputation as the following score between Cumberland and
Tsolum played at Courtenay last
Thursday will show: Tsolum G. Cumberland I.
A surprise party called upon Miss
Mary McCabe lust Saturday evening,
thirty-live of thc younger set being
present. The occasion was Miss Mc
Cabe's birthday. Dainty refreshments,
cards and dancing were indulged in.
The two-year-old daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. Dingwall had th? misfortune to get her arm in the electric
wringer last week but Is piogressing
favorably at home.
Last Day of
Saturday, February 2
Still further Reductions in
all departments
Ward off the Flu and |
other Winter Ills
with an ■
Electric Hot Pad or Headlight Heater j
Few things offer so much warmth and comfort, so :
much protection from ills that come with cold Winter j
nights and damp Spring days, as Electric Hotpads and :
Electric Heaters. :
priced at 	
Cumberland Electric
Lighting Co., Ltd.
Red Top Relief Valves, $7 each
To Keep "Closed" Plumbing "Open"
This iB a H-*n- valve for use on domestic hot water supply
systems for relief of damaging pressures caused by ranges
and tank heaters.
Both Red Top Relief Valves are approved by Underwriters'
Laboratories, Inc., and by State and Municipal Bureaus of
Water and Boiler Inspection.
O. W. CLINTON, Managing Director.
Parliamentary   Press   Gallery   Representative,
Orders left at Henderson's Candy Store will receive
David Hunden, Jr.
of all descriptions
—     WOOD
$1,000,000 WRITTEN
Victoria, Feb. 1—Government policy I
re the D.C. Department of Industries \
and  ita  loans,  as  declared  through
Chairman Walkera ot the Public Ac-
counts Committee, Is to close all loans ■
as speedily as possible, either by pre3- j
sure collection or transfer on private I
capital being secured by the assisted I Policome;1 w*"> quits a poker game to
enterprises.    Outstanding obligations^0  0UJ; and  raid  a  Chinese fan-tan
to  the  department total $966,156 of j house'"
which 886,565 is principal and $70,591! DDrMII,D _-.-
interest.   Twenty-two loanB have been ! PREMIER TOLMIE TO
years would Indicate. And he que.-'-1
tioned if a parade in the bhow and
also the altogether, with the ther-
mometer hovering taround zero is as I
Incentive to Immorality as partlcipa-1
tion In a modern ball at some of the
great city hotels. "A good deal of the
altitude of the public toward the
Doukhohors", said he, " Is in line
with the Pharisaical attitude of the
Automobile Side  Curtains Repaired
Also Harness Repairs
paid In full, and ?100,000 written off j
as lost. The total of all loans by the I
lopartment Is given as $1,573,884, with j
,5587,810 {roughly one-third) repaid). I
Although the department was established to assist returned soldiers, ex-1
.'options were made, and as in the i
case ofthe Cutto-Flt Company, prom-,
.iiflit business men secured provincial
money to embark on experimental en- j
erprlsea, which if they were success-1
ul would moan riches for the pro-1
motors,iind  if they failed,  losses  for
Victoria, Feb. 1—Premier Tolmie,
who has been incapacitated by Illness
since the session's opening, will be
in his plnce before debating the King's
Speech ends—unless he has a further
set-back. It was first announced that
he was merely one of the many victims of bad colds—souvenirs of Victoria's stormbound week. Later, however, he suffered two serious nasal
hemorrhages, to which he Is subject,
the Provincial Treasury. Also it has | and which Iatterly have bee» ™cur-
been disclosed, the practice haa been rJn« wItn ^creasing frequency. While
when dead losses have been written i H is not suggested that his condition
.Pf, to distribute such loss over a term is critical, his followers are decidedly
)f years, thus to make n mOre satisfactory if fictitious showing in annual
[anxious and grow  increasing appre-l
! benslve that the strain and labor of j
the leadership may so unduly tax his
physical resources lhat be may find |
j It unwise to continue.
And there Is no one who can take
his place, although Mr. Pooley is prov>
ONLY A STEP AHEAD   „.,  o„.  „„  r„
PIIPSFNT DAY FASHION ! "* himself an lndefa.igible second-1 munitlon  ia "«•■*•* dismissals of
! HbSLINl DAY f AMtlUIN j... J .returned noldlera from the nrovlnclal
ed by constructive policy?
