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The Cumberland Islander Dec 8, 1928

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The Hunc'' "dk
Cumberland Islander
at the Ilo-Ilo
this week-end
IVHb which Is consolidated the Cumberland News.
D. B. Plnnk<nt Has Small Majority Over Liberal Opponent.
Electio i for Purpose of Choosing Successor
To Hon. S. F. Tolmie
Victoria. B.C. Dec. 6—Conservatives
o" Victoria City federal riding retained the seat i.i today's by-election according to complete though unofficial
returns. A vote that exceeded thai
■cast In the last federal general election, gave D. U. Plunkett. conservative
Steady Work for
Nanaimo Mines
Council    Receives    Report    on
Prospects of Work for
Needy Ratepayers
A deputation from the Nanaimo
city council waited on several ol tlie
employers ol labor In tlie hub city it
cently with a view to getting employment Ior needy ratepayers in pr...
ierence to strangers who might drift
into the city.
Lt.-Col. C. W. Villiers when interviewed Is reported h.. the mayor te
have stated:
"Wiuti the condition sit Nanaimo
mines at present, and with the coal
trade as it Is, Nannlmo mines will
work every day the year around, as
Ur as we can see. Of course, such
conditions do not at present apply to
surrounding mines, but as far as Na-
naimo is concerned the work will be
steady from now on, und tliere will
be no shut-downs."
Ths report of the deputation was
presented at tho last council meeting
of the Hub city fathers and on completion a vote of thanks was tendered
to the various employers of labor In
the city. Ah! Hart being the only onto register against It.
The Lady Foresters will hold 0
whist drive and dance in the Memorial
Hall on Saturday. December 8th.
Usual prices nnd usual good time.
Maple Leaf Orchestra.
Mr. J. M. Patterson, late Inspector
of schools in Inspectorate No. :i left
Nanaimo this week lc) take up Ills
new duties at Bounlch. On Friday j
lost, Mr. Patterson was given a farewell by some fifty teachers who wished him well In his new sphere of nc-1
tivltlcs. A very pleasant evening was I
spent nnd during the course of the
evening's entertainment, the depart-
Ing Inspector ivns presented with a
gold watch chain and cigar lighter,
•the latter being sullabl.' engraved.
n majority of SH over his liberal opponent, Dr. J. D. MacLean.
Mr. Plunkett, polled 5.63JI votes
.'. liilst Dr. MacLean polled 5,566. T ie
by-election sva* for the purpose of
choosing a successor lo tlie Hon. S.
F Tolmie, conservative, now Premier
of British Columbia, who resigned it's
seat 111 the federal house when he he-
came the leader of the conservatives
of British Columbia.
Both candidates had a strenuous
campaign, many meetings being held;
'•vith prominent politicians of the east
Coming mil specially to aid ill th>!
light. The Hon. It. B. Bennett, leader
of the opposition ai Ottawa made a
special trip to Victoria in aid Mr.
On Saturday night the Cumberland
Kirls High School basketball team de-
feated ihe P.D.Q.'s in a well contested match uml there wns kee,ij playing
hy both teams, although the High
School girls have the better combination, The Pflve Aces team won hours
for the evning when ihey. defeated
the boys' High School team. This
game proved to tie very exciting as
the score was even throughout and it
took the last few minutes of play te
make the decision. The Junior High
hoys also defeatedi the Public School
team. On Thursday evening basketball was again in [day when the k*.
D. Q.'s defeated the C.edunkers and
the Royal Confectionery lost to ihe
Ex-High. Another win for the Bx.-
High anil they will have won the first
half of ihe schedule withoul a loss.
League Standing
Hoys'   Division
Team P VV   L Pis.
Bx-Hlgt)      3 3    0 ti
Five Aces   3 2   1 4
High Scliool   3 12 2
Royal  Candy  3 e.   ;! n
Girls'   Division
Team P  W  I- Pts
H. s. tiirls        :i   3   ti   ti
P.   1). Q.'s      3    2    1-1
Gednnks       3    0   3   "
SYNC01MT0KS TO 1101,0
The Midnight S/ncopators' Orches-1
ti-i wil hold another of Iheir popular
dames at ihe llo-llo dance hall on!
Saturday   night   commencing   at   !> j
O'clock. The iast two dances by this I
touring orehestrn have been very successful aid a record attendance Is j
expected on Saturday. Prices will be j
the snme as hefore. gents., BOc; ladies
School Report
For November
Div. 1, Grade VIII— Teacher, H. E.
Murray. No. on roll, 2!*; average attendance 28,06; percentage of attendance !-fi,72; lates 3; perfect attendance
Div. II, Grades VII and VIII—T.
Cal li van teacher, Xo. ou roll. 24;
average attendance, 22,95; percentage
.if attendance, 95.6; lates, 1; perfect
attendance 14.
Div, III, Grades VI and VI1—G. E
V.pps. teacher. No. on roll. 2ti; avis-age attendance, 25.74; percentage
>f attendance. 99; lates. 3; perfect at-
endance, 23. Mr. Apps' class won
he attendance shield.
Div.  IV. Grade VI—Teacher. 1,  Mc-
Padyen.    No. on roll, 36; average at-
endance,   34.0S;   percentage   attend-
•ice.  94.6;   lates, 2;  perfect attend-
•ices,  27.
Div.  V, Grades Sr. V and Jr. VI—
eacher. C. MacKinnon.   No. on roll,
';"):    average   attendance,   32.5;   per-
e-ttage of attendance 92.8;   lates. G:
erfic.t attendances, 19.
Div. VI. Grades IV and V—Teacher,
'.  Aspesy.    Xo. on roll, 41;  average
''e'dpnee, 37.'15; percentage attendance,  91.8;   lutes, 2;  perfect attendees. 26.
Hv. VII, Grades Sr. Ill and Jr. IV—
actter. G. McFadyen.    No. on  roll,
UTerage   attendance   35.63;   per-
Mitage of attendance 93.75; lates. 11;
■rfect attendance, 21.
Div.  Vill. Grades Jr. and Sr. Ill—
■Teacher, H. Watson.   No. on roll 3C;
iverage attendance. 33.72; percentage
'ttendance. 93,6: lates. 1; perfect attendances,  19.
Honor roll, Jr. Ill—Kenneth Glb-
oii. Kakuchiro Suyama (equal). Jen-
iy Cheung.
Honor roll. Sr. Ill—Tommy Conti
Tilto  Itanl,   Peggy Roberts.
Div. IX. Grade III B—Teacher, C.
!arey, No. on roll, 35; percentage of
lttendance, 9iu>4; lates. 9; no. with
icrfect attendance. 20.
Honor roll—Laureen Frelone, Lilly
launders l equal), Lewis Buchanan
)orothy Malpass. MIyokt Kadoguchl
'rogress, Billy Robertson and Elle:
Div. X,—Teacher. Beth Horbury
Co. on roll. 35; percentage of attend
.nice 89.43; lates. 3; no. of perfect
ittentlances, 18.
Honor roll- -Malmle Chow Allan
Mitchell. To.oko Yano. Frank Weir.
Helen Robertson, Betty Shortt.
Div. XI, Grades I and II—Teacher
J. E. Robertson, Xo. on roll, 39; percentage of attendance, 92.57; lates, 0;
no.  with  perfect attendance, 23.
Honor roil. Sr. I—Helen Eadie,
Mary Tobacco, Bert Williams. Good
work   and   improvement.
Ho.ior roll. Jr. II- -Micl.iko Ampi,
HIrowo Ooki. Toshiko Yana.
Div. XI I—Teacher, C. Richardson.
Nn. on roll, 30; percentage of attendance. 93.58; lates, 2; no. making jrer-
fect attendance, 13.
Honor roll- -Hiromi Matsubuchl,
Kanrii Kituoto. t'neko Tateyama, Elko
Nakano. Wakiko Suyama, Sheyeru
Div. XIII. Grade Jr. I—Teacher, P.
Hunden. Xo. on roll, 25; percentage
attendance, 87.3; perfect attendances
7;  lates. 2.
Honor roll—Rosie Galafrio, Doris
Brown. Richard M. James, John Conn,
Henry Kenmare. Xettie Gibson, Gw»n
A. Ardeau       MR. A. W. NEILL SENDS LATEST
Victim Of
Car Crash
Activities of Government Oi-ilined in Letter Received by Federal
Menibe   of Parliament
secretary of the
Mr. Robert Wood
Nanaimo Branch of the Mine Workers
I nlon of Canada received
this week In,in Mr. A
ing general
B. Smith, act-
On Tuesday. Xovember the 2-nh Mr.   ~~
I A,  W. Neill. member In the Federal , GUMBERLA
Headquarters Eingineer Plunges  House for Comox-Alberni  addrejsed
to Death ThroUght Big the local Board of Trade aud during   CELEBRATE   ST
Qualicum River the course of his remarks said that]
Bridge be had hoped to have been able to tell .
his audience Just wtmt and how much [ Artists From Vancouver Assist
ed By Local Talent Excel
in Scottish Song
secretary of the C.L.D.L.,
On arriving in Cumberland ou Tuesday morning the traveller for Swift's
reported that a terrible death had
been met by a motorist Journeying |
from Nanaimo to Courtenay. Ou en- j
quiry we learned that the unfortunate
man was Arhtur Ardeau, of Headquarters, From Information received
the unfortunate man was discovered
about 9:30 on Tuesday morning beneath his Chrysler roadster in th-!
Big Qualicum River. Dr. Campbell
Davidson of Qualicum Beach was summoned and in the meantime help bad
arrived from tbe Home Lake garage
nearby and the unfortunate man was
taken from beneath the wreck. He |
was quite dead and it was evident that
he had been killed when the car left
the bridge and be was precipitated
into the river, being pinned under the
■\ eight of the vehicle. As he was travelling alone no other person saw the
accident the cause of the mishap can
only be conjectured.
The unfortunate man was on his
return home to Headquarters, ufter
taking his mother-in-hw to Nanaimo
to catch the morning boat for Vancouver when he met with the fatal
Mr     Ardeau  was  a  native of New
Brunswick,   where   his   parents   still
live.     He   was   born   there   35   years
ago but came to this province sixteeu
years ago.    Me was in the employ ci
the Canadian   Western   Lumber company at Golden up to a year ago when
\ lie came to Headquarters. He is mar-
I led. with one child.   The utmost sym-
ipiiihy is expressed with Mrs. Ardeau,
I who is in the hospital at the present
time.   The body was shipped to Vancouver   where   the   Tuneral   will   take
tbe government had done with re
to the uso of pulverized coal ou gov- |
ernment   ships   and   in   governrient ;
buildings.   At the timo of the meeting '
however,  our member did  not  have ■ ,
the List word on just what the government  had   done,   but   expected   a
communication through at any lime.
We have much pleasure in presenting
to our readers that Information, which
we received from Mr. Neill during the
week.    To many of our readers  who
follow the coal  industry closely, the
information will be of interest:
Office of the Minister of Mines
Ottawa, November 17th, 1983.
The  Memorial   Hall  was  the scene
r the Cumberland Cronies' St. An-
Day Celebration held on Satur-
■vas a good turn-
which proceeded
Informing hlm that Joe Olfbart, form-
"etary of tie Nanaimo L'nion,
present organizer for the
Immlns, Onl . bad im;, arrested ana held tor deportment by the
who i
■The home of Mrs. Westtlclil waa the.
scroe of o jolly party n: Monday j
jilght when a number of friends paid
.a Barprise visit.
