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The Cumberland Islander May 18, 1928

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Array h\
"Annie Laurie"
Ilo-Ilo Theatre
This Week-end
With which Is contiolhlated the ( iimlti-rhirnl News.
FRIDAY. .MAY 18TH. 1928.
Rod and Gun Club
To Hold Competition
At Puntledge Lake
The Cumberland Rod and Gun Club
will held :t big flsihlng competition on
Puntledge Lake net month, full particulars of which will be announced
later. In connection with the competition, Air. J. L. Brown ls In receipt of
an offer of a collodion of spoons from
the Gibbs Tool aud Stamping Works,
Vunouver, to be used as one of the
prizes in the June ompetitlon. The
only stipulation mnde by this firm is
that winners must entity thnt the fish
were caugilit on Gibbs' tackle.
The Dominion Cartridge Co. through
their representative. Mr. Snell, have
donated a couple of boxes of their
new Duco finished shells and Hies:
will be used as prizes in the June com
During the p.ist two yoars the local
Rod and Gun Club has made rapid
headway, upwards of one hundred aud
fifty members being enrolled. Several
competition will be held during the
summer and interest In the big one
to he held next month is very keen.
The secretary of the local club is
also in receipt of a communication
from the publisher of the Rod and
Gun magazine thanking the local club
for sending in so mnny subscriptions
for Rod and Gun 'and reminding all
the members that the subscriptions
are now due nnd can be obtained by
members of the club at the same reduced rate as prevailed last year,
namely $1.00. This rate was a special
rate obtained by the local club in the
past and the publisher is extending
the privilege to members of the Rod
and Gun Club once more.
List of Subscribers
to Empire Day Fund
Can. Collieries Employees   ...
City of Cumberland 	
Union Bay Employees, est	
Canadian Collieries (11) Ltd	
Royston Lumber Co., Employees, est.
Islander Changes
To Seven Columns
Commencing with this issue, the
Cumlierland Islander changes to a
four page, seven column paper. This
is in keeping with the majority of responsible weekly papers throughout
the country and ns far as Is possible
only news of local interest will be
published. It is our earnest request
knowin gtihat perfection cannot be
obtained in a moment, that our readers
will come forward with suggestions
as to details In which this paper may
be improved. We also aBk our readers to send in any personal items they
might know of, the comings and goings
of residents and visitors, parties and
other social events.
Por a great many yearB now. th
Islander has published notices of
meetings, socials, ball games, card
parties and numerous otlier attractions, ln a great many instances, without charge. Commencing with this
Issue we have made it a rule that all
announcements must be paid for. All
that a newspaper has to sell is iu
space and for different organizations
to come down to the office and ask
us to publish this announcement and
that announcement makes it hard ou
our purse strings. We acknowledge
at this stage, the deep debt of gratitude we owe to our advertisers who
have stayed with us through hard
times and good times, and can assure
one and .ill that it is our intention to
put out as newsy a sheet as possible.
We ask you to help us out, send us in
any personal or other Item you might
wish to see published, and providing
it ls news and not scandal or of n
'libellous nature we will do our utmost
to see that it is published.
BritishColumbia Miner
New Journal Creditable One
We have Just received the first number of the "British Bolumbta Miner"
which Its publishers nnnoiince Is devoted to tin* inferi'sts of ihe mining industry of Western Canada in general
aud  B.O.   In   pnrttcnliir.    It   is   well
printed and illustrated and is n most
readable production.   The main portion of the journal appeals to the pro-* of the bridge as n permanent part or
fessional engineer and mine operator,  the line's lslnnd system,
but one section is devoted to market       Following  the   completion   of  the
news  and  another to the somewhat  Trent  River work, installation  of a
neglected  subject of modern  miniiiR  large stool span nt Big Qunllcum River
Royston  Lumher Co.,  Ltd	
Edward W. Bickle 	
ThomaB Graham 	
George W. Clinton 	
Comox Creamery Ass'n 	
Cumberland Electric Light Co
Cumberland Water Works Ltd.
Campbell  Bros,   (goods)   	
J. Sutherland, (goods) 	
Cavin's Shoe Store   (goods)....
Tommy Nakanishi (goods)   ...
L. R. Stevens   (goods)   	
Matt  Brown's Grocery  	
William   Douglas   	
Vendome   Hotel   	
Dr. W. Bruce Gordon 	
Robert   Yates   	
John the Hatter 	
William Merrifield 	
Wilcock & Co. Ltd	
Harllng & Ledlngham 	
Lang's Drug Store (goods) ....
A.  McKinnon   (goods)	
C. H. Tarbell &Son (goods) ....
City Meat  Market 	
Frelone's Grocery Store 	
McKenzie & Partridge (good3)
Mnrocchi Bros 	
Mumford's Grocery 	
King George Hotel 	
James   Dick   	
Dr. Geo. K. MacNaughton 	
William   Hutton   	
Dr. E. R. Hicks 	
Comox   Argus   	
Mann's Bakery 	
Thomas   Armstrong   	
J. H. Cameron 	
Cumberland   Supply   	
M.  Shiozaki, Jeweller 	
E. Aida. Cumberland Tailor ...
W.   Eadle   	
U. Watanabe. Union Tailor ....
Jos.   Aspesy   	
F. Dallos, Waverley Hotel	
Alex. Henderson 	
Ritz Lunch Room  	
Royal Confectionery 	
Chas.  Dalton   	
John   Conwa..*   	
T. E. Banks 	
Wm.  McLellan.  Senr	
Peter McNiven 	
Henderson   Motors   	
E. L. Saunders 	
Charles  Spooner 	
F. D. Pickard 	
John C. Brown 	
Donald   McLean   	
Shorty's Pool Room 	
Mrs.   L.   Francescini   	
John Nlnatti 	
Frank  Scavarda  	
Chow Lee  	
Free  Mason:.   	
Lai   Fung  	
Dart Coon Club 	
Mah Tom Kee 	
Wong Why	
Sun   Sing  	
Sun On  Wo Co	
Chew Tal Co	
Foo Yuen  	
Sam Waw. 	
Ho Hee  	
Yong Sam 	
Wong Tew  	
Quong Me Lung 	
Wong Sho 	
Lan   Kee   	
Kam Sun Low 	
Kee Fung   	
Tai On 	
25 00
Two Killed In Motor Smash
On Island Highway
Three Others Injured—Party of
Five on Way to Dance at
Royston Pavilion
Deat'li stalked in the pntli of a party
ot live youths travelling from Alberni
to the Imperial Pavilion on Saturday
evening last, when the Chandler s.idan
In   which  thoy .were  riding sw«>:-ved
\ i Miss Fountain Speaks to
nged. The bodies of the dead were
removed to Courtenay where an inquest was held on Monday last, when ;.,,,,—
Coroner McKee summoned the follow- j t.G.I.T. Girls at Mother and
Ing jury.   Messrs. Geo. Small,  it, G.  Daughter Banquet
Laver,   C.   Beard,   R.   A.   Wilson,   R. I     Tj
Duncan  nnd Geo. Spencer, who met mother
l-hnt evening and  elected  Mr.  K. A.!
Wilson   foreman.    After viewing the j
bodies,   the   following   evidence   was
taken from John Forsythe. fhe least
und   struck
at  the   s larpj injured  of tlie party, and  who  was
curve at tlie foot of what Is knov.'/i as
the second "sand-hill." Tbe speed of
fhe car carried It some twenty-eiglit
feet beyond tlie stump, tearing the
body from the chassis, the car coming
to a rest on its side and facing the
opposite direction to which it waB
going. Charles Alfred Hnnsen and
Lloyd Forsyth were killed almost! Chandler car
instantly .whilst William Ramsay received severe cuts about the face nnd
hend nnd lies In St. Joseph's Hospital
in a critical condition. Jack Forsyth
nnd A, Hunsen were removed to the
Cumberland General Hospital, the
former suffering from a sprrfned
ankle and several cuts und bruiser,
g'jj,) i Hnnsen received a badly broken leg
50 j and body bruises.    Jack Forsyth  left
2 50
tlie Cumberland Hospital on Tuesday
anxious to return to his home
"I am a logger at Woods Lumber
Camp at Alberni Canal. On Saturday
night. May 12th, I left Port Alberni in
company with Chas. Hansen. Wm.
Ramsay, Alger Hansen nnd Lloyd Forsythe. We left about 7:30 p.m. to t;o to
Royston to a dance. We were in a
with Charlie Hansen
driving. It was a six-cylinder car,
closed type. We had some trouble with
the engine and stopped at Qualicum
Beach to inquire about a dance that
was going on there. We decided to go
to Royston. The driver stated thut he
was not going to speed much around
the hills ns his brakes were not work
ing well. He used the emergency several times. He used them coming clown
the summit near Alberni.   The last I
I remember talking to him he had not
morning for his home in Alberni. Alljbeen speeding. I was ln the back seat
the occupants of the car were resi- j andp belng tiredi was more or Iess doz.
dents of Port Alberni, Charles A:fre'J|lng.   l do not think he was speeding
Hansen, twenty-one years of age and
Agfler Hansen, were brothers, sons of
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Hnnsen, whilst
Lloyd Forsyth, nineteen years of age
and Jack Forsyth were also brothers,
the sous of Mr. and Mrs. John Forsyth.
Tbe accident was reported by _ man
named Peterson, who, WR3 the flrst j
to reach the scene of the accident.!
