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The Cumberland Islander Apr 28, 1923

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 m ■
/ j
^*» with whlek I. MDioUdated tke Cumberland Iiwl
The St. John's Ambulance
Association, Cumberland centre
will be hosts to members and
friends In tbe O. W. V. A. Saturday evening, April 28th, when
a whist drive and dance will be
The whist game will commence promptly ot 8 o'clock. Thc
association ls carrying on a
good work lu the interests of
Ihe community aud n large ul-
ancc Is anticipated.
Ladies Entertain
The Ladles' Auxiliary to the Q.W.
V.A. were hostesses last Friday evening to a large number of members
and friends on the occasion of a
whist drive and dance.
Thc affair was held for the purpose
of raising funds wilh which to pay
mi' the balance of the expenses In
connection with the treat which they
gave recently lo the children of ex-
service men.
The prize winners were as follows:
Ijsclles' flrst, Mrs. Carey, second,
N Mrs. Gordon. Gentlemen: first, Mr.
Stanway, second, Mr. Wiley. Mrs.
Wiley and Mrs. Derbyshire donated
the flrst prizes and Mrs. J. J. Potter
both ot the second prizes.
For Ihe better convenience of patrons, J. H. Cameron of the Cumberland Motor Works, has Just installed
a fine new Premier gasoline service
There are two underground
tanks having a total capacity of
1.000 gallons. Mr. Cameron reports
business very brisk these days.
Cumberland boasts some of tbe
best bird dogs on the Island and some
of the business men of the city have
recently made some splendid acquisitions. William Merrifield of tbe
Cumberland Hotel has just received
a fine thoroughbred setter from Victoria and Victor Bonora one from
John Walton has secured a cocker
spaniel from Vancouver which comes
from one of the best strains obtainable.
St. George Presbyterian Ladles'
Aid will hold a May Tea at tbe borne
of Mrs. Hicks on May 8th, between
the hours of 3 and 6 o'clock.
A splendid programme has oeen
arranged for the entertainment of the
guests and a silver collection will be
People Flocked to the
at Grace Methodist
The sale of flowers and nf home
cooking at the Orace Methodist
Churcd grounds Wednesday afternoon waB a complete success In every way and Rev. G. Kinney and the
ladles who assisted at the affair received a shock when the buyers
* landed upon them so suddenly and
ln such numbers lhat, prepared as
they were, they found themselves Inundated with orders.
The tubs and hanging baskets were
snapped up at once and children and
ailults took equal Interest in securing select collections of plants for
their home gardens, lt wos afterwards
found that there were many plants
ln the garden which had been overlooked In the excitement and It Is
regretted that some of the would-be
buyers went away without securing
Just what they wanted.
Mr. Kinney announces that there
are still hundreds of bulbs, such as
dahlias, and plants which he will
conUnue to offer for Bale until the
supply Is depleted and orders will
also be taken for hanging baskets.
Firehall Building
Sealed tenders for tbe alterations
and additions to the Cumberland lire-
hall will be received at the office of
the City Clerk up to 4 o'clock on Mon
day afternoon, April 30.
The plans aud specifications ot the
work may be Been at the City Hall
between 10 and 12 o'clock and 3 and
C o'clock In tbe afternoon. Work will
be started on the improvements as
Boon as possible.
Church Concert
Well Received
Splendid Programme Given at
St. George's Presbyterian
"The best concert that has ever
been given In Cumberland in many
years," was the opinion freely expressed by the audience which attended the entertainment given in St.
George's Presbyterian Church on
Tuesday evening.
It was a real musical treat and
everyone thoroughly enjoyed the various items of the excellent programme iu which all of the artiste wbo so
generously assisted excelled themselves.
The proceeds of the concert, fifty
dollars, will go toward the organ
fund which is being raised to cover
the cost of tbe Installation of the
new organ.
May Form Junior
Claimed Association Activities
Should be Carried On.
Junior branches of the Great War
Veterans Association may be established In Cumberland and In every town and city of Canada where
there are now senior organizations.
In some places where tbere are a
great many children of ex-service
men the junior branches may be
composed ot separate organizations
tor boys and girls.
The proposal to form junior
branches woe introduced by the Vancouver branch of the O.W.V.A. Junior membership would Include eons
and daughters of men who served In
the recent or any other war on behalf of the British Empire and wbo
were under 31 years of age when the
armistice was signed.
It Is claimed that such organizations would help to maintain worthy
national traditions and carry on the
association   activities.
Sale Of Work
Very Successful
The sale of home cooking, whist
drive and dance held by the Cumberland Lady Foresters In the O. W.
V. A. on Wednesday proved a great
success in every way. No sooner
had the sale opened than ladles were
seen flocking to the O. W. V. A from
all quarters and tbe articles were
quickly disposed of.
There was a large turnout for the
whist drive and dance ln the evening and a very enjoyable time was
spent. Mrs. A. Derbyshire Is Chief
Ranger of the local lodge.
The home cooking stall was In
charge of Mesdames A. Pilling and
R. D. Brown. Candy stall ln charge
ot Mesdames Slaughter and McAllister. Ice Cream, Mesdames McLellan and Stockand. Sewing, MesdameH
Potter, Hannay and Stanaway. Refreshments, Mesdames Evans, West-
field, JoneB and Yarrow. The Fisb
Pond, which created a lot of fun,
was In charge of the Misses McLellan and Clark and Mrs. James
Smith was responsible for the dell-
clous tea that was served.
.The whist drive and dance in tbe
evening were both largely attended
and greatly enjoyed by all present.
The committee under whose supervision these features were presented
included Mesdames Hunt, Jones, Pilling and Miller.
The ladles felt deeply gratified that
nearly everything offered for sale
was snapped up, only a few sewing
articles in children's wear being left
over after the sale. The lady Foresters wish to (hank the very many
patrons who bo generously assisted
in making the affair such a great success.
The prize winners In the whist
drive were: lsadles, 1. Mrs. Parkinson 2. Mrs. Beveridge. Gentlemen: 1.
Mr. Pinfold. 2, Mr. Hunt.
Miss Olga Owen
To Be Queen of May
Cumberland Plans Big May 24th
Celebration for the Kiddles;
Parade'and Sports.
A Fine Parade
Cumberland's May Queen has been
selected from among Ihe local
school children In the person of
Miss Olga Owen and she will be
crowned with all due ceremony at
the forthcoming May 24th celebration,
which the committees In charge are
hoping will prove one ot the biggest
events in the history of the city.
The senior girls in the public
BChool elected MIsb Owen as the
Queen and the maids of honor elected were tbe Misses Edith O'Brien,
Mabel Jones, Olive Richardson and
Dorothy Maxwell. The pages will
be Jimmy Tremlet and Harry Mordy.
Led by the Cumberland Band, the
big parade, in which the Cumber-
landn school children will take part,
will move off at 10 o'clock on the
morning of May 24th.
The Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir) Limited has set a tine example
by undertaking to have a big float ln
tbe parade aud it Is hopd that all the
merchants and private car owners In
the city will enter floats or decorated cars.
The celebration this year will be
devoted largely to the entertainment
of the kiddies. There will be no senior sports but the committees will
arrange a .Ine programme for children of sixteen years of age and under.
It Is planned tc give the youngsters
of Cumberland ono of the best holidays they ever had.
Employees Generous
The employees of the Canadian Collieries at No. 4 mine hed a Pit Head
meeting Wednesday afternoon and
without exception agreed to put their
shoulder to the wheel to make the celebration tbe best ever. Every man
agreed to subscribe fifty cents toward
the fund to stage tbe celebration.
Union Bay will be heard from in
the same way it is expected and all
will join in the May Day spirits to
make the affair a big success. The
company has kindly undertaken to
run a free train service from Union
Bay to Cumberland on May 24th to
enable the residents trom Union Bay
and Bevan to participate In the enjoyment of the celebration.
The celebration committees are en-
thuslstlc over the plans and Cumberland will wltnesB a festive time. Thc
exact details of the programme for
thc day are being worked out by the
executive and the various committees and further Information regarding the celebration will be published
in the Islander next week.
The officers of the Celebration organization are as follows:
Honorary Chairman, Thomas Graham; Chairman, Charles Oraham;
Treasurer Geo. O'Brien, Secretary,
Jas. Tremlett.
Chairmen of Committees: Programme, T. W. Scott; Sports, A. J.
Taylor; Grounds, A. H. Webb; Musical, H. L. Bates; Publicity, B.
Hughes; Finance, F. Partridge
Postmaster J. W4 Cooke, who haa
been connected with thc Cumberland
Post Offlco for nine years, will be
leaving shortly to take up another position on tlie mainland.
N'o announcement has been made
as yet as to who will succeed Postmaster Cooke and he is not sure as
to the exact date when he will be able
to make the change.
The flrst of the baseball games In
the Intermediate series was played
last Sunday afternoon on the Recreation grounds, when a large crowd
witnessed an exciting contest between the Cumberland Intermediate
and the Japanese team, at the conclusion of which the latter proved
the victors to the tune of 4—3.
Mr. Bono was umpire and the llno-
iip was as follows:
Cumberland: D. Richards, catcher;
R. Robinson, pitcher; M. Mitchell, A.
Millar; G. Hunden, A. Kingsbury, M.
Stewart, S. Little, J. Wier.
Japanese: T. Kajlyama, P. Dol,
Hbjo, S. Hlgo, I. Poyo, K. Terada, A.
Moto, J. Hajine, A. Hayashl.
Kiddies' Gardens
The school children of Cumberland
are keenly Interested in the garden
competition which is being held under the direction of Principal Webb
and the teachers.
The seniors In which girls and
boys, thirteen and over are Included,
are cultivating plots of 200 square
feet and the Juniors have plots half
that size.
Lang's Drugstore   Undergoing
Changes For Increased Busi-
Owing to thc Increased amount of
business and the fact that additional
space Is required for the Installation
of a new soda fountain, R. C. Lang,
the popular local druggist bas made
a considerable change In the Interl-
our arrangement of his store.
For better convenience in making
up prescriptions, the dispensary has
becji moved to the very back of the
store and numerous other minor
changes in the arrangement of the
premises and stock display havo been
It Is intimated that the Courtenay
Lumber Company may start up their
mill In the very nenr future, Ronald
Cliffe, J. H. McDonald and 'Percy
Sills having Investigated conditions
this week with a view to a possible
The Courtenay Council and Industrial committee promises to do every-
| thing possible to Insure work start-
I ing as It will mean a lot to the illst-
| rlet to havo more Industry and more
i men employed.
at Union
Storm King
Local Boys Meet Great Scout Chief
Sir Robert and Lady Baden-
Powell Tell of Movement's
Rev. W. I-eversedgo and four of
the local Boy Scouts formed the
Cumberland contingent which went
to Victoria Monday to greet Sir Robert nnd Lady Baden-Powell, the respective heads of thc great Boy
Scout and Girl Guide movement, who
are touring the world to personally
Inspect the thousands upnjn thousands of organizations which have
sprung up as a result of the movement which the noted soldier Instigated some yoars ago.
The visitors through their great
work in connection with these movements have become the popular
Ideals for an army ot young throughout the Empire and the world.
UneelflBhness, loyalty, kindness
and a determination to help and not
to hinder his fellows is the forceful
advice given the lads by thc famous
warrior and scout chief. Ho was given a grand reception by the five
hundred scouts and three cubs who
made up the contingent nf Vancou
ver Island representatives. Sir Robert wns delighted lo meet tho boys
and he bad a word of praise for thc
worthy objects to which tlio lads had
allied themselves.
The Girl Guide movement Is also
vory strong on the Island and Lady
Baden-Powell wns amazed nt tho
strength of the units on Vancouver
Island and In British Columbia generally.
"Leadership,  resourcefulness,  self-
reliance and obedience nre developed
through  thc  Girl  Guide movement,"
j she told thc Guides.   Thc Inaugura-
I tiou of the Hoy Scouts In 1907 flred
j the Imagination ot the girls and an
j  organization   followed   which,   from
| n membership of 50,000 in  1915 has
grown   to   475,000    throughout    the
! world.
It is generally admitted that   the
tour of Sir Robert and Lady Iladen-
| Powell will give n tremendous impe-
t tus to the Boy Scout und Girl Guide
movement.,  tlie sole object of which
is character building nml thc breaking down of   soclnl    barriers.   The
spirit of sacrlflco Is the  underlying
j Idea of the movement.
Last Of Sunday
Concerts Is Held
Excellent Programme by Local
Artists is Greatly Appreciated.
Tbo last of this senson'8 series of
Sunday concerts waa given by the
Cumberland Amateur Orchestral Society ln the Ilo-Ilo Theatre last Sunday under the direction of A. J. Merry and the audience greatly appreciated tbe various Items of the excellent programme.
Mrs. Ledlngham and Mr. George
Ramsell contributed some fine solo
selections and received the plaudits
of the audience, which was rather
small owing to the lateness of thc
season and the appeal of out-of-
It was the intention of the society to stage the scries of concerts
with the intention of clearing off old
debts and raising funds to equip a
library of music and the result of
the season's work ls quite satisfactory, the society being now in a position to start off next season's work
with a clean sheet.
There will be a fine exhibition
game of baseball played on the
recreations grounds Sunday afternoon, April 29th at 3 o'clock
when the Courtenay and Cumberland teams in the Comox
District League will meet.