Mr. Mackenzie hymned the Chtlco-1
tin range riches, citing the October-1
November  operation  surplus   of  the
P.G.E. as built on cattle haulage from j
.lie Chilcotin plains, and putting him-,
self unequivocally on record as for
immediate forward action,
]    "The people spoke with no uncertainty last election', said he.   "Thty
demanded  that construction  proceed
i on the north end of the line at least,
I from Quesnel to Prince George.   That
! work must go forward, while there
! may be reasonable ground tor delay-
| Ing  like  extension on  the southern
j end, from Squamtsh to North Vancou-
, ver until all relevant tacts are authoritatively ascertained."
Captain Mackenzie (North Vancouver) has been heard from frequently,
but thus far chiefly on points of order
and procedure. He has asked many
questions.  Ashing for supposed  am
Victoria, Feb. 1—Thore nre two
sides to every question, and while no
one will seek lo countenance certain
of tho eccentricities of the fanatical
Doukhobora, there is matter for consideration in some of thc arguments
ot their defenders now here. As to
their reluctance lu sending their children to the provincial schools, they
Bay that lhey do not care to have their
progeny grow up with the careless
Ideals or lack of ideals of the present  a,° focal mtadeada of the lat^govern
The lirst half of the second sessional week has been chiefly devoted to
del.ui ing the Speech—Opposition leader Pattullo, Drs. Borden and Kingston, Col. Lister, Captain Fltzslmmons
and Messrs. Carson, Roderick MacKenzie, Uphill, Michol, llruhn and
Hayward contributing.
Thus far tho Opposition attack has
focussed on all'ged misrepresentations by Finance Minister Shelly of
returned soldiers from the provincial
service—only to And that more have
been taken on than off.
generation of Amwlca—besides which nu'nt;   whfle Labor's sole champion
their   Industrial   capacity   would   be  lefinc(i Cavity toward Liberalism In
lowered  by  too  much  fruitless  and -hla Independence and especially crUi-
Impractical learning for those who are
to   bo   farmers   or   farmers'   wives.
Touching ihe nude parades, the Douk-
1 honor envoy now here betrays a sense
of humor. The women who took part
| In those, ho suggests, are only a few
strides   in   advance  ot the  mode  as
fashion developments of the past few
Junior Rose Court
Installs Officers
It Usually Works
"Do you know how to make a poach
I cordial?"
|    "Suro, scud hor somo candy."
The regular meeting of the Junior
nose Court ot Review No. 17, W.B.A.
was held on Tuesday In the lodce
room under the supervision ot Mru.
K. Marocchi. Tho election of officers
took place and were Installed aa follows: Queen, Oertie Davis; Ex-Queen,
.Izod the Conservative Provincial gov- i Chrlssle Robertson; Herald, Edna
crnmeiu for lnco:uslstencyly posing as I Williams; 1st Maid of Honor, Davld-
champlons of Canada-wide protection j'"» Derbyshire; 2nd Maid of Honor,
nnd simultaneously opposing Increase j Margaret Goodali; Chamberlain, Dllys
of the duty against American coal. Williams; Mistress of Robes, Rita De-
Imports, voy; Scribe, Rosle Marocchi; Purse
Both Mr. Carson and Mr. Roderick Bearer, Lily Tobacco; Keeper of the
Mackenzie naturally touched the Door, Valda Frelone; Guardian of the
P.G.E. situation. The former scored ! Gate, Gloria Aspesy: Standard Bearer
Opposition Lender Pattullo's declara-jNo- 1, Violet Scavarda; Standard
Hon that tho MncLcan government had! Bearer No. S, Thelma Frelone; Cap-
obtalned all possible Information ns | tain, Annie Young; Lieutenant, Mar-
to the resources of tributary territory,' garot Williams; Guards, Haiel Oor-
land grant resources, salo posslblll-' don, Elizabeth Bates, Lily Saunders,
ties. etc. The opposition leader'B j Dorothy Hunt, Barbara McNeil, Jean
statement being accurate, why had j Brown, Laureen Frelone; Musician,
such Information not been Implement-' Mra. McNeil.
At the ILO-ILO
Friday and Snturda.. Feb. 1 and 2
George O'Brien - Virginia Valli In
A man faces victory or oblivion!
A narrative of glory that foliowa the
struggle In New York.
Monday nnd Tuesday. Feb. 4 and i
How the man with a sinister record
tried to hide his Infamy In "Hangman's House" nnd the fate that overlook him there.