He made His way to the Dollar Camp
and notified the Provincial Police at
Courtenay. After the arrival of the!
police it was some time before the i
bodies could he removed
any of the way. ,
"We stopped at Bowser for about 15
minutes. We were all in the beer parlor at Bowser; we all had two bottles
each. At Qualicum we were in tlie beer
parlor and had a couple of bottles each.
None of the party were intoxicated.
"At Bowser the driver said it was late
and we had better step on it to get to
Royston for the dance. We bought a
dozen bottles of beer at Bowser. I
paid for it; thc driver put a dollar with
my $2.35 to pay for it; none of these
we arc! bottles were opened,
given   to   understand,   no  ambulance j
was available.    A purty of Cumber-:
land residents on their way to Home
Lake for a fishing trip were stopped
by  the  police and  requested to  lend
Total     $1218.75
Balance in  Bunk  from  1927       2i).6S
Grand   Total     $1248.43
Bridge Work On
E. &!_N. Active
First Span on Trent River Bridge
Completed; Other Work
Work has been completed by the
Canadian Bridge Company on the first
steel span, replacing the old structure
at Trent River nn the Esquimalt and
Nanaimo Railway. It w.as announced
by H. E. Beasley, general superintend-
nnt of tho line recently. The work
wns finished on Saturday nnd Sunday
nights when the train truffle wus
light .
The contractors have been at work
on this bridge for some time, und 140,-
000 cubic yards of eartb fill has been
finished at the south end. It Is ex*
pected to install the second Bteel span
ou this structure towards tlie end of
ihis week, completing the renewal ofI
"I was sitting in the back seat on
the right side of the car, Billy Ramsay
and Chas. Hansen in the front seat,
Alger Hansen and Lloyd Forsyth in the
back scat.    Chas. Hansen owned the
assistance. Tbe party from Cumber-|can : waB first t0 wnke up after the
land included Mayor Alex. Maxwell, accident. I looked at Chas. Hansen's
F. D. Pickard. Matt. Stewart, Victor! watch and it was stopped at about 11
C.G.I.T. held tlieir annual
and daughter banquet on Friday evening lasl In the United Church
Hall, nt whicli one hundred and I wen
ty-nine people sat down to tiie dalle
lous  repast.
The programme following the dinner  was  as  follows:
Toast, Cniuda, V. Aiichterlouie;
j Singing of "O' Canada" Solo J. Mitchell; welcome io mothers, U. Nicholas
'responded to by Mrs. Conrad; sung,
Golden Key Girls; welcome to guests,
M. Herd; responded I" by Miss Fountain; solo, J. Welch.
Miss Fountain, who is a C.G.I.T.
leader, when responding to the toast
"To our guests," spoke briefly of the
work of the C.G.I.T.. also of the
daughters' duty to their mothers and
the mothers' duty to tlieir daughters,
giving the three points, Love. Comradeship and Patience.
The Misses E. Henderson, Beth Horbury, Jessie Brown, Helen Parnham,
and Fallen Hunden assisted with the
Following the progrumme all present joined in community singing. Tho
most successful and enjoyable evening ended witli tlie singing of "God
Save the King.''
First Cricket Match
Thursday Next
The first cricket game of the season, in fact, the first cricket game ever
played in the city of Cumberland will
take place un Thursday next May 24th
nt 2 lu the afternoon, when the Courtenay Club will invade Cumberland
und tackle the locals on the 'V ground
Curabei land is out to avenge last
j ear's defeat at the bands of the
Courtennyitcs and as both teams have
been strengthened considerably since
last season and um- or two mu.'e
bowlers have been discovered. Tom
Carney, last year's wicket keeper will
not lie available for the opening game,
owing to liis recent Injury. Jack
Vaughan will probably take Ills place
ns he has been showing good form
behind tbe wicket. Jack is not par-
licuiarly anxious for the job but is
willing to tackle It. Just wbo will
take charge of Cumberland's bowling
has not been decided, but ft will probably be left with Finch. Gough, Good-
all and Vernon-Jones, The following
players are asked to hold themselves
in readiness for next Thursday's game
and to report at the "V" ground not
later than 2:20 so that the game can
start promptly at 8.
E. O. Robathan, captain, T. H. Mumford, J. Vernon-Jones, L. H. Finch, R.
Goodali, S. Gough, J. L. Brown, C.
Dando, J. Vn ugh an, J. Quinn, J. Rlch-
(irdson, J. Ledlngham, S. Boothman.
Big Whist Drive
And Dance By
Ambulance Assn
Ed. Lee Bags Large
Cat on Reid Island
Campbell River, May 17.—This morning Ed, Lee, Government cougar hunter returned from Reid Island with a
big "torn" that had been playing havoc
with the sheep flock of Mr, und Mrs.
J. Tell. Lust Friday the big cat killed seven sheep which were nil found
within n radius of fifty yards. The
cougar wns nine feet two inches in
length und is ihe biggest with one
exception that Mr. Lee has shot.
Bonora, Fred Martin and Alex. Som
erville and it was six o'clock Sunday
morning before they could proceed on
their way to tho Lake, after being on
tlie scene from about midnight. One
of the party remarked that for him
the fishing trip was spoiled as ihe had
never In his life seen such a gruesome
sight. The top of the car was practically cut away from the body, although it was stated that the radiator
o'clock.   I examined Chas. Hansen and | his head on a cushion of the car.   He
I think he was dead then. I picked up
his brother, Alger Hansen nnd he said
he had a sore leg; he thought it was
broken. I then looked for my brother
and Wm. Ramsay and found them lying on their backs about 10 feet from
the car. I spoke to my brother and he
said he was cut but he did not think
he was hurt much; he sat up and Ij
asked me if I was hurt and that was
tlio lust time he spoke. I then picked
up Ramsay and laid him beside my
brother and wiped his face off. Hn did
not speak. About this time a car came
along and stopped.
"My brother was 17 years old on I
April 24th. I was 18 years old on Jan. j
The inquest was then adjourned until
The Cumberland and district centre
of the St. John's Ambulance association will hold a monster whist drive
and dance In thc Ilo-Ilo Hall tonight,
with whist commencing at 7:30 and
continuing until 9:30. Refreshments
will be served after which dancing
will be indulged in until 2 n.m. t;>
music by the Canary Club Orchestra.
The affair is being held in honor of
A. J. Taylor, D.M., D.O., O.S.J.B.R.
Who was recently decorated by the
Governor-General with the order of
St. John of the British Realm. Admission io tlie whist drive and dance
has been placed at gents. Jl1111 and
Ladles 50c.
and mudguards were not badly dam-1 wiped the blood off his face and laid' Tuesday evening, the 22nd inst.
Cumberland Eighteen Years Ago
Coal Train Derailed.
I development   of
C.G.I.T. Conduct Church
Service on Mother's Day.
Tli C'uriuillun Glrl.s in Trii'ning <:<in-
mom substantial 'tooted tho Sunday evening service
Shortly utter three o'clock on Sntur-j <Mm la assured In the near rimirc. at Cumberland United Ohuroli ou
day afternoon an accident occurred on: ?<»>' »<■«* »1>af's are to he sunk and » others' Day (Sunday last). Several
the railway just soutih of the Trenti taW Increase In the looal output, anil ol the girls look part In the conduct-
liiver bridge, In which eleven loaded!1" tlle "uml,er °f workmen employed  Ing of Ihe service while the others
coal cars left the rails owing to the la absolutely certain,   The California,, forme e choir, all wore ihe regu-
spreading ol the rails, and over fifty j"'"1 morket' «*'<* '"'» ''"o" neglected latlon  C.G.I.T.  costume.
yards of track  was completely torn! mo™ °' lcss Aurl»K "'**' 0M tn years!    Al " ""r a"h !">"">n l*""*h '
up. and tlie ties splintered Into match
wood. The train, which was In char- j
ae of J. Lookner, driving No. 14, was I
very fortunately travelling tit a low
rate of speed, or the accident would'
probably have heon attended by serious consequences. Btrange to say, the
engine and two loaded cars passed
over the break In safety, hut tlie
eleven  following cars  left  the  rails
offers an opportunity for business ttins.,'
I  he  taken  ttlQ | tc
white (lower to wear durlUK Ihe sorv-
aro Informed  will  be taken the] Ice.   Tlm i-hii,-i-h Itself was beautifully
fullest advantage of. .decorated with white antl red dowers.
It la proposed to spend three mil-     Miss Lily Grant acted as chairman,
li Icllai-s In the next two years In1""- scripture rending wns given  by
developing   Ihe   company's   property.! Miss  Harriet   lloilmry and  Miss  All-
and we hnve been positively assured
that 7fi per cent of this motley will be
spent   In  the  Cumberland  coalfields.
although a considerable amount will
A wrecking crew loft Immediately tori "^ >K "I"1'" ln '*"ll""< 'took tor the
Iho scone of the wreck and succeeded; r*'"*v'"*- '< wlM >"' ""' lmlll'>* "' <»«
at a laic hour on Sunday night. In Imv- mv company to develop Cumberland
ing ihe line again open for through Tl'"v wln lramedlately place a largo by tho choir als
brafflo.   All the freight by Saturday's! mmh" "' ""» ™ ",0 ' *1"'1 '""I! "",l Ml"'"''"*
business In the building trades lint     Che Junl
win display a marked activity in thelonc
near future, — .
A now era hns dawned for Cumber- ( '11 tviKflf-lnt-ifl ThirH
land and It. Is snfe lo sny that another ^""UUlsWCI 1CU1U    i 1111 U
year will see an Immense Increase li
the pnpulalfon of the town.
