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The Cumberland Islander Feb 15, 1929

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Array Telling The
Cum ber la
at the Uo-IIo
this week-end
With which Ij consolidated the Clinilirrliirul News.
Promotions At      Many Attend Pioneers'
Cumberland School Re-Union And Dance
Dtv. I—teacher, H. E. Murray; no. |
enrolled. 29; tales 2; percentage cf '
attendance, 95.10; perfect attendances ]
20. j
DIv. II—teacher, T. A. Oallivan; no. I On Firday evening the "old timers"
enrolled, 25; perccn.age of attendance of Cumberland gathered together to
93.8; perfect attendances 12; no. of celebrate their fifth re-union. The
lates 1. I very   large   crowd   present   Indicated
Honor Roll, grade Jr. VIII—Allison ' lho enthusiasm shown by the pioneers
Geekle, David Hunden, Harvey Herd, all over the district on this happy
grade VII — Harold Hughes, Alex occasion. Old friends met once more
Somerville. Donna MacRae. 1 and kept one another In great spirits
Transferred to entrance, Allison with hand-shaking aud reminiscences,
Geekio and David Hunden. ! nnd old Jokes of thc days gone by.
DIv. Ill—teacher, G. E. Apps; No.' .Mrs. .Maclntyre, who has resided In
enrolled. 27; perfect attendances, 20; Cumberland for over forty-three
lates, 3; percentage of attendance, years, led the grand march on the arm
97.9. ; of her son-in-law, Mr. F. Dalby, foi
Honor Roll, grade VII— Madge Bry- * lowed by Mrs. Bruce and her son
an, Audrey Phillips; Lome Murdoch. \	
\Mrs. Gertrude Gibson
| Interred Today]
j Well  Known Cumberland  Lady
| Succumbs After Brier'
|    After only a few day
All the old Uma  Gertrude  a.  Gibson,  t
lancers,   polkas, j Cuni,;erIami   resident,   died
were  done  to | Cumberland General Hospital ou Mon
illness. Mrs.
well   known
T. Piket. of Denman
nnces, quadrilles,
'erseys   and   waltzes
■ring back the good old days of 1SS9. i (i.lv afternoon at tlie age of 44 years.
Tiie ladies of the committee pas-  u mont]xa and 27 days,   Tho deceased
ames Lockner, Derbyshire, Maxwell,\.*a,iv i,.... k„. —••'—* -» ■*-*
lacDonnld, Marpole, Dalby, Slaughter
Grade VII—Margaret Beveridge, Cheung  Wong,   Stanley  Lawrence.
Promoted to Sr. VII— Madge Bryan.
Audrey Phillips. Lome Murdoch, Gertie Davis. Tsuglmo Matsukura, Mltsuo Hayashl, Kale Oyama, Margaret
Marpole, Muriel Shortt, Norman Ellis,
Leland Bannerman, Peter Bono, Clyde
Lewis. Conditional—Mltsuo Obara
William Cloutier, May Graham. FaV.q
Buchanan, Masauobu Kinioto.
Promoted to Jr. VII—Margaret Beveridge, Cheung Wong, Stanley Lawrence, Kiso Sora, Teniko Kiyonaga.
Takashi Ogakl. Co.:ditlonal--Wm.
Prior, Alice Brown, Margaret Drum-
DIv. 4—teacher, I. .McFadyen. no.
of pupils, 36; percentage of attendance,   94.5;   perfect   aLendances,   '4(1.
Honor Roll, grade Jr. VI—Ina Robertson, Haruo Nakano, Yasaharu Kadoguchl. Grade Sr. VI—Audrey de
Coeur, Dudley Keeler, Gordon Robertson,
Tromoted from Sr. VI to Jr. VII—
Jean Quinn, Alex Mossey, Masaki Kaga, Audrey de Coeur, Gordon Robertson. Dudley Keeler, Doreen Bickerton,
Willie Combs, Robert Thoburn.
Continuing work In Sr. VI—Haruo
Nakano, Isabel Vincent, Ina Robert
boh, Yasaharu Kadoguehi, Rose Marocchi. Cheung Wing, Herbert MacRae, Akera Herosi. Irene Jackson,
Mary Baird, Susumu Kawaguchi, Tom
McMillan Harry Fong. Bessie Brown,
Moyshl Kimoto. Gladys Miller, Betty
Malpass, Yaeko Obara, George Nunu,
Margaret Williams, Yasushl Yama
sakl,  Wardena Thompson, Low  Foo
Robert son, Carey, Wiliams and As-
ilosy, prepared and served appetizing
ef re sh ments.
Mayor Maxwell, chairman for the
evening addressed a few words of
.elcome nnd introduced the speakers
\lr. D. R. MacDonald and Mr. T.
'a rey.
Mr. MacDonald, a resident of Cum-
erland in pioneering days and now
esldlng In Courtenay, expressed his
ilcasure at being permitted to adilreys
.Is old friends at such
1.1ion. Mr. Carey welcoi^jd those
jreseiit and feelingly
lady lias been n resident of this city
for a number of years, nnd was born
at Grantham, her parents being Mr.
and Mrs. Grant, Her husband, John
Gibson, predeceased Iter a few years
ago, being killed in a mine explosion
at No. 4 oi. August 30th, li)^2. Funeral arrangements were placed in
the hands of Mr. T. K. Bunks and tbe
deceased lady laid lo her rest this
(Friday) afternoon, interment being
mado In the family plot. Cumberland
Cemetery, with tlie Rev. J. It. Hewitt
pastor of ilie Cumberland United
a happy re-1 church officiating, service at tha
giaveside was also conducted Ity tbe
Jimmy Walker's orchestra should
have gone to Campbell River this Saturday for a dance, but owing to un-
forscen circustauces it has been called off. However, local dance patrons
will bo delighted to know that this
famous dance orchestra will hold an-
™ Boards Of Trade Discuss
Island Roads Development
The Executive Council of the Asso-  ■
eiated Boards of Trade of Vancouver np |_J       l 1      £
other of their popular dances at the  .^^   t0^ethcv ^ |m.mbcrs of the|  1 Omitty Jtleyiana  OT
various boards, met around the dinner
table In thc Malaspina Hotel. Nanni-
mo, on Tuesday evening, for the pur-1	
this week end.   Popular prices; gents. pose of formulating some road policy     Tommy Heyland, win, 1. well known
BOC, ladles 25c. to  lay  before  the  Provincial  Govern-'
Ilo-Ilo Hall on Saturday, commencing at 9:30. Last Saturday's was a
pip of a dance.   It will be even better
Flin Flon Visitor
V remarked about j Ladies' Auxiliary to the Eagles.
lie old  timers  who have  passed be-
j     A family of six is left to mourn he
I loss, three boys
ond recall, and those who we.. uh-,Io8Si {hrcc boy8 and three girls, the
.ble   to  attend  through   illness  and  hoyi "
married,  Herbert  and  Kenneth,
^^^^        nam
if all present, .Mr. Tweedie of Ft
To the great delight and amusement LT"T.'  I,Bri,eri  ami  ^Maeta,  and | all members who desire to enier ar
'annv B     ' l Mai'«aret amI Cleo   requested to hand their name3 in '
inv ,n,..,nn. ,, annj ; residing at home.
Ja>  lecalled an old eusiont when he]
id several  step  dances, after  which
he dancing continued until the small
lours of the morning.
Those who received complimentary
iekets for being over forty years ia
John G. Fulcher
he district  Included:
Cliffe of Comox, Mr. and Mrs. L. Cl;ffb
>f Comox. Mr. ami Mrs. P. Smith of
i'omox, Mr. Billy Mitchell of Comov,
Mrs.  Robb, Comox, Mr. and Mrs. D.
: Mrs. Florence Union  Bay  Boy  Passes  After
Long Term of Suffering
; Maxwell;    Vice-President.   Joe   Hor-
, bury;  Secretary, J.  L. Brown;   Trea-
! surer,   R.   Coe;   executive   committee,
j Messrs.  W.   Williams,  V.   Frelone, D
! Wilson,   W.   Mossey,   R.   James,   Joe
Reece,   Struthers,   Fred   Martin,   W.
. Gordon aud J. Raga.
- j    It. (Kcatter-Gun) Coe asked for aud
! was granted  the co-operation of the
Div. V—teacher, C. MacKinnon, no.! club In an endeavor to revive the gun
of lates, 7; percentage of attendance,   club,  suitable   grounds   having   been
96.8;   perfect  attendances.  19. : secured and other assistance promts-
Honor Roll, grade Jr. VI—Joe Aida,   0(j.
Violet Robertson, David Davis.   Grade       The   secretary   was   Instructed   to
Sr.  V—Frod   Martin,  Hlroshl   Kawa-   provide Mr. Gordon, the editor of the
guchi, Hirosbl Ogakl. I "Guide Book"  with all available In
formation and to place an order for
Promoted from Jr. VI to Sr. VI-
Joe Aida, Kejhl Kiyonaga. Win. Johnston, Shfzeo Matsunaga, David Davies,
Sam   Armstrong,   Violet   Robertson,
Arnold Bonora, Wm. Merrifield, John   pjsh and G;
Dickinson,    Edith    Hushes.    Ronald
Brown, Gwen Abrams.
Promoted from Sr. V to Jr. VI—
Hlroshl Ogakl, Fred Martin, Hlroshl
Kawaguchi, Mltsuru Herose, Tsuyuko
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Mayor Maxwell
Heads Cumberlanc
Rod and Gun Club
Open Season for Willow Recommended al Annual
The annual general meeting of thc
Cumberland Rod and Gun Club held
mt Sunday in tiie Memorial Hall attracted a large number of the members. The president, Mr. W. Williams
was In the chair, opening the proceedings hy stating that lie was pleased
to see such a wonderful turn out o.
the members. The secretary's financial statement showed that the club
had a balance ln the bank of $55.5!)
and after a review of the past year's
activities had been read, the report
was adopted as presented.