Wedn«N:!iij • Thnrsdi,)-, Feb* 6 ml 7
George Jessel, Warner Oland and
Audrey  Ferris  In
Perils of a Passionate Perfumery
Free as the birds in the air she lived
in a paradise wilh her playmates, tbe
beasts of the jungle.
Friday and Saturday. Fob. 8 Md 9
'Telling the World" FRIDAY, FEBRUARY  1, 1929
In every sorts of building materials,
windows, poems'.
Royston Lumber Co.
PHONES J "''''' mlU' l34!t f'ourleT""
\ nltit-e: lilfl Cumberland.
|Satisfactory Report;'
Read At Annual
(Continued from Pa&e One)
of the
Canadian Medical Association
.jgr   Special Family Laundry Rate   *^a
also expert
A Trial Order Will Convince You.
Orders left at the Ritz Cafe, Telephone 150
Cumberland, will receive prompt attention
hor of patient days, 24; major operations during year, 44; minor opera-
j tiona (luring year, 146; obstitrleal
I cases, 43.
j    The numher or patient days being
j 1.236 more than ln the year 1927. The
i average number ot da., a per patient
! being 24 as compared with 20 for the
I year 1927.    Increase of patients for
1928 being 116 over the year 1927.
Financial Condition
During the year, as will be noted
from the financial statement, the receipts from all sources amounted to
$24,675.22 and the total expenditures
were $22,304.86.   The hospital had a
dehU balance of $252.10 at the beginning of the fiscal year, and the balance at the end of the year being
$2,845.91.   We have been able to meet
all our obligations when due without
having to  incur  overdrafts  at  the
Cost of Operation
I am pleased to be able to report
a lower cost of operation than for
the year 1927. The coat per patient
day for the '/ear being $2.29, as compared with $2.46-*% for the year 1927,
this shows a 71/£c reduction as compared with 1927.
All equipment Is In excellent condition.   A great deal of cleaning bas
been done during the year.
The arrangement between the Medical Board and the Hospital during donaUon of j30.00, which amount was who tendered, throughout the  year,
the year has heen very satisfactory, | pald t0 the KospItal ,BUch magnificent help.
(and for which the Hospital Board ls j Indies' Uxlliun 	
!very grateful. The total amount re-j m ^ alBo ^ ^ ^ ^^
j ceived during the year from the Medl- An for        iQimim q( %mM
| cal Board was f9.S3a.50. Collect on* ^.^ ^ ^ flf ^ ^ ^^
;from private patients have been fa r.,^ ^^ ^ ^q ^^ ^
.unpaid accounts amounted to W ^ ^        ^ f ^ ^ ,,|W ^
a large proportion of which are col-   ,   ,     ,. ,        , ,
I     " 6   K   F I during the pant year, and we sincerely
lectahle. (hope for a continuance of same (or
Isolntlon Hospital tlle coming year.
|    In the coming year some considera-]    We als0 a])j,reclate  ths ci03e  co.
tion  will have to be given to this | operation of the Medical Board dur-
I building. hug t]le year.   We wish to express our
Ambulance j thanks to all those who have made
I    It Is very important that the hos- [ donations to the hospital or assisted
! pltal should have an ambulance of Us i in any way.
Questions concerning health, addressed to tlie Canadian Medical
Association, 184 College Street,
Toronto, will bo answered by letter. Questions ns to diagnosis
and treatment will uot be answered.
Exercise and Rest
Particularly during the winter months
it appears to be necessary to remind
mauy persons of the need for daily
exercise of the body. Exercise tends
to strengthen the muscles of the body
Including the heart which is a muscular organ. Exercise deepens and
increases respiration, produces beat.
Induces perspiration, ad develops the
motor and senory nerve centres of the
If the food which we eat is to be
properly digested and used for the nutrition of the bod/, we must exercise;
if the elimination from bowel and kidney Is to be kept in proper
order, we must exercise. It is perhaps a good working rule to say that
the normal individual should exercise
to the point of perspiration once a
day. We should walk sometimes in
place of riding, play some games and
spread them throughout the week,
not concentrate them all on  Satur
On the other hand, we should not
forget the need of rest. Perhaps
there are more of us In need of rest
than of exerlce. Children require a
great deal of rest, freedom from activity, and long hours of sleep in order that they may grow and develop
healthy minds in lieilthy bodies. The
adult needs rest in order to repair
the wear and tear of daily life, and
to prepare for the days ahead. A
quantity of our activities are without
any particular interest to us. They
are largely a matter of doing something, an evleduce of our inability to
be still, and enjoy ourselves quietly
and restfully in relaxation.