Island Woman
Loses Action
Mrs. Ms. Douglas, Formerly of
Courtenay, Plaintiff
Vancouver, May 10.—.Mr. Justice D.
A. McDonald dismissed the action
being triad boforo him Tuesday lu Supreme court brought by Mrs. Margaret
Douglas, Ferrer:i Court, against the
Providence Washington Insurance
Company of Rhode Island. The Judge
announced bis decision when P. S.
Marsden, counsel ror the plaintiff,
asked for permission to throw u|> hfa
brief in the fane.
Tlie suit was an endeavor to collect $2,000 Insurance on furniture and
effects destroyed by Are December 3
last at premises controlled by Mrs.
Douglas on the Island High way,
twelve miles north of Courtenay, The
defendant company alleged mfsrep*
resent a tion by Mrs. Douglas us to the
use of the premises as a dwelling
house, claiming thai they had been
the scene of conduct whicb resulted
in tbe Interference by police.
<; K. Houser appeared for the In-
bunines company,
drey dear led ill prayer.    The Misses
Kdna   Conrad   mul   Josephine   Welch
each gave a sermon, the former speak*
Iiik on the work of Ihe C.G.I.T. an.I
the hitter giving an address im »Qur Amateur Theatrical
Mothers." I _   . .    ... .. .,
Society \ isi* Comox*
Final Arrangements
Made for Big Empire
Day Celebration
Free Dance at Night
The various committees of tbe 24th
of May celebration met In the Cit/
Hall on Monday night and practically
completed all arrangement* for tbe
celebration. Upwards of ono thousand dollars will be spent in prizes for
the parade and the school children's
sports. in Uie sports section djf
the day's enfoymnet forty-two events have been set aaidc, with valuable prizes In each event. Entries for
all the events will be received on tho
ground. This applies also to open
events for adults. In this section, it
is expected that a large number of
outside entries will be received for
the one hundred, two hundred and
twenty yards, one mile, obstacle and
hurdle race and high Jump events and
base ball throwing competition. These
latter events are for admits and are
all open.
Arrangements for all the other events have been completed, judge*,
starters and other officials have been
appointed and Instructed so that all
races etc., should be run off according
to schedule. The final event of the
day is tlie firemen's exhibition and
competition between Cumberland and
Courtenay (ire fighters. This event
it timed for five o'clock.
Free Dance ln Ilo-Ilo
Topping off the days proceedings a
monster free dance will be held in
the llo-llo dance Hall, commencing
at 10 p.m. and continuing until 1 a.m.
Everyone Is invited. Absolutely no
charge and no collection. Tho dance
is being held under tbe direction of
the committee for the 24th of May
"Annie Laurie"
At the Ilo-Ilo
Poems of Robert Burns Helped
Make "Annie Laurie"
Robert Burns—bard of Scotland—
as an assistant .screen director!
This is the posthumous distinction
of the famous poet—for hfs words
years after his death helped In tho
production of "Annie Laurie," Lillian
Gisb's new Meiro-Goldwyn-Mayer
starring vehicle at tbe Ilo-Ilo Theatre
this week end.
Throughout the production of the
huge historical spectacle of the Highlands. Jobn S. Robertson, the director,
kept a volume of Burns by him, anil
many of the delicate little human
touches and details in tbe epic of
Scotland were gleaned from Bums'
Lillian Gish plays Annie, daughter
of the historic Sir Robert Laurie in
the new production, staged ou a huge
scale. It is laid about the historic
massacre at Glencoe . Norman Kerry
plays the leading male role, and the
cast includes Hobart Bosforfh, Russell
Simpson, Itnmdon Hurst, Creigihton
Hale, Patricia Avery, Joseph Striker
and others of note,
In ad itlon to "Annie Laurie," the
Collegians will be shown and tho
Moore .sisters, in Highland dancing
will appear between shows.
Mrs. E. It. Hicks
Entertains at Tea.
It. Hicks entertained at the
n Tuesday afternoon ot this
guest* Included, Mrs. M,
boat, wljieh Ineltided a large number
of travellers' trunks und a quantity
of scenery for tlie Chinese tIleatre,
had to bo transferred by hand a
distance of nearly one hundred yards
at the scene of ttie accident.
Three anthem* wire wet! rendered
u solo by Miss Jem-
W.II.A.  were  In  attend-
itt the service en masse,
In Musical Festival
Mrs. K.
tea hour <:
week. The ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Watson, Mrs. Parnham, Mrs, Stevens,
Mrs Frame, Mrs. Graham, Mrs. Williams. .Mrs, Conway, Mrs, Bryan, Mrs.
MucN'augftton, Mrs. Pickard, Mm.
Shortt. Mrs. Lang, Mrs. Dick, Mrs.
K. Robinson and Mrs. Noah.
.u,,uni"viranadian l'e*to" HeW Regular
„! Whist Drive and Dance.
equipment.. Development news from
different centers of activity is furnished by special correspondents on tlie
spot—an important point in an industry 'Where much doubtful news finds
its way into print.
The "B.C. Miner" is brought out
by the responsible firm of Gordon
Black Publications Ltd., 616 Metropolitan Bldg., Vancouver, B.C. publishers of the "British Columbia Lumberman" and the "B.C. Municipal
will commence to also make this I
bridge a lasting structure with earth1
fillings, concrete abutments and strong'
sfeel work.
VV.C.C. a Thing of the Past.
' The final payment for the Wellington Collieries Company's property was
made on Thursday, and yesterday the
new company took over the business
of the old.   .Mr. .M. L. Coulson. the new
  I general manager Is expected to arrive
Tennis Tea Wednesday. j in town either today or tomorrow, to
The Cumberland Tennis Club Tea, look over the company's holdings here
will be held at the home of Mrs., It Is very difficult to got Information
Hicks on Wednesday, May 23. Mrs. j regarding tbo Intentions of the now
Hicks and Miss Janet Graham will, company, but we liave lt from a
serve tea trom 4 to 5:30 p.m. I source that is absolutely reliable, that
Hospital Board Meet.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Jusf  as  we  wero going to press
telephone message wus received bU>
Rev. i
Directors of the l'nion and Comox j lug that HIS points wns the marks of i Quartette, .Mrs. T
District Hospital wns held Inst Friday; Hie winning school led by a Miss K, Robinson, Mr.
evening, it wns decided to proceed Johndon in the Upper Island Musical|L, il Pinch; tii
at once with the painting of the hos-j Festival held et Nanaimo this after-[ Watson; (5) Soni
pita) end also to have considerableJt.:on. it was impossible to*find out way, and tli
the name of tlie scliool at tbe time.' er-ln-Law."
Nannlmo   Scliool   came   second   with I
The  iioiy  Trinity Amateur The-1
airloal society visited Comox on Wed-1
liesdiiy evening of litis  week,
ti concert a'  tbe Comox Comraunll
the    benefit    of    St. ____________________■
Church, Comox. The programme of| The regular fortnightly whist drive
tbe concert wns nude up as follows: and dance given under the auspices of
ill "Tbe Jnzsbnndlnoes," Miss P. tho Canadlnn Legion, UK.si., was
Mrs. F Watson. Miss M. held In thc O.W,V.A. Hal] last Sat-
.Mr F Watson, Mr Y Rob- urday evening. About sixty people
Pet and the Vet." Mrs. were present for the whist, the crowd
being greatly augmented for the danc-
itison; (8)
L. Tlicimit.-
repatrs made to the building, The
resignation of Miss Wyles from the
nursing staff was received nud accepted, tbe resignation to tuke effect
from tlie 1st of August. It was de-J
(continued on page three) ,
:. o Robathani (3)
H   Mumford, Mrs,
I'. It, Mumford. Mr
Recitation, Mrs. F.
. Miss Shells Con-
"Froeilng a Moth-
itifi   points   nnd   Cumberland   third [
with 184 points. The Cumberland j resident architect of publie building..
Scliool was led by Mr. II. K. Murray, for the Dominion of Canada was a vis-
Hnrewood came fourth with 158 points  itor to Cumberland on Thursday.
ing. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
The prize winners were: Mrs. Butters, (tr Nannlmo, ladles' first, Mm.
Balagno, seond, Mrs. S. Cameron,
gent's firsl, and Mr. D. Renwlck, Sr.,
Tlie beautiful tea cloth which wns
Dawson, of Victoria, assistant! drawn for Saturday evening waa won
■       • **         by Mrs. Helen Saunders.
Jim   Walker and his Melody Four
orchestra were in attendance.
end 24th of May in Cumberland - Big Parade - Sports for all
-^Bk. y ^ mSti^'     ' W^-w. PAGE TWO
FRIDAY, MAY 18TH. 1928.
The Cumberland Islander
THERE will bc general dissatisfaction with the
decision of the Supreme Court of Canada to
the effect that women are not 'persons' within
the meaning of the British North America Act
and are, therefore, not elcgiblo for seats in the
Senate. The emancipation of woman from her
political disabilities has been a long process but,
evidently, the complete abolition of barriers to
sex is not yet an accomplished fact in Canada.