Iu the election nf officers the members showed a keen Interest with the
following result: Hon. President. Harry Maynard, Esa., Victoria; Hon. Vice-1 -Mrs. A,
Presidents:    Thomas   Graham,   Esq, I and   Mrs.   R.  Mil
nnd  Dr.  G.  K.  MacNaughton.  M.L.A.JMr. and  Mrs. T.     .„_., _	
Cumberland;   President, Mayor Alex, j and Mrs. L. Piket, Courtenay, Mr. and  blends attended to pay their last re-j
" --"■    "*    ~     " ' Mrs. G. Clinton, Mrs. Maclntyre, Mr.  sl,t:,s ,f> one who !ia(I been an Invalid
and Mrs. S. Davis, Mayor and Mrs. practically all his life. Ho was borne
Maxwell, Mr. and Mrs. F. Dalby, Mr. t0 llia Iiist resting place by the fed-j
and Mrs. Walter Whyte, Mr. and Mrs. | lowing, all friends ofthe family: Mes-
McFariyeu, Mr. and Mrs. James To- Srs. E. T. Eenrle, A, Mattbewson, Pete
bacco, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Tobucco, Mrs. U(?I;I- A- n- Kil-V* E|J: gughes and A
Monaco, Mr. and Mrs. A. Walker,' Mr.   c'   JonOS.
and Mrs. J. Oilier St., Mr. and Mrs. |    The following beautiful floral trlb
C. Grant, Mr. and Mrs. T. Carey, Mr.   Utes   were   received   and   are   hereby
and Mrs. T. Bennett, Mr. and Mrs. D.  gratefully acknowledged by the fam
Walker, Mrs. Robertson, Mr. and Mrs.   Ily:
H. Stewart, Mrs. Bruce. Mrs. Baird, j    Cross from the family.
Mrs.   Cessford,   Mrs.   Nellie   Hudson,
Mrs. J. Stevens and Mr, and Mrs. F.
Dallos,   of Cumberland.
Complimentary tickets to  widows:
Mrs. A. Aitken, Mrs. J. Bennie, Mrs.
J.   Bolagno,  Mrs.   Bobba,  Mr3.   Bono,
Mrs.   Cavellero,   Mrs.   Conrod,   Mrs.
M. Gibson. Mrs. H. Harrison, Mrs. M.
Mitchell.  Mrs.  Marocchi  Sr.,  Mrs.  J.
McLean, Mrs. McNeil, Mrs. M. Robertson-,   Mrs.   L.   Stevenson,   Mrs.   M.
Stewart, Mrs, Williams, Mrs. M. Wat-
sou. Mrs. L. Nunns, Mrs. E. Clarke,
Nanaimo, Mrs. M. Coe, Mrs. B. Deo,
ment.    Mr.  Arthur Leighton,  of Nfl
More Tournaments naim0, in the abscnce of Pi'cside:it
. Montague-Bruce, occupied tlie chair.
Tq  Start  At  ClUD In llis °l)t!llinfJ remarks, Mr. Lelgh-
i ton said lhey had met to discuss a
T. ,   , ,   -« ,        t\-    i        i   policy of road building for Vancouver
Keen Interest  Being Displayed '    ,,    ..     ,,,,;„
,   b *   J       Islr.nd.    He asked thnt the delepat?;
by Members
Such a keen interest has been ma:ii
fested in the tournaments ruu at thi
Athletic club this winter that the
board of management decided In stage
nnntiter checker aud cribbage tournament. The lirst checker tournament,
just completed was won hy W. McMillan. W. Simpson being bis opponent in the final.    The secnod checker
*j throughout tlu.' length and breadth of
tlu- Island was a visitor in town on
Thursday niglit. leaving on Friday
morning's stage, after saying "how
do", to a number nf liis old friends
hi re. Mr, Heylond is located at the
Flin Finn   where   be   Is   managing  a
• branch ofthe Canadian Bank of Com-
pproach  the    matter    with  an opni, . ....
,  .     ..   . ,. ,, ,    :      merce, and came up to the coast for
mind so tlmt some policy would be formulated  upon which all could ngrt
the steward this week-end so that th'
draw can be made.
Tho cribbage tournament will start
I on   February   17th,   Ibis   making   the
I_.rlic3   To  His Rfnt-' ,llinl tIlIs aea80n'   The Enmc of crib
■ has caught on tremendously this year
sold thc real cause of the calling j
shon   visli   with   his   relatives   fn
Victi    j      He   could   not   resist   the
. ,. ., ,. . „r     I temptation,  however,   to   run   up  to
if the nieetuvi was thc proposed West,
Coast Rond.   sponsored    by Victoria, Cl"" ' ''  cxpresBed a  ■lc8lr*,
.nd Ho therefore called upon Mr. c. L.]"> "•"'      ! ' *:'"' '" a" llis "•|o,"ls' a3
Harrison to express his views. tho »horl ,Um' '" hii llis""s111 n,ado "
I Impossible  in rill   on  all   whom  he
Mr, Harrison said no was glad to se<\       ...        .... „, .
would have liked  to.    Tommy, who
delegates from all points oi Vancouver ,   ,,,,,.,       ,  ,... ,.      ,.      ,,    ,
,   _,     ,   ,      .    ,   t ,. hold tbe S iven -; .^lin-l'!. emblematic of
island.   Thev had arrived at a critics!   , , ..      . ..     ..
,   ..   J, ,     „  ., . , Jibe tennis  championship of tho dis
joint in the Islands history and would     .,.,.,
.    . . .,       tricl, during the lime be was a mem-
levcr be in as round a position as th-"-
The funeral of the late John Gordon
Fuleher,  20-year-old  son  of Mr.  and
.ittle. Victoria, Mr. and Mrs. Robert  Mrs. John Fulcher of Union Bay, took
Grant,   Victoria,    Mr.   and    Mrs.   II.   P'ace  on   Sunday  last  from   ihe  Un-
Creeeh,   Victoria.   Mr.   and   Mrs,   F.   dertalting Parlors of Mr. T. B. Banks,
Whyte, Cedar District, Mr. and Mrs.  of thia city-    Service was conducted
' Libert Walker,  Fanny Bay, Mr. and  at the Parlor and at the graveside by
'" .McLoughlin, Fanny Bay. Mr.   the  Rev.  J.   Hobbins  of  Union  Bay
scamp,  Fanny  Bay   United Church, Interment being made
I'iket. Denman, Mr.  f"  the Cumberland Cemetery.    Many
51) copies of the Guide.
In accordance  with  the  report of
the secretary of the British Columbia
United Church
Racket Wielders
Defeat Whippets
Interesting   Inter-Club   Games
on Monday
Some very interesting badminton
games were played on Monday night
when a team from the United Church
club triumphed over the hest of the
"Whippets, winning eight out of the
fifteen games played.
Following are the scores with the
names of the United Church players
first In each instance:
ame Protective Association
the question of the pollution of angling waters was thoroughly discussed
by the meeting, going on record as
favoring a campaign lo prevent all
campers and others from throwing
tin cans and other rubbish into
streams and lakes, this and such materials as sewage and refuse from
canneries extract oxygen from the
waters and make life in them impossible.
The meeting also went on record
as objecting to the abolition of salmon
roe and asked that the streams and
lakes in tlie Comox Electoral district
be left open ns in former years.
Afler considerable discussion the
club recommended thnt the opening
hour for duck shooting be one hour
before sunrise, also that the bag limit on deer lie three and that the season
he opened for does.   It was also re-
Wreaths—Aunt Jennie and family;
Grace, Dorine aad Bill; Uncle Sam
nnd family; Messrs. John Fraser and
A. Home; Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Mat-
thewson; Mr. and Mrs. B. T. Searle;
The Girls' Sewing Club; Employees
of the Canadian Collieries; Mr. and
Mrs.  Aucblnvole.
Sprays—Mr.    and    Mrs.    Callahan,
Vancouver;   M.rs.   D.   Renwlck;   Mr.
and Mrs. F. Brown;  .Mr. aud Mrs. A.
II. Glover; Mr. and Mrs. II. Leithliead;
Mr. and Mrs. II. Thomas; Mr. and Mrs,
W.   Marshall   Mrs.   Bruce   and   Mrs.
Mrs. Francescini, Mrs. J. Whyte. Mrs.   Hudson;   Mr.and   Mrs.   George   Hor-
A. Cameron, Mrs. M. Miller, Mrs. O.i WOod; Mr .and Mrs. D. M. Haggart;
I Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Glover; .Air. and
| Mrs. D. It. Haggart;  Mr. nnd Mrs. J.
A. Kerr; Mr. nnd .Mrs. C. P. Renwlck;
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Hoid; Mr.and Mrs.
j A.   II.   Carey;   Mr.   and   Mrs.   A.   H.
Jones;  Mr. and Mrs. H. Geary;  Mr.
C T*       r\- •       'an(' Arl'uir r>L'"ton, Nanaimo; Bowden
sbtafS    IO   District j f1^  family;   Lawrence, Mildred and
  j Edith;   Mr.  and  Mrs.  A.  Kay.
Imperial Club Sponsoring Visit'   Cut flowera from C!c'01B('* victoria
of National Champions
Bring Badminton
Cricket Club Notes
.vere tcday to approach the government in respect to Vancouver Island.
He appealed for unity on the part of
all the boards of trade for the benefit
:>l the whole. Vancouver Island, he
•aid, had paid into the provincial government treasury sums of money far
larger than they had received back In
the way of expenditures. The timber
of Vancouver Island was the item
which was putting the government
"over the top" financially. The government was now beiiif; given the Peace
EUver block without a dollar of cosf
and which would immediately give the
province a revenue of half a million
dollars per year and for the first time
in its life the government of British
Columbia had an opportunity of returning to Vancouver Island some of
the funds they had taken for the development of the Mainland.
Vancouver Island, said Mr. Harrison,
.vas famous for several things, but 1'
vas particularly famous for its scenery,
which wns a valuable asset.   The Do-
Estimates   of   School   Trustees Iminion Government realized this.   Tho
Held Over I •lri!ne thing was to get roads for their
j scenic value as well ns for their hilt   was   intended   to  bring  I.t  the dustrlal value, and it was best to com ■
eslimates for 1029 at the meeting of|.3ine these Uvo if possible.   The tourist
and ull the clubs Iu tbo city boast a
good membership. In the district crib
league games played" last week the
Athletic club team defeated the Vets.,
but the wise ones say the City team
will carry off the honors this season
and providing the latter team do win
the Maynard cup. It is presumed it
will be well filled with a special blend
of Creme de Pickard.
. Tribe To
Teach Singing
To All Graces
her of tlle local courts, will bo remembered by the racket fraternity.
It was as a soccer star, however, that
he made a name for himself on the
Island, as a member ofthe Ladysmith
team and later as a member of the
Cumberland United Team, He looks
in the besl nf condition and In speaking <>',' he FItn Finn he says it Is "somo
the Board of School Trustees held
on Friday last, but owing lo the unavoidable absence of Trustee W.
Henderson it was deemed advisable
to hold them over to thc next meeting.
Mr, F. R. Shenstone, principal of the
High Scliool and Mr. G. Apps, principal of the Public Scliool tendered tlieir
reports which were read and ordered
In the discussion following the Introducing of music in the schools,
some very interesting points were
raised, It was eventually decided lo
Instruct Mrs. Tribe thai singing be
taught lo all grades instead of grade.?
six to eight as at present.