We muat realize that the possibilities of health depend, in a large measure upon ourselves. If we woul.1
have health, we must be prepared 'o
make the necessary effort to socuro
the exercise we need and to establish
habits of living which permit of suflicient rest and sleep. Neglect meana
less health if not actual disease; it
means living our lives below the
standard which we are capable of attaining. It means more worry and
less happiness. Health Is worth the
effort, but we must make the effort
Eastern Canada
or (he
United States
this Winter
by the
Leaving Vancouver 9:50 p.m. Daily
Carries Through Standard Sleepers
Radio-c(|iii]>ped Observation Car
E. VI. uii Ki.i*. agent, Cum bermnd, B.Cs, Telephone :;.*■
Or write
C. F. Earle, District Passenger Auent. Victoria, B.C.
Service    —    Courtesy
Courtenay 226
Cumberland. 150
l '■ own.   Everybody concerned feels that
j', (hat is absoluteyl necessary, so after
!   considering   the  matter   from   many
; : standpoints  your  board has  decided
j j to make this purchase.
■ Iionatlons to Radio
! I    We wish to thank Mr. Harvey of I
! I the Power House at Courtenay for his j
• j very   generous   donation   of  $100.00,1
! ! which amount was paid direct to Mr.
• | Lang for radio purchased.    We also
'   wish to thank the Medical Board for
Naming Staff
Acclaimed .everywhere as one of
the greatest film epics ever produced,
"Lilac Time," First JS'ational s Collce.i
-Moore - George Fitzmaurice special
production, based on the stage play by
Jane Cowl and Jane Murlin, has been
booked for a featured run at tbe llo-
llo for three days, commencing Thursday, Februray 14th.
Lilac Time" Is by all odds a gr-
During the year our nursing staff specM anll the most pretentious In
Ilo-Ilo Theatre, February  14-15^_16
One whole year in the making!
Live the glorious romance of Lilac Time.
One minute crooning a love song under
moonlit trees. Nert minute a mile high
up ln the Heavens riding tho alrlancs of
hell—leaping, swooping, zooming through
rocket-reddened skies with the playboys of
death who don't come back to earth until
they're SHOT down!
What romance, what spectacle, what thrill
and beautiful love moments as tt sweet
maiden of Normandy bids her lie-man flier
good-bye for perhaps the last time.
Words aren't big enough to describe It—
you MUST see it!
Millions have paid $2.00 Jer seat to see It.
has rendered very good service,, anil
we wish to expuress our appreciation
We have a very capable matron iu
Miss Sehl and wish to thank her for
her very able efforts towards efficiency and economy.
Tlio Now Wing
We  are  very  grateful  to  Lt.-Col.
which Colleen Moore has appeared to
date. Already known as the screen's
foremost comedienne, her role In this
production establishes ber on the topmost pinnacle as n dramatic actress.
The tenderness, pathos and realism oilier characterization of the little
French girl makes "Lilac Time" one
C. Villiers for the efforts put forth to of tlle most discussed pictures of t'ie
bring Lord and Lady Willingdon to' year and the llo-llo is indeed' fortur.-
oflieially open tlie uow wing. ate in obtaining such an early book-
We also wish to thank ihe people of; Ing.
Union Bay, and the Linger Longer j    Tbe adaptation was mado by Wll-
Club for the splendid way thoy havo I sls   Qoldbeck.    Carey   Wilson,   who
furnished their private wards, these 1 .scenarized   the screen  version,  not
two wnrds are en.ua! to the best In  only Included the many stirring epi-
Honest Values
Send your boy or girl to shop here. Just make your
your list and you can be assured of honest values,
honest weight and lowest prices. Tlie prices listed
below speak for themselves..
Choice Bulk Tea, 2 lbs. for   $1.15
Canned Pineapples, 2's, three tins for 50
Libby's Pork & Beans, 2's, three tins for 50
FLOUR, ALL BRANDS, 49-lb sack      §2.35
Ogilvie Rapid Oats, 35c per pkg., 3 for        .95
Extra Special
Assorted Jars of Jams and Marmalades.   Pick
your own, 3 for SOc, or 6 for	
Service and Quality Reigns
Phone 38 We Deliver
British Columbia.
I do not think it will be out cE
place to thank the I-adica' Auxiliary
once again for the hearty co-operation
they have given to us before and ainco
the opening of tlie new wing.