Cards were played during the eve-
slag and the winners nt whist were: !
flrBt, Mrs. J .Cameron; second. Mrs.
R. T. Brown; consolation. Mrs. John-
Bton. Mrs. Johnston also carried off f
the honors for thc guessing oompetl- j
lion and Mrs. Wm. Brown won the
prize for musical chairs. Those present were Mrs. Westfield, Mrs. Derby
«hie, Mra. James, Mrs. Slaughter. Mrs.
J. Cameron, Mrs. Armstrong, Mrs. R.
K. Walker, Mrs. Freehun. Mrs. R. T.
Brown, Mrs. Wm. Brown. Mrs. Good-
all, Mrs. M. Brown, and Miss Barbara
The many friends o[ Mr. Tom Little
will he sorry to hear lhat he is at
present a patient in the Cumberland
Hospital. Tom had two ribs broken
when he was kicked hy a male while
engaged In his work at No. 4 Mine
nu Thursday morning.
The regular monthly meeting of ihe
Hospital Auxiliary was held at the
hospital on Thursday afternoon. After the business of the meeting bad
been discussed. Miss Florence Sehl
served dainty refreshments.
Mrs. T. Oraham entertained tli..
members of the Sewing Club at her
home on Wednesday evening.
Electric Light
Purchase UpT
To Ratepayers
Plebescite to Be Taken at 1929
Municipal Election
At the last meeting of the Cumberland City eouticil it was duly moved nnil seconded that the Light Committee draft an advertisement for
the local newspaper informing the
public of the plebescite to be taken on
the purchase by the city of the plant
of the Cumberland Electric Lighting
Company. The plebescite will be taken at ihe municipal election in January.
A communication received from the
Red Shingle Bureau, of Seattle, thanking Klre Chief Parnham for his vote
at the Fire Chief's Convention was
ordered Hied. A communication was
also received from the business known
as the Cumberland Motor Works asking for a continuance of the city business. Reports were received from
tho various committees and each department reported favorably. The
health committee however reported
two cjses of chicken pox.
Mayor Alex. Maxwell presided and
Aldermen present Included T. H.
.Mumford, C. J. Parnham, and D. Bannerman. Aldermen Williams, Henderson and Ledlngham being absentees.
Death Claims
Mrs. Hariing
Resident of Cumberland For the
Past Eight Years
Dear Mr. Neill:
I have received your letter of November tith respecting the application of pulverized fuel tiring to steamships and to large buildings und i am
glad to say that a great deal of progress has been made towards the Investigation of this subject.
Immediately alter the pasage of the
resolution in the House to which you
refer, an officer of my department
was sent to visit the important manufacturers of pulverized fuel equipment
in Montreal and New York and a
memorandum submitted to me. iu
addition another officer was Instructed to go to Halifax and watch and
report upon the trials being made by
the Dominion Coal Company on the
ship "Lingan". This same officer has
been studying the use of pulve:i;:ed
fuel firing throughout the suumiei
and is to present a paper ou tlie subject next week at the annual western
meeting of the Canadian Mining Institute.
The result of these enquiries (u so
far as steamships are concerned is
summarized in the following summary :
"It is believed that a greut deal
of experimental work still remains
| to be done in tho way of relining the
j equipment if it is to be generally ac-
I ceptable for marine purposes, and
the Installation in detail".
I It was also found that the cost of
| converting a ship to the use of pul-
The death occurred at an early hour j verlzed fuel would range from $50.11110
on Thursday morning of Mrs. Nannie | to J55.000 and that at present it would
Hariing, wife of Mr. Daniel Hariing, be risky to apply the system to ocean
after an illness of several weeks. The going vessels and should as yet be
late Mrs. Hariing who was 54 years confined to coast wise vessels,
of age was of a very kindly disposl-1 We felt as a result of these enquir-
tion and endeared herself to all who   ies and the cost involved that it would
1 drew
j day   night.     Tliei
out   at   the   conn
the dance, aud they were by no mean,
all Scotch. Shortly ftftor S o'clock,
Mr. Robert Stiachan, president of the
Cronies' dub opened the proceedings
with a neat speech, concluding by asking all to stand and sing. "There Was
Lad'' The audience settled dowi
when Mr. Strachan rose once mor« | be
end told the assembly that on account
of three of Vancouver* premier
Scotch artists being engaged at Courtenay on Friday night, the executive
of tho local club had seized the opportunity mil p-rsuaded them to may
in Cumberland over ihe week end and
introduced Mr. Peter Cgrrlck, Miss
Carrlck and Mr. Geoge Mclnnes. A
vey tine concert was rendered by these
trtists, materially assisted by well
kni»wn local talent In the persons of
WISH Bllrabeth Henderson, Mrs. William Woods and Mr, Robert Goodali.
Airs. Finch the popular local pianist
accompanied all the singers in her
usual first class manner. Following
the   concert    bountiful    refreshment
CUPS  WH |'|M/f;s o.\ VIKff
The cup and prlxea on tfew fu
Campbell's store, won by Mr f Bond
and son James with their Canaries at
ncouver and fully reported In last
B are attracting much attention.
School Trustees
In Regular Session
were   st
rved   by  the  energetic  ladies
of the
Ironies' club and thoroughly
The following was the P™-
-"There Wns a Lad," audience
"Road  to the  Isles."  Mr.  (j.
Seine "My Aln Folk" anil "Bonny
\nnic UurU<." .Miss E. Henderson. '
Reading—"The Deputation nnd the
Meenlster," Mr. P. Carrlck.
Song -"('a' the Ewes frae the
Knows." and "Johnny Anderson my
Jo," .Miss Jean Carrlck.
Sons;—"Hail Caledonia." and "Auld
Scotch Mither n* Mine." Mr. It. Good-
Souk- "Robbln Adair." and "Comii.*
Through the Rye," Mrs. \v. Woods.
Song—"Come    to   the    Pair."    and
Rabble Hums," Mr. a. Mc-
3 tar
regular  meeting  of  the Cum-
rlnnd Bourd of School Trustees was
Thursday evening whon all
members were present excepting Mr.
Il>  III
A communication was received from
Mr. Shenstone, principal ot the High
School, saying that the Cumberland
Japanese Association had contributed
125.00 to the High School :., cutumeni-
oratlon of the coronation of the Emperor of Japan. Mr, Shenstone Intimated that this gift of money would
be used for purchasing hooks on Japan for the library.
Miss Cannon was present at tho
meeting and asked .that the expenses
of the domestic science department
be controlled by tiie board. At present the children have to supply a
small sum each to meet these expenses. Tile Inspector of domestic
science when visiting the Cumberland
School thought this method was very
unsatisfactory and suggested that tho
board meet the expenses Incurred In
this work. After Miss Cannon had
made ber request the board decided to
assume this responsibility at the end
of January.
A special meeting of the hoard will
be held hefnre the end ot December.
knew her. She was a prominent member of the Cumberland United Church,
a hard worker in all activities undertaken and a devout worshipper. The
deceased lady was a native of Burnley
Lancashire, England, coming out to
Canada with her husband twenty-five
years ago and settling in North Bay,
Ontario, where witii their only daughter, they lived for seventeen years,
moving to Cumberland eight years
ago. On coming to Cumberland Mr.
Hariing entered Into business with
Mr. Jack Ledlngham and entering
the automobile repair trade .
Besides her husband she leaves to
be wiso to await the outcome of the
trials being made on tlie Atlantic coast
before attempting to apply them to
one of the Canadian Government Mc"-
chant Marine ships on the Pticilic.
With regard tu the use of pulverized fuel in stationary boilers tiie following stntement has been submitted
"Thc Combustion Engineering Cor-
poratlon of Canada and tiie International Combustion Engineering Corporation of the United States do not
recommend the Installation of powdered fuel burning equipment on .
boiler of less thnn BOO H.P. capacity
Song   "Caller OU," Miss Carrlck.
Song—"The End ot the Road," and
"Don't Eorget thc Auld Polk." Mr. R.
Heading - "The Ghostly Eitba
Match,1' Mr. Carrlck.
Song—"McGregor's Gathering." Mr.
t). Mclnnes.
"500" DRIVE
mourn her loss an only daughter Mrs. j and unless a boiler of such capai
J.   Leillngham.   residing   in   Cumberland.
The funeral will take place at 2:45
from T. E. Banks Undertaking Parlors on Sunday, December 9th, a short
service being held in the Cumberland
United Church at .'1 o'clock, with'Interment taking place In the Cumber-
land Cemetery, Rev. J. R. Hewitt officiating.
Club   Beinp
at   Cour-
A badminton club was formed at
Courtenay thia week when a number
of enthusiasts met on Tuesduy night
In the Native Sons' Mall. The club
vill be known as the Courtenay Badminton club and it is announced thnt
an intensive drive for members will
be made Immediately.
Club at Campbell Itiver
A club was also formed at Campbell
Itiver i. short time ago which Js going along line, a large number of tbe ■
residents of the tourist resort enjoy-\
lag tho game. The club bold ita flrst j
tournament during the week which j
was a pronounced success.
Imperial* lo Play Nnimlmo
Mr. Max Blunt was In town during,
the week and in the course of a con-1
versntion said that his club at Na- j
naimo   wns   endeavoring
is operated at S60 per cent rating. Por
a boiler of 5U0 H.P. capacity for stationary purposes they recommend a
mechanical stoker.
"Tho Foster Wheeler Corporation
recommend the installation of the'r
equlpmeni for powdered fuel ilrinii on
a boiler 1»0 H.P. operating at 200 to
25i) per cent., or over.
'"The total cost of converting a 600
H.P. stationary steam boiler to powdered fuel firing would vary from
$20.o0l) to 555,11110,    The total COSl   Of
converting a 160 H.P. Poster Wheeler
Corporation estimate, would be
In order lo further Inform ourselves as to the application of pulverized fuel firing, we nre now Installing
iu our new fuel testing station large
scale equipment in which the adaptability of Canadian fuels lo tills method of firing will be tried out.
I think you will agree from ihe
above that while Installation has not
actually been made in a slii[r or public building, 11 great deal has linen done
to comply wilh the spirit of the resolution of the House.
Yours  faithfully,
Cumberland Welsh Society held
a ■Tiiio" Drive in tho Memorial Hall
on Wednesday evening when the-c
were twelve tables of cards In play.
The winners for the evening were as
follows: ladies' first, Mrs. K. Bogo;
second, Mrs. s. Conti; gents' lis;, Mr. Just what Mr, Cameron intenda doing
R. Tolman; second, Mr. W. Shearer.! but aa usual Dame Rumour has heen
After Hie game dainty refreshments busy, with ihe result that Mr. Cam-
wore Berved by tbe ladies of the Welsh ; eron Is going to have a Uttle holiday
Society. before locating in California.
Vancouver Island Transportation
Company Controls Union Stage
Big Company Now Controls All Stage Lines on Vancouver Island
Imperial club to pay a visit to tho
Hub city, a ret urn visit to be paid
j later in the season. .Mr, Blunt lias
j fully   recovered   trom   his   sprained
ankle he suffered whilst playing
: against  the   ParkBVille  dub  n   few
weeks ago.