Blllsand accounts received were referred to the finance committee find
if found correct ordered to be paid.
Mrs. Banks Heads
Hospital Auxiliary
Good    Attendance   at    Annua!
Attendance   at
     _      _ of the Cumberlml General Hos-  TUnUe   to   ihe   Forbidden   Plateau.
The announcement that the national i   „iial held In Ibe hospital on Thureda,*  There «■'■  "";1"il** »!*-'* It, he said, In
badminton stars are to pay a visit to!    T]lc secretary  ot the Cumberland afternoon.   Comprehensive reports ot Brltlsn Columbia: it was easy to Bet
commended that on account ot willow l"10 district on February 2.*lril will he Cricket club reports that Mr  Minn* the past year's workings were rc:ul l0 nnd thel'° wtlrc wonderful sights to
grouse being plentiful In this district, hailed with delight by a largo number, „[ Vancouver bas promised to'try and and favorably receelved hy the meet- sc0*
tbo season be open from October tho of the feather pushers and many oth- arrange to bring a team to the Islan 1 Ing.   The retiring president, Mrs. II.     Cal"**""  Frv' "r p,,rt Alberni, sold
16th tn November thc 15th. ers Interested in the game.   Wc have > l0 „inv the locals during the summer Bryan, gave a short address, thanking:P("'1 A""*ml ™6 '"" M """h ""' •
I,ndles- Doubles |    The meeting also  wenl   on  record:""1 lK*c" supplied with particulars otiaad also  suggests  Cumlierland  semi all the members  for their kind  CO-     '"' ln 'ho Wl!sl 0oMl '"*:l1 ''"' '"
Misses Auchterlonle and Mann beat   as favoring the proposed changes lo  lm* vlsl'. but are In a position to say n team to Vancouver.   In the event of I operation ami assistance during her!OT'*' '" 8ettln8 " highway Into Tof.no.
that such stars as Jack and Dick Vn- Cumberland visiting the mainland tor term office.   Miss Florence Sehl, the A* Toflno ""y 8truok lhc lndustrlalL„lk ,°n   !°, ,
derail!, Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Mulr, Miss , gttrae it will mo.l  likely be on a matron of the hospltat, also thanked Iconcor"« '" *he re' ""* i"*<-1 lh"'"'"'" "* """ """""^ ""r """'res* rc!"*
Eileen   George,   Miss   Hopkins,   Mrs. Wednesday, as all grounds are taken I the auxiliary for the very genorous
Draper a.nd Noel Radford will be hero. Lp  at  tlie  week  end  with  regular assistance  and  sympathetic  attitud
The team will be accompanied by Mr, i league games.
and   Mrs.   Cardi::all   who   will   havn I    m    ,.,        „  r.   ,
Mr. \Iclor O, Bodes also wrote and
traffic, he said, was what kept tlie Can
dlan del!:" at par and provided Can
da with its .^cotid largest income
Thc tourists want d to see our timber
lot iields of stumps, and they should
have a rond which would let the Pacific
Ocean be visible. The Island had bee:
called "a bit of England on the Pacifli
Const," but thc only part from which
the Pacific could bc seen was from Port
Renfrew to Bamfield.
South of the Alberni Canal, said Mr
Harrison, it was possible to build a road
along the coast. Fabulous figures had
leen given as to its cost, but this was a
bel. it presented no great difficulties.
The policy of the Victoria Board
."as for the government to construct
:mnk roads before liaterals and expropriate all land along these roads
which was unfit for agruculture. Tliey
wanted the east coast of he Island tn
'■ .c a road following the coast line as
far as possible with a reserve of the
'Limber along the road. They were not
opposed to toe upper part of the
Island; they were nol op] tsed to Duncan. No one community should be
red as against another.
Before concluding, Mr. Harrison paid
Rev. Robathan
Attends Synod
The Anglican Synod of the Diocese
of Brit:!! Columbia assembled this
veek :.    Victoria.    Following are the
■1h-'v and lay representatives from
the Comox Deanery:
French Creek, St. Anne's; Qualicum,
St. Mark's, and Errington. St. Mary's
—Rev. C. II. Popham, Colonel Play-
fair, Major R. P. Hickey, Mr. A. L.
Smith and Mr. W. A. Acklnnd,
Alberni. All Saints; Port Alberni, St.
Alban's—Rev. R, D. Porter, Mr. C. B.
TTrtyncaritl Mr. F. II. Steede.
Sandwick I Andrews and Courten-
,iy, St. Ji hn'i Ri \ Q. h. Bourdillon.
Mr. Heber Cooke and Mr, W, P. Bea-
Comox, St. Peter's—Rev. A. W.
Corker, Mr. A. M. Stewart and Mr. H.
W. Duckitt.
Cumberland, Holy Trinity—Rev. E,
O. Robathan, UTh., R.D.; Mr. F. Partridge, Mr. Stephen Cook and Mr. O.
E, Apps.
Alert Bay, Christ Church—Rev. P.
Comley, Mr. Oeorge Luther, Mr. Jos.
Harris and Mr. F. W. Kenmuir.
Port Alice, St, Paul's—Rev. W. Oo-
Quathi   :.. Cove—-Rev. Alan Greene.
West Coast Mission—Rev. P. P.
Ardagh-Walter, M.A.
"Lilac Time"
Film Story Of
Star's Dreams
l'|mn Receiving Script of Jflno Cowl's
I'lay, Colleen Moore nnd  Her
Husband Pronounced 11
Ideal I'ilm Story
for Stur
e Bort of a story
thai motion pli ture actreBBes1 dreams
:•■   made according   to  Colleen
comes la the Ilo-Ilo Tho-
atre in the creen version of Jane
<     i      triumph.
the flame Act. as outlined by Attorn-
e • Ceneral  Pooley.
Tho secretary, J. L, Brown was
elected delegate to the annual meeting
of the DC, Flsh nnd Oame Protective
Association, J. II. Cameron being elected as substitute.
Just before the meeting closed nil
the retiring officers were thanked very
warmly for tbelr good work during
the past season.
Mtb. Bannerman and Miss Parnhai
11-8; Miss Watson and Mrs. Spooner
lost to Miss Aspesy ami Mrs. Shields,
10-11; Miss Mann and Mrs. II. Brown
beat Mrs. Cope and Mrs. Bruce Gordon, 11-2; Miss Watson and Miss Haywood lost to .Miss Dando and Mrs. J.
Dallos. 7-11; .Mrs. II. Brown and MfoH
Auchlerlonle beat Miss Boffey and
Miss Dando. 11-4.
Men's Doubles
Stevens and Mann lost to Mumford
and Frelone, 8 11; Brown and Horwood tost to Williams and Stewart,
2-11; Brown and Auchtorlonie beat
Wiliams and Frelone, 11-5.
Mixed Doubles
Mrs. Spooner and Auchlerlonle beat
Miss Parnham and Mumford ll-7;Miss
Mann and Nash beat Mrs. Dallos and Ten Chinamen were arralngcd be-
Bennie, 11-3; Mrs, Brown and Nash fore Magistrate Conway on Thursday
lost to Miss Sehl and Stewart, 1-11;   morning, charged   with smoking  op
1 also had In thi re the propi   d nation-1 "' "Lilac
Opium Smoke At
$35.00 and Costs
Detachment of Mounted Police
Raid Local Chinese
during Ihe year.
Iu the election of officers, the meet-
has offered to bring a  team to the j •»« t°ok » very keen Interest, Mrs. T
brings to miud associations of many | ]iiUuul  llu>  p,mu,  1(( ,.lW,  pl.u.(,  nn   ]■:. Banks bring the unonlmoua choice
Nan limo  ground  on  May  25th,   pro- U0  ,H1   'ho  president's  chair.    Other
vlding suitable arrangements can be officers olected Included Mrs. J. Con-
made for the »bo of the ground. There  wa'"'  Vice-President;   Mrs. J.  Potter,
are also good prospects for tour games  Treasurer; Mrs. II. Parkinson, Socre-
wlth the Nanaimo team, two la Cum-', tary;   Buying Committee,  Mrs.   Mac-
berland and two In tlie Huh city.   At I U:H'* "rs> 1,"',";' :""1 Mra. Richardson,
the executive meeting of the ctub held      A requisition from the matron, aak-
on Thursday, a donation of $10.00 was  '"fi r,,r fI,"'-''s* P'How ca3e8 il,|:1 '■■"
up on a bunch of other officers, In  reco|Veu  tvom  Mr. Thomas  Graham, I ro-furnlshing  nf  the  nurses  dinlng-
In his younger | consulting engineer of the Canadian j roora was granted.
'Collieries   (Dunsmuir),   Limited    and1    Following the meeting refreshments
charge.    The name of Mr. Cardinal!
years standing. "C'ardi," as he wa
affectionate!j termed In France Is one
of the best amateur sports in British
Columbia, being at one time the am-
aleur lawn t°nnis champion of British Columbia. He Is also a top notch
badminton player and just beforo
Cambria  show  "over  there."  cleaned
nstantly it was tho
had dreamed, hut
ipi to Hnd.