In conclusion I wish to thank tho
members of the Board for their kind
co-operation, which they have extended to me during my term of office.
All of which is respectfully submitted.
A. J. TAYLOR, President.
Following the president's report,
the election of officers took place with
the following result:
President, A. J. Taylor; vice-president, J. Thomson; secretary, C. J.
Parnham; treasurer, T. H. Munn'onl;
board of management, C. O'Brien, J.
S. Brown, Dr. .MacNaughton, E. H.
Devlin, P. McNiven and G. J. Richardson.
Mr, C. O'Brien as chairman of th-i
special committee on the Isolation
hospital and Ambulance matters, notified the meeting that after duo consideration, an ambulance body had been
purchased which would bo put on a
Gralmm-Paige chassis, the total cost
of which would bc $2,500. The ambulance is fully equipped and It was
proposed to build a garage at the
hospital to house the ambulance.
Mr. O'Brien submitted plans for lho
erection of an isolation hospital on the
ground adjoining the general hospital
Consisting of three wards, two boils
lu each ward, 2 sun porches aud no i
J cossary other conveniences, the arch-'
ltect's estimate being $0,100, As the
present Isolation hospital would cost
¥300 or $-100 to put in anything like
decent shape, the meeting went ou
record as backing up ttie commlttea
in their endeavors to build a new
Isolation hospital,
Mr.   Henderson   wished   to   know
what  insurance  was  carried  on  the, |
hospital propeny .and was Informed
that it was approximately $3o,000.
Mr. C. O'Brien gave notice of motion that at the next annual meeting of'
i tho  subscribers   lie  would   move   to
I change the hospital by-law to conform
I With tho act governing hospitals aud
j tho Benevolent Societies' Act,
j    Mr. Sidney Hunt, on behalf of tho
! employees'  medical   board,  expressed
! tho thanks of tho board lo the hospital
' board and hoped for a continuance of
: the present harmonious relations.
[    The president. Mr. A. J. Taylor expressed his thanks for his election to
office of president, saying It wan a
great pleasure to him ns ho was vitally Interested In the work.
Jnst before the meeting adjourned
a vote of thanks wns tendered to the
various   persons   and   organizations
nodes that made the stage play one
of the greatest In history, but elaborated on parts for filming that could
only be vaguely suggested in the spoken drama.
Geore FItzmnurice's direction of
this colorful love story is snid to be
the best of his long career.
The supporting cast of 'Lilac Time
Includes Gary Cooper, hero of "Beau
Sabreur", "The Legion of the Condemned" and other big productions!
Burr Mcintosh, George Cooper. Clove
Moore, Kathryn McGuire, Eugenie
Bcsserer, Emlle Chautard, Jack Stone
and many others.
"Lilac Time* was"produced by John
McCormlck for First National Plc-
| tures.
Mutual Life of Canada
If interested in a sound investment studv this result
of policy in .Mutual Life
Policy No.    Plan    Age
88,196   Endow:.i't III)
80 years
Net Cash Paid
Ll- Assured
Gross cash Paid
Premium    Amount   hy Mutual Lite
JlilUU }l,uuo 11,371.02
Amount Received
tor Each $100 Invested
lingular   Dividend   Allotment   lor   1928—$3,400,000
In addition to this a special Cash Dividend of $700,000 is now
being distributed to policy iioidci-.s
Phone 83L Agent Cumberland.
Fertilizer and
It is not too early to be thinking of Fertilizer and
Seed Requirements for the Spring, Our new stocks
will arrive shortly, and w_> can supply your needs
without delay.
-5 1 * 1 *  "
Comox Creamery Jlutter 55<> per Ib.
Comox Creamery Association PAGE FOUR
and Corselettes
Our Stock comprises the well known D. & A. line of
Corsets, every pair will give satisfaction; the make
and quality tire in the goods and thc style is right.
Misses' Corsettcs in sizas 30, 32 and 31, made of a good
quality coutil; will give real satisfaction. Price $1.25
per pair.
Corselettes made of a nice soft silk striped material,
and shaped to suit the figure, in sizes 32 to 38, price
Corselettes for larger figures, in a splendid quality,
that will lie a real support, in sizes 40 to 44. Prices
$3.95 and $4.50.
(iossard Corsets—the Gossard line of Ladies Corsets
knon as the one outstanding line of Front Laced
Corsets, we carry several lilies of this outstanding
make, and will be glad to show you our range.