The decision of the Supreme Court will probably
have the elt'ect, however, of hastening the day
when, in Canada at least, the mothers and wives
of men shall no longer be regarded as political
The judgment of the Supreme Court of Canada
i nthis matter raises the question, if women are
inelegible to ait in the Senate, what makes them
eligible for membership of the House of Commons? If Miss McPhail, Canada's only woman
M.P., is a "person" in the Commons does she cease-
to be a "person" in the Senate ? Or, to reverse the
position, if women are elegible to sit in the Senate
Chamber, not being "persons," are they legally
entitled to sit to membership of both Chamber-;
or of neither. They cannot logically or legally
common sense would say, be debarred Irom one
legislative body while being admitted to the other
both legislative bodies being branches of the same
sex, the "female of the species," as Kipling terms
woman. You never ean tell what influence an
attractive woman might wield over those susceptible old gentlemen, most of them in the "sere
and yellow leaf" and, consequently, not well-fitted
to protect themselves from woman's wiles. The
morals of men must be protected at all costs,
assuming that Senators have morals. Perhaps,
on the other hand, the judges thought the ladies
might not be safe in Senatorial company. This
is a compliment to the Commons but a terrible
reflection on the Senate. Perhaps the judges
think there are too many of women in the Senate
THERE is much talk of Ca lada being prosperous today. It is doubtless true. The country s
prosperity need not be questioned, Most of
us are more concerned with our individual prosperity than with the country s. This is a quite
natural feeling, though possibly somewhat selfish.
Possibly the best way to make and keep a country
prosperous i.. to have each individual in the
country prosperous, ll is not true national prosperity when there are some tu.prosperous.
There is an individualism in regard to prosperity that is often overlooked. Prosperity is largely
a matter of personality. If one decides to be
prosperous and refuses to be poor, he can be
prosperous . It is harbouring the thought of
poverty that keeps us poor. Will. Shakespeare
said, "There is nothing evil but thinking makes
it so," which may be applied to man's financial
condition moil aptly. Perhaps we might put it
this way, there is nobody poor but thinking makes
him poor. This sounds like but poor consolation
to the fellow who is hard up, to the wife and
mother making a desperate struggle to make both
ends meet on the husband's low wages, or to the
man or woman out of work. Yet it is true tha
the very sense of poverty, the feeling of it, make,
poverty worse. It induces a feeling of hopelessness, dims the eye and slows the step.
If this be
invigorate and make one
Vacant, unreserved, surveyed
Crown lands may be pre-empted by
Brilisli BUbjeotB over IS years oi ago
and by aliens on declaring Intention
to become Brltisb subjects, conditional upon residence, occupu:ion
and improvement [or agricultural
Full Information concerning ri gu-
latlous legal dillb' Pi-e-elutlolls is
given  in  Bulletin i\o.  1,  Land Se ies
"How  to  Pre-empt  Laud,''  copies   ot* 	
which cau be obtained tree ot ohs i-ge
by adrdesslng ilio Department ot, WHAT HAS CONK BEFORE—Paull
Lands, Victoria, B.C., or to any t. ov- L„j (snr| Aiiisiiaus. have been very
ernmeni  Agent. ' lm.„iv   BWeethenrtB   since  childhood.
Reoords  will  be granted  coveiing1 llnlc.;, ,„, BngllBh vmith. wbo lives In
only   land   suitable  tor  agricultural  [he home ot Dr Armli.. l'liuli's lather
which  is  not tlooer „i80 ]ovea Poull,   Carl and Paull have
•ylng ovor ii.ouu  bi, ird1    ,,„  |,appy hours togethor reading
vest o( llie Coast itu Ige  „„„ planning Ills piny, "Tbe Enemy,
por ucre east ot IUU carl's play bus been rejected by the
producer but  when Carl asks her it
tor pre-emptions   ire j, ]ms |jeen returned, Paull out ol love
;ed  to  tbe  Land  Ci in-  a|1(] lMv replies thut II bas not.   Paull
ho Land Recording DI- g|VeB carl a party on his twenty-fourth
ibe land applied tor i birthday     Bruce  surplrses Carl   by
purposes, an,
land,  I.e. car
feei per acre
.ind' 8.U0II  feel
to be addresi
mlssloner of
vision iu wilt
is situated and :u-e made ou printed I*JJvjB*i_fitm a typewriter.   Paull seems
(onus, copies of which ean be obn in-       delighted with the present as and
There may be sound arguments against tho true, the converse must be true, that a conscious
right of women to be members of Parliament, ness of prosperity wi
Senates, or Legislatures.    Such arguments will | buoyant. ,
only be convincing when they are applied uni-j ]t may sound trite to say so. but it is very true
versally. To say a thing right in one place and that to think poverty is to experience poverty,
wrong in another, whether the two places are to think prosperity is to assure prosperity, i-et
seaprated bv a hundred yards of corridor or a us get the thought of abundance into our minds,
thousand miles of sea, is to make right or wrong an(j remember that under the Law ot Abundance
dependent on geography or location.   This applies there is plenty of everything m the world 101
-        ■ - - ...A.A.,...    ■...    1S.„    ,1 I . . A.....II I      HsSS     „ar(
than the human
directly"to the case of representation in the House I everybody; more fruits of tho earth than man
of Commons and the Senate of Canada, botli j kinci can eat; moro of everything than the hum
bodies being possessed of similar functions and family requires. A consciousness ot prospemy
each being an arm of the administration of the wm attract to us our share ot the abundance oi
country's affairs. j life.   We shall see that if there is no lack any-
Perhaps in the minds of the judges o fthe where there need be no lack in °"r case, iry
Supreme Court of Canada there was a feeling that thinking prosperity instead o thtaking poverty
the old bovs of the Senate were not to be trusted in and notice what a difference 11 Will make in >oui
close association with members of the opposite I condition and circumstances
ed from 'lie Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must he occupied tor
five .years and improvements m .de
to value $111 p< r ael-e including e.K ir-
ing anil cultivating at least five ae es,
before Crown Grant enn be received,
ApiMili'-ntloiis are received tor purchase or vacant nnd unreser ed
Clown lands, not being timber!! nd
for agricultural purposes; minimum
price tor first-class (arable) land ?5
per iici-e. and second class (grazing)
land $2,50 per acre. Further information regarding purchase or lease of
Crown lands Is given la Bulletin N'o.
10. Land Series, "l'urcliase and Lease
of Crown Lund i."
.Mill, factory or industrial sites on
timber land int exceeding 411 acres
may be parrlln-ed or leased, the conditions Including payment ot stump-
For grazing nnil industrial purposes areas not exceeding 640 acres
may be leased by one person or a
Under ibe Grazing Act the Prov
Ince Is divide.i inlo grazing districts
and tbe range administered under u
Crazing Commissioner. Annual grazing pei-inils uie issued based on numbers ranged, priority being given to
established owners. Stook-awners
mny form associations for range management. Free, or partially free, permits are available for settlers, campers and travellers, up to ten head.
Match Play
President's team vs. Secretary's team
(President's team named flrst)
T. Graham vs. J. N. McLeod; R. J.
Filberg vs. R. B. Dixon; P. Booth vs.
J. E. Aston; W. Gage vs. M. H. Graham; Jas. Dick vs. Tom Stewart; Jncl:
Williams vs. Heck Stewart; Len Pikci
vs. W. A. w. Hames; J. W. McKcn-ic
vs. J. Enkln; Fred Field vs. J. K. McKenzie; T. R. S. Graham vs. Roy
Cliite; C. A. Brown vs. F. McPherson;
C. S. Wood vs. G. K. Uchiyama; H.
Bates vs. Walter Chile: R. Laver vs.
Joe Idiens; Bill Bourne vs. Neil Cameron; Austin McLeod vs. Dick Damonte; A. B. Bull vs. c. c. Oraham;
P. D. Graham vs. Stuart Bnker; W,
Sutliff vs. W. Booth: R. Strachan vs.
M. Minaka; D. M. Morrison vs. Wm.
Eadie; A. Aitken vs. A. Auchlnvole; R.
Bowie vs." Geo. Tarbell: *C. Mcintosh
vs. T. Williams; Wm. Cooke vs. G. Van
Hemert; A. J. Taylor vs. C. J. Parnham; Leo Lang vs. Wallace McPhee;
W. Campbell vs. A. Campbell; W
Blackmore vs A. Ti. Duntlas; Goo. Pidcock vs. J. Aitken.
"Gott Save Thc Greens."
Unloading Sale
This great unloading sale will continue until the end
of the month. This will give you a very special
opportunity to supply your wants for the holiday
with new goods at a very considerable saving to you.
We are giving the best possible values for cash and
invite your inspection of our lines.
tells lifm she will copy bin pluy tor
him, bui then she remembers that iho
play has heen rejected,
progress up
tho stairs because of tiio   said:--
Union Hotel
Cumberland, II. C.
Electrically Heated
Our Service is the BEST
It. YATES, 1
Phono 1,1
| King George Hotel;
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Money orders, drafts and Travellers'
Cheques at lowest rates. Full Inforn-
atlon from local agents or Company's
Offices, 622 Hastings St. W., Vancouver, B.C.
She looked across nt Curl half
frightened ami he nsked her:—
"What do you mean? It's with n
manngev now—isn't it, Pauli?"
She pressed Bruce's arm warningly
Sho hul heen .-o foolish as to arouse
his suspicions-poor Oarl. She said
hurriedly: —
"Of course.    I only meant, If"-
"If!" Carl repeated. He sat down
hefore the typewriter, his happiness
vanished, fated only hy Uie possibilities of another failure. Paull whispered to Bruce:—
"Please"—and started toward the
dining room,    llruce said quietly:—
"Well, I'll have to have a copy to
take with nie to Loudon. I'd almost
forgotten, hut I kuow. rather well,
too, a producer—nice chap—named
"You'll forget again." said Carl,
sulky with suspicion.
"I ehant. Word of honor. 111 take
yuur play to daunt the very first day
Hu in London. He'll want it—I know
ho will!    He's a brilliant fellow"—
The clouds vanished. Carl jumped
up from tlie chair and took his friend
by the hand. Ills face was jubilant.