Its sp Ita  tendornoss
nice gripped them
quite  easy  fashion.
days,  Mr.  Cardlnnll
nl Park at Long Beach.   Port Alberni
.,   anxious for the industrial do\ i
! opmi nl ol thc wt si com i whero th ire
j ,\cre nineti i n plants now In exist i
ifrom ECildonan north. ,^B^^^^^^^
I    Mr, J. W, Thompson, of Toflno, Bald  ■■ >• bad ever done, and
ho had lived In there  for 35 yean .*.   opened   no-
Settle]     h (I   goni   In   under  prom:* Cowl   and Jano
| of  road   facilities;    thej   had   raised   tiurfln, tbe play.   Tue
I families  and   now   had   their  .grand-    ereet tsed and WII-
|children   but   were  still   without   the  lis I icd   to  adapt  the
roads. p| ture production,
Duncan Responsible For Meeting      with   Care)    Wilson   preparing   the
Mr. A. Ii. Peterson, of Duncan, si»;d  serlpl
that Duncan was perhaps responsible     "LU ci Is a Oeorge Fh/.inaur-
i'or the calling of the meeting.   Tii1'-   Ice p      I foi  Firs! National Plo-
-   *- -•■< •- i                                       ,,       ,     , iwere asking for a diversion of the Wosl  tu of   !(.■ romance of a
player of note, playing centre forwnni | , chequfl f()1. $800 rw(lfV(,(1 rrom Mr were ,ervut and  thoroughly enjoyed. ^   io; ([  M lhoy m  ^  w;m[  „;|   , .      ^                   _ ( q ^^ ^^
as on amateur for Brighton and Hove. Wi   MaT8hall   as  honorary  member's blind alley" constructed which would  British i toi     in tho opinion
At the present time he is actively j feQ>   n iB giftfl n;i(, theae( th:it mQko copled<   u you aro interested In lho have nothing but its so-called scenic ol    ril i      t more than justifies tho
connected with the tennis, badminton, iilB executive of tho club sanguino of game, yet not able to ploy, send a sub- ,-iew to warrant its construction,   They  pi   lm  .                  ■   and   the  many
Mrs. Spooner and Mann lost to Miss   ium. found guilty aad fined $35 ami  ari]  llonko>' games and  it  Is owing, tllR sucoeaa „f tll,, Cumberland Crick- Bcripllon along to the secretary.        (were asking that from Port Renfrew . .                       in,; [|
Graham and Bates, 8-11; Miss Watson   costs.   A large quantity of pipes and  c,llef|Jf l0 lnni tnat arrangements for, (l[ ch|ll    n was ,l|:,n ,ir(.;(|n] at n,,.      j, ]i:u| ))H,n hoped that word would the road be diverted to Cowichan La*s     . ..-,   i   ,      , hero  of  "Boau  Sa-
*nd Horwood beat Mrs. Robertson and  othor property was also seized and  the visit to this district of the national|mQOtlng 0„ Thursday thai  dues nre have been received from the secretary and  along  the  abandoned   C.   N.  lt. t);(.llt-, rhe Legion of tho Condomn-
Mumford, 11-10; Miss Haywood and confiscated. champions was accomplished. payable on or before April tho 30th. of tho Courtenay club re games, tho grade, thence to Port Alberni, They ,.-\- .. . ,., , appears In
Stevens lost to Miss Boffey and Ben-1 Wong Sack Joe, who Is charged with —~~~ = Intending members are asked to get local men are hoping for at least four also favored the construction of a road ino clilef supporting role. Other play-
nle, 1-11; Miss Auchterlonle and,Nash having opium in his possession con- which was forthcoming. lin touch with the secretary and pay games during the season, Probably from Sproat Lake to Toflno and from ,.rs include Burr Macintosh, Georgo
beat Miss DalloH and Mounce,  11-9.   trary to the Opium Act will not come      The raid was carried out by a do-  their dues as early as possible, so that the Courtonay men will decide what Sproat Lake to Courtenny.   Thc tour-  Cooper,   Cleve   Moore,   Kathryn   Mc-
"   "      "      """"      "     ' necessary equipment can be purchas- to do nt their annual meeting which isls- lie said- il wns truc spent quite QU|ro  Bugenlo j:. isorer, Emlle Chatted.    Honorary members will be ac-! will be hold next month.                    J (Continued on page three)           tnrd, Jack Stone and Kdward Dillon.
Following the gameB refreshments   up for trial until February 15th. Bail  tachment   of   the   Koyal   Canadian
were served. j in this instance wm set at 16,000,00  Mounted Police. PAGE TWO
The Cumberland Islander
ONE of Canada's Newspaper correspoiuluiits in London
lias run up against one of those fantastic yarns about
tiiis country ami its cliniato whicb occasionally arc
given space in eveu widely-spread Old Country publications. On this occasion Pearson's Weekl.. has been let.
in for a libel on the city which Mr. T. D. Pattullo so abl;
represents in British Columbia Legislature. The article
appears under the name of Miss Barbara Austen, an opera
singer, who gives some of ber experiences afler ten years
Iu the United Slates. She put Winnipeg's nose oul ot
joint ai the commencements ny transferlng Manitoba
capital to the neighboring republic; but her "most excit-
iug experience" is reserved for Prince Kupert. How will
this strike Mr. Paltullu:
"Due at Prince Kupert, British Columbia, our company
embarked on a boat ahouttho size of a Channel steamer,
which should havo accomplished the twenty-live mile
Journey In about an hour. But Lho wind and lido bad
swept an immenso barrier of ice Hoes up the north mouth
of tbe river, blocking il almost completely.
"Through   this   ice   fleld   we   literally   fought   our   wa
during two whole days nnd nights.
"Excepting tinned port and beans, there was uo food
aboard, and It was so bitterly cold that we dared uot pul
our noses outside the cabins.
"Finally our ship became Jammed in the ice within
two miles of Prince Rupert, and to get nut and walk
seemed the only solutiou. So at 7:30 In tho morning the
entire company climbed down the ship's sides on rope
ladders and trekked across the solid ice. In order to land
we had to clamber up a pier about thirty feet high, haul-
ng up our baggage as hest we could."
It would not be kind to suggest to Barbara thai it lonks
as If she had beeu using tho wrong end of the telescope.
But the correspondent who rubbed bis eyes with amaze-j
ment when he found out bow Prince Rupert had changed
since he left Britisi Columbia has attended to thia slur
on Mr. Pattullo's riding by gently reminding Pearson's
Weekly that the northern port of this province Is not
inhabited by the Eskimos and that Winnipeg really la in
Canada and not in thc United Sattes.     —Victoria Times
OTTAWA Journal: An Incident In Washlng:on during
the past week Illustrates tho difficulties of newspapers and newspapermen in dealing with a certain
type of politician, Dr. Hubert Work, who has been acting
as spokesman for -Mr. Hoover, told a number of newspapermen tbat the National Committee of tho Republican
party would In fu ure handle ibe patronage that was
formerly held to he the prerogative of the Senators and
Representatives. Hut when the story got out and a rumpus followed It Dr. Work had tho audacity to Issue a statement deploring such a report; he made the newspaper.-
the  goat.
Mr. Paul Y. Anderson of St. Louis Post-Dispatch, one nf
the best known ot American correspondents, calls on the
newspapermen of Washington io refuse to use any sta'e
ment of public men who are afraid to he quoted, It is an
excellent Idea for the press of any country. The dodging
and evasions of some men in public life should not be
I Special Showing $
■ i
Promotions At
Cumberland School
(Continued Irom t'atse one)
Yuguchl, Wultor Hunt, Willie SlnUBh-
ter, Tsuglo Iwasa, Frod Buttress, Willie WestHeld.
Div. VI—teacher, V. J. Aspesy. No.
on roll, 42; perfect attendances, 24;
laics,  5;   percentage  <>f attendance,
At the ILO-ILO
Friday and Saturday, Feb. 8-9
He had a nose for news nnd an eyo
for a pretty girl!
Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 11-12
Into jail without B cent out of il Willi
a million dollnrs nnd n sweetheart.
lie found n gold mine on nr ook pile
More laughs thnn a prison hns bars!
More thrlls than a Jailor has keys!
Also another feature picture
will be shown
Wednesday Only, Feb. 13lh
"Five and Ten Cent Annie"
With   Clyde  Conho
She was  hnrRtiin  straight  from  thc
bargain  counter.
Dorothy Bebastlon - John Harron ami
June   Marlowe   In
Should he choose the fascinating rich
girl or the  poor stenog?
and Saturday,
Mth, 1
Colleen Moore in
— *	
Honor Holl, grade V—Albert Hicks,
Charlie Fong, Masako Iwasa. Grade
Sr. V—Pumlko Matsabucke, Alma Ellin, Masako Haro.
Promoted to Grade V, Sr.—Albert
Hick*, Masako Iwasa, Charlie Fong.
llanaye Nakauchi, Shunko Salto, Arthur Ramsell, Nellie Ramsell, Betty
O'Brien, Jean Somerville, Robert Mitchell. Nellie Irvine, Kiyoko Kiyona,
Gladys Colling, Marie Buchanan, Sum-
eye Okuda, Hideko Tsuruoka, Josephine 0' Connor, Tom Tso.
Promoted from Grade IV to Grade
V-Kumlko Matsabucke, Alma Ellis,
Masako Haro, Michiko Vamamoto, To-
Bhikl Kaga, Edna Williams, Masayu-
ki Kumabe, Hatsue, Yamazakl, William Hunden, Alkeru Saito, William
Conn, Violet Scavarda, Douglas Eth-
Div. VII—teacher, G. McFadyen;
no. enrolled, 3S; no. of lates, 8; percentage of attendance, 92; perfect attendances, 20.
Honor Roll, grade IV Jr.—Tetsuo
Aoki, Ronald Spooner, Saka© Aida.
Grade III Jr.—Evelyn Stacey, Dorothy
Prior, George Ogakl.
Promoted from Grade IV JY. to
Grade IV Sr.—Tetsuo Aoki, Sakao
Aida, Keen Mali, Ronald Spooner,
Norma Cavellero, William Ramsell,
Fanny Toy, Dorothy Hunt, Bobby
Rutherford, Mlnoru Nakanisal, Eiicbi
Yoshikumi, William Frizzle. Oswald
Wycherlcy, Kiyomi Ampl, Muriel Taylor, Mitsuko Yagauchi, Helen Lawrence equal, Viola Martluelli, Hughie
Miller, Annie Brown, Adeli McMillan,
Thelma Waterfield.
Promoted from Grade III Sr. to
Grade IV Jr.—Dorothy Prior, Margaret Armstrong, Margaret James, Evelyn Stacey, Jessie Mali, Leono Brown
George Ogakl, Rosina Deconink, William Warren, Robert Mossey, Charlotte Hoffeinz.
Div. VIII—teacher, H. T. Watson;
no. enrolled, 30; percentage of attendance, 02.0; no. of lates, 2; perfect attendances, !2">.
Honor Roll, grade III Jr.—Jenny
Cheung, Kakuchiro Suyama, Herbert
Woods. Grade III Sr.—Jack Williams
Willi,, High, Peggy Roberts.
Promoted from Jr. Ill to Sr. Ill--
Jenny Cheung, Kakuchiro Suyama,
Herbert Woods, Sidney Fisher. Kenny
Gibson, Pauiene Harrison, Dorothy
Thomson, John Martin. Marcus Grant,
Ruth Bates, John Dunsmore, Voshlna
Kinioto, D'Arcy Harrison, Marguerite
Promoted from Grade Sr. Ill ;o
Grade Jr. IV—Willie High, Jack Williams, Peggy Roberts, Bessie Carney,
Lavinia Thoburn and [Joanna Williams
equal, Tommy Conti anil Takeo Rani
equal, John Dakers, Irene O'Brien,
Gordon Devoy, Beatrice Brace, Albert
Watson. Denis Shields, Jessie Robert-
son and Marie Jackson equal, Milford
Devlin, Iwoa Hara, Gilbert Davis,
Charlie Scavarda, Toshlkl  O'lhiru.