Corsets for extra large figures, we have two lines, in
sizes 30 to 3,5 and feel sure that either of these lines
would give real satisfaction to the lady requiring a
large size corset, we will he pleased to show you both
of these makes.
Lent will soon
be here!
*■$     At our money saving prices you can save a sizeable
amount by making your purchases NOW.   All quality
goods—nothing  else.
Mumford's Grocery
Cumberland Personals
:    The  Ladies'  Aid   of  St.   George's
[ United Church held their annual meet-
j ing at thc home of Mra. Watson on
, Monday evening.    The busineps part
' of the meeting dealt mainly with the
election ot officers, Mrs. MacNaughton being re-elected as president, Mrs.
Conrod secretary,  and Miss A.  Haywood  treasurer,   honorary   president,
I Mrs. Hewitt, vice-president, Mrs. Stra-
I The annual reports for 1028 were
given. Five new members joined tlie
Aid during the year and three members were removed by death. Several
! items of social Interest wero arranged
j for tho months of February and
March. On the 20th of February
tbere will be a Silver Tea at tha
manse and ihe annual St. Patrick'.*
tea will be held on tbe 20th of March
in the Church Hall. After tbe meeting Mrs. WatBon served dainty refreshments.
Those present were: Meadame.i
Strachan, Richardson, MacNaughton,
D. McLean, Mitchell, White, Watson,
Abrams, Frew. J. C. Hrown. Hewitt,
Lockner  and  Miss   Haywood,
Union Bay
Miss M. Eraut returned home on
Monday after spending a few days
in Victoria.
Thc B. S. Drosillinn arrived here on
Wednesday and after bunkering sailed for Greece with a cargo of wheat.
The Canadian Observer also bun
kered here on Wednesday and sailed
for San Francisco.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Stubbs motored over
from Alberni on Friday last, returning the same day.
The many friends of Mr. William
Marshall will be sorry to hear he is
ill in the Cumberland Hospital.
Mr. A. R. Home and Mr. J. Whit
field returned home on Saturday after
spending a few days in Vancouver.
"If You Get It at Mumford'.'
Phone 71
-It's Good"
We Deliver   W
Prompt and
Our deliveries are always prompt iind regular.   Courteous and Efficient Service at all times—we demand
this of our employees and we can truthfully say that
this is
City Meat Market
Phone 111
Deliveries Daily
-♦   £te
Mrs. Leduc, an old Winnipeg friend
of Mrs. Stalker's, who is now located
in Seattle, arrived by late stage on
Tuesday night to spend a few days in
the Valley.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. White, who have
been in Alberni for a week, arrived
back at Wesley's on Monday night.
We are pleased to state that Mr. W.
J. Harrlgan, who has been under thu
weather for a while, is somewhat improved in health and was able to get
up for a few hours on Tuesday.
Mr. C. Smith and Mr. Chard, who
have been in Vancouver on business
for a few days, returned home on Tuss-
day night.
Mrs. R. Smith, from Little River,
was a visitor In the Valley during the
week-end, the guest of Mr. and Mr*s.
T. Pearse.
The storm has halted operation in
the bush and the lumbermen are having a few days at home.
On the musical page of Sunday's
Pi o\ ince a cut (or photo) of John
Moncrleff, a famous basso with the
Now York Opera Company, who are
playing at present in Toronto, was
recognized by Mr. J. W. Stalker as one
of his old Sunday School boys in Selkirk, Manitoba, although Vancouver is
given the credit.
Mr. Alexander Gray had the misfortune to smash his car during ths
week-end, but he was lucky to escape
injuries himself.
The board of management of th?
Cumberland General Hospital desire
to thank all those, who during the
past i ear, assisted in making tho
board's work at the Hospital so much
lighter by timely aid and other offers
of assistance. They also wish to
thank all those attending the annual
meeting and assisting tho board in
meeting so successfully the many
problems confronting them.
A wonderful BCt fnr Uid homo and with the
liiicsi Rogors toaturos,   See It today.
Price $170
In Your Home
Both these models Illustrated
offer new beauty and attractive
ness in Radio Sets, as well as
new and finer quality of tone.
♦ il Charlie Dalton ;
\ •   Moots float at Union Hay Evory   J
Sunday  Morning !
"l-'onr Hundred"
Tiie RoKor.s Lowboy offers
very latest In improvements
finer reproduction.