A persisted rumour of a few weeks
ago h... turned Into reality We learn
from reliable authority that the Union
Stage and Taxi Company, operating
oui of Nanaimo and the Ritchie Stage
ami Taxi Co.. operating OUI of Camp-
boll River have been taken ov r by
the Vancouver 1 land Transportatlo 1
According   to   the   rumour   going
round  o   few  weeks ago  the   Union
stage Company would nol be making
Cumberland a call after the first nf
the yi .1 r,  the  plea  being  mado that
there was not sufficient business.    It
was said al llie lime thai the company
uid    run    Btralght    through    from
: Campbell   Kiver  to  Victoria and  any
i Cumberlandors desirous or travelling
I by stage would have to make connec-
j lions at Royston. Whether the ne.v
1 company Will carry this idea out r-
■ mains to be seen.
!     Tiie l'nion Stage Company control I-
j ed by  Mr   T   1). Coldlcutl  ran singes
Bnr.-  m" °' Nanaimo for Courtenay, Cum-
Robertson. W, Hutehln-   berland and Alberni and by good service  in   all   kinds  of  weather,  a   very
Josie j valuable business was bulit Up by Mr,
(Signed)   CHAS.  STEWART
Minister of the Inter!
Mrs. W. Bruce Cordon (nee Laura
Robertson)   entertained   at   two  tables
get   tbe j of bridge on Wednesday evening, the
prize winners being Miss Nettle
ertson and Mrs. A. Somerville
present Included Mesdames R. A
erUon, J.  H. uoueruiuu,   »,   11111.1:11111-j
son, J   Cameron. M. Stewart and the
Misses   Nettie   Robert Hon   and
Mr. T. I), Coldicutt, manager or the
Union Stage and Taxi Co. since Its
Local Business
Changes Hands
Mr. J. H. Cameron to Try New
Field of Endeavor After
the New Year
The familiar figure of "Johnny"
Cameron will be seen no more on tlie
Cumberland si reels after the New
Year 1 if dame rumour is correct).
Wc are able to announce, however,
that he has disponed of his interests
In ihe Cumlierland Motor Works, the
new proprietors being Messrs. Lloyd
Qeldt, of Courtenay and William Gordon, of Cumberland. Both are well
known throughout the district and
thero Is every reason to believe that
lhey will make a success of the business. Mr. Cameron has been a familiar figure In Cumberland for a number
of years aad has Identified himself In
Ihe interests or sport, generally, being
especially Interested in basketball
and Bwlmming.    We could not learn
mtm*.*^-.*^ PAGE TWO
The Cumberland Islander
THE COMMITTEE ot the privy council for scientilic
and industrial research In its report for 1926-27
"For the lirst time we can envisage on the auro bwls
of experimental results the production from coal of liquid
fuel iu sufficient quantity to Bupply all the requirements
of motor transport, shoubl natural supplies of petroleum
At the same time the committee makes the qualification
that it remains to be seen whether this new Industry can
be established on a large commercial stale before the natural resources are insufficient to BUpply 'be Increasing
demand for liquid fuels.
The conversion of coal into light petroleum products
by a new process is now being developed in Germany on
a commercial scale, and as a result of the arrangement
entered Into eighteen months ago by the department of
scientilic and industrial research with Dr. Berglus and
the British Btrgius Syndicate, a number of experiments
have been carried out at Rheiuau ou tbe treatment of
selected British coals with hydrogen under high pressure
at moderately high temperatures.
'The experiments, which have been continued by other
investigations at the fuel research station," The report
continues, "have shown beyond doubt that by such treatment a large proportion of the coal substance ean be eon-
verted in to liquid fuels. The information in the possession oi' the department does not, however, make it
possible to assess tlie- commercial value of these developments which are shortly to be made In the production of
energetically   hy tlie British chemical Industry."
Th.- value and possibilities of low temperature carbon-
iza;ion to the gas Indutsry will be demonstrated by experl-
mei ta which are shortly to be made in the producion of
smokeless fuel. The report calls attention to u loan guar-
anti 1 by the government to a company to enable It to
Drecl on a commercial scale a low temperature carbonlza-
tion plant, using retorts of the design developed at the
departments fuel  research station.
-Mining and  Industrial Record for November.
Naval Department Wants Courtenay Water on "Spit."
All members of the City Council were
present at their meeting on Monday
Aid. Douglas, chairman of the Board
of Works, reported thc construction of
155 feet of plank sidewalk on Ander
ton Avenue and 235 feet on Wallace
Street since thc last meeting. A lot
of work, too. had bcen done along the
Union Bay road in preparation for the
laying of a gravel sidewalk in thc
spring. Two large stumps had been
burned on Alice Street and tile crossings had been put in on thc Lake Trail,
Courtenay Avenue and Union Bay road.
They had also had the streets gone
over with the government grader.
Aid. Pearse asked the chairman of
the Board of Works if thc money
voted for the taking of! of the hump
on Union Street would still be available for next year.
Alderman Douglas said he thought
he would have a balance on the right
side, but thc Mayor said that any votes
not spent this year would have to be
re-voted again next year.
Aid. Macintyro asked the chairman
of the Board of Works if it was his intention to continue in the good work
of clearing the stumps off the streets;
it waa quite a decided improvement,
The chairman said it was liis intention
to do so.
Aid. Pearse reported that the question of the opening up of the new lanes
was practically fixed up and it now
looked as though hy the end of the
year the matter would he disposed of.
Aid. Ball, chairman of thc Water
Committee, reported that a letter had
been received from the Department of
Defence with reference to the provision of water at tho "Spit." The City
Clerk read thc correspondence in this
Mayor McKenzie said that in his
opinion If the navy department installed the extension without any cost to
the city, the water should be given to
them free of cost.
Aid. Ball did not quite agree with
this; he thought that as this was an
extension of thc Comox system the
Comox .shareholders should have something to say about it. Aid. Maclntyre
said that at least a nominal charge
should be made if for no other purpose
than to keep the navy in touch with
Courtenay and Aid. Pearse was also
of the same opinion.
It was finally agreed, on motion by
Aid. Macdonald. that the council allow Comox to provide the navy with
water at the Spit, and recommend that
they bc charged the minimum rate, the
naval department to instal and maintain the necessary line.
Aid. Wallis reported that the Arbor
Day Committee had procured, and the
Board of Works had planted successfully, 100 trees on the streets, at a cost
considerably be!; w thc estimate of
Aldermen Pearse und Douglas were
appointed to act with the Mayor as a
Court of Revision on the Voters' List,
Under new business, Aid. Douglas referred to the work that Mr. Claud L.
Harrison was doing by means of his
lectures in advertising the virtues of
the Forbidden Plateau, which was one
of the best means of advertising th"
city had received and without any cost
to the city. He moved, seconded by
Aid. Macdonald and adopted, that a
letter of appreciation for this work
be sent to Mr. Harrison.
Aid. Macdonald suggested that should
the Public Works Committee have any
money left in their appropriations for
the year, as had been suggested by thc
chairman, that it bc used in Installing
proper stop signals at the street intersections and that thc present unsightly silent policemen bc done away with.
The chairman of the committee said
he would look into this matter.
The City Clerk reported that Mr. W.
P. Beavan had informed him that thc
government would not give permission
lor logging trucks to operate on secondary highways, antl could not, in any
event, give permission for the trucks
to operate within the city, so that it
wus row up to the city to make such
arrangements as were necessary with
these logging trucks.
On motion by Aid. Pearse, seconded
by Aid. Bali, the matter was left with
the chairman of the Board of Works to
deal with as he saw fit after consulting
with the Assistant District Engineer.
The Family Herald and Weekly
Star of Montreal is not only a money
maker but a money saver to the farmers of Canada, while the farmer's
family circle, In the accompanying
magnzlne, gets what ia admitted to be
the hest of all.
In the Oiirden (if Eden
When Adam In bliss,
Asked Eve for a kiss,
She puckered her lips with a coo;
With looks quite ecstatic,
She answered emphatic
"1  don't care. Adam, tf I  do!"
She—"Now what are you stopping
He (as car comes to halt)—"I've
lost my bearings."
She—"Well, at least yon are original     Most  fellows  run out of gas."
vA A;-:* AA" A*v AAA:':' 'y^MM^M^i^Mg
I Mumford's Grocery 1
I'hone 71
I'hone 71
It won't be long
Japan Wants Control of
New Zealand Iron Ore
A new move by Japan, which would
give that nation a strong hold on Iron
ore output in the southern hemisphere
is causing much comment in Australia. It has been learned that Japan
is now negotiating for seven million
tons of iron ore from New Zealand.
Should the negotiations be consummated the position of Japan In the
iron Industry, which a short time ago
was considered weak, will become unusually strong.
Big Type
Right Trice
Right Length
From Local Logs
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King's Store
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No Frlnid of II Iv
Usher   (to  coll,  dignified   lady) -
"Are you a friend of the groom?"
The Lady—No indeed!     "1  am  tlie
bride's mother."
•   *   «
Short and Swift
At flrst the world  was flat.    Then
some   one   discovered   thai    It    waa
round.   Now il is crocked.
Conductor Haney—"She seems like
a good sensible girl."
Brakeman Henry—Yell, she wouldn't pay any attention to me either."
First in the list of Canadian Farm
papers is the Family Herald and
Weekly Star, Montreal. It's only $1
a year or three years for $2. It Is
attracting world-wide attention.
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i tkr.,jm^semtK:;mx:~3»-v.:;<^:;::,^
Tlii' Location
She—"Did I ever sluivv you I hi
where I hurt my lilr>°"
He   "N-no."
She—"All   right,   we'll   drlvi
Orders left at Henderson's Candy Store will receive
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"All the Good That's In the
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Cumberland Supply
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For Your Xmas Cakes and Puddings
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Red Top Relief Valves, $7 each
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Both Red Top Relief Valves are approved by Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc., and by State and Municipal Bureaus of Water and Boiler Inspection.
G. W. CLINTON, Managing Direetor.
il FRIDAY.  DECEMBER  8. 1928
The Hunchback Of
Notre Dame
Coming to the Ilo-Ilo Theatre
Thurs., Frid., Sat.
December 6. 7, 8
Friday and Saturday, December 7th and 8th
It's Here Again!
Vour opportunity has come to view the greatest, most
-sensational, most fascinating photo-play production of all time—the screen drama which has won the
world's unstinted praise.
Never before has there been such a picture.   You will
not, in all probability, see its like for many years to
come.   See this return engagement!
You can't afford to say- you haven't seen it!
The dealest .Scieen Attraction ofifieAyfe!
-Lr~{%4^y,.Ail rFWlH f      "* ItlStWt
mssfm'~£ chajsiy
■*   fifc\ Pwented by
"*'M\ CarlLaemml*
The emotions of a lifetime crowded into one
splendid production
: You will thrill to the appeal of
• this splendid story of love and
! sacrifice—its pathos will strike
i to your heart.   "All for the Love
• of a Woman" is the Inspiring
: Theme of the Sensational—Stu-
• pendous — Super-Colossal Pro-
: Suction.