A producer iu London! And Bruce
said he'd be sure to take tlie play!
"You and Pnuli," said Carl, huskily;
"my best friends—my good angels.'
"Oh, come! 1 don't fancy myself in
wings nnd a pleasing smile," said
Bruce, laughing. He thought, poor
hoy, wliat will become of him? These
i moods; these—well tenses? He look-
' the eye of the physician, tlie eye of the
diagnostician,     He   though   further:
■ llie will piny the devil with Carl,   Al-,
1 oud lie said:—
!     "No. I'm not your angel Carl.   I re-
■ fuse thc job. Now. Pauli might lit the
! bill."
! "Pauli," suid Carl in a strange voice.
; "Bruce. I want to speak to vou about
I Pnuli."
The door bell rang sharply. Bruce's
grave face cleared. He hadn't warned
I to talk nbout Pnuli. He wasn't one to
; speak of the Lhings nearer than his
1 skin, dearer thnn his life, closer thnn
. his heari   bents.
;    "Oh, damn," said Carl, "I suppose
' it's the Winckelmans."
1    Pnuli ran to answer tihe bell, shrilling impatiently tor the second time.
Pnuli opened the door.   But not to
the   Winckelmans,   that Jolly   little
couple across tiie hall.   Beaming ponderously  from  llie sill, Carl's  father,
August Behrend, confronted her, "the
incomparably    august    Ilehrend,"    ns
Bruce, punning atrociously iu his own
language,   called   him   Pauli   remembered this, inopportunely enough, and
almost giggled as she greeted him: —
"Oh, Mr. Behrend, how nice to see
you!     Please come In.
Mr. Behrend advanced impressively
Inlo the room. He was a big mnn. amply hechinned, a mun whose upward
pointing mustaches, whose blond,
coarse hair cut en bosse. whose light,
restless eyes, nnd heavy, practical
bauds ail suggested vitality, energy,
will power. His clothes wore excellently cut, he wore too much--but
good jewellery. He looked what ile
was, successful, complacent, Insensitive nnd domineering.
He putted Paull on the shoulder.
"Little   Pauli."
Ills eyes roved over her in astonishment. Pauli, recalling her apron, put
back her hands to unfasten the strings
She snid, blushing a little, furious at
herself for caring: —
"My apron! I—thought it was earlier
—nnd still had things to do in the
Mr. Behrend beamed forgivingly upon her. His momentary agitation had
vanished. He hnd though! to be received in festive garments -had he
not donned his own? He looked wllb
approval on tbe very simple, pretty
little frock the removal of bhe npron
"Not nt all, Iiltle housewife!" sold
he. and advanced further into the room
which  seemed  to shrink before  him.
Curl hnd risen and was looking for
something  with   which tn cover  bis
typewriter.     As   Paul!   ;ook   off   tlio
apron Bruce mhde a long arm, took It
from her.lnld It over the machine Just
as Carl turned to receive his father's
greeting, one which  wns tinged with
■ Just the correct amount of parental
' tolerance nud patience"—
"Ah, my boy"—
He shook hands witli his son, nn unnecessary gesture It wouhl seem, considering the fact that they had parted
only a few hours hefore. Yet somehow the elder Behrend managed to
convey and not too subtly, thai he was
bestowing a fnvor upon his "boy" wltb
his hand, perhaps oven a temporary
pardon, or, at any n-ate. an armistice.
Now he turned to Bruce and greeted
bim with a sllff and grave formality.
A sense of constraint wns over the en-
I tire  group.
I Baruska darted In breathless. It
I had occurred to ber that she'd heard
1 the bell some time ago—preoccupied
with her goose, she conveniently allowed it to ring. Now she was ready
to answer It if the Fates had sent a
pntlent visitor to the door.
Tbe Fates had Jan.   Carl's servant,
wns there now, having made slower
heavy basket he carried, as well as thc
propriety demanded by the occasion
so muny paces in the rear of the elder
Behrend. Theru he stood, a stocky
blond boy. with a flashing nervous
smile and eager eyes, clearing hia
smiled at him and spoke liis name,
"Come in Jan." She turned to Baruska; unpack Mr. Bebrend's karlo-
wltzer aud put the bottles on the sideboard. And tell the professor tho
guesls are here. I heard him come in
the side door some time ago; lie must
be In his room."
Baruska darted a bovlnely coy look
at Jan and led the way through the
dining room. Pauli turned back to
Mr.  Behrend.
"Do let me have your hat, and tlnd a
comiortable chair"—
Behrend, who regarded the slraigii
backed chairs in ttie room with
chers?    Oh,   that's   wonder-
'  llOllil
Behrend said carelessly:—
"l'er.-onaily, a music hall bores me,
but today ho must think lirst of Carl
nml liis pleasure.'
He thumbed the tickets over and
s.ud,   expansively,   "Six   tickets!"
IMuli looked apcpaliugly at Carl,
who was turning over ihe pages of a
magazine ou the table. As no one else
hiPbs'ie she said  courageously: —
"But there ure seven of ua. No,
with tittle Kurt, the Wiucklemau's
Child,   we   are   eight  altogether."
'Eight? Well, the child doesn't
count," said Behrend caielcssly, "and
perhaps Carl would remain home--
wilii 11 book."
Pauli Hushed with anger.
"I'll stay," she said.
Bruce strolled over to where Carl
,   .       .. stood aud pul a hand on his shoulder.
°J Pi^AA?™..^-^'!!!*?".! trough the blue cloud of smoke bis
1 "' '"   "'""came serene. Indifferent.
chair near the desk, at which the three
young people exchanged glances ol'
consternation . Behrend. stretching
his legs luxuriously und eying the
room with patronage, remarked, largely:—
"Thanks—I don't coddle myself"-
He looked at Carl as one who should
say, "There's a milksop for you!'
and continued:— "And so the boy's
four and twenty. I should have forgotten, you know—press of business
and all that—if It hadn't been for this
little party. When his mother was
alive we celebrated, of course. Well,
she was sentimental like all women-
babied him, spoiled him. Thnt's what's
the matter now. I've always believed
In the Spartan ideal of upbringing,
vou know. Brought up that way myself."
Carl's sensitive mouth shook u little
His mother! If only his mother had
lived. He remembered here vividly
a woman with long, lithe, deep-bosomed body of a goddess, and great,
steady blue eyes. She'd healing hands
and a heart to which .1 heart bewildered little boy might always come for
consolation. While she had lived she
hnd been a rock of strength, a living
buffer between himself and his father.
Pauli said hurriedly: —
"The Wincklemans are late."
"I ve n question to ask your father."
announced Behrend importantly.
"Business . of course. As a rule professors are fools, dreamers, visionaries
But not your father, Paull. 1 always
say that learning Isn't altogether
waste since that time Arndt's education helped me make three thousand
Bruce chuckled softly to himself as
he lighted bis pipe, and looked over
at Behrend, who produced a long siip
of paper from a pocket book and waved
It iu the air.
"Here.'' said Behrend. "is the schedule I've drawn up for the day"—-
Pauli seated near him, reninrkcil.
"We had some plans to"—
Behrend looked at her with tolerance. He continued with an nir of
brushing aside any plans other than
his own.
"After dinner we shall all walk in
the Prater."
Pnuli smiled hopefully.
"That was our idea, also," she said.
Behrend considered a moment. Bruce
thought, a lltlte angry, a Utile amused
"By Jove—-he's pondering on giving it
tbe chuck—seeing that some one else
thought of it first," but Behrend con-.
tinned with tremendous condeacen-'
sion:— ]
"Indeed?    Well—still,  it's  a   good
idea.    Then   we'll  have coffee  ia   1.1
think,  the  Third   Coffee   House,   nnd
then" Hers he dug Into the wallet
once more and produced some slip-
of green paper. "Six tickets for Roil-
ncher's! My birthday gift and not inexpensive, I can tell you."
Paull jumped up. The little girl in
her—the little girl her friends ofie:*,
lost sight of in that motherly, brooding way she had—shone from her eyes
and was manifest in her delight. She
'■.Nonsense we'll gel another ticket,"
be snid.
Behrend looked annoyed. With a
;esture which indicated . . . What are
, few crowns to me more or less? he
"Of course, you took the very words
oul of my mouth"—
"Let nie get." Bruce suggested diffidently.
"Certainly not! I'll telephone . .
of course, on Sunday it won't be easy
to illl in"—
He reached fur the telephone and,
his elbow brushing Puuli's apron aside
he stared at tbe typewriter it had concealed. There was no mistaking lt. .
a typewriter's a typewriter and very
unlike anything else aud there it sat,
squat and new and shining.
"What's this? A new typewriter . .
by the telephone? Pretty extravagant
t'or a professor—typewriters and telephones!"
Carl tossed the magazine to the table and turned . His face was quite
Hushed.    He explained:—
"It is mine—the typewriter."
Behrend raised his eyebrows. He
said, flicking nt the black nud white
"Ob. of course, with all thc money
you are making such toys are easily
accessible to you."
Pauli bit her lip.    She thought, oh
That Adda New Flavour:
4tblspm.ricc 2,'icupsBorden'i
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J '■ tspn. salt      1U cups water
Wnth thc rice ihormifthly, then
ink! with thu miliar ami salt to
the milk diluted with water.
I'diir inlo 11 buttered baklnftdiah
nmlii'hiusprlntJInrtof nuimcfl.