Div. IX—teacher, C. Carey. No. on
roll, 35; lates, ft; porccntago of attendance,  93.3,
Honor Roll Loureen Frelone, Lilly
Saunders, Mlyoki Kadoguchl, George
High, Prioress: Hughie St radian,
Alfred Buttress.
Promoted from Grade IIIB to Grade
111 \ Laureon Frelone, Lilly Saun-
(ie b, MIyokl Kadoguchl, Hazel Qor-
lon, George High. Dorothy Malpass,
Chrlssle Robertson, Ellen Somerville,
Reginnld Lewis, Wyntour Vaughan,
Mavis Sutherland, Tommy Hobbp,
Edith Younger, Sawako Tkcgama, Bot
ty Rohertaon, Dot Smith, Tetsuo Kawaguchi, Lewis Buchanan, Edith Williams, Hughie Strachan, Mario Galla-
ozzl. Alfred Buttress, Norman Raga,
Shizeo Ohura, Bobby Brown, Lilly
Waterfield, Yasahara Kaga, Alfred
Boueh, Masato Sora, John Tso, Davi-
tlina Derbyshire, Jimmy Jackson.
DIv, X teacher, B, Horbury. no.
on roll, 35; percentage of attendance,
S0.r»; lates, fi; perfect attendances, lfl,
Honor Roll ■ -Malmmle Chow, Ethel
Shllllto, Tuyoko Yano, Muriel Maxwell, Reginald Watson, Helen Robertson.
Promoted to Jr. Ill— Chester Bonora, Keno Bono, Malrnmlc Chow, Shiz-
110 Kato, Allan Mitchell, Ynklo Mar-
uyo, Hideo Matsukaro, Cbizuru Okudo,
Ethel Shillito, Heroml Saito, Vlole
Tobacco, Shin j a Tatcjaina, Bobby
Wier, Toyoka Yano, Kazuo Yoshikumi,
Kazumo Yoshikumi. On trial—Rita
Baird, Fumi Mukimloto, Barbara. Me
Promoted to Sr. II -Jimmy Dick,
Doreen Henderson, Muriel Maxwell,
Helen Robertson, Gwen Rutherford,
Betty Shortt, Frank Wier, Iris Watson, Reginald Watson, Dorothy Stockand. On trial—George Shillito, Margaret Graham, Helen Shearer, Ray
Reese, Weldon  Stacey.
Dix. XI—leacher, J. E. Robertson;
no. on roll, 38; percentage attendance
0-1.C; lates 2; perfect attendances, 22.
Honor Roll, grade Jr. II—Kenzte
Uenobu, Yukio Aida, Micheko Ampl,
priiicieiicy oriental class. Grade Sr.l
Linda Cavellero, Coral Lewis, Lint
Brown and Helen Eudei equal,
Promoted from Jr. II to Sr. II—
Kcnzie Uenobu, Yukio Aida, Michik
Ampl,, Chlyoka Nakauchi, Terun Hara
Kolchi Tsukamoto, Marryko Saito, IIi-
rowo Aoka, Toshiko Yaua. Georgs
Herose, Yoshinil Yagauchi, Sueyoshi
Promoted from Sr. I to Jr. II—
Linda Cavellero, Coral Lewis, Llot
Brown and Helen Eadie equal, Mary
Tobacco. Andrew Hight, Audrey Harvey, Bert Williams, Jack O'Brien, Dorothy Hassell. Gloria Somerville, Audrey Lewis, Tommy Boag.
Div. XII—teacher, C. Richadson.
no. ou roll, 30; lates, 3; percentage of
attendance, 91.58; perfect attendances, 20.
Honor Roll—Zlro Kiyonaga, Isamn
Yano,   Teteyuko   Kfyonaga,   Hirom
Matsubuchi,   Wakiko   Suyama,   Eikc
Nakano,   Shigoru   Fuzlmoto,   Umeko
T a oya ma.
Promoted to Sr. I Reader—Wakiko
Suyama. Eiko Nakano. Shigoru Fuzi-
moto, Hiroko Matsubuchi, Nobuko Wtt-
mi,   MItsugo   Okuda.
Promoted from Grade IA to Grade
IIB—Isamu Yano, '/Aro Kiyonaga, Te-
teyuko Kiyonaga, Kaoru Kimoto, Umeko Tateyama, Isao Yamazakl, Yu-
rrika Sugimori, Shigeki Sora, Bessie
Div. XIII—teacher, P, Hunden; no
on roll, 24; percentage of attendance.
S5.3; perfect attendance, 0; lates, 13.
Honor Roll—Rosie Gallafrio, Doris
Brown, Richard James, Henry Ken-
mare, John Conn, Evelyn Wychorley.
Promoted from Grade I Jr, to Grade
I Sr.—Rosle Gallafrio, Doris Brown,
Richard M. James, Henry Kenmare,
John Conn*, Nettie Gibson, Evelyn
Wychorley. Jean Seilola, Edna Thoburn, Tommy Scavarda, Jean Brown,
Olga Harrison, Gwen Marshall (promoted on trial),
Meet all your friends at the Dance
at Headquarters on Saturday, Feb 9th.
"telling the world"
An adventure story
Dramatic adventure In the hinterlands of China, a blood-curdling climax that saves a beautiful girl from
a barbarians' execution block just in
ihe nick of time, a Ui rill lug romance
and an exuberant, dare-tfavil hero,
and you have ihe makings of one of
the most thrilling motion pictures
over seen, Metro - Goldwyn - .Mayer's
"telling the World,'' which comes to
tho Ilo-Ilo Theatre this Friday ami
Saturday with William Haines as the
A daring reckless reporter is the
hero; a charming, beautiful dancer iu
the heroine. The boy gets his Job on
a big metropolian daily by tricking
the editor, but ho makes good and !:<
Instrumental in exposing a murder hi
n roadhoiise. He falls In love with
one of the dancers and follows her
when she goes with a troupe on a
lour of the Orient. How she Is captured hy Chinese bandits and nbout
to be publicly beheaded when tbe boy
summons aid from warships of several
countries through wirelss messages;
how she Is saved and tho boy proclaimed the greatest newspaper man
in tbe world makes a great picture
that holds ono breathless through its
Anita Page new screen discovory
plays  the  leading role.    Sam  Wood
this week
Blankets, Comforters
and Auto Rugs
Flannelette Sheets
Pillows, Pillow Gamaliel Slu'etincs
; :
Special Value in Grey All &f* (X r     ..
Wool Blankets, pi'.* pair tp\3.tiiO  r.f
... Special Sale of Colored Marquisette
U;U  Curtain Muslin, regular GOc. Special  .:.
• ••t Sale Price, 5 yards (P1   ftK ?:"
Just received
another shipment
of Trunks
Suit Cases and
Club Bags
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. White left on
'uesday morning on a visit to BcIIIht-
am to spend a few days with their
laughter there.
Mrs. Ledlngham, of Cumberland,
•as a visitor on Tuesday to Mrs. Alex.
»   •   *
Mrs. Leduc. of Seattle, who spent
ist week with Mrs. J. W. Stalker, left
or that city on Monday morning's
Mrs. B. Wolfe, of Penticton, who has
ieen resting at the home of her par-
nts, Mr. and Mrs. T. Pearse. for sorm
/eeks, left for Vancouver on Mondav
o undergo some other medical treat-
Mr. D. L. Stewart is building a very
ine brooder-house, equipped with a
iutoh oven, to take care of a large
mnch of day-old chicks which he ex
lects along in a few weeks.
• •   •
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley White, who
•avo been occupying the Shaw place
or some months, left the Valley on
Tuesday night for Bellingham, where
•Vosley has accepted a position with
.ds brother Wilson.
Wesley White was unfortunate in
osing a very valuable young coon
lound on Saturday last. It died from
.njuries received when it was run over
jy a car,
Mr. Chard's brother and wife ar-
.ived in the Valley on Saturday from
* a     •
The Valley people who attended the
Jow-Testlng Association whist drive
;t the Native Sons Hall on Tuesday
.tight did well, the first prize for gen-
.lenicii, also tlie prize ham and a
chicken coming to the  Valley.
Hoys at lied Deer, Alberta earned
Christinas pocket money by trapping.
Thoy brought iu nearly 400 weasel
skins in loss tban a fortnight and
also coyotes, rabbit, squirrel and cat
Tempest truly expresses in one
word the powerful story which Is presented to you . . .
RiiHSln—torn by constant strife—dark
through the cenlurles—reaching to
this modern drama of . . .
fighting by llie rich and the poor, the
aristocrat and the peasant —and
.igahist thia background of peoples
ind emotions the . . . ■
love of a poor ambitious hoy for the
rich and pampered princess—he is
striving and hoping—she Is a snob of
her class—not understanding—disclaiming—humiliating and punishing
him   .   .   .
tempest—stirring a country -moving
a people—tearing two hearts . . .
John Ititrrjiimrr ns the boy reaching
up from the depths, to attain a roal
manhood, position, culture, and , .
I Ihe princess—Camilla Horn, beautiful
charming aristocrat—a prize to be
won—a woman to be loved—contrasting with   .   .   .
Ilio Imij's Mend—Louis Wolheim, Bul-
ba -ugly yet likeable—brutal nud
kindly—staunch in his friendship—
a man from the ranks commanded by
Georgo FimvitC, genera! of the Czar-
sympathetic, hound by formalities nnd
discipline, but governed by generous
impulses   .    .    .
lhesw four, surrounded by nn outstanding supporting cast make Tempest a raging reality of modem rted
John Barrymore in "Tempest"'
fumes to the Ilo-Ilo Theatre ou February S,Sth and March 2nd.
Ward off the Flu and
other Winter Ills
with an
Electric Hot Pad or Headlight Heater
Few things oiler so much warmth and comfort, so
much protection from ills that coins with cold Winter
nights and clamp Spring days, as Electric Hotpads and
Electric Heaters.
priced at 	
Cumberland Electric
Lighting Co., Ltd.
Red Top Relief Valves, $7 each
To Keep "Closed" Plumbing "Open"
Thia ia a Vi-I*!. valve for use on domestic hot water supply
syst.'tus for relief of damaging pressures caused by ranges
and Lank heaters.
Both Hed Top Relief Valves are approved by Underwriters'
Laboratories, Inc., and by Slate and Municipal Bureaus of
Water and Boiler Inspection.
O. W. CLINTON, Managing Director.
Orders left at Henderson's Candy Store will receive
1^,**     PROMPT ATTENTION     *v:
David Hunden, Jr.