■ It teems with action—It is re- ■
• plete with dramatic incidents— ■
. ■ It tells a tender love tale—It is :
■ colorful — Spectacular — Mag- :
■■ inficent—It charms the eye and :
j the mind—It is Lon Chaney's j
: greatest role. :
Monday and Tuesday, December 10th and 11th
<m rcoiiii KENYON
The strongest timber country melodrama
that has been produced in the
last two or three years
Don't Miss It!
Wednesday and Thursday, December 12th. 13th
"Ginsberg the Great"
starring George Jessel and Audrey Ferris
! Her Boy Friend Joins a Carni- i
i val—Acts—Gets Vamped! Sees :	
i Robbery!   Kayos Thieves! Wins j	
! Fame! {
Slapstick Romance of a Tailor's
Apprentice Who Joins a Strolling Troupe! Tricked, Trounced
and Traded, His Way to the Top!
Uproarious, Romance of a Rolling Stone!
see if you can iNothing But :	
find mary phusBin! The Truth]] Friday and Saturday, Dec. 14, 15'
j When "The Hunchback of Xotre
Dame' was filmed at Universal City
I Mary Phllhin. who has since become
a star of consequence, was an extra
! player. See it' you cau find her in the
presentation of the great classic of
the screen, whicli comes to the Hollo this week end.
Lon Chancy heads an all star cast
consisting of Patsy Ruth Miller, Ray
nimnl Hatton, Kulalie Jensen, Bran
ilon Hurst and many others.
A Central African Jungle was built
on the lot at reversal's studio for
the (liming of "Tarzan the Mighty,"
Universal'.* thrilling chapterplay. the
second episode of which will be shown
at the U0-JI0 on Monday aud Tuesday.
"The Love Cull" Is the title of the
.econd chapter, the first. "The Terror
of Tarzan," having started last week.
On an area covering forty acres
Universal planted thousands of .luug-
le plant* which had been brought
from Africa, kept in a hot house un
the boat and immediately put into tlie
ground at the studio. Quick production was necessary to shoot the scenes
hefore the plants died as a result of
ihe change of climate. The work was
flojje under the supervision of men
.vhfl ,had lived for years In the real
jungles ot the Congo.
A scheme of concealed wires wa
>!mployed to keep the wild beasts,
most of them were untrained, from
escaping. The wires, strong enougli
to hold back the attacks of a Hon or
an elephant, were surrounded hy tl
plant growth. Even the beasts did
not know where they were until they
'lashed against them.
"The Love Call" 'Is one of the most
thrilling chapters in "Tarr..n
Mighty." A synopsis of the first
chapter is shown on the screen,
tbose who did not see the heginnlnf;
may still know how the story goes,
Jack Nelson directed under the supervision of William Lord Wright.
Frank Merrill plays the starring
ole of Tarzan. while the cast include:
Natalie Kingston. Al Ferguson. Bobbie
Trevor and Lorimer Johnston.
"Ginsberg the Great" witli Geo,
Jesse! and a supporting cast which
Includes the lovely Audrey Ferris,
Gertrude Astor, Douglas Gerrard
Jack Santoro, Theodoe Lorch, Jlmmle Quinn and Stanley Sanford comes
to the Ila-Ilo this Wednesday and
Thursday. Anthony Coldeway who
wrote the scenario deserves the praise
of all laugh-lovers, as does Byron
Huskin for his clever direction.
"Ginsberg the Great' "Is the outland-
Ishly ludicrous story of a tailor's apprentice who wants to be rich and
famous. He buys a book on magic,
studies, practices the tricks before
his best girl, joins a strolling carnival, has unbelievable gofngs-on wltb
crooks, side-show freaks, chimpanzees, and at the last becomes the hero
winning fame, cash and the lady. It
Is slapstick, honest slapstick, with a
background of real humanity. You
should see "Ginsberg the Great."
Tried and True
Rolled Fruit Wafers
% cup butter
1 cup sugar
Grate rind 1 orange
1 teaspoon soda
1 tablespoon  cold   water
% cup orange Juice
2 cups Hour
Cream butter; gradually add sugar
ind orange rind, beating until light
dissolve soda In cold water; add
orange Juice, then ndd, Alternately
with flour, to first mixture. Spread
mixture on well-buttered sheet in the
hlnnest possible layer, and bake in
moderate oven. When baked, cuf In
squares; quickly roll each square,
while  hot,  over  handle  of a   wooden
poon. and arrange on a dolly covered plate.
('fortrla Sweet Taters
8  medium   sized   potatoes
%  cup nectar  raisins
3 tablespoons butter
Salt and pepper
Plump and drain raisins. Select
smooth potatoes of uniform size, pref-
fernbly ones that are not too elongated
Wash, using a vegetable brush, and
place in baking pan. Make In a hot
oven 25 to 30 minutes or until sott,
Remove potatoes from oven, cut in
halves lengthwise, and scoop out the
Inside. Mash, add butter, salt and
pepper to laHte and a littlo cream to
moisten. Add raisins, rcfllll shells,
and bake five minutes in a hot oven.
(By Ben Cleuch) I j
I suppose the reports of St. Andrew's ]
Anniversary Dinner, held in the Native ;
Sons Hall last Friday night will be of' !
a highly congratulatory nature as they, j
appear in the weekly papers, and as} !
it is the first St. Andrew's dinner I; ;
have attended I would Tike to write, •
down my Impressions, as near the' •
truth as I can make them, '.
After the ticket buyers—no al! ;
Scotch by any stretch of Imagil ation j
—had been seated, the wheezy hag- \
pipe of Willie Stewart started up and, ■
a few men In tuxedo suits follow 'd on .'
and took their places at the table of j
honor; I don't wont to forget the I
young lady who was one of their num- ;
ber. Grace said, a bevy of young '•
waitresses brought in the various i
courses. . The flrst dish was jailed j
Scotch broth but If my mother had *
.vet such a Jabble of water on thc tab1" j
for my father's dinner he would have I
called it a different name. Whero was j
the barley, and the pens, and thc cab-1 I
bage. and the greens, and all the rest ;
if the ingredients that go to make I
Scotch broth? The "Shapplt Tautles" i
ind the neeps and thc carrots were "
ill right and the roast beef, and there I
vas plenty of all kinds of trimmings! ;
0 fill the "tomest meal girnal," and I I
jlease the most fastidious. ;
Tlie dinner over, the toast list was '.
■ntered on. interspersed with songs j •
veil sung, only whoever selected thc '
songs, had been bothered with his liver I ;
A'hen he made the selection, a.i the; I
oung lady singer had remarked that j ;
he Courtenay folk must be a mourn- «
ul bunch to choose such songs for a | J
St. Andrew's jollification. And what; !
happened to the Scotchmen that night j ;
i have not been able to make out, for1 j
two Native Sons of Canada, two Eng-, I
lishmen and a Scandinavian did the |
most of the talking and the two Scot-
ties who did speak made a "gle puirj
fist" at it.
To all Scotchmen like myself, who
have been away from the old land so
long ,it seemed queer that no mention
was made of the hills where we spent
our young days, of the "burns" where
we "guddled" for trout, of the lovers'
lanes where we first courted the "lassies," of the mother and father who
loved us and whom we revered; of th?
little cemeteries where lie those we
loved, and whose entrances were ave
nues of flowers of which heaven itself I
can boast nothing bonnier, The Scot-1
tish regiments were never mentioned;
one would thing the Black Watch, ihej
Camerons. the Seaforths and all the)
immortal regiments had never been;
that the 51st Division was already forgotten.
What's the use of a St. Andrew's
celebration if we cannot live over
again a night in the land we love. I
may be a crank and perhaps my "bri-
ther Scots" will not like my write-up, [
but I thing one and all will admit it |
is "Nothing but the truth."
Seasonable Motor
Bright Rear Light
Keep the rear light bright and clean
to avert a rear-end collision. The tail
light usually becomes dirty after a run
through muddy roads in wet weather
and this condition makes the car a
dangerous obstacle on the highway.
Care of Brakes Prevents Accidents
Many of the accidents that fill space
in almost every daily paper arc blamed
on defective brakes. In many cases
the brakes may have bcen responsible
for the mishap, but lack af attention
has been thc underlying cause of their
failure to work or defection at thc
critical moment. Brakes should be
kept in the best of condition, both sets
of them. They should bind tightly
when pressure is applied to them, and
be Irce and clear When the pressure Is
released. Should the brake band bind
when pressure ts taken from it. friction
Is produced and the iar runs with difficulty. Slipping brakes can be traced
to worn linings, grease on the shoes or
poor adjustment if the brake lining
worn out it should be replaced at
once, as it may fall to hold at the next
imergency sometimes the lining, if
not too much worn, can be put in good
condition again by taking up the turn
buckle, but a worn brake lining Is never
to be relied upon, should there be
grease between the brake .surfaces it
can be washed out with a little gasoline.
If the lining ls of leather neatsfoot oil
or castor oil muy be used to advantage.
Poor Pickup
Poor pickup, slow getaway and lack
of power in automobiles in most cases
is simply due to poor Ignition service
and Is no fault of the car. This is tlie
opinion of automotive engineers who
recommend that thc car's ignition system be checked regularly that necessary minor adjustments be made, to
insure carefree and economical operation. A check of thc ignition system
by a competent mechanic is necessary
at least every 10,000 miles, the engin-
ers say, to make sure that battery,
cables, breakers and spark plugs are
working satisfactorily.
Hero's the Channing Pollock war play that set the
whole world arguing.
Powerful, moving, tiuthfui—it's now a screen masterpiece you just can't ignore.
Drum-beats; heart-beats; Gish's finest triumph!
witti italph Forbes
The Most Talked About Play in the World!
Monday and Tuesday, Dec 24, 25
Tired of crime pictures and mystery dramas?   Aching
to soo a really fine love story ?
Right!   Here il is. with two of the most wonderful
lovers on the screen—John Gilbert and Greta Garbo.
A story full of action—by Tolstoi, one of the world's
great writers!    It'll make you gasp—it'll make you
weep—it'll make you say, "There's a picture, what I
Friday and Saturday, Dec. 28, 29
A gorgeous love
story in a setting
of battles, thrills
and romantic
««P«P«P«!S«5!§«S«S«««S»««S I
of the
Canadian Medical Association
You should see
our Stock
We have been very fortunate
this year in the purchase of our
Christmas goods and can truthfully say we have the cleanest
and finest looking goodies for
Christmas we have ever had.
In Large Variety
Phone Your Wants—We Deliver
Questions concerning health, addressed to tbe Canadian Medical
Association, 181 College Street,
Toronto, will be answered hy letter. Questions as to diagnosis
and treatment will not be answered.
Health Hints for Whiter
, summer, by playing games, swimming
1 walking, etc., give it all up in the cold
i weather. The result is that they suf-
: fer from a loss of physical tone. We
: need exercise and play throught the
rturn in
■, wiili the coming of coli
■ find that certain disease
rce i|S it were, and, if re
tlieir  summer
I year.
j    Living
! rooms   ar
! for much
ter.    The besl  temperature to main-|people came from great distances for
jtain in the home and tbe office is 68'iit.
Fahrenheit.     We   would   recommend     Mr. and Mrs. E. Treeloggin, of Qua
il working in over-heaten
responsible,   we  believe.
nf  the  increase   in   colds,
;iik1 bronchitis in the win
Ian, Miss McQuillan, Miss E. Thulin. Overy and D. Crawford, 102; Mrs.