-Set the dish ina pan of hot water
und Imkc threo hours In a alow
oven i.W-T) Btlrrinft several
times the flint hour to prevent
the rlco frum settling to the A
buttmn.   Svrve hot or cold. |
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_     i    l.kidenl ..
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Priced from  urt.VO
Port Alberni
A p
18 years ago
(Continued from page one)
I .hall, on MONDAY the 21st day of
.Muy, 1928, al the hoar of ten o'clock
In the forenoon, at the Court-house in
the City of Cumberland, hold a sitting
of the Court of Revision for the purpose of revising the list ot voters for
the said electoral district, and of hearing and determining any and all objections to the retention of any name
on the said list, or to the registration
as a voter of any applicant for registration; and for the other purposes set
forth ln the "Provincial Elections
Dated at Cumberland, B.C., this Stb
day of April, 1928.
15-lfi, 19-20     Registrar of Voters,
Comox  Electoral   District.
elded to procure another nurse 1m-
| mediately -to fill the vacancy caused
I by Miss Myles' departure; and the ne-
j cessit.,- of adding a fourth nurse to the
[ staff was  also discussed, the feeling
■ being that suoto action must be taken
I iu the very near future, owing to tho
large increase of work In the hospital
' During the month of May tbe record
of day. treatment broke all previous
records, amounting to no less than 663
days.    It ls probable that some definite action in the matter will be taken at the next meeting of the board.
Raised to Second
Class School District.
The Cumberland City School Board
&T   Sptcial Family Laundry Rate   ^
also expert
A Trial Order Will Convince You.
Orders left at the Ritz Cafe, Telephone 150
Cumberland, will receive prompt attention
Courtenay, 120 F.
Cumberland, 150
1ms received word from the Department of Education that on and after
July 1st the city will be raised from
a tliir class to a second class school
district. This superior rating is hardly a matter for congratulation, as the
charge is one that will cost the citizens ln the neighborhood of $460 per
year additional for scliool rates. It
will also benecssary for an election
for two additional trustees to be held
immediately, as the act calls for a
school board of live members in a
second class scliool district. At present the city Is receiving a grant of approximately ?5fir> toward eauh teacher's salary from the Government.
but under the new rating this will be
cut down to the extent of $!)() per teti-
cher per year. The school board bas
put up a vigorous light lo have the
city retain Its old rating, and iu this
they have been ably backed up by the
member for the district, but the uu-
swer of the Government is that the
fact that Cumberland has an actual
daily attendance of over 250 pupils.
It Is out of tlie cabinet to sanction tho
retention of the old rating. When the
city has an actual average school attendance of 800 pupils it will become
a school district of the lirst class, and
receive a still smaller amount of financial assistance from the Province
for school purposes. For yearn the
city has had an enrollment far in excess of this number, but the actual
attendance is still well under that
•   *   *
Marsden-Denton Wedding.
A very pretty wedldng took place
on Thursday night at '8 o'clock at
Grace Methodist Church, when MI.;s
Ruth Denton was Joined in the bodns
of holy matrimony to Sidney Taylor
Marsden, local manager of the H.C.
Telephone Co.    The marriage service
which was conducted by the Rev. Mr,
Freeman, waa fully choral, and the
church was most elaborately and
tastefully decorated by the members
of the choir, with the able assistance
of Mr, T. Banks.
The  bride  was  becomingly  attired
in an elegant gown of white net over
i silk and wearing a cream hat trimmed
j with pink roses.   The bridesmaid was
j Mrs. H, Bryan, a cousin of the bride
: She was  wearing a dress  of tussore
j silk and a  white hat trimmed with
1 pink.    Miss  Edith   Horbury  made a
I very dainty little flower girl, in a gown
; of white silk.   The bride and bridesmaids each carried handsome shower
bouquets of while rosebuds and fein.
J Mr,   Peter   McBride   supported   the
groom.    Mr,  and  Mrs.  Marsden   will
, take up their residence In Cumber
; land.
Powerful, Penetrating Antiseptic Oil
Heals Eczema and Other Skin Diseases
Must Give Results in 7 Days or Money Back.
3K«5*-»»«3i>-,jas--*J- -i:
«E3ra3MEB353H»5S>3S-*as3*C *aj=*E
Are You      Q
Entertaining *
Brid*< 1-*    |  Mann*,
now on sale at the
Cumberland Electric
Lighting Co., Ltd.
CASH $6.50
ON TERMS $7.00
$1.00 DOWN—$1.00 PER MONTH
Red Top Relief Valves, $7 each
Thia is a '/a-in. valve for use on domestic hot water
supply systems for relief of damaging pressures caused
by ranges and tank heaters.
Bath Red Top Relief Valves are approved by Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc., and by State and Municipal Bureaus of Water and Boiler Inspection.
G. W. CLINTON, Managing Director.
Automobile Side Curtains Repaired
Also Harness Repairs
Cream Rolls, Cream Buns, Cream
Sponge, Golden Brown Doughnuts, Girdle Scones, Meat Pies.
"The Enemy"
(Continued from Page Two)
why are tliey so antagonistic, so unfriendly? r.in't lie possibly realize
liow wrongly he handles Carl? Why
must tliey be like this with each oilier?
"1 gave ft to Carl aa a birthday gift.'
"Oh!" Behrend laughed Bthortly. He
said, witli an attempt at a cordial
"Very generous of you. Mr. Gordon,
I'm sure—bul then all tlie English are
■rich—look at the advantage tbey take
of us—read the trade reports."
"That's not kind of you, father."
said Carl holly, but Bruce only shook
his Galr head at him and smiled whimsically.
"Not kind!'' repeated Behrend. Per
haps not.    But true enough,    That's
where they get the heller of us . Trade
How eles?   .No one doubts we are tli
superior  race!"
"No, August," said a new voice from
the doorway of the study; "no one ever
doubts that his Is the superior race.
The only difficulty is in getting the
ot.her races to agree with him. Pigheaded  aren't  they?"
Every one turned. Even Behrend's
face softened to something very near
Dr, Armit came Into the room. A big
man, vigorous, vital, witli shrewd, gen
tie eyes behind the shining glass of
old fashioned spectacles, Simple, serene dignified, humorous, liis personality was one which gave bhe effect
of a complete harmony of body, mini!
and spirit. His voice was low but
resonant, firm but caressing. His eye:;
friendly mo matter on whom they
looked, never rested upon bis daughter save In selfless, protective love.
Pauli ran to hlm now and slipped
her arm through his.   She cried gajiy
"We're going to Kouacher's tonight,
fciMier.   Mr, Behrend has Invited us
"I was just about to telephone for
a seventh ticket," said Behrend. smiling.
He picked up tlie receiver and spoke
the number to a disinterested opera-
Lumber & Shingles
at mill prices
Delivered Anywhere.
Phone 183
Instructed by Ernest W. Popham, Happy Valley,
Wednesday, May 23rd, 1928,
8.7" acres wilh four-room dwelling, electric light and water;
(Millard's Creek) runs through this property. Buyer to receive
$2fWi worth of fully paid stock In the Minto Electric ILghl Co.
Inspection Invited.
i.vs'rmrmi bv rots, hazel iielkx pjkkcy, i win offer
at this time the adjoining 11 acres, more or le.ss partly cleared.
Including some standing timber.    Millard's Creek runs through
tills properly also
General Insurance Auctioneer Notary Public
Office Union Bay Road Telephones 151 and 24L
Orders left at Henderson's Candy Stoic will receive
of all descriptions
David Hunden, Junr.
ALEX. MAXWELL, Proprietor
Autos for Hire,    Coal and Wood Hauling given very
prompt attention.    Furniture and Piano
Storage if desired.
Phone* 4 and tl
Cumberland, B. G.
Vancouver-Courtenay Transportation
Telephone 144 ftn Mill st.. Courtsnw fi
V/O. [|
Agent In Courtenay: Mr. A. B. Ball J
Service and promptness still our motto. f)
Towcll River, Alert Bay and all Way Points every Tuesday. jl
Courtenay, Comox and Way Points every Wednesday. jj
Tugs and Scows for hire.   Boats tor charter. |
Warehouses and Docks at Vancouver, foot of Bldwcll Street, and
Courtenay, B.C.
*Make up your mind today that youi
■nrs' going to give your skin a real I
chance to get well.
Like a lol of other people, you'vo I
probably been convinced that ihe only i
thing to use was au ointment or salve
(.lonle nf tliem are very good) but in
the big majority of eases these sticks-
salves simply clog the pores and the
condition primarily remains the same.
Go to ill good druggists today and
gel aa original bottle ot Moone's
Emerald   Oil.
tor, bis free hand prodding al the
typewriter, "American make oh? Why
not a home product? Austria for Austrians Is my Idea. Of coure. in a wav
Carl's typewriter benefits his union
The more sniff lie .writes tl.e more
postage. Carls stamps aren't stamps
—they re round trip tickets!"
The Professor, passing by r.irl. laid
'■'   i 'I   on   liis   shoulder  and   said
"All great men have to have h»gln-
nlngs. Goethe, for instance; Schiller
Behrend hung up the receiver with a
"Engaged! What » nuisance a telephone Is! Well. Arndl, Lessing ended
by starvlng-and began hy it. too.
Shclllor—but he would have mile a
good soldier except for his poetry"—
Have a pipe, August'.- said the
1 rolessor, picking one from the pipe
rack on tho book case and offering ':
loull need a pacifier while you
struggle with ihe telephone."
"Thinks, n,,." said Beli-rend, "I pre-
rer cigars." He took mm from his
I'ocket ami worried the end of It in
Ms strong teeth. "I'll sit here until
1 get that number. It can't be engaged all day."