COAL     —     GENERAL HAULING      —      WOOD
of all descriptions
Concert and Play at
Anglican Hall Man-
day. It will be good
The family of the lato John Gordon
Fulcher desire to thank all friends
[or sympathy extended, for loan of
cars and for lho many beautiful floral
tributes received.
Union Bay. B.C.,
February at.h, 1929.
Automobile Side  Curtains Repaired
Also Harness Repairs
<.'rlildle Taken
Wlm   dooan't   liki-   grldillc   cakes?
Frum  lather  to the youngest member ol the family, evory one clamors
tor  inure  —  wlien  they  aro tasty I
iJero is a tested recipe!
l cupful Qorden's St. Uharlea Milk
1 cupful uf water.
^ tablespoonfuls melted butter.
1 egg well  beaten.
3 cupfula white dour.
1 teaspoonful salt,
l teaspoonfuls baking powder.
- tablespoonfuls sugar.
Combine ibe milk and water, add
tiie shortening, sugur, and the egg,
and beat in the dry ingredients whicli
have been sified together. Ueat thoroughly and fry ns usual on a slightly
oiled griddle, or on an uuoiled aluminum or soapstone griddle. If very
thin cakes are desired, add two more
tablespoonfuls of st. Charles Milk
nnd water. For further Interesting
recipes write for tin? Dorilcn Cook
Book, addressing Tlie Borden Co. Ltd.,
Dept. W.L., 140 St Paul W., Montreal.
Vancouver-Courtenay Transportation
Telephone 144 Q^ Mill St.. Courtenay
Agent in Courtenay: Mr. A. B Bill
Service ami promptness still our motto
Powell River, Alert Bay and at) Way Points evory Tuesday.
Courtenay, ComD* and Way Totals every Wednesday.
Tugs and Scows for hire.   Boats for charier.
Warehouses and Docks at Vancouver, foot of Bldwoll Street, and
Courtenny. B.C.
dlroctod, wilh a cast that includes
Bert Konch, Pojly Mijran. Mathew!
lletz, Frank Currier, Eileen Percy and
ALEX. MAXWELL, Proprietor
Coal and Wood Hi
U'lilion.    Furniture
Storage if desired.
Autos for Hire.    Coal and Wood Hauling givon very
prompt attention,    Furniture and Piano
i'iiotics 4 and 61
Cumberland, B. C. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 1929
In every sorts of building materials,
Royston Lumber Co.
PHONES I Nls''' ™"M: mx Cm"'u'"0>'
\ Office:  159 Cumberland.
Boards Of Trade
Discuss Road
(Continued from Pnse One)
of the
Canadian Medical Association
a lot of money in the country but they
I must have more than tourists to keep j
! it up. They must have more smoke ;
■ stacks and industrial development to j
I keep their sons and daughters in the i
J country.
(    Mr. G. A. Cheeke, of Malahat, ad-'
I vocated a road to San Juan and the
development of the San Juan harbor I
i as a port.   His board was not in afvor'
' of the diversion of the road to Cowich-
an Lake but they were in favor of the
Sproat Lake-Tofino road.    As far as
the    tourists    were    concerned,    Mr.
Cheeke said that if the Volsted Act
were amended he did not think they
would have so much interest in our
General Money, of Qualicum Beach,
said his board favored the road to
Ucluelet and Long Beach and also the
extension of the Island Highway from
Campbell River to Sayward and that
existing roads be completed before new
roads undertaken. He spoke very
strongly on the tourist trade with
which his business made him very familiar. This trade was growing enormously and they wanted to see the
sea, but they should look first to the
good of the people already lllvng on
the island.
Speaking for the Courtenay-Comox
Board of Trade, Mr. P. L. Anderton
said they were not very much interest
ed  in  the West Coast Road, except
Questions concerning health, addressed to tbe Canadian Medical
Association, 1S4 College Street,
Toronto, will be answered by letter. Questions as to diaguoiis
and treatment will not be answered.
I terious, but simply that they require
\ for their interpretation, certain definite scientific knowledge, training and
Cs?"   Special Family Laundry Rate   "^J
also expert
A Trial Order Will Convince You.
Orders left at the Ritz Cafe, Telephone 150
Cumberland, will  receive prompt attention
Courtenay 226
Cumberland, 150
tiit:iir., vv r.li IITnssttj
^lTi?3iJ-'.:}i"_*'A''*A, '■'}'. TA' 'TTJJMZ&ZJt-
Something to Put Into Your Book
of Glorious Movie Memories ...!
jk  *
*** ...*•        .W V
4R*   <yP
The Sweetest Love Story of This Era
February Uth, 15th and 16th
==s j from the tourist standpoint.   He re
.■■. j minded the executive of a resolution
• | passed at a meeting In Duncan to the
! i effect that no new roads be- built un
; j til the Island Highway was surfaced
I ! as far as Campbell River. There was
; \ still 30 miles to the south of Courtenay
■ ', and 20 miles to the north un-oiled.
: | He did not want to stand in the wav
; j of any other roads being built, but he
' ! did not want any other road construe-
; ! tion to interfere with the carrying ou
j ' of the oiling programme. At Menzies
;  Bay there were, or would be immedl
• \ ately, a thousand men working which
; ■ meant a pay roll of one and a half
;  millions a year.   It should be the bus-
I ; iness of the board to keep this business
;  on Vancouver Island and if this road
• was not built the money would all go
;  to Vancouver.     If that nine miles ol
■ ! road were built before the first of June
II it would immediately draw the trade
■ i to the island.
I i In adition to this, Courtenay want-
j ed the construction of the Cumber-
! : Iand-Alberni road. So far as the West
; Coast road was concerned they were
! j not opposed to It but thought there
; should be a road to give the tourists
■•• la circuit.
= j Mr. Wallace, Saanich, said he had
Ui!') come to the meeting with an open
mind to try and work for the good oi
the Island as a whole. In other sec-
' tions of the province the government
had opened up roads for diflercnt cor-
: porations and apparently we had lain
dormant. He thought the tourist
[ trade was one of the largest of our in-
f dustries but we also wanted roads tc
develop the country and bring Indus-
! tries and stop the migration to the
1 south.
j For the Nanaimo Board, Mr. Lelgh-
; ton sail they felt the Sproat Lake-
; Alberni road was really the one piece
jof road construction that Vancouver
I Island was crying out for at the pre-
i sent time. The northern part of the
i Island contributed most of the revenue
! and there was a great deal of work
;due it. The industrial west coast was
| wholly north of the Barclay Sound and
Toflno was the shipping centre for the
| canneries, small mills, etc., on that
I part of the coast. Tourists, he thought.
j were not specially pleased in roads
i built especially for them but would be
J better pleased with roads built for our
| Mr. T. H. Mumford, Cumberland, ad-
! vocated the construction of the Cum-
i berland-Albernl road and the road to
'Long Beach.
] Mr. F. S. Cunllffe, a past president
I of the Associated Boards, thought sec-
j tlonallsm should be avoided and
J broad, general policies laid down. He
[suggested that the executive draw tbe
i government's attention to the fact that
| several new roads were needed on Vancouver Island and urge upon them the
i adoption of a policy of road building
[ that would primarily be destined to
' serve industries and secondarily serve
j the greatest number of people. Th?
working out of the technical details
was for the government itself.
The Duncan Board of Trade submitted a resolution asking that all existing roads be put in flrst class condition; the construction of the road to
Tofino, and that the feasibility of
building tho west coast road via Cowichan Lake be investigated.
Realizing that a full discussion of I
this resolution would ocupy consider-
I able time and possibly lead to dlssen-l
slon, Mr. Leighton suggested a resolu-l
'tions committee be appointed. Thisj
i was done and a committee composed of I
Messrs. Harlrson, Anderton, SmyVhe,!
I Cheeke and Wallace brought in thej
j following resolutions, which were ad-
! adopted unanimously:
1. That the road from Sproat Lake
I to Toflno be constructed forthwith.
2. That the policy of oiling the Ts-'
i land Highway north to Campbell River
, be continued.
|   3.   That the Island Highway be con- j
;tlnued to Menzies Bay and thence to'
! Seymour Narrows.
!    4.     That   the   Cumberland-Alberni
road be completed,
g I   5.   That the Ocean Highway be eon-
I   tinued by way of Port San Juan to
m j Alberni by the most advisable route.
| Immunity
All unknown to ourselves, our bod-
| tea ar being constantly asasiled by
invisible e:ieniles— disease germs. The
war is a cortlnuoua one and we are
only aware of it when the tissues of
our bodies are not successful in their
defense, resulting in what we call
illness or disease.
Tho attack of the disease germs
calls forth a mobilization of our defensive forces, and, as a result of resisting Uie attack of certain germs,
the defensive forces become trained
in defence, sometimes becoming so
well as to ensure the overcoming of
one or other of these enemies.   When
the Individual has acquired a resist
ance or immunity to the disease which iL
the  particular disease  germ   causes, j
This happens only in the case of cer-
What Does It Mean?
Tills article is written because of the
numerous enquiries received by the
Health Service, asking the meaning
and significance of certain tests. Our
correspondents ask the meaning of
a high blood pressure, a positive or
a negative Wassermann test, or cou-
I corning one or other of the numerous
tests which are made.
During the past year, us n result of
research in medicine and in the
sciences, certain tests have been made
available for physicians. These tests
are most valuable aids In deciding the
nature of disease, but they are nothing 2If .t?".?" ^?e!_°CCUrr\ w? say llml
more than aids. Tliey arc. ns lt were,
on one symptom, A physician doos
not make dangerous diagnosis on one
symptom only and, for tho same reason, he does not make his diagnosis j "*'" Scrm-caused diseases,
upon the result of ono test. |    As wc hnvl! sn|d. this conflict goes
It seems necessary to point this out, * on "" unknown to us. Unfortunately,
as so many people seem lo think that " mean3 that as It goes on. many bo-
the diagnosis of certain diseases is ' comc slcl< a,ul s°me die. By the timo j
now made In a mnchlnc-llke manner, I "" rcai-'11 ndult lite, most of us have
hy subjecting the case to a series of I developed an Immunity to diptheria
tests which label thc individual as' without having suffereil from dipther-
suffering or as free from certain dis-1la nnu some die from tho disease. If
eases. I we could  acquire the protection  or
Wo ore not minimizing in any way j immunity without being constantly
tho value of these tests; wo merely i menaced by Illness and death, It Is
point out their limitations. The re-; l''aln that It would he most desirable
suits must he weighed along with'""'' »'e do so. At the present time
other symptoms hy the physician In w" can secure Immunity from a fow
charge of tho caso. Tbe significance of diseases by means of certain well-
symptoms varies, and each case must known and accepted measures. Vac-
be considered separately. I filiation   makes   us   Immune   against
ln using modern tests, the physician smallpox.       Diptheria   Immunization
brings all available moans to his old means immunity to diptheria.
so that ho may make a correct dlag- j    Through   Vaccination  and   Immun-
nosls being needed not merely lo re-  izntlon, we can secure immunity In a
Eastern Canada
or thc
United States
this Winter
by the
Leaving Vancouver 9:50 p.m. Daily
Carries Through Standard Sleepers
Radio-cuuippert Observation Car
£. VY. BICKLE, agent, Cum berland,  IM'., Telephone 3.",
Or write
O. P. Earlc. District Passenger Atom, Victoria, B.C.
lieve symptoms, but to correct or remove the cause of the trouble.