Miss L. Thulin, Miss Reid. Miss Whel- Rawlins and D. Smithers. 97; Mrs. W.
don, Miss Pillar. Miss Meredith, Mr. E.; Bradock and Ron. Nicklin, 96; Mrs.
Aiderson, Mr. S. Johnson. Mr. H. Taylor and A. C. P. Sculthorpe. 92;
Brown. Mr. M. Phillips, Father Quin-jMrs. Osborne and H. F. Butler, 59;
Ian and Mr. R. Pidcock. Mrs.   Crawford   and   B.   Taylor,   58;
Mr. Oscar Thulin was a visitor to|Mi* Taylor and Miss Ponsford, 43.
Lund last week.
Miss H. M. Feeney, of Comox. was
the guest of her aunt, Mrs. E. H. Masters for the week-end.
Mr. and Mrs. Irving Larson, of Sandwick. were week-end guests of Mr. and
Mrs. James Vanslone.
Miss E. Swanson and Miss N. Short,
of Valdez Island, were visitors over the
The Hospital Bazaar held on Saturday proved very successful, and thc
dance was very well patronized. Many
.' keoping a thermometer where tt imy|
lhey vigorously attack mankind, Many
ot these diseases disappear completely »< 'n* "•""'■ "' "r""r ,0 mnl""""
I a check upon ihe temperature.
If   people   would   exercise
(luring the summer season. Common
coltis. Pneumonia und Bronchitis nr*
present all year bu: in such decreased
number that they seem, comparatively speaking to disappear in the war n
It   would  seem   reasonable  to SUP-
that   if
in the
arc in war
better able
the year round.
Entirely at Your Service
Dunsmuir ave. Phone
i could mat tain our
uliilon in which they
ather, they would bp
ombat these diseases
There is not as much
sunshine in winter, therefore, all tbe
more reason for us to make the most' ve
of the sunshine that there is.
In summer, we are either outsifle
in the tresh air, or inside with windows open. We live and sleep in air
that is in motion to some extent. In
winter, we should remember thai a
most important factor is to work ami
sleep in an atmosphere which has a
certain amount of motion. According
to the weather, windows and doors
should be opened sufficiently tn ai-
low of a gentle circulation Of air
through the house and tbe office or
work place.
Many   who   exorcise   regularly   in
, live ami work in ventilated
of proper temperature, an-l
according to the temperature,
if ihem would escape thc usual
bronchitis nnd pneumonia that
pon us in winter.
Badminton at
In every sorts of building materials,
Royston Lumber Co.
PHOIMFS J Nlght caIl3: 134X Courtenay
™" (Office: 169 Cumberland.
Mrs. Holt has returned to Vancou-
after visiting her daughter, Mrs. j
Mr. W. Long has gone to work at
Bevan for a short time,
Mrs. R. Martin had as her week-end l
guest Mrs. Brestlcr. of Vancouver.
The usual bi-weekly dance was held*
in the Hall on Saturday night. The]
attendance was a little disappointing.]
Music was supplied by the Canary
Club Orchestra.
Errincton, Nov. 30.—The Parksville
Junior Badminton Club paid a visit
to Errlngton on Thursday nnd engaged
the Errington Juniors in a series of
games, the home club running out tli"
winners by taking seven of the 'en
matches played. Thc games score was
IB for Errington to 7 for Parksvllle
and they also scored 234 points to 151.
The following are the scores, the horn-?
club players being named first:
Boys' Doubles
Raymond Nicklin and Lawrenw
Ware beat Dick Harrison and Bill Ros-
cow, 15-3; 15-3: Ted Rawlins nnd
Billy Winsby bent Richard Rylands
and A. Thwaltes, 15-11, 15-5,
Girts' Doubles
|    Peggy   Rawlins   and   Joan   Rawlins
1 beat Barbara Rylands and Tiny Har-
irison.  11-8,   11-6;  Annas Taylor  and
j Muriel  Hewitt  lost  to  Pam  Thwaites
Campbell River
and Pat Thwaites. 6-11, 6-11
Mixed Doubles
Peggy Rawlins and Raymond Nick
The Badminton Club held their flrst [jn beat Dick Harrison and Tiny Ha:--
local tournament on Thursday even. rison n_rj u.4. Annas Taylor and
ing of last week, it also being their Ted Rawlins beat Bill Roscow and Pat
social evening. Partners were drawn Thwaites. 11-8, 11-4; Joan Rawlins and
for and all were mixed doubles. Each BjHy winsby lost to Richard Rylands
couple played six games. Mrs. Craw- ail(j pam Thwaites. 11-12, 11-12;
ford and I. Mort won each game, hav-, Muriel Hewitt and Lawrence Ware
ing a total of 90 points, thus winning, iost t0 Barbara Rylands and A.
the flrst prizes. Thwaites, 11-4. 7-11. 3-11.
Miss Brown and J. Vanstone were; B0yS' singles
close seconds with 89 points.   Miss BJ    Raymond  Nicklin beat Dick Harrison. 16-14. 15-9.
Girls*   Singles
Peggy Rawlins beat Pam Thwaites.
11-3, 11-1.
Errington,    Dec.    3.—An    enjoyable
Crawford and Carl Thulin carried off
the consolations. Refreshments were
served by the members of the social,
committee and later more playing con-
Mr. and Mrs. I. Grant have returned j
home after spending a few weeks' va-
cation visiting in California and Van-1
Mrs. R. Ball has gone to Everett, 1
Wash., where she will visit with her;
Mrs. D. Furniss left recently for Van-
Dr. W. A. Richardson entertained at
six tables of bridge on Friday evening.!
Club Tournament was played in the
Errington War Memorial Hall on Saturday when the majority of games
were very closely contested. The last
game played was very exciting as Mrs
Nicklin and W. Nicklin and Miss P.
Nicklin and Miss P. Rawlins were
equal in points, neiiher couple having
lost a game, but had yet to meet each
other in the final game of the tourna-
an application will be made at the
next Session of llie Legislature of the
Province of British Columbia for an
Act to Incorporate a company under
tlie name of Provincial Telephone
Compnay with an authorized capital of
live million dollars with its head office iu the City of Vancouver and with
the following powers;-
To operate telephone, wireless telephone, radio-telephone and similai
services, including services fur the
transmission of sound pictures,
writing or signals; to hold and dispose of lauds, tenements uud hereditaments of any description; to provide
and maintain all such buildings
works, plant, apparatus, materials
offices aud exchanges as may be necessary for its business J for the purpose of its business to provide and
operate steamships and other vessels;
to acquire and use any privilege
granted by any Federal, Provincial or
municipal authority; to acquire aud
use patenl rights; to advance money
to any corporation, company or person for providing building or operating auy telephone system; to do anything as contractor for others which
ii might tlo lor Its own purposes; to
ir.vost and ileal wilh its surplus funds,
to enter upon and break up highways,
streets, and public bridges uiul to construct telephone lines along, across
or under ihe same, or in, under or
o.er watercourses, rivers and lakes,
subject to the approval of the city or
municipal council where the proposed
works are to be situated within n
city or municipality, and in otber cases
subject to tlie approval of the Minis-
er of Lauds; to construct works on
its own property; subject to obtaining consent under the Navigable
Waters Protection Act of tbe Dominion of Canada, to construct, lay
a.id operate submarine telephone cubic or cables in any lake, river or
water to which that Act applies, also
between any islands iu British Columbia and between such islands and
tlie mainland; to cut a passage fur its
lines where such lines puss through
woods subject 10 compensating the
owners thereof for damage, and to
trim trees ou or extending over highways in order to prevent interference
wiili good telephone service; to purchase the whole or any part of the undertaking of any other company having objects i:i whole or in part similar
to those, of ilie company, or to amalgamate with such other company, and
to transfer to the company or to the
amalgamated company, as the case
may be, all or any of such franchises
or statutory powers as may lie possessed by such other company; to
e::ter inlo and carry out any agreement wiili any company whose undertaking is purchased as aforsaid in the
nature of assuming tlie payment of or
guaranteeing the payment of principal ami interest, or either, on bonds,
debenture stock or debentures, or assuming or guaranteeing the carrying
out of ils obligations or any part
thereof; to enter into agreements for
connecting its system or lines witli
those of other telephone operators; to
expropriate lands under the powers of
liie Lands Clauses Act; to make regulations for its internal management;
to fix from time to time a tariff ot
charges for its services, and to collect, sue for and recover the same;
to borrow money, to issue preference
shares,,    debentures    or    debenture
—******% aMO** ******** ■-■"'
The Christmas Season will soon be here.   Save yourself a lot of work by letting us bake for you.
All Cakes can be had plain or decorated.
Mann's Bakery
* "The Home of High Class Cakes At Pastries"
Prizes were won by; Ladies' first, Miss ment.   This was a hard fought game
Pillar; consolation. Mrs. Charles Thu- j in which every point was determinedly j cock, either redeemable or Irritieem-
lln; gents' first, Mr. Reg. McKay; con-, fought  for and splendid rallies  were j able; to issue shares with or without
solution. Mrs. O. Thulin 1 substituting),' witnessed.    In thc end Mrs.  Nicklin
and lowest gentleman. Mr. H. Brown. | and Nicklin proved the victors by c
The scores follow:
.Among those present weer: Dr. and score of 15-13.
Mrs. Ziegler. Mr. and Mrs. R. Nunns,, Mrs. Nicklin nnd W. Nicklin. 130:
and I Miss F. Nicklin and Miss P. Rawlins.
Mr.  and  Mrs,  J.  Vanstone, Mr.
Mrs. R. McKay, Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. O
Thulin. Mrs. Charles Thulin, Mrs. Gil-
128; Mrs. Butler and Ray Nicklin,
Miss Nicklin and C. Morfey. 103; Mrs.
nominal or pur value; tn change Its
name pursuant to the Companies Act,
and other incidental powers.
DATBp tbe 1st dav of November, 192S.
525 Seymour Street,
Solicitors for tbe applicants.
Victoria to Have an Old English Yuletide Festival
J5T   Special Family Laundry Kate   "^J
also export
A Trial Order Will Convince You.
Orders left at the Ritz Cafe, Telephone 150
Cumberland, will receive prompt attention
Courtenay 226
Cumberland, 15(1
Vancouver-Courtenay Transportation
Telephone 144 Co. M"' 8t" C°Urte"ay
Agent in Courtenay. Mr. A. B. Ball
Service and promptness still our motto,
Powell River, Alert Bay and all Way Points every Tuesday.
Courtenay, Comox and Way Points every Wednesday.
Tugs and Scows Tor hire.   Boats for charter.
Warehouses and Docks at Vancouver, foot of Bldwell Street, and
Courtenay, B.C.
When old Thomas Tusser, oorn
fifty   years   before   Shakespeare,
At t hristmas, play and make good
For  Christmas comes but once a
he made certain the success of
"Tiie Farmer's Daily Diet," a
grandparent of "Poor Richard's
Almanac" filled with sober agricultural lore and soberer maxims
of thrift and honesty. Englishmen
haM* needed no urping to follow
Tuaeer's welcome advice, and have
celebrated joyously the "Twelve
Days of Christmas." exeenl during
'.he Reformation and under the re^
pime of the Ironsides when such
festivities were frowned upon.