Dr. Arndt came close to hlm. Bruce
Paull and Carl were gathered around
>e centre table, laughing at some
Jnke ol their own. Arndl said, indicting them:—
''Youngsters. Happy .vougsters.
Does your heart good, doesn't it iug.
ast, to see Ihem? I feel fifty vears
younger when I'm wltb 'em. Nothing
like children to keep a ,„„,, young."
Behrend snorted.   Me said:-.
"All very well—you've a girl -nice
girl, line llllle housewife, your paull
oui a girl, you understand—easier to
"ling up, less expensive, nolle of this
osh about higher education when
here are girls i„ the family, lint a
boyl Lo„k at my boy- the monev I've
spenl mi him the luxuries I've' sur-
,1","""!'',1 I''"'  »lth.   And he fail, m()|
'nave been years building up my bus-
loess lor bim, anil he laughs al it Hei
«*°""j»  „   writer-nan  unsuccessful
Wl Iter.
"He'll succeed," said Arndt, oonfi-
";,'"■•   ""'I  " you'll be very proud
'" '"n- AQgust. Goethe did more to
make Germany respected and understood limn all her warriors"
J '"A!"'"'* W1'" «*l..its a nation
""'""i '•' A nation should i„. feared!     Said Behrend.
"No,   When peoples understand om.
another therll be no need for soldiers
-no Place lo,- fear.,, England's greatest conqueror  was  not Nelson,  hot
Behrend laughed outright
' ihe platform mannerl  Thn «
he in one of your lectures, Arndt
Hr. Armll looked muck rueful    .,,
bow n smoke ring, followed ll with
is eyes ami answered smiling:—
' It Is!"
Behrend picked up the telephone
again am! requested bis number i„ the
voice ol a drill sergeant. Turning
the   receiver  clamped   to  Ills   ear   lie
"1 knew it. car! has talked like
that ever since he studied history <n
vour classes. Curious lilsiorv vou
leach! A hoy who should bethinking
"i business, „f marriage. „r founding
orally there he sits, all dar long
mosl ol* Hie night, ,v„stl„„ his
time with pen and paper!"
Ilince called over his shoulder —
'Hence the typewriter," .Mr. iiehr-
'iid. and llehrend frowned In Ills
"Can he dress his wife in paper?"
>'' nqulred severely. "Can he put
ink la the baby's bottle?"
"That depends. I fancy," drawled
Bruce, absurdly, " upon the color nt
the   Isnlsy!"
The professor's youthful laugh ram.
OUt, anil Cafl'8, and there was a Iiltle
'■tlibarasscil s„|„„| ,,.,„„ ,,„,,„ b
Bed into Uie dining room. nn,,,. „al
UUltO stolid at the centre table and
imoued his outrageous p|pc. Aml
central in Behrend's ear. howled
'* rfully, "The line Is busy."
Behrend hanged down the recelvor
iic said, very wholeheartedly, 'Damn!'
Great fortunes ure made hv gratifying appetites, I'll grant you that,"
•old Pr. Arndt suu chuckling, -Ap-
petkles nf one kind or another. Hut
there are ireatar things than fortunes
th.-thnn ol creating a gren raghi
ilM eternal thought."   im eyes rested
on carl, and be continued, half hu ■- i
oualy, "Thinking always doesn't leave
a man pour much as govern uts ills-
courage il. . Look at us. I'auli ami
I  have each othttr, a  roof, good  |,„„|
"ai beautiful pictures uml mv life in-!
•urance.   oh yoj, and a mortgage on
tne form whin, belongs to Manuka's i
His -yes wenl around the room aa ■
I" .spoil,., resting on many pictures
which were hung on the red denim
wnlle, Landscapes, portraits, figures
palmed by his friends.   Here and Utero
■I little water color sketch that I'auli
had panned for a Christinas or birth- '
''■" 1 nt fm- hlm.   Dr. Arndt look- i
ed nt bis "collection" with ilo- if!
lection ono accords to living entitles.!
He,   wore alii"  for bim, and nol
' ly "I them wen- good.   Home were '
even very bad, bul he loved them. I
Pew poople knew how much. And
fewer still the longing uiifiillll|,.,|. ai
'he ho i „r iiis deep beurt -tlie unsatisfied de-Ire to paint to express
greal Ideals In great pictures.
Cam lulled NflXl Week
The very first application will give
you relief and a few short treatments
will thoroughly convince you that by
sticking faithfully to it for a short
while your skin troubles will be a
tiling of tlie past.
Remember that Moone's Emerald
Oil ls a. clean, powerful, penetrating
Antiseptic Oil that does not stain or
leave a greasy reidue and that it
must give complete satisfaction or
your money cheerfully refunded.
Presentation to Mr.
H. Waterfield.
Mr. Harry Waterlleld of this city
was honored last Tuesday evening at
a whist drive, given in tlie Hoyston
School House, under the auspices of
tbe Girl Gullies. During the evening
Miss Evelyn Hilton presented Mr.
Waterlleld witli a pin and a cheque
in recognition of the valuable assistance he has given the Girl Guides in
their first aid work. The recipient replied In a lilting manlier, expressing
his thanks ror tbe presentation.
Those present from Cumberland
were: Mrs. C. Grant, Mr. and Mrs. H.
Waterlleld. Mr. and Mrs. Wilcox, Miss
Sbepperd and Or. and Mrs. MacNaughton.
Third Annual
Triangle Tour
Third annual personally conducted
all-expense triangle tour Vancouver,
Kamloops, Jasper, Prince George
Smithers, Print: Rupert returning by
steamer to Vancouver, making entire
rail trip in rlaylfRtit. Ten days from
July 23rd. $110 covers all expense.
Apply .\ir. E. \V. Bickle, Ageii. Canadian National Itlys.. Cumlierland, B.C.,
for   full   particulars.
also a full line of
High Grade Chocolates
A. Henderson's
jP. P. Harrison, M. LA,
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public
Main Office
Courteuay           Phone 258
Local Office
Cumberland Hotel ln Evenings.
Telephone  licit  or  24
j  GUnfberlaijd
ICoram.rclal    JLT/-\f-/>l kites
iH.adqu.rler, PJUssJCI    Rtaionable
| Dooms Steam Heated
•        IV. MEIIHIF1ELD, Prep.     .
In every sorts of building materials,
Royston Lumber Co.
PHONES ) N'gllt ca"8: 1MX Courtenay
I Office: 159 Cumberland.
You get VALUE at
Matt. Brown's
Fresh Ground Coffee, per Hi, Mc, 00c antl  65rt
Whole Wheal Fig Mars, 1 Hi boxes, 30c; 2 for .... 550
Dixie Sandwich Biscuits, 1 lb boxes, SOc; - for.... 55c
Choice liulk Ton, per 11)   60ci 2 III fnr  $1.15
21 j ll) tins Budwelaer Malt, per till 95t?
;^lh"ulc 35c
1 lube Shaving Cream, ...
Aqua Vi'lva Given Free
"Dill you know Unit a ChlnoBO baby
waa named* Llndberg, reoently in Cum-
"Yos, Indeed, One Long Hop."
2 sizes Pat Scrubs antl Scrub Brushes, 2 for
Bread  Knives, each     	
Et'ir Beaters, double, each 	
Victory Fled fit- Irons, guaranteed,-each ....
Enamel Wash Boards, each	
Glass Wash Boards, each 	
Medium Galvanized Fails, 35c; 3 for	
.Medium Galvanized Tubs, each  ,
('upper Boilers, each	
Thermos Bottle, pints ... 85c, and Thermos
Kit,  $1.00, the 2 for	
.... 25c4
Pipes from, 25c, SOc, 75c and
One Old Pul Briar Pipe,  SOc, and one       tA/»
Large Packet of Tobacco, 20c, the 2 for OUC PAGE FOUR
FRIDAY, MAY 18TH, 1988.
Warm Weather
Men's  Niiiiuheck Combinations,  But-
tonless, Kootl value
per suit
Hatchways, no button, Combinations
for men, all sizes. 34 to 0*1 PA
4G. priee <DltUV
New Stock of Bathing Suits, one of tbe
best   assortments    wo   have    ever
stocked,   especially   in   childrens
Boys  anil  Girls   Penman's   line
all wool, some really snappy
garments    are    shown    hi
our   windows   at   present.
Girls'   Print   Dresses   in   sizes  from   S
to  14  made  of a   nice  quality
print,  all  one  pri
Each   .. ,.
Ladles' Dresses made in several
of a good quality material.    Price
Kiddies   Black   Sateen   Rompers
suitable for the little Tots fnr
romping about
vernl styles
Mrs. W. Cessford left Monday last
for Lethbridge, Alta, where abe will
spend the next three months with her
mother.     "»
* *    •
Mr. and Mrs. Berge spent last week
end at Campbell Kiver, and had good
luck fishing.
«       *       *
Taking in tho ball game last Sunday .Mr. and Mrs, Harding motored
over to Port Alberni.
* *   *
Mr. hhI Mrs. II. Dixon were visitors
lo Port Alberni over the week end.
of the
Canadian Medical Association
Question concerning Health, -addressed to tbe Canadian Medical
Association, 184 College Street,
Toronto, will be answered. Questions as to diagnosis and treatment will not be answered.
Diptheria Can Be Prevented
Diplheria ls caused by the poison
or toxin produced by the diptiheria
germs lodged in the human bodv
usually in the throat and nose.