Price $275
G. A.
Co., Ltd.
P. P. Harrison
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public
Main Ollice
Courlenay             l'llono   258
Local  Ollice
Cumberland Hotel in Evenings.
Telenhone   115U   or   24
Rates      ;
Reasonable ;
Phone K. A. Robertson, 47M Cumberland, for Demonstration.
; Commercial    ,LT/\tf>|
; lleiidiiunrtern   \\ \ * i-*- 1
I Itnnins Strnm Heated
! IV. MKltltlFlKl.n, Prop.
Aliss Marlon Brown returned to
Victoria on Saturday, where she will
resume   her  studies  at  the  Jubilee
•   *   «
Mrs. Grey ami family left on Thurs
day morniiiR for Vancouver, where
they will make their future residence.
Mrs. Harrington of Cloverdale is
visiting  with   Mrs.   Kit.   Brown.
The Cumberland Men's Bridge Club
met ut the home of Mr. L. H, Finch on
Tuesday evening, three table:' belli,
in play. Al a short meeting after the
regular card games it was decided to
entertain In the Anglican Hall on
Wednesday, February tbe 6th, each
member being allowed to take along
a friend and also privileged to Invite
me addliional couple.
• •   •
Notwithstanding the gay time given
by the Burns' Cronies' club in the
G.W.V.A. Hall on Friday night, they
held Iheir usual whist drive and dance
on Saturday, Twenty-four tables of
whist were In play during the evening
ihe prize winners being Mrs. A. Clarke
ladles' first; Mrs. J. Monks, ladlcB'
second; Mrs. H. Kenmore, ladles'
third. Men's first, Mr. Monaco; second Mr. J. Monks; third, Kills Rogers. Dainty refreshments were served and the Byng Boys' supplied good
music for the dance.
• «    •
Owing to the Illness of his wife, Pr.
MrCordiek had to return to Vancouver, and In the meantime Dr. Wilson,
who has just returned from taking a
post graduate course In Chicago, Is
substituting in his place. Dr. Wilson
is a son of Dr. Wilson of Vancouver,
zxm iim^.-^ms^itm8C^m\Wt^
fl     RECIPE FOR TODAY    |
*(By Betty Barclay)
llmv.man's Baited Hum
1 thick slice  of  ham
2 apples
Vi cup nectars raisins
Vi cup brown sugar
Vi cup water
place ham In balling dish, cover
with raisins, then with apples cut in
slices. Sprinkle sugar on top, add
water, cover and bake in moderate
oven 45 minutes or until hlm is tender.
I King George Hotel j
; Bowl   .service,   reasonable   charges.;
■Centrally Located!
Dental Surgeon
Office Cor. of Dunsmuir Av«
Opposite llo-llo Theatre
FCold Relieved
or Money Back
Everywhere men, women tnd children
ore finding instant relief from Coughi
ind Ci.li.lj of all kinds by taking Buckley's Mixture. Everywhere dniBgiaU Br*
•elling "Ruckley's" under positive guir>
tnti-L-. The flrsv dose proves how different it in—;ind ihere are 40 doin Int
96-cent bottle! Never be without tht*
proven conqueror of colds.
W. K. Buckley, Limited,
142 Mutual St., Toronto I
JfaP       MIXTURE        m_
■wsfsiy   " Am i"16 a floih—■ ■■— yr
sJbS^X     ■ ,inBlc lip prwu It    /*■
75C  and  40c
Linger-Longer Dance Postponed    |
The Linger-Longer dance which |
should have been held on Wednesday.
February 6th, has, on account of the
weather, been postponed until Tuesday, February 12th.
... !
MrB. William Milligan arrived from;
Regina on Monday, to visit with herj
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dalle.
• »   •
Mr. William Marshall of Union Bay i
is a patient in the Cumberland Hospital. |
»   •   *
Miss Sehl, MI33 Lottie Dallos, Mr.
H. Simms and Mr. MacFarlane motored to Nanaimo on Sunday with Mr.
Fred Dallos, who Ib returning to
Portland after a short visit in town.
• »   *
A big dance will be held ln the Hollo this Saturday when Jimmy Walker
and his Maple Leaf orchestra will
again supply the music. These dances
are becoming very popular, especially with th0 younger set. But no matter, young, middle-aged or old you
can bo assured of a real good time
Warm hall, good floor and good music. Dancing from 9:30 to 12. Gents.
50c, ladles 25c.