But it remained for Dicken« nnd
»\ushinirton Irving in America to
revive with their magic pens the
old Yuletide spirit. *
We on this continent have long
Cushioned our Christmas celebra
tions on the model of the old English Christmas, which we firii
memorably described in the writ
ings of Dickens and Irving. Uu:
during the cuming Christmas thi
festivities hallowed by six centuries of English tradition will conn
alive as never before; and fur tholi
setting they will have the city ol
Victoria, B.C., which has bee;
called "a corner of England on th'
Pacific coast." Here, in the Em
press Hotel, an Old English Yule
tide Festival is to open on De,
'12. The holly and ivy and rose
mary, celebrated in English song
all flourish in Victoria, and wil
furnish the traditional setting t'o
•he enrolling, the wassailing, tl.
mumming, the Twelfth Nighi
merrymaking, the Yule log, th*
mistletoe, and the other delight!
'hnt warmed Geoffrey Crayon's
heart. *
Harold Eustace Key. director nf
Canada's major music festivals, i-
arran^ing the musical program*
for  the  nightly  concerts  at  the
Empress Hotel, ile has in hand i
representation of "Wurdle's Christmas Party" as immortalized by
I Mckens in the Pickwick Papers.
This is to bave a running commentary of Yuletide music to set off
ihe charming foibles of its lovely
udicrous characters. Dr Healy
Milan of the Toronto Conservatory of Music has composed for the
H'CHsioi. incidental music to "The
!hesler Mysteries." a Christmas
play selected from a group of me-
luievul pageants which used to be
• nacted by the trade guilds of
Chester England, dealing with the
timeless theme of the shepherds
and the Babe of Bethlehem^ The
first performance of these Mysteries was in 1328, exactly six bun*
dred years ago.
Pay Day
Ladies' Dresses
Silks, Satins, Georgettes including some beautiful party dresses.   Reg. priced to
$18.50 for
LADIES' COATS—Needlepoint and Broadcloth, Fur
Trimmed and Silk Lined, Wonderful Value.
Regular $19.50 for $11.95
Regular $35.00 for $24.95
Regular $29.50 for $14.95
Regular $18.00 and $25.00 for $11.95
Hats   95.? to $1.95
Children's Hats   95<*
Children's Coats — Broadcloth,
Camel Cloth, etc., regular $9.fl5
for $5.95
20". off on any article in
this department for Saturday selling only.
John the Hatter |& Co.
"Thi Right Place to Buy"—Shop here and Save Time and Money
Automobile Side  Curtains Repaired
Also Harness Repairs
P. P. Harrison
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public
Main Office
Cssuripisay —       Phone   258
t.ncal  Office
Curahertand Hotel tn Evenings.
Telenhone   1IBR  or   2'
Union Hotel $
Comberland, B. C
Electrically Heated       I
Throughout a
Our Service is the BEST *
An enjoyable party was held al
the home of Mrs. T. James last week.
The evening was spent in playing
cards and games from which much
amusement was derived. Those successful :il cards were: first, Mrs. R.
K. Walker; second, Mrs. Goodali; consolation. Mrs. Westfield. In the guessing contest Mrs. Goodali carried off
the honors whilst Mrs. Johnston was
the winner at musical chairs. Thoso
present were Mrs. D. Walker, Mrs.
Westfleld, Mrs. R. T. Brown. Mrs.
Goodali, Mrs. It. K. Walker, Mrs.
.Freeburn, Mrs. Johnston. Mrs. Abrams
.Mrs. Slaughter. Mrs. Derbyshfe and
JMs. James.
YATES, Proprietor
At St. Joseph's Hospital, on December 5th, to Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Olsen,
a son.
At St. Joseph's Hospital, on Decem-
Phone IS ; jjber 6th. to Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Bridges,
a—.^-.■-....Jfc.lof Sandwick, a daughter.
Used Cars
In  the  Nanaimo  City  Police  Court
Wednesday, it cost James 11. Murdock,
  ! of   Bowser,   $25   for   hitting   another
Banquet and Eloquent Address automobile with bis car on Wallace
by   Peter   Carrick I Street on the night of Saturday. Nov-
j ember 24th, and neglecting to stop
Scotsmen and their friends from all; aml uscertain the extent of the damage
parts of the district gathered around; |lp j.flg occasioned,
the restive board at the Native Sons of j Evidence'was to the effect that at
Canada Hall on Friday evening to do, a|)(mt u 0-cIock on the nigiu [n queg_
honor to their patron, St. Andrew. L[m accuMd had procee(le(1 ,lIoni.
After a magnificent spread, the toast-1 WllUnce alreet. llorth( a!ui 8truck
master, Mr. Robert A. Wilson, called
for order and gave the toast to "The
King." After the singing of the
National Anthem he read fraternal
greetings from the St. Andrew's Societies of Edinburgh, New York City and
Australia and also greetings from the
Lieutenant-Governor, Hon. Randolph
Bruce.   Then followed a programme of
(This week)
1925   CHEVROLET   Touring.     Don't
miss this.    Now Top and completely
overhauled.     A bargain    "
at this price 	
If you are looking for a used car, see
us first.    We have a good  stock  tn
choose from, pric:d to suit your purse.
Our Guarantee Protects You in
Every Way.
Phone 46 Courtenay, B.C.
toasts and music, the contributing
artistes being Miss Jean Carrick, of
Vancouver; Miss Kay Moore, of Courtenay; Mr. George Mclnnes. of Vancouver: and Mr. R. Goodali, of Cum-J
berland. Miss Moore and Mr. Goodali
nre no strangers to Courtenay audiences, but this was the flrst appearance of Miss Carrlck nnd Mr. Mclnnes
and they were enthusiastically encored on every appearance. Mrs. L.
Finch, of Cumberland, was a very acceptable accompanist.
The flrst musical number was "The
Road to the Isles." by Mr. Mclnnes,
with "The Star o' Rabble Burns." as an
car belonging to Mr .George Copley.
of Wellington, which was parked in
close proximity to McFarlane Motors.
Mr. Copley's car sustained considerable damage Including a broken wheel
I and rear radius rod. and had there
been anyone in the ear at the time of
the accident it is altogether likely
they would have been seriously hurt
BS Mr. Copley's cur was knocked
eighteen feet by the impact.
Afler striking the car Murdock had
speeded np and drove nil the way to
llowser. He, however, overlooked the
fact that his number had been taken
by two citizens with the result that
he received nn unexpected summons
to appear In court.
The magistrate Intimated that bad it
.not been for the accused's wife and
.family he would have been more severely dealt   with.
Professor—"Can you give tne an
example of a commercial appliance
used in ancient times?"
Student—"Ves,   sir,   the   loose   leaf'
system used in the Garden of Eden." ;
Dental Surgeon
Office Cor   of  Dunsmuir Avi
Opposite Ilo-Ilo Theatre
j King George Hotel j
I good   service,   reasonable   charges.;
j Centrally Located!
84 —TEMSFIIONE lllll
Charlie Dalton
j  Gtinrberlaijd
'Comnurclss.l   .Ll,s|,>|
•Hudquartin   Pj Ills. I
| Itooms Strain United
■ »*.  ■tlKltlllFIKU), Prop.
stale.      ;
Keasonlblt !
Cluistmas Sailing
To Belfast. Liverpool, ("lnsit<sss\
Letltia, Dec 13.
To Belfast, Liverpool, (ilasgoT*-.
l.etltla Dec. 14.
Mutual Life of Canada
If interested in a sound investment study this result
of policy in Mutual Life
Also   weekly  sailings   from   New
York and Boston to  European Ports
The   toast   to  "Canada"   was  then i .
(.ven, responded to by Mr. J, M. Mlt-     Mr- w- *■ M'»« '<*""** to say- To I jmouth, Havre, London,
chell, who paid tribute to all that had.™"1 b.>' the ss- Yenture fnm Heriot■Anra"IB DMemter '4
heen done for Canada by Scotsmen.
The toast to the "Army and Navy"
was proposed by Mr. Ben Hughes, who
took up the angle of the amateur soldier in the trenches, and after the
sinking of "The Battle of Stirling." the
toast was responded to by Mr. W. P.
Miss Carrick was then called upon
for a cycle of Hebridean songs and
very sweetly sang (1) "An Island
Sheiling Song," and (2) "Hebridean
Mother's Song," after which the toast,
■The Dny an' a' Wha Honor It," was
givon and the speaker of the eevnlng,
Mr. Peter McA. Carrick, called upon.
Mr, Carrick humorously referred to
the patron saints of England, Ireland
and Scotland. He said that Scotland
had not selected St. Andrew, but Andrew had selected Scotland. The Scots,!
he said, were endowed with a firmer
spirit of love of country than any other
Policy  No.     Plan    Age
38,190   Endowm't i!9
UU years
Net Cash Paid
hy Assured
Cash Paid
by  Mutual   Ufa
Amount Received
for Bach $100 Invested
Bay after a lengthy trip to Vancouver and Island points. Mr. Ed. Munro
tlso arrived on this boat from Van-
couver to spend a holiday in Sayward. I Money Orders. Drafts and Travellers'
,,    „ -_ ,.  _,.   ^     u ii  I Cheques, at lowest rates. Full inform-
Mr. George Cook, who has been ail-. ftt|o»   from   Companv.s   0frices    G2,
ing for some time .went out on Satur-> Hastings   St.   W.,   Vancouver,   13.   C.
day's boat bound for Vancouver to ob-!
tain medical advice and treatment.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Henry celebrat- ]
d their silver wedding on Wednesday, ]
November 28th at their home, receiv.1
ing the hearty congratulations of their <
relatives and friends, and also some I
.tice pieces of silver as mementos of j
he happy event,
Regular   Dividend   Allotment   for   1928—13,400,000
In addition to this a special f'a.sh Dividend of $700,000 is now
being distributed  to  policy  holders
Phone 83L Ayent Cumberland.
Get a NEW SUIT for
Union Tailor
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Golf Cups and
Medals Presented
Forty members of the Courtenay
Golf Club met in the parlor of the
Native Sons' Hall on Tuesday evening
to assist in the presentation of cups
and medals for the past season. After
a few games of whist and other card
games had been played,, the president. Mr, F. McPherson, called for order
and commenced the business of the
evening. With appropriate remarks
he presented Mr. Thomas Graham
with the Graham Cup, emblematic of
the club championship, accompanied
by a suitably engraved medal. The
Paxton Cup. with a medal, was presented to Mr. James Dick, winner of
the flrst flight, and a medal was also
presented to Mr. Austin McLeod, winner of the third flight. Mr. James E
Aston was presented with the Mutrle
Cup and also, as runner-up ln the
championship flight, with a gold cigarette lighter. All recipients made suitable acknowledgement, the proceedings being interspersed with songs by
Mr. H. S. Baker, Mr. Percy Booth, Mr.
W. P. McPhee and W. A. W. Hames,
Mr. J. Denholm very kindly coming in
for the occasion to preside at the piano.
The company afterwards adjourned
to the dining room where coffee and
sandwiches were served by the younger members of the club.