When this toxin attacks the body,
the latter seeks to protect itself, and
it does so by producing diptberia antitoxin or anti-pol&on, which counter
acts or neutralizes the toxin.    If this
occurs quickly enough and sufficient
quantity  is  produced, the  body  wins
and recovery results.    Not only does
recovery   take   place   but.   something
happens   inside   this   human    body
i which enables it. In most cases, to pre-
1 vent a second case of tbe disease.
Can protection similar to that conferred by one attack of the actual dis-
j ease  be  gained   without   the  danger
I of death antl without fear of the suffering that  comes  with   tbe  disease?
The answer is "Yes,"
Diptheria can lie prevented by tbe
injection of diptheria toxoid or toxln-
Programme at the Ilo-Ilo
This week end, Lillian Gish and
Norman Kerry in "Annie Laurie." A
thundering drama of the Scottish
Highland. Monday and Tuesday,
"Perch of tbe Devil," and the second
chapter of the "Haunted Island." Wednesday and Thursday, Syd Chaylin
ami Helene Costello In "The Fortune
Hunter." Special Matinee. Thursday
afternoon at 2:30. Friday and Saturday. II. B. Warner starrnig in Warwick Deeping's "Sorrel and Son.'' The
drama of a man a failure in life but
a success as a father. A picture that
spells entertainment for all.
Cumberlc.nd Personals
Lady Trom Cumberland crossing over
to Vancouver last Sunday on the
Princess Blaine approached the first
"Could 1 see the Captain, please?"
First Mate: "He's forward, Miss."
Lady  from C.  "I'm  not afraid,   I've
been out with college boys."
antitoxin. This method is known a3
diptheria immunization. The injections stimulate tho body to produce
the substances which are the fighting
forces against diptiheria. These substances are not developed at once;
It takes several weeks for this to
occur, but after the development has
taken place, th'1 person is immunized
or protected againsl diptheria, just
as he wouhl have been had he had an
attack of tbe disease.
The menace cf diptheria enn be culminated. Lives can be saved and suffering prevented. Ask your family
physician lo give your children this
protection by immunizing them against
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gibson motored i
up from Nanaimo at the week end.
Whilst in Cumberland they were the
guests of the former's mother, Mrs.
Gertrude  Gibson,
• •   *
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Nunns nnd son.
Alan. Mrs. E. H. Nunns, Mrs. M. Nunns
and Mr. It. Shaw motored to Nanaimo
on Saturday last. Mrs. Alan Nunns
and son, Alan continued to Vancouver
where they will spend a few days before going to Pender Island for a
month's vncation. The other's returned tbe same day.
•      «       *
Mr. Jack. Hryden arrived In town
Saturday last to spend a few days with
bis grand parents, Mr, aud Mrs. C.
H. Tarbell.
T.he Rev. E. O. Robathan left for
Victoria Tuesday morning of this w.-ek i
returning to Cumberland Wednesday
Mrs. Hugh MacKenzie und family;
of Bevan spent last week end with
Mrs. MacKenzics parents, Mr. and Mrs.
T. H. Banks.
i*   *   *
Mr, A. H. Peacey. of Victoria, visited |
Cumberland daring tbe week.
• •   •
Mrs. G. K. MacNaughton entertained ■
at the tea hoar Monday afternoon of
this week.
a    (    •
Mr. J. F. Murray, Superlntendant of
Postal   Service   for   the   Province   of j
British   Columbia,   was   a   busin ss
visitor to Cumberland on Wednesd ty,
The Cumlierland School Board bald
a special meeting on Tuesday even ug
of this week lo make arrangemeus
for the group of school children v ho
left Cumberland this morning to s ng
at the Nanaimo Musical Festival.
What a treat
The Royston Women's Auxiliary to
the M.S.C.C. met ut the home of * is.!
Greig ,on Thursday afternoon of tblsi
week. !
On Monday evening. Mrs. Milt, i
Stewart entertained at ber home in
honor of ber sister Miss Dolena W-Hnoft
Who bas been transferred from the |
local office of the Provincial Govern-,
ment to the Nanaimo office, leaving
Cumberland on Tuesday. During tho
evening, Miss Josie Balagno presented Miss Wilson with a small gift of
remembrance from tbose present.      i
Shell  Gas Soon  Available
Tbe Shell Company have purchased
a piece of property at Royston Beach
adjoining the government wharf, which
they intend to use as their headquarters for the distribution of oil and gasoline in the district.
• •   *
A new post office w<as opened at
Oyster River this week wltb Mr. J. E.
Taylor as postmaster. Mail will be
delivered there twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
* •   •
Mrs. Harllng returned home from,
the Cumberland General Hospital on ■
Tuesday of this week. ,
• *   •
Mr. Anger Hansen, of Alberni, one
of the victims of the recent automobile accident who is a patient at the'
Cumberland General Hospital is pro-!
greasing us well as can be expected,    ■
* *   •
Mrs. Dick entertained the sewing;
club on Wednesday evening of this!
week, thirteen members being present.!
Tbe Rev. and Mrs. Hewitt and!
daughter. Ruth, left for Vancouver on!
Tuesday  morning of this  week.
Miss Jean MacNaughton and Mrs.,
W. H. Cope were hostesses at tho.
Tennis Tea. held Wednesday nfternoon!
of this week oi tbe verandah at the |
residence of Dr, and Mrs. G, K. Mac-!
NaUghton. . Over nine dollars were1
*   •   •
Mr. and Mrs. S. Davis. Mrs. E. Rob-;
inson and Master Cyril Davis motored j
to Nanaimo on Thursday. Mr. and Mr*. I
Davis returning tbe same day.
Mr. James Miller, of the Cumber-1
land branch of the Royal Bank of
Canada, has been transferred to the!
Robson Street branch. Vancouver. His ;
place on the staff of the local office
bas been filled by Mr. E. A. Watchorn j
of Nanaimo.
Specials for Pay Day
Peach Jam             QA«    Strawberry Jam    HEi*.
4 It tins  OVl,       4 lb tins   lUK,
Plum Jam C(\n    Cherry Jam WA.
. 4 tb tins  OUt       4 tb tins   1 UC
Singapore Pineapple, 7 tins t'or   $1.00
Quaker Peaches, 21 as, 3 tins for  $1.00
Royal City Pork & Beans, 7 tins for  $1.00
Heinz Tomato       OK«    Loganberries, 2s     QC«
Soup, 2 tins for .A**K       4 tins for  031/
Mumford's Grocery
Phone 71 Cumberland
enced Stenographer and General Of- j
ficc help. Apply Box B., Islander \
Office, stating qualifications and
Wages  expected.
In first class condition. A snap for;
(Illicit sale. For further particulars'
apply P. O. Box 336 or at the Islander Office. j
What a treat
Comox Jersey lee Cream
in brick or bulk
The sweet, cooling, tasty COMOX JERSEY ICE
CREAM is the most delightful of desserts. For every
occasion—parties, dinners, banquets, lawn parties,
picnics, or as a cooler before bed-time, you'll want
Obtainable at your favorite vendors
Don't Bother
on the 24th
They are Tasty and Inexpensive
Wilcock & Co.
Ttrestotte Dealers
Save Yoa Money and Serve You Better
With A Tire For Your Every Need
Firestone Dealers offcr you a complete line of tires,
each supreme in its class, headed by the famous Firestone
Gum-Dipped Balloon. All are made hy Firestone in
Canada's most economical tire plant—an assurance
of the most for your money.
Firestone distributes tires only through regular
service-giving dealers direct from Factory Branches
and authorized distributors—never through mail order
houses or so-called special jobbers. You are assured
fresh, clean tires along with the expert service and
advice of Firestone Dealers—who have been trained at
Firestone Dealer Educational Meetings.
See the Firestone Dealer nearest you. He it
prepared to save you money and serve you better, no
matter what price tire you want to buy.
^^ ha:.:il;*on, Ontario
Harling & Ledingham, Local Dealers
"The Family Butchers"
I'hone your ordor—We will do the rest
Phone 66 Cumberland
j Mr. Peter Shearer
I Honored at Cadomin, Alta.
The first aid anil mine rescue teams
of tlie Cadomin Coal Co. were exam-
'.1 Ined recently by Dr. McKenzie and
■! all passed wills good marks.   Captain
Plan to Spend the 24th of
May in Cumberland
Firemen's Competition
Cumberland v. Courtenay
Recreation Ground, Cumberland
Crowning of the May Queen
ifter the Parade f
. $25.00
. $500
Sports for Children
Sports for Adults
.). James <>n behdlf or the members
presented Mr. P. Shearer, formerly
of this city, with a token of their appreciation for service given to the
class as Instructor, stating that th*
results were largely due to .his efforts.
Mi*. Bhearer replied suitably, thank-
Ing the teams. Mr. Shearer is a son
uf Mr. and Mra. Wm. Shearer of this
brings joy
to Matsqui
Tlio telephone's part in a
wedding anniversary
At Matsqui, In the lower
Fraier River Valley, a man
and liis wife recently celebrated thslr silver wedding anniversary. As a climax to that
Joyous occasion there came a
telephone call from a son and
a daughter living In Chicago.
Over thc mountains and 'the
plains which lie between Chicago and the Pacific Coast,
greetings and congratulations
sped along the telephone wires
to the listening parents. Surely
a happy inspiration on the part
of the son and daughter!
The long-distance telephone
service has often brought
pleasure in this way.
Warwick Deeping9!* 'Sorrel and Bon*
nl the Ilo-Ilo, May 26 and *i-%t* It!


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