An untrained person cannot understand the significance of these tests
perfectly safe and satisfactory way.
It means doing in a controlled way
wliat otherwise ia done for most of
us, in an uncontrolled and. therefore,
any more than ho ean understand llie dangerous way, which results In sick
meaning of the different  sounds the ness for many and doath for some,
physician  henrs  through  his  stothe-     Why   not   secure   immunity   from j
scope when he applies It to Ihe chest those diseases from which we can> be
of the person he is examining.   It Is protected, In a safe and satisfactory
not because these aro secret or mys- manner?
tfnrrclonsl   Diflercnt!  Who!   You've
been walling for
Never before have the opportunities
'or seeing Europe, in comfort, heen
better presented than in the Canadian
National 1920 All Expenses Tour
hrough Great Britain, Franco, Bel-
glum, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.
From $410.00 up (.Montreal-overseas
and return to Montreal you get a
38 day to 59 day sightseeing tour—
^siting the old world—the cradle of
civilization—of seeing world-renowned cities and beauty spots, historic
tttes and monuments. Sail from Montreal. July 5th, on the Cunard Line
i.S. "Andania". Everything along the
way Is arranged with no attention tn
detail necessary on your part. The
assurance of desirable steamer accommodation aud choice hotels on the
other side—the elimination of the
wrangling with taxi-drivers, porters,
disappointments anil delays nre onl..
few of ihe advantages enjoyed by
taking this most attractive tour, which
offers great travel value. A feature
is touring Scotland and England by
motor coach.
Full details and information from
E. \V. Dickie, agent, Dunsmuir, ave..
Telephone 35. 6-8
Amos: "An' you say youso is courting that widow? That's too bad. Do
she give yo any encouragement?"
Andy: "Boy! she done already ask
me do I snore!"
That the Government be asked
*.o use every endeavor to have the harbor of San Juan developed by the Federal Government so as to make It a
lafe port.
7. That all future roads that mav
be constructed shall have a reasonable
width of standing timber on each side
preserved wherever possible.
All Boards of Trade of the Island
were represented at the meeting, tho:;?
attending from Courtenay being Mr.
j P. L. Anderton (president), Mr. C. 3.!
Wood (secretary), nnd Mr. W. A W.
Twenty head or holstein cattle from
Mberta pure bred herds have arrived
it Vancouver over Canadian Pacific
Railway lines for shipment to Jpan.
These cattle were colteeted for a Japanese buyer by deputy minister of
agriculture Craig. Quite a few such
shipments have passed through this
The purchase of tlie
Canned Fish
Horseshoe Salmon, >/j Ib. tin, 2 for   45^
King Oscar Sardines, 20c. per tin, 5 for   95,?
I'ink Salmon, '/i's, 5 tins for  55,*
Kippered Snacks, 3 tins for  25£
Kippered Herring in Tomato Sauce, large, 3 tins 50.?
N. B. .Sardines, 3 tins for  25£
Canned Finnan Haddie, 2 tins for  55,?
AIRY-FAIRY CAKE FLOUR, 35c per       (ft -t   AA
packet, 3 for       tplulrU
2-lb BOX OF DUTCH COCOA, 35c per box     Hf! „
5 lb. Box  _  <OC
Full Slock of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Always on Hand.
Service and Quality Reigns
Phone 38 \ye Deliver
port recently.
stock for Japan was made through the ]
Alberta government and the cattle!
were selected from various herds In
the province. Several of the animals '
or their Immediate ancestors have
records of 20,000 pounds of milk per
year and all of them are from high
producing dams.
Further experiments with super
phosphate from the smelter at Trail,
B.C.. will be conducted In 1929 by the
Alberta Department of Agriculture In
conjunction with the Dominion Experimental Farms and C. P. It. experimental farms. An abundant quantity of Ihis fertilizer will be available ,
to meet demands.
Mutual Life of Canada
If interested in a sound investment sludv this result
of policy in Mutual Life
Policy No.    Plan    Age
3«,ii>ii   Endowm't 'a
30 yeara
Net Cash Paid
by Assured
Cash Paid
hy  .Mutual LKe
Anionut Received
for Each $10u Invested
Kegular   Dividend   Allotment   for   1928—$3,400,000
In addition to this a special fash Dividend-of $700,000 is now
being distributed lo policy boldor.a
Phone 83L
nurse ir
. \«ho««*w MILK
Write The Borden Co., Limited, !>!•'■
B 40, U'imiT Art-mli- Hull.iin1(. Vnncou-
W,B.C.,for »«" Huh) Welft« Book*,
Fertilizer and
It is not too early to be thinking of Fertilizer and
Keod Requirements for the Spring, Our new stock*
will arrive shortly, and we can supply your needs
without delay.
-IA       X       HV       X       ♦
Comox Creamery Butter 55.? per lb.
Comox Creamery Association PAGE FOUR
Something New
Butterfly skirts, candy stripes, have just been delivered to us and are on sale now; the shadings are very
smart, and tha style is there.   Price $6.50 each.
Flannel Butterfly Skirts in shades of Navy. Red and
Copen, a very smart and attractive skirt. Price $4.95.
Misses Sweaters, in many new stripes, sizes 28 to 84,
made of a vary nice quality wool, will give real good
wear.   Price $2.95.
We have had delivered the new self colors in table
oilcloth ,whicli makes a most attractive table coloring. Ths new shades we have in slock are Red, Pale
Green, three shades of Blue, Pink and Yellow, quite a
change from the usual floral designs, and the quality
and price are the same.
•    •*■_■»>_
We are opening out a consignment of new goods, including many novelty designs in prints, broadcloths,
and fancy goods suitable for dresses.
A shipment of House Drosses has just arrived today,
and will bc on display in a few days.
Representing Pictorial Review Patterns
Pantorium Dye Works.
Cumberland Personals
; Born to Mr. and Mrs, T. Eccleston,
! 'at the Cumberland General Hospital,
; | on   Tuesday,   February   the   5th,   a
j daughter.
I Mr. Den Horbury was a visitor to
; Vancouver and Seattle, leaving for
'•   tie mainland on Sunday.
; Miss Bessie Brown left on Saturday
! ■ for Seattle where .she will visit with
; , relatives tor the next month.
; i In the report of the annual meeting
; : of the Cumberland Welsh Society, pub-
; : lished last week, we omitted to say
; j that Mrs. II. Jackson was presented
; i with a pyrex pie plate on silver stand,
! . for her services during the past year.
%?&*&■:••: ■-:*' - **: - -.*■'■- -..
You must be        I
satisfied I
We aim to satisfy all our customers and friends.   It |§
is one thing we pride ourselves on—the satisfying ||
of ALL our customers.   Our friendly courteous service |&
and thc quality of our goods lias earned for   ... §&
Mumford's Grocery I
such words of praise as $k
"If You Get It at Mumford's—It's Oood" If
Phone 71
dOOD!" by coming to tbe Headquarters' Dance na Saturday, Feb. 0th.
• *   •
Tin- Cumberland Men's Bridge club
i.ini nt tbe home of Mr. aud Mrs. U.
T. Richardson on Tuesday night
f mrteen members being present. Following the play a short meeting was
| held to make final arrangements for
ihe bridge which was held on Wednesday night In the Anglican ball,
• •   a
The Junior Rose Court W. B.A. held
their usual meeting on Tuesday evening undor the supervision of Mrs.
K. Marocchi, when a most instructive
session ensued. Following the meeting, the box of candy donated by Mrs.
Marocchi was drawn for and won by
Barbara McNeil. Refreshments were
served and just after adjourning tbe
W.B.A. Review N'o. 17 arrived and
held a whist drive, prizes being won
by Mrs. Hindley. Mrs. J. D. Davis,
Mrs. Frelone and Mrs. Robertson.
■   •   •
The Pythian Sisters held a whist
drive in the ladge room on Wednes
day evening. Tlie prize winners were
Mrs. Quinn. ladles' firat; Mrs. J. Watson, ladles' second. Men's first, Mr,
Joaltlns; men's second, Mrs. Lockner
It is reported thai thc Oyster River
beach consisting of 160 acres bus been
bought by Mr. S. R. Ritchie and associates from a Victoria syndicate.
This beach Is one of the hest on the
Island and has been a favorite place
for Cumberland campers and fishermen for a number of years.
In loving memory of my dearly beloved husband, Alexander Robertson,
who was killed In an explosion nt
No. 4 mine, Cumberland, B.C., on February Sth, 1923.
Six years recalls sad memories of
our loved one gono to rest. We think
of you dear husband with grief thut is
deep and true. No one knows the
silent heartache that makes us long
for you, as It dawns another year.
Ever remembered by his loving wife
and children. Bevan, B.C.
We Deliver    |§
In loving memory of J. William
Whltehouse, who was killed In No. 4
mine explosion. February 8th, 1923.
Ever remembered by his wife and son.
NOTICE is hereby given, that all
assessed taxes on land levied under
the " taxation Act" and all school
taxes levied under tho "Public Schools
Aet" are due and payable on February
15th, 1929.
All taxes on income shall bo deemed to he due and payable on the date
on which the notice of assessment
thereof is given to the taxpayer.
All taxes due and collectable for
the Comox Assessment District are
payable at my office in the Government Office, Cumberland, B.C.
Haled at Cumberland, B.C., February 0th, 1020.
J.  L.  BROWN,
li Collector.
^. ^^^- *',^fc.
The Cumberland Men's Bridge Club
entertained    at   fourteen    tables   ot
■ bridge In the Anglican Hall on We:l-
| nesday night.   A very jolly time was
i had by all present and some very keen
; and Interesting rubbers played.    Mrs.
J. Conway won tbe ladies' first prize,
Mrs. Eadie  the second  and  Mrs. G.