The series of games that will
bo played this season In the Island leagues are being looked
forward to with a great deal
of Interest. R. B. Dixon of
of Courtenay visited Vancouver this week to discuss
matters with the B. C. Amateur Athletic Association. His
planned to have the North End
the Mid-Island and the Victoria
leagues lo play off for the final
contest with the mainland
School Board In
Monthly Meeting
Routine Business Disposed of at
Tuesday's Session.
The school Board held Its regular
meeting in the Cumberland school
Tuesday evening but there waa nothing of especial Importance dealt with,
routine matters occupying the attention of the board.
In the absence of Mrs. Banks,
chairman, Trustee Partridge presided. Applications for any vacancies
that might occur on the teaching staff
were received from Mrs. Oatz and
Charlotte Carey and placed on file
for reference If needed.
The usual monthly report of Principal Webb was read and Trustees
Partridge and Brown were appointed
a committee to look Into the various
suggestions offered. Trustees Mc-
Fadden and Brown were asked to attend to the carrying out of some of
the improvements which are under
way in tbe school grounds.
Popular Couple
Wed At Merville
Miss Jeanette   Barr   Becomes
Bride of Herbert Grieve.
A very popular couple wore wedded at Mervllle WedneBdny morning
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. Barr.
when their daughter Jeanette, became the bride of Herbert Grieve,
son of Mr. and Mrs. John Grieve of
The bride's sister acted as brlde-
muld nnd Warden Piercy was the
best man. The ceremony took place
at 11 o'clock and was performed by
Rov. Thomas Menzies, M.I'.P. who
camo up from Victoria, especially for
the purpose. The bride was made the
recipient of many beautiful gifts. After the wedding breakfast the pair
motored to Victoria where they will
spend their honeymoon.
Popular Lecttfre
The lecture hall of the Cumberland Literary and Athletic Association was crowded last Saturday evening and the audience listened with
rapt attention to the extremely interesting lecture given by Dr. Ashton, University of British Columbia,
on the subject "France In the time
of Louis XIV."
Th darker side of French history
was lightened by a delicate sense of
humor and the speaker pointed out
thut despite the crudeness In that day
the methods employed In that day
tbere had always been a general
trend toward higher and better
The lecture from beginning to end
was full of Interesting happenings,
most delightfully told and the illustrations which accompanied the
lecture served to carry tbe audlenco
out of the present Into those dim
distant days when France was rife
with romance and historical developments.
The story pictured the cultured as
well as the uncouth phase ot France's
condition during the period ot thc
famous ruler. The crude Ideas ot the
people, their superstitions and the
manner In which the physicians of
that day played upon tbe simplicity
of the people, was explained. To
cure a wart in those days one applied
a piece of bason to the offending
growth, crossed a river and burled
the poultice.
Professor Ashton's concluding remarks were addressed particularly to
the students of the High School,
nearly all of whom were present. The
speaker pointed out that tbe olden
days were not the only days denoting progress and though we were
now living In a great era of progress
and development, the future still held
wonderful promise In this respect.
There Is always something to be
done by everyone and not necessarily
away from one's own town or city.
Some boys think Cumberland Is not
big enough for them and they must
go to larger cities and the boys in the
larger cities looked to be still larger
centres for their opportunity, explained Dr. Ashton, whose moral was
thut boys should be looking about
and doing and they would And there
was plenty to do right at home.
Dr. Ashton was roundly applauded
and the thanks of tho club and the
audieuco were extendd for his excellent oddress.
Last of series
At 8 o'clock Saturday evening.
April 28, the last of the series of
lectures nt the club will he given by
Professor I'tlow, of the L'nlvorslty of
B. ('., when the topic will ho "The
Land of the Inca."
The district around Courtenay has
been growing to such an extent recently that tho Electric Light Committee of tho Courtenay City Council
hns been obliged to consider tbe advisability of extending the electric
light lines to revenue-producing
It was decided that any bond Issue
submitted to the ratepayers would be
mado only In case of a self-supporting proposition where the revenue
would be sufficient to meet all interest and sinking fund charges.
Blunt & Ewart Ltd. unloaded another carload of Chevrolet Superior
Touring Cars at Courtenay on Monday last.
Cumberland Kiddies May Look
Forward to Novel Treat*
Forty educated birds mid animals
comprise port of thc new and novel
entertainment which Professor L'tell,
expert trainer of animals, proposes
to bring to Cumberland shortly, lie
Is now ou Vancouver Island and has
been showing In different Island
centres, Parksvllle nnd Port Alberni being the two last places he will
visit prior to visiting Cumberland.
Dog acrobats, wonderful birds and
chickens and other performers will
offer big surprises and keen enjoyment to tho kiddles of Cumberland
when the show arrives bore. Profes-
sfor l'tell does not employ the serv
Iccb of advance agents lo tell thc
people he Is coming. Everyone soon
i knows he is In town the moment he
arrives. TWO
Published every Saturday morning at
Cumberland, B. C.
SATURDAY, APRIL, 28th, 1923
No matter how active street cleaning departments may be, the thorough
fares of a town never look decent unless some spirit of neatness exists in
the minds of the citizens. The tendency to litter up streets with paper
bags, handbills, scraps ot newspaper,
etc., seems to grow worse and worse.
Many newly arrived aliens, who keep
potatoes In the hath tub at home, regard tho Btrcct ns tlle natural receptacle for refuse. Uut the unlives
cannot lay all this abuse on aliens.
Our own boys and girls acquire every
year a little mure lawlessness in
such ways. They have lordly manners about throwing waste nrnund.
They seem to think thai some street
cleaner should be in service attendance every minute, to pick up their
leavings. When thoy get nli! enough
to pay taxes, they may realize wliat
this costs. Disorderly and littered
Btreets give the impression that a
place has no community spirit, and is
too poor for street cleaning. This
affects the minds of all who pass
through and makes a place look unattractive to people who might settle
here. The automobile traffic planes
every town of dress parade. A
stream of strangers goes through
daily In machines. Tliey pass judgment on the town. If It is disorderly,
they circulate the story that the town
in slnck and slovenly. Thc spring Is
a time when peculiar care is necessary. Refreshment stands and candy and fruit stores are running full
blast and many people cast the debris into tho gutters. A citizen should
he ns ashamed to cast refuse into his
street as to spit on his parlor rug at
SATURDAY, APRIL, 28th, 1923
winning their loyalty tj$st
not play simply for> a-^a'
their own averages. A man who
quick-witted enough to play baseball Is apt also to be quick to take"
offense, Imaginative, sensitive and at
time moody. The balance between
competing players needs to be held
on a competent justice between the
personal interest ot hia players, so
that If any man gets a grouch it
shall be ot his own creation. Then
there is that indefinable power of
creating enthusiasm, which radiotes
from some men. while others leave
their associates wholly cold. When
one sees a group ot players having
all these qualities of skill, led with
ull this enthusiasm and systematic
work and quick wit, he sees a product into which there has entered a
plentiful supply of brains.
People who  never seo a  baseball
game are apt to imagine the bleacher
crowd ns an assemble of sports. Thoy
would expect to find there incessant
cigarette smokers  and  fellows  with
"hlghwater pants,"  older men    who
come to bet, with a sprinkling    of
flashily dressed women.   The crowds
at the ball parks of the bigger leagues
Include many of these types.    Also,
there nre great numbers of clcancut.
modestly dressed  business and  professional  men.  whoso  presence  is  u
credit to any gathering.     There    Is
something in the game that appeals
to all Interested by human achievement.    It  has  Its  own    spectacular
power.   A hard-batted ball, a speedy
runner, an agile stop, a swift, accurate throw, a sure catch, these are
beautiful     forms   of   human   skill.
Equally so, It Is a battle of organization and mastery of personal force.
It Is not enough to assemble a group
of men who can bat, throw and catch
a ball with great speed, accuracy and
strength.    It requires intelligence to
so place and  group these men  thnt
they Ht into each other like the cogs
of a machine.   It Is a question of so
Huddled together on tho Island ot
Manhattan aro millions of people
tilled with thousands of conflicting
emotions, und when these emotions
explode, the results get Into print.
Then wc feci thnt the world is going
to the dogs. In a large city you will
find every emotion In the gamut of
human nature. Mercy pardoning murder—prison cells, social cholns and
spiritual service.
In a large city you will And love,
affection, charity and crime, all
clustered together in ono pot of melting emotions. Talents, like dry
leaves are tossed before the gale ot
passion, and In the calm sunshine of
true home happiness, you will And
Screened from the world Is wonderful kindness and flashed on the
screen ls a world of kinks in human
nature. We are shown the wretched
impotence of gold, and then we witness tlie misery that accompanies the
need of money. Virtue, honeBty, vanity, vice, hold-ups and happy homes,
Intelligence, ignorance, inBult and injuries. Here a new-born babe and
there a faithful failure lying stark on
the marble slab in tbe morgue.
On the west side of the street
walks God Almighty's representative, a real man, and the east
side of the same street sulks Satan's
lieutenant. We condemn the newspapers for printing the crimes and
then we rush out to get an extra.
With all the conflicting emotions of
a few million people on the little Island of Manhattan (Including tho
visitors, who do not go there to attend church), it's a wonder they are
as decent as they are.
' Time and debauch are great remedies. The heart becomes insensible at last, and one suffers no more.
There is no God; there is no morality; nothing of all we have been
taught to respect really exiBts. All
there is, is-a life which passes away
and of which it Is logical to ask all
the pleasure possible while waiting
for the final horror—death."
This is not a quotation from ancient classic materialism; lt Is not the
raying of a modern, morbid anarchist; it Is nol the conclusion of the
intellectual agnostic, nor yet that of
tlie honest uthiest.   But hear him:
"I beleive In nothing and nobody;
1  love nobody nor anything. I have
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neither faith nor hope. Iti haa taken
me 37 yeaft'to'-comij to these conclusions. If I have fallen lower than
the majority of men; at least I have
1aWen"fromV higher pinnacle."
Poo£ impoverished soul! With
the scorpions of dead desires stinging, he walls with the biographers of
David and Solomon that all ls vanity; that everything is nothing!
Why should such a man continue
to live? Why condescend to go
through the ordinary vulgar functions cf eating and sleeping?
The above is the miserable creed
of a brilliant, blase, world-wearied,
soul-sick, living genius; a contributor to oue of the most popular periodicals of the day; a man of splendid capacity for usefulness, but really useless here, or in any hereafter
of which we may conceive.
Selfish, soulless, sordid, hopeless—
nhat right has such a man to live?
Why should such darkness as bis
mar the beauty of life, destroying
the perspective of all things lovely,
desirable, hoped for?
And yet he could be cured by simple
treatment. He should be yanked out
of his luxurious apartments, robbed
of his pocket flask, taken beyond the
Jazzing whine of the saxaphone and
put to work behind a plow. With his
feet In the furrow and away from
the paved streets, with his muscles
aching from honest toll instead of
carrying overweight from heavy
food, he would sleep without his dose
ot chloral and wake up with a kinder, broader view of lite. Poor fool,
why don't he die?
Blunt & Ewart Ltd. unloaded another carload of Chevrolet Superior
Touring Cars nt Courtenay on Monday Inst.
At Clarke's Residence.
Hoursi Any Day Between 4 and 6 p.n
E. 0. HAUKEDAL, Chiropractor.
With The
Rev. W. Leversedge
Services 11 a.m. unless otherwise
announced and 7 p.m.
Sunday School 2.30.
Rev. James Hood
Services 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Bible Class 1.30. Sunday School 2.30
Evening Service. Anthem, by the
choir: "Holy Spirit, Faithful Guide."
Solo: by Mr. Ramsell: "The Prayer Perfect."
Rev. George Kinney, B.A., F.R.G.S.
Services 11 a.m. nnd 7 p.m. Sunday
School 2.30.
Visitors Welcome.
of our darling Edith, who fell asleep
April 2Sth, 1911, age 19 years aud 8
Deep ln our hearts there's a picture
Of a loved one gone to rest.
In memory's frame we will keep it,
Because she was one of the best.
Our lips can not speak how we loved
Our heart can not tell what to say.
Ood only knows bow we miss her
As wo Journey along on life's way.
Sadly missed hy ber Mother, Father, and Throe Brothers.
Mrs. Henry Auchlnvole nnd Mr.
and Mrs. A. Auchlnvole desire to
thank their many friends for their
sympathy and floral tributes during
their recent bereavement.
D. Campbell's
Meat  Market
My endeavor is to please my
customers, and that with best
"Service," reasonable prices,
and best and freshest quality of
Fresh and Cured Meats, Vegetables and Fruits
Cumberland, B, C.
of the Newest Styles in McMullen Dorothy Dore. Silk .and Canton Crepe Dresses.
Ladie's Tailored Suits in Balkan and Blouse Back Styles made in Best Quality Tricotin
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Special Order taken for Ladie's Made to Measure.—Suits and Coats
Style, Quality and Fit Guaranteed.
Newest Novelties in Laces, Ratine and Organdie Collar and Collar .Sets, Silk Embroidered and Paisly Silk Combinations.