A special meeting of the Ladies'
Aid or the United Church was held
tit Mrs. MacNaughton to arrange for
the birthday social on February 8th.
Many novel innovations were planned
io delight both old and young.
Tho regular meeting of the Bridge
iltfb was held at the bome ot Mrs.
Hicks on Wednesday evening, Mrs.
Eadle winning the prize. Those pro-
sent were Mrs. Finch, Mrs. Graham,
MrB. Bryan, Mrs. Mumford, Mrs. Conway, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Ross, Mr?.
Eadle, Mrs. Stevens, Mrs. Dick, Mrs.
MacNaughton, Mrs. Cope, Mrs. Murray, Mrs. Shortt, Miss Sehl, Miss Burroughs.
Say Martha, its
all I want!
Honest to Goodness, Martha, I'Ve had dozens of j
different so-called cures for chapped hands, but . . . ■
Lang's Cream of Lilies
■ my hands were beginning to chap so just before re- •
i       tiring I rubbed them good with Lang's   Cream of :
■ Lillies and this morning 1 was so pleas ad to see they •
: were better I went right down to Mr. Lang atod showed :
i       him the result of one application.  It's only 50c a bottle. :
•       makes one feel miserable  You can solve the problem j
:                                    by getting a :
Stone Pig or Hot Water Bottle
]                       Prices from $1.75 to $4.50 :
■ J
■ ft •■■•■•■•■■»»■■■■■ IIIMItllKfll* I ••  •
Truck hits pole
and puts
telephone line
out of order
WIimi ii truck skidded
anil collided with a telephone polo lisjtwetfi Hammond and Hanej', n.C. at
7*T>5 o'clock on Ul© mom-
inn of Jnnnnrj 8, she direct
long-dlstnnec telephone clr-
cult between Vnncniver and
Haney was pnt ont of order.
Five minutes after the
trouble was reported, telephone repairmen were ol
their wny to tho scene of the
mishap, and upon tbe completion of temporary repairs la an hour nnd a half
the circuit was cleared. Tbe
pole hnd heea broken down,
necessitating the erection
of a new one later.
The accident did not
cause a suspension of service ns there are seTcral
a'ternntlTe telephone roitci
to nanny.
Growing Children Need
a Mann's Loaf
i Little active bodies need the Energy and
| Health that is baked into Mann's Bread.
: And they like to eat it, too—it has such a
; Delicious Flavor.
Saturday Specials
glasses, between Cumlierland an<l
Courtenay. Finder please return to
Islander office. 3t
Opposite Ilo-Ilo Theatre
Cumberland, B. C.
Traction! Barber & Halrdreaier
Children's hair cut any style S5e
Ladles' hair cut any style SOc
Bad Weather for
This is bad weather for shopping—but you have one
good way out of it—PHONE 66 when in need of
Meat. Poultry or Fish
We delight in taking phone orders and you can be
absolutely sure of satisfaction.
 *—J—♦ J—*—
_s»_J_*_J t»	
Wilcock & Co. Ltd.
"Family Botchers"
■ •■■•■■••■•■■■■■Mi|«i|inii|iliiiUMie«iii> i
Births mmt "W"
 s_ I crept upstairs, m/ shoes In hand,
At St. Joseph's Hospital on Januaiy Just as the night took wing—
22nd, to Mr. and Mra. Hugh Russell, And I saw my wlte four feet abore,
of Comox. a daughter. Doing the same darn thing.
A Half Charged
Battery will
Make sure the battery on your car is fully charged.
A half charged battery will freeze, which will spall
ruination to your battery.   LET US CHARGE YOUR
and stop worrying about your radiator.
Our Service Is a Wow!
Swiftest In The City
i /A\*>" 'xfyr \
I        / :
:   /     SATURDAY. FEBRUARY 2ND     \     \
I. /• \ |
j"      Ilo-Ilo Dance Hall     1
■ Music by Jimmy Walker and his ■
|l     Maple Leaf Orchestra    j
Cumberland Motor Works
L. GEIDT    —    W. GORDON
Satisfaction Guaranteed Phone 77
: 'frttfam th« toUnghr Set congregates"             :
j |
: Dancing from 9 to 12                           •
I |
: Gentlemen, Fifty Cent*        Ladies Twenty-five Cents     j
■ ■•••■^•■^••■••••••■••••••^'■'■■■'•"'"'''•■•■•"•••■•■••■•■••••■■(••■■■ItVltl


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