IC. MacNaughton the consolation.   Mr.
Meredith, of Royston, won the gentlemen's first. Dr. Wilson, of Vancouver.
| tlio  second,  and   Mr.   Robinson,  the
' consolation.
Mann's Bakery catered ln their
u;;ual high class style, dainty refreshments being plentiful. The party
broke up shortly after midnight alter
a very enjoyable evening.
The   members   of   ihe   bridge   club
present   Included    Messrs.   Mumford.
Shaw,  Eadle,  Tarbell.  Finch,  Dalby,
Conway, Dodson, Wing. McNiven, Symons, Vaughan. Bryan. Cone and Vernon-Jones.    Tho   Invited   guests   in-
I eluded Mesdames  Cope,  Hicks,  Rich-
I ardson, McNaughton, Eadle, Thomas,
Murary,  Apps, Symons. Finch. Mumford,  Bryan,  Shortt,  Wing,  Meredith,
I T. Oraham, T.  R. Graham, Milligan.
Parnham,   Misses   Galllvan,   Cannon.
Sohl,   Pickettl,   Beecrott,   Dallos  and
Messrs.   Tarbell,   Apps,   T.   Graham,
T. R. Graham. Murray, Thomas. Meredith,  Yates,  Slovens,  Simms,  Robin-
[srn, Parnham and Dr. Wilson.
HisDJOy           A™wonderrul set for ihe home and with the
_,                     latest Rogers features.   Bee It today.
1 he Prico $ko
In Your Home .J^AJj
Ilolli   llicie   models   llhl -trn!<■:!     ;     \f->'-  '.«...* *:
,.,  i   .iTaaa;^ '^.j_^
jji!  Charlie Dalton  j
24- —TELEPHONE 100
offer now beauty and attractlv
neBS In Radio Sets, as well as
new and  finer quality  of  toilO.
•   Meets Boat at l'nion Bay Every   j
! Sunday Morning I
Dr, MacNaughton is
for tbe  week-end.
expected home
Miss Sadie Brown spent the week
end in town and had as ber guest
Mr. Bill Chalmers of Denman Island.
•   *
Mr. and Mis. T, Piket and two
children Cecil and Thelma were amongst the old timers from Denman
Island, who came over to attend ihe
Pioneers' Re-Union.
Lt.-Col Charles W. Villiers. general
i lanager of the Canadian Collieries
iDunsmuir), Limited, arrived on Moo-
day and left for Victoria on Wednes-
day morning.
Don't forget your own birthday at
t.10 United Chum-li Hall on Friday
. ight.    Barrels of fun for all.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gibson arrived
In town on Tuesday to attend the
funeral of the late Mrs, Gertrude Gib-
son, mother of Mr. Robert Gibson.
Lillian Pickettl and Margarei West-
(leld held a tare rell party for Mis,
Bessie Brown on Friday ovening. The
hoys and girls had a jolly time playing
those games which delight the hearts
of the young people. A light supper
was served and Bessie Brown was
tlie delighted recipient of a .-nil of
silk lingerie. Those invited were:
Barbara Martin, Oil..s Williams, May
Beveridge, Edith Cavellero, Chrlssle
Robertson, Alice Brown, Alison Gee-
itie, Donna MacRae, Gertie Davis,
Margaret Smith, Bessie Brown. Bern-
ice Stant, Tommy Conrod, Harry
Wes!field, John E, Bannerman, Bryson Parnham, Willie Brown, Clinton
Harrison, Hugh Irvin, Irvine Banks,
Rupert McKnight, Tommy Adamson,
Willie MacNaughton, Joe Whyley,
Wllbert Auchlerlonle.
Mrs. T. Conti and Miss J. Bono entertained at a "500" drive in honor
of their sister. Victoria's natal day.
\ very pleasant evening w.is spent,
the hostesses serving delectable refreshments during the evening. Music and games after cards rounded out
a most enjoyable evening. Pri .*.
winners at "GOO" were: ladles' fir L.
Mrs. Bobba: second, Miss Lilly Picketti; consolation, Mrs. J. Marocchi.
Those present Included Meadameg T.
Brown, Bogo. .1. Marocchi, Bobba and
tho Misses Mary Picketti, Lilly Pjck-
ettl, K. Bartoldi. .1. Bogo and Margaret Westfield.
Economics Class
Entertain Trustees1
Miss D. Cannon, domestic science
Instructress, and ber first year hlsh
s fhool class, entertained the present
and ex-Board of School Trustees at
dinner in the domestic science room
last monday at 5:30 o'clock. Covers
were laid for ten and a three-course
dinner was served, the girls taking
full charge and handling the affair
It) a very capable manner, Annie
Brown made u charming hostess while
Sheila Conway acted In the capacity
of host. Nina Shields and Dilys Williams made very efficient table maids,
tlie cooks for the occasion being Harriet Horbury, Marguerite Herd, Lena
Tomassl, Wllie Jackson, Mary Cnrtcr
, Vincen Aucterlonle, Jenny Lawrence,
Annie Taylor, Maty Hutton, Cozuko
Iwasa, Hatsu MatBukura, Hlsako Na-
i After dinner studies wore given '■
by those present, expressing their, ■
satisfaction and appreciation with thai ;
progress made in tho domestic science !
work during the past two years arftl ;
praiBlng the Btudentu on the ability j
a id skill shown ii conducting the , ;
dinner, The hostess said thai il gavo j j
hor much pleasuro to entertain the ;
guests and hopod thai they had enjoy- ;
ml themselves, as it afforded the
staff much pleasure In preparing for
"Billy" Mitchell in Town      I i
Mr. Win. It. Mitchell, a real old tlm0   j
rt .--ideut of Cumberland, who has been j I
residing up In  the Yukon for some I J
considerable   lime   was   iu   town   on'. !
Wednesday,    li   is over thirty  yeara ' ;
since "Billy"' Mitchell worked for the | |
Colliery Company, being at thai time   1
employed keeping the railroad tracks   |
in   repair,    Afterwards   he   was   ap-! !
pointed   government   agent   at  Cum-: ;
berland, icier going to Dawson City j |
'      the Yukon to redd-'.   Thursday he   :
;   in   town   greeting   all   his   old   j
'iids and had a real good time. He ; !
it present staying with his sister,   ;
;. Robb at Comox. j j
The Flu Hits Hard
when it doos come, but you can ward off that cold
and prevent the
by using Lang's Syrup Pine Tar mentholated
Delicacies for all !
For the wedding feast, bridge parties, anniversary !
event:*., or just for every day Mann's Pics, :
Pastries and Cakes add so much to your menu.   Pure •
delicious and fresh every day. !
Saturday Specials
King George Hotel ■
good   service,   reasonable   charges.
[Centrally Located,
Denial Surgeon
Ollice Cor. of Dunsmuir Ave
Opposite Ilo-Ilo Theatre
Asts Like a Mas.*
In ReSievircg Qolds
Tlini'n why so many people buy
"Buckley's" to end Cough*. Bronchitis nm! nil Throat, Chest and
Lung troubles. It's instant, pleasant,
guaranteed. You'll note iu unique
powers in llie very first dose—and
there are -10 .loses in n Ta-crnt bottle I
Ask your druggist for "Buckley's".
W. K. Buckley, Limited,
142  Mutual St.,  Toronto 2
*55 t^ TtTLEV'*1
art*        M I XT URE tt.J
Ingle sippr
in MA
75C  and  40c
glasses, between Cumberland mil
Courtonay. Finder please return to
Islander office, at
Telephone lines
in nine places
by cold
Culil wciitfcer caused nine
breaks In Ihe long distance
circuits of tlio It. C. Tele
phono Company on Similar,
Jnmuir) "J". Tbey occurred
In three lines, six lu lite new
Vnncniiver- Calgary circuit,
tun In fbe Vancouver-Seattle line and ore In the Van-
couTcr-PciiMcton  line.
The troublo wns the result nf thc extreme cold
entitling :i contraction of the
copper wires tho tightening
forcing fliem fn snnp.
Actually, there wns no
suspension of wirvlco ns
alternative routed were
available, and nil lines nut
of order were restored to
service flic some day.
Opposite   llo-llo  Theatre
Cumberland, I!. C.
Practical Dorber .*v Hairdresser
Children's hair cut any lyle '.ISi
l.aillcs*  hair  cul   any  style  BU:
"The  Home  of High-Class  Cakes  and  Pastries"
Concert and Play
Variety Turns and Snappy I'lay
Anglican Hall
Monday, February 11th
at 8 p.m.
Admission   —   —   —   Fifty Cents
Cup Wc n By The
Misses Parnham
And Aspesy
ladies' Dou'-lcs Contest Decided
—Men's Don'* les Ncaring
The competition at the Band Hall
among the members of the Whippets
I Badminton Club for the trophleB do-
l natcd by the board of management of
j the Cumberland Literary and Athletic
! Association   for   men's   doubles   and
ladies'  doubles  produced  soma rery
I keen   and   interesting  games.    The
men's doubles competition Is not finished ye:, hut it Ib hoped to complete
all games by the week end.   The cup
for ladies' doubles goeB to MIsb V.
AspeBy  nnil   Miss   Norma   Parnhwn,
who will hold the trophy for one year,
mi ai.it ure cups being presented to the
winners each year.
P. P. Harrison
«<^fcrM_      „=— •.
A>* ^hl '$'A   !
"""fe   I
"lour Hundred"
The RoRors Lowboy offers the
very latest In Improvements for
liner reproduction.
l'rlce t'2"l,
Barrister,  Solicitor, 11 j
Notary Pviblic ;! j
Main Ollice ■ ; I
Courtenay     —     Phone 258 !   ;
Loral Ollice j   '.
Cumberland Hotel in Evenings. S   ;
Telephone   licit  or  2' i   j
i  "
Co., Ltd.
Phone  It.   A.   Itoliertsnn.  47.M   Cumberland,  for  Demonstration.
It ilie*     ;
HsMSsinahlc ;
j Commercial    II , \ I-,>
•Headquarter!   \~l wLC
I Knnrn*i Steam  Dented
i        ff, MEItltlFlKLO, I'rop.
Quick for getaway, unusual mileage
and plenty of Power—that's what
ETHYL (ins offers you. If you
haven't tried this (las, she it a fair
test for the next lifty miles—then
you'll never change.
Cumberland Motor Works
L. GEIDT     —     W. GORDON
Satisfaction Guaranteed Phone 77
Ilo-Ilo Dance Hall
Music by Jimmy Walker and his
Maple Leaf Orchestra
Dancing from 9 to 12
Gentlemen, Fifty Cents Ladies Twenty-five Cents


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