Griffin's Chamoisette and Silk Gloves—Venus Silk Hosiery
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also white with Patent Trimmings in Oxfords, two and one Strap Slippers with
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pleated Silk Lining. d»rt Of
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Wash Fabrics. djl  nr d»Q f*(\
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''   '  '— I m   ■■■-■—i-n.t-^--   i   ■    i r ...     ,■.,.- ... ...    .    ,, .,..j,„l   .  | ■■  	
Chicken Haddie, tins 2 for 55c
King Oscar Kippered Herring, tins
2 for 35c
King Oscar Sardines, tins, 2 for .... 45c
Tiger Salmon, Flat tins, 7 for $1.00
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Shrimps, 3 tins for $1.00
Royal Standard Flour, 49 lb. sk $2.00
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per lb  40e
Shelled Walnuts per lb...: 50c
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St. James Coffee, I's tins 60c
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tor     SOc
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Save It as long as you con. Some
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Eye Sight Specialist
Daily They Come To Me
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Back They Go Looking
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From The
Family Shoe Repairer
Comfort and Homelike  service.
26  rooms,  electrically heated.
Excellent cuisine—
For reservations Phone 16.
R. YATES, Manager.
Fancy Dress Ball
will be held in the
Ilo-Ilo Dance Hall
FRIDAY, MAY 11th, 1923
under the auspices of
CHILDREN FROM 7-30 TO 10.00 P. M.
Dancing for adults will commence after 10.00 p.m.
ADULTS-50 cents
This Week Its
Jeune's Furniture Store
By the Double Arrow Sign
For Results Advertise in The Islander SATURDAY, APRIL, 28th. 1923
Ho=Ilo Theatre
Friday and Saturday, April 27th and 28th
"Lorna Doone"
The Worlds Sweetest story brought to the screen, with
all its unforgetable drama, in all its gorgeous.
Come back to the days and dreams of "Lorna Doone"
shudder with her in the bandit-stronghold of the
Fighting Doones, triumph in her escape, win
with her in Royal favor.
"The Country Heir" a Sunshine Comedy
A 2 reel Christie Comedy
Monday and Tuesday
A picture of super-flappers and New York night
Gloria Dances, flirts,
drinks, smokes—and her
friends don't know
whether she is good or
See this stirring story of
the people who throng
restaurants, cabarets, hotels, etc. of New York City.
Wednesday & Thursday
John Gilbert in
reels of stirring drama.
Coming Monday & Tuesday, May 7—8th—
Jackie Coogan
wMarie fre^ostl
TheCost of the Lowest Bid
The electric equipment of a home to-day, no matter how simple that home may be, is a scientific problem and warrants a few minutes attention and study.
Electricity is constantly making life easier, more
convenient and more comfortable for everybody and,
as the world is grasping the place of electricity in the
home, soon it will be the exception for a house not to
be thoroughly equipped for every phase of electrical
Considering the importance of the electrical equipment of the home, nothing should be left to chance.
The wiring should beright, illumination properly provided for, electrical outlets conveniently placed and
the materials and appliances should be what experts
have decided is necessary for a safe, dependable and
permanent job. In other words, your equipment ought
to be standard.
Your electrical installation requires a specialized
knowledge just the same as your heating or plumbing
installation. The heating engineer or the sanitary engineer knows better than you do what your house requires. In these cases, if you are wise, you select a
man whom you know to be qualified in every respect
to give you a satisfactory installation at a fair price.
There has to be a man who knows, and the community has to have some means to find him. The man
who knows electricity, so far as it applied to the modern household, is the qualified electrical contractor,
who is in close touch with the latest practise in electrical wiring.
For the BEST installation go to
Cumberland Electric Lighting
Co., Ltd.
New Car Service
Car for Hire Day or Night
Phone 24 or 100
Cumberland Hotel
Ask for Charlie Dalton
Making connections with Charmer every Sunday morning, leaving Cumberland at 8 a.m.
Royston Lumber Co.
Slab Wood (double load) $4.50
Pressing    .     Cleaning    .    JtejuUrii
Telephone I.     .     P. 0. Box 17
Wood for Sale
WHEREAS certain mischievously Inclined persons have tampered with the valves of the mains ot this Company, thereby
allowing a considerable amount of water to run to waste, we
therefore wish to point out that it is a serious offence tb tamper
with suoh valves, and should the offending parties be apprehended, they will he prosecuted to the very fullest extent ot
the law.
Any Length Requited
Happy Valley Phone 92R
Clothes Pressing
Cleaning and Repairing
We will call for nnd deliver work
of any kind.
Satisfaction   Ounrnnteed.
Adjoining II. & B.
Past President Maxwell Points to the Path of Duty For Every
Ex-Service Man and Woman—A    Great    Work   Accomplished But Still a Great Work to be Done
GRATEFUL homage ls
due by the writer, a
humble member ot the
C. E. F. to Rudyard
Kipling for his inspiring poem "If," and particularly the lines:—
• A..........
"If you can keep your head when all
about  you
Are losing theirs and blaming Hon
If you cau trust yourself when all
men doubt you,
And    mako   allowance    for   their
doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by
Or, being lied about, don't deal ln
lies, or
Being hated, don't give way to hating,
nnd yet
Don t look too good or talk    too
It has been my earnest endeavor
to apply ln as practical a way as I
knew how the advice thus given and
I commend these lines to my comrades. If an earnest effort is made
to carry Ihem Into effect they will be
astonished at the result—and I know
whereof I speak.
During a period of "active service"
with my comrades of nearly nine
years, numbers of vital issues had
to be faced and decided for good or
evil. Quite a few schemes were conceived with the best of Intentions,
yet the ultimate effect was bad, and,
had they been acquiesced in, disaster
would have overtaken ex-service
men nnd dependents, but, worst of
all, the nation we fought to preserve
would bave been rendered impotent.
It la ou occasions like these when the
lines quoted above are vitally necessary, when one must decide to
breast the current or float with the
Btream. Dean Inge remarks "That
any dead dog can Hot with the
Conditions of anarchy threatened
our land but, due largely to the tact
that the G. W. V. A. had splendid
leadership In every Province—men
who were not afraid of being maligned—the threatened outburst was
averted. During these years the G.
W. V. A. never lOBt sight of the fundamental principle of its being—adequate care for those who suffered
and who have legitimate claim to
Just and proper treatment by tbe nation. The policy of the G. W. V. A.
has never been one of spoliation or
the expectation of receiving something for nothing.
When the benefits already given ex-
service men and dependents were
being withheld (for reasons that we
were not in a position    to   fathom)
quick and peremptory action was Indicated, and in conjunction with
your Dominion Secretary the necessary steps were taken culminating in
the appointment of the Royal Commission on Pensions and Re-establishment. This Commission have reported on the flrst phase, I.e., the so-
called charges. For myself I have
no fault to And with the judgment
handed down. My faith in the Justice and integrity of the personnel of
the Commission never faltered. Perhaps the language used In the original telegram was strong and abrupt,
but It was soldier language, and wc
had been trained ln a robust school
where niceties ot diction did not prevail. In addition, It must be remembered the last call had sounded for
ex-service men, and the position had
to be held and Improved, or evacuated. The members ot the C. E. F.
never acquired the evacuation habit,
and because of this reluctance on
their part (history alone can tell the
story), Canada is still on the mar,—
as Bach—and without any added hyphens.
To Comrades MacNeil and Bowler
your homage should be given. Practically everything they said and did
before the Royal Commission has been
amply Justified ln the report jUBt
presented to Parliament. If ex-service men in Canada have any gratitude
left they will compensate Comrade
MacNeil, the Dominion Executive,
and other leaders throughout the
Dominion hy joining and supporting
the G. W. V. A. and help them bear
the burden they so unselfishly assumed (or you, and the widows and
dependents of those of our comrades
who have gone ahead "Blazing the
Trail." To those ex-members of the
forces who are comfortably provided
for may I make this appeal. Don't
forget that you owe your present position to the fact that a comrade died;
that another was maimed for life;
that one Ib under sentence of dissolution with tuberculosis, and that
thousands of selt-sacrtflclng comrades have given ot their best that
you should be provided for, If not directly, then indirectly. Make your
slogan: "Self-help through mutual
help;" and "Do unto others as you
would havo they should do unto you."
and when the Last Post sounds you
will take yoir discharge from this
earthly habitation with a confident
smile and the knowledge that yon did
what you could to make things easier for those of your comrades whom
fortune did not fovor.
Your fraternally,
R.   B.   MAXWELL,
Past President, O.W.V.A. of Canada.
ere an
The Swiss Government has appropriated 500.000 francs for the
purpose of assisting the emigration
of unemployed workers, especially
as farmers to Canada.
Saskatchewan uow stands first in
the world in regard to the number
of rural telephones per capita, with
a telephone for every nine of the
The Canadian Pacific Railway has
a survey party in the Rouyn gold-
field, plotting a route in case it
should be decided to push furtier
northward the line now being built
from Mattawa to Quinze.
Construction work on a 39 mile
extension of thc A' - impress line
running from D -..meller to the
Bull Pond will be commenced this
yenr according to statement made
by D. C. Coleman, vice-president of
the Canadian  Pacific Railway.
Organization of the Okanagan
fruit growers into a co-o|>crative association has now been accomplished, Among thc main difficulties which faced the co-operative
advocates wns the raising of adequate credit to finance the whole
scheme.   This hus been overcome
The United States bought Canadian produce during February to
toe value of $26,719,206 in comparison with $20,110,350, Canada's exports to the United Stntes in 1922.
Exports of Canadian produ.e to the
United Kingdom were $11,374,260
in February 1923, and $15,316,265
in February 11)22.
Canadian exports of whiskey for
the year ending March 31st, 1923,
amounted to 330,181 gallons valued
lit $2,l>!>8 377; for the previous year
the quantity exported was 192,910
gallons valued at $882,729. Ale
and hcer exported during the past
year amounted to 1,464,629 gallons,
while for the previuus twelve
months the amount was only 421,-
ill'O gallons.
.Milking Canada Europe's best
and quickest road to the Orient
menus much to this country and the
Canadian Pacific Railway, in rearranging its route from England or
Fiance tn Japan so as to reduce the
journey by four days, has made the
route mors than ever a serious com-
V til ion of travel via tlie Suez Canal.
About 10.000 miles in 21 days is
I s Iter than even Jules Verno
t! ought of.
A silver tag attached to the
dorsal fin of a salmon bjfore its release after the eggs have been removed nt the Dominion Government
hatcheries is nne of thc methods
resorted to by the Fisheries Department for tracing the life history of
the fish. A. reward of $1 is paid by
the Department for the return of
silver tags that are being attached
tn   Atlantic   salmon,  together  with
.■ales from the side of the fish, and
particulars regarding their length,
weight and place of capture.
Precious Secrets Revealed
Wonderful Book tells how to attain Longevity and
Prosperity and to ensure Domestic Happiness and lifelong Bliss, and Healthy Offspring.
No more groping—no more hoping! Mystery and
conjecture changed to light and truth—Past theories
brought to naught. Genuine knowledge relating to the
Law of production and determination of sex, so long
hidden from mankind, has at last been unearthed and
is now yours to utilize for your own benefit.
"Science of Life"
Tho roeult of long
research and much
labor delving Into
ancient Hn n sk ri t
Writings, tho sacred
teaching of Hindu
Rlshls, whose devotion to philosophy
Imbued them with
divine kuowledgo,
whicli revealed to
them the Science of
Life and Mysteries of
The mosl re.
ninrkuble work of
onr lime. A book
for those who
want to know and
should know. An
Infallible guide
for the married
and those about
to marry.
Size 1\i"xa", 230
pages, over 60 illustrations. Contains
original S a n ■ k r 11
texts wilh lucid, easily understandable
English renderings
together with highly
Interesting chapters
on the Anclont Hindu Sciences of Palmistry and Physiognomy.
With tills book disappointments   InLove become things of the
1st Edition sold within a mouth. 2nd Edition—,V),000 rophti
Just out. Book your orders TODAY with remittance to avoid
disappointment as the demand Is very gnat
Price: Each book nicely bound 72c.   Three Copies
$2.00. Six Copies, $.W4. Twelve Copley $7.04, post free.
Hindu Secrets Publishing Department
123, Lower Circular Road, Calcutta.
With a view to developing tourist
resorts along its line in Central and
Western Ontario, the Canadian Pacific Railwny will erect Bungalow
Camps after the style of those successfully operated in the Rockies.
The first three will be built In the
Nlpie-n. French Kiver and Lake of
the Woods districts, and should be
ready for occupation by July 1st.
Thc low cost of construction and
maintenance will moke it possible
to rliarpe much lower rates than
the standard hotel, and the camps
will prove a boon to those of moderate means who desire to spend s
v"rk or more or less in the outdoors. . . -_	
Dainty Creations at Mont Reasonable
Buy Here and Save Money
ARMSTRONG'S -.Cumberland, B. C.
HiO'/i Irunsmulr Street
Courtenay now boasts of a
private institution where maternity cases will be given the very
best attention under the most
homelike and pleasing surroundings.
Call or 'phone for appointments.   Inspection invited.
Mrs. A. Attree
Courtenay, 'phone 145.
Comox Exchange
Caurtenay, B.C.
relieved In two minutes with
JO-TO relieves gas pains, acid stomach, hoarthburn, after-eating distress and all forme of Indigestion quickly, without harm. All Drug Stores. [**Wli<^mmrl\W9*ABmm>lm.9Mm!mmW---mmm
SATURDAY, APRIL, 28th, 1923
At Left; Heavy weight AU Sitk Canton.
Pleated panel front, new Irregular hem line.
Soft-toned embroidery adds individuality on
sleeves; also glimpsed at waist under softly
Housed bodice.   Black, "Navy, Negro.
j 6-20, 36-43
At Right: Flying pleated panel flutters
over /luted side draping. Oddly beaded
ornament holds panel, and knife-pleated
Qeorgette forms part of sleeve terminating
in a petal cuff. All Silk Canton Crepe.
Black, Navy, Negro.   16-20, ^42.
Why Should PARIS MODELS be Limited
to the Fortunate Few ?
THIS Spring and Summer you can be There is in every McMULLEN model a
as smartly gowned as though you touch truly Parisian—the verve and lure
bought on Fifth Avenue or the of advanced styles that will not be seen
Rue de la Paix. elsewhere for months to come.
McMULLEN makes the art of being No matter how low McMUULEN prices
well-dressed possible for women of may seem to you, you will find the silks
modest means. At prices you can well of a rare quality, the tailoring and work-
afford to pay, you can now indulge your manship exquisitely done,
craving for exquisite dresses of silk and ^ vwy unusual j, the combination of
sports fabrics. sty\c> qu^jty anj price that well-dressed
In a flock of rare colour Mendings, win-   women who are prepared to pay more
some silks and modish thisLabeitm     "^ content to pay less
fabrics, trim flattering lines,   t^tftieMcMvusN Dresses The ONE frock made for YOU,
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McMULLEN frocks and
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pace ahead of the very newest
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smwnd2)r esses
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For Sale by Campbell's, Cumberland
Friday—The Lodge witch pa belongs
to must have a lot of nice men in it I
gess. 1 ot them wna
here at are house tonite
end he twked to me and
ast me all about how
was I a getting on In
skool and base ball
and shlnnle and etc.
and wheu he left he
told ma and pa rite in
my presents that I was
a brite yung mau. And
I beleaved him even lt
I new he was a llelng
to me all the time. But
I am only a yuman
Saturday—Pa got
called down tor a
nother miss take he made on the noose
paper today. They are tearing down
a old house up town nnd the editor
went and rote a big peace about It.
Then they is a yung lady got marryed
this wk. & he rote a story on that.
And then he had pa to set up the hed
lines tor the paper. And when the paper cuins out pa had put over thc wedding peace the hed line witch sed
Sunday—The otlier dny the teechcr
told us in skool that heat perduces
anger witch means to go and get mad
in other wirds. Ami I dlddent no just
whnt she incut, but today when we
was out drivelng in the 2 hnnded ford
I new what slio ment when pa acct-
ileutly tuk a hold of a hot Spark plug.
I cud toll hy the way lie spoke.
Monday—nm got a letter frum her
nettew witch is going to colllge he
was playing 1st base now. & Pa and
mo has spent tlie Itest of the day trying to ligger out weather he is In the
orkstry or the ball team we dont n<>
Tuesday—Harvey Biekct. witch lives
!n the Vacant house across the crick
calls his wife Dynamo & when pa ast
him why does he call her that kind of
a name he replied nnd sed. Because
.she all ways charges Everything.
Wednesday—Blisters foil off of the
tale end of a ottomobeel today and
scratched up his face and ills hands
and etc. If I was him I wood he skared
to do that because nearly ull ot his
ancesters died frum Fatalities. And
then he ketched a licking when he
got home on top of all that.
Thursday—Ma says why dont I try
and tawk like the Latin teechcr at
skool.  She  uses  such  good  English
ma says. I shud say. She uses such
good lnugwigc Hint no I inn loll what
she Is tawking of.
Guernsey Island Has   Enjoyed
Them For 21 Years.
The sninll Island nf Guernsey, In
the English Channel, has been enjoying a unique telephone service for
the last twenty-four years. Evory
Sunday morning telephone subscribers, at least some of them sit nt homo
and listen to the sermon from the
church over the wires, nml in summer they are entertained in tho same
way with tho music of tlie local band.
They simply ask central for tho necessary connection, and a transmitter affixed lo Ihe pulpit or in front of
the bandstand docs the rest.
Guernsey developed Mils system as
far hack ns 1S9S, when broadcasting
wns undreamed of and the telephones
were relatively tow and fnr apart.
For twenty-four scars the natives of
this Unfrequented lslnnd hnvo been
enjoying the benefits of ti broadcasting system which today is becoming
widespread through radio.
There arc telephones tn every 100
Inhabitants of Guernsey, and the
service Is said to be the cheapest In
llie world. There Is no installation
charge, and for a business connection tho cost Is (15,00 a ycur; resilience telephones arc even cheaper.
There were no increases made in tho
charges during the war, and the
system has always been a paying
A tired, nervous feeling may be a
sign of poisons in your system which
prevent proper digestion. Food turns
Into more poison and gas, making you
nervous and woak. Simple buckthorn
bark, glycerine, etc., as mixed In Ad-
lerlka, expels poisons and gas from
BOTH upper and lower bowel. Removes old matter you never thought
was In your system which poisoned
slomach nnd made you tired and nervous. Adlerlka Ib EXCELLENT to
gunrd against appendltitis.—R. C.
LANG, Druggist,
A hen Is thc only living critter that
can set still and produce dividends.—
An interesting story of the important part a little dog played in a midnight fire comes from Mission City
in the Fraser Valley.
Last week the home of a Mr. A.
Fontaine was burned to the ground
and very little of the contents saved.
About 2 o'clock in the morning Mr.
Fontaine was aroused by the family
pet, a little black dog, jumping on the
bed, having sensed tlle danger. By
that time the house was so full of
smoke that a flashlight wns no help
in the dark. It was a narrow escape
for ihe inmates and the dog has to
be thanked for their escape.
Married men employed by the corporation of New Orleans, Ln., were
thrown Into consternation recently
when the City Comissioner announced that thereafter their pay checks
wouhl be mniled to their home addresses, the Idea being thnt if the
cheques went home the wives might
have something to say as to their disposition.
Daylight Saving
Victoria, the capital of the Province, will put daylight saving Into
effect on Sunday, May 6 and will
continue until Sunday, September 9.
Montreal has decided against daylight saving and municipal councils
throughout Canada are still struggling with the pros, and cons of the
By the creation of a game preserve
on thc northern side of Cowichan
Lake, extending from the upper end
of the lake to Shell Creek and back
to the height of land, the Provincial
Government has taken steps, upon
recommendation of the Game Conservation Board, to afford protection
to the herd of native elk which has
been located in a valley in that locality. The order-in-council passed,
creating the reserve prohibits any
shooting within the limits ot the reserve, and no one will be allowed to
enter the locality with firearms un-
'ess same aro sealed.
Revival of the slave traffic In Africa, on whicli subject tlie League of
Nations promised to act next September, ls causing the British and
French governments concern. It Is
reported that thousands of human
beings nro being marketed In Abyssinia. The French have discovered
lhat monthly shipments arc passing
through the port of Lndjouran, in
French Somaliland, from whicli
traffic the local sultanate derives a
fee of $1.00 a head on all slaves
shipped to Arabia. British and
French naval units are trying to
block the traffic,
Grand Jury Olisolrlrl
Committing itself to Its own death
sentence, llie Grand Jury  sitting nt
the Spring Assizes in Vancouver, declared that the body was    obsolete j
and should be abolished.    The pre-'
sentnient of the Jury raised the   old {
argument that tlu  functions of tho j
jury were    namely a  repetition    ot
those exercised by tho police magistrate at   preliminary   hearings   oi
charges to be heard ln higher courts.
In recent years there has nlso been
much argument for and against the I
appeal from Canadian courts to the
Privl Council.
To Vote on Beer Sale
Af.cr holding various cabinet meetings on thc question of the sale ot
leer ln the province of Alberta, no
hint has yet been given as to the
form the referendum will take when
ihe people vote on the subject. The
monster petition asking for the referendum asks practically for the return of the bar with beer the only
liquor to be sold.
It would be au unspeakable advantage if men would consider tbe great
truth that no man is wise or safe but
him that Is honest—.Walter Raleigh.
Aineiican publishers hnve made
application to the Canadian department of marine for a license for a
wireless station near St. Margaret's
Bay, Halifax. Thc application was
Hied by the president of the British
United Press on behalf of a group ot
publishers' associations.
Thc purpose Is to set up radio communication for news only despatches
being enrried between London and
Halifax and relayed to New York and
other large cities.
"The Superior Grocers"
Where  Most  People  Trade
Just Received
A fine Assortment of
Telfers Biscuits
Maccaron Snaps
Ginger Snaps
Thin Arrowroot
Puff Creams
Fig   Bars
Mumford's Grocery
T. H. Mumford J. Walton
!!!!!!!! 11!!!!!!!! I!!»!!!!
The World's Most
Envied Tire
Record Mileage-Faultless Anti-skid
!!!!!!!!I!!!!!!!!!!!!!I!I! SATURDAY, APRIL, 28th, 1923
News  of Courtenay and Surrounding  District
■n^mnhA      **
Let Us Help You
Plan Your Old
Home Visit or
Holiday Trip Now
Full Information as to fares,
reservations, Transatlantic and
Transpacific Bookings. Call or write
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Agent, Victoria, B. C.
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There are few advantages in modern business to
be compared in actual value with the service your own
office telephone is prepared at any moment of the day
or night to supply you with.
At a minimum outlay in minutes you can get in
direct touch with your desired party possibly hundreds
of miles away where postal or other delay would be
a decided drawback. Correspondence cannot compete
with the speed of telephone service, besides which consider carefully the undoubted advantages of a personal
British Columbia Telephone Co.
Courtenay Will Boast One of
Finest Attractions in District.
Courtenny's new double tennis
courts will be opened to the public
on May 1, F. P. Jeune, who ls responsible for the carrying out of tho
scheme, informed the Islander this
The building of the board courtB is
progressing rapidly and tennis enthusiasts nre looking forward with
keen interest to their opening.
There will he a line pavilion for
spectators and the serving of teas.
Non-players will bo allowed to take
advantage of this feature of the
courts. Tea will be served every day
and a very nominal sum will be
The courts are open to the public,
the only requirement being the payment of $10.00 a year for the privileges of the courts.
Mr. Jeune has been complimented
on his enterprise in planning and
carrying out the scheme, which will
be one of Courtenay's chief attractions for lovers of outdoor sport.
There are lots of shady nooks about
the property and men have been at
work putting the gardens in first
class shape. Altogether, the courts
will prove a very popular resort for
a great number of residents In the
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kirk-
wood, Courtenay, Congratulated.
The funeral of the late George
Woodhead of Union Bay, who died
on April 16, was held at Sandwick
last Friday, when Interment was
made In the Anglican, cemetery. Rev.
J. W. Flinton officiating at tbe funeral.
There were many beautiful floral
tributes trom the employees of the E.
& N. Railway, for whom deceased had
worked for the past nine years, tho
last three at the Dollar Crossing. Deceased came to Courtenay from
Shawnigan, to which place his widow has returned. He was an Englishman and was 6*7 years of age.
The diamond wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Klrkwood
was celebrated in Courtenay on Sunday when many of their friends gathered nt the home of their daughter,
Mrs. James Ledgerwood, Anderton
Avenue, and paid their respect to the
aged couple, who are almost as
sprightly as when they celebrated
their  honeymoon.
Mr. Klrkwood Is 88 years of age
and his wife 85. He arrived ln Ontario with his parents in 1835 when
8 years of age and for a number of
years he lived on a farm with them
near Kingston. For a time he went
steamhoatlng and later returned to
his home on the farm.
On April 22, 1863 Mr. Klrkwood
married Miss Annabel Connor, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Luke Connor of
Brockville, Ontario. They moved to
Delor.ilne, Man. ln 1885, where they
farmed until ten years ago, when
they came to this country.
The couple had six children, all
living: Wm. H. Klrkwood, alderman
of the first Courtenay Council, now
living lu Botha, Alia.; Thornton, of
Ulnorn. Alia.; Wesley, of Boseman,
Man.; Mrs. Fred Connor, of De-
loralne, Man.; Mrs. E. J. Collins, Los
Angeles and Mrs. James Ledgerwood,
Courtenay. There nre twenty grand
children and one great grand child,
Clark Franklin, son of Mrs. Chas.
Franklin, Seattle.
William Beattie of Victoria, and
Mrs. G. Scott, Sudbury, Ont. who was
bridesmaid at the wedding sixty
years ago, are the only living members of the wedding party.
Many friends called upon the
couple Sunday and Monday and offered their best wishes and presented them with many beautiful bouquets.
Courtenay Dealer Speaks of Increased Use in District.
The Increasing popularity of the
bicycle as a means of travel for n-
dults and children in tho Comox district is emphasized by E. T. Ellison,
bicycle expert of Courtenay, who
points out that there are more bicycles ln use ln llie district to-day
than ever before ln its history.
"Bicycling used to be one of the
most favorite sports the world over
and It Is fast resuming Its old-time
position. It ls good exercise and
good sport and no-one who rides a
blc.cle ever has very much wrong
with their health," states Mr. Ellison.
"With a carrier on a bicycle basket
picnics can be held amid the beautiful surroundings of the district, father can enjoy his llshing trip with a
minimum of expense and mother can
get a little of that keen enjoyment
that comes from healthy exercise iu
the fresh air.
"For those who And the exercise a
little too strcnuiiniis nt times, traveling as made easy by the simple expedient of a motor attachment. Bicycles and accessories can he secured at such reasonable rales and on
such easy terms these days that It is
no wonder the majority of tlie people
are looking to thc bicycle for their
means of traveling with ease and
comfort and at the same time have
the advantage ot being able to look
about aud enjoy the scenery nt leisure," says Mr. Ellison.
Bicycle dealers are again this year
celebrating "Bicycle Week" when
special offers are being made for patrons wishing to equip themselves
with new traveling gear.
R. Atcheson and Ave occupants of
thc Chevrolet car which he was driving had a miraculous escape early
Saturday morning wheu the car went
over thc small bridge north of Union
Bay and landed upside down on tbe
banks of the creek.
It was explained that Just as the
car approached thc bridge there was
a blow-out In one of the tires which
caused the car to suddenly swerve
and topple over.
R. B. Dixon, with two passengers
while driving over the Malahat Wednesday also had an unpleasant experience when his car skidded In
some gravel. Had It not been for
the log protection along thc edge of
the road the car might have gone
over tho bank.
Sole Agent for
in this Dittrict
Our New
Spring Patterns
Have arrived.
Make your selection early and avoid
Courtenay, B.C.
C. Tice, potato specialist of the
Agricultural Department, Victoria,
accompanied by Capt. J. E. Latimer,
University agricultural expert from
Edmonton, who istraveling around
Vancouver Island, were visitors 111
Courtenay this week.
Blunt & Ewart Ltd. unloaded
other carload of Chevrolet Superior
Touring Cars nt Courtenay on Monday last.
A meeting will be held in the Riverside Hotel, Courtenay, at 3 o'clock
Sunday afternoon, April 29, when delegations from the four teams in the
Comox District Baseball League,
namely, Cumberland, Courtenay,
Powel River and thc Cumberland
Japanese team, will be present to
discuss details of the season's play.
Spring Time Is Electric
Stove .and Plate Time
We have Them At Reasonable Prices
Call and Inspect Our Stock
Phone 164
"Busy Bee" in Courtenay is a
Busy Place.
Tho "Busy Bee" Ice cream parlor!
in Courtenay Is, at lis name Implies,,
a busy place and this Is not to bo
wondered nt considering the attractive nature ot tho premises.
New and handsome booths with I
neatly laid out and decorated tables
combine to make the Busy Bee a re-
sort that appeals to everyone. Dell-
clous confections of all sorts arc
served at the Busy Bee and the management extends a hearty Invitation
to residents of all parts of the district to visit there.
Additional Conrtenay News on page 6
Royal Candy Co.
Cumberland's Coziest Ice Cream Parlor
— Comfort .tnd Service —
Luncheons — Afternoon Teas — Home-Made Confectionery — Cigars and Tobacco
Phone 25 Cars Por Hire Phone 25
ALEX. MAXWELL, Proprietor
■    ■- *♦
Aut09 for Hire.    Coal and Wood Hauling given very
prompt attention.    Furniture and Piano
Storage if desired.
Phones 4 ud 61 Cumberland, B. C.
The Community Club of Royston
held a very enjoyable affair In the
school house last Friday evening
when whist and dancing was Indulged In.
Mra. Thomas won ladles' first and
Miss Gladys Roy second prize. Richard Dowdall and James Denholme
tied for gcntlemene's lirst and cut
for place, Mr. Denholme winning.
Car  For  Hire
at Reasonable Prices
Phone the Cumberland Poolroom
Phone 141
Ask for Geo. Mason.
Mat fm mn lut ot
• or*—aoaatlm
MasU, tu,
tt» Pandora  Avt„
Victoria, a. 0. . SIX
SATURDAY, APRIL, 28th, 1923
News of  Courtenay and  Surrounding  District
Marocchi Bros.j^
Grocers and
Office  and   Residence:   tVillard
Block.   -   'Phone 116.
Wrlie For Prices to
Office 2820 Bridge Street, Victoria, K.C.
Auto Painters
Bring your cars in for an estimate.
Prices reasonable. Work guaranteed.
Workshop at the Condensary.
Courtenay British Columbia
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We  carry  a  fine    assortment    of
Mouldings   and   Mounts.
Call and   sec them at the
Cumberland or Courtenay
W. Emeric
Phone the Cumberland Poolroom
Phone 141
Ask for Geo. Mason.
See Me at Clarke's Residence, Nenr
Union Hall, Any Day Between
4 and 5 p.m.
E. 0. HAUKEDAL, Chiropractor,
our service to you has not ended, hut
has just begun. Wc stand ready at
all times to see that tho battery you
buy from us Bhall give ynu maximum
results without trouble. Our battery
service is worth while.
A. R. Kierstead, Prop.
Third Street Cumberland
—Agent for—
The Largest and Most Up-to-date Dry
Cleaning nnd Dyeing Establishment
on Vancouver Island. Wo Cleun or
Dye all kinds nf Ladles' and Ucnts'
Wearing Apparel, Household Kurnish-
iugu, etc. Drop in and see Mr. Sutherland, our Agent in Cumberland, who
will advise you on any work you wish
to have done.
Our   Work   nud   Service
Will  Please  You   ::   ::
VICTORIA, B. C.       :       I'hone 33112
Coal, Wood and Goods of Any Kind
Delivered to All Parts of District.
•r Lssava Orden at Vendome HoteL
Something made of good flour, of
good milk, of good, nourishing compressed yeast, ot good shortening!
A product with a flue, natural flavor,
Willi n satisfying slice, with a crisp
What could it be but Bread—the
perfect food.
Bread Is your Best Food—Eat moro
of it.
is Bread at its Best—insist on It.
Veteran's Wood
for  .,
Auy length required.
Royston Road
Theed Pearse
l'nion Bay'Road
,V M. MER RI FIE LD,    Proprlntor
Dunsmuir Avenue, Cumberland
Wm. Douglas
Hay, Grain and
Poultry Supplies
Leave Orders at
Tommy's Hardware Wore
Prove Excellent Hosts at Affair
in Courtenay Tuesday.
One hundred and fitly members of
Ihe Courtenay Jolly Bachelors' Club
and their friends spent an enjoyable
evening in the Gaiety Theatre last
Tuesday when the second dance of
the organization was held.
The theatre was beautifully decorated tor the occasion and the feature of the entertainment wns thc
splendid music supplied by thc Novelty Four orchestra ot Nanaimo. A very line selection of dance numbers
were played and repeated encores
were called for and generously responded to. Supper was served
about midnight by Mrs. Sutherland
and members of the committee.
The affair waa a great success and
It wa» with keen regret that the
guests ceased dancing nt 2 o'clock
the next morning.
The next affair of the kind may be
held in the open air and it is not at
all unlikely that arrangements will
he made by the club for an evening's
entertainment on the pavilion of the
new board tennis courts erected by
F. J. Jeune.
Pleased With Installation Work
at Courtenay Station.*
Hal II. Beasley, Vancouver Island
manager ot the Union Oil Company,
was a visitor to north Island points
this week, having as his particular
object the Inspection of the new
plnnt which Is being installed at
Thc Company hopes to have the
new station In operation by about
May 20. Mr. Beasley was greatly
pleased with the progreBB made ln
the Installation work. There will be
four 1,600 gallon tanks, warehouse,
office and garage for the use of the
station's motor equipment.
It Is not the Intention of the company to bring in men from the outside to operate the station but local
men of the district will be employed.
A full line of oils will be carried.
The Courtenay Board of Trade
having adopted the bureau system
of organization in order to function
with a greater degree of efficiency,
met Tuesday evening in special session for the purpose of electing the
various chairmen.
Thc  election  resulted  as   follows:
Good Roads and Transportation,
Ben Hughes. Civic Affairs, J. M. Mitchell. Publicity, Theed Pearce. Agriculture, J. H. Mclntyre. Industrial,
Trades and Commerce, P. L. Anderton. Retail, Hcber Cooke.
New members were elected as follows: H. Clark, John Crokett, li. X.
Smith nnd R. G. Laver.
The matter of closing the stores
In Courtenay at li o'clock in the nfternoon was discusssed nt some
length nnd It was finally decided to
refer the matter to the Retail committee.
Messrs. Pearse, Duncan and .McPhee were appointed a committee
to take up with the City Council Ihe
question of establishing a city park.
It was pointed out that private interests were trying to secure Ihe
right to cut timber on the Indian re-
servo where the park site Is situated
and the Board hopes that it will be
successful in its co-operation with
the City Council to have the park
According to F. C. Paterson, district superintendent of the B. C. Telephone Company with headquarters
In Victoria, who visited Courtenay
this week, there hits been en Increase in tho Courtenay exchange
from 200 to 400 In very few years
and the demand is still strong.
The line between Cumberland and
Courtenay has practically been rebuilt, larger poles being put in and
additional circuits Installed along
the way (o provide for the many requests made for telephone service.
The meeting of the Agricultural
Society, which was to have been held
In Courtenay Tuesday evening has
been adjourned until next month,
when It will be more convenient for
members to attend.
W. G. Patrick, manager of the
British Columbia branch ot the Ford
Molor Company, with headquarters
in Vancouver, paid a visit to Courtenay thlB week to confer with Corfleld Motors Limited, Ford representatives In Courtenay.
Vancouver.—Vancouver's first con-
virtlon under the Live Slock Pedigree Act wns registered today, when
C. S. Scott was found guilty of wilfully procuring to be signed or presented to the accountant In charge of
the Canadian National Live Stock records, an application for registration
of an animal, to wit a cocker spaniel,
containing a false or fraudulent
statement regarding the pedigree of
such animal. A One of (100 was Imposed.
They arrived home late from the
party. Wlfey took off her hat and
slammed It down. Then she confronted her hubby.
"I'll never take you to another party as long as I live!" she said.
"Why?" he calmly wanted to know.
"You asked Mrs. Jons how her
husband has been standing the heat."
"Well, her husband has been dead
two months."
As the result of a Typewriting Examination held at "The Cumberland
and Courtenay Commercial School"
on the 7th, Instant, MIbb Every Clayton, one of the pupils, has been
awarded "The Bronze Medal and a
Record Certificate by "The Underwood Typewriting Co." for Bpeed and
accuracy In typing 40 and 47 words
n   minute  respectively.
.Miss Clayton Is the first student to
obtain the reward ln Courtenay and
will remain the Champion till another pupil scores higher.
There are numerous features combining to make the May Issue ot
"Rod and Gun in Canada" one of
merit, and one that will greatly
please sportsmen all the way from
the Atlantic to the Pacific. In this
issue, a new department, "Outdoor
Talk" begins, and lt promises to be
nn addition to tho magazine that
readers will enjoy. It is edited by
W. C. Motley, the well known British Columbia sportsman and lt is almost certain to meet witli Instant approval, Bonnycastle Dale, Robert
Page Lincoln, C. S. Liuidls. J. W.
Wlnson, F. V. Williams, and other
regular contributors whose work is
always ln popular demand, have
splendid contributions In the May Issue, and there are a host of others,
William MacMillan being the author
of a very fine story, "Woo-Na, the
Polar Bear." There Is an Interesting
illustrated article on "The Banff Win
ter Sports Carnival," not to mention
the splendid Kennel Department,
edited by Frank H. Walker, and many oilier features.
"Hod and Gun in Canada" is published monthly at Woodstock, Ontario, hy W. J. Taylor, Limited.
A. Klngsberry Is soliciting business
in the way of clothes cleaning and
pressing and general' repair work.
He has opened a place of business on
Dunsmuir Avenue adjoining Bums
& Brown and announces that he will
call for and deliver all work. As he
has not yet Installed a telephone he
Invites a personal call or will respond
to a request by post-card to call for
any work.
Mr. Klngsberry came to Cumberland
seven months ago from New Mexico
to finish his education at the University ot British Columbia and this
he still hopes to do at a later date.
A aale of work and home cooking
will be held in the Fraternity Hall
on Wednesday, May 2nd, at iM pjn.
under the auspices of the Phythlan
Sisters.   Afternoon tea will be sold.
A whist drive wUl also bo held ln
the hall In the evening*, commencing
at 8100 iun.
"Master Mechanic" and
"Western King" Shirts
and Over-Alls
Master Mechanic pants, per pair   $2.75
Western King Black pants, per pair $2.50
Khakie Shirts, all sizes .... $1.95, $2.50, $2.35 and $3.00
Men's Khakie pants $2.65,$3.25 and $3.75
Young Men's Khakie pants, per pair .... $1.75 and $2.25
A good strong work shirt $1.65
Childrens' Khakie O'AUs trimmed with red  $1.10
Penman's Underwear, all sizes per garment $1.25
Leckies Pit-Shoes—Leckies Shoes for Boys, all sizes
Girls School Shoes, all sizes, a good shoe—
$2.90, $3.35 and $3.95
Our Wall papers are selling rapidly now is the
time to make your selection.
Try a tin of our Maple Leaf Paint. It will give
you satisfaction.
We are local agents for Simmons Beds, Spring, and
Mattresses, and will be pleased to show you our stock.
We are adding several new lines to our stock and
invite your inspection,
A. MacKinnon
Pleasing Dad and
the Boys
If its-on the way to school, to work or to play,
Dad and the Boys—and the girls too—will get the
greatest enjoyment and the greatest satisfaction out
of riding
Your Boy and Girl will be proud of Dad if he
buys them one of the snappy glistening new models—
they are made to stand the bumps, the wear and tear,
that the joyous energy of youth puts upon them.
Frames of English seamless tubing, strongly reinforced. Bearings of hard, tough automobile steel.
Nickelling done over copper so it won't rust. Glossy
enamel baked over a coat of anti-rust so it will stand
all kinds of weather. QUALITY best ever put on the
market and PRICES sharply reduced from war-time
HE'S A GOOD BOY, DAD. Isn't it up to you to
make him glad by giving him a real bicycle. C. C. M's
are the favorite bicycles with Boy Scouts.
Red Bird — Columbia — Perfect—Massey—Cleveland
"The Bicycles with the C. C. M. Triplex Hanger"
Canada Cycle & Motor Company, Limited
Montreal, Toronto, WESTON, ONT. Winnipeg,
— Distributor —
COURTENAY     —     —     —     B.C.
The annual meeting to receive the Director's Annual report and elect officers for the forthcoming year
will be held in the City Council Chambers on .Saturday,
May 5th, 1923 at 3:00 p.m.
All Employees of the Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir)
Limited, are Specially Invited
to attend this meeting and hear how the Contract between the Medical Fund and the Hospital board has
worked out, the present situation in regard to the same,
and the reasons why the Hospital Board consider a
fresh contract necessary.
Thomas Mordy, Secretary.
sat SATURDAY, APRIL, 28th, 1923
Over One Million Dollars
Liquor Profits.
Good news Is on tap for the municipalities of British Columbia, and
even prohibitionists are apt to forget
their firmness when Hon. John Hart,
minister of finance, distributes well
over a million dollars of liquor profits before the end of this month.
While it is generally accepted that
Attorney-General Manson will not
do anything to push the Bales of liquor ln British Columbia, it is also
conceded that the present method of
handling liquor under government
control Is working out moro satisfactorily than is the case ln other
provinces and states. There is only
a small percentage of drunkenness
and general drinking to excess ln
this province compared with other
days, and law-breaking on account
of liquor has decreased ln a startling manner. This Is due largely to
the stringent enforcement of the Government Liquor Act.
For the six months ending September 30 laBt the liquor profits were
$1,075,000. Of this amount $64,000
went Into a reserve fund, while the
municipalities received $511,000 and
the consolidated revenue fund a like
amount. As provided for In an
amendment to the act at the last session of the Legislature, the government will pay 15 per cent, of all profits to provincial hospitals, no hospital receiving a grant of more than 25
cents per day for each patient. The
municipalities will get 35 per cent.,
two-sevenths of which will be used
for schools.
The returns show that the receipts
from the sale of permits have fallen
off materially, through the lowering
of the price from $5.00 to $2.00. However, as many outsiders were evading the payment of permit fees it Ib
expected that the lower charge will
result lu a marked Increase trom this
source when the tourist season is In
lull swing.
The turn-over from the government
sale ot liquor for the year is expected to approximate $12,000,000, and
the profit approximately $2,000,000,
which plainly shows that despite the
prices of liquor—due to numerous
taxes—the consumer is not being
forced to pay heavy toll to the dispenser of wet goods.
ss        ss        ss
Three Western Provinces Solid
For Lower Freight Rates.
Premier Oliver's speaking tour of
the neighboring provinces. Alberta
and Saskatchewan, on thc question
of the equalization of freight rates,
has left no doubt of the attitude of
the slater provinces regarding this
momentous issue. In every centre
Premier Oliver was given a hearty
welcome and warmly thanked for the
light he threw upon the subject. The
net result was the lining up solidly of
the three western provinces In the
fight for lower freight rates. Eminent financial men and manufacturers
Bee In the coming westward flow of
prairie grain n remarkable Industrial
expansion in British Columbia, with
better times for all citizens.
*        ss        ss
Government Has No Intention
Of Appealing to the People.
All the talk of an Impending general election in British Columbia is
simply inspired gossip, according to
Hon. J. D. MacLean, provincial secretary and minister of education. As
acting premier he states that the
government has no intention of appealing to the people at present,
maintaining that with the government having two sessions more to go
and with the province in a flourishing condition the people must be well
satisfied with things as they are.
This also appears to be the opinion ot
politicians lu general, despite the determined campaign of criticism being carried on by Mr. Bowser and
some of his supporters.
* ss        ss
Fire Prevention Week All
Over Canada.
This is "Fire Prevention" week all
over Canada and now that the fight
against the red destroyer ls ln full
swing, Hon. T. D. Pattullo, minister
of lands, has issued another appeal
to all citizens of the province. It Ib
to bear ln mind at all times the tact
that only the utmost care will retain
for BrltlBh Columbia her wonderful
timber asset. The fight must be
kept up relentlessly.
ss        ss        *
To Refuse Clearance To "Deep
Sea" Vessels Carrying
At the request of Hon. Mr. Manson,
Attorney-General, tho Ottawa Government la refusing clarance to "deep
sea1' vessels carrying liquor cargoes,
except In the case of fishing vessels
where sufficient- amount of liquor
for medical use will be allowed ln
tho boat's Btores. It ls also presumed that the Instructions will also prohibit the clearance of rum runners for points such as Discovery
Island nnd Saturna Island. The
practice prevailing for some time
past of giving clearance to rum runners from coast ports to points along
thc coast where no Dominion officials are established, has made It Impossible to trace cargoes to their destination.
British Columbia moderatlonists
and prohlbltloniBts have both been
asked to participate ln the referendum campaigns about to be launched
In Alberta and Manitoba.
ss       *       *
150 Settlers For B. C. Last
Out of 600 settlera from the Old
Country arriving In Canada this
week, 150 were for B. C. points.
* ss        *
Predicts Heavy Tourist
Capt. J. W. Troup, superintendent
of the .C P. R. coast traffic Is back
from a trip to Montreal. He predicts
a heavy summer tourist traffic ln B.
C. this summer.
.    .    .
Arrangements have been completed for the Canoe Pass Ferry service In the Delta District. Mr. Johnson Cannon will make eight trips a
day with scow and boat.
* *    *
Oriental Immigration.
W. G McQuarrie, M.P., for New
Westminster, spoke on the Immigration estimates in the Dominion House
of Commons, and drew attention to
the danger of Oriental Immigration.
He secured an admission from E. J.
Murray of Winnipeg that he referred only to white races when he advocated an open door policy.
ss       •       ss
Five Japanese Obtain Licenses.
Among the Japanese to whom licenses will be granted to llsh on the
Fraser River this year will be five
veterans of the Great War who
served overseas with the Canadian
ss      •      ss
Texada Island Mines To Resume
Renewed activity at the Texada Island mines is the general expectation, according to W. M. Brewer,
provincial government district engineer.   Work will probably be short-
Graduate Canadian Opthomlic College. Toronto, Ontario
Registered by Examination B.C. Government Board of
Consultations and Office Hours: 1 to 5.30 pm. and 7 to
9.30 p.m. or by special appointment.—Phone to    -
Cumberland Hotel for appointments.
Tuesday and Wednesday, May 1st, and 2nd.
ly started on the task of uuwaterlng
the Marble Bay mine at Van Anda,
recently optioned by the Anacandu
Copper Co. Development Is progressing on a group ot claims near the
west coast of Texada Island bonded
by Tacoma Interests. Mr. C. A. Merrill is in charge. At Raven Bay work
is being recommenced on the Iron
properties located some years ago by
Harry Walbran, nnd now controlled
by the Pacific Steel o. to whose
smelters shipments will be made.
ss       ss       ss
Found Guilty of Smoking—
Certificate Taken Away.
The loss of his cool miners certificate for two years Is tho penalty recommended for Louis Hadevls who
has been found guilty of smoking
whil at work at the mine of the Nanoose Wellington Camp.
.    .    .
Injunction restraining the Western Timber Corp. Ltd. disposing of
timber limits near Port Haney, which
it agreed laBt February to sell to W.
C. Webber for $80,000, was continued on April 18th, by Mr. Justice
ss      ss       ss
Promising Gold Strike.
A very promising gold strike has
been made at McGillivray Creek on
the P.G.E. ninety miles from Squam-
Ish. The discoverers are Thomas
Simpson Lodge, McGillivray Falls,
and H. W. Heidmon, formerly associated with the Granby Interests, and
present owner of the Golskeish mine
near Anyox.
sending your films away to be dev
eloped and prints made. Bring, send
or mail them to
All work left at the Union Hotel
Cumberland, will receive careful attention.
"One night my husband came
home looking so ill and worn out
that I thought he would faint. I
(new there had been something
tvrong with him for some time,
out I could not get him to tell me
what it was. Finally he confessed
he waa tired and sore all over. I
made him go to bed. Next
morning he insisted upon going to
work although he was anything
but well. I knew that his trouble
was partly due to worry because
for aome months before he had'
been out of work. This put us
so heavily in debt that the grocer
and butcher refused to give us
more credit. It was being out of
work that worried my husband.
He wouldn't eat because he was
afraid there would not be enough
food for the children. We were
■o poor that we had to keep the
children from school because they
had no clothes. I knew that if I
could only get my husband strong
and well again everything would
be all right. He is a carpenter
by trade and when in good healtt
earns good wages and he is always sober and industrious, But
I knew tlmt it was impossible for
•ny man to do good work when
he was ill and worried. I decided
to speak to our old family doctor,
who had retired from practice.
When I explained how we were
situated he gladly offered to do
all he could to help us, although
he didn't like to interfere with tho
new doctor's practice. Finally he
aaid, 'What your husband needs is
a good tonic and I know of
nothing better than Carnol.' I
thought that if our old family
doctor recommends Carnol it must
be all right. On my way home I
got a bottle and before the first
bottle had been used, my husband
waa a changed man. After he
had taken four bottles his appetite returned, he had more
energy, that tired look in his eyes
disappeared and what is most important his wages have been more
than doubled and he is now superintendent of the wood working
ehop in which he formeriy worked
«s a carpenter. Thanks to Carnol
our troubles are over and we are
once mora a happy and contwited
Carnol ia sold by your druggist
and if you can ooneclentlousrly
say, after you have tried it, that
h hasn't done you any good,
return the empty bottle to him
and he will refund your money.
The Secret of Cleopatra's Beauty
talm anil tlivt
tits—totting else
—give nature's
tree* etl.r tt
Pelmllvt Step.
However much she called upon cosmetics to
increase her beauty, thorough cleansing was
never neglected. Palm and olive oils were the
basis of Cleopatra's elaborate toilet and the
foundation of her lifelong beauty.
The luxury of Palmolive is a gift of modern
science which ancient beauties never enjoyed.
The palm and olive oils which they used are
now blended in the finest facial soap the world
has ever known.
In the mild, soothing, creamy lather of Palm-
olive you find an ideal cleanser, lt is lotion-like
in its action. It soothes while it cleanses, lt is
a real complexion beautilier.
The price places it within reach of all. You
can afford to use it for every toilet purpose.
You can buy Palmolive Soap at all first-
class   dealers.
Made ln Canada
Volume and Efficiency
Produce 25-eent
Quality fur
THAT advertising is the power that
brings the customer.
THAT too much attention cannot be
paid to careful, persistent advertising.
THAT good service, good goods and
good prices, plus good advertising ls
what will make any merchant's business better.
THAT the Merchant who continues
to ignore the benefit's of advertising is
just buying grease to oil his way to
Minimum price of tlrst-class tend
r-duced to 15 an acre*, second-class to
$2.50 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed lands only.
Records will ba granted covering only
Innd suitable for agricultural purposes
and which ls non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptions
with joint residence, hut each making
necessary improvements on respective
Pre-emptors must occupy claims for
five years and make Improvement to
value of $10 per acre, including owar*
ing and cultivation of at least B :res
liefore receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor ln occupation not
less than 3 years, and has made pro
jioi'tionate improvements, he may, because of ill-health, or other cause, ne
granted intermediate certificate of im
proven*.* nt. and transfer his claim.
Records without permanent residence may he Issued, provided applicant makes improvements to extent of
$860 per annum and records same each
yenr. Failure to make improvements
ur record same will operate as fot -
fcituro. Title cannot be obtained In
.ess than 5 years, and improvements
of $10.00 per acre, including 5 acres
cleared and cultivated, and; residence
of at least 2 years are required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown Grant
may record another pre-emption, if he
lenuires land In conjunction with his
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made
nnd residence maintained on Crown
granted Innd.
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20
acres, may be leased as homesites,
title to bo obtained after fulfilling residential and Improvement conditions.
For grazing and Industrial purposes
areas exceeding 640 acres may be
teastd hy one person or company.
Mill, factory or industrial siteB on
limber land not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased; conditions include
payment of stumpnge.
Natural hay meadows Inaccessible
hy existing roads mny be purchased
conditional upon construction of a road
to them. Rebate of one-half of cost ot
road, not exceeding bnlf of purchase
price, Is made.
The scone of this Act Is enlarged *.u
ittclude all persons joining and serving with His Majesty's Forces. The
lime within which the heirs or devisees
«>f a deceased pre-emptor may apply
for title under the Act Is extended
from for ont> yenr from the death of
Huch person, as formerly, until one
year after (be conclusion of the great
ivofi Thin privilege Is also made re-
,\V) fees relating tn pre-emptions are
due or payable by soldiers on pre-
cmiitions recorded after -Tune 26, 1018
Taxes are remitted for five years.
Provision for return of moneys ac-
t rued, duo and been paid since August
■I, 1014, on account of payments, rees
i-r taxes on soldiers' pre-emptions.
Interest on agreements to purchase
town or city lots held by members of
Allied Forces, or dependents, acquired
d irect or Indirect, remitted from en*
Hutment to March 81, 1020.
Provision made for Issuance of
Crown grants to sub-purchasers ol
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
iiurchnsers who failed to complete
purchase, Involving forfeiture, on ful*
figment of conditions of purchase, in-
ti'i-e-st and tnxes. Where sub-purchaser* do not claim whole of original par-
< el, purchase price due and taxes may
be distributed proportionately over
whole nren Applications must be made
by May 1, 1920.
Grazing Act, 1010, for systematic
development of livestock industry provide!' for grafting districts and range
administration under Commissioner.
Atinu'il gracing permits Issued based
on numbers ranged; priority for estah
lished owners. Stock-owners may
1'oriii Associations for range management. Free, or partially free, permits
for settlers, campers or travellers, up
to ten heed.
Factory Experience
Leave Orden at Marshall Music Co
Cumberland and Courtenay.
and all forms ot atomacb trouble such
aa gas pains, acid, sour burning stomach are all relieved in two minutes
by taking JO-TO. JO-TO Bold by all
U.B.C. Beer
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Childrens COVERALLS from  $1.00 each.
ALTHOUH THE PRICE OF OVERALLS have advanced we are still selling Mens Black at the old
prices. Priced from $1.75 per pair.
The  Model
Clothing and Shoe Store
Opposite the Post Office
While They Last
A HUGE SUCCESS attended the sale
of flowers, bulbs and plants at
grounds Wednesday afternoon.
PEOPLE RUSHED to secure selections of the choice varieties offered
with which to set off their home gardens.
HUNDREDS LEFT behind will be
disposed of until all are gone. These
include dahlia bulbs and plants that
will go nt BARGAIN PRICES. Hanging baskets will be made up to order.
Call At The Parsonage
-or thom: 187 f.
We Deliver to Anywhere with Very Short Notice and
Cheap Charges.
Ring up for Quotation at Our Expense.
Royston Lumber Co.Ltd.
R. R. No. 1 Cumberland
Phone  159 Night—134-X  Courtenay
Canadians Will Visit   Gothenburg   Exposition
Big Film Will Be Shown Friday
and Saturday.
"Speed, pep and a thrill" is the demand ot the American amusement
seeker, according to motion picture
producers, who claim that the modern mania for "something with a
kick ln it" is responsible for the
growing number of melodramatic
films which are ou the market.
To satisfy this younthful demand
and at the same time please the critic and the educator who want substance as well as excitement, Maurice Toumeur has developed a special field of film production in which
he stands preeminent He has
screened a number of classical novels and plays which not only supply'
the necessary 'thrills' but are master
works of artistry.
Even lovelier than "Bluebird" or
"Treasure Island" ls Tourneur'B last
production ot "Lorna Doone." From
R D Blackmore's beautiful English
romance he has evolved a picture
that ranks with any great spectacular play of the year. While retaining all the classic beauty ot the Devon moors where the story is laid,
he has reproduced the countless exciting episodes of the famous novel
in a fashion to make any youthful
fan sigh with complete satisfaction
Both story and picture are replete
with romance and action. In the
film the incidents, when visualized,
become even more enthralling. When
John Ridd goes over the falls of the
Bagworthy river through swirling,
roaring waters Into the whirlpool below to save the lovely "Lorna" from
a fate worse than death, there is
breathless suspense as he fights his
way out of the water. Follows one
of the greatest hand-to-hand fights
ever screened; sumptuous scenes
from the London court; the burning
of the outlaw's village and the shooting of Lorna as she stands at the altar.   Action never flags.
Madge Bellamy, remembered for
her splendid work in "Hall the Woman," plays the title rol© with the emotional ability and spontaneous charm
that already have endeared her to the
public. John Bowers has the port of
the herculean "John Ridd" while
Frank Keenan has created one of the
finest characterizations of his career
In "Sir Elisor Doone."
WHAT U planned to be the greatest and most
interesting exposition ever held in Scandinavia
will be held in the old Swedish seaport of
Gothenburg from May 8th to September 30th next.
Host of those who are touring Europe this year will
endeavor to include Gothenburg in their itinerary, and
thousands will probably go to Sweden from all parts
of the wrrld for the specific purpose of visiting the
Jubilee Exposition, which, in physical proportions and
Marie    Prevost    Featured
"Beautiful and Damned".
If you wont to find out whether society Is nt Its worst when at Its beBt
—or at Its best when nt Its worst,
see "The Beautiful and Dnmned," the
Warner Brothers production which
comes to llo-llo theatre, Monday and
Even If the matter of society
doesn't hold you, the picture should
be seen, for it is one of the strongest
film dramas ever screened.
This film, crammed with thrilling
drama and rollicking comedy, was
adapted from F. Scott Fitzgerald's
novel of the same name. The producers have been fortunate In transferring the pep, cleverness and rich
drama of the story to the story of
variety of exhibits will be the greatest ever held north
I of Uie Baltic. The grounds cover over 75 acres, and in
I addition to historical, cultural and other exhibitions
ranging from fine-arts to exports, numerous international meets will be held; automobile and aviation
meets', printing and journalistic congresses and athletic
and gymnastic competitions, etc. Foreign athletes nre
being provided with transportation by the authorities,
and such an interest is being taken in the games Unit
1. H'ansssshail.is ar Mtasatial Hall •« Gathanhurc. I. Tht Mil.
•tuns tf Arts ssisst Craft*. I. Ont of tht beautiful tntranctt ta tha
tuarla f ranitsla at tha ExpaatUan.
special excursion and tourist trains will run practically
every sports day from different parts of Sweden and
the adjoining countries.
Everything has been most thoroughly planned and
the whole community of Gothenburg is working hard
to make its largest undertaking a success. Its beautiful situation on the alluring west coast nrchepelago
is a great attraction to the town, which is full of interest and variety from an architectural point of view
also. No expense has been spared by tlie interested
individuals or the city itself, and for the purpose of
gathering historical material, liuron af Ugglus and
Dr. Sixten Stroinbom have excavated Gothenburg's
two ancestral cities, Gamla Lodose and Nyu Lodosc,
and have made some of the most important und interesting archaeological finds in North Europe in recent
years. On the site of the ancient town of Gamla
Lodose near Gothenburg, Baron af Ugglas, has uncovered a church almost as large as the present Gothenburg Cathedral, several smaller churches, city walls,
a 'astle, private houses, armour, tools, etc., which
throw considerable light on the history and culture of
early Scandinavia. A model of the church and some
of the armour and tools will be exhibited in the historical section of the Exposition. Dr. Strombom's excavations still continue within the limits of the city of
Gothenburg, and visitors will have the opportunity of
inspecting for themselves the ancient works and fortifications. "
Already a large number of Canadians have hooked
passage on the Canadian Pacific Empress liners fur
Europe, and the exposition is the first thought of many
of them.
Quality =
is the Only Honest Policy and this car
rlcs all the way down the line, from
the raw material makers to the manufacturer, through to tho retailer.
None can Hhlrk the responsibility
to give Ihe people purlly, quality nnd
If thc other ingredients you use be
of the same high standard as
Busy Bee
they will carry Quality riglit down
the line—from raw material to the
tickling of the people's palate and to
the protection of his stomach—
against Impure, hard-to-dlgcnt products.
For Results Advertise in The Islander
Busy Bee
the screen, ill an exciting story    of
flappers, high life and fate.
Marie Prevost has the starring role
as Gloria ,thc New York beauty, who
is sophisticated and cynical without
being bad, while giving the impression that she is. She exhibits that
unusual talent gained from several
years' work of all variety, from slap-
slick to her present high plane in the
Warner Brothers picture. Her present role gives her ample chance to be
charming, beautiful and—a flapper.
There are moments In the picture
when your ribs will be tickled and
you will shake with laughter; just
as there are other moments when
the poignant tragedy will make your
eyes film. Some of these are: Gloria
giving a party and stepping out a
moment to accept a proposal; Gloria
speeding In a new roadster till it
breaks down, and then deciding to
make her home ln the nearest village; the exciting pursuit of her by a
drunken bum across a railrond track;
the sudden fall from riches to sordid
poverty of a girl-wife and boy-husband accustomed to luxury, and the
fight for a large Inheritance; the disillusion nf it betrayed wife; a wild
happy-go-lucky party that ends dramatically.
The story, to give a thumb-nail
sketch of It, centers about Anthony
Patch, Idle young man about town,
and his flapper wife, Gloria. Both
lead hectic lives around New York
cabarets and cafes, while tliey wait
for Anthony's rich old grandfather,
Adam Patch, to die and leave them
his millions. His faith In them ls
shaken when he visits the young
couple unexpectedly and discovers
their house n scene of drinking and
dissipation. It leaves hlm Infuriated
and broken-hearted, and when he
dies, a week later, ihey fiud themselves disinherited. This ends the
wild parties and leods to dire pover
ty, and then Anthony and Gloria meet
temptation after temptation. The
ending Is n surprise too good to givo
The excellent supporting cast consists of Kenneth Harlan, Tully, Marshall, Harry Meyers, Parker McCon-
nell, Clarence Burton, Walter Long.
George Kuwa, Charles McHugh, Isouls
Fazenda, Kathleen Key and Cleo
Rldgcley. The able direction of William Seltor leaves nothing to bo de-
of Travelers' Samples
Hundreds of samples will go on sale at wholesale
prices, including hosiery, underwear, skirts, house
dresses, tablecloths, children's dresses, etc.
New Novelties for evening wear, silk lace flounc-
ings, radium laces, beaded tassels, silks, satins, and
numerous other novelties suitable for evening wear.
New shipment of Coats, Capes, Costumes and
Sport Hats.
Courtenay, B. C.
situated at Comox Lake, including 32 ft. Gasoline
Launch, Dwelling House, Ice Cream Parlour
Table, Chairs.—Complete equipment.
Business as a going concern with beautiful surroundings. — For further particulars, apply
Comox Lake. SATURDAY, APRIL, 28th, 1923
We have just received a shipment of the 1923 Models and can deliver
them at the following prices:
Call us on the phone for a demonstration.
When you are in Courtenay be sure and have a look at these new
Models in our showroom.
Geo. H. Pidcock Garage
Phone 25
Courtenay, B. C.
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--give them to a busy firm
WE excel in those jobs where time is limited, and as a
result our plant is always busy. We solicit business not
because we need it to keep our present force busy, but
that we may grow. Buyers of printing have absolute assurance
when placing an order with us that there will be no disappointments. No job is too large or too small for our perfect equipment to handle. Try us on your next job and get some real service.
The   Cumberland   Islander
Auto Owners
If you want to get good service from your
come in and let us look them over occassionally.
Don't forget to drop in and make use of our Free
Testing and Filling service.
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Sparks Co.
disappears as II by magic when JO-TO
la used. Gas pains, acid stomach, sour
stomach, burning and all after-eating
distress relieved In two minutes. All
Drug Stores.
"THE MAPLES" Ice Cream Perlora
on  the Island Highway
tor the Season
Afternoon  Teas—Light   Lunches
H*. OgllTle, Proprietor.
For Best Quality
Fresh and Cured Fish
Our Motto:
W. P. Symons
J F you could get a better buck than
* the one above, how far would you
go to get him? The camera man
got this one in the Nipigon district
•f Ontario, and it showed a great
deal of interest in the rest of the
party. Usually, however, they are
not so approachable, and to get close
enough to shoot is more or less of on
achievement. The picture i3 therefore remarkable for this if for no
other reason.
The Nipigon has only of recent
years come into its own as a hunting and fishing country, but for
centuries Indians and Whites have
hunted and fished along its trails,
Camping on the Nipigon river-side.
and it holds the record of being the
most perfect and prolific breeding
place in the world for large red and
speckled trout. That Indians are
said to have piled them up frozen
like cordwood, and the great number
taken by anglers each year are facts
which warrant the belief that the
supply is inexhaustible. Moose and
bear are found in large numbers
also, and big game in this district
has increased of late years because
for some reason or other the animals
are driving farther south. Fishing
is good any time between May and
September, and exceptionally so toward the end of the season when
the weather gets cooler.
Each  year the Nipigon absorbs
more sportsmen and many who go
in seari>j of health as much as game.
Up to the present, however, the
number has been confined to those
who are satisfied or able to live in
tents and "rough it," so the building
this year of one of the Canadian
Pacific Bungalow Camps will prove
a still greater attraction. The scenery is superb and is a type all iti
own, for nowhere else can one find
such a blending of greens and
browns in foliage or such beautifully
wooded waters. In later years, when
its wealth of mineral ore is exploited
much of this will be destroyed, but
at present it stands as one of ths
most "worth-while visiting" countries in the world.
Union Tailor
Ladles'  and  Gents'
Fashionable    Tailor
Cleaning and Pressing
P.O. Box 43 - Cumberland
Barrister and Solicitor
Notary Public
Elliott Totty
M.R.A.I.C., B.A.
609 ac. Permanent Loan Bldg.
By Ross Fnrquhiir
Friday—Pa informed ma tonite that
he was a going to hnve sum Co. who
was a man who wanted
htm to lem him the
noose paper hlsness. He
told us he was a going
to tell the man evry
thing he new. And then
ma up and ast him
what they was a going
to do for the rest of
the evnlng. Well they
was a coolness sprung
up among them from
then on afterwards.
Saturday—They was
a well fair meeting hero
In town tonite and ns
pa was on the commlt-
ty wo all went. Well thc commilty
set up on the front bench and when
the speaker got up witch was a preacher from sum other town he Just looked
the commltty over and offered up a
long prayer for the town.
Sunday—Went out In tlie country today to visit 1 of pa's ole time skool
mates witch has come here to retire
his self and family. They got 1 boy
and he has got a pony & a Radio and
a bislckle and a little ottomobeel with
a gas engine ln lt & well in fact whatever he wants and hassent got Isn't.
Monday—Went up to Jake's house
to here there new Radio tonite but It
wassent much acct. tonite as they was
to much Statistics ln thc air.
Tuesday—,\Ia was jawing pa because he tawked so much when Co. was
here at are house and Pa flinely got
mad and told her what was what. He
sed Well when you set around and say
nothing foked will think you nre a
fool. Ma up and replyed. She sed Yes
aud when you go ahed and tawk they
Know lt.
Wednesday—Tonite I shone pa's
shoes before Lodge meeting and 1
stuck him tor a dime for same and
then ma cums along and hits him for
two $ and a % for a swell new hat.
I gess he Is sorry he went and marryed
Into are famly.
Thursday—A ole lady down the st.
ls wlrrylng her self sick because Bhe
don't think she will get to hevvln on
acct. she ls so poor she dlddent have
nothing to give up durelng lent this
j mutly take a horizontal position    ln
I six feet ot earth   In   some   Potter's
Field.   They die broke. Seltlndulgence
is self-inflicted disease.     Living   in
luxury ends In divorce or ln distress.
: Gluttony Is gout.   Moonshine is mlse-
! ry.    Extravagant pleasure Is ln tbe
1 end a ticket for the bread line. And
1 the trouble with most of us ls we will
j read this and call it "bunk"—call It
! preaching;  but tho world Is full of
; high rollers today who will be   flat
tires next year.
A herd of humans is much liko n
home garden. In the crowd you will
(Ind the common cabbage head, satisfied to take time to grow. There an
the creeping cucumbers, tho smelly
onions, the flat turnips, the snippy
parsnips, the green squash, the flashing tomato and all the other liunia.i
nnd vegetable vcrletles.
Along the fence you will find tlie
row nf sunflowers bowing and nodding In the breeze ot attention, ami
how much like somo men thc sunflowers are. The sunflower cannot he happy until it tiptoes to the highest possible position. A sunflower must look
down on the carrots and smile on tlie
sweet peas, i Thc higher the Bitn-
flower grows, the higher It wants to
But when the frost comes and the
sickle slashes—when the sunflower
has gone to seed, what happens? It's
nothing but "chicken teed."
The old Biblical truth, "as ye sow.
so shall yo reap," ls as true today aa
it was when It was written. This Is a
well-balanced world. You cither make
good or make trouble for yourself. No
man can evade very long tho consequences of a misspent lite. Those who
pursue pleasure aa their sole aim ultl-
Thc two things in life most sought
after, thc two greatest temporal blessings, arc health and money. Man,
as a rule, covets money and wastes
health. He guards money too carefully and conserves health too little.
When we consider the thousand doors
that lead to death, It Is indeed marvelous how long a man lasts. When
we dwell on the truth that money has
wings, It Is remarkable tbat so many
folks are able to keep so much of It
Being able to drive 200 yards on
(lie golf links, to tramp over the brown
enrlh nnd make the course In a reasonable number of strokes, is worth
more to a man than to sit In a wheelchair and cut coupons from Victory
bonds. Bnt you will never, never believe this until you get Into a wheel-
! chair.
We once heard a rich man who was
: dying of cancer nay, "I would gladly
I change places with llie street sweeper
i or Iho garbage mnn If I could only be
1 rid of this thing that Is sapping my
life away." Hour fellow, he had workotl
j hard all Ills life and made his fortune,
| but when the time came (o enjoy it.
, lie suffered and died.
There Is a lot of cold-nosed truth
| In llie saying: "Health's more   than
■ money."    Most active-minded, Intelll-
! gent men do not fully appreciate this
: fact, and go on wasting their health,
grubbing for money,
Being able, to run a huudred yards
; in twelve seconds, being able to swim,
shoot, play shortstop, being able to
box a little and to whistle a lot, having a strong physique, Is rather to be
chosen than the largest safety deposit
box ever welded.   Suffer pain, and all
the comforts that cash can buy would
be  exchanged  for  tho  guarantee ot
good hoalth.
Our grand business undoubtedly is,
not to seo what lies dimly nt a distance, but to do what lies clearly at
band.—Carlyle. ™^m»
SATURDAY, APRIL 14th, 1923
Boys and Youths Khaki Pants with belt straps, also cuffs on pants, made of a good quality, duck All
sizes. Price $2.25
Boys and Youth's Khaki SMMs, Sport collar,   with
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Boys Stripe Sport Shirts white ground with colored
spripes. Good value at $1.25
Boys Light colored Shirts, Sports collar, good quality
percale, fully made, each ■ $1.50
Boys Khaki Shirts with Sports collar or double fitting
collar. A really good Shirt for the price. See them
at $1.25 each.
Boys Wash Ties Stripe Silk just what the Boys want.
35c each or 3 for   $1.00
Boys heather sox, with Fancy tops most sizes, prices
75c to 95c
Youth Fancy Top hose in large sizes. Price, pair $1.00
Boys and Youths Braces 35c, 40c and 50c
Boys Navy Bloomers made of "Fox Serges" guaranteed to give good hard wear. Price $1.75 to $2.45 for the
large sizes.
A shipment of Boys Tweed Bloomers real hard wearing
goods, will give satisfaction.
Boys Gray Flannel Short pants, plain style. Price $1.95
a pair.
Boys Footballs, just what the Boys want, a really
good ball. Price  $2.50
A shipment of Ladies' dresses in Serges and Tricotines
travelers samples at greatly reduced prices. See this
line at, each  $12.50
J. Sutherland
Dry Goods and Gents'Furnishings
For Results Advertise in The Islander
Call and inspect the STUDEBAKER LIGHT-SIX
and study the specifications.
The New Touring Car body is all steel, even to it's
The seat cushions are 10 inches deep, and made of
genuine leather.
The one-piece windshield is handsome and practical because it gives clear and unobstructed view to the
driver, and is rainproof.
The motor is exceptionally powerful and flexible,
and is practically free from vibration.
LIGHT-SIX economy of operation, maintenance
and accossability are common knowledge among mechanics and garagemen everywhere.
Blunt & Ewart, Ltd.
Phone 61    THE COURTENAY GARAGE    Phone 61
Local Briefs
Mr. Charles Graham, who has been
laid up for some days, was back at
his office in the Canadian Collieries
(Dunsmuir)   Limited.  Monday.
"Btllie" Wilson, well known formerly resident of Cumberland and
now B. C. representative for Lever
Bros., was a visitor in the city this
Mr. Thomas Oraham, General Superintendent, Canadian Collieries
(Dunsmuir) Limited accompanied by
Mrs. Graham left for Victoria Monday morning.
Mrs. E. Fletcher returned  to Nanaimo on Friday.
Mrs. N. Bevis and family left on
Friday morning last for Alberta
where they will take up their future
Mr. and Mrs. James  Haworth returned from Vancouver on Tuesday.
Mr. Arthur S. Klllam representing
Fleck BroB. ot Vancouver visited
town on Tuesday.
Mr. J. Dudley of Nanaimo visited
town this week.
Mrs. T. E. Banks of Cumberland
went to Vancouver Tuesday to spend
a couple of weeks visiting with
friends on the mainland.
The Misses Horwood of Minto Valley left for Victoria Tuesday to visit
friends In the capital. They may remain  permanently.
Captain T. M. Shoebotham of the
H.C.N.W.M.P., Vancouver paid a visit to Cumberland on an inspection trip
this week.
Mr. Charles Graham, District Superintendent, Canadian Collieries
(Dunsmuir) Ltd. left for Vancouver
Thursday morning.
Mr. George O'Brien, Safety Engineer, motored to Ladysmith on
Thursday, on his usual tour of inspection.
Author  unknown
Perhaps our God has somewhere made
a thing
More beautiful to see
Than a majestic tree;
But If He has, I think lt grows
In heaven, by the stream that flows
Where whiter souls than oars do sing.
Who plants a tree, he ls akin to God,
In this impatient age
Where quick returns engage
The fevered wisdom he is bowed
And hides his purpose in the clod.
The blessed man that plants a long-
lived tree
That shall grow nobly on
When he ls dead and gone,
He seems to me to love his kind
With true sincerity of mind,
He seems to love his fellow yet to be.
Above hlB grave the suns shall flush
and fade,
The seasons come and go
And storms shall drive and blow;
But sun and rain that from hia tomb
Efface his name, renew the bloom
And glory of the monument he made.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mordy and
family left Friday night for Vancouver to attend the wedding of their
son, William Mordy.
The Agricultural Fair in the Sayward district will be held on Monday, September 10th and Hon. E. D.
Barrow, Minister of Agriculture and
Deputy Minister Warnock will be invited to attend.
This was decided upon at a meeting of the Sayward Pregresslve Agricultural Society.
The question of co-operative buying was also discussed and lt was decided that the community should experiment with a collective order.
rlage  In     good     condition.—Price
Apply. R. H. Gibson, Bevan, B.C.
about due. Rich milker, very gentle
Good family cow. $60.00.—R. Wbd-
dell. Minto. A28
Mrs. Waddington and child formerly of Cumberland and now of Cassidy are in town visiting friends.
Mr.   D.  Hay  of Vancouver  visited
town this week.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Mann of Vancouver spent a few days ln Cumberland
tills week as the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. J. H. Halliday.
Mrs.   T.   Treloar   left   during
week for the mainland.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson left for Calgary Friday morning, where the local football player will remain for
some time.
Mrs. Farmer, Mrs. McAdam, Mrs.
Lohley and Amos Farmer motored
to Nanaimo this week.
J. Emily returned last week-end
from a three weeks' visit to friends
In Vancouver and Victoria.
Mrs. A. C. Lymn is home again after paying a two weeks' visit to her
parents, Mr, and Mrs. F. Burrell, In
Miss  Minnie  Horbury  ls    visiting
her father, Mr. Thomas Horbury.
Ing Eggs, from good layers. 10c each.
Apply Stalkers Ranch, Happy Valley. Phone 93 M.
Reasonable price. Apply Mrs. N.
Bevis, Derwcnt Ave
FOR SALE:-"INDIAN" TWIN Motor Cycle, cheap. Apply, A. Johnston, Union Hotel, City. A28
furnished housekeeping rooms, corner Penrith and Fourth Street. For
further particulars, see .Mrs. M.
Sale.—Can be converted for American Billiards. Good condition.
Cheap for cash. Also cook stove
4 hole.—Apply Secy. O. W. V. A
House : Apply 308 Windermere
Avenue or 100% Dunsmuir Ave.
furnished Flat over store. Apply at
Store. a28
Asked by his Sunday chool teacher
about the Tower of Babel, Tommy
"Wasn't that the place where Solomon kept his BOO wives?"
It Pays to Deal at Lang's
Lots of people overlook the opportunity of saving money on their purchases at
Lang's Drug Store
you get real service and real value
Nowhere on Vancouver Island will you find a better
equipped dispensary and stock.
Greatest satisfaction assured.
"It Pays to Deal at Lang's"
Send us your MAIL ORDERS.
Special Sunkist
Nice Juicy Oranges, 3 dozen for	
Also   OUC  & I OC per dozen, s
Lemons, Large OUC per dozen.
Florida Grape Fruit, large size, 2 for
California Grape Fruit, 4 for 35c or per
Full stock arriving every freight
Fresh Tomatoes Cucumbers
Head Lettuce Cauliflower
Leaf Lettuce Cabbage
Green Onions Celery
Local Rhubarb Carrots
Potatoes Onions
See Our Windows for
Burns  & Brown
B. & B. Grocery
Auction Sale
At Agricultural Hall and Grounds, Court™*),
Saturday, May Mb, 1(22
Now on rail—Further Particulars later
Also Farm and garden produce. Live stock; household furniture, etc. Including: Six hole Fawcett Range as new; Exten-
tlon dining table; "Toronto" couch or folding bed; occasional
table; Simons double bed; two rockers; oak framed mirrors;
dresser with four draws; three cots; heating stove; chest of
draws; baby's go-cart; about ten doi fruit sealers; man's bicycle; two none Baddies (one English and one Texas); sundry tools. Also quantity of poultry Including R. I. Reds; Barred Rocks; and a pen of Bantams.
Further entries gladly accepted.
Auctioneer :: AU Kinds of Insurance :: Notary Publie
Residents of Dove Creek school district met Monday night and unanimously decided to ask the Department of Education for the erection
of a new school. A. Cralk has served
notice that be will require the use
of tho building at present In use by
June. He has given the building free
of rent.
The residents declare that the Government should bear the total cost
of erecting the new school and maintaining lt. About thirty attended the
The Campbell River General Hospital staff gave a very enjoyable dance
last Saturday evening when nearly
two hundred guests tripped the light
fantastic at tbe Ltlelana pavilion.
The affair was staged in the nature
of a basket social and dance, the baskets being gaily decorated with flowers to eat.
The sum of $202.85 waa realized
from tbe takings at the door and the
sale of baskets. A beautiful centre
piece made by Mrs. Palmer was won
by Mrs. Crawford and netted $31.00.
A box of home-made candy made by
Mrs. Frank Masters and won by
Oeorge Moore brought $8.00.
The matron and staff of the Campbell River Hospital expressed their
appreciation ot the splendid effort ln
behalf of the Institution made by tbe
members of the committees tn charge
of the affair.
New Curate (calling on aged parish-
loner)—And what were you when you
started life?
Parishioner—Quite a baby, sir;
quite a baby I
High Grade
New shipments of these hlgh-
frade confections arrive everr
two weeks, ensuring fresh goods
all th* tlmt.
For Job
Of the Better
Kind Try The


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