1 lb. Braid's Best Tea at   75c
1 lb. Braid's Best Coffee at   70c        FOR
1 Tea Pot, eight cups size, at    SOc   ,£ -|    .■>
VALUE ilii   *1,4{)
8 large bars of Pearl White Naptha
Soap  $ A0        for
1 6-Quart Aluminium Preserving
Kettle (wearever)  at  $1.25      ()£*/»
VALUE   $1.45
21-piece Tea Sets at   $2.35
3-piece Glass Table Sets at 95c
7-piece Fruit Sets, 1 Bowl and 6 Nappies   95c
7-piece Water Sets 1 Jug and 6 Glasses at $2.85
Cleaned Currants, 2 lbs. for   35c
Bulk Sultanna Raisins, 15c tb. or 7 tbs. for $1.00
1-lb. pkgs. Seedless Raisins, 3 pkgs. for 50c
Shelled Almonds, per tb  60e
Shelled Walnuts, i,Vs, per tb  SOc
Lemon and Orange Peel (imported) per lb  35c
Citron Peel (imported), per lb  40c
Also Full Stock of New Season Dried Fruits, Glace
Cherries, Chrystalized Assorted Fruits, Dry Ginger.
Cocoanut, Glace Pineapple, Cake Decorations, Spices
and Extracts, etc.
May Ask Canada to     j
Stop Liquor Export
WASHINGTON—Liquor smuggling :
over the Canadian border, in the opin-
lon of Prohibition Commissioner Dor-'
in, presents the most serious problem
in dry law enforcement to-day. To,
correct it he suggested a revision of
the Canadian liquor treaty to prevent I
Canada from clearing liquor cargoes
to this country. Dr. Doran made this,
statement before a House appropria-;
tions subcommittee at hearings on tha
treasury supply bill.
The commissioner said that notwith-;
standing the fact that the coast guard
has operated to break up nearby rum
rows, there is still a large movement of
liquor into the United States from
European ports, the French island of
St. Pierre, and from some Central
American and Mexican ports. The:
largest quantity, however, he said,
comes from Canada, and seven-eighths'
of it through the Detroit gateway.
While the amount of liquor moving
into the interior of this country has
been reduced, he said the present treaty
stipulating merely that Canada notify
this country of liquor ship clearances
from her ports, "affords a good sales
background for fake liquor labels, and
for fraudulent strip stamps, indicating
bottled in bond whisky, both in Canada and in the United States."
Thera !■ an effective wir to plum-
antly relieve that dlatreaning Cmij-h.
Buckley'i Mixture ie <Miirliti'u. and
"friendly". Yet lt acta like a 'Ih-.Ii in
clearing the throat and chest One
dose slops coughing— and there are 40
doses In a 75-cent bottle t All druftd tli,
■ell it under a money-back Kiwiantce,
'. K. Buckler, Limited.
: Mutual St.. Toronto 2
1 143 M
KjZ      Acts lilt a flash-      _POjj3
75C  and  40c
ALEX. MAXWELL, Proprietor
Autos for Hire.    Coal and Wood Hauling given very
pinmpt attention.    Furniture and Piano
Storage if desired.
Cumberland, B. G.
n o~t7c E
Municipal Elections Win
A court of revision of parties entitled to vote in the Municipal Election  of tlio City of Cumberland  In I §|
January.   1029,  will  lie   held   In  the
Council Clianitiers on necemher. 10t!i.', i*,'-
1S2S at 7:30 p.m.
W. H. COPE, C.M.C.
Native Sons'
Whist Drive
Opposite  llo-llo  Theatre
Cumberland, B. C.
Practical Barber & Hairdresser
Children's hair cut auy stylo 35':
Ladies' hair cut any style 50c
I :fm.£..
/Beauty and \alut
You'll never go wrong if you give her a piece of
Jewellery for a Christmas Gift. They please the heart
of the most feminine desires. Thy are lasting and
becoming more attached sentimentally as the years
roll by. Our .selection is most unusual and our prices
are the lowest.
Phone 38
Service & Quality
Phone 38
Shower for Mrs.
M. Thomson
Parksville. Dec. 4.—The Women's
Auxiliary ol St. Anne's Church gave a
delightful tea and, miscellaneous shower on Friday afternoon for Mrs. AI.
Thomson nee Miss Cheney, a recent
bride and one of the most popular
young ladies of the district. The tea
table was prettily arranged and was
centred with a miniature bride. On
the arrival of the bride all joined tn
singing "For She's a Jolly Oood Fellow."
Tea was served then, after which
Mrs. Thomson was presented with a
basket full of both pretty and useful
presents. A little speech given by Mrs.
Cheney Park, mother of the bride, was
as follows: "Words cannot express
how I feel today. This ts a surprise
which Nellie will always remember,
and the love and' kindness of you all
In getting up this social tea and in
.giving her so many beautiful and useful presents which she will bc able to
look at and use in her new home. For
the past 34 years my friends have been
kindness Itself to me and now you
who are mothers will know how I feel
toward each one of you here today
for being so kind to Nellie. I sincerely
thank every one for this happy gathering—I thank you all."
Those invited were: Mrs. and Miss
Morrison, Mrs. L. T. Davis. Mrs, Cheney
Park, Mrs. J. Davis. Mrs. Cruse. Mrs.! „v !u.r(, rlght ,„ lown ami every
and Miss Hickey. Mrs. and Miss Pons-; live druggist has It.
ford. Mrs. McLennan, Miss Pettigrew, | It's a low price, to he sure, but
Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Hyslop, Mrs. Barfoot,1 ,hat (i,,es,1't H,0P ll from taking the
Mrs. Albert Hirst. Mr. and Mrs. Pop- ^oSiedTints" ™ ^^ °Ut * y°W
ham. Mrs. A. R. Lenmer. Mrs. Mc-] Joint-Ease is the name, so called
Neil, Mrs. Aberncthy, Mrs. H. Petti- because it is compounded solely for
grew, Mrs. Trill, Miss Ryall, Mrs. P.I the purpose of relieving all joint ail-
Rushton. Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Cox, Mrs J mentr
nonthly whist drive W   ^^^
. under the auspices h  |     r* ■f^*T%|^|Q hpc
of Canada was held fl  V>IHJV>,*Uia LV_ O
by Moirs
The regular bi-monthly whist drive
and old-time dance
of the Native Sons
in their assembly room on Monday
night, nineteen tables playing. The
following were the prize-winners:
Ladies' first, Mrs. F. Childs; second,
Mrs. Anderton and Mrs. Len Roberts,
a tie. Mrs. Anderton winning on the
draw; consolation. Miss M. Rennison.
Gentlemen, Ilrst, Mr. H. Blackhall;
second, Mr. John Phillips; consolation,
Mr. Charles Rennison.
After luncheon served by the Canadian Daughters, old-time dancing was
enjoyed until midnight to music by the
McLeod Orchestra,
What couil be nicer, for your
Bridge Party, afternoon lea or
for any occasion, ttian a pound
or so of fresh Moirs Chocolates.
Our Chocolates are Guaranteed J
ci   Fresh as we have a rapid turn    It
|l   over.     Why   should   vou   maku  jl
Candy when you r,;in buy .Mofrn,
n I 'st Jeweller and Silversmith, Cumberland.
B| =
ii r—
fl   the   world's   best  chr
reasonable price.
OllltCH     II'
Mrs, and Miss Hirst. Mrs. T. Hirst, Mrs.
A. Ford. Miss Cheney, Mrs. A. L. Smith,!
Mrs. MatU'rson. Mrs. Dcspard. Miss
Robertson. Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Price, Mrs.
Osborne. Mrs. R Butler, Mrs. Hodgson. Mrs. M. H. Middleton and Mrs.
Roberts. Several of these were unable
to attend.
A. Henderson's h
rr.MHKltl.ANii. B.C.
iou Can Quickly Limber Up
Sore, Stiff, Swollen Joints
ings in Knee. Elbow, Shoulder ,
or Finger Joints Yield to the
Mighty Powerful Influence of
will ponetrate to the bone and blessed
comfort comes quickly,
It absorbs Instantly and Is so clean
anil stainless that you can rub tt on
more quickly when tho joint Is inflamed and tho agony Intense.
Being such a powerful counter irritant ii cannot help bringing speedy
and helpful results in congestion, sore
throat, chest colds, lumbago and neuralgia much quicker than almost any
remedy you can huy.
But ynu must remember that it i«
for joint ailments that is mostly dispensed and Its helpfullnesa will as-
.   „,.,       k,    - „     _. Just rub tt on the tormented, lame  tonlsh you after nil ordinary liniments
A. Wilson, Mrs. Roscow, Mrs. Thwaites,, Jnfnts nm,  in jURt a f(,w Hecomi3 u  nnd nther treatments have failod.
Are  You Prepared
For Winter Weather?
Wiili the < old -miii now prevailing nnd witli tin. probability
ni snow iii the near future is your car in condition to brave
an weathi r without fear of becoming stranded on accqunt of
tii'■zinc nf the engine or becoming snowbound through your
lark of being equipped with chains,    Drive your car In to uh
Will    pul    ii
oril of
y  worrit;
you  may  drive
Tlio nccossorj vrliloli becomes a no-
cessltg when your Uros won't trrlp.
\Ve ore carrying tbe largest Stock
of Chains we have ever handled and
size No one should be without Chains
my as the engine wben the snow is deep.
Drive in and let us treat your
radiator with nan-freeze solution and replace your old oil
with high-grade winter oil. The
cosl nl non-freeze solution Is
negligible hut tin- time and
es   you   is   worth   many   times   the   p
Special  Winter Closing   Hours
immonclng Immediately Henderson Munns will olose at 7 p.m.
mi all even In gB bbvo Suturdny  when  we close at   io p.m.
Henderson Motors
"•Repair, in -Ml Makes at Cars"
Cumberland Personals
Shirts of English
Woven Fabrics
These fabrics come from mills in England
that for hundreds of years have bcen
weaving the \vo,iJ';, finest fabrics, and arc
tailored .nto shirts that fit perfectly. The
C". ors are woven into the clot!', and guar-
■ ai:iced under the Forsyth Insurance Policy.
•a ith collar to match,
Ladies' Hosiery
Our Christmas Stock is daily arriving, and at present we have
a splendid choice of our Lender in Circle-Bar Full Fashioned
Hose, the kind that is sure to please, the Price is only ?1.60
per pair. Kayser Hosiery, and Holeproof are both Lines worthy
of your attention and you can buy them here just as cheap as
you can by sending away for them, so why not purchase them
Wo are Carrying a goodly assortment of other goods suitable
for Gifts, and will be only too pleased to help you to choose.
NEXT   WEEK  .Men's  and   Boys'  Gifts   will  be
But  for  CHRISTMAS  GIFTS  Think
Miss Ethel Simpson, of Vancouver,
paid a visit to her parents Mr. aud
Mrs. Simpson. West Cumberland, laat
week end.
• •   *
.Mr. and Mrs. J. Gear and the Misses
Edna and Audrey Gear were visitors
to Nanaimo last week-end. When returning to town they were accompanied by Mrs. H. Ellis of Nanaimo.
• •   *
.Miss Bancroft, R.N.. of Enderby,
arrived on Friday to tako a position
on the nursing staff of the Cumberland
Mr, and Mrs. C. Dando, Sr., and Miss
Blanche Dando were visitors to Vancouver on Sunday, returning on Tues-
The Cumberland United Church
Sunday School will hold a Christmas
Supper for the children on Friday,
December 21st at 5:30 to be followed
by an entertainment at 7:30 to which
everyone  is   invited.
Harmony Rekeknh Lodge No. 22
will hold a whist drive in the Fraternal Hall on Monday. December the
Oth. Admission 25c. Refreshments
A most enjoyable party was held at
the home of Mr. H. McMillan on Tuesday evening when a number of his
friends paid htm a surprise viaft, the
necaston being his birthday.
The evening was passed by playing
cards and many amusing games. Tho
winners at whist were: first Mr. E.
Schmidt; second, Mrs. H. Fair; con-
mCation, Mrs. T. McM^lan. Tlie
guest or honor was the recipient of
many lovely gifts and at a late hour!
thc guests sat down to a dainty np-j
j pointed supper table centered with a !
; birthday cake.
! Those present were Mr. and Mrs. H.
McMillan, Mr. and Mrs. E. Schmidt,!
Mr and Mrs. T. McMillan, Mr. audi
Mrs. E. Williams, Mr .and Mrs. J. |
Ellis. Mr. and Mrs. H. Tarr, Mr. and i
Mrs. M. M. Brown, Misses Gwe nWU- j
Hams, Myrtle McMillan, Adele Mc-1
Millan. Amelia Williams and Masters]
Archie McMillan, Eddie Williams and !
Gordon Ellis.
a full sized Cootie and carried off the
honors for the evening, Two table.*
of cards were also in play. The winners at whist were the Misses Edna
Gear, Isabelle Herd, Norma Parnham
and Sadie Brown. Late in the evening Miss Edna Gear and Miss Bet.h
Horbury served dainty refreshments.
Those present were the Misses Maud
Baird, Jessie Baird. Lillie Banks, Agnes Bruce, Sadie Brown, Evelyn Carey, Gwen Emily, Edna Gear, Vivian
Gray, Isabelle Herd, Beth Horbury.
Norma Parnham and Mary Simpso,;.
On Friday evening the High School
students held a dauce in the llo-llo
The dance was a great success and
everyone voted it the best yet. The
hall was decorated in tho School col
orB of blue and white while snappy
music was supplied hy Jimmy Walk
er's Melody Five Orchestra. At 1
o'clock dainty refreshments served by
the students, under the direction of
Miss Blatchford. The dance was ad
vertfsed as commencing nt !> and ending at 1:20. hut everyone was keen
to continue it until a later hour, so
a collection was taken and tho dauco
continued for an extra half hour. A
good sum was realized for tlio High
School Athletic Fund.
A most enjoyable -surprise party
was held at the home of Mrs. Stant on
Monday evening, the occasion being
Mrs. Slant's birthday.
Cards were played nnd the winnerj
at whist were: first. Mrs. L. Brown:
second. Miss Dolly Waterfield. After
cards Mrs. T. McMillan, on behalf of
those present presented Mrs. Stant
with a lovely gift. Later dainty refreshments were served by Mrs. Statu,
Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. T. McMillan.
Those present were: Mrs. Conrod
Mrs. L. Brown, Mrs. H. McMillan. Mrs
E. Schmidt, Mrs. E. Williams. Mrs. .1
Ellis, Mrs. II. Tarr, Mrs. Lewis. Mr-.
T. McMillan .Mrs. M. M. Brown. Mrs,
Hobbs, Mrs. Edwards. Mrs. Waterlleld.
Mrs. Graham, Mrs. Nicholas, Mrs. Bennett, Mrs. Stant. Mrs. Mossey, Mrs.
Gillespie. Miss C. Sunt. Miss A. Ellis,
and Miss Dolly Waterfield.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Strachan en-1
tortalned at dinner on Saturday eve-1
ning when their guests were MV. i
Pelor Garrick. Miss Jean Garrlck and I
Mr. George Mclnnes. of Vancouver.
I ^5 ^3
Mrs. G. K. MacNaughton entertained
at tho tea hour on Monday afternoon
and was assisted in serving hy Miss
T Galllvan. Mrs. MacNaughton alao
entertained at two tables of bridge in
the evening. Tho prize winners wore
first, Mrs. Eadie; second, .Mrs. G. W.
•   «   *
Miss P. Partridge of the Cumberland High School teaching staff returned from Victoria on Sunday. While
in Victoria Miss Partridge attended
the performances of the Shakespearian Stratford-on-Avon players nnd reports that they were exceptionally
The Young People's Club of the
United Church held a most successful
tea and sale of home cooking and
candy in the United Hall on Wednesday afternoon. Miss Jessie Baird.
Miss Norma Parnham, Miss Elljn
Hunden and Miss Sadfe Brown had
charge of the candy and home cooking
stalls while tbe following assisted in
serving tea. Miss G. McFadyen, Miss
.MacKinnon, Miss Beth Horbury, Miss
A Mann, Miss A. Haywood. Mrs.
Auchterlonle, .Miss P. Hunden, Miss
J, Mitchell and Miss A. Watson. The
proceeds In the neighborhood of $5D.
Tlie regular meeting of the Gedunk
Club was held at the home of Miss
Edna Gear on Wednesday evening.
Afier the business of the meeting had
been discussed the amusing game of
"Cootie" held full sway until Miss
Edna  Goar exhibited the drawing of
In No Case Was Railway Held
Responsible For Fatal
In spite of repeated warnings, many
western Canada motorists have apparently failed to appreciate that an
automobile weighing about one ton
cannot successfully do battle with a
railway train weighing about 1500
tons. Statistics compiled hy the Canadian Nationnl Railways for tho lirst
toots. wi£$& yf$& ".'-£; •'.-:-,' $®
The Most Asked For Batteryless Radio in Canada.
I Four yenrs' batteryless experience.
•1 Rogers Tubes. longest guarantee.
:t- -Automatic voltage control.
4 Phonograph Jack on every model.
5—Output filter on every model.
il Mun- sold than all other electric
si-is combined.
Order Your Turkey
Place Your Order at Once for
Your Christmas Dinner.
Our facilities for buying enable
us to get the best in the district.
City Meat Market
We Deliver Phone 111
Model "400 Highboy"
Phonograph Combination
Trlco complete $340
Model  1011
Prico complote -S-
Co., Ltd.
Phone  R.   A    Robntaon,  47M  Cumberland,  fnr   Demonstration.
Ice Cream
that all winter and summer food
suitable  ns  a  dessert   for  any
When   you   have   visitors   why
not Hnve yourself untold work
by serving tho always welcome
Ice Cream In
Servo It nt Your Next Bridge or Card Party.   Just Phone us your
order and wo will havo it thore at the specified time.
||1    ^yal Confectionery
ten months of 1928 bring to light the
distressing and alarming fact that
during that period twenty-four people
lost their lives and sixty-four people
were more or less seriously injured
In collisions between automlhiles anil
(rains of the system in western Canada. In addition there were ninety-
throe other accidents in which no one
vas injured. The deaths and injuries
occurred in 47 accidents.
In eighteen of the twenty-four fatalities coroner's inquests completely
exonerated the railway company from
any blame. In the remaining six, the
facts were so apparent that no Inquests were considered necessary.
Thus, in no caso. was the railway company held  responsible.
Two people were killed and four Injured In one accident in which the
automobile ran Into the middle of a
train. In another instance ono man
lost bis life when an automobile ran
into tho tender of a locomotive. Of
the total UO accidents no less than
thirty-nine were caused by automobiles running into some part of n
train oilier thnn the head or rear end.
In one case a driver was seriously
hurt when he drove his automobile
Into the fifteenth car back of the locomotive.
Only 17 days—then Xmas
Come in and let us show you our complete Une of
Suitable Christmas Gifts for all.
Here are just a few suggestions
..sn TRAYS
TIE  HACKS "   "
l.iinlii'rlnir Dp Exercises
They had just met at Atlantic Pity
and were sitllnir on the beach:
She—"What a wor-derfull..- developed ii nn you have."
He—"Yea. Igot that playing basketball. By the way, were you ever on
a trnck team?"
The \v. A. ot* Holy Trinity Anglican
Church will hold a Christmas Tree
for the children, aftenion tea and
sale of Christmas presents on Wednesday next. December the 12th In the
Anglican Hall. Sale to commence at
3 in the afternoon.
It was almost
as good
as having him
Somehow, when the llrcnvns
snl down to their Christmas
dinner thoy wcro'nt very
cheerful. Oh, yes, the table
was simply overlhnvlng with
u 1   things   hut   Tom.   tho
eldest boy, wnStl't present.
Voir see, Tom was working In
nn eastern eity, nnd couldn't
arrange to get home. Christmas without Tom and his
cboerj voice! Why, It .lust
isn't Christmas, thought tho
Browns. And then tho tele-
phono rang.
"Merry Christmas, mother
anil ilad!" cume a well-known
voice over tho wiro. Sure
enough,! it wus Tom, l»,l>00\
miles invity, culling tho homo
i'olks hy I mi tr-distance. The
entire l'nmlly Hocked to the
telephone, aud, ol course,
everyone had something to
"It's almost as good as haying you home, Tom," hus the
way Dail expressed tlie sentiments of tho family.
Thanks to the telephone It
HAS ii Merry Chrlslmas, after
Have you thought of giving records as a gift thin year? Our
stock or Xtnas Records ,*ll| arrive within a tew da/u. Come
in and reserve any number von desire,
We beg to notify the public of Cumberland
and district that ve hnve taken over the business of the Cumberland Motor Works,
operated by Mr. J. II. Cameron. It will be
our endeavour to give to the public a service
equal to none in the district, and in addition
to general repair work to all makes of cars
we will carry a full stock of motor accsesor-
les, gasoline, oils and tires, etc.
The same name will apply, so when you think
of anything you want in the way of repairs,
gasoline, oils, tires or accessories, think of
the name
Cumberland [Motor (Works
Car antl Radio Battery Chargipg.
Phone 77 Service with a capital S
Santa has just
sent word thnt
lie will be at Cavin's Shoe Sto.v
nn December the
20th, as arranged.
Ho soys he 13
coming as fast as
he possibly ran
andowlng to their
being no landing
Holds he cannot
travel by airplane
but Is using a fast motor-cycle. The
roads are good and lie should he at
Cavin's hy 4 p.m. on December 20th.
Bring the kiddles along to meet Santa,
Mr. J. II. Cameron, proprietor of the
Cumberland Motor Works for the past1
fifteen yenrs, begs to notify the public ;
of Cumberland nnd district thnt he!
has disposed of his Interests ln the
Cumberland Motor Works and thanks
all his old patrons for the patronage]
extended to him over a number of!
yenrs. He bospenks for his success-'
ors, Messrs. Lloyd Geidt and William1
Cordon, the same pntronngo, assuring
one nnd all that service will be the
watchword of the new proprietors.
Phone 25 Cumberland
iniz^^^^^%$"^^^^lz^^%}; f^a<s«**qpf*(fl^^
weeks old. SB.00 eorh. F. Court R R.
No.  1. Cumberland.
Make your Xmas
Dinner a Success
We will have a fine display of
the choicest local turkeys, ducks
geese and poultry
The pick of the district
Wilcock & Co. Ltd
Phone 66


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