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The Islander Dec 21, 1918

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THE ISLANDER established 1910.
With which is Consolidated The Cumberland News.
THE CUMBERLAND HEWS established 1891
VOL. IX., No. 40
Subscription price, $2.00 per year
The City Council held their regular      Lots 3, 4, 5, annd 6, in Block 10, and
meeting In the Council Chambers on Lot 1  in Block 15, assessed  In the
Tuesday evening, His Worship Mayor
Harrison presiding. Present: Aldermen Furbow, Tarbell, Braes, and
Carey, Tho minutes of the previous
meeting were  read  and adopted.
A communication from the Department of Finance at Ottawa, with reference to enemy debts   and
was received and filed.
name of Clinton and Plllsbury, was
withdrawn from sale on request of
Mr. Clinton, who represented that Mr.
Plllsbury was entitled to the benefits
of the "War Reliefs Act," and as there
was not sufficient time to investigate
this matter, and in view of Mr. Clln-
clalms, ton's promise to attend to the payment
of these arrears, the properties wore
A circular letter from' the   Work- withdrawn from sale,
en's Compensation Board dealing with     Accounts as follows wero referred
accident preventions, lirst-ald, penal- to the financial department for pay-
ties for non-payment of assessments, ment:
and the reporting of accidents, waB Cumberland Electric Light Co.* 88.77
handed over fo the Chief of Police to Cum. Waterworks Co 50
deal with. British Columbia Telephone ....     3.25
The following communication from Thos. E. Bate       2.20
Mayor Gale, of Vancouver, was recelv- Cumberland Electric Light Co.    64.10
The statues at the entrance of the Tulllleries Gardens were protected
by sandbags since last winter, now decorated with hundreds of
German helmets captured by Fronch nnd English soldiers.
ed and filed:
A. McKinnon, Esq., City Clerk, Cumberland, B.C.
Dear Sir:—At a meeting of representatives of the various organizaions
of the City held on November 28th to Telephone account   *   14.55
consider the matter ot dealing with EIectrl.c "«ht' Installation and
"Reconstruction"   problems,   the   foi
The City Clerk presented the last of
the accounts for Installation, equipment, supplies, and nursing, at the
Emergency Hospital for Spanish Influenza, at the Public Schools:
service      170.79
A remarkable photo shows two Tommies crouched behind a propitious
wall as a shell bursts not far away. The camera man certainly took
a chance in getting this picture.
iug concern. Furnished complete
with all the necessary requisites.
A bargain. For further particulars
apply to Tex Foster, Dunsmuir Ave.
FOR SALE.—Chevrolet five-passenger
louring car, in good running order,
tires nearly new, self-starter aud
electric lights. Owner no further
use.   Apply B. Grieves, Cumberland.
P. S. Fagan, assistant secretary, and
O. C. Baker, of the Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir), Ltd., arrived on Sunday and returned to Victoria on Wednesday morning.
Harry King, formerly an employee
of the Canadian Collienles (Dunsmuir),-Ltd., previous to joining the
forces for overseas, has returned from
Somewhere in France, and arrived iu
Cumberland on Wednesday evening.
lowing resolution   was   unanimously ^_u_
"That  a  Committee   be   appointed
consisting of each and every Interest
ln the City of Vancouver, said representatives to be appointed by the respective organizations for the purpose „     .... ....   „,.
, .   „        ...  „„        ..     .,   „ -       Patient Hospital davs w thin City
of dealing with "Reconstruction" pro- ra"'"1 """i""" <• '
Furniture and equipment :  690.00
Supplies   341.86
Medicines   146.00
Laundry   60.00
Nursing  :.  268.00
Total  $1786.39
A Letter to the Parents of Pupils At. Dear Mr. Editor,—Would you kindly
tending the Public and High Schools print the following circular Issued by
ol Cumberland. the Canadian Red Cross Society:
Editor Islander,—It was with great     The following is the decision of the
interest I perused the Annual Report central Council of the Canadian Red
234 of  our  Medical  Inspector,  Dr.   Mac- Cross Society In session Noveber 26,
blems.   That the Communities ot the      JV™,   ....                           u9 Naughton.   What impressed mo most isis. regarditig future Red Cross sup
Province be requested to take similar "umao uity iimiia «» ^ (lo _lm|_l _—,    , _____  ,__,    __
action, and that in due course a con
Total for patients  383 was tlle dcntnl report.   I was startled plies:
ventlon consisting of representatives Nur8e8 H°8Dltal daJ~   80   *? ""*'"h! ""milT?"^1 "v!?" SUPPLIES AS MADE Bv BRANCHES
WANTED—A good girl as general
servants and to help with cooking; no
washing. Apply Mrs. Geo. K. MacNaughton, Cumberland, B.C.
George Mordy arrived on Tuesday
on a visit to his parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Graham and
daughter returned from a visit to Victoria on Tuesday.
George Michell left for Vanncouver
and Seattle on Monday on a short
of the committees ot the various communities be called at a time and place
to be decided by tbe said various committees. That the flrst duty of the
said committees shall be to co-ordinate the various forces in their respective communities, and so equip themselves as to be in the best possible _„.„ _„„„„ .,„„ , „ .,..„„„ ,,„„
position to render assistance to official *El° °a"08' .Mrs' u ,W' Numi8' *"8*
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Lymn left on "Reconstruction" committees appoin- £ **' McCarthy. Bessie Stewart, Rev
Friday morning on a visit to Victoria ted or that may be appointed by the 1^9^^. ^T!.* PrlnC.l.Pa, 2f
visiting friends.
Total Hospital days  463  len attending High  School, fourteen
The    following    volunteer    nurses had defective teeth.   Then ln the Pub-      (a.
For England and France.
Cumberland Public Schools closed
on Friday for the Christmas and New
Vear Holidays. The schools will reopen on Monday. January 6th. 1919.
gave their services without any re
Mrs. F. Comley, acting matron
Continuous   service:    Miss
He  School department, out ot three cording to inforatlon   received   from
hundred   and   twenty-four   examined, the Chief Commissioner Overseas tho
two hundred and three had defective store of hospital supplies and garm-
Annle teeth. ents of all kinds, Including socks, al-
Now, tho question  presented Itself ready shipped, Is likely to be suflicient
Continuous   service,    night    duty:   to me, "Are we, ns mothers, doing our  fur the needs of our work so long as
Frank Reynolds, of Nanaimo, was
here on a visit ou Saturday.
Dr. Geo. K. MacNaughton returned
from a visit to Victoria on Tuesday.
George Hopkins, of Vancouver, arrived on Wednesday and has been appointed to a position in the survey
department of the Canadian Collitries.
C. R. Drader, Principal of the Cumberland Public Schools, left for Victoria on Friday.
Miss Charlotte Jaynes, of the teaching staff, left for Nanaimo on Friday.
William Richards has been relieved
from the Canadian Expeditionary
Forces and returned from Victoria on
Tuesday and resumed his duties at
Cumberland stores of the Canadian
Collieries (Dunsmuir), Ltd.
„     ,   , ,       ™ a     s   n     -_      .  „ Minto School; Richard Bryce, Mrs. R.
Provincial or Federal  Governments." _ „*,;;.■«„    „ .
. . ...      ..        , .,      Pearce, Eva Bickle, Miss C. Jaynes.
In accordance with said resolution      .     ' ,„•   ;      ,,...„
... .  ,   .. .   „„        , At a very critical period the follow
which   suggested   that    Reconstruc-
duty to our children by nllowlng this any sick or wounded Canadians are
deplorable condition to continue?" overseas. No Ore shipments of these
I think, if we only reflect for a tew articles, except on request of the Comminutes on why we should pay atten- mlssloner, will therefore be mado
tion to bur children's teeth, Cumber- from Canada,
laud  for some  time  to come  would      (b.)    For Siberia. Hospital supplies
Charles Graham, District Superintendent, returned from a visit to Victoria on Wednesday.
Two special trains of British sailors
came over the C.P.R. recently for
- Grace Methodist Church will hold
their Christmas Service on Sunday
evening. Both the singing and tho
discourse will be of a Christmas character.
The Ladies' Aid of Grace Methodist
Church met at the home of Mrs. John
Furbow on December 10th, when it
was decided that they would hold
their annual Sale of Work in the
spring. The exact date is undecided,
but the ladles anticipate that lt will
be near the latter part of March.
The Big Store, Simon Leiser & Co.,
Ltd., wil he closed on Wednesday and
Thursday, December 25th and 26th.
Margaret Liddell, ot Chemalnus,
will arrive this afternoon to spend the
holidays with her parents.
Clarissa Tourigny left for Victoria
on Friday.
._„„„_ „     „.w„„.ss..- ]adles rendered efflclent Ber. need more than one dentist.    In the  will be needed for Siberia so long us
tion    groups   should   be formed by vlce ln the kltchen. Mrs Jn0 Furbow first place, our  children   need   good Canadian troops are stationed there,
communities of the Province, I take Mr|j    H    Molmce ' Mrs'   Nash    Mr8' teeth for their health's sake.   Second- and the Canadian Red Cross has un-
the liberty   of   communicating with        'e{  'Kn  } HJjo(J   ^  D 'Thom] ly, they add to their appearance and slertnkon  to assist   the   British   Red
your Council, and on behalf of the son   ^  parijln8on'M„ *T'wl)B011l personality, and thirdly,   good   teeth Cross    units    working    among    the
Reconstruction" group of Vancouver ^ McKinnon  and' Mr8.' Jenkins, of arc necessary for perfect speech. Czecho-Slovaks.    Alberta and British
Nanaimo.          '                               ' Taking these facts into   coiiBldera- Columbia  have  been nsked  to  mako
After hearing the City Clerk's ex- "°"' 'et us as Parcnts see to It that  regular shipments of hospital garm-
tensive  report ot the affairs of the we nave our cl>lldren'8 teeth put Into cuts and Manitoba Is shipping dress-
Emergency Hospital, the Council de- a" S°od condition as possible; for how Ings for this purpose,
elded to refer the wholo matter to the can a chlld who la "ot hcaltl's' corac
Provincial authorities.   The Board of UD to thc 8tandarrt of efficiency.
Health was authorized to ascertain as     p»rento- awake!    See to it at once
to what flnancial assistance the Gov- tllat we d° a" '" our l""™1" to preeminent would be willing to render. Dare our.chlldren for a clean, perfect
The   Council   contended   that   the mcdlcal ™P°rl at   tbe   e'08'   o(  «'e
Emergency Hospital received patients scbool term,
affected with the disease Irrespective MRS* T' E' DANK3-
The City Clerk and Collector In his of their abode, and In view of the fact St'ho0' ' rust"L''
report of the tax sale, said there were that  a  considerable   number  of the                               °
in all eight pieces of property adver- patients were from points outside the Jio"'l,,K *■» V">f<'i »' ''renter I'sc
Used for sale, six pieces were with- city   limits   the   Government   should     '«ln,,ss ,0 Xm"N 8hop|iers limn our of the district may
drawn and two offered for sale as ad- assist In helping to bear the financial     Hemowl Silk Sale.
vertlsed.   Lot 8, Block E, assessed to burden and reimburse the city of the     lf Ule p<!0,,le dld not'wanl "lls 8a'e'
W. E. Lawrence, and Lot 7, Block 4, heavy expenditure which a cltv of this ll wouId have 'e^'iatcd long since,
assessed to M. Magnone, were sold to size can ill afford. ,n,t    every   da!r   the   cruwds   Bathtr
the city, there being no bids on either     In considering the coming mantel- aroun(1 lhB barB"'" table8' aml w"°" 	
of these properties.                                  pal election that will take place on or c,08l"g t""° mmei'' " "ew ,ce"r'1 """ lluri"K November, December and Jan-
Part Lot 2 ln Block 10, assessed In about the   middle   of   January,   the *"!on established for the Silk Depart-  miry, lu the work of clothing clvl s
„ -. .. Williams and Council   appointed   Alex.   McKinnon
would   strongly   urge   that   Imedlate
action be taken in this regard.
The main object ls to form groups
of citizens prepared by said organizations to assist the Provincial Government to carry on throughout tbe Province such action as may be deemed
wise during the period of readjustment.
Yours sincerely,
R. H. GALE, Mayor.
Vancouver, B.C., Dec. 12, 1918.
O.I For Military Hospitals within
Cunudu, and Work at Cuiuidhin Ports
and on Trains. The Society has under
taken to systematize Its work within
Canada so as to he in fact as well as
in name the auxiliary of the Army
Medical Service In Canada, ns 11 ls
overseas. Each province and district
(and some city branches) will need a
standing reserve store of supplies
from    which  the  medical  authorities
      ndent: und from
which the needs of the Individual
soldiers, as ascertained by visitors,
may be met.
(d.) For Refugees. The Society
has appeuled to Its brunches to assist
the name of Maxwell,     _..,        ...^
Naylor, was redeemed previous to the returning   officer,   and   selected   the
date of sale by Mr. Williams. Council Cbnmbers as a polling station.
Mary Coleman,  St;
83;   Catherine   Gray.
High School.—The following shows
the ranking of students ou tho work
done during the term Sept. 3-Dec. 20,
and the percentage gained by each
student ot the possible marks offered.
The school was ln session 36VJ days,    .,        ..      .   _.,   ...
being closed  41   of   the   prescribed S""?" MoU-nce- Hazel Mari,h' Phym
Alice Coleman,
Honor Pupils for December:
DIV. I.—DolenlO Wilson, Florence
Wood, Frank Potter, Walter Taylor,
Ken Hayashl, Jlmmle Wllcock.
DIV. II.—Pearl Potter, ArthurBoyd,
ment. Aud here's a curious fact - the
tenth duy of the Removal Silk Sale
was nearly a third bigger In volume of
Bates than the second day—which
shows the popularity of the event and
demonstrates Hie fact that the bargains are Just us attractive as over.
17,/,V & IIADDAD
 —o ■
school days because of the Influenza.
DIV. I.    Junior   Grade.
Boothman, John McNeill.
DIV. III.—Harriet  Gomm,  Chrisslo
Mordv   78-  F«o„   <«»„    77     I   I , SuUlorlllnd' Edward Bickle, Josephine
S, I, "Zle^hlr'tison"8™6;1 B*W "■*•* "*" U™^*
Ida McFadyen, 69; Albert Wlnnlgbam,
65;  Ellen  Hunden, 64;   Flndlay  McKinnon,   61;    Euphemia  Brown,  60;
Montgomery Hood, 69; JesBle Stevenson, 44.
DIV. II.    Preliminary Course. Cyril
before Christmas: .Morning Prayer
and Holy Communion at 11 a.m.
Christmas Day Service nt 11 a.m.
Carol singers meet at Vicarage at
8 a.m., Sunday, Dec. 22nd.
Edith    Dickie,    who    Is    attending
school at St. Ann's Academy, Victoria,
DIV.   V.—Martha   Boyd,   Wlnnlfrcd  will return home today for Ihe holl-
Young, Alexander Bevis, James  Pet- 'I"*'8-
ers, Evelyn Carey, Mary Walker.
DIV. VI.—Jean Smith, Albert Gomm
Sam Davis, Charlie Tobacco, Dorothy
Stanford, Tommy Graham,
DIV, VII,—Victor Bonn, Reno Per-
Mlchell, 79; Mabel Michell, 78; Gen- cetto, Esao Abo, Jack IIIII,' Isabel Ynr-
V.,   ™„MC„dy.en* 77;"vivla" Aspesy,  Tow, Shimayo Dol,
DIV;    VIII.—Alastair    MacKinnon,
The American Third Army has been designated as the Army of occupation. It will be under the Immediate direction of General Dick-
man. Photo shows the General on horseback reviewing his troops
Somewhere ln France.
73; Ellen Clark ,72; John Stevenson,
72; Edith Francioli 71; Jane Clark,
71; Mildred Halcrow, 70; Orpha Lew-
Is, 09; Edith Horbury, 67; Blodwen
Williams, 66; John Biggs, 62; Charlotte Carey, 62; David Lockhart, 61;
Morton Graham,
Tho Islander Olllco will he closed
from Monday, Dec. 23rd, until Saturday, Dec, 28th.
Tonight nt Ilo llo Theatre, Mabel
Normand In "Joan of Plattsburg," and
Episode 4 of "The Fighting Trail."
iu tho warring countries, suffering
(though non-combatants) as a result
of war. For this purpose most of the
materials used in ordinary Red Cross
work are suitable, and branches are
advised to make such garments as
win use up materials on hand rather
than Iii spend money ou buying new
ie.I Siiiri.'i'stinns to knitters. As
many knitters need Instructions as to
the uso of yarn, It Is suggested thai
coarser grades he used for sweaters,
scarves, caps and mitts; the heller
grades for socks and amputation (or
stump) socks, for which there ts a
large demand. These goods. If sent
In to the Red Cross, will be divided
among the various clusses of work
described above, lu proportion to thoir
Central Ollice of the Canadian Red
Cross Society, Toronto, December
7th, I'HJs.
Thanking you for your courtesy,
Yours faithfully,
AMY I). CLINTON, Hon. Sec.
Tadao Dol, Kazijulkl Mlyahara, Gordon Walker, Wilfred Shouldlco, Margaret Shearer.
NOTICE.—A number of Cumberland
Waterworks Shares for sale. Apply
Box lt'i'2, Cumberland, B.C.
Miss Bessie Stewart arrived on Fri
61; Alice Williamson day evening for the  Christmas and few friend
CO;  Walter Hudson, 56;  Grace Wat- New Year holidays.
son, 54; Mary Miller, 54; Donald Wat-     Dr. R. P. Christie returned on Tues
son, 49; Edward Wilson, 36. day from a visit to Victoria.
Anglican Choir, assisted hy a
will slug carols on Sunday,  Monday and  Xmas   Eve.     Any
donations  will  go towards  removing
the heavy tax debt on the Church.
NOTICE. -Wednesday next. December
26th, Clirlstmas Day, being n Public
Holiday, the wickets will be open
from 8 a.m. to lo a.m. only. Wednesday evening's mail arriving by
S.S. Charmer will he sorted first
thing on  Thursday morning.
J. W. COOKE, Postmaster. TWO
THE! IS1AKDS1*,  CUM.MittL.4ND, B. C.
"I got on (his train as ill-natured as
a bear. A man with a friendly, buoyant heart makes me forget It and help
others to be more cheery and forget
iheir troubles, too; and now—a kitten
could play with me. Why, it's been
.me of my best Christmas Eves!"
hkal <;ivin<;
In these days, when millions of
people are making supreme sacrifices
in the name of a noble cause, generous giving seems to have become a
universal habit—something that we
consider as no more than to he expected, It is only when the giving
is surrounded by unusual circumstances that ft attracts attention. Oue
such case, which involved a very small
amount of money, will touch the feelings of everyone.
During the campaign of the Araer-
Pubjished every Saturday by the Islander  lean Women's   Hospital   Organization
.Publishing Company at   Cumberland,  t0 rniMe monev for war Hervice, one of
B.C., Canada,    telephone 3-5. ,, ,        ,    .        .       . ,.   ■    .
 t   the worlters iu Los Angeles called at
SATURDAY, DECEMBER Hist, 1918    the home of an elderly colored woman
whom he found to be suffering with a
A llerry Christmas to nil our Headers severe cold The negPeg8 ilfltened with
great interest, however, to a descrip-
3fy? Jalantor
The young man who boarded the
tourist sleeping car at Williams, Arizona, on Christmas Eve was not in a
good humor. It seemed to him to be
particularly unpleasant that, on this
night of all nights in the year, he
should have to put up with uncongenial surroundings. The negro porter
tucked away his baggage, and he settled himself in his compartment with
a feeling that this was to be a Christmas Eve that he should not care to
In the section directly across the
aisle were seated the five members of
a young family. Something about
them at once drew Jerry Cartwrlght's
atentlon. The mother was pleasant-
faced, with a tired look in her eyes
that suggested the long, arduous day
of travel. The three sleepy youngsters
sat huddled together on the seat in
front, facing backward. But It was
the look of untroubled peace on the
face of the father that interested Jerry
most. Tho car, as usual, was overheated, and the man sat in his shirt
sleeves, with i.if; head resting against
the back of the seat. His eyes were
closed, but bis lips moved. Raising
bis head suddenly, he caught Jerry's
eyes fixed upon him. At once, with a
smile of quick, unembarrassed neigh-
borliuess, lie spoke;
"It's Christmas Eve, you know," he
said. "Why don't we get together and
have a few real, old Christmas
Tlie ingenuous friendliness of the
young father stirred an answering
chord in Jerry Cartwright in spite of
his intended aloofness. The irritation
that had possessed him a moment hefore departed. He perched himself on
the arm rest of bis seat and. a minute
later, the voices of the two men, by
tion of the work that American women
physicians are doing in Prance, and
then she said:
"Well, honey, I has sixty cents. I
was goin' to pay ten cents for car fare
to go in town so dat I could buy me
fifty cents' worth of medicine, but
I'll jes' give you the ten cents tor the
boys and walk downtown."
Then after a moment she added,
"Oh, dat seems so little! I has some
onions I can fix up for my cold, and
I'll give you the fifty cents, too."
(Prom the Youths' Companion.)
It is true that the most terrible
part of the war—the fighting and the
killing and the maiming—is at an end,
probably for good, although we cannot
be perfectly sure even of that. After
all, we are living under an armistice
that is, fighting has stopped but peace
has not come. Our armies aro in the
enemy's country, and they will stay
there until the treaty of peace is
signed, perhaps six months from now,
perhaps longer. Until that treaty is
finally signed, sealed and delivered,
there will always be at least a chance
that hostilities will begin again.
And even after peace is actually
assured, there will be a considerable
period during which the conditions
of life will be far from normal. So
great has been the exhaustion of the
world's stockB both of food and of
other necessaries that there must be
shortages, restrictions, inconveniences for a long time to come. And the
cost of the war has been so tremendous to all the nations concerned in
It that the financial situation will not
for a generation be what it was before
the war. The capital of the world has
been heavily mortgaged to pay the
war bill.   We must look forward to
no means unmelodious, rose softly in       h taxes aud a h,gh c08t ___, {M
'il Came Upon the Midnight Clear.
A couple in the section ahead turned
antl looked back, smiling. Soon the
other passengers in the car were attracted, and gradually gathered about
the original group; most of thejn
joined unaffectedly in the singing'.
Among these passengers, Jerry knew,
wero always a number of weseward-
bound consumptives. He had heard
the trainmen speak of them as "lungers." lie noticed a thin, careworn-
looking woman in black come up nud
stand with her arm about an equally
thin, anaemic-looking daughter.
The section of Jerry's friendly
neighbor remained the centre of tbe
gathering. 'Hie pleasant-faced wifo
nt ill sat quietly resting., a faint smile
in her eyes; the children sat up
for a long time to come.
It is necessary to say this because
a great many people who have not
thought deeply about the matter are
going to be disappointed at rinding
the return to pre-war conditions so
slow. Almost every form of business
still feels and for some time will continue to feel the cramping and confining effects of the war. The Companion feels it in having to get along with
less paper than ft would like to use,
and in having consequently to deny
to (ts readers the privilege of deferring the payment of their subscription
without losing the paper in the meanwhile. Everyone knows of some way
in which the unfortunate influence of
Llie war still confuses or complicates
liis own affairs, and he finds it all the
listening with open-mouthed   'harder> perhnp8(  because  to  8U1)port
wonder,    lint, somehow, Jerry found,  h,B morfl]e he no ,onger hag thfl con.
sciousnenss of the momentous importance of each day's sacrifice. We need
patience now and cheerfulness with
which to meet the situation, but our
thankfulness at the great deliverance
ought to be so great that patience and
cheerfulness will follow as naturally
as the fruit follows the flower.
the eyes of everyone began to turn on
himself. Not every song proposed was
generally known, but Jerry did bis
winning best to make everything go.
it was surprising tlie number of tunes
and verses lie was aide to remember
—the songs of Ills old Sunday-school
days. They .sang them all unrestrainedly, witli contagious good will and a
sudden feeling of fellowship for one
At last tiie time came for the party
to break up. Tlie travellers' Christmas Eve was over. Kveryone looked
tbe better and the happier for the impromptu service. Everyone had a
friendly word or glance for Jerry and
for the jolly, magnetic, young father.
Again Jerry noticed the woman in thc
b'ack dress
Among many amusing stories In
"Temporary Heroes," by Cecil Som-
mers, Is the following, for the truth
of which the author vouches.
Two of my men, he writes, were in
a dugout when ft was blown in on top
oT them. At first we thought they
must have been killed, but we worked
standing  with  her arm  nke demons to dig them out. in the
round her frail daughter.   He reached
forward and took the woman's hand.
"1 wish you both a happy Christmas
and a still happier New Vear," Jerry
The woman's wan features became
animated. "We havo to thank you and
your friend for a happier Christmas
I.ve tban  we expected to spend this i,cfore—turned   round   to
year, have we not, Mabel?" she replied.  w|,ere ]ie lay and gasped:
"Mon, yon's gran'.    D'ye ken we've
oscaplt the efternoon fatigue?"
hope of finding them alive. After a
quarter of an hour we managed to
drag them out, covered with bruises
and unconscious, but whole. We tried
artificial respiration, brandy, and all
corts of things. At last they came
round, and one of them—we hnd al-
vays thought him a bit of a weed
tho   other
Make Your Christmas
Selections Now
Silk and Wool Sweater Coats and Sweater Sets
Silk, Georgette Crepe and Silk Crepe de Chene Waists
in new advance styles.
Hand embroidered Handkerchiefs in fancy Xmas boxes
and novelty Calendar folders.
Xmas Novelties in ladies' Silk and Silk Crepe Neckwear.
Novelty designs in men's Neckwear and Mufflers suitable for Xmas gifts.
Military Brushes, Shaving Sets, Dressing Cases, Manicure Sets, Handbags, Cut Glass, Etc.
License No. 8-19224
When cloud-banks blot the sky dull grey, or
whistling winds make outdoors disagreeable, how
cheery and exhilarating are bright lights and
sparkling fires ;
And in these soul-trying days, how welcome
is the cheery brightness—the soothing caress—the
soul-satisfying  message—of the  music  you  love.
So this Christmas you need music more than
ever—good music, that brings the spirit of Christmas
to everyone, young and old.    Such is the music of
"The Phonograph with a Soul"
This wonderful instrument brings the beautiful
world ofmusicintoyour home—RE-CREATIONS
of the art of the world's greatest artists. The New
Edison does not merely imitate—it actually RECREATES with such utter fidelity that the human
ear cannot distinguish between the living artist and
The New Edison.
The true spirit of Christmas lies in the soul of
The New Edison. Let it sing its message of hope
and faith and love in your home this year.
Visit our store for a demonstration of tht marvelous New Edison
er have om sent to pur borne.    No obligation, of course.   197 ^J
' sr ' A    '
G. A. Fletcher Music Co.,   Cumberland, B.C.
A Utile later Jerry Cartwright lay
stretched  In  his   berth   with   raised
window shade, gazing out on thc dim ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
expanse ol'  the  desert.    In  the east Thc   Council  of   Social   Service   of
Sirius and  the stars of Orion shone the Church of England In Canada has
out brighter and more clearly than he indorsed the proposed formation of a
had ever seen them at home. national  society  to  combat  venereal
"MyI"  was   his  unuttered thought, diseases.
Fire, Life and
Accident Insurance
Cumberland, B.C.
1>S.  K.  P.  CHRISTIE
Phone 116
Office:   KINO BLOCK,
Cumberland, B.C.
When the Operator Says
"Don't Answer!"
It Is easier for the operator to complete u telephone call
than to report: "They do not answer." ..He assured thut the
operator ls trying hard to do her part and thut her effort
jusdlies full confidence and consideration.
British Columbia Telephone Co., Ltd.
of the DRINKS
Buy the products of the
Ask for the Brands that are the Best
Alexandra Stout is sure to satisfy.
U.B.C. Beef  The Beer of Quality.
Silver Top Soda Water
Cascade Beer  The Beer Without a Peer.
Full line of Pure
Fruit Flavors.
Columbia Grafonola
ERE is a Columbia Grafonola for your home, at any
■ price you may desire to pay. Here is a Columbia
dealer at your service whose pleasure it will be to show
you the models which you may desire to see, and hear.
Type A.   This Columbia Grafonola, with your
choice of 6 records (12 selections).   Price $35.40.
TypeC Substantial, beautiful in tone and lines,
complete in every detail. It will brighten every home
with its companionship and good cheer.   Price $70
Type D. Simple and dignified in outline and the
toue quality is exceptional. Equipped with a three-
spring motor.   Price $85.
Nothing Finer could be thought of as a Christmas Gift
Come in and we will gladly demonstrate them, and tell
you about our system of easy payments.    Store open
evenings until Christmas.
Statelhent for the month of November
Oct. 31st, 1918, Balance  $11,845.74
Amount collected     1,216.90'
Interest paid by Royal Bank
for three months        114.48
Total    $13,177.12
Amount expended   $    1,515.1 S
November 30th, 1918 .'.  11.661.16
To all our Patrons and Friends We
Extend the Compliments of the
Season, and wish you all a
Merry Christmas
and a
Happy New Year!
Cumberland Electric Lighting
Phone 75 Co., Ltd. p. O. 314
Royston Lumber Co.
Slab Wood (double load)...$4.00
First Class Accommodation.     Heated
throughout by Electricity.
Cumberland, B. C.
License No. 10-1606
ALEX. MAXWELL, Proprietor
Autos for Hire.    Coal and Wood Hauling given very-
prompt attention.    Furniture and Piano
Storage if desired
Phones 4 and 61
\ Cumberland, B.C.
D. Campbell's
Meat Market
Young Steer Beef,
tender and juicy.
Veal, Pork and Mutton.
Cambridge Pork Sausage
Homemade Sausage
Polish Sausage
Veal Loaf
Boiled Ham
Ham Bologna
Have you tried our Pickled Pork
and Corned Beef ?    It is delicious.
Each Thursday morning from now
on a full line of Fresh Fish will be
on hand.
License No. 9-3902
Admiral Paul von Mintze. one ot thc
German Commission, who applied to
Marshal Foch for the Allies' terms.
LOAN mis
The official returns of the Victory
Loan 1918 show the following results
for Vancouver Island districts:
Shawnigan  _ $ 25,150
Cobble Hill     42,800
Duncan  269,760
Chemalntts   160,100
Ladysmith   146,800
Nanaimo   515,760
Parksvllle     15,450
Qualicum     10,850
Nanoose     25,850
Central Alberni       7,400
Cumberland    98,500
Courtenay    <7,"o0
Union Bay    82,200
Alberni     47,500
West Coast     75,000
Cassidy     38,700
Total 1,583,550
NOTICE.—A number ot Cumberland
Waterworks shares for sale. Apply
P.O. Box 162, Cumberland, B.C.
Through a similarity in names a.
wrong impression has been created
which may cause a great deal of
harm. A few days ago It was reported
In many papers that the Montreal
Herald had gone Into liquidation. The
news was true but the public should
know that the paper in financial difficulties had no connection whatever
with the great weekly paper called
The Family Herald and Weekly Star.
The latter paper is published by The
Montreal Star Publishing Co., and is
known in almost every home ln Canada. In justice to our confrere we
make this announcement. The Family Herald and Weekly Star ls one of
the strongest papers on the Continent.
The word "Family" should not be
omitted when addressing that paper.
Total  $13,177 12
The Cumberland, Bevan and Union
Bay Patriotic War Fund was orgai-
Ized In September, 1914, since whei
$43,463.41 has been collected, of which
$31,802.25 has been expended, leavii g
tt balance In the Royal Bank ot Canada or $11,661.16.
The funds are administered by tie
following board of directors, who give
their services free:
Cumberland:—President, W. TV.
Willard; Secretary, J. Sutherland;
Treasurer, F. A. McCarthy; Geo. li.
iMacNaughton, M.D.
Bevan:—J. Quinn, G. Leask, O. J,
McLeod, \V. Simpson.
Union Bay:—W. Hill, A. C. Dunn, G.
There are no salaries paid In connection with this fund, the chequs
being Issued from the office of the
Royal Bank of Canada, of Cumberland
B.C. At the present time the minimum payment made is $20:00 per
month, there being no limit set tor
any one famiiy; the larger the family
the more money drawn. The largest
amount paid at the end of last nionili
to one family was $67.50. The numb ir
of families on the fund at the end of
last month was 41. A monthly statement ot this fund is published in tlie
local paper. Yours truly,
F. A. MCCARTHY, Treasurer.
German   General   Von   Wlntertelt,  of
the German  Commission,  who applied   to   Marshal   Foch   under   a
white flag for the terms of the Allies
A Prepared Defensive Position
The   following  amounts were
lected by the Red Cross Society:
Derwent and Allen  $
Dunsmuir Ave	
Penrith Ave	
Maryport Ave	
Windermere Ave	
Chinatown and Japtown Nol....
Japtown No. 6	
Bevan not received.
Mr. ThoB. Graham, (3 months)..
Membership fees, $2.00 each from
Miss Eva Bickle 	
Mra. Richardson 	
Mr. J. Shaw 	
Mrs. T. Graham —
$1.00 each from Mrs. Marsh ....
Miss O'Neil 	
Miss Tourlgny 	
Miss J. Graham 	
111 humorous literature, at least, all
liorse dealers are underhanded and
every liorse trade Is a triumph of
chicanery on some one's part, and not
a fair exchange of live stock for
money. The following conversation
reported in Tit-Bits observes their
time-honored conventions:
There was fire In the eye of the man
who led the sad-looking liorse as he
sought out the dealer.
"Look here!" ho said. "1 don't wont
this horse you've sold inc. He balks;
I can't get him to go over the bridge."
"That's the reason I sold him," said
the dealer calmly.
The purchaser grew redder than
"No doubt," he said sarcastically,
when at last he could trust himself
to speak; "but allow nie to tell you
that you've sold the animal under
false pretenses, and I'll—"
"Nothing of the kind," Bald the
dealer. "Didn't I advertise, 'Owner
wlnhes to sell for no other reason
than thnt he wants to get out of
"Yes, but—"
"Well, that's why I Bold him. He
never would take me out of the town.
P'r'aps he will you—If you're patient.
i\'o time to argue. Good day.
—   4.00
Total  $231.95
AMY B. CLINTON, Hon. Sec.-Treas.
A Case Fur Arbitration
Not long after they had become engaged the young man said to his
Aancee, "I think It only fair to tell
you that I am a somnambulist."
"Oh," replied the lady, "that won't
matter In the least; you see you can
go to my church one Sunday and I'll
go to your church the next."
interested In a better position. Qualify for it through our easy home
study courses, like others you know
havo done. We teuiii Commercial
Subjects and Advertising, Drafting,
Ship, Mechanical and Art, Steam,
Electrical, Mechanical and Mining
Engineering and other branches.
Write for free catalogues and particulars to H. J. M1LSOM, Nanaimo
Box 1121, Nanaimo. B.C.
Marocchi Bros.New Home Bakery
T"    ' i —■■■—■——a ITroBli Rread. Cakes.
Grocers and
Fresh Bread, Cakes,
Pies, etc.
Wedding Cakes a Specialty
Cumberland and Oourfcnay g C   Bii^iuir Ave.,      Cumberland
    License No. 8-2548* *.'      ...        „ ''"""" vh5-"7
Watchmaker and Jeweller
Agent for the HARMONOLA
All the latest Books, Magazines ■
and Periodicals.
Dunsmuir Ave. Cumberland, B.C.
WM.   MERRIFIELD,   Proprietor.
Dunsmuir Ave.,       Cumberland, B C.
Canada Food Board License No. 10-4986
Charlie Sing Chong
Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots and
Shoes, Crockeryware and
General Merchandise.
License Nb. 5-1172 HONG CHONG & CO., Bevan.
Solving the Big Question of |
"What to Give?" I
We carry a full line of Xmas Gifts at prices
that are really the lowest we can mark them
to. Why not come in and select your Xmas
Gifts of Silk Camisoles, Hug-me-tights, and
Silk and Cotton Crepe Kimonos, ladies' and
girls' Bedroom Slippers, Fancy Bags, Centre
Table Covers, etc.
■$?       THE      "%
V      FAIR DEAL STORE      ^
$5.™ for $4.??
As Christmas Gifts
BUY a War-Saving Stamp for $4.00 and
affix it to space No, 1 of the Certificate
that will be given you. Fill in the
name of the one to whon* you wish to make this Christmas Gift—the most desirable of Gif % fur it i ny well
mark the commencement of hubita of Thriit, the
stepping stone to Success.
The Certificate
In offering your (jiff: you co lid soy, "If you invest
your savings regularly in War-Savings Stamps, you
will soon fill this certificate, which becomes Craiada's
pledge to pay you $50 on the first day of 1924."
"With every 25 cents ynu aave >*OU can buy a THRIFT
Stamp, 16 of which o.i u Thrift Curd v.ill be exchanged
for a W.-S. S."
"An excellent investment for small
savings; and a strong im tinttud to
everyday economy."
Minister of Finance
Money-Order Post Office*:, Tlonkt nnd
Wherever the W.-S.S sip/i ia di: played.
1 '  ^.'.ISJ"
Photo of the President of the Hungarian Suffrage Association, who has
been unpointed Hungarian Ambassador to Switzerland, the flrst of her
sex to hold such a position.
Our  1918 Display
Now Complete
Don't fail to see our big assortment
of   Dulls,   Toys,    (James,    Rocking
Horses,   Sleighs,    Dolls'    Carriages,
Velocipedes, etc.
Buyers will find It vory much o their
advantage to reserve heir orders until
they see our lines.
We have pleasure in advising our
customers and friends in Cumberland
and district that we have appointed
Mr. Earl Fletcher to be our manager
at Cumberland, and he will conduct
the business nt the premises formerly
used hy Mr. T. E. Bate.
Our stock is very complete and up-
to-date, and Includes such famous Instruments as the Gerhard Helntzman,
Nordhelmer, Cecillan and Mendelssohn pianos and the Karn organ; also
a full line of Edison Disc Phonographs, Edison Cylinder Phonographs
Columbia Orafonolas, together with a
complete list of records and supplies.
We are operating this store on the
"One Price System," which means that
all goods will be sold at the same
prices as those prevailing at our
stores in Nanaimo, Vancouver and
It will be our aim, as in the past, to
give courteous treatment combined
with thoroughly efficient service, and
we confidently look forward to a continuation of your esteemed patronage.
Yours  very  faithfully,
T. E Bate
Christmas Sale of Specials:
Wo are having a Special Sale for Christmas of Chocolates,
Candled Peel, Seeded or Seedless Halsins, Currants, nice Okanagan Apples, Japanese Oranges, and all kinds of Nuts. You
will he surprised when you see how all our prices are lower
than you can purchase elsewhere.
Como r.'Tl.i uml Save from •"> lc 10 per crul. on jour total purchase.
K.   ABE   &   CO.
CHRISTMAS  GIFTS that will be appreciated:
IMK'Iil'RS, In fumed golden oak anil mahogany, from$5 lo $1(1.(10
Music and China Cabinets, Parlor Suites and Congoleum Rugs,
Ladles' Dressers, and Chiffoniers.
We hnve Jus) opened up several cases ot beautiful China, suitable
for Christmas Gifts.
For the Children we have Dolls, In all Hlzes, Mechanical Toys,
Teddy Hears. Kindergarten Sots, Cnmcs, Horns.   Everything to
milks- the Children Happy.
(Use and Storage
TAKE NOTICE that the Canadian
Collieries (Dunsmuir), Limited, whose
address is Victoria, B.C., will apply
for a licence to take and use 20 cubic
feet of water per second out of Tsa-
Abl River, also known as Baynes
Sound River, which flows in an easterly direction and drains into Baynes
Sound, about 5 miles south of Union
Bay. The water will be diverted from
the stream at a point 1V4 miles more
or less, approximate bearing S. 60 degrees, 48 minutes W. (ast.) from N.W.
corner of Lot 2 A, Nelson District;
and will be used for mining purposes
upon the mine and washery located at
Block B 34 Nelson District, and Lot
28, Union Bay. This notice was posted
on the ground on the 17th day of De-
ceber, 1918. A copy of this notice and
an application pursuant thereto and
to the "Water Act, 1914," will ne filed
In the office of the Water Recorder at
Nanaimo. Objections to the application may be filed with the said Water
Recorder or with the Comptroller of
Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,
Victoria, B.C., within thirty days after
the first appearance of this notice in
a local newspaper. The date of the ALL-RUSSIAN
first publication of this notice Is December 21st, 1918.
Corner Fourth & Maryport
Repairs Executed Efficiently
and Promptly.
The Compliments of the Season Is ExtendM to AU oar Friends nnd Customers I
The Christmas Store
Invite you to take us Into your confidence, and we feel assured that, in most
canes, we will be able to get you just what you would desire to give
One of our Blouses will be appreciated
We have built up a splendid business ln our Blouse Departmei :, and for
this Xmas our pride In this Department Is more than Justified. Exclusive
Waists, and as good an assortment as you will And ln many largo city stores,
will greet you on your visit. The* pricos nre such a.i will hifou the u'pproral
of those looking for a smart Blouse.
PERRINS'Famed Gloves
If In doubt buy a pair of "Perrins" Renowned Gloves." Shades of tan, grey,
black and white, in both kid aud suede. If you dou't know the size we will
be delighted to make the exchange.
Gift Handkerchiefs
Put up in Fancy Calendars, with point Venice lace edge, and ready for mailing.
Season's Greeting Folders, with one or two dainty handkerchiefs. Our choice
of handkerchiefs ls complete, and should afford easy choice of a most suitable
and appreciative gift.
Ladies' Silk and Lace Camisoles
A beautiful assortment of these goods are on view; excellent designs,
smartly made and with that touch which makes them desirable gifts.
For Boys and Youths
One ot our "Coppley, Noyes & Randall" Suits has that about it which most
boys admire. Give him a new suit for Xmas. Boys' Now Caps arrived by
express a few days ago and are desirable gifts,
BOYS' JERSEYS, something every boy can appreciate and most mothers
welcome, Is a nice cosy sweater.
BOYS' LECKIE SHOES, always to the front when considerations of usefulness are before you.
For Men
A smart Umbrella ls useful as well as ornamental, and desirable.
GENTS' NEW NOVELTY TIES, direct from Toronto, look pretty good, and
combine smartness with good taste.
GENTS' CALABASH PIPES. We are ln the best position we have ever been
in to show you a owell.assortment of good Pipes. Make a trip to see these,
and we feel assured you will be able to make a good choice from our very
large showing.   Prices from $10.00 to SOc
TOBACCO POUCHES make a suitable gift for the smoker.
GLOVES are something most men welcome.   You will And our showing good.
For Girls
We must not forget the "little tots," and in fact they won't allow us to forget
them, as Santa Claus Is very real to them. See our comprehensive showing
of BOLLS, something most little girls desire. ..Handkerchiefs, Gloves, Hose
and many other gifts suitable for them.
Headquarters for Xmas Gifts
This Store will be Closed next Wednesday and Thursday     License No. 8-18324
Phone 3-8
a ess
Phone 8
Ilo Ilo Building
Watch and Jewellery Repairing. ALL Photo shows Dr. Joseph Pernlkoff, a
Work Guaranteed 12 Months representative  of   the  All-Russian
Government, who has Just arrived
CHAS. SIMMS    if SS**"ln the ,ntore8t
When making your Ginger Bread
or Xmas Cakes try
15c. and 25c. per tin.
Obtainable Onl\> at
Licence No. 8-17168.
Phone 71


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