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The Islander Sep 13, 1919

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|,eaia»l"°" l
With which b Consolidated The Cumberland News.
Subscription Price, ?2.0U per year
One Show Only—Commences at 6.30
p.m.    Boxing   Exhibition   Starts
at 11.110 p.m. Prompt.
Three women Y.M.CA. workers were awarded the Croix de Guerre
medals by Captain Adricnne de I'm iiiuanu ut the Hotel RlcAlpln. All
throe hnd been cited for heroic action while exposed to danger. Left
to right: rs. Louise Flaming, Mrs. A. S. Dwlght, Miss Bernata
Adams and Capt. Adrienne de Puchmann, of the French High C'om-
LOCAL AM) GENERAL NEWS The visit of His Royal Highness the
                           Prlncd of Wales to Comox District has
EXCHANGE—Winchester  pump  gun. been cancelled.   He hns been ordered
12 bore, for a 10-hore gun, must be to take n rest while on the Island.
In good condition.     J. Jones, Mer-  **—■—
ville, B.C.     • •      Mr'   Jonn   Sutherland, manager of
  The Big Store, Simon Leiser & Co.,
returned from Victoria on Saturday.
FOR SALE—Two houses In Cumber
land—one situated on Dunsmuir Ave.,
next door to Postodice, and the olher
situated on Penrith Ave, both bouses
on lull lots. Apply to Mr. J. Frame,
Penrith  Ave., Cumberland, B.C
11 a.m.:....Children's Service.
7 p.m.:—Evensong. Special preacher
Mr.   R  .Merrix,  Diocesan  Organizing
Cumberland journeyed to Ladysmith last Sunday and played tho
Ladysmith   Athletics   In   an    Island
League fixture. The Cumberland Bessie Barrlscale has attained nn-
team was badly handicapped through other shining success to add to the
the absence of both full backs. This brilliance of her career as an actress
caused a rearrangement of the team. through her remarkable portrayal ln
T. Jackson and Williams were drawn tne 'ending role of '"Blinded," the Par-
from the half-backs and played at full al(a Pl°y which will be the attraction
back, Bobby Brown and Doherty fill- at tlle "° "° Theatre tonight. In this
Ing the half-back positions. Teddy P'cvUre, Miss Barrlscale appears as
Jackson took up Brown's position at "Peggy Muldoon," and the delineation
outside right. Cumberland kicked off of ""> member of the underworld Is
aud started to press Immediately, but Proof 0( her unlimited versatility and
the Ladysmith defence was sound, her powers ns an emotional actress.
Tlay was fairly even, both goals he- The characterization of "Peggy" In tho
ing visited In turn. Ladysmith opened 8,or.v ls a decidedly difficult ono to por
the scoring on a low cross from the 'ray, Inasmuch as It demands that
left wing. Walker partially stopped Miss Barrlscale appears In the dls-
the ball but before he could recover guise of a man who "breaks" safes
Rafter rushed ln and planted the ball with the expert cracksmen who ure
in the net. her accomplices, and later on In the
This reverse woke the Cumberland s'ory she must appear as an apparent-
team up and shortly after Contl Bcored >y unsophisticated young woman who
what looked a rather easy goal with a 's 'he mother of a child and the wife
dropping shot. Shortly after the same of a struggling bank employee. How-
player put Cumberland ahead with a ever, Miss Barrlscale has lmpersou-
fast low shot. Half time arrived with a'ed this part, which ls so different
no further scoring. from all her former work, In a manner
The Ladysmith boys started off well 'hat makes it realistic and convincing,
in the second half and worked hard to The supporting cast of "Bllnfolded"
score but were unable to do so until '» unusually good. Joseph J. Dowllng,
shortly before time when Rafter beat 'he eminent actor of the Paralta Com-
WUHams In a run for the ball and tied l>a"y, appears ln the role of "Patrick
the score. Ladysmith Is a young team Muldoon, tho Ear," hardened Inhablt-
and have plenty of go ln them and an' of 'he underworld and a man
should make a good showing in the whose hate for society has made hlm
League. Cumberland team was badly so bitter that he even educates and
disorganized through the absence of '"»lns his adopted daughter from
both full-back's, and the necessary childhood to follow ln his footsteps
shifting around threw the whole team "nd carry on the work after he dies,
out.   Some of the players also showed     Edward Coxen, who has been distln-
the effects of the hard game against gulshlng himself lately In Paralta and  representing all tnnadmns who served  0f tluI Al es.
the Hillhursts the previous Thursday. Selexart productions, appears^ In the SS^'SSSH^M^
Warren Pershing.- son of General PerBhlng, Blinking hands and exchanging greetings with King NVluilns of Montenegro, ai Paris,
France. The King appears delighted with Ibe youthful commouer!
Pershing. Jr.. Is giving Ills Hlghni ss the "onco over."
on llie In
soldiers already
New  York. Chicago, and  oilier large
cities—free soup kltcl s In Butte and
,„,,„,        ,    ,   . ,   , soldiere selling their hard-earned de-'
DEAR SIR,—Since Ihe loiter we had coratlons In
Editor "Islander," Cumberland, B.C
inserted in your columns nt a recent  want.
date, dealing  with   Iho  subject of  a      Truly,
gratuity to all returned  men of the
lUrio dealers lo slave oil
nndn,    we   have   mil
readied   lhal   slage   YET.    Therefore
point  will] iirlile lo Ibe fail  Hint vou
sum of ?2.a00.00, a strong committee „„,.,. ,|„n„ „„„,, ,.,„. UfJ „,.,„ ..S||*m,.
Government   dries   eou-
  our demands, as inevitably they
Extension  plays  Cumberland  here leading masculine role opposite Miss t0 appoint a committee to look inlo tbe must  do, or some othor government
tomorrow.   Kick-off at 2.30 p.m. Barrlscale.   Others In tbe cast arc Jay  probable cost to the country of Ihe  will have an opportunity of doing so
 ••                      Morley and Helen Dunbar. above  bonus.    After some delay  the  In  the  near  future,  il   will  well  for
Fire completely destroyed the Can-     "Blindfold" was written by E. Rich-
Premlor flatly refused to do so.   This
action on the Premiers' part comes as
Extenders, Brasslertes, and Children's Waists, apply Mrs, E. HUNDEN
Windermere Ave., Cumberland, B.C
FOR SAI.E-Grnin Oat Hay, over 4
to- i, to be sold cheap, at tho barn.
. pply CHIU YEUK, P.O. Box 322,
Cumberland, B.C.
Ihem  to  consider   whal   provision   Is
™ •■-=    ,.,.,»„ , .,   ,    , ., ,   , .     ...s..,s. ,,i, sn. ,i.„,,. , . ,., „,■., ,.n made at present tor the dependents of
Secretary   of   the   Anglican   Forward adiim Bank of Commerce and the hard nrd Schayer and the screen version „ 8Urnrlac „,„, Hh()ck to aI1 turned men who will surely die in the next
Movement. ware 8tore °' c- H' Tarbell & Son at was prepared by him as well.    Ray- citizens and tbelr sympathisers.   The few    years    from    causes    Incurred
 0  Courtenay this morning at 4 o'clock, mom! B. West, who has directed tho Government has shown  Itself at all through their services In Franco. They
times  most  willing to appoint
day last,
wrecked,   and
lid mil die in harness, so no provision
,, „ .,    ,     , , , , ,   , ,    ,.      mittecs on every conceivable matter, is made for llieir dependents.
the rear of the hardware store, gain- Hovs, also attended to the production  from hora0 m£g ° ,„„ ,llgh Kmi 0'     T1|U ,„„,,, 0il!iily [k ,„.,.,„ge(, .„„,
A  motor  accident  occurred  about Tl'e lire originated in an outhouse at majority of Miss Barrlscale's Paralta
three miles below Union Bay on Tues-
A car with two men In was l'ig such headway that it was impos- of "Blindfold."
both   men  picked  up slble to save the main buildings, ffhloh      The 12th oplsode of "The Woman In
were burned to the ground. the Web," will also be shown.
M  i.   II.   Hurst  and  her  daughter,
  Alberta, arrived in Cumberland
last Sunday on a visit to Mr. and Mrs.
R. L. Hideout.
Miss Florence Ray, of Victoria, a*'
rived in Cumberland on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. G. C Baker returned
to Victoria on Sunday.
T. Baker, of Victoria, is here on
visit to Mr. and .Mrs. R. L. Rideout.
Mr. J. E. Marpolo left for Victoria
on Wednesday morning.
Mr. Ceo. Michell returned from Vancouver Inst Saturday.
Mr. F. Leslie, manager of the local
branch of the Canadian Bank of Commerce, left on Tuesday on a two
weeks' vacation.
The Cumberland City Band appeared
this morning for the lirst time iu tlieir
new uniforms. They were on the way
to the sports ot Bevan, where they
play for tbe day. They presented a
very neat and attractive appearance.
What with llieir uniforms ami the new
Instruments which tbey now have they
are a hand Cumberland should be
proud of.
Mrs. It. Kelly arrived from Nanaimo
on Tuesday on n visit to friends here.
Mr. Beaslcy, superintendent of the
E. & N. Railway, has been visiting
Courtenay iu regard to the extension
of the line and a daily service, which,
he says, is likely but not certain.
A quiet wedding was solemnized at
Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria, on
Wednesday Inst, when Dr. Herbert
Nichol Watson, of Ladysmith, son of
the late Rev. Cloverdule Watson, of
Vancouver, was united in marriage to
Miss Eleanor Matthews, daughter of
Mr. John Matthews, of Vancouver,
Rev. Dean Qualuton officiating. The
bride was given away by her father,
and was attended by Mrs. Montgomery
of Ladysmith, while the groom was
supported by Dr. Montgomery. The
bride looked charming in a navy blue
costume heavily beaded, with vogue
hat to match and white fox furs. A
large number of friends and relatives
witnessed the ceremony, nnd Dr. and
Mrs. Watson were the recipients of
many valuable and useful presents.
They will spend tlieir honeymoon
motoring on Vancouver Island, after
which they will take up their permanent reslronce ln Ladysmith. Mrs.
Watson is the second daughter of Mr.
John Matthews, who some years ago
was mine manager of No. 4 mine.
JACK ROBERTS, Champion 128-pounds of tbe Imperial Forcos
Bert  Jones  left  for
Friday morning.
Vancouver on
The   funeral   of   the  late   Mrs.  J.
O'Connor took  place on Friday  last,
from Holy Trinity Church to the Cumberland Cemetery, Rev. A. Bischlager
J.  M.  Savage, general manager of officiating.   Thc following Is a Ust«f
the  Canadian  Collieries   (Dunsmuir), the (lornl tributes:
Id:, arrived yesterday from Victoria.      Dadda and tbe kiddles, Mr. and Mrs.
  A.   Barber,   Mr.   C  O'Connor,   A.   H.
A sad drowning.fatality occurred at Gibson, A. Lee, Mr. and Mrs. H. Tap-
Bevan on Tuesday morning when the pin, Mr. and Mrs. A. Auchlnvole and
body of Sarah Michalak, IS-year old family, Mr. and Mrs. B. S. Abrams,
daughter of MIchal Mlchaluk, a miner Mrs. Clarke, Mr. and Mrs. Bird,- Mr.
„, aing at No. 7 mine of tlie Canadian and Mrs  E. H. Jones, .Mr. aud Mrs.
Collieries, was found In the pipe flume Wm. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. W. Williams,
leading to the power house at No. 8 Union Bay Athletic Association, Mr.
by Mr. A. Barber, pipe-line patrolman, and Mrs. J. Watt, Mrs. J. Bruce, Mr.
Tho girl had been missing since the and Mrs. E. Pickard, Mr. and Mrs.
preceding evening. Dyer, Mrs .G. E. Willis, Mr. and Mrs.
  W, Bradley, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Sheur-
Tbe subject   of   discourse in Grace er, Mr. and Mrs. H. Lakln.
Methodist Church on Sunday evening
living, twe recall, nmong others, an the bonus nsked for be allowed. 11
"Indian Commission,' ' lusting two the Government would, as pointed out
years, receiving $25.1)0 per day each in our last letter, allow each man a
and travelling expenses and resulting twenty year h'i interest bearing bond,
ns usual lu nothing), bul when a This would eliminate any great iininc-
request Is made by men who have diate cost lo tlie country and would
fought and suffered to help keep the provide fair Insurance to Ibe returned
Country free and prosperous, to have Man and his family, lu the event of
a commission .appointed to discuss his death the amount would be paid
whether It Is feasible to grant thom I'1 his dependents. .Should be need
some just return for Iheir services, the Ihe   money   for'Urgent   business  he
Government "does not see their way
clear to comply wilh the request."
Does the Premier forget that he was
elected hy the people to act iu accordance with thc wishes of the people?
And that when any considerable body
of the electors wish to have Important matters Inquired Inlo, It ls his
duty to do so. Ho would ilo well to
bear in mind that the Canadian peopl
could use the bond as collateral with
any bank. Before tbey matured Canada would have received ber share of
the War Indemnity, which would go
a long way towards meeting the bonds
and wbieb rightly belongs t<i the men
who fought to win 11.
It has been decided that in view
nf the stand the Government has taken
in Ihe matter, a Dominion -wide calu-
quost for a just compensation,
Therefore, we ask Ihe good will ami
assistance uf all fair-minded ami kindly citizens iu this most urgent mailer.
Ladies !Gentlemen! We re igned
all when you called on us tor 'resistance during llie years of war. do you
Ihe same now Unit it is our luril to
call lor help. We did nol fail ou
do not fail us now!
Yours truly,
Se, rotary O.W.V.A .
Cumberland Brai   li
do not elect masters, but servants, of Palgn he organized lo enforce (fur re-
the public, to curry out the wishes of
the majority.
It may nol seem the part of modesty
for us to remind tbe public lhat we
have faced death au dwounds and gone
through hardships almost beyond
human endurance, for the sake of tin'
country that we are now humbly ask-
lug to at least consider If some Just
recompense be allowed us In return,
but we have waited patiently for tho
Government to act. finally to discover
(bat tbey have uo Intention of doing
anything more than has been forced
on them by -the necessities of sell-
We have heard the remark that
"Canada bas done more for ber ri -
turned men than uny of tbe Allies."
We fail to see 11. except In a subsidized
press, ilow about New Zealand?
$3600.00 to every returned soldier. In
any event two wrongs do not malic a
rlgbt. We have already seen in England crippled soldiers begging on the
public streets, but wc are uot England
-   wi> are Canada.
When it looked as If our only chance
to win was by our superiority iu tbe
air -Birmingham cotton spinners
wenl out on strike, thereby delaying
manufacture of airplanes. When Mug
land said "Coal, more coal If you waul
lo avert defeat." -Ihe coal miners also
struck. When Kngland said: "llarvesi
all you can If you want to keep the
U-boats from starving us." -the harvesters threatouod to strike. All for
more war bonus, and yet more war
bonus. When Sir Douglas Haig issued
the order: "We have got our backs tn
the wall." ami men were sent into the
bring line with open wounds ami
barely able to carry a  rifle, did  WE
DEAR    Mn,    EDITOR,    Will    you
kindly publish the following i  inmuifi-
Tiie Secretary, Red Cro         v,
Cumberland, B.C.
Ilear Mail nn      I  h'   •■ I. ■ :;  Im IrUct-
eii by tli- Won hip     13 'i  Duiu an in'
oxtend in your Si. . tj a In nrtv Invitation to attend 1      reception lo ii.
Royal HlghuOBs tb-   ' Im .' Wales,
at Courlonoy, B.C. 01  II e 2flth in 1.
Hi   Royal Hlgbue 1 i   bi lull l to
anise  .11 Courli nay nl  I ■:" and »ill
leave ai   1.00 o'cli c'
Yours vi r.v truly.
W. A. Vi   I.A.MKS. (ils ciork
Tbaning you for your courti By,
Your    raltbfully,
Secretary Red Cross Society.
Tlie eilizel,:
threaten   to go on  strike for a  war led arrangements
bonus?    Wt
and   victory
waited   till   it   was  over
was   ours   ami   silll   we
uual spurts will
Recreation  Grounds
ran In
r   tlie
il  be
The boxing bout tonight should provide a rare treat for Cumberland fight
fans. The main event, the 10-round
bout between  Jack  Roberts,  of  thc
a couple of weeks ago.    Ross comes
by   Jimmy   Clark,   the   light  weight
champion of B.C., who predicts a whirl  found
wind bout between these men.
The men weigh in at 130 pounds and
at 7  o'clock  will  be on  the Labour CARD OF THANKS ,,„■„„■„ „,,,,,, ,,, „, I.,..,,,.,,,,,...,,,,,,                                     ,
Question.    What are your views on I wish to express to the numerous Soldiers'  Settlement,  Courtenay, and a,.e both In the pink of condition and ™ow theTbHndOBt that°we ar<Ua body '
this  great  Important  subject  ot  tho friends   and   sympathisers   at Union G(,0   RoHB| 8|,ould ,,e a good (.011test ,|own t0 weight.   All those attending ,',f  men   who  enforce  Iheir demands, 0
day?   Come along and spend an hour Bay and Cumberland my thanks and n]) t|le way    Roberl9 1)e0(|s n0 )nlro. thG ))0U( tonight will be treated to a (or which Canada has just cause to be turning will leave a,
with us; and compare notes.   Sunday appreciation of thoir kindness during „uction to the local fanB, being well good clean exhibition of the manly art. th»"l*f"l; J   „.._,.._,     land at 7 and 7.3" p ll
llr»l an-
ll   ii'   llie
v.iiiiiil. nainntly, till al  lasl wc were  '      " '      <""">   -oJ"''
forced to assk, not demand, lhat a The sports will commence at 10 p.m.
committee be**appointed to enquire Into prompt. Victoria Baseball Teas: will
our requests and niet.with Ihe answer arrive in Bevan oil today's train ami
that the "Government was not pre-    ,„   , exh|bj
pared to go into tbe matter.
It  Is not the only matter that has l("*;i1 hoys al a p.m
the   Government   unprepared, be an exciting mati
As wc remarked, we "requested" the gramme nf spoils
Government to appoint n committee:     gnocin]  trains  \
'ill nl  !l a ill.;.la
:.. a.m.:  Union I!
game v. itb llie
nis promises to
A lengthy pro-
"en provided.
a avo  Cumber-
School at 2.30 p.m.
Rev. Geo. Knox,
recent bereavement. known in the district and having been     Preliminaries   at   8.80  p.m.
AIR. J. O'CONNOR. Boeu ln actlon at the football smoker bout at 10.15 p.m.
ai  '.i a.m..    II.'-
'r Ciimber-
,.    ,     ,   ..: i.'.il fm* Union
We   have   instanced   Kngland-now
Maln  let us inatance America  (vide Anion- Bay at  , p.m te tram will leave
can  papers):   thousands of  returned Bevan at midnight after the dance. TWO
Published every Saturday at Cumberland, B.C.
SATURDAY.  SEPTEMBER  13th,  191!)
It is a curiously physiological fact
that at birth the jaw contains the
already calcified crowns of the temporary teeth and also that of the lirst
molar of the permanent set . This
fact alone is luilluenl to direct ntton-
tion to the care with yhlch the n'otber
should diet herself during the prenatal
The next interesting physiological
fact Is that, at tho ago ot* six years,
the  child   bus  a  greater, number  of
Great Britain, Sinn Fein Ireland would
have been speedily brought to time
and made to do its part in the defence
of civilization. As it is, that part of
Ireland of which we speak, has merely
earned the contempt of all decent
Irishmen, as of all decent Canadians,
Sow ^calenders, Australians, South
Africans, Americans and Frenchmen.
The Irish rebels are in no position to
invoke the principle of self-determination. Great Britain has besought the
Irish to accept self-government. It
has asked them to agree upon some
form of Home Rule. The whole
i rouble is that the Irish have not
been able to get together. Upon this
vital question the Dublin Convention
of all Ireland, called by Mr. Lloyd
George, lamentably failed to arrive
at uny settlement or to put forward
teeth than at uny other age. there unanimously uny aeries of recommend
being then the milk -Jet ami all tho atlu"9 '° ""-' Imperial authorities. The
pormanenl sel except tho wisdom Irish peoplo can hnve the largest
teeth. measure  of self-government such as
To ensure that both sots nf tech we have in Canada, whenever they
shall be normal and healthy It Is w'sl1 to accept lt. Under no circum-
essentlal that there be most careful stances, however, will Qreat Britain
feeding of tho Infant and child, for or the outlying parts of the British
any condition causing malnutrition Empire agree to the creation ot an
will interfere wilh the proper forma- enemy republic almost within cannon-
lion of the cap of dentine and perma- shot of the English coast.—Toronto
nent   defects   will   result.     Defective Times.
dentition causes the teeth quickly to  o-
become carious after being cut.
The health of the child requires
sound, otherwise it cannot properlv Drital" wiu De criticised because ot
perform the process of mastication. the aPPai-ent vast additions to her
The lowering of the vital functions territory as a result of the war. She
of the child reacts on the permanent wiU !»'obably be more Beverely by her
set of teeth and too often they reach own Pc0Ple than D>' anybody else. It
the surface In a diseased condition. ia a healthy characteristic of the
11 will not do to feed the babv on Britlah race to criticize their own in-
patent foods, cabbage, fried fish, etc., stitutions, their own government, and
:.s it ruins the digestive apparatus 'he Policy of their own country, parti-
and results in bad teeth. It is a fuct cularly in times of peace. It Is true
thut children's flrst teeth decay soon that sil»n Feiners and other pro-Germ-
after thev appear, and, .from growing Ms are sneering at the Empire's suc-
beside the bad first teeth, the second ras8' but these arc not really consld-
set decay too. ere(1 worthy of notice.   If the Empire
It is therefore essential that proper was threatened again by a foreign foe,
attention he given to the careful and and "' the country was officially at
systematic cleaning of tho teeth night war, the British race would rally
and morning. Indeed the mother unitedly to the colors as they always
should anticipate trouble by a careful did before and defend everything that
w ig of tbe child's mouth before tho is British with their lives.    Even al-
teeth appear, using either a solution ready, some apparently patriotic citl-
of boraclc acid or of salt. With the ze>is are finding fault because Britala
appearance of the teeth a soft brush has practically retained the former
should be used In place of the clean German colonies, and has complete
linen wipe. control of Egypt.   In addition to that,
As all decay begins on the outside "he has accepted the guardianship of
of the tooth and works inwards and Palestine and Mesopotamia, and as a
no pain is complained of until thc result of the recent treaty with Persia,
decay gets near to or actually reaches her beneficent Influence has been exilic live part of the centre of the tended from Egypt to India,
tooth, parents should systematically I" considering this question, it
examine their children's teeth, and should always bo remembered that
thus by early denial treatment, save British colonies are different to the
the live part of the teeth, remember- colonies of any other nation that ever
Ing that treatment is necessary al- existed. The hoisting of tbe Union
though there may be no toothache Jaclt in al'y I""' °f 'he earth has
with thc decay. always proven a blessing to the races
As to the decay of teeth, matter and nationalities affected, regardless
forms and. in most instances, passes of tll<!ir color or creed. Germany, Bel-
into the digestive tract. This poisons Biunr and practically all other coun-
the syslein-in adult life a similar '"es secured colonies for the purpose
condition occurs In pyorhoea and, as ot making slaves of the natives, and
as a result, debilitating diseases follow, enriching the taskmasters at home,
We should therefore resort to pre- i,u' once the colonies come under Bri-
ventive measures In the care of the "sh Influence, the natives become free
teeth—give the teeth work to do, keep citizens and they are gladly given the
them clean and continue with system- opportunity to govern themselves as
atlc dental supervision. 80°" aa ""* are capable of doing bo.
Twenty-five per cent of the diseases As the despatch regarding the treaty
of adults are traceable to the teeth. w"h PerBia stated: "Any improvement
  in the conditions In the country will
DISGRACED IRELAND he a clear gain for both Britain and
  Persia."    If the record of British In-
Sinn Fein Ireland demands that Ire- fluence in other parts of the earth Is
land he freed from "English Rule" repented, there will be an Immediate
and set up as a "free, independent, improvement in the conditions.
Irish Republic." As well might Que- In regard to Palestine .Britain ac-
bec ask to be cut from the heart of cepted the guardianship at the request
Canada and established as a French of the Jews of the world,—the only
Republic, hostile to the remaining pro- people who have any legal right to
vinccs of the Dominion. As well the country. The German colonies in
might New York State Insist upon Africa will become part of the British
separation from the United States and self-governing Dominion of South
upon the riglit to create a government Africa, and the German Islands cap-
of Its own, antagonistic to the great tured hy the Australians and New
American Republic. Zealanders will he retained b ythem.
Ireland has been pampered aud cod- The net result of the war, then, so
died long enough. It is the spoiled far as Britain is concerned, is that
child of the British Umpire. Ancient over one million Britishers died, the
wrongs, which were in keeping with nation is out more than forty billion
tlie character of the times, have long pounds already, and a great tax Is
been wiped out by the remarkable placed on future generations of Brl-
goneroslty of ibe British people and Ushers, but Belgium and Serbia are
lie British Government During the free, France Is saved, thc German
years before Ihe war tbe British lax- menace is ended, and a measure of
payers spent hundreds of millions of civil and religious freedom Is extended
pounds in enabling Irish farmers to to the German colonies, Egypt, Pal-
dispossess the old landlords. A great cstlne, Mesopotamia, Persia and other
deal more than half ot the arable countries beyond that which they ever
hind iu Ireland ls now held by thc enjoyed before. Thc greatest direct
Irish peasantry, though no corres- reward that Britain receives for her
ponding relief measure has been sacrifices is that which conies from
adopted for England and Scotland. thc opportunity and privilege of ex-
While loyalist troops from Ulster lending free institutions to a few more
and other parts of Ireland played a millions of thc human race.    It is a
gallant part In the great wnr, Sinn great thing to have a part In such sml8e barren lands, because no barren tho Arctic, and make use of these vasl
Fein Ireland showed its gratitude by a magnificent work, and that Is a land can sustain the animal aud plant domains which, while not comparable
withholding Its men from the colors, privilege which every patriotic Bri- life that these lands sustain. In that with the rest of the Dominion, will,
by refusing to accept conscription, by tisher will realize and appreciate. If district, therefore, there are tremend- if properly administered, become an
refusing to accept the food rationing thc establishment of civil and rellgi- ous possibilities of greater fur-bearing exceedingly valuable asset among the
system, by living on  the fat of the ous liberty, free Institutions, law and and,   Indeed,   meat-bearing   develop- natural  resources of Canada.
land,   while  thc  rest of  civilization order  nnd  the  promotion  of; peace, ment.    It was Seton Thompson who	
went short of food, and hy Insulting happiness and prosperity among peo- fixed the number of caribou of that
American soldiers and sailors when- pie who .were formerly in  bondage, country at very many millions, and
ever they appeared on Irish soil. Sinn means  the extension  of  the  British Mr. J. B. Tyrrell who referred to them *   *
Fein    Ireland    played    the    slacker Empire then,  by all  means,  lot tho aB being like the sands of the sen,
throughout the war and it was guilty Empire be extended.—Sentinel. not capable ot being numbered, but
of an even worse offence.   It entered   only to be estimated numerically on
Into treasonable relationships with the Tho Fur Resources of the Northland a square mile basis.   It Is Impossible
Germans, even to the extent of recclv-   to conceive that we are not going to
lag the Kaiser's agents nnd German     Our fur-bearing resources are very do something to extend the geography
arms on Irish Boil. extensive in what are known as tho of Canada, so far as civilization and
Under any other rule than that of "barren lands," but which are In no utilization  are  concerned,   nearer   to
Millinery   Suits   Coats
Advance Styles in Ladies' and Misses' Trimmed and
Ready-to-Wear Hats in Velvets, Velours and Felton.
Ladies'  and  Misses'  Tweed,  Serge  and   Gabardine
Tailored Suits at Popular Prices.
Ladies' and Misses' Tweed and Velour Coats.
■' tsS
License No. 8-19224
Rapid and Efficient Delivery
ABILITY to fill rush orders is often
L the secret of business success.
Speed—service—reliability—are embodied in the Ford Motor Truck.
It brings the distant surburbs—the
adjoining rural districts—to your door.
You may often arrange to haul return
loads at a profit.
Satisfies your customers and yourself..
One-Ton Truck (Chassis Only)
$750, f. o. b. Ford, Ontario
Buy only Genuine Ford Parts
700 Canadian dealers and over 2,000
Service garages supply them.        iso
There was a picture in the papers recently of Enid
Bennett, movie star, using the telephone. Miss Bennett is a fine actress, and she surely knows liow to use
a telephone, but in this illustration she had her face
turned away from the transmitter. Perhaps she was
posng, but it might have suggested to someone that
her method was the proper one when telephoning.
When you telephone, talk directly into the instrument, with your lips an inch or so from the transmitter.
Then you will have to talk in an ordinary tone, and the
person at the other end will be able to hear you
British Columbia Telephone Co., Ltd.
»K.  R.  1>. CHRISTIE
Phone 118
Office:   KINO BLOCK,
Cumberland, B.C.
of the DRINKS
Buy the products of the
Ask for the Brands that nre the Best
Alexandra Stout is sure to satisfy.
U.B.C. Beer   The Beer of Quality.
Silver Top Soda Water ffi^f Pure
Cascade Beer
The Beer Without a Peer.
Under Sub-section 521 of the British Columbia Statutes, it is an offence to damage electric light and power
poles, and as the posting of bills and notices on said
poles constitutes damage thereto, therefore any person
or persons posting or causing to be posted any bills,
notices or advertisements, driving tacks, nails, or other
wise defacing or damaging any of the new poles being
erected by this Company will be immediately proceeded
against under the above provision. The penalty upon
conviction is TWO YEARS' imprisonment.
WHEREAS, certain mischievously inclined persons have tamp- B
ered with the valves on the mains of this company, thereby •*==
allowing a considerable amount of water to run waste, we =3
therefore wish to point out hat It is a serious oft'euce to =
tamper with such valves, and should the offending parties S3
he apprehended they will he prosecuted to the very fullest ■TS
extent of he law. ==
Cumberland Electric Lighting
Co., Ltd.
Phone 75
P. 0. 314
^ is derived from grapes, has no
substitute for making a baking
powder of highest quality.
That is the reason it is used in
Contains No Alum-
Leaves No Bitter Taste
Drop it anywhere! Nobody cures!
Anyway, one little cigarette box, or
the wrapper olT ohewing gum, or the
envelope from the letter -surely one
would not call dropping them on the
sidewalk, littering the street. Uut. if
each citizen, young and old, drops a
paper on the public streets, the cumulative efleet will nol be pleasant to
In many of our towns and cities,
boxes arc placed on Ihe streets for
the deposit of waste paper. Where
such are not available, however. II is
no hardship lo cany small paper
wrappers until they can he properly
disposed of. Cigarette und gum containers arc not mil of place in the
pocket until empty; Keep them there
ami, for the sake of cleanly appearance of Ihe streets and of thai civic
pride which is essential to the general
prosperity of the home town, keep
scraps of paper oil* the streets.
ALEX. MAXWELL, Proprietor
Autos for Hire.    Coal and Wood Hauling given very
prompt attention.    Furniture and Piano
Storage if desired.
Phones 4 and 61 Cumberland, B.C.
Practical Automobile Mechanic
Cumberland, B.C.
Phone : Q
(Night or day)    °
Oils, I'rouse und Gasoline.        Cars Kept In Order ky Contract.
Any Make of Car secured ou the shortest notice.
SPECIALITY:—A Real Self-Starter for Ford Cars,
fully Guaranteed—The Only Thing—Call and See it.
Don't let your new car fall to pieces—a little practical attention
periodically will keep It to Its standard.
At any of the Hotels.
Marocchi Bros.
Grocers and
Cumberland and Courtenay, B.C.
License No. 8-25489
The rapidly Increasing number of
motor trucks nnd ears in une nn eily
st reels Is demanding the more effective enforcement of trutllc bylaws.
Most <>f our larger cities have parking
rentrictions for motor care, but, ns
these rules are nut closely observed,
cars stand for long periods nn the
streets. This is an extremely dangerous practice, especially it' building con
struct ion in progress confines the
thoroughfare to a narrow limit, ln
nne Eastern city, a situation of this
nature existed; as It was the main
artery fnr the lire department to
reach a portion uf the business section
one accident resulted, ami many were
very narrowly averted.
When municipalities make bylaws
Ihey are responsible for seeing that
they are carried out. Tlie best time
to secure their enforcement is liefore
an accident.
Fire, Life and
Accident Insurance
Cumberland, B.C.
New Home Bakery
Fresh Bread, Cakes,
Pies, etc.
Wedding Cakes a Specialty
Dunsmuir Ave.,      Cumberland.
License No. 5-1172
Own   the   Best
A girl once sang a song where slio
was asked. In the first line ol' the
chorus, " Iwonder if he'll miss ine?"
and she sang lt wilh more force than
expression or sweetness; In fact, she
was slightly off thc key. As she sang
the first verse there was a restless
shuffling of feet; the chorus brought
out a buzz of' voices. Tho second
verse did not add to the Interest, but
Increased thc noise. She reached the
chorus In safety, and once more noisily inquired, "I wonder If he'll miss
mo?" A man In tho gallery said, "If
lie docs he never ought to be I rusted
with a gun again!"—London Blighty.
First Class Accommodation.     Heated
throughout by Electricity.
Cumberland, B. C.
License No. 10-1001)
Coal and Wood
' :-'-*}>w;v'->-:-*p:=^!^a^#iW
Slabs and Blocks. Also all kinds of Timber for Building
Pui'iioses.   When you move call us up for quick
service.   We are hore for Service and we are
here to Stay.   (Service Day and Night.)
EtWX . .
Watchmaker and Jeweller
Agent for the  HARMONOLA
All the latest Books,  Magazines
and Periodicals.
Dunsmuir Ave. Cumberland, B.C.
WM.    MERRIFIELD,   Proprietor.
Duinniiuir Ave..       Cuinlierland, B.C.
Canada Food Board License No. 10-4986
D. Campbell's
Meat Mark'et
Young Steer Beef,
tender and juicy.
Veal; Pork and Mutton.
Cambridge Pork Sausage
Home-made Sausage
Polish Sausage
Veal Loaf
Boiled Ham
Ham Bologna
Have you tried our Pickled Pork
and Corned Beef ?    It is delicious.
Each Thursday morning from now
on a full line of Fresh Fish will be
on hand.
License No. 9-3902
U. WATANABE, Proprietor.
Ladies' and Gents' Suits
Made to Order.
P.O. Box 43.
Cumberland, B.C.
Charlie Sing Chong Royston Lumber Co.
Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots and
Shoes, Crockeryware and
General Merchandise.
HONG CHONG & CO., Bevan.
Slab Wood (double.load)...$4.00
If your piano bears  the
name and trade mark of
i.    St    *    *    *    *    '-ii    *    *
you havo got the very
best manufactured In thc
Dominion of Canada. If
II doesn't hear the name
and you wnnl. Ihe host,
cull or write to the nearest llclntzmnn branch
and thoy will tako your
other piano In exchange
for a Ye olde Flrme of
Helntzman & fo. piano,
allowing yuo n fair valuation on your used Instrument.
*    *    |
THINK of the time and
trouble you can save with
this dependable range.
No black-leading. The cooking-top is
burnished brighter than steel. Grates
—the modern duplex type—clean the
ashes out at a single turn. Oven
walls nickeled steel—easily cleaned.
Baking becomes a real pleasure when you have this
fine range to work with. Call and see the Kootenay.
WQm's Kootenay
A tested thermometer
takes gun*work out of
baking with the Kootenay     Q
Sold by
1.   H.   TARBELL   &   SON
Owing to tho confusion in mail
orders of this medicine, wc arc
iulv Ing the price from 1.1.20
to $5.60, and paying nil charges.
This.will give om- ninny customers quicker service.
,'s*ji I ii Vvos. North, Saskatoons FOUR
Cumberland Motor Works
Auto Repairs,
General Blacksmithing,
Acetylene Welding
Accessories,   Gasoline and Oils
Sole Agents for
The Powerlight Manifold Heater
Gas Saver for Ford Cars
Thomson & Cameron
First-Class Mechanics
Phone Tt P.O. Box 595
The Electric
Trouble Shooter
for FORD Cars.
It will burn out shorts in coils, which are caused by
pieces of wire, etc., getting across the contact, recharge the magnets without taking down the engine,
in one and a half hours' time. We can test out your
motor in ten minutes and tell you if you have a broken
magnet. There is absolutely no guess about it. If
your Ford is missing and does not pull as it should, let
us test out your magneto.
A Test will Cost You Nothing.
A weak spark will case missing and a great
loss of power and waste of gasoline.
Re-Charge and Burnt Shorts, $5.00
The HOME of the FORD. ~"
Phone 46 Courtenay, B.C.
Crockery and Glassware
Cups and  Saucers  at  $2.75, $3.00, $4.00, $5.00, and
$8.00 per doz.
Glass Table Sets, at from $2.25 per set and up.
A full line of Ranges, Beds, Springs, Mattresses, and
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums, etc.
There is one judge in Quebec who
regards desertion from the army in
time ot war as a serious offence. While
Justice Lnngelier became notorious
tor leniency to evaders and deserters
with his five dollar lines, Judge Cus-
son, at Montreal, felt it to be his duly
to impose lines of $260 or a jail sentence as an alternative. No wonder
Alphonse Racine expressed his "deep
astonishment" at his sentence. Judge
Leet at the same time held a sort of
bargain counter court and let the deserters off for (25 and $50 each, ln
one case Judge Leet let a man oil
with a Une of one dollar. And Judge
Lanctot is not much more severe.
There are thousands of deserters
In Quebec to be dealt with a year after
the fighting ended. Some of htem are
still afraid to come out of the woods.
They are watting for a general amnesty. The Trades aud Labor Council
of Quebec, composed almost exclusively of French-Canadians, decided to
appeal to the Prince of Wales for a
general amnesty for the absentees
under the Military Service Act. They
seem to have a strange idea of thc
position of the Canadian government
in matters of that kind. And their
conception of the Prince of Wales is
somewhat peculiar. He Baw what the
Canadian corps had to endure at the
front, That experience must have
given him contempt for the deserter
as deep as his admiration for the
gallant fellows who enlisted for the
great cause.
The Incident reveals the inability of
the French-Canadians to understand
the enormity of their offence, or their
monumental Impudence in asking tho
Prince to interfere with the administration of what is a purely local
affair. We have no doubt that the
clerical leaders of Quebec are straining every nerve to secure immunity
for the deserters. They may succeed
for the Prime Minister's desire to
please Quebec has become almost an
obsession. But whatever is done in
that direction will be by act of parliament and that Involves a free discussion of the whys and wherefores.—
Miss Winnie Wilcox arrived home
from Victoria, having finished her
course of training at St. Joseph's
Mr. J. Bransfleld, pump mechanic of
the Canadian Collieries, left for Vancouver on Monday, to attend the Vancouver Exhibition.
Mr. N. McFadyen left for Vancouver
on Monday.
When purchasing an auto see Thos.
Hudson, of Union Bay, B.C., representing the Auto Transfer of Nanaimo,
and agent for the Comox District for
the Chrevolet, Overland, Dodge, Hudson Six, Cadillac, Chalmers and Republic Track.
"More Trouble" Is aptly described
as a tragic farce. It has to do with
the trials and tribulations that befall
Lemuel Deering, a wealthy iron manufacturer, upon the graduation of his
son, Harvey, from college.
The bo comes home with his parchment and Mb father discovers that ho
neither drinks nor smokes; he has no
idea in life save to take up useful pus-
suits. Agreeably surprised, the father
makes his son an equal partner In his
Then! A firm of tobacconists demands immediate settlement for cigars
and cigarettes charged to Deering, jr.
A liquor bill of amazing proportions
is presented for swift payment. A taxi
bill of considerable proportion follows
When confronted with these, the sun
denies that he owes the money and
will not explain how they came to he
charged to him. Then a big tinto
comes from the bank, hut tho son
swearB he did not sign lt. The repudiation of the note entails difficulties to
tho iron master's plant, and a strike
forces him to the brink of bankruptcy.
Then a rival comes to bid In tho
property at a fraction of Its value.
Tho younger Deering landa In jail ou
a trumped-up murder charge and the
old man sags under the cataclysm.
Standing, sitting and walking correctly
are the first essentials to good health
and that elusive charm we call style
^ LL women wish to be well; but all women
do not appreciate the vital importance
Lof correct corsctry as an essential to
good health. The well-known medical
authority, Alice S. Cutler, M.D., warns us:
"As a physician who knows that if it were
not for ill-fitting and the wrong kind of
corsets we would have very few female in
valids, I am naturally determined to do
everything in my power to educate women
in the proper fitting of corsets. Most
learned physicians now recognize the modern
corset as a hygienically healthful garment
and one that is often the best means ol providing corrective support for many bodily
The Original-Unequalled Front Lacing Corsets
have attained their unquestioned superiority
by assisting nature to perfect expression.
Every Gossard is hygienically correct. Properly fitted to tlie figure for which it was
designed it will give scientific support to
abdominal and back muscles, with no chance
of undue pressure at the waistline; the organs
of nutrition will be free from pressure; the
erect posture which is induced will encourage
deep breathing and tlie diaphragmatic mus
cles become strong with use. A woman so
corseted will have the undeniable beauty of
health and that grace of body, standing,
sitting, or walking, which is best expressed
in the one word, style.
Wc unreservedly recommend Gossard Corsets
as the complete expression of modern corsctry.
Our highly specialized corset service is maintained with a full appreciation of the exacting
needs of tlie modern, active woman.
Gossards arc priced as *2.S0 W$ S3."0 *3.s0 *+.«> *5.» *5.s0 ..id more
Phone 3-8,
Taken Every Day.
First Class Work Guaranteed.
The Sciison lor 1'ortrult  Has  (nine.
Enlarging a Specialty.
Films Developed tor Amateurs
P.O. Box 203 Cumberland.
Try Our Groceries - Lower Price
than any other Store in Town
Van Camps Pork and Beans Old Dutch Cleanser
S tins for 511c. 51b Un SOc
Clark's  Pork   and   Benito Oold Dust....3 pkg. for $1.00
2 tins fur 25c.        Peas 6 tlnB tor 95^
Pink Salmon ttlti tin 20c. Corn and Beans   i linn,- 96c
Red Salmon  25c. Ramsoy Soda Biscuits 25c.
Tomatoes, 21t> tins, Northwest Family Soda Bis-
5 tins for 93c. cults  95c.
K.   ABE &   CO.
Make Old Clothes Look Like New
LADIES' SUITS Cleaned and PresBed  $1.75
SKIRTS Cleaned and Pressed  $1.00
WAISTS Cleaned and Pressed  $1.00
GENTS' SUITS Cleaned and Pressed $1.50 and $2.(10
OVERCOATS Cleaned and Pressed $1.50 and $1.75
SUITS Sponged and Pressed  75c.
DRESSES Dyed and Pressed  $2.50 and up
SKIRTS Dyed and Pressed  $1,110
WAISTS Dyed and Pressed  $1.50
GENTS' SUITS Dyed and Pressed $3.50
OVERCOATS Dyed and Pressed  $2.50 to $3.00
Phone 104    . P.O. Box 191
When Arranging that
Hunting Trip
Don't forget that we cany a full line
of Suitable
Obtainable Only at
Licence No. 8-17288.
Phone